Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 13, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 13, 1841 Page 3
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nn v jifirlv. or entertain tho least hostile frrlimts towards any party, nor to intimate that tho rights of tiiitwns, ouut man iiioso nircnuy namcu, otigiit 10 hayu no place in this mighty superstructure of polit ical economy. But I do say, thesonre first, nnJ prin cipal of all other classes of society that makeup this mighty republic, claim protection utuler somoononr allof these classes, as comhined in one indissoluble chain. Hut I must stop licro for the subject is a wide one, and may bo considered more in detail at some luiuro unic. Respectfully ours, N II. WEEKS. DAGUERREOTYPE. Thoso wlio have any curiosity to gratify in reference to this interesting art, or who desire to have tlioir faces transferred to can vass in tho twinkling of an eyo, as it were, and with n degree of precision that defies tho pencil will do well to call on Mr. Allen, at the American. Wo have seen sonic speci mens of his work, which speak well for his skill. A privatn letter from Washington, of tho Gth, says: "Senator Phelps is pressing tho appropriation for Lake Chaniplain before the Committee, and feels sure of success." Wo are happy to hear that our delegation lave an eye to this matter, and there can bo no doubt, that cither at this or the regular session, an appropriation will be mado fer tile defences on this lake. Tho subject of our national defences will constitute a lead ing feature with the present administration. FIRST IMPRESSIONS. A friend, who has just arrived at Wash ington, writes us under date of the Gth inst : "I must say that Mr. Wise would make a good ground and lofty tumbler. 1 can think of nothing while ho is speaking but a John Battisto,niad,and stript to fight, and calling for some one to holjh'im. And Mr. Hunt er, late speaker, apes him extremely well. Mangum, of North Carolina is a powerful man." (CTWe understand that tho Trustees of the JJurlington High School have engaged Mr. C. C. Parker lato graduate of the Uni versity to take charge of that institution. LETTER FROM JUDGE WILLIAMS TO THE FREEMEN' OK THE STATE OK VERMONT. Tlicotlico of Chief Magistrate of this State is of that dignity and high importance, that it should nerer b solicited by any one, nor should it bo declined without great and weighty considerations. It is em phatically an office for the people, to be bestowed by theni on that individual, who they deem worthy of their confidence and esteem, and to which no one can with nropiicty. be said to have any claims. 1 here may however be reasons which should induce an individual, when his name is brought leforelhe public, to express his own wishes and views with re yard to hems 11 candidate for lhat high station. Perceiving that I have been named, through the paitialuy of my fiicnd-, for that office, I think it proper, on duo consideration and reflection, to decline a candidate. Having for some years past received the unanimous vote of the repre enlatives of the pi ople, of both po litical parties, for the place I now hold, it would lie with great re.U'lance I could con-sent to be held up as a candidate for any office against their declared wishes expressed in their convention. While I feel very grateful to my friends who have named me as a candidate for tho office of Chief Magistrate of this State, and however strongly, under other circum stances, I should have felt bound to yield to their wishes, yet considerations of a public as well as per sonal nature require that, under tho present circum stances, I should decline. It is due to a highly respectable class of my fellow citizens, who I understand have put me in nomina tion, to say, that it is nut from any distrust of the principles for which they are contending, or any doubt but lhat they will ultimately prevail, that I decline. The nomination was wholly gratuitous and without flic usual formali'ies of asking my opinion on the subjects for which they are contending, and ns such it will always be remembered with gratitude. And on those subjects, in the language of a distin guished English Judge, for whoso decisions and opi nions I entertain a mot profound respect, I have no hf -itation to ray " that standing upon lliehigh irround of natural rights and disdaining to bend to the lower doctrine o1' evpedi-ncy, slavery is inconsistent with the genius of tho "American Constitution," "and that huinsn being? cannot bo the s ibjcct mailer of proper ty.". And if slavery is recognised any where by law, " it is an anti-i hrbtisn law and one which violates the rights of nature." , , . , Cm. K. WILLIAMS. Rutland, July 26, 1S41. THE DISPUTED TERRITORY". The Lieutenant Governor of New llrunswick has has lately duecteJ the Commissioner for Indian Af fairs, residing at Johns, to viit all the Indian Settle ments on the River Saint John, for the purpose of ob taining correct information in regard to their condi tion and their lands. In compliance with this order In proceeded as far as Lako Temiscouaia, and while al Temiseouata, Captain Nelson, of the British Royal Engineers, arrived there express from Quebec, vviih instructions to put the various frontier posts, now held by detachments of the 5Cth Regiment, in nn efficient state of defence, without delay. Jlusket proof defences around the barracks at Temiseouata were forthwith commenced, and Captain Nelson then proceeded to tho Dcgelo and tho Li'tle Falls at the mouth of the JIadawaska River, wherea new and very strong block-house is now in course of erection. Captain Nelson remained at the Littlo Falls to super intend the completion of the block-house, and des patched Lieutenant Norton, of the 5Gth, (as actmg Engineer,) and Mr. Tennant, of theCommisFariit, to the Grand falls, for thepurposo of removing all tho guns and stores placed there to the block-house, and also to bring up the Artillerv-mcn stationed there to the same place. The Indian Agent left the Grand Jails on the '.Jlthult, when the packing of the stores had commenced, and it was understood that tho whole vyould move upwards on the following Wed nesday in tow boats, which vvcrcgetling ready. Tho detachment of tho 5Clh at the Little Falls is under the command of Lieut. Jones Smith j ihe postal the Degcle is held by Captain Walmscy and his com pany, and the post at Lake Temiseouata is com manded by Captain Charlewood. 'I hese measures, were on tne spot, supposed to bo taken under t in nnnrrliMiemn r .i.r...i.:. between the two Governments, out of tho affair of iuci.cou. jo us nowever, tlicy appear to bo ofn more permanent character and would sem to trans, oend the limit fixed by agreement to the action of the ISritish Government in tho disputed Tetritory. .Y. V. Courier. PATRIOT WAR REVIVED. Recent intelligence from the West appears rather squally ; but what will bo the end of it wo cannot My. Tho N. V. Commercial Ad vertiter says that the Commissary General has leturncd to that city from a rapid visit to Auburn, to which place he was summoned on Hunday morning of last week to look after the interests of ins department it being- stated that a piece of ordnance belonging to tho state had been Etolcn from the arsenal at that place, by the so-called Canadian patriots. General Chandler Mates that the six pounder bclon?. ingtothc State, and for the public service of Auburn, was stolen from the gun-hotite one night, week before last, as was also another niece of ordnance belonging to a volunteer company of artillery, kept in another part of the town. 7'he track of tho gun-carriage of tho last piece mentioned was traced about eight miles, where it was entirely lost. No infor. mation could be obtained ot cither niece. An old man, residing near tho arsenal where tho gun belonging to the state was kept, states that bearing a noise in tne night lie arose anu nn looking out, it being bright moonlight, he saw eight or ton men forcing the doors ot tne arsenal, and also saw them take away tne gun General Chandler has issued a proclamation, oflering a reward of twontv-fivo dollars for the gun, and a like sum for the arrest of the authors of the misdemeanor. Reports had also reached him at Auburn, that several i ther nieces of ordnance farther M est, particu larlv at Buffalo, had been stolen at the aino time. Rut the intelligence was considered doubtful. The Atihurn Journal states that two more pieces of ordnanco aro missing ono of them belonging to an artillery company in tho town of Cato, nnd the other in tho town of Scinio. Tho former was traced to tho canal, but no farther. The Journal adds : ' Rumors sre rife at to the obiect ef true move mcnt and It cannothmlenUl it, fit tin rnm fib Mnlttinn farther is known, n fiuo field is open forthe play of o... .... .SiN,iui. ii possioio, vviiiio nil is peace in Canada, that sonic of their emissaries havo laid hold ofthese war-dogs for a timo of ncedl or-which to us seems still more unlikely that preparations are milliner iminui- movement i many event, it occurs to us that tho proper authorities would up well to examine into tho cause of theso sudden ui'.nppearauccs, until tiiu mystery is removed." Florida War. Information has been re- cieved at tho Department of War from Col ttf ...... norm, commanding in l-loritla, ot a very favorable character. Ho expresses his firm belief that in a few months ho will bo ablo to finish tho long protracted contest- From the Buffalo Commercial. The Harvest. In tile greater part of the country the wheat harvest is ended, and we have now some precise data for forming an opinion as to tho product. From a careful examination ol all the statements which have come to hand, we think there can be no doubt lhat, assuming the product of 1831) as the standard, the crop of this year will be found less than an average one. In this state it will fall oil' at least one third. In Ohio, also, there will bo a deficiency as compared with 1831), though not so great as in this state. Michigan and Northern Indiana will proba bly show an excess. The Jliddleond Southern States will about hold their own. Take the wholo country, rnJ we doubt whether there is now on hand anv gicat surplus of bread stuffs. An immense quantity of wheat and flour has been brought into this port this season, but comparatively a very small amount has reached New York city. It has been stopped in transitu and consumed. The corn crop one of great value and importance, controlling in no inconsiderable degree tho market price of olher products promises well. On this point all parties agree. Potatoes, there is no end of them. Late oats have dono well, and of all other crops, excepting grass, which is decidedly short, it may be said they arc fair. The sum of tho wholo may bo thus stated. The wheat crop shows a slight falling off, as compared with lP3DnndlS10, and the stock of bread stuff on hand is not largo. Of corn and potatoes there now promises to bo an excess. Other crops about me dium. From these data each man must draw his own conclusions. Samui:l Swartwout. Tho Now York Times and Star says that Mr. Swartwout, who was a passenger in the Acadia, comes at the request of the Committee for the in vestigation of tho Custom House frauds. His own accounts leave him far less in debt to government than was at first supposed, and that debt is nearly covered by assign ment of real estate. ivoticd. The Democratic Wlii'.'sof ESSEX, oneaud all, ara requested to meet at tho Jted School House, Essex Cenire, Friday evening, 20th inst. at 5 o'clock, P. M. for the purpose of nominating a suitable person as their candidate for Representative to the next Legisla ture. A full and punctual attendance is requested. H v order of the-Town Committee. Li'llt August, 1S11. On the 22d ultimo, at tho residence of Judge Tho mas, in Jacksonville, by President Ilceehcr, of Illi nois College, '. N. Oarbult, Esq. of Pike County, to Miss Pamclia U. Scott, of Rockport. In Williston, on the 1st. instant, Sir. Hiram San ford, of a billii us-fever. At Prairie tilulU Alabama, on tho "lh July, of ty. plius-fcver, Mr. C. M. Hubb9, formerly a citizen of Vergcnncs, Vermont, eon of Solomon Hobbs, Esq. ageu Jl years. At lrasburgn, very euudonly, on the Huh inst. Major RoGnrt l'sos, formerly of this place. AUCTION. WILL be sold on Saturday, the 21st inst. at the Subscriber's Auction room, a very good second uanii i ijmu r uji i r., won c.uu uuuiiiuiui Keys. A No a variety of other articles. Aug. 1'.', 1811. II. THOMAS. APPRENTICE XXT ANTED, as nn nnnrcntiee to tho printins l.usi ncss. a bov of fifteen or sixteen one who is willing to apply himself steadily to business, to snend his cvenimis at home, and L'oto Church on Sun- cay one who regards an apprenticeship as the school to manhood, and who respects himself enough to covet 1 1 io approbation of others. Such an one will meet wim goon encouragement, auu none oincr nceu August 12th, 13U. TVAGIJF.RUF.OTYPE MINITURES taken bv E U. Alli-n m ilie American Hotel, llurliuolnn. Vt. Ladies and Gentlemen wishing to obtain beautiful and perfectly correct liktnes cs, ore respectfully invited to call and examine Ins specimens anu prices, lie trusts that tho noveltv of the science, to say the least, will induce the curious to rive him a call. The Miniatures i an ' fnadcof various, sizes suitable for aneat Morocco Case, Gilt Frame, Locket or lircasl Pin. N. 11. Instnuthn will be given to a limited number of Pupils, if desired, and the Apparralus, Materials, &c. for the process furnished. Aug. 1U, lull. MOItEKNS. 1RF.F.N, Crimson, Scarlet, and Stone colored vji Watered Moreens, very cheap, tjy Aug. K. K. W. WlUlili'l'oli;U, IlltV C.KOCRHIl S. A GOOD ASSORTMENT of Dry Groceries of ii an Kiuus can uo nau encan ot Aug. 12. E. M. WRIGHT & CO. OmA SATIN liAR'D and Plain Muslin de lano v .ran a v i.s, just rcceivcuanaior sale encan at the Uurhngion Cash Store. S. L. HER1UCK. August 13, IS 11. TO RKNT. THE llrick Store on Church Street, now occupied by N. Lonly A. Co. Possession given the first day of April i.'... ... Ar.l.n ..i.- , in t l ui ill 1(19 I injuni' vi iiiu ruui.iiiii.1! U. vv.u; muuHT. Burlington, August 12, 1611. NOTICE. rpiIE Stockholders of ihe Durlincton Mill Com. lianv. are hcrthv notified tlmr n m riim. in in txn )lf( on at their Otlice, at 9 o clock, A. Jl." T. FOLLETT. Secretary. uiuccot liurlington Jim w., August 12th 1811. 3w. ALBUKGH SPRINGS. m II AT a roe and airv JIansion. ntAb X Lurch Springs, is again reopened by Jlr. Samuel Mills, for the, 'caption of visitors during Ihe present season. The rennrt industriously nut in circulation. that fresh water has breu let into the Springs, U an error, without the least shadow of truth, as no altera tion has been hail, in, or about the Spring since the acfiuaintnneo of the subscriber wilh the Spring, in io-i- it... .i. n:n .1... i?nlin,n:n IIUl U1U oj'lllin leiiiuiu niai ;iiqi . ui.tnuiii, puro and unaduli rated, not in need of a weekly al lending physician to recommend hcr,asdo licreatttl lites. Aceommo lations goo I. Board tnodullars per week. Private Families pleasantly accommodated, rf-c. SAMUEL .MILLS. Alburgli Springs, Juno 2,1611. CJTRAYED from the subscriber about tho first of kJJunclasc, three yearlings, two line backed, and one red i one a steer nnd the other two heifers. Whoever will give information where they may bo found shall be rewarded for their trouble. PII1NEAS ATWATER. Burlington, August 10, 1611. nlO NOTICE. CAME into the inclosure of the subscriber on the 4th inst, a red, two years old STEER, not particu larly marked. The owner can have him by paying charBcs,provineprorer.y,&c.jAMEsNoRniSi Burlington, August 9, 1611. BOSTON Academy's Collection, Massachusetts Collection, Boston Glee Book, American Glee Book, just received by C. GOODRICH. August 13th, 1811. nlO T 7 STRAYED from tho subscriber , .i.7, . ,u,L- r,i mwi wilh a dark l ag, her horns turn in wards, one of which is cracked. Who-j over will mvoinforiuation whore sal Cow may b. i und, shall be suitably rewarded. Burlington, Aug 12, 1M PANIEL PA VIS. Silks I Silks 1 Sllisl Avery extensive assortment of every variety of figure, cidor, style, or prico,)novv open at S. 1). . .j. . iivia uiuiiiuainiiuuii; ii;iiui;eu au iiiai cpou uuujjsoi tins Kina can uo purchased at ontiro rly new bagains. Aug. 0. no LISTKRS NOTICE. THE Listers for the Town of liurlington for 1BU, will meet at the Court-Room, in said town, on Tuesday, tho 1 7th iustant, at one o'clock P. M., for tho puiposo of hearing and delcrminingall complaints uii uuiuiu ui usacssincnis lor money or nana una debts due. JOHN VANSICKLEN, ) S. K. ISHAM, 'Listers. J.WAHNEH, ) August 12th. ALPHEUS HALL'S KSTATK WE the Subscribers, having been ajipsinted bi lbo llouoral le the Probate Court for the Dii tmt of Chittenden, rominissfoncrx to receive, exam ine nnd adjust the claims and demauds of all pcons ng.n'nst tho estate of ALPIIEl'S HALL, late of Milton, in said District. dv.nil. wni-H. senied insolvent, nndaNo all claims anddeiimuiN ex hibited in u let thereto; and six mouth from the tiny of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpo-c, vve do therefore hereby give notice, that wc willetiend totliebiiliie of our appointment, nt the dwelling of Mrs. Merey Hall, in Mdton, in said District, on Hie 13th d.iyof October i&DcecmUr iii-.m. aueu iPTioei;, a. m. fn earn nl said days. Dalol, lhi 26' h dnv of Jnlv-, A. I). 1811. n2 lll'AJA.MIN FAlltCIIILI), 1 ! . EDMUND WELLINGTON, ) Commissioners. Moleskin ami Fur Uats, of tho latest style at reduced prices, at S. B. SCOTT'S. Aug. 6. n9 SliceUiKs, Shirtings, Ticking, Canvass, Padding, Hatting, Cotton Yarn, etc. etc. just received at . U. SCOTTS. Aug. 6. ng STRAYED, FROM tho subscribe, on the 3d instan', a middle sized COW, six years old, with large white spots on her head aud about the Hanks nnd legs. Whoever will return said cow, or give infor mation where she mav be fouud. shall receive reason able charges. 1V11.L1AJI Al WATIiK. Cth August. Satin Strltieil Challys Plain &, Figured JIous line dcLatnes, just received and for sale low, at o. u. scuvrs. Aug. C. I11NESI1URGH ACADEMY. THE Trustees of Hinesduboii Academy aro happy to inform the public, that tbcv have obtained thn Rev. Peola Dckkee, as a permanent teacher. Jlr. Duikee has been engageil, for many years, in the business of instruction, and has given, wherever lie has been employed, ample satisfaction. He has suc ceeded, especially in conciliating the confidence and afleclions of his pupils, in awakening within them a umai iur improvement, anu in leauing iiiem to test thoroughly, their own novvers. Fiom bi-i tried sVill and cxperience.high expectations are excited, and it is coiinuenuy ueuevcu mat none wilt lie disappointed who may favor the Institution with their patronageby placing their sons or their daughters under his tuition and care. , While it is expected that proper moral and religious instruction will bo given, and a constant and pater nal oversight taken of thedepoitment of tho student-, it is designed that the institution shall be kept from every thins: of a sectarian character. llic Academic year will bo divided into two Terms, comprising two ouarters each of 11 weeks. Thn lira! Term will commenco on Wednesday the 1st day of oiihviiiuui. jnero win ue n vacation ol two weeks at the closcof the first Tcrm.and another of six weeks at the cud of the second. luition Tor common branches will bo 4,00 per quar ter. For all llllll r Klllllif.a it U-ill l,n .1 r,ft Kn mlnn- tul charges ill be made. Board will bcaflordcd in respectable families from SLAl 10 SI. 50 ner Week. For Imarilintr nlnpna ,r..r. enccniay be had to Jedcdiah Boynton, O. S. Hoyt, Nahum Peck, Esq., Orlo J. Baldwin, Harmon Bur ditt, A. S. Wcllcr, Joel Turrill. ftlrs. Benton, Dan'l uoouyear. This Institution is pleasantly located in a healthful, nourishing village. It has now been in operation about sixteen years, and its course has been steadily onward, never surfeited with a flood of scholars, never famishing for want of support. The building, situated on a delightful eminence and OVer-Iooking the whole villain.-, is Ulidernniim llinrnm.l, repairs. It will l.c finished in a neat and fasbionablo uiyie, so uaio combine elegance Willi convenience. Hinesburgb, 3d Augu6t. 8w. TXfYSTKHIOUS! A gentleman belonzing to 1TX one of the most ancient and wealthy families of mis city, who must no well known tonumerousfriends having sinco the year 1818, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for several vears confined to his ueu, una uccn rcsiorcu to gouu lualtli lias regained his natural erect posilion and has quitted his car- riage, and now walks with case ! 1 We believe this is uiugeniicman sownucscriptionas near as possible, and there is no exaggeration in it. We will give inqui' rers ms address, and doubt not humauo feelings will excuse the hbirty; so that any one doubting, may A-noicthebef.ieti. though he requests his name may not appear in ptmt. Among other instances, Jlr. Jas. G. RcVIIOldS. 144 niinslln.alrcr.l lino !,..., .... . , and will give personal assurances of tho fuels of his iiioi-. i-oui cru rneumatism, and contracted cords and sinews. How lias this I cen done? 1 ,(... lit. r.A 7...!.... ir . .it. rt., . .........w. ip jiiiuiiii , cftritiuie &iixcr m- tcrnally, and Jhues' Aerie and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. 1811. SoldonhjbijCOMSTOCK f- CO., 71 Maiden Lane. A'cu; York. q THEO. A. PECK cV CO, Wholesale Agents, few doors cast of the Post Office, Burlington, Vt. SlOO RIWARD. DO "EWAHD has been offered for months Tr--- io any one w no will use a bottle of Hay's Liniment for the Piles, miuum ucnijf tureu. ui niousanas sold, in no one instance has it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming In li. tin.! ulin.Ait:..U t. : -I .. . s ..uuvHBsuiu. ma aiso a certain euro in nearly ever' case. (Externally,) in the following complaints. For the iin, iur mi nrupxy, icnuer lui, ore tliroat, hy can' ccrs or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scald head Tightness Of the Clust. tkncciallv in rliilrtrpn fnl ,il' ccrs of Jholegs, or other fungus sores, however obsti nateor long atanding, wounds, chilblains, etc. LOOK OUT. Some sicitullers hare counterfeited this article, and put it uji iriri rnn'ou devices. Do not be imposed upon. One thing only will protect you itisthonameof COMSTUCK if- CO: that name musi ue aiu-ais on the wrapper, or you may be cheat iu. ku uui lurgci u. lane ino uirection with you and test by lhat, or never buy it j for it is impossible for any other to be true or genuine. n9 &old by COMSTOCK if- CO., 71 Maiden Lane, New York. THEO. A. PECK & CO., WhnNale ivgcnis, aiewnoorseastoi tne Post Uflico, But ng ton, Vt. fc Ocrmnn Silver Table Spoons. JUST rcccived.'of the best quality and will bo sold at the lowest price. -.Alri., WMC'M-oV. -alia'' tTic-.nv(r TSneinsValt iiuua wu uy fcum ni inu iiivtri-i nncrs. PANGIIORN ct IIRINS.MAID. July 23. n7 rpHt aitention of thepullic is inviled In a large X Mock of poenN now opening at S. II. SCOTTS. A rare opportunity for purchasing good Goods at VJceviiiiimy low prices. July 23 THE LADY'S Cabinet, devoted to science and general literature, just received at the Book Store where subscriptions are received for this and the N. Y. Review, American Journal of tho Jlcdical Sciences ancu-. American Review. July 1, u. A. BRAJIAN rpiSSUE Paper, green, yellow, blue, and other cob j. ors, i.aiuea nolo anu letter paper, II. 11 B. H. II II. II II II. F and other drawing Pencils. Juslrec'd July 21 1811. PANGIIORN .f. I1HINSJIA1D, HrUSlCAL Instruments &e. 1! E A. F flat Clarin. L1 ncttcs, 11 cfcC Fifes, Flageolets, Guitar, Violin, July 21 1611. PANGIIORN & BR1NSJIAID. CTONE'S CAST STEEL AXES. Warranied n lO penortoany thing in JIaikct 20doi.for rale by July 1.1841 NEWGOODS. TWIE subscribers hate ree d a new assortment of X Plain inuthn De Lams Printed muslin and Print ed Lawns Wlk and white 7russells Laco French eqr. urn n ivuiiroau anu iionn uo itumnns rans tyu. E. JIURILVY WIllGHTif-co, Juno IO, 1811. f iIIINA and hmhrouleil Ribbon", China Scarfs, and vy n new lot oi rrcncli artificials. S. B. SCOTT. July 23. Hhakcr Yarn. TT'OR sale at the Burlington Cash Store, bv S.L. IIEIifilCh'. n7 July 23. S.itdt Stcfuta eij.iHnn 'T0.l.i!,"S,l,m Slf'I'PCiH'hallys.Blk and Blue Blk July 23 ' 1 c' S B' SWTT THE BOOKSTORE OF tho Subscriber is just replenished with a now and valuable assortment of HOOKS, STATION- am ainu I..MHIAV l.Mi-s, ninon? the many in teresting works may be found ihe following Learn to Die, by Christopher Sutton, Sutlnu on the .Sactntiionts, . I!'.0 VoulS Ma"'3 -'Ji by Rv. II. Winilow, Glimpses of the Past, Langungo of Flowers, Tales of tho Ocean, Flora's Interpreter, Flora's Lexicon, Summer Journey in the West, by Mm. Steel, The Ncstoriansjor the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Grant A Week in Wall-Slroot . , D. A. BRAJIAN. July 30, nrj From tho N. Y. Herald. Double Itclliicd Loaf Sugar, at St. ii 5mm Aug. 6. ' ng AN AMERICAN DICTIONARY Of TIIU ENOLISlt I.ANOUAOC. Thirst Eihiion in (lavo containing tho whole vo L enl.ulary of Ihe Qnartd. vviih rorrrviliin. in,. proveinenji, and scttrul thousand additional words. io which i. prellxoil ' Introductory Dissertation, on the oruin, hMory and connueilon or the languages ot e;iern Aia and Europe, wilh an explaualion of the principle;, on which Language are formed, in two volume,, by Noah Webster, L. L I), for sale bv July 13. "RAMAN. IMPUTI TtAVfitvnu ANEW supply, with borders, Ac. justrtcM from the innnurjtrtiirfru Jnlv 99 n nnnnninn - mt I NEW GOODS. THE tubseriliera have jut received frun N. York, a large asortincnt of 1ANCY GOODS. among which mav be found Heavy Muck and Hue black I'oi do Soi S.lLs. '' " " OrodeSwiM ' " " " " Pekin striped "..', " " OrodeAfrmuc" " Light colored " do " " do ' Pckiu striped " u Plaid Poi dcSoi. (a new article) " Bonnet silks, bonnet Lawns, Ilk Italian era vain, plain nndtig'd French boml amies, Half niournin?, plain if-fis'd, all wool Mcmline deLaine, Chinee and Salin striped Mousline dcLaiuco yery fine. Laco Veils, Blk neit shaw!s and arfs, nctl Mitts and Gloves, superior Kid do. I ombaziue and satin sloekis orl.ed In-ertingsoV Klgings, Thread Edgings. btmnei&eap Ribtinn, new iyle, Zephyr orsted, plain and ribl.'d silk Ho.e, orii'd Workfusr Patten.and Canva, He. July 23, 1311. n7 E. JL WRIGHT Si CO. A GREAT Variety of Rich Silks Just received and for Sale Vnrv eliannt llm,. r?nol, uy S. L.HERICK. July lb lail TLST opened a beautiful nssortmeut of SY,.,., J w orkcil Collar.-, at reduced prices. , . , S. B. SCOTT July 23. NEW GOODS. Mlts. UKctrnnniv IAS received a supply of Fashionable Goods) for the season. Rich loni nml innnri, Mlnwla Scarfs, French embroidered Capes and Collars, Para sols, Ribbons, Printed Muslins, Flowers, Laces, Per fumery, cic. hTonc, souih side Court-House Square l7 Burlington, July 23, 1911. JUST RECEIVED AT the New Cash Store, n fill assortment of shirting, sheeting and batting. Also, a general assortment of Family Urocwics, all ol" which will be sold very low fur cash, by- J. P. WHALING cf. CO. n7 July 1C- Ji:ssK CARPKNTEH. Attorney at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. AT ESSEX CCNTUB, CHITTENDEN CO., VT. On ice, near Barney's Hotel. Essex, July 1, 1811. 8 BOOKS. THE following this day received and for the kiilMrrihcr. sal ty Blake',. Evidences, Lee's Physiology, Life of Franklin, New EnglaiidUazelteer, Yu'ine Orator. The Gift. ConC'ssions of a School Milliter, Parent's Present, Sleigh Ride, .Married Lite. American Gentlemen ALSO, a new minnlv of PocLei rtil.l i-hmm-r ,i. - i... ' ' ' ' ' S. HUNTINGTON. July 29, 18H. ,,8 NEW AHBIVAL, X. LOVELY & CO. ARE now receiving their third supply of Fancy Staple and other Goods, adapted to the wants of the market, which were pui chased at New York, the last week, and are now ottered for cash, at a small ad vance and greatly reduced prices amoug which aro the following; balm stripe Challys, do. do fuguied and plain Mousline DeLaincs, for dresses, some a low us 2,50 a pattern, Printed Lawns Iur dresses, plain do. fur bonnets, trench striped Prints, Engli-h and American do. Satin. slripe. silks, fur dresses, a fancy article Black-nnd blue black Gro deSwisf, Gro de Rhine etc. of every arieiy,'olored silks of every grade, W lute Gro de Al'ric and oiber col'd silk for bonneK, Crapes and crape Lic-e,

Fillet scurfs and ,hawl, some very mperior, Thread Laix-s, Edgings and Inse rtion', Muslin Insertions, Gres-ian Lacen, Ladies Embroidered and worked e-ancs and collars, Fillet .Mils and Gloves, long and shon.nll color, Ribbon-, a beautiful assortment, entire new style, Vellum Uibl on-, Head bauds, Pongees, and Ponge-c hdkf., as.orted 9-4 MiHirluirdeLainc shawl, a new and cheap ar l.l lien I'liuibric hdkl's, Ijuii, etc French ArtifienN, Whalebones and Italians, Parasol- tt Umbrellas, direct from the manufacturer 8-4 damask silk shawls, cheaper than ever. Travelling andW'ork baskets, lteil and Black Merino thaw W, at a great bargain, Raw silk and other elresshdkls und shaw Is, a great variety, Bishop Lawns, Nansook and Book Muslins, Wire Nctl, Railroad, Wash'BIomUnad other laces, Irish Linens und cambric, Shell side and other comb,, Ladies nud gents, silk and LMchore. do do (ilove-. Hellenic.-, lad bags aim purses, Sanincits, ciifsiuH-rcsandl roadcloth", rhtap enough Silk Velvets, fur ladir and gents, etiafor vesting, elark and light Vetingp Valcneias, etc. tic. Till lc spreads, cloths, diapers, etc. Sheeting- and shirling., I leached and unbleaehcd, Jean-and earcnols. fi. '' ' - To wfucfi may be addesl, a large assortment of Pry iirocenes, sucn as : lll.u:k and Green Teas, of every variety, While, llavanna and other brown Sucars. Mol.isse--, Pimento, Pepper, Ginger, Cloves, Cassia I oluna slarcli, i-.ngn.-ii currants. Crockery and Glass ll"or, frineh and American J'aper Hangings. As cash is our obieci. we will eivctrreat bjreains. t-all and examine lor youneivcs. Burlington, July 30. riB SCHOOL AND CLASSICAL A general assortment for sale at BOOKS. tho lowest xx. prices rjy C. GOODRICH. July 30ih. IILANK BOOKS. T EDGERS, Journals, Day-Books, Records, &e. XJ Cce. cVs--. For sale by C. GOODRICH, July 30th. DISCOURSE on tho Death of Willi vm llr.Nar Habbieo.n, late Pro.-ident of tho United Sates, hit T.stin Wh,srlir l, nflVio ITttls....!, u nfVrt. mont, published and for siie by C. GOODRICH. July 30th. Howard of the Cbcap Store to his New. York Aeeut. Dear Sir. The satisfaction with which the Goods as per invoices of lath were received you will see by tne f ree t-ress sent j tney come most opportunely, and were beautiful and choan bevond comnarison. with the money passed to your Credit in the Exchange . -r V' . t,"1l ... . . , l if- oiucu oi iu -non eueei inaHC sucn uib- nocition as vou mav think most for inv interest ii: further purchases. You say correctly that my sales ncreaso vvitii oncn rcnoweu assorime-nis. Burlington was never tnoro beautiful, with all its enchanting Gardens, lovely Walks, and splendid scenery. Hotels are filling with strsngcri from the magnificent Steamers and .Stapes, ana the town with visitors tor the cominguubiicsa Literary rieason. com mencement of tho University of Vermont an exam ination of the Burlington Female Seminary and Schools next week. Panics of exeuisionontha LaVe nnd to the Jlountains daily taking nlaess, which with the evening aociableaarcall constantly rftulnnc some pretty Nrw uoedi ft em UUWAjti-j Jal)-:?, 18tl. ME MO I It OF MARGARET . DAVIDSON. DyW.lllViNU. Fotsaloby . D. A BRAMAN, Q PIECES 42 Inch BurisH J S " Superior Bairmnrr. B Linen Dnllimr. 10 " 1 " July 1C, " Cotton do, Irish Linnen tn'cctingby 1941. S. L. HIIRIUCK. 1-4 A 51 tlcached nnd unblenebiil f!oilnii slie,- ting', very line, Tickings, Drilling., apron cheeks, cotton yarn, baiting, wickinj, etc. fccliiiig at reduced price-, by , , . E. M, WRIGHT if- CO. July S3. 6-1 dt 8-4 heavy Linen aliectinirs, 6-4, 8-4 nud 10-1 Dalnask Table 1 .inen. 7-4 and 8-4 brown and bleached Tal Io covers, LinenNapkinsnnd a variety of Linen -.hirilng Just recoived from New Yort nnd for i.nlu by , , . E. M. WIUOHT CO. July 23. ,,7 N. II. Ocntlemcn and 1 niliov n inl-l'tlil in null n t. examine the price and qualities or Good, Lcfuro pur cbusing elsewhere. fVlO 'n(l', superior, lino and common brown UJJJ Shevlings and Shirting, from to 4 to 12j :m. j usi openeu t.y , , E. Jl. WRIGHT ,f. CO. July 33. ll7 NEW GOODS Tlio Hubserlbrri: liiv.- ,., .,...i v-,.. York, with a ehuice selection ol t; ot n . amonj which inayb found Ihol'ollowinji tfuwnur uiae uuu uiuu oiacu ,l!kt, " Figured " Bonnet " MouJine dcLainc, of every stylo andqualiiy, Linen cambric Hdkl's, satin 'o-tin7, 8-4 silk and rawsilb, shawls, blk Fillet do. Lawnand cambrics, siiuare nctl bloud, ig'd Lace, calieocs, Italian eravat, tancy plaid I idle ft and cmvnts, silk How, coitun and vvorsteil do. half bo.e, eotiou and Hill.-, children's Iloo aud Gloves, Ladles Mohair Glovoj, w bile and blk. " Kid " Gents. " eulored Jreueh eml roiderod collars, Parasol, aad Lmbrellaj, Furniture triiiumngs, Fieueb Bombaaincs, and many other articles too nu merous. In mriiiion, Chureli-st. Burlington. n7 JulylC J. P. WHALING & CO. INVALUABLE MEDICINE. DR. TAYLOR'S BAIA.M OK LIVERWORT 'I bis far famed remedy ii daily growing mine and more in demand for ihe cures ofcol.U, eousfl.s, paiq in th. bread, and diseases which lend to con sumption. Having been used many year-, ibis eon tinueJdemand proves this balsam to In really all it is represented to bo, and worthy of general use .Veir York Courier. Coughi and Colds. Whenever we hear a person coughing, and evident ly uilli-ring from u ino-t kevere cold nud cough, vve think what a pity yon will not u.o Dr. Taylor's IIjI- aamoi j-uverwon. vie nave loeu ai-ciistomed tiicon sider Ibis medicine a i-erlaincuie lor consumptive, dis eases, that we sinci'rely wish to ee it m every bouse. JVfw York Herald. Pain in the Side and Breast. As a remedy for these prevalent complaints, wo can cordially rei-iiminend Dr. Taylor's Balsam nt Liver wort. This medicine we have seen Miccofuily ucd for many year, und wc know td a iiuiuUt ed cases in which it lias Lccuuftnost essential terviee. One of our own carriers i an insiante. A'eir York Sun. Consumption and Liur Complaint. Aftersuilenu? two years with tbesodi-ea-cs, I have beer, restored to health by Dr. Taylor's lljl-ain of Liverwort. I vvns principally a'lccu-d with pain in the side, loss of appetite, dv-spepsia, hacking eougb, lost of llesh, dizimcss at the head, ami souietiiues uigkl sweats. .Most of the time ol my illness, 1 had a physician m attendance, but as I was eoutinu.illv sinkiiiK, I revorled to the B.iNam of Liverwort, and thank God, not in vain, for it has fully restiroj my health. L. L. DICKEl'tSON, No. 97 Grecn-st. N. V. !C7 None Genuine but lhat prepausl ut37j Uow ery, N. V. AgeuU N. Lovely Co. Theodore A. Peek & Co. Doct. K. Moody, Uurliugtou S. II Bai lies Charlotte. n7: mo 1 rjAPl" Light and Dark low nrice.1 American -t VW Prints 50 piecsis Iiht and dark Enirlisb print -J3 pieces libt and dark 4 t Freueb und Amer ican Print, 10 pieces light and dark 1-1 Kreuch Printed Lawns, for sale very low by U. WRIGHT it CO. July 23. 7 Umbrellas aud t'arasolv. Agood assortment ol I'inbrallas and Parasols, jus! received and for sale cheap by- "S. L. HE1IRICK. July 23. n7 Joshua Isham's) Kslate. TTrllEREAS, the Administrator of the Estate of u Joshua Istiam, laic nl Shelburn, deira-tsl, batb made application, in vvritlug, to tin- Probate lAiuri, wiium auu iur tne District oi iinttcmii-n, -cttinsf Inrtti lliat the sanlOcceaseti, in in, liletinic had enlero,! into a contract to convey to Ann Bli-s. Jl.irv llli-.. George Bliss, Martha Hlis, Sophia llli-a and Ju.-hua isnain uiiss, anu ineir ne'ir, ecriain real csiate, siiua lesj in Hurl i n srtori, iu iIikcoiiuIv-of C'liitli'inli'ii.lo uit. quarter ae-re lot-Nn. 1U8, 109 and 110 and praying sau court would gr.iul to aul a'lmini-tr.iKT liicu-iuo i-onvev said lamls to I bei'ontracl nl said de ceased, and agreably to the statute in mh-Ii ea-e made buu pruvinni. tuereiurc inc court aioresiiui, now, hereby orJer that notice beeiven 10 nil ner-ons inter. esteil in ihe premi-vs 10 appear before said court at a se-sion thereof to be held at the olliie i.fthi- Regi-ter 01 saiel court in lliirlingtnii, on the second Wednesday e.f August next, then and there to make' any they have ingranting Inons,-toee nvey said lands as afnresuid, by publishing ihe order coniaiiing ihe suusiauce oi aaia application, mine liurlington l-ice rre sf, printeit at saul llurlinston. Ihree weeks nicies- sivtly, Ihe last of which publications shall be befere the time of hearing. Given undi-r inv nOicial signature, nnd the seal t. r. ei sain court, this twenty nrst ilay of July A icii. r.Ai'j CHARLES Rt.'SSELL, Jud;;e. N K V GOODS. Ol'PERlOR Flannel. nndComm llatiins-, O e!o. Wadding and Wickinir, nn. I'aiUlinr. anil l-aiivass, Just rrticivr-l and for sale verv cheat) at ih riiirHnir ton Cash Store, by . 1.. llh.KKlUK. Inly M. n7 nullum, NOTICE TjROKEinto the meadow of the mhncriter. on the M-r vm, or imn instant, a itarlc hay Htinsi: in hands high, wilh a long tail and a faint slr ,n ihe forehead, wilh a bad near tore f.mi K.;,l It, i. jiKige-i to nave lo-cn geleti-U later than is the conunnn praruce; aim isa anions contemner of Ii-ik-i-. The owner isiirsircJtotal.e measures to reclaim his pro. perly, etc uuiiiuieiii, siuiy i?, icii. rRANKLIN KOUSB, MINERAL .SPRING?!, nighgate', Vermont. The Suhacrlber resnccifullv informs the nuhlic. lhat this new and commoti ons House eres-ied lxs season lor tne accommodation of such as may wi-h to partake of the celebrated Mineral Water of llm Spring is niiw ii is-ii iu, inc riveniiun oi v tni'n. iti.i iv ii-i. ditions having lieen made ilurimr the past winter, ihe subs-riber flatters himself lhat he aha I bo able to ac- ceimmcslalc and give satisfai'tion to am. vvho may nave osvasiori inresori eo mis riiunriim vj nraua. No attention will be snarest Io render l ie situation ol ihe afflicted as cnmforlablc at possible. Parlies or n casure will alwavsflnd the llou.e onrn for their rc efntinn, and every thing which the peculiar and rn inantio siluannn auoms, (ncing tiiiiale-il upon I tic banks of a beautiful bay, and snrioundcd by exlenM'eu shady grove.",) provided lor their amusement and hi-Klth. Dr. HEiNr.ncac. ol Burlincion will vi-it thesnnnss onco a week, or nficiier, lor the acvntniuoilaiion of such as may wih tils professional scrvies . a con venient carriage will be run from Ihe Sprini" to meet the Steamboat at St. Albans on Tuesdays and Fridays of each we-ek. ItCP N. II A Sail Boat wi'I at all times l in readiness for pleasure excursions upon the Uay. 1 S. W. WOOD. HicrroATr. SralNos, July II, 1841. n7 JtlEDICINAL WATERS ! rTWK subscrilers have made arrangement for the X constant supply of Congress, leslync Pavilltoti, and Wuthmgton Spring Wulirt,Saralet'a, N. Y. Also: Caledonia Water, from the Caledonia Spring, Can ada. 1 or s e iy io, uozcm, it iui.-ii- noujc ny i .i". mn ' Tlll-n a P!k-a. Druggists At the ogn of the Jlortar, Courl-llouse square. nl SHOES I SHOES 1 1 SHOES I II FARWF.LLS Ladies Shoes und Gaiter Boots, also French Kid Flirs, Jl rce'd and for saln vcrv ebeaD bv 9. L. HERltlfK Acf-ipiSti litl NEW GOODS. Tel Turnery, Act-Almost every kind of Aineri cun, French, Geunan and English Psm cMEitv.lUia, Oiu, SdAfa and Cosmetics, usually wnted ean be found at tho Variety store. Among the articles we havo Farina's bcstfJcnnaii Coio?iit-,byllio box or singlu bottle, we havo besides the long (i, tiles, some of the be.t arllclo put tin in neat short hol ies fur tho toilet this article can bo depended upon aa genuine and the bc-t that is made. t'osmctie Culd frcam. i'ot chafing or erup tions of the j-kin. It is a beautiful emollient fur roughticisor chapping Pf tho fate or lips, and is ex cellent to use alter shaviii". i:tract of iiliicsc Jlusk.-tnthls extract the adimrers of JIusk will find it at a point of perfection justifying their preference. ' funic'1'"01 of 1,l'r,;auiotmut''lt''ilccnlCll 03 a per .11 Ilk of lloscs, for removing tan, ereptions, freckles, etc. Court Plaster, black and ileidi colored! I'A'J t an Ucpllnte-i'V, fur removing hair from the face, neck and arms, without mj ry io tho skin. I'.ssouco ol Tyre, and Imperial Hair Dve, for coloring white, red or gray Hair, changing it to brown or black, asdcsirid. sairsayi iTcntlss' CJolo ;nc, Florida Water, uav water, and Honey Water. Uvtiacl of Itnsi-. rum o r. ,. .iu;v. j .ii lien 9 iur ' raukuicenso for iierliinimg the houseby burning, ll difiiMcs its pleasant odor through every npartineiit. of .Rose, Particlrs for i "",'1 '."" io cis. iocu cts. lor pcrru tiling drawers and keeping away moths. Tonnua or Smill' I!, nnu in inr .iv VU?' iC;r'loA,r,''"1 Orisxci Ilulla'lo, Antique and W ards' Hair Oil, PerlesOhagcneusu.anico Frci Lh llairun. Jaynes' Hair Tome, Poimilum. Lipsalve. nuaiiN.-.l lie genuine Naples soap, Tippecanoe soip, erbeni Cream, Cacao, Brown and White Windsor and floating soap, Oxygenated soap, Wash 7" -'";""s una soaps, lor tne nursery, toi ltt, and fur barbers' use. " tooth Ponders, ashes, &c-Chlorine Tooth Wash, keeps the Hums and teeth in a hsalthy condi tion and the breaih swet. Orris Tooth Wash and Paste, good articles for the same purpose. Mil? prepared Charcoal in bottles, Tooth Powder ji vnriuug hiuui. Toilet Pulfs and Powder, Puffs and Powder for the uui aery, Oltlt-idL'cS littlui orcolitmbin. The very best at lielo for removing Dandruff from .ui. uij.iiis ui eiiiirin.ii or auuus. it will ttlectually stop Hair fiom coining out, when it has become loo wiled and promote the grow tli of hair on bald places. wtieu man oilier preparation; fad. This article bemgoMensively counterfeited, it i of importance to get it of those ho always keep the genuine article, which is signed 'COJiSTOCK it CO," of whom we purchase it. W'c intend to gel good articles, and will sell them at Ihe lowest prices. Our best German Cologne we war rant to be the bent there is made. It is imported by imc ui,, nuu is in me I'eriuiuery auu uruj line in New Vo ik.from whom we arc constanly recei vingit, as the demand for it incicas-s, any atticlo no on hand procured at very short notice. . PANU1SORN & IIRINS.MAID. July 13, 1811. i,6 Amost excellent article for ei ring old or young , licr.sons of Pains and Rheumatism in tliu back or side, healing up sores, curing sore throats, swellings etc., and fur the cure of ihu PILES. It has not its Hjual, tliliim or never tailing to cure when applied co. piously, and according to dnectioni, sold at the Varic ty store, oy tne dozen or smulo bottle. 1'..-NU1JUII ii BR1NSJIAID. July 15, 1911. nG IWIT.U llAXCil.N'O.S. The Subscriber h-j. on hand and will nfien hr receiving Paper Hungings, direct from the manufac tuiers, which will I o sold to merchants and dealers nt city pncei, adding freight. Any person wishing par ticular patturus can be supplied by giving a short no nce tj. liUUDKlUll. July S, 1311. nG AVasliiiiKtuii Comity GRAIVlfMASl SC iOOI. The I'all Term of thn Institution will com mence OU lHCHSOAV, the IWlllty-slMU ol August ne-it. The Trusee are bantivto infunil the nublic lhat tbi'V have uex'eeslesl ui retaining the services of CALVIN PEASE, A. Ii., Principal, am! . L. S. TAiL.UK, A. IS., Assistant. The undcrsiutieil are cnntideiit lhat the well Lnnu-n q.ijlitiialionsof the Teai bcrs, and tho extraordinary sue; i-.j ibat has attendel the school under I heir simcr. n.Vuce, will luduce man v to re.ort theie for wbai tbeyinjy le sure of obtaining thoiough and sub. staiitiul instruction. It is important that persons nro. posinir to enter ibe school to be present the tirst day of the term. i'f There will I Four Terms of Eleven W...U each, iu the ensuing year, coiiiiiieneinz as follows. 1st. August 26, 1311. I 3d. February 17, 1 8 12. 2d. November 18, 1811 lib. May 12, 18I2. Lkcti-res will I e given vveeUy through llic year. JOSEIMI HOWES, ) , , JOHN SHAULDING. Jlonlpeber, July 8, 1811. Committee. n0w3 V few copies PICTORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS ol . the Bible, at New York prices, just received by July 13. nO ll. A. UK AM AN. Just received at the Book. Siork, all the Voya ges rnutid the World. 1). A. BRAJIAN. July 13. nC Flesh (Jenesec Flour. THRESH GENKSEE FLOUR, of superior quality JL just leceiveoby ll" . It. M. UIUDINGS it CO. Bnm;ion, July 13 1311. SAL T TTMNE BARREL SALT For sale bv H. Jl. G1DDINGS & CO. nil July 13ih, 1911. COMIIE vesl bv on the Coustitulion of Man, iii.t recei. D. A. BRAJIAN. nG July 13. A Memoir of the REV. THEOBALD .M.VTHEW, wim an .eeviHlill oi me llc am l'rn?re.s eil lempi'raue'o in I relan.l. r or sa!-at ihi-book store. I). A. BRAMAN. July 13. nG JUST RECEIVED AT HOWARD". JULV IJth, 1811. HERE they come, Gotd, GoexU, GoexU, and to be cheap, i neap, i henp. See accompanying note in lliviili-e, viz; Mr. How ard Sir, agre-eal le to your request to sup nlv Itle iletlMIld tor tiuods at vuiir stum at ihis irnnl monm reccivinirscjsan. ihetori-goinir several In von-.- ol .vien n.iinlize are iiuly lurw jr.lesl Uiro iuli thcTrny S'.eauibiiai Line. Il is ve-rv fortunaie. that ibe arti cles have I ecn obtained so in ich lower than was ever helore known, fin al the t a-li Auctions as you will perceive just now they have eostenmpaiativi ly utilis ing. Yon will prol nbly U-able lo dispo-eofttie stock very quick, and vet of course, cheap, for all in all nev er was t here-sucn a rich, leautitul lot e! unods scut from lhi city for Ihe sum of money iuvi-sicsl. Anv further aims vnu mav wish cr railed, will le must jiiiiieiuusiy use-a iur yu-ir iiiucii vvisuesi auvan ince, ny our-, e.c. Gooils chi'ap to the People in the sum ol'SGOO for the ensuing year, but was ceneriMi-ly an lnngn.iniinoiily rtMue-cu io tsiuu, men leaving you ratesi am per etui, hiche-r than any individual mere haul in the sta'e. Do not compUin, theie must le miiuc geind cause for it, at least. so sav the assessors ol Taxes, and cvenlhey ex claim il is wonderful li sec the run of ca.h custom you have, llii'y protiai ly nave the tnimp e.t pereepnon plea-e Is; very l are'f.d ami not let youracent be know u or they tiny nitempt Plireuoliicy upon him also. nC STRAY COW. STRAYED from ibe subseril cr on the 9ih inst. a dark 1 rown CO II", vviih son's rtsl upon each side nnd a while stripe across the forehvi.l,an,d also across the no-e, and is abo il 8 vears old. Whoever will re turn aid i'ow, or give inf. lrnution by le tter to the sub bcr, shall le hand-omely rewanlcl. nG TIMOTHY MAYNARD. Milton Fall-, July 1 1, ISII. OOPIECES Jluslindol.aine CJ 5 " Superior Blk Boinbaiin 10 " " Printtvl Lawns 5 " " Pcngco Justrcc'd and for sale cheap by S. L. HERRICK. JulylG, 1911. THIS DAY RECEIVED, Jojrriti's Works, G Volsgdt and plain bound, Kirkium's Flccotion, CosisTcca's PmstftLocT if- Mineralogy, Pnr.sTON's Book Kcr.risa, The above Books arc direct from the publishers, and will I e sold, (for cash,) on the meM reasonable terai-, il youuoui.tcali anil see S. HUNTINGTON. rVg n of the Red Lejger, College-st. Julys, 2511. n5 L O ST. T ETWEES' .Mrs. Lancworlhv'. or Ihe Cenirt Jj House and the Academy, on the road leading through the hollow, on hattmiay aiicrnoon, XOlti June a small package containing ihree and halfyanls Lace, Tho finder will please leave it at this office, arid a suita able rewanl will be given. Burlington, June G, 1811. nS rpiIF. PitT'ioioav or iNTrMrEiiAscr, nn address L twlore tho lomperance Nonfty ol tin rnivvr slty of Vermont, Jima 29, 1941, bv Leonard Jlatsb Jl. D., will be published on Salurdir bv C COrRKH Thuts.iy Julv oO'.h. iVnitsTr.ii t in ,u 15 LACK silk liagn, R-idgers and Elliots' best Ray.. U flln, Lankers Snears. Itl-irk sirm,. sj.u, fc.-i... Jliuiatute cases, and other Goods. R. eeivul at ' ' July Bt -lliORN c BR1NSJIA1D. "s t"e p ii e nTt "iTTvVe'lT" IN CE.VTIt AT. Ittl'Illrs.l A nf,r,n:1 'uaLiluwork, now for '-n!o nt tin r.i "'ink btorc u- A-UUAJLIN. NEW RINGS Wo have had made a few do.'p'urc gold rings, and bad some set with REAL STONES opal irarnct, emerald, Ac. also some very heavy, fin'op hill ehaed fin-rcr rings, all wairanied 19 carats fine. Al so some new Pitis, and olher Goods rre'd nt tho Va riety. Store, PANG HORN &. BR1NSJIAD. July XI, I8II. A VUltV VAMJAHI H F A It M F Oil SALE. T'HE suhctilierLeini' dl'IHrniM t,l rutin. Irntn nr.lW- i- bus-in-a, liowolleis todis osc- of his I1' A II .11 situated in ( 'olch'.sti r, one hnlf mile west or tho stag load, leading frmi Ihiihngtou to St. Albans, and only six links from llurlingiun. Said Farm is handsomely situated, containing l.SOcie of as good land a can be found in Chittenden county, and Under u3 hi-li siuiu ui . uni.. .nun, inning men uimer tne linprovu mcnl of an English Agticulturist the last twenty three years. There is on tho Farm a convenient House, with a never failing well of pure wiilir al thu door. Agood Harii.uith cnnuim-nt slu.Is mi.irl,.,l toit, a valuable wood lot tf Bench nnd Jtap.'e, and a fineOrchaidof choice Fiuit. Any person wishni" tu purchase siieli a rami as above described, had bettor mal e application soon to James Scott, Pcarl-strcet. Burlington, or tl.c aubscriber on tho premises. n ,. , , , WILLIAJI SCOTT. Butlington, July C, 1311. j" N. B. Terms of payment will bo mado vary n5 11ASS VIOLS. OR Vjoleneelloes, tlueufinu Dan Viol, just res-tivul and for sale at the lowest prices al tLear;:r store. ' Siring, ai lower prices than usual. Musical la 3!rumciits of all kinds low. t or , PaNOBCIIN if- BniNlHAID. June 25, 1311. 3 Dr. Amos O. Hull's L'lero AMomiual Stippor- A mpply of thP'abovo eelobrnled Instru ments, (which Imvc never lulled ot i.i.rlnr . n ,v just reeeiveJ tor sale and will In kept con-unllv ou "'l111 by R. JIOODY, Drusrgist. June 2lst, 1811. ' bsuj 1' r e m 1 u ui IJ ASS AND DOUULE BASS VIOLS. A BRAHAJI A p R i: s- 'a--jr-'s.-'COTT would re- T&f-- SfcTrtti & n" 1'ersoiis inter- esieu in ene sci ence of JIusic, tliat he continues to manufacture) a Concord, New Hampshire, BASS AND DOUBLE BASS VIOLS, of a scry superior riuality, aud having obtained tba first J'remiumt lhat lias ever been awarded to an A mericnn manufacturer jf such Instrument ni tha great 'uir of lite American Instituto in Now York, City, at the- great I'air of ibe Jtcchanic's Associatioa in Boston, and at the Fair of the Jlechanic's Charita ble Association iu I'ortlatid, Maine lie now not only tenders his thanks to his friends antl patrons for past favors, but pledges himself to Religious Societies, .Musical Associations and individuals who may wish to purchase, lhat no reasonable ellbrts shall be want ing on hn part, to enable him to meet their orders in the most prompt and satisfactory manner, that h may still retain theirconfidencc, and ineiita ontinu ance of the liberal patronage he has for many year enjoyed. lie also Keeps an euensue assortment of MUSICAL INSTRU.MENTS, of the best quality, which he ofleis for salo on tba most reasonable terms, aniongwhich aro JU.LOD10.NS AND SE RAPHINES, which aremnch admired for sweetness of tone, and well adapted lo parlor or church music. JIusic Schools. .Military Band?, or individuals, can be supplied with llrass and other instruments of any description, a chenp or cheaper than they can pur chase in llic city of Boston. Also, Violin,' Bas-s and Double l'asi Viol String, Bows, Bridges, Patent Heads, Tuning Forks & Pipes, Instiuction Books, Clarionett Reesls nnd mouth P; ces. Umbrellas, Parasols. Walking Canes, &c. Orders will be gratefully received, and Instruments sent by Stage at the risk of tho manufacturer, nud if not satisfactory, may he exchanged. JIusical instruments nnd Umbrellas, repaired as usu al. Pknse call at his new Music Store, a few doors south of the EardeCoflee House. nil Concord, New Hatup-hirt. Jl-ireh 2, 1911. PANGIIORN .f- liRINS.M.UD, Agents, Burlinr ton, Vt. FANS AND CANES ! 17 OR sale at the V.iruiv St tr, . PANCBORN 4: IIRINS.MAID. July 1,1811. n .Mechanic's Tools. CAST STEEL saws, 2G and 23 mclies Real London prmir s eel t'o. a superior articla, 12 nnd 1 1 incb Iron I ack stm. Key Ho!u dsi. I'lirmcr Ctnes, Fine do. Double and single Plane lrnn. Braces and Bills, Buxvvoesl Rules. Try squares, Spur Augur Huts, all mar, Concave an I common Augurs, Iron and see! in inies, coutjtasse., Fine I ihu-, suud Paper, Red Chalk, etc. lor sale at the lowest prices lu ll. M. GIDDINCS 4. CO. July 'i 15H- nt INFORMATION WANTHD. TIIEsii,.,.ri'erisilesirniis ef ul tniuinj t'nfurma tion of bi I rot her, JOII.S BALU who left Eng land, in 1333, fi.r the United .-states, landed atVueles-, and atiirwards wi-iit to Upper Canada, and :s now, (it living.) about 21 ye-ars e.t age. Any information on Ibis siiljevt, .iddreesl to the subscriber al Burliiigti-n Vt. will Le thankfu'ly rce'eiveil, aud Ills-rally paid lor. CIIARLEtj BALL. Burlington, June 2C, 1S1I. n4 George .Moore's Ustalc. WE the sul,.i riler, having I ecu nppnintolbv tho Honorablelhc Preil ate Court ti.r the District cf ''hitlenilen, I'ominissKiners to rseii-, esamine ani adpt.i ibe claims aad ilcinan Is of all persons, against the estate of GEORGE MOORE, la'c of nurbogton, iu said District, divcved, repre eulesl insolvent, and alo all e-laiuis and di mau.l.s ex hibited m o l-et thereto and six mnnihs fiom the data hereof, I eing allow cd by said Court, for lhat purpose, we do hereby give ntitii-e, that we will atlend io the business ef our appointment, at the cilice of Alvan Foote, in Burlinctun, in -aid ili-triri, on ibe first Mon days of .Noveml er and Des . mk-r next, at ten o'e lock, A. Jl. em each id the said dav, nt Dated, this 10 h .lay (.filmic. . D. 15 11. LUTIII R I.OOMI-, I r,, ALVAN FOOTE. 1 "'"'"loners. TJIack Tea. fcr sale bv IJ j: P. WHALING .t CO. Jnlv IG. n7 HAVEirceivcla splcndidassrrln.ent of Summer Qoods, vi hu h thev ci'et at realm ed pru es, Among which will be found a great a-frrlHient (f A'irA I'rintcd I.avns, for tnourninr, half niourninr and Fancy, new- style-. rrinini jae-i ne-ts, ami e ami ric, nan il Musbn, Siriptsl, Barr'd and Plain Swis Muslin, Plain Jaconet Jit slm and Cambric.;;.s. Rich Mern'mac, and Dover Prints, very low. Also, French and English Cambrics, cheartr tisa ev er. Bonnet Caml-rir, Curtain-dc. Ihisls Eve and ltu..ia Diaper. W'hi"e Linen Table Spicads, Brown and Colcseil do. Linen Lamas'.', Crash md Linen Napkins, Superior Linen Shining, Brown Jacket Linen and Garni rcra- SILKS. Heavy Canton, Gro ik.-Swiss and I.utringJiIks, Fig'd, Brown, Blue Black ami plain col'd do. Taylor'- besl Persian Thread, Jlcialtc Spool do. Marshall's Linen do. VliOADCLO TllS, C.l S Sl.VEltCS, .1 .V) VnSTlXGS. The largest asjortnienl of Vesting, we ever cflered for sale including ruh Plain and Figures! Satin, Sdl: Velvet, Jlcrvillrs, Valencia, Silk and Worslul, sad other new articles fur Vesting, very elegant. STOCKS. Satin Stocks, with Bows, Plain, do. Scarf Tie, do. Bombasine tin. do. Also vcrv Kautifid Sum mer Stock. Fine Lined Collars. TA IL Oll S TKIMMLVGS. Padding, Canvass, Scleoia., Cetlorcil Jcanp, Bmn rt Linen, Ulackdn, Verona Si irjre, Silk di Silk Binding, Worsted Binding, Silk laid. Sewing Silk it. Twist, Cut Velvet and Figured Silk Buttons, Tbeal ovoconinrising part of a very large stock r.( Goods which is oi.eresl on the ineist favorable lenqs Burlington, Juno 11, 1311. til l'OUXII. OR mv be found in this villsge, threellv oppome the Jli-lhodiM Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted upm good Mie. where the unde rugne-d will be glnd io wait on his old cusiomsrs who may fiVorhlrawiththUrpattciiarr- .,,,., BUnjt-rt, vpiu ?3, 15U ... - a