Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 27, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 27, 1841 Page 1
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Aw 1 Ji f xi MOT THE glory or C iB S A S OUT THE WELFARE OP ROME. ir-"rira7T-rrT-Ei 17ttt ir BY II. B. STACY. MKL1NGT0N, VEItMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 1811. VOL. XV.. ..No. 12. MOOItE'S ESSENCE OK 1-1 I'll. A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will ho fho meant of saving thou-and- from an untimely grave. It has been suli) ami it-txl for thirty year?, with great Miccc, and found wry elfioaciou- in the following di-cases, viz. Oon-ii.nption, Whooping Cough.-, com mon Cough, Cold-, ilnltcuU Hrcnllifnp. Influenza, Quinsy, A-tluna, Phthisic, Spitting of Hlood, Flatu lency, Indigestion, Lou-encss of tho Huvvel, Fitsol every kind, Cramp-, Hicket, Colic, Catarrh, Dy-eu-tary,' Fainting, Hypochondriac Ad'ccu'ons, Headache-, Diclilic.--ai oioiuacii, .uca-ics, u picvcinii e ui von agioiidi-c.i-c-, (lout and Rlicumati-m. CP"Tho above Mo.liciiici-prepared hv Henry Scy. 'monr, of Hndley, Ma . from the Original lieeiiie, by lueuirccuuii oi suiu .muni, mm sum i'j imuimutiiv 'principal Jriifrcilin tno i iiiieitsmies. Sold wholesale and retail, bvJ.e-'. J. II. Peck Co ami Then. A. Peek it Co., Dui'linglon, and Ly the 'dealers generally throughout the country PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS article is too well known to need commen dation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to tho commercial community, that for accuracy, comenicncc and durability, they are unrivalled Coal vard scales to weigh lrum 'i to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 12 o.. to 200 lbs. PortableCountcr do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to -10 lbs. J. & .1. II. Peck & Co. Avails. Burlington, April 8 1811. TAINTING. THE subsriler being thankful for pa-t favors wotild respectfully -illicit a eontmuanco oi the tame ami remind hi-friend- and the public that he i prepared to accommodate them mi the -horte-t notice andmo-tfavorable terms in the variou- branches in the above line. Shop oppo-itc Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Poail-sttcil, Utirlinglon, Vt. J A. MIS SCOT r. April I, 1841. nl3:ly CERTAIN CURE FOR SK'K HEADACHE, which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headac he from infancy, as a constitutional family complaint, and Ins cured effec tually in every instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, and does not prevent the daily avocations uf'one using it it must bo persevered in, and the cure is gradual, but certain and permanent. Instances nre constant!) inultipliingvvhcrethi distrcs-ing complaint is com pletely relieved and cured, although of years lauding by the uc of Dr. Spohn's celebrated remedy. One decided preference is its pleasantness, having none of the nauseating cl'lct nf common drugs. It is sopcrfcrtlysati'-factory, that the proprietor has given directions lor his agents to refntm the price to any one who is not phased with, and even cuicd by it. He hopes also that this may secure its great ben efits to the distressed sullen rs w ho are laboring under Headache. E. SPOIIN, M. D., inventor and Pro prietor. SoIdbyCO.l.s'VOCA'.r- CO., 71 Maiden I.ane. New York. THEO. A. PECK tt CO., Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, Hurling ton, Vt. n!) NEW -MUSIC, AND MUSICAli lXtjTltV- MCXT. rof New Jlu-iicMu cal lntrumeuts, cVc, which he is auiliori.i.d lo tell at the lowest Boston re'iul priccr. '1 he Music for tli Piano 1'orto consists of Songs, filpps, Duetts and Trios. New ami beautiful Mairhes, Oiuckstcps, (Jal onades. Waltes. Dances, and pieces with variation-'. pome of whHi arc the latest publications of tho Hus ton lirigadc and liras- Hands. ALSO- A great variety of American, German, French and bnglisli .Musical instruments, ronsistnv of Uiiglcs, Trumpeis, French Horns, l!as, Tcnornnd AltoTrombonis, I! Hat, Cand Fllat CI irionults, Ger man Coneirt Flutes,) from one to nnu'lv ys,) 1'lngiu letts, Octave and Picolo Flutts and Fifi s. Splendid liass Viols and Violins, elegant and plain Violin and Bass Viol Hows. Superior Uonian lolin, llass Viol and Ouitar Strings of eury r and letter. F.nqli-h and French Clarionctt lb i ds. Splendid French Ae cordcons, Spanish (imtars, with plain, and fieriunn Silver patent heads. Instruction llook, witli (.mi nts, Lessons anu l.ctei-es lor nil tlie above, and oth er instruments, are nowforsalo at Mr. Mann's resi dences few rods north ofthe Fpiscopal Chiircli, in Hurlington, whore he respectfully invites customers to give mm a call. Military Hand" and Music Schools, furnished with Music, Musical Instruments, ('aid JntlrucXion, if de sired,) at short notice. 3-PlAXO FOItTFS strung, npa.rcd and tuned as usual. Hurlington, May 7, 1511. 13 NE WA II R I VAlTj N. I.OVHIiV & CO. AUK now receiving their third supply of Fancy Staple and other Goods, adapled to tho wnntsof the inaikct, which were pmchastdiit New York, the last week, and arc new otlercd for ra-li, nt a sinall ad vance nnugrcatly reduced prices among which are ihc following : Satin stri.ieChallys, do. do fiigured and plain Moii-lme Del.aiues for dresses, fcme a- low as -22,50.1 pattern, Printed Lawn- tor dre-es, plain do. fur I uniteis, French striped Print, Kngli-h and American do. Satin stripe silks, for ilre-se-, n fancy article Black and blue I lack Gro ileSwi, tiro do Ithine etc. of every variety, colored silks i f every grade, White Gro do Afrie and other col'd itU lor bonnet.-, Crape's and crape L.e-e, Fillet -carf- ami sbavsts, sonio very superior, Thread Lace-, lUgiugs and Insertion.., JIuslin lincitions, Gieeiun Laces, Ladies Kinbroideretl and worked cape- and collars, Fillet Mil- mid Glove-, long and slii rl, all color-, Ribbon-, a beautiful nortiueiit, entire new style, Vellum itibbon-, Head bauds, Pongees, and Pongee hdkf-, a oriel 9-1 Mou-lmedcLame shawls, a new and cheap ar Linen cambric hdkf-, Lawn-, etc. French Artificial-. Whalebones and Ibttluu-. Paru-4-& Finlrellas, direelfroin thuiiiamitjctuicr 8-1 dama-k" silk .liavvls, eliejivi' than ever. Travelling uudWork basket-, liledand lllack Merino shawl-, nt n great bargain. 'Raw silk and other uru-s bdkU and shau Is, a great variety, Hi-hop Uivvii", Nan-ook and Hook Mu-lin-, Wire Kelt, Itailioad, Wa-h Hloud and other laces, Irish Linens and cambric.-, Shell side and other eoiul..-, Ladies and gents, nlk and Li-luhosc. do do Glove-, Itl'tll'lllc i lead bags and pur.e--. Satiineits.ea.siineresiindl rnadcloth-,chiap enough Silk Velvet-, for Imho- nndgeiils. aha for vesting, dark and light Ve-tings, Valcncia,ete. etc. Table spread-, cloths, diapers, etc. Sheeting- an 1 shirting', I leached and unbleached, Jeans und cazeuets, furniture dimities, f!nrlniii friii!ri'!. To which maybe added, a largo assortment of Dry lirocincs, sueti n-: Mack a ml G i ecu Teas, of every variety, Wlnin llni'niin.i nml otbei brown Sugars'. Mnl.ic.. I'imento. Penner. Ginger. Cloves, Cassia Poland Starch, Fngli h Oirianls. Cioel.cnj and Gluts Ware, nml American I'amr Hangings, Aa cash i. rair obiect. we will gnogreat bargains. t!all mid examine fur your-elve. Bnrlinjrton, July 3U. 118 Crockery, Clilnn and (Hass Ware. A large and rich assortment nisi iceeived and x. inienid. nurcharul nt irreallv iiiIiicliI miivs in Jv'cvv ork, and now for salu at ihc very lowest rate 1) ."H, luvi;lv ei IU. June 9, IS II. 1.2 "DOSO.MS and Stocks. Fino frilled and nla.n Jla Xj boms, a few more of the new btyle .S'tocks, which if w as iupt rc- TT-.ton, (on commis-r&iM&&-',"& 'lon.) a supply oi s nian and IK I tJ'?t)i V x lllilNSM Ul) IA.M.O'U ti.13KlNS.MAIU. arc inucii auuurcu July 21 11311 l.IN'Alt Y I)lti:SS MAKING. uy miss s. auit-x, WHO has commenced in the new building on thceast side of Church street, opposite H. Ivanc's store, and a few todsVoiflh of thcC'hurch, vvhetocVc'ry attcfltiolw given to ine making oi hornets, CArs and itnr.sscs, iu ac cordance wilh themos tap- proved New York style, which hasinons nre now just received for the sea son. Burlington May 2G, 1911. ti51 sui'mtioi. 1'i.oint. T X HINSDILI,. Agent fur Ho J Chester and other Western Jlills Ji &c. lias lor sale, now m store, and reeeiMiig Ktght Thousand Ilarrels of Fancy and Sunertino Urands of l'"l.()UIt. of ilie hiirhost rctiutation in the 3,'ow York and lloslon markets. Anioni? which are tho following, II. i:iv. T. Hrnipshall, F. S. Clark & Co. .1. Davis, H. Holmes, Union Mills, Jackson Mills, Clifton Mills, and .1. llosher, together with several choice brands of Ohio and Michigan Flour., 11. Ruddand N. Sliick, suitablofor ihc .Montreal Mar ket. Merchants and dealers will be furnished to on er. at a very low rate, by remitting Drafts, Certificates of Deposit, or uasn, to jij uiver-strect, Troy, wnere a full suiply will be kept at all times. .nay vt, tan iijinu 1 OTUJi:. jCj.Modicnif is lest known by the II cure, it ieiliirin.i' I. .Newton'- Panacea. or Puritier ot the Hlood. The unparalleled ami .-nil inerea-ingrepiiialion which tin- medicine ha-acipur-ed thro'i?hout the New Kugland Statu-, and the many cure-, n has performed, and the great demand made lor it tiy thoaitviee ot pliy-ii'iaii'. well acquuintot Willi it preparation, ha- iud iced tho proprietor to extend it eirjulation to almo-t every town in the c.i-lcrn SiatO'i and the principal towu in the 1'niled State-. l'lii- Panacei- warranto 1 purely vegetal.Ie.und i- not -urpa--ed by any other medicine ever olicred to the alllicloct as its eien-ive -ale ami popuiariiy plainly prove. It ha- withm the la-t eiirhleen month'- eureil its thou-and- ofthe mo-t ob-tinate di-ca-e-, a e.iu he proved by eertilicate-, and i pronounced by eminent and re-pivtab!e phv-iciau- the be-l medicine in u-c. I -eliil iiilnrmatioii may I e found in eireiilnr- eonianiins; eerldicato- of cure- and dncclmn- for in kintr Ihc medicine. 1 ho Mknvur.; appointed agent-. liiirliii'-'tou, J. eo. I. II. reel; nml Uo., H. .Moody St Albun-, Corn- and Itu-sel Jlillon, C. JJiaki Millou ball-, liitrnet and Sawyer Walerville, l i-k and Drown, lline-biirgh, Hull and Cool. Fairfax, Parl-er and Matlield Veraenne-, Adam- and Murray ( jnibndj-e, M. Wire- I ntVrhill, M. C. Harney .North l'erri-l.uigh, 11. C. Wicker Ueorgia, A. Mi.- U'illi-ion, .N. Chiltenden I'lchiiiond, tiieeu etlthode- .Inhn ou. l?. I.. Warner mid O Mouktou, Kiliau Siiinh Itaker-liehl Ariinngton and Woodw'arJ Fair tield, liiinicl and 1 arn-woith. e.o.p l.f.lU B" A ItS II A lil.'-. continues unrivalled a- a B. -tiengtheiiing PLA&TKK: Al-o, (ijr liheuma- li-m, l.amene-- or pain- in llie.-Ue-, limbs or Lack : for-cr"lu!od- -welling-, -curvy -ore-, Fie.-h wound-; and fur a general Family Pla-ter or For Com-, morcovoi try It; paieelo-e, pei-eyere in lheue by mikiiua new application oera-ionally, and in time, yonreoriis will Le cuied. For -ale by " 1 r. I if o t.- I. .1. II. 1'J.l IV Co v.o. THIX). A. PK.CK & Co. and Du. HOIJT. .MOODY, lltirlington, Jan. 22, IS 11 . lv.f.lS THE liOOKSTOUE OF tho Subscriber is just rcph 111 licit with a new nnd valuable assortment of HOOKS. STATION- AliA .'.-N1J l.AUIlAVlrts among tho many 111- lercsung vvorns may no louuu lueloituvviut; Learn to Die, by Christopher Sutton, Sulton on the SJcicrnoionls, The Young Man's Aid, by Itcv. II. Whitlow, (i.unpscs of tlie Past, Language of Flowers, Talcs of the Ocean, Flora's Jut rprctcr, i luia a i.i'Mcu, S 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 e i- Journey in the Wct, by Jlrs. The Nestoi tans, or the Losi Tribes, by J t 1 t. :.. 'li -j.- . ' 1 iota s Lexicon, Steel, Dr. Grant V Wctk 111 Wall-Street 1). A. UIUMAX. Julv 30, ii9 From the N. Y. Herald. ii J. A NK HOOKS. liCiIjrcrs, .lounials o Itccord Hook. 70It towns, county and probate record mannf.ic 1 tared from the best linen wove Demi and Medi um paper,bounrl 111 calf: Also, a variety of common lllank work 'or sale cheaji for nady pay at the sign of the Red Ledger, by S. HUNTINGTON. June 21, 1S11. n'i C'.VITI.K of I. nuts I oiignt .1- u.-ual, a lileral ad 1 vaueo made lor iln,-e i.i'.en on eomiin 1011, u tew p.iir- of eoil lleef Oxen will luvery aeceilalile 011 the lmh of Jltne, and the highest price will bo paid in ca-h for -uch. A I. SO To e.M lunge, a Jtrst rate Chai-o and Ilar-ne-, for -lock ir cash. ii50 DAN1KL k'lMUAI.L, Jr. HirlingtDn, May 12, 1S11. lll'RI.INGTON CASH srom:. NCAHI.V OITO-ITI'. X. l.OVELl i: CO. niHFSub-i nl cr ha- an einire new Stock of Good-, X ju-t icicivcJ from NI.W YORK Comprisinp l a-hiouable Siaple and Fancy GotuJa Rich dk- Mou-liu do Lame- and Punted Lawns Milincr (iood. I'loreuco Him I Hounds Siraw 11 lining-iVc. eVc. A'so FAMILY GItOCi:i(li:s all of which an 'eiedatlhe lowe-t pine., by ,-J. L. HLItltlCK. ir'nu'ton, Julys 1511. PAPFR HANGINGS. NF.W supply, with borders, &c. ju-t rec'dlroui tho manufacturers. July 22. C GOODRICH. NEW GOODS. Till: siib-eril r'ls have tu-t m'eiveil from N. York, 11 large a-oi-meut of r A N C Y GOODS. iinung which may I e found Heavy black and I lue black- I'm do S01 Silks, " " ' GiodoSwiss " " " " " Pekin sinned " " " " " tiroileAlri.iue'' " Light colored " do " do " Pekin-triped " " Plaid P01 tie S01, (a new arliele) . " Itonuet silks, bonnet Lawn-, Id I., plain audfig'd Ficnih bonibaziue-, Half mourning, plain tj.tig'd, all wool Mousliuc oeiMiuiLs, lyiiuieoann Batinstiipeil .Moiishne ilcLaine- very mil-. ..11 u t en-, Illk neit sh.iw's and scarf-, licit Mm- and Glove-, :. - I -. 1 1 - 1 . . 1 . ' siiK-uur 1110 0.1 r oninnziucnnil sunn sioeu-, Worked cambric & Mn-lin In-erine'-i. Kdir Thread Ivlgmgs.l.oniict&cap Hiblun-, new style.-, Zephyr Wur-tei), plain and ribb'd silk Ho-e, Worsted Working P.ilteii-nnJ Ciinia . etc. July 23, 1311. ti7 V.. M. WRIGHT oc CO, W IMV S.YSII- I Just received 15,20 H I i i7 t. n, .,1 -a-h,a first rale article at3j and 31 cent- per light ; also all kind- aiid-ic, f irni-hed to order. Ticonderug.i blnek leal, a first rate ariicle, for sale very low, together with ll erp.ll v.lnt-ltr iX nllii's urn. claso cheap as eau be found at any other csial li-h-nietil in the tilace. Glo. I'lti.i'.ios. DUHLHvIGTON CIIAin PACTOUY L. .M'.i.&u.x, contuiuos thu ' business of inanufaciutini Chairs tit the old stand, of tho foil lowing descriptions! Curl Maplo Grecian, Cane Scat, Common Cane and Flag Scat, Large and Small Raised Scat Rockini', do do Com mon do, Common Dining, Ac. ifcc. All of which nrn warranted a firsl rate article and will bo bold at prices 111 eorii'spoini wain ine tunes. fi:athi:rs, and ffathkr uf.ds, rfady MADH. Constantly on Iianil, a supply or warranted Livci Greeso Fcalfiers, which will Lo sold low for cash. IVlV'I'I'll l. tt. uI.Mrn., r I1...! .....I ll...l l.. Mil, rTT ,l10 n'J f I MLl-0N' liuiIiimtoii.Jum, 1 11! SCflMPOISTA.N'l CAfTION.QJ It t-a singular fact and onu inuch lo le regretted flint valuable inedicines, a- 011 as they beeonii' pop nlar, nnd have received thete-t nnd of a di-eriim'uatingpublii',niourolo I e counterfeited, and thus n bad aud-purioii- ainele 1- immediately palmed upon tlieiin-u-poclingfoi'ilii! genuine. Tin- ha- been notoriouly the ease with all popular tried and truly valuable medicne- for year.- pn-t, and will probably eonimuetol e the ea-e for years lo come The ba-u and contemptible counterfeit in tin- way meanly take. advantage ol all the e.lort- and udver-tl-nig used by the proprietors ofthe genuine article, to gel llicir uie.hcines into use and de.-erved popluan ty. it isthcrefoienot le thcdiity than it eoniribute lo the safely of every honest individual in the com munity to expose, Irown down, ami forever al'ierDIS TIlfliT nil IIlCAltTLlSS INGHATLSwho thus irre-spon-ibly trifle with health and life. tfJTJlLliLVOlti: TAKL NOTIClwJ 'I'heie 1- a pcr-on by the name of. I. II. liOOHF KOltT. now engimi'd in -ellmg n Pill done up in boxes inexact and perfect imitalion ofthe genuine INDIAN VFGETAHLi; PILL-1, wilh the 01111 ion of only one word on the llo.xe mz. Wmciir. The Pill sold by this llochelort are evidently intended a-n fraud and inipo-itioii upon the community, or they would not have been done up 111 such exact imitation ofthe gen uine. Tin-pcr-on i-tall blu-tering wilh a great the atrical -wagger. lie wa-reieutly known 11-a vciy poor player 111 Haltuuore, under llicinu-ieal cognomen of Jim llrown, audi-a! out twenty live jearsofage' It 1-almost leyonda doubt that lioi- -applied with the Pill- from a Druggi-t firm in tint city, w ho have hcretolure I eeu noloriou-ly eonnecleil with counter felt medicine-. As soon as proof is obtained the foun tain head ofthi- nefarious bu-inc will be expo-ed, that thu ecnunuuiiy inay slum them as they would a sorpouf. l. till. .UJi.Y.X; rLULIU AKIi UAL,- TIO.NF.D again-t buying WniGHTri Indian Vurktaeli-. Piu.s of an y one'who doe- not exhibit a cert iticate of agen cy signed by Ihc agent for the New I'ngland Sl.'Ue n mt 'earing dale -nae January 1S10. Al-o take par ticular notice that thefnlluwmj wording i on tho liox- Wright's In ban Vegetable IYI find. Purgative) ofthe Norlh American College of Health. 77ie Indian Vixetablc Pills aie a cci lain cure for dife.i-e in HsPVf-iy. v.irit'li of fnrnl, bfC.uie Ibry llio iniint cleanse Hie s10111.1t h anil Iiowel', indneea pin per disrh.iige b 1 Le liuis, skin and kidne.v , andsti intil.ile tin blood iu pin if ilsclf. In oilier wortN tln' nppil .ill ihc niluial 1I1.111IS, and leave NAIUIIK the Grand Physician) nee to dnve disease fium llie bodj . I'lie nbole outlets, or ibain, aie tlieeonunon sewers nl tin bodv , tliioub wlnrh all 11101 bid and enr. nip! tiinnois (the eaure ol ilifca.'c) aie earned off; and so long as they are all kepi open, and di.-rh,UKP fieel) their alloilcd tioitious of inipiuii), the body will eon. liiiup in Penult: bin when It 0111 ealing improper 10011, bieaihing iiupuic air, sudden tianiiion I10111 heat 10 eold, ovei I'xli.iiisiiun or auv other epu-e, the bowels beeoinp rntive, ihe pnicii oi the fkui brenuip closed, or tbekiiliiPvP fail a peifonu tbeii funrliniH proppilv. llie tinptli ilies which sltiitdd be drained floin llie budv hv ilo-p ouili'i., will be ictained, and cnntinuc to ne eiuiitilaii' unlit llie bod beeiiuies liipralt) loaded ivuh di.iisc If lip elianni'U of utir tnii;liiv rivets -hnnld beeonip Idol ked up, would nut 1 lit- arenniidaipd vv.iieis (lull ne ix mi 1 It is, or the cminliv become inundated 7 JiijMso with the limn ri liody ; i Ti tie ii.iiiiialihains bp cimiip clo.-ed, the stagnant and eon upt huiiini 0 will fuid vpnt in the x .11 iuiis- fumis ofdisca-p such its Feiei , Small Pox. Mcaslci. Rheiunai ism. Gout. Apoplexy, &c. or Death will eti 1 our sufferings ThPiefoie, when "ieknpss .11 the stniuaeb, pains 111 1 lit- biek and side, ipiuk pitUe, Lin n'rog skin . 01 au oilier unplea. sam Fyuipioui'', indicate one or mute of ihc na t tit .1 1 ihaiiti) aie not ttisC I1.1 1 gi ug fieely, and ihc ennsti tulioii i-.ibuut 10 eouiinence a sit ugile foi ihe reslora lion of lip.ihh 110 tune should bp lost in .rdiniuisiering a le v liri-k dose) of ihe Indian PuigniiiP (Indian Vt stlablt Pills.) Hv so doing, all Ihe Iimiciioih of ihe hiidy iv ill be tesiuieu to order, iud the foul luiiuois (lln- came of eveiy riill.nii.itinii or pain we ruflei) will be leuiuvpil in so e.iiiy and natural a manner, thai ihe body will In- iPsinietl .n if liy a ch.iiin. The above Pill in.i all tunes nnd undei ALLrir. ciimfianci'n, wilh pci feci sifeiy. They sun all com ;u.7iuis.imt allaues, aiiUaietn ihp limn in con. million as haul : coii-rquenily rlipcan nener injuie even ihe uhhi di lieale. Like 0111- fuud. llipv me dcpjit ihle i ihpicfuie tlipy enter inlo ihc cbeulanou ami impail an eueigy 10 llie' blood, w inch cil.ihb'sil to flow wilh fiep. iloin tuiie to ihp exiiemiiies and einiperpienily 10 kepp tup puips ul Hie skin open. 1 hey .up line ami psi leel 1'iiiifieisnf thehluod: In e.nirc ihey drain all rnrrnpi huuiorn fioiu that hie givnij lluid. I'hey -iienHi ami V 1 g c t lo Hie whale system, nnd their el ficls ateabvays beneficial : beeau'se llipyoiilr rpiuove llui.e htimois which ate opposed 10 hpallli. I'lievr aid and iuinoie rbPsiion, mid sound sleep fulhivvs iheir 11-e : beeau-p 'hey cleanse ihe stonrn-h and bowels nl nut" siimy uumoiiis winch not on 11 11 1 natp an.t pxpiip he lienuils sysll in, hill paialyp ami weakro Hip du gc.-l 1 1 1' 01 g .1 lis. Iiirhoil thpv pnssPss all lln-V good ran bp 1 lauued foi any medicine : ami ulial Iih veiv ipiii likable, ii is unci lv imporiib e in 11-e tliem wilhoul btui (11, Pi'ii t'25 1 cut-per llox. with full directum-. Oilli-t- Uepot lor Ihe New t.ugland b'.ate-, .No. I Us I iemoni.-!trce!, Lourt street, lio-tou. Tho regular aptiotiitel Agent- i-aii recet vet heir -up- plie- ofthe alune popular Pill-, a- heii'tofure, from 1 ho only olhceaud general dejiot for ihe New J'liglaud Stale-, KISTieuiont -treet, llo-ton. Pedlar- or trav elling agent- aie not allowedlosell the geuuiiieindian vegolablo Pill-, Iherelbie never pureha-e from them, for It Volt 1I0 villi will I.o -010 10 o ilain :r t an- ei'ou- aud eoiintei feil article. si I 1 111:0. A.; ixCoj Agent-in Hiirliugtcn, fi r the -aleol the Indian v egotat le fill-, al-o, w . n., vviiti-ton. v 1. ami .1. linn-inaiu, iiuriiiiston. MOFFAT'S Vl.GKI'AIILL LII J-; Ml.DlCI.N'FS. The-e liictheuie- are indel ted for their name to their inanife-t an ! -eii-ible uctiun m P'lnlviug tlie -pring-and chauiiels of life, and enduing them wilh renewed lone and vigor. In many huiidied leriilied eases which have I ecu tu.ulo pul lie, and in alniu-t every specie- ofdi-ease to which tho human frame 1- liaiiie, me uappyu ei-t- 01 .nori'.VTs i.ii n ru.t.- ami Piiikxix 111111:11- have been gieatfnliyand tmlliclv ae.iiiovvlcdged by the pcr-on- lenelilted mil wh" were previon-ly imaeqiiaiiiteil wi'h thebe.iiitiln'ly phi lo-ophiea! prineip'o- iiion which they areeoinpbund ed, und upon which theycoii-equeiitly act. . I 1 1-1' HI 11 III . X 1--J ....I.I l. . l 10 i.ii 1. .'u.niviar. recoiiiiiiciei rut 'nui'ive- 1 b.e.i-e-of every form and de-crintioii. Their lirsi operation 1-to 'oo-en front the coat- of tlie stomal h and bowel-, the vvriou- unpuntie- and ciuduio- eon staully seitliug around lheinjand to remove the hai deuel face- vi Inch colled in the convolution- of tin ma e-t inte-tine.. Oilier medicines only partial v elcan-ethe-p, and leave such ei Heeled ma es I eliiud a-10 prtshieo liaiiitiiaieo-tiveuess, with alt tt- tram of evil... or sudden diarrhoea, with its imminent 1l.1ger-.11 tin-fact 1- well known to all regular aun!nmi..t, who examine the human bow els a flcr death ; and heurv the preiudicoofihoso well intoimeil men agaiu-tiiuack medicine.- or medicine.- prepared and heralded 10 lliuiniiilie py ignoiaiii per-ous, tno secoint eiuvt 01 tholafe Mo'heines 1-to clcan-e the kidney- and ihe bladder, and by this mean-, theliver and the lungs, Ihe iK'.illhliibieltoii ofvv Inch entirely depenJ-upon the re gularity of tho nrmar organs. The blood, winch take-r- releolor from ihe agency ol the liver and tin ning- injure it pa c- intniiie Heart, ts'ingtiin- puritan by ihem, and uouri-htil by food coming from a clean stuinaeh, courses Ireely through the vein-, renew every part ofthe -y-lem, and Iriuiiipliaully inouiit the banner ol heallli in the blooming check. Moilal's egetnlilo Lile Medicine- have lien tltor ii'ighly te-tiul, and pronouuciHl a sovereign lefncdvfor Dyspcp-ia, Flatiileiuy, Palpilationof llielleart, l.o-s in Appeiile, llc.ii'l-l'ilrii an I iieau-a' iie, ite-tte tie-.-, lll'tcuipcr, Anxiety, Languor an I Melancholy, Convenes-, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fevers of all kind-, Itheiinnti-m, Goto, l)rop-ie ol all kind-, Gravel. worm-, Asthma ami uon-uinpiioii, scurvy Ulcer-' Inveterate hore-, N.-orlmtie LruiMloil-and Had Com plexion-, ICruptivo complain!-, sallow, Cloudy, and nihcrdi-agrcoablo Complexion-, bill lihe 1111, l-.rv-u ela-, Ciiiuniiin Cold- hihI Inlliicazii, and varum- other eoiiipl nuts which ulllut tlie human frame, lit Fi:vi:n und Anuu, particularly, llie Life MeJiciue- have I ten ino-l eiiiinentiy suece-stiii ; so inucii so nut in the Fever an I Agiiedutriets, Physicians aluiosttinivcrsally pre-crtl i Ihem. All 1h.1t Mr. Mu hit reomrc-of hi- patients t- 10 le p ill taking ihe Lite .Medicines slticily accor ding to tlie 'hreeiinn-. It 1-not a newspaper imtice, or by anything thel lie li elfniay-uy tiitheir lavr, that ho hopux to gam credit. It is alone by the re-ulls ofa lair I rial. MOFFAT'S MFDICAL MANUAL; deigned a-a domo-tio guide to heallh. Tins Imlo pamphlet, edited byW.II. Modal, 275 UroaJway, New York, ha- leen Pjil li-hej for 1I10 purpo-e ofexplaiuiiig moiol'ully Mr. Mo'lai's theory ol disea-es. and will le tumid highly I interesting 10 persons sicking health. It liealx upon li.i..ivii, 11 u.i.f-, nun 1110 causes uicrcoi. 1'rice, cent for side by Mr Mollu's Agents generally. Then Vuliiablu Mediciues aie lor sale by Robert ? """ -feni. ii , u.i, un - I'l1,1,'""-. Ir agencies, ho,, l, l,cud,!,csscd, post paid) .nomiy nriiggii, ii. vieneral.igent, (to wliom till an lliirliiuton, Vt. Jan. I, 8, On"151' 1 ,,r!'- WlWMCrEHUlOrflUU M ' vjt Jw JIi ,i , f r 'al' I v 1 1 i MAN A, C'oii1 DISKASKS OF Till: MIN(;...eeuledl) Hip mod popular 1 einedi pvn known 111 America Vegetable Puh.tonurt Dalsum Is llie most valuable lemi d) now in lisp fur euti(;h.,euliN, aailima or phlhi'ic, pniHiunpiion, w hooping cough and pulmonale albcliuin "I even kind. Its sale is sipaddv inrreasing. nnd llie ptupi ipiuis arc eoii.ianllv ipeciiing ihc 1110. t bivorable .ueiiiini i,l hpt (Tci is. The following new certificates arc offered for publm ex.iuiiiMiinn, An Intkiiestino Cask. Exirnci ofii teller from lr I,' S Chiy, Kingsinii, Ulster Co., N. Y. lo llie piiiprielors. "Yours ofihe flih nut. win tlulj lec'd. A leinirknble cure wancffccied by the Vegaialile P11I. inun.irj It.ils.i 111 in the w liner nnd 'tiring of 1635. Tlip I emon, Mr. Mondi, had been sick 11 long lime wilh the consumption. His physicians had guru hint up Hp was 1 educed so low as to be nimble Hi help hiiii-clf, and was raising 11 rpi.intiit of blood when he eoiiimeiieid using the, whiih Im rlfccicd a complete rule, nnd lie is limv as h lip and hcailv as pvpi lie wa, Mr. Mnoili h is rrinon il fiom ibis lown, but he h is premised me a nunc detailed aecouui of his c.isp, which I w ill I'm wanl toil. C. S CLAY. Ixnigsion, N. Y Juno 25. 1S38. Lxli.irl of 11 leliei fiom Dr. Jnroli Mjeis. The Vegetable Pulinonaiv Halsiim has been sold in this cniint) for two vp.hs, ami ihc medicine has gained an uncommon eelebi itj , for it -p.iicely In one in.ianep failed nl having ihp tlesiicil iffeel I am bv 110 means in favor nf the many no.iriim, most ol which are 1111 posiliun. upon a crpdtiloiis' puhhr, but thai which I know by use to be, I ciimoi help but givi'ini atprobiiion theieio. A eouaieifeit preparation has been olTi'ipd here by 11 travelling Agent, of Cunisititk, N. Y. andtherpis another ariicle vended licie 1I1111 is "Ironglysuspecled to bespurious. Jacob Mvr.ns, ,M. I). Mifllinglon, Juniala co. Penn. Slav 3, 1837 Fioiu Dr. Samuel Morrpll, to the Piopiteinis of ihc Vpsp 1 .1 11 i- 1 ' 1 1 inr 1 1.1 1 x Hals. int. I am satisfied liic Ve. ectable t'ulmuna.rv Haljim is a valuable iiiedeeiiie II has been used in ibis place wilh compleie suerps- iu an ob'lin.iic complaint of llie lungs, aiicnilcd wilh 11 spveipeongh, his. of voice, and ihc raiding of mueh blond, whirh had prpumislv rp.i.ied man ii)ipi(ivpd ptp.ritplinii.. Aller tMlng llie Hat. 1111 oiip week, ihp palieni's voice leiuriiptl and hp wns.iblp to speak audi lily. I'liis case oeeuiied sonip lime since, nnd llie in 111 is now engaged not only in active but laborious bu-iupss. Kespecifnlly, &c. S. M01111KI.L. ll is niiw more ih.iu six )ears since I was brought very low b) an afleeiion of the lungs, and mi cumpt.iiiii was 1leel.11 ed to be ineuritblp b a ruuneil of three ph). siei.nis. I was then ic-lored lo a.guo I heallh a. 1 had eiljOjedfnr many jears, bv using I tie VegPlable I'ul. 1n11n.1i) Hatsam. Since uiv recoiery 1 have iccom mended the I! 111 11 great tnanj eases of 'ung eompbtinis, and so far as 1 can learn, ils use his in variiilil) been Pillowed bv much benefit, and 111 ni.iuv instances it has cd'cclcil cute which werp wholl) lines. pecied. Samued Cvehett, liusioii, il.irrli z, ISJi. For sale, vvholesalp and retail, by J. -3 J. H Pl'.Clx & Co., ana I'llCO. A. I'EClx ; Co., Hur lington, Vi. frHU.MOIlS! IIU.MORSIU'T) 'I'lli: attention of that part ofthe commuiiity who 1 are atlhcted with Salt Rlictun, Liprosy, St. An ibonv's Fire. Krvsmilas. or S'crofula of any kind, are directed to a new compound which, by an internal application, proves a sure, sate aim complete remedy lor all kinds of humors. This wondtrfi.l medicine is prepared by Mr. Charles Jones, of Clareniont, N. H. who formally years was been atlhcted with the lepro sy in its vvotat possible forms, and by unwearied ex ertions in experimenting upon his own person, has at last found a complete cure. 1 Lis compound has ne ver failed of doing it.siinportant'.vork where a fair trial has been made, and directions followed. Certificate after certificate might I e here lad before the public as to its wonucrlul ctlccts, but the reader is referred to those who keen the article for sale where narliculats and receomnicndalions may bo had. So confident is the discoverer of tins valuable medicine that be makes bold to statu to tho world that a comtileto euro is warranted where directions are fully complied wilh and a fair trial nindc. From the very many eeiltll- cates of its cllcaey let the fjllowing suffice. "Asa philanthropist, j iceim uuiy oounu to stale, that I applied to Mr. Chsrlcs Jones, of Clareniont, N. II. in Augustbst, for Ins Drops for Humors, he having, to all appearance, ellectcd on himself a perfect cure of every troublesome disease the Leprosy or Sall lihetini, tlhcsauio with which mv wife was troubled) hi drops of his own discovery, I was willing my wife should make vne more effort to eradicate the above nimcdiliscase, with which she had been seri ously atUielcd for eighteen years, during which time she had ined various remedies, but they all availed nothing. My vvife has taken two phials ofthe above named Drops, which has lib cted a perfect cure, hho now euiovs perfect health, free from humors thu first tune she can sav it for eighteen years. She says that her nursing infant received the same benefit bv taking it from ihe breast; and she now cheerfully joins with mclli making It public to the world. We believe wc call eonlidctiilv recommend this medicine to such us are alllieted with humors of any kind, as n safe 111 fallible lcnicdy." ll.lJCJx 111LLS, l..lL'll.l XI. 1111.1.. Proetiirsville, Vt. Oct. 20. 1RI0. Mom ihnn TWO HFNDUKD per-ons within tin last four month- in ihe Stale of Vt. have given proof posnivo of wonderful cuns. For sale bv RotmnT Moony llllttlori7CU agcilllll nuniugum, mm oy 1.. 1-. Walton it sous Mont c!ier Vt. general agents for the principal part of ermont FOR SALE. rpHAT large and cnmmishi.u- two xtn jfV J. ry lllicli Dwelling Huuso & Lot, siliialnl on the wil side ol l-ollegegreon at tho head i f Collcgc-slrtvt, m tin- v iL't- Tho Iloc-E is 3-2 bv 1 . with a I asement siory. with Kitchen and Provi-i'oii ii liars, and a wing 3J I y b'3, extending north on College Green, with wool anil loie liuu-o below, and ehamlcr- and iliepin" rcom- nbove. A largo and commodious Hani, carriage hoii-e hv liou-e, and other out-hoii-e-, and u spaeiou- yard we-l ot tlK.ilwollingliou-o, and a goon of wn'er ol the I e-1 qninny m tlie village, nun a i nei. 1-,-lern. une aun a tpiai icr acie-oi niun, iitno ui-i ualiti : a lar.'o garden fiuit tieosvvosl of the In u-e und yard. T he lluilduu-nrocon-triicled in modern style, of the lo-t material- and workman-hip, wen) creeled by llie sub-cril er for In-own u-e, and the location afford-a very exten-ivo and plea-ant pro-poet ofthe vi I ago ami ako on llie We-l and i- not surpassed by any other in tin- part of tho country. A'so lor -ate a lot containing nit acre m mini oiicei- ly oppo.-ilo the al ovo lot with a small convenient WLod dwolliiig liou-o tnereoii. Pur 'ha-er-are niviieil toeall and exininefor llivm st lve Terms made known by ihe siil sci d er on the p,eiiii-e.. i'AMri:Min:i). Uitrlinglon June, 10,1810. I'S! l")ruudi'lollis, Cas-imcrcs, and Sattlnctts. 1 F. M. WHIGllTiic CO.. have ju-t opened very Fine Wool Died H'-ick, Hhie Il.'ael., luvi-iblo Gieeii andfincyooloroil Uroadcloihs, a good u ortuii'iii ol low prRfl do. Also, Very Fine Wool Djed Cassi-meie-, iis-oited colors, do. do. and ruinmun eatll rieits, veryehoan. Hutlington, July 1C, 1611. "d "Xrlu (Caslj Stoic. 1" P. WHALING cc Co. tire now receiving a full J and elcsant assortincnt of goods suited to tho sensoh, suclins Flench, Fughsh and Ametiean Prints, Painted Muslins und Lawns, Mouse-lino do Laines, Challys, Silks for dresses and bonnets, Lawns and Silks for Shirred Hats, lllack Veils, lllack Veiling, Linen Fdging of various qualities and patterns, Swiss Muslin IMgmg nnd Iiiscinon. Cambric do. do., Linen Cambric lldkfs, French Worked Collars of supeiior quality, Mourning do., Ladas Cravats and Diess Hdkl's, 8-1 Silk Shawls, Gloves of every qual ity, a general nsortincntof Hosiery, Honiietnnd Cap Uibbuns, Superior Leghorn and Plain Straw Houiicts, '.ephyr Worsted anil Patterns. Umbrellas nnd Para sols. Finally almost anv thing tho I.adiesol Hurling- loll may v-am can ueiuuiio iiiino .w --.. on "Cheap Side." ' DRY GllOCKKIKS, Such as Teas, Sugars, Molasses S.ileratus, Rice, Ginger, Spices, Ac.) almostany article that larnnrs want. Also, an nsaoilmelit ot CROCK FRY AND GLASS WARF. , All the above nmiedarticlcs.togcthcr with inanviiot cniuner'iied, w ill be sold at a v cry low price fur cash. Hurlington, Juno 1, 1811, NLJW AHKlVAIs. Tiiht lleci-lvtd utTbeo. A. lVvkaiid Co's.Apoth I v,.,i.i,r,,,'- l!u.., Omtiiient for removing Freckles, King Worm-, Punplos on the Face, and other orupl ion-. . Aikiiiion'- Depilatory, loi removing suporlluous Hair on llie face, etc. French Corn Plaster, which gives immediate relief, and require, but few implications to eradicate litem altogether, A.pply of H.dni of Coluu.b.a,-.l,e .. ost 'eh. ra tr I ail . le lor Da i :.u.l . in I' fa' n I lac Ha ' ,c 1H, l!l nnnixzls sirZFsox. Patent Lever Watch Maker, from Liverpool. " A 0 ills now twelve years y53 siiipobeavaile-lliiinxclf of the privilege of returning hu gr.ilelul aelviiowleilgcmenl- lo hi- friend- and thu public in general, 6rSltno-t unprecedi'u. T 'I 1 4Jm4 ri'-nvi 11 If IVi in-t i III ll unit CvL.- o '.y.fcS ledlivor.,liulcg-leniclu yVk4fesi,l firm them that he is still nt I Hi nt the ttSUiVi Old Knnd. on (Minri'li trf..t- onodoor-outli of Noble lively and Co's. store, where nt icr.oi,au .tiieiiii-ionic repairing nl uiuonomc ters. Patent Leve-r-. Diinlex-. I.i.iim-. nnd nil i,il...i. de-cription of Timepiece-. Ho will warrant all new won. 11111x111 to v niche-111 hf shop to lea- good li the original, or a- nny done on the com incut. N. II. A good assortment of N7:il' II' 1 TCIlKSi of the lir.-t quality of workinan-hip, and w ill I cold aa cheap and on a-good terms as at any other shop in the -tate. 1' rolll hi-Inmr PXlif'riinpn n llm Im.imv. ni.,t being so many year- engaged in the makinmif wnii-h. o- 111 Fnglaiid.'he flatter- liun-elf thai he i-n com- peieiit to maka icleciion- a- nny in tho vicinity. ... mi,, ....ii, .,iiiil ,,, jell. HI DA. HKAMAN", has this day rcciveda newapori of Hooks and Staliancrv. cnmnrisinn Addrp-sp nnd Messages, of the Presidents from Washington to Harrison. "Valuable ami approved works, 111 Tncolog ical and Micccllaucotis Literature, tleneral lliography voyages and traviK The latest editions ofthe most approved School Classical and .Mathematical Hooks. A largo supply of Paper, Quills, lllank llook, Mem enlary and 01 her Spellars, Grammars and Geographies lloston Academy (lleo Hook and Odion, and Juvenile books earef dly selected, all which are oll'ercd nt the lowest prices, nt the linim blore. Julv I 1SI1. I") USSHbl.'.- STOMACH IHiTJ.'llS. mav I IV it-ed in Wincor water. 'I'hi-ucclebratcdbilter.- areeoinpo-id purely of Vegetable- of ihp most cent yet ticiil.irlv necifie virtue-. They arc recommended .,r. I'lom-iii" r'oi-i'n.' l e bo'let a nior- tor re-ioriug weaii ooii-inuiioiis. and strengthening the -lomach, and me appeliti il-o a pievciitjttveagain-t thecbolei on-, lever anil ague, reiuovuig nau-ea, voiniting, heart burning. wcakne in llie Irea-t. nam in the stomach arid other -yniptomsoftl.itiiloucc.iiid indigo lion. One box will tinctureoucgallon. Priee2jet-. a box. 1.U-SKI.L - Itch Oixtmest. Iln-r hoicc and -afe oiuiment I- said to I e -iqienor In any now in u-e, for that i.i-agieeablo and loaih-oine di.-e.i-e, the ITCH. Tin- Ointment t- so ecarlam in its no per-on tloobled with the above disorder ought to I o without it. It 1- a remedy fur cutaneous eruption-, eorbutie ailection- ol the head, or any oihpr breaking out vi Inch an-Cs from sharp humors m the blood. Price 23 ot-. a lox. 1!us-ei.i.'s v i.tir.T.vni.r, Uti.i.toi'- Vit.t", or family physic, for general u-e, in ca-o- of Jaundice, morl id -en-iiiiinyoi llie -lomacu ami novvoi-, in-- oi appetile, lirlid breath, eo-tiveno , Pile-, and nil ili.-ea-e- uri-- mg from biliary dorangeineiit-, al-o fir correcting the -tate of the blood, and the -yiem ol foul and vi-cid humour-. The-olull- arc a "mild ca thanic, producing neither pain- nor giipmg, and are thciefore a valuable and highly approved medicine, andare pronounced ns-iich by tliemo-t ih-liiigiii-hed phv.-ieian-. JCich box containing 33 Pills. Price 37i el-.a box Hu ell's celebrated ItltEUM Uix'tmevt. I lu-i- iinuue-lionablv the bo-land -afe-t lemeily ever vet oil'ered lo the p ililie for that ob-tinaie di-ordor SA 11 KHLU.M. vv Iiere other mean-nave tailed, it has-iie- odcd. and tho fact that it ha- Icon -xicn-ivelv u-ed by eminent Practitioner speak- volume- in it- prai-e. It i- equally eil'ieaciou- in all di-i-a-e- of ihe -kin, scald head, ring worm-, and the most nueterate llch, .Ve. ie. Nuincroii- eerlificato- might lo obtained, but the propritor ehoo-es that a fair trial -liouhl letho only evidence ofrt- -uperioreilicacy. Price o0 cent -a box. For -ale by J. cc J. H. IVek'cv Co., Theodore A. Peck cc Co., sign ol, and lto) urt Momlv, Ibirlingtoiii Dr. I'.ll Mile-, and Hull li Cook, llines- hurgh; S. II. Harm;-, Charloltei L. Jane-, Gcoigia; Tyler, e.-sex ; l'uller c-' Hiiiitiugtoii. Hithiiioiid Al.-o, by thu druggists and merchants generally liroiighoul the state. og.Di,'. ALI'IIIXS HALL'S I..--I ATF.. WH tho Subscrd ers, having been aiimtcd by the lloiioral lo lhul'iobaio Court for tho Di Irict of Cliillcnilen,e'Otnini toner.- to nx-eive, exam ino and adjii-l flu; ilaun- nnd demand- if all per.-ous against the es ate of ALP1I1XS HALL, lalo of .Milton, in said )-tnc, dccca'Cl, lepie- .euied iii-oivout, an J al-o all claim- uinltfcmauil- ox hibueil in o'lsel ibeiolo; and -ix mom h- from the day of the dale heioof, I oing nllow e l by said Ci urt for that purpo-e, wo do therefoie hereby give iiotice, that wo v ill e'teud to Ibobu-iiio.-.-of our appointment, at the dwelling of Mrs. Mercy Hall, in MiIioii, in said f, on tho Ilrtii day-Jof Octol er oc Deceinl er n'l,al ten o'i'lo"'., A. M. on each of atd days. I'.uc.l, thi-Vt! hi'.ivil ,l,,ly, A. D. IS II. HKNJaMLN FAIKITIILI), FDMI ND WLLLINLTO.N, 1 Coimni- I'OUXl). OR may bo found in llus village, directly opposite the Methodist Chapel, ail OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted upin good stvie, vheio the undersigned will be glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with their patronage. Cm lti R. G. SPAUI.DING. Hurlington, April 23, 1311. Howaril uf the Chcnp Store to Ills N'evv-York Agent. Dear Sir. The satislictioti with which the Goods as per invoices uf 15th wore received you will see by the 1'nc Press sent ; they come most opportunely, and were beautiful und cheap beyond coinpari-on, with the motley passed to voui Credit in the K.xchange nll'ico of 'No Wall street ; make such dis position as you may think most for my interest in lurthcr piirLha-es. You say correctly that my salis ncrease w ith often renewed assortments. Hurlington was never more beautiful, with all its enchanting Gardens, Invily Walks, and splendid scenery. Hotels ate filling with strangers fiom llie magnificent S learners and Stages, and the town with visitors for the coming Jubilee Literary Season. Com mencement of the University of Vermont an exam ination of the Hurlington Female Seminary and Schools next wi ik. Partiesof exclusion on the Ln'-c and to the Mountains daily taking pla, e, which with the evening sociable sarcull constantly rt quiring some pretty New Go.ids fiom HOWARD'S. July 29, Us II. SxIBW C3GOBS. TJURNl'.TT it SAWYFR, at .Milton Falls, have U just ru'ctveil tncir Jspung Mock oruocils, coin prising a general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GHOC1 R1F.S, CROCKFRY AND GLAKSWARF, HARDWAHK, DRUGS AND M EDICT NT "i DYF. STUFFS, PAINTS .4NDOIL, GLASS, NA1I.S, CODFISH, MACKEREL, GRIND-STONE-, .-c Ac. All of which, having been purchascil at the present very low prices, will be sold at moderate, profits for Produce', and as cheap as the cheapest fur Cash j and as we have not time this morning to enumerate nrtickfc and prices wo would respectfully invito our former pa trons and the public generally to call, examine and judge for themselves. Milton, June 1, 1S11. P. S.Moll'atis Life Medicines, N'cwion s Panacea, Hitchcock's Snuff and Worm Tea, Cougli Lounges, and many other of the most approved Medicines, constantly on hand. fflHI'I'hH I'APUn. nnfl RF.AM6'assortednst'saiidqutiiltiesiist rcc. iwUV. 111. C. GOODRICH. June 17. Dry c;oo.N viry Cheap. SUPEEHIOR blael;, I Ine black, gro do svv i- Silk, tlu. do. Italian Real do Runnel and Florence -ilks, White and black Crape, Mourning Lawn- and Prints, superior French Itonilazuie, Hlaek Fillet Veils Lucetlo. Fillet iiiidGuipicScarls, Fancy llaiidderchiefs, Victoria Skirts, Pi" NtcGluics, t-io. by 11. M. GIUDI.VGS A: Co. July 1, 1011. nl PIANOS. IN order tn close the concetti of Herriek, Christo. . plu r it Co., wc oiler the three rem lining Piano's at two bundled Dollars each, for Cash, or approved notes, in 12 months with interest. For the quality and durability of these instruments, reference is made t.. n,i,ni nf the Citizen, of this Vrll.'n.p. nlm l..,i. Ln.l Piano's of the above manufacture m use fur years. Reference ut.o to Prolli ssor .Molt of the Jluitcal dipattmint ot ilia r tniate seminary. Iljt!.ngtcii ';u Julv EV.MAN A C'OLl STEAM-JJ0AT HOTEL, llL'nkl.VOTO.V, Jiff fVnK 'r ' Mb-. VCtlMOXT. -.x.l.n fig, JONATHAN IIAltT. 1JY Mt, it ,r ,, ... . i'.iriln !' 7 "'.'"oijnccs to tho cilizcns of ,,,,l,i;p,:.,,'"n?" .1"' 1 V'f'n"y' anJ ll"-'rnvell.ns , s..-v.u,.,. iiminu un- liioenrseu, IllOronglliy t ... ...n.u,,,..i,ucu, iiueu up, anu niriiislieu the above Mrriti .,, n.on ,' I CUrn.'rr S' ,h aT.'-, " s'?r ,1 'I ll', nf -n ', ,Md "fr b ra"ll"'l," h?r,f m t rl uZ? I 1' " ' ,""""y I!" m,1i J, L , n i.W I,Iiirrl"l?n' ,,f "10 S'eainboat Pine- nlx''t 5 n Cm" ""Jcoinfort not Mil- S'lns 11, 1 J , I'l'r '"'f 1 '" lllL1 Mlla!lc- A spacious nl 1,1 . 3 ? on'fCI"ns room, ami dining room, ii l"",'nicI l,uw" l"chotlie-r,a nd with the front L I,, nl 1 .t,mU'lJ llHnr-i Tl! hr roo,"' l'a",,i Shei 3 and yards arearraiigid 111 ihc best possible man- cr to accommodate the travelling and business pub- lie. An acte of ground, nearly on a lew I, adjoins this uotet, with convenient out-houses, spacious and airy walks, and firdcns : nre .ill ,,, 1..,, ,.11. bu-ines men, boarders and pattiesof pleasure. Mr. II from long experience professes to know how tnfuttnslia good Tabic nnd liar, and to serve up the choicest eatables and rarest delicacies that tho market nnd season allord, in a manner to suit the taste of the connoisseur j and he confident y nsurcs Ins patrons and gnosis that his utmost exertion- will be put m re quisition to serve them. Steamboat passengers will be waited on, to nnd from tho Moats, and their baggage transported, and1 Ot!.-,. r.rn . .P n , . 1.'... I r ...1 .. I .1. -i lr.i. I- I ..... v, mis i,i,iui, uiiu save iiieir iiacK aire to and from the Court house square. Stage passengers can bn b it :n and inkrn from ibis I Hotel without additional fare, and tho.-o taking the '""" u" ooarn ami tncir paggage tree ?' (!'l"il'tl-'.,;1nd without incurring any nsk of being Irftibythedarkucssorlatcnessor tho night, or anv 0 " c0""nWc)' incident to thoprecipitancvof steam ji..i,ui mf iiuuiuaiioiis oi wind anu wcniiier. Horses and Carr.ugcs furnished ihose who wi-h to transact business, or isitany part of the village, on reasonable terms. . Singleintals 23 cents, and other charges in propor ,. 311150 Hurlington, May CO, 1?41. L1HVAKI) ,J. FAY'S SOOT U S.HO". STOHE Clwrch-Streit. Jiarlinclmi. TTTU l-IM- 1. I I .1 ' 1 l 1.1. Ill he has on hand a superior assortment of L: adies and Gentlemen's not) is and sunns. of the following assortment : Gent'- line calf -cwd Hoot s " " ' peg'd do. " light " " do. " Summer Gaiters, " " Pumps, " Calf " " ShoesiX' Hrogans " Thick ij- Kii Hoots, " " " llrogans Hoys Shoes A-. Hrogans, " Thick it Kip Hoots, Yths " it ' " Ho 6 Calf Shoes, Ladies Gain r Hoots', " Kid Slips, " New spring nips' it Ties, " Colored Slips, " Hrouzcd " " Calf " Misses Shoes t Slip", Also, n large a sorimcnt of Children and Infants Shoes. ' tv. iirogans, SVE. J. F. would inviteliis rii-tomcrsaiid the pub lic in genual to call and uxamino his arsortmeui of Hoots i- Siioks which he can warrant to bo of good stock, thorough workmanship and latest styles. Also, Mcasue Work and Repairing done at the shortest notice, n-usual. n 31 lSurlinaton, May 2?, IS II. CROCKERY, GLASSll C ll IN A WAPME . I'Altlt.Vi: & WAIT, Importers and Wholesale dealer in Crocieri, (7lass and China IFiirr, unti Aatiiuurcrs of Stone I Fore. I rC CRATES ju-t rit-iivcd and now opening L UV. namely - 2.i Packagis Edged and Common Ware, 2"i do Hluc Printed do 10 do Royal Hourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner services, Ten sets und Toilet Ware. 10 do French White Granite Ware, wilh com plete set- throughout. 10 do Atilinue Vase Opa, me Pt arl Ware, con taining perfect dinner scls, iiitiiely new pattern" and hapc, a most beautiful nri.cle, w'lth.Tia and Toilet ware to match. CHINA WARE. 10 packages China Ware, containing llcautiful White Tea Sets, I Gold idgc and line Tea Spng do do Set- and gold band Gold band it sprig do I ( lima Nurse Lamps. GLASS W U!E. 10 package- Glass Ware containing (i, o, and 'J tine Heavy Cut Glass Tiimbltrs, li, S, and 9 Unto " Pres-cil do do 3 packages tine plain Tumblus, very theap, Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a great vatiety, Snpeib Cut Glass Hall Lamps, Lamps, l.irondales, Landli-hras, ('ut Gla-- Howls I.etnniiadP tJlasses, Pitchers, Decanters, Goblets, Wine and Snlcndi I French Porce line Vases, withtlowers and lade r , and a viriety of otlitr articles in their line, all of which are now offered Wholesale and Retail at New Vt tk prices. F. it W. would invite lite attention of .Mir chants in ihc surrounding tow ns In their stock of ware assuring them that they will sell in package assorted to order on asgood terms as can bo purchased in New York lloston or Troy, at their warehouse corner ui ol t tiiircli and College sis. Hurlington, .l ine 1. 1311. A VIJIIV A 15 M F VAI.UAItl i: o n s a l i: rT",HF. siibsctibcr being desirous to retire Irotu active I. liusiiuss, now-oilers to dis 'Ose ol us 1-Alt.ll siiii'it, d in Co'chester, one half mile west nf tin- stage mad, leading It out Hurlington to St. Albans. nn. only six miles (nun Hurhnglnu, Said Farm is handsomely situated, containing 1 ,511 acic- of asgood laud :i can be found in Chittenden county, and undtr us high stale of cultivation, Having been under tlie improve men I of mi English Agriculturist the last twenty. three years, 'iinro is on tun l arni a convenient House, with a never fading well of pure water at the door. A good Ham, with convenient sheds attached to it, a valuable wooj lot i f Heach and Map'o. and a llni! Orchard uf choice Fruit. Anv person vushiiiu to purchase such a farm as above described, had beinr ma' o application soon to James .-colt, I'tarl-strecit. Uurlmgton, or the subscriber on the premises. WILLIAM SCOTT. Hurhngton, July (!, 1511. 5' N. H. Terms of payment will be. made vety easy. ii5 1 1 1 . cs i ' u liiTi-AC.u uyiv. 'IMIE Trustees uf Htscsci hou Acxot.'iv are happy X to inform ihe public, that they have obtained the Rev. PnoLA Dfnitnr., us a perni.incut teacher. Mr. Duikio has been engaged, for many years, in the business of instruction, and has liivcn, wherever he ha.- beetlouiploved, nntlilu satisfaction. He has suc ceeded, isptoially in conciliating the confidence and atlcotioiis of his pupils, in awakening vwtluu tlicma lliitst lor improvement, and m leading tliem to lest thoroughly, iheir own powers. Fiom Ins tried skill and oxperiencehigh expectations are exciti d, and it is confidently believed that none will bo disappointed who may favor the institution with their patronage by placing their sons or their daughters under his tuition mid care. While it is expected that proper moral and religious instruction will be given, and u constant ami paler nal oversight taken uf the depot tmrnl of thostudem, it is designed that the institution shall bo kept from cvtry thing ol a sectarian charartcr. The Academic year will bo divided into twoTcrtns, comprising two ouirters each of 1 1 weeks. The first Term will commence on Wednesday thu 1st day of sepiemuor. incrowiuiie a vacation ol two wuks at the cloeof the first Tcrni,aml another of e:.x weeks ut tho end of the second, Tuition for common branches will be 1,00 per quar ter. For till other studies it will be 1,50. No inciden tal chargis will be made. Hoard will be afforded in respectable finnlit-s from $1,23 lo 1,50 per weekr. For boarding places, trier eneumay bo had to Jcdcdiah llovnton, t). S. Iloyl, Nullum Peek, IV) , Orlo J, llaldwin, Harmon Hur dm, A. S. Wilier, Joel TurriU. .Mrs. Hititon, Dan'l Goodyear. This Institution is pleasantly licatcd in a healthful, nourishing village. It has now been in operation about sixteen years, und ilseourss has been steadily onward, never surfeited with a Hood of scholars, never famishing for want of support Tlie iiuniiing, siiuaicu on a uciigniiui eminence anu over-looking tho whole village, is undergoing thorough repairs. It will be finished in a neat and fashionablo nyie, wt as iu i-oiiiu notifanct w;i:i ooiivtnieacr Him burgh 31 Angus' a- UH-JU.WSHWIIIWI iimasB .TVTATUKU'S (ilfAND RI&TOKAUVK. Tbm I J-X valuable egeinble Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaint-, viz! Dyspepis, or Indi-Re.tion,ih-iM-ed Liver, biliou-di-ordcr-, Dropsy, Aslh 1 ma, Co-tivciio--, Worm- and lo-- of Appetite, and by elean-ing the -toniaeh and bowels, cure- pains in the I side, .tomitch and I it-.t-t, colds and rough of long ' ilaiiding, Hoar enc-s, shorine-s of breath, Nervous ( complaint-, etc., which hij frequently the o.,cot ol dts I ease. For Fever and Ague, it i a mu-t valuable pre- venintive n-wen a- a sovereign renipdy. It- virtues uuuinic it- wen 11- .1 sovereign rcincuy. 11- virtues - ,,r,,a - any h,ag hvretofore known 111 removing St. Vitus' l)anix.-,twi, bottle-have been known to cure hl-.t irtlllgl l.e.1n' nfipp inl'inir oil ,. Hon torlonr vears. It ha-a mo,t powerful influence '" r-mf ving nervon- ci,tit-. li 1. plea-ant 10 take " '""' "' " "I'ciat.on, that it may I endiniuistercJ "' "" w "'' ft,"y- 'n! nbov e-Midicine i.x very highly iccoinmcnded 'l v rnaiiv scientific p. ntlcuicn, and n huge numl er i.riad.e- who" have provrd the virtue- ofll.e .Mmbcinc bv p, rsonal useand that of their famili,-. A bill of. eriili'iale-aceoinpanic-caeh bottle, wiiluhreciion-. It may I o had whore-ale or retail ol S. Ilnlnin, Ikirie, and'J. C. Farnani, Kat Williams- town, Vt. sole propnet, r-. Prepared from the orfciB- al recipe; for -ale bv K. II. Prentt-, Monlpelicr, anJ .. .1.11. it Co, and T11r.11. A. PrcK Co,, Hur- liug'oii, mid in ihc principal town- in the state! all direction- - ii; rut) rn the hand writing ol llie proprietor WINOOSKl SA.SU FACTOUY. n i TS constant operation. i and nrcoared to cxecuta orders lor WLNDOWSASH ol every description, and ia ine oc-t manner. A eon tanl -upily kept on band and for .-ale at thestor ol'Goorge Peterson, in flur liiigton, al the following rt c c s : 12 Light casements, 31 cent- per Light, do. do. do. do. do. do do do do. do. do. 3t 3J do do do do do do SIDNEY do do lo SMITH, ni 13, DOCT. MAItSllAl.lS Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache S.NI'FF. Tin- Snull'is -uporior to any thing yet known, for removing that troiiblo-ome dis-ea-e, llie Catarrh, and al-o a eold ill the bead, and the headuhc. It open- and purge- out alt ob-tructions, sticiigihcii-Ihe gland-.aiid give- a healthy action to the part- a ected. It is pi rloetlvlree from any tlungdele tenon- in ii- compo-iiif-n ha- a t toasaiit flavor, and lis imini'diatee eci, after Iving u-e,l, is abgieeabfe. Price i! 7 cent- per bottle. Duel. Mar-hall'- Vegelitb'c Indian Ulaek PLASTER. 'I hi- Pla-ter i- unrivalled for curing scrofulou- swelling-, Scurvy Sore-, Lame Hack, and Frc-h Wounds pain- in llie -hV-, Hip- and Limb-; and seldom fails to give lelief in local llhe.iniati-ni-. If applied to the will cure many of i he common Liver Complaint-: and i-equal, if not superior, to any thing in u-e for ! eurn- on ihe feel , the virtue- of tin- Pla-ter have lcn 'witnessed I v thou-and- cf individual-in tho United Slate-, who have to led it- ethcacy. field bv'the pro pnetor ; Cha . Howen, Midilloburj , Vt., and Tiico. A Plck it Co., II, rhng mi, Vt. jvl Yi; HATCH would inform Ihe in. t habitants of Hurlington and vi cinity, that be has oricucd n nhnn in ( Chinch street, al the sign of the Rifle, wnere neiuieiius to carry on trie uurv smith Hiisincss, in all its various brench is. Having bun employed for the last six j inrs in tho shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lnn-ingbtirgli, (undoubtedly the best shop in the United StatesA he feels war ranted in nlft ring his work to the public. Hurhngton, June 1, 1511. 7,I YTi:itlOUs: A gentleman belongingto 111 one of the most ancient and wealthy families of this city, w ho must be well known tonumcrousfriends having since the vtnr ISIS, up to recently, been bent nearly double, mid lor several vears confined lo hist bed, has been testond to goi-d health lias regained his natural erect position and has quilted his car nage, and now walks with ease!! We believe this is the gentleman's own description as near as possible, and there is no exaggeration m it. Wo will give inqui rers his add re-s, and doubt not humane feelings will exc ise the liberty j so that any one doubting, may l.noie these fact though he requests his name may uoi ujjcai in pi un. .iinung oilier instances, -nr. JSS. G. Reynolds, 111 Cliristietreet, has betn restored, and will give personal assurances of the facts of his case. Hoth were rheumatism, and conlracted cords and smews. How has this lecu doncl Anwar, liy the Indian lilixer in Urnally, and IIcuvs' AVrte and ISont Liniment txternallt. .Inn. -!!), . fold only by COMSTOCK if- CO., 71 .VaWcr. Lame, Xnc York. n9 THEO. A. PECK A CO, Wholesale Agents, 1 few doors east uf ibePust office. Hurlinginn, Vt. Ol H( w---'-L has been oll'ercd for montba "J A-JJ to any one who will ue a bottle of Hay's Liniment fur the 1'ilex, without bung cured. Of thousands sold, in no ono instance has it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming to be had whole it is sold. Ills also a certain cure in ntarhj crent rae. (Extirnallv .) in the fo'low ing complaints. For tho Piles, for all drop-v, under ftct, sore throat, ly can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scald head, Tightness of the chest, especially m children, foul ul. ccrsol the legs, or other fungus sore-, however obsti iialeor long standing, Iresh "wounds, chilblains, etc. LOOK OFT. Some Mri'mrVu'i Are counterfeited this urtich.and put it up villi carious devices. Do not be imposed upon. One thing only will protect you iti-ihei.ameof COMS'J'OCJi'i- CO: that namt must be alrays on the lerarptr, or you innv be cheat ed. Do not forget tt. Take the direction with you and test by that, or never buy i t for it is impossible lor any oilier to be Irueiir ginuinc, u9 hold by CUMSTOCK Ct), 71 Maiden Lane, New York, THEO. A. PECK it CO., Wholsala Agents, a few doors east of the Post OHicc, Burling ton, Vt. 6 PEARL STREET HOUSE, HURLINGTON, VFRMONT. J. S. PEIRCE HAS Idiely opened the above cstabli-hmentfor the ic-vpttoii ol f.imihe- and travellers, pencrallv. who may vi-il tin-pan ot ihe Green Mountain Mate, and may luthsirou- of pursing a few siimnnr wicks on the piotuie-quc height.- of Uur'ington. Tho Hotel t- -pae oii-tinil eonimodiou- andi-sipi-a'cd near the Univer-ity.ut th,-head of Ptarl-st., one if ihe most fa-b.ou.ildu mil agreealle tborouf hfarcj ni thotoivu.eoiniii.ind -it- an e.xttnsivc view of Lsit, Chaui,ilain and the -uriouudiiig country. 'llie viow.-liuni the wc-icru window- and piazzas are niirix al'txl by any on the l ordt r- of the Lake lor their m.vj nub ewe nnd lejutv.anJa-e, prolably, not siirpa-exl in f.iol'i noil Slates. In the internal arrangiincntof thellouse, every rc-yar-l ha-lien paid to tho comfort of familic-, who m.iyloaeoinnniiida'i'dviiili pnvalo parlor and ihe iiiyupaiil fiafor- liiin tho fuini-hing cf bis table and the attendance, arc such a- lo merit the ap probation 1 1 tho-c Lain.- and Uuitlcuicn who may favor him wilh their patronage. The SVAGLS lo and from the Norlh, North. Eat and I.'a-l pa iLi ly, and to partie- n.-ipping at Hur lington, on then-way to ihe While Mountains, and lho o travelling in any c f Iho-above diraem ns, more lei-ine i-aib rdo.1, a-fce stages leaving town call at ihi-bou-e hail an hour later then at the Hotels la the lower pari i f the village. A eiiinlnrtal ie Curnane attends regularly, on the arrival of ihe 1 oai, w ith tbesioward of ihe establish ment, wh. w. II tiil.o charge of the I aggaao etc. In short, no pain-vvilll o pareltn gun sati-faction ta all patron.-, und entitle the bouse to the upper! cf iho pul ho. .N. II. Wine-, Cordials and Liquors, of approved quality, kept always on hand. Ib r'se-and Carriage-kept in readiness for ISO ac commodation i f surh a- may ipure iheni. Hurlington, June ifi, 18. CATAHHII SNUFF. MAHSIlAl.l'S S.NIKF, is still ciirtngtlic Catarrh am. tho vanoii. of tfif he-a-l. n-vrcllus sore eyes, In all parts of the country; ami siMaininp the ii'piit.inon which it ba long since gaioed, of u...... ..i i. ..i.. .i i.- ....... a. .i. i rj i . . . .-in ausuiuniy li.e uvsi ui uiae C! hino in IUV inaikcl. Each brittle epiilnin- threonines the ouantiiv attmet of tho-e w hich are . tiered ut "ONLY TWf.NTY- FIVE CENTS." And is I hcrt fine a intici cheancrj us will as tetter jrliclo. For sale bv- S. ct J. H.'PECK ct Co. TIH.O. A. PECK .t Ci. Dr. JiPSJ f(VPy Hm'in0'cii, ' m. a, IflL ly.MS I

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