Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 27, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 27, 1841 Page 3
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monthn ns nn in liviehial vmi w-o dd p if nnsir n- ccnlrationofour vnlrsts in Icpensnhlr to n inrulnr choice. AtnM.ppnrlin-Mr. I) llmpliMti lor 1 leci'l. Govcriieir, w hilc I imnlir linn nn honotablr man ism s ti llicrcnrcnthirin. il w ho are riual!v sound on Abolition, ihnsijicwsncriiil with irand have In nivc some oihers one the. iircfctcticc .u ,,e Po ,u.tini (ml I "'.;.. sin.m-i e-is ior 1:1111 cnuce." Tins nf course whs mil .sutisf.irlnrv In such mm ns ili'in imlcil t ho !f &f s mi'l Mr. Sulnn is stricken from the ticket, and Julius llovt , substituted. A WAKNIN(f TO Till: WHIGS OF VERMONT. Tito Now Yorker speaks of the recent c- Icction for Senators and Representatives in Indiana, lis follows : "Weihivo sufficient return" Irom this Siate In ren der niora'ly ccriniu nn opposition in.ijo.iiv in llic new House of l!eprcentativ, upon a liul.! vote, and 11 staloof utter Jisurjnni:allon tf pi.rtlts. In s. nic couutns stump candidates, ri.n nine on all manner of Inril hobble.'' Further returns indirnle that the U'hi'.'s will retain the Senate hy three or four ma jority, a part only of the Senate liriiii; cli.cted this, nnd that tlie House (in which the locos had hut 22 members out of a hundred last yearj is dnuhtful prohahly locofoco hy a rniall imijniitv ! il is willi no pleasiiuo that we hear such news from 11 State which was, last Neneinlirr, one ol" the strong Harrison states ; yet, if such must lie tho result, we are that it h is occurred in season to he a serious waniinp lo the Whitrs of Vermont. Wo ask the wliijs to look at Indiana pitiahly disgraced, demented Indi ana remembering: that her present humilia tion is owing to want tf harmony and to dis organization among the 1Vtis. Discrace! always, and not iiiifrequrmly a teirihle de feat is tho icstilt of such a course. Wings of Vermont let not this example ho lost upon you. Watchman. iNTnrtK-Ti.No to wool, rcnowr.rtK. Il is nt.,l that a pack of wool TO II.-.) will cm ploy a3 p-rs .,n a wk lo nnnn ,1 tin,, a mm hro-nN cloth j or to hit within the tru h, will employ one person one year. At tins .ate. wind .lp or ermont (three millions an 1 a half of pounrli.) wi 1 five cmpl vin.-nt 111 iiniiia'irtiirin!! to 14..'.-.) persons. Al a idariee, ilicn we can sec how it is ihnt thcdoinest.c manufacture allord- a market for the farmer. First it iir a demand il,,. il... m.! n half millions ponnda f wool nf Wriihmt. wnrih at ! annvcra-eof -10 cents per pound, ?l,IOO,Oeu 10 i- monl. In the nt place, it ei!;- ilintiuiN i.r per- I sons from ni'iiniliinc to liimmo nnnulnctiiirrs '",,tr'!,,fr.'im lirr",lli"'''!"-'"l;''cr?..fpruvis,,.ns nil phecs llivm in tl.c in..l;s,if c,miiincr-i In.s B'V'1K " coed mark, 1 to the f,r,m'r f-1,.. ,.,0,!,, c. I And, finally, wi- will ndd Hint this inercT. d .'rnnnd j for ermine.- and fir lal.o-, inerean-v the pticc of 1 ?cn !oC!.,i !;in"''T,: "f,l,"'"Mr-v; s',l no-ll.; re-inn o! prn-rtin" iloim lic m-nuhetinrs Wo , Bra .vers of V-r ii-k... vui , dv to sip, ,i v thi' ProtcMivc nyv'cm ? Will Von dcnm.ap'i' and npno.... 1VX " !!,,"':l:rc,' Indeed, this i Mirafin nakenf eiv.112 vnnr p'opr'ty to th,. I'r tih .n'ruf-ie. iuhtii. ,,e not titiu ti Mm 1 , 01 lr nf V til)., a 'I v 1 . 1 M . 1 . 11 1 1 itl v. t!,..:i riHVt ' ef at ' 1 -mini- nnp iiirn inrn-iooos Whon tin V ci .1.. to that, Ihcir bist friends mut fivu them ep. U'iIc'i man. the moual ciiARcn:;i or col. I'Al.VF.. Some weeks since our iie' of the l',-,t-riot gave out a mysterious hint ac to th; 11vr.1l character of Co:, IV" met it .m one by a dpin or thai paper io spe al: nut phin'v and inako t.s clur.'es sc and brndly. with the asuianco that the fr.nwl:- of Col. 1. feared tn. c."j:iiy, Inv.vever tevere. To tint the Patriot replied tint it w is all n jokr Hut it had 110 charres to make : hat tint H'is had innFt Fcrious accueatiiais lo make agaiiiKt tho Col. More rec-u'.'y vo notice tli it an editor wo will not say he i-- not ihe very pink of inn rah'ty, and decency, an! Icma.Tanc?, who i located in Windror county, ri.fees tli it he haj noinclina'ion to ihscusj C .I P's m ml char, aricr, hut, ye, as ho has a runmuniration from one wlio.s not a pnlitica' Ho il, i ;iali'.s!i"s it, with the remark that "if Whi;$ have a tnuu! to handle Col. I'aii.e witlmnt niiilftip, thy are welcnmn to do it." It rer' is erv meeli to the credit, either of Co!. 1 'a me or the 1. co foco editors, they ramio', or d ire n. t, or will not assail h e private character. When wc re .m;mbor tint those prestos heid up tho p iro and patriotic Hakkisom, as a blasphemer, nnd con Rtantl) pouted out il.ou him, week after week, the vilest 'epithets and the fnule-t charges, which wickeJnes.s could contrive. ; wh ;u wc remember. too, that they psts.ste.l in tin. rath, les warfare upon his moral chamfer through the whole compaign, afjainn the c!earert rvt dence yea, and that .many of them followed the old patriot to his ery grave, and endeavor, cd to cheat the widow and the fatherless of the only legacy that the helmed and lener.ved Harriron litd lo lies'ow the character of a Christian and a Patriot, pure and above re. proacb jit soeiiHOvceu.l.ii,' y -tr.i 14 th it th're prei-fes hac no more abuse for Co!. P. in imputations upon Ins character nothing which they know, or which theywi'A i"ar:h?r and 111 .re strange still, that they should facts, if they happen any. It aruu, we re peat, a very great uiijiroveinint in th-.-e e I tors, or an 1 lint wa taka to In tin fr ;liv fiey eann t point to a single tiling diir- i I'de.ordis. honorable to Col. Paine. II, e, sijs ihu Patriot - and the Age re-echoes it the kins have.ahn seel Col. fame, and impugned char- ' actcr-and these editors aro vere ,,.,n;, , ! acicr, aim uiesc cuuors arc er ilni -' to adopt UlO ofjt-pring of malice, or the jealo isv, or ahe suspicions of W IL'. wherever tlirv can tied 1 u ciiauee ; now iiiiii n .i.ore reaely won, el tlnw be to make clit.res, and siihslantiale them by proof if they cmiU i Wo eaie tint lor iIiom to judge who know the previous, course 01 these editors. Having gone thus far, it is our duly to go slid farther and notice these reputed Whig steins. During tho warm, long and exciting mutest at the Whig State Convention, when the Wings ware hardly pressed on this side and that lor arguments, against one candidate and another, on two occasions wo were asteimshed to hear that Cel. Ve moral character was objected to. We y astonished for with many yeyrb' ac. quaintane with Col. I'aittc, and with thoi-a who Jnc been intimate with him, never, until he .. i , 11 -. 1 . . .. , . . . v-w a CH!1,IIU3' Ilir ";.nreor,H., WO heir of the least tin.ig d.feredi'able or ilishonn. 1 -m.l., ... 1,,.,, , ,..i , . , 1 MDletohim. ouirethess i.bjectn.1.1; were undo we have, ae it was our da y to ih taken ocefi ion lo satisfy ourselves on tin point, and uo fetl bound to say distinctly, lhat wo know of neithing in Col. l'V moral character, or in his conduct as a citizen, lo merit, in the slightest degree, the condemnation of tho p. -. pie, or lo justify a Whig in witholding Ins support. Pir, very far, from turn; wu know Imn as a very lib. cral supporter of iho go-pel, ami of itH hand, maid, education ; ai one who. i for strictly uiiin. tainmg law and orelnr, public peaces who is ,iiu. eelf a good citizen, of hiliitnofsobrie'y, morahtv, punctilious in the proprieties of private life, aii.1 with a ready and liberal hand for every meas. tiro to advauco tho good of the community. Th&t he is Utter thin any and every body else, he una il m II r mi in, ;,, s Id hi .1 . .1 . .urn ,., I'V' ut v. c run sny tint 111 point of t hlr.vic. moral, ami intellectual, wo cori.titi! rlmiiM 11 1 'Mc '".",' 1,ol",", . I " " lor llo-.- 1 brtnnlnrial i-lnir. Oncnftlic who 1 L. (,,,C(, M ,.n,an.r. ,., cS(,, is row an anient HUpf-orior of Cil . I'anir An If the other we do not kmiu Imw lie stands. IVm I been objections-lie tin- ni ule liete, it e-er"t,i,' UouM li'.it licsiirpru-M ur .f t,'i"y Irnl yme toddler, cut J-artf i.rilioS'ale, nml that tl.oy- have oprr ntctl tn the prejudice ultlic U liiiriausr. Hence it is that ue have noticed this matter, and now add, that these objections wo can only icgard n extremely unjust to Col. Paine, and calculated to work mischief, and nothing but mischief, to the Whip; cause. Watchman. DR. JACKSON, Till: GEOLOGIST. We have recently had a visit from I)n. J ct;so.v, our distinguished Chemist Mind Geologist, who is now employed mi the geo logical survey of New Hampshire. He took, whilst line, a cursory survey of some of the localities most remaikahle in this vi cinity as connected with u chain of scientific enquiries on the geology of tho country eastward from the Connecticut River to the gulf of Si. Lawrence and the Atlantic boast Dr. Jin kson has alieady extensively col lected valuable data for tin- solution of im portant problems deinoustiative of the for mation of the American continent. IIK geological surveys of Nova Srotia, Maine nnd Now Hampshire, have afl'orded him a connected series of observations which we should wi-lit sja 0 im ed westward through Vermont, and connected witli the basins of the great Lakes aud the bed of the Missisip pi. Tin; acknowledged skill and experience of Dr. Jackson in the various brunches of science connected with geology, we me mean ch.inicil 111 ilysis an I m ! illurgy, would r uder his geological investigations in tin Slate of great public interest and importance. THNNr.ssr.r:. Cur information from the Tennessee election" li nrs nn doubt tint a nnjoiity of Wines arc i lccteil to t!i 1 1.- mi! ituip. s . t'nt heni-etoi 1I1 T mtP44lit u Ml I,,. ,-, ,,r, I,,-r,,.,, vi ; ;,. .1,. c- r .1.. f,,:,,, I Sl.. ' " L' " " h , ' , . , , l,ur "'"'rrs arc nlrradv aware tint Mr. Jonc?, llic Wilis cand.d'ite, lins hecn clirtul (ioprnur of tlie Sfitc. Hi nnjotitv is even fttner heretofore v ,., tiutcil.-.:.. '" H.UNO.S. The ree'e inns to t'on-jrrs of lion. John nrvno'i's Oeno-ili.,,, ,,, U,c P, m n-.d Hon. Jo' n T. Stmit, ,. 1 t i n . . r 1 1 1 1 t'n- T 0 d Hi-: n-f, is c i-i 1 rm-it, but he pi.- !- innjnit'f iinuliii inpt it not iiecu taint d. A, our n t ,1111 mum wc do not pulli-'i tli, 111. I In Ihe S ".111 1 l),tricl, lli result i not eertiin, but . i. . 'li lln..n'.ln T. t- I . t. i . ...... ...... IT.. . ' . . 1 ' " ' m .11,1.11- I. vetoes 1 assv, C onservame. is also le.betnl. 1'. - tii'ns fiom ill the 1 minlics but two pi. ce him 3P2 vol. . alieaflf while those foun ic enie 1st fall but 121 majority for Van lliircii. Il is n rW race, how ever. Van liurci.'s niajorily in the D.stricl was 1 COJ. ' At..n.MA. Hon T!t rij. ril7patiiel:, the . rpAttion candidate f .r Ciov.rno , Ins . n.l.-it. lv 100CO inj.'i v over fid. M r".u v.: In,!, prn.'u-.t. rtirl .be I.. "Mamie ttioni' lv 0.)pj-.ti...i ; hut IV pi'V p cserihii.' t' c i-1-eti..n of Me.nbeis ofr!n:i7.csliy f! ueral "I'i, kit ins'rnd of OisTi"ts ha- been vote dow n by llic People, inanv ofthe Oppo.sibn uniting with the Whifs in it? con demnation. IN'OI V?C,. Tin Sjntu of t'lis :: 1 c i' -V 117, cither 27 n2t or 23ta2i. 'I he IIoue is Opposition. .'t to -iri. The tmj mty, howi v. r, includes Mortal .Mmibtt' who wercele-tcJ by"Wiii votes cnt on local c ini,l r atiin, but whoareplfdptd to ete in parly qie. ti ins as their cona'itu -tits would hae them. Mr. Waics, the new 0,.pis timi .Mi inhcrfium V.po, admit this in a c.tiI of thinks to Ins Whig supporters ii-ued a;n..; r.leeli .11. KsjiTCcsvis ill Whi:r, is n'readv stale I. Mil "I, tV. Ws-i :raT0N, .Un litli. Mr. C ay has rendered ''i;s 1 1) 1 di!e hv the ileluerv of a jh . eh upon lb v -to 111 HT", w'l.eri e .n'l leied hv lie, 11 oae .f Ins trnatesi 1 H'i.l.. What inaie can .c s nd of any oial irieal 1 fl'.i'-nn ! Hu but in it all llic powir of Irs niil.U i il, 11, ft. and Us eff.-et was. ns uiiaht have been nnti.iiiHted, o catrv cicn theiir I.. fore it-to afTi da oW"i,l 1 iuniph n. his frc-hdsnnil extort id ill in and pra so ccn I-11111 his eiKimes. Me can fully avoid, .1 1)1112 am tlunu wlne'i (ould be .a'lrueil spe -t to tho IVeident towards wn oi persiiintiv, mil, Ins leeluejs h id I'een for twin vfiuMvi.", nnd still w-re. lli.e-e ot Ihe e. 1-1 1 fneiidlvcb raeer. lie ha I ,1,-irnl 1,1 -nn.d 1111 ,, , 11 -nv wiv into coi,i ,11 with ih,,. e;ires.'lin I'v .n"si..0-biil hi" p n , ;n .,r, 10 the l, euo'd n .t all ..v bi n f. in bil hi" ,,r vile f vim.." in iT pirn ilia,-, espceiallv hoici. he eo.,1.1 11 it but d-cn ih- Ian 'iia.'e ol ihe in.'"Sa)e in n latieti 1 1 l!i In a a- iimj p ,iv ". .ufe id .."nu ih, lumii, lin. H'C-s a i! siwie It was will krewa M all wh. li.'iid I1.111 lb. I 1 .1-11 f.alure of the bill h ,.l l.c 11 in-s-ri al sol Iv I ir lb- euifoae of coa ili ii ,n, in, ,l( powi r to iteriu'e' the aeii in i lb' late'- upon ih s bject was .1 t a-s nne I hv "'on r l.i.t was eieca ti it m 'ho: jr wo.,1" ..!' the l,il v t'L. (.,,f j,. no 1. I!e nl vf rt '!, ai ih" ei t 1 u amicr, to tb -tart in r. wnis of lat sprine, and In 1 e hi-h hopes win, di h' bid mint 'fed en enierini; Wah. I'.nlon nt lb c lll'liciiei lllelll of the pre s. 111 scs'on. He revii wc1 the bisi 'y f the control. r icpict- iiv' ilia i'oii"iiiii.ioi. .1 1, ol a iiauu, nnd II e ict.on of iii tu i re'.it ..r ineii' - o 1.1c L'ov ramrnl at ililieunt 11.11 s up 111 thpiptcti n rt lorih in the most ,n'i i'i5 oiaaiu'r the siounds for h s former belief that ihc Prcilt Iwoidlfe' and act a" the bcul of tho whole ini.on, upon dirrrenl prinii'di frmr I'msp whi h bad prop-rlv t'oiernul bts i-oursi as n rtre en .if a MMale late' alluded lo the a'l rnnitf whieb m-hi have been adopted, of n'lowinir the I. II lo Iihc me a la v l.v ihe exnl'tlinn of i'ip 1, .. ilir. an 1 nil ive 'ei tieaictv lo aiiim her 1 leranlive I, ..1. I ..a 1 11 'P.i oni"n'.pti"l l.v Hi" i-es ait I hief-Maei"-I trite 111 lb- course of hi" oolite nt rrtrt r m.l ""'led hy rxpnvairu.' bis ho.o ihat a plan 1 liu-ht he bro.i I11 forwirdbv hi" f.iend", which would enu-c ,0 u,e lasuni benefit of the countrv, and lend i,M,r,.. senclrirmonv nr. I unity union.' ihe members of it P l"MV " """" ' w "VT""1' inn ronniry were nl nri'sent rn rutc 1. He i.rnnii"id his moM ciu.lial sup putt. 11 'b i plm if it sh ml I m ane ele.r, 0(,. pn-t wih his .....nion". a d f it shn Id 11.1 do . he wo hi altoi ibcr teira.n from opposing or unpethn" its proitrcss. " r;nii v Piu)i:i:r.i)is ix coo:;ps. TI1.1 lloil-o of It ar '"''taiive-t rcsolvcl itself iiuo.a u ol llic whole, tooU up the I'niile lull repor. 'weksa-,. bv t in cutreiirv co.iiiu.iieee.r il.n llo!Wind r .V recint i.W. d 10 auinid it bv nn. knr' out tho whole of lint bill, nn 1 iii'.-i lintr a series of nmv sections fori sial.h'biiiL'a Piseal Corporation, unlike any measure of the kind h.relo'ore proposed in f'onr cs. Th- eipinl in the former b.ll wis to be thirty mil l;oas of dolhrs, with power ta e-tien 1 i ti fifty mil lions. I11 the new bill 11 is to bo twenty-mm millions, with power to exten itto ilurly.fivo nullioas. Instead of IJrnnches the Hank is to hivo a-n iss. esta'dis'Til w'lT-vrr i'i j S etirv may ibmk proper or ill. in ii'n r I'.ard; mav diWtn rtildis'i waih llic con-, nt ef 'he Ni-t.i'rv nf the I'eauiv 1 ..-.. '. .i.. -. 1 v ... . 1. 1-. 1 f.r in i .11. -or an v nnui'.ero! 11 w-d -ds - ni W- a n-.n... ,,r 1,1'itt ' ''" eh-iw- o.' ihe ..o..ui .n nre 1,. I,c e- ntin .1 10 huviiv! ar 1 re Ihu:: of bl's of i.;.';anpc oi'l'li'iir ..:,... ;n .. ..,. r Te.nlnr ' l' ', ' ,.1" ii'.t'.i-.. 'T11 re are" to be n 1 loan". . r whu rs -,.r..-. I tally unde sionel l.v Vlsei.'.nts " nic woxl eorpoinlion is used in the bill thraugli. emi. in.iesailoi a Ihwik. 1 lie's- -ir hip unm leamrcs of thu Ilill. It was lead, 1,., !,,,., p, ,c pi in ,,. and rrf.-rrcd lo he. coiiiiiutltc of ihc whole, oa liie Atltcof t'ic Un. Mr. Wise wished to abii n the printin-' nf the Veto Mesvapctun was. 101 saepeasful. Tho Poriifiea i-n 11:11, ns anic'utlr,), was pasFe-Vl and rciiirnr.1 to llic . a'c The H1111-1 i ljiainvl b:w-cfo3 n ij n'dork. cofi;tp,ss, tup jtiiixi-p, and thi: The country is lo ikintr to them for coolness Kri wisiti, 1 vrv mill nu n is in favor of the nscen elincy of p- itioiic couii'ils. So fur ns we have seen, the Press, with f:w eir. plion" is deposed to confinu itself to exp'eis ons of elisinpoini. lent without nny linPliinn upon ihe biuwiiy of 110 Prcsieh nt. That the Whigs in Congress will neither bs diahenrtcned nil Jjord, ll.tM p' ns . ui.f asih arilutv ,1, latiuds, r ciniint .1 1 1 1 10 ma s e t'u.t fun him, ihui" in tile pi. s. ,1 dr. 1 r ! 11 lies win. h calls' for lh. .1 -iidoti.n, 11I if ,o;i,' o, Tic .nreii.l r of then .ifiii'iil lihus. 'I hat the nb no it icspons hie lor the opini ns or nciion if III. I'ltsideiil in such n case ns t'u, is a . ti jn nn .e.a'ds o'.r tivitit. lion, Imuctpr it may be the ra 'tieenf lli.j rai'lis1 Mm.sirv. U 0,1 tin piraon d in kpi ndence 111 iillicial elninclcr o' llic m.'in! c s o III Cibiuet is diituu'ttv oniproniii'iij, tin v. tie not o vc it III irs'!l-i,'fel lo I ii',. ni.y nd.fitioiial'it) upon ill, i-f d, r yo ihcir n cs i...y ptetixl for I'm tli. 1 I'Miltatioii, cither at the intctrtp. lion ni our harinutuuii tilntii.ii" 01 die tclaidnt.on of the national bus ncs. Albany Daily. Tuc nn.t. The whole of I'ridny, ton late hour, was C0IS11111P.I in lite Senate m tho dicussi 111 "!p..',!""' Distribution nnd pel lament I'lc-rmp. lion lull, to which manv aiiu ndnii nts wnepropo ed, aud 1'enerally voii.l down. In the end, nt !l o'clock, the Senate ndjouincd without takin,' tho final Ques tion. rjiL'ht montli.s haVK pissed awav inec the election "f i,'ii. Ilarri on. Ilui. I'! ir'.oi .In ,n nri for yuur wool? Act. AU', what (,. thev get 7 And what occasioned the pf sen Is it not voir measires, which are still in ii'i-ration 7 Is it not I'.e want o neunency, I ic wain nf lot.clioii t . limn I .e'u is I Wln redocs 1 he Atnrricin farmer find a mark.t lor lu wool ! 01 the A'liP'iean manef leluier, and nobody tie... Not a pound is cxp .rtcd or can I.e. t'raiii thj Uo t 11 Daly AiUerllicr. Exciltmcni un Vic iXirth-Cislcrn Dmndary. Tho United Stales comni'i iolters are now engaged in rimniii , ci-partc, the due 1101th line ft 0111 the monument nl the source of the St Croix. It appeals from the fol lowing paragraph from the Woodstock Tel egraph, that il deviates from the line hereto fore 11111, and that the circumstance piodti ces a serious exc lenient. " Ucbave In en inlorinol tint they ire runninp n new line. Last , f lb old h miid ity, inline down and leivniL'a sieiee of f.-oni dirty to eicliiy I'd 1 wide, anil ina kiin; the L'nilcd .flairs ltuuntiary Line- Th. allele lotincd by II, Htir in et.011 ol Hi lineissa.d ti b cvlcnsv , hatseveialcvtenfivccleanne'liilon 1113 to 0111 f.iruieis 111 the bai l; sell cine-lit', bale bi-i 11 nken in nnd 111 hid, .1 ns An.ciiinn property. W. iiavo heard ol -1 veral farnis lo'ina from .10 'to 100 acr.s and oae 1.1 parucidar, wc Ime beu. .tifnin.d bad I c. n . minly inch d, .1 in ihc .Stall of Maine, and an idea h, Id out that their peron nni-t I .coin. Vnicri'.aii ui.j. us. which I j n - caus.d an unusual de .rec of cxeiteuinii." Il 01 s'lt lo be uuder'toorl that the line now run-nim.K-.rls oMuip, and that it on the final set 1, . ,11. m a lined, Matii.c from the hilhcilo I oan In V should be a lopted, the eiiine titles will with out d ubt he rispcclcel and eoalirined. Wc knoiy n it of what 11 h- it can be to run an tx 1'arlc hue, in the pi wise and c.s ly manner in which the iejri.10 rs now cuipl,.nl are 'proneediim. What i now wa .t.d. if we urdci stand the unite.. i nierc- van . xpb.ralion lo , nty ccita.n tacts, sm li ns the posimii o ceiiaai hadilaivli, and ihe course of ter- e. ti leaiii j h'll the prce se po.-ninii of these, 'icl with nil the eel mint - of ihe inot c.inet seictuilic snivels, ci t hv a .) to-,l.;!ity, acenidins e our view of I'm at'ir, I ccimc s-ai v. in env state of the nciricinlins hkiK tonrse. 'Phe oiiieci in ilny, .1 how. v r a.c un I ..ibiedlv pficfdiue " 'eor.1 ini' to their insitiiciii.ti, and the tievernnu lit may baie nbiicts in Mew 111 the proiculion of th. ihoioujfli urvce, of wljieb we have no informa 1 io:. Prom ihe Allan) Tali Aduitiicr. Olir.tDKLT. CATASntOI'lIi:. Wc learn by ,acua ra 111 iw, i - irr 111 tl.c .Saturday ou'iiine,' ileji ., m.. ln.r uta! I. eaii . troj,lieoc, Syraeu-c l-'n lav vc'iine -otl '0 .i'i I ck, a Cue broke ill 111 a eai V nn i'i- t-l.r.. mi. -,t, .1 shnr distance north of ihe canal and mm tb. iS.i lina stre,t bri.Uc, which uiirncid the ntt.nti.m if nimicrous l.odi. of ihe citizen-, of lint vi la.'P. Whieuainynt llic piojirrs- of the liic nn ej.plo. s-on lone place, caui-d bv the) .oniiiiimicatini' to sev.rnl l.ariils of eunpowder, were sloied 1111 noi.-ii l.y the bysmndcr in the binJd'iii then on file. ."ionn ns the conMirnatio.. caiiiedbv ihi rlrrad- f. d ac. id, ill In I s il -i 'ed, 11 was ilinl nn awful li .,r hte h , nUei, 'iJ(. t,j. Ihe imf. linear wCic rpt'icro1 locdher - jiuc so eluadftilly mutil.tlt.-d n scarcely to be rccoe 1117, d. , r Wc arc not vol in poesij.n of t'.c full rxtrnt m that shoe-kin.,, allair. I'..clusic i.fthc folhiwinir f,,r whieh wcaie indibtiel to Ml. Pox of Svraci;e, wc iiu!ernd tliere arc upward" of fifty 'person ' wounded, many, 11 is f. nre.l, lalnlly. I". II Hum b, elri.nSic. '.. Dwiulit, In, ry stable .1. Dinnto'd. I.iwwei. II Opines cai pi liter. W. oaMin, bi.tehcr. J. Stint. in, stun, .cutter! I'ak. r, a hoy. I.a'ie. a sluu-makcr. f.l Moll'ltt. book-kcipT N.nh 11.71, inriia.c-inaker. ').V:'k. II. T. (!ibon. mi r bant, (formerlv partner nf Mr. t.npn ..f the C,i Hotel m t!u .in,) fo.eunn of Ko.'i'i, :.,. . had eli,arl .Im .t blow 11 oirfrom bis li.dy w.i lean I 1.1 llicei.inl lie w-s one of ..111 .riiip.;.al Ic ,ness imn, and has left a distracted wife an caiidien. In ad,i,iin to ihc above, which we issued in no etraon Simrdiv afieriioon, wcn.e ia.lel.tiil to the Western State .loam d ami the Onondaga Mandard for the foil iwim additional patticulais : n,,.. r .1 . .1 ... n. .. wv ,.,,,-iiiu-i unpiy iiinie.uii; events 1 !m I iver ? ?r"' 'A1 ,'"."'",' pbt.-f tost n eht. At about nlfP;"51 "' l'k ihe nlai m m fire n uiun, whi-h I'r'"'-'"1 111 ,'s' nl "or .11.7. ns t,. , w....drti Icilibn- si- .,U!"'' 'i the tow-.p-illi o! Ihc Owcl'o TiihI, i.eatlv "' ""' t'"lr.o! ', 10 ,"'""V ''' k'- "I!U". a"'1 'irrupird a"aj,iinii " ili,.. ,y (ha-lij. (ieire's. Ai the lim, wc Inel ii-u-hcd the ipnt, iie inof ol the bi.ililin" wn c niipletrly e nv -b.i.ed 111 il inic". The eaipu co'nipa r.'i'S wirrnenr tbefirc, ami 1 p.aic 10 beeloineeo.,.! e. 1 utio'i. Pti.-" ii'ly wc hca'd ihr crv of i' lwdei 1 Pow.l.r! There i" Ponder m the b.iildine!" When ins c-v w-as frsi eUen, near v ihc whole crowd r sheil hurt., but the nme ws" tun moiiiPtilaiy. Mom ot iminti'nid ilr ,r p.. tion, and veiy lew appealed 10 place novcieelit nth,- re p . 1 Ai t us 1., ue we wur- snndiui; within .'.Our CO "iii omen in., n.iiiiiui.' in 1 I'C 11 on lin. per niH nu en nu I'll' s w'l'ii a t.einin.luLS explo-inn . , . ,y. , , n-c-iw ntr in- 11 unntl 1I1-111. Ii-h i ll! lie i.iiitiiine. 1 1,,,, cvpl,,.,,,, 1,., wu ould r i'i . , 'llll'l.' I'M a r Willi fllr;menl8 ... hi in 1, an i creaiin' llic ercatet roii"ier.ia limn nsin-ih.-. Toe noie of ihu expliwion haum. ceaseil, all was ui for n moment, and ihen the most ...'iii: iijjiis uriicicr rcacucu our ears were Ul-l Mill, 1 L 11 'Hi? fi.'i PC sin whom wc met after the shnek wis U". .Mll'S. Iil.iett I, n p. n iM .,.1.1 w-nh i rt.,fhi" f-ieo blown oil', nnd bis hind and "-1 .niiie.Rc unillll.-lv covcreil Wll'l cm ersan. li ,...,! Hebe.d soniee.rn 0 co home wilh him, and two ni" re 1. in, a Co. n pa 11 11 . 1 nun. 'I'lie next wis a j.erso.i hroiinht out ilpad : one side-of hi- head biun-b.-en blown o(T an 1 his brains fd 111 out Oh, Mc-cv, w nt n siaht. Pro 11 t'ii" fillowc I other scenes which 1 I- . m j. i""i'ie m 11,-s -n-e Ml w coiifusion. AI ino-i-Mi inc "Piitot Ui'Mi ,-,,1 arl the elvm2 was ho-- " " was s 'irc-.v i,-m nnn .nt f ,v. nmt,t jn. ,,ei.,"."or ty.rreliiiv.-s-parenis for their children, vi.lwiv, nl.ii.isi fiiintic wuh .Lspa.r, for Ihur hut.. I.iery Ihi-ii.', we believe, wasdoac that could h-ve H..I.-I,-,111,1-r mo eirainsi inc. s. n e-xt-a fain oe-a." was run 11 A bum f.r phv" eiin. ,mr lioiel-kee era threw o en 1 1 cir doors for the rec.-p-linn of ih wi.inrl.-ri, Wc Pr. ,, P,lln, a'n hour after th -eirplo" on o-ciirred, nnd wniess,,! the,s, kindness em 1I1- part of all. Hverv cfTi.n was oiadclopxirieaio the l.odi, s .ml to nfi'ord all the and r. brfihal could bcair.rded Asm linenuai of the fire, it ic 11,, known! but it -'s sop-used lhat 1 was he work ..ran 1 cen.liary -The orr "PI" 'J'cd 10 haio cnmiivnce.1 m tho top of the b.i I lin.'. I hi powde r stime say lfl, oth t Ir, kr-"- .. . ., .. in -u iunii 11 our, miner wor s hci)c , nn b lon?cd to Maleom A- Hudion. .Su.-li is a ,ii f and an rnprfeet s'letet, nf this aw. fill ralainitv-nciliniuvwhi b, from tho en el.-s-ncss "' iinufmiyoi one, or two. or l ire.) nc srel" h-ia ,u n. I,. I.,.. .. a. t . . ( ''".;"' rir' ''i"1,11' "in si'"-no1 1" thin , offi.-i f II 1 ,v brnirs from fmi int , P.iprnile- THIRTY " ' ' ' 111 a-,. Wbl.-is. bp- f.r ..1 ,. -.,. i.p, ,h.. ..I. " iiemieiit's watnine. ""'"''',''' " " " " n n-I.c -- r. 1 1'iij m 'a' 'I'.' whose wr.t? , t'lounh ineni.nlJp nr.. nli-n-" ... C m.crutable, nro An.evdisi !. of lb-ieilW n.i,.,.,u 1.. as wr-have, been able In nseerfen " , ... (... L J"nl haste in winch the nam. ),se. f..,. , c, !ii-t(i " is y ni means rein probable I'-a. it m f,! ror. rec,. ro.i w -111 we nn leirn, nvnyn' the wound. rd will d c, hui same ar.i probably already doid" whose names we Imo not yp heard. A'Mitio nl List of tho Killed. Horatio N.rh;rey, was the ein, ,19h.mis'fr. aid Ins i n 1 w-ifo diurhiM fn J. Uv rtliap,m c?nil c h-ctor, AIbr.v,) md thr-a ehildrcni nnd b.c brother I,. I,. Cheney, wis deputy weiT mastir. ' V .'c"1, rnk in r- ,V' An 'raw's storei Joi' h nlnnmincr, carrngo-msker M. S 11 It. Thaneis HMts. Jnnrs. fi Itron f'hirVs Mi'ler. (Pornrcr.l J v IlikM, (Lodi) ' W. II. fhasei, ' n '' Il - i'i t ' 1 1. ai e oa.n.,i(i .111,1 tint tli,. I ,i,ii, t will ic.iain at t'luha Ludd 1 11 ! 1 .. I . in .11 tin'e mwii. nt a. I'i- (m I'm jb hiiiau.) . Oiiiiinn Tula, 20. r 1 .r.i s , , ,y 1, m. y,,(1 nl , oaoaJaM House ma Iceeimzc.l an y4t. . Wounded. Or. James Poran, h. tlv. laifoa (leoree, il:iii"cioii3ly. John II. Pulps. ' 1.0 I." Iti.y, datifcronsly, l""' .Sloau"'0' tl'"l"ly" Jonathan I'l.Mwin, ehncerou'Iy. Jo'in .Sl o ns. (ico'iie Ilencdi. I, dnncciously, S. H . Cndwcll, do. S. Hurst. I.. I). I.iw-on, slijhlly. .S. I'uckwood, J. Crawc, Oeorrc II. Walter, ladly. I.. OiiTird. badli". John Coiiklin, shchtly. Collins, r .Jptdeton. Ni'R Kllisinn. Heurv Honri. ,,!,"'t"i baJly. V) . Ilrow 11, Lew is Smith. 1. Itosehrook, badly. J.J.. llic -ins, danijcromljr. Klisha .Inn.s, badlv. Otsun l'liinam, badly. rhonn.sH. Ostrandcr. P. I owe. 3Ir. A siin's boy. Jlyron Jacobs, badly. Thomas P. c, badly. Mr. Martin. John Hums. Mr. Odhert. Dnid Wheeler. Po eit Armstronc. Dnrnnt, dan cronly. D.nid Myers. Total 40, Comptimmt lo Vsrmont.A few d ) aro, while the foMifip-iinn 1 1 I was and. r di'ii'i,.n in the Uni ted Slates Senate, Mt. I'helrs, of Vc uu.iit, advn 1 .1 mi amci'dment in favor of forlifcne the frontirr or that Slate and takmir s nne caic nf I,akc I'lnin. plain. Hcn.Kcri'il lo whnl hid bn n done by ibe t.rren Mnnnlain I!os in 1 lie lute war. Kc. Afiei l.o n, enneludeil, Mr. I'reston rn'e and said that ' what ...iadjut heard front the Senntnr had certainly left linn e"scaitu for riTietj if the defences were .. 'nlc- in ' any whete, no w here en.dd tbev be o with l.ssd timirnl to ih countrv than m Vcnimii j the tpirttnf-htr ffrctn Mmntnin HoytvouUlmahtcrtry vets in hir hills a Thermopylae and crcrv core n Sultimisl ' The ''ctio-ri'i Win? Cinnmiecw t r 'be cvcral S he -.1 1'i-r et c-c1.. me c nt Hownru'. e n I 11 lay ci ni...' ncs , a- ev. n , 'e'o . A p ineS'ial atteu mi 01 ren e ..). !) . r 1 r e, Tow n onunitiev. ADDHF.SS. Mei- persons arc awareof iln wnnd"r which have been w touch! in lhnrniieof TUlIPHRANrn by tlv reformed drunkards of llallimorc, Xcw Yoik, I'oston At c. and arcnnviuus to hear Bonm of ihein plenilthcir cai.c. , Nolicpistlietrf'ircmvni lhat Mers. llnnVAim nr.l UAX-rrr.. of I o"ion. will leciinc ntibn Uncle ( Inirch on .'iiiuretiyand "i;iuuj e vt ninirs next, tit 7 o'clock. PttEACIMXG. . TI iTc ill ' c 11.. iv 1 , nun,.. .', 1 vcrcl in ll'c 'rea1 lc.n,,e. lei .11 nr.lealh am' wrnl.e-r 1 er miions, a- fuP w, town: ..n l-V. av a' .1 S ll rdav ewiniiL' lux-. , e i' 7"i loci., 1 n the pub'- I'" Si are, .V . ,S ul",29i in', a. half pa-, g o.ioe', .. . on1 I I'f ini fl i.'e1,.,.. , '. ,. ,, 'li'S,! aie, a 11 a. (ten 'en en an I !.a c-i'i-7en. and ran e'r , are re urif , n , ,. ., at'cn.I- U rhiir.i.i, 2J ! A IS 11. My S. It. WI 1 Ji, , ' . .Ten. ,!,. Mi- lonary. i. II. Not a Mi rnvui or Seeii.ii.m 1 f any name or 1 u ' . Ma? fffiro "Jl . la St. Albaii" on Ihe nth iii-t., ,v the'ITev. Wor thincion.Smiib. Mr. WAnnr.N II. Maiifii nf nraitlc boro', to Miss Ann Acocsi a I encrsb, of the former place. " , e J i 9 il At si'atoaa Sprine", on the 11 inst:, William W.mnwiuoiit of till" t iw n, ni;, .1 I'.'. PENMANSHIP. 7 S. AIN'-WOllTII lespectfullv tiiMrins ihei.i-J-.' die" nnil (i-iiil(iinn of lliirlin-tim, that ho will 1 111111. nee eiiiii' a com.-e of ins'r. cmn hi wrinneou Mondiy, Auir. lOil. al a room ,n Mr S;.oiie' build, in fioiini,. ihe public "qi.are-. I.i Its wil! bo lam h 1 beiiil.ful blind b.i Oiiitliniiji a bnld. free, round rind that 1 an I c acquired and win ten wi li enM. nnd f.rility. A 'l-"."iil Nail cs w ill imei ni ! e.Vloc nl-t.-in on. Centleinen nil other hums of the day Mr. tinmvnrth prnpo-es npenini a school in ibis M'laie f ir cmnt' int uctioti in Writintr. 1 b-hc ex nmiiied some "pecimensbe hashiw n mc.vV I approve of bis "tvleof wriluiL' a" a nam al. eay, and eeibh hand. I have no crmre 1 "cnu-intan'e will. Mr. A',ii""OMb, but bae c.ninin(d the credentials he lemcsfion. ihoe who have patron 7ed h 111 in ..tier jaei n, The"!' creel, ntia's "u'al; w. b of hi" supcc"" u, rivn'in-'r i-tion in thi ussful andi.npottant ranch ol c ucaliun. ,. J. k. coxvnrtsn. ' I iith.icton, A 113. 21, 1311. Farm f ir sn'e al Aurti'ir. UV I'.' li II Sc'clil er. (in (he i,ri-ml,i.. 0;N, 1 a'cl on (In 1. 11 r. ....... r... ..1 ... ' ir-insicn '.. mi no i-i .it, w 11, ei il t i.'U- iii!-' an 3jfi a 're rf.l.iu ', a 11 I O'J 1 I whi f. .-'lir-l r.i e in'ena'e, fern erlv 'I (m v. Pi ru A'-o, 21 1 '. v s, t U.xe'n, 1 j- u mr ('... le. iril.siei-i, en' 3 ll.r.c , all .,e orol .,-e . f -ml Pun-; w, h he "a.'i n-, ( artf andTenN an I Purni'ute- iri l.c 1 1 1 1 e. 'ler.n-., iwo t'.o-.-ai.d el. liars 10 I c pai.' e'e wn, 1-r ri train 'rr in avme-it- lo s it ihc n r 1.1-cr, w. h m'ere-i mm allv. P. II. JOH.NSO.V, 'it li , A ".23, IS II. NEW LINE OF STAGES' Fiom nurlli K'nr v'a .T1.I11 o at .1 1'ai.vlHc to ""'unito.iiimninii.fc. '11 'e.ue, II i ...j;,,,, JJ, ... Weln.' 1. ,v ' ' "' 5 r,v'c'., A. -M. an I arrives in . an v. en 1, r. .ii.-nmc ey. Pe r e 11 'a ia' lu. rnite e'an re-.nain tea hours longtr a II iloic'...,, and arrive at Danville as ear v a- v any o Ivr ro c. Th . lo.e in it es-. ihe S nn va I line .1' Ji l,u on, and re.i lies he- I, ne a 0 tho u.-x' 1.11 ruins'.

I hi r e p.i e oieryieal read, 1 re., sh .1 ive- t re-. 1 can I pliM an n-...rn if 10 ii'iy, and iho c win one iavciLU.,cxpic-i. iliciriiii.ii! I atii'ii nl 11, ,,12 ISiMll.lNCn'OX HIGH SCHOOL. rplll' P.i I 11111 el ibca-eve in iil.inen w II com L mini eo Wc i.c e'jy, the -Jj I. m-i. HeTri II' hae tiicave', a ' prm ipat, Mr. Ciiari.i s C. i .UKEii, a e a srrnd a e Irom ihc Pniit-r-itv nl cr nn 11 . IV. 111 heir aeqiiaiu'iii ce wi h .Mr.' Par rr, l.e' r 1 ii'.w e 't-e- e f hi n alnii-i ion- a'.d s ..-ee'-- as 11 ei.--cr,ll,ey feel e-e nli.'c.-ii, tbai.wilh Ibe-cne inn.T nilhien iM.f.. rci'.'zc. 1111 attum t.l thetnsti ,inn, we hall haera -e-ho. le I'tlielir t or'cr. The '1 11 11. .11 1,1 I usli h I ran, die In 1 1 em Ill ' eh elf 1 f he Tr e'e-ei , J. k CO.WI.IWl, Stc.nro. Urn. A c.Sl'h, IS1I. ' IMA NO. ASrCO.ND ban I Pia.ii.'uj b e -e'ra try-, n utv 3skI our, i- fi r a r, amffiia J- at the lli.rhnu'on lino!; si orr. . 1). A. HUA.MAN. Ani. it, JUJItLINCTO.V HOOK STOKE. I). A. nKAM N, DOOKSr.l.Llill AND Sr.tTIO.NT.It, I.M'OIt.MS hi- I'r.end and Ibe p l iic pn.e-rnHv, thai be 1 11,11 'nii'ly 111.1' un; a 'iliiimir 11. hi -l. clicf IIOOK, 1 f ail ibe new and popular pul liiation i f l.euiav il.Hini.-t prinn:iui puMir'nn; hbtt m be ni n'ry. H nrrai)eineni ena'.'o nun to pro e! .D'l.e l.i c 'irrary ai.rao.jnn" at n early elnv. 11' ,re' , .r a t r r-e i .1 llm-l,. cm' raec a ery .'r-i'y e 1' ool. Ctnsriral, Lr.v, Mtdhat, .VirVrif, i(i.17 cs-'cn,. . Worts. An.e... . ' ' .1 .11,., -riatvarei f Itl.A.NK I (K)'-i ..nil S'l I II..M (V a'l ,i win. I, he 1 c ia i-' o 1. n a' j ri ev win b i.innot fa I in 'IO ll.c nl.'.i ee-..eei!ll cal. Mi-r 1 1- 1 ej, 'lin l,ir,&p. nie- re s ; i-c'ful') uvi i-l '.. "a . n.l ! c.Hiii,iie hi. ,S 11001. HOOKS', evlu-h .1.111. r, c all 'he a'e o, eilar mid unpioii'il dr.. n-, v. rv . ip.iriii.cin i f leiiiuaig. Aus 1 1 27, Ibll. New I'all tiools, p M, WHICHT i le. h.i 1 re-ched nn a. Ijt 1 r ii i ni 1 1 e ii'ire new pa. crn. M, '- Lnine , ' ark I m i h prmt , -1-1 i o ch n- bain , Ciiiui l.i-e-,'l lue-a I ant l.incn l.a-1-, Pla. 'I Ii ,i.,I n iu'.'.,(.incwnrtic'rli rch b'ren' wear,) I'lai I Siuw eo-. w Inch are- o cred ai vi rv low prae , A I SO. A rewv it-!. of Pare-' el' Oner liooir. Wnllin- 'hoc , .Sir 111; Levi an.lPirneh Kid T, 11 a .ii Sip,, em, I a lie ' halt O41 cr , (1 now nr'-'e-,) Mi,es fa a ! whe-h wi'l le toldebcap a iheebc.ipe 1. OOP '' S. N perier Twin Ce.-n-n Vain, as ores! &Joi, chis,p,Ly i. M. WJilfllT k Co. .V.t.a ' Ve 11 I l il, li .... ti t...p Il I . If by on. 1.1 1 'in v iij- 11 n t i Ma 1 c a. r. 11 AUi.l:i, S, IU'. I lis TI 'N. JJ IJ'VK I, ,J .11. ro e.el. A.s.tu. ,ci 11, r nni. ur lr, b. . TI.VilO.N A'va l.vnaN 15s ate. STAIT OF ! ItXONT, I T! e l!,..,,e P,,,' n'c dmt .ter or, ts. ( c i,r' f r U,e I n.- . k', 3" ! !"''' me cruel i'i be ,JM c 01 Alva l.y.,,1, la,e .a .'.belt , m, m .n.l d ni-, .-1-'wTli'lltM- , . (iKKIIIMit , in I-A-, Ccorsrc A, Alloa, A Iniini tran rite bo- ,, .',;,. r , r V'-1' c.,,.ro(.o--i,, -,t. r . . ,"","o.."Taiiein)aini pre in. a e'eniiil as.nn.i.aid e.ia'efi.r evn i, n,i.iu ... T"1, e",'" "f !'"- 'or. e,f Prol n'e, to 1 c bol.l.-n nlthe Itciri-tcr . o.Tice ,' jj f,2 , ,', i,u,c.(t N. due day e.l Septeoi'er NPMj'niil Mary (, fornicily Mary I.yon nu I f.riiicr n liuinK.ralr.x ol Ihe r,,.i :,llu",m" i'-',proio.e. lo st fie her ndminis- ' ,,..' -"",M -muc nine an i pl.aee, lllnnr.renr., "i,,.. orcli.-rct y nonlVI 10 Ic X, e . r ' ' I1'""' a-1, and show a ee, if any yen have, w hv ihe a co int albie- ,iui 1 cai owe '. of a'.I-uTa.0 i)?i8iTJ nui,:ne,on-fiftll3''V "" ' ' ' ' WM, Wr.STON', noisier. Leonard Ho Iqcs' INt-atc. ' W1",.''10 l'.'.,'n' -'' baviner 'e'en ajiixr'iilcl bv tie iionorn' icihe I'mi. ,Vp f0, r, r ,f,t. ,,.lr, , I'ticn en, eoiuiiii .inner lo rceeiVc, exnimne .111 1 a.lpM the flauns an I elcinan I" of nil per-oil-, mjiun 1 the ! tate of . , , , . .,... t'l'.OXHin HODGn, In tor Wilhlou, 1.1 .ml l)i inc., .'ei-ea.e', repre oieel 111 oiwns .1,1 1 H a ,. n ,., 'tx. 11 1 el 111 o ihcieti-an I v,x inon h fom i,e,'a e lurci f, Iciii j all.iwo 1 ' v;ol (.0111, f, r ha. ir r )o e wedohcie;')- iri ve noli es that Wc w II a' Hid to .he l.. nie . f i. ; .oomtlhci', at the dwelling 1 f Jacob lioili:r., in s.illnion, 111 aid di tn'ei, t.11 1 h- 27th i.iysot -(jiteni eriind Dee. in or ne.f, at leu o'Jt..-' , A. M. on e.ieh i,,. Idav.. li Oael.le 19 b .lav . f J Iv. A. 11.1311 NATHAN JOIINsO.V, . A. J. I'LT.I.r.'.l, -cmissinncr'. Itcat Estate Kor Mile. A UOUI 1 ix 1 en a re i.r l.iu , Ivunr in Pu'e,li, VIlH.I.oiiiiiit be farm 1 f I?p .... !' 11... .. " ho ve uul lan, lieieon, ,, ;i. 10 ,e , owiiel nil 1,0 0 -cl 1 v lie bin II. 11, 1, . Ihe tune 1 1 hi- ele.itb, 1. now e. civ f,,r .n c. ' he ni l!" . fsriKil iiual ,y an I lie- be but r, a . leu ns from In 'cihid v.lla-e to Cam' r-.'ire. IVpuu wi liaisr lo p r.-b.i 0 will plea ej lual.c a, pin a-ie.ii 10 tuc .sub.e-i.l , r. ZIIJA W.CHI.'Ii'ir.alm'reeiecrca, im g. 1 1, m ;. ri,,u ';; ELL HAll.NUM'.S ESTATE." STATn or Vkilmont. 1 T a I'rol-ate Couit held O.stiictojOiuttuideii. J A at Iturl.iiL'tun, witluii snd for the Disnut of. hatciidui, oa he 1.111 h diy ol August, A. 1). 1311. Phjih Herrick and S-imnel Poirdtuan, adininis traioisof ihce la u of Pll i.arnuui, late e.f Milton, m said eh-lii.-t, haiitiit filed 111 "aid court, their Peti tion, 111 writin::. set line foi tb i,at th,-debts allow cd bytha e;oniiiiiH"ionirs aain-t the . state of the said deceased 10 7,?!1 CO j tlntfiie personal rs- T,n1' ,"'d liee r'-'' !1S '"Veiiton d, ainount" t llnt thu expenses of ndiinnivti,,on m no less i.ian s0-and lint it wi'l he neccsn v to sell real .-.late lor lb -payment . f the debt"nftiic saiel eli.c,asi.IlhcAexpi.ii-esola.iniiut.!itl,mM!; other parcels olrcalcfite, tho siid Him undied s I7C.I and posc-seil nf f,lrni) MlllJ ea led the .sp,..r J xc Cl)lvlll , .,.-,, , .g o) an. , and that it is int only iiece.-s-iry to s-ell s d laud lor pa vine .it of ,1 '.s. I,t I'm ,t ,Ci,, i, iai. ihciil tou II j,.. . r.di-l lun,. ."-,,, h,d ...ij iniujediitely and p.-,y,.v ue. coat tj grant them ice, s" lo s, II vai.I ! .t, J. And the s-ii I ad .uoisiialnrs further s t forth, that ihe said llaruuni, at th.. tun.) tf his d-ath w.s seize I of ab,.,i: -iv a -res of land in A!' 11 ah, n ,. c unity of (.ran I-W-, part ..r the Wa. niV Karin so call,,!, mil beiiic i. 1mi. .H ,,,1,3 ;V .lonathau I johsiail. to si 1 Hoi riii-n, on the r,ih elav of March, ISJt. and nl-o of aiioiher pi, re of land on win, b the old Uaet'oner Hoine, s., ci,ll"., in Al biirch. staed . bcin.' the same Iiiiup and lands als , deeded bv snd Holconil, m said Hi. 11 .in, bv "aid 1 ie. 1110 - oilier, Marrri the -,',-,th dav of ..i.iitn, 1-.1J, w.i nn,." ami nous.-, in AH.iirL'b tlu-saiil liarnuni, at the ti.ue (,f ,),,., , ., , tiii" fat, aiuLuncer a rni.tiact u. .1. ed to, one M.-i-nit lioekw-ell, em ihe p-ivuii-nt nf foilv-l'irccdolhr , or the l abour j tint .the sa,d Merntt. had paid to the snd ad 0 nisin or-, tin am., nit - lech he was 1.1 1 ny previous to re enm : a deed or-,j. ,ini, . hn-s and lions.-, and piayme said couit to h .. them to coiupy nl Int mention. ,1 lands an I .. Wv ,r..n ..lemii. 11 here.-c ,;, the court'.a d 1I01I1 opr.oini the "eenud AV.rlncda . nl September nest, mr hearin ' and d-e'f'ii.i' on i-ni.l .,,!.. , Iheeilhecol the P.eci". r of "li I eourt.'in sai 1 111. luinaoe, sii(,ih ordcrih-u all i,-i" ins miV-re --ed !.e oontied itiemrf by orchis order, cn'nii.- i.iv ...e.-ui.naney 1,1 sam p loiop. 1 ,re . .--...j . on. 11, ci ui cue t-r. is a ri-w .paper pnnte.l n Itiflinrimt. in the coimtv of riiiiieud 11. 111 -I i' i ni wni.-ii 1 iiblmii nis to be pr. lines t,. the - c ,i-un.'iiiy 01 Mi pu ml cr, A. 1). 1311 "leu .111 ler my linu at aid IS . irnnsrion, -hi- n.ntli I'.ey.'t .oS-i t, A. I). IStl WM. WPsTON, Ite-i.ic Miranda Ch.yclnTl ) rj' II P. pctu ir.iicr slntcs tint sh v-s ' was. nn. ried 1,-1 ill,, r. -,.., I lis'iilbf'hiirchi I. )d.-nt on ihe 2"ili Jnne.loTi. th 1 , "p ' , ;y.i"-i) ue a. 'iica iicr en iln'.'iiili '-'.. nun. 1.11 mis siate, nmrfiim il.n 1. ,n aiirueii no nin nor suppoit; and piniinc ihnt .J iMiius.i iii.iiiiiuuiij- ieiween larsuui tlie tc-j ende nt It .Imi'i! l.cen irnde to .-p-rir tint the said P.lisli.1 I... ..ii.iiiiH. is ii iini'i 1 11 c "ii.ii 01 einicniril 1- eir d re' hint ijje s 11'. stance of "ijil ru! I,-ht-.l if ibc l'rcu Press, 'ihice wnl,. m;.-i r;'filv.' the lit 1 1 .. ;noie t ian riiv el u In feie- tho . "..inn ofolicco irl. A11I i'u. s-n'd P.l ln II. ln, - lull oirr,.,- en 111111. i.;.i io a-p ar ber.rc the '-enr-mr ' ii. .".. loi.iru ai iiu-j -.ifln, on the M-'sidai ncx.t l.efoie tjie first Til -".ay of Janmrv. l"l" n liw cnur.w rythe praier of-sud. .Ltitl m -should . , ' . M. I-.IIP.NNP.T, ,, ; - Jil'.b-e of Supalne Court IJurhncton, r. Atipust :5th. IStl . ' ',i' -ST 'OR'J H A Ti " A M V I. I V I'. It IV O n T, Ij'OIl l' n mpt.'i.n, in 1 I, v. r ecn.-l mi'-, Tv--pcp in, 1I 72 nu rf he hci I, 1.. of a c re, f ven arv, nu I s;ciieril ic 'a e'r. I be wh .'e v 'cm. ' .oiieion me 11 -lilt nii'i.aicl n 37o Howvrv, ..v.. , , ,miiviu ue -i i-icwa nr.-i ma e, tiee'- iceril t.e me iie-inc f. nne ' and e l-i' 1 shetl I v ibe re em s pr pre or-, anil win. nre Iiei.n'vter on wins ilii-e-eun vimi on 1 I "lie cen ne. I In lien ".-iil icee; f 1 v f..r r rli e..r- 1.1 'he e-iire of ihcpe os.-ac. iuj-iiemciu'ir l-c e.r inn a. 1 I Ge n 1 1- m i e e.nly n 373 liowcry, .New Vor' . Ali UH.I.-I ire ,-1. iiii'nt. . t'unswnjitUm and T.ircr Complaint ! As a snii'i il ii iiif y f.,r c .' s,-a.e-, 1 .on f l'v a 1 lw', li-niii I i,a ,..r.t. ,.f -1- 1 n in,. .-i, e'- al .0 I r. '1 avh r' lla nil ol l.ivcrwe.r. I'e-i.e.' ji -ie v vc.'i 'ab'e-, e e an I im- 1 wi'h be. utino I .ale y I y nil pc. on in every rnnbtiop. It e-'eiio he lunc ly i.-es-ie.ri u.n, rv eve iliilieai't b.e-i hull, .nn. i-eni. in ncii .necne 1, 1 nrc can le noque- 111. 11 ..1. .in- iix-ui.-iiie 1 ii err. -nn i-jni 11, p i-nr, ni-'.-ei'ca aiili'ol.b. I har 11 e.l it Jo r M-ar in mv ari -li. e-, ami alway-wi h ir . I. P. I!0(il'l!S, M. I, A7i-ii..'N. Lnu-ly if. Co. Thro 'ore A. Pee ,t C . If. Moody, li -r.ii.' cm-', II II irne-, bar'niiv. nil LAW I5LANKS. C (lOODItll ll ia e-ousianilv for fil bv the ' He-am or Ceuire, a eciifral of law. blank", printed irom forms from Itevr-cd Statutes, ninsMini; of Justice Wiita nnd Rxecution;, all Kinds in uso T.ustec Wriis 1 ounty Com I Writs and Kxe.-.itions, v.vidhs kinds Wnrinntry, (iuil-claiin, anil .'Mot tirajio Deeds Chancery lUlla for furclobing Mortgages lllan'ts fr I)' .osiiious Administrators I'nuds I.ciiers of (Jinrdianship Ofticcrs Keccint. Jiistn-e Appeals lilanks lor Notes, Ilay-Scalcs, &c. etc. Angusi :o b. CO.MMON, Por Sale, Ai-jj-i't, rnih. by c. fioonnicii. KOINNSOVS (TII!.IC,I, Ui .ti'ch.s in Pales.ine, Moun'-Sirai and Aiabia-I'ureti, now for nlc at iho Ito-i More) ol D. A. IIRAMAN. August !Otb. STItW IIEIF' 11 c AME into l ie rnH .tare if iha nhsc. .her. nbnui Iho Isi May List, n rd, lino back, d, twoy-nr t'iil lu-ilcr, of "oo.l k'Z. . The vner is r vjucrteii i. pay charres nnd ulu- tier nw jy A. P. MUIU1AV. W'Lmn, Aitjnst liiih, Pit Sir flBHHHHjHjHHHjMi I 1 llv , . A 1 " ir In 3HI .,v. nrn . res n,, P,,i. Iniiei-irs, ,IC( f.m.niu, , ,,,. . lure-rs w,, ,, 1 tm. chau'saml ,b.ilc.-s nt .-it) prices, hi limsir.u.hi. Any person wisIuul; tiuularpittcrii" can bo supplied by iiimi" a short no. July a ISil. r; 0 MATIN IlAll'I) nnd Plain .M.sbn .le tare J I'SIIAW I,s, jit receividaii'ifir i'e eh ie. at the loiihiieion Cnsh Store. .'J. I.. IlUlMK It. Aumist U, 1 11. TO lists'!'. rpitn Iltick Store on Church Street, .L now l.eciltii.-il bv X. T.ric.le.t r tlBJ Possession piicn ihc first diyof April inlueX. next. l or terms cnnuirooftbe o.ibscrihcr. n ,. , , C WAlNWltmilT. l.nrhnRton, August 12, IS II. ALHURGH SPRINGS. fumA. THATlirrc and mrv Mansion, nt Al iVntfnl a, ori! sf nnr". "Ei'n reopened by "MtiLf-L "" "c .11 ii", lor lj -,' usitors eJiitinrr prp., w-"tl report indnstriouslv nu the reeepti. 11 of icnt "piQrm. Tlip report ind.istnouftti' em in r...p,,i.,. .at fresh wnle 1 has been bin,.,, .i,n , ;,,n. 1. ..1 error, without ibele-nst hne!ow of tinth, ns no nllca. linn has been had, in, or about tlta Spriiu since tho ipr.uiintiiice of th. ttils-tibcr wnh the sprine, in ISb. I.ut the Sprmps remain tint ercat Pountain, pine and iinidul rated, not in need ornwccklvnl. t.-iidiiiL' pbysicnn to re commend ber, nsdo htrsatttl. htps. Ai-coiinin 'ationsrroo I. - lloir.l twoeb. liars per wcrk. Piivate l-'nmihespltnsantlyncrnmmr.i!atrd. (f.c AHiurgh Sprintrn, June 5, 1311. vTltA F.I) Pcm ihc subset her about ih fi'tof June tail, three yeathnv, two line backed, ind one .eel i one i steer and the othrr two be ifers. Wliocve-r ill irivc information where lliey mv be found shill buiewit ed for their trnuUp ,. PHIVHAS ATWATP.R. nurlinlon, Aiizust 10, 111. n10 L , NOTICE. C1 M1". into ihc inrloure of ihe I cribrr on the ', a red two i.-atsold STI.KIl. notparlicu lailv in-iik.-d. The owner can hao ' bvi.ncine eiiaiires, pioviny pioperly, f.c. J.1.1ILH .NUiUlIS. Purbnpt. n, Aupusr P, lll. O-'IIJ.V Academy's Collection, Mn"-irhi:set s 1 'Culler lion, lloton Che Uo k, Anvnrnn Clec I'oole, just rcecnid by C. GOODP.ICH. Ancii't 13lh, lall. a 1 0 7&TKAYP.I) from llic sul.scr.le-r on tlie'lh in.t. a daik ird r (IW K-'W W "1'b a dark ns, hrr hnrps i.-n in vrf ward-, o Who--trSl?umm ev. r w II civc informa I loii wl-ele-M.i' 'i.w may 1 11 iiud. "In I be suilnl h ie wnti'i d. Iliilhn.'lnn, Any li ISsl. DAN1PI. DAVIS. JUST Ill'CEIVED 1 111c iu Casli .store, a 1,11 n-crtmcnt t.f i. x. j-, .l.-l-i npauij I a'timr. Also, a geiu'ral ,1 .nniiien. e.f (iri.ccr.e-, a'l ntwhiili will I e jI J ver) low lor cash, 1 v 'J. P. WHALING ,f. CO. J Iv 111. ' 7 jusst: ca 11 11: v ti-: it, At'.oi-ney at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery, at r.ssux cn.vrni:, cniTri:tir..v co., vt. On let, near IlaiS,-)-'. Hotel. rsrt, Jjly 1, 1311. n3 BOOKS. MlIIP. fei'lov.'iRt' thi.-el ly re-evivcd and for sa'r ly I 'he - I -i-nl cr. III l.v. ir ee., Pin- .ol. r.- Coat-sion- of a S.buol .M.i.tcr, P.i'Ci. ' Pre-ent, S.'c-.h III 'c, M i, r esl, - 1 1'e e,l Piau I nj .N. w 1 nj niKILazeite-cr, 11 O.a.ur, 1 he- (M A r .-un licillcmca. imply Cf Poel 11 Oil ,V , ebe.ljicr S. IIP.N'l INCHON. IS a new h 111 ever, I y J,.lv 2, 1511. Jl G'.IP.AT Vtrie'ty of Itieh S Ik" Just rero.wd and l V for Sale very cli ipat tha lljrlui jton l.'is'i .-tore-l'V , S. I.. IIP.MIGK. July 1 C J? i 1. Jivp I w o Jul) eye nrd a bea uf I a. ur 11 '11'. ef Pic.leh, aiieJeeJ pri e . S. II. TT N E V MIIS. I.ANtiV. OUTJIY ; f AS t'Teixid 1 siirnh ol I .-.slnoiinl al.'c (ton's for noire Shawls, 1 Collir", P-irii- ihc season, linn long and -M-s-l", I' rench c inbroidered Cm. sand -,,lsv!liob,.ii" 1'nnlcd Musluif, Plotters, Lewes, Per- ! i out rv. . r, .Sronr, s m hside Court-IIousc Snuirc. Il,.,l .. ...... .1 . int. 1 ....., .IUIV J, ICl. .SCHOOL AND CLS.SICL I100K.S. A n:riil assuitnicnt far bile at the lowest puces by (J. GOODP.ICH. July oOih. 1)L VNK HOOKS, Lrcnor.ilS, Joutnalc, Ujy-lJoo'i", Kecords, Ac. CvC. ,V -. Por sale by c. Goormicn. Jti'y SOl'f. MS' OUll.Sn on the ii-ath of Wiu.,e;i Hr.snv - llenni-FK, Kite I'rc iibiit of he Pn.ted Sales, by Joiiii' Wheiler, 1'rc-i.luit ofthe L'mvtrs.ty of Ver- 1110 it, publi-lud and for tale, by July 20th. tQou'j'e ItclineJ Loaf: Aepr. G. 1'-, nt S. II, SCOTT'S. n9 Iks t -Isi k-t sill-s I extcii'iie o"forliiu nt efcicrv i.irictv of A Y - tiiurc. Cil'oi. stl le. n. , I. se.o 1 I'ncc." arc most certamlv rcdu.-i-l so that end (;00)Suf this kind can bo pur'chajd ai entire- u new oitpiiias. "' ti3 "VTolrsMn anil fur Hals, of ihc latest stye 1 at iU. reduced price-, tl S. n. SCOTTS. n'J Ai'p, G. v. h-vlli't-s, .Shirt ncs, TicUms, Cain Paiidin--J II utiai;, Cotton Vain, etc. etc. just teemed it e h. li. .-corr-s. Aw nil C'-i'ln S'rip,l ( Iial1jslIn,n A P.cim.l Mnus-h-icilel.ainis, just received and f, low, at 1:. sorrs. An", fi. Onraii Silicr Tahlr pcn! c. TUST rreeieiel, of ihe test reality and w.ll be s.ald ) at the owest price. Also, wc v ouLi cill allentio-i. 10 some mad Pined Spoons, made for 11-. n'tr ih., "ilir f.ii.n. nil co ids w ill tic sold it t'ic lowest prices ' . . l'.l.-.iiuil.- ev, lIUINi.MAin. July 53. n7 I ""IK a 1 i-n'ion . f rl-cp-it lie 1 .tin'' of '.-lie!.!- now- em-o-'n i inv-'e-l '1 n Line noweiv-oiir' a- S. 11. S( OIT A run-op .on nry f..r pun-ha inr gooj Gex's al i xe e' n- y low pne-es. July 23 'jJin I.AOV'S Cabinet, devoirs to science and P'-uei a! htcrst'ire. 1111 roce.cen! nt il,p II.,. I. where mi'.i ript ons are iiceivnl for lhinnel ihoN. V. Itevi w. American Journal of ihn M and N'. Aru.ricati Iteiicw. July 1, I). A. U RAMAN". 'PISSLT. Paper, ereen, vcllow, blue, and ...hrr col. i. ors. I.ndlcs nme and letter 1 nprr, II. H I!. II. II. H. I11IH P nnd nth-r Pencils. Justre, c'd July Si 111. PANGllOKN HltlN'S.M AID. TV TU-'ICAI. Instrument" Ac. II P.e'v K Hat 1.1 1 nctles. UACPifis. Kla-e-ol.-ls. Oonar. Vio'in and Vi..bncel o trine", iccirve by July 21 1311. PANOI OI'N" A r.nN"MAlD. "5 TO' P.'S Cf.'TTrPl,A.NP.S. Wiriannd hi- rcnirloaiiv tiling in .Mail, t-?0 , 'or. for s nl, Iv 1 tTI50fiS .f. Co , July I. 1141 N i: W (i'OOI)S. 'PHI" siibs: iher-h ive re -M s new a-sa-tment o' I I'lnll illli-lin Ilel.l.ns Pll lli-d ovinbii nml Pr nl. cd 1,-iwns ,'lle and win" 7'-.-s.,ils (.ace pre-nch sqr. n. tl LI UiilroaJ ami 111 .'' I) , H.hl o" r.m .pf. U. JIUR1UV WmGHT.pco. JunolG, PH. OHINA and .broilc'RLboi-.Ch.niSrf ani V a v '. cf rrinrhariil.viaU. S.U.SCOTT. Jei'v "3. . T VI I), ihn ahoit rivr wre-lss S - - . ..I hU . Inph llOrt-'P Iflnrll ycs-sobl, with Inns t . I, sin-ll spivi-is on his la.-s. and n stnr round the right hind li e. Whncv- w;!' ret rn taid hoi sc. or r vo any inf e miiim lehtitij to the mine, to Jeremiah Patter, thall be. 6Liubly re- w'arclcel. .. s-OI pp lilO- i y 1 .1. m.njj r" 'I 1 I'r 1 C. I'lf'.l S 1 A a II.-11 ."oil v., an Chiiie.nleit, un lim ilihjdaj- 'ir-'Keir v . , m D, 1 1 t nt Mil 1 , a lit "i.d I) -in I 0 of I w. A. I), till. Atli I.. Mather 1,, IMio.t i i the Slat'; or Mi -'...("in, lltinOinn ol Ins unnnt eliunli'tr, Sushi I 1 ten jl u'r, nf the same D.'tro.t, Invu.j lib; 111 ml Cm tt lu-p ti'ioo, in wrpin" sett, -i.i'ii.rti. that bi aid w ' ' . d 111 her ,u n;;',i m le... nf one " oun'ii .'cl snenih pi. 1 . fi. ..,VII, ,j, .,.n,ira c. ouf I. ml. v. t.v. h-indifd nn.lsi n -e" .1 Ian 1 I) 11 1 triiiei I. in theeimiilv r (,1,,1'etide'it, betni; tl home firm (so calb,)ol t.vmnn Yale, late of said oiiirioiic, el.'ccas d, and Hl'iy-mm! acres and tiruty rp'Ino landlv ncin and Charl-,tte, bounded wust by 1C mthwiyl.admppou h Irom Charlotte P.-ir Cor-n.-rs to I cms iiiigl, sol,ih -nd rait br Harry Vnlc'i and nnd north by j0hn Thorp's land, alio, two i iimism hike Ohimtiliin, 0111110112 abti' forty thr. e ceres of land lyintr west of the h-nne turpi, nnd nrtifln rods of eround on the south-east corner cftl-o Pitlcrsnti lot, on whieh ihc Itobaw hoMSo siantlr, whi-li ii 1 hnds are subject to tlvriq'it of dower of .Martin Vile, wielow of iho siid dcrruid, nnJ tint r sale oroflns .vard's intctc't in 'aid lands would .e c iiilucn-c to her interest by puli.rrr tho proc.-cds of such sale nt interest t and i.nvioa said Cou.t to li. cure and empower him to sell 1' c .i tcrr't cf of Ins siid ward m raid lands, ub ,-rt to the- "ail wjiw'9 rudit of elower therein : wlnrrupcn the court afore said doth npt.nint tliceVvcnth diyor Kept.'ml.erJ'll for h-arinp and elceiel.ntr oil said pet, linn, nt the o!Bcr on 10 Ileii'ter of said court, in "ml liml'mMon. and eloth oider tint nil petsons inifre-ted be notified thereof bv publication of this rd-r. -he -ub-slancc of sml p. litiop. t,reo weeks seccfivc'v in the l!nrhnnton Pree I' a nwpipr.-r r-intd 111 loirlinctotiin thKCoiinlvofCh'ttendrn. Ihc tit of w bleb pnbli'-ai.ons to be picviuus to the 11th of .Sipti-lnher, 1 tl. C.ivcn under nu. nn,) s1;j rjmj;n,wn jtjjj 21th, day of Aug st, PH. W.n. Wr.STC'X p'stcr IM!Y (iitm i:m v,. A V.901 SSOilTMPNT of D.y of 1 all kinds can bn had r bnp of AC i'l. p. M. WRK3HT et CO. ni: w c; 00 Dst OPPPniOn rm.l. an '(., n Uat i.ic, J i'o.,,. Wie'.ni', " do. Pe I 'nnr nod Canvi s, ,'.r'." a'' lf-r aa-1-' VJrj' cliea.i a' then irliai-t.-ii Ci h S ou-, Ly , ft. S. L. flERRICK. v Hit , IT.l) V I'll 1 AC: sillt lla "i. It,..)" -s nn. I fit, .. l,r. n.. It ll...,.rd ,'!.,... 4.' I- "t.,V ., ' ' ," ' 1-.. -u ijis o.m .asiies, .Miiuatuiecasi-, and oilier (i.jrnls. lO'eii-,' it Julv St 'MNOaOilN A. 11IH.NSMAID. .s t irnrrx '.s7p iu7glF IN CP.NTil.H, AMIUtlCA. A 1" ""'!.Ma u'"'l work, now f . r n!c a- the - IM'r. OIL) I' II 4 1 July M. a A.miAMAN. I5A.S.S VIOLS. :"c!!i,e. il,,,.,. in,,, n ,.. v ,ri. ,., . . rrt v, V' ani -H....I ii; ir.e. lowc.-l lir.Le . 1 . " I 1 r- - ' , si the ariw'.y S ninrs a' lower nncp tl an 11-iial. .M tu. rienciits e.f all kind.. low. PiKC'.er.x if- rteiNojiAlD. ne 15-11. Tvr. Anas Ci. Hull's r.cro .'.'.mm,, s,,p ,r- m,l , '7 1 1""" v ' ' ""' '',n,i ,'t''-' rl l ru nic. , (.el, ,-h have never a, e-d , , t.rte in.u-c re) e. ' r- e,i,-l , s 1 .: n I w , I I v I , , .,n v- Jllie 21 t, 1S1I. ' "j 1 I- t III I 11 111 u.issAN 11 mwi'.i.y. has, vmi.s. 1.0 , ,1... ... : enccof Miip, tint he continues to inanufoi-'tiuo Concord, New Ilaii.i-"hi-p, MASS AND iH'.PIil.P, HASS VIOTS, of a very "-..pLr.or .,;,!,.), and iiav ne. e-buinid the iirst I'rcm.tim hat haseier been awauud loan A-m.-riean unmi-aeteier of nub In-triinienis at t,0 (.'real o.ii o 'be liueri.-aii Ii si.inte m ,w Vo'le, il the creit Pa rof ih" .Meehaine's A"ociation in lloston, nnd nt the Pair of llie Meet ina-'s Char ta ble Wo. i tii.,', 111 1'orilaud, M.uet he now n .1 onir tenilets his ihaiiks to h sl.u ne!s and t ntir -fdr B1., bit plidaes himself to Hel.gious S'oi uVs Jlnsicat As"i ciji on" and ir.ihtie'iinK wh.. p , si"h to purc'ns". thai no re.-i"ont".!e e-tlurts s':-l be wnut- . ........... ,. ,1 u,; n n (.E l'te-ir o.e is in nny still n tmn ilieir. onnelencc. nnd tivn't a'corf an-c of ibe hbcral pitronaije he ba for mai-v ie c.'..t,iytd. ' ' me 111, i-i pronipT aim'sp.rii v L tiu- )eau iiL'ai-o Keepian c-t,-.n,-.e aortrect of 011. .-.n .11, 1 r rite in. NTS, ot ihpict cj.i.tlit v, whi'h be otli r" f,,r bale r.n ths nu-t iiMsoinbleieim", nuioi.L' eh a-e j M I.ODION'.S AND .-.p.ltAPllINPS, wliiphareniii.-h ndiuu-ed for swv. mcs of tone, and w. II a npfp. to pirlnr or churi-li mini-. .11."...- .-5 -li eils, ..liloirv liin 1 besuppl,,.,! wilh l!ri-"niid mh, ". or inilnieua's, cin r instrumrri's o any ek-s.-ripno'i, than thev can nur. chie in the 1 itv of 1! ,...).,. I Also V'olin.' Ilisi an 1 le Prsi V, .1 Sinn j l.ow. I'.' .dees I'.it. et H, ml. I-'ork p ,7,' : Iii"i'.t -tion Itonk-, C la' .mi ! Itrcd" and n..u ', P n! ee I.iubir-l'aJ. Pirn,- .I". Wilkin- Cniir" A- Or.b r wid I e ".iie.'ullv lec.iv.-d, nnd Ir-,a.nrnt scut hi , Smreit theri"k of ilicm nufac-i.ier, nnd a" ..... - ...-i .. ,,11 1 1 in ip , Aian' in. I Musical iii"-ui'icii!anii t'.i.l-re''n".rcp-;rt ' aiisu , al. l'leisc cill ai hi" new Mi."!.- Store, a ft ,v d ore , ".mill of the I'ngh CofT.e IIomp. n-,i Con"or,l, Vpw IIl'li"-'ii-o, March?, P-",l I'VNr.mWN ,f. I51JINSMUD, A'its Purlin;, ton, Vt. FNS AM) CANES J ra'e- at ll.c , - "1, re. 0;: PtNCCOnN .V CKIXSMAIP. Jn'y I.13H. nt HiNi..-.i;ri,(iii. n . THI.' fc-'rnl .crin.f ihe Hce-o Seboel far Vcvnm I.ndits in ibe- i Is -c 1 f lion .1. rih, w II t'x "'. .1 e .he tl.-t Moo ..iv in Se,.teinl er ret. ,Mu I rr.cttcii, ('! pr n pa ) 1- a., , - ,er en 1 ! n ' , T 'f ho rir-1 e r 'it; bavin.' re"r Tc I W rl , n 1 ail 1.1s ii men, w here a tv ro sh an I ri. i-: , , ,p ,ne . f as -n a I we- ,r. ..e,vl 1 1 h 1 ali'e, a -1 f. i ...Li ...viar.i'le'e I unr.. 111 'ei hir, vc In, h'-' ewerv wiy q aliiie-1 m c. Ve. . 1 1 1 mm! aln.-'l.e rii.-e ', yet ,V ijh i'u. t,,r ,,. ,,,,1 .0 a .vol n- thi- di He Ii wav ic.V'i W ;,".', M1 s l..e h. r Ii 1 a ha ipj Iv.lvu pieasing, v h I,, .h, tmprarc I.- mint, 'i ., .h . e ae 1 ie-n eO wi h the . ln-a e-r and .nial.ii. nut n-. f Mi s II. a ra -her, he ne:.,.-. n- It- l..rc. inii-.cai.'a,ii-n. T'-im 1 1 tern n a ie 1 w : n I i.-h-h tian. bv, II. -fl Il erher 1I0. 5 00 n aa-l Prcacli I.nruve ,t 50 N. I!. It- .ml mav I e -ei in,.' 111 rf , e"a! )'. U-nllei; rn rearcnatla .crm, er rocms. if hhv h ,0 IsarJ 'keiintelvtb. w. (i. J'OlINSt N , t . P. w. call win. II ncrluryh, , i-. 17, tin. e 0TK1..-1 hsveibisunvfivcnnivsrn, II ,r' ,n. . s llarne", h,stmn wub tit1 1 te m.-s'i n n nr. n,fl Mi'uuss frn In out, lirm fll. 'IhisKtKri.a.Tti. ne nonce 1h.1t I sl.nll heunf-tr eln 111 l oiluni' o. h s aC. count, nor ho.d myself risponsib e for nnv nf l-.s r0r. "i""- A. lltltNPS ' lliitbnctan, lOih An.-, Worthy of Notice! rPHOtiP. taken or troubled w uh Dv'rntcrv f pr .1. rhd'S, Siiinin -r f.un-i I ent or LhoV -il'pr- cinproci.eiiiiiiii-d.atcr.'i-f. by il.c 11 eofDr'j-vn. i Carmin-fn-e lialsam, of I'hilnrtdi hia Tor sale Lr '-'.c9' Tnr.o. a. pr.t K.f. co. C.--A few doors Past rf tie Oil, -e. TOR SALE A T0V:,'r; ,C0VV her moai calf about three I V Weeks old, Or, if p .-eftrre-d, tz cMcr C9?, v.ii.'i r.'r weeks old. ailEXXi sthiki: while nu: mos is hot. I PH I In in:- ihe 1 sc, 1 n 1,1 w S r'c I (1 jj I theMiiiorv nl P! euercss, ihe -tiik.r" ell" of l""V at 1 liiwls nt iheCJ.enp f u'h .-lo.e, i in 1 hi 11 ,.n ac 'w.ltiiu.e. mittinp, eiporn.'ie o; c ai cn I'-rsrs ... i ,.,.,-,.... , . . - , , .,,,,. 1 i. ,i, , ,Q rji'i - hde ihe fum icc is in 11.II 1 Iim. nml sic Ih, . cds vsnisli-it ii. a crrnt cunos.'v, foi it iei pes 'rt a l.iibi inonry to cxiricsie a irrnv j letty cotxls fiom .1 dorniii.t lo the ns.-uic, cfj" h nt-.-'?. . Wednesday, IStb Auri:t t '-H. v? I lack Tea, for a'c I y J 'v IG. WHALING C n7 irvv''rr.r- . A n 11 AH V.M U'ZX.r.f' ()TT V""',! re" - 4 t .-..- T .v 1 s I. er jAf.iT.usroTYPr: MiNiTrrtrn trk.ibyn. A. All. 1.. si ihc Am ... nn Iln., I, Hiirlmrnn. Vt. and Or nt'enieii i,- shn; 1,1 oht ,in hew .unci nd pi-nc Iv cirtcct likens a-r Tsrct'fu 'y nv tej to all nnd evaimm h s uncciiuens nnd pri-cs' H tiuts ll.St the r. ne IV 0' i'.e f denes-, lo fly the 1 -st, w 1 n-l'ti- 'I e n.'r-V-t ,0 p ve hii n p- 'I T'-e V"-'nti-rB ante -jleo- vrrii is, 1 ssa t bp fo-anrnt Jlo.-ctj o 'r.e. Oil' P 1 "s. Lice, or I ;is ; P n N". P Itr:-ni at w 1 h- b.v a ti a i.-.-!tv'r.6rrfc-ofPcpiis if ?' r.' a", the A n. lB-., v(n-,. au;, sa. 4lUbL.tll Uli.Mts. Harlinston, tOthAagast Ac fir tbei process ftirr.tshi AV tv,lJJ,