Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 3, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 3, 1841 Page 3
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tinrjCticy Is, if llio Whigs, will suffer themselves to tia divided nnd tho second is, if they will neglect coming to tha poll nnd exhibiting llicir liillstrougth. Whigs of Vermont I lot us insist, then, upm a united support of U'iie Condidatcs.ani uponnui rote at tt;iott.' Unite I Rally I ARE YOU READY. Whigs of Vermont are yon ready for tlio contest on tlio 7t!i day of September 1 For years youlmvo struggled with a giant party who had treacherously obtained an ascen dancy in the government, which by the in llucnco of power and patronage, a subsi dized press and an union of tlio purso with the sword, they hoped to mnko perpetual. But American Freemen would not bear tlio galling chains of a government administered for the purposes of personal aggrandisement. A tido of indignant feeling burst through their hearts, from ouo end of tlio continent to tlio othor. The administration has been changed, and the triumphant party in Congress am endea voring to Ileal tlio wounds of tlio conflict, and restore the country to that high and palmy state of prosperity from which it had fallen. But you have seen how every measure of re lief has been obstructed by indiscriminate and unprincipled opposition. The scrjieut is scotcli'd, but still able to inflict his veno mous wounds. Ho still swells with restless -desires to avenge his defeat and regain the ascendancy. Thclilack banner of locofoco ism in Vermont is again flung to the breeze. Thoy are again endeavoiing to bewilder the public mind by their usual arts of misrepre sentation and falsehood, A national Han!;, which the loftiest patriots of the country have sanctioned, and whoso destruction has pro ved utterly ruinous to the business of the country, is denounced upon tho falsest pre tencos ; while the odious sub-treasury scheme, with all the insignia of aristocracy and mon archy hanging about it, is the idol of their profound adoration. The protection of do mestic industry, and the distribution of the avails of tho public lands which, by with drawing three millions from the treasury, to bo supplied by additional duties to that amount, is calculated to make protection more efficient, come in for an abundant share of their loudest anathemas. Wl.ilo liv tllnsn nmnns tlinv wl.n nrn nil. tloavorinc to terrifv the people fiom the sup- confidence alone as freemen should accord to port ot the only policy which can ullonl them weir agcanis. i noy pieugcu to tnem tneir relief, they aru still advocating the exploded support, upon condition that they performed cmpyr cism 01 t c two last a imin.stra ions, ,hc important functions confided to them, which like a walking mildew has spread rum . . .... rBcorv . , and disaster thro tho whole length and J J lirnn.Mi nfit.r. lnml. themselves the privilege of opposing those But if the democratic whigs through the whom they had created, whenever thoy union- are truo to their duty, their task will proved themselves faithless or inefficient.' be hopeJess, nnd tlio mark which the sover- Nt is the evidonco every where furnished of Olgn poopiv; pm.uuu .... iuu. uwiM.1 in io-iu roa(l5noM of , trlIU .. ant W,,j iit.inclv tiiion the laurels we have alreadv lo -'isu mis privilege, wnenever patriot r ' . ,, . , ,. . , ,. - ; i l ... ... .... . . won, even in cnuiont ueieat anu disaster ,sll,uu,"il""s". which inspires mo painoi may at length burst upon us. with hope. It may be painful to them to Freemen oi Vmiwwl nir.un wo nsk, aic oppose those, whom thev ihomselves cleva- l. :.. ' . ted to power to whose agency they had looked for (lie consummation of great and (ho President nnd Mr. Clay hnvo had within tho last twenty-four hours tin accidental l.ut n most plinsant,, nnd fiicndly interview. If there lino been a fane, tho sting is withdrawn, nnd not only therefore to tho men themselves ami their truo friends in Con fire.", hut to the country, I prnmio inyec'f the best results from this restoration of good feeling. I neither despair of n settlement of the linnk question, or be licvo tho President will veto the Hank Hill beforo Con press. "Prom the bcstlichts before tnc," to use Mr. v an Huron's cant phrase, when giving an important opinion, 1 bchevo ho will sign tho Hill preferring, however, that tho question should go over to tho next session of Congress, when thcio rould bo more timo for n safe deliberation, nnd probably more harmony of opinion. 'Iho announcement of n speedy disso'u lionoflhc Cabinet t regard also ns premature, not withstanding all that has been said upon tho sulject, and tho wish nndicndinc-s of perhaps some half down men to rush to the plnccs which would ho mado vacant by tho resignation. In nil that meets the people's eye the Cabinet nnd tho President are upon tlio best terms. Socially they wrro together this evening Willi many friends, including nmong them Mr. Clay and n scorn of others. Tho meeting was every way cordial and harmonious, nnd such us show ed n full nnd mutual confidence, in one another. Knowing tho intense interest that is felt nbroad in all that is said and 'done hero by men prominent in in fluence and conspicuous in the public eye, I have not felt at liberty to withhold even of n good promise, w Inch I doubt not will soon become ihorcnlilv ofn complete reconciliation between tho President nnd his fnends in Congress. Others may lliink dif ferently, bul 1 choose lu look upon the bright si.lonf the picture, nnd not to see danger when iho Figns of Iho limes ore that it is afar o(T. A. Y. Rinrtst. E. II. STRIKE, BUT HEAR. Recent and passing events should admon ish tho people of this country of the impor tation of a great truth, which should forever be present to their minds : That is, that thoy should always rely upon themselves keep a watchful eye upon their public agents and rule them up to a rigid complianco with their public duties. Werejoico to obscrvo this spirit by which alono a people can preserve their lib erty animating tho whig party of the coun try. It is ovorywhero alive among them, and tlio manner in which thoy display it, givos us fresh assurance that they in reality constitute the true Republican I'arlv of the land. Less than 12 months ago, the' bore W. II. Harrison and John Tyler, in triumph into power. They extended to those dis tinguished individuals their confidence such toforc, and will continuo a fow men to look niter tres passers, &c. The United States have now aasuimil the post of responsibility, saving at iho same time all die jurisdiction all rights of Maine. Tho movement is jusicious and honoiable to nllparties, and is a de cided ndvhnco in tho coiiso. UMon Timet. Confession or a Slunnr.ncn. The Camden (S. C.) Journal lias published the whole confes sion of John Sweat, lately executed at Lancas torvillo, in that State, in which the wretched man says : "As I am about to stiflcr tho sc.itcnco of tho hw for the murder of Thomas P. PiiKr.TT, it is, perhaps expected, and in accordance with that expectation I desire lo make a statement of tlio facts which led on lo, nnd ended in his death as well that I may put luy country in iiorssionof tho truo state of the fads, as that by to doing, I may do nil in my power to ntono for Iho' Molated justice of tny country by a Iruo and open confession of my guilt, as far as an impartial country, after hearing this, my confession, shnll judiro tnc guilty and as that, by it, I may bear this, mv laM, and dying testimony, to tho sunl-dcstrojing and accursed consopicnas of DnCNitf.NNESs and Svn-. datii-breakino tho two great crying sins of the day t "I confess I am guilty of the blood of my broth er, nnd in tho shjht of him whoso judgement nlonc, nl this awful period, I should nlone ho concerned. And oh, mv dear friends and tlio vounif tiarticular- ly, would 1 now addirss myself jou seo the causes that have led to this awful tragedy! liy indulging iu dtunkotcss, Sabbath-brcakin g, cnV, profane, vulgar and idle company, m tlio prima of lite, from n tender nnd nUcciiunnta wife nnd child, who now nioro than over need niy care mid support, into cut ilown i.y Minus death, Having nollung lo At Rristol. 011 ihn lnth insl. hv ihn ltrv. TlTr. ndl. Mr. Miner Leavenworth to Mis Mnrv Mvcrs. both of ltristoi. At Hardwick.hy O. Ctosby, Esq. Mr. John Currier lo Miss Mary Ann Levee, both of II. At West Lebanon, N. II. July 21st. by thnllcv. PhincliasCook. Prof. Charles II. It.nlihirk r.f Dun. mouth college, to Mrs. Carolino Young, daughter of uiMi.iu jyiiiiuuh, r.aif. vou rcadv. 1 lie eneinv may lie weal; in iiumbors, but he is An tnM in activity, en terprise, nnd unanmitv, a nd tho use of strat agems not the less efficacious because the most guilty. To our knowledge, his beacon fires are fast lightening up in our glens and on our mountain tops. lieccollect that a victoiy would bo deaily bought by the loss of five thousand votes. Preserve the proud pre-eminence of the last campaign. Save salutary measures. They will hear before they will strike. But strike they will, as sure as there is a God, if they find they have been betrayed, or their confidence abused. These remarks have Ucju suggested by your Slate, your country anu yourselves mo state oi leeinig in v,nanos uuv, tnc na- from tlir; mortification of a diminished vole, tivc county of Mr. Tyler upon the receipt ueccowect that you are mo vanguani oi tue 0f,10 intelligence of tho Veto. In the iorin in mo uuiuiiiiiiii elections, iei every man be at the poll?. Carry the whigbanner lii"h, and llasli ciicourajicment throunli tho ranks of your friends through the Union, STEADY, HOYS! 0 ' We an prouder than ever of the Wlii party anil it". .Statesmen in Cougrets. Sorely ilitapnointed and crievcil as the "teat mass of w have beer, in the failure of our Ioiiff cherish cd hopes of a wise and beneficent adjustment of ll.n fori -nrv disordois. thnre has been no un. wife ou' '.ir,ik of passion, no public expression poseu ireacnery of feeling need be regarded with regret or reproach. If President Tyler had vetoed the lull Repealing the Sub-Treasury, ho would not have more completely surprised tlio great maps of his supporter?, yet what has been their course ! -sow and then a donkey has exhibited himself in boino uinvito and intemperate antics cursing railing, swearing neer to vole again, &c. but far otherwise has been tho course of the crcat niajorily. Their bearing has been calm, dignified, earnest, as becomes ! reemon and l'a ex citement of tho moment which was nggrn vntcd by the rumour that the President had abandoned his party, and was in close com munion with tho Loco Focos the adversa lies of tho great principles for which the Whigs had contended, a meeting of the peoplo was suggested to give vent to the deep indignation which all fell. But one feeling prevailed that of abhorrenco at the sup- Modcrato counsels, how- n shameful umlinnomininus entail on tlu in bul my tin and shame." KcnncLD I'ACTonv IlenNT. Wo are pained lo hear Hint tlio woollen laeiory KcJlielil, iMnmc, was con sumed bv lire nn l'ridnv lnornhiL'. Aimusl I'.ilh. about four o'clock, together with a largo quantity of wool, ownca in pan i.y me company, ana partly uy farmers in tho vicinity. The total los is estimated at nearly S30.000. The cause of the lire is not known Tho factory hail been insured, but the insurance pal icv had expired a week or two beforo tlio fire. There ii no loss of property nunc to be reprclted than iliut of woolen lactones. Wehavobut lew of lliem : wo ought to have more : to work up our ow n wool, and to multiply our sheep. This i tho way to getca.lal. Tills is the way o t&Ue the value of fauns. They alwaj rise greatly in vniuoin the neighborhood of manufacturing villages. Arid when a factory is burnt down, wo regret it as a public loss. Kemubcc Journal. For.ntxo a Bank Last week a res ncctablv drc?sed inan-niescnteil a check, pur porting lobe drawn by a builder of this city; to the teller ol the Leather jlanulaaturcra Ji.inli for about four hundred and twenty dollars winch was so well executed that the fraud was not detected until after it had been paid and the illian safe oil with the money. As the teller had not a sufficiently ditliuet reccollection of the to load to Ins inucmity and arrctt, it was deemed prudent to keep tho atlmr muct for a time, in the hope that something might oc cur lo lead to Ins detection, iNotliiui' was hoard in relation to the matter until Weducs dav, when a similar chock was presented for about So?0. which was immediately discovered to bo a forgery, and the individual presenting it a carpenter, arrested. 7 ho subject is under' coin!? an investigation, and it is thought that ho is the person who presented tho first check, and emboldened by his succcs?, and uupposing probably, Irom the silence Kept ly the uanl. that the cheat had not been discovered, was in. duccd to make anolhcr!cllbrtlo "raise the wind' in which attempt, however, he was not ipnte so lortunato. a. 1 . I'apcr. FifiiiT ano Death of two Bulls. One lav last week, tho gate having been incautious ly left open, two bulls, a large and a small one, uiet in the yard of the Kasthani Ferry house. This yard is on the edge of the Mersey, and on one sido of it arc precipitous rocks. The bulls rusliod at each other, and a fierce lialllo ensued. I iie small bull hail the worst of the light, lie was thrust over the edgo of the precipice, to which ho clung by his forc-foct. Tho largo bull seeing his head just over the edgo of the rocks, rushed at him once more. Headlong he plung ed over the precipice and was killed instantly on tho rocks beneath; the other falling on his hinder parts-, escaped death from tho fall only to receive it from the liuiie ol tlio bulclior. London papcr ever, interposed to avert the storm. It was well urged, that tho President is our friend let us credit nothing derogatory to his pa triotism or his honour, without the evidence. Let us hear boforo we strike. If tho worst prove true, wo shall loso nothing by delcy Wo may thou strike with double the effect This feeling of forbearance towards tho I pilUNCII & LWOLISH Merinos, Circ-. X Cainbletecns, Printed Snxotue', till kinds Al h....'. X .. .. ... .... . t 1... a. 11. SUUTT. 3 September, 1811. BOTANIC CONVENTION. In the absence of iho Secietarv it lieoomcs mv ilutv as President, (See Art. 13, in ihoConstitution,) to do wgnato the timo nnd pl.iceof iho niinunl meeting (181 1) ofllio Ilotanie Society of tho Western District, liiclu- uiutj iiiu uiiLinucsoi iiuuLuucu, iTDiiKim, Miami isiu, i -w- .... ,..., , . i.nuiouio nnu auilion, I no neruuy mvu nolico mat I I . ' L;' ..r-riw Iho snid incelinff willl.nhclil nt Samuel Pnmn's It .tel "001 1 i. ... ? .. .. . ... . . . . I nlrm m ihii. in it'sscx. v I. ou iris nrst .ucri' ftv. iFiitii in ucioi.or i ihi, ai iu o cioeK .1. Jl. A general nttenannco n rcauc-.lcd. ns business of inmorlanen will ri.i.intiefnrv the Society. 01llUSIMF.Il, 1'rcsidcnt. S. PENMANSHIP. IT1. S. AIN'SWOR't'lr resnrrirnlli inf.irms Ihn I.n U dies nnd Clcnllemeii of llurhiiBton, that ho will commence givingn courfe of instruction in writing on .uonoay, Aug. suit, nl a room n Mr. Slrnnn' build ing fronlimr the public square Ladies will be taught a beautiful hand Iho Ctutlcmen a bold, free, round hand thai can be,ncquircd nnd written wiih case nnd f icility. A clasSof Ladies will meet nt -1 o'clock af ternoon. Gentlemen all other houis of the day and cvenin". PAPBR HANGINGS. roOMMON" I'll, rrceiWi.R. ,. rM nf((!n bo turei',,vluch HS-' X.."".l rerfn mll o manufac- city pi ices, adding fieiyffil i.cuiur paucrns canoe si i.eo July 8, 1841 s"" .r-.teh.ints and dealers nt supplied u, wWnne imr- i.ort no' Aujut, 20th. For nle, by C. OOODRICII. 8mA SATIN llAR'I) nnd Plnin MusUn do lane J3HAVI,.S, iust K'neUedamlfor snlo chcan nt KAY'S IWriM'ivo Infant mi l I'i unary SehotJ Keader and Deliner-toKether Willi i Ueioentsry ron, in I)rw.nir nr.H i.srei.e. .n "aj-.-" the liurhngton Cash Store. August 13, 1511. S. L. IlIillRlCK. T3KIST0L Uc j-rceenej. TO HUNT. On Wednesday moruimi Inst. Mrs. Saiiaii It., wifa oi mt.t.Ys ia-man, l.q. ot tins town, aged 32 yenrs i' uneru. tins morning, ai iu o ciock. Mr. Ainsworth proposes opening a school in thi village for irililtir instruction In Writmit. 1 hnvo rx niniued some soeciii.Lns he bos shown .nn.A. I nnt.rovn of his styloof writing ns n natural, easy, and Icmhle haml. t havo no personal acquaintance with Mr. Ainsworth. hut have rxaminml Ihn rrfilrnlinls hn In this town, on iho 1st inst. nt tho rcsidencoof bringsfrom those who have patronized hint in other C. A. Sevmour. tho Hon. Jaiif.z Pp.kvi.mav. nf Chester, ngcdTli years. In Monlpeher, on tho 27th, Solon Howes, son of nun. iun-pu iiuwes, niieo a years. On 21st inst. Samuel, infant son of Edward II. and Laura II. l'rcntiss. On iho 23 1, inst. Julia Howe, daughter of Gamaliel and Caroline C. Wnshburn, need tiino months. On tho 22il inst. Chailes II. Geer, son of John and I.ueia Geer, nged 2 months. In Harre, Aug. Hlh, .Mr. Calvin Abbot, nged 70, nfter a lingering sickness of sit months. Printers in V ermont ... Hampshire and ?ew ork, nro request cd. &c. In Iledford, on the 9th inst. Hannah M. wife of Jlr. .1. (;. Spallonl, nged 20 years. At Harre. on the '2 1 si. of ihorrnun. Kli7nlinil. Mnri.i. daughter of Jeremiah and Hannah Uavis, aged 2 years. aiso, on iiiejt.ui, u. i;., sou ol Jonn anu ousnu rarKer, ogcu i, inonius. in Una village, on tlic Htli instant, llcnrietti Mi l vm.i, daiigliterol Alphonzn (..nnd Sarah A. ash burn, ncd fi months nnd 20 dnvs. In MMIel.urv. Aug. 131 ti. of Iu hnomrv consumn lion, Mrs. Alvina, wifjofMr. Uaid Uultolph, aged -i years. In Hanover. Kbcnezer Adams. Kso. Into nrofeasor oi .uatuemaucs aim rniiosopi.y, m uariiiiuuin uol leie. In iinrawick, August 8th, of consumption, Mary rinna eauey, agii i.i. In Crafcsburv. 8lh inslnnt. of Canker rn.-h. Marv youngest daughter of liane Patterson, Kso. of Wnl den. need 2 venrs. In unliot. win. I'. i:ohurn. nnerf .1 venrs. Also. Harriet Colnirn, aged 2 years, ton and daughter of Anthamel nnu hoplua (Jubiirn. Also, Allen hteplicn Gage, son of Mr. Daniel Gage, aged 1 year and eight uionuis. In fit. Johnshurv. Aug. 10. John Atmuigton, Usa nepd 0. venrs. In Hnidwick, Miss Harnel I reneh, daughter of Mr. Isaac French. " In Harre, 2Gth, Mr. Jonas Nichols, a revolutionary fUlUIUI, II. IIIU llll L..r Oi Ill IgU. places. These credentials speak well of his success in givinginstruction in this useful and important I ranch oi euucniion. i. k'. covvp.nsn Hutlinglon, Aug. 21, IS 11. Leonard lludgcs' Instate. WK the subscriber", haviuirbeen Hppoinleil by the llunorublelho l'rol.alu ('nun t.,r iln- DMnei ol 'liiltcnden, rnniniioners to receive, examine and ailjuit tliu el.uins ami (lemanJs of all persons, againtt ihe uMato of LEONARD HODOr-d. late of VllHton, in said Di-lriet, dtHtia-tvl, reprc- M-iitul liiMilveiil, iiikI no all claims mid ili;m.iiul.,x hibiiej iu o l-et iheieto and tix inoiitlis Ii mil the date- In rer.l, 1 i-.iig allowoil liy said Court, for that purpoM', we do hereby give notice, that we will nlleml to Ihn huuii'--i i4" our appniiiliiient, nt the dwelling of Jacob Hodges, ill Wilhston. ni ."-aid di-lncl. on the 27th days of September and Dci eml er next, Rt ten uVluvk, v. .u. ou eiieii oi iue nui u.iv. nil .......... in. ...... I,' . n.n.. ,a;out .it.', iu.ll uay oi ..lily, ,. u. lau. NATHAN JOHNSON, ) . . A. J. FULLER, j t-onussioLorj. Heal INIato l'ur Sale. a rir!-p . . i. .. . t. -. , ...i Aiiwui .ii.u-cii ueres oi laeti, lynrx in luucrrnu. udjoiniiiK the farm of Ifeul on Parker, with a good house nnd tarn the.eon. loin? tho and la.ul owned and poi-cised by Reuben Itmiit, dniMol, at iue .nnu i.i ma ueaui, is now oi.vreu lur sale, llio laudii ol'iroo'l oualilv nnd lies ..nun ilichiH mail; from UnJerlull villaao lo Cain! mke. Per,ons wishing to purvhaMj will plea-e lua'.o uppheaiieii to I lie ..-. Til rr. ZIIIA V. CIirRUI, mlmV de bonU -non, of the e.tutu ot ReiiU.n llf.url Imderhill, Am?. 11, 1311. nlltf i A T a Probato Court, held i -TV nt Uurhugton, wiihin IVcw Tailoring INtublislilucut, Un l'carl street. ELL UAHNUM'S ESTATE. Statu or Vkomont, District of Chillcnden, .-- and for the District of Chittenden, on ihe ninlh iuny oi August, a.u. isu. Elijah Herrick nnd SjiiiiicI Uoardmnn. adminis trntors of ihe e-tnio of I'll llarnuni, lute of Milton. In c',1.1 iutt-it lini.inrr fll,.,t in d.l ...-t .l tion, in writing, selling forth that the debts allowed I.y iho cominissioners ngainst the estato of the baid ing one door west of tho Pearl-st. House, where he will bo hannv lo receive orders from h'3 friends nnd the public. Work ol every description executed in rpHE llrick Storo on Church Street, X now- occupied by N. Lovely &. Co. Possession given tlio nrst day of April next, l'or terms onquiruoftho subscriber. , ,. J. WAl.MVKIUUT. Uurhngton, August 12, 1811. ALBUUGH SPRINGS. 'I 'HAT large nnd nirv Mansion, nl AI- I hnrnli Knrin... n'...l I,,. ..,.....3, ,t uunill IWj.HU UJ Mr. Samuel Mills, for llio rccipnenof .siiors ouring mo present sensou. ino report illdustrioulv tint In rirculntinn. that fresh water has been let into iho Snrinus. i nn error, without thcleast shadow of truth, as no altera tion has been had, in, or nbout the Spring since tho acquaintance of the subscriber with Ihe Spring, in iBlj. uut llio ."springs romnin Hint grent I ouutain, pure and unadultcrnted, not in need ofn weekly at tending physician to recommend hcr,nsdo herfaltcl litcs. Aceoinni.idalionsgoo I. Hoard twodollnrs pur week. Privato Kamilies pleasantly accommodated, oT'C. SAMUEL MILLS. Alburgh Springs, Juno 2, 1311. Alva I.joliN IWaU: STATE OP VER.MO.NT. ) Trie Ifnn.ifM !r.i-.-. D;"r"0lrt,1,,"r.suK.v,s5. i Court f.r the Di-trict CI Uiitteiiuen : loall M.-riiouna.'rnnl In .1... psi,..ff of Alva Lyon, lale of Sholhurn, in ald di-lrlei, .k- WIIL1IEAS, Corro A. A an. A.1.nini.if.r.r-.. mi "on oftheostale cf-aidd-;cea e l,proposBito render nn aeco'iiit of his admintslraumi, ainl pro cnt ac count atainst F.aid cstatefor examination nudallow- aue.i.11 a ossiqii oi iiiu uourl 01 l'robate, to I u huldeii at tbo I'emtcr offlee in Eiirlinjton, on thu sn on l Wodno.lsy of Sf)temler noxt and Marv 0d, formerly Mary Lyon aod P rmer adnunistralf.s ol Iho i-ii.ue oi taiuuuu.2-si,iropoci In ytilolier ajoiluis trjttiou aecoiiut nt thu satire nine and pfaec. Tiir.iir.i'or.E, Yon areherebv riotlfiuJ in annrar 1n foresaid court at the time and pla'o aforo-nid, auJ uuiv mu-t, ii any run iu vc, wny iue account niore aid sho'ild not bcalloweil. Given under my hand nt Euthngton, this fifth day ofAtisu,l,A. D. 1911. ' n 1 1 WM. WESTON, Iltchtcr. QTRAYED from tho subscriber about tho firstof kJJutm last, three venrhn.fs. twoltnohnckejl. and one red l one a steer nrul tho other two heifers, whoever will give inforinniion where they mny be found shall no rewaroeu lor incir irouiue. PIIINEA3 ATWATER. llurlinglon, August 10, I'll. nlO NOTICE. CAME into the inclouro of the subscriber on lha lib intt, a red, two venrs old STEER, tint i.articu- Isrlv matked. Tho owner can havo him bv paying ctiargcs, proving property, ocp. J.1.ML.O .1UIUUS, Burlington, August 9, 19-11. IIUsTO.N Acuileuiv' Collection. Massachusetts LJColicction, l!oton Glio lloik, American Oleo Hook, just received by August Eilh, 1311. U. GOODRICH. nlO IT1 .STRAYED from the subscriber li on tho 7th inst. a dark red COW Willi n datk lag, her boms turn in ward,oncof which is clacked. Who-" ever will give information where said Cow may blound, shall be suitably rewarded, llurlinglon, Aug DANIEL DAVIS. JUST KKCEIVED A T the JeiV Cash Stoic, u full nssutment of Xi. slin imir, sreuting and balling. Also, a general :i-iiituieni of Ean.-ly Uroer!v:, all ol'wbiih will Iu -oiu cry low lor eau, i.y J. P. WIIA1.1NO J- CO. .Inly 10. n7 riMIE Subscriber respectfully informs the public KZSrWffll il'nVnn,, X Hint ho l.asnn,nln shi.n in nnw l.rirk l,il.l. deceased a; iiount tn S7..91 CO i that tlio personal es- . . .. , . . . . . for.nnsf.ii. 114 in jr.ntnrtr.f . timnimta (.1 52,193 12 j that tho expenses of administration aru not less than SCO and that it will bo necessary to sell real estate lor tliepaymeut of tho debts of tho said tho most fashionable style, and to suit tho peculiar taslo of Ilia patrons. All orders promptly attended JESSE CAHl'K.Vl'UR, Attornoy at Law, & Solicitor la Oliancory, AT ESSEX CENTRE, CHITTENDEN CO., VT. Or. ice, near lluruey's Hotel. Eiitx, July 1, 1811. t3 to. A j-harc of patronage 13 solicited. Uurlmntoii, Sept. 2, 1311. M. G. RATH RUN. A TO REST. DWELLING near Iho Court Houso Square. Aug. au.iati. u.i.l;av'., tnots. J hey feci regret, l.ut not dejection, I'resiuont, nccompmiiL'U by an inllcxiulc uc much less despair. I noy leei i .at tnoy into a tt,rmil)!1,ioll t0 spar0 ot cvcn a brother who country to lovu and rhensli, no less now than a ' .., , , ,,,, . month ago. 71icy feel that bhu lias iiitcicstK to P'"oves false to Ins faith, pervades the A Ing maintain and they have duties to perforin, now party of the country. It is this which cons ns ever. Ninety-nine out of every hundred of ,;,,. ,t.!- ,.,. ,i, -.,, nn,l them will evince tins on every tittini onpor- . . b n ' S. T. ., - ... tunity. f'lay 01 1110 iepui)iic. it is tins which 7'lus prevalent feeling inspires us with nddi- gives earnest that its foundation, nro laid too tioiial confidence and hope. . ho Bigiial lebinT .,.. .....i .,..,,...1 :.. nol)11iar ;,fl-(!Cti011. ,0 vc have lately received will refcult in good, it ; , . , ,. ,. . . will i-often the asperities of Party, but depend he shaken by scheniingand trading politicians, tho attachment to Country. And we hac a bo- who may assume llio garb of purism to dis- imr earnest faith that affairs will take such a turn at Washington, that, beforo a year lias elanted. we shall ecc and realize that all has been for tlio best. Let us calmly, hopefully obscrvo what a year may uring loitli. Faith, Knergy, but, above all, Union will vet tecuro to our Country those blessings w hich J ..lf ,..-- were justly cxpociuu iroiu a wg .luiunusira tion. L"g Caoit. guiso thcirselfishncss. Richmond Whig The gentleman politicians who flatter them- 7'nne, selves that the Whig parly is falling to pieces, reckon without their host. The defection of ono man, or a dozen men, cannot effect that object. Recent events have had tho tendency of eliciting public sentiment ; and all our accounts concur in representing tho Whigs of the conn try as steadfast and indomitable. They banded together originally for tho public good they will not bo dissolved to gratify tho selfish am. Washington, August 23ih Notwithstanding all that has been said nnd writcn in regard lo a dissolution of the Cabinet, and llio designed veto of the new Hank bill. 1 regard neither event as certain or indeed very nrob-tbic. though in the course of events onn or both 1 w. I. la In.n ll.n. ...n..i. . ll..... ..... I. will come, and there aro somo who havo been bold bition of political intriguants and presidential enough to make ihoprcdiction nnd pronounco the pun- aspirant. Richmond W mg, iSI.U.llUUii iiiu 1 1 wwi uiwuoiiiiBa. !i'iiii!!iiucmi)l- ciatiun nB not only out ofplncebutout of time. It has lircn the mi-forluno of the President to be surrounded bv bad and ambitions men. who under ihe cuiso of ore- tended frit ndhip, have proved not only the worst env mies oftiiecxtcuiivc, but of iho country. There ore men whom I could name, who would sell not merely themselves but their partynnd thtir country, for place nnd power. They Mr. Clay has ..aid, sought lo pour poison into tho heart of the 1'rcsidcnt, nnd lo uucnaie men wuuni yeans lonn personal nnu polilieal Gr.nRcn II. Peck, Esq. has been admitted lo the Bar of Cliittondon County Court, as a practising Attorney. 1 nr. jmaint. iioi'NDAnv. i rouuio is ncain aiiticipatcu on mo disputed territory. A year association bound together in iho strongest ticsofper- since, M. Fcatherfitonhaugli and Captain Mudgc ponal andnoliiicalfncndbm. Such were the nssoei- on behalf of tho llritifeh (ioveriunent, rc.survoy ntions of John 1 yler and Uenrv Cnv nn iivn ,n..n i- ........ 1 ..... 1 .. '. i.ll.,..l.rpn Loner friemlnnrmnrA. r.A:' " : c" "'is iiui..uauiu .aim, aim p.iuiiMion iiiu ru- thesccrel history of tho Iforrisburgh Convention, if it Bult of ,,lcir explorations, which went of court-c, should ever he written, would give nn evidence of it 'o Cbtablih tho juttico of tho Uritish claim. that would arouse tho best symphnthics between not No opposition of any sort was offered to the merely ihe two men, nut an tneir rien, 3. 7. He separ- Dntibh Commissioners by the American rest otion oisucii men, ni nuumuuu ineir ncarts in (lPniR on or noir tbi ilisnntoil Inrritnrv Knw ihi-rif.hmi.icY.. or i- nato from what cauro it mmhi . UC,,IB. n or near it o uispi.ieu territory, mm, must have been temporary. In iho nature of thmes however, that the American Commissioners nro itcouldhave existed no longer thanthebreathof scan- busy making their examinations, tho jNewlirun. lal, calumny ami ition or hatred, tainted tho brce7c swick people havo taken it into their heads that That nlienution of (celing, if it lias existed at nit, 1 am tl.CFO cx.jmrte surveys aro exceedingly unfair, :LYn,;n i or by crook, to rity of the i'resident, nnd in ihnt frank nnd fuir mun- ronipel our CommiEHloners to desibt. Wo can ncr, eharnctcristioof everyact of his life, ho has held conceive of but ono motive for such disreputable llio President and Ihe world, tho motives which conduct, and that is, Iho fear that tho result of prompted jus own anu 1110 ueiiou 01 111s menus upon tnc vexed nuesuon 01 currency, wmcnrreaieH a seem, ing collision bclwcen the President and tho whig par tv in Coneress. That sneeeh vou have sren. ns iho Vrcsidcnthaa seen, is not what rumor declared it to he, a dcelaration that the President had boon perfid ious in refusing his sanction to a great nnd peiplexed fiucstion of public policy. So far from it is the fad, that Ihe very reversoot the assumption may bo fuid to be true. There is no ground of difference bclwien Jlr. Clay nnd Mr. Tyler then, hut un honest difTc rcwio of opinion upon a great yucetion or finance, nnd in spite of all thnt has been said and done by corrupt nnd heartless politicians to magnify this il'iffi-renco 4lito the great and impassablo gulf, the treacherous motives, J believe, are now understood by boll, ihe President and Mr. Clay and their friends. If rumour sneak true not tho tcll-tnlo rumour that comes to 1 0 the gossip nnd tale-bearer bclwcen the President's house anil ihn Hnnilol and to SCO With Its hnmlrr-il eyes a hundtul tilings not vis hie but the rumour of pescvur.u wnwrdeiid goojjeevng 11 true WHOLESALE APPLICATION OF LYNCH LAW. A friend of ours, who arrived in the city yes- toiday from Arkansas, informs us of the follow

ing startling particulars, showing tho summary; manner in which that law, more tyrannous than the code of Draco Lynch law has in this, as well as iu every other instance whore it lias been appealed to, been carried into effect. llotwccn the Otli and the lUth inst., l'hillips county, 111 Arkansas, about forty miles below Helena, and tho county ol Coahoma, in . Missis sippi, on tlio opposite side ol the river, appear to have hecomo tho scene ol moli and lynch law to a greater extent than lias lately been record ed by the public press. A numerous gang of contcrfcitcra had their places of rendezvous and the abodes of their fa milies in the above named counties, to the great and continued annoyance of tho citucus and the trading llat boat men on the river, llusidcs Iheir encroachment on tho peace and property.! ol the public 111 that way, they ol late turned their criminal industry to hori-o stealing to such an extent as to route tho citizens of the whole neigborhood. The latter, headed bv Cant, riarnov Bradford formed into a volunteer company of about 10(1 well armed men, commanded anil led by said Cant. JJradioru, .Mr. J. Liinslord and fepear, from Arkansas, and Nipurc l orrer and James llowarton, from Mississippi, and after an active search ol several days, succeeded 111 capturing mon, among whom we learned the following names, viz: Hugh J alley, Lewis llingt-ton Andrew McLaughlin, Wiltis Pollock Hugh Cotton, Elliott and Robert Hunter, tho later lately frotiiAow lork, Joe Mcrntt, and Mc- Lonunick. The volunteers used the following stratagem to seize Iho scoundrels, lhey engaged a trad ing boat at Helena and hid about 00 men in the storo rooir, they then descended the river, land mg at every place where they Mibpectcd to lall in witn the countertenors. J nose depraved men came on board to purchaso produce, with the intention of paying for it in counterfeit mo ney. 1 hey were thus taken and secured 111 the boat. When tho number had increased to 27 men : nine of them wero tied hand and foot and, as the report says, drowned in tho MU'bis sippi near Island No. 09, in the presence of two men narrod and Jiurgess, wnt, it appears, 01. Ctnittm ... it lsut (nnl. nn nr.Ifis ti.r. in flin fv.,, ..V.V. .0. U.. v... , . edition of the sentence. We understand that the company is iccreas. mg in number, and intends to proceed to the mouth of M'hitc river. When our informant met a division of tlicin they wero in pursuit of certain Merian Wright. When ho arrived at Napoleon, at tho month of Arkansas river, ho learned that soinn six or seven dead bodies had been seen floating on tho river opposite that place, and also that some of the counterfeiters who escaped had been been passing down the river with uncommon speed, in order to'evade their purbiircrs. A. U. l'ie. i. deceased theifc expenses of administration; that,ainong oilier parcels olieal estate, the said Itanium died silzod and possessed ol a larm, situate m said Milton, called tho Soper Place, containing about 110 acres of land, and that it it not only necessary to sell said lauu iur pujiueiuui, uui mat 11 wouiu 00 ueu clicial to all persons interested to have said hind sold immediately, nnd praying the court to grant them lice. iso to s( u aaiu lauo. And the aiJ administrators further set forth, that the said fl.iruum, at the of his death was seized of about six acres of laud in Alburgh, in thu county of Graud-li-le, being a part of tho Wng-'oncr Kami, so called, nnd being the same land deeded by Jonathan Holcomh to sa'd Uarnum, on tho 25th day of March, 1S'J3, and also of another piece of land, on which tho old Wnnironcr House, so called, in Al burgh, stand-, heiuz the same house and lauds also deeded I.y said Uolcomu to said Uarnum, I.y said Holeoiub s other deed, dntid tho same 2jih day of March, 1831, which lands and house, in Alburgl tlio said Jinrnum, at tnc tunc of his tlcn.Ui, held in trust for. nnd under a contract tn deed to. one Mer- rilt Rockwell, on the payment of forty-three dollars, or thereabouts; thai thu said Merritt, had paid to llio said administrators the amount which ho wns to pay previous to.eicivingndcedofsaid last mentioned lands and house, nnd nravin? fc.iid court to license them lo convey said last iiieiiliu.n l lands nnd house ESTRAY. I to the said Meruit. Whereupon the court aforesaid -1AMF. into .hi. r,,,.lnn r,t it,. i,.n.. .!,, "oiu appoint no scronii vycdiiesday ol hcpiemoer Vihe 1st August last, n lighlred, three year old nNnWr henmu and dccidini; on raid petition, nt irriLM ii ,. ;ii. r . the oflice of the Register of said court, in sai l Hur- ... ........ ,..J10 ... i.i.g nt.uuu ill, i ii-iia , ,:-,, ,,, ,.,! ll HORSES LOST. OTUAYF.I) from the pasture of Joel Bishop, on w i uesuay iasi, a urown. eleven year old mare, will, shoes on ihe fore feet, and the marks of a ring-bone on the left leg. Also, on the same day, n black marc twelve or thirteen years old, with white spots, on the nose, nnu snocs on mo lorcieei. a reasonable com pcnealiou wul bu paid for any information of them. U. GAGNOX Apply to Peter Shiott, W'atcr-strcet. Uurhugton, Sept. 2, 1BI1. bcllv take her away. New Cron I'lotir. .) ll.VKIlKI.S and half Ubls. Supetfine KInur, J-'vground from new Wheat, just received and for sale i.y ji, n, uilJlHiNUS eiUo. sept. I. MARSHAL'S NOTICE. UNITED STATES OV AMK1UCA, J piasuA.NT Vermont District, to icit : 5 1. tomndrv Warrants isiucd out of the Hon. District Court of tho Lmled Mates for said District, to mo directed, 1 do hereby givo ibis pui he notice, that Informations for oi too iicvenua Laws ol llio United Slates have been filed in baid Court, by Charles Davis, Ksq. District Attorney or theUniied States for said District, against the following described goods, wares and mer- lehandise, to wit : rl Over Coat, 1 I'rcck Coat, 3 Vests, 2 pair panta loons, i pnirnrawcis, usilfc and cotton handkerchiefs, imisn, l pair siisspcndcrs, i razors, 1 money purse, watch chain. 3 knives. 1 doz. buttons. 1 fur can. 1 boa, 2 skins, and 1 trunk, seized nt Highgato, Ver mont, on tliu Mill ol December, 1S.U. Wo have sinco been informed that twenty three persons navo i.ecn arowncu. their examinations will nrovc fwhat is inoro than suspected,) the gross inaccuracy of Mr. Pcathfirstoiihatmirs ronort. and will cbtah. libh beyond dispute tho correctness of tho lino claimed by the American Oovornrnont. If somo such apprehension wero not entertained, there could bu no reason why tho Uritish residents should not extend to tho American Commission. crs every facility for a fair and full examination of the uiflercnl boundary lines. The AnoosTOOi; HorsnAnr. Two companies of the United Stales troops havo ln stationed at iho Aroostook and Kish river, by order of thegovcrnment thus reliovmg ihe sln'.o of Maino from llio heavy burthenof sustaining a civil posso nt those stations. This is an impottant movement, it being the first timo that any Unite .1 States force has entered upon what the llritith call thn llisruitu Tr.nHtTOav. Msmt will mil minnlain htr civil jutisdiction ss here. NOTICE. The Deinocratio Whigs of tho town of Uurhngton arc requesicd to meet nt Howard s Inn evening at, o'clock, to hear thn report of lbs committees, in rela tion 10 i ne coming election. Ily order of iho Town Committee. Sept. 3, 1B11. ESTRAY. QJTHAYKI) from iho snbenter on tho UihMay Vwlan, a year old, rcddirh brindlc Heller, and n red three year old Hull, A hU-ral compen,ation will is- iui.i m any pen-on who win renirn saut came, give information where thev may I o fouuJ. 1'S.ex, Auf. 31, 1311. JOHN' CARTV. ii. .in riui til wuiie nouui ino tegs ail rfio owner is requested to pay charges ami HOOK S. rTIIIK following this day received and for !! ly A. li.e Mio-criLer. lil.ike'.- F. ijeuees,'.s Physiology, Life of fr.inl.lin', New laiulaudtidzuticcr, l ouutf uraiur, The Rift, ALSO, a new supply limn ever, by July 29, 1811. Confessions of & SeLool Master, Parent'. Present, Slo'h Hide, .uairit i title, Auie'iean tieutlen.en of Poelel liihle-, cheaper HUNTINGTON. nS A OIIKAT Variety of Rich Silks Just received and A for Salo very chap at tho llurlinglon Cash Storo liy s. I.. llt,.iuuh. July 16 1311 JUST opened a beuliful tts-onuient worked Collars, atrt-Jucud pri". S. B. July 23. of Kreneh TT Aug. 13, 'T..- surriur nriH-, tli day OS Saturday thu lllh Seplen.ltr, tn til premises situated ou Onion riier in Jcrn hn. rn ik,. nv, r road Irom Uurlmelon to Montpvlier, with good bmld- mill 3stt ilen-s Lnn.l. n nut OM .1 .. I.. .... w. ..... .. u v .. vj v. o luni rate intervale, formorlv tlm (Jnv. Chiltenden Farm. ANo, 21 Cows, -1 Oxen, 15 young Cattle, 100 Sheep nnd 3 HorscA all tho nrt.luco of nld Farmj with thoWarons, Carls ndTwN and furniture n iI.b tloii-u. Titiii. two thou-aud dollar, fo 1 p nni.l ih,v.-.i riinaiiider In payments to suit the ptiri haer, with intere-t annually. i;. II. JOHNSON. Jcntuo, Aug. '13, is il. T Uto 1 lilto Slouutaltia. IllSl.iDO leaves Uurliuirtou Mon laya, davs nnd Fr.days, at 5 o'eloel., A. M. at at l)avillo at 0 P. JI. same day. NEW LINE OF STAGES I'rout Hiitlliigtoii via Johnson and DaUTlllc to WoflnoR- and arrive Pel -ons la-inir this rooto nm ...mnt. .... l.M longer ft Burlington, and arrive nt Dauviliu a early us hv any othor ro ito. Tins hue iiiter.-L'1'..s lha Sifin.n.n.I ir-.n ,, 1, l...n and reuckes ihu Lines at 9 tho next morning. Hiis route paes ovcrgiod road-, tLroli a pfo liirtsqiiu and plea-atil legion tf countty, and tho-e who haie travelled n, eApioss their iimjualified appro- i .iuuii ui il, Hl'A liUKr.ixr.To.v high sciiuoi.. rp Hi: Fall Ttrm ol" the al ove mstltutiou will com X ineiieeo.i Wedne-dav. thu asil, in.i. Tl.nTnu. l.;es have uugajed, us principal, Mr. Ciuraca C. lir.Knn, Inle a graduate Irom thu Uuiversitvoi Ver front their neiiuaiiitance with Mr. Parlcr, Iheir k.'owlwlgo of his nualiiications and suceo. e n le.icbor,they feel eoulideut, t'iat,willi theeoncurring inllarneu of our c'.izcns and putrons ol thematitutiuL, u.vv, itiiuu'tu inuursi oruer. Iue tuition ui t.nlish brauehe, Las leoareAicol. In In-half of ihe Trustees, J. K. CONVUftSL', tern. Aug.illh, 1S1I. New I'all Coods. I? M. WRIGHT C- Co. havoju't rueeived an as--striment of entire new- pntierns M. do Lainess, Dark f.nglish prints, 4-4 Seoieh Oinghann, t'ottrn l. -Ie-.Tlu-ead unl l.iiieu, PlaiJ Thd.eis, Flan nels, (anewnrtielefor children's wear,) Plaid SliawL', U-. which ore OliereU at Very low prices. ALSO, A new stock of Farewell's Gaiter Uoot, Walking Phocs, Spruiff heel and French KiJTies aud Slippers, Ladies' half I iancrs, (u now article,) Mi.tea do. alt which will Le .sold eheJti us the cheapest. Auif.25. QOk MIS. Saperii ZmtJSfa. cheap, Ly rier Twist t'mton Van., assorted An?. 25. U..M. WKIGIlf &Co. Westford, Sept. 2, 14 1. M.OSGOOD. lington, nnd dolh order ihat all persons interested be .!n I .1 pi... I !! V .1.:. . t . uicrcui i.y iiiuucaiiiiii oi ims oruer, contain ing the substance of said petition, three weeks suc cessively in tho Ihirlinfjlon Free Press a newspaper printed in llurlinglon, in iho county of Chittenden, the list of which' publications to bo previous to the baid second Wednesday of September. A. D. IS 11. (liven under my hand, nt said llurlinglon, this ninth dayol August, A. I). IS II. w.ii. wt-sri., Ki-gi-irr 3 1 vds. Petersham cloth. K vils. broa lelnth. 1 1 vd. broadclolh, 6 yds. grey kersey cloth, SJ yds. cotton vebting, 2i vds. cotton cord. 3 patterns muslin de lame. I frock coats. 5 pairs pantaloons. . other pairs pannloons, 5 vests, C Vests, 1 silver watches, J doit. 2 hl.idcd knives, 5-12 do. dagger knivc. 3 common knives, 1 doz. scissors, 1 Hik dress, lii yds. bilk, i yds. bilk, 30 yds. silk, 1 shawls, 9 muslin dresses, 13 muslin dresses. 1 muslin de lnino dsocs, 1 crape shawl, nud 1 trunk, beial nn the waters of I.nke Cl.nmplain within baid District, on the 27th of .May. isu. Ami Lrnarsti frt'nla i'!1l 1 t lis. I nn il.. fnmrtnin several seizures, and iho mma will bo condemned! agreeably lo iho prayers of said lnformalious, at Ihe next bi.-iien ierni ot sain ui-inri ourt 10 le noi-'cn at lliilland within and for said District, on Iho sixth av of October next, unless a c aim ore aims shall be interposed on or before that day i of which, all pcr- s-ous uneies is. wm iur.u notice, aim govern tnem selves accordingly. (.liven under my nanu at iimuford.m said District nils -1st uay oi iu2iisi, t, it. lau. vvn.i.iA.ii n.iuiu., Marshal. FAR.INES ! FAHINES 1 HIHi Sul scrihers Iiavo conftantly on baud Per. X muda Arrow Uoot, Pearl Parley, Patent Groals, I' reshly ground Kicc, Sago, and Oat .ileal. Aug.31. THlO.A.I'UCK& Co. STATU OF MONT ) At a I'rohatcCourl hoi Grvnd Iflk District ss I den nt mv ilwellim. house, iu North Hero in said District on the 23th day 01 .lllg.IS', a. i'. 1011. An instrument purporting to bo the last will nnd les tanient of James. Daiby, late of Alburgh, in saiddis trict, deceased, being presented to the Court by Oeorgi Darby, one nf iho Fecutors therein named for Pro bale. It is ordered by said court that all persons con corned therein ho notified to appear nt a session of said court, to PclioMcn nt my dwelling house-in North Hero, in said disttiet. ou tlio -Jain day or h. pteinhcr next, at one o'clock P. M, and shew cause if any they nave ngauibi iue pruimir oi hiiiu iu, jor wiiicu pur pose it is further ordered that a copy of the record of this order bo published three weeks ueecbively, in tho Uurhngton Free Press, n paper printed nt Iluthng ton in Chittenden County, ns soon ns may bo. A true copy oi record. rtitet, JOUI. AI.l.F.N, Judg,', ) 'TM1F. petitioner stato that she Miranda Churchill vs. X was married to tho resume r.lishall.Churehill. Vlcnt on the 23th June. 1P33. that tho respondent wilfully deserted her on the 20th Jiin-, l3fi, and left this state, nnd from "that lime has afforded no a'd nor support, nnd praying thnt the hands of matrimony between her and the respondent may ho rhssohed. tt naving nectt made lo nppcar mat tlio said i-lislta Il.Churehill, is without the stair of Vrniont.(it is or dered that tho subsianceof said libel bo published in tlio Free Press, three wcek successively, flic last f which to bo mote than sixty d.ivs beforo the bession of tho court. And tho said Kh.-ha II. Churchill is hereby Mimtnoncd lo nppcar before the Supienie Court', In ho holden nt llurlinglon, on the Monday next beforo tho first Tu.cs lay of January, 1R12, in enow tausc wuy iiiu prayer oi bu'u pcuuon bnouiu not bo granted. ii. I.. iiKN.M.r, Judge of Supreme Court. rSurlington, Vi. August 13th, IS II. NEW GOODS. MHS. I.ANGWOTITIIV HAS rectived a stt(iply ol Fashionnble Goods for the season. Ktch long and square Shawls, Sca.fs, French embroidered Capes and Collars, Para sols, Ilil.l.ons, Primed Muslins, Flowers, Laces, Per fumery, &e. Ac. OTonr, sDiunsino (-.ouri-llouso square. nl liurhngton, July 23, 1811. DKV CHOCr.HIl-.S. A GOOD ASSOllTMENT of Dry Groceries of all kinJi can be had cheap of Aug. 12. E. M. WRIGHT & CO. NEW GOODS. OUPKRIOR Flannels and Cotton Hailing, O do. Wadding and WicLiug, do. FaJding and Cauva-s, Just Ksieived and for salo vury cheuo at tha HurllM- tou Ca-h Siorr, ly S. L. Hi JUUUK. July S3. 7 SCHOOL AND CLASStCAL BOOKS. A general assortment for salo nt tho lowest XI prices by July 30th. C. GOODRICH. BLANK HOOKS, T F.DGF.RS, Journals, Day-Uooks, Records, Ac, X.J &c. ccc. DISCOURSF. on the Drnlh of WattAM Henry IlAnmsoN. Iatu Prc-idcnt of the United Sates. by.iolm tMieeier, rrcsidcut oi me university o( t cr tnont, .uousncn ana ur saio ny Vi. UUUlllllUtl. July 30th. LAW BLANKS. CI GOODRICH has constantly for sale by the Ream or Quire, n general assortment of law- blanks, printed from forms from Revised Stules, consisting ot Justice W rits and Executions, all kinds in use Trustee Wriis Counly Couit Writs and Evocations, various kinds warrnniry, uuii-cihiih, nnu ..mngago uecus Chancery Hills for foi closing Mortgages Planks fer Deposilious Administrators Honda I.eltcrs of Guardianship Officers Receipts Justice Appeals Planks for Notes, Hay-Scales, &c. Ac. August 20 h. ROBINSON'S Researches in Palestine, Momit-Sinai Hook nilll.ICAI. JJ and Arabia-Ptirca, now for sale at the .store oi August 20th. D. A. URAMAN. STRAY HEIFER. PAME into the enclosure of iho subscriber, nbout W tho 1st May last, a red, lino-hackid, two ytnr oni nciter, oi good size. 1 no owner la requested to pay cnarges nnd laKc ncr away. A. fl. MURRAY. W'lllifton, August ICth, 1911. 07-LAST CALL FAIR WARNING riHlF. Fubsctiber having sold out his interest in tho X Stove and Hnrd-Waro husines.', would give nonce to those that lie lias demands against (winch arc duel that thev will be lift with C. Wainwbioat. al tho old stand, for a few days for payment, those Ihat aro not then paid will bu left with an Attorney lor collection wiiuoui Buy imsiaiie sonei i.ecoru ingly. J. WAINWRIGHT. llurlinglon. Aug. Cfi, ISfl. 3w. THE AMF.RIOAN GLEE ROOKCons sting of a selection of Glees, Madrigals, and Rounds, from ihe most distinguished F.nehsh and German authors, together with Original Pieces composed ex. pressly for the work, (embracing pieces from the. wories or upwarus oi u. my composers. .lyt.eo.... wciin. i or saio ai iue uurungton nooustoro. Aug. 31, ISfl. D.A.IIRAM.W. T AW IIOOKS.-Cowcn's Report 0 volumes Wtlden's Reporls, 22 volumes. I'aigo s no. vois u and 7 Cowcu's Phillips Evidence, 1 vols. " Justice, 2 vols, reterdnrrs Abridgemtnt, 15 vols. English Common Law, and Chnnrcry Reporls. Ciide Napoleon, Jeremy's Equity Jurisdiction. Chitford's Chancery Pleadings. Law of Uc ments. Grccnleiifa Cases Overruled. For sale, by Sept. 3. C. GOODRICH. JI iT Jlivcive I, anotluT large loi of tho-e mr-ricr Shoes, manufactured by S, llaritv, Monipther. 5pt s u.scorr lUTIlMXGTOX HOOK STOHU. a a. bTiajian, BooiHi:i.Lr.u axi sT.tTio.vr.n, JNKOHMShis friends and the public mi rally, ihat he is ron.tnuily making inldiiiciis to In. Mi cl; n! HOOKS, t f all the new and popular pul lirauom. ol ine.iay irnm me most prom, ns-ni p.ipusung iiouies in tne couniry. (lis nrrnnueu.eriis rnaoio ni... in pro euru ti.e laii'st 'iterary aiiriienon. nt tin early nay His nro.i-nt ins.iriinciit of Hook, embrnees a vrrv great vanity pf Sthool, Clastiral, Laic, Medico), ilMvncat, ana .Muceuanemt nor. A.rioua bis sliH.k will I v loond n mtv great variety of PLANK HOOKS and STA UO.M.KV.all ol win. ho is enabled to olrr nl iriees wlmh innnot fail to miii tiiemos.i fconnmicai. Mei-ehautf, SiboeJ Ti-aehcrs, f;.-. nrc respcstfully invited 10 call nnd I'.xanunu bis" SCHOOL HOOKS. which comprises' all the late am) impiovtsl editions, in every ill pariment tf Itarnmg, August 27, lsil. For sale by .Inly 30th. C. GOODRICH. Ptoublc Ilcflncd l.oaf 1J S. D. SCOTT?. Aug. 6. nO Mills! Silks: Silks I Avery extensive assortment of every variety figure, color, stylo, oi nnee.lnow open at S. SCOTT'S. Priets nro most certainly reduced so thnt good tiiiuijhot tins Kind can -purchased at entire ly new bargains. .in?, u. nu T ,1 olcokin and Vw Hats, of the latest style at iix rcauceu prices, nt Aug. fi. S. B. SCOTT'S. n9 Qlirctings, Shtrtint's, Ticking, Canvass, Paddiii O Uatting, Colton Yarn, etc. etc. just rec. ived at a. ti. auui i . rug. 0. n9 Oalln Striped Cliallys Dain A. Figured Mous O line del. nines, just received and for site low, nt STEPHEN'S TRAVELS IN CENTRAL AMERICA. Anew and valuable work, now for a!o at tho Hook Store, D. A. URAMAN.. July ju. BASS VIOLS. OR V.olencvllot's, three fine Uas Vu 1, jut rerelvod" and for sale al the lowe-t prieej, at tin. Vsriet -tore. Strings nt lower prices than usual. Musical In struments of all kinds low. Pang ru hM Ilaixtiuro. June S3, 1SII. ,,j Dr. Amns G. Hull's Utero AUInrrunnl Soppor' ters. A supply o ihe above ce'ebrated Insiru menls, (which hive never 'ai'.sl ol i.erlorinin? a cure) tu-i received lor pale and will lu tent ron-tanily oo iianM uy n. .uuui.l. J'mcist. June 2M, 1811. u3 HASSANI) l'rcmln m UOl'nhE IIASS Aug. fi. S. U. SC01TS. German Sfilvcr Tablo spoons. JUST received, of the best quality nd will be sold at the lowest price. Also,. we would call attention, to rnnie good Plated Spoons, made for us, after the silver patterns, all goods will bo sold nt the lowest prices. PANUllORN A. IIRINSMAID. July 23. n7 rpilF mtennon tfihepul lie is invited In a large .1. Mock of goods now opening at . P. SCOTTS, A rare opportunity fur purchasing good Gooils nl exeetsiinirly low prices, July 23 rilHE I.ADV'S Cahincl, ilevotesl to seirncc and A general lilernlure.jusi receivisi nt the Hook Store where subscription are roiuri for this and the X. V. Review, American Journal of the Medical Sciences and -V. Ann rican Reue. July 1, I). A. IIRAMAN. 'PISSI'E Paper green, vellow, blue, and other col .1 ors. Ladies noie und letter paner, H. H 11.11. II. II. II II II. F and othir drawing Pencils. Jusirec'd July 21 1311. P.VNGIIOUN .f-URIN'SMAID. .VIOLS. A RRAHAM iy-lVSy tv P It E S &"-Js5St'0TT would ro- nJS1 rfV "H persons inier ester! in tho Sc.i. encoof Mnic, that he continues to manufacture a woncord, .'New Hampshire, I1ASS AND ilOFHIiE PASS VIOI.S, of n very superior quality, nnd having obtained ll first Premiums that has ever been awarded loan A nifrican manufarturrr of surh Intrtnncnts at Ihs great I'airs of the American Institute in Now York City, at tho gieat Fair of the Mechanic's Association in Hoston, and at the Fair of the Mechanic's Charita ble Associhnon in Portland, Maine ho now not only tenders his thanks to his friends and patrensfor past favors, but pledges himself to Rel gious SecinesP Mu-ical Associations nnd individuals who may wish to purchase, thai no reasonable efforts shall bo want ing on hi part, to enable hun to meet their ordfis in tho most prompt nnd f Hisfactury manner, thnt ho may sun retain tneiroonhrfenee, nnd merit a conur.o ance'of (tho liberal patronagohe has for many years enjnytu. lie also keeps nn extensive assortment it MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. of the hen quality, which he offers for mis on ft most reasonable terms, ntnonpwhich are M1I.OD10NS AND SF.RAPHINES, which are much admired fnrsweelness of tonp, aaj well a lapted to parlor or church music. Music Schools. .Military Hands, or individuals, can be supplied with lirass and other instruments or any description, a cheap or cheaper than lhey csn put chase in the city of Hoston. Also, Violin, Rass and Double Pssi Viol Strings, Hows, llrulges. Patent Heads, Tuning Folks A Pines, Instruction Hooks, Clarioneit Hetds nnd mouth Pie ce, Umbrellas, Parasols. Walking Cans- Av Orders will be gran fully received, and Instruments sent by Stage at therisk of the ininufarturer, ond a" not satisfactory, may be exchanged. Musical instruments and Umbrellas, repaired asiiea al. Please call at his new Music Store, a few doors south of the Eagle Coffee Hou-e. nSl Concord, New Hampshire, Msreh 2, 1-11. PANGRORN HIUNSMAID, Agents, Rurlin-ton.Vt. A,TUSir l. Instruments Ac H E A-T llat Hano. 1M nettes, UA.CFUir, Flageoltts, Guuar, Violin, and Viohncrbo -trings, reeiriel by July II 1641. PANliUORNA BRlNTsMAID. STONE'S CAST STEFI. AXES. AVarrantnl mi oerior to any tiling in Maikri-IO rlnz for sab- by ' STRO.VG3 ,f. Co. July 1.1811 .Vortliy of Xotlrcl riMIOSE taken ot troubled with Dysentcrv, Uiar X thrra, Summer Complaint or Cholera Morbus, can procure immediate relief, by the meof Dr.Jnvne'b Carminative Palsini, of Philadelphia. For sale by Aug. 10. TIIF.O. A. PECK if- C0S Jir.V ft w iloms Esl of th I'ost Office, NEW GOODS. THE subscribers have ree'd a new atsnrtment of Plain muslin IV Earns Printed muslin and Print ed I.awns JJIk and whilo ilrussclls l.ace French sqr. nttt I) Railruadand JlonJ Do Rthhnns Fsnrj 4-r. E. MURRAV WRIGHT .J-co. June 16.IR41. ClllF.NA and l'a..tiro.dfIRihboii",Chena Searf-.nnd a new lot of Fisjneh arlilie.als. S. II. JjCOTT. July 23. STIt WED, fmni the subscriber, about five weeks since, a small Hack Ttench HORSE, 10 or II yens ohi, with long tail, small spavins on his legs, and a strip round the right hind leg. Whoever will return said horse, or give any information relating to the same, loJtramiah Tottrr, shall le suitably re- w,,d1' HUBERT DLAI3, Butlisalon, Wih August. FNS AND CANES ! DOR sa!f at Ihe Vare'v St"ri-, V . PANGPOfi.V A Dni.NMAIP Julyl.lMI nl ATOTICE I hate' this day pven my sfn Hepkin IN l!.irne. h slime, wdh full pe rotssi'n to transsrt busmssa for his own benetlt. This is lierf l"oj ti p;v' notir thai I shall herruf'er cla m nothing on his se count, nirholrt invs.lf nspou:b for any of his crn traeis. A. I1ARXES. Huiliiigton, Anc. Ptl. FOR SALE A VOUNG COW with her second calf about thres j. v e eeks old. Or. if nrtftirtd, rn older one. Wis ks old. August, COth. with a enlf lwr a HENNA STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT;. rTHI AT bring the, j.-st new 3 o'elock P. Ill, L the Mercury nt !V2 dfgrrss, iho striking off nf Good al iheChenp Ca-h Wi.irr, is in the most nrtite, swtlirrmg, metiuig, evaporative rfieratinn. Person of creat curintny and deire would do well lo call while the furnace l tn full blast, and see the girds vnnisli it is a gieat curiosity, for it requires but ,n linte money in rtir.rntc a great many pretty foods front a dormant to the passing off stmc at HOWARD'S. Wednesday, I'lh August '41. piack Tea, f.r sale ly July 15- j. r WflALLNO 4 CO. r.1

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