Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 10, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 10, 1841 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OP C in S A IZ BUT TUB W E I. F A n B OP ROME. BY II. B. STACY. BUKLINGTON, VIIMONT, P IUD AY, S E P T E MBEIl 10, isn. VOL. XV....X0. M. M OOltL'S J-SSLMI. Ol'' LI I'l.. A Vnlenble Medicine, which, if rightly npphcd, will 1 n llie 'tarnnsuf savins ill and- Irom an miliintly crave. It ha been Mild mi l n-i'd fur thirty year, uiceo-s, nud found very cdit-actou- in tin; fullim-ius di-ca-e;-, Vir. Coii-u.nplion, Whnopius Coiiqh-, com inon Cuiili", Co'd-, ih'thVnlt Ui-oniiiius. Influenza, Qumy, A-thniit, Fhlln-io, Spitiins of lllond, Flatu lency, In.hso-tioii, Loo-cne" ill' iho llowel-, Fnol cwfv kin I, Cramps, lticl.ct-, Colic, Cnlnrih, Prsen- lary, raintuil, iirpociioii'iriacAuo.Tion-, iicud.iclic-, Sickiies'-at SiciinriL-li, Mca-le-, a preventive of Contusion-tli-ca.-o--, Coin and Iihcuiiiatiin. tQ2! hfatiovo Mo-ln'ino i iri-iari.vl I y Henry Sey mour, of Hadlov, Ma--, froin Kocipo, l.y thedireilinu uf -aid Moon', and Mild liy him uud the prin-ipiil Or-itrsrit-in the l'ni!ISmtc Sold wholo-ule and retail, l. J. ,.!. II. Pool. Co and Then. A. Pock CV Co., Iliiiliuston, mid l.y ihe dealers generally throuslinut llic. countrv 1L f PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrtirloU too well known to need commen dation and llie experience of seven years has demonstrated tn the cainntcrrtil community, that for accuracy, convenience and dnrnliility, tlrcy arc unrivalled Coal vaul scales to wcie'.i from 3 to C ton. Doinnnt Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 Mi., Portable do. to welsh fror.i 1 2 oz. to -00 lbs. PnrtalilcC.umterilo a ncvvatlitlc toxvcirjh from 1-2 uz. to. 10 lbs. J. iV J. II. Pfcu- iV Co. Ajf.nV. llutlinstnn, Amu 8 1S11. A wo IA1VTIS. subi-ril er bcins thankful for nasi favor- vould re-ii.'.'ifiillv -nhcit a ilinoaniv id llic fame and remind hi-fi ien.1- and the public that he i prepnicd to aecanniudaiu them op iho .-horle-t no.'ite andmo-t fuvoriblo term- mtlio variou- branehes in llieaboveline., Sh(ii uppo-iie Mr. C. A. Seymour- Hut .Stoic, Pcail-.-tteet, Im 1 in p- )i, Vl. jamjjs scot;'. April 1, 1311. nlkly pr.UTAiN rvixv, van si k ur.AnAcm;, .J which has been Hied in families, every iiiitnbir if which ha? li id sick headache from infancy, ns a const itiuioinl frailly complaint, and Ins enrid tlli'C tually mevcry Ins-tancoyct known, nmnintiiii; lotn-i-ny hundreds.' It is not impLm-nit to the t.isic, nnd rloi- nut prevent tlioil lily avocations of n!,e iisim: it it mu-t be persevered in, and I lie unc is tf-aihial, lint certrn and p. rniani'iii Instances are ruiisiautly miilt:plyiii:'liert!il ill'ln Mil complaint is com pletely n hivt d and cured, although uf years landins liv llic use of l)r. .Siinlin s celebrated remedy. One decided preferencois ii pleasantness, liainir none of the nan-eatint; tlll-ctof coinnum ilrus. It is snperfectlvsati-sfictory, that thenroprietor lia given directions for litiacnUtn lrfnnd the price to any one v.ho is not idea'eil willi, and ien cured by it.' He hopes also lint ibis may h cure its (;reat benefit- to the di-lr(sed MiUeri r.s ho are I iburini; under flcad icbc I;. I'01I., M. I)., nnentor and Pro-nrietor. Sold by GOMSTOCK CO., 71 Maiden I.nne. iVewVnrk. TIII'.O. .. 1'HfK .V f'O., Wbo'cile Agents, afow do.'is east uf ibe PostOlliee, Hiirhn: ion, t. n'J Alllil.lNAH V S ItOS MU.INO. By Mies S. CRAY, WHO has comnicncril in the new bni dm" on tliceast Fide of Chiiiefi street, opposite II. Lane's store, and a few rods south nr.l...rt i. ...i ....... tl"' fill-? allentinn Mill be men to 1 vra which I'lisluons are now just received for ibe sca- fon. 'r.'A & ' It Iliirlington May 2G, IP 1 1 JU-I.MI'OK'I A.'l t At 'I IO.N,j It ia Miigular f.iet at d one iiiueli tile rebelled that Mibia' le 1 no In mej, n omi a Miey I ecntne pup ulur, ie.rml ihe le-t and"npprcial ol u diu'iuuiiiiifiiiirpMl lie,aiOMiiT'tii le i.interfeili.'il, nn' tliu- a bad alul p' ariicle iiuinedia'eiy palmed upon llienn.i-pceliiiforihe st'iiimie. 'riil'li.i I een notorin i-ly iIicimsc with nil pop ibir tried nnd tr tly v.ilu.tblo imhcno for eari.i-l, and will rolcJ,lj .i , . e v.'in nun; III r i- I ml- .i-v nil ei It'll li Iho iiiakins of IIonsbts, ' .i!i.t.nd eoineiupiible eouuierfeii naliis way L.ri and Drsks, hi ac- nil.,lnv iuv.iiil.u'e id nil the c Inrl. and ndier cordaneewiihtboiiios an- i,,ed bv the proprKM...-- ciftho seiuiine arliele, proved New ork style, , lu ri., llmr ,ome. .,. ftnd ,le-eued popluari- ty. ItHtlierelnieiiot lr- I lie duty than II cnninbule lolhe al'ely uf eery linne-t intlioeoni- irinvn iluwii, iiii'l tMreeral,erlii- n5t SUl'CltlDIt l'litlllll. 3- T A. HI.NSIJIIiI,, Airctit f.irllo lfn h ' c'icslci' and other Western Mills IliJili'ienlaiP. &c. lias for sale, now in Moic. and V r'iiJfV? necivniL' I'.i-.hl Thousand llarnls of r.iney and Superfine lirauds uf I I ()UIt of ibe highest reputation in the York and lloslon niaikets. Anion!; vvhieli the follow inir, II. Uly, T. Ilempsb.ill, R S. Ol.irk cc Co. J. Unvis," 11. Holmes, Union .Mills. J.xtk'.in Mill", Cliflou Mill", nnd .1. Iloslicr. loirolber nh serral choice brands of Ohio nnd Michisnn Flour. Ai.o, H. Kiuldaml X. a'luck, suitnblofor iheMoiitteal Mar ket. Mcrclnnts and dealers will bo furnished to older. at n very low rate, by leinitlin; I)iaft, Ciililicalcs of Deposit, or Cash, to ill") Hirer-direct, Troy, where a full supply will bo kept at all times. i 16 ion .n.i id li Jim TIV AUDITA com nine- 1YS -iieinnbenui: PI.AS'ITK: SR1V MUSIC, AM) MUSICAL IXSTIPU-J1BNT. .W.C-S'j. '.' ,ry. , irdtrcm !! is- Ion, leu fuiiniiS' io.i,) a Mipplt of Jtw Mi.aie, .Mu ral Intnl. nents Ve., wliicli he is audio! 7. d lo s II al the l.iwe.-t Ujf.'ii it-iil prices. Tie jIiimc fur the Piano I'iiim. e.n-.-'sot Sou.'s, C!b I) ui :nnl Trios. .V. w .in i Vuunlul M.nehes, fi,irl;-li ps. It il opa.lcs, V.llI( i)an e, nnd piec t v.iib .n i.ii.nus, somu of wlii. h ale the lur-t publiealioil'i of the J!.i don llrin'ido and Hr.u- It inds. Al.bO A treat variety uf Aiueiican, Herman, 'Frencli and Knyli-h Miimc.i1 liu-truineiits, ruiikUtlnt; of Iluulc-, Triimpei.i, I'lcneli Horns, Pass, Te norand AltoTronibon.-!, I! ilat, Uand Idat Cl.irloiu tts Oi i mm Concert l-'lutec,) trom one loiunekey,) l''ln;:eo b tt-, Oi tare ami Pi-ol.i I'luit s and I'lks. Splendid 15is Viols und Vndin1",. 1 unit and pluu Violin riu.' lia-sViol I1.1HU. S::p. nor Hoinnii Violin, Jia-s Viol and (iiiifir Sirinu, it en rr size an 1 letter. I"n;di-li and I'lcneli C'lrii'iiffttrcied. Splendid ."reii 'b Ae rorilcons, Spi'iis'i (iu.iars, villi plain, and C ruriii Silver patent li a!-, l.i-'r lion Ib'.iUs, wiih (!-im-uw,, and Krevci-esfor .ill tlieaborr, and oth rr instriiinent', arc uowforsale at Mr. Mann's ni deiiee.i few rod-norlli of the llpicop-.l Clinreb, in Hilrlini'toii, where he respectfully mriles ciisloiuer touie him ac.i'.l. Military ISiinN and Music Schools, fiiriu'lud with Music, Musical Instruments, (mtu" limtrucu'oii, if dc- ii'i-iA nl slinrl notice. 53rl'IANO I'Oin'I'S strunc, r paired and tuned as usual. ilurlintnn, .ilay i, l-H. -t IVOTICt:. ;t3PMe.henie i I e-l known by the 1" cmc it perfuiin..n5 I. Newton'- I'.m.ue.i, or 1'unlier ol'tho lllood. The unparalleled and nll inereji.iniriepuialion wlneb tin- medicine ha-acquired the New l.', and lliemany enic- it lei- perli rnied, and lite ieat deiuand made font by the advice nfpliy-ieian- well acq i.unloi wiih il- prepiiation, bus in. I ce I ibe propnep r lo exien I il- cir.uilalioii in .ilniii-i every town in the e.ileru Siale- an.l the principal luwii- in ibe Tinted Suve.-. Till" I'au warr.iotel piiuly vri;eml le.aii I i- not -tirpas isl !y any oilier medicine ever o eiedlo the .itllietel a- it- eleieie .-.i'e and irrei' pii il.iri y plainly prove. It ba.- within the la-t eilueeu UKi.ith' curoil il- ill lU.airi-uftl'o niu-l ul.-liua o di.e.i e-, a can le priuivl by cerlitu'.ne-; uud i-pronumi' e I 1 enunenl an I le pivtal le jiliy-icnns ihe I e t nieJieiue in inc. I'-ef il mft rotation iu.iy I e lo nid in eireu,.ir I'o.itainui eeitiii.Mle of ( mic- nul diic -'ion- fur l.i l.iiu; Ibe medii'iiie. The I't'lbiwin aiiptunlel aeut-. II nloi.'toii, .1. it .1.11. IV '!, an I Co., 1!. .Mni di S. Al'iin-, Cim-nnl 1! i-sel .Milieu, V. Diul.e M I mi I'iiII , leiriiet and tfawier W.i-ervi'le, l'i-1 .in I Prowu, lline-l.or -li, II 'il an I ' i u. ! iufi. Par .er an I l.rlie!.l Vereniie , V lain an ' 1 'ir.u t'.imi i I'bo. M. Who I uderliill, M. I'. Il.irue Nor b l'ein-i urjli, 11. C. Wi-Ver Ucrcia, A. I'll--VVilli-lon, N. ( bun a le. Ibi'hnii.nd, iiieiuV lilm le b l.ii mi, II. I.. 'A .liner .in I C '.lili mil, I'hiu h It.i'.er-m ft, Ariiiiu.rt()ii and 'u .ir ! Pinr iit!d, liiiriict uud r.iru-woiih. e.o.p ly.l.lU oiirivalted a- a Abe, In l!be,n..i- ti-in, I atiii-ne. nr 'iniiisiu tbe-i'li'-, limb-nr I aek : lor - T'duto-i- ve'l'ii-, m' ii ,y .nn-, I-'ie-b wtmuJ-; an I fr a 1'ainily Pl.i-ieror.ilve. rurCurn-, moieover iry it; paieelo-e, pei-evere in lb. ne I y ina'.iuJ-i new application oee.i uinul.y, mid lu lime, yum corn- wul I e ruled. I-'nr - ale br J. a. .i. ii. pr.cK a Co. TIII.'O. A. PI.CIC Ar Co. and I n. HOIII'. .MOODV. ItnliiiSlun, Jan. 2.', ISll. ly.f.lS Tin-: iiooKsfoiti'i OK the Siib-csibi r is just repli ni brd wiih a new nniUabe.b!.' a-snrliiutit of P.O.IKS. M'ATJOV- I A!IY AND r.(i'.lAVlN(i-, niiinna Iho many in - iete.-itim w.jii..- iii.ij i" ....'ii. ".v. .ia I. urn lo Die, I v inniepiicr Minion, Milton on I lie Ski iinin ills, Tn. Youie.' Mm'- id, by Iter. II. Win'Iow, fi iiu-s.'.-. .if I'.e P -t, Inijii.ii;. uf I 'lower.-, Tibs ol ill.' Oce-in, I'loia's Int rpn ler, I'hia's l.ixi n, Suiiinii-r.l.iu-in'V ill ihe V.V't, by Mr'. Slecl, 'i lieToioinus,i'i ibe Lost Tnln t- bv Dr. firant A We'll tn Wull-Slr.l:l D. A. Pll.VMA.V. July M, n9 15 LAIS' KIJOO lili l."li;ci's, juiirrals b llcconl l!noks. I70R lownx, county nnd probate records nnnnfic 1 turPil from the bV-t Inn 11 wove Deiiii and Medi inn naiii r.lioeiul m calf : i-o. a rai tetv uf coui'iiiin .'Inn .; or s'llc clinp lor n aoy pay at inu i.;';n 01 1 tic ttcd er, y . HUN'riNCTOX. .lime 2.", 1311. li t VVI'I l.K i.f 1. s o mi' a- i-,ia., 1 1 a ranee 01.1. le Imi 'le e Mi en on i-.-moi 1 11, t'evV p 1 ir-1 f sn.i I lli-ef w ill I e very ae. ei .1' 'ii me tutu 01 .iuni', mi 1 iiii' luiie.t pruv will I e p in mi .1 11 I' r Ii. A I. Si ! To e.eli inie, a fir-1 ralo Ch.n-e un l liar tie--, fi r .-Iwl. or t.i-h. niO DANIlil. KlMllAU., Jr. II irbiiirtr.n, May 12, 18 II. NEW ARRIVAL, X. KOVKI.Y & CO. A nK nnw rceririiiL' llieir llilid suimlv of Knncv jjL .Staple and oilier Goods, adiplcd 10 the w.intof flie ninikri. wliii b werr nui cb.-sil at New 'urk. the last weik, and are new olli rid ior fash, at a small ad vance ami uri-nly reduced prices among whxli are the following: i-'.itiu -lri,.('li.illys, do. do liii-urc.lnnd plain Moii-line DeUainCf, for ilrei-, -oiue a- low af2,.MJa p.itleru, I'riilled l.awni lor die -e.-, plain do. forbonnel-, Pieueh -Inpcd Print-, Knu'li-li and Auicrlcan do. SjIiii stripe mILf, for dre-si'-, n f.incvnrlielo Itlaikand Hue I lack Cm deSwi-,' t!ro de Hhine etc. ii'eery variety, eolnrol mII.- f eeiy (finde, Wliiiis iJru ie Alrionnd oilier eol'd silk lor bounclr-, t'rripe- and crape l'e-e, I'dlet -iiif- and fha U, -01110 very .-iiperiiir, Tliuad, Ijlsmis- and Iiik-iiioh', Miiibnln-crtion-, Cuviaii l.ace, (.nde- Ijiibifiidcred nnd wnrLed cape- and collars, Killed .Mil- and Clove-, Ions nnd iu rt, all color-, Ribbon-, a beaulif d a oilineut, eiiliie new -tjle, Vellum lid bon-, Head baud-, I'on.'ee-, mi I I'niifiv li Ikf-, asscrliil 9-4 Mousbiiei'eb.iinc shawl-, 11 new nnd cheap nr- 1. 1111:11 eambrie b Law 11-, Cif. Kro,ieli Annie 11I-, Wh ilel.uiie and Ibillaii", l'dra-il-ii. I'ml rel.ns, due -tfioiii il.e inauutactuie;- ,B-lil,iniit. -ill. bawl-, . beaper than ever. 'TiJrellmz amlWoiU La-Uet-. lied end Maid; Meiiiu -bawl,, at a puat 1 .ucani, Jiawsilk and other dre-s bdklsiiiuUb.iwI-, a variety, Hi-hup Lawn-, Nunxiul-, nnd lloolr Mu-lin-, Who Nell,, W.1-I1 I'.lmid uiidullii r laces, In-h Linen- ami cdinlni, bell Mde and ulher comb-, Lailio-and (.'em-. nil. iud Lisle ho.e, do do Clove-, Hellenic-, lead bags nnd pur e--, Satlincit.,ea-uueie-aii ll iiiaileiotle,elujperiO igli Silk Vrln-i., fur ladiC- an l-rcfit-. aim fur vo-tuijf, dirk nnllilu V: inn;'', Vnleueia., eie. c!c Ta! Ictpiea.l-.ilo h-, diaper-, etc. .Slueliiitf- an I hirliu? , I leaelusl and nnbleai biO, Jeiinand eazcneis, 1'uniitiiiu diuiilies, t !iirllllll fl-liejl O.. To w hich may be added, 11 l.irgcaorlinent of Dr'i (riictrits, mil a: Hl.i.d and (ireeu Tea-, of every variety, W!iW. Il.iv.uniil and titber lil'liwu .Susur.-. Mui.ite', i'lineiitn, lViiper, l'Ui,er, Clove.-, t'a-na I'obind sianli, t.iu'li-li 1 irnnit-. Cnnkiry anil (Mass Ware, J'reurh anil American Paper Hangings. s casli i-u'ir (b, i, wo will b.iruams Cull and examine fur yuurtilvc-. Uurluigion, July Jo. 11S Ut'HI.I.StiTO.VCASII S-IOHK. Si. viii. v ni'pu 1 ri: X. I v en. rpIIl.Hub r.ber h.i-.iu en ueeewS m-'. uf Ccol-, J. in t ie eie I1.111 M-W CoiupriMii I'.i luona'i.e S aple and I'.i.i v Uiuli K-dod'.V Moiislm I'el.nue- and Piiu'cl Lavvu- l . -eei l.iMi-l-I'l .ien e Hr.u'.l I! imiet S i.iw iii'iim - iv... .-e. a ni r .i.uii.1 in(i;i.i;it s nil ol vvlue'i an' eiiviai Hielieve 1 pn e.. I y ,y. L. llldilllCK. uliii.'li'li, July -J ISll. Iii'iuilv lo exeiKi TIU'l.Tull HI.AJt J I.IS IN(i IIATI.S who thus irie--poii-i' Iv Hide iVi'h be.ilthnnd lite. ;i"iiii:ki koim: -iaki NOTicc-nj 'ru'ie i-a I'T-ini I y the name of J. II. Hoi'lli: I'OHT. now eiiLM.,ed 'iii -ellnnr .1 Pill done up 111 1 ue iiievacl an I perli-et mi j 1:1: ion nf the irenuniL INDI N l.lJb.TAIlLl: PILL-1, wub the onii.-ion ofonlyone word on Ihe lloxe viz. The Pill- -illdby this lioehcfiirt nre cviilently intended it a finu I ntel inipo-itioii upon the eouuiiiinuv, or tliey wo ild m t have I it'll done up 111 -wh e-aet'iiui'alii'irof Ihe i:eii 'line. Tin- per-on 1- tall bbi.-leuu? wi b a meat the atrical -wair'.-or. He w,i reienily Lnuwii it-a very po ir plajer in Halt iinoro, under the iuii-umI eotrnouieii uf .1 nil 1 1 row 11, nndi-iiloit tweiiiy live it'ur-(ifiti.u' ltlaluio-t leyoula duiil I that lie is -uppliel with the Pill- Irnin a Druasri.t linn 111 tin- city, who have bcretiibiro I ecu nolni ioii-ly cnnuecled wnh eouuler led inc lieine-. A - -uon u-proul i-ubiuiiied the fouu la. 11 bead of this nef.inou- I111- iu--i will I e e.po-ed, the cuiumiiiiity may -.hull them a- ihey would n .-erjiciit. IN 'I UK MKA.X Tl.Mi: nil': PfllLlC AHi: CAK TIONLD nirain-t Imjiiiij Wl'llill'I'S K-ni.v- Vr.cii'.T.viit.i: P111 uf any une who due not elul it a eerlilicnie uf agen cy -lined I y ihe ii'.-eni fur Ihe New I imhind Sla'c ii ml ' e.uinu dale -nice Jam .iry lb III. Al.-n lai.e I ; tl - r nutieo thatllielulliiwiu- wording 1- onihulox e. Wru'hl'.- Indian e'.'el.l le ITI- (hid. Purgative) of d,e North American Ci I'eje uf llc.ilih. 77it Indian i'ltlalle I'M ne .1 rei lain cm c foi di?-i-Clll IIscvmv v.liielv'nl Itulll, bfc.ul-e lliev llio inniiiili elc.lii-e Hie stonuii 11 .nui tuiwi-H, induce .1 pin pei ib-cb oi;e bv the lunijs. -kin and kulnei , iind-n. uHil.ile llic blimd iipiuif) llseif In ulliei Minds litv ipfll .lit ilif 11 I I ill H Ml, .llillletle .N I U II t. ( till Giand I'liyiiriun) 111 e in ibue di.e.i-e Imiu llir budv. I he .ib.ili' uiiilels, nr ill nln, .ire llic eiiiiiMiiin 'i iwrs id 1 lie I mi I, , Iiuuli2h lin Ii .ill 111111 bid mil ret 1 11 1 1 1 tniiiiii!4 (ihe c.ui-e ut ilio'.i'c) in e c.i 1 1 11 d idf ; .mil in l(ni .m ilifv me ,,11 kepi upcii, .mil direh-iie lueli leii .ibuill d 1 101 1 inns ill I iiptu ilv, llic budv will Clut. Inutf tn be.ilih : I ni when fi itiu e.u 1 nit luintiuiei biuil. orilhiut! iini'iue .10, -iiddeii 11. iii-iiuii4 hum licit lu nlil, uiei I'xb.umi.m nr am ndiii eini-c, lln uoiieN iiiiiii. e.i-nve, the Ihe ,km In 1 nine eluded, liekidnevs l'.iil 1 1 pel I'll 111 it. eo biiieiiuii- ptupi'ili. lie mi hi 1 tlip. u liieli -h ipd be ib.iihi d Iinin the butt il lllf-e iiinli 1 , w ill l.e lel.itneil, mid cutil iime In lie iiniiiliti mull the b..dv lii-ciiinrs liii'i.itlv liLuled web is i-e ll'du 1 Ii mil' I-of unr lilihlv riveis -huntd Cllilie ill.'l kl-ll lip, IMIIllil tint tile .11 Cl.lllll'llinl W .llcti. ml new mnlt-ls, ni the eiuintiv bicuuie iimiiiiI.iIf"I unl .0 nub llic Iiiiiii. 1 1 Imdv ; iflhe 111 ut di .1111' bp- iittie cluiied, ibe Hi-.uii.iril .uul cm 1 lint tuiinni will tlud venl tn llic 1.1111111- fiiim. nl de,i-e surh i' 1-Vvpi, -iil.ill Pnx, Me.iftCs, Klifiiin ui'iit. Cunt, ApniileTv. Sic. nr Death will eu 1 imr riiflciiujs 'ritpieluie, rtltetl -iekile?' Ill tile sllilli.irh. iiiiim ill llic Puck ami ide. rpi'tk pulse. biinibii;skin, or any 0 lier uapb-.i. no -yiiiiiiiin-, iiiiiie.itf. 1u.1t one ni iiime 01 lite ti.i. 11.1I diuiits -ne mil dipi Ii.njinii ftei-ly, and the cuu.-li. liiiuin i siiniti in ciiiiiiui-iief a 'li niiile loi lie re'iora 1011 nfhe.ilih in, 1 11111 sh mid b lii.t 01 adintui'ieriiii! itevbii-kd 1 i.f 1 In- I111b.u1 Piitciitiie (Indian Ve etahte l'ill ) Itv -o dilute, all lite blnciiiiii' .if llil liiidy w ill lie lesleicd 10 toiler. Hid lltl find liiinims fills eaiiwe nf i-veir lull nil ilinn nr p 1111 we s iiflei ) will ne 1 r lin 1 i-ii ni pi 1 impv 'inn 1. 11 .11 1 .1 1 -i 11. 1 11 in-1 , 11 1. 1 1 - "dy will In- ip'tined .1-it by .1 1 b 11 111, Hip nhow ' b' 111.1v be l.iki'ti-ii A 1. 1, lime' .mil iniilci ai I. eii iiiil.i.iiice-, will) pt rlVcl ' -leiy. 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IVIIar- uririv- iilm.isf'Ml-are n.i; uiK.we.l:.' e.t tin- .retiumeiu M in ici' ii' le 1'ir , i lii-rc! .re never p u- -II i e Irnm iliem Inr tt vi u du vu i i PI le -me !u oi'tani adineio nn I en in er'"'-' it ' 'e. lltt'.n. A.; .-' I o, Aeon'- in li ibii.-t n, f r di i lent i lie In I it n V e.'c v le I' P-, al-n, W . II II. M i i v ilh Ion. v i :iud A. Hr'ii -ur,i l.ll ir uiet niul Crockery, China ami Class Ware. A latze ami rich assortment tu-t lecemsl XV unciicd, purchaied nt cicaily ri"il.ieel iui. es in Ivew oil., and now fur i-ale at the very timtt rale1 by N. LOVKLY & CO. Juno 9, 1811. T30SOM8 and .Vtocke. Kinc frilled nnd nlnin Il,t- Xj semis, a few more of the new style Stocks, which l'APKH IIANTilN'C.S. ANT.W mpply, with bold rs, Ac. iiist rrc' ' from thu manufacturer. July 22. C. iiOODIUCII. NIIW GOODS. 'T'lin uub'cril cip li ive pi-t iti eivul futiii N. York. -L a luru'C ii- orlineiii el K A N C Y GOODS. aiiiunir which ui.iv 1 e fu-ui I Heavy I lack an I blue blue; I'm do Sni S l';s " " " .s " " " " IV''l " " " " Crude Alrnpie " " I.ichtcoloasl " do " tlo " Pekin-triped " " Plaid Poi iVSoi, (n new arliele) " P.ounet silk-, I uiine, Law n-, I II. lint. an cravat plain and lis.l I'reni Ii I um1 azine . Halt mo irniii.-, plain if. fuM, all wool Mo'islinc delaine-, ChmcL' an I So ni-triped Moi-line I'cl.anic- verv line, l.u e Veil-, ll'k net - haw s an I -tuif., nett Mm- an I (!ovv-, iiper'iir til I d . I nm' azine and -ami -me',-, Win-' el i uiic rieit M i Iiii lu-ertui- & IXIsinsr, K I'.'iurr-,' .innei &..m'i Itibl in-, neve-iylo.., '.-. i ii i .1 . i ..,1 i a ' 1 ii) r , " - .'i- i, i.tiiu an a i ita ii t-ilk nu-e, r.itteu-itii'' ti'ii'i-., e l-XlSKASCfS til' Till: I.U,N(i-..-Dpe,tlcdl) K.J I lie mint p'ipiiiar ipiiuiIv pi i r kminn in A tunica I'tmlalilt l'ulmonaiy Ilntsam is ilip nin.l Ip "iiu tli mm in ii-p bo cuc8h,ctili4,uil , r plulu.ic, cini'iuttptiiin. v.-liitiiptiig couitli and pit'iimn u slbcliuii "fpvciv kind. Its salp is sipaibl) uicipinini;, mid I hp luiipitcmis n i e ptinsliiiillv iPcciviiiK ihe niu-l fmiiiilile iociiiiiii nf t i (Tens. 'Ihe Inllmvini; uciv ccrlilicales ne iifl'i-ied fur pubbc c.iintii.iiifin. N Intkuksmmj Csr.. Hxll.lClof.1 Ipiicrfimu Mr C ,S Cla), Kiui!lnti, Ulopr Co., i. Y. lo the pi'ipiiPltiip. "Ynms tifllip 'till inl. wa duly icc.'d. A iPin.iikablf! cine wamlficinl b) I lie Vcifilatde I'ul. in tltp n iiuer and -pi ini nl IS33. Hip lei'iin, Mr. Mimdi, bid been silk n loiuj nine Willi dip C' lisiinipiiiin. Ill' iiliirii'i.nw had i; i eu liiui up lie was icitlippilsu low a In be iiu.iblp lu tudp liiiu.plf, unl was i.ii.ii'i; u I, nee tpiaiitiiv uf hlniu! ulieiilic coiiiinpncril u.'iiiKlltp, ninth Ii.k idTeclcil a coillplele cine, uud he U lluw as li tip mill Itp.lil) n. pipi lie w.i'. Mr, Mnod) has ir moiPil fioin litis inw ii, bill lie h is iicill'cd inc n tlimp ilelmtetl aPCinnil nf Ills carp, whi( h I u illfui u, ml vim. C. S CLAY. Unusual, N. Y June 25. 1S;'9. Ilxliapt uf.i Ipiii'i fiiim Dr. .I.irnli .Minis The Vpti i.ible I' tl.ila.ini lias bepii -nlil in ibis c mill) lor two ve. us, and (hp incbcitic has gained nit iiiicdimuiiit celt In it) , fur il -caiieli in unc iii'lance filled id Ii ivini! ilip ib-'iied fled I am In un inr.ui' in favor tif llie in in) iin'tittui', intittol uluph ate it it pnsiiiuns tipitii a crpibilnus public, bin ihui whirli I kliuw by u-e lu be r fl'pciu il, I raitiuil hplp but yivi- mi ai piob .tiun ihripiu. A rrmutcifpii piepaislioii hi' In en nfli led Iipip li n iiuifl!ut; Arch!, of I'liiusiiu k, N, V. and iIipip ii aniilitpr arlit-lc vended hcic i 'tningiy Pii'pccied tu bcpiti inu. Jacoii Mvr.ns, M. D. Mifllinjlnn, Junialn ro. I'pnn. Mm 3, 18"7 l'liiin Dr. Saiuuel Miuiell, lu lite Piuptieims nf ihe Vpop lablp Piilimui nv Itill-uu. I am sall'lit'd lhalllieVc. 'jcl.iblc Putinnii.i'i v li.iliiui i' a v aln ibip uieilt'cinp 1 1 h.i' bppii u 'Pil in I III' place with cntltplpie iuipcps' in an nli-iiit ue cniiiplatiti nl llie IiiiU', itlipuilpd with a pvpi e cmili, In" , if voire, and the i li'tn of uiiirh billed, wlurhliad ptpitiiii'lv le.i'ird npptuved piesitipliuii". Alter ii'iiih the Haliiaiii uue wetk, the p it ien i 's vu ice i put rued .tint Iip wii'.ibt.. lu speak audi lily. I hi' r.ife ocrinri'd stnne time hiure, mid the in in now pii iiipiI nol only in active Inti labmituis blt'UIPS' III rpli'tbdl) iiv. S. MoHiiri.t, l is tiiiw- mine than siv vears since I ii.n. IiiiiuIii vpil Inw b) an .iiTpi-iioii uf ilip lu'iti;', mid mi cniuplaiiit iv is ilpcjnicd in bp iin-iiiable bv a ciiiiucd uf iIiipp pin sin ins, I w .h iIipii ip-tiiied in .i' sun I lip.illlt .1' I hid nvtilf'T mail) vears, hi ll'ini! ilip VpupI.iIiIp Put. Iiiiiii i t v II ii-aiti. hince mi leeuvpr) 1 line lecutn iiipiiiIpiI ilip ltd-. int in ii i"ieal liia.iv ca-es uf 'iiiiu impl. iiuts, and sn far a I ran b.n n, its ll'P h i' in .lli.itill In Pit fiillnweil In' nun Ii I'Piiplil, and in ui.iiii Unci s il has ellpclctl cm es w hit li wpi p w imiIiv iiiicy- pPCIPd. hAMUt.I. liVl'.llETT, r.'i'lon, viarrli J, 1S,. Km '.iIp. vihiilp'sh' and retail, bv J. ?? J. H PF.l.TC & Co., sail rili'.O. A. Pr.Clvfi Co., Itur Itiuitiin, Vi. yx ' the priydctv i , TyJiJ J Eruli-t1, 'fV '"tZ bi friend- mi ST A3I-J50AT IIOTL, HUItr.l.VGTO.V, ; I. .k. HV JONATHAN 1IAHT. 1'iilciit Lcir Watch Mulct, from ucwml. ill now twelve veari situ e tii'.ivaile I tnm-eit ot of 'iciuiuitur In- nowleliretneul- lo fV ir'r bi friend' uud Iho public in iC nl' -IS cenernl. Inrillmn-t liniin-i'i'di-ii. V. .1 . . rV''i ledl.ivnr'. he be." leave iii in- r-?'. l he is -till nt the - ffi,, uu Chureh-iivet, I i,TH. H. repcctfullv aiinoiiuees In the onetlufir.-ruih of Noble Lovely nud Co'.-, -tnic, w hcie I J-'--, HurliiiKlun and v icinity, nnd tin ..-,.,i in, tiiiMin mine iepiiirmi tu v iirnmiine ter, Palenl Lever', Duplex, Is piue-, and nil other de-eiiptimi id Timepiece-. He will w.innnt all new wurl, uiIimiI to Wnlche-iu In- -Imp to 1 e n jrood u Ihe, or a- any dune i u llieenntnii ut. N. II. A !roisl!i.-iitineniof.V;il' M'ATCIMS nf thelir-i tpiabiy nf wiiikinnn-lup, mid will lu-old us ehe.ip, unl nn us gnod term-u at any oilier -bop in the i-t lie. I' ln bins experience in the liu-incs-, ntnl lu beim.' -ii um nv v ears eiiimeii in the ui.ikinv ol watch-e- in llmrlaud, hetl.ittei-. bun-ilf Ih.ii he i- a com pclent to,. -ileeiioii- ns any in thovicini y. l!iirlmv;li.ii,. I me II, ss 11. nl Vi:r.MuN'T. J.J-.M". . -.uj..i' ;.aJ.m -j-an i .-pjATURIVS CltxND HLSiOKAilVK. Tin ll v.iliinblt! Veeliible Medn me stand- luirivallco '.r thel'ullii'.viii'j enmpla nt-, Vi'Z : Dv -pep-, a, or Imli ! t:elion,ib-,p.'i-ed Liver, bilious ill -order-, tlinp-y, A -tie ; lua, Cii'tivcnc", Wnrins nnd lo-s of App.sue. und by eieuu-in? ina -tomacu rnu I t.vv"l, enr"- ,- n in tlio fide, -tofvat nnd I.rr.l'l CulJs nnd coui;hs of hmn ktandi'iJ, Ii ar-iT'-s, -liorlnes of breath, Nervous complaint-, etc., which nrcfie jucnlly the e iCi-t 01 ill-,-ea-e. Per Fevcrand Ajruc, It is a must valuable pre ventative ii well as n .-iiveieiqii lemed). Is virti es -urpa any lluni: liereiiiluiu kimwu in rimnvinix St. Villi-' lhnec, two bottle-have lien known u emu tutidi-cj-e, pferhavinir lallled every . , ' . "i i - ., ....... ni ii, mi ii.iii Jem-, ii un- u iiei-i luweriui iiiimtui e llolil, .-minted on the coiinr of i-nntli nnd Wnh r i,, r...,., .!.,,. ... I . i. . , i slict t, opposilc lb head of the Steamboat Wh.irf in ' nud .ticn-v nf it- oprralion. that it mar I enduoiin.te're.1 me is cry many fcicunlie ruiuiliicn, citizens of the Irnvcihn: , ,. "ii . , , -' ,.," " .....-....' iiu- I ' ill' public generally, 1 lie lias pui-cbrs.-d, tlioioti(lily ln nfiln-tn repaired, painted, fittul up, ami furinshul ibe nhmu ' mm Inrli.u llolil, simatrd nil the coiinr of Suulli nnd Wall r in reiiiovm Sllct Is, oiinosile lb bend nf Hi.. St,,.iii,l..,m U li-rf i., ' ...i ,i ..' . ., , - - " . " nun -.. . ,i-i ill u- uiiii.iiii'ii, i iiai li iiiiiy i e iiiiiii lie villnqeol Lurluii.tuii, (lorintily owned nnd kept , to il.e inf.iul with uleiy. The above Medi. un by Captain I. U. I larrinuloii, of the .Stcauihoal Pho- alily i.-.-nmineu.'eil bv many fcicimlie lll.) Ill nstvlc t'f COUVellii un nnd i-niiifni l nnt Liir. passeilhy any ulher Until m the vil!ie. A spacious parlnr, itluiu room, rcadini; room, niul iliiunu' room, an eoniiiiuiiicalcwilbcach other, and with the front piazza on tlio cromid tlnor. The liar room, barn J) .11 ihu Inu I i.l' l'(illcst'liif(. in iln vil iih Kth'lk'ii anil rriivmit tcl'ar. ami a w imr 32 1 3, t'viriHliny imi'tli tut CcJii'c Urt'tii, u ti li v (nui oml lnu-t' a id I iilliiT outhiiuf'-. ami a :ii.irioii .in! f u it of ilto I r-it ii'Kilny ni llf ull.icr, an a I nVU sicrn. uir aii'i n irr ant'-, ni i.iih', 1 1 iho nr-i nahtv ; a lar.'t; uar.Ini aiuU' Irml tuv wo-t ( i' Ik ii-i' nnil a ui. 'I Ii.' IliiiM.iiir-au't-oiinuMf)! in iikhIitii ly!r, M n! I im mnii'rinU nn.l wtr!innnlii:, Ufii'mVii I I v lilt1 'i!t iil rr Inr In- ovi m ii-i', and iiu liwalit'ii aT- i.wuvi'ii tvittt-H' an.l irfa-uul lu-i.-ini't t tlx ill.tiri' an I l.ikr nu ilu' Wc-i and - ui-t inpa-rtNl I y ;in t Ikt in llii- pari i I 'In-ncn'rv. . n 'a' a l4 ron'jmniir an ai-u tl Ian 1 ilnn'! I. Hl-lIt )u a' t.v loi a iiMlltoiuciikutwio I vi'm iu Ii 1 1 e ila'i' nn. I' r 't i aai him f.i n''.ill an 1 ('itiinf fur tlit'tn- Ivr TcTni-j niatU kni'wn ! y ilif -ii' . rit w tn li'' li I'liircn .1'iiic, 16, 1510. ni waoKKA'l'S Vi.i.h'rAlil.K I.IKi: MI PH INKS l . 'rhf t n:c Ik-hio an; inilchcit (iT lli'.r iiainr tt liuir m.i'i.ti i ami t-ii-ilfi ,v 1 1 it ii innlVma ilif tinn2r:n I i'li.imu'K i-l Ino, mid en ttinis" llicui with t'licwt' 1 ' m an I cm ni- wliit u h ic l IM'IT .li'1 'I' C till- July 1811. 1 rl.iko cheap a inc in in nn- ea e. 1.7 K. M. WltKillT it CO, WI.VIXHV ASII .1 t-t revived 13,20 and 217 y 'J a euieni- id -ash, a 'iri r.i e ar n le al i 1 nii.131 "ciu- per li.'ht: al-u all I ml- .in J ize-,firin he I lo or 'er, Ticon lenca black lei I. a fir I eo ir ti-le. f'T 3 iv cry 1. 1 v, . li riri h .1 ,-a iign-ai vane y I udicraiii euil loin in I ut any ulher e-alli h- 'r.o. riiTi-.nsii.s-, B Ci I,. .Sl.l.Mll.N, Loiilitmus tlio ' bii.iiii 'Sd of lii'iiuifactuiiii'4 Chairs ut iho old (.'and, of tlio ful- lovvui!; dcscriptioiiBi lurl .Alapln (Si renin, italic Sent, Commnii (hno and Flan Seat, Largo and Smill i liaised Sent Hockiiic, do do (Join f moil ib ('i)miniiii Diniii;:, Ac. Ac. ,ll of winch aie warrunlcil a lirtt pn.miniis, U'.r. lu iiianr tt -n- ie I i er. ipe en nn 'e pu' Ii -, and in a!ino. i e In wtueii inc if' tra no i Ii i1 li-, the li.i.ipj e c i- uf Miu i at'm Lirr.Pii.t. ano I'nr.stN luiTrn- lnve lecn yrcaM I pillnlv ae .nowled .re i ' y :he per uu- i eue'i 'eii, and vi bo were itrcviuii-ly '.na.-cj uiu'ed wi b 'l-e hen uu de i. lo-opliica't priiu'ip e' iipun win htbiy .ireeui.ipiiimd e.l, ail I open wiimi tnev e"u-t- eiiiiyui-t. The M Ki: JIKMl I Mi reenuunend tlietn.elre- di-ei-e- of every fuiin and ile-eiiptuiu. Their lir-i nieiMiiou i-to 'no-en fiinn Iho coal-id the -tuni i and I'tr.vel-. the v,runis ini'i'irilic- an I eru hue- i-i, -t.inilr M'llluur aio aid tbciuiaul 'u reinuve ihe bar deuel face, which e'iHe.1 in iheennvol nun- nf tin -iinlle-l m'e tine.. (I her medicines only pariiadv clean eihe-p, and leave mi.-Ii ei Heeled ma- e- I clunil a- to prod ice ha it nil eo-livene , with all n- train id evil-, ur fid nn tli.irrlnri, Willi H- imminent oncer I In- faei i- wed Mio'.ru to all leti'ar auatoiiu-f- w no examine nut li uii.m i-oiici-uiicrecuti ; anil iiem-i1 thu prcl nine id 'hn-e wed iiituimcil men .ivr.n ii -1 uii.-u-l, lueheine. or inc hetne- prepared and heialdi t llie p i' li" I v i-'iu raul pcr-ou-. The je-nntl e.leel nl ihe Lite Medicine- i-to i lean-'' the kidney- ami lln M.i Ider, nnd l-y t!n mean-, ihe liver and ihe lute.'. , ihe iie.ipm inn ui iv n. i n cuineiy , cpcti i- ipun llie ie. tfiilantv 1 1 iho urni'irz or-au . llie I lissl, vvhte uo- ps re-lenlor lioui the uevn A'i I tl e brer and ibe I'liltf I elnre it pa e- ui'.o be heart, I emir ill i- p I y Iliem, nil. I noun not t y P i cum ns linni a i-le -toinn'li, enir-e- lieeiv inroiun me vein , renew every earl nt "he -v-lcm, ,iud in unpli.ui l- innuiit the hauner n health "I 'he ' louimn.' c-heek. Mu ial'- Veaela' lo Ldo Mebetne- bare lien llmr o ishly le-'el, un l prono mh-isI a mrerei'.'n ii inedr fur Dv-iini-M. riu' i ener. P iltul ition ol the nf Vupe'ce, lleirt-l urn an I llea l-a. he, l(e-ila,Mie. lll-emper, Misicly, l.i'i'i or mil .vielaiiiliiy, f, livetic-, 1'iarrlne i, Chniern, I 'ever- if nlllkiti llheitn in in, (iuii, Prup-ies ol all 1 m I-firniel W.irm , A-'hm.i and t un-'imntiou, isenrvv1 I'l -cr Inwer.iie Sine-, Seor' ill 1 iiHj-m.ii- and Pel (iu pu-xinii-, r-rui'ive enuipiaiii'-, -aunw, i lo i 'v, aui uiherih-a otcim' lu I niiii Icm ii , Mil Hhu in. l iv it ela-, 'nuinii I) Ci 1 1- an t lull "ny i,an l vaiinti' iither - 1 1 : . I . 1 1 1 1 w'lin-h iiieleitn.iii tinme. In l i. vi lli I Ai. I'll, ,ir'.ii 'ilarly, ihe Life Me heme- h iv e lee uu .i i in ni'it v iriv"I I; -o iiim h so licit Kever in I A.' v. ii-lricl", Phy-i' i.tiii. :iluioi universally pre err e them. All 'hi' Mr. rerun'- nf bis puieu'i. b in I iiinic'ilar ui 1 1 in-' tin'" .vieh'-ine. sineilv n if n ' to I In' liieeiinii-. II l - mil ii new-pa .er in Ins' nr by anything ihct he bun-ell in iv-ay nitheir f.ivnr. Mis' lie Impi'-i Hi gam cielil. II is .ilune by tin; rc-nll tu a inir irml. MUrT.lTS MlilllCAli MAM'AL: iIc-uiihhI ns h 'I'ln-. liiilo pamphlet i-bnsl hy, ,viuiiii,',j ISrn.iiluny, ,civ l orl., h.i- lis' forthy p irpo-e ofexplaiuiiii! innref lly i nil's theory ot ili-e.i-cs, iiii'l will le In in I he.'b -'. n...i.. A.. Clre-iC bValhcrs, which' will I.!' sol 1 Inw for cisll. ' pbe'ilion- for .wen. es l..inl II 1 1 e add, ese,l, po-t pai.l W.WTI'.I) hv tl.c.Mil.seillipr. Cur nm I irds Kvo. nr inaiou. i. an.. , i . . f 'JVJ FOR SAL I'. rilllAT' and eiiiniiuiliiiii-two sto J. ry Itrick Dvvclllni; llnu-c .V Lot. . 11U .MAX, Ins thisilay rceivi du new assoit nf Hooks and Si.itiuncrv. comnrisuiL' Addresses nnd .vlesjanes of iho Prcsidints irom Wa-hinsilon lo Hariisou. Valuable and appwvetl works, in Tnioky ical and Micoclhncous Lilcra nre. I.e. eral P.ioijiaphy vuyaL'cs and trim Is. The latest editions of the mo't appruvul School Classi .nl nnd .Mathematical Hooks. A largo supply of Paper, tluill-t, Plank Itooks, r.leui t nt-ny and oilier Spell, irs, Ornmiiiarsaiid (icOL'raphn Huston Academy lilce Itookand Odioii, and Juven.le bouks cnuf lly scleclcd,nll which are oll'cied at tiie lowesi prices, at the llouk Stor . July 1 I? 1 1. irssi:i7i.'s stomach mrmts. may ie -V u-ed in Wineorvi.itcr. Thc.-eeelebi.iiedl liters .ireconipo-id purely of VCL'c'ublc- of the luo-t iiiiiii cent v el -pccilic viriue-. They are rei iiimiieiided pui--tieul.'nly fur rc-lorui2 weak con-litutiou-, elenu-iiej and -tieiiirlbcniiisi ihe -tnina' h, ami incre.i-imr ilu uppelitc al-o u picvciit.itiveuu.iiii-l tlicehoi'er.i men -bin, fever und iil'uc, rciiinriu? uau-e.i, rumiiimr, heart buruiii'r, weakne iu ihe I rca-l, pain in ihe -mm u-h nnd ulher -ynipioiu-ofll iluleueennd iudce linn. One bo will tuiciuiennesallou. Pricuijcl-. a 1 u. Ilr-si.i.i.'s Inn OtsTMcST. 'I hi- choice and -ale oiiiliueul i--aid to I c -uperinr lo any now m tee, lur ili-asieeal le an I lo.ith-oluc d -en-e, ihe I'l I'll. Tin-Oiulinent I- -o cearlani in it- operation thai no per-on tlnnl.lcd wub the alsive ili-iinler ii'iirlu to le Wllliolit II. II l- a leme.iv inr eiii.incous erupliiin-, nrbtitie alUi-tinn- id llie head, eranv ulher l.reiiknn: mil winch iirl-e- fioiu -harp luunors iu il.e t.lund. Pi ice -J 3 cl-. a I u. l!us-itl. - 1 (.i.T.vcl.l l.lll.tnr- Pti.i.s, nr futnilv phy-ie, Inr '.'encral u-e, m ea-e i.f .bumdice, mm bid -en -il liny UI inc -l' 'iil.ii u a no unwei-, in-- Ol aipcllle, In" ni I ic'illi, eii-tiveue , Pile-, and all ili-e i-e- art--nn' IVi in I diarr iVrniuicmcnl-, il-o li ir cm iei tu.-j ihe .-late f ibe I Ino 1, and elenn-iui: the -v-:etn ul In il and v i-eid huiuiur-. I l.e-e pill- iiipii niiM ca thartic, piudiii-itu: neiihtr pun- nor i:npin-', uud are iheri-foiea v.ilualle and highly ap.irovi-l nieilieiiie, audure pruiiiiuuecd a--nch I y llieino-t ih'-tmiriii-hed lihy-ician-. Lack bo i-uul'liiiiirj 'M Pill-. Price 371 el-. a I ox Uil-eir- eelel rated Svt.T I!llI.fM OlVTVlns'T. Thi- i uniiie-t0li.lblv ibe I e-t uud -nte-l rellledv ever V el o'lertsl to the public for o'-iinuie ih-nriler S'A L'l ItllKI'M. Where other mean-have tailed, u I uc- eceilel, and the f.u-t il ha- I ecu -xlen-irvly n-ed by eminent Piactuiuner -peat.- vobime- iu il- pr.u-e. Iti- eTi.dlv edicacMi'i- in all tb-ea-e-nf the -!.in. -enlilhead, riir.'wnrni-,nnd ibemn-t iineiera'e Itch, iVe. e. rSuiueroM- eerlilicate- mi-jlit le nl lamed, ! ill Hie prnpninr eimn-e- in. it a lair irtai -iinui.i I e Ilu nnly evideme nl'it- -uperier I'dicacy. Puce ."illi cut - a 1 o. I or -ale I y .i. i a. ii. rivk iv i u.t I heo lure , Peel, At 1'0.,-isrn of Ihe Mormr. uud Unl rt Mmsly, II uli'iL-lun: Mr. C. I'.- Mile-, an I Hull & I 'mil,-, lluieU t'tiru; ii. itarue-, . u triune: t.. .i.ih. liujtun, n tid in the prim m al tuwus inlhuslatet all ilirectiuiis -ined m the hand w ruin z id thepri prietur ueiis niul yards arenrrancd in ihe hem lu.s.iM.' n nm n. i ...n. ii,.i.i,.t i,,,.,, n,n .,,..... tier to accommodate the trnvillhii! and luisini -s'linb-, nl lecu.e: fur sale I r L. II. Prenli-. Minn nt-tier. mid He. All acre nf L'round. iicnrlv nn n h i, I ml ii tide I. ,t- t It p. . i-.t. I : i 'I'.in, v i'.., c . li.. Walks, and bu-mcss nu n, boarders nnd paitiesnf 7ilta-ure. ' air. ti, iinm lutiucxpiiieiice to know-how lofullll-ha L'no.lTnble nnd l' ,r nn,l i il. choici.-t eatables und rarest drlieacii s that the mat ki t and -ea-on allord, m a inaniici to suit the mte of llie ' eoiinoissuir s and he conlideiu v a urt s lus patrons and Ktie-ts thai his titmubt evcrtiou- w dl bu put iu re-1 ipnsiiion tosirvelhcm. I .Steainboat pasemeis will be waited on, to and from the lloals, and tlnir baL'sar trau-ported, and taken care of at ibis Until, and snip tin .r Inn. xo aim irom inc uourl hou-e -fiuarc, Staiie liZ4-eiiL'ers can be bit nt nnd taken from ibis Until without additional fan-, nnd i1iop inking the Hunts will bo -hovvu on board and their bi'i-niv fnp of exiien-e. and willuiul im-iirrtn'r ntiv n-l: nl l..m.r !li'fl,by Ihcdatkiic's nr laumssul tW tnjht, or any oiui r eoiiiiiii;i ncy inciuent to llic prtcipitnuccol steam pnvvir, or uu iliiciuali'iiis ol wind anil weather. tlor.-es and (.an .'i.'c liirms bid i in-nulin w-ish in tran-aet bii-incsc, or Miituuy part uf the vuMigi, on rca-onable Icrins. Sunjleineals 21 cents, and other clrir"C-s ; prupor- lion. JuiSO Hiirliiiijton, Jfny -0, 1311. l-a'.id'.'hillis. C:i-liiirics. and Saltlnell-. O 1 . M. INCH I'.S. CO., hive ju-l npcni'il vcn riueW. ul Dye 1 1! a ' , llluo ll!.i"l., Inu il le (.'ii-en ii II iii'-ycnlnrcl lliua li-lnih-j a rnitl u urtmeui i.l w pu ed du, Ai -u, ery I me uul llyiil (.'a i- meie-, n- i lied color-, do. ilo. and cuniuiou Mini- ne't-, Ituihiii'lnii, July Ifi, I!1. nC Kill) C'ftlj Aitoir. ' i . vv ii. ii. i. i .v i ii. are now rccciv in;; a uiu I and cicuant ussortmeiu of irnods stiiitil lo ilu sen sun, tan litis Krtncb, I'liLdish and Auietican Prints, i aintca .vt'i-lius and l.-ivvii', .vloiisehne do l.aiues, .''Inllys, Silku for tlrcs-es and bouiuis, Lawns and Silks fur Slurred Hals, Hhiek Vtils, Vcditi". Lira ti r.ilL'iii''nf various on iliucsaiul pa' terns. Svvi-s Muslin r.diiinu and In-i ition, Cambrie do. do., .men Cambric HdkN Irtndi Wntkul ( nil irs iipeiior ii'ialily, Mniiinni'' do.. Ladies (Iravats uud l)re-tIIdkfs, 8-1 Silk Shawls, filuvis of every qual ity', a ceneral a-sorluicnlol llo-i. rv, l.nnnet nud I a ibhons. Suiicrior l.celimiiaiiil 1 lain sinivr l.ontiti-. ..Milivr Worsicil and Patierus. I'liibn lln-and Para- . J ... .. t. . .. i - .i. .. i i ii. .e .ils. I-11 I'l 11 V uiliiosi nuy mini: inc i.-iuie-ni iiutime- ion iiriv want can be bnind at tlio'Vievcf.ash Jsturu ill '('liean bide. DltV (ililK.KItlLS, b ns Teas. Sugars. .Mnl.T't s S icratu. llicc fiiiiL'cr, Spici', .vc.i almustHiiy ni ncle Hint I annus want. Also, an .i-sortiiitiil ol l'U()(.KI.lti a.mi fit.ASS w.Mtn. All the abov e iinncinrlirle,tofjctlif r vvitii iiiaiirnoi iiuniprTPd, will lie sold nt a very low price I ir casu. Iiiir'iii'jlon, June 1, IBII. Tust I ee.ll ii:V AlUUVAIi. list Itcfclv I'll at Then. A. Pii'!, anil f,'u'. Apnth. inc-, a' L-hau .- Ko-e Ointment lor rcnoi-ine. 1'ris- !-, Unr.' v urin-, Pimple- uu the I aie, unil other erupt inn-. Alum on - I'epilalory, lui irinovinir supcrlluou- Itir nn the I.l -i" ell. I iene i nun i- er. winch .ivr immt'iaie rei ei, an I ici'tirc-btil lew aiiplieaiiou- In trii heate Iliem .ilii'i'ci her. . p . .. i. ..... . ...i i -. ,i . ....t..i A -'ipptV l 1 I 1 1 in ni i inuiili iu, 'l.e tiin-i ie ii in ed irtic'e'h r I'.iudru I and re-loraimn nf llie Hair. J i'iu IS, 1311, ni LVMAN A COLE. rTAVLrreciveln -.y.-ndidn--t rlnicnt nl Slimmer J. 1. GpoJ3, wliicli ihevoilerat iciluceii pru e-. Aini'iU! wlni hw.d be loiuid a .'ieata--uiuicnl (f ,';, I'rintid I.airnn, for mo iiiiiii'.', ball luoiiinin and r.iney, new -tjle. Pruited Ja ' net-, and t ami ne, Han d .Vlu-I'n, .Sniped, Harr'd uu I Plain Swiss Mu-lin, Plain Jaconet Jleslm and ( ami nc. VAI.ICDIiS. Itieh Merranae. nud I'nver Prints, very low. Al.-o, Kreii' li and I'-nlish Cainluie-, elieapcr than ever. . Hniincl (aiml rie, C rlaiu do. Hirl- live and I! --ia Hiaper. White fallen Ta' le .Spiead-, llri'Vvii an I Culmesl do, Linen I'liinip , Crash rn I I men Napkin-, S ipciinr Linen Slurtiini, llruvvn .lacuel Linen un I (iambroon' S . KiS. Heavy Cantrn, tie Swi- mil li-lrin? Silks, I'ns'.l, llrnvvn, III "' Itlaei, and plain col'd .In. Taytoi'- be-t P. r-ian Thread, Me' ibe "-uoi'l do. itiKiAoriAiTiis, CAxsiMr:nns,A.xn vi:sn.(is. The lame-l a-sortinenl o e tm i, wo ever tfTcreil fur sale in I 'dins ri h Plain mid Knr irel Satin, Silk Velvet, Me rseillc , Val. ne.n, Silk and Wnrtted, and oihcr new arl ih fur Vivimtr, very e'esaut. .S' TO CICS. S.uin siwl.s, with Haws, do. Scarf Tic-, ilo lloni ba 7 mo do. it". Al-u rcry I cauu'ful S.iiii- incr-SloAs. l'muLm-ii Cu'l ir-. TAII.OIfS Titni.Misas. Pidliii" Ciuvas-, Sc'is-ui-, eulured Jeans, Itrnwn Linen, Hbi'k.U Veruu i Siri,"-ilk do, Silk l!liidnii;j, Wur-'.-'l Hiii.tKiir, Sd . Cord, Scvvius Sdk and twisi, Cm Vilvvt undliTnre.1 Silk Hilton-. The abov e cuinpri-iii'? part ul u vciy l.trsp sirs 1: ol linuil- whi' h i.oieredoulhe ino-t MvoidMotvriii-. Junp I, ISll. L. Tylir, K-e ! l-'nlbr M-o, by the drii'-'i;i-l- Ihe A: 11 intiii'.noii, Kiihnu nil uud lucichnnt- uecciuli'v u3,!iii I'OUM). M' i, r,.,,.i ;,, ii., , ,11.,,.,, .,!,. v..' t he . ctiio.u-t ( iini'ei, antJi.w r.u. r Mini' ncwlr litleil utilii L'ood stvic. vvhiro the iiiuliTMiineil will he uiad to v, ut on lus uiu cii-tnimrs who may I ivnr linn wnh their patronase. I.l II -I 11. li. Sl'.l.'l.l)l.(I. HiirluiRton, April 23, ISll. nre Slock of (Jut ds, com rH'ltNr.TT iV. SAWVl'.It, at.Mdton I-'alls, ,U ju-t rescivcil their Spun pn-iui; a i;ciierai assortment oi llli 1 1 .l'l ni.--, imv ftitoci inr.?', CUOCKl'llV AM) (il.ASSWAUn, HAltltWAHK, nitl'fiS .M) MniHCIM'.S, DVP. STI'KPS, PALVl'S .1M) OIL, (il.ASS, NAILS, CODI'LSII, .MACKi:ni:i., GItlM)-.STO.I, .I-e. iVc. All of which, harinii be en piircha-ed al the present very luvr prici s, will be sold at inodctatc ptofits fur rrodiice, nnd un Uie.ip as ttieciieape-i lor i u-li ; nni i- we have not nine llus iuoiiiin' loeiiumeraleariiclr and unci s we would res i clfidlrmvitcour lorincr pa lions and iho public iiutrally to call, cvainuic and jiidcc lor tluiiisilvc. .Milton, . line 1. ISll. P. S .Moll.ills Life .Mtdieincs, .Vewlon's Panacea, Ililcbcoik's .SiiiiU'.nid Worm Tea, Coii1i Lo7i iie.-. and many oilier of thu ino-t npprnved .Medicines, constantly oil hand. nud ii LiraT nnml er nl'lmlio-, who have proved lb yiri.ic- ui tiie .vieet't'inc I y )M.-r.ntial u-caiid Dial etiheir I'.umli"-. A I ill oli t ."Uii aie- neisi'iijinu -1 ii Ii b 'OP', Willi directions. Il ntav le wb'.'e-n'e i r re i I c t llntaiM, Italic, and J. V, I'm nam, 1 st VVihuinH- WINOOSKI SASH FACTOUY P l-'A 'rl LDtVAIil) J flinrrh-Sireet. llarHnvtoii. WIIKIir. be li-isun hand a -uptrior assortment of Ladles and (it ntlcmeu's p.oors and Mior.s, uf the follow iiii; n-sortment i P.ovCalf Shoes, Lailu s (..liter Knot?, " Kid Slip', o New spiin nips T.e, " Colored Slips, " llioiued " " Calf " Jli-sfS Shoe s if. Shpa, Al-o, a lare n -ornueiit of Children and Infanta Shots. rm raj ojtr.-.tion; cxectil 12 I. s c. 0 c'n. li d", -1 tin. June H, s m con-la-1 ti' I rire.iai'-d ti rkrs lor VIMH)WSASIl f every e!--ei'il; n, r.nd ia il.e be t luaulicr. A enn-tani unil kept CM ban 1 and fur -ale at ibestore it (icnrije Peter.-oit, iu l!ur liner.nn, nt the lolluwiil; it ens: lit ca-eiueiitt, 31 n-nis per I.iphl, tlo. do. tl... do. 31 3i do do do do ilu ell) do do do FH'M.Y SMITH ticiit's liiiecalf-ewil llunt- " " pi'd do. lijht " " do. huunutr Cinitrrs, " Pumps, Calf " slio. sslliroans Thick ip Ki i Piuots, " " Itrouans llov Shoes -v; llri'i'.uis, 1'liu k -V km Hots, Vths " eV " " II II .V. 11 iv I.l .' 111-, . 5.j"F.. J. K. would mviieliis custointtsnntl the nub- he III (.'tucral to call and -aiiulie hi' arsoriinint of Hoots d Siioks whu Ii he can warrant to be of pood slue k, Iboroii'li woikmatishiit and late slat vies. At. o, Mt i-i. re Woik and Kijia.rini; done at the shortest nun nsii-unl. nil liurlinnlon, .Mav 'J?, 111. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. t AKK.IK .s. VliilT, Import-and Wlmlts drdciit' ry in Crnclcnj, Glass and C'linn linn, an'l M ijiiitm uf .sellf M c;ri. I nn vu. o ju-t re ceil cu and now optnaii; a wi' ii-iiui IV 'i'i Packntres IML'cdainl Common Ware, '1", do Itlue Punlul dn 10 do Koj al linurbon .Spri tlo cont.Tirurit: coiuplete dinner services, Tea seis and I oii'T vv me. 10 tlo I "rem Ii While firanitu Ware, wiih cum pi. ! i t- ihroilejbout. 10 do Aiiliuut Va-e Ooaii'ie Pearl Ware, i'oii tiiinui'' nn ft el iliiini r seis, inluelv new i.attern-' nnd e, a mo't beaulifut analc, wiih Tea and Toilet Ware lu lii.itih. CHINA WMIU. 10 packBPcs f'luii i Ware, containing; Iteantiful WhilcTca Sets, Sniii; do do tiold baud Cc sprii; do (old ed!;e and line Tea Sets nnd aiM band Cruria Nurpe ..iinus. lilt.l.--. iv.iiii-.. 10 packaiie' (ih' Wnre eontninin fi, a, and !l llutc Heavv Cm (ia-s Ttimblt rs, (i, S, nnd lllluttt " Prc.-scd do tlo 3 packm-cs fim lain Tumblers, very elnnp, Cut (5la.'s Lamps, Plain do do, a crcat variclr, Suiieib Cut f iln--. Hull Lainn'. A-trnl Lamps, liirondul", Canrllcbras, I.eiiioiiaile (ilasscs. Spit u-li I French Puree hue Vases, vvitliilowers ntlcs, wit rn r. I'Ai'im. Oif,f UI'.A.M.S'afSorti'ilM-CiiiiiidiU iiliics ju-i rcc. ,4'JU b). C. (iOt)Dl(lt H. June 17. Dry Cools niy Cheap. St"ri:i'ItI')It'! l.i. !;, blue k, i.-rn.!e -wi- S.Ik, ) du. du. I .than do llennci ami -d',-, White and black Crape, .Mum uiu? Lawn- nud Prinl-, supcriur rieucli lluntl iizuic, lilac'. I'dlet Vi il-, Laced... I'dlei nnd (iaiieSMil-, I'.iiicy Il.inddcrchief-, Victoria Skirl-i Pie Nielllove-, etc. l.y II. .M. (illU)IMiS .V Co. July I, mu. nl ('ut (iln Howl. Pilch' rs, Dicauier", (ioblcts, Wine and an 1 ami a variity of otlu r nrlu-b in th'ir line, all of which arc now olleit d Vi "nle nnd Itctail at New V rk priies, . A- ". would inv'tellie nllcntion of aler chants in 'he-iirroiiiuhiiniuiv n- tn their stuck of wnre. a urim tin m tint i!u-y will sell in pitkai'e a--nrtid tn unit run nsiroiwl h rms a- can be purchased in .New Vor', Ito'lon or Tiov, at tlu-ir warchuiijc comer oi of Chinch nnd Collc'it Sis. I!iuliii;'lun, J ne 1. ISll. PIANOS. IN order to close the cmici rn of Ilerrick, Christo pher A t u., we olli r Ihe three rem iiniii!; Piano's nt two liiindrcd Hollars each, for Cnsh, or approved miles, in p.' moiiihs w illi inlcri-t. I'or the quality and durability of these in-truuii nis, reference is unde to many nf the Citt.eii- nf this Village, w ho have had Piano's of ihe nlu've in.inul'.iiTure in u-e for years, Itifprciice nlsn to Pro'!cs-or Molt of the .Mu.-ical I'cpirtincnt of the l'i male Siliiuinry. lliitlmutoti, -M. J dy, ISll, LVMAN.tCOI.Il. SAIIHATII SCHOOL liOOK.S. DA. ltll V.MAN' would Kohcit thu atlcnlioii of Mipeiiiitctid'tiits ot Sabbath Scholl', nnd nlheis, tn his assorlinrnt of Hooks -unable for S, S, Librai rks, which bonders ai a very lariie iliacouut fnmi relad prices. Tim Mass, s ihhnlh Siliool Sncieiv's piibhcalious are nlways un hand, iiicliidin s the valu able an I mere isinuly popular teries of Hilda Que lions be New comb. Atinu'.-t '.'Oth. "w uii-fiT'.ii is i:ii i OLACC silk IlisN Hodiicrsaiid lilhois best Itai- I J ois, Han XJ semis, a few moro ot the new style Stocks, winch Maple, delivered at lua thop in Ulmrch ulrcot. oipnsitc Q ? i(" lllll.S. Pork I.IKXI ih-. L.iid-lo.UOO lb .Mmiaimu cai ' iKlJ L" VltlilNSMAVrM1". ll'U..-'. ew,v.s,e July ?! 1811. 1'A.NOltOUN & JHU.NS.MAID. lluilinston, Junt 1. 15-11. iinis, for sale by t,,i iv smv t""i .-.i.n. . .ii , ois, Hankers Sin ars, lll.ick -.rais. Silk bashes, ualiiloea-'CPi anil olhcr (loads, lteeeivcd at , ,, VNf;u0R:s. lV iiKI.NSMAin. UYM VN vt COM. I Jul' St Aiiin-ti'M'illcnlatliele for c tiiil' old or young persons of Pains and Ithciitinll-m iu the back or side, healtiii; up sure", cnnni; sure throHs, sui Hint's, etc.. and for lite cure of the PII.I'.S. Il has not ns I'lpiil, iblu'ii ornev rfaihtis to cute win n applied eo- U"iily, niul accinliiii: lo uircetimis, sum at the v tiric- ly store, uy llie Hoen r mipie iiomip. I'.V.VliliUlt.N IV. IIKI.ajI.lll. Ju'y l 1PH. nG ItA.OUS ll'I.Y sin. WI II have lust received a variety of ItoJijers nnd I-aliot'sl'uieHAZOIlS lunch liked bv persons who (InvcllieiiiBitvc, I'ANOCOIlN it llnt.N9M.IIP. cm At '.VTlli: JULY Hth. 1171! h tv 'In- week pvririil y n ' ,,,lr t fan um iiiii-Iiim , i-TV-fhr .;li-h mnde Gold Waiche-. 'i. ' s 1 b'urth lot riis'ired 4' . si? 'in.- spruiir an iMiinimr. vve ui '.Merlin ho-c w i lute-' hue Wat. li A i:y VAiiiiAii: r. V A 15 M F O It S A L r.. rPIII' Mibscu'.i r btiiii; tb 'i'ous to retire from active .1 bu-tui-"-, now ollt is tn ihs use nf his S'AIt,1I, situated in Co i In -ii r, one half mi'c vu st of the ;tnr" mad, li'adinjr Irom lliillintnn tn St. Alluns, nnd only -ix miles from Itiirhnton S'.ud Parin i b ind-onn ly Mtii'iled, eonln'iiiii!; I.'O ii ie- of ns uoutl land as can befo'.iiul in ClntiPiideiicounly. nnd under as ier"'i stale ol cultivation, linviria been under the improve inciil of an I'.nh-h Auriciiltur st llic last twenty- tiitee years, itutu is uu the I arm a convenient llou-e. with a never failing vvellnf nure walir nt the door, A uood Hun, wnh cnnvi ment -dud' nu.uhrd ton, a vnliiable vvuud Int t f Ik-i' h and Map'c, nnd a fir.eOri bird of choice 1'iiiit. Any pcr"on wi-hint' to pun-In-" 'i"h a farm as above dci-cribcd, 1ml buiir ma' e npplieatioi soon to James scoti, Piarl-strecct, Hurlinston, or the hitbsciihir on the vr-inw., WILLIAM SCOTT. Iliiilinuton, Jiily li, PII. ?j .V. 1!. Terms of payment will be made very easy. j iii.i;sijukou ACADEMY. rpiIK Trustees of Ac vdi mv nre hepny .1. to inl'otiii the pubbc, that Ihcv Invr obtained the lti:v. Pcotv DciiKrr., ns i ii rtiiuiietit tcncb"r. Mr Dutkco has In en ciinatd, for minv vears, in the b isi.tcss nf iniruci:nii, nnd Ins eivin, ivhtrcitrhp has b''ineniplovid, nmpb' s it i-factisn. He Ins sue ceediil, isnrially in eonciliat.ii? tli' cinilidencc ami tiirct-ttons of bis pupil", iu aivalifimit; wilbtn them a tlutsl for tiupruvcmeiit, anil in leiduiz them to tr-t llioroushlr, I lioir own poiirrs, I'miii bis tried -Vill nnd eperieiee.bii.'h expectations are exciied, and it is conlidenllv believed tint none will be disappointed who mav f ivor the In-uiulnii vulhtluir patmnitieby placiua their sons or their ilmybiirs under his tuition and care. While it is expected that proper moral and rrligious instruction vi ill be cucn, nud a constant and paler nal ovt r'clii Hiken of theih'tioitmint nl tliestudcnl-, il is ilDsimiid ihai ibe institutiim hall be kept from every thinirol a sertarcin eharactir. The Vrailotnic year willbcdivideil in'o tiinTerms coinpri'iii!; two quarter.' each of 1 1 weeks. The first 'Perm will coniiuince un Wixlnepilny iho 1st day of September. Tin re will be ii vac ition of two weeks nt the rinse of the fir-l Tirni.aiid another of bi.x weeks nt lliu cud of the -ceond. Tuition for common branches will be 1,00 per quar ter. I'or all oiliiTsiud esK will b J,30. rib inciden tal chatera will be made. Hoard w'll In nffirdij in re.prcl.ihlefiinilifsfmni Sl,'2.) to l'iO per vvtsk. For bonrdins places, ufir ineeniav be had to Jetbshali Itoyntoii, O, S, Ilnjt, Nnliuni Peck, llsq , OiloJ. Hildiviu, Iljriiun liur. .tut, A. S. Wtllcr, JotlTutnll. .Mrs. Itrntun, Oati'l (ijoilvar. Thislnsliiution is pit nsamly located ma healihful, ll.uiri-hiii vilhure. It has now been in op. riimn about sixteen year. nnd its course has Iicpii sieadilv onward, never snrfi .ted wih n Hood of f-chnlars, ili.ii'r f nni linns T.-ir it- lit nf ui.titt.iri . -.thatwc an .el inn hem al The b'" dm", nt at d on a .Mi di-fii! enn.ii nee nnil Very I OW priCC .and We intend ''. llir w hnl.M '', ..!. ., ,1,. ...... I, u-li a Ii.vva i.l lovior liuiiilu'p;iiiH ..iiiliiycf iili-h- (repairs. I will c liui-lm! mn ncnt nnd fasi lonable e-, .uu ne n..ieiii in ..i-w i.iik or i.o-iPii, vie en-1 stvi", po as to coeihmu elegance with convmi nee sagetOH'laslotvatsnyr.ite, i Hme.bijtgli, 'Id Aiiruei .w DUCT. MAIIMlALIAi An untie, C.narrh and lle,ul.i'-h-s.M I K. 'I In-Sunn i- -tiju-ne'r ta any iinm: yet Lnown, fur icmnviii? that tn.ul 'e-niue di ea-e, iK- Ca'arrh, und al-u a ced m the I eun, and lliu headatbe. Il open- an I purges out a, I e I -iiueiiuu", .-tienzihen-tl.c ir!nnil-,.iml cue n healthy nelir n ti ilu purl- a'.eeted. Il pt rftc tlv tree Irt'ie uuv iiini.eleie-leriou- in it-cnmpu-itii'ii has a len-aat llav ir, nnd il imuifdialee .eel, nfier leiui; used, is nl'rccal.le. PrieeSI cent- per bottle. Duel. Mar-hall'.-Ve.'t-iab'c Indian Ill.-rl- PLASTFR. 'I In- Pla-ter i- unrivalled lur eurinr' -ir din .u -wel-Inii-, SiUr'.y Sen-, Lame Hack, nnd Kr" 1 Ui nd-J pain-in the -iJ'-, Ilip- and Limb-; and.-eluutit fan-to a ive relief iu Incal KI.e ma'.i-m-. If applied t Ihe -iilept will cure many ul ilicefiurm n Liver ( lupin it ; and i- eip nl, it nut -u erii r, lu any llnn in u-e fur corn- on the fci ; the i un p ' t ilu- P'a ler li.uc 1 cen W-llllts-eil I y thui-and- ..f iiuhv , lii'd- in Ihe I'ml. d State-, v. ho' have tc-ied it- etln-aey. M id 1 llie pro nr dor j'l ha. liinven, .Middle! .ury, t., and '1 heo. A ix t ei., nui iinmi u, t. jel zj q u 12 s r.2 i t is z: ET G ,0 IT HATCH would inform the iu V habitants nf L'urlinu on and vi c ni'y, that he has npentd a simp in Chuiili sir. tt, nt the sign of the Ititle, win ie he inltiids to carry on the Gun smith l!uintss, mall its varmus branch es. Ilavmir iinployet' for the last six years m the s-hpp i f J. M. Caswell, in Lnnsmiburirh, (iindoiiblt illy ibe best mop in me Liiue.i oiates,) tie It el- war rant"d in n!ii rinliis work to the publ.c Murlington, June 1, If 11. MYoTli'ItlOt'St A srntleman Itlen-inuto niiPuf the mu"t ntieiciit and wcaliliy I. uf this city, who must be well known to num. rousfntnela havini; since the war up to recently, been bent in .iris. donM", arid tor several years tniiiiueil to lua bttl, has been restored to eoml hctilili ha- renamed his natural irn 1 ns.linn and lui- quitirtl his ear n.121', and now walks with en!! We believe this i.s the CLiitleinan'-own description as near a' possible, and therein no t-xamt ration m tt. We will pivcinqui rcrs hi-addnss, nnd doubt not humane feelings will excuse lliehbirlyi so that any one doubling, may Aiuirt! iho'ihhe reqiicis his name may nol appear in priul. Anions; othtr instance", .Mr. Jas. (i. llcv uolds, 111 Christie-street, ha- brcn restored, and will uive pi rsonal a.-.-nrantts of the fact" of Ins ca-e. ltutli vveie rlieuniatism, ami contracted corde and sinews. How Ins this lien don 1 Ainmr. Ii; th" India" Vrgtlahle Il'ixrr tif minVy, and birr' Menu aittl June J.intmerJ ixlrrmilhj. Jan. 'JO, 111. Sold mily biiCU.VSTOCK .p CO , 71 Maiden Lnr.t, .Vcir Vor. n'J THI'.O. A. PKCK & CO, Wliolcalc Apents, c few doors tn't ol the Post (dfice, Hurhntr'Mi, Vt. Q I f) Ill-VAP.I) has been ollertdfor months iu any onewho vull use a botlleof 1 hiy's Liniment fur the I'll , without beunr curtil. Of thousand sold, in no one instance has it laded uf n cure. Proof ovcrwheliiiinr tube had where it is sold. Ills alto a certain cure in nerriij ererv cn.f. (F.xiernallv,) iu the following complaint;. For t',r i uttj, ior an dropsy, r let r, sore throat, l y can ctr" or ulcers, croup, whoupiii!; couph, reakl hea." Tijihtne ss of the chest, especially in children, foul ti ccr.-of thclcs", or oilier fuii'us ioie, hnwr 'er "be' nalcor bun tantlinr, lre:-h wounds, chiiolams. Lt'OIv OL'T. .s'iik tnrindiiri hate enunUrfeit lis artirlt.nnd Jnt it irpirith rarionnhr.'- s. Doll be unpe'eil upon. One thini; only will prot"Ct vau lt If the name of COMSTtJCK if- CO: t'mt'na ire- he 'ie-eiey- on the irrn; ; ir, or veil mat bethcat rd. Do not torse! P. Take d'rertitm with ym .uul tt-t by llr.t. or buy n for n is L for anv otlu r to 1 o Inu or i. ninne nO Sold by COMS'l'IX'K i- CO, i'l Maiden Fane New York. TIII'.O. A. PF.CK A. CO., W'liol-a Aent, afsvvduorsea-tof ibe Po-t OiTicc, Ilurlint ton, Vt. I'EAHL STREET HOUSE, " 111T.MM-TON, VKKMONT. .1 . S . P I : I It (J K TTA S latclv opened llie a1 ove cs!a' b-bircnt for tkis I J rctepiun el fmulie- and travi 'i-r-, u'cnr r.llli, who mav vi-n ilu-pan ut lb" (iricn Mountain statp, ami may' I e ilcsirou- i f pn ins a ttw seminer xveti,' n;iiic lucrurc-ip.e ne'ipiii- oi in r inste n. The Ilniel I- spueioii- and enimnoil n"s and is -iiu. and ii' nr the I'mver-ity,nt Ihe head nf Pcarl-st., cup nl ihe int-t fn-iui'tial le'and ncri.-nlle i h ' r ubiari in Ihe ft ii n,cou'ntandiiiir an txien-ivc v ew ot li!, Chaiiiplaiu und ihe -urruunt'iir..' country, '1 he view-frnm the weiern w indow- ri" 1 pia?7a nre unrivalled ly any on the larders of Min In' e tee iheir itiiifiiiilt ei'ie and 1 canty, und a'c, pn ' a! ly, nui surpassed inti. I Ci ml Sinte-'. In Ibe internal arransiment if ihe lli ii-e, every re. yanl ba-I ten paid to th" eonifc rt of f.iin b--, vvb inav I e ais-i innioJa'ixI w iih rrivaie par!, rs and the occupant'.r- hnn-clf that ibe hum buiir cf h s Ial le nnd the nllpnd.uicc, are sue b ns lo merit the ap- .ri eaiiun it inu e i..iu e- ami uiiineuien wru" limy avor bun vveh their ratrunacc. The STAOISS toand from llie North. Vorth-Fa-f and I a-t pa--da ly, and tu parlies Moppm? at I'.ur liniitun, on their way 10 trui While Mnun'mn-, and ihu-e Iravelluipr in uuv f f ihe a' ove e'lraeui n-,- more ci-iire I- ttlfordcil, as thr l.irs leavini.- tr wn rail nt Ho- hou-c half un hour Inter than at tiie Hotels m the lower purl cf the villase. A cnitiiiirtablc Cnrriaire annuls re-u!nrly, rn Ihf arrival uf ll-u bnai', xv ilh the .-toward of the'e.tabli-h-incnt, who will lal.e t harfre cf the I ua.'aer t ie. In slinrl, lie pain-will I e sparcilin crive saii-faclion lo ull pmroiis, ami entitle llie lu u.-c tn tins support cfthg pni lie, N. II Wine. Coixlial- and leouors. of aenrnvnl qtm'ity, kept always on hand. nurse-ami e arriane-i,epi ui rcntinici. tcrtric ae- co ntn. - nlmn nt men a-nmy riq uie ihcnt. P"r'"iTinn, J-itie SO, ISll. n4 CATAllltll SMUT. MAP.SIIM.L'S SNt'FF, isnilleurinstlie CalJrrh and the vai ofth head, n-well as sure eves, In all pari-of the coumt) ! and uilaintn(? llie reputation which it ha- loner nare paincl, of U'iae abohilely tlio U'st articl; of the kind in the market. liieli bonlo coninms tlirrotim. the qu.inlitv of one nf Ihu-c win. h nr. .IT. red at "OM.V J Wr M'V T !' CI'NTis" id i- ilieip- re a much chfuperv as vc'I ' ' 'tt aim 'c. Fur -a'c bv J. Si J. II, PF(K & Cci Til 10. . 1'1.( k r. ml Pr. itoiti. Monny Iti rlmtrn, Jan. ?, Ifcll. P' ' IS

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