Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 24, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 24, 1841 Page 3
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Correspondence or the Vrcc Press. New Yoiik, Sept. 18, 1811. Hut litllo lias boon talked or thought of in our Metropolis for tho past week except the Hstounding events which have taken place at Washington. Tho unexpected cotirsu of President Tyler, wilh its disastrous conse quences to tho Whig party and to tho coun try, creates hut ono feeling here that of deep indignation at this insult to the major ity of tho People. You will have seen that Mr. Wehstcr still remains at his post as Secretary of State : this must be n matter DciinrcTtvr. Kinis at the IIav ov Tho l'icton Mechanic and Karmcr of the Sih instant, mentions on tho authority of a passenger in tho Uni corn, who came on board tho Unicorn steamer nt Guspc, that tho whole extent of tho forest along the Hay of Chalcur was on fire that a ureal portion of the new town of Hathurst was burnt down, and that four or five of Mr. Cunard's vessels weio burnt on the stocks. Adccrtietr. Extensive Kunosnv. We learn from tho New Orleans papers that n most cxtcnsivu forget y has been successfully perjietratcd upon Me-rs. Ilrown Urntlirrs &. Co. of lhieity, in tho following manner! An individual calling hiinsell John I. Caldwell, in a letter dateil Georgetown, 1). C, enclosed to Ilrown Urothers if. Co. a letter of c redit, in his favor, for 830,000, purporting to bo drnwn by Messrs. Maunscl Wlllto it, Co. of Niw Orleans, tin ntntnl that the credit was based on a consignment of 1011 bales of ..i- ..-I-. .l ...!..!...... - cnltntl. in the hands nf tin, IVmv Orleans firm, to ,. ume.yueu .rju.tvmg on ii.aii U-lilcliVfll! hegave an order for the delivery of. he and shows most rnnsmriiniislv tin lili'li n:it- cotton, nml rmupsiVil dm npm.imimn of two unclosed 1 31 -I-f. r . iinnnrt i. i It..., X. riOttsm, mid cool, profound wisdom of this Ci; j,,,,,,..'. re.nil'ted'lho proceeds of the draft, -eminent Statesman. So far as his feel ings were concerned ho had overy motive for resigning with li!s dissociates ; hut know ing the delicate situation of our Foreign Af fairs ho did not feel nt liberty to abandon the negotiations he had just commenced with such signal ability, and with so good hopes -of a successful and honorable issue. This is generally understood to be the reason for remaining at the head of the New Cabinet J upon any other ground public opinion would not sanction his stay for another day. Tho letter of Ex-Secretary Ewing, uncontradic ted as it is in every one of its statements must create a strong feeling throughout the coun try, and the Address of the Whig Members of Congress will make a deep impression up 'on the great Whig party which elevated Mr Tyler to power and upon which ho has tur ned with such treacherous thrusts. The future course of tho party is full of to John 1 Caldwell, nt Georgetown. On the "111 the bills reached New Orleans, when it was nt oiicn discovered that llicy were forged. It is stated that Caldwell is supposed to be tho man who defrauded Messrs. Little it Co. V. V. tmenVan. NOTICE. rTUIKsnbscridcrs having transferred their rntiro loek of Drugs It Medicines to T. A. PECK St. A. C. SPEAR talto tins occasion to innlio their ac knowledgements to their friends ci tho Public foi their liberal and long continued patronage which hasbeen extended to them ns druggists nml nt the same time they bcglcavo strongly to reccoininend their succes sorsMessrs PECIv ifc SPEAR ns regularly brol Druggists nnd that on their fidelity ande.xpcricncethe Public may fully relv. J. fc J. II. PECK & Co. Ilurlinglon Sept. 20 18)1. drTTuFaTn! dm e d i c i n e& Ono door eastof J. & J. II. I'KCK it Co. riMir, subscribers sucre'sors nsDrui!git3 toMsssrs J- J.iV J. 1 1, l'KCK & eo. have formed n copartner ship under Ihu firm of I'I'.t K if. .S'l'KAIt, and hac purchased of their predecessors their entire stock of Drugs if- Medicines which, together with lale addi tion, from New York if- Hoston renders Ihcir assort ment large i- complete enablin'.' thcin to supply the trmieaw the most libcial and advantageous lerius. From their knowledge of the business and the un remitting nnd e.Tclttive attention which they arc de termined to bestow lliuy hopu to give satislaction to the public. T. A, I'KCK, Ilurlinglon, Sept. 20, 1911. A. C. .SPEAR. Colo Coiuron-r rott tiie Locos. With the nid of the Veto, of falsehoods about tho tax on tea and coffee, and of division anil disorganization among the Whigs, the locos of Vermont hao not liten aide to east ns many votes for Simlic this j cur as they did fur Dilling ham last year, nor even so many as they cast for Smi lie in 1839. The truth i, they can never have Ver mont, unless it is by the divisions or the neglect of the Whigs. Wutihman. IlKN-nv ("lav, is on his passage through Haltimore, to bo greeted by the citi.ensof that place with signal demonstrations of respect fir tho lnanly, able, and energetic com so which he has puisucd at this session of Congress. At a large public meeting, nt which ,'. (Hlmcr prc si led, n committee was appointed to take the neces sary measures. Highly, indeed, has bin Chj earned tlii demon stration ofpublicrcspictai'd rulitudc -V. V. .lm.r lain. Thomas Riving-, late Secretary of the Treas- ury,airived in this city jesterday, and is now at the A.-Wr House, lie loaves town, wo hear, to day, for lloston. Mr. Granger, lale I'ost .Master doubt and difficulty. There are many who General, we also learn, arrived at the same time, till bone fur reconciliation: who look for- I ' I'ust- warn to tlie next regular session ol Congress a j.'ri10 XMoml Intelligencer of vesterdav for measures which shall heal the breach announces the acceptance by .ludjc Upshur, of and briiiGthc President anam into harmo- 1110 appoaitnient ol secretary ol the XSavy .... .!!. I. i I 1.. f l.t. P i!. i- ., ,) win, .o greui uoi ui us v.onsuiuems. jj()n IIlIirll S. T,carCi rj,,;, (Vlatcs Al'(or. At tlie noau ol mcsu is ivir. ouster, i lie ney General, loft here yesterday for Washing. ere at majority, however, lcel tbat bond ol lo- .f"'w, unmin niitmicr. of connection is sundered and that the Whigs TO HUNT. A Tenement in the south Wing of tho Seminary suitable for a small Family may be had on reasonable terms, npply to D. A. DRAM AN. Sept. v.'il is u. must again fling their banner to the breeze, avow the principles for which they have con tended at tho last great struggle, and again call upon the people to rally about their own chosen standard. The Central Committee of litis State have called a State Convention to be held at Syracuse, on the Gth of Oct, next to 'deliberate on the condition of our public affairs and adopt such measures as may maintain the integrity of the Whig par ty, give success to its princples and objects and prevent a return to power of those fioin whom the whole Country, and this State in particular have suffered so much and so long.' Tho address of the Whig Members of Congress is in effect an ailrcrtiscmcnt that 'from this date they will pay no debts of John Tyler's contracting;' and it is most likely that the party will no longer look with very hopeful ga.e to him for any great meas ures ol public relief. In the mean tunc the LocoTocos stand shivcrinc in the wind TKMPKUKNCK. The Ilurlinglon Total Abstinence 'ocictv will meet at the Court House, llus evening, at halfpat six o'clock. A general and punctual uuuidauccis requested. U. V. M. A rcigulnr meeting of the Tcinpcranoo Society of ino i. ii vcrsnyoi v ertnont will he iieiil in llie College ( fttl,,. m ,, 1 1... '"3, 1. I,.., , 7 r-L- An address will be delivcrcc by the ltev. Henry Col- uian. i iic puonc are in vital 10 niieiid. T. HILLINGS, See'y. LOST. ITMtOM the Singeon the ltlh inst., Itwccn llur liiiL'ton nnd (7otelic-ler. n middlo size Carnet ItaL' (Containing (,'lolhingj marked II. ILL. on the bottom. A suitable reward will be given for the Hag or informa tion respecting it. JO.W CI1UHCIL liurin gton Kept. ZM, 1811. (t7 11UOAD CLOTHS milll rin-if. I L'ST opened by K. M. Wiuoiit & Co, n large n.ssiirtment of llrnad Clulhs. which arc offered to Ihc iublic cheaper than ever. P. S. Call and see. September, 'Jin Is II. .T OAr YARDS B-l TOW CLOTH. Just received by E. M.WKIGUT&Co. September, 9th, 1811. 1 .W.I, VIVJWlO I AT N. LOVELY &. Co's. T TUST received, nnd now onenini! for sale, a lull J Assortment of Goods, ndapicd to the season, such ns : Printed Snxony cloth, n great variety Alnaekas. all kinds, nlaiu and rimued Trench nnd Knglish Merinoes, fi"iirednnd plain Plain blk and lig'd mourning and half-mourning Mo issiliiie-de-lainc Plain, fancy and figured ditto Plain white'saltin. striped ehallys Plaid mou-sclinc-ilc-laine, a new article Prints A choice selection of Furniture Prints. September, 10, 15 11 . Staie or Vhiimont, A Ta l'robnlet.'oiirt hIJ Disirict of L'hilli'iiilen. ( il nl lliirliiuiinii uilliin nnd lor said District of Clnlleiiden on lite 30ih day of AngiivtA. D. 1811, Tlionms U. Hill, of Charlotte iii mo rouniy in iiniicnocii. x no is gtiarui.iti ui Jnme.s llu:akeiiridgCklMiid Uliurloiic, n minor under tho Hire nf Iwenly-oiiu ear, having lilcil in shiiI court bis iielilion, felling forth that his Miid wunl is fizisl mid nosesnl in his own rialil. in lis! nl'lho fiillowiiis de-eribed parcel of laud lying 111 nid Cnar lotle, vi, fourteen nerus of hi ml, leliiKthu saine land -el outloliiui l.yn comiiiilleo uppointul by .-nid Piobiile Court to in. ike n li vi-ion nl ilio Kalo of .lon.ilbaii lalenf ..aid Chnrlotlu dei-ea-eil, unioiig ilio lu'irs Ihem.f : also una ooiinl suxtli purl of line half of the Inline nml one 'ixlh part of two Ihirds of the burns nnd nil other luilding sJaml- lug on llie lariii ufllie raid deccn-cdiind tint said ward is also seized of oirt utithvuNil vivili nnri of the revers on ol llie widow- downer uijuid r.Mnte i eiug atioiii 2:1 ucie 01 Mini lircal.eiiite l.irm, unil biulilings tbcienn wliieh wi'i'O 11U0 set out byu roni niitlisyippoiulcd by s.ud eourl, as llieilowncr ol Polly llieakeiiridge, widow nl'lho said iloccn-ed. and thai a saluof hl said ward's interest in said lands and premises would com! n o to his I c-t interesl, nud praying said court lor lieeu-u lo sell tho mine. " hereiijion ihe eo.irl nl'ore-.nd ilolh npioint bo !!7lh day of: ept. HI I, lor healing and deeidiug 011 siiid peiuion nt thu l(i".Tscr' Uiliir 111 Mini I In 1 1 1 11 jrl u 1 1 uinl diith order that all persons In'eresleil l,e noliiletl there of by publit nliou nl'tliis order, eouliiiiiiug Ibo sulis Inuee ol said petition, lliree weeks -iicccsiively in the niirlniL'lon Kris.' l'rc, n newspaper prinled in id It irlington, Ihel.i.t ofwhith pulilienlious lo 1 e pre vious 10 iho siiiJ i7ih d.iyol'Sept. 1811, Giieii under inv hand u, said ilurliiiton ibis 30l Ii dav of August J8II. Wm. WISTOX, Hegister. 1841. Northcru Truusportntlou 1,1 uo. COMMON PKAVKIt, I'or Sale, August, 20th. by O. GOODRICH. CUTCItlOlt CVirimcres K:i 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 i -, S.ittiuels niead elotiis, at a gieal lurgain t'a-inelts. IO1I1 Seplemlcr, IS1I. I.noking Glasses, IrMtTNCII ilateuiid gi'l frame. . ALSO A general as-soruuent nf Ceiiuan Plate, Ac. At September 10, IS1I, N. LOVK1.V & Co. In Walpolc, N. II. on the lUlh inst. by the Rev Mr. .Iac!.son, Mr. Azao It. Ilisiiur, one of the pub lishers of ihe Ilurlinglon f'ennnel, to JIiss Roxvsa Watkins, of Ihe former ,lace. Accoiiip.inyiug tlie above was a very generous slice of the wedding loaf, and a bottle of good wine. (?-NEW SILK GOODS. pIIKI.PS & KIMHAI.L, 71 Slate slreei, Itn-inn, 1. line reeeued llieir Kill suniilv nl Silk (Iniuis. eiul.r.ieing a rompleiunssnrinient ol i'.i.iinu.iMe and deiuble niliLles in llieir line, to winch iliev invite the nlleulion of piui-linser, fur Ca-b, or on !urt eicdil, to whom Ihcy will be sold at tlie lowest iiiar. lei priees. Tlieir iissorlineul eoiisistsm part of the following articles : lill; syiishews and sar-nct-, llll; nnd blue-bine!; cro' di Swis.. Plain and rich lig'd gro' dc State oi- Vi:umost, ) A Ta Probate Court lield Di-lriel of l.'liitieudeii. J ut lliiiliiiglon wilhui and for Mini Di.lnel ol't'lniieielen nn Ibu30ili day ol Auzust, . ) iSllICzr.i Ilallol Cliarlot c. in the Co li ly of I'liillenilen, wlioi ifiiardiau of John S. Ilreak enridie, .Newell lliealenridge and Gi'es llicnlenriihre nil of Mini Charlotte, iniiior i hildreu of Jonathan lliealenridiie, Ule ol -nnlC'i irlotte, ib'ei.ol, h.iv ins tiled in said eourl Ins peiition in writiua, -i-ttnm forth thiit Ihe -ai l John S. is seizal m bis own right in IcoufiiLoul leu Here- ol laud, in two parcels, tint! of one s,th pari of one half of Ihe house and one sixth pan ol Iwo thirds of all the I urns and oilier buildings si miliug nn ht ltie.tlcnrHUe l.iriu in sunt Chat lone J ihul the said Nuucll is aKo seized ofelen u and out' Ibiiiih ueres iii'ail f,irnl nud of one sixth part nf one half ol'the bau-c and one sjxih pail nt two llunls of Ihu lunis, iindull o'her biiildiuus slaud "in it on -aid farm: I tie sniil Giles is seized nf im eh e and line I'uuith acres of. niil I'.irui and one sixth nf one ball nl Ihelioiiso ami one sixth of two thinls ol the burns and all other ImiMinu's nn mi id farm, I eiug the same lain ami piviiu-os whijh were set out lo Mini -eveinl wards J,y a eniiuiiinis; appniiilcil by said eourl lo mule a division of the llstaie of the -unl JoiMih.iu, deieaiil, as ineir several shares nf said K-t.ite; llutsaid wardsnre alsoe.ieh .eveiallyseizeil nt nuoeipial sixth patt ;if ihe icersion of the widows lower in s,mi i.-ta e. loins al.out 2 1 aeiesni saul farm, and buddings, which hunt and buildings weie nbo set out b a eotuiniileo aiKiinti-il bv -aid court, us the iltiwer nt I'ollv liieakeiunliie. wnlownl Ihe mil iiecea-eii, nml reiue-euliug Ihat a sale nl Mini warns mierc-l in sum latui nuil oreinises wouui enn- luee to I heir I e-i iuierest, mid nraviim -aUI coon for lieenc lo sen ine uucrusi nt said warns m ii. I lauds and premises. hereuoon thei-ourt alnre- -aid d.ith appoint the -J7lh day ofSeptciid er, IS II, for heal nig anddeeidtitir im -anl petition nt ihe oilice n llit- iiesi-ier ni -;iRleniirl in sun lur iinr on. ami dnlli order ill it all pcrsnn.iulcie-leill.e notified lliciei f hy pulilicntioii ol this oriler eoiilaiinng the siilistam e of Mild lieiltloil. Ihlee weeks ill ihe 'Iturliinrtou I'ils-' Picss a newsiraiier iiriuted lu said lliiiliiiglon, the la-t of which publiealinus to lo pit. viousio -unl 27:li day of Septeml er, 1SI1. Given under my band at said liurlingtou this 30th day of August. 1811. W.M. WKSTON, Iteirisicr. , . ,BU5 At his residence m the village of Joneswlle, Mich. on tlie At inst. -ir. .loscpli II. hlielUon, ilclest son ol .Nap'e- .ur. uuicr nnciuon, ot tins town, in the .11 year ol Chine sill;, of all kind '''J"-;- .. ,. .... . .. , , Sinped and lig'd ltep-dks l'y llusih-pensalionof Dh mo Providence, the fain- lli.inict silks iitins. ilyol Hie UeceaseU Have been most hortly alllicteil l lurenecs, serge, eiejie Ii u, uini nit iiiui.1 ui null iiv .is iiikhi niii-iiiuiiuic lylou'd and a communitv, which will cherish his memory us tint of a value i friend, useful citizen, nnd a tirm and consistent Christian. Hut the nuuurnus .1....I..C..I ...i. .i... -i , n, , circle oi icianvis ana irielios i Hie iieceaseii, Han uuuuiiui nuuiuui to uuiioiincc joim 1 yier thc (0lpnaiioii of knowing ihat his last hours lor his ibare in deslrovins all their hones or were IimlMu with a hope lull oruniuortahiy, and that , ,. . , . . , lieUll.asleepm Jtsus Willi Ho.s.iniias, on his tongue, to bespatter bun with their praise, and prom- Communicated. in i uuston, .M'pi iuiii, ion, mow I'olly .Morton ageu ai cars ; ui i ne luniaiiu ol a oiissiui icsurrec-lion. ise him their support for his treachery to their opponents. As for adopting him for their Presidential Candidate no sauo man seri ously thinks of it though many of their lea dcrs are disposed to flatter him with ibis be lief in the hope that they may (bus effectually throw fire-brands umonjr thu Whigs. As fur the tiers ttat the third or 7'ylcr party, it is quite too contemptible for much notice. It consists of nt most half a dozen unprinci pled traitors, who adopt Satan's Motto, 'bet ter lo reign in hell, lh:in servo in Heaven,1 nud who now find themselves deprived of all doclion in the matter. Tho fact is, John Tyler, like the Bank bo vetoed, operates rr sc, and that by no means 'over the whole Union either.1 The Foreign News as you will have seen is on the whole favorable to tho preservation of friendly relations between this country and Great Driiian. The tone of tho debates in Parliament on this subject was dignified and conciliating. Hy the way wo had a lecture here a few days since from Capt. Aldnn I'at- ridgo of your stato, upon the probabilities of a war with England and upon (he line of military policy we should pursue in lliat case. He considered a war us inevitable thought Plain and lig'd satin vest illgs lllk, bhie-black nnd col',1 lionili,iztui. Hit. and blue-bll; silk e! cK Plain and lig'd mousseline tie lame, IMienue., printed SavO nie.., Hrtslon, September 1, IB 1 1 Merino and cloak stull) Honk and Swis iim-lin. hhawls n n kind,. Fancy h.iudl,erchn.l"s and scarf-, m great varielv, ickel handkerchiefs of all l.imb. Linen eaml no and cam bric ban ILi rrlneu. Italian it Trench ernvat-. ill. nn. :is. .to Hu h Ghnes men's, women's & e ildren's silk, buck, nud woolen. Ililibnn-.eap, bniinel, licit. talta and satin. Galloons, French and En glish -line riliiions, sewing -ill;, twi-t, braid-, cords eve. eic. THIS Line of Canal Hoals on Chninpluln C'nnal, and Vessels and Sum in on Lake Chnmplaln will be continued by J A. MRS II, IIOOKKI!, VVoy.urid ISAAC V. HAKEIt, milehalt. I ho Iriends of this Line, ami Ihe puHn', we? I,:ve will be Mill-lied with Ibis iitraneeiuent. I ho Usual conlidenec nnd business Is solicited. Every exertion w ill I ti made to give satisfaction, llh Sept. 1811. 1 nr lieight apply lo POI'K CATLIN. 1 31 nnd ("11. JANIH .1 -2j WVciilio. Slip, N. Y. H).,-il""'ve,..Troy. G. II. Il.UlM'.V, 7i Pier, Albany. J. V. IIAKIUL Whitehall. nl lni2. Tol.l.i:i;r&. HHAIU.KV, Hiirliinrton, Vt. IJOTAiVlC. CONVENTION. In llie nl senccof the Secretary it I eao'nics inv duty as President, (See Art. 13. in thcCotTstiluliiin.l to de signate the liinenndp'aceoflhe animal meeting 18 11) df the llota.iie Society of the Western District, melii ioug the counties ufUliittvudcn, I'rankliii, Oiatid Nle, l.amniiie anil AUdison, i do icreuv lmv no ice mat the said meeting will be held at Samuel Paige's Hotel in Kssex, Vt. on tho first Tuesday. (5lM in October next, at 10 o'clock A. M. A general attendance is reque-lcd, ns business of importance will come before 1 the society. ililKl.-i I'llill, i-rtmilcnl. KAY'S Pronrossivn Infant nnd Piiinary Si hool Header and Dcfiner together Willi Elementary lossoiis iu Drawing ami Excrci-ns in wrilin?, for Mile by Aug. UI, 8. lH'NTINGTO.V. riAIU'IiT YARN, Septombcr 10, IS II. Heal Instate I'or Snlc A IIOIT sixteen nere of hud, lying in t'nderhod adjoining ihe firm of Ho lien Parker, with a good house nnd I urn Iheieou, K-mg tho house nml land lied anil Hjs.c-eu lylteiitien Moml, ilix'easul, al nine nl hl death. i now o.lero.1 for sale. Tho ndis nfendit iiu.tlitc ami lii4 iimiiii iln. lull ading from Fii'li rlull viliace to (.'unit ridge. Persons ishiuir lo nnrcki-u will nlea.e niaku aoolicaliim lo the .siibserd cr. ZIHA W. CIIfUtH, adiii'r ,le bonit nnn, iifthe Ustale ol Reuben Itnud. fnik-rhill, Auv. II, IRII. lltf LAMP OIL, an exctllcut urtielc, at S. II. SCOTT'S. 3 Septcmlicr 1811. LAW BLANKS. GOODRICH has conslanllVTor sale bv the Ws Ream or tluirc, a general assortment ol law blanks, printed from forms from Revised .S'latules, consisting in justice Writs and E.xccutiuns, all kinds in uso Tiusteo Writs Couiily Couit Writs nnd r.xceutions, various kinds I,' ... :. . ... , , ... i ttaiiaiurv. icuu-ciaiiu, huh .uurigugc ieeu Clianctr' Hills for fniclosiiij; Murlgat'cs lllanks fer Dcpositious - il i ii in i s I in turn Hunds I.eiiers of (iiiardiausliip Oifiecrs lieciipts Justice Appeals lllanks for Notes, Hay-Scales, &c. 4c. August UO.Ii. NEW LINE OF STAGES rom llurllngtoii via Johnson nml Dam 111c to the White Mountains. r I lHIS Ijiic leaves H ulmlon Mon.l.tys, Wtslnu nays nii i I- riujv-, ai ., oeioci., .. .n. uini ariivo Dan'vilh: nl C P. M. muim; day. I'cr-uns taUug thi.s mute can iciiiain two houn onger at Hurlingtoii, and arrive ut IJ.iuvillc as culy hV any oilier rouie. This line inter-eels the Siaiistead lino at Johuson. mid rcuelies I In: Lines nt 'J the next morning. I ins route over gioo nun-, iiiiongii a pie-liire-ipu; and plen-a it region f eo uiliy, and those vv ho have travelled it, c.xihcss. Iheii' iiu'tiuliiieilanriro- I ImIioii ui'il. ni J FARM FOR SALE. 701! Saleafarni.consisliuif of about ono hundred . and fiftei n acics ofl nid well siiualed on the main road frpm Hiiiesbiiryh to lluilinploii. On the pieiuises thcru arc goo I buildings nnd cho cefnnt.'l he pmpetty .. .i, L....,, , ... I...., iliojsoiu low. ror iiiiiuer pTru mars iiioiiircoi Sept. 17. O. H.1SHAM, Shelburue, I. ROBINSON'S BII1I.ICAL Re-r arches III Palisline, Mount-Siiint and Arubiu-Pclrea, now lor sale at the Hook Store of August 20th. I). A. I1RAMAN. l'Al'KIt HANGINGS. The Subscriber has on hand nnd will often b KcelviiiL' Paiier lliilleiuvs. direct from thu inanufie- luiers, which will I e sold to merchants and deuleis nt city prices, adding freight. Any person wishing par- ulur p uterus tan oc supplied oy giving n snort no e C. GOODRICH. July ?, 1911. iiG O-.t SATIN HARD and Plain Mu-liu de lane O 'rSH WVLS, just rcceividandfur sale iheap ul e Hurhiiuton Ca.,h Stote. S. L. DERRICK. August 13, 1311. lRENOH it ENGLISH Merinos, Circassians, JL Caiiibleleeus, Printed Saxonie-, Alpines, Al pacca's. ccc. &.c. a large assortment, cheap, by S. 11. SCOTT. 3 September, 1311. STRAY HEIFER. CAM!! into the enclosure of the subscriber, about Ihe 1st May last, a led, hue-backed, two year old Inifcr, of good sie. The owner is ruiucsted U pay cuurges una lime iiir uwjy. A. 11. MURRAY Wdliston, August Kith, 15 II. Worthy of Notice! rPIIOSn taken or troubled with Dysentery, Iliar X rhiiM, buiumer Coiim uiut or Cholera Morbus. can procure immediate the u-eulT)r.Jayue's van niive ii.usain, oi rnii jucipnia. f or sue ov Aug. 10. THEO. A. PI'.CK .) CO. j'A tew doors East of the Post Ollicc. Chittenden County Court ) He it remembered August Term, A. I). 1811. Uourt aloreaid, ) He it remembered, that, I at the said term, of the ew Tiiilurinj; LstnliiLshuieiil, Un 1'utrl Strut. riHIH Subscriber respcetlullv informs the publ i that he hasoiieiicdii -hoi, m llie new brick build ini! one door we-t ol the Pearl-st. House, where he will bo happy to receive orders from his friend timl the public. Work of every dcM iiptiou c.xccutid in tlie most lasiiiuimute stvle, or losuil any pecu nr tnsleol ins pairons. . il orders proinplly altenue to. .i snare oi patronage is soiiciied. Hurlingtoii, Sept. '.', 1S11. M. G. RATIIHUN. Cw. "1L( w and jiiicit, just reeeivedby K.M. WRIGHT it'o. scpi. g.f. 'sua Kim yakx. CJCAIH.ET, Mix'd and White Shakir Yarn, for J.sje by E. M. WlilGHT iV. Co. ATorric"sjjT r"Mir, members of the Vermont Mutual Tire Insu- i. ranee Company ore notilnd that the annual meeting of llie Conn, any will be hidden nl the Court House in Montpclier, on Wi duesdav llie '.'Olh dnv of Oeiobtr in .xt ai 1 o'clock, P. M., tor tho choice of Dinciiirs nnd to alterant! levise the by-laws. Hy order ol tne Ducctors. sipLZU, iffiu. J. V. VAIL, Sec'y Ml RON T. LANDON'S ES'l'A'l'i:. WE the siiliscnl ers, having been appointed by ihc Hnniiraliletlie 1'iob.ile Courl lor ihe District of NEW GOODS. (il'.M-.IIAL nssorlineni can he found at SlDNcr J. i- HAM oil's ;xcw mur at inooski l ulls. S'pteinl er 17, IS 1 1. PROTECTIVE SYSTEM. CtLO I lis nl superior liiii-b and duiable onlor- jnt I lliaillll'aetliiisl l,v ihu liurllntrtiin Mdll'ii l.,r at iheliiMfsi puce-, at the New Store, Winooski rail-, l.y rvpicuu er, 17, Is II. SIDNEY BAR LOW. It UIL',1'1'1 , ollr.l.t- i(-.iiir,iii,,.n.i iiiui.s, a new- u..rirlnii m, jn-t ii-viiiiii, ui nil; .inv ciun , Illllllsk, rails. SID.MiV UAKl.OW. September 17, IS II. 7w. TO SPORTSMEN. pi-.ltCI'SSION (il.NS, ponder ll.i.l.s, double nn 1 J SI ingle shut licit-, iiereu-sioii can., nowder urn) hoi, constantly on hand, lur sale at ihe Ilardwaie slorunl It. .MOODY, Seplemlcr 15, 1811. Druggist. Grand Isle cnuiHii-siuners in icecive, cxaiuiue and a.ljtnt the claims am licuianJs nf all persons, against the estate nl M1HO.N T. LANDON. late nf .S'o ith "cro iu said Di-lni l, ilicca'tsl, lepre . . , ..i, ..i .i , .... .... i ..... i....'.i t ,,, ,.,., i ., vvare and Saddlery, now opening nl the llarlwaie i.,.,....r 1,,,1 li,,.,r,. f,,r ,!,. ,..,r,.,,.n -""' ""' lllook, ,rner nf ('..llesi' mid ,. ,.,.,. ,. ,,. ,, ,', ,. ,,, ,,.,',,i .,,,.,..1 ii... ! i-li'in li siiecis, nun ut sale w husinos. nt our appomiuicnt, at llie ilwelliii'' oi i(i,ih QADDLr.RY AND COACH HARDWARE. U A laiue nud splendid a..oriii t of Coach llard- sliccls, Septeml t r li, 1S11. te-ale and iciad. bv iicnit.ui .viuuiM. Laiidou in .Sniilh Hero hi said di-1riei,nu the lu s .Monday nfNuvrinl er next, ul ten o'clock, A. M. Dateil .SVpicinler IS h 1641. I.' I, i V 1.' I I 11 1 , v env r 'v .' 'in- i ' v mtc 1 Conunis-icner,. NOTICE rnHIS is to cenfv that 1 have "iven my son Alfred I Clnrt.- l..a ,',,,., In,,, elf ,l I .1,-,'! ,.ll that we had a perfect right lu send armed for no wages of his earning nor pay'anydibts of Ins ,n r,,l fn,ll,n .lnct.-.,ri;nn f . I ,.! - CO! 1 1 TQC 11 D alter Mils lime. K.I.XSU.U U1..UIA. property und institutions, if we chose, and that any retaliation on their part or any "act of self defence was sufficient causu for war, and believed that if war did como as come it must, we shuuld take Canada, drive the British from the western continent, and near ly sweep her commerce from the ocean and Ilnicsburgh, Aug. "Jl, 1S11, SODA CUACKI.liS! A Ire-h supply, pis! leccivcd by Sept. 21. PECK A: SPEAK. (YTSA RS AI AR I L L A M E A D.T1 A I.AHGL ipiaulitj of llrown's tele! ruled ) rup al-o the Fluid and Con si I paled cm raids nfSarsa pardla, at wholesale and retail, by PECK & SPEAH. Kept. 3 1. HARDWARE. r I villi siuiseriner i now us eiv un: laree additinns lu X his slock nf sluir HAIlDWAIl!:. nearly every article in llie Hue inuglil at llie piesent low price. ; and whii h he o Icr- for sale at whole-nle and iciail ui a small udi.uicc liiiiii eo-t for cash ; at llie i l,l flaii'i-hed Ilardwaie hiore, siiru d Ihel'.u lovn, corncroi uiiurcn uim v.olleee sireeis. 1CU1II.K 1 .MOODV. Iliirliuirion, Vt., Septeml er 15, ISI1. PETITION TO SELL LANDS. Statu ok v in most. 1 ATn s.-ssmii nf ibeProbnt,. lob 11 Peck, nnd Luther Loomis of Itiirliugton, Jo seph Clark of Mdlun.Jcilediah lloynton.oflliiiesburg, and I.ulher Stone of Charlotle, vvere by said court appointed n Coiumilli c, to take into cousideraliou the following subjects, vi. 1-1. 1 o select a sue lor n new Jail. 2d. To cttiiuutc the probable eosi and expense nf a new jail. ,d. to see wnat uisiiositinn can ne inane of the old Jail and premises, and if any, at w hat price. John reck to ho chairman ot said eninnniiec, vvuo will notify the oilier nii inheis of the eoiumilice of the limo nnd place of altcndui" to said inmiirv and exami nation and make report thereof to the Clerk of said Court nssiiunns may be. Alle-t Win. MIIILK. Cl'k. To Luther I.oonus, Joseph Clark, Jcdaditih Hoyn- ton, and Luther .Stone. ouare hen bv reiiuested to meet at the nub be House of John Howard, in IluiliiiL'tou on Wcdncsd.iv the2l)ih day of Sipt. inst. at 10 o'clock, A. M. to at attend tn the duties required by the foregoing order of said Court. JOHN PECK, Chairman. liurhngion.Sip;. II, 1311. -jlTAR-EII.I.ES (Juill., S-10 II nnd 12 ijr. lx Russia sheetings, brown and blcacli'd In-h linens Linen eanilTies and handkerchiefs WorUsI collars Haw sill; and other figured shawls IJich l.iee veil, l'lllcll do do senris Silk frinire. for shawl-, iVc. Fie'il and plain rich .ill;, lor die-so, of la!e-l tyle Ladies fancy traveling laskels, n new arlieic. Ilv N. l.U IX V .V Co. Seplemlcr 9, 1S11. S TATE Of EH.MO.NT, i The llou.the Pro! nlu tiisTiiirT or t in m.Niih.v, -s. t Ci uri b r the District nl I'huieiiden i 'I'o all pci son-coneeriiisl iu llie estate nl" Juhii Van SicUlcn hue nl Hutliiiiilon in -aid di.lnel, ,l,, (iliEiri l.NG : WilElir.AS.John VanSicklin (late junior) .Vim r nf Ihecstnle nl's.ild decca-e I, propn-c. lo leni'cr nn account nl hi-uihnniislialion, nml resent hi. nc eouni nu'ain.tsaid estate for e.xaoiiiiaiiou iitidalluvv- ale e at a -eiun nl ihc Cinul nl l'rohate, lo I e Imliit-n nl tho liezi.ter nllue in llurliiigloii, on llie lir-l Wcdiie-day nfOetober next; 'I'm mi , i nr. Vo nre heie .v nctitiisl to nnncar 1 e- foie said courl al the tune and place ntoie-anl, and show i aii-e, il auyyuii have, why Ihe account ntoie i.I sliiinlil not nea nvvetl. Given under iny hand at Hurlingtoii, this 13lh day ol : September A. 1J. 1811. WM. WHS TU., ItcgMtr, to ui:nt. DWELLING near the Court House Square. a 1 1 g. i an. h.lha v e x woirn i . ii .vaew ava ut. T II E O D O li I'. II O I. II 11 O O K , (Lale Hotbrook &, Tappau) (10 .tlllk st., Boston, fTMIF. subsii ibi r olTcrs a large and choice selection I- of Hxrdvv are to the couutiy trade upon the most liberal tcinis. sept. I, lbli. HORSES LOST. STRAYED from the pasture of Joel Hi.-hop, on Tuesday last, a brown, ehveii year old mare, with .lines on the fore feel, and tlie mark" of a ling-bone on the left leu. A mi. on llie same day, a black inure Ivvilveor thirteen ) curs old, with white spots, on ihe nose, mid Mio s on llie lure let i. . rt asonaiiie eo: pciisaliou will be iaid for any information of llieni. K. G.VGNON Apply to Peter Slnott, Water-street. Darlington, Sept. '.', 1311. ESTRAY. MV. in in tbp rttfdosiir,: of the sub-cribrr. about J the 1st Angus! last, u lighlred, three viarold 111.11' 1. 1!, wit h snots of white nliout the ligs belly. The owner is requested to pay charges and lake licr away. M. OSGOOD Wcsifotd, Sc,l. 2, IS JI. STATE OF VERMONT, ) T n probate Court niniucT or ciiiTTEMir.N, s s J lioiuen at mir- imton wn bin and lor the Disuict atonsam on me loll, diy of Sept. A. D. IS11 an instrument uirporl ing to he ihe lat will nnd Ttslamentof Polly Morton lice ol vv iiusion in sniu cnsinci occcaseu, na yiv suited to the Court hero lor Probate by John aiv .... 1. 1..,, th., I .eentor tlipr, in nalii, d. TlII'.llr.FORE it is ordirid by said L.outi, inai lii. rieici (. hit eni cii, J conn held nt Hurliuntnii J,v llcicoi,tf Bivf to all jieuons concerned therein vvilhu, and lor . he Dm net of Chittenden, nn ihe 4.1, ear b. foresaid Com i, at a session thereof to be day ot hepiemler, Itill, t.eoree H. Islmui nf Shel- JJ , , , JlcgiMcr'solliceinsaid Hurlingtoii on the V!',r " ''ViT'TlLr1.1, '.',,C'rd.';n' t'"";" fy TUV I, , Hny'of OcIoImtA. I. mi, and contest COMIC ALMANACS. nil of this without receiving the slightest in- 1 OA O Hi u Hardin's, Turner's, American, inrv in return. This address was a nerfoct .t Pwckvc &c. Also, J J ml I , sjiccimen of Uobadil-isin : his views of in- Sqii. 21, ternational law would certainly strike all ju- Pco- Minia- Hall mid Lin. Hal), boih nf Purina, in ihe Hale 11 .oieuicaii, iciiiaie imam- tiiuicr ilio iure ol eighteen ycir-, liJVinnliM-U 111 .nid eoiirt In- oeiiimn 111 vvriiine. oiling innii 111:11 me sain .viary 11.111 1. semcJ 111 lur ix acre, aim mx our n . r " . ., .. . , laud lying .11 -aid Shelburue nud tint he said Lo,. ' '''"''V ,,,1 thi Hall is seized nf six aeie. ami ml. nf lmd (.tveu under niy hand at the Register s Ulliee, nil siluate 111 said MicM'iu ne, Icing Iho slime land New t'ron rtnnr. I A HAin'iF.LS nnd halt Hhls. Siipcrfiiie Fl uir, I'V ground from new vt iicnt, just leceiveil ami 1 aleliy II. M-GIDDINGSslCo. Sc),!. 1. Al N. LOVELY Co. MARSHAL'S NOTICE. UNITED STATFS OF AMERICA, ) pcmiAM Itrnrant lUlriil, to irll t Ji to'tindiy Warrants issu'.duut of the lion. District Court of tlu United Statin lor said District, lo 111c ihrcebsl, I d, hi-reby give this nil he notice, that Informations, for violations 01 1110 iccvenuo 01 inn uiineu omies have bron fdul in said Courl, by ('baric- Davis, Esq. Distuct Attorney of thuCuilcd Slates for said District, ngainst the follow ing described goods, vvJicsaiidiner. cnaiidisc, to wit 1 I Over Co-it, 1 Frock Coat, 3 Vests, 2 pair pinta loons, I pair drawers, HqrK and cotton Iniidkeichn fs, I brush, I unir sustirnih rs. 2 nimrs. 1 1111 nev imrsc. I watch chain, U knives. 1 1I07.. buttons, 1 fur cap, 1 boa, 2 skins, and 1 trunk, suicd ut llicligato Vor. inoni, 011 ine isiu 01 ieceiuuer, iriO, 31 yds. Petersham clo'li, 5 yds. broa lelotli. U vd I roadcloth, (i yds. grey kersey cloth, 2 yds. cottn wstitig, 21 yds. coltoti cord, 3natierns inusim do lainc, 1 frock coats, 5 pairs uitilaloons, 5 other pans pantiloons, .'1 vests, Ij vests, 1 .ilvir watches, J do.. 2 li'ndcd knives, ii-ri do. nagzer Klines, .1 common knives, I doz. scisur.-, 1 silk dress, 17 1 vds. silk 2 yds. silk, 30 yds. -1 shawls, !) inusim dresses, 1 i muslin dresses, I muslin de lame dsesscs, J nn m shawl, and 1 trunk, seized on thcwnlers of Lake Chauijilain within said District, on the 2lh of May, lKll. And'Cparate tnnls will I e had on the forcgoiii sci.uris, nnd the -nine will be'.sl, agreeably to llie prayers of said Information!, at iho next staled term of soul Di trict Court to le hoi en at Rutland within and tor said District, on the sixth day of October next, unless a claim or cliim shall bo interposed on or before that day ! of win Ii, all pel sons intercs'rsl will take notice, and goxcrn ihcin elves nccoidiiiL'ly. Given under my hand nt Ibnilford,iii said District, this 2l..t iUv of August, A. D. 1911. WILLIAJI HARRON; Marshal. 11ROAD CLOTHS. Cassnncres, nnd superior i Sittuiets, just received, and lnual be sold so, t I'or Cadi, at S. L. HERltlCK'S. September 3d, 1311. llac J ; dv Tea, for s!s lv J". P. WHALING .t CO. 1G. n7 ALBUKUH SPRINGS. rPlIA'l'laiL'e and uiry M in-iun, ot Al- 1 1. i ..,., ...i 1.,. xt. c..7....1i t.rr' r..!-3.!. ... llll ''II O.lllllK'l .11111. , ,J, IIIU I llll'll HI Hi3 visitors oiiring 111- prc-eui season, ine n-jtMtia report industriously put in circulati, 11, that lresh watel has been let into Ihe hpiuii'S, 1-an crior. without the least shadow of truth, ns no altera tion lias been had, 111, or nbout the hprmi! since the acquaintance of the subsctihir with the "Miring, iu 133"i. Hut the Snrmes remain that ureal l ountaiu. pure and 11 11 u, 1 11 1 11 rated, nut in need of a weekly at tending physician 10 ri commend her, r.suo hies. Aecoiiiino latinnsgoo I. Hoard Uw) dollars per week. Private Fannhes pleasantly acconimodated, if-c. ' SAMUEL MILLS. Albursli Springs, Juno 2, 1911. no- lCol TON Academy's Collection, Mn.s.achusi lis Hook, j'ust nceivcd by August E.tli, 1-ill. C. OOODR1CH. 11IO A T the il shiriiiiu J L'ST RECEIVED New Cash Stole, u fall a orlinciil of sheeting and latum. Also, a general irtuieiii nl I .t mil (nnone-, all ol whnu will le sum yeiy I jw Icr cash, Ly J. 1'. vv ll.ll.l.XU ,f- e.u. July 1C. ni J P. WUALINO & Co. arc now rtceiviii" a full and elegant nssortiiient of i:ood suited to th senson, suehas Freneli, l'.unlish nnd American Prints, I'ainteJ Muslins and Lawns, .vlousdmu de I. allies. Challvs, Silks for dresses and bonnets. Lawns nnd Silks fur Shirred Hats, Hlack Lace Villa, Ilhi k Viihng, Linen Edging of various iuahues and jia'tettis, Swiss .Mu-Iin F.deuig and Iiisciliou, Cambric ,,i. do., Linen Cambric lldkfs, French Work'd Coll its of sujierior ipiahty, Moiirinng do., l.-uhes (Jravats and Dress lldkfs, Sj-l Silk Shawls, OIovis of every ipal- Ity, agciiiralassortinetitof Husury, llonnet rind Cap llitihons. Superior I. ei'liorn nnd ri un ."jtiavv lioniiets .ephyr Worsted and Patieriis, L'uibri llas and Para sols. 1 ui-111 y aluiust any ttitn?lu. l.adnsoi III. nu ton may want can be found at the "New Cash Sloi'j ' on "Cheap ."side. DRY GHOCE UI.S. Such as Teas. Sugais, Mulasis Sab ratus, Ricv. linigcr, Spices, &c ; almost any arl.rle that I'nrne rs want. Also, un asiortuicnt ol CROCKERV AND (.LASS WARE. All the above n 'lined articlcs.together with manv not eiiuiiicraleil, w ill be sold at 11 very low for cash. Ilurlinglon, June 1, isu, I r e m 1 u in HASS.VM) DOUUI-C ll.VSst VIOLS. m . A 'HAM Vfeii-'V all ,,.. t- iste.1 111 llie Sci ence of Music, that he eoutinues to manufacture n Concord, New Hampshire, 11ASS AM) 1IULIW.I-. HAM.-, viui.m, of a v, ry superior "uahty, and obiauud t'to irst I'roiiiums nai nascver oeen awarocn 10,111 v iiiincau niaiiiifacturi r of such Instruments at the HOOK S. Coufe.siuu of a Sekuol .M'iter, Paixnt's Pr.-seut, Sleigh Hide, .M.urie.l I. He. Aineriean Ccutleioea. ritllE follo'.ving thi-day nveivel 111J for al by 1 Il,e soii-erii cr. Idake's l.vijrmvs, Lcu' l'by-iolicy, Life nt I 'in 11 1.1 in', .New Eiul.'indtiuzelteer, Ol,ll Ora'.or, The (Sill, ALSU, a new kiiinily of Pockci Hible-, elicayer nun ever, ny ft. 1IL.VU.VjIU.. July ill, 1-511. us) A UREAT Variety of Rich Silks Jil.t received and xv tor bv July HUSH TI.'ST opened 11 beautiful assortment of Frcuok O worked Collar., al icdticed price. great 'lii'i of the American Institute in Navv Vort City, at the grist Fair of the Mechanic's Association in Huston, and at ihe Fair of the Mechanic's ( 'hariui- blo Association in Hortlaiid, .vmiiietic now- not only lendtls his thanks to his Iricuds and patron. fer jiast favors, but pledges himself to Reh:'iun4-.Souetic, Jlu.-iial Associttions and individuals who may vvih to purchase, thai no reasonable ellbrls shall be want ing 011 lus part, to cnritiie nun 10 nieei ineir oruers 111 the most prompt and satisfactory liimner, thst h niaystdl letam ihiireuntidtiice, and merit a continu ance of-, the liberal palronagehe has for many yeiui enjoid. Uealso Kecpsan exien-ive assortment 01 .MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, of the best ,ushty, wliieh he otfrrs for sale 03 th must reasonable timis, aiiioiigvvnieii arn .VII I.ODIU.NH A.U, wliieh aieiuueh admired for sweetness of lone, ani well a 'silul to pxrlor or cliurcb music. Music. Schools. Military H inds, or individuals, e?a lor Sale very chap at tlie Hurlingtoii Cash Store be supplied with llrass nud other instrument, ot any jj. J,. Hi;fRICK. description, aselunp or cheaper than they cull jmr- .Inlv23. S. H. SCOTT. ni:u coods. STATE. OF VERMONT ) At a Probate Court hnl (iii.vMi lsi.r. DisnuiT ss ) den nt my dwHbng lioii.e, ill North Hern in said District on tlie 2jlh day of Angus', A. D. 1311. An iiis'ruinctit puriortmg 10 be the last will and tes. tamentof James Darby, Into of Alburgh, in said dis trict, deceased, being presented in llie nun ny t ,eorgi Darby, one ol'lhc Executors therein named for Pro. bale. It is ordered bv s-iid courl tint nil ncrfcon con cerncd llicrcin be nniifiiil 10 appear nt n srsion nf said court, to hello! ten nt my dwelling hou.-e in Norlh Hero, in sanldisilict. on ihe' 2")th day of September next, at mm o'clock P. M, and shew cause if any they liavo against iho probate of sail will, for which pur pose it is further ordered that a copy of llie re ord of this order be piiblisheil three we-cks' .siicce-HVtl v. in tho lluilington Free Press, a paper printed nt Hailing ton iu Chilic-ndin County, as soon us may be. A copy of record. At cst, JOEL Al.LF.N, Judge, JlltS. l.AN'fiWnitTIIV HAS received a supply ol Fu.luonahte Oooli for llie season. Knli'long uud 'ijiiare Shawls, hcaifs, I rench embroidered ('apes and Collars, l'ara- -ols, iiihbons. I'riiitcd .vlushus, I lowers, l.aces, I'or luiiie-ry, ivc. Stoim, sinrhs'.dc Court-House Souare. n7 I'urliigton, July 2J, 1311. SCHOOL AND CLASSICAL HOOKfe, A gintral assottunut for silo at the lowest J prices by C. fiOODP.ICIL July 30th. BLANK HOOKS, y r.DOF.RS, Journals, Dsy-Hooks, Records, A.. s.C. ie. For silo by Jnly r.Otii. C. fiOODRICH. Ihe iirobaleof said Will, and it is further ordered lliat I HIS order be punnsniu iuiii nip Bin,iir..t,j ,, Ilurlinglon Free Press a news paper piinted at Hur. risls, both ancient and modern with most un- Coi'icgostrect. feigned astonishment. As to (he strictly .military portion of it I am not competent to judge ; but unless more common sense was .infused into this than ihc other, it must have been of but little worth. OlIMJ HOOKS great varictynfCoHiieandolher s 'oong jsuoks, lor sine nt .S'epl. 21. HUNTINGTON'S, U7.17' Mi.YT? Something (Jowl for tlicl'coplcl 1ANNOl nnveood bo done for the I'enntn bin V;iuat the Cheap Cash Store will be a recipient ? The moet rational niievvcr is, that the establishment from so long n standing hns become identified with , . .1 . .. , . ,. , 1 1 lie sin ci ss nun 1 1 1 usi 11 , uy ui uvtiv occiuia 110 11 HI tills. Ilolh parties in this City are making slight ,hal, or some otherpcrfccilycnnaisleut way, wbueby it very generally reecives n portion, acci rding to ihe ' ' . ,7 , , npprovislinclhoiloriransacung busine-s m chis-rfully .Judging from the manner III which tho 10- receiving n small pmiit from each of nil the immense SCI out to llicin by commissioner, appointed by said nro- I ale court lo inako iarlitmii ol ihe. e.tnto nf Juab Ish.iin, late nl said Shelhiirne, dncansl, amnng ihc heirs and repiv-eirntivcs nf tlie heirs to said e.taie. as ilio said word, bunion or shares of thereat eslaiu nf ihe said doeca-eil : it sale nf said land, wnulij hoconducive tottie nilere-t nf said ward-. In- uiitiiinr the priKt-cilsnl sm h -nle at iiilcic-t, and prnriug said eourl loiieciise aiideuiiower linn to nil aid land., ngrceal ly to llie statute in .iicli e.i-u inade and urn- ...-a.. 1 v-i ., . ...v liui-i, ,. ni,viiniu, ,,ie emir, nil', e-iiiii nnn 1 appoint Ihens nuldaynl October. 1311. for hearing and ile. eiding nn said pt-iiuuii nl the oaico nf Ihe regi-ler of said courl in Ilurlinglon, nnd dnlh order that allncr- son. interested I e nmilittl ibeienf ly pullieatinn of tins nn cr, inniaiiiiug llie Mio.iance in said ieliliiin, three vvirl;sMi,ve..ively in the llurliiijlini Freol're-s, n now-paper piiniol in llurllngtoii, Ihu last of which pui iieaiinii. 10 1 e previo is to said secon I day f,f(), inter, lll. (men muter my baud nl Hu.lingion iilore-aiii. this llllidaynl N-oieml it. lgjl, XV.. U'Cl-'liiV I, . ...-,. ..i.oiu.s, iiegi-ier. I'OR SALE. rpHAT large nnd eommrsbfiiis tun Ho. J. ry llrjrii IJvvellliig Ilotm- t i(0, ,. ..- in, un,, sun.- ni 1 nuegegrcei) atilm licad cf Colics 1-si rivl. 10 ihi. vd. Ilni'sr. 1- 32 I y 15, vt lib a I ascnieiii .inn- ,. 11... ....1 .. : . : I-..I, .1... ,,t fi.nleinbcr V. I). 1311. I ..... ivuswiV H,.U,s. il. age. The .,.,:.w,c , linsn Mlt..n,l,..l ll.Pin ,,-il. llumuer ".' Vm ""! ""' . '""u";. There I, gist, j i"v " - ""i now jiarticuiatiy another (iond 111 prostuct. untie na- .1 ri, 1 .. , - ' lie great apatny on uoiu siucs. 1 ne result f univ 1 : ,1,,l.,f..l ,l,,ni,li I Imvn nn, tin, m Alii) e Whoso Tax has gradually risen vvim the ability of the slightest doubt with Strenuous exertion llie community to pmroiiize, from a $23 Assessment to a miirht succeed wero it not for the 1 nc'"u' lax 01 ',uu'-('oods Cheap, ami nn V lllgS iniglll suclclu, WLru 11 uui lur nMCiimi nincouoc of hundreds more ih,,i I foreign VOtO they would hnvo a clear major- on in welcome ns soon ns n fleologienl and Agticui. , ,, 1 sr . tural survcyis mudo which will dcvilo.i nnd exhibit ity of some seven tlious.inu. W o nro great- ,i10 hitherto dormnnt richness of our Orccn Jlountnin I V cbacriucd at the result of tho contest in fcul ""' '1 1 tants. some ol your State. Several excellent books have been recent that count no mane congenial o nnd become tho pro- ,)f ., of ,. j , ,' ., duct 01 our ow mm 1. 0 Know csige lliusjle- t. ..,. (),,,. 1U1, ,,,',, ni.rr(, lanil.'n ', 0 , ,1 nved, vvesbou Id not look for that which was not, but ' lllv . H ar2t. Ba. auddll)K.0 mm 0 could find that we had, and not impoverish by send- d,,. hnu'e and yard. usl rl . . P tn, , , . . - -.,-- 1 1 ne 11111111,1.. 11 1 1 1 , ii.i nn 11 11 in 1001 irn it-c ni r ., .,i,l Ilnrl nf I' lilnilidnlini. I l. ..... I .1 inula Since we aro to receive our mrritunooi 1 ...1 , 1 :. ... '". 1 vvitiuv tin - - iiaiu 1 - , , .. .. ,, ., , 1 tiiu , i.i Hi.iii inn. uui, w iirKiuansni 1, were ertx-te.l l,v- onlv time to numonniong tho others Ilulwers, l'?,rt,T.n.n!.,.i w'!,.,,i",i',l,.? r !LUr.;'.e?..i,,'; the sub., r.l or for hi. own n.e, nj' ',ie Incaiion nf. Miscelleaneous Writings composed mainly with a Stum filled with New Goods nnd customers of reviews, political essays, .c, U'lsraell's intently making Ihcir selections thcrifrom, liutbeliey :. r i.ipralnrn. similar in its I 'e our intelligent legislators vvil invesligato and pasi U'.ll, k ,1.1,..., -11 ,1 lri 'vvluHiSZ'st K- nublishcd in this ciiy and IMiiladrlnhin First is Napier's History of tho Peninsula duct of our ow-n sod. with iho knowledge thus de War, one of tho best liutoiicnl works over written. It IS puuiisueu in spienuiel slylo jy jngnbroad that which would by us uso makedcnly already below tl,n r.irtitnlliin " ' . . , ui...,. .,,,,1 ,, .r iint.l . rhmnnei. I.IIV ll,r InTKr lv nf lliK u nir.,f f fr. ., - ', . ' " '. " 'I '"-""is yam ... ....... . ,--"; - wot Ol lls-tlwelllllglioil.e, nud n gon, , hirnl le icl! village, ami a brick and favorably upon the surveys being made, is thought jiurpori. soineining uoou to the best interest of Iho m ... 1- .... nrli'r. tn I lid .-IIIIOIIIIICS 01 iviiunuuie other works by the same author and the Pic 'ople. nd with them lo thnr ihcnpfor Cash ',..,i . , ...,.: i. andiio Iinpri.r.nnicnt lor Debt Store agrnt, Jsic papers edited and in part wnttcn liy HOWARD 10Z. 1 Wo clock, A.M. ?3 Stil. Ml, lord, a very exti-ii-ivo and pleasant ,rospect nf Ihe viiiagr una nihe on me iv esi nun i. not suriiasseij liy nnv other m this part nf llie country. Abo for sale n tut containing an acre of land itirrci. ly nppo.ite Ihe nbcive lot with n siiiallcomcnicnlwood ilwelling House uii-rtsiii. Pnrchii-ers are mvitol tneall and exminefor Ihcin. n lve. Terms made known by ihe rds-r on ihe premises. AMl t.Li I(tr.l. Jjtlni0ion Junf((i, ISJtJ, pa THIS FALL, WE bavo received a variety or cvv Ijooiis. among which may be found tlie following ntncles : C.oldnndsdver, lever vvatctics, (iold and nlvcr Leiiius, Silver, F.nglish mi l (luarlicr vvalchts, Hrass tloeks, wilh inaliogauy cases, (Icrmaii alarm clocks, . Cameo, Mosaic, painted and mourning pin, Jit, chrvttal, topaz, nnd other pretty genlapins, Fine "old, plain, chased nnd stole tings, Hold watch keys, silver pencils, ,,. del liens. F.aude Cologne, and nil oiherkinds of perfumery, Huile ile Antlijue, nnd oinir liair on.-, Jayne's ctlel rated hair tonic, Watds vegetable, and tho Macassar Oil, Toot brushes, orris tooth wash, Vinogar-rouze, Atkinson's depdaiory, Teuiperance and Sabbath school medals, Fine straw and moiocco travelling baskets, Woslciiholm's knives, Ilrilanuia luinblcrs, do cutis, Willi handle, Ktcjilu u's blue writing llluids, Cooper nnd Phillips black ink, Kuainclid visiting cards, clnlk crayons, Poekel ink-stands, red wafers, Mcnotiutn saucers, pink saucrre, Cohen' and oilier lino drnvving pencils, Osborn's fine water colors, .Stewart's do do do Hriilol board, Tisa, e jiaper, nil colors, llnslol board. Ilrilanuia Spoons, Counter bruehs, I'rcslon salt, reari jiovTiier, Hlack guard chains. And n varielv of fancy nrltdes (jonds Selling rhenp. Friends and customers aro invited to cnll nt PANGHORN A nitlNSM AID'S. Till'. AMEltlCAN GLEE HOOK Consisting of X a selection of Glees, MndrigaK and Hounds, from Ihe most distinguished English nnd Gerinnn authors, tngeiher with Original Pieces composed ex nicsslv for the work, (embracing nieces fiom the works of upwards of tidily composers.) Hy Gto.J. Webb. For sale at tlie Ilurlinglon nonK.tnrr. Aug. HI, IB II. " D.A.IIRAMAN. T AW HOOICS. Cow-en's Repoils, 0 volumes XJ Wtlden's Reports, 22 volumes, ra ige s no. vols i, anil , Cowen's Phillips Evidence, I vols. " Justice, 2 vols. Pclcrdorrs Abridgement, IS vols. F.nglish Common Law, and Chancery Reports. Codo Napoleon. Jeremy's Equity Jnrtdirtinn. Chitford's chancery Pleading". Law of I'isiiieiits. (Ireenleafs (Inscs Overruled. For sale, by Sept. 3. C.GOOPrtlCH. TMSCOt'HSE on the Death of Wiixivm Hr.snr J lUniusov, laic Pre ident of the I'nittd Sstt-s, by .loli ii w heili r, 1'rcidcnt ol the Lmiusity ot v er- inoui, puuiisuia aim lor sniu uy l.. uuiiiiiiii ii. July 30ih. Double Kt-lincil I.oaf Sugar, at S. I!. SCOTT7 Aug. fi. 1)9 Mils! SHUs I Silks ! A N The latent l'orlalile JJeiUteil U- moyeJ from room u room or o it nt Ihe Vllou'C inea-eof lire, vvnlio it inking down nr Inieeuingtheennl; is more easily set op.and theenrd lighicntsl w lib le-s trouble, and i. a'lordiM at nl mil the same prit-e a tliir old fa'luuneil Ihxlstcd. Call al my Shop nnd mv it i il is n curinsity wnrth looking nl. mi l I'l rhans you will think il vvordi buying Cutlin'. Lane, Se-it. 7, 15 II. D. K. P MiltOItN. Sept. 3'd. JUST ARRIVED. 11. M. GIDDING- TTRF.SH Soda Crackers in fine Order nnd for Sal X- by FAMILY OROCKRIFS. TTVSON SKIN, young hyson, and old hyson 1 X Tons, lonlatifl brown sugars, pep,er, spice, gin ger, slarch, tobacco, raisins, irunes, English currants, Rio and Java collee, soaji, .Ve. &c. For salo elicai at the H'irliiigtun Cash Store. Sept. 3, 1311. S. L. MERRICK. L. MASON'S AIUSICAL KXi:ilCISES, in large type, for 11 1 S Singing Schools, for sale, bv Sept. 9, 1911. 1), A. Hit tMAN. UOWN Sugars cheap by E. M. WRIQUTif-Ci', 1S. lis u. Buow: .S'qit STRAY Kl) Oil STOLKN. IllOll ihc enclosure of (itleon Tomlmion, in ltnhmnnd, nn Ihc night of the 12i!i m-l, n light Grey Mare, wilh while niiini and tall, liltceu or ix. leeii jeers old, Whoever will return said mare r give information where she may be fooiid shal bj lils-rnlly rewarded. C. J. KIMUA'd'. I'ucjcrhtil, .5-pt FOR SALE. dwelling hou.e and lot nlnvc! at ihe he.ul ol IV.trl Mrix'l.owutsl nnd otvupied by the lain I SeveraiK e. for iarliculurs ennuiro t-i inesuiserii er on ne premises, t.1 in I- dl'l-riliMH' r. ,i". I". F. SFVEItA.NCK. TO ki-:t. rpilli llrick Store on Church Street I. now- uectmied bv N. Lovelv tV Co. l'.rn:,ra given the first day of Annl , next. For turns enquire 01 inc subscriber, iv, vi.ii.xiv iviurii. Uuthnston, August l- UU. rbnseill the eitv of Hostnll. Also, Viulm, ll.iss nnd Dnutdo lloas 101 Mrings, Hows, Uridyl , Pan nt Hcnd", Tuning Fuiks A Pipes, Hook-. Chrion, it Rttils and mouth P.a- ce-s, riiibrillts, l'arasals. Walkinr' Cane. A-e. Orders will be ciab-lully recuvid, anil Instruments sent by Singe at the ri-k of ihe manufacturer, and if not siilistnetory, may bo exchanged, Musk al instruments and rmhrellas.repairedasusu. nl. PI, nsu call at his nt vv Music .More, a few doors south ol the Esgle( otlte Hou.e, n3l ( onenrd, ,evi Hanip-lnre. Vlareb .', 1--II, PANGHORN d- HRINSMAID, Ag-nts, Hurling toii, Vt. Broadrlotlis. t'a"slrnere, anil attlnetts. E. M. WKKiHTA: CO., hive jo-t ipeut-l very Fine Wi ol Died li'ai-k, lllue Hlaeli, luvi-ille (inert nn llaiieyei.lonsl Hrreidcloih-, a go nl n.-crtiuciii it low pri -i'd do. Also, Very Fine Wool Dyed nicre., k.-i r t 1 cnlor-, 00. 00. a nu i-oiiiuiou sain nells, very cheap. Hurlingtoii, Ju'y 1C, 1511. no ' mJKilxr.TON hook sroun. D. A. BRA MAN, noni;si:i.i.i:n and srATtoNnn, f.M'OHMS In- friend, and Ihe on' lie gencr.illv, lliaf T.N I'O UN J be . en A very e.xbnsive ossoiimtnt of every variety of ;V figure, color, style, ot price,. now- oin-n at S. 1 SCO I'T'S. Prices nicmost ccriniuly reduced sn that gnnd (i(Kll)rsnl this hum can be purchased at entire ly new bargains. .ug. 0. irj Tloles!,ln and fur Hats, of ihc latest siy'e at iix rciluced prices, at S. IS, SCOTT'S, n'l Olu etlngs. Sliirlmgs, Ticking, Canvass, Padding, U Hailing, Cotton 1 aril, etc, etc. just received at S. II. SCOTT'S. Aug. f. n9 Satin Strijietl ChallvsPhin A. Fignrisl Mens line del .amis, j'uf t nceivcd and for s ile low, ut Aug. 6. S. 11. SCOTT'S. ticnnaii Silver Table Sjioons. TEST reeiivid. of the best duality and will be sold tl nl thelowcst puce. Also, we would cnll attention, to some good Plated Spoons, made for u, nfur iho silver patterns, oil mils will bo sold nl llie lowi -1 prices. PANlillORN HltlNSMAID. JuvC3. ni XIII niicnlirai l film tin! lie -I. stock of poods now tjt-ning at S. H. SCI ITT. A ruie opborliinilv for nin-b.i.irig xeeishngly low pritvs. July 2.1 is invitisl 10 a largi pood OlCsIs St riAHF. LADV'S Cabinet, devolfd 10 science and Jl penerol lil(rntuie,juslrcccivid al the Hook Store where siibscrititions nro received for this nnd 1I10 N. V Review, American Journnl of tho Medical Scirnccs andN. American Review. July 1, U. A. HHAMA.V -riii-ian'lv making addition, to hi. of HOOKS t f all the new and popular pul liean ui nt 1 hod ly from Ihe ino-t prnuiineiit piil li-'iing liuo-c. tu ihe eivui'ry. Hi-arrangement, le h-mn )ro- 11 re Ibe la'est 'eerary nttrneiit 11. ut an y ay. Ill-pre-enl n-siirtinent nf Ib nk. mil race- a very gieai vnritty nf S'hnnl, Claseirnl, .utr, Atticn, Uts'.-.rirul, "tif M'trtlhntctis W'ttrls. V-iiene hi. .toe!, will le lo'-nd a vtry great variety of IILA.MC HOOK.s and ST VI ION i.ll V,a I l winch lie 1. call le 1 to titer at pm c wbi.h canno' Mil to suit lhemn-1 rs'Ont.micil. -.,-ri-li.iuts. S- hoo! Iiai tiers, i.e. nie rt ni y ni cltoeall mil eim tie hi. SI'HOOL I!OOIv, 1 ' . 'i enmpri e- a'l Ibe 'a'e popular and imj .vtxl d 1 n, in every drpirtmcnt if liarnuig. Mtjusi 27JH. 'ni'ni.iM;TUX HIGH silHinb. ntlll. l'a'l'l 1 nn nf Iheal ovt in-tuiiiii 11 w di eem J iiu tic eo-. Weslne day, the Ca h 111-t. TIimTph- ne have cngagi-.l, a. jrineipai, .vir. 1 iuni.r t . I' n, 'ate n trad-i.-i'c Iriuu the I mvi r-i: y r.M er- 111 n . J mm their acquaintance won .nr. 1 ariiT, tin r kuowlolge nf his n-iabiienioiis and s icct-s. 11. m, 1 -her.tliey fee! cenln cut, th.i',wilh tbeetiiiei.rrniT line 1 net- td nur eiiieiis a nn pair, 11. 01 uiciustiinuuD, ,e I all liaven M-lei Inf Ihe nrt order. '1 ho Tu.tion 111 I'npli-b I'raii -be- hi- 1 ten red iced. Ill 1 1 half 1 I" 'he Tri-tee-, J. K. CONVERSE, en. Ai-g.Slib, I? 1 1. New Fall Goods. 17 M. WHIOHT.V l. lutvejo-t receivt.l an (is Jtsrrtnit nl c.f enure new paileni. M, t'e l.n ie, Dark i'nrlnb print-, -1-1 S-n-cb (iiiv.'l-Jin-, t , ite as'e.'l luead mil Linen lne.. Piai 1 Tin' e', l'lm- iiel-,(anew'urlieleforeh Idicn. vicar,) I'Javi Saawls, etc. w huh arc oacnxl at vt rv low- jirice-. At, SO, A new lpek ol Fare-, ell'- G i-tt-r Hints Wnp ing Vlioe, Spring l.tvl nnd I rcm li bid Ties a nl S yer. IjiJie.' half (inner., (1 new srti,-le,J Moses oV. nil vvh.eb will le sold cheap ss theelie.i'csl. Aug. V 1. " NEW GOODS. AGENER L nssortmrnt of Fall Goids roi". prisui" licit fdks, iiiiihn.i!e-lainc and rhally's, I-.. .,,1 enhcocs. all of wlucli will hi so'd at very reduced prices, at the Ilurlinglon Cosh ' S. L. HERRICK Id, l?ll. s ItJSlCAl. Instruments Ac. II E A F fiat Clario- ll nclles, It f" Kilt f, Flojitvlets, Guimr, lohn, nnd Viulinctllo'-trings, ieievfil by July 21 1811. PANGHORN A. llRINSMAir). STONE'S CtSTSTF.I'L AXKS, Wnnantril su. nor to any ihing in Mo,k's,T"o"r- y.'co '7 Julyl.lPH NEW GOODS. THE subscribers linierec'd a new assortment of Plain muslin Do tain Printed muslin nnd Print 1 1.avviiH 7lk nnd while ifnisfll Lace French sqr, licit D- Railroad and loud Do Itibbons Fans .pC. P.. MURRAY WTUGHT.f eo. Juno 16, Ptl. CIIF.N'A "nd F.inhronl,slHiM,on.,Clima Seirf..nJ a new Id nf French arlineials. S. II. ht'OTT. July 2.1. BRISTOL UOAHP.-A superior rn'I'. .J' r ttecned. Aug. 19. S. HUNTING fON. Sfptcmbcr, WW IMI( 1'AlMin. CftC RF. VMS assorted s.sesnnd ni.adties nut kc. OUl by. C. GOODRICH. .Sept. 21. Dr. Amos !. Hull' I'lero AUk'nunal Sipior ter.. A supply id ihe nl ove eelcl'ratisl lusiru- nicnts, (vv huh have never 'siled m 1 erlormitig a cure) ii. re eivrl lor sue niu """) hamll-v I!- MOOU, Druggist. June SIM, Ninv noons. SilT'l'HIOK Ilaunt U mid Cotton Hailing, do. Waddmg nml, ll 1,1. 11. r uinl runt l J,,. nss' ivcl nnd f.vr"ftle verj cbeajv al ibe It irl it; ton Cit-h Store, by j llFJmK K July S3. 'nitv nitot T.HII . A GOOD ASSORTMENT of Dry Groe.r: iof A .!! kind, can b. bad H.eapof Aug-'

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