Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 1, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 1, 1841 Page 3
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THE BANKItUl'T liiLL. Tho Whigs Imvo claimed that llicv tu tho liberal party in tlicso United States- liberal, as bcill" frionils of noliticul frnmliim o I friends of the people, friends of humanity j and they have maintained that tho Locofoco party, with all their professions of democra cy, aro enemies of liberty, and the people inasmuch as they aro under tho guidance of those who seek to govern, only that they may enjoy tho power and emoluments of office 1 In evidence of these positions, wo have been accustomed to refer to tho ctusli ing measures of Jackson and Van lluren, on the one hand ; their removal of the deposits, nnd the consequent panics, buukruptcies, and disasters; to the crudsadc against credit und credit institutions, and the miseries that re sulted from it ; to tho experiments in curron 'cy, which have broken the trade of this vast Country into fragments, and left it like n wreck, amid the agitations of a raging surf; and finally to tho Sub Treasury an incubus upon the bosom of the nation's industry! On tho other hand, wo have referred to the prosperity that has attended measures ad vocated by tho Whigs and demonstrated, tit well by history as argument, that Whig principles aro those only that can redound to the real happiness of the nation. We now ask attention to a new and strik ing illustration of lliu claim j above alluded to. The Bankrupt bill, pasted at the hilt; extra session of Congress was a Whig ineasuie introduced by Whigs advocated by Whigs passed by Whig votes and signed by a Whig President, in the facouTthc must violentand unsparing opposition, on the part of the Loco l'ocos ! We wish our readois to contemplate this single fact and say, on which side is liberality on which side is a love offreedont on which side is the de mocracy. The Locofoco leaders have endeavored to make an issue between the ricli and poor pretending to make war on the first, that tney might gam tuvor with the last ; ami yet u ' I. ...... win., l...... ...1.,.. .. . it. f t.1. .... . v av.,.11 uii'iii aueijii u s sioiu ui iiiiuuee.- . tvt.trl. ti-f.c ...I...1 .1 I'. t :t I ...i..i una tnivuiuitu lei Idliuil IIIU I (illll I giind the poor ; to double the profits of cap- I ital, and reduce wanes to a shillimr d;1v. 1 ... . , . , ,. , , And in precise hnnnonv with this, we have seen them, in the late session, taking p.ut with the rich ci editors, and lesistingthe pe titions of tho poor debtors ; we have seen them, despite their democratic pretensions, despito their cajolings of the pool range themselves on the side of the capitalists, and instead of opening the prison door that the inmates may go free, seek to turn the key, und shove tho bolt, as avarice dictates. Let us consider this matter a little more attentively. It must not be forgotten that laws are not only an expression' of llu; state of civilization, in tliu country where they are enacted, but tire causes operating power fully to mould anj fjshiun the manners and feelings of the people. In this aspect, the bankrupt act is of infinite importance. It is nn assurance to all the world that this coun try is emancipated from a prejudice which was engendered in the dark ages j and that a limn, even though he cannot pay his dolm, may still be a man. There is no tyranny on earth mora cruel than that which sometimes lies-iii opinion : and the dungeon to which the creditor assigned the debtor, was even less destructive, than tho woild's sneer at -the bankrupt. Some forty years ago, if a man failed, ho was lust thorn was but one thing for him to do to turn drunkard. All this was unjust Jt was tho eflect of preju dice ; prejudice sustained by tho laws. Wisdom has, by degrees, cropt in upon so ciety; and by degrees it has reached thu halls of legislation. To consummate thh eman cipation of tho country, a national b.inkiupt uct was needed. .ow mark the fart that when this crowning work is brought forward in tho national councils, tho Locofoco, and tho capitalist tho Locofoco, and tho unre lenting creditor the Loco foco, and the grasping Shy-lock, combine to resist it ! Hero, then, is our enemy caught in the fact he cannot deny it. Kenton, tho hard money man Huclianan, the half wages man 'Calhoun, tho no credit man, one and all resisted this act of emancipation to the poor the unfortunate, the distressed. A law was' brought forward, giving freedom of body to the honest man who could not pay his dobis but these protended democrats say no let tho chains of the creditor still remain " ' I upon him let Shylock take his pound or nosii. Wo appeal now to candor to common sense who uro tho liberals, the friends of freedom, of humanity, 0f civilizi- lion, of sound policy thu Whig b i . . : o " enacieu me ijanKrupt Law, orthu Locofocos wno resisted it T Let those u-hn n-nnl.1 WHO resisteu It L,r.l ttlOSO WllO WOll el pti. I - , tnnln f hi. nrrn ulirf, ..r .1 ... .. ,,u .....i.nniy ui llio rCIIIV 10 this Question rpinnnilifi- il.-.t .1, . r' , j mis qucsnon, remcmuer the net refencd ... fn will m..., rv,...,ln... I .1. 1 u, fnu iitiiiiuiu u Illll II eUS 01 t 1011- . . ' i bands who have been prostrated beneath the wreck ot lornier fortunes ; that it will carry light and joy to thousands of firesides, over which darkness lias brooded for years ; that it will inspire hope, in the nluco of desnnir. and rouso to energy, activity and success, thousands who had elso sunk beneath the weight of oppression. AA let one thing more be remenibored, that this act tends to raise humanity above the accidents of life; lead society to judgo of a man by his moral worth, his intellectual standard, and not to crush him beneath tho heel of scorn, because ho is less fortunate than others, m tho aj. ventious possession of wealth.--HostonAtlas, In cons crpiencc of tho absence of the editor for the last thrco weeks, our paper has not received tho attention usually given to it. Ho will bo at his post before tho is suing of tho next paper. rlirrirtinn. nnnrnttnii .. ... . i.. 5 AlM, ,,J.T.eiL. . commenced ji . i r ... -"iiimenccil inmicdlalely upon the old fori in that harbor. NSS:r;LSs tea I ai:.niiAL cass a candidate von nil'. ... PRP.SIDP.NTY. w n insert nn nnr filet .., ,1... .....!.. -1 r ... I " I'"!,'- "u lipiy ill vll'lllTill Cass la n committee, appointed ly n public meeting of Iho Locos of Hie my mid county of Philadelphia, to coinmuiucnte mill him, nnd ascertain whether ho ould concent to stand n candidate for the Preside!! cy. rim General, it will bo pcen, nfler drawiimn most disheartening picture of tho ordeal through which the candidate must pass, and lifter disclaiming nil motives of ambition, nnd nil desire of tho honors so unexpected y tendered him, consents to run, pio vi.lrU lio shn II bebrought out by a ncncrtd convention. Many of tliu sentiments expressed in the letter are excellent rpecially those which refer to the intole rant spun of party, nnd those great inicrcsis which cast into tho shade tho itnmcdhlo object" of political 'true. We ndmire too, the confidence it cxpre ses in t ho intelligence and sound patriotism, which jicttade thepreat masses of thcAmirican ptojilo and abntc all, its rocogn.tion of our dependence on the over ruling caro ofnelivino Providence. Wo wish we could find nothing in the hltory of General Cass to mnr the persuasion that thesa arc the expressions of n real ly "Ulcere and generous nature. Wc wish we could hint from our memory, the fact, that when the lamented Harti-on waapassiner Iho "ordeal" i f which he here speaks, when ho was slanderel, abused, and stigmatised as n coward, and appealed to his. old field companion and professed fnend, for testimony nnd defence, that frieml re mained silent neier uttering a woid till this "ordeal" was pas-eel, the I a'tlo fought, the vietoiy won, and then, w hen it cnul I avail tiothin?. out : xin dicnting a friend, when the tindicntion had ceased to bo iieecssaiy, and professing friendship, when thai friendship could put noiliinsr in peril 1 This is not that friendship which becomes the soldier i it is not that fidelity which becomes tliohigh-niinded and braves il is that fiicmMiip which shows itsdf in tho siinh'me ui .ui-i-es.-, iinu which uuies uscii in mo r.ntir oi trial nnd idooui. (Jive us the friend, who, when perse- nilliill nsa.nla no 1 1 ....1.. .......I .1... r. . l. i l l . ' viii annul ine nriuci , WHO will lie the first to nvnw liis attachment, and the last ..v ii u ourii irienusmp Honors iiictrustv heart Irnm which it spiings, as much as its counterfeit dis- LUiieClIS I 111. . I lllln.cnr, illrf Mtoiid,., l'iia Xvith American. I-Vom the liangor Wliig. I'onT PAinriCLD, Aroostook, !....!.. i' ...... ..I.. .. tn loll I f i I ma' uipiunilnl IU, i;iil. J 1 o-day, to the joy ami satisliiction of the inhabitants of this place, one company of uiinen oiaies iron is tmuer tliu ronnnanei ui r . is . . - t t, .1 ..ijii. i .in ness arriveei ironi uniicocK h ar racks and took possession of the Fort. For mal e 1 1 1 i 'l ' I-V ill' tint Much llmnm :i lit 1 mo in. Nos was made to Capt C. O. Collins, acting Quarter Muster for the United States, by Zebulon lngeisol, Iisq., the assistant Laud agent. Tho soldiers take up their quaiters in the block house ; but rlio olnceis will oc C1II1V tollt lllttileiimn cttil'ilil.t iimv,.ii iunt buildings can beerected for themselves I .1.. e .iiiu nifir lamuies. Xnw Ooviiitxon or Canada. It appears il. .. r I c.i ...i i n ."ie Hum o iiuiiii.iiii, iiivu vio ui nor vione-r- ..I ..ri 1 . . I I I , .11 en vjiinuii.i, w nnse neceasi! tool; place ill Iinir..lMii mm it,.. Kill, iit ..Li.,.,,l l.lo ,.n',r... ... v.n. ma, ifcsiui.u nt.i uiavi. s.",u "L',!ks '' "ml that tho last ui rival 1,".ln L"fe'l;lm.1,!llt '"'"'"liSf"" of the ap- pi'iutineul ot Sir llowaia JJotK'las lor Uov - nut Ti:x.s. -On the 11th of August, tliu cor ner stuiie of a new Dpiscapal Church was laid at Galveston. The building is to be of the Uothie style of architecture, foity by seventy leut, with u vestry twenty feet. This is the fourth church now in progress in (ialvoston, all of which have been commen ced this season. I'noM 1'i.oniiu t'nJer date of .September Dili, Colonel Worth irpurti lo the Adjutant General that l!li evni-rf . .1 r.iuC. nr.. ill. 'I': t...l I 1., I.-... I. er had liken place-, and thai eveiy ihmglrail been nr-ranut-d ill a s i n-l'ic lorv tmnitirr. Tl .(-lM,ru.r to eolle-el ll.eir neople al a ile.-iunalcd point belween 1 1 1 , - I ! 1 1 ! -1 . 1 . ! . . . 1 1 1 1 -mi! U'illihi, I,.... ...1, ....... .1.... wouldgo to Taiuiia m a bod v. Thcv e-xuresseil a desire lo depai l for tlie-ir mw homed as soon as posn. ble. . Tl... f.1....r ,..a, 1 p .1... e II t. wuiu.ili nu.. iu IIJIU 1 Ull I11U lOllOlMllg day lo meet llospinkee's eoiik-uii the Coohisawhal f)lt !l or.' I,. .1... ., prn. n.l.. I.I. .1.-. Chief. Mi'iiur.a. Iibecomcs o r lindane holy duty to re cord a iiiurde r, which took place m an a'djoiiunj; town Kairf.vld, on '1 hursday, the 23d appeals that by the name e fUiimn, and the lliirphy, w hen ..... iiuiu uiik-uie-iie-u uj leui ine lurmer, ami ue-gun 10 stnko him with hi-fisis. Al die limu Uuiim reeeiv cJ llio firt-l I low, lie was cutting tobacco with his pocket-knife, and as ll.e blows wen-repeated, he strucl. .M. in lliebieast, with Ins ktin'e, which proved fata' in iibju an hour, (iuinn has hem arirsted, and I'.ll'rp.l 111 till, f '.Mllltl- in I -,!,! nn iiu.i.ncl Id ... I... deifovcr Jl.ulwdyot Murphy to-ei.iy. We haicunly in ;u.u,a i iri -.-ni, mat UL'.u Iwsaclccl ils;,ait in tliia case, as in nil eases. xotici;. lifv "Mi- ent'i.T'i' il, ,.i. n...i... i r... . . ...... ...... ..,.1,.. ijj.iui .,i...iiivi,iiiii i'ir many years an inebriate-, but now a minister nf Jest. Cnr..-t, and of vonrM- a reformed dreiuVard, will ele liv er au ininresoii iln-s ipjcet ni leinperiinee, in Hie .11. I'.. CllUlrh ill lli.s nl.11',' nn l.'i ii i v , v ...m. nt 7 .,' eh ek, ihe Htnf O.-lober. ' " 111 Plmitnlto C.t o-il. I... .!. Tl.... r- w n 1 -' -I ' "', ii' ,..-. i,. .1. iTijuu- nnti, Mr. (.mmr.i: 1 kancis, of llnslol, to -Miss JIaiiv .M Pniti:, ot ( 'harlotte. tu Jiriehe, Se-ilembcr 21st, bv iho Rev. Mr. niin MrAs L. Line, Merehant, uf llungtiugtoii, to Miss Mary K. I.kk, of tlio fnriuer plaee. 3D il (2 In thw town, on .Sund.iv hist, .Mr. H.wtr.v M., Mi reliant, of diu'l'irm of U. M. Uiddiii"S ) Co. ill Iho -.'dill ) of his age. Tlieeaily death of Mr. C:iddiui;s is one of those inyslenous Proiidinces, the n-ai-onsof which we can nol know now, but "shall know hereafter." lie was an onlv ton, and only child j ealle I away just as he waeiiieriiigsiieei-S!.fiily and Utifully upon ihe busi ness of life-. Many fnends mourn his los. He has left his aged parents doubly alike led. To thu ton, and only child, theyluie naturally been accustomed to look as the t-olaco and support of 1 lie ir dccluuiu years, but he who permitted tiiis allliciion, will ho to them a present and all sufficient lefugo if they trust in bun. Mr. Oaldincs was an unusiial'v modest, unoblru nve nnd nuiiablcoung mans laiihful in all the rela tions of Mo i just in hi deahnns ; eiijiaLMiig m his man ners and peculiarly ntMiliru lo all filial duties toward Ins parents. His health had been declining for sonic two yens. Ills dinasc wasCnnnimjition, llnlshm but sure desirojer. .Sustained by a lesoluie and chi-erfu I spiiit, lie kept about and was able lo walk out of doors anil even lo llie neighbors, when ihe weather would permit to ihe day of his death. His departure, howewr, a at l-ist verj Hidden and un epecled. llul tin,' niddin, Ciaee ullows the hope iiiu no was nol ei ed awav who or ughi moutlis he'ore Ins doa h,' ho was hd by . ... ,,.,:,,,, ,1,11,1 away wnouv uuiiiepario Sit' nr.iiin in,...!!.. I.:.. ... I.' 1 . ' i 01 l'.l,u ,u renounce an I n- lor ....Yl., v"'u lu uiiouni-o an J 1 1- ior- .ii- ii-i'i, .is iie-iii.-iveiiiui worse man uteiiFs. lie c-i- Inm . Ir n ........ n:. . :.. l . e . . , i . " """Hi ni nee-u oi Hil .- I Itliuil I y ;',avlor al" ''fheved that he had exierinerd a saving change of heart. "Once" he said, 'dm had depended ..-t, ......... ...,,1, iir.iiu, nn iiiu ueniujeei nnhm nnlrn lit. Ii it l.ln.,., 1. . 1..-.. ..n.t I. ...I ..... ... . r i iV" nn, mm nun into lo Sa I IS f V IlltllSelf Willi iellll In. w.i Q tlrt ... ...n. tint tin. r,li..L... ..I tl... IM.t .... ...u IM.F.II .1, ,,u I, IIJII. Through his friend-' who called to fee and converse' with him, ho wi-hid to warn ll.c joungnoi lo mud mliHbieps. Many of them ho exhorted personally and earneslly to lice lo Christ, nnd believe nn him a's their ale m and Almighty Niviour. lie wished to beimdcrstoadns Iviving In? dying li-slimony in fnor of Iho truth Vie importance and nectHUyvt cyan ee heal, personal religion. May his tc-iuiiuny be blessed lo iho living. At his lather's residence', in Lafayette County, .Mis. f ii-ippi, v'ept. Rib, W'.m. Lecii-s, youngest son o( Jon- ATII A V II nn.l SI . ,, . .. I ......ll'l. II.. ' .". " .... ii i n I ) lull-. .11 Ml. on Iho Oih, nt iho same p'ace, Jonathan P. .S.snru hsq. aged 17 years. Printers in Mass. are! requested. IT Tm'Uus "i" continue Ins Anclion Salea in dv ' V"""'""' ,lft'vr' Wednesday and Saliir .hilcrent W,"!' fiiiinU c...i ' ' """ I"l"- nail's or Dry iiinillfu il r, ' ;.. ',u'ouu anu a1 Salurday cienings, eciouer 1, law, TOOUCIIONf! and Oreen TEARRmJ-l . fJ'iX n?''in Molaiwt., Sui-ars, Kus. Cmran I A.-. !fr . r ! ii. s r...... .. I jr II) .. LOVLXV, . - - I.OVI,l,l , EDUCATION. YOUNG LADY who is qualified to teach Mu tic, Draicinc and French, is desirous of obtain' A mga situation in a respectable seminary or family. Address box 91, PostOHicc, Muulteal. October I, 1811. 17tf milB MASSACHUSETTS COLLKCIION OP 1 PSALM-, by the Uostou Handall and Ilaydcn Society, consisting of tho most upprovcJ l'salms nnd llvl,l,,.i Ton. r s!.... ...... f I . . . V ' "'"'r iiiiiiviii"., t.cniuiitfs, s.iiauis, clc., eve., just received and for Saio by oi'inemniT ii. l), A. HKAMAIV. 'CARMLWl SACHA, OR Uostou Collection of Church ilfusio. Also, the Jtodern 'salniisl, by Lowell Mason, just received ami for hale by September 22. rj, A, JHIA MAX NCW 1J00KS. rpm: roys'snnl Oirls'Own Hook of Fairy Tales. v . r, . ; """ """i Jwvenue l orget Jie iSo , I. ortune Tellers nnd Dream l!ool.s,atid aureat aricty of cl.ildien's Hooks, for Sale at s c jii o v o o it sr i.ivi: and t.r.T uvr.ii qIIK following Hooks AUK IlECKIVKD and will J- be sold for Cash as Low as can be boujilit in tins or any other State! Mis- I'lielps' Philosophy Djvies' Ue-clnctryi " First Lessons in Algtbrn " llourdon's do. llunitts' l.'enaraphy of Iho Ueavons; nri,ilri-,fl lliclnr,. . Newman's Ilhe'.ori k j AVilkim' Astronomy i Flint's .Survey j I.eiae's (iinii.msii Adams' Jlonitorinl ltcader j i-orier s iihetoricat Header " Analysis Also Many othci i'ehool I!oo! s, which need ni.t no.v bo ineiitioiiid : and uiydefire lo sJI is sulliiioiit lo ineluco me to tell on such Iitiii- as eannot fn I to suit tho Public. s. llU.Vi'lNGTO.N-, College Strict, Sign Ucd LidKcr. October 1, 1911. " 17 '1 0 111'. SOLI) AT AfCTlO.N. On fcalurday, Oeli.ber Oil. IS 11, at 2 e.Vloek I'. M. Il I " i'Tm1"' ' "' " ,rlllll!"J"i I'idMilojdwl ............ ,,,e ,jrm , lavJ t..,. 111 l.nlciHMir, 111 iho uniiiieril' 1SI0, and the pa-t vlimilll'r IV- lit. I 11,1.1 .l...r..l ... ... r.l I.' ,.. -v .iiii.u, uuieiy J II ,oeil.e.III. this animal i.i. jierfoji m In, 1 loul and proportions a, am- in tin, Siaie, He was -ire-d by iT.e f.inioiu ll.i Miinii. 111 nt I 11., .1 1..1 tr: . l- .. .i, . ,. link miporiolly Cbaile, (iuen. .Mri-.-hnni ,,r il. i-i. j 11 ..v uri., 11.1- in, 1 rtlln-r 1!.: .1 , 11 II. Uroe-n, 1 f y i r, -''inie. 1 nt 0,11 j e iiu-iiiriis arrnevlai Jew eil. emly in il,i.,ptiMI? 01 1&33. ami on Hie O.b .Maye.fil.i. miii-.i- spring I rougbt tbisiiui mal. liy relereiier to il.o herd llnnks n will 1 e 1'uund ' aiu inie.i, u.-,.-eii.anls nl .Mr. t, s Clime', improved ,horl bon.eJ Durham Wf'.l .1.111 lllli fin ..,-1 L .' . . - " ( 'r "j ,.. mini 111 nu tue'lloli ea eeillll- - .i.iiiii, n. iiiish line ed lo be one Mi, tc!. of superior ipMliiy ; a wd. , ' 1 u.,. 11 UIu eiuiiu 1 iii incline 01 .lie .111- v rerli!ieii!i, 1.1 Pui-u.,.-. .. I ...1.. 1 . , , , . . . - i iivi v.-no ii.i iiui v.- loloieleen l.epi. Jl. TJIOMAS. Auelioneer. ritOFESSOlt CIJLMKS, 'll11,'. deliver nnoilier courso of I.ecluics on Il I' Ml i-Iiii nirv. nt t ... I ....-. I 1.... , ,., , - -nji - v-uu.i nujsi;, eoiiiiiieueiu'i oil I ucaday cveuinLr next. October 1. NliW AeND CIJLAP GOODS. mill". vnl,.,,nra !.. I.... L ; ..u,u iteeiveu irom isew lore n erv- inn, nu.l ,.vi....:. .. , , , J. ,7. ." '-'t--i e usnunuieill 01 . ,nm .jnipio inn iiuuus, atiioni; whieli may be loinid superior ISe.ncr and Pdol'Clothsi llro.nU. ntliM nn, M'..ct ....... D ..I.... l i . . . ' - 't. vs-i pi.nn juu in-llieil, Willie and eolored Hannels; Fundi, Oermaii and Lnelidi .Marinos j s hair, crape and common Camlets ; and phin Alnines ; Moluiir, .Vorwieh, .llpacca and laitliona tlolhs; hyht anddjrl. pruned Saxo ny; Plain, sat. slimol. nn.l fl,i n 1 s.rZ.V'nu-!i .!'''l'a,!, T-iVr11 ' l1a,llj s.!! i'1."1"' , . " 1 , ,,'V" "'"si ""J uiue-oiacn, 1 1 ti t and dark colored Pol do Sole j (Jr.. do Afri.pie, Pe- klll. Ill' i-tlri urn f 1 11-,... will 1 '. . 1 , v , A, '... our,-, , n:niifea'jie, cor ded and China lionuet Silks: 8-1 Cnshmri-,. H,.l. , , " ' i ua .-UK, Uliul V, '1 li bel, Mousehnedo I.-im, it Plaid Dress U'dk'f. 'l""r!",''.iir"-'lV "f 'f. 'rhicael, Kderlng-, Uibbons, carrs, Clou-, Stock-, Ac, vie. . . J" - "KlliUT, if. Co. .--"jt 1 "ui mock 01 uooels Is, 11 not superior to any other in the tillage, and .'. ..msiit.ip.iu uarnns, it not uelU-r. Pleae call, examine and judge for joumhes. Airn the subscribers, liauiig been npjiointcel n .t in I'm pu-u, nuve corresponueu with Pliys ciaiiMnihllerent parts of the State, on the rr J ' 'V"-'""B "lio reorganizing tiioianous County Medical Societies, and iho Sim,. M...I I ... eiety ; and by rieiucst ol'ilie Vimlir Couniv Mr,li. cal fcociely, and the advice of the Physicians whom we haio consu ltd, lespectfully imite the scleral I hysieitins of the Htaio lo meet in Convention at Montpdicr, on l-riday, the 13lh of October next, for the inirmv-i.-i nf t-iM,,., :... : t .: i. . named subject. JUliy m'KNKLI, ?v?,1:'Sr01!l!- Co.n.nittcc. September 27, IB 11. NOTICE npilK COP UiTM ILSIIIP hi'i-.i fore cxi-un-r ! , JL iween II. .11. :il))f;San.H)AX I.Y ., under Ihe In.n of II, M. l,IJ))!Mi,s ,v Cn ba I ton .li-o tsllyihfilc ea-eol II. M UlilDl.Nli.-J The mivivini! p.iriuer lia. Mil tjm STUCK "i.f (iUOIW tu SAMPKI. M. I'UVK, who ,. 1, e,eb, ai ilinr.z.d lot t'llee-t a, d di-e barse- ibe.VI ,, ,L. tl;eUle hnn i iii-J unite intlebled are rei.uc.-liil lo uial e Mv. me! tin bun. LVON. llarliiiglonOoi. 1. 1S11. 3U l'lll"!-: having purebanil the j -.tnei; e,i unoiiM I . lam J i,m nl II. M. Oil). HI.NOSit Co., berel v erive-noun, ib-ii l. P:i. ,.,.n,. ineneed bu-iriu-,, al fin-."land icn-mli- .i.,-n,.,,.l I.,- aid In m, and mvi'e. In- friend- and llie e-ii-te.ineis eif i,e- mil- eeiuee rn au.i llie -nl,ie generally to cjucud lo ....I., .n .v. i-i, a ii.,ii.-in ineir patronage. Jlurluuitoii, O.-t. 1. IS Jl. ASA LYON'S ESTATE. "lAri". ihe 'iib-cribcis, having been appointed by l.' "'"'orable the Probate Court lor llie Dis trict of (land Isle ioniiius-.ionrrs 10 recene, exam ine and aeljust llio claims and demands of all persons asainat the csta'o of AS v i.vnv late of Grand Isle in said District, deceased, repre- i..v..i i ..-..nieni, mi. i also an ciann. ami elcniands exhibited m otl-et thereto and six mouths from ih. day ot llie d ue hereof being allowed by said Court lor lhat purpose, we do ihrreforo hereby givo notice tint we will attend to lhebui.mesof our appointment, at the dwelling house ol Ahij'ah II. H.iteh in Orand Isle III b ud D.s net, on ihe first Monday of 1'ibruarv next, nt leu o'clock A. M, on llie said el.iy. 161i1U J "' (5raml 1Cl1' JaJ' of AuS"6' A. D. Wilms mott ) Dr.ltASlTS CLT.Tr.Il, Commissioners. JOHN CIIAMHI.KL.UN, 1711I..NCH it LNOLISH .Mermos, Circassians, -L Canibliteens, Printed Saxouie-, Alpines, Al puccas, Ac. c. a large assortment, cheap, bv , SCO IT. 3 September, 1811. NOTICE. 'MIF.subscriders li:ini! transferred their entire sloe' (if Drus i .Medicines lo T. A. PLCK it A, C. SPr.Alt take lias occasion to make iheir ac kuow e-ileieinenls lo liieir friends A. ihe Public foi liieir hbcial and louj; continued patrona w hich lias been exlended to them asdrugt'rew innd at ihe same lime they li-iileaic stroncly in reeeoiiiini nd their sucies. Hirs-.Messrs PI'.CK it .S'Pl'.All as icculaily bred linipsiMlg and that on their fidelity iindexpcrieucc ihe Public may fully rely. , J. it J. II. PECK it Co. Ilurhnnlon -S'cpi. 20 1811, UKUOS AND MEU1CINES. Ouu J. II. PCOK & Co. r'MI i:siibseribejs suci sors asDiuisls to Messrs M. J, II. Pi;CKie-o. havoforined a coparlncr shii under Ihe firm of l'LCK if- .SPHAJt, and have purchased of their pre Veessors their mure stock of Drugs if. .Medicines which, togethir with late addi tions from Ntw York Uostou renders tluir assort iiient lari!Oi. coiiijilete-eiiablinj lliem to supply the tratlc on the mosHibeial and advanta;:cous terms. 1'roin lln-irknowli leof llio business and the un rcmiitinetand f ieuicnlleulioii which Iheyaie do- Tin I lo be-slow ihcy hojio to give salislaclion to thy public T. A, PKCk', Itiirlmglon, .SVpt. 20, IS 1 1. A. O. .SPKAIt, LO.ST. 7H0M the rimseoti tiio 1 1th inst., Ictwrcn llur 1 million and Colcheter, a middle eizcCarpct Hnn (ConiauiuiirCloiliuu.) marked 11. 11.1,. on the bottom". A suitable reward will be jjivm for lhell.ii or informs, lion rcFpeclniK ii. J0N, Clll'llCII. Iluiltnglou Sepi, 23,1, B1. 7- HKOA!) cl)'nis"5) T ''KAI'I I'llltAI'l CIIUAf! TU-,T opened by II. M Wr.ic.T it Co, a large .J nssortmcnt of llroad Cloths, which nre olTer.d to the public cheanrr than eici,-P, S. Call end sec. -'fpicrr.tcr. 'Jih UU I list opened a benuiiful nsorluiont uf l'ruiik " wori.uei i-ouars, atreeliiewl prieni. , , S. 11. SCOTT. July 23. WIIAHIMM4 I'AI'liB. nO 'H'MISassorted sisesandnuailtiesjust reel, y'-'ljy. C. GOODRICH, ib cpt. 21. lr. Amos tl. HuII'h tliero Abdomiiml S.ippor XJ let.. A supply e,l the above celebrated Insim-ine-nt", (winch have never lailed ol t.erlorininit a cure) in-t reeeived lor bsIu and will let (.not coniianily ou lia'"1 . H. MOOfjV, Druggist. June 21,t, 1611. ' u3 NEW GOODS. Sl'PWilOn i'lamiels nndCntr,n llatu'mj, do. Wadding and Wiekiug, 'In. Padding nn.l Cnnvn.s, JiM n.ivinj nnd fur &lo very cheap at ihe lliirliiia tou CashSloie,by " , , a L. IIL.UH1CK. J"'y 23. 7 MIllON T. LANDON'a ESTA'l'K. WK the sub-cril er, h.u-init I ecu appninled by th llrnmr:,l.t.lii. Prnl nti. (i...... il... II.-...! f , , , " " - will IU HIV.- 1IMIIllll l.rnnel .tM-iiiiiiiii.iimi-rs lo reieiie, i-a'iilno and .1 iii-i me innuis imj ueinau -s oi all per-on-, ntf ilift llie fituiu of MIP.ONT. I.ANDON. late of ,5,il, Hero in -ant Dbtriet, dei ea-eJ, repre eiiled insolvent, an d iilni ad e-lanus and ileinan Isex ill l.e.1 in oi'-el iheieloan I six liumlhs I'.oin Iho date berci.l, leiim' allowevl 1 y sal 1 Court, fur that purpo-es wo do hereby -rive noln e, thai we wil nurnd to the l.ii.iiio.sof nnr appniiitinent.nt llie dwelling of Ilulh loii in South Hero in said di.triit.on th". feist Moun ly or.Noye.-n! er i.ev, nt ten o'UooL, A. M. DatsJ iVp eiiiler 13 h IStl. I'ltANICLIN UOIll.SSON. ( ,. TI.MUTIIV D. WIIITI-:. I Cmnmisiiriiers TO HUNT. A Teneineiit in the south Wim; of the Seminary suilablo for a small I'auiily may bo hod on reasonable lei m, apply to D. A. UKAMAN. S'ept. 2.11311. OPill VAHDS 5-1 TOW CLOTH. 'JJ Juat leccived by K.M.WIlIGHTitCo. 6'eptctnbcr, 9th, 1911. FALL GOODS AT N. LOVELY &. Co' JUST leccived, and now opening for sale, a lull Assortment of Goods, adapted to lliesauviu, such as : Printed Saxony cloth, a great variety Alpaeku.i, all kinds, plain and llirurcd I'rineh and Knalisli Merinocs, li-jured and plain Plain blk and I'q'd mouiiiing and half mourning Mo issih'nc-de-Iatne Plain, fancy nnd figured ditto Plain white sntlin, sniped challys Plaid mousehue-de-laine, a ne.v article Prints A choice selection of Kurnituru Prints. September, 10, 1911. OCj'T'.lilOlt Cariniere, ' O r.irubaiu., Uatliuel.s llruad eloili--, at a great laqraln Cu. metis. JO.Ii Septemlcr, 1811. Looking Glasses, IJMtENCH pla-.o and iriit frame. ALSO A general a.iorinieiit cl' Ceiiuan Plate, ite. At SVptemler 10, 1S1I, N. LOVLLY & Co. (t?-iEVV SILK GOODS. PHLI.PS & KI.MIIAI.I., 71 Stale Mile-, llo-n n, have rce'cive.l iheir Tall supply nl Slue Cnuui. embraenife a eompleleas-orlineiit i,l fashionable mid de.irable nrliVles m ibeir hue, lu wliieh they invite the ulteniicn of purchaser-, fur Ca-b, or on .short credit, lo whom they will le sold nl llie leiwe'il uiar priee.. Tl.e'ir .issorluieut eonsitsin pari U" the followin-; ariielo : l!ll. syn-lu-ws and,!.Men'no nnd cloak stalls. nil. anj w-ji-blacL gro' dii llnok- and Sw-i-s muslins, Swi Shiwl.n-ill I, inJ. Plain and rich hVd gro' di Nap'e-, Chine -ilks uf all kind-, Striped ami ns'J i!ep. ,ilk.,l llnnnet sill; alms, rioieuees, seige, crepe 1 1- see-, Plain an I lig'J aim vejl mirs, 111--, blue-black and eol'd bombazine., IHk mid bh.e-blk silk vel .lets, Plain and fiu'd mousseline-i "le lame-, I'slienuc, jirintej S inc., I-'.iuey baiidln-ivhii'l'. and " f-, 111 ciuat variety, I'oel.el ban lU'reb.e of nil kind-, Linen eaml rie and earn- bn.' ban Ikereliiei., Ilahaii & l-'ieneb eray,i., 31. .'!(!. 'i-s .in ......I. tiloie-. inen'..' wniiifii'l & 0 ilJren's MilLr, bin I;, EnJ woolen, KiUune.ip, liiuiieljUli, lafla nn. I,, ki.i'lonn-, rri-iiehaud I'.n- H1 siiue rihlion-, "Wilis; silk, twi-l, braus, 'iu', nee. ic. lio. ton, Sejiteml er 1, 1811. 6w. NKW GOODS. A OLNKItAl. assorlineuii-anle found at Sidskt -TV IJaiu.ow's New Siore at Tails. SepiemU-r 17, 1811. 1'UOTKCTIVE SYS'l'E.M, CLO'IIIS eif Mijienur liiu-b anidiiraLle ei.lor. ju-t niaiiiilacinrnl by be Itiiihiijr.on Mill Co. Inr sale at ihe lew e.i prices, at the Nov S:oie, Wmouski I .ill-, l y Se'pieml er, 17, IS 11. SIDxLY IIAItl.OW. lAIil'.WK.I.L'S SHODS, ., nev aisnnoi,.,,. ,.t X icevive-d, at llie New Store-, Winnoski l-'al.. SIUNKY UA1II.0W. Septemlcr 17, IStl. TO Sl'OltTS.YiKN. 1D1 IKTSSION tilWS, powder lla-k,, doiilli- nnd 1 "lUKie -bnl lel., pereu.-ion cap,, powder and -hoi, constantly on band, Inr sale .it the ll.1rdw.1re "".r"if It. MOODY, "piemler 15, 1511. Drti-?i-t. SADDI.r.KY AND COACH iIAHDWAlu: A larei- and splendid as.nriineit of roach Hard ware and Sdllery, now openim: at ihe llarlware 'ore; sign of the P.illoeV, e-orutr of Cu'h-ee .ml Ch'ireh slu-its, and for side wlmltsale and rein I, by Sepiemler 15, 1SH. ItOJLliT MOODY. IIAHDWAUr. Till! Mihsi-nlrr is nnw if-e-ivin'jl.irco a l.lilie,ns 10 hi' slne-k nf l,i If IIaKDWaKU, i'i.inprisin nearly every article in Ihe line l oi-jbt al Ihe present low prne. j andwhieli be oder- fnrsale al who'e-ale and retail al a 'inall advance from eo-l for e.i.h j ni ihe old e-tabli-heil llarHvare Sn,, Mucf thej'ad-liis-l,, comer of Chureli and Collea, .tun. ... ,. , KOI IHT MOODY. Ibiilinilon, t., Sepiemler j, 1. PETITION TO SELL LANDS. State or Vr.tiMo.MT, ) ATa ses.ini of the Prol a'e Di.tri -l cl Cbilteiu'. u, I Cerirl, held at 11 irlmetton, lyilhm and lor Ihe District of Ch mm, 011 ihe 1 1 1! .lay nl ftep'eml er, 1811, Cenrt-e 1!. ..hnmof Sbe. irne in Ihe en.iniy ,,f Chiiicndeu, smrdian e,f .Mary Hal and I.niv IJ.ill, l.enli of Parma, in ihe Male o .Mieliia.iu, female infant under the a.-e of I'igh een ji' ldeil 111 .aid eourl In petition in iri;ii, emus Inrthibal the said Man- II.ill I .,. own nubl m fee ol ,k acre- and sixlylour rnl.ef nil. Iv'tinrni ,:n.l SIln.lli....... .....I .1.... ti. . i i . ....... ....v......... ,KU j,, ij0v Hall is tcizfl e.l six aires and sixiy-loir rml- nl lin 1 Mtu.i'e in said ."shcll.urne, le.nR ihe sainu laud set n it to lliem by i-niiiuii.sion(.'- appnuilel by said pro. an-i i.iiri to inaVe parlilii n o ibe e.l.Uo of Jirah l-hain, l.i'o of ai. Slielbtirne, I'lt casi'vl, nninnc the lil'irs and rcpif-eu aliyes of the heir- lo said e-state, a. the said word, portion or shares of the real u.t.i'r i f the'aidileii'.nidi that a sale of said land- woidJ I eeou lueno 10 the inlire-t nf said warl-, by pnitine tlic proieiilsnl Mii h-aleai inlere-l, and tira'yinz said eniirl tnli'-en-e-anilenipimer him lo sl-d a'ul lands, ly in the statute in such ea e- made and pro. vide). When. nion. ilit-i'iinrt nni...s..i.i .i,..i. Ibe-eennd.l.iy ol 0-o!cr, IS 11, for bcanin; an 1 i!c. sun mm pe'iiion ai llie nii.ei! e.l the n-i;.ter of aid eourl m HuiluitriMi, and elnlh cr.!i-r ll al all per. cms in'eri'sii.l 1 1. tn mi,.! tliiT..i.r I.. ....i i.....-. .. . r .. , ' I"" I'V.niv.ll .1 this or 'er. e'Olllaillliijr lh.. sitlisnini-.. I - , " - - " -!' Ill-lilll-ll, three wiv'; iihvmivi- v m lb.- I trliti-ii.n rv... n a ni 'vp.iper prin'ol in 'll.irluulon, llio last of whieo Put lit-ii'inn. to 1 1 nri'v-ni'i in .;.i 1 .n.,.. I .u.. ..e c to'er, IS 11. Ciicn nn ler my haul ai limlin-ion aforusjid, Ibis 1 lib day of Si'iiiem'ir, 1811. mm. m i.mi u.N, Kr-jvier. FOlt SALE. rpilAT lame and I'oinninilinus two no. J- ryltrick Dwclllni; otie & l,o, Mlniimhni llio wel side of Cnlle-lei;rci'u ..i un- iii-.i i oi i.oiicf e-slnel, in this vd a.'i- The lloi',K i.3Jly 15, with a I aseineui ,orv, Willi Kiiehen and Proyismn nl'iirs, and a nim.-.U ly (i'i, i'.u-inlni-- nurtli cu Cnlle?e(i-ee n. wuli mi"(i and nine iioii.i- iu iuw, .inn cii.imi er an I rlcvpmw h oius a'ove. A larvieandeoininoibo i ll.uu, iarriai;i! boti-e Krliou.i-,aui oihcr ii'it-hoii'i-, and a spacious jard west of llH'iliyrHuiehoi'i', and a lrnod dural le well if w.n-r of the list ipuiluy m ihe villase, and a I rick i-jMeril. One and aiiiarlcraciei. land, i f ihu fir'l unaliii a Inr?!! e.irden audi hone fruit trees west of llie In ii-e and yard. The II u'ldine aieeoiis'riic'ed in muli-rn style, cl Ibe I i-t materials mid workmanship, wifeiee'iel I y Ibe nih.eril e r for hi-own ii'i-, mi l ibe looation af. lords a ve-ry i x!cillio and plea. nut pro-pui-l of Ibr yill.ii,'e .in 1 lale on the West and is not Miipasst-J I y nuy oihe-r in this pari of ibe ci'i'tilry, A'iO for sale-.a Irt rrinlaiuuiaii lierr of Innd e'lieet. Iv,. ihe above I m with a ttiidUwuvviiu-nl wiol dwelling huiisi: ibs-riTin. l'.'r-lM-eriirc invuol ioi-all an I exiniuc for them selve Tirms made known by ih- ml si-rdrr nn llie P''-"' . ;-AMiELKlT.D. JtjfiMjiea J-ie, 9, JS-1". n? Statu op r.niw.T, A Tn Pro! a'eCourl bold I'isiriei ot tiiiiienileu. 5 Z. at Iliirlinatoii w iihfn ninl lor said Di-tru-t ol'CInt ,1,.. i.n tlu, tini. ,l ,i. nl AuriisIA. D. IS II, 'Ihomas C. Hill, or Chntlotte In the jimmy tl Chiitcmlcn, who is irinrJian of Jntiies Hrealieuri'l'jenlfaid Charlotti!, a minor under i..u ufn ui ivn-niynnu car, navini; hieei in taiel court hli petiiion, seltini; font, Itiat his raid wnrJ i H-II.-J and eel bis own riirhl, in lee ofibo ollowliii;de'-oriLedparet.lor Ian living in al eilte, viz, lourleen ii-re. t f land, beinet tin; tame land Kct out to him by a committee uppointexl by aid Pro bale Cnuil in m.L,, ,. .t. i.i, i.'. r Jematbaii UreakciiridL-e laieof said Cbarlnlte eleeens eil, allium; tho heirs thereof j also ono eqaal seith partofnnu half of the hon, fund nn.j sixth part of two IliirJi of the barn, and all other tuildinys siand inif on Ihe luriu of the .aid deceased j and said ward is also seized nfi i-mml tii,.ii,-i.i...l ,,,,i orthu reyersiou ollhewi'ow dinvner nil-aid llir, e'lllj n l.i i it OO in..... ..I I 1 1 ..... t ... I I I I i - ui i-ni'i ,n v.iii.1 III igu larili, BIUI liui.UinirH Ibeienu whi' Ii were nisei set out bya run niilleevippoiutedbv.saiil court, as IhcUownerol Polly Ure.ll.enriil'ri. vv'I.fiivi-iil'tl,,. .1.. t , ' '---- -' pi ....... ..-v-u, .inn usaleol luisaid ward's inleresl in said hind, ami pri'iui.e. woiild coiidiiic lo hii lcs imeresl, and ..7' - "-""fi ior licence lo se-n ine same. A hcrCimilll ihe eotirt nliiri. ni l .Intl. ,ii,,,mnt tt... 117,1. day nfcept. HH, for bearmi; und deei hni; on ..aid ...i.iiuii ui iiiuuvi ijiMir s uiine in sain iiuninsiou anil itoth order that all persons iu:ereteel I e notilieil llie-re-of Ly pul limlion ofilii-i order, eontaiiiiinr iln.-.nli-laueo nl said petition, tbri-e weel suece-siyely m be e ur 11151011 l ice l"re.-., n iiCw-.papvr liriuled lit said Uurlinlou, iberbisl ofwhii-li piillieiitioiis tu Le pre 1811. tiive-u under my liaud'ai said U.iilinsloii ihi, 30lh .ii ui .iuim ion, Wsi. WRSTON, Iici.icr. Stati: or VensioT. AT a Probate Co'.rl held at I) irluiir'on willnii Di-lnet of Cliii'.i-in!i.ii. I anil lor said District ofCblilenden on the30 b day of A m'nt, A D lSHIVri HallolCliarotOiintlioCo' n IV of thiCeiiJeu. who is iiardi.iii r.l' Joint S. HieaL cnri'lire, .New ell ISreaU'iiridce and Cile. Ilii'.il,eiiii li;e all ol mid Charlotte-, minor elnldit-ii of Jihi.iMi.iii llieakenridse, Mu ol s.nd'J.i ir!. Mu, d.-Kiiul, bay imr lile-d in said i-oiiri his pi-iiinn m writing, setnui: f.irlh that the sai I John S. i. seize I in hi, ow n nub m I'ueof ul out ten m-ie, ol bin I, in two parcel., and ol'e no sixth pari ol'iuiu half of the bouse .in J one ix h part of two third- of all ihe larus mil I'liildiue.'. si eliding nn the Ilie.i!.eiii i'Ue l.irin in said Cliar'iitlej 'bat the -aid New ell is nlose.zi-d i feleieu and one fourth aen-i of said firm and of unit mmI. part of one ha'f nftbu b.iuse and one sirb part ol two th rds of Ihe lam-, nnd all o.her buildnwi Hand ing on said f ii ini ihntttiuMiidCiiliit l e.zi.-dof Iwehe uul one fourth aeie of siitd farm naJ en.o ixb of one half of tbubo.i-A- and ono sixth oflwo itnrd. ot llu." barn, and all other beildine.'s em mid farm, Leiuir Iho same I.111J..111I p;.: ni.u, whi.-li were sot out to sui I sovcinl warJs I y u committee appoiu cl Ly said eeiirl to male 11 division of llie K-la'.e ol the aid Jonathaa, e.'e -i-a,tjl, in tneir v.-veral shares of said l'.sl He- j 1 11.1l -ai I war Is an- alio each seveiady iv.zed of oiii- e 1 1.1I ixth part cf the reier.iou of he widows doner in said l.sla'.e, I eim; a' nut 2U ai-u-- cf -aid farm, uu I b iiidiui:., whiehlauJ au.i h. ildnn'-i weii al o set out I) a i-iiiniiut tu ap.ioiuled by s.uiJ eour!, as the dower if Polly l'.i-.i curl Le, widow of the sai 1 de ra i-l, an I re no eiituiL' ihat 11 sale of saij wards m:eir-t in .aid I1111J.111I pieuii-e. would ee-u- I e to their 1 e.i in'.eie-t, an I I'lajiui; -aid i-o'in Inr livvn-i! lo sell Ine iii'.en.-.t i.t sa.d'-eve-ial ward, m said Ian 1. and preuiKo.. Where ipon thei-o Tl afiire- -aid d.tlli appoint the 27. b e'.ay of Seplem! er, lill, for buaJiiu- .iiidileciilini: 011 ,ai'J petitiiiii ui ihu oibee in nn.- iieiri-ier en min eouil 111 sinJ liar nuto'i, an 111.IU oriu-i mat an pit .1 iiim.c.e.-isl! e unlilie.lllii-ieul by p il lieutiou uf this order i-nutaiuin, llu: s ilsimi-e of sinJ pfiitioii, threv w-erl.s sik-i-e-iive'v. 111 the I'lirhiiiftcai l-'u-e Pn-s-, a n-w .paper priu'e.-J in a 4 id it ..1 1... . . .. 1.. 1. . ' . .! . . 11 niin 11, mv ia-i ui vviih-u pui iica ions 10 le pre vin is in said 27:h day of Senteui1 er. 1811. (iiveu under luy hand at said lljrliui;loii ibis 30.U u.iy ui .,igu-i, isii. Wsi. WLSTON, Ite-ister. Cliiltcnden County Court J Ho it remenibcrGil, that August Term, A. D. 1311. ) at ihu said term, ofthi Court aforesaid, Joliti Peck, and Lulln.r Lnomis of liiir'lncnnn. Jn. scpli Claik of .Milton,. ledediah Hoynion.of j I inesburp, and. Luthvr Stone of Chailolle, were by said court apiioinieil a uoiiimiiiei-, 10 laiie into coiis.dcra.ion t r followniir subjects, viz. 1-t. To select a sile for a new J.iil. 2d. To estimate1 the tirnbab e cost and esnense if a new Jail. 'il. To see what disposition can l.o made of the old Jail and, and if any, al what price. John Peck to be chairman of said commillro, who win limn y ine uincr uicmiieis 01 ine coiuimtti e 01 me tune and place eif attcmhitir to said inquiry and cxaui.- naliou and make report llieieuf lo the ('Ink of i-iid Coiirlassoouas may he. Atte t Win. .SOHLC. CI'l. To Lullier Loomis, Josepli Clark, Jcdadith lloyn- ion. ami i.utiur sione. You are hert by requested to meet at tho publ.c House of John Howard, in I'.urliiiL'liiu on Wmlm-sitae the -Will dayof Sipt. in-i. nt 10 o clock, A. M. to at- aiieiid to tneuuties liy ihe Inrefrmnirorder ot said Com I. JOHN IT.CK, Chairiiim. ltiitline,ton, Sept. 1 1, 1811. j;TAI!..Li:s IJnlt., 8in- mil j ar. ll.L liiissin shi'c;in',', Lrown anj ble.ieh'd Irish linens Linen e.iinl rie and I1.111 li.efi Wort, ed Huiy -ilk and oilier figured shawls llii'b I ice veils Fun II tin do se-ari. Sdl. frun-'C- fur -bawU, ite. Fi-r;'d and plain rieh ilk jri!ri', of late I style Ladie. fancy tr.iyelini' la-lel-, a n.-vv article. Uy N. LOVI.l.y it Co. Pepp inler 9, IStl. STATK 01'' 1 Iv.MO.NT, I The Pio'.t. DIsTiilCT 01 e iiirTi'A'iil.N', -s. I (!. url I' r the Ditrn e.f rhine'iid'-n : To nil pt-r-nii. i-mi' i-rne I in llu- es'a'e of John Yan .Sieklen la'e of l.'urlimiloti 111 i.n di-lnet. ile-eLi.el. t.KI-.L-l I.Mi : WlH'l!i;.S, John YanSicMin (late junior) Adin'r ea ineestaie 1 1 .-ai.i i.e-ee-a-e', piopn-es to reir er ai account nf his niiinint-trntinu, and pren-nt hi- ai' centiit iiirain-! said e..;a:eli.r lAaumiatinn auilal.'nv.'- ane,.al .1 se'-pii n ol'ibo Cnuri ed' Pro( te, to I e h,i.!en .-it the Ki..'i.iei' - I'Hiiu in 1; 1r1111mc.11, 011 the l.r-l Wiibie-d.iy el October next ; Tlll.mxi 1.1:, Y1.11 arehe-rel.y nenfiivl to apie.u le-Ion-.-ai I i'0-.rl at the nine and plate afini'-ail, am show ran-e, if aiiyynu have, why the .1 count aleie siiid should nut I fallowed. (Jiieu under my baud at Durlington, this 15. h d.n ot Seplem! er A. D. It'll. W.YI. AVl'.STON, Itei'isicr. STATK OK VliKMONT, ) T a robate Court WsinicT or rrurrKMii.N, s s J J- al 1'ur hiiittuii wilhin and for the District aforesaid on tin 13th day of Sept. A. D. 1SI1 an instrument urporl mz to be die last will and Testament of Polly .Morton la'e of Wilhslon in said Disiuct decease I, was pte-M-ntid to tlm Court he re fur Probnto by John 'su-si- klen the r.MH'iitnr iheniii mined. TIlLlte-M'Oltll il w ordinal by said Court, that public in lice hojjiy n to all persons ei neeiiie'd llnrciu lo appear befnie said Cnuri, ai a si s on lluiiof lo I. holilcii at ihe li'ii'Icr'solVice ill said IliiiluiiMnti on lip first Wednesday of October A. D. HII, and e-onit "i the probalcnf said Will, an I it is furilier ordernl tin1 this order be published threi wcik-suecessiielyin tin llurliuoioii I'tec I'lcssancws paper piinted at llur liniltoit, in ilus otile, llie I il of winch shall be priM nus lo tbeday ns-t'iicd, asafoicsaul f I hraritnr. (ivrii undir my hand at the Hejjister's Ollicc, ibis 13 h dayofS:picnibs'r A. I), lsil. VM. WP.STON Ifesrister. THIS FALL, iTTK have rcccind a lancty of New floods, anionf i which may be found ihe following .uncles ; fioldnudhilier, Icier watches, ftold and siher I.epincs, Silier, rnetlish and Ouarliir watchrs, Urass cloeks, with mahogany casis, (ierman alarm clocks, Caiucn, Mosaic, painieil and nionmini; pins, Ji t, chryslal, .topaz, and other preily gents p.ns, riui gold, plain, clinsiiland nalc rings, Cold watch kcjSj.silvir piticils, Purse imas, neiTpcti", ICau do Cologne", and all other kinds of perfumer ), 1 1 mil" 'le Anlique, end uiher Imu oils, Ja) lie's cele' raled hair Ionic, Winds u'ueiablc, and llie Macassar 0.1, Tool brushes, oriie looth wash, Vinegar-rouge', Alkiii'-in's dipiialnrv, Temperance and medals. Pine, straw- and moiocco trauiling h.-iskcli, Wostenlinlui's kilivis, l'.itauma tumblers, do cups, wiih handles, Stephen's bine wti: 112 illu.ds, Poopci and Phillips' black ink, ninmiled isitinj; cards, chalk ciaion, Pockrl ink-stiiids, ml wafos, Mc')t'uito snui'crs, pink y-aucrrs, Cohui's niul other line drawing pencils, Osbnrn's line water colots, Stewart's do do do Iti'Mol hoaid, Tiss e p i cr, all colors, llristol board, llritaiiuii Spoons, Counter brush Preston salt, Piarl powder, guard chains. Mi s'c n er, 'i Oeiave I'lutrs, Itrow il Windsor Sea Pine I'rench Hair llrushcs, Siiel Waich Chains, Pino sin I bowed Spectacles, with Cre'cn, blue, pill pie glasses, Ivory Pockit Combs, Melnlic, elo. do. Pine looih ivory oV, YVido ami loner satin and bombazine Stocks. Pine linen Collars d (len til qualities. An la yarii'tyof fancy nrtielrs rtjodb .Selling rhc.ip. Piiciids au cusloners sre invited l call at PANODOK.V it i3.1IN?.IAiD'S. STUAYnDOIl STOLII.V. TpitOll ihu i:ino-.tiri" of (ii'eon 'I omlin'on. in X HicbtiK nd, nit be wight i.f llu- 12. Ii n,.,t, a light urey Jljiri", with w hiiotnniu nud tail, lilteen or mv teen )eer.i old. Wh(,ecr will return said mart" or civu information wheru ,hu my fo.usl shall Le hi era ly rewnrvled. j;, j. KI.MUAl.L. Uudeihill,,Sepl j. IStl. NOTICE. rPJ.l,,S. '? 10 ?r"V lll;lt 1 l"1V(" Vm my son Alfred I I h.b 1... ........ ... r .al.: 1...'. . .. i. - w in" imiu in uei un iiinisiii, anil i snail inn ior no w ages of his carnini; nor pay any debts of his contracting alter this date. 11 AN'SO.M CI.AUK., Aug. 31, 1911, Q OI)A CKACK Kits ! -A "irel Viippl , put teceiTtJ -"'y Sepl.81. I'JX'ls it Sl'KAlt. fT3SAIiS!At A Ml I t A Mt.i iti . A I.AltJJt: mii jimty of Urowu', u.e rnlul Ayrup .al.o the I-luid and Constipated ex rin l. ofSiir.n paiilla, ai whole.ule and Jc'tail, by PLCKit SPIiAll. Sept. 21. COMIC ALMANACS. I 8-19 "i"!' I!?rili''','.,'r'irnci,sl American, Peo ins . il plu 8' Cri,,ckc" " c. Alio, Minia lure Altnanacs, rrry hit fur reailu nay, by . Sc'"" 21' S. 1 1t;'N TI.N OTON. CJONU IIOOICS-A variety i, Cmiueand oiln-r y fiong Jlool.t, lor ia!e at HCNTINOTON'S, Collexu slice'. .Sept. 21. ' WHAT XL XT I HouietUlns Cood Ibr the I'oople 1 Oil N,NifrI',fi"v f"'0.'"1 ,bo donu ror llla 1,'-0pl, bu' thai iho Cheap toil. Store will he a lecipunt 7 liie inosi raltonnl answer m, th il the establishmcut fiom so I ng a st.iu lin;, has bieomu idj dified with i" 'i-H. It erv vc. icrn w i-i cuing n .'ji . . appi.oielinetliodol tr.uine.iug has no . m chMrfully I s "la" l'rV"1 "cl"jr " nnuieiiw buy at tlm Stoic. There U now parltcu'arly another tioo,l pi prospect, ntitieipa. Whoso Tax has gradually tisou w ith the ability ofthe ray .,?7.,,r,un" Z'rf" -'' lo a' at e , , ,v u.:c '"n yA n ........ I 1 ii ...un i.iia mure mm upiy he put 3 i..,i. i ii in n.'v.-i ,p ami !;,.!, -. " rr,n!,n' ";linu5s ol our Otcet. Muunta n nuotUt hath not yi-t beeotue known toil itdialt- lire, iv'i iB0f,,yk,'uu' k...ri!i,,fjrS.Jt i.huii already be-low iu sir ila; olliershokm f. r eonUh.-ro l In. jrinaiiun for us d-pu-it is not m ill.? rwioni and ,h,'n,V'lny''s Qll', all""f fr-.m ahroad that could be made to and be oiuo the pro- HvmI vv,0UmV!,J,,- V"!"1,1" kl"di th--ide- . ,Tl,l 1 ,T ""'I' ir line will in w.i, not but could find that we lud,ai! ,,t iipveinli by a T.d ini; abroad nil ve hi,. , ... ... ,i r . , ' .... .,, I, ;.. "" "i m iisw iin uc pieuiy Jl 1'O.iie. Since we are to rieene our moriioiioiis lit, I linn 1 1 r lit.. V..I......1 .1 :.. .1 . ... i i . .i ."""," " ""n i win surveys can l.e w lb a Store filled wit , .Ne.v (.loo-ds and ciistoiilers mte-ntly IHH...III, th;ir -eljttions tlit-refinm. Lut be.L'v. ui' our uite.liwnt Ugul ,tul1 v.-:l inioMigateaod pa-is lavor.-ihli- iitiini it,.. b 1...: i ., ' , . : -i- ." --.' i Hi-Hi',, ii uniueiii piliport.souielliini: .flood lo the best inlereat of llie who e People, aul -.villi them lo Unir t hcapfjr Caah -..j.iu iiiiiiioumeui ior ii.ut st I-.! syi'iit, Hflll'.l f) 10 o'cij-.-k, A. M. 23 .-'cpi.'!!. c tLOrll CAPS'. A tiiw L-s rtiiiint ol all kinds SirAKUll YARX. CH' Utt.l.T, .Miv'd and Vh te Shaker Yarr, for i:. M.wp.mnTit Co. rPIir. Illcmhc.S of the Venn, ml 'Mt!!,-! 1"!,.. Ic I ranee Company arc nott&.l that the annual meitin." of ibe Conipany w il be hold.n at the Conn House ni .Monti'ilier, on Wedui'day ihe VOilt i!ai ol O.'tober icM hi oMoek, P. M., for the choieeif; Director, and lj a'ler and ni-e die l y-lav, s. Uy orr'er nf the llnii. tm a. ii. t.i '0 !Cn lC.tO Y. V.Vir., Se-c'y. UOTA.MC CO.N 'i:.NT10N. In the a1 s.-n.-eof llie Secut.irv it I e.iouie my duty as President, (See Art. 13, in the Constitution.! to de signate the liuieaud p'aeenf thesmi'ial meeliiiidf 11) i t'i'i.i I'.i. his'.. t vv- .. . ... i . V. i ' . ..... ...u.i,. ' ..I. i, ui in-- ii.-stiru i.sirici, iiiciu- ioim ihe eouutiesof CluiiL-udiii, I-Vankhn, Grand Isle, I.auii il e en 1 AiIJmoii, 1 da hereby iriie notice that tin- said iiiei-tinej iv.ll baheld at Siniiuil Poij;i-'s Hotel in Kssax, Yl. nn the tirst Tueiduy, (5l!i) in O.-lober next, at 10 o'clock A. M. A i;eneral nitiiidanco is requested, as business of impnriane- will come before the Society. OllRH PILU, I'renilcnt. I(),t u'-'u!t',ll'!' Coileciwii, Mas-achii'it.s ijoiiieiion, no.ion uiee lim 1 Annriean JI. I'ook, just received by C. G00DU1CII. Auipi-t Ulli, 1st II. nlO KOISINSON'S IDIHLICAL Kesrarches III Palestine", Mnuni-Sinii nun .iraoia-i iinu, now lor tile tl iho ISuol; Store of D. A. IIP. A MAN. Aiicnst Wlh. Worthy e;t" Nntlec: THOSIJ taken or irnubli d w itli Dycntcry, l iar rlieu.i, S.imiiicr CoiiipI tun or Cholera Morbii can priieuie iiiinn bale reiii f, by ihe u-e r t Hr.Javni''s Cariuiu.ime H.iUaui, of Ph.hidilpiua. Tor sale bv An.-, in. Tiir.o. a. .j. co, Ci"A lew doors I'hsI of the Poit Otl'.cc. Tii'.w 'J'aihulus r.stalilishuitiui, On Pearl Strct t. 1 1 'III. Suhsciihcr rcpielhillv informs ihe public mil lie nrisopciitil i sh ip in the new brick build mi' hub door west of iho IVarl-st. II i,se. w here he will bo happy to receive, orri. is from his fruivlsand t iopiitiiic. moik ol eii-ry elese ription executed the most lasliioiiatili: slile, or lo f un any p.-cu'nr i.isiu i-i in i.iiiotts. .in oi tiers promptly atteneicil to. A sh'tie tif pritronitiie is soheni'd, lliirlmsion, Sipt. '.', 1--41. M. fi. RATHI'l'N. Tt) l!HT. i I)Wr.LLIN(i neat liu-( ourl Hou'c Square. .' Anj.jl't. I'll. It.LHUT.NWOKTll. II A II I W A h i:. tii i: o noil n n o i, n ii ooK, (Lato Ilolbroo'. etTappan) (il! .1111k t.. llotnn, flHI-: Sulicnhi r ol1ir a lnrce and clioicc c!.'clion i of Hardware to the country trade upon the most librral ti ini". Sept. 1 , 141 2m HOUSES LOST. OTIt YI'I) from llie pa-mire of Joil l!ihnp, on JTucdav l.i't, almiwii, elcM ii year del mare, with -In l-s on the tore feet, and ihe nisi Is of a rum bone ill Ihe h ft li'tr. A'.-o, on the -amo day, a blai k mate twilieor I'mtien yeaiHoU, with white spots, nn the aose, and slut's nn llie f.-ref st. A rfaoinli'e cini ,'iiis.itiun will he paid for any tufjruritiin of lb -ni, 11. C.AtlNON Apply to Peter Slimti, Wat?r-stiect. Ihirliiiiilnn, Sepl. 2, 111. i:ST!t.Y. C'AMP. into On" e nclofure of the 'nb-cribcr, ahnui 'th." 1st Aiiijn't last, a Imbued, ihiee. irarnld lir.ll'Ili, willi spois nf white rdiout Hih ,rs at 'icily. The owner i nqutstcd to pay chargis and take her away. M. OSGOOD. Wcstford, Sepl. ?, 1511. New Ciop l-'lnnr. ,in IlAItltr.I.S and half llbls. .Supeifino Pleur, -l'V 'crouml from new Wht-ai, j st rej-encd and fur sale by II. M.lilDDINliSiV Co. Sept. 1, JUST AISIUVKI). IT'llJ'.SH Soda Cinckiis in line Order and for Sih by II. M. (ilDDINOS ilc. Sept. 3M. FAMILY Gl.OCl'lUr.S. il TYSON SKIN, young hjs n, and old hyson i Tea, loniaml brown suaars nenner. snuv. em- eer, siarch, toharco, r iiius, prunes, r.'nilishcurranls Kio and J:ia c flie, snap. iVc, Xc. Por silo iheaj at llie 1 nrlirii! I on Cash Store. sept. 3, lsti. s. i iii:i::ticK. L. MASON'S r.Xi:ilCl."-i:s, in large type, foi -e'hools, for sale, by "A Tl-JJICAI, 1 1 Sineiiif Sipi.O, l.'ll. D. A 111. MAN. B IIOWN .s-.iyars cheap by 12. M. WniCiaT.I'-iV. ft,, nil Ilmi ' lOlTGALK. A duelling l.oii.e an I lot nn-a'e.1 in llu bi'.i I of Pearl Slm't.oivnclatid m citp id by Ihe lain C. Seye-an. v. for p.irilv'ulars eii'inri" rd the sill n.-ril cr on the rdni'i's. Sent. 10. i:.s:i LKAMT. TO It IVNTi Hlir; iiijjk Stoic on Clpireh Street, 1 now occupied by N. Lovely iV Co. H., fBimi mv.n Ihu lirt ilsi-r.r , pe.xt. Por terms crejinie of ill- snhseribcr. i t n m. lvxiiiiii i. Ihirlincinn, Aujust 12, nit v ;m)ci:itu s. A fiOOD ASSOHTMP..M' ol Dry Grccfrtcs oi j. 1 all kinds car) ba hail cheap ot G" II- ', .'I WniGHT ii. CO. m i.MM LAW I1LANKS. C.OOimiCII has cotutatitly for falo by thet Ileum or (iuire, a general assortment of law blanks, printed irom forum from Keviseol .Statutes, consisting: of Justico Writs nnd Kxecutioiu, all kinds ui visa Tiusteo Writs County Coutt Writs and r.,cr.!ititi, various kind Wnrianlry, (luil-cltum, nnd Jlortint;u Diod. Chancery llills for foiclo3itij; Murtjtao lil.inkj fit Depoitiou j Admims!rn!otH lloluls Letters of Uiiardsanship OITicers Receipt. Justice Appeals Wanks mr Notes, Hay. .Scales, Ac. iter. August 20.h. AMP OIL, an excellent articlo, nt -V. S. II. SCOTT'S. 3 September IStl. pOMMON PKAYK1L Por Saler by August, JOtt.-, c. aooDiticir. KA Vs !i .aro.siv.ilirtai.t isnJ Pmnary .S-jbool II.i!er mil Deliiier toiiMtn.r wul, Lienieu'.iiry le.setus in Driuvinir nod ljseiei!s in w ril.n Inr sale l y Ann. ly, S, HL'.N TLMiON. QAltPUT YAU.V, September 10, IStl . K. LOVI'.LY it Co. NHW LINE OF STAOL'S Vroni Uui'lliiKtuii via .luhnsou uud Uauvlllo to tlic liltc MuuntaLus. TIIIS Line leaves II. iiliniflon Mondajs, Weslne), d.iy. anJ I'r.Jjv , at 5 oVIoul., A. Jl. auJ arriVs. at t auvidc nt ti P. M. same Jay. Persons ia'in . hit reuto can remain ma iour luiii'tr hi llnrl.iiy'oii, and armc ul L.iuvil.e a .ari j 1 y any oil er rou.e. Tins line ibe Siain'.ead line at Jtbtisui, ai.d leaehei ibe Lines at 9 Iba i.ex' lukruiuif. 'I hit roi le pa., over go&J road-, llu .ghnpk. lurevi .u anj pleiuajt rttrnin of eouiitry, and thoui win. lij'.o traruluJii, cxjiieas tbc.r i.U'j.uhti.-j appro- 1 UllOll Ol It. js FARM FOlt SALE. IOP. Sale a farm, consisting of about utis hundred J. ani tiltccti 'icri j ol Imd well silualed on llie mam road lioni Huieiburah lo llurliugton. On the premiaei there areijovi.1 buiiduigs and fiuit.'l ha pri port r will Ira sold low. Por further pa'riiculars tr.uiuro of Sept. 17. O. II. LSHAM, She-Iburue, Vt. Premium HASJ A.ID UOUULli Uaas VIOLB. A nit AU Ail A 1' R li S CO'IT would r specifadrinforu all persons inter ested tn thu SnL enceof Mus.c, that l.e continues to liiuuufactui a Coiicoid, New Hampshire, UASS AND DOUBLE UASS VIOLS, of a x-cry ajpenor quality, and hat .in; obtained tl tlri-t Viiiieiw tliul has ever betn awarded loan A ineri'.'jn mauuiucturir of vuch Iiistiumeiits at th itrcat 'uirj of the American Institute in Nuwr Yoii: City, at the v"reat P.i.r of the Mei harnc's Association in Uostou, and at the Pair of the Mei-hati.c's Churita blj Asj n iiilion m Porthnd, Maiuu--he now not only U n It r a Ins llntiks to lu'i frit iiJj and patrons for pal o ois, but pUdixcs hiimolf to Ilehiiioui Sjeietis-i, ll.-iicid Assi catutu aud mdiiiduals xtho may with .0 purchase, that no leasonable etl'orls shall Le waut niir on his pint, lo enable to ineot ihe.r ordirs in llie must prompt nnd satisfactory manner, thai be 1. ays dl letam ilieire-unfideiicc, and meiila conlinu-amuu-'jliu liberal patroiiugehe has for osra e.ij yci. l.ea sj keetuan cxtensne assnrtmnnt of ML."s ICAL I.N STUU ,l KN TH, uf the best quality, w huh he oll'ur.i fur sale on ths most rcnsiimhlo ti nils, a mom? w Inch nro Ml LODIONS AND SKIUPniNF.S,1 whi'.'ii'.ii'eii! ad.nired for sweetness of tone, anj will a iiipled to paii,,r orchurcli music. .Miisiu S. hoots, .Military Hands, or individuals, can bo aiipj lied v.nlt Urass and other instrutnents of auy, as cheap or cheaper than they can piu chasem ihu city of Ronton. Also, Violin," Hasa and Double Cass Viol Strings, Hows, llr.d jes, Patint Heads, Tuning Pork & Pipeo, Instruction Hooks, Clanonelt Reeds and mouth Pie ces. Uiubiellas, Parasols, Walkim; Cilics, 4c. Orders will be prate fully received, and Instrument sent by Staijc at tlio risk of the maiiuf icturer, and if not satisfactory, it.ay be exchanged. Musical tiHtriiLicntsanJ Umbrrllas.repaired as usu al, Plcasj call al his new Musx- Store, a fuw doors sjulh of llie Eule Collie House. n51 I'oneord, New Hampshire, March 2, 1911. PANC.ilOKN if- IIK1NS.YJ.AID, Auetita, BurUc ton, Vt. D oub'.c Itclli.e-d, Loaf Sujar, at S. 11. SCOTl'S. Ahr. 6. n Silks! f ilk! Silks 1 very extensile a-sotlincnt of every yaiiety of J V figure, coloi, slle, oi price.itiow op.n at a. I!. SCOTT'S. Prices are most certainly reduced so that sood GOODS of this kaidcan ba purchased alenw ly new bargains. An.-. C. n MolcsLiu and l-'ur Hats, of the latest slylit at reduced prices, at 3. li. scorrs. Au. 0. Qlit rllnr,", Slurtinqs, Tiikin, Canvass, Paddinfi O II utinjj, Cotton Yatn, etc. etc. just reevited at s. h. scorrs. A'ltT. n9 V.illii Stilpeil flialljB-Phin A Pigured Mou hue di-I.amo, just ruceivcd and lor sale low, at S. li. SCOlT'd. A n 5. n. (Set man Silver Table J-jxions. IL'ST reeeivid, nf the best quality and will bo sold al the lowe"t nrici". Also, we would call attention, to some sood Plated Spoon', mije for ti-. nfler the silter patterns, all Mods will be sjld st tlic lowest prices. PANliHOUN A PR1NSMAID. July IJ. n7 'T'MIK ai'cnticin e f tl cpnl lie i invei'd lo a IsrifO X stnek oi'joikIs now opening at S. II. SCOTTS. A rare niniorl' ni'y fir njrjha.m? uov.J Ci. rV at exei f-'injiy low prices. Jiuy jj rilIP. LADY'S Cabinrl, devoted tn scietva and J ceiieral hli raluic,just rceeited al the Hook Store wlu-ie Mibseripimns are rcevivttd for thisnndlbe N. Y. Hii.w, Atniricau Journal of the Medical Snencoi ani N. American IU-.iiw. July 1, D. A. URAMAN. - Tt'-ICAL Instruments &c. 11 r. A. P flat Clano .it rii-iics, II vL-C 1'ilis, I'hnenUts, Guitar, Violin, in I V. .! uerl o '-iiuis, ii eif if bv Juli :i 1-11. PANf;!!OriN& I1RINSMAID. VTOMVS CAST sTl'.rL ANICS, Wananied to-I-' piiurtoany llnng in '.'ndn7. for sale by STRONGS J. Co. J 1 1. 1--11 ni:w GOODS. r!ir. nberiber havi re-e'd a new assortment of 1 Plain miihn Del.nns Piiuted muslin and Print etl Lawns Will and while Jt'i"i li Luce Krench sijr. lull D Railroad and Innd Do Ribbons Pan if"C. P.. MlTiOAY WRIGHT if-co. June 16, 1341. C'HPN'A snl V'oibrni V.MI bhtin.,flirna S. irf. atl ' a new lot cf French arlihcial. S. U. SCOTT. JnlvIJ: 1 THIS-IOL BOA It I'. fiitrirr r ule. iSis i'ai' 'liteui l. A n. 10. P., HI'.NTI.MiTON. FSTHAY. yiUVYlD fronife ' il rnier on iVs U k Viit '!a-t. a three vearnld. mllt.S.1 tin,!" ll.ii... - e.l llu re tear ol I liill. A U'era! ermne.n.ancn Kill e paid t any p rsmi who w u rerun sad eafjf, or lie infoinia.i. n w he.v ibey inav le fi.iml. K. A'i'j. 31, l-ll. ' JOHN OAiiTY. It.V7.OliS ,!l't,Y Rih. P. hate jasl rrcr.trd ' a tan. ly nf Riiiljrcrs an I irhot'' Pine RAZORS litii 'll liked by poisons who shiv thi ms.-lie, PAaooR iV Pni.v-JMAin. CUM. I) M'ATfll IIS JL'liY bill. f4?5 T Vi l,,Ut' wu l. re.i n H F, .S. iN lea : il . I fin' bexl f4 1 U V& )' '"'"!t" did Wa-cle-. I , v'.i:v " " '" 'r'h lot riTiiid X ik 'a.'A-' ',r'"e' and Minimi!. We a (. ' J .. , jT urln ihi'-e w i time fine Wai.'h viiJlirTSjJSJ'r"' w aro setlui.- them nt ., "V1 very lew price-., and iinend lo -ell lis low a id lower ihmi tl..- -. : rix".A-. eanbe Immhi in .New or!, or flo-icu. Ween-iiim-io .nl' n.l.ivva, nut ra i". IVii"im, lr. 11 up, Tnis'fs, ionsttins i f nied's piain i.nlf, do. radical cure, do. dun! le. t'hil reil siiU'li'.do tt le and umbilical, nf ctery i i- ie. nii-i ior rait-, a iei will icn."curair;y a ip:m i li. MOODY line Sli, ISll. n.V X( ItALPS Urowu Sins line, OU do. do, nulling, a net, elo. i n km's, 2 do. Canvass Padding, 1 do, liurl.ips. jjft rece.ted bv d.-iels' I'll, VISAS' LOCVI.S A Cii

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