Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 8, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 8, 1841 Page 2
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V FROM SOUTH AMERICA. Tim New Orleans Reo, translates the following news from South ltncrlcn, from Havana papers received there: Vciizuulu, lug. 10, 18-11. Sonor Don Lino do Poiubn, Envoy Ex traordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from the Republic of New Giunada to that of Vnnsueln, had nrrivud unci bocn duly ro cogriized. New Grtr.NAtn. The insurrections in the southard part of inn linpuunc situ continue, ami have occa sioned much consternation anion" the inhab itants. The Commander in Chief of tlio third division, informs tho Secretary of War that tho mlamous robbers in the vicinity of Popnvan, have committed tho most at- trocious depredations ou tho persons nnd proporty of the people, and though thoy have been routed and driven beyond the Paramo, tho desolation nnd destruction thv have cau sed are almost irrcparablo. Tho pcoplo of l opnyiin were m complete despair, and un dor apprehensions uf fresh revolts. The Governor of tin: province of Ncvia, states to the Secretary of War, that the farms and divnlliiigs of iho friends ol order have been destroyed and laid wastn bv the rebels under Sanchez ; tbev have despoiled the churches and robbed them of every article of value, end have compelled (ho inhabitants to furnish tho lawless troops tha sum of SKJO UUU. C.vntucc.vs, Juno 20, IS 11 The Dank of Cairnccas has begun to dis count, to the great relief and benefit of the commercial men and citizens eenrrnl v The National Hank lecentlv established will not be opened until September or October, FROM R.-IRR.IUOES. The Brig Favorite, -at lived nt llnxandria. D. C. from ilarbadocs, with papers to the S?Gth ylugusl inclusive Thmo is litllo news cil interest. The packet steamers had arri vert at liaibadoes tho 21th and '.Villi .lui'iist from Ffveral of the. adjacent islands with the following intelligence. Antiouv. A shock of an cntlhquako was lull on the mnrimig ol the 10th of Jug. at St John s. 't was a sudden and severe jerk, wiiii a snort suiisciiornt tremor. dt. Lit en. Un I ucsilavc veiling, a most appalling shock nf nu earthquake was expe rienced lu re. Though it did not hist for more than 12 seconds of time, the imitation of the earth was of the most violent nature, preceded iiy a ho irsc rumlilinir pound. Wo are happy to add, that the .shock has not been attended with any deplorable ullects lioro ; only some slight cracks have appeared on a few stone buildings in town. M.uitixiqui:. Three shucks of an earlh- quake had likewise been experienced in this island. l'css.wn,. 1 bo Gazette of the lllh says: The U. S. sloep-of-war Levant has dropped down to the ?avyurd. Snvcra light cases ol lever bad occurred on bo.ud, and commander Fitzhiigh deleiinimd to change his anchorage in order to be near the hospital. There havo been four deaths this week, including one on board, tho I'r. Corvette La Sabine. The weather continues favor able to health, as it has been the whole sum mer. information fiom Middln Florida repre sents the health of the people tbern to be again exposed to the feaiful scourge which caused so much sutlering in thoeaily pan of the summer. Several cases of yellow fever have also occurred in and about Tallahassee. LTcsr rno.M Rio Oiundi:, The brig Sisters, Cap. Ch.ules Mercer, from Rio Grande, arrived at Pbil.idi Iphia yesterday. Capt. Mercer left tho lUlh Aiiiiiiit", mid say's, that on the 12th July an attack was. made on tho government force, (who had chaigu of about three thousand horses outsido of tlio city,)by the insurgente, who drove the gov ernment troops towards Rio Grande, but the opposing party withdrew, not being ablo to carry oil' their prize. A great deal of sick ness prevailed among the soldiers andtlnuugli out the province ; tho hospitals were filled with sick troops, linerican produce gonir iilly was dull of sale, and Iiide3 scarce and mgii. i in: irouiiics auu iniernai wanaiu oi tho country had caused almost a suspension in the bushiest of the prov ince ofiRio Grande The Sisters brought 7o00 hides. .V. '. Eve. l'ust. FROM FLORIDA. Ccrrcspoiidtiic) of tliu Savanah !lpubhon. ,1'ai.atk.v, Sept. 17, 15 11. As your reporter, it becomes my duty'to state that about "i o'clock yesterday morning, a gen cral gloom was spread o'.er the camp tUtiuned in this vicinity, by ihi death of Lieut. 12. M. Thayer, of the id" Rog'tof Dragoons, and one ot its most promising young officers. The report of a carbmn was heard from the closed niMqueo of that olliccr, cirly in the tnor liinj, and by the individuals who immediately repaired to tho spot Lieut. Thayer wav dUsoi'. ered in the last agonies of death. Ho wa seated in a chair, and appirfntly had shot him tclf by placing the muzzle ot a piece to his and springing the weapon by bringing the trig gcr in contact with his toe. Lieut. Thayer was originally from Miftncbu retlr, but he is registered a an appointment from Ohio. .Vocalise can be given for the e,ud d en alienation of reason, ur-der the mys'enoiis inlLonco of which be was prompted to commit the act of self immolation. J2 ast Florida, Sept. 1Q, i95l. The news from Tampu is of a varied com plexion. . good portion of the band ol IIot.pi. taki lias "come in." Tho news in regard to the fuccosj of Wild Cat, (Coacochio) as a diplomatist, i not to cheering. That chief has returned to Tampa from his mis. ion lo the camp of 7'iger Tail, paying that Tiger Vail refuses it preteiit to give up. Hailed; TuMcnuggec, it is thought, has left the Achlavvaha, in older to chi& his forces with those of .Sam .loues. Tho report ot. Sam Joncb' "coming in" it a small mistake. Savannah, Seiit.2.". Iiy tlio arrival yestesday ol the United Slates steamer Gen. Taylor, ('apt. Peck, wo luvu the cheering mtelbp-enco of tho coming in of bixtv Indians and the prospect ot up.vards ol two hundred mure, they having prom scd to meet toi at I'uaso t;reek on tho il'-i I inr.t, 1 Iiomj Indians belong to Hospitaki'd baud and nclu lo tha whale of this mdomitablo Chief's people. Tlio prospect of closing this long and inter minablo war brightens every day under the aus. p.cies of tlo gallant Worth. The blow was Ion -since stnick Iiy Col. Harney whirh soon vvib give peace to Florida, and 'wo confidently bu. jiou, nun mo coiniirsiiccrneui oi llio now year ino long uesircd result will ha accompli,,!, ed. ' 1 , A ("onr. Jokb ! I m Ncvy -v, orl; :v, riini; Post nf. fjciB to be'icvo Ihn Uol No(tliUirai"itiiii treachery Willi llio a iiiuvihs, iiiiiiaiiii('i.alrs lliut ilic uounlry will beiliH?i-accd by ilia nrocinlinsa in niicsium. rl lirBH flllwa f.i,. .1........ r . . . . . iio.,iii ui nu nuiniiiisiraiiot winch .fcurcd Iho iicrwin ofOsno'n by llio dchkx alB vio aiioii oni Mag of truce, and which tinployrd rTnltn lIn,t,ni(,nau m I...... .I.i 1.. r uiu iiiuians, arc lu COMFLW IT, M.ST OF nS. I I'aital at the. 1st .Vfsscm if the 'Slth Conrers. An act makine aiitirotiriations for the present session of Congress. An act authorizim? a loan not exceed hi" the sum of twelve millions of dollar. An act fur the relief of Mis. IInrrion, widow of the late Pi evident of the 1'mtod Slate?. An act making appropriations for the pay, 'tiliH'stence, ov'c. of a home btpiailrnn. An art uiakuis lurllier provision for the main tenance of paupir lunatics in tho District of Columbia. An act tn revive and continue in force for ten years an net entitle. "An act to incorparatu the .Moceainc. lionet Kncicty of Alexandria." An att to l lie act entitled "An act to provide for the collection, safe-kecping, transfer, inn iisiiiircmctH ot tlio puli ic revenue, and to provide for tlio punishment of omhloz.lcrs of pulilic money, an,! for other purpose". vvn act w provide lur tlio payment ol navy pensions. An act to establish a uniform system of bank. ruplcy throiigliout the United States. An act fin t tier lo extend tlio time for locating Virginia military land warrants, and rcturnim.' surveys tbreon to the General Land Ollice. An act to authorize the recovery of fines and forfeiture incurred under the charter, laws, and ordinancas of Gscrgeloivn, before justices of the peace. An net to revive and n.ilend tho charters of certain Rankc, in the District of CohitnrK An act in addition to an act entitled "An net !o carry into effect a convention between the Fri.tcd-.S'intcn and the Mencnn Republic." An act to amend the act entitled "An act to provtd" for tailing the sixth cense nrcnuincra tion cf the inhabitants of the I'ni'ed .States," approied March third, one thousand eight bun. dred and thirly-tune, and the acts amending the panic. An act making an impropriation for the fun nil cApenvc of William IK-nrv Itarrii-on, de censed, htc President of the Hinted State?. An act to appropriate tho prncooda of the salc.-i of the public laude, and to grant pre-emption nam?. An act rr.akin,? appropriations for various for. tilica:ina3. for onlaucf, and for preventing and suppressing inuian iiostilit'es. An net In provide lor placing GreonongVi statup Washington in the Rotunda of tli" Ca pilo', and for expuuii'.i therein mentioned. An act aiillionni'' th traimmNsion of letter: and packet to and from Mrs. Harrison fieo of law'ai'e. An act tn msko appropriations for the Post- Ulliee Department. An net linking an appropriation for die pur-chii-c of riavi! nrdnanre and ordnance btoiees, ami lor omer purporc. An act making appropritions for outfits and -alines of dipieiiiatic agents, and for other pur- An act to provide for repairing tho Potomac bridge. An act rci.itir,7 to duties and drawlnck". .in ,v:l I i repeal a pirt of the s.itli section of tho act pii'it'ad "An act in provide for the sii nnn i,i ni ni;.rv . .can.'mv r.l me I'nKed .N've.J t'T tt,.' year 1-.'!-, and forothur purpose, cod July 7, pas JOINT FK'OLUTtOSe. A resolution rel.itn.'r to llri li-Id-b-'.itR m Flat 'fined Sandy IIjoI, jmiI llutlett's Reef. A resolution fur the diHtidnilMin o! nrven bun dled copies of the l)';:ett i t I'a'u'iiis. A levilutiou to pun n!n for the dtrihulion of the? prmti'd rcttiriM of tho fixih cotipns. A resolution m .on to the purchase ef dmicsiir. wa'er-rotted hemp for tho u-a of tho f 'nitecl States Navy. .loud ie-uI'i!ions" nnkirg it the duty of th Attorney Ginral to o.amuie into ilie "titlcf. uf the lands nr files f,;r tho purprno of erecting th-rei'M armories and other public works and building.'", and tor other purpose-. An !mi'oi:t.t Tncvi v. We learn from the Galena Gazette that an important Indiin treaty lias recetiliv liecn Concluded by Gov. 1 Dotv, on the part of the General Govern- ' mem and the Sioux Indians. It provides i tor the puiclnise of all the- country 'south of the St. Inter's River and eas, of of a lino' ilueMintb from its source, containing about ..... IT inf. nil 4T. .icri's. i nu .-sionx reserve some HUO.OOIj iii- UK! 'ii settle, tbev are to ment fiirnisliin them. On this purchased Cliaseil lanii aru to bo settled some o'J, 000 or more of other I udiaus ! from the east of thuM .Mississippi, al I of wllom i combined with the Sioux, are to form an "ndiaii lenitory." I'lrn Governor to bo appointed bv the 'General Government and ' tbev to select men to a council to nul.o laws : ioi'ilimr own government. Tin ce forts are to be established within . i i .... . iiieuisiiKi, io preserve peace among them, aml to protect llieni from foiei 'ii invnsion. 1 t'roli.ihly as riincli ol the pmchase as falls within the Stale of loivu will bu sold to bu settled by tho whites ; but that portion of it which lies mil tli of the Slate, will be occenied as above described. Pile Governor has discovered bituminous coal and copper nu tlie St. Poteis, lo which Steamboats can ascend, spociiueiu of winch no now at 1'iairie ilu Chum. This arrangement (adds the Galena Ga zette) will throw a larce body of Indians upon our immediate frontier; hut the effmt that will bu madu to civili.u them, is deemed a sufficient guarantee of their peacablo de portment. A wolf iv Miner's ci.otiiimi. An etraor. piece of roguery was developed yesterday. A preionueu iierinin preaiher, in clerical attire, w-js brought up for a very singular olluncc. Ills name is Ilenrv Ilohuhfil, and bo had been preaching m lios'.on to irregular congreg ilions of his countrymen. He bails frm the interior ot rciin-yivann. Un ednetday last he fell in v, itii a supertitious German iru1. and alluded to lake an interest in tier, and cot her a place in a German family. In Iho couro ol that evening ami tho ne.u day, he persuaded her that ha wa" mspireu ny turn lo claim her as his wife, and kept praying with her, and undo her believe thai he had tiie power to marry l iuioif bv their both going through certain acts of devotion. On I hursday alternion, ho look her to a lav em out ot town, and roiisumatcd Ins purporse, and co. i i. i. . n i . . 1 ,' iu ..,,iii.t-, i,,i .niii.iiy, nun even inirouu ceil heras his wife tosomo German-, into whoso society bo had contrived to thrust hun-elf. A conuoMoii o tii girl mimd out what lnd ti.keii place, and went to a homo in South IS.wtoii where she w as, and took her away. The scoundrel then made preparations to ruii away, mo. HHISI.IUIU- minis wns ujjoii nun in niu even, ing, and secured him, but not before hu had felt the we.glitof the preacher's knuckles, llowas comni.tted to j ul lor trial al tho Municipal Couit. I'l : 11,.., i . .'. . I lit 111 D I1JII1U IS 11UI1IIICI!. HUM. I'oSt, The Galvano Plastic Pi.ocrss a letter from .Munich, says .Mr. I Falsi.', informs us that tho celubratud Uivanan scu.'p'.or, Sligehnaver, u.i iiiuuym, io sueu a siate oi erteciion lm gal-vano-plastic process, that its cffecln would be deemed fabulous were they not publicly e. lubited in the Museum of the Society ot Arts In tlio spice ol two or three hours, colossal statues in plaster aie covered w ill, a n,at 0f cop. per, winch takes wiihtho greatest accuracy the newt m.iiute and doiaatc touches, givin,' tho wholu all the appearance and solidity of tho finest cns in Lrom-e. Mr. Sligelmaycr hah also applied Ins process to tho smallest objects, as flowers, phnv, and even insects, bringing ihcm out witli such accuracy, that they seem to havo been execute!, by thu hands of the most skilful artists. . Whenever we want a loafer lo inalto liiiuselcarce . our sai.c.,1,,,, wo ask li to subscribe and pny m advance. 'I his is a belter weapon than u p.MuUi d isiilwav. loaded. Thu discliaU" (oi th loafer) is nitauiaoous)-.V. a. Crtcmt City. ' U 1()(),()(.HI, acres upon which tbev wa."-'r' p perfect indeed, aro her inonortioiis. I tlienccommmlnhnns ,,r,l,n rnr, '.i. in different tnicts, aiid oimv bic'li . !m'' 0.a'l!ll r l,'!o 1,IU woikniatislup, tlial oven, arc in holtcs. under the dlrn,,,, f a ' cultivate the soil the Govei n- c . , V.?'"1' at u"ce slrlll'I: with her common council. .swml ,ovisin, m i. ,t. r... g them with f.irme.sto instruct ""S"' "llc '"w out t.0U0 ulU., tho furllj lI)Io cur,.s of rcnurlcrs. nnJ nlhrr. HON. WALTL'R FORWARD. A correspnndt'iit of the M.idifonian gives the ollowmg notice of tho Secretary. It ism con or- mity to the praise every where bestowed upun this high functionary. " The I'-ecroinry of tho Treasury. The re cent promotion ol the lion. Walter Forward, to lliolicadol tho VreaMiry Dopnitmont of the Uni'ed iS'inlef, by President Tyler, furnishes a happy illustration of the ngoncy of native talent, intcgrily, inihisliy and pciHevoriince, in roemv- ingiiie mgii nonor.soi mo Kcpniilic. il r. i or ward has liren literally the architect of his (,wn fortune, flo is a native of Hartford County, Connecticut, And. in his vounucr davr. ho lull his native Siate, "AIiko unknown to fortune nnd to fame." "Having removed to Pennsylvania, ho cstab. lished liiimclf nt Vittsburu. an a lawver. and and soon rose, bj his own poreonsd merits, lo an enviable rank, nt thb bar of tho 'Western ecctionof tint Mate. In WS), ho wns elected a member of Congress and for several years be was aMiluoiu and faithful icprcscntativo from tlio Reystouo Coinuioiiwnallli. As a member of the Committer! on .Manufacturer", and, sub sequently, as a Chairman of that Committee, he exercised a cojiaianding influence over thai important branch of tho business of legislation, and proved liimsulf to bo a wise and judicious member of Congress. On his retirement from his scat in Congress, ho loturncd to the practice of his profession, lint his qualifications for the public service were too commanding to escape the attention of the party which prevailed nttiie election of HJ(), nnd, at the commencement ol tho administration of President Harrison, he v, as appended Comptroller of tho Treasury. Ir. ibis station ho discharged hi.s laborious and 'implicated duties so much to the satisfaction ol Pi usident Tyler, that on the retirement of jlr. living, he was elevated to the distinguished ollice of Secretary of the Treasury of the United Stntcs, which ho now fills, with" tlio appruba ion ol the Senate, and to tho entire satisfac tion of his colleaii's. "Mr. Forward is dignified in deportment, con ciliatory in manners, methodical in business, ol industrious habits, and entirely devoted to his arduous duties, lie Ins bad occasion to bestow much attention to political economy and fisca. affairs, and, ai a practical financier, he is pro bably surpassed by no man in tho borvicc of the Government. Nor is there, perhip.i any man m the Umnn in.-,re familiar, fiom practical ex. penance, with the resources and wants of the country, in regard to the complicated system of ru.tional revenue. J lo ii emphatically a man ol deliils, and hau made himself thorough')' ac quainted with the incidental and romoteteiideu cies of graduating duticn and imports on the various nitieics of consumption, in respect to due protection to articlrs of domestic manufacture, and imposing appiopriate burdens on articlrs of mere luxury. "Tins, after all, eoniititutes the great sf-crot r.l financiering, on a national scale, which has been so much tho study and dos.dcrntum of the statesmen of modern times. While, therefore, ',, n'lvcte.- of American industry will find in .Mr. I orwird an enlightened and discreet fiiend, the nation al large will go with hnn, heart and Foil!, in ad just recommendation-, for derivm i suitable proportion of the revenue, from ar". t.cles ot mere luxury. In tho sclott.on, then, ol Mr. I erward, to over the intricate i.m i ouipiiieii attain, oi tho Treasury Depart incut, extemkn t its rnmiflr.n nn fi-.m". ii... ., ire to the remote extremities of the Republic, comprehending every species of revenue, and "i i.mnn.'v connected vv itb e ich and ev ery branch of indu-trv and conuner. re,i resident i yicr has nfihrded'anothersi'-ml instance of devotion to tlio best interests o"the countiy. I Hue, .Mr. Forword has ev-rvnua. hncatmn for his oliice, and bids fair to become as useful as any ono of his predecessors." l''rom the Amcricin of Thur.sJay. The Kauifchatka war steamer, built for the uus-ian government, went to sea yeMerdav, about 1',' o'clock. 'in . i nr. line vessel rcrlinns I ,n r,i ;,. .1... ... ...i.i .f i ... . . . . . . . ' ' 1 "or i ,ase was built in this city under t"u,'?ro arl11 '''I'Cfi'ilemlenee of .Messrs, Robert ii': 'liT"'0... 'ykr' hy wllom ",0 """l"Hing ol !vere mainl dS ScelT "' The bu,ld,r Mr'ttnvi,Mi by common consent, it seems to he l, ,ti .1.... .. . . ......v Tho marl.innsw . i , I .V Co., and it too seemed to us as e , ., . ',,! i 'ts working, to be as complete a niece of work ! as ''n well be put up. e Vr' 1,K"rgo Schuyler who went out in char"e "'',e 'l, muled a m i'r'lilf ",,y. ",' ",,! numerous party of Iricnds I look, to see the work. Hid auiiiid iiitlv unr., tilled. e rail doWII from tlll.'-.r.rl.nrfi.rr.,',.",!,.. North River to the Hook in about hours the engine gaming power as we proceeded and as steam accumulated, bin not .,!.;., i,,u ,.. i we.'e on lioaid, more than !) revolutions, which ! gave about the same number of miles for her peed. She wiP, as she is liirliipnoil r..ap. , bably I'J or l;i revolutions, e"d attain a speed uneijiialled by any war steamer. While under v.ay, no one could im.i"ina that wo were propelled by .Steam power and ponde rous machinery, soiree was the vessel from vibration, and smoothly and silently did the ..v,i.f Arrived of tlio llnol- ....,..., .... board tho Aressoah steam ferry boat which b id i accompanied us, and pivinr three lieartv cheers i to the noble Kamschatka," and uttering manv patriotic wishes that this fine American vosse'l mi''lit h ivu a iirosnerons v,.vn,r,. -n .m,,..,a to the city, finding on board the Aressoah, pro. vided by Iho loiethoiight of .1r. .Vchuvler, a most sumptuous entertainment, in the enjoy, ment of which by his friends, he was freshly remembered. We just loam that when tho Pilot, Mr. Vos burg, ion tho ship, she had a head ol 10 inches o steam, (iho utmost when wo left her was aboiii.'l inches) and that she vvas L'oinir off at vo In a sermon on tho din!, r,r umi;,. ir I Harrison, delivered in 1'isirah rlmprli. u-..n.ii.,r,'i I &JmYu lionary history is mentioned, to illustrate bow i deep were tho pious sentimenis of the patriot fathers win i. .in., I tl,,, .!.,..!., r ,. deuce -Hiouoi inuepon. Gn the ever memorable dth of, 1770, when that band of cn!iK!it,,eil purio'ts and i .....-, iu..i.i mo i.oi.iiric'iini no ,1 sad hearts and dej-cted coiiii'cnance?, were de. ouoLiunoii inu juciaration ol American pendenre, they reached a point pending these deliberations when all hearts were faint, and all countenances deeply sad, and it was icnrcd by many lint the decision would bo .vainst that instrument. Thu destiny u the nal.on boni" m .ven ba.aiices, the shghiest inlluenco would have thrown our fate either way. We had ii'.ched tho point that was io decile our destiny for weal or fur woe. At tint solemn, aw fill vet glonou-ly eventful crisis, that patriot, sa""o, statesman, philosopher, and we tru.t, christian, Il-iomiin Franklin, rose in h.s place and moved "thai it;- hue j.ray, r" The motion was cai i icd vv ithoiit a di-M-ming voice. Dr. .1 lm Withers. I oon, a Scotch Presbyterian clergyman; a mem. berof that Congress, was called upon to oiler up thu prayer. While that prayer was olfured American Independence was bom. These I'ob.'o men rose from thuir bended knees, and signed m s.ilern silence tho ilelnration that seal, ed our mdopeiidence and made us a free people." l'.?Ji"-. L'"G', ,"r -J'-vsviilcsKTls-IIou. Caleb ,'. ? '!"" I'"l'blinl an address lo his . oiislit ems, ii which he reviovvs. with Ins ui.ioiiuiry aluliiy, the !'L,tli.,i"rt",llnaM. ,,t ",0 Stfal f vlove,.,,L;,l, and Lrt fi, I Ic defeiida i,0 t.01irK.j ,)f ( p,,.,,, te'l',? ".n""rc","r".f """ i"ou.'fV. ,i, " r 1.' ,"";',r''s, ,vh" '"'' sanctioned .' r' o'"" '' 0 "' l' -Slates, in winch the i Pre d nt is arraigned n various a,.o,. S,?idX,,A ' tTuVn"c Co"s,"u,iOH "e rc' ' '"-'"'nun crau never sat unon t he I rnnccinent as cm be mac o m ih,. ini,r,,,, , .i ' s. Jni DAY iMOItNiNo, oCTOIir.S, 1 B4 1. GROGAN I)LS'CUARGi:D. Tim Hcting Governor of Canada being of opinion that "discretion is tho better pait of valor," ordered Grogan to ho instantly re leased, nnd ho was accordingly conducted to tho lines on Monthly evening, and set nt lib u'.'y. Report says that IU was furnished with a new suit of clothes, and some other compensation in n pecuniary point of view, but of this ,vo arc tun asgure(i Certain it is, however, that tho Colonial authorities were anxious to get rid oftlieir customer and have been very prompt in disavowing the act. So far well. Ul what course- will Ibey pursuo in reference to tho perpetrators? Will they bo nriested and held lo answer I'm- thn high handed outrage 1 Wo shall see. lint in the mean timo, will not our nutbor itesinako a demand for the surrender of the miscreants, to bo tried and punished by the laws they have so wantonly outraged i Tlwy should do so, without delay, nnd stern ly insist upon it. There can he no difficul ty in identifying tliu perpetrators. 7'lie Montreal authorities know from whose hands they received Grogan, anil his keepers of course knew who were his captors. Let those individuals bo held to answer. Tho Riitish Government avows the act witli which M'Leod stands charged, and up on that ground claims an impunity for him ; but in this case the Govornment expressly (lisuruws the act, admits its enormity, nf tcmps to make restitution to' the individual sufferer; nnd of course, upon the same prin ciple that it cl aims M'Leod, should surren der the kidnappers of Giogan. We know nothing of Grogan we care nothing about him individually ; Rut if one individual may he kidnapped nnd im prisoned by Rnlish authorities for a suppos ed offence, so may another, and another:

and if such a band of ruffians upon our bor der are to escape punishment, under the mete "disavowal," of tho constituted author ities of Canada, then is the condition of our frontier inhabitants deplorable indeed, and the protection which tho governniont pledge es to tho humblest citizen, indeed an idle SOlig. TRIAL OF McLFOD. The trial oI'McLeod was to commence on Monday, at Utica, Judgo Gridloy presiding. It will doubtless occupy tlio wholu week, as there is said to bo an immense amount of testimony offered on both sides. The ex citement among a certain class of sympathi zers was intense, who are for condemnation. Rut it is believed there is no sort of excite ment which will prevent a fair trial. The V... V...'. ; '" j oi is jji ubs is present nn mass, uur Utica paper states, thai a cloud of witnesses have reached that city against McLcod. Fheller, Sutherland and McKenziu are on the ground. The defence will consist prin- cipallly of depositions proving an alibi which havo been taken by commission in Canada. Utica, Si'tirday, I', M, All is now rrady for Hie trial of McLcod, which wi.l comtutntc on .Monday, nnd ''no mist-ikc." Such ar- eomucteu Willi lli pnss, vv ho aro on thu Kmiind S'"1 "'C K""1' an'1 ,vc,t 11,0 numbtr I1"'"'!" r iori ami ll.o flicnll, n will be seen by iiiuujiiiiiiiii i fvmi wiin liiii, lias taken swisun d.Ic inca-urc-to secure for all lnvinjj bus.nrss vviihin doors, ficc ingriss nndi-src, to tru-iril-nir-iinsi :mv omrngo or iniliuiiity to ilic the primmer, (winch, bv the way, nobody apprehends, u fir n I can 1,'ini) and ijeiicially for the prcervation of good ordtr dur- 1115 llio trial. Liiilrr llicse circuriislnncrs. frnm ilm 1"nw intrepidity nr., clli -iency of the .Vlurilf nnd th ni mral cunosiiv i heir tlictcsmnonv, every thing bids fair for an orderly and satisfactory" disposition or the important out'siiou nt isuc. The whole of Monday will probably lie consumed in the iirrniipiiutnt tf llio prisoner and impannulling ilicjury, iiii'l in die court for obvious reasons, will not sit in the c veiling;, the taking of testimony will no do 'bt occupy the rct of die w eek. 1 infer as much from the largo number of witnesses on the pari nf the people, llioii;;!! It is possible tint tho exclusion of tc li",ul,v "ny abridge the trial materially, and brins ii tu a closo "hi" ll,L' wet-k' JU THE CABINET COM PL FTC. ' IIo.v. Juu.v C. Si-nxcr.n, Suchut.viiv or War. This Gentleman returned on Saturday night to this city from Washington, on his way home to Albany We hear from Washington and otherwise a',l,!lt the Fresident offered him the post nf nocri'tarv nt War. ol which Hie ,l, ...... no doubt. This nnnointinent ofa Secwinrv of U'.... ctetary, is calculiiteil to give new confidence to the Whigs of New York, and the Whh's of tho . . . .... . a union. Air. Spencer is now Secretai v of '?'latu lor t'10 of New York, and is ono of tho most able and eminent men ".ii;iiiiiiii"iis. ill i lis :i nil. , nr 1,1 11,1, I. ,..,.. 11 , .. , r . latum for many years, a Speaker of tho IIouso of .lsscmbly, a member oftlio .t'lalo .S'tmato, ami a member of Congress, (with Mr. Tyler wo believe.) Ho, with Mr. R. F Riitlerand John Uuer, revised tho .Statutes of New York ; and as a Lawyur and Jurist, is second to no man in tho Sunc. Hu is niiouuiityyeaisoiugc, in the pi nno or liTe, ! kr.,vu noticu tu tho president of t,u United full of health and activity, and will most ef- j sj,aies in November, ISIS, that thu govern liciently administer the duties of Societary ,uni had found it necessary to increusu their at War. Though ho will bo a gteat loss to ' armament on the Lakes. ' the .Statu of New York, wu trust ho will accept tho plai n for a vv ider field of action at Washington. Jhprcss. Co.Mi'i:i.Mr..rvnv to thi: l'lsnss. Tlio correspondent of iho Now York Commer cial .ldveitisersays that Mr. Corning, Pres ident of tho Utica and .Schenectady Rail Road Company, determined lo urn an Express lino daily dm big thu liinl of Mc Lcod for the accomodation of thu Press at the entire expense, nj the Company. V'nis act of liberality is worthy of uckuovtledo ment, WHAT HAVK WE GAINFI). Thu opposition papers insist that nolhing was accomplished nt tho Special Sussion, uml that thus far tho ascendency of thu Whig party has been unproductive of good to the country. Not being willing that the administration of Mr. Van Ruroii should suffer by contrast witli that which is now in power, thoy seek to reduce thu list of the hitter's good acts to tho smallest possible compass, sensible that if they concede to it any merit, they admit its superiority over its predecessor. A brief glancu nt tho acts ofthu Special Session will satisfy the most prejudiced thai moro was accomplished in these three uventful months, both for tho relief of the people and for tho country, than was effected during tho entire twelve years of Jackson and Van Ruren misrule. Tho Federal Sub-Treasury, tho only measure perfected during thondininistration of Martin Van Ruren, which proposed to oxact cold and silver from the people in n and which placed tho entire revenues of this Republic under tho control of the President and his corps of collectors and receivers, has been repealed by a decisive vote and no longer cumbers the Statutn Book. The proceeds of thu sales of the Public Lands, averaging tlireu millions of dollars annually, have been secured to the several States, and instead of being lavished upon parly favorites and squandered m carrying on Indian wars and patching up Indian treaties, will now bo ap lied to the great objects of internal Impro vement and universal Education. Tliu defences of the country so uttotly and unjustifiably neglected by the last adiui nistration, havo received that attention from thu Whig administration which their importance demands. The fortifications along the seaboard, the forts on the frontier aru in prioress of rapid completion, and our gallant navy, thu pride of tho whole country has been sliengthened hy tho addition of a Homo Squadron, and is to ho further in creased by the construction of several Steam ers and Ships of War. Provision has been made for tho payment of the Public Debt incurred through the im providence of thu last administration, and a Revenue Rill lias linen passed which, while replenishing tho Treasury exhausted by Van Ruren extravagance, will help to protect. American industry from foreign competition And what, perhaps, more than any other one measure, has dispelled thu gloom which hung over thn land, a General Rankrup Law, "proclaiming liberty" to the unfortu nalo debtors throughout this broad tepiiblic, has been adopted by Congress, and will erelong lend its influence to revive business and restore general prosperity. Such are the prominent acts of the Special Session thu result ofthu first half year of Whig ascendancy. Rut whilu every Whig contemplates with mingled emotions of prido and plensuro this gratifying record, let him remember, that to preserve these ricli fruits our party's ascendancy must be maintained. Loco-Focoism already threatens tiie testora tion of the Federal Sub-Treasury and tin: repeal ofthu Revenue, O'stribulion and Rank rupt laws. Rut Loco-Focoiain can only hopoto regain power through the apathy or indifference of tho Whigs. Tlio great ma jority of tliu people aru now, as in IS 10, opposed to that unholy alliance between Southern Nullification and Northern Agr.i riaiiism, in support of which tlio defeated partisans of Mr. Van Uuren aro again must ering in tiie field, n our own Slate a large majority of the electors aro and will continue to bo Wines. Union, effort, organization will bring every Whig to thu polls, and thus secure tho victory. Rut tlieso are requisites to success which cannot be dispensed witli. Against a disciplined fuu disciplined forces must hi! used. We know too that thoy can only ho beaten by energetic, harmonious, persevering effort. Alb. Adv. RitiTisu Sri:.v.M.siiifs oxthi: Lakhs. A good deal of solicitude has been produced on tho frontier by thu Rritish Government building several armed steam ships on the L ikes, ami tliu opinion prevails that it lias been donu in violation oftlio treaty between. Great Rritainand this country. Thu Alba ny Evening Journal gives tho facts in thu matter. A treaty or arrangement was madu in 18 17 between tho two countries, hy which it was stipulated that the naval fotces to bo maintained upon thu American Lakes hy tho respective parlies, should thereafter be con fined to thu following vessels on each side : "On Lake Ontatio, to ono vessel not ex ceeding one bundled tons buiden, mid armed with an eighteen pound cannon. "Ou the Upper Lakes to ono vessel not exceeding aliku burden, and armed with liku force. "On thu waters of Laku Champlain, one vessel not exceeding like buiden, and armed witli liku forcu" It is further agreed, that if either party should thereafter bo dcsirious of aunullm''1" thu agreement, and should give six months nolicu to tint effect, thu agieeuient should cease lo bu binding after thu expiration of llio six months. Tho Rritish Government Mr. Van Huron seems tu havo supposed that it was perfectly proper and safu to let thu Riitish Government havo aslaiL'o a forcu upon tho Lakes as it pleased, and to leave thu frontier defenceless on our part. Aurtcsr op tiii: Foimmti-.i!, Wo loam from tho New York American that Iho ingenious forger, who obtained'.OOO from Ri own, llrotheisit Co. and .Mr. Corriu of New York city, was arrested on Sunday' ii tnniiiiiY ' S M CCD Mr,!,,. , ilotiroc a Philadelphia, ami the sum of found on linn. His namo is Col, Edwards, Albany Adv, Till LATH nr.KOTIOX. j Wo usk thu attention of our leaders to the following communication, which wo cut from tho last Watchman, ll presents, as we believe, thu truu causes of tho defeat of the regular candid itus for Statu Officers and points out tho duty oftlio Legislature in tonu wo havo no doubt, will bo responded to hy every Whig member. .So far as wo know tho seiiiiinenis of tho Whigs in 'It's section of tliu statu theiu is hut ono opinion on thusubject. And wu hope every Whig member from this county will ho on the ground in seasoiilodepositchisvolu for COL 1MLN.E and secure Ins election at tho first ballot. Every exertion will ho made by tho Locofoco members to dividu tlio lFliigs and thereby defeat an Election. Rut their gainu is understood nnd wu have no doubt that the IFbig members will present an undivided 'rout in favor of tlio leguhir nominee. RLRCTION OF GOVKRNOK. Mit. F.nit-oit : I suppose it is now settled tint the people of this state failed to choose a tiovcrnor at the late election and that tho choice of that officer will, therefore, devolve upon our legislature at its approaching session, l pro pose therefore, (with your permission) to sub- mit a few observations upon tho causes which led to the defeat of the lobular Whig candidate and upon what seems to me to be the impor. ativo duly or the Wing members ol tiie i.egis lature in consequence thereof. Conspicuous amniiiithe causes which conlri buted lo defeat the regular ticket was the dissat isfaction of the Peonlo with the statu of anair.- at Washington. The lato veto of President Tvler of the favorite measure of those who clec ted him a measure which received the almost unanimous approbation of tho Whig members in both branches ol our National Legislature; the conlident prediction!: which were too soon verified of those who wo.u suppofed to bu in the confidence of Mr. Tyler, that the second bill framed with express relercnce to his opinions would bo met by a second veto; the rumors, which were generally beliovcil, mai me oau not would be disolvcd, which is now a matter of history ; thu hesitation of Iho Senate to conhrm the nomination ol l.nw.vr.n hvnnr.TT as minis ler to F.nglaud and the fear that his nomination would bu rejected ; and, last though not leart, the appearance of Mr. Roll's letter, tilled with charges of the basest treachery agam-t the Pre sident, coolly and deliberately alarming that bo dc.ngucd to abandon the party which elected him and place himself at the head ofthu Loco Foros, who, every body knew, were ready to receive him with open arms; tliese unwel come facts and ill boding pred.ct.ons, spread he- lore the people on the eve ol the lato election operated like a ic bbtuket upon the Whirrs ol this slate anil ei ited an unnatural enthusiasm in the ranks of tiie opposition. The coiiseipien ce was that imny of thu strongest wings in the statt. yielding to the excited toolings ol a tern porary mortification, refused to go to the polls at all. l ithers, eipialiy strong m inoir attach ment to true principles, hut ascribing the veto ot the Hank bill to the same inlliionce winch in diireil the Senate to delay acting upon .Mi; RvKiinTi's nomination, vo ed tli,! ih r.l ticket. Another prominent cau-e of doleat of the regular ticket was tho nj a'htj of the party and the general feeling of rtlaxalhm which perva ded "the whig ranks. As the strong man, alter having been constantly at work, night and day, lor weeks in succession, when Ins labor is ond ed, yields to the natural feelings of exhanst.oii, sinks to rest and his muscles become relaxed so the great sinew's of the Whig party had not renewed themselves to their wonted tension Iroin the ritttjise into which they fell after the mighty revolution we achieved Iat fall. The gi uit "who guards the citadel of our liberties Ind not fainy awoke Irom his slumbers. lie only gaped once, opened one eye and streache.i one arm. when lie perceived that the enemy bad nlmo-t overpowered hnn. li lt .Mr. Editor, when tho contest comes ou next year, this sturdy old veteran will bu fully arroused Irom his drowsi ness. ISolh eyes will be open then, every limb will be in motion, every musclu nerved and w.lh one blow of his brawneyartn he wi.l make nv. J r ol w hat little Locolocoisui he left in Ver mont lat tall. These two causes alono aro sufficient to ac count for the detent of the regular whig candi dates for stale officers, and llieir operation has not been confined to Vermont. Look at the rosiilt oftlio latu elections in Ujiuu and India na. In M line though the sama candid itu was run by tho wings tins year whom tbev elected last, vet ho was detealed by nearly luvlve l!wu umil voles, and m Indiana the wings have not polled so many votes by nearly .n'y thousand as they did al the la'o election a year ago. And yet in neither ot the.'o states h is the Loeoloco vole been increased nor has it in Vermont. Mow then is this great falling off in the whig vote to bo acco'iuted lor ! is it lo be imputed to the MHiiiiiiriy nf the cuitlUfa.'es Mani festly not for in .Maine, ad wu havo seen, the sauio candidate wn run this year who was so successful last. Sufficiently apparent, there fore, it must bo to every calm, dispi-sionate oh. server, that, in the two above mentioned states, tho same cousos must havo been in operation i which have proved disastrous to tho wings ofj our own. , It nt thoro was another cause, Mr IMitor, for i tho defeat of (.'ol. Painc, an unpleasant one to give, indeed, hut winch a lull conviction of its existence compels me to assign. I allude to the great multiplicity of candidates who sought the numiiuitiun, or at least whose friends sought it lor them. Almost cvciy county in tliu state famished one, and some two or three. Tho consequence was that tho friends nf the unsuc cessful candidates were dissatisfied with the nominee, and hence tho iniinuntinns winch have been brealhtil m certain ipiatters against Col Panic. Now if there is ono kind of opposition moro difficult to encounter th in any other, it when one insinuates in whispers what be lacks the manliness openly to charge against another. The general tendency of these insinuations has been to produce the conviction that Col. Paine is mi;'o,'(i!r. If he is ro, f.'.osr iciomie mstrtn t'iiisi, iiitiintaimd that he i.s unpopular arc ae ctiunt'iili'? for it rather than himself. Hut those who havo preferred tlur grave charge ngaint him, point triumphantly to the result oftlio late election as an evidence of their superior saga city ! Hut is that a proper ! clearly not, u tho two lirt causes I havo assigned for his do feat had any ellect in producing it. Anil who will as-ert 'that tbev did not ! The true way to tost his popularity is to compare his vote with that oftlio candidates tor Lieutenant Governor and Tre iMirer on the same ticket and il it (alls tnv Aunirvf below .Mr. RmnyV or .Mr. Spa l ng's I shall bo very iiuith disappointed. At any rate, I undertake to say, without tho fear oi being contradicted by anv intelligent whig in the s ate, tint il President Tyler find signed the liist bank bill, if the nomination of Mr. F.veret' lud been prompt 'y confirmed by iho Seinte.nnd il harm my had existed between the Pro-idem, b.s cabinet and the wh g member of Congress, that Col. Paitio would liavo been chosen Gov. eruor ol Vermont by the people at tho late eloc. tioi by a handsome imjonty, his boai-lnl unpopu. lardy and tho general apathy of tlio Wlngb tu the contrary mitteithatuiuting. Hut 1 havo drawn out my observations to a much gioaler length th in 1 originally intended, and have left but very bltlo room to sneak upon the second branch ol my subj"it, viz. tho duty oftlio whig members of the Legislature. And as lo their duty in this matter 1 havo but one word to offer. It lies open so clear and plain bcl'oio them that they cannot mistako it if they would. They aru coiil'med in t heir choice ot Governor to tho three lugbost candidates before ihoioople, and oven if they had tlio whole world to choose from it would bo thu height of lice it would be ungenerous .to abandon Ci in. r.uiio lur lll'v noma "i .-i.i. ...v.M.,, .1,., r' " "f irgima abtrncii.niis,i iho in nu I reasu" of al! ourl'1 ""l";"' w',at honorable- politician, what icy will bo guilty of adopting 1 euch a suicidal policy ! Tlie bono and mmclo, , Paine fiirtbv' laii.tsnt John Vyleraiid Ins tho health and streiielb of the wlm ! V erniulif Ii ivo honored ,.n'......- While many Uf the narlv were rennminr in n,',nil. under Impending disasters, in tho midst of Pre sidential Vetoes and threatened Senatorial pros cription of northern freemen,fi; eny on- thmttand nifis, iiuiorriiiL'ii anu uniiauiueil, went to the polls and gavo him their votes. And he de- frit a litem. 1 Know mm well. I havo known lo"Kj A more straight forward, liminriibie, lugh mi'ided man cannot ho found m Vermont. A ruor wing breathes not the air of New F.ngland. Jiid iniilorsiicb circumstances shall ho boaban nnedby n H'fng- Legislature If ,, is to bo l 'HIS uilveu. I li.s...... ..t.-ii l i... i.. .. , Ot ioill. UU ll.US.Ull- d ainoiiL'. THE WIIIGS OF ADDISON COUNTRY AsOTiir.n Sr.ui tif .... . Sale, Itccsie, sn,3. ',' " ''';- ' city on 1' iday, from the American Con-ul nt St. Mens, which stale that the brig fiphhcr la a of ... ,,, oi.uncii so, mi by the. riti-h coast of A Tho Cipher lelt Salem in comm'amUf Ilayley. fchc a, , rnhe,iai M I'oriuiriiese, tor the sum or -7,50CiO, and on the 11th oUuly was tnken possession or by Ibrj llntisli brie lirsrm, on eharct-of bi ing intended and fittinaup or tho slave uadc. Suits were instituted and' tho brig was condemned in a Court of Admiral v." Tlio forcible abduction of Grogan by a parly of llritish soldiers, is a subject which imperiously demands tho notico of our Gov ernment. Il ho be uverso -rreat n vihiio !i . e 1 '- is no excuse for a violation of our territory, inu we nave no doubt imt thu Rritish autho rities will promptly disavow (he act, and maku restitution for the injury comniittod. i they will not, then it becomes the duty of our Government lo act at onco with prompt ness ami vigor, Hy making reprisals upon llritish Teiritory. This country b0ro too long under the pusillanimous administration of tho feeble-minded Van Ruren, the out rages and injuries of England. Tho timo has arrived, when, if wo would not again become the contempt and derision of all Eu rope as we were from 1S01 to 1S12, we should arouso ourselves and show to Great Ilrilain and thu world that a remnant of tho old Teutonic fire of our Saxon ancestors vet burns within our breasts. If wu submit lon ger to thu seizuro of our ships on tho coast of Africa by Rritish cruisers, and to tha violation of our tcnitory by Rritish troops, how long will it bu before thugasconadin gand contemptible Frenchman, the sleepy Span iard and the beggarly Portuguese, will also imagine that they too can insult us with im punity as they did in thu davs when wo paid tribute to the piratical despots of Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli. Troy Whig. ycmjnc: ml.vs I'lisi.ic .'.iTTTjtinc:. -It a meeting of thu young men of tho Town of Rurlington, held al the Court Room on the yiJlh nist. for tliu purpose of expressing llieir feelings and sentiments in regaidtotho lato forcible sei.ure nnd nbduction of James W. Gnou.v.v, from the territory of the Slate of Vermont by a Rritish armed forccc. .1. S. was called to the chair, and Joseph W. Allen appointed Secretary. On motion the chair appointed John B. Johnson, and 11. P. Herrick, a committee to draft resolutions for the consideration of the meeting. Wbilu tlio Committo wcro absent the nieetin was ably and judiciously address ed by several gentlemen present. Thu committee reported the following res olutions which after some vcrv spirited and patriotic remarks vveru unnnimuuslv adopted. ItMlrtd, That m iho prisem Male of affairs be tween liriat llritanain! our own country it is incum bent upon usas joun.'iiient U watch wnl: the Grtot est vigilance our riybts, and t'uard as a sacred trcai urenur .N!i,mal Uui.ur. AY oritf, That we'deeni an expression of the opin ion, of the yi ling un n, in regard to the-late outrace not only proper, but necessary, as coming Irom those who are to be more imiiicdiatily engaged in lh do!', nee or the country. Hcsotmt, That in our opinion the tune is not hr distant, When Virmont will have an opportunity to lo cor maintain the tq utation uf the Liiun Moun tain llnys. Il-utrid .That wo view the lata High Handed Outrage! the .soldiery ol Great llntaiu, ns in perfect union wild her previous course and as such, callinc Tor the iiidixnatmn of the I'eo, !e or the I'nilcd Mutes ami sironL' rc.olutc u on the pari or the young- men. fMurti.Tlint we would discountenance, an v act of retaliation on the put id tin- p, oplerjf the L'nitid'Slates nil, the act i suit-tinned by the (n mra! Government. !atohedf Tnat thjujli (Ire n liritam be a Uuack anion,' nations vit we should rifiisc her precr'u iions though they be Opium itselrsiven on the point ol a liavoiiel. A'esurr,, 'I hat ncknowlpd-nni; llie truth of the nmiin ' Old men for counsel, ynum; men for war." we are ready to assist m llie i:icuuon of the Coun sels or ase and experience, with the vicor and streneth nfvouih. .'s, trcd, 'lint we fully co.ncidc with the last Ivcsoluiion or the previous inectins and dltdee our s Ivi s to enter the Ilanks ordie fill y thousand in cate Voted, that the proceedings ofthe meeting together with tliu resolutions, be signed by thu Ch lirnmn and Secretary and published in the papers of this town. On motion the meeting adjourned, sine die. A. S. W.IR.NER, Chm'n. J. W. .-h.i.r.v. Secretary. For the Rurlington Free Press. Jht. EntToit. It having become customary to notice in the public prints, any extraordi nary production in the vegctabio creation, " ith a challenge to any one to show its su perior, send you tho subjoined account of a sun-llow cr raised the past season in the garden ofEmera Taylor Esq., of this town t grow on a stalk about 7 feet in height, and measures just 5 feet in circumference, and 1!) inches in diameter across tho face o tho disc, having myself witnessed the ad measurement taken by Esq. Tavlor himself, submit the above for thu perusal of your readers, and ask any one to beat it if they can. Yours. J. JOHNS. Huntington, Oct. 1, lSdl. N. R. The said Sunflower can bo seen, by any one who doubts the above, at the housu of Mr. Tavlor, in this town. -lnnusTor Cot. Gunnw In reference lo this affair tho .Montreal Herald of Satur day has a lengthy article, from which we tuko the following paragraph : "lt'liro,'mwasnrrc--i,'l.nsit n confTdenily staled he was, on Amci. can soil, he w llneturrdly be puen up to tin' Aimn an nutl.oriiu s, and thru by iseap tliepuuisliiuenl which would have been nwardtdhun had be beni .irrestedoa llrilisli territory." Tho Montreal Transcript of tho same date holds tho following language: "Iftheraels thai hive been slated are rullv sUb. tumbled and proved, Grouaii w.ll be set at liberty, and s, witnuui birdi r ceremony ;and we only w :h llnllhc Ainericin Gmi ral nnd State Governments will unitale thoevHinple m their treatment or .Me. I.eod." Tap. C.vsr. oi- Giiou.v.v. Wo have hu -thority for saying that tli6 case of Grogan has aheady been inadothe subject ofa corn- - - t niunicatiun by tho American Government , tin Ilrisi, Minister at Washington. X , . . tl!"1'-'""'