Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 8, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 8, 1841 Page 3
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Pi Mrs-rnntous Oeot ni!t:cr.. Tliu I'ills Intrg Cliroiiielu status tlinl :i valunliln rar rlagi! worth proli.tbly flvuorsix liinidn'il dol lars, was, three or lour days since, discov ered anions tliu buslius near tlio r.inn of n Mr. IlurnsiJo, silltatrd srvrinl miles out on tlio liiuwucsvillu road. It was entirely i'iiip ty ; tliuru vvtio no horses attached to it or found in tho vicinity, and nothing was seen which might load In the discovery of who was its owner, when it was left, or under what circumstances, except the 11.11110 of the manufacturer, which wo did no t learn, and tho placu where it was manufactured, Rich mond, Va. The desertion of a valuable piece of properly in tho midst of a peaceful community, without apparent cause, lends lo the suspicion that there has been foul play used with the owner, whoever he may have boon. The horses being gone tends to con firm this suspicion. I'roiinttio National Intelligencer. o i' riUA 1,. to Tin: uon, u iiohiiii:. Acting I'oil Muter flcneml. Sir 'Information li'iving been received in a form entitled lo attention llml the Postnns ler nt Pennsylvania, and , olnn, hate so far violateJ obhgilious which they impliedly assumed on taking office under my ndniuusttntion, of a stain ing from my active pal tisnnship, or 111 any way con uncling thoofliciB with pally pohti. , or using them for party purposes, I haw 10 tcpicst that mquuies shall bcinsiaiitly in-niuli'd mlo ihi.'ir conduct, and that if the chargi against them be to tine, they be immediilcly liiinul mil of nllico and citizens nppoin ted in their placu who will othtruiseoondiict lliein seltes. Tho 1'o-t Office Department, in all its operations should he conducted tor the finale purpose nf accom plishing the important objects lor w Inch it was estab lished. It should m an especial manner, so far as 1:1 practicable, h? disconnected from parly politics, it wan establish) d lor spccifud ot eminl im portance to every citizen. To cunvcit it into an cu jjinoof paity, to housed for party purposes, ia to moke it a fruitful bourco uf the most alarming rtils. Kamilied as it is, and extended lo iery neighbor-! hood, the purity cf us adniimstrntion, and neecssaiily if Its agents, should hi parli ulnily (jiiaiihd. I'ora Deputy Postmaster to use his iianking pritihgc (a privilege-biblnvved upon him for ihc sole purpose of txunirating hiin fiom ripprts nc (hnigesin the nc-ces-ary correspondence ol his office) l seal ctiug (it er the c 'iinlry pliamp'cts, newspapers and proceedings 10 itiiiiieucc e.ecnoiis, is 10 outrage all iitoprn IV, nnu must not lor a (lav be toloiHli ih Lei il is be I' tt to I tl,n ,i t . 1... 1.1 1... 1 r I the politicians. I Mm Id be happy if one or twj ev smplt"! shall be found niflicient lo c lie t an cul wli.en lias so I'xlciiaivelr prt'Mnl' d. A Ooon Ktorv Velne benru a urLat manvprv plans, bio stones m our day, bill just al ibis pa tirulur junctuic we aic uiiabli lo think of any ill mi; whi.b will even bold a tamilc to ibe one whii b follows. If any two-lc'.'e'd ammil, with a "litimaii luce diine" for a lioniitpiet e, can tell any tluug mene n 'SonaMe wc should be ex 'cidingly hanpv lohrar it. V U Pic. "In the days of our graivliatWrs th"ie was one Joi Itowers, tonspicuons aboc alt worn rs fir mittm; ultciition 10 Ins " I ul) b' e." Ly n, .hi and day, in st"nn or 111 culm, be Hiew lint one lead, mid that h-d to his mistics' home. Ills do, his horse, his cat eveiy thing lint bcloinrcd to linn went that way, and no other. Kwn an 1 Id pair ol hools W ihrecw away one night, uric found tho iiet morn ing kicking aguuiBt bur door, w lib ibe toes turned out just as ho used to wear t icm, lming travelled two miles ma amli night, with no other guide than llieir knowledge of the road 1" Win-oats, the Default r.n. The Ualc.'fh Register fsy, that this man. who was cashier of Ibe ltaleigh ISranch of the Hani! ol Capo I'ear, is ai-tually a tit loulter. The amount of the deficiency is bewcm '.I and 10,000 dollars, for which the l-nir securities to the nflicinl bond are amply lesponnblc. so lint Ibe Hank will lose nothing. Mr. Wmgate lias bien a mc-t rcspeclable man, and is conmctcd with ninny ol the most icFpectablo families 111 Wu'uiuigton. It is said that he isn victim to that most fatal icc, gimlling. Rr.Mtiss or CoMononF. I'kbuv. Tho remains of Coruo ore I'erry' (says the Xowport lluald ot the Tunes.) were mooted jesleiday nllciiioon Iiom the grnte, wheie .hey hate icuiaincd 'liiee ihej wi'n uro.ighi from Timidad, to llieir new and final ltsiing place nt tho eide of ihc monumeni' win. h is to bo at once completed, under the direction ol a committee ol the Slate, 'I he outsideronin was almost cntiiely decajtd, Having the leaden cssee.postd to view. Pl'NNV lNCIP'JNT REtr.FTIONOF Tun Pnivcn nE Joinvilef. The Plulnitrlphn I hroniclc stale-, that n the Prince de Jonivdle was pisslng up Huh me. t from Wslnut, in company wuh Mr. Ploot, ibe I'icncli consul, on luesilay nllcrnoon, a large ci own ol Hoys i foilnved them, anuus to calch a glimpse of a mil Piin'-e. The Police ofliccis, slandii'g ot the lot It-op house, corner of filth nnd Chesnnt streets, seeing a concourse of persons coining up I'll'lh slieet, thought It was one of their brother oll'ieeis bringing up aprs oner from the w harf. "Ch ar that pasvige-" p-ittl one of the officers. ''Open one of iboao cells," ere d another," 'here's Lev. .Smith wuh n pickpoe' e'." Great was their nil prise when the crowd came up, to see a fair looking touih, sn tiling Hiking and bow ing to a very goal liuniorcd rrcnclinrui. A loud roar of IjuIiUi burn lioni nil pit rem at tho disap pointment uf ihe ollice-rs. Sedhntauv H.!iit.. It is not improha hlethiit even public speakers, clergyman es pecially, are quite as often and eHectunlly injured by their .sedentary habits, as by too much, or too loud spcakinj:. Those who sit much, are ery apt, either from carelessness or uccossity, to acquire the habit of sitting in a bent tnisiton. indeed, a person's health may be ruined and such no doubt the often result, among; children and even adults in shops and factories by standing in one pos ture, especially if the posture is bad, as well as sitting. Whatever posturo of the body U long continued, if it is confine or compress the lungs, and prevent or obstruct the fiee circulation of tlio blood through them, must inevitably occasion injury. TKMPEHANCE. Thro will bean adjourned; of the Hurlinglon Toisl Abstinence Society at the Court House this cvrningnt half past six o'clock A'l that frit an inter est m the cans i of Teinprrnn'-e. Ladies as well as Gentlemen, arc cmncMly desired lo attend. iTr-l 1 rT-:--- 1 J?Z-r- . C,"J '-i H THOMAS will continue his Auction Sales in . tho afternoon of'ctcry Wednesday and Satur day. A laign q nnlily of Household rurnilure of riiflercnl desi riptions will lie ollirtd, tngcllur with .Stovisil tnrious kind', willi pipe. Sales of Dry Goods, Cutlery, Clocks, Jcwdry. iVc, ic., will be ellen-d Tuesday, lliuisday and balurdnv (tenng until furtle r notice. October 1.13 1 TO HI'. SOLI) AT Al t TION. On Saturday, O-o ber t) b 1S11, .n 0 (.'clock P. M. lit John I Iowa r P 1 al 1 in II riiuv'cn, il.o I ill-1 lom'e Durham IHJ1.I., I ( pi ut the firm of D. Reel 1-q in Celclu-lcr, in Ihe liuimer 1 1 lbtll, anJ Hie pa l (Uinmcr ly Ibe Apne'iliural s.ocnty iu ,VieIU tn. '(his animal is a- peifei-t m hi lloed and prop ion a, anv m iln- S'aie, Mown ind ly the famo i llullllauqeo in I'liglnii'l, Hi- I am wa- S.i'ly Ri. h-nrd-. ininericllv Charles linen, .Men haul of llu my ol Now York. for hi-1 ri Re d cu II, Green, of Win-low, in the Mate ( I Jl.une. 'Ibe S.i'lf Ji"barN nrritt'dni New Y(.rkeuily iutl.e-rni! d ln3'J. and e.n lb'' 10. li May of ibe nii.e spring I rengbi iln- nui nuil, Hy rtferciwc to ibe lierd Hool.- n will le fund that ibe al ove. auinmls are de-een '.mis of Mr. Charles Ceiling's improved ln rl borne I liurbnin-. tVt-tcbloni lind au opporiiinuy m tti i seeiion ofeoun. tryff RCtl.'ngK puie I locdel nniiii d, ' In-is Iclie vl lo 1 e one III- nock is of i superior qu.iluy j n. will le .linwn 1')' 'l II upon Ihe groim I nl tbet meol f ale mid I V certificates el r.irmers w here he ha- bere tolorelccn kept. IL 'IIIOMAS, Aueiionccr. ' TO HUM. " A PPAV in the I'.j iscojial I. hutch, pleasantly m'tu. sled poa-e-'ion niitn immediately, inquire of Oct. f, m. f'AKRAK cv. WA?T. LHI' 01,' i.r.T't'p.tM ril'TTi'i'"" '" ,l"3 1,051 Onko 1,1 llnrlmglon, Vt. fico. It. Jewctt Win. O. J0I111-011 Win. Jardni", or Jordan K I'rn Kcnficld Hariict Kingsley It Capt. l.allnop John l.av.'rcnco John Lewis Mr. Ling Rusitl l.awrenco J. W. Li v nils I.athiop A- I'otwin D. .Stephens Ion Hhodu I inunwoith Charles Landry .11 Lemuel 11. ."Miller Jacob .Mac k Leonard Mills Charles 5Iooto Jos. I!. .M" Donald Itufus Mnhsfiild Saw.tcrJ. .M'Clollan Warren II. .Marsh Moes It. Miiusoii Jliiiufoiil A- Ills-sell Ililleii 5Ionison Margaitt Murphy Abigail Moses Pianos Mablcau V.. V.. Mnlliuit John Haiislo .Haillct 1'rancois Mnllo I'uienuo .Midland Itcniy II. Newell David Nnis Mrs, Thomas Ncwlon I'.. A. .Mien J William Applcton I'lm Anderson Jl.ityJ Alexander Ambrose Atwater tolin Ainold Thomas Atwater llmry Allen '2 II Charles Itiollms Charles Hlanchetl 'J'limas Rcttco John ISurwcll '2 Rums C. l'uilo I'liinklm Rniker Thomas Hates Russell II l'.ltarilcit Abraham Ihadley John Hell George Harris .Simeon A. Hritton It. I). l!o)d Nnlhniuil Hlood 2 K. I., Ilurton J, S, Dhu 'ynlha Heedle .Maltha Hrown lralllin Louis Hremrich Louis liiow 11 CI1.11 ley IJurgor Theodore Houlieu Lewis liiow mil C AH in It. demons I. "VI C.irringlon ltoyal I',. Cubley tier. V, Cnrpcutcr II. 5?. Clapp George Cnipcnter Wm A. Clark 2 Henry R. Cleveland (ten. ComstocU Abel Croo!,cr Miriam li, Clonal Alary Carpenter I Inrrict Corning Caroline Ciablreo I'.ha I.. Crocker l'li'lic Shyallu Jean H-iptisle Courtille 2 I'lancis Chcrricr I-.. Gulbrit I) Lmilv Drew or J. 1t. Potter I'cter Hoik Abiur l'cikins (mo. l'eli rson 2 Kcv. M. 1'aiandier Charlotte I'aido Ji tin D. Pickering I'icrsou l'hillips Mis. I'orleous Charles W. Hotwin Timothy Peters John W. P.itndrc 2 Harriet Paliidto I! J. C. Hlieiner N. IS. Hichards Andrew A, Hubleo I'.dwaid Hider Job ltcynolds 1'aliiclt Kusli Domiuicl; lino JoIiii'aIIcii A. 1'. Dmsmoor I'.l. Daniels Jo cph Degrnncc Casper Dottciwicck T. (I. Davis Leon Kuscau S Caroline Stacy Abi.-ad SmHi Joseph .Sherburne 2 .Snullnvick, Sildey.f-Datis Aiimu .Sniiih 2 Sy,finiis s-intlli Syltan s M. Smith A 'run 1. Smilh Dr. A. Smith r 1'.. Small 2 Deborah Smith Smith iV llairington lieorge Seolt Clniles Ausiin Spnulding Joseph ptar.s Asibel Stacy l"crsuria Widow Satvyir Luther .M Stephens Charles "-omeiset Jlniy Ann huiiens Thomas Dalleo Andrew Drew, Jr. 1 auiii Davis Charles Depcins Ann Dohrrlv . . 1 Sunhi.i Diina Mary Dtnjar i'lancis niy John i:idn'dgo Thoma Ilaion, o: M'iry.lanelatoii Lhs I luiid - Levi H. Toole John J I'ny Ilenr.t Pi a r Calhaiuie I'arrcll 'I nomas Ati'omo ; .1 .Stanly lirimcs A in Uraiiaui Hcnj liiaiiL'er Lyman . Uilhcrt .launei v (ioodneh L. C. (id'htt Calh. (jl.nn I! Mosrs IllU Or tin 11 ickslalT Thomas llackett Hi my lloisley John Itairis Unhand Howard Vtinon llaiiiiigten L'lbau Harris .'imnu Hiitchins 2 I.uiher Ilawn, or M. (iriswold ipio. Win. U. II do l-'!sha IIollon Sophia 11 II Lonim 1 Iii-bee Caroline Minimis Anmua.M.llall .1 James Ci. Jtlt'er Jlniia Stacy Nancy Swift r.lua 'Smidley r.lijah Thayer I'..ia C. Tiacy Josenh Taylor Malliew ( '. Tay'or John G. Tagcard John Tngg-nd Almas Truuan John Tluelsou V G. G. Van Wagcner Dan'l Van Setter W Hev. Iliebaid Waters Joseph Wait Albion Iv. Winslotv P. T. Washburn George W. Woodaid J. C. Walworlh Catlnnne White Lucy Waiiuvnght fe'aiah U. Wtiotcr llenj. I. Jewell Thomas Mills Colchester. Geoigc SV. Georzc. Wright Augustm Grarcllo Essex. iValh'l llosworih j I'crsous callin, for the nbovc, will plcnso to a' that ihey me adterliscd. II. II. STACY, P. M. J MAX f- COLL II.hh lor sale Mets and Prime I'ork .Vhonlders und Hoins Hiirlingloii Oct. Sill. spo it rs.ii r- v a tt : : si). fPlir. sdlifcribirs would itsptcllully notify the X Sportsmen ol Huntington and its trinity thai they proposu holding a shuolmg match at the Ion of T. li. Dike in Huntington on the 21st and 22 I days of October mat. at which lime and place (lit y engage tOlinm-stl ONE Ul-NDUF.U IlilKIFb, OllttlllCh to C.- ercise their talents at sharpshooling. Spor'suien are respectlully invited tu call and sio lor lliumsi lvts. AI.AN.ON CARPLNTl'R. JOSHUt ROSS. JOLL RI'.MINGTON. Huntington, Oct. 0, IS 11. iio:.sTi;iX's suit t'ltr.Ncn t!, I if INT UN l.G Original and .-elecltd Anecdoies, W lliogr.iplucal Skelehes and f haraclenslic Trni s ol Pel sons Distinguished b) tluir Gi inns and their Knowledge; Historical I acts, Intentions an I oilier Misei llanii s, I'sclul, Interesting and Vaiitd. Willi Notes md nn Appendix. Just lecencd bv C. GOODRICH. Huihngtor., Oct. 8, 1811. Teachers aie requested to send for copies for ex animation. 3000 YDS. I'reneh Pnnlsof Lvery Luglish and American stvlo oinhiy and Price just lec'il by i; M. WRIGHT As Co. ucl , .(Wlfl PS. House paper direct from the manu. JJ JJ fttcturts for sale cheap by jU Oct. 11. M. WRIGHT if-Co. (OUPI'.ll TRLNCIl lluck Glotes Millins nnd moc O casms Just open'd hv J'.. M. WRIGHT il- Co. .aa-Clieap for CASH ! ! Life as it is I scliil nnd Happy .Merchant's Daughttr do. Widow Duck's Religious Anec dotes l'or Sale for Cash hv Oct. 6, 1S11. ( 'hallos Linn l.tshe Graham, by Aunt Kutv Pollock's ( 'ourse of tnno. S. HUNTINGTON. SCHOOL HOOKS. Mrs. Phelp's Chemistry for beginners, do. Philosophy, " do. I'olinar's Colloquial Phrase., De Casey's. Grammar, lsl 2nd and 3d IS mk ofllistory, do. To. Class Readers, 1'nghsh nnd Progicseito Readtrs, l'or sale lor Cash by S. HUNTINGTON. Oct I, Hll. OST, on I Tturday cttning las', iu the lower pari t-'l. tie can lo a Ladies Cloak. Tbo i J of lilt- town, t ie can finder will be libcrallv rewirdedou leatui" ihe same HI liie subseiibf is ihti llei - lei ise, iliirlin.-iouOi t. (i. bll, Win. !' PHILLIPS. t'licmlsls .V Drugisth, JSiirlinglun Vt. Agents for I lie salcul cases Clur'ifud Essence of JToarhountl Van ill for this State, nnd ul o, for the I.awcr Province of . uu in.i. f 'OODS from Alien in Cuntr fir f.'ish i Anicles for ' links nnlDrsss, setiral kinds cntiii ly new and tery neat styhs, bo'l lor the Pluladel, lua .Marin t by my Agfill, who hnd perception from the (t-libiiiy of ilu.s upioii, (hat I'.i v would also sun the .Arms of the C.ncii Mounin.n Sn e, ihey are with otlu I L'lll tioooda cbeapt r 'ban ( vt" htfurcstm, .llso, 2 Cases Sm-snin Nr-tv l TS-C.irpet. mps, Pnner-llangingf, New Lac(S, .Siuts, Shawls, Gloves, iVc. &c. all for sale Curt- fort -I nt Jiow'Aiurs. Tlnirxl.iy Morning, 30ib Sept. IAllWr.LL'.V Hools and Shoes a verv laro nip ply, also I'nncy dress Shoes, iust ree'd m" Oct. 1, IIOYVAItD'S Till l'lale. Hicct lion, Ac. 1 KC HOXJ3S Tin Plate, 1-3 IX. 1 0J Canada Iron, 50 Bundles Lug and American Iron, 10!) " assorted Nos. Toifcthtr with a general assortment of Tinner's articles, by VILAS. LOOMIS tt CO. t'st. 1st, 1641, HBW GOODS. ID POOLITTLi: Ins i it received Ins I'nll biii- ply of (Joods, consluip of nil tlio Vimrtyef imy e nous', uni xnocKnins, tve., usually cailtu lor. win n lie will sell lor ilic very lowest rntcKS. Hiirlingloii, Sept. 30, 1BI1. At the New Cash Store. We lire now ntvtiinir a Xntv and Spensjntn risonrt. incut of aoods just selccled with referenco to the wants ni tlio people, consisting of I'reneh ) 8-1 Plaid Miawls Mnglish ft PniKTS Diess ll'd'ks American ) ; .Silk Shawls Iloinhaziiies Merino do. Alpines Itroehcdo, Merniors Italian Crnvati M. I). 1,'iin-s (Pnsh'b'e) Ihi;'g ll'd'ks Silks of every stjle A now nnd comp tic nssoitment of UrnniHCIoths, Cassiuiertsaiid Sattinells, und Vesting", I'l ninelsilc. AHo, a Inrire assorlment of Groceries, Teas, of ut eri- quality, S gars, .Molasses, Co to, &c. A.C. nil of winch will be sold very low for Cabii. JAS P. WHALING r.Co. S)C CASUS r.nglish and Amrrican Prints, 6J 2 " Illecehed Sluelincs. 1 " Col'd Cambiics, " I " Apron Chtcks, Junu 1st, 1311. iust received by VILAS, LOOMLS o. CO. Oct. 1, 1811. Oft HALLS Hrown .Sheeting, OVJ 2 do. do. Drilling; 5 do. do. Tickings, 1 do. Canvass Padding, lo Pli CCS lied Padding, 1 do. -iO inch Humps just received by Oct. 1st, 1811. V1LAS.LOOMIS &. Co. Q CASr.S Colored I-nglis, Merinos, 1 " Hlael; do. 1 " I'ig'd Hombaziili', 1 " Alpa-cn Chilli, 20 pieces Hlack Hombaine, 20 " Printed Saxony, forsaleby VILAS, LOOMLS & CO. Oct. 1st, 1SI1. I CASK. Poiiffco Silk -L 20 pieces Hlack and I'ig'd do. 20 " Pongee Ildkfs. 201b. Inhau Sowing Sill;, 5 " Hl.irU and rol'd Twif, O't. 1,1?11. 1'orsTleby VILAS, LOOM IS, & Co. QOfi l.H.S. White an OUU r.0 " Hlark Lh ' and col'd Thread, .men. r0 Gross Round and flit T.neMg. Oct. 1, 1911. 1'or sale by VILAS, I.OOMISit Co. .TOO GltOS- 2"0 do. 2i0 do. 3fl0 do. 5")0 do. nV Oct. 1st, 1111. ; Gilt Coat and Ve t Muttons, Horn do. do. do. do. Vest do. Pannlooa ,0i Pcail Shirt do. Tor s-ilc 1 v VILAS, LOOMLS vV CO. OHO M DHILLLD Kted NeedlcT, 0Jl 200 Gross Hooks a,l i:yc3. 100 d).'.ing Pius. 3 Cases London Pins, 1 do. American do. ,ui ree'd by 1st, 1811. VILAS, I.OOMIS .V CO. Oct 1 CASH Wood Pocket Combs, 1 r0 doz. German Silter do. do. 200 1 2000 Twist Side Hrass do. do. do. for sale bv VILAS. I.OOMIS it CO. Juie It, mil. FURS. fyiTnR and SealCnp Lvnx. Geneit, and Conov Muds Aslracan, Lambs ktn an 1 Conk-v Collaiii, .Swans, D.iwn Hoas and Glut es if-e Just i pencil bv rin. t- ,1 . l... - i.. niuiitll ico. NDIAXltubber Shoes Umbnlhs and Travelling Pnskels f- c I y P.. M. WRIGHT .f. Co " CASH wauled in exchange for leather, by IC. C. I.OOMIS. 4 Of), sides of solo Leather, from 11 in 2.1 .-is r,r "le y K. C. LOOMLS. FOR SALC. THAT large and commodious two sto ry Uriel; Dwrlntc llonsr. i.nt fihif !-""aieooii me wesi sun. ol Uollege green ".a-'v "i me lie iu ot uollege-stieel, in this vi age. I he II. ink ii32 by -15, witli a baseineut story, with Keclen an I Provision cellars, and a tini3 by Gj. I'Mdidiugiidllll on Cnlleircl.'u en. wuh uoi.ln.,,1 ...... 1 1 . , .. , ( lulu iiuii-i; UI'ilHl, .1 1 1 1 1 IIUI 111 I C !1 I' . l..l,liu. ti.i. alote. A birut'iindeoiuuiodion- H.n n. i :in i.i.. I,.....n ice hoii-e, nml oiher oui-hou-e-, and .1 spacious vard it.i.bti.r,iu..i....ii. i ,.. - ,', .. - -,v - -.mi-in. re,, uno u noon oni.iiicwell Of wiecrol H.elcst quality m the village, and a 1 rick n-in. uuc aim a quarter acre- ot land, olilie lirsi uaiiit ; a larje'eii Inut Iiee-swe-t ol l lu-u-e anil jam. I lie liiiililue.'s aieconsiriieled in mo, ein sivl.. ,a iii . -, , iuis wuri. 111.1 - o. weie erei e. - Ibe sub-cril er for In- own u-e, and the location nf lonls a very exteii-ite and .lej-ant pro-poet of ibe .e.'e nii'i i.u.e on liie T t I anil is not iiriMsml bv any m iln- part el liie eoiuilrv. A -o lor -ale a lot containingan aero ofl.ind direei- ppoo-ile ibe above lot with a small i-i n .-n t. i u-, rwl Itteuing liO'l-e llieieou. Pur.-li'i-ers an; invi'e'I locall and evminnrop ilmm. seni icrins iiutie Lnow-u In- ibe Mil vrdor on the pienii-cs. ' .S'.V.MIH, RKKH. ii.irliiiL'lon .hint-, IB, I e 1(1. o ii.o iii (.APS. A new ns-onineut of nil kinds V-.OIU in ices, jusi iccetteu oy i,.ti. tvit IGI re ,s i'n Sept. 2H. X0T1CK. ' J 'Ht.siibscridcrs bating Iransftrred their entire m sloe ol IJriigsiY .Mulicines toT. A. PDCIC A. .. C. SP13AR lake ibis occasion In innU llieir np. knotvlidgtmtnis to the.r fiunds evthe Public foi their liueui nnu long continued patronage- which has been i so. linen mi uieiM us oruginsis ; aim ai uie same tiuu1 nicy i eg it ate troncly lo reecouimrnd Ibeir nieces sors Mcssr. I'l.CIt. SPIIAR as rcL'ularlv brc I Druggists and that on their fidchtv andc.nerii.nre.ibe t uiuio may iuuy reiy. J. cc J. 11. rl.LK tt Co Hurlinglon SpL 20 1" 11. DKUUS ANDiMEDICINKS. One door cast of J. & J. II. P13CK oc Co. rl TH I. subscribers suc(-sors as Druggists to Messrs X J iVJ. H.PHCKiWco. Inveforined a coparluer slnn under the lirm ofPUCK d- .S-PDAH. and I, nip purchased of their piolecessors their cmiro slock of mugs ,). .tieiiicines wlncli, together Willi late addi tions fiom New York if- Huston renders thiir assort inent larne.f- comnlete enablim.' ilnm to mn,,l.. ;,. . . , ' .u :,.i , , . ' " rruuc on uie iiiusi noerin ami ant aniageous lerins. I rnm their Knotveilgoof,lio business and tho nine mitliiiL' and crctusite allention w hich thev am l,.i,.r. milled lo beslow they hope to gnu satisfaclion lo iho public. '1', A, PI'.CK, Hurlinglon, .v"cpt. 20, lH. ,. C. SPDAlt BHOWN .Vugars cheap by I3..M. WRIGI1T.1-CV. .Vtpt. 2!d. 1811. FOR SALE. . dwelling hou-e and lot situated nl the bead of Pearl Street, owned and ocennicil It.I'iU'y l'"p l'' stevuiuncf. l-'or parlie ilars Iltili-Wn'purei.i ine sui st rn cron tlieiiremi-e .v.-iiiiA.-sepi. io. k.slvi.ranci:. Tt) HUNT. 'IIP. Hnck Store on Church Street, :.. t St " "-S......M MV ... l.JlJ l t tj .ii,i. im.itiim.l 1... I 1.. '"Lf Posst ssion pit en ihe lirst day nf April 'nni..r-rrir ne.i. ( or icrius enquueoi ine sniiscntiLi- C. WAIN WRIGHT Hurlinglon, August 12, 1P11. A.SA LYON'S ESTATE. KTU the c -lib criheis. Invins hieii a onmicl hi. ihe Honorable Iho Probate Court lor ib, n. . I rift of Giand lsl me ami udjunt iho claims and demands of all jicruus iiuiuai uiu isia L-ui ASA LYON, Into of Grand Isle in siid District, deceased, renre Bellied insiltciit, and also all ilanu- and deminds ctluuileii in oil ct tlierrio ai-al si months fiom ihe day ol incline uneot Uemg a lowed by said Com for that munose, we do llu rehire herehv in tuiv. lh it we will -litem! lo the business nf our nimo.ntnumi nl iho ilwtlling house of Abiiah II. ll.iiih in GkiihI Iste in sun i s net, on uie nrst .tioiuiavol I'tbitiarv n. ., .. '..!.. -I, m .... .t. I.I- ' IO t I, HI II II w V wv IV .1. .1. Ill, tin- c mi 1 1 v, Dueil at Gran lisle, this IGlh day of August A. I) 111 WH.LIS MOTT ) STI S CCI'.Tr.R, r( Commissioners. JOHN CIIAMIir.Rl.AIN, S in..t nun ( oiorcioeo utonou-jt ncna rv'nrl- aiitl a new- lot ol I reach artificial. S. 11. i-COTT July 21. nltlft"l(iL HOARD, A superior nrticlc, tin. dat .D ret ci tod. Aug. 10. S. HIINTI.NG'I ON, ' ESTRAV. fs'IHiI-D rrouiihr sibcrder on tlm t lilt Ma i-ia-t, a mice year oiii, ii., rm n UviU-r, and ro I three el I Hull. A lil.-nil .-r.i.i.,,.,, .:,!,.,, le pa nl loanv per-oii who will leinrii said (Utile, or i'r o"w "n i" ir im-v may .r lotultl. L-ex.Aog. 31, 1311. JOHN ('ARTY I.-MIDNCII (V. I GLISII, irc.issians. -L ( ainbleliens, l'linttil Snxonio . Altitnn f . r - . " ' ...l'...m A tin. na (I .oss,i f, ss.1.. ut. u luijid anoiuncni, enenp, tty 3Sfr.embtr,l8U S. 11, SCOTT NOTICE. rinitKCOPAUTM ItSIIlP lu ietofore existing I e JL iwecn II. M. GIDIIIMJSnnlDAN liY t)N, under tln lirm of II. .M. UllilllMIS iV Co., lias liendissovedlvlbodu en-eiifll. .M Ul .LLMfs. Tho iirvving panner has ft,ld tho HTUl K of GOODS In SA1II I.I. ill. I'OPK, who is heiebf n'. ihonzel t'lielleii ni d ib-eb,iriie lhod'bs d 'e 'he bee liriu ) sind lh"-e indt'bled urn K'nueileel to luaku pny- int'i t in bun. dan lvo.n. H.irlingtou Oct. 1. 1811. QAJIIJIili M. I'OI'H having pureln-e 1 the J (.founds el" lb" la'e 1'iriii ef II. M. Oil)- DINGS & Co., biiel y give-nolle e that he Iu-mjiu-ineneed bifine' nl the! .Stand rertutly oeeu,o(l bv said linn, mid intiie.liis friend- iiudlb'o eustouiers of Ibe la'e concern an 1 1 lie I'ul l.c generally to exlend tn him, nt b a-t, u -bar.; ol their paliomige. lliirlingtou,0.l. 1. IS 11. N'HW AND CIIKAP GOODS. rplIP, sub cribcrs have just received from 2ew L Voik a tiry large and cxtmsito assortment of 1'anev and Slnplu DHV (iOODS, emong which may be found supeiiot Heater nnd Pilot Clothsj Hro id Cloths nnd CassimeK , pluiu and twilled, white nnd colored l-'Iannrlsj I'icncli, Gtrmnii nnd l.ngli-li Mnrinosj goal's hair, crape nnd common Camlets; lig d nml plain Alpines j .Mohair, .Norwich, llp.icca nnd Tngliona Clothsj light nnd djrl. printed nyi plain, sat. striped, tig'd, nnd China, nil wool, Mmtsnhncdc Lames sat. lriped I ballys) plain, sat. striped, (ig'd and eolded, black and bluc-blacl;, light and dark colored PoideSoiei Oro du Afriinie, l'o kin, Hc'eiiannd China Drcs Sill;.s dnngeable. cor ded und China Honnel Silks - 8-t Caslnnere, Mel tille, Heltiderc, Ihocha, Marino, Mou eline do Lain, China and Damask Hiawbj Raw Silk, Cliallv, Thi bet, MouselineduLnin, China & Plaid Dress Il'dk'fs. A great taiicty of Lace, Thttad, Ldptngs, Ribbons, Scarfs, Glows, Slocks, itc, iVc. i:. .M. WRIGHT, f-Co. N, H. We would inform our fiiends, customers nnd die iniblic uuivers-illv, that our stock of Goods ia equal, if not superior to any other iu the tillage, nnd wt- win give- as gooj uargams, u noi ueucr. l-ioasg call, evninine und judge for touisehea. Octol er 1. JLVP opened a beautilul nsiorlinent of Kicnuli wurVed Collar.-, at it-duced prices. S. II. SCOTT. July 23. Wl! UM'IM. I'AIMiitT Kflf) UKAMS assorted siies and iinillies just rcc. s's nv. Vept. 21'. C. GOODRICH. Dr. Ainns Hull's Ciero Atdoi al S.ippor-lei-.. A supply o the al ove celehrulej lus'rj-uitiil-, (tvlui-h bayc'iicver ailed ol i crlorming a cure) Hist re cited lor sale and will l I epl eou-tanilf on band by R, MOODY, Dr igiit. June 2Ut, 1S11. ' n3 i r. V G O O I) H . SU'PLRIOR rianuels nnd Cotton Haliuiu, ' do. Wadding and WiekiuK, do. Pa I bin' and Canva-s, Just ri-ivitol and for sa'e vtrv cheap at tho Uurliutf- ton O.i-h ifiore, bv Jily 23. u7 MlltO.N T. l.ANDON'S KS'l'ATK. Yr'' sub-cril er-, Irtt inir 1 ecu atipointe.l I y th . Hoik ral lelhe Prol ale Court tor the District o' rand l-lo eummi-sioiicrs to iceeite, eainine and

ll'l-t ihe claim- and deman Js ofnll ner.on. against the t-,la!e of Ml RON T. LAN DON. late of .S'ci'.h Hero iu said Di-liiet, deceased, repre- nled uisolteul, an d ul-o a'l ehunis nnd deuiau Is c- e.i in o eet thcrelo an I -iv inoiuh- bom ilmii.itc erei'f, beiu j allowe 1 1 y s.ii Com I, for that p.irpo-cs lo hciel y give noli, c, llial ttewd ultcn 1 lo Ibe m-lle(-(t o ir annoinllnenl. nl I in ilw el on' of Kill i Ion in S .u tit Hero m Paid di-trioi.nn tin- I'u st Mm a Iv of Novem' tr tiot, al ten o lock. A. M. D.Uel ,V. 'er 15 b 1 11. ritA.NK'I.IN ROHINSON. ( ,, , , TIMOTHY I). Will TK. ( 1 1,mn"s'" TO m:.T. A Tenement in the souih Wine of the ."sVinlnirv suitable fur a small Calmly may be had on lenson-ihle terms, apply lo D. A. 1JRAMAN. .Sept. a.M 1H11. 250 YARDS 5- TOW CLOTH, Just received bv 13. M. WU1GIIT & Co. .September, Olh, 1511. I'Al.l, (IOODS N. LOVELY & AT Co's. TUST received, nnd now oncinnL' for sale, a full (I Assortment of Goods, ntlapicd to'lhe season, such Printed Snony cloth, a great tnri"ly Alparkas, nil kinds, plain and figuied 1'rcncli anil Luglish Merinoes, figure il and plain Plain blk and lig'd mourning and half mourning Mo isseline-de-!aiao Plain, fancy ami figured ditto Plain white satnn, striped chilly Plaid niousM-line-de-laine, a now- nrliclo Prints A choice selection of Furniture Prints. .September, 10, 1811. Ql'PLItlO O P.irub.ll :itlOR C.irmicrcs i.iin-, Saiiiuets lire al cloths, at a great largaiu C.l-lllt lis. I0:b Scpteml er, 1811. Liwkhlg GlilSSC.1, IRLNCII plate and gill fr.iinc. ALSO A as-sorliuent t f German Plate, Ac. A I Septcmlcr 10, ISI1, N. LOVLLY tt Co. fX?" NEW SILK GOODS. 3111. 1. PS it Kl.MHALI., 71 Stale siren, llo-ton bite rct-cHe I lheir Kill simnlv ot Sin; Gooes, one lacing aeotnp'c'eas-oriinent of fasbirmal le and -uali'e in 1 1' les in I Itetr line, io w in It thee inviti ine ar.eiiin n oi unit ita-er-. lur i..i-ii. or on - n r! ereht, lowhoin ihey will le sold nl the lowest niar- prices, n,fir assoitmcnl lon-i-tsiu pan ot the following articles: III', syn-ht-ws an. I -ar-nct-, Hll; and blue-black gro' di Merinn antl cloak luTs Hi ok anil Swiss muslins. Shawls of all kin-J., Swiss. Plain and rich fig'd gro' tin Nap e-, Chine sill.v ofnll kinds, fancy handkerehnl and scarf-, iu ereat v.irielv, Pocket ban Jkerehiefs of Tired ami llg'd Ren. silks, al Lint -. Hoinict sdk- atlus. Linen canil nc and cam riotcnecs, serge, crepe li- brie baiidki-relnet-, 1 1 nt i in A- Kieueli cravat- sce. Plain and fig'd satin vest- 31. 3li. 33. 10 inch. nii-, Hlk, bhtc-b'nel; nnd col'. 1 iiitihazino-i Hll; nml bluu-blk silk cl teis, Plain an I fig'd moiisselui' do lame, 13-lifnne-, printed S I1K-S, Glote-, men'-, women's t; e il.lrcn's sii;t PneL, an 1 woolen, Rib! oiis,eap. I nnnet, I ell, laea nn i sauu, Galloon-, I'lonc-hand Iln c'i.-h -hoe ribbons. sewing -ilk, ItvM.braws, corti-, tve. etc. Ho-iou, .Sejitcmler I, 1SII Cw. NEW GOODS. A GL.M-.IiAI. assortment can I e found st Sidvkt XV IIaklow's .New Siort at Wmoo.-ki rails. S-ptcmler 17, 1811. PROTECTIVE SYSTEM, ril.OI Hi of superior lnu-h ami ilurable colors jn-t tiiieiiiidi-icrisi oy men rnncton Will in, lor sa'c nt ib-lowc-t prut-, at the New Slo.-e, Wmooski I -II., ly Septender, 17, IS11. SIHNKV HARLOW. 17AIH WI l.l.'S SIIOLS, a nnv axnrtnYiit, X reet it at the New Store, Wmnn-l-i Tills. JU' S1D.NLV HARLOW. Septcmler 17, lSll. 7w, TO SPORTSMEN. dON GI NS, pow-.'cr lla-k., dout le an RCI' nunc Mini leu-, oercil-sioil can-, nmvi tr nttr 'ho', constantly on hand, lor sale nt the liar Iwa re I01POI If. .111)1)11) , Sep'cnler L'i, 1 3 U . Pnugirt CJADDLl'.RY AND COACH IIARDW UK.. J A lir ( and .'lieu b I as oriinent t t Coie h Hard ware an 1 S.eld'ery, now njientnc nt the Hir'wirc '(re; icn ol Hie nunc'-, corner cr i o'lese nnd Ch -Hi sums, an I f t sale tvho'csi'c ftntl rc'a I. by cti'eni'cr la, 1SU. l(UHt;ii 1 .MtHUIV. HARDWARE. riTHIl stibseril er t- now re.-ett 117 hrc a I lit nns K I. let -too-; 01 -hell 11 i(iitv,i,-;, er.mnr'sing nearly every arln-le in ihe line lo tghi at the present 'otv price-; an I wlcen lie o 'er- loi-stiie ni w lio i-ali1 an I rC'.nl nt a sinai! ailvan'-e Irom co 1 for ea-b ; at ihe oltl e-iab i-lie I llirlware Store, in-n ol IbeP.el lock, corileroi iii'ircii antl t oiie-c stree's, ROIII HT MOODY lltirlincrmn, V Rep'em' cr ,",, R), I.O.VP. r?ROM iho .Vtijcnn ihe I lih inri.. le'wetn llur. I linutnn nntl Coh-he-lt-r, a nuddle sic Carpet Hag (I oninnungl Inllun ') maiknl II. H.I, on the bottom A siiitnhlc reward wilt be giten for ih-'ll-e- or no irma tion icspecline it. JNO. CIU'RCH. Hurliiigton -S u. 23d, 1SI1. OIIDLI. SIDI". CO.MHS. I'nncy do., Itorv nntl l ) Horn, dn. ranevSOtP, Hir do, lluirhnix' Patent RAZOR STR VPs with Paste, the best article ever invented. Gent's. STOCKS tcrv normr, hy October 23. N. I.OVI'.LV, pOU' I10NG ami Gneu Tl! S,CruslieJ L. Sugnr, .1 Boi Raislnf, Moltsses, Sugars, Hng. Currants, Ottber 1. Hy K LOVELY Statu or t.iiMoNT, I A Tn Prol n'e Court InId District of Cliitteiitlcn. $ J at llurliimloti willun nnd lor mid District ol'Cliiliemlcn on Ibe .111 li da vol' Augi-tA. D. IS II, Thoma. C. Hill, (,r Charlotte in the coiinly ol Chilttntkn. who i guar linn of Jaincs Ilie'ikeuridgChl Mini clurloli", a minor tinder the ncu ol twenlyonc year-, having lileil in said eonrl bis peiiilou, Kiting rutlli Ins midword i M'uivl nn.l pos e.-cd In hi. own right, in lie oflhe I'.iIIo-.viiih (V.-dnbcd parcel or bin I lyin-z in mnl Cnar lolte, viz, fourteen ,,'-re (f l.ilnf, Icmglbo siilnc laii'l.-cl out lo him lya cominiiice appointed by mitl Probuic Court to imko a division of hu ll-ia'c of Jonallnii Hrcakfiirnlge lateofsind Charlotte (let ens among Ihe heirs ilit-tet.f ; alo onu equal tenth partM'ono hairol'lhe lion. o and one sKtii nart of two thirds of iho barns and all other I uiWmgs stand ing eu the faun of the mid deeea-cdj nnd ibal mid ward is also K.ized of one cipml undvidcJ siih pari ol the refers on of the tvi low. dou'norpl-nid Kla'c Icing about 23 acres of sunl llrcakcnrigo farm, and buildings thcieon win b weie tilso set out bya com niitlce,appoulTcdby.saiiI eourl, as lliuilott'lier'ol Polly Hrcakcnndcc, wi.fotf of hu Sid deeea-ed. aivl llial u snleof hi mitl nard's inieie-T in said lands and prenn'-ut would eon bit tf id his lost interest, and nriying mid court for liecnsu to -ell tho nmt Vt hereupon ihe court al'oie aid doth appoint lh(.'27lh day of'Sepl. ldll, fur hcitnig an I deeitbug on said pennon al Ibe Iteiri-ter's O.liev in said llurliiitrlon and doth order that all persons Interested I e notified there of by publication of tins or !cr, con'.nining iho miIis lauee ol snid petiiion, three wteks suett'-sivi If in the II irlinglon l'ree Pre-s, a ne-.v-paper iruiteil'in snul Hiirlingloii, Iho last nfwhich pnblidiiioiis to l,e pre vious lo ibe! mnl 27lh dayofSept. 1811. Given under inv Imud a, mid lltiibngton this 30lh day of August IS II. Wm. WLSTON, Register. Stati; or Vcrmont, 4 T a Probate Court held DMrict of Clnllcndeii. I J at Bui liiiv. on ttiihin and for -aid District ofCbuiendfii on tht;;t0di day of .t jv-i, -t c i j ui.7 r i ii an oi unar ot e, in mcLo u ly oft hu'enden, who is ir ol John S. Hical; enridse, Newell Ureal euridgc and (lilt's em i Ine all (r tnitl Charlotic, minor cliiltlien of.lomrban llrea'.i nride, Uie ol -nnlO , jrlmte, de.-j i-o I, hav ing file I in said eonrl Ins pcti.iou in u nl uq, -cltoiu forth the -aid John r-. i- seized in ln own rigb' in feeof al o-it ten ar-ic. ol hue1, in two par-el-, ami of cue sixth nan of on half of the bo i-e and one i h part ol two third- of all ib" burns and olkcr buddings st Hiding on Ibe farm in .ml Cliarlottei that the sriitlNew ell oscz.'ti i lc'etcn antl one foul lh acres of said I'u tn anil of ono -imIi part of one ha'fnf Ibe bau-e an I onu .ix'li part ol tun thirds of tin: I nnis, and, nil oilier buildnus stand-in- on said farm; ibn Inc. -aid (iiiy. i. ciznl ol iv cite and one ft.titih neics of saitl farm and oi.e sixth of one half of Ihc hn ee nnlone'sjih of 'wo third, ol the barns and all ether bt.ildtngs i n said farm, I eing the .same lau Is anJ proini-u-win -li were -el out to said wards bv a eominiltee nppiitucl I e a..l eoirtto In (1 c a tht i-ion oflhe Lsiale ol Ihc said Jonitban, tlei'c.i ed, as incir shares ofsaiJ L-tate ; llial - aid tv.irtl aic nl.oeaeli -cvci-aMy e til ol one e sixth part of iheict er-inn ' f ibe widows dott er in -ai'l I.sIhIc, lenig a! out 20 a-ie-of -atJ farm, nn I h iilding-, w lm-h laud an I b-iltlin's weie al.u l.c: ojl b) n commit ee jp,ioin'etl I y -all conn, as the ill .tver ( f Polly Hiea .-ciiridiie, tvnlotf t.f ihe said ile-ca.eJ, and ieee-enlii:i. Ihilasale of saij war Is jnlcre.l in said lau laud premise, would eon d'it e lo lheir 1 e-t lu'tiest, und era) in g noil l'o.iii f. r lieeiee to -ell Iho intoic-t ol stetl (OVeral ward- iu saiJ Uivls and prem -es. Wheie ipon theuouri afoie said d.ilh appoint the 27lh ilay ot Scplein' er, 1511, for beaJnr.' an 1 deciding on -aid pinion at the otllic oflhe Rt'L'i-!e-r of saitl courl iu s.ud 11 ir uigton, and di th order that nb ner.en-in'eies'ivl ! e uo'.it'ej ll.eienl by pubheatu'ii of this or ler eoiila'iimg ihe sul stanif oi" s.ii.l pc'ltlon, three ttcel.s .sUVtMsivt'.'t', iu the Iliirhugton I'll-- Press, a new .piper printed in sun! HMrlinrKui, ibe lasi ol win ., put Iica'ions to Le pre vious to -tuil 27ib day of'Septeml er, 1S11. Given tinder inv band at -aid 1! irluiglou this 30ih day of August, 1611. Wm. M'l.STON, Register. Chittenden Counlv Court August Term, A. D. 1911. He it remembeied, that, al the 3aid term, oflhe Court nloresaul, John Peck, and Lulhrr Loomis of llurhn 'ton. Jo seph ('lark of Milton Jedcdiah lloyiiion, of Ilinesburg, and I.ulher Stone nf Chailotle, wire by said court appointed a Coinunlke, lo take into coiis.deraiion the following subjects, vi. l-t. To si-It ct a sue lor a n"tv Jan. StI. To estimate the probable cost antl expense (fa new Jail. 2,1. Tti thsnositit n can bo made oflhe ohl J.ul and pieimsrs, and if any, ot price. .lolin I'ei-K lo he cli.iiriuan ol sml ouinnntlce, who will notify the other uieinbeis of the com mil tie of liie tune and place of attending to viid inoiurv and ex-iini-nation n lid make report llieieof tn the Cleik of "aid Court is soon as maybe. Atle t Wm. -NOHLI'., f'l'k. lo I.ulher Loomis, Joseph Claik, Jedjd,nh Hoyn- ion, and I.ullur Stone. Vouare beitbl' retiuestetl to meet at the iiublie Houseof John II wartl, in HurliiiL'ton on Wcilnesday thc'29lh divof Suit, in-t nt 10 o'clock, A. M. to at- attend to the duties tetpnrcd bv the foregoing order of said Court. JOHN PI'.CK, Chairman. Hurlinglon, Sept. 1 1, lbll MAR-iLILLLS Quit-, S 10 II nn.l 12 qr. Ru-sta sheetings, I rown antl'd Irish linens Luicn cambrics and bandkerelucfi Win lot! collars Haw silk and other figured hawls Rich lace teds I'lllell do ilo -cans Sdk fun ire- Tor shawl". Sir. I-'ie'tl and plain ri-h silk, lur die-so-, cf lale.t si t ie fancy traveling tnle'.s, a new article, Hy N. l.OVLLV i- Co. epltml er 0, IS 11 . S I ATI! OK I RMONT, ! The llou.lhe Pio'a'e PtsTiiitT or cniTri.NDiN'. ss. ) Ct uit rr II, e I'lsiriet (f Clnitentlen : Tonll iter-ouscoucerneil in tlic ista'c of John Vnn Sicklen la'e ol Hurhnclon iu -.nd t-lrn l. t a-isl. I. .1. .Mi Wlli:i!i:AS,.Iohn VatiSicklm (late junior) A'lut'r of ibec-iuii' (if-nid tlctc.i'i' f, propo. cs in ri ntlt r an account ol his adiiitnisiratiou, antl nrc-cnt Ins ac count against said cstaicl'or cxaniuiaiion ,md allow anecal a -cs.ieti ol if.c ( o.tii ol I ro! ale, to I e holt 'en al the Itegistet-s (,iine tn Hiirlingloii, on Hie I r-1 t edne-d.iy ol October ; Tltr.ur.rtr.i:. i.u are herebv notified to nuncar lc lore s.u 1 court at lht: nine ami plate aUtre-ail, and sliow cone, i anyyoii hate, why the account atorc -.nil should not Ic.iflowctl. Given untltr my hand at Hurlinglon, this 15. h day OI irt ptClllL cr . II. 1 -s 1 1 . t e.M u.N, licgtsttr. STATU Ol VI'.RMONT, ) A Tn probate Court ntainicT or ciiiTTr.Nnr.N-, s s t holdcn at luir- hngton wiihin and for ihe District aforesaid on the 13th (Hy of Sept. A. D. 1 P 1 1 an instrument purport ing to lie ine last will nnu I tiamenini ro uv -tiorion n'e of Vt i liston in saw; Hisinct deccnseil, was pre sentrdiotho f our here for Probate by John t an- si' klen the r.ecutor therein named. I'l 1 1.RXroiil'. it is ordered bv said Courl, that public nonet be git en to all persons concerned tht rem to appear hi fore said Court, at a sess, on thenof lo be holdcn at the Register's office in said Hurlinglon on Ihe first tictlnesrlayot Ui-tohi r A. 1). 1M1, anil contest the nrobateof saitl Will, an I it is further ordered tint thisordcr be publisha! ihrecwechssucccssuelyin the Hurlinglon I-ree rrtss a news piti-r punted at iur. Imgltin, iu this slate, the last of which shall be prtti ous to I hediv a-si iiied. as afoicsaid forbearing. Given under my liaudnt the Register's Ollice, this Kidi day of September A. li. lbll. WM. WT.STON f!tn.'t(r THIS FALL, WL' hive received a variety of New Good, anion which may he found the following crude : Gold nnd iltcr, lever watches, Gold and silver Lcpmis, Silvir, Ilnglish niulQiiartirr wnlrhe, Hrass clocks, with mahogany cases, German alarm clocks, Cameo. Moa c. minted nnd mourning pin. Jet, chit Hal, iopiz, and ollur pretty genis pins. I inn gold, plain, ehaseiland s"iuo lings, Gold watch kc)s, s.lur pencils, Purse i inirs. sleel n-ns. Km tic Cologne, and nil other kind of petfiimry lluile t'e Antique, anil olhrr nair oils, Jnt ne's ecle1 rntcd hair tome, Wards vegetable, nnd Ihc Macatsir Oil, Toot brushes, orris tooth wash, Vinegar-rouec, Atkinson's iKpilitory, Tcinperincc antl Snhbnlh school medal, fine stiaw nnd niotocco travelling b"kli Wosiciiliolm's knives, Iliilnnnia luinbler, do cups, wuh handle , Kiiphrn's blue v. nt ng tlluid, Cooper antl Phil! ps' black ink, Lnamehd tisiiing canls, chilk eiayon, Pockci ink-slinds, led wafers, MtZ'iltnto saucers, pink saucers, Cohen's nml other fino drawing pencils, Oshorn's line water colors, Stewart's do do do Tits c pa; tr, all colors, Hiisiol hoard. Hritannii Spoons, Counter brush; I' nail. powder, Hlack guard chains. Mesic pi er, t Oclavc I'lules, Hrown Windsor Soa I'mc rrench Hair Hrushee, Nttcl Watch Clnins, l'me sled bottetl Sprctidfs, ttjth finen, blue, purple glasses, lvorv Pocket Combs, Metnlie, do. do. l'liie I.) ith ivory do. Wid. iiiil long satin ami himbi'ine ,-tocks. Kmc lie. o I ollsri-d tTe'cnt (jimlmce. All 'a v.di ivof fancy articles Goods Selling cheap. I'nenJs and custoincia sre tiivitea tn can nt rANGBORN & DRINSMAID'S, NOTICE. r pi MS -is In cenry tlmt I hntcgitanitv son Alfred J Clark his lime to art for hunseir, ntitl'I slin'l tail for no wages of his tnrnjng nor pnv nnydthls of hi? contrncliiignltcr tins dale. RAN'SO.M CLARK. Hineshurgh, Aug. Ill, 1911, QODA CRACK IW '-'by Sept. liesh siipitlv, ui received PI'.CK A SI'I.AK. CjS A USA PAR I LL A Rl E A 1).q ALAlltLijiiniiliij of llrutvii's (tie' run- ,-t,np al o the l iiii I audCoiisiipaled eMraets of S'.ir-n-niMl.i, al wholesale anJ n:!.ii, by Pl-.CK & SI'LAH. COMIC ALMANACS. 1 RAP "t01,' l!nll,i!''',i,'J,uriier's, American, Poo ,,lfU.;lMdo'a,Crockitt,ti1otc.itc. Also, Minia ture Alnnnacs, icnjhxfur ready pay, bv , S. Illj'NTl'.SGTON. CONG HOOK.S-A gieal vaneif ol Cnmiennd other ;.,?"" lor -ate nt HUNTINGTON'S. College tin l". .Vept. 21. next? Somttliiig Good fiir (he People I r.VV.'V;P'r,in' Rn,.l ,Lu ''"nofur tlio People but V-ihat Iho Cheap Cnsh Store will be a recipe nl 7 Ihe mot rational answer is, ih.u the establishment from so bmg a standing has become identified with t losuccts. and nrospcrity ofevert occupation in this tti.n, or some other perfectly consistent wav, ttht rtby it terygeneially rceeitcs a poinon, according m the approve i mctlu j of ,mnc in( hm no , cllcrf ,.. lee-dving n small profit from each of nil the minicn' number ut persons that buy at tho Sure. TU-ru i ted byarl'CUlarly anolhcr Udd efospvet, unlicipa- l'" IIOWA51E) Vv hose Tax has gradually nsen wuh the chihty nft'ie coniuuiiiity to pa rome. from a S23,n. it to a Faculty T-i, ol 3 ICO, for s Ming Gd., Cln-a , a,,d an nltcmpt nta couple of hundreds nio'e thai nnv be nut on ni wel -ome in aon a, a Gcul jt'icfd and A"r,cu. Za i'?rv;yir,"!uI'' "hA w 11 d"fl" nnJ "lul'il tl e bit i,.i io duriu-iiil richness of our Green Moimtn.u N.ito that huh not yet become known toils , nimbi- i j ?"v' "f. w!,0:" li-ehecn silt wlitui a icady belote lis slr-ita; oilier, looking f,,r coal whe'ie I leform iiton for ita d,po,it is n..l m tin; region i and he inanv buyitigbrgcly oftluts alfof life f,- , abroad tint could bo made conge- ,l l0 a, become the P'o diiet uf oiir Will, ibe kliowletlgo thsHd, I I . -' ,hi'uld ll0,ll"'J- for llmt wlueli was not, bill could 1 t , tv? h;,d, .,,,,1 t m.poverUI, by s'.t, -li g ahroa.l thai which would by its eio make pl-nty ill home bini-e -te are to receive our merito.ious portion of . , rvA domain t!,.' surtevs can bo made i bin tun sul t-ct is too lug. lordo eaiiliiig upon v. Hi a .More filled wuh .ctt G io,ls and cutonicrs mtetillt imi,.iti'r lheir -electMiis then fiom, butbe'i-v-mgour inte hgcnl Ityi-litnts ltd uitestigate and pass latorably ti on the s,,nv, being mile, is th tusht ptm-orl s-oiin tiling Go., 1 t Ihe b-,1 int.-esi of the wbtK IV tple, and wuh ihemlo tin ir I heap for Cash injno Iin,)rn'..'imaut i;,r Si nc i"ent , . , HOWARD. 10 o clock. , M. 21 S'jpt. '11. SHAKER YARN. 'hue Shaker Yarn, for . M. WRIGHT A. Co. CJCAUI.LT.Mit'd and s lie by XOT5CJK. rillir. inejiiljcs of the Vermont Mutml Tire Iii,u I 1'iuee Coiupaiiy nre that the annual nieiling oftlu Comi.anv v. li he holdcn al thu House iu .lioiilntli r. on Wt dr. s-tla.. ,. on.i, ,i, , r Oflobir licit at 1 oVlork, P. for ibe clm.t-;. ,.f u.r. eiors an I io attrillH lets- 'in ,r.n. Hi .dtroftbc D'ucclois. Seti',20, l-AC. J. V. VAIL, Sec'y. liOTAMC CO.S V EM' I ON. In ihe u sell to of ihe .Scereurv it 1 enotn..s mv- .Tuts. as Presidt'i', (sit.,... An. Id, 111 liie Comi.iuiioii.) to de- U'll.llC I lie 'Itll.'un n ae - ol ' 11 nnn-ftl nil... i.ti -11-111, df lh.' liota.ii Sot letv of thn Western D.str.ct. mclii. iou. tlij counties of Cii.tlt u'.un, I'lankhn, Oisnd lle. i.mie ti t uuti, i no imrtliy L'ltn noli, e that liie said incs'lins tvdl be bi-ld -it S-onii I l'.n..'s IT,.o.l in Kistx, Vt. i ii ihe fust 't'u.-Uay, Ciil-.l in O.iober next, al io o clock A. 51, A g'-ntra! atiinihiiee is rtmic-'cl, aj tmsiiic-j of iinieirtairc will come !i fore theSotiety. ORRH PIL'R, I'rtmlenl. JOTON Acndtui) X'ollntion, llosiou s Colkeiion, .Massaehusi-l s Gleo Hoik, American Glee C. GOODRICH. nlO Hook, jusl received by .liigust itstti, is 11. ROIUN.SON'S TjlIlLICAL Re-iarches in Palestine, Mount-Sinai niri .vruu.a.i't-irea. now lor s.i , hi the Hook ilore of D. A. HRAJIAN. August ?0t!t. Worlliv of Notice! "1MIOSL taken or troubled wuh Dysentery, Diar X rluiM, Summer Coinpbiinl or Cholera Morbus, can procure immediate le n f, by the il eof Dr.Javne's Carminative Habain, of PluUJeluhia. l'or sale bv Am.-. 19. pkck SPI'.AR. ' J.1r"A few doors Last of the Po-i Office. S'tiiv 'I'ttiloriiif,' CmsibUsliiucui, On I'uirl Strict. "1111". Subsciibcr respectfully informs the public . that he has opein tl.i shop ni the new brick build ing one door wist ol the Pearl-st. House, w in re he win ue nappy lo rcceite ortltis trom Ins friends antl the puuhc. Work ol every description executed in tlic most insinon-ihitf siile, or to suit any peculiar taslc of lua patrons. All ord. rs promptly attended oi. .t s1;1)t.()1 puiroimge is sonciitii. Hilihnglou, Sept. 2, lbll. 51. G. RATIIRUN. to ur.vr. DWKLLINO near liie 1 ourt House Sou-ire. Aug. 30, l"ll. II. I.KAVLN WORTH. A SI A H t) WAKK. th i: o do u n ii o l. ii r o o k, (I. no Ilolbrook A. Tappan) fill 3111k St., lloslon. rr"Iin Subscriber oil' rs a hr?ennd choice 'election of Haidtvsre lo the connn v Irndeimon the nni.i libenl linns. Sept. 1, 1RI1 2m IIORSLS LO.ST. STRA5T.D from the pisture of Jotl Hihop, on Tutsdnv last, a brovi n. eli ten t-f sr oltl nisre. u-tth shoe on the fore fen, and Ibe maik of n ring-brme on the left leg. Also, on ihc sainn rlnv, a black marc Ittrivc or thirteen tears old, with while spots, on l it nose, and shoes on ihef rcfeet. A ieaonab!c com pensation will be paid for any inforinition nl iheni. K. UAG.XON. Annlv to Peler Shmit. Water-strcei. liiirlington, Sept. : lall. LSTKAY. AMI mlo liie enclosure of ihe ;uhcribcr, about J the 1st Anuusi ht, a ligluied, thice year old ni.ii i.ii. wuh spois oi w ine n tout t in rrs nn helix. The owner is requested to piy charges and lake tier nwav. M. OSGOOD. Wciford, Sept. 2. 111. L. MASON'S AlI'MfML r.NLRclSrs, m large type, for L S Si pi. 3, Hll. D. A RRAMAN. L Y.MAN & COM3 I TAX Cr-ft vcla -pVnibt! j-cr n cm of Summer (-TOOU3, tviitcn they o urai re! tee i price. Among v i ch ted be it u u1 a trei n-sorimcnt cf iVc.'i J'rintal .au'-ij, for mo .nrng, ball mournir and fancy, new si) U-, Pi ui'c I J.T-t net-, find C-iiii1 ri", Ihrr'd Musb'n, Striped, Harr'd an I Plain Sw-i-s M i-Im, Plain Jaeonci Mi s'-n and Canil r c. CM.icor.s. Rich Mcrr m i, ami I 'over Prints, wry low. At.o,l rcnchaiil l.nrlt.-h CHinbric, cheup'r than ever, Honnel Cuml r.-, O mm dr. Hinls Lie and Rosia Diaper. Wln'e f.tneti '1 nl 'e Spread-, Hrown nml Cob nil do. Linen Hamas',, Crash rnd Linen Nipkmi, S -pcrior Linen .t-hii';n.-, Hrown Jacket Linen an I Gaml ro.rr S 1 1. K -V. Hctivy Canirn.Grn te Swiss nn I L'elrinc '"ill;, rig' !,'Howii, HI ie lilac!, niei plain etl'd du. I .lyior'- litHi r-i.iu I breatl, 5Ieiahc S too1 (In, UKUADCl.O VV.s,', CASSlMniU. IV.'.S'VV.Vf.'.s.'. A.I) The largo l a-sortincni 1 1 Vc t'nj,tve ever cfTeie.! fnr sale inebHbnt-ri h Plain nnd I'igurel Sat,n SiR, Merseiile-.Xa'cneia, Silk and Wi,rtc!,' and ether in xv nrt.tles for Viimi., very elegani. sro ca'.s'. Snlln Stocks, w i,h Hows, do. f?.-nrf T.r, do Honibaitiiiedo. do. AI-o very I caulifid Sum- luer&iivks, r.upLineii Co'l.irs. TMl.Oll H TlUMMl.XGS. Pudding, Canva-s, fe'ccias, tobre.l Jcini, Hrown l.mcu, III. i do. Yiroun S irg-d- do, SilL Hindincg, Wer-jed Ilintling, S I' fort'., Scwiiir Sdk and In i-i, Cm Vt Ivoi nntl fitrt retl S l'r IbtiKuis, The alnive compri it,. pnrl of ,t xe ryl.irtrc stocH or Goods whs h i o-.trf d (n the most fit oi alio irrin-, Jonp 1, IPII s'i it wnDoit sfoi.r.v. IT'ROU ibe 1'iiclo urr f Gt'eoii l.mlinscn, m, Richinoiitl, en ibe n c h'ft f 'be 2 h msi, a .H Grey Mare, v h w h e niiiin .1 .lillct-n or s.x ccn)curc I. Win ever will r" irn nid none or irive Inforinition xxbere may le found tb.ill Is liberally rewarded. E. 1 Kl.MDALL. Cadfrlnll, Jt-rt 15. 1541. C JI O O L 1 I, (, 14, fe. LIVK AND Ll-.T L1VLII qniK fullowinp Hooki All 1-1 RKCHVLD and will X he Hold for Cash as Low aj can bo bought iu this ur nnyother Htitut Mis Phtlps' Philosophy ; Davits' G tintlryi " Kiral Lessons in Algebra " Houidon's' do. ISui ruts' Geo'tnphy of the Iltavtns; tvoiccsler's History ; Nettinnii's Rliclon k t Wilkms' Astionoinyi I Imt'a Survey! Lt)'s Grniiunati Adams' Monilorhl Reader Purler's Rhetorical Reader ,J " Analysis Auo 5Iany other .Vehool Hooks, which needn't o-.v ba lueiitioiietl i nnd inydosiro to stll is sufficient o induce mo to sell on such terms as cannot fail to suit the Public. S. IIUNTING'ION, Collegci Street, Sign Rtd Lulcor. October 1, ISil. 17 EDUCATION. AVOUNO LADY who is ipiahfied to letch Mu sic, JJraicing nnd VcncA, isdes.iousof obtain ing a situation iu a n-spectablo ssininary or fanmy. 3j-Addrtss box 01, PostOflice, ilunlraal. October 1, loll. 17tf rnlll. MASSACIIU.SLTT.S COLLLC'IION Ol' J. P.SAL1H, hy the Husion Handall and Hayd.i Socety, cunsutin,' of Iho most approve! Psalms anJ llynius, 'luues, Anthems, S-meiiccs, (.hants, &c, &.C just rcLtived and for Sale by September 2.'. D. A. RRAMAN. CA RM1N1 SACRA, OR Huston Collection ot Church Music. Ah'j, Tliu .MuJeiii P.-almiM, by Lowell Mason, jusl receuid and fjr sale by Sipleui.c.. '22. I). A. .HUMAN. NEW DOOMS, rniir. loys'jsnJ Uir.s'O'.vn Hook of Fmry Tales, L Coiiistosk the Vt, Juvenile forget M Not, Koitune Tellers at.d Dream Hoo .s, and k grout variety ol children t, liuuLs, lor Salj at October 1. S, 1ILN I INGTON'S. WL the H'jbscuUrs, bating been appointed a coinnmue lor thepurpo i, havt. corisspondod with Pnts cniiisiii a.tlcient jwits of thu Stale, on tln subject ol ttatiwitalin; and luoigiiiatna lhavnrioii. County Motiual ftocisties, and Ihe Stale M. di al So ciety j and b) rubiest ol ibe Wm is,or Cjunty Medi cal Society, .tud tueudtieo of tt.u Physicians whom we bate cuiiitulttJ, itdpettfuily invito tbo fc.eve.ral Piiys.cuiiH uf thu siatc to meet in Convention at .Uontpeher, t n I'ridiy, the lotli of Octubcr next, for the lUipos.! ot lakmg into coni.doralion theabov named subject. JOHN Dt'IlNLLL, ; 510-L.V COHII, Committed. tl tl.l. YKU 1SUW.UAN, J tcmbcr 1!7, 1:11. 17tv2 (' r e ui 1 u u HASSASI) IKIUHLL UAS VIOLS. ABRAHAM F It li S- CtJTT would r- sri -peL-iiuii) -inioi im " rfl " -"'I isonsiner e.ttd in tnc Stt- t nee of 5Iinc, that be continue to manuinctui a Coneoid New Hampshire, HASH AND DDL HLK BASS VIOLS. if avuy bi.pcriir (,-ai,tv, nnd lis? ng oblaincd taj lirjt yVe'iiuinu thut huseter bun nvtarucd toan A- iiiericitti iiiaiiiiljctiner ol tuch Instruments at iu glut J '.lifj ol llu ViiKiican Inst.iuie in Nut- York ( it v, at the grtat 1 air of the .Mechanic s Association in Hoitoii. and at Ihe l'uirof lite 5Itelinnic's Cuanla bl.' As.oci-iti m in PoitUnd, 51aiue he now tn t oulr tendei J hu tlianki to hu Irnnds and pationsfor cast fators, but pi 'Jgeif lumsilf tu Religious Societie-s. .Musical Assoc. ltintii md iiid.tnuiU who imv tfisri lo purelus.., tbit id re.iijinble tfluiu shall bo waut- ng on his putt, lo enuble him to ueet their orders ia the iiin.t prompt ami ai.4Uttury manner, that ha uny ami n la.n their otifidence. and merit n cunlinu unteof fthehberal patrenaguhc hasi fer mani var e ijoye 1. lleaiao lei-epsnn assortment of 51 CM f ' AL I N .s,Tlt L'5l KNTS. of thebest, which be oilers for sal on tht uiOfct rensouible terms, nni'ing tt Inch are .Ml LODIO.NS AND SKRAPHINES. whtch nrcmut h for sweetness of tone, and will a i.-ipted to parlor orchurth music. Alu-ic .-joliouls Alililarv Hanu, or individuals, can be ttuii Hras and oilier instruments of aur leti.-ription, as du ap or cheaper than thev cm nui- chssf lb Ihe city of Ibislnn. ALt-o, lolin, Haas and ijoudic nass x 101 hiringi, Hows, HiiJlis. Patent Heads, Tuning Korks A. Pines. Itisliuction Hook-, Chriomlt Rttdsnnd inoiilh Pjj- s, l inbielin, ruinsols. tXjlkmi' I aues. Ac. Ord-rs will be guilt ndiv received, nnd lustrumenti sent by Singe at the risk of the ui'inulacturtr, and if nut stti-l it'tory, I u t y be exchanged. AIiisicul inniruinentsiud l uuiri llas.repaircu as us- al. Please cill ul hu new Music Store, a few doort south of ihe L'aulu Colli c Hou-e. n31 Concord, New Hampshire, 5Isrch 2, Hll. PANGUORN HRINS.MAID, Agtats, Burling- ton, Vt. Double Itcliued l.oaf Sugar, at S. R. SCOTT'S. Aug. 6. n9 Mlks! s-llLs! Silks ! Axcry cTtrnsite assortment of every xaritty of figure, color, tvle. oi puce, now open nt S. H. SCOTT'S. Puces die most ccriainlv reduced so tint good GOODSof tlu kind can be purchased aiontne ly new bargain. Auc ii. nv Iclcskln atnl l''ur Hats, of the latest style at reduced prit'es, st S. 11. SCOTTS. Aug. 6. n9 (yliccttngB, Shirt njs, Ticking, Canvass, Padding, O Hatting, Cotton 5'atn, etc. tic. rtcened at S. H. SCOITS. Aug. ft. n9 Satin strlpi-il Cliallj. rhm s. I-'igurrd 5Iou line dcLsints, jut received and for ir low, at S. H. SCOTT'S. Au?. fi. Ccmiati Silvrr Tabic -poonp. JUST received, of the best qushi) and will be soii al the lowest price. Also, we would cnll attention, to some rood PlatM, made for us, after the silttr patterns, all go ijs w.ll be sold st the lowi s price. PA.M.lifJKeX sV URIA.'-.MAIK. July 23. n7 "I "'ID .attention t f lliopublic i invned Ir a lirg 1 sloe1, of coif's now mig nt .-. H. SCOTTS. x. ri-c ojipcrt inny for p.irchi-inr good Gees-1 t r.i -e' ririy low priicp. Jtily'.M f'f 'HI LADV'S Cabinet, drtoted to science art! t general literiture, jitt reccited it ihe Hook S'orr while subscripti in nrc rett'ved for this and th. N V R t ew, American Journil of the Medical St -nee. fpdN.Amfricinllciktv. July 1, I). A. RRA5IAN. A TD.--1CAL Instruments Ac II not T flat Hnrio. t t ncttc, H , Cl'iftf, I'lagfolr is, Guitar, Violin, an i V'-dinefl o ''tunes, rretetetl by July 21 111. PANGnoRN A HRIN-.M ID. QTOMVS CAST KTLT.I. AXLS, Wai nntrsl s-j. O i ti.or toar.y in Mfukft CUi lur sleby STRONGS il- Co. July 1.1-11 Ninv GOODS. rpili". sub'cnbi r- bite ic.-'d a new s nrlmrnt of .1 Plmn nui'lni De Lam Piinted mesbn and Pr nt 0.1 Law ns Jlik anil while Jrussells Lice I'reneh sqr, nrlt 1) Ilailrcad and loud Do IC'd nn Tins ,r-r. n. MURRAY WRIGHT. f eo. June 1C, I'll. NUW AUIUV.M,. T'lsl TJcrelictl ai Pl'.l K and bPT. U'.-, pcih ,) eeare-, it chatt'Ri"e Ointnunt fr rtioovng I'ltvLIt, Ring Woreis, I'linple n ibe Fa-e, and o'lci erti'UK Us. Aikui-on's Dep latory, for sr.icrduniTs Hair on the face, ele. I'n n. -h ( orn Plaster, whn h gives ininin' rf' rf, an 1 it iniros but few applications to crail ,-atu them 4lti ge ber. A .pplyof Halm or Columl is, ihc nion rnevrn tisl nrne c'b r Pandru.f and restoroinn i f the Hair. Sept. 1?, 111. tMi--Tr.n t i;i i 1.1LAOC sdk Rags. Rodgcrs nnd ts be- t Rir 1 ois, Hankers Shears, Hlack Stmpi I'l Sashes. .Mimaliiic cases, and other Goods II, PANG HORN IiRI.NS.MAID. July "I 1 1 -T Re, c ve', .nn ber birre lot i f ihoe s"rrrtrr .man fa lured I y N. Ilarvet. Mon' c n-r. J Sh, s. ft. 2. s n. scorr 4 lew copies- PUTOIllAL ILl-PsTRAT IONS .f nl New Vor!, nrii-c-. llisl rc'C vvu I V July 13. ..... , , , i t til, (' ' Tii-ft received n ibe Hock St( be, nl! tb - A. UliX'i'l I se rou tnl Die lVorbl. D July 13. AM, ni. rcfthc RnV. TIILODAM) MVMIIW vv.di an n'ronnt of the Ri-e and Tn gre-s Tcmpcrancein Ireland, r 'ale nt tle boti torn July 13 rS D. A UKA.MATt