Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 15 Ekim 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 15 Ekim 1841 Page 1
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RIUJ'KK'd ESSENCE Or LIFE. A ..-. .wodicme, vvhich, il rightly npi.liitl. will be the .laioiiM lir cnni.1,1 il.t... ...... l. . I I.. .. . . . . -'"i iin'ii-nuii- iiuiii iiu iiu.iiiit.y grave. It has H-en M.KI ami used for thirty ye-nrs, vvtthgrcal ......I. , mm jtjuiiii very e-lliciu-ious ... luc IOIIOVVII1 discuses, viz. Comm..., lion, Whooping Cough-, com iiivin uuik, w. ii-, uiiiiciiii iM-e'atiimir, iiiiiucnzn (juinsy, AMlima, l'hihi.ic, Spilt. ug of lllocxl. I'l.iln. 3cney, Indigc-tion, Loo-oness of the Hovvel-, Filsof vvcry ..urn, erainp", liici.ct", lelie, Catarrh, Dy-cn- wji tum.iii,, uj I' .-vucciiiJii-, ucaiiaclie" 'Sicknessat Stomach, Mea-lc", a preventive of Con !inglou disease". Gout and Khfumniisiii. ii i i "uuiiuvc .ucjieinc is prcpurc.i iiv ncnry Sey mour, of Hadloy, iln.froin the Original Recipe, by r--TSll ........ VI.. 1. . . i i . .. t.iuuv.i.iivui m sim .tuii.K', nnu sow iy nun und ll.u principal iiruggisisin the L niledSlutc. Sold wholc-iilo ami retail, l.y Peck & .S'pinr, uuiiuiKiuiif iii.u uy iucucaicr generally through 'out the country PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. riMn.S articIoiitr.owll known to need common dar.'pn and the experience of seven years lias ' nstrateM to tho conmierrial community, that lor accuracy, convenience and durability, tliey are unrivalled Coal ysrd scales to vveih from 3 to G "' t 'oininnt w nreuonise do, to weigh from 1-211., inn;, s'' ' or,!11"0 do. to weigh from 1 2 o.. to wius. i-ouatucuoiinierdo from 1-2 oz. to 40 ll.s. a new article to weigh ,. J. & J. II. Pr.tvc & Co.- Hurlmgton, April 8 1811. Agents. PAINTIXO. THK siibsriher being thankful li r pa-t favor. would re-peelfnlly .-ol.e.'t n continuance ol the same and remind hi. friend, and the public that he i. prepared to accommodate tkcin on the shorlc-t ni'tu-e and mot favorable terms in the varum. in tlieal'Oveline. Shop oppo-ito Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hal Stoie, Pearl-.-tte.l, Hurluigton, Vt. JAMES SCOT1'. April 1, 1311. n J3:ly headache CERTAIN CURE FOR SICK HEADACHE which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick hcadachu from infancy, as -i constitutional family complaint, and has cured effee tuslly in every instance yet known, (iiiiuumui" to in i iiy hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the ,.JJ, .lu doeB nut prevent the daily avocations offline ii;n.f ji lt must bo pcrscwrc.l in, and the ruiu is gradual? but certain and permanent. Instances aru cuu-tAtitlv multiplying where tin-distressing complaint is com Ipletely relieved and cured, allliouyli of jcars -taiidin,T by the use of Dr. Spoliti s celebrated remedy. One ilecided preferences its pleasantness, having none of tlm nauseating elhctnf common dings. Itis soperfcctlysatisfactory, that the proprietor lias .jjivcu directions tor his agents to refund (he price to any one who is not pleased with, and ivcn cured l.y it. lie hopes also that this may si-curo its great ben etits to the distressed fum'rei'i " ho aiol.iboriii.'iiiulcr Hendachc. E. SPOHN, .11. I)., inventor and Pro prietor. .SoldbyCO.Us;r"(:A .f. ft, 71 M.,;j,,n j New Vork. 1' 1. G K & S r. A If, Wholesale Acents, a few doors east of ihK I'ostOmee, liurhut; tou, Vt. ij .KmVJIUSIl!, AM) .MUSICAL IXSTUir JIEVT. lint ii -vv ion, .7. cvmmts 'V tion.): sni.rilvof iew .nu-ie, .iui- I nstrumcnts, iVc, which ho is authorized to -clt at the lowest liostun re'ail prices. The Mu-ic for the Piano l-'orto consists of Songs, (ilees, Duetts and Trios. Newand beautiti.l M.irehis, (luiekstcps, (i.d opades, Waltzes, Dances.anil .kces with variations, FOine of which are the latest publications of the 1'ot ton llriirado and llras- Hands. ALSO A great ariity of American, Gerinan, French and l'.nglih MiiMcal lnstriinients, consisting of I!.igles,Triini.ets, l-'reneh Uorn, lia-s, Tenor and AlloTroiuboups, I! Hat, Cand I'.tht Chrionctts (ler mnu Concert l'lule,) from one to nine keys,) l-'lagco-letts, Octae and Pieolo I'lutes and l-'ifc. .Splendid Diss Viols and Violins, c Ii gant and plain Violin and Uass Viol llnws. .Superior Unman Violin, II.i-s Viol .and (luitar Strings of eviry size and Inter. KnglMi and l-'rench Clanonelt Heeds. Splendid Punch Ac cordeons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and (ierman Silverpatentheads, Instruction Hoik", with f'nin uts, Lessons, and Kxcrci'ps fur all the above, and oth er instruments, arc now for sale at .Mr. .Mann's resi denco a few rods north of the KniTonal Church, in Ilurjington, wlicre he respectfully inviles customers 10 give mm a can Military Hands nnd Music School", furni-hed with Music, Musical Instruments, (nt Juslruciion, f de sired,) at short notice. 0PIANO KOItTKS strutKt, repaired and tuned as usual. liurlington, May 7, 1811. -19 NEW ARRIVAL, S. T.OVISI.V CO. 'A HE now rcceivin" their third siinnlv of I'ancv JTL Staple and other Goods, adapted to the uantsuf tne market, w men were purcuaseu at .ew i oris, tlio "last week, and are now offered for casli, at a small ad vance and greatly reduced prices amonjj w hich are the following: Satin ttri.oCl.allys, do. do tiiqured and plain Mou-linc Delaines, for drcjse--, .omc as low as S2,5U a pattern, Prinleil Lawns lor dre-ses, plain do. for lonnotf, r'reneh ,-lrip"! Prints, Knli-h and American do. Satin stripe il, for dri'-.-e, a fini")- article nUekand blue black Oro deSw., dc lthinc etc. of eery variety, colorij mI1- i f every grade, White Gro du Afr.cand other c-ol'd silk lor lonnet-, Crapes and crape Liee, Fillet .earf and hhawb, some very superior, Thread Laces, Killings and, Alusiiii ln,eriioiis, Grecian Laces, Indies L'mbrou'eriil and worl.ed rape- and collari, billet Mit- and Glove-, long mid l.ori, all color", Ribbon", a beautiful n-orliiieiit, entire new style, I'rllum ldbbons Head I ntid, 3Jongee, and Poii-lsj hdl.f-, a-sorttil 0-1 Moii-linedt-Liiine shawl-, a newand cheap ar- Lineu eauibrie l.dMs. Lawns, etc. 4-'re.ieh Artilieml-, Whalebones and Italian, Tara..l& Umbrellas, direct from thomam.faeturcr S-4dainal;dli hawl-, cheaper than ever. 'Travelling andWork bal.i., 3led and lilnck i-linn-U, at ii great largain, Jtawilkaiidotberdru..lidltsuinUluw, a great variety, lliM.op Lawn-, Nnnsook mid Hook Mulin, Wire Nell, Ha.lroad, Wa-b llloud andotber lace", Irish Linen- and cmnlfic", Shell side and other combs, Ladies and gent-, silk and Li-lel.oe, do do Glove", Itelieules, 1 ead bags and pure, $-auinctt.,oaiineresnnil madeIoth,eht a p enough Silk Velvets, for lad.o- and gents. aUu for vesting, dark and light Ve-ting-, Valencia, etc. etc. Table spread-, ilotl.s, diapers, etc. Sheetings auj shirtings, I leached nnd unblcAcls-d, Jeansaud eazeuets, fnriiituic d.'.uitie", Curtain friiigee". To which may be added, a large asortment of Dry firoceriet, such n : Illnck aiulGrecu Teas, of every variety, While, Ilavauua and other brown Sugars, Mola-sc", Piinenlo, Pepper, Ginger, Cloves, Casfia l'oland Starch, laigli-h (Jurraiits. Crockery and (Vats Ware, French and American J'ajier Hangings. As rasli U our objeei, wu will give great bargains Call and examine for yournlvo.-. liurlington, July 30, 1.6 Crockery, Clilna ami (Jla.s tVuic A largo and rich assortinent just riseiveil and opened, purchases! at greatly reduced piice-. in New Vork, and now for sale at the very lowe.t rule, by N. LOVI-:l.V & CO. June 9, 1811. r.2 BOSOSIS and Mocks, I'ino frilled ami plain o. oim, afewinoroof the new style .Stocks, which ie much admired, 8'iunre nnd round Collars. Hir.'d. J Kill. VNOHOKN &. MSINSMH. 1ft -MIliM.XAUV .S; DltlCSS HAKl.Nti. Dy Miss s. BRAY, - T.l'lIOIias commenced 'rV'tJ'S&L VV in tlio now bnildiii!! i 011 'hceast sulo of Church stieet, opposite II. Lane's store, and a lew rods south tordancowiih themosta proved Now ork stvle. which Fashions arc now just received for the sea nurlington May 2G, 1811 son. nM supnitiott i't,omi. r N. IIINSDILL. Ai?ent fur lo Chester and other Western Mil a hfcl asiul B etc. has for sa p. now in store, am BaftSSEM i--..1vi.. t.-;,.l.. - -1 .! n..:.l ..r I'ancv "and Sinieriini! llrands i.f I' I't.llll. ot the llfrhcst renutat.iin ... t in tpw Vork and Huston markets. Amnmr uhlrl. nre .bp iu. .owing, ii. lay. i. iiemi.siinii, K. s. UlarK it to, l)ni., IT. Holmes. Union Mills. Jnnksnn SLIIs. Clifton Mills, and J. Kosher, together with several choice brands of Ohio and Michigan Flour. 1 ,1 .... .1 t. . ,, r . - . 1 . "uuuai.u -n. amen, suuauicior tlio.uontreai.unr- hCl. Merchants and dealers will bn r.irnisl.pil to nrdnr at a very low rale, l.y remitting Drafts, Certificates of UC 0Slt. Or U.IS I. tO it , H-Cr-Slrcrl Tmv U-Wn n full siipjily will be kept at all times. MaVS. IBM r.t,"j jVOTIGU JCT-Mwheino is be-t known by the J- euiC" it ocrforin I it I. .Nrwio..' Van. n. ur Purifier ot the lllood." The unparalleled and -nil iiierea-.iigiepiilaliou which thi- medicine ha-aeiiair-el throughout the.N'ew KnslandSiate-, and the many eiire it ha- pi-rforineiL, and the great demand made font by of pi. well ai-ipian.toi with preparation, n.i" iniiucin tl.e proprietor to extend ciiMiilulioii io almo-t eveiv town m tl.e eastern Slate- and the principal town- in the I'lined Slates. I'lii- Pauai-eis warranted purely vegetal le,and i- not .iiri.a ed Iv ant- otbv meiheine ever ollered to il allbi'ted a- its cMen-iv"" -ale and great popularity plauilv prove. It ha-w.ihm tl.e la-t monil.- ei.reil il" ll.ou-an I- oflhe mo-t ob-tu.ate di-ea-e-, a-. Is' pcoved by cerl.lieate-j and i-pronounced by eu.iiR'iii and re-p'ei-tal.le physician the be-l ini'dienie in i.-f. V-i-li.l l ii Ii io .. may be found in eircuiar eontaining eert.lieale- of cure.- and diiivimu- fur til ing the medicine. I he Pillowing appointed agent-. Hiirlnigton. PKCICand SP l'..ll. It. .Mo,l, Si Alban-, Corn-and llu-sel Millon, C. Diake .Mdlon 1'all-, Itui net and Sawver Waterville, l-'.-l, ami Hrown, lliiie-burgh, Hull ami Cook Fairfax, Parker and Mntlicld Vergenne-, Adatu. and .Mmrny Cam), ridge, M. Wue t'lnleilull, M. C. Ilarnev North Ferrisburgli, II. C. Wiekei Georgia, A. Hii- Villi-ton,N. Chittenden Richmond, Green & Ithode- lolin-ou, G. L. Warner mul Co Monkton, Lilian .-mull, Armington and W oihIu ard Fair lield, Hi. met and Farnswoith.;m MAIIS II ALL'S continues unrivalled a- a slieiiglbeuiiig PLASTLK: Al-o, fur Kheuina- ti-m, Laiiieue (,r tl.e side-, limb-or back : for erob. lou. swelling-, -curvy sore-, Flesh wound-; and for a general Family Pla-lcr or salve. For Corns, moreover try if, paiu clo-e, persevere in iheu-e bv makinga new application oeca-ionally, and m time, yonreorii- will lj curuil. For -ale bv PI'-CK & Sl'LAlt, and Dn. IiOUT. .MOODV. nurlington, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.f.lS tiii; ijookstoiii: OF the Subscriber is just rcplcni-bed with a new and valuable nortineiit of HOOKS, 6TATI0.V AHVAND F.NGHAVINGS among tlio many in teresting works may bo found the following Learn to Die, by Christopher Sutton, Sutton on the Snciamciils, The Voung Man's Aid, l.y Rev. II. Window, Glimpses of the Past, Language of Flowers, Talcs of the Ocean, Flora's Int rprcter, Flora's la xieoti, Slimmer Journey in the West, by Mrs. Steel, The Xestorians, or the Lost Tribes, l.y Dr. Grant A Week in Wall-Street , , D. A. llltAMAN. July 30, llU UJ. ANK HOOKS. Ledgers, .lotit nals ei llerord Hooks. FOR towns, county and prohale records iinnnfac lured from ihc best linen wove Demi and Medi um paprr.boiinil in calf : Also, a variety of common I Hank worli .or sale cheap lor ready pay at the sign of tne lien Ledger, l.y S. HUNTINGTON. June 25, 1311. n3 CAI I'LL of kinds loi.gnt as u-nal, a liU-ral ad- vauce made for iho-e taken on i-oinnu .on, a lew pair-of good llccf 0::en will be very acceptable on tin' HJth of June, and tl highe-t prue will ! paid iu ca-li for -neb. ALSO To .xchang. ne, for -toel, or cash. fir.-t rate Chaise and Kar- "30 DAMLL K1M11A1.L, Jr, liurlington, May 12, 1811. PAPFIl HANGINGS. ANEW supply, with borders, &c. just ree'd from the inanulacturcrs. July 22. C. GOODRICH. July: NEW GOODS. THF. iil.-erils.-rs have ju-t received from N. Vork, a large a ortinent of F ANCY GOODS. among which may I e found Heavy I lack 'and blue black Poi de Soi Sdk. GrodeSwi-s " " " " J' ' ' " " (;roleAlri,pie. " Light colored " do " " do " Pekin -tripod " " Plaid Poi deSoi, (a new article) " llonnet silks, bonnet Lawn-, Llk Italian cravats, idain aiidfig'd Frimli bond iizine--. Half mourning, plain d fig'd, all wool Mousline oei.auie-, Chinee and Satin striped Mou-line deLaines very line. Lace Veil-, Illk licit shavv's and scarf-, licit Mittand Glow-, superior Kid do. bombazine and tiltlit slucks, W orked cambric & .M...1.;. I.erting&, lilging-, 1 bread Ldgiugs honnct&cup llibbui", newMyle-, Zephyr or.-ied, plain and ribb'd silk Ho-e, or-lisl Working P.iiti n-anil Cauva , eli-. July 2.1, 1811. n7 L. 31, WRIGHT it CO, fmmia.w j aj .-r-, If I DO IV SASII Just receive I lj, 2(1 and 2 17 by 1) ca-enicnN of -ash, a i'.rt rate article at 31 and cent- per light ; also an Kin. I- uuii-ize, l.irni-hfd to order. Ticonderoga black leal, aiirsl rate article, for sine very low, will, a ereat var.olv of oilier urn. claso cheap as can be found at any other establish ment ill thu place. Geo. Pktei'.sos, BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY CL. NI-.LSON, continues tho business of manufacturing Chaira at tho old stand, of tho fol lowing descriptions: Cutl 3Inpln Grician, Cane Scat, Conimou Cauo and Flag Seat, Largo nnd .Small Raised Sent Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, ivc, Ac. All of which are warranted a first rate article and will bo sold at prices in en ui-.iu. in vviui mo tunes. I-T.ATHI-RS, AND FKATHF.R HKDS, RF.ADV MADll. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Livo Green, l-eutlu-rs, w hich will I.o sold low tor cash. , WANTLD, by thosubscribir, Curl and llirds Ere Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite tho old Hank. c. L. NELbON liurlington, June 1. 1911. c:oi,i) WATciuis,iui.v miiu WE have this week received some I can'. I..I finished English made Gold Watches. This is tliu fourth lot received this spring rtnd summer. We in form Iho-e wi-lung linu Watch. u", that we aro selling ihem at very low and vv a intend lo pell as low and lower than the dmn quality of Watch re, cunliebouglitm New York or Pe-lon, IVr rn. fragcto tctiaslirvyatany ran, GG-(S -j 01 inoLhiirch, wheroevery juoiiVvSt'; Ift'C,nttcntion will bo ijivcn to W'VirH' 11,0 lllali"t-' of0SNP.T, f ' i JSa' Uavs am. Dnnsscs. in nc- iL PM.U PORTA .VI C.VITION. ,. It i a singular laet ai.donu much to l,o regielled , iii.ii'iu "n.-,i.i. -n.ej, soon as iney i ecomepoii. mur, and have i-ei-civnl tl.cle.-t and iipiiroval ol a d.-cr.iniiiatiugpublie,aresiire to I ecounlerfciied, and thus u bad nnd.spur.oiis arlicle is iinuiediiilelv palmed upon ihouiiMispeeliiigforthe genuine. Thls'has been notoriou-ly the ease with all popular tried and truly valuable ineibcnes for years past, and will probably continneln I e the ease for years to come. Tl.e ba-e and contemptible eounterftnt in this way meanly take., ndvanlage ol nil ihi- rMnri. n,l ,i,.,.--. ti-iug used by the proprietor of the genuine article, to get their medicines nml ,1 r,,.,l ,,,.i. ly. Itisihcicforenol le- ilwdnty than it eoniril.iiles luuie sii.e.y 01 ev cry none.-t luiiivnliial intliecoin I Hl'LT all IJKAin LESS LM!l(ATfSvv ho tliu, irre- "iv nine wuii neaiiii nnu inc. iTHLKLFOHE TAKE AOTICE.T-! . Theieis a person by the name of.I. IL Iff) 'ItF. rOltr. now engaged iu selling a P.ll dm,,. ,,,, i i..,v. V'.'-'-i.'""1 1"'11''"'1 iiuilalion i.f the genuine INDIAN i-.GI-.I A1ILL l'ILI, with the omi-sion ofonlyone "V" ,"" ""- "mc viz. vvmuiiT. I l.e Fills old by Ibis liocl.efort are evidently intended as a fraud anil imposition upon tl.e community, or they would not - "r '" -i"ii' n... union oi me gen ome. Ihi.sper-on Is mil blu-tcrnig with a great the atrical swagger. Hi: wa- recently known nn very poor player in Halt.u.o.e. .....ler il .;,,., I ,..,., of Jim Hrown, and is al out twculy live e.irofa "ti lt i a moM beyond a doubt that he is .supplied with the Tills from a Druggi-t firm in this civ. win, Inn, heretofore 1 ecu notoriously i-iin,,,,,.!,-! I, led medicine-. A. soon as proof isoblainol thefoun lain head ofihi" nefarious bii-mess will 1 c e.po-iil, that the con illy may slum iheni as they would a serpent. IN THE .MEAN TIME run IT'IILIC ARE 'vn TIONED ain-t buying WRIGHTS Innw Vpc-nn ,- n, . of any one who does not exhibit a certificate of ugeii- cy signed by the agent for the New J.nglaiid States and Vcaiing dale since January 1810. Al-o take par ticular notii-e that the tullowini wording is on thubox c. Wr-ight's Indian Vegetable Pi'l (Ind. Purgative) ol the Norlh American College of Health. The Indian Vtgflahle I'itti me ., cei lal.i rare A.I in ilseviij v ,n icij of fo. in, bic.iine llicj I In. loiiglilj clc.iiisi; l In- fiinu.ul, I.dhoI", induce a pio pci disch.iigeb) ibo lungs, skin iindk.ib.ej, andsii ii.ul.ite I lie bliind lo pmifv iuclf. In muds iIipj ..pen all ihe Manual diains, and leave NATUtit:(fie Grand Physician) I'ice to iliiie disease fiom tl.e budy. 'I'lie above oi.lleis, or iliniii", are ll.o cuniiiiuii ewers oflhe built, lliiougli nliirli all mmhid I n,r. i apt luunois (the cause ol di.-eae) me r.inied ofT; and sn lung as ihcy me all kept ope. I disl barge lieelj iholr alloned ponious nfiiMpiirii), ibe body will con. mine in I.cahh: bin when I'liini eaiing iinpror?.- luod, biraihini! impure ail, sudden lian-ii0,i lio,,, tic-.n lo rold, uver exliausiiun ora.ijolhcr rpu-e, ihe bovvels become costive, ihc nore-'ol ilie k III 1 1 P r a I o idiiaml. or iltckidncva fail (a pcifuiin il.eii fiinciiuns piupcrlv. mi- inipiii ii.L-s miiii.iii ne iii.iinrii i o in i lie tiudj l.y ilif'C out let", u ill be retain ed. and niniini.p in an. ii.n.idale iniiil ll.o l.odj bccnmi'S liinallj. loaded uiih d.s.iso. If ihe cli.innil" of in.r migltiy" nvei should u-iun.e uiochcu up, n mi ill ...ii ilie aict iiiulaicd waters fiilll (IPIV lUlllel?. or ill.' l-l.linllV liPi'mnn iiinndin.l Just so tvilh ihe liinna i body; ifihe ii.iliu ,il di nins he eonie closed, ilieslngii.ini and roi nipt huniurs will find vein in ine vanuiis lonns ol il.sea-p such as Fevpr, Small I'nx, Measles, ism, Gout, Apoplpxy, tc. or Dc.uh will en I our mifiei ins. Thcirfuic, when sickness al l l.e sinin.ii li. n,iin ,,, il,n l,,irL ,.,,.) side, cpikk pulse, burning skin, or any oilier iinplp.i. sain syu.piou.s, ind.raip that one or more of ihe na. drains aic nol disrhaiging f.eidy, nnd llic eunjli. i in iuii i" tiooti i io ciHuuience a snuggle loi Ihc re-lor.t. lion of l.pallh, no lime should bp lost in dininisipring ali'A In i -rs doses of i lie Indian Puigaiivp (Indian Ve geluble J'ills.) Hy so doing, all the luni-iions ,,f ihe body will l.e icsloicil io order, rod Ilie fni.l liuniars (llip c.iuseof eveiy inll.iin.itliiii or p tin we sufie.) will be removed in so easy and a inanucr. lli.n ihe ly will be IPSIoied a if he n rli.nnt.. Tim !,!., Pills may bo taken al ALL limes and under ALLi ir. cunisiaiices, with pcifi-n safely, Tliey fail all com plainiSAml all n;ps, andaien. i cnnsliiuiion us b. ml : runsripipiiily i lie can nener injure even ilie must ih'licale. Like ..III fun, I. lliee nrp Iheiefuir ilipy ruler inn. ilw circiilanon and impan an enpigy to l he bluud, winch eii.d.les il lo flow Willi fiee. don i e in I lie I'xlien.iiips anil ri.ii.pipipiitly m ki'i'. the pores i.fil.e skin ii-en. arp iruo arid peifeci I'tirilieisol the bluud! In raii.e ilipy drain all riuriipl liumors fiom iliat lil'c imi l,.d, ri.oy imparl stlfiiglh and vigor In ihe whale, syslein, and ihcir ef fins arcaltvay. ; liecm'-e ll.ey only ii'u.ovp lho.-e liii.unr" which are opi.n-ed lo l.p.ilih. I'liey aid I iiiji. ov n iligc.-. iiir. , ,i..d yni.nd sleep fnlli.w" 'iheir use: liec.iusp il.ey i-le.i.i,e ihe sioniarh and l.nwrls ol l bos-slimy humours which nol onlv inilale and i-xr.lp ihe iiPivons syslrni, bin p.n.ily.p and weaken Ihe ills geslivpoig.iiis. I,, ,hM ,.v ps,ef- ,... 0 i pinpprnes thai can l,e rl iiined loi any medicine : and uh.ii hi- ve. y ,, ii in unci ly in.por.ibV lo ll-e ihem benefit. Pi iceo.'i cents per lint. (l;,,.i;,,,,. ri,T... and General Depot for the New England Slate-, No! 11)5 i Court -Ircet, llo-ton. The regular ntiiioimcl Agents can r,,ip-n. plies of tho above popular Pill-, as heretofore, fiom Ihe only i.ihcoand general depot fur the New England Slate-, U3Trcnout street, llo-ton. Pedlars or trae. piling agents are not allow edtu sell the ge vegetable Pill-, therefore never purcha-e from them, for If VTII do you will l Mire 'III obtain n ,,.r,.- aud eouiiferfeit arlicle. " -m Prcu & .fi'i-xn, Agents in liurlington, for the aleofiho Indian Vegetable Pill., al.i,. W. II. tin. , Willi-ton. Vt and A. Ilrin-maid, liurlington. ' jlfOFFATS VEGLTAIILE LIFE MEDICMNES. 1.1M. I iie-ii mciliciiies an. n.i c lei for i .imp mini,, in their inanifct and si n-il le action iu purifying the springs and channels of life, and enduing ihem with leiiewvd tone and vigor. Iu many hundred certified casesvv nu ll nave I cen made put lie, and iu almo-t every specie- ofdi-ca-e to vv Inch the human frame . liable, the happyolect. oI'Moiiat's Like Pll.l.. anii PltiKNts Hitti-.u. have I ecu grcalfullyand pnbluiy aekiiowlcdgcd by the per-on. I cneiitusl, and who were previously iinacipi.iuiicd Willi the beautifully pin. lo-ophical priiieip'es upon wlnclilhcy arecoinpi.imd. ul, and uponvhich tlieycou-criieiilly act. The LIFE MEDIClNl-S rccomiiieud theiii-elves n. hfcascsol every foim and di'-cription, Their lirsi operation is lo 'oo-cn from tho coals of the stomach and bowels, the various impurities and crudities con stantly settling around them; and toremovelho har dcni'il faces which collect in tho convolution- of ih,. smallest inie-linc-. Oilier liicihcines only iiapimll.. clcau-i;lhe-p, and leave such collected nias'es I ehiu'd a. to province habitual co-iivene.-s, with all it. Irani ol -..,-. orMiooeu inariiiu:.!, wnu j; imimiicnt dagers.n i ins tact is well known to all regular niiatomi5, who examine the Immaii bowels after death j and hence tlio pit'iuiliceot tnose wcllintorined men ngnin-toiiacl. iiieJienie- or medicine prepared and heraldij u. iiuin-iiiiepy igiioiain pcrion-. ilie seeoml elleet ol ttie late .vie hciuc is to cfcau.e tlio kidney, nnd tl.e bladder, und by this nte.Mis. the liver and the lungs, the healilifiilaction ofwhiclirntiivlydeiH-ndsiipon the re gularity of ihe urinary organ-. The blood, which takes its ml color from tho agency of the liver and ih, lung. U-loie it pas-es into tho bcarl, being thus purifieil uj uteiii, nun i.oi.ri.i.eii ny ioim. i-oiiuug irom a clean .touiaeli, cotir-e. Ireely ilirougli the veins, renew. every pari oi ine sy.ieni, nnu irinnipiiantly inouul the banner ol healili in the blooming check.'s Vegetable Life bav-u 1 t tlmp ouglily te-tcd, and pronounceil a sovereign remedy for Dy-pep-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the, Heart, Lo-s ol Appetite, Heart-hum uud, ltesllc-sne-s, in-ii-ii.per, viix.L-.y, i,ini;i.ur aim .uciaueiioiy, VVOs. Iivcnes". Diarrbira. Clink ra. Fevers of all,l. Kheuiuuti-m, Gout, Drop-ies of all kind-, Gravel Worm-, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Fleers' Inveterate Soies, Scorbutic Eruptions nnd Had Com-plexion-, Eruptive complaint., sallow. Cloudy, uud oihcrdisagrecable Complexions, Salt Kheum, Erysip. ela-, Common Colds and Iulluenza,and various, other complaints which allhcl the human frame. Iu Fevuh iiint .voui., larueuiany, ino i.uo .ueiiiciiics have lieu mo-t iininenily successful ; so much so tint in Ihe fever and A gneuistrictsniysicijns almost universally pre-cril i: them. All that Mr. MoTat risi.nre. of his patients is to be parueuiar ill iai,mg inu i.uo .ueuicuies, stneily nceor- uing to the uircciion". it is not a newspaper notice, or by anything Ihct ho himself inuyuy uillieir favor, tluthohoiMnto gam credit. It is aloneby the results of a fair (rial. . MOFFAT'S .MEDICAL MANI'AL: designed as a domc-tie guide, to health Tins little pamphlel, edited l'yi.l.MoT.ii,a75llroaday,Xevv Vork, his Itvn n.iblishel foribu piirpo-eofexiilainiug more fully Mr. . ,,,t,,,, ui, nun win ic lounu tngiiiy iiilcrestinglopersons seeking health. It treats upon i ....... m UI...1..S, . urn, int. ciu-c, increoi. rnee, centt fur sale byMr Modal'. Ageiusgcnerally. I liese nptable Jlixhi-incs nre lor sale by Rol er jiooiiy uroggisi, i. vreneruingcut, tin wl l nil ne plications forugeneicssbould I e addressed, no-t paid) Hiirliiulon, Vt. Jan. I, 1811. ' 9 nnllm'S- Prl'-l.lW)ll", Lrd-10,J(K)ll.'j &fJ.J ,Uani, for sale bt ' LVMAN v COLli. DISIiAMjM (IF Till! HJN(JS...Dreledly Hie mosi popular leinedjevrr known In America r rge able i'ulmenary Jlaliam Is ihe most valuable tented) now in .,-ef,,. coiillhs,ro,,.1Hsil,,i,a0rphihi.ic, coiKi.nipiion. iv hooping cough and pi,lns.j,, HfiVeiiuus oi evei j kind, lis sale is ip.ulUy iiineasiiiit. uud Ihe P'opiieiiiin nte rmisiaully .ereiving the most favomhle ate ff! ir .. '""."XS cv certificates " '"I'" 'll If I IU Uf. r.11.1 II .11 ion i An Uterestino Case. Extract nf a kiierfr tlr (, S Clay, Ivingsion, Ulster co,, N. Y. lo I propiteiars. " You.s of Hie !)ih ttisi. was duly ice "'uurknblc cute waaeffccird by ihc Vegjinl.le Pi moiiarj Uf. iilm w inlcr and .iirlin, i,r IW. 'I person, Mr. Ab.odi, had hpen s.rk a loniz linu; with Hie consiimpi inn. His phjsiriitns .,,d given him t.p was tciiiiceiiso low as in l.e unable to help hlnt-plf, and was i.nsiiis a large rptantily of blood when he commenced using the Hal,,,,,,, w,ic, )H, PTecic,l a coti.plei,. rure, and ho is mm- as hale and bean, a, evei he was. ,,lr. ,Muod has lemoved fiem llils lown, o.H he has premised mo n more deliiilrd account of his -ri "iiicti i win warn vnu. c. a CLY Kingston, N. Y. June 25. 1S38. t-xiiaci ol a leller I. inn Dr. Jacob .Mjcrs. The )rcelalile Pulinonaty Halsain has been "sold in litis count) for two )ears, nnd the medicine has qained an uiicoininon celebrity, r.,r il sraicely in one instance lailcdnlhaniiljlhedeslicil iffeci. I am by no means III favor oflhe lliauv IIOSIIHIIia. nmilnl, j. .... posilioils III10II II Crednlnns mil, lie. Ii I, u.t.I.I. I know by use io l.e efTcciual, I camioi help but eivcmi iiipiol)ili.)ii thereto. A counterfeit pieparuiion has bpcn odercd here by airavelling Agent, of Cuinsiock, IN, 1. nnd there is aitother .inielp v,wle,l ,i. ., slrongl) suspecled to uerwrimi. JACOn MTF.RS, M. I). Mimiiiglon, Juniata co. Penn. Ma) 3, 1837. Fiom Dr. Samuel .Moirrdl, lo lite of ihp Vege (able Puhnniurv Ilalsam. I um,l I. .. v.. seiable Pulinoii.irv Italjim is a valuable mcdpni,.p Ii has I.opii used in this place with complete success in an ob-linaio roniplaiui ol i.o lanes, alionded with n sevpi e rough, loss uf voice, and the raising nf much .i.u.,.1, .miico i.ati previously lesisieit man) approved piesrripliuns. After l a the Ilalsam one u.,fc. !,. paiiein's voice reiiirned and hp wnsahle lo speak audi, lily. Phis rase occutied some lime since, and the matt is now engaged not only in active bin laborious business, Respecll'iillv. &c. S. Mnnncn Il is now mole than six vears slurp I ui I I . . very low by an affection of lite lungs, and mi complaim was deflated lo be inciirablo I.) a council of ihrpe ph). sirians. I was ihen re-lored lo asgoo l l.pithh as I had e.ij0)C.lfnr m.iiiy jpars, by using lite Vegpiable Pul nin nary Ilalsam. Since my recovery I have recoin inended ihe Halsam in a great man) cases of lung n.inpbiinis, and so far as 1 can learn, its use has in. variably been folkmed l.y much benefit, and in mat.) instances it has effected cures whlrh u pre w Iml I v mm v. I'cned. Sasiukl Evkkett. ISusion, Starch 2, 1837. For sale, wholesale and retail, by PECK & SI'EAR.lliirliugion, Vt. 3J21, n A Is S A M () V , I V K It MV () II T, Ob-erve when you b.,y ihat vnu eel the eenini,.. prepausl at 37a Hovvery, New Vork. See I hat 37 j l'.ovvery New Vork i. on the wrapper of each Hotile. All oilier, nre Frauds and .old only by speculator-, without regard to justice, to tliu public, or tliepropr.e- ni.s i,t iin -1.11111111.- .it in ie. JOR Cons ption, und Liver eomplaiiit", Pvpep . sl.l.dizzinessoftbe held, lossofsi f. fl, tary, and general regululorol the whole sv-lem. None genuine but that nrepansl at 37a llowery, New 1 ork, where the arlicle wa. Iim made, the char acter of tl.e medicine formed and e-tal lislieil by the ptcent sole proprietors, and whonru the only pe'r.ou. knowing the composition of the genuine. Il ha- I ecu u-ed successfully for eight years in the core ol' il,..--,. disea-e-. pReineml er the original und Gcm..'.,e made only ut No. 375 llovvcrv. New Vork. AM others are counlerleit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Aa general remedy for the-e d.'s.-a-n-. I ,,m rli,. sati-fio.l, from long experience, theio i. no medicine iipial to Dr. Taylor's Halsam of Liverwort. Reins' jiure'v vegetable, it can boused with ihe uiino-t siilciv by all peon, in every condition. It eleaii-e. ihe lung, by cMiectoration. iclieves dullcnlt bri..iihii, aiid.cem. to heal the chest. There can I c niioue-tioi. but Ihi- medicine is a certain cure for chronic cough -nnd colds. I have u-ed it lour year- in mv practii-c, uud alvvay.vvitb .uei-c... A. V. ROGER'S, M. I). J ickliiig m the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor', ll.i sum of Liverwort to be ixertaiu remedy I'or ihi. complaint, n. I have u-ed il niy-elfaiid found its c:toci. an immediate. I was much troubled until I made ii-eofthi. ine I. cine. -it. I.. lllMIAW. 211 M.iugin -t. Hoar-cnc Cued For the cure of hoar-ene.s 1 can strongly rcccomiiiend Dr. Taylor's Hal-am of Liv erwort. I have not onlyliaiiid great I em-lit iny-vif. urn many oi my congregation I y my reccoiuincnda lion have i cc.eveil great I enelit from Us virtue. It i a tonic mild , cllicacious and harmless, ,, . REV.AZ. LEWIS. Severe (.ouglis and did I have had n mo-i se vere cold and cough, for n long nine which I could nol gel ml of. Alter u-ing many ti-clc's tliiug.s I tri cdTuvlor's Hal-um of Livcrwoi'l, and it cured me in a few day. J.S. . KERKINOCh'. liaising of Hlood About two weeks ago 1 had a fall, which caused lue to it large of blond which nothing could cure until I tried llr. Taylor's Halsam of Liverwort. This inedii'inu gave me inline d.ale relief and iu a very short time ellecled an emiro (sire. Let all person, try it. ill-Gil MC GARVEY, 21 ('allium st. Dr. Taylor's Hal-am of Liverwort Tin. .ii.icrior remi-dy furdi-ea-e. oflhe lung, uud liver ha. obtain ed a repula'iou never I efonie-pmlleil. Remarkable Cure of Cunsnmplion. . . . wa-so near her death with tin', di.-e.i-e, that my friends scut for a pr.ct toconfe.s ino ere I diul. He

in hi. inircy, told mo not to given, until I ined Dr. Taylor's llul-am of Liverwort. I sent imniediately for this medicine, and nlthmigh the conte-l for u few days letvv cen this medicine, and my dpea-e was se veie.lbe nuslieineeoiiqiiered, and iu a fortnight I was re-loniltoliHalilt. had a cough, raising of mai ler, loss ol my voice, pain-, wc.ikne.,, etc. I can re fer I o Doctor Wilson, m h,. 'aillon Hou-e, for Ihe trull, of my statement. MARY DILL, lGih street cor. Hewarc offrauil-. t, 3 1 uvcm.e. Summer Complaint. The Hal-am ol Liverwort, in several ea-es of this ill-case, where all other remedies applied l,y phy.i ciam have proved nicileciual. ha. produced 11 perfect cure Surprizing Cure nf Consumption. Mr. 11. (j'titddin ol Delhi, N'". Y., of a nntiirally eon. niniplive constitution, has Icen saved from an 1111. timely end by the ti-e of Dr, Tnylor's Halsam of Liv erwort. A severe cold brought on an attack of Pie 1-re-y, and tliu . ended iu general debility and consump tion. A constant cough, hectic flush, rct!c- night-, (puck pul-e, and cont.uuisl lo.s of flush, nugcriil a si.etsly death J but a. soon a. I commenced the u-eof this Pal-am I grew letter, and is now fully restored to health. Shortness of Breath, For thi" di-ea-e, I hayu alvvay. found Dr. Taylor'.. Halsam of Liverwort un excellent remedy. It ; at nice so f life and so u'leetive, that I always Use 11 in my pidcticc, and rts-coinineiid it to my friend-. I have u-isl it 111 some hundreds of case, wilhin (lie pas four year", and 1 have never had it fail. In many ca-es of asthma, I fully U-lievu it to have I ivn the means of saving precious live.-. I-t nil ue it. GEORGE RALPH, Al. D. None genuine but that prepared at 375. Am cry. Now York as will t,e sirn by the labels and wrap pers of each bottle. He sure you look when you buy The genuine can always he obtained of the old ngents N. Lovely iV Co. in 11 irlinglon, also of Dr. Moody and Peck d &'pcar, Drufgists Sainucl II, llarne-, Charlotte. NEW GOOD5. BURNETT cc SAWYER, nt Milton Falls, have just received their Spring Stuck of Golds, com prising n general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE, II RDWARE, DRUGS AND MEDICINES, DYE STUFFS, PAINTS AND OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKEREL, GRIND-STONES, .f-c. &e. All of which, having been purchaser! nt Ihc prcrent vciy low prices, wili bo Bold nt moderate profits for Produce, and as cheap as the cheapest for Cash; and 11s wc have not tunc this irforningtocmuncratcarticlrs and prices wo would respectfully invite our former pa. Irons nud tho public generally to call, examine nnd judro for themselves. Milton, June 1, 1611. P. S. MotlattsLifu Medicines. Newton's Panacea. Hitchcock's Snull'and Worm Tea, Cough Lozenges, and many other of thi mesl arpiored Medieines; cunsiaurij- on jiartUj OAMIEL KTTVTPSn T-r "atmt Lever Watch Maker, from I.iurmol AS it is now twelve jears since ho a vailed hiinnell uf v tho privilege of returning his umiciiK iichuuwiui.gcmeius to jT hi" friends nnd the public iu wVfl pi-"0'". lurnoiiosi tinpris-eileii. fo?S JA''--kZ ""I favor-, he legs leave to tn .W'V. ":-!3 formlbeml ul In. ia.nll , ni.,.,l,,'7i!ar v 111 ''"""i "ii Church-itrect, h.t S,trt- ,l lilt- i " -'i-uieKivciyaniiLi'O's. store, vv here e per-onnllv attend, to the repairing of Chronot ters, Patent l ever-, Duplex, la-pines, and nil other t ka K n',K iJ'l" ,, . . , o... put, , iW us KUOO IIS the original, orns any done on the continent. r i I- C!J- a',V,r""t'llt of A7-:ir 'A TCHKS ... . p.,..-., 1 ..on)- 01 woiKtiiaiisliip, and will le-old as cheap mid on as good terms as at any other shop m Ihe stale. 1 From hi. long experience in the bu-ines", and hi. hung so many j ears engaged m the making of watcb-e- lit Eng and. he it.iiiep. Ii n,, ,1. .. v.. 1 ' , ; - in ini is ns eon. pe tint to make .cleeion as any in the vicinity. P'""l'"": I If iOll. nj D ,v 11n.n1.1v i... .1.:. .1 ...... V , ;''"v""iiy rcci veil n new assort- . 1 it """oi;u oi.iiiuiiury, comprising Addresses and Messages, of tho Presidents from Washington to ...... uviifiu.niuujijiruvtHi worKS,in liicolO" ical nnd Miccelhineous F.itcralurc. (nt-ral Hio'Tanhv Vni'fUnu nli.l trn.. mi.. I..? - .1 ' -1 j-h- "H3. J I1U 1HIL31 (.HI HUMS OI tne most apnrovtd .School Classi nl and Matlumalicnl Hooks. A hliMDiin,..., ..PT1...... -I. '11.. 1,1 . , ... .. .....v. .-,,,.,, u, , .,ici, viuuis, iiiniiK nooks, l.letu- etitary atidolhcr Spcllars, Grammars and Geographies Hficlnn Inn. I., HI (I...I. 1 , il. 1 """"") i".ani wuion, nnu juvenile books carefully selected, all which aru ollbrcd nt tlio ', ' t'ltc, uv um iinv otiirc. JUIV 1 loll. 13 USSK LIAS STOMACH RriTEKS. may le ..-v.. i Kim ui i.uici. 1 oc-eceiciiraieu Inner. arecompo-eil purely of vegclables oflhe most inno-c-ent yet -K'cilie virtue. They are recommended par ticularly for re-lormg weak eonsliiiuions, eleau-ini and strengthening the stomach, and inereasin.- tl,7. a 1. iii-l He :il -11 n tiii-,Misil .. ., ,1 1.. 1 . ....... v.. ... ...... , ,,. i-uliTa nior- bu-, lever and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, iiiii,whiimics 111 me oreasi, pain 111 ihe sloinachiiiidolhersyiiipioinsofllalidenceiind in, I lion. One box will linciurfi one gallon. I'm no-. . .. a box. tte ltd, Is-i. rf.,. r...-. , , ... ,.,tn i. 1 in- i-.iuice ami sale oinlincnt I" said to Is; superior to any now m u-e fi.r llm. di.nop,..vil.l.. n n.l I. .,, I.. ....... .1 ... .. .1.. ,..'.,.1 I III-Ointment is so ccarlnin in its operation that no i-i iiwii,ii-ii , un me iimive ougiit 10 le Without it. It is a remede (op riil.n, ii,,.. .- .corbotie all'eclions oflhe bead, orauy other breaking out which an-es from sharp humors iu ih l.UJ Price 25 ct-. a box. i... . i ,. ni.s-t.,.1. s , r.t.KTAI.LE 11II.LIOUS I tl.LS, or latllllV physic, for general u-e, iu ca-e, of Jaundiir, uiorl ul -eil-lblltle of the -lolliaeh nit I I iim l. ..f 1. ooslivene . I'd,... ll .1 ' !' .: ' illg from biliary deraneeiiient. nl-n i'..p the stale of the blood, and cleansing Ibo ..ysiein i"l find n.l fi-,.l l,,,,.. O'l... II ' " ,m..,,i-. in. -v.- pins if a . ...I. ca- tharnc, producing neither pains nu- grilling, and are il,,,, ... ,, , l , , .11.. ...... ..... I.!.. ' , '...i andnre pronoimivd as.siich bytliemo-t distingiii-hn ........... .. ........... .,,. ii,,,!, ,11,,,, if ,- llllll.f.ll. phy-icians. Each bo.v containing 33 Pills. Prue 37 ct-. a box Russell's celebrated Salt HitKCM Ointment. Thi. is iinrpic-tionably the best and sal'e-t remedy uvervvt oU'ensI to the public for that ob-tinaie ih. order S i 11 KIM'IHI U'l ,.r ,nl ...-I... -.:i..i .-.i ....... .... .. ... , v.,.., ......n-iiaiuirtitui, .1 ...i s suc ceeded, and Ihe laet that it has lneu -xlen-ively u-ed i,y i-ini.ii-i.i i tai.-iiiitiiiers spc.iKs voiiuncs in it- prat-c. It is eipially cllicacious in all di-ea-es of the .km scald bead, ring vvorm-,and the mo-l invclcraie Itch, iic. &e. Numerous certificates mn-lii I,. ,,l.i. ait the propritor cIioom that a fair trial -hoold I elhe inly evidence nfit. siineriorctliruee. I'pl.-.. .-.n -.,. -. box. For sale by Peck if. Spear and Rol ri Moody, II,,, I, . II. r L' MM.. I IT it ,, . .. ' ' .",.,,...iiMt . nr. ... ..lues, .i,ri ..mi VOOIC, lllnes- biirgh; S. II. llarne., Charlotte j L. Jane-, Georgia; ... "i. i inivi ia. iiiiiiiiugion, luci.iiioni! Al-ll. 1,1' th. ,lr,l ....I.,. u.,.l ,,......1 ...II.. .. .., nnu iin-iiiuiiiis generally hroiighool the stale. oi.Uu'. I'll il vi Oil may bo found in this village, directly opposite tlm Al..,l,-..i; . fl, Ill 11 IIHVh, J. inn newly luted upm good stvle, where tho undersigned will bo glad to wait on his old customers who may favor linn with their patronage. ""' It. u. Sl'AULDLNG. liurlington, April 23, IS II. .1 USSR II A IM,'. N'rl,' It Attorney at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. at r.ssr. cG.vrui:, cihttkxiik.v co., vt. Oil ice, near Harney's Hotel. Essr.x, July 1, ISI1. f ng Dry Coods very ('heap. SEPEEKIOR black, blue black, rro de swiss Sill,, do, do. Italian Real do Runnel and Florence s.k, While and black Crape, Mom mug Law..- nnd Prints, superior French Homluziue, Hbiel; Fillet Yeil-, Lacedo. Fillet andOauaeScarl-, Fancy IlandJerchicf', ictoria Skirt.-, Pie Nie Glove., etc. by II. M. GIDD1NGS ii: Co. July I, Iflll. 1 ll wris. IN order to close the concern of Hcrrick, Christo pher Co.. Wl! oil, r llin ihren rtiiiii't'., II, at two bundled Dollars each, for Cash, or approved notes, in 1'.' months with interest. For tho quality nnd durability of these instruments', reftrence is mad,. to many of the Citm-n- of ibis Vilh,.,. nlm I.-.,,. t,n,i Piano's of the above nmnufaclureiu use for years. Ri ference nlsn in I'milG.,. r..ii ,.r ,1... 'sr., :...i , . u mi.- .Musical department of tho Female Seminary. ..i.. ,111,11, .11. j i.iy, isjji, ,1 .ll.V.Nkt UUI. I'.. SAHDATH SCHOOL HOOKS. DA. 1IIIAMAN would solicit the attention of superiiitendaiitsol Sabbath Srliolls. and others to his assortment of Hooks suitable for S, S. I.ibrai ncs, which hoolfers atavcrv large discount from rrlii i,tm 'I'l,.. st... vl'.l....i.V'.i . t .. . . ....... ,......., , i(w .iiss. .mil, un .sc.. uui .-socieiv s Dtl 1 ir.1tlll.IS nret, ul'u nn t,.,,.l .11 1.. ...I.. 1 1 1 .".-...--.,.. mi, niituiuiii; me valu able and increasingly popular series of Hiblc Uue- tlOUS be Vint eotttl, .lUgUSl -.'Utll. B'AY.s' M'rsITW'nM'P A most exctllent article fur curing old or "young l,eP.,.,t.,ir l.;, n.l IJ. :.. .L " I ' , Jl ., , - mul .invuinauiMii in me imcK or side, healing up sores, curing sore throats, swellings, etc., nnd for the cure of the PILES. It has not Its equal, seldom or never failing to cure when applied co- ,.,..u,,, uiuiiuiiik 111 ii.ii'ciious, bom ai ino v nrie ty store, by tho dozen or single bottle. , . i-.i.suuiiu. ct 1IU1.MS.i1A1 1 1. July 15, 1811. nd LAW 1JLANKS. C GOODRICH has constantly for salo by the . It, .mi, ..p lit,,... . . ....... . p'l - -...ii., i, ,-iiiiai ussijii.i.ei.i oi law- blanks, printed from forms from Revised .Statutes, consisting of jusuco vv rits ana l.xccutioiu, all kinds in use Trustee rits County Court Writs and Executions, varirws kinds Uarrautry. (iuit-claim, and .Mortgage Deeds Chancery Hills for forclosinj.' Mortgages Hlanksfcr Dcposiiious Adiuimstrntors Houds Letters of Guardianship Olliccrs Receipts Justice Appeals Hlanks for Notes, Hay.Scalcs, &c. &e. August 'JO Ii. (L?- ItROAl) CLOTHS 0 CltllAf ! CIIKAP ! nlllMP ! TUsT opened by E. M. Wniaiir & Co, a large I assortment of llroid Cloths, which are oll'cred to the public cheaper than ever, P. S. Call and see ncpioiimer, mil ihu, It.V7.01lS .IIII.Y 81u WI-. Have just received , .n Vr"',y uf Kotlgers and Elliot's FiiioR.V.ORS much hkcl by persons who shave themselves. Panobohn it Hat.Ns.MAiP. ''Pi'Usscs, Dr. HiillV Trussw, coiiMsting of men's X n al'n single, do. p.t,ti,al.,lir. .1,. .I....I... t..i ren's single, double; mid umbilical! of every sue re! cciveJfor sale, and will 1.6 accurately applnsl ,.. JuneQU,, 1BH. MUU' A FULLsuMyofchoicofairiilyiirocerics such as i t V ' . ; "o'1 imperial roas. Java and Laguira ColTce, Double refined and common Loaf Sugars, Porlorico .Syrrup, .s"myrna and Hox ..r .'i ii I . M JU5i rpceiveu ana for t:!t. al the tow ctd pr.cci by. S. B, iCOTT. STEAM-MAT JiOTliL IlfrtLINOTO.V, VTKMONT. J1V JONATHAN IIAKT. jTll. II.R-spcctfulIy nnnouncc? to the citizcnB of oid; n!on I"'1 .wemity, and the travelling llJ . Rrl,"niljj p!lm,,ll l,as 1'irchrscd, thoroughly iffl1 'Pa"."a ,,"u,d UP' a,,d fdrnislnd the above sircMi fm' .1n ,tl,;,c,"-nf''- f South and Water fl, v n'n PIT , 1 "' UeBd "r S'eamw-nt Wharf in 1.1 r,P,,ecofi ,,,url,l,nS,on (formerly owned and kept ) Captam I. R. Harrington, of tho Steamboat Pints nix,) in a stylo pf cnnvenitnec and comfort not sur- ''u r ' "lncr llm' 1 te mIIol'o. A spacious parlor, sitting room, reading room, and dining room", ' all coinniimicalowitluacli other, nnd with the front' Z:Z K ,T!l?. !!" '" ..imimiimn I in tho best po'siblo mnn- i ncr to accoininodalo tho travelling nnd buines pub-, ''adache. It ope ic. An ncro ol ground, nearly on a level, adjoins this 1 "" mrtln'n- thegl. Hotel, with coiivementotiflioiic, M.neious nnd airy ! I"" R vr'v'- " Wa ks. and ... .i .. ' . ... ., 1 ' ,. ,, ,. m ., .nll.. J i ii'j,i-u-, ii, ,ii tuns HUH n.ry waliis, and gardens: nre ,1 ,r.,. .....n.. : 1 I,,,.- , ' P.1.3, in- a., i.niiing ro iraveii bus mess bo-irdera and patties of pleasure, air. 11. trom longeticrienee iirori,ssesinltt.u'l . - , .- ,i,h i-'iia.eii'.., to fiirnishn,., :"V' .L'",;,.l,'5nuw'w clioicisunta Ides and ranst delicacies that tho murkct UaiL Ml"rd,' ,'" " to suit the taste of the nf, !S?f ,i! I'l" llC c""dcntly assures hi- patrons and guests that his utmost exertions will he put in ic- StrnlldlOnt iHIQQr-nrro.a tilM l,n ... . . t ...v. ,u i tvj (IUII I, irom tliollonis, nnd thfir bnpirnjm trnnnortcd. and I frir.nPni.r ,1.1.. II...I .. 'I ., .1 .. ...... ....i.ii; lill..pi.ricil, ,iuo taken care of nttb.sllnir. ,,, ni. t.:. to and front tho Court house square. n.i '.'""'S-y' rnn '-' "-I'll and taken from this Hotel vvi bout additional fare, and thos,; takin" tho IlliatSVVl 1.0 shl.Wll nil liiinr.l nn.l .1.-1. 1.- " f.. . of e.pense, aud without incurring unv risk of being kri.liy thedarkucssorlatencssof the niidit, or any olhcr contingency incident to the precipitancy of steam puni-r, or me iiiiciuaiioris of wind and weather. Horses and Cnrrages furnished ihose who wish to transact business, or visitanypart of tlio village, on reasonable terms. Single mtals 23 cents, and other el Hon. " ''.'i-.n liurlington, May 20, 1511. UmVAHl) .1. KAY'S BOOT Sl SHOT! 'STOSIE. Ctiurrh-Slrirl l! .. .. .. WHERE he has on hand a superior nssurtmeutof Ladles and lletil'c WlllI'M AMi's'iinri! of the following assortnunt : ' ' I'enrsfinecalf.i'wdllooi Hoys Calf Shoes, Ladles (iaitcr Hoots, " Kid Slips, " New spring nipa i Tics, " Colored Slips, " II run ci I " ." Calf " Missis Shoes if- Slips, Also, a large a soruuent of Children and .Infants Shoes. peg d do. " light " " Ho. " Summer Oaitcrs, " Cal? 1,mo"13' " " Siloes Hrogans " Thick i- Kpi Hoots, " " "ltp,, Hoys Shoes oV Hrogans, ' Thick A. Kip Hoots, Vths " -t " ill tfu.llis, ?rE. J. F. would ,.iiel.,,n.a..l .1. o ii u i. he in general lii call and vxniuma his ar.-ortnient ol Loots ,f. Snot's vvliicb he can warrant to be of "ood stork, thorough workmanship and latest styles. Also, Work and Repairing dune at the shortest notice, nsusual. nM liurlington, May '1 1RI1. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. I'. V Kit A 11 .vi WAIT. Importers ami WliiJualciluiltrn in CrocUrv. Class and Uuna Ware, nd Manufacturers tf Stone II i.f.-. 100 CRATES just riceived and now orcnini namely 25 Packages Edged and Common Ware, 25 do Illue Printed do 10 do Il.i) uj lii.iiiboii Sprig do contnining complete dinner services, Tia seta and Toilet Ware. 10 do French While firnnitc Ware, with com plete sets throughout. 10 do Antiipii' Vase Opnipie Pearl Wire, con taming p. rfcct.liniiir sets, enliiely neve patterns and shape, n mo-t beautiful article, with Tea and Toilet vvare to match. CIlt.- WAIM". 10 packeges China Ware, containing Hcautiful " lute Tea Sets, liold edge and line Tea Scis and gold band Spug do do Oold band i- sprig do Clunn Nurse Lamps. CLASS w mm: lOpackairestilass Ware containing fi, P, and !! llute Heavy Cut Olsss Tumbler., b, S.tindyibite " do do 3 packages fine plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a gieat variety, Superb Cut Glass Hall Lamps. Asiral Lamps, Ghonilales. ( 'andlebras. Cut Ola-. Howl". Lemonade Glnsi . Pitcher", Decanters, Goblets, Wine and Splcndil French Puree line Vuscs, vv ith (low crs and s nues, and a v-nncly nf nth. r articles m ihrir line, all of hicli are now olkredU holt -.-lie and Rilail at New Voik prices. F. & W. would invite tin- atieniioii ol Mer chants m the siirrimndiugluvvns to their stock of vvare, as-nring them that ilp.y will sell in package as.i,.rlul to order on nsood terms as can bepurcha-e I m New ork Hii-ton or Troy, at their warehouse comer oi oft biirch anil College Sts. ISurlingtou, .luiio 1. 1311. A Villi Y VAMAIH 11 1- A It M F O It S A L E. a "'HE subset iber being lUsinius io retire Irom active . biisinc.s. novvolKrs to disi,o..e of bis ! V II M . situated 111 CoVhesli r, one hnlf Hide viest of ihe stage loan, icaumg irom liurlington to Si. Albans, and onlv i. miles from Hurlinglou. Saul Farm is li-iiidsiiini Iv situated, containing loll acie of as good land a can befoutiil in Cbiiieiidcn county, and under ns liigh siaieoi ciuuvaiioii, Having nceu under the inipruve mcnt of an English Agricultural the last ivveiity threo years. There is on the Farm a convenient House, with a never failing well of pure vvntir at the door. A good Ham, wiih conn nierit sheds aujehed toil, a valuable wood loi of Reach and Map'e,"(fl a lineOicbardof choice I'ruii. Any person wishing to purchase, such n farm as above described, had bet it r iii-ike application stun to James r-cntt, 1', uurlington, or the sutiscribt-r no Hie premises. WILLIAM SCOTT. Hiirhngtou, July C, 1811. r!f N'. H. Terms of payment will be made very n.i ULNESIlUltGH ACADEMY. THE Trustees of Acvplmy are Imppy to inform tho public, that they have obtained ihe Rr.v. Peola DcnKEE, as a permanent teacher. Mr. Dtirkce has been eneALeil. fdr mane vears. m ih business of instruction, and has given, vv btrevcr lie has been employed, ample satisfaction. He has suc ceeded, especially ill conciliating tho confidence and allcclions of his pupils, in awakening within tluiiia iiiitse n.r improvement, and m leaning tnem to test thoroughly, their own powers. From bis iried .kill and evperience.lugh expectations are evcited, and it is confidently none will ho disappointed who niay favor the Institution with their patron ige by placing their sons or their daughters under his tuition and rare1. N lulu it is expected tiiat proper morol and rrlicinus instruction will be given, nnd a constant nndintir- pal oversight lakcnof thodepoitment ol'lhostudciit-, it is designed that the institution shall ho kept front every thimrof a sectarim character. Tho Academic year will be divided into two Terms, comprising two quarters each of U vv ecks. The fn st Term will Mmmcnco on Wednesday the 1st day of September. There will ho a vacation of two vviiks at the closeof tho first Tcrni.and another of six weeks ai ine cuu oi me second. Tuition for common branches will be 1,00 per quar ter. For all olherstudicsit will be 1,50. Xo inciden tal charges will be made. Hoard will be allbrdeil in respectable fmulics from 51,25 to il. 50 per week. Fur hoarding places, irfcr mice may bo had In Jcdediah lluynton, O. S. Iloyt, N'olidiii Peek, Kspj, lrM J. lbildvvin, Harmon Hur ditt, A. S. Wcllcr, Joel Turnll. Mrs, Ucutdn, Dan'l Goodyear. Tins Instifnrion is pleasantly loralcit in a healthful, nourishing village. It has now been in operation nbout sixteen j cars, and its course has been slendil) onward, never surfeited widi n flood of scholar never fiinuhing for want of suppnit. Tho huiMuig, sit-ialed on a delightful emiin nee and over-lookinr; ths whole village, is nndcrpaing thorough rrpnus, ii ui ur nuisnrii in a neat ana jssuionapif 1 stylo, in s to coinlnns t e fitnce with convcrdevnosv ' HitKihurjh, 3d Auguf I. Jvv VOL. XV. ...No. 19. iw.imji.j I v umaaBBr I Wl.NOOSKI NA.Sll l-'ACTORY. Fa, con-taut oueraliw- ami prcpaiisl to exeeuti. order" lor WIMiOWriASII I of every de-cnptioi, and in i the he-t iiianm r. A eon-tant suiip'v l.vtit on hand and fur stile at thusiuii. ol George Peiervun, nt lliu- iiugtoii, at tl.e loi. i-w.ui; ri C C b I 12 Light catvrucntr, 3 cents per l.iht, do. do. do I'n do do. do. do. do. du. do. do do do do do do SIDNLY SMITH. n-2 June 19, TY?.1"1' SIAKSIIAUH Arnuulie,, -J-' Heudache .-Nt FF. Tin-Snul' i-- ;.er ,r . an ining vci Known, tor icnioving thai tro-.i Ic nine .' . ea-e, the Catarrh, and al-o a cold m the l.end, an . ii. ns r.-nd piirc-j.- out nd .,1 -'.-t nnu aiid-,niidglvc-a l.caiil.v a m u, i ' - ,,v in nit uuiuuin tenons in its cuinno-in, i t , i....,. u . - I -- -j ,.-- i, i, an iv . ,, ni.i.1 , v.-,..- ijas.1i, is a',fl-reeaoie. Price ;t 7 cents per lioitle. uoi-i..viarshall's V e.eiab'e Illael, PLASTLK. hi. 1i.,.i... , .....a i . 1 III i'JUvli'r is lililiva fitr tMinmr ..P..r..l, i. i liiiiT, urvy Soii. Uunc Had;, and KriMi Wound lr.nisin ;1e I nml l.uul j find t-:dt m fail (rijv u-hef in lotal JIl.c ,nuiion. If ajitml to tLu will cntt'liinv i.f tl.HPiimiimn t.nfi-r r,i....i...,i .. aild Is fill nl. if tin! ilivnfif tr n.i. ' ' C(,rn'1 011 .,,n; ltl-'1 tl,v virmo of llaltr iiat Utr. ,,.,t, I I... al......... .1. ..P ....t I., .. . vyitue-sed by thousand" of individuals in tbclmtuJ oiiiie-, who navi-ie-ieu it elliiai-y. Sold I vthe pre -priclorj Cha.. How en, Middlebury, Vl,, anil Plik &, lJurlnigton, Vt. jel Ul iiAlCii would inform tho in , habitants of Huihugion and vt canity, that ho lias opened a shop in Chuieh strict, nt tho sign of the Rule, wlicre be intends to carry on the Gun tuiilli Htismcss, in nil its various branch es. Having been emplojed for the last six years m the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lausmgbursrh, (undoubtedly the best .I,,.,, ,,, ,i,.. it ...... . . t. i ....... .,, mi, uniini,; nc leel- war- ranted in olleriugliis work to the publie. Hurlington, June 1, 1311. M V vr '"ijlOUS! -A gentleman beloncinato X.X oneof the niostniicieiitandwcalthy families of this city, who must be well known to numerous friend, havnijsinie the vear ItslS, up to recently, betn bent neat y double, and lor several jears confined to his ad, hasbtenicstoiedto gocd health-has regained Ins natural erect ostium and has quitod his car riage, and now walks with ease!! We believe (his tliegenilenian s ovv it description as near as possible, nil. I lherel.slioe-.UL'eraliiiii.n it. Vuill ,,., ,-.tI rirs bis address, and doubt not humane lithm-s will lie se the liberty; so that any one doubling, mar l.noic these facts though he requests his name loaV nut appear in punt. Among 0uar instances, Mr. .las. G. Reynolds., Ml Cliri.t.c-slitel, has b,tn restored, and will give personal assurances of the facts of hw case. Roth were rheuinutism, and contracted cu df amlMiicws. How-has this Icen done? Answer. Jlii the Indian Vegetable V.h.ctr in. tLrntillij, and linns' Kmc and Hone Liniment exUrntiUy. .Inn. '.'9, 1911. Mil only by I OM.SVOCK if- CO, 71 .Vaiic .l.,r, .seir lo.V,. PECK .V .VI'L.Mf. Wl,.,ln.t .... n9 doors east of the Post Ollicc. Hurlinuion. Vl.' flirT $100 K. WiaR'D. Ol RF.WARI) has btcn olleresl for niontlu I?J KJJ to any one who will use nlnrttleoT llny's lAnimnit fur the Jf'ici, without being cund. Of thousands sold, in no one instance has it faded of acute. Proof overwhelming to bo had where it is sold. Itis also a certain ouro in nearly inrv ease. (Externally,) m the following complaints. For the I lies, for all drop.-)-, tender feet, sore throat, ly can cers or ule. rs, croup, whooping cough, scald head, I'lghlncssof the chest, especially in children, foul ul cersof the legs, or other fungus sore., however obsl nateor limn Mnndiug, fnsh wound", ciulblains,eie. LOOK OCT. Some sirindters hare counterfeited litis artklc.and put it tip villi rariotutlerices. I)o not be imposed upon. One thing onlv will protect voti it is the name of CUMSTOCK'- CO: ISat'nami mutt be alrays on the vrai pir, or von inn) be client ul. Do not forget it. Take the direction with you and tet by that, or never buy n ; for it is impossible for any other lo be true nr genuine. n9 Sold l.y CtiMSTOCK - CO. 71 Maiden Lann, New- Vork. P F, C K cc S j; A R, holsnlo Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, R'.irlnie ton, Vt. fc CAT A It It II SNUJ'F. MARSHALL'S SN( IT, i .till enringibc Ca'srrh and the various di-cn-es ofihs head, a.wcll as -nre e)-, In till pnitnf ihe couuiryj and U'tamiiij: the reputation whi.-h it has Ion; -inre iratneJ, cf U-ing nbsobnely the 1 est article of the kind in tbo marl. et. l'-aeh bottle column, ibrcciimes the quantity of ono nf lho-e which are ollcred at "ONLV TWT.NTY l"l VE CENTS." And i. theiefore a tniieh e-heapor as well as letter ailicle. For -u!e by PECK iX. SPEAR and Ph. IIOllV. MOOHV. Hurlington, Jan, "j, ju, Iy.f.1 S V ATIJHIVS GRAND Ills-IOR.VIIW' This j. x ya'iiable e re'al Ic Alcdn .lie itiiri,-:i.l..l li.r the follow ins ci inpla'tit-, x-iz: Dy-pep-ia, or Indi-:e-iio..,ihsca-isl Liver, b.l.oi.s disorder-, I 'rop-v, A-ih-n.i, Co-tive..c , Worm- and lo-- of Appe-uie.'und by cleansing the .tiim,ti-h and I ovv eh, cures pa, its ... the side, stomach and I rcusi, cold, and ei.-ii.-li. of long -Uiiding, Hoar-cue--, slu rinc of bniuli, Ne'v-nus complaint-, etc., which aielicqnently the e 'e-t of J v ease. Fi r Fever and Ag. c, it i- a mo-t ya.ual le pre veni.uive as well as n sovcieign remedv. lis virtue. irpa.s niiy thing heictol iir known in'relnoving Si. it'.s' Ikini e, two 1 utile- hnye 1 ecu known to euro lhi-.-illbi-tnii:dis'ase, nfier having lnllleil eveiy rxer uon lorfour vears. ft has a most powerful nifluente in icuioyiiifiiervoii- is mplauil-. It I. pleasant to tai,e and 1 1 easy in Us operation, ihai it may I e administered lo the tufa ul vv nh safely. The above'.Meilieute is xisry highly recommended ly many scientific gentlemen, and a lame er ot'lnd.e-,' who have proved the virt. e- of the .Medicine by personal iisenndlhat ofibeir fatmiiis. A I ill iifciTlii.eale-nccompauiesctU'h Lottie, with d ree-ions. It may I e had whole-nlu or retail ot -. Hrilain, Harrc, nnd J. C. Farnam, Eat Wih.ams-lovv-n, Vt. sole propnin r-. l'reparesl from the origin al iccipe; for sale by E. II. Prentis-. Monlpi lier, and .. .- .i. - , Pwk 'l-SlEAR, liurlington, and in the principal town- in the sinte ve.ll dirivtii.ii. signed in the band vvntlnu ofheproiriutrr SIKQLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICALi S T received, a supply ol Marsh's celel rated I rus-e-, eil ev cry dccriptiou, for sale 1 v Ibo doion sic Oct. 1. PECK ,f. SPEAR. NEW LINE OF STAGES li'rom Itiirliucton via Johnson anil Danville to uic tine Aloiintaliis. rill I IS Line leaves Hull. ngion .Mondays, W .1 days and Fridays, al 5 o'clock, A. M. and ar at Danville at CP. .M. same day. ilm- arnvrs i i-rseii. lastiiK tin. nutoran remain tuo hours fongtr u Hurl ingtoii, and arrive at Danville as curly a. 1 v any eihcr roule-. Tin. line mtcr.ecli.iho Sinn-tend Imb at Johnson, ..un n in ni me i.iue-s ai a ine nc.xi morning. i in-luiio-passe. ovcrgitKi ri,aiis. lliromrli a mu- urcsi ,e ami plea-aut region cf couiitiy, and those wlii. have travelled il, express their unniialiDeilni pro 'anon of it. 1 'A I'EH HANniNGS. The: Snrisi-rltiCi- has on lvsnd and will oflen bt receiving Paper Hangings, direct from the mannfno Hirers, which will I esnldto merchant's and dealers st city prices, adding frright. Any person xvthing par ticular patterns can be supplied by e'me a short no tire ... vv. iiUUlUUCil. July , 15H rm ; I ,J 5 . LJuJ r.. I