Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 15, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 15, 1841 Page 3
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cars llicnco takoii to Lanrairic, and from tlioro by steam boat to Montreal, wlicro lie w as lodged In prison. Ho remained tlioro n fortnight save ono day, living upon bread and miter. Saturday previous to Ills release lie was visited and questioned in relation to his parentage, Stc. (He was born in Peters burg, a few miles east of Troy, N, Y.) Mr. Grogan states that ono of tlio persons who had him in charge from the Hay to Montreal, was connected with the gnngthat auested him, and that ho was dressed in the garb, (as wero others of his keepers,) worn by the British Soldiers. British Titoors in Canada. The United Service Journal states that the Hritisli Troops tationcd in Canada on the let of Sept. last, lire as follows : 1st rrjj't Dragoon Guards ; 7th Hussars ; 2d battalion Grenadier Guards; 2d battalion Coldstream Guartls ; 2d battallion 1st Foot; 14th, 2.'3d, 32, 43d, 50th, 01th, 07th, GSth. 70th. 71st. 74tli, 83d, 85th, 89ib, and 03d regiments Infantry and the Royal Cana da Rifle reg't. England and tut. Umtcd States. In the British House ol Commons, Sept. 17th, nn ilm motion fur rminn- into committee ol supply, Lord John Russell, (one of the cx Ministcrs,) addressed the House, and in the course of his remarks, alluded to tho pending differences between England and the United States. Ho said, - r Uvo nn hesitation in savin?, tliatif nnv court o law assumes to itself the power or th" right of de termining such questions, a proceeding of that nature must have the ctlect of placing the amicable relations prciously subsisting between the two counnicsin the utmost peril. Considering then that this question is one which ought to be settled by the two executive Governments, nnd by them alone, 1 hold it to be i,ioM. iinnrnnnr that anything of this port should be I rougbt under the decision or consideration of any of the ordinary tribunals of either country. If thcru be any intention of maintaining amicable relations with this country, I am sure it will he felt as hilly by the American Government as it hns been by the Gov r,,,..T.t nf Kimlanil. that nroeecdinas of the nature of that to whi -h I have been just alluding cannot be rnMteii. ana oceiii noi lone ncrscvcicu in. . m; .u- rni, ,0111 ni" both countries being thus agreed there cannot, I imagine, arise betwei n them any cause of war. There cannot, I shou'd hope, beany cause ot difference between two counliics where there o evi. dentlyci9taa strong de-ire to maintain peace. Sir Robert Peel, the new Prime Minister, replied to Lord John Russell. With respect to our relations with the United States (ho said,) 1 view the e.vis ing state of them, ns the nohle lord, with great anxiety. Jl appears to I e so manifestly the interest of tin se two great countries, ,, I i..rilwr liv km innnv ties, hv tile conllltuuitv nfino.rr-'t. in maintain tioace. o little can be gained Kimi. that the wound which one inflicts on the ntnnr in re riVcted bick on the hand which made it ml I cannot hone but that ihe prevailing good sitise of each community w ill inlluencc the Government of each (Utlie Government ol cacii wants such auveuii tiousoid.) and that, upon the whole, the result will licihe miintennnco of amicable relations. I say no more ; that i- my sincere desire. Vet a I ihesaine tune, I fo.. nkn 1 1 in oh I it'll lion of making no ciinecssion af fecting the independence or the honor of this country for the purpose ol purchasing temporary iruuipiuny. (Loud cheers. An tittenipt wus ni.i do to assassinate the Duko d'Aumalc, tho 4th son of tho King of the Hronch, nl Paris on tlio 13tli tilt. The name of tho miscreant is Francios Quoisnet, formetly in (ho army. File suhiect of thu Corn Laws is still tho cause of agitation throughout the kingdom. 1 lie overlaiul Alail liom China liatl ar rived, bringing dutps from Canton to tho 19tli and Macao to thu 20ih of May. Cupt. El liot was temporizing witli tho Chinese auth orities and had succvcdcd in obtaining a shipment of 11,000,000 pounds of Tea, ind expected to cot out as much or more by tho close of tho month. A Shin from Encland loaded with provis ions for the expedition had sailed north di rect to Chtisan. knowiiii: nothing of recent alterations, when her commander. Captain Stead, IX. IS., was seized and killed Iiy Hie Mandarins. Trade had been partially res umed, but greatly to tho disadvantage of the bnglisli. On the 18th ofAlnv, Captain Llliot ,at Canton, moved up the river in a steamer followed by other vessels. Tho city began to be thronged with Chinese troops ofu sup erior class of soldiers. Ill sale of British and other goods had ceased, and purchases of tea wero to bo made in hard cash. Ureal preparations were making by tho Chinese, and great numbers of troops were flocking into Canton. Muring tlio week fivo lailurcs had oc curred at Manchester, to tho amount of .3- 000,000. The British Queen steamer reached Ant werp on the 9th ult. 1 ho steamship Columbia arrived at Liv erpool on tho niglu of the 14th ult. MR. JOHN ILiWKINS. Mr. John Hawkins of the Baltimore Soci- ty of Reformed Inebriates, will deliver tin ddress on tho subject of intemperance on Monday evening next, at seven oclock, at the Court House. Mr. Haw kins will speak from bis own experience. He is said to bo man of natural eloquence and of great power. Ucloocr 11, loll. IIOnnlD ACC11JENT ON THE WKST EKN RAILROAD!: llercsLicAN Ornet. ftprinejtild, Tuesday Eve. Oct. 5. ) DREADFUL COLLISION OF RAILROAD CARS This afternoon, the K.istern and Western cussencer trains nf the M'estcrn Railroad, both roin' at great spaad, mull in a curve almut four miles west of Westlield, and the cfU'Cts were hocking and disastrous. Westlield depot is the Dls.ce for meeting and pa'sing, hut a tho train from tho West was behind its time, the other train went on, the conductor hoping to arrive at the next turn-out boloro meeting the other train The bairaae car3 of each train were hul in I of course bringing the passenger cars di redly behind the locomotives and tenders. The two locomotives aim two or three passenger cars of each tram were smashed to a complete wreck. The passengers were jammed and tumbled together in the ruins in dreadful con fusion. We aro informed that eighteen or twenty have limbs broken anil as many more aro se verely bruited and lacerated in various wnvv Mr. Warren, the conductor of flic l -aiii from the West, ih shockingly mutilated, hut his hie is not yet despaired ol. The engineer of that train eseaDed without much injury. Air. Aloore, the conductor of the Springlield train, narrowly es caped by jumping oil'. .Mr. Taylor, the engineer of that train, is badly wounded. A young Jauy nipre of Maior Whistler, is said to be danger ouelv hurt. Colonel Harvey Chapin, is much liruised. but not dangerously, as is now hoped The Rev. S. Elliott, an Episcopal clergyman from South Carolina, and family, left bote this noon, were brought back to the United .States Hotel this evening in sad condition. 7'ne ladies were not seriously hurt ; hut his two sons were wounded one scratched and bruised, and the other had his leg broken above the knee. These are all the particular cases of which wo learn. We are not sufficiently informed of the cir. cunittances of this sad accident, to tna'io any comment. It is reported that .Mr. Warren, mentioned . r. , ; II- r.. above, uieu yesteruay morning, jib mm ir. merlv conductor of the steamboat train to Nor wich subsequently clerk of the steamboat Worcester. By last evening's Cars from Springfield, we ' r I VI. II .., ll'. .i:l.l are iniormeu mm a mi. iiichci u n ubliiciu. an 9 rl,ihl nf Mrs. lllnnibrood. died vestorda morning, llesidos tho three persons killed. there arc fiftcon that have limbs broken and aro otherwise seriously injured, and it was tho onin'on of the physicians that three of tlic- would not survive long. Mr. Danby, of Rich maud. Va. was very badly injured. ltev.T. Al Clark, of this city, was among those very much injured. NEW All RIVAL. A FELL and complete n oriuciit f Pc Lames Client', -atiii stripe and plain, Printed Saxuuy, double mil single, Alpine., a splendid article for cloaks niidilre.-i", plain and ugitriil; Merino-, wor-leJ, plnid and wor-teil S'rge lor coat lining-, A". tVe. nl Iho .New C.i-h Mitre. (O.I. 12.) J. 1'. WHALING .V Co. C1 1 OI'II.S ! ! Ju-t opened, a aormeiil i f llroa I Cloth', Canii.rn!-, nmnctt- and Vo.-thigs cheaper than ever at the Cn-h -lore on Chcap-ide. O. I. I2. J.P. WHALING & Co. net. )ill'lCKS Sjliiitiin.'. .Sliinimr. Halt ntr. 'nd Inn., V . in:?, ' otiou Vnm. Ci tttm Plan- it-. elH'.ip, in (m: 121) J. I'. Wlf.VLINO&UoV Git O U till 1 lis. A Inre and ip. aMir iiient of Teas, Sni;iir, Co lee, Idee, .Mi los-e, nn I many other unwary nrtitlet, lower III tn iiual foren.h, Oot. IS. WIlAi.l.NCI.CVa. Q QILI.S.-1C0 bunclies of CJiiilK fur sale by Oet. C. CJOOI lilCII. DRAWING lor sale I. y I'UNCILS. Unglish llrau iiiu l'enedi Oct. II. C.OOODRICII. MAIKHAIS SAI.IJ. PUI1LIC NOTICi: is henby given, that tho fol lowing j;oods, units mid inert hnndi7c, Ci ndeui ucdiu the lion. District Court of the V. 8. fur Ver mont Dmrii tj Oct. 'lenn, 1SI1, will be sold at pub he AUCTION, at tho Ciistom-Hoiise in IturlniBion, in said Dibtiitl, on iheGth day of Noetnbrr next, to the hiyhest bidder. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. Jl. To wit : 1 over-coat, 1 frotk-coat. 3 cst9. 2 pair pan uloon, 1 p.iireonrse pantaloons, I pair of iiravters, o -UK aim cotton lianiikereluil, 1 Inusli, 1 pair suspendi rs, 2 razors, 1 money-purse, 1 watch chain, aknivis, -t doz. buttons, llui tap, I boa, 2 skins and 1 trunk. Also, 34 yds lVlershani cloth, 5 yds of broad-cloth, 1 yds ol broad-cloth, Gi yds ol kersey-tlo'lt, 2Jda coiion csiii,", 2J ds of tolton cord, 3 patterns miii lin ile lame, 4 frock-coats, 5 pairs pantaloons, 5 other pairs pantaloons, 5 vial", (J visls, 4 silver watches, J do, two Hided knives, 55 doz. dnpger knivc-, 1 doz. scissors, 1 diets, l'i yds silk, 2 yds si k, 30 yds silk, -t shawls, 'J muslin dresses, 13 muslin dres ses, 1 muslin du laino dttsscs, 1 ciape shawl, and 1 trunk. Given under my hand at liradford, this 12th day of "ci,, lan. win. IIAIIRU.V, Maishal. Mwiriotfl In Lvndfboroueh. IV. M. on thu 13th int. Mr. .novAi.n Joiionnott, of tlii tow ii, lojli-s IlAnniuT '. Park, second daughter of Col. Lemuel Paire. late of this place. 3D) ii 3 At the resilcnef of his brotlier-m-law in Tssex. nn Sundav. the IO1I1 mst. the Itev. b'amuel H. Crane. in the 51th year of his aire. -17IAM P. and Kirr.MUMC.-New Preceptors for 1 the Klutc and Kife, just received by Oct. b. U. liOUUKlCll. 20 doz. MdeM of t.'ppcr Leather, Kor sale by " K. C.LOO.MIS. Oct. 8. 1811. Pearl Street. 2OO Sidtsof Cnlcutta Ltathcr, Kor sale by Oct. S. 1811. U. C. LOOMIS. 38 Dozen Calf Skin", Kor sale by Oct. S. IS II K.. C. LOOMIS. "i ,1 OHOCCOS, Kids, HiivluiKs, Lmiuu's, sho--thread 1 L Lasts, A. iVc. Kor sale by JJ. C. I.OOMIS. OO Pairs of Men's thick boots lrouiS2,30 toiOO, Oct. 8. 1811. Kor sale by C. C. LOOMI.-. HAKNKSS, Hand, llndlc, SUriirur and Top Lealh er, K01 sale by K. C. LOO.MIS. Oct S 191 1. VINK.OAR of ihevcry het nirihtv Callon, hbl. Hogshead, by GKO. Ul t. 1 j, is, 11. lit v for silo hv Ihe PKTERSON. STOVES. rpll)'. ubcril eis liavti asoeiultil itiemu-lves in JL jrellier for the pie-enl seaou,lor I lie purpo-c of celling !-ime.,Siovu Piiie, and Stove Kurnitiire, In all nieir nraiiLiie, uiuier 1 tic linn ol lio-twitk V Siianl ilniE at the old stand ol 11.11. Uoslwie!;, near tho Court 11 US". Ilavincf made arran?enieiits with ihe Mer. CJinnsriT-if ihe Pitt-funl Koiindrv, fur an a eonMiinl -upply of nil l.mK i f fc'toves liiiiin Iheiured at thu' i-tal Ii litnenl, tliej'aru now- prepaid to -ell -low mi the liio-t re.i-nnal le lenn-. 'I he lonu e-lnl li.-hed i-otiit iji'iilnv t f ' I e Pitt-ford l a-tiiip- i- nil the it- O'l meiilaliuii I hey need. Ainoiiirthe Pitt-ford loie nie thefiilUiwiuc : UransrrV Patent elevu'ed On n Riilur Cookinc sioe. Parlor Go.inir stove, wr.h elevattil oven, a new arlie e, i he.ip nnd enliven cut tor -mall l.iiuilie-', ami much approved; (iranirer'- r.inor ,-ioe., v mi an n u n ; ii. v -loi..- rc m I lo leet loniij Iimiisit'- IMtenl l armer-' an I.Mtvhan- -1 stuVl' : ill I - I- Ol" ht'i 111 tar eonslt-iiclinn. tin. ! ri.i I oiler I- dneelly ever lln-lire, ami is so Inrire lliiil a oiiiuioi I1 in kettle e:in le leed lor ua-luiu.'. the oven ix'li'MileJ ami on a new iilan. the ht-it I einir .ndrcieil inro'iqli 1 lie men 1 - ,hiet iron pipe-, 1 v mean- of whieb the oven i- inade lo bate innn. it en th in other.-toe otens ill common n-e: it b.i- lour boiler.-, and ender one of ihe back boiler- i. plaet',1 a ea-t iron f.irn.u-o for Milliliter u-e, and i- -w nearihemeii that Willi a few chip- u lei kenlt- inn il- uoi.ej ami i auiiifftiunewiiiioni auv iiieouven.enet.' from heat. Irouina can I edenowiiha -mall ipiantily with little m the room. They keep m nn iev i ,ir in -m u-, titer tv. t ox - iirior -love of Troy, siilcndid article-. 'IJiev al-o keen Ihe Air Slit -ioe. ol ea-l iron, one o II ,e t leanr-i . lines m ho world lor Mllinir anil siel, room., in ,e- fuu than other -love- aiulthe heal inshi andclav. I'cr-ou- Miliums auv thins in Ihe al.tne line are reipie-lel lo sue u-a e.ill, Movenipe, wa-h I oiler-, and other tlote fi.rnilure and tin ware constantly on imii'i ur in i i. in t-riifr uu - lit ri liouec. .Mr. Si'AC!.I)IMi liavini? 1 een encase.1 mo-t of the time lor Iwentv yen - in tte iii.iu .fieiiirinsof Paiiern- r-.oti-, nu I in -ellnig slot e-, Ii I- eoulident m tu'erins In- In--i ! vi( -, to ihe'ant- nl Itur- iiiistlon vieniity ihat he will le al lo to ndvi-e iii-in .1 to tltu le-i, Miie-t, ami lnipc-t moile of iriiuus their ilwel inir- ami will u m it a hue--to wa t on nil Mllaaeeu-toiner- at Iheir hou e- and help lliein in sutuiit: up all siote- bnuslit of the linn and llieiu tint in u-e. All sloie- M.hl and nut un 1 v theiu warranted to answer the rt'eoiitineu latioti. III.MtV II. 1IO.S1U ICK, swii'in. n. si'.-.n.niMi. Ilulinston, O.I. 1 Silt, Itjtl. Ot'Tt.lNr.SofCeosraphviid ilis'orv, I v I'red'l, Kmer-oii, 3(IOtopie-i pi.-t ui-'.l 1 v C. (iOOlMUCH. 'I eaclier- will I o fnrui ht-1 with ( for cx.titiiii- :itinn withoiii i Inirse. O !. 1-1. .Ilcdlclual l.liiuors ! eir.l Wine-. Coirnne Hraii'lv nnd Holland ton, Aleliohol and Medn'ii! pints, lor Cimplior, I y Pl.CK L SPKAIt. 13 H S T Poit an I .Ma.' XJHra llotatilcal Medicines. T71 VI'RV artii leni tin. I ran Ii inns antlv JLiat w on baud holtsale and retail, by PUCK .f- SPKAlt. Oct. 15. Kor Sale. rinir. larin Miou-ii a- ilieVernon farm, -minri-l in X Ci lehe-ler, nl oui one mile I flow the Ilridst- it Onion Ruer lower falls. Said fat in ci main- altrit two ti'inihcil acre- of intervale, and seven acre- of upland, with a sood -lory andn hall liou-e, two 1 am tui'l a eoru tarn Mlra'eil lliereon. aui In nil- me ell feueiil ami in sood fonihiinii. I'or furil-er infnr iiiniou up, tv to OLOItUi: U. MOOIUI. i)iinius:oii, uet. i j, isu. iuuj OTOVrS. A "reat vaiiety comprisinc nearly all O the kinds now in use of Cookinc Moves of the most itnprotcd patttrns ; lio. and parlor oiovts, nsni Kinu an i nzes at urcauy rcuuccii price, iiv uci. i j. cc CALT.-20nilarrels O by Oct. 13. 20C0 bushels in bulk, for sale IIICKOK .( CATL1N im)Cl'.llll.-. A gcnernl as-orlmcnl, for silent V-i very low prices, by IIICKOK it CA I LIN BOOKISH, Lamp Oil, Oil and Paints at v Oct , 13. IIICKOK & CATLIN'S. PURK Salt, A new article, warraiiud Pure, man i iilaciureit uv an entire v new nroeess. so as to ciem-e tne sin ironi etery otner sutistance. iuuu uusiieis ci tne auove lor ale Iiv Oct. 13. IIICKOK &CATLIN. Oct. 13, J811 ' I 'nr. iiiirimsinn lirewtrv I- now JL in full opcialion, and Beer of ihe verv best nun it v is kent enn sianlly on hand for salu in whole ur Hall Uarrcls. Ii. l'LTKRSON. 100;:: llarrdsfor sale hv - GEO. PK.TKRSON. AltHIVAL OF TIlUSTI.A'MER ACAHI The steamship ylcad'a arrived at Boston on Timtilnu al 3 p. ti Slin left Liveiiiool on T U WUIjIt V, &r. 'i J ' . w our V rienils nn I TTICKOK & CATLIN West side of the Court J.JLIIOUSC r-nuare, would unite the intention nl purchasers of ! lour, who wi-h for a supeuor arliclo manufactured frein New Wheat, to n lnrir Ini utm-li they now have on hand and will sell aslnw as can be uougntin tins place. Oct. 13. the 19th ult.. her regular day, and hrngs about 100 passengers. We aro indebted to Mr. Gay, tho oblig ing agent of Messrs. Harnden &co., for a London standard of tho 18th ult. The new administration had got fairly tin derway. On thu20ih ult. Parliament met for the first timcsinco the resignation of the Meluourno ministry. The Duko of Wel lington in tho House of Peers occupied the eat Utcly hold by Lord Molbonrnc. Our latest dates of Parliamentaiy pro ceedings arc of the 17lh ult. On a motion for going into a committee of supply, u long .debate took place. An amendment moved that It was the duty of the house not to vote any supplies until an inquiry should bo instituted into the statu of tho distress of the operative population throughout tho coun try. Tho amendment was defeated, leaving ministers in u majority of 108. In the course of this debate, snonking of the United States, Sir Robert Peel obser ved: "I say no more, but it is my sincere desire that peace oo niauunineu ; out at tlio same timo must feel obliged to make, no conces sion affecting the imlependancc or honor of this country, lor tne purpose oi purchasing t temporary tranquility." invito Ihe attention i Customers, lo n new lot nf hue dry which wehivejiist reciived, cnmiiri inc u vari etv of Cameo. Jlo-aie, painted, tonaz. Onal. mriu i an i pasie pin, uuuy, i.meralil, Upal, chrystal and .ici Hingis, n i;ihi i n--ui i nit III. We have also ri e'd a few jVt hearts and crors some oi ricnuss iiiiik ni roses, ilimimul cement sunn liulton inoiiius, metal eyelets, Knclnlulrt utif! ennui", t mipinnii s razor strops, clours I Kliiles Ac. Oct. 7. iiushi Pancdobn t: liniNsMAin. TXfiW GOODS. ProOLITTLM Ins just received his Kail sup- ply of Goods, consisting of all the Variety of iiav noons, uar hi'iw.kihes, tve, usually caueu lor, win h ho will stll for the my lowest miens. IlurhUKlon, Kept. 30, 1311. H. dav. THOMAS will continue his Auction Sales in the afltrnooii of every Wedncsdiy and Malur- A Inifrn i, ttntltv nf I tnii-i.tiiilil lnri, ilnrp .if tlillercnt dts. tiptions will bo olllrcd, toother with Staves if various kinds, with pipe. Hales, of Dry Goods, Cutlery, Clocks, Jewelry, etc., Ace, will bu ollcred Tuesday, Thursday and Satiuday Iveiiins, until further notice. Oclobol e 1311. list ok Lirrrais Remamiii? in tho Posl Olfice al llurliucton, Vt. Oct. 1, 1811. A tico. K. Jewclt W in. O. John' on Win. Jardms or Jordon K Ezra Kenfield Harriet Kinsley Capt. l.alhrop John Lawretico John Lewis K. A. Allen 3 William Applcton F.liza Anderson JIary J. Alexander Ambro-c Atwatcr John Arnold Tl omas Atwatcr Ilinry Allen '2 It Charles llrolhcrs Charksl.'laiichelt Th mas llctteo John llurwell '2 Rums C. Ilarto l-'ranklin Ilaiker Thomas liatts Russell llrowiiill Il.P.I.'arilott Abraham IliaJIcy John lit II (eorfrc ltanii .Simeon A. liiilton R. I), lioyd Nathaniel lllood 2 H. L, Ibirton J, s. niin Cyntha lltedio -Martha llrowu Ira Dim Louis lircmricli Loin- tlrow n Charley Hurgor Theodore lloulieu Lewis ISruwtiell C Alvin R. Clcmons Levi C.irriugton Royal P.. Cublcy Oei. W. Carpenter II. H. Clapp Geoigc Carpenter Win A. Clark 2 I leury R. Cleveland Ceo. Comstuck Abel I roo er Miriam 11. C'louijli Maiy Caipi liter Harriet Corning Caroline Crabtrco Kha L. Crocker Pierre .Shjatle r...... n..,, r. Mr. Lam? Russtll Lawrenco J. W. Litotk Lalhrop & Potwin 1). Stephens Landon Rhoda l.taveuworth Charles Landry .11 Lemuel II. Miiler Jacob Mni"k Leonard Mills Charles Mouro Jos. Ii. .M'Oniiald Rufus Mansfield SawytrJ.M'ClilIau Warren II. Maish Mocs li. Munson Mumford it l!isell Helltu Morrison Margaret Murphy Abigail Moses Krone. s Mahleau E. E. Mall.oit John lialisic Maillel Krancois Mallo Ettienne Mil hand i Henry II. Newell Datid Nois Mrs, Thomas Newton 1' J. II. Potior Peter Poik Abnt-r Perkins do. Pe'itson 2 Rev. M. Paraudicr Charlotte Pardn Ji hn 1). Pickering Piersou Phillip Mrs. Portcous Charles W. Potwin 'I imolliy Peleis lean liapnstc Courille2 J0lm w. Patridgu 2 Kinncis Chcrrier E. Cialbnt I) Emily Drew or John Allen A. P. Iknsnioor E.T. Daniels Ju eph Dcgrance (!apcr Dotterw.eck E.O. Daws Thomas Duflec Andrtw Dicw, Jr. Cn I v in D.ims Charles Dtpeins Ann Dohcrty Sophia IHipa .Mary Dugar Ii I'nncis Ely John Eidrt'dye Thonias Katun, or Mary Jane Ihton Ehsl. Id ridge V Levi II. Kooto John J. Kay Hi'iirv I'llirr Catharine Kai'rell ARWl'.LI.'.V Roots and Shoes a tery large sup . ply, aim I'ancy drts3 Shoes, jut reo'd nl Oct. 1, HOWARD'S GtOODS from Auction Cucr for Cnh s Articles for ' loaks an 1 Dressi s, seural kin Is entirely new and rry neat si) Irs, bo'l for the Philadelphia Market by my Accni, who had perception from the ct It tint y of Ibis tcgimi, that they would also suit the. I.APir.s of the Grttn Molllllnin Sln'e. ihnv nr.. wnli olhti Kail tiooodo cheaperihan eterbeforc sten. ,1isi), - i aes ."ri.cxpin rr.v 11 TS Carpet- inss, rnper-1 1.-ititriin..-, New I.acts, Silk-. Shawls. Gloves, t&c. &e. all for sale Ciifa:- for C.f-ll at nowAitirs. Thiir-day .Morninir, 30th Sept. Harriet Patiidgo K J. C.Rlieiner K. N. Richards Andrew A, Rulteo Edward Rider Job Reynolds Pattiek Rush Doininiek Roa Leon Rustaii S Caroline Stacy Abbml Siiii li Josenh Sherburne 2 Soulhwitk, Sibleyif- Davis Austin smilli i Sylvanus Siuilh Sylvan is M. Smith Adam I). Smith Dr. A. Smith K. Smilh 2 Deborah Smith Smilh it HnrriiiE'on Georire Scott Charles Sieveson Austin Spaulding Joseph pears as met Stacy Thomas Autoino KersuriaWidow Sawyir State i r WnMcsT. I A'I'a irn.inn lif tin. Prill rll. Di-iriet ol Cliitteni!, a, j Conn, held at ll.irbnsiou, within and fur the Di-irict of Cliiiirn,!..,, . . l ol. day of Sepviuler, 1811, Ceurse 1). l-himtf Shtl- burnt' in Ihe comilv ol Chittenden, suardian ol Mnr.- Hall u ud J.oi- Hall, hmh i,f, in ibesta'otf .Mii'liisan, female infaiil- under the n.'e of eieliieen year-, bavins (ileal tit .-aid tourl In- peiiiiou in wriuns, senilis lortli that ll.o sai.l .Mary Hall i- seized in her own rutin in Ceo ol u ai re- and sixty-lour rtsl-if land lyius in -aid Slielb 'rue mid tint ihe said Loi H.ill i- seize! of -ix acre- and -itiy-lo ir rtl- o( laud situate in said Shfllninie, leiiift the saii.t- hud- -et out to them bv fotiiiiu loner- ai-pom-cd I v s.ud nro- I ale court to ma' e'ilion ol ihe c-t.ito of Jirah l-haui, la'e i I" .-aid Shell.urnc, i'ti in-id, an.ons 'he heir-and repie-en u'iie-of the heir-to s.ud t-la'e, a- lht'said word- iinrlion or haie.- of ihe r al e-ia'e i f l he -a 1. 1 dt-'t ii-ii 1 1 ihat a sn'i-1 f aid land-wind I I eeonduene to the invu-t of shuI ward-. I v niiiiin.- the proitnl-ol siu li .aleal in'ere-i, an I nravius -aid .rttoli tn-e anil. -inpower him to sell -aid laud-, apreea' lv In ihe sta'iit,' in mii.Ii ea-e inai'e and pro- vultsl. "Iieie pi.ii, 'ho court nfore-aid tloili appoint the eeouil i ,iv ol U.'loler. 1SII. Ii.r liearin-r anil i'i'- eidnson ml peii'imi a: the olhee i f Ihe icsi-ter of said ti u r: in lliirlinsinn, and iloih i ri'i r ihai all person- ill'erc tt.l I e m lllifd Iheuiif I y pill liia'.l II if tin-or.Vr, foulaiiiins the siib-'iinie ol s.ud petinin, llirie weeks Mitt eively in ihe I! iliiwlon Kree Pre--, a newpaptr printo in "ISnrliusloii, the lust of winch pui lieation- tu le prewnu, to said second day ofOi tobfr, 1811, linen under niv hind al I! i.lmslon aloic.-aul, tins I llli tlay ol Septeiul er, loll. Wm. Wl-.S'I OX, Hein-ter. J. Stanly Grimes Win Graham l'.tnj. (Jranper Lvniaii W. Oilbert Cliaiinccy Goodrich i L. C. Gilklt Cath. Glenn It Mos'sllill Orrin HaekstalT Thonris llackelt Henry llorslcy John llniris Ilol.nnd Howard Vi moil Harrington Lilian Harris Niinou Ilulehins 2 I.ulher Ilaten, or M. Griswold i-to. Win. I!. Halo I'. isba llollou Sophia II II Lorain Ilud'co Caroline II lupins Armiua.M.lIall .1 James G. Jell' cts llenj. I. Jewclt Luther JI Stephens diaries omerset Mary Ann Simons Maria Stacy Nancy Swift Eliza Sintdley T Elijah Tha)tr Ezra C. Tiacy Joseph Taylor Malhcw C. Taylor John G. Ta-"ard John Taggard Alinas Truman John Thictsoit V G. G. Van Wagcner Dan'l Van Sener Rev, Richard Waters Joseph Wait Albion K. Winslow P. T. Washburn George W. Woodard J. C. Walworth Catharine White Lucy Wainw right Sarah II. Weoster At the Now Cash .Store. Wfl QT0 HOW onelllllrr u iVcttf an I SpLHMntn flssnrl. mcnt of Goods just edectid with reference lo the wants of the People, consisting of . Kritieh 3 8-1 Plnid .Shawls English & Points Dress H'd'ka American ) Silk Shawls Ilombazines Merino do. Alpines Uroche do. Mernioes Italian Cravats M. D. l.aines (Kash'ble) Klagg H'd'ks Silks of every stylo A new and coiniiletc assortment (W Hrnad-Cloths, Cassimjicsand Salliiictts, tmd Vcstings, Klannels Ac. Also, n largo ssorlment of Groceries, Teas, of c crv riualitv, Srgars, Molasses,.t'o Ice, &c. itc. all of wnicn win tie sola very low roT'Asit. t JAS. P. WHALING .f-Co. Of CASES English and Amcriijan Prints, ii) 2 " lileeehed Sheetings, 1 " Col d Cambrics, 1 " Apron Checks, June 1st, 1311. just received by VILAS, LOOMIS -v CO. Oct. 1, ISU. OH HALES Urown Sheeting, UJ 2 do. :lo. DrilliiiEf. do. do. 'IVkines. 1 do. Canvass Padding, lr)PiecC8Red Padding, I do. -10 inch Ititrlaps, Oct. 1st, 1911. jn"t received by VILAS.LOOMIS A-Co. O CARES Colored English Merinos, 1 " lllaek do. 1 " I' ie d Rnnibaziue, 1 ; Alpa-ca Cloth, 20 pieces lllaek Uninbaine, 20 " Prmlcd Saxony. for rale by VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. Oct. 1st, 1811. CASE Ponsrcc Silk . 20 pieces lllaek and Kig'd do. 20 " Pongee Hdkfs. 201b. Italian Sewinp Silk, 5 " lllark nnd enl'd Twist, t. 1,1811. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS, A. Co. Onn I.HS. Whit-and UV7V CO ol'd Thread. lllaek Linen, F.O Gross Round and Flat I.ncsts. Oct. 1, IS tl . Kor sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Son GROSS Gilt Coat and Vo t Buttons, 210 do. Horn do. do. do. 2"0 do. do. Vest do. 300 do. Pantilooi do. 2"0 do. Pearl Shirt do. Ti'yl For nle hv Oct. 1st, 1911. VILAS, LOOMIS V CO. Qnn M DRILLED Kvcd Needles, OUV CP0 Gross Hooksand Eyes. 100 do. Knitting Pins, 3 Cases London Pius,

1 do. Aniciican do. iut ree'd by Oct. 1st, ISU. VILAS, LOO.MIS i- CO. CASE Wood Pocket Combs, isu uoz. Pennon oilwilo. NOTICE. TIIECOPARTM ItSlllp hero'Oforernf linlle Hveenll. M. :il)l)IN(W and DAN lY- under the (irm of II. M. OlliliLSCS cc t;o., has Lien di--o.ved ly tbeilo en col' H. M Ullil'IM'". '1 h surviving partner has sol i ibo S'llKK of GOODS to SAMUEL M. POPE, who Is hereby au thorized to'olleel di-i luirgo the del t tl. e Ihclalc firm ', anlthosu iiidelled aro re-iUested lo inalo pay. inei in bun. DAN LYON. IhirlmgtouOct. 1. 1811. SAMUEL M. It ft I'M having pureha ol the -toel; ol'Gouls of the liitu Firm of II. M. Oil) DINGS tt Co., Iicrel y give- nun. u that he In o'" menee I bu-inu-s lit the, Sl.unl miendy ueeu u" b. said linn, and invite Mi friend mnl iho eu-tonier" of 'he Intceomeni and ihePnl lie generally to exitnJ lo him, .it lca-1, n-liareoflbeir patronage. Hiirlinston,Oel. 1. 18-11. NCW AND CHEAP (JOODS. rpHE sub-cribtrs have just received from New I York a very large and cxtenivo assortment of Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS, among which may be found superior Reaver and Pilot Cloths Cloths nnd Cassimeres, plain and twilled, white and colored Klannels; Punch, German and K.ugli h Marmost goat's hair, crape and common Camktsi lig'd and plain Alpines ; .Mohair, Norwich, .llpacca and Taghona Clollisj light nnd iUr. printed Si.vo nvi plum, sal. slripeil, fig'd, and Chum, all wool, Mouselincdc Lniucs i sat. striped ( hall)s j pln.u, sat. striped, fig'd and corded, black ond blue-bhick, light and dark colored PoideSoiet Gro do Afri pie, Po kin, Hecna and China Dress Silkst i hangtable. cor ded nnd China Honnet Silks 9-1 Cashmere, Mel ville, I'clvidi re, lirothn, Marino, Moil time da Lain, China nnd Damask hhaulsj Raw Silk, Chilly, Thi bet, Mouselincdc Lain, China it Plaid Dress H'dk'fs. A great variety of Lace, Thread, Edgings, Ribbons, Scarfs, Gloves, Slock , Ac., A c. E. M. WRIGHT, .f- Co. N. R. We would inform our fiicnds, customers and ihe public universal')', that our stock of Goods is equal, if not superior lo miy other io thevillage, and we will give as gi od bargains, if not better. Please call, examine and judge for yourselves. Octolcr 1. TUaT oiitued V worked Collars, at retimed prae. July 23. beintifiil ns-orimeul of French S.'b. SCOTT. WHAIM'IMi PAt'KK. Cfin REAMSassortcd siscsandiiuiillicsiust rec. 0J. by. C. GOODRICH. Sept. 21. Dr. Anns G. Hull's t'tero Al dentinal Suppor ter iip,ily ol the a'ove eelel r.Ued Ins'ru-inenl-, (which liay.-'nover 'ni'ed ol erlori.nna a fine) u-t reteue.l lor sa e ihu will lv leji eou-ianuy on 11. .MUULn hand I V June 21-t ISU. Dm.'gn'. ii'J WHAT NllA'Tl Komctlilns fJesal l'or the People 1 C'ANNOT any good bo done for tho l'coplo but 'that tho fihenn Cftrfli Store will be a rremii nt 7 Tlio most rational nnswer is, that the establishment from so lung a standing hai become identified with tiicsucces uml prosperity of cvety occupation in tins, that, or so tn; older ucrfecilveotuistent way, whereby it very generally recuves a portion, ncc rding to thu approved method of tratisicung m cheerfully reviving a man prom irom each ot all tne inimensu number of persons that buy at ihe Store. There I. iiuw inriieu aiiy anouicr uoou in prospect, unucipa ted by HOWAIU) Whoso Tax baa gtadually iisenwith the ability of tlio comniumiy to pa mnizp, from a 625 Assessment to a I acuity lax of 8 ICO, for selling Goods Cheap, and nu attcillllt atacoulila of linrulr..,!. ttlflffi ttlflt ni 1 1 till t on ill welcome as soon ns a Geological and Agrieul lurai -urvey is iiiauo men w.u ucvtio.i nnd oxlnln tho hitlu rto dorinnnt richness of our Oietn Mountn u Slate that hath not yet beeoino known toils mhubi lints, some of whom liavcbem boring for salt when already below its stpita) others looking fi r coal Wlitr the fur motion for its dipo-it is not in the region j nr.'' rhc many bu) of the s nffof life fr .m nbros that could be tunde contM'i.ial to and bei nine the pro duct of our own sod. With the knowledge thus do rived, we linuld not look fir Ihat which wa not, hi 1 could find that we had, and not impoverish by si rd lug abroad Ihat which would by its use make pleni at home. Since wo are to receive our menlorioi.i portion of the National domain the survevs can b" made but the subject is ton largo forde canting upon with a Storo filled with New Goods and custuinc -intently making their ilectnris ihertfrom, butbe.iev nip our intc'ligent Icgisl iters wil investigate aed pas fivorably upon the surveys being made, is thoue ' purport something Good in the best itiltifStof tl whole People, and with them lo lluir Cheap for Cos.. atidtu Imprisonment I'or Store nr'nt, HOWARD. 10 o'clock, A.M. 33 Sept. Ml. SHAKER YARX. SCARLI-T, Mix'd and Wlnlo Shaker Ysrn, (o' s ,!e by E. M. WRIGHT & Co. TO HUNT. A DWELLING near the Court House Square. Aug. 30, 1811. H. LEAVEN WORTH II A It D MM Hi:. THEODORE HO LB UO OK, (Late Holbrook tt Tnppan) UU .11111 St., lloslon, THE Subscriber offtrs a lirgennd choice , elect c of Hardware to the country trade upon tl.t im ' liberal tcims. Sept. 1 1341 " L. MASON'S " TUS1CAL r.Xr.llCISF.S, in largs type, f. it L i Si.iging Schools, for sale, bv 300 2P0 2000 50 no2 June 1st, ISU. Cap Twist Side Rrass do. do. do. do. for sale bv VILAS, LOOMIS ct CO. FURS. OTTER and Seal Cip-Lynx, Genett, nnd Coney Mulls Aslracan, Lambs skin an 1 Coney Collars, Swans, Duvv n Roas and Gloves ,f.c Just opened by 7th Oct. E. M. WRIGHT Aco. TNDIAN Rubber Slioes Umbr.illns and Travellint X Baskets if- c by E. M. WRIGHT if- Co N K W GOODS. SiVPERIOH Flannels audi", lion Hailing-, ) do. W lidding and Wiekin?, ihi. I'.i lihnir an. I Canva-s. Jn-t nsi'ive-J nn J fur a'o very cheap at the Birlin- ton ta ii Mere, oy J dy 23. 7 M1UON T. LAN DON'S ESTATE. WE ihe Mib-enl er, livvincleen appointed by thf llonural letho Prol ate Court lor the Di-tni'l o' Grand l-le eouiiui ioner- lo receive, evn'ninu and a lj i-,l the claim- and dt-m.iuJ- of all person', ag.iiu-l the e-lale ol MIRONT. I.AMION. Ulc of So ilh Hero in -aid Di trut, dti ea-el, repre- ented m-olvi'ii'. an d al-o a I elatin- and ileinan I-fi lm ue.l in o 1-ei ilieiftii un I -ix nu uMi- l.oin itiotiatr hereof, bi'iier alloweJ by .-ii I Coi.rl, for licit P irpo-e- we do herel v give nouee, that vvt-wd attiil to Ihe bii-ine.-of o ir iippoinliiient, at ihcdwtlhng ol Ruth Lan, lun in .V 'Uth Hero ill .-.lid di.iriei,on the In -t Moua ly ol'.Noveinl i r nevl, at ten o'Joek, A, M. uatc I Acp'einter 13 ii fill. Mil i t l.'t IV tllllllt k'rtV I . . ?. ! i-e " Comm iters 1 l.'lUi II I I', "llllll J Stpl.9, lill. D. A. R RAM AN CASH wanted in exchange for leather, bv E. C. LOOMIS. A OO, -ides of sole Leather, fiom 13 lo 2i rts, for sale Iiy E. C. LOO.MIS. Colchester. Thomas .Mills Gouge Wright St. George. Augustin Gravtlle Essex. Nath'l Rosworth JPersous calling for the above, will please to say thin tiny aie advertised. II. II. STACY, P. M. 'I Ti MAN - COLE Havo fi r sale Mess and Piimo J Pork .Vhouldtrs and Hams. RurhnglonOct. Stll. SPOHTSMI'N ATTUN11. THE sdbscribers would respectfully notify tho Sportsmen of Ilunlingiou and itsvi'iuily that Ihey propnso holding a shooting match at the inn of T. I!. Diku in Huntington on the 21st and 22 1 days of October mst. nt winch limo nnd place ihey engage 10 flirlll-ll OXB IIC'NDKED TlllKIKS, on ninth to c.- crciso their talents at slnrpshooling. Sporisnien are respectfully invited to call and seu lur themstlvis. ALANM)N CARPENTER. JOSHUl ROSS. JOEL REMINGTON. Huntington, Oct. 0, 1811. FOR SALE. rpllAT large and commodious two 9to I lt.,.L' lt....l..r ll..,.Ln .e. I .nt - c 1 n. .I nfl-.. I ... lpl ''"'II un mi; '. iiut. u. vuiiii; Iji t. II l.a'Bagl- ntilm head of Colle?e.streel. in this vil- age. Ji he Hou-r. is 32 by 43, with i bn-eineut story, with Ki chru an I Provision cellars, and a wiiiD32 bv Cj. e -n ndi.ig uoitli on College Green, Willi w-otnl and -lore liou-e below, and i hand er- and -leepui" rooin- uoovr. a'i- nniieouiinoiiio i nam, carriage lion-e ire fiou-e, and uiher ont-hoii-e-, and a -paeiou yard w-f-i in iis-tiweiiiiiL-iioii-e, ami a l-oihi tiurai le well of waler of the I est quality m ihe villase, and a 1 rnk e:-tern. Oneand mpiarlef aere-of land, of the fir-l i ualilv ; a large garden and ehoieo fruit tree-we-l of the In u e noil varJ. I ho Ihiilihug- areeon-lrnc'eil in nimlern !)'', ol Ihe lo. I material- ami workui.iii-lnp, werefrcc'te.l lv Itie -'il'-erit er dr In-oven u-e, aiul the location nt-fonl-a verv fXten-ive an I '.Iea..nit pro-peel if the village and lake nn ihe We-l and inot Mirpa-cd by uny other l it ihi- part of I lie i-o.mtry. A o for -ale a lot containing an acre nf land direct ly oppo-i:e the above lot wilh a nu.ill eonvenitntwi o.l ilwelliug lion-e ihereon. aie invrel tocall and exiuinefor theni- stlve Terms made known by ihe ul srrd er on the preuu-e-. SAM I' EL It LED. II irlui'.'lon June, If,, 1S-10. n'i TO KENT. A Tenement m the souih Wmg of the A-m'tiw suitable for a siunll Family may be had on rtautiablc terms, apply in u. .v. iiit.-v.u.v.v. Vept. 2.M . YARDS 5-1 TOW CLOTH, Just received by E. M. WRIGHT & Co. September, 9th, 1911. 250 FALL GOODS AT N. LOVELY et Co's. full uch TUST received, and now opening for s ile, J Assortment of Goods, adapted to the season, as : Printed Saxony cloth, a great variety Alnn'tkas. all kinds. tkiiu nnd (iiiuitd Fronili and K.tiL'li-b Merinoes. fiL'undnnd n'ain Plain ti 1 k nnd fig'd muuriiiiig and half mourning .Mo isseliiic-ile-l.iinc Plain, fancy and figured ditto Plain whitcrsstiin. striped ehallys Plaid iiioiiseliiio-de-laiiii', a new article Prints A choice selection of Furniture Piints. Septembtr, 10, 1311. S UPKRIOR Ciriniere-F.irnli.nn-, S.itlinet Dread eloth-, al a great 1 argain C.i-iuelt-. 10 h Septem! er, 1511. THIS FALL, "ITE have received n variety of New Goods, am' ; which may be found the following articles , Gold and silver, lever watches, Gold and silver Lepines, Silver, Encli-h an I Quartier watches, Ilrass clocks, with mahogany cases, German alarm clock', Cameo, Mosaic, painted and mourning pin, Jel, etirystal, lopaz, and other pretty gents pr., Fine gold, plain, chasidan.l stale rings. Gold watch kts silver pencils, Purse rings, steel pi ii", Ihu de Cologne, and all other Kind of pcrfumir;, lluile tie Ami'iue, and other hair, Jiiyne's ctlel rated ha.r tonic, Wards vegetable, and the Macassar Oil, Tool bru-hes, orr.' tooth wash. Vinegar-rouge. Mkin-on's ibi!atory, Tempi ranee and Sabbath -ihool nipdals, Fine straw and morocco travelling bas'-cn, Wo-tenholio's knive-, Rrilamna tuniblcr", do curs, with bandies, Stephen's blue writ ng llluids, Cooper and Phillips' black ink, EmuiM'ted visiting cards, chalk crayons, P.iel.i l, rid w.ifei, Me77'ilinto -aia i rs, pink saucers, Cohen's and other fine drawing pencils, Osborn's fine wattr colors, Stewart's do do do Tiss c pa er, all colors, l!ri-tol board. Britannia Spoons, Counter brcshi Pn 'ton silt. P.nrl powder, lllaek guard chains. Music p.i er, Octave Flutes, Rrow n Windsor Soa Fine Frrnch Hair Ilrushcs, Steel Watch Chains, Fine stiel bowed Spectacles, with Green, blue, purple glasses, lvorv Pocket Combs, Metalic, do. do. Fine tooth ivory do. Wnleaad long satin and bombizino Stocks. Fine linen Collars different qualities. Aula viriitv of fancy articles Goods Selling cheap. Friends and customers are invited to call at PANGBOHN l BRINSMAID'S. rlinent ol III NCII GOODS, consisting of . QOOO nh' J'"nch j'mI'l aek, blue black, col'd einbroid'd and chine silks, I JMJJ Printaof Lvery Style niui oebee, and silk shawls, scarfs, hd'ks, and cravats, i Jutl rec d by I.. Al. Will Embroidered, stnntd and nrinled lnous. i'e laine: Oct 7. KltUXI II GOilllS The subscriber wi uld re-pcctfully inform the La dies and Girilltmitl of It. rlini'lnn nnil vlriniiv llisl ho has nrtived from New Yoik with a splen'lid a L..., ........ .,, . Nfii r. lllaek broeln also iwid de Ham' urg, eollais, testings, slotks nnd capes, all of the latest st)loand various other arti cbs. Al-o nu nssorlintnt of Gold Patent Lcvir W. relies, of tin lust ipiahty. N. II. The above Goods were imported just before the imposition of the Ntw Duly. They rre respitifully inviiid I to call at his Room un er S. Ni hoi's Cabin-1 Shop, Church Street. Burlington, Oct. II, 1611. M. OSTI1EIM. J"j"lle will remain here only a few days. l!OIT!IN'K NliW IMtt'N'CIl iif,ai)i:r, CvONTAlNING Original and Selected Anecdotes, Biographical Skctthes and I haraeierisiic Trni s of Persons Distinguished by their litmus and their Knowledges Historical Factr, Inventions an I oilier Miscellanies, Ustlul, Interesting and Vnritd. With Notes nnd an Appendix. d Iiy C. GOODRICH. Just reciived RurliniMoi.. Oct. 8. ISU. Teachers arc requested to send for copies for examination. French Ennlish and American iluy and Price WRIGHT tt Co, C I LOTH CAPS. A new nssnrtiniiit of all kinds 'and prices, just reccivedby E.M.WRIGHT ACo. sept. ii. NOTICE. FMIEsubocridcrs having transferred their entire J slocUf Drugs tV Medicines toT. A. PECK A. A. C. SPEAR lake this occasion to make their ac knowledgements to their friends A the Public fot their liberal anil long continued patronage wnicn ma been extended to them asdiue'L'isIs taud at thu same lime they leg leave strongly to'rccconiuiend their succcs-sors-.Mtssr- PECK A- SPEAR as regularly bre-l Druggists and lint on their fidelity andcxperience the Public may fully rely. J. & J, 11. PECK A Co. Burlington Stpl. 20 IS 11. Looking Glasses, I FRENCH plate an I in I frame. Al.O A general asorlinenl of German Pla'e, A?. At Septeniler 10, 1311, N. LOVELY A, Co. DHL'tJS AND MEDICINES. One door eastof J. tt J. II. PECK A Co. riMlE subseiibers suer-ors ns Diuggiets to Messrs M. J tS J. 11. Pl.t. K A co. have formed a copsrlner sliui under Ihe firm of l'l'A K d- SPEAR, and have purchased of t lie. ir pre 'ccessors their unire stock of urugs q .iieoiciucs w uieu, logtiuer vvini iaie auui' tionsfrnui New York Boston renders their assort mcnt large if- complete enabling them to supply Hit tr ulc on Hie nio-t liberal nml ailvantageous tenns. From their kiunvlcd'cof . ho bii'itiess and the nine mining and txclusirc ntlenlion which they are deter mined lu btsiow they hope to give salis'actioti to the n,U-. j , .i, i-i,i iv., 03 NEW SILK GOODS.rj T)IIi:i.PS & KIMIIAl.l., 71 Mate lr.t", Ito-n n. have rreeiveil tlieir I all miimiIV t" Men wool)- nit racing a eninn'e'e a-i riuienl of f t-bional If and le-iral''e articles in llu-ir line, in which, they tiivilf the alieniioii of p ireb.i-er-, for Ci b, or on -lu r' rcdif, to vvhoin tr.eywill le -old at the lowe-t mar- et prut-. Their .i"Orliiifiit toii-i-lsin part of tin following arlu-le.- : Itlk svn-hew- an 1 -ar-ni't,lMenno nivl final, -till- lllk and hbit-1 lack gi Swi-s, Plain un I rn h tig l gro i V .Nan c-. Clime -ilk- of all kin K Tirol and lig'd Re.i. nlkf Itonnei silk, aim-, Florence jerge, crepe le tee. Iain and lig'd satin vet- inglnn, Sept. 20, l?ll. A. C. SPEAR. 13 iUiWs Sugars cheap by E. M. WRIGHT if-Co. S,pt. 23d. 1811. Blk, blue-bfaek and coi'c lioiu'.aziue-. Blk nnd hl,.c-tlk silk vel vets. Plain and fig'd mou--elini de lame. Eilienne-, prinlcl S me-, lb-Ion, Se,temler I, If" II. IWlA PS. House paper direct from the inanu- uuwu bUPF.R FRENCH Buck Gloves .Mlltms nml luoc cneius Just oiicn'd by E. Al. WRIGHT .p Co. Cloak Tiimiiiings Fringes S Ik and Mohair, r. r.-.l I- ti, I .. ' i' riuges, lur niiawis, onn nun .tieiiuo anu nor derin.' Gimps and Cheilitis for working. Silk 1 wist, for woiking rtticules, a newatliele. SilkReiicidts, Bead Bags, ,uins'ind money Lacs Silk Shawls, .SVarfs, Cravats and H'd'ks, Silks for Dress s, new style Thread Laces, Insertions, Edsings Footings, Bobiuetts nnd i ntlon I.aies l.reci-ni Wireneil, Bail Road, do. Silk Velvets for Triuiniines, do. do. for Vests and .Men's wear Coat and VcsiTrimmings Velvet fig'd Coat nnd Vest Buttons Also, Worsted nnl French Goods, Purchased beforo the new Tariff i f 20 per cent. Rcincni. her Ihat 20 per i rut is worth savini. Printed r'nxonys and Alpachas Chall)s, Plain and fig'd Merinoes ( Very Circassians ilo. do. Bombazines I Superior. Muuscluifdc Lames ' Limns, Diaper-, Sheriings, Table-Cloths, and nil Goods of that description, 20 per cent saved. We now offer n more general and complete astorl merit of ihe above desciiplion of,Goods, than ever be fore, being aware that a ncvvTariffof 20 per cent was about to be imposed. We purchased exltusively and can nlord such Goods, che aper than wo could oilier wise have done. Call and rxnmiiic for yolirsilvcs. Likcwiso a now and lull supply nf Broad Cloths, Beaver, and Pilot Coalings, Cnsimerts, A- Saline lis. Oct. It, 1311. LOVELY it IIURI.BUT. LEAD PIPE and Copper pumps'! inns lead pipe 1-2 JuyVes'tY Cos,sieT runr i'y strong) et Co, NOTICE. rpilIS is to certfy that I havu given my son Alfred 1 Clirk his lime to net for himself, and I sha I call for no wages of his earning nur pnv auv di his of his conlinclingaller this dale. RANSOM CLARK. Iliiiebbiiigh, Aug. 31, ISU, OODA CRACKI I1S!A (re-h, lust lece.vtxl k-Jly Sept. 21. PECK A SP1. Alt. C?-S A KSAl'AIU L L A M EA A I.AltliEij'iantii) of Brown'i. eelel rule I Sv rup iValo the Um l iin,l Cou-lip.i'el , xir.n l- ol a, p.irilla, at whole-ale nnd retail, by PECK tt SPEAR Sept. 2 1. COMIC ALMANACS. I'urner's, American, Pen 1 OIO "en Hardin's, Tun J Ulwtple s, Crockett h, Ac, Ac. Also, .Mima ture Almanacs, rery oic fur rcailu pay. by Sipt. 21. S. HUNTINGTON. QONO BOOKS-A OSoiiir ttouli. lor tale- at Colleg rt at variety of Comic and other e-nt HUNTINGTON'S. oepi .1. New Tailoiiiii; t:stiitilisliiueii, On J'cttrl Street. fpiIE Subscriber respectfully informs Ihe public .1 that lie has opened n shop in tl,,, new brick build- mg one door west ol tlio Peorl-st, House, where he will bo happy to ticeivo orders from his friends and tho public. ork of every description cxeculei! in the most fashionable style, er lo suit any pecn iar taste of Ins patrons. All orders promptly attended lu, n iimiuui iiiiiun;ige IS puilflicu. Burlington, Sept. 2, IBI1. M. G. HATH BUN 7lh Oct. facturcs for sale cheap by E. Al. WIllt.llT .f-Co. A'KW HOOKS. cheap fur cash : : s. l.tfo ns it is Merchant's Daughter do. Widow Buck's Religious Anec dotes I'or Sale fir Cash by Oct. 8, IBil. Uctful and Happy Chnilt" I. mil Leslie Gralnin, 1 y Aunt Kuly Pollock's l 'oursK of lime. S. HUNTING ION, FOR GALE. A dwelling bou-e and lot situated at the bead of Pearl Street, owned and oceunied I v ihe late C. Severance. For nartieiilars oimuiic ol Ibc till scril er on llieiueini.e.s Sept. 10. F. SEVERANCE. TO lU'.VT. rrMIE Brick Store on Church Stre. Xi t. . now occupied bv N. Lovely A Co ros-essiou given ine nrsi nay oi .ipru , next. For terms enquire ol ine subscriber, U. ,I.MVUUIHT, Burlington, August 12, ISU. SCHOOL ROOKS. Mrs. PhtlpV Chemistry for beginners, do. Philoophy, do, lloluiar's Colloquial Pluases, De Casey's Grammar, 1st 2nd and 31 I! ok of H sicry, ,ln. oil. Class Readers, l'nghh and Progresive Rtnders, For s ile lur Cash by S. HUNTINGTON. Oct 1, 1111. T" ns'P. on SniunlavevenulL' last, ill the lower ri J; of liiotiiwn, t lecapi! lo a Ladles Cloak. Tho lindir will be liberally rewarded un leaving the same at thu subscribers dwelling house, BuilingumOct. u. IBil, vui. I rnu.i.if.-'. pTicii & SPKA II. l lieiulsls.V Druggists, lliirllnstuti t. An. f,,r ibn saleof V cases Clarified Essence of Hoarhonnd Can di l'or this Slatt, and al-o, for tlio Lower Province of Canada, ASA LYON'S ESTATE. Y7 F. ihe alb cnbeis, h iving been appointed by t tne nonorubie itic l'robnie uourttor ino ui ineinf Grand Islu eoniinis-iiiners to receive, exam ino and iidjutt iho claims and demands of all perrons agattitt Hie tAta c ot ASA LYON, lain of Grand Isle in said District, deceased, renre seined insolvent, nml also all tlniui- ami ilemauds in oU'.et thereto and six months from the d iv of the tlalu hereof beinu allowed by said Coutl lor null purpose, we uu uieieiuiti iieieu) nut- nmiee tint wcwill attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwilhng house of Abijah B. Hatch m Grand Isle in sud D.s net, on the fitbt .Monday ol February in t, at ten n clock ,i. M. on me s uu nay. Dated at Gran I Isle, this IGlli day of August A. D 1311. WAI.LIS MOTT ) DEIIASTTS crrrF.n. Commissioners. JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, i OHENA and FnihniidislRibhon,Cbena Scarf- and W n new lot of French artilieialt, n. ftcurr. July 23. Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, A.C. 1 KC HONES Tin Plate, 1-3 IN. 1 JVJ " Cnnada lrolii 50 Bundles Eug, and American Iron, 100 " assorlrdNos. Together with a general nssoilnicnl of Tinner's articles, by VILAS. LOOMIS & CO. Oct. 1st, I5M1 I"?RENCH tt ENGLISH Merinos, Circassian', l U ...... Hr,l.l e:n..-n, Vln !,. II vjnnii'ii.iri.11-,,, , ... cneap, ny pacca's, Ac. Ac. a largo assortment 3 Sfiitriuher. IP II. S.B. SCO IT. vuitsri:i) n i:di t:s 1-.T. CH" silk Baits. Roilffcrs and F.lhon best Rn 13 ots, Bankers Sbcnrs, Black Straps, Silk Sashes, Minialuie casts, aim outer noons, iteceiviu at PANGBOHN ci BlUNSMAID. July 8t AXES. Warranted Ml pcttor to any thing in Matkct 20 Am., for sale by July I 111 QTOMVS CSTSTEF.I B.'ok and Su j-- nui-lin Sh.iw-I- i fall km '-. iiii'y ban IKerehiel- and -Ca'if-, ei meat variety, ris'.ei h iti'hareh.e.'- o all km I-. Linen i-atnl r:' and esm hn-' ban l'. ri liu-r-. Iialian A Fieneh er.iv.itt, 31. 3i5, 3S, -10 nub, Glove-', uieu'-, woiiien- U i- il.lrfn'- -ilk, I nek, an I woolfii. Ribl on-,ea;i, 1 1 nnet, I til taf'a :,n I mimii, 'ialloiiii-, Freni h and f'n g'l h hoe rib on sovviiu -ill., iwi-1,1 rait.-, eor.l-, Ae. tc. Cw. NEW fiOODS. A GENERAL it on men i fan I e found nt Finvr.v X Bakiow'- Now- Store at Wmoo-ki Falls. 1 Septem! e r 1", 1841, PltOTr.CTIVE SYSTEM?- ll.Otll-. of MitH'riPr ti ii li and d le folor-In-i . ... .... .. . v n i rt n i n et 1 1 r-1 I y I lie II irlinzton Hill i o, lor sale at ih'MOMf-t price-, at the New Sore, v inoo-Ki Fall,. 1 v Stp'eml er, 17. 1311. SIDNEY HARLOW. T7ARrWri,l.'S SHOES, a new- a.soronen', ju-t i- reeeiiiil, al Hie New Ijtore, vv inoo.ei I ,ui. Slli.M.1 ll.lll.l'vv . Se.veml rr 17, 1811. 7w. inter TO Sl'OUTSMr.N. SION GFNS, powder lla-k- single ,hnt I ells, pereii.-ion can- donl le and tmwi'er and ho', eon-lnntly on hank lor at tie- liar I ware . e ' u lliinht litre oi it. .u"'i i , Septeniler 15, IS II. I'rucgot. AND CADI)LF.RY O A larje an I mien hd a--orinient i f Ci COACH HARDWARE. Ii llanl' ti-iiri-ami Saddlery, now onetnii nt the liar ware ........ ..r .1... li,.lt,.nt. r,r I'l.ll,.",. nnl Clcir.'h Irrrts, and for alewlio'esi'e ant re'a I. by iienuer lo. tail. iiuur.m .uu'i i . LOST. PMtOM the on the l llh insl., letween Bur I tin,. mn nn.l Colebe-ier. a middle siro Garnet Bar; (Containing I'lnthinoj maiked II. B.L. on Ihel'oltoin. , suitable reward wm oc given tor me nn.i or imnrrna lion respecting It, J.MJ. IIL'KUll. Ilutlmgton e,u, iM, Kill. l'reralu m HASSAN I) OOl'HI.E HASS VIOI.S. A BR AH AM .jj. IX. P R K S i" r-ri-r'p ....i.i iJT!-.".;.,v."u';' ?i't eiiiri, iiiiurin all pttsoi s ted in the Sci ence of Mu'ic, that he continues to manufacture a Concord, Ni w llsuipslurc, BASS AND DOUBLE BASS MOLS, of a veiy Mipermr quality, and Inv ng obtained the tirst t'rcmntm 'mil lias ever otcn awaruiu loan a merican iiianutaettirer of suth Iristriuntnts nt the great li irr ol the In-tilute in Now York L. it y, at Ine gnat ran ol the .niciimic s .,.-;oeiatiun in Boston, and at ihe F ur ol the e's Charita ble Aocntion m Portland, Maine he now not only tenth re his thank to hi" fnctid" and pnireu-for past favor-, but t.'.idges hun-rlf tn Religious Societies, Muiial Aoeianon and individuals who may wish to purchase, that no rea-orrilde cllnrls shall be want ing on his pan, to enable him to nuet lluir ordeis in ihe hid-. t prompt and "ntisfactory manner, that he may sidl ictnin thrir ontolt nc and merit a continu ane'eof the liberal patronage he hue fjr many )ear enjei)ed. lie also Keep-an eviensive assorimcni oi M CM C A I . I N STlt I'MENTS, of thebcFt quality, which he oll'trs for bale on the mo-t rei niatiie term, nirinng vv men are MM.ODIONS AND SERAPHINES, w liieh are much admired forswtelnt-s of tuna, auet wi II a 'apted to parlor ori ln.rch music. Mu-ie Schools, Military Bind", or individuals, enn le supplied vviiii Brass nnd othtr iuslrumtnts ot any ,1 s,-npt.nn as i hr-ip or ehenptr than they can pur- c'.ia-e in the en v of Bot'in. Al-o, nihil, Bas3 and Double Bass viol .strings, I! iv. , Bridgi s. Patent Iliad", Tuning I orks A Pipes, li'-t ,'ftim Bool;-, l InnonoM Reeds and mouth Pio- s, Fiiihrrlh. Parasols. valkmg ( anes. -c. Order!- will U' grab lu'.ly rtcuvtd, nnd Instruments feni bv Siage nt tin ri-k of the manufacturer, and if u it sati-fictnry, mav be txrhanged. Musical instrument and t'nihrillas,rcpnireil asuss nl. Plcise call nl bis new Music Store, a few doors I'lh of the Eagle CofUe lloi:e. njl Concord. New Hampshire. March 2, 1 11. PANGBOHN if- BlUNSMAID, Agents, Burlins- tor Vt. Trouble Ilclll.eil l.oal Sn;ar.nt JJ S. B. SCOTr.S. Aug. fi n 31 IDniCAL. WE til 3 subsciibtrs, Invmg been npjiointrtl a 1 T cominiitce for lltepiirno e. have corrcsrondesl with Phys enn-in dilleiem puts nf tho State, on the subject til' resuscitating and reorgamriug thevanniis County Medical Societies', and Ihe Stile .Medical So ciitvi and by nnucM Itf the Wtn'sor County Medi cal Socitly, and the advice of the Phvsicians whom we have consulted, respectfully mviie the m vera! Physieians of the Stale to meet in Convention at .viontpciier, in I riuay, ine loin oi uciuoer next, tor the iurpo-e ot tttkiitg into consideration the tbovo naniul subject. John iiti(Ni;i,i, ) MO-E.S COBB, Commitlee. WILLARD BUWJIAN, ) Septr mber 27, 1611. 17w2 d)I'CAT10N. A YOUNG LAl'Y who is qusbfied to teach Mw sir, Drawing and I'reneh, is dt"irousof obtain tng a siliiilion tn rtspectalile seminary r faiiii'y. J7tf 5."!rAddtrss bo 91, I'ostOlTice, Montreal. October I, ty-ii. QUELL SIDE COMBS. Fancy do., U Horn, no. FinevMJAP, llsr do. Ivory and Ilulehins' Patent It 0:t STR VPs with Paste, the best rtiel ever invented. Gout's. STOCKS verv s eeri r, oy October 23. l.u i.t.i rpllF. MASSVCHf.SF.TTS COLLECIION OF 1 PSALM J. by the Boston Ilandnlt an, I n. Soeielv. coti"istinc of the uixst am run- l-.l,,, ' .. i Hymns, Tunes, Antheiiis, Sentences, Chants, Ac Ac . just I'cciifd and fur Salo bv '' eptcnlber li. D. A. IiRAM.VN. l" TION'G and Green TUAS.Crushed L. Sugar, ,., Box Raisins, Molasses, SaZ?;'JA!J'r; nJfx' 'v' itevber I. By .N I.O . - Octcber CAll.MlN.l SCRA fH Boston tolleciian of Church Music 41, rSepten.ber Ji. D. A. BR AM VN Ktav hooksT " rlMlE LAII 1 n unoinei, iirtu, ,o rpiIF. I'0)s annl Girls' Otvn Book of Fair. T.i. J general hlcralure, jus! received at the l ook Store I (omstot k the VVhnh inaii, Juveriili' i , tTf ii' where subscriptions are received for tins and thoN. . yol rottimo Tillers and Drean, IkoU nnl T ' 31 Hevievv, American Journal of the MrJir IS. ir-nres viuic, . of cUMmi's Books, for Sale a ' B'C4' sndN. American Rev lew. July 1, D. A. IIRAM.VN. Qctuber 1. HIATI VQTO" -rvusicvi. It A Inairnmenls Ac. II E A: F flat Clurin. I TO II 1-v i r,Mir-. KA.C Fifes. Flantfllets. Guitar. Violin. A rEWinlheF.i r..vv."-s.-: rr.., u i.i ----i - mircn. n ...., ... sixl Vionnct no ninngs, rrt'ieB.i oy ' ' T """S1"!! imtnfAlaiflv , - ," July 21 1.41. FAUl'Ull-MCS Uttirvsjl.lllt. I erct. t, ten, FARHiB 5 " AJ I