Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 29, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 29, 1841 Page 1
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h&w fvtt fte MOT THE GLORY OP C 21 S A R , BUT TUB WELFARE OP ROME. BY H. B. STACY. Hfl OOKh'd ESSENCE OF LIFE. A Valuable 11m Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the mranof saving llioiisnnil- (rum an untimely grnic. It ha been sold and iicd for thirty year, suti-e, and foiinJ very cinciu-iou- in the following disea-e, viz. Con-eii.nptinn, Whooping Coup h-, com mon Cough", Co!il-, diflicnll Breathing, Influenza, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spitting of Blood, Flatu lency, Indigestion, l.ooscnc-s of the Bowel-, Fits of every kind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dy-cn-tary," Faintin?, Hypochondriac Affection-, Headache?, CdCKnessai oiomacn, mea-ic, a picii.-iiuvu ui un' frintidiea.-e. Gout and Rheumali-tn. ICyTheahoveMeJicine Is prepared by Henry Scy Ynour,of Hadley, Mas, from the Original llecipc, by Hhe direction ofsaid Moore, and sold by him and the birmcipal uruggistsin me unitcusiaies. Sold wholesale and retail, by Peck 4: Spear, Burlington, and by thedcalers generally through out the country PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. 'IHIS article is too well known to need commen dation and the experience of seven years lias demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to5000lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 12 nz. to 200 lbs. PortableCounter do a new article to weigh .from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. ,. J. & J. IL Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1841. PAINTING. THE subsri'cr being thankful fur past favor wo ild re-peelfilly .-illicit a continuance nl the nine andremin I liisfneiid- and the public ihat he i prepared lo accommodate them on the shorte-l notice andmo-tfavorahle terms in the various branches in the above line. Shop oppo-ite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Pearl-sttent, Burlington, Vl. J AMIS SCOTT. April I, 1SII. n43:lv HEADACHE. CERTAIN CURE FOR SICK HEADACHE, which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache from infancy, as a -constitutional family complaint, and Ins cured effec tually in every instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, and does not prevent thcdaily avocations of one u-ing it it must be persevered in, and the cure is gradual" but certain and permanent. Instances are constantly .multiplying wheretbi distressing complaint is enm rb'tcly relieved and cured, ntthoiigh of jears landing by the use of Dr. Spohn's celebrated "remedy. One decided preferenceis its pleasantness, having none of the. nauseating effect of common drugs. Itis so perfectlysatisfnctnry, that the proprietor has given directions tor hisagentsio refund the price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. lie hopes also that this may secure its great ben efits to the distressed sullcrers who an1 laboring under Headache. E. SPOHN. M. D inventor and Pro prietor. 6old by COMSTOCK u. CO., 71 Miiden Lane. New York. PECK & S P I', A II, Wholesale Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Burling ton, Vt. n9 NEW ARRIVAL, N. LOVKIjY Si CO. ARE now receiving their third supply of Fancy Staple and other Goods, adapted to the iinntsof the market, which Mere purchased nt New York, the last week, and are now offered for cash, nt a small ad vance and greatly reduced prices among which are ijbe following: Satin stripe Chally do. do plain Mou-line DeLainc-, for drc-c, -nine n low a-$2,50 a paliem, Printed Lawn- lor dre-res, Plain do. for I onnel, reach striped Prints, Engli-h and American do. Satin Hriic silks, for dre.-e-, a fancy article Black and blue I lack Gro elcSwi ,' Gro de Rhine etc. of every variety, colored silks of eiery trade, While Oro de Afrit-and other eol'd silk lor I'.ouret-, Crapes and eraie Le-e, Fillet -oarf- and -bawl-, tome very superior, "Thread Lace, Eelguig- and Insertion-, Muslin I n-crtion., Grecian Lilies, .Ladie- Embroidered anil worked cape, and collar., 'Fille.t Mil- and Glove-, long and .-in n, all color-, rtibbon-, a beautiful a-.-ortmeut, e.itire new ytylt-, Vellum Ribbon-, Headland.-, Pongee-, and Pongee li.ll.f-, a'orled 9-4 Mou-line dcLiinc shawl-, a new and thcap ar Linen eaiubrie hdk-. Lawn-, etc. Fre.ich Anifical-, and Italians Para-ol-& Uml rellas, direct from the manufacturer 8-4dama-k M'lk -haw I-, cheaper than ever. 'Travelling andWork Red and Black Merino .-bawl-, nt a great 1 argain, Kawsilk audother drc-s hdktsand shawls, a great variety, Bihop Lawn-, Nnn-ook and Book Mu-lin, Wire Weil, Railroad, Wa-h Blond and other lace?, -triVh Linen- and cambric.-, Shell side and oiher comb-, Ladies and gent-. Mlk and Li-le ho-e. uo uo Olove-, Reticules, bead bags and pur.-e., iSatlineU-,ea imerc-and broadelolh', chtap enough - Silk Velict-, for ladie- and gents, also for vesting, dirk and light Ve-ting-, Valencia-, etc. etc. Table pread, elolh-, diajier-, etc. Sheeting- and shining-, I leached and unbleached, Jeans and cazenets, furniture dimilie, 'Curtain fringec-. To which may be added, a large assortment of Dry GroctrUs, such a-t Illaek and Green Tea", of every variety, Whie, llavanna and other brown Sugars, Mala se-, Pimento, Pepper, Ginger, Cloves, Cassia Poland Sinn h, Engli. h Currant-. Crockery and Glass Wart, French and American Paper Hangings. As cash i- o ir object, wk will give great bargain. Call and examine for your-clvc-. B irlington, July 30. n8 Crockery, VUU'Z. and Glass Ware. A large and rich n ortinent ju-t receiviil and X. opened, purclmtcd at greatly reduced piices in New or!;, and now for sale at the verv lowest rate by N. LOVKLV & CO. June 9, 1841. n2 BOSOMS and Sicks, Tine frilled and plain Jo soins, n few more of the new slyle S'ocks, which tre much admired, square and roundCnllars. Ilcc'd. J 21 1811. PANGI10HN& IUNSM.UI). FALL ROODS AT N. LOVELY &. Co's. JUST received, and now opening for sile, a lull Assortment of Goods, adopted to the season, such Printed Soxony cloth, n great variety Aloackns. all kinds, plain and figured French and English Merinoes, floured and n'ain Plain blk and fig'd mourning and half mourning MO issenne-ae-iaine Plain, fancy nnd figured ditto Plain while saltin. striped challys Plaid mousseline-de-loine, a new article Prints A choice selection of Furniture Prints, September. 10 1841. NOTICE. THE COPARTNFIISHII hereofore exi-lintr 1 e tweeu II. M. CMIJIil CS an I DAN IY- ON. under llie firm of II. M.Gil DINGS o: Co., ha 1 vp,Mi.ibedccra.eofH. M (ill)l'IMiS. Tbp .urvivins partner ha- -oil llie STOCK of r.not R 10 SAMUEL M. POPE, who i hereby a thoriinltiKoHeetni.d di-charge ihe debt- clue I he late firm ! andthose indebted are requested to male pay ment to him. DAN LYON. Burlington Oct. 1. 1841. SAMUEL M. POPE having purchu.ed ihe ,tnck of Goods of the late Finn of II. M. GID DINGS 4. Co., herel y give noiiee ihat he ha com nipneed biisines al the S'and ruvuilv nceimicd by said firm, and invite- hi friend nnd the customers of the late concern and Ihe rublic generally 10 extend lo him. at least, a sharu of Iheir patronage. Burlington, Oct. I. 184L r MIIililNAUY I)Ri:ss MAKING. By IHisi S. BRAY, WHO has commenucd in the new bui'dmg on theenst side of Church street, opposite II. l.nnc's store, niul a few rods south r.i.rM..,.l, ...!,. .,.., Jattcntion wili'be given to ffttf1 tbc making of Bonnsts, Cats and Dresses, in ac cordance with the most an. Droved New York stvle. which Fashions are now just received for the sea' rton. Burlington May 2G, 1841. n51 TWOTICK. icy-Medicine is best known by the J.1 cures It perform.-l! I. NewlonM'anacea. or rnnfier ol the Blood. 1 he unparalleled and still increa-ing reputation which this medicine ha-aeqair-ed througho'it the New Kngland Slate-, nnd the manv cures it ha performed, and the great demand made tor it ny I lie advice ol physicians well acquaintoi. with its preparation, ha ind iced the proprietor to extend it-cir.nilalion to nlmo-t every town in the eastern State- and the principal town in the United Siales. Tin Panaet'i warranted purely egetal le,nnd I- mil surjia-ed!y any other medicine ever ollered to the allbcied a its exten-ive sale and great popularity plainly prove. It ha within the la-t eighteen month- cured us thou-and ofthe mo-l ob-tinate di-ea-e.-, a can be proved by certificates, nnd i-pronounced lrj eminent and rc-pectable physician the I e-t medicine in use. Useful informal ion may l.e found In circular containing certificate of cures and direction fur ta king llie medicine. The following nppoinled agent. Burlington. PF.CKnnd SPEAR, If. Moody Si All an-, Ciirli-and Russel Milton, C. Dral.'e Milton Fall-, Burnet and Sawver Waterville, Fi.-k and Brown, Iline-biirgh, Hull and Cool, Fairfax, Parker ami Mallield Vergenne, Adam- and Murray Cauil ridge, M. Wires Underbill, M. C. Barney North Ferrisbur-'h, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. Bli-Willi-ton, N. Chittenden If ichmond. Green &l!hode- Jtdin-on, G. L. Warner and C- Mnnktnn, Kihaii Smith Ariiiiii'.'Hiii and Woodwar I Fair field, 11 imct and Jarnsworlh. c.o.p.l.ll9 MAIlSIIAIjl.'- continues unrivalled a- a strengthening PLASTF.Iti Al-o, fur, Lamene or pains in the -ide, limbs or I ack : for-crululo i swelling-, -c-irvy -ore-, Fresh wound-; and fur a ceneral Family I'la-icr or salve. For Corn-, moreover try it) paieclo e, per-everein then-el y makinga new application oci a-ionally, and in lime, youreorns will be cured. Fur -ale bv PJX'K SPEAK, and l)n. ROUT. MOODV. Burlington, Jan. 22, IS 1 1 . Iv.f.18 THE BOOKSTORE OF the Subscriber is just rcpleni lied with a new nndvaluible assortment of BOOKS, STATION ARY AND ENGRAVING, nmong the many in teresting woiks may he found the following Learn to Die, by Christopher Sutton, Sutton on the Sacianients, The Young Man's Aid, by Uev. II. Winslow, G unpses of the Past, Language of Floweis, 'Tales of the Ocean, Flora's Int rpreter, Flora's Lexicon, Summer Journey in the West, by Mrs. Steel, The N'cstorians, or the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Grant A Week in Wall-Street D. A. BRAMAN. Jly 30, n9 11 L A N K6o KS. Ledgers, Journals A: Hccord nooks. 170II towns, county and probate records lnsnnfac tured from the lust linen wove Demi and Medi um pnprr.bound in calf : Atso, a variety of common lllank work "or sale cheap for ready pay at the sign of uiu i.eugrr, 1 y June 25, 1911. & HUNTINGTON. n3 ('All LI', of kinds I 0 'gut a 11-iial, a hi eral a I- vauce mane lor 1 llio-e la. en on cntinni.. inn n few pur. of good will le verv ai'ii-ie:,!.... on the lOthof June, and Ihe higlie-t priiil-will I epaid in ca-h for -uch. ALSO To exchange, a fir-t rate Chaise and Har-ne--, for stock or cash. n50 DANIEL KIMBALL, Jr. Birlington, May 12, IS II. PAPER HANGINGS. NEW supply, with borders, &c. just ree'd from the manufacturers. July 22. C.GOODRICH. NEW GOODS. rPHE sub-cril eis Iiaie ii-t received from N. York, X 11 large a ortment of FANCY GOODS. among which may I e found Heavy black and blue black l'oi ile S01 Silks, " " " GrodeSwi-s " " " " " Pckinsiriiied " " " " " GrodeAlncpic" " Lighteolored " do " do 11 Pekm-tripel " " Plaid P01 deSoi, (a new article) " Bonnet -ilk-, I onne, Lawn-, blk Italian cravats, plain and lig'd Frcnih I 0111I azine--. Half 1110 iruing, plain if-lig'd, all wool Mousline ici.aine-, Cliince an 1 Satin -triied Mo i-line deLaine very fine. Lace Veil-, Blknett -h.iw and -carf-, nett Mill.-amt Glove-, , . 1 ' ' superior im 00 nuiui .iziuc auu snun sloe;,-, Worki-I cambric! & Mu-lin In-erting-&. Klging-, Thread E Iging, bonnet U cap Itibbin-, new style-, s.cpnyr niir-ini, piaiuanu rinoo sill. lloe, Wor-ted Working Palten-nnd Cnnva , etc. July 23, IS11. n7 E. M. WRIGHT Si CO. TINIOtV SASII- I I I Just received 15, 211 I anil 21 7 liy yca-ement ol I sash, a first rate article at 31 n.t .,i 1 . .1.,, J mi 1, iii 1- u nil - I61 !! 11 i-iicii to order. Ticouderogn blacl; ll l.:.. l 1 : c l leal, a fir-t rale article, for sale very low, together with A Qrtni V.1F1..II itf utlii.r ii rl i clasc cheap as can be found at any oilier e.-iul iish iiii-iii 111 inc iiirtre. UEO. l ETEaSON, NEW ARRIVAL. Tust Received at PECK and SPEAR'S, Apoth u ecarie-, atu;han - Ito.e Uiutiiieui tur removing Freckle-, King Worm.-, Pimiile- on the Face, and ot her eruption. Atkin-ou's Depilatory, fur removing superfluou Hair on the face. etc. French Corn Plaster, which gives immediate relief, and recpure-but few applications 10 eradicate them at together. A supply of Balm of Columbia, the mo-t crlebra leJ article lor Dandru.l' nnd restoration ofthe Hair, .Sept. IS, 1611. 117' G UHSMITHING,) 1TT HATCH would inform the in W habitants of Burling on nnd vi c nity, that he has opined a shop in Chuich street, at the sign of the Rifle, wlieru he intends to carry on llie Gun smith Business, in nil ils various branch es. Having hi en employed for the last six years in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lau-ingburgli, (undoubtedly the best shop 111 the United Slates,) he ten- war ranted in ofTering his work to the public. Burlington, June 1, 1811. TXTYSTEHIiiUS! A cenlleninn biloiu-ing to IVJ. one of the most ancient and wealthy families of inis cuy,wno must tie well known to numerous menus having since the year 1818, up to recently, been bent nearly double, nnd fur several years confined lo his bed, hos been restored to goid health has regained his natural erect position mid has quitted his car nage, and now walks with easel! We believe this is lliegen leinan's own description ns near as posiihli, and ihereis no exaggeration in it. Wewill giveinqui rus his addrc-s, nnd doubt not humane feelings will exc 'to the liberty; so thnt any one doubling, uui) Anoic ihekefacli ihough he requcsls his name may not appear in print. Among other instances, Mr. Jus G. Reynolds, 111 Christic-slreet. has bfen restored. and will give personal assurances of the facts of his case. Iiotii were rheumatism, and contracted cords and sinews. How has this I (en done? Answer, liy the Indian Vegetable EUxer in ternally, and Jleu-es' AVne and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. 29, 1841. Sold only by COMSTOCK f- CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New York. n9 PECK efc SPEAR, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of thc.Poit Office, Burlinjjtnn, Vi. TVrOFFAT'ri VLOLTAIJLK LIFK MEDICINE--. 1TX The-c medicine are linle1 ted for their name to their manliest and -enibm action 111 puriTying the "pnng-and channels of life, and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In many h unlred cern'lieil ca-e-which have been made iiulln-, nnd in nlmo-t every specie ofdi-ea-cto which the human frame I liable, the happy elects ofMorrAT's Life Pili. and PipknIx BtTTEn have leen grealfullyand publicly actnowledged by the per-ons lncfittal, nnd who were previously unacquainted with the beautifully phi loophical princip'c upon which they arc compound ed, nnd upon which tbey consequently net. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend themselves in disease of every form and de-cription. Their first operation k lo 'oo-en from the coats of the stomach nnd bowel--, the various impuritie and crudities con stantly seitlmz around them; nnd to remove the bar. deucd face which collect in the convolution of ihe sinnlle-t inte-tine. Other medicines only partially clean-ether, and leave such collected mns-es behind a to produce habitual eo-tiveness, with all its train ol evil, or sudden diarrhuja, with it imminent daccrs.n This fact i well known to nil regular nnnmmi.i.. whoexamine the human bowels after death : and hpne. the prejudice of those well informed men again-l quack medicines or medicines prepared and heralded to thenublic by ignWanl per-ons. The second euect ol the Life Me'licme i to clean-e the kidney and the manner, anu oyini mean, ineiivernn(iiiieiungs,the healihrulncttou ofwhichcntirelvdei)enditnon the re gularity of the urinar organs The blood, which lake. 1 s red color from the agency ol the liver and the lunglietore it pn-e inlolhe heart, being thu purincil by them, and no iri-hed by food coming from a clean -toinacli, co ir-e freely through the vein, renew every pan ofthe ,-v-lcm, njid triumphantly mounts ttie banner 01 healtn 111 ihe blooming cheek. Mo lal's Vegetable Life Medicine- have l?en thor oughly le-teil, and pronounced a -overeian remedy for IV-pep-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of ihe Heart, Lo ol Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Ifetle-sne-s, ill-temper, Anxiety, languor ami melancholy, Uo. tivcnc-, Diarrlnrn, Cholera, rever of all kind-. lihe iiii iti-m, (torn, Drop-ies ot nil kind-, 'Gravel, Worm-, Athma nniLCon-uniptiou, Senry' UlcerJ' nveterate !-ore-, scorbutic r.ruptiuu anil Had Coin ilexion. Urnilive conitilaint-, sallow, Cloudy, and oihcrdi-airreeable Complexion, Sail Ithenin, Lry-ip-ela-, Common Cold nnd Influenza, anil various other complaint which allhct the human frame. In and Aoue, particularly, ihe Life Medicine hae I een mo-t eminenuy siicce--i 11 ; -o mucn -0 that 111 llie Feiernnd A gnedi-trict-, Physicians almo-t universally pre-cril e ibem. All that Mr. Mo Tat rcnuire-of hi patient i to le particular in taking the Life Medicine strictly accor ding to the direction. It 1-not a new-nancr notice. or by anything thet hehim-elfrn.iy-ay tnlheir favor, that he hopes to gain credit. It is alone by the results 11 a our iriai. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL: de-igned a a lomc-ne guide 10 heal'h. Thi-liltle pamphle', ed-tcil yW.B. Mo 1,11,275 Broadway, New 1 ork. ha- lern imMi-hed for the tiurpo-e ofextilaining morefdly Mr, .mo iat-itieory 01 oisea-es, iinu win le lounii highly intere-tingloperson- -eeking health. It treat- upon prevalent dt-ea-e-, amlthecau-e thereof. Price. 25 cent- for - ale by Mr Moffat'- Agent-generally. I he-e al iable .Me Heme are tor sale by K01 ert Moo'y Druggi-t, f- General agent, (10 whom all an- : e. ... l. .1.1 I 1.1- 1 . - . '.. H I'-iii lulls mr .1 cn iv- - mi 1 1' i 1 cajui c-scu, po-l pa It 1 1 n'lr'tngiou, j.ui. 4, 101, o rri,,l-s- 1'"r 1,00011 . Lard 10,000 lbs WjVv Hani, for sale by LYMAN & COLT.. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. Tins valtial le Vciretal le Medicine stand- iinricalled for the following eomplauit-, vtzt Dy.-pep-ia, or Indi-ge-tion,di-ea-ei.l Liver, biliou.-di-ordcr-, Diop-y, A-lh-111a, Co.-livene . Worm- and lo of Anneine. nnd bv clean-ing ihe slomach and I on els, cure- pain- in the -Me, stomach and I rea-l, cold- and cough- ot long lauding, lioar-ene-s, shonne-s ol breath, Nervous 'omplaint-, etc., which are frequently the e ,'ect ol di ca-e. ror reiernnd Ague, 11 i-a mo-t valuable pre- venlative a-well a a soicirisn remedy. It- virtue- rtia any thing heretofore I nown in leniovniL' Si. Viiu' Dance, two I oitle- have I een known 10 cure tlii-atlbclmgili-ea-e, afierhaiiug lalllcil every exer tion lur four icar-. il ha-a 1110-1 powerful influence 111 removing nervou- complaint-. It i- pleasant 10 lake aim -oca-y iikii- oa'ration, mat it may I eaduuni-teied to the infant S ilh lafe'y. The al oie'.Mi-dicine i- very h'uhlv recommended I v many scientific gentlemen. ind a large niimler ol lad.e-. who bait-nroicd llie vim e- of the .Medicine I V ticr-onal 1:5-and Ihat of iheir lamiiMs. a 1 ill otcerlilicate- accompanies each bottle, wilhdirceiion-. Il may le had whole-ale or retail ot Briiain, Ilarre. and J. C. Farnam. Ea-t Wdlianis- lown, Vl. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin ;u recipe ; lor sale by t II. frenti , Monipelicr, and if.Si'un. Burlington, and in the principal town- in the slalepill urcctioii signed in Ihe hand writing ofthe proprietor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. T U S T received, a -upply ot Marsh's celel ralc-l ts 1 rus-e-, of eiery ilecnplion, for .ale I y the dozen -ingle, uc. 1. rit;i if-,-,1-r.Ait CAT A HIUI SNUFF. MARSHALL'S SNUFF, is still eiiringthc Catarrh and the variou- di-ea-e- of the head, a-well as sore eyes In all part-of the country : and sii-iainim- Ihe reputation which it has long since gained, of ociug ausuiiiiciy uie oc.-i article 01 the kind 111 the market. Each bottle eontnin- thrretimc-thenuantin-nf one ol tho-e winch nre offered at "ONLY TWENTY -FIVE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper as. well as letter article. For sale by PECK & SPEAR and Dn. ROUV. MOODY. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1841. I y.f. I S $100 Rf WARD. T1 Ci REWARD has been otTered for month S?J- vJ" to any onewho will use a botlleof Jlnv's Liniment for the Piles, without In ing cured. Of thousands sold, in no one instance has it tailed of a cure. Proof oicrwhelniing iu iiu iiiiu wnciu u issuiu. 111s aiso a certain cure in niarlti evert case. (KAternnMy,) in the following complaints. For the rues, lor ail eiropsy, tender text, sore throat, ly can cers or ulcers, croup. 11 hoonine couch, scald head. Tightness of the chest, especially in children, foul ul cers of the legs, or oilier fungus sores, however obsli naleor long standing, fresh wounds, chilblains. etc. LOOK OUT. Some sicindlirs hare counterfeited tins article.anuputit up witli rartousdtrtcts. Do not bo imposed upon. One thing only wit) protect you it is Ihe name of COMSTOCK if- CO; that name mint be nlicays on the vraj per, or you may he cheat ed. Do not loreet it. Take the direction with vnu nnd test by ihat, or never buy it for it is impossible ior any oilier 10 oc irucor genuine. ny'OCA'.f. CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New York. PECK & S P E A It, Wholsale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, Burling. lull, I It PAPER IIANGINRS. The Subscriber has on hand and will often be receiving Paper Hangings, diicctfrom the manufac turers, which will I c sold to merchants and dealers al city prices, adding freight. Any person wishing pnr ticular patterns can be supplied by gitingashort no tice U. UOUUKIUIL July S, 1841. n 0 DOC! Ilea OCT. MAHSIIAI.I.'S Aromatic. Catarrh and uiacne o. u r r . 1 111 Minn 1-superior in unv eare, Ihe Catarrh, and iil-o a e-old in the lead, anJ the inn. .11 -iiuhiii iiMiutuiK iii.ii 11 inn irsiiiiit ill.- ueaiiacne. 11 opens nun purges out all eihshuctions tie'iiglhe-11- Ihe gldnd-,aud give- a healthy aciion to lh part- a en-tenl. 1 1 is a rfeclly Iree from any ihingelcle eriou- in il. compo.ition has a !ca-am flavor, an i s immediate!.- ex", afe-rleing iimI, i ulgrecalle. imrji cents per 001111-, Doi-i. Marshall's Vejetab'e Indian Black PLASTER 1 in- ria-ier is unrivalled lor curing K rufulou. swol int.. I .., 11,.. I I !.. 1. w 1 .-, . w, J Ml',1-.. iwiiii. uai M, uiki 1 lU'll IKIIIIIU.j mills in the side-, Hip- and Liml sj and seldom fails 1. f.'yo relief in liK-al Hheuniaii.m-. If api-lml in lb ide, j I will cure many ofi he common LiierCoinplaini mil is equal, if not superior, 111 any llnng in n-u fi orn- on llie feci j the lirtne. ofihn. Plailer have I re vitnessedl y thousand- of individuals in the Cniic nines, Mini nave ic-ieei us etliency. Sold 1 y II nnelori Chai. Bowcn, Middlebury, V an'l I SrrAR, Burlington, 't. ie pro Prcae. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, DISKAMliN IIP I1IH LUNGls-Deciled!) Hip 111111 renii'd) ricrkimivii 111 AmrricH vtgttabtt Pulmonary Balsam in ihe mum tnliMble riut-tU iiuw iinief..i i'.iitli',cul'l.,,ilui'iior I'lnlii.ic, ciiii.iiiiipiiiiii, ivhoiipbigiuMgli Hud piilinoniii MfT. r.iious nfeveij kind, lis sale is sienild) oiciriu ing, Hud ihp prupneinrs air eoiimantly enliig ihe muM latoixble accimni of Itaeffeeis. 'Ihe f.dlowinj new crrlificme hi e offered for public, cxiu.iiuiion. All iNTiREStiKO CiSE Extraciofa leiterfrum MrJJ S Clay, Kinj.tnn, Ulsur co., N. Y. 10 the pruprieinr. "Yunrs of ihe 9ih Ihsi. was daly tecM. A renurkable cure win effrcied by the Vegjiaule Pol. monary HjImiu in ihe inter nnd priin of 1835. The person, Mr. Alumlt, had been sick a long lime wiih Ihe ronsumpiliin. His physir'ian. hud git en him up. He whs 1 educed "o lew t 10 be unable in help himself, and whs rnising a large ipianiiiv of when he commenced using the UaU.ini, w'hirh linn rfTrnted h compleic cure, and lie is now as hale nd benny as ever he . Mr. Muod lias irmored fioni this intvn, hill he tins premised me h more delailrd account of his chsp, whirh I willf.iiward mil. C. 8 CLAY. Kingsinn, N. Y. June 23. 1838. ExirHei of leiier finm Dr. Jacoli Mjprs. The Vrgdiihle Piibnonaiy Balsiim has bepn sold in ibis Cuiini) for Iwojpars, h oil ihe medicine hits sained hii unrmninnii celebrity, for it srmeely In one inslanrp filled ofhavtiig Ihe desiied fffrci I am by no means in favor of llie many nn.iinm, most ol which ate im pnsilioiM upon a i-rediilous piddle, but ilial wliirli I knnw by imp in lie puVeiiial. I rannrit hpln but oivt. in. ui'piob itinii ihereio. A rounirrfeii preparHlinn lu lipeiiiiflVipd here lit mrairllinc AbpiiI. of Cumimrk. N. Y. Hiullheiei iinuiher ariicle vended here I list i slrnnglj susppcied lo besputinus. j acob vtvr.ns. i. u. tlifilingion, Juniata eo Ppiiii. .Mil) 8. 1837 Finm Dr. .S.ihiiipI MuiipII, in the I'lmii ipiiiis of the Vpdp IhIiIp PitlmniMi 1 Balssin. I am saiisfipd tlmi the Vc veHbte Pnlinniu.ri Batiim is a valuable incdeeine li has been uspil in ihi nl.ire wiih cmnnleip surrpss in an ub'liii iie ruinpl.iini ul ihe lungs, nneii'lpd wiih 11 seveie rough, Ins. nf mice. hiuI ihp raising of iniirh bloody vi I11r.l1 had prpiiituslv tesistpd mail) Hpprmpil presrriplinns. Atier using 1 lie Balsam one nrrk, ihe paiieio's inire fetiirned and hp was.iblp lo spenk audi lily. This rase nreiined sump limp sinrp, Hud ihp man is now pngagnl 1101 only in ariite bin laborious b ipss. Rpsiiprifnlly, &c. S. MonilKLt. Ii is nnw inurp ihaii six lears stnrp I was biouvbi ipr) bin by tin affection of ihe lungs, nd im ruuiplaini was itpelareti to be inriiralile b) a rimnnl nl ihiep iln sirians. I was luen rp-iureil 10 .is gmi I lipalth a I had pnjutcilfur many )ears, In using ihp Vpgsiahtp Pid. innnari Balsam. Hinec mv rprmpry I have ipeoin iiipmtpfl ihe Balsam 111 si gipai main ruses of lung rtunpbtinis, hihI so far tis 1 can Isiun. iis use has in variant! been bitlnued In iniirh hpiiphi, and in mam insiaiicps it has effected eui ps ulni Ii wpip Imlti unpx tH'cied. Samuel Everett, Bus no, M .11 ch 2. 1837. For snip, wholi'satp and retail, bi PECK & SPEAILIInr inginn, Vl. DR. TAYrOR'3 B A Ii S A M OF MVEEff OUT, Ob-erve whenriu liny that vnu get the genuine. prepared at 375 Bowery, New York. See ihat 375 Uowi ry isew orU 1 on the wrapper ol each Dottle, All other-are Fraud and -old only by -peculator-, without regard 10 ju-iice-, 10 the pulilie, or the proprietor- of ihe genuine article. IOR Consumption, and Liver ccmplaint, Dyspcp . sia, ibzzine ofthe heal, lo of appetite, Dy.-en-larv, and general regola'crol ihe whole -y-tem. I-oue geu line I ut ihat prepared at 375 Bowery, New York, where the ar'i-le wa- hr-t made, thechar- ac er of the rnehcme forme 1 and e-tal lishe 1 1 y the pre-ent sole pr"pr.e:or-, and who nre iheonly person knowing Ihe e-oinpo-inon of the gciru'ne. It ha- bi-cn n-ed -ucce fully for eight year in the cure of these lisea-e-. StTP'Ri miml rr ihe original and 1 made only at No. 375 Bowery. New York. All other- nre counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general rente ly fur the edisca-e-, I am f liy ati-lWd. from lung experience, there i- no medicine equal 10 Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Being puie y vegetaoie, it can ne us&i witn ine iitmo-t satety .y all pe.-on- in every condition. It clean-c the nng- by expectoration, relieve- dilTicult breathing. and-eem-tu hcalihcehe-t. Thereean I e noque-tion out nil- meincine 1- aeertnin cure lor ctirome coiign- and cold-. 1 have 11-ed 11 tour vear- in my practice-. and nluavs wi'h sue- es-. A. F. ROGERS, M. 1). Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. 'Taylor'- R.wasnef Liierwort to be ae erlatu remely for this complaint, as I have n-cd il tnyelf and founel its e 'cct- an immediate. I wa mlieh troubled until I made u-eofihi- melicine. M. L. HENSIIAW. 211 Mangin st. Hoar-enc-c Ciued For ihe e-ure of hoar-ene- 1 ran strongly rcccommend Dr. Taylor's Ital-am of Liv erwort, I nave not null-found great 1 cnefit myself. but many ol my e'ongregalion I y my reecominenda lion have rccic'ved great I one-fit from its virtue. It is at once mild , etlie-ucion- aiul harmlc--. tit, . ut.n is. Severe Cough-and Cold- I have had a mo-t -e- vcre cold and cough, for a long time which 1 could not eel rid of. Aher u-ing many u-ele-s thing 1 in ed Taylor's Bal-am of Liverwort, and it cured me in '.-lavs. j.s. 11. M'.UUI.uun. Rai-lltg Of BloCkt ATiotH iwo w.-.-t.s nu. I l.n.l m fall, wiii'h e-au-cl me to soil lartre nuatilie of blood which nothing could e-ure until I Irted Dr. Taylor's Bal-am of Liverwort. Thi medicine gaie me unnie- bate relief and in a very short tune e lecled an entire e uro. Let all pcr-on-try 11. HUGH MC OARVEY.2 Cannon st. Dr. Taylor'. Balsam of Liverwort This superior remely tnrdi-ea-e. 01 the long and liver ha obtain ed a repuia'ion never I eforee-pialle-d. litmarkablc Curt or Consumption. wa so near her dealh wiih this di-ea-e. Ihat my Incniis rent tor a pr.e-t toconie-s ine ere I ettwi. lie in In- iner-'.V, told me not lo give up until I tried Dr. I avlor's Hal-am ol Liverwort. 1 sent immediately for thi inedie-ini-, and although the e-onte-t for a few lavs elween tin-medie-ine. and my di-ea-e wa se- ve'rt-, ihe medicine conquered, and in a fortnight I wa- re-tored to health. I had a i-ougli. rai-iuz of mat ter, lo- ol my voice, pain, weakne-., ie. I e-an re- ler to Doctor vtil-m, in the Lnrlton Home, lor the truth of my statement. MARY DILL, IG1I1 street cor. Heware 01 irauu-. ol 3d avenue. Summer Complaint. The Bal-nm ol Liverwort, in several ca-c of thi h.-ea-e. where all other remedie- applied by pbv-i- cian have proved ineffectual, has produced a perfect cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. R, Gladdin ot Delhi. N. Y.. of a naiurabv con. snmiiiive eon-lilutinn. has leen saved from an im- timely end by the 11-e of Dr. Tnylor's Balsam eif Liv crworl. A seiere cold brought on nn attack of Pie i- e-y, and thu ended in general de-bilny and consump tion. A constant cough, hectic llu-h, re-t:e- niglils, n uck nul-e. and cont.nucd loss of tle-sh, angered a death ! but a- soon a I commenced the u-eof tin-1 ill-am 1 grew letter, and is now fully restored to health. Shortness of lircath. For thi- di-ea-e, I have nlnav- tound Dr. Tnylor's Balsam of Liverwort nn excellent remedy. It i- at once so safe and so elective, that 1 nlw.iy- u-e it in my practice, and receommcnu 11 10 my mends. I have iped it in some hundreds of ca-e-- n ilhin the pas four year-, and I have never had it fall. In many ea-e. of asthma, I fully 1 elirve it to have leen the means ot saving preciou- live, lo-t nil u-e 11. GEORGE RALPH, M. D. None genuine but that prepared at 375. Wowery. New York as will le sien by Ihe lal el-and wrap per. of each bottle. Be sure you look when you j uy. The genuine can always I e obtained of the old agent N. Lovely iV Co. in Birlington, al-o of Dr. Moo ly aud Pee-k rf. Spear, Drufgi-ts Samuel II, Barne-, Charlotte. NEW GOOD . BURNETT & SAWYER, nt Milton Falls, have just received their Spring Stock of Goe ds, com prising a general assortment of DRY GOODS. ! DRY GROCHIIES, CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE, HARDWARE, DRUGS AND MEDICINES, DYE STUFFS, PAINTS AND OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKEREL, GRIND STONE', uc. iVc. Ml of which, having been purchased al the present very low prices, will be sold nt moderate, profits for Produce, nnd as cheap as thechcapesrfor Cash j nnd is we hue nut time this morning roenuiiierntenrlielcs ind prices we would res icctfuHy pivitpour former pa mns nnd the public generally to call, examine and udep for themselves. .Ui.on. June 1. 1841. P. S MofTitts Life Medicines, Newton's Panacea, tlitpbpnpk'. RmtlTnrl Wnrm Tpn. rtniurh l.nunpM and many other of the most approved M5dicins, J1 eonswnrj); on hand.- OCTOBER 29, 1841. OAKIGIi SIMPS atcnt Lever Watch Maker, from' Liurpool. Ao III now twe-lie year since huavailc I hiui-cll of the privilege! of returning his grateful acknowledgements to lii- friend ami the public in general, loralmo-t unprcecden- fffw-.V XijrZEll '"vor-shebcgsleaie to in '.yrVjyJJgSS nm 'bem that he is still al the 1 ... on yuurcii-streei, one door south of Noble Lovely and Co's. store, w here he pcr-onally attends lo the repairing of Chronome ters. Patent Lever.-. Dllnlei. I nn.l nil ..It,.. ele.-e-ription of Time pieces. Ile will warrant all new work huixivj 10 vv niches m hi shop to 1 e a good as Ihe original, or as any done on the continent. N. B. A good assortment of SB W H'A TCUES of the hr.-t quality of workmanship, and will le-old as cheap nnd on as good terms as at any other shop in the state. from his long experience in the business, and his being so many year engaged in the making of watch e in England, he flatter himself thai be i as com petent to maki selection ns any in the vicinity. ,iiiiuii,.uiii- ,1, ,01. ni W USS ELL'S STOMACH UITTERS.' inav be 11-cd in Wincor water. These celebrated biitpr- arecompo-cd purely of veucable ofthe inosl inno. cent yet -pecilic virtue. They are recommended par- iicuiariy tor retoring weak constitutions, clean-ing and s'rengthening the stomach, nnd increasing the opielite also a prevenlatiie again-t the cholera mor-bu-, fever and ague-, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakne in ike bira-t, pain in the stomach and other symptoms nfllalulenccand indige--tion. One box will tincture one gallon. Pnee25cts. a box. Russell's Itch OfsmtEST. Thi choice and safe ointment i said to I e superior to any now In u-e, for that eli-agrecablc and loath-ome the ITITH. Thi Ointment 1 so ceartain in its operation that no pvr-on tloiiblcd with the al live di-order ought to 1 c without it. It i a remely lor cutaneous eruption-, -eorbiitte n'leclion ofthe head, or any other breiikin j nut which an-es from sharp humor- in ihe blood. Price 25 el-, a I ox. Rcs-ei.l's 1 r.r.ETAtit.E Bft.noui Pills, or famitv physic, for general u-e, in ea-c- of Jaundice, inurl id en-ibility of Ihe -tomach anil bowel, lo-. of appetite, lee'id 1 reaih, cn-itvene , Pile, and nil ili-ease- ari ing from I ili.iry derangcinenl-, al-o fur eorrecting ihe state of the bloo I, nnd clean-ing the sy-icui ol livil and vi-cid humour-. IhC'C pills arc a mild ca thartic, producing neither pain- nor griping, and are therefore a and highly approved medicine, nnd are pronounced as -uch by tlsemo-t di-tiugui-he-d phy-ician-. Each box eonlammg 38 Pills. Price 374 et-.a I ox Rii-elTs celel raled Salt Ritr.i'M Ointment. This i- tinnue-tional ly the I e-l and -nfe.t ri-iiicdc survri o'lere-l lo the p dilic for that di-order SA LT RIIKUM. Where oihe-r uie-an have tailed, it li.i-suc-cecled, and the fact that it ha- I ten -xten-tvely 1 1 - eel by eminent 1 ractttioners -peau vulume- tn it- prni-e. Ill equally eiiicaciou 111 an ni-e-a-c ol I lie -1. 111, -eald he-ad, ring worm-, nnd the mo-t inveterate Itch. Sii: &ic. Niimcro'i cemfuaie. might le ol tamed, ul Ihe propritor ehoo-es that a fair trial -lio ild I e ihe only evideui-e eifit- -uperiorelicacy. Price iOccnt-a t ox. r or mle liy I'ecK if. epear ami Itut rt .Moody, II nlinglon; Dr. I'. E. Mile-, aud Hull & Cook, Hines burgh ; S. H, Barne-, Charlotte; L. Jane-, Georgia; L. Tyler, E ex ; Fuller &. Huntington, Richmond Al-o, ly Ihe druggist- and merchants generally hroughout the state. i 2.9n. FOUND. OR may be found in this village, dirrrtlv opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up in good stylo, where the undersigned will be glad to watt on his old customers who may favor him with their patronage. G111IG IL G. SPAULD1NG. Burlington, April 23, 1811. PIANOS. IN order to close the concern of Hcrrick, Christo pher & Co., we offer the three remaining Piiuo's al two hundred Dollars each, for Cash, or npproved notes, in 12 months with interest. For the quality nnd durability of these instrument, reference is made to many of the Citizen- of this Village, who have had Piano's of ihe above manufacture in use for years. Reference also to Processor Molt of the Musical department of the Female Seminary. Burlington, 2d. July, 1811, LYMAN& COLE. SABBATH SCHOOL BOOKS. T" A. BRAMAN would solicit the attention of J suncrintcndanla ot Sabbath Seholls. and others. to his assortment of Books suitable for S. S. Librai ries, which he oilers at a very large discount from retail prices. The Mass. Sabbath School Soe ieiy's publications arc nlnays on hand, including the valu able and increasingly popular scries of Bible Ques tions by Ncwcomb. August 20th. LAW BLANKS. 1 GOODRICH has constantly for sale by the s ticain or uuire, a general assortment 01 in blanks, printed from forms from Revised Statutes, consisting of Justice Writs and Executions, oil kinds in use Tritston IVrtin County Court Writs and Executions, tanous kinds vtariantry, Uuil-claim, and .Mortgage Deed Chancery Bills for forelosing Mortgages Blanks fer Depositions Administrators Bonds Letters of Guardianship Officers Receipt Justice Appeals Blanks for Notes, Hay-Scales, etc. Ac. August 20 h. 07 BROAD CLOTHS cnr.AP ! cheap! cheap! TUST opened by E. M. Woioht efc Co, a large assortment of Broad Cloths, which are offered 10 the public cheaper than ever. P. S. Call and sec. September, 9th 1811. WINOOSK1 SASH FACTORY. TS in constant opcratiou. IX nud prepared to execute order tor WINDOWSASII of every de-cription, and in the be-l manner. A eou-tant supply kept on hail I and fur sale nt ihe store of George Peterson, in Bur lington, at the following PI c E s 12 Light easements, 3J cents per 'foh'' do do. do. do. do. elo. elo do elo. do. do. do do do do do do do do SIDNEY SMITH. n2 June IS, WHAT XE.XT1 Something Good for the Feople 1 CANNOT any good be done for Ihe People but ihat the Cheap Cash Storp will be a recipient 7 The most rational answer is, that the establishment from sol ng a'ing has become identified with thesuccts- and prosperity ofc ery occupation in this, that, or some other perfectly consistent way, wheaby it very generally rieciies a poijion, ncce rding to the approved method of transac itig businc-- in cheerfully receiving a small profit from each of all the immense number of persons that buy nt the Store. There i now particularly anoihir Good in prospect, anticipa ted by HOWARD Whose Tax has gradually risen wiih Ihe ability ofthe community to pa ronize, from a 823 Assessment to a Faculty Tax of 34C0, for selling Goods Cheap, aud an attempt nln couple of hundrcits more that may be put :.. 1 ... 1 . 1 , I V . uu 111 wci.uiiiv us oij.'i, ,,a u ue'oiogicai -jntl Igriciu- turn, sui 1 t-y is iii.iuc i.iiicii iviii ueve iu,i uiiei exnioii the hitherto durmant richness of our Green Mountain Slate that hath not yet become known toils inhabi tants, some of whom have been boring for salt when already below ils strata; others looking for roal where Ihelormntion tor its deposit is not 111 (he region ; and rite many buying largely of llie s oifof life from abroad that could be made congenial to and become the pro duel of our own soil. Willi the knowledge thii9 de rived, we hould not look for that which wa- not, but could find that we had, and not impoverish by serd ing abroad that which would by iis use mukcnlenlv at home. Since we iro tu receive our meritorious portion of lha Nntionnl dmnin tho surveys can- be made! but the subiect is ton lnrge forde enntimr nnon w'lh n Store filled with New Goods and customers intently making their 'elections therefrom, butbeliev i'np our inte'fiftcnt Icgishlors wil iireestigalo and pass favorably upon the surveys being made, is ihoueht purport homcthing Good to the best interest of the ivho'e People, and with them lo Iheir Cheap for Cash II! E I I I Ltd undno iinprKonmentior ucoi amrrugent, HOWARD. 10 0 dock,, t M ?3 S-rjt '11 STEAM-HOAT HOTEL, nlltLINGTO.V, THRMONT. ' JONATHAN IIAHT. M i, ', "'Peclfully announces to the citizeni of Burlington and vicinity, nnd the travelling public generally, that he has purchrsed, thoroughly repaired, painted, fitted up, and furnished the above Hotel, situated on the corner of South and Water s'rec,,s' opposite the head of the Steamboat Wharf in the villsgeof Burlington, (formerly owned nnd kept by Cajitain L it. Harrington, of the Steamboat Phec nut,) 111 a stylo of convenience nnd comfort not sur passed by any other Hotel in Ihe village. A spacious parlor, sitting room, reading room, and dining room, all communicate with each other, and with the fiont piazza on the ground floor. The Bar room, barns, sheds and yards areorranged in the best possible man ner to accommodate the travelling and business pub lic. An acre of ground, nearly on a lei el, adjoins this Hotcl,.with convenient out-houses, spacious and airy walks, and gardens; arc nil inviting to travellers, business men, boarders and patties of pleasure. Mr, n.&om hmgexperienre professratoknowhow tpfurmsha pood Table and Bar, and to sen e up the choicest cajablcs nnd rnrest delicacies that the market and sVae on allbrd, in a manner lo suil the taste of the connoisseur; and he confidently assures his patrons and guests that hi utmost exertion-will be put in re quisition to serve them. Steamboat passengers will be waited on, to nnd from the Boats, and their baggage transported, and taken cure of at this Hotel, nnd save their Hack hire to and from the Court house square. Stage passengers can be left at and token from this Hotel without ndditionnl fare, nnd those taking the Boats will be shown on board and their baggage free of expense, and without incurring any risk "of being left, by thedarkuess or lalenessol the night, or anv other contingency incident to the precipitancy of steaiii power, or the fluctuations of wind nnd neither. Horses and Carr agrs furnished ihose who wish to transact business, or lisitauypart of the village, on rennimble terms. . Singlcmeals '25 cents, and other charges in propor tion. 3m50 Burlington, May 20, 1911. nmVAKI) J. FAY'S BOi'T A SHO "1 .STORE. Churc'l-Slrcct. HurUnalan. WHERE he has on hand n superior assortment of Ladies nnd Gentlemen's BOO IS AND SHOES. of the following assortment : Gent's fine calf -cwd Hoots Boys Calf Shoes, Ladie s Gaiter Boots, " Kid Slips " New spring nipt 1 Ties, " Colored Slips, " Bionred " " Calf " Misses Shoes ,f- Slips, Al-o. a Inrge a sortmcnt of Children and Infants Shoes. peg'd do. " light " " do. " Summer Gaiters, " " Pumps, " Calf " " ShoesetBrogans " Thick f-Ki: Bool., " " " Brogans Boys Slioes et Brogans, " Thick it Kip Boots, Yths " fi. " " " &. " Brogans. IV E. J. F. would unite his cuslomersand tlicnul; lie 111 gciiernl to call nnd w.samine his arsortmeiil 0! Boots i. Shoes which he can warrant to be of uod slock, thorough worknianshit) and latest styles. Also, Work and Ilcpairing done at Ihe suuricsi uuuee, asu-uai nsi Burlington, May 23, 1341. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. FAKKAIt & WAIT, Importers and W'.'iolcs le dialers in Croc! ery, Glass ana L.111111 (lure, ana .u mujaelurert oj Slone llurr. 1(1(1 L-iv.i 1 1..- juji received and now opening iw namely 25 Packages Edged and Common Wnre, 23 do Blue Piinted do 10 do Ilovnl Bourbon Snrig do containin complete dinner services. Tea sets and 1 oiici ivare-. 10 do Kiench White Granite Ware, with com tdetc sets throughout. 10 do Antique Vase Opaque 1'e.nrl Ware, con taining perfect dinner sets, entirely new puterns and hape, a mot beautiful ariicle, with Tea and Toikt iv are to matcit. CHINA WARE. 10 packnges China Ware, containing Beautiful White Tea Sets, Gold edge and line Tea Spttg do do Gold hand 1 snrig do Sets nud gold band China Nur-v Lamps lil.ASS VI.UU.. 10 f-nckages Glas-i Ware e-uiit-iitiing C, ?, and 9 flute Heavy Cut Glass Tumbler", 6, S, nnd 9 flute " I'nsstd do do 3 packages fine plain Tumblers, lery cheap, Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a great variety, Supeib CutGla-s Hall Lamps, Astral t.amps, itirotulale-s, Uandlehra Cut Glass Bonis. Lemonade Gl.i-.scs. Pitchers, Decanters, Goblets, Wine and Splcndi I French Porcc line Vases, with flowers and 1 aides, and a variety of oilier artich s in iheir line, all of v Inch are now oll'crcd Wholesale and Retail at New York price". F. & W. would invite llie attention of Mir chants in 'he surrounding towns to their stock of ware, assuring them that they will cll in paeknge assorted to order on nsgootl terms ns can he purchased in New Yor'; Boston or Tiny, nt their waiiliousc corner 01 of Church and Colle-ge Sts. Burlington, June I. 1511. A V EH Y VAI.UAIII K F A R M F OR SALE. THE subscriber being desirous to retire trom active business, now oilers to dis.iose of his I' A It M , situated in Colchester, one half mile west ot ihe stage toad, leading from Burlington to St. Albans, nnd only six miles from Burlington. Said Farm is lnndsomelv situated, containing ISO sere- of as good land ns can be found in Chittenden county, and under as high slate ot cultivation, Having neen under the improve ment of an English Agriculturist the last twenty three years. There is on llie Farm a convenient House, with a never failing well of pure water at the door, A good Barn, with convenient sheds attached loit, a valuable wood lot of Beach and Map'c, and a fine Orchard of choice Fruit. Any person wishing to purchase such a farm as above described, had heller mal e application soon to James Scott, Pcarl-streect, Burlington, or the subscriber on the premises. WILLIAM SCOTT. Burlington, July C, 1611. j" N. B. Terms of payment will be made very easy. n3 1841. Northern Transportation Line. npiUS Line of Canal Boat- 011 Chauinlain Canal. - and 1 e sels and Sie-am on Lake Clmmnlaiii will I e continued I y JAMES II.IIOOK1 R, Troy, nnd ISAAC V. BAKER, H'AifcAaH. The friend of this Line, and the puHu, we I e leie will be siin-lie'd wiih I Ii i nrram.'1-iiiciit. 'The i'ual contidene-e nnd bu-ine-s is letlicitcd. Every exertion will le- made to give sati-faciion. ..h Sept. 1SII. For freight upply to POPE O.VTLIN, ) 31 and O B. JAN I S, 1 29 Coenties Slip, N. Y. I..A.CAKLLTON, 1 , Ri,......, TfOV J. II. IIOOKHi. t 155 lmtr-tl ,r0! G. H. BARNEY, 73 Pier, All any. I. V. BAKER, Whitehall. nl JuiJ. FOLLI.'IT & BRADLEY, Burlington, Vt. BUHLrnGTON CHAIR FACTORY ti I.. .M-l.tjUN, continues the business of manufacturing Chairs at the old s'and, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl Maple Grecian, fnneSeat. Common Cane and Flag Scar, Laro and Small Ra sed Seat Rocking, do do Com. moil do, Common Dining, ttc. &c. All of which are warranted a first rate article and will be sold at prices to corrcspoiui wiiu ine tunes. FEATHERS AND FEATHEtt BED'S, READY MADE. . .Constaiiily on hand, a supply of warranted Live Greese Fraihers, which will be sold low for cish. WANTED, by the subscriber. Curl snd Birds Eye Marie, dthvered at his shop in CnuriMieet,ciepos:te h -. . . C. L TfCLfO.N xv....No. 2. FOR SALE; THAT large and eomrrtodious two stn rv Ilrick IJM'cliie llnuc ju i.nt situated oil the west side of College green nt the head of Colterre-fitrect. In ibis v.l. age. 1 he Hovsr. is 32 by 45, with a basement story, with Ki'chen and Provision cell.ns, and a winp32 by 65.xtendingnoith on College Gre-en. with woeid anV tore hon-c below, and chamber and slrepin roem, above. A large nnd commodious Barn, carriage home ice house, a nd oiher out-hoii-e, and spacious yard west of thedwe!linghoue. and a gtlod dura! le we'l or water of the best quality in the village, and a I rick, extern. One nnd a quarter acre ol land, -of the hrt q uality ; a large garden and choice fruit tree. west tf the hou-c aud yard. 'I he Building arc con-tructeil in modern style, 1' the I e-t material and workmanship, were erectel 1 v ine 'i!icrn er lor hi own u-e, and the location al ford a very exten-ive and plea-ant pro-pect i f tit village and lake on the We-t and 1 not stirpa-sel I y any other in thi- part 1 f Ihe country. A -o for sale a lot containing an acre rriap.d elirer': ly oppo-itethe nl ovc lot with a small e-unvtnrtatvres:; Iwelling hou-e thereon. Piir-'ha-er-arc Invited in call anl exmiucfor them- selve Terms niadeknown by ihe iu' s -nl er on it premi-c. SAMUEL REED. uiirtington June, tc, 1B40. nx WILLIAM WRIGHT'S INDIAN I'lfHGATIVE FILLS, Entirely Vinetabla TANUFA CTURKD under ihe iinmcliaie sni.brlri 1 J-'tn 'ence of WilliamWriibl.v ce-ire-K1ent of 11 -Sorlh AmerUan College of Health, fur the treain- -andc ire of di.-ea e- in ihe form of Bdlfous and N" vou Fever-, Me-a-le , Small Pox, Pain iri l',t stomacl., l ack and -ide, Con-umption, Ilroiiy,Scr- nla, Cancer, Spilling of Blood, Sick-Hcad-acI Rhenniati-m, Diarrlwa, Dy-eniarv, Colic. Dype.. -ia, Palpitatiui of the Heart, Ulcers and sort. i' eiery ktm1, tic rur -a'c 1 y PKt'K (l SPEAVt; liurlington. il . II. iiui.l.1, 1111-ton. W.J. HUOGLA5, Hine-burgb. J. 11. UALUUKi , e-ilurd. 22 Oct IS 11. WILLIAM R. ADAMS' ESTATE. WE the snb-crd er I ems appointed, I y the Hon, I'rol a'e Co in fur the Di-trict of Grand Lie, coinmi--tuni'r to re-ccive, examine and adpist nu uui nnd ilcniand- of all icr-on- ajratn-t Ihe e-tH'- ol William IL Adam-, lateof South Heru, in -aid it. Irict, deceased, repre t-nted insolvent, and al-o e-laii-i-and ilemand-cxlul ited in oil-et thereto; a ix month- from the elate hereof, Icing allowed said exurl fur ihat purpose, we do therefore hrN give nntie-e ihat we will attend 10 the bti-ine-s of 1 appointment at the dwelling house ol the Widi Nancy Adam-, in -aid Si 'ith Hero, on the la-t Mo. day of Fel ruary nexi, from len ei'clook ia the forw- nointilt tour octoci; m itittai ernnon. AII.M.R B. LANIiO.N, 1 Commi WILLIAM E. PHELPS. 1 siouer. DalfdatRi'iih Hero thi- l-l day i.f O-tol-rA. I'. ISU. S TATE OF VI'.ltMONT. ; TMIE Hon. the I'r- District of Chittenden, ss. ( JL bate Court for tl District of Chittenden : To all persons conrcrnedi-a tlice-tateof Samu'.d Smith, late of Colchester in tail District, deceased, Orecting. Whereas, Charles Collins, adm'r. of the estate n sai I deceased, proposes to render an account of h administration, and present his account against sail estate for examination ami allowance nt n se-sion the Court of Prubate, lobe hrlden at the register office in Burlington on the second Wednesday of No vember next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before! .id pnnrt :it tbo limp and nlace aforesaid, nnd shci? ciuse, if any ion have, why the account aforesaid liould not 1 c allowed. Giicn under inv hind at Butlington this eleventa dav of October, A. D. 1311. W.m WESTON, Register. MAItMIAIS s-ALE. PUBLIC NOTiCE is hereby giien, that the fol lowing goods, wares and merchandize. Condem ned in the Hon. District Court of the U. S. for Ver mont Distrn t, Oct. Term, 13-11, will be sold at pub lic AUCTION, at the Custom-House in Bailifigton, in said District, on the 6th day of November next, to the highest bidder. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M. To wit : 1 ova-coat, 1 frock-coat, 3 vests, 2 pair patraloons, 1 pair coarse pintnloons, 1 pair of drawers, C silk and cotton hanakcrchiffs, I brush, I pair supcndits, 2 razors, 1 money-ptirsc, 1 watch chain, 3 knives, -1 doz. buttons, 1 lunar, 1 boa, I skins nnd 1 trunk. Also, 34 ids I'clcrshim cloth, 5 yds of broad-cloth, 1J ydol bn'nd-cloth, 65 yds of kerse-y-do'h, 2Jyds potion vt sling, 2 yds of cotton cord, 3 patterns mus lin ib- laiue, I frock-coats, 5 pairs pantaloons, 5 other pairs pantaloons, 5 vists, C vests, 4 silver watches. 1 doz. two bladed knives. 5i doz. dagger knive-, 1 dnz. scissors. 1 silk diess 173 yds silk, 2 yds si k, 30 yd., -I "InwU, 9 muslin dresses, 13 muslin dres os, t muslin dt lainc arts-scs, 1 crape shawl, and I trunk. Given under tuv hand at Bradford, this 12th daycf Oct., 111. ' Win. BARRON, Marshal. C7"XEW SILK GOODS. PIH.LP.S k, 71 Slate strt-ei, Bo-ton. hue re -cue 1 Iheir Fall -upply n" Silk G00D4. ei.i' i.u-ing a cuiuple ea--ortn.ciit ot fa-luonable and tie irab'e iiitivlcs. in their liiu-, to which they mvi'e the attention of puicha-er-, for Ci h, or on shoit creli', lo whom ihey will le sold at ide lowest mar ket price-. 'Their a-sorlment ioiii-l in pan of the fo'lowing articles lill, synh-w- amlsar-net-Blk and bh.c-llack gro'd- Merino and cloak stilus Book and Sw i- mu-lins,' Shawl-of all kinJ-, Fancy handkerchief- nnd -i-arf., in great variety, Pockei handkerchiefs of all kind-, Linen cam' fie and cam brie ban l': reluct-, Italian French eravai', 31. 36, 33, 40 inch, Glove -, men' , women' & c il Iren'- sill., buck, Swi-s, Plain anil rich lig'd gro el .aji e-, Chine -il' of all kind-, S ripe-l and tis'd Hep. silks Honnei silk nttiis, Floicnces, serge, i-repeli ,ec, I'l 1111 aud lig'd -itin ve-t Blk, blue-black and eoT. I oinl iizme-, 111', and blue-blk silk vel ve-s, Plain nud fig'd inou-selipi do laine, E-lienne-, prin'.eil Saxu- II ie-, an. 1 woolen, Rihl ein-,i-ai. Uinuet, lell, tafta an I satin, Galloon-, Frene-h and En- git- h hoe rihl on-, Sewing -ilk, twi-i, I raids, curd-, &e. &iv. lljsion, Septemlerl, 1S1I. 6w. BOOKS. THE follo-.ving thi-day rtveived and for sale by ihe -nb-cril er. Blake'- Evi leuce-, Confession of School'.- 1'hvsiology, Life eif Fianl-lin', New- England Gazetteer, Yn-inir Orator. Ma.ler. Pareni's Present, Sleigh Ride, Married Lite. The Gift. Aniencan Gentlemen. ALSO, a new supply of 1'ockei Bible-, eheaper than ever, 1 1 S. HUNTINGTON. July29, loll. nf Heal Estate For !nlr. ABOIT siveen ni-re-i'f landjyinz in Vne'erhill adjoining ihe firm of Re il en Parker, with a iood ho 'Sf nnd I am thereon, Icing the ho ne nnd land ownetl and tio-e-eil lylleulen Bond, ele.'i'.i ed, al the lime of In- i't.ith,'i now 11 cred for ra'e. 'I be jan li- 'fgorl q-ialuv and lie- upon the hill road lea-ling from Underbill village 10 Caml rielge Peri on wi-hiug to p ircha-e will please make appln-atiou to the sub.-eril rr, ZIBA W. CHl'Kl ", adm'r de bonis non, doe crate ui Reuben Bouel. Underbill, Aug. 14, 1641. tlt( Nen Kali Roods. EM. WRIGHT A; -'(.. haveju-i rtveived an as-,-eriiiieni ol" entire, new patterns M, ele Laiue-, Drk I'nuli-h print-, 4-1 Scotch tiinshanis, Ci.itrn l.i.le.Tlii.Hd nn.l Linen Uees, Plaid Tliil ctr, Flan nrls, (1 lu'w irliele fure hildreii', wear.) Plaid Shawls, etc. v Inch a:t o .'ercd al very low prices. ALSO, A' new stuck ol Farewell'. Gaiier Boots,- Walking Shoe', Spring heel and Frene-h Kid Tie- a-d Slippers, Ladie.' half Gaiter-, (1 new ariicle,) Mnses elo. ail whie-h will I e sold cheap as ihe cheapest. A'is.5!5. JUST RECEIVED' AT the Jiew Cash Store,-a fid(-.assortment sir shining, .heeling and batting. Al.o,-a' eem-ral a.s'ortmeni of Family Groceries, all ofiihieK will t sold very low fjr cash, Ly ' .1. R WHAIINR CO.- J'u'.i S. n7

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