Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 29, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 29, 1841 Page 2
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V?J k 1 itvrciisLA'rvuu op vwmiojix HOUfJE OK RKPRE-UiNTATlVE-L ,. Monday, Oct. 19, 1911. Prayer by Ror. Mr. Kellogg. The Speaker announced the following committees! On the licence laws Messrs. Cnnfield, Slasofi, '?).)!), Htnryof Chester, 'Billings. On tlto Bill relating to tlic election of town officers Meters. Ssrgrtint, Swift. Tctriiey. . , Jt Petition Tejsrrell. W Jairw Wheo'cr and others, for iltoralien of the tovn nf Coventry, to Oenernl Jinniittco of Erastus I". Fitch, of Sylvsnus Ripley and Axariah Webb, to eatnmiltee ot uinunOi aa iv Moody, to Gmiernl committee! of Selh (loodspced, jr. and others, and of select men of Holland to the Land Tat committee of Htman Green to commit' lee on Military Affairs. Report: By Select committee, the bill altering 'the grand jury ttrm of Grand I lie county court, with amendment I orderd to be engrossed. By Se lect eommitte, rules of the Hotun, for tho present session, and also joint rulei for botU Houses, which "wero adopted. A comiiiiinicatisn from tho Governor, announcing Henry Hale of Chelsss, to ho Secretary of Civil 01,11 Military afljui. and that he would communicate tlie annual messsge at 1.1 o'clock this morning, wits ro' ceived and rea,U On motion of Hubard the relercncc uf tho nppoiiilmcnl of senators was reconsidered, a clerical error corrected, and on motion of Mr. Pren tiss of Irasbtirgh, the lull was refcrrod to a select irnmm!lti).i nfi,,,., frnni unpli t-niiitv. Hillt introduced. My Mr. Cutis, for this relief of 'the insane poor, appropriating not exevoding 31000 finrraany iroui ilia state treasury, unaor uio uir. im of the commissioners of the deaf, dumb and blind. Mr. Sprague moved to amend by increasing the sum to kjtou: subsequently withdrawn, and tue nut in ferred to the (tenernl L'tinimitti'tt. Prom the So'tatC, altering the namo of tho Vl. Academy of Medicinoto "Casticton .Hcilical college," rcicrrcil 10 eenrim mntrmttre. uy Mr. Adams, to alter the judicial fir' cuits of this state, (Addison, Chittenden and an 1 1.5 rmnilln t,i consilium the 3.1 district, nnd FranUi, Orleans and Urand lslo the 5th,) referred lev Judiciary committee. l!y Mr. Cobb, repealing a.'t of 1S10 rela tivti M IiiclitvnOH. referied M cmmn.itct. on Bonds and Cans . Hv Mr. Maris of in addition to tho law m relation to common schools, (relative to locatiin of acuool hous'si relorre.l to thu judiciary committee. Ity Mr. Cleveland, altering the namo of Coventry to Orleans referred ti ccneral committee. Uy Mr. Hyde, establishing line between Caveudbh and Ca! timorc. referred to a select com. of three. Resolutions, tly Mr. Vilas, to ascertain tho amount of the school fund 01 the 30th of Sent, last 4r eluding all inta e-t dua; what amount luancl to the slats, an 1 what to lo.livt", an I whsihar the loan? 10 individuals aro oolleetaMu j adopted. By Kr. Tenney, for a joint assenMy to-morrow, 1 p. tn. to elect an auditor in the treasury departments adopt fl. Ily Mr. Davis of N. instructing tho judiciary committee to report a Mil explanatory of the law on the trustee process j adopted, Hy V.r. N'ovc", in structing coininittea on education to inquire into the expediency of appropriating a'part of the fund derived from tho public lands to academics, for tins c lucati'i of teachers of common sclioils j ifj.-cted. Ily Mr. Chandler uf W. instru,:tiur udicinrv mmmiiiec to inquire into the expediency nf alluvviic depositions to be of persons rcs.ding w l)Vn the distance now provided : adopted. From the Senate, nssigu mir Mon Jiy next, 3 l. m. to rieel auditor of account luraiust the concurred in. 1'ioni tho Senate, assigning Friday nctl, 3 p. iu. to elect Reporter of decisions of tMipremo Court, nnd Commissioners of the deaf, dumb and blind -, laid on the table. Ily Mr. Chandler nf W. instrnciine tho committee on airri. culture to mquiro into the expediency of applying n portion ot the tuna trom me public inuac lor a bounty on the rai-introf wheat: adoi-tcd. Tho vote of this morning, rejecting the resolution 'Ci Xr. Noyes, rehtivn to an uppropriatiou 10 nrade imies for llio insructiou of teachers, was reconsidered tua tin rcar-iunoii was nao'.ica. The Speaker announced the fiTANMTfO toKJtirrr.r.s or thb nocsr. Of Ways and Mean: Messrs. CUvela nd, Dewsy, Klason. Henry of Chester, Houghton. 0;t M.lilary Affairs. Mesrs. Smith of Hinobiirg, .uouey, .u i.iiuu, 1. Davis of Norwich. Pierce. Judiciary Committer Iccsrs. r-'ulliun. Chandler 01 oousiock, itcnaru, vitas, tttinnoui. Cammiitet uf Claims. Jiessrs. Cults, riajlies, Shafter. Roscne. Henry of Halifax. On Education JUssra. hwifi, ?.irgeant, rrcnt!6f ot irasuuri:ii, 1 am 01 .Miuuiciown, iiotium. On J'anks Messrs. Kiinonds, Nilcs, liarton, noyes, iioncy. On it lads and Canals Mossrs. Torter, Spragui Reach, Stone of BakrrsSdd. Aiken. itittfiwcliin-y Me'srs. Tciuirv, Dustin, Martin, t uratueooro, iin'tins, rairhriu. Oi AfmuAcfurs Mesfrs. CJolman, Keith, Pren tits of Wsalharsfitld, Newion, Whirrde. O 1 .U'ricur Messrs. Hubbird, I.andon, Gil- olirtst. Skill, Saironl. L.ind Tax Cammittie Jlcsprs. Rowrll, Grve, of Sun '.erland, Whito nf Mrownineton. Gcntral Cnnmlttre Messrs.Chandler nf liaehsm. Browiicll, Harris of VVindam, Wilcox, Prentiss of vYstiicrsnei(i, uraKo, i.oi n, mustrrot Colchester, palmer, sneeis, i tu.naier i Uerliy, Usher, Aims, iiazrn. To mike up Grand Lht. Messrs. Tuttle and Martinj Goudcll nnd Ri e of Sointrast; Shaw and Mieldon of Kairliaven j Hy.! and Paul of Porr.fret; Barnes and Robbing; Poster an I Tvler; Staunton am! White of Shclburn ; Wright and .cut j Djniion nnd Hnll t ft irney and I'.irnsworth ; Crane and Small; Martin of Glover Down' t (iraesof Concord, and .Merrill j Kimley of Alburgh snd lley nnlds. Distributing Commiltcc. Mef srs. Sheldon of Ru tisrt, Putnam, Ilryant, Howard, lir.iwn of Whiting, Howe, Wis. Davisof llerlin, Mnain, Wheeler, An drews, Hurnlnin, Rice, of brandy, .add. Committee on Hills. Messrs. Joins of WaitsfieM, and Pien c. Onernor's M'f'igt, Mr. Hale, Secretary of Civil and Military AflVirs, ptesented the annual Mcssaco rf lha Governor, which was read, and on motion of Mr. t'handlerof W. oOO copies were or rcd to be printed fur the use 01 tne House. ,c.j. SENATE, 2 o'clork, P. M. Resolution'. Ily Mr. Mottum, instructing thn com mit lee on the judiciary to inqit rc into the expediency ef f.sir.g f law offircrd1 and jurors' fees before free hold enurtM nased. Uy Mr. ( lark, lefeirmi; erve ral subjects embraced in llio Governor's message to separate and approprilie committees; p.vst'd. Ily Mr. Norton, referring that psrl of ilie Governor's aessige relating tu an amendment of tin Constitu tion, to a select cmntniiteonf five, passed. The emit mi'toe appointed by tho chair am Me-rs. Norton, Dillingham, Bullctt, Wooter and French. By Mr. Swift. instructing lliccommitlc:on the judi ciary to inquire into llio expediency nf providing a more expeditious mode of electing loa n officers in large to.vus. llisn bv hallot; paoed. Report- Ily Mr. Kiton, of the rommifee on jaint rules, ilia rules of the ls-t se.-sion; report ncccptcl and the tulcs adopted. A resolution was received from the House, des;g. nstihg aday for therlaftijn, iu joint assembly, of in auditor in the treasury department, in which the Ceaaic resolved to cone ir. Adj. HOUSE, SoVlork, P. M. Tho Speaker announced the following eammittses, Vis : On thebill fstabli-Vinxline hetwoen Cavendish and Daltimore Messrs. Hyde, Davis of Baltimore, Pren tiss of Wenllicrsfie'd. On tho lull apportioning Senators Missra.Hctisrt', Sariroant, Warren of Wardsboro.' Sprague, C'hsnd'er it W., Picrpoint, Wetister or Colchester, liavlies, tiucnrisi, nuerik, nauer, rrcntiseot trasurgh, Uew ey, rtoauis 01 iuuiii nero. On motion of Mr. Sargoant the vote of this morn ing, referring the bill altering the name of Vt. Acad emy of Medicine, was rceonsid"re.l, and thebill was referred to the committee on education. Hills introduced. llv Mr. Cobb, repealing thelllh acci'ioaof the act of 1810 relating to banks, rcferrrd to comimttconn banks. Fly Mr. Vilas, for dividing tha incomo of the hdiool fund among the several towns, r the purposes of educa'ion; referred to the General eommitte. Ily Mr. Houghton, incorporstinp the Reatlsboro' an 1 Wondfonl turnpike Co , referred ,io coinmi'tce on Roads and Canals. Ktsolution. Ily Mr. Davis of H., instructing the select committee on tbn grand list to enquire into the 1 xnediencv of nssessinff marble ouarries 1 ndnntfil. Petition. Of Kdward G. Rabcock, referred i com- mit'ce on Claims auj. Sr.NATK, Tucsdsy, Oct. 19. Vrsvrr bv the Chanlain. r7w9!l!ens, rty Mr. Hatch, instructing the com mittee on agriculture to make out and report nn esti mate of a geologicnl survey of the stato ; pissed. By Mr. Sheldon, inMruclinir the committee on e location to enquire into the expediency of passing a law pro viding for the appointment of n couiniittee in each town in this stair, at tho annual Mnrch meeting, to examine school teachers j pasc I. Ily Mr. Dsns, in-i-tructiug tliestni'ii onimmee to inqu'rcinlo tho expc diency of providing by law for the union of two or more school districts in es'ablishing central schools for more advanced scholirs ; passed. Petition Ily Mr. Bar hit, from tke Trustees of Caledonia County Urammar acnool, referred to the committee on education. A communication from the Secretary of Stale was received, informing the senate that no copy of the late enuhad been received at liisoltice, On motion of Mr. DilliiiL'hani ibe senate ndiourned. Copy of rhe resolution introduced yesterday in the aennte hy Mr. Hatch : Resolved, That the eommitleo on agriculture be directed to inquire into the expediency of appropria ting the sum of thrcu thousand dollars yearly, fur the encouragement of agriculture, 10 be taken from thnt portion of tho proceeds of iIih alesofthe public ianls, vvluth this statu shall receive by virtue of an act ot uonisress, eniineii aci 10 appropriate the proceeds of the. sales of the public lands nd nan! lire-eintition richls." approved Sent. I 1811 1 the said sum of threa thousand dollars to ba divided Letwcs-n tho several eoun'ies of this slate, ni nearly as practicable according to the pnpulstion of Hich- provided there shall lo organized within said OOUilllCf, III t il 11111 , n nuii;i7 ,u mu iriiH10II0ll if agriculture the money sppropriateltotie awardtil horses, sheep end Swins, on the best products ol the dairy, tho best wool and the beat household niamt faeluros of wool nnd flax, the best crops of grain, the best farming utensils, and the best cultivated farms, and the committee report by bill or otherwise. HOUSK, Tuesday, Oct. 10, A. M. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Young. Mr. Welch of Uroton appeared, was qualified and took his scat, Petitions referred. Of Dexter Brown and others, Josiah I. yon and others, and Jnincs K. Pearson and others, nnd rcinnnsirnnp of Mosca Slrontr and oth era, to Land Tax committee. Of Josiah t hnsa and .(u others, on capital punishments, to Judiciary com- in 1 1 ice. ui Asa Clxrk ami others, to commitito un Military affair. Of Cobb and Tenney nnd others, to committceon Rducalion. Of W. Adam and others, roferred to General committee. The Governor informed jhe House that a vacancy had occurred in tho 2d Brigade, 1st Division, by 'tho' resignation of Brig. Gen. Robinson Hall. Resolutions. Bv Mr. Sarnecnt. nferrinf (hat nart of the G .vcrnorVMivBseeTolntinrj to the Grogliati iiuuir Ki Biacci comiuiiiec 01 nvoi naonica. ny Mr. h erguson, raising a comniiitec of three to ascer tain whaoamount of monev belonirlnir to tho State is iu tho hands nf former apents to settle the concerns of the Vt. Stato Bank i mlnntcd. Bv Mr. ivrnng mat part ot tno Governor s message relating to a geological survey, to the select committee on that subject s adopted. Uy Mr. Cutis, referring so much ol the Governor's message as relates to a protective inrui, 10 a select ootnmiltcoor lives mloptcii. uy .vir. Sargenu', for a joint assembly this nlternoon at 3 o'clock to el"d n Brig. General in place of General Robinson Hall resigned adopted. By Mr. Henry of Chester, referring so much of the Governor's tries a,;o as relates to amendment of tho U. Constitution to a sjIcji commilteoof five ; ndopted. By Mr. Da vis of N. reforrini? that nart of the Governor's mos- sage relating tn new apportionment of members of ivougrcsa to ihc ucncTal cointniltce atloptcu. iVj infrorfueed. By Mr. ICagcr to preserve fish in Kcniiey pond in Newfane, referred to tho Gencrnl committee. By Mr. Davis of N. relating to pcdlar, (travelling venders of clocks and time pieces to be dicmed pedlars,) referred to the General committee. l'nrossedbill. Altering grand jury torm of Grand Ilis co. eoun t pasied. Adj. SUNATE,?o,cloek,P.'M. Resolutions Ily Mr. BlodOTlt. requiring thoecteta- r: of S'atetotakc measums to procure a copy of ihc late U. S. Census .' nnsied. llv Mr. Dana, on 'the subKi't of railroads j referred to committee on Roads and Cninls. R'vorls. Bv the committee on the-Juuiciorv. that tn legitlation is necessaty upon tho que-tinnf .era powriiiig town-clerks to take ncknowlcdgiuont of deeds; rcpoil accepted by the samo committee, against any further legislation us to tli2 eteftion of town oinccrsm large towns. Mr. MMlt expiatnat to the senntu his rensons for ii.trojucing the resolution. The report ofthe committee was accepted. I no senate concurrca in the resoiuiion ei inc Hons.', providing for thoe)ection of a Brigadier Gene ral to supply the vacancy occacioncd by tho res sna tion of Gen. Hall. Hill, from the Hetirc, in alteration ofthe 3Id chnp Kroftlie r-vwed stnlutes; read and referred to the senator from Grand lle. R'vort. llv M'. W.n st. r. of the committee on the Judiciary, a bill prov.ding for closingthc polls at the election of lown Representatives on or In fore 1! o'cl.ic'; at riig'ilof thedivv'of election. Mr. W. ac- comparueJ the report of Ihc bill wnh remarks design ed to sho.v the ue.vssitv of passing tho bill ; which was read the first and s-esnd times ai,d the senale went into eonilnitteyof tha whole. Mr. D.lliiii'hain add ress-rl the senate in favor ofthe bid, llio jii that most of ourcottcsted elections envy outot ii: lain mat many town elec tions have hieu rli'"lt-fl in. a laio hour of tho night, and freo'ientlv I v a juiall nurtion of the freemen. Mr Barrett expressed his views in unison with thote ofMr. D. ntid in favor of the bill. It now was fiequ'litly, h" tai l, verv burdentomo to freemen nf :..l i. ..i.i. i.. j :.. .ii iiiiiroi iir.iiui it iuivTinccG lliycnrs, i rciiuiui an niit, st thu polls. The h.ll wan further debated by Messrs Dhiiu and litou of 1'raiiklin, ninended nn motion of Mr. Dana, repined to the s.'iiate and recomnuticd to ine c nn mitten on me Jtm.ciary. A message was reecived from tho Gov:rnor com municating tin ann -al reports of the auditor in Treas ury depriitiio-nt, of the Bank commission?!), of the Auditor of ac.-ount niuiimt the state, of the BanV commititc, of the treasurer of the afety fund, of the Sujierintendi nt of ihe Male prison, of the Auditor on Ihc school fund, and bf the Adjutant and inspector General. Adj. HOllfK, I o'clock, V. M. TheSrsnkcr sun-jr.n-ed tho following fommittees; On llist part ot t lie Governor's luess.ige relating to iluUri.T McssMCultt, Cobb, Smith of Hinrsturgh, Simoudf, Dublin. On that jurt f tha Governot's message relating to am Midint'iit of the U.S. Coiirtiluiion Menrs Henry of Cluster, GtUwold, Pronlits of Irssburgh, Vilas, 1'nx. On the coRimnniesiions on the Groghan affair Meesrs Sari-rsnt, Vilas, Warren of Wardsboro', Web. ster of ColchcM'.r, Porter. On funds oi'ajrnts to sjttlo lbs concerns ef Vt. Stats Itank M-ssrs Ferguson, Cooper, Jones of luciinunfi. duties I.ttiilcy. George P. Marsh, duties Matsh, 07 10 2 US On this ballot being declared, Str. Grisvvold moved that the votes for Mdo Bennett and MiloN. Ben nett to counted for Milo I.. Bennett) ayes 07, noes 97. Tho chair decided that he did not, in his opinion. havo the privilege of giving tho casting vote; ami therefore declared the motion of Mr. Gnawoldto be iln.i.t.l in tl,A itnrrnltvi. Mr. Adams nf"Snuih Hero moved 'to adieum the joint assembly to tomorrow, 3 p. in t ayes 120, noes r.7 ,..r,lIr,T, u-sa ...r.Iftd T, Snnate With drew and the Houtc adjourned. SjEttATr., Wednesday, Oct. 50. Prayer by'tho Chaplain , .... Mr Itiiitnm itilrndneril a resolution instituting an I'nmilrv n lo iho jjronrietv nf maklne urovision for paying oitthc sllffcWbt : tcfuricd to the committee on nuance. ' . . , Ititl 1,if Mr Sbeldnn. relating lo the ncknowlod mcnt of deeds) lyv ice read and referred to a select committee of three. 1'. .itil -,nlw Itf Sshin. nf the inhabitants of North field, on the subiect of. slavery t referred to a select rnmmillw nf tbrePj Bills by Mr Harriett, rpealing tho 27th section of tl.M lOlk nT tl.n aw Pn , inn t1 IT1H ,111,11 III Tifrri,l In the rnorlnttten on mililarv aflairs. UV Mr III linrrhniii. nrAVsnimr Tor tho next election Ol members of Congffi'.a in this 'atate in the rnonth of January. 1S1.I, iwiascao, ana on moiion 01 ir Eaton of Kratiklin, laid upon the table. Report by Jtr Clark, Mnirnjj; the prayer of tho petition of 11. II. uoDinsorrrior remuneration 01 ex penaes in apprehending a iciorifef cnori accepicu. Bill bv Mr Crawford, defimnct ho dutic9 of sheriffs and jailors; twice read and referred to tho committee on the judiciary. On motion of Mr. Woostcr, tho Senate adjourned Mock or Rarntsr.sTATrvEs. Wednesday, Oct. 20 Privnr bv ttpv. Mr Kplloffir. Sir Beacon of Shorcham appeared and was quali fied. t" Reaolulions Hy Mr Vilas, calling upon the auditor in the treasury department to report tho nmoiiitaf the school fun J, including all interest duo fromali it appears that ihocvidcnce which they had obtained on the subject provid thnt Orogan's nrrcst look place, as was alleged, within tho territory of the U. mans, in conioriiiiiy, lucreiore, vviui uiuir uibuuv tions they had taken steps for setting at liberty, nnd conveying hint to tho frontier in tho neighborhood of winch no was nrrcsieu. i nmiiiiuiiiim uiuiuiv.jii left Montreal accordingly on inst. J beg to assure your Excellency that I shall never theless continue Iheiuvestigation which I havo direct ed, and if the information conveyed to your Excel lency that officers or soldiers in Her Mnicsty's ser- vico were implicated inihis o flair, should prove correct I shall not tail to visit the ollcnco Willi tno utmost t igor. R. JAKSON. stnt Hnrl indiviiluali. and thn amount loaned to. thV stale and to individuals; adopted. By Mr Robinson of Stow, referring that part of the message on inn abolition of slavery in tho district of Columbia nnd territories, ton select committee of five; adopted. Subsequently reconsidered on motion of 3Ir llnylici, (tlic message not particularly touching upon this sub ject,) nnd the resolution was laid on the table. Mr Kiccol anmcrstt, lor llio jsme reason, inovcu.yy consider the resolution of yesterday, making tmo- ence on the subject of the militia ; agreed. tA and tlio resolution laia on the lame. ny .nr onniiir, inainicv ing the committee on the judiciary ta! inquire info the expediency of empowering probate 49lirts- to ad minister unon the estates of persons jrhb have been ahecnt seven years, bcyohd seas or in parts uiiktiovVti ) also of extending the timefor tho sctlleincnl of all cstateSj'adopted. By Mr Warreri of Wardsboro', rais ing a committee 10 examine mo siaio nurary ; nuopi ed. By Mr Baket, insitucting the committco on Education to inquireas td the expediency of town or county committees 'to examine and license school teachers ndopied. llills introduced By Mr Wakefield, telating to tl!e grand list, (neatly tho same as the bill of 1830, which failed) referred to select eommittec on the grand list. By Mr Sargcanl, extending jurisdic tion of justices in trustee ptoccss to 8 100, re ferred to judiciary crmmittee. By Mr Davis of N., requiring the grand jurors to be summonod at the July term of Windsor county court; referred to members of Windsor county. Reports Uy committee on military affairs, against the petition of Hemiin Green, (praying for the ap pointment of a drill master for the militia,) nnd it was aid on the table. The committee on elections report ed that Mr Stoneof Bakcrsficld, und Mr Kingsleyof .uoreiovvn were, in inc lime oi ineir cieeuan, auuarc now n3tiiia".crs. accompanied bv tw o resolutions, re commended by the committee, declaring that these Eentlemcn ate not entitled to si-nts in this Houe. I.nij on the tabic, llv committee on Claims, a bill to nay Abel Drurv 8300 (for liouso burnt while occu pied by Vermont militia, for tho protection of the northern Ironlier,) onlercu to lie engrossed. Petiiion Of Win Marsh and others, roferred to general committee. Bill passed Altering the name of the Vermont Academy of .Medicine. Contested Seats The resolution declaring that Mr Stoneof Bakers field is not entitle to a sent, he being postmaster, wascnllcdup, and unanimously adopted. A similar i. .i e m- v t.. -r w . 1 1'PUIUIIUII, Ull HIV taru ui .'l I n.lllBi;y ui .'iuii;Ull was recommiucu io ine comniuiee on elections. Tlxe Groran Outrage. The Governor communicated, bv special message. vne correspondence ueiween ine laie governor (Jem son) of Vermont and the acting governor of Canada, on tho Groznn outrage, nlao tho testimony taken in the case. The correspondence was read, and, with the evidence, referred to tho select committee raised upon the subject.- I have the honor to be, Ac. His Ex'y S, H. Jenisok. SENATE. 2 o'clock. P. M The president announced tho following committees On tho petition of K. I). Putnam end others, on slavery. Messrs Snbin, Clark. Ddlitieiiam. On tho bill relating to tho acknowledgement of tlceus, Messrs Sheldon, Katon or wash, and itottuni Resolutions. By Mr. ll.vtllctt. reouesting the Gov ornnr to nsccrtain whither this stato has a just cbiin for revolutionary services, and if so. to nrcstnt that claim to comrtess; ndnntcd. llv Mr. Bottunv to dispenso with the office of agentto settlotlieeonptrns vor the stato bank ; reftned to com. on Finance. Prom tho House, for a committco to examine the state library) concurred in. I'rom sundry states, communicated by tho Governor; jTlcferK!ii,tbllio innrnntilln inmmiltp. " Rills By Mr. DanaiproViSthg fortVnio'rtatiifrnK, laid on the table. .'Ucinlatuicr election of fmiieata lives) reported by Mr, Voostcr, aiiil.prdered'to bo engrossed- Altering grand jury term of Grantflsle countvv'court ; reporloMiy Mt. Sowdcijtrirl 'pjlpseil. ByiW. Dillingham, fdOhoaifpoiritmant M e.haptnin of tKb state prison by'tho Genieral AsmbljViV. hvid on inc lauie. jvcinnug ioiccs in irecuoia catiris; to portcd by Mr. KrCnch and laid nn tho tahltr, Jiclpjing duties of sheriffs and Jailer j reported by.the flMfcrnry committee. ueoaieu uy .i.fnrs urawioru anu qi ten similar on the table. Adj. 'x'fr- JictiilOii referred. Of John Ajirill and others, for an Academy at Corinth, to committee on Educa- li6n'i" of Jrse Howard and others, to committee of Ways nnd lcans. , Resolutions From tho senate, rconcsliiig the Gov to apjloint solne person to investigate tho question. ili;itiur.-v vrinuiii miyjubi binyii um,ii uio tional government for expenses incurred in the revo luttonary vVar refertcd to a sjlcct comiiiitico of thrcb, onsistingof .IJosrs V ilas.nascoin it Sprague Hy ir, jones(ui iovcr, insirucung miuiary com SENATE. 2 o'clock, P. M. Report Hy Mr. Norton, ngainst taxing wood nnd timber lands. .Mr. Woostcr explained tho reasons whichjudiiccd him tn olllr tho resolution upon which the report had been made. 1 no tune nan uexn vvnen wood nnd limber iand vvcru regarded ns of littlo value and wero not put into the list for taxation t now, woon anu tinnier land vvcro.mosi vaiue, nii-i suduiu, as ho believed, bo taxed according to their real valuo report accepted. Kiig. Hill. In nlteration of chap. 101 of iho re vised statutes, providing for the election of chaplain ot tnu Vermont oiaiorrisonny uio i.egisiriure, uiuvn nn. when Mr. Clark opposed the iiassairo of tho bill on the ground that the governmen' of tho prison to boellectual must ue somewhat ntiutrnry. i no supe rintendent, from the nature or his office and duties, cotld best judgo of ".he necessary qualifications of a chnplnin for such nn institution. If tho superintendent nnsjuugcil or unu?eil iim.iuiii'iiuy, uiu (eilieuy v.iia ui tho Legislature, who appointed hiin, nnd whose res ponsible Rgeiit no was. .vir. viarn movcu that ino bill be indefinitely postponed. Mr. Bniium honed thebill would not be so nosnonod. Thn chanlain wan a salary officer, his duties verv im- . ....... 1M. ..:...nnPa liml -i.r1,lD llif.1 ,wl tlin' sinns of liberty. If outcasts, they needed moral an I Tehgious instruction. Mr. Clark withdrew tho notion or mdclinito post ponement, when Mr. Dillingham advocated tho pas autniiribn hill. Tha duties of achanlniu wero cn tirely different from other officers or servants of thn prison. Ilis duties wero those of intellectual, moral and religious instruction, to prepare the prisoners to bo letter citizens when ngnin they return to society. The nbiect was reformation of persons from bad to ., nH .l Lit. rPI,M rtlmr.lsin if ttrnnnrt i ,1 larlinrnlnnr ins duties, becomes the peculiar and loved friend of the prisoner, m whom tuoy cnnliucii, to vvnom nicy nnbnsnined their fi-elinrrs. A clmnbiiu thus perform ing bis duties, nnd twilling himself nround the feelings nftbo convict. should not ho exnosed to removnlntlho caprice of any one man. All men w ere liable lo err . r . 1.-.1- e .j , iu cn ncrril" liairouase. ouiii lruni inirresicii nun oilier motives. Ho had mr charges of wrong-doing ti ma!.oagamst any superintendent. Ho would pars the bill from a conviction'of tlic fitness of it not from nnv charVcs that vvronir hsd been i one. or .v(M,t-lnlinS; .ttint ir vnuld lu. Wi-re In' nninT lobp lhirjriute'etit fiiniself. ho would ask for the nas rgoi ine ihii, aim vvuai uc vvouiu usu lor iiuuseii ho wou it givo to anoiner. Mr. Dana rcsDrdcd the office of Chaplain as an ex trcmcly important one ; and going to the Prison with his aimointment from tho Legislature, ho would bo enabled to ex'ert niirjnluenco liioro salutary, than if nppiiointtd.bV.itltV-TBPtrintcndent, against whom ''WfS'Hreis.Hiigiu iinv- a piroug pri-juu tTASPINC CCUMITTEE. On the SiMePrisin M-'ssrs Slsson. Clcaveland, Davis, of Norwich, Ho"coe, Hubbard. Itnievjsion jlenrs "wifr, Pierpoint, cults. 1'etitiins nfsned.O! Iv. G. Ingraham, tn Gene ral coinriiiius ; ofV,. Gurnscy lo committee on Aurteul ure. Restitution. Uy Mr. May, referring so mtvdi of the U.vvernor'k incjn j an relates to the militia to the committee in .Miliary Allans; adopted. Hy .Mr. Davis of Norwich, instructing; the select committee on gjjlogical survey loieput the probable expense of itch purvey ; ai'opled. Ily Mr. Paul of pomirct. msliuc iivir ihc saina L-(iiiun!tlio to iiinuire into tlu ex'cdiviicy of app'nprivling a part of tho land fund for Mich survey ; n-iipt-d. By Mr. Tavlor, as to the expediency of instructing the ruiliUa by placing on; third part,' annually, nndri ths direction of coiupe inl dull otrr.ers ; a 'upied. tint intr-iiturrd. llv Mr. Hollev. relslinc tovn divided lands in It.ntin, lefcrrcd to General com- iniitee. The Governor cii-j!eiiu strd the anmivl reports on the school fund, nn the tllo the treasury, on fiistn orison, of bank cotninifbioncrs, auuitortr ab stru -I, of the trcanurcr on iho fafeiy fund, ofAdjulanl a-iri Insnsrti-r General: ic. which were rcfcrrwl to iheappropnste rom'niltecs, with tliniLception ofthe first, which wss laid on the table si the suggestion of Mr. Vi h, vutlia view ol obtaining a mare aeiHiieu report. The ScnMe fame in and a joint assembly was formed far lh eliclion cf Justices of the Snprciuc Court. Mr. Sarjeant moved lo adjourn ibis election to l'riday rnxl. Messrs Satjesnt nod C.infu-ld ad vocated tno motion, on ine grounu mat lucre wan u division of op'nion, growing out of sectional snd not pol.tiesl prelertnce-, as o the ofliiv of f:hief Justice; and they eiximo-i, a' a risui, ini tue j-i.n'-iai iuinci mosl interestnl in the appointment, should have op portunity for consultation. Messrs. D llingham of the Senate an 1 Vihsof the House opp.vcd the post ponement, clt'iniiig that ihecoutt was the property, nat of one party but of all paries, not nf a fcliou but of tho whole state, an I insisting that the joint as sembly was ihe onlv piopcr p'nre to rii.-ci and de cide up'm ills ap?e.lntinnt of the judgos. AvesG-), noes 12tvi su the moiion to noslpjiio was ii r-Jliveil. Mr. Ilebard then r.oninated Jlon.Chas. K. Wd'iams fur Cbiff.Juniiv. and Jlr. Canfirld nominated Hon. Stephen Royee. Tho ballot was proceeding, in the coarse of which Mr. hatgesnt n.roinicd tne niiitii semhlv of a consultation of the membus of tho iu dicial dielrict of ll:iiiiiiigt iu and Rjthnd, the result o: vviiith was a us voto i r 11 e in .nucrs iron nenniii"tan cotinlv for a cbauiro in tho Judec of ihat dijlnet, but a majority of iho district was ncainst a e.hanee. r,lr. I an kitil protested against nroccet una in the ballot iimil Bennington c tinty should boheaid, an I subsequently moved to set asi-le tho ballot. l he ru.:H ..u,i ,!.n ...r.,;.,.. Ar n,.ir i,Am Copy f a Iclleir from Gov. Jettison to theactin, Governor of Canada. Suobeiiam, Vt., September 2D, 1 6-1 1 . Sia, Depositions of respectable cilizens of this stale havo been placed in my hands, sliowini; that a gross outrage was committed in llio town of Alburgh, in thi3 state, on the morning of the 20;h instant, by a party of armed men, supposed to bo volunteers or t.i,,.. ,- ti. u ;,. ..,..,; . .,., r . numii.,. tt, ..vt ...Mi..-,, a si i ,i,u--o ini t u vwiui. Jonc' Light Drsgoons then stationed at Missisquoi nay. it appears mat netween two am three o clocK on iho morning aforesaid, fiom twelve to twenty per- iiis. n ,'Ai i ui iiii tii. ai icusi, in iiiiiiui ui ui sma corpK, forcibly entered the dwelling-house of one William Brown of said Alburgh, about three miles from the Province line, rushed into the room where paid Brown and his wife were in bed, presented a musket at Brown and threatened to shoot him if ho did not remain quiet ; oilier of tho party entered an Adjoining room, and seizing one James W. Grogan, severely wounding him, dragged him into the street with nn i-Uihing on but his shirt, thurst him into a wagon, and forcibly conveyed him, naked as he was, to Clarcncovillcin the Province of Canada. Circumstance leave not a doubt but that this bru tal attic' upon defenceless individuals, and unprovo- mittec to inouireanlo-tho expediency nf nmvi I froin.tehdfunu.'frainorendcquatoremunerntiiiiiof inc iiiinun, utBirrepiiiiig me pecnon on exemptions, so far in relates' lo nitnisters.studcnta. indues, iuatico f-c.i adoptol. By Mr Chandler of W. for nrintini' 200 conies of rencTts of auditor in treasury tlen.iri- ment, of bank commissioner, of bank committee, of treasurer on the safety fund, of auditor on tho school fund, and auditor of accounts against the stale; adopted. Report uy tne committee ot clc 'lions, n,0 resolu tion declaring Mr. Kingsleyof Morotown, not entitled to a scat, again recommending its passage. Mr. Hebard stated that it appeared Mr. Kingslcy had forwarded aletter to the P.O. Department, about the 1st of Sept. last, resigning his office; thatontho 2Gth of Sept. Iho Department required him to give notice to tlie people ,ot Morelown ol his resignation, that they might have a voice in appointing his successor ; but, notwithstanding this, that Mr. Kingslcy was in fact postmaster on the Is", of Sept. and now is, and according to the unanimous opinion of tho committee could nolle entitled to a seat. .Mr. Vilas doubted whether the circumstances were not such as to allow Mr. Kingslcy to retain his seat ; nt nny rate ho would ask for a brief delay. Mr. Hebard luovedjaccordiiigly, to lav the resolution on the table. Air. Barinn op posed this motion : he thought the gentleman from Morctown Was here in violation cf the constitution, and there should be nodelay in his case. The motion to lav on tne taulo was amced to. The senate came in and a ioint assembly wns formed, when Mr. Adams of South Hero mov ed to postpone the election of fourth assistant justice and secretary ot siaio to iu o clock Tuesday next; aarced to. cot. Amos iv. ivciiog was men elected urigauicr General 2d hrigade 1st division. Col. Kellogg, 219 Cel. Russel Hickok, 15 Scattering. Hon. Joseph Berry was elected auditor in the treasury department: Joseph Berry, l.'l Solon Danforth, 83 Scatlerinrr. 4 The senate withdrew, and the House proceeded wnh business. Hillt introduced. By .1r. Chandler of W., relating toollsetts, allowing justices of tho peace to admit oflsetls where the debit side of the defendant exceeds 8100; alsua bill relating to thcjuriadt' lion of county court, fto have original ilirisJiction of nil criminal cases except such as are solely cognizable by justices ui iiieuciice, uuui ri-ierrcu iu ini" J'liiicinry commit tee. By Mr. Ball, alicringthe name of John Milton Hill to John Milton Nichols; referred lo General Committee. By Mr. .'tone, for surveyof line between Bennington nnd Windham counties; referred to members of those counties. Mr. Chnndlcr of W. called up the report of the audi tor on the school fund, and it wns referred to the committccof Ways and Means. Adj. SENATE. Thcrspat, Oct. 21, A. M. Praver bv the Chanlain. The chair announced the appointment ofthe follow ing committees i On the nbduction of Grogan Meseera Sovvles, baton ot w., Sheldon. On Virginia Resolutions Messrs. Battlctt, Dot turn. Swift. On Indiana resolutions relative to uniform day to elect President and V. President throughout the Union Messrs. Kusse . Gi ton, Metclier, On memorial ol Kernsburgh Uuarlcrly meeting nnd petition of Noma Day and others Messrs. Eaton of W.. Woostcr. Fisk. Mr. Dana tuoved a reconsideration ofthe vote of reference of the question relating to tho N. r.. Boun dary ; vote reconsidered, and ihe paper referred ;o tho committco raised on the correspondence relating to the abduction of Grorran. nr. l-.aion ot w., prcenicu tue pennon oi iimi man nfi icomfutetS mm it have a stroiic nreiudice. Mr. Clark Kir WSJroas ins at largo for oipo ing thebill. Piaonigtvyjoiucers in tnu pri-on, vvun uis IIUCl anu uniyiciliuuuci m ,icjitn,i, u nut u ment within a government, might be two conflicting vovcrninents in the institution. Ho was much in favor of the appointment of a Chaplain, but he wished llio power of appointment placed where tho opportu nities of judging of his fitness could behest known nnd the most accurately judged of. The superinten dent, who was familiar with all the duties required of a Chaplain, was certainly best qualified to judgo of his titness. ine mil passeu, yeas., nay I. Hill, relating to tho next election ol Kreprcsenta tives to Congress. Mr. Dillingham, tee on the Judiciary, cxp'auieil the reasons or the committee for reporting the bill; they wore unanimous ngainvt the general ticket sy-tcm, and iu favor of electing by districts. Mr. Blodgctt moved to rucom tnit tho lull, with instructions lo amend tho bill by erasing January lSI'land inserting Mnrch lSH. The

motion was opposed uy .ucssrs. isarueir, i.aiou oi Eranklin nnd Dana, when Mr. Blodgett withdrew his motion, of Mr. Clark, tlic bid wns recommitted with instructions to amend. The Senile concurred iu the rc-olutionorthe liouso for the election of Sergeant at arms. Mr. Worcester moved tint tho resolution reported unfavorably upon, directing inquiry on the subject of taxing wood nnu limner minis, u rccuuiiiiiucu tu uiu rnniiniitco on Finance, vvith instructions to bring in n hi 1 taxing wood nnd timber lands. On motion of Mr. Crawford, tho resolution was laid on the tame. 'I lie committco on the Judiciary reported tua con- gre-sional tlcciion bill, so ami'iided ns to repeal the aisting aw; passed to he engrossed. IIUU.1I-.. , O ClOCK, f. .11. Resolutions. Bv Mr. Saflord, inslructinn judi ciary comniiltcotoinquire into tho expediency of so nticrin" tbn G3d sec. of revised statutes as to prevent imprisonment for debt, except when the plaititiirfiles an affidavit that the debtor is about to leave tho stat", or has money or propei I y secreted. Uy Mr. Rice of .Vonterset, lor a oinmittcc ot one trom cacu couniv to make up debentures; adopted. By same, nnbi'l lo 0 : inlrouuccu. except nv coinmiio'o, autr lucsunv next; laid on tlie table. By Mr. Thorpe, directing tiie payment of .Mr. stone ol liaKcrsheld and Kings- Mr. Woostcr, of tho com, on tho judiciary, tnnda a report ndverso to the entile abolishment lor debt. Laid upon tho tablo on motion of Mr. Dana. House Hill, to pny Abel Drury 8300, reported by Mr. Clatk without amendment, read a thitd tiino and na'scd. Uncrossed Hills providing for union of school districts relating to the election of members of Con gress, in addition to tho 4tt chapter of the revised siatuies) sovcriiny rcau a inirii tiino nnd passed. a cominuiiiciiuuu uu mu suuji-ut ui an exchange or llcportsof the decisions ofthe Supreme Coutt, was read end referred by tho committee on the Siulc Li brary. 7u7 By Mr. Eaton of Fr. to pay Rufus Campbell tho sum meniionolfor brick used in building tho State House. Head and tclcrrcd to uio com. on Claims. rienatc adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. FnioAV.Oct. 22, A. M. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Young. Ptlitiuns Referred. Of John Cock and Do Wit C. Guile, ami Elizabeth Austin, for changoof names, to General committee. Of Rufus L. Harvey, for addi tional compensation for services as chaplain oi tno alato prison, to committee on.s ato prison. OfDanitl Rico to General committee. Itlrtslnn nf H7nrsor Counlu. Mr. Robinson of Stow moved to reconsider tho vote of ycs'cnhy, referring the petition of Asa U. luster und others to a select committee of five. On this motion a protracted discussion ensued, in which Messrs Henry of Chester, Fulnm, SulTord nnd uuui ui iiurwic i sunuuriuu mi ui 11 i, iinu .'u-a'ia Billings, Porter, Chandler of W.' Gilchrist, Sargcant unit Uascom opposed the motion. .nr. loo huircusito to bo excused irom vniin?. lor the reason that, as Speaker, ho mieht bo called upon to appoint the select committal on tins subject ; agreed lo. The yeas and naya were taken . ays 73, noes 131) 80.1I10 motion to reconsider was negatived. liuis xntrouuecu, uy .nr. i rcmiss oi irnsuurgu, providing lor the appointment of commissioners to take the acknowledgement of deeds, itc. in Canada ; refertcd to Judiciary committee. By Mr. Tenney, to pay Abel Underwood ; referred to committee of Claims. By Mr. Baylies, iu addition tuecc. 13, chap ter Gj of leviscd statutes ; referred to Judiciary com mittco. Bv Mr. Prentiss of Irasburgh, taxing lands in Greensboro,' referred to Land Tax comniiitec. The bill altering judicial circuits was read the sec ond time, when Mr. Baker moved to recommit the bill, vvilh a view to givo tho members of Lamoile co. an opportunity to be heard. Opposed by Mr Adams of South Hero, supported by Mr. Robinson of Stow, and agreed to. Rnmrts. Bv committee of Elections, on the ro- monstranccof Johnaihan Benjamin andothcrsngamst i ho e cciiun o Jolin uevvcy ot uuiiunnn. Tho com mittee reported that it had njecte I sundry portions of testimony aa mere ncrcsay cvvicnco, to w men inc rc mnnsirniits annealed to tho House to direct the ad mission of this evidence, and their protest and appeal t-nnrlnrt tn lll, tlnltse hv the nlinniittrp. After explanations by Mr. Piotpoint, Mr. Henry of i;hesier inoveii io lay tne report nn ine tame, vp nosi ,1 bv Mr. Sanrcnnt and nejalived. Mr Adams ofSoutli Hero offered a resolution rccomntitiitir the report with instructions to tho committee to receive ino rciecieu icsumonv anu tipurt iiicrcun. 1 1113 re solution was opposed by Messrs Canfidd, Chandler nfl'.. Sarraant ami Dcvvcv. who urccd that thu re jected testimony was no evidence at nil, nnd.r the laws ol the slate, nnu suouiu no iiiorc uo received oy Ihaconunittee than bv courts of iusiicc. Mr. Fiillnm naid that dillerent decision had been made, bolh by counnittccs and hv the House ; that the sittini' nicni- bcr of (iuiluliall, whose seat is now contested, wns himself once unjustly denied a Beaton this very kind of testimony ; but hed.d not un lurlako to say how thn m n inn ii no. t te 3U!?!iesieu. novvever mat. uv the admission of such testimony, the way was open for the reicclion of members by the falsehoods of per sons who were not put unucr oaui. ,wr. .vuams oi South Hero said he propotcl merely to receive and consider testimony ; as to the weight to bo attached to that sort of evidence, ho snoum not prohabiy uis agree with gentlemen opposing his resolution. Ho urged that such cvukn.-o was rccrived last jeir, and he was for being consistent ; tho rule must bo a very bad one if it must bo changed in a single year. Ikforo any question was talten, the House adourn- rected, by nn officer in her .Majesty s service, lles:icct for the au'horilies ot the covrrnment Canada forbids tlic belief that they will justify tin: hieh banded nnd atrocious actof a subordinate officer. nnd I trui-t that Grogan, who is said to be by birth an American erizcn, u not iiumeuiaiciy mcascu, win at Ieait tcceivu humane treatment. I make this communication tinder the expectation, thnt, vvhati vr may bo the character of Grogan or of his offences against the government of Canada, all proceedings against hint will he suspended, in con- idernuon ot ine uujusiinaoic manner ot nn arrest. I forbear ti comment on the consequences which ill he like! v lo result from repeated aucrcssions of tills cnnrncicr, anu icuijik, hi iuihiumuu, mat inc fai ls will hi communicated to the General Govem- uieiit at Washington, that such measures mav be taken ns the iijIiIh and honor of our respective gov erinneiils demand. lam, sir, with great respect, Vour Excellency' i. ob't serv't, S. II. JENISON, Gov. of Vermont. ir R. Jackson, Acting Gor. of Canada. field appealed from the decision. Mr. Vilas inquired whether the anneal was debaleahlo? The chair read the II ill rule of the Senate (the rules of which body govern the joint assembly,) as follows i " When a Senator shall be called to order, he shall lit down, and every question of ordsr sha'l bedeenlcd wilhout I'eliale, subject to an appeal lo tne cniite.' And decided that bv this rule debate was precluded, Mr. Vilas appea'edfioiu thisdecUion. After consultation, the Chair reversed this decision, when ttcnator irililtigham suggested that the com mon ssi se view of i lie question fully jusiificd Iho first decision of the chair. .Senator Woostcr said ho had voted, nnd let the decision be what it wool t, he vvoulrt not lole again. 1 he decision or Ihe chair, viz, that the motion nf Mr, Canfuld was not in order. wns unanimously affirmed by the joint assembly. Ills ballot was then announced as follows, and Hon. CHARLES K. WILLIAMS was declared to be elected Chief-Junicc : Charles K. Williams, 107 Stephen Itoyce, 40 Scattering, 2 Hon. Stephen Royec was eVted first assistant justice unauuiinusiy. For second assistant justics, Mr. oolidpa nomin sted lion. Jacob Collsnier, and Mr. Davis of Nor vvieh nnniiniled Hon, Daniel Kellogg. ForMr.Collamer, 209 " " Krllogf, 33 Sealterine. 1 So tho Hon. Jicob Collamer ws doclared elected For the third assistant iustiee. Mr. Dillinzhani no minated Hon. Iaac P. lUdhVld, and Mr. Smith of Hinesburgh nominated Hon. Georral', Marsh. Mr. lledfield, 232 Mr. Marsh, 11 Scnlterin:. 1 And Hon. Isaac T. Redficld was derhred elected For fourth assistant lustier. Mr. Griswidd nomin ateil Hon. Milo L. Bennett, Mr. Adams of Souih Hero nominated Hon. Geoipc P. Marsh, snd Mr, llobbins, sceondrd by Mr. Vilas, nonjiusUd Charl l.lliniuy, J-.MJ. Milo L.Bennett, ll.'i Milo Bennett, 6 Milo N.BrnrjUi, I 'l22 kedagijicssion upon the soveieignty uf a nciqliborinp I pay nnj uibcrr, n'nd the memorial of Fcrrisburgh government, wns winncu at. u noi pianncd and di- quatcrly meeting, praying for the abolishment or ca Cory of n Idler frmn the acting (lotcrnor of l-iin.ifit la iij;crwir Jeniton. Government House, Kingston, Glh O.-tobcr, 1311. is. I have tho honor to ncknowledse tho receipt last night of jour Excellency's despatch of tho29lh ii i inn. relative o ine a eiieta v o at on ot t in tern lory of thu State of Vermont, by the arrest within it by some of Her Majesty's subjects of ono Grogan, accuso.i 1 1 iiHvuig coiiiiuuiuu tenant crimes wiinui ibe Canadian frolllur. Iminediatily on receiving iiitrlhgcn' e of this trans action, and long before your Excellency' despatch readied me, l uuu uui:i:ii.-uuii einj iiry to toiusiliuicu In ascerlnm. 1st Whether the arrest of Grogan had been within theierritoiy of the United States. id vv neincr it vvus unue as hiateu ny persons in Her Jlnjcstv s service or ny nriiisu miijccls. And in order to avoid dilny I nt tho same lime di- reeled ihe Law Officer of tho Crown at Montreal, if it should be sliown mat urngan mu been illegally at- res'etl, at onco to taitu uiu necessary legal steps lor selling nun m uuenj. i ,ii,u imi yet rt-reivt'u a re port in answer U meao insiruci-nis, tint 1 have every tea-on toexpoct that no delay will lako place. In the meantime your Exce'lcncy mav beasurej that if tho irinsi.'ttnii nc as re urescutcu. i siitiu into it.-i-itirtt ineasurci to mark luy disipprobalion of tho conduct oi ihoso concerned in it, and moree-pccially to vis t willt the uimon tigor any oincnr or soldiers in Her Mniesiv's service lo whom a participation in such nn nn' 1U.1V 1)0 brought llOlllC. . . " . i' i.i:.... . I. .i. .i 1 lei youi itM-nf- .ii i uuiciB uu, ii is uieut sire nf t Itriiish aiilhoritics to avoid all nrucedinrrs in- consistent vtiintue rcniiouseuusisimg between ureal Britain and iho United Stales, and the dutie. which as countries in amity they ow e to each other. The events nf the few last years nave proluced an irrit nilnn nn bnih sides of the frnulier which it ia not nl ways possible lo control; but it will beo ir endeavor to repress and restrain ns iniirh as possible, nnd in lit. ovi-f-nlinn of this Insk I fl sine ihnl I slinll r i. ccive frcm your Excillency and the other authorities nf Ihe Unite I States, that co-operation without which my efforts could not ue successiui. 1 havn tho honor to be, sir, Vour Excy's mo. t ob't serv't. R. JACKSON His Excellency S. H. Jcnison. Cojw of a h'ttcrf rom the acting Governor cf Canada to Gov. Jenison, Government House, Kingston, Uth October, IS II, S Sir, Sineo I addresved lo your Excillency niydes natch of this morning, I havo treeived from the Law Oticet of tlic frown at M'jntrrelurcjxutjfrom vWch( field.- Adj. iiital punishintut, which wcio read, nud on moticnof of Mr. Eaton referred to a select committco of three. Engrossed Hills. Regulating tho choice of repre tentativcs to the General Assembly, requiring that an election shall he had nla ballot commenced previous lo 12 o'clock nt night of the first Tuculay of Septem ber. Called up bv Mr. Woostcr, when an able and interesting del-ale ensued bv Messrs. Wooster. Dana, Dillingham, nnd Sutnii, m tavor, -iietsrs. anciuon, Clark and Eaton of W. opposed. Mr. Crawford de manded the yeas and nays, and Iho bill was read a third tunc and passed, jca' -i naysta. uouse uiu to nav Abel Drurv the sum mentioned, twice read ami referred to the committee nn Claims. Bill, fixing tho fees of jurors and officers before free hold courts, or- iicred to ue cngrosscu nnu rcau a tiuru mir; i provid ing for the union of school district, taken up, its pro visions explained by .Mr. nana, who introduced me bill ; after remarks in favor of the bill by Mr. Woos ter, Iho senate went into committco ot ine wnnio, .nr. Eaton of Fr. in the chnir, and the bill was 6lighlly amended, reported to Iho Senate, amendment adopt ed, and the bill ordered io bo engros ed and read a third time, bill defining the duties of thelitis and jail ers, taken up, read on motion of Mr. Bartlctt, nnd iliKCiissed by .vics-rs. Clari., woostcr, nullum Harr iett, Clark, Dillingham, nnd on motion if Mr. Pal mer, indefinitily postponed. Adj. HOUSE OF REI'KESEN TATl VI-.S. TncasPAV, Oct. 21, A. M. Praver by Rev. Mr. Ballou. Petitions. Of Enoch Hebard and others, referred In judiciary committee: of John II. Worcester and olhcrs, tefcrred to General committee; of A. H. Ilunlinatnii anil otliere. to exempt brass ciuchb nuiu taxation, read and referred to select committco on the rovi.iml nf itw. rrrn Mil fist. Hill passed. To pay Abel Drury S300 for a house burnt while occupioJ by vt. inruia on tue nor nun Hills introduced. Ily Mr. Davis ol .V relating in landlord and tenant, (after notice to quit, tenant may nn RiimniniiA. I hv Inndlnrd bi-fure iusticc. and on fail ure of nppearingor of showing goi-d cause, llio justice snail ishuu nis writ ui rcviuuiiuii iu ... -.-. cases may be had to the co. coutt t) reicrreu to jum niiti,,. iu- Mr. whim, to nav Henry S .Morse and other-" S02, fi r expenses in endeavoring to di-cover the murderer of Henry Sailord; referrcu to commune of Claims. By Mr. May, repealing trie llhs.-c. of chap. 13, if the- revised slatuics; rcicr r,t In rnmmitlrH nn I-'.du -ntion. Bv Mr. BIlS-, re lating n fee3 of town cletls, (allowing 7 cents for every hundred words recorded )) referred to General coiumittee. ny -vir. .Mies, altering maun referred to committee on Bonds nnd Canals. Uy Mr. Charlton, reviving net taxing lands in Jayi referred to I mil lax conimittci The petition of Ilcman Green for ihc appointment of drill master of the militia, vvith the rank of Brig. Gencrnl, nnd lo be paid for his ncrvices, was called upt iho petition, and tho report of tho conianiteo of military nfl jirs adverse thereto, were read, and tho pelilioint had lenvo tn withdraw his petition. On motion of Mr. Chandler of W. Icavoef nb-enco was granted to Mr. Hebard till Monday morning next. , . On motion of Mr.Chandler of W. the judiciary com miilco had leave to sit during the morning session of the House; agree! to. Contested seat. Mr. Noyes called up tho resolution of tho commit tee of elections, declaring that Mr. Kingslcy of Morc town is not entitled to a feat t and nfter n few rc marls by. Messrs. Barton and Noyes, ihe resolution was adopted. .,, , Reports. By judiciary cnmmiltec, bill altering ju dichl circuits, audit was ordered to bo engrossed,. By committee tn military alliire, that no legislation is nrrkssrv nn it, a nrlilinn nf Asn Clark and W, M, Mosher and others, and tho petitioners had leave to withdraw their petitions. Ths chair appointed Mr. Whipple on the committee nf llnn.ta.n Vnn. .' n,' S r VlnllP. of Ba'rrS- -"'" l-.uvv.- - lev nf Motctovvn their debentures t ndnntcd. By Mr. Warren of Wardsboro, instructing committee on edu cation to inquire into the expediency of an act regu lating the practice ol physic and sorcery; adopted. HvJIr. Chandler of v. instructing mdic.arv com- milte-c lo inquire into the expediency of repealing all laws on tho trusleo process, except ns to concealed or n'sconding debtors; adopted, liy Mr. Iloiuliton, tnnilioiirn wit hout tiny on tue i-i' insi. i uimisscu By Mr, Robinson of Ncrthfield, referring si much of the Governor's message ns relates lo education, to commitito on education t adopted. By Mr. Paul of Poinfrt t, for a joint assembly Tucs Jay afternoon next, to elect Sargeant nt-arms ; auopici. ny .ir. invis ofN. directing tho auditor in the treasury to report the sum due from tlic stato to school and saicty tundsi in lrmks. towns, and individuals, with the interest i also the probable amount of orders and certificates on the tnasucyoui-ianiiing, and ino proiinuio amount oi debentures of this tession ; also the amount of taxes due ; ndoptcd. Petitions referred. Of Jacob Hates and others, tn commute on license lawn; ol Asa It. l oiter nn.l others, for a division of Windsor county. .Mr. C.itts nioveil 110 rciercucc ui mm neuuuit tu a siii"i:i uuill mittce of five member?, residing put nf tho county of Windsor, and susiawcd this moiion on the ground that adisin cres oil committee was ucsirauic. Mr. Kullam opposed tliK reference. The usual rule r.r. . ,.,ntiprs tn ilmsn mirit-Mtpil nnd tcst inform ed in it, nnd ho tirgjd a refcrenco to the members of Windsor county. Mr rliandler of . was in favor of a i-clect com mittce, nnd denied thnt the rulo wa-, or ought to be as stated by gentleman fiom Ludlow, Ho (Mr. C.) objccie I the reference to tho me nl crs of Wmdsi r co. aa tome portions of the county wire more interested tua u outer portiom, in say iiuuuug oi uiuer o-jci-uoii snr-b ns the of the ponu'ntion of tho si veral towns, lie wanted only a full and fair hcarin, bv a disinterested committee. Tho solo object of reference was to get facts, nnd it was clear tint thn best wav to do this wns to refer the matter to a disinterested committee; and a small commilte was prcferal lo to so iargoa one as Windsor county. He also objected that two towns in tho county were not renrcentcd. and hence the decisn n of tho members ol the county would not bo a fair expression ofthe will nf llni eotintv. Mr. Davis N. disavowed any particular interest in this question, although he resided iu the county. Ho thought this to be a local qu-.'stion, particularly in teresting to Wmsar county, and therefore that the reference to fna hieml cr- of that county vv.i3 mast pro per. It "was a family quarre', and could better be set tled 111 llio iJiniiy man out ui u. Messrs. Sprague and Barton supported the motion for n select couiniittee, on the ground that both But- iand and Windham counties vvcreinlere.led, or might lie, ns probably the lines of these counties would be an 'cieu ui una iminwu. Mr. Fti'Iatn insisted that tho cuirse ho sugges'ed tho customary one; at any rate ho hnd never before heard of gentlemen, about to be appointed on a com mittee, objecting to it themselves, for tho reason that thuv wcrointoro'tcd. But who knew best abo it the wishes of Win lsor co. tho members of that county, or fiom ehs'ant parts ol tlie stale i mo truo reason why gentlemen ot jectcd to his proposition was, that they knew that a majority of the representatives was favorable to a divisirn. Mr. Cutts objected to a refcrenco lo the county for the reason that tlie late election was canvassed, in referent e to this questionby only one tile by those in favor of a division., Mr. Chandler rejoined to Mr. l uilam, and tho motion of Mr. Cutts wasngrced to. Report. By juJi' liry committee, bill m addition to chap. 29 of tho revised (statutes, (relating lo nffi. nity of bail to justice,) nnd it was ordered to bo en grossed for a third reading. The Chair appointed the committee to make up de bentures; Messrs. Rico of Somerset, Houghton, Lamb, Leonard of Chittenden, Emery, Knight, llonrdmnn. Warren of Middlesex, Wt hater of Cabot, ICins'cy of Franklin, Andrews, Bumham, Ames, Adams of South Hero. Adjourned. , . SENATE. 2 o'clock, P. M. Report by Mr. Sheldon, on thepe iiion of the N. V. Ilistoticnl Society, a bill directing ihc Secret try of Slate annually to transmit to that society, cop es of the public, documents of this Slate ; twice nad anil ordered to be cut;ro?scii anu rcau a tiuru nine, ny Mr. Swift, on the coinmniuc-ilb n from Khotls Islnn I, relating to a national bank, that no nrtnn was now necessary upon the subject. On moiion of Mr. Hatch the report was laid upon ui'- lame. Resolution By Mr. St. v ns, providing for an al teration in the prei--nt nude of elections, referred to the committee of the judiciary. Hill In alteration of chapter 101 of the revised statutes, and providing for the elcctnn of chaplain of the st no prison, by thu Legislature, read a third .time nnd passed, yeas 20, nays 1. Report by .ur. uusieii, tin mo ro.-nniuoiis from Indiana, a resolution in favor of fixing tho samo tlavsj throughout tho I'n.on, for tho ap pointment uf elector of President and icu President ol tlie u. tit.uc.s : report nunptcii. t,7rcnortcd by the com. on the judiciary, the object of which is to remedy essential tie- lects in the present trustee process, wenaicu by Mensrrf. Dillingham, Wooater and Clark, and laid upon the tabic. .Mr. Rlof'.rret called up the question of order laid upon the table in the forcnooa, on the b,ll relating to the qrand list. 'J'he ifuctioit, will the Senate tiistain the decision of tho chair ! was further discussed hy Mosjr.-, Clark, Dam, Woontcr, iS'l e'don, IJatoti of IV. Iluttuiii and Dil-linn-hani, and decided in the aliirmitivc, ayes 17 And tho bill was referred to tha committee on finance, on motion of Mr. Crawford. Senate adjourned. IlOUrfH OF HKPUr.Si:N'l'ATIVr..S. 2 o'clock, P. M. The Speaker announced the committee on the petition of Asi 1!. Fu.-tcr and othera' : Me?nrs Sargeant, Picrpoint, Cleveland, PrcntibS uf Iras burgh, Gilchrist. Mr. JunuH of Waitsfieltl was appointed in place of .Mr. Kin jsley of Moretmvn on the com. mittce on tho subjectof a frcolngical survey. Petitions referral. Of V. T. fileason "and otliers to select committee on geological survey Of John S. Marcy and others to select commit', tee on grand list. Of Andrew Puckus and oth. ersfor a Usuntv on wheat, to committee on aj;. l lcuUurc. Ol Uowiand T. Kubinson and others for tlie adoption e.f resolutions retiionstratiti'' next; referred to the General committee. From the Senate, providinir for thn llninn fif tcliool districts ; relcrrcd to committco on Ed ucation. From tho Senate, luting rces in fro. hold courts referred to the judiciary committee, llv Mr. Davis of N.. fixintr fees in freehold courts ; referred to the Jndiciary committee. Uy Mr. Shaltor, prcvulin that probate court may administer ott cstato of pcrsonB who t have been absent seven years ; referred to Judiciary committee. Ily Mr. Samson, relating to wit nesses, (no itiepiiry to bu made touching roligiou belief ol witnesses,; relorreu to judiciary com mittee. From the senate, relating to choice ol members of the Legislature, providing that no election shall bo valid unless upon a ballot com menced previous to 1IJ o'clock at night of tho 1st Tuesday in September ; Mr. Chatidlor of w. moved to amend so as to require at least six ballotings if no election is made, before disolv ingtho meeting. Mr. Rico of Somerset doubt ed the right ofthe House to pass tho bill at all ; at any rale, it should ho still further amondod so as to allow tho whole of the 1st Tuesday in September to be occupied in balloting t ho sub mitted an amendment accordingly, and tho bill and amendments were roferred to tho commit tee of Ejections. Mt, Uobbins asked leave for the eolect com. mitteo on the grand list to set duringtho sossion of tho House : granted. The resolution from the Senate, fixing upon, aday to elect reporter of Supremo Court de cision?, and commissioners of deaf, dumb and blind, was amended so as to fix on Tuesday af ternoon next, and concurred in. Adj. RRXATR. Oct. 23, 1811. Prayer by tho Chaplain. Hill. Hy Mr. Norton, authorizing the Trea surer of the State to settle the concents of tho Vermont Stato ban!; ; twice read, &c. Hv Mr. vurton, the bill relating to tho grand list: that it ought not to pass. Mr. Wooster moved to refer it tccotnniittcc on finance, with instruc tions to report in its favor, and demanded tho yeas and nays upon his motion. At tho f inges tion ot .wr. Dana, ana coiibcnt of Mr. Wooster, the hill was laid upon the tablo. Ily Mr. Dana, incorporating the vt. Aiming and Suieltine Company at Brandon ; twice read, and referred to the com. on manufactures. The Senate concurred in the amendment of the House fixing on Tuesday next for the clec tion of Secretary of State, and Commissioners of the Doat, Dumb and Blind. Hill Directing tho Sec. of Stato annually to furnish the N. V. Historical Society with copies of the public documents of this State ; read a. third time and passed. Mr. Reed, .Secretary of the Council of Censor.-, communicated, in person, a communica tion from that body, which was laid upon tho table. Resoiuiion. Tly ,1r. Woostcr, relating to banks ; lefcrrcd tn the com. on banks. The communication from the council of Cea Eors, designating sundry provisions of the rnilitia. law imeoiiptitutional and recommending a repeal, was takon up and read. Mr. llartlett moved tho printing of one hundred copies of the com munication for the U.-.C of tho Senate. Mr. Haton of Wash, moved to amend by proposing four hundred instead of om: Motioii to amend lost, and the resolution for printing 100 copies adopted. Hill I o amend chapter 2'J of the rcvis-cd statutes', hy extending tho trustee process to negotiable notes; laid upon the table on Motion of Mr. Ihrtlctt. J'clilimi.Uy Mr. Sabui, or Rowland T. Robinson and otheis relating to slavery in thn Distr.ct Columbia, &c. relcrrcd to the select, committee on the petition of K. D. Putnam and others. Mr. Sah'ti also presented tho pc tit ion of 15. T Robinson and c-therr1, on the termination of the Florida war ; referred to the same committee. Report. Ily Mr. Sabin, unfavorably upon tho resolution relating to the payment of tho ttattr debt out of the school fund ; laid upon the tablo on moiion of Mr. Ciaik. Hill Authorizing the Treasurer ofthe Stato to settle the concerns of the Vermont Stato Rink ; read a third time and passed. Ily Mr. Kiton of Fr. to pay Thonns H. Fuller tun dol lars for services performed for the State ; refer red to the committee on claims. Houio bills, establishing the lino between the towns of Ca vendish and Ilallitnore ; twice read and referred to Senators of Windsor county. Reviving an act lying a tav on landj in the town of Jay;' twice read ami lelerretl to tlio cuinmittee on Und taxes. In addition to chapter 2 of tho re vised statutes ; twice read and referred to the. coiumittee on the Judiciary. Senale adjourned. HOL'.SK. Oct. 2J3, A. M. Prayer by Rev. .Mr. Kellogg. Tho Speaker appointed the ednmittec 011 thn petitions of Rowland T. Robinson and others, on slavery, viz; Messrs. Safibrd, Ferris, Siialtcr. Pililions iff. referred. For incorporating G'o--bIiqu (i.ire m Caledonia county, and remons trance ag.iinst the same, to the Judiciary com mittee. Of inhabitants of Washington county for a tax to build a cjurt house, referred to a select committee of three. A'";i-r'. Iiy committee of Claims, .against tho petition of Sylvamw Ripley, and h? hat'.' leave to withdraw liy General" eommitte, bill. 111 aiJd.tton to thu t-Uh chapter revised statutis (verniers uf wood and brasn clocks to bo deem ed pedlars) also a bi'J altering tho name of Co. venlry to Orleans aloo lull annexing part of Fairfax and Fletcher to Cambridge, and these hills wore severally ordered tu bu engrossed. Hy the same committee, againt petitions for annexing part of Clarendon to Ira. against tho petition of Silly .Ifocdy, alto against the petition of W. Adams and others; and tho petitioners ai'ainst any rules or orders of Congress limiting! severally had leave to withdraw their petitions.. or impainn" tho right of petition instructing t iy committee on llucation,. against the pcti- l'rnvcrbv tho Chaplain. Hill, reported by Mt. Sheldon, empowering town clerksto t-iko acknowledgement of deeds, accompany ing the report with reasons fur passing the bill, On the question of ordering the I ill to bo engrossed for a ib nl reailin!?. .vlr.uiatii spout' in opposition to tlie bill, when 011 motion of Mr. Wooster,'it was laid on ihe table. Resolution. By Mr. v ooBter, raising an inquiry n to ihe expediency of extending the trnsteo pro. . . ir,... i. 1.. 1,. iv CCSS, on liegoiliiuiu nuns. Iiuil iuiliuiivs uy.'U.n. showm? the importance' 01 sucti inquiry, 1110 resoi 1 tion vva"s referred to the judiciary committee. mil llv "Sir. Wooster. rclatim? to the crand list. and providing for taxing wood nnd limber landn, werorend, when Mr. Crawford raised n quc-tion of order, believeiu? that a bill rnising revenue iniiet or i"iustein the llousoof Representatives. Tho chair decided tho bill ns relating mote especially to the grand list, and therefore in order. Mr Crnvv ford look an ni peal from the decision of tho chair, Messrs. Dana, Hatch, Crawford, ami Eaton ofF. opposing the decision, nnd Messr. Bottom. Wooster. Bart'clt, Fisk an I Sabin. sustsininr, indo'tate, the decision. On motion of Mr. Kalonot F. the appeal was laid upon tho tablo. ,..,, . . , . On motion of Mr, Iih,thc committee of elections had leave to sit during the remainder rf the forciuon WH reported bv Mr. Crawford, repealing part of the existing rnil'tia law, vvilh the opinion of llio com mittce adverse 10 its asnge. . Laid upt n tho tablo on motion of Mr. Bartlctt, nnd made the order for to-niw.'Ow forenoon. our delesation in Congress to urge the immedi itc abolition of the mtcr-statc slave-trade and of 1 slavery in the district of Columbia and territo. nes also teinonttrating against tne lurtner prosecution of the Florida war, as a war got up by slaveholder to protect slavery ; reicrreu to helect committco of three. Reports. Hv Laud Tax committee against a tax 011 iUcndon, and the House concurred ; a bill reviving act taxing lands in Jav, and it was or- lercd to be engrossed. Ily select committee. bill establishing line between Civcndish and llaltimore, and it was ordered to bo engrossed. Hy land tax committee, for a tax on Avery s Gore and Goshen, and leave was granted to bring in bills. Contested feat. The House resumed the consideration of llio report of tho committee of Flections on the rase of Mr. Dewey of Guildhall, the question being ... - 1 . ...1 .... ..r .1... l...: r ii. ii on uio auopuou 01 tue resolution ui ,ur. .vuuius of South Hero, directing the committee to re ceive and consider the rejected evidence. Mr. ells introduced a resolution, admitting counsel to bo heard in favor of the resolution of Mr. Adams. This resolution was supported by A7r. Vilas, and opposed by Messrs Sprague, Grisvvold and Nargeant ; ayes do", noes not counted. A vote of three fourths being no cessary.this resolution failed. Tlie question thou reclined on adopting the resolution of .Mr. Adams of South Hero. Ayes So, noes 117 ; so the resolution was rejected. Mr. Vilas called the attention of tho House tn the fact that the gentleman from Ludlow Mr Fullain warm the House wlien tlio iiuestion was taken on tho resolution of Mr. Adams of South Ilero, and did not vote, as the rules re. quire. And Mr. Vilas moved that Mr Fullam's vote bo taken. .Mr. Chandler of W. objected that it was too late to enforce the rule, as the question had been decided, and other business had been since transacted. Mr. Vilas was r.oveT too late to cor rect an error or onforco the rules. Ho had made the motion on the first opportunity after ascertaining that the rulo had been violated. Tho chair remarked that this was tho first time theqiiestion was ever raised under the rule and he would entertain tho motion, though not htrictly in order, for tho purpose of establishing a precedent. .1r. Fullain said ho did not hear his namo cal led when the aves and noes wero taken. Tlio motion was agreed to, and Mr. Fullain voted in tho allirmativo. Hills introduced. From tho Senate, repeal ing so much of tho election law as requires the election v-iembots of Congress in September tion of Cobb and Tenney and ethers, and it vv ss laid on tho table. l!y jud'ciary committee, bill in addition to chap. Go, sec. -l'5 It. S. (oath to gardians to be administer oaths ;) ordered to bo engrossed. Also bill altering judicial circuits : Mr. Raker moved to dismiss tho bill. The con troversy in this case appeared to be principally between Lamoille and Grand ls!e counties, bot'u of whom wished Judge Koyce to preside iu their courts. Tho motion to dismiss was debated by Messrs. IUker, Rice of Somerset, Cobb, Hinds, Chandler of W., Adams of .South Hero, and Grisvvold ; ayes l-Ki, nccs 20. So the bill wa3, dimissod. .Mr. Rccd, Secretary of tho Council of Cen. sors, communicated a resolution of tho Council, dacl.iring the article. 1, 2, B, f, 11 and 21 of chap. 0 tec. 1; articles 1, :, 1, 0, 6 and 7 in chap. 11 of tho militia act of Nov. 1U7 ; also sec. !1 of chap. 0, and sections 2, 2, -1, 5, 0, 7, Sand 9 in chap. S; also sections 7", 12, 13. and Mof chap. 10 ot tho militia act of Nov.. IS:!!) aro all violative of the 17th articlo of tho Constitution, and recoimiianding tho to repeal the same. Which was read, 300 co pies ordered to bo printed, and referred to the Judiciary committee. Engrossed bills. In addition to chap. 23 of R. S. (;) reviving act taxingJay; establishing line between Cavon dish and llaltimore ; severally patsed- Hills introduced. Ily .Mr! .Warns of South, Hero, authorizing inhabitants of Chittenden and Grand lslo counties to build a brulgo on tlio satui oar ueiween .Milton aim Houti ucro ; re ferred to committee on Koads ami Canals. From tho Senate, in alteration of chap. 101 R. S.,, providing for election of chaplain of tho stats prison by the legislature ; referred to committco on the state prison. From tho Senate, to furn ish certain public documents to tho N. V. His. torical Society ; referred to committee- op. Hdu cation. Resolution. Hy .Mr. Noyes, referring so much of the bank commissioner's report a relates to Hennington county to the judiciary committee. Hy Mr. Picrpoint, instructing tho Judiciary coiumittee to inquire into the expediency of pro viding for more speedily obtaining judgment and writ of restitution in cases of forcible entry and detainer ; adopted. Hy Mr. Palmer, instruct, ing the couiniittee on military affairs to inquire into tho expediency nf limiting the tiino of mak. ing the returns of militia to the town clerks ; adopted. The select committco on state prison affairs asked loavo to bo discharged, and that the pa, pers bo referred to tho Minding committee on. the sts'o prison ; agreed te. Adj.