Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 29, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 29, 1841 Page 3
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SENATE, S o'clock, V. M. Reports By Mr. Palmer, the bill incorpora ting the- Vermont Mining and Smelting compa ny, tliat the same ought to pass. Mt. Hatch oflercd an amendment to tho bill by adding a new section, rendering tlie private property of the stockholders liable Tor debts of the corpo ration J laid on tlio table on motion of Air. Hatch ; the bill establishing tho lino betvven Cavendish and Baltimore, reported by Air. Gil con, without amendment, read a third timo and -passed ; by Mr. Ihrtlott, a hill to provide for Tthc receipt of tho proceeds of tho sales of tho .ublic lands, gives the necessary power to the Treasurer of tliis State. Air. Dana offered an amendment, providing that so much of said pro. cecds as may not bo otherwise appropriated, bo applied to tho state debt. On motion of Air. Bartlett, tho bill was laid on tho table. Air. Dana moved an amendment to tho Senate rules, providing for tho admission of members of tho Council of Censors, to scats upon tho lloor of tho Senate ; laid upon the tabic agree ablv to the rules for SM hours. Vill. By Air. Bartlett, t) amend the li3th chapter of tho revised statutes, road twice and referred to committee on judiciary. Geological Nuricy. Air. Chapman roprrted a bill providing for a geological survey of the s ate, three commissioners to be appointed by tho Gov rnor. On motion of Air. Chapman tho hill was laid on tho table. Resolutions. By Air Palmer, on tho subject of the militia ; instituting an inquiry as to the expediency of exempting persons under Ul and over UO from military duty, though not from en rollment, adopted. By Mr. Woostcr, instruct ing the committee on" Education to enquire into the expediency of encouraging tho publication of Thompson's contemplated (Jaaotteor of this itate ; adopted. Bill. Incorporating tho Vermont Mining and Smelting Company, called up by Air. Dana, and the amendment offered by Air. Hatch being under consideration, Air. H. in consequence of -absence of .Senators, moved that the bill bo again laid upon the table. Air. Bartlett was in J'avor of the motion ; he was anxious to see how many Senators would support these soulless corporations at the expense uf the people, by exempting the private property of stockholders from liability for corporato debts. Laid upon the table. Mr. Bottum called up tho resolution relating to tho application of the school fund to tho pay ment of the debt, and mnved its reference, and tho report, to tho committee on education. Mr. B. accompanied his motion with remarks at so lie length on the merits of tho question. He desired to get a report from the committee, to go out before the people, that they may know tho true condition of the school fund, and its usolossncss or inapplicability for tho purposes of educating tlio children of the present genera tion, or of any generation for two hundred years to come. Messrs. Wooster, Eaton of l-'r. and Bartlett opposed the motion, when the resolution, on motion of Air. Palmer, was laid upon the tabic. HOrSE. 2 o'clock, P. M. I'ltillnnt, eye. The remonstrance of Jixiah Batcholder and others agaiutt the right of Abram W. Hicc ofGranby to a seat, referred to the committee of Elections. Tho petition of New England Seminary for a loin of slate arun, re fcrred to committee on military afijirs. (leoliigical Surrey. Air. Beach, from the select committee on this subject, submitted a report favorable to a survey accompanied by;-, bill appropriating 13-000 for this object ; which were read, laid cm the table, and liOU copies or dered to be i r n od. Rtyort. By General committee, bill altering name of Jane Church, etc. ordered to he en gre F.sed. Hills introduced. By Mr. Brown of G., in Addition tj chap. !i uf U.S. (fur licensing teni perance houses gratis,) referred to committee OHjlicenses. By ,1r. Novo, relating to militia (providing for emolment of militia, and doing nway with all trainings, or any service, except in ca? of riots, insurrection or invasion,) re lerred to General Committee, alter some d,s. ru.-sion by Moists. Sargoant, Bobbins and Cobb, Oj to ;i. Resolution. By Tr. Griswold, instructing the committee on Education to inquire into the expediency of subtcriliin:: for copies of Thomp son's now (iazettccr for the slate library and to exchange with other states ; adopted. Adj. FRIDAY -MORNING,, 29, 184 1. (UTlio doings at Montpclier possess lit tlo or no peculiar interest. A joint assem bly was held on Tuesday, and tho Supreme Court Bunch completed hy the election of Hon. AIii.o L. Kc.NKC'rr, hy a majority of .-38 votes over all others. Wes ton, fc.sq. was also re-elected Kepoitcr ol decisions of the Supreme Court, by a very decisive vote. The election of Scrctary of .State, and some other officers, was put off to AVedesday afternoon. The nominations fortius county have been ratified. Theie is uo change from last year, except in;the appointment of Jail Commis sioners. That board nowconsists of Israel P. RiciiAitDsoN, John K. Giur, and Cha's Jj. Nelson. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. Wc are happy to perceive that this meas uro meets with decided favor at AIont e'ier, sand thero is a strong reason to believe that a bill making provision for it, will be passed at the present session. Tho committee to whom tho subject was referred, speakes un equivocally in its favor, and report a short bill authorizing tho Governor to appoint a commissioner for the purpose, and appropri ating two thousand dollars to commence the work. rni !.. :...!...: x , w.......iiuu ... ... .. ..n.o, e u.u, what wo have never doubted, that public sentiment is nearly unanimous in favor of tho measure : "Having been selected from every county in tlio Stale, andjudging from tho informa tion derived from their own intercourse with tlio people of their respective counties, as well as from tho assurances of other gentlemen, who have had opportunity to be informed, the committee have como to thu conclusion that tho sentiments of the people of ,i ; 1,1,3 State aro nearly unanimous in their approba- tion oi sucn a measure, inuecu, it is sup posed hy the committee, that it has not been owing to any want of conviction in the minds even of tho Legislature, that a geological, survey would bo very beneficial to the inter- estsofthc State, that that measure has not already received its sanction. The appar- ontly embarrassed state of the treasury has bcenthe obvious causo of the delay. Hut this causo can now hardly bo thought by any ono to exist. The Into act of Congress, or dering the distribution of tho proceeds of the sales of public landsamoug tho several Slates will furnish adequate funds, a small portion of which only, will bo demanded for that purpose; and in the opinion of tho commit teo, such portion can, in no way, bo so bene ficially employed." Tlio probable expense Is put down at S8.0OO. Death ov Mr. FonsvTii. Tuesday's mail brought us tho news of tlio dentil of tlio Hon. John Forsyth, of Georgia, Into Secre tary of Statu of tho United States, during the adininistrtition of Mr. Van Huron, and part of that of Gnti. Juckson. IIo died at Wash ington on Friday night of bilious fever. Air. Forsyth had boon for many years in public lifo, having been both a Representative) and n Senator in Congress from Georgia, for many years, and under tlio administration of Air. Mtinroc, Minister to Spain. Air. For syth canio into Congress in 1SE1, during the late war with Great Britain. Ohio Election Tho Columbus State Journal m announcing tho final result uf tho election in Ohio, says that "our opponents Imvo carried both branches pf tho Legisla ture by a majority of two in each house." This result has been produced by tho gross est apathy on tho part of tho Whigs. In Highland county tho Whigs lost a Senator by nine votes, and a Representative hy fivo Ten more Whig votes thoroforo in that co unty would have tied both branches. Tho Whigs have lost two Representatives by about 30 votes, in Delaware district, where thero is a Whig majority of 300, and in Ross dis trict, whero there is a clear majority of GOO votes, thero was a loss of a Senator and three Representatives. In other counties thero was similar results, from the indifference of tlio Whigs. T1IE ELECTIONS. It is said that some local elections in Ohio and elsewhere, recently, havo resulted in iho partial success of Locofocoisui. It must he evident to the most common observer, that these supposed abstractions from tho Whig strength, which, at tho worst, are but slight, can also be hut momentary. Every ono knows that the whole Whig party is suf fering lit this timo from a sort of paralyzing apathy, the origin of which U clearly to bo traced to tho sudden privation suffered hy the country in the lamentable and unexpected death of President Harrison. To that cause and that alone is to ho ascribed all our sub sequent disagreements and difficulties. An other session of Congress, and a little tune to recover Irom the astounding effect of our first misfortune, and the Whigs will assured ly again rally, ami resume the exercise of their legitimate functions and prerogatives ns the Majority op the American i-eople. Since the sliouU and huzzas uf the Locos have somewhat subsided, an opportunity is afforded to consider tlio fnrts of their boast ed victories. What aro they, and to what results do they lead ? What have they gained in Maryland 2 A Governor without power or influence, and a Legislature, which has the irksome task to perform of increasing the taxes. What in Georgia, in Pennsylvania and Ohio 1 Tho same. The triumphs arc utterly barren. They are not even indica tions of future elections. They have been won by ;i diminished vole, even on their own side, and hy a still greater diminution on the Whig side showing conclusively that the majority is still with tho Whigs, and oc casion is only required to bring it into play. THE RECENT ELECTIONS. It is a matter m ;;oiior.ll congratulation with the Opposition Pros, that they have been able to carry so uniiy uf the recent ejection'!. Under the existing circumstances, with .1 President and Congress of tho tame party, at b words' poiniF, ami a omuiiici breaking up in a quarrel, i His surprising tint the Whigs have been able I to stand their "round so well. What tlm num. sition have, however, is but a barren sceptre. They luve mjiiio btate Goernments, so...e for ono year, others perhaps fur more, but no Members of Congros-, no Federal officers, noth. lug- in short but tho barren sceptre. The explosion now of Cabinets, &c. &c, is over. The People and the part uf tlio People begin to t-cc things about as they are. Tlio tune of Whig Committees and the" Whig Press is moderating, and we are in general learning pru dence, amid disaster. No Whig votes are chan ged. Ao lug votes aro lost. The patty on its old principle of action is as strong as over. 'The elements of power are within us as vigor ous as in Octobsr last, and at tho time when MCtory win win more than a barren sccntre. we shall be in tho lield abuut as strong as ever. A verdict h is boon taken by default in Maine, Pennsylvania, .Maryland, and'Gcorgia, and pro. bably Ohio. We shall move for a new trial anon, shall havo it too, and then stand rrctus iu curia. The revolution backwards, as wo fancy now, is about over. The worst has been done. New York, if we mistake not, will make headway against it, if not in full, in part at least, a-s prac tically ollei'ti.o as if in full. Tho roar anil up roar of Loco Fcicci victories in other .States have never daunted "That Hall." wo stunned once before, in a much stormier timo than this, when all the States seemed criiched except New Yoik. Certain it is the Whigs of this great State feel no dismay. They underhand and reason well upon the unfortunate misunderstandings that have led to recent defeats in other States, If they liau sixty days more to organize their forces, they would recreate an old fashioned N' 1. A ; . ... i j m vmiury. .vs u its me great interests of 0 j., an(J 0 ncccssi, ,,f ,,uar(lin,, am, I protecting mem, ougiit to arouse as much action, as if national questions wero in issue. The Opposition that calculate so much upon tho recent elections must needs remember the. opposition victories, of 189-30. What did they amount to against Gen, Jackson) After every Presidential election, indeed, in which there is a hot struggle, tho dominant parly na turally roposcs upon its laurels. When ours aro really in danger, rely upon it, wo shall havo tho spirit that elected "old Tippecanoe." Hring out Martin Van Huron, for example, as now calculated upon in this btate, and see if we aro l not in arms. "An restoration," "down w th tho i ii , H n i - . .... , t7u7o:,:" ,U LATE AND IMPORTANT FROM CANTON. At an early hour yesterday morning wo receivod from Air. Gay, tho Agent of Alossrs ilarndcn &co. tho Now York American of , Saturday evening, containing highly impor- lant intelligence from Canton The proprietors of tho N. Y. .Imcrican despatched (ho steamboat Wave to tho ship Narragnnset, which was reported to bo off tho Hook with later advices from Canton. Tim papers and correspondence received by tho American contain the following news, be ing eleven days lator than proviotis advices. Passenger in tho Narra'ganset Mr. Wm. II. Low MtcAo, May 18, 1811. Dear Sir : You will seo by' tho unclosed that hostilities have again' commenced tho trado entirely stopped. All the foreigners have left Canton except tlio English forces. Iiopn for under almost any circunslnnces, is Several of tho factories have been partly tknt neutrals may proceed to Canton, to real demolished, and neatly all entirely plundered isio the foro'gn merchandize deposited thole, hy tho nibble and Chineso soldiers. Wo and to complete the lading of the ships ol- have news from Canton up to tho morning of thu i-'Olli, at which timo the iMiglisli wero still storming tho city. Tho land forces had pos session of the heights in the rear of the city, while tho men-of-war had possession of tho river in front and to tho westward. The loss of life on the part of the Chinese has been tremendous. There aro between 40 and 50 thousand Tartar and Chinese troops inside the city, into which tho men-of-war aro pouring incessant vollics of shells and rockets, in order to drive them out to a close engagement with tho English soldiers on tho heights. The English havo sustained considerable loss. On the 21st May Capt. Elliot issued at Canton tho following. Circular. "In the present situation of circumstan ces, Hor Hrilunnic Majesty's Plenipotenti ary feels it his duty to rcccommend that the British and other foreigners now remaining in tho factories should retire from Cantor, before sunset. Elliot, II. Al. Plenipotentiary. Hritish Fuctory, 21st May, 1841 . Tho paper from which tho above is taken, then proceeds to state the preparations made by the Chinese with tho view of commenc ing hostilities 1 In many of tho packhouses and even on their roofs, cuds', had been planted ; every street leading to the river's edgo had become a masked battery ; and pennons and flags over every one of them : soldiers wore seen every where, and even in the Hong morclmnts' warebousos whilst teas wero boing weighed. The whole river side from the French fol ly to tho most northern end of Canton pre sented ono continued line of fortification, and a large number of guns wero planted on Dutch and French follies. A new fort had been built at Shaming, and it was known that an immense number of fire-rafts had been prepared in many creeks in different parts of the river. In fact the magnitude of tlio Chineso preparations prove that they wero now bent upon most determined resis tance, and to drivo tho English out of the river without much greater loss of timo and that to effect this a simultaneous attack on the different positions of the English was in tended. The following extract from a letter dated, Macao, 30th May, 1841, gives a concise statement of what occurred subsequent to tho issue of the above note by Capt Elliott. On the evening of tho 20th, all the Eng lisli residents had embarked, and only lour or fivo Americans, confiding in the assurance oi me Ldiinoso, remained in the factories the samo night the Chinese commenced hos tilities by sending a fleet of fire-boats and rains against tho vessels of war lying near the city, but without doing them anv damage- 1 his act was avenged hy the Pylades, and steamer iNcmesis, they attacked and des troyed a battery near the Factories, and about forty fire-boats, and as many fire raits. On tho morning of the 22J an American resident (Air. Coolidge,) was seized hy the Chinese, and taken from his factory ; at the same time that a boat belonging to the American ship Morrison, with three passen gers and seven seamen, were captured, soon inter leaving the factories for Whampoa, and the party carried prisoners into the ci- 1' From this, the time was occupied by the English, in concentrating their Ibices near me cny, iiiiiu -im, ni t r. im. i lie llya cir.lh lb, Alodeste 18, Pylades 18, Nimrod 18, Coiuiabus 10, Cruzer 1G, and Algerino 10, having taki'ti up their position in front of tl o city and suburbs, opened ti.'Oir fire upon every otlensive noint of the Chinese, who returned it with considerable spirit at first, but wore soon cnmpolled to desert their guns. At .3 P. M. a body of soldiers, about 400, were landed at tho foreign facloiies, in the vicinity of which, thoy found tho Americans, who nad been taken prisoners two days bc- lorc, cxammcu uy ino uuinorities, and ic 1 j.i scil. Another statement says that Mr Miller, ono oftha passengers, has been so very bad ly wounded that his lifo is despaired of; ono ol tho crew is likewise missing, probably killed, and all the others arc moro or less wounded, and suffering from tho privations thoy have sinco endured. Mr. Coolidgchas been liberated in the same manner as the others The firing was continued until about 9 P wuen mo suuurus wero on uro in sev eral places, and nearly all the batteries on shore in possession of, or destroyed hy the English. Whilu this was going on in front of Can ton, den. Oough was landing his troops 1800 men, at tho foot of tho heights, in rear ol the Lity,;md on the morning ol the 2olh he commenced operations : particulars ol the day's work aro not yet known further, than that with n loss of some 40 killed and wuiinded, four batteries wore taken from the Chinese, and great nuiiibms of their officers! and soldiers killed, the heighis commanding tho city taken, r,nd Iho British forces en tro:;ched upon them. The loss of the Chinese on this occasion is variously cstimatedtn( 3 to 5000, and even as high as 10,000 men, and they now find to their cost and extreme disappointment that they aro unablu to copo with European troops on shore, as they havo before proved themselves in their encounters with British forces afloat. On the 25th, tho vcsssls of war wore en gaged in quieting and destroying the few remains of opposition, and and in tho even ing Mandarins called on Captain Elliott with flags of truco to negociato for the preserva tion of tho city. Our advices from the seat of action and negotiation uro to the morning of the 27th, when it was said the Chinese had capitulated and offered a very largo sum of money for tho ransom of tho city, which, it was sup posed, would then be saved. It is scarcely neccssasy for us (o say, that since (he 11 (h, nothing has been done'iu the way of sales of imports, and that all ship ments of teas, &.c. cease on tho 21st, our establishment, in common with all others, is again removed to Macao, and wo fear with a prospect of being obliged to remain hero for several mouths, inasmuch as in the event of a suspension ofhostilities, and Can ton being left without further injury, wo do not think thu British merchants will trust thomsclves there while the British' forces are drawn off to the northward. Wo think it will bo found necessary to renew the block ade of the port, and the most that wo can a China Irom India. We oncloso u report of the caruo of tho Narragansett, by which you will seo that tho total export sinco 1st July of last year, is on ly 90,900 chests. Wo doubt if she ladim? of tho American ships at whampoa will be com- pieicu without much tielay ; and viewing the stato and prospect of foreign relations with China, in whatever light wo may, still wo look.upon it as almost certain, that high prices lor i eas, must and will rule in Lu ropo and America during the ensuing vcar or'lwo. ,L-atb from Florida. By tho way of Savannah wo have later news from Florida. SeyoraJ murders Imvo i-ocently been com- ittcd in East Florida by a party of 15 or 20 Indians, wj'io had attacked fivo different places; Oii their retreat from one of" their excursions, they canio across the encamp ment of Capt. Fulton's Dragoons, and im mediately attacked it. Thev were quickly repulsed, however- Hosgilake's people have failed to conic in at Tampa, as'thcy promised. Only about GO of his band arc there. TiceftnlL'ii was thought, would keep his promisoiand surren der. N. Y. Amer. . Semmcs, who killed Prpf.. Davis it 'th Diversity of Virginia, anjrfHio ttd beU Univ liberated on bail of$25,GOt),'fllilcd tp appear when his trial came on,' so that lus rocogriK-, ance is forfeited. Cincinnati. Tnenty-fourstoaniboals havo been built at Cincinnati this year,and eleven moro will bo launched before tlio end of De cember. Father and Son. Gen. Henry Godgo is tho new delegate to Congress from Wis consin Territory, and his son, Augustus C. Dodge, the delegate from Iowa. Both arc democrats. Albany Areus. l HANiisniviNC. 1 nursday, iNov. vo, is appointed by the Executives of Alassachu- setts, Maine, NcwIIampsh'ro and Connec- icut, to bo observed as tho day of annua public Thanksgiving. Pennsylvania Election. In tho 39 counties from which wc liao official returns, tho Whig vote is 25,089 less than at tho Presidential election Inst November, and the Opposition vote, 7382 less. Importance ok One Vote. Air. Darsie, the Whig candidate for Senator in Allegha ny, has been elected by a plurality of o;ic vote. This gives the Whigs a ma jority of one in the Senate, and is another illustration ot tho importance of one vote. Franklin House lioslon. The travel ling public are referred to a notice of this es tablishment in another column ; and thu fol lowing from the Boston Traveller, may bo relied upon as a very safe endorsement . " Among the favorite hotels of Boston for merchants and business men from the inte rior, this house seems to stand conspicuous. It has now been under the direction of Mr. Macomber, well known in former years at the Elm street Hotel, and ono or two houses, in New York, whoso reputation and untiring efforts lo please, have secured for the estab lishment a largo share of patronage. It is well located near the market and shipping, and is at the same time hut a short distance from the Post Office and tho public prom enades. The apartments arc airy and well furnished ; the table is always supplied with tho choice products of tho sea and land, and lie clmrgo no mom than at other houses of tho same class." 3M2 In Cholches'cr, Oct. Slh, 1311, nt the residence of Alferd 11. Allen, Mr. Al tonus Cushinan, aged eighty nine vears. Printers in -Mass. aro requested Ac. LYMAN A COLK have rcctivrd a Iar(;e assortment of Buffalo Rubes a nd Fur Collarsand Trimmings. Oct. 29. NF.W Goods in great abundance at at piiccs to suit the purchaser. .. II. Scott's, Oct. 20. 2 O. O Pieces French, Ku;lish and American Prints, just re( tived and for talc at ihe lowest pneces, by Oct. 29. S. B. SCOTT. WOOL Dye, Plain and Diamond Beaver Clolhs, flold mixed, Paris Diamond, and Wool Dye lllack Cassimeres, Blue, Olive, Invisible Green, and black broadcloths, satinetts, Ac.&c. just receivediu coniplolo assortments, cheap, verv cheap, hy Oct. 29. S. B. SCOTT. T7URSandFur Trimmines, consisting of nnjjlish X Squirrel, Oenei, nnd Coney Mulls, AFtrttca1! nnd Knghsli Square Robes, Pass, natural and colored Coney fkin?, Nutria do. White Coney Plates, Ac. Ac. .cocked this day by (Oct. 29.) U. SCOTP. A DO.. Heavy Plaid Shawl' 4 Oct. -. by .S. B. SCOTJ, MilV STOHi: AMI NKW GOODS. SSI. POi'B is now receiving his fall stock of Goods, consisting of a general assortment of Dry Goods. Groceries, Crockery nnd Hard ware, which hcnfTcrs fur sale at a small advance from cost. Oct. 23, 1641. A PURSF. containing .a turn of money was left at the poso office in this village a few wjeka since, which the owner oan have hy recognizing and satis fying ihepost matter as lo the ownership. ' lliirlinsmn, 29lh Ocl. 1811. LIVERY STABLE. Q .S.SKINNKRhasfrnihe.l O. himself with len G O O I), new and conenienl Carriatrcs and Harness MiitesI to then-atou. Saddles Bridle.., lempcratcy faithfd, and Iriihly Driver-, and all ttherapparatu's iieccsjarv 10 cru Iho public -V4'crcao.cViVs,' tern... lo Fast ndo Conn Home . Square. Burlington, Oct. 29ih, 1811. 8v AG II N Fit A L Asortmcnt ol ready made A'.uldle-, Harne.-fcs nnd Trunlir, fd mle al iho old Hand north idc thcipmre, near J. How ard' Hotel, w Till Mit h additional ar lick as is UMially found in my line of hiincis. Whips .Spurs, Coinl s, Bri.ihes and I'elh, ndapteil in the approaching season. Flannel, Tow, and Full Cloih, .VI. iu 'nnd II ides ami all kinds of Farmer's produce reveivisl in psvincnl. Call and tee. S, S. SKI.NMJlt. Burlington, Vt.39tli, 1911. OTH.VYKD from tho sub. Otcrilur on or about llih inst. a largo rod and white Vow, with iho tips of both horns sawed off. Any one who svilldrie in said cow or give information where she nuVbafound h!U hniitaHy rewar.Wd, , Oet6, f,H- BRnNVrAir). rcauy in port. Wo aro without later intelligence from In

dia, but Commodore Bremer is daily ex pected on in tho steamer Queen, to rosumo command of the naval forces, and it is under stood that a reinforcement of eight regiments about G,500 men, is now on tho way to TIIKsubscritorofltrs for sale nt his Urick Shop, in Cherry Street, n largo variety of Vvu, con-tistincof Ocnctt furs White, prey, brown and black furs, for Lsdici inmmiiifs Lyr.xand squinet Uoas ALSO Superior black Oiler and hair Otter vnps .Shetland and south sea scat do, lioys enps, for 150 cents Fur nnil hnir cnllnts. n variety Northwest Buffalo Robes I'ur and cloth enps repaired, aud Caps made lo order, by , Wm I.SF.VMOIR. Burlington, Oct. 29, 1911. DISSOLUTION. n"MIH pirtncrjliip heretofore evistine between H . (!. lil.nekninn A. Lmn Jffi.thll ;. ,1.1. .... lwolvcd by mutual ccn mt. , ' H.C. m.ACKSMN, , . L. I). TUMULT.. Unclmnn. Jericho, Ocl. 2, 1841, LYMA.N" k COI.E oftVrfoJ inle Hack and Illie lllack ntld Cllt'll tilk V.Kola. r,,r !.!,,!' Il.,n.,r,. .ondCloalt Trimmings: Alsoajricty of silk Fringes. - -' K Ilia subicnl it, liavhiir U-en appointed by tho " Prn) nin'rtiir, tn iln. III. .., Cliiitendun i ciiiiniissioners lo receive, examine and oiljno.ihe claims anJuiaiili of all perous, again.) lUlb Wl Jahi:z pkn'mma v late of Colchester, In aiJ UlMrict, dn eaed, repre nled insolvent, in. l :i.o n'l claims and demand ux Jut mv in oiiel Itierelti an I six iimnlln fiom tho dale hereof, liein? alhiwel l,y j:d I Court, for that p irpo-oj we do lierrly qive noliec, that ucwil attend tn the Iri'iiHMiof o ir nppnintmen', nt the dwelling of John I ' 5 1 "' 11 1 """, o" iceonJ .MuMtiuir, ui .iHlliilli v Hlli Aliril hex!, nt 111 n l rw-L'. LM.Onin 1i of aid i'av. .bated, tins ltthTay cl'Oc'i.Ur, A. I). 1311. A I. VAN FOOT!', I LUTIIKlt I.OOMIS, i -omnif dim NEW ESTABLISHMENT. (SUCCESSORS TO K. IIItlGCS,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, - W?,1'1;" re",eo1 ii,?,xarry on the c. .-peoifu ly iiifurm the,ilnut cf ami me surrontKlini: e.un,ry, lint (nftrlinnntti Thi.t.t... ... nil : . -- -f ... j ull ii, ariao 1 ranelie-. DiMcrmined in u.i, tl. i-n. l matLrtnl'Mii mnnuliieiitrinrr. tl.fv i,.;!! r,i .,n ,,..... Itirni-li .iieji iiantu nnil other-dralmn Confe.tion-!tnc-, u:hhe I eswualiiy, an I on the lowest ui-.crini. oihjh uii uji,uru', two uoor So ith tf S. I.. Hortni-iPt Suire, nrwly and neattkliitol up, where, u cordially iivVHtfll to cnll nn I eifcnin? o it articles coui-.inx ol-H Ijindj (if 6VicA- Cumtv, lidllj and Ki-!0-. Ilc.nts mid J)iit'mon,. llr.n.L (',.,. mint, IjCjium l)ro;, Viinllla'Crtam, License., mar Plumb. Carraivav.. Coin'ti!. luIlT 11,..!. 11...1. ...i Ilrnwn Candy, h igar Sand, Motfti and Secrets Siipar Apple, I'utatccs I'i'ftS and UaU-is kwitb varicm ulher articles loo lmuieroui to l,r lueulionol. A cencial a. rimrnt if ml. and fancv L'aL... hand, and bake I to order, together willi Ie Creams 10 lurniin parue., ac. cvr. ALSO Couch Candy, which we roeommeuj fur Confhs Colds IIoar.cnos &' We do not pre.,i I to siv with .Mr. J. I'tase ityon. that lurCandcwill ll ihica.u leading to Coiuumpuon, we tbinL that is paying iou ni.iei., CLOCKS, We have a good n-ortmeiit of i-ni nnd Woodtn iivct., w inuit wc vn. crv miw 1 t eah 1 r ap- provul credit, ricate call ami cxainiuu Icfure pur cIm:ii; cNuwliere. rs. I) All orileri Irom a dMaurc. nnst n.ii,i. mil le luoinpllv allendivltii, and package and I oxc pi.t on I oard of .-lom' or loal., when required, fieu if ch.irsre. lie parttcilnr and :iddre- all order. 10 11 II". 1.111.. 1. 1. (tiuiiiMS, Loncclioncrs, thcie leingtwo uriui 111 1111; mihiu u.iiiic in me Viih.3 U ir'insion, Vt. Oct. 22, IS II. . LYMAN & COLE II A v 1., 111 a Jilitiontu their fur stork rf J J.i'ry V.OUHS, nu extensive as,.cr.inent i.l Fal and W.uier Gcnd j unions which will lofniiidn preal variety uf articles. I r Ladie-' Ch ak : Alpaeit f.'itif, a crv prcttv arnVIe: Alpnei-a ilk Ware. Caml.leitt-n, l'lniii Black Alpine, F.s'd do,, Satin iamai;, iirvcnciia, rcrian uiimi, Men.-li, uerinaii. anil Lnlh .Meriuoj, .viri'i.eiine ce lame and prmvd Saonies a urcat var ety and low priced; (ii m' liair an 1 mutation l.anii.u-l. S.A-.S'. A fmall nrrtmcnl of rich fis'd and tnpd Silk Heavy Black Canlcin, Orndc ,Sivis an I oikir silk., SHAWLS. i.uiiin s let M-anc". I U"l.. wii.-.e. and co orrH. few extra idze Wor-led bawl, lihue. s.i l lloviery, A larpu a.ornncnl ; an 1111 all v Urte aortment M Auicr.cun print-; Fiench an ll'n'eji h do. JJUMKST1C coons. Cntlnii rlicctintr and flnrlini:; Ticki. 1; and Wad huir ! Bleached Colton and Merrimac .h low. 7.t 1L Oil' S Wor'le.l Binding, -ilk do. Large round and square Mohair Cords for overcoat! "ilk Cord for drc"-oat.'i Wor-tcl a-td 'ilk i'ir?e; figure I nil; an I Velvet Muttons new ; -ewin; silk, Twist and Thrca P.i 'din?, Cauva-, te'ecini, l' I'd Jcanr, Brown ami Black l.meii ; plait for Facing; B.illons fi-r over coat, Ac. FANCY IIKFS. A variet) ofruhde l.aine, Chally, s.ll, anJ new stle Fancv Ilkf. nndVcil-. ' lillOAD CLOTHS. Ilcavv do die milled Proa I Clothsj Btaver and Pdut Clnlb ; Kiel. Diamond Braicr Cloth-; al-o a general as-ornnent of 11 irlinston Miit Cloiti!. Uenileinen an I Ladies are inilcJ locall and tixain ine our eryexicn-ive a.s.-ortinent, which we oiler at red'iccd pru e for Ca.h. B.irlmiton, 2J O I. 1811. 1'npular lintels. FRANKLIN, BOS I ON, Co:t. or Market St. and .Mekciiant'h Ror. JftV rP"L undersigned, (formerly of the lni street Unlet, and late nronnetor r. 1 . . n liii tf Cviigrejs Hall, New York,) would most resDcctfullv inform his friends and the public generally, that ho has become thu lessee 01" tins cslaDlishtnent, and putitin ample order for thtir accommrdalion. The house ish cnlcd in iheecntrcof bmines, with in a few rods of Quincy Market, and I lit a short du tanco from the landing of the Knglidi and Fastcrn Sieainer. Tho Imi3 cxpeiience tho subfcribcr has had in the management ot n nublic I lose, give's him perfect con. lidcneein hisabi'iiiis, and ho therefore pledges him self to give tatisfaction to those who lavor him with their palrotiaic. A Dining room has been fitted 1 ptxprcsslv for the accotnmoiiaiion 01 l.auics aniHicnilcmcn, wltirlt will be found dai'v sartadw'th ihebcst themarkn'u The Gentlemen a Ordinary! which can accmnmoda'c nmiui iou persons svui uo preiviuca Willi a 1 the enli manual luxuries 01 me fcnsois. I'hp Servants will be found honest nnd attentive oxcrting lhcm!c!veson,,l occasions to ewe salisfac-in-r.. J. T. MACOMBER, Q T1IAY ST Ell It. Stray. 0 cd fiom the nubscribcr. in May last, a light red, two-year-old Slccr, with crop on the right car. A iui a- 1 le Compensation will bu tnnde in snv person who will give information where he mav bo f"ud DANIEL W. CHASE. Colchester, Oct. 16, 1811. QTlt.tVr.ll OR O Stolen I ! ftom Ihe s ibscriher on iho 10th int., a larco hay llomt'twuhnnc white hind foot, whosoever uiii ,r,..,.. where said horeo may be found, shall be suitably re warded. MOSES ATWOOD. Charlotte, Oct. 10, 1510. TAKE NOTICE ron Wm.VV.. bislnnp. Irian thw .T.s-n s. .,..(1 ISIS. not demand nnsl t.f biss-.lrtiiniri.. nop nni' am- ,..l 1. i t his e-einlraeniig from ihi.daie. .MERUIT ROCKWELL Alb'irgh, O-t. Cth. 1911. IfASIIIO N B I. E, Bonnet Silks of every stylo L and quality, Bl'k, B'ue Bl'k and China Silks for dresses, do. Satin fur do. Sars. Silks and Win'er Ribbons (new style,) Winter Artificial Flow era. Velvet, Ac.&c. J. P, WIIALNG. Oct. 1?, 1631. OATTINETTS. W.AD.D. r.rnhan,', t. KJ penor 1 1 k, b lis fmed drab and radel mixrsl sr. tinetts, CheaH hy E. JL WRIGHT it Co. ' hoo ks ef s tJtToIvekY. DA. lilt AM.V.M. Ins on hand and is ticcivmg t a large and well iclevii'd asforlnu'ntof art'let iu his line for the Fall Tiiape, ronsimiif; rf all kinds pfShui'l Books, and valuallc and popular works ihe most revent pu'.hciiiions ALSO A new ntpplv of Blank Bonks, consisting of I eg. gers, Journal); l)ay, Invoice, Note, an I Bill Rooks of all sizes, in full and half lending Cap nnd I.etier paper, nf the best kind, Drawing, Tissue, Jioroveo Marl Blolting, nnd oilier arielies of paper Ink' ftuills Slates, Bonnet Boards Pencils, Sand Boies' letter Stamps, re I Tape and Siationery cqeriUv! 't-rcat '.'ar:r OcMs. H THOMAS will continue hit Auction Satai in the afternoon of every Wednenday and Satur. day. A jtca;q;nntity of Household FWnllurcof Uitlercnt descriptions will be oflcred, toRtb. er with Hlovraif varioin kind", with pipe. Sales, of Dry Goods, Cutlery, Clocks. Jewelry, 0V0., &ce, ftfll be Ohcrcd Tuesdnv. Thursilnr nnil Snlurrlnv ti.nlrr.. until further nolieo. Octobei 18117 ' OO KnelM. and American Printt, 2 " lllerehed Slioetincs, 1 Col d Cambrics, 1 " Apron Cliecle, Juna 1st, 15-11. jut received by VILAS, LOOM1S & CO. Oct. , 1BII. On 11AI.F.3 Drown Sheeting, OU 2 do. do. nrillinir a do. do. Tickings, I do. Cnnvasa Paddinir, II Pieces Red Pmldinir, 1 do. 10 inch Iturlnp, lust rctd by Oct. 1st, 1911. VILAS.LOOMIS & Co. SOASr.S Colored relish Merinos. 1 " Tllark do. ' I " Fin'd riombaiint, I Alpacra Cloth, 20 pinccs Itlark I!omba7ino, 20 " Printed Sarnnr, . foralby VILAS, LOOMI3 A CO. Oct. 1st, 1911. C.ASF, IViiioto Silk 20 pieoes ttlsek and Fiij'd d. 20 " t'onvrolldkru. 201b. Italisn SfwinffSilk, S" Itlnrk and enl'd Twist. O. t. 1, 1911, For sale hy VILAS, I.OOMIS, A Co. QOn r7"'' Wl'1"1 "nl colM Thread, FO fiross ttonnil and Flat T.srf .Oct. 1, 1311. For sate by VILAS, LOOMTS A. Co. ROO OP.OS? Milt Coat and Ve t Euitons, i'ni no. iinrn un. ua. cj. 2-0 fit do. do. Vest do. I'snnbi-n ia. Pearl Shirt do. do. d.. h or t.T VILAS, T.OOMI3 Jc CO. Ort. 1st, l?lt. Qflfl v DRILLFD F.v,dVedltir " OV A -n0 firnss iTooVs and Fyes. 100 do. K'ittim I'ini, 3 Cisps London Pins, 1 dn Amrri'-sn .'n test rM hr Oct lst.lltl. U.H. I.OOMIS A; CO. 1 CSF. Wood PoWt Combs, I F0 dot. f!rmsn b'ilvsr rlo. Can do. Tst do. Side ilo. Brass dn. for ssli! bv Wl. VILAS. I.OOMIS A CO. 1t)n " spnn " iO " nS2 Ju:t 1st FURS. O'TTTT! nd rcalrspsT.viT. CrKt. and Cnrv MuOs ,inpar, t,imi,, fn ,n.i rionjv Collars, twirls D iwn Boas and Olnvi .rc Ipot rpeo'd by 7lh Ort. R. M. WRIOHT Aro. TN'DIANIttihber'lhocs F'Tib-sllss sn-l Travellinc . t'-,.t,r,,r. r ir F,. AT WntOITTif. Co ' CASH wanted in exchange fir lstbpr. hv I. C. LOOMIS. OO Hs of rolo Leather, fiom to 2? (. for I.OOMIS. ssie hv i:. c, C1LOTIT CAPS. A new s,.nr"r.rn of all kinds ind n'Ve",jut reccitfdhv F..M. WRIGHT ACo. S.-pt. 23. NEW A lilt TV AL. AniI.L an I comnVt" a.or-tricn rf Pe I.stne Cbrne. .a'h .irii-o nnd p'nin. Printe-I Saxrnv. itn-it In in 1 in-'. V'ninp. n 'iViidi'd ar'i 'h' f r cica'--iml drpne. plain and figured; Merino", worted, plaid stui s.-fr-'fvj .Sirru tor mil linm.r. A-r. Ac. at the Mw ('Th .lore. (O -1. 1-2.) J. P. WHALING A Co, 1 O I IIS ! ! J'nt or cned, a irani-ral as.nnpent nf t'ra I Ll'i'h, ( .s irMrri", s-itinrtt and c-linps .-m 1 i.-r - inn cpt ai tne v a h si or', rn . hpTnl'e. O 1. 12. J. P. WHALING kVc. DntrTcrrs. Sh.s-tine-, Sh-r'iur NV'.slt;n7, WipVinir. t'enn Virn, ('o Bv'ne-, ifrn I- Iflll- pi-i w. fOc:. t-2t. .1. P. WH ll.INO A Pn r1 ftOCritlFS. lsr;i: nn I ...p. n.sPriiniMit nf 'Tf is. S VT'. Cii 'i-e. Riee, Mr hs. p., -nl manv other nc p.nrv armies lower tKin '-al for cn-h, Ot. 12. ' WIlALI.NC.f-rVs. jOQII.L"'. 100 hitnrrrt. of QnilU frr '" ' v w Oct. . GOODRICH. I RAWING PRNCHS. Pnrlish nra.-in-len.-il lor apl y O-. It. P. GOODRICH. NEW COODS. A '! .M- KKl. fss-rmcT nn Ic foun 1 at Fidvii mni.ow s .M-ev -tor ai Falls. S-n'eni' pr 17, IaM. PROTECTIVE SYSTEM. fll.OTIIS of siincnor an I dirnldp colors insl J mTiiifU-iurfl I y iIip R irlmiton 1 ill Co. fjr sn'e ' 'h-j'owr.t prices at the .Vcv Slorr, rally, I v fvpieiiiler, 17, ISII. SIDNEY BARLOW, .'.llit WI l.l.'.s Nllllf, t iipw nr'n'pnt. tnst X re--ei', e"l, at ai inp .sew :orp. ssmn-ei rails. SIDNEY BAR LOW. Ssptrinler 17, ISH. Tsv, TO SPORTSMEN. IJtJtCINSlON GUNS, pnv.,',.r flks, .'oul le and nn?! ilint Mi, pcreu-non caps, pnuVer nnd Sim,, rnntianny on nan-i, lor ralp at the. Hardware ' ' " J(. .MOODY, Scp'emler IS, IS II. Drurgi.t. 8 urrr i cine cnMno . S .-'.. ' s.uii.-.. riiiiry 110., ivorv an 1 Patent R 7.0R STRAP" with Paste, the best articla ove-invented. Gent's. STOCKS verv "-nirir r. by October 23. N. LOVELY, pne-HONO and Grren TEAS.Cri.sbed I.. Sugar, J Bsx Raisins, Mohss!tl Sugars. Enc rtumntf Octobsr 1. By N. LOVELY. STONE'S PAST STEEL AXES. Warranted mt. potior to any thing in Market SO Hot. for sale by STRONGS ,f. Co. Julvl. 1PI1 QJONG HOOKS K crest ariely Pnm.p snd niber 1 pS'mr UceU, for 'at at 'HUNTINGTON'S, L. llc-e s tree!. 5pt. '21. Ken" Tailorinir Kita!IIsj5imcrU, On Pearl Street. ihi'ribcr rcp.-ctfulL' informs the pu lias opened a shop in the n-.v bne'-e hi ir west of Iho Pearl. st. Hoin that he has opened a shop in the n,-.v bne'-e build in 15 one door west of iho Pearl-st. House, wbrrc he will be happv 10 rrreive oulers from hia friends the public. Work nf esery description execulf the most fashionable stvle, or to s.iit anv peci sand execulei! in III tsn(-,,'ta taste of his patrons. All orders promptly attendad to. A share of patronace u ohrtd. Burlincton, Sept. ?, 1S1L M. O. RATH BUN. BIRLEsS. pi.A, AIN Bitle, oelSMs, ih'i'P. " " " rpo, ' " " " CeneorJaae., Fine " " ralf. gilt, " " " Tnrlev, do. Just rev-eivcd, and fnra',! ly CHAl'NCEY GOODRICH. 211 O-t. IStl, NEW SCOXS. Memoirs of Father JIathcw My Son's own Book Sunday whocd teachers Companian -Me -ha ic's own Book Lives of eminent Mechanics' Laws ofirad? Brown, ll's Commentary rn the Rook of Com mon Prayer, Just ree'd hv C. GOODRICH. yni'XIl ORATOR, or Now York Class 1 Bock, 300 Copies, just ree'd hv Oct. II. C. GOODRICH. irTeachers are rf queued to examine the abr vc. Sl'PEROR Linen, Csmbriek, Linen J.awn, Inh I. lien, Linen Damal, Linen Napkins niu Linen Hd'kf, Just ree'd hy E. M. WRIGHT A Co. A LSO 1. Cati.brick, Jackonett, SarrinMI, Midi A Muslins Bnrd Carn'ct and Swiss Mit; - Jao, h ig d nnd plain lliussells French, qj -TV S Swiss lins. Railroad. nett warn tilonil Ni ttrd and plain Bobbnut S.m BInnd apidcr-nctt and Greenn Lares, 'I hre-ad, Ldc nnd Blond Filtriugt, Foa SAtr. Cufap nv "1 1 1, IS1I. K. M. WKIGUTA Co. KKW HOOKS. Ictifp for Cs 1 1 1 1 .175 Life as it is i selui and Happy Charles Lmn Leslie Grnham, 1 y .?unt Merchant's Daughter elo. Widow, Buck's Jtcligibua A'nec . dotes Tor Sale for Cahi by Oct. S. ISdL Sill V S. HUNTINGTON. MUH1CAL Instruments Ac. B U A F flat Mttn. ncttM, B A 0 Fu'es, Flapcli-t, Ouilar, Violc and Violincrllo'ftrinyK, iceievni by July 21 1811. PANOIIORNA RRINSMAID T VMAN if- COLti IIukh for sale Mess aud PriKi- I'otk Shoulders and llama. RurlinglotiOct. 81I1. JUST, on Saturday evciunij Ins1, in tho lower jiai J of the town, the cape lo Ladies Cloak. Tl.v finder wilt l. liberally rewarded on leaving the satu at ihe subscribers dwellinz honae, llurlin.ionOct. G. 1811, Wm. P-PHILLIPS, Tin l'latc, hcct frou, Stu 1 KC BOXES Tin Plate, 1-3 IX. 1 OKJ " Canada Irnn, M) Bundles Kn.and Atnerhen Iron, 100 " assottcdNos. Toeethe r with a eaneral assortment of Tinner . ariieks-by VIL.VS, LOOMIS A CO. Ocl. lsj, 1941. jgrack Tea', for salo ly July IC. WIIAL1NO & CO. . .Memoir of ibe UEV. THEOUALD M.VllltW L Willi an necount of the Hue and l'n,L"re, J Tetitpcranedla Irelalid. rora'o atlhcboM; or. July 13. u0 D. A. UOAMAX LUMBER.- CLAP-BOARDS-, Flour-Boards, Clear-Board,, and Shiatrlw, lor aale hy . u KICKOK, ' We it Side Court lloutu S'juwt, 80ih October 1811. JUST RfCEIVED.- On l Class Heai'urs, dOUc00 2l" " 750 3J " " And for ale lv CIIAl'NCL'Y GOODBICB- Oj!.2, 18-11. TJ1BLK Quadrupeds XJ Pilgrims l'rufjre-s, Fine Kd. L&'liireaon Drai.mliu Art and I.i'erature, Ly AT bculugel, Irom the Ucrman, ly John U au, Jtut receiveil, airl fur le l.v CHAUNCLV COOLiRIClL M 0.t. 181. A NEW WARRANT ISSUED. TIIK Milieribers would return tbsnl.s for the libar " patronage a TordeJ them by the pjhlm ar.d wo- 1 invite llieiu lo vxaminu the I ct wicctidn, wlnuh ll have received ol lllack, Uluc-Back, lihie. Invisil. Oreen and Uruwn Beaver CI01I11 J Uiaek, Blue-Bis and Fancy C.iini.rea and I), tr Pantaloon Satin, Velvn, bilk and Valencia for ett and ln mini's, of all kinds nud of Ihe I -4t qua'ily the inar - ad'urd., and wh eh they will make into garments 1 any wiui niay f.ivor them witli the.r accori iniz 10 .uciroruer, (r leu 10 iiieu.eive, ill 111c u. r fa-hional le htvlc a, reported lv the I e. t rrnurin - ibeeiiy of Ixjmluu nnd New York, ar.d warranto ' til. nocxpencewill le spared to obtain inforu t Hon luoutbly, it Willie at once teen that on lt len.u a warrant can certainly lu qien. All erdora promptly exueuted fur lltad-j Pay oi.'., U. III..S.NSi5i HO. I'Juil nctice 2J door Sovlh cf the Hank, Ctur Strttt, Uurlinglon, 't. P. S. Tlwe who enil ordor lor work will pluses lo particular in Haviu; their measures taken conu-j-? to ensure a perfect lit. OUTLINES of Geography -uid lIMurv, by Frc Kmersoii, 300 copies inn reo'd by C. COOURICi Teachers will le furni.-he.-d with copies for exam.. Medicinal I.lutiors 1 BE S T Port and .Madeira Wines tftct Cnsrr' Brandy and Holland Gin, Alehohol and Mpdur. spirit, for Camphor, Jke-. by PECK t SPEAR, llotanlciil .tlcdlclliisj ! IT'VKRY artiele iu this 1 ran -I. e-onstanlly on ban! -iat wholesale and retail, by PECK ef- SPEAK. ue:. 15. For Sate. riMIE Farm known as the Vernon form, eitna:c-d ' Jl Cilchester, about one lir'le It-low the Bndsre Onion River lower falli-. Said farm contains aboi two b in drcd acres of in'crVale', nud seven acre ij uplniul, wuh a goexl --lory hall home, two bam , ana , 1 corn earn niiincu iiicrenu. .-sam laneU ai well fenced nud in good coudi'iori. For further mf.f maiion apply to GEORGE II. MOOIIE. liurhiigloii, Oct. 12, IS II. 19S SJTOVES. A great variety comprising nearly a'l tho kinds now in ate of Cooking stmcs of tb: most improved patterns ; Hot mid parlor Stove, light kind and izes at greatly nsluceei pi ice, by Oct. 13. 11ICKOK A C.VFLIN. QALT.- -'00 Barre's, '-'000 bushels 111 hulk, for sal, Oct. 13. I1ICKOK .f- CATLIN. I by GUIOCEKIE. A general aaforlmcnt, for sale at 'very low prices, by H1CKOK &. CATLIN. C10DFISII, Lamp Oil, Linseed Oil and Paints at ' Oct. 13. 1IICKOK A CATLIN'S. 1DURE Salt, A new article, warranted Pure, man . ufactured by an entirely new process, si as u cleanse the silt from every other substance. lOelO bushels of the above for as by Oct. 13. I1KKOK& CATLIN. THE Burlington Brewery is now in full operation, and Bctrof die very besi quality is kept con stantly on h ind for sale in wbols or nan barrels. U. 1'ETEIISON. Oct. IS, 1M1 1 Oil Scw Packing Barrels for sale hv LKJVJ Oct. 13. GEO. PETE ETERSON. nICKOK A CATLIN West side of the Court House Squire, would invite) the attention of purchasers of Flour, who wish for a superior article manufactured from New Wheat, to a lariro lot which they now base on hand and will sell as low as can L bought in this place. Oct. 13. . I T l. t:s II ... it- . ., . I "i." "e lnvlI attention rf 1 w our Friend." an I Customers, to a new lor of ies. elry which we have just received, ci.mpri-ing a van. ety of Cameo, .Mosaic, painted, topaz, Opal, game', and paste pins, Unhy, Emerald, Opal, chrystal anri Jet Rings t a good assortment. r We huvealsj ree'd a few jit hearts and crosses some of Picntiss' milk of roses, diamond cement s'liall button moulds, metal eyelets, English drestin.j combs, Chspmsn's razor strops, cloth's bnulitx, Flutes Ac. Oct. 7. Panoboss A Bbissmaid. 1TNEW PsAZiZs GOOJJf.JUl Cloak Trimmings Fringes S Ik and Jloharr, Frmccs, for Shawls Silk and Merino and Ben derins Gi:np3 and Chcniels for working. Sdk Tvsiti. for working reticules, a new article. Silk R'-ticidis, Bead Hags purses and money bass Silk Shawls Scarfs, Cravats and H'd'ka, Silk" for Dte.sfes, tiewttyle Thread Laces, Insertions, Kduinca ruo'.i'':, 3 jtinctt and 1 niton La- m fire tian Wire tint, Had rv..;'1, du. fidk Vclvels for Trimnntiss, do. d.i. fur Vests and Men's wear Coat and VcH Trimmings Velvet fin'd Coat nnd Vest Bultcns Ato, Wjrste.l and French Guds Purchsiwd before tho new Tariffi f "0 per cent. Remora that '.'0 per 1 cnt is wonh saung. Printed r'ntonys and Alparhas . Challys, Plain and fig'd Men'noes ( Very Orcadians do. do. Bombazines i Superior. Miuschnede Laines ' Linens, Diapers Mieelings, Table-Clolbs, ana all Guod'.of that description, 20 per cent saved. Wcnnw offer 11 more general and complete assort ment of the above desciiplioti of4Good. than ever bp fore, being aware lhat a newTanfTof 20 per cent was about to In imposed. We purchased extensively and can a ord s icli Goods, cheaper than we could other, ivise h-uodnne. Call and examine for yourselves. Likewise a new and full supply of Broad Cloths, Beaver, nnd Pilot Coatings, Casi.'imi-res, et Satinctta. Oct. 14. 13-11. LOVELY sV lll'ULBUT " v7msTEi) NKi:in.r.sT BLACK silk Hags, Rodrrrs and Elliots bent Kr. oi, Bankern Shenrs, Black Straps, Silk fashtv. Miniattnc cones, and nter Goods. Kan-ived at PANGBOUN A BRIN3MAID. IF.VD PIPrnndCi r per pumps S 'ons lead pipe -; J to 1--I also Copper pumps by SsTKONGS sV C6. July 1 f5U. 2Ij. Oct. 1811. aurCIt KKTURNS. rpili: monev rccciveUor tho Great sale of Ooads X in September, nt HOWARD'S, lias been icmveated llirouiih the N ltoontns, hvoneof ihe most lliorough going, up and ,h wg, qaxls sighted, keen buyms:, bargaining' Age,nt 1 nf iIip day. wh.. Ins his svinpuhies up and pride rn html for the sue-cissof hi Vermont Patron whom he mon atrenucusly Mlirii. to sell rhran . P. S The Goods are received, and ni far as exam. I ineU cheaper thai, was anticipated, and. will he sold greamaio request at HOW VllDS. to rvnNT rciienient in the rouih Wiue of he!.. Mutable for a small Family may bo had "n'rc-,,s,',.,ri!' ermK appls to li A. . K ' Sept Ud 1311. -vMAN. , iU nil ects, J tec, nnli fl)r J U, '6h' I M WRIGHT A C,