Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 5, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 5, 1841 Page 2
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Ji n (in n itiii i nf Mviti Silnni he siid the nnuii lalt iii was originally inndr, ns tt did not sock tin n:ic, but tliojiinl assembly vvoildgive Mr S. llw suction on tho ground tint ho dcsoivcd iIiooQicl'. 12th J T. Marston, I '. L. Kn ipn, Alvnli Satin, J'lhn I.. Buck, Geo. 11. Manser, Joili Sreley P. T. Wasburn, 0. 1. Chandler, H. Canfield, Blank, Joseph Berry, Carlos Coohdge, A. O. Ilcvves, A. Siansbury, Hiram l'cikins, 3. M. Shifter, n. K. llrowncll, Mones 1'isk, O. K. Mitchell, Ocl Hilling , Titus Hutchinson, C. V. I'rcntis.. nl. 13 h lllli Uth loth lTtli 13th Jl 8J 81 F3 R7 SI W 101 43 1 S I 107 40 1 107 42 1 01 4(9 36 1 2 Jonathan Miller, On the 1 llli ballot brim? declared. Mr. Novcs siid ha had mined Mr Merrill vvithu it consultation with liim, and now withdrew his name. On the 17lh Inllot being dechrod, Mr Hncnm moved tint the joint assembly ndjourit to Tuc day next, 10 a. in. i negatived. On the IStli ballot being declared, on motion of Mr Dillingham, the jjint assembly .adjourned to 3 o'clock tins afternoon. The senate withdrew and the House-adj. HK.VATU 2 o'clock, 1. .U. " Eillt to amend the 23lh chapter of the revised statutes, reported y the conimitteoon tlie.ludichry, and ordered to bo en-'msed nnd read a tluril timet in addition to chapter 103 of the revised statutes, re lating to the administration of oaths, read a third tune and passed t laying a tnv on lanels in Awry' Gore, twice re-ad, nn I refined to rntinnitico on land taxes i incorporating 'he Vermont Mining and Suit It ir.g eomp.'inv, called up by .Mr Slid Ion, who moved that the bill be indefinitely po tpmed, nnd dcnnndid the yeas and niyn upnit his inolinn. After debate by Mr Wo ister in favor, Messrs Sabin, Fish, and Dion, deposed, the in li n was lost, yeas It, tiavsll,anil on the question of engrossmentMr Hatch demaiidtd the ycis.ind nays! yea. 'J, nays 10, und the bill was rejected. Resolution, By Mr Dana, providing for the election of bank commissionei and hint; couiniittec, in joint assembly to-morrow : adopted. Hill, providing for the receipt of the proceeds of the sales of public lands, called up by Mr D.iua, the question being u;ion die amendment appropriating a part of the said proeeo 's to the payment of the state debt, (incurred ill building the .State House,) when Mr Dana called for the yeas and mys upon the adop tion of the aniiiiditi"iit. fter dt-b-it'n by Messrs Bart let I in f.tvor. and Elton of Franklin, nud Dam, op posed, Mr Wooster moved o lo amend die amend ineni as to il'ily iuthuri.e the Treason r to npnly the proceed" to the piyment of the sine debt. On mo tion of Mr Dlogo t, the bill was laid up m the table and ma le the order for to-morrow m lrning, when. The suite went into j lint assembly. Rcm'u'ion, By Mr Cluk, on tile evpeil ency of ctmn btiir the tune for new trills, in certain caves, rcfirrcd to tho committee on 1 lie Judiciary. HUU relatiiiL' 'o the Trustee pro -ess called on by Mr Wooster, amendment ml jpied, and, on tlie qui s tion of engrossment, Mr Bittien spoke in siionir term" of conlo unaion of the entile trustee process. Messrs Vooter nnd Dina spoke in favor of the bill, and it was ordered to be en jross(. for n third read ing t tn repeal part of the militia law, on motion of Mr Ihrtlett Ilid iipm the table. Petition, lly .Mr Dilhnghiui, nf the inhabitants of East Ib-tln-l, for the abolishment nf capital punish ment, read and referred to t lie committee on the pe tition of Horace O iv and i.the-s. R-iolulions, lly Mr Hotliim, that the Oerieral As sjni'jlv aHj mm "ii Wednesday nex', withont day.laid upon the table. djoinne.l. HOI'SI 2 o'clock, P. M. Resolutions, lty Mr Fox, as to the e.xpedien -y of a committee to revisi the mihtin lima; adopted, lly Mr Jobb, instructing the (icnetal committee to in quire i 110 tho expo 'iency ofrepcilin -. 111 whole 01 in part, the 'ild ch ip. It. S. adopted. Prom th? sunup, to elect bank commissioner and bank committee at 3 p. in. lo-moriowi a s 1 to tb-ct superiiitiiidint of state prison on Monday next, 3 p. 111 ; c incurred in. Petition referral, Of Trminn II. SilTord an I others, and I-nie ftreen nnd others, to coinnittee on division 1 f Win U r eo.j of Tilos. Goul I to coni mitteoon Military Ufiirs. Reports II sel-rt cin'iiittcc, bill to ascertain boundary between 11 nniiislim ami Windham comi ties t ordered to be i n 'ross-sl. lty Judiciary cinini t tee, bill in ichtion t.icn iicsand pimMim-nis, (conns authorized to ordr persons to be cn'iiin si i i nte prison, w!io hive been acq litte t of cipitnl ofl'-icesou the urouu I of i ismity ord -red to be enrossnl. v (uncial coiniuitlee, aitiinst the petition of I) niiel Rice and oi!urs, no I the I'd tio ic In I leivn in withdraw s aiinst bill t ) allosv a ''ivisioi of 'li c mi ni j;i and nil livid 'd hn.Uot lUnton, and tho bill was dismiss' d lly committee on Holds nnd r.vials. b II to a,it!i nh t'13 ronstruetion of a bri I2- fr 1111 S mill Hero to .Milton, an I it wis .11 I-ti-iI to be ensross vl. By (Jeneril eon nitt. bill for ilio relief of the insani! pojr, nppi lpri'itiir.- S.'U'W p.-r yeu ibis p irpov.) and the lull w is ordcie I In be i-u 'ross i ; n-ain 1 I ill lo p-eserve fi h in etii iin witcrs In evrfine. and the bill was disin,sied ; arainst bill a! eiiim '": C. chip. 10711.:-., and it u is dHmi-d ; suia'e bill re tin" to the ulcctvM of iiie iibers of coiiL'ress in Ill-J, .mil it is onicreo 10 a iniro rei i.n-j. liv Ju li-nry cum- jnittee, nL'iin t tho bill to amend ( liip. 29 ft. S. and it was ihs.iiissed 111 tivor nf nbihsliinir cmiul nu. nisiimeuls, nn I leave was irrnnied to brim' in .1 l,:il llngroutil bills. In addilion to rlnp. 21 It. S (town me.'li'it; tin v raise taxes fir biudiwivs in ad dition to tliosi by s-leetment ;) pis ed. .S-nalo bill, 1 1 pruvde lor the u'ui m nf s-liool districts j nl ed, 100 to 10. To incorporate Willou Oiov) ite turn pike co. ; pissol. To iucorpor ite Ilea li-boro and Woolford turnjiikc co. ; supported hv Mcsr Pin fiild, R-caol S. nnd Pu'l im, on the gro ind 1I11 the towns interested are utterly unable to inic t'iiroi I which is iii'ich nceibdi and tho latter sii'stin" that this bill l ft t!ie corporation entirely at file coo" trol of future legislatures. Mr Ki iih opposed this bill, nnd all tump ko orporations, believini; them to he generally unnecessary, an I irciierallv, toi, produc tive of roads worso th in thosi built by the towns. The bill was patsd, HI to 17. Secretary vf Stnte. The senate ea'no in, and b illotini! was resumed for accrctiry of state, Messrs Sihin, Kuipji and .Marston being again put in nomination 1 IP1I1 20ih 2lt 22d J. T. Marston, P2 AO B0 uq Alvah Sibin, 00 117 II!) yy, C. L. Kuapp, 4 35 31 O) V. P. .Me, rill, 1 1 Joseph llerry, 1 John I.. Muck, 1 I 1 Joab Seelev, I Orson Plarlt, 1 O. P. Clnndler, 1 On the 2lst ballot, Mr. Rice of Soin-rsit. moved to adjourn to Tuesday next negatived ; anion the 22d ballot, Alvah .S ibin. s-nor fri.m Pranklin co. was declared clecied, when the finti' wiihdicw. ' The tre vircr reported tho sums paid on account of the tnilitn for thu la t six years, and 30) copies were orden d o be printed. Hill introduced. I'roin ihe smte, in alteration of chap. 100 It. S. t rcfernil to Judi-iiry com. Mr Noves called up tho bill Lirnntuii! a bounty on wheat, and 111 ve.l that it be referred to the co.nnilt. tec on agricultural nnd mechanical pro lucis. Mr Chandler uf V. oppose I iho inoiiou, believin" it descud to embarrass the bill j ho was in favor of a bounty on v licit. Mr js'oyes disavowed Imslility to tli- bill, nm ni0. ihficd his in 1 1011 si ns simp'y to commit the bill be was for exciting a Inudahln ninbttinn ill nil branches of agriculture, and mechanical pursuit. Mr. c,l,""'llcr of w: eoncurrdl in this rtference and the bill was committed Adj. SPA'ATP.. I'movr, Oct. 25, A, M. Prayer by ihe, t 'hapliin, frsoCiilioiu-Prnm ihe House, nppointinr a co-n. tnitteeof three lo examine the concerns of the Ilan ofKssex in which the senile resolved to concur! by Mr Dana, the senate daily convene at half pa5t8o', A.M., n inoiiou of .Mr Ihrilelt luiil upon the tablet by .Mr Wooster, providim; for th,, Biii'Ointinrnt of a ciiiniitu i- to di.-i si the imliih l1Ws pf ihisstate, and report at the nexi session, read and laid upon ihe -able. Hill, lly Mr Wooster, in al cr.vj on ( chapter 107 c.f the revised statutes, referred 10 tho committie 011 the Judiciary, Tho sinitoto'A- up the res luiion reported by the cominitteo on elections, alleging that the Iloiorable Daniel W.Ai'irnia notenlilb-d in a in tli seinte M ssrs Dillingham and llirilett opposed the aitW Hon of Iho resolution in speech' s ofsi iic leimth ' Mr I) linbam onnosed the ndontinn r,r ,1.7. 1.. lion nn the around tint tho consti ntion of this slate j... nr-ujiM,,,, i iiiui.iri 01 me fcenitnr' iiuninii; uni nmee 01 poMma-ier at tiio l ino of tluftmn in il.n eA..t. . .l.l I p 1 u ... ... en,.,,,-, ,, u,,, ini'rciorc the renmi r.r I ,n ,. I il ..!..,:. "' .rrP"ri ' -". '"r r -""'innii vvereinsi U,on an errnneuiM nriu,. tn I... v ,1m r . Mi"'o the voice pf'he senate upon ihn sinjle quo don. .Mr D. movsd the indinnite poslioneuicnt of the resolu tion. After remarks of .Mr Clark, Mr I), withdrew r.t ill. rooili.,V.V. -if . I ,!i 'l i "1'" ""O.piSSIifC ., i.ii iiiL-i nun cnntiiiiitd in re marks coiilendmeihal Mr Aiken w, not ....... ..K hbm-,, mum kemte. oven from nhl '.T',tnl '.y ''"'m,nic0 on el,ct,, i "i runiininro was materially ?uCe,0oVf?eironly:arS:"'' 'cXtl Mr llartlelt toon tt,0 eronnrl that ilw omce of nn.. master wis not an appointment under tho n. 'l,?-. of Concress, and also, thai if hoMim, the , iv " postmaster nt the tiuio f his election lo tho serTite the acceptance oft. lit, c, wisi virtual re.iB,S; of the former Hit c was not eo,netent for t ,e va naie to deprive Inn. of the priyihTo of mnkin-hls own selection. Mr II. illnlntr.l ihepoition J cTor i ina sp'xichofcjnsi'farablclenzth "Ki Mr Clark replied to Messrs Dillingham and llart lelt, ndvocalin tho passajo nl the resolution, on the ground thai the apin iutmcnt of postmaster), is un der Hie nutliorityof Ooncrcss nnd tho lioldinj of that olhce, und any office in thu lyuislature at ihe same time, is a violation of the constitution of the sta'o Mr Dana would confine the question to the fact whether Mr Aiken did or did not hold the ofTice of postmaster on tho day of the commencement of the presont session ol the legislature, 'llie facts repirt rd by tho committee on elections, were nl least, to his mind very alrong evidence of ihe fad that he wns. There seemed to bo no reasonable doubt of th" fact, front the daily and weekly reception of way-bills al the post offices. Oncon postmaster, ntwaysn post master until ihe resignation was accepted by the post master qenerab Mr. Dana said it was somewhat singular that no pretence whatever was inado by any one that an other than Mr Aiken was postmaster at I.iinnilleville. If such were the fact, it was easy for gentlemen to show it. Mr. Pik. chairman of the rnmmhtce on elections. aid that frequint all sion had heen made, in debate, in inecomnnrre, and to tlie nlleited insuitieieiicy oi the rvidenio before theiii. He felt called upon to nnko a few brief remarks. Tho conimitlco had in tended lo procure Iho best evi 'encu the nature of I In case would permit! and for lint purpose bad examin ed the recor Is of tho post i ffice in Montpchcr. Il Micro appeared, in evidence not contradicted, tint the iKiiorablo senator from Caledonia, (Mr Aiken,) vyns postmaster nt Lainoilleville, (Hnrdwick) nt the time of bis election to the cnatc, was reeiilarly send me his way-bills, ac onipanyinir letters from l a moillovillo 'o Monl iclicr, with the date and number of letters, or pipers enc o el, an I with bis printed si Misluic as postmaster, annexed. Similar bills h id bim received from ihe day of bis election up to Oct. 22, 1811. It did not appear from testimony that anv other person was postmaster nt Liinoilleville. This the committee rcunulid as competent evi fence, nnd upon il hid founded their report and the accompany 1UL' resolution. The debito was further continued by Messrs Woos ter in favor, nnd lllodgett oppo-cd, when, without t lions thu question. Then senate adjourned. IIOUSP.-Kriday, Oct. 20. Prnver by Rev. Mr Youmr. .Mr Ilollcy of llristol had leave ofbsei" after to day. Hmrro'sed Lilts. Por next election of members of Congrn s, made the order for Priday momine: next. I' or commissioners lo take depositions in Canada j tor relief uf insano poorj severally pissed. IJstab ishinir lino between llenniiaton an I Wimlam conn Irs, ri'conimiitced on motion of Mr. Shifter au thorizing a budge from South Hero to -Mil on, pas sed. The bill le.icalins the fox bounty was ordered to a third rradinir. Petition' t if erred. Of David A. Murray nnd others, for removal of Chittenden co. buddings, to members uf Chittenden co. Reports, lly coiiiniittee on military aiTiir-, nnainsl providing for tin-in-triicliiin of the militia by classing llicm. one third In be msiiiicted ann nllvs n resolu tion for n committee i f three' to be appointed by the Governor, to revise the mihtin laws and report to t'icii-xtltfL'islaiure, which wa laid on the tilde i bill altering unlit a laws, (r.-la mg lo returns, d ecliargcs and c.iurls nmrtnl,) which ns made the order for Widncsday uinrninL' next. Hv Judicial y ciinnnittec, Senatu bill ill alteration of cb ip. 10'.) It. S. (a t"iing i ath of otliccr offnchold court,) and it was lejece-d. The iitditor made a deladeil report on the school fin I, nnd 3110 copies were ordcre I lo be primed. Resolution. Hy Mr. Chandler of P. , bring the Judiciary committee to in piire whether nil the deci ion of the Supicmc court have been reported ac corduiL' lo law ; ado.iled. Mr. Dewey cillnd up the Senile bill, providinsr for the appointment nfehaplain of the slnle prion ; and It w;is amend si so as lo nutliorize the siiperinlcndiin i iu, n-iiii i s.m imsoiiiceliappciiiug lii other cntiM than ilea h, mid'd. I Mr. linker call, d iqi the bill for a ecological survey, and it was le'comui.tud for aiiieudmeni on motion bf , Mr lleaeh. The (Jovern t notified the House of ihe rei... ' n iliouof (ien. S. II. H.izletine ol 1st brigade 2d di- I vision. Rill intraducrd. lly Mr. Cnlton, in amendment of sec. 0 chap. 107 It. .-. I town clerks lo receive (lets. ' per f.i ho for recording and co.iymg deeds sj refjmd to .iiubcary com. Mr. I) ivis ,r .V. calle 1 up the bill reining 1" fees nfau I tins and rcf-rees, (fixing ihe on, iipcu-ilinn nt ?.per ihy ami 10 cents per mile for travel;) bill sup purlc l by .Messrs Spra'iie, D.ivsofN. and opposed hv .Messrs. Ilcbard, Pirrioini mid San-einl. Mr. dis -ilsi, iin, n!1t ja nn( ,llnvirj t0 ftne oot -J and nisei t s. 'pi,;, ,un,m W.H (,,. ,., ,v Mes rs rCViih,, Chandler of P., Vd is, Sliaf ler. (lilehrisi, Cnnfii-I '. .S'prneue, Noves, Tnvlorand I'ul.ani, and adopted, 12li to 17. AiK SHXATH.-2 o'clock, P. M. Kt'orr. Hy Mr. llbidijiit, of Ihe cominitteo on Agriculture-, on he subject of encnuriiiriug agriculture, is eonieiiiplnted in iho resolution of Mr. Ilaich--I.iid iiji in Ihe l.ibli'. Mejsai'e front the (iovernor informing of a va cancy caubid by the resignuti. n of Gen. S. It Ha '''lime. Rilh. Altering mines of Jane Church and Panny A.lsillllh. Ills-cd. Ill Ileal, 11' tin- I...M.IIV nn f,,r.u after diseus.ion Jl,.rs. Hottuiu, Wooster, Dil- iingiiain, i.iiik ao,i nana m its fivnr, nud .Messrs. Sheldon and Crawford in op m.itioii, the biter inovid to amend by nicbid ng he bounty nu bnrs, wolves and p Hither" t r, j.cted and the bill ordered to be eni'rosI, 13 to :,. Rills referred. Iiicororating Kcadsboro and Wil Inii.'hby lakciurnpiku t-oiiipaiiica: ill addition to chap. 21 It . S.; for bridge from Sniilh Hero lo Milton ! c verally to cominittec on lloads and Canals. Taxing 'an la in Salem and Holland to eomin'ile-o on land laves. Por co innissione's to take deeds in Canada, to judiciary committee. Por relief of insane poor to c.immitti'eoii Piuauei'. The II. ills returned the bill in amendment nTi-ln.,, 101 of horcvised statutes, with an amendment, which wis concurred in. I ho Senate adjourned. . HOl'Si:.2 o'clock, P. M. Mr. Divisinof Peru, had lenve of absence for I he renriuuier nf ibe srssion. Ilnqrnssed bills. Relating to fees of . . . . . , ...... ... $ H...-M IV l. J ,l ,, I'll, 'III IU criui 's and piinMiiiients (prisons acquiili-d of crime on L-ioiind of insauiiy may In- imprison il,) passed. U parts. Hy eo li'lee of Claims, aitnins pet linn of r.dwird (i. Ilabc ck, and be had kiro lo w.ih draw: bill lo pay John llrill SI0. bill snnnottid by M'-srs. S liter, Vihs, Sargeiut, Cutis, opposed bv Mi ssrs Cobb, Hilnrdind Rice of S. a d the bill wis ,bsmif,,d. Hy Judiciary com., lull in relation to 1 ad in crimmil casrs. and it was . r. I . . , t in !, grossed. Hy coniiiuliee of Claims, .iL'iins'. the peti tion ot r.rastiis S. Pitch, nnd he b id Imve lo with. Iraw. liv Jil hciiry eommiltec. bill in addilion to net tncorporaiini! fi t cnnirrcgationa' society in Pawlett, nr.lercd lo be en.;ros, d ; bill nliohshinv catntal pun ish mint -iibsiitutins! imprisonnicnl for life.J made the order for Monday afternoon. i ne ft-into came in and thef llowmg apniintnienls vere uinde .- . O.'lA.XOn COU.NTV. Martin Flint, ) . , . Joshin Dickinson. Assistant Justices. Asi Story. Sheritr, I.'ne' Uncord, Hiidi n.nIirT, I'ljih Parr, State's Attorney. Win. Ilcbard, Judge of Pribote for the district or Randolph. J. W, D. Parker. Jllllee of Prnhnl fnr lb nivlrirl or Ilradford. Thus, .lone-, H. H. C McLaughlin, A. S. Dlske, Co iiims. loners of jid delivery. c.u.i:i oxi.i coi'.vtv. Cpiphras II. Chase, ; , . . , Isaac .. Hall, i Assi-tant Justices. Junes Huberts, jr. Klit-rifT. Hiram Perkins, High HaibfT, Tims. Ilnlleit, jr. Stale's Attorney, Siiuuel II. Matlo"ks, Judi'e of Probate. Salma Davis, f,Vo. W. Drew, Archelaus 3ias, Commissioncisof jiil Vlivery. OHI,F.A.S COU.NTV. Isaic Parker, John lloi'diiian, ( A"s'nnl Justices. Merrill Williams, Sheriff, Jo. I It. Du'gclt, High HiilifT. SamueJ Sumner, Slate's Attorney, Om. ,Vye, Judge of Pmbite, Geo. W rihington, jr. H, li T. Jonrs, Like Spcn- ccr. Co'nms.nnprcinf delivery. The jiiul n-enihly prncrcded lo the ele -tion of Inn coinmissin, when Hun. Robert Pierpoint of R iland was, elected : Perpijnt, loj Homer 11. Hubbell. Sen rring, g Robert Pierpoint, was also elected bank committee i Robert I'lfrpmnt, nij John Pierpoint, os Scattering, 'g Tim oint assembly adiournH to Wednesdnv next, 3 p. in. and the Snate withdrew. Oil motion of Mr. Slason. iho, ,i. stam prison had leave to sit during the session uf rfhe S'-:.VATi: Saturday, Oct. 30, Prnver by iheChapUin, TAd error OCI-,, in nnrrannrl..r.l.. ...A...J: of the senate, on the lull Hiilhoriing the Treasurer . iiinnvniis ot me sales or Urn public lands i Mien esitou bemg u on the aiiienduieiil nroposul hv Mr. Dana, direxting the Treasurer to nptdy so much orihesaid money to bo hereafter rcceiv hall not lonuerwiw appropriated, to the payment or tho of Pr. and Dana supported lhsaii'iend.n'cnl.1 Wi;ie;i-lly Mr .Notion, in favor ofrtsiriclin.. ni'ieii'. .'11. Iiilllieil nn,.ncn,l a...l It.. .... lie I'ri'fiiential otlico lo one term. Mr Wooster moved to amend the icsilutinn so ss t. real "ono term nf six veirs" laid upon llie table, on motion of Mr Hirlb'tlt by Mr Sheldon, tirnvidin" for ibn i... lion of n brig uhcr ceneril, inssud j bv Mr Raton of . I., iir.i.,,,,,, ir ,JU ciassitving nnu recording Ilia plV-roIls 111 the ofTlcenf ll,n Slrnl.rv nf Mlnln ronrt and referred lo a select roinniitlee, Messrs Kalon of h e 11,11! I . . ' . . . ... -... fiiuiiBniwi anu urawiorei i oy .air nioijgett raisme a commitlee of three, to aptKirlion the matins w th regard lo the population of the iespuctivc coun ties, laid upon tho lab c. Rills 'lo nineiul the 28th chiptcr of tho revised statute"! o niiieud chapter 2Jlh ol Ihe revised statutes Severn ly tend a third tune and passed. R sohilions lly Mr S.i in, on Iho petition of It. T. Rnhinsoii, relating lo tho Plorida war, lhat the pet'tion ouclil not to bo granted, passe-d t the petitions relating to slavery in tho District of I oluiii lil.a nnd the territories, n rcsolulhn in coinpliancc with the prayer of the. petitioners, and insiructitig our Senators anil requesting our Representatives, to use their influence to favor iho abolition of slavery in lhat District and those territories rcsot ition adopted without debate, and without opposition. The Senate look up Ihe resolution, reporlcd by Ihe cominitteo ofeloctions, tolating lo the scat of Hon. Daniel W. Aiken, and ngninst his constitutional eligi bility to hold Irs sent ', debated by Messrs Dillingham and ICalon nf W., opposed nnd Dana and Claik in fa vor, when Mr F.ilon of W. moved ihnt tho resolu tion bo recommitted lo the committee of Klcctions, with instructions lo report further facts in the case. Messrs Clark, French, Dana, nnd Pisk opposed the motion, supported by Me'ssrssDillingham nnd Kitou of W., when the Inter Senator added lo his motion, "with power to son 1 lor p-tsons nnd pnpersj" Mr I! inlet! advocated and Mr Dim oppose I the motion nnd it was ncgitived, when Mr Knlon of W. moved lhat the lesolutiou be laid upon the table i motion lost veas 10, navs 15. Thiwlchato wns further conl.nued by Messrs Sheldon, F.ntrm oi Fr.'Pisk nnd Crawford in favor, nnd Mr U trtlet' npuosod, when Iho fcsolu ion passed, yeas 17, nays 3. Senalen 'journed. HOUSF.SatuidayOct. 30. Prayer hy Rev. Mr, Kellou'g. Riportt.' tty committee on hanks, against lull relating to'ts (requiring 1-2 of 1 per ccntaenM iiiniiilly on upital stick In he paid to'the trcosufy, ind lepi'.aling the sec. lequiriug the banks to redeem in 1! ton i) suppirtcd by Mr. Cobb, nnd opposed by .Mr Chandler of )'., when Mr Hascoin moved lo dis miss the biil, which motion was supported by .Messrs lleb.ird, Chan I er of W., N'oyes, Pierpoint and Har ton, opposed by Messrs Cnbb.'Piillnii and Vilas, anil carrio I, nycs 131, noes 51. The frit nils of this bill supported it on the grounds lhat tho banks under the an ol 1?10 were exeniptisl from n tax which wasiiu posed upon the other banks, nnd upon the banks of nth r IV. P. states ; lint this tax was just; and that the exemption of thu new bnn1 s operated ns a bonus to them for redeeming i i II jston vvhen they would in fa t reelecm there, as it wns their interest to do, with out n bonus. The opponents nf tho, lull urged lhat the exemption wns gran ed in consideration of the fic's that the new banks were not only leqiiind to rcdeimin Hostoit.lml weicics rictielin several points beyond ilu uld bin s, par iciilarlyin the amount nr their il fcounts, and rcpiin d also to give bonds for ihiiredeinplion oflheir illsj lhat it wa not thcr inlerc l to redeem ill Huston, ns by thus doing they were reMricled in tin ir amiHint nf circulation far be low those banks not redeem ng there- but thai this lull vvas,ouly for the' inte reel of the public, to whom Iherc was thus seenrred currency, always at par and nlwnj s sifoand sound. Mr Pullain opposed the dismission rather for iho ri'.ison that its rriends were entitled 1 'n full lidtlug, than rrom ravnr lo llie 'ill.) ..f 'I.:..:. i : , ... c:i ' ny eovjimii'te1 n vi'ii'ii-. ml. hum oi i hi pnv .lias Wriuht, slid it was dismissed i ' i'l In pay .ilia II. Nieldof 15, and it was ordered to ho engrossed. Mr. Vilas, out of courtey moved lo recou iib r the vote n! y;st"r lay ii-jectm .' the lull fixin Ihe p es nf auditors' and rcf-ncsj siippniled bv .Messrs KTi illi, Spragui; and Ilenrv ; ippiscl by .Messrs I'obb, Hi'iie of A., G.lcbnst and Ilcbard, aud negatived, 01 lo r'. tJnirocd bills, Relaltng to bail in criir.nal cases; to lepenl the fox hi'imtv ; in adilitinn in act forming lei gious sncii ty in Paw lei ; sevenllv passed. 'I be an litnr in the treasury made a leiwrt of settle-.' nieul wuh the lato treasurer, which was referred to Iheeouiinitte" in ways and means, Mr Sheldon of Paiihaveti had ljavo of nb-ence, for Ibe le , minder of the so sion. Resolution. I'roin Senate fnr a joint assembly 3 P. M. M n lay in 1 1 el L'cneral 1st brig. 2d ilivi.-mn, coii"urr.'d in. lly Mr II, bard, instructing , ur dele gation in Coot'tos to use tin ir iiilbienee to prevent appointment of luembcis olT'ongrcs, and on Ins in ition it was l.ii ' on the table and made llie order lor Tiic-d iv uiorniiiL' next. Wills. Prom senate, niiu nd chip. 20 It S (u.'go liiblc piper subjeei to trustee process ) also lo amend 23 h rlnp. It (attachment of property in (inres to In; recordc 1 in Co. Cleiks illicu.) rif. rred to Judici ary Coiniuitlee. Hv Mr. Ililnrd, all laws lo take clle I on the 1st or Dee. after tlie-ir passage, nnd it wns ori'eped to beenitio.scd. The ' 1 1 on the grnnil list was taken up, read and made the order for Monde v nflernonn. Adj. SK.VA'I p. 2 o'cloc' , P. M. After the disnnsnl of sunn lulls, herctof ro noticed, and not particularly important. Tho seint" took up the resol lion of Mr Hottum, fixiiiL' on Wednesday next for theadj lurninent of the 1. egi latin e without day. A iiimion or indclinatc postponemrtit vva-inade.debated, nnd reic ted. yeas 2, nivs 11), and the re olu ion laid upon ihe table. Tbeci.iiimiilei'on Hi Is made their report, when the Senate adjourned. IIOUSK 2 o'clock, P. M. Petition refirreil Of Oramel Sawyer nnd oth ers, lo on, umittee' on Division of Winel County. .' volution My Mr Davis ofN'-, ns lo the expe dieney of repealing ihepirt onbe until a net giiiim conitinii'alii n for otrieer' drills; ado ted. " Hi'.1 introilurtd Hy Mr Snflbrd, for nn equal His. tribii'i fatiaclied property among creditors; re ft rred lo judienrv cominittec. .Mr WirioTol' Wardsburo obtained leave c.f ab sence after Mo'idiy next. For ihe purpo-o "fallowing the committees to pro ceed wiih their business. The Hons" adtourned. SK.MATi:, Monday .Nov. I, 1641. Prnver by the Chaplain. Rill, by Mr. Hlodgei, in alteration of chap. 6S of therevised statutes, de-ignating the mark of the innn ufactiireis n( leather, twice read and rererred to the romimttecof Maiiiif.ictutcrs : bv Mr Wooster. rein. ting lo the militia, and suspending Ihe opera ion of iiiu join la i iw- inr one year, except in case ot insur. rccum and invision of ihe militia laws, referriil to commiliie on Md.tary affairs. Resolution. Hr Mr Hittlett, instructing our Sen nlors a i I ll-presenlalivcs in Congress, to o 'pose t lie crialion of n national bink. Mr Hli'dgct moved the indefinite postponement of the resolution yeas I I nav s 7, ninl tlie rrmtuiinn wasi'idefinitily postponed Rill, to provide for the r.c ipt of the proceeds of the sihsnf public hnds, tbeqiiesiion licingnpon the proposed amendment of .Mr Dina, applying such hortinn of the proceciN, as nnv not be oiberwie an propn.itcd, lo the payment nrihc slate debt ; amend ment "iippnrted in di bate bv Me'sis Patoil i,rpr. and er. an I mm isc I bv Mr Itiitlnm Iwn. Mn llnrthtt uiovrd so lo amend the amendment ns to njt- proprinie me proreen in , on p 'rpnies Ol eillie.ltlon, and that tho bill be rerun, n mini with instructions to the com-nittee so to amend it ; opposed ') Messrs Crawford. Wooster, Nnrton, Dana, ail I flat, in of Pr. supported bv Mr Haitlett, and 'os . vims 4. nays 10. when Mr Hatch inoveel that the hill be recommitted or the incnr oration nf amendments, vvbieh he pre 'enlcdin writing ; opposed by Mes-rs Dam, f'lark, Wooi-ter, and Ciavvfiirel, suppnrtid bv Messrs Hatch and Harih tt, and ncgitived. Mr Dana ilemanded the veis and navs upon h s amend uent, nn I it was adop ted, veas 20 niys2. and the bill as amended was or dered to be engri ssed nnd read a third time. A inrs-aac was received from tho Gorernor by Mr Hale, Sc. communicating the several bills which had passed tho two Houses and received his signa ture. Rills from tho House, to pay Ziba P. Nichols the sum mentioned, twice read and referred lo coinin.t tec nn Claims ; fnr the ap imminent of couiinis'ion ers to take the acknowledgement of deals in Cm ada, cal.ed up by Mr Wooster, rea I a third time and passed. Resolution, providing for ihe nppoinlmrnt of Sen ators in the several counties, called up by Mr Llodgel nnd adopted, Mr Dana called up the cotnnuinicat on of ihe District Clerk, relating to ihe late cenus, and on motion of Mr Dana, 300 copies of the accompaujdng document were ordered lo be printed. Senate adjourned. HOUsr. Monday, Nov. 1. Mr F.stcrbrooks obtainial Icavo or absence for the rcmaindi r of the s ssion. Rtports.Hy selccl coin,, bill altering tho shire towns ol Hrnmngton county, and on motion of Mr. Hough on, it was lat I on the table. Uncrossed Rilts.Tu pay Ziba 11, Nichols pas sed. Rills intro'Jiteed.Uy Mr Noyes to pay Win. A. (Siiswold referred to oo oiiiiltie of claims ; by Sir. Griswold, incorporating llie Hiirhnglon Savinir It ink refericil to c mmlltie on banks j by .Mr Adams of Soutti Hero, in amendment oringli way net of 1810 j referre to com, on roads and canals. Jlcsolutioiu lly Mr Vilas, the following resolu tions t Rttolttd, Hy the Senile and Houso of Repres-nta-lives, thai ihe I'oinniissiouerof llie srhool rund bo di rect d 10 collect tliode iiands winch am due from the several individuals lo sai I fund ; and if any individ ual slnll neglect for the space of six months, to pay fourth put or what he nnv be owi ig siid fund, and one fourth part in every six months iheroificr, unld all is p ud, it -ha 1 he Iho duty of siid commissioner to enforce the collection of ibe tame by dua process nf law. Resolved farther, Tint tho Slate's Treasurer be ilircc ed topiynll ihe debts ngaint the Stnto (ex cept what is ''no to iho school lund.) ns soon ns con. sistcnt, and lo borrow from the school fund wha ever niav b necessary fir that purpose, and that no part n f ihe srhoal fund shall be re-loaned to inhviduals vvhilo the -tale may bo owing to individuals or cor poralious. Which resolutions wero undo the order for Thur. day morning. Prom iho Senate, resolutions 1st against slavery in thu district id Columbia and against the inti-rnal slave irado ; 2d, against linii ing iho right of petition, and 3d, against admitting now sl.1Vo slates t concurre-d in unanimously with tho exception of I'm first, to which two vo ccs disenled, Mr CV cillcJ up Iho lull repealing set of 1810 ml uin to high ways j nnd nficr iiscusiion hy Messrs '"otibnnd Vdns in favor, and Sprsguc, Rice of S. nnd Shafrr against Ilia bill, it was ditinissul, ayes 134 noes 13. ' Claims eiieiiintt the HtnU. Of Scnrocant-at-Anns, of Lyman i King, of V LovflycVOo and erf W'm. H. Ttask, were referred to the committee of claims Adjourned. SF.NATF.-2 o'clock, P. M. Tho President nnniiuncod Iho appointment of Mr. Stivens, on the coiiimiltio on Mnnufactiiti s. .Mr. Whcclock, on thu committee on Hanks, nnd Mr. Hcmrnway on tho l ommilleo on Dills, to supply va cancies which had occurred in these commilteis. Rills, relating lo crimes and punishments, report cdliy committee, real a third time ami passed. S. Ii, Ronndanj. Mr Shcleoti, nf tho committee to whom had been referred papers from Maine, re ported r silutious approving iho conrsu pursuulby i lie stale ol' Maine, nnd urging prompt nnd vigorous measures on tho halt of the general government in sustaining our riclits in relation lo the N. P.. Hoiiu ilary. Messrs Wooster nnd Dana expressed their hearty concurrence in the sentiments of the report, nnd the resolutions were unanimously adopted, They will ha copied entire inn future paper. Rill, to pay Ruins Campbell the sum mcn'ioned, for brick used in bud ling tho stale house, reported by Mr Clark, in five r of filling the blank w,lh S150) laid tij on tho lal lc. Rills, Hy Mr riarllett( to pay I.enndro W. Pcnlon the sum mentioned twice read and referred to com mittee on claims : laying n tax on lands in Holland laying n tax on lanels in Goshen ; severally read a thud time mil pissed. On Iho resolution tn item! tlie lime of trials in cer tain cnes, the commit ee on the judiciary made a re port adverse lo tho resolution. Bill, To prnvido for the receipt of the proceeds of the sales of the public lands, read a third lime nnd passed. Resolution. Relating to silvery and the right of petition, sent up fio n tho house with proposals of amendment, in which the senate resolved to concur, w h"ii Tho semlo went into joint assembly. Bill, Relating to hail in criminal eases, reported hy committee on the judiciary, read a third time and passed. Resolutions, lly Mr Hatch, fixing nnnn a elay for iho election of chaplain of the stale prison in joint as sembly, adojitesl. Uy Mr Palmer, appointing a com mittee nf three to examine and rip irnise the property of tho Ve rmont statu prison, ndop'c I. Bill. In alteration of chap. 107 of the R. S. re ported by cominqtty without amendment, read a third time and losts-fliWefioe the rights of freemen rcporle'dby comnrltjeain the judiciary, with n hilt ns a substitute. The riguil was dismissed, nnd the substitute twice rcoAinnd laid upon the table. Mess igo from the Governor by Mr Hale, "ecretarv of Civil anil JlililnrysAflnirs, announcing the dcaih or John S'arkwenlhfi', Rsn'j referred to the senators from Was'iiivton counlyv. Rill, lly .Mr. Crawfo'rel;bCjhc committee on mili tary afl'iirs. rcla mc to milt.ta returns ; twice read and laid upon iho table. Report, lly Mr French, against exempting char coal from attachment. Resolution, lly Mr Wooster, to obtain from the auditor of accounts ngninst tho slate, the amount nu dicd by him fur military expenses the past year; passed. Bill, relating to the con truction of n bridge from Sou h Hero to Milton, reported bv Mr. Hntium, with out amendment, re-ad n third time nnd passed. Adj. 110USF.-2 o'clock, P. M. Resohition. My Mr Pierpoint, diiectins the Judi ciary committee- to inquire into the expediency of placing nil the banks in the state under ho restric tions, anil vv th the privileges, oftho banks granted last year ; adopted. Reports, lly committee on Education, bill au thorizing snbscri ition for Thompson's Gazetteer, nnd the furnishing documen's to N V. Historical society and Ihcy were passed ; against legisln'inn on prac tice of phys.c and surgery. Hy committee ol Ways and Means, that the balance in favor or the trensurv is Sifie 61 ; tint although the committee arc unani mous in Tavor or a geological survey, ye t it is inexpe dient nt this session lo appropriate any port of the tann i nu tor inisoojeci. Tlie senile c line in, when the election e f sUprr n. lendant nf state prison was postponed to Flielnv after noon. C I. Lorenzo Pomcrov w ns appointed General of 1st bri'-. and 2d division. (Col. Poincroy 114, ol. Horace Wardswoith 59, Col. II. S. Uowcn,27, scat tering 11 ) Capital Punishments. The House considered the order ofto-div, being the lull ab dishing capital punislimen s, substituting imprisonment fir life. Mr. Henry of Chcs cr moved to dismiss the bill. Th.' motion to disnii s gave rise to a protracted discussion, Missis Adams of Smith Hero, Gilehiisl Chandler of W., Cults and Dewey supporting the motion, o poseel by Messrs llaker, Fill am, Rice of S., Mellaril and Cobb; ayes 107, noes S7, so iho b II was dismissed,- Adj. SKN1TF. Tuesday, Nov. 2. 1811. Pravcr hy the Chaplain. Resolution, lly Mr. Wooster, providing for the ap pointment of a st ile committee of correspondence, to procure facts and proinole the general purposes of education ; passed, and referred tu the committee on education. if, to incorporate the Readsboro' and Woodford Turnpt c company, reporlcd by Mr. Holliim, with out amendment, who stated the fact- in the case, at the request of .Mr Dillingham, when the hi I was re fused n third reading, yeas 8, nays 13, end the bill was ri'je'Cteel. R port. Hy the committee on Military Affairs, a joint resolution instructing our senat rs and requcts our representatives in Congress to their influence to procure ihe passage of a general law, exempting ci lz-ns un ler 21 ye ars of ago and over 33, from nuli laryduty in tune of peace. On the question raised hy this resolution, a dicus. sion arose, einbr.ic ng o r present miblia system. 'I he result of which seemed to be, an entire convic tion tba eiur present sisteni i iniflieii-ni, oppressive to Ihe tmlitii and unnecessarily expensive lo the peo ple. Mr Dd inghain propose'd a substitute for th resolution, dire. ting the committee on Military Af fairs to icpurt a bill exempting citizens of tins smic over 21 yeats of age, and unde r 33. from ttie active duties of the m.litii. After deba e bv Messrs Dana, Dillingham, Crawford, Wooste r tin I llnrlleit, the amendment of Mr Dillingham wa- adopted, and llie question arising upon the passage of llie resolution, ns amended, on motion or Mr Harriett the rcso'uiion was laid up m the tibh'. 7i7, by .Mr D ma, to provide for the distribution rf the school fund to tlie several towns in ihe state, twice rend, and referred to the conimitteoon educa tion i to pay I.eander W. Kenton, the sum mention-1 ed, reporlcd by committee again tits passage; inde finitely postponed. .irrmnrOif, or i:.e University of Vermont, present i'd by Mr F..iton nf Pr. read and referred to the com mittee on I'ducation. Aelj. HOUSF. Tuesday, Nov. 2. Prayer by Rev. Mr Young. Resolutions. Thai no hi l be introduced nflcr Wed nesday nex , save by committees ; the house refused to consider it, 100 to 30. Mr Piirnsworih of Fairfax and Mr SkifTof llridpart, obtained leave of absence for the remainder of the session. The Governor, by message, e- mmunicatcd notice of the ilea h of John Slaikweathcr, V.ii. sheriff elect of Washington county. On inniion of .Mrt.nufield, the house proceeded to consider I ho bill raising n ounimiitci- to examine and report ns to the ixpielicney nf nl cring the shire town of Henmnzion e ounty. Mr Sargcant moved to dis miss the bill, which monon wns supported by Mr Sargcant, opposeel by Mr Caufield, nud nigalived, Olio 40. On mo ion of Mr .-a-geant, the lull was rc -omuiilted to the meuibirs e f Hcmiuigiou county. Reports, lly comuiiiiee of Ways and Mean-, ri gainst the petition of Jesso llovvaid nud others for ihe re ief of Horace Wheeler, and the petitioner had leave lo withdraw. Hy coniiiuliee on Roads and Ca nals, agiitist the petition of Mr Grav es and othe rs for a turnpike (for want or legal public notice, and the petitioners had leave lo withdraw, lly committee of Claims, hi I to pay Chaunccy Goodrich, and it was hid on thu table. Bill intro lnccd. Prom the senate, providing for the receipt of thehnd fund ; referred 10 general com mittco. (ie,logiial Surrey. The. select commi'tec reported the hill f..r a geologi cal survey, with an amendment to iho third so -lion, pruviding that the maps, mincralogical specimens, tv-c shall be deposited wuh the Secretary of stale fur llie public use, which was adopted. Mr Perkins moved nprovio that Ibe survey shall not be iiindc mud thy state is out of debt : supporter1 by Messrs Vihs nud linker, nud opposed by .Messrs llelnrd, (.'handler of W Gilchrist nnd Fnllani, when Mr Cobb moved to lay the lull on the table to be the order for this afternoon. This motion wa tuimorteel by Mr' "bb, and oppose-el by Mr Harton nnd tiega lived, 13 In 01. The epie.iion then rerurre I on llie amendment of Mr Per' ins i it was supported by Mr Cobb nnd opposed by Mi ssis Hibnrel, (Ji'chris and Pierpoint, when Mr. Ndes moved lo amend the a nirnd'iicnt so as to provide thai the survey shall not take nhec until the liihihiics nf llie state are rciluced toSVlOO: suppnrted by Messrs .NiIcj nud Keith, op posed by Messrs Adams of -oulli Hero, Nnyes, Downs, Gilchrist nnd Ilcbard, nnd rejected, 153 to II. Tho oiicstiuti ng.iin recurred on the amendment of Mr Perkins, nnd it was rejected, ayes GO, noes 139. An ndjiurnineni wns moved and negatived. 93 lo 79. Then ihe question arose on ordering llie hi 1 to a Fe cund reading, when Mr. prague opposed tho lull, denying generally its utility nnd o'jee-iini. to the ex pense. The house adjourned BStoSf. " snATF.-2 o'clock, P. M. i7t. Layinga lax of four cents per acre on lands in Salem -, layuign tax ofluro cents per acroon lands in Avery s Gore, sevcrn'ly reporlcd ; by Mr Howe, read third timo and paRseri j in nelditinii lo chapter 21 of the tcvisel statutes, relating In roads and bridges, reported by Mr Ho'tuni. ,1.1. 1,1,-1 I... si..... Wooster, op-wsoJ, Messrs Holtum and Eaton of Kr ,11 fni'nr r!,,l n tt.1,,1 .1... I - . I ii """X mm, "'I ni'J ion Ol Mr, Hntch, In I on the tabl. Resolutions relating to an alteration oftho Consti tution of ihe United Stales, restriciing tho Presiden cy to ono term. The amendment of Mr. Wooster. one term "of six years," being tho question mider coiiMderBi on.'id by Messrs Dana, Kalon, or rr., nnd Wooster, and wlihdrawn. The) original rcso niton, in favor of restricting toa single term.was then opposed In debate by Messrs Dillinyhnni and t ! ?n ot W" '"IT'fJ bv Messrs Norton, Cfatk and Dans,, and passod 16 to B Tho auditor reported tho amount allowed last yenr for military expenses, viz t SriliiO. Bills. In nlnrntoiiof chapter 03, revised statutes, repotted ngninst by Mr I'nlincr, nnd laid on the table altering sessions of (. hiltcnden county coutt. introduced by Mr French, and leferred to Ju'iciarv committee relating, repotted against, and laid nu the tab'c. Mr Hottum called up the resolution for the adjourn ment of both houses t Tuesday next was agreed to, and the re olution pnss.d, 15 to 7. Senate adjourned. HOUSF.-2 o'clock, P. M. Ocotogicat iSxrrei. The houso resumed consideration of the bill for a geological survey, llie question being on ordering the bill lo n si ond reading. The roll being cn'led, Mr. Culls, w ho wns not in his sent when liisnamo was called, asked lenvo to record his vote. Mr Sprngue objected, end lenvo wns denied, 94 tn31. Tho vote was then declared on i lie bill nycs 97, noes 100, so llie I ill was rejected. Su scqucntly Mr Robbins mov ed to rcconsi ler ihi vole, which was supported by Mr Ilcbard, opposed by Mr Vilas, nnd negatived, 112 to 95. Petition rrferrtd. Of Loren F. Waterman and others lo land lax committer. , Hid iutrod tee I. Hy.MrHihird, for the election of membeis of Congrcs ( in caso Vermont shall be en titled tobcr present number, the clecli' n shall be made under the existing laws, otherwise bo deferred) referred 'o general committee. . , Rcporti.'My conimitlco of election', that in the opinion of the cominittec. Victory is not n legally or gmized town j hut that Loomis Wells If entitled to a sent in this house, as no noli -e was given lo him, as is required bv law, 'haf'his seat would be contest ed. Mr Canfii Id moved to nineaid Iho resolution re ported by Iho committer, so ns to declare that Mr Wells is not entitled to a seal. Amendment sustain ed briefly by Messrs Canfield and Sirgeant, anil tho resolution nnd amendment were laid on tho table. Rn"roiscd bill. Fixing time when public acts shall take flit el t passeel. Senate i ill, relating to election of members of Con gress? Hid oft the table and made the order for Mon day, afternoon next. Grand Lift. The Houso went into committee nf the whole, M. Fullam in the chair, on iho bill rulatitij; In the grand list. Anion;; the amendments) wns one lo confine taxation to improved real estate, which was supported by .Messrs. Ilobnril and Chandler of W., opposed hv Messrs. Keith, .Sprajjue, Kobbitis, Canfield, B ikor, Ilirloti and Shatter and rejccteil. Another to abolish the poll tar, proposed hy Mr. .Martin of (! lover, was rejected ; another still, proposed by Mr. Webs ter of Calm, tn inrrcatc Ihe assessment of the poll from SI tnSj, vaa'8i ejected. Mr. Ceihh moved to strike out the (i)!h) sectiein, which provides for the assessment of attorneys, physi cians and surgeons : Hiippurtcd by Mr. Cobb, on Ihe ground that the pmpctty of these classes is taxed, and that it would be unjust to tax both the faculty of acquiring properly anil tlin pro perty itself ; opposed by Messrs. Chandler of I'., and Canfield. Before the question was taken; the committee arose, ami the House adjourned. FRIDAY MORNING, NOVKMHF.R, 5, IS II NEW YOKK. Tho election in this stale, for tho choice of members of Assembly and ten Senators, took place! on Momliiy, Tu.esd.iy nnd Wed nesday of (his week, tlirouglimit the slate, with the exception of the City of New York, where the election is held hut onedny Wednesday. It is idle now to speculate, us a few days will put us in possession of the result. We shall not he surprised, however, should tho same listlesness on the part of the liigs.whicli has led to their defect else where, proeluce similar results here. There being no governor, congressional, or other general test, theelection hasof eoursc turned on local questions in many, in de pendant of politics. COUNCIL OF CENSORS. This body has been fnr some time in ses sion at iMoutpelier, and have sent a commu nication to the legislature in which they de clare tho unconstitutionality of several sec tions of tho new militia law. The suctions al luded to are those providing fur the levying nnd collection of fines and forfeitures without the intervention of civil magistrates, or trial by jury. This the Council believe to be in viol, ition of that article of llie constitu tion which declars "lhat no person in this state can in any case be subjected to law martial or to any pains or penalties hy virtue of that law, except thoso employ ed in the army und the militia in ncluul service ;" and also in violation of another nered provision of that instrument, which declares, that in "all iiros.Tutions for criminal offences the "person accused shall have a right lo :t "speedy public trial by an impartial jury of tho country, without the unanimous consent "of which jury lie cannot he found guilty." The council recommend ihe election of County officers by the people of the sever al counties, except justices of the peace, whom it is proposed shall he elected by the towns. GOV. PAINE. Tho message our new Governor appears to have been everywhere well received. Thero was a degree of fearless posilivencss and point about it, which secured for it an attentive reading, and the soundness with which ils more impoilant topics weie dis cussed, has extorted enmme Dilution in al most every quarter. The following, from ihe New Hampshire Sentinel, will serve as a specimen of what we might copy ft oin almost every paper that has m.ide it tho subject of comment. "Governor of Vermont It was said tho nomination of Charles I'aine was unfortunate that he was not so popular as some other men but, to judge from Ins message to the Legislature, we shoufd say this was a fortunate noir.inatioii, and he can scarcely fail to become a popular Governor. If ttrengtb, good sense, and energy of purpose, are commendable qual tties, give us Charles I'aine. We refer more particularly to thu bold Ntaiiel he has taken on the great question of self protection, and tho en couragetnent of American industry the great whole, no comprising the vital intcresta of tu on ly States, to subserve the temporary, and after all but the imaginary interests of tho cotton planters of five or six States. Wo have made afew extracts. Head, men of New Hampshire! for your interests are, in reality, tho same, though Gov. Hill, and Gov. Page, and Governor Hubbard could never tuc it." MR. EWING'S SON. A story lias, Leon pictty freely circulated rec&ntiy, ui tier tho head of "Astounding Disclosures" charging that a son of Mr. Ewing, late Secretary of tho Treasury was paid some fifty thousand .dollars for negotia ting n million loan Tho whole slory is a sheer fabrication. Thu Madisouian, in al luding lo Ihe chargo, says : "lit contradict ing this charge, wo arc authorized to statu that, iho amount of loan effected hy Mr. P. I). Cu ing, was half n million of dollars, for which ho wns paid hy iho Treasury Depart ment ono twelfth of ono per cent. The u hub amount received by him therefore, in payment of his services, dwindles down to S416G6. This is the sum which lias been very unjustly magnified into thousands.'' THE BANKRUPT LAW. Wo havo duly published at large, with the other acts of tho late Session tho bc- neficicnt act establishing a system of Bank ruptcyj but either front its length and ils numerous and indispensable details, or from too cursory an examination of ils pro. visions, its principles appear lo ho, hy some, misapprehended. Therefore, having mot with tl o annexed brief but coniprc- htndtio explanation of tho principles of the act, wo have thought its insertion might bo accept able to many of our rcaderj. We find it in tho New York .'lmcricnn. The Bankrupt Law. This law seems to be misapprehended hy tinny ; and the attempts of some of our contemporaries to set Ihe pub lic right on tho subject have not been very suc cessful. If we understand tho provisions of the law correctly, the persons who come under its ope rations are divided into two classes, wlimtary anil involuntary. In tin) class of voluntary Banmtpts are in cluded "all persons whatsoever," rich or poor, merchant, trader, mechanic, farmer, laborer, &.c. without any reference to the amount of their indebtedness, proiiilid their debts shall not have been created by a defalcation as a public officer, or as executor, administrator, guardian, trustee, o- while acting in any other fiduciary capacity. SjcIi defaulters cannot have tho benefit of the law at all. In the class of involuntary Bankrupts are in cluded all "persons, being merchants, or using the trade of merchandise, all retailers of nur chandise, and all bankerf, factor.", brokers, under writers, or marine insurers, owing dMs to the amount tf not less than tieo thousand dollars," Who slllll LEAVE THE STATE WITH THE INTENT to DnntACD THEir. cueuitous, or shall take any other measures lo accomplish such a design. So that all debtors can xolunlarily tike the benefit oftho act, except dcfaultet-s and no one can be imolunlarily declared a bankrupt unless it is proved there is an intenti m to de fraud, and in such case it is confined to certain classes', who owe a certain amount of money, and the petition mutt be presented by one or more creditors, to whom is owing the sum ol live hundred dollar.-!. DE-SIGNS OF ENGLAND TO GET POSSES SION O ' THF. II.AND OF CUBA. Rumors continue to circulate of a des i;n on the part of Great Britain to go possession of thu Island offjubi. Tint Great Britain is iirmns -pan the ncccsst yof tiilHllms her Truly e Ideation in re pect to the slave trade, ts unques lonabb'-, and lhat in case of the- indi position or niabi ity of the Spanish government to enforce upon the Cubans theexe'cutun o the luvs made tor the fulfilment of siid Treaty, England may ta'tc the stafi'mlo her o-.n lnuJs,is piis-iblu. Hut r.nelind is perfectly auaie that llie pot.-cssion of Culm by any other power than Spam, would be it-carded by the tinned Slates with yrcit iitieisini ss. The energetic declaration nndeby l'rtei di nt Monroe, with the concurrence, it is since under stood, of Mr. Canning, I lien Prime 31 nislcr of En land, in regard to European powers ma lug conquests on this Uonlincn-, would, if wc mistake not, heesen tHlly applicable lo an attempt upon the Islind of Cuba, lly the subjoined extiact from the N. O. Bul letin of t lie 5t It, wo hive f rther rumors of the design of Great Britain on Cuba. A commercial genllcinin who has spent some weeks in Havana, informs Ins currc-pi mltnt in this i ity, that ho ha-Income satis fied from inform ition he has obtained in the best quarters, that England is ncgocaling with -pain fir a ce-ssinii of C ha Sonic of the steps In- has learned tho Brito-h government hue taken w the matter hr stnl-sthus: " The English iicnnnd tho liberation of thet negroes introduced here since t'c'rcityof 1320, as beingcillcd for by the- spirit of tint document. The governmcn' at .Madri I referred tho tj itstion to the guvci mr here, who called a junto of rich pcop e they answered (with one exception) we cannci al ow it. Now England has sa d it must be elnne. If the Regent of Spain siys tot'uba doit, and the pcopb'of .nun persist in saying no wn it win oe llie icmiii ( Submission lo such a demand seems to me to be out of llie quest on. A proud Spmi itd akcd me llie other elay, if I thought lhat the United .Slap's would accept of the Island f I answered, I believe the Island would be re'crivcd, but you must first achieve your own in lepcailciicc then she will acknowlcelee you, s'nl iAc you in ns a partner. But the grand question i, wi I Un If "am allow Rnlbj Hull lo ti' c pos"Sion here, even if old Spiin consents 1 If h" docs, adieu In peace our southern institutions will al least be jeoparded, and a valuable tiade closed against fs, Cuba anil I'orto Rico ought to bo inde pendent of Spain or si ny other European power, and they would havo united probably with Mexico and other Spanish American co!oiri" in asserting independence, but for the slave question. When New Grenada and Venezuela declared their independence the Spanish General Morillo, offered liberty lo till slaves who would desert their patriot masters and join the royal army. Sn self defence the Patriots then offered liberty to all slaves who would join fAet'r armv. Of course most of tho male slaves j'oined one army or the oiuor, and the result was the entire abolition of slavery in ihosc provinces. Tho same policy was extended and slavery abolished in all the Spanish American pro vinces which had revolted. In Cuba and I'urln Kico the planters adhered to the des potism of ol I .Spain, anil cenlimted to pay large sums into thu Spanish treasury rather than by uniting with tho Patriots, to intro duce Revolutionary ideas which they saw must bo followed by the abolition of slavery. This explains tho steady loyalty of the Cu bans. England has probably long had an eye on tho rich and beautiful Island of Cuba, und been ready to get possession whenever a favorable opportunity occurred, nnd tho lime has been perhaps when the inhabitants would have preferred English to SpanMi masters ; but that time is now pt.sscd, for the aholitiun of slavery in (he British islands has caused thu planters of Cuba toionk with greater apprehension to ltritish rule than any other. They now look to the United States as tho only power that will protect them in their slave possession, and tho question may come up whether we shall interfere far that purpose. Wo apprehend this country woultl not be very well united in making war for such a purpose. CHINA AND ENGLAND. Tho war between tbeso two countries, se paratcd hy half tho circumference of the i globe, has, by the last accounts, commenced . in earnest ; and the first act oftho tragedy is tho slaughter of some, five thousand men 1 Tho vast distanco of tho sceno of waifarc from Europo and America, together with tho iiillucnco which England exercises over tho opinions of tho world, combined with other causes, has produced an apathy and si- wise iliflicult to explain. A mora unrighlco war was nrver wtigeu uy a Christian nation. nor ono less justifiable upon any principle of right, or by tho lav of nations. Tho caso is simply this: England whil0 she herself refuses to permit tho free expor tation ol the staffuf lifo to her starving po pulation, makes war on China for prohibiting the importation of a deadly poison, which, though a salutary medicine when discreetly administered, had, by excessive indulgence, becomo a scourge nnd a curse to the people of China. England, which abounds in tem perance societies, insists that she shall bo permitted to supply n means of intoxication to millions of people, which is more fatal in its cfTects than any compound ever invented by the perverted ingenuity of man, for liii own destruction. Tho Emperor of China, learning the havoc which this drug was ma king among his people, issued an edict against its further introduction ; and finding that this prohibition wns ineffectual, ordered an immense quantity, which had been smug gled in from the Ilritish possessions in India, in violation of this edict, to bo seized and destroyed. Had he not a right to do so by tho law of nations'! If any of our merchants, or any toreigu merchants, smuggles goods of the most useful kind into thu United States, or even attempts to enter them at less than their cost, they are seized and sold for tho buuefit of thu government, tlie informer and the custom-house officers. Neither England, nor any other power, is authorized lo inter fere, much less to make war on us for exer cising this acknowledged tight of every in dependent government, to regulate its own commerco within its own jurisdiction. By what right, then, docs she make war on China for a similar exercise of sovereignty T China is, in a great degree, a patriarchal government, i and the Emperor exercises over his subjects a despotic power, similar to that of the patriarchs of old over their families. His will is law, and so long as the people of China choose to submit to it, hchas tho same right to make internal commer cial regulations that our own free government possesses and exercises. But, say the advocates and defenders of tins unrighteous war, the Chinese are no bet ter than barbarians, and their government, by pursuing a different policy from that of Europe, has forfeiu-J all claiai to the piotoctiou of the law of nations. They say the same lliing of ttsj ihey c-1 us "outer b.irbarians," an I who shall decidej which is which? It is not long since England saiel pretty much the same of u, and treated us accordingly. Every body knows that arts, scien:e, liter iturc and civilization, nourished in China for centuries, while Eu rope was plunged in ignorance and barbar ism ; and every body knows that it has un dergone less change since that period than any country under the sun. But then they cat with chop-sticks, wear wooden shoes, and caps int of hats. Nay, worsn than all this by staying at home, livinc to them selves, an 1 delcininj; all political or com mercial connection with oilier nations, they have managed to preserve peace with all tho wot Id during long aires, in which civilized Europe has been deluded in blood. The silent acquiescence of the world in a principle which menaces the independence of every nation under the sun, is ono oftho ureal phenomena oftho times. Every bady must sec that this interference with the lucal regulations of China, if justified at all, will justify En;lanl in forcing her products' and manuftictures on every nation at the point of the bayonet. If she can oblige the Chinese to receive a deadly poison, she will obligo every nation, which h is not tho streniilh or spirit to resist her pretensions, to admit any thing else, on such terms as she may be pleased to dictate. .In obstinate adherence to their ancient manners, habiis and institutions, arc the lead ing characteristics of the Chinese govern ment and people. If they should perstvero in their opposition to the anogant preten sions of England, the effusion of human blood will bo terrible lo contemplate, and tlm aggregate ot human suffering incalculable. Should the English forces attempt to pene trate th j interior of the country, famine will b't added to war. Even in timo of peace, when the operations of agiiculluro are unin terrupted, its products are barely adequato lo the subsistence of tho hundreds of millions of inhabitants, notiv ithstanding thu simplicity oftheir mode of living. f interrupted in these peaceful pursuits, or driven from the cultivation oftheir fields, they cannot be sup plied elsewhere, for there is a superfluity nowhere. Tliey must perish by thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. If they fight, it must be under disadvantages, that will produce such results as wo havo just seen at Canton, namely, a carango of five thousand men on ono side, and a loss of some forty on tho other. Have the advocates of tho independence of nations, the univers il philanthropists, and the peaco societies, raised their voices against this war, undertaken for the avowed purpose of forcing a poison upon a government by which it is strictly prohibited, and which must nece ssarily result, either in the estab lishment of a principle fatal lo ihe indepen dence of overy nation England is strong enough to bully or coerce, or in a long se ries of enrnago and sulfering, at which hu inanity shudders ? . Post. HOVAIj EXPENDITURES. In looking over the report as to the expendi tures of the lird S':eward of the Royal House, hold for IS 111. we IinJthat thcrj isa charrm of about cUl.lHKJ for bread, and about 85'.,030 for wine about the same proportion that was pre. pared as far back as ibe lime of Henry the Fourth, whmi that distinguished Knight, Sir John Falslatr, took a pen'vvorth of bread and a -hilling's worth of sack. Tho washing bill was ,ilti,t.'j(l, perhaps a little augmented by the con. tributions from the nursery. Tim rest of the items are as follow : ltut'er, bacon, cheese and ecRf, S'-iV.M) ; butcher's moat, SSaOOfl jgoodioist beef, without doubt ; poultry, $.''!,.

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