Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 5, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 5, 1841 Page 3
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300; fish, 810,010, rather lenten entertain, merit that; groceries, 830,000; oil, 80.' 00; fruit and confectionary, 80.000; vcjjclablcp, $2,600, rather a small amount of vegetables for 871,300 of beef and poultry ; ale and beer, '815,000, that is patronizinc the brewers very -. .t 1 . . -.. 1 1 ' Ainii-. .11 1 1 ... nsti , vv a cunuius, 3 iv,iit.i , iiuiuw cnuuic;-, 3,750; stationery, 84.y.r)0; lamps, $20,750; mei, sai.'jwu; turningp, a.'.tKW; brazing-, 750 ; china, glass, &c, S7.8S0 ; linen, &W7o the Queen must be clothed in lino linen ; plate, $1,275; making a total of S.'MS,Si). Freedom of the I'nrss. In most of the monarchies of Europe the press is not free to criticise or censure tho government, nor dare editors ridictlc loyally ) but it is far otherwise in England, and throughout tho British empire. J'here tho opposition attack the administration with tho most perfect freedom, and often with unreasonable violence and gross abuse, nor is the royal household spared. I he Court Gazette it in the habit of chronicling all the movements -of the princes and nobility, telling when the Queen rides nut, and when Prince Albert goes -a hunting rabbits. This seems ridiculous enough 'to us, and so it dues to many Englishmen. 'Take the following as a specimen, from a JLon (don paper: Court News, if-c. Claretnout, Sept. 23d. tLast Tuesday being an exceedingly wet day, his Royal Highness, l'rincc Albert, was pre vented from indulging in the pleasures ot the field, as usual since the commencement of the season. As a substitute fur the enjoyment of sporting, tho Prince amused himself with catrh. ing flies in nno of the ante-rooms, the best p-irt of the day. During the morning, his Royal Highness smashed no less than live small flics with the end of his pcunl case j and about noon three tolerably sized animals were captured alive, but his Royal Highness wa tneiciftil enough to let them all go again, after having deprived them of their proboces. A Wit 3 1'. M. the Prince started a remirk ably line blue bottle ; but alter an active ch.isc of upwards uf twenty minutes, the animal suc ceeded in escaping through the door, which hap pened to be open at the time. An order m Council has since been issued, commanding a water infusion of quassia, saturated with treacle, to be placed in every room in the palace, for the purpose of securing those tiresome nui sances. London Satirist. An Editor Made a Bahonet. Queen Vic toria appears to make no -scruples with regard "to'the promotion of Editors to high stations of honor. Immediately niter the la'.e political struggle, she confetrcd a baronetcy on John Easthopc, Esq., the ab'c and distinguished conductor of the London Morning Chronicle, the leading organ uf liberal politics in England. Such was the simple story of the woman, and her appcaranco and manner wero such, that those who listened to it, could not doubt its truth. No one saw her bit sympathized with her ; and, through the exertions of her first tncnus.shc lias been supplied with clothing suf ficicnt to last her and her children, for, at least, a year, and with money to pay their expenses to the end of their journey. The reason why she never annlied to a town for relief, was that she had been informed that she would be stopped if she did. We under stand that when the authorities of this city learn ed her situation, they tendered her relief ; but the women had taken her under their especial protection, and the city's bounty wai refused. ianor ivii''. The election in Massachusetts, takes place on llic 8lli. The Whigs have in nomination for Governor, lite present incumbent, Jelin Davis, and tho locos, Murcus Morton. UTThe Philadelphia friends of Martin Van D.iren as a candidate for President at tho next Election, held a meeting at Ilalobans'on Mon day evening to wind up tho machinery and set it in motion. The American Sentinel (Porter) notices it very coldly, and says that Commodore Stewart, James Buchanan and Lewis Cass have each many friends in the ranks of 'the party.' Mr. M'ebstcr and Mr. Spencer are the only married men in tho Cabinet. Messrs. Forward, Wickliflb and Upshcrarc widowers; Mr. Lcgare is a bachelor Bait. Pat. In tho rountv officer of Grand Isle county, tho nameof Hector Adams, state's attorney, was aciden- .any omiiicu. ii atcmnan. Mittens and Cloves. TTEAVV liner. I.Imi-,1 lliirk-LIn Mitten I MocCS- Jtl aim of Mipcrior qtiolily, Ltdi-V Beam, Merino Nov. 5. fc. M. WRIGHT 4 CO. GREY Canada Storking, Royal Ribbed and Am cola shirts and Drawer, iusi w-eivnl I by , Nov. S. K M. WRIGHT A CO. Dr. A. Shcrmnii's Cough iozciigcs. TVTO Couch Atnlirine lias cverlccn Introduced ii XI Vermont that ban giwn sueh universal satislae lion. They seldom fall lo cure the mn-t troti'ilc.-onic fnueh nml cold in a few day. Niimcrou refer ence might he given lopcrsorswho have 1 era cured l.y I hem, Out where their merits aic so generally known It annrerinted it is nclc. losnecifv instance. The ahovu medicine, a well s Sherman's celebrated worm tiozenge, roor man's iinstcrs, anu otner pre pnratioH may I chad of Nov. 4. PANGBORN&BRINSMAID. OHEETINGS, Shirting, Ticking, Wicklng, Balling ' vtautiing. iiv-nrd cottons, canton riannei-, c F r sale by Nov. I. 8. II. SCOT V. tturglcal Instrnments 1 MAW'S self-injecting Apparatus, (a Lcauliful nrtiele, in ca.c.) Syringe of all kind., Urea -I i'uiiipt (in ea-es), do. Pipe, shells and shield-, Nur.-ing Unule and Ttil-c of many kind', Gum Kin. lie Ring-, for ehildren entlinitTeetb, Silver, Flexible sndOum Elastic Catheters, Boigie' slomaeh Tube, Kngli-h mid Genntin spring Lancet, Engli-h and Thi.mb do. Marsh's -liver and sieel spring Tritf t, (a moil celebrated nrtiele ) of every kind and sixe, Hull' do. do. ln. Twitchell's do. do. ilo. Forsaleby Nov.1. I'KCK ct SPEAR. BRIGHTON MARKET. Mondat, Oct. 25, 1811, Reported for the New England Farmer. At Market 3200 Beef Cattle, 1800 Stores, 0700 Sheep and 975 Swine. Kmccs. Beef Cattle A small advance was cflbcted and we quote to correspond. First quality, 85 25 a 5 75. Second quality, 84 25 a 0 01). Third quality 83 a 4,00. W e noticed a lot of extra Cattle taken at 88, a 0 12 1-2. Barrelling Catll". Choice lots of Mess Cat tle were taken at 81 25. We quote mess 81 a 4 25. No. 1, 83 00. No. 2, 82,50. Stores. Two year old S3 a 12. Three year old, $13 a 21. Sheep. Dull and prices low. Wo notice sales 81,00, 81 12, 81 25, 81 42, Si 02, SI 83 and 82 25. Stcinc. Sales quick at a small advance. Lots to peddle, 3 1-4 for sows, and 4 1-4 for bar rows. At retail. 4 to 5 1-2. ALPACCA Lu-lre-, ca-hnn're cloth, prinlril Saxo nie. Orlcan elnlli-. Carolina nlaid-. &o. ttv. AIo French mid Encli-h Merinos too numerous to mention at greatly red iceJ prices by Nov. I. S.U. SCOTT. Floor Cloths, Ac. LIGHT and dark printed Floor t olh, 10-4, 13-4, ami 13-4 Heavy Whitney Blanket-, scarlet. Green, and White Hor e Blanket-, llcavv tuill'd Flannels, I y Nov. 5. E. .M. WRIGHT if- CO. Manufactured Champagne. Five millions six hundred thousand English gallons of Cham pagne wine wore mnitilacturcd in 1910, besides the refined A'cic Jersey Cider put u in the same style. Uosion Post. Pork. The Western papers are of op'uroti that pork will be lower this season than for some years. J here is a large stock on hand, lor which the demand is limited, and the price lias fallen to thiee or three and a halt cents per lb. j From present appearance new pork will not bring over $i per 103 lb 0'iio Paver. New Ohixans, Oct. 15. A curious scene was u itnessed to-day at the S'. Louis Exchange. The city marshal, at the usual hour, proceeded totiic sale of a female slave, seized 111 (he suit of E. Johns, alreo man of color, icrsns Lock wood, a free woman of color. The plaintiff, we are told, is either the husband or brother nl the slave under seizure, and showed not a little nxiety to become the purchaser. Tin- bidding commenced a while man in the crowd bidding utiairst the man of color as high as the sum of 87.S00. The colored man however, bid 8,000, and the slave wus adjudged to he lit property. The byestatiders asked what tuada the white man go 6ofar. Courier. Singulaii DrATr. A remarkable case of death fro 11 oxecssie physical irritation occurred at Fratuingliam a few days, since. A young man named Henry Coolidge, of that place, hav ing shaved the face of his dead f ilher previous to the interment of the rorpse, soon alter ap. plied the same razor to his own face. Although his father had died a natural death, and nothing at all remarkable hai been observed in the man ner of his decease, fie face and head of t boon began to swell almost immediately after having finished the operation of shaving, and in a Fhort time he was himself a rorpse. fc'uch ca.-cs of extreme irritatiotUlw' rare,nrc not unprecedent ed, althu the explnna.' 1011 of such phenomena is by no means easy. In the present rase, the absorption of virus from the dead body seems al most impossible, though there is no other man ner in which we ran at all satisfactorily account for tho violent irritation which followed the use of the razor, and its fatal effects. Doslun Atlas. BOSTON WHOLESALE PRICES. SEEDS. Herds Grass, 83 75 per bushel. Bed Top, 50 to 55 cents. Clover Northern, 13c Southern, 10 c. Flax Seed, 81 37 to 1 50 bit. Lucerne, 25 r. pr lb. Canary Seed, not a bushel in the market. FLOUlt Baltimore Howard Street 83 50 to 0 02 Uenesec, common, 8337 IudiauMcal S'3 50. GU.MN.-vCorn Northern, bushel 74 to 75 Bound Vol low 7!) Southern Flat Yelluw 72 --White do 00. live Northern 78 toSO Oats Southern 48 to 50 Northern 52 to 54. PROVISIONS. Vliere was a heavy drift of Beef Cattle at market this week, and barrelers are selling new packed Mess at 80; Navv .Mess, a 8 1-4 ; No, 1, S7 a 7 1-2 per bri.': prime, $") 1-4 a 5 1-2 do.: Pork is dull, but some I uither parcels Lard have been taken at qno tatioiM. CHEBSE Old 4 to C c. New 5 to 7. WOOL There has been a fair demand for all descriptions-, and sales to some extent have been made at prices corresponding with the ratine of our quotations. The stock of nulled wool is considerably d minished, while that of tlcccc has rather increased, but the supply of cither description is not so larcc, Prime or Saxony Fleeces, washed, lb. 48 a 50 c. American full blood, do 43 a 40 Do 3 4 do 40 a 42-D.-. 1-2 do 33 a-19-1-4 and commdn do 33 a 30. CARD MR. HOWARD, cf the Cheap Cash Store, now on board the steamer Burlington at the Wharf; having one moment's leisuro before leaving, most respectfully improves it, by here tendering throinh through tho Free Press, his thanks to ths People for their unusual patronage to the E labhshmcnt, the most Haltering commendations bestowed upon the unrivalled assortment of Goods, and belief in my desire to sell according to pretensions, cheap for cash, will by me, be most generously and magnanimously reciprocated, in nn inrriascd encrey, and further use of Faculties to their hi-'hest yet known, 8G00 taxed powers, with the benefit of an indefinite expansion, as the pressure ol Taxation is increased, and die Gcolo eical and Agricultural resources of llsc Uate become derelo;ed, with ihe Phrenological Humps of the itreen .uoumnins maue known, 10 be vicwid in con nection with their Physiognomy, when will be found dim me ajimy aim prnuuenons 01 our veru inuni "ill give an hitherto unknown Hallo and Hurrah 10 the success of Rail Roads, Canals, and .Manufacories, and ihcUpand Doing. Quick and Cheap for cash and no imprisonment for debt stoic, begun, continued and kept by IIUW AI2 n Who lias already been five tunes to New York for supplies since Spr ng and is now, before this can be read, by any of his most beloved and respected pations, far, far away off on his mission as their devoted, au thorized agent to mat e such n selection m the great American ninrkct of the rommodoticsof the widely diflerins portions of tho Glolie. to he conce ntrated in his store for display and distribution to the fair appli cants, as thev 111a v come forward to receive their nor- tions 01 an mans neh, lair, 1 rautilul, ornamental and useful. Burlington Ray, 6 o'clock P.M. 3d Nov. 1841. P. S. Directions left with clerks to tM cheap du ring: absence. We will avail ourselves of the present favorable onpi rlmiity, to keep our names up for Belling Goods cheap. Clerks. TEMPERANCE There will he adjourned nieelins of the Burlington Total .Abstinence tforiety this evening at the Court House ai nan pasi 'io etocK, NOTICE The mcmbersoftliclhirlinston I.irht Infinlrv am reouested to meet at II. Italian's Hctel. te-niofrow. taturuiyjuveningai o ctocK. A general attendance IS requested. Mai? it 5ta al tn this town on WVdnesdav evriiinc the 27th ult. hv the Itev. .'. K. Converse, Mr. William Mabcvr to Mis-. .Snrati !:. Slahell. In St. the Rev. Mr. Hon, .nr. Joseph 11. Cornwall, to Jliss unarlotl 1. vvyman nil uftlint nlaee. In lliuhL'ate.on the4thult. I vO. F. Robinson. Ken Mr. K. (j. Janison to Miss Mary Ann Hollcnbcc'u-,all of that place. AFFECTING STORY. Havin" recently heard an itilerestinj storv, which, it seems, has been going the rounds of the city, for some days, we took pains to ascer- tain its truth, and we believe wo nave succeed We here give the result of our inquiries. Not long since, as ime of our citizens was passing a lio'.d, near the City Common, he ob. iervcda woman lying on tl.e ground, with two children near her. At the time, his thoughts bein" occupied with other matters, he did not pay much attention to the circumstance. On reaching home, however, it came again into his mind, and thinking it rather strange, he men tinned it 10 his wile. It s ruck her also, as sin- gular.atid bhe meu'iuned it to a neighbor. At length it reached the ears of some ladu-F, who may well be termed Sisters of Charily, from the manner in which they exhibit their syiruthy for the distress and m.slortunes of others, and they determined to satisfy themselves olthu meaning of so uncommon an occurrence. On finding the woman, they questioned her as to the reason ofherbeiig 111 that situation, but received no answer. One of the children, however, was more communicative, and said that her "mother had got the baby there." They then proceeded to ascertain, and found concealed under tl.e clo ikolthe woman, a new. lv born nfant in Ihe state of nature ! The moth er was in great distress on their ajiproachit.g her, and begged to bo permitted to ihe where abe was for she had had her portion of misery in thi uorlr.. But the benevolent ladies liotented to the dictates of humanity, rather than to h.'r wishes, and caused the family to be conveyed tn a house, where they were rendered coin or- table, and had cvey attention paid to their wants. Thestorv ot the woman is, that her name is Mcsum, (we believe) and lormerly of Taun ton. Mass-. that with her husband, some tune nra. she removed to Ohio : that there he obtain ed a piece of laud and made some improvements upon it, but before he had paid for it, in lull, he died. That the land reverted to the original owner, who made her a present of a mourning dress, and tome other articles. That, having a little money, she concluded to return to Taun ton, where she had left brothers, but, 011 hear in? thev had removed to St John, New Bruns- wick, she reBolved to follow them there. That in her journey she had disposed of every thing she had. excentinL' enouL'h to annear decently : that sometimes people were "onerous to her, but Generally thev suspcctcdlier, and turned from her without aflbrdini; her any relief : that hsriourncy was performed chiefly on foot, and thai abe had suffered tho "reatest privations. That whe had succeeded in getting somewhere in the vicinity of the Bantior bridge, on the eve ning previous to iher beiutr discovered, when she found herself likely to become a mother. That 6he withdrew from the road side, and on tjio ground unaided and. alone, passed throu"h suftbriiig, to her sex only known. That, 111 the course of the night she found bhcltcr in a hut near by, and the next day wandered to the placo in which she was found, where she had Uin hcrMlt down to die ! 3D) fi m 5l On Ihe 3td October, at Providence. R. I. of con wimptiun, On in R. Cook, aged 31 years, formerly of tins pnee. In this town on Thursday of last week Mrs. Mary Holhrook. in the ninety eiehlh vcar of her ace. Mrs jlolhrook wa6 probably the oldest inhabitant of the tou-n. In Colchester, Oct.31st, Leonard P. infat son of Mm. Caroline Klder, api d I months and 2U days. Printer, in Maine and Mass-, are requested. A LOT OF WOOD LAND for sale near the Lake, Also, two hundred cords of Wn. id on the bank, Enquire of E l HAN BURROUGHS. Kcrrisburgh, Nov. 1941. Robert MooJv'h Estate. WE the j'ilM-ri! cr I ems appointed, I y the Hon. Prolate Coin for tlw Di-trn-t of C'h tlenden. ommi-Moners to receive, examine mid a liost all hum- and demand- cf all ner on- aeain-t the e-ta'e of Rolri .Moody, late i f Burliiig'Mi, in aid dis trict, deceased, re.ireeniel in-olvent, and al-o all hum-and I'emaiid-exhil del in oi-et thereto: an I MX muuihi. from the date hereof, I chip allowed ly said ciurt for that purpose, we do therefore herel v Cive notice I hat we will attend to the hii'iir of iin'r appointment at the Hotel ol John llowunl, hi Ilitr luiR'on, 111 said di-tnei, on the lifieenlh day of De cember and April next, at ten o'clock, A.M. on each ot .-aid days. Pa'ed at South Hero thi-321 day of October A. V. 1641. I.ll I HI R LOOM IS, ) PIlll.O I'UOI.riTLE, ConimiioiiCT. T.t. SI RON O, LILY SYRUP. An unparralkd rtmtdy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, ityiffifg- of Wood, Hooping Cough, yc. jj TO THE PUBLIC. In nrcsentine to the mil he a newremedv for di.ea scsof the may l enroner to sav that, indziiiir from the many certificate- and reeeommciidation of o ner apecities contained iu the newspapers of I lie day no new remedy was called for or required. Hut if Ihe popular retnedic had materially Ic-scncd the hilli ol (iiuriniiiv, or any one ui ine many preparation po -es-ii! those virtue" recommended, so that after a fair trial, the patient could depend upon its hcah'na power , no ruiiuiiiinv nupe lor n spcctiy recovery 01 neniiii, thi humble attempt to nrre-t the prosre-s ( f Pulmo nary Cou-timption would not have appealed. lint that Ihe victim of this destrojer are daily in-crca-ini, need no proofand the large scales of the Drujrgitts show that the remedies el the day have I ecu fairly tried, and failed in tlieirobiccl, it that ob cet vvaslhere.-toriiiion to heal h of kt.oii S'lfcrini; Iromdisea-e- of ihe Iiiiisk. Whl'e one remedy drie. u it couch that sho d I be properly aided to throw o l t'leyi-eid ph'eutn eollei ted upon lliclunB andtliront he ha b of disease, another, by a bad selee.ion of an ex,ecinninl, is indeed enal led to di-pn-sess the iresein icnan, tan leave- a wore one 10 occupy me hattercl nieiiii-c- : uud by it. the work of death is the sooner accompli-hed. The LILY SYR0P unovv l-elievcdto 1 the lt remedy for lunc comn ainl. ihat ha ever annearoL To cuie Pulmonary Con-ump:i'on af'er the disea-e iiai o:e in lasi ori., oriecome -eatcd upon the vi nl function-, and tubcrclts are formed und lrolcn. and atmo-plicrieair i inhaled into tiiet rol en part-, i not nliione the prc!cn-iou of tlictliou-aiidaml one popular no-truin-to the contiary, notwiih-lundinfr). Tint tneiliciuedia retored many who were snp-io.-cd to be I eyond cure, I y men Mamluia; hiith in Ihe medical orolc-.ion ! hut their le.torntion tolicallh on ly proved that great and good men may I c Mii-tahrii, in the -tnce or proprc-t of IliciH-ca-c. Henee, let no peison de-pair of relief, until he has made a fair irinl of 1 ho Lily Syrup. 1 1119 iiieoieme opcra-cs i.y prqrnotinK a irec anu ea-v expeetoiatirn. thercl v Irrnni? the lum? and throat Irom vicid piilcm, aiidjirenijiheiiini,- ihe pans nu I fivein them from iiillamatory action whiih constitute- the disca-u of Pulmonary Con-mnpiion. TheSynip' it entirely free from au(' niinerid ut atanre, and purely vesetabfej nnd with per lect safety by the mo-t dcbealu eou-liliition-. It Is linthly rwioinmeni'ed toDm-e who have weal, lunir-. Tent her- 01 performer- of vocal niu-ic will find it of iuvalual le rse to them, hv its. Eivins creal strength and swee'ness tolhe toue-'of mit-t'c, and en a' lins the por-on lo gierforiu wiih erealease. Pol lie speaker- and dol.nler.i will tmd it ol le ser vice to them. This medicine ha 1 cen thoroughly arid nieccsliillv le-teil I v nhv-ieran. ami hv their advire i now prcpnren ami o crctl to the put lie, lo sneak lor itsell in thccuii-cofullhclcd h itnaniiy. And may he who I le-fc.1 the in-iriiuientality of clay to oien ilieejeof the blind, oial.e it a 1 le-.-mg to the hiiuiHii family, nnd the (Treat object of the proprietor will 1 e aeeom- purlieu. All me licinc ,-ho-ild -c ci vcn according to the situ ation of the patient ; and, il much red iced, a .-mailer ip-nniity lhan whore there is ton-ideral le .-trenirih. I he directions on the I otije may 1 etal en an yeiicrel rile : but if taken for a loni; stn'uilmi; cough, innay I e nece-.-ary to tal.e a much larperdo-e for some one or t-o days', and even ol cue", until an expo 'loralion i produced mat will luirvu anu ea y. vv ticn tin-re I iniieh lipluiic-K ol ihe chest, it will si me ime- the coueh for a day or two : tn which ca e. the oalient should take the Syrup mnieficely, even until it should produce a -iiani nausea oi i lie stiinncn. lie need not fear any harm from -ii'-h rcns.ttioii. 1 would say to nil who' purcha c tlos medicine (or u-c, that llicy cin have but little hope ol leinn I euclitteil I v ", unle ji islai eu -tcadily vv-Ik-h it I- commenced with. Some have tat en it once a day, then twice, then not anv for wo or tiireeuay-. l cannot av thai sueli win hi I e h'.elvto ilhimvc much I ciH-fil from it ; but if tal.cli regularly, it i- eminently calculated to uproot the di--ea-e, niul to icstore lo sound health. It i-ilK.earne t de-u-e of tiie (irojinetor to have every one lhat ice- at lea-t one I utile of it steadily accoii'hnj.' t( the direction-, to coiuni"niciue the result to the person ol whom he purcha-ed the medicine. The propr e or i- privileged to refir to the follow he per ons -vho have u-ed the Lily ynp, and who wdl be happy lo i;ive inforinatton of it- Mipciior healing powers, to any wi-mng io more at out it. Mr. Crittenden, one of the firm of K. K. Smiih & Co., whole alcund retail mciehant, Exehange-stree", Rik he-ler, lor bieeilin at the luntf-. Rev. E. Tucker, Pa-tor of second Dxptist Church, Ro he ter. Ca tain l F rocman, for a bad eouh. Mr. Sluddard, of the tiruiol S anwoodiCo. bookseller-, corner of It itlalu nnd State streets, Roche-ler. Mr. J. M. French, North-street, Rochester, tor the vviioopin-coi-gn. Mr. Suiiilmurili, feione-street, Rochester, for tad coueh. Mr. Rolert M'Kihlen, Monroe-street, Roche-ler, in a severe and alarming ea c of ihe whootiing-c-ough E. liarnard, E-quire, in court-house, in a ca-e of whooiiinjr-cOMh in his family. Captain W. I). Kish, for a caseoi t'hlht-ic in his family. Rev-. Mr. Clark, Pastor of the Baptit Church, Le uny Rev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of the first Baptiit Ch irch. Roohe-ter. Captain A. Biitton, for Haemorrhage of the bins-. A. O. Smith, cahicr of Mechanics and Farmers' Hank, Roche-ler. L. W. Sibley, of the firm of Sil ley Sc Scrantom, dry cood merchants and auctioneer-, Uu lalo-strect, Ito'-hcs'er. Iter. A. King-toy, Pa-tor of the Baptist Church at .vianctie-'er. Rev. Jacob hnapp, r.vanpeli-t. Mr. 1. ilunii, Carriage Ma1 er. St. Paul-street, Hiram Tucker, a lornevnt law, Rml.e ter. Mr. Thoma- A-lunan, paver, Roche. ter, who ha rceivu.l a-tunishing relief. Please inquire of hi- ea-e. Rev. Thomas Cnrllon, M. E. Ch. Roehetr. A. Steel, (hlecihu-j al hin-l Loekport. H. Miner, We-t llenricpa, Munroc Co. Profe-sor Mctiinui-, Hamilton 'I heol. ScmV, ltey. jvvi iiM.M.lnJ, oi.l. C. W. took, " " !CP The Proprietor has I cen oTerrd eirtificatrs by many of the a' uve Keiitlemeu j but he prefers that ho r vv-i.-iiiug inloriuation, wouu call on tnera per 'THlKsubscriUr offers for ssle at bis Brick Shop, j- in vncrry aiteet, a largo variety otl- cnt, con sisting of delicti furs White, grey, brown and black furs, for Ladies iriiiiiniiigi Lynx and squirrel Boas ALSO Superior black Otter and hair Ottor taps Shetland and south sea seal da, Boys c(Ts, for60 cents Fur nnd hair collars, a variety Northwest Hullalo Robes Fur and cloth caps repaired, and Caps made to order, by W.m. 1. SEYMOUR. Burlington, Oct. 29, 1841. DISSOLUTION. THE partnership heretofore existing between H. C. lilackman it Lewis 11 TnrrilJ ! ilii. ,! dissolved by mutual coascnt. II. C. nLACKMAN, L. D. TURRILL. ?V The tuiinria will b i-nntiiimwl h If. r; Black man. Jericho, Oct. 2, 1841. HTHOVAS willcontinut jiis Auction Sales in thp ficrnnon nfeverv Wednesday and Snlur. day. A l.itgo quantity of lloiiwhnkj rurniturc of uiuereni ocseripuons will ur oncrcu, locvii t-r atn Stoves of various kinds, with pipe. Sale, of Dry Goods, Cutlery, Clocks, Jewelry, (tc., A.ce, vnibe onercd Tuesday. Thursday aud Saturday Ivciiinei until, furthernoticu. October 1341. Qf CASES EnLdish and American Prints, CJ 2 " Blcerhed Sheetings. 1 ' Col'd Cambrics, 1 " Apron Checks, June 1st, 1941. iut received by V1L.A3, lAJUJlIS Ol LO, Oct.l, 1811. LYMAN &i COLE ofleror sale lllark and lllue lllack and cul'd silk Wlwtn rr' ltnnn onuuiiiait iriininingsi Also a variety of silk Fringes. WK the suh-crd er, havmi: I con appointed by the Honorablellie Pro) ntf Cnnsi lr. ,1... M, .(-,.- .a v.nuienucu eoinuii-v liner-to iiir m. ,in nn.i 'luti me ciniini nun uemanJs ol all persons, agaiu-l JAIIFZ l'KNMMA V late of Colches'er, in -aid Di Irict, decea-ed, repre f tiled tn.olveul, an d al-o a'l claim and demandion- id tied in o l-et thereto an I six month- fitnii tbedate nereoi, i cinir allowed l.y s.ii I Court, Tor that p irpn.-e-we do hereby irive notice, that we veil attend lo Ihe bii-inc- of our appointment, at the dwelling of John Howard, m llurlmgton, in -aid di-trii-l, on the second Monday of Jnnuai y and April next, at 10 o clock, , .u. on cacn in -a in (lav. Dated, this lllhdav t I'Octrilcr. A. D. 1SII. AI.V.AN FOOTE, ,. LUTHER I.OOMIS, t-omisionr OA BALES Brown Sheeting, OU 2 do. do. Drilling 5 do. do. Tirkinss, 1 do. Canvas" Pndding, 15PiccsRed Paddintr, 1 do. 40 inch Iturlnps. (uat rcif4 by VILAS.LOOMIS A- Co. Oct. 1st, 2 CASES Colored Enrdisb Marinos. 1 " It'iek do. 1 " Fie'd Bnmhn7ine, 1 " Alni-ra Cloth. 20 pieces llhek nnmbsniue. !0 " Pr'nlrd Snrnnv, for si -hT VILAS. LOOWtl X CO. Ort. UU 1941. CASE Pnnre Silk ?0 piores rtlirk nnd ForM d. zn " Pon""eHdkf. 20 lh. Imli.111 Sew-ipir Sill?, r, " H nrlt nnd cord Twin. 0-t. 1,1841. For aluby VILAS.LOOMIS, Co. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. MfitolhfflliatSjIBasaoa, (SUCCESSORS TO K. BRIGGS,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, WOt'Ll) rc-pce'fu'ly inform the inhal itant of llurlinifton and the surro uuhn; eoun'ry. thai they carry on iIkj Confectionary Ihainrst, on all its vurio-i raucue- ie.crsniue.i tune the very.le-t material- iu manuf.ictiirui'.', llicy will at all tune-furni-h Merchants and other, dealing- iu Confou. aric, wi h the I est tp-aliiy, and on I tic lowc-v oo-i-bleterin-. Shop on Ch ir.-h Sireet, two door. .South of S. K. HuwanP S.orc. newly and nea'ly riitnJT iti. where we coplially invite all to call an I evamiiir o ir article", con-i-linol nil kind- of Stick C'unuV, Bulla and Ki-!-. Hearts and liamond-. Ilraid-. Primer- mint, Lemon Drop-, Vanilla Cream, Lozenue-, Suirar riumiv, v-arrawav-s, uiiiiui-, i a-si. i ids, IKx-l,-and isrown i-anuy, n 11?ar sanu, .hoik- and Secret' Sugar Apple, Po'atoe-, Esra, and llasl ei-, with vanou- oihcr uiliele too u uenJ to I e mentioned. A ircneral a-sortmcnt of ri h an I fancy Cake-nu hand, and lalud to order, together w ith 'Ice Cieamj to ruraith partie-, AL?0- Covcil Cjinov, whieh we recoinmeud for Cough, LV.Ids, Hoar-ene , ie. We do not ore en I to say Willi Mr. J. Piase &S011. that mr Candy will care ail di-ea-e- leadiuir to Con-uiiipticL, we think that IS saving too mticn. CLOCKS. We have a good a-urnnent of Brass and Wooden Clocks, which we will -ell very low f r ca-h ( r ap proved credit. Plea-c call aud examine Lcfure pur-cha-:nj ebew here. N. U. All order- Irom a distance, pn-t paid, will lie promptly attended to, and package-and I oxe- put 011 loard ol stage or I oat-, when re.i urcd, fiee if euargc. Ue pailic ear an I ml Ire- all order- to Mi l C11ELL it UAKNiy, Confectioners, llieiu Icmgtut firm-of the satne naine 111 the village. B ir'ingtan. Vt. Oc . 22, 1811. T'ns- wh'''" -nd eol'd ThTead, 0)J F0 " Itlaek l.inon, rs n.o Round nnd FlM T.artf. Oct.l, 1541. For sale hv VILAS, I.OOMIS A Co. son npos 7MI "110. 0 do. do. --0 da. n',2 Oct. !t, 1PI1 ! Hilt Coat and V.t Buttons, Horn do. do. do. do. Vest do. Pmtl""n ('o. Pearl Shirt do. Fo- rle I v VILAS, I.OOMIS e CO. QCf M DrtlLI.t-'n Rve.1 X'nHes, 0Jf "00 firoM tto..Vnnd Eyes. inn no Kfittin rmi, .1 Cei London P-n, I do. Amerienn do, iu ss',1 h Oct M.1P4I. VILAS. t.OOMIS ft PO. T(TUsjlC.tL Instrumants Ac B E & F flat Clari. IY1 ncttes, U .t CJ Fife, I'lageolHi, Oiuiar, Vitdui. and i'ihnsi47, irinp, tccieyl by July 21 IFlll. PA.NTJIJOIIN& IIRINSMAIB. LM'Vi'' S'?1'1 Have for sale Mess aud Pfuu

Pork Miouldrta and Hams. Burlington Oct. 9tb, OST. on -Mturdny evening ta-, m the lower nri of tin- town, the cape to a t.adiea Cloak. Th finder will l.e liberally rewarded on leaving tho tarn, at the subscribers dwelling bouse, HiitlineionOct. 0. 1811, Win. I" PHILLIPS. 150 Tin Plate. Sheet Iron. Ac BOXES Tin Plate, 1-3 IX. Canada Iron, oO Bundles Ellir. and Atmrhan Tsam. 100 11 asPoited.Vos. Together with a general asortinmt of Tinnat articles, hy VILAS, LOOMIS &. CO. Oct. liUS41. Jlack Tea, for salu July IC. WHALING & CO. A.M. moil-of I he REV. 'IIILOIIAI.D MA'lllfVf, with nn account "f Ihe Ri-e and Prosrre-i at Tmicraneln Ireland. For sale attheboolt ktor. July II. u8 V. A. UKAitAJT. LUMBER. CLp-iw.nrvs, Floor-Huard, C:ear-lluarvl, and ShingUs, lor sale I V HICKOKdtCATLIS, V,t Side Court IIou Square, SO h Octoler 1811. JUST RFCEIVED. Qprf lt Cla- RcaiVri, 600 21 " 7j03J " " Aud for sale bv L'HAL'NC'EY GOODRICH. Oct. 22, 1911. TJtWl.B Quadruped,, l.t Pihrrim Proere-s, Fine HI. Leeture- on Drntnatie Art and Literature, by vf. SchUgel, FrOih the German, ly Johiillait., Ju,t received, and for sale bv CHAU.NCEY GOODRICH. M Oct. 1811. IrtSF. Wo Pnrt-t Pombt, E0 dot. flsrnian Silver do. ?A1 " Cirn do. "rin ' T"t Ho. 5(W " fiide VI ' lira's Jn. pl frralK Ju-elt. lfltl. VILAS. I.OOMIS A CO. FURS. 0--TFU ,nd esICn I,v"t Cntt. ind rnr.PV M"" A!'!!'!. T.i-1 kin m 1 f.nrev Pn't..,, t-n D ,wn Roas and G1o"- r.r Tpt rn.nd bv Tlli Oct. E. M. WRIOHT A eo. Tvntvrt"hhsr!hoes IT,i.s,n.. T-,vr'tni' n..t,.i. . i, n t vvmnttT .r. -. I ASH wanted in f xchanjre for ts-tl.ns. E. C. LOOMTS. A NEW WARRANT ISSUED. THE siib-CTibcr would return thanks for the liberal paironncca'.lnriled them I y the p iblic and vroull invite them to examine tire 1-e-l -election, which ihuf have received ot Illael.-, llbie-U aek, Mine, tnvwbW Grmi and Drown Uenver Cloth; Black, BIuc-BIsm and Fancy Ca-inivivs and, trr Pantalooiikl Autui, vrav-er, dilk aim alencia lor v e-t and lrii iiiiuir, uf all kind anduf the I est quality the rnarkat a lord-, and wh ch they will make into garments t. uny w ho may favor Ihem with their cii-tom accord- inu 10 tneir order, tr 11 icit to tneni etve-, in the mo fa-hional le style u repor'ed I y tlse l-t reiorter (J he city of l.ouduii and New York, ai.d wairanted ta fit. A- noeipeinr will I e .-pared 10 ol tans informa tion monthly, it willlc at om-c seen that oa tho- terms a warrant t an certainly le uiven. All wJcn promptly exe.-uted for llcatiu Pat oo-'r. Pltase netiie Id ducr Smith of the Sank. CaurA Street, JJurlington, Vt. P. S. Tho v who -nd order lor work will nlrat 1 panic ilsr in having their measure taken correutf to en. ure a perfect hi. jinn iu ol sole Leather, fiom 'a i n" , sileby H. C. LOOMIS. tLOTtt CAPS A "ee sortmn " -II Vind. Vnd prire,tuat received by E.M. WRIOHT &Co, Sent. 23. Stephen llnlght's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, To all pr-on in'eres'eil Diptriet of Chifendeii, -s. $ in ihe estate of Stephen ILiiglit, late if Burlington, in said district, decea.-ed, 111'e ae. Izra Meirh, adnuni-trator ol thee-taietf the said deceased, havinz hied 111 said court hi- petition, 1.1 writing, -ell 111? tort b that Hie -aid inte-tate 1.10.1 icize 1 of the following de-cnled iarcel. of ical e-ta'e, union:. o'hers, viz. al out one ncie ol and and wa'cr privi'ege, lyinon ihcnurih s'dei f Oiler Creel, in Ver cenne ; aboit forty acre.- of land, (I cms a cedar swamp) lying in New Haven Core, in ihe county ol Addi-on, andal out iwoucre- of land lying in Monh ti n. iu -aldco intv of Addi-ou, I ems the only land of which Ihe said S 1plu.11 llaiglit die I seized, nl which are sin ate m m-A Veinenne-, New Jluven Gore and Monkiou .that ihedc' ts auiu-t raid -- late, a- allowed 1 y ihe cmiiiii .iuer.-, aie S17U2.67 i Ihata saleof a portion of ni I laml. j uece-iary for the payment of Ihedebls of the ,aid iiru-iutc bai the raid inte-la'e left livo ehddieii, who are liis nn.., one of whom re i.'e- out of the -ta c of Verim in, and the other i- a female infant uiu'er the age uf eighuen year- i lhat tbeaforc aid parcv.1- of land aie 1 npro (hiciivu and lhat il would Iu to tl.e heir antt nil n'licr oer.-ons iulcre ti-d in raid e-tate. 10 have the whole oftl can! icveral pari el-of Ian I sold Konally and the proocej- 01 s ion sn e, u icr nic p.iyniyiii 01 I he di bis of the -aid inti-taleaiid the expen Csofnd minis ration,'cd amonir the heirs 10 said e-tale. And tiraying saidco ri 10 grant mm, the .aid auini 1 German Colisll Syrun I ni tralo-, liccn e to, ell all Ihe sad .eveial pareelo rpHIS de-ervedly di-tingiii-lied nuheine, together land. I LYMAN & COLE TT" A V E receive I, in a I lilion to their for stock of X XDry uooils, an extensive a-s-or'ment of I-till and Wiu'er GlihI- j anion; which will I e fi, 111,1 great variety of urn le- f r Lh he-' Cloak ; .laeca L'i-tre, a very pretty article; Alrii'va silk Warp, Caml lutivn, Plain It'ack, r igM do., Satin Daiua-k. Urychclla, Per-iau Cloih, Fiench. German. and Enzli-h'Merino., Moioeliue de l.iiue and prin'ed Snxonie, a great variety and low priced; Goal's Hair auu imitation ainoici. SILKS. A .mall ,rrtment of rich lio'd and -tn'ivt KdL-. Heavy uiaci; v-auton, unn's mvi.., anu other situs. a 11.1 iv 1. s. Lupin' 1 e-t earle-, I lack, while, and colored: A lew extra -ize Wor-tcdihawl-, ( llo-iery, n large a oriment ! an iinu-i'.HIvlar'.-i'as-ortnieiilot American print-; rrcnoti midhueli h do. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton sheeting and shiriinir: Tieki " and Wad ding ; l)leaehd Cotton and Mcrrimaeihecnnj, erv low. TAILORS rlIMMISGS. Worted Binding, -ilk do. Iyvr'e round and siuarc Mohair Conls for overcoats; -ill; Cord for dres coats; Worsted and -ilk &'irye; hgurel -ill; anil Velvet Button, new figure ; sewing -ilk, Twit and Thread: Padding. Canva , se'ecia-, Col'd Jeans. Drown ami lllack Linen ; Wor-led plaiJ for Faci'ii.' ; Buttons for over coat-, d-c. I'.l.'VCl' J1IU X. A varielj of rich de l.aine, Chally, silk, and ucw stvlerancyir i. nnd vru . JIRO AD CLOTHS. Heavy do-d le nulled Broad Cloth ; B-aver and Pilot Cloth- ; Rich Diamond Deavei Chub-; al-o a ccueral us-onmcnl of B irlin-iou Mill Cloth-. Gcmiemen an I Ladie- are invited to call and exam inu our very e.V( nsne a-sortmeut, which we oiler at reduced price, lor La-h. Burlington, 24 O t. 1841. PECK &. SPEAR, Agent for lln teelion. NEW ARRIVAL. AFT'I.L and eolli't'ete'lrll, rf Pe I S'ne. Chene, .ao'n .trin,- and p'ain. Prin'o-t S-iyony rto'd l, au-t -in I nine-, a t'rndid ar'!--'!- for elf t ' and dre-e, ,.'.,tn in I fi""!!-1: Mi-ruio.. wor-'tl, n';'' rni'l wiT-vl .S'rtre l-r eont l,n',i x-f, r, at tne Nev Ca-h -tore. (0". 12.1 J. P. WHALING i: Co. ft' OTItS ! !- llra 1 ( Iri-h. I i-.lnere-. TrMFSTIC''S.. I 'Waddair, .bi-t oi-ene'1, a caneral a.o.n,ent of fl'UH'tu nn-l v,-tmr' fbetrrthan ever at the Ca.h .'o- nn Ctti-nrii V. O 1. 12. .1. P. WHALING fcCo. Slm-iinr. Slertinj. P.n"'nr Wj.-l-inir I'n'iim V;,-n. (YMin K'n ,-hnn. at (On". 12'1 .1. P. WHALING A: Co'. C1 I! O C E K I K sr:nand -up. a..rrtment of TTei. S'ur-ir.. Cn'i;, Tliee. Mi los-r. nd manv other ni-es-ary article, lower 'ban "s'-al for ca h, a wot. I., ,t- 1 0 a. OLTI.INES of Geography and His'orv, bv Frei'.Tr laner-on, 3tJ0copie-j'i-t ree'd I y C. GuOllRICII, 1 eacner- win u inriii-neu won copic- iur exanua stion wnhoul charee. Oct. 14. .Medicinal Manors I BE S T Port 1111 1 .Ma Vira Wine, Heat Coznae llrau ly and Holland Gin, Alchohot and Mtlict .-pirils, fi.r Camphor, fte. by PLCK & SPEAR. Oct. 15. liotanlcul ! Article in tin- I ran -h convan'.lv on hafi4 PECK if- SPiaK. T? Vh'RY Hill wholesale and retail, by For Sale. f1HE Farm known a- the Vernon farm, situated tm M. Cliche ter, about one mile It-low the llridgr t Onion River lower tails. Said farm c mains aljout two hundred at-ie- of intervale, aud seven acre at upland, wuli a ;-ood -tery and a hall hou-e, two I arn, and a corn l-ini sitca'cd then-tin. Said laud ar well ft-n'-eil and in gooJ condi-iou. For further tnfof niatiou apply to GEORGE II. MOOllE. Uurliugiou, O l. 12, 1311. lUwl Q QILI.1. 100 bunches of Onill- for a'r ' v Oct. C. GOODRICH. T HAWING PEN CI IA En: JLfor sale I y O.M. 1 1. Iili I ra'viii"" I'i-iiciIs C. GfKlDHICH. iTOVES. A great variety comprising nearly al iCthe kinds now in use of Cooking Moves ol ths must ituprovid patterns; Box and psrlur Stovia, right k.nd anJ sizes at gi tally reduced price, hy Oct. 13. iHCKOK A. CATLLV. t?ALT. -CO llarreis, '.'OlO bushels iu hulk, fur ala Oby Oct. IX IHCKOK .f-CATLIN. ssle at IHCKOK i. CATLIN. (1 ROCERIE. A gemral assurlmerit. fur I Very luw prices, b y CODFISH, Limp Oil. Linseed Oil and Paints M Oct. 13. IHCKOK & CATLIN'S. NEW GOODS. A GENERAL as-orimni cm he found at SlDMCT Bahlow'- New Store at Winoo-Ui Falls. Septcmler 17, 1841. PURE Salt, Anew article, warranted Pure, ma ulacturtd bv tin enittelv new proctss. so as M cleanse the s ilt froiii every other substance. llluu uu-hels ot the above tor nte iiv Oct. 13. HH KOK A. CATLIN. PROTKCTIVE SYSTEM, CLOTHS of superior liui-h and duruble eilor- ja-t manufactured I y the It iiliiigtun Mill t'o. for tale al th lowe-t price?, at the New Store, Wmoojki Fall-. I y Septeuiler, 17, IS4I. SIDNEY BARLOW. 1 FAREWELL'S SHOES, a nw a-x r'ment, Just re-eiied, at the New S;ure, Winoo-ki Falls. SIDNEY I1ARLOW. Septcmler 17, 1S1L 7w. and, ngri-eallyto thestatii-ciu suih i-a e maue ami J ,vllh Taylor's Ual-ant of Livrrvvort, Jayne's iroviuru: mir.Hri-ruN, uie i-uun mure niui uiii ap-1 in liaii Exnevlorant, ...... . 1 .. nil 1.1... ..I i'n.n..l til- I . . . ..I .. ' -toves at Auction! COOKING Stovts will he sold at Aurtion in wUfront of tho suhacri' crs' store, if not disposed of before, on Saturday, (tomorrow) the Gth insp inur-un. ex. i Burlington, 3 Nov. 1841. ML'FF- Uc a- and oiber r ur-, 1 y Nov. 5. Tll.ACK, I Ire I laid, lieht idain, light ticured, Gro j-a : .Mr 11 "euivt China sikt,tow lor noint the 22ldav of Nuveniler. in-tant, lor hear- 1112 and dividing on .-Mi l petition at the oilke of he lt....i.irr oi'said court, in ll'irlint?toii. in said di-trict and doth on'er lhat all pcr-on- le notilieil llicreol I y pill Iication ol tin- order, containing me snD-tanee 1 1 sunt net 1 ion, ihri-c week-sncce-stvely in theB.irling ton Friv l're s, a newspaper pnn elin saii Burling ton, the last ol wh'ch pnl licanon-to be previous to said 22nd day oliNovcinicr, m-tant. Given under my hand at Burlington, this tint day of November. A. D. 1811. vvu Hl'.oiu.i, tvi(iBvcr. S. P. SCOTT. Nov. 5. h. I v B. SCOTT. PilltTS. A FEW Hale le-i Paiuiel nu.lalo Rolc, Men'i le.lSheland seal Can-. Nniria Fur do. Uov'sdo Men' ami lloy's hair real do. Fur Collar-, oie. for tiiV-chcap P. DOOLI'ITLE, ."vi V. l. IBM. Dissolution. NOTICE ii here' y given that the copartner-hip heretofore cxi-lintr I elweenihe siib-crd ers un der ihe firm ol N. A. 6l W. II. Rhode-, was dissolved bv tnuttial consent, on Hie n h oay 01 uctot er nisi. The hn-iiic-s will be continued at the old ' and, by N. A. Itho le-. N. A. IIHUDI- S, lluilinston Falls, Oft, 2S.18II. W. U .UllOUi;. Lily Syrup, Down-' Elixir, vloore s r.s-enee ol Lale, uartltolomcw'- rink rx lecloraut svr ip, lor severy cold.-, coughs and complaint- lea bus to is For sale I y Nov. 1. P1-CK& SPEAR. LIVERY STABLE. 17LUIE.1..I FIFE MUSIC New Preceptors for 1 the Flute and Fife, just received by Oct. 8. C. liUUUKIUJl. 20 doz. sides of Upper Leather, For sale by E. C. LOOMIS, Oct. 8. 1811. Peatl Street. C; S. SKINNER ha furnished VJ. hii 2OO SidesofCalcutta Leather, lorsalcby Oct. 8. 1841. E. C. LOOMIS. OO Dozen Calf Skins, For sale by OO Oct.8. 1SU E. C. LOOMIS. MOROCCOS, Kids, Bindings, Linings, shoe-thread Lasts, Ac. &c. For sale by E. C. LOOMIS. IOO Pairs of Men's thick boots from 82.50 to 93,00, Oct. 8. 1811. For sale by E. C. LOOMIs. HARNESS, Band, Bridle, Skirling and Ton Leath er. For sale by E.C. LOOMIS. Oct 81311. lim elf with ten GOOD HORSES, nevvaud convenient Carriages and Harness, suited lo thesea-on. Saiklle-, llridte-, temperate, faiihlul, and tru-tv Driver-, and all other apparatii neve-sary to servo ihe pul In l 1 ... Uon.l,,,, i.t.. iWtrfloo.oV':,erii.. le Fat four House Square. Burlington, Oct. 29th, IS4I. 8w AG F. N ERA L Axsortment 01 ready made .S'u'ldle. 1 and Trunks, for -aleal the old -land I norih tide ihe Square, near J. How- Inni'. Hotel, with such nikhtioiial ar ticle a- is usually found in my line o( bu-iness. Whips, Spur", Coml s, llrii-hc and Pell-, adanled to Ihe approaching sea-on. Flannel, Tow, and Full CI01I1, Skin- an I Hide and all kind of Farmer's produce received in payment. Call and sec, S. S. SKINNER. Burlington, Oct. SS'li, 1SU. i-opuiar Hotels. FRANKLIN HOUSE, BOS I ON. Cox or Market St. and Mepxiiamt's Row. frv'lr. undersiened. tforincrlv of the X Elm street Hotel, and late proprietor ii Ci ngress 1 i nil, Auw lots,) wouli most rcsncctfullv inform hisfiicnds an the public geiieinlly, that he has become the lesses uf ...,.i:.l '...1 :. : I I e .1...:- MII3 caiaiiiisiiuieiii, auu pui u in umpie uiuir iur men aiTcuiuiuouauoii. The house i located in iheeentreof bu-ine-a, with in a few rods of Quincy Marktt, and I ut a short di- tnnce from the landing ol the English nnJ Eastern Steamirs. The b'luf rxpeiienrc the subscriber has bad in ths nnuaeiiicntof a public Hoiscgivca him perfect con lidenceiii bisahi ilics, and he therefore philcis him self to give satisfaction to those who favor him with their nntronncc. A Dinini' room has been filled i nrxnresslv for the accommodation of Ladies and Gentlemen, which will he found dai v snread the tics' the market athuvs. The Gentlemen's Ordinary, which can acconinioda e about iuu peron, win ue proviueu wun a l me sua stantial luxuries- of the season. I he Servants will be found honest nnd attintive exerting themselves on all ocmsious to eive atiiac- tion. J. T. MACOMI'EIL TO Sl'ORTSiMEN. PERCrSSION GENS, ponder lla-k, donWe anl single shot lelt. oercu-sion can-, oovrdcr and snot, constantly on luau, lor sate at the Hardware tore 01 k. .MUUIiy. Septsmlrr 15, 1S4L Dru?gi-t. SHELL SIDE COMBS, Fancy do., Ivory nnJ Horn, do. Fancy SOAP. Bar do. Huiehun' v,.. V...I v nnl.t 1 a'eni li.u.uu ni wun i-astc, ine ucst arttric J. i.: ".?.'. . a. . evrrinventtd. Gent's. STOCKS-vcrv s-peri. r. by Ociuhcr 23. N. LOVELY, POUCHONO and C.reen TEAS,Crnhod L. Sugar, Box Raisins, Molasits, Sugars, Enz. ('iirrantr, uctooer l. liy .i. LOVM.v. OTONE'S CAST STEEL AXES. Warranted mi O perior many thing in Market 50 dor. for sale bv sTnnvriii ... -. Julyl.lSH CONG BOOKS A grit variety ofComicand mher USmcT Hoks, lor sale at HUNTINGTON'S, College street. -mmys- M It S . I' RASEll. HAS JU-t returned from New orl, with the la'csl f.i. loons for llounets. Cans. I h aks. Dre- e,A.c, suital le for Ihe nason. Abo a rich amtiasnionat tc as-ortnient ol Silks, Velvets, Velveeeiisandtriininings f.,r'i- und llie-se-. She ha also Ribbon-, Fealheis, French uud other Flower-, Lace-, Falsings, Glove-, Mitts, Curls and other article-in the Miljenery lineioo niiinerou to pariiciuari e. aiu-mift.ui a-ror'inent of Boa-, and a good aonment of Bonnets and Cap ready fir sale, all which she will sell a cheap or cheaper than they can be bought elsewhere ot equal styie nuuq ian v oi buw? liuriingion,uci, io, ion. VINEGAR of the very best quality for salebv the Gallon, bbl. Hopbhcad, by GEO. PETERSON. Oct. 13, 1SII. LYMAN Si, COLE have received a large assortmant of Buflaio Rubes and Fur Collars and Trimmiugs. Oct. 89. NEW Goods in great abundance at S. B. Scott's, at piiccs to suit the purchaser. Oct. 29. 2 O O Pieces French, Enulish and American Prints, just re cived and for sale at the loweat pricces, by Oct. '29. S. 11. SCOTT. OTRAYFD from the sub Oseiiher on or about ll'h inst. a large red and white Cow, with iho lips of both horns sawed off. Any one w ho will drive in said cow or niv innirmatian where sllO n,aoy bjfeund .h.H IXW. KM Sept. 14. 1 If I New Packing Barrels for sale by 1 UU Oct. 13. GEO. PETE RSON. I I. on if. HICKOK i CATLIN West side of the Court Home Souare. would invito the attnitionof all purchasers of Flour, who wish for a uperior artiela uiatiutaciuieu iiom -ew tvncai, io a iari-c toi wmca they now have on hand and will sell ts low as can bo bought in ibis place. Oct. 13. JHWr:i,ttY, c. Wo invite Ihe attention of our Friends and Customer, to a new lot of jew. elry which we have just rrciivcd, coinpri ingu van. ctv of I'atneu, JIoaie, painted, lojiai, Opal, garnet. nn I paste tun, Kuby, 1. airraid, Upal, chrysial ani Jei Rings-, a goo I nurtment. c nave nin rce u a lew jti nearn ano crosses oine of Picntis' milk of roe. dMniotid cement small button moulds, metal eyelets, I'.iiLdish drising comiis, cnapman s razar simps, t-iutirs utusnes, KlUtll IXC. UCt. I. r.VNGCOnS' A. tllUNSM.llD. 1,1 A S II 1 ON It L E, Bonnet Sil so every style ' and (tualiiy, Bl'k, Hue Bl'k and China Silks lor drisses. no. aatm tor ao. oars, aimi nu Wui'er Ribbons (new style,) Winter Artificial How ers, viivci, eve. c. J. r. iiiivu.u. Oct. 12, 183!. rVcw Tailoring: EsinlilKltmcnt, On Pearl Strctt. '1HF. Subscriber rcspectfullv informs the publie J ihvt he basonencda shon in the new brick build ing one door west of the Pearl-st. Houc, wheie be will be nappy lo receive orders irom ins incnusana Ihe public. Work of every description executed in the most fashionable style, or lo suit any pecu'tar taste of his patron. All orders promptly attended to. A share of patronage is solicited. Burlington, Sept. I, 1811. M. O. RATlinUN. W. iV D. D. Farnham's su- I rub and cadet mixed si' F. M. WRIGHT it Co. i-i.VTTlNETTS. O perior I I'k, b'lk mixed, drah and cadet mixed si t'netl, Cheap hy pt.A. A IN It O O KS S,' 8 TION E R Y. DA. It It A. 11 A.M. bason hand onJ is receiving a large an I well elee ed a.sortineat of ar I la in hi line for tbc Fail Trade, con-tmng of all kind of School (looks, and valual Ic and popular works the most recent pu'.itcations A I.SO & nw snnnle of Blank Books, t-onsiitine of Ig. ge'rs, Jo irnalr, l)ay, Invoice, Note, anl Bill Books, of all sixes, in full and half lending Cap and I.ffer ,.-,.r nfilir brut Druwiiiir. Tissue. Morocee. Mar'le, Blotting, and oiher varieties of iaper, Ink, Quills, Slates, Bonnet Boards, Pencils, Sand Boxes, Letter stamps, re.i lape anu o.aiionery grut,i,j, in great varic y. BIBLES. Udlas, ectavo, sheep, " " f'epoe, " " Coaecriiaaso, Fint " " rail", gitl, ' " Turkey, do. Joit received, and for sale bv CHAU.NCEY GOODRICH. 3.10.-I. IS4L D. M. VAHNEY, IVhltesmitli, Cutler, and Gunsmith, to the 1'iople, T EPECTFULLY announces, lhat hs continues I . l,uni,nvi lniiiin. su in all is various branches, at bis shop a few doors east of tbc north east corner of the Court House Square, College-st. Burlington, Vt. He will be found al his post in all usual biusiness hours, and will execute his work, at the precise lime ircn jiromio!, in such a manner that his work-shall recoiumcnu iiteu, auu mat ms cuaiuuicis nu. w , diii-fd In rnntinue tbpir nntrnn(rp. Terms, in an cases, pay rrottn, ana ine mgueinuito charged, wtinoui any vanaiionor shaaowoi turning. Nov. 1841. "VJtTOOL Dye, Plain and Diamond Beaver Cloths, W Gold mixed, Paris Diamond, and Wool Dye n. . . i mi... -i i....:ua.i- r'.nn.. tuaCK cassiuicres, i.iue,tL.o,c, iu,i,iwic v.,,,, .. black broadcloths, satinetts, &c.&c. just received in complete assortments, cheap, very cheap, by Oct. 'X). s- u SCOTT. IURS and Fur Trimmings, consisting of LnglnvS Squirrel, Genet, and Coney Mulls, Astraran and Fniibsh Souaro Robes. Boas, natuial and colored Coney skins, Nutria do. While Coney P ates, Ac &,c. . on v o II v:r-rvnvf received una uay uy (Oct. 29.) S.B.SCOTT. Sherman's Celebrated Medicines I S lienges, of every son, Pupillary Oil, (a certain cure Poor Man' sore nipples) a' Plaster, for rer ian a iasicr, . Constantly for sn'c at (Nov 1 EI.CK oWHEArt'S. 4 DOZ. Heavy Plaid Shawls, by Oct. 29. S. I). SCOTT. Stray- e .... .1.- ...I......I.... in Vlnu Hum llie fllluaou'Lii , j last, a light red, two-year-old Bici-r, with crop on the righi ear. .v sura- 1 a . imi.nft.t inn u person vvuo wiuglve i."i "; sr; fonud m.i.uu Colchester, Oct. lb, lati. C1TRAYED OR il ntolen t ! from the s ibscribrr on ths 10th inst., a large hay llorsc.withnnewhitt bind foot, whosoever will (livo infiirmalion where said horse may uc rouna, at.aii ot w"oiv warded. jiuoiio .i "vsu". Clurlottc, Oct, IU, IBtU. O THAY STK Ell. O e-l vpiv ktohk avii kuw noons. C1 M. POPE is now receiving his fall stock of I Ot Goods, consisting of a general assortment of Dry 1 Goods. Groceries, Crockery and Hard wsre, w-htch I heoffi.ii for sal ni itr.n!! elrsnci from ccit Oct 19, 1511, rrvm; llnrlineton ltrcwcrv i now A. in Iu I opciation, ami m-i ui the very best quality is kept con Oct. 12. k IMIHsr. i-nntiiimnir n sum oMnoncv was letl al ihi-nnnniVirn in tbiavdlaiTC a few weeks ainee, nhicntiic ovvnernaiiiiavcov lecogniiiii- onu nm- fymg 'he post matter as tn the ownership. Ilurlingion. ii'iuvtriio,! LAW BLANKS. C GOODRICH has consiimly for silo hy ins . Ream or lluirc. a seneral assortment of law. blanks, primed from forms Irom Rcvwcd Stitutts, consisting of . , Justice writs ana Executions, an ainuo m ure Trusli-e Writs . County Court Writs and Executions, various kinds Wariantry, 0.uil-elaim. and Mortgage Deeds Chancery Bills for forclosmg Mortgsg's Blanks fer Depositions Administrators Bonds letters of Guardianth'p Officers Receipt Justice Appeals Blanks for Notes, Hay-Scales, Set. (He. August 20 h. NBTf BOOKS. Memoir- of Father Mathcw Mv Son's own Book Sunday choul teachers Compsn oa Media ic'sown Book Lives of eminent Mechanics Laws ofuado Brow m il's Commentary on the nook of Com men Prayer, Ju"c"URlc, xrnilXR ORATOR, or New York Class Oct 11.' 300Cl'it'6' rCCMCOODRICH. J-Tiachers are rciuestsd to examine the above. VPEROR Linen, Cambrick, Linen Lawn, Irish TTtf V P 1. 1. t-OfJ'Jf.ja Cloak Trininvngs Fringes S Ik and Mohair, Fringi. fur Shawlr, Silk and Merino and Bo. di run; Gimp and Chcniels for working. Silk Twist, for working reticules, a new article. Silk Ri ticules. Bead Bags, t urst sand nionejr bag Silk Shals, Scarfs, Cravats aud H'd'ks, Silk for Dress'-., new stvlo Thieid Laei-s, liirrtions, Ednings Footings. Bobinttts and i otton Lars Grecian Wire licit, Rail Road, do. Silk Velvets for Trimming, do. do. for Vests and Men's wear Coat and Vtsl Trimmings Velvtt fur'd Cost and Vest Buttcns A Wo, Worsted an t French Goods, Purchased belore the new Tarill'i f 20 per cent. Remem ber that 20 per lent is worih saving. Punted r'avonys and Alpaehas . I'hallys, Plain' and dg'd Mrrinoes r Very Cireas-hns do. do. Bombazines v Superios, Mmisel'iicdc I.aines Linens, Diapei-, !-hietincs, Tahlc-Clolhs, and all Goiidsof ihatdeseriptiuu, 20 per cmt saved. We now olfer a more general nnd complete assori- mcnt of the above description of.Gixids, lhan evir be fore, heitic aware lhat a newTaritfof 20 per cent a about to beinipood. We purchased extmsively and can a 'ord such Goods, cheaper than wo could other, wise have done. Call and examine for yourselves. supply of llroid Cloths, Braver, und Pilot Coatines, Cns-imrres-, A- Stttnetta. Oct. 14, 1311. LOVELY & HURLBUT. noRvri.D nki'.ih k BLACK silk Bag, Ilodgers and Elhoi best Rai ot, Bankers Shears, Black Straps, Silk Sashes, Mtniatuic cases, and nlWr Good. Rerrivt-d tt PANGBORN-t BRINSMAID. LEAD PIPE andCi pperpimips S -ons leid pips l-t to 1-4 also Copper pumps by STRONGS Co, July 1 SS41. IMnstantly on hand for sale in whole , ing a situation in a Hgj6lorl,l,bar,cU G. PETERSON tfg EDUCATION. A YOUNG LADY who is qualified to tiacb .lfu' sic, Praxeini' and I'rench, is desirous of obtain a respectable seminary or tamuy. x9l, rcJtOffice, Moatrcil liii S'i mVn, Linen Datns-k, Linen . Jusi ree'd bv E. M. W1UGH and Linen Hd'k:, Just ree'd by E. M. WUU.IU A Co. A I SO, Cambrick, Jackonclt, Sarcinctt, Mull A f Sui.. Muslin-, third camel anu nvvish .nu;- Uin llnm. lU I'rcneh. sq'r ' i. i.i..n.iN'i,ttrd and rdam Bobhnilt , in hns. Railroad, niondSnidcr.ncltand Grecian Lares, Thread, LUC .nd Blond Edgings. Fob SAir. t sv and Oil 13, 1541. E.' M. WRIGHT A Co, IV RW HOOKS. ,,fea.i,iPthC"PfUr'""' tf" i!n?m,,y Ann, Buck's IL lislou. Anee- MM. n, llrnc Fcr 4.U f Cask by 5, KOTt.NGTON Pet 1?11 2lsf. Oct. 1841. QUICK KKTITRNS. THE monev receivol for the Great sale of Goods in September, nt HOWARD'S, lias been reinvested through the New Vrrk Auction Roooms, hyoneof the mol thorough going, up and doing, quick sighted, keen buying, bargaining Agents of the day, who has hi sympathies up und pride en listed for the sneccssof his Vermont Patron, whom he mo-tBtrenuouly sullen-lo sell cheap. p ( The Good arc received, and as far a exam ined' cheaper lhan was anticipated, and will be sold agreahletu request at HOWARDS, TO RUNT. A Tinementin the south Whig of the Scmmsry suitable for a small Tamily may be had nn reasonable terms, apply m O. A. BRAMAN, Sept. 22d 1811. MUlir.l.a I'aninsK. t('( o ...wii--ns. ull colors, Just ree'd and for sale at reduced fmrriby ' E. M. WRIGHT tV Co TAKE NOTICE 1 ton Wm. W., hit- lime, from this da-e, and wV not demand any id' hlsearning-, ner pay aj,- wit , l,( ,Brre.,o5 froo, .hie.