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Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 12, 1841 Page 3
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on his way to tlie Island. Wo havo on board number of officers on their way to join their regiments in Canada. Wo havo Knglish, Irish. Scotch, American, French, Spanish, Mexican, Peruvian, Italian, Jews, German?, &c. as pas. songcrs. I am the only Vcrmontor on board, nd have Fovcral times been told that " speak very good English." I found hind friends in every placo I visited inTJngland.whicli rendered my stay in this respect xery agreeable. 1 was highly pleased with every placo, and leave England pleased with the pcoplo and their country and hope that the time may not arrive when the relations between England and the United States shall bo other than peaceful The interests of the two countries am decidedly In favor of peace. The feelings nnd desires of the business community in both countries, I feci persuaded, aro for peace, the governments are for peace, and " peace tiny it be." Yours, truly, 3. K.BIUXSMAID. For the Newark Sentinel. THE CAUSE OF CANNING'S DEATH The extract below from Blackwood's Ma gazine for February 182S, will be read with deep and melancholy interest, especially by thoso who remember tho brilliant minister -whose genius adorned his country and his nge. Canning died just after llio close oftho Parliament session in 1S27 ; and thou, there arc few who believe that his death was tho result of mere chagrin, this graphic ac count of tho influence of Lord Grey's phillip- pic, will lot lliereadcr into a sad comprciien sion of the pains of greatness. "It was noi out of tho quiver of the ex-Ministers that tho snait was laiicn, wnicn was nuneu witn such calm ami tloidly strength against tha new 1'io'nier Channins?. Hail the memotable speech which held i Mr. Canning to such cold nnd bitter scorn, come from one of the Tories, it might havo been imputed to ingcr, to vexation, nnd a desite of revenge, but the uiow catneirom a quarter wiierc no sucu nriuico t-ouiii be used to parry i'. The new Premier had suffered the common falcuf those who trust to intrigue and clextcri-y, rnther than to bold nnd manly sincerity j he had no real friends, no onito throvv their shield over him in hit hour of need, and save him fiom the stern vengeance of his hnimhty enemv Lord Grey saw his opporluni'y ani'l-nintc him to the earth. Th now-SDancrs nf the day cave no adequate idea of the wonderful edict ofLord Grey's speech of the llih of May. While he via- speaking, anil pnimng lortli in vectives, which ft-11 like n torrent uf hitler water", full upon Canning's I'cvotod hind, the House of I'e rs, which was extremely crowded, hung with bre.ilhle s mention npi.n his words an I when he had conclud ed no man rise up to gainsay that which he had spoken. Mr. Canning' parly stood aghast at the fearful castisation of their leader, and that any thing nunc would he superfluous. In a few minutes the House was empty, men's minds were too full of what thoy had heard to allow them to a 'dress themselves to the ordinary business of the House, nnd it adjournc I almost iiiiincdiatt ly, notwithstanding the eatlincss of the hour. The news fled about as swift as the wind, that Lord (trey had dt-stioyid Mr. Can ning in the House (if Lords, and it soo-i read ed the Premier himself. The iron entered into his muiI he found he had c imbed a pinnacle, only to be the more conspicus to scorn j but he was not a man to "it don n and weep under his mortification. His bilter thoughts lashed him into fury : "'T.s not in words to tell the power, The despotism, thai from that hour Passion held n'er him.1' He became fierce nnd almost savage in his language and dcnnitinent. He could not command his tempi r even while ho a Idres'ed ill" Woui". Tim hoalofiiis chafed hloo.l proved upon Iili hcaNi, while hi noble tormentor, far fiom relrnting, lot no opportunity of mercilessly repenting the blow he had given, nn 1 throwing the superiority nf "his order" into the teeth of the ill fated votary of pop larity whoso e'evation he opposed. "It is said tint Mr. Canning ialendod to hays closed the session with a furious explosion of his vaih against the House of Lord-; an intention which all tin entreaties of his fiiinds would hardly have pre vented him carrying into elT.-ct, had not the accident which happened' to llis Speaker at the critical moment Tend? red it impossible for him to occupy llio chair during a leng hcneJ speech. The session, therefore, closed without this opportunitj of venting his hurtling heart j but his flame cuuld not bear llio ailin-lmi which ho suffered he sank down exhausted. His old friends were gone, for he had forfeited their esteemi thosa who called llumsslves his new friends ho knew he could not confi 'c in, and. in this unhappy condi tion, George Canning died 'die lastofiho rhcthoti liana." Tliero ma y ho somo poetry in this, but it is a passage of power, and might have been all true. It is true to nature. Many a great man has been goaded to death, and few of them sleep soundly. The writer of these lines received a letter from a member of Congress, a few years ago, just after he tool; I lis seat for tiie first time as a member. "If," said lie, "I could reconcile it with my views of duty I should resign atonru nndcomu hiiinc to the bosom those I love." But ho remained at his post, and turmoils of patty broke him down and ho camo home for a visit of a week and died ill tho bosom of those lie loved. It may spoil tho effect of Blackwood's ac count of the cause of Canning's death, but as facts aru butter than fiction, it is well to add tho following from history : Fourteen days brfore Mr. Canning's Heath Mr. Gallalin spent m hours with him, two before I'inni'r, nil talki ig .about pollt;c-il afl'iirs and much of Mr. Canning's" own sminlion amid conflicting patties. Mr. Gallatin told him he co Id never live amid so much business ; to be Secreiaiy for fortiim All jirs in fact, First Lord of hsTroasury in fact and name, and not only prime Minister, hut s do Minister. Mr. C in ning explained that Lord Dudley only took the place of Secretary for Fenian Affairs to olihgu him and pro tempore s but that ha had been ind ceil to come out of that office with all the details of wh cli ho was acquainted nnd to take tho Treasury, by haing re ceived alcicr from an ancient friend nf Mr. Fox, who told him that Mr. Fox always regrclted ho hail um taken thai, as there lies the patronage i "and," said Mr. Tannine-, "although I might have put a fiiend there, it is very thfli rent to my asking a favor orn f.ivor hiint .asked of mei and 1 am determined." said he, moving his hand with a must emphatic grst 're of ambition, "to nolo ine reins wmie i live. tie uvcu fourteen days. He told Mr. Gallalin ha had not been free from great pain since tho Uu' c of York's funeral, when they kept him in the cold damp vault I wo hours, nor stent a ivlto'e ni"ht sinra Lord Liverpool's illness. Such is wor My honor and llio btst thing tho world's possession does for us ! MICHIGAN ELECTION. Correspmdtnee of the tiuTnlo Commercial Adv. Detkoit, Nov. 2. Tho Whigs are bca'cn in city and State. The noils arc iust closed : but the result here proves what we may expect elsewhere. More than four hundred Whins staid nt home. The Loco Foco majority in the city, will be a1 out 2f0 The county will give some 300or 400majorily. The State will show up an equally disaslroiis result, on Governor anil House. There is a bare poss.bdity that we have cornea trie i senn ic. j. u. "A Full Vote is a Wiiio Victorv," and per contra, a small vote is tho premon itory symptom of a Whig dfcat. Tlm recent election in this State camo under tho latter category, whilo llio olection of '3S, '39 and '40 belonged to tho former. So far as wo liavo received returns, thcro is n considerable decrease in tho Loco-Foco vote and a vast diminution of tho Whig voto sinco last fall. Tho total voto, as compared with that cast in November, IS40, doubtless falls short more than fifty thousand. Of tho absentees pro baly three-fourths wero Wliigs.-yi6. Daily. The Vote. Tho Van Huron majority in tho State will bo rathor under 15,000; and on tho whole, our defeat is not so bad as tho Regency's was in 1837, when wo routed them by over 1j,000, and carried 100 to 28 Members of Assembly. They have now about 9fi to 32. Wu shall publish the official voto of each rountyas soon as wo reeeivj it. Tribvnt, Tho Albany Evening Journal announces thu death of tho Hon. Zcbulon II. K. Shep herd, an eminent lawyer in tho northern part oftho State of ISetv York, nnd formerly a member of Congress, who dte'd nt his resi dence In Moriah, on llio 1st iust. aged 74 years The Postmaster Gkn'eiul; -A dinner was given lo Mr. Wickliffo nrior to his tin barlnro for Washington, by his friends nnd neighbors. In Ins speech he said it should be his purpose to aid if possible in healing me divisions which nfiected tho councils of the nation, and to further such measutcs as would restore to tho country a sound cur rency and cheap exchange. With regard to our foreign rotations, ho said our policy as a nation was to cultivate peacnund ho hoped we should escape lite calamities nf war, but hi profercd war with all its horrors, beforo na tional dishonor. The tews from Florida continues favo rable. Tiger-Tail, with a largo number of ins people, lias upon brought in by .llligntor. iVea-lliitcli-enia-tlila, King of the Tallalias- sers, lias also been brourht in hv tlm i-tiiitf. 'lltrl nl .1... I..-. . , ....... .,i,u mm accounts, no was on a mission to Sam Jones. Should Sam rcfiiso to come in peaceably, extensive preparations were making to compel turn to surrender. l he Mathsoman is to be published uauy alter the loth of December. John B. Jones has become chief Editor, and joint Publisher with Thomas Allen. Tho Pros pectus states that Mr. Jones will bo "assisted by Editorial talent of u high order.'" nnd "will render a ready, intelligent and efficient support to President Tyler's Adminis tration." (?Williani Pennington, has been re elected, in joint Assembly, by a vote of 44 to 30, Governor of New Jersey. Ho is Whiir. flTGon. Winfield Scott lias written a lottcrin reply to numerous queries expressing his general cunctiricni-o in the views of thu Whigs in relation to tho controverted ques tions of the day. He nvows his willingness to become a cand'dato for President, if de- sired. GnuAT Fine t.xj Barm:. Thirteen h,,,,. dred CrtZons of spirituous liquors wero burnt on the green in B.irrc, Mass. on Monday evening last. Tito liquors constituted the stock of several retailers who promised to give up the business of selling on condition that the temperance peoplo would buy what thoy had on hand. ov .Mr.. adam- 'flip l!ihin.d - . - ... of K,.vouiu luiiuwingas anil's ac count me circumstances under which lie killed r. Adams lK-r tales that Adams camo to his rooms on llio tntai afternoon to dun him for an unsettled account, about which there was somo dispute I hey both sat down at tho table and settled the various item? except S3. About this a dis pule nro.-e between them, and high words on. sued, during which Adams called him a "liar" Dxaspered at this he struck him, and a scuffle iiierenji iii ri'Mio", Ailam; (he strocjer lllln ill I io two. tirmi'.md fnll ,r ., . . , , ' . . ",'"ll X.UII tllltl clutched him to iolontlv by the throat tint h was in d .njr.'rof chok-mr. Colt was then Ivintr uii.m his lnrlr n. il.n and as his hat d was Mretchcd out, it came u coatact with something which lie at unco seized, i,uui as ne au'r?, no Knew not what it was and jimhng Adams' grip still hard upon his throat, ho brought his hand round and struck him on the hack of the head ; this it would seem was hardly fuflicieut to stun him. and Imnnk. r,.lt.i rather mora on one side : Cult then struck him again, and the bluw must have fallen on Ihe side of the head. These wounds, dreadful as the subsequent examination proved to them to be, were not sufficient lo re'daso tho nrit,.i,nr' throat : but oven in the nironv nf d.vnh a, !,.., till continued to hold lirin'lv or. until r.iii seemed to bo at his last Kap, and thou the iiriiiiiiiui iiimv was given mine irontof tl.o head, whii h deprived one wretched being of life, and released the other from his grasp. Colt then arose, anil found Adams a cmpse. Tor some time, ho sajv, he remained Mupili cd with dicad and horror lie knew not what to do, and at length determined to m ike his brother acquainted with the facts ; Ur this purpose he went to liis lodging?, but lie was not at home. Ho then went into tho Park, and walked there for tome time, being unable to make up his inmil as to the best course to bo pursued he atone time thought to tell some friend, but knowing that some stains rested upon his char acler, ho refrained, lest they should not be lieve his story, and so deliver him up to justice. After liavulliiig the Park for many and many a time, ho at length returned to his rooms and took the dreadful mca-.s, with which the public aro already acquainted, to conceal the deed,-- a', y. iiit. GILLIFIjQWER POTATOES. Most of our readers we presume are aware that Mr. Jiilm Smiley of this town last year raited po. tatoes as he says, from tho fruiter bulbs of the gilhllower. Many were incredulous, as such a phenomenon to be at war with tlm pstal.. hshed laws of vegetable physiology, and the mailer wns inucil iiiscusseu 111 various ai'ri cultural papers, and tonic others. Mr. Drew of the Banner advocated ihe nossibililv of m.pIi transformation, and tho veracity of .Mr. Smiley. On the latter point there is uu question. Mr. S. and family aro to bo entirely depended upuu as us creiiiunuy is concerned. Tho only question is, can they all be mistaken, and are they sure that the potatoes did not nmw either from the seeds or tubers of tho potatoe.' i.ej uiviu ia uu iinsiaKc, aim lew lamilies arc less likoly to bo deceived. Hut if can be produced in this way, the fact can be cs- tauiisneu uy oilier experiments. Has any one else tried it! We have now in our office a spo. cunen t the potatoes tlius produced. They were cultivated by Mr. Smiley the second year from the gilliflovver. They are of good size, and the quality is rather above that of the Chenango, which they considerably resemble. Tho tops ho says spread on tho ground like vines, and differ somewhat in appcaranco from his other potatoes. Wo shall distribute those we have to porsons who may wish them. Commerii and Navigation or the U. States. we are indebted to the Hon. II. I'. Hunt, M. C. for a copy ofa valuable Congrefsiona document of 300 luuiuiimigino annual statement oftho com "u"1H."""i"i tneu. times, llio year lolO. I' rom which we learn that the imports for that car were 8107,141,319, and thuexnorts SIJI 035'Jlii. '',. , u,,"um.11 U1 ,u"-'Kc, inciiiiimg regis cicd, f-Lucs, duiing iho vear enrl.n? on tho 30 of ?Sen- tcniber, 1340, was'118,307 tons, of which vvcrorcis. cretl, 515. 1' 1 rn 10 nl. Ci'l. I RR inn. Tholargfsi amount of tonnage I uilt In one state was built in Maine, vizi 39.93(1 tons. Next, Mhs sachusells, 17,811, nnd third New- York, 12,756. riio increaso or tonnago in the whole Union, since 1839, was ll(-,532 ions. A Politician's Gamut. WlienNapole on escaped from Elba and returnd to Franco, tho Monitcur, 'c, announced llm ovrnt as follows: 1st announcement. March. iis ,' , , I ho monster has escaped from the place liis banishment: ho ha run n tt-n f frn mi TV I ba 2d. TIlO Corsicnn rlrnrmn it.rttrr linn landed nt Capo Juan. 3d. Tim tiger tins shown liimself at Gup; llio troops nre ad vancing on till order to arrest Ins progress; lie will 'conclude his miserable tidvenluro by becomeing a wanderer union" tho mountains: ho cannot nossihlv 4th. 'I he monster tins really ndvanred as far BsUronolTlcj wo know not to what treacht-rv to ascribe it. Silt. Tho tyrant is actullv tit Lyons. Fear and terror seized all nt his'an- poarance. Otlt. 1 ho usurper has ventured lo approach tho capitol, within sixty hours' march. 7lli. Bonaparl is adviiucing bv forced marches ; hut it is smnossibiln In. 1.m,M reach Paris. Stli Napoleon will reach under the walls of Puns tomorrow. Gib. Tim Km pororisat Fontainbleau. 10th. Yesterday evening His Majesty thu Emperor Hindu his mpnror the pa'i public i n ry, and arrived at the pa'aro of the i uuerics; Homing can exceed tho univcr sal joy 1 Woodlands Timer. This is tho season to cathertho feeds of most kinds nf trnno. Tlmn oi tne maple miy now bo found in abundance ; mm me nrecu, ine can ivc. All rough Vncky land, unfit for tillage, frhould be planted with wood or fruit trees. It is. if ilrv. tho host Kind oi ianu mr iruu trees, and it answers for wood i I ... I e f . . . . . lami, winio it would all.ird little pasturage, as it cannot bo renewed bv a chansa of KiiliiO id Inn nl F, tnrwr. Vl .' . burnt over in a dry soa'on, tho stumps and ro jls got out, urnineu wnoro practicable, and a great crop of redtop and blue ioint hnv cut from it. istumps and hushes can bo eradicated ; lar-'e rocks cannot bo so easily, but trees will grow in very rockv land. There is rrreat diDhrnni-n in the varieties of wood. We havo none hotter lor t uc I than rock maple. 7 wo or three child, ren will in a day pick up seeds enough of tho rock maple to plant ten acres ; and why not do it 1 Of course it must ho fenced in for a few years lo keep the cattle from browsintrdown the young trees. 7 ho seeds of any other kind of woou may ue piauicu, including pine and hem lock : or walnut, rhesnut, white oak, or what, ever else is wanted for timber. Plant any time before the snow falls. Wo sunnoso the eoods or nuts should be laced under the fallen leaves, and perhaps it might bo well to punch a small hole an inch or i-o in the eartli with a sharpened stick and drop in the seed. The best kinds of wood may just as well bo srovvinir as the poorest. Wo aro told that ornv oak grows rapidly in a good soil, and makes good Itiel as well as good limber. Chesnut rails will las-l twenty years, and are better than codtr while they last, because they arc heavier. We labor to accumulate property for our children. What hotter can we do for them in the wav of property than to plant wood and timber lands ? 7'his is almost the only thing they cannot do for themselves. Tun largest Red Oak Trek in North America, says a corrcsnondeiit of tlm Natchitoches Herald, 'can be seen on the plantation of Wm. .S'mith, Esq. eighteen m'l s from Nachituches, on the road luadini' to Opelousas. Tliis majestic oak stands in the midstof a rich and heavy bottom, on thu Hayou St. b. Two feel from tho ground it measures forty-four feet in circumference nd at 9 feet lliirty-tvvo feet. The trunk im- penis sound and healthy nnd its height to (lie blanches is from fifty to sixty foul. EXCERPTS "I knew u man that had wealth and rich cs, and several houses all beautiful and rea dy furnished, and who would often trouble himself and f.imiley by removing from ono uouse io iinotlior. lium asUn hv n frimul why ho removed so often, ho replied, ' it was to find content in soa.c ono .if' Content,' said liis friend. ' ever dwells in la meek and quiet so'j.' "Wulnal. " Tho mite lias eves, and turn nsli!;: if it I meet vviiu sucu otijects as may ho hurtful lo it. Place it in any tiling that is black, for ine neip olyour observation, and if, whilst it is walking, you but lay the least bit of straw in its way, you will see it alter its course im-m.-diatcly : and can you think that the crys talline humor, the retina, and the iqitic nerve, all which convey sight to this little an imal, aro the product of chance?" La liurycrc. "Wisdom is the result of calm and disinter ested meditations, procccilinc from an oh- corving and penetrating mind, it is seldom that HY)ei ience iilono can confer it." Petrarch. Tho inveti-riiln iiitMat..r Tl.l. it.. .1. i. , "I " V "". .'.VJ.illc IIU'JH, OilCCUC- f . li hu cioulcl 1101 ttf "l0" "hat principle tho teetutallers made wnicr ,ho god of their idolatry, since water 1- umviitallv nllowca ,0 have teen urunl: from time iiiimcinonal. Somebody says that auctioneers are vvonderfii strongmen, a-ihey will sometimes tnoektlcirn the largest brick or stone building with a tingle blow of tho hammer. Hair ffiioc!! At Strafford, Oct. '.'G. bv Rev. J. L. Gretn. Mr. Isaa c Jvorlhup to Miss JtiutliaGetrcc. boihof .Sued' ord. In Hardwick Oct. 27. bv the Rev. A. O. Ilnhl.nrd. Mr. Siac. Rollins 10 Miss Hannah Tuttle, daughter of IJlvinc Tullle, I.sq. In Tiov. Oct. 27. hv the Rev. Mr. Nichols. Mr John G. Dudley to Miss Mary C. Townsend, both of Troy. 3D) a c2l Of consumption, nt tho residence of his father, Hon Cliailcs.Martli,ofV'ood3toc'(, Vt.on Sunday, Nov. Jocph Marth, M. I)' aged 31 years. In CamliridL'C, Ocr. 31, Mary fi., wife of Farewell Wclhetby, and dai yhter of John Page, Esq, of Cain, bridge. Vl., ngid 21 years. In Montpcher'29lh'ult. suddenly, Mr. Harry Brown of Danville, need about ZO. In Northfiild, lt iusi. John Siatkweallicr, II n, ShetilV elect of ll is comity. In Danville, 2?d nit. Mr Ileniimin Doming, agul 87 father of the Hon. llenjaniin l Dcming, deceased. Mr. D. vvas a revolutionary pensioner, and for sevei al years pasta worthy aiulexvmplnry member oftho Congrega iomd Church in this place. Slar. In llydepark on the 13ih inst., Austin Sinallcv, in tho 21 year of hi age. The di erased expired after a most distressing illness of 4 vvetks, unablo lo move hand or fool the contcquciico of iiijuritsrcccivcd by vvrefiling. . luWatcrbury, Oct. 31, Amcricus V Shipley, aged 21. In this village, on tho 21th ult. Mrs. SorniA Fisk, in the f)!!d year of her age. Hy this dis. pensation of Providence, her children aro do. prived of a pious, prudent and afiectioqato mo ther, and her husbard of a tried and faithful helper. Tho disease which terminated a life so important to her family and so useful to (ho world, by its bright reflection of the light of ex perimental religion, was consumption. For several years sho had Ftifforcd much from ill health, though in tho intervals sho strove to bo able to superintend tho interests of her family. All her sickness and afiliclions sho boro with exemplary patience and meek submission to tl.o will of Cod. Her life wo believe was truly that of a chris. lian, humble, benevolent, exemplary, and exhi biting a uniform and unfaltering trust in her lie. deemer. Amid all tho changes and trials of life, no 0110 ever ncara nor complain, htie was the 1 child ol praying pironts, and was by those pa. l'"Pr,lly -"ivertcd at the ago of fourteen or ' fllteen. Shounited with the Church of Christ in Orwell, in her early youth, and from that time lias adorned her profession, and manifested ihe temper and enjoyed tho hopes ofa christian. Tho closini fcono of life furnished what an in. tclligcnt christian loves to find in the chamber of death, viz: a natural love of life overcome and swallowed up by the attractive beauties of llio tjaviour and by the rove.ilctl glories ofa hot- tor world; and a deep souse of psrromi! ;.'""'!-. llCfB, coupled. Willi a calm and invful rnnfidpnrn III UH tavc- m tho willingness and poweir c? Jitt-'e Chf in !o Ul'Tf, Of consmnniinn. m tUn nB:,u.. r , -.i. tr r. - ... .I..JIUI.-III.-U ui ins miner, Uon.CiiAnLrs njAReii, or Wooilslock, Vt.on Sunday Nov. 7, JOSEPH MARSH, M. D. aged 3t years. i iiuj n icr years of declining health, but still in the novve r of his nge, has passed awav from Ihe midst ol us one, whom wo all respected as a man, and manv ol us loved as a brother. To Ihe people or llurlinnton, wl.cro he was so we knnwn in i.n. :.. i. : ..., ' fession and in the general relations of society, hide j "J." 'i13 .'i,ur nisciaiins upon oui kind and nneclionale remembrance. Many of us Invo had experience of his worth, in bis able, his fin hful an I self-sacrificing performance of profes sional dulics as well as in tho evidence, vvhi h a free unu uAii-iiucii wjuini iiiicrcourHO cxiiiutlcu, ol eminent moral nurilv and inlcirrilv. of manlu iml..nnnrl. i,nn and ofan enlightened public and chrisiian spirit. Such ijuiiuies oi neau ann ucari, 111 ono wnusc professional relations madu him an ill tmnte in many families, could not fail to secure confidenio and esteem, and to awaken feelings of moro than ordinary interest and sympathy in the progross of a lingering but fatal disease, rhnt theydid so. and that ho hiidgaincd so ttrongn bold, as their kind attentions cvi icid. upon the confidence and afrclionato good will of a cum mitnity, whom he respected nad loved, was an appro priatoas it was a much cherished source of consnla iion m tho midtof his shatlered hopes, and cxpecla tians cut ofi, It was tho more valued by him, as ho had hero commenced the pub ic duties of his hi"hly responsible profession with all that modest diffidence, approaching to timidity and self dislrust, which to oficn characterizes Ihe ingenuous mind, na yet ig. norantnf its untried slrcnaih. He felt his cliarac ter and his uiowinz self-reliance in a measure identi fied Willi his ctperienco here, nnd with the judgment orthose, who had so freely and fullv accorded to his professional skill, nnd lusprrsonal worth, the confi dence which he sought to gain only by deserving it. Here, m the cherished assurance, that his meri-s were appreciated by the conimifity around him, and that he had secured a sphere of labor worthy of his manlv ambition, ho looked forward with fairer pros pects than most men, to n long life of honorable and beneficent nilivilv in the profession of his choice, ar.d hero ho hoped, w hen the toils and trials nf life were over, lo find a resting place for his earthly remainr. It need notbesii l,howmany sympathised in his wish cs and anticipations, nor with what sad and painful rjluctancoa wldccirdeoffriends wercconstrained I y deprces lo abandon the hope of his roc very, and vicld him up a prey to the destroyer. The wounds inflicted ly llio dtalh of his sister, Mrs. Lyman, whose characcr, for strcmrih and rlevalion of chris tian principle, for intellectual cultivation, and as a model of excellence and propriety in all the relations of hie, vvas so jus ly admired, 'had been deep nnd w idely fill. These, still recent and fresh, wire by this event to be opened anew, and while we could not but anticipate, vvr shrunk from tho blow. Could human wisdom have dictated, both had still lived, to fi'l up the measure of llieir days and i t their useful ness, nnd could human sympathy have prcvaile', thoeon whom it has fallen most heavily, and espe cially their revered and time-honored parents, had been spared llvs accumulated sorrow. Hut whilewc mourn wiih ihcm, and nro made to fee1, how vain is the help of mm. wemav seek conso aiinn. u-hnr. we doubt not, lliey find it, in looking with unwavir ing fai h to Him, whoso wis lorn is unsearchable, nnd who to lliocvo oflhc humble christian kmd'es up alight nut oftho mi'st of darkness. We, who f.'il, in ihcso dispensations of a bnlv Provid-nce, ihe loss of companions in labor, nnd of our daily asso ciates in tho various relations of society, should at least find in them cosllv lessons of instruction nml warninc Those who so recently wrought with us in the struggle of life, and were among the foremost and most trusted in tho discliarcoof its dulics, have been cut down al our side, nnd Ihe places which have so lung Known ana honoured them, shall know llicm no more forever. Mnv timer, of us. wl,, vet -pared, eird ourselves with the more diliVrnro and earnestness for the tasV devolved upon us, that vvc too, may stand in our lot, and, like those whose early loss we deplore, bo found faithful unto death. M. G, RATHBUN, DHAIM2 t AND TAII.On, I'LARI. STHLIT. HAS jul rcti rm-1 from Nvv Vnr!.-, w-iih f ill report-of 1 lie F.ill ra-hiniis. nn 1 1-nrcivir-,1 In r v- fcii'e orderi fur winlcr garment- in the mo-t npprovcJ oil 11 . Ho ha al-o on hand a sole"! n orlmrnl of rho triiuiiiin'.'-, n l.ipied to 1 lie mm on : -m h as "cam, i;titton. Iliiutlngs, Fancy Vest ntnillngs Cord, and Undone. &c. &t. N. It. lie i al-o aicnt for Siuti ci Wil.nn'-Ite- nort 0( K.l-hioil-. u-llieh Will In In fnml.tnl In nnr one wi-hin;tliem, mil iliereipiUiiu information In-ily Kl III. Durlincion, .Nov. -1. 1911. .T. T U YOK, I) It A I' It AND TAII.OIl, WOUt.l) once more remind hi- cu-iomcrs Ihat he I'onlinue locarrv on llio al.tivo hnsine.x in nil il vaiio'is I ranches a hu Old Stand on Si. Paul .trie', nearlbu Kpi-rnpnt Ch in h, an I in -ight i f the C.iiliolii'Uhiir.di. Thau' for pa-l f.ivor-, illcu turner 1110 n'lcilo.l to continno ilu-ir pilronagt'. anil many new" one- arc mu-di t!e-ireJ. The newest Fa h inn prompily ict.''vc.t. Culling done 011 hnrl notice clieap for cash. I have on hau l -t.nie old nrroimt- which 1 bhould lil.r -I1011M lit.-!1 10 exchange furiath. Nov. 12, 1S11. STRAY STEER. STRAYED from ihe 1-worlli lo', on the in'er vali', al 1 ut ten day -iuce, u light re I Iwo year old Mce'r, w'i'h brt c'.el fa'11', 1 oinu vi line on lliu I elly, and I iillon- on the hern-. Any information couce'riniiff bi n will I e ihan'.f illy re- ci'veJ and Id rrally Paul lor.,. Nov, 10, 1811. DAVID FISH. Alpacca Cloths. A SI'l.t'NDIDAr i le, (-ill. wain), Alpacca clo'h ; 'V. Al.iacva Li-Ire; line I l.iek .V. I!u l.aine-, ami Ca.lunirclie Cloili-, j'i-t re t-ivisl nl price, corrc ponding with the time--, l y II. .M. WRIGHT fiiCo. Nov. I.'. Itiirlinglon Hoolistoic. rTllin vol ten' it vvooltl inviie tie attention ofhi 1 I'rien 1-nnd tic put lio 10 lu new n--tn (incur of lloo.-. i ho I e-t .e'lc.'tinn ho ha- ever made, I 01I1 in Mis.'e-llani'O i and School Doul.s arc now n'Vrixl t'lvipjui tuo'i. Nov. 10. D. A. I1RAMAN. IIucVs l'atcnt CiokiiiR Stoves. TIIKlci etovi: for the miviiij ol la'nr anil fuel, wlrch ha- ever be'eii o'lentl for -ale in ihi- -i.Te- llio lireleiug tluu-ily under Ihe I oili-r-, so n 10 ial,e llie-lir-inntl .h.irpct' he.ii, and ihcn anr.' nro ind 1 lie liven ill Ibx-, oa-lll givu iheiivi-n a re."d ir bcalj I akin; eiy al 10 u I rick oven ; n'ld I eimr larger tha i in any other coo'iing stove now 111 11-c. I'nr -alt- bv Nov. 10, IS 11. S. M. POI'13. EM. WRIGHT & f'o. will ope 1 willnu ihrci or fo inlay-, Jru 11 1310 loSOOJ yd- Ilxira -onerlic, ( Ion! le-sro lii l), nipcrliiu-, hue and common all wool C.irpe'ing-, winch have Icon purchased mostly in Nc.v York anil will I a ,ol I al vey low price'-. Al-oTwiPul nn I plain Wni-ifan stair carpeling, Hcnip an 1 Cotloa earpc:iii, Od cloth-, .Matt-, etc. Nov. 12. A CARD. PANG HORN &, rtlNSMAlD I.... M KSSRS. leave to lllinounce' the' illlo nrrnal nl nni- nf il.c lirn- from I'lidatid. h.ivinir vi-iied manv ol .hi. imi.l et le! rac I .ilch, Cluck, Jewelry, Ciitlrry, 1'erf uncry an I I-.nicy Goo I- .Maii'ilaciunV'. in l.iveVpool, rre con, Si. Helen-, Mam hc-iir, Slit flit-Id, Dirniinshatn, anil London. We have reiciveJ loma saniplea ol line Lever Wn'cbe- in doltl nnd silver (Kng i-b) C.1-1-, ami have maUmrut some of ihele-l bop-m Fnahiudn vane'ly of Watche,, which are t-x peeled iii'Xi monlli. We h.ivu ri'ci'ivel sonic bjautifd tamplcs" of Uroa'e'-, Rinirs, 1'ins, lloqi t-i holders, Pi-u-, c'o. we nave miking oy .iiors. Uotlccr- iv Son-, Wo-!cnho'm if- Sonnud Klliotts, Kn've-, Razor-, ci-s' r-, etc, of llio Ic-t q laluy. Any (Joints in our line, W.iulie- of any maUr in Knglaud will Ic im ports! to or.tcr, al as low prico as any city shop will furnish Iheiii. All penon nre invited lo call iindsre ihe-.ample-s of Goods already received. Nov. 10, 1311. TAT F. K I N OS, Alpacca cloth, prime I Saxony, lX moi'linc delaine-, French, Lncli-h and Ameri can prints, red, while an I printed Fiauncl-, Canton do. ALSO. Shieling", ihirlmgs, Tickings, t'oticn YarnAVick ing, Hailing, Wadding, etc. for talc vciv low by Nov. 12. S. M.'POl'l. PLAIN an 1 IHaiiioiul lleaver elo'b, I lack, I i 1; invi-il Ic grivn and Oxfonl nus'd I road cloihs. lllack, I luc, nux'd an ldrab L'asinieres and sauinets ; also, trimming, for inaking the tame, for sa'e cheap as tlieeheapct, 1 y Nov. 12. S. M, I'OI'K. H YSON, Y. Hvscil. U.S. and Poiehnnrr Tea- 1 Ll'owiVrcd, Loaf, Lump, e-rtit bed and I'. R. Sucar-i Java ami Rio Co e, Porlo Iticu Jlola-sc-, Cocoa, prounu CI' ami spue, ciovc-, .-vuimi'g-, siar h, Raisins, who.'o and half boxes, for sale at the Now More on Ihe we-1 .ide' of the S.piarc, I y S. 51, POPF Ilanl Vart'. A Ml.'.i' Shovi-lsAlonL' l t'o. made Manure 7 Forks, Halirr and Tiato Chun--, aim shelf luniwnrc, tiy foy 12. r, M, fOfl: , AT S, B, SCOTT'S, 1 HO V07- Si'0"1 Thread, 1 luU 7 Males sbceiinr, 200 pieces Cihco, 25 " French and Fn;li.-h Merino, 25 " Mouslino dc lame, 100 Shawls, various kinds, A great varirly of silks fur dre-.e-, tonne's, cVc. ASLPI.UtORarlicic, Indian lannctt Fur thick nn I ocavy, lVlts toft and pliable will not in Mire by vvcilim'. For t,ale l.y IIICK ,'ATU.Y We-t ido 1'oiiri Home Snuarr, flurl ngton, Vi. Nov. 12,Sl. , S 1". H-.r,'t pu'crcfeurii! v'jiihs-s t'-'r rr tcln 11 H -C! ', Al Parrel" an'i I'rj Casks at U A t'3, sun.. 11 KAtl i Drivers Lined Itutk-kin Mittens ( Mwca sinspfMiiicriy quality, LnJics' Heaver, Merino . hi iini-u r.iu uiuvvs, (Heap Fa ijiran ii' E. M. W1II0HT f. CO. il.y GHLY Cnuada Slocking., Royal Hilled and An L'ola shirts nn,l 11. u.,... ,., . 1.....1 1.. Nov. 5. .1' i wmmif . K. M. WltlGIIT & CO. Dr. A. HllftrtnlUltu T.n-Ai.WA.. JVTO Cough .Mcthiine ha. ever I ecu Introduced into . leamoiu nun iin given such universal satisfac tion. I hey seldom full to euro lh mo.'t tronMesoine cough, nml colds in a low day. Numerous refer cures might I e given lo pcrsorswho have Icen curctt by Ihcm, but vvheru their merits aie so generally known & appreciated it ,1 u.;lc. tosprcfry in-lnncfs. . hoalioveine-tlicine', n well s Sherman's ce'cl.raled vv orm Loicngc, Poor Haifa plasters, and other pre paratioHs niayleliad of ov.4. I'ANOnoRN&llRINSMAlI). S,'W'-TIMiS, Shining., Ticking, Wicl. ing, Halting Wadding. Tvvill'd Coilon., Canton Flannel-, A:c, rsnlo by Nov. 1. S. II. SUO'I I". M SiirgtraUtistruments t AW'S telf-injeciiiig Apparatui, (4 beautiful arn' rate..) Syringes of all kind., Drca-l Pmnpj (m eaics), do. Pipe.., thellt Slid shields, Nursing noiiles nnd Tul es of many kind', GiimKla-lie Ring., for children culling Teeth, Silver, Hexil Ic smfGuui Uajtic Catbu-.vrr. Ilo.igics' -toniach Tul Kngli-h nnd German spring Lancet', Lnirli'hiind Ainerican Tlniinli do. Marsh's silver and s'eel spring Trii.c, (a moil celebrated article ) cfovcty kind and lze, Hull'." do. do. do. Tw ilcholl's Gum I'la-tle do. do. do. Forsaleby Nov. I. i'LCK & SPFAR. A LI AC( A Lu-tici, ca-hmire eloih-, prinlel Snxo-nie-, Orleans clolh. Carolina pljid-, etc. ic. 1 r rcnedi anil Fiisli-h Merinos too numerous 10 Ah mention nt greatly red iced price-, by S. I1.SC01T. fflnnt- flriflte T IGHT and dark piintel I'lo'or 1 lolhs, 10-1. 12.4. j ,'.'.'.".Vleal5;.i hl,ney HlanUji-.scarlei, Green, nd lute Hor-c Blanket-, lltnvytuill'd rianncls yNov. 5. i:. .M. WRIGHT u?- CO. Itllhnri lfnntvfo w 'F. the snl..irilcr. Icing luted, I v lire Hon. ; - .. . ... un-i i i viriicnucn, ci)iiinii.Moner lo n-feiv-c, examine and adpisi nil r ,i . 'Y " 1 a" l"'r-on nn.aitiKt t lie eta'c or Kolcrt .Moody, la't: of llurling'on, in rald ili ricl, deceased, repre-mtc I inolvenl, and nl.u all claimnnd ilciiiand.f.xliibiW I in o Ik-t therein j and i. iiuin me uaiu uereoi, I cing airuvreil ry ailL'iurt for ill. it i.ii.i.m... .... .ln tl...r.... I t: give noin-e Ihat we will auend to tin Itii.ine.s of our nnnomtlneiil nl it... Um. 1 ..r T.J... I r..... I it hng'on, in said ih-trict, on the lifieenlh days or I)e ccinl er and Anril n.'vt nt ii.i. k l i. :t .aid days. I!a!id at'I!nrliii!Tion ihi o? I.lm- ,.r fv..,.i,... 4 11 1841. l.nilUt I.OO.IIS. ) ' ' I'lIll.O I'OOI.I-ITLn, -'onimi.-ioner,. T. t. S'lltOMI, NEW riKM AND NEW GOODS. TIIR .Subscribers having cn tred into copartner sliiptinder llio firm of Lonlv . St just rccMnn imuasual large assortment of Goods, which they will sill as cheap as the cheapest, iuin.i. i.tivi;i,v. MARTINA. SUV.MOCU. Burlington Nov, 11, IS 1 1 QTRAYKI) from the subscriber, at Milton I'all. a lJ? Ilntlf llrrt.t-n t C. .r.n ..II ...l.l. ...I.-.. . ui) nun a wiiue Slnpe across her forehead and white on the nose lmil l,n..i. t. ......t: . .' iiunn. .new ,1 luiiuii; iieni i, iijui rcu, vviui a If iltO fni. 1.11.. r,t. ll... rt.A ,.r .l. .n.l ........ ....v, ...... w uiu ui nil- out. IMluevcr will return sail cattljorgivc inft rmition by letter to uiu du.;at;i iuvr siiuii i e uoiitirniiiv ri-warucii. trninT'tif ... ii.'iwiui .11.11.V.UIU. Joshua Isham's H-lalr. STATU OF VKIIMONT. ) HW. Hon. il. DismicT or Ciiittexdkn, ss. J X l'n batu Court for tho District of Chittenden ; To all nprsnns rnn. nrncil in the 1' lato of Joshua Ishani, la'cof Sliel- uiirucin sai 1 District, ilcccascil, Urceting. Whereas, Ileinan Allen, adm'r. wiih the will an nexed ol tho Lstaio of said deceased, proposes to ren der an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination anil al lowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at the Register's office m Uurlinglou in said district on the sixth day of December next. Therefore, You are hereby noiitied to appear Irfore said court at llio time mid place afore-aid, and show cans-, it any jim nave, why ihe account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Hurliiirlcii ibis S1I1 day November A. I). 1511. Wm. WKSTON, Register. Tabic Covers. CRIMSON and Drab I'aini-k Wi-r-'cd. k Linen, and I ruvvn lal Ic Covers, 1 y S. II. SCOTT. B IRD'S I've, I!u-M'a and Iri-h Diaiicr, by v. li. , II. .SI Oi l . . EffSjj- 'JT'RI sn Tea-, Java Co ee-, I.ocuic r-i- do. S'. iloimngi) ilo. Sugar KSjil '!""-' -Mi'l.i-e-, Porto Rico syrup, u r 1 ej-n 1 ox K.11-111-, ca--ia, clove-, I Piilii-r.'zcd Loaf -o-:ir, l.oif ilo. I I rowu ilo. snlern'.us, Gineer, .N 11- in-... l-i 1 ' . 1 thin ever, I y -Nov. 12. S. II. SCO'lT. f' firt.i.rf nl I'.cl I A ,''l':,v''''l''l'lliif,iii1,- an I Dove ware; nl.-o, i ft Gla-s Di-hc-, Gla Lamp-, elf. at cost fer ll.c iortiu'u 1 1 i'iu-iii uiai umu 01 Lu.-ine.-. Nov. 12. S. H.SCOIT, DISOLL'TIO.X.' nm.ri,,..i rv r .1.. , i.uieiv ex. ivti. was ois- solvctl on the first iii.hih .11 Iv.a.ioS 11... .1.. firm must be solllid viihuut tlelay. Kither of the suiiscnutTs vein nueiiii 10 sotllcnicii's. Wo trust every 1 erson imbbted 10 ibis concern wi I lake t in. nmtm nn.l l.A...fnl. 1 . ... ......... u,.u fcU,.n 111. IIISUI.II. ilttUltt "'? .. . n. i.o r.i.-Y, iiuriigion.ov, 11. loll. Wi, HUltl.ISUT. STATIC OF YKRMONT, ? A T n Probalo Court District of Chittenden, ss. V holdi n nt Rurlin" 1'in, within and for llio Dis rict aforesaid on tho first day of November A. I). 1811, an Instrument pur porting to be tho lat Will nnd Testament of John .M.iiwiiuir, laicoi vves ioiu in sml Uistrict deceased vvas ores'iiied lo tho Ctairt hero for Probate. 1 liercloro u is onlerci bv said Court tin, m.i.i;,. noiicu bo given lo nil erst ns iniercsii d ihciein io ap pear before said Court, nl a ll, ,rm i,. i,i. ten at tho Register's ofiioi in I! iilin'.-tjii in siitl Di. irici on mo sectinii vv cunesilay of December A. D. 1311, and cnnittt iho probaleof said Will, audit is iiirincr oiucicu mat tins onlcr bo published three wciks successively in tho Hurlingion I'rco Press a news narcr minlrd nt llmlmciim ;,, tii.i. i.. l-. r .. I. t.n i. . . . . . . . . "'", "- which sunn no previous lo uie elay assrncd, asnforcsa'd for bearing. c Given under my hand at the Ucgisier's Office, this first day of November A. D, 1811. wm. wiisTO.N, Register. Fir its. AFFAV Rales le-i Pain e I Bnilalo Role-, .Men's lest Shu land seal Caps, Null la Fordo. Hov'xlo .Men'- and llov' hair teal t.'o. Fit Collar.. far snlfchcap ft.rca-h,by P. DOOLIITLK. .Miv.4. 1SII, Dlssohlllon. "VfOTK'K is here! given that the copartnership 1 he'iciiifoni existing I ctvvccn the siibscril nr. nn. ilcnlic liimol N. A. et W. II. Rhode'-, was di,n.ved by consent, on the S h day e.f Ociol rr inst. T he bo-ine-s will le continued at ihe i Id stand, I v N. A. Rho le-. N. A. Rlluni S, ' Uiulinglon tall-, O.-l. 28,1811. W. l!.RHOf)KS CARD MR. HOWARD, cf the Cheap Cash Store, now on board ihe steamer Hurlinglnn nt the Wharf, ono moment's Icisuio before lenvin", mosi respectfully improves it, by here tendering "through imuuKii mo ' nc t ress, ins tiniiKs to ins reople for tier lllinstinl n.llrnnum In llm 1.'. 1-1. 1. .l .. ,.., ... ... .-.uuiii-iiuivill, (no most Haltering commendations bestowed upon the unrivalled assortment of Gooib, and belief in my destro to sell according lo pretensions, cheap for cash, ujr uu-, uo iiuo.1 generously anil magnanimously rreinrocnlrM. in ii.....n..l ni.f...... r...i ' v,i , ' " hi.., mm juiiuer iist- on-acuities to their luuhcst )ct known, SGOO taxed ouiviir, mm ine- oeneiuoi an inufiinue expansion, as llieprissureofT.ixation is increased, and the Geolo gical and Agricultural resources of the stale become ilevclopfd, with ihe Plirrnolopical Humps of the Green Mouniains made known, to he ientrl in con ncciion with their Physiognomy, whin will be fn-ind that Iheaailily and productions of our Ycrd .Muni will give an liilhcito unknown Hallo mid Hurrah to Iho success of Rail Roads, Canals, and .Manufac nrics, and theUnand Doimr. Onlrti m. I rh..r.r... t. .-j . ' . . ........ H.l I '.IM U V.IPH ilJUJ no imprisonment for debt store, begun, ci niinutdand r.lj'1 imiV A I? Tft Who has already been five times to New York for supplies since Spr ng and is now, before Ibis can be read, by any nf hit, most beloved and respected pattons, far, farnwayrdl'onbismission as their ditvoicd, au iiion&e'u iigcoi io Homo euin n scieciion in lliogrcat American maiket of the commodoliesof the widely ililTlirinn nnrtlintt id. flLilii. In lm :'. .--r. I'-' ." i in t v"-'.") vv i "in ciiiiaieil III his store for display and distention lo iho fair appli- nuns, incy uiny come lorwani i receive tntir por- llOnsof all lhatis lieh. fair. 1 nnlirnl nrnmnnlil useful.'clorkP.M. 3d Nov. 1611. P. S. Dircelions lfl euilb i-l.-rl.. in ..It i j.. - - , " .v... iu cut initio uu rmu .absence. We will avail ejurttlvcs nf tho ptetsnt favorable efrt'!tinv, t: ivtr cur c:arr p (vlvMrgfit Cfi'ip, (neies i,3 TEAS. TIIB'tuuscrllar offers for sale lit Ids Urick Shop, in Cherry Streat. a Urrn vsrietv of t-'m. nm. fiialinr ' - Genettfurs White, grey, brown and black furs, for Lsdies tnmmings Lynx and squirrel Roas , ALSO Superior black Oiler and hair Oiler caps Shetland and south sen seal Us. Hoys caps, for f0 cents For and hair collars, a variety Northwest liufi'ilo Robes Fur and cloth caps repaired, and Mud's and Caps made to rrder, by Wm. I. SP.VMn..r Burlington, Oct. 20, 1911. DISSOLUTION. TIIE partnership heretofore existing between 11 C. Hlackman & l.rnU rv Tn..,!) la il.l. -u dissolved by mutual consent. 1 II. C. HIiACK.MAN, . L.D. TURIULL. Ulackninn, Jsncfio, Oct. 2, 19H. T Y.MAN & COLK tifrer for ealu Hlack ahd lllue Lj lllafk nml r-lll'll itlf Wlliela Cnr T.nill-o and Cloak 'rriininingst Also a variety of silk-Fringes. LY3IAN & COLE HA V T. received, in addition to their fur stock of Dry Roods, an extensive as.oriincnt of Fall ;lnd Win'e'r GcimU ! nmomr which Will le found M prciil variety of ankles (i.r Ladie-' Cloaks! Alpacca Lu-lri'. a Vcrv nrcilv article: Alpuee.i iili: Warn. Cunt h tio.i, 1'lnin Black Aliu'nc, Fig'd do., Satin Damn-I., Hryt he'lla, Persian Cloih, I'lcnuli, German, and Lmrli-h'Mcriiio., Moii-eline i'c laluc and primed Ssxoniu-, a gre-al variety und low priccdi Gtat's (lair anil Imitation Camblel. 8II.KS. A small assortment of nch lic'.l nnd strand Silks. Heavy Ulack Canton, Orntlc .Svis, and oiher dks. SUA IYJjS. I.unin's le-t scarle'. I lack, wli.'ic. nnd colorpd A lew cxlrs. -izc Worilcd shaw Is , Gloves a.vl Ho-iery, a large as-or'inenl t an iiuu-iiallv larae ns-orinicutil American print. : hreiirh n1cll.112l1.l1 do. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton -he-U'lni? and sbirlill? Tick! .r nnd Wd. ting fUlcai Ind Coltou and Mcrrmiac ,be.tiii7. verv low. TA 1L OIT S miMMlXGS. Wor-te-I Djiilinc, villi do. Lame round and nliare Mohair Cords for overcoats! silk Cord fur (Ires coats) Wor-le.1 a id sill; JSirge) llirurel -ilk an I Velvet It ninit-, new figure-; sewing silk, Twist an I Thread: Pa 'ding, Canvass, selecia-. Coi'd Jean-, HroWn and lllnuk Linen; Worsted plaiJ for Facing I Outturn fur over coats, Sic. Y'VlAO'l It KliS. A varielv ofrichi'e l.aine'. Challv. silk, and ucvv stjle Fancy IH f. nnd Ve-d. isuuAit j ultras. Hcav-v doul 1" in illi-tl Hroad Clolbs: II. over and Pilot Cloth.: Rich Diamond Denver Cloth-: oho a genoi ;il as-oniucnt of I! irliiiglon Mill Cloth-. Gcnilcii'cn and Ladies are invited 101 all and exam ine eiur verv'cx'cnsivc a-sorimeut, which wc o:'tr at re Iticcd priee- fir Ca-h. 11 irlinuion, -il U't. 1311. Popular Hotels. FRANKLIN HOUSE, 1 l!OS ION, Con. of Market St. and .Mehciiant's Ror. cp'II-. undersiemd, (firmirly of the X F.lm strcel Hotel, and lale proprietor ef C. ngrt-ss Hall, New York,) would most rcsDectfullv inform his fiicnds an I the public goimrally, that he has become the lessrc of this establishment, and put it in nmplc order for ihcir nccommi dalioii. 1 be housii i- ocalcd in thecentrcof hu-ine s. with- in a few rods of (luincy Market, and I ut a short di--tancc from the landing of the I'lighsh ant I'.astcrn oicnmcrs. The b-nir cxnetiencc the subscriber has had in the management of n public, llnrsj, give-s him perfect con lidcneeiti his.ilu'ilirs, and ho therefore plulccs him elf lo give salisfai lion to lhoe who favor him with their palp nagc. A Dining rutin lias been titleu i pexprcssiy lor uie commoilatioii of Ladies and Genilnncn. which will he found dii y spnad vv.ih iho ties' the market all'ort's. Tho Gentlemen's Ordinary; whir h can ncconinioda-c nbont 100 persons, will be provided with a'l the sub stantial luxuries ol the season. I he Servants will be found honest and attentive exerting themselves on j!1 occasions to eivc salislac lion. J. T. MACOMIir.R. 1 A S H I ON II L 1;. Bonnet Silks ore-very ste c ' I. and nu.ilily, l'd'k, B'ue ltlk and China Silks ft r dre-i's. do. Satin for do. Sars. Silks nnd vvin cr Ribbcns (new style,) Wm'e-r How e-rs. Velvet, Ac. Sc. J. P. WHALNG. Oi t. 12, 1631. ; O O K S ty &' TA TIO iX i: It V. DA. Hit AMAM. has e n hand and i rcce'iv ng a large an I well -c lived as-nrtintnt of ar i le. in lii- line for iho F.vll 'I'iiaui;, i-on-i-ling of all kin I. nf N hool Books, aivl valuallc and popular woiks ll-c mosi ii'icnt pu1 li-a'ions A I. SO A new supply of B'nnk Books, consisting of Leg gi rs, Jo malt, Day, Invoice, Note, an I Bill Books, of all sizes, in full an I half lending Cap and I.i-ncr paper, e I" the best kind, Drawing, Tissue, Muro- co, Mar' Ic, lib Itini.', and oilier var'ff'cs of paper, Ink, Quill-, Sl.ile-s, Bonnet Hoards, Pencils, Sand Boxes, l.el'cr Stamps, rel Ta;'C and S.alionory generally, ,n tin-a' vaiii-y. Oct. 12. A PL' a sum of money was left at ine pose oiucc m tins village a lew w-ccks since, which I lie owniraanlnveby rcccgnling and sjiis fving he post mister as In the ownei ship. ' II rl.-.gnn, 2'Jlh Oct. 1H1. LAW ULANKS. C GOODllKUI has constantly for fate by the t Ream or (lutie, n general assatttneilt of law blanks, printed fiom forms from Re-riscd .S'laiutcs, consistuie of Justice Writs and Ilxcculions, all kinds in use Trustee Wriis County Court Wiils and F.xccutions, various kinds Wariaiitry, Uuit-claim, andMoitgage Ditds Chancery Hills for fore-losing Moitgsgcs Blanks fir Dipostious Administrators Bonds Letters of GuardiM."' Offinrs Rcceints Justice Appeals Blanks for Noies, Ilay-Scilis, etc. 4c. Aiigun 20 h EDUCATIOeV. A YOUNG LADY who is qualified lo teach .Vie tie, Prateing and I'rtneH, is desirous of obtain in;.' a situation in a respectable, seminary ir fomi'y. O'Addrcss box 01, Post Office, Montreal. October 1, 111. 17tf German Couili iSyi'ilp I rp HIS di'scriix ly ih-imauithe'.l medicine, loje hcr I with Taylor's Babam of Livciwor', J.ivne's In ban Fxpci'lr iant, Lily Syrup, Down-' Klixir. Mooie'- L-teiii-i' of Life, Il.rriholomcw'.s Pink Kx- pector.tnt -vr ip, for sevcry cold., e'OiigH, uad com- plaints le'.a ling to For sale I y uv. I. PLC'x'et Sl'LAK, LIVERY STAULK. SS.f-'KINNFR ha- firnished t him elf with irn G 0(1 I) HOItSKS, nivv and convenient Camasi- and Harness, suueil In tbcsiason. Saildlc-, Bridle-, lemperaic, faithful, and Iru-ly Driver, and a II m tier apparatus ner.sari- lo serve Iho nttblli' tmi." in sooi slv c anil on reasonable i-y;nav.ewV term-. S al le Fast s i le Couri lloii'c S.p.arc. B.irlingun.t'ct.Sti h, IS It- 8w Ar G F. N i: R A L A-crlir.cnt el rca lv mai'i' S'l 1.1c-, llarne-u- and Trunks, fi i a!c at the oM .land nor'h i 'c tho .S'-yiarc, ntarJ. Ilow ainl's Hold, w ith such article-.- a- is nst ally fi und in my line e.f biisine-s. Whip-, eVi'iir-, Coin! s, I'm. he and full-, ad.aplril lo the a iproachingtcason. Flannel, Tow, an I Full Cloth. S-insan I Unlet nnd lind rf Farmer's prcdme rccivctl in pavmenl. Call and ee a. B irhngion.Oet. 29 h, IS 11. Q T It A Y S T IC EH. Stray- s-' CI I from the subscriber, in May last, a light rctl, two-year-old Steer, wiih crop on the right car. A tut a I Io Conine nsalion will be made to anv leisoii who will sive information where he may lie fouud DANIEL W. C11ASC. Colclit tier, O -i. 16,1541. C1 T R A Y F. D OR kj Stolen it fiom the s lisi-riber on the lOih inst., a large hay llorsc.vviilinnowhlie bind fi"t, wh s -ever will rlvo information where said horse msy be found, shall l.c suit-Mv re warded. MOSKS A1W00D. Clurlotte. 0;t. 10, 1S40. AMP Od lleichel and iiuL'ea-l'ed, of snrenor tie cheap by S. M. I'OI'K. J mliiy, for nov. ii. JUST rcciveJ, a supply ol Mar h's celcl rate 1 Trvt. c-i cf every ewcript.on, for s!e I y tho dszen er'irfcle, Kt.v. 1, I'KCH d -STFAK CJ"Tr ,r;e; t 'n r'v ppl ol ft of 'ms;. lm i H THOMAS will continue liis Auction Sales la tho'ftcrnoon of every Wednesday and Satur day. A latgo q'inntity of Household Furniture of uiiii-reni Qcst-ripiions win uc uncreu, .jopin er wnti Slaves if e-nrintis kinds, wiih nine. 'Sntfci.-of Drv Onods. Cutlery. Clocks. Jewelry, etc.. eVce. 'wlllbn oflered Tuesday, Thursday nnd Saturday lveniagX uiiiii iiitiocriioiice. ejciotici m ton. OfJ CASES Knclish and American Prints, 2 " rtlrcched Sheetinis, 1 " Col'd Cambrics, . 1. " Apron Checks, Juno 1st, 1911. just receiver! br , . . VILAS, LOOMIS at CO. Oct. 1, 1311. OH nAI.F.S rtrown ShcetinV, ' OU 2 do. do. Drilling 5 do. do. Tickings, 1 do. Canvass Podding, li Pieces Red Padding, 1 dn. 40 mcTiHiirlaps, iust received by Oct.lst.lSfl. VILAS.LOOMISciCo. O CA-SHS "Colored F.nglish Merinos, 1 " Mirk do. 1 " ! i el Tlonihazine, 1 Alpa-cn t,th. 20 pieces Hlack Romhn?ine, 20 " Printed Saxonv, forsilcby VILAS, LOOMIS St CO. Oct. 1st, nil. 1 rUSn Ponire Silk X 20 pieces lllack nnd FiVd do, 2(1 " PonTc Hdkfs. 201b. Italian Scvvinc Silk, 5 " Hlack and cnl'd Twist. O 1. 1, 1311. For saleby VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. and rol'd Thread, ' ' OVA ?0 " Hlnck Linen, R Gross Round and Flat I.accl". Oct. 1, 1911. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Ca;i COO GROS? Gilt Caat and Ve-t Buttons, 2'0 dn. Horn do. do. do. 2"n do. do. Vest do. 300 do. Pantalnnn elo. 2"0- do. Pearl Shirt l3. PS2 For ssle 1 v Oct. 1st, 1S1L VILAS. T.OOMI3 & CO. M nrtll.LF.D Kvnl Needle OUV 900 Gross Ttnotsnn-l F.yes. 100 do. Knitlint; Pin, S Csscs London Pins, 1 do. American do. ins) rc'd ny Oct. 1st. 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. 1CSF. Wood Porkt Combs, r-O dnz. German Silver do. 300 " Pan do. 200 2000 SO Twist Side Brass do. do. H do. for sale by VILAS. LOOMIS eV CO. Jute lt, 1311. ItfUFFR Riaand oilier Fur,ly IVl Nav.S. s. n. scoTT. B' AClv.' loci la-k, liiht n'ain, lisht fiiored, Cr4 d f j eanl China Sdks, low forca.h, bv Nov. 5. S B. SCOTT. Sherman's Celebrated Medicine t SHOPMAN'S I, of every -on, " Papillary Oil, (a certain cure firf -ore nipnle.) M Poor Man's Pl-ter. Conslantlyforsaleat Nov. 1. KKCK et SPEArTf;; Aa LOT OF WOOD LAND for sale near llio takS. o. two hundred Cords of Woo I nn the bank r.nquirc of F.THAN BURROUGHS; IVrri'liurjli, Nov. 1941. stoves at Auction! S)f COOKING Stovi-s will be sold at Auction If, Jfront of the subseri'ers' store, if not disposed of before', on Salurday,(tomnrrowV, the I3lh insf HICKOK ct CATLtNi B.irington, 3 Nov. 1SI1. 2 0 0 Pieces French, F.nzlish and Atnericail Prints, just re cived and for sale at I lie lowest pricces) by Oct. 29. S. ft. SCOTT. I "IT tOOt. Dec. Plain and Diamond Beaver Clothl Gold mucd, Paris Dismonll, and Wool Dy4 Hlacu cassuncrcs, riue, uiitc, iiitisiuio ureen, ana black broa 1 Cloths, satinetts, &c.elc. just received 111 Oct. 29. S. It. SCOTT. T?URS and Fur Trimmings, consisting of EnglisH . Sipiirrcl, Gt-net, and Coney Muffs, Astracnn anel l.H2li!i Squirrel RobeS Boss, halural nnd colored Coney kins, Nutiia do. White Conev Plates, Ac etc. received this day by (Oct. 29.) 5tB. SCOtT. ,4 DOZ. Heavy Plaid Shawl-, l y lh Pel, 29. S, B. SCOTT. TIIH Siibscril er will pay Cash for a few Thousand pounds of good Fleece Wool, delivered nt their Store head of Pearl St. BRADLEY dc HYDE. July 2, 1511- A T T I N F. TT S, W. & D. D. F.irnham's u perior I l'k, b'lk mixed, drab and Cadet mixed it:, tinelts, Cheap by F. M. WRIGHT et Co. lTM.UTF. and FIFE MU.'IC. Now Preceptors for L the Fluto and Fife, just received by Oct 3. C. GOODRICH. CO doz. Sides of I'rrer Leather, For sale bv E. C. LOOMIS. Oct. S. 1911. Pearl Street. 200 Sides of Calcutta Leather, For salebv Oct. 6. 1811. E. C. LOOMIS. QQ Doscil Calf Skins. For sale by DO Oct.S. 1311. E.C.LOOMIS. MOROCCOS, Kids. Bindings, Linincs, shoc-thtead Lasts, Ac, &c. For sale by E. C. LOOMIS. 1 OO Pairs of Men's thick boots fiom $2.50 to 13,00, 1 Oc'.S. 1511. for saleby E.C.LOOMIS. HARNESS, Bnnd, Bridle, Skirting ar.d Top I.eath. rr. For sale by E. C. LOOMIS. Oi-t e 1311. A7 INEGAR of thevery best quality foe saleby thr Gallon, hhl. Hogshead, by GEO. PETERSON. Oct. It, 1311. Li .MAN iSr COLElnve received a large assortment Vof Bufl'ilo Rubesand Fur Collaisand Trlihmiugf. Oct. 29. b NEW Goods in great abundance at i?. B. Scott's, . at piiccj to suit the pun baser. Oct. 29. Stephen Halglit's Ustatc. STMT. OF VERMONT, To .11 person, inicresirl I1 net if Chit I'luVn, s-. j in ihe csta'e of Slephra 'llauhi, late cf llurlinjton, in said district, deceased, in'i- ale. lira Meocli.alniiiii.trator of the csta-e ef the rai.I i'r rae.l, h.iviiii tiletl in taid courl hit jieiinon, m vv r nig, -riling foNhlhat the said in'oiaieiliH senoj of the fdlotvinj de'-cril e.l parcels of real elate, .imo'ig inhrr-s, viz. al out one aero ol and and water prtvi'cjiHlngon ihenorlh s derf Oiler Creel, in Ver-ci-uni-alio it fony acres of lan.1, (I ring K cedar swam.i) lying in New Haven Gore, in the cenmir of Addi-ou, and al oil two acre-of land lying in Monk-" ten, in saidcn-intvof Aikli-on, Icina Ihe only hndi of winch the taut S iphen Haight dip I ,einl, nf which are sin ale in siul Vergcnne-, ffew Haven Gi re and Monkion ; that ihee'el.u gain-t said es taic, a- allowi-l 1 y the romm-s-ioner-, rc 11792.87 r ihat a salci fa portion of sai I land, t- necessary fof the payment of llieelcht, of ihe said in'e.-in(e-s-that the-ai . fnlc-ta'e lefi Iwo children, who are hi- heir one of wboni ro-n'e-out i f llicsiaie of Vermont, ant) the other is a female infant mit'crthe age of eighteen vrar- i ihat theafoie aid panels offaml are unpro. il leu vo an.l thai it would Ic leni-licial lo the heiff and all o:h"r per-on iulere-iril in rid e-tale, Iff haveihe xv hrle oflhc said several panel-of land sold an I ll"" proct-i'ds of s-u-h sa'e, atler the payment nf ihe di tits if the sail iiiti-iaicaud ihe expcivesofad. i.inr's rnu'on, divided among the heirs to taid e-iair. And praving taidcoiri In grant bun, the said admr--ui tralor, been-c totell a'l ihe ta d teieral parctlsof land, ngit-cal ly to thestaln'cin sueb ea e mStle and provide I: Wiir.iia.urcx, the courl a fore-Bid doth ap point the 22 I day cf Novcmlrr,- irrstsnt,' for htir. ing and deciding on smd reiiimn nt the olhe-e of iho Ktgi'le'r eftai.l eoin, in I) -.Hingion', in said district an I dnih on't-r ihat all per on- I e notified ihereol l v pjllicaiion bflhi order, i-onlaiuing the tobsiane-e of said PHilit"', llinewiviii-siici'i-ssively in iheB-trling. ton Free 1'n-s, a newspaper pnaicln sa.'d Buflinr. ton, the last ol which pal lication- to E-e previous to asl-Unl day ( fNcvemlcr, in-tani. Given under my hand at Bwhngion, this first dsy cf Novcaiber, A. D. ISO. ' Wu WESTON, rtffiiner. HAS just ro .iri.e.1 from New York, xvuh the Itteef tashioli-for Bonnets. Cans. CIikI.-,. Pri-ic, jljc s ma' le tor the sta.nm Abo a rich agilfa)i'e'naMe s-ertinentolSilkt, Velvets, Volve-eensand trimnunc f.r Unnr.eis aad Dre-te,- She bat e:,0;. Feaibeii", Freanh andoilur r.Ctwsrs, Lne-e-. lilrinri Gloves Mill-, Curls uad oiher.striiclej.J.i i.'-e -Milfeoeri- Imeico nii'neroiis to narlieu ariir. Ai.n ih.'.m- let a ..ornient of Boas, aU,l g00j aornm-nt of Bonnett ,i4 rralv f r tile, all which she will s'l Cheap or fliuiper b3n thevsn 1 f-O";1-.; (!r-'S,r. r,f ev-al s'.v'v 3l'1 i vrf cM-. u r fi - i -1 1

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