Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 19, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 19, 1841 Page 1
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Uftt fvtt fte HB GLOB- OP OJBSABj BUT TH B WBLFAHE OP ROME. BY It. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1841. VOL. XV....N0. 2l An LILY SYRUP, unparralled remedufor Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spilling oj mooa, Hooping Cough, yct y TO THE PUBLIC. . 'In presenting to the nublie a new remedy for disea sea of the may to proper lo say lhal. judging 'from the many certificates ami rUccoiumcndutions of 'other specifics contained in the newspapers of ihe day I no new remedy was caned lor or required, mil n tno 'popular remedies had materially leaned the hills of .ffiurimilv, ur any suit; ui me many prciniituiuii- ivs- Jsesed those virtue recommended, so that after a fair .trial, the patient could depend upon its healing power., J and rationally hope for a speedy recovery ol healili, 'this humble attempt to arrest the progress of Pulmo nary Consumption would not have appealed. . , Uut that the victim of this destroyer are daily in creasing, needs no proofand the large scales of the JOffigtistsshow that life renredfes ot the day haye Wen rairly tried, and failed in their object, il mat ob ject was tfte restoration lo healili of persons sullering lromdi-e.1,CJ of the lungs. While one remedy dries una couch that sliClddbc properly aided lo throw oil the viscid phlegm collecteJ upon the lungs and throat .the harbinger of disease, another, by a bad selection .ol an expectorant, is indeed enabiC.! I" dispossess the , present tenant, but leave a worse one to Occupy lje shattered premi-c ; and by il, the work of death Is the .sooner accomplished. The LILY SYRliP is now believed lo be the best remedy for lung complaints, that ha ever appeared. "To cure Pulmonary Consumption after the disease has done its last work, or become seated upon the vi tal function, and tuberclu are formed and, and atmospheric air is inhaled into the nroken parts, is not anion;; the pretensions of the thousand and one popular nostrums to the contrary, notwithstanding). Thir incJicineiha restored many who were sup posed to lie I eyond cure, by men standing high in the medical profession ; but ihe'ir restoration to health on ly proved that great and good men may 1 c mistaken, in the stage or progress of the disease. Hence, let no , poison de-pair of relief, until he has made a fair trial of ihe Lily Syrup. This medicine ocrntcs by promoting a free ami easy expectoration, thereby freeing the lungs and throat from viscid phlegm, and strengthening the parts ami freeing them from inflamatory action which constitutes the disease of Pulmonary Consumption. "The Syrup is entirely free from auv mineral substance, and purely vegetable; anil may be taken with per- -lect safety by the most delicate' constitutions. It is highly recommended lo thn-u who have weal. ' lung-. Teachers 01 performers of vocal music will find it of invaluable use to ihem, by its giving great strength and sweetness to the tone of music, and en abling the person to perform with great case. Public speaker and debaters will find it of invainal le ser- vice toihem. This medicine has 1 ecu thoroughly and successfully tested b nbie physicians, and bv their advice is now prepared and olered to the tiubfic, to sm-ak fur itself on the cause of nllhcled humanity. And may he who , I ile ej the instrumentality1 ol clay to open iliecyc ol ihe blind, make il a I leiug to Ihe human family, mid the great object of the proprietor will Le bccoiu- .plished. All me brine should lie given according to the situ ation of the patient i and, if much minced, n smaller juanliiy than where there is considerable strength. "Tlieibreelions on the bottle may 1 c taken asn general rule : but if laken for a long stnnding rough, it may lie necessary lo lake a much larger do-c for some one or two days', and even of'ener tiulil an expretnralion is produced llint will 1 five and ea-y. when there is much lightness ol the chest, jt will sometimes increase ihe cough for a daynrlwo; m which ra-e, the patient should lake the Syrup more freely, even until it should produce a slight nausea of the stomach He need not fenr any hnnn from stirh sensation. I would say to nil who purchase this medicine for ll-e. lhal tbcv can have but little hope olLeing 1 ciiclittod by it, unless j is taken steadily when it i commenced with. Some have taken it once a day, then twice, then not anvfor two or threedays. I cannot say that such woufd I e likely to receite much benefit from it ; but if taken regularly, il is eminently calculated to uproot the dis ease, and to restore lo sound health. It iihccarne1 desire of the proprietor lo have everyone u-es at leat one bottle of it steadily according tc ihe direc tion-, to communicate the result to the person ol whom he purchased the medicine. The proprie'.or is privileged to rufer to the follow iug per-ons who have toed the l.ily Syrup, and who will u nappy iu give, iiiioiiii.iiion in ns superior iicaoug power, to anv wishing to know more al out it. Mr. Crittenden, one of the linn of K. f Smith & Co., wliole-nlenml ictail tiicrcliant, Exchange-street, li'lie-ter. for bleeding at the lungs. Key. E. Tucker, l'aslor of second Uapltst Church, jiocne-ier. Captain E. Freeman, for a hndcoinrh. Mr. Stoddard, of the lirniol Stanwood i Co. book sellers, corner of Itutihlo and Slate streets, llochestcr. Mr. J. M. French, Norlh-streel, Rochester, lor the in- tiiinmn'-.roitrrli. Mr. Southworth, Stone-street, Itoclwsier, for bad cough. Mr. Rolert M'Kiblen, Mnrne-strrct, Rochester, nil a severeandalarmingca-eol tlie wlioopmg-ctiugli K llarnard, Esipiire, iillioe in court-hou-e, in : H'e of whooping-cough in ills lauiiiy. Captain W. U. family. Hey. Mr. Clark, Pastor of the llapti'st Church, Le Roy Rev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of the lir.t Hnptist Church, Rochester. Captain A. Brilton, for Haemorrhage of the llnm-?. A. 0. Smith, ca-hir of Mechanics and Farmers' Bank. Hot hc-tcr, L. W. Sibley, of the firm of Sil ley & Srrantom dry good merchants and auctioneer.-, Ilullalo-sireet Rochester. Rev. A. Kingsley, Pastor cf ihe Uaptist Church at jiiant'tie-ter. Rev. Jacob Knnnn. Etnnoehst. -Mr. T. Hunn. Carriage Maker, St. Paul-street, Hiram Tucker, attorney at law. Rochester, Mr. Thomas Ashman, paver, Rochester, who ha' astonishing rebel, i'leasc inquire ol in AIILI.IXAKY 6i DRESS MAKING. By Milt S. BRAT, "lrHOhas commenced in thn tlnw hllildinrr on the cast side of Church street, opposite H. Lane's store, and a few rods south r r-i i. ...i.-. ,.. g-lnttcntionwill be given to Ills! lIIUKllljr Ol ItUXXHTB, Caps and Dbesses, in ac cordance with the most ap proved rvew York style, which Fashions nrc now just received for the sea Hon. I Burlington May 2G, 1S4L n51 OTICK. ICPMcdicine is best known by the cures it ienuriiis,-j nt i. r-iewion-s 1'anacen. Purifier of the Ulood. The nnnaralleled and still creasing reputation wiucti tins mctucine hasncqair 1 throughout IhcNew England Slates, and Ihelnanv ires it has performed, and the great demand made ru uv we advice ouinvsicians well acnun ntocwiih preparation, nas induced uie proprietor to extend circulation to aimosi every town in me eastern ile and the principal towns in ihe United. Slates, is Panaceis warranted purely vegetable, and is not irpassed bv anv other medicine ever otlered lo the libeled as its extensive sale and great nonularitv lainlv prove. It has within the last eighteen months lured us thousands ofihe most obstinate diseases, as an be proved by certificates, and is pronounced by minent ami respectable physicians the best medicine n use. Useful information may be found in circulars ontaining certificates of cures and directions for ta in g the medicine. The following appointed agents. Uurlington. PECK and SPEAR. R. Moodv t Albans. Curtis and ltu-eel Millon. C. Drake libnii Falls. Unrnct and Sawyer sWaicrville. FisL- ml Drown, llinesliurgn, null and Cook rainax, arker and Mattield Vergennes. Adams and Murray .Cambridge, 31. Wires Underbill, M. C llarnej- orlh Ferrisliurgh, H. C. Wicker Oeorgia. A. Oil's l(iclimond,sirecn&.l(hotlcs Johnson, G. L. Warner and Cn Monkton, Kthan niih Uakersfield. Armington and Woodward Fair field, Burnet and tarnsworth JAMfS SCOT r. n 13:1 y iliop OlUII Pearl-stleet, BuHington, Vl. April 1, 1841. HEADACHE. CF.llTAIN CURF. FOR SICK HEADACHE, which has been used in families, every member of which lias had sick headache from infancy, as a constitutional family complaint, and has cured ellec tually in every instance yet known, amounting to ma nv hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, nnd does nut prevent thodaily avocations offonc using it it must ho ncrsevered in. and the cure is cradual. but certain and permanent. Instances nre constantly lliuuipiyillg wnciu mi uisiiessnijj uoiiipiauii la cuiu- letety retieveu ana curcu, nunougn oi years sianuing iv ihe use of Dr. Snohn s cclcbralcd remedy. One decided preferenceis its pleasantness, having none of the nauseating eiicctoi coiuinon drugs. ltissuperfectlysatisfactory, that the proprietor lias given directions for hisngentsto refund the price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. He hopes also that this may secure ils great ben efits to the distressed suderers who arc laboring under Headache K. Sl'OHN, 31. D., inventor and rTo prictor. Sold by CO.VSTOCK if. CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New York. PECK &, S P E A It, Wholesale Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Burling ton, t. ti'J AUSII ALL'S continues unrivalled as a strengthening PLASTER! Also, fur Hheiuna Lameuess or pains in the side-, limbs or back: or scrofulous swelling, scurvy sore. Fresh wounds : ind for a general Family I'lasterorsalve. ForCorns, noreover try it :, persevere in iheuehv making a new application occasionally, and in time, our corns win oe enrol, e or sine nv PECK & SPEAR, and Dr. ROUT. MOODY. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.f.lS . Fish, for a case of l'lillii-ic in hi received ease. Rev. Thomas Carlton M. E. Ch. Rochester. A. Sleel, (bleeding at lung) Lorkport. It. Miner, West Henrietta, Monroe lo. 'Profesor Metiionis, Hainillon Tbeol. Sem'y. Ulev. Levi TucU-r. Cleveland, Ohio. .'Cw W. Cook, " " CJ The Proprietor lias lieeu otlered csrtificales liy manv of the above gentlemen i butie prelerslhat -,thoe wishing information, would call on them per sonally. PECK &, SPEAR, Agents for this Miction. THE BOOKSTORE OK the Subscriber is just replenished with a new and valuable assortment of BOOKS. STATION ARY AND ENGRAVINGS, among the many in teresting works may be found the following L.earu to uie, uy vviirisiopucr ouiion, Sutton on the Sacraments, The Young Man's Aid, by Rev. H. Winslow, Glimpses of the Past, Language of Flowers, Tales of the Ocean, Flora's Interpreter, Flora's Lexicon, Summer Journey in the West, by Mrs. Steel, The Nestorians, or the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Grant A Week in Wall-Street D. A. BRAMAN. Iu , n9 FALL GOODS AT N. LOVELY & Co's. T.UST received, and now opening for sale, a full F Assortment of Goods, adapted to the season, such as : Printed Saxony cloth, a great variety Alnnckns. nil kinds, plain and figured French and Ennlish Mcrinoes. figured and plain Plain blk nnd fig'd mourning and half-mourning .ioiisseiinc-ueiainu Plain, fancy and figured ditto IMain white ratlin, striped challys Phid mousseline-de-laine, a new article Prints A choice selection of Furniture Prints. September, 10, 1811. NOTICE. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore rxi-ling be , II. M. CII1IIINOH nnd DAN I.Y- ON. under the firm of II. M. (HIDINGS & Co., has f ,.i:ss.,!tettseofH. M. (JlDl)lN(iS. pi.- .iirviviim nartner has sold the STOCK of MUEL M. POPE, who is hereby am ww", . , i i t'.i.i.j . . .i thorizedtocoiierianQ oisenargc uicucw u.ciuic firm ; andlliosc inucweu are rcipiesieu iu m inenttohim. Uiirlingl"nsjet. i. ion. f. P(1IP. h.ivin" nurchased the k of Good of ihe late firm ol it. w. uni- nivnci. i berelA' .rives notice lhal he has eom- inenced busine-s nt ihe Stand reiently oecupieil by .. t i ni'iipc hu iririiu anu il c c siumci ui it II I liriu, ii " .-..; -:, . , ... Ihe late concern and Ihe riililic generally to exicnu 10 him, at least, a sl.arj ot inctr pairouugv. Ibirliustou.Urt. 1. lotu CJAMUBI. J StlH MOFFATS VEGETABLE LIFE AIEDICINES. These medicines are indebteil for their name to their manifest nnd sensible action in purifying the springsand channels of life, and enduing; them with renewed lone and vigor. In many hundred certified cases which have been made iiullie, and in almost every species of disease lo which the human frame is liable, the happyc lecls ofMorrAT's Lire Pill, and Piiojnix Bitters have liecn greatfullyand publicly acknowledged by the persons benefitted, nnd who were previously unacqnaintedwiih the beautifully phi losophical principle upon which they are compound ed, and upon which they consequently act. The recommend theimclvesin disease of every form and description. Their first operation is to loosen from the coals of the stomach inn iiowel, tlie various impurities and crudities con tantlv settling nround llieintnnd fnrwmovi. tin? tin,.. dcncil fas which collect hi Ihe convolutions of the maiicst inlesttne. uther medicines only parlinlly, and leave such collectnl masses behind s lo produce habitual eoliveness. with all ils irnn nl evil, or sudden diarrhoea, with its imminent dager..n This fact is well known to all regular anatomists, . uucAamiiie. me unman ouweis Huerueain anu nence lie Preiudicc of those well informed men nzainstnuack medicine. or medicines prepared and heralded lo thepublicby ignornnl persons. The second ellecl ot lie uie Medicines Is to clean. c tno Kidneys and Ihe ladder, nnd by this means, the liver,.. lealihfulaciion of tvhiuh entirely depend. noon the rr. gularily of the urinary organs. The blood, which kcsiis reu cotor iromine agency ot tnc liver and Ihe 112 belorc it passes into the heart, being thus nurified y them, and nourished bv food coming from a clean stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews every pari of the system, and triumphantly mounts the banner of healili in the blooming cheek. Moflal's Vegetable Life Medicines have been thor oughly tested, and pronounced a sovereign remedyfor I'yspepsia, r laiuieuey, i aipiiauouoi lnenenri, i.oss I Appetite, iicuri uuru auu ncaii-Hciic, iscsuessness, temper. Anxiety, languor anu aieiancnoiy, vos- tivenes, Diarrhuea, Cholera, revers ot all kinds, Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsies ol all kind, Gravel, Worm. Asthma and Consumption. Scurvy Ulcers' Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions and Bad Com- ilcxions, Eruptive complaints, sallow, uoudy, and tllcrill,iKrci;iliilt3 syuuipii-Aluils, oiiu iiiieiiiu, r.rysjp- las. Common Colds nnd Inlluenza.and various other omiilainls which alllict thehumati frame. In Fever nnd Ague, particularly, the Life Medicines have been most eminently successful ; to mucn so tnat in tlie Fever and Aguedistricts, Physicians almost universally rcscnl.e inciii. All that Mr. MolTat reiiuiresof his patients is lo be particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly accor ding to the directions. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything thel he himself may say in their favor, that he hopes, lo gam credit. It Is alone by the results fa fair (rial. MOFFATS MEDICAL MANUAL; deigned a a lomeMie guideto health. Thisltttlu pamphlet, ed'led by W.I)., 275 Broadway, New lork, has leen published for the purpose ofexplainiug more fully Mr. Mollal's theory of diseases, nnd will le lound highly nleresling lo persons seeKing iieaiui. ii ireais upon ureva entdi-ea-es. aniline causes increot. i-rice. eenls lor sale by .Mr .Hollars Agents generally. t hese alnalile Medicines are lor saie ny iioueri Moodv Drinrcist. if-General agent, (to whom all an- . ,. ..f 1. 1 I... n.l.l.a. . ..:.l IICUIIOIIS lor IIKCIIciessiioiiui ih:uuic;ai, puei jiaiu liiirliuston, vt. Jan. 4, isti. BLANK BOOKS. Ledgers, Journals 6t Hccord Hooks. FOR towns, county and probate records mannfac tured from the best linen wove Demi and Mcdi um naner.bound in calf : Also, a variety of common Blank work "or sale cheap for ready pay at the sign of tnc nca L.cager, ny June 25, 1341. n3 NEW GOODS. "TtHE snbscriliers have just received from N. York, a. aiargenssoriinem oi FANCY GOODS. among which may 1 e found Heavy MacK and Muu oiaeic t'oi oe noi adks, " " 11 Grode Swiss " " " Pekinslripcd " " " " " GrodeAlrique" " Light colored " do " " do " Pckiu .striped " " PlaM Poi deSoi, (a new article) " Bonnet silks, bonnet Lawns blk Italian cravats-, plain and fin M French lionil uzine.. . ilalf mourning, plain fig'd, all wool Mouslinc ucLaiincs, Cbini-e and Salin striped Mousline deLaine very in,-. , ens, Blk net t shaw's and scarf-, nelt Mitts and Glow superior Kid do bombazine and satin storks, Worked cambric & Muslin Inserting & Edging Thread Edgiugs,honuet&cap Rihbins, new style Zephyr Worsted, plain and ribb'd silk Hose, Worsted Working Patlensnnd Canvass, etc. July 23, 1841. n7 E. M. WRIGHT & CO. Heal Estate Vor Sale. ... , , , - f. T... 1 1 . . I I nntrr . i..n m-n-. n lain . iv 12 111 11 lucrum Andioining ihe farm of Real en Parker, with a good house and I am thereon, leing the bou-c and and owned and pnssc-ed by Reuben Bond, deceased, at the lime or his deatli, is now o..ercu iur saie. . landis ofgooil oualiiy and lies upon the hill road eadins irom uimeriiui viiikkc iu wu io s.. wishing to purchase will please make application to the w cmJRUI a,,m,r 6onfj of the e.-taie ol Reuben Bond. Underbill, Aug. 14,1841. lllf IMTINIJOtV SASH- vv Just received 1a 21 and 217 bv 9 casements sash, a first rale urti'-le at 31 and iil cents per light ; also all kinds andsizes, furnished to order. I icondcroga blaci lead, a first rale article, for sale very low, together with 11 Krrai varieiv 01 oilier un clase cheap as can be lound at any other esiablisl ment in the place. Geo, Peterson. New I'all Goods. IT A. (!o. have ills! ment of entire new patterns M. de 1-aines, "O M. WRIGHT & Co. have just received an as Jjj.sirl Dark English print.,, l-i feoicu w,,a .,, s.w., Li-le, Thread and Linen Laces, Plaid lubets I-lan-nels (anewarliele for children's wear,) Plaid Shawls, etc. 'which are ollered al very low price-. ALSO. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. PAH It Alt 6i WAIT, Importers and Wholesale dealert in Crocktry, Olati and China Ware, and Manufacture of Stone Ware. I (XTi CRATES just received and now opening JL namely 25 Packages Edged and Common Ware, 25 do Blue Printed do 10 do Royal Bourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner services, Tea sets and Toilet Ware. 10 do French White Granite Ware, with com plete sets throughout. 10 do Antique Yase Opaque Pearl Ware, con taining perfect dinner sets, entirely new patterns and shape, a most beautiful article, witliTca and Toilet wmu niaicii. CHINA WARE. 10 parksges China Ware, containing Beautiful Gold edge and line Ten nets nun gold band CliinaNursc Lamps White Tea Sets, Sprig do do nnliThnnd & sprig do ULiAaa rvAiir.. 10 packages Glass Ware containing fi, B, and 9 flute Heavy Cut GInss Tumblers, C, 8, and 9 flute " Pressed do do 3 packages fino plain Tumblers, very thenp, Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a great variety, tSupeib Cut Glass Hall Lamps, Astral L.ailips, mruiiuaii-o, shiiuivim,ic. Cut Glass Bowls, Titchcrs, Oecantcrs, Winn and anu Lemonade Glasses, Splendid French Porce line Vases, with flowers hades, n,l v.rti .r Athr ariiriesi in their line, all of whicli re now offered Wholesale and Retail at New York P. A. V. wnuM invite the attention ol Mer chants in the surrounding towns to their stock of ware, assuring them that they will sell in packago assorted tn order on as (rood terms as can be purchased in New S'ork Boston or Troy, at their warehouse corner ot of Churcn ana ooiicgo is. Burlington, June 1. 1811. PAPER HANGINGS. ANEW supplyi with borders, Ac. just ree'd from, ihe mauuhctufcrs. July 12. V, G WWUCIJ. . new stock of Farewell's Gailer Boots. W ailing ics. Sluing heel and French KidT ies and Slippers, ljei' half Gaiters, (a new article,) Misses do. all A Sh. which wilt be sold cheap as ileclteaesl. Aug. 25. C7NEV SILK GOODS.D PHELPS & KIM II A LI., 74 State street, Bo-ton, haw received their Fall supply of Saa Goods. ....i.r..Hnn MiinoW-ie assortment of fashionable and u.....,s..lci s , ...Ui..l. ,1s.,, invilH desirauie articles 111 uicir iius, ""j ", "T the attention of purchasers, for Cash, or 011 snort redit, to whom tiicywm i prices. Their assortment tnsist in arl oi the following articles: mi. ...... 1, ,i.s in,l sarsiieisj Merino and cloak stuns Blk and blue-black gro' del Book nnd Swiss muslins, auawis 01 un .inns, Fancy handkerchiefs and scans, ill creai varieiy, Pocket handkerchiefs of all kinds, Linen cambric and cam bric handkerchiefs. Italian t French cravats, 31. 36, 33, 40 inch, Glove, men's, women's U c ildrcn's sill.', buck, and woolen. ltibbons,eap, bonnet, bell, lafta and latin, Galloons, French and En- c ili .noe nuiions. Sewing silk, twi-t, braids, cords, au: ac. Boston, September I, 1811. 6w. 07" lmOAD CLOTHS 0 -HF.I! (MIKAI. cheap! JVST opcnl by 1'.. M. W bioiit & Co, a large assortment of Broad Cloths, which are offered to the public cheaper than ever. P. S. Call and see. September, 9th 1B11. Sum lain and rich fig'd gro' de Nap'cs, Chine silks of all kind-, Striped and fig'd Hep. sills, nonnet siiks saiws, Florences, s.-rge, crejie II- see, Plain and fig'd satin vest ill irs. Blk, blue-black and col'd ixiintiuzines, Blk nnd bluc-MU silk vel Plain and fig'd inoustclme delaine. Esliciuies, primal Saxo- 11 10 Kr-G UNSMITHING.) "IT7" HATCH would inform the in VV . habitants of Bur tngton and vt cinity, that ho has opened a shop in Chuicli street, at the sign of Ihe Kille, where lie intends to carry on tlie Uun smith Business, in all its various branch es. Having been employed for the las six years in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lausingburgh, (undoubtedly the best snop in tne united siatcs,) 11c teeis war ranted in offering his work to the public. Burlington, June 1, 1841. mntf , ., NOTICE. 'iHEsiibscriders having transferred their cntiro "look of T)rugsot Medicines to T. A. PECK ft, A. C SPEAR take this occasion to make their ac knowledgements to their friends cithe Public for their liberal and long continued patronago which has been extended to them as druggists (and at the same time they beg Icavo strongly to rcccommend their successors-Messrs PECK & .SPEAR as regularly bred Druggists and that on their fidelity andcxperience the Public may fully rely. I A, 1 ir nri'v A, Cn Burlington Sept. 20 1341. DRUGS AND MEDICINES. One door m.tnf-f. X I ir nenv a, rn riHE subscrihers successors nsDruggists to Messrs ship under the firm of PECK if- SPEAR, and have purchased of their predecessors their entire stock of urugs q- aicoictncs which, together with late addi tions from New York d Boston renders their assort ment largo if Complete nnnhllnir tlmm Ifi eitnntu III. trade on the most liberal and advantageous terms. rruiiiiiicirKnnwtcugeoi,ne business and the unre mitting and txeluiite attention which they are deter mined to bestow they hope to give salislaclion lo the puhlie. T. A. PECK, uurlington, Sept. 20, 1841. A. C. SPEAR. NEW BOOKS. THE I'oys'sand Girls' Own Book of Fairy Tales, Comstock thn WhnltMunn. Jnvpnili FnrnM Mn Not, Fortune Tellers and Dream Books, and a great variety of children's Books, for Sale at "cioper 1. s. HursTlNUTU.VS. NEW GOODS. PDOOLITTLE has just received his Fall up . ply of Goods, consisting of all the Variety of Day Goods, Drt Groceries, Ac, usually called for, which he will sell for the very lowest trices. uurungion, ocpi. w, icm. Oct. 13, lail. T'HE Burlington Brewery is now X in full operation, and Beer of the vcrv best duality is kept eon stnntly on hand for sale in whoU lor half barrels. G. PETERSON. NATO HE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. This valuable Vegetablu Medicine stands uurivalled lor ttieioiiowing eoinptauit, viz! 1 ly.-pepsia, or Inui gestion. diseased Liver unions disorders, iirotisv. Astn ma, Cosliveness, Worms and Ios ofAppetite. and by leansing tne stomaeu anu uoweis, cures pains in tne ide. stomach and breasl. colds and coughs of long standing, Hoarseness, shortness of breath, Nervous complaints, etc., which are frequently the eileet of dis ease. For Fever and Ague, it is a most valuable pre ventative as well as a sovereign remedy, its. virtue, surpass any thing heretofore known in removing St Vitus' nance, two potties nave 1 een Known to cure Ins atllieting disease, alter Having Lauieii every exer ion tor four years. It has a most powerful iiithience 11 removing nervous complaints. It is pleasant to lake and so easy in its operation, that it may be administered to the infant with safety. The above Medicine is very mi i v rccommenucti uv many se em lie cenueuien. and a large muni cr of ladies, who have proved thH virtues ot (he Medicine by personal useandlliat ojiheir families. A bill ofeertificatesaceouipanieseach bottle, with directions. It may le had wholesale or retail ol S. Britain, liarre, and J. C. Farnam, East Williams. lown. Vl.sole proonelnrs. Prepared from the origin al recipe; for sale by E. H. Prentiss, Montpelicr, and J ECU 1,-OrLAK, Burlington, and in the principal towns 111 the state jnll .11 reel lulls SDjiiKu in iiie iimiiu svriuiii; oi ine i ujii juim EtNQLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. . DR. TAYIOR'S A li S A M OI' LIVERWORT, Observe when vou ln.v that von net ibe ireniiiiiH. prepared at 375 Bowery, New Vork. See 373 iiowerynew 1 orn is on ine wrapper 01 each nottle. All other are Fraud and sold only by speculators. without regard lo justice, 10 the public, or the proprie tors of the genuine article. FOR Consumption, and Liver complaints, Dyspep sia, dizziness of the head, los of appetite, Dy-en-tarv, and general regulaterof the whole system. None genuine but that Prepared at 375 Bowery, New Vork, where the nrtiele was first made, the char acter of the medicine tunned and established Lv the present sole proprietors, and whonre the only persons knowing the composition of ihe genuine. Ii ha leen used successfully for eight years iu the cure of these diseases. (CPRenieml er ihe original and is made only at No. 375 Bowery, New Vork. All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general remo'v for these disease. 1 am fully satisfijd, from long experience, there is no medicine equal to Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Iliing pure v vegetauie, 11 can no ttscu wun tne uiino-t saiety by all peons in eviry condition. It cleanse the lungs bv expectoration, relieves difficult breathing, andsecmslo heal lliechest. Thereran I c nunue-tion tint this mchcine is neeilnui cure lor chrome couch Lnd colds. 1 have 1 tedit lo ir years in my praetu e, and always witlisuices.'.' A. F. ROOEUS, M. D. x itninig tit iii. - ,(i(ii. T Lnnie Dr. Taylor's ItatsnHi of Luerwiiit 10 be a certain rcmeily'for this complaint, as I have u-ed it myself and found its eileets an immediate. 1 was J . 11..., ! I 1 ..f.i.; I:..: mucn lruuuicu Ulllli muue iiseuiiuis iiitiii-uie. M. Li. HKASMAW. 211 .Mane n st, Hoarseness Ciued For Ihe cure of hoarscne-s 1 can stronel v reccommend Dr. Taylor's Bal-ain of Liv erwort. 1 nave noi oniyiounu great 1 cueiii niy.eii, but many of my congregation by my reivoinmenda- tion nave rerieveu great lenciit irom lis virtue. 11 at once mild, efficacious and hariule. KKV. L.I'.Vt IS. SevereCough and Cold? I have had a ino-t , vere cold and cough, for 11 long time which 1 could not get rid of. After using many u.-e'ess things 1 tri ed Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, and it cured me in a few days. JAS. B. KEIUtlNOCK. Raising of Blood About two weeks ago I had a fall, which caused me 10 spit large nuatitle of blood which nothing could cure until 1 tried Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. This medicine gave me imme diate relief and in 11 very short lime elected an entire cure. Let all persons' try il. HUGH MC GARVEV.21 Cannon si. Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort This superior 1.. e. .l: r.l... I I I.-... l. . ..i reiueuy lurui-eases oi uie 111113s iiiiu nvir nas uuiuiii ed u repuia'ion never ncioree-juaiieu. Remarkable Cure of Consumption . . . vasonear her death Willi this disease, that my Iriemls sent tor a pr.est tocontess ine ere I died, lit in his merry, told me not to civetiti until 1 tried Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. I sent immediately a lew RUSSKLI.'S STOMACH BITTERS, may ued in Wineor water. Tliesccelebratcd hitlers arc composed purely (if Vegetable, of the most inno cent yet specific virtues. They are recommemled par ticularly for retoring weak constitutions, cleansing and strengthening Ihe stomach, nnd increa'sfng the appetite also a preventative against the cholera mor bus, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning', weakness in the breast, pain in the stomach and other symptoms orflatulenccnnd indiges tion. One box will tincture one gallon. Pnce25cts. a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. Tin's choice and safe ointment is said to l superior lo any now in ue, for that disagreeable and loathsome ibseu-e, the ITCH. This Ointment is so ccnrlain in ils operation that no person Doubled with Ihe above disorder ought lo bo without it. It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic all'ertions of Ihe head, ornny other breaking out which arises from sharp humors in the blood. Price 25 ct. a box. Russell's Vegetable Dillious Pills, or family physic, for general use, in ca-e of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of the stomach and bowel, los of appetite, fictid breath, costiveness, Piles, and all diseases aris ing from biliary derangements, alo fur correcting the slate of the blood, and cleansing the sysiem ol foul and viscid humours. The-e pills nre a mild ca thartic, producing neither pain nor griping, and are therefore a valuable and highly approved medicine, atidare pronounced assuch bylliemost distinguished physician. Each box containing 33 Pills. Price 37l els. a box Utis.cll's celebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. This is iiiupiesiionably the best and safest remedy ever vet ollered to the public for that obstinate disorder SALT ItllKIJM. Where other means huve failed, it ha-, suc ceeded, and ihe fact lhal il has been sxtensively u-ed by eminent Practitioner speaks volumes in its prni'se. Il is equally eilieaeious in all disease of the skin, eald head, ring woriii,andslhe most un derate Itch, &c. &c. Numerous certificate might le obtained, I ul the proprilor chooses thai n fair trial should lielhe only evidence of it superior etliracy. PriceaOi'entsa pox. ror sate uy ccck ii- opear ami i.oisirt .noouy, Burlington ; Dr. C. E. Mile, and Hull & Cook, I lilies- mrghi S. II. Ilarne, Charlotte) L. Janes, Oeorgia; ,. 1 yler. i'.ssex ; roller & Ituntington, Richmond ANo, ly the druggists and merchants generally roughoul tlie stale. 02. !W". A VEIUT VATJA11.K FAR MFt(Tk bjie E. THE subscriber bring desirous to retire Iromacti.o business, now offers to disposet his I'ARSI, siiuaicu in vyoicuesrupnc nan nme wesi oi me siog. ,nuri, ington to St. Albans, union!' bam Farm is handsomM'' toad, leading iroin. i six miles from Burlington. situated, containing lot) teres of as good land n, can DoiQtinotn lyiimtnucn county, anu under as iiiii slate of cultivation, having been under the improve tnent of an English Agriculturist the last twent. threc -years. There is on tlie Farm a convenient House, witlfn never failing ncll of pura water at 1 1 . -1 door A good Barn, with convenient sheds otfachi. I toil, n valuable wood lot i f Beach and .Maple, and ; fincOrchardof choice Fruit. Any person wishing 1 1 purchnse such'a farm as above described., lind bett- male apphca lion soon to Jatlies Scolt, Pearl-strceut, Burlington, or the subscriber on the premises. WILLIAM SCOTT. Burlinglpn, July G, 1811. N. D. Terms of pttyment will be tfiada twf easy. nS tfbRLINGTON CHAIR FACTBT C L. KELSON, sonitnues ll.J . business of inanufacturin-J Chairs at the old stand, of the ful lowing descriptions! Curl Maplu Gncian, Cone Seat, Common Cntis and Flag Seat, Large arid Smn't Itniscd Seat Rocking, do do Con. moil do, Common Dining,. Ac. A. All of which are warranted a fii-i rate article and will be sold at pric 10 correspond witn tne times., FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BKDS, READT MADE. . Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Llr' Grcese Feathers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, bv the subscriber. Curl and Birds Ev Maple, delivered at his shob in Church street. onooiui he- ' s C. L. NEXSON JUST received, a supply 01 Marh's celebra Truses, of every description, for sale by Ihe dot or single, Nov. 1. PECK if. SPEAR. JCPTrusscs accurately applied free of charge. MV8TURIOUS1 A gentleman belonging lo one of the most ancient and wealthy families of tins city, who must oc wen Known to numerous mends having since (he year 1315, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for several years confined to his bed, has been restored to good health has regained his natural erect position and has quitted his car riage, and now walks with case 1 1 We believe this is the gentleman's own description as near as possible, ana ineru is no exuggeiuiiuii in u. nuwiu givu inqui rers his address, anu doubt not humane feelings will excuse the liberty; so that any one doubling, may know tnese tacts tnougn ne reoucsts nts name may not appear in print. Among other instances, Mr.Jas. G. Reynolds. 144 Christic-strcct. has been restored. and will give personal assurances of the facts of his case, iioiii were rneumaiisni, ana contracted cords and sinews. How has this I een doner Answer. Ihi the Indian Vesetable Ehxer in ternally, and Ilewes' Nerte and Bone Liniment externally. Jan. 20, 1811. &WoiilyJjl,0,lB f Ot.A if. LO,, 71 .Maiden Jjane, .Yrtr iorA-. n9 PECK & SPEAR, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, Burlingtnn, Vt, CATARRH SNUFF. MARSHALL'S SNUFF, is still curingthe Catarrh and ihe various diseases ofthe head, as well as sore eyes, In all parts of the country; and sustaining the reputation which it has long since gained, of being absolutely the best article of the kind in the market. Each bottle com n ins ihree times the unantiiv of one of those which nre ollered at "ONLV TWENTY FIVE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper us well as I etter article, r or sale hv 1'EUK Ct SPEAK, and Dr. liOBV. MOODV. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1841. ly.f.18 $100 REWARD. tft-l ff REWARD has been ofTeredfor months sJ X U" to any one who will use a bottlcof Hay's Liniment for the Piles, without being cured. Of thousands sold, in no one instance has it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming to be had where it is sold. It is also a certain cure in nearly ereru caie. (Externally,) in the following complaints. For the Piles, for all dropsy, tender feet, sore throat, by can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scald head, Tightness of the chest, especially in children, foul ul cers of the legs, or other fungus sores, however obsti nntnnr Inn it standing, fresh wounds, chilblains, etc. LOOK OUT. Some sicindlers hare counterfeited this article, and put it up with rariausderices. Do not OC impoSCU upon, who mini; uniy will piuicvi j uu it is the name of COMSTOCK if- CO: that name mi , nhraxia on the trravver. or vou luav be cheat ed. Do not foreet it. Take the direction with vou nnd test by lhal, or never buy it ; tor It 1 impostioit fur nnv nther to ba true or eenuine. n9 Sold by COMSTOCK if. CO., 71 Maiden Lane, New Vork. PECK & SPEAR, Whnlsale Agents, afewuootseastor tlie I'ost unice, uurung ton, Vb for this medicine, and although the contest for a few days between this medicine, and my disease was se vere. , inw iiiriiviuci-i,iiiiiieruu, nun in il loriiir.iu was restored to health. I had a cough, raising of mat ter. los of my voice, pain, weakness-. &c. Iran re fcr to Doctor Wilson, in the Carlton House, for ihe truth ol my slaleinent. .11 A U) UlLlj, lCih strecieor. He ware ol irauu. ot 3d avenue. Summer Complaint. The Balsam ol Liverwort, in several ca-es of ihii disease, where all oilier remedies applied by physi cians have proved ineffectual, ha produced a perfect cure' Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. R. liladilin ol Delhi, N. V.. of a naturally con. siimptive constitution, ha I ecu said from un un. timely end by the use of Dr. Tnylor's Balsam of Liv erwort. A severe cold brought on nn attack of Plen- re-y, and thus ended in general debility and consump tion. A constant eo igh, hectic tlu-li, restless nights, nuirk pulse, nnd cont.uued loss of flesh, angered a speedy death ; but a soon a I commenced Ihe use of .1.: I.. I ..... i i II r..ll.. . mis iijiistwi, i gie.r iiviier, uim is iiuw itiny resiurco to health. Shortness of Ilrealh. Fur this disease. I have always lound Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort nil excellent remedy, Il is at once o safe and so elective, lhal I always u-e il in my practice, and reivommend it to my friends. 1 have used it in some hundreds of cares within the pas four years, and 1 have never had il fail, tn mane cases ofasthma, I fully lelieveitio hae leen the means ol saving precious live. l.el nil use il. ur.uiiur. KAl.t'll, .it. l). None genuine but I hat prepare! at 375. owcrv NewVorV. as will be seen by Ihe labels and wrap- :vers oi eacn ooitie. ue sure you iooi; wnen you piiy. fhc genuine enn always le obtained ofthe old aeen't IN. Lovely ot lAi. in uurlington, also ot nr. .iloody aim l cck ty, uruggtsls Samuel it. nam uimrioiie. DISEASES OF THE MINOSDerided!) die iniiiit ii'ipular reiuedj e.erkiiunnin Ametica vegetable I'ulmonary Balsam is ilo must i.ilualile eiiit-d) now in use lot coiiglis, rold, a.iliiiiii or iliilnsic. coii'iiiiiptiun. whooping rungh and Htlirliuns ufeter) kind, lis sate is sleadd) inrie.isiug. ami the piopneiuis are ruilstanllt .ereiting Hie uin-l laimalile account of ils effects. 'Ihe fnlluwing new certificates aie ufieteil fur pubbe exaniiualion. AN Iktkkestino Cask Exiracl ol .i letter Irnm Mr I' S Cla, Kiiig.iou, Ulster Co., N. V. lo the prupriPlurs. Yours of the Sfill insl. was dill) tec d A leui.irkalile cure wasellecieil Py Hie veglalile I ul. inwnary Itabani iniliewimer and spring of 1S33. The .ersun, air. itotidt, had open sirK a long tune with he ruitsuinptinn. His ihsirian had gnen him up Ile was reduced so low as lo be unable li help hiinelf, ud was raising laice tiiMntiti nf IiIimio wIipii he roiiiinpncid using thn Balsam, winch has effected a complete cine, and he is nnw as hale anil heart) as ever hp was. Mr. MuoiU has r emoted fiuiu ibis inn n, hut he h is premised me a niuie detailed arcoiim of his casp, which I wiltfiiiward tun. C. S CLA1.. Kiimsinn. i. Y. June as. 1SJS. Extract uf a leiier fniui Dr. Jamb .liters. The Vegetable Piihnniiaiv Balsam lias been sold in ihii count) for Itvn tears, and the medicine has gained an iiiiroinuiilii celftirilt. Iur il .rairelt la one lnlauce fiited ol hatiuii the desiied effeci I am by no means in favor nfilie iiosiium, tnustol wtiu-h aie un loailion. iiiiuii a ereilnlous tiubbr. bin lhal which I know by use In bp pffec'ilal, I cannot help but give mt appiob ilinii ihprplo. A couilterfpil pieiiairtlion has been offerpd here hy a tratelling Agent, of Coinsua k, n. x. and there is anntlirr ariiele tended here lhal i, strongl) surpected to be spin ions. jacor tiys.ns, ii. Mifllinglon, Jnniala co. Prna. Mat 3. 1837. Finni Dr. Samuel Moirell, to the fropneiois ol Hie Vese table Piibnonar) Balsam. I am satisfied thai the V'p. triable I'olmuiMsrv Baljam is a valuable inedeeiiie has bpen used in ihi with complete surcess iu an obslinaie I'uiilnl.ioil of the liini:. aliemled tvilh u spverp clinch, loss of tuire. mid the raising of much bluod. which had pietiolisiv resisteil mailt np iroteu prescriptiuas. Alter using the Balsam one week, the iiaiient's toiee relumed and he wasahle to stiesk audi bly. This case occurred hupp time sinrp, and the man is nuw engaged 1101 unly in actite but laborious business. Kespecllully, da. a. imohrlll. Ii is now inure than six tears sinrp I was limouli ter) luw h) an .ifTeclion of the lungs, and mt riiinplaiu was dectareil lo be incut able Ii) a roiincil of ihree ph) sieiaiis. I was then restored lo annuo I hpahh a I hai enpi)eilfur man) tears, lit ulni ihe vegetable Till. inonarv Balsam. Since inv rerotert I have lerom inriiiled I lie Balsam in a 51e.1l man) of 'ting roiupliiints. ami far as 1 can leain. 11s use has 111 been followed bv much beiu'fii, ami in man instances il has effected cures which weie nhoh) unex nrried. SAM U Kb L, KR KTr llu.ion, March 2, 1837. For sale, tt-holesale and retail, b) PECK SPEMLDurlinsinn, Vt. EDWARD 3i FAY'S BOOT St SHOE1STOHE. Church-Street. Uurlinirtan. WHERE lie has on hand a superior assortment cf Ladies and Gentlemen's BOOTS AND SHOES. of the following assortment : Cent' irnilNII, OR, may be found in this village, directly opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted tipin good stvie, wncre mu unaersiSiieu will be glad to wail 011 his old customers who may favor llim Willi men jin vimy. Ihirlmgton, April 53, Is.!: FOIL SALE. rpll AT large and commodious two 6io J. rv llrick Iluclnc House A: situated 011 tlie west sido of College green atlhe head of Colleee-streeL in thin vol. age. Tho Housk isi by 45, with a basement story, with Kitchen and Provision cellars, and n winc3'J hv 65. extending north on College tireen, with wood and store nou-r neiow, aim cnanuers nnd slcepin" rooms above. A large and commodious flam, carriage houte 11! house, and oilier oul-hoiisu, ami a spacious yard west of tliedwellinghouse, and a :ooil 'durable well or water of the UtU oualiiy in the village, and a 1 ri.-L cistern. One and a nuarter aeresot lamb of 1 lie lir.i q ualily ( a large gardca aadchoioe fruit tree, ux-st of trie liou.-e anu yarn. the iiuiidings arcconstructcd in mcniern style, ol the.ts nulrrisis and workmanship, wereerectel by Ihe subscrilier for his own use. and thu lorxiion r. (onls a very extensive and pleasant' prosjicct of tke village and lake on thu West and is not surpassed by any oiner in jhis part 01 ibe country. Also for sale a lot containing an acre of land direct ly opposite the above lot with a small convenient wood dwelling nousu inereon. Purchasers. are iuvilrd 10 call and extnincfor Ihem selves Terms made known ley the subsrril-er on the rfrroses, . AMI'EL HE.EI! UTE Ihe subscrilsT. havinglsvn aupointisl by lb V Ilouorublethe Prol ate Court lor the District Cliittendru roinuiissioners to rereite, e.amine au ailjusi the claims and deuianJ ol all persons, again the estate of JADE. PENMMAN. late nf Colchester, in said District, dereaseil, retire ented insolvent, nn d also a'l claims and demands ex lllilleil in o.l-et thereto .11111 six mount irom incuaic lien-of. Umiil' alloweJ by said Court, for that purpo-e- we do hereby give notice, lhal we wil attend to the business ol our appointment, at tne dwelling ui join Howard, in Burlington. 111 said di-lrirt, on the mmi Mom avs ot Janiiai v and .1 pru next, alio o envk ,. al, on earn 01 sum Dated, this llllulayi.t Ueioter, A. n. lll. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. (SUCCESSORS TO E. I5RIGGS,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, MT'OULD respectfully inform the inhabitants of T T Uurlington and Ihe surrounding country, lhal DOCT. MAHSIIAIiI.'S Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNUFF. This Siiuli'is uv rwr to any il.i,,.. v..i L-nmen. for removui'r lhal troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and also a com in ine i.euu, anu 111c headai he. 1 1 opens and purge out nil oiisiruciions, sticiiglhenslheglaiids,andguesuiieaiiiiy ucuon .nine ., ri. nil..,.!.. . 11 1 ta r eel v tree iro 1 anv iitioiioe e- teriou 111 itscnnposi'tion has a pleasant flavor, nnd its iniiuisbaieelleei, aflerleing 1iss.1l. is abgrecable. Price 3 7 cents per Witlle. Duel. Marshall's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTER. This Plaster is unrivalled for curing erroful(i swel lings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, and Fresh Wounds ; pains in the sides, llipind Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Rheumatisms. If applied to the n' will cure many of ilie common Liver Complaints; and is equal, if not sttjierior, 10 any thing in u- for ,..nn ilusfeci: Ibe virtues of this Plaster have len wilacssCtl by thousands of individuals in the United Stale, who have te.-ted its etticary. Soldbyihe pro prietor; Chas. llowen. Middlcbury, Vt., and Pec & OI'EAtt, lilininKion, 1. i.ii;ton June, 1C, 1810. J? they carry on the Confectionary liusiness, on all its various branelsfs. ileicriuincd to use thu very lest materials in manufacturing, Ihcy will at all time furnish Merchants and others dealing in Con feet ion arics, with Ihe test ipiahty, and on Ihe lowest po-si-bletemis. Shop on Chursli Slrtvl, two doors South of S. E. Howanl's Store, newly and neatly lilted un. whero wo cordially invite all lo call and exnmineo ir urtirle, cousisiingof all kinds of Stick Candy, Balls and KiscC's, Heart, and Diamonds, Braids, Pepper mint, LciiMni Drop, Vanilla Cream, Lozenge, Sugar Plumbs, Carrawavs, Comfits, Ca-sia Buds, Rock and Brown Candy, Sugar Sand, Mottoes and Secrets, Sugar Apples, Potatoes, Egg, and Baskets, with varitus oilier article imi unmerisi 10 Ik- mrntioneil. A general assortment of rich and lancy Cakes on hand, and hakod 10 order, together with Ire Cream. to lurnisti panic-, o.c. ar. .ILSU- Cocr.11 Cantit, .which wc recommend for Couih Colds, Hoar,encss, ate. Wc do not pretend to sa nh Mr. J. Psase At Sin. that our Candy wilt cnr I diseases leading to Consumption, ue think thai is saying 100 mucn. CLOCKS. Wrhatea good u-sorlincnt of lhass and Wooden Clocks, which we will sell very low for cash or ap proved credit, rieatc call anil examine before pur chasing elsewhfrc. , N. B. All order. Irom a duMace. no.t paid, will 1! promptly attemlcd to, and paekugusSnd loses pull on board ot stages or boats, wboh re-purcr!, free of enarge. lie pariiuuiar auu auure.aiBLoruerk to V111 cn. UAttitjs. i nri ri rri nn 1 1 1 1 1 1 II. wufv I M. itirinsoi ine ,anio name in me viUiiea U- mst SI Ihir'ington, Vl.CVt. 1511, r Ost7 11 :(( fur Hale, at the Falls. THE Two Houses owned by Mr. L. Barnard, at ii,, Pull., will be sold at a reduced price. Attached to one is about an acre of land, and to tho other about half an aero. . vp'y Hay 21 1SU Boys Calf Shoes, Ladies n.iitcr Boots, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips iS. Ties, " Colored Slips, " Bronzed " Calf " Misses Shoes f- Slips, . Also, a large assortment of Children and .Infants Shoes. sfiiieealfsewd Boots 1 " " peg d do. light " do. Summer Oailers, " Pumps, Calf " "Shoes A Brogans Thick Kip Boots, " " Brogans Boys Shoes & Brogans, " Thick & Kip Boots, Yths " & " " cv, iirogans, t TpE. J. F. would ill vite Ii lie in ncncrnl to call and vxamtne his orsortiucnt ot Boots i- Shoes which he can warrant lo be of good stock, thorough workmanship and latest styles. Also, Measure Work and Repairing done at thu shortest notice, nsusual. n51 Burlington, Jlay 2?, IS 11. 1 r c in I tl 111 DOUHLE HASS VIOLS. A BRAHAM A PRES COTT would re- is cn.3lomcrsand.thc pub- IJ.VSSAND 't'spectfullyinforni all persons intw ested in'thc Sci ence of Music, thai lie continues to manufacture a Concord, New Hampshire, BASO A.MJ PUUISbr. liaoo 1 lui-a, of a very superior quality, and hating oblained the first l'remiumt lhal lias ever been awarded to an A- merienn manufacturer of sueli instruments at the I i ,'r nf i be A mrricnii Institute in Naw York City, at the great Fair of the Mechanic's Association in Boston, and nt the Fair of the Mechanic's Charita- PIC .tSSOCiailOIl 111 1 on lauo, .iltiiuu hciiiti not vuiy. tenders his thanks to his friends and patronsfor post favors, but pledges himself to Religious Societies, 31ttstcal Associations anu lnumuiuus tvuo may wish ii nnrehnsn. that no reasonable cll'orls shall be want ing 011 his pall, to enable him to meet their orders in tlie most prompt anu sansiaciury manner, mat n may still retain ilicireonfidence, and merit a' continu ance of lllie liberal patronago he has fur many ysars" enjoyed. rlcalso Krcpsan exiensive umiuiuuiiu ui MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, of the best quality, which ho oilers for silc on the most reasonable lerms, among which ure Mt.I.ODIO.NS AilU st.tlAt'Miir.o, which aru much admired for sweetness of tone, and well adapted to parlor or church music. Music Schools, Military Bands, or iridmduals, ean be supplied with Brass and other instruments of any description, as cheap or cheaper than they can pur chase m the city of Boston. . . Also, Violin, Bass and Double Bass iol Strings, Bows, Bridges, Patent Heads, Tuning Forks it Pipes, Instruction Books, Clarionet! Reeds and mouth Pie ces, Unilm-llas, Parasols, Walking Canes, Ac. Orders will be grattfully received, and Instruments sent by Stage at the risk of the mmiifaclurcr,"and if not satisfactory, may be exchanged. Musical instruments and Umbrellas, repaired as usu al. Please call nt his new Music Store, a few doors south of the Eagle Coth.e House. . . n5t Concord, New Hampshire, March 2, MI. PANGBORN if- BRINSM.UD, Agents, Burling ton, Vt. .0rther11 Transportation Line STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, IlfllLINCTO.V, VERMONT. HV JONATHAN HAM'. MR. II. respectfully announces to the citizen s 01 11,, rln, 1,0,11 nnil tieiniiv. and the travelling public generally, that he has purchrsed, thoroughly repaired, painted, filled up, and furnished lite above Hold, situated on the corner of South and Water streets, opposite the head of tho Steamboat Wharf 111 thevmageoi uurlington, iiurniciiy o.tmu ...... by Captain l.R. Harrington, of the Steamboat Phm nix,) in a style of romenienrc and comfort not sur passed by any other Hole! in the tillage. A spacious parior, sitting room, reiiuuig i"".", ; all communicate with each other, nnd with the front piazza on Ihe ground tloor. Tlie Bir room, barns, sheds and yards arearranged in Ihe best possible man ..... th tmvelliniT and business pub- lie. An acre of ground, nearly on a level, adjoins ihis Hotel, with convenient out-houses, spacious miii mrj wnlka. and gardens 1 are all inviting, to travellers,- business men, boarders and paittesof pleasure. sf- tl l,s.,r. nfn.ri.nis, nrnlt.gsCsl toknOWllOW to furnish a good Table and Bar, and to servo up the choicest eatables and rarest delicacies that Ihe mnrkct and season nllord, in a manner lo suit the taste of tho connoisseur t and ho confidently assures his patrons and guests that his utmost exertions will do puun re qumiion ii. ...... ... , nn , ttlcaniuoai pussennein ... s front tho Boats, and ihetr baggage lrtin-portid, and taken care of it this Hotel, and sate their Hack hire .... .1. . -..... 1.. ...... ant 10m. to and Itom intouun ii ' i , , , . Htao passengers ran bo left at and taken from this ttoisl ui hunt Jihhlional fare, and lliosn taking the rnilllS Line of Canal Boats on Champlain tana , I and Vessels and Steam on Lake Champlain will JAMES II. HOOKER, 7'roy.and .mil lime,! l.v ISAAC V. BAKER. Whitehall. The friends ol this Line, nnd ihepnHic, we lelieve' will I e tatislleiPwitli thi nrrangemciit.- The usual' uiRilrnre and business is solicited, tvery exertion ill le made to gite satisfaction, -l'th Sept. 1841. For freight apply 10 POPE CATI.1N, ) 31 and -C rt. JANES, ) 29 Coenties Slip, N. L.A.CARLETON, J . Trov J. II. HOOKKR, t 155 ' Y (i. II. BARNEY, 75 Pier, Allany. I. V. BAKER, Whitehall.. llnm?. FOLLr.Tr BRADLEY, Uurlingtcn, 1 1 Boats will be shown on board and their haggage frro of expense, and without incurring any risk of bcin thedarkucssorlaiencsot the night, or an? other cotiungency incident to the precipitancy of steam power, or the lluctuaf ions of wind nnd weather. Horses and Carr'ages furhitheil ihose who wish to transact business, or visit an y part of the village, on reasonable terms. . nnor. SinglcmcaU 23 cents, and other chrg m "or. .... Burlington, .nay .i, is.i. WILLIAM WRIGHT'S INDIAN PUHOATIVn 1'II.LS, Entirely Vegetable. MANl'FACnUREI) under ihe immcliaic superia-tt-nilcnee of WilliamWrighl.viivpre-ident of lhe( XortH American College of Health, for the Ireatment andeutv of dise.r-e. iiuh'e form of Billions and Ner vous Fevers, Mea-les, Small Pox, Pains in ihe slomaek, lark and side, Consumption, Dropsy, Scrof ula, Cancer, Spitting if Blood, i'lck-Hcad-ache,-Rheumatism, Diarrhora, Dysentary, Colics. Dyspep-.. sia, Palpitaiicri of ihe Heart, Ulcers and term or every kind, .f-e. Ve fur sale 1 17 . , PKCK sV SPEAR, Burlinton. W. H. HOLLY, Willt.ion. W.J. DLCX11.AS, Ilincsburgb. J. II. HALBl'RT, Wi-s1ford. glOl lr-41. HOI.STKIX" NUW I-'IHIXCH RRAIjEK,' CONTAIN1NO Original ami Selected Anecdotes, lliogruphical Sketches nnd ( haraetenstic Trai s nf Persons Distinguished by their (.cuius and their Knowledge! Historical i-acis, iii.r..uu... a..u .iiorr .llisce lames, useiui, inici...oit .us. i..iu. nuu i- 1 nil L-nn is! A I,r!.- sJi3gLSrss thrre te?wu'p0'rS furiher particulars enquire- o W Sep? 17. O. lUSHAM. Shelburne, Vt . r... ., 1. r., , nd Amenrsn 3000 iji ist ree'd by Notes nnd nn Appendu. Just received uy C. GOODRICH. n...i: . Oel. H. 1BJ1 1'rachers are requested fo send for" copies for ex amination. SONG BOOKS A great variety of Comic and other Song Books, for sale at HUNTING TON'S College slrect. Sepl. 24. New TalloriiiK -stablislimcnt, On Pearl Strctt. rilHE Subscriber respeclfully informs ihe nubln J ihat he has opened a shop in Ihe new brickbuild 1112 one door west of thn Pcarl-st. House, where he will be happv to rrceito orders from his friendsand the public. Woik of every description executed in, the most fashionable style, or to suit any peculi1 taste of his patrons. All orderi promptly attej,j to A hate of patronage is solicited. Biirlingion, Sept. 1, 1611. M. O. HATHliUN

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