Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 19, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 19, 1841 Page 3
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m PROCLAMATION. During tho yeir which is now approaching to lit cloae, it has pleased the All-wise lluler of the Uni verse graciously to extend to the good citizens of our beloved Commonwealth the benignant smiles of His Providence to even from us the grevious calami ties of foreign war,thedevrTtntion of the pestilence, thehotrors of famine and 'the dreadful curse of in tcstino coinmoiidn to teward'the labors of the Spring time with the golden fr 'its i f Autumn to grant us health, security and tranquility -to continue to us the enjoyment of our civil and religious Liberty, end the means of intellectual nnd moral Imptovcment, una to permit us to live quietly under laws framed and ad ministered by the Repre entativea of the People I do, therefore, in compliance with a custom, com mended to us alike by its antiquity "n " social and moral advantages, appoint THURSDAY, THE SECOND DAY OK DECEMBER. NEXT, to bo ob served throughout this fiate, ,as a day :f Puhho Thanksgiving, Prnver an 1 Praise to Almighty God for these, hi manifold mercies and blessing-1 1 do arncstly recommend that every employment, incon sistent wiih the duties of such an occasion, may, on that day, be nbnndored that the People may as semble in their several places of public worship, and mark the expression of Iheir grntitudo with the hu mility, devotion, and solemnity which becomo n Christian Poo; Ic. Let us, on that occasion, humbly implore our Heavenly Father to continue to watch over us and Rresetveus to enable ns to live in. peace, with the tations to give us wisdom to deviseefficient meas. nrcs for the support of our schoo's and Colleges, the safeguards of our Republican Institutions to grant that we may preserve inviolate our Indepcndance as a State nnd our Union as a Nation to inspiro the American People with the noble resolution speedily to number the institution nf Slavery among the for saken iniquticsof the world 'toljcstow wisdom and grace npin all who are called totule over us, nnd to incline our hearts to such an humhle and faithful complance with thercnusitionsof His Holy Word, as shall entitle us to the reward of the blessed. Given under my hand nnd the Seal 'of said S tale, in Executive Chamber, at Montpchcr, this ninth day of November, in the year pf our L. S. Lord one thousand eight hundred and for-tv-one, nnd of the Indepcndance ol the United States, the siily-sixth. By the Governor, CHARGES PAINE. Hiniy Haix, Secretary. COUNCIL OP CENSORS. The Council of Censors at their second ses sion held at Montpclier, in October last, agreed upon ths following propcalt arts of amendment to the Constitution of this State First That Sheriffs shall be annually elected by the freemen of their respective Counties, at the same time and in the same manner, as Sc. nators are now chosen. The person having tho greatest number of votes, shall be doclarcd duly elected. Second That Justices or the Peace shall bo annually elected fey the freemen of their respec live towns, and until otherwise provided by law, their election shi.'ll be made on the day that the Reprcsentatiees of tho General Assembly are chosen ; provided that no town having less than 1000 inhabitants shall have more than five Jus. ticcs of the Peace, and no town having, not to exceed 1500 inhabitants, shall have no more than seven Justices of the Peace, and no town shall have more than twelve Justices of the Peace provided also, that anv town tnav, at their annual March meeting, determine by vote or resolution to elect a less number of Justices at their next freemen's meeting, than tho num ber above limited ; and provided also, that said Justices shall in all cases be elected by a plu rality of votes. Third That Senators shall be elected for three years by the freemen of their resiectivo counties; that the members of the Senate shall be divided into three equal classes, and soar ranged that one third of the whole Senate shall pooutof office at tiro expiration of each year. The Tenators shall be apportioned to the seve ral counties according to the population, as as ccrtaincd by the census taken under the autho rity of Congress, regard being always had in uch apportionment to the counties having the greatest fraction, always giving to each county or.e senator at least. Fourth That tho Freemen's meeting for the election of State officers and the members of the General Assembly shall be holdcn n the second T uesday of October annually forever. And the General Assembly shall commence session on the first Thursday of the succeeding January. Fifth That whenever any Council of Cen nors shall propose any amendment, explanation or addition to the Constitution of this State, they shall propote the same directly to the people lor their adoption, instead ol calling a Conven. tion to adopt the same. The Council of Causors did not, at their scs eion in October, resolve upon calling a Conven. tion, but as they had several other propositions of amendment under consideration, and ns tho Constitution required that they should hold a session alter the nsingot the legislature, thev adjourned to meet at Burlington, on the 9th day of Febr mry nex. DEFKAi' OF t'tlK SUKVEV DILL Among the last acts of the house, we arc pained to say, was a vote to reject the senate bill providing for a Geologiral Survey of the state. After the test question had been raised on the bill, and decided in its favor hy a majority of ftfrtif, we had no fears for its final passage but it was finally defeated by a majority, we be lieve. ot two. The loss of this bill, it is said, "is attributable to an injudicious speech of Mr. Cutts of Mart land, one of its warmest friends. In a debate ut)on the bill, on 7'hursday morning last, Mr. Cutts claims this as a Whig measure the root and offspring of enlightened whig policy whereupon many of the whigs, and all of the locolocos voted against it, ana prevented its pas sane. While wo see much that was imprope and reprehensible in the speech of Mr. Cutts, we can discover no'hinr; that should influence: single friend of the measure to withdraws his support. But thcbillns lost; and if the course of Mr. Cutts is correctly reported, we hope he will beal owed toJCul his pranAs at home.whcre they will not operate to defeat a measure whicl. is alike called lor by enlightened patriotism and sound judgment. Lamoille -Whtg. that there were a largo body of men, holding the same belief with themselves, resident in England, and that it would be highly accepta ble if they would send out a copy 'of their law and soineother'communlcation. They eargcil seized at the 'proposal and in a few days furn ished him with a 'copy of the law and a letter, both in the Samaritan character and dialect, the the latter giving a full and curious account of their customs. Huntington at once despatched these docu ments to Oxford, where a meeting of the col lege faculty was at once held to consider these valuable prizes. With a zeal for learning as worthy as any faculty meeting ever displayci', they determined to disregard any squeamish con scioMiousness, und in order to keep up the de ception as long ns practicable, they intrusted to Robert Marshal!, their Rector, the task of reply ing to the letter. Ho acquitted himself won derfully well. The letter which ho wrote, was in Hebrew, written without points, nnd gives the most admirable imitation of oriental style we have ever seen. He showed a knowledge of the Israclitish scriptures -equal to "any Rabbi's, and uses typical forms and expressions in the most successful 'manner. In answer to tho somewhat Inconvenient questions about the high priest of the English Samaritans, he makes a most ingenious reply, explaining that their high priest is of the order of Melchizedec, and making some vague allusions to the life and re surrection of Christ, which must have sadly puz zled his correspondents, who, however, do not appear hy their answer to liave had airy suspi cions of the truth fn m this part of the letter. They were not perfectly satisfied with his letter however. He had neglected to convey sufficient reverence to Mt. Gerizim, the test of their faith, (sec John 4, SO) and they ask some further explanations. Mr. Burritt has not given any more of the English letters, which we re greVas their ingenuity makes them quite as curious as the simplicity of the others. The correspondence thus skillfully and learnedly be gun was continued for upwards of fifty years. A small remnant of the Samaritans yet re mains. Dr. Robinson, in his recently published work, gives a curious accouutof an interview he had with them. The Working Population or England. In a recent debate in the British Parliament on the Corn Laws, the necessity to bring forward some imtnediate relief for the working popula tion was presented by Mr. Crawford, represen tative for Rochdale, and in support of his on treaty he made the followiug thrilling statement as to the condition of the manufacturing people of the town which he represented : a. C 10J 0 c 9 2 I"jtT1ip Madisonian cxnresslv contradicts the ru mors afloat that any desire exista on the part of the President or'hi' inlunato friends to break the prcacnt Cabinet. Mr Webster's continnance is especially de sired and assured. MicmoAV. The Whit's of Michierfh have clecteil two Members of thcns9einbly, one from Sifinaw, and another from Macinac. Williams College The Trustees of Wil- iams Collcuo have resolved to rebuild the Col. lege lately burnt, on the same foundation, but of only throe stories, and to erect another build. ding ot smaller dimensions, a little distance southeasterly of the old College building. The Senate of Tennessee, which had been in hot debate for several dayson a resolution loco into joint ballot for the election of United States Senators on the 1st of November, close.1 the di cussion on the cveningof the 21st nit. by n rejection ofthe resolution by a strict party vote ; the thirteen iocofoco members voting against ino a man. 13G families lived upon, per head per week, 291 " ' 503 " " " 1955 " " " 1500 " " " 812 " " " Contrast tins lamentable account with tho ex penses of the Queen's establishment fur 1840, amounting to the enormous sum of 09,705, and we will see one of the causes of thosulTer- ng, and see how much the English people pay for supporting a splendid government. The ngle item ol the bill for wine at the Queen's table, amounts to a whole year's salary of the 'resident ol the United estates. Johnson, Vt. Nov, 13. Singular Death. We are informed that on Wednesday of last ,'cel;, a sou ol Mr. oticuney llougkins, or lie!- idercs named Cornelius, 13 years of age, came to his death hy hanging in a bridle which was usponded in the barn, and tnred by tho children of the family as a bwing. How he could nintcntionally entangle Jumsell so as to pro uce death, seems rather mysterious : but r competent jury of inquest decided that he came to Iiib death by accidentally hanging. Whig. Caution to Watek DritNKEns. A woman residing in the lower section of the country. few days ago, placed her mouth i.ver the snout r noizje of a small hydrant lor ttle nurncse ot taking her thirst ; but a little time elapsed be- fore she was taken witli nausea and cast forth a live eel about four inches long. Applicants at nyurants stinulil supply themselves witli a turn er or some other convenient vessel, and there by save themselves from the danger of swal lowing the things that might slips down as 'Vlicl; as an ecJ. i'lMa. Uaz. Judcie Bennett : Tho following simple lines are submitted to you, as president of tho Temperance Society, and if thought advisable may be sung to night to the tune of Auld Lang Syne. Como every one who loves his kind, Come gather here to night, And let us oil with right good will, In one great cause unite, To help each friend reclaim himttlf From ways of sin and pain, 'Till everyone shall be redeemed And be a man again. We've seen tho ways of drunkenness And ilreadful are Its ill-, It s rikes the strong man down to earth, The young nnd old it kit's. Then help each friend, Ac. Of all .he slavery man e'er felt, No -lavery can be worse Than that which fills his soul with rag And mikes his life a curse. Thi n help each friend, Ae. But let us sing with nil our might, An I gie our friends applause, For lo, redeemed they're here to night To aid the glor'n'us cause. To help each ff lend, Ac. ALL'S WELL AND ALL'S CHEAP AT HOWARD'S. viz I All a Pacha, All a Pine, AllSilka, All Ribbons, All Muslim, All Laces, All Nhawls, All Rdkfs. All Bonnets, All Gloves, All He siery, All Trimmings, All Dress Cloths, All Cloak Stuffs, All Velvets, All Wool Articles, AllWersteddo. All Cotton do. Alt Silk Artictis, All Mohair do. All Linen do. All Hemp do. All Fur do. All Shoe do. All Fancy do. All Jewelry, da. All Toy do. All Cutlery do. All Cloth do. All Carpet do. All Paper Hanging do. All Crockery do, AH Glass do. All Looking Glass do. AHOrnnmenlnl do. Also All Grocery do. Together with nil other kind nf flnnrls. rnmnrinincr the most general Stock which he has ever had the plenscure of offering, and as they fcan. will bo ALL sold cheap to the People, at HOWARD'S. 19 Nov. '41. A DOCTOR'S KIT. FOUND in the ,108 ', near the Pear1- trcct House, a few days since, a Doctors Saddlebags, which the owner may have on payment of charees. Nov. 19, Ml. J. S. PEARCE. IjOVKIjY Si SEYMOUR, OFFFR for sale a new and extensive assortment of seasonable Ooo Is comprising every article ne cessary fur the convenience or tssto of the public Nov. IS, 1811. O HILLS A new supply iusl received from New Yorfc.con.f.ting of No-, to, 15, 90. 30, 40, SO nnd SO Oparjue Russja.A''. fi r salel y S. HUNTINGTON. Sign Red LeJzcr, College street, Nov. 18, 1841. ISOLYCLOTT BIBLEBntnd in superior TW IT key Binding ; al-o plain I inding, Royal Octavo, -ullal ,'e for family u.-r, for .-ale I y . 10. o. nun i iiu iua, TEMPERANCE. The Burlington Total Abstinence Society will meet at the Court House this evening at half past sit o'clock. EM dl At his residenre in Randolph, on the 33 oT Nov. inst.. STcrur.N HetiatcK. need 92 year-, a Soldier of the Revolution, nnd nine months a prisoner of war on ooaru ne ever memorao'c Jersey nwp in i. York Harbor. He was a lineal descenrfaYit of ir Win. Hernck, of Ball Munor, Knglnrrd, who inrtr Iv life hr-i-ame a successful politician, tt knighted a'j mt ihocommmccmeatof the seventeen h century, nnd Inc. in, can i ppo-ilon member ol the Parliament that legalized the persecnimn which drove our pil grim fathers to the consecrated Rock of Plymouth At Farfiold county, Ohio, on the 2Gtli Aug., 1841 Jonathan Benjamin, in the 103d year of his age. Ho was horn in Now York in Oct. 1738, enlisted in tliu urmy at lb. nnd served his time out as a true soldier. He married 1759 and removed to Pennsylvania in 1774. In 1777, it party of Indians broke upon the family connection, nnd killed and took prisoners threo entire families, tho only sonoMlie deceased alone escaping to tho fort He continued 0 months with the Indians removed to Maryland in 1779 to Pennsyl vania in 1782 to Mnriolta in 1797 to ve$' tern Virginia in iaa to Ulno in JBIH in 1840 he joined the Methodist Church and continued a nionilior till his death. He lost his wife in 1835, having lived with her 76 years. They had 10 children, u grand children, and ho lived to enihraco n child nf the fifth generation a desendent of his seventh daughter. DjtAWINO PAPER. A superior quality of Super Royal Drawing Paper, just reoeivwl ami for, ale oy flov, la. S. IllJiVI liWlU. BLACK INK. STEPHENS' Dark Blue orOlack Ink, ' nine Mum, Conner & Phillips' Black Ink, Brichct A Thayer's " The nublic are invited to pIva the nlinve inlc and fluid a fair trial, for I am sure they can have nothing Dener. warranien-not to change tn any rlimate. For sale by Nov. 1 S. HUNTINGTON. Wrllliis Paper, Nov. 18. ft HUNT1NQTON. rye REAMS Cap, Letter nnd Note paper, received vana lorsiieny YlutTalo Robes. 7 BALES superior Buffalo Robes, just receive 1 nnd for sale as cheap as the cheapest, hv Nov. IB. hv E. M.WRIGHT A. Co. Also No. 1 Otter Cans. I.vni Muffs nnd Boas. Fur tyOiiars, Angola i- ringes, etc. 1 "lUAI.ESRrown sheetings for Sale by the bole, A " 'piece, or )ord, very cheap, bv Nov. E. M. WRIGHT &. Co. Av a full assortment hlcaehttl shirtincs. sheetines Tickings, Canton Flannels, Diapers, Batting, Wick'r g cc. James Darbv's Kstatc. WE the uli-rnlcrs I ein? appointed l the Hon. Prul ale 'ourl for the Di-irn-t of Rrnnil Isle, tore-ehf, examine anl odj'i-' alclaim nn'li'eman U nfa'l nrr-cn-i again l the E-la'e of Jame Darbv, la'e nf All-urzh, i!efeapl, repre-rn'til im-n'vcni ; an'l al-o all claim- and demand exliil ed in oftei tlicreir; and six inon'h- from t lie ua'e liereof being nllmveilhy sai l Cnutt tnrthat nnrnn-e; we do therefore here' ;' cii-c notice that we will meivl tn the lmine ol our appointment at 'he dwelling liou-c of the wilow Jane Darby, in Alb 'rgh in .aid Di-trirt, on the la-t Saturilav of Deceml er and the las' Saturday of April next at 10 o'clock A. M.on each of .niddav. Dated at Alburgh, this Ildavnf Novemler, A.D. 1841. WM. L. SOWLFS, W.M. H. LYMAN. THE subscriler offers for sale at his Brick Shop, In Cherry Siret. a larira varit of Fitia. eon- silting of uenettfurs White, grey, brown and bltak furs, far Lidits trimmings Lynx and iqumtl Boas ALSO Suptrior black Otter and hair Ottar cpa Shetland and south sea seal aV Boys caps, for BO cents Fur and hair collars, a variaty Northwcat Iluflalo Robes Fur and cloth caps repaired, and Muffs and Caps made to crder, by Wm.I.SEYMOijR. Burlington, Oct. 29, lBtl. DISSOLUTION. THE partnership heretofore existing between It. C. lllackman & Lewis D. Turrili. h this dnv dissolved by mutual consent. If. CnljACKMAii, L. D. TUURfLL. trr Tha l.uainMs will hm cominuurf bv II. C Blacl-man. . Jericho, Oct. 2, 1841. TT THOMAS will continue his Auction SalW In PI - tL -f....M f ,,,-nrl, IV..In.J.u ..,.1 Miff day. A latge q-antity of Household Furniture; uiuerent descriptions wilt ue-oncreu, login er win Stoves i f various kinds, with pipe. Sales, of Dry Goods, CniK-rv, Clocks, Jewelry. Ac, Ace, will be oIK-rcd Tussrhy, Thursday and Saturday lvoninga, until further notice. October a 1811. OA CASES English and American Prints, 4AJ l " Rlccehed Sheetings, I " Col'd Cambrics, 1 " Apron Cheeks, Juna 1st, 1841. hist received by VILAS, LOOM IS 6l CO. Oct. 1, 1841. Qn BALES Brown SlirMing, OU 2 do. do. Drilling, LYMAN & COLE TT AVE received, in addition to their for stock of a JLirry tiooas, an extensive aorimeut ol fall and Winter Gcud t amonz which will le found a great variety of article for Ijvlie' Cloaks j Alpacci L'l-lre, a vcrv protiv -article; Alpacca ilk Warn, Caml letccn, Plain Black Alpine, Fig'd do., Satin Dnma-h, UrycMlla, !Pcrian Cloth, French, German, and Kngli-h Merino-. Mou-cline ile laine and nrinttil Saxohle, a great variety and low priced l Uoat' uair anu imuaiton'uamiiict. TSILKS. A small aicrimcnt of rich I'm'J and tril Silks, iicavy uiacK lantnn. Krone .Vwi... anil utuer IIK. Sit AWLS. Lupin's let rarle'.1 lacl.. while, and colored: A few extra -ize WoMeJliawl-. Glnve llo.ierv. a Inrge as-oriment t an unii-nia!lvlarireaortnientul Aiminoan print; h rcnih nnl 1 nali h tin. DOMESTIC COODS. Cotton hee!lne and i-lnrtinsr s Tick I s and Wad ding ; Bleached Cotton and Merrimac thectin;, viry low. TAILORS TMMMISGS. Worsted Dlnding, silk do. I-argo ro-md and square Mnhair'Conls for overcoats; nlk Cord for dre coats; nor-ted aqd mIk S.irge; figure.l nlk airl Velvet u,uion, new ugurc ; sewing mik, i wisi ann i nreao: Palding, Canva, selec-ia, Col'd Jeans, Brown and Black Linen ; Wor.-ted plaiJ for Facing; Uuttcns fur over coats, &c. A variet) of rich de l.aine, Cliallr, silk, anJ rtew nljle Fancy HI. f. nnd Veil. BROADCLOTHS. Heavvdonlle milled Broad Cloth ; B-aver and Pilot Cloth" ; Rich Diamond Demci Cloih ; aUo a general as-orlmcnt of B irlington Mill Clolh'. Genilemen and Ladies are invileJ locall and exam ine our very t-xtensive assortment, which we olltr at reJneed price-for Cah. ' B irlingion, Wi O t. 1841. -5 B do. do. TiHonis. 1 do. Cnnvasi Padding, ISPir-cesRed Paddiny, I rio. 4U inch liitrlap ut received by V!LAS,LOOIIS &Co. 2? Oct. 1st, 1841. CASES Colored English Merinos, mark do. I " Fit'd Bombazine, 1 " Alpn'-ra Clfpth, 20 pieces Blark Bnmba7inf, 20 " Printed Satnnv, forsal,-by VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. On. 1st, 1841. CASE Ponire Silk 20 pieres Bhelt and Fig'd do. 20 " Pongee Hdkf". 20 lb. Italian SewioSilk. 5 " niark nnd rnTd Twist. . O t. 1, 1811. For salebv VILAS, I.nOMIR, & Co. l t.BS. White and eol'd Thread," R' f!rns Round nnd Flat I.arots. orrv ijJt pn " rthrk Linen, Oof. 1, 1311. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. SOD GROS3 Gilt Cat and Ve t Buttons, 2"0 do. Horn do. do. do. 20 do. do. Vest do. 300 do. Pantaloon do. 250 do. Pearl Shirt do. nR2 For "ale 1 Oct. 1st, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. OHO M nrtll.l.r.D EvM Tdlea, 200 Gro t'nn'nnd F.yes. inn do. Knitting I'ins, 3 Cases London Pins, 1 do. American do. int reo'd by Oct. 1st. 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. IC . Sr. Wood Pocket Cnmbi, SO Hnz, Grman Silver do. Ponular Hotels. FRANKLIN HOUSE, BOS I ON. Cox or Market St. and Merchant's Ror. a ""IK iindersmrird, (formerly of the . Elm struei Hotel, and late proprietor of C. ngress Hall, New York,) would most resnectfullv inform his friends and the public generally, that he has becomuihc lessee of mis csiaonsiiincni, anu pui u in ainpie oruer ior ineir acronimt dalion. The house i- located in thecenlreof bu-ine s, with in a few rods of Quincy Morkrt, and I ut a short di tancc from the landing ofthe English and Eastern Steamers. The b-nir experience the subscriber has had in the manajement or n public Hovse, gives him perfect con lidencein hisabi'ilit-s. nnd he therefore Dlpd?es him self lo give satisfaction to those who favor him with their nnlri nnirc. A Dining room has been fitted i pixprcssly for the accommodation of Ladies and Genilemen, which will 300 200 5000 SO n12 June lt. lrMl. Csn Twist Side Brass do. do. do. do. for ste bf VILAS. LOOMIS A CO. M t;FF f!rnand oilier Fur,ly .Nov. 5. S. B. SCOTT. f-' Artr.lliieltn-I-. lirh' n'ain Jjd f- n.ieand China S Iks. low for rah, v Nov. 5. liirht fin-re I,- Uro S B. SCOTT. Sherman's Celebrated Medicines I CIllEttMAVS ,nienre. nf everv ion. . O " Papillary Oil, (a "certain cure for or" ii!inr-j " Pofr Man' Pla-ter. Constantlvforaleat Nov. l.J f.I CKitStJl AR S tjWBHESS, Banfc,ridle, Skirting sr.d Top iLeiiti. Iffl For sal by .E. C. LOOMIS. Oct. 8 1841. BIBLES. PLAIN BIU., octavo, leei), '' " 6.pOC, Fin " " ?tf,il1, " " " Turl'Jv, do. Jutt received, and for sale l.y IUUNCKY "GOODRICH. 23JO-t.l81I. ITBTf BOOKS." " McWoiT-of Father Mathew My Son's own Book Sunday school teachers Companion Mer-ha lc's own Book Lives of eminent Mechanics Law- of trade lirownell's Commentary on the Book of C4MJ mon Prayer, JujI ree'd by C. GOODRICll YOU NJ. ORATOR, or New York C1j BooR, 300 Copies, hist ree'd hy , . Oct. 14. C. GOODRICH CrTeachers art) requested to examine the above. TO SPORTSMENi PERCliSSION GUNS, powder Us-ks, dsubU single shot Leli, t-rruion caps, powder t-i . ho', constantly on ImuJ, for tale at the Hardwa .'-!- I .. - r September IS, ISli. It. MOOJlY. Druggist. SHELL SIDE COMBS. Fnncy do., Ivory onf Horn, do. Fancy SOAP, Bar do, Hufclit'jv' Patent RAZOR STRAPs, with Paste, the beef art'. . everinventfd. Gent's. STOCKS very S' peripr, r October 23. .. N. LOVELY.- POUCIIONG and GrcerlTEAS.Crushcd L. Sur.. Box Raisins, Molasses, Sugars, Enir.'Currai ' , October 1. By N. LOVELY CLOTHS ! ! fui opened; ar gam-ral as.ormcm t llroa I Clo h--, Ca-n'mere-, tipett and StM. cheaper than ever at the Cash store tin Cheapsii'e. jOct. 12; J. P. WHALING &Lo. DOMEfiTICKS. Sht-etinsr, Shirlinsr, Ban u ; Waddinz, Wickmr, tfttton Yarn, Cotton Fin. nel, &.c. cheap, at (Oct. I2l) J. P. VVIfALINGa: C. . GltOCKftf E.S. A larzeand sup. nssortroem ' Tens, S igar, Co Ice, Rice, Molos-c, amlnu.f other ncecmary artcl'", lower than nual for ca-l t Oct. 12. WHALINC f Co'' . ft' QILLS. 100 hunchsi of Quill- for sal hv Oc. ('. GOODRICH TllRAWINO PENCILS. JUTor -ale I y Enzlish Dra inz Pen V. GOODRICH. NEW GOODS. A GENERAL awirtmeni can he found at Sidn? Barlow's New Slum ai Winoo-H Falls. Scptcinler 17, 1811. PROTECTIVE SYSTEM, CLOTHS of Miperior finish and durable colors iiMiiiifaelnrel Ly the U, irlington Milt Co: for ra . at ihelo.ieit price.-, at the New Store, Wmcu Fll-, ly Scptenilcr, 17, 1SH. SIDNEY BARLOW. 1?Ali:WKLL'S hllOf-ii, a new a-orimeiit ju' X received, at the .uw oiore, winnn-ki rails, SepttrnVVr 17, 1841. SIDNEY BARLOW. 7w FURS. OTTER and Seal Cap Lynx, Gcnett, and Coat' Muffs Astracan, Lambs skin and Coney Colin, .-wans, Down Uoas and Gloves tc Just pencii t 7th Oct. K. M. WRIGHT &cc INDIAN Rubber.' J. llaskrts ,f. be found dai y spread with the bes' the market afl'.iri'a. Ff-.W Ba'es le-t Painiel Bu 'alo Role inc ucntlcmcn s Unlinary; wnten can accommoiia c . c. she land seal l ap, Nutria F inlo, Revolution in Mexico. The New Or leans papers confirm the news ofthe success of the revolutionary movements, undertake undi-r the direction of Sitnta Ana, the hen of Jacintn. Tim 'moans hy which ho nccom plished Itis object arc not vrry fully ex nlained. It is not probable that much els was rcnulrcd than tho power of intrieiif which Santa Ana lone sinco showed himself

(o possess, and tlw revolutionary disposition of tho pi'oplc, together with the uiisinanace mcntand inefficieiicy of thcgovcrinent. The conqueror will probably find that it was much easier to pull down a weak govormcnt than to replace it with a stablo onr. lie promi ses great things the rcconqupst of Texas, Campeaciiy, and Tobasco. These promises may have aided him in overllirowinp Gen. Btistaincnte, and tho rrpular povprtircnt, but it is much to be doubted whether he possess the vigor to fulfil them. I'lOUd LITERARV FRAUD. In the latt two numbers of tho American Eclectir, a tri-monthly journal, which attempts to present an abbtract of the literature of the rl,l wi find a curious article by Mr. Elisha Burritt of Worcester, the gentleman who lias acquired such reputation for his acquisitions in the languages made at the same tin.e that he ws.cnirarred in workintr in a blacksmith's shop, nnilip bistnrv and literature of the Samaritans, This article contains a succinct account of a curious literary fraud which will, we believe, bo new to most of our reader. Thn Samaritans have a version ofthe Penta. touch made into their own language from the oriental, at a very early day, some centuries be- fore our era. In the beventeenth century great exertion, were made in Europe to procure cop. ie of this version, which was of course very valuable to critics and theologians in their stud, ies on the different points oLour Hebrew text. Robert Huntington, an English minister, who visited Sichem or Mt. Gerizim, the seat of the remnant of tho Bainantm nation, in 1071, fin dine them very curious about the English Is Itamcr, suctciunu in insmng intm ptitev DcsTRticnrc Finn in PF.TErtsDiinc. Tho Petfrsburgh Intelligencer, contains the particulars of n destructive firo which visited that town on JMoiiday last. Cowtli's hotel with a great deal ol valuable furniture, the I'ri'sbyternin Church, with much of tin; doco rations'and hangings, 31 horses belonging to tho L'ucsts ofthe hotel, the kitchen and stable f Dr. Jones lliedentist's ofliceofDr. Cairns, ml the barber's shop of Short'&Foid all were destroyed by the consuming element. Murdcr IN Norwich, Vt. We learn from handbill, sinned by Geo. P. Brooks, Dnp. Sheriff, that on Sunday niorniii'' last, Mr.--. Sweeney, a resident of Norwich, V t., was dis covered in tho garden adjoining her residence, witli tier head mangled in the most brutal man ner, and all signs of life extinct. It is supposed that she was murdered the nii'lit previous, bv her niis-uanu, James hweeny, a man from oo to 70 years of ae. He has fle-l, and tho Sheriff tiers a suitable reward for his apprehension He is represented as being about 5 feet 4 loO inches in height, thick set, hair nearly white, dark complexion, crosseyed, an Irishman by birth, and speaks with considerable of a brogue. Divorce in Ohio. Ala reccntterni ofthe Siark county Supreme Churl, n divorce was granted to thn wife of Jacob Cope, on the crounu ol cruel treatment. 1 lie Court de creed to tho wife tho use of the whole of Cope's real estate during her life, nnd im posed a pcalty of S100 on the husband, unlcs ho restoru all apparel previously withheld Hon. Wm, C. Preston lliinks seriously of resigning hiseatin the United .S'lnte- Senate, because tou h Carolina dislikes his Whi votes. Thus works the doctrine of Instruction : Whi.'S demur to it, jet obey while our opponents vehemently insist on it, yet rareiycontormioitin practice, its operation remind us of the old eDizram : "Heaven takes the good, too prod on earth to 6tay Ana leaves ineliau, loo I no to takeaway." 1 1 rr line, i AUCTION TOMORROW, BV II. THOMAS. HORSES and Carnages, Fat Cattle, Also a targe quantity of Fur and Cloth Caps of the following de-criplion, (on consignment, lots to suit Mercnnis) viz : Plain Selett Caps, Opera do. Navy do. Navy Glazed do. Nvvy wi h Fur band do. Fur Seal do. HairSeildo. Muskrat do. Plain Cloth do. Spanish do. Also Household Furniture. Stock of Hardware for sale. THE subscriber offers for sale, nt a large discount fiouithc cost, the entire sti;k of Goods, consist ing of a general assortment of Hardware and a amall nj9ortmentof Me icincs, belonging to he estate of the u,Anni,a.i vnn,i., n,i.A. ...;i. , i 1 the store lately occupied by him. The location of the store, the profitable character of the business, bcin-.' the only Hardware store in the ilace, nnd the terms upon which the stock is ottered, enderihe onnortunitv of investmem. one of the safest nnd most profitable in the state. lerms ol payment, unquesilonnhle indorsed paper, o, ii, id, nnn a monins. utu, u. Ml AW, Aumr. llurhn-jion, Nov. 10. 1841. LOOK HERE! UTR. EDITOR Will vou nlense notify this com IVlinunity that the subscriber has opened a Stove .Store, first door west of J. et J. H. Peck & Co. whero lie has a central assortment nf Cookimr. Box and Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, and Hollow Ware of the superior Brandon Cas'ings; alo Buck's lint Air Cookinc Stove, which he is manufacturing in this place. The construction of this stove is such that h firt and s'larpest heat come directly under the boilers nnd then passes round a spacious and rrjunlly heated oven, anl rrrjnirrs hut cotnpara'ively liti'e fuel to put it in operation, nnd hakes equal tn a brick oven. There mteht be a List of signatures procured as lone as the recommendation of a country P. M. from the highest sources in the seeions where it is in use ; but n preamble about thi- sun e or the Yankee Nnt'on useless, and if money continues scarce vou must use the less "f it, so don't do without on that account, but call and trvthe new Stove. Burlinston, Nov, 19. 1841. S. W. TAYLOR. about 100 persons, will be provided with a'l the sub stantial luxuries of the season. The Scrvan's will be found honest and attentive exerting themselves on all occasions to l-ivo salisfac tion. J. T. MACOMHER. A LOT OF WOOD LAND for sale near the Lake. v Also, two hundred cords nf Woo I m the hank. Enquire of F.I HAN BURROUGHS. FermhuteU, iov- l-1"- .ien Bnv'. do Fit Collar-. &. for !. DOOLITTLE. hoes UiitbMhas and Traveling It E. M. WRIGHT d"- Co CASH wanted in exchange for leather, bv E. C. LOOMIS. Men j and Itnv hair ai do. aWI cap for ca-h,by Nov. 4. 1811. Crockery at Cost t A FEW sets of blue, pmk and Dove ware; abo, Gla Di-he-, Gla Lamp., eie. at cost for tie porno. e ol clo-ing mat Kind oi burine-v, Nov. 18. S. B. SCOTT. PARTICULAR NOTICE. riillF, Mih.. ril er having i-old hi. Imrre-i in ihr M. Sieve nnl Hardware h-tr-ine-p, is deiernuned to lose u ol he concern wiih the lea-t I delay I and o thi- en-', ha- lefi all ihr note and account (now lueA in Ihe hands of II. Lea en worth, E-a. for immediate collection. Those inlercsleil will t ike notice, and govern llicmstlvc. accordiniily. J. WAlSWItlUIIT, Burlington, Nov. 15, 1811. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney and Counscllorat Law, TWO DOOSS EAST Or THE TOST OFT1CE. UP tTAlSS. Refer lo Messrs. J. cV J-. H.PECK fcCo. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, barrister and Attorney at K,aw, (Late in the office of the Hun. Solicitor Gen'l Day) LITILE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, I Nov. 1811. Reference in Burlington, to CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire. T. W. C.I nil would inform Ihe nubile- that he ha lust received from New York a better nsrortnient of Hnrness trimming than was ever offered at any anop tn nitienaei cnuntv. It eoinnrises avariet v of Plated ji .im '6i 1 1 Brass, Japanned and Potted ----jUs.Q-- Ware His Leather and wmk shall bermial to hisTrim. mings, and sold cheaper than can be bought at any other shop in the Mate. gadflies, Ilriuies. Ilarnease and Trnnks. of all kinds and prices, constantly on hand. tlinesourgn, ihut. idi M. 6, RATHBUN, DRAPE t AND TAILOD, PEARL STREFT, D I SOLUTION. rrIlE CoDartnershiD of N. Lovelv &. Co. was dis- X solved on the first instant All Drblsl Due this firm must be settled without delay. Either of die subscribers will attend to sell emcn's. We trust every erson indebted to this concern, will take due notice and govern themselves accord ingly. 1. i-.t.v, iJuriington JNOY, It. 1S41. wm. i, Mittens and Gloves. TTEAVY Driver-Lined Uiuk-kin Mitiens ; Mneea- XXsin- of i-niiPrior nnalilv. La lies' Beaver. .Merino ........... ... . - i ami ror lined Kid uiovos, cheap i v Nov. 5. E. M. WRIGHT if- CO. 2 O O Pieces French, Enzlish and American Prints, just re eived and for sale at ihe lowest preces, by Oct. 29. s. n.stJu rr. IURSnud Fur Trimuuncs, consinriB of Ensli"1 Squirrel, Genet, and Coney Muffs, Astracan and FnMish Squirrel Robes, I'mi natural and coioreo Coney shins, Nutria do. While Conev l'late. r otc. . . . ' . . tr-. Aft on cnr,T"n S. It, SCOTT. reeri veil this daV by (Oct. 29.1 4DOZ. Heavy Plaid Shawl-, I y Oct. 29. TIIESubscri1 er wi'l pavrafh fot a few Thousand nnunds of good Fleece Won', delivered nt iheir S'ore head nfPearl St. BRADLEY t HYDE. July 2. 1S11. IATTINETTS. W.ctD.D. Farnham's au I neriorll'k, b'lk mixel, drab and cadet mixed an;, letf, Cheap by I". M. WRIGHT & Co. A OO, sides ol sole Leather, flom 13 lo 2) els, for snlc by E. C. LOOMIS. Vand prices, just recciicd by E.M.WRIGHT &Co Sciit. ZS. NEW ARRIVAL. A FULL and complete a- or.nient of Do Laine? Chene, satin -lri(K! and plain, Printed Saxony, do il.le auJ -ini:let Alpine-, a -pleudidartic'e forcloat-t and dre-e-, plmu and li ured; .Merino-, wor.-tecl, pla'J and wor.led Sirire tor coat Imini;-, &C. 6'. at th Nev.-Ca-h tore. (O ". 12.1 J. P. WHALING & Co. N 11 IV STOIti; AND MUW GtlODS. S. .M.POPE is now receiving his fall stock of ) Golds, consisting of a ganeral assortment of Dry Goods. Groceries, Crockery and Hard ware, which hcoffers for salt at a small advance front cost. Oct. 23, 1911. TJM.UTH nnd FIFE MU-IC New I'rcccpWrs lor J. the Flute and Tife, just received nv HAS jnt returned from Nw York, wnh full re- "1REY Canada Storking Royal Ril I cd and Au poris ofthe Fall Fashions, and iprepar"d loex- vTsola .hirts and Drawer-, iusi rweived I v eeute oilers for winter garments in the iiiojI approved Nov. S. KM. WRIGHT & CO. Oct. 8. C.GOODRICH. stvle. He has also on hand a select assortment cf choice trimming-, adapted lo the M-n-otit Mich ai Braid, nuttons. nindlngf, Fancy Vest nindlngs Cord, and nuttons, c. dec. N. II. He is al-o aeent for Scott ii Wil-on's Re non n' Fj.hinn". which will 1 e lo furn'Mied to anv one wi-hinglhem, and the requisite information Ireely given. Burlington, Nov. 4. 1811 Dr. A. Sherman's t ough Lozenges. 20 doz. Sides of Upper Leather, For salebv E. C. LOOMIS. Oct. 8. IS 1 1. Pearl Street. NO Cough Medicine ha- ever I eon introduced into c.,1 Vermont that ha- given nidi univer-al iM.c- V n q IRtl tion. They seldom fail to cure the mo-t trouMeoinc '' u"''11"1 ESTRAY. STRAVED Irom the mln-riler about four or five wvtkincen light red jearling Heifer, of good sire and in pood ei ndition'. Marked with a whiir i-tripc on the hip., whi'e on the end of the lad and nair, ana a Mil mine leu ear. vvnoever will give iitormauon where rant heiler mayle lounil In the uii-cnir on Norm i-ireet, or to A. w. n I ur., rearl treei, fhall le.uiial ly rewardetl. Ilurllllg'on, INnv. 15, 1H4I. ALr..AIMIir.l VAIU. STRAY MARE. A LIGHT Rnv Mare, sunnosedtn be ten or twelve zmvearsnld. brok- in'n mv inclo-urc in Milton. on tho 1st Nov. inst. which may be had by the owner on paying reasonable charges, ja&uim hkuwn. .Milton, 17 Nov, 1S1I. GROCERIES, &c. TSA AC WARNER constantly for sale at his A. atore, opposite f. t. iiowarus oiore. t;ognacuranuy, iiounna uin, si.uroix Kum, Boston Rum, low priced Brandy, Baltimore Gin, Antigua Rum, Cherry do. Wines, of most kinds and prices, Molasses, Loaf. Luihd and Brown sucar-. Hvronand Youne Ilr son, II. son Skin and Black Teas; Box Raisins, Keg do. Codfish, Salmon. Mackerel, Sounds and Tongues, Rice, Bar Soap, Fancy do. Allspicea ; Pepper, Ginger, Nulmeps ; Cloves, Cinnamon, Salera'us, Poland Slareh, Mustard, Indigo, Pepper Sauce, Coffee, Chocolate, Table Salt ; Candles ; Sianish Senars, half Spanish do. Decanters, Tumblers, Lamps, Jars. fc. Also 500 Barrels Sail. The Liquors nre warretited lobe the best that can be bought in New York. Tavern-! eepers and otheis will find it for iheirbenefit to call and examine them before they buy elsewhere. Burlington, Nov. 6.1811. cotischs and colds in a few lav. Numerous refer- ciur- might 1 c yiven lo per-or s who have I ecn cured hy them, lint where their merits aic so generally known & annreciaicd it is u-e!e topei'ifv in-lancr-. 1 heai'OVcmiMicine, as well nnerman nr'ci ra eu Worm Lozenges, n plasters, and oilier pre paration may I e had el ClIIELTINUS. ShininB., Tickinsr, icMllg, Halting vj Wadding. I will'il Cotton-, Lanton flannel-, oic, liiiu'ehv Itov. I. n. n. 51.01 SurKlcal Instruments t TAW'S .elf-injeciing Apparaiun, (a leautiful 1TX article, in cn-e-.i Brea-l Pumps (in cae), do. Piper, thalls and .hield;. Nur.inz Bottles and Tule of many kind-. Gum Fla-lie Ring-, for children euilinc Teeth, Sliver, rivxii'ie tndiium i.tauo catbeters, Uoigie-' sioniacn line-, Engh-h and uerinan prlng i.ancetr, Knzli-h and Ainurican I'll mh do. Mar-h'. diver ami sietl sprins Tnmn, (a roon eeleoratcu article ) oi every kind nnu nxe, 1 1 nil V io. no. do. Twin-hell's Gum F.Urllc do. dn.ilo. Forsaleby Nov. 1. PECK &. SPEAR. Alnaeca Cloths. XXiuv-, Orlean- elolh-. Carolina plaid-, ifcc. esc. ANii rn-neh and r.nff l-h Alennos too numerous Cashmerettc Cloth-, just received at price- corre.- nientionat ercallvred iced orice, tv ponding Willi Ihe time-, ny r.. ai. niuuni a. v,a Nov. 1. H-ILPCUIT. IcuttaLcalher, For salebv QQ Dozen Calf Skins, For sale bv Oet.S. 1311. E. C. LOOMIS. TVTOROCCOS, Kids, ltmdinn IV L Lasts, &-. dr.. V Lininas. CTine-thread or sale hy E. C. LOOMIS J. TRYON, nmrn a v n TAII.OIt. WOULD once more remind hi customers that he foniinorn loearrv on the above b-isine-s in all its yaiious I ranches at hi- Old Stand on St. Paul tree', near Ihe Ept-enpal Ch in h, an I in sight of the PailinlifChureh. Thankfid for pa-t favor-u M cu- tomer- are solicited to continue I heir patronage, and many new ones are much deMreJ. The newest Fa-h- lon-prompiiy rei-eivr.1. Toittiiir i fine on . lorinii icen tan it r'i I hnveon hand some old accounts which 1 should like should live to exchange lorcata. Nov. 12, 1841 OO Pairs of Men's thick boota fromSi 50 to 81,00, Oct. 8. 1811. For sale by E. C. LOOMIS. O TR AY ST I! O ed U It. Stiav- il from the aubs -ribcr, in MaV last, a light red, two-year-old Steer, Willi crop on tne ruintfar. a tui a 1 leComiicnsation will be made to any person who ill give tnfornntion where he mav be fonud DAMEL W. Utl.l31. Colchester, O.-t. 16, 1511. Stray steer. rvrmven from the Wat.worth lot. on the inter- ol ,,i ffn dnvs i-inre. a lerht retl two vear old .irrr. w'uh hroc'.el face, lome while on the I city, and I utton on tne norn-. Any miuruioiwii .,,vvi,ai him will te thankfully receiveJ and lilerallv natdior. Durlingion.Nov, 10, 1811. DAVID FISH. IT RAYED OR Stolen i ! fiom Ihe s bscnber on the 10th inst.. a lame bay Horse, wnh one white hind foot, whi soever l-s will cio informaticn wheresaid horso may be found, shall be sunablv re warded. MOSES ATWOOD. Charlotte, OJt. 10, 1B40. A SPLENDID Ariicle, (-ilk war n. Ahaci-n Lu-tre; Hue I lac blea.-he I aoJ unhleache.l, of superior a. m. ropis. T AMP Oil. J-iiimiliiy, for ia u cheap by Nov. 13. Nov. Burlington Ilookstore. Floor Cloths. Sic, T lOIITanddark printed Floor cloths, 10-4, 12-4, mllK sol scrilrr would in vile the nltention of hi- I Vsn.l 13-4 Heavy Whitney lllan'iet.. scarlet. Green. 1 friends and tie public tn his neu-a-onincnr of I anj White Hore Blanket., Heavy tuill'd Flsnne's, Books, the le-l eiecnun nenns ever mane, oom in ,y ruv. 5. I.. wuiutn tf LU, Miscellaneois and sciioni uobks are now nierea thtap for ca,h. Hov. iu. u. a. unAWAiM. NEW FIRM AND NEW GOODS. n.rl'i Patent t'vVkliir Stoves. rTlHE Subscribers having en ered into copartner- TIIEte-t stove for the -avirtg of. lal or and fuel, I M ship under Ihe firm of Lovely & Seymour have ...hi-l, husever lieen oTereil for .aje in this sta'e I inst ree'd an unuasual large assortment of Goods Ihe firel eing ihreclly under tne noucr-, so ns to iai.e i wnicn toey win ami aacnrnp na ine i iicniieti, ii.Miir.isml .harne-i heat, an I then ra-siriir nro iml I NOBLE LOVELY. .!,..,. in flues. toBsto sivuthe oven a rczular heal: taking eri'-aj to u I rick oven; aud I eing larger thau in any other coosing stove now in ii'e. ror .an- ny Nov. 10, IH41. a i vrc. LOVELY 8? SEYMOUR. HAVE just ree'd from New York a larga assort ment of Carpetinga of every kind quality and price. English Drugetts, a great variety of patterns Octa. Son and Drab Peruvian F.oor Oil Cloth from 3-8 to -4 wide, Rush Matting from 4-4 to 6-4 wide, Rugss Manilla and AlicoitlMatts. Stair Rods &e. a larcer assortment than waa ever before offered in this place anu ai prices inni canuoi lau iu buii purtnaaers. Nov. 18th 1841. LIVE AND LET LIVE." THE Mdhcriler Id re-peetfillv return hl-thanksiohi-inany patrons fortheiriavorj during ihn pa.t five year., and would al-o inlorm them that hu has repleni.hcil his tick of Stationery, Books, Rinding Stock, cce. and will I e happy to wait upon all thai sha 1 favor him wiih their pmronnge, anu no elorton his part shall bespured to give .at i fact ion, OirMoel eo-t money; therefore, we cannot cive ii away, or sell it below co-t, or at rout; but what we haie to sell, (if we can get an opportunity) at a. Miiall advance from co-t a- anv one can do' and live ky their business. Individuals wishing to purcha.e Common School Books, Stationerj-, or Blank Books ran have a chance to te-t the sincerity of ihe mbferi. I er,wnenheay he will sell cheap f.reah,by calling at the cign ofthe Red Ledger, College street. SAMUCb HUN'I INUTON Nov. 18, 1841. -w-i Mi WKltill I or, l;o. will opeu v unin inrce t r i ainpe iiciusb ncr luirncsu nnu ..iiuc uii I j ....... . aaaa i t . . I , i , . , - Pi , fn irilay-, .rom ISUU tnxuuu yu- i-.xirn soire-rur. 1. ..n.inilv .nnerfine. tine and common an wool I I, IU I IV , 1 - . , , C.irpetings, which have leen purcha-el mi-llyiu v Vft.iat noctien. and will I e ol I at vey lo v prf -. AbO IWtlieil anU pinm 'ninian mir .n,ra,ib, Hemp and uution carpeunf, uu cium-, wan-, u.v. Nov. iz. fjooklns; Classes. 1 onLOOKINaOL,ASSRS varyin(injricafrom 1 X)S 20cts lo Just ree'd and for sale by ITOV. IB IB4I. WJVtbV Str.MOUR NEW GOODS. milE subscribers are now receivini their Second X supply of Fall and Winter Goods t among which may bs round nam ana Diamond ueaver uioths, Heavy Pilot do. Broad Cloth for Ladies' cloaks. vcrycheani Cassimercs. Satinettt. Flannels. French and English Merino , Alpacca cloths, Bombasine, all wnolplain M. De Laines, very fine j rtilkt, eol'd and black silk Yelvet, Velvet trimmings, silk Ctrds mines. German Wots eds. Rihhnns. shawls. Hd Laces, Lac Veil, Ac which ar offered vrv low lorcasn, oy nor. is. p. M. WHjGHTACo A O E N E It A L A.-onment ol rea lv maile Svi le,. Harnec and Trunk., ftr .Vcal the old -land iionh n Ic Ihe 6, tare, near J. now ar.l's Hotel, uilh -uch additional ar iticie--a- iMi.snaiiy Hiin'i in my one I ol lin.imvs. Whin. &'ours. Com! s. llrii-lic- and t'eih, ai'apliM in tne approaching eaon. rlannei, low and FullCIoih. Skin- and Hide.-am all kinds of Farmer' prodm-e ro.eive.1 in payment. Call and tee. S. B- Bin.r.ii. B,rlingon,Oct.29'.h,lbll. MARTINA. SEYMOUR. Burlington Nov, 11, 1841 QTRAYED from the subscriber, at Milton Falls, a Daik Brown Cow, 6 years oil, wiih a white stripe across her forehead and while oh the nose broad horns. Also a yearling heifer, light red. with a white face, white on Ihe end of the tail, whoever will return sal I caitla or give inmrmntion oy letter to Hie suDscnoer snail le nonorat.iy tewaracn. TIMOTHY .MAINAUIJ. Cloak Trimmings Fringes S Ik and Mohair, Tringes, for Shawls, Silk nnd .Merino nnd Bor dering Gimps and Crteniel for working. Silk 'I wist, for working reticules, a new article. Silk Reticules, Bead Bugs, ur.-t s and money bag Silk Shauls, Scarfs, Cr.nats and ll'd'ki, Silks for Dresses, new style Thread Laces, Insertions, Ednincs Footings. Bohinetls nnd ottun Laid Grecian Wirenctl, Rail Road, do. Silk Vilvcts for Trimmings, do. do. for Vests and Men's wear Coal and Vet Trimmings Velvet fis'd Coat and Vest Buttcns Also. Worsted and French Goods, Purchase1 before the new TanfTi f 20 per rent. Remem ber that "0 per iclil is worth saving. Printed r'iixonysand Alpnrbss . Challys, Plain and fig'd Mciinoesf Very Circassians do. do. Bombazines C Superior. Mousilinede Laines Lintns, Diaper-, Hhretings, Table-Cloths, and nil Goods of that description, 20 per cent saved. We now offer a more ecneral and complete assort ment of theabove description of.Goods. than ever be fore, bein" nware thai n new Tarifl'of 10 per cent was about to b'eimposed. We purchased extensively and inn a 'ord such Goods, cheaper than we eould other wise have done. Call anil examine tor yourselves. Likewise a new nnd lull supply of Broad Cloths, Beaver, nnd Pilot Coatings, Cnsimercs, cV Satinetls. Oct. 11, ISll. bOVKl.Y C HUIII.IIU I. At the Now Cash Htorc. Wo are now oneninu a New and flbmdid assert- ment of Goods just selected with reference to the wants of the People, consisting of I renrh J h-i riaid .sjiiawls English & I Pbinv Oress H'd'ks American J Silk Shawls I'ombatincs Merino do Alpines Ilroche do. Mcriuors Italian Cravats M. D. Laines (Fash'b'c) Flagg H'd'ks Silks of every style new and comp ete assortment of Broad-Cloths', Cassimcresand Satlinetts.und Vcstings, Flannels ic Also, a large assortment ol Uroccries, 'leas, ores. cry nuahty, Sugars, aioiasses, I o 'ee, Vc, ore. all ol which will be sold very low for Cash. JAS. P. WHALING f-Co. ' A CARD. H.TESSRS. PANUUUH.'X Ct DlllIa.'iAi oes IVlleave m announce Ihe .ale arrival ol one oi ine i--. fi..T hnvmi? vi.iied many of ,he mo-t ce'el rated Waich, CI(K-k, Jewelry, Cutlery, Perf miery and Fancy uoous ijannijciurir. in i-ns-rpi'i-i, a. lllrV,.. Manche.ler. Khirnelil. uirminsnam andl.onuon. "Vv 'ri ' ti&Z t i, fine Lever waicnes in tioiu tiuu u, -..e -; . .. .1 V. . , mat.ini. at some of ihele,-t .hops in iBsc-, " -v-:r, ;,.. ..,K England a varieiy oi naiener, u nexiinonin. !f. ..., yv have rereiveu nuns ',':'"". ' , 1 BroaW, Rings, rins, Boq.'el 0,utfsr:"u,'.l- . .... l .... li in., l,., Rndirers Sons, Wostenholmcf. Son. and I H'it ,i1"0''; ,c sor, eic.oi tne ecu mwiny. n-j . Table Covers "IRIMSON and Drab Damask Wors'rd, Damask J Linen, and Irown lal le Coverf, ly S.B.SCOTT. EDUCATION. 4 vnitXf! T.AI1V who is nnahfied to teach .Wu r v nrniz-irnr and Frmek. is desirous of obtain mg a situation in a rcspectsnio seminary or lauiny SCTAuitrees bn vi, i-osiumce, .uowrrei. October 1,1811. V7lf C.ermnn t'oujli Syrup I THlSdescrvc ly ili-liiigiiiheil medicine, together uL-iih Tavlor'. Hal. am ol Liverwort. Javne's Indan Expeelorant, Lily Syrup, Downs' Elixir, Moore's E ence of Life, Bartholomew's Pink t.x pevtorant svr ip, for sevcru eold,, eoigh, and com- n sin' t - nUKLINGTON HOOK STORE. D. A. nRAMAX, nooKsr.LLF.rt and stationck, TN FORMS hi- friend, and the pul lie generally, thaf. h,-1-ron-tantly making aikluinns to his mek of. HOOK5, of all the new and popular pul Illations of the day Irom the mo-t prominent pulli-hing houses in the eo-iniry. Hi- arranzeincnts enable him to pro cure Ihe la'e-t 'itcrary aiiracnons at an early day. Ill- pre-ent a sonment of Books tml races a very irreat variety of School, Classical, Lair, Medico), Historical, and Miscellaneous Iloritt. Aniont! ins stock will Is1 found a very great variety ef BLANK HOOKS nnd fTAT10M.HY,all of which he t enabled lo o.Ier at prices whi. h cannot fail to suit the mo-t economical. Merchant-, tvhooi I rachrr. Sc. are respectmilv invited to call and examine his SCHOOL !!OOK!"y which ec mpnes all the late popular and improved edi'ion-, in every department of learning, AUg'l-t sr, 1011, Hard Ware. A MKS' han He do. (parts, Manure xmrorks, iiaurr anu trace iviisin-, also sicii Hardware, I v Nov 12. 5. M. POPF, IT'itf JSll 'lea., Java Co ee, Logura 1. do. a'. Doininco uo. Sncar non-e tnas c, rorto itieo yrup, rre-n i;"x uai-in-, ea.sia, clove, Pulverized Loaf sugar, Loaf do. brown dp. raleratus, Ginger. Nut meff., eke: Jut receiveH. hearer than ever, hy , Nov. 1. S. U. SCOTT. 5 Fur ly Nov. 1. I'l-C.v Oi.SI'1-.AK. H TXAfi.l T.' A S H 1 O N B L E, Bonnet Sil s i. every stvle 1' and quality, lll'k, B ue JH'k and China bilks for driffcs. do. Satin for do. Sirs. Si ks and Win er Ribbons (new style,) Winter Ailificial Flow eta. Vtlvil, Ac. Ac. J. P- wliAL.NG. Oct. II, I8J1. AT S. B. SCOTT'S, P.V. .....I. k n.r.nns are nvited lo call I M0 pieces Calico. S;,ofGoUa.,.dyrec.ive,; -Jbh iv, . ME R I N U S, ApHfl Pioin, jinn r " Vi. .il:-J- Prs.nfh. Enir h and Amen- can intV;, "wm;inTed Fl.anlr, Canton do. ... ...,v.wi,.i.. Shee'in,s, shirtings, I icMna , Vv Batting, Wadding, inr. Nov; II. 6. M. POPE. BIRD'S Ey. Ru'ira and Irhh lit Nov. II, 1 mt. bv . P, SCOTT, Mtrisos, ,nn CI I. . . . . , : . I . UU uihsi-i , luiia. niuvi.-, A great variety of silks for dre-ie, bonnets, Ac. Huftalo Itobes. A SUPERIOR article, Indian tanned j Fur thick and ntavy. Pells .ofi and nliahlr will noi in. lure by. waning. For sale by II1CKOK it CATLIN, West tiue v ouri noutc equare, ourtmston, vt. Nov. 1. 1841. I ft. B. Don't j'jrcht"omil rou bin prieedibe I ill'- t II. f C.'S.- Alio Bairels and Pry Cas! LAW BLANKS. C GOODRICH has constantly for sala by the Ream or Quire, a general assortment of law blanks, printed from forms from Revised Statutes, consisting of . . Justice Writs and Executions, all kinds in use fPi.iai&i Writs County Court Writs and Executions, "J"011' Wndai Warianiry, uuu-ciaim, ana niarijisKo Chancery Bills for.forclosing Mortgages Blanks fer Depositions Administrators Bonds r Letters of Guardianship Officers Receipts Justice Appeal Blanks for Notes, Hay-Sealci, Ac. A. Augual 20 h. . 1' YMAN & COLE offer for tale Black and I jHUIi and col'd silkvVelwt. for Ladiaa' Bon and Cloak Triajminc Ala. vajhily ef s'.lk Fringes 7tt 7). Blue Dtt PLAIN and Diamond Ik-aver elolh, black, hlue,-invi-iUe green and Oxford inir.'d I road cloths. Black, blue, nux'd anddra'i Cas.imere- and sattinets j also, trimintnis for making ihe same, for sale cheap as thecheape-t, 1 v Nov. 12. S. JI, POPF. A NEW WARRANT ISSUED. THE siiliM-nbers would return thanks for the libers t" pa'ronngea Innleil ihem ly the public ami would invite I hem 10 examine the lest ic'eclion, which they' have received ol Black, lllne-B act, Blue, n-i.ible Green and Brovvh lievver Cloth-1 Black, Blue-Black and Fancy Ca-sinures and D e.kin-, tor Pantaloon, f Satin, Velvet, Silk and Valencia for Ve-ts and Trim ininrs, of all kind- and of Ihe lest quality the mirket atfurd-, and wh eh they will make into garments tor any who may favor them wiih iheir custom accord ing to ibeiron'er, er if left tn them.elves, in thu most lashienal le stylo as reported ly the I et reper'er cf iherity of lomlou and New York, ai.d wairanted to fit. As nnexpcncevvill I e .pared to ohtain informa tion monthly, it will 1 e at owe teen that on thei terms a warrant c an certainly I r given. All orders promptly executed for Heady Pay oaly, .... O. BEN'NSA SON. Phase notus 7& door Sout of the Bank, Churtli Strcst, JJurfinron, Vt, P. S. Thu e'who send orders fcr work will pleas le panic dnr in having their measure taken correctv' In en "re a oerfei-i lit. ' ti WOOL Dje, Plain and Diamcmd I'eStfer Cloth Gild mixed, Paris Diamond, and Wool Dye Blsck Caisimeres, Blur, Olive, Invisible Green, ait& black broad Cloths, satinet ts, Ac. Ac. jutt recWvwi M eomplst fvftmM(, fhap, rsry rhP, by