Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 26, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 26, 1841 Page 2
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!,rfcJolmlll;.CPU,Klllp.,l ot tton u, (J,,1"; com I had boon f.ihnihg the chad from, .mil 1 presumed to trior 1. To gnve-rnors and secretaries of to 'd hiiti t was his bus mess am Air. Forward a icrruorics m i to mi oi me uigcs i .emu urui Wamum.ton, llith Nov. 1811. To the Editors of tlio Now York 1',). press the ea mo paper my olJ friend Mr. Dwight printed a cpell ago Mb. Hutroiis : I tell'd yoil in my last letter that Capting Tyler liad gone to Virginity and that whilst ho was gone, 1 was to put all tlio Jtaiik plans Into my fnimimf-MiU, and hlow tho Wi'iToir the e'ear cum. Woll tliis Ins boon no ioul of a job I can ttdl yoit, for out of more than .a two bushel basket full oi plans, there aint more 1 than about a "ood double handful of solid clear cum left. Capting Tyler hai now got back from Vir ginny, and wlion I show'd him my liftings 'noil," rays ho ".Major your mill Ins made a small matter on't any how but is there cnuf left lor teed 1" "Jest exactly," says I, "and if we can't raise onuf from this small parcel for all our purposes then I'm mistaken." "Now Major," says Oapt i"2 TyJor, "I should like to know y:ir notion. about this matter, for wo have got all other things in a good train except this plugy money in.ilter if we can onlv get that going right the wo can say to all creation all tho Ileitis are planted anil if Proi idoncc smiles on us wo glial' have good crops." "That is a fac'," says "and if you will listen I'll toll you a story in as hort order as I can." Tho Capting tool; hii ::oso right at me, and there is one thing I have particularly noticed in tlio Capting, which is not the case with moat folks and that is, which c r way his now pints it is a sartin sign that ho ool,s that wav, so there is no mistake about it Il'oil, in the first phc, we settled the bu pines about tho origin of mwy, how and why it was invented tir.t iron money, next brass and epper mo.iey next silver and gold money, and how in the process of time and dii'irins rind mining, iron monev got out of fashion, nor. brass and copper money, and now in I'ligland even silver money, as a "legal lender;" hut upon tho whulu, as vet, that silver and gold are af the present day mnn-y; but there is no tel ling how mon, by science and digging, that oven one or both the.-e metals may not be found ho abundant as to make them tO' common for constitutional money, or what folks call ?!.- urcs of mlw just as iron, or bras? or copper have become. Well that being settled, wo ne.t examined into paper m nicy, how that was in vento.l being a rcjirmiitnlire of money tint is, a kind of monev that not only represents gold and silver, hut huiscs and farm? and wheat, and pork, and beef, and thipsnml merchandise, and everything ol.-e in creation, called property. "Now," say3 t, "Capting Tyler, keep your noio to this pint, (for as I s-aid afore, the Capt ing's nose carries both his eyes and cars along with it, and tho Captin's nose is an ahniglilly nose, and the D.ike of Wellington's is but a plug to it,) "now," says I, "over since paper money was invented by the great ihmocra'ic parly of citation, who insisted tint industry and property was as good, and should bo represented as woll, as mere gold and silver, they begun a veto war between money on one side, and pro perty and industry on tho other, tint i, money wanted to got hold of a: much properly and industry a- possible, and property and industry wautuJ to get hold of hn much money as pas. eiblo each of course tryin to depreciate the other." business to seo to tho planting on't. 1 have lor.o my work in fanning off tho chaff and now they tmisld i theirs, and if they did not know how, then to lot "Wis People's dnigrc-f do it that the evil upon tho country had past off from Hie rnrcslly and unpopular Hanks and got down among tho "popularity" itself and this made a now question on I, and had nothing to lo with YcttM as it onco had for it had reach il a pint that a Veto could not cure or remedy.'' lud hero I loft the matter and now if you want to know mora about il, I refer you to Capt- ing Tyler's next message and .Mr. Forward s I'rcuuiry report, and if you don t lind it thoio, then louk lo Congress. And in the mean tune f you want to trade safely, borrow ice in August uid agrco lo return tho taint qwinlily in Ja nuary, lor every otlier bargain is unsartin till Cov eminent docs something to settle this money question. lour friend and fcliow-citizsn, DOWNING, Major, &c. etc. etc, Prom the Newark Dally Advertiser. I.irnT.ll lnOMGKXKRAI. SCOTT. Tho following circular loiter from Major Oencia1 Scolt has been handed to us for publication. Il Ins bec-i diawnfroni him, wo understand, by Idlers from v.uious parts of ihuUnion, including nil plications from citizens of New Jersey, asking his opinion concerning the politics of iho day. WAsnisoTON, Oct. 25, 1SI1. (lenilcmen : I have lately had tho honor to re ceive many Uttcrsf.oin ns many diffcicnt "tales, each propounding, on the part nfthe writer and hisucigh bir, nearly tho same political interrogatories to which answers -arc rei) csicil. The scopcof tho inn dries is a Maiicting nroof of iho interest that sonic of my countrymen take in the opi nions ihal l nave lornieuon eci lam great principles ol abiding importance to the success of our systetnsof "nvcrnmrnl: and as I have nolhitiL' to conceal. il'nolh- ing of value (o comtnunicale, I shall, al once, wim- out policy or reserve, aim mints ur.n ola circular, comply with their several request-. 1'arhj I'nllttc. Although fiom early tninhood, 1 have, by the profession ot iiinis, in Iho defence of country! been tliinvvii out of the arena of party poli tic, yet I have iwer ceased to bean nt'cntivcnbsor vcrof public events, and thus, I believe, time has scarcely been n discussion of mntrient in Coivrrst, williin my lime, on which I diil not form, and mo destly but firmly, express an opinion. A ui"ro youth, 1 fill the liveliest j y when tho alien and K'tliiinn law expired in the t riutii pit of Mr. Jut-fors-on. I'rom l0'i, I was old enough, by pioch and pen, to cnllfor a irompl and energetic redretsof our wrong- siilljred from Ciicat llrilam, timlet herordois in Hoimcd i the attack on ihoCllie.-.ipcnko fiisnkMiid long eontinU"il impressment of o rseainin ! and when the u ami I sl'J at len-'tli canie, I was jimm; the lir.-l and longest in iho presence of ihe foe. The iniilts received from llie rreuch Direclory tlieir depreda tions on our eomouree, renewed nndjr Napoleon's decrees, (llerlin nnl Milin) which f'llowid tlio l!ri- unlers in i.onneil, also larao v sliareci m my ni- torncys colieclors, survejorx nnd naval officers of Iho customs, marshals, post masters, whoso com missions amount to n tiious.inu dollars per nnmuiii i, ivv nwenis i refis'er and receivers of land olHees I surveyors Reneral of lands, and Indian agents nil of Wliom nrouy law, nppoiilieil lora leriu oi lour years i but subject, by o.pre s enactment (except Iho judges) to ho removed at iileasinet 2 Ton high class of civil officers (next to the chiefs) in Ihn executive depart ments nl Wnsluugloii oilier ingii luncnonarios furiiii.o minister, secretaries of location nnd consuls t post masters, whoso commissions amount lo less linn n llioiisanil uoinrs per annum siiperimeinieni of InJian affiiis, Indian sub ngcnls, &c. ipc nllnp. ni nlpil wifl,rt!il lonilntion ns In term, vet sohlCCt 111 iracuco noi oy tiprcnv law 10 uoiuso il-iiiuvvu . pleasure, nnd X To Iho assistants allowed by law to vjiy ninny of tlio principals included above which asispnt8 arc ruuieally called t7r. some of them, uepuiics, nppraisscrs. wenjners, hun lufpLTiui-., ruu keepers linlit house kccpjvs. &c. he all npnoluled and siihjicl to removal, an iimlcr Iho sccnnil ncau. l t.m rokm v noi uer i n mvnoor onmumi a i inos! fundi Mianes (amounting lo ninny thou'sinds) or any nrtliem. noelil to bo iicriodicntlv siiptiscded bv oil- giral appoinlnunls I If yes When r And iCita patt oniv n men i Wnlnvo.seen thala frreat iiumlier of offices arc fill for a turn of vears, and more witliout any limitation ns to term. 1, hnwovcr, can draw no lino of just dis tinction between the claims of the two classes upon thel.'ivour or country or government. Prv'onsiniT. lint re-rular iterodical changes in the sub ordinate servants of Iho country, merely for the sake oi cuange, wo mi necessarily sweu cxcciuivepairon nire. nlreadv too lunch swollen. I am ohlinid to ndc that I nnro than doubt, on oilier prounds. the policv and justice of such chances, t. Ilecntise, for the able and uroinot nxceiilion of noblic bu.incss. much offi cial expeiieneo ofpirlictiar si. ilions. is known lo be iifces3irvi ltecaiiso, many office holilers, nji noinlod miflernven reeklessadminisistration. (sui-h ns m e have seen) will always, after a lime, bo found of eo'n l iuusirv anil im lines : iiccnusc. iiL'nin. pome m ly bo found in a sl ito of honorable jioverly, the r suit no less of stern inlernilv. than of a Ion? and ereliisivedjvotion lo the interests of iho public, nnd 4. ihcut-o, to remove such sci vanis or nnc in re ap point them, at the end of a term would not only dis coiirouc successors is a faithful discharge of duty, but co'ild not fail lo outrajo the moral snns of entire coininuni ies. I speak on this bead, from what 1 wiiuessed, in 1939-30, of llie cnul experiment, on n lar,'e scale, then made lit on llie S3iisil-ililies of the country, ami tlio mischiefs to the public interests which eirly ensued. What I would, therefore, humbly ndvise, is, this : To turn out. not only on a chnngeof President, hut in any and every week of the year, all office holders known to he deficient in either honest capacity, or in dustry, and to appoint, in their stead, men known lo poss-s? those ipnhlies, Without an anxious alien lion lo ibis rule, a government of Ihe people, resting nt, virtue nnd mtclhe:iMice. cannot lone bo successful ly inaiulamu! : for a blind or vici us distribution of en irinous palronngo would soon by the force of the bights! example beat down all thai is touglit in ihe Church, tliescliooi-nousc and nio uouege. One Pruldtntlnl term. Oflheeiybt chief magis trates, that precieded General Harrison whom a na tion yet mo irns iho first, third, fourth, fiflh, and seventh, picsidcd over this union, respectively, two succe-i-nc turns: the other three, bin four years carh and every one of tho e.igh', whilit in office, became a catid.dntc for a second term, Icon i'er tliesubhine example, set by the father nj his country, in declining a third election which has b -on duly follows 1 by lour popular Presidents, and wudd no doubt have been observed wilh eipial good I faith by lb- oilier thre, under liko circumslanecs ns eslaohsliing a barrier against a (Aim term, as nn ofneasein the Middlesex Hospital, the rciuU o I Uanlt," unless they coino from the groat vaHey which Is linpor an 10 uio meoieai i oi cssi o fl, M j 0 nccolllit of the His- man was admitted inlu that hospital nboul fix lu.urs ,w ,i t..,,t. ,i nftcr having taken nn ounce of laudanum (containing lance of agricultural intercourse, Uio lengtli anil 26 grains ol opium) At the time of ndinission ho wr,s l)reaith of tho trade of tho tillers of the soil, apparently lifeless ; Iho surface of Iho body wascolil , -1.i it,!D ,,cttnM c'miilenanecpalcand livid, lip.purplc, pupils conlrnc- from Pittsburg to Now Orleans, this micstion ted to a mere point, respiration scarcely prcei puuiu. ovcr r,(cg nl others. uilso inrcliy to no lell. I no lauununi was rcmoyeu ii lb,, stomach. tiiniin. hut. in snilo of every exertion mit ts n t t im rt? et? jnril Iho pnlso becaino moru unircnucnt, and wnsnl times lllLmulu wl imperceptible, when rcconrso wns had to electro- ... , i . ,t. ...J .!.,.!-,- 1..1 , - f a...l I II Crx n ,n ...tit. T, ,-iitIo iwl . WHS. tllO niagnensin, vviiien was iippneii i,y nitniia u, on...,. tiunuiui ... , in. un jj..,,, - - baitcrry, with cod and contract-breaker. Ono wire . i10..ijn -.f-,, nl,n nrlirln in il Into was applied to the neck, and Ihe oilier to tlio region UlKing lioailing ol nil lllilo arllCIO 111 a of the heart olirigastrium, nnd by llieso a Fitccossioii ntimbcr of tllO Dumocralic HovieW, UtlU " oi very powcriui shocks was given, inogoou m- . . . i i . n i. !,! oel. urrnrnrfnhnenranl. Tho muscli of resn la- What shall WO UUOrrol ahollt," WUS tllO UUSIS verv nhnenrnnt. Iton. and thodintiliranm contracted powerfully I the e ,i,,, !..' , lt., v.,.l...l vn.,,irli.,n ni limrn """ v.,,.,... ... .j IU IV CAPiHUICtl, rCf-rilrillinil niliuiu nin tiiiY liii- l 1IU IVUVIUM uu iiu uL.v.tioiv11 iv Hiiinii vitliln iiillin fminten mcP. Tlio nutPO inmrovcd nnd a,,tl tllc CltV pi lilt, tllO .1011111.11 Ul 10111 Ijccamc more powerful, liccoining Mcady when tlic hnercc, wo boliovo, nolllillg wliatevcr to . ...!.... r.,l flnillu finni-ri.l nlmnt. Vrn nnn coo im crrnnt ilntit'nr succassrul-tliiis clear y establishing n.' inuiKxce o, f . . F..i..,i llllt unlike tlio JoUf. eieotro-inagnelisni under circuinstnnccs liilbcrto ecu sulcrcu Hopeless. lion Alias. MOURN NOT KOR MH. Mourn not for me. nor crievo when I am dead, When from these earlblv bonds this mind Isj free! When I shall rest this weary, aching head, I.uw in the bdent grave, mourn not for inc. Mourn not when I am gonoj I seek, with joy, A rcst from earthly toils and hitman vvoci There's joy socurc, there's bb'ss wilhout alloy, In the bright worlds lo which 1 gladly go. I would not cause ono thought of grief, or gloom, I wo ud noi thai one tear tic sued lor moj Kor I shall txtcelly rcsl within t lie tomb, Heciro from ill, from tin nnd sorrow free. And my glad spirit quick shall wing its way To woi Ids celestial, pure, nnd heavenly fair. Where joy beams brightly in eternal day; O, do not mourn for mo when I am there. Wisli mo not back lo earth t its joys are few, And oft the sorrow-bodinrr cloud of enro Rests dnrklv o'er us, with unwelcome hue i fsliare Mvurn not, nor wish mo back carlh's giicfs lo FRIDAY MORNING, NOVUM UER, 2(5, 1811 '"r""1"- "I""'""" .,,l.l , Ifi, ., r,., In Ihn n, nl, it 111- ailmmistralionsni .vir. .Miulisou and .vir. .vion- i,r " , , , . ;;, , i io hko lb it of .Mr. Jelllrson, In ', in tln-ir respective 11 " 1 not C'-'""l " ie-pectfiil to th, , co- periods, mv humble, but heVrtv approbation audi! ph'. or olhervyiso proper in a candidate 1 solicit n , ive ever suicecensVed .Milling in wilier but tho s lie favor on a ;.Wge, .that ieleeted, he will not accept mid iillie true duly of (ioveniniont, whoso duty it is to protect alike Ihe owners of monev and the o.uwMof property and industry and industry boinjj ono and the same lliitiy, for industry creates property ')" Hero we brolie oil', as it was (retting late, and went to jlecp upon it, and I would advise folks generally to d i the same tiling, providing they think well over the matter, and understand it well before reading further. Well iho next day wo turned to agin and wont over tho whole matter. As history and facts toll us how at ono tune when all was snug and all branches of industry was working along smooth ly, Korcrnwnt losls a notion to let folks mmiigi: tho, r own . .per money, and broku up the old balance .vliu -i and then ho.v tit i'cs It ml;., and .States themsolvcs all went to work miking an p.tra batch of Dills and Iionds and all kinds of "prumi' lopay" and all considered as money and then of course Inw 'liir'i properly got for laud and wheat and pork an 1 wages and all, Mill and mut rise in price just so fir as you cheapen money by making it too plenty and then how (ioveniniont gut alarm'd and issued tip ' Circuhtrs and wouldn't take any hind of money buj; ltl mm"tj and smash'd away against all banks and paper money inakcrs.bill, bonds, notes and mortgagee uid brought a a bushel measure right down to a quart pot calling every man a r.tscally spcrulaiur who got caught on iho wrong side of tho fence. .So that a good many folks win did not keep the run of things wore like a una wlm borrowed ice in Ja nuary and agreed to pay it back in August but government folks who held fat offices didn't feel Ibis an much their pay was the sumi in g,iM .md nf c.nnrsj the more valuable gold became tho bettor f r them. Why, nays I, Capting Tyler, if you bring all hind of properly down to gold and silver, and measure it by that standard alone, and liavo no other kind of money, then I say, giving all the property in tho Union its fair chance, you could with ono year of your wages (which you have a right to take in gold) buy more property than you could shako n stick at. Now is tin! fair and reasonable ! Is it right and jut that this war of iiwifj against prjjirrty should go on till il gets to tcalpmg, or shall tho whole People by the duicrinacnt put a slop to it and bo adjust inaltors that "properly owners" and";i Miry oiciv en" shall both have a f lir chance ! If a man buys a firm and pays half down in cabh and mortgages the balance, and (Invent inent adopts measures that chauges money mat ters suddenly, and when pay day comes ho lln Js what was worth a dollar is not worth ten cents in "Constitutional money," away goes his farm snd lie is a beggar, ami just so it is with every body except tho shaver and the fat office holder. Thin might not to bo so and must not bo i-o. It is tlio duly of the (Jovcrinnont to prevent it and if the VtmitUution don't say so In to many words it only shows tint tho wiso folks who made it did not think noces.-ary to add to whit it does say that it was tho object and end of the l'coplo by their Government to make themselves as happy and prosperous as ihcy could. Tint is wUat I call an honest and fairconstruction of all doubtful pints. The country, rays I, is now in trouble. Koine of the States can't pay tlieir jnt debts b:causp ho people of llnso States are jrimVthoro is rnperly enuf and industry ouuf all ready to ike a flea-bite of the Mis, and instead of 'f'lig tho Fciitn of tho world, or that part on't wo t, wo are able to put the boot on Ihe other , just .! easy stoiay to, And with that I ora part an I llie ilism inllin.' or our .vivv, Ilia gun bo it system of defence tint followed, and the inde finite" embargo, which, crippiug us for war, by ties, iroying our commerce and finance, and oppressing agriculture, wai lo'i' c mtiuucd without roJressing onooutiagr from abroad. I give ibis little s'tc tch of the growth of my party fechngsor opinions iiinmp'irtaut, perhaps, except lo inysell anj a lew par in menus, lo nuvv that, il I have navcr b;eu a federalist, in tiny parly sense of the I Tin, S) neither have I been a .f.ieobiu, nn tm nrit'tica'iti; or ab-itractioni-t, in any .ctisc vvlntcvet b.ilahviy- nn old fashioned r"pu!diean, devote I to the s ippirl ol lavvnn t order: a democratic Whig, just as all in lam ly hid Ira'n Whigs in llie great struggle for n ui nnl fre"doni an I iudepence. 7'ic ,iti try i'rom .in early and long continued su Iv of elem.'iilary law, my mind has otr been im bind wilh deep reverence for lite II 'noli State and I' ; an in bpen 'en! department in our system of giYcrnment, an I which, holding neither tlic l' Mrorrupt, n ir the .Sword to Unify, addresses itself onlv with the until force oT persuasive reason, to the intelligence and virtue ol" the whole cotninunieaty. Hy I'm I' utitu'ion, everv po-iblo safeguard is provided to shield its Judiciary against lie 'ting pro j'l he-, politic il rancor, and pat ly di pendence, to which legislators an I the Incentive are. unavoidably, directly an I constantly expisjil. Hence, "lo the oiic Snpre na Courl" is wisely extended (by ".ipp. Hate tuns lie ion") "all eis"s m liw nn l ninny, nri-iug undirthis tVi'luiil'ion, the laws of the I'niled Stales and treaties made, or which shall be made under their authority." I.oikiii'to this express provision, ! have alwavs held that when doubtful rpi'"itions) arising under iho i.onlilutinn I's'll, uio supreme law ot Iho land ; un ib'r an a 't of Cin jress or a treatv. hid once been so le nnly iidiinhcaled bv thai f'ourl, the jtriiiciphni the d vision ought to b i taken, by all, as dtfriitively "ti lled : unless, ln Pia it 1 iip'in a re-hermi before the same tribunal. This appears to mo too clear for dis putation i for the (Jourl is not only declared to be sii iircic, an 1 henco there can be no bench bevond Hi but loTJongress i- only given the power to con-lituto inferior tribunals. Ily appeals to the S.inreiue f'oint n settlement wa,s intended to bo readied, an I anar chy, through n long di-traelion of tho public mind, on great (iii03tions , f legislative and executive power, thus rondcrid niiji jssihlc. Practically, therefore, for ihe people, an 1 especinliy ilieir funciiomiies, tmlctiy disiiiib, or iinnii -'Il principles thus eonstit'iiionally es tablished, strikes ni'-as of ev.l exaiup'e, if not of a diiect revolutionary tendency, excep', indeed, in the case of n judicial decision enlirgin power anil against liberty; and any d lii'rerous error of this sort can be always easily corncted, (and s,o Id only bo coircc' e I) !iv on anien bnent of tho Constitution, in ono or tb-nn I 's pr 'scribe I ly that I'lMruinenl itself llie opvmio law of the State nnd III" people. 7,Iiscons truciiiin of law, oilier than th i Constitution, arovct ni'iru readily conected by ainendatoiy or declaratory n ts of (Jon jress. t'ht lirntttiec Win. Tliis by the trainers of llie t'onsiituiion, could onlv have hicn desiyn, d I, To cinblo Iho t'li.'sideni lo d, fend hisnwn lightful powers agani' t usurp inons on uio part ol i.:, ngir ss i. To mole linn to 1 iilnil otlier legislative intrauii 'iisol the Constitution : and 3. To guard Iho e'ountry against otlier acts oi nasiy or vioiciu h gi-iau in. Jl a iiautiy possible io conceive a caso nncer tlie first or second of iliee heads, against which the Ju diciary- the balance wheel of the system docs not all'ord, of itself, nil ihe securily lint the people can reooire. I t. t vvuiio'ii inn proiccuon oi eiiner tne lieneii or ihe Veto, would the executive department, (heconio so suiicr-judieial of late years) be too weak lo 1 dfil the -iricllv executive funetious for which il was more par ticularly created ) Or rnllier, would not ihut de partment still be ihe most powerful, for evil, in the government ? " The prc-id 'nt is under tha checks nf tho constitution mil Inw, ligimouy mvesieii w it u uio power it th Svvoid, nnd he has again bad thai of tho imrse alo The Homes of Congress, it is true, lay 'nxes, for iui' potts nnd rcnidatu the sales of Ihe public domain ; bul il ishe (lliro bu nuents) who handles 'he juociols. I'rom 1.13 lo 1R.W (to say nothing of i lie pro-cull In alone nominated an 1 di-misscd .all the nmnts who n second nomination. It looks too much like a bar gain lenderc 1 to oilier nspirints ;yitld lo me now ;l s'nill ksoii tte one "t tonr wni: loo niiicn ni.o mo intprcRt that sometimes irovems iho Caidmals ih ciiciee of a Pope ninny voling for ihcinsche- lir t. and if without success, finally for the most sup erennuated in order that the election nnv the soon er come rouml again. 1 am, However, in liivour oi nn fitiicmlnicntnf tho consiiiniion. in one of iho forms nrcscnbbe I declaring, that no citizen shall be eligible nt reelection to iho l'residencv. and also, of nn ex tension ol the term to mat ot a senator a pirioa oi six years. Atrrnrii of the President in tezKlalitin. I am per su idod tbaltbis should bestrictlv limited. I. To the vito. ouali ion a. sirirestcd noove. lo the coin maud of tbeeonsrunlion "he sliall from lime to time rove to ihe Louirrcss inf irniation of the state nnd th Union, nnd icccoinincnd to their consideration such nas ires as he shall judge necessary and expedient,' and i. To furnishing, through the nppioprialo ox ee ntiveileinriioeiit.s, such details for Hills ns nnv com iiuttce of either Hoii'uof Congress may specially tall loi. heading measure of the talc extra Session nfCon-cco-lf I hud Ibehonbi of a vole on the occasion, it would lnvo been raven in favor of tho land distribu tion Hill, llic bankrupt lull, nnd the seconl Hill for c'ciiing a dscal corporation having long been under cmv e on that, in peiace, asm war, s nncthingcfTic cut in Ihe ii.ituro of a bankoflhe Unucd .States, is not only "necessary and proper," bin indispcnsiblo to the succcsslul opeiations ot the I n asurv, as wei as to many of the wants of our coininerco and currency. Se re' or oath Lound societies. I have not been member of tho masonic lodge ill thirty odd years, nor n viitnr of any lodge since except once now more llinn .sixteen voirs no. Theienro. at matt Acada- nif s and Colleges, as is well known, associations of students, tutors and profess irs for literary purposes. Ji IV. lor aught mat l Know, Twenty-eight years ago I was one am! their nuii nigs, gencJill inav be secret. present with such an association, and never since and 1 have, within live years, received many llallcr- notice3oi my having ocen enroll, d as an nonorarv membcrofns many such associations. I nm sorry to be reminded that, by some strange neglect, I have .ileal to one oi tnoao iionouraiue uiunc lions. I'mal V I am askol no'mnate t as a candidate forl'iAnr' lidcwti iroii'dwju uc-evl the nomination itl' leave re ,ec io v io icn v 1 nrov i f o. i ai be not required lo renounce unv niiueitdo nri'fessed -1 ai : . . : ..: ' ,Ul'l, V. .MY 1 H OIL ipif,, HIV I Oil VlCIlOll S, Honinc: that von, wdio have dona me the honor invite ibis irencral rcnlv. mav. w itli ihu nullioiii.. 1 ciiablul in a vcar or two lo lix on .some olhcr citien ns your candtdalo more worthy, nnd therefore more lil.e y to conciliate the uui'oriiy or popular suurn ges. 1 rcnni'i, reniiciucn, Your friend and fellow ciiiren. WINi"Ii:i.l) SCOTT. hrpl as well as thoso who colleciid, dislribi.tcd nnd ibsi ured Ihe public revenue. I he apothegin mal. n t wdr erfculur t ice rare not xrho (ire iionr Icaisla tor- has a fiijhlfiil npidieition to such snuill ngents ami tho inimenso treasure tiiaianuuauy passes llirougl iheir bauds ! The lapid increase and spreal of population ; llie glow Hi or national wealth, tns amount e,t revcinio col lected and d sbutsod ; tho new illations (by the ex tension of commerce) wnh foreign countries i the ad tional appointineuts ni no no aiw aliroait i llie mini br and value of contractsall constanilv and neccs sarilvon tlio ini rease ; a general decav in morals, perhaps as gr 'at in Congresi as elsewhere i the habit lint wo nave seen prevail miring seveial I'resiilriitial terms of filling public olhVcs with bul little or no r'gird to moral staiiduig have, taken together, al readv oaen-1 to ilio bead of ihe government dementi ofpovver and corrupti"ii wbieo it was for the fr.iiuers and niloiters of the constitution to f jrese or to conceive, vv no, ni ipnl uistnnt ilay, lor exam nl. ever dreamed of thes'iectacle which have recent ly disgusled every honest ciliyen j if post masters. mail coiurai inrs nun ngenis, nnn c-tisua taKers coy. erinr the lind with government pamphlets, bnndbdls nnd extra irv.i'tles, suffieicnt (if read) losan iho mo rals, public nnd jirivate, of an enure geiieraiion of Ihe ciisloiu house mercenaries in tne large citu s, liv ing on thu public, nglecling every duty for party incctjti-s and the polls, nud lendering lo power the most urine wormy servi-es. hi district Aiiorneys ond Collectors, rambline: missionaries, defending fvery nbusa of office their own tho most indecent in or der to maintain power in tho band of tlieir patron 1 All win lnvo relhctod on llie furegoinz facts inul be ready to afrirmtlnt JLcrmlire jiitrowrit "hns in creased, i incrftfintr, nnd ought In be diminished." 1 hope then, nv an early nmomliinnt f tlio cunli tution, to seo n reuuciioii or tho Presidenl s veto. 'I'll refutation of patronage would nrniirrtv ful'iiw. Tiierc can h no good reason vvbv il,n icm tl,onl,l not bo overcome by n bare majority in eidi House of iMugress ji nit me meiiuiers i lecieu lo n say, for the benefit of relleetion, nllheend of tcinhvs from lbs return of tho bill. An amendment to this clfecl wonlil still leave Iho rresuleni -tho cenernl trnrescn

tntivo of every Stnlonnd disiriet, nrniesl wilh tho voles ot all Iho memiiers, niiwnt nl inomenl, Irom llie res. peciivB Houses, nml ilitro vn l ,'ilw.i) s lie some mem, anseni irom ooin PICTUKi: OF THE SOUTH AND WEST. Wo in New-Knglanil know but littlo oft nnl, wo seo enough to quarrel about, nnd presume the day is very far distant when there will bo no bone of contention anil no division of oninion umontr us. It will not he before the Millennium at least. A serious question between England and tho United States is that growing out of the right of search. It is no new question cither, nnd and has already been tho subject of a long nnd expensive war. Tlio right of search was the groat question of llie war of IM'J, nnd the treaty of Ghent unfortunately passed over tho vexed question witliout a settlement. The outrage of England in claiming authority ovcr subjects born within her dominions, if found on board of Ameri can vessels, was not repeated after the war, hut tlio claim unfortunately was not given up. A new controversy now exist, in part involving the same principle, and in par making a new issue. The richl of search is practised as before, but for a new purpose, and so extensive has the practice become that it has aroused the pride and indignation of many of our people. The call for redress is indeed a general ono, and wo but seldom American minister nnd Lord I'lilniorslon and establishes n military dynasty, anil calls upon this subject, which will meet the public it centralism, ho is found to-morrow in tlia eye ns soon after tho meeting of Congress ranks of his oncrenes, because lie beliovos as Resolutions can bo introduced and that side iho most popular, and abusos with adopted calling for information. Liko most hitler invectives the adherents oftlio causolio of the correspondence of a Diplomatic chat- maintained yesterday. Tho incentive- of actcr, whero nn important question is at is- fiat", it says, will not operate on him in tlio suo, wo learn that the words aro smart and case, because ho knows that so long as wo tho ideas lofty. They wore but words, how- remain inactive, ho may talk to his peoplo of over, and how many of them aro written, nnd tho recovery of Texas, and do nothing low of what purport, wo shall know hereafter, nrds its consummation, pleading the cxliaus fortunately for us a cliango of Admimstra- toil stale of tho national finances ns an es 'tion al homo is a changoTur the better. Wo cuse. And policy would liavo a directly havo a President who will study our Fore- contrary effect from tho ono indicated, as ing Relations wisely, and act up to his duty nothing is so popular now in Mexico as the firmly. Hu lias, loo, tho clear head and crcat recovery ot lexas, and notliiiiL' so unnonu- loarning and sagacity of a Secretary of State lar as a recognition of its sovieignty. second to no man as his official adviser. At in Ins recently published letters, he tells home wn ore, therefore, as it were, fore- to Mexican people that they havo been in- warned and forearmed. Abroad, also, wo re- suited by the Texan robberson tlieir coast, gard the change of parties as favorablo lo a without tho ability to drivo them away, and wiso isstio ofoxisling difficulties. "ATory holms advanced &,KJ,UUU ol Ins private funds ministry in England, and a Whig ministry in towards the purchase of a N.avy, and tho In- the United States,-' is tlio only kind of min- tclligonco argues that so time-serving a man istry that can bo relied upon to do justice to will not dare, on his accession io power, America. vvnatevcr ins disposition may oe, to opposes the popular will. FOREIGN A R. R 1 V A L. There cannot bo a doubt, it adds. I 1 1 men ttrltfi n rn irnimintnil il.-. -1 Tho intelligence ofMcLcod's acquittal, "IT" " , . ' "c V "r , , . , , ofthc man, and the feolinns of t ho neon o of .Mexico, that no acknowledgement will evor and also of Grogan's rclcaso, had reached London, nnd afforded tho highest satisfac tion. 1 he report ofthc trial is published at largo in tho papers. The Styx steam frigate, having on board Correspondence of tho K.xpress. Washington-, Nov. 17. In loss than two weeks, tho members of Con- gross reassemble in this city, in what mood, and with wliat temper to discuss public allairs, we coon sliall see. The Whig parly is wiser open a newspaper from any section of tlio than when it met vetoes with a manifesto, and Union, in which there is not a complaint peri.aps us iieausiiave learned something Willi- C0U,ej i, a cal for redress. Those calls in tlio last ninety days. Ifso, and if profit comes wo know vcrv wc nre mucl, m(jro casiy by experience, what we have lost can bo very , ,, . ,,,,, ,v easily regained. If, however, wo so to makinn """" . . . J 7 . ' residents, or to prevent Presidents being made """'ever, iu snow vv piio.ic o, on there is a very lame class of voters called the ls alulm 01lr country law makers arc not 'eople who will "head" us all as well as "Can. long in Imiling out that the will ol the people tain Tyler," for a long while to come. They is tho supremo law of the land. We arc will be very likely to look on, and see "iho however, neither alarmists nor panic makers great men Imock their own brains out, i)Ut ,1Q onv wnv to prevent a real dan-rcr is mi !. .,. w "rouS" lllc cxira tcssl011 nl congress was ln i. nronarej ,0 mci!, :, uiiu ui uncommon interest io tne country, tne ,,,,, ronl ,iin",rlv. r,,r.,;,,r, n. nf il.n Inmr aocclnn ,,p,i,ilcnii I., l,r, ,ml In.. . n ''l.tu J b O long session, beginning in December, will prol ahlv n.vlnnd In dull'. It is In nnon. nc nciin with "abolition," and "abolition potitions,"which causc 01 llie practices oi ingi.inu. it is , rcss, with fair prospects of success, for a pi) subject is now the proscenium of the play.' stated that the cause of tho difficulty has amalgamation between the moderados he famous tilst Rule, it will be rcccollected, grown out ol the Ingli-liamlcd course pursued aml t,0 Carlists, to bo ccmnnlcd hy a mar was settled lor only one session, which is over; by Great lirilain under tlio convention or ' rairC between the son of Don Carlos and and therefore the whole matter conies up anew, treaties among several European nations for ,i,u young Queen ; the Don formaly aband in ,u. a on ncui. a way to seme as ono can tllc SUppression of the Slave Trade. The ollinr al pretentions to the throne in favor of ""-' "'"! ""' Government of tho United States did not i I,is ofRpriiic Ktrnoirtl, tn rnentvrt llir. i,nl!lt.,j !ll,r,,,, ll.n . ... lo ., ., . , , , .. choose to enter it, because it did not wish to Southern W bigs, and the I.oco l ocos vote anv , , ,. , ,,. .., ,i ,. ... ., . ., . . . become en tanc ed in any such alliance wilh anel everv wav tinnn the- malfpr. iiikI In thrnee J take place, until compulsion shall require It. iMuch curiosity is manifested in refcrenco to tho course of Santa Ana, upon his accession to power, lie lias recently professed him- Sir Charles llagol, had been obliged to re- Zwr , P? . .n m Pnri.l, ., r l,l s . y ,0 rfis'ratisn of the Federal ' fa. , , , 1 Constitution ol 18:24, and by those profess' turn to l .: 1 l i .i i oi v.uii.iui.miS iuu, ..iiu summon oilier uam- ;nn . I9I ,., ,,. .p , . , ... C" -M I ihiiuvh on.v.i;3iui. VYO u.iojiU il. lie:. ...annuo, jr. oil oimnes W3I cnn I,.... t,n,ln l, , ... r.. to re-omhark on board the Illustrious shin I. ..i. .1 . . . .. . ' in common vviiu tue many, we nave nut littlB Ul Ddl, IC.t.l. ..t.M r,. . T . c.l . , ., .-il"... Ullllll i .10 liorus 01 tue 1 raasury uavo atlinor- riUNCi: AND THE UXITF.n ktitps I7.ed the admission of rough nco from iho The displeasure of Franco ot 1 ein" nlaccd as res- U. s. at ono ,,onny tho quarter. S i,S K hTuSSi s A fpi'riti e lirn lirnkn nut in llin I nwnr nf subsiuetl. .a J'ress stales, that "o m RrB, ..n. r 1 .t 1 . r c . 1 r , 1 tciuplatcd by the P'rcneh Oovcrnmcnitoreialito unon London, on tho night of Saturday, October the tinned States for their late revenue bill by impos- (10, causing the entire destruction of the m and nig a lax upon American cotton. It was soon dis , , ,, .. .. covered, however, that such a measure would be in store House and small arinorv. wit 1 their inrious to Franco hersc f. bv forein.r lmr m liv m contents. Amon? these besides an almost deai-cr rate an article vvi h whichshe cannot dispense. 1 Luiiu.iiis. jviiioug tiicse utsiues nn almost "Thero is another iiiolc of makmt; reprisals," obser- inntmicrablc quauity oftrophies, wero no less vts ,M '. "which has been more favorably re- .1 nnn enn 1 c nn ccived, particulaily in tho seaports, and which tlio than 300,000 stand of arms. The crown government is disposed 10 adopt-namely, to Uiih- jewclswere removed in safety. The Lou- draw from the United .States the I enefit the trealjr J cone uded bv Mr. Flvdei n Vnvi .intn.t tU'jAtU don Herald darklv intimates that thn fire of June, 1822 a treaty which estnblisliro n ni.rfi.ft u -is nnl irridnnfil reciprocity in the advantages ftrantcd to cilhcr in tho French and Ameri-nn ports. We, for our part, aro The abortive attompt in Spain had been fully convinced of the impolicy ofsuch a measure. It , ' 1 would not remedy the evil it vvou'd only acgravovata completely crushed. Monies do Oca. an- t. The svstem of renris.a s forms nan ,,r ?,iol.i,m. oilier of the Icadcss, had shared tho fate o f ,c" 1 'iie p V.',;eiplirrPoItit';a,licc.on(-0,nyiH '' icih 0 1 Unapprove. It is, tn fact, clear that if we levy duties . Ucnoral Jjcon. lsluritz was taken and in upon American tialtonis the priceof frenht will hem- 01 power. Another mattsr of great importanco to tho country, apart from tho currency, is that of rais- ing, a Revenue. There is not revenue cnoimh to meet the expenses of tho Government. W ri.'ht of search upon the coast of Africa, to ' nS0. and O'Donnnll had fl.'d. It is ennfi- a"' .a.f...c "" '.s !S! Vnh 1 "!"?"- roil-1 0 . 11 ' wwu'w, ,.i,u u u.uiHui uouitn ii except in vmerica, our mind, is connected with the probable I dently affirmed that nccociations are in pro"- it follows that an mcrea-ed cipenso of freight vvoulel ' c .1 . r i" 1 1 1. . . la Kill upon the conumers.' Another lact sneaks lor itself, ffcrore the treaty or 1322 there were but 1 1 French vessels cneaci d in tho North American trade 27 American and lO'Jforeipn ; vvhilt in llie year lS3 there were 84 French ond lid American ship", engaged in the same trade." Tbxi iv r.trEDiTiov to Santa Fr. Advites from flalveston lo the 31st ult.' received by the way of Xevv Orleans, bring inlclligenco ot the arrival of tho Texian .S'anto Fo cxpeiUlion at its place of ilcltina- 11011, aner n severe journey, enu cncounicrin(r liorues of hostile Indians whom tuny had to fight through. The people and authorities of Santa Ke treated tho expedition w ith mat respect, and extended towarda mem all the Hospitalities their rudo manners are cap able of. A Nr.ono Lcctsr.ATon. They havo had somo queer doings at tho late election in tlio Hay Slate. It seems that in the town of Townsond, Mass, the Whigs, Locofocosanb Abolitionists are equally dividod, and each made a nomination for representative. As in flint State a majority overall is necesary to an election, both parties urged tho Aboli tionists to withdraw their nomination, and even proposed to unite with them on a man, who should represent either Whig and Aboli tion ; but the Abolitionists would run their candidate or prevent a choice. After two or three unsuccessful hallotiugs, the two par tics, vexed ul the obstinacy of their Aboli- 1.1 firebrand now and then, and to hold the rign powers, whereby a measure of na tional independence must nave ueen sur rendered. It is said, moreover, that it was fully adeguatc to the execution of its own laws against the slave trade, which were as prohibitory and as direct as those of any must have more loans or levy more taxes. One other country in relation to that traffic, of three things ims bo, either the repeal of What follows is from tho ltaltimore Amcr the bill distributing the proceeds of l'ublic r.. . T?r ,.. .... I ,J.M ... i.anus, an auuittonai i.oan, or a Higher 'iurilt. ...i-.m. aovernmcnt has seen fit to disregard The loco Kocos unquestionably will strike for .1 I the solemn determination of this Itepubhc. A lull repeal of the land bill: the Whigs have to ; " '"'Tucc choose between the two'' otlier modes. Upon vessels 011 the coast of Africa. It was strongly oppos- the discussion of these matters, the whole sub- cd by .he iTK,:ll r,' ject of protecting duties will bo ro-opened and 0f tho United Stateson.the subject nf tho slave trade, agitated. I aUU SO Cicaiiy UIO lie Jeo inu uiiuuuiuus u . men pin 11 1 a meas ire inu-ii mv o 1 isu uii.i ,iivn iirj uiu, The great export of specie we are now hav- passed in the House of Lords, the Duko entered his hi" the"0 import offorei"n "oods the state protest against it on the journal of tho House-. iu0 iiil ierne. nupori. ui loreij,!! goons-, int. state ....,., nssumntions of Crcat llrit.un nn tins of the iron trade particularly, and other matters I mtim am vc licit under the nr.-icxe or philanthropy, II : . .. :.- no BlroiifT n nnv dive renewed interest to the discussion of the V " UL'i,.." ..rc. ihn sl.avo traffic is to bo 'I'arifl'. Il is not probable that the People will found in her anxioiy to break up 1 he American trailc n I in cnnseoi ill"."' ,y " ever again enter upon this dii-eussion with the fire and fury of 15v!l. 1623 and IS:)'.', for the 'rariiriuiuruAis have much changed their local ities since then, but the Politicians will slorm as loudly as ever, particularly that class of Pol iticians that grow old and never learn. Tho Now Ilngland capitalists, as I understand il, aro willing enough, now that they arc catab n rival il"" .We happen to havo amaiul some prooi or lUC ICal pulley ill Ijlliilliu 01 leitl unm iu nil; piati- trade. An extract of a letter of a recent date from a highly respe'ctah'o source in ItioJanerio to a iner eliatit of ltaltimore, says ; " 1 he l.nglisti are supplying, ns wanien, gniuis ior Africa any slave denier can get nsmaiiy goods sent direct from lCngland 10 Angola on order hence, as ho A conspiracy had been detected at Bruss els, and a quantity of arms and ammunition scixed. The ultimate object of the conspir ators was variously reported some alleging that it was a republic, others a restoration ofthc Dutch dynasty. Q'Conell was elected Lord Mayor of Dub I'm witliout opposition. On being invested wan tne roDcs 01 oiuce, lie ueciarcd Ins in tention to act with perfect impartiality, and to dissever himself completely from party in his official capacity To increase tlio distress that forms so large a portion of the difficulties attending the po sition of Sir Robert Peel's Ministry, it is now said that the potato crop in Ireland is likely to prove a total failure An extensive fraud in the issue of spur! uus Evcheiiiicr bills had boon discoverd in London. from 130, 000 to 850,000 pounds. twtn lirnllinrt, illrr,,,l tr. rt'ivr. t,nn. T..II ,,, . . . ...... , iu fel'V. IIIUIII U 11.11- I he amount is variously stated. ..,.,..., ....... . .1 . . . , . ,,,, , - uiuoeiuu ivuuiiiionisi, wiuioui nnsiauo. 1 ley , ;t.r,ll II I 1 ivnitnrltf I - accordmi'ly came to an understanding unon Fir.r. in inn Tovvnu or I.ondo:. On .Vaturdav I .1 1.:..-. : . 1 .. . . night, 0,1. 30, a lire broke out m lbs armory of ,,,' ' '""i'i "o"'"ieei .1 very uiacK, nut Tower winch was 111 the magnificent budding called verv respectable old Nenro. and niarcliiinr in the polls in a body, elucted 1 1 1111 as a repre sentative to tlio Massachusetts Legislaturo by an overwhelming majority ! In Massa- tt-nnlil nnv flir. It is stated by Sir Fowler (luvton that the slave ,.n.l.i cn fir fr,,,,, l,cmr itioiinislied nnd. r the svsteni lishcd. to take the Tariffas it i?. rather than run r.f nicnonrcsndonted bv'the llrilis 1 (lovcrnuienl, is conlinually increasing, anil in n laiepeuuon 10 ram- , , " "7 :. " anient from the Association to which tho above nam- ' West the evils under which tlio South and groan. Head thu followin you can at the half suppressed, at fill out break of feeling. Tliis state of things must be remedied. The President cannot bo noraut of it, and we have strong faith that so far as depends on him it remedy will be speedily applied. Tin: ciTitni'.NCV, r.xciiANrins, Ac. A coiiiiuunicaiion in the .ational Iutellu.'encer. bv a traveller w ho not long since returned from the West, illustrates tho evils uf our unequal currency in n very slnKuig manner, nosiarie'ii wnu Virginia money whi-rewith lo pay his travelling expenses: but 011 the Ohio river his po; bets were filled wilh small notes of local lanlis or iiiiiiviuuais, receiveu in change, nnil vvorlh hllle or limbing from home, ono ibreo dollar nolo being parted with in exchange for a breakfast which, according to the traveller s account, was n' out asinueh below par ns the note. Having traversed iho interior of Kentucky wim such means as hocoulil the traveller eniciod lenncssee.and oblamcd a nolo f the .Snte Hank of one hundred dollars. 'I Ins lie was oli ised to sell oji his return throiiuh Kentucky for Clglliy uonars Jveiuucjiy inuiie-y. jus iiairanv e jno. Cecils to say : At M ysi me I ntlempted to procure irgmia money, bul filled. Al Wheeling iiliolber nllempl wo- made', liut it proved, imsuceessiiii. uovvevcr. leeiing mat llie (wi'inuc'.v monev would not go much farther. 1 ex. changed liflV dollars Kentiiil.y for iho notes of the oiiu western Hank of Virginia, nnd some olhcr sma In s. vv hie 1 iiaul mv vv iv until I rie bed I re derieUtovvii, Maryland. There I inei with diilieuliy, fur neilher llie Wheeling money nor the Kv. was current t but, as a great favor, the landlord look a five dollar (vMiee ling.) ior my tire.iKiasi nnil eliniier, and gave the change m iw ooneuoiiar noiesoi soincrenn svlvania bank, one dollar I'alliinoro and Ohio Km! road, and the balance in fiood Intuit binilalers all, according to his s.iy-so, ciirientj 'bul, having another fifty c nls of railroad scripl, I found my way lo llarpfr'l'crry. Hut tln-io thu Niirlhwcsiirn' Hank was even in worse re puto 1 ban 111 Jlarv and i and I placed in tho hands of the ngi nl 810 as a diposite, and wis Lil 1 in 1 in ,,iiii.iti-ttt, i, 111111 1 11 a 1 e 1 nn uc- tained two days in geltingtbaved Ki mucky money at twelve per cent, and Northwestern Hank nl len. Almost every traveller v, ho gees n lumdrrd miles from homo can lell a siory similar 10 tins. Tho mer chants who deal with the Ulterior nlo know some thing of tho Mate of things now existing in re-pert lo llie currency. Isitnotnii intuit ruble lliuig ihal ibis great coin-try should submit year nf'er year 10 an evil line wis, vviucii is nut ooiy niiuu, ui, i-iuinrrassing nml irotiiiit'totno in tue cxiitiiie, uui wnuii ntsu pro liiciiic of serious luses lo all classes of titlzi'tn, ? The fuel ought lo bo established by ibis lime, we think that imllung but n JNntionnl 111111K will illeetnal equalizing the currency. How ninny years longer must lln- country wait ior sueu nu iiiaiitutiou. Jlul- limorc American. iMpnurAST Mruic.vt. Diteoetnv. A ninnber of Ihe London l.anect eoiilains an interc ling iiporl the risk of great changes and an unsettled ac tion. They aro built up, many of them. In another part of the country i.gain. Tariff in 1 icrests nave irrown in smeo is.i'' vnviina and wonder if j am Xorth Carolina, for example, now have a considerable nianufacttiriiiff interests. The Cotton factories near Richmond and in Potcrs ed gentlemen belongs, wo may seo some ot the causes ot tue increase, ine loiuw nn; u.u.u:i iiuiu the petition isilirectly corroborative ot t ic tact staicu in i no Kio tie Janeiro leiicrvviucn wo nave jusi quo te li . . "That your petitioners woolil call the attention ol -onr ieir il lion, iiousceo too i,ici, urn mere irivu been formed, at different periods during the last fif the gland Store-house. The small armory with Us content-, consisting of a great quantity of arms and trophies of various kinds cuptiiicd Irom foreign ene mies, and 209,000 stand of nrins was destroyed. The budding was'of brick and liown stone, 313 feet in length and 00 feet in 1 readth, mid on the iower lloor cfitvvasthe small armory. Tho fire I roke out al half past 10, under the cupola of tho ltound Tower. The alarm was immediately spread, and great c.xc't incut prevailed. Thctowcreniriurs were immediate! v brought to the spot, and soon after other engines from n u n was wim uiincuity mat they com I no i , . , , . i teen vears. various .uioiuli vuiniMinua io una uuuuu burgare large. Negro goods they are the best .f.71i1Ur,Cai,iiaU atlhelr disposal, who carry on makers of, perhaps, for they best understand their operations in iho cmpiro of llrazd, or in the the wantsoftheirown market. All this el.a1.3a fffflKT rnn of interest and feeling will take away the power Companies : that the grca-esl part, if noi the whole, of exciting the publico,, this matter, and in "Wffi many cases give now views to public men. It such importations vvcro declared contraband, felon- id not bo disguised, however, that somo classes w. or luraticsl, aim, ns your petitioners arc 11.10 - of manufacturers will be quite broken down as ()0ricj Africans, to supplyiho wastes of mortality, or the compromise Hill goes into full effect, and to meet 1110 oilier cnge-ncic .11 meir tsiauiiiiiueiii. tint such elastps will l,i. verv clainnrniia for a "r petitioners uiuieiii iu say mat uiuttrs u! 1 , t that such Classes will be. vcr clamorous lor a ,,.;.,.'.,., aru ,lsvVi ll3 wc as functionaries higher Tarilf. l'cnnsylvauia is tho great sutV-1 in the civil service, br-vo accepted cngasjemenis in r.i. a.. ,1... : - t-. i..., cnniicciion with these comnanies. and lliev nn- in- , ,. ' , .. ', , formed and believe that such persons have been tho among the lirtt, the opposition must rely for coin ngenis employed in iho .purchase of slaves on ac- I,..-;.,,,. .,,,,np 1,. .,',ii .,,,,,,,nc,,n.,oi,i ,. 1 r.uini 01 me aanie. Hill IlltW ,W,.fc.,, IIU. ,Lll.- ,, .1, ,tl,l.Va.lU,,U,l, I v" ...- ; . , , " ' . ' ... "Vour pclitioners call the attention of your Right have crcat influence over most opposition hi,,,,,,!, L liooseto the fact, that banking coinna. uies, with largo funds at their disposal, have nlso llCell lorilieil 111 lllis LUUUirv; mm mat iulj mull l,.iv,i nlreadv formed, or arein the proceis of forming hraneh cslalilishnif nts in counlries whero the slave undo is carried on, or where slavery 111 ail us hor rors sldl exists. "Vour petitioner! grieve to say that there are man iifactured 111 this country, in enormous quantities ar il, tiliir h am known bv tho n line of 'coast troods,' which nro cmpf yed exclusively iu llie African slave trade in barter f"r human beings, and ihal ihcso form n I'onsidernblo branch of iho export trade of ibis country lo braid and Cuba, and the western coast of Airica. uTi.n mn.umpra nfllriiish merchants nnd nnnii fictnrcrs, or brnnch houses of their estabhshiuent iu llrad and Cuba, ditpose of such goods lo persons well known as trafficker in human beings, and not uiifreiincntly have, il not a Uirect, jci an iiuurcci 111 In what point of view, the administration will regard this Tariff epilation, I cannot say. I ho President is anti-Tarill'. His Secretary of the Treasury is decidedly T.iriii". Tho cat of tho whole Cabinet is rather tarilK I presume then tho rpict-lion will bo looked at as as it was iu Oen. .lachson's day, an open ipiestios, upon which men may dilTer witliout compromising their party obligations, lloth jiarties will have to look at it, to some extent, I am certain in this point of view. vv hat 11 an is to he nitmcstetl for tlio man agcinent of the l'ublic money, or for the regul- lerest, hy conditional .arrangements, in ihe guilty ... r ,, , irallic itself i and that m all cases they vend tue-h atlon of the currency, of course 1 know not, W1.j knowing iho disgraceful and inhuman oh- The subject, I believe, is now under agitation. jeel to w hich they aro to bo applied. ... .... . ...ii iiv.,i,r t.niiimncrit linvo firouii'l for knowing ihal 1 ... rjuiio certain, However, tlio rrcsiucm vv .1 j,-, in Tliis. country especially for uisciaun lli.s "union 01 11.0 purto ami swum iheshvo trade, nnd they nave reason 10 leor mat rharirud upon him so often, and seek to bo free many l.nve. been covertly prepared for ihat nefarious r .1 .1 r.i ,, if ... ., .. tramc in iiruiMi initiiuio. nun. euu eusiuuy 111 mu 1 ;uiiu lliuuu .ta ouuu as Congress will take it from him. 1 have not Iho least idea that ho will suggest any kind of a National Hank. The quarrels eif our public men have dismissed that measure as long as they are in office. What could have been easily done in the extra session cannot be done now, I doubt indeed whether many polillolana now of or.iier mdo ol the house In i(p, wing l'arty will commit thoiiiffolics tg litis issue uf "lhnk or no ll-,,v ,lili,,nrrs decidv rrurct to add. that Itnti-h subjects havo become the purchasers uf eslaies in llnzd and tho Spanish colonics, which they woik by slaves, and which they havo stocked, ciiber wholly or b, . art. with newly imported Africans, thus g.v ing the ln'iiVfil of Iheir wealth, skill aiMentirprcc to lln iniintcnanccof llieso common evils, Wo aro soon to be enlightened morn par ticularly In regard to what I'ligland has done and tho reasons of acting on tho Coast of Africa, Letters have passed between the ll l.r,-tl,fl, In im. ,,,,nn 111,. I,, ,., Il .,1 t,.n lci,i,,,,l 'I'n - It was at firrt hoped dial llie destruction might bo confined lo Ihe Round Tower, hut 11 soon eoiumuni caled to the roof of ihe Armory. Hwas soon found a iiopciessaiienipi 10 save mat uitu 'inj, anil intention was directed to saving ns ninny of the arms and va luables as possible. At 20 minutes pa si 11, the Unities were issuing irom every part ul llie root, anil soon shot un to nn alarming hcicht. At 1 o'clock tho Clock Tower fell ill wilh a tremendous clash, ("treat efforts vvcro made for the preservation of the Vvhuc Tower, nud thu Church of .St. l'etcr, which proved successful. The Jewel Tower net attracted ihe attention of the nulhorilies ; tno wunl having somewliat sliiltcel, blew Ihe flames 111 that direction, and in destruction appeared mevitnble. On this circumstance reaching the ears oftlio Governor, Maior lUrmgton, he instant Iv directed the warders 10 break it open at all risks. securo ine lecgaua aun urown jewels, nun uriugiiieui al once to him. TocD'uci this crowbars weic found to bo indispensable. Mr. Swift, the master of tho Jewel Tower, who was sent for. was found to be in possession nl the key of the outer room only, the other keys to tho e valuables being m possession of llie i-oru 1. uainncrnui un gaining nu entrance much further Uillicully presented itself in the removal 01 111c uong iron raring wain wiucii ine eiiamonus, itc. wi re surrounded. After a lapse of about 20 mi nutes it was ellectcd, nnd a most extraordinary scene presented itself, tho warders carrying crowns, ,cep tres, and other valuables of rovalty, beiwern groups of soldiers, police, firemen, and others from the Jew el Tower to tlio fiovernor'o residence, which is nuiutc nt the further extremity ofthc creep. .None, how- ever, sustained the slightest injury, nnd hy dint of most prompt exertion tho Jewel Tower itself was saved. Al 2 o'clock the firo was at its creates helitht, and nt 'Jit bcL'an to subside. Tho mam building ol the Tower was iu great danger, an I copious streams of waler were pnurtil into it irom everv tiircction, mm 11 was not Uforo I or o'clock that nil ilauger ofa fur ther i-priuil of the conflagration wis at an md. The voUio of llie property destrojed was supposed to ex- ceeu a imiioii sicrung - Santa Ana and Tn.vts. Santa Ana having been placed at thu head ofthc Mexi can Government, there seems to he a gen eral impression among tho Toxans that one of his first acts will be to recognize the mile pendence of that republic. This calcula linn founded hy some on his gratitude, by others on Ills fears, and by others again on wlici. Tho Houston Intelligencer, howev er, feels confident that he will be as much opposed to the recognition ns hu has over been, Ilis gratitude, tho editor says, is liko that of tho adder, which, being warmed Into life, stings its benulactor, Santa Ana has boon overy thing at times, nnd nothing long. And while ho oAciruns the country to-d.iyi chusetts there is no disqualification as to color, and the negro had agreed to take his seat as a member il elected. It happended however, that the polls were kept open long er than the legal time, and tho election is therefore void. A now meetim: is to bo call- rd, and if the Abilitionists hold out, the ne gro is elected. Jojin Qli.ncv Adams. The Quincy Patriot contradicts, on the authority of Mr. Adams, tho report that he had announced his intention to decline being again a candidate for election as a Representative in Congress, and savs that ho will " he ready to serve his constituents as their Representative in Cong ress, so long as they may require his services, and his health prenuts him to discharge th duties of the oflicc." Mr. Adams has recently been lecturing al lloston, on tho subject of thn English and Chinese war. We hopo his address will bo published. Lovk, Lire .v.n Death. On Monday Inst was buried at theduakcr burying ground, at the villsge o f Woodbury, (Wast Jersey,) Anna, wife of Lieut, liar ton, now at sea, and daughter of Hugh Ilollinsrshrael of Philadelphia. Tins, welearn by a Philadelphia pa per, is tho i-anio lady who, 0 few years ago married I.ieut. Harlon against ihe wishes of her parents. A divorccwas obtained from the legislature, much to. every body's surprise. , Tha lady, however, at the firt opportunity, married him again, and has ever since lived wilh him on the small salary attached to tlio ollice of aiiiidshipinan, recently advanced 10 a heulcnancv. Her father has ni'vtr since recognized her, and sho has but onco been iu bis house. On lbs lib the gave birth to a third child; and on the 5th she received a letter from her husband slating that he was about to bo transferred from his then station, anil would be placed in a situation that she would not hear from hint for perhaps ix months. Tht ex citement throw her into n fever, and she died on lb following day. Her mother, who had never ccaud 10 rhoiv a fondness for her child, was with her, nnd a few hours before sho died her father also visiletl her chamber. Dr.TTii in" Tiir. I'eiriT. On Sunday Inst the Rev 1'rcdrick Tuekciniau, of l'oughkcepsie, while engag ed in preaching to a congregnlioii at Manchester, fell dow n in the pulpit, and iinmedialely expired. Hr 1...1 -,l,,,l in ihe iniiriiine of feeling unwell, nml slated to his hearers Uiat ho did not know whether wiVmrme'rlv V her among the Melhulists. bu. r,! cverol veal''" been eonnccled wilh llie Pre. lytcrinii denomination. Ho frrvtnl his heavenly las . V wiib zeal and fidelity through a lone nnd n- mi life, nud U isbetn summoned Iu hu revs aid nl tin age ol 70 c:ils.

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