Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 3, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 3, 1841 Page 3
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T li V. M A II K E T. Wttttrn Pork Market. The St. Louis Era or 30th uit, sayst It Is staled in the Springfield Journal that it thousand pork lings can fcofiurchnsed in Taze well county, Illinois, in llirco days, it a dtdlir nn 1 n lialfpcr liundrcil. Tho same price rules elsewhere, and tlioso who arc liuyins liero do not mvo more than 1,50. It is hardly probable that much advance will 1c made upon this price. Cincinnati, the grcntcsl Pork market in the West, in the present condition of nflhirs in Ohio, in relation to her llinks, will hardly lie able to engage to any very great extent in the pur chase of pork. As tho Hanks limit withhold the fa cilities heretofore extended to iho pork buyers, tho stock will either not find a market at all or n very small price must bo paid to the raisers. Added to litis there is a very largo amount of last ycar'sjiork yet on hand ! in the city of .Vow York alone, there arc 40,000 barrels in the market for sale. Posit is selling, in ihis market, at 81,00, and but few sales have been made. The general impression seems to bo lhat it will get lower. Orcat quantities are pnssine by us, and wo hear that unusually large Dumber of hogs tiro on their wnv from the west. Lynchburgh, Cu. Republican, A'ur. 13. IS" The young Wheal looks finely in Western niua, i , .linn. niiia, 1 1 .linn. Wkeit is Belling at 70c. at Alton, 111. 81RIOTITON MAUKRT.-Mnsr.Ar, Nov. 22,1311. 'Reported for llie New England Farmer. At Maiket U0O Reef Calllc, 850 Slurbs, C00O Sheep yind 122) Swine. Psicns.Hecf Cattle. Sales were not brisk and the prices obtained last week for a hku quality were :.l t. .l:n. -ir.. i ti. n mi iiiiicu uiiucuuy cnccicii. lie quote 10 corrcs-j-ond. First quality, S3 50 a .SO 00. Second qtnlity SI 50, n 45 2. Third cpialitv, 83 00 a PI 25. Barrelling Cattle. Wo qunto ."Mess SI S3 a 41 33. No. 1, 8Jti3 12. No. 2, S2r,0. Stores. Two year oil, S3 a 315. Three year old. Sheep Dull. Wo nnliced unolol ordinary sold for fiO cents each, alo, lo'sat S3c. M DO, 1 1", 1 33, 1 50, 1 07, I 92, and 2 25. Swine. Lots to peddle, 31 a 23 for sow and -II a 4 J for borrows. At retail, II and 5J. The Ohio State Journal publishes a complete state ment of the popular vote given nt the leceiit election nn that State. The Whig majority is 2,010. t-Simmcs, the student, indicted for the murder of Professor Davis, at the University of Virginia, and who e-csped conviction by the forfeiture of his bail, 1(125,080,) ii now snug m Texas. 'This Ma -on Telegraph of tho 10th inn. says ! We 'tnarn ii-lll, llm donnou! rn..r..l fl... II. ... tl...... II Lewi", of Alabama, died recently in the vicinity of .uuuuc, ui iuiigcsuYc lever. The Huston siys tho good people of Town send, who dcctol a bla k man as their leprescnta tive, and intended to ileci him again in consequence of there being soni3 informality in the proceedings, have thouzht better nf the matter and concluded not to elect him at all. It is unquestionably a judicious determination. Dsvoted Woman. The mate of the schr. Crusa der, (in cecount of the wreck of which vessel on Squam liar, wo published a few ilavs since,) siys the Gloucester Telegraph, sustained in his arms, in the Tigging, his wife, until she perished a period of eight or ten hours. She frequently urged her husband to let her drop into the ocean, as, she mid, she was sat isfied both could not survive, situated as they were, and it.wcro better for him not to risk Ins own life in an endeavor to preserve hers. Devoted and eclf-sac-rific'ng woman who will not weep for thy file, or Tender an honorable tribute to him who to the last sustained and encouraged you. The Falmnb I.ctF. S.ul, yet beautiful, li the contemplation of the falling leaf. It is a Mile em blem of man's decay, but it is a mode which nature adopts to teach one great lesson, and true and com mon as it is, it always speaks niili m ningeh quencc. 'The world aivljits bustle and noise, mny sccin to in- f:ross the whole at'ention, but the wilheied, leaf fal ing silently at one's feet or driven in the fi fni blasts of Aut nun hurriedly by, will sometimes call up the recollection that he to i $ mortal, and that the frost of age may one day drop hiin as silent'' into his ?rave, nr the breath of the AlmigliW waft hm as uirricdly into eternity. Contact wilh lb" world may drive the thought fiom his memory, I ut it ii nut in vain that nature teaches any of her great los ous Xashua Telegraph. WHO IS TIIK OUWIII! ! Some lady left at the Post Ollice, a few weeks since, a eilk purse, ron'.ainin a small bud of money, which it would doubtless be very convenient for somtbuJij to have, about this time. H a rr c u o d Ai Shelburn Point on the lPih Itev. J. Poor Mr. KtkielTracy, to MKs Wealthy Ann Clark, both of Shelburn. I!v the Her. J. OCallaghrin, Mr. Theodore Ilivers to Miss Matilda Tilio 'cau, both of Vcrcenne- , also by tlm same, Mr. I'rancis llclrose to Miss Margaret "O'l.eary, both of Vergenncs. Xcw firm. TIIF. iibscribers hiving finned a Copai tnership and purehied the nock of Jlnrdmirc, Dm?, JI:dicines, ipc, bilonging lo the I) late of the late Doct. H. Moody, will coniinue the business nt the eld stand, sign of the i'a Hock, corner of Church and College strecls, and will nuke nch adiiitinos lo iheir stock of Hardware ns will make it full and complete. They respectfully solicit a continuance of the gener ous patrumtre extended to their predecessor, and in tend to merit it by the same attent on to their bufi .nets and the wishes of their customers. HAGAK &, AUTHUK. Hurlington, Nov. 20, 1811. CHURCH MUSIC. TIIR follow ing va'uable Musical Works arc con stantly for sale by the subscriber nt the lowest prices, by the doz. or larger quantity, viz : The Modern Ptalmist. a new work by L. Mason. Itoston Acadcmj's collection of Church Music, Mctho li-t Harmonist, Odeon, and lioston and American Glee Rook. Nov. 1811. D.A. 11HAMAN. GROCERIES. OLD llyson, Young Hyson, Hyson skin and Pou choii!! St. Cioix and Purtu Itico an I Muca- isdo brown Sugars, double an I single refiiie-d I. oaf do. Hunch Muscalell Hiisin, Coffee, Saleralus, &c. uit received by E. M. WRIGHT & Co. Dee. 3. ' MorlsonN IMIN. MF.SSRS. PANGIIORN ,f. 1IRINSMAID .arc appointed State Agents by Mcsrs. Alexander and John Morison, of the llritish College if Health, London; one of our firm visited tliccollcge in London, und wo hold our appoiutme'iil now directly fiom head quarters. A corrrct picture of the College ISmldings ,ran be seen at the Variety Store and in the hands of -the sub-agents. All the packages will bo signed in writing, " PANGIIORN &I)RI.NSMAII)," Dec 1,1311. State Agents. TllOSKsuficrinfrom an irriluted ttale of the Lungs, particularly at this hki'OU of the year, will find all excellent medicine in lhat of the LILT SYBDP, ' For advertisement of which, look"jfiM eolumnJI .of this piper. For sale by PKCK ,p SPL'AR. FOLLKTT ff li HAD LEY RF.Sl'F.CTFULLY inform their friends and the public, lhat they havo received and now enle r for stteou the iiioh advantageous terms, an extt nie as sortment of Iron, Steel, elc. coiiiistmgin jiartof the following : 1 Ton Sanderson's Cnsl-steel, do Ksgle (Jerinan do do Kngh h X do 20 liund ns llrazicr'a Hods, SO Tons LnelMi Tire Iron, assorted, 10 do Old Ssbln l'.SI do iO do Swedes do 1 do Toe Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do 1 do Swedes do 10 do Russia borso nail rods, 10 do llloom, flat and square, of various sizes. Nov. t9. fl,rLs. Til O S E who wi.-h to purchase ruber Ilrass or Wooden Clo"k are invite I to i-all and look at our as.orimciit. Wu have ibem lhat run one and eight las, Ihoo that Iril.e, hour and fllnrm clocUn ; wo nac ineni quiii' cm n nice' ones suitable for Parlor or mlnv. UiH'Ki''eiiinl .nnd warranted. i A.eMUJie.i ev- i'iii-.-i.iii'. Dei-. 1, 1811 Stray til or SloU-n. 1-MII11I 1I.0 W.-iiKworlli lo! I .... ., 1,. .I...,,, in, da Miu-e, lisl. rtl two ' . ...iiliktr.ii' with lirin-.l ol laif, 1 omo v hitconllilflly ... I I ..H.i... ..II fl.ll liflFM.' ami lU'H'in P',f 1 i...,.!!!.! iini-riilnt liini will 1 e thankfully rei'eiw 1 and III rnlly Pai'llor. HurliuSton,.Nov, 10, 1811. DAMD I ISM. Came iut" niv premises, a short time sinco two ewe SI1KBI. which the owiior may have, on paytnont of rharijef. JL li. bl AC. Dec. 1, lOI.I.HTT lilt AIH.ISY have just rccueil A and oiler for sale at the lowest prices for cash or approved credit, n largo and well selected assortment nl litnpiirips. i-nns-islmrt in t.n.i ..r it... r. II ! . 6 I Hull St Croix s igar, . i.i i ... VV . I"m "1 inu nillowlllgl B Hhd StCioixRum, It) do l'nrlo Itico 10 do NcwOrlcnns 50 Haps Hio Collee, 30 do Java do 50 lloxes soip, 25 do superior do i't do Extra do 20 Kcl's salt l'etrc, ft I'ipcs Hoi and u n, 25 qr casks Malaga Wine, 50 Uoxos Pipes, 20 lligs Pepper, 20 do Phm-ntn. 25 Kens pure ("linger, 23 do Kaisins. Wlillc I,rnd. hX TONS " Wclherell" Drv Wlnto Lead. J 5 do Nn 1 and Extra do do in packages from 100 to 500 pounds. 2 Tuns I xtra (iroimd in Oil, in Kegs of 25 and 10 pound", for snla nt Mannfictiircri' prices and ircigui, ny iov. 2U. I-UI.I.LTT ip IIK.MH.KI , Shcellnss. Cf HAI.I'.S of heavy slice'incs of different nualitio". tvvJhave mat been reccircd and aro ollcrcd for sile nt Manufacturers' prices to Merchants and others, who aro invited to call and examine the stock before purchasing elsewhere, under the bchel that tho cxani' inalion will prove ndvontnncnus In them. I!y FOLLETT & HHADI.F.Y, Nov. 20. nt the Wharf, l.i hlcb Coal. 3 tffift TON'S Uhigh raked, Coarso Coal, housed " " '01 Nov. 29. 'and kept Ironi the, lor sale hy I Ul.l.l.l 1 if- IIH.MM.l'.V. Nora Scotia I'lastcr. fiOf TOXr!in harrrl.and bags, just ground here "s'and free from chalk or other adulterations which render, most of the foreign ground of little value. Also, in me stono seiecieit expressly lor agri cultural purposes. FOLLFTT it HRADLF.Y. Nov. 20. Moulding Sand. HARRKI.S of superior quality, selected by n Moulder, fit for heavy and fine work. Nov. 20. For sale by FOLLHTT it I1RADI.F.Y. t'"lour. 1 RQQ liARRF.f.S superfine Fiour. selected with "WWWpfjji csro by an accomplished ami expe rienced Miller, from the most celebrated and approved Fancy brands, manufactured from Genessec Wheal. For sale at the Wharf, by FO!. LETT it IIRADLEY. Nor. 20. Itrnnd Cloths. 'TMIR undersigned offer the cloths manufactured by J the "Hurlington Mill Co." at wholesale at Hoston prices. The assortment comprises the various colors and qualities, and for textuie, beauty of finish, and excellence t.f manufacture, are not surpassed by any American or English Hothi. FOLLETT .f- IIRADLEY, Nov. 29. Hurlington Mill Co. 20 11I1LS. Whiting for sale by Nov. 29. FOI.LE'l'T .f- BRADLEY. A LARGE assortment of Ilrass Kettles, Vices, A in lis. Trace Chains, Mailer do. elc. elc.isolTeicel for snlent prices which cannot fail to suit itistnincrs by FOLLKTT if- IIRADLEY, Nov. 23. Old Dock, Hurlington. A 111." e W c. ...,, r l'l.:..l. .-J r.,... l "'"' i.o.iyuiiinii ui l.-lll.u UIIU UI(ll IIIULf. XA.WroughtXnils, Crow 1'ars, Ar, just received and offered low by Xov. 23. FOLLETT & IIRADLEY. Hiii r Mill Stones and IloUini; Clitlis, I PAIR of Krcnch Murr Mill Stonc.i nml a com- n oio..s.B1. nri.ii! -ti,t. t i 10,; ln. ii una ii tin vi 11 ui Iuiiti4 llUUl'i, irUlll U CClC- prices, by FOLLETT & IIRADLEY, Agents. uov. 29. To niacKsnillliH Illoshtirsli Coal. THE subscribers have just rcceicil forty tons of Illoslnrgh Coal, wheih for Smith's use is unsur passed by any of thomincral coals, and w hiroknown has taken the place ol charcoal. Igniting easily and burning freely, it is highly recommended for grates and domcslic use- FOLLETT U IIRADLEY. Xov. 29. Sans. OWLAND'S German Stce! saw mill saws, man nfaciurcd to order und fitted fir the sawing of liembieL. HMriir- ninn t,.l nv.ri. .I..cnp; r.C I.-..I timber. C, (ii and 7 feet. Also I. oghsh Cast-sicel cross cut saws, II. ...I' r'n'. ,tn : i. .i ... .v y. .... Liit-mui in, jroin io io u inches, and maiiuf.ictured for llie trade in ibis vicinity. For tale nt the Wharf, by UT. 00 I'ftr . rt,,l . On . . . . . "- i'ui.i.i'.i i iv nieAi'i.K) . Scotch llg Iron. TOXS Gartshcrrie. Xo. lSioleh Piir Iron 75 Wu'cut the Wharf, by FOLLElTit HRADLEV. Nov. 29. Grind Stonei. Finished and unfinished Nova Scotia. SO TONGrindjStones, assorted sizes, is v ater stones, lor sale ny Nov. 29. I'ULLEITit HRADLEV. 7 A HALES 1-1 lirown Shcc'lings, I V ) f'nv.. III. n.,,l ,! Nov. 30, IS11. F01 sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. C CASKS and Hales Tickings, ) 1 Hale Canvass, 2 do Drilling, 20 Pieces 10 inch Hurlnps, 13 do Red Padding, For sale hv Nov.CO, Hll. VILAS.'LOOMIS .f- Co. 1 .lOI.O lilllilill -tllU -11111.111.(111 1 IIIIIS, i-O 'J do culorcd Cambrics Vox Fair 1 v -- r sjr'sj i.,..!:. 1. t 11.:.. i I lord Wood. AIID Wood con lanlly on hand and for sale bv Dec. 1. JAS. P. WHALING it Co. Silks. T C.V-'E Pongeo Silks, 35 Pieces black, blue blsck and figured do 20 lbs. sewing, 25 " India do 10 " lilatk and colored Twist, Xov. 20, 1311. For tale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. iWe-rlnos.&c. OH PIECES Colored English and French Mcrinoi, CU 20 do blaek do do 23 do figured Hombazine, 20 do blaek do 25 Alpicca cloth, Xov, 30, 1S11. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. Till IMatc, Ac. QOK HOXES Tin Plate? 1-3 IX. most approved tvbrands, 10 do IX snr. do 100 Hundles Iron Wire, assorted X'os. 1 Cask Zinc, Sheet Copper, Wire Veil im, together with accneralnssorlmont of tinners' articles. forsalont low prices, by VILAS, LOOMIS it CO. IOV.JU, 1S1, DAGUERREOTYPE MINIATURES. TMIE subset ibcr would inform the ladies nnd ecu X tlemcn of Hur'ingtou and vicinity, that be has taken rooms at Howards Hotel, for the purpose of iai.nig Daguerreotype Miniatures. Without troulilim: the citizens with a lencthv ad vcitiseineni, he would simply say, that he can do the thing up right, in proof of which, specimens arc to be seen at Howard'-, cither in the silling room, or nt his room No 32, and also at the American. Instruction giun in this beautiful art un reasonable terms and warranted. is good us can be bail at Hos ton or New Yoik. Persons interested are invited to call and seefir thcmsclics. NORMAN WILSON. Nov. 19, 1611. STRAYED, IJMtOM the subscriber on the lirst of July last, 0111 red lined back steer, one lined back heifer, and one bundle heifer. Whoever will return said I'.itlloor givo information where they liny be found shall Ic sui.ibly rewarded. ORRIN REED. Charlotte, Nov. 23, 18-11. A LARGE two story dwelling House, situated on Gocli street, near the " Pi nrl Sireii House." Aiiplvto GEO. 1 1. MOORE, Nov.' 2 1. Pearl Slrcot. FOR SALE. Cords of Dry Pino and Hard Wood. Nov. 2t. GF.O. II. MOORE. 100 GREAT HARGAINS. rP III' New York Auction priced Goods havoar lived in Extra large quanliiiesand varieties which may 1c had at corresponding rales, of the people's liri-nl. tn Iffiti'.iiti t arpetliigH, lUiggmiiil Oil Cloths. Tl r opened a laree asiortiucnt of Carpi tings, ' Ruggs, l loor and Tm.Ui cloth", which will be sold for cash at such prices a. nm i , ,, purennser, iiy -u- M. WRIGHT .pCo, (H) I,''0lt'" "!"re Uani ''"iwriun teeeicd tJ cheaper than ever bv Nov.2f. K. M. WHIG I IT it Co. C0MI'()RTAI1LE Silk shirts and Drawers, a"iw suppb,- at Nov. 91. IIOWARII'H. llotinels. I7INE Florcnco Hraid, (Velvet trimmeil) llonncls, 1 IMain straw and silk llonncls. a full assortment, very cheap, just ree'd by E.M. WRKHIT it Co. Nov. 20. Crnrkerv anil Glass Ware. A FEW setts While Granilo Ware, nlso Glass Dishes and Plates Decanters, Tumblers,Laiups, ,-r. for sale very low, iiy o. .11. rin'J. Nov. 21. NEW TND CHEAP ! t htock nf Goods adnptcd to" tho senson, which Will I'fl Rnl.I liivi-fr I inn ,,..! f .- I. 4. . .. . . tniiiii nn uubii. .iiuuiii; 01 r A pacca Luslte, Alpine, eol'd and I lack, llhick nnd blue blaek bombazines, I rciieh, Ennhih and (leiinan Mctmos, iunusehnc (to Saxony, j orstcd Plaid nnd sirpe, Orleans cloths, trench, English nnd Ainericau calicoes, Goal s hair nnd crape camlet, I- lannels, red, white nnd domestic, 'i'.'.0'',".1"' twill cotton and cotton Flannel, "lidding, bnlling, end cotton yarn, Cotton shooting cheaper than cvor, Ilia-1; nnd blue black silks, China and Ronnst do. Can and Honnel Ribbons, Silk Fringe and Tassels, Dress Ildkfs nnd Clicna cravats, '.''j'jesand miltsof every desctiition, 1 able Cloths, do. linen, do. covers, Diamond Heaver Clolhs, sup. do. Hroid cloths, bllt blue, green -olive &c. Satinetts, sup. 11 ml i-nminnn, V citings, sum do. silk velvet, sup. and cum. 1-aslmuiablc stocks, (bin's embroidered sharfs, silk nnd Pongee bdkfs. Lamb s wool half hose, silk do. white and bruwn eollond.'. inii'd and blk do. blk worsted tie). whiiennd blk silk do. Children's glomes and do. Muirs and Hoas, Aslrican Lambskin, Cops, etc Russia Diaper and Crash. GROCKRIF.S. Yo'ing 11,-SOn. Old It rami. IniniM-inl timl lllirlr Tea, fresh mid cheap. Raisins, Collee, Sugar, Mo- .. -..-.ti-, iiiui-, lonncco, repper, .iiisoire, Cinnumon, UIOVCS. ISlltllleM. t.nnf nml I.n mn I7nr.n Chocolate and many other articles, cheap for cash at ,, J. r. WHALING & Co. Hurlington, Nov. 21, 1611. LO 1 7A Y V SE YMO UK RE nowreee-iving dirert from New Yoik. a vrrv A exte'nsitoas.ortnient of llroail Cloths, a great eariety, nearer and Diamond do. Pilot Cloth'-, Cii.Hings an I sins?, .isiiniere, FnriiliainVS.ilinelts. lings, a 1 en-illfiifassnrlnioiif. T1,e a' oe, loiellier wilh a bet'er nvoriment of l.illand WinierGooili than were ever fur i-alu in thi store, are from lUe l.iitui iRmnroitiitiw i,,.i leclcil wilh great caie, nnd will Ii- sl,al A small ADVANCE. Call and examine for vnur elvej. Hiirlinston, Nov. 25, IS 1 1. HOME made Flannel, Grey Cloth, Socks, itc. bv Nov. 25. K II scnTT G AITER Hoots, spring heeleil llu-kin-, Kid sluis, do. Morocco Walking shoe., French Kid slips, ande-ol'd, by Nov. 25. S.II.HCOTT. b'k nn OII. .TUNIS. WITH a great variety of oilier.-, receivcil ibis morning I y Nov. 25. s. It. SftviT STATE OF VERMONT, ? The Hon. the Probate District of Chittenden, s. J Court for llie District of Clutti n len : To all ticrsous conn-ror il in tlm retmn of Jeliiel Johns, late of Huntington, in said Dislrict, deceased, Gkf.etino. wiicre.ii, tiie administrators of the cslalouf said deceased, propose lo render nn account of their ad ministration, and present f heir account against said estate for examination and allowance nt a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn nt tho Eagle Hall in Williston, on Iho third Monday of Di'cenibcr next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear before said court at iho lime and place aforesaid, ami shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid uouiu noi nc aiiowe-u. Given under mv hand nt Willi. Inn. ibis 15il, ,nv nf November, A. D. 1311. M. eston-, Repisler. STATE OF VERMONT, The Hon. the Probate Dislrict of Chittenden. ( Court within and for the Dislrict of Chittenden : To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of Jchicl Johns, late of Hun tington in saul District, deceased. Whereas Heniamiii Johns ami Geomo Johns. iu-n of the administrators of tho estate of said deceased, nuic iiniuo .iippiicanon 10 tins 1 ( 111 r 1, 10 exienu tlio lime limited for making payment of tho debts und settling the es nlo of said deceased, six months from ihclGlh day of November hist, and thelhiid Mnndm- of December next, being assigned for n bearing in the ... . .1.. i-. 11.11 . . ... iiiiiiim'.-, .11 me 1 ugio iiiiu 111 iwiiision, 111 saiu ins trie t. and it having been ordered that nolico ilinrrnf bo given, by publishing this ilce-icc ibrco weeks sue cessivcly in tho Hurlington Press, n news paper primed at Hurlington, I efoic the time fixed for hear ing. Therefore, vcti are horchv iini.finl m mr said ('nun, nt the tiinennd place aforesaid, then nnd meii-m iii.usu uiiieeiioii, n nuy you nave, 10 llie saul time of payment being exlenilcd as aforesaid. Given under my hand nt Williston this 15ih day of Noieml-cr, A. D. 1S11. W .M. W kston, Register. I llznbcth lli'ouncll'H l-'.sl.-ili-. STATE OF VERMONT, A To Probate Court Disuici of Chitlinden, ss. J J. 1. holdcn nt Hnrbiigton within and for the Di-irict aforesaid on tho eighteenth day of Noemlier,A. D. 1S11, an lustr uit purport ing lo to be llie last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Hrowi.ell, latcnf Colchester, in sai I District deceased, was picsented 10 the Court here for Probate, by Win. 11. Munson, iho Eveeulor then-in named. 'I hcrefuie il is onlered by said Court, that public notice be given to all ne-rsons inieiesied ibenin m appear before said Court, nt a session thereof to Ic holdcn at the Register's office in said Hurlington on the third Wednesday of December, A. I). IS 1 1 , and contest the probate of sai l Will, and it is further ordered lhat ibis unlcr bo pulilishi-d three weeks successively in the Hurlington Free Press, n news paper primed at Hurlinglon, in this state, the last of which shall bo previous to the day assigned, as afore said, for hearing. '".en under my hand at the-Regi-lcr's office, this 16th day ol rio,i,iri , ), ign" ' " Weston-, Register. NEW READLN'O HOOK FOR'sciIOOLS.'"" 77; Moxrrtmu i. he a di:h. r a M.,tir to Yuutli, hultlingup to their rifir Midils vhcTiby toformthiiroien Characters, lly Daniel Adams, Author tf Adams' Xtit Arithmetic. EMfncts from ihc Preface. "THE MOX1TOIIIAL READER nosses disiinc. live trails' The object is to supply what is believed to bo the great desideratum in our schools A series of exercises relating to what concerns the practical iiiaueis 1 1 me, iruui, integrity, none-sly, industry, temperance, forethought, frugality, patieiiteiiihiraneo of adversity, and whatever else lends to form and fix tho character of youth. 11 c-wish in uiqirtss u 011 me minus 01 inose, into whoso hands these exercises shall come, now, in ibis seed time of life, what is here so ahunilaoilv inenl- calcd, that 'Eveiynnii is emphatically the architect of his own fortune' that with themselves it lies .wlictlicr llicy slinll eier ho any Hung or nothing, that a moneyed capital to begin willi docs not wugh'n whit in thebahneo furor against them, tliai.coming into life wilh health, slreiii'ih. canacitv for labor. "n,i!i education, a useful and respectable Irnde, habits of industry, souricty, punctuality, trugainy, and nhovo all, with, a good and unsullied character, they have the'best of all capital, a moral capital : the noblest of all power, moral power: and the most certain means of honest and honorable accumulation and fortune, and may be sure, under circumstances orji naiily propitious, to rise to that competency of intlu eiicc, respect, and general confidence, and that hon orable measure of wcilih and iiidenen Itnce, which sliou'd fully satisfy a reasonable anil virtuous ambi lion." Extracts from Reccninmcndations. Tho influence will nil bo found on the sidcof virtue morality and religion. Occasional comments 1110 given, uiineuii orimtijtiai worus oroilcliiifd. 1'roso and iinctry aro suitably intermingled It is hunl ly In be imagined that this biok should Jail of popu- iniiiy. ,1 iiiuiiiiiy 1 unto nui, 11.111 11 not so many comiietitors lhat had got the start of it in the ran- As it is ils mctllcis such as to give fiir promise of uiumaii.' success 111 mc contest, uo&ion liccorittr. Dr. Adams ; Having cxnmiiied to some extent your .Monitorial mailer, I am pleased with its plan, lis object and tho manner in which it has been execu. led. It seems adopted to the intellectual and moral improvement of those for whose use it was d, sinned. 1 trust it will pruvo to bo what Us author fondly an ticipates (liev.) S. HARSTOW, Keene. It isjust such n book ns our New England boys aim gins win 1 e-gir.ti 10 see, lor 11 incuicaits 111 a pleasing manner, industry, fmgality, truth, liono-iy, temperance, peace, kindness, fortitude, and n cheerful piety. I lie V oculitilnry, mil at the ami Ilia arrange, mcntfiirdefining words, will add to its value in llie hands of 0 ludie iuts teacher. (RevA AHIEL A. L1VERMORE. Keene. We have alsorcceommeiulations from a mmibi rof individuals nnd penodienls, among which arol), Cros by, Preceptor of tho High Schnul' Nastuia; 4. New loo Hrnwn. Professor of Theologv nt Newllamnton Itisnlso ndonicd by tho Associations of School Teaclnrs ill Cbcshiionnd Hillsboro' counties, and by llioncliool Couimiltcooti oneonl. Aboul P000 copies have been published, and mostly ilisnnseil 01. 1'ulilisiioil and lor saio ny nuni , ki.iihii.i. i MI'.IUllI.I.. Norlh End. -Main street. Concord, N. II Also Sale bv Samuel Huiiltnelon 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 o 1 1 1 1 1 . J. I'.. Itoberts. Vcrgeiine", J. Hager, Itddlebury, W, Kimball, Hrandou, Win. White Rutland, J, T, Mtnslon Monipdier, Principal of Academies, Select Schools and teach ers generally are invit-el to examine the book. Pluaso call and etanuno before purchasing. Soda Crackers 1 AFHF.SH supply just received and for snle by Nov. " ' S. M. POPE, HVhON, V. Hy.on, II. S, nnd Pnuchong Tens ; Powdered, Loaf, Lump, criohod and P. It. Sugars Java and Rio'Cu'li-e, Porio Rieo Mollis, e-, CiK-on, ground pepper und spice, cloves, Nomics, stsr-h, Kaisins. whole and h.ilf boxes, for sn'e at the New j store em the west side of the Square, by S. M. POPE. ITTHOMAS! unj..i hum n .... i .... u u;i'i iiri-eo iceinnuic iinctis. ononnd two years old, that shoar 7 lbs, aw) run,-u iiini. I t! 1 t",IV"ri,cr ltiJ?o Mock of School IlnokBnndJm)cr. Mrrchnnis. School commits iiHirmiiie umai iihcrnl terms. Rmrsnnd T AMPMfr. n': a ,vi ..11 . J.: 'v"L' ojivriu un, rnu uo. .JVinil llnhnofl ilrt.' u 11 C3fiif'in Nov, 25. ' ' nti Miiit.nuir mrfiniOi 1 I K fill hfM inr n(Y,.vm 1. . I rrn,., 1 "..:.v:: r"'!"'" i-irgouncount IlicrAr. . 1 -"- siocii ni e.oous, consis - ii,M,"ffi,'Sc?.: ."f ""i-r "" lite iinl.eii ir.VA I . i!.!... .T- L". 0 es'latc of the the s ore ; ; 1, " ,W0 Vcftts "asoof mi , ' '1 "'T"." i'J IIIIU. The Ine.i,,,.,, .r it.n .i.... .i . . . . . . nfii.-i. v ,r,1"i."io proniaii e c larncter nl, in.f"!,:1,t,",r "IC0" v ""larc store ia the tlic eriupo which the slock is olfercd, rem snf, si n , n n' i r '.i",:,t's,",,7"' 0"o f 'ho , i'."n.'i"ic in inC siaie. Terms of pnv.nent, unqttesilnnable indorsed paper, fi, 1 1, 18, nnd 22 iiniuh". OEO. 11. SHAW Arfinr Hiirlim-ton, Nov. IB. IRII. ' 0 r' ntfi ryJ''R'J,'1(!ULAR NOTICE. i wti' tcr ,fillr,','M ,li ,n'F' "' ft I'artUvarf business, j, determined to o Z . r,C"t"rn "" P"il'h'delnyi and immediate eolleelion. Thclf i VSZZ. " A iZ notice, nnd gou-rnlhcmsc-lu's necnrdinely. ..rling(n,Noy. ,5, ,8li J' INWRIOI.T. r s Tii . v- gTIlA VEnireiin iho sl,erile? about four or five W e-t Ks fcllieit n M.I., ....!..... .1 ! . -a . . i - . j ..-ii rriutr lie er, o good s zenndin cord enndiiion. M.irl.,il with n win',- 'ripe on the liipi, wlu'o on the end of the lad and nlp'u"'-,''1;1 ln"'5''n."- Whoever will give ?, -ill where ,atd heifer mnyle found lo he ul-cril rr pii North srrel, or In A. W. HYDE Pearl Ireri shall I osininblv rew-ar,l,sl. ' Hiirhng-cn, Nov. 15, IS 1 1. A LEXANDER VAIO. STRAY MARE. A I.tmiT n... u .... ... . ,,,,, .,,ie, suppeiscii io ne len or tivolvc ycirsold, broki in-o my inclo.urc in Milton. Inn lot IV nv inct ikI.TaI. . I I I i .. .t ' ,t,ni.7iv"' . V , "')' uieiosurc in .Hilton, the 1st Nov. in t . which ma) be had bv the owner 11.1 Vtnir rpnennn kin ......... 1 I env linn..... T-i: r""ti,a. -"IOO liilUVA. Jlillon, irNov. 1911. GKOCERIES, &c. SAAC WARNER keeps constantly for sale at his . Store, opposite S.F.. Howard's Store. Coenac, Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, Hoston Rum, fow priced Ilrnndy, hllimore Gin, Antigua Rum, Cherry do. Wines, of most kinds nnd prices, Molasses, Loaf, Lump ami lirown sugars, Hv?On anil Vntinrr II.Dnn ,T ict- I .,. . p V.. ii 1, W V mnanii i acK VI I'.IS ! I.OY If.-lTsmu I .... .! wr"n.lR.t. e.u... M..,7 ,' A, ! ' 1 ' M'jii'i ounce, lyOIIeo, Chocolate, Table Salt j Candle" ; Spanish Segars, half Spanish do. Decanters, Tumblers, Lamps, Jars rf-c Also 500 liarrch Sail'. Tlin T.initnro irnii-iMl,i..l . 1 .1 . UXi. "-dcxamine them 11... ).... n-.. r ..... '..iiiiiiuu, nuy. o. mn. u I.IVP A Mn T r-rn t kk, .. ...... utii lilVL. ' T.i'Ji would re-peeifdly reirn his I liatlL-s IO Ins Inn nt. .n,.n.. . . ,, , I-..II..MS mr uicir i.ivorseiiirmg ho pn-t five year, and would nl!o mlonn them lhat .. ii,., i iivni ni. ie;i; (, .jiatmiiery, Hooks, . ... ... nunc nappy io wait upon nil that had f.H'Or Inn, w-iih their patronage, an, no Nort on Ins part shall be spilre, lo'givo .alisYielion. Oirs,K'k i-ost money, iheu-fore-, we eatmol give il .... , .., v,w ,-M (lr a eo.-t ; fun hat we- i ., . , , . u,y "in- inn oo anil live H I ,e,r busine.. Individuals wi-hing lo pureha.. Con uinn Seliiml Hooks, Stationery, or Hlntil; Hooks ran have a ehanee lo te-t thu Mneenty of ,he .ubseri. fXl"," ."M; ta"tf.!.rif?l! r..r,l,.l,ycllmP " -"i-r, i iiiH-gesireet. SAM PEL lll'.NTlMiTO.N. Nov. IS, 1811. NEW GOODS. IHE stiliscribers are now receiving their second surmlv of 1' nil nnd Winter Gnn.lo. n...nnn ...i.:t. may u found Plain and Diamond Heaver Cloth" Heavy Pilot do. liroad Cloth for Ladies' cloaks' verveheap! Cnsinieres , Satinctts, Flannels. French ... r.iijii-ii iip.ieiu ciotii", iiomliauies. all wool plain M. Do Limes, very finni Silks, rol'd and black silk Velvet, civet trimmings, silk Ccrds .inn i .i iiiiiiriu uini siik r ringes, iiimp i rini- ,.,i,ir, ..l-iiii.iii urs.mi-, jiiiji'uos, nitawt", IlllKls. Laces, Lace Veils, cir. which arc nirered very low for cash, by Nov. 13. E. M. WHIGHTit Co. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, TWO DOOK" EAST Or TIIE I'OST OmCE.lT STAII1S. Refer to Messrs. J. it J. H.PECK it Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, IlarrMcr and Attorney at Law, (Late in the office of the Ihn. Solicitor den'l Pay) LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, I Nov. 1811. R"ferenco in Hurlington, to CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire; 2t l.noklnc Glares. 1 OH LOOKING GLASSES varvinginpr'cefrom I v 20 el" to 82'. iust ree'd nnd for si'e bv I' 1811. LOVELY A- SEYMOUR. stohi: avii xhiv noons. O M. POPE is now rcceiiing his full slock of rs niinfl9,rnnsisiing e.fn gooernl nssorltnetit of Drv finniis I .rni-i.rl.'w r-....l.... i ii...i i i. . ....,., i,mi ..ill.", nilllin heollers fur silo at n small advance from cost. Oct. 2-i,JSlI. PLAIN and Diamond Heaver cloth, 1 lack', Hue, invisible green ami Oxford inir.'d broad cloths. Hlack, bine, mivM nndilr.ib Cnssnnero. and -allineN al-o, iriintnitigs for making llie same, for -ale eliesp as llierheape.t, bv Nov. 12. S.M.POPE. TW. GII1I1 would inform the public that he has just received from New York a better assortment nf Harness Iriuiming than was ever ollered at nnv Slfnn m nliiifnn.lpn h' county. fi. ItcomprisesnvarictyofPlited. "s-T, Hrass. Jnn.limri! nml 1'nlle.l .-c:io.cAVS''Wnre. His Leather and woik slmll be I nt ..nv i ibcr sJiop in tho slate. Saddles. Ilrldlcs, Hanicsscs nml Trunks, of all kinds and prices, constantly on hand. iiiticsnurgii, iov. tall. LOVELY SEYMOUR. AVE just ree'd from Xcw York a large assort- II meiii ui iiirpi-iiogs oi every ntnu quality ann price. lCnglish Drtigetts, a great variety of patterns Octr- gon nnd Drab Persia Fioor Oil Cloth from 3-8 to '.1-1 wide, Itiisli .Milium; Ironi 1-1 to fi-4 wide, Ruggs Manilla and Alacant Malls, Slair Rods etc. Also, I'reJich nnd American Paper Hanging", a larger assortment than was ever before ollered in this place nnd at prices that cannot fail to suit purchasers. Xov. ISth 1811. Ctl.Ol'IIS ! ! Just opened, a ganeral assornient ot ilroad Cloth, C.i,nineri", satinctts and Vesting ehi'aperlhaii eier at the Cash store on Cheap'idi'. Oct. 12. J. P. WllAI.INti it Co. D nil I'.n II 'k Ql..,;. Shirlillg, 11,111 tig, t Wiiilhui'. Wii kiug, Coitou' Yarn, Coin tuiion I-Ian. nil, it", cheap, at (Oct. 12l) J. P. WII.U.I.N il.NOstCo', G( ROCERlES. A larpo and sup. nsnorliuent of I Teas, Sugar.., Co'lee, Idee, Milos-e-, and many other lliivssnry iirueie.', lower iii.iu ti'ii.u mriasii, Oct. 12. WllALINCf-CVs. D HAWING i'F.NCII.'s. English Drawing Pencils fur , ale by u. uouijkicii. At the New Cnsli Store. Wn aro now opening a New and Si-lenihd assort nicnt of Goods just selected with reference to llie wants ol too roopio, consisting in l.'reiich ) B-l Plaid .Shnwls English fe Piiintj Dress Il'd'ks Amcrieaii ) Silk Shawls ltombazints Merino do Alpines ., JJriH-he do. Mirinors Ilaliali Cravat" M. D. Liines (Fasli'b'e) FIag Il'd'ks Silks of every stylo A neii- nnd ciiimdelc assortment of flroad-Cloihs, CassimcresandSattinetts,und Vestinys, Flannels ite. Also, a lnrco ns'ortmeiil of Groceries. Tea", of cv- rrv quality, Sugars, Molasses, Co lee, etc. etc. oil of winch will be sold very low lor uafii. JAS. P. WHALING ipCo. The I'.ilcnt I'ortnlile Itcdslcd Ct A N U innved from room lo room or oil ol the Home ininseof lire, without loking down or loosening thei oiil is inure ea.-ily ,e up, nnd the curd :..t ..i .. :.t. i.... ......i i- r.- ...i-.' i.. i . ..i l.lllllllsi lltl u". niiiiiiir, mill is Hlllillltl, III HI Ulll the ine prin-us tlie old fashioned lliibtrd, Call at my Shop nml ni' it it is h i-nriosity worth looking ui, a ii i peruaps ynu win itiiniv it w-ortii ouving, Catlm's Lane,Se,it. 7, 1811. D. K.PANUHORN Y,. ; ' -"acRi rei, noundiand Tongues, lice, liar Soap, Fancy do. Allspices ; " ' Pepper, Ginger, Nutmegs ; Cloves Cinnnmnn Stnlnrina 11 I c.' . mi ALL'S WELL AND ALL'S CHEAP A T lilt W A llli'.v All n Paclm, All a Pino, AllSdks, All Ribbons, All .Muslim, All Laces, All Shawls, All Ildkfs. All Honncts, All Gloves, All Hisicry, All Trimmings, All Dress Clolhs. All Silk ArtrsJej, All Mohnir do. All Linen do. All Hemp do. All Fur elo. All Shoo do. All Fancy do. All Jswclry, do. All Toy do. All Cutlery do. All Cloth elo. All Carpet do. AH ';'ak Stufii, All Crockery ;ui rnper iianguig eta elo. .....'' Aiiniasi tlo. A Uoi.l Articles, All Looking Gl.isi do. ' "rslul 'lo- A" Ornainenial do. All Cotton tin. Also All Grocery do. Together with all other kinds of Goods, comprising the most general Slock which he ha ever had the plcnscurc of offering, nnd at they 'ion, will be ALL sold cheap lo the People, at HOWARD'S. 19 Xov. Ml. I.O.VI-1I.V A: ui.'ffiirif ' rM'f.R for loa new and extensive assortment v-J or scasonabTS Goods comprising every nrlicle ne cessary for the convenience or taste of the public Inv. IP 1 Q 1 1 r Q 'JILLS A new supply just ri-e-eivod from Xew ...J "rl', '(insisting of No., in. IB. 2ft. .tn. Ifl 50. nil Jll 'Opaiine. Itn.sin.ite. f,,r sale I S. lirNTINO'I ON. Mgn Itol U-Jcr, Cullegu street, Xov. 18, 1811. .'Uit.,l,:e fnr ,,. U!t. u'r",ft " H. MIWTINGTON. DlliVn't'n0 ''''-A ""perior quality ,r Super Nov. 18. S. HUNTINGTON. STEPHENS' Dark HlueoV Ill.,cfc Ink, " Mill,. I.'I.M.I 1 Cooncr'it'Phdlips' Ulallt Ink, Hrichct it Thayer's " The miltlif mn in,i,l ir, .1 ; I. i ... w inu nu.jvo urn ami tl II It I n fmr frtnl Ci I nn. il.... .... I .1 : " I ' -..11; IUI.-J' lull IIUIU lioilllllg better. Wnrranted not to change in any climate. I-or sale by .Nov. P. S. HUNTINGTON. Writing Paper. rye REAMS Cap, Letter and Note pai icr, i I cand for sale by Nov. 18. M. HUNT1X received I'LN'GTON. Itullalo Itoben. 7 HALES superior Hullalo Robes, just received and lor sale as cheap as the cheapest, by Nov. 18. by E. M. WRIGHT it Co. A .... IS'- 1 ri..-. r , ... .. ";" yuei viins, uynx .nuns ana uoas, i-ur Collars, Angola Fringes, etc. 1 f VllAI.ES lirown shivtingt fir sala by the bale, A Vypiecc, or jard, very cheap, by Nov. E. M. WRIGHT it Co. Also, a full assortment bleached shirtinrrs. sheetinna Tickings, Canton Flannels, Diapers, Hatting, Wkliing etc. '.lames Dalliv's llsl.itr. K the subscrilers I emg appointed b) the Hon. Prolalo 1'i.url for the llisirii-l ol Grand Ile. toreeeiie, ixiiiuineand ndjii'l all elaini. atuhleiimn I of nil persons aL'-un.-t tho E-laio ol'Jjmc- Dnrhv. Lite of Allnirgh, deceased, repre'i'iiied invi'vent ; mid also all claims .md eteiiinmh exlul ed in od'-et tliercto; and six moullis from llie dato hereof being allow ed by said Court lor that purpo-e, we do then-lore hereby Kile nonce unit wu iviu itieiui io llie liusllioss Ol our appointment at tin: dwelling hou-e of tlm wi low Jnnu Darby, in Alb irgh in mid Di-triel, on the list - .1 1 1 1 rita y ol I 'eee-iui er nnei too Inst Saturday ol April next nt 10 o'i-Iik-I; A. M.on uueh of .-aid day''. Hated at Albiiruli, llu-, 1st day of Noienil er, A. D. IS4I. WM.L. SOWI.I.S, W.M. H. LYMAN. LOOK HERE! MR. EDl'l OR Will you please notify ibis com munity that the subscriber has opened a Stove .Store, first door westofj. it J.H. Peck it Co. wliero lio has a general assortment of Cooking, Hox and Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, and Hollow Ware of the superior llrandon Castings! al o Huck's Hot Air Cooking Stoic, which he is manufacturing in this place. The constriictiun of this stove is such that the first and sharpest heat comes directly under the boilers and thcn.passes round a spacious and equally heated oven, an I rcquirrs but compara'ively little fuel to put it in operation, and hakes equal to a brick oven. 'I here might be a List of signatures procured us long us me ii-iuiiiiiieiioaiioii oi a country I . .11. from the highest sources in llie sccions where il ii in use; hut a preamble about thi stole or the Yankee Notion useless, and if money continues scarce you must use the less of it, so don't do without r.n ilmi account, but call and try tho new Stove. liuruni:tori,ov. iy, ISll. S.W.TAYLOR. M. G, RATHBUN, " " " DKAl'K.t AXl) TAIloit, PEARL STltKI-.T. HAS jut returned from Now York, wi ih full re tiort.N ol'llie Full l-'.,slii,iii. .,.l .......... - e'culu onlera for garments in the must Approved i-ii it. He has on hand n seleet 9..n,iiniMi . r ..t.n...u trimming's, ndapted lu the sea-oti : mii-Ii a in. 11. 1, IIIlllOIIS, HimliiiKS l'ancy Vest Itlndiiiss Cord, and lluttuns, etc. .tc. N. 11. lie i. al-o agent for Scott it Wil,i,n' lie- nort III l-'.i.liiiins. u-lm-li ii-ill l....r. A..I i....... one wishing them, and the requisite information Iriely .i. in. Ilurlingtiui, .Nov. 4. IS 1 1 . J. TKYOJ DHAlMt AM) TAIl.lllt. WOL'l.l) onto mure reiiiunl his eii$ioiiiers lhat he i'oiitiuiie loi.irrv em iho .ihuve busiiio-s in nil Us ailoii9 I i.iiiches ut his Old stand m M. Paul street, near llie Chiireh, .iml iii'ighl ot the I uiholii'Church. '1 hmiktul lor pa-i favor.-, illt-os- toiiur uru suiieileLl to e-ontiiu.o ilie.r p.ilrunage, und inuuy new uiii-j .tin iiiucii us-- neii. i lie urn est i aele ion proiiipily rt-eeiie.l. uniting nunc on llol noiieei-hao lor ii. 1 liuveou h.tud some old account winch 1 should like hiMihl like lu exeli.uiirclurco,'!. uv. lit, 1511. Alnacco Cloths. A SPLENDID Ar.iele, (s,k wenA. Alnaiva cloth-: XI. Alpaew Lii'trr; I hie ll.icki. Dc l.ini-, and iv.isliuiire-ue L.IOU1-, jiisi ici-emvi al prices eoriei ponding Willi n.c lime-, i.y l.. .u. tv UUilll cs uo. Nov. 12. Itiirllngtoii Itoolistorc. rplIE Mihtiril er would iimie the uitention ofhts jl irienos lino mo piii.iio io m neiv assui uiieiir ol Huoks. Tho I e-t selection he has ever made. Luib m Misi-ellnncoii;. and School Hin-ks are now uieriil elteapfor cash. Nov. 10. 1). A. HRAMAN. lluckS Patent Cooking Stoves. rplIK l.'st stoio forthe saving of labor nnd fuel, X which hascier li-eu oilereil lor r-ale in this slate the liie I oiug ditis'lly tinder tho boilers, u ns in mke mulir-uinu fii.upi'si iie.u, nun men assing ariioiiii the oven ui line, mi a regular neaij l akinc equal in ii Iniknveni and I emg Urger than in any other cooking stoic now lo ue. For sale by Nov. 10, 1811. S. M. POPE. 'Iji M. WRIGHT it Co. will open williiu Ihree ui Mi t fourday.s, 'roni 1500 lo'JOOU yd. K.t -!vlrn .....n.H.. (double- ureiiiud), superfine', line nnd common all wool C.irjiriiogs, whieh h ue I ecu iurchn-il mostly in N. urkat auitien, and will l e sold at vey low price.. Aio iwnitM nml plain Venetian stair carpetin Hemp and Cotloucarpning, Oil clolhs, .Malls, etc. Nov. 12. A CAM). ME ESSRS. PANG HORN it. HRINSMAlD beg leave to announce llie sate arrival of one of ihe firm from I mrland, having vi'ite-o many of ihe mo'l celebrated Watch, Clock, Jewel ry. Cutlery, Perfumery and Fancy Goods Mnnid'icturics in Liverpool, Pres. eon, St. Ifi-len., Manchester, Sin llii-ld, Hirmin.'bani, nnd London. We haie rci'eiiisl tome ,a tuple s ol lino U-ver Wnielies in Gold and silver (Eng ish) Casi'., and have makine nl some of ihrl e- .hop- in England n. variety of Watches, which arc expeele.l next month. We have rorcnel some beautiful sainplei of Hrnacos, Kinrs, I'uis, liispu-t Holders, l'ilo., e-te. We hae iiniking by", Rclcrrs it Sons, Wo'tenbolm if. Si ns and Elliotts. Knives, liazor-, eissi rs, cte.oflhe let quality. Any lionds in our line, Walchci. of any maker in' England will le im ported to order, al a low prices ns any itty shop will furnii-h Iheiu. All persons, arc invited I o call uiiiIm-o ihosamples of GoihIi. nlready reeeivtil. Nov. Ill, 1S1I. ME It I N OS, Alpaeea cli.lh, prinlol Sunny, i.,.. ,t..i!..... . r k r..Vi..i, -,,,,1 liner.. A, III.', ll-l, ' t.,,11,-, . i.i. vii, ......- can prints, rod, w lute au.l pnnlol Flannels, Canton OH. .11.'. ShcelinRs, shirlinE", 'Tiekuips, Cotlon Varu.Wiek. in ir, ll.itnu::, Wnddiop, &t: for sale very low 1 j Nov. 12. S. M. TOPE. 1Tir!i''S I've, Iinssia mil, by 15 Nov. 12. .s'. H.SCOIT. IM.OTKCTIVK SYSTEM, Ct I.Ol IIS of superior finish and dural le colors jnsi inn ii ulli ol i irt' I by tho Hiirliiistton .Mill Co. for s.ile at inloM"l prices', at the Now Slurr, Winooski Falls, I y Splsuiler, 17, 1511. SIDNEY HAKI.OW. CLOTH CAPS. A now nssorluifiit o( all kins and prices, just received by r..M.WIUtiHT eVCo. M OLEOD'S TRIAL-llfi panes octavo. PriceSI. iiov. vo, I-or sale Uy c. viUODHlCJI. nIII; subserilcr offan for sals at hii llrick Shop, X in (.berry Sircol, a largo variety of Veto, eon sistingof ' ' (lenettfun Whito, grey, brown and black furs, for Ladies tiiinttmigs Lynx and squirrel Dam ALSO Superior blackOitcr and hair Ottsr caps Shetland and south sen seal ij. Hoys cnpi, forBOcciils Fur nnd hair collars, a variety Northwest Hufliilo Robes Fur md cloth caps repaired, and Mull's and Cps mado to i rder, by , W.m I.SEYMOuR, Hurlington, Oct. 29, 19-11. msSOLIITinv THE tinrtnctslnp horetnfore aiming bo'weon H O. Ilnekmanet Lewis I). Turiill, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. II. i;. IILACK.VIAN, ,,,. , L.D TUItltlLL. Hlncknian. Jericho, Oct. 2, 1911. TViUAN AV f'ni.Pl . .... j. ii TT A L reeeiMsl, in nddiliou to their for nock- of J XDry Good", nn eileosive iiss,iriment of Fali and Winle-r Grisls j nniong which will I e firm J a grenl variety of nrn'i-les for Lmhes' Clunks ! Alnnrv.i L't-lre, .1 very preiiy nrlicle; Alpneva sill; Warn, Caml le! ecu, Pliitii Hlnck Alpine, I-'mM do,, Sntiii llama. k, Hryehi-lla, Persian Cloih, Fieneh, Uernian, nml Enirli-h .Merino., Mou-edine de lame and prnted .-,i.i,io.-, n (jri-ai variety anu low priced; uoat's Hair and Imitation Cninl let. .s'.A's:. A small assortment of rich fig'd and strppd Silks, Heavy Hlack Canton, Orotic ,9'i, and other nils. Lupin's lest seariel. black, while-, nnd er,lor,I : A few extra -ije Worled shawls. llii.i..ri. a lartje ai;or:menl ; an unusually large as'Orlinentol American prtnls; rrcueli nndl.nuli.h do. DOMESTIC GOODS, Cnlloii shci'lintr and shirlinir' Tiekl. tr nnd Wad. ding; IlleacliTo! Cotlon and Merjiiiiae sheet in y', Very I US' TAILORS Tll.VMlXGS.'1 Hilidiui', silk do. Iirire ro-ind nnd siuare Mohair Cimls fur overcoats; silk Cord fur dress coals; Wor-led and "ill: Sirgc) figure I nlk mil Velvet It.itliiii.. lit..,' r,.r,,r.. . ..'It. 'I'..-.'. I 1'l..un.t. i'n-liliny, Canvass, ,elreia( Cnl'd Jeans,'- lirown ami Hlnck Linen ; Wor. ted plaiJ for Faeiu; ; Uultom for over ceiatu, ite. A varielv of rich do Lauie. Challv. adL. suJ osw stjIeFuneyllkl'.. nnd Veil.. JiliUAl) V LOT US. Heavy double milled liroad Clolhs i II- titer and Pilot Cloths; Rich Diamond Dealer Clolhs; lo a f .. .i- ..ii.., uiii-Tiil iiasuriuieill ni I, irillliuil .Ulll LIOIIli. tientleineu and Lathes are inviiel loeall sud exam ine our very ex'e"ie assortment, which ws ot!r al reduee-l prie-es for Cash. . Iliirlinirlon, 'ii U-t. 1311. Popular Hotels. FRANKLIN HOUSE, HOSTON, Coa. or Maiiket St. and MF.itcruNT's How. Jf-.'WI rptli: tnidcrsigncd, (formerly of the fKirKl "'m "feel Hotel, nnd late proprietor C9IUB "Sr'ss Hall, New York,) would Wv. most respectfully inform his friends and the public generally, that he bad become tho lessee ol this establishment, and nut it in oinnle order for their accommodation. The house is located in thecenlroof bu-ine-s. with- in a few rods of Ciuincy Market, and I ut a slmrt dis tance from the landing of the English and Eastern Stcn mer. T he hmsr experience the subscriber hns had in tho tinnneeincntof n public Hoso, gives him perfect con tiilcnce in his. ibi'ilies, and he therefore pledges him- scii io give salislaction to tlioso w-lio lavor mm with their pati-i nage'. A Diuini' ri'Oin has been filled on ,-xnresslv for ibe accommodation of Ladies anilGcuiliriien, which will be found thi'y spread with the best the market nll'ords. The Gtiiilenien s Ordinnry ; which can ncconituoda'e about 100 person", will bo provided with a'l tho sub stantial luxtiric'of the seaon. I ho Servan's will be found honest nnd attentive exerting themselves on all occasions to irtve sittsfac- lion. J. T. MACOMHER. Crockery at font 1 A FEW let" of blue, pink and Dove ware; also, (lias. l)ihe. Glass Lnmp', etc. at ce'jl for the purpose of ilo-iug that kind of business. ."SJOV. Vi. 3. 11. ! UI I. DISOLUTlOiN. THE Copartnership ofN. Lovely it Co. was dis solved on the first instant All Dilits' Duo tins firm niut be settled without delay. Either of tho subscribers will attend to "cllleincnts. We trust every ersnn indebted to this concern, will take duo notice and govern themselves accord ingly. N. LOVELY, Hurlinglon Nov, 11. 1511. W.m. I1FRLHUT. .Mittens and Gloves. HEAVY Drivers Lined Muck-kin Mit'.ens ; Mocca siti' of snperie r quality, Ladies' Heaver, Merino and Fur hne-tl Kid lilovcs.'cheap I v iVv. 5. l .M. vvmtiiri r- t;e.'. G 1 HKV (Ati(la SifK-Mn, KhjmI HiljId nnd An- si-la whirls and Urawrr-- rti 'ini i v Nor. 5. K M. WUICUT & CO. Dr. A Sherman Couph I,oz iiu;vh. TVJO CtMih .Meilicme lia- rvt'rti'cn inlrfxl'it-ttl into moii. Tlii-v tdiltnn fit il n nire the Hl0t iruiiMc-nnit ootiph uini coliU in a few i!av. N'miiTim rt'lVr- eiUT". inijht 1 e irtviMi t ihtmji h who hae I wn fit ml I.y llifin, hut wlifrf their merits nio o L'ftHTnl'y l.iimvn h ajipref ia'iil it i- ni'.V- to'ftfv tn-tan( . '1 ln-aliovf nu-Iif uit1, afll SInrmah,rf,fhra,Lt Wnrm hi zimilt, I'nur .Man1 lruttr, itii'l nther pre itarution. inav I v li.t'l 1" Nnv. 4. ' I'ANmiOIl.NitllHINSMA.II). SIIKl.TIMiS, Shirnn?', Ticl ins, Wiekimr, Ibillinp Wad-hnp. Twill'd Couuns, ('anion Flannel', sVc, I'iria'elv Nov. I. H. H. SCOTT. Sine lea I Inslriinienls I MAW'S M-ll'-iniei'ting- Apparalur, (a I eautiful ariicle', in ea e-.) Svrinzcs of all kinds, H'rea-I l'umps (ta eaes), do. I'ip Ii and sli'i-lds, Nur-im: Hollies nnd Till c of many kind., Cum Elastic Iiiiil.'-, for ehddrrn eu'tti lxleeth, Silver, Flevtl le siiilOum Elastic Ca hrters, Hoodies' siouiacli '1 nl e-, Hnalih and (I' spring i.nneei, En-'lt-hnu I Ainericin I'll inb do. M.iridiV 'liver and s-eel sprmr Trii'fes, (a mo'l oo;e! r lied article ) ol every kind and size, lliill'i. do. do. do. 'Twin-hell's dun P.lastlc do, do. do. Fur sale by Nov. I. FECK' A SPEAR. Al.l'ACCA l.iisirt", eashmire e loih', printed S.uo me., tlrle.iti. elnllis. C.trolinn s. .-e. Ae. Abo Freneii and Enili-h Jfennos too numerous lo mi-nlioo at creally leJ ii-cl prices, hy Nov. 1. MI.5C01T Floor Clot In, Ac. T lrsiITnnd dark l.iiutcl Flour el h-, 10-1, IS-I, J iaud 13-1 Heavy Whitney Illm'.eti-, scarlet. Croon, and While Hor-e Hiankel', Heavy t'ulTd Flannels, I.y Nov. 5. E. M. Wlill.'ll T .f- CO. NKWFIU.M AND NKW (iOOI)S. mill'. Subscribers havmtrrnered into eoiiartner J shiniiiidcr the firm of Lovely iV Seymour have just ree d an iinuasuai iari;o assorimeni ot uoous wlncn mey win sen nscncnii ns ino roenpcei, NOIILF. I.OVEI.V. MARTIN A. SEYMOUR. Htirlinclon Nov, II, 1811 QTRAVED from (lie siiliscriber, nt Milton Falls, a Dark Drown Cow, C years old, wilh a while stripe across her forehead and white on the nose hrond horns. Also a jcnrluit; heift r, IL'hl reil, with a while face, while on ihe end of the lad Whoever will return snl cauls nrcivr infi rmitton by letter to the stiliscniicr snail Ic tewariieu. TI.MOTI1V MAVNAUD, Table Covi'i-i. CRIMSON and Dinb llama. k Wurs'ed, Damask Linen, an 1 trown le Co ers, I y S.I I. SCOTT. iimh v lire. Ml-V ShoveIs,.li,ii-- Ikiii lie do. p.n'e-, Man , ... , Ui I re ni..:... .1 A .ill--) oiuii s,irirj n.iii ne im. fp.n .iniin Forks, llalier nnd Trace Chstu', also si Djii-.liuircby .Nov 1!. K M. I'OIT. inn1 I ell lltlS-'H 'Tea., Java Collee, Lop ui o I-fi-'iTl 0 1 do. SI. llotiunpo do. ll KvfiL.7V'.. lloi-e .Molase.. IVrto liico svr npar vru f.u ificKSH .. . . i' m I're h bo K.u-iil', cassia, elovi TEAS. Puller nsl Leaf n'Rnr, Loaf d 1'r'iwnilo. snleratU', timet r, Vi 'iiiecs. ive. Just re en e'. elua thin ever, I y Nov. 12. S. II. SCOFT. AT S. B. SCOTT'S, 7 ll.i'f lu'i'linir. 10O "00 nims (nl(ftit 25 11 rmich anl ni'l Mirinrt .IE (( ... I l-faitl' tni) SlnwU. nr,"-"1,, , A Ilulliilo Holies. ASI'PFHK'11 article, Indian l.innisl; Fur lluck nnd i.e.ny, Pells soft and pliaUe will not tit hy weilniir. For Mile by IIICKOK A. CA'TI.IN, 'et side Conn lloute S;uaio, Hurl uirlcn, t. Nov. 12, s. , . ., , . , , N. B. Don't purclisfe'iinlil von hsve priceililie atbclt at II. 4 C.'S. AUo llarrels and Dry Caikn. H THOMAS will continue his Auction Sales in the afternoon of every Wednesday and Snmr dny. A lattje q nnlity nf llousebnld Furniture of difierent den riplioii" will be offered, tneth cr wilh Stoves i vnriuii" kinds, with pipe. Sales, of Dry Good". Cnllere. fliirkq .Tnu-rlrv. At.. A.rp. will b. ollered Tusdn'v. Thursday nnd Snlitrdnv lveninirfli tmlil ftirlhir notice. Ostobsia 1541. Of CASES Enalih an I American Prints fJ 1 " T.lccrlied Rheellntx. 1 " Col'd Cambrics, , 1 " Apron Checks, Juno 1st, 1311. just received by VILAS, LOOMIS .V GO. Qci. i, laii. OH HAT.ES Brown Shceiini, OKJ 2 do. do. rttniinir; 5 do. do. Tiektnc", 1 elo. Cntivni" Padding, ljPiecei Red Paddinu, 1 do. 10 inch llurlnp". Inst reclTcl by Oct. 1st, 1911. VILASiI.OOMlS olCo. 2 CySI-;S Colored Enulish Merinos, 1 " Hlack do. 1 " Fie'd Honiba7ino, 1 " Alpa-ea Cloth, 20 pieces Hlack Hombazine, 20 " Prmlcd Sainny, fomleby VILAS, LOOMIS &. CO. Oct. 1st, 1911. 1 CARE romrre Silk 1 20 pieces Illack and FiuM do. 20 " Ponirec Ildkfs. 20 lb. Italian Sew ins Silk, ! " Hlnck nnd eol'd Twist. O-t. 1,1RI, Forab'.v VJt. S, LOOHLS, eV. Co. Qnn I'I!S- Wi le nnd col'd thread, OUU TO " Hlnck Linen, " Ornis Round nnd Fin! T.acots. vyOct. 1, iq-11. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS i 500 CROSS Oilt Coat and e.t llufons, 2"0 do. Horn do. do. do. 20 do. tin. Vest do. 300 do. Pantaloon do. 230 do.. Pearl Shirt els. n",2 ' F ir ile I v Oct. ll, 1911. V1L S, LOOMIS & CO QfVi M DIULLr.D F.yed Needles, OWV 200 Oro" Hooks and Erea. 100 do. Knitlinn Pins, 3 Cisrs London Pins, 1 do. American do. jnt rncM by Oct. 1st, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS ex CO. I CASE Wood Pocket Combs, I 50 doz. Ocrmnn Silver do. 300 " Cap do. 200 " Twist do. 2000 " Side do. r.O " Hrass do. nf)2 for sale hy June 1st, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. M TUFFS Hunsand oilier Fur,lT .siiv. o. . v. . 1 i. B' .A CIC, blue black-, lieht plain, light figured, Or de Afrio ic and China Silks, low for cash, bv Nov. 5. S R. SCOTT. Slie-rmati's Celebrate Medicines I SHERMAN'S Lozemes, of every tort, " Papillary Oil, (a certain ours ft sore nipples) " Prior Man's Plaster. Contnntlyrorsaleat Nov. 1. EECK it SPEAR'S. A LOT OF WOOD LAND for sle near tho Lake. AI"o, two hundred cords of Wood on the hank. Enquire nf ETHAN BURROUGHS. I erri"liurph, Nov. Ijll. A FEW Ha'e I c-l I'ainicd Ruilslo Robes, Men's t e-t Mio latin seal ep , .iiiirin roroo. oov son Men's nnl Hoy's hair seal do. For Collars, cie. for sn'eeiii'ap lurc.Tii, uy i . iiuvui lun. .ioy. l. iffu. -2 O O Pieces French. Enelish and Americas Prints, iuat re eived and for sale at the lowct pricey by Oct. 29. S. R. SCOTT. IURSand Fur Trimmings, consisting of LngliJi Squirrel, Genet, nnd Coney MufTs, Astrnsjm tnl Fnalish Snuirrel Robes. Hoas. natural and eolo'M Concv skins, Nutrii do. White Coney Plates, etc ,'.i. receii'ed this day bv (Oct. 29.) S. B. SCOTf. DO. Ileivy Plaid Shawl-, ty Oct. 29. S. H. SCOTT. HK Subseri'cr will pay ci"h for a few Thounri pounds of cood Fleece Wool, delivered at tbe-ir .1:ore head ofPearl St. IIRADLEY et HYDB. July 2, 1311. SATTINETTS. W.&D. D. Famham'a ss nerior 1 Tk. h'lk miicd, drab and cadet mlied tt- uncus, i. icaii ov ... "ii, ... . ..t i .. p wu ir-tj'n A, r ILFTE nnd FIFE MUSIC New Preceptors for the Flute and Fife, just received bv Oct. a. 20 doi. Sides of Upper Leather, For sale bv E. C. LOOMIS. Oct. ?. 1841. Pearl Street. OOO Side" of Calcutta Leather, For sale by Z Oct. S. 1911. E.C. LOOMIS. OO Doren Calf Skins, For sale by OO Oct. 5. l?ll E.C.I ,OOMI? M OROCCOS, Kids. Hmding", Lininps, shoe-tlo.-f Last", .to. .-e. l or sale uy I.. -. i.ou.ui OO Pnirs of Mtn's thick bools fromSJ.50 to-'?! 00, Oei. S. IStl. For sale by E. C. LOOMI C T K AY S T II I". It. Si nr. JtiTV?, cd from the aubs'-riber, in M HlW-'twi ln"i, a lishiri-d, two-year-old H'.cer, Pfi?! wilh crop on the ri:h'trnr. A in n-Jr-sa ' le Compen"ilion wdi be mado o itv per-ui who will five niformiiion where he mtr f.a found " DANIEL W. CHAMt:. Coehcter,0.'t. 1G, IS II. QT RAYED OH. ij Stolen 1 ! f oni the s iberiber on llie lOih inst., n large hsr llorii'.withone w !."( hind foot, v sefirr will civis mforn al n J.Vs CL w'uie "aid horse may be found, si. ail be suitabl' rr wat l.d. MOSES ATWOOf Ch irlollc, O t. 10, ISiO. r Mil Oil, ble.ibed an: I J nlry, for a e ihcip I y Ne v. ' ri hed. of snpe S. M. I'Ol'r. A!a i. Ti lor'h unl'sH N ): 1! V L AnsonmeT i 1 .s?n ' 'les, llurnes-e-, i, I . l e ,ll il.e ,,'d sis' i- 1 ire. nei-J. II r , w i'1, 'i i I' .1 " ' 'lis! I lei UP 1 '1 in) r ol 1 u-mc's. W r, , . ,sj .., t , Hruhc iid i't -. n a- -. n approa ''-i. Fit ' " T " an I Full Cloth. kiaai. i II n all '.mds nf Farmer', produce rei-ened .n aviuei.i Call nu I H-e. S. S. SKI.M'.H., O. C.O'h l?ll- EDUCATION. AYOUNO LAI Y who is qualified to trash A.V V, Oraicing nnd French, is desirous of ohlsie inj: a simatiou iuTi iepectable seminary or family. 5tirAddrcssboji91, PostOmcc, Montreal. October I, IS II. Hrf CcniKiu ( illicit . rup I rplllSdcscrvelly dit luiu.hej medicine, torethsr I wuh 'Taylor's llal-ain of Liverwort layneV Indian l-Apis'lorani, Lily Syrup, Down 'Elixir, Minn-'" Essence of Life, llarlholomew's Pink L pivtoranl svr ip, for sevi-m cokb, conphs and eoin- p - 'el 111"-In 1-ni -uio l,y Nov. I. PECK it SPLAR. I.i A S II 1 ON 11 I. E, Honnct.SiIt. of every stylB 1 nnd qtialuy, l!Tk, llhie HTk "d ClMna Silk, for dresses, do. Salin for do. ars. ?ilKs and Win'er llil.b,ms(ncw style,) Winter , Artificial Flow ers. Vilvel, Ac. iVe. J- HHALNG. Oct. 12, 1?31. 17U' IILANKS. Ct fiOClnl('" 'n eonsianlly for sals by the Re"'" or '"'"' " ceneral nsorimfnt of law lilan'. printed from forms from Revised Slalates, iisisiini! of Jiinee Wnls and n.iefnlions, nil kinds in use q'nisire Wins County Com l Writs and Eiecutions, various kinds Wniianiry. Uuil-elann, nnd Molluscs Deeds Chancery Pills fur forilosin; Moitgagts Hlanks fi'r Diposntoiis Adimuisiiainr" Hoiiili Lrliitx of (iujrdiamhip Olficeis Rceeipls Justice Appeals Hl.itiksfor Notes, liny. Scales, iVe. eSe. Aunii'l 20 h. "i)U.Mi OKA I OK, or New York Cut. II wr, anil 1 Emerson1. Otiilincs of Cso'raphv ni d lliitery. 'I ho ntlenlion ol Teichers is pirtieularlv niii ssted tothcabovc books. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Nov. 25. J . V,,'V"' PSA will 6

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