Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 3, 1841, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 3, 1841 Page 4
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A TRUE STORY NO FICTION. From (he Buffalo Commercial Advertiser. A hunt tluou weeks since, 11 pretty nml inter esting young vvemtn, with two fine: children, of llii! liens of one nml three yours, culled nt the ollko of onrrity dull;, iiiqniiinp fur the Muynr. Tlmt oflker was nbsent- but tier sorrowful ilemeniior spoku so iiflbi-tiiily In Iibi- lielnlf, nml tilthum-li evidently in lumililo life, she seemed so inlulligenl mid unassum ing in l,er ilisttoss, that Mr Lacy, (lie clerk, wns led to nsk this oinisu oflier troubles, when she told him lier hrief slorj. .She s. lid her liiis!i;ind whoso namo wns Evnns left their native place lirccknnck, in Wslcs-, it year ago to seek a new home for thorn in Amciica, leaving thrni to follow when ho should have found the tlcsiietl sjiol, and earne 1 I'm means to enable them to make the journey. Ho finally settled ut Oak Hill, J.i. Lien rniinlv. in tho Southern nart of the State of Ohio, a'. ere ho nm i:n ,i-i.'.- . lv it Ins t 'atle, that of a tailor, until lie had I jiiI by eiidity dollar, for the passage money of his I'.unily. This amount he enclosed to his wife, with directions as In the best route to reach her destination, which would he via Liverpool and New-York. Shu according ly bade adieu toiler birth place, and stinted on her lone and tlistniit voyage, cheered with the prospect of soon rejoining her hus band in their new W'c.-tirn home. On arrivim' at thu nearest seapoit on the coast hu was persuaded by the mercenary captain of a trading vessel that it would he much cheaper for to go by way of Que bec, where he wns bound, and she therefore took passagi! with him. It was two long months after they set sail before the tardy craft leached port, during which time her slock of provisions had been exhausted, and she was compelled to purchase, Jiotn the captain, at his own rates, to supply the wants oflieri If and ! "' li en. The extortions to which her inexperience made her nil easy pn... , and tho increased expenses of the in conven'ent route she bad ignorantly IhIu-ii, left her without a shilling on her uriival nt Pulfal'i. She was slill five hundred miles from b r iounio' end, without a ft tend or LAWS OV VERMONT. 1 An Act, filing the time when Public Act." shall take ellect. It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly rf tin Sttitenf Vermont, That all public aclo passed by the Legislature of this .State shall take cllbct on thu first tlnyof January after their passage, llnlo.-K otherwise provided. Approved Nov. I', 1811. 2. An Act, in alteration of Clnptcr -1.1 of the revised Statutes. is hereby cnictcd ftf. Sec. 1. The county court within and for the county of Chittenden, hall be heM on the fourth Tuesdays of .May and November m rich year, in lieu 'of the times now provided by law. .Sec. i!. Tins act shall take effect on the first day of January next. Approved Nov. 10, 1811. 3. An Act, altering Sccth n one of diopter 32 of llic rcvind Statutes is hereby enacted ic. Sec. 1. The Grand Jurors n liieii may be biiiiimnned to attend the county court in the county of Windsor, shatlbe FiiMimnncil to attend the term of said Court which dull be liolden next aftertho first day of July annually in t-a d coitnlv. Sec. . This act shall take cffi.'ct from and after its passage. Approved Nov. 11, 1811. I. An Act, in Alteration of the 321 Chapter of the revised statutes. i? hereby tnachd iV. 'J'hat hereafter, the grand jury in the county of Oram! Isle, shall bo s liininoiied to attend at the slated term of the county court in said county, to bo held next af ter the first day of Julvin each vear, and the clerk of taid couit shall issue a venire accord ingly. Approved Nov. 1, 1811. 'i" i i,t i, co, i dy a l.elplesb " stranger in ,i sii"ui!e land," with her little children de pendant on her fur bread. The energies of a woman's nature, so strikingly developed by necessity, did not leave her to despair. Shu obtained shelter for herself and children in a cellar room in tho Trowbridge block, for which she had to pay live shillings a week, and succeeded in procuring a litllo sewing from a clothing shop, which barely sufficed to purchase their coarse and scanty fate. She sent a letter to her husband, informing him oflier arrival nml destitute situation, and patiently awaited his expected relief. Daily did she ask, with trembling heart, at the post office, for the wished for answer, and daily did she turn away with a heavy heart, as the same cold, disappointing " No," responded unvaryingly to her anxious inquiry. " She wrote ugnin and mjaiii. Weeks woiv away in this ciuel suspense, and the thousand fears that agitate the female breast in sus pense, and the thousand fears that agitate the female breast in such a crisis, may be opposed to have swayed her mind. The fearful apprehension that sicklies', or death, or even his- possible deseition of the wife of his bosom and their little? one, might have left her to the sharp mi-oiios which mo the 3. An Act, in Amendment of Section Gi of Chapter 2S uftlic revised Statute. is henby enacted iyc. .Section sixty.tbrce of chapter tweiity-cigbt of tbo revised statutes, is ho amended as to rer.d as follows : No fcrrnn who is a icsident citizen of this slate, thai! be ariesteil or imprisoned by virtue of any n.cme process which shall issue in an ac tual loundeii on any contract express or implied, made or entcied into after the first d ,y of Jan uary one thousand cioht hundred and thirty nine, nor by virtue of an execution issued en a judgment lecmered in actien founded on any stirh cnntivrt. l'lovided, that if tl.e-jilaimifl', bis agent or at torney, pKiyin;r out a writ, founded on inch contract, rr on execution en a judgment rocc, oi ei1 in anion founded on such contrart, shah lilc with the autl ority issuing- such writ or ex. i iition, an nlllilavit Matin. that he ha good rea pen to believe and does believe that Ike defen dant is about to abscond or leiuovc fioni tbo slate, or Jins secreted about his person, or else- wncre, money or oilier property, sucn wril or execution may issue against and be served upon tho body of the defendant. Approved Nov. 9, 1511. tiny order him, in their discretion, to bo con. fined In the state prison. iU'c. . Whenniiv court shal order any per son to bo confined hi tbo state prison, aggrooably to the foregoing section, tlio Biipcrmtuiuiaiit oi said prison ia authorized t ' receive such person, and such person, to confuted as aforesaid, shall bo supported the expense of lira state, and tbo paid superintendent shall put such person to such reasonable labor at bo may bo capable of performing, and may subject him to such rea. stmablo discipline as bis conibtion and circuni-etatices- half seem to require. Appiovcd Nov. i), 1811, 13. An Act, in Addition to Chiptcr sixty-five, sec tion forty-five, of the revise,! Statulcu. , is herein enacted ilY. That the oath rcqnir- ml liv thu lonrlh clause of said section, may bo administered by tho authority theiciu named, or tiy any judge or justice or other person, tuny empowered to administer oaths; a, certificate whereof by the authority administering the same, shall bo returned to such probate, court, before issuing tbo license therein coiiwuiplatcd. Approved Nov. 1, 16-11. II. An Act, Relating to the flection of Kfprcsenta lives to Congress. It t's hereby enacted That so much of tho existing law as requires tho election of repre sentatives to represent this state in the Congress of the United States, to Lo held on the first Tuesday of September, A. D. 18I-J, is hereby repealed. Approved Nov. 11, 1811. 15. An Act, to Apportion Senators in the State Lc rdslature. It is hereby inackd i-c. Tint, Until a now census of the United States shall be taken, and a now apportionment of slate senators be made, tho several counties in this state shall bo entitled to elect tho following number of senators, to wit: lleniungton county, two; wir.duam coun ty, three; Windsor county, four; Rutland county, three; Orange county, three; Waah- niL'toii county, two : Chittenden county, two ; Caledonia county, two; i ranium coumy, unco; Add'zon county, two; Iimoill county, one Orleans ; ll&cx county, one ; (5 rat d Isle county, one. Approved iov. ii, i-jii. C An Act, in addition to Chapter '.'3 of tho revised M.uuiis. It is birtty enacted i-c. Sec. 1. When jm'g. men. shall have been rendered by a justice in a civil at tini', where bail shall have been taken on the original pieces,-, and where such bail shal! Is related tnthe said justite within the fouith degree of fillinity or con-anfiuiiiity, the creditor in said judgment may bring bis action of icitv facias against siirli bail another justice having jurisdiction between such cicditor and surety. Sec. ii. This act tball lake efil-et from the ii jy of its pattagr. 7. An Act to : Approved Nlv. .'i, Isll. mend the 2:ili Chapter of the revised ai.nuics. u iv . rciiy cnanca iyc. sec. I. When am ple; erty mentioned in tho lilteentb rcction of the twenty. eighth clupter of the rev.i-eil statutes, slnll be laken in any goie or unorganized town in this Mate, In viitue of any writ of a'.'.aclinient or oiceiiHui, u.e oin-or seiving such piocess fit 1 1 lodge a copy of the same, with b return, ui lite county clei k s ouu-e ill the county where common lot of woman in sucli utter destiln- le'lch f"pcr:y is ; which shall In as ef- lion, were more noi.rnant limn ib n.n, .-, fcilual lo hold tu b piopurly against all stibro IniMiii.i-. At l,., ,ir I, !....' i..wi" .... I ll1!el f:ier- at'aclinients or xecut ons, as if ,. ,-. , . 1 , .. ' " 1 f.cli -i.ipi'ny ,;1 Leon actually removed and ..u,..i, nu,.,.m snu ..s oongru ui iofcsion of r.aid ofier. hi.-uSij .iiunnui uer eioiniog 10 pioeuru; Her. V. This act shrill take efle; t from anil necessary lomi. Several vveel.s lent tor after the .ntjage thereof. A proved Nov. 9, uer poor ncconiinocaiions was Hue, vvliitli she was on:ibb In n:,v- unit !,. Iifr ovf i-.tmii v- ! thotlwnmht iiriinnhimun tl. S!: r,- u.l". 1 a-A" Aa 10 Am 'hP'er 29 of the nvi-eJ , , - 1 ' I MlftlllUS. Mce nun lenei. Jt t h-riby i nac!,d tjr. That all ii"gotiable Mr. L. became interested in the poor paper, whether under r over due, nuy boat woman's recital. lie instituted the nuccssa- ' Inched by, and the same shall lie subject to the ry iiKiniiics as to the sum needful to ul;o her "rnrafoiuifllie tius!o piocess, utiles it shall and her little childien to their snie.ln C,,- appear tint the same bad been negotiated, ant , i,vfM,.i;..,, ineieni given io me maker or endnrsor him. I'rmihd, That in all cases hereafter arisinn- sought home, and diew up a which he placed in the hands of .Mr. W one oflier cmiiitrviiien, who is a worthy trusiee process on . i. i . . i t ' - . .... iiiuv-iKiiiiu ii.-Muiiig neie, aim vvno, Willi ir u.e trustee s iti-rlosure, it shall ap. piompt pbilanthiopy, took the sufi'ering fain- 1 Pp-T" that he bns been notified of the sale or as ily to bis own bouse. 1 lei u ho flUM1J () s gi.mant o: any ilcrintul for which ho would talking over matte is pertainin" to tin..;,-1 otherwise l,e r.d . .'ged trustee, either of tin fuller land," that bis miet vv as hoi n within 1 UMr ? " !,V,U',1 "V trcc,ei r,lisG ,,,c 'll:cs ball' mile ..' bis 'l,n. uhi. l, l. Il , " .' Ul, V-dity of Mich sale or as-ignmen. , : . . , r i i , a"" ",? I crt,,M t r I1 -rsoiis vv no gave such notice jeii m.-iiiv vi-.iis ueniiu -aim iiio long ciiai 0f tale or assignment lo him or them, may be which lollovveit aiiout llic l.iuiillar scenes ami sunimoiied as witueeses and ri-mj.oiled totestifv inciitenis oi uieir until plate tne l.mulv 'o mo rnnsiueration upon vv Inch such sale or as- ilstoiiesot the entire noighboihood as fur I signmeiit was made ; and if, upon all the cvi- buck lis her earliest re collection, vvhii Ii bail to be told in 'j veil be im.i :meil to i . Vf jl 'i e ' ind Welcbman for his bospilaliiv . Mr?. Evans remained with her newfound friend tor tlireu davs, during which lime lie ilenre upon that point, it sliall bo found that -' snhi or assignment wa.j twit Lena fide, then s id 'rus ce shall bo adjudged liable, in the same tnanntr ns tl ougb no rale or assignment had been rslondcd. Approved .Nov. 11, 1811 raised the money ( jl.) for her passage ' 9. An Acl, in Addition lo the -llsi. Chiptr of tin (. II I ., I ,.i,i !".- reviscu .-san-.iics. m r "i .--.i ..,, 11 h hereby enacted Sue. 1. On trial for jlr. . , who was a native ol the s:iino forciMr eniry m il tlotamor, as provided in the uiunt , l-,k iuii-i'i rniii c-J, iui. -ieve land, as over;oerot the poor, adding $5, and tlio balance made up ol smaller contributions. Iltir pass-igo was accordingly engaged bv her frit ml Mr. W. , who accompanied her to thu boat. While wailing its departure, -she mentioned tlmt her shawl, which had been pawned for ii small sum, jut remained pledged, and she wns urged by her compan ion to leliirn for it, being furnished by liini with the amount necessary fur its redemption. While alsetit on tho enand, the boat ,. . , , . . . - -...-.ii cast on, ami on ner reiuru was miner way. charter ol any corporation slnllexpiie, or shall Ijnnienting tins (liSfTtioititiucnt ol her re- I have expired, or be annulled a provided in tb newed hopes, sho turned away, and Iter 'evonlecnth section of scvoiity-iniith chapter of Ho had been in for ten days, in search ol boarded at the United Stales Hotel, just over tho low and squalid aparl . I. :,.t.i.:. i...t,. r....:i.. -11 M chapter of ll.o lovhod statutes, there shall In; allowed titty cents for eacli warrant, one do lar ti' the judge, one dollar to tho justice of the piace, two duilars ti the party rerovcriii". am! the s am" fees to tho sheriff and jurors, that arc now at'oweo at ino country court. r-er. in every suit upon tlio loth section of chapter -11, tbo tramo lees shall bo allowed that aie now taxed beforo justices of the peace in oinsr civil suiif. Approved lNov. v, IHU, 10. An Act, in Addition to Chapter 79 of ihcrevUc rstal re?. It is hereby enacted ,-c. Sec. 2. When tbo Muvimt stccu on lur t i city bt-r and incnt in wliichliis littlo family vveic staviriL lie.coinitably lodg-d and living upon tho luxuries of n well si'ived t.ibl.,, v. bile tbev '.vet1 isiung oi,' u l'i-vv leet ill. una ! Ho Lad stinted immediately on tho receipt of her letter, and since his arrival hero had been assiduously set king lo find he r. Happening that same day to be at tho wharf, gazing with the crowd at the depart ing bunts, his attention was excited, with that of otheis, to tho littlu group who weic be wailing tliu loss of their passage, and thus ho found tho objects of his search. It was a joyful meeting and after return ing to the charitable doners tbo money which had been contribuied, tho reunited and hap. py family took boat the next day for their Western home. Thollev. Mr. CJiU-s, n Ilaptiit ininintcr of t.ivei-p-)c.l addro tiny a im elinj nt Manchenif r, on llic Cci F.iws, cjiicluJed hi) spcrrti with the following new version of a part of ilu'.S'aiionnl Ainhcin ; "O Lord our Ood, arise i Seatltr, ivl corn la Hoorei t'oiifiunil s'-li pol.i.cs, On llice oi . fipcswefxj (Jod s.ivo tin- poor." The tuns .Mr. Oilcf, in lha course of ihn same h, ni 1 "Ibe Corn f.uvs were unli-phil.intlnoiic id anli-palrioiic. Cl.nrle. Dlelun "llo." was Im pupil, and he (Mr. tides) h ml to him, nfevvdaya no, ''ChiiKu, llio vvorbllhi lkt you inusi huvii s unt 'II your linioiii n noor-houo." "A'n," horeplieJ, ' I vo never catered a poor.lioii'oin my lifoj but JJnif. a i is, throiujliui, a poor-lK'Uk " the revised statutes, the bank commis-ioner of this state, isaiithori.ed and empowered to make .ip; iiLMirui in inu court oi cnanccry, lutliesaiiit m.inusr and under tbo E.nne restrictions as a ere. ditor, t torl.olderor member of such cornora'ino may mike application under eighteenth section of s iid chapter, and the court of chancory on curb ion of the bank commissioner, iihali iiavn the . .iiuo j mver, nuJ the same proceeding shall be had, in u now prc.-cribt d by law on the application oi any creditor, stocliliulder or mom l,er tlsitcli corpoiaiioii. f." ,.,!.. ... . I II . ,.. . - rue. . I iiih art man iai.0 eueci lio-n ani alter its passage. Appimed Nov. o, 1811. 11. An I t rclnliiie to l.'ail in Criminal Cafes. It is hereby enacti d it-c. Sec 1, When any i. .ii, , . ...... , ,. J jioi ton tn in ji-iv o ol-uii coiivicieu oi a oailatili ollence in the county court, and tbo case shall be passed to the supremo court for revision or exceptions, or in any other manner, cither judge of the county couit in which the trial was had, shall have ower to take a recognizance to the treasurer or the state, with siilhcicnt surety, conditioned lor the poisonal appetrancoof such person before tho supremo court to bo holden in the county whore said tiiil in to be had, to an. swer tothe prosecution, and thereupon direct the discharge of such person from Ins commit. IIICUI, I..... .1 .(,, .r. T.' r 1 "ls iicl thall take o.Tect from and ,i.wSo. Approved Nov. 3, 1811. I2.-AH Act, Itelatui,. (0 Crime, and y iinis'iincnu, tli-A.V ACT ltl'.I.ATlXti TO TJir,GltAM LIST It is hereby inactcd ffc. 1. All real and personal estate owned by tbo inhabitants of, or situated in this state, shall heieafter be set in thu (Jraiid List at ono per cent, of its value, and be liable to taMition, subject to the exceptions hereinafter specified. J. Tbo term real estate shall be construed to mean all lands within this state, all build ings affixed to tbo same, all trees and under wood growing thereon, and all mines, miner- ils, quarries anil fossils in and under llic ime. J. Thu term personal estate, as used in tills act, shall bo construed to include all chat ties, moneys, and c fleets of every descrip tion, all ships and vessels, whether at home or abroad, all debts due from solvent debtors whether on account, note or contract, bond, mortgage or other securictv, whether such leht is due at the time of making said list, or lo nomine into tuereauer ; an money mined or debts secured on real or personal estate, where tiy tlio contract, such estate is to be convoked on the payment ol the sum loaned, or any pait thereof, with or without interest ; nil public stock or secniities, all stock in moiiied orothercorporations, vvlicth- r incorporated in this stale or not, except ucli stock as may be owned in corporations out of tins state and taxed in thu stale wheie such corporation is located. 1. All polls of the male citizens- of this stale, over the age of twenlv-one years, and under the age of sixty years, shall be set in the list at one dollar each. The following property shall bo exempt from taxation, anuVshali nut be set in the list : Ktns r. All real and personal 'estate own d by this state or the United States. Sixoni). All real and personal estate granted, sequestered or used for public, pi ous, or charitable uses. I'limn. All household furniture of every person, not exceeding five hundred dollais in value, and all wearing apparel, all private 4iid professional libraries, all farmers' and mechanics, tools necessary to cairy on the ordinary business of their respective occupa tions, and such provisions as shall appear to the assessors to be necessary for the consump tion of the family of such person for ono year, mil tho polls of such persons as the listers. shall deem so infirm as to bo unfit subjects of taxation, and all sheep, cattle and horses which have not been wintuieu one winter, mid bay and other produce sufficient to win ter out his stock, and all lauds leased by the suv pi nl towns for tbo purposes of education, such us common school lauds, and also lands owned by, or leased for Hie use of col leges,, academies, or other public schools, and ill binds leased fur the support of tho gos pel, but the private buildings situated on tho lauds iifoiesaid shall not be exempt fiom taxation, but shall be appraised and set in the list of the owner thereof in the same manner as other real estate. (i. All real estato shall be assessed and set in the list in the town wltcru such estate is situated, to tho pt rson who shall be the last owner or possessor tbcieof, on thu first Tiiiiid. All horses, tisscs, mules, neat catllu and sheep, kept in u town other than where the owner may reside, shall uo asses sed to tho owner in the town in wliicli they iniiv bo so kept on Shu first day of Apiil. l'ounTit. All personal estate belonging lo persons under guardianship shall be as sessed to tho guaidian in thu town where the iierson so under guardianship shall reside provided such persuii so under guardianship residu In this stule, otheiwise it shall bo as sessed to such guardian in the town where such guaidian resides. Firm. All pctsonal estate held intrust by an exueutor, administrator or trustee, the income of which is to bo paidlo nny minricd woman or other person, shall he assessed to the husband of such married woman, or I to such other person in the town of which lies is un niiiauitaiit, but n such mutrieu wo man, or other person, residoout of tho stale, tho same shall be ussesLcd to such executor, administrator, or trustee, in the town where ho resides. Sixth. Personal estate of deceased per sons, winch shall be in the hands ol their ex editors or administrators, and not distributed slum be assessed to tho executors or admin istrators in the town where thu deceased pel son last dwelt, until they shall give notice to tlio assessors that tho said estate has been distributed and paid to tlio parties interested therein. 11. The undivided real estate of any do ceased person shall be assessed lo Ins exe cutor or administrator until lie shall have given notice lo tho listers oflho sale or div ision of the same, together with the names of the several purchasers, hens, ortlcvisees, to whom it has been translerretl 12. Partners in mercantilc'or other busi ness, whether residing in the .same or differ cut towns, may uti jointly assessed under their partnership name in the town wher their business is done or carried on, for all the personal estate cmjiloyed in suth busi ness ; and if they have business in two or more towns, they shall bo taxed in those several town, for tho proporlion of pio petty employed in such towns respectively and in nil cases where jiartnuis am si jointly assessed, each put titer shall be liable lor the vvliolu ol the tax, l.'J. Assessments shall be made in the following manner : The assessors chosen in each town shall, on or immediately after the first of April, in each year, proceed to take the list of all the persons wbesc polls are liable to taxation and also a list of all the personal property owned by, or in possession of, each person liable to be taxed, in the town where such person is liable to be taxed ; ami it shall be the duty of such person, on demand of eith er of the listers, or within ten davs alter such demand, lo exhibit to the listers or some one of them, the true amount of his pctsonal properly liable to taxation, according to the best ol Ins knowledge, and also the amount of so much of tho debts due from him as ho snail cuoosc to uisctose ; and it such person shall neglect to tlo so, or the listers shall not be satisfied with the expose of sucli person so made, they shall assess him in sucli sum as they shall think just and reasonable; and thu listers shall appraise such personal prop erty at the lime ot setting the same m the list. It shall also tie the duty ol the listers, at the time ol taking said list, to inquire any additional buildii gs have been erected since the hist assessment of real estate, and if so, said lister.-, shall make such addition to die assessment ol the individuals who may have eiectud such buildings, as they shall ueem 10 uojiisi, aim also where uuiltlings may have been destroyed by fue or other acciucm, saiu listers snail aliatc such sums from the assessment of the persons ovvuiiij: such buildings, as they shall deem to bejust 1-1. On or before the tenth dav of June A. I). 181, the listers shall appraise all the real estate in their respective towns nt its fair cash value, and make a list of the same and set the number o! acres, tho amount ol itforesaid, niako implication to thu listers in writing to havo his assessment reduced or vacated ; the listeis may examine sucn per son on oath in relation to tho subject of such triplication, and Itear other testimony in 10 hiiiuti therein, and, after such liearin, shall assess such person lis, fioni thu evidence, they shall deem just mid equitable, which assessment shall bu taken as thu assessment of such person. Such applicant shall not, in such examination by thu listeis, bo required to disclose the names ul persons who mny un indebted to him. IS. It shall bo tbo duty of thu assessors in each town, in tlio month of September, of each year, to meet nml leviso and correct all errors that may be discovered in tho list of such town, agreeably to the provisions of this act, and make duplicates tbeieol, ono ol which shall bu deposited with the town clerk of sucli town, mid the othershall bo deliver ed to tlio Clerk ol the llotiso ol llejircsenta- tives on oi-.beforc the second Thursday of October in each year ; und it shall further bu the duty ol the listers or assessors ol each town, in the first week in fceptember, in tho year ol our lord one thousand eight liuntireti and lotty-two.nntl the first week in acptcm her every hvu years therealter, to meet and esignato one ol said listers or assessors whoso duty il shall bo to meet at tho usual place of holding county couits in such conn tv, except that ihu listers in tho county of Ueiiiiington shall meet ut tbo stone church in Arlington, and the listers in tho county of Chittenden at Ihu town bouse in H illistou on the third Tuesday in September afore said ; and such listers or ussessois, so met shall aiioint a moderator to govern said meeting, and proceed to average the valuu Hon ol the leal estate ut the several towns in their icspectivc counties, justly und equita bly, comparing one with the oilier, deducting fiom or adding to the valuation of saitl amount, so assessed, as they may deem pro per ; and thu listers or assessors, so met, shall cause a certificate to bo endorsed on such lists, describing such alterations as they may 1UULK.S. c-clnv.i, liitep, " " Opt, " " Concordant " f-nlf. sill, " Titrkev. do. Jiet received, and for sale I y CIIAU.NCKV tOODItftlf. 22IO.-I. ISI1. I.AI.N Udte I'l'iia VIN'KOAIl of tho very best finality for Baluby the Gallon, bid. Hogshead, by UKO. 1T.TKUS0N. Oct. 13, tan. Tsooks ty ,y '2m t iowk it Y. DA. IJlt A.MA.M. has tn band and l rtctiving a large un I well -eluded ii"iirtnient o I' ar.ii v in hi bun fortlic I'AuTnADn, consisting ( f all kinds ef School liotks, and vidua! lu and popular work. llo most ateiit tui1 ii-a-tons A I. SO A new mpjilv of Itlanlt lioolts, tonsisling of Log gers, Journal', I) jy, Invoice, Nolo, an 1 llill Hook", of all sizes, in full and half! ending Cap and Letter paper, mho best kiiui, Drawing, i issue, .uuiocc", .vinrile, nimiini, aim timer varieties oi paper, ink, tluilh, Slates, liotinet Hoards, l'tncils, Sand Hosts, Letter Stamps, red Tape and Stationery generally, in great varieiy. Oct. 1'-'. 8. U. Scott', Oct. 29. 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Pio! ale Court lor tho II.rn-l uf C'h Itciuleu, eoiiiini-ioiiers lo letcne, examine and ailpist all t-biiiiis and tli'inaiuN if all per-oie. iianint tin' e-lntu of Kolei t Moody, lali'tf l!ililii.;l(.l, in -aid I din-tru-t, deceased, icpretented in-olvent, nml nl-o nil t-'aun-und (N-ui.ind-exlnl lie I in o'i?tt llierc'oj and -ix month fiom tlio d.1'0 heieutj I eiiijt allowed ly saileturt ft.r I I1.1t purpesf, ve do llicieforo 1,,-iclv give nutitc Ihat we will alien I lo il.e bu- tnes ol our iiipiiiituicul ill ibe lb ttl of John Howard, lu llur liliR'f 11, 111 said ih-tnet, on tliu lifteenlh d.iy. of l.'e 1 eml cr nml Apr.l next, at ten o'clock, A. M. on each of i-nid date. Hated nl'Hurline'lon llii. 33.1 day tf Oetolt-r A. 1'. 1811. LCI 111 It LOUMH, ) 1'IIILO I t)OI.-lTLr.,C(,inniUioucr.-. 'I'. I-. S'l llONti, ) . lostiua Isbam's llstate. STATU OT VLll.UO.N'T. ? rpui; Hon. tho DisTiucT or Cmn-ESDCN, es. 5 JL I'rtbale Court for tho District of Chittenden : To nil persons con cerned in tlio U-iJ ; J.-Tsbua Ulia'in, la-.oof Sliel burnein sat 1 District, ceeensed, (trectinr;. Whereas, I email Allen, ndm'r. wild the will an nexed of the I'.state of said deceased, proposes to rcn u,. ... s , Vu,,a 1 account of his ad.iunistrnlioh, and present his deem proper to make, which ceitificalu shall account against said estate for examination and al- lilt vitrtlf'fl (111 f'll'l ! rtll'.l It ftt'curti itimithi inn sucn lists snail uc leturiicd to the res pective towns, so cerlihetl and avcrased ; and such listr, so returned and so certified, shall stand for tliu valuation of the real estate for the succeeding five joais ; ami such lists havinj been thus returned und certified. nd sent to the legislature uf the slate, and there averaged ami equalized by a commit tee to be appointed by said legislature, con sisting of one member from each county, adding to or deducting from, as the case may 1 1 .:e..i 1 :.i ui-, iinu uui 11111:11 suiu committee snail be the list upon which state taxes shall bo made for tho five succeeding years, together with the list of the persona! estato as heretofore provided. Six. II). Such listers or assessors shall ( is h'r by enacted isuii tried on nil ii iiianslau-htcr, has been or shall bo acn,lillua 1 ' tbo jury, by roaon f ,,s.-,;iy, allj ? ill I.viliL' their verdict ,,f nut .milt.. 1 . r...f! ,.. Sf . ... . .... .i .... ... , . nun any I cini i IHU, IIKIICUIlOllt lor liltmlnr hi 2. villi their verdict of nut irnilii. i,. J ,..;.! or shall tatc, that it was given for such cause, if tho discliarao or jruinr !lt arj;Q ofBllcJl j118a!IU persuii, nliall bo considered if 'I IHrfil-rtna ... 11... 1 ,i..i, ,i, , comniunitv, tp day of April in each year ; and in case such estate is mortgaged, the mortgagor shall, for all thu purposes ot taxation, Liu doomed the owner, until the mortgagee shall taku pos session, after which tho mortgagee shall be doomed tho owner. . Aiiwitarves erecieti in any ot tho waters of Lako Cliamphiin and not within the limits of any town, with nil tlio buildings thereon, shall, lor the purposes of taxation he deemed as being within tlio town adjoin- nig which tuey are siiuaieti. 8. All real estato subject to taxation, us sesscd and placed in thelist as provided in this acl, shall bo held for the payment of all taxes, legally assessed thcieon, and may be sold for the payment of such taxes in the samu manner as il sucli estato was owned by tho person tu whom the same shall be as sessed, at ihe time ol assessment, and at the time ol sale. !J. All personal estato liable to taxation shall, (except in the cases enumerated in the following section,) be assessed to tho person who owned tbo same on the first day of April in each year, provided' ho, on that day, shall ueuu 111 1 lit un u 11 1 01 uns suite. tu. 1 no excepted cases referred to in the preceding section, aro tho following, to wit I-'utsT. All poods, wares and merchan dise or any other stock in trade, including stock employed in tliu business of any oflho mechanic aits, in any town in this state, oth er than where tho owner resides, shall be tax ed in those towns, if the owners biro or oc cupy stores, wharves-, or shops therein, and shall nut bo tax'tblu where the owners re side. nm.iiNii, All machinery employed in any brunch of manufacture, and belonging to any corporation or company, shall lie as sessed In such cuiporatioii or company in the town vv hero such machinery may bo situa ted or employed, and in assessing such stock holder; I'm- the stock in any mannliicturing corporation or company, thoro shall first be deducted from thu valuu thereof, thu value 1 griuved the apprisal iiud thu amount per centum to the owners tbeieol as aro by law liable lo pay taxes thereon. And 011 or bcfoio the tenth day of June in every fifth year thereaf ter, tho listers ol their respective towns shall 111 I1I10 manner, oiqiraiso such real estate and make a list thereof in tho manner afore said, art! such list shall contain the lollou inc particulars, tn wit : 1- hist. 1 ho number and value of all horses, nudes, asses, cattle, and sheep, ex cept as is herein before exempted, owned by such person liable to taxation in such town. bix-o.NU. 1 ho amount of public stock or secniities, and the number ot shares 111 anv moneyed or other corporation, vv ith the val ut: thereof, designating the corporation, am 11 mure than one, tbo number ol shares 11 each. Tiium. The amount of all debts du from solvent debtors, and money loaned nut debts secured on real estate, and all other personal estato liable to taxation as specified in tite third section of this act, over and above tho amount ol thebebts due from such per son nu the lust day ot April. I- ouiixii. 1 he assessors 111 each town shall, 011 or before tbo first day in July each year, prepare and dopositc in the olTico ol tho town clerk in such town a eenera is of the taxablo estate in their respective tow us in six separate columns, as follows 1st. In tho first column the name of each taxable person. I'd. Tho number of polls and the amount at winch the same is to bo set in tlio list by the fouith section of this act. 3d. The quantity of ical estate owned or occupied by such person. 4tb. In the fourth column tho full value of such real estate. eitli. in tho hlth column tho full value of an 1110 taxauie personal estate owned bj such peisoo, unci ueuueuug tho just debts ownei by him. utb. Ill the sixth column shall bo sot the 5"-t centum on the value of all real and personal estate, together with the amount of tlip polls, which sum shall bo the amount on which all taxes shall he made or assessed, and thu assessors shall, at tho same time, de posito in the town clerk's office, the individ ual lists, by them made as aforesaid. lo. When any person shall bo assessed, us trustee, guardian, oxocutor, or administra tor, the assessment so mado shall bo set in the list separate from his individual assess ment, and with the addition of his represen tative character, and tho just debts due 1 10 m inu, ill Ins representative character, shall bu deducted from the valuo of the personal estato assessed to him in suci character, mid Irum no other estate. 10. In casu tho owner of any unoccu pied real estilo shall bu unknown to the as sessors, the same shall ho set in the list, cith er in tbonamu of tho original grantee, or by such other description as in tho judgment ol the assessors shall best tlesignuio thu same. 17. If any iierson whoso,, vii-dt havo been su assessed, shall feel himself im- su,., 1 ussessiiioill such low ance til a session of tliu Court of l'robate, to bo holden at the Hepialer's office in llurlinqton in said district on the sixth day of December next. There fore, Vou are hereby notified to appear I cforu said court at the time andplaco afore-aid, and show cans.-, if any you have, why ihe account aforesaid should not he allowed. Given undtr my hand nt Burhngtcn tins 3lb day 0 November A. D. 1S11. ' W.M, WUSTON, Register. STATU OV Vr.KJIONT, ) A T a PioLnte Court District of Chittenden, ss. 5 -fY holden at llurling loii, within and for the Dis'rict aforesaid on llic first day of November A. D. 1811, an Instrument pur northi! to be tho last Will and Testament of John Mat-umber, l-ita of Wcslford in said District deceased, wns present- I lo the Court hero for Probate. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that pub'ic nonce no given to all iersc nsiiiiercteu llieiem to ap pear before said Court, at a session thereof lo be hol den at tho Ilezistcr's office in ItiirliiiL'ton in said Di j trict on the second Wednesday of December A. D. IS11, nml contest tbo probaleof said Will, audit ia,r ,.r.l....l .i.n. t.-.t .1 , , II. ,. 1 . ,.1,.,1'Vl uiuiiui illl-s mull UU IIUIUIMK'U UlfCC atlach to each list a certlhcate, sinned bv I weeks successively in the liurhii"ton I'rto l're a such listers, and verified bv oath before a 1 news paper printed at liurlington, in tins Stale, die ustice of the peace ; which oath shall 1 in i1. 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Ji:c. 20. It shall he the dulv of the cash- ' l,l'clion with their Physiognomy, when vv II be found iers nflhi, several ,:,uk :,.! nl" ,1... .-I...I-.. f I u mo noiity anu proiluciion-- 01 our tr.l Mont .... - '-- -ll-l ,3 Ul Wl ill other corporations within ilns state, to transmit tu the cleiks oflho several towns within this state, in which any stockholder uf such bank orotber coipoiiition may reside, t Hue list ot tho names ol ail such stoclinld- ers, Willi thu number ol shares stnmlimr igainst the names of all such stockhoiders. r,', rJ uf the m.iehiuei v und real estato beluniimr inny, witliiu lliirlv davs afu-r end, .i.,.u court to ucli rorprntion or company. ' Im vu buen depositediu jiC t0W, clerl.i otlirw un the bonks of such bank or other corner ation, together with the amount actually paid in on each share, on tho first day of April in each year heieafter. Sec. 21. Tho Clerk of the Uunsn of llepresentalives shall, ut the pxponso of the stale, cause to bu printed and distributed to the luwn clerks of the several organized towns in this stati . in such manner as be shall deem expedient, suitable blanks upon which to niaKu up tho grand list ol said town, and also a blank to each town upon which to make the annual returns to tho General As sembly retpiircd to be made by tins act. Si.c. 22. It is hereby mado tho duly of the town clerk, in cuch'orgauized town in this state, to piepare and keep a list of all the transfers of rial estate in such town, commencing on the first day of April and en ding on the last day of .Ma'rch of each vear, for the use and benefit of tho lislois of'sucli town, particularly mentioning in such list tho names of thu irranlor and granteu, the num ber of acres included in each transfer, with such other necessary infoiiiialiun as may be required by such listers 10 make the transfers in lltujist of sucli town. Site. 20. It shall be the duty of thu lis ters in each town, when they reium tho list of their assessments of personal properly, to lodge with tfio town cleik a written notice, staling on what day, and what place they will meet to hear appeals, which lime shall be within thirty dajs from such return ; at which time, and fiom day today, they shall sit till all appeals are huard ami decided upon. Sue. 21. All acts and parts of sets- pres cribing ihe principles o.j wl.tch tln" grand shall bo mane, 5ild directing listiTts in l.-.c-u- oflico nml duly, heretofore passed, are .iereby repealed ; provided that nothing here tu contained shall nfi'ect any acts, things done, or rights iiccming, or prosecutions com menced under any former acts. Approved Nov. 11, 18-11. ill give an hitherto unknow n Hallo and Hurrah to the success of Rail, t anals, anil .Mariuf,ie'otic, anil lliet'nand Douil'. 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J zra Me-ec!i,a.Iniinisirater of lie eslate 1 1" ihe -aid dcie-a.ed, liavin lilisl in i-a.d e-o-iri hi- peifm n, lit w-rtiing, -umtiir icriii mat inuaii m-e-iait' eiitM e-izo-i ol tin" li llow uu e!e-( f mpj pjrn.1- it real cia-e ainon-r oiner-s, viz. al out one ai-it- 1 autl aii.lva-er pnvi'oiri-, lyuu'in iheuor'li s eie-ot U:ier L it-ekiu e-r- i,-.ii.i-'j uiuiil li rty a,-u's ol laito, (I emg a cellar sw ,nu;) ly ng in Jse.v I Liven tiere, in ll.e foiiniv of Aiul'-on, anualoiii tw-tmi-re. of lanel lying in Mon!, ten. in aid eo inlv of Icins ll.e unlv land t'fwliiih llit- said Stephen llnighl eliesl iciae-J, n wliK-hari" Mii.a'f m said Ve'igeuue-', N'ew llaviu Oi re.uul JlonUlcn ; that Un- e'obts ngauit Mint ., asaiiow;on i y tue re.nmus,icner-, aie jsiiU-J.ti I lhala -aleofa )orlion of said laud-. i. nises-ary for the payment of llio dehls tf llic said inie.i.ue'j thai Ihu Mtid inieia'e leli iw o cliihhen, who are hi- lu-ir-, one ol whoiiirc-ieV-o-iiof iliuslnle of Vermont, and llio enher n n female infant under lb,' age if eighteen vear- ! llu-'afoie'-aid unreel- e flinid are Lnnm- iliitlivi- and fill it it -would lu leneiicial lo the heirs and all nilu r t-r.ons iiilert-sliil in mid e-iale, lo havetlio while ol'il esaid several iiareel-oflanil -nl.l and the proceeds of s ieli sale, alte-r thu payincnt ot llu; debt- of the said miislatfaml thu expen.e.-ofad- iiimisiratioii, el. vi led nmeng Ihe he'irs lo tanl estate And iii.iviiiL'Vaid c-oiirl In L-riiui liini. ihu said a Inn in tralor, hi-en-u ;ose-p all the said several pa rci-Nrl land, ngrvval-'.yto tliusta-u-uin sip h , :i-e midi- and . ..r.KKure.v, me c i iri nioru-aulttoih ap (.,.iiit ilie 22 1 day of Nov end er, iii-ianl, for l.iar ing and dci-i-lins on tnid jieiition at thu ollieu if ihu Rugi-ler ol'said court, in liurlington, in said disiriel and do'h order that all persons lu noiiiiiil ihen-ol by iul lieulioii uf this order, eeiiilaining llio sub.taucu uf siud I'l'iiliuii, ihreu vvevks suivussively in ihulliirlm ion l'rie Press, nnuwsp.iiT printediu said lliirlmg Ion, the la-l el w huh p.d lu-atioiis to bu previous to said 2 'nd day ol Nmeniter, Given under my hand at Uutliuglon, Ibis first dav of November, A. D. 1611. ' Wu. WUSTON, Register. ' Ml 3 LiX LU TO It KM'. .4 DWELLING near the Court House Square. I Aug. 30, 1811. II. LEAVEN WORTH. Marines i poat's hair, crnj e and common Canned lit-'d and plain Alpines ; .Mohair, Norwich, .tlpacca II A IL I) IV .1 IS K . THEODORE UObBltOOK, (Late Holhrook & Tappan) (id .Milk st., Iloston, rTMIU Subscriber olfirs a largcand choice sdtctioti of Hardw are to the country trade upon the moat liberal tcim. Scpi. 1, 1S11 Jut XEV AND C11CAP GOODS. rpiIU sub-cribers have just received from Nw L Vork a very hrtje and extensive assortment of I'ancy ami Siojdo DRV GOODS, among which may be found sepetn r Reaver and Pilot Clollu; liro.iet Cloths nnd Caf-imcris, plain and twilled, while and colored I Iniinels; l-iench, German and Engli-h and Tncliona Cloihs; light and drk primed Saxo- nvj plain, sat. siripuel, (ig'd, and China, all wool, Mouse-hue do Laincst sat. -trircd th.-illis, nlain n. striped, fig'd and corded, black and blue-black, light and elatk colored Poi de Soie ; Gru ilo Afriuuc, Pc- kin, He'cnaand China l)rca Silks; ehnngcable, cor ded and China Ilonnct Silks j 1 Cashmere, Ucl ville, lielvidere, llrocha, Marino, Muii tline ile Lain, f'hin-inud Damask i-liawlsj Raw tfilk, Challv, Thi bet, MuuseliiiedeLain, China it Plaid Dress Il'dk'fs. A great varieiy of Lace, Thread, Udztng;. Kibbona, i'carf-, Gloves, Slock--, Ac, Ac. E. M. WRIGHT, .f. Co. N. H. We would inform our friends, customer! and die jiuhlio i niver-ally, that out stock of Goods ia equal, if not superior to nny other iu thcvillag, and we will give as good bargains, if not better. Pleasit call, examine and judjc for yourselves. Oetolerl. OTOVKS. A great variety comprising nearly all WJilie kuidb now in useif Cooking Siovts of ihe most improved patterns; llox and parlor Siotcs, ni'ht kind and lizes at greadv reducedprice, by Pel, 13. illCKOK A CATLIN. SALT. 2C0 llarnls, COCO bushels in bulk, for .n!o ljy Oct. 13. HICKOK if- CATLIN. G'KOCURIIW. A general asforliucnt, for ile t Jijy luvjirices, by 111CK01C &. CATLIN. CODI'iSHjLa'mpOil, Linseed Oil and Paints at Oct. 13. HICKOK & CATI.I.VS. PURi: SjIi, .1 new article", warranted Pure, loan uiacliirid by an cuiitely new process, so as ta cleanse the salt from eviry other substance. 10U0 bushels if llic abovefor sale by Oct. 13. HICKOK& CATLIN". (W1 New Packing liarrels for sale by 1UU Oct. 13. GEO. PETE T ERSON. FLiOUK. HICKOK & CATLIN West side of tho Caurt House Square, would invite the alltnuonof all purchaseis ol I'lour, whu wish for a superior aniens manufactured from New Wheat, to a large lot which ihey now have on hand and will sell as low as can ae bought in ibis place. Oct. 13. .Medicinal Liquors : leal l.o-rnae Alcholiol and .Vnliml fpirils, fur Camphor, eu. I.y PECK U SPEAR. 13 U S T Port an I .Madeira Wme- JLJliramly auu ltillanj ton, llotatiical Medicines 1 EV1 1!V nrtii-lu in this Lraneh e emsianlly cn at wholesale, and retail, by PECK ip SI'I'J Oi l. IJ. 1-aml Alt. LLJ.M15EH. CILAP-ROARDS, ' l--uir-l)i)arels, Clear-ltoards, and Shingle.-, tor sale by HICKOK & CATLIN, We-t Side Court Houj Sousro, 20th Octolur 1S41. JUST KFCE1VED. Q 0 Cla-s Rcae'ers, OJU C0U2d " ' 75031 AllJ 1'cr Oct. 22, 1641. n!e 1 y CIIAI'.NCIlV GOODRICH. Irish mid Linen !'.. M, WRIGHT & Co. Ql PEUOIt Linen, Cambrick, Linen Lawn, u l.iiu'ii, I. men nauiasi., l.inen Napkin lld'ks, Just ree'd by 1'.. M. WHIG! ALSO, Cambrick, Jaekontil, Satcinilt, JIull A. Swiss Muslin., llurd Camlet and Swiss Mil--bus, Railroad, I'ig'd and plain lliusselli l-'reneli, fn'r nell wash blond Notteil and plain ttolibnell Silk ItloiidSiider-iieitnnd Grecian Laces, '1 bread, l.ile ami inoiui i -il ;u js. Oct. 13, IS.!. 131111.: Quae'riipud XJ Pilgrims Prusri'sS, Kme I'A lAvturu-on Dramatic Art and Literature. It V. Se-hleprl, Friin the Uenuan, tiy John Illaek, Just rvcelvest, nnd for sale by CHAl'NCEV UOODRICB. 22 Oct. m. Tin Plate. !licct lron,.tc. Z( IIOXUS Tin Plate, 1-3 IX. 'JJ " Canada Iron, 0 Randies Eng. and American Iron, 100 " assorted Noa. Together with a geneial assortment of Tirinff' atlielcs, bv VILAS, LOO.MIS & CO-, Oct. 1st, 1811. Ton She CnrAr nv U. M. WRIGHT it Co. A'EOW HOOKS. "GfCticap lor CASH ! Vortliy of Notice! rriIOSU lakcn or troubled with Dysentery, Diar--L rlm-.i, Suiumer Complaint or Cholern J!orbu, can procure immediate relief, by the u.eof Dr.Jayns'ii arnunnlive llalsain, of Pluladeli hia. For sale br -li'-'. 10. PECK .f. SPUAIL rVA few doors Kast of the Post Ollice. Lifaas it id Merchant's Dnugliicr do. Widow Ruck's Religious Anec dotes Tor Sale for C.uu by Oct. 9, 1811. I'sefiil and Happy Charle- Linn I.eslio Graham, I y 1S.UIV Pollock's Course of tint S. IilMINf.'iON Aunt lnaiU? FOR SALE. A dwelling ht-Use ami lot sitiiaieet at , liuad of lV.'irl Si reel, owned nnd oevupiad I y Ihe lalu l fevi-rance. Forparlinilara cfinuiru e-t ll estd seril er nu thenrtfini. SjlSupt. 10. i:. SEVI RANCF. PECK & SPKAR, Clicmlsts.V, UriigeiUts, llurliiigtou t. Agents for llio salcof I'ctiscs Clarifctl Kssencc of Jfoarhound hion-forltonnei-. funs. CliaL-. 111....... . I wanuy suiiidli-forihuMn.on. Also a rn-h and lasliion'al le ' ' """"ij Stat.; and ol o, for the Lower Provinca of in.ortmentuiSilU, Velvet, Velvi'iceiiandtrui u i Ci,nada. lor llonnel and Dii-stu., She ha, u,o Rili.un. I - - - - - - -M It S. K It .V si i: It, I I A.S ju-i reluriii'J Ironi Aew Vor',, with the a'el I t i.-isii I f.illii'is, I reneh nniloilie-r I lower,. Late t.luvo,, Mills,l urts mulo licr artivltoiiillio .Milleuery Imoto.i i-.iimi-roii. to purtiuulari.e, Abo an rVgaut a-niritiienlot baas, and a gi.o.M-p,tiiiti,iii ilonni ts and laps ready lor, all which sliu will sell n. cheupcr cheaper than ItiLtrnjat eltrwhffo rf equal .lyle !!urhnftni,Oct t?, 111 Dissolution. U is herc'iy g veil that tho i-onariner.r,; liurc-iol'oru rxisiniL' I.-ivuvn tin. -,, I el, ,- ihu firm ol N. A. A W. It. R,o.!e. was dindTml by m ilual t-onseiii, on the Sth i'ay rf Oe-u.l er int 1 he bii-iiu'sj w ill be conliaucd ai Uie M stand. Iv '-,, .1. N. A.KHillir.o. I uirntficn Fa!U 0-. t Tsfi " "

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