Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 10, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 10, 1841 Page 1
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not tub QLony or o'IqTa n, cox t h a w b & r a n b o r 7 o m e. BY If. B. STACY. - BURLINGTON, VERMONT,. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10. 1841. -T ' . . . tin, ii vn vi LILY SVRTTP Anwiparralled remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Slotting of Wood, ITooping Cough, t)'c. TO THE PUBLIC. In presenting to the put lie a now remedy lor disea ses Of the lllav I e limner In sni' ll.-.f ,. ,,u;.. from the many certitiiules mul reeconimendations of I tuner pcciiius i-oniainej lil l no newspapers nltliu day no new remedy was called for or required. 1J it iftbe popular remedies had materially lo-sene.l the hills ol mortality, or nny one of the many preparation- pos. essed those virtues rccommraJeJ, so that after n fair trial, the paticntcoiilddepcnd upon it, healing power, and rationally hope for a gpeeJy recovery ol hoiltli, thu humble attempt to nrre.-l the progrc-s ofPulmo iiary Consumption would not have appealed. But that the victim ofthi. destroyer are daily in creasing, need, no proof and the larcc scales of the pruggit-tsalioxv that the remedies l the day hue been fairly tricJ, and failed in their object, if that ob ject was the ratoration to health of pcr.-ons s illcrnig lroniditeaes of the 1iiii;. While one remedy dries up a conch that should be properly aided to throw o I the viscid phlegm collected upon the Inn?, an I throat the harbinger of di-easc, another, by a bad fcluction l an expectorant, is indeed enabled to dispossess the jwvseiu tenant, hut leave a vore one to occupy 1 lie hatlereJ i and by it, the worl; of death is the .ooner accomplished. The LIIjY Sl'llbl' i, now lettered to Le the le-t remedy for lung comp'nmt", that has ever appeared. To cure Pulmonary Consumption afier the disca-e has done its last worl;, or become seated upon the vi tal function., and tubercles are formed and broken, and atmospheric air i, inhaled into the nroken part-, in not among the pretensions of the thousand and one popular nostrum. to the contrary, notwilh-tunding). This meJicmeihas restored many who were sup posed to be Icyoud cure, by men standing high in Ihe medical profession ; but their rctoration to health on ly proved that great and good men may I e mistaken, in the Mage or progress of iheii-cu-e. Hence, let no person de-pair of relief, until he has made a lair trial of the Lily Syrup. This medicine oierales by promoting a free and easy expectoration, thereby freeing the lung, and throat from viscid phlegm, aiid strengthening the pans aud freeing them from inflainatory action whkh constitutes the disease of Pulmonary Consumption. The Syrup is entirely free from auv mineral suhsiain.c, and purely vegetable; and may he taken with per fect safely by the most delicale con-titutioii". It is highly recommended to tho-e who have weak lungs. Teachers 01 performers of vocal music will find it of invaluable use to them, by us giving gieat strength and sweetness to the tones of mu-ic, ami en abling the person to perform with gieuteasc. Pul lie speakers and delators xvill find it of invalualle ser vice to them. This medicine lias been thoroughly and successfully tented by able nliy-ii-ians, and by their advice is now prepared and o.lered to the public, to -.peak fur itself In thecaiiHiofarthclcd htimanitv. And mav he who hles-ed the insiruinrn'nlitv of clay to open the eye, of lhe blind, make it a bh-Wiig to the hunnn family, and the great object of the proprietor will be accom plished. All medicine slio il 1 be given according to the itu ntion of the patient ; and, if much reduced, a smaller q lantity than where there is e-oti-iileiable virengih. The directions on Ihe bottle may 1 e taken as a general rules but if taken for a long standing cough, it "may ho necessary to take a much larger do;e for some one or two days, and even ofieuer until an cxpu-'toration is .produced that will !.' free and ea-y. When there i much tightness ol the chesi, it will sometimes incrca-e the cough for a day or two; m which ca-e, the patient should take the Syrup more ficely, even until it should produce a flight nausea of the stomach. lie need not (car any harm from such sensation, 1 would say to all who' purchase lli'S medicine for use, that thev can have but lillle hoc ul being I cicu't'.cd by it, unle-s It h taken steadily when it Is commenced with. Some ha vo taken it once a day, then twice, then not any for two or three days. I cannot savthat such xvo'd'.l le likely to receive much benefit from il ; but if taken regularly, it is eminently calculate I to uproot lit- dis ease, anil to restore to sound hciibh. It isthccamet dcire of the proprietor to hate everyone I hat u-es at least one bottle of it sleahly according ti the direc tion', to communicate the result to the oer-on of whom he purchased the medicine. The nronr'e'.or is nrivilesed to refer to ths follow in persons who have n.ed the l.ily Syrup, nnd who will ee bapnv to gix-c information of its superior healing rowers, to anv wishing in know more nl out it. Mr. C'rillenifcn, one "of the firm of E. 1 Smith & Co., whole-ale and retail merchant, Exehangn-slree', Roche-ier. fnr btcciluvj at the huiir. Rev. ii Tucker, I'a-tor of second Kaposi Church, itoeiiester. Canlaiu E. Freeman, for a bad cough. .Mr. Stoddard, of tbelirmol Siamvood it Co. l.ook- leilcrs, corner ot liutlnio aim bin'o sirceia, itoch'er. Mr. J. M. French, North-street, Hoche-ter, lor the ilinnt,!nr.l-ntifTll. Mr. Soulb'.vorlh. Stone-street, Hoch-sler, for lad ffonrh. Mr. Robert M'Kiblen, M"nroe-srcct, Ilocliu-trr, In a severe an J alarming c-a-c of lhe xvhooiiing-ciiiiEh E. Barnard, Esquire, offices in court-house, in a nf whoonimr-eo'ich in his familv. Canlaiu W. I). Fish, for a case of Phthisic in his Tamil,' Rev. Mr. Clark, Pastor of the Baptist Church, l.e Jlqy Rev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of the first Baptist ! Roche-ler. Captain A. Brilton, for Haemorrhage of the lungs. 'A. G. Smith, cashier of Mechanics and farmers' Dank, Rothc-icr. L. w. Siblev, of the firm of Sil ley & Scrantom dry Rood merchants nml auctioneer, "lluilalo-street Itof Lesler. ltev. A. Kingstcy, Pastor cf the flaptut hurch at Manchester. ni. .Incnl, Ivunon. Hva nj?ebs. Mr. T. llunn. Carriage Maker, St. Paul-street, Ilir.nm rl',ir-L,-r. nllornevat law. ItocllC-ter. Mr Thnnins .tlnn.m. 'naver. Uoche-ter, who ha received astonishing relief. Please inquire of his i are. Rev. Thomas Carlton, M. K, Ch. Rochctcr. A. Steel, (bleeding at lung.) Lock-port, H. Miner, We-l Henrietta, Munroe Co. Professor Metiinm-, Hamilton i heol. Srin'y. Rev. Levi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook, " " 13 The Proprietor has 1 een oiTcred csrlificates )y manv of the above gentlcinen ; but ho prefers that ihoe wishing information, would call on tnem per sonallv. I'ECK & SPEAK, Asents for this jeciion, I'opuliir Hotels. FRANKLIN HOUSE, BOSTON, Con. or Mahket St. and Mehchant's Row. jo- rpllE tindersisncd, (formerly of the KrS3 -- E'm m,xl Hotel, and late proprietor iSlJEB cf Csmgrt-ss Hallj New Yoilt,) would UIjUb- most resoectfullv inform bis friends and ihe public generally, that he ha become the lessro of tnts CStaoilSIlincnt, nnu pul ll 111 niupie oiucr lor una accoininodation. The house is located in thecentreof businc-a, with in a few rods of fluincy Market, nnd but a short dis tance from the landing of the English and Eastern Sieamer. Tho lung experience the subscriber has had in tho management or a public House, gives Inm perfect con tidrnce iu his abilities, and he therefore nlrdcts hiui- self to gie satisfaction to those who fuvor bun with rtnlronnup. A Dining room has brc n fitted op expressly for the accommodation of I.adics and Oenilcmrn, whkh will .. r,,nl dnilv Biircnil uilli the best themntkcl nll'ords. Tlie Gentlemen s Ordinary, which can accommodate obout 100 persons, witlboproMded with all the sub .,.,:.( txvnrirKof llin season. I'ho Servants will bo found honest and attentivr extrtmc t hcintc cion an ocasious io bivu saomac "on. J- MACOMllEIt. IOf)Ifl'.'S ESSCNCE OF LIKE. A Valuable Melicine. which, if rinlillv nuolicd. Will be Ihe ni'ans of saving thousands from an iinlimclv grate. It has been told awl used for thirty years, with great siicce, and found very elliciiciou', 'in the following di-ease-, viz. Consii. option, Whooping Coughs, com mon Cough,, Co'd, difficult Hicathinu, Influenza, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthi-ic, Spitting of Blood, Flatu lency, Indigestion, Loo-cues of the Dowel, Fn.ol every kind, Cramp, Rickets-, Colic, Cntarrh, Uyscn Inry,' Fanning, Hypocliondriae AllectloiH, Heada'cbc. Sicuncssat Stomach, Mea-te-", a preventiie of Con lairiO'lsdi-cascs. Gout and Rlieunntisin. iCj1! he a hove Medicine is prepared by Henry Sev mour, of llndley. Mass, from the Original Recipe, y thedircciioit ol said Moore, and soil by linn and the principal Druggistsin the UnitcdSlales. Sold wholesnle and retail, by Peck Sjicar, Burlington, and by thcdealcrs Eencrallv through out the countrv orl m 1 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. II IS article is too well known to need common dation and the experience of seven Jeats has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience nnd durability, they arc unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 'J to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh front 1-2 lb. inn? ",9'' ,,or,il,)lo do. to weigh front 1 2 oz. to .00 lbs. PortableCounterdo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. ,. J. fc J. II. Pi:ck & Co. .4ccnfi. Burlington, April 8 1841. 'OTHJU. JCTMcdicinc is l est known by the euros it perlorins.rn) I. Newton's Panacea, 'under ol thu Blood. The nnnar.iili-lcd nnd ml iiiereaMiigrepiiiaiion which nil, meilicino hasncqai ed throughout the New England Stales, nnd tlutinw cures it ha, performed, and the great demand made for It by thu advice of physicians well ncquaintoc with its preparation, has md iced the proprietor Yd extend il, cir.iubilion to almost cverv tnun In iMs-,., , ' Sta'c. nml the principal town, in ihe United Slates, mi ' I h" V!tnan'l warranted purely veselal le.nnd is nol I surpas'cil by any other medicine oer ollered to the a niciea as u, eien ne sale and great popularity plainly nrovc. Il has within the la.t l-Mui.,, mnnil, cured it, thousand, ofthe most obstinate disea-e--, n can be proved bv tcrlilicatcs. nnd is pronounced by eininentnnd re-pei-tablo phvsicinus thelc-t mediu'ne in use. I'.eful iiiforinatiou "uiuy I c found in circulars containing certificate, of cures and direction, for ta king Hie medicine, the followniir nnnomled n-rci.u. Burlington. PECK and SPEAR, R. Moody Allans. Coin, nnd lin-sid Miltnn (' l),l... Milton Fall-.Birnct and Sawvei Wnipn-tlln. Pl.t.- aud Brown, lline-burgh, Hull mil Cook Fairfax, Parker and .Matlield Vergenncs, Adam and Murrav Cambridge, M. Wiies Underbill, M. C. Barm-v North Fcrrisburgh, II. C. Wicker Ceorgia, A. !li Willistou. N. Chittenden tin linmnil ttr , .5- lll,,.,!. Johnson, G. L. Warner and Cr Monkton, Eihaii Smith Bakerslicld, Armington and Woalward Fnir- I'.. .1.1 II ...... 1 ... iiiu, uui iii., uiiu i ai ii 3 sv on n. u.o.p. Iy.1.1 J MAIlSIIAl.I.'s; continues unrivalleil a, a strengthening PLASTER: Also, for Rheuma tism. Lameness or pains in the sides, limbs or back-! forscrofulo.i, swellings, .curvy sores, Fresh wounds: , r , r. J n. - ', ,1 siuutavii. tu itfcj iiivi, iniutii 111 renews and for a general Family Plasicr orsalvc. I or Corns, every pari of the svtem, nud triumphantly mounts moreover try it; paieclo-e, persevere in the me by ,he ,anner ol health in the blooming cheek: inakinga new application occasionally, and in tune, Mo lat's Vegetable Life Medicines have been tbor- PAINT1NG. THE siibsuler Icing thankful for past favors would rcspeclfullv solicit u contiiiuuncu of the same and remind bislViends and the public that be i prepared to accommodate them on the shortest notice and most favorable terms in the various branches in thcaloveline. Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Sevmour's Hat Store, Pcarl-sttcel, Hurlingion, Vt. JAMES SCOTT. April I, 1841. n3:lv vonrcorns will be cured. For snle bv rti.iv. it Ht"t-;AK, and l)n. ROUT. MOODY Burlington, Jan. 22, IS 11 . Dr. A. Sherman's Cough Lozenges. k vj lyougn .leJicine jia, evert. 1 Vermont thai lias given such linn Tlum ... , ntn f. i ,n ,1.. ouch, and cods ma few d.iv.. m,-m;. t..ft... piexion., r.rup ive couipiainis, saumy, ..louuy, nnu on,...- ,m.. I,, i, ,,. ,,. .,.., ...!, I... i ...,i ot hen isngrecaiite v.omppxions, sail ltiieuin, Lrvsni bv lliein. but where their merits are so generally tla" "linon i Colds nni lnlluenza,and varitnts i other kiiown & appreciated It is useless tospecifv instances, coim.taiuts winch nflbct the human frame. In I' r.t EH The above medicine, a. well , Sherman's celebrated a" Aooc, pariicuiariy, ino i.ue .ucuiciues nave I een Worm Lozemre.. Poor Man's olasier,. nnd mber ore. most eminently snccesslnl ; so mm ii so that In the naratlOH, iiiavLehad of mix-, i. r.x.Miuuicv or. i)Ki.b.n.lli. pKRTAIN CURE FOR SICK HEADACHE, which has been used m families, ex-ery member of which has had sick headache from infancy, ris a constitutional family complaint, and has cured cllec tuilly in every instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, and does not prevent the duly avocations of 'one using it it must be persevered in, and the cute is gradual, but certiiu nnd permanent. Instances are constant v rnultiplyingxxherethis distressing complaint is com- ariciy reuexcu anu cuicn, niuimigiiol vears standing iy the use of Dr. Spohn's celebrated lemedy. One ccidcd nreferenceis its iilcasantimss. bnvinrr nnnn f tho nauseating effect of common drugs. Ilia soperfecllysati.factory, that the proprietor has given directions for his agents to refund the price to .my nut; uu i-, nui pitaseu xvun, nnti even cured uy it. He hopes nlso that this mav Ri'cnrp il , rrrrnl limi. efils to the distressed suflerers xvlio are laboring under Headache, SPOII., M, D inventor and Proprietor. sow tiy'HUi .f- CO., 71 JIaiden Lane. New York. PECK & S P E A II. Wholesale Agents, a few doors cast of the.l'ost Oflicc, Hurling ion. Vt. n9 BLANK BOOKS. Ledgers), Journals & Record Hooks FOR toivns, county nnd probnlo records mannfac tured from the best linen xvoxe Demi and .Medi um paper.bound in calf : Also, a xuricty of common dome-tic guide to health. This little pamphlet, cdued and colds. 1 have nsed'it fo ir year, iu my proem e, lllanlc work or sale cheap for rendy pay at the sign ot by v . u. Mo lat, !i73 uroauxvay, .exy orir, lias i cni the Red Ledger, by June 25, 1911. NOTICE. npilE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore cxi-tinz 1 e- X txx-een II. 31. GIDDIMC.S and I IAN I-Y-),N. under the firm of II. M. GIDBINGS iSc Co., has .'., , i-sotxeo i v l ie oecense oi il. uiuoi.i,?, 'I lip turvivnii! partner has sold tho STOCK of GOODS to SAMUEL M. POPE, xxbois hereby au thorized tw ollcct ai.d discharge 1 lie debts dje the lale linn ; and those in.lublcd nie re.piesleJ to mal f nay ment to him. DAN LYON. BuilinglonOt. 1. 1541. . ..IIII7I. f. HftlSr.1. l.n.M'.. nilrnliOLP I fl.fl O sto'-k of Goods oi Hie laic l inn ol II. M. Glli- III.S'GSA- Co., hereby gives notice that be has com- nirnce.l bu-ine-s at the Sinnd rec eullv oeeuniel bv said firm, ami invi'.eshis friends and ibe cuslomcrs of ihe lute concern and ihe Public generallv to extend to him, at least, n shard of their patronuge. iiiirimaion, j--i. i. iuu, (GNEVV SILK GOODS.Tj T-411ELPS H KIMBALL. 71 Male slree', llo.tmi I have receive I their Fall sMpply ot Silk Goods. eml racing a comple'eassortment of fashioual le and lesirab'e ailivlcs in their line, to xvnieii tney inxue the attention ot purchaser., tor ia-n, or on snort fr-lii. in xvhoni tbrv will le sol.l at the loxvcst mar- let linres, 1 lieir assoruneiii i-oiisi-i, in pari o, mc fo'loxving articles : Bit; synshexv. and .arsiict.,1 131 It and blue-black cro' de Swiss. Plain and rich fig'd gro' de rxap'c-, Chine silks of all kind., Striped nud dg'd Rep. silks. llonnc! sills- aims. Florences, serge, crepe ll- see, Plain and fig'd turn vest miry. U1L-, blue-black and eol'J liomltaztne-, Ulk and blue-blk silk vel vels. Plain anil fig'd mou;'c!ine delaine, IMicunes, pnnlol Saxo nies, Merino and cloak stuff, Ili.ok and rtwiss imi-hns Shawls of all kin-i-. Fancy handkerchiefs nnd scarf', in great variety Pocket ban lkerchicf, of nil kinds. Linen rami no and cam brio handkerchiefs, Italian &. French crax-at 31. 3(i, 'ii, 10 iueb Glovo-', men's, xvomen' k c ildrcn's sill;, buck, and xvooltn, Kibbois,cap, bonnet, I ell, tada and satin. Galloons, French and En glish -hoe nhbon-, Vwiug silk, txx'i-l, braids, cord., ore. cvc. MOFFAT'S VEOLTABLIJ LIFE MKDICINKS. Thc-u mwlicine, aie indebted for their name to their inauife-t and sensible notion in purifying the springsaud channcla-of life, and enduing them xi-ith rwoeH-eJ tone and vigor. In manv hundred eerlifleil enses which have been made huMf, and in almost exery species ofih'.eascto xvlncli ih hiiinau frame . liable, the happye feel, ofMortAt's Lire I'tLi.s and PniKNlt UlT-rr.n, baxo Ijcen greatfullyand publicly acknoxxledged by the person, lencliited, nnd xvlio were previously unacquainted vritli the beautifully phi losopluca! prmcip'es upon which they nrceumpound ed, nnd upon xi Inch llieveonseipienlly act. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend themselves In disease, of exerv form and description. Their first operation is to !oo-eu from ihe coats of the stomach and buxvel., tin! x'nriu'is impurities and crudities con stantly sell ling around thcin;nud to remove Ihe har dened faces xvhich collect In the convolutions ofthe smallest liitcstint -. Oilier medicine, only partially cleausolhcse, an ' leave such collected tnas.'0s behind a, toproikiceh.n itual costixeness, xx'ith all its train ol evil., or sudden diarrlura. Willi its imminent tla?ers.n This fact is xvell known to all regular unatomists. xvlio examine the human boxx els after death ; and hence the prejudice of thoso xvell informed men airaiiist quack medicine or medicines prepared and heralded to the public by ignorant per.-ons. Thu second effect nl the Life MeJieine, is to i lean-e thu kidney, and the bladder, nnd by mean--, the liver and the lungs, the liealililulnr ,011 ol tvincli entirely ileienu. upon tne re Kiilarilx of the urinary orraus. The blood, 'xxdiidi take, ps redcolor fiointhc agency of the lix'erand the lungs belore it passe, into the heart, being thus purified by them, and nourished by food coming from a clean stomach, courses freely through the x'ein, renews onghly tested, nnd pronounced a sox'ercign remedy fur Dvspep.ia, Flatulency, Pnlpnatlon of the Heart, Loss of Anni'iitp. Tli'nrl-born and Head-ache. Rcslln.tnp.. 1 J'-K IS I III-temper, Anxiety, Languor und Melancholy, Cos ln'cuess. Diarrlura. Cholera. Fcx-ers of all kind.. fcrl.eeninlrod ice.1 Into Jiheiimati.m, Goui, Dropsies of all kinds , Oraxel, uch tmiver-al salisfae- Worms, Asthma and Consumption, benrvv Llcers' e the mo,t 'irouMoso'inc Inveterate Sony, Scorbutie Er,.-lious and Bad Com- . NOT if JR. TIIEsubscndcrs liaving transferred their entiro stock of Drugs St Medicines toT. A. PECK it A. C. SPftAR toko this occasion to mnko their nc kuoxvlcdgenicnts to their friends ifcthe Public fot their liberal nnd long continued patronngo xvhich has been extended to thcrn as druggists ; and at the simo time they beg leave strongly to rccconimciid their sitcccs-sors-.Mcssrs PECK & SPEAR as regularly brol Druggists and that on their fidelity andexpcricncethc Public may fully rely. J. &. J. It, PECK & Co. Uuihngton Sept. 20 1841. DRUGS AND MEDICINES. Ono door cast of J. &. J. II. PECK Si Co. rl MIF. subscribers successors as Druggists toMessrs JL 1.& J. II. I'ECK&co. have funned a copartner ship under the firm of PECK ,f- SPEAR, nnd have purchased of their predecessors their emire slock of Drugs if- Medicines which, together with late addi tions from Nexv York if- Boston renders their assort ment large if- complete enabling them to supply Me trade on the most liberal nnd advantageous terms. From their knowledge of, ho business and the unre mitting nnd treusirc atlenlion xvhich they nro deter mined to besloxv they hope to give satisfaction tn the public. T. A I'ECK, Burlington, Sept. 20, 1811. A. C. SPEAR. DR. TAYIOR'S BALSA M OF I, I V K IllVORT, Observe when you buy that vou g Ike genuine, prepared at 375 Bowery, Nexv York. See that 375 Bowery Nexv York Is on the wrapper of each Bottle. All others are Fraud, and .old only by .peculators, without regard lo justice, to the public, or the proprie tor of the genuine article. IJ'OU Consumption, and Liver complaints, Dyspep . sia, dizziness ofthe head, loss of appetite, Dyteu tarv, and general legula'erol the whole sxMciu. None genuine but that prepared at 375 Bowery, Nexv York, where the article xvas first made, the char acter of the medicine formed and established l y the present sole proprietors, and xvlio are the only person, knowing the composition ofthe genuine, 1 1 his 1 ecu used successfully for eixht years in thu cure of these disease'. ItTp'Remeinl-er the oriuinal and is made only at No. 375 Boxxcrx'. New York. All other, are Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a ircneral for these disease-. I mn fullv All that Mr. MoTat renniri'sof hi, patients is lo le I .alb-flud. fruin long experience, there is no niebciiie particular in taiiing tne liiu jienicine. strictly accor- equal lo Ur. laylur'., Balsam ot Liverwort. Bxin pure:v vegeiabie, it can be us.e.1 wii STATE OF VERMONT. ) Tho Hon. tl, l'rnl .ln District of Chittenden, ss. J Coutt fur the Disttict of Chilli nden 1 To all persons concerned iu the eslate of Jehiel Johns, lalo of Huntington, in said District, decenstd, Gnr.ETiN0. Whereas, the administrators of the estate of said deceased, propose to render an account of their ad- niiuisirauoii, ana prtscm ineir account ngainsi aaiu ;un3i,iii,'s oiu.11,11.11 un i Llts. mav Used in .Wincor water. ThesccelebratcdbHters are composed purely of vegetable, ofthr most inno cent yet spccilic.virliic... They nro recommended par ticnlaily for restoring weak constitutions, cleansing and strengthening tin; sloinath, and increasing the appetite also a piexenlntixcagalust the cholera mor bus fexer nnd ague, removing nausea, vruniifnir. heart buriilnir.xieakncs.s iu the breast, naiu in th"e i estate for examination nnd alloxxanec at a session of stomach and other symptoms of llatiileucu and indiges- I the Coutt of Probate, to be holden ot the Eagle Hall ivuu uux win iniciure one gallon, x rice 2d cts. ui iiusion, on uic mini uonuuy ui lycceuiDcr iii-xi. i ntreiore, l ou arc ncrcuy nouneu to appear iciora said court at tho time and place aforesaid, and shexr cause, if nny xuii linxc. xxhv the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my bund at Yx illiston, this lGih day of November, A. D. IS 11. m. Wcstos, Rcpistcr. a box Russell's Itch Ointment. This choice and safe ointment i, said to 1 e superior lo any noxv in tne, for that dl-agieeablo and lonthsolne disea.e, the ITCH. This Oinimeiit i, so ccarlniu in its operation that no person doubled with the above disoider ought to le without it. It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, .scorbutic alleclions ofthe head, oranv other breaking out which arises from sharp humors iu Ihe blood. Price 25 cts, a box. Bus tll's VEocTAELr. Uitxtoi-s Pills, or family physic, for general use, in ca-e, of Jaundice, morbid -eii-il ib'ty ofthe stomach and bowels, loss ol appetite, fietid breath, cosivenes, Pile, nnd all diseases aris ing from biliary derangements, also far conceiting the state of the blood, and cleansing the system ol foul and viscid humours. These pills arc a 'mild ca thartic, prodiiciua neither pains nor griping, and are therefore a X'ulualle and highly approve medicine, audarc pronounced assiich by the most distinguished physician. 1-ach box containing 33 Pills. Price 37 J cts. a I ox Russell's celebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. This is unquestionably the lest and infest remedy ever vet o'lercd to the public for that obstinate disorder SAL'I R11LU.M. Where other menus have failed, it has suc ceeded, and the fact lliat il bas'btcu sxteiisivcly used by eminent Practitioners speaks volumes iu its praise. It i, equally efficacious, in all disea-e, of ihe skin, scald head, ringworms, uu J the most mxeier.ue Itch, !tc. &c. Numerous certificate might le obtained, I ui the propritor chooses that a fair trial sbo ild 1 e the only evidence of its superior ulicacy. Price 50 rents a box. For sale bv Peek if- Spear and Robert Moody, Builington ; Dr. C. E. Miles, and Hull & Cook, Ilines bursh ; S. II. Bailie-, Charlotte; L. Janes, Georgia; L. Tyler, Essex ; Fuller Ac Huntington, Richmond Al-o, by the druggists and merchants generally hru.ighoul the stale. . o'i.'Jic. STATE OF VERMONT, Tho Hon. the Probata uisirici oi Xviimenuen. 3 vsouri wiiiuu nnu iwi oi- District of Chittenden ; To the creditors and other 1 concerned in the estate of Jehiel Johns, late of Hnn linglnn in said District, deceased. ' Whereas Benjamin Johns ami George Johns, two of tho administrators of the estate of said deceased, have made application to this Court, to extend the itmo lunitid lor making payment of ihodibta and settling the estate of said deceased, six months from Ibe lfilli dav of November inst. nnd the tlutd Monday of December next, beinir assigned for a hearing in ll-i premises, nt tne 1 agie nan in x iiusion, in sum ui trict. and it bflvinis TiLvn ordered that notice there f be Rixen, by publishing this decree three xveekssuc cessixcly in the Burlington Press, a ncs pap. 1 printed at Burlington, Uforc the time fixed for heal ing. Therefore, you ore hereby notified lo appear beforn said Court, at the time and place aforesaid, then ntm tlicro to inane objection, 11 any you nave, ro tne sau timof payment being extender! as aforesaid. Given under my hand at Vx illiston this 15th day o; November, A. D. 1541. vm xx eston, iicgister. Fexcrand Agnedistrict, Physicians almost universally 1 .. ., ... pre-crti e tnem. ding to the directions. It is not a nexx'spaper notice, or liyanylniuglhct lie nim.-cu nmyay in their lax-or, that he hopes to gam credit. Il is alone by the results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MArsu.xL; designed as a ilh Ihe uliiio-t safety ty all pe.sons in every conuition. It eiean-e, the lung, by expectoration, relieves difficult breathing, andscemsto heal the chest. Theree-au lenoque-tion but this medicine is a certain euiu lor chronic co-ighs S. HUNTINGTON. n3 liriNDOW SASH M Just received 15, 2U and 2 17 liy a casements ol put lisiicJ tortlie purpose 01 explaining more lull y .ir. Mo lot's theory of diseases, and will 1c found highly interesting topersons seeking health. It treats upon prex-alent di-eaes, nnd ihe cau'es thereof. Price, 25 eenls for sale ly.xlr .uollat's Agents generally. These Valuable Medicines are tor sale by Robert Moody Drusgit, if-General agent, (to wnoin all ap all kinds atidsizcs, furui-lied lo order. Ticondcrosa black lea I, a lir-t rate article, for sale xcry loxv, together xvilh n areat variety of other nrli- claso cheap a, can be found at any other establish ment in I lie place. uuo. rcTElisos. and alxxnysxvilhsiiices.. A. F. ROGERS, M. D. Tickling in the Throat. I l.-noxv Dr. Taylor', Balsam 1 f Liverxvort to te a certain remedy for ibis complaint, as I have ucd it iny-elt and lound its ellects an imined.alc. 1 was much troubled until I made 11-e of ihi melicine. M. L. HENSIIAW. "11 J Inns n it. Hoarseness Ciued For ihe cure of hoarseness 1 can stroiie:! v reccommend Dr. Tax lor's Bnbam of Liv erxvort. T have not onlylound great 1 cnelit myself, nut many 01 my congregation by inr rccoinmcnua- X in full oneration. nnd Boer of Hon have recieved great I cnelit from its virtue. Ill at once nu!d .etucacious and harm'e.s. alanilv on hand for sale in whole REV. A7.. LEMS. ... i.nirt.A-ral. ti PPTL-Tjcnv I SxcreCoiurh, and Colds 1 have had a mo-l te- IU1 lid I UMlltiai U . . . Mill,,.., . , . . . ' - . . ... a . . 13,1841. vcre cold and cough, lor a long lime xvtncli 1 count ' ' ItOl gel riooi. Alter ll-iny nuny u.r.s iiiiiiks 1 iri- GRAND RESTORATIVE. This ed Taylor's Balsam of Liverxvort, and il cured me in tanus unrivaucu a icxv uax. . ' nii" vs. for Ihufollowiiiu complaints, viz: DvsnenMn. or Indi- Raising of Blood About txvo xveeks osro I bad sash, a first ralu article at 31 plieiiltons fornsreneics-hoiild I e addressed, post paid) and cents per light ; alo Burlington, Vt. Jan. 4, 1811. 'TMIE Hurlingion Brexvery i, now Oct. AT ATUItE'S L valuable Vegetable Medicine -ITT 11 nriTT 1.1 :..r..r... VV habitants of l!urlin'"on and vi- gcslion,di-ea-il Lixer, biliousdisorders, Dropsy, Asth- fall, which cau-oJ me to spit large qualities of blood c.tiity, that he has opened a shop in inn, Costixeue-s, Worms and loss of Appetite, and by which nothing couiu cure until 1 irusi ut. inyior's 1-1. ...,.1. r .u. . i. 1 1-1, -in. mo- 1 In- onin.ii-, 111. -I ,ni,-i. mini I., i lio D tain ol L,iTerxx-or I. 1 n is iiiei icine cave iuu imnie- xx here he intends to carry on the Gun- side, Momacli and lireast. cold, and coughs of long uiate reaiei auu in a x-ery suon tune eaccieu an cnuro smith Business, in all its xarious branch- staii'iina, noar.-eiie-s. shortness ol Lreain, nervous cure, wun person, irvi i. IS... ..... I.nitn ... 1 ..n.l T.. . n I n b . I I'l II 1 1 IIOl 1 1 11 ,-I I'., ll III, II I, SI, I SIS t Til. n 1 11 IHC K Itfll III UI , IIHMII .III. U.lll'ijli.l ..U.llllll, Ol. six x-ears in the shop of 'J. M. Casxveil, ease. For Fexcrand Ague, il is a mo-l valuable pre- Dr. Taylor'., llaliam of Lixerxvorl This superior his natural erect position and has ouilted hta car riage, and now xvalks xvith case 1 1 We believe this is tliegentleinaii's own description as near as possible, nnd there is no exaggeration in it. We will give inqui rers his addrc-.s, and doubt not humane feelings xvill excuse tho liberty; so that any one doubting, may know these .tacts though he requests lus name mny not awnenr in print. Anion" oilier instances, .nr. Jns. "-syiixlds. Ill Christie-street, has been rcsiorcd, and xx ill give erauM.i..M,ranct.s 0f the facts of his case, uoiinvore rheumatism, nud contracted cords uim siuciv-i. now uas mi, i ecu doneT nsuxr. liil the Indian Veaetahlp F.l!rr in. I II , X- .. .....I- is .. . . externally. Jan. MM, leu. Sold only At COMSTOCK if- CO., 71 .WuWoi Lane, lcc iorh. iu PECK it .SPEAK, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of thePosi Office, Burlington, Vt. families. A bill ofcenificates accompanies each bottle, xx'ithibrection. It may l.e had wuolc.-ale or retail ol S. Briinin. llarrc. aud J. C. ramam. Last illiams loxx-n. t. sole nronrietors. Prenared from the oriam al recipe ; for sale by ii II. Prentiss, Montpelier, and I'ECK iparun, Burliuston, and in the prineinal towns in tho Mnlclnll ilirccttou, signed in the tiand xrritmg otiiie proprietor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAU Bo-ton, Septemlcrl, 1811. Gw. FOUND. OR may be found in this village, dhccllv opposite the Methodist Chapel, nn OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up in good style, where tho undersigned xvill be glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with their patronage. Cm IS R. G. SPAULDINO. Burlington, April 23 1341. Haxingbeen employed for the last complaint-, etc, which arefroncntly the e lect ol di fon-s in il.n ,tiAn .if "i ll r-o,...!! iTiM. For Fisveratid Acne il iamosl x'aluable tin in I.ansinoliiiriib. fuiidouhtidlv the besi x'cnlatixc as xvell as u soxereign reuicdx-. Its virtues remedy fordisease, ofthe lung, and liver has obtain shop in the United States,) he feels war- surpass anv thing heretofore kuoxvn in removing St. ed a rivuta'iou never twforccjuallcd. ranted in nflerin' his xvork to the nuhlic. Vitus' DanCc, nvo I onics ha-o I een known to cure Remarkable Cure of Consumption Builington, June 1,1811. inisaiuie-iingiiiseasc, ai er having i aineit every exer- . . . wassonear her death with this disca-c, llrxt my Hon lor four xears. It has a must powerful influence fr;-nd sent fur a nr.esi locoiifcs niu ,rt 1 .lied. He YSsTlilUCIUS! A gentleman bclonemg to in removing nervous complaints, n i. pleasant totauc ; ,;s merer , told me not to give no until I trie ! Dr, 111 one of the most ancient and xvcallhy families of and -o easy in its operation, I hat it may I e administered Taylor's Balsam of Liverxx-orl. 1 sent immediately this eity.xvho must be well known tonumcrousfnends to the miaul xvilh salety. I lie ahoxe .MvUivme isvery fortius medicine, and although the eon'e-t for a few having since the year 1318, up to recently, been bent highly recommended by many scientific gentlcinen, uaysbeuvcen this medicine, and my disease wa, e ncatly double, and fur several years confined to his nnd a large number ot ladies, xvlio hax'e proxed the yere, ihe medicine conquered, anil in a furtnieht I ueo, nas ocen resiorcu io goou neaun nas regameu siruiusu, uiu whihc iij ruamisi uai-mm ia, m men was restored to neailh. 1 nau a cough, raising oi mat ter, loss oi my voice, nains. xveai;ue-s. Oic. 1 can re ler to I'octor xx iisi n. in the Larllon lloit-e. lor the truth ofmy statement. MARY DILL, IB h street cor. uexvare oi irauti-. nl a t avenue. Summer Complaint, The Balsam ol Liverxvort. in several cae. of thi .li.casp. x here all other remedies antdied by lihvsi- cinns have proved inctlcctual, ha, produced a perfect cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption Mr. R. Gladdin ot Delhi. X. Y.. of a naturally mu sumiitive constitution, ha lecn save-1 lioni an un timely end by ibe ute of Dr. Tnylor's Balsam ut l.iv. ru'iirl -X st.i-i- r-nlil lin-itioht mi nn attack of IMe;, nr. am. inn n.U.l in ircucinl iK'blllt V nml COH.lltnn lion. A ct.nMant cnjgb, heouu rtu-h,'re5t!e.s m'litf, n...t. M.,1.. o- I 1 I.... ,.a- al-,1 I J ipcc iy ncatn ; run a toon as I commf ncrJ the ucof tin I athain i grew tetter, and now fully ritoml io Ufa un. Shortness of Breaih Fr thi- di?foc. 1 liavc alivav( lonml Dr. 'IVvlorN Unl?nm of Liverwort an oxtellL-nt tlmiipJi. Ii i at once ho salt: ami t-o e Icftixe, that I nlwav. use it in my piartite, an I nwonmiond it to my frii-iiiU. I have ut-uJ it in mi me humlreJs nf rac- within thi pat- luur yctirf nnu i navf never na i it in many ca.vs ui n-uiuia, i imiy i viifvc u 10 nave I ten Hi means n tavinz prcciou mc. Let all use if. GF.OltGK ll.VLPW. .M. i. on scnutno Mil mat nrepaie t nt J73. owerv, New Yori. ns will tc s-cen hv tlie lal t-l and wr.iti- ncr of each hultlo. Uc sure vou ttiow u hen vim Luv. Th cen'line can alwnv. I etilftainej cfiliu l tut Ajsjerit, .iiC'-r-', liove.y ec i;o.( nnw Lovely & Srvtiumr ()r. Mootly and IVik &. Snear, Clit-niUi ; . 11... i .. r t ii ni i ... .'inn iriisi-'i'i?, unt iiniun ji. n.irue uiianouo William Jtho Vf. Jr. Ri.-limoi.d tieo. Avtr V Co, Milton- A A: VV. Urown, Gram! Me W.' II. Keeler. South Hero Horace Wftdsworlh, North Hero J, Davi, All urfrli r . iVUOlena, WctAlb irli I), & v . u.i ri'finer, y uieri'iiry. DrssiAsiis of the i,ur;s..-i)ridp.u the rtmni iMipuUr ictnil ever Knrmtt tn AnicriCH rtgttabt Pulmonary lialsam ii I lit muji villus hie leutfdi iimm i ii ut curi'lit-.C'iliU. .iiliiMi ur i)liilnic. coiHtiinpMon. uhfiriii focgli Hinl (xdmoiMt) HtT'ClioAt. oleet knit. Hi He i ncittilv lurieHi'inj, hum t!r pinirietorn are rfiiinittiiiU ifepUinK the iiiiI UioihIiIp ricrunnt o( its tflVrin. 'Ihe folbwinz iisw cei itficHic ie utlr'rpil for itubl r cxritmiiriiinn. A H I n rt'lit s riNO UaSK hull nci ol n Inner Imni Mr (J .S JfM, Kiiigmnn, UUnjr rn,t N T, lo ihe prupriPiori", uma til i lie Uili mil. wu (lulvicctl t i etn irktiltle chip cttccirilnv tle ciMi.tide lul inoiury It iNain in ihe wni'ei .tnd npi me (il 1S35. 'I he (.ertiuii. Mr. .MouiK, tu l hern iek i lon lime will lh? cuniiHni'H"it. IIij iihwiei iim Iind tiH'n him nn Ue icdtii'Pil so low hc iu he unit lite lo help himeli, ii J v.ifl r.ii-iits l-iKe ipiHiiiiiv ol Iiluuts w hen he ruirmwnct'd uin; ihe, which IiriD eflVeieil a comp'pie rnie. hih he i mm li-t'e nil lirmu pei lip uih. Mr. MkuiIj icniovi d fioni lliisiown, bill he h 10 premised me w tmte duiHilfd uccniini of CHictutnch I will fni MMrd C ti CLAY Ivinii-'tJii. iN. Y. JtineJj. lS.lo. EKirri .if lelier fom Dr. Jitcol 'lMei(i. The Wt-eLihtc I'utmoiMiy li.tUain hai hen o!d m th cnttniv for (wo )phi, and the medicine h.u gained nn imrmninnii celphriu. for it -pieelv in one iixiance l-tiieil nl luting (lie deiitien riieei. I urn ( nu tiierfni in f.mir of lliii m.inv iioiiritm. motol whiih riie irn poKilioit iijuu h credulouf ptiblir, Lm winch 1 know hy naf lo Le 1 cnnot ueip Lul fite ms Mppioh itton llietflio. A rounierfcil irepiiiMiion Imp heen offered liPie Itv a ii.uellniz Ageui. of Lonn'ock n, I. hikI tlieie it MNoiuer driicie venueu lieie Ihai if ctrongl) tuiiccied lo beipui ion. JACOB ilTEBI. H. It, Mifillncton. ro. IVmi. Mhi 3. 1337 110111 Dr. MnMiel .Mutrell, to the I'topi ieimt of 1 lie Vese t.iote rutinunarv Iil'im. 1 hiii aiifitd llixltheVe ipuble riiiinm,mv lluiiin it n vaiii.ime mctitcii.e It h.iti hecn iim-tl in thi iihice with cumpleie mere..' in ah ol-iMiiMie comiilaim ol imp liim;-, iinoihleit wiih -eteie cuiiah. Ium of toiee. h ml ihe r.iiiii2 of much hloud. vhi(hhid previotulv reiiteil unhv Hppioved orPitei initomt. Aliei umi'ii the llauam one uet-K. in nalii ntV oii 1 emini d and he WHy-ild" 10 ipe tk .imli Ii v. I'lii c:ie orrnned tome dine linre. and ll it 11 is now enease'l not only in ucm mn lanonour Liiiiiiiejj. Kpriiecilnllv. c. n. MonrtKLT.. Ii i now inure thau fix jewrt tmre I umi hioKghi ter low h) 1111 HtTectiun ofihe lung, nd m coiiii!nini wat decUiHl lo lie incurable t af-oiinril ofihiee pht iriMiif. I wui ihpti re.-ioifd lo iou I IiphIiIi h 1 UA .Miovctlfnr mint P4ii. hi unti the V etfeiiihlr To mon'.ry H1U.011. f-Jmee my ifcmerj I have leeoni mended ibe ll ilnam in .1 sietti iu.nt eaet nt 'an; rmnnhiiniit. Mad tn t i ran -ai n. ili me h it in VHitat'U l-etMt (iiHnut'd lv moi-h lienel'ii, nd in inum (e-Pied. hAWUEt. LVLRLTT IJ.n on, Marrh 2, IS37. I'nr t-ale, wholesale and lelftH, by I'ECK SPnR,!inftiun, Vi. FOR SALE. rpHAT larcff and cominoilious txvo sto L ry llriok Dxvrln; llousic & 1M situated on tho xx-cst side of College (jrivn nt the he-id of Collcio-strrct, in this vil- age. The Hocsf. 19 32 by 13, with a basement story, ;lir's5CS fciiratrly applielf ree of ill ir; Willi Kitchen nn-J Proxision cellars, mid a xnif;32 by i J. Iu. i' xliiuiiii; noun on Xjniivzei.ii'en.witn xx'oojanii ( ATARRII SSUI'r ttorc lioii-e oeloxv, aiul i-lianu its on J ili-i'pm- rooms aliove. A larue and i-ommoilio'is llarn, carnage ho'i-c li-i' lioii.f, and other o-it-hoii-es, and a spneioti yard west ot iiHUiweiimc hoosp, nno a vrooii iinrai-ic xve;i I llzanrtli itroxxncll's Instate. STAT1'. OI' VEHMONT, 'Va I'robato Court District ufChrttendrn, es. 5 1-holden ntllurlinjti within and fur thu District aioresai-l on the eighteen day i f fxox ember, A. D. 13J1, nn Instrument purpon inj! to to bo thu'last Will and Testament of Elizabc1"' iiroivnell, lale 01 Uolcncster, in saul liistrtcl decessi 1 , xvas i.iessnted to the Court here for Probate, by W1.1. U. Munsou, the Etecutor therein named. 1 licretoie il . ordered by said Court, that puhlin notice be ix en lo nil persons interesttd therein' appear beforo said Court, nt a session thereof to . noiucn at Hie Kejiistcr sotnee in saul liurlinston o the third Wtdnebdav of December. A D. 1311. 01 1 contest tho probate of said Will, and it is furth- oruticu" that tins order bo published three week successively in the liurlington Trie Press, a nexx- paper primed nt liurlington, in this slate, the last 01 xxbicli shall be previous to the day assigned, as aforu said, for hearing. i n under my Hand at the ucgi,tcr s oince, tti.s ISth dav of November, A. 1). 1S41. ' x-.. ii- i 11. lli.31U, lliyiSLCI. Jatncs Darby's Hsfatc. WE the subscril eis Ivinir nppoiuied bx the Hen Piol ale t'ourt for the Disimt or Grand Isl , toreieixt, oa a mine and adpi-t allelaims and deman'U of all persons Sitanut the Eslule of JaniCs Darbx, line of Alliurh, ilooea.sed, icpre-enleil insolvent ; an 1 jlso nil claims und demand e.hd ed in o.l.-ettlieren.j and six months from tho dale hereof being allowed I y s.ud Uonrl tor tnat purpose, xx-c no tlierelore ncrei y give notice that xvo xvill illeud to the buincs o our nppoiiiimeiit nt ihe ilwtllinsr llOuc of the widox Jane Ilarl-v. iu Alburgh in said Histrict, on tho la.-l Saturday i f December and the lust Saturday ot Apr next at iO oVIoclc A. M.on each of saiddav. Dale J al A!bjrt-h, ll.i, l.tiliivof Aoveinl-ir, A. D. IS-ll. WM.I..SO!VLtS, W.M. U. LYMArx. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY CL. .M.LSU.N, continues ths . business of manufacturing Chairs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl 3Iap!u Gncinn, Cane Seat, Common Cane snd I-'bi; Siat, I.arrc and Small ltntstd Scat ltockini', do do Com mon do, Common Dining, S c. &o. All of xvhich arc xvorranted a first rate article and xvill be sold at pricoa 10 correspond xvith ihe times. FEATHERS, AND FF.ATHEll 1JEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, a supply of xvarrantcd Liya Creese I Valuers, xxdiich xxill be sold loxv for C3sli. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and llirds Eya Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposits the old Hank. C.L.NELSON ST ISAM-BOAT HOTEL, fcmJS. (3. TU S T re.'Civcd, a supply ot Marsh's cclebrs TrussCf, of every description, for sale bvtlmdos orsinile, Nov. 1. PECK f-'.SPEAR. TlTAltSIlALL'S SNUl' K, is .till curiiiRlhe Catarrh lTJIaud the v.inous di.sciifc of the head, as xvell a. or waicr of the 1 est nuahtv m the villace, an 1 a 1-riel. rcpntaiion xvlncli it i,a 10115 hucu pai une an -1 a quarier ncre- ui unu, oi 1110 iitm ( a lare warden nn lehoxr fruit treciwc-l cf ,!:Jf,'1 look n e R u rntTOH Will vou nlcssc notify this com V ,V., nim ftini ibe. Knhhcriocr has ontned a Stove Store, first door west of J. & J. H. Peck & Co. where i- u ' . ., rul n.snrlment of CoOKlllZ. Box and Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, aud Hollow W art 1 01 the superior Brandon Cnsnngs; ol-o Buck Hot Air Cookinc Stove, which he is manufacturing in this !n.. .nn.iruciion of tins stove is such that the first and sharpest heat comes directly under the hoilcrs and then pnsses round a spacious and equally heated oven, md requirrs but comparatively little fuel to put it m operation, and bakts equal to a brick oven. 'I here m'ht bo a List of sisnaturck procured e. Inmr n the. recommendation of n country P. M. ,... tho ti. timf sniirrrH iii ihe secioii6 xvlirre it is in ue t hut a preamble about tht stove or tho Yankee Notion useless, snrt it tnonoy cununun. scarco yuu ' mii-t ueo theless of it, so don't do without on that 1 sreount, but call nnd tryth; ntw Kiove. huihnV"'', Nov. IP, 1511 W 'l.VYI.On. r?.ZV.i?fZ?d COT T I' 1- c in I it m HASSAN I) IJOIIHLi: MASS VIOI.S. A 11 RAH AM iV P R E 8- xvould re- tfully inform vSSH nil persons ni'cr-.v- csied in the Sci ence of Music, that he continues to manufacture a Concord, Nexv Hampshire, HASS A.XIl IMlIl.i; lIAKb x IU1S. of a very superior quality, and having obtained the first Premiums that has over been nxxarded tonn A mcrican manufacturer of sui-li Instruments at the crcat J-airs of the American Institute 111 fxoxv ork City, at the great Fair of tho Mechanic's Association in ltn.ion. and nt the Fair of iho Mechanic s Charitn li p Association in rnrimnc . .xin no--no nnxv not oniv tendcts his thanks to his friends nnd pntronsfor past faxors, but pledges himself to Religious Societies, Musical Associations nnu iniiixnumis wno may xxisn in Tmre hasp, ihnt no reasonau c e oris snail Do xxant- in" 011 nan. 10 enao a 11 111 10 uieci 1111-11 mui i. 111 the most prompt nnd satisfactory inanntr, that he may still retain ihcirionfidenco, and merit a continu ance ot itticliticrat patronage no lias lor many years enioytu. Ileauo iircnsan exir.usixe assortment 01 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. of the best quality, which he offers for sale on the mon rensonanio terms, among which are MKLODIONS AND SERAI'IIINES. xvhich arc much admired forsweeiness of tone, and tern. 0 ualitv tin- lit ue ami x'nrd. The Iliuldinirs are cr nstniclcl in mrnlern Mylr, ol the I e-t materials ana n'orununmip, xverneiirici i,v iho i.'ibsi-ril cr for his own u-e. and the location af fords n very extensixo anl pleasant prospect 1 f the village airl lal.o on the XVi--t anil is not biirpa"0J liy any oiner in mis part 01 mc country. A'to fin hale a lot coniainin2nn acre of land direct ly opposite t!. above lot with a .mall convenient wood dxvelhnt; hoiuc thereon. l'i.r lasers are inviusi 10 rail nn 1 oxmuie lor incm- eive- Terms inadcknoxvu by ihe ful stiUt on tlie preunsos. i. vii i.u itr.bir, Diirnnsion junis 10, ioiu. snroeves. In all narts ot the country: ami misIhiiuiic miicu gaincu, 01 in tne ITnrli lioltlp I'ontmn. ttireetitncs the otiantitv nfllne of ihoe which are oflered t "O.M.V 'I WI.NTY flVE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper ns xvell as Letter article ror ale bv 1'Ia;k &. SPEAK nud Dn. KOIir. MOODY, uilinzlon, .Ian. 122, 1311. Iy.l.lS WILLIAM WRIGHT'S INDIAN I'lIRfiATIVK TIMsS, Knttrely Vegetable. SlOO REWARD. C 'l l( REWARD has been offered for months tp J. jyj to any onexxho xvill use a bottle of J in 11 .1 imminent lor tne rues. n ithout bcini! cured. Of thousands told, in no one instance has it failed of acme. Proof overwhelming lo be had xx here it is sold, it ts also a certain euro in NEW ESTABLISHMENT M43l0C5llll&B3!jaO3. (SUCCESSORS TO E. 11 RIG US,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, WOULD rcspeclfullv inform tho inhabitant of f, 1 r 11 1 .. n.. ,i,u I ' liar uigion nnu ine surrounding ci iinirx', lha aflv.) m the fo loxx;,ng complaints -For the , , - , Coni.fonary nus?ntsSi J' ,11 Jropsy, tender fit 1, sore throat, by can- va u,ih , anehe.t Hri.tMIBe, xo .c lhe very I ilenals in manUMcturinir, they xvill at all linn- ,. Sfl I 1. n .l ... I . .l..i .s...,. . , , ' uirniMi .'iii' iiiiiiip "nn omits ui-.iuu in svimulviiou- ccrs of the legs, or other fungus sores, however obsti . . , hu . , Ilallv Hn,l 011 the loxve-t no-sl- naleor long standing, tresn xvounus, ciiiiuiains.eic. Uelerm.. shop on Church Sireci, txvo door. Souih LOOK OUT. isome su-indlcrs hatc counterfeited , s u, S(1 v , ,.,,, r Momarli 1 ack nnd side. Coiimmpiiori. Dropsy. Scrof- '" arlicl'.anu. puti. u,. nun rurw Ir,c .. where xve cordially invile all to call and uxninmeo ir XT Cancer S p'tMns of Illocsl , Siok-IlcVd-a" ic, !'e.intosl upon. One thingonly wiM pro.cct you- rM o( ,, uuU of Stick Cand,,, Ml, MA.M'I' AUTUIILli under the immeJinla supsiln- , . f " i,': ';,r PT1! fonl i: maicriais in ih.iiiumi uir hit, iney I. of WdliaiiiWriirhl.vii-e-pre.idenl of lhe T,h'ne.s,3 SL' ,1 lril HZ. t, ,ii.r !h Cu'n' rchanls nnd oihcrs deal lurtli American Cvllcgc or Health, fur the treatment aridcur in the form of Billions and Ncr- Fevers, Measles, Small Pox, Pain in the Rheumatism, Diarrlara, Dy,c,iary, Cube, nye,.-1 , f-"3,"'" D YaT .irrTrsTrVoV vou .nnv iTe chlat- ..V. I id. Do not forget it. Tako the direction with yon Pulnl)fi CrrnwavJ, i:omfii, Casa Eln.u'ltcM.-k nt'i.I ia, I'alpitniitn of the Heart, Ulcers ami if very kind, ij-c. ore i-or.aio i.y PECK fi SPEAR, ll.irlinatcn. W. II. HOLLY, Wdliston. W.J. DL'OCiL.x.6', Iline-biirgk. J. II. HALHL'RT, Watford. S:Oct 18-11. and test by that' or never buy itt for it is impossible Uroxvn'Caudv. S.'iiar Sand.' .Mom, an!) Se.-r'eit-! for any other to l.o true or geninnc. n Sl,,.ar Annies, Poiatoes. E. and Haskets xvith f.i 1 t... rniivi'if ' ,r. I'll vi ninirin lane i . i -..i . - ew York. PECK cc. S P E A R, W Lnne, New York. PECK cc. S P E A H, Whnlsale Accnts, a lew doors east ot tno rost uince, uurmif:- ton. Vt. will a.'aptcd to parlor or church music. Music Schools. .Military Bands, or iudixiduals. 1 he suppl'cd xxith Brass nnd other instruments of any description, as clirap orcneapcr man wiry can pur ciiiiso 111 ine iny 01 io-,ion. Also, Viohn, Bass and Donbln Bass Viol Strings, Bows, Bridges, Patent Heads, Tuning ForkB ft Pipes, Instruction Books, Clarionctl Reeds nnd mouth Pie- ...,..IU. T - .1',;r.r, fnn, A-p S. li.ui VII 13, UII15UIP. I'Uinillg w......-i Orders will be crairfnl v rrreixed. and Instruments sent by Stoijo at thorisk of the manufacturer, and if not satistactory, may uc exciianged. Musical inslruincntsand l'mbrtllss,repairedasusu nl. PIfaso call at his nexv Music Store, fexv doors south of the Eagle Coffee House. njl Concord, Nexv Hnmpshire, March 2, 1511. PANT.IIORN q' KR1NSMAID, Asenl", nulling- A VISIl V VAIUAMU F A 11 51 FOR SALE rrxilE siibsciilierbeinff desirous to rctiro Ironi activs J- business, noxv oilers to dispose of his 1? A ll M , situated in Colchester, one half mile xvest of the stage toad, leading from Burlington to St. Albans, nnd only six miks from liurlington. Said Farm ij handsomclv situated, containing 15(1 seres of as good land ns can bo found 111 Chittenden county, and under ns high slats ot cuiiivaiioii, iiaviu. ocen unuer iua improve ment of an English Agriculturist the last txventr three years. There is on tha Farm a convenient House, xvith a never failing xvcjlof pure xvater nt the door. A good Barn, xvith convenient sheds attached mit. n valuablo wood lot 1 f Beach and Manle. nnd n fino Orchard of choice Fruit. Any person wishing to purchase tuch a farm ns above described, had better mai-e BppilCailon swill IU yanirs ii,ijh, iinu-aiirtBl UUI1 ngton, or ine suuscnoer 011 me (iiciiiisci.. L ' WILLIAM SCOTT. BurlinKlnn Iulo- T,. lfill. N. B. Terms of payment xvill be made vsry easy. n5 Crockery anil Glass Ware. Vt i;xv setts White Granite Dishes and Pistes, D.ramns, H-c. tor fn very low, ny Nov. 31, linnLi.sjOTO.N, TERllOrtT. NEW READING BOOK FOR SCHOOLS. Till: MOyiTOniALHICAPTCn.ora Monitor to Yuur'i, holUinp vp to their liuc JLdcls vheicly Uformthtiroun Characters, lit Daniel -lclams, Author of Adams' yew Arithmetic. Exiracts from the Preface. "THE MONITORIAL READER posses distinc tive traits The object is to supply xx lint is believed to be the great desideratum in our schools A serie.t of exercises relatins to xx hat concerns the practical matters vf life, truth, integrity, honesty, industry, temperance, forethought, frugality, ).aiiintendurancu of adversity, and whatever else tends to form and fix theeharaclci of vouth. We xxish toimpri'S it on the minds of those, into xvho.e hands these exciciscs shall come, now, in this seed time of life, xx hat is here so abundantly incul cated, that 'Every nnti is emphatically the architect of his own fortune' that xxiih thcmsclxcs it lies xvln ihcr they i-hall cvei bo any thing or nothing, that n nioncyid cap.tal to begin xxilh does not xxeigh'a whit in the lialance for or against them, ihat.comini, into life wi ll health, strength, capacity for labor, cood education, a useful and respectable irnde, habits of industry, sobrictj-, punctuality, frugality, and aboxo nil, xvitli n good and unsullied character, they havo " . .1 , , .1 s... 1 X't.-.f . llli' otsi 01 nil i.ipuiii, a niijliu 1.1 Miiai ; ine nuuii-M t,eels,oppos,ie I i 1 head of the S eaniboat nrf n ofa pov,er,m!.ral poxxcr: and the most certain thuxillagcof Burlington, (former y oxxnt-d an I Kept ,c.,,sof,oncS d honornble accumulation and ny i.a,i.iiii t. K. uarringion, 01 tne aieamooai 1 11 a-. f,)rllln nnd may bc ;urc undcr circumsiancc ordi ni.,) 111 a slylu of cnnxiiiicneo and conilort not su t- n. proni,ius ,0 tiiC l0 ,ia competency ofinflu passed by any other Hold in the village. A spacious P'rt!Spect .and genera! confidence, and lliat lion- parlor, tittup room, reading room, nnu n iiiii; room, orli,n Im.;,flirt. f weilih and ience, which all communicate with each oilier, nnd xvith the front ,10n.a fuiy satisfy a reasonable and virtuous ambi piaiza on tho ground floor. The Bar room, barn., , . ,, ' sliods una yards nreartanged mine best po.siuic man- EMracts from Rccc mmendations. ncr toncconimodale tlie traxtllmg and business pub-, T10 infilIt.nC(. a hc foun,i on the side or virtu he. An acre of gro.ind, nearly on a level, adjoins this 1 , -nJ i:,,10n. Occasional commcnis in tiixcn. Difficult or unti'unl xxordr are defined. Proao id poetry arc sunaniy initrmingicti ..... .n is nara tu be imagined that this bi ok should fail of popu- buy. It certainly xvould not, had tt not so many competitors thai had got the start oi it in the race As t is lis mettle is such ns to give fair promise of ultimate success m the contest, Jloston Hecotiter. BY JONATHAN II A WT. MR. II. respectfully announces to ths citizens of liarlinntiiii anil vicimlv. and the U'IXli!in! public generally, lliathe lias pinehrsed, thoroughly repaired, painted, titled up, and furnished the above Mulct, sitiiaicn on tne comer 01 sown mm "n DOCT. MA11SI1AI.1S Aromatic, Uatanh nnd Ilculauhe SMUT. This SniiiTii. superior m any various oilier article, too numerous 10 be mentioned A general ns.i-rinicnl 01 ricn ami lancy iai,e. 011 hand, and lisUed 10 order, together xvith Ice Creams toturnith panic-, A hW CoiT.ll Cxsnr. which xve recommend for Couch-'. Cclds, Hoarseness, cVr. We dn not pretend 10 sav llntpl. with cnnvrnieni oui-liouses. nacious nnd nirv wall;., and rardons i are all inviliiiL' 10 travellers. bu.incs. men, boarders and pai tics of pleasure. Mr. II. from long expeuenco protos.c to Know now lofuinisha gooilTablo and Bar, nnd I" servo up the choicest eatables and rarest delicacies tint the matket and season allord, in n manner to suit the tnstc of the connoisseur t and he confident'' assures his patrons nnd guests that his utmost cxemonx xxill bs put in re quisition to serve them. Steamboat passengers xxill be xx aitcd on, to nnd from the Boats, and their liargagH tran.porifil, nnd taken care of nt tlusllntcl, and sax 0 their Hack line to and from the Court house squire. Stage passengers can be left nt and taken from this lintel without additional fare, nnd those taking tlie Boats xvill be shoxvn onboard and their baggage free of expense, nud without incurring any rik of being left, by thcdatkiie.s or latcnc.sof the niijht, or any oilier contingency incident to thoprecipitnncy of steam ........... n-,.Ain-ii!nnG nT wiml nnd weather. Horse and Csrr ages furni'lied those who xvi.h 10 transact business, or visit any part of the village, on reasonable term.. , Singlemcals 23 cent., and other chnrge sin pronf Burlington, May .0, 111 thins vet known, lor removing inai irounicsomc ui.- v u . '"'s'-s--. .... ri"u" i" ' . 1, n.i t... in il,.. a 11. 1 the xvilh Mr. J. Psase eVbon. that 1 ur Candvxvi cure a! : . .. ..'... 1 . ..11 .,1... .i. .li.p.p.. l.-ftiliii!- tn f!oiimnnlion. tip itiinL ili.t is lieadai' IC. 11 OIICUS HIUI IHIKS-I .nil ml iu-i-ii m ns-u-, 1 " I 1 Hieiiglhensiheglands.andKixes a healthy action in tin saying too m.icii. narl a.Ieciil. It rfee'tly tree from any ihingdele- OLlJtvKh. leruvi-in its composition -has a pleasant flavor, and We have a poo.! a.orment of tlrais nnd Wooden up. pur leruvi-in its composition lias a imvor, nnu e ,ave a goo.1 a.orment of Urnii nnd Tree luimmediatee.'eei, afler being used, is abgrieabfe. CfocAs, winch xve xvill .ell very loxv fur cash it Price 3 T cents per bottle. , proved eiedil. Plea.' call and examine lefore 1 Unci. Martha I's Vctoiable Indian Black rhai,:iiir elsewhere. This Plaster is nnrixalleil for curing scrofulous sxx-el- ,', Jt ,1 opler trom a distance, not paid, will lings, r?curvy norc, iconic i.s, a,. . , . , e promptly nncnoeii 10, anu packagesnnu no.xe. pni pains' in lhe Vidci-, Hips and Limbsi and seldom fails to ...1,, i- , Itlii'iunaiisms. If anr heil to the xvill cure many of ibecommon Lixer Complaints; nnd is equal, ifnol superior, to any thing in me for corns on Iho feel 1 the virtue, of thi Pia-ter have I een xvitne-w! by lliou.ands of Individuals in the United Simc, who havo toted its eflicapy. Sold by the pro prietor 1 Cha. llowen. Middlebury, V t., and ftCK & SixAn, Burlington, Vt. Jl on loan! of tlages or boats, when reiiured, free f e'harie. B particular and address all order to MIT CHELL ccllARM!, Co!,riontr, there feingtit r tirmsot ine same name in inn village. Hurlingion, Vt, Oct. 23, IB. I. " ' 1, 1 i.'.l-ilr- for Snle. nt tile Palls, rntir itnnu. nuncd bv Mr. L. Barnard, at I n,.,i...n,nn. P.M.. will ba sold at a reduced price. Ware, also Oos, Attached to one is about an acr of land, and to ths , TumhlersXamps, 1 other about half nn acre. .WX'iwvxnTi. S, SI, POPE. LF.AVF.NnORTIl i:i)VAHl J. FAY'S BOOT Sl SHOC STORE. Cuirca-Sircrt, liurlington. T7HF.RE hc hns on hand n superior is.ortinsnt 0 VV Ladies and Gentlemen's BOOTS AND SHOES, of the following assortment I May 11, 1641, HOI.STKIN'S SE1V I'ltEXCII RUADKR, "XONTAININIJ UriL'ina and r ec cd Anecdotes. VJ Biocrnnhical Sketches and Characteristic Trai s of Persons Distinguished by their Genius and their Knowledge 1 Misioricni racts, invriiiions nnioiner Miscellanies, Useful, Interesting and. Voned. With Notes nnd an Appendix, Just received by C. GOODRICH. Burlington, Oct. 6, 1511, Teachers art requested to ssnd for copies for ex animation. BovsCnlf Shoes, Ladies Gaiter Boots, " Kid Slips, " Nexv jprtng nips Ties, " Colored fP'. Brons " C' . ',. si:.... Shoes .f- Slips, .10 ti tares a-sortnient nt Children and Infants Shoes. Gwit'a fine calfiewtl Boot: u .1 .1 peg a no. ' bjlu " " do. " Suinmrr Gaiters, " " Pumps, " Calf " " " Shoes ABrogans " Thick .f' Kin Boots, " " Brogans Boys Shoes & Rrog-ins, " Thick it Kip Boots, Vlhs " " ' ''',r"r.,At.P,..,P.mrr.andtlienub Jt-rE. . r. '"V" I . nrsortment nf fc' s., I Dr Adams 1 Having exnnnned to tome extent your Monitorial Reader, 1 am pleased xiiih iis plan, its obect and lhe manner in xifuch it Ins been execu ted. It seems adapted 10 lhe intellectual nnd moral iiiiproxvmrnt of those for xxhose use it xvas designed I trust it will prove lo be xvlial lis nulhor fondly an ticipates. (Ilex- ) Z.S. BARSTOW, Kune. It is just such n boot; as pur New England boy. nnd giib will I egbd to sec, for it inculcates in a pleasing manner, industry, frugality, truth, honelr, temperance, peace, kindness, fortitude, nnd a cheerful piety. Tho Vocabulary, end at the and the arrange, ment fnrdpfinirg xvon's, xvill add lo its value in the hands of n judieioti. teacher. (Rev,) ARIEL A. LIVF.RSIORE, Keenc. We have, nlsorccrommcmlaiiona from a number of individuals and periodicals, ntnong which are D. Cros liy, Preceptor ot the High School' Nnsiuia: J. New. ton Brown, Professor of Theology at Nexv Hampton. It is also ndopted by tho Associations of School Teachers m Cheshire nnd Hillsboro' couniies, and by the School Committee of Concord. About et)C'0 copies have been published, and mostly disposed nf. Published nnd ror sale i'f "I'm, M.nn.ii.i, MERRILL, North En.', Main street, Concord. N. II. Abn for Sale bvamiict Huntington liurlington, .1. I".. Roberts. Vcrgennes, .1. Hager, Middleburv, W. Kimball, Brandon, ni. While Rutland, J. T. Maisto" .1 nntpclier, , P,incinal of Academies, Select Schools an.llps.i-l-. ra generally aie inxiled to examine the book. riease cm and examine be tore purchasing. The litcnt Portable Delisted CA N Is- moved from room to room or out ot tV-e House 111 rase of lire, without taking down or loo.ciiinirilieeordi is more easily fet up, ami ihccord lithtenril with le trouble, nnd is mlbritcd at about the Mnic prieim.thc old fashioned PeiLtid. Call at my Shcp nnd see it) it i n curiosity worth looking at, nnd perhaps yo,i will think it xvonh boxing. Cniliii's Lane, Sept. 7, 1P1I. I. K.PANOIIORN. Booif-r' S" v 'ichhe can xvnrrnnt to be of im?k I borough workmanship nnd latest st yles. .tocK.inoroi 1 ,on 0 .XIO'i .'ini'-'.ir ...... - shorn"! notice, nsusiisl. Burlington May "?i lloiincts. at nSI I r?1?' Florence Braid, (Velvet trimmed) Bonnelr Plnin atiaxvand 'lk Bonnets, a full assortnun', ' very cheap, ju't rcrd by r-.M. xiui.ii evvx Nov. Co.

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