Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 10, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 10, 1841 Page 3
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The Mississippi Union Bank is hopelessly insolvent 'and hns mado an nssinntnent of all her elfecis to her' Presidont, (Elliot,) Onshior, (Clopton,) nnd Attorney, '(Scott.) This was done for the benefit of nil Iter cred itors, and to savelho wreck of her fortunes, She was ucu in tno Kcusral l.ouri tor about 8300,000. Her circulation is near two millions two liuiidrcd thousand dollar. Sho gives each assignee S 1,000 per annum, in specie or its equivalent. With good management, her circulation may eventually 'be paid. Tltcwholo lock is sunk. Her paper is now selling-tit lliirty-fivo cents to the dollar. I havo been n subscriber 'to your paper for more than twenty vears. I am n nativcof Vlririnia. turn not nnd never havo been n stockholder or debtor of tlio Mississippi Union llanu. I ncvor requested it to loan money to myself or friends. As Senator, I vo - ted against its charter, nnd always havcopposed pledg ing tho faith of the state for banking purposes. At l ho ri-kof my life nnd political aspirations I prevent 1 the salo often nud a half millions ot liomK author ized to bo given by Owinn to tho Union Bank. It is TOCB I SIGNED At GOVERNOR THE CHARTER Or THE SANK. I BID to IN OBEDIENCE TO THE rUIH-IO WILL. I.wnrncd the people of the evil consequences of enga ging thu Stato as security for reckless speculations. The action of this State, I earnestly hope, will forecr destroy tho ruinous system of iiorrowing money nbroad, to be wasted in banking and visionary sys tems of internal improvement. Yours, truly, A. G. McNUTT. Ill sail coiifirmnlion of tlio doctrines of this letter is tlio annexed p.iragrnpli from the Vicksburg Sentinel: "Tho Peop'c of Mississippi have repudiated the il legal bonds now laid in I he- name of the State, by a bank of stockgamblera in Europe, fraudulently 'ob tained through the agency of Nicholas Riddle. This is only the commencement of that miMitv nnllilmt. moral, and soctn-t. revolution commenced; in this Stale, and which is destined If fore many years to sweep over Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania New "York, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, nnd Louisiana. Two years ago Inst September, wo announced the principle 01 rtpitinaiton, nnu now the People or n sov ereign Stato have decided the question. We hope that -sngino of popular oppression borrowing on the faith of tho State is at an end." Tho Loxington Intelligence!- in tho fol lowing paragraph, removes till doubt of lira attendance of Mr. Clay, of Kentucky, in his proper place in tho Senate at the approach ing session of Congress : 'The Hon. Henry Cuv .Wo arc happy to bo nlil. lis itnld flint 1r f. . 1....1.1. I. .:IJlf- - - n iiu.iiiii ia i-iiiiteiy requir ed, and to inform his friends that he leaves Ashland in a few days for Washington citv, where wo have no doubt he will remain as long ns his services can bo any benefit to his country. The rumor that ho only waits the meeting of the Legislature to tender ilia resignation i9 unfounded." PitESE.VT to Rlit. Ci.av. A number of citizens at Dayton, Ohio, purchased a plough exhibited at the Agricultural Fair recently held in that city, and presented it to Mr. Clay, accompanied with a liatidsoinu com plimentary letter, to which he replied ns be low. By this it would seem, that Mr. Clay doss not expect to remain in public councils but a short time. "Ashland, Nov 9. 1911, "Gentlemen : I have received your ob'ijjiny favor of the 3d instant, nnd the plough which you have done mo the honor to send. I request your accep tance, and that of tho gentlemen by whom it is nil". ered,of my cordial thanks for a present so congen ial with my most agreeable occupation nnd indica tive at the best and die most innocent pursuits of man. It is n magnificicnt specimen of its kind, and highly creditable In the skill an.l tas'c of Mr. Wilmington, who made it. If our lawmakers would work us well, nnd as true, as I nm sure this plough will, their laws would be as good as the crops which I am pursuaded it may be mndc to produce. I am, gentlemen, inexpressibly thankful and grati ful for the confidence jou have ho kindly conveyed in my public career. It is perfectly true that it has been mn full of difficulties; resulting, sometimes, from political opponents, and recently fiom both pro fessed friends and open foe-. Wheilier proceeding, however, from the one or the other, or trom both, my rule ofconduct has been, and, during the short time I cxpectjto icinain in the public councils will be, to discharge my duty fully, firmly, and faithfully, regardless of all personal consequences. Your tes timony is highly gratifying coming, ns it does, from n respectable poi (ion of Ohio to which I have been nlwnvs under the greatest obliga:ions. I tender a heartfelt acknowledgment, of these to you, and to those, who, on this orension, you represent. Your friend and obedient servant. II. CLAY. NEW VIEWS. Tho South is begining to grow alarmed nt tho cotton operations in British India, and wo observe that several leading southern papers arc beginning to discuss the subject of protection in a much better spirit. Wc find t lie following in a late number of the Richmond Whig. Gentlemen 1 enclose you fir publication, some extracts from foreign journals, showing the iflurts of Kngland lo grow Cotton in India. I cannot engage in the discussion of the consequences which must, m a few years, ensue, if those efforts nro successful, nnd thai they will succeed,, there is not the least Ras on to doubt. My object is inertly tocnll your st-ri-ous attention to the subject i and thereby to induce vou to warn tho American public, of what must be the inevitable results, if we persist in our nbsurd sys tern of commercial intercourse with England and tho continental powers. Wo hare now tho means of constraining her to adopt a system cf reciprocal Free Trade, the only true basis of natiorul intercourse. England has now to depend upon the U. Stales for her supplies of Cotton, without which she could not keep her people quiet one month. Let us then :hold this language : unless o':r Tobacco, I'lour, Wheat, Lumber, and provisions ba admitted frtc, or nt a duty not exceeding 10 per cent, wu will prohib it your manufacturers of cotton, wool and iron. This language can now be used with effect ; but let the time como when England can look to India for a million of bales of Cotton, and the will say lo lis, you shall take a'l the cotton and woolen goals you canpnyfor, or we will exclude your cotton not alone from England, but from the continent. Has sho not held such languoiro to all the world whenev er it was her interest I Why w ill she not fcold it to us, under like circumstances ? NO PROTECTION, NO CURRENCY. Nothing is plainer than that if a man buys more than hu sells, if his expenses exceed his income, he is consuming his capital, and that if tho habit continues until bis capital is gone, he must run irretrievably in debt. What is true of an individual is equally true of a nation, A nation that imports more than it exports, added to the profits of bu siness, is consuming its capital and sapping 'tho foundations of its prosperity. A nation which throws nothing in the way of the im portation of foreign productions, and which .submits to the prohibition of its own produc tions by foreign conntries ; which allows the vessel of other countries and unrestricted "trade in its own ports, and submits to having its own commerce excluded from those same countries, or admitted only on very unequal terms is not pursuing a true or a natural ,or a just policy. Free trade, that free .trade which is perfectly reciprocal, and which gives to every man tho world for a market, maybe a very fine thing; but that free trade which allows ono nation unrestrict ed commerce and loads the commerce of -another with duties and prohibitions is quite too one-sided. And in nothing are tho effects of this one sided system more evident than in the cur rency. If we import moro than we can pay for in our exports, tho balance must bo paid in specie, that specie which forms tho basis 01 tlio currency, tun currency iiscii. i hu exportation of specio and the consequent contraction of tho circulating medium, bring evils which uro unhappily too fresh in the aiublic memory to require any recapitulation Unless somo chock is put upon foreign im portations, or equal fucilities oxtended for the introduction of our own products into .mW countries, wc shall never havo a stable vr.w.i cutroncy. If tho currency is to bo contract ed or expanded at tho tilnnsnn. .r r,, -..:.. , , S.I (Ulvllgll merchants and by tho fluctuations of foreign commerce, wo loso all control over it, nnd commercial 'independence. To Imvo a tady currency, wo mnt nr.iriim which prevails in nil other civil!! nniin. protect our own industry nnd encourage our utvn commerce CIRCfLAH LETTER TO THE SPECIAL AGENTS fit 'i' I n ' , .... . . . iun ruin ijm iui; Utl'AKrJIKNT. Post Orrtcr. Dr.PAitTMF.NT, ) -November 4th, 1841. $ Slni To tho duties asslannfl win liu nnv r.m.. instructions, ns Special and Confidential Agent of this, Department, I desire to add, Hint of strictly observing tho manner in which the I'ost Offices nro kept in the sccuon anu a ong tlio lines of routo you may be called to nisLCji nnd travel. Tho Postmaster Grnntfil Office, whatever may be its importance, shall be atten ded to or supervised hv tho Drnntv Pn.ltnrislor. 'I tin iptaotice which, I regret to learn, has obtained in many nnrtmna rtf Mm .li.n.l J.n.nn..(- I.ll ., w. ,inVvl Ul.ld'awi UIIU lllilll llUIUUIg 1IC commission of Postmaster, whilst another discharges its duties, must be s'opped t nnd w hen such cases fall wiiiun your Knowledge, l iicirc Hint they shall be made the subject of special report. Great carelessness in the opening and kerning the m insecure place, nnd permitting persons other than tho Poslmastor, or his sworn assistants, to have ac cess to tho samo when opening, or after it is opened, ha. been charged, m gcncial terms, upon manyofthc Postmaster" in the small towns ntnl tillmms, ti.ic. evil mustbq corrected, and wiicn you havo evidence tn uiuiaci, u is cxpccicu you will mal.o it known to tbcDenirtnunt, that the only cnicirnt remedy may be applied. I will not continue in officii thoso who will not themselves give their time and nttcntioti to tho discharge of its duties, or who violate or suffer violations ol tho rules of tho Department in opening and distributing the mail. It is also desirablo that you observe the deportment of all carriers and drivers of mails, nnd report any misconduct, nrising from wilful negligence or care lessness nnd inattention, to their employers and the Department. Many complaints having been made ncainst the agents or travelling Postmasters on rail road routes. on are expected to observe the conduct of such as may fall within the range of your supervision. Information has bcn communicated to this Do partment that drivers and carriers of tho mail, on tho moro distant and unimportant routes, aro in the habit of carrying It tiers in violation of, lawy hereby lessening tho income of tho Department. As this may be done in ignorance of tho law, you will inform and instruct ine contractors to charge tho carriers and drivers not to violate thelaw in this particular. Thoact of 1823, MUlinnin .i:...lB ll., nit nr. .-I...... 1. - 1 1 . 1 ..t I..-- . t. i.ui, -v, unibta illti, nil b.llllt'l BllUtl Ul-llll'1 M1UI1 letters, whether sealed or unsealed, lo the first Post Oilice nt which they nnivo nftcr receiving them, nnd i-ustiiiiisier is turccieu to raie anu tuargc mo postage. If von bepnmii sn'isfipil ihnt am Vnet OtTir, ; nt of public utility, and not required for the public nc commodation, you will report that fact and tho rea sons for the opinion. Upon the active exertion and vigilant supervision of the Special Agents of this Department, mainly de pend tho regularity, security nnd efficiency of mail transportation, and I cannot too strongly impress upon yon tho importance and high responsibility of your station. It is to you the Postmaster General iuul look for accurate information iition all subiccts pcrtaininc to the out-door operations of the Depart ment. Oive mo tour efficient aid, and I do not tie spair of making ihoPost Office Department eminent ly useful and popular. Very respectfully, Your obedient servant. C. A. WICKLU'E. Wo have intimations, says the New York Tribune of December 2d., that the Presi dent and his Cabinet have had under consid eration it plan for securing tho State integ rity, restoring nnd fortifying State Credit, ind relieving Slate nnd general embarrass ments, by the magnanimous and vigorous action of the Federjl Government. The plan, if wo are rightly informed, contem plates a purchase by the General Govern ment of the right of transporting, without further charge, Mails, Ordnance, Munitions of War, Stores, kc. &c. on all the Railroads and Canals nf tho several States, completed or in progress, at a fair stipulated price per mile, to bo paid in bonds of the United States or in tlio guaranty and ultimate payment of a part of those aheady issued by tho Slates themselves. All future collision respecting the carriage of tho Mails, tec, will by this purchase be obviated, and tho Government relieved from its present discreditable posi tion of a dependant on and chaflerer for tho right of way over roads which it must use, yet can do so only at tho pleasure of States or Companies. On tho other hand such .1 sum as the facilities offered by these Works to tho Government are fairly worth, would gromly aid the States in 1 licit- nflbrts to main tain their pledged faith and completo tho formidable nnd most laudable enterprise in which they aro so deeply embarked. Our informant states, adds tl-c Tribune, that this measure has received the deliberate and hearty approval of President Tyler and his Cabinet, and will be unfolded and forci bly advocated in the Reports from tho sev eral departments, especially those of the Secretary of War and Postmaster General. Should it bo presented and adopted, its be nignant influences will be felt in every de partment of business and by every great in terest in tho country. BOUNDARY COMMISSIONERS. TlAXGor., Nov. 22, 1631. The North-eastern boundary commissioner!'. I understand, have completed their ex parte l.i- hi.r.8. with the cxreption of Major Or.'tliam, w hn hasLccn uiilortiitiatelv iieinyeu by reason of a dense fti.'fkc which filled the region whom he was located. Six weeks of tliiti lime have been unoccupied in fho business of the commission in consequence. -'Jo will leave the line for tlio fall and winter, souievvhcre in tlio vicinity of the St. Johns River, nnd at about thirly miles dig. tant from the N. K.ang'o of the state. Professor Rcnwick, win? ran the line from the N. B. angle, alonj; tho iio.lilandn, to tho N. YY. an"lc. arrived at Iiih fermttntiTon tlicvuth of October, and returned homo by the way of Quebec. The part of his party under ?.r. tally returned by this route. The highlands ate of a description that leaves no doubt of their identity with those mentioned 111 the treaty. Capt. Talcott, who ran the westerly lino to the N. W. angle, arrived there a short time previous to l'rofessor Ronwick's parly. Tho British commissioners followed directly upon Capt Takotls line to tho highland. They have left for the winter, and will not again go upon it until the ppring. The fact that they were sat isfied that Captain T's line is tho true one, augurs favorably to the early settlement of the wllolo lino in our favor. The British officers on the Tcinisrouta hake went over the ground and examined somo part of the survey, on the high lands, and,it is said, expressed themselves satis fied with thcjuittiess of the American claim. Tho sources of the rivers running into tho St. hwronce, and into the Atlantic, were discover ed, and frequently at no great distanco apirt. Tho land throughout this region is rcmarka bly sterile. Tho growth id mostly fir. The cltmato is cold. The earliest snow this season foil on tho 18th October ; I believe later than usual. When tho party left on the 20th the snow was six inches dcop. The joint commission will probably go upon tlifi line somo time noxt year : and doubtless before the year 1813 has expired, tho much vox. cd boundary question will tie settled in our fa. vor. Tho above information I havo from one of the "Ilii'hland" party. Our Lumbermen aro going largely into their business the coming winter. Seldom, It over, nave moru teams uecn nuou out than thoro It.tvo beon this fall. Ono man, I am told sends two hundred men into the woods. Mow many others send as many, 1 am not in. former!. 'If we have much snow, and the usual spring rains to bring down the lumber, the coin- 1 "usinuBs win ue unuasually brisk up'Jii lliu 1 I-IIOUSCOI Umon or Whigs Mr. Rndgcr, of North Carolina, whoso address nt n dinner pivon to him by a number of the Whigs of that State, wo havo published, anions other re marks in that address, said, "tho course of the Whigs was sufficiently plain. They siiouici organize and concert their measures." And ho recommended to them to call n Con vention of Whig Delegates from every quar ter of tho Stato, and consult together like brethren in behalf of the country. This is sound advico, and worthy the attention of tno nigs ol every stulo in tho union, as well ns those of North Carolina. Without union and concert, without it lull nnd clenr understanding o( tlio views nnd sentiments ot each other, neither the Whigs, nor any other poltcal party, can act with cnertrvnnd effect. Tho session of Congress iiltbout to open, ami what may take place there, during its session probably few persons will under take to conjecture. Whatever it may bo, it is not likely lo beof such character as to su persede tho tho necessity and importance of union and concert among tho Wings, in nil parts of tho country. Measures of somo sort, whether through tho instrumentality of state conventions, or in somo other modo of communication and correspondence, it is not necessary, nor perhaps practicable, at tho present timo to determine. In tho moan time, wo should not bo surprised if measures should hu adopted at Washington, in tho course of tho winter, for tho promotion of the general object. When tho nolicv of tl.n , , 1 j administration is disclosed, and the measures in contemplation aro understood, tho course for tho Whigs to pursue will nrobablv be plain and practical. Courant. MIL VAN BTRKN INT1IK FIELD. The Argus of the 1st ult. contains a long, laudattirv nararrranli nf Mr. Vn TI..rnn ronunating htm as the candidate of the Loco foco party lor the next Presidency. U'ni ritnj Thn e.V,inr f l. n.. til , . , .... . ..v v... ui ,u in. r rco Trader, in addition to the many articles of produce, domestic manufactures, etc, which are always con si Icrcd legal tender to country publishers, on subscrip t.on, adveit s s that ho will tato wolf scalps two lc in,',ncctptetl forayenr's pipers. One of his cotcm pones puts in fot two copies, provided the Tree Trader man hi aivt:pi UIU3L' turnu W Oil CCnips Oil lOOt. AvrtTiipn VMirvT IIpith 1 ST. It.!., .rci r.. ......... ...,.. .1 huaiu ut oinns- tiliru. MI-niNr nr Ai nm. ATa trill..! t.: ,r I... , . '. ...a. mum iiiuiMeil uy drinking oil of vitriol on Tuesday morning last. Ho was n t--iuiiut;r uy traiiu anu useti uio vitriol In color ing. It was contained in a bottle and whether ho drnnl; it by design or mistake is uncertain, tic drnnk it about lnlf past six o'elocl; and soon nftcr look a draught of cold water and was immediately thrown into the most excruciating pain. He died in about t hrWi linn r a I T. t-t u .... Cf r . believe has left aiaunly.IStniiington tJanntr. TltPlet'ItT Wrf rTlsnl,1A,t fT . outstanding on the 1st inst. and issued under acta nneonil nrftciting tn tlm ...... . e t year, wnt 51,577,706. The amount ouM'andins at til c-filllO il.ifn tin (lor (!ia ir( nf IM. 1 - toil o t ODI Total $7,223,657. Itnernv . D. ft W lnnv.. c . . l . . ...... . ..wiiaiu ,11.11 uit o.tmruay it was discovered that there was a defalcation in the ac- tuniiiui me icueroi ine i.nglo Hank m this city. II was n-cerlaincd on investigation that he had been improperly using the funds of the Bank, bv loaning mrmew nn tniiriiipa nl...ln..l ...M. t.: . ... ... r,.UBtU i,itiiun, it is appre hended, from the result of such examination of tho accounts ns timo has allowed, that the Itank will lose from twenty-live lo foity thousand dollars. iiawj .larcrtucr. Vor thelliirlington Free Prce, Mr. Stacy. Permit one who has somo in terest in tho suhject to oficr a few words through your columns respecting the paying prompt attention to written or printed com munications which may he addressed to us hy mail or otlurwisc, and to which some r-fponssis asked, eitlterby way of exchange, or i t it bo an inquiry for information on any suhject, a concise and satisfactory answer thereto. On this head there seems to be, I regret to say it, a strange and 1 think cul pable nuyligonrp, inasmuch as the trouhlo of wrMWg a brief reply, if information is de sired, or mailing a paper in exchange where one is received with a request to do , js but a trifle, if Iho rules of good breeding in tho common intercourse of life demands that wo answer a civil question put to us, or to reciprocate an equally civil compliment, surely the samo rule must hold good as it res pects written or printed communications. Tito writer of this aiticlo has experienced this neglect from others in several instances where one might suppose that a prompt at tention to his inquirers might have been giv en w ith very little trouble. As publisher of tho literary nondescript, entitled yerntont Autograph and Rcmnrker, he has in the spirit of a well-ment cottrtsay mailed it No. of the same to certain editors in hopes of nn exchange from whom no sort ol attention has been given, particularly of lato to tlio Vermont Mercury and Lumoile Whig, to mention nothing of repeated inquiries ad dressed to certain publishers down south, which as to being answered might have been as well addressed to a gato post- These re marks aro thrown out thus publicly in the hope that those gentlemen editors whose rc misncss lias been noticed may cither repair, it if it has been unintentional, or othcrwlso assign some satisfactory reason if any they havo why an exchango has not been made. A Man nf the Quilt. Huntington Dec. 4. 1841. Tun Icn Tkade. The llunkor-IIill Aurora states that.Ur. Tudor is building a now ice-house at Fresh I'ontl, near tho terminus of the Branch Railroad, which will hold fen Ihnusaml Ions of ice ; and that he contemplates tho erection of another to hold Mify thousand Inns. Mr. Tudor cuts nearly lifly acres of this beautiful pond, naving a snore oi inree-quaners ot a miie. lie intends to lay rails along this whole distance, with ice-houses on the side next the pond. llnston Courier. Potatoes. Notwithstanding the duty of 10 cents per bushel on potatoes, largo epiantities have been imported from Nova Scotia tho pre. sent season. Tho imports at llnston last week reached nearly lu.fKK) bushels, which wore all bold at from JiO to 0(1 cents per bubhcl. Tho prico in Nova Scotia ranges from 1 1 to 20 cents per bushel. AUCTION TOMORROW, nv ii. tiiomas. HOUSKUOI.D Furniture, including Feather Hcdsj socoud hand ready made clothing, Caps of nil linds, Stoves, &c. Also in iho evening, Dry fioods nnd Cutlery. Dec. 10. Wn0n', ,u: KNim .r; vah.v i Hcc 10. IS, n. SCOTT'S. T II K MARK K T. . . . iu i utile uoing i ii e past week, nnd prices are nt a ight decline from provious ... .,., umiiii", eu.omOiB, nnu com mon do. SG.78. 1 Grain Since pur former report the nrrivnls hnvo been large, and prices have somewhat declined. Sales yellow- round Corn 7.' n 75o-do. flat 69 a 71c, and white GO a li9e per bushel. Hv auction, 100 bagn New Orleans ordinary, COc-100 bn. yel ow, from Anrfnltr Hln 900n . .. m. .t'.. . . in ri i t "r """! uvc uei.tvvare uats, SO a 51c per bushel. i t : i . i . . " ,u" u ""-eni import ot iiucnos Ayres, nbout C000, hnvo been taken to go icw York, at lCc per uuiiti. imo. cr. oaies iiutlalo green, nt 12J per lb. 30 bales Calcutta Cow, at the quoted rates. iminilTOX MARKlvT Monday, Nov. 29. At Mat tnt Q7-. Itnnrrinttln r.fto ...... - r-ftn C'l ntitM2. Swin". l'nicEi. Deef Cattle. T.ast week's prices wcro ful ly sint nneil. Wo quote first quality 85,75 a C second qutlity 31,75 n A.'i.SOi third quality 83,25 a 34,50. i, 8J.C0. i i orfq- To year old, A7a8l5: Three year old htirpn "Dull " an.l t.v. At-nl il,r. i.i w . .. ...... k.v- iiiiU.-'UiHi llllUttl. MU quote lo's83c. .31 00, I 12, 1 25, I DO, 1 62, 1 89, S2, and 2 25. Swmo. lotoflnrgo IIogs3i a tjc. Lots toped i p. 3 ( .,) j r,,r i . . .-.i . 1 a,id5ic " NKW VOIiK MARKKT. Dec. J. No later intelliirenco has arrived from I.uropo since our last, and nstho steamers have done running for iho winter, except once a month, wo must for soino time depcntl on the regular packets. Tho last advices havo had tho tll'ect to sustain the Flour market, and hrgo shipments, not fur short of twenty thousand barnls, havobetn made. ThoCotton mar ket, however, is very much depressed, not only here, but at the South. During the past week, we have had very severe weather, so much so, that Iho canal is closed for luo season, nnd thcro has been consider nbltuce runniim in tho Hudson, which U unnsunlly early. The Fall trade is nearly over, nnd our Hotels and boarding houses nro again thin. Public attention is now directed lo tho meeting of Congress, which takes place on Monday. The President's Message Will be looked to with uncnmmnn inlnrnnt. Tlm.iib. ject of a currency is, if possible, more important than ever. Tho whole country South of lhi, is, if possi- "!., Muiau iiiiiii uver it nas oecn, nnu l tic prospects oi n resumption fainter than ever. Tho great questions of inrill'nnd currency must be the leading topics that will occupy the attention of Congress. FJ.OUll. Tha market hns run down gradually this week 50 cents a I arrel. It lift oll lasl week nt SB 75, and lias gradually sold ot Gd. nnd 12J cents lower every day till lo-dny, when it closed nt 86 25 furcnni mon brands Western. Ohio and Michigan, although no sales have been made, will not bring wrhin Vl and 25 tents of this prico. Ccorgctown is dull at 86 50. The decline in Flour is owing to the withdrawal of heavy orders for England, alout 25,000 barrels having been taken lo go out of marke'. 1000 barrels cf Ri limond City Mills were taken for the Rio Janeiro market nt $7 50. GRAIN Heavy sales were made last week. This week llie transactions have been less 1000 bushels tlencsec sold at 81 35 s 1000 Illinois 81 -10 yesterday 1000 bushels do at 81 35, nnd 1600 Genesee at 81 37J, all for milliiiE j the latter sales shewn dcrlinc. Rye has come into market freely, and full 12,000 busheU havo been sold at 80 cents. The priceofCom is sus tained, but no advinces tho -nlcs of old have been about 20,000 Southern nnd Northern nt 70 cents, weight, and 72 cent running measure for old, nnd 65 cents for new. Oats are more abundant; Northern are selling nt 50 cents. North River liarley plenty at 75 cents. PROMSIONS-OId Pork is still al undant, and dull -ales of Western at 87 a 7) for Prime, and 9 37 forMcssi Lower County nbout 75 cents nbove these pricoH. Uccf-U a 4J for'Primo, and 7J n 8 for Mess. Lard 6 n 3 cents. PORK Dressed Pork is selling nt 4 J, nnd the sup ply not large. SKKD Flaxseed comes into market slowly ; llie crop this year will bo unall. Rough is selling at 812, which N high. Timothy 16 dollars. WOOL Wo notice sales of nbout 90 bales South American, terms not made public. The market con tinues very dull. LKATHF.R The nubile, snln, nrp wnll sustained. The stock nt market U very moderate for the season. rThe Young Men's Total Abstinence Society will meet at the Court House this evening, nt 6 o'clock. All who feel an interest in the cause, ladies ns well ns gentlemen, aro invited to attend, (tho young cspc chlly.) , II. P. HKRRICK, Sccrctarv. Dec. 9111, 1841. .Notice. rXWlF. members of the Burlington Volunteer En-- ginc Co. aro hereby notified that their annual meeting for the purpose of choosing officers for the year ensuing will be ho'den at the Pearl St. House on Wednesday evening next at half past 6 o'clock Uy order of the Cant. Dec. 10, 1311. II. HYDE, Secretary M a if it S (3 dl t!v the Rev. Jer. O'Cnllaehan. Mr. David Dnrlino of Northfield, to Miss Mary Sarsfield of this place; niso, oy ine same, .nr. 1 nomas uarry to Miss .llary Daly, both of Vcrgennes. In Montpelier, 2d instant, by the Rev. Sherman Kellogg, Mr. William P. Iladgcr, lo Mis Chloe K. Kellogg. Also, on the 2d instant, by Rev. C. R. Harding, .Mr. Orson Hutdiitis to Miss Nancy Knapp. In Merlin, 2d inst., Mr. George Pratt lo Miss Sarah D. Nye. In Iledford, N. Y., November 24th, by Rev. John Thompson, Mr. N. II. Lund of Iledford, to Miss Mary L. Galo of Keeseville. In St. Albans, 24th ult., by Rev. W. Smith, Mr. F.noch B. WhMing, publisher of the Messenger, to Mis Mary L. Fairehdd,of S. In Weybr.tlge, on the Sth ult. by Rev. Mr. Lion, .Mr. John R. Bates of Richmond, Vt. to Miss Bet-ey Landon of W. In Middlebiirv on .Sunday cveninc lastbv the Rev W f.ll.. .1 , .. ' ... 1 t',Hil,IVT -iinen i.insiey, r SellOr HI L.utv, iu miou u...l., place. n Altorncv and Coun '.'.II., I,..,!, .r l.a. 3D a o fl In this town, on th; ith inst. William Jeffries, son of David Read, Esq., aged Hmnntlis. In this town, on Sunday morning wetk. aficr a lin gering sickness of more than two years, Mr. William Kilccbs, a revolutionary soldier, nged 79 year. In Charlotte, on ihc21st ult., Elizabeth A., wife of George ISriakenridge, in the 20th year of her nge. In l!oton,21lh ult., Rev. James Wheeler, aged 22, formerly pastor of the Con. church in Barre. In Mlldlebury, 23d ult. .Mrs. Rebecca Miller, nged 72 years and 11 mouths, daughter of Samuel Mat

tocks, (former treasurer of tho state,) and sister of Hon. John Mnttocks. In Middlcbury on tho 29th of October last, widow Rebecca Fool, aged 77 yeais, rebel of Philip Foot, deceased. CIIAUI.OTTH l'UM.Vl.K SEMINAItV. rpHE next term of ibis institution will commence X on Wednesday, 15th of llie present mouth, un der the upcrinteiiJancc of Mi-s LIVIA GUERNSEY. Miss GcrHNtKY was for several years u teacher in the I'azcnovin Seminary, nnd has lit en recommended to the bonrd ns eminen ly qualified for the station. Smco tho close ol the last term, the building has been repaired and painted, and the Trustees now commend tho institution to public patronage wiih increased co n fid i. lie. tcitios rsn qcakter or eleven weeks. Common English brnnehes, - - - 3 00 Higher do do ... 4,00 To which will be added, For Ancient Languages, .... 1,00 French, 1,00 Drawing and Pninting, each - j,25 HoAnn can bo obtained in a re'pcctablo family, a few rods from tho Seminary, for Sl,30 per week, in cluding fuel nnd lights. In behalf of the Trustees, J. POOR, I'rttidtnt. Charlotte, Dec. 10, 1811. 3w-72 Hank of Ilurllnetoii. NOTICE is hereby given, thai n meeting of the Stockholders of the Hank of Burlington will be llnl.tnn nt thnip llnnL-inn llni... nn ,l.n .iln.l '.it.v -" iimini; .mi ,iiu Cliuilll IU(H day of January next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., for tho purpose of electing seven Dircuors for the ycarnext ensuing. uy order ol ine I'rcsitlent nnd Directors. R. O. COLE, Cashier, lliuhngtnn, Dec. 10, 1S4L t'liainplalu Transportation (Joinnany. 'PIIH .Stucl. holders of the C'hnmnlain Transnorla-M- Hon Coiiipauy aro hereby notified, that the an nual meeting, for the election of Directors of said Company for iho ensuing yeur, will bo holden nt ihe Hotel of John Huvvard, in Burlington, tin tho first Thursday of January next, nt one n'rlot-k, P. M. lly order, tic. P. DOOLITTLE. Cltrk, Champ. 7in. Co. Builington, till Dec., 1311. Croccrles, r. 1 Q L. HERRICK has just received from N. York, O. 15 Chests superior II. S, Tea, 5 do do Y. S. do 5 do do O. II. do IS Boxes nonn's Tobacco, 5 do Roan's do 15 Kegs Phi" tin 10 Barrels Fine Cut do 5 t'ags Java Coffee , 10 do Lnguira do 20 Jars Maccaboy Snuff, AlS'i 10 Bales Brown Sheetings. The above Goods were purchased atlou piico, and will be told at a small advance. NI3W ANI 1MPOIITANT WORKS Rtcenlly pullulied, and fur sale by I). A. B It B M A N . T.!i v,yn6M?',lL;n' ! D- M,,", ',,ior f A llie J oung Man's Ouide, Kirk. Si'rmi nr Tcxa. and the 1 exiaiu, by II. S. Foole. Hitch oo. yjct igy, Miscellanies ofLiteriiture, by f'lradl, T lie Pbilojophy orillstory, Lluna, its staleand pro.oes. 1 he Tragedy of the Sea iiMini'i,'5r , rft In-"- Sourncjs xertani rfur"",1,'11 m Germany nud Swit- Miniature Itumances, from Use German, O urney on t ho West Indies, ' Drew on the Ifenirroeiion, iim"li'i"tVn.liT,,i,fV l A' w dl'ord, call,;,!fevlrirk(.t Bfi,,s" TMr,,8''Wurk-' Klward,' Anatomy an.l Pliysiolosy, Uniques of the old Wor d, Lights nnd SluiJe. of Scottish Life Morj'Vaiid Shame of Englnn,), Lile and opinions of Milner, Beauties of Daniel Wtl.Mcr, rhe I l.'er in France, 2 vol . Democracy in France, by Duina., obin-on's Biblical ltesenruhe-, Downing's Landscapi)(Jardening, Ruins ol Ancient cities, MechaniL'. Own Bool,-, riain Sermon, thntian luuih' Boot, Anti-Popery, by Roger-, Ju.tea, or cnc in Jndea, 2 vol.. Incidents of a Whaling Vi,Vairc, A Mrnuner'H i Journey by Mr'-. Steele, Bulwer's Ian c., Trngeny nflhe Wilderness Pro-o W riter, by .Mrs. Auvi, Iieniitii.eiitT, ol the la.t ixty-tive year., I y K S. I hotnas. Life nnd Times of Whitefiuld, Stone's Miscellaneous Writing, Uuvvdecr's Family Shakspcare, I timer's companion to Genets, eininivncc, of Ju,n Trumbull, from I78C to The Worlsol Mi,s Milford, MllmanV Hittorvol Chril, Buckingham's Travel, in America, Slcaiubont Disasters, Kami les and Reveries, llurtliard s Hi-tory of Cungreationnli.tii, Parley's school Lil.raric., 4 vol-. Lastern Arts and Antiqiniii-., Punlt'logy a Systematic S irver of Human Miuvvledae,byIlowell, Rurnl life of In gland, Sniitliry's Poetical Work--, 1 he .Novel.of Jun Au-tiii, 1 vol. Ten Thousand u Year, I vol. Dee. 1841. Wanted, A JOURNEYMAN Watch or Wntch Re pairer j nlo n JtMirueyinan Silversmith. Those iu tlielrade towliomvvc lorward a eopyof thisadver-ti-enient, are desired torememler us should Jcurney meu ca 1 for work. None but ciiikI workmen arc wanted. Dec. 10. PANOBOItN & 0RINS.MAID. Combs. 1 CASE Wood Pocket Combs, X 50 doz. German Silver do. 500 " Cap do. 250 " Twist do. 2000 " Side do. 50 " Brass do. 200 " Ivory do. for sale bv Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOMI3 &. CO. QKf M DRILLED Eyed Needles, OOKJ 200 Gross Hooks and Eyes. 100 do. Knitting Pins, (i Cases London and American do. 50 lbs. ,0. Just received and for sale by Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, I.OOMIS & CO. A f Ifi uns- Wllflt' and col'd Thread, Z1'UU 50 " Black Linen, 75 Gross Round and Flat I.aceti, Nov. 30, 1311. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS&. Co. Sheetings. HAl.Kti 4-4 nrtiwn Shcetiif.-s. 70 3 Ca-ci Bleachtsl tlo. For sale I y Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS CO. I'calhcri. nirS LB. Ges'f Feathers, of superior quality, hSVWg0O tlo. Hen's tlo. For ale low bv Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. Khrrn Skins for Hook Hinging, .fee. rtCQ l)OZ. Sheep Skins, as-ortiH quslitiescn ''hand and for katt to maniifaeiiirers ami others at low price', by VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. Nov. 30,1811. Sheet Iron. 1 r PACKS R issia Iron, assorted No. X J 50 Hcimlies Eng. and American lron,ass'd .No. 7J Boxes Canada Pla'e tor sa'e bv Nov.30.13ll. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. I'Maiinels. 1CASR White and roloreil Flannel", 20 pieces figured Salisbury do. 100 " scarlet dulne-tio do. Just received nntl for sale I y Nnv.30, 1911. VILAS, LOOMIS it OO. llutttins. 0i0 GROSS Horn Coat, OWV-' 250 " " VtM do 200 " Gilt Coat mid Ve-t tlo 500 " Pantaloon tlo 250 " Pearl shirt do 200 " Hone do t'o. Fur sale bv Nov.30, IS 1 1 . VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. For Sale. V SECOND hand, one horse, secl sht.l tilna.Mr s'ei'sh, with the harne-s. Alto a siulille and bridle and n hrst rate second hand Cooking Su.vr. All or anv partol said artie'es may bliotlelienp,nnd (.q,.nsUMt'ln.l., ,, no.l l.nU W CO't. Burlington, Dec. 10, 1611. DAVID RFSSKl.L. Notice. TIROKE into the enclosure of Iho mi! wriler on or -i-r tlul'Ut I IIV lirsi I'l .3 (iirini vi u i isi nnu line iwo year old Heifer with short horn, rather incluird to turn tn. TIip owner is requested to ptove property, pity ( liarcc ituti tahe ucr uw nv. Colehcer, Div.8, 1611. Bl-.NJ.VMIN WRIGHT. I' A It It A It &. W AIT, Importers of Crockery, China ami Cilaos Ware, Ct.iv r. notice J to .M c r- hairs in ihi sod theailjciu ing Cimntie, that they have cuts for le eciving frun the be-t Man utaclorics in M.ri.iii.l n 1..I1 hiiii'ulv ot nil kinds of Croekerv al c.i i h -iiccus-ive season, nnd that they will at all tunes le in to re-pack to oritur, at New York anil Boston prices. They invite the attcnlun of Mer chants, pailicularly mtlieir stock of Ware, assuring them that tbcv wi.l do all ihcj here promise, which will l e n great savin? to all w ho port ha-c, of them. Waiuhouse Comer Church and College streets. Burlington, Dev. 10, 1341. Imperfect Stone l'ots. 1-' A 11 It A II .U W A I T , HA V E O N hand several hiindrcl Sione Puts of all sizes, a little imperfect, liacfd fur v arious iiurpofc. in nil ''ami ie-, and at small prices, va rying from 12 cents lo 50 cents, to l!o m'l ai ine CrocKfry Store, Cliuix'h and College Mrect White China Tea and toltie Sets. IJ'ARltAlt iV WAIT havejmt nveivtut an a-ort-ment tif White Cliina Co.tti sets, Custard t'nps, Hro.ikfnst and Tea Plate., Pilcht rs, How L and But ler stand., for sale cheap at the New Croclerv Slore. I'c-. 0. Dinner Sert Ires. IBARRA It A. WAIT have constantly on hand a veiy handsome ns-t rlniciit cf Dinner sets, wiih butler I oats, sauce and soup Tureens complete, til I Ine, pink, Milan sprigged, white crantte ftuna ami Bourlion spiigged vvarc, which will It- sold very cheap at their new Crockery .S'lorc, comer Church and College streets, Burliuglon. Dec. 10. F A R It A It & V A I T . Notice to 1'amllles. I.W.MILir.S in want cf e'ejant Tea and Dinner sets noi usually found in country stores, can find at I'arrar If ll'ml's establishment, a very gnat va ried of minerh White China Tea sei-, Sprigged tlo do Gold tslge nnd Inn do Gold I'Hnd nnd linedo Gold bantl ami spngMdo tiX'ra wine gold ban I tlo Which will le sold an cheap a. can I e laucbt in New York. Boston, or Trov. Houselieoer. are in emit to examine them at the New Store, corner Church and I college sinus. Iluriuistcti, Pec, 10, NEW LIVERY STABLE. RKSfnOTl-'ULLY inform, hi, frieni, nnd iho .sj iw J.! t' ucomo cxccitcni norses U,. L 2Irmecs; rf'S"8- Harnestcsslo. which he will Vn?nl 'Tw l".mA- Stl,bU " Dei"r"in Uishop's Bt.rhnBTon. ' " "OTn U0U'U 'cccnibcr 10. 1941. r-irtn Morse Hoy. LjlOIl SIAI.K. A quanttiy of lirst rate upland horse OlHcf. .,,. al lno ,.0s, Uurlmiton, Dee. 8, 1911. It MM 111... I . J . . Ant. -ns,...,. ..uiiiteis i i ULALTIF 171, assorimcnt ol Florenco and silk Bonnets much be ow ilm m!. r in., " . Also, a great variety of Chcna Ribbons, by Dec. 10. is tinni-ii --taH.n., I . i i i i " ""'Ji niincu, anil wool uveljluo A anU UtUC black CaSSIinnrna st ll snivmnu -1 1 ' . .j. ... uvtsri 1 .3 . QCPKIl ooldye black, invisiblo green, olive, blue, island steel mixed cloths, m nmwinlU , i.. irnnn im ha. Hec. 10. ff. ii. KhnTT ' A i.ukinuoi iiKiuiKior Culinary purposes, at w ituiutiiu unu reian, t,y l'i;t K -V .SPEAK CASH PAID FOR WON! FN BARS WE wish to purchase GOO ton- of all Wool Rags, sunt, n ..lit lln.l n..:ii r !..- t.i , ? ' s.l,.. in - is s.u,ii, sjovcrieii, iimiiKels, bhccts, Shins, Drawers, stockings, it, including ..v...,, ui u.i , i-iuius, iiomuazctts, anil every klTlll nnil fnlnr litnll IV.. l r!A.l n. II , . . 1 v : ' " l' """i iuiicu or ieiteu, except carpeting, lasting nndrprunelln. ..s, , ,.,y ,Uur reins per pounu, lor clean Kan. of the above description no part cotton, linen or silk ... ..... .nit-, ucuvttuu ai our otore, west side r Inn Siiunsn imnno.i. lUn r-A...i lf..- M , . . . ..n, svuuii I.UU3C, uurtington, tut all Wool Carpoling, we will pay 11 cents per lb. ,. , . HICKOK tfc CATL1N. Burlington, Dee. 10. 1 84 1 . Of) n,Hk'- nnd 20 half do. North Shore HuJson's 'JJ Bay Sn inon. for mln l,v Dec. 1, 1841. FOLLETT tt BRADLEV. N o T i n r. . THE Subsiribers having formed a enpnrtnershin uiidcr the firm nf II vTnir nnr i . w-onld inlorm tluir friends and the public generallv! Ihnt I lino ll nvn Snnii.nrt n .......I .ni...n.. t a, t s... s S r "Mvitiin.-iiui r.i.uiui GKOCI.RlbS, winch they are now offering for sale at reduced prices, at the corner of Main and Water Also Flivir rs.ii-. .1. s.-l. . , . , V..' V.' ""I"i"t,t ywutisit, .uicKerci, iron, . nit, Class, Brown Sheetings nud Shirtinns. Boots ttlld Shnus. nnil I. tn, nC nil l.;.lM b ' , ... iim 1SIIII19, j. iiAit;tt, W. J. ODELL, ,. CMQ-iS if. IIVDK, Bitrhnflon, Dec. Sth, 1311. Ii'rpsll TrnG. Sfl W-KSTS Hyson skin Tea. OKJ 20 Do Old Hvson .In. 25 Do Twankty tlo. 100 Caddy boxes Hyson do 75 Do do Young Hyson do lnO irnll'..l,nu.n V.. II. I-..- A n- ...... .wiiii;. ujaijii i i.i, ui uiuercni quahtiei, of tho last importation, nnd oflered nt Auc- nl..n 1... t'flt . .-..r.m . .... .... .... iii.s3 ujr ruiil.1.1 I CC IIIC.-VUlil.l , Old Dock, Burlington. Fine Cut. OH Bn,'s- TOBACCO, J 30 do Smoking do 10 Ktes Maecabov Snuff. For snip hy FOLLKTT A. BRADLEV. wait. BI'SIIELS Turks Island, VV 1000 do St. Ubcs, 5000 do Solar, 200 Sacks Dairy, 100') 111.1s. fine. For sale very low, by n, . i, t, n r '0'--.ETT if- BRADLEY. Old Dock, Burlington. Sugars. URLS. Powdered. 10 do Crushed, 10 Boxc9 double Loaf, 12 do Philadelphia Lump, 10 i- uo .s,ew i orK uo of supetior quality, for salo by At the Wharf. FOLLETT it BRADLEY. cr) DHLS, Barbel's Gin, 'JKJ 50 do American Brand v. For sale by FOLLETT & BRADLEY, . Old Dock, Burlington. OS BOXES RAISINS, U 20 Cnslt. .J,lnrn,. 100 Boxes scalded Herring, I' or sale by FOLLETT d- BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington BOXES Simmons' Ca,t Steel Axes, 50 do Lmhrop's do do Wurranted, and for sale bv . , ,. FOLLETT tt BRADLEY. Old Do-k, Burlington. Nails and Iron. 1 KfM i KK,is N'A'LS, assorted sizes, LUJ f 100 do Finishing Nails, do do 100 Kegs spike, from 30d to 60d and 6 inch, 10 Ton of round and squaro Iron, from 3 l-Bths lo 3 inch. 10 Tons of hoiso shoe Iron, of liie various sizes, I do of Hand Iron, II do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, Hal nnd squaro Am. Bloom do For sale at manufacturer's prices, by FOLLETT & BRADLEY, Agents. Tobacco. Q ST KEGS FidmondV, 12 Botes Ervinc'. Vt do Home's, lOKegsCnrdweli's, 10 Boxes Rovve's. Thenbovo are all' choice brands, nud arc olTlred low, by FOLLETT & BRADLI. Y, Old Dock, Burlington. QnilHDS. Trinidad, and 30 lihds. Porto Rico Mohsse", heavy bo lied nnd light colored, jjt received nnd for sale, nt a very low price, by FOLLETT it BRADLEV. Old Dock, Burlington. 1 BAG Filberts, 1 f 10 do Brnzil Nuts. 10 do hard shell Almonds, 15 Frails soft do tlo 20 ll1 1... Hickory Nuts, 5 tlo Chcstnu's, Of superior quality, and offered live, bv FOLLKTT .fc BRADLEY. 50 l!DLi. Winter Oil, of superior quality, fur iale low I y FOLLETT st BRAbLEV. Qf BBI.s'. Tar, 20 tlo. Pitch and 1 Ton Oakum, -C fur sale by FOLLETT st BRADLEY. Old Dock. Burlington. OA COILS tnanilla Rigging, ) OKJ 30 do tntred do r from 1 to D inch. 3 tlo marline ) Together with nn extensive assortment of Deep Sea Line, Spun Yarn, oVc, for sale hv FOLLETT it' BR DLEV. Gifts for the Season. M!E following beautiful Books fot Presents, are . now received nnd fur sale bv D. A. B R A M A N. A Gift for 1F42, The I.idies' Book of Flowers and Poetry, Friendships Offering, IS 12, The Token. 1S42, Poetry of Flowers nnd Flow era of Pot try, Forget-Mc-Not, 1SI2, Language f Flowers, The Rose, 1815, The Vtoliet, 1312. I'arvvell's Shoes. A LARGE supply of Morocco walking Shoes, Kid h Ki n. f.'..n. ,1 -.l Ttf I 11. .J?.- - . u,.., illlu . . uuii'-, just re ceived nnd for sale cluap, by Oec. I, 1R41. S, M. POPE. Htraycd. I Klivi llie pnsiure ef Benj. Ili-hop, about iwo months since, one sorrel French .Mare, n' o it thirteen veirs old, with small spavin, One rtsl Horse 11tn.11 15 aears dl.l, nnd a small black llor-c alout 8 yrai, old has leen foun.Vnsl. Whoever will return said horses or eiihcrrf ihrm shall be sintil l-rewaptel. Iltirhngtiin. Her. 10, 1811. MAXIM BLAIR. S. raved. FHO.M ihe tiibsrrilerrn Water s'reei abtiiit three weeks since, a rs ihrtr year old Cow, with a slit in her Iff eaeon the on Irr side. Whoever will return snul row nr n-i.... irr.i,i.,iin.. w here she may Le found shall rtrt-ivrn mital le "' pen-atiou. Hl'BEItT IU-a'K. HurlinjtPii, Dec. 9, 1811. Morlsoii's I'llls TESSRS. PANGl'ORN d- BRINSMAID arc i.lappointed Slalo Agent Messrs. Alexander and John Morison, of th British College of llesllh, Londoni ono of our firm visited the collego in London, and we hold our ap,ioiiitmcnl now directly from head quarters. A correct picture of Ihe Collego Buildings can be seen at the Variety Store and in the hands ol our sub-agents. All thn packages will be signed in w riling, " PANG BORN & BRINSMAID," Dec. I, 1S41. State Agents. 20 IIBLS. Whiting fur rale by Nov 29. FOIiLElT ( BfiAPLEY THOMAS will continue Ins Auction Sales tn the afternoon ofovorv Wcdnesdnvnnd Satu: unv. A lntgo q-ianlily of Household Furniture t.:' diUcrent descriptions will be offered, tozth er with Stoves of various kinds, with pipe. Snlos. ofDr Goods, Cutlery, Clocks, Jswolry, dec, dice, will b.' ollercd Tuesday, Thursday nnd Saturday lveningi, until fiirlhernoticc. October 1841. 5 White Lead. TONS 11 WcthcreU" Dry White Iad, 5 do Nn 1 and Extra do do in packagss from 10' to B00 pounds. 2 Tons Lxtra Ground in Oil, in Kegs of 25 and ?t , pounds, for sale at Manufacturers' prices nnd freight, by Nov. 20. FOLLETT if- BRADLEV , Shcctlm-H. ' nALIlS nfheavy shee-ingsof difTercnt qualitu-. yVjIiavojust been received nnd nte offered for sai nt Manufacturers' prices to Merchants and others, whoarc invitcd to cnll nndeiamino the stock bcfon'i purchaslnir elsewhere, under tho belief that tho exari nation will prove advantiaeous to them. By FOLLETT & BRADLEV, Nov. 20. nl tho Whnii I,chlgli Coal. TON'S Lehigh raked, Coarse Coal, house I "'"''nnd kept from the weather, lor safe by Nov. 29. FOLLl.TTs' BRADLEV. N'ova Scotia Vlastcr. 400 TONS i'l barrel-and bag, just ground hr and free from chalk or nthiT nilultcsstmiu which render, most of iho foreign ground of htiit value. Also, tn tno stone selected expressly tor ar cultural purposes. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. .-.or. ej. Mou Id I ii f Sand. BARRELS of superior quality, selected I i ''s'w n Moulder, fit for hravv nnd line work. Nov. 29. For s.ilo by FOLLETT it BRADLI f I'lour. BARRELS superfine Flour, selected with " 'itnmtl by nn accomplished and exp' tienccd Miler, from the most celebrated nnd appro" ' Fancy brands, manufactured from Genessee Wluf For sale at the Wharf, by FOLLETT it BRADLI'. . Nov. 2D. """ llroatl Cloths. THE under-fcned offer the cloths manufactured hv the "Burlington Mill Co." at w holesnle nt Boat i prices. The assortment comprises the various coh nnd qualities, and for tcxtute, beauty of finish, mt t excellence of manufacture, arc not surpassed by uii American or English t loths. FOLLETT tf- BRADLEY. Nov. 29. Burlington Mill d' ALUIGE nssorttnent of Brass Kettles, ic ' Anvils, Trace Chains, Halter do. etc. etc.isofie I for salcnt prices which cannot fail to suit custom s by rOLLl.TT 4- HRADLEV. Nov. 29. Old Dock, Burling m A HEAVY nfsorlmcnt of Slcish and Cutter sluW. Wrought NniN, Crow Bars, itc, just received ' ofi'ered low by Nov. 23. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Iturr .villi Stones and lloltlng Cloths, PAIR of French Burr Jlili Stones and a rum. "'plete assortment of Bolting Cloths, from a c. I brated Manufactory in Holland, for salo at rcduu prices, by FOLLETT & BRADLEY, Agcnu Oov. 29. To Illacksmitlis Illosburgh Coal. rrt HE subscribers have just received fortv tons f I A IHoslxirgh Coal, whcih for Smith's u-e is unsi i i.a;b"il byany of thcmineral coals, and wheroknovn has Inken the place ol charcoal. Igniting cnsily nr 1 burning fretly, it in highly recommended for grate nnd domestic use. FOLLETT BRADLEY. Nov. 29. Saws. r) OWLAND'S German Steel saw mill saws, man tufacturcd to order and fitted for tho sawing it hemlock, sprure, pine, and every description of hold timber. 0, 6J and 7 feet. Also English Cnst-stcel cross cut saws, Hoe it Co. 's do circular do from 16 to 21 inches, Jnd manuficturcd for the trade in this vicinitj For salo at the Wharf, by Nov. 29 FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Scotch lMc Iron. ry pr TONS Gartshcrrie, Nn. 1 Scotch Pig Iron f. t Osileat the Wharf, by FOLLETT t BRADLEV. s- nn ' IS UV. .y. Grind Stones. Finished and unfinished Nova Scotia. 50 "-"ON--Grind Stones, assorted sizes, ''12 Water stones, for sale bv Nov. 29. FOLLETT it BRADLET. Sheetings. Tfi BALES 4-4 Brown Sheetings, ' 3 Cases Blenched do Nov. 30, 1511. For sale by VI LA 5, LOOMIS (t Co. 6 CASES and Bales Tickings, 1 Bale Canvass, 2 tlo Drilling, 20 Pieces 40 inch Burlaps, IS do Red Padding, For salo by Nov. 30, 1641. VILAS, LOOMIS d Co. QQ CASES English and American Prints, s0 2 do colored Cambrics, For sale bv Nov. 30, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS &Co. Hard Wm l. HARD Wood constantly on hand and for salo br Dec. 1. JAS. P. WHALING (t Co. Silks. 1CASE Pongee Silks, 35 Pieces black, blue black and figured do 20 lbs. Itilinn sewing, 25 " India do 10" Black and colored Tw it, Nov.30, 1SU. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it C". Merinos, cc. CA PIECES Colored Enali.h and French .Morino.", OU20do blark do do 2-1 do C gurcd Bombazine, 20 do black do 25 Alparci cloth, Nov, 30, IS It. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Ci. Tin IMate, stc. 09 BOXES Tin Plate, 1-3 IX. most approvod s. "hrands, 10 do IX sqr. do 100 Bundles Iron Wire, assorted Nos. 1 Cask Zinc. Slmet Conner. Wire Vrllum. 1 together with a general assortment of tinners' articles. 1 for low prices, by VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. I HV. OU, 1511. r I1HOSE sufllrin? from nn irritattd statt of thu I Lungs, particularly nt this sea-on of tha year, will find an excellent medicine in that of th LILT SYHDP, I or advertisement of which, looktr'rfirst eolumnJCS of his paper. For sale by PECK if- SPEAR. 1 .7 i.ari,ii 1 r 1 1.1,1 iniorm ineir iricnds nnil tho 1 V. public, that they have received nnd now offer for :l on the most advantageous terms, an extensive ns s irtnient of Iron, Steel, etc. consisting in part of thn following ! I Ton Snnderfon s ( ast-steel, do Easle German do do EiiL'li h X do 20 Bund es Brazier's Rods, 30 Tons English Tire Iron, assorted, lO.loOld Sable PSI do 10 tlo Swedts do 1 do Too Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do I do Swedes do 10 tlo Russia burse nnil rods, 10 do Bloom, tint and square, of various sites. Nov. 29. Clocks. THOSE who wish to purchase either Brass or Wouden Clocks are invited to call and look al our assortment. We hsve them that run one nnd sunt da)s, tho-e that strike, hour and alarm clocks; wti have them quite cheap for kitchens or chambers an.l nice oiu suitable for Parlor or oilice. Clocks cleaned and warrau ed. PANGDOIiN it Bltl.SS.MAID. Dee. 1, lt-4. Mra)td or Stolen. UUM the vtatisworth lot . vii 1111- ii" - ...... , ... i.ui days m"", u light reil ivtrc old steer, with hrccket tir, 1 ome white on the 1 elly nnd 1 uttons on the horns. Any information enneernin- him will rn enl and Id erally paid lor. Bitrlinr's,n,.ov, iu, jen i'.wiu risil, Oamo into my premises, a short timo inr two ewo S1IKEP, which the ownor mav hare. H on payment of charter. 11. JJ. STACY. Dec. 1, 18-11. irw Firm, rp HE subscribers having formed a Coparlnershiir 1 and purchased the .stock of HardJ", & S'"!j belonging to tha E,ie of Moody, will continue the business at th eld stand, sign of the Pa l ock, corner of Chsr.5 .23 Cdlege sine... and v.,11 m.fc.' .nch"dd,&h,SS stock of Hardware ns will make it fl onJcomp 2fe' riity respectfnlly solicit a continuance of thsscnec ous patromce cxlended lo their prenVeessor, and in tend to merit it by the same attention lo their busi ness ana thu withes of their customers. If AGAR A ARTHUR But'ngton, Nov. ??, 1SI1 tn