Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 10, 1841, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 10, 1841 Page 4
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Prom P. Know It's New Piny of "Old Maids." GAMBLING. 'To say tho least, it never can consist With proper manhood to enjoy tho thing Was not one's own an hour ago, and accord Not his own merit now lias won liim I then, To wnxrich by nnolliei's poverty My pillow for tho sleep it eivcth me To rob another man's I How could I lay My head upon it 7 when I feast, tho bread That loads my board to Icavo another's bare, Ay, ofnerust, pcihnps! How could 1 touch it To go nbrond and show tho witness sun My fullncssnt such destitution brought As robs that sun of light anil heat to nno Who yesterday rejoiced in tlieni nnd blessed tlicin ! Cm ho who games lino feeling I Ves, he may I Dut 1 old r in my ti.ittd he had it not 1 Tor I eslicni bun preferable far, In rata of manhood, that has not a heart, Than bo that has, nnd makes vilonseofit I Tho olio is tru'tor unto nature, which Tho other can't bo called I Weir it my lot In somn unguarded moment of caprice, Forirclfulncss, or aught that renders ono Unlike oneself were it, in such a lapse, Sly lotto win a forlunc cro 1 slept I must disgorge myelins, that tho next day I might awaku a man 1" LAWS OV VERMONT. 17. An Act in addition to tho several acts rcg dating And governing the Militia of Ibis Slate. It is hereby enacted &.c 1. Thu SGili arti cle of section 1 of chapter!), and the Hd, Mi, 0th, (ith, and 7lh sections of chapter 11th of "an act regulating and governing tho militia of this state," passed Nov. 1, 1So7, together with so much ol chapter S of tho same act, as provides for paying oflicers, lion-commissioned officers and musicians, for attending regimental drills, together with section 5, ol chapter 0 of an act passed N v. 0, lS.'W, in addition to the act of Nov. 1, 1837, be, and they hereby aro repealed. 2. Tho mode of proceeding in the collection of the fines specified by tho Mlh, lulli, lfllh, 19th, 10th, '20th, '..1st and !:Jd articles of sec tiou 1 of chapter 0 of thu act of Nov. 1, 1637, 'I lines and forfeitures to he paid by non c i nii3sioned officers, musicians and privates, when no oilier mode of collecting the same is pointed out by law, shall be as follows: Each non-commissioned officer, musician and private, tvlio shall bo Initio to a fine, or who shall have forfeited any sum of money set or allixcd to any default, or ollbiico mentioned in tho several acts regulating and governing the militia of this state, shall be allowed twelve days from the time of such forfeiture to make his excuse to the captain or commanding officer of the com pany to which he may belong, which excuse shall bo in writing and signed by the applicant ; and it shall lie the duty of sucli captain or com manding officer, within ten days alter the time has expired in which such c.xcuces aro to be made, lo inako and transmit lo the piar!er-mas-tcr ol his regiment a detailed report of each case of fine or forfeiture which Ins occurred in his company, where no excuse has been tender ed, and of those w heio ho has deemed tho ex cuse rendered as insufficient : And cm tho re ceipt of any such report, said quarter master may proceed and collect all such fines and for feiture?, against tho several delinquents there in mentioned, by action ofdebt founded on this statute boloro any justice or peace of the conn ty where sucli delinquent resides, competent by lav.- to try the tame, which suits shall be in fio name of the quarter-master, in his official character, and in their commencement and pro eculion shall be treated as civil Miits, and shall ad bo biought in tho town where the delin quent resides. 3- In tho trial of all such suits, cither paity shall bo entitled to a trial by jury, but no ap peal shall bo allowed : and wlieiethe pio-:ccu-tor recovers, ho shall recover full costs ; but in cleo the delinquent is acquitted, he shall rocov or Ins costs against the prosecutor, unless il shall appear that sucli delinquent neglected to rcniicr Ins excuse in writing to the cjptain or commanding olticer, as herein boloro provided. in which case hu shall recover no costs : in sucli rase, unless such delinquent shall sati-fv the jnslice bolore whom such case is tried, that lie was in no lauu in not rendering sucli excuse, it shall bo the duly of said justice to tax tho costs of said prosecution against said dolinquenl, and issue execution llierelor, any thing in any law to the contrary notwithstanding. 1. In all cases where judgment" shall be rendered against such quaiter-masler, or where tho delinquent shall, by the justice who tries the suit, bo excused Iront paving costs, the iut- tice shall lax- tho legal costs of said prosecutor, and give him a certified copy of the same, which bills of costs together with all such as may be recovered against said quartor-mastcrjic is hoie by directed to piy nut of nny monies ho may collect fioni delinquents for any of tho said fires or forfeitures. C. It shall be the duly of each qiiirler-mas-ter of the several regiments in this slale, on or befoie the first day'ol October annually, to make and transmit a leturn, verified by ins oath, to tho quarter-master genera', containing the fol lowing particular, to wit : 1st. The name of each delinquent against whom ho commenced a suit tho preceding year; the event of such suit ; whats um as fine or pen ally, and what as costs was recovered by him against said delinquent, or what said delinquent recovered against him, who was excused with out costs, and who paid costs, though no fine or forfeiture was recovered. 2d. The name of each sucli cao wheto he has collected tho money on the judgment in ins favor, and each ono where such judgment is not collected, and the rea.-on why ; aTso slale Ihe amount of inonoy by him paid to any delin quont who has recovered judgment against him taxes for the above purposes, tho bko proceed ing tho true b, lance of money arising from all nigs shall bo had, as aio prose libed by law for such cases, in his hands, belonging to lli Hale, other school dis'ricts ; cat j d.stiictmiy also do- or the balance due linn over what lm has ml lected. t .3d. A full statement "'f all tho public milila ly pnporty belonging to ids regiment on the first day ol September previous; also, of all monies in ins hands, derived Irom nnv other sources than those mentioned in the Ist'and 2d particular above, or which ho may have had in Ids hands, dining tho last preceding year and each disbursement by him made, and for what purposes, from said monies ; especially stating what musical instruments have boon purchased"; and the amount paid for each. Which return tho quarter-master-general i rhall preserve in his office and any neglect of any regimental quarter-master, to rnakellio re turn by this act required, shall bo a broach o his ofiicial bond. li. In all actions brought upon tins statute, tho writs and executions shall run against tho iiody of the delinquent, and in each execution icsued on a judgment recovered against such delinquent, the justice signing it shall certify that the judgment was rendered in asuitbruu"lft to recover a fine or penalty. 7. The quarter-master general is lioicby authorized to draw an order on the treasurer of this state, in favor of any regimental quarter master, for any balance which he may have been compelled to pj-y over what lie has collec ted, or with due diligence might have callectcd oil , judgmentj tecoved, in his prosecutions under this act for fines and pei a'tics. Approved Nov. 11,1611 IE An Au,tu limn the tunc for inihliu Officers make their return to ihoTovvu Certs. io , n nervmj autctci .c.T,at tho several commandants of complies shall bo required to make the return now require, by law to bo undo to the town clerks in the moiith of jimo anml. ally. Approved Nov. 11, lBdl. 19 An Act, inancndintiitofan Act ciiiuiu "tn c, in relation to hiahvvoys." ' ' ' " enacted , c That t10 noticc ro. mured by tho act entitled "an act in relation to highways, 'approved Uclober twenty-sixtli ono thousand eight hunched and forty, may Lesion, cd by any person in this stale. " Approved Nov. 11, 1811. - 20-An Act, in addition to chapter !1 of, he Revised oiatu'ps. It i hereby enacted Jr.-T,t for the purpose of keeping the highways and bridges in repair thq several towns in this state, at their annua! March meeting, or at any other legally warned rucctmt? for that purpose, may raise by vole u lax of such a per cent, on tlio'graud list of nuch town us mch meeting may think necessary, in '-ddition to vvhat is new sheered by tl.esolccl- men, to bo paid in labor and expended In the several high way districts of audi town, under tho direction of thesurvcyors of tush districts. VrmideJ, That if, hi the judgment of tho so lectmenof tho town, any of the several highway districts of such town ehall tint require the wholo amount of tho tax accruing from the grand list of tho district to lie expended within its lint shall bo appropriated in any part of such town where the selectmen shall direct. Approved Nov. 0,1811. 21. An Act, to Provide for tho receipt of the Proceeds of tho Sales of tho Public Lands. It is hereby enacted ij-c. The treasurer of this stale is hereby authorized to receive iront the secretary of the treasury of tho United States, alltlio money which isdircetcd to bo divided with the .Slate ol Vermont, by virtuo of the'provisions of an act entitled "An actio appropriate the proceeds of the sales of the public lands and to grant.pre-emiition rightt," passed by the Con gress of the United States at the session there of now last past, and approved by tbc president on tlio (ourth elny ot Kcpicmucr,,anni) huiiiihi one thousand eight hundred and forty-one ; and tho faid ticasurcr of tins state is hereby directed and empowered to exerutc and deliver to the Mid Secretary of the Treasury of the United Slates, and rrivc receipts for said money, or such other evidence as the said Secretary of the rcasury may require. Approved iNov. u, 1911. 22. An Act, for the liclicf of the Insano Pot r. is htri.hil rnnrlnl ilV. SuC. 1. A SU.ll not exceeding two thousand dollars maybe annually drawn from the treasury 'd' this state by the board of commissioners for the instruction ol the deaf and dumb and the blind, to bu appropriated fur tho benefit ol the insano pour ol this tlale agreeably to tho provision of this act. Sec. M. The board ol civil auiuuruy in oucn town fehall ascertain ami certify to tho county clerk, on or before tho first day of February an nuallv, the niiuibcr of insane porhotis in such town," their respective r.ije's, condition and cir cumstances, bow long they have been insane, what attempts liae been mado to restore them to reason, and whether, in the opinion of such board, such insane ersons are proper objects of the charily ol this state, and whether their pre sent guardians or friends arc willing that they chntihl heroine beneficial ics at the Vermont Asylum for tho insane, under tho rovis.uiis of this act. ;-!iiv ttnrh eiuiniv e.lui-1; shall make return to said commissioner.', before thu first day of March in each year, of all the inloiinuttun mi received from tliu several boards of civil authori ty in Ins countv. Sec. 4- Thc'said board of conunissioi crs shall have power to probate and designate beneficia ries as .iliii-p.-aiil. to draw order on the treasury for any part of the appr.alion piovided in tho fiifct section, and to allow nil or any part 01 me ex penses ol their e-onvcyetteti to and support in the Vermont Asylum 'lor tl.c Insane, lor such term of time as said coininissioneis shall deem proper. Sec. '). The hoard of commissioners flnll make an annual ronni't to the mjvcriior, by the tecond Thui-sdnv of October, of their piucee-il- ings herein, wilii an accountol the expenditures incuired bv thorn m the discharge oi tlioir tain dut'es. Sec. 0. Each commissioner sliail bo entitled toiccoivo from tin.' slate ticasiiry, under the order of the auditor of accounts, two dollars per day, and li.s reasnnab'c expenses, for ail the tnim in which ho shall bo actual v cnirasrcl in the dischaigu of tho duties hefcin unjoined. Approtcd Nov. U, I S 1 1 - 2i. An Act, Providing fur (he Union of School DU- tnc's. Il Is herein.' umrltd Ac. .S'cr. I. Any two or more ront'L'iious school districts in tins state may associate lo"cthsr and form a un on d strict, for the purpose of maintaining a union school, to be kept for tho benefit of tho older ch'ldren of such associated district.-', if I In inhabitants of each ol such d.slncls shall, at legal mecMigs called lor that purpose, agree to form such union by a vote ol two thuds ol thj legal voters ttiercoi picieu. at hitch moetiiiL". Sec. livery uniun district thus formed shall bo a body corporate, with the corporate power of other so hou distiicts. in iclalioii lo nroseciit ing and defending suits at law, nnd holding real and personal properly : and shall bo called by such name as said district at its first meeting shall determine. Sec. it. The lirst meeting of sucli union dis trict shall bo called in such manner, and at such tune and place, as may be agreed upon ky the associated districts rorpoothely, by a vote ol tho, at the lime of forming such union ; and tho niiion district may fmin time to tuno there after prfscribe'the m'odo of calling and warning the mootiiigs thereof, in like manner as older school districts may do, and may also deleriuino at what tnno its annual meeting shall be hold. See. -1. Such union district, ut the lirst meet ing thereof, shall chco.e by Lallol a clork, who nlmll porfoim tha'; duties asaie ireceribcd in lelaliun to the clerks of other scliool cltsirli is and shall hold his oliice until another shali Lo chosen in Ins stead. Sec. 5. Such union district may at any loal meeting called fur that purpose, la to money lor erecting, purchasing, touting or repairing any building lo be used las a h hool house for tho union school aforesaid, and purchasing or rent ing laund for the Use and accommodation there of; aUe, for fuel, furniture and other necessary uitieles for tho uso of laid school; ard in assessing and collecting a tax or lorminn w lieio said scliool house slnll stand, and in case the location tlicicof should not bo so deteriniiifd by said district, the same shall be referred to the selectmen of the town or towns in which such districts so uniting are si tuated, in the tune manner as is provided in the casoofothor districts, and said districts may choose any comniitte to carry into cfiect the pro visions afores'iid. Sec. 0. The prudential committees of tho res pectivc distric'.s forming the union distiicl, shall, together, form the prudential committee of said dUtticls, who shall hao all the powers, an ddts. charge all the duties in relation lotaidschool.and the school hotis-a of slid district, as are prescribed to other prudential committees in relation to the scliool and school house. in their respective districts. Sec. 7. Tho prudential committeo of the union district shall also determine the ages and qualifications of tho children of tho as-ocialed (iisliicls, who may attend the union school ; and shall also determine w hat proportion of tho pub lie money, appropriated for each of tho districts composing the union distriil, shall bo appropri ated add expended in paying the instructors of the union school ; subject however, in both the above caes, and in all other matters relating to said school, to any votes of said union district that may bo pissed at any legal meeting thereof. Provided, however, that tho school-Tin each of the associated districts shall continue to bo maintained in the same manner as if this act had not been p-issed. Approved Nov. 1, 1811. An Act lo Repeal u Part of Chapter Ninety of .... (1 .l-v," I 3 ls 111113, It h hereby uiucltd JV. That so much of chapter ninety of tho Itevised .Statutes as gives a bounty of tvvcnly.five i cuts for every fox killed yilhin Uiisstate, 'u hereby repealed. Approved 33. An Act, in Relation to tho Stale Prison. It is hercbii uiactid iU: .S..e. 1 'l'i. r;. i a,i,i i" ,, r; . w "S.-IIS.IIH r'.i .1 y annually appoint three directors r ,i. ,i . : "ri""" ,r:Z?. "? J: Vn: who 8,1:1,1 lmvc 11 Sonera! ....,v...c,., u, un uusincs concerns of said nri .r, an. whoso duty ilfcia ,,0 o vMt PJ sou semi-annually and examine. ,1Q buo j P , the inauasemen .,f ,ho busiCFfi of lu with power to direct any alteration i , 10 h,u Finees there carried on, which ,ucU dircctor8 tliall consider uoceseary. .Sec. S. When such directory or a majority of them, shall think it for tlin interest of tub slate, they ate hereby authorised to let out, for a term not p.cecdinK threu vears at any one line, to any pert.m who will hire the same, the laborof all or any part of the convicts In laid prison, in such mt uncr and on such terms ns such ciirectorr, or a majority of thorn, shall think most for the interest of tho state. Sec. !3. The directors shall, on or before tho first dav of Decamber next, annraiso all tho property and effects of tho prison, at their value in inoncv, and cause all ollects mat are not ne cessary for the tisoof the prison and the business carried on there, lo bo disposed of in such man ner as they may ileom proper. Sec. 1. Tho directors shall, annually, on tho first day of October, repair to tho state prison at Windsor and there inako an inventory of all tho property of tho stale at tho prison, and ap praise tho same at their true value in inoiiey,and nlsooxaininc, adjust and liquidate the accounts nf tho superintendent ot said prison lor mo year preceding, and make a full statement tlioicof, with the inventory of the properly, lo the gov ernor of this state, by tho second Thursday of Uclober annually, bucli directors, bolore en tering upon the duties preset ibod in the two prc ccdiiiir sections of this act, shall bo bworn to the faithful discharge of the same. Sec. a All acts or parts of aclgftficonsistent with tho provisions of this act nroMiereby re pealed. bee. u. Tins act shall ta'e elloct Irotn and al ter ils passage. Approved Nov. ID, 1811. RESOLUTIONS. Resolution relalivo lo tho rc-eligibilily of the President ol tho united .Mates. titsntrrd. htltht. SrnatRaiiil Ifnll&t nf l!clrStntatittS. That the constitution of tho United States should bo so ninendid. as to nslrict Ibo c hmbihtv of llio presi dent lo a single term. ltesolvcil, '1 lint our senators in congress be in structed, and i ur ripicscntalives requested, lo use tlieiriiest tndcnvur to piocurs nn nmcnuinrnioi inc constitution of the United Suites, in conformity with the princip'e contained in the foregoing lesolulioii. liesoneil, Hint tils l.xcuiincy me governor no icqueslid lo transmit a copy of the foiocoing resolu tions to each if Ihe K.xcciilivcs of the slalesof Mas- snrhllclirlls. Mninp. Pimm rlirnt. DL-lavvafC. Indiana and Kentucky, and lo each of tho senators and rep resentatives m congress Horn mis siaie. Resolution relating to tbc election of President of tho United hta'cf. V lU.atccd, hy the Scnatcand lIjusaofI!eprcstittahrts That cur senators in confess bo instructed and our repicEcutitivcs lequcstcd, to xotcfor the passage of a law, dc-igiiaiiiuj tlio saineday, ihioiichout the United Slates, ibr t lie choice or ilcclorsof president and vice picsidenlof the United States. Resolved, That tho governor of this slate be re quested to transmit n copy of the foregoing resolution to the extcutivisof the- stale of Indiana-, and of inch of tho other siates of ibis Union, nnd to each of the senators nnd representative- in congress from this state. Resolutions relating to a Tarill', eVc. HCsotrrd by the Scuatt and House nf RifresmUdixcs nfthe Slateif l"u mmit, as follows, to wit: 1. Resolved, 'I hnt labor, both mental nnd coiporenl, is not only the mo-t honorable means, but the only true source c f wealth. iinuittnl. Thai ii Is the dutv of oureovcrnmcnt nt all limes, to piotcct and eneo rnge Ihe industry ' of our cili7cns. bv inukinc nn I enforcing sie h n tarill of pi otrctivc duties as will secure our home niaikcts from die desperate and disastrous Iloo 'ings ol foreign com- 'J. Resolved, Tbnt wr regard the light to enjoy ibe pioducts of our soil nnd labor ns saeicdnnl valuable ns the rifiht to the sod itself: nnd that it iscqually the duty of our government to repel invasions and en rn-i.irl.inrnts unon thconeus llieothir. I. Resnlvi d, That Ihe farmer nnd manufacturer nre alike vilallv i ilcicslid in fuch protection, anil that the pinperii of all classes and occupnlionsis mainly riep.'iHlant on inc success oiour ngncunuiiuiuiu in.ui ufjcturing inteusts. fi. ItpsnUcd. Thai the tnriil'laws now exisingnio highly defective nnd ins tlieient, nnd, by that pait of ine conipiomisc net w uien is 10 tueei m next, w.ll be rendered still more defective, inefficient nnd unjust. b. lusjiveu, mat our senators in cnngicss oc in structed, nnd our icprcsenlalivcs requested, to use nil honorable ui-au in their power lo procure the pas Mgeof laws, which, while they shall guard against the numerous frauds and evasion" now practised ui o l us bv foreigners and foreign menf, and while they ha'l raic a revenue sullicicn: only for the necessary exninses of government. nil shall have a due regard to tlio nnrticular interests of evcrv section of our country, may pivc, by protective dut e-, such n pre ference" to domestic over foreign products in our own market", and may so diseiiiuii ate between diosa ar ticles which wo can nnd those which wo c.innoi pro ducc at home, ns to give a just, sure, nnd salutary ceo ilasjeincnt to tho industry of every American citicn. Resolved, Tint his excellency the governor 1 e requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to each ofoar senators and icprcsenlalivcs in congress. Report and Resolutious on ihe North I'.astcrn I'oundary Uuesiion. The s.di'ct coiuiinltee lo whom wcro referred cer t lin resolutions fiom tho slate of Maine, nnd a report nnd usi.lutii ns from the statu of New Hampshire, upon the subject of the north eastern boundary, have had ll c same under consideration, and beg leave rcpeclfiilly io Rr.l'ORT: That vvod.eiu it unnecessary, at this day, with all the information there Hon this subject before ibepeo plo of Vermont, to enler into a history of die dispute belwicn die government of the United Stales and Giciit llntain, concerning the north pastern boundary. In the e pinion of your committer, there is no evidence lint tl.o gov eminent of Great llrilaiu has tlio least Indow of a title to anv part of die so called " dispu- led icrutory." Indeed, it is believed, that from 1733 lo ISM a pciiod more th in thirty years our title was iincuctioned by Iho lliilish government, During the confirmees nt Gh'iit at the latter pciiod, they began to think, that, ill case of a war with tho Unite I OiairK,.,rn rebellion in their Noiih American prov inces, it w old livery convenient for them lo have a diie-et coiiiiuumca'iun through ibis lenitory, for tho march rf iheir nrmips from Halifax to (luobcc. Then it was thai the lirst iiittmailon ur nny,,.. i.. iciritory was niaileknown a claim, m the opinion of your committee, ns unprc-ceden'ed as il is unjust. On this question, it is believed, the Un ted Slates ato plauilv in Hie righ', and iho llrit sh government ns plainly in the wrong. Vour cniniuillec, therefore, be-; leivelo recommend tlio adoption of the following resolutions : 1. (iwIruUvthc Scnatcand ljiiseof litjircsenln tires, Turn wo heartily respond lo ihe sentiments coin lined in ihe resolutions fiom Ibe rtatesof Maine and New Hampshire, obovo nfcrred lo. 2. ,'csolrrd, ipc. That it is the du'y of tlio general government lo prosecute die settlement ot lin' north easitrn boundary question, without any unnessary delay. 'J. .'cscree, fl-c. That whilo wc deprecate a xvar willi Hi nam as a great national evil, nnd lo be ie- rled to onlv in ciseof stern ncces it y ) and while we le oiiimciul to tho government of tlio Uni'rd Stales a eoucil.atory, vet firm and decided course on the subject, it, if such course fad, we pledge cur s' Ives to sustain the authorities of tbc Union in main taining their rights, with nil tho resources in our power. 1. Kesolrcd, ipc. 1 hat his excellency the governor be, an 1 benby is, ri quested to transmit a copy of iho foiegoing n porl and resolutions to the executives of tho slatrsof Maine an 1 New Hampshire, nnd to eacli of our senators and rcpicscnlativcs in rungittss. Resolutions lelating to Slavery, Vin:r,r..vs, doiucslic slavery exists in, the District of Columbia, under the e.xpless authority of Congress, wln-li, nt ihe lime of Iho ces.-ion of the district, rc-r-iricted the s'ave codes of Maryland and Virginia: And, whereas, ihe smction thus given lo slaveiy, in its toleration nt the seat of government, forms a nian-fest violation, by tho nation, of the first principles of justice, nnd has a tendency to cor rupt tho moral sense of the whole people of tho United Siales And v liereas, tlio domestic slave trnile, carried on in the said district, is as unjust in principle, and scarcely hss inhuman, than llnj African slave Iraiio: therefore, llcsotted by the Senate and House of Kcpresentu tires, Tim' our senators in congiess be instructed, and our iiprcseiilativcs bo requested, to usotheirin Ibrnce lo procure, ns early as possible, a upcal of nil laws authorising slavery in Ihe District of Columbia, Hesulcctl, if-c. That our scnalors in congress be insiructid, and our representatives be requested, to use Iher utniast endeavors to prevent the adoption, by tilhrr House of Congress, of any rule, older, .resolution or usage, limiting or unpaiiing llm constitutional right of lint piople to petition congress for the redress o" i grievances. I Resolved, Tlint no new stale, ought to Ino admitted into ihelJu ou, Ihe i-uuslilulion ol which authorizes domestic slave ry. Resolveil, That his excellency t lie geivcrnor be ruiup.ii! I Ij forward a conv of tlio foregoing resolu tions io e ach of the scnatos and iepi-Letaiivc in I congress, from this slate. Resolution relating to Sundry Accounts. Kttolreil bv the Scnatcand lloute qf(tprtnatiut, i nnt ins nnuuor oi acouiu. ii-insuiisi..i , . .m su .... , account with the seri.-anl-nl.8rms, in winch ihe said riint lbs auditor of ncounl. beinslruclid In open an sergant-at-arins sboll 1 o chaiged witli ibo niuount of sinlinnary, lurnituro ami oilier proper y.wiiu-ii sum be found on inventory to belong to the state, maud about tlio stale house, at tho close ot encn session Also, io open on account with tho Hate s attorney, in eacli cnunly, in which the said blute6 attorney shall bo charged with tin amount of money received on st.uo bonds, sinto prosecutions for fines, foifcitiires penalties, or from any 0 her sources in Iclialfof tho Also, to open an accrunt with the county cb rk. in each county, in which said clerk shall be charged with Ibe amount nf money received for the use of the statu for pedlers' licenses, for jurors' Acs, or from iluyollie'r Fuuiee or foi any other purposci Also, lo open an account will! ihe military drpai t lilt-lit of die ali in w'r h rani de partiueiit tdudl be charged with the amount of money expended for the support of the militia each year. Abo, to open nn account with the agent lo settle the aHairsortho Vermont Stale Hank, in such a man ner as to exhibit the interest of the state in Hint insti tution. Also, lo open an accountwilli tlio superintendent of tho Veritieiit stalo nrimn. in such a manner as to exhibit the amount of receipts and disbursements of Ultll MlSlllUllOIl. , !.. t I .1! . .1.- f .l.n ,-r.neil icr.nnd nil other rcDorts n lallnit to the finances of the slate, exhibiting in one report, tho entire sources of i u euuo io mo auiie, nnu ine various expenjiiuiea i-otu vcar. and cause an edition of three hundred conies lo be printed for tlio uso of tho General Assembly, at as carl y a penou ol Hie next session ns mav oc. Afso. lo thu nxt session of the legislature. what modification of the law is necessary, to secure a inoio lliorougli accountability, by every ouicer or citizen being in the receipt of lnonobclangiug in any viu tu in u s.aiu ui i Lriuone. Resolutions in relation lo ibo School fund anil ihe Slate Debt. (dotted ow the Senate and louse of Kenriscnta tires, That the commissioner of the school fund be dirscled lo collect the demands which aro due from tlio -everal individuals lo saul fund) and uany mm vidua! shall neglect, for the bpaceof six niontli9, In pay ono fourth pin t of what ho may be owing to said lund, and ono fourth part in evcrv six months there nlicr, until all shall he paid, It shall bo the duly of said commissioner lo enfoico ihe collection of the same by due proeessof lavvi tirovided nolliinii herein contain ed shall be construed lo authorize tlio commissioner lo delay tho collection nf nny dcninnd, if thereby the M-eiiiny iniiy uu unpaired, or llic nuui cuiicciiujh 11,1.' arded, or vvnero lliero is any present doubt of the se curity. (csolred. That the trrnsnrer of this stalo be direct cd to pav nil the debts tiimmst the s'nle, except whu is due to the school fund, as soon as consistent, nnd lo borrow from the school fund whatever may bo ne cessary for that purpose) nnd that no pari of tho school fund shall be re-loaned to individuals while the state may be owing lo indivi lualsor corporations. Resoliilion rclalini lo Kscx Countv Rank. (esohed bi the Senate and House of lleprt&enta tires, That David Hibl ard, ,lr., Sewall Kullnm, Jr. nnu unmel Uobb, bo appointed n committee lo inves tigate ibe situation nnd concerns of tho l!ankofI'.sex C( untv. to nscrrtmn the manner nf the trnnsferof the stock ejf said bank toforcign purchasers, the liabilities and rcponsil ilities of each officer of said 1 nnk sinco the incorporation thereof, and lo ndopt nnd pursue such measures, by suits or otherwise, as said commit tee mav deem expedient to nrolect the safetvfiuid nnd the public from loss, in consequence of thu failure of s.iid bank lo redeem its bills, and lo correct frauds if any uu louuu IO cxisi. Resolution for the appointment of n committee lo re port upon the subject of Education. (csolred by the Senate and oust of (cvresenta tires, That the Governor bo rcq-esled to appoint a committee ol three to tircnare and make n rcnort to the next session of the Icgislaturc.of such planor plans as may I c most expedient and judicious to carry into practical eneci ine views nnu suggestions contained in uuit-;ui i ui inc coniuiuiec on cuucauon io inupres cm icgisiaiure. Resolution re'aiivo to thu Universitv of Vermont (csotrcd bv the Senate and lomeof Re-nrestnla' tins, That the commissioners who may bo ibis yenr .appointed lo visit the University of Vermont, be di rected to give "special attention to the objects set forth in the memorial of the ci rporation of said t'nivcrsily, and report their views in relation to them to the next legislature. Resolution authorising ibe appointment of a commit tee to revise the Jlilma Laws. ((csntr'd by the Senate and louse of Hrprcsentti tires. That the Governor be nulhorizril In nnnoint i committee of three to revise tho militia laws of this slate, anil report a bill to the next session of the Gen eral .ssLiubly. Resolution relatmi? lo the flank nf Renninninn (csotrcd bv the Senate and louse of Hritmrntn tires, Thai the bank commissioner bo authorized am! directed to make application, without delay, to the uuii in c-mnecry, io appoint one or mole persons, Ic bo icceiversofnnil for the Rank of Renninglon. nnree- ably to the provisions of section eighteen of chapter cri un- jce-viscu ciaicies. LYMAN & COLE TJ" A V II received, in addition to llieir for stock of 1 .Liory i.oniis, an extensive as...onnient ot rail iiikI vx inter ijicoil. : iininnj which will le found variety ol arlulc lor Ladle.' dual... : Alpaeca l.-i-tre, a verv pre-uv article; Alpaeca silk Warp, Caml Icleeu, Plain Illae-k Alpine, I'igM ilo Satin Daiin-I,, Iiryi hella, rersian (Jloih, trench, Ucrnian nno .vic'ruio., :uoii'CIine tic mine and prune is iunic-, a grcai v.irie-iy ami low priceu, ijoai Hun- and I in nation Cainhlcl. SLKS. A .mall a-.e runout of rich lia'd and -tn'pcl Silks ncavy niaoi; cimon, nrniu .vivi.. ami otbe-r silk., SHAWLS. l-'ipin'- I o-t 'carlct, 1 lac!,, wli.te, and colored : A lew extri -izo vv shawl. , Glove, llo-ierv a largo aoitiiient ! an iiiiu.iiallylaraeasortincnlcil Aiucncaii punt.; l-reneli nnd l.niili-h elo. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton shee'tiii'r and -birtingj Ticki;.ir and Wad ding) U.caclied Collon aiidMcrrimaoshc-cting, e-r low. T.hOI(S TKMMSaS. Worlcl ll nding, .ill; do. Large round nnd square .iioii.i'r Loros lor over coals) .in, uoro lorclrc?. Wo r ted and 'ilk A'irgo) figured silk and Volvi lliittou., new figure j sewing sill;, Twist and Thread: Paddiuc, C.iiiva.., selcein--. Col'd Jc.ui-. Brown ami Ulacl; f.inen ) Worsted plai I for r.iciu; ; liuttons for over coai-, eve. FANC Y JIKFS. A variclv of rich de Laine, Challv, silk, and stvlurjiicyllkl.. nnd Veil-. nno AD CLOTHS. Hcavv doul lo milled Droad Cloths) Itnvcr and Pilot Cloths ) Ric h Diamond Denver Cloth. ; oho Oliernl as-Orlmenl nf It.irliiif-lnn Xldl rtlitlh.. ci.iiK,,.... ,.j i.u ii. - uiu liiHioo lo rail nnd oxnm inc our veryc'X'i'ii.iveassorlinent, which we oiler at rel iced pi ice fur Cash. Iliirlingion, 2 O 1.1? 11. T AMP Oil. bteiiebel and iiiiblsta'.'liel, of superior -l.qiialuv. for ca'o clican bv s. -il . ruph. Nov AG K K R A L A..orlinenl ol ready made'lev, nndTruiil:-, for sale at llieold slaud norlli sic'o the S'quarc, near J. IIow

ard'sllo'i'l, with such additional ar ticle, a. is usually feund in my line id;..s. Winn., Sjiur, Coml s, llrushos und Hells, adapted lo the apiroa.'hing season. Flannel, Tow, UU I Full Cloth. .VI.lii. and Illdi. and all kind-, of l'ariicr' prodiiic leieived in pavnicnt. Call and see. S, S. Iliirling-on,0el.2D:b, 1911. PA 11 TICULAll NO TICK. rilHI? sub-cril cr having old hi. interct in the A Stove nnd Hnrdwaro bii.iues) . eleterutined lo c lose up Ihe concern with the leaM posMllodelav ! and lo tlii- end, ba. left nil the notes nnd aceoiiiil. (now due,) in Ibo hand, of II, Leavenworth, H-q. for immediate collection. These inlerc.leil will like nonce, and govern ihciiisehc. nessirdiniilv. J. wain whight. Ilurlington, Nov. 15, 1SH. STRAY MARK. ALIGHT Hay Maic, suppesed lo be (en or twelve years old, broke into my inclourc in Milton, on the lsl Nov, insl. which may ho had bv the owner on paying reasoiiiiblecbarges. JASON ilROWN. .Milton, 17 Nov. 1841. GROCERIES, &c ISAAC WARNKR keeps constantly fur sale at his Store, opposite S. K. Howard's Store. Cognac Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, lloston Rum, low priced llrandy, llnltiinoie Gin, Antigua Rum, Cherry do. Wines, of most kinds and prices, Molassc Loaf, Lump and llrnwn sugar-, lyr-cnmnio. 1 oung iiyson, it, son hm c 'leas: lio.x Raisins. Krt. (f, I -lack Codfish, Salmon, Macke rel. Sounds and Tongues, Rice, liar Soap, Fancydo. Allspices) Pipper, Ginger, Nutmegs j Cmvcs, t innamon, S.dcratus, Pul.ind Stan h .Must ird, Indigo, Pepper Sauce, Coffe-i'. Cbocobite, Table Sail iCiindles) Spanish Scgars, half Spanish elo. Dccnnleis, Tumblers, Lamps, Jars. ,fc AlsnrM) Barrels Salt. Tho Liquors nre vvnrreuted tube the best thai can be; bought in New ,o.k. Tavern-l-ocpersand olheis will find it for ll.etr benefit to call nnd examine them befiuo they buy elsew hern. Ilurlington, Nov. 5. 1811. " LIVE AND LET LIVE." I , i. 81 i " W""1'1 respecirllv i,t,irn ii r. iul he pa.tlive year- aad would also n.for , ,l.t f of hoha. replenislic-d , ,rek of Stationery II o"u - '""iii" I" ill- 1 1 i.l ll v ll.ll I lin t li.r 1 1 1 (hip I . . I. .... r.. . M1U ,vnu im.,r iMiroiiii"!' ant p., Hon on l,. pan shall bospaiod to'givo .at .'kV un Oursloel, eo-t nioiu-yi UnVofou, w-bi e-an, ,Vpi e iiway, or sell it below i, e,r at' co, j ft. ," 'N1'1",-"" p,,t :,n "I'POrtiun v-) a I I srna l advance from es,.t a. nny ono e., ,l , l,v,. .yllieirbusinc... Individuals vvi,ing to pure has,. Ci.minoii School lleiok., SMtiouery, cr Ulanl Hooks ran have a e hane lo ic. iho fincerity of the MiUiri ..r,vv licubesaysbevnll s,l c heap f,,r e-ash.hy calling ll'lsigncflllel(,,ll,ler. Collet, Hre-, . s,MIT'LIII MIMJTOV It. 11 ALL'S WELL AND ALL'S CHEAP AT llOWMiD'X. VIZ I All u Pacha. All Silk Artiolci, All Mohair do. All I.incn do. All llcmpdo. All Fur do. All Shoo do. All Kancy do. All Jewelry, do. All Toy do. All Cutlery do. All Cloth do. All Carpet do. All Paper Hanging do. All Ciockerydo. AH Glass do. All hooking Glnss do. All Ornamental do. All n Pmc, All suits, All Ribbons. All Muslins, aii i.aces, All Shawls, .u iiukis. All Ilnnnels, All Gloves, All Hosiery, Alt Trimming.", All Dress Clothi. All Cloak Stulls, All Velvets, All wool Articles, til Worsted do. All Cotton do. Also All Grocery do. T.itrBllirr will, all other kinds of Goods. COmDrisillg the most nencral Stock which ho has ever had tho pieasi'urooi oueriug, ono n iuoy;can, win uu oil.,. sold cheap to tho People, at HOWARD'S. . - .... 1,1.- Ill lAov. it. AI.PACt'A I.u-lre., cavhtnirc clolh". prnilcd SaxO mi". Orleans cloth.. Carolina plaid., &c. Ve. Also Kicuch and l.'ugll-h Jlerinos too numerous io mention nt greatly red ic-ed jincc-. by IX ov. 1. .11. SCOTT. l'loor Cloths, tsc. LIGHT and dark printed Floor elmli, 10-J, 12-1, and 13-1 Hcavv Whitney, scarlet, Green, and IWIiitoHor-e Ulanbet-, Hcavv twill'd I linnets, by Nov. E. M. WRIGHT if CO. NEW FIRM AND NEW GOODS. TIIK Subscribers having entered into copartner ship under iho firm of Lovely & Seymour have ju?t reo u an unuasuai largo assortment ui uuuua vv noil lliey will sell ascnenp as mo eneapcsi, Nour.n i.ovr.LV. MARTINA. Sr.VJlOUR. UurlingtonNov, 11, 1811 QTRAVF.D from the subscriber, nt Milton Falls, a O Dark Urow ti Cow, G vears old, with a while stripe across her forehead nnd white on the noso oroau norns. Also a yenning nciier, ugni reo, wiinn white face, white on the end of the tail. Whoever will return sai I cattle orgivo information by Idler to the suuscnoer shall to nonorawy tewarueu. TI AI Oil IV .XI A V - A It IJ. Tabic Covers. CRIMSON and Drub Daina-k Wor.tcd, Damask Linen, and 1 ruwn taLlu Covers, by S.I!. SCOTT. Hard Ware. A MES' Sliovels.Hunir hnndlu do. sondes. Manure J Forks. Hnher nnd Trace Chains, also shelf Hardware, by Nov 12. S. M. POPK, rSw3S5;. I'l"-i" "su.., jnwi .' , ire, t n T.. fn:. T W I 11 Xf..l.t ... 0Jn IO.,.r. ...r.,r, EEKS1I l,,,vi, i,nv 'n ,,.',. nnssia. rlnce.. TEAS. Pul v en zee! Loaf sugar, Loaf do. brown elo. s.ilcrato-, lunger, -xut-lncg-1, etr. Ju-t reteivcil, cheaper Nov. 12. S. It. SCOIT. linn ever, by Trlmmln?s for Cloaks. YARDS heavy Uimp, Mohair and Silk tj Fringes cxprcsslv for trimming Mantillas and Cloaks, at LOVELY & SEYMOUR'S. Nov. 23. WOOL Dye, Plain nnd Diamond Heaver Cloths Gold mixed, Paris Diamond, and Wool Dye Dlack Cassnneres, Blue, Olive, Invisible Green, nnd black broadcloths, satinet!?, etc. tc. just received in complete assortments, cheap, very cheap, by Oct. 20. S. U. SCOTT. Alpaeca Cloths. A SPLENDID Ar.iclo, (silk warp), Alpaeca cloth.; Alpaeca Lu-tre ; Hue I lack M, De Lames, and Cishmc-rctto Cloth-, just received at prices corres ponding witli the lime-, by E. M. W1UUHT cc Co. Nov. 12. Itiii'Ilugloii Itookstoic. rnHE siibseriler would invito tho attention of hi. L Inend.Hiid tic public Io his new a-soiluienr of hooks. I he Lcl .'oioclion he ha. ever made, both in Miscellaneous and Scliool llowks nre now o Icrud clicapfor cash. Nov. 10. D. A. CRAM AN. HucK's Patent Cooking Stoves. THE I ct stove for Iho saving of labor and fuel, which has ever been ollere-d for -ale in this state Ihe lire I eing directly under the boiler-, so as lo take the lir.-iand sharpest heat, and then;r around llieovcuin flue-, soa.togivetheovcua rerruUr beat; I akin; eiiualtou Iriekovcnj and Lcinj larfer thau m auv other cookinjr stove now in use. For sale by Nov. 10, IS11. S..M. POPE. IT- M. WRIGHT ct Co. will open within thrfc or Ji four day.. roni 1300 lo 2000 yd- Extra suncrlie, (double around), superfine, fine and common all wool uarpetin-'s, wiueli I ceil inirclia-csl ino-ilyui N.x nuctien, and will 1 e sold at vey love priie--. Al.-o Twilled and plain Venetian st.ur carpeting, Hemp and Cotton carpelni'r, Oil cloth-, Malt-, c:e. Nov. 12. A CARD. XTESSRS. PANG BORN ct HIUNSMAlDlc? ItXIeave to announce the -ato arrival of one of ihe linn from Ensl.tinl, havim.' visited many of ,lio mo-l ce!c! rated Watch, Clock, Jewelry, Cutlery, Perfumery and Faucv Good. Manufacturies ui Liverpool, Pre--eolt, St. Helen', MumdieMir, Shclfie,'d, Hirmui'.'hani. and London. Vo liavu reccivcl -ome samples ol lino Lever Waichc. in Gold nnd silver (Eni u-h) Case--, and have making at .ome of iho I e.-t shop, in England a variety of Wuiche., which are expected ncxi IllOlllll. Wo have re-eive! some biatitifnl samples of Uroace., lfinjrs, Pins, Honuel he.ider. i''--i-i --ic". wo have' i- 'r;:"- il-cr' fl,ni Wo.ienliolni if Sons and l.lliotl, h nive., Mftlfceir', -cis.or-, etc. of Iho lust mialiiy. Any Goods in our line, Walclu. f nny maker in England will letm p0r,.. i ic order, nt as low price, ns any city shop will furnish thc-iii. All person, nre invited toe-all and ce the .nmp'cs of Good. nlrady received. Nov. 10, IS 11. T E It 1 N O S, Alpaeca c-lolh. nrintol Sixonv. HA mousliiic delaine, French. Eti'-lish and Ameri can prints, red, vvhituand printed Flannel., Canton do. ALSO. Sheeting--, shirtings, Tickings, Cotlou Yarn.Wick ing, Hatting, Waddim., fee-, fi i sale verv low bv Nov. 12. S. M.'POPE. ' L) I ItD'S Eve, Hussia and ln,h Diaper, bv Nov. 12. s. ii. scorr. IMlOTnCTlVE SYSTEM, CLOTHS of superior liui-h and durable color-jnst iimuiifjclure 1 ly iho Hurbnu'lon Mill Co. for sale at ihelowe-l price-", at ihe New Store, Wmooski Fall-, by Septeuiler, 17, 1311. SIDNEY RAltLOW. CI LOTH CAPS. A new assortment of all kinds 'and prices, just received by RM.WlMOHT&Co, TATCLKOIVS TRIAL 110 naccs octavo. Price SI. IU Nov. 23. For s-alo by C, GOODRICH. H THOMAS has on bind, C half breed Icelandic Hncks, ono nnd tvvo years old, that shear 7 lbs, ui wuui eacn lorsaieor nut. School Joaks. P.nier. &c. E subscriber Ins a lahso slunk nf Si-lm,-,! A Hon Hooks an I Paper. Merchants. School rnminiuivs ,vc. lurntsticu on llio most bbcrul terms. Rags and most kinds of country produce received in payment. Nov. fi. J C.GOODR1LH. LAMPOIL. Puro Win tcr Sperm Oil, Fnll do. Winie Relined do. cheap by S. II. SCOTT. Nov. 25. M, G. RATHBUN, l)K.VlUit AND TAII.OU, PKAKI. STTIELT, HAS just reiiirnisl from New York, wi lb full re poils ofihc! Fall Fashions, und i, prepared toc-x-ec-uto order for winter garments in the most approved l) le. Ho has aUo on hand a select assortment cf I'hoiic' trimming-., adapted to I lie .eaou : such as Hralel, liuttons, llinilliigH, I'ancy Veht llliielliigs .. .J-"' auel Hutlons, ,S;c. ,tc. ,x. II. Ho i9 nisi, iijjein lor Scolt ix: Wil.ou'o lie pent of F.i-hion., xvhich will Lc to liirnished to any olio wi.liiiiglbcm, iiiidllierepiisiicliilorni.uioii Ire-civ il v-eii, Hurlinglon, .Nov. t. 18-11. j. Til YON,' DHAl'lt AND TAII.UIt, WOl Ll) iiiii-iiiiuioiciiiiiii lu custuiner that he funtinuo loe-iiiiy on iho abuvu business m all ll. various I ranches ut ln (ltd Stand on Si. Paul street, ncMrllio Epi-copal Church, and insight of the ('ulholii'Cliurch. ThanUiil for pan favors, eldcus toincr. lero solicited to coulinco ilieir palronaget anil liuiiy new ouo me much desiuxl. Tho new est lash ion. promptly revolved. Culling clone on short noiiccvhcip for cash. I bavoon luiid some old iiivounls whti-h 1 should hl,n should like'to exelianiiu (vti'ath. Nov. 12, Idll, AT's.Tscofrs, 1 HO "0' al,u"' 'I'brva'l, ' 1 xJV. 7 Hale, she cling, 2C0 piece's C.iheo, 23 " French and Fnglisli Me rinc, 25 " Moo. line el. Laine, 10(1 Shn'v-1 , various t.ind-, , ireat .irieiyi l ! tcr .In-- t, Uiine '. MUFFst Dons and other Fur-, by Nov. 5. S. II. SCOTT. BLACK, blue black, light plain, 1 rizlit figured, Oro de Afrique und China Silks, low lor cash, bv Nov. 5. S ii. suun . Sherman's Celebrated Medicines) SIIF.RMAIX'S Irfizenges, of every tort, " Papillary Oil, (a certain uure for sore nipnte.) " Poor Man's Plaster. Constantly for sale at Nov. 1. KLUK &. SPF.AR'S. A LOT OF WOOD LAND for sale near tho Lake. Also, two hundred cords of Wood on tho bonk. Knquireot i.m.v.x uuiuiuuuus Fcrrisburgli, Nov. 1811. ItlTKS. A FKW Rales let Painicl Uiulalo Role-, Men's r I i.l Stlit'ilnml npal (.ni. Nnlna Fnrilo. llov'a do Men's and Hoy's hair teal elo. Fur Collars, &c. for snlu cheap for cash, by P. UOOM Tl Lli, Nov.d. 1611. THIS t1oer ctlly ilitnia;iuli 1 inuJicinc, together Willi Tav or's BaUain (if Lixnrwort Javti'i Indian lApwttirntit, Lily Syrup, Down ' Kltxir, .nooru s tM-n;-c ol Lue, narthoiomuw'H ruin l-x1 pcclurant yrup( for frceru cold.-, cough? ttml com pi a inn icaumtr u CONSUMPTION. For sale by Nov.l. PECK & SPKAR fA A S IT 1 ON I! I. V.. ltnnnr.'Si L.ofpvcrvstv i I. nnd quality, Hl'le, U!uo l'.l'k and China Silks lor urcsses. uo. aattn lor uo. Sars. oiiks mid Winter Hibbons (new style,) vv inter Artificial Flow crs. Velvet, etc. eve. J. r. vx HAU.'xu. Oil. 12, 1831. LAW I1LANKS. CCOOORICH has constantly for sale by the Heani or Quire, a ceneral assortment of law- blanks, printed from forms from Revised .Stalutes, consistmc of Justice Writs and Executions, all kinds in uo Trustee Writs County Court Writs and Executions, various kinds Wartontry, (luit-claim, and MortRage Deeds Chancery Hills for forclosinji Mortgages lilanksfer Depositions Administrators Bonds Letters of Guardianship Officers Itcccipts Justico Appeals Planks for Notes, Hay-Scales, ic. cVe. August 20 h. VOUNU ORATOH, or New York Class Hook, and JL Emerson's Outlines of Geography and History. Tho attention of Teachers is particularly requested to Ihoabovo books. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Nov. 25. Crockery at Cost ! A FKW sets ejf blue, pink and Dove ware ; also, Glass Dislic'., Glass Lamps, etc. al cosl for ihe purpose of clo-iiig kind of business. Nov. 12. S.H.SCOTT. DISOLUTION. r"PHE Copartnership ofN. Lovely & Co. was dis JL solved on the lirst instant All DehtsJ Duo this firm must bo settled without delay. Either of ihe subscribers will attend to scttlcmcn's. Wo trust every person indebted to ibis concern, will take due notice and govern themselves accord inely. N. LOVELY, Hurlinglon Nov, 11. 1311. Wm. HURL HUT. Mittens ami Cloves. IE rc.WY Driver. Lined Hutkkin Mittens Mocca- in. of .opener nualilv. Ladies Heaver, Merino and Fur lined Kid Gloves, chenp bv Nov. 5. E. M. WRIGHT .f CO. ( HEY Canada Stoekini-, Unval Hibl-d and An- VJgola si hirls nnd Drawer-, lust reieivrd 1 v Nov. i;. .ii. vx uhjU r cc eu. rpiIE subscril cr oilers for sale at Ins Prick Shop, JL in Cherry S'rcet, a large variety of Tcaa, con sisting of Genettfurs White, grey, brown and black furs, f o Ladies trimmings Lynx and squirrel Hons ALSO Superiorblack Oiter and hair Otter e-aps Shetland and south sea seal Jo. Hoys caps, for 50 cents Fur and hair collars, n variety Northwest Hufhilo Hohcs Fur nnd cloth caps repaired, and Muffs nnd Cops made lo e rdcr, by W.m I SEYMOUR. Ilurlington, Oct. 20, 1811. DISSOLUTION. r'piIE partnership heretofore existing between H X C. Hlackman & Lewis D. Turrill, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. H.C. HLACKMAN, L.D. TURRILL. f-T The I usiness will be continued by II. C. Hlacl. man. Jericho, Oct, 2, 1S11. NEW GOODS. HIIE subscribers are now receiving their second JL supply of Fnll and Winter Goods i among which may ui found Plain and Diamond Heaver Cloths, Heavy Pilot do. Hroad Cloth for Ladies' cloaks, verv cheap! Cassimercs, Satinells, Flannels, Ficnch and English Merino-, Alpaeca cloihs, P.oinba7inrs, all wool plain M. De Laities, veiy fine i Silks, col'd nnd black silk Velvet, Velvet trimmings, silk Ccrds and Tassels, mohair and silk Fringes, Gimp Trim mings, German Wois'cds, Ribbons, Shawls, Hdkfs. Laces, Lare Veils, eS c. which are offered verv low for cash, by Nov. 13 E. M. WlilOHT&Co. iTi.ri7rt.MiS","siiirlins-, Ticking, Wiekmg, Halting Wadding, TvvillM Cotton-, Canton Flannels, &r. Fir sale by Nov.l. S.U. SCOTT. Surgical Instruments t MAW'S self-injecting Apparatus, (a article, in ca c.) I eauliful Syringe, ol all kmc!., Urca.t Punijis (m eae), do. Pip e Is and t shield., Nur-iii? Hottlc. and Till r. of many kinds, Cum Elastic, King-, for children euItingTeaih, Silver, Flexible and Gum EI.estic Culhelers, Hougies' stomach Tul o-, Knglish and German spring Lancets, J.ngll-h and American Thumb do. Mar-li's silver and steel spring Trusses, (a mol ivlobr.tted article ) of every kind and sine, Hull', do. do. do. Twite-hell's Gum f.l.i-tlc do. do. do. For tali by Nov.l. PECK &. SPEAK. I.OVEl.Y ,i SnYMOUIl. OFFI R for sale a new and extensive assortment of seasonable Goods cemprisingevery article ne cessary for the convenience or taste of the public Nov. IB, 1841. FILLS A upply lust rci-eivud from New f No-. II). I.l 20. 3ll. JO SO nnd v- York,eoiisjsiingof No-! 50 Opaque, Hu.,ia,.;e. fersalulv S. Hl'.YlTNGT ON. Sign licsl LoJgcr, College street, Nov. 13, 1S-H. 1DOLVGI.OTT IJIHLES-lloiind iii superior 7iir- X key Minding ; alo plain lu'iulmp-. lloyal O.-tnvo, fuiwuic iui wwiuiy u;i-, ior tHIO 1 y Nov. 13. S. HUNTINGTON. D IAWLNO PAI'EI!, A .iipenor epialily e f Super Hoyal Drawing Paper, just received and for sale ly Nov. 16. S. Ill NTINGTON. BLACK INK. STEPHENS' Dark Hluour UUck Ink, Hhio Fluid, Cooncr s; Phillips' Hlack Ink, Hricliel it Thayer's " The public are inviled lo givo iho above ink and lluid a fair trial, for I am sureihey can have nothing better. Warranted not to change in any climate. For sale by Nov. P. S, HUNTINGTON. Writing I'ancr. ty p. REAMS Cap, Letter nnd Nolo paper, received I '.aud lor sale by .Nov. IS. -s. HUNTINGTON. lluflHIo Itobcs. rV DALES superior lluffalo Robes, jut reccivcl I ami for sale as cheap as the cheapest, by Nov. 13. by H. JL WRIGHT & Co. Also No. 1 Oilei Caps, Lynx Muds and Hoas, Fur Collars, Angola Fnnges, &c. 1 pVHALES Hrowii sheetings for sale by thebaic, I vpioec, or v ard, very clieap, bv Nov. E. 31. WHIGHT A- Co. Also, a full assortment bleachixd shirtings, sheetings Tickings, Canton I'lanneds, Diapers, Halting, Wickiug cv c. At I lie Sc' C'abli Store. We nre now opening a New and Si'Liismo assort ment of Goods just selected with reference to the wanluof llic People, coupling of Errncb 5 8-1 Plaid shawls English fi f Pbints Dress Il'd'ks American ) Silk Shawls Hombazines Merino do. Alpines Hroehedo, 31eriuoes Indian Cravats 31. D. Laine (Fash'ble) Florg H'd'ks Silks of every stylo A new and complete assortment of liroad-Cloths, Ciissinisrcsaiid Sallmeiis.und Vcsiiugs, Flannels eVe. Also, a large assortment of Groceries, Teas, of ev ery nualilv. Sugars, .Molasses, ColYe, esc. cVc. all of which will be sedd very low for Cash. J.iS.l. WHALING iJ-Cp. ,. fToiuj Axn nhw noons. JS . j now receiving his fnll ',ock of J. Goods, consisting of a general afsotlirient'of Drv .oods, tiroceries, Crockery and Hard xvnre, , b.c Ii oilers for sale al a ttnsl' V'vanrt from cr. K Oclt "ITINKaAR of the very b est quality for sale by tha V Gallon, bid. Hogshead, by UH.U. I'KTKRSON. PtiAliN Uihloi, octavo, sheep, " " C'enoc. " " " " Concordance, Fim " " calf, gilt, " " " Turkey, do. Just received, and for sale br CHAU.NCKY OOODniCll. 22IOI. 1811. U O OKS S T A T IO N E R Y. T) A IIH A MAM. has on hand nnd i.s receiving U a largo and well selected assortment of article i , "nciorthe ! all Irade, consistinrr of all kinds ui S hool Hooks, and valuable and popular works Iho most recent publications ALSO A new funnlv nf niir ti..i. :..! i , ,. v. t.uo, ,ul3,,im u, ..ov 8r'r."i.9JJr.nlV1?i,y' Nof.snd ISifl Books, of all sizes, in full and half I ending Can 'nnd Lcttor it' 1 1 tin... j ' Y,UW,"B Jissue, morocco, Atari le., Illottinp, and other varieties of naner Ink CluiM-, Slates, Uonnet Hoards, Pencils, sLnS &oxes! Letter Stamp!, red Taps and Stationery generally in great variety. Oct. 12. I AW HOOKS. Covven's Reports, 9 volume J Wcldcn's Reports, 22 volumes, Paige's do. vols 0 and 7 Cowcn's Phillips Evidence, 4 vols " Justice, 2 vols. Pelerdorfs Abridgement, 15 vols. English Common Law, and Chancery Reports. " Code Napoleon. Jeremy's Equity Jurisdiction. Chitford's Chancery Pleading!. Low of Easnient". Grccnleaf a Cases Overruled. For sale, by Sept. 3. c. Goodrich: S C II O O li ii O O KS. LIVli AND LET LIVE I! Till- following Hooks ARE RECEIVED snd will , be so'd for Cash as Low as con bo bought in this or nnyothcr Slates Miss Phelps' Philosophy i Dav ics' Geometry) " First Lessons in Algebra ; " liourdon's do. Humus' Georrnphy of the Hcavcni norccstcr s History i Newman's Rhetoiick i Wilkins' Astronomv j Flint's Survey ; Leviznc's Grammaii Adams' Monitorial Reader i Porter's Rhetorical Reader i " Analysis Also Many other School Hooks, which nwdriot now bo mentioned ; and my desire to sell is sufficient to induce me to sell on such terms as cannot fail to suit the Public. S. HUNTINGTON, , , .,.9olle3 Street, S Reding Ledger. October 1, 1311. if WIXOOsSKl sTsii pactoky. ITS in constant optr.Mion X anl prepared to exeoita orders for WlDOWSASH ef every description, and la Ihe best manner. A eou.iant sonply kept on hand und for sale at the store of George IVlerson, in Bur' lington, at the lollowmi: l'I C K s . 12 Light cacmcntt, 3J cents per Light. do do do SMITH, nl do. do, do do do. do. do. do. do. do. 3J 3J do do do do do do SIDNEY June 13, II A It I W A IC V . THEODORE HO L 11 HOOK, (Late Ilolbrook & Tappan) UG 3111k St., Uoston, flTIIJ r-ubscriber oilers a large and choice selection - of Hardware to the country trade upon the most liberal terms. Sept. 1, IS! I 2in OTOVES. A great variety comprising nearly all Othe kinds now in use of Cooking Moves ot the most improved patterns i Hox and parlor Siotu, right kind and sues at gicaily reduced price, by Oct. 13. IIICKOK cc CATLIN. PURE Salt, A new article, warranted Pure, ruin ufaclurcd by an entirely new process, so ai to cleanse the salt from every other substance. I0J0 bushels cf the above for sale by Oct. VS. HICKOKi CATLIN. HICKOK A. CATLIN West stdo of the Court House Square, would invite Ihe attention of all purchasers ol Flour, who wish for a superior article, manufactured from New Wheat, to o large lot whictt they now have on hand and will sell as low as can ba bought in this place. Oct. 13. .Medicinal Lienors I BE S T Poit anl -Maleira Wine-, Jeal Cogrse Ur.iudv and Holland Gin, Alehohol and .Mvclicctl -puns, for Camphor, ike. by PECK ik SPEAK. ltotanlcal Medicines! EVERY article in tills Lraiuh constantly on ban at wholesale and reiail, by PECK if SPFAK. Oct. 15. LUJ1BER. CLAP-HOAltDS, Floor-Hoa rd, Clear-Hoards, and Shingle-, lor sale by IIICKOK A, CATLIN, est Side Court Housti Square. 20lh O.-lolcr 1S11. MiW BOOKS. rVChcan for CASH ! 1 3 Life as it is Useful and Happy .uerciiani s uauguicr do. Widow Hack's Religious Ancc e'oles For Sale for Cash by Oct. 3, 1341. Cliarle- Linn Leslie Graham, by Aunt Kttly Pollock's Ooursa of tim S. HUNTINGTON 31 IIS, 1' It A S 13 R , HAS jut returned Irom New York, with ihe latest In-liiiiii-for llonnels, Caps, Cloaks, Dresses, &c. Ic for the season. Also a rich and lashionsl la ns-ortmeut olSdks, Velvets, Vclveieensandtrimnung for Honnei. nnd Pro-se-, She has also Kibbons, Feathcis, Fiemli andolher Flower-, Laces, Fdginsu, Glove.-, .Mills, Curls andolher articles in the Mtllencry linotoo nuiiierous to particularise. Also an e'egsat assortment ot Hon., and a good a..-ortri int of DonneU and Caps ready for sale, all which she will sell as cheap or cheaper than llieycan be bought eUewtier of equal style nndqualityo'f goods. Hi.rhngton.Oct. 83, 1SH. LIVERY STABLE. SS.SKIN.NE1! ha. furnishsl i him-elf wuh GOOD HOUSES, new nnd convenient Carriages and Harness, suiltoJ to lbese-.i,on. Saeldls., Undl, temperate, faiihfiil, and trusty Driver.-, and a 11 other annsralm f) neccsary to serve the public in ITOO.1 sIC'li nnd nn n.sinnsl,ls nu-i.c-l.-- term-. Siablc Fn-t side Court HooeSpiare. Hurlinglon, Oct. 2Slb, IMl. 8vt 3j- s-'ash paid for Oats. 2 O O IilFcs Preneh, En-jliih and Anicricsn Prims just roecived and for sale at the lowest prices by Oct. 29. S.B.SCOTT. IURSandFur Trimmings, consisting of English Squirrel, Genet, and Coney Muds, Astraetn and English Squirrel Hobes, Hoas, natural nd colored Coney skins, Nutria do. White Coney rhue, .ViirAs. received'dayh)- (pct. ?9.) S. H, SCOTT. A DOZ. Heavy Plaid Shawl-, I y 4 Oct, 2D. S. 1). SCOTT. rilllE Subscril cr will pay cash foi few Thoussnd 1 pounds of good Fleece Wool, delivered at ihtLr Storo, head of Pcail St. BRADLEY it HYDE. Ju.ly2.lSH. en A' O pcrior I I'k, b'lk mixed, drab and cadet miird it linetls, Cheap by F. M, WRIGHT & Co. ITM.UTE and TIFF. MUSIC New Preceptor for A. the Flute and Fife, just received by Oct. 8. C. GOODRICH. .0 doz. Sides of Upper Leather, For sale bv E. C.I.00311S. Oct. 8. 1811. Pearl Street. flOO Sides of Calcutta Leather, Forsaloby C Oct. 8. 1811. K. 0. LOOMl!1. QQ Dozen Calf Skins, For sale by 00 Oct. 8. 1811. RCLOOMIS. MOHOCCOS, ICids. Bindings, Linings, shoe-thrtviel Lasts, Ac. For saleby E. U. LOOM1S. OOPdUs of Me n's thick boots from S2.50 to3,0t, 1 Oel.B 1RU Forsuleby E. C. I.O03HS. ll.AlN and Diamond Me.ivrr clolb, blm'k, Wi I invisible green and O.xfemI mu'd 1 rcsd elnhj. Hlack, blue, mixM and drab Cssiraeres snd stlin(r . al so, trimming for making the- isror, 'r s ,.. r.cap., l-v "'' !? x WIT Ml ii n TO -Ul M