Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 17, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 17, 1841 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLORY or CjBSAR) BUT THE WELFARE OP ROME. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17,1841. No. 28. LILY SYRUP. An unparralhd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, fitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, Sfc. ff. TO TUB 1'UM.IC. In presenting to the public a new remedy for eh'sea e of (lie mav be Droncr to mi Ihal. indiTi'ii" 'from tlie many certilicales anil recconimendations of other specinca ouiuaini'd m the newspapers nrthe clay no new remedy was called for or roipiiicd. lint if the .'popular remedies hail materially Ic-scncd the lulls of 'mortalilVi or nny one of the many preparation" pos. scssed those virtue recommended,' so that after a fair 'trial, the patient could depend upon its healing power-, 'and rationally hope for a speedy recovery nl lieallh, 'this hunilile attempt to arrest the progress of Pulmo nary Ceinsiiniplioti would not have appeared. Uut that the victims of this destroyer arc daily in creasing, needs no proofaud the large scales of the Druggistsshow that the remedies ol the day have lieen fairly tried, and failed in theirohject, il that ob ject was the restoration to health of persons sulli-ring irom diseases of the lun-. While one remedy dries 'upacomrh that should bo properly aided to throw ol the viscid phlegm colleeiednpon the lungs and throat the harbinger ol1t'', another,' by a bad selection ol an expectorant, is indeed enabled to ilispos-c'ss the present tenant, but leaves a worse-one to ocvnpy the .haltered premises ; and by it, the work of death U the sooner accompli. hod. TheLILY SYltUMs now believed lo be the bet remedy for lung comprint-, lint lia eer appeared. To enre Pulmonary Consumption nfier the disease as done its last work, or become seated upon the vi tal functions, and tubercles are formed and broken, and atmospheric air is inhaled into the nrokeu part-, U not among the pretensions of the thousand and one Oitii'Br nostrums to the contrary, notwithstanding). This niodieineihas restored many who were stm rposcd lobe Icyond cure, by men standing high in the medical profession ; but their ietoratiou to health on lyproved that great and good men may I c mistaken, in the state or progress of thedi-ease. Hence, let no petiuu de-pairof relief, until he lia made a fair trial if the Lily Syrup. This medicine operates by promoting a ficc nnii ay expectoration, thereby freeing the hmirs and throat Irom viscid phlegm, ami sticngl honing the parts and freeing them from iiidamatory action wliich constitutes the disease of Pulmonary Consumption. The Syrup is entirely lice from auv lumcralsul stance, and purely vegetable; and may be taken with per- MOOKICS J-2SSKNCK OP LIFK. A Valuable Medicine, wliich, if rightly npplicd, will bo the menus of saving thousands" from an untimtly grate. It lias oeen sold and u-cd lor tinny ye ars, wuuqre.ii , iienvisim. i-i.imint tun e'iiten I ills in. si ciiu. i. i. iii.nnir .success and louud very cilioaoii.u in lie lemowing lM throughout the New Ktiglaud Stales, nnd the mnnv di.ej.e-, viz. Consu.ii.tion, V hooping Uiimh., com- ,. j, pfunno,!, n, ,iie great demand made mon Cough., Co i s, difficult rcalliiiig. Inllueuza, foru by thundvico olphvsiei.ins well ncnunintoi. with Quinsy, A.thina, Phthisic, Spilling of Hlood, Him- jt ,,..,.,.,,.. im, induced the nronriclor to extend lency, Inihj.e.tion, Looseness ol tlie lowcl, r its ol jjH t.jrjulation to almost every town ill the eastern every kind, Cramp-, J ii'Lct-, Colic, Catarrh, Dyson- i S . 1nJ .irim.i.,a lown, , u,lilt,j States. i nrc. l ain in?,! on, iicaciac it's. n.. . i .-. SicMiessat Stomach, Mea-le", a pievcntive of Con tazioti-iii-cases, com ami iiiic'imaiisiii. isj"'! Iieabove .Medicine is prepaid! by Henry Sey mour, tifllndley, Mass. from th,. Original llecipe, by thedirection ol said Moore, and sold by lulu and the principal Druggist in the FuitedSlati's. Sdhl whole-ale and retail, by I'cck cU .Spear, 1 In rl i ti jr t hi , and by thedealcrs generally through out the country NOTICH.-ICT-Meihcine st I nnwn by thel TYfOl'FAT'S VI-.aCTAIU.M LIFK MF.DICINKS. cures it pcrforii'.iJ I. Newton's Ktnaci-a.j The-e medicines are indebted for their name to or 1'iirilier oflhe lllo.jil. The unparalleled nli'd s-tili their inanifest and sini ;le action in purifying the "I'llll-IIIUI LllilHIHIs HI IIIV,II,I, V.-IIUUIII!; I1ICIII Willi renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred cert ified cases which have been made pul lie, nud in almost every species ofdi'easeto which the human frame is liable, the happy u lecls of Moitat's l.irc Pili.s and i'lKF.NU UtTTi:ns havo been greatfullyaud publicly neknowlislged by the persons bcneliiied, and who ted nnn lc nninl unit i. ii,,i were iireviou-lv uiiacniMiiited with theheaiililullv nhi- surpas-eil by any other medicine eier olleml to the loophu-a! princip'es upon which they a re compound aiinctej as its laiuly prove, ureci its liiou- an be proved by certificate 1 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. f"THIS article is too well known to need coinmcit dation and the cxpeiicnru of seven jcars has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for ncrurac5,1 conviiiiince and durability, they arts unrivalled Coal vard scales to weigh irom 3 to 0 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs., l'oilahlo do. to weigh from 1 2 ol. tn 200 lbs. l'ortableCmmterdo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to -10 lbs. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. liiirlington, April S 1S11. TUP. wo l'AlXTINC. ibsrilcr Icing thankful for nasi favors onld resiiccl fully solicit a continuance of the same and lemiiid Ills incud-and the public that be is inquired to accommodate them oulhe shortest notice an J ino-l favorable terms m the various branches in llical oveliuc. Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Pcail-sttcvt, liurlinglon, Vt. J A.VI-S SCOIT. April 1, ISII. nl3:ly t llll'l is III .II1UIIIII vll IIV eminent mid respectable physicians the I iM medicine in use. Useliil iiitormatiou may be louud in circti.ars containing cerlilicales of cures and directions lor ta king the medicine. The following appointed ngents. llurliiigtou. l'KCIvniid SPIJAll, 1!. Moody St All ans, Curtis and lttiael .Millon, C. Drnl i Milton l'all', lliirnct and Sawyci Waicrville, I'is. and llrown, Htuesburgli, Hull and Took Kairlax. Parker nnd Matlield Vcrgi-nnc-, Adams nnd Murray Cambridge, M. Wire t'lidcrlull, M. V. Harney .Nortli I'crrisl urgh, II. V, ickt r dcorgia, A. Illiss Williston, X. Chittenden Uichuituid. liiccn it Rhodes iohiison, C. l. Warner and Co Monkton, Ktliau null llal.crslicld. Armtngtou and Woodward Fair field, llurnct and larnsw'oith. c.o.p.l.f.l'J MAHSIIAIili'" continues imrivnllcd as a strengthening PI,ASTi:il: Also, fir Hheuina- l.anicncss or pains in the side-, limbs or 1 auk : r serolulous swellings, si-nrv y sores, Krcsh wounds j and for a general Family Plaster or salve. 1'or Corns, moreover try if, paiccloe, pcr-cvcrc in theu'c by makiuga new application oci'iisionally, audintiine, yourcorns will be eureil. For sale bv " I I.I. IV CC Dt l.iVli, nnd Dn. ItOIIT. MOODV. liurlinglon, Jan. 22, IS 11. Iy.f.18 Dr. A. Sherman's Cougli I.oicngt's. NO Cough Medicine lias ever I ecu introduced into Vermont that has given such universal satisfac tion. They seldom fail to cure the ino-t trouMcsoinu jhs nud colds ma few day-. .Numerous refer- cures inigiii t.e given tti pcrsorswlio tiavo icen curcii y thciii, but where their merits are so generally known & apprei'ialed il is useless to specify instances. The above medicine, as well s Sherman's ic'cbrated Worm Lozenges, Poor Man's plasters, and other pre parations may 1 chad of 1 s . ' ,k . S'f I lllll(1,I . I ft ,mv. -l. r..uiuii. cc'. lct safety by the tnot ilclicate"contitiitiun It is highly recomniende I to tlio-e who have weak lungs. Teachers oi performers ol" vocal music will find it of invaluable use loihcm, by iis giving trength and sweetness to the times of mu-ic, mid en abling the person to perform Willi great case. I'uUie wfji t v n jnvflr'M ueakcrs and del uters will tind it oi iuvalual le ser- JJJ.iSvSa is. vice to them. -tnilTAI.V CUltr, FOK SICK IlIUnACllI This medicine has 1 eeu thoroughly and siicce-slhlly which has been used in families, every member tested by able physicians, and by their advur is nuw of winch has had tick headache, from infancy, as a prepared and o'Vreil to the piibfic, to siicak for itself, constitutional family complaint, and Ins cured tllcc Hi the cause of a libeled human uy. And may he who tinlly mevi ry instance yet known, amounting lo ma blessed the uistruiiienliilitv of cl'.iv to oiicntlicevesof ' nyhuiidreds. Il is not unpleasant to the taste, and the blind, make it a blessing to the human family, and I docs not prevent theilaily avocations of'ono using it me great onjeet ol II. e proprietor will le accom- 111 must tie persevered in, anil tlie cure is gradual, but piinieu. certain ana permanent, instances lire constantly All inc. heme slio il.l t e given according to I he situ- multiplvingwhcretliis distressing complaint is com ntion of the patient : and. il much re l ied, a smuTcr nh-telv relieved and cured. nlthuii"h of vcars -tandin" nuanlily Ih.ui wbeie there is lon.iderablu strength, hv the use of Dr. SuoIiii'b celebrated reincdv. One The directions on the bottle may I c taken a- a crcncral decided preference is its pleasaritnc-s, having none of iuic . urn ii miicii iura ioiih sliikhii', ciiuku, ii may i e i me uaubcauiig encci oi common u rugs. necessary to lake a much larger doe for some one or Itis snncrficllvsalisfactorv. that thenrnnriptor tins two days, and even oficncr until an expu.'ioration i given directions tor his agrnis m refund the price to tuuuiKcii nun will i s: iist: .inn I I'.. " ntii Ulricas lmy ,,u; wiiu ja nui lnuascil Willi, mill CVOI1 CUTCIl 0)' much tightness ol the chest, it will sometimes incrca-c it. He hones also that this may secure its orcat ben- the cough for a day or two; m which ca-e, the patient efits tu the dislrcs'sod sutlcrcrs w ho nrc lahorinir under ilio'ilil lake Hie syrup moieficcly, even until it sliuulil Ileadaclie. 1.. SI'OII.N, il. U., inventor and I'ro jtroiiucc a slight nausea cl tlie stomach lie mcil not pnetnr. frar any harm froiu sucli sens iliou. I would say to nil who purchase this medicine loru-r, that they can have but little hope of I eing Leiiclitled I y it, uule-s il Is taheii steadily when it is commenced with. Some have taken it eiice a day, then twice, then not any for two or three days. I cannot ay that such woid'd lo likely to receive much I ciielit Irom it ; but if iaki.n regularly, it is eminently calculated to uproot the dis ease, and to restore to sound health. It istheearne-t desire of the proprietor to have everyone that u-es at least one bottle of it stealdv according to theil rec- tions, to communicate the result to the person of whom ue purcnasiM tne lucuicuic. SoldbyC0.1.N'7YiCC if- CO.. 71 Maiden l.ane. New- Vurk. I'KCK it Sl'F. Alt, Wholesale Agents, n few ilocrs east of the Post OHice, Hurling ton, Vt. n'j L'i'oclicrv and filass M'nic. A I'HW sells Wfutc (iramte Wine, also GlasB x V. Dishes and Plate?. Deciliters. 1 nmblcrs.l.atnps, ipc. lor tale very low, py s. M. run.. I'OIIXI) mav ha found in tins village, directly opposite W the Mi lho, isl Cham .an OLD PAl.N'l' M IUf, The iironr.einr is privileged to rufer to thv following nenlv ruled no in "oud stv le. where the undi rsigncd psisuus Willi ii.iist i.,-ii me i, hi .-'iiiiji, itini wiiii w oi I VVlll UC giail lU wail oil Ills UUI cusiuuicin Will 1HJ. ue nappy 10 give iniorm.uioii oi us siir-cnor iicaung tavor inn witn I inr tiatronage, powers, to any wishing ti more al out it. Mr. Crittenden, one oflhe firm id 11. F. Suiiih it Co., whole-aleand retail merchant, I-.'xchangi-Ktice', ltochesler. for blecilmgnt the king.. icy. F.. Tucker, P.iilor of second Daptist Church, iiociie.ier. Captain I.'. Frteinatl, for a bad cough. Mr. Stoddard, of the arm ol ?j.iiiiwoid V Co. book sellers, corner of Unitalo and Sta'e streets, Itu hesler. Mr. J. M. French, Norlh-sticel, Hoehe.ier, lor the whoopiiig-coMgh. Mr. Soulhwortli, Stone-stieet, l!ochstcr, fi r lad ongh. Mr. Itolert M'Kihlcu, Jlonrn-strccl, ltoelie.ti r, in a severe a lid alarming ca e of the whooping-cough K. Harnard, I.'siuiie, oilite m cotirt-iiou.e, m a ca.e ol whoooing. cough in bis family. Captain W. 1). Fi-li, for a cased Phthisic in his lainiiy. (JinlG It. G. SI'AUI.DirifJ. liiirlington, April 23 1S11. 1 r c in I ti ni IJASSAN1) DOUHIii: I5ASS VIOI.S A 11 II A 11 A. M spec I f il 1 1 y 1 1 1 fo r l u 'Syiir 'T ni iiirsonsiim-r- sSllll HI HIV SJCl- eneeof Music, that he continues to manufacture :i Concoid. Aew Hampshire, P. VSS AXI) IKlI'lll.F. PASS VIOI.S of n very superior uuniity, and having obtained the first I'remtumt that lias ever been awarded loan A mcticait manufacturer of biich Instruments tit the great 'nVi of the Amcriian Institute in iaw im Rev. Mr. Clark, Pastor of the I!apti,t Church, Co City, at the great Fair of the Mechanic's Association Hov in Boston, and at tin-Fair of the .Mechanic s Chanta- Rev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of the first Haptist I bio Association ill Portland, Maine -he nuw not only of the Church, Icochestcr, Captain A. llritton, lor Ilacmorrhag lungs. A. G. Smith, caliicr of Mechanics and Farmers' Dank, Roche-lcr. C. W. Sibley, of the firm of Sil ley it S ranloni, dry good merchants and auctioneers, 'llu.ialo-strcet, jio'.-iiesicr. Key. A. Kingsloy, Pastor cf the Uaptist Church al enjnyuj. tenders his thanks to his (ru nils and puiionsfor past favors, but pledges luiii'ill lo Religious ftociclics, aliisical Associations anil inmvmiiais who may wis tn onrelirisi'. no reasonable ctlbrts shall be want in-mi his unit, tiicnablo him lo miet their orders in the mom prompt nntl satistactory manner, mat tie may elill retain tlicirconlidciicc, and inept a continuance-of tlic liberal patronage ho lias for many years Manchester. Hev. Jacob Knnpp, Fvangclist. Mr. T. Ilunn, Carnage Maker, St. Paul-street, Hiram Tucker, allorney at law, Rochester. Mr. Thomas Ashman, 'paver, Rochester, vvho ba1 received astonishing relief. 1'le.ise iiupu'rc of hi: case. Hev. Thomas Carlton, M. F. Ch. Hochcter. A. Sieel, (bleeding at lungs) Lockport. II. Miner, We-t Henrietta, Mimroe Co. Professor Mediums, Hamilton 'I beol. Scin'y. Rev. Levi Tucker, Cleveland,, Ohio. C. W. Cook, " " itCT2" The Proprietor has lcen o.Tercd c.rtiuca'.es s extensive sale nud great popularilvl -'d,aiid upon which theycoiiscqiiently act. . It has within the last eighteen month'sl 'I he Ufh M1'.DRIM'.S recoinnicnil themselves in sands ofthe most obstinate diseases, as diseases of every lorm and description. Their firsi .1 I... i!ni.u ....a .....) I... I inn is In Inn.eil from ibe eonls of till! stolnnfli lriM' SASIl- V T Just received Vt, 21) and K-7 by Ocaseiucnts ol sash. a first rate article al 31 and aj cents per light j al-o all kinds midsize-, tnrui-hcd to orJer. Tieondeioga blade lead, a lirt rale ariicle, for sale very low, togeiner vviiu a ureal variciv oi oincr am cl i'e cheap as can be louud at any other establish merit in the place. ulo. I'lncusoN. TTT HATCH won d inform the in- V habitants of liurlinglon and vi cinity, that lie has opened a shop in Chuiili street, at the sign of llio Rifle, where heiiitends lo carry on the Gun smith Business, in all its various branch es. Having been employed for the last six ears in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Caiisiiighuruh, (undoubtedly the best simp in the Uiuteil states,) lie teds war ranted in offering his work to the public. Burlington, June 1, 1811. operation is to 'oo-eu Irom tlie coats of the stomach and bovvel, the yarioiislinpurities and crudities coif -tantly seitling aroiuiil llicin;uml In remove the har dened faces which collect in the convolutions of the smallest inte-linc. Oilier medicines only partially clean. ethesp, and leave such collected masses behind as to produie habitual costiyeness, with all its tram of evil-, or sudden diarrluej, Willi its imminent dagers.n 1 his fact is well known to nil regular anatomist.. who examine the human bovvelsaflerdi'ath i and hence the prejudice oflhiisi! well informed men against quae, medicine or medicines prepared and heralded to Ibeiin) li -bv igm rani persons. The second cllect of 1lie I. lie Medicines is to i lcamc the kidneys and the bladder, nnd by tins means, tlie liver ami the lungs, the healthfiilaciion ofiv Inch entirely depends upon the re gularity of the urinary organ".. The Mood, wliich Hikes Hi rcdcolor from the agency ol the liver nnd the lungs bclore it into the hcait, I eiiig tlius purifii'il by them, and nourished by food coming from a clean stomach, freely ihiougli the vein., renews every part ofthe system, and triumphantly mounts the banner oi neaiiii in ine uiooimug cuceic. MoMat's egctablo hue Medicines have lcen thor oughly le-tcil, und pronounced a sovereign remedy for Ih'siien.ia. Flatulency. Paliut'ilion of the Heart. I.o.s ol'Appctite, Heart-burn nnd Head-ache, Resilc-siics, Ill-lempcr, Anxiety, Languor and .Melancholy, Cos. tivcness Diarrhoea, Cluilcra, Fevers of nil kind-, Rheumatism. (o'i, Droiisics of nil kind., (navel. Worm.. Asthma and Coiisuinntioii, Scurvy' Vlccrs' Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic Kiuplious and Bad Com plexions, Fruptiye complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and oilicrdi-agrccablo Complexions, Salt Rheum, lavip- ela, Common Colds and Inlbicna.amcjV annus other complaints which allhcl tlielminan liaine. In i:eii nnd Ac.ui:, particulaily, the Lifu Medicines liave lcen most cnniieutiy sncccssini ; so iiiiicu u uiai m me Fever and Aguedistricts, Physicians almost universally pre-cril e them. All lint Mr. requires of his patients is lo le particular in taking the I. lie. Mcdicme strictly accor ding lo the directions. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything Ibet he hini-clf may say in their favor, tlulhelfoicslo gam credit, Ilisulonebyihe results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MFDICAIj MANUAL) designed as a dome-tie giinlelohealili. This Utile pamphlet, edited by W.ll. Modal, 27.1 llroadway, New Vork, has lcen pill lished for the purpose ofexplaiumg niorefully Mr. Mo lat's theory Of diseases, and will le louud highly iiiterestiii'-ionersoussceking health. It treats upon, nnd the cau-cs thereof. Price, 2j cent. for .ale by Mr Modal'-Agent, generally. These valuible Me hemes are for sale by CFOREF. 1. WARNKR ct Co. Joliuton, v I., lieiirral Agent DR. TA-STXOEl'S n A.lV M O V LIVE IHVORT, ObsciW'nn vru buy that you g. the genutrio, preparod at 37i llovrcry, New York. See that 37S HowrryNcvv Vork is on Ihe wrapper gf uach Dottle. All others are Frauds and sold only by spvculators, without rugard to justice, lolho public, or the propria tors ol tlisi geniiuiu arlulo. Oct. IX 1SU. Ilcalso kfopsiin extensive assortment of MUSICAL INS "111 M .,N "S. of llio best quality, wlmhlic otlirs lur tale on the most reasonable terms, among wlueli are All I.UIJUJ.S A.l .st-.ItArill.M., which are much admired for sweetness of tone, and well a laptcd to parlor or church music. Alusic Schools, .Military Hunts, or inilivuiuais, can be supplied vviih Rrnsa and othir instruments of any description, as cheap or cheaper than they can pur chase in tie cue ni lloston. Also, violin, nass anil uouuie nass 101 mnugs, Hows. lirulL'i'S. Patent Heads. i unniL' l orKs iv I'lpea, Instruction Books, Clarionell Reeds and mouth Pie- TVTYS'rilUIOUS! A gentleman belonging to li-L oueof the most ancient and wealthy families ol this city,who must be well known to tiuuicrousfncnds having since the year 1S1B, up in recently, been hi lit nearly double, nnd fur several years confined lo his bed, has been restored to goi il health has regained his natural erect position and has quitted bis car riage, and now walks with ease!! We believe this i thegciiilcinaii'.s ovv n description as near as pos-iblc, and there is no exaggeration in it. We will giveinniu- rcrs his address, and dotibl not humane Icchngs will excuse the liberty ; so that any one doubling, may hnoic these lacN though lie requests ins name may nut appear in print. Among other instances, .Mr. Jos. (3. Reynolds. 141 Chrislie-.-treet. has hrru restored, and will give tieisonal assurances of tho facts of his case. lioth were rheumatism, and contracted cords ami sinews. 1 low lias llus I ecu iloue I Anurcr. Ilu the Indian Vegetable I'lixer in tcrnullii, nnd Ilrtm' Xcnc and lluiie lAniminl vxternrtlhi. Jan. 'JO. I!. SoldonlvbuCUMllTOCK if- CO., 71 Maiilen i,unr, ,fic ion;. ivj PKCIC ct NPFA !. Whoks'i e Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Burlington, Vt. rou sam:. Ill AT large and commodious two sto ry lll'K'U Due II'- House .s: I . it situatetl on the west siilu f College gneu at tie ncau oi sOiicge-sneci, in u... ... The Hol'sc is32 bv 1"). with a basement story, vvitli Ki'chen mi I Provision cellars, and a wing 32 by 03. e Mending niutli on Colle.-etircen, with wood and store house be ovv. and cliaml er and slcepin" rounis nbove. A Barn, c nrrlilge hoistJ ice hou-e, and other out-hoii-c-, and a spacious yard west ol Iheducllinghou-i', ami a good iliuni le we 1 or water of the 1 esl quality in Ihe village, and a briel c. stern. One and nnuaitcr acres id land, i f the hr.-l qualit, ! a large garden and choice fruit trees we'sl d l ie hou-e and vard. The Buddings arecon-tnicied in modern sV!c, ol the I est materials and workmanship, weiecreeiel I ibe -iib-crd cr fur bis own ii'C and the location at lord, a very extcu-ivi' aul plea-ant prospect i f the ill.ige and lake on the vYe.t ami f not surpassed o iinv oilier in this n.irl oflhe counlrv. Also loi sate a ol eon'.aintngmiacre oi lanu oirccj opposite the above lot with a small cunveiiieiil wood levelling house thereon. Purs'lia-ers arc invited tocall and exininelor them lye I erms inatleknown by the sill serif er on ll premises, 6'A.Ml 1.1, UMill. liurlinglon June, Hi, ibiu. n- rin!'. Ilurlinzinn Brevverv isnow X in full operation, and Bier of llio very liest quality ta kept con stanlly'on h ind for sale in wliolo lor halt barrels, u. ri-, tx.KSUN. NATUItl'.'S (IRANI) RFftTOUA'l IVK. This valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for thefollovvmg complaints, viz : Dy.pepsia, or Indi i.iver. biiioiisiu.sordcr., uroiisv. Astn . ('osiiveness. Worms and loss ol' Appetite, and bv Jcansing the stomach and bovvcN, cuics puuis m the ide. stomach and I reft, cold, and coughs of long standing. Ho'iricue-s. shor'noss of brc.tlh. Nervous conipla nits, etc., vvhicli arclicqneiitly tlie clts-t ol'dis- se. I or rcverailil .Igue, 11 s;i niosi v.uu.ll le 'ire- illative as well as a sovcieign leinedv. Its firtue uroass any thing heretofore known in removing St. nils' iMnii'. two tiouirs nave i ecu i.nown to cure thisallbi'tiugdisease, alter having l.atllcd every cxer tiou lorlour vc-ars. Il has a most powerful intbience reuioving nervous complaints. II is pleasant to tat. and -o cfy in its operation, that it may I c administered to the infant Willi .alciy. The above Medicine is very gliiy rtvoinnieniicii by many seiciitine gentlemen and a large nuiiil er ol ladic, who have proud ll virtt e. of the .Medicine by pcr-emnl use a nd that ol their .inline s. A I ill OKerimeaics accompanies each bottle, ilhihiec'lion.. It may le had wholesale ol .Britain, iiarre, and J. C., Fast Williauis- lown, Vt.sole iropneiors. Prcpiuisl fiom the origin al recipe; lor sale by 1.. 11. I'rcnits-, .viontpeiier, and Plck if'St'LAn, Burlington, and in the principal towns in the state-till liro.'tions signed in tlie hand writing oi tlieproprietor llW T Vy many of tlie above SL-nllrmni ; but he nrHrrs that ce Urclbs, Parapol, W nlUniu Cimcs, & c. i. t.: i u . ' .i I flnlnrs will Im irntf1iil1 v rrri'ivrtL am! Instr. or wishing mt'orination, would call on them per- Kunauy, PECK ic. SlMiAR, Agents for this section. 'I . AT S. 8. SCOTT'S. 1 I H 1 ' u" Hl'uul Thread, .X wv- I u, tl ess heel lag, 200 pieces Calico, 25 " French and Hughs), Merinos, 25 " Mousliue de Lame, 1U0 Sliawls, various kinds, A great variety ol'silks for dresses, bonnets, Ar, M, G, RATHDUN, DIIAIMI.C AM TAII.Olt, I'KARL STRKiri', HAS just rcturnisl from New Yoik, with lull re ports of thu Fall Fashions, and is prepared toox- ccuto orders fur winter garments in the most approved Klyle. He has also on hand a select assortment cf choice trimming-, adapted lo the season; such ua lira Itl. Ilutlons, IJiiiillngs, l''ancy Vest Illiiillngs Cord, and Ilutlons, .te. &c. "'. II. He is also agent lor Seen ct Wilson's He. port ol Fa-hioif, which will 1 c lo furiiislied to uuy una wishing them, und Ihe requisite information freely given. liurlinglon, .Nov. 1. 1311. JHtAl'lt AND TAII.Olt, Wf OL'LD once more remind his customers that he 1 T continues tocarry on tlie above business in all Its various branches at hf Old Stand on St. Paul Orders will be rrrnteluUv received, and Instruments sent by Stago at the risk of the manufacturer, and if not satistactory, may tie exchanged. Musical insirmnentsaud lJmbrcllas.rctiaired asusu al. Please call at his new Music Store, a few doors south of the I'aglc Coffee House. nal Concord. N'rw Hanmshirp. March 2. IS 11. PANGB0UN BR1NSMAID, Agents, Burlmjb ton. Vt. OROCER1KS. itc TSAAC WARNKR keens constantly for sale at his x otore, opposite r. v.. liowaru s More. i;oL'iiac munuy, tionanii inn, ni.croix iium, Boston Hum, low priced Brandy, Baltimore Oin, Antigua Rum, Cncrrydo. Wines, of most kinds and prices, Muhi&scs, Loaf. I. umn and Brown sugars. Ilysonnnd Voung Hyson, II) sun fckui and Black leas; nox liaisius, ivcg no. Codfish, Saluioii, Mackerel, Sounds ami Tongues, nice, liar rsoap, l ancyoo. vuspicis Pepper, Ginger, Nutmegs ; (Govt's, Ciunanion, Snlcrnins, Poland Stanh, Mustard, Indigo, Pttipcr Sauce, Coffee, Chocolate, Table Sail ;Candlcsj Spanish Segars, half Spanish do. Decanters, Tumblers, Lamps, Jars. if-c. Alsorm Jlarrrls Salt. Tho I.iouorH arc warrcnted loho llic best that can be bought in NewVork. Tavern-kieiicrsandothciB v ill find it for their benefit lo call and examine them beloro tlieybuv ilsewhrre. liiirnnBtou, piov. 5. 1811 strict, near ihe Fpi-copal Church, and in sight of i CtilholieClmrch. Thankful fur past favors, cldci rtomers ore solicited to continue iheir patronage, and many new ones aio much de..iied. The newest Fash ions promptly received. Conine done on short notice chean fur cash. I havuon hand some old accounts which I should like to exchange for tai. Nov. 12, 1811. School HoiiUk. Pancr. .Cr. K siib-criber has n Inline, slock of School Books an I Paper. Jlcrehanis. School cominit'ccs ,v c I nr Ii Islieil oil mo lliosi liliernl t,.rntu nffj nm oi uie niost kinds of country produce reecivedin tiavment rii h X Bou WILLIAM WRKJII T'S ixdiax I'uitcj.vTivi:, I'nlirdu Vegetable. ATANI'FACn.'RKD under ihe nnmejiaic snperi: ltj-teiidence of Willi.iuiVt right, vice-pre-idenl of ibe .Sor'i.lincnVun Cullc'jr of Ihallh, for the treatment and cure ot disea-es tn the torm ot iiiuioiis and Ner voiis 1 ever-. Mea-le.. Small Pox, Pain, in loinack, back and side', Cou-umplion, Dropsy, Sen uln. Cancer, Snittnig of Blood, .Vick-Ilead-ael niieuiuall-m, Diarrluea, Dy-ciitary, Cubes Dyspej sin, Polpttatun ol ine iieart, i nvr anu sores every kind, if-e. s.o i' or sale by Pi:c'lv it SPIIAR, Burlington. W, II. HOLLY, Willi-ion. W. J. IMTXiLA.V, lliuesburgl.. J. II. HAI.Hc.KT, Weslfurd. 21 Oft 1811. u linni all orders from any part of ihe Slate or iiiad.i, will I e proiupll) answered. . 3 it Dec. 17, 1811. rtJSSi:i,l,S STOMACH IiriTKIlS. may J M- llsWI in W meor Wll er. 1 lestiee ebratci . tier. are composed purely of vegu'ables oftht" most inno cent yet specific Tirlucs. They are recomtticiided par ticularly fur rtoritig weak cou-litutions, cleansing ami sireiiuuiviiitii; uie sioiiiacn, anil iiicrunsinir lue appetite also a preventative against thueholeia mor- inis, tdver ami ague, rumoviua nausea, roinituig, SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL, FOR Coiisumptlon, and I.iver ccmplaint, Dvspcp sis, dizziness ofthe head, loss ofapputite, Dyseu tary, nnd general regulaferol Ibu whole syni. None genuine but that prepared at 375 Bowery, New York, wbeie the urticlu was lir-l insde, the char acter of the medicine formed and establiske I by the present sole proprietors, and who are the only persons knowing ihe composition ofthe genuine. IiIihsIci-ii Used successfully for eight vears m the cure nf ilion. diseases. SO-Ri'incnil cr llio original and is made only ut No. 373 Bowery, New ork. All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general remedy for these diseases, I am fully .satisfied, from long experience, there is no medicine equal to Dr. Taylor's Bdsaiu of Liverwort. Being imre'v vegetable, ll can be usel with t'ui utmost salcty liy all pe.sons la every condition, ll eli'au-es the lungs by expectoration, relieves dillicult Lre.ithing, anil seems to heal theche-t. 'I here can I e noque-tion but this uji'Jic-ine is a certain cure for i hrouic coughs and colil-v I have i seJ'it lo ir vcars in my practice. and always with cm its-. A. F.'S, M. D. t J iciaui" tn lac J itroal. 1 know Dr. Taylor's Ba'sum if Liver wo it to be n certain remedy lor tliiseomplaint, as 1 have Utvi il iiiy-elt nud louud its eilects an iinmcitialc. I was much troubled until I made u-u ofllns medicine. ' M, L. 1IKNS1IAW. 21 1 Mangin st. Hoarseness Ciued For theX-iire of huar-ene.s 1 can strongly reccomuicnd Dr. Taylor's llaba'm of Lit erwort. I have not onlyfotiud great I enelit my-ilf, lull many ot my congiegaiion bv my in;conmiciiiia tiou have ic'cieved I enefil from its virlt.e. It is u I once mild , etlicaeious uud harmless, . Kl'.V . A.. L.I.VV 13. Severe Coughs and Cold- I have had a most - vcre cold and cough, for a long tune vs bieh I 'cotild not gel rid of. After ii-mg manv tt-elcs llu'ngs 1 tri ed Taylor's Bahatu of Liverwort, and it cured die in a lew days. JAS. B. KF.llliLNOL'K'. Raising of Blond About two weeks, ago r had a fall, which caused me to spit large? qualities of blood w hich nothing could cure until I Iriisl Dr. Taylor's Bal-aui ol Liverwort. 1 his medicine gave ine iinme hate relief and in a very shorl time e.Iec'tcJ an entile cuie. l.cnall iiersonstry it. , HUGH 31 C GAIt I.V.21 Cannon st. Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort This sunrior remedy fordi-eases oflhe lungs and liver has obtain ed a icniila'iou never bcfoioequalled. Jiemar.ablc Cure tij Consumption. wiisso near her e'ealh with this dise.i-e. that my friends sent for ii pr.e-t toconfess mc eie I died, lie in his mercy, told me not lo givetip until 1 tritsl Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Livciwoit. 1 sent numesli tic'y

fur llii... inedii'ine, and although the t oiliest for a few days l.etvvecji this muJiciHC, and my derase was .e- vere , Ihe medumie conquered, and in a lorluiglit I was restored lolicijlk. I had a eotisli, raising of mat ter, loss of my voice', pain, weaknes,, cte. I can ic ier to Doctor v dsiai, m the ( arlton Hou-e, lor ibe truth of my .slalemeut. MARY DILL, 10 h street cor. iiewaro ot ira'iif. ot3J aveni e. Summer Complaint. The UaNnm ol Litcrworl. in several ca-ci of this disea-e. where all oilier remedies nimlicit bv tdiysi- cians have proved inellcclual, has produced a pcifecl cure" Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. R. Gladilui ol Delhi, NT. Y., of a natuialiv con niuuilive coiislitutioii, ha- Bcn savel fiuui an un timely end by the use of Dr. Tujlor's Balsam of Liv erwort. A severe cold brought on air-attack of Pleu- re.y, and thus cndo.1 in general debility and consump tion. A constant cough, hectic tlush, resile- nights, nlick tullsc, and coul.liued loss of Jlr&h, angered a sncedy death : but as soon as 1 commented the u,eof this balsam I grew letter, and is now ftilly ru.storeJ to iieaiiu. Shortness of lircath. For this ileea.e, 1 have always tound Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort an ex. client reine ly. Ii'is t once so safe and so 'ejtive, that 1 always ii.e it m my piuc-tico, and reci'oiinncud it to my friends. I have used it in some bundre l ot case, vv ilhin ihe pa lour jear-, and 1 have never hat it tail. In many cases oi asimiia, i limy iclievenio have teen tlie incatis ot saving prcciuus lives, (.t'l all u-e it. Gl.OltOK RALPH. M. D. None genuine but that prepared at 375. Mower) New York as will le six'u bv the 'a' els n-ul wraii pers of each bottle. Be sere vott look w ken you buy. The genuine can always 1 eol lamed ot'tl.e O'd Ascitis, Mer-.'.N', Lovely iVCu., now Lovely sx r3cviuuur it. -tioouy aim I'ts k ec near. v iiciiiist- and uruggi-t-, iiiiiitiigton n. licrnc-, i;nanoti v illiani Itnoa's, ,ir. Kiilimonr Oco. Avers sV t o. Ml tun A. .v. W.Hrowii. llrand 1-e . II. Keeer South Hero Horace Wadsvvorih. North Hen '.it .1 Davis, AU urgli F. o. L.Olcus, West Alb .rli I). A. v . Larpcnicr, v aiert.iiry. NKW Ui:ADh0 IIOOU FOR SCHOOLS. Till: MOXTOMA I. Iir.A mill, nr a Monitor to VuiUlu holding up to their I Uw ModelM vhertby toform their oxen Characters. Utj Daniel AiUims, Author vf Atlumt' -Vetc Arithmetic. I'.xtraets from the Preface. OTIII: MONITORIAL noises distine- ncnti inirini Mv.i.11.'. in mc oic-.i-i, jiaiu oi i ue . nVo traits' i no object is to supply W lllll IS DCllUV'lU siuiiiacn nun oincr - vnipioius oi nam icuce ami inuixvs lion. One box will tincture cue gallon. Price 2 jets. a box. Russell's Itch Oimtmlnt. This choice and safe ointment is said lobe superior to any now in me, for that disagreeable and loathsome disease, the ITCH. This Ointment is so cearlaiu In its operation that no pcr-oii iioumeii wuu tne above in-order ought lo be without it. It is reine ly for cuuneuus eruptions, scorbutic tillections of the, head, orany other breaking out which ari-es frour sharp humors in thu Hood. Price 23 cts. n lux. la's-Kt.L's i.t.i;T.vct.r. Bn.i.iots Pit ls, or family to bo the ureal desideratum moiir schools 1 scries. of exercises tt latin J to what concerns the practical niatteisof life, truth, integrity, honisty, industry, temperance, furethoiighl,, patient enduranca of adversity, and whaleter ilso tends lo lorm anil fix the character of voulli. We wish to impn i it on the minds of those, into whose hands these cxurcies shall come, now, in this seed uuiof l!fc, what is here so abundantly incul cated, lhat'F.verytii'iti is emphatically tlie architect of his own fortune' that vvitli ihemsilvis it luj whether they hallcvirbe any thing or nothing, . I . n S n imitii-t . .1 , i o. nil In l.isrriii ,i illi lines tint U eioli n physio, lur ijuiicrrvl iM'.iniact of .Iiitindic-tf, morLui m the h-iliinu-fur or ULfiJist ihcin.-tlini.cotmn -euihility of tli tornnuh aul howt-N, lo of jp.eliu-, ' jn',0 ifo ltntut ftrtnih. capacity Ibr laborirooit fiiitkl brualh, co-.iivcni' I'iIu. am! all !icast'H ari in from l-iliary ilcr.uitfL'iiicnt, uKu fur I'onwtui? iht tat of the Mood, ami 'lLMnin the j.yit'in ol foal and viid hi.iiii.ur. Thc-epilN nru a mild ca iharliV, prodiiriu MfiiluT pnm- r.r b'r,I",,:?i an artJ therefore a Vahiahlt; ajid highly approve 1 medicine, a ml ore prjoniH-ud-,a'(fe'ii l-y theiuot ditingni"hetl plivician'F Kach Lo 001113111111 35 1MK. l'neo 37ict.atox Kus'i'll's foli-hrati'i Salt Kiicum Uintmdvt. This in untpievtional Iv tin Iceland afe-t n'-iiifdv rtrvct oflenil to thu p iVilnrfor lli4t ultimate dion!er 1?.LT lUII-L'.M. Where other mean have taile I, it ha iie feeJetl, and the fii'l that tl ha 1 ten xtenive!y ued y eniiiivnt 1'ractuicnuM peal. v i .lunio in it- prai.-e. It is Tially e.lUai- iua 111 all ihti v f the Mn, .(aid liLadt rini?worui,and the must inelerale Iteh, c. NMincrou eerUlieate- nnglit lu ohtamt-d, I ut the propritor ehoo-es that a fairtnal -hould 1 nhe only cvidtiiec of it superior eilie-tcy. I'rnv SUveiit1' u l-iix. I or Mile iv recli ij rtponranu Koi crl .iijchiv, llnilintrlon; Dr. (,'. K. Mtlet, and Hull U Coo!M IIiue Imryli; Sr. If. I!arne-, ('harlulte; L. Jane-, i-voria; (. I ylcrt liex ! Hilter i-V Hunt mifi.fii, Kichmoiiu Alo, hy the druiftit hrou-'hotil the stale. nnd ineruhauta getieralrj oi.Uir. DISl,ASi:S OF Tlin laJ.XCJS: I)Bcidedl the met p-ipnhir icnifiU rvci known in America Vegetable Vutmonnru JJalsatn m iIih tmiiii ahi.hle ietni-d nu in ief I ii coi1 'Ii.cmM. .i-ihni.i or hlnln-tc. coii'innpiion. i hooping cotih nud pidinuu-ii yAft, cmum uteeM himl. Im n.t'e i .h-.kJiIv iiiciccih, rtml piopiiriuit .u e roiHt.iniU .frt iMnJ ihe iii'trl f.iMhlf accoitiit i.Ntri 1 iTeci-.. 'Ihe ImIIuvmii new utilitTcdlff aie ofTr-icd fur puhl c PXHiniiMlmn. An iNrhiihSMNG jst t.xuaciol 1 Ipiterlrom Mr ti ri Cl.ij, Knt.iuii, h n., iN. Y. to ihe prtjpneifKi1. i unr ul Hit yh 1111. watt 11 T ipmi A icni irkable cure cUt'cml l the i'i-t.ilie I 111. inuiMrj HaNain ut ihe u inlet .md in nf I8J3. 'Ihe .ciui, Mr. MuO(Kt had hecn CM k .1 lon Hum uiih iIih cuiKUiiipinm, IIh iIi)i-i('iaiH n.itl ivcii linn up He va 1 ciineed su low ,s lo he unable lo help hiin-elf, ind Wrffj laii-nij; a la it f ipi-inliiv of hlum! when he oininpnci'd iipinff iln; ISaUam, whuh h.f I'fTtcieil a coinjih-le cme, and he m n-m a Inleand heart j a? rvcr he him. .Mr. Mnotl ha irmui'-il fiuni ihitiouti. I he h (4 prent'eed ine h muie del a 1 If d .trcomil of Ine ttr, winch I willluiwartHnn. l. a ivli.ii. K ni; itiuoa iN. V. June Jj. ISIS. Uxir.trl of a lellei fiom Dr. Jaco!) Mjerti. The fi!ttrth!e I'lihnnnai y Ilal-ain haj lirf n sold In thii couiin for ivvo veaiK, and ihe medicine has j. lined an iniroinnVii. celchrit), for it riicel) in mie inslaiK f f.nlpil nl h.uinj the deidie.i tfiVci I am h nu me-i'is in faur nfihrt in.niv nnt t uin- in.ftot which ie 1111 po'ititiiM npou a ciihitoiLH iiihlirt lull thii w It ir It I know hy ine in hff eflftTHt il, I r-tnuoi bclp hul nU in arpiuh itmn iliieto. A rmiHtei Ihii pi pjiarwi ion 11 1 heennflfrpd line hv Hliaxellm Aimii, f Cuniitm h, N. V. aii'ltheiei anntuci anicle xt'iided liaie thai i trongl) eiifpeded lu hept'i nun. J A CO Ii Mlf PJi ll . I. .Miftlinjion, Jiini rn 'rn it . Max '4, 1S."7 rutin Dr. Samuel Mini r II. to ihe Tioin ieint nf ihe cje lable l'iihiniiar lUUani I .1111 .! icfletl ihal the e etrthle I'nhautM-tv Itatiiin i-.i.thithV indccine ll ha hecit n-t-d in lliu phiee with cmnplt'ie iircei" in an nh-ltn tie roniplainl ol llif luna, alien led w nh h -pveie cuiuli. hui4 of 01te. nnd ihe .ill2 of much hluud, which had u-i-iieil man) appioveil pieiti ipiium. Alu't iidiiil' ihe Il.tUtin one wi-fk, ihe 11 ilit ini Miicp le'HMH'd .4 ml he uaitahl to inek audi hly. I'Iim n-e unmitd otiie tnnn finrc, and ihe maiiMiiuft enj tetl nil omy 111 acme oui i.tunuou.' hll?llKVJ. Ke-ieClllilH( SiC. MORRELI.. ll iri nn ie tli. hi ii)v f.T fllice I wtc laoiichi vr hA hv an .ttffcnon nt "h" liny, and nn runipl.iiiil ' . . . . - 1 1 1 . r . 1 ........ t . . i tit 1 ur di e.i oe meuiaoie i a ruuncii in Mure inn- -ii'Litis. I wa then ie-tor(d m ao I lnntih a- I had envied for inanj, hv uinn iht Wafirihle I'nl. inotMiv IMlram. Since mv I n-ive lecom inPinlcd the Hd 1 in agieii m.m ea-- of 'nua rnuiphtiin-, and far an I ran ham. il iup h.n im vuii. d'-i Iteett fulhiwnl hv mm h ht nefii, and in imm i.,-i juci - .1 h.. f(Tct.uu cuiee u h cie whh uupx prncd. SAMUtL HvKRtTr, Uui'on, Marrh 3. 1837. Tor umIp, wIujIh-Ic and remil, W) !ECK & SPKMtjIInt'i.ion, Vt. nnnLXNCTor; chair tactory L. .NLLsU.N, continues ine Imsntci-'i of inanutacturini' Chairs at the old stand, of the fol low ng dct-criptions : Curl alaplo Urceiau, CniieSeat, Common Can nnd Thii: Scat, Large anil .Sirall ltaisul at Hockini do do Com mon do, t oinmon Diiutif;, Vc. i.c. All of whitti niu warranted a tirs.1 rate nrifle and wM he sold at pricw to roriv - nintl with the tirne. riUTHKUS, AM) I-'IMTIUUI IIKDS, UIUDV al VDI' Conitnnllv on lnnd. a -tmnlv of wartantcd Live Grrese IValher, whirli will lie sold low for cash. WAVrKI), hy the anhscTihcr, Curl nml Ihnls l..,L ..r.l l.,a .., Plmrrlt lrt ivnnfiulP thtjolj Iitrnk. C. L. SVAOS I' S T retviv'fl. a Mipplv ol Mar-h'. eelel ritol iusc.s. of every I'escripiion, for sa'e by tlie tloreu or situie, .iiv. i. i i.-nipoi 1..111. iUU" Iriisses nee urili'ly npplie.ll refill eli.irge. 1 TS in eoiistant oneratinii 1 X. a ul prepmtl tn exiwute lonlers leir WI.MHJW.S.VSU Ij of every ele-e iijiuon, anJ in Il the be t minner. H A roust nil Minply kept on 11 han.l anJ fur sale at thestom y ol tieore 1 ett'runt in Itur- N EV K ST A IJ L I S 1 1 M K NT . ESr.'J-?r. nEJ! S5 M'..;, (KUCCKiiSOnS TO K. 11IUGCJS,) Wholesale and Retail Confretiuners, WOtl.I) ll.uli.i- I lui'tou, at the lolluwing l'l ens: Light easeinciitf, 31 eents per Lisht, On. .lo. elo. elo. elo. elo. lu. elo. 31 31 3J 5 June 18, elo tin eld do elo ilu elo ilo HD.N'LY elo do elo elo SMITH. Il2 Nov, -'Ii. C, (iOOI)HRII. T70I.I.HTT mtADI.I.V have met retPivl L and ofl'er for sale nt ihe lowest prices fur eath or approved eredtt, a large and w ill sf-lccteii assortment ol i.incerieR, consisting in part nl llio lulloviiiie l 5 Uhils .St CrotK sugar, I fi lllnl St Croix Hiiti 111 do Porto Hico 10 tlo New Orleans BO Hags Uio Colli c, no PROTECTIVE SYSTEM. iLL) I tl of sunerior liui.b and elurnbbt eolori. inst I 'in ,1., in.,. J inauiifaeturi-l by the lliirlmgiun .Mill Co. for hale 50 lloxcs soap, f' 'I' '"west prievj, al the New Store, Winoosl.1 25 do wipertor do ru I. bv or. .i i.. i- tx-ptunl er, 17, 1 11. IDNKV UAItl.OW, 1 5) Knes'all I'drr. Hum. 5 Pines Holland Gin. 2"i nr casks Malaga Wine, 50 lloxcs l'ipcs, 20 Hags Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 2 Keg. pure (linger, 25 elo llmsins I l', , VA?,?.',.,' ,','.s -V01!' ""'. L'Jturrh and iii-ju.eiiio , r r, I Ills r-inill k snjie'rieir to llliv' linn:; yet Unovvu, for ri'iuovinii that trouble'som,. ,1,.. i.e-t-, inus-awiiiii, mill also a C'lilcl in llio I.IMJ, HnJ . head.ii'he. ll uiiriis and inirge'. out all ob.inii iiiiii.. flie'iiglhe'nshe:l.ind,,andeives:i he.illhy ae imi, uhl parl alle'i iesl. ll is i,. rlVetlv Iree from nny thini ih le- lerious m its coinpositKin u .la-n nt Ibivor, nnd V' "-..I. . ni', .in. i iiiii hum, iiiigiieatjle rriee.n ee'iits nrr Imtl e. Deie't, n eeetable Indian lllack Pl.sri i'it T hi. Plaster is iinrivulleil fur i iirms se rofnlous .vve'l llilKs, S urvy Mile's, l.uiie llarlc, ami Womul. t paiiisinlhe sjdes, Hips uud I. mil .j aniUeldoni fail to give relief in len-al If npi'heil u, will enre inanv of ibee-otmnnn l.ier I'nm..q . and is equal, if uut mpe'rior, to any tiling in u.i, ff Q1QO nfc-WjaRl. C1 (( Itr.WAlll) Ins bi'rn ollereil for montlia 0 1 jyj lo any one vvho will us-e almttlcol lltiu's l.iiiuiinit Inr Ihe I'llef, uiihniit biiiiL' enrol. Of thousands imld, in no one tnstiinee has it tailed of .1 cure. Proof iive rvv litlumig to bo nail vviiere uis&uui. ms iiiae.ii.iiuviiiv .i tlv.xternaiiy,) in tne ioiiowiiiHcuiiipi.iiiua. ui ms. Piles, for all ilropsj, luiucr letl, sore tliroat, i.v can. cers or ulcers, eroup, whoopinn eougli, scald head Ti'ditneswor Ihe flu nt, especially ill iliildrcn, foul lib ceraof the legs, or oilie r limgiis "ores, however olisti ..nin.,.. 1...... sinniliiii,. fn-sti woumlti. chilblains. etc. LOOK OUT. .S'ume sirintltcre hare counterfeited this articlf,und put it up with niriotisj.'erirM. Do not bo nnijuse.ll upon. 'ii" inuiguiuy n inuini )-,. Ii is the name of COMSTUCK ! CO; that name must be. nivalis on the wrapper, or you limy be cheat ..i ii , ..nt iT.ri.Pi it. Take the direction Willi you i, nd test hv that? ur never buy it : for it i impossible for anv oilier to im irue or geuuiue'. Sold by CO.USTOCi; ., CO., 71 Maiden Lane, -w York. P H C K & ri P H A H, ho If ale Incuts, a lew doors cast ot ine rosi uiucr, uuuin ton, vjb . - NFW aWH CHEAP I Wr. ore nov opening a large uIiJ fa5,"ol?."yv? Slock of Cioods adapted lo llio tcitOn, ttiucn will be sold lower 1 ban usual for cash. Anions our f;.,.,.lc nine' tut fiil.llil ibe fiitlllVV lll!l ! Alpacca Lustre', Alpine, e ol el mm iiach, Pluck and blue black bouibaziiii .s, 1'icuch, llnijlish amlOetiiian Merinos, .Maiiieelme ilu Lame and Kavony, , Woisted Plaid and sirge, Oilcans clolhe, rrench, Hnglith and American calicoes, Coal's hair and crape camlet, I'lanncla, red, white and domestic Tiekinir, twill cotton and cotton Flannel, Wadding, batting, and cotton yam, Cotton slierlin? cheaper than ever, llla- k and blue black silks, China and llonntt do Cm nnd llonue't liihhuns, I'nuge and Tassels, Dress Hdkfs and Chtna cravats, , filoves and niillsof every description, Table Chillis, do. linen, elo. covers, Diamond llcavcr Cloths, sup. do. llroil cloths, blk bluo, green olive flee SalinctlH, sup. nnd cnuimou, Vestings, sitin do. silk velvet, sup. and com. I llllieii, lulu oiiie is i, , ., C.cut's cnibroide red sharfa, silk and Pongre lulKs., Lamb's wool half boe, silk elo. while and brown cotton dei. mix'el and blk elo. blk worsted tlo. vvliiic unil blk silk do. Childten's cloves and do. , Mulls nnd Unas, Asttican Lambskin, Lapa, c, Uussia Diaper nnii Crash. nnnr.F.RIES. u,n ril.l llvsf.ii. lmiicrial and lllack Tea, fresh and cheap. Raisins, Collie, hurar, jio rcspc.' iiilurin the inhabitant rlein ami tlie sunoiuidiiis counlrv. l they cany on the Caifictionnry Uminets, on all it various i r.eticne.. ne'ieTiuiueii in u-u inu vcryir-i materials in m.iiiur.ii'tiirm'.', lliey will at all tunes lurnifh Merchants an. I otliers ile.iliui, nt Leuilection arie-, with the I est tpialuy, nud em the lowest po-i- Meicrnis. Mio-i on'I. o.rcrt, two iluur o.uli f ,S. 1-. Ilow.iri. s store-, newly and ne'.itly filtes.1 up. where we eorJially invite all to call an I I'Mimuieo'ir article-, eons i-tuu' ol all l.m U of Slick Candit, H.tlU 1 Kise-, llc.irls nud 1'i.iiiiiinJ., Ilra d., Pepper- mint, Lemon I'ro,i., v .inula ure.iui, Loze'ime., SiiL-ar Plumbs, C'arr.iwny.-, I'omlit-, l'.iia l!ud.-, Hock and llrown!y, Sigarhaud, .Muiie.cs nnd Secrets, .Sutra r Apples, Potatoes, Hgg., and llaskets, -vith v.iriou either artu'les loo n'lincri'Us to 1 e metittoned. "eniral aorlineiil of neh aul niu v t ur. on hau l, and bake I to order, together with Ieo Cieanu tofurnieh partie-, .Ve. ise'. . i;u Coit.ii C.vNtiv. which we reeommeud for Coneh.. Celds, Hoar-cnisss, c. We elo nut pre'len 1 lo siv with -Mr. J. Ca-e sV Sop, that e ur Candy will uo all b-ea-Cs lea ling to Consumption, vte think that is saying too iiiucn. ,-,r,.ssii-r- We have a good assortment of Ilrass and Wooden Clacks, w hich we will .ell very low fi.r cash or ap proves.! creiht. Please call and examine If fore pur I''iiLr el-ewheie. N. lb All orelcrs Irom a distance, po-t paid, will le promptly attended to, and paeLa.-esiind boe put on I oanl of slases oi I oats, wiien re.pureil, free el charse'. He nartic ami mi Ire'ssall or.ler lo .M ! CIUH.I. eV IIAltNIM, Con.rlioncrs, there U'insrivvu firms ot Die tiinio name in tne village, liurlinglon, Vt. Oct. 22, 1611. education, n useful and rcspictab!e I . ride, habits of in.lulry, solnirty, punctuality, frugality, and abovo all. with a eood and unsullied character, they havu the be st of all c ij "i1. a tnoial capitrj : the noblest ofall power, moral power: anil the most certain means of honest and honorable accumulation and furlnno, nnd nny be sure, under circumstances ordi narily propitious, to rise lo that competency of influ ence, res-pict, nml getiernl confidence', mid that hon orable tm nil, i nf wealth nnd independence, which phuu d fulty &'y a reasonable and virtuous auibi lion." Kttracts from llecc mt.nendations. vfha inl'iucnco will all be found on ihosidcofvirtuo morality nnd rdutioit. Occasional coinmctils aro given. Dillicult or unusual word; nro defined. Prosu nnd poctryf suitably uitcriiiiii-led It is hard ly to bo iiiiagmul that this hi ok should fail of popu larity. Il certainly would nut, had it not so many competitors that had got the start of it in the race. As it is its mettle is such ns lu give fair promise of ultimate success in the contest, Jloston Iiccorder. I)r Adams: Having tMttnineil to some extent your Monitonal Header, 1 am t hated with its plan, tts obji ct and the manner in which it Ins been execu ted. Il seems adopted to the inte'lectual and moral improvftiicnt of those fur whose use it was designed. 1 trust it will prove to he w hat its author fondly an ticipates. (Ile-V.) V.. S. ISAUSTOW, Ktciir. It isjust such n boo', as our New I'lii'Iand boys nnd girls will lei'hul iceftn; for it inculcates in a phasing manner, indusln-frugality, truth, honc-ty. tt'iupcrfiiKP, ntacc, kindness, i' ruiuue, mm a cuecriui piety. The Vocabulary, end at the and the arrango mcntfordLfiniiig wori's, will add lo its valuo in the. liandsof a tudicious teacher. (t'ev.) AHIKL . LIVr.HMOIin, Kceno. We have a'sortci'iiinmtiidatioiis from a number of individuals ai.d p'Tiudicals, among vvhiclf arc 1). Tros bv, Prteeptor ot tlie lligli clioot .astmavj. icvv ton llrown, Professor of Tluoloty at New Hampton. Itisa'so adopted by the Associations of School Teacheis in Chcslnrt and Mil shorn' comities, and by the School I'oiumittce of Concord. About 000 copies have been publ.shcel, and mostly di-pocd of. . . l'nbli-lieil anil tor sate tiy iium , ki ji, cvi MKItllll.L. North l'-nd, Main street, Concord, N II. Also fur Sale hv SAMIJH!. IIITXTIXCTOX, Btirlinaton, .1. i: llobeits. Vergcntics, J. linger, Middltburv, W. Kimball, liratulon, Win. White ltulland, J. T. Jlntstott Mnntpelicr, Principals of Academies-, Select Schools and teach ers generally are invit'-d to examine t' e book. Pln'c call and examine before purchasing. The i'atcnt Portable lieiKtrel CI A X le ineived fuun room lo room or oat ol tho 'Hu'i-e int'asi'of lire, without taking down.or loo-eitini; the cor 1 ; is inoie easily -el up, und the cord tiLbtfiicd with less trend le, nnd is afforded at al out tin- Mini' price as the old fashioned Pedted. Call at my Mmp .in i -ee it ; it is a i'uriouy worm iookio; nt', and pe rh ip- you will think it wor'h buying. l ullin's l.ane, .-e-pt. 7, IMI. i". r- iMaeiuun.!, liulliilo liiibcs. ASl'PKKIOIt .irtieie, Indian tanned; Fur thiol and ncjvv, Pelts -.ft mid idiables will not in mre by vveilmir. Fur -a'e by IIK'KOK' s; CATL1N, Ve-t "I le Court House Sipiiiie, Hurl ugton, Vt, Nov. 12, ISII. .N. 11. Don't '.iiircha-e until you have prrecltln: article' al ILif-C.'S. Al-o Uarrel- and DryCsks. CIIUUCII MUSIC. ITtlir, rollowing valuable Musical Works are con X stantly for salo by tho subscriber at the lowest pnecs, tiy tne eioz. or larger quanuiy, viz : 'rim Modern Psalmist, a new work by L. Mason. ;;toil Acadetii) 'a collection of Church Music Me-thoi'i-! jiartiiviiist, Odcon, and Uoston aiidAmcrtcan Glee llook. .,,,,. Nov. 1811. i).A- lirtAMAN 11 LIVE ANU LET LIVE." rjt II 11 sii! scril er wend I re-pe'i'iti lly return Id I. tli. inks tei lii.-in.iuy patrons furllicir favors elurin. the pi.t live je'.irs, mid would al-n tn'urin ilieui tha he In. re ileiushf I his t.-l, of Stii'ionery, Hook-, Hind u:: S'.o.'l;, s.f. an I will 1 happy to wait upoi all tint -Inl favor bun with their patronage, ami l.' f Inn on bis part shad be siure I to give .alisf.u'tiou Oirstoel. cost uieiiey; thereftre, we cannot give i away, or -ell it below ee st, or at I'li-t ; but w hat wi liavr lu -oil, I f wo i'an net an opportunity) at a. small advance from eo-t a- nny one e'.iii do and lire 'y their Im. ine.s. Individuals' w i-limg to purch.i t I Se-lu'ol lUie!., Siationery, i r lllank ltoek can have a t ban e tu tt'sl the sincerity of the subse r I er,vv ni'ii he-nv - he vi ill sell ehenp f r casli,li'calliun at H.e sign of the lied l.e L'tr, ( 'oile'sre streii. &A.MI LL HCNTINUTON. N"V. 5, ISII. 5s? , ' i A U I N I.I! A L As.i.riinent X 1 n i iv i LYMAN tt COLE A V ll ii'ccived, in ad ' tie.ii to their fur sttK'k of l)rv tlonds. an i''eiisiye as,fiirinient of I al! and Winter llcei.! ; ,iniiii.r vvbn-h will le found a Ureal varie ty e f nr n les i. r La bos' Ch aks : AloaiTM l,'stre, a very putty ar n'e; Airaeea silt. Hart., Callll letcell, Plain H lo'l. All me, I igM do., S.llin l.tll'llngtoti 1 took -1 lire . rplli: so' (en'er wo ild invite ihe attention of h I Ir en I-mi I lie put In- to hi new asiottnienr e f IliioLs. The I c t seievtmn he has ever maile, both in .Miscellniieo is and S. huol llel,s are now ollcreu ihenpfor cash. Nov. 10. D. A. IIUAMAX. ( fcrrAp, Htnliiicjton, 1, jH !.,. Nov. , ,b,', 1.1 M.WItlGMTix.-Co. will t'liou v ithin tin -re a Jli. fouriUys, V0111 1500 tojOUU yd- Lvtra .suiierfie, j (double around), siiperliiie', line and common all wool Carpeting, which have I e'en P'lrcba.iiil mo.tly 111 XM niieiirn, and will I e sold al ve1)' low priii'-. Also 1 wiliest ami pi.1111 Venetian stair earpeting, Meiiip and Cotlou earpeting-, Oil cloths, .Malt-, ele. Nov. 13. A CA R I). T,rr.ssiis. PANCHoiix & iiuixsMAinieg 1 Lien ye to nutiounee the sate arrival ol unit of the lirnifrom l.iislaiul, liaving vi.tteu many ol ,he ineist ee'lelir.ued Watch, Clock, Jew elry, Cutlery, Perfumery and Fancy Hoods .Maniifaeliiries in l.ivi'rpool, Pic. eott, St. Helens, .M.inchi'stcr, Sbiirield, Hirimngbain, nud London. We have res'eiv esl .oiiu- samples oi line U'ver vvntches 111 l.ol.l ntul silver (hug i-hl Cases, nnd have making nt someof lliele-t shop. in KiiRlaiul a variety of Watche., which are epeciel next iiionlh. Wo have receiveil some b.'aiitiful samples of Ilroaces, Kntirs, I'nis, lliKpit t lioliler-,, etc We havo nuking by Messrs. llesle'er-, it Sons. Wostenholin tf. Sons and Llliolts, Knive, Itazor,, scissor., eie.ofthe le.t quality. Any Cods in our line, Watches of any maker in Fnglnn.l will !c im ported to order, nt as low prices ns nny city shop will furnish Ilieui. All persons 1110 invited tocall and see the samples of Coevils already receivdl. lOV I", lfl, made A'a I lie., llarucsM- aiiil iT'inUs, te r snfe at tlie tint -1,11 north sii'e the sS'ip ate, uearJ. How apl'.. Hotel, with -ech additieMiaUt lieles as is ly fi und 111 my 1 ul business, hip., 5purs, Com llrii-he. and Pells, adapted lo tl approni'luug .ei-on. Flannel, Tuv. 1111 1 Full Cbi'li, .Vklils und Hides an 11 kind-, of Fanner's prwluce received in paymcu . Oil and -ee. S, S. Sh-INNLH. II ir'itiaion.O't.eaih, 111. " new GOODS. ''pill', subscribers are now receiving their secn-A X supply of Fall and inter Goods s among whu nny b. louud Plain ntul Diamond Hcavir Cloth lb aw I'd.. 1 do. llroad Cloth fot Ladies' elonl; vi iv 1. leapt Cns-micrcs,, I'latinels, Frin and F.ugh-h -Merino., Alpacca cloths, Uombazim -all w. ol plain M. De Lniiics, very finei Silks, en' :ri 1 1 nek silk Velvt I, Vilve t tr.mniings, silk Cer' ind Tassels, mohair and sdk Fnngis, OinipTrui 111 fi. rmnu Wins . Is. Ribbons, shawls. Mdkf 1 .11111 ilieui, 1 i.iiii 11 11' s .1 1 in. , . ..,..., ...,ii u - - - - . , , Daiiia.k.nrv.htlla. Persian Cloth, Ftench, Ccruuii, I l.'"' . Lae Neil-. eVe winch n'e o 'errd vry leiw ... 1 - . . . . . 1 1 1 .1. ... .... ,1. 1 . 1 w 1, 1 .. 1 , anil i.U7lin .vieriuos, .Mttieeiiue ee i.-viue ami primeo im snrn, pj Sisonie-, a grevt v.incty anel low priced; ijoals Han and limtatiou Cami let. SILKS. A small nssrrltne'nt of ri h He'd and -tn'pd Silk, Heavy lllack Canton, (iren'e, find otter silks. SHAWLS. !iiipm 1 m onrlt", 1 .n-!.,i it, nn! roloifj; A Cvw ftra WorteKlii I-, IIo.r), a larpc a-ortnu'ul ; mi no iiia'iy lart iutorlincut ol AiiKTioaa pruil; Krrni ti im 1 lnli Ii ilu, DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton sheelinsr nnd shining; Tii'ki; g and Wad ding ; lileached Cotton and Merrimae sheeting, very low. TAlI.OIT&'-TlUMMISaS. Worsteil Hiudiiig, Uksdi'. Lnne round and siuarc .loliair Cores tcjr overcoats; -il k i;or.l lerelrt'ss eon Is; Worleel a id sill; .N'.iri-o; figure I silk and Velvet tl ......?,........ .W.... ..II '1'...... .....1 't'l... n.l. Pa.'eluig, C.inr iss, cles'ia., Ci I'd Jeans, llrown ami lllai'k Linen; Worsted plait for F.uiu; ; Hutu us for over coat., eve. FA.XCY Jlh FS. A varietj ofrie'hele Lanu', Chally, silk, and new style Fan.-: H'-f. an I Veil-. liitOAD CLOTHS. HeavveloiUe niillcei Proad Cloth.! It-nver anl Pilot Cloth.; Ilich lliiinohd i.eavri iioin.; ai-oa general assortment of 11 irlineton .'Ml Cloths. ticnilenien and Ladie. are invited loe.tii and exam, ine eur veiycxii nsiveas.urimeut, which v,C I'ilei al rel ii-eliirievsli-r. Cash. Iluilmgton, ii O t. CAT.VKltll S.MIT1 JlfAH-SHALL'.S SNFFF, is still e-nrinai'"- Catarrh lijluud thevarioiis ehsi' eftli hejd, nswolln soreevi-s, In all parts of the eountiyi an I sii-tniniug tin' which n lets I. m:r since game I, el Is'ing absolute!) the 1 e.t article of the kind 111 the market. Fach bottle contnins three lime's the iiiiantliy of one of those which me olTe'rcl at "ONLY TWFNTY- FIVI', CFN'IV." And is-tliere lore a niucli cheaper as vv ell a. l-eltcr arllele. For sale bv n.i iv, ev ri;Ait urlin nii.l.lTn. 11011 1'. MOODY. ;ton, Jan. ii, loll. QHKI.TI.M.S, Slurlin U Wuildiug, Per sale hy ly.l.lS , Tie-kiug, Wie-king. Hatting I ull IM l nttiiiis, l anion I laniiels.eVi Nov, 1. S. ll.siCOTr, IJuch's IMtenl I'joMtig Moves. rjUlL I est steive fur the -uviiu of labor and fuel,- 1 winch ha. ever I eeu o leivd fur sale in this slate ihe hre'leing dirertly under the hodcr-, so a to lake thelir-tand sharpcl heat, and then passing nroun I the oven in Hue-, so astu g ye the oven a re-iular heal, lakinc eiualtou I rid. oven ; and leiim larger tha 1 in any other e- o .uig stove now in use'. For sale by Nuv.lO.-lSH. S. M. pop.:. " LoJiku i: n 11 1 MH. F.Dl'I Oil Will you please nolify this com inutnty that the subscriber has opened a Stove store, first door west of J. e. J. II. Peck st Co. where, he has n general assortment of Cooking, llox and Parlor St.i.e, Caldrons, aud Hollow Ware of ihe superior Uraiidjn Cas'tngs; al-o Iluck's Hot Air Cooking Stove, which he is manufacturing in this place. The cinstriictioti of this stove is such that ihp first and sharpest heal come, directly under the hoileis and then passes round a spacious and equally heated oven, mil rrquirrs but comparatively litlle fuel to put it 111 opeiation, and bakes equal to a brick oven, 'i here might he a List of signatures procured" is Jonir "s the rccomme iidation of a counlry P. M. ",111 ine Jiighcst sources in the srcions where it in in use'; Imi n prenm'-'c shout tin- sto'. c or llio Yankee Not on usdess, and if money continues scarce you must us.-the less 1 f 11, so don't elo without on that account, but call and trvlhe new Stove, lltrt'inston, .Nov. 10, 1SH. S. W TAYLOR. M It . I' It A S 13 11 . I rA.sf just iiiiir ii'd from New ork, with the latest L L fashions fur lb units, Caps, I'li aU, Dri sse-, i.v siiita' le fen Ibe e ason. Also a ridi and lashional W n.-oi'lment of Silks, Velvets, VelvctecnsMndtrimmingj fir Huuncts nud Dtosev, She has aho Kibboii., Fealheis, French rtudother Hovvcrs, Laces, Kdginrs, lilovvs, Mitts, Curls and o her article-111 the Millfnef I ine ton nume'ro i. to partii'iilnroe. Al-c an eVgaut a.sorimeut ol Hoa.,aud a good n.sori 11W ntof llonneu nud Caps reviJy f r sale, all which she will sell a. cheap or cheaper than I hey can lei ought rhewhet ol'tiptal sivle undqualityof gonel.. It, rlim.-ti'ii,fV- 2S If 11.

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