Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 24, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 24, 1841 Page 1
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VOI. XV. JJI'ULIWI'ON, .Git -.ION T, FRIDAY, DECEMBER -m" 18-11. M No. 29. " v -w Consumption, Onusis, Influenza, Culds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, fyc. TO Till! ITIIUC. In precntius In lln nihlir .1 nmiTun.. t,. r,,. ,i:., r oni i "' . "r ' . ,tlT'r l a' l,',,, ""'S"1-' An, WW' .an unpnrrallca remedy for J)iscascs of the . . . . . ' . '. " ' '! tui ui'i.t-H'tl' oihr.n,.,., , m 1 :7. '.. . -"'""'"'-'i"'n- ii , . , , ,,,, ,ic . ij irM OI IMe ,uv ( 1tn tipw -em... In .i,-, .. nn .. I -. . 1 ., J wa-calleJ furor req-iiiul. I! ii iftho ,iopular remeJie. had materially Icsene.l the lull-, of mortality, or any one of ilie many preparation pn. scs-ul those virtue reoumntciidod, .mint afiira f.iir trial, the pa-tent co il I depend upon it. hi-nlfns power-, ;nJ rationally hopu for a spec ly recovery ol lieillh, thi humt le nlleiiijit to arre.t the prosit-is ofPulino-naryCun-imiplion wn ilc1 not have appealed. Hut that llic i leum of ihi dcirnvcr are daily in-t-rci-ins, nee I. no prnnfan.l the lariru oale- of the Druggi.t.s'ioiv that the remedies t the day have Icen fairlv trio I, .111 Hailed 111 iheirobicrl, if that ol,. jest w.i.tfiois-inr.itioii to'h of per.ou.R 1 lt-rins fromdi.ei.e. of ihe 1 in;-.. While one remedy tine ui a coush that shod.lbe pioperlv aijel 10 throw 0 1 the vif itl phleam eollevicdiipnn the Inns, an I iliroat the harbinger of th.ea.e, another, hv a bad selection cf an cx,.Cftornni, i m lee.lenahle.l'lo di-pn-.e-s the present tenant, Inn leave a wor.eonelo occupy the ihaiterc I preini-e- j anJ by it, the wi rk ufijealh "i the fcooner aeei inpli.hel. TheI,ll,Y.SVmj'iniowlelicve.tto le the let remiily for luni eoinp'aint-', tint ha ever appeaie.l. To enre I'ulnionary Conniiipiion afer the oVca-e aai iloi.e it- .it wiirk, or I e.-ome -e.iteJ upon the vi tal f inction-, an.l tubcrcttt are foniusl ami l rol,en, anil atino.phcric air i inhale I into the oroKen part-, Unot ainon the pre:cn-ion of the tho'i-anilainl one ioivi'ar no-trniiNIo the eontrarv, notwilh.tanihnir). Tin' meheineih.T. re.tore.l many who were sup posed to I e I cyontl i-nre, l.v men .-lamhni hi'.'h in the melieal profeion ; I ut their le.toration to health on ly pruvel that ureal an I good men may I e inMal.en, in the la;e or proire.. of thed'-ca-c. Hence, let 110 petMin ile pairof relief, until he ha. made a fair cf the Lily Syr ip. This medicine opeia'r I v promoting a free and a-y epecoraion, therel v frceins the Inn'.', and thruat from viei, phlegm, aii I -Ireic'lhenm? the pir". and Ireeni!; I lit-in fioin mll.iiii.ilory acuon whuh ciinstilu'e- the di.ea.e of Pulmonary Cim.iiiiipiion. Tne Syr ip i entirelv free from a'iv 111ii1er.1l nl stain e, and p irely vejelal lej and may he taken uh per iod -afely by ilie ino.t iVlicale'con-litiition-'. It N hiihly recommende I to tho-e who have went; linn-. Teacher 01 performer of vocal liiu-ic will find il of invahiahle life to them, by i' giviiiLT ffical ttrenijili and rotcnex to the toue'ofini ic, an I en- Miiiif the peron 10 perform Willi ea-e. l'.il jie rpealier-and ileha'.er. will I111J it ol invah.alle cr viee to them. Tin medicine ha 1 ccn thonvishlv and iicce-.fiilly tcleJ l y able phy.lcian, and hv their advice i nirv prepare I an I o'erel to the p'iMic, in .peak for ito!f la tliec.Tceofafilicied h imaniiy. And niav he who !.le'el the of'cliiv to open the rye ol the hi in 1, nnl.e it a Uci'iis to the bum in family, and the sreat object of the proprietor will le iiccoiu plishel. All mehcine ho ill 1 e siven aecorlins to the iln ation of the patient i and, il nineli re 1 11 c I, a nialer q ianli'y than where there 1. ( ou-ic!eral.le firens Ii. Thedireiioiig on 'he I utile may I etal,en a a general rjlc : but fur a Ions !audins eo'iph, il may I c ncceary to la'.e a lunch larserdo e for ( ire one or two day., an 1 even ol euer until an expe loralion 1 proilutyil that wid le five and ca-y. When there i much tishine. ol the ohri, it will iiineiinie- iuerea-e the coush fur a day or two; in which en-e, the patient (hoi.U tale the .-'y'riip more ficely, even until it .hould proilncc a lislu li.i iea of the .tuina'di He rue I not any harm fioin . uch cii. itinu. I woul I my to all who piireha-e ih 5 molicnie loru-r, thai thev can have but linle hope ol I ems I em-lilted by , utile. I is la' en .tta.ldy when it 1. eoniinence I with. Soire haveia'.en it niice a day, then twice, then not any for two or ihreeday. I c.innoi ay thai iii-Ii wo' I'd le likely 10 receive micli regularly, il i encnenily cib- il.i'ed touproot thedi--ea-r, an.l 10 rei'oie to i'ound hi abb. It i.theearne I ileire of the pruprie'or to hivecveryone th it ice- a! lea-i onebott'e of 11 .lea lily accor'l. us H the d rcc lioa , tu couiiii micale the rcill lo the per on ol whom he parch iu I the medicine. The propr e or i privilvue I torufer to the follow prr 'i ho have 11 cd the l.ilv rfyrnp, and who ee happy to -fivu inl.uiiiatlou ol it. upi,inr hcabns power, lo any wihins 'o l.tcivv tin re a' out if. Mr. Crittenden, one of the firm of I'. P. Smith & Co., whole (ileaiid retail ner.-li.m, l.xclidiise-Mice', Kocln-.lcr, for bUcthns at the I ins. Rev. II. Tucker, Pa-tor of second Baptist Ch ireli, Ito he ler. Captain H. Freeman, fi r a In leo ish. Mr., of the linn ol S anwoo l it Co. I 00k-lel'er-, corner of 11 rlalo and .-ia!e tree-i.( If.ehe'er. Mr. J. M. I'rench, .Norlh-streei, Uothe-ter, lor the whoopuis-eoi'i:li. Mr. Southworih, Stone-.trcet, Koch-.-Eter, for lal eo ish. .Mr. Itolerl M'KiMen, Monn e-treet, Itochutcr, in a evert- an I alarm ins ca e of ihe vv hoopins-coiish K. larnarl, i'q me, odiio 111 co-irt-ho ie, 111 a ca c of whoouius-co ish in hi funily. Captain W, I), rVh, for a caseo'l I'lillihic in hi. family. liey. Mr. Clark, Pator of the Dapti-t Church, l.c Rov Rev. Mr. P. Church, Tastor of the lira Raptt-l Ch irch, Koche-lcr. Caplaui A Drif.on, lor Ilaeniorrhasc of the Inns-. A. O. Smiih, ca.hicr of Mechanic an I Parmer Eank, liui hc-lcr. L. W. f-illev. of the firm of Sillrvit S-rantoin. dry sooil inercliitnli and auctioneer, Uu Ialo-tiecl, iiO'-ne.'er. Rev. A. King-ley, Pa-tor of the Mnptist Church at iMancnctcr. Rev. Jacob ICnann. Kvanseli.l. Mr. T. Hunn, Carriase Maker, Sr. Paul-street, Iliram lueuer, a lorneyal law. Km I e ler. Mr. Thonia Ahman, paver, Hoc lu-.ter, who ha rerene.1 aioiiiluus rel ef, Plcne inq-nrc of In ca-e. Rev. Thoma. Carlton, M. T. Ch. Uiv hc-ter. A. S eil, (I lee Ims nt Inns ) 1-ockporl. H. Miner, We-t llenne ta, Munroe Co. Profe-.or MeCinni, Hainillou 'I beol. Pcm'y. Rev. Levi Ticker, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W, Cook, " " (IC? 1 lie Proprietor has Icen oTeml c:rtifica'c. by many of the above sentlenien but he ino-r whiung iniormauoii, would call 011 itieui per finally. A sent, for tin te: lon. AT S. B. SCOTT'S, 1 f( ,,0- si'""l Thre.ul, ' 1 UU 7 Hale, -hcelins, 200 pieces Calico, i!5 " French and English 5Icnno, 25 " Mo:iliiie de l.ame, J00 Shawl-, vano i kind, M great varirtv of nlks for drc.,c, l.onncl, ifcc. Nl. G. RATHBUN, UnAl'U.t AN I) TAII.OH, PI'.'ARI. STRIil.T, HAS jut returned from .New York, with full re pot ts of t lie Fall Fa-bious, and is prepared toex etuic orders fur wm;er sarmculs 111 the most approved lyle. He ha also on hand a select a--ortiiient cf choice iriinmiiis-, a lapted to the sea 011 : such as lira i il. Millions, llinilliigs, l''ancy Ycst Uliidlnss Cord, anil Muttons, ,fcc, Ac. N. U. He i. al.-o agent for Scott .t Wil.onS Re port of F.i luon, whit h will I e lu I'.irnirhed lo auy one wi-btii; Iheni, and there piisiteiiiformatiou frtily given. Burlinginn, -Nov. 4. IS II. J. TRY ON, DHAIMt AMI TAII.OH. WOULD once more remind lu eu-iomrrs that lie continue, locarry on ihe above busine-s m ai hi variou. I ruiiclic. nl hi. O.'.f Stand on St. Paul street, near Ihe Fpiscopal Church, and in.ishl of the Catholic Church. Thankful for pat favor, illeu tonitrs are solicilrd to continue 1 heir palrouase, anil many new one. am inu.-li de-ireil. I he uewe.-l rah ions promptly receive.1. Oottins done on short notice chean for raih. havu on hand some old accounts which 1 id.oiild Jilc tocxcli.inseior mm. Nov. 12, IB 11. I'ROTKCTI VR SVSTKM. -tl flTHS of siinerior liui-h and durable colors int I J m-niufaolnred bv the H.irlinslon .Mill Co. for sale- it the lowcM price, at tho .New Slorr, Winooski Vail.. 1,1 S-r.tinIr, 17, 1611. 8IDNKY BARI-OW. 01'' I.IFF..-A Valuable shtly applied, will 1 e the . from an Miiliinrlv male. It ha teen ol.l and mod for iliirly years, .iicce, an I fo'iml very odicnetoii in the follow-ms. dicae, viz. Conoi.iipt'init, Wlinopuis Coiish, eom- 111011 UcMlsIl, Cll'l!-, llllli Mill lll'MUHIIS, IllllllCNZ.I, Qitin-y, Alhin:t, Phthi-ir, Spiltius of Illt.od, Flam lency,' Indigo-nun, l.nn-ene-s of the lloucl, Fno( I h I. every urn I, I ramp,, i one, catarrh, Dy-cn- ""'' ''"iiHnif, Hypochondriac Altcolton, Head it-lie-, n-i.m ni .noma -n, .ic.iii , a preventive 01 Con a!iii i.tii.c.t.c- t. inn an.l it mania 1- 11. . . ii 1 ii ICr' I heabove !o heme i oicnare.l bv He . c Lviiii- f v I 11 111 1 1 1 . ( mii'ir, of Il.ulley, Ma. from the Onsiaal Re Ihedirecliou of-aid .Moore, and M,l I by him and life principal lirussi-lin the liniteilsiale. Sol I whole nle n nil retail, ly I'tck A; .Sp-ar, lliiilington, and by llicdcalt-rs senerally throiiRh out the cu'intrv PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rpiII.S artieleis too will known lo need common- daiion-nnd the cvpciinice of seven years has demon. trnlcd 10 the coiinncreiil community, that for accuracy, cnuvenii nee mid durability, they are unrivalled Coal v.ird scales lo vvcich from S lo G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weisli from 1-2 lb. ' "000 lbs., Portable do. lo vvcisli from 1 2 0.. to .00 Ihs. I'm lableOoimter do-a new article lo wemh from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. ,. J. .'. H. Peck & Co. Aeaits. lJurlitiaton, Apiil 8 1S11. I'AIXTI.:. Tlin .iib-riler I ems thankful for pat favor, would iepecif illy .-obeli a continuance ol the aine and remind I11.f1icnd.nn be i prepared 10 accommodate iheni on the hor!e-t notice and nio-l favor ible terms 111 the variou Lranihes in idea' oveline. Shop oppo-iteMr. C. A. .Seymour' Hat Store, Pc.irl--ttcct, Kurliiigioii, Vt. . , JAM 13 SCOT I'. April I, 1S(I. nl3:y pr.RT.urv cum: por sk k headache, which has been used in families, every member of which litis had sick headache from infancy, ns a const. tulional finiily complaint, and Ins cured dice linlly 111 every innanccyet known, nmoiiiiliii,; lo m i nyliundrcds. It is not unpleasant to the Instc, and docs not prevent lliediily avoi-alions of one iimus it it must be persevered in, and ihe emu is cradual" hut ccttiin and pnrinancnl. In-tanccs are constantly muliipljiiiswliiicilii.ili.irc..sius complaint is enin tdclely relieved and cuied, allhniili of years -tatidin" by tin: 11. of Or. Spohn's celibraled rcmcdv. One decided preren-nccis its plcaitilnc, having none of the nau-catins tl'kcl or 1 "nnniiii druss. Ilis opeifccllviati.f.ictnry, lint thcornprictor has stviu direciions lor lusascn'tsio lcfuiid the price to any one who is no 1 ph a scd with, ami even cured by it. lie hopes nln tiint this may secure its prcat ben efits to thu disliis-cd snllcrcrs who aielabnriuaiiiulrr Headache. V.. SPOIIX, 51. O., mvciilot and Pro prietor. SoldbyCO.V.V7'OrA-.f. CO.. 71 5Iaidcn I,ane. New V01 k. PI? OK vV- S P H A If, Who'cilc Aainls, a few docis cast of the Post Oilier, liuihns ton. 't. n9 tlror.kery anil (Jlass Ware. IT.W set s White Oranitc Ware, also Glass Dishes and Plales. Dccjnurs. Tumbb rs.r.imns. A I'-c. for sale vc-y low, by S. 51. POPIi. l-'OIJXI). OR niav he found in this vill-isc, directly opposite the 5Ielho.hst 0,L) PAl.N'l' SHOP, newly futcd iipin qood stvlc, where the undersigned will be clad lo wail on his olJ customer!) win may favor him with their patronage. OIIHO It. V,, ,-5r,bl,WI Mi. liuilinston, April 23 1311. P rem 1 11 111 IJASSANO DOl.'HI.i: ItASS VIOLS'. ft nti nt 11 -'j, i- I. .- .. L-S-i' .ZS-i-r-'---...lT v-iCUTTwoiillie- t-.- .-1L.IIII IJ I.IIU.III yv- "11 pi 1 sou. 111 er " 1 sled 111 ihe Sci ence of .Music, thai he continues to niaiiiilacluie n Conconl, Acvv llninpsiuir, li.VSS AM DOUIItJ. IIASS VIDI.S, of a crv suncrior miahtv. ninl hav lis obl.iuud tin lirsl vcHiiiiuu Mm nascver nten awariau man a- nieiiean manufacliirer ol" tin h Instruments nl In urcnt 'n'rj ol the Aincriian Insiiiiite in Jvaw 'nil ( ily, at the suat I-an or llic .Meclianic s sociatioii ill llostmi, and at Ihcl'aii of llic .Mechanic's Chanla- ble As.MCi.mon m roril'ind, .il.uue lie now not only tendtts his thanks to Ins In. nils and pntronafur tia.t favors, hut ilcd"cs liiiu-t It" to Hehsious Sock tic. .Musical Associations anil inilivuliinls wlm may lo purchase, mat no rea.oni'Oieeiioi is snail lie want ins on his pan, lo enable him lo meet llicir ordtis ii the most nroinnt nnd satisfactory manner, that he may still retain ibiirconfiilciice, mid mint a continu ance of llic liberal patronage he lias for ininy years einoyiil. Healso kecpsan extensive assortment of 51 1: I CAI. I .STUU 51 i:.nts, of the best quality, which ho oilers for sale on the most reasonable teitns, anions which are 511 I.ODIONS AM) SP.RAI'HINF.S, which areiiiuch iidmirid for sweetness of tone, and well a 'iiptrd lo pirlor or church music. .Music Schools, .Military li-ind., or individuals, cm be supplied Willi llrn.snud other instruments of ntiy descripiion, a elicip or cheaper than they can pin chase in I he city of I'oston. Also, Violin, llass nnd Double llass Viol Sliinss, Hows, liridses, Pali nt Hi nils Tiinms Folks it Pipes, Inslriicliou Hook, Clarioiu 11 Hccdsnm! mouth 1'ic ces, Unibrtllns, Parasol, Walking Canes, Ac. Orders will be sialefuliy received, and Instruments sent by Siaso at Ihe risk of 1I10 nniiufaclurcr, and if not satisfactory, may be cvchansiu. 5Iuical instrtimrtilsanil Umbri llas.repaired as ii.u. nl. Please call at bin new- Music Slorc, a few doors soulh of ihu F.anleCodio House. nal ( oucoril, New Hampshire, Mnrrll 2, lill. PANGHOK.V d- HRI.NS.MAID, Asellls, Hurlins- ion, Vt. CJUOCIiltllCS, fcc ISAAC WAHNF.R kce, s conttanlly for sale at his .Store, opposite S. K. Ilownrd'B Store. Cosnic Hraiuly, llnllind Oin, Si, Croix Hum, Hosion H11111, low pined Hraiidy, Ililiunore Oin, Aniisua Hum, Cherry do. Wines, of most kinds nnd prices, .Molasses, I. oaf, Lump nnd lirnwn snpar-, Ilysoiinud Voiins Hyson. H son Skin anil Ulack Teas 1 llox Rai-ins, K i do., Saliinin, Slarkirel, Sounds and Tongues, Rice, liar Soap, Fancy do. Allspicts i Poller, Oinscr, N'ulineeH 1 Clove, Cinnaiiion, Salcra us, Poland Sianh, .Mustard, Indiso, Pipper Sauce, Coffee, Chocolate, Table Siiil tCandlcsi Spinisli Siuars, half Si anish do, Dccaiilcrs, Tiiiiilders. Lamps, Jars. if-c. Aho-rm liarrch Salt. Tho Liquors are wnrriiiied to be iho best that can beboushl in New York. Tavern-' (rpcrsanilotlieia will find it forihcirbinint to call nnd cxamino them before they buy elsewhere. Hurhngion, Nov. 5. 1611, School Hoiks, Paper, Vr. T1 H F, sub rriber has a laligo slock of School Hooks and Paper. -Merchants, School i-oinmii-cTS Ac. furnished on tlio most liberal terms. Rajs and most kindsof country produce rcceivcdin imvmrnl. Nov.2C. C. OOOOHICII. lOI.I.I'.TT & MltADI.r.Y hnvcjiisl rcceivce 1 nnd oflcr for sale at ihe lowest nnrrn for rn. Ii approved credit, a larsc anil well selecleri nssorlrncnt 01 uioeerics, consiating in part or the following. 5 Hhds St Croit s igar, I 5 11 lid St Croix Run Hum. 10 do Porlo Rico do do a ripcH rioiiaud Mm, 25 qr ensks 5lalaga Wine. ."0 Huxes Pipes, 20 Uaes Prppcr, 20 do Pimenlo, 25 Krjr pure Cjingrr, 25 do Raisins. 10 tlo New Orleans 50 llapaltio Collie, 1(1 ilo Java do 50 snap, ' 2-i do superior ilo 1 Ih do Kxlra do 20 Kca salt Petro, ilri' 'moan of savins ihou-aul Pippin JVOTI C U.-:t Medicine 1" e ire it iierlbrin.-.rit or Purilier ol iho llloiul. 'I Lc .1,. .,. mil.. I.. 1 .1,11 ' iiicrca-iiisrepufaliou which tin mcbi me! hanennir-1 ed Ihroiishoul the New l-.'nslaudSiaiu, and Iheninnv ' cure it ha perforuu-d, and the peat demand mule 1 for it by (he advice ofphy-iciiii.wcll ncpiaimoi with ils preparaiion, ha. md .ce.l the proprietor In cxti-inl il eir.inlilion 10 almo-t ev-erv town in the raicrn State and the principal town 111 the I'nitol Slate. Tin warrnnte.1 purely veselul le,and I not .iirpaed !v anv other medicine ever nilcrcd n iln- allheied a its cxlen.ive nle and sreat popularity l,li,lnl' I'n'Vf Il ha within the lal eishiccn irtonih vitrei I its lliou.endofilie niot idi.liuae ih.ine, n can ic prove 1 oy ccriuicaic, an.l t pronoiiuc e I Py eminent and rep'e -table phy-teian the I et tut .in ml in ut-e. V efil infi rm.Uioii 'may I e found in ciri 11 ar eontainins ceriitlcnic of rurei an I direction for in Kins Ilie iiicdicmn. Ihe followiio' niinouilcd nrni.. lliirliuslon, P 1: ( : IC nu.l SI'i: Ml If Mm Si Allan, Cnrti. mil Ru-sel Milton, (' Dr.ile Millou Kill, lbirncl and S.iwvcr .Wnterv illc, P-.l and Rrown, Hine.biirsli, Hull and Coo'; l'nrl.ix, 1'an.eranil ilaihclil erscnne, d,im. nnd Murray l.'am' ndse. M. " in 1 nderhill. M. C. Il.irnci Ninth l-'ern.l ursh, II. C. Wicker Ccorsi.i, .- Wi. SVllli-lon. N. Cllltlcildcil Richll'iOllil. Iiniii A: l.'lir. Ic. Johu.ou, (!. I.. Warner nnd C- 'lonklon, Kilian Sninh llakcr-licl.l, Arminslon an.l Wooclwar I I'liir- field, I! irnet and l urn.vvorlli. e.o.p.l .MO MAKSIIAIil. continues uiiriyallcd as a .lieiistheniiis.fl.ASTHIt: Al-o, f. r I.he.imn- lkm, l.aniene. or pain. 111 llu-.ide-, liud or I aek : for .crolnlo 1 .we'luis-, .curvy orc, wound ; an I fora l'aunly Pl.itcroralve. PorCorn, moreover try it; pneehi-c, peieveioin iheu-el y nukiusa new application occi-ioually, andinlinie, yonrcoi'n will I e fined. Tor .ale by ' ri.ur. iv rsi'i.Ait, and Da. HOIST. MOOUV. IJnrlinpton, Jan. 2i, ISH. ly.f.lS Dr. A. Slicrman". Cnucli T.ozcncc'.. "iVfO Coush Mediouic ha 1 1 Vermont that h.i s.ven ever I ecu inlrolnced into veil tii h uuiveral aiil le- tiou. I hey eliloui tail lo i-uie Ihe mo-1 iro'ible-oine coush. and cold. 111 a few day. .Numern 1. refer ence inislit 1 e si ven to per.01 who hae I icn circd lyihem, but where their merits nu- n scnerally known U il is iccle. to-pccify in-tance. fl he al ove me hcine. a. vv c'l . Sherman1. ce'ebrated W(rin l.czcuse-, Poor Man1.. platers, and other ue pnration. may I e had of jov. -1. rA.M.IIUK. it lllll.MSVI Mil. WINI.OW SASH . T .1'i.t received la, 2M an I 217 by 'J ca.i-ineui. ol .a.h.a lir.I rate arlicle al 31 and 3i ceul per lishl J alo all km 1 nnd.ize-', firui-he.l to order. Tieondcrosa black lui I, a lirt 1 ale article, I'or .ale very low, lose-her Willi a sreat variety of other arti- clasc cheap as can I e found at any o'tlier c-lal li-h-until 111 the d. 11 e. (Ii:u. Pi.rr.n.os-. WJ HATCH would inform iho 111- . hnUitanls oi lliirlinson anil vi- c inly, that he has opened a shop 111 Cliuich stmt, at ihu s-iijti of the Killc, while heiiiteuds to carry on t lie (iiin eiiiiiIi Husucs., in all 11s various branch es, limb's bleu einployi d for the l ist six yiars in the shop of J. 51. Caswell, i" l.iiisinsbursh, (iindouhti illy ihe best snop in 1110 uiiiii-u -suites) Ho o'el. war ranted m nH'.Tin'' his vvoik to the public. Piiir!ingtoi,,.Iimel,lSll. jXTYSTHHIOUS! A Kcntliiiinn kliin-. 1VX one of the nncicnl and wcalihy faiml ins to mil 1 s ol lllis cily,vvho must be well known to 1 11 1 11 101 1111 s 1 1 ic ml - Imms since the ycir 1SIB, nt' to recently, bicn bent neatly diiiiblc. nnd for scveial vears conlhicd to lu lled, has been restored lo so' d health has res'iined his 11 itiiral elect position and has rputinl his tar nasi', and nnw wall;. Willi ease!! We believe this . Ilieseuileinan . ovv it 'Icscrtptton na near as pos.ililr, and thereis no cxasscration in it. We will siveinuut- mshisaddro-s. nu! doubt not hiimiue Ici'lmcs will e.xe se llichbuly; sn that any one iioitlttiiir, may .iwirthceficti housh he riipicsts Ins iiaine 111.1v 1101 apne'ir ill ntmt. Anions ol 11 r instance... (J. Reynolds, 1 1 1 Chrislic-slrce I, has been icstored, and will si-o personal as.-iirances of the facts of his case, liuih were rlieniiniisiu, ami contracted cord and sinews. I low Ins this I icn done 7 A nsirer. Hi thr Imliitn Vi-ictablr l'.lixer hi lerniiUy, nnd 11 ins' .Vino mid ILne Liniment ex.'erwilli'. Jan, '20, -ll. Sold onti In CHMSVUCK if' CO., 71 .IciiV.n ..i. .-.- v-.,,.. ,,l . ...... cv'.,,,, wi,P1(. doors ea-l of lhcPoi DiTico, liarlin A scuts, 'on, Vi. few rpH VT hrsc and enmmndious two n. I ry llrii-k Owclits House .x. !,it i '"'nosioii inc west sine ol I ollcse jjiien -i-A-al iho heid ofCollese-sinel, in this vib ase. Tin- IL L'.r. is 3. by 1), with a b.i-ciurnt .lory, with Ki rhen nil I Provision celhis, nnd a wins 32 liy (i). i- x 'en Ims 11111 th 011 I Vilest- liiecn, w 11I1 woo 1 nu'il .lore lui ie helo.v, 1111. 1 chani1 its an I Itc.uii" it 0111 at ove. A Inrseaii Ico'iiuiishti 1. Il.irn, enrr ase lui-i.c ice hoiMviii I other o'lt-hou-o, and n .piciou ,ar.l wt'.l of llioilwolluisho tc, anda soul d ira1 le we I Of wa or of iho I 0.1 q laluy in the vill.isi, nu la 1 nek i-j-teru. One an 1 11 laud, 1 f ihe lir-l q ualilv j a lar.-o sarJeii an fruit nee vvc-l ol the lit 11 c.and yitid, 'I he 11 nlduis- niccoii-'rue-cl in modern flyle, ol Ihe I e-. iiia'crial. and workman. hip, were dive I I v the ubcn! er for hi. own ne, and the lo. ation af- foul-n very oxlinivo mil plca-nnl pro. poet i f the vilbise an 1 la'.o 011 the We-t an 1 1- not Mirpa-oJ I v any other 111 tin. part of ihceoi nliy. A'.o for iile a lot eotiiainmsau acu- of Ian 1 ilireet ly oiipo-re the above lot with a .m.illci.iiveuitiit woo I tlwellins ho c thereon. Piir-'haior aie uivrel tocall an 1 exmine fnr ibein elvo. Terms made known I y the Mi' s -nl or on the prcini-c.. .S'AMFHI. Kld'.P. II irlinstoii June, 10, 1310. n2 WILLIAM V 1 1 1 f j I I T' S IN DIAN' IMII!; V I 1 I? IMI.LS, Until cly Yigctabtc. "XTANrFAC'IT.'RFI) iin'cribc .iipcrin It Liendeiice of WilliaiiiWrislil.vico-nrt--i.leiu t f 1I.0 -Yort'i .lmtrimn College of IttaWt, for iho tieatiiieul and cure of t!ica e in ihe fonn of II1II101. and Ner- ion. l ever-, .Mca-'e, Small P.i., Pain, in Ihe 10k, 1 aol; an I i.!e, Couiiiuoiiou, Dri'ii.y. Si-rol nla, Canter, Spiilin; if Illood, .S'.ck-llo'ad.ailic, Rhe im.iii-m. Diarrliira. Dv-cni.iiv. Colic. Itv-oeo- m.i, P.ilpitaiu-n cf the Heart, antl tcrc of every kuiu, tj. ecu 1 or.air I v PFl'l-.' fi SPHAR, II irlinston. W. II. HOLLY, W. .1. I IPO!. I, A ..V, Hincbursh. J, II.IlALHL'ltl', Wc-iforJ. 23 Oct 15(1. -5 111 ron-lant eiieraliou ail I nretnitsl to rxe-ulu nr.ier. lor l.Mr.iv.-.-ii f every 1le.cript1c.11, an I in Ihe lit.-1 nniMier. A eontnni simply kept on ban 1 and fur .ale at tliu.itue ol (Icor-rc Prior. on. in 11. ir- '"mm Imston, al the tollowms pi c r. s : 12 I.isht ca-ctncnti, :)J eenls per Lishl, ilo. do do do t!o. do. do. ilo do do ilo do do tlo dn 1o SI ONLY SMITH. 112 s June 18, Hot"-'. SIAHSIIAI.If Aromiltr, Cai.trrh and 1 11e.111.1euu .-.i ir. iiii.niiuiii. .iipenorlo any lluns vol known, for removins ihal troul Ieonit di.'., Diet aiarih, ami ul.o a cohl 111 the I e.i I, and ihe net J. 11 lie. 11 open, ami purges mil all oh-tiucion., tienslhcntheslaii.l,audei!e.a heahhy nclioii lot hi part, a .rote.1. ll 1. p 1 fee llv free fruiiiifny ilunstlelt- tenon, in 11. roinpo-ilion ha a lea-ant Hivor, nud lis iniiiirdiutee !cf, I eins 11-rJ, is abgueabfe. 1 in-i; eeiiisprrotillli. .. ,)oV!" Mu-ll ''l'- Vc.ct.ib'e Indian Hlack PLASI'LII, I In Pla.lir is iiiiritiill.l fiir cnruv -,.r..r..l .....l nu., .-.mi)- cores, uame nacK, ami i-ieli Wnunil.! pain. 111 the .idr.. Hm. nml l..n.i - t.,,,1 ...l.l,.,., r-.i. ... ive relict 111 li-:tl Rho una If" ...... I. ..1 .,. .k vvill cure niany of iheronnnou Liver Coini-laint.: ami is equal, 11 not Miiicriur. m nm. il....- ... ... r... corn on lie feet , Ihe , ir... of ,,f. V,a.lcr ilH,el. Cll WIIIlRiMH I V thfitiinn.i., -nf in. :.. . i... it...... ii el .ll,y . .It .'"i ..f ,l.r"l'v","'l'.,;,, '"r lTiti-li tlVn'.. rh, n m i '?r'' .M lyih pro- kT. ' f.h",llmvcn,Vl'a'1!,'"r'' V,' ,n'1 K i fSraAr. Hurl.ntflon, t. ,H pnetor J 8 if 7 II rrr is lei known b" -he fUVb W . Vl.UI-.TAIIM. I.H'I-: AIKDICIXKS. I iS.-wum' l'inci.i. I --' The-e medicme .lie 111. 'el le I for their name 11 their iiiamlc-t mid enil le nclicn hi iinril'i-inn it,,. P'nis.nn.l c liannels of life-, and cin'ion? them with i-'"evved tone mid visor. In iii.inv h indred cerlilied vn - i - which have lieu made pull. , and fn nlnio-i J - 'u - ry pecie ofdi-cn-cto which the liumnii frame p J'-'' le 'I'0, happye 'L-jis of MurrAT's l.iri: Pat. ami Plnr.NIX llltTUi'.s have leen srealfullvand nillnlv ..c-iiinn-uyni iiy me iciou i eneuiusi, nnu wno were pi eviou-ly iiiiacq iainled wt:h ihubcaulifiillyphi-lo-ophical prmcip'e upon wlii hthey areeoinpound ed, an.l titioii which ihevi-on-eipicully act. 'Ihe I.II'F. .MPDlLlSrsJ reconunend Ihem-elye in disease of every form and de-eriplion, Their firl opcralion i lo 'oo-en from the coats of Ihe stomach nnd I owib, the various imp trilie nnd criidiiic. con si.mllv fcitlins nio.ind ilicui;nnd 10 remove I he Inr deiu 1 Cit wliicli -"..'ic -I in the convolution of the I ' . ii'. 1 in. O her ine'hciiies only partially c.c ii, Li..- anil leave such collected mas' e I eliiuil a 10 pi dine hal nu.-l o-livenc., with all it. tram ol evil, or.-id leu diarrha-a, Willi it imminent daser.-.n Tin fai'ijii . vfell t.iiovvu to all resular analoiiii.t., vvhocWinmffff'eh .111.111 1 ovvel ifier death j nnd lionet lie preiudiceofii.. .vi 1 informed men aaui.i nuacl, ine.hcinc or ti.t i" u.c prcpare-d and In ralde-.l o the p 1! Ik-l 'Siioi.oil per-oti-. The second ellect of th- 1 .fe Mc'li'-inc i.ln.Icau-c the kidney and iho, 1111 1 by Ibi mean-, ihe liver and the Inns-, llic'lifulni" ion of which entirely depv nd upon Ihe re Sul.irily ' 1 the urinar orsaif. The blood, which ial.i:i's red col 01 from'lhe asency ol the liveratid the bins-1 elore il pa e into the heart, I enif lb i piirificel by llicm, and noiiri-hcd by foml eoiuins from a clean tom ieh, co'ir-c freely ihroush iho vein, renew every pari of ihe .vslem, and triumphantly mount the banner ol In-al'li 111 the blooiiuus cheek. Mn lal. Vesetal le Life Mi-dieinc have I ecu thor ouslily tiited, and prono'iucid a -overcisn remedy for !vpepia, Flatulency, Palpitiliou of tin- Heart, l.o. ol'Appetite, Ili-art-burii and Head-ache, Reilosne-, Ill-lempcr, Anxiety, I. ins nr aul Melancholy, Co tivenc., l)irrli.i-'i, Cholera, Fever of all' kir.d-, lihe 1111 ili.m. (io n. Dinn-ici ol all kind, (iiavel. Worm. A-llima and ('onutnplioii, Scurvy1 I'l'-er. Iiiye'eia'e Sore, Scorbiitie Krupliou an.l Hid Com p'cxion, Frtp-ivr eonitilaint, llow, Clou I y, and o'herdi a'.-rei-.i1 le Complexion , Sail lihe 1111, 1.'ry-ip-i-la, Coiumou Cold and lull icu.i,nnd variou. iithcr co'iipl.iinl. which allbct theh frame-. In Fr.vr.n and Antr., particularly, ihe I. ife Mo lieiiie. hue Icen 1110-1 emuien'iy .uci c-i .1 ; o iicicti mi 1n.1t m mo Fever .111 1 Asiii-di-lriet-, Phy-ician- almo.l pre cril c tl.eni. All tint Mr. Mol'al rcnuire.of hi pilicul i. 10 le piriienlar ill ta'. ins I he'e .Me lieme- -Irictly ne'eor dins lo the direction.. Iti-not a iiewp,i'),r notnr, or l yanyllnustbcl he liim-elfuny-ay inihe.r favor, llut'lie hope, to gain cro.lil. 1 1 is atone by the re-ult. of a I'a.r tr'iil. MOFFAT'S MKDICAl- MANFAl-i de-isned a a Ii. Tin little paniph'e', ed-ns' by W. II. Mo lal, 27 j llioadway, Now York, ha I ocn old li-he I for Ilie ion po-o ofoxiilainiiis inoiefdly Mr. Mo ml1 llicory of, and will lo to I h'lsh'y iiitcre.tins HMier.on. Mi-kins health. It Ireil. upon prevalent iliei c-, andlliecaii-i. tlicieof. Price, 2.1 cciil for - ale I y Mr Moll'il1- A soul, eciiornllv. Those valu 1 1 .It Me lieinc are (or -ale by (lIlORI'Ii 1.. WAR.M'II it Co. 11, I., Cener'al Asem-, I v whom all order l"i 0111 any pari of iho Slate or C.nia la, will le promptlv aiivvered. 2-j II' Hoc. 17, 1311. rpiII. Ilurlinuion llicvvrry 1. now L in full oprralion, ami ' liver of lit- very best etuality is kept con Slaullv on h md for sih; in wind Jor half barrels. (!. PliTliRSON. 1811. AT ATUU li"S OlfANI) Ri:sTOI!A'll'i:. Tin. j.1 va'ciible i c al le .Medicine land. tuiriv-alled lor ihe follow ins coiupla ill, viz : Py.pepi.i, or liuli-se-lion, doci.ed l.iver,'i-, lhopv , A l li ma, Co-tivciie., W01111- nii'l lo. of Appciiie.'an.l I y c!caiiins the .loniach and I owcN, cine. pain. 111 lhc i.'e, .loniach an I I ic-.i-t, cold, and coush. of Ions lau Ims, Iloar-cnc.-, .hortnc- of I rc.iih, Nirvim eomplninl, i-l-., wlneli aie fi e picnily ihe o ecl ol di-i-a-o. For Fever anil As- e, 11 i-a luii-t v. dual Ic pie-veul.i-ivc a. well a a Miveieisn iciiiedj , It. virtii'-...rpa-. liny lluns hcieti.f. n- I now 11 uf lenioviiicr Si. Villi1 Paine, two lotilr have Icen known to euri ihi. .illhclinsdi-c.tsc, afer hav lies 1 allied every c.xer- ion lorfo'T ear-. Il ha a 1110. t povvci fill iftlluenie 111 leuiovius licryon 01 ni.laint, ll i ph'.i-uut lo take an I -ocay 111 it opcralion, ihal It may I t'adimui:eiisl lo the inl'.inl vv uh -ate'y. 'I he al ovc'.Modioine 1. vcrv h ahly leconiiueiii'ed 'l y many -I'.enlil'ic scnilctiieii, and ft larsc ii'ind cr ol'l.idie-,' vv ho have inovcd ll 1 v irt' e - ot ll.o .MotJieine 1 y pi'i-i 11. 1 1 us" ami 1l1.1t ol ihcir f.iuid.t .. A I ill of. I otilo, with 11.11-0:11.11. It may Ic had wlio'o ale or ol . Itriiaiu, Ikirio, an 1.1. C. F.1111. un, l'.it William.. uiwu, 't. .olo piopriel. r. Prcpaied lioin iheonsm al recipe; for sale ly F. II. Piciiti-, Mouipelier, and; ipSerAit, H irlinstcii, and in the principal town- 111 Ihe statepill 'Itre-iiou. .isneliu the hand wriiins ofibeproprjcUr SINGLE. DOUHLK. UMBILICAL. T I1 R T rc.'i-ivi-d. a .unnlv nl Mar-b1- ' rated J Trus-c-, of every t'e-criiilioii, for -a'r I v lln- ik.en or- n-le, N'f.v. 1. PIX'K tf.'.VPFAR. ilZ) I r-i c. arc ira-e.y appbeul uc ol en irse $100 ri,WAjRX. Q1 OH 1lvll) I'IS inen oH'crtdfor months "Jl I UV to any one vv ho w ill u.e a buiilcof Ilniff Liniment fur the files, without In ins cuied. Of thousands sold, in no one instance lias it faih-tl of a cure. Proof overwhelming to be had where ins sold. 1 1 is alsoa cerlnin cure m ntnrhj errrv i. (lixleriially,) in ihe fu'lovv ins complaint. For Ihe Piles, fur all dropsy, lender ft ol, sore lliroal, l y ean ccr or uletrs, ctnup, whtiopins eniish, scnld lii-ad, Tislilncss of the chest, espcci illy in children, foul til cersof Ihe loss, or oilier fungus i-orcs, however obs i mieor Ions snndins, fresh wounds, clulblains.iie, LOOK OUT. Some siritidlcra hove counterfeited this arlictcjtind put it up iriri tarioxikdetirta. Do not he imposeil upon. One lluns only wiM protect you It is Ihe name of COMSTOCK tj CO: that name in in he ali-ayi on the leruipcr, or you may berluat ctl. Do not direct it. Tako I lie diieelion with jou nud test by dial, or never buy i' for it is impoisible for nnv oilier In bo iruoor ueiminr. n'J Sold hy COMSTOCK CO, 71 5Iaidcn Lane, New York. P K O K & -s P F. A H. Wholsalc Ascnls, a lew doors cast of tho Post Office, Hurlinj; ton, 'U NEW AND CHEAP ! Wi; arc now openin a large and fisliionriblc Stock of Omuls ad.ipltd lo the season, vv hich will he sold lower than usinl for cash. Among oar Ooods nny he found llto followinc ; . . .. .... II !U i i,t .lipitca i.u.uc, .i..iii , i i;..i Ill ick and bhi" black biiiiiha7inrs, I'rciicli, F.nshsh nndtinrinan .Metinos, Maiiscline tie Lame and .Sunny, Worsled Pbud nnd ursc, Oilcnns clolhs, I'rciicli, linslisli nnd Ameriron caltcots, final's Inir and ernpu camlil, Fhnni ls, red, white an I domestic, Tickms, twill eotion nnd cotton Flannel, Wadtbns. baltins, md cotton yarn, Cotton shernns cheiper than rvrr, Ilia k nnd blue hlir-k silks, China and Donnt do. Cap and lloiiuel Ribbons, S.Ik I'rinceand TisseN, Dress Ildkfs and Chena cravalf, Cloves nnd iniithof cverv dtsciiplion, Table Cloths, ilo. linen, do. covers, Dnmnnd Heaver Clolhs, nip, do, linn I chillis, blk blno, green olive ic. Sniiiclis, sup, nnd common, Ve slins", nin do. silk velvet, sup. and com. I..I.,m.vi1,1p O nl1" ouihroidcred stiarfs. silk anil Poneer hdks., Lamb's wont half hose, silk do. whilo ami brown rollnnd.i. niixM nnd blk tlo. blk worsled do whi'ennd h'k silk do. Children's cloves nnd do. .Muffs and Hous.'Astricati Lambskin, Caps, &c. Hltssia Uiipcrnnd Crash. GltOCtnilES. Younr- Hvson. Old Hyson, Imperial and Hlack Tea, fresh and ehinp. Ilinsins, Oolite, husar, 5Io- I.... r.:... 't-l..AAn lipmipr. Allsnirr. Cinnnmon. , 11 Tl i . 'V 1 1 r-Iovc. NutmfRs, Loif and l. mip Sugr, Coroi, Clioeolats and many other articlea. chnap for cash at ' Co. Ilirlington.Nov. 14, H-41 Oct. 13. A L S A .11 O V I, I V Ii H1VORT. 101! Coii iinption, and Liver rrmplnfnt, Dyspep sia, ihzzuiu of iho head, los of nppuiite, l')y.uii. 'arv, and general lesula erol ihe whole v-lem. None sen. line I ut that preparul at 375 llowery, New York, where Ihe arlitle wa fir-t undo, ilircbar auerofihe me lieiiu; fuimed nnd e-lal hshe 1 1 y the prc.ent sole proprietor, and who are the only per ons kiiowms Ihe conipoinoii of ihe suii'inie. Ii ha Icen ue.l sucte-.f. Ily fur eisht voir 111 the cure of these thsea-e. itC7"Reineuil i r'lho and 1 nnjc only al No. 373 Hovvcry, New York, All othci aie eountrrfeil, Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a for Ihe e ilise.ic, I am f Ily sat i-fie.l, from Inti-j experience, llii-re i no nichcinc I'lialioDr. Taylor' ll.ilam of I.ivcrwon. Piiiis nine v voidable, 11 can be ne 1 with the iilmo-t -nle'y by nil pc.em 111 every eonlition. It eVai-e- ihu bins ly expectoration, relieve dilnrnlt brc.vlons, and cciil lo heal llioelie 1. 'Ihoief.-in I e noquc-liou bin tin inc.licine i a n-iiain ture I'or chronic 1 o 'rIk and cold. I have i sed it fo ir year- in tny practice, anil always woh.-iite . A Jf. ROlil-.R'S, M. 1). Tickling in lhcj'hrntt. I know Dr. Tnylor1 Ha'-atn of Liveiwort lo le nteilaiu rciiiedy'lbr tki eoiiiplnint, a 1 have no! II my. ell anil found its o 'cot an immcd.ati. 1 was Iniicli trou! Icil until I made tooi.fihi me hcine. M. L. llL.Nf-IIAW.2ll Mansm st. Iloir-enc- Ciued Forlliooire of hoar-one. I can ,-lronslv retcoiiunond Dr. Taylor's Hal am cf orwor. I have not onlylt mid sieal 1 enelil iny-elf, but many of my consics.iti. 11 I y my re -coninicnda-lion have re.'iovcd sieal I enelit troui lis virli.e. ll 1. at "nee mi'd , ellic.tcioii. an 1 harni'e . RLV. A'.. I.LWI3. SevereCoiish and Cold I have 11 inot m--vcre cold and cnii.h, for a Ions lime which I could not set ndof. Af cr ums many ii-u'e luiiiss 1 iri islT.ivlor's lial-am of Liverwort, and it cured tne 111 a low'iliy. JAS. H. K'F.RIII.NOCIv. Rai-ms of Hlooil Abo .1 Iwo wi ol.. aso I had fall, wnoh me to .pit wlii h ut'thius on dd erne 1 riarsrquatitn-.of Mood mini I Intsl I'r. Tavlor1. i of I.ivcrwon. Tin meihcinc save m iinnio- ib.i'e relief an 1 111 a very short time e .eclod an villi. o cure. Let all per.011. tfv 11. IH'OII 51CHARVr.Y,2l Cnanon l. Fr. Tayler'. Hil-nin of Liverwor' 'I hi. superior remedy forih-ca-c- ol'ihe bins- and bur ha. obtain ed a it'iut'i 11. n novel- Ii (oieopiallod. Remarkable Cure lif Consumption. . . . wa--linear her tle.ilh Willi tin- di-ci-e, thai my fi ends -cut for a pr e-t locoufo-. ine oie I died. Me in hi. mi r -y, told mo not to sive un nu'il I trie I Dr. Taylor1. of l.ivorwoil. I tenl imuiciha-Llv lor tin- mc'liciiic, and nlilioiih the con'e-t for a few- 1i.1v 1 c:w ccn 1111. me.iicuie, an.l my iti ra-e wa e veie , ihe nit bcnie eiunp'oic I, uu.'l in a formi-dil I wa. re-toiv.l to li.-.ihh. I h 1 1 a co ish, rai-ms of mai ler, lo-. i.lmy voice, pain-, wca'.no, etc Ionn re fer to Doctor Wd.i n, m the Carlton Ilou-e, ('or tho tru'h of my .'aeinent. .MARY DILL, It", h -itec-looi'. Heware'of I'm id. 3 nveui e. Summer Complaint. The llabam ol Liverwort, in several onc of tbi ihi'.i c, when-all other icincJie. itpplml ly phy.t eian have proved uieili'i'tiia!, ha ed a pcrlevt euie Surprizing Cure nf Consumption. Mr. R. iilii'Mui ol Delhi, .. V., of a namrahy c n. .iini'ilive con-tltuliou, ha. I ceil -avol liom a'n un timely end I y the ue 1 f Dr. Tnylor1- II 1I..1111 of l.iv ci vvo'rl. A .-even- cohl I ro isht 'oii an attack of Ph: 1-ri'-y, an 1 ihu - en.lel in dcbibiy an I eon. 'imp liui. A ci.n.'ant co ish, bivtio llu-bic-iV-.. nishi, 0 uo1; n-il-e. mi l rout unci lo. of dish, aceeied 11 .pee'y I'ea'h ; but a. oou as I comment c.l the uoof tin-I al-ain 1 grew 1 e lcr, an.l i now I illy re-loie-i to heallh. Shortness of I'rcath. Fur thi- di-e.i-o, 1 h.ivo alway. lo'iutl Dr. Tayloi1. llal-am of l.ivorvvt rl an cx' e'fcni reme ly. It 1. a 1 tuv so Mil'e.iii.1 mi e 'o.-nve, tl. i- I alway. u-e it 111 my pun tice, an I receonuiienil it to my fr en.l. I have ire 1 it 111 some bundle.!, t f U'lllun the pa fu ir vear, and I have never had n ful. In ca c C'!'.ilhmn, I fully lel cveitlo have lieu life means of savins, piec.ou. live . Lei all ue 11. (il OHOK RALPH. M. D. None srnmnc but 1I11I pu-p.uu I al 37,. .'..wery. Nt-.v 'olk n-WlII It- -tv.l tv ll.t- llli'!!iin'i. tier- ol ca. h bi.ttle. lie . uc von h o'. w bcu yo.i buy. 1 no sin line can aiwav 1 001 i.itni-ii 01 tin- Od Asen-, Me r. N. I.ovc'y V.Co., now Loyeh c Soyiini ir Dr. Moody and Poi k & Clieinci'- an I Dr s'i I, II ulm.'ion -. II. Hirue .Chirlotic Wil'i un Rlo'c-, Jr. Rl lilnoii ' l.'co. .tr- eV Co Milinn A. iV W. Iho in, llian I I le W." II. hVe er, -south Hero Ib.iacc W, t.wor'h, North Her. J. I) 1 vi, Al' ursh F, x L.Oinn, We I Albirh I). A. W f'l. O., H'.I.,I.,.M . m:w i:s t blisii.mi:.nt. (SL'CCHSSOnS TO ir'llTiTtT.LS) Wholesale and lie fail Confectioners, "l-IOt'l.D rcpo -ifu'lv inform the nihil nam tf II irlnU'K.ii nu. I the suiro 'ii.luis oi'iimry, ih 11 they tarry on the Confutioniinj llusiniss, on all u vano i-I ranelie. Dotcruiiiii-.l to n-e the verylc-t iinterial- in uiauukiciurnis, lliey will al all lime-rurui-h Mcr"li,ini. an I o'her-dcaluis in Confe-lion-.trie, wi h ibo I est q iiility, an I on e lowe-t pii'.-,i-I 't- 'or n-. Shop on Ch r h S roe', Iwu dm r So ith i f S. Ii. How .ir T., newly nu I in-aily lincl up, where we cor h.illy invi-e all lo call an I ox.iiiimeo ir ail.clt-, con..insof nil km.!, of Stic; Condi, II,. I -and Ki-t , Heart-an I I lam. n !, Ilraul, f'oppei iniu', Lemon Dio.i-, nnilla, Loousr ,Sisar Plumb, I'arraway,, Comfit., C.i-ta II id., Roc!,- nam I'r wh Candy, S car s.m.1, .Motiie. mil Se.-rrt., Sisar Apple-, Polattt, bi.-s, and Ha-I.e., with v .n u a. tuber aiticle. tmi n imeri u. to I e uioiitione.l. penciiu .ii r.niriii t't run an.l lancy on ban I. and I ake I to i rdcr, to either v. ilh 'Ice Cie.inis to furnish partie-, .c. Ac. .M.B0 Ct.i-eiu C.vNnr, whiih we reconimcnd for Coush-, 0(11-, Hoar one-, &i: We do not preen nisiv vviih Mr. J. P-ae .. Son, that t ur ('unify will c ue an h e.oe. lea tins tu Coii-iiuipnon, we think thai is saying too much, CLOCKS. Weliavea good n..or:ment of It ram and Wooden Clocks, which we will rll very low l'. r ca-h or np ptt.ved eieJit. Ple.i-e call nnd examine lel'ore piir-elia-ms el-rvvhere. N. II. ll order- from a ih-lauce, pot paid, will le pioinp'.lv atieii.k I lo, and packa-e.and bo.xe. nil on I ouid ol" stasc or I oal-, when re.pnrcl, fiee if oh use. He paitie dar and nldrc. all order, lo MIT CIllil.L iVHVUNliS, Confectioners, there I enij- two lillll.t'i ihu s.tuii: ii.iiiit- in iho vuiast.'insion, Vl. Oct. 22, Id 1 1. CI1UUC1I MUSIC. 111. foll.iwiusva'unlilo Musical Works arc ron X slantly for sale by the subscriber at the lowest prices, hy tho doji. or'hrgcr q ntitiiy, vt: ! The .MoclernPMliinst, a new vvoik by L. 5Iasen. H iston Acadeiii)'.s collection of cliuich -Music Jletho i t Ilariuonisl, OJcon, and Hostou and Amtricati Olre Hook. 'ov. ISO. O A. HRAMAN. E 51, WRIGHT vt Co, willoci wuliiii three ci foiird iy-, Vom 1300 lo2000 yd. lixira sutierlie, ( Ion! lesro m.t), .uperline, lino and comm. n all wool C.lrpe.-ins, whuh hive leen . irch.i-c 1 mostly in .N'.Vorkni n net ten, and will I e -j I at try low price-. Also Twilled an I plain Venetian sla'ir caipeim?, Hemp an 1 Cotton earpenn:-', Oil cloth-. .Malt-, ese. Nov. 12. A CAItD. "aTHSSRS. PANOIIORN ft nitI.S5IAlD I cs liiloave to announce the .ale arrival of cum f the nrnitri-in i nalatni, iiavins vi.iitxi many of the ino-i reVbrate I Walch, C.'cs k, Jcvvelrv, Ciitlerv, I'rrf init-rt an! I'anev Ot'Ott Mitiitifncitirl.'-in .r... coll, Si. Helen . Manchfsier, Shtfliel.l, Pirinmshani, and London. W havu ris-eivcil ,ome inmp.'iK ol lino lvcr Wa'.ihe in riold and silver (L'njr i,l.) f!.i.f, and hair m.ikinc at soinoof ihalo-t .hop. in lin-llandR varieiy of Walch, winch are e.xiieelcl next month. We hue receive! some .amp'cs ol Hroaie., Kings, P.n, OrH-p-.t h'nld'r, Pirl'.l, tic. We hnvu makinir l.v Mers. Rnlscrs fc Son. I Wostcnholm if Sou an.l L'Hictt-, Knive, iiaior,,'the lestq.nlily. AnvOootU 1 lm. w.t.k.. r.t mn.. m.i . . .n rr..-1-..t ....u in our pnriel toorter, at as low price, as any cily shopl will furnish ihetn. All rtrtn are ini-iicl to rail 1 'nn,I-vthe.smp'. ofOrU). !r...!y rrp-ne-I. Nov. in, WI. 5 I e un II nr are I,. 7? I ower,'-5 " J 1 ' 1? nuine !., yut:pr,f,V,rii-. They are recommended ur IV ; ,?. W Vr c,,Ji f ' rft"' ,'hu 3," l'ilrlv-tfc!rtJ-ti.ri,is weak oonl,ttio,., clean ins vP r.1 . 1" 'I "h0 V',r''!' 'ur,of l''u''' l""k"- "'"l s-renJlheiiins tlie stoiiia. li, an.l increaiiis the viiho i resardlo, ,ioil,o public, or the propne- i, nivcr nnd asue, reniovms naiiea. vonulins. I"-'! 1 III-. aV,lllUailUU I linisi.l.t.-.. DIUJMlll ut 11 1 Ji.S. IIMV -t. llod InAVi'iieor water. .'I l,c.t...cli.l -ni...l I. 1 heart burnius. weakno. in the re.1.1. nan in tl. stoma-h and other yinploinolflaliilenceand mdisi lion. One box will tincture one gallon. Prtee2j ets. a I ox. Russell's Itch Ols-T.Mn-T. This choice and nfe eiiiiiinenl I saul In I e superior In any nmv in ur, fiir that di-asreeablc and loalh-onie tl tea e, the ITCH. Thi. Ointment 1 so ii-artain in it operation Ihal no pcr-011 llnublcd with the a! ove di-order o ishl lo le without it. It is a reme ly for eutaneou eruption, corl"ilie ai'cclion of the head, orauy other I icaklns out which nrlea from sharp humors 111 Ihe Llood. Pri -e 25 el, a I ox. Rl-3 1 i.t.N Vi.oi.T.vr.t.r. Iln.l.tovs P11.1.S, or family physic, I'or scneral 11-0, in ca ut of Jaundice, luiirl id t-n-il ihty if Ihe -li.m.n h an I bowel-, lo-s of appelite, foviil I reath, coiveiie-, Pile-, nnd all ih'-ca-e. an. ins front biliary ilerniisc-menl-, il-o f ir correettns Ihe late of the I loo 1, and c!canins the yicm ol fo il and viscid humour-. The.e pib are a mild ca thartic, pro I. .cms neither pun nor cripius, and are therefore a vnlual lu and lushly approye.j an 1 are priiimmi'-od a uch I y tdetiio) ili-lins'iibcii liliVsiriaii. Kaeh box cniilaniing 33 Pillsf Pi ice 371 ct. a I ox R.i.'cll's relet rated S.vl.T Riicvm Ol.VTMr.ST. -Thi is miqce-lional ly the I et nnd -nfcl ever vel o'li-roil lo tin; p fblie I'or th-tl obtina'e ili-or.lcr SAL'I RIII'.I'.M. When- other mean, have failed, it lit. sue ece Ic I, and the I'.icl that it ha 1 1 on ..x'on.ive!) iio.l I y einiiitnt Practinoner -peaks vnhucc 111 it prai-e. II I e.fially elica' ioi in all di-ea e 1 f the !;iu, .caldhcad, fins worm., and il.ei-i .t invc-tei. lie Itch, .:c. ce. .Nuuierou eet niislil lc oltancl, I til the propntor rln.11 c th.i' i fair -ho' Id ' r the only evidence ofn. .upcriore licacy. Pri c ."ijccuf a I o.x. For .ale I v Peck if Spcir 'aud Rol ori, II iilmsloiii Dr. i'. L. Milt, and H ill f; Cnok, Hint--bttrsli I S. II. Iiaine, Charlolie; I.. Jane., I.. Tyler, H-e.x ; Fuller cc llunlinsion, Rcliu I Al-o, ly ihr drilsst-ts and uier. hauls generally bio luliuiit the slate. ' o2.Uif. TySI-ASI.H OF Till. l.lINi:...l.,.lr.ll, I'"1"1' ir 'r""-ov en 1 kn.itvii ... Amu icn . r-.t.u'.fr I unnuiifit 1 illinium i in- inui , .,). ic iriii. di no., in ii-e I..I i-.ii-ch. c il.I, :i.lhn.,i 10 (.lillit-ic,, vv ho ijiin t'li'mti .md piiliniMi 11 v s(l ell. in ofi'veiv kind lis .l'r 1 s'r.i.blv incir liiiv. h ml ill ii t.pi icoti me riiii'i.tiuU i)'i'.iviii! die ui'i-l I ivtiiitbtc Hic.Miiu i.l its t ffcci. 'I lit- f.iltovviiij ue vv c-iiilit:.tiri no t.lTciril ptild e 11 inn. Af. I.X rHlll 3IIS0 C3F F.X I of.l IrllPi frnlll Mr II S Cl.i, Ki.'s-i-"', U'r t i Y. to ihe pi qu ipi.m . 11 1 ii.ii nl ihe Dili 1111. iv. 1 ihitv ifcii 1 l-m iik.iblc chip iv .1 rff.r ed bv the ft .nilifr Pnl 111111 11 v 111 ihe w iioei null -.i 11c ol l-.i,i. I l.c triiul, Mi lloudt, ll.o I bi'cn ti k .1 Iimik nine vvl.b ihe 1 oiipti.til inn. Ill pliviri 01 c.vcii linn up III vv .1 1 ( iliii'l'd -11 l.ivv .1 10 I I 1 111. 1 hie I o bcti ll 1 111 -elf. I II. I W.I l.ll-lns a l-IILM' qil.illlilv til bin. id vvlll-illit- rii.iiiiii'iici il iiiiis llic, wlut It li.i illi-cir.t., unpli'lr line, .mil lie I icnv .1. Ii i'r .md l.e-tilv h- .1HI III Mil., Mr. lflv ll I It III'IV. d I. Olll I 111 III W II, 'ml lit his .niii'rd nu a mm r del 11b d .ii't'tiiuii of In. i'.tr. vt lot ll I tv ill l..i vv.ird vi. 11. CS CLY., N, V Jump 25 IS.19. Kxli.ii'l nf.t Inilci fi mil III- J.iroti Mv.Pl Tl.p Vii-l.ib'e v Ibil-.tiii li.i l.pi'ii ii!d ill llo-c-i.iiiir v for two p.ti d lite iiip licini' li.i . 1 1 nod .ic tinriiiniii.i.i iclel.rilv. 1. 11 tl .r-licrlv 1.1 ..hp 01-l.nit p fiilpil n Mi. iv uci ll.p dt'.ii Pit 1 flVci I 11 in bv mi iiirri... .11 f ivnr of ill-- tii.inv i"ti ion, lilct nl wlut Ii ir 1111 I1HI. Ml lip. Ill A t'l P.hlllMIS llhlt, bill ill II VVllllll I kicvv by iii 1.1 bp inVc'ii il. I .tiiiin. lii-lp bin iti,- nv 11 l nib .111.11 ilirieio. A 1 o'iiiipi fpii pi P..n hiioh tii licpii.iflrtpil licip bv 11 li.ivrllins Aijpm', of C1.111..1.1 k, ,. Y, rfn.lilipipi iinoibi't 1 iclp vended lieis 1I1.11 i ironl) sii.pec.ed lo bepin urn. Jacob Mrrni, M, I). Mifil.MS'oii, J111li.1l. 1 ro Ppiiii. M.iv S, 1S37 Fiiun Dr. S.iii-mpI oiirll, In llu- l',o.i inn. nl ill. Vpp Mlilc PiiImhiii irv ILii nil. I .1111 iii-li.-d thilllit'V. -rl.itilp I'ii'iiviii 1-1 v I'l.iilun 1 .1 v .tin ib't iiip.Ipi'ii.p Ii Ii 1 bpi ti t.pil 01 lln pl.icr vv illi rniil'lp.p .iit'i'c ic ill uh. I ill hp c.iiilpt tun of ll.p l.oij. alien Ip.t w nil .. -t-vpi p, tu.i.l vnicr. .01. 1 llic 1 of ninrl. Iiluod, vlnth iipvi.iii-Iv 111.11. v h.h i.vru in rs 1 Al'pi 1111. s 1 lie IIhU.imi ioip wpik.ih. tl tl It'll V vinrp I p.lilni'il ami be w ,i.,ld. lo r ik .mill li'v I'lii ini'iiiiid ...ine linn .uipp, n. il lb. ill mi 1 ll' nv 111 iitp.l col 1..1I) iii.niivp bio Ul'iiriini. Ini.iiii' I!p-.pi'i.Iv . fee. S. Min-KII.I.. I 1 ii.ivv iiti.i. tli 4.1 t vriiiiu'p I v Liiuiyro tt-l v l.ov bv .ol .iffpcitllii t.f lln 'liil, -old lllv ei.liiitl.n.i vv h ilti 1 11 p I 10 l.c nu 111 .ili'c bv a ri.inril t.f 'In 1 p ( tit .It'MII. I VV Af lllt-ll 1 coned 10 . i 1 o I Iip .I'll a- I It. I PII.OVPlI f.-r I114I1V VH, I.V II-IH' lIlH Vl-uPl llllc I'll1 imuiiv Hil-.tiu, Si, up niv lerovpr) 1 bvt- ipriun Ii-.l 1I1.. IV. l-Hiii .1 simi ill i. n run ol 'i... 'iMi..t.iiiii, .Did .1 I I'.. 1 l-.un. ii. ii.p li.i. in t.niililt I.PP.I f.illillt c.l lv inn Ii I.Piotti, ll'l 111 iimiiv .11.14.1C1 s II h.s pflpcicil cm 1 s w lot I. tv pip tv Iml'v It. IPX I'l'I'IPll. S AMU EL Lv CR KTT. 11... on, Mari li 2. 1S37 I'u, -alp, v.linl,...i'p nd mail, Wj PCCK U SPF. R,ll..i ii.u.i.i., Vi. DUnLINGTOn CIIAin PACTO-ST fy I.. Mil. -f ON, coiiiiii'ics il.e -w. iiusin.'ss ol miniil n-tutini Chans al the old s-aud, of the f.d'- lowuif; dtsci ipnonsi ('ml Maple (irccinn, i.'ane Seal, Comninn Cntie nntl lias tsiiil, I. arse antl Mnall lv.TStd Si at Hoi kmi'. tlo do Coin mon do. Couitnon Dimns, c, tU. AH of which nic warranlcd a fiisl rale arlicle and w ill be sold at prics to com spond w.ih the tunc-. AND FF.ATIlliR. lll'.OS, ULiADY I'T.ATiir.ris, 5 Al) i. Constinllv on hind, a supply nf warranter! Live flrccsc Fcailtcrs, which will In sold low for cash. WA.N'Tlil), bv the subscriber. Cm I nnd I'irds F.yc .iinjuc, tit'uvrreu at ins snop in v nurcu sirepi, opro.iic the old Patik. C. L. NLL-.ON" . LV3IAN & COLE HA Ii received, in al lui. n lo 'l.f'r lor loek rf Ilry (.'no'ls, an eMeu.ivr a -or mcnt rf Fall an I Win er Ouod-j aim ns whuh will le fo nl a :real vaintv rf nniilu. I r Ii'l.e.1 Cloak-j Al'i n ci l.iirr, a verv prcttv nr'iili-i Alpa '.1 -ilk War , Cam! le'ien, Pi tin H ack Alume, KisM tlo., Sitin Dam-ik, Hry. heii.i, Pt'r.iait C'ch, Fiench, Orruian, and linsli-h Mcruin, Mii i-e.ine i'r i.iine and prune. SiMiino, a sreat var.ety anl low pneeJ; Ooai's Hair and Imitation C-im' 't ". SILKS. A mall .Trnmcnl of ri.'h licM and "triVd Silk-, Heavy Hlack Canton, iro.' .S' i-., and oilier silks. .S71U7..S. IipinT, I 't -rarIe', I lac' , i h't, an ! rt'Iorn.. ; A few ctri -ize Vortt Uhau l Uluc a.iJ Ho.ry, :v lapjp aurtincnt ; an nn i"afl larsre a?oriii.ciu"oi AniiT.can punt; mi l I Vfl" U ' DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotim -hrr-inr and slnr"nsj Ti -'.i z anlWal din? ; U'rathrtl Cotiun and 5Ii'rr.inae .-luel:n-r, teij low. r.i . on s rtiiM.Miyas. Wrrlel H ndins, ill. dr. Larsero nl aid siuarc 5Iohnr Cur's lor overvoa'si .ilk Cord I'-r drt it s'-i Wor-lol aid .ilk Sirsc; lisurel nil; anl e'.v 11 ipon, re-.t- fiS'To j -ewins nil. , Twist an IT I rca I: Pa 'dins, Ci nt i , -c'r i , ( i IM Jean-, Hn wn and il' i '. I. ncn ; Wor-lel phu I for Kicinj; Htillinsfor over coals, vVe, r.i.vcr iih'rs. A variclt i.frchdo l.a.nv, Chally, s Ik, and new Ilie Fauci IP f . nn.l Vt-1 , ' ISllO.ll) CLOTHS. Heavy tloil It- llolh-; H-ner an.' Pilot Clmli. j Rich liiamond IVincr f'l i'h- j nl0 a sc-irral as-orimeni of II iilinsmn .Mill Cloth. (ientjiiiiien an I La be are invite I local! and exam ine cur vnve.x'innvea-.orlineai, winch tve enier at reduce I pi if e fir Oa-h. Hirlins'oii, ii O. i. 1S41. .vi a it it ii s.Mirr. TAR'HALL'S SNt'l'F, i nillecriiuthc Caisril .llmidlhevarioiti-ea-esoflhP hca I, awt:in. oreejes, In all part of ilie eoiintry ; nnd.u.ia.n-nc ihe rep'iivii n whirli il his Inns ince caiin-l, ol Mil; n'-rbl Hcly lb le-l article ol the kind in Iht inarkc. . . , , Fach lioiileeontntns three time ttirq-ianliivnf rni of tbo'e which are cflere.1 al "ONLY TWJ'.NTY FIVK CliNTS." And is there forr a inurh eheipsr at "e!l as teller arli.'ie. For .a'e I f pros- ,t spr..rt and Pr. ROIIl". MOODY. r QIIIiriTINOS, Sluritnss, Ttekins, Wick n, nwiinc OWAdlim. TwillM fottons, Canton F!inns!,.Sr-. Frr.alrW Kit. I. S. It. OOT T. nriiDtclon, Jan. 22, loll. ly.l.lK are co iniin.i'Li nuro v 01 v fvn n . c ..r . ,.,., i....... 1 N'LW IICADINU HOOK FOP. SCHOOLS. 77; iVo.vr oni.x i. nr.. nnu r o Mmiut to Yotif.'i, holding up to Vuir vine AfodiU chtrtby toformlheiroien 'Clinraettrg. Ily tJaniil Adams, Author of Adams' V:ir Arithmetic. F.xlracls from llic Prrfaco. "Till. .MONITORIAL IILADFR pos clislinr tivo traits- The objecl is lo supply what is IipIicvhI to Im-the urrnl dcstucratttm in our school A scriiJi of exercises relatinii to what concerns the practical tnallcisi f life, triilh, ii.tcirrilv, honesty, industry, temperanre, forethoucht, friipalny, patient enduranco nf adversity, and vvlmtever else lends lo Ionn end fix the charade! of youth. We wish to nnpr s it on tlio rnim's of those, into whose hand these exercises shtill come, now. in itna seed limeof life, vvlml n here so abundantly incul cated, thai 'livery mm is emphatically the architect of Ins own forn.tie' ulli llieinsdvis it lies whether llit-.y hall ever be nny lliiin? or nolliinfr, '.hut a nii.tii vtd eapifd to bopm Willi does not vvcich a whit in Ihr hal.nire for or nsauist tlirni, ihn.cotmn-j into life wi h health, stictu'ih, rnpnrtty lor lhor,L'Ooa education, a useful nnd rciptctib'o trade, habits of industry, sol., piiurtiinhly, friirshiy, ond ahova all, with n and unsullied character, they have the last of all capilnl, a moral capital : lira noblest ofall power, moral power: and the most certain niratta of honi-sl and honorable accitniuhlion anil f.n lime, and may be sure, under circumslaiici s ordi narily propitious, to ri0e lo 1 lint competency of influ ence, respect, run! sent lid confidence, and that hon orable mcasurr of wrijih and inclncn.'cncr, which shou d fully satisfy a 1 tacon ob!c and vitiuous ambi lion." Iixtincts from Rrrc tnnundntirn. The iuflinncc w ill a 1 be found on the side of virtu moriiliiy and rchsion. Occasions! comments nru si. en. D.lticult or unusual word aid defined. Proso end po?lry a c suitably tntfrnnii: lui It is hnrd ly-lo be uuasir.eil that' lluslj. ok sboi.ld fail of opu I'irilv. ll certainly would not. had it not so insny coni litots 'hat hn.l sol lite suit of it in the race. As it I its untile is such as to yt; fur promise of uliimate iiceiss m the cotitcsl, iJuilon Ifecordtr. l)r Adiiuis ! H-ivins exntnincd lo somn t.xicnt your Monilorial Riadct. 1 am 1 learid with its plan, it object and die manner in which it ha btcn execu ted. Il "tcnis ndn lid to ihe inlc'ltcitial and moral unprovc'iiH til of tho?e for whose use it was designed. I trust il will prove lo be v. Int its author fondly an ticipate (licv.) '.. S. HARSTOW, Ketne. ll sptsi -uch a boo' as our NTcw I'.iivl.ind hoyi and sirls will I rpl'id 10 see, far it incident-? in a pVa.insimnntr, industry, frugality, tiutli, hone ly, lenipLrauce, ppare. kindncs, ft rliludc, nnd a cheerful piety. 'I he. Vocabulary, end nl the nnd ihearraiiEe ment fordelinins wnr 's. will add tu its value ill the hands of a intl't'ioiisttachcr. (Rev.) AMIP.LA. LIVr:R5I0UK, Kecnc. Wr liave alo rcce'.ii'.tuir.dations from a number of imliv idinls nnd periodicals, nnions which ateD. Oos hy, Preccpinr of the lltch School1 N's"iiui i J. N'ew-lii-i Hrovvn, Proft Bsor of Tlict.lor-y nl ZN'cvv Hampton. II is a so adopted by the Associations of School Tiicbcrs in Chrhire nnd 1 1 1 1 slnro' counties, and by ill" Si hnol Pouiniitli cof I 'onenrd. 'About -:000 copies have btcn published, and r.icstlr tlieposcd of. Puhh-hrd nnd for s-ile by ROflY, KLMPALL ci 5IF.IUULL. N'orih Iind, 5Iain street. Concord, IV. H. Al.i f ir Slip by SA HIT i:i, HL'XTIXGTON-, Hiirlincton, .1. Ii Robert., .1. Ilnscr, 5IidtlliburT, W. Kmihiill, lirnndon, Win. While Hulland, J. T. 5l!iisinn 5Ionipc!i' r. I'nnr'tnis ut . aiirmirs, t lect -.clioois ar.utetoli crs ri ncrnllv are un it-d to exnmine the book. Plrn'e call md eximinc before purchasinz. The I'aU tit I'orlalilt neclsteil CI AN leiiii.vel from room in rootn rr oal of .h 'Hoce inca.oof fire, without inkms or Ino.rn.ns -b.-re r I ; is tnoreei.tly ct up, and thucord tishirned with Ic. Iron! I, and . aitt.rdisl at a1 out In . nine pri -en. the tiki t.,-!iione.l l'sl-trtl. Loll at my Sin p an 1 ,tr it i it i- a curiosity wrrth Icoking all and p rliap. yo i will ih-nk it vvo'rili I cynic. I Itltlli'- l,.leo, M;ll. 7, l-ll. II. h. l'A.MlilJ.,l. I ; ll ffa In Holies. ASl'PntlOI' iiMde, Indian lantifd; Fur thick an! nr.iv v, Pells -r fl and plin"e wdl nol in n e bv we ns. F..r -a'eby IIICKOK -V t'ATLIN, Wt-t i V Court llctieo Square, Hurlinlcn, Vt. Nov 12, 1-11. N. 11. Don'i nnrrln-o until yon have prtccJtbt irti-ira' ll.if-CS. Also Il.irrel and Dry Casks. ' LIVC AND LKT LIVL." rp TI L i.' .criler wo. Ll ii-peuif Ily re'itrn his L tli.ii-j.-'to hi.- many pa!rt.n. fir the r i'av ' rstliirin In- pi i live; a-i-1 wi. d 1 al-o ui orm ihe-n that lie hi- ro ilciii-lit I In- l.c'; tf Stationery, Hooks, Hun. ins '.'', -c. an 1 vv II 1 e hippy to watt i pon ill ihai -1 1 1 favor bun -v 'I'll llu-ir pslrt usee, and r.o t it. r I on hi- tmrl -h.i'.l lit .pure 1 lo sive .all-fael ion. 0 ir .tocli eo.t mrney ; thirefi re, v e t annol c vo it iwr.y, or st-'! i- lic'ovv eo.t, or a: co-t ; but w hat wu have to -c'l, (.f vvt can set an optiortuniiy) at as -lon'l a 'vaiitt- frem rot a- any our can tltfand Iivo "v their b'iiiir-.. Individ'tal'l v.-olunp lo puri-ha ' tcimc hi Solum! Hnol.., Sialtonery, or Hlanl. Hocks r.i i hi v i- a -h:i n e tu c-i the -in fr tv t.f ihe -nl cri 1 er.wne-i lie-av b vv .1! se'l t bran f r enl,' y callnt-j it llu- nsn ol'tbe Re I Lc Ise-r, ' 'o !c-e -.'reel. SA.ML'1.1. II! N'l I.MJTON. Nov. S, 1311. A, U 1. N Ll," A I. A-c runout ol ready ma V .S'.i l, le-, llrneM- ate. Tri'nk-, I. i -ue a! the oKI .tauJ north -i'r the 'i aie, near J. How arl1 llu'f1, w uh .cell atlil'lu'iinl ar nc'r-a- i.ii.'-ai.v I". tusl .a my Into . f f'iiine-. Vi'liip-, icr-, 1 c nil s, Hru-he- ni.d I'e'l-, i' at.'r.l lo 111 a 't-r. a 'Itnissea-t n. Flanni-!,TcT, an I Full CI" h. S in un ' lli.'e- and in. of Fanner's prod i. e re'iivcl ini.avn.enl. S. S. SKINN'!;It.r. an I H irluu cn.O.-i.CO Ii, ISO. m;v ooonrs. 'IT. s.ibscribcrs are now receiving ilisir second . -pply of Fall and Winter Ooods ; anions which " b. loitiid Plain and Diamond Ptaver Cloth', -vy Ptb t do. Hroad Cloth foi Lsdies' cloaks, c heap; Cnf-imcrcs. Sutnrils, Flannels. French ' ishsh .Mtrinii. Alpncca clolhs, Pon! a7int t. i! plain 51. He I.iine, tcr) tine; S.Iks, col'd .'ick siik Villi I, Vt Ivt t Irimitiings, silk Cetdt Pass-els, inohitr nnd s Ik Fiinjc, Oimp Trim .. Oi-rmnn Wots t-t!, Ribltons, Shawl, Ildkfs. s. I.nre Vtil. iVr. are n'?.-red im low cih, by Nov. IS. Ii. 51. WRIGHT. t Co. Ilui Un;(o:i Ilouk-torc. 'ti il" ul .on' or w.. ..l invi'e ihe a It iri 'n of hi I rcn!--ii'l lie pu! In- to In- new a t'limenr of It- , Tlio I c-l n'.ectii'ii h I, i-over ma-'e, Ii h Hi 11' el'meo'i. nnd S -li'to! Hn'.- are ii.-v i.'ercil herp for rash. N"V. 10. D. A. HRAMAN. IdicL's P.ilcnl Cooklui; r loirs, rpllli I e-t .H ie for the .avm-' of and fuel, 1. w h.eli lu. ever I icn o lorn, for sale in tli' st.i'e . lie Ine I cm-; due 'Ily uiitlcr Ilie I o ler., -n il. I. tako holir liind -harpe f lira, aii'l then -a ns arenn.l !n- t'Ven in tine-, n a In uive ilie oii-u a res- lies; 'akn; rq al to o I r . '. i ven ; aid I eins larser llna n iny oilier ' o, ins stove now in ur. l'.r sale ty Nov. 10, IS tl. S. M. POPli. . o o k 1 1 1: n i: i A TH. F.nilOR Will y.iu plcasu nolify llns rom .1 Imiimlv thai llio subsi rilic r has pimVil a Sloie More, firsi'door west of J. A- J. II. Perk A Co. wheto he has a enteral as-oitntcnt ol Cnokmr, Hox and Slnvcs, Caldrnns, ami Hollow Waie of iho .upeiior Hramlon Onsms'l "1 ""ck's Out Air eoakinj Stote, which hen iiiaiiufariniiiig in this place. Tlio construcnoii of this fltnc u such that ihe first mid sh.npest heat come- diret ily under tho boilers and then passes round a pnncu and equally 'lritid infn, an I rrquirrs tint cotr.psra ively 'itii fuel loptit it in pprtntiun, ai d bakes cep-nl to a buck .noil, 'I here inislit ho a List of fisnnlarc prpciueei is Ions as the rccommcmlslion ef a counirt P 5U from the hishrsi sonrci-s in 'he scctens ivlieic it i n usoi bill a prcitnblc ntinut thi- sloicor iho Ya'i!','.-. oi on iispIcs', nnd if money contmiif s s.-arcr vera must vf the less t f n, sii doii't c!n w ithout on that irrounl, but call Irv the new Sinvr, rtur melon, Nov. ID, ISH. S. W, TAYl.OK. " M 1! S . 1' HAS U it , HAS jill rclnnits' from New Yrrl, wi'h he !art fa.h'Oii. for llonnrts, Caps, ( Irnl, Pirrr,.Sr. .una' le f..r ihe ,tar.n. Ab ra ru h an !(ah onal Ic s-ortmenl of-Silk., Velvet., Vrlvt tern- nnd inmnunps f"r Hnnnt". and Pre .r.. She has ol o Riblrns, Feaiheis, Trench niidoibe' Power, Lato, Kliin-1 Glove, Mm, Curlf nntlo her nrncie-iiitl-f Mil!tni()' lineton numern is to pnrttenlari.r. Abr an eVgsr.' I'.nr'menl ot Hca, md n crssl aoortn entr f !onrtr and Cap rrnly for alr, all which iht- will rell s. hfnp or cheaper thin thryran !oi;lt !, rir ht-r-, nf ri.-al (tv'e sadqualilvrf rnrst. nyfr'n.0"s'. iwi f, 'tliisni ;, 7$

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