Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 24, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 24, 1841 Page 3
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flexible. Ho sneaked nway, inglorious!', from llic path of duty which lie had himself marked out, and absented himself from his seat. Wo have tho following account of tlio proceedings of Friday, from tho Nashville Banner: I'rooresi or Tn Factiosists. The factionists and destructives in our Legislature still persist in their unhallowed work of disorganization. Yesterday, os the day previous, the twelve destructives in the Sen nle declined meeting the House of Representatives in Convention to elect a Senator to Congress, in confot' mity with Mr Sneaker Turncy a resolution, which had passed both branches of tho Gcncrsl Assembly. The twelve Whig Sensors, however, obeyed the reso lution, ns tlicy had done on tho day previous, and met the House of Representatives, lint where was Mr Speaker Tjrncy, tlio author of tho resolution, the presiding officer of tho Convention on Thursday, nnd who then adjourned the Convention to meet again yesterday 1 Where was he yesterday when the Con vention mot ? We regret to siv ho was missing! The resolution of his own framing, which pascd both bouses, he obeyed on Thursday, bu' failed to obey on Friday l!o tho settlement of that act of disobedi ence to nf legislative mandate, set on foot by his own hand, acting under the solemnity nfnn oath, between him and his constituents. Let Imu explain his course satisfactorily to the them, and make them believe that,nfler thep.issage of hisrcsolutiaiibyboth Houses, tt was not his duly to go, with twelveoihci' ."'tnalors, into tho Cunvciiiiun, ("Ac can ! Let the other tietlre destructives also satisly their constituents, if they can! yesterday, after the twelve Whig Senators had re paired to tho Hall of the House of Rcpn r-cntalive, and it had been moved that the Speaker nf tho House should net as President of the Convention, n scene bordcung on riot, uproar and confusion profiled un til tho adjournment at noon. In the afternoon, when tho Convention re-nssemhlcd, a hko scene ensued. Several Van liuren members of thclloiise made very liiilminnble and discourteous remarks towards the presiding officer and the members of tho Senate pres eni. They provoked olio or two Whigs to reply to them with some severity, and to warn them of the conscq leuees they might expect, at the hands of their constituents, for their disorganizing and revolutionary conduct It was at length moved that a roll of the Conven tion should bo tailed whereupon about twenty Van nureii members left the Hall again. Thp roll was called nnd tho absent members sent for. Twenty two of them sent back a written statement that thev were ready to return to do business in thu House of uepreicntntivus, out could not recognize tho lody present in tho Iteprc-cntntive' Hall as a Convention of the two Houses of the Legislature. Several of the an Huron members remained in the Hall, most of wuoni remained "mum" when tlu-ir name were rolled i thoir.'h threcof those who did not boll, Messrs Hembree, Ogleshv and Lane, to their nrnise bo n sun. ken, answetcd to their names like men. like freemen, and tho Representatives of freemen, and voted boldly Against the propositions of the Whigs. They were neither for baiting, ilotleinp, nor skulkin sr. but for meeting their opponents fairly nnd nbovc-board. When thty return home and ask for a re-election at the hands of their constituents, they will find no op ponents to rise up and -ay, " Von on the 3d day of December, 1811, dodcid, lolled av tkulkc'd from the Whigs, in order to defeat by unfair and disreputable means, what you could not accomplishes Democ racy should ever accomplish all her undertakings, by fair means and in tho face of dav!" No, they will fin I no opponents of cither party, that can talk thus to them. But how will it bo with the twenty-two who lotted, and the few who were "mum 7" Time will show. The Convention, finding that nothing could bo done, as matters stood, adjourned until 9 o'clock this morn ing, when it will re-assemble in the Representatives' 21 nil. is u noi ninoior sonc-mtnncii, retlectmg men, to consider what ought to bp done in thp present posture of nlfiirs J We hear it conjectured that the course of the Whiis will bo and we cordially appiove of the plan to wait a few days, without attempting to do business in either house by itself, ndju'-ining the Con vention from time to tunc; and sending for al sent members at proper interval", in order to ascertain if it is the full and lixcd determination oftho twelve Van liuren members of the Senate to ;o'rtii( an flection of Senators to Congress, unites they can have such men elected ns Viey may plea-e to design-ite ami that if they find this to be the determination flxul upon by those twelve members of tho Senate, and co operated in by a portion of the Van llurcn member of the House not one of whom, ns we have heard. Ins refused to net in Convention, if a quorum of the Senate should be present then to adjourn sine die, and appeal to the people for a full justification of the step. Well does tho Banner quote against these uisorgnnizers, the followincr sentiment of Jefferson : "ABSOLFTK ACQUIF.SCF.NCF. IN TH F. DE CISION OF THE MAJORITY, TIIF. VITAL riUNClPLi: OF RF.PUBLICS-FROM WHICH TI1KRK IS NO APPF.AL, BUT 'IO rORCF., THE VITAL PRINCIPLE AND IMMEDIATE PA RENT OF DESPOTISM." These arc tho words of Thomas Jixrr.n son, tho great apostlo of civil liberty. We appeal to tho sovereign people of this Com monwealth wo call upon the freemen of Tcnnessop, every where, of every designa tion j Whig:, Democrats, Republicans, Fed eralists turn your eyes to the Capitol of your State, and behold tho deeds of tlioso who profess tho creed of Jeffersonian democracy. THE STORM THU MAILS. AtnANV, Doc. 20. The snow storm of Thursday and Friday last, .seems to have boon ono of the most eovero and extensive storms on rccoid. In nlhlirectinns tho usual avenues of communication have been blocked up, and for several days wo have stifle rod in this city from an almost universal dearth of newp. Thus, up to sovon o' dock this morning, wo had nothin" later front New York than tho papers of tile Wednesday netting previous wliilo from the west our latest Huflalo dates wore only up to I ticstlay, and Rochester of Wednesday. Tho eastern mails, however, fared rather better : those from lloston having been delayed but a fow hours, while tho Hartford papers brought us our earliest advices from tho smith. Tho Bteamcr Do Witt Clinton, which left New ork with passengers and tho mails on Thursday evening, met tho storm in Nowbitrgh bay, and was compelled by its violence to anchor and remain there duriiic the night of Thursday, and the greater part of tho following dav. Tho land mail from Hudson which 'left that city on Saturday morning, and was due here the same evening, did not reach here until the af lemoon of Sunday ; the snowdrifts along tho road rendering them almost impassable. On the west side of the river similar obstacles delayed tho Uatskl'l mail until late at night, the driver being compelled to dig a ton! though the snow. l'ho steamboat North America, which left New York on .Saturday .lflcrnnop, got up to Cutskill yesterday. We arc indebted to .Mr. Hoi-glass, yjio came up tn the N. A., lor a copy of the Now York Atncr.cati of Sat urday, m advanre of the m.iil. The steamboat llnu.r, which left New York for Now Haven on Thursday afternoon, went ashoie at about 10 o'clock at night on City Island, about 1.1 miles from New York, anil having sprung a leak, soon filled with water. The pasfcngcrF, crew, &., were all safely landed on tho island, where they pasted the night not very comfortably, and returned ne.t day to New York. At Huston tho storm commenced about 10 o'clock on Thursday night, and raged with tic mendous violence throughout that night ami the next day. The steamer Acadia, which sailed for Liverpool on Thursday afternoon, doubtless encountered tho full fury of tho gale whin ofl the coast the same night. The shin Mohawk went ashore in the midst of tiie storm on Friday at l'eiint Aldcrton. It is supposed that she will bo a total loss. Two largo schooners lire re ported ai-hnri! on Vhonmson's Island. The next mills will doubtless bring ns some std tidings of disasters on the const. Daily Adi: Tim 1' Locomotive jkom Huston! About half-past II o'clock yesterday afternoon two Locomotive F.ugiin-, the Hampden anil the Norfolk, with their tenders, arrived at (Irecu huh from Chatham. They came over the road without encountering any' other obstacle than that presented by a foot of snow. Thus tho chain between Albany anil Boston is at iengui complete, it will be seen by an adver tisement that the first train of cars will start from this city for the Hast on Tuesday morning. The Clarctnont L.iglc, speaking of this impor tant, won;, says : The road runs to the grand depot of tho I'.ric Canal, and the maimlacltirerr', fishermen and importers of Massachusetts w ill pour over it the treasures from fifteen tributary rail roads into the lap of the boundless west, and receive in return the products of a."),000 miles of canals, rail roads lakes and rivers. lb. try, no ess than for the prosperity of tho Depart tnenl, that such has not always been the case. ' I.ittirs to others are frequently enclosed to persons "who ate entitled to the privilege of franking, and " letters written by others nro often sent tinder their "frank, in opposition to tho express letter of tho law. ' There is rauo to apprehend that Postmasters have, " in Fonto instances, been guilty nl this fraud upon tho ' revenue. This evil, unless it shall find a remedy in ',tho vigilant and energetic co-operation of Postmas " ters with the bead ol the Department, must tend to paralyzo all i s operations, It is thcrrforc expected, '' that yon will watch, with the utmust care, nnnint this unlawful .practices nnd whenever you have cnii'o for suspicion, use all lawful means to obtain "evidence against the offend, r. I .ft no cllurt bo re- initio', let noihcrnitv of stntion deter in ; but how "evcrcxaltod ins- NEW STORE. " The New York" Cash Hardware Store. THE Subveril er bavins determined to carry on , tin- HARDWARE BUSINESS in all ltibranchei in Hiirlinqton, Vt. has opened nnd now oilers for sale nncntircly new and well selected niortmcntof good, in the above line. His object this winter Icing more to learn the de innnJs of the market, in order to to nble to supply the same in the Spr log, and as he Intends doing a strictly l,uine, he solicits a share of puflio patronage, conlidcnt that his prices will lo found to suit nil who Inny lavnr him with a call. Burlington, Vt Dec. 21, 1311. W.M.J, HUNT, 'ii !! all. i iiliiiajLoilcijettrcU, ncarthc Square. tn ihn rnnl nl hi ilfuvi whr. I ' hall vii late 'he t -w ir iiie.ilnir nl ins . :u,.iini ,r. vilcgp, ntvet fn n rntorcu the pi"ai jv lenl i npil' i mn mat I have given my son Jacob process, and icpnrt uneb ea"'o lb" D'p.-r'ment. l Alonui m lime during his minority, nnd hall In all lawful tflorts to carry nlo ettVc' iheproN -mis th i-r. inm none of lm earnings nor pay any .of tho lawniiaitist ciieh sba!! incur its pet. allies von i d ' i of liiscouiraitiiig after tin- date. ISAAC MORRILL. "will I c sustained by the Deiierinn nr bu. on l'ost- 'ma-ter can expert to retain '. ofuli nee of tlie "DepartniLnt who shah wanlo ..clnic InsfraiiUiiig "priilege, or who knowingly sli i . tutp.r it it i odiers "wi'h impunity." 'file vast amount of servtco which the mail est tilihsli inent is compelled to perform by the existing laws without ny remuneration, nnd tho many additional mail facilities which tho public voice daily ca'lsfor, render it necessary not only that cvety dol lar of lawful revenue shall bo collected nnd accounted for, but that frauds and leaks of all kinds be pre vented. Your attention is nl-o called to the instruction re lative to your duty in tho tiansmission of money to tho publishers of newspapeis or acting ns their agent. .Much uiisiinilerstaudiiii! nnncars to exist rn this sub ject which it is desirah'e should be. corrcrtcd All mat you miy lawfully do is contained m the following! nnd if tins is not strictly observed, the Postmaster Ocnernl will bo compelled to withdraw the instruction entirely. A l'ositin'ccr may enclose money in a loner to the pub'ishcr of a newspaper, to pay tho subscription of a thi'il person, nnd frank the letter, if wuttui or signed by liiincll but if the letter be signed bv anoth er person, the Poslmas er cannot frank it. Hut this i- ;i service not requii td of him, nnd ho may perform it ns a matter of courtesy or decline it, nt bis option, Hueh letters sho'ild contain only, and relate so'cly to, llic transmission of money fioin individual subscri bers lo piib'ishers of newspapers, and not the collec th nsof agents or othcts; and they shoul 1 not cover correspondence on any other subject whatever ; and it is not proper for a Postm ister to become tho ngenl of newspaper pul libbers or others, nnd use his Trunk in the transaction of such business." Should you be requested to attend to any newspaper business requiring the use of your frank, respecting whiih you hao donb's, you should decline it al together. I am instrnctc 1 to add, in view of the numerous ap plications on the subject, that, of the "Law-, Instruc tions and Forms" last published in 1S3?. nnd the "Tnhloof IW Offices'' last nublishtd in 1RTT. no co pies have for some time past 1 ten on band for distri bution j but it is the intention of the Postmaster Gen eral to order a new edition of both, to be pub'i-hed as soon ns appropriations are made to meet the expense. 1 am.vcry respectfully, Your obedient servant, lm. c. Fm.i.F.n. 2c. Assist. P. M. Gen. J'o-e Office Pcjinrtment. ) December 10, IS 1 1 . J Hint'.iirgli, Do.. 'iO, 1311. Loult I lore ! WE have a fine lot of llullilo Holies, a few No. 1 Lynx Mulls mid Otter Caps, fur lined, Gloves nnd other Wumr floods, suitable for cold weather. Tbo-cin want of nnv of llic nuiive named articles will do well to cation F..M.WIUCJH ifc Co. ns they will givo great 1 argains for ca h. Dec. 23, 1311. NEW AND IMPORTANT WORKS Recently pubbshoJ, and for stla Ly I). A. U It 1) MAN. TH K Younp Maiden, by A. D, Muy, nulhw of the oimg Man' Guide, le..1.a Chin.. Texas and llie'l exiani, by II. S. Foot, IIitcJicocl,V,Ofology, Miscollnnie, ofLiicrnturc, Ly D'ltracdf. The Philosophy of Hi.-tory, '.hiiiri, its stale and products, The Tragedy oflhe Sens, Poems by Mrs. L. II. Sigourney, D'Aubigne's Reformation in Germany nod Swit rerland, Miniature Romanes, from Ibe Uormn,' ' . (turiieyon the West Indies, Drew on the Ko-nirrcvtiou, American Anliquitie., by A. W. Brndford, Hill'. Uuildcr's Ouide, Aiken's British IW, Campl ell's Life of Petrarch, Heads of the Pi-nnliv lrvlno- VVnl,. The Works of Mr,. Opio, Edward' Anatomy and IMiysioloay, OliinpstM of the, old Word, Lii;hs and Shiidesof Scotlisb Lifij, Olory and Sliatno of Fnuland, NOTICE. Wll tho Milncril cr-, of Huili'iiton, Chiilcndcn County and stale c f Vermont, do hereby give nnticu to the public ircnerally, lhal we have a very lar!!u:i"nrlinent ol Heaver nnd Pilot Cloth-, every -t j le Uroail cloth", oaimcru nnd sannclt ! Figured nnd Plain Silks Alpaeca cloth-, French nnd Knsrli-h Merino-, every -!yle! Sli.i'.vln ami IlanLerchief-, Jt l'e i.iiini'., etc. which we oiler at very reduced pn es tor ca,-o Hue lb. villUill l if UU ruipctlncs. A NY one t'Lln!i" to biiv n i-arnel cdicsn. if ibev Xwill oidviaLolho trouble tocnll on H. M. Writth't lV Co. Colkie Mreet, they can le a'conuiuxlalod a price and iini y, no uii-lal.e. Let. 2J. Hie crcat .!. iuv of the Vegetable Pulmonary l),i)ram has iieen theca.ii-e of attempts lo intrcducc spurious cit.clcs, which by puiallv assuming the mime of the crnuine, arc calculated to mislead and lecicvc the ijulilic. Among tlicse mnt'ures are 'Car' Icr's Compound Pulmonary flat. :n , MinrnVaii iifmonarw linsam. 'cnetahle 1'ulmonaru Pal saniic Syrup,' 'Pulmonary llalsam,' and others. Later fkom Mkmco. Tito brig Lmiilio, at New Orleans from Havana, brought later intelligence from the Mexican capital. The capture of the Texian Expedition to Santa Fo is corroborated, a semi-official letter from a high public functionary in tho Mexican capital having been received, stating expli citly that the Texans had been all captured and were held prisonors. Tho same arrival brings the information that five Muxican Commissioners have arrived in Yucatan, charged with special powers for arranging with that stale the terms on which she would return as a member of ihoMexican Republic, now that the mother had resumed her ack nowledged duty, and embrace:.' tho federal republicanism of 1821. Most of the Mexi cans believed that Yucatan would readily sgree to return and again become a Mexican state. From Tennhssue. The Senatorial ques tion remained unsettled at our last advices from Nashville, which nro to tho Cth iusf. tho joint Convention met as por adjournment, but tho Loco Foco Senators (including Mr. Turncy) refused to attend. Afltirremainiug some time in Convention, nnd tlio absent members not coming in, on motion the Se nate adjourned to Monday the Clli insl. An unfortunate occurrenco took place at Bethel, Wiusor connty, on the 1st inst. Mr. Levi Hivoll, a young man lately married, was accidentally shot with a riflo in the hands of Ins brother in law. The rifle wai. loaded with ball, and having failed to give fire young Mr. Child went into the homo to arrange the lock, and while picking the tubo -with an awl tho piece unexpectedly discharged, the ball passing thro' tho hip bono and bowels of the unfortunate votinc man, who expired in about six hours rw.r,r.,r IlPA-rn. Mr. J. Thrasher, aged 17, of Wells Kivcr, lost his life on tho 7th inst. tho most nainful. Ho was engaged in Mr. Scot's Saw .1111, and at work first ditcoycred, bays a letter f-m UVlls River, on the saw by a young man who was passing, who ran and pulled him from the saw and gave tho alarm. His head was completely torn to atonis, and there is nothing loft Imt tbn skin. Some parts of bis skull were found under the mill. His right arm was very much s battered. From all appearances he had btopped tho mill in the middle of tho log, and, as the saw does not always btart when the gait is hoisted, pro bably ho took a lever or piece of ocantling and prved over tho log to start it ; the saw probably fell and caught the end of the lever and threw him directly in contact witu me saw. ;atc. .donian. Correspondence of the .V. Y. Commercial Advertiser. Nassau, N. 1'., Nov. 17, 1311. Tho brig Creole, Capt. F.nson, of Richmond, with a cargo of tobacco and HI.") slaves, and four or five passengers, for New Orleans, sailed from Hampton Hoads on tho 'J7lh tilt. On tho 7th inst. at S o'clock, 1'. .M., tho brig was hovu lo, supposing they would make Abaco next day. After tho passengers and crew not on duty had turned in, the tlaves rose upon them, mur dered a passenger, .Mr John Howel. owner nf a portion of them, by stabbing him with a bowie knife, wounded the captain and one of tho hands i-cverely. Hut little defence could be made, .v they weie not pieparcd for such an attack, hav ing but ono musket on board; while the slavc: bid pistols, knives, aid bludgeons mule by cut t ng up handspike?. They were under no more rcs'raiut than is usual with steerage passengers and it ib mote than probable the whole thing was arranged before they left Richmond and Norfolk. Having obtained possession they broke open trutikn and ransacked the whole vessel. 'I liny spared the lives of the passengers and males, and others, on condition that the vessel .hciiilil ho taken to Abaco or an F.nghbh island. uniier tiicso circumstances tlic amcFci l.orp 01l tho morning of thu Dili. Tho American consul immediately bad the captain and two of the men taken on shqic, and their wounds dres-od, and also ihosu on board. and requested the Governor to place a guard on board to prevent the slaves from going onshore, lie well knew that if tins was not done it would bo impossible tosecutc tho.-e guilty of the mur der. Tins was comphed with, and an imcstiga. tiou oiduicd to be taken by two magistrates 'I he consul also has taken the testimony of tl.e passengets and crew. Nineteen slaves were iudcutiflcd as having taken active part in the mutiny and murder.and confined until farther orders, the Government ruluMiig to send them to America for the tires out ; and the remainder of the slaves, witii the exception of live, who declined, ,cro liberated by the interference of her Majesty's subjects and the authorities of the colony, wlio contended that they could only ho considered and treated as pasi-enc'crs, with.lho right lo lm on shore in bo-its from the bhuro whenever they pleased. While tho consul contended thev weie, under the circumstances ofihocate, as much a portion otitic cargo as the tobacco, and that the Untish Government had no', the right lo interfere in any manner that would procure their liberation 1 lie captain is convalescing md wi probably recover, though it will be very slow ly; the other wounded are doing well. On their liberation, a vessel was immediately put up for Jamaica, ad vcrtising for emigrants, passage paid, and a number have entered their names lo jjo. Yours, etc. J. F. 11 MACK & LAMP.I'.IIT'.S LIXTURKS. We are elad to find that the two lectuics delivered bvtheabuve liinlleincn have received that attention Irani our citizens wineli they merit. 1 lie sljlcnt t lie i.eciiirc wa uttpren tiding nnu simple, I ut eminently fitted for a nonulnr assembly the lectures bcin" practical, and brought within ibe comprehension of every inuiv miial, uy reference to the Alnnr in, or model ol u man. The great objection which has hcrctofoic sill Hstcd neainsi liclures upon the struc ture, of the human body hcfoie popular assemblies K by this piece of wonderful mechanism, wholly done away! anil tlie auctiencc, without any tcxhngs ot dis L'list which the human subject inspires, can follow with pleasure the lecturer ns piece by piece he takes the structure apart and unfolds to thein its form, usis nnd adaptation. Tlie icmarks of the Lecturer upon the best means of nreservinn health. counlcd. as tnev arc, with b.cid deinonsrnlions, ought to receive the attention of cvety oncol Ins hearers. Upon tins point alone, ii m in trnin eviry other c niueraiion, the lec turcs are worthy of attention. T'ermonfer. Wo would call the especial attention of Stll''ltN .MII.I.S All I'. NOW IN OPHllATION. TMIK late improvements for cleanintrnnd inanufae X Hiring crain have been introduced and are far superior to tiny thing of the l.ind in the country. l'Jcasc call and examine lor yourselves. it. w ni;i.i.i;it, Agent. December, 1811. 3vv-23 -IVOOLLnN' KNITTING YARN, nt VV Dec. 10. S. II. SCOTT'S. CUAItl.OTTH 1'HMALi: SF..MI N'A It Y. 1HF. next term of this institution will commence on Wednesday. lTil h of the nrcscnt month, un der the tupcrintcudnncc of .Miss lima . Miss Gccns-sKv was for several yearn a teacher in the C'n7enovia Seminary, and has been recommended to the board ns cminen ly qualified fur thu station. Since the clnsc-of the Inst term, the building has been repaired and painted, nnd the Ti unices now commend uie icisiuuiiuii lo puunc; puuouage witu niticnscu ontiucncu. tuition- rcn qi-Amr.n or ntves weeks. qui renders to tho above, since these gentle men arc now lecturing nt tlie Court House in this placo, giving two courses nt tho same time, nt half past 3 in tho nfternoon, and at half past G in tho evening, the course con sisting of six lectures. From the entire sat isfaction thus far given, and the mere trifle it which tlie leclures sue afioidtd, wc hope no one will fail to benefit themselves by nn attendance. T 1 1 K MA It K K T. imiGIITON Dec. 13, At Mai kit 973 lleif Cattle. 210 fctous. -12C0 Sheen, unci isu swine. Priiir.s- Hetf Catt c lastweck s prices werohard ly sustainecl. yye riuoto lirs-t oualily at 5 ot) a b 00 second eiuahtv ! 30 a 3 30 ; third quality S.l 'J3 a 4 50, llamlling Wattle Jlcss, 51 li. a 4 -1 j : An. S3 IS. .No. 'i 30. Stores I wo j car old S7 a lo , three year oldsll "''"Ur'.'''-''"'" told at GTc, 02c., SI 12, It) 1 it VU lllltl owini oiois to pciiu:c. Ai retail, .fjc. and 5ic. "t" F.M P F. It AN ci:. A mcctintrof the Yoiiiil' Men's Total Abstinence Society will be holdui at the Court House this even mg at b o clock. Friday, Dec. -'!, 1311 'JT.MPF.r.ANCH. Tillllcitizcuf f Hinc-hur!!h are renucsicd to meet JL nt the Yillage Schol Houte on '1 hursday evening llicoUiu I'ec. in1-!., ior the purpose oi lorin injej y oung .vitn s i cnipciance society. "J'vo jjot into a grtUc ftutmeg said to iv!c grater. scrape," as tho From the Cincinnati Gazette of Dec. II. We rearct to state the death of Mrs. Itebecca Mc Lean, wile of Judge McLean of the Supiemo Cotut oueuiconi i.ouiv me on last .nonaay, nnu w as in tcrrcd in this city on Wednesday, tier life was i beautiful example of christian Met v. and shena scd from earth at peace with the world nnd her Cod. l or tn.rty years sue nas uccn a nieiuucr ol llic Mcth oitist i-.piscopai T Common F.nghsh branches, - - S3.00 Hiahcr do do ... .1.00 To whiih will bo added. ror Ancient Langiiage0, - - l,uu French, 1,00 Drawing and Paintim?. each 1.23 Hoard can bo obtained in a nspcctable family, a lew roils irom ine seminary, lor si.ou per vvceii,in eiuuiugiuci alio nguis. Ill behalf of the Trustees, J. POOR, President, Charlotte, Dec. 10, 1811. 3w-T2 L'fe and opinion" of Milner, Ueautie of Daniel Wibner, The IJ.'er in Fiance, 2 vols Democracy in France, by Dumas, ' "ii.uiui jiesearciics, Down iii g's Land wa iiclUa rden in y, Ituniv of Ancient eitio, .Mechanic'- Own Hook, Plain Scruoua, (-hrMi.m Youth's Uook, Autl-Popery, by Rogers, Juclon, or cenein Judea, 2 voli. InciJenls r.f a Whaling Vi.jago, A summer'-Journey by .Mrs. Sleelc. i)cilwci's.Mi.eellnne-,'Trnge iyof the Wildorueat yerinan t'ro-e Writer-, by .Mrs. Au-tin, llcniiiii.ence, ot the last sixiv-Lvu viisr,. bv F. S. Thima, Life nudTime" ofWhili'tifhl, Sloue's Miscvllnneoiiv Writings, HowdierV Family J-hal,vpcAre, Turner'" companion to (!cuei, Itemini-eeiHeiof John TrumbcJI, fruii I7SC to 1841. The WorUolMi.., Mitfr J. Milman's Hitoryol Cliri-t, Il ickiiigliamTravelin America, Disaster-, Itainl les nnJ ltuvurn, Il irc.hard' lli-ti ry c.t Congrcyslioiiali.tu, Parley's school Lilrar.e,, 4 vil H THOMAS will continue his Auction Solea in tho nflf rnnnn nf nvnrv WVilnrcrlnv ftnrl Kninr. JftV. A attrf rmnntiti nT IlnimMinTd1 Piirnittn-.i nf difrcrcnt descriptions wilt bo offered, tonth er wh Jiuvtvs 1 1 vnnous Kinus, wn pjpr onici. oi wr Ooodp. Ciillorv. niocks. Joivnlrv. Arc .Vcr l,t ollcred Tuosday, ThuraJay and Saturday IvcniPg until lurmernouce. uctobtre ivt Whig. K .. B. COM1I3I1T II R RESPECTFULLY informs his ftiends nnd the public, 'hat be has now oprnM n Livery Stable, and bason hand ready for use some excellent Horses nnd Carriages, ffleigh, Harnesse-, cXc. which he. will let on renso'nablo terms. Stable at llenjnniin Uishop's Hotel, South West Corner Court House Square, Uurhngton. December 10, 1311. Morlson; PI11. nTF.SSRS. PANGIIOHN if- DHINSMAID on lJnpnoinled State Agents by Mefors. Alexander and John Motison, of ibe l!ritih College of Health, London; ono of cur firm visited thecollego in Londor, and we hold our appointment now directly from hear' quarteis. A correct picture of the College Huilding can be sun nt the Variety Store nnd in the bonds of our sub-acouts. All the pneknges will l o rigned Ui writing, rANGli6rtNSiElU.NMAID," Dec. I, nil. State Agents. , Shcetliics. 1 1 fitf 1 nALF.Sofhravyshco'ings of different qoalitic lvinirgs, I -' ' u.vojust hem rcccircd and nro offend for saw ai .iinnutacturrrB pricis to Jlirchants nnd others, who arc invited to call and examino tho atock bcfoiu purchasing elsewhere, under the belief that tho exam, inatiou will prove tidvantnecous to thcrn. lly I'OLI.ETT & 1UIAU1.1-.Y, iW.g). at the Wharf Horse llav. IjOIt SALE. A quanttiyof Iirt into uplind li . hay, forcakh on dclircry. lu.pjire al thu mini-, Hurlington, Dei-. 8, 1811. Itoiinets I Honnels 1 1 A BEAUTI Ftll. assortment ol Florrnea nnd XJLflonncts much below tbepticesof last summer Also, a great variety of Chcna Hibbons, by Dec. 10. S. H. SDOTT. Casslmrrcs. TDAItlS Diamond, gold mixed, and wool dycbluo a onu nine oiacK s. 11. SCO ITS, liorse Ptl ilk Hrna't Cloilis. OUPF.Il Wooldvc black, invisible erecn. olive, bins. Jnnd steel mixed cloths, at unusually low pi ices by Dec. 10. S II. SCOTT. A of lir.KISSfor Culinary purposes, al who'calcnid read, I y 1'IXXiV SIM-.'AII. NUV STOIti: AND XIHV GOODS. Q M. I'OiT. is now receiving his Injl stock fi" O. Goods, consisting i fagencrHl assortment of Dry Goods. Groceries, Croikery and Hard wnre, which heollers forsnle atn small advance from cost. Oct.9, 1811. Itrubcii Itouil's Instate. STATU OF Vr.UMO.NT, jrpniC Hon. tho Pro District of Chittendm, ss. ) X bate Coutt for tl.o Distrii 1 of ( bittetidcn To all Persons concerned -n the r.state of Reuben liond late of Underbill, in said District, ilectnfei). (Ireetinf. Whereas, '.ibiW, Church, Arltn. de bonis tun of the F.slnte of said deceased, proposes to render nn ac count of his administration, and present bis account against nnd estate for examination and nllowanccnt a session of the Court of Probate, to ho holdcn nt ibo Ilegisler's Office m Huthntrtori in i-nid District onlbj second Wednr-sdaj of January nrxt. Tlicrcfirv, Yu are hereby iiolifled to appear 1 cforo said court nl the time and place nforcsnu), nnd show ci.use, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not be nllowed. Given under in v hind al Darlington this fifteenth day of December A. D. 1"341. Wm. WF.STOX, Register. I! La-tern A rt and Au'iniiiiivi, I'anti logy a Sv-iematio S Jty U K now ledce, by RusWell, Rural life of Kngl.iud, SoiuheyV Poetical Work., The NoviUol'Jane Amtiu, 1 vol. ii-u i noiisanii u ear, I vol. v. IS II. Wanted, A JOUItNKVMA.N Witteh Mailer or Watch 1U rVmirer: also a Jo.iriievinaii Silver. inilh. Thoa in the trade lo whom we lorward a copy of this adver-ti-emciit, are dciicj to reincml er in should Jiiirnev- mcu ca 1 for work. None bin rood workmen arc wanted. Dir. 10. PANtilJOISN k IJRI.Nrf.MAH). N OTI C E . rpiID Subscribers having formed a copartnership 1 under the firm of HATCH, ODLLL &. Co., would Inlorm their friends ami the public cenerallv, (hat thev Inve recived a sond assortmen of FA Mil A Human 1 Uliui i-Kll-S, which they are now ollcring for sa'c ni Unocal pricis, al llic corner of .Mum and Water nine's. A'so. Flo-ir, Pork, Salmon, Codfish, Mackerot, Iron, Nails, Glass, .Sheetings and Shirtings, Uools ond Shuns, and Liquors of all kinds. J. wil, W. J. ODr.l.L. CROSS .f- HYDR, I!ur'in?ton, Dec. 8ih, 1911. Combs. 1 CASF. Wood Pocket Combs, J. B0 doz. German Silver do. 500 230 1 2000 BO 200 Cap Twist Sido trass Ivory Nov. SO, 1311. do. do. do. do. do. for tale by VILAS, I.OOMIS St CO. Fresh Trai. CfV ''IIF.STS Hvsoi, kin Tea. 0J 20 I'o Old Hyson d . 2t Do Twanltiv do. 100 Caddy boxes Hyson do 73 Do do Young Hyson do 100 H'llf .-bests Vourvr Hvann Tel. nf rlillrpnl qualities, of tho last imnomtion, and ollered nt Auc tion prices by 1 OI.I.r.TT it URADI.r.Y, Ulil Hock, Hutlington. l'li.n Cut. Wm. Kllbtiriic's Ilstnte. STATU OF VDRMO.Vr.) A T n Pro! nto Court Dis'ni t uf Cliiiicni'c n s. 1 XvliolcVn nt Hurlinricu vvrlini and b r the l'"tricl aflri-nid,' n .hi; fourth e'ty of Pei'i'iii' er, A, I). 1341, nn Instrument purporting n I e 'In; Will and '1'e-taireiit of William K 1 ' ume. In e of lliirliiig'ou, m ald Di-tnet tleceaed, wu pre -ri 1 lo the Court hero lor Pro! ate, by Anu Kill trii'-, thu I .ci'innx therein named. 'I hcrcli.u' it i- orc'eied I y .aid Cc urt, thai pitl.l 'J nolle c I e civt'n to nil per-on in'eiO'led therein lo appear lifnrc-aid Court, atn e--u-n thereof to lo hull 'en al the Iti'iri-ier's (ftirc in faid RurlinEton, i.n I Lt- -eci n 1 Wu'lnc-ilay of January, A. D. 1512 fliu ecn'i'-t the prol ate oiaid Will, and it is farther or t'ereJ that t hi - or ler be peblishc I 'hrcow-eks sued:, sively in the lltiiluiiriou I-'iee Pie-k, a news paper prnrud at H irlipgton, in ibis tn e, the la-t cf w lucl. -hall 1 u previo'is tothu diy a-tiineJ, a- aforcsaidfo hearins. Given under my band nt the Reji-ter's Ofllce, lbi lhi!a of Deeenil cr, 1511. WM. YVrsTcs-, Ke?iter. nnt.s. tohacco. itJ 30 do Smoking do I tank of Itui'lliicton. "TVfOTICD. is hereby given, that a meeting of the 1 1 Stockholders of the Hank of lliirlington will be holden at their Hanking Houo on the second Tues day of January next, at 11 o'clock, A. JL, for Un purposed ciccung seven uireciore lor tlie year next ensuing. lly order uf the President and Directurs. R. G. COLD, Cashier. Burlington, Dec. 10, 1S11. Cliamnlain Transportation Gonmanv. riMlK Stocl holders of the Chaiiiplaiu Transporta. J lion Lompnny are neriliy nutiticu, mat the an nual meeting, fur 'the election of Directors of said Company for the ensuing year, will be holdcn nt the Hotel of John Howard, in Uiirliugton, on the fust Thursday of Jantury next, at one o'clo k, P. JI. uy uruir, ivc. r. uuui.n i wi.. ctr.-. Champ. Trans. Co. Rutlington, 1th Dec., 1311. Qn 51 OttlLLUI) Kycd Nccdlaa, OOJ 200 Gross Hooka and Dye. 100 do. Knitting Puis, G Cases Loudon and American do. BOIbs. do. Just received and for saleby Nov. 30, 1311. VILAS', I.OOMIS ii CO. A LHS. White nnd col'd Thread, tiJJ 50 " Hindi Limn, 7t Gross Round nnd Flat I.nccts. Nov. 30, 1311. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. 10 Kecs Maccabov Snuff. For sale by FOLLLTT ft BRADI.r.Y. fall. " 5020 n,'sr.I.S Turks Island, 5000 do Solar, 2P0 Sacks Dairy, 1000 Hbls. fine. For sale very low, bv nun . , r FOLI.KTT .f- HRADLEV. Old Dock, Uurhngton. Sheetings. HA LIS 4-1 Hrnvvn Sheetin?s. I "3 Wae, Illeachcl ilo. Sucars. 1 fV HHLS. Powdered. IV 10 do Crushed. 10 lloxcs double Loaf, 12 do Nov. 30, 1311. For sale I y VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. Philadelphia Lump, .ew i or no of siqierinr quality, for sale bv FOLLLTTtt HRADLF.Y. s. . York, Groceries, iStr. IinitRICIC has just recuved from N lo Wliests sajieiior ii. si. lea, 5 do do Y. S. do 5 do do O. II. do 15 lloxcs Bonn's Tobacco, f, do Roan's do lri ICegs Plug do 10 Barrels Fine Cut do n I ngs Java Coffee, 10 do Laguira do 20 J.irs .Maccabov ."-'nulT. -10 Hales Brown Sheelinrs. Flies above Goods were purchased atlovvtinccs. nnd will he solvent n small advance. Also- l''catliers. f '-B-. Gi'.e Feathers, of uper.'or quality, i5WWjof ,lo. Hen's do. For air low by Nov. 30, ltfll. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. Sheen Sklus for Ituok Iliticinc. bc. iCA DOZ. Sheen Skins, as. oriel a-ialiiics on IiiuhI mid fur tale lo muniifai'iurers and oilier., at low pricu, l.y VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. Nov. M, tail. Sheet Iron. 1 f PACKS R i.via Iron, n c rled Nen. 1U 50 11 indie- F. ng. an.l Ainen -an Irnn,aid Sot. 73 lioe Laiiaua I'la'elnr nle l.y Nov. 30, IS II. VILAS, I.OOMIS & Co. 12 do At the Wharf. Xf HHLS. Barhet's Gin, OKI 50 do Amciican Brandy, For sale by FOLLKTT BRADI.F.Y, Old Djck, Burlington. fjfl BOXF.S RAISINS, awW on rt.nJia ivu..,,,' 100 Boxes se-aldfd Herring For sile by FOLLI'.TT Tf- BRADLKY, Old Dock, Burlington flannels. ICASi: While an 1 l obuej Flannel,, 20 pi'-ce-s ligiii Sal'-l.nry do. 00 " Marbudoine-tio do. Ju-t rceeivcl and for alr I y Nov. 3D, tSll . VII. 3, LOOMIS A OO. It tit ton QAA GROSS Horn Coat H.ittMJ, OUU 210 " " Vest do TO TIIF. POSTMASTIIRS THROUtiHOFT Till L'NITFI) STATUS. Tho muhiplicil and increasing attempts to violate tho law and defraud the revenue, l y writing on thu wrnppc r or margin of ncvvspapirsnnd pnmphlils sent l,y mail, eneb sing mcmoriinda or oilier things vv iiliio them, uni'irsconng, dotting, or pricking kltirs or words, and bv various oilier devices, with l ie view lo evade tho payment of legal postage, force upon the Postmaster General tho necessity of directing me lo call the special attention of Postmasters to tho un liiiii-inni'uistlinn' llitiruuty n nils tinmen nr. Tlie w rappers of all liausu nt p ipers and pamphlets, whiih have reached their destination, should bo re moved, and the papeis examined. Those used in llic manner above nlludid lo, ns the vehicles of commu nication, should beehamuL nn ilcliirrv. wilhlrtlcr postage; if nfuscd or noi taken out, they should bo returned to the offico where lirn mailed, and the Postmaster, there, should invariably eol'ect tlio legal penally oi iivi uoiuib, ui mo person who commuted tho offence. Such papers ishould bo nampcd, when mailed, nnd inaikcd with the late of postage. The Postmaster General cannot bring himself to believe, that public sentiment, when, will fail lo sustain you in the faithful discharge of tliii duly, ns Imperative upon you asanyotlnr. By the law of 1823 "any memorandum" in writing on a newspaper or pamphlet, subjects it to letter postage; nnd in the opinion of tho Department any words, however few, other than tho namoof tho per son addressed, constitute n "memorandum" within thonienninpof tho law. The very great nbit-eof the franking privilege, and the consequent loss to the re venue of the Department, and its demoralizing effect nn the community, hasn)60 attracted tho attention of tho Po'tmastir liencrnt, anil on this subject ho con not but repeat the language of one of Ins prodice sors i "It mightba presumed lhal tho high character of otiiccrs entitled to this privilogiv would ho a guaran In Jericho, on the 17lh nis-t., by the Ri v. Mr. Bliss. .Mr. Win. Powell, of Cambridge, lo Jilts Julia Ann Leo, i f the former place-. lu l.eiimngion, on tlie lotn inst., ny mo iicv. .Mr. Hookc". Mr.Tliuma '1 iinetoe, to .Miss Jane Burgess. both of B. In Danville. 11th inst., by Rev. L. Adams. Cant Andiew Camel; lo Miss Sarah J. Wist, both of Danville. In Troy. Oct. Ig. bv r.lder Nichols. Cnnt John G Dudley lo Mius .Mary C. Towns-end. In Lamoilevillc, Dec. 1 , by Simon Sinclair, Esq. Mr Peter Dorn to Miss Nancy Fisher. 3D ii o cl In Willi-ton. on tho 17lh inst. Mi-s n.MEiisn R. Landon, daughter of Alson Landon, Ksq , in tho Cist year of her age. .yuoiit tnire years since .viiss i.anuou macie a pro fessioe of her f.iilh in n gloiilicd Saviour, and united wi Ii the congiigational cliurcli in this place, and up to thu time of her death she honored her profe-sion. During a long nnd distressing illness which termina ted hir e irlhly career, sho inanifestid the utmost pa tienceand resignation to the Divine will. Some days before her death bho was inforinid by her pliysycian lint he could not tccovcr. This intelligence s-lic re ceived without alarm, ami immediately arranged her nllairs lor tier Uepartute. iicrii'pcwas triuinpiiant, and we doubt not her rest is glorious. She has left kind parents and an affectionate circle of brothers and sisters to mourn her departure. Her loss will be m the chinch and the Sabbath school, in which she was a teacher ; and her name will long bo repea'ed with emotion, byn numerous circle nf youth, with whom sholird associated. 11, it her place is empty. God has called her from her tods to a huhcr and holier employment nbove, and introduced her to a company more ixaled llunsho left on earth. Her remains weie Inid to rest on Sub bath tlio 19th instant. .Many youthful tears were thed upt n the occasion, which it is hoped may be fo'loued by sighs of repentance, and n preparation to join her in a holier teinplo above Com. In Bennington, on iho morning of the 20th inst., .Mrs. Belsoy Norton, wife of Col. Martin Norton, aged 7J ymrs. In Bennington, on the IGth inst., Mr. Jason Sibley, aged 41. In Logan, Ohio, on the 1 1th lilt., Mrs Ruth, wife of Nathan 11. llnswell. 2d. anedSO years. In lVacliam, Nov , It. .Mrs Llisabmh, Consort of David l urrinr, ngrd si lorincrly ol isoxnnl, .vis .New I'irni. rTfMIF. 'nhscribers having formed a Copartnership i nnu u .1.1.. ..i, r ,r,r,l,r'lr,. Ahdicincs, il-e., bilonging In ihe I.-tnte of the late Diet. R. Moody, will lontimie the bciness nt the eld stand, sign of the Padlock, corner of Chinch and College slnils, nnd will make such additions to ilieir stock of llnidware as will make it full and complete. They respectfully solicit a continuance of the gener ous patronize ixtcndcd to their predieessor, nnd in tend to merit it by the same attention to their busi ness nnd the wishes of lluir customers. HAGAR & ARTHUR. Burlington, Nov. 2'J, 1811. RE FOLLKTT A Jill A I) LEV 'PI'.CTI'l'LLY inform their friends ami alio public, ihat Ihey have received nnd now offer fnr sale nn the most advantageous terms, nn rxtrmivc as sortment of Iron, Steel, tic. consisting in part of the following : 1 Ton Snnderson's Cast-steel, i do F.nnlc German do J do Fngh h X do 20 Bund es Bnizier's Rods, 30 Tons Fnghsh Tire iron, atsortcil, 10 do Old Sable PSI do 10 do Swedes do 1 do Too Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do 1 do Swedes do 10 do Russia horse nail rod, 10 do Bloom, lint nnd square, of various sires. Nov. 29. IVIiltr I.rnd. X TONS " Wctherell" Dry White I.rnd. O 5 do No I and Hxlra do Co in packages from 100 to 500 pounds. 2 Tons Fxtra Ground in Oil, in Kegs of 23 nnd 50 pounds, for sale at Manufacturers' prices and freight, by Nov. 29. FOLI.F.TT if- BRADLEY. AUCTION TOMORROW, At I o'clock. nYH THOMAS. T-vOt'!ll.K nndnna'e Sleiclis. Buffalo Ro! ts. Oner. J Seal, Mu-lrai, C'oih and Navy Caps, llou-chold Furniture, including Feather B"'-, Dye i-tu by llic hirri'l, undc Cloihiiitr, Stoves and Pipe, 1 hrn rate a ci.iy Ura clod,, 1 vv ooovn no., imcKsuin .Mit tens, &v. Dee. 21. Itniks for Town or District Libraries. Ct GOODRICH ha a valuable- collection of Honks , Mtuah'c for town or district Lilraric. which will to soiu on tin- most literal term--, and at very low priei" Dec. 14. 2110 " lillt Coat nnd Vitsl do 5U0 " Panlalei u ilo SiO " Pearl shirt do 800 " Hone dodo. Fur sala 1 i.uu.n l.T Cs s. 4.00 HOXFS Simmons' Ca t Steel Axe., w7 50 do Lithrop's do do arraiiieo, nnn ior snie ov 1'OLl.i; Tl' Oc IIRADLliY. Old Dock, Burlington. Nails and Ii on. 1 CJfifi KK,;s XA1LS, assorted sizes, lJJJ 1U0 do Fini-hing Nnd-, do do 100 Kegs pike, from 30J to fOJ nnd ti inch, 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 1-Cths to 3 inch. 10 Tons of hoise shoe Iron, of the various s'.iet, I do of Maud Iron, ft do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, tlit nnd square Atn. I l))indo For silo nt manufacturer's prii is, bv FOI.Lr.IT Hlttpr.r.Y, Agjnts. Tobacco. T)rr K KG S Fulmond's, J 12 Hoes Frvine's, VILAS, I Nov. 30, I? II, lfm- snli. hl.i u.mi nana, one hune, '.vl hil plaasurr sletuli, Willi tlie nnrui'-s, ai-o a sacuu ami I n l'e and a lirst ran: 'ivon 1 hand ( ooumg Slow. All or any part ot said ur'iciu. may be Iiiil chcup, anil l.avini'iit ma k- in goo i niru wio i. ' ii in ioii 11 A VI 11 T)ls:l'l I minium n, i'ie. iu, tun. ........ .t ..w....u. A Notice. Tl!OKi: mm the enclo-iirc of tho subicri I er on or IJ.ibo il the first ul" .SVpteml er a nil and w hue two year old Hi' fir will) short horn-, rather inclined to turn in. The owner i rcpie-lev! to piovc property, nay i barges aim taue ncr away., Dec. 8, 1811. 1ID.NJA.MIN WRIGHT 1'2 lr llotttn'r, 10 Keys Cnrdwell's, 10 Boxes Rovve's. The nbove are all 'hoieo brands, sn.l .ire nffLTal low, by FOI.LDTT it HRADLf-Y, 'iil Diicle, lliirlington. gfyllHDS. Tiinidad, an.l 30 bhtls. Porto RuT, -v. Molisse, heavy bo lied nnJ Iil'IiI colored, iusi received and for sale, at a very low price, by l Ul.l.l.l'l Ct HltAPI.ny. Old Dock, H irhngton. 1 l HAGS Filbert lJ 10 F A it U A It &. W AIT, Importers of Crockery, China nnd Glass Ware, do Brazil Nuts. 1U do Hard shill Almonds, lri Frail soft do dj 20 IU Is. Hickory Nus, 5 do Chestuu's, Of superior, and offend w, ht FOLI.t.TT .V. HRADLHY. NKW HEADING BOOK FOR SCHOOLS. Tilt: MOXlTOniM.Iir.ADEn.ora Mor.Ucr to Youth, lioldin? up to their ritrc Models vhetely tofurmt'tciroicn t'utraclers. Uy JJaniel .-Itiams, Author n.lciMs' .Yrir Arithmetic. F.xlrncts frcm ihe Preface. 'THI:MO.N1TOIIIAI.RI:aDI:r posse distinc tive traits1 The obj"ct is to supply what 13 beliovcd to be the gnat desiucrntiim in our schools A strica of exircisi s nlatini to what concerns the practical matters c f lift, truth, integrity, honesty, industry, tenipivnncc, forethought, frugality, patieiitindurann. of adversity, and wbatcvir tlse 'ttnd to firm and fix the I'lnrattrr of youth. We wih tonnpr -s it on the minds of those, into whose hnndthiseexcrei-cs shall come, no a, in this srid tiuicof life, what is here so abundantly incul inted, tint T.very nnn is emphatically the architect, of Ins own fortune' that with themselves it liej whether they hall i ver bo any thing or nothing, tint n moneyed capital to bee.ri with does not weigh a whit in the balance for or against ihem, that,coming into hfo wi h health, sttenpih, capacity for labor,coou i ducatioii, a useful and rescclnb'e Irade, habits ot industry, sobriety, pui.ctunhty, frugality, and abovo nil. with n good and unsullied' character, they havu ihe best of all cnnitnl. n moral capital : the noblest ofall power, moral power: anJ the most certain meaniof honest and honorable accumulation ar.d fortune, and may be sure, under circumstances ordi narily propitious, to rise to that competency of influ ence, rispect, nnd general confidence, nnd that hon orable measure ol wealth and lndinenJcncc, which shou d fully satisfy a reasonable and vir'.uous ambi 'ion." F.vtracls from Reccrmmendations. The influence will all be found on the side of virtus morality and religion. Occasional comments ore given. Difficult or ununal words aro defined. Pros.i and poetry are suitably internum: led It is hard ly to bo imagined I lint this bi ok should fail of popu- lariiv. ii ceriaiuiy wciuiti uui, uau n nui au many competitors ihat had got the siartof it in the race. As it is its mettle is such as lo give fiir promiso oi ultimate success in the contest, Poston liecorder. Dr Adams: Having exnmincd to some extent your Monitorial Render, 1 atn i leased with its plan, its obiect and die mnnner iu which it has been execu ted. It seems adapted to the inte'lectcal nnd moral improvement of those for whose use it was designed. 1 trust It will prove lo be what its author fondly an ticipates. (Ilev ) .. S. HARSTOW, Krene. It sjtist such a bo.)1, as our New Finland boye nnd girls will I e gl id to see, for it inculcates in r. pleasing manner, industry, frugality, truth, honesty, temperance, peace, kindness, f rlilude, nnd n cheerful ptity. 'I he Vocalulary, end at tlie and the arrange.. iiieiii for defining words, will add to its valuo in tin hands of n pid'cmus ti nclier. (Ilev.) ABH'.L A. LlVr.RMORr., Keeno. Wc have also reei'iiniiiicndntions from a number cf inihv idiials nud periochcnls, nmonir w hich nre D. Cros by, Preceptor of the 1 1 lull School' Nisuua i J. New. tou Blown, Professor of Theology nt New Hampton, I It is a so adopted by the A-sni lanons of School Teiehi rs m f'hefhire and IN sbor..' counties, and ' by the Silmnl I 'ommittce of Concord. About -fi'O copies have been pub!. shed, end mostly dispo-ed nf. Published and fiir ile by ROPY, KIMBALL &. MI'.RI'.ILL. North Fnd, Main street, Concord, X. H, Al fir Sile bv SAMirr.l, IH'NTINGTON. nurlin?ton. ! .1. F. Hubert'. Virgennes, J. Ilaeer, Middkburr. W. Kimball, Brand n, Wm. White Rutland, J. T, Mi'-ton Muiitpiher, PiincipiN of Acidemirs, ?elect School- nr.dteaah ers generally are invip'd to examine the I ouk. I'leisc call and examine before purchasing. SJPJihp-!, g I II I I It, ..nt .iv ui a.i CTjll HHI.-i. Winter Od, of superior qunlitv, for -alu "n low 'y FOI.I.P.TTifr IIRADLliY. 1 t ')U llVh notice V tU V' 0("i Blil.S.Tar, 20 do. Pitch and 1 Ton O ikuin, ' chains in tin. r.,r sil.. l,v fni.I.I-T'l' .'. ii'imi rv Walton's Vermont ItogUfor for 1 8 13. Ju t re eiVf I ami for n'e I v IV-. Ij, 1? tl. Vll.tS, LOOMIS Itl'o. l.llg.aiu, nd theaiiiuiii my Counties, in n nicy iiayt: mane arrange 'iiieiiis for re iciving from the be-t Man- uljcionc in Ma- si LrocLiry ut 11 LIVi: AND LKT LIVLV At Howard's Clicnp Cash slorc, rjt'RLl.NC.TON, Ve -I4 "r- north. Un;. 3 IJ cas', lfih Dee. '41, Tliur-day, A M.7o'iloek an iiumin., i nerrunmcier -ju i cg. ainve 0. 1 In inomeiii tlio snow ins rcmnieneril Ml ine upon n suruiiv tsay ; niciu irnzen Minuet', ono i HI enoucli come in mal sleiphmg, the town would asiuii.e a merry, merry, lively, gmpling appearance ; tin as. scuil Isgn at Howard's for Cheap Hoods would 1 c an aniusinz siii-eiaclR in Inm, and to which sight all arc most cheerfully invited to join in and tal.r a pan from now.uws. eatti mcivs-ivii season, all J that ihey will at all limes I o m re.ulini's. lo re-pac; to ouier, at .-sow y ork nnd Itii.inn nr i-.-u. Thev invito ine atlemion ol Jler chants parti.:id.irlv to their sioc of Wait, assuring tbiiii that they .will do all lhei here promise, which will le a great saving to all who pirehaso ot them Warehouse Corner I'll irch anl Collejo ttrevts. Uuilington, Dev. 10, 1311. Imperfect Stone lot. FA It It Alt it WAIT, XT A YE O.N XXhand several ii inurtsi q ii nr 1 ots of a II Mze- a little imaerli-ct, uscfilforyanoui p.irposes in .ill Kami ic, and at small price-, va. rying from 124 cents to it) "'ills, lo llo 'nd lthe CroiU-iy Stoic, Church and LVIIege. street. Burlington, I ec. 10. Old Dock, Burlington. QH COILS nnnilla, ) OvJ 30 do tarred do Miom I to 9 inch. 3 do marline ) Toerthcr with an extensive msortiucnt of Dcei Sua Line, Spun Yarn, Sir., for sal., by H'l.l.l.fT it BRADLKY. Gifts for the Sinsoti. THK following beiiiiiful Honks foi Presents, are nuw received nnd for sile bv 1). A . BR A M A N. A G.ft for 1312, The Ladies' Rook of Tlowers and Toctrr, Friendships Offering, IS U, Tlie Token. 1912, Poetry of Flowers and Flowers of Poalrr, Forget. Mc-Nnt, 1512, Language i f Flowers, The Rose, ISl", The Viohct, l?i: , rjy Hi; sul-erder wo 14 lr-pee'fnlly return h! 1 'han'.'s ti In-many painms fur the r lav rsduruu , 1 " pisi fiy, year-, nnd would also in'orin ihem that jl. '.-is ro,ile!iished his tick r f Sitiiionory, Hooks, I I' n ng ?o,'k, oe. nnJ wi'l le ha;'py t" vvait upon I i . hit sba 1 frtvor hint Willi iheir prrouaee, and rr ' ' r; on In. part -h.ill bi'spirej to give "vti-nction. li r-piel. co-t mci'eyi tni rch'tc, we cannot givo it ii-iy, trsell it below co-t, cr at cost; but what wn Inn- to sell, (,f e ran cct an opiortunity) at a. -in , I advance from i'"-l a- any one can do' and live v i-e r !"i-iiie-s, Individi.aU wishmg to pur has. I'nmi ion Heboi 1 Hro'.s, Sialicnery, i r H'ank Bock . an have a chuuee to te-i t'lr smevnty of ibi- sol cn ei.vv lien he -ays he will sc1 1 cheap f r ca'h.l.y calling at the of the Rod I.iUer. CilliTesinvt. Sy.Ml'Kl. IIF.NTl.NUTO.V. N..v. f, 1511. 20 DHLS. Whiting for saleby Nov. 29. I'OLLKIT .f- BRADLKY. l.'.'.IWL Dec. 15 riAu ui:xt. Dnquirc f f Two con vcn en t IIinie. IKfl. VILA5:, LOOMIS U Cc. IfANTHI). Two or three first rate Cot inakirs ! will f i nd constant work at C. nr.N.NS.V SON'S, .Sej'on l door snnih the Bank, Church sluet, Bur lington, vt, in 'Jl, IM1. 17I7"AI,T.N T T Almanac, for 1 P 1?. Noxv I,avv Hooks. -(O.NNLCTICirr RLPOItTS, Vol. 13. V,' Common Law do Vol, 3H. Feel. do Vol. (!. Fe15. Kora!eby C. COODRIGH. PASTRY ARTICLES ! P I'SSIA.N Sheet, hnil and Siaplc Isinplaui-s. I I Cooper's American ilo. Nicest Iri-h Mos, Kssenccof Peach Kernels, t'oncfiiirated Fsiincvuf Umcns, Nn-' st Rom Watir, F.xtract of Rose, Spanish Vanilla and Oil cf Mari-, The Ordinary Spi rs, IUn lmcn Syrup, nai-iu u.i, Pugar Ornimmt- and Sar.n KerinrJ Conticiionanes in Cnrnetr, i;. r. Dec. 16. By PF.CK it SPEA I', . , Ttf.nlk. , .l i.' i t ' n iiiini'iii iiiHi'isi, nun i u I liter r I J A. Ill i- ar- I nir- in Also, a few coniai of Car "ite rur itsrcstriciion within theltmltsof the. law) hilt 'vtr Jltcccllan:i",;u t reCivnano trr 'al Pv ' it is much tobi Ismentcdfor tho honor of our coun t Dec 21 A DRAM AN Dry Feet!! exi client arnclc for Hoois nnd Shoe erving the feet from water and external moi' Hint rf Willie Ctilna 'I ea and Coffee Seta. 'AURA It iV WAIT have just received an anrt- incut i f While China Co lee sets. Cusiard Cung. Ilrtakfast and lea Plates. Piieherj. llowla ami terstamis, for sale cheap a! tlio New Crocnery Store. rer. iu. Gilpin's Improve, I Self-Iukcr. PRINTKRS arc di-ircJ to witness tin' operation of one at the 'iHi'ril cr oilice. Tbcy w ill 1 c f.irnisbcd dt the inanufa 'turcr's pn -c. c. rnDPRirif, I).)', 1.1. .Igctrur Af Ainiiu'rnrer. Dinner Services. bin I iCyjlnlitr's Water Troof Ularllng'' 3; ( Warran rd I or rale ly J'l.Ch (. M'i 1 K. nWRRAH & WAIT hivo cun-lanllv on i very bandsomo as-rnnunt of Dinner mis, with I utter I rats, sauce and soup Tureens complete, of 1 1 ic, pink, Milan spriggul, white granite China mi l Hourlon spriggcil ware, which will 1 1 sol I vrrycheap at iheir new Cro?l.ery Store, earner Church and Ceille j:c streets, Ujrlington. I'ec. iu. F A It U A It it V' AIT. Nollro to Families. FA.MIL.irS m want of elegant Tea and Dinner sets not usually- found in country nori-s, can find at Farrar Waits eMallishinest, a very great, va. rpitv r.f superb White China Ta selr, I fioM rand and Iinedr, Sprigiirtdo do Gold band and sprig'd ilo Gold islge and line do Dx'ra wida gold band do Which will le fold ns cheap a can 1 lo ight in New Vork, Boston, or Troy. HrHisnVoepers are invited tn I'xinunn tbcm at the Vcsv S.cre, crnerChahanl College fnvts B irlmsl-n, Pee, 0 Clnrks. Til O S K who wish to pifln-c either Brai or Wooden Co ks nre invili I to cal1 an 1 look at our assortment. We hive them that run one and eigh' days, tho e that stril.e, hour an 1 alarm clocks ; wc hive thrni qu'ocheip fi'r kitchens e r clmnd er-nnd inc.' ones suitable for Parlor or Clo"Us eleined and warran r-f. TANGllOItN & t'RI.NSMAlD. Dec. 1, IS II. Walton's Vermont Register Or . 1 S 4 2 i For sale by Dec. 15, 19-1. s S. IIFNTINGTON. Ilnoks and I'.iper. C GOODRICH, "nr door F.t-t of Farrar & Wail's Creel'"' Store, DP STAIRS, has a very irenml rillectiou of Books, meludms a Urge stock of School DooUs and Pancr. All wishing to purchasn will do well to call. Produce and domestic maniilarluies o every description receive) in payment. Sebncl com mittee rurnisninc n-r fenuui, snn nave rooKf sra' luilously for all ehihlrco tn their dislr.ct whose pa. rents are unable to ttiy. D-c. 15. mm Q CSV. N i: R A 1. Assortment rt r .... I., n- 1.. C'. lll it VV in -s " ' '".i"s- o.ii', iv, iinrni"ses and Tn ns, fe r sale ,,t ihe old slan J nor, h ! V the 'lume, near J. llcw anl'- Hi -e', wuh s,n-h ai' '-uonal ar in my line mrs, Comln, laiittsl lo tho a,)nr, ai-hinc -eamn. Flanntl,Tovc-, an I Full Cloih. .9!,ins nnd Hides sn 1 all kinds nf Fariutr'k predne reieive.1 in payment. Call and sic. S. S. SKI.N.Nt It. Iliirl,ns'"n,O,-t.20i!i, I?I1. P anl- Hi e', wuh m-h tti" 'I iieles a I- usually fcund in I I usiness. Whip., .S'liurs Biu-hcs and Pel's, adapti NKW GOODS. rpill". subscribers arc now receiving heir second JL supply of Fall nnd Winter Goods s among which may In found Plain and Diamond Beaver Cloths, Heavy File t do. Drpnd Cloth for Lidies' cloaks, very cheap-, Cassuiieics, Sat nctts, Flannels, Treneh and Kngti-ih Merino-. Alpaeca cloih, Bombazines, all wool plain M. De Lames, very fine; Niks, col'd and black silk Velvet, Velvet trimmings, silk Ccrds and Tassels, mnlmr and silk Fnnges, Gimp Trim, minis, German Woi cd. llthbons, Miauls, Hdkfs. l.ices. Lace Vuls, Ac which nrc o'breil very low for cash, by Nov. I'. K. M. WRIGHT & Co. lturltngfoti llookstorc. rplIK s'l' ifri' cr w-" il t invi'e the a'tcnticn of his I irienl-anl tic pnllV to his new assinnnenr cf Bools. The hc-t -eieci nn he ha ever made, loth in Misccllaneo is and S linrl Rc.!: are n"w oferi-J thenpfor cash. Nov. IP D. A. HllyMAN. WJ ALTON'S vrRMO."1 rwnvedl'y If''' 1842. FRMONT REdlsTKR -IJfOO unt 15.J C GOODRICH. ljuck's I'atent Cixiblng Stoves. rpHK I est nrvo t'ortbe saving cf lihor anJ ftiel, I. winch has ever been oTi rtd for nle in ibis sla'e tho fire I em? diirctly under the boilers, sons lo take Ihe fir-tand sharpest, and then passing aro int! the oven in lines, loitiayrtsthcrveni reg'dar bra', lakin? ep'alio ii I rick i vmi and Inny. larger taa tn any cither coking stove now in u r. For sale ly Nov, 10, ISI1. S. M. POPE. BUCK, ' I el'a ', light plain, light figure.), Grn de Afnque ipl C-ina 5 lks,'ow for cash Iv N . 5. M, SCOTT

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