Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 31, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 31, 1841 Page 3
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fair cost of reuniting specio to the placo of payment, nor in any etiso exceeding two per cent. They may also purchase hills under certain regulations. 1st. Tho hills must be drawn on a placo not in the sama Stuto or. Turitory as thu placo of drawing, nor less than miles distant. 2d. They shall not he drawn payable at n longer date than 30 days' sight J nor if on places within jUO miles distance, longer than 30 days from date No grcator discount shall ho made on such hills than at tho rato of six per cent, per an num, together with the cost of remitting the specie, nor in any caso more than two per cent. Neither tho hoard nor any agency shall purchase any bill, drawn by any mem ber or officer of cither, or in which any mem ber or officer is interested ; nor receive a de iosilc of any money belonging to any officer or member. No purchase of a hill to be tnado by the board, hut with tho assent of two of its members, nor by any agency, but by the assent of two of its officers. No agency in any State, shall leceivc pri vate deposites, or sell or purchase hills, other than for tho collection, transfer, or disbur sement of tho public funds, if forbidden so to Jo by n law of such State. It is proposed tiiat, if it shall be found ne cessary fur carrying on tho operations of the Hoard, tho Secretary of thu Treasury shall bo authorized to issue certificates of Stock of tho United States, hearing .5 per cent, in terest, payable semi-annually, and redeem able at tho pleasure of tho Government after 20 years. Said stocks to be delivered to the Exchequer Uuunl, and sold for the purposes of said Hoard, which is required to provide for the payment of the interest and principal, the faith of the Government being also pled ged for the payment of the same. The board of Exchequer is to keep two suts of books one for all transactions rela ting to the collecting, keeping and disbursing tho public monies, and the other for its banking business. The profits on the bank ing, after paying salaries, to be placed semi annually to thu credit of tho Treasurer of thu United States first reserving therefrom S,000,000 to meet all contingences char geable on the Exchequer and its agencies. Suits on any bill or other liability to the Exchequer are to be brought in thu namu of the United States, in the Circuits Courts of the United Stales, or in State Courts having competent jurisdiction. Vaults and safes are to be provided for tho Exchequer and its ngencies, by tho Treasury Department at "the city of Washington, and in the custom bouses, mint, branch mints, and other pub lic buildings, or in other places whoro ne cessary. U is proposed further that tho Exchequer Hoard may employ any specio paying hank ui its agent, but not with authority to receive deposites, nor to buy or sell exchange. Full accounts of the proceedings of the hoard and its agencies are to be furnished to the Secre tary of the Treasury, as ofton as ho may direct ; abstracts aro to be laid by him before Congress at thu beginning of each annual session, nnd whenever required by Congress. Quarterly statements of the amount of Treas ury Notes outstanding, are to be published, liv (tin Sprlarv nf litis 'Preiicnre'. A nv ' j .... .-.-.j ... .... ..-..--.j. ....j member or officer of the Exchequer Hoard, or of its agencies, who shall convert to his owd use any money or securities of the gov ernment or of persons dealing with the Ex- hequer shall be deemed guilty of felony, and on conviction punished by imprisonment tor a term not less tlian years, nor more than , and by fine, equal to twice the sum embezzled. Any member, or officer, I , , ,, . r 1 ! who shall givo or Sign a false certificate of deposite, fraudulently issuo any hill or draft, ' make a false entry, or do any other act for , ,, ,. improper y increasing the respons.h.l.ty ol tho Hoard of Agency, ho shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conuiction, be liable to imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than seven, and to n fino equal to the amount of the false certificate, or draft, or the amount of tho responsibility created. V ROM II O W A R D'S. Mr. l'.ditor of the I'ne Press : Dear Sir Willi the rolling years, another is round, in which we all, aa people, have inott abundant rea jn to be gratefully thankful fur the ble-bsings of health, liappinei-s, peace and plenty, nnd with all i f wlrch I do not think the Ixlltor should be passed by without a good hearty grieting notice, and wish for the enjoy ment ol a happy New Year, and that I may contri butes, little thereto, be pleased to accept from your old friend, of the Cheap for Cash Stole, a Turkey and accompaniments, and in the enjoyment or the roa-t Turkey and plum pudding, please give also a wish and 'twill cheer him onward in the system or progre-sive : -.t ;.,r,...,i i.;i;. ... nnml. 1111 ittni'im uirin nn" iiii.iii uiiiiiij iu v . I j:..,H,m.t. I.nn.,nl, cu ,n iltn riu.nir 1 Client) nnei ui3i iiiuion- ..ui-ui'.iido , tencration. The Twentieth Anniverssry of the No Imprison ment for Del I Store will beelebrated by anillimiin ation on New Year's eve, and the usual ci!l rcreiveJ a New Yenr'sday, I y HOWABI. 29 Dec. Ml. O. K. Vo find by fair comparison, that . this turkey is just ten per cent, larger, fatter, and better dressed, than its corresponding felloTV, to which wo had occasion to alludo 4i twelve month since; and, taken in con nection with its now accompaniment of stock and trimmings for tho plumb pudding, the dessert, the cup of hyson, etc. i&c. doubt Jess furnishes a fair indication of tlio increas ed prosperity of the "Grand Hazaar" estab lishment. We wero aware that Miller prophesied that the spirit of n "llowatd" would warm men's hearts nt the dawn of M2 ; but wc were not altogether prepared for a first mauifeslation of it in the shape of roast turkey, plumb pudding and "jiuts to crack," for editors. Wo must thcrofoie crave pardon for our blushes, while ire experiment upon this new relation. In the mean lime, let those who are cu rious to know how largo an amount of hap- pit.oss may be secured with small means, visit tho H-i7.aar to-morrow; and H any oni is iu doubt as to the grand secret of success in trado, let him visit Howard's any business day, during tho vcar, ami tho prompt, un remitting, and polite attention u inch all re cil', "ill SOlVf tllC ilMstl'M'. Funnr. Tho Wiuouski steamer has laid up for the season, nnd her place is now sup plied between this and Port Kunt, by the Schooner Lnfavctto, Cant. Allen. The Lafayette leaves Uurlington at 10 A. Al and Port Kent at 2 P. AI. duily. T 11 12 M A H K K 'J'. IlltlGHTON MARKPT.Mnn.iv. Dec. :o. At Maikct ?j llcef Cattle, 230 Stores, 2300 Sheep, mill 410 Swine. l'nicr.s--l!ecf Cuttle- We quote first quality at ,",,.r)0 n iv-iisceonii ipianty-i,oUn,5jtliirilqua!ity,V-..)n I -j... Handling Cattle Wo rciluce our quotation- Mess, -I j No. I, 3 1 No. 2, 2 60. torcs Two j ear old $7 a 13 lliroa year old ill Sheep Sales quick, but no advance. We quoto IOI? M, 1 31, I 02, I t,S2 MM 2 23. Swine Due cnliro lot 3 1-2 and 1 l-2j silectid o,is 1 nnd jc. At retail, Horn I 1-2 toil. TUMPKllANriJ NOTIC'K. There will bo an adjourned meeting of the IIurluiL'lon Total Abstinence! society tins eve ning, ill Dec, at thu Court House, at nix o'clock. ItOAElt. Tlicnicinticrsofllio Ho.xir l!ngine Company are nolillcd that the annual niectini! will be lied nt .1. Howards, on Wednesday January Ii. 1312 at half past (jo clock. 1. M. GKO.K. VAIt.tV.rA. In Shelburn on (lie 15th inst lly Hcv. .. With-eksi-oon, Jin. Willmm II. Nasii, lo .Miss Lin.i daughter of Hons It.vnsTow Ksq. all of Slielbiirn. In Middlcbury, on llio l.'illi int , l.y the Rev. Mr. Dillcr, Rev. N. Dims, of Ticondiroga, X. V. to Mis. l.aiim II. Crane, ot .Uldisou. In Addi-on, by Hcv. Mr. Lovejny, Mr. Hater of Wcsiport, N V. to Miss Roxana Goulnluof A. I Colchester on 111c otli lilt, liy 1'. Nevvcmnli, Psq .Mr. Lewis King In Miss P.sthcr (ililllnn. On the IS1I1, by the same, .Mr. David Thompson to Mis Plulu-ii S. Parinileo. On thc2'Jlli, by the same, Mr. John Ch-i 0 to Miss I'ctrc y Ilaty. I II ill is town nn lhc' il,ni-.;.l..o..ri,,I. sun, .11 r. nr.i.,x .u.vkuuam, ngeu.) uars. At M1I1011, 011 the niorniiur r if,e 9Ui iw,,.i.. .s-ri-n.i.-.- II, I'... Pin.. . """"""I .-i .igeu o years. About a fortnight before hisdealh Mr IIox.-iecnu?ht n severe cold. This, it was thu opinion of the Phy sicians called for counsel, Hatch of Uurlington and Onion of Milton, led tu an inllauialion of the lungs, and this inll.imalion, from the ellbrts of nature to re lieve heisclf of it, resulted in effusion, which was the immediate cause of his death. Though f,um nn cary stage of tliedisca cdoublfid symptoms showed them selves, yet lew, if any, felt much alarm till within five days of his death, except Mrs Ho.xsie, who thought she saw, ftom almost Ibe first, ground to apprehend a fatal termination. His sickness was, with brief inleivals of exception, severe ; and mcicasingly so as he drciv near hisend. During the last twelve hours his respiration as dis tressingly heavy, and, as ho approached his last, it assumed a rattling sound. He c.xipired at thirty minutttpntt midnight on Tuesday, retaining all Ins mental and moral powers to the List. Those who saw his sufferings of body, as he approached mo ment, could feel how worthless are all things earthly to a departing spirit! How obvious was iT made to appear too that God only can soothe the dying bed. And, blessed be his name, it is hoped, in this case, he did. Mr Ho.xsio was horn and still resided in Milton, and was the oldest son of the l ite Gideon Ho.xsie, Psq. While his brother chose a liberal cducuiion and subsequently the profession of Inw, Stephen's predi lections, with naturally good intellectual poweis and a love nf thought, were to husbandry, tho employ ment ofhis father. In ihis he succeeded well. The public trusts, which, for many years, hid been committed lo his father, were, nt Ins death, entrusted to his san. In these, amidst all the conflicting, of political society, Mr Ho.xsie has also died. .Mr Huxsie was a man of firmness constancy public spirit humanity and moderation. At the pol's it is said ho was always unflinching in his capacity as Justice of 1'eace, his oath of office dictated all lus decisions. With few professions of fiendslep, he was constant and sincere in ibem. His interest in the public welfare was fixed. Was there a higli-schoo, to be patronized? the science of saer.d music nro motcd ? a house of woislup to be creeled ? a pastor to be settled and supported J So well was his char acter known that he was counted 011, always, as a patron. P.aeh or these remarks might be illustrated was there opportunity. He was ensi'y touched by tho tide of bumnn .iifTrr. !"& nl"1 1,.c,lc'1 always lelt for ibe r,Jr J( Irirr. 'V '"' Ho was Iwnorable, honest, and industiious-n kind companion and an allcctioi.oie friend. .f ''i i"."cr' Vucixhr, I need not speak j in the community where he lived this is a! wcU understood! and, that it U appreciated, needs no oilier proof than the deep solicitude manifested by tvcr' tlai-3 of community for Lis rteoicry, imJtl.o large eoiicoursc that assembled to y 11 ip.i I ! n 7-c ,lf.-nllIic,cdlindbtreac,1 falllUjP tl,un.ncral.-cJ! c(M.yussio:i!s' .o net: WJ- the Sub-cribeis, having been appoints the et of anil ainst said oall Honorable inn rioiiate Uourt lorllicl Chittenden, commissioners to receive, e.xa; a'ljiisl the elaim-s anil demands of all person the estate of Polly Morton, late of Wilhste. District, deceased, rcprc-cnted insolvent, a elaiuis an 1 demands exhibited iu idl'set tl hx months from tho day of the date here , and ing al- leretore liusinrss in-Mckhn lowe'd by said Cuuit Tor that purpose, we hereby give notice, that we will atleud to of ourappoin'mentjal the liwellingofjoln in Hurhngton, in said Di-trict, on the e -March and April next, at 10 o'clock, A ol said davs. Dated, this fith day of October, A. ) t!i days ef i on each 11. WILLIAM II. FRUNCH, ) ,. C. W. IIROWNULL, i ' ' XOTIUI3. OAMUin die cne Insure 'of the U"er, about llireo weel year old I ling heif' s lice1, one two ' r and one year b nil of n deep rue owner is re prjve properly, red color " nuclei! pay charges and lake awn Kssex, Dec. 2S, 1311. SAVl i:t DIVSMOOR. onTsAin. ' - - ACONVK.N!' NT du.Umg HS1. and quarter ,-reloi .,, Cbamiihin street, near the '!'as Pictorv. Pos session given ! ir next. Terms made easy. I mhio o Dec. 29, 1BII. I. M W I 'UMMINGS. Fisii. Cnai'INTALS Cfiill'l II 100 lloxes Her' 30 Half bids. v..-li.rcl, 30 Dec., 1811. 1 J A J. II. PUCK .V Co. ri:s. A large excellent C U StOVC: and n liirn Pnrlnr or Cliatnlier Du S0e willia mall r:iKl In.ii .Slovc coniicclt'J wti'i II, for alo tliuaji for casli, wuutt ur Luutiiry juu ucr. IMXGUORN A I1RINSMAID. xorrvu. rpillS ninv ecrlifv that I havo niven Mek'enif 1. l'.-ivue. me nan. fiis time to transact biitiini.iiu himself. I will neither claim any or his wages nor liulil inysell rcponsiuiciui uuvuiinnoi ms i-ontract in after thisdalc. AHIRA W.PAV.M:. AcNcn L.xnP. North llira.Kec 25.IBH. &KH GOODS. Ml US. PANOHORN et llRINSMAlll are no opening n Ircsh anil new lot of Goods just receiM ' Iriini 1'nglaad, Nevv , ork and Ilotton, to be mid a' low prices. Dec. 30. snuTxa orr'. STRONG SA Co. now offer their stock or Goods forprieesnnvbich purchasers will find it an ob ject to buy Tl j stock is large and must be sold pie vioiisio the 1st ;( April next, when the term or co. partneishii I'XiiK-s., , , ., . , Sugars, Ten, Siuces, Itaisnis, Tobareo, ( odhih, Palnion. roarnnd line -alt, I.nnp Od, Molas e,ec. Iron IVrtr'nnuel American, of every description. Pi. el of nllkpds, Anvils, Vices, shovels, spades, pork", Caldo'l Kettles, and Hollow Wares in great van IV- , Vorr- -'t W' an'' ",,n "C'.Ti ' wart .u rw rW"v rrr- r -, o 1 II Nulls lion, Steel 11 ml Hardware. A l TONS I.'nnlish Iron, from 1 1-9 to (i inch, 'i'U 10 do OlefSablol' S I Ili.nwa do 1 do iVew .Salle 111) lio do do do do from 1-1 to 2 inches do " 3-8 to 3 " 12 do Swedes 8 do I'em 10 do Horse Shoe "0 do Itouiiil IS do Smi-irc 13 do llainei Scroll do 10 do Itnnd do " 1-1 to 3 " C do floop do " 1-2 lo 1 " 12 Jo V SI llupoia Nail Hods, ' do Sanderson's Ca.t Steel, 1 do I'iersons' Spring do from J to 2J inches 2 do Swedes do (or nUifih shoes, 1 do American do J do l-.'ngli'h Muter do 3 do German do 100 l'airs Sleigh and Cutter Mior i,, 15U0 ICe-gs Anils, from 'id to 20d 200 do Spike, from 30(i to COJ iiu co Moor limits 100 I'oxe I.athrop's Axes, 300 l)( 7.. Hasps nnd I'dcs, and 11 general nort menl of Anvils nnd Vices, bv 30 Dee. 1841. J. & J. II. VliOK A Co. SALT. 1000 do Trl l.ln,l .1,, "1000 do Finn 1C00 Barrels do 300 Sacks Dairy lly J. & J. 30 Dec. Kll, HOXIvS l!iineh Haisin, AOJ 10 Keen Mnbga ,10 1 11... . -tT.t. ; -v-... 15 Hags .Madeira Nuts, li OO l-IILH-Ms, 13 do Ilrn7.1l do 10 do Almond, by 30 Dec, 1811. .1. if. J. II, PUCK ( Co. CQKi:ns Powder, r,0 Hags Slut, 100 Dozen Corn llr,mi,.. t.v Dee. 30, Ml. J. j. If, pCCK gc Co. l'l.ASTlUl. ISO T0'vs ,'r'sl' firoiuid I'ln-ster, by ZL 30 "CC- J- t .1. 11. Pi. I! ,f. Co. l'Aixrs ,-c. 10,000 U:S. Wethenlls Dry White Uad, iuoi.r s 110 uo giounu III oil, 6WI0 d- Lewis' do i'o 30 II' I Spanish White, 20 d ' Venenimn Keil, 2? e 1 l'icneli Vellow, 20 i' Spirits Turpentine, 3 t ae-s (,'romo Vtllow, ( 'roine Green, llrunniek elo V'nxony do. Hed Lead, Venligris, by 30'h Dec Ml. J. ,(. J. H. PKCK .f- Co. OILS. S50O ''AI.S I'urn Winter and Fall Sperm Oil, r'0 , Whale hleaihul and uubUacheil, 30 llbls. Aincricnn f.insced, bv 30lh Dec. Hll. J. A; J, H. PIX'K'et Co. ur.Ass. II O X II S I tin I niL' to n, Vermont, and Kssex Cvlinder GLfs-i. 1500 300 do liedford, Saranae, nnd ( linton Crown do, by J. & J. H. PUCK 1VC0. 30 Dec. 1 II. Agents. anovr.iuns. 10 IIIIDS St. Cioix and l'ortoltico Sugirs, 1" Itoxes Lump do Iinus. .uolnssrs, llarrels do Chcsls'oung Hyson Tea, do llvsoii .bkiu elo do Hyson Catuts do jlatts Cassia. do do llarrels 1. loves, do Nutmeg. 1 J) Tierce. Saliralus, III keg Pure Ginger, 100 lloxes Mar Soap, 50 do Pipes, 20 Hags l'eppcr, 23 do Pimento, 40 do Hio Collie, 13 do Java do by J. & J. II. PKCK A. Co. 30 I' c. 1P!1. TOllACCO. A i 'Honu's' Caveniiish Tobacco, ") '!SAa 1 KnderV do do 211 do MmneV do do 30 Keg ' Under' s' l'lug do 20 do '.McDonnkr' do do 31 Dec. I41. by J. & J. II. Pl'.CK &. Co. TOHA can ,t- SXL'FF. llAIvHIU.'3 I.orrillard s chewing Tobacco, 40 do do smokim? do 35 200 Jnrs do MactiboysnufV, 350 Hladdi'rs do Si oleh do Dec. 1311. by J. II. PHCK A: Co. Agents. Rfi IIHDS. Gardner llrewer's N. Kiighnd Rum, 30 Pipes nnd Half Pipes American llrandy, 10 do do Hnltimori' Gin, 10 do do 'l'elleoiiu' llrandy, 5 iln do ' Swan' Gin, 10 Hhds. St. Croi.x Rom, 30 llbls. Sherry and -Madeira Wines, 31 do Malaga do 5 do Pott do 31 Dee. 1811 by J. A J. II. PIX'K & Co. DYK STl'FFS. Cf nnt.e!. f'ampeachy Loew-enid, 5WXW 'ioo An St. lloinii,yo ,u 2."0 elo I'uslie, 150 do NiLnragii.i, 100 do Cam Wood, 3") do Madder, -10 do Alum, 50 do Cnppi.ra, 2i do lllue Vitriol, 30 Demijohns Oil do., by 30 Dec, 1811. J.-J. H. I'KCK iV Co. F I, I Wit. 555 lllll.S. and GOO hair do. of thu most ap-ii-w provcel brand.-', by 30 Dec, IB 11. i.&S. H.Pr.CIv .f-Co. Wl. return thank', to our customers and the public fur the Id eral patiouage they line given us for oninc jears, and inform them that wo have visited I'.nglaud and made arrange nients lor the iinpuitation ol" Watches, Jew clrv. Watch materinls. Knives, Scissors, Itazois, l'istostand Puncy Ai tides. We arc receiving beautiful linithcd Gold and Silver Cased Patent Lever Watches of l-nglMi and Geneva manufacture. Also, Gold and Silve r Ccnev a Lepinc Walches: Alarm and Ivislish and I'reiieh Watclies. Wc shall be happy 10 s ;pp!y anyone who wishes a good watch. 1 he public may rest nssuieel that we do sell fine watches mute as low and 11 little lower than City fhops. We know by recent examination that wo ate selling line Gold Lever-, orcqual iiuahty, lower 1 1 111 ti they aro sold 111 l!oloit. Kverv kind of Watchis neatly cleaned and repaired at die lowest prices. Jewelry. We have1 recited i-onio beautiful Gold and n al stone llreiaches and Pius, which wo had made in p.ngland, with Torquois, Corne lian, Onyx, Topa., Ruby, Car buncle, Cpil, Diamond and other precious Stones. We havo also received a variety of pretty dress Pins and llruaches, Hair l'ins, Hoipiel lloldeis, Sec. I lead Ornaments, Snaps, I.ickets, Chains, Keys; Silver, shell, Pe.itl and Ivory Card Cases ; Memoran dums, Souvenirs, Needle Cases, and many very pretty Goods. RAZORS, Knives, Scisors, Nut Pickers, Nut Crnekelf, Pearl nnd ste'cl coik-screws : Tvvcse r, toy rings, gilt and common tea Lels, ieal instruments, wood and ivorv noeket rules. Thermo. meters, level-, plati-el and German silver spoons, lea pois, tumblers, go-to-bed lamps, lamp wicks and .ises, brass fnullers mil trays, ami camlleslicks, stt-i 1 do. plale. 1 do, bed pans, syringes, llasks, skates, and many oilier articles in th- same hue. Cards. Various kinds of beautiful embossed Cnrds. irold borelered. and gilt eelged cards, white and eoloreel Cards of vauous kinds and sics. I'.iiiiif, pencils, mi.-, sauu, wax, waters, ee. Scarfs, Cravats nnd stocks, collars, bosoms and siupenders. Wo invite attention to sonic beaiiliful new slocks and scarfs, pantaloon straps, buttons, eXc. Perfumery, ,c. All kinds of Pi ifumery, soaps, hair oil', depilatory, vinegar tou,'e, powders, eosmeiics, iX.c. Uiiislies. Very iiico btushei. of aM kinds and fir nil purposes, fpectar Icsi Wc have Gold and silver mounted Spectacles, rf tlichcM iuabty, and every number warned of e'olicavo nnd convex ami can suit all ages. Wo have steel and plated spectacle's in the lowest prices, Morocco ami stei-l spec cases, eye glasses, &r, To close, wu wouUI say to sll in tow n nnd country, that wo have a heller lot of floods ihan vve ever hnd iho pleasure of ofli ring, and that wo will sell llicni as low as any one 'vve will not he undersold bv any one. We respectfully invito all who wish for Goods nf any kind which wr dial in to call before purchasing. PWGHOIIN A HKINSMAID, Import' if .( Watchc-and .'ewer' j -iv i i.r do do do I'eck A- Co. AI.IIAW It) UOSION JJV ltAIt.-UOA mmmm&mi. I'm CHATHAM, , I'lTT.SI'ir.U). SI'HINOnt.l.D .tiH U IL (. ftp and after Tuesday, Dec. 21. 1911, the I'abscn rii rn-Mfs will run through the entiro line, a- fii A.M. and 1 P.M. -""u.-,, ,Cxcep,eu, l'iii,'r !'!in""L' r,""w'11,,llrrive nl t-'liathatn 81, nl ....... - ..i iuiigiieiu n .11., at v ore-ester 4 1 .11 and at toston 7 i. -ii TllO nftemoon Irnin it-;Ufl.rttn . r'1,.,1 m . n..l.l 11 ii .i. : "r".'.'V. -",-"" 1 iu " ' "I Miii-oeio u r. j , leave ftpnngtie lil next niortimg Oi A. jl.,arrive at Worcester US and at UO10ll li Jl l'l ' R.NIXO. leavn Huston 7 A W nn,l 1 II XI I ,,.,ri U'ftning train arrives at Grcriibuli CJ 1. M. theuiiernoon train arrives nt Greenbush 12 M, next '', lodging at Spiinglield, 'Pin. i-n.o r ii... 1 r...i. 1 n...i..i.- 1 . . 1 1 -..ww., Mm iiiiuai'ii nun nerKftuuc lean -111 iau will luu between Hudson and Chatham in eoiinc.xion villi the above trains. Vassencmum fim t,0 city of Albany must take the boy from I-'eny Whaif at 01 M. and laj M. I.MIM'J ! io Grccnbnsli to Chatham, ' Chatham to l'lttsfield, IMtslie'd to Springfield, ' 'Pruiglield to Worcester, Worcester to Huston, S0 02J 0 00 1 50 1 SO 1 30 If paid through Ironi Albany to Iloton, 5 ;,n ' Worcester, 4 1-, Springfield, 3 00 l'lttsfield, 1 50 Hudson, 1 03 . ., l'OH Ni;w YOHIC, I .isstngerH leaiing Greenbush bv the 1 o'clock, I'. i. tram, arrive nl nriiirfil.l r.i ti -t . .1 t... ta"o2.-, ,,i,... "'""y I, ' . ' '" ..''iiuiii, iimwnL' at 11 ., ji,. ae next morning in cars fur Ncw-Havcn, arriving 111 l inn tn 1.1,..,.,..: : ,-'.'tV.","t" u...,iK arrive at 2 to 3 P, M. Or leave Greenbu.h bv I, , moriiingirain.arriviiifriii Xni.iini..i, o n -vt .1. 2 lo 3 P, A! "!, uiiiinig uy I ale. if iinid ihrnimli (m,., n. 1... i. ... - 1 e . I.. , ..ii.i..iu-II III .e.v- 1 on;, fii. l ie kel 10 u. nnrt 1iid..J ft I ti . Olliee, Thorp's lluildings, 2! Hniadway, Albany, 'and nt the olhccof the Depot in Gricnlnnh. Oni-JO GKOHGP. W. witis'i'i i.mi I-...: A I.I. who aro indebted 10 the undersigned whose notes ami nmnini. In,,.. 1...? t 1 notified, that immediate pavnient must l.'n 1. .-,,! ,,. save cost. To 1 .li,i .1 ...i 1 ,1 ,, i.iii,iii,i-, nru oecoimug ' , ) 'ld Sn)' "'T 1JromI" Payment, emwf to contract, is e.vpcctid. Tho term of copartnership of iho subseiihers em pire by limitation 011 tho 1st of April ne.l,-it will llieiefore be insiited upon, tint, nil contracts be el'1'ft'11,'. STRONGS eV Co. Uurlington, Die. SO, 1R41. I'Ki:CII I.AXtilTAtiU. A N INT110DL-CTOHV I.KCTCIir. (the nduus . "' w ',lcl' wlll'oaratnitou) will bu delivered at he ( ourt IIoiim-, on .Monday evening next, at 7 o clock, 111 which Mr IIocciibtc will explain ihu plan ho means to follow in a snbteiiiunt series of public intriieion in the Trench laii"UJge. Hiiilington, Dec. 30, 1811. Abel XixvrllN Kslate. STATK OF VKRMO.NT, , 'p a proi,a.c Cllr, District of Chitleii len, s, J TV hoh'cn nt lluilin.r. Ion, within nnd lor the District aforesdtd on the "7tb day or December A. I). 1911, nn instrument imr porting to be thu last Wi'l and Testament or Abel Newell late of Charlotte in said Disiriet deeeaed wa presented toihe Court here for Probate, bv I'.nn noil tiie lAccutor, therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to nil persons iutcres'cl therein loan pear be fore said Court, nt .1 i-.-iou thereof to be holdeu at the Register's Olliee in said IPolingtnu on the lsth d:!' 0.r,J".l.l,l,iar' " Irt,-'i andcoirest the probate ol sail Will, audit is further ordered that this Older lie pul lisheil thiee weeks successnely in the Hinhni. ton 1-ree Press a news paper printed at Hu lui"tou, m this State, the last of which shall be previous to the dav assigned, asafore-said, for hearing. Given under my hand at tho Register's Office, ihis 2i tli day or December A. D. 1911. W.m. WKSTO.V, cgUt.r. C X.I.T.-Turk's Island and Sl.Ubes Sail. Also fine barrel Salt l'or sale bv Dec. IS II. s. m. popi:. nn: Nr.w gi:.i:si:i: farmkr, AM) CARllE.sril' JOURNAL. The Cheapest Agricultural Paper in the Union Large Pages .Monthly, (wilh engravings,) only UO Cents per year!! iies'Ky cnuiAsr, mnon. Uate Agricultural Cummhiontr of the Slate of AlauarfmsitU, ami lldiloroj the .ac .';ie'. 'iraicr'.) Ctrntel'iil for theextenive'patronage winch the.Vew Gcneoc Farmer has Keened during the vear, the proprietor now has 1 lie satisfaction of aiin.iuiieiii" that the Ins made such arrangements for iheeomiii" year n cannot I'.ul to ho highlv graliiyuig to the rend" er of the naper. and secure fur ii -nil n.rr. ,.. ! sive eircul itiou. I iv. i. :..i.... "'"6 , iii.ii.e ii 1 1 1 c mo 1 11-eiiii ami wnlelv cir iculnliiig iigricultuml jiaper in the Union, the' pro in?tor hn-cii...! ,l. ,...,. ,.r, , , , ' . ,li biined and cmineui agricultural wrrer ami orator, IIumh ii:ni. ...... m.vs, wen Known as Hie lato Agricultural Coiiinus ioner of the State of .Massachusetts, and formerly editor of the Nevv Ungland Pnrnur. Dipcndinp on the co-oiierntion and support of thu li lends nfagiie-ul-lure in the Kmpire Slate and the Great West, Mr. Colman has consented to leave the- field where he has labore-d vvith so much honor nnd success, nnd locale at Roi hestcr, where, through the medium or the Ge nesee Parmer, ho expects to find a more extensive lie-Id of useliilness. 'I lie lorim-i e-elilors and will eonlinu.' their ns-i-tanec, and care will bo taken to make the paper intcre-stingnud useful, not only to farmer, but to all person-, enengi-el in rural or domestic nll'-urs. With such a ci ml inalion of tale nt, tho New Genesee Parmer canm t fa 1 to obtain an iniiiitii"ei'iri illation give a new impulse to the cause of agriculture ro niote the best in'cri'sls of eoniiiiumtv, and tend to in crease Iho wraith and prosperity or the Nation. It is hoped, therefore, that every friend of agriculture every well-wisher nf his neighborhood and hu coun ty, will leiul Ihis aid, and not only sub'-cribo Inin-ilf, but induce his neighbors to subscribe nl-,o. The paper

will In- continued at its present low pnee',in order that Its inlluencn may bo niot widely extended. lis ap pearance will be considerably inipruvid, and having now a Power Pics exclusivilv for tho work, greater promptness and regularity will be secured. Care r.. I clerl-sare engaged to mail the papers, so that it is believed there will bo little cau c ror complaint heic after. Post Masters and their Assistant5, nro anthoiucil and respectfully solluited to act a AgenN and remit subcripliousfor the Parmer. Thu low price at which it is publi-hed will not allow of much pecuniary com peusation to Agents, butii is believed they will find a reward in iho benefits which result fiom the circu lation nf such periodicals 111 their neighborhoods. Persons orilenug papers nre requested lu rtriclly Hire the Ten Ms, and bo careful to write plainly the inns of subscribers, their Post Office'. Counlv. ninl in all eases to send the money with the order, n that the perplexity 01 Ke-rping accounts may I'C nvnulrii. M. 11. II.VTIUIAM, Proprietor. Tkiims. If current money r soiit (surli as New York or NVw Pugland bi!s,) commission will be al lowed as fi'llows! Di-veii copies, nir ?.,ei j . , Twelve do. for 00 "'" f" " " " ,u " Twenlv-fivedo. for.... 1000 i 'uc 1.1 auxnncc. ,vu eoiiiiiussiuii win iiuauue-u, tiuncurrcm money A : tll.Anll I :r . is seni. Address, I1ATI3IIAM eX: COLMAN. Deccmlcr 1, lall. Itochttter, .V. V. ISucU's I'.itent Conking Stoves. ri'MIUIi'-t novo Air the savin j of labor nnd fuel, X w Inch liau've-r I ecu o' e-ieiiiorale in lln st.i'e Iho lire I cms ibrevily mie!i-r tin' I odor-, so as lo take the tir-l nnd sb.irpe.t heal, and then .i-sin.-around lite ove-ii in line-, so ato give the oven u irridar heal: Inking eqeal lo 11 I nek 0V111 1 and I dug larger than ui any e'llu-r i-to.inpr ttove now in ue, I or nle l.y Nov. 10, if It. S..M, POPP.. Tj LACK, 1 hie I lack, lighl plmii, lieibt ligure'd, Gio JJiV Alriour and CI1111.1 Silks, le.w fnreiish, I v Nov. 5. S II. SCOTT. Sheetings rZ() HAM'S of heavy slice mgsnf d'.irrcnt qualities, Jvhave 111st l ien received and aro ollcred for sale at Manufacturers' prices to Merehaois nod others. who are invited to call and examine iho stock before purchasing (lscwlire, uiule'r the be In I that thu exam matioii will prove advantaceoits to ilirni. lly POLI.PTTeV IIRADI.PV. Nov 20. at the Wharf. XI'.IV STOItK AND XIMV GOoitS. O .M. 1 Oi I. is now recitving his fall stock of iiooiis.enusistingi.i agcnetai nssorlincntof Drv Goods. Groci rie., Crockery and Hard ware, which ucoiieis tor sine at 11 tiuail auvanre Irnm cost, Ort.8, 1811. Valtou's Vermont Iteglslcr tor I H I . ry Ju-t receive I and l'or side Iv JU Dev. 15, S. VILAS, LOOM. IS &Co. WANT MI). Two or three first i.itet'oil makers , will find constant work nt C. nP.WS.t SON'S, I Second door soudi the Hani, Church elnrl, llur-, lingtou, Vl. Dev. 21, IS11. I r ALTON'S Vermont lie-gisicr, nnd Pnrini-r's WW Al... ....... r... ici'i il.n i: ..r,-.. ' lyle's Mli cellanie-, lu-t received and f.irnle bv II... .1, II . Illl 1 II'. v- 1 - .i-Mi.ii.i, , i., ,c I. m..'.l ll'W I I'llins ,1. ,, r. I v. . . I. I', .1, Illl I .1 1,1 I Scutrli Vis 1 1 on. r"V X TONS G.irlsluiric . IS.-oteh Pig Iron fir Jsnlrat the Wlunt by POId.I 1 T A UK l)l I Nov I'.l " The New York"Cali ll.irdti-.ii-e Slnrr. T '''Vina deienninud toe-nrrynii the II A llW Win mroi vfuo 1.. .11 ....ii... n .. ...... '.-'.., ill nil ill vi nine- iirluigioii, t. has nponrd and now oller lor snlo .... ynoreiy iievyan.i well .cleetej ns,er:uicnt or good ...iuv e line, Ili oiect tin's winter leinemorrilo le.irn the do. UiailtK of Iln. livtrLe ..-I... . 1- .11 t.. lu-ines. be si lieiit n .1.9m ..r null;,. palronaee. contiileni ili.n I..- 11 1- 1 1 ... , wiiu inav i.ivi.r Mini wuii a n l, iiiirliugtoii.xt.Dtv. 21, 1811, W.M.J. IlL'NT. Strong slJiiilding, College tlicet, nearlho Square, NOTIfH'. rpitiS iriuy certify tlmt I have given my son Jacob .vlorri I hi tmii. itin-i'iin. !,, .t..u it. rr,...!..;... .....r.. -V? "" "."""" ili.'.l, ,ri.i,.... : " r"t -'"I . ...3 viuiaviiii niicr tin onie. ... , , ISAAC .MORRILL. Huiebiirgb, l)c. 20, 1811. IIfin ! WI3 have a fine lot or Hullalo Robes, n rew No. 1 I.T1IX Jfllll's nnd tllti-i- I......I CI....... and other Winter Golds, suitable tut cold weather. """in want 01 any ot ttm above named articles wi I up wen to cati on t;..U.W RIGHT & Co. a they will give great bargains for cash. Dec. 23, 1911, koTicr:. Wl! tho snbseril rr, or llurlinglon, Chittenden County nnd Mnteef Vermont, iln h,-,,-l ;,... uotieo to the iniblio r,-iii.r.itl. il..,i .. 1 ....... lareenssorlioent ol Heaver nnd Pilot e.' tvle llrond e-lolli- and I'liiui Silks, Alp.ifea cloth., Preneh uml I'.WlMi '"rinos every style; Sli.twU nnd ILiulereliier.-, M. I)e l.itines, ete-. vvhieh we o.Ier at very reduced pni'is lor cash. "''' 2- P. M. WRIGHT ,f. CO. C'arpetlngs. m N T one wislnner lo buv-n i-nrun i-liai, if il... e"will onlvlaloiho iroul.fe lo 1 nil nn K. xl XVr.i.'i it t'o. Colle-re street, ibev can 1 o iii-ijtiimiiil.ol ... io price and quality, no mistake Dec. 23. Tho great celebrity of the V.getable Pulmonary Halsam has been the cause of nlli mnts 1.., ,1 spurious articles, which by pariallv assuming the liameof the ei niiine. nrn i-.-ib-nlnii'il i, .. .;!...! ....1 decieve the public. Among these mix'urei are 'C'nr lr's Connioanil l'utmanaru flulsam.' ' I.,., .-,,., i'ulmnnnru HaUiim.' 'Vr"ttaUle l'ulmnnnr,, ,.. jfiwi'e Syrup,' 'Pulmonary llnham,' and other.'. Slir.MtlTltN' MILLS A HP. NOW IN OPKIltTinv. a MIL late improvements for denning and tnaiiufac- tlirini? nraiu bavu been intrniliu-.t nn,I nr.. r... superior to nnvthing of I lie Mud iu the country. Please call and ex-iinme lor vourselvrs. H. WHP.LLPR, Agent. December, 1311. 3w-2d VOI)liI,r,X KNITTING VAHN, nt Dee. 10. S. SCOTl"S. Cll.lltl.OTTi: IMJJIAl.t P. MIX A It V. ritHK next term of this institution will coinmencu 1 on Wediiesdav, loth of the present mouth, nn- rui'eiiiiie-iiiiiiiii I eil .Miss LIV1.V GPI'.RNSPV. Mis Gei:nNPl:v w.i for siei-rnl .-.-.i-u i,-,,.!.. :.. iho I nenovia Seminary.and Ins been n commended to the board a ein.ncn Iv quiilified for tin.- -.union. Since the close of the last term, the building has been repaired and ivjinted.nnd iheT the iiiftilutiun tu imblic imtruiuto wuli iuerL.asi-il 'oultdeiice. Ti-iTio.N- I'm: ue'.v 1:11:11 or ui.nv KN week. Cniiunoii Pnglish branches, S3.00 iir.'iier 10 1.1 . . . 1,00 1,00 1,2.. fnimlv, a I'o which will be added, 1 or Ancient Languages, - - - - Preneh. Drawing and Painting, each -Ilo.vni) can be obtained in n 11 nm-i-mbl, lew roels from Ibe .-cnunary, lor S1.50 per week, in- "'""I"- ,USI (IIIU IIL'1113. In behalf or the Trustees, ,., , , J. POOR, Proidcnt. Charlotte, Dee. 10, 1RII. 3-r Hank of llui-llmrliiii. AiOIlCl. is hereby given, that n meelin; of the 111 s,uc!,l"!lslcr3 ol the li.uik ori'.urlington will be hidden nt their H-iiikiii" House nn the si i-mi.l 'I'm.-.. day or January next, at llu'clock. A. M.. for ib.- purpose or electing seven Diicitors tor ihu year next ensuing. Hy order o. ie President ami Directors. ,. . R. G. COM:, Cashier. Hinhngton, Dee. 10, 1SI1. t'liamnlatn TrnnMioi-t.-iiion Lnnnnv. rilHK Stocl holdirs of the Cliamplain Tran'sportn J Hon Comnauvnie ben bv iuitilli-,1 1I1-11 it,,. al meeting, fur 'the election of llirei-tnra i.r s .1.1 Company fur the e usiiiiig, will be hidden nt the Hotel ot Jiilin Howard, ill Pur uiL'ton. on the Ibsi riiursdaynf January next, nt one o'elo k, P. .AL uy oruer, eve. r. DUOLI'ITLK. tV.rft Chump. VViiii.. to. Iliithiigtoii, 1th Dec., 1311. Groceries, .fee. Q L. IIP.RRICK ha. just received from N. Vort, O. 13 Chests superior II. S. '!', 11 no no x . .-. Uo 5 do do (). II. do 1-3 lloxes Honn's Tobacco, a Uo llDai,', ( I- Nigs pjnir ,i 10 llarrels Kino 'm o .) Tags Java Colli e-, 10 do Laguira do 20 Jnrs .Maecabov Suiitl'. Also 10 Hales Hruwn Slice tin;.. ThuaboveGoods were nurebas.-il ml,....r;,.., n,,.l will be sold at a small advance. ' ."Xew I'M nn. TUP stibserdn-rs having fnrui'-d a Copartnership ami purchased iho stock of lliri'ieun, Ihuet. Ahtlicinit, ipc, belonging lo the U.tate of the bite Doct. R. Moodv. will continue ibe business nl iho eld stand, sign of the Padlock, come r ol Church and Ce liege slreel., and will make such mliliiinns in Mock of Hardware ns will make it full nnd e-oiuph to. They respectfully solicit a cntilinunuco of the gi ner ous patron lire extended lo their piedecessor, nml in- irou in oii-ru u uy ine same am ut.oii to their Lnisi ncss and tho wishes of their customers. HAGAR o.- ARTHUR. Hurhngton, Nov. 29, 1SI1. FOUAITT eV IWADUIY O P.SPP CTPCLLV inrorin their Iriends and the J.Vpubhe, that they have rce-i-ived nnd now nllrr for saloon tlicinoit advantageous terms, nn e x tensive as sortment of Iron, htcil, esc. consisting 111 pan of the rullowing : 1 Ton Sanderson s Cusl-sti-cl, do P.aglc German do do P.ncli b X do '.'U Hiind en Ilraier's Hods, 30 Tons Pnglish 'Pire Iron, assorted, 10 do Old S.ible PSI do 10 do Swedes do 1 do Too Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do 1 ilo Swe-ilc. do 10 do Russia horse nail rod, 10 do lllooni, flat and squatt,of r minus .7rs. Nov. 20. Vhlte Lead. n-nve 11 .1 im i,.. .,i.. . iveiiiereo I'ry v line l.fau. 5 do No 1 and Pxtra do c!o in packages from 100 to 500 pounds. 2 Tons I.'xtra Ground m 0,1, in Keg. of IX. and 30 ptunus, tor sate at xiauuUeturers prices nnd freight, by Nov. 20. POLLP.TT HRADI.r.V. Honks for Town or District l.ltirarli . C GOODRICH ,a. a v.ilual Ii- i-..'le.-iion of ll.-oL soitnbV (or town or district rarie.. whn b will be sold on the most lile-rnl term-, uml at rerv low price'.-. pec, 1 1, ' Al ltoxvaril's ( heap Cash stoi c, OI'RI.l.NG'I ON, -1 1 27 ucrlb. l out- 3 L1S IMS', Kill IV". Ml, Thursday, A .M.To'.-loc! mi .10 nun., Tlienrnnitier 2ti i'es, alow 0. 'I hi inonienl the .iinw has e-ommeui ed fal ing upon a slightly (ay inch) frozen surlaie, Sho ild em.ucb I'ome to male sleighmir, ibe town w-o'dd a-Miirea nierrv. ineiry, lively, gmpling appearaiu r : llie a em! .ige at llnward'. for l ln'Jp Goinl. would le rfii am i. in.- speeiai'le lo bun, and to which sight all sit in 'si cheerfully invited to join m and l.ilen pari from oir.iw-s. New Law Monks. pONMX'TK IT RI.POUTS, Vol. 13. Coniiuou I aw do Vol. 3f. Perl. do Vol. fi. Pec 15. Porsa'eby C. GOOIirilCH. pastWarticles I M PMAN Slucl, .-btel and Stap'e Ismglvic,, I Cooper's American d... Nle'est Irish Jhi.s ILseiueof Pe.n'h Kernels, I'one'eniralid PseiiKet.f Le-nim, N'lei'st Hot Water, Pxtr.iet cif Ro-i', Spanish Vamll.i and Od ef M.-s, T'ucOidinaiy Spivs, lcl Lrinrn Sv rup, ' id Od. Sugar Ornaiiicuts aul Sand.., Kt ftiifdl iiuli'ction.irics in ( ornct'.Ai-. Ac, Hce. 10. ly PIX'K & SPLAI'. Dry I'ret ! I A KcjOv" ex vlleill nrllelefur Hfieils nnd Xhr. xVp e iivtn ihf f'( I oni wn er an.'ext.-roa mil 1. 1 r. ui 1 1 at rf it -i lll,er's lVater I'lcuf lUirMnt-.,. il W.tir-in eel I l "i'e ly I P' tx ; SPL,R. MJJV ANII IMPOItTANT woukh' l.ece-'iitty i'ibli,hud, nil I liir .alo by I). A. II It II M A N. Tl P Voitng Maiden, l.y A. II. Muziy, author of 1 '-: oung Mini's Uuide, 'virs.'s aeriuons, Tex.i,and llio'l'exiati, by II. 3. Pootex IIiteliiook's;i;ei,logy, 'yV',e "'"'ii'-runirc, by D-Unuji, I he Philosophy ol'Ili,ory, t 1111.1, llsi-tuieaiid pro-pexn, I lie Ir.igeelv oflhe S,o, V.VV"l,Vl'y -Vr;' iurnev, i' Alibi-lie's Here,rination 111 Germany Hud Svvit Miniature Romance., fiom tho German, (iirneyontho West Imbe., Drew on the ItcsuriCL-tli.n, ir!Mri,ri",i,ikl,,,,,'',l,liV, ''' A' VV- ""'If""'. Hill , kiildef'. Guide, Alien', llriil.b IU, C.iinolell'sJ.lle.-orPeti.ireb, l-r'w01!. ",t hal'lr' '"'ills'. Work-, ----- .'.'ll.ri ..lis. JU Pilward,' AnnlnmvMiii tibmn.e. ot 1)1.. vv. ilomvMii.l Pbysiolepy, l.l eer i' r' Luh's and kit, !,.. si...,,'i 1. 1 ii. Glory and Shame i,f l.'tigland, Lite undopi.ii(,n,i.' Alilner, ll'.iiilii-s ol IMmt-l Websttr. Ihe'H:eiiiiPiaiiie,vjU J euim-r.n-y in Pram-e-, by l)tm, ob,.o,,', llillieol IferarU,.., ownum's I. iud,e.ip.'!ardeuin-f1 minis nl Ani-ient eities, .Me- hanii 's Own lll, Pjiu b'u ,(,, Cbn.ti.iii outh's Hook, Aiili-Pooei-v. I,.- ,,...' Ju.Vn, or -scenes 111 'in, V 2 vol-. ineiuenls cl a X lialin A siiiiiiui-r's.loonii-vly Mr'-. S'ee!.', I iilw.-r'., .li-eellnn,o.,'lrn-.-is,j-,.f the Wile! t'l Pi- XV 1.. ........ age Jcrooe, tie-iiiuii-eiM , .ltbela.i.ixt), l.y K S. I hom.i, Idle and Times ,, Whuefield, Stone, .!i,rll.ineou. Writing., llow,liri Puiiidv Sliak.pearei luriie-iV. i-fiiiii,-,,,;.-. ... ' Tnriie-i . companion lo licne-ls, Ueuiiuiseeiieosol John Tminbi II, from ITiC to 1 t1 I I t riieW, lUol.Mi.s, .MiIiiijiiV Hm, rv ol cbri-l, I. lekinglMin's Travels in Ainerieii, '"I li.ister, Itaml e. and Reveno-, iV'rV l'J,"U,,Il'",ryorCi,ngriv.lionuluiu, I arlej's school rane., -t vel-. ;.i-teni Art and Amiqiiiiies, 1 ""I'.'locy 11 Svsteiimtm S.rver of Human Know!i-,l.r. I.,. 11,.. ,. ..o ' HiIImI lite nf Pngln,,,!. ' S.uliey'. Poeiieal Work., riie Novels i,rjne Au-tiii. 1 vol. leu I housaiida Veur, I vol I e,'. lull. Wanted, A JOURM:V.MAN Waii-b .Maker or Watch Re-iiiairi-r; nl-o :i Jijiiriifi-.iint s',i.-o-.i;,i. ti 111 llieti-.ii'o lo whom vve loivvaid a ci.pvol'tiiis.t Iver-tl-e-llient, uiee't-lioj lon-lnellller'i.iild I, ... ini'ii in I lor wort. Num. I.m ..... L, wanle.l. Dev. 10. l'ANGHOliN f: IHII.NSMAID. Combs. 1 CiSP. Wood Pocket Combs, I fiO doz. German Silver do. 500 " Cap do. 230 " Tvvi,t do. 2000 " Side do. 50 " llran ,o. 200 " Ivory do. fnrsalebv Nov. 30, 1911. VILAS, I.OOMIS & CO. QH M "'': l-id Needles, 00J 200 Gin.s llooksilli.l Pve. IUU it. 1. Kiittnug Puis, Ii Cases Loudon ami Americnn do. SOIbs. Jo. Just ri i eived and tin- .ah. bv Nov. 3D, 1811. VILAS, I.OOMIS .X. CO. inn U!S' "'Internal col'd Thrciid, " I'UU 50 Hhiek Linen, Sov. til, 1SU. Vor .sale by VII,.S, LOO AILS it Co. sheetings. 1-1 Hrowu Sln-eiingi.. Ille-lehiil do. roj'ie Por sale I y 30, 1811. VILAS, I.OOM1S sV CO. Nov. 1'eatlitrs. 4 1.1 I-'. Gi PiMthi-rs, nfs'iperiur qmlity, s ib.. l-'or -ule low bv .2lWW.O II, Nov. 3(1, Is) t. VILAS, I.OOMIS ex.' CO. Sheep Skins lot- Hook Itlnglng. tfcr. OKAft I)OZ. She-i'p Skins, .is.imii-I ijiwlitn-s 011 xli-llid nnd tin- ..l'l" In 01 iiiMl'.u-Oir.-,.. .11,. I nliers at low prices, ,v VILAS, LOOM1S, et Co. Nov. 30, lfill. Sliret 1 1 on. PACKS Ri-sia Iron, usM.rie-d Nos. .'.II Doudles lin;.uu I Aineii an liou,a.s'J .Nr.., 7.x lloxes Cinaeki Plu'eli r mV I v it). 1611. VILAS, I.OOMIS A Co. 10 Nov. I'l.innels. CASL White and tobnel I'launcU, 21) p..-1-e-i liureil.ilisbury do. IIKJ " s.arli-idiiine-tli; do. Ju-t ici-e'vul nnd for ..ale I v N"V.:iO, IS1I. VILVS, I.OOMIS sV OO. ltuttnui.. 0"O GROSS Horn IV.el llmioi,,, 230 " o Ve-,t do 2"0 " Gill Coat an I e-l ill ."I'O ' I'.inoili.iui do vm, ivnrl i-lort ito 200 " Hone do -lo. Pr .ale I.r Nov. 50, I.SII, VILAS, LlitlMlK A tin. l'or Sale. - - - SLCO.N D band, one hor.-i', s'ecl shesl pleasiue hlemb, well ibe harness. Al 0 11 .add1,, nod I nd'e and 11 lirst ru'o n'-oul b.iu 1 t oolmg All or anv h.irl ol mid ariie'li's inav b." h 1 1 eheup, and p.ivuieiit niAile in goo I hirdw.'ol. liur ingPui, inc. 10, 1311. i' v u; til or r.1.1.. Notice. lino tbei'nelostiK' of snl,si-ril -r on rr ordki: lJ.ibo it tl.e lirst 1 1 .S'l'l'ti'illl ei a li-d nn-1 w-llilr iwo ve.u old lie fer with slie.rt horn-, rath, r inclined to turn iu. I ho owner i reque-to 1 to pioxo pr.q irty, oav 1 h imo and t ike her aw ay., Pee. S, l. III..VIA.MIN WRIlliri'. F A It 1! A K & W A I '1' , Iinportcr.-iot'Ciorl.ery, China anil Glass Ware, IVI.nolice v- to .11 e limits in tho ,-Ull llie.KMe 111 1 nir (.'.untie1.. 1n.11 iney li.ix -inadeariauge- n-ciits lor "nving from the best Man utictoni-s in Ing. .01 i,.i I Ii so,yiy m .in I.hh-oi Ito-I.erv e'a. n siieves iw season, and lli.u in y will at nil tunes Ii in re.i bne to re-pack to or ei, at New Vork and llostiMi pr.ecs. The1; invuc Hie a len mn ol Mi r ch. ints parti nlnrlv 10 tiu-ir nic 01 vt.iri-, us-uiing ibem the y wi I do all ilicj lo re ir.iuuse, w b ch will lea gre at envoi',' to all who p nvli i-e of them. W.i Corner In uch .ml e uttege streri,, HuihiKton, Do'. 10, 1611. Imperfect Mono Iot, A It It A 11 st W X I T HA v n O N h ind several biudrvl Slone IVls of nil sizes, .1 lllllc 1111,-1111 lo-'i, nef.l f. r v ario i i ir,io-e iu al. P.i tu ie-, and ai on id vn rviu.- fr 'n l.'i enistojO i-u s, j I elo in I at I lie Clo- eiv -s.oii, . t Ui ii unu s i -tievt lli.rluig on White- China I ea andColl'i-eSi't. ITMRItAlt s WAIT havejost leveivl an a.ort meat ( f Win e Chin t Co leu se-t-, Cu.iard Cops, Itr.-iLI'iKl and Te.i Plate's. PlleheTS, HowU.lud Il ll Icrstan tor sale eliiiiji al the New Cio si rj Store. Pre. 10. Dinner ..rvirri-. rARRAR A WAIT have i-on-l iiitly nn hinl n l-i re- liliiiiUolni. ns.lil'Oll'UI i f Dinner !CI, will luiler 'I oats sauce and simp T.niens coinplele, of blue. mill;, snrizatM. vuii'e .ranoe uiu.i , .nm n inn .,,,i.,,,., I,- uhu h n .11 1 c so I vi rv cheat nl llieir new i in -sen .w, .. n... Cullepu stiei ts. llui'iilgt.'n. Pi". 10. Fa iuTa n et w ait. Notlc to Vanillic. MMII.irS in want of e'e-rjanl Te-i and Pinner ' iet unt iisimllv found in eoniiry Mere-, can mi l at Farrar fy IPuit' ej.liihli.-hm. ui, u vi ry pn it vn neiv of super!" White China Tex set', S.vigccldoilii Cul.l isle-eiindlintdo Gold l and and line lo (told I mid and sprig's) do l.xira wi.iegoiil tan I u ie-i . i. .. .0 I - 1,1 s.eliran a. ran c loughl iu Nevv I Vork, IP.Jon.i r Tr"V II I tn exiunne tbeiu at'1' New c ..l.l 1. , .- ' . . ... T....I'rr "iivm.-ii TtlCl i Ii ireh -u 1 I nllcge slit.'t M'll, . I I , I IH- HI jMuiliu.-on,!'?'. l. TJ THOMAS will continue his Auction Sales ii. tie' l!,t'.ar";r"uo" of every Wednewjny and Satur tife-V . V'tf.Tiantity.of Household Purniturcof u. oereni descriptions will be oflered, togth cr with (In 1 1 1. J,aril,u!K,1!", xxitli pipe. Sales, of Dry Good. Cutlery, Clocks Jewelry,' Ac, Ace, will bo n in J '."Jfly.. "'""day and Saturday lveningi, mild rurthernotice. October e. 1311. NTI3W 3LIVJBRV STABLE i, it nn t ii "f IM:CTPI.illv h.ibrrns his friends nd tho J-lvtillMie. Ihnl in ins rimu nn.n . t: ci..ii. and ln on hand ready for use some excellent Horsx nnu Cnrmgi-s. .Sleuth. Harness... A I. ...I. i,. ni Sleigh, Hnrnesse.,Ae.wliich ho will let cm lenson.-iblo t.-rm. Stablent llciijniiiiti IJUUop's t ob i'ior1'' Ut5t C0r"cr Court "UUSB S'I". Jnington. Dceeinbir 10, 13 II. i TjlOIl S'ALf.'.A quanttiyof lirt rato upUiul hone eolltf ' a" Ul1 "s'll.ury. Juquiru at the I'uit Uurlington. Dee, S, 1611. I Itrii-rii- ""'t, 1 """nets ! I A II J,',', . i i ,'i,orll,,";nt ' Plorenco and tiik JA-Honnets much Wow ihoptiecsof lost suinnur .vlso. a vsn, ie. ,,r fo..... o.i.i ., ,f, -'j v uutiia a.iui.uiis, s. n. shott. . Casslmeres. PnilVM0'?!"0!"1;.'0' "li,c, smlwool dvobluo t- and blue black S. 11. SCOT'PS. Itload Cloths. CJPI'PR Wooldve black, invisible green, olive, bliin. ii" in''1 ""vud cl011". at unusually low prices by Dec. 10. S. 11. sc OTT. Awlo'.- 'i Culinary purpom, at liobsnlia njeiml, by I'PCK Sc SI't'A It. N O T T7Tp " rT"" I II! Subs ribers having formed a cop,t(nershjp L under the firm or HATCH, ODGLL, & c7 1"V.S"."' fir "-'olllring'ror , sir" .. I";s, 01 ll,uco"11-r of -Uain and Water A'so.-Plour, Pork, Salmon, Codfish, Mackero' Iron N, . Glss, llron Shadings and S Hoots and Shots, nnd Liquors of all kinds. J. HATCH. W. J. ODM.L, CROsd .f- IIVDR RurliiiKton, Dec. 9th, 1SH. 50 nMIV?TS "vson.-kh, Tea. JJ CO Do (, Hi-son d. i2i,.."," 'I'wnnknv do. Il'Otnddy boxes Hvson do inoir'Vr i 'lo ..Vou" Hyson do 100 I III 11 ill-aid X........ 1 1 .... ... rr, j. , - iinib'it,. ,r .i i . ' !)"" "'a. oi uu ercnt lilies of t10 ast importation, and offered at Auc iion puces by l OLLP.TT A HRADLKV Gld Dock, Uurlington. Kliu. f'ut. Of) 11111.53. TOHACCO, svV 30 do Smoking do 10 Kegs Moccabov Snuff. j'"r "V POI.I.iri'T A- HRADI.EV. S:ilf. sooo,1!nM-si;'.",,is,o"t' -V . e.ues, 3000 ,0 s,,r, 200 S icks Dairy 1000 Ubls. line. ' for sale very low, bv Old Dock,,o-:U'KT'r'f-CKADI-Klr- Sugars. 1 fl HHLS. l'nwdeied. I V 10 do Crush..,!. 10 lloxes double Loaf, 1. do 12 do Philadelphia Lump, . i. ,v i orK no , , f superior qualitv, for sale by Uihe Wlnrf. POLt.LTTA I1RADLF.V. XnilHLS. liarhet's Gin, JV j0 ilu Aincricnn Hrnndv. l or sale by POLLP.TT A HRADLKV, Old Dock, Uurlington. CO HOXPS RAISl.s!, -0 Casks 6'.,e,ai3,' 100 Ho.Xl'3 Ur.rrln.. Por sale by POLLUTT HRADLPY. Old Dock, Uurlington 100 -!OX, :,S ;'im,'nons' Ca.t Steel Axes, "7 0 do Lnthrop's do do . i arruioeo, anil lor s He by iir t i i- ''OI.LPTT it IIRADLOT. Old Dock, Hurhngton. .Vlllts nml 1 .Ol ) W'N, -VA""S'. assorted siiiw, n,. 100 J'0 '''"'iing Nails, do do ii.ei ivegs .-pine, irom jiu to tiki ami 11 inch, 10 Ton. ol round and square Iron, from U l.fitlia to 3 ineli. 10 Tons orhoise sho5 Iron, of the vnrious kisea. 1 do ol I'nml Iron, 0 do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, 11 it and square Am. Bloom d 1 or sale at niiimn'arturi r' prices, bv Ptll.l.l-riTA URADI.F.r, Agsntk. . , Tobacco. maim r letmonU s, J 12 Hoxcs P.rvme's 12 do Home'-. Ii. l. ., 10 Rowe- s. Tho above are all choice hr.inds. sn.l nr. AiT..uf low.Iiy POLLPTT st HRADLLV. Old Dnrk. 1trlin,r,.. QnilllDS. Trinidad, and iO hhds. Porl'o Rico x .Mol.i..i.., he-nvv bo lied nnd liulu in.t received and for .ale, 'at a very low price, bv ' ui.L.t. 11 st lIRADLLy . Old Dock, Hnliiigton. 1 1 HAG-s Pilbeits, l 10 do llrnil Nuts, 10 do hard shell .llmonds, 11 Pi ail? soft do do 20 IP N. lliekoryNuts, .1 do Cliestiiu's, Ci' superior quality, and offered low, hy . POl.LI.'ITA ( I ,l'!I's- Winter Od, of superior qualitv, for nil 'Jf Inw by POLLPTT A HRAHLPY. .1 x lllll.S. Tar, 20 do. Pitch and 1 Ton Oakum, .x ' f..r sale by POI.I.LTT et HRADLEV. ( 'J Dock, Hurlineion. O ) COILS iiianiil.iRig.'iug, J Ox. SO do larrril do rrom 1 to 0 moh. 'J do marline ) T i 'ether wilh nil extensive assortment of I'eej Si i Line, Spun Yarn, Ac, for nle bv POLLP.TT iC HRADLP.r. Gift, l'or the Seasoiu rpilP. following buiiiiiful Hooks fot Presontt, ars L now received and for snlo bv 1). A. H R A M A N Gift for I1', The Ladies' Honk of riowers and Poetry, friendship. Oil! ting, 1312, The Token. 1?I2, l'octrv of Plowcrs nnd PIovxcts of Poetry, Porgp't-.Me-Niit, 1!2, Language i f Plowtrs, TheRn-e, l?1i. The Viohet, 1S-I2. OA HHLS. Whlluig for -ule hr Nov. 20. POLMTIT.f- nRADi.r.r. 'P'l RUNT. Tvviiconvfnieni House, mm -11 ore of ttm ..liiiaLi.1 VII. , I.OOMIS k Co. c 15, ll. Gi'piuN lmprureil Sclf-Inker. 13l!INTLR"s are d.'.irel lei vviinn.s iln- opersunn of i. ne ai tbe s it.M-ril ers oSro. Thry will bo f irnisl.c 1 .it tbe in.inuf.i Inn r's pri"e. c. Gooonicir, I'o. H lgt for the Manufirturer, Clorli. rp II i I Wo II O S P w ho vvish to (iiir-'lme euber Brass or oniteii ( 'o -Us are invite,! to inn and look al our issiiriini'iit, XX i- h.ive ilnin tlmt pin one and ethi lavs, tbi.-e lint siril e, hour and al.srin rlnekj. I we havo thi ol q n e ehe:t,i fi r kitchen or chaml rr and ue-e ones suital-Ie for Parlor or office. CIo-k e lexni.J aul warian .-I. PANGPOHN A HKI.NSMAlI). Pev. 1, Is II. Waltu:." Vermont ItcgMrr fr 8 4 2. . 13, I5H. S. HPN'TINGTON. Pot sale by De Hooks and Paper. C1 GOOI'Hir II, ono.l..or P.i.ii.fParrar A Wait's It f'rerkerv Sine, PP SI IH, bns a xerv crne'rul I c t. .i of ft" ', uu Iodine Urge sine', of School W.k -Hid l'..e r. All w ishing to purrlmse wi'l do nil lo . all. Pie.liire nnd e'ou rslie lii.iniildi lurrs r eery HeM-ripMon re'1 eiv el In pav uicnt. School com mittee, firuirhinz ti r ndn ol. stiill have tool- gra-iinl.i.i-.'y ter nil ihib'ren in their elijlrici. nho.epn. ents arc mini 'e ift luy. Pr., 1 3, 1842. IT V ION'.- VI R.MIlSf KII.I-sTrrV-I.MM i5t ic-e-ed'y IV-. 15- C COOPRtrlt.