Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 14, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 14, 1842 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLORY OF C JB S A I? BUT TUB W B L P A R B OP ROMS. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 1842. No. 32. r i IO()HK'3 KSSF.NCK OF LII'll. A Valuable a. i , , V "." r ',' Z ,, i-1"-"1 increa-ingreputnl Km witch lln medicine linneuair- -llf'l'lt... mill fit'tltll l'PH t.f.lf..lllt.l III tltft Till Inil'llllf I 1.1 7 1 .. II I In. 1.1 ' I ,. . ;x " "", cu iiirnugnotit r.ngiantiainics, ami iiiciuanv , di-ca-cs, viz. Con'U.iiiitinii.Whuoiimg Cough', coin- 1 i n,rn.,.,1 nn! tl. rn ,t..n,ii r..r,,r.. mon Cough., Co'd, lnllcnlt Bicathiuir, Iiilhienzn, ' ,, it ,.. , alSvilv 0r,,,ycian. w,ai acnuainto, ivilli iuin-y, A-tliun,, Spitting of Hlood, 1' lain- it, preparation, lm- hid iced ll.u proprietor to extend I tciici'. I mlit-n.linit I til ltmt'a.1. I itf .. 1 . 1 .. . ' ' .1 ' ... , " , ' v, , t,c , i s cirjuiaiion u uimo.-i every town n mu ca- ern every Km I. Crnnnis. Rickets. Co ic. Ca nrr h. Dy-en- 1 u...... ..u .1 ...... t ' it..:... 1 u niour.ofllndlev. Mn. from ttnt On?iu:il llecine. fv thediicctiiui of .akl -Moon-, ami sold l.y I11111 and the principal Druggists in the I'nitcdStntes. Sni 1 wdiolc nio and retail, by Peek oc .Vpcnr, Burlington, and ly thtdealcrs generally through- T II V OVDITT1 Ulli 1 OI IV U J . ill M...,.. .i,i,.i, ir,;,,!,.!.. nmiltwl. .fill tn I hit A. --I... I., r n; I ......, ..r ' .. , r.. J..1 Jin uilltlll run ell remiaif fur lJlSLUSCS OT lllC 1,1,111,1,1 saving muil-ailii- iritui .111 uniiiiiiiv liruu" Jjuiigs, consumption, coughs, injliten Colds, Asthma, Spilling of Blood, Hooping Cough, Sfc. ty. TO TIIR PUBLIC. In pre-cmlng to tin: public a new remedy for t!ien ses or the lungs,t may Lc proper to say thai, judging ! Inrv, Fainting, Hypochondriac Atlccliun-, Headaches, from UP-"'ny etiMiticate-and receomnicndatinns nf. Sict;nc- nt Stomach, Mea-jes, n prcventim of Con oiher rcmegvontamed In the newspaper oftheilay tairion-di-ea'C", liont and Ulienniali-m. no new ' .vaeall.l for ni- rennipivl. fl.ilifilini it 7'rii..(it.f.i. t.. t:,.;.irt 1.1. Tri.irir i.- iuinnar rirtm.-jiut null ni.riTIUiiy letlL IIIU Ollin OI mortaliu, or any one of the nmny prepaialion- poN. eeilthna virine recommended, o iliat afier a fair trial, the puientco il.l depend upon its healini power-, and ratiomlk hone for H qnn W recoveri lit In .lilt. thi httniliu attempt to arret the prosre-s of I'nlmo uaryCoLfimption wo ild not have appealed. Uut lint the viellnn of deitroyer are daily in creai, nec ' noproofaml thelarje scale of the "Drun l-show that the reme.lie ol the day have been fairly trie I, and failed in their ob,eet, if that cli JcetwaMhc restoration to he'il'li of pcr-oii'. s lilering trondieaet of the l-mv. While one reme ly drie- w aeoiuh that lio il I he properly aulcl to tlirow ol tevieid phlejin eollec;ed upon the limit an I iliroat the harhiner of die.w, another, hv a hid selection ot an expeclcrant, if indeed enahled to ili po4;e.t. the pre-ent tenant, hut leavna woriconeto iceiipy the fhatlercJ premi c J and hy it, the wor!; ofi'eath h the fcooncr accniii'iliihe I. Tlicttll.V SVIitiP i now Iclicvelto le the Ic-t remedy forluii? coinp'aint-, thai hat ever appeared. To cure I'lilmonary Con-nmption afer the di-eae ha dor.e lit lad w ork, or heroine -caiel upon the vi tal f inetiont, and tubercles are formed an I hrolicn, and atmo-pheric air i inlutel into the nro!,en part-, is not amonir the pre,eniont of the tho'iandan I one poivilar no-trnnitto the contrary, iiotwithlandinj). Thi inehcmeihat re-torod many who were sup potcl to he I cyond cure, l.y men Mandin; hi?h ill the medical profe-Mon ; 1 ut their restoration to heallh on ly prove I lint area! and good men may 1 e mi-takcn, in the t-ta-ie or projrie-.. of tlieiica;e. Hence, let 110 peron de pairof relief, until he ha. made a fair 1 rial of the l.ily Syrup. Tins medicine opera!et l.y promoting a fiec and easy rtpecmration, there! y fieeins the hinRt and throat Irom vivnl pidesm, nu.Kti'eiilhcniu; the pans and freeinir them from intlamair.rv action which constitute the di.-ea-u of l'ulmonary Cou.umiition. tirc'vfiec from a iv mineral stain e, NOTM3K iCFWIcdicino t ltct known hylhe curet it perfomit.ij I. Kcwlon't l'anacea, or I'nrilier of the lllood. Tho unparalleled and (ill W.. . t PATEWT PLATFORM SCALES. THIS nrticlois too well known to need coinmcn- dation and the pvnprifnre of srvnn vpnrn hn deiilonstrated to llm for accuracy, convenience and durability, they arc uiirivnllcil Coal vard scales to weicji from a to G tons. Dormant Wnrcliouso do, to wctuli fiom 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs.. 1'orlnbli. do. In 200 lbs. I'ortablet'ountcrdon new article to weigh troni i-i 01.. mm lis. ,. J. & .1. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Riirlmaton, April 8 1841. nrincinal Tint l'.uiaceit warranied purely veactal lc.and it not Mirpafed ly any other medicine ever oliered to the ndlicicd at its extensive sale, and Rrenl popularity plainly prove. It hatwithin the la-l cishicen monlht eureil lis thouand of the mo-l olMinale di.-ca'C, a c.inle proved hy certificate?, and it pronounced by eminent and repo.-tablephyticians the 1 ct medicine in use. U.-efiil inforuution may I o found in uireular.t eonlainiii!; certificatet of ciretand directions for la hina the medicine. The following nptointed nirent.. Uiirlinrrtoti, P HCKntid SPIvAH, 11. Moo.l St All an-, (J'irlit and Hn-sel Uillon, C. Drnli- Allium Kail-, Unmet and Sawyer WalcrviMe, I't.-I; and Drown, Ilinc-bttrsh, Hull and Coo!, l'airfax, ami atatlielil ersenne'. Adanit and .Murray Uamhrulac. SI. W,re. I'lu'erhill. Al. V. Ilarnev North Kcirisi iirah, II. C. Wic!.er Ocoreia, A. Illi.t VVillittun, N. Chittenden Hichmond, (irecn &l(hode Jidiii'nn, (i. L. Warner and C" Monhlon, Kihan Suiilh llal,er.-lkld, Arminalou and Woodward I'nn- liclil, Itiirnct and rarntworth.!) MAUStl A l.l.'-i conliniies unrivalled ns a strengthening PI,ASTKlt: AUo, for Hhciimn- t i-ni, Laiiiene- or pains 111 thetnle--, limbs or back: for tcrof 1I0 it swe'lintr", t.c irvy tore-, l'Veth woundt ; and for a general Family I'la-terorsalvc. Pur Corns, moreover try it; paiecio-e, per-evcre 111 tiieu-e uy nuikinu new application iwainnally, and in time, yourcorn.t will 1 o cured. For nle bv ri.Lft c si'i-Att. Ilurlmprton, Jan. 12, 1811. ly.f.IS TheSyrim iseniiri1 and purely caelable; ami may lie tal.en with per leci saieiy uy n;e inn-i m iicatu con-titulion--. It it highly recommended 10 tho-e who have weak lun?t, Tcacbert 01 performert of vocal muic will find it of invahial le use to them, by ii pivi'112 ?real strciisth and sweelnets to the tone"of m i ic, mi I eu abliii'r the person to perform wiih prcatcase. Pul lie upcalicr-and de! alers will find it o invahial le ser vice to them. This medicine hat 1 con thoro iahly and tucec.-sf. illy te-tel bv able phy-ician-, an 1 by their advice i now prepare! and oierel to the pul lie, to -pial; for itself 111 tlieca iniofatlliclcd li'imauiis'. And may he who I Ic-cl the intir'imcn'nlitv of clay to open iheeveof the Ul in 1, ma'.e it a blctiir.' to thulium in family, and the R-reAt object of llm proprietor will I c accoiiv f lislicil. All mehci'ne sho dJ 1 o "iven accordin - to the silo. ntion of the piticnt ; and, if in.ich re.l.icul, a smaller ti'iaiitity than where there 1. ( onidera!.le strcnaih. The dire 'lions on 'he I utile may 1 e tal.en an general rule: but tfialicu for a lornr standimrcoiRli, it may I e nccc-fary to take a much larger do eforsomeoue or two dayt, an 1 even of encr until an cxpe.'ioraliou it proii icc.i mat will le tree and ea-y. When there i iniu li tiahiuo.t 1,1 tin i lie-t, it will onie;inie- increai the co lgh lor a day or two j m whk-h ea c, the patient SllO lid lite Mynt. l..l... .. , .; t,.M, Ttru.1 ice a slisht na'ea 01 tho stomai h lie iiiejuoi fear any harm faun -iifh i-nsi ition. 1 winld say to nil who' purcha e Ill's ir.e'ieine firu-e, that they can Jiavo but li'lle hope of I i-nig I vnelilttsl by 11, unlet i' is ta'.e.i steadily when it it commenced with. Some itoiicea diy, then twice, then not anvfor two or tlireeday-. I cannot savlhat tuch wo-ild le lively to receive mucli Lenefit from it ; but if regularly, il i- eminently calculated to uproot the di oie, and to ics'ore to so md hcaltli. It illiccarne-l ! ire of 1 lie propric'or to bale every one th it u-e- at Icat one bollle of it -tea !dy nccordinir t( the ilinv-tion-, to conni nicatc the ic.-ilt to the person ol whom lie purchased ilie medicine. The'c or it privilege I to refer to tl.p follow i.ic per-ons 1 ho h.ue ut'd the Lily Syrup, an I who will be hapjiy to give infornuilon 'of il- -operii r healing,'to any wi-hinir 'o know more nl out it. air. I'riiienien. one of the firm of I- F. Smith & Co., who'e alean l retail merchant, i:xchangt-Mree,) 1Iivlii..lir. Cnr lititdin- al lllC l.lllir. Key. 1, l'a-tor of scvouJ Uaplist Church, K0"he tcr. , r.n.ii.Tt.. Iv I rccman. for a bad eo"2 1. Mr. Stoddard, of the firm ol S anwood Ji Co. 1 ool; .,.IUt.. rnrn.'r of I) ill'alo and State -liccs. Kiihe-'cr. Mr. J. M. French, N'orih-Mrce!, IiOwhc-ler, lor the wlioriin-cOl,Lth. Mr. Sojihwonii, Stone-street, llocli-t.-ler, for lad ro'it:li. Mr. Itolcrt MMIiblcn, Monrre-sirect, ltoche.lcr, in a cvereati'J ca eol I tie whoopin-coupli E. Ilarnarl, K-q ure, o:liisj in ;oi,rl-ho i.-e, in i ra.e of whoo lina-co-iah in hi- family. Captain W. I). Kith,' fur a caseo'f l'lilluic in hi family. Itcv. Mr. Clark, Pastor of tbe'IiaptNt Church, I.e itov Itcv. Mr. P. Church, Pa-tcr of the tir.-t Ilapti Church. Ilochester. Captain A. Uril'.on, (or Ilaemorrltaae of the lunc-. A. G. Smith, ca-lir of Mechanici and Farmer Hank, Koche-ler. Ij. W. Sibley, of the firm of Sil ley & S.-rantom dry pood merchants anil auctioneers, 'l)u:!'alo-streil Hoohesicr. Itev. A. King-Icy, Pa-tor of the Baptist Church at itianeiicste. 7lev, Jacob K'naiiu. I!vnnselit. Mr. T. Hunn, Carriase Maker, Sr. Pa d-Mieet liiram tucker, a lorneyat law, l(ocle-tcr. Mr. Thomas A-hinan, paver, ltoche-ter, w ho ha received a-tonishiug relief. Please inquire of hi ca-c. Hey. Thoma-Carlton, M. K. Ch. Rochester. A. Steel, (bleeding at lung) Lockpoit. II. Miner, Wet Henrietta, Mimroe Co. Profeor .Mctiinni-, llamilion 'I heol. Scm'y. Hev. Levi Tucker, Cleveland, Olno. C. W. Cool;, '' Idp The Proprietor lias 1 cen oTcrcd c;rlitica'c ly many ol the above gentlemen : but he tho-e wishing information, would call on them per eonany. I'ECK & SPEAR, Agent for tin- e -non, Till', sub-riler Icing thankful for pnt favors woulil rc-pecll'illy solicit a continuance ol the -ame an I remind hi-fririid- and the public that he it prepared m uccommoiiatc tnein on the sliortc-t nonce and ino-t favorable terms in the various branches in then1 oveline. Shop oppo-i'e Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, i cari-siicvi, uarnngion, vt. J AMIS SCOTI". April 1, 1SII. nl3:ly "IRRTAirf CUIIK l'OH SK'K HnAnACIIR. Vy which Ins been used in families, cery member of which lias had sick headache fiom infancy, ns n constitutional family complaint, and Ins cured tflcc tmlly in every iii'-tancc yet known, nniountiur; to ma ny hundicds. It isnnt unnhasant to the taste, nml dues nut prevent Ihedaily avocations of one usjig it it must ha persevered in, and the cure is gradual, but cerium anu permanent, instances arc constantly multiplying where thi- distressing complaint is com plclcly relict cd anil cured, allliiiimh of years 'tandiu" hv the use of Dr. Spolm s calibrated rciucdv. One decided prcfcrcnccis its pleasantness, having none of llie naucaiing cucci 01 (ouiuiim urugs. Itis sopcrfcctlysatitfactory, that the proprietor has given directions fur hisnacntsro tcfund the price to any one wno is inn tmati'ii witn, anil even curcit tiy it. lie hones also tint this may secure itsi'icat ben efits to the ilNrisecd sullerrrs who arelaboringundcr Headacb.. " " ' " dill ivuo.l I fvt.n tit iu, ,1 ;ti;i!ucu 1. uue. Xctv Voile. PF.CK & S I'KA I!, Wholesale Agents a few doers cast of the Post Ollicc, liutlm ton, t. nu Croclirrv anil (ilass Mavc. A I' F.W set's lute (traiute t are, also Class U Dishes and Plate, Dccantirs, I iimlilfrs.I.amps, )-e. lor sale tery low, by . .11. t'Ul'K. I.'OU.VI). R may on found in this village, directly opposite the Methodist Chanel, an Ultl) 1 .il.M stiur, nnttly fitted up in ftood style, where the undersigned VUl DC giau IO wail on Ills OIU tusiuuiua titit ator limi tvitn tncir paironagc. Cm in it. oi'.LiijUi.u. Ilurlington, April 23 1S11. Dr. A. Sherman's Cough l.ozcnges. NO Cough Medicine liat ever I ecu introduced into Vermont that hat given such universal satisfac tion. They seldom fail to cure the ino-t trou'ile-ome ought and colds ma lew days. Jtnmero'it refcr- enect might I c given to per-01 9 who hate 1 ecu cured by Ihcm, hut where their merits ale so generally known & apnrecia'ed it is ii'ele- lo-pecify in-lniKCt. The al ove nicdieine, as well Sherman's celebrated Worm Lozenge-, Poor Man'. plasters, und other pre parations may I c liail ol 1NOV.4. I'AiMillUK.N IV. llllliB.llAll'. MOFFAT'S VniltTAIIltF. I.IFM MKDICIMS.-Tlie-o medicine are indel ted for tlmr name to their maiiife-l ami ten-iblc nction in pirifving the tpringtnnd channels of life, and enduing them wiih rencwetl tone and vigor. In many hundri I certified ca-e.twhich have I ecu made pul Iif, and in nlmo-l every species ofdi-ea-cto which tho Immni frame 1 lialle.the happyeiects of.MoFrAT's Life I'im.s and PiiiknIx lltiTr.nt hate been grealfiillynid publicly uciiiowlcdgcd by the persons benefitted, and who were previou-ly 'unacquainted Willi the beaitifully phi-lo-ophical priiicip'ct upon whichthey nremnipound uJ, nml upon which llicvcon-eqnently net. The LIFF. MFDICIMS recomnieiid lhen.elvc in di-ea-ctof eyefv form and de-cripnon. 7heir first operation is to 'oo-en from tho coats of the stomach and bowels, thevarious impiiriliet and crudites con stantly tolling aroinul them; and tn remove he liar dencl faces which collect in the convolutiois of the -mallet iiilcstiuct. Odier inchcines only partially clcantethep, and leave such collected mas es I ehiiitl at to produce habitual co-tiveness, with all its train ol evils, or .sudden diarrhoea, with its imminent dngcrs.n This fact it well known In all regulnr anatomists, t hocxniiiine Ihe human 1 ottcWnficr death ; rml hence the nrcindiceof those well informeil men nrranitl nunck 11.1 1.'....... ni. ni.i I... mni tirttim r.t.1 nml li..ul.l.. 1 t.. Dure V 1I.......1 1... 1... ,,T,,..rnnl opr. on.. Tim .tu mul i.i;.i ..I bv all ocsoiit in every condition. It cleaa-e the ihultife.Me'licriictittoclcante the kidneys nnd the I'ings by expectoration, relieves difficult brcalhina, hlnddcr.and bylhi mean-, the liver nndlheliinir.,the and-cemt to heal the chc-t. rherctun I o nuque-lion healllifulaeiioii oI'h Inch entirely depends upon the re- "til mciicine it n certain cure lor chronic cough gnlaritv of thu uriunr orgau. The blood, which and cnM. I have nsc.1 it fo ir cat in my practice, take, its red color from the agency of the liter and the ami always with ;t cess. A, r . kuui'.k&, m. v. 1 1 ... .. . .1... 1 . 1 'J'iititiiiiT a. !iy llicin. mitl ntJiiri-hi'J ly fuul t'ominp from a clean . 1 . j 1 it t. . t SR. BALSAM OF M V IIIVOIIT, Oli-erte when vou buy that vou gut the genuine, prepared at 37S flowery, New Vork'. See that 375 UoweryN'ew Vnrk l on the wrapper of each Dottle. All others are Frauds and sold only by speculators, without regard to.juslicc, to Ihe pub'lic,or llieproprie lor.s of the genuine article. IOU Consumption, and I,iver complaints, Dyspep . n'n,ihzzinetsoflhc head, lost of nppctite, Dysen tart', and general regnlaterol the wholc-v-lem. 'None genuine 1 ut that prepared at 375 Bowery, New Vork, where the ankle was lir.-t made, the char acter of the me licine formed and e-tal lished l.y Ihe pre-ent sole proprietors, and who are the only persons knowing the composition of the genuine, llhasleen ii'C.l succe-sfi lly fur uiilit years in the cure of these diseases. CJItcincml cr'the original nnd is made only nt Mo. 373 Iluwcry, New York, All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a general remedy for the c disease-. 1 urn fully sali-lW.I, from long experience, there is no inelicine equal In Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, living tegctatiie, il can neiisc.iwuiiihu iitnio-l saieiy RUSSHItl.'S STOMACH UITTF.HS. may !, ii'cd in Wineor waler Thi-ecelel rated hitlers are compo-cd purely of veie'nbles of the most inno cent ycl specific virtues. Thcyarerecominended par ticularly for ru-tnring weak constitution., clean. ing and strciialhcning the stomaeh, and increasing the appeiite ai-ii a prevcntniite naainst the cholera mor bus, fever nnd ngue, rcmoting naii'ca, voiuitina, heart bnrnlii?, weakness in the breast, pain in the stomach and other symptoms of flatulence and indiges tion. One box will linctureonegalloii. Pnce25cts. a box. Ilussr-Lt-'s Itch Ointment. -This choice and safe ointment is said tol c superior lo any now In me, for Mint ami luatli-ome it. sea, e, the lit II. ThisOiiitinent Is so ceartnin in ils operation that no per-on doubled with the al ove disorder ought lo lc without it. It is a remely for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic nTccliuns of the head, oriiny otherl'reiiking nut which nrt-cs from sharp humors in Ihe blood. Price 25 cts. a I ox. lies f.mi t UtLt.iofs Pills, or family physic, for acncral ine, in ca ei of Jaundice, luorl nl stomach, courses I reel V through Ihe vein-, renew every part of the sy-tein, nnd triumphantly mouiii; Ihe banner ol health in the blooming cheek. JIo. liu's Vegetable Life Medicine- have I cell tlior oughlv tested, nnd prouo inctln sovereign remedy fur Tickling in the Throat, I know Dr. Taylor's llaltam cf Litvrwort to Lc ncerlain remeuy lor nils complaint, as i nave men it mysHlfsiiil I'nnrid it eTccts an immciliate. I tvas mucli until I mace uteri lint inelicine. M. I.. HI'.NSIIAW. 21 1 Manain st. IIoar-cnc Ciucd For the cure of hoar-ene-sl Dy-ncn-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo-s can strongly recconunend Dr. Taylor's llabatn ofLif. A . ' ' . 1 .... . I II 1 ,1 . .1 . .1 VI . . . I IK erwort. I hate not oniytotinu great I eneht mt'teti, but many of my congregation I V my re commenda tion have relieved great leuelit from its urine. Il i- of Anneiue. Heart-bu'ru and Head-ache, Kestle.sne Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Cos. tivenes-, Diarrlura, Cholera, Fevers of all' kir.ds, lilie.tiiiati-in. Coil", Drop-ics ol nil kind., Crntcl, Worms, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' I'lecr-' Inveterate Sore-. Scorbutic Kriii'tions and llail Com plexions, Kriptive comilaints, sallow, Cioudy, nnd oiherdi-agrecalili! Complexions, salt lihenin, l.rysi a tonic mi'd , efficacious and WINDOW SASII Just rceeitel 15, 21) nnd 217 by Dca-cmi'iit- ol sash, a first rate article at 31 and ij cents per light ; al-o all kinds midsize-, finn-hed to order. Ticondcroga black leal, alir-l rate article, for -ate very low, together with a great varieiv oi oincr am claso cheap as call be found at any other establish mini in me place. ur.o. i-r,Ti:nsoj,-. arm'e- KKV.AZ. LEWIS, Severe Couch- an I Cold- I have had a most e- vcri' cold nnd ci iia h, for a long tunc which I could not t'rt ridnf. Afcr ii-in cr many li.e'ess things I Iri- elas, Common Colds and Inlluenza,and various other ii Taylor's HaL-am of Liverwort, and it cured mu in complaints which nlllict llieh unan frame. In a feiv'davs. JAS. II. Kr.ltUINOCrf. Kai-ing ol litooii Annul two wcei.s ago i nau a IB llufialo Itobcs. ASl'PI'IlIOIl nrliclc, Indian tanned; Kurthiol: nnd ncavy, P.-lts soft nnd pltnlli will not in jure by tveiting. For sn'c by II1CKOK rV CATL1N, West side C( urt House Square, Diirlington, Vt, Nov. 12, 1811. N. II. Don't puriliase until vou have priced th article nl ll.dC.'.S. AIo Barrels and Dry Casks. LOOK II E RE! "ATIl. r.DI'lOR Will you phase notify this com lrltnunity tint the sulscribir Ins opined a Stove Store, fust door west of J. & J. II. Peck A. Co. whem lie has a general assortment of Cooking, Cox and Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, mid Hollow Ware of tho superior Hrnndon Cns ingsj ol o liuek's lint Air Cooking Slave, which lie is manufnttming in thii place. The conslriielion of this stotc is such that the first nnd sharpest heat comes directly unihr the bodcts nnd then passes round a spacious and equally heated oven, and rrnuirrs but rompnrn ivcly lit!1'. fuel to put it in operation, nnd bski s equal to a brick it.iit-v ,,r i ... .i,.,m,.t. ,j i m....i. i.... ,.i n.iti. .in., oven. I here might be a 1. 1st of signatures nrnmrnl lictid lrc'alh,cotivcne .s, Pile-, and all i'i.easc nris- ns lone ns the recommendation of a country P 31. iroui me iimiicai sources in in, siiious w ere n n iii use ; hut a presmlde nhnut tin- stotcnr the Vankco XXT HATCH would inform the in- V . habitants of Hurling on nnd ti c nity, that he has opc ied a shop in Chinch street, nt the sign of the Utile, where lieiiitiiids to carry on the Gun smith I'lisini's:, in all its various branch es. Hating bicti employed for the last six yeaisiu the shop of 'J. M. Caswell, in Laiisinghurgh, (undoubtedly the best shop in the United States,) he feels war ranted in ollcring his work to tho public. nml AeitiE, particularly, me L.UO .ucuiciuis nave lccii most eminently succc--ful ; so much so that in the fever an I Agneihstrlcl-, riiysiciansaunosi universally lire.cnl p them. All thttMr. Mol'at require-of hit patients is to le particular in taking the Life Me hemes strictly accor ding lo the ilucelions. It is not a new-paper notice, or livnnvihingl hcl he him-cll maysnv in their faveir. that he hopes to gniucreJit. Ilisiilonebythe re.-ults ofa lair Hull. MOFFAT.-! MDDICAL MANL'AL: dc-tgned n a dome-tic L'uitle to heal'h. This little pamph'et, cd'tcd .Mol'at, U75 Broadway, New York, hat Iccn pidlishedforlhe tiurpo-e ofexplaining niorelully Mr, Mo hit's theory ol tli-ea-es, anu win inierpsimtr tuoersotis seeking health. prevalent dfca'C?, an I the cau-e- thereof. Price, ccni for sale I v Mr Mo'.lal - Agent-generally. These vahnhle Me licine L. WAHNFU & Co. John fall, w'nich cause 1 me to spit large nualities of I lood which nothing coulii cure unlit i irieu nr. iny.oi of Liverwort. This uiedu'inu gave me imme diate Hief and in a very short lime elected an entile cure. Let all pcr-on trv it. IH'CII JIC C.AKt KV.21 Cannon st. Dr. Tnvlor's 1 il-nm of Litcrwort Tln.s siincrior remedy fordi-ci-vs of the lung- nnd liver has obtain ed a renuta'ion never It foifctualled. Remarkable Cure oj Consumption. was so near her ileal h with llii- di-ci-c. that my ricmls sent lor a nr est toconte-s me eie 1 twi. n in tr from I ilia rt dcranacnient'. abo f ir correcting the state of the I lood, and cleansing the system ol foul and vicid humour-. Thc'C pills are a mild ca thanic, produciii't neiihir pain- nor griping, and are thcrefoiea valuable and highly approved medicine, an I are pronounced as such by tfie most distinguished pliv.-k'l.lll;. box containing 3d Pills. Price 37jcts.alox P.'is.i-irs erlcl.ratcd Salt Uiiei'M OtNTMr.sT. Thi is unipieslionably ihe Km nnd snfe-t remedy ever vet ollered to the puolic for that obstinate disorder SALT RIIKH.M. Where other means have laded, it hatsuc eeeled, and ihe fact that il has lien sxicn-ively ii'oJ by eminent Praetitioncrt speaks volumes in its prai-c. It is equally etlicacious in all di-ea-es of the skin, scald head, ringworm-, and thcnuM inveterate Itch, o:c. OsC. Sunicrous certificates might le obtauu'd, I nt the propritor chco-cs that a fair trial should I e Ihe only evi lence of its superior e Ih-acy. I'l ice 50 cent- a box. For side by Peck if- Spear anil ltolert MoikIv, Ilurlington i nr. i . l. .Mile-, anu nun look, nines burgh; S. II. Ilarne-, CharlotteJ I.. Jane-, (leorsia; L. Tyler, Ks-ex ; Fuller cc Jluntiiigton, Ituhmoii'l Al-o,' ly the druggists nnd merchants generally hrousho'ut the state. o2.!)ir. D Vegetable Pulmonary IiaUam U ihe m.i ttii-il.Ii ;v(lit in tlciiaianrc for or nninst them.-thnt.comin'' ,p"-' I"? m-isl'sol' . m ito life U he'ilih. sirt-nKtl), capacity lar Iahor.coa ulfci) hliiil. lid i-aie it fiPrtiniy iiirir.innif;, hihi inr niuniietorT .lie rniiiiimiiv iprpivni" inc itioi i.ioiuih fremiti i iif it elTrtt'. 'I hf fulluwiii new cerlific.nt'i' by whom all orders from any part i.l the Slate oi Canada, will lepromptl) atiswcrcit. 3 II Dec. 17, 1S1I. GROCERIES, &c SAAC WAltNFll kce s constantly for sale at his Store. ocuosite . r.. Ilowntil s Siore. Cognac Brandy, Holland Cljn, St. Croix Rum, Boston Hum, low pnccil iiranuy, llnlttmore Gin, Antigua Hum, Clirrrydo. Wines, of most kinds nml prices, .Molasses, Loaf, Lump nml lirnwn sitpar-, llysonand Voung Hyson. Hv son Skin and Black Teat: llox ltaistns. Keg do. Co'lli'h, Salmon. Mncltcril, Sounds and Tonsucs, Ilicc, Bar Soap, Fancy do. Allfiicis j l'cpprr, Cingcr, Nuimcgs j Ciove-, Cinnamon, Salcra'ns, Poland Stardi, jMustird, Indigo, Pepper Sauce, Coffee, Chocolate, Table- Salt ifanrllcsi Spanish Scgars, half Sunnish do. Dccanlirs, TiiiiiIiIpis. Lamps, Jars. if-e. Also 500 Barrels Salt. Tho I.inunrs are wuren'ed to lie the best that can be bnuitht m iN'ptv Vork. Tavcrn-I rcpers and otheis wit find it for their benefit to call and examine them before they but- elsewhere. Ilurlington, rtuv. 6. ihi. MVSTIIKIOUS! A gentleman biloncingio nut! of llin anpipnt nnd wpnlthv families nl this city, who must be well known lo numerous friends Having since the year isle, up to recently, nccn ucni nearly double, and for several years confined to his bed. has been restored to "Oi il health has regained his natural creel position and has ipiiitnl his car- mtro. and now walks with case 1 1 We believe tits is t lCL'cnlleman's own description as near ns posiihlc, and Ihercis no exaggeration in it. We will giveimpii- rirslus address, and doubt not humane feelings will excuse lliehuirty; so that any one uouuting, may .uoir these facts thoueli he rcniiests his name may not appear in print. Among oilier instances, Air. Jas. O. ltevnolds. 144 Christie-street, has been restored, and will give personal nssurnnccs of the facts of hw case. Both were ilicunntism, nnd contracted cords anil sinews, i low has this I ecu none ( Itiswcr. lit the Indian Vegetable Illizer in Icrnnllij, ami 11 tees' Xcne anil none Liniment externally. Jan. lilt, 1311. Sold nnlii li CO.VSTOCK if- CO., 71 Maiden Lnr.c. Site Yuri.. Ii9 PF.CK &, &TKAR, V.'holcsalo Agents, a few- doors cast of llicl'osi Office, Builitigtnn, t. 'piIK Ilurlington I'rcwcrv l- now 1. in full operation, and Ilccr of ift'.i i.i a I lie verv ocsi i uu. iv a uc ii tun llftt-frf . I, in. I r, l. in .i.liolp . .V.. IT'.M .tl-l.llttl Y st" "t ..... t" .... , ,iltsw!50r half barrels. G. PF.TKllSON. Oct. 11, lail. HIJ'-s t.KAlND BFSTOliATlVK. Tins valuable Vegetal Ic Medicine stand- unrivalled lot- I . I., otf tot .. mi. nil, - f.v , ll,..,.,ikl;l r I,,, . : ' 1 J - i. .7 I ;, ..; i . i, ,..t.- 1 ,',',.'.. erw-orl. A -etere cokl I nvight on an a ma, CoMii'cne-, Worm- nnd lol- of A'l.pei.'te.'nnd by '"'J' anlthu end.vl in gencralilebilU! ,.i.,!.. it.n i. ...,.i i ,.,j. ' .' Hon. A con-taut co igh, he.-tic flu-h. .ide, stouiach and I''ldt and coughs of long hT.l1,.'',! .""i', ,V"m'''Ul' ' ''V '"' .io,,,!!,,... lion i...s. . ,n s t,r 1 r,. ol, N,..,,. -peedv dealli ; but 11- soon as I COIUII coinplainis.ctc, whici, nicficncnlly the o.ieet ol dis- !'!T ' Sw 1 ", and i- now School Hoiks. I'niicr. &r. ri II H Fiih eribcr has a lahgo stoclt of School m ltouksnn I P incr. Jlerchants. School comuiit'ces &C. furnished on tlio most liberal terms. lings mid mo-l kindsof country produce icccucdin pavmenl. rtov. V!ii. U. UUUUKIf.ll. FOR SALE. rTIIIAT large and commodious two sto I. rv Itiiik Dtvclng House & lilt fcr to Doctor'Wil-i n, in the Cnrllon Iliiutc, for the truth of my statement. MAItl DILL, 10 h streetcor. IJeware oi irauu. 1 1 i iivcuiic. Summer Conwlawt Tim nl l.iiprienrl. ill t.t!lfrnl ca-CS of till li-ease-, where all other remeihcs applieil l.y phy-i- cnint hate proteu ineiicciiuu, uu- pruuui-i-n a cure s......:.;- s" - " consumption Mr. K. Itl.iddin ot Delhi. N. V., of n naturally con sum tuttr i-oiistuiuii'ii, iia- icfu satei ii oiii an uu. Hal-am of l.iv ttact; ol I'le i ,iind con-ninp-rc-i'css nights. flesh, augcied a onimenie.l Ihe u-eof lid t' retortl to health Shortness of Breath I-or this dbca-r. I hllte lllivnt-s louiul Dr. Tnvlnr uaisaui in i.ivcrwort an excellent icme ly. It i. at once so sale anil so elcctne, 1 nlway. u-e it in 'Olulncml it to my fr.-i'ti.l in retnoving nervous ci luplaints. It i pleasant to lake "ate uic.i u in some nunureisi i cue- within the pa iintl -ocasy in itt operation, that it may I e adinimsteicil lour years, aiui i nave never lia I it tail. In many ic mi. uu wiiu taieit . I lie iii.otc aieiiicuie is verv 1 ti ui.t, , j numinn iiuvu i yen inc Mr rccommciiiVd I v mane sc'entilic ceiiilcnit'ii. uie.ins ol taviiig mccious live--. i.ct all use u. mid a large nuliil or nl'la.l:,... u bo bnie in m i-.l il. lil'.O tCK liALPII. JI. D irli c.of the Miilicinel vncrsonal i.sandihat ofihcir tone genuine l.nt that prep.irel at Ji5. owcry. fainilics. A I ill oft eniliea'e.accomiiaiiicsiMclil ottle. ''"-'w tone at win lc ceu l.y the lal il. aul wra ith d. ruction-. may I e hnd who'ctalc or retail ol Britain, llarre, and J. C. Farnniu. I.a-t Willinins- town, Vt.sole nrotirietiT-. Prcnared from ihe origin al recipe j for sale 1 y F. II. Prenti, Moutpclier, nnd I'LCi; tpSI'LAIl, Burlington, and in the principal towns 111 thu slutctall uirc-'lioiis sigue.liii llieliaiiilwrilms ol llieiroprictor iinpl.iinis.cic, which nielicuiicullv isc. l or I cternnil Ag ,c, it ia most valuable pre ventative a-wed at a sotcicigu rcmedi. Its virtuc- urpass nut thing hcictt.finr: known in icmoviiig St. nils' ii.iuic, two lotltc-h.ive lien known to cure il-alllicllllgihscase. after hat lug I n Illi si every ever. lion lor four tear-. Il has a mo-l powerful influence '"' P'acticc, and re "OOI.M.TT & mtADl.r.V havn just received L and oiler fir sale at ihe lowest prices for cash or approved ctedit, a largo nnd well selected nssortineut oi iiiocerics, cousisiiug in p in oi inu ii now ins; i h llluls St (Jroit s igar, t i fi,natcd on llm west side ol College gn en attlie henl ol College-street, in this t il' age. The linear. is32 by 1. with a basement story with Ki'chcn nn I Provision ccll'irs, mid a vtmg3'i hy C. extending iionh on College (nccn. with woirj an -tore ho i-e bc!o v. and i hamlcr- un I 'ltemnf ri'om al ove. A large and coinniodio i- Barn, carnage hou-e ice iiou-r, ami other oui-nou-cs, ami a spacious yar. west of thedwellingho'i-e, and a good d ual le we' or wa'er ot the I est quality in the village, an I a 1 ric Cflcrn. One an I a quarter acre-ol land, il'lho hr i iraliit ; a large garden fruit tree-west of the hou-e and yard. The II hidings are conttrneted in imvdcrn style, i the I e-t materials and workmanship, werei'rectc I 1 the siib.i'ril er for his own u-e. and the location a lord-ii verv vxtcii-ivo and plea-aul prospect of the village an i lake on ihe We-t and is not Mirpas,ed I y any otner in nils pari oi inc cocniry. A'so for sale a lot containing an acre ofland direcl ly opposite Ihe al ove lot with a small wooJ livening house lliercou. Pur -Ii 1-er- nre invi'el local an 1 exuiuie for them lve Terms inadekiiown I y ihe f ul scril cr on the prcuil-e-. iA.Ml l-.L. tti'.l'.i'. 1 it T tp irjtn ..c l in lllgioii j inn , in, I a lit. 11- 10 do I'.irlo ltieo 10 do New Orleans 50 Hags Hio Co lite, 30 do Java do 50 Boxes, 25 do sutierior do 25 do Ultra do 20 Kegs sill Pclrc, 1 1 litt Si Croix Hum. 5 Pipes Holland Gin, 25 qr casks Mnlagi Wine, 30 Boxes Pipes, 20 Bags Pepper, 20 ilo Pimento, 25 Kegs pure Ginger, 25 do Raisins. AT S. B. SCOTT'S, 1 HO l)Q- Spool Thread, 1UV 7 Hale-sheeting, 200 pieio.s Calico,' 25 " French and Tnglish Merinos, 25 " Mo'islnie dc Lame, 100 Shawls, various kind-, A great variety of silks for dre.-ics, bonnets, clc. M, G. RATHBUN, duaim:; and TAiitOii, I'l ,'A 111. STHO.T, HAS just relurneil from New York, Willi full re ports of the Fall Fashions, and it-prepared tocx ccute orders fur winter garments in the mo.l approved lyle. He ha al-o on hand a select assortment cf choice trimming-, adapted lo the seaou; such a. llrald, llullons, IJilldlngs, l'aney Vest llilldlllgs Coid, and Hiiltuns.Ac. .fee. N. II. Uu I- also agent for Scott 61 Wilson', tc. port ol Fashion-, which will 1 o in furiii.hcd lo any one wi-.hing Ihcm, and ihe reuisilo iiiformaiion Irivly given. Burlington, Nov. 1. 1811. J. TRY ON, DltAlMl AM) TAU.Oll. WOULD once inorcreimnil his ciittc. inert that he coulinuo tocarry on the above busiue.s in all ts vaiious I raiu-hcs nl his Old Stand on Si, Paul street, ncartho F.piscopal Church, and in sight of the Caiholienhurch. Thunkful for nasi favors, ildeu-- tomers aro solicilcd to continiiu iheir patronage, nml many new ones are inucn ue.ireu. I he newest rash- ions promptly received, ft, oiiii l' done on short notice cheap for cash. I have on hand some old accounts which I should like to exchange tor iasi. Nov. 12, 1841. F A II It ASR & W A 1 T , Importers of Croctcry, China and t.lass Ware, IVKnoncc VJ to M c r i hams in llii- nd ihcauioin mg Countic. that they have liiadcarrangc ineiits tor rc iciving from llicbi-t Man nine units ut i'.iigluud, a I .Ii supply ol ml Kmd of Cio.-lcery nt each siiccus-ive leiison, and that III Jy will at all limes I c m readiness to ro-pae, lu or.'cr, at NYw york llni Huston pr.t cs. I hey inviio me ancntion ol .Mer clianls paiii.tiiiany loiucir Moc. oi nre, ns-uring llicin that they tti I do all ihet here pronuse, which will I v a great saving iu uu vvnu p ol ihcm. ,t , 1 1 . t. ,. , . ii,.., t, tl I l IIOJ1BU s.ti, 11 VI s.t. ,, . ,, hii. ww,.,.9ii . I'vIlS, Bin linzloii, Dec. 10, 1811. 4 I''!! S Imperfect .stone VoU, V A It It A K .t XV AIT, T T A V F. O N XJ.hauJ,eteral hindrel Stone 1 ui of n II siz.0 a litlle niinerfecl usefil for various ixrposus ju all F.uui ies, and nt mill pr.ces, ta. rying from 12J cent. In 5llitti,ta. ;o bclound nttho Crockery Store, Church and College street. Ilurlington, I'cc- 10. PROTECTIVE SYSTEM, CLOTHS of superior finish and durable colors jns manufactured by the Burlington Mill Co. for sale al ihe lovvc.t prices, at the New Store, .VmUr, 17, PII. SINN BY nAnLOW. DLACIE INK. STEPHENS' Dark Bluuor Black Ink, " llluu Fluid, Cooper & Phillips' Black Ink, Uricltct tfc Thavcr's " The public arc invited lo civo tho above ink and fluid a fair trial, for 1 am euro Ihcy can have nothing 'State., who have te.ste.1 ils cflicacy. Sold 1. 1 i!v.r; Virr"ntCi"ot '.""E0 ." 'pnetor ('hav. Bowcn, Middlebury, Vl., an I-oralcby Nov, 19. K HUNTINGTON. 'srr Ilurlington, Vt, WILLlAiM WRIGHT'S INDIAN IMIIKJATlVi: IMIjLS, Bntireln Vegetable. MANl'FACIUUI D uu 'er Ihe inline ba'e siiperm ti n.'cncc of WilliauiWri-'ht.vicc-nre I lent of I In North American College of Ilcallli, for the treatment atiilctuc ol iIiiimtus in the lorui ol ilillious auii iNcr vout Fevers. Mca-lej., Small Pox. Paint in ihe stomack, I nek and ide, Cou-umpiiou, Drop-y,Scrof ma, uanccr, .tiiuliiug ol uiou.i, .syicti-iieau-nciic lllieimati-m. Diurrhira. Dvtentarf. Colics, Dyspct sia, Palpitatien of the Heart, l.'lcers and icres of every kind, ipc. 6:e t or sale i y PF.CK & SPKAH, Burlington. W. II. HOLLY, Willisioii. W.J. DL'Ol-JLAS, Hiue.burgli. J. II. ilALlll'ltT, Weslford. 22 0cl 1811. THE WINOOSKl SASH FACTORY, Tl I Sfllssf .stCQSpt u2 "'IftlMMl lpiuorebil j Mr. j r,Vl ,,( me not lo give up until 1 Iru-I Dr. t c louml luglilj TayiorMlal-am of Lil erwort. I sent iniineilia'idy l' . J P'.! fur tint medicine, nnd although the contest for a few licreoi. I rice, .a , t .1.1 inelicine. and my ih-i'Use was se- l - Agcnl-gineraily. vcre.lhe medicine conquered, anil in a fortnight I arc for sale 1 y ttl.OKKL .a, ;e.U)r,,I(,ll..aih. I had a coigh, rai-ing ofmat- -oii, t., (teneral Agent-, , o ; weakne-s, itc. I can re- nnv mr i.l the Sue nl . 1 .. , 1 . i... .t t-. ., .. IllVlllg ie uffttied fur pub! c PX4ilihl ilimi. An I r,TKii sriNO Cuss: l.xir.icl nl a n-ilsr Ikhii Mr C S Ciiit. Kiiiu.iiiM, Ulster cu., N. Y. in ihe lir.tlUMUOts. tt imms t, Ihe ttt, ni.i, w. ( IPC ll A iptutikaulc chip wait ellPCieil III Ilie Vpguultle I ul inuiiart HaNam lu the w tniei aiid -pi iiiji ol lotisi. SINGLE. DOUBLE. U.MBILICAU pers of each bottht. Be sure you look w hen yo.i buy 1 he gen line can always 1 eoblainc.l ol the O'd Ageiils, Mers. N. Lotc'y A: Co.. now Lrively oi. oeyiuour wr. .uoouy anu i'is ie cc pear, cneiiusl ami uriiggisi-, ii iiiingiou j. u. name , Uharlotle William Itho es, Jr. Hi hmoni1 Ueo. Avirs A: Co. Milton A. ec W. Brown. Craiul I Ic-W.' II. KieVr. South Hero Horace Widsw orlh. North Here '.i .1. Davi-, All urgh ! . it L. Olen i, We t Alb .rah D. & . eari enter, vv uteri ury. T" il Tr ISKASI1S t)F TIIK MINCS.Ilpruletll) I lie must popular iputfilt eier knuii n in Aiiipiich Not on useless, and if money continues scarce yi n intisl use Ihelc-s of it, so don't do without on that account, but call and trv the new Stotc. Huritneton, Nov. ty, is-ii. s. vv. ta 1.UII. N'UW HF.AD1NC. BOOIC FOR SCHOOLS. TUi: MOXrrollIAl. HEAHER.ora Monitor to loiifi, holding up lo their x lac Models vherel to form their turn Characters. Ihi Daniel Adantt. Author of Adams' Ncv Arithmetic. 1. x tracts irom the rrelace. TIIK MON posses distine- live traits- 1 lie object is to supply what is believed to be the ere nt desiuerntum m our schools A spriu, of exercises relating to what concerns Ihe practics matters (if life, truth, integrity, honesty, n.duslrj temperance, forethought, frugality, pnliintendurani. of adversity, nnd whatever else tends lo form ar.t. tix the character ol youtli. We ttih lo impr. ss il on the mint's of those, int.. whoe hand-these exercises shall come, now, iu thu seed timcof life, what is here so abundantly incul cated, that 'livery man is emphatically the orcliitet.) of his own fortune' that with themselves it IU.. whether they -hall ever bo any thing or nothing, .nai a nioneyru c.ipnai iu uegin wiiu noes not wcnttir Ptsitn, air. aluiuli, h nl Iippii su h a lung iiiiip wiiu ciinsuiiiolitin. His oliisinans li.ul ctien him up lie was id hired so low .ts'lo be unable Hi hplp hitn-eif, and was raising a large iiuantitv of blood when lip coininenred using iIip Bsl.ani, wh'uh ha. pftpcted a cuuipteie cine, anu lie is unit as hale hiiu iieauj . erooi. respeclab'e trade, habits rv industry, ubii(ty, punctunhty, frugality, and nbov ail, wiiu a goon iiuu iiii&uiueu cuaracieT, llicy have the best of all capital, a moral capital : the noblrs' of all power, moral power: and the most certoii. iiieaus oi iioiiesi hiiu iiuuuruoie uccumuiailun am fortune, and may be sure, under circumstances ordi natily propitious, to rise lo that competency of influ ence, rcsncct. and general confidence, and that lion. I he orable measure of weillh and independence, which suuu u luuy suvisiy u it usuiuuii; uuu virtuous Clnljl Hon. Hxtracts from Kcccemmcndations. Theinllucnce will n! be found on the side of virion moriility nnd nligion. Occasional comments nru given. Difficult or unnsual words aro defined. Pro'o pvpi lip ii. Air. Mood) h is teinotnl fiom this iiisn, and poetry arc suitably intermingled .It is ha:- bin he h is prem'spd ine u mitre deuibit ''Hils y to he imagined iboi this hi ok should fail of ropu- c.i.p.wliiih I w ill I'm wttr.i mu. b'iritv. li certainly would not. hnd it nni en Kmiisinii, N. V. June 2.i. 1S.SS. coiupclitots llial had got the startofit in the race P ..i i r,i Ipnrr fiuiii Dr. Jacob Mtprs TIip Asit is ils mcttltsis such as in nlvo fntr inln;..'r V'efi.ilile 1'itlititni.iiv Balsam Im. Iippn .old in ibis ultimate success in the contest, floston lleccrder. n....t, lor lun veais, and ihe nipdicinp h i. eaincd an Dr. Adams : Having cxnniinnf in . iiiictiinmnii relpbiii), fur il .paicelj in imp nittaurr your Motntnrinl Header, I ami based with its plan iitpil ul h.inni! Hip ilpsiien f llrci- I nn, h) no means tin obect nml the manner in which it has been execu- teit. ji seems nunptcu to the-inle.'leclunl and moral improvement of those for whose use it was designed. 1 trust it w ill prove to be tvlni its suihor fondly an- in favur nf ihe inaiiv iinslt urns, innst ul itliirl, aip tin pnitit ton. upon a crpitiilous lutblie, bin thai which I know liy use in op, I ranitut lip'p luil giip ,n acpiob iliun ihere'u. A couiucrfi'il nt enariti ion Ii bpen offetPil here by n tiatelliiig Agent, of Ci'iiisnu k, IS. l. siidtlieipis annllipr arnctp teiulci lieie that strongli suspecietl lu beiiuii inns. jacor vtvrns. ti. u. aiiltluigloii, Juniata en IViin. Vl.ii J, ls.,7 I nun Dr. ."miiuipI .MuiipH, Oi the Piupi lelois nf I lit- Vp; Irtlile Bals nn. I nut sal isfli'd lli.tlllipVp iPI iblp PiiFint,ti.isrt Batjntl is a tahtabV ulPpcilll, II lias bppu nr-il in (In- place ivilli rulnidpip slirrcss lu ticipatis Uiev.)',. S. I1AHSTOW, Keen.-. II is lust such a book ns our New r.n.-lin,, u, and gills will le glad to see, for it inculcates in a pleasing manner, industry, frugality, truth, honc.-ty, temperance, peace, kindness, fWntude, nnd a cheerful piety. The Vocabulary, end at ihe .mil thcarrnngc mentfordefining words, will add lo ils value in the hands ofa tudiciou teacher. (Hev.) Allir.1. A, I.IVKRMOKn, Kccr.e. We have a sorccronimendatinns finm .t nnn, an iilwllinie c plauil nl I lit htnj', uHeulpil Willi a i"uiii ttnu p.'iiu.iit..ii-, uiooiig wiucu arc U. tros- pveipc.tniili, l.i.stif voice, nml ilif raising ,, iiuuli by, Preceptor of the High School' N'asuua; J. Ncw blouil, vhidi had pipnoiisli ip.i.ird in.ii.i tippn.ieil ton Hrown, I rofcssijrof Theology at New Hampton. pieS'npliou.. AIipi usieg ihe llalssui nne wet,, die S T re eivcl, a supply of Mar-h's cclel rated iis-c-, ol every liescripliou. lor -a:o l.y Ilie ilozcn or single, Nov. 1. PLCK ,f- SPLAH. rt I I nis-cs accurately appliedl ice ol ch irgc. C'l (t KF.WAHI) has been olTered for months jp Jf to any onu who will use a bottle of linii s Jjimmeul the 1'iles, without being cured. Ol thousands sold, in no one instance lias it lulled or a cure. Proof overwhelming to bo had where it is sold. Ills also a certain cure iu nectrhi event tase. (F.Mcnnllv,) in the following complaints. For the rues, uir aiiuiopsy, leniter net, sore inroat, iv can cers or ulcers, croup, tt hooping cough, scald head, Tightness or 1 tic chest, especially in children, lout ul ccrsof the legs, or other fungus sores, however obsti nalcor ong standing. Ircsh wiiumls, chilli lams. etc. LOOK OUT. Some sirindlers hare counterfeited this arliclcand put it up villi rariousdericei. Do not bo imposed upon. One tiling only wi'l protect you it is tho name of CO.MSTOCK ! CO: that name NEW ESTABLISHMENT. Miiibolholl 8s Bairnou, (SUCCESSORS TO K. IUUGGS,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, MrorLD re-pe-tfu'lv inform the inhabitants ,f TY II irtnigtou and the surrounding ci uniry. that thcyeariyon the Confectionary liusiness, on' all its tario is i r.iucnes, icicrunucu in u-e ine very I e.-i material- in nianulacturiug, they will al all nme furnish Merchants and others dealing in Confceiion-urie-, vvi'd) the 1 est ipiulity, nnd on the lowe-t po-si- liluterm. &nop on v. n ir -Ii ctnv, two uoors o uh i f S. 1'. Howard's Siore, newly uu I neatly litre-1 up, where tve cordially invite all to call nn I examined ir article-, consisting of nil kind, of Stick Caml't, Balls and Ki-'C-, lle'arls ami Diamond., Ilruid-, I'eppvr iiiinr, lamion Drop., Vanilla Cream, Lozenge-, S igar I', limits, i arratvays, ioinuis, t asia iimir, IKs'l; nml Ilr.wn Candy, S igar San I, Mottle, nnd Scrett, Sigar App'es, Potatoe-,, and Baske-ts, with varu us eilhcr urucie. loo u imcn us io I e mcutione I. A geuciat assiu'tnienl of rii h and fancy Cake, on lian I, ami I uked lo order, together Willi Ice Cieams to furnish panto', 6;c. ie. 1 i.-mj Covnu Ca-jdt, which we recommend fur Coughs, Ci 1 1.. Ilour-ene.s. A-r. We do not nreten 1 lu sav with Mr. J. Psate tSi son, that ur Candy w ill cure all dneases leading lo Consumption, vie think that is saying too much. CLOCKS. V have n jrorxl anrlint'iit nf I Iras and Wooden Clocks, wire. i we will erv low for iah ir ap- i)rftiiMii ttce iciirn( .mil lie lo i-ne ik itxli y, riii r.tie nrciirml himhp tniir tinrpf ti tp m. tn is now piignpil not iMiiy in iiriup hut l.tiionoiif liitrfiiiHsi-j, I nfi'i Iii 1 1 Cir. MUttru'i.r Ii I iifiw idiiip tli.tit iic p-irti itini'p I urfi- tunn-Mii wry mi ttfTcfiion nfilti tnuj .iml m cuitipKiiiii wi ilp(-.nei tu hi iiiriii riii uy a i oiinni nl Hurt im in Him, I ilirn rct(iin in hp imj I hfiilili I ImiI enoeiiror, l ii-'iiij; I lit mPiHljlf I ti mon try ll'il.'.iMi, riinre nn ieritfr) 1 icrotii inpiiilftl ili- It.ilfiiui in n i; iimii) Crfffn ul 'nnc rnmpt.iintr, hihI id jih I l.nn. Mu ne Ii in v.iriitl'U tit-Pii fitllitwnl t niiirti hfiifiil, .in) in iimhv iMi.iitrif il IiHj cITeciril vutri whu Ii ufii IkiIi ump U on. Marrl. 2. 1837. Tnr fiile. wlmlpit'c anil rei.iit. lit PCCIv ti SPIMRJliTiiiignni, Vt. vimt be ahtays on the vrarpcr. or you irny te cluat pmve.1 i-re-lir. IMe fall ami examine Lcfuru pur nL Do rmt t.irnnt it. TaUn llm direction uitli vou fha:n2 I'l-owlitTC and test hy lliat. or novcr buy it ; for it la impossible Cs, l. n r.iers irom a di-ianrc, poM nam, will fnr ItlV UlLrln I in I run nr iri.miino nl Ih nrOlimtll' QltfOJeJ IO. nilJ OaCkafj. UIIil llOXfi (I'll Solil by COMSTOCK if CO., 71 Maiden. Lane, on I oarU of biases or 1'OaU, when re.'iirtl, free t f New Vorlt. P K CK tt S 1 K A H, WhoUale tliare. He pariienlar nnd ndlreall order io MIT- Agent., atewaoorseastof tlic Post uiuce. uuruti"- wur-u waimi, uncitivnurs, uu-re Lemgiwo 101), V (. I Urm II IU wiiu n.iun: iii nit- mugi. H'irlinjfton, Vt, vol. 3t 1911 TS in oontant operation X an I prepare! to exeenle onbM lor VIM0SASII of every ile-eiiption, and in the liei innnner. A Minply Kept on InnJ and for sale nt tln'-toro ot'Oeore Petermi, m Hur Initon, at ihulollowiug n c r. s : 12 Liqlit eaementt, 3J eents per Ucht, NEW AND CHEAP ! do. do. do. do. June 18, do do do do do do do ilo SID.NKV SMITH. Ii2 do do do VOCT. .M.UtSII.l,I,"S Aromatic, Catarrh and xj iieauaetiu I', I ins suuti i superior lo nny thing vet known, for removing llial troul le.omi- .Ii-. ea-c, the Catarrh, and alo n cold in t lie Lead, nnd the licaiMclic. II opeiiH and purge, out nil oliiiieilon, tiengl hens ihe gland-, and git e n hcililivnclion tmhe linrl a levied. Il is P" rfectly Irec from nnv tlnnir Jul. terioii- in il composition lui u leu-ant flavor, and itsimiuiiaicceci, nilt'r leui; u.-c.i, la aligreeable. I'm il 1 cenl per bottle. I)oci, Mar-lmh" Vcielab'e Indian lllack I'l.ASTKlt, Till I'laMcr i unrivalled for curing scrofulous wel ling.. Scurvy .Sore., Ijime Hack, and Krc..i Wiinml. , pain, in the rides, Hip nnd I.iml.i.; nndM'Idoui fail, u give relief in Iih-hI Hhu iniati-iii. If applied lo ihe idc,it wji cure many ofihcciiiumnn Liver Comnlafnt. and i equal, if not mpcrior, lo any lliing in u,0 ff corns on tho feci: Ihe tirlitesof lhil,la.ier liai.-l,. tvunocii uy iiioii.ami. ol imliviuiiaU in llm United old liy I lie pro. CHURCH MUSIC. Wl! arc now opening n largo nnd fashionable f-pHK following valuable Musical Works are con Stock of Golds adapted lo llic season, which I X nanlly for salo by tho uubscribcr at tho lowest will be sold lower than usual for cash. Goods mav be found ibn lollmviim , .vtpneca Lustre, .Mpine, col'd and I lack, lllack and blue black bombazine, French, Uni; nnd German Merino.", Mnuscline de I.aineand Saxony, Worsted Plaid and hirgc, Orleans cloths, French, Knglish nml American calicoes, Goal's hair and crape camlet, Flannels, red, w hite and domestic, Ticking, twill cotton nnd cotton Flannel, Wadding, balling, and cotton yarn, Cnttnn talinrtintr , limit mrr. Illaik nnd blue" black silks, China andDonnot do. t- an ami llonncl Ilibbons, Salt Fringe and TasscU, Dress Hdkfs and Chcna crnvalr, Gloves nnd milts of every description, i auto i lot He, no. linen, ilo. covers, Diamond llcnvcr Cloths, sup. do. Ilroi 1 cloths, blk bluo blk.bluc, eruen oilv e Satiuclls, sup. nnd common, Vcslings, mtindci. silk velvet, sup. and com. Fashionable, stocks, ., Gi-nt'a cinhroiilercd sharfs, silk and Pongre lidks., Lamb's wool half hose, silk do. while and brown cotton do. mix'd and blk do.blk worsted do. whilcand blk silk do. Children's cloves and do. Muds and lloas, Asiiican I.ambsliin,Cspe, &e. Itussia Diaper and Crash. GROCEIUES. Yo inc Ilveon. Old lit son. Imperial and I'lac Tea, fresh nnd cheap. Raisins, Coflcc, Sm?nr, Jtlo- inssi, nice, ToDacco, repper, rttisrnre, v.iiiitut.i..i., Aninnc our nricn. hv ihe iluz. or larger nuanlitv. viz : I tp,n f n,irn Pnl tiit.l. n new l ftrk bv I .. M.'i .nn. Hasten Academv's collection of I. lunch Music JUtliuJi-t llatmomst, Odcon, nnd Huston and American Glee Hook. Nov. ISil. D.A.HRAMAN. EM.WRIGHTit Co. will opci viihin ihrea oi . funrdav. 'rom 1300 1(2000 vd- Kxlra iinerfic. (double ground),VuperIine, lino and common nil wool Carpeting!., which have Iccn nureha-cl moNlljr in auclien, and will Ic hold at vey low priivs. AUo TwilteJ ami plain leneiian stair carpetin Hemp nivl Cotton carpeting, Oilcloth-, Matl, etc. Nov. 12. Hooks and Paper. r nnnnrtlCII. one door Ki.l ofFarrnr & Wail' J, Crockery Stoic, I'l' STAIRS, ha very cencral .,. iu,.,,n,, t,t rtookv. including a l.lrcc Mock of School linn!., and I'aner. All wi-lung lo iiurchare will do well to call, l'ruduce and ilomcMic maniilaciurcj o every ilei riptton received m pajment. aclionl com miltrrk furnifhing for mIiooI., thall liavc book gra luilousiy for all children in their districts vtho-c pa rents aro unable lo luy. Dro. 15. Dinner Services IAHRAH & WAIT have constantly on hand very liandhOine nsortmcnt nf Dinner ei.s, vv vvilh BtmLINGTON CIIAIH FACTOR? I.. .M.I.SO.N, continues the business of niaiiufactiiiing Chairs at the old s'nnd. of the fol lowing descriptions: Ctnl jlnplu Grecian, Cane Scat, Common Outm 1 and Flag Scat, Large and Small i Ra'std Scat Rocking, do do Com mon do. Common Dining, Ac. &c. All of winch me warranted a til st FHATIILRS B Ar It ti also adopted by Iho Associations of School Teachers! in C hes nri-and Hi .'.horn' muml.t nnA by Ihe School Commitlceof Cnncortl. About rC00 copies hate been published, mid mostly di'pofed of. I'lilih-hiil and ror sale bv ROI1Y, K1MIULL & MKRRILL. North End, Main street. Concord. X. II. Also for Sale hy SAMUI'.I, IIIJNTINC.TOV. Ilnrbnrttnr, .1. r. Roberts. Verecnnptt. J. Hnmr. n;,ut..l,..- W. Kimbnll. Hrandon. Win. Wliitn"Hnil!ii,H I T Maiston Montpilier, Principals of Academics, Fclcct Schools andtcacb crs generally nre invifd to examine the hook. l'leasc can anu examine before purchasing, l.cltlgli 4 oa). J flf TON'S Lehigh raked, Coarse Coal, housed " r nr.d kept from tho weather, for sale bv A of. -J. ItU.l.t-.lT .f. IlKAlJI.l.V. GIINKIi.l 1. As-brtnient ot ready made .Saddles. Il.irnc.tua aiiu irnul., tui -ale at the otit tanil norih .ide the Square, near J. How ardSIIo'cl, with Miih additional article- a- is usually Ii und in my line el bu-ine.-s. Wbm-, 5nurt, Combs, Uru-lie- nr.d Hell-, adapted lo tL approaching a-nn. Flannel, Totr, and Full Chilli. Skin, nnd 11 ice, nnd 11 ' ml. rf r'arir.l rV nrt.lntst in ttiit'iiitMif. rate article and will bo sold at nnccs Call n.,,1 ,- s. S. ShTIXXKIt. tn corrcsnond with the limes: II irlm 'irn.Oct.2nih li?l. AM) IT.ATIUIH. liCDS, RI'ADV ma dc nsou da in enn iimnt i rii ninn Constantly nn hand, a imnlv of tvarranted Live I'MOI. I IU TUn UrUULLLil nHUO. Grccse Feathers, which will be sold low fur ci'li. A ' J. wish to puriliase SCO ton- of nil Wool Rags, tv A. I i-.l), liy the subscriber, Curl ami Itirds l.yc v suiti ns ot.t lien uuilts, Cotcrlets, ttl.inkcis, Maple, delivered at his shop m Church strci I, opposite Mi .s-htr s, Drawers, workings, Ac, including iheold I'ank. C. L. NF.I.-OX M :um, Ci'cassiaii, l'.'nids, lloniliazclis, and every k..i and colon tall Wool Goods, not fulled ot ftltcd, except carpeting, lasting and pi umlla. vv i) wi I pay tour cenis per pound, for clean Rngi uiiou, iinin or suk- Store, tvest sid House, Ilurlington, For all Wool Carrctinj, we will pay 1 1 cents pr r lb. IMftk-l tl.-, ,v Ilurlinglnn, Dec. 10, 154 1. LYMAN & COLE HA . 1: nceive.l, in addition lo their for stock cf, or c al) .Lcripdo,,-,;,, ,,i(t , o,',,,, llry t.oods an extensive n.nirmcnt of tail , any quantities lUhvcrcd at cur Sto and niter Gc.U-i ami.iig w hich w ill I c Io n, I a , , f ,lc ,noSUe the Court Hons great variety of arm le. t- rl.adie- Cba'i- ; Alpa'fi mil0nt. L'i-tre, a verv prcltv artic'ej Alpa'S'a nik Warp, Cam! lu'.ccu, l'lain fllack Al,.iiie, FigM do.. Satin Dama-k. llrychclla, lVr-ian Clo.h, l-rcncli, ttcrman. and Knirli.-li'Meriuo., Moa-c!me tV l.une and pruned Sixome-, a great var.cty ami low priccu; uoat's Hair and Imitation Cnml lc. SILKS. A tnl!l a-scrtmcnt of rich (ig'd and -.trPpd Silk', Heavy lllack Canton, Grm'e .S'wi-t and other silks. SHAWLS. L ipin's 1 c-t n-arlc, I lack, w hile, and colored; A few extra -izc Worsted shawl' , Gloves and Ho. cry, a large as-ortment t an unuMiallylarcca-surtmentol American print-; Frentdi and Kn'ali-h do. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotinn -lirvtmg and shimmr) Tieki; g and Wad ding ; Uleached Cotton and Mcrrtmacshrciing', tiry low. TAlLOl! S T1UMM1NCS. Worstcl Ibndmg, till. do. Large ro'ind and s-juarc Mohair Cords fur overci.a'sj nil. Cord fordre-.cialr; Wnr-tcl and mK S rge; ligurel nil- an! Veltrel II itlon-, new figure j .e , Twist and Thread; I'addmg, Cnnva , ,c!c.-ia-, Ct.l'd Jean-, Hrown and lllack Linen i Worded plaid for Facinr; Uutton' for over coals, Ac. FAXCY HKFS. A varieiv of rich de Lame, Chally, silk, and new sltle Fancy Ilkf-. nml Veil-. BROADCLOTHS. Hcavvdoiille milled Uroa I Cloth-; Raver and Pilot Cloths t Hic-li Diamond lleavcr Chubs; also a general assortment of 1! irlinglon Mill Cloths. Iienilr'iien and La lie, are iuvitel to call and exam ine our very ex'cnuve nssoilineni, which we oiler t red icelpriie ftir Ca-h. Ilurlington, 22 Oct. 1811. SIIF.Cri.NGS. Shining , Ticking, Wicking, Halting Wadding. TwilI'd (.'oil ons, Clinton Flannel., lie. Firtnlel.y Nov. I. S.ll. SCUTI'. F A It II A U Sl V A I T . Notice to Families. XJ'AMILIF.S in want of e'egant Tea and Dinner ei not n-i ii 1 1 - found in country sli res, can find at rirrar 4 H'uit' cslabli'liinent, n very great ta rietv cf superli Whim CliinaTea el, I Cold 1 and and lincdo Snriet'ctlilo ,l,i Gobi 1 and and spria'd do butler boats, tauce and soup Tureens complete, ifl I'Old edge and linedo lixtra wutogutil land do Hue, pink, Milan sprigged, whilcgrantte China and Which will 1 cscld ascheap as can I u taught in New Iggeti vvurr, v itii-ii wut t'c .cry v-tirap i orit, llo-ion or 1 TO). I luu-i i.n pcrs mc iti.iiiii nourlian snri! at their new Crockery Cloves, Nutmegs, Loaf and I.-imp aucar, vucon, i HurIinton Chorolat and many other articles, cheap for cash at t ollese strevl., liuriin.u n J. V. WHALING ft Co. De0- Store, ccrner Cliurcli and to examine them at the New Sii're,citruerChureii arid ! College streets. Burlinfinn, Pec, 10. W. C.I 1111 would inform the public that he has just received from New Yoik a belter assortment of Harness trimming than was ever i titled f snop in untttenden It comprises avarielv of Plated. Hr. i.nnn.,a ...a !,.! . ..JIK'tUU SHU ttlllBJ -- xvw.u r- ware. His Leather and work shall beerjunl to his Trim mings, and sold cheaper Irian can be bought at any other shop in the stale. Saddles Hrldlcs, Harnesses and Trunks, pfttll kinds and prices, constantly on hand. Hincsburgh, Nov. 181!. ToviiL YsfsT: ymIwr. n'AVM just ree'd from New York a largi assort . incut of Carpciings of ctcry kind ipiality and price. HnglUli Drujetf, a great variety of pattern' Octa gon and Drab Persia Fioor Oil Cloth fiom 3-810 9-1 wide, Rush Mailing from 4-1 to C-i wide, Hugcs -Manilla nnd Alacant Mails, Stair Rods ite. Al-o, French and American Paper Hangings, a larger assortment than was ever before offendm this place and al prices that cannot fail to suit purchase's. Nov. 13lh 1911. 11 u train Holies. 7HA!.r.S superior llufialo Robes, just received anil for sale as cheap as the cheapest, bv Nov. 13. bv F.. M. WRIGHT it Co. Also No. 1 Otter Caps, Lynx Muffs and Boas, Fur Collars, Angola Fringis, Ac. 1 -y'''s nrown sheelirtis for sale by thebaic, 1 v piece, or ) ard, rery cheap, by Nov, U. M. WRIGHT ffc Co. Also, a full as'orfment bleached shirlinps, sheeting Tickings, Canton Flannels, Diapers, HatlinE,Wickjng ife Moulding Hand. 4.00 HAURr.l.S of superior rjuality, selected by a Moulder, fit for heavy and fine work. Nor. 29. For sale by FOI.I.I.TT &. IlHADi EY l'arvvell's Shoes. ALARan supply of Morocco walking Sha'-s, Kid, Misses do , and Men's Pi.n p, just r ccited nu I for rale chiap, ht Dec I, ISII Ml POPK. 5

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