Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 14, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 14, 1842 Page 3
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STOCKS. Tho. prices of stocks In Wall st. havo been lower during tlia past week than ever boforc. TIjo lucent remarkable throats of repudiation have naturally well nigh destroyed the credit of State Securities, and it is feared that largo quantities will bo returned from F.iiropo for sale. New Yuri: and Ohio nro prepared with the money to pay their interest, duo on the 1st Inst. On Friday Indiana Fives sold in Wall st. at 10 1-1 and 20, and Illinois Sixes at 20 and 20 1.2. Delaware and Hudson Canal wan quo ted at 0 1, 07, and 09, U. S. llink ill-l. 1 lnr 10 1-2. l'atorsonW1.2. Providence and Stoiilngtcm 10 1-2. Southern funds were hoay, and the intcs of exchange on some south ern cities are growing worse. We quote On Boston, Philadelphia, Riltiiuorc, Richmond, f'lnrli'stnn, Savannah, Ciiu.nhus, Macon, pnr CI 5 7 U 3 12 13 Augusta, 4 Mobile. lfil Iew Orlenns aj IV. Oaro'ina, Cincinnati, Louisville, (i 14 12 U 1G iasltville, St 1. 01113 of Tiir. lath principal orncEiis or the Hank or United States, Yesterday morning, Mr Austin Montgomery appeared he fore Herorder Vans, and made oath against Nicholas lliddlc, Joseph Cownerthwait, Samuel Jaudon, John Andrews, and Thomas Hntilap, charging them with a conspiracy to defraud the Stockholders of the Hank of the United States. IMr. Vnux had the nrocess awarded. At three o'clock in the pftcrnoon, Nicholas Diddle, Sam uel Jaudon, and Thomas Dunlap, Esquires, ap pearcd with their counsel, and gave hail in ton thousand dollar.? each to appear on Thursday next, at four o'clock before the Kccordor, who will sit in Judao King's Court room, for a lurlh cr hearing. Messrs." Andrews and Cowperth wait did not appear. ti'lulad. U. S. Gaz. D3- Sir Charles Bagot, the now Governor General of the British Possessions in North America, arrived at Now York on the 29th ult. in "The Illustrious," of 71 guns. This is said to bo the first British line of battle-ship which lias visited our shores since the days of the rev olution. Wm. Willey, the N. Y. Ward Justice, was found guiltv on Thursday, after a long trial, of receiving the money and property of the I red crick (Md) Bank, knowing it to ho stolen. Or. Tyler, one of the directors, who was orrigmally sent on to negotiate with Wiley, for the sur render of a portion of the money, testified that Jie at first dcnvinacd 10 pr. ct., the bank oflbring 4 : it was finally agreed that Wiley Minimi pay over 8 P-U000 of the Melon money, and receive as a reward 8 pr. ct. Tins was done, and pi tiers wore drawn up accordingly. The money was brought by Willy to the Havana House in a vah.-c, which ho said was his own. Judge Kent, after the cape had been sum med up, it is taid with temaikablu ability and eloquence, charged the jury that if the prisonei 's intention was good if there was an honest de sireto nine the hank ho would be entitled to ac'iuittal. His general character had been highly commended by numerous witnesses : but ho failed to produce the lobber. The jury returned, after an ab.-ence of an hour and ii half, with a verdict of guilty, but rcc- ....... ....K..,r flu. ,.ri..,irt. .t..,ri.rk. !n llm InorCV of the Court. The punishment is a lino of S2.j0 ; or imprisonment in the Slate Prison not exceed ing .") v ears. His counsel have taken exceptions in tl.e'casc. Most Il.'.ir.Aor.uiNAr.v U.ii.r.OAn Accident On Tuesday last, as the morning train of cars from Philadelphia, was rushing down the grade near Warren, in ches'.er county, Pa. with great velncitv, the end of the broom before tliu engine struck a ti.rn out, and throw the engine oil' tho track, with a tremendous shock, and as the ground was frozen, piocecding nearly ono hun dred yards into an adjoining common drawing the passenger trains along with it. Hero tlio engine, in running up a sleep bank upset, and With it one of the long cars attached, tilled with passengers, and a glowing red hot stove. Sin gular, indeed, to relate, not a passenger was injured winch may be considered a must ex traordinary and unparalleled event. One ol the men on the engine had Ins leg badly cut. Village Record. Touching Incident. During his speech in F.inntnl I lii'I. im rltrn-tmns ,'vmmifr. M . lluw- 1; iw related an instance of the terrible cfl'ecls of intemperance, which had recently come .inuer his ob-ervation in Worcester county. A vic tim of this appetite had driven Ins family from his inferable habitation, anil Hail parted Willi every thing he could sell, tint 1 only a fai'hl'iil dog was lelt who kept his in i-ler from freezing bvly ng on his feet nt night. The wretched niaii, to grat.fy the demon of thirst that inged within him, killed his dog, sold h.s skin tn a tan ner, and with the proceeds went to Iiih hut, and held his last reveal in drunkenness', and m the morning was tomtit ileati, iroiu uurui eiauco and co.d. The lailhful dog was no longer there as mat ot a bonolai-'or removed, ami the whole to Weep vvnt mtli and life in him, and when thi ciunmuiiry, espec ally that of his own village, coroner came tn hold the uupicst, the only loud j will feel that it has lost one of its inost.sub found in tho place was h ill a pint of meal.' statitiai and valuable members. G'uwi. Hoiimnu: anu MvsTnuocs.-Tl.o George-1 , Ltjan Nov 29AIr6. pABK1I,n6T town (Do,.) coire-pjudJiit of the W Unnngti'ii wile i,f Dr. I'iiinhkas 1'AnKiu itsT, age.1 ,8. Hppuii.ican says that a man by the ii iuie ol II v- When ihe bilovtd and the venerated die, their ac tings living near Iiurol, in that coun'y, with j nrd wotih and the fce'ing. of friends justify u more Ins w ho o family, live or six in number, were all , burnt to cinders a day or two ago. It is behev cd the whole lamily was murdered for the sake of soma KJ.OOO known to be in tho house, and is burned to the ground over the heads of its mur dered inmates. The head of one of the blacks was found separate from the body. Horrid murder in A'eio York. A woman named Elizabeth Toppon was most brutally mux dered on Saturday, ay ner iiusuauu, i nomas i op-1 ncn. at tneir longings, no ou vjum"u micei. About 11 o'clock on the morning of that day the wife wished to go lo the pump for a pail of wat er, which the husband forbade her to do, and upon attempting a second time to carry her wishes into effect, some angry words ensued, and the inhuman wretch seized a chair, which he broko into pieces over her head and back; not content with this brutal attack on the partner of his bosom, he seized a brotui, which lie also broke in fragments over her, and then with the splinters of the handle he stabbed her in several parts of the body. His fiendish appetite not be ing yet satiated, he dragged her Irom the bed onvvhich she had thrown herself and struck her several blows with a shoemaker's hammer, and stabbed her with a knife and fork ; ho then laid himself down on the lloor, after having contin ued to beat tlio woman for noarly five hours, to await tho arrival of his son who was absent from home, but who had witnessed a part of the transaction, whoso throat ho threatened to cut. Ho is in custody . lr. Sun. .Sale ok tiic Warren Cotton Factouv. This well known factory, near Biltimore, which cost considerable over IS1(X),000 only a few years fiuce, was sold under a mortgage, by auction, on the promises, on the 15th inst., for the sum of 850,9 1 1, being 80 over tho amount which the mortgages claimed. Tho American cotton factory company was the purchaser. MAI' OF JWIiLIMTOiW - nnomtlCIl nronoses lo publish bv subscriP' W iiuii a lithographic plan or titan of tho town of Burlington nccordmg to Iho original Survey. The sizo will be 21J by 32 niches besides the bor- It will comain tho lines, numbers &c. of every lot in town from actual survey A scnerate plan of the village with all the roads in and leading front the V v'h.iirtlo new if the viIIql'O wilh a man ol t'to River from Hubbells falls tons mouth, a plan of Winooskl Village etc. eve. Couu-UionfJ. n shall be will uioiuitcd varnished and col ored and furnished subscribers at 83,00 a copy fns soon as the work can be done after subscribers are obtained to defray thcexpinsi s. IJurluiEton January 10, 1812, Ill- V Canada Slot' mgi-, Royal RibUd nnd All' Lrgi'la ik rts and Drawer, iu$t reivniil by I list rei'en iii by M. WHItillT it CO. Vov 5 T II B M A 11 K E T. IlllIGHTON MARKET.-Mondav, Dec. 27. At Matkct, 320 Beef Cattle, 5100 Sheep, ami 420 Swino. I'mcGs Kccf Cattle-The prices obtained last week wcru fully sustained. Woquoto First quality at 5,50 a 5,75 1 second quality 4,75 a 5 25) third quality 350 a l50. , Sheep Wo noticed a few penuliful Sheen, but could not ascertain th prico they were sold for. We quote lots 41,12, 1,37, 1,33, 1,C2, 1,99, anil 2 23. Swine A selected lot to peddle 3 1-1 and 4 1-2) a lot to close, nearly all Harrows, 3 1 2e. At retail, fi om 4 to G. TKMI'KKANCE NOTICE. Thorn will be an adjourned meeting of the Burlington Total Abstinence Society this evo. lung, 11 Jan., at the Court House, at six o'clock. M air it n dl In Co'chcstrr, on thoOlh Nov. by Hev. Mr. Green, Mr. Henry Price of Oilninnton, N. II., to Miss Mo llis i Mills, c f the former place. InCo!chcslcr,oiiilio9lh Dec, by Rev. .Mr. Taylor, Mr. Alonzo Porter to Miss Laura Ann Richardson. 3D) ft D dl Very suddenly, nt Winooski Village, on Friday the ?lh. inst. Deacon DAN DAY, in the fiftieth year of his ngc. Mr. Day rose on the morning of his death nppar. rnilv well. li breakfasted ns usual, and after at tending to the morning devotions with his family, went into his barn, wlieio ono of his men was thrash- Hi". After giving some directions about tlio business of "the day.ho remarked to tho man nt work, "this dust, (alludinc to the dust ptodueo.l by the thrashing) this Oust clioalies mo ucspcratciy, ami msiaiiiiy ien upon his face and expired, A single groan was all tho in dication of lifo discoverable after bo fell. Ho was carried immediately to his house and medical aid was callcil. Bleeding was attempted with partial suc cess, and other means of resuscitation, as tho body several hours afterwards, retained, to an tinuasual degree, the warmth of life, even in tlio limbs and cx ticnictics, these efforts nt resuscitation were renew ed in tho afternoon, till it was evident that lifo was extinct ar.d that his family and many friends must j kid to the sad conclusion that tho spirit was gone. A post-mortem elimination, mndo on Saturday, revealed the cnuse of his death to be, as was antici pated, ossification of the heart. Thus another is added to tho lists of death, and death has, of late, been doing nmong us his strange work. How sudden and alllictivo is this stroke ! Yet, thcrcnrcmcrcifulnllcviattons of our sorrow. It is pleasant to reflect, that he was a humble con sistent and decided christian, having "witnessed a good confcsion" before all men, for many years. He had acquired a taste here, which fitted him for tho purer enjoyments of unmixed spirituality above. It is ccitninly pleasant, too, to recur to tho manner in which ho spent his last hour with his family. It was at the throno of (.race. We see him commencing tho day with God. He call" hisfamily around him.nshe was wont, and reads to them a portion of the Word of Uoilj Then kneeling down to Heaven s Eternal King, Tho Saint, the Fnlhcr and the Husband nravs: Hope springs exulting on triumphant wings, mat tn isnuy nil sinii meet in lumrc clays, I here ever bask in uncreated rays, No moic to sigh or shed the bitter tear. If we inut depart thus suddenly, who of us would notchoosoto godirectly front the throne of grace, to the throne cf glory nnd'rcward in heaven'? This is the fourth instance within a very brief space, in which the I ing of tcrors has taken nwav bis victim, with out a moment's premonition. Tho voice of God is heard in these events saying to all, and especially to the nnn of tho worl !, 'l!o ye also ready'; 'Watch, for ve know not the hour wherein the son of man cotn iih.' Tho funeral of Mr. Day, was held in connec tion with the services of Sabbath afternoon, and the depth of the loss was evinced, by its bring, ing together a larger collection of people than was ever assembled at Winooski village, there being more than the largo church could accom monaie. et iicam lias occurrcu among us, lor a long season, so widely deplored. It is not that the subject of these remarks was a wealthy man, or a learned nnn, or the siistainor of ex. tens, vc business operations ; but because he was a good man, a benevolent, generous and ureful man, and therefore universally beloved : a man whose agency and influence have been identified in every thing connected with the growth and best interest of the village in which he lived. About ton years ago ho became a hopeful subject of grace, and united with tlio Congrega tional Church in Burlington. Throe years after, ho was appointed to the oflico of Deacon. When tho now Church was formed at Winncski Village, he, as one of the original members, was the most ctiicienl pioneer of the enterprise, lie wai at once appointed by his brethren as the first ofliccr in the new organization, and in the erection of their beautiful House of worship. he was the latgest subscriber and principal sit TiprintnndtMit. Ah a Christian, ho was bumble, diffident, but conscientious. He lived not for himself, but for tlio world, to bo useful : and few have ac complished more in the same time. Few have exhibited a stronger faith in tho promises, of God, or a more uniform and consistent life. Few ever acted more benevolently or felt more deep ly for the prosperity of religion, or grieved more over Us declension, than did this servant of Josh.- Christ. But he has finished his work and entered into that re-t which remaineth for the people id God. In his death, his bcieaved fam ily and the Church of which he was a member and an ollicer, httvo sustained a less not easily repaiicd. The peor will mourn his departure l '"" "n mm i snnpio iccoro oi men uv parture. Hut, in ihe sphere of Woman s duly, how few, beyond the family circle, can rigidly estimate the exci Hence vv ith which the wife and mother blesses home. Those who knew the Into Mr-. Parkburst in in early life, and who have seen her since, flout day to day, can well appreciate her character the fidelity with which she discharged her duties, and the Prin ciples and afliictions with which she passed through trials. Her trials were. inJeed, many and severe, not only by constant sufleringfrom ill health, but she was doomed to behold eifilit out of nine children pass r, i.cforo her to tho grave most of whom wero re. moved in mature life, and leaving offspring behind i whilst tho only surviving child, necessarily separated trom her, could soothe her declining years only by occasional visils. Theso changes nnd disannnint. mints wero borne as few would have borne them. She men rcsigueu nnu even tiianklul lo go : patient and calm during all her sickness, and though feeling that each severe spusm must bo the la-t, still willing to vvait her Heavenly Father's will. May her submis sion to that will and all Iter practical Christian obe dience be remembered on earth and accepted in Heaven. A. . Patriot. In St. Albans. December 31sl. Lewis Walker Esn.. agcd7G years. Thedcceased was ono of the first set tlcts of this town, having removed here from the State of Rhode Island, in Iho year 17U2. Ho was highly respected throughout bis long life, in this community, and wasrepeatedly called to fill stations of honor and trust. 1 1 o was always a sober, peaceable man, intel ligent and well informed, of buinano and upright dis position, and will be remembered with vcneiation and respect. St. Albana paper. coNCisirr. Tip. AI MKS. GAXDKRIIEFX'K have 1 1 iho honor to uliiioiinco to the l.adicinnd Gentle men of Burlington that ibey will give n CONCERT in iho stylo of ihe celebrated Paoanisi, on the Ger man Harp and Violin, at iho Court Hou-e on Friday ami Hitinraay evenings, iiic iiuinnu lain jaiuary. For particulars, please tostc iho Bills of the Perform ance. Fit EN VII LANG UA GE. IjmUCIIUTI IPS course of public Instruction JJ i continue I al theCourl llou-u every Monday and 'J'hunday evenings, nt 7 o'clock, precisely. AdiuUsion Tickets for ihe course to I o ha I at Mr. Braman's. llooUttore, 81,75. 12 January. NEW GOODS. THE Siib-cril cr havo jii-l received largu nddiliotis lo their mock of Saddlery, Coach mid Shell Hardware in all il varieties. Also Drugs, Medicines Paints VaniishesDycstiill'-.Brush. i of nil kind., Joiners' Tools Ac. it'c, HAGAR & ARTHUR, Atlheold.Staiid, Sign of the Padloek, corner of Church and College Streets. CLOTHS I Just opened, a ganeral atsormenl ol Bros I I'loiii", Cassiiiirres, sulinells and Vetinga cheaper than ever ailhe Cash store onCheapsidr, O -i 12. J. P. WHALING It Co. SPLENDID FARM FOR SALE. H R nn-. r-uuscriucra win positively w sen on ur ucioro uiu iuiii. uny m of Febuarj next, a farm in Mil- CI ml t iuii ni-eiiiijiiin iu iiiu cpuiiu vi ilitJU a Kr(T narnum u.sq. con jim!vdhWJt& sislingof about fivchundrcd and acres, auout tlirco Hundred of which is intervale anil tho remainder hard wood and pino plain land, with two good dwelling houses, threo iargo barn, two smnll barns, and llorso bnrn, with tho necessary out buildings, nil in good repair. The farm i situated on the bank of river Lamed, at the head of navigation, is in a good state of repair and cultivation with n suitable proportion of meai'ow, pas ture, and arable land and presenting objects of in terest and inducements to an intelligent purchaser nut to bo equalled in this quarter of tho Slntc. Purchasers are invited to call and examine for themselvis soon an 1 secure a greatbargain. Terms made easy for ibe purchaser. ELIJAH HEItRICK. UmlniatrMors SAMUEL IIOAKDMAN. j Administrators. Henry C. Itoardinati's Estate. STATU OF VERMONT,) rpHHHon. the Probate District of Chittenden s. A Court fortho Dl tric-l of Cliiltendeii ! To nil persons coneerne I in tin- F. tale of Hunry O. Hoirdmiti, late of Jliltnn, in said DMrict, dceeiiMHt, Uniting. Vherca, Samuel Uoardninn if Hoetor Adnnu, Fxeeutori of the lsl will and testament of snid dc ceased, propoi' to render an aeeount of their adini ni'trntion, nnd present their atvounl against aid (Mate lor examination nii-l nllowanee at n ion ol Ihe Court of Probate, to l,c holden at the itegi-tcrV OiI'.cj in Hurliucton in nld district on the second Wednesday of Febrttrry next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear le fnre said court at the titnu and place aforesaid, and shovveau-e, if any yen have, why tho neeount aforc Miid should not I c nib Given under inv band at Durlington, this seventh day of January A. D. Ifil2. Wm. Wi:STON, negi-ir. Anthony Itlioilc's Instate. S TATD OF VKKMONP. rpilKHon. the Prolate I)i-lrict of Chittenden, s. J -L Court for the Di-lrii t of Chittenden : To all person" concerned in the Es tate of Anthony Hhoi'o , lam of Richmond, in said DMrict, decea'cd, Greeting. Whereas, Win, Rl.olc'g Jr. AdnnnMrator of the JNtnteof nildeecasf.d, propose" to render an ac couit cfhii admtiti tritiou, and pre.-ent his nceniiat againn fnid estate for examination and allowance at n n'Siion of the Court of I'robnte, to I o holden at the Kaglellall in WillNton in said district on the third Monday of February next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before saidcourtat thctiir.e'aiJ puce nfore-aid, nnd hevv caic, if any you have, why the account nforonid should not le nllowcd. Given under my hand at I) rlington, this twe'fh day of January A. D. I8. Wm. WESTON, Kegister. Amanda l'easlce's Estate. STATE Ol- VERMONT. ? A T a Probate Court District of Chittenden, si. J X. held at Uurlington within ar.d for said DMrict on the 28th day of Do cemlerA. D. 1811. A copy of the last will nnd testament of Amanda IVnslee, laleot Nnpiervillc in the County of Cook in the Stale ol Illinois, deceased, duly allowed and proved in the Probate Court (or the Comity of Cook aforesaid, l.eiuir nre-cnled to the Court Iiito iI,.k tni.i copy may I o filed nnd rccoidod in the Prolate Co'irl lot tne Di-lrict U Chittenden aforesaid, agreeably to too "la-ntu in Mien oaso nia.iu and jirovidfld ; Ihe Pro hate Court forsaid Di-tricl of Chittenden doth appoint Ihe second Wednesday of February next for hearing and deciding thereon, and doth order that all person inlcre-ted 1 c notified ilineol by pul licaiion of lln order three weeks sucec.ively in tlio Ilurlinslon I ree 1'ie-s, a new-. paper printed in said llnilingioii, previoti" lo ihe said second Wednesday of Folruarv next, that they may appear nt the time and place nfore-aid and conte-t the filing and recording of the copy of ihe aforesaid will il they see cause. Uivnn tin lor my hand at said Iturlinslon, this 28lh day of DeeeinLcr A. D. 1841. Wm. WKSTOX, Register. WAXTHD, in exchange for Goods, Bennington Money at 50 cents on the dollar. Jan. ui;u. I'KTEKSOX. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE and well selected assortment, consist ing of (lilt, Mi'iogany nnd Gilt, Multogany, and J'ancit framed Lookinir Glasses, for sti'e at .rpntlv reduced prices nt the Hardware Store, Corner of rtlinrrli nnd t.nlnrrn Situ l,u lf.flvl X. USTIIITl, SELLING OFF CHEAP. inOA 011 MORE pounds good Cotton lJJJ ISattino: al Gd. tier lb. Calicoes to correspond, sav at about S or C els. tier vard. A lot Caps, Comforters and Mull's at nearly one half former prices. Also a great variety of uoous at prices too low to be pniiicu. Tho work of selling off cheap lias fairly commenced and all goods sold to suit purchasers, at January, 1812. HOWARD'S. Wanted, A JOURNEYMAN Watch Maker or Watch IU nailer: abo u Journeyman Silvcr-milh. Thoe in lliotrndo to whom we lurwanl a copyof thindver-tt-eiucnt, uru desired tu reinctul cr oslioii!d Jcnrncy meii ca 1 for work. None Inn good workmen are wana-l. Dec 10. I'ANr.HURy & I1I1I.NS.MAID. Comb. 1 CASE Wood Pocket Combs, J 50 do. German Silver do. 500 Can do. :30 " 2000 " 50 " 200 " Twist Side Ilrass Ivory do. do. do. do. forsalo bv VII.AS, UKJMIS & CO. Nov. 30, 1811. Iloi-bc Hay. FOR SAM'.'. A ipniiii'iy of lir-t rale upland linrsc hay, for cash on deli ;ory. lnotirc at the Pust olfici. Uurlinsion. Do,-. 8, 1811. itoiiiu't-, ! llonni'tv A BEAUTIFUL assor ment ol I'lorcnce and ilk Bonnets much below the piices , f last saiuiner Also, a great variety of Claim Ribbons, by Dec. 10. S. I!. SBOTT. t'assi meres. "OAltlS Diamond, gold mixed, and wool dvebluo a. a blue biacu S. li. SCOTT S. 'llroail Cloths. QU1T.II Wool dye black, invisible green, olive, blue, Onnd sail mixed clolh, at unusually low prices by l)ec.jq. S. II. SCOTT. Lf Aid. kind, of HKltltS fur Culinary wriioses, at whohwilu nnd tetnil, by PiX'K cc SPEAK, l'rcsli Teas. KCi CHESTS Hyson .-kin Tea. 0J 20 Do Old Hyson do. 25 Do Twankay do. 100 Caddy boxes Hyson do 75 Do do YouiiL' Hvson do , 00 Half diesis Young Hyson Tea, of different iiuiiiuics, ui me iasi tiiiporiiuon, nun oucreu nt nuo- Hon prices by rOLLETT Cc BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington., I'lnc Cut. OH BBLS. TOBACCO, 30 do Smoking do 10 Kegs Maccaboy Snuff. For salo by FOLLI.TT & BRADLEV. i salt. CflOO BUSIIKLS Turks Island, WWWW 1000 do St. Uhcs, 5000 do Solar, 290 Sacks Dairy, 1000 Bbls. fino. For sale very low, bv n. i i .. r . F0I'LETT BRADLEY. Old Dock, Burlington. Sugars. 1 A BBLS. Powdered. IvJ 10 do Crushed, 10 Boxes double Loaf. 12 uo l'lntaucipiiia Lump, 12 UU l,H, I UlA UU of superior quality, for bale bv At tho Wharf. FOLLKTT & BRADLEY. CA BBLS. Barbel's Gin, 0J 50 do American Brandy, For sale by FOLLE'IT & BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington. Aft BOXES RAISINS, 20 Casks i'aleraius, 100 Boxes scalded Herring, For Salo bv FOLLE'IT BRADI.KV. Old Dock, Burlington 100' I BOXES Simmons' Cast Steel Axes, 50 do Laihron's do do Warranted, and for salo bv FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Old Dock, Burlington. Nulls ami Iron. 1 Ol'k KKr,H NAILS, assorted sizes, JLtiUlf 100 do Finishing Nails, do do 100 Kces hntke. from 30J to COd and G inch. 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 l-6ths to j men. 10 Tons of horse shoe Iron, of tho various sizes I do oi nana iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a-sortcd, flat and square Am. Bloom do For sale at inanulacliircr s prices, by FOLLE'IT & BRADLEY, Agents. HARK. II naviMsh I T C. LOOMLS will pay cash for 50 cordi of good 1. II l-I. I,--,. .'I-.I..I. 1 I. . . IJ lit I Hemlock Bnrk, ifdelivcrod by the lirst of Ftl next. Jan. 5 1812. DOMESTU'KS. Sheeting, Shirting, Batting, Wadding, W'icking, Coiton Yarn. Cotton Flan, nel, &c. cheap, at (Oct. Ill) J. P. WHALING Si Co'. Commlsslonei's Notice WE the subscribers having been appointed by tho Honorable the Probate Coart for tho dis trict of Grand lilc( Commissioners to receive, exnnt inn nnd ndiust tho claims of oil ncrsont nmmit tin. estatoof Kimblo Kinney, late of South Hero, in said uistrict, uccensen, represcntcu pisoiveui, and also nil claims and demands exhibited in olfset tjiercto t nnd six monllis from the day of tho date hereof being al lowed by said Court for that purpose, wedo therrfore hereby give notice that wo will attend totho business of our appointment at tho dwelling hone of Polly miiiiy, in Bum ..-j,,i iii Bam uiiirici, on cue first Slonday of February next, at ten o clock in the forenoon. Dated this 29th day of December, A. D 1811. TIMOTHY D. WHITE, ) , FRANKLIN ROlllNSO.v, j Com'rs. TO RENT. THE tvvo story dwelling House on Pearl Street, lately occupiej by Hi ,. op Hopkins nnd nearly opposite iho Hrick Church. t The premises may he viewed at any tunc nnd immediate imi.ur, Apply to GEO. G. INGERSOLIj. 4th 1311. 1, 1ST Ol' 1,1 TT KI Iii Remaining in the Post OITico at Burlimton, Vl. .uttuui, i. ioj. Johnson, Hcnr J. Allen, Mrs. Sarah Atherlon. Charlotte IV Kcndnl, I. Y. Kenyon, Alva 2 Knapp, II. I. L Levin, James St. George Lee, Augustus Lane, llyman I.angshorc, Mrs. J Lyno'l, I. W. Loomis, Christiana Leonx, Joseph Lyman, GaylorJ p. 2 Leonard, I.auro R. Lalhrop & Polwin Lamotte, Baptisl Ladou, Sophia Laboccsscs, Peter Martin, S. S. Moss, Antvvine Mason, I. L. Murphy, Eden Monson, Ellen Matthews, Oranel D. Munson, Joseph M'Crary, Anthtny M'Evving, Ritchie Martin, William Millikin, Eliza Munson, Joseph Marcbosscault, Theotimc N Norton, Chandler O O'Brian, Pntritk Oats, Sara O'CIarc, Francis 1' Proctor, Ransom Si. Cm. Pattar, Benjamin Percy. John Palridge, James Pralt, John H. Paul, A. C. Poller,.!. K.lCsnx Perry, Daniel Paul, Miss A Peck, W. L. Q Quirt, John R Rosy, Antvine Root, Lucrctia Russell Samuel Rogers, .Samuel Rust, Elam Rnnsov, A. L. Roe, Francis S Stewart, Biidget Smart, Charles B. Smith it Ballou Sanborn, Joseph Sawyer, Mr. Sua, Eh.nbeth Stiles, Jnne E. Stiles, Jnne Sill. Hcnrv Armstrong, Martin JJ Reach, T. I.., Si. George Hray, Marilla lllake, William 2 lllair, Maxham Kusb, William Herry, Widow Jane Butler, Maria I,. Hostwick, George Hall, Franklin N. Hrkrgs, Ehcnecr Urown, William llovvcn, Charles, Jr. Ilrovvn, Daniel Rales, John llurvvcll, John Rums, David 2 Hean, Henry Rean, David 3 Hurt, Amanda llarstow, Elisha liahbitt, J. C. Ilishop, Joel Macon, Francis S. Hradley, Mary K. Ilishop, Scth Urown, Cassius P. 3 Hrovvn, Jamc M. Hirnbaum Heinrich Brodcur, O. Ilurr, Eliza Russell, Leonard Boynton, l.ydia, Dennett, M. llosworth, Dacicl C Conderlnck, C.J. Cheney, Elizabeth 2 Chase, Sally Cotnstock, George 3 Cernt, Peter, demons, Joel or Peter Plant Clough, Mriam B. Cooper, E. J. Chillins, .Mrs. Cnrrolc, Rozctey 2 D Dufrenc, Pierre Davidson, Henry F. Davidson, D. A. Jewell, C'eleslina D. Doty, Susan E. Dion, I'ierro Dob-on, Ellis Dow, Daniel M. K Ellsworth, Adonyrum l.aton, .vlary J. or Mrs. Thoniat Eddy, Asa Eaton, Jeremiah F Fountain. John Tyler, Orsani'is R. I- lanagnn, Jntncsl Frederick, Minerva 2 Farnam, Joel Flapg, W. II. Frost, l'erly W G Goddard, Robert Gilbert, Jane A.

Glon, Catharine Gill.Th ilay Goodrich, Clinunccy 4 Green, Eliza Green MaryC. Glcason, Samuel Glonson, Sylvia Grnvail, Robert Guiot, Mr. II Smith, Colonel-.Sf.Gtorfe Miciuon, .nr. Spear, IC'iza Si-in", John jheiidan, Patrick Suiillt & Nichols Smith, Christopher Shaver, Jercminh Seymour, Sarah Spau'ding, R. O. Taecrt, Joseph Taylor, Harriet C. , Tillcy, Stephen ' Thayer, John Townc, Kendall Temple, Orimel Tailor, Worron W Wright, Benjamin Wallace, Ezra Wndsworlh, Esther White, I. Williams, Ilcnitn Winn, Mr. Walsh, Philip Wheeler, John C. Waters, Rev. Richard While, II. S. Wnlsh, Thomas White, Cynthia I). IJ Udall, David M. Upliain, J, C. V Hogg, Anthony Hedges, Daniel II am--, an Htitcluns, Simon 2 Hicks, Isaac Hunt, Stephen Hatrinpton, W. L. Howard, Holland Hoyt, N. E. 1 Isham, Samuel K. 3 Isham. Ira Irish, Lydia A. J Johnson, James Jnn?s. Latham, ihnsnn. I Vpl as M. 2 leandre in, Emily Johnson, Alva Jones, Mary Vibnere, Andrew rrJ Persons calli'irr for the n' ove. will nle.ise to ilr strnaie tueiii ns nuict ilco. HENRY B. STVCV, P.M. White China Tea and Codec Sets. 7ARRAR A. WAIT luve est icccivel an a-ort . incut of W hue Chin l ( ii cu sel-. Co-lnrd fun nic.ii.iiiM nun icai iaic-, riu tiers. Howl-ami II it ter sinnd., tor sale ciieap al the New Crockery Store I'll. V, DYE STUFFS. OG BBLS. Campcachy Logwood, "WOO do Si. Domingo do 250 do Fuslie, 130 do Nicaragua, 100 do Cam Wood, 33 do Madder, 10 do Alum, 50 do Copperas 25 do Blue Vitriol, 50 Demijohns Oil do., by 30 Dec, 1811. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. FLOUR. rrnn imus. anil UU0 half do. of the most np i uvt'u urniniH nv 30 Dec., 1811. J. it J. II. PECK if- Co TOIIACCO ct- SNUFF. OR BARRELS Lornllard s chewing Tobacco, 10 do do M.nnlrm,, .lr. do smoking 2UU Jars 350 Bladders do Mncaboy snu Macaboy smiff, Scotch Jim h. i'F.y & ( 30 Dec. 1811. by J. it J uo I Co. Agents. , ontuAii nana, one iore. siecl shod i! Jr. sleiyh, with the liarnes. Also a saidle and bridle and a first rate second hand Cooking Stove. All or any pari of said articles may bo had cheap, and ,ayineiu umuc. Ill gOOtl llliru WOOO, uurinigloii, Dec. 10, IS1I. DAV1U RUSSr.LLi, ll'rnthei-a. 4.00 "S. Oese Feallicrs, of superior quality, w600 do. HenVdo. For sale low by lov. JO, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. Sheen Skins for Hook llliielnc.&c. OKOft DOZ. Sheen Skin-. attortcJ. dualities on ''hatnl nnd for sate to tnauiifaetiirers and oilier, at low prices, by VILAS, LOOMIS, &. Co, iMiv. ju, tail. Sheet Iron. "1 f PAl'KS Rll.stn Iron, assorted Nos. i- J .10 Bundle, Eng.and American Iron.ass'd No. a noxes Canada t'lntolor ale i v Nov, 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. flannels, 1CASE While nnd colored Flannels, 20 pieces figured Salisbury do. 100 " scarlet domc'liu do. Ju-trivei nlnnd for tjjt:y Nov.3C 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & OO. OPl M DRILLED Eyed Needles, Ot'U 200 Gross Hooks and Eyes. 100 do. Knitting Pins, 6 Cases London and American do. 50 lbs. do. Just received and for sale by Nov. 30, IBM. VILAS, LOOMIS c OO, A HO U1S- White and col'd Thread, WU 50 Black Linen, 75 Gross Round and Flat Laceti. Nov. 30, 1811. For Bale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co Sheetings. I7t BALES -1-4 Brown Sheetings. f W3 Cases Bleachi.l do, For sale bv Nov. 30, 1611. .VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. given. Jan. JANUARY 1, 18ia. MR. EplTOR,-DcnrSin lam very anxious to have it known that my remaining stuck of goods winch consists of a complete assortment of dry goods and dry groceries, nro to bo sold at exceeding low prices, for the sole purpose of railing money, which at all ctents mutt hate. If I cotno out willi nn ad vertisement or "Chcip Store," 'iCheap for Cnsli," "Great reduction of Price?," "Selling ofTat Cost," &c. &c. the People will not believe it they have been hoaxed too much for that by those who havo grown old and some even grey in the business. What then shall I say ( Yours truly, S. II. SCOTT. QAWS. Mill, Cross-cut, nnd Circular Saws, for V- sale by Jan. 7. HAGAR it ARTHUR. Sign of the Padlock, Corncrof Clmrchand College Streets. b ITI-ACUSMITII'H 111 'I, LOWS. first rale JUnrlicle, also Anvils, Vises, Files fsi'. for sa'u by Sign of the Padlock. ) HAGAR it ARTHUR. Cor.Ch.nnd Coll. sis. 5 WOOD. Those who have promised the -nbscri-her Wood urn reminded f I in ftll.linn id ...,n.l about town. Jan. 7. ('.GOODRICH. BLOTTING For sale by ho Ream or quire. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. B INDING LEATHER. A few doz. Calf-skim suitable for book-! lndum wnnlid bv Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. NOTICE. rTMIE members of Ihe Biirlinzlon Fire Company j- urc ucruiiy nuimcu luai tin" nnnnnt luccnnt? or iu company will le boliien nt .1. Howard' Hotel, mo loiirin vvconesnay, (ibc 20tli nay) ol January tnnl) at 7 o'clock in the nlternoon. for tliethoico ol len Wardens, a Clerk nnd Tieastirer, and for the trnilScictioii of all other businos rciiiircd by the Charlurand Bylaws. LYMAN CUMMINGS, Jan. s, mvi. Clerk. Mittens. Morcnslns nnd Cloves. ANEW lot jn-t received cheaper than ever, by Jan. C. E. M. WRIGHT it (?o. SILKS, of every style, quality nnd color, very cheap Jan. C. by E. M. WRIGAT.t Co. JIIAI,. 1 ho laifc.-t and I el nrorimenl tf ' Sliavv Is lliat can I c ound m l be vt am; of nr. lington may lu found at 1.'. M. WRIGHT if. Co.' Cheap caih Store. Jan. C. IS 12. CASH paid for Flax Seed, by Dcc.22, 1811. HATCH, ODELL f. Co. NEW MUSIC. A VERY targe nnd well selected assortment of XA-JIumo, adapted for the Piano, just received ut the Burlington Jiookstore. Also Musical Works such as fO'Uiiern iiarp, .cuiur t. Urgan xuu-lc, Piano Fori Primer, Ilunlen's Instruction for ihe. Piano Fiirte. For sale by Jan. i. I). A. IIRAMAN. "1ASH paid for till kituU of Shipping Furs, by tie.l.. loin tn n.r.i'i n i , l-i , r. r. U.111. IOi. llllllll. UIM.I.UULUU, I g HIIDS. New Ruin foraleby '22 Dec. HATCH, h HATCH, ODELL ,f. Co. DISSOLUTION. 'TMIE Firm of Mitchell if. Barnes is this day by oy mutual consent Dissolved. All persons hav ing nccounts against the rum will please present their Bills for settlement without delay. All persons indebted lo Hie Firm by Note or otherwise will please make imnieliale payment Furnituro it Fanning Mills for Sale ("heap for Cash or approved credit to close the concern. T. M. .MITCHELL, ) A. BARNES. J Burlington, Jan. 1st. 1312. N. II. The Cabinet business will hereafter be con tinued by the Senior Partner who soli 'its a share of publick patronage nt the Brick Shop uu Church street tiieiriormcr sinnu. liASS VIOLS. SOME beautiful Has Viols nnd Flute-, just ree'd. l'.VNGBORN .",'. BUINSMAID. FLOUR. 11 ff) fW) "bis the bet quality superfine Hour U U U(lr me i, HATCH ODELLec Co. OILS. nenn GALS. Pure Winter and Fall Sperm Oil, 5-'V20Ci0do Whale blca -lied and unbleached, ju imis. American i.iuie,i i.v 30th Dec. 1SI1. J. it J. II. PECK it Co. a lass. 1 tZff BOXES Uirlinglon, lermonl, and IOkJkJ Essex Cylinder Glass 300 do Bedford, Saranac, and t linton Crown do. by J. .V J. IL PECK & Co. 30 Dec. 1811. Agents. UROVERIF.S. IO MID' St. CroW and Porto Rico Sugars, I.', Boxes I. mill) 39 Ilhds.. Molasses, by narrcis no 80 Chests Young Hyson Tea, CO do Hyson Skin do 15 do Hvson do 10 Catties do do 300 Malts'.a, 2 Barrels Cloves, 1 do Nutmegs, 20 Tierces Sa'i rates, 111 Kegs Pure Ginger, 100 Boxes Bar Soap, 50 do Pipes, 20 Bags Pepper, 25 do Pimento, 40 do Rio Colli e, 15 do Java do by J. & J. II, PECK & Co. 30 Dec. 1811. 50 HIIDS. Gardner Brewer's N. Englind Rum. 30 Pipes nnd Half l'i is American Brandy, 4U do no ii ilil'iiore ' no, 1U do do 'IVllcvnMii Brandy, 5 il,i do ' Swan' Gin, 10 llhd. Si. Croix R nn, 301'hK Sherry and Madeira Wines, 35 do Malaga do 5 do Port do 31 Dec. 1811 by J.& J. II. I'l'X'h. it Co. watch: Wl. return ihankr to eur customers and the public fi r the lil era! patto iago they A.. have given us lor some years, nnd inform them that ft ' '-tjW nnd ,AV .fttjfS inad have visited 1 ii.-Iand mid made arrange incuts for the importation of Watches, Jew elry. Watch materials, Knives, Scissors, Uazots, Pistols,nnd Fiiucy Articles. We are receiving beautiful finished Gold and Silver Cased Patent Lever Watches of 1 nglislt and Geneva manufacture. Also, Gold nnd Silver Geneva Lenin; Watches; Alarm and English and French Watches. We shall bo happy to sipply any one who wishes it good watch. The public may rest assured that we do sell fine watches quite as low and a little lower . tit. t. ....... i... Tn...,i .vn..,i,.a,; innri i .11 1- -miiis. u miu .....iiiutaiiu,, tliat wo ate selling fine Gold Lovers of equal quality, lower than they are sold ,tn Boston, l-.very kind ol W atches neatly cicaneu anu rcpaircu at uie lowesi prices. VV line e recived sumo beautiful Gold and real stone Broaches and I'ius, which we had made in England, uiil, MVminnis. Cornelian. Onyx. Topaz, Ruby, Car buncle, Opal, Diamond ond other precious Stones. VO haVO OlSO rcccneu u laueif ui eicuy uuss Pins and Broaches, Hair Pins, Boquet Holders, &c. Head Ornaments, Snaps, Lockets, Chains, Keys; Silver, shell, Pearl and Ivory Card Cases ; Mcmoran dums, Souvenirs, Needle Cases, and many very pretty Goods. RAZORS, Knives, Scr-sors, Nut Pickers. Nut Crackcis. Pearl nnd steel cork-Bcrevvs : Twccsers, toy rings, gilt and common lea bclls,mathemat ical instruments, wood and ivorv pocket rules. Thermo- meters, levels, plated and German silver spoons, tea nnts. tumblers, eo-to-bed lanins. lainn wicks and glasses, brass snulU'rs and trays, and candlesticks, steel do. plated do. bed pans, syringes, tlasks, skates, and many oiucr urucies in tne saiuu nun. earns. Various kinds of beautiful embossed Cards, cold bordered, and gilt edged cards, white and colored t;arus 01 various uinus nnu teies. runup, pencils, int. sand. wax. wafers, etc. Scarfs, Cravats and stocks, collars, bosoms and suspenders. Wo invite attention to some beautiful new SICCUS anu scans, puiiiuiuuu Birup, uuuons, ixe. I'eifiuiierv. &e. All kinds of Perfumery, soaps, hair oils, depilatory Vll!Ctii luugc, j,u, usic, luaiiitiiis, v, lllllslies. Very nice blushes of all kinds and for all purposes. ?-Isv.ciacics. We havo Gold and silver mounted Spertaclet, of Iho nest quality, ouu every nuniiier wmwa oi concave nnd convex and can suit all ones. We havo steel and plated spectacles in the lowest prices, Morocco and steel spec cases, eye glasses, exc. To close, we would say to all in town and country, thai we have a heller lot of Goods than wo ever bad tho pleasureof offering, nnd that we will sell them as low nsnny one wo will not be undersold by any one. We respectfully invite nil who wish for Goods of any kind wlucli wo ileal in lucall before purchasing, PANG BORN et BRINSMAID, importers 01 waienesanu jewelry January 1, lit','. AM1ANY TO ItOWTON IJY n.VIIIOAI) I ft s Ffo CHATHAM, I'l l TSFIELD, SPRINGFH.LD A.D WORCESTER. ON and after Tuesday, Dec. 21. 1311, iho Passes oca TnAi.vs will run through the entire line, as follows! Leave Grecnbuslt daily, Sunday excepted, 0 A.M. nnd 1 P.M. The morning train will arrive nt Chatham 81, nt Pitlsfield 0?, nt f'pringfield 12J .11., al Won ester 1 P. M. nnd nt Boston 7 P. M. The afternoon train will nrilve nt Chatham 21, at Pitlsfield 3i, nt Sprini'fiel l (il P. M , leave Springfield next morning GJ A. M., arrive at Worcester 01 and at Botnn 12 M. Rr.TCn.Niso, leave Boston 7 A. M. and 3 P. M. Theinoiniim train arrives nt Gri'i nbii'.h (il P. M. The nfleriioon Irnin arrives nt Orecnbuh 12J 31, next d iv, lodging nt Spiingfield. The cars of tho Muds m and Berkshire Rail-Road vvid run between Hudson and Chatham in connexion with the above trains. Passenoers f om the citvof Albany must take tlio boat lr out iciry vvnari at Ui A. .M. and 121 al. FARES. From Oreenlinli lo Chatham, SO C2J Chatham to Pitlsfield, 0 !)0 Pittslie'd lo Springfield, 1 0 Springfield to Worcester, 1 50 Worcester to Boston, 1 50 If paid through From Albany to Boston, 5 50 Worcester, 4 25 Springfield, 3 00 Pitlsfield, 1 50 Hudson, 1 25 FOR NEW YORK, 1 7a Springfield, Hartford and A'nir Haxcn. Passengers leaving Grecnbuh bv tho 1 o'clock, P. M. train, arrive nt Spiincficld, GJ 1'. M.i thence by stage (23 miles) to Hartford, arriving at 11 P. .11. j jcavo next morning in cars for Ncw-llavcn, arriving in lime to take steamer for New York, whero they arrive at 2 lo 3 1'. M. Or leave Greenbusli by lite morning train, arriving at Ncvv-IIaven 8 P.M., thence ny sieamcr next morning, to icw 1 uric, arriving by i to A 1". .11. Fare, if paid through (rom Grccnbush lo Now 1 ork, f b. 1 ickets to be purchased ot u. R. I'avne s Office, Thorp's Buildings, 21 Broadway, Albany, and ni iiieouiceoi inc Depot in urt'ctinusu. Gm-30 GEORGE W. WHISTLER, Engineer. NOTICE. A LL who arc indebted lo the undersigned whose A notes and accounts havo become due. are hereby notified, that immediate payment must he made to save cost. To thoee whose deniandi are beconimo due, we would say that prompt payment, according to contract, is expcctid. Tho term of copartnership of the subscriber, ex pires by limitation on the 1st of Anril next. it will theiefore be insisted upon, that nil contracts be closed. STRONGS & Co. Burlington, Dec. 30, 1811. FRENCH I.AXCIJAGi:. A N INTRODUCTORY LECTURE (the admit- sion to which will be gratuitous) will bu delivered nt Ihe Court House, on Monday evening next, at 7 o'clock, in which Mr Bocciiete will explain the plan he means to follow in a subsequent series of public instructions in tnc i renen language. Burlington, Dec. 30, 1311. Abil NtMcll's iKlalr. STATE OF VERMONT, A T n Proba'e Court District of Chittenden, s, xi- hoh'en at Burling- ton. within and lor Ihe District nfon said on the 27tli, ,lnv nf IWemlirr A. I), mil. nt, Instrument nnr- l... iv:il ,n... f , Newell late of Charlotte in said District deceased, was presented to the Court here for I'robatc, bv Ezra Holt the Executor, therein named. ' l lierclorc it is ordered by said Court, mat public ous pairoinire cxieuueu io uieir preuecessor, anu in notice ho given to nil persons intcres uJ then in io np- tend to merit it by the same attention to tbeir bus.- pear before said Court, al a se-sion thereof to bo holden nt the Register's Office in said B'liliugton on the lSlh day of January A. 1). 1812, and coircst the probate of said Will, and il U farther ordered that this order bo pul hshed three weeks successively in the Burling ton Frco Press a news naner printed at Bit lin't(ll, in I this State, the last of which shall be previous to the dav assigned, osafori-said, forbearing. ''iveu under tny hand at the Itei i -'t1' '' of December Ay . H Given under mv hand at the Register'" unite, tins STON, ItegisUr "OA . V"'! A IISU SALT. T' tk's Island and St. Uhes Also line barrel Salt lor sale bv Dec. IS 1 1. S.M.POPE. lluek's Patent Cioklng Stoves. rpHK I e-l sieve for the saving of labor and fuel, J. wh eh ha. ever I ecu o Icicd fur sale in llii. iaii' tlio lue! eiiie diri'ctlv' under tho boiler., so a. lo take Ihelir-lanil sharpct heat, and then a"iiig iiround Ihe oven in line-, -o a. lo give the oven a rcjt.lar heal; taking c,p al lo n brick oven j and 1 einr larger than in any other conking stove now in use. for nlu Ly iov. iu, IB II. s. Jl. l UI'K, T)LACK.lhiellai.-l: h-ht daiii, lulu limned, Gro JJd.; Alr.p.ennd China S I.., low lor, I v S B. SCOTT. Sheetings. f RALES of heavy slice ings of difKrent ipialities, 'J Wliavo I list been received and are oll'ered for salu nt Mauul'acliirers' prices to Jlerchants and others, who are invited to call and examine tlio stock before purchasing elsewhere, under the belief that tho exam ination win prove uiiianimcnui in ineni. By I'OLLETT & BRADLEY. Nov. 29. nt Iho Wharf. stohh and sniv goods. Q .M. POPE is now tieiiving his fall stock of t.J. Gorids,ennii3tingi f n general nssornnenlof Drv GoniK Groerrics, Cioekery mid Hard ware, which hcolkrs for sale nt a small advance from cost. O.M. S, 111. s"anti:d.-' V W I'l llll'l c II-- Two e t 'hreetirst rale Cojt maker. lain wor' at C. BEV.V it SON'S. f -t nil tli or (it h the- Hank, Ch irih strict, Bur- 21, IS-ll. 11,'I'O.I'S lermonl liegi-'er, an 1 Farmer's i , fi,r Is 12. Also, a li-w conic- nf Car e's .in ci-uanie", pi-t rcvuivvu mill lur bv I' D. A. BR MAN cotch I'ls Iron. ry,r TONS Gnrtshcrrie, Nn. 1 A-oteh Pie Iron for vsaiet,ttiie vv nari.oy i ul.l.l.1 i iv uu.vui.hi . .N ov. .'9. NOTICE. rrvil I S inne eernfc that I have mven Mckenzv X Payne, mv son, Ins time lo transact business for hiiuscll. I will neither claim any of his wages nor hold inyselt responsible lor anvm nis ot ins coniract ins after this date. AlIIRA W.PAYNE. Adncii Lapii. North Hero, Pee. 23, 1511 NEW GOODS. TXTI'.SSRS. PANGRORN it BR1NS.1IAII! are 1 Inowopcninii a iresh and new lot of Goods tus1 received Irom i'ngland, Niw York and Bcslon, to h; sold at low prices. Dec. 30. SELLING OFF CHEAP. STRONGS it Co. now offer their stock of Goods for nrices at which purchasers will find it an ob ject to buy. 'I he stock is large and must be sold pre vious lo tne isi ot April new, wnen tne term ot co rinrtnershin exnires. Sugars, Teas, Spices, Raisins, Tobncco, Codfish, Salmon, coarse and fine salt, Lamp Oil, Molas es,itc. Iron, Foreign and American, ol every description. Steel of all kinds. Ann's. Vices, shovels, spades. Forks, Caldron Kettles, and Hollow Ware in great vnrielv. Worts, stove pipe, ami siovo trimmings, i in warr, itc. cheap, all cheap, reryentap. Dec. 30, 1811 X OTIC 12. tOAIIEinto tho enelosurc Oof tho subscriber, nbout threo weeks since, one two vcar old heifer and one vear- linc heifer, boili of n deep v. .r i'i... e?9J6feE;3SW' mlef,(.d 10 r0ie nroncrtv. nay charges and lake ihem nwav. i.ssex, uec. as ion. SA.uut.l. uirv B.nuuii. FOR SALE. A CONVENIENT dwelling Hiuse Carina quarter aero lot on Cliamplaiu street, nuar the Glass Foctory. Pos session given 1st April next. Terms made easy, i.nqiiireoi Dec. 29, IP 11. LYMAN CUMMINOS. 7.S7. QUINTALS CODFISH, UK) Boves Herring, in iTlri.l,l. M,...l.,r.,t 30 Drc , 1911. by J. &. J.' II. PECK & Co. STOVES. A large excellent Cook Siovei nnd a nice Pnrlor or Chamber Dumb Simo with n small cast Iron Stove ctnnected with il, for sale cheap for cash,' wood or country prouuer. PANG BORN it BRINSMAID. TOBACCO. Bonn's' Cavcnuish Tobacco. A f BOXES H VJL25 do J u i I-.IIUL, a itu iiu T20do 'Irvino's' do do I I.'.. J... .1 .! 30 Kegs 'EnderV Plug do 20 du .McDonald's' do do 31 Dec. 1311. by J. et J, H. PECK Sc. Co, 1842. TX7 ALTON'S VERMONT REGISTER 1500 vr r-ilwiby Dc. i o. GUOURIUI. a.,1 si! mm ::. mnrsi n p KEW STORE. " Tho Vow York"Casli Hardware Store. THE Suh.erilcr hiving dcierimnel to carry lhc HARDWARE BUSINESS in all int.rrinch' in I irluii;lOfi, Vl.h.n opened and now oiler for ii nn entirely now nnd well selected nsor:nientof gou, in the itbovc hue. Hi obii-rt this winlor einemoro lo learn the 0" maud, ol the market, in order to lo able to fttpp . the same in the Snr imr. and n he intend'' doing 1 strictly en'h I u-me-p, he solicit- a share of pul 1 . . paironnpr, conlident Hint lil priic. will lo lound M suit nil who may favor him with a call. iiiiriiiigton, v i, icc. 21, loll. v .u.j. iiUi i. alrong'K iiinlding, t ollcge street, nearllie oquart , NOTICE. THiS niaycerlify that I have given my son aco' Morrill hi. lime during his minority, and till therefore claim none nf Im earniiis. nor Day any del u of his contracting after this date. SAAC MORRILL. Hinehttrgti, Dec. 20, 1811. Iok ElRI'C I WE have a fine lot of llidl'ilo Robes, n few No. 1 Lynx Mulls nnd Otter Caps, fur lined, O'ove nnd other Winter Goods, suitable for cold Wfathor Tho em want of anv of Iho nbove named article. will do well to cnll'on E.M. WRIGHT & Co. as they will give great bargains for ea h. Dec. 23, 19-11 NOTICE. w IJV. lbs., t Unrlingiw, Clnuetdci! Coimtv and ita'i' i f Vciinunt, do ere' y pivt notice to the public gmc-ral'y, tbn i. aver lnr2ea.4orim"ii: , I Dcivcr and Pi,oi "lis u Mvlc Broid I'.lh , a .tneit- uu I sa'me't-i rii. and Plain s,l ... A'oa, a ' ' ,tli-. r.'-ic li nud I'.nx'i . Mer tie.. .;vctv -tvlc : j.i.i ,-t. u ! n:akerch:uf.. II. He i.a:ne,sVc. which we o lei nt t-y r..-ice i price., lor cash. Dec. 25. i.. .vi, v, uiutri cf- o'J. Ciirnetlugs. ANY one wi.hing to buy u carpet ehe.iji, ifilav will only ta',.e the lronl,,eoeali en I.', i.. Writ i , & Co. College street, the cm 1 aceO'umodaleu io price and q mil y, no iin-'nke. De.'. 23. t'ltampi iln Transportation Company. fjlllE Stoi ! holders of the Chamt.!rn Trnnspc'.i J tion Company aro hereby notified, thai tf, ,i, nird meeting, for theeleclion of Diiectors of s a . Company for tho ensuing year, will bo holden at llw " i' r i" V"a'T, ,r r 4? " - i n ' oruer, ixe. Hotel ot Jolin Howard, m Turlington, on tho Eit , a i one o clot It, r. DOOLITTLE, C7erAL Uiamn. J rans. Co. Builington, 4th Dec., 1811. Groceries. Ac. HERRICIC has just received frtm N. Yor'., 15 Chests superior ii. b. lea, 5 do do Y. S. do 5 do do O. II. do 15 Boxes Bonn's Tobncco, 5 do Roan's do 15 Kegs Plug do 10 Barrels Fine Cut do 5 I'ngs Java Coll'ce, 10 do I.aguira do 20 Jars Maccaboy Snuff, 10 Bales Brown Shielings. Als The above Goods were purchased at low prices, an 1 will be sold at a small advance. NoTICIil! TnlE .ubseribers having formal a Copartnership X and purchased the stock of Hardware, Prutt, . Mediant; d-c., belonging to tne i..tate.ol the law Doct. R. Moodv. Wl continue the business at tin 1,1 t.n.,a otM rtC ,l,n ll,lle1r ee. n r,r rt f r h r sk n , College streets, and will make such additions to the stock of Hardware a will inane it lull and complete They respectfully solicit a continuance of the gem- ntss and tlio wishes of their customers). HAGAR & AHTHUR. Burlington, Nov. 29, 1911. POLL E T T &' 11RADLE Y P ESPECTFUt.LY infoim their friends and tl J.Vnubhe. that thev have received nnd now ofi'er for Sale on the most advantageous terms, an extensive as sortment of Iron, Steel, Ac. consisting in part of the, np , l ion sanurrson s i.asi-stcei, do Pagle Uerman do do Engli Ii X do 20 Bund es Brazier's Rods, 30 Tons English Tiic Iron, assorud, 10 do Old Sable PSI do 10 do Swedes do 1 do Too Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do 1 do Swedes do 10 do Russia horse nail rods, 10 do Bloom, fiat and square, of various silts. Nov. 29. IVhltel.catl. w iyj.D ,einereii wry iv nuc L.cao, O 5 do No 1 and Extra do do in nacknircs from 10H v mrw t. ,.,.., ,t .... . . to 500 pounds. Tons Extra Ground in Oil, in Kegs of 15 and 50 neuiids. for sale at Manufacturers' nrices and freight, by Nov. 29. FOLLETT if- BRADLEY. Honks for Town or District Libraries. GOODRICH ha. a valuable collection of Book. -illtab c fur town or dl.trict Libraries, wlifek will le sold em the mo-t liberal ternu, and at very low price-. Dee. H. New Law Hoots. CONNECTICUT REPORTS, Vol. 13. Common Law do Vol. 3S. I' el. do vol. G. Fee. 15. For sale by C. GOODRICH. PASTRY ARTICLES! ISSIAN Sliei-t, .-lired nnd Staple lsinglasc. Coiipei'. American do. Nicc-l Mo.-, , i'-senieiif Peach Kernels, I'onccniratcd I. enceof Lemons, Nicest Ro-c Water, Extract id" Ito , Spain' h Vanilla and O.l of Mace, Tne Ordinary Si'i cs, Best Leiiie n Svntp, ' SahJOil, Sucar Oruanient. an I Sind, Rciincd Confi-ctionancs in Cornels, &e. &: Dec. 16. Bv PIX'K i SPKAl'.. Dry I-'rctl! A Really e''el't nt urticle lor Boots au:l Shed t ore.erving the leer fro.n waier andexterna moii- mn mil n ol tLj-itai vt IVater I'roof HI e r-it W.irrimed. For sn'o ly PEe K K i'tVT ValU, Iron, stc! ami HaiLTVavc. t ( TUNS English II. from i l-S to i melt. 10 do Old Ssblc P S I Rnsu do 1 do New Sat L do dc 12 do Swedes 8 do Peru 10 do Hoi? Shoo 20 do Round 15 do Smi ire do do do do from 1-1 to 2 inch do " 3-3 to 3 " 15 do Haine it Scroll do 10 do Ban 1 do " 1-1 to 3J " (i l Ho ;i d " 1-2 to 1 " 12 do P S 1 Russia Nnil Rods, 2 do Saudf i son's Ca-t Stee, 1 dj Piersons' Spring do from to 2 inehi- 2 do Swedes do for slei;h ih e 1 do American du I do English UI s'.er do 3 do Germa-i eK 100 Pairs S' .li md I'atter Shoes, 1500 Kegs Nans, from to 20J 200 do Spike, from 30d to 60J 250 do Floor Brads 100 Boxes Lalhrop's Axes, 300 Di z. Hasps and Files, and a eenaral assort ment of Anvils and Vices, by u fee. tan. J. iv J. 11. 1'E.Ulv tv. UO. SALT. :l(T)f)(f BUSHELS Solar Salt, WW; inno do Turks Island do 4000 do Fine do 1600 Barrels do do 300 Sacks Dairv do 30 Dee. 1911. By J. et J, II, Peer it Co. OSJftl BOXES Bunch Raisins, t0j AO Kegs Malaga do iu nags .viauctra ixuts, 12 do Filhorls, 15 do Brazil do 10 do Almonds, by 30 Dec, 1811. J. if- J. II. PECK 0 Co. ft CKEGS Powder, r"f w nil Haff9 MlOt. J - - 100 Dozen Corn Brooirts, bv Dec. 30, ' 1 1 J. it J. H. Puck it Co. PIASTER. 4 C"i TONS Fresh Ground Plisler 30 Dec, '41. J.&J H. Prcif if-Co. PAINTS ipC. 10,000 LBS. Welberrlls Dry While Lejn, 100 Kegs do do ground in oil, 6000 do Lewis' do e!o 30 Hb. Spanish While, 20 do Wncnilian Red, 25 do Fiench Yellow, 10 do Spirits Turpentine, 3 Cases Cromo Yellow, Crouie Green, Brunswick do Saxony do. Red Lead, Verdigris, by 30ih Dee. 19H. J. J, II. PECK 4 Co Waltia'g Vermont Register for 10 12. fi 1 vu.t rweiwi ni lor aic i,y OU Dev. 15, 1911, VILAS, LOOJrl'S