Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 28, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 28, 1842 Page 1
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i NOT TUB GXiOnr OF G .E S A B. but tub wblpabb of bomb. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 1842. No. 34. LILY SYRUP. An unpnrralled remedy for Diseases nf the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influtnza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, Sfc i$ TO THE PUBLIC. In presenting to ilie public a new remedy for di'.ea DCiof the lun?s,il may I c proper to say that, judging from the many certificate ami recommendation of tilher specifies contained in the newspaper of tlie ilay no new rcmetiy wascanej lor or renuireu. 1)111 II me leney, Indige-lion, of the Bowel-, Fits of every kind, Cramps Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Iyen Inrv, Fainting, Hypochondriac Attention.., Headache, Sicl;nent Stomach, Mea-lc, a preventive of Con laSio:iiliease. Gout and Hlienmnlisin. fl it l,, vi l: - : ....... I 1... tr.inrt' Sell. popular remedies had materially Ic-sened the lull of inour. of Hadlcv. Mn.. from iln- Oniinal Itecii.e. I V mortality, or any one of the many preparation' po. the direction of .-aid Moore, and oldliy himandlhe sei-cd those virtue recommended, so that nficr a fair iirinemul Drmnriviain tin. iiniieilsime. trial. the patient co-illdeBcndiinoiiilshoalincrnovvcr-.. Sat I v liiile.nlo and retail. l,v Peck ii SVenr. anu rationally none ior a sneciv recovery oi nei in, n.,rlinTinn. and ,v ihericn crs sreneraliv tlirousli- nary Consumption would not have appeatcd. Hut that the victims of thi destroyer are daily in creasing, nee N no proofand the large scale of the Drugi!itshoiv that Ihe reme.lic M the day have toeenTairlv trie I, an I failed in their object, if that ob ject wathe restoration to hcilih of persons 9 1 li-ring Iromdi.-ca-e of the I inv. While one remedy dric U i a conch that shadlbc properly aidul to llirowol the viscid phleim collccic I upon flic lung an I iliroat the harbinger of die vc, another, bv n hal selection ol an ex cciorant, i indcel enabled to di-nos-cs the present tenant, luiileivc.a wor-eoneto occupy the shattered prcmi-c-; and bv it. the work of death i the accompii-ne 1. Thtill.YSYIlOPlnowlehvcdto lc the Ic-t remedy for lun coiiui aim-, that ha ever appeared. To cure Pulmonary Con-iimption nf;er the dica'e na nor.e its lasi won., ornecome seaie.i upon uiu vi tal function-, and tubercles are formed and 1, and attna-phcric air inline 1 into tlie pan Itf OORK'S KSSENCK OF LIFK.-A Valuable ITX Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the mean of saving thousands from an untimely grave. It ha been s, and for thirty year, w'llh great success, and. found verv eincHcious In the following diseases, vie. Cnnii.niiiiiiii. Whoonins Couch, com mon Cough, Co'd., difficult Ui-cMlliiiiir, Influenza, 1 for it by theadvice ofphysiehnvcll nrnn.iintm.wilh n. a .1....- in". 1 rut 1 t.-i ..... I .. .. i...- 1 .1... .. 1 MtUlllsy, lIIllllll, illllllsK, opill lilt; I'l muilW, 1 l.llll- II! prep.ll l IWII, H'.s n,vi iv M nj,, iia.n ll VAIU II I PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. HpiIIS article is too well known to need common-J- dation and the oxueriencc of seven veara has IVOTIOK. JCp-Mcdioinu Is lel known bylhe 1 1 cure it perform.cf3j I. Newton'. I'nnacen, or Purifier of the lllood. Tlie unparalleled and still incre.isingrepiitnlion which tlii medicine liaaeiair ed llirouuliout the New England Slate and the m.inv cures it ha performed, and the great demand made I it lirjulalion to almost everv town in the ealcrn .Slate and the principal town in the United Slates. Tin Pan.icci warranted purely vegetal le.nnd is not siirna-ed Iv anv other medicine ecr o'lercd to the alllicicl a it extensive .sale and great populari'y Diainiv nrnve. 1 in wi 1111 1 10 at civ 1 eon mon is cured 11s thou-nnd ofthe mo-t olistiiia'.e di-ca-e, a can lo prove I bv cerlificitr. nil J i nronounced bv eminent and ro-pe 'ial lephyaieian the let ine.liiin'e muse. l.'ci.n iiilnrnutioii mny I c IO'iiiii in cirni.:ir eontaining certificate of cure and dirvtion for la king the medicine. The followinir appointed agent. llurlington. PUCK and SPEAR, U. Moody St All an-, Cnrti an I H i-scl Millon, C. Dralc Milton Kail', Unmet and Sawyer Walerville, Ki-k and llrown, Hiiicbtirgh, Hull nud Cw)k Fairfax, Parker ani l.Uilield-V erpenuc. Adam nnd Murray Cam' n Igc, M. Wue rndcrhill, M. C. Ilarni'v orlli l'errisl nrali, 11. I'. tieorgia, A. ili-s Willi.ton,.N.Chitten Ion Richmond, Crren &ltliodes John-on, 1.. Wni tier nnd C Nlonkton, l!thin rtmiih, Armmirton and Woodwnr I I'mr- Held, II irnct and I'nrnswnrili. e.o.p.l.IJO demonstrated to the cumnicrcinl cominunitv. that i not among llic pre'eu-ion of the thoit'andand one for accuracy, convenience and durahilily, they are ponular no-trutiisto Ihe conttarv, notwithstanding), unru ailed Coal vanl scales to wciih from 3 lo 0 ' m. ... .. 1 ..." 1. iA... 11 .n 1 11. r lull. 1 1 r mc nt ne 11.1 re.uircii nanv v 10 ver un- iuii. iun mini 11 mi. ousu 1 u. iu cii:ii iruui 1-- in. nocd to l levond cure, bv men Manding hisili in tlie to 5000 lba.. Portable do. to weigh from 12 oz. to 'medical profession j but their re-toration to healih on- 200 lbs. PortableCounteruo a new article to weigh ly proved that great an I good men may 1 c mistaken, irom i- oz. liviu lbs. in the siage or provre.s of thedi-c.Te. Hence, let no J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. person de pairof relief, until he ha made a fair irial -uf lif Li v hvr in. Thia medicine opera'e ly promoting a free and easy epcciora'ion, thcrel y freeing the lung and throat Irom vieid phleim, an 1 strengthening the pan anu treeing tliem iroin miiamaiory aeiiuu winei ronstiiuie ihe disease of Pnlmonarv Consumption. The Syrup ienlirelvfrce from anv mineral Mil slame, nu purely vcjzciaue; anil may ue tauen wun per' luct afetv bv Ihe most delicate constitution. It is highly reoominende I to tho-c who have weak lung. Teacher 01 performer- of vocal mu.jc will tin 1 it of invnlual le lite to ilium, by 11- giving irre.U tri-ngih and sweclnc tothe toucsof 11111. ic, and en abling the person to perform with great ee. Public -speaker and debater will had it ol invaluable nv vice to them. Thmnelicine ha lecnthoro'irhlyatiduccc-.slolly Burlington, April 8 1911. I'AINTIXC!. TMIb" nibsrilcr I cins thankful fur 11.11 favor X would rcspeclf.illv clieii a continiianre ol the amc an I rcmin I hi-friend nnd the public that be I prepared lo accommodate them on the t-horle-l notice and mot favorable term 111 the variou. branches in llieaboveline. Shop opposite Jlr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Stoic Pcarl-.'tteet, ll.trlingtoti. Vl. JAMES SCOTT. April 1, ISM. 11 13:1 y -F.RTAIX CURE KOI! SICK HRADACIIR. I j vi'liij'h lua iifpn injrl iti fnmilinii. nvnrv mi'itiltpr teste-l I y able phy.ieinn-, and by their advire 1 now of wllcll ias jlnri sici hcadiche from infancy, ns 11 prepnre.i ami o :erM to me pni 11c, 10 wm. nr ii-cu constitutional family complaint, and Ins cutcd clloc- in the o.iii-e of alll ctcd hunianiiv. And 111.1v he wdio ile-e I the ins'r unen'alitv of clav to open I'ln'cvc. of -S..1.1:. 1 1 :. t t.. .I.'.. 1 ... I,..,.!.. iwe uiiun, make 11 .1 cic uif: iu 1111: innnii i..iiiii, .uiu the great object of the proprietor will I e accoin flislicJ. All meh'rine sho ill 1 e civen acjorling to the itu ntion of the patient ; and, if much rcl ice I, .1 .-mailer qnantiiy than where there 1- 1 011-idcrable .streug h. "4lie directions on the bottle may I e taken a-a general rule! but if taken for a long -landing enngh, it may 1 0 neresary to take a much larger do c for Mime one or twii day?', an 1 even of ener mild an cxpe 'loranon i produced that will I e tree and ray. lien there 1 AIISII A I.I,'- continue unrivalled a t i-trenglhrning PLASlT-.Ri Alto, for Hlicuma 11. m. Lameness or nanism 1 he Mile, imhs or I'aci; for -crol iio iswelling',-e irvy -ore, Kre-h wound i an 1 for a general Family Pl.i-ierori-alve. For Corn-, moreincr trv 11: nan' elo-c. ner-evere 111 tbeiise by making a new application ncea-ionally, and in time, yonrcorn will l.e curci.1. rorsaieov i'r.i'i ec D11..111, llurlington, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.f.18 MOKFATS VKOtTAULK LIFK MKDICINFS. The-c medicinu are Indebted for their name to their manifest and enihle action in purifying the pringand ihannels of life, and enduing them with renewed lone and vigor. In many hundre I certified ease which have been made pnllie, and in almost every .specie ofdisca'cto which ihe human frame Is liable, the happy elect ofMorrAT's Urr. Pill and PiiienIx UiTTERH have lcn grealfullyand publkly nenowlcdged by the perron benefitted, and who were previously'iinacquainted with thebeaiilifully phi losophical princip'e upon whichthey nre compound e l. nnd nnoii which lhevconiiucnllv act. The LIFK MKDICINF.S recommend lhcmclvein li-ea-e of every form and description. Their first operation 1-to 'oo-en from the coats of the stomach atl'J liowcl, tlie virions iiiipiiriuc anu cruuine con- lanlly seining aromm iiiein,ami loremove the tiar lcneil f.ii-j which collect in the convolution of the smallest intelino. O.her medicines only partially clcnuelhe-e, and leave such collcelcil ma c I ehind a to produie Inbiliial cosiiveness, with all it. train of evil, orsiiddcu diarrhcea, with it imminent dager.-.n Tlii fact i well Known 10 nil regular anatomists, who examine I be human bowel after death ; and hence the prcpidieeofthose well informed men asain-l nuack me bcine. or "medicine prepared and heralded lo tliepu! I ic-1 y ignciaul pcr-ou-. The econd eflect ol the Life Me'licfne i to clean e the kidney and the bladder, un.l by this means, the lier and tlie lung, tlie livallhfulaeiioii ol which entirely depend upon the re gularity of ihe urinary organ-. The Mood, which take i s red color from the agency ol llie liver and the lung I clore it pa.e into the heart, 1 eing til l purified by lliem, nnd nouri-hcd by foal coming fioin a clean tiimach, cour-es freely ihro.igh ihe vein, renew. every part ofthe -vtem, and triumplianily mount the banner of healih in the blooming cheek. Mo lm's Vesreiable Life Medicine- have I een thor- gbly te-teit, ami pronounecii a snvereign rciiieuvior Dr. A. Sherman's rough I.ozeugcs. ATO Cough .Medicine ha ever I eon inlrodured inlo 1 Vermont lbat ha- given Mich universal 'all-fac tion. They fcldom fail to cure the mot troiiMojome nou.di mid cold in a few dav. Nunicro'is refer ence might 1 c given lo pcr.-oi h who hae I ceil cured by Ihcin, where their merit.- nie mi generally known h npprcrM'cd it i ii'i-Ic- lospccify m.taiui-. Thcal ove medieme, a well Slierman'.-celebrated Worm Lozenge-, Poor Man'.- pla-tcr, and other pre paration may I chad of iov. -I. 1 , iitiiuii.- re. inn. 10 uii 11'. DR. TAYLOR'S BAIiSAill OF LIVERWORT) Obtcrve when vou buy that von got the genuine, prepared at 375 Bowery, New Vork. See that 375 Howi ryNcw York i on the wrapper of each Dottle. All other are Fraud and sold only by speculator, without regard to juiice, to the public, or the proprie tor. of the genuine article. FOR Consumption, and I.tver ccmplalnt, Dypep sia, diztlne ofthe head, lo of appetite, Dyten tary, and general regulator of Ihe wholcsv-tem. None genuine lui that prepared at 375 Uowcry, New Vork, where the article wa firtt irrade, thechar aocr ofthe medicine formed and e-lal lishcd by the present sole proprietor, and whoare thuonly persons knowing the composition ofthe genuine. Ithasbcen n-ed siiccc fully for eight years in the cure of these disease. t'C7;iR''mciiil cr" the original and Uentiine is maile only at lo. 375 Uowcry, cw iorl;. All otuer are coiinicricii. Consumption and Liver Complaint I As a genorul for thee disease. 1 am filly satisfied, from lone experience, there I no medicine eq lal to Dr. Taylor' Balain of Liverwort. Ilring iiurc v wgciaiiic, 11 can oe ii-ed wun me iiimosi sateiv bv all pe.son in every condition. It clca i-c the lung Iv expectoration, relieve difficult breathm and-cem to heal tht'clie.t. 'I here can I e noquo-lion but tin meuicme 1 a cciinm cine tor ctironic eo ign and colds. 1 have used it lo ir car in my practice, and alwav wi'h ures. A. F. ROOF.KS, M. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Ur. Taylor'.- Ua ram of Liverwort to le a certain rcniely for thi-complaint, a I have u-el it my-ell anu lounu lis e. eel an iinmeuiate. 1 wa much iroubled until I made ii'uoflhi meilicine. M. L. HKNSIIAW. 211 Manein st. ttn...i.nA.LU(!n t.l T.'. ip I eiir nf liiur.cne. 1 Dyspep.i.i, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Henri, Lo. ,.an nronglv reccommend Pr. Taylor's Uabam of Liv nf Appetite, Ileart-burn and Head-ache, Itetle.tneC I crworl. I hate not onlylound great I cnelit my.-clf, Ill-icuiicr, .111A11.-1J, wi"..!"! .' .-.....vij.-.j, v.-- many 111 inv I'uugie.iiii'ii nv i n v icm cnu.i- livcncs-, Hiarrliiea, Cholera, l ever- of nil kind-, ltjn ,ave recie'veil great I encfit ironi its virtue. It i- lihe i-tn, now, irop-ics. in ui, Kiiius, nruci, atfcnce imfil ,cilieucioisuinJ tiarniio. Worm., A-thma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcer-' 1!KV. 7.. LFWI3. lnveieriti. Sure-. Scorbutic Kriii'tious and Bad Com- c,i,-eT-p':, nnd Cnldt I liav lind n most re- plexion-, Hnptive complaint-, rallow, Cloudy, and vcre cold and coiuh, lor a long time wliiih I could oihcrili-agrccaiiii! ioinpiexion-, can iiiieuiu, r.ry-iji- not eel ridof. Aber n-mg many tt-cle. thing I tri elas, Common Cold and Iiilluenza,and variou other ed Taylor's Hal-am of Liverwort, and it cured me in nini.l.iint which nlllict iheh iinan frame. In Fr.tF.n ,, ,1.,... JAS. I!. KF.ltlilNOCK. nn,l Ar.iT.iiartieular . the Life Me heme.- have I ecu nni.m.r r,r nioml Al.o it two weeks ago I had a mo-t euinicniiy siicec on ; stl nuien su uiai in me i all, wticIi caiisCI me 10 spu large qiiauiie oj noon Fever and Agueditrict, Physician almo-i universally whi. Ii nothing could cure until 1 tried I)r. Taylor's Unburn of I. verwort. I hi- me. 1'iue gave me imme diate relief and in a very short tune e leetoj an cutito cure. Ix.t all per-on- trv u. rUSSi:i,l.'S STOMACH uriTKHS. may U lv ud in Wincor water. Thesecelebratcdliitters arecompo-cd purely of vego able ofthe most inno cent yet specific virtues. They arc recommended par ticularly lor re-ioring wean cun-iumiunn, cleansing and strengthening Ihe stomach, and lncreaing the appetite aNo a preventative again-t the cholera mor on-, levr anu ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakuc. in ihe breat, pain in the stomach and other -ymptomsofilatulencc and indiges tion. One Lux will linemreonegallon. Price 23 cts. a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. This choice and safe nttflhln Robes , . . ASUPFRIOR arucle, Indian tanned Furthlo. and nenvv. Pell soft and ntin'h will nM in- .tore by weiting. For ra'cl y H1CKOK & CATLII' v e-t siue uourt liotue ffnuare, tiutliiigton, i. Nov. 12, 1811. . , K. 13. Bon'l purchase until yon Lava priced tb article at 'S. Also Uarrof and Dry CasVi. LOOK HERE! MR. F.DnOR Will you please notify this com .itnttu liint lt.a en ticr-rlKfr ti rnr-Ced a StOVO' m' is n id tn I e Niinerifir In n lie now fn u.c. for t cnr r..i.l.... .Mtinr I - t U . tik Ar. Co. wllCfB that ili-asreeahle and loath.oine ibsea-e. the ITCH. Ilnlin n rrnrt.1 assortment of CooUinF. Bo and This Ointment i so ccartain in its operation that n Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, aurt Hollow Wat e of th lie r.rm nOill. nct Willi thC a OVC I IrOrCCr O.IC It lO t C ...... mr tlr.i.. nii f-na. ni.a nl n tturk'R not Air without it. It is a remedy lor cutaneous eruption, Cookinp Stove, which lie is tnantifacturing in this i.fir!nitin ri'feelions of ihe bead, or anv Other brellking I Tlia fninimriinn nf line filme 19 such that mil uineli from sham humors in the blood. I i.a c.i-ot nnd l.nrr.nt l.i.nt direcilv under thfl Price 25 el, a box. boilers and then passe9 round a spnciou and equally 11... . 1. V ...,-. n. r. 11.. t t m lr.,.c iamtelt I . 'l . 1.... ln. ....!.... Ill I. physic, lor general me, in cac of Jaundice, morbid f11(,i ,opU jt jn opctntion, nnd bnltcs equal to a brick sensibility of the .tomaeh and bowel-, lo ol appetite, oven. ' ,cre micht bo a List of s'snatutts procurod tujtiu i.reain, coiivenc-, i i;e-, auu eh oi-ease ns ion!j a the recommendation ot a couniry r. m inir frntn biliary ilcranseinents. also fiT correeltng r.rt.r ,1m l.mti..qt mrM m ibo snrinns whre it ts the sla'c of the 1 lood, and cleansing the sysiem ol n use ( ,t a prcatiible about thi- stoveor the Yankee fo.d and viscid humours. The.-e lulls are a mild ca- -v, n nanfxa nnd If mnnrv continues scarce you Iharn'c, produi iug neither pain nor griping, and are mUst use the less (Til ,so don't do without on that theiefure a valuable and highly approved tneuicine. aC(.nUnt, but call and try the new Stove. and nre pronounced as such by the mo-t distinguished rjurliniton, Nov. 19, 1S41. S.W.TAYLOR. Hill s C nns, UUJ. S.U1UUII1IIIK jg Hit. I 17l H.. n I liv ItiK-ell's re c raicu ft.vLT iuikcmuintmest. i ins .........iiiinil ti itu. 1 vi nml iifi..t rempde ever vet OllCreu lo ine p idiio lor iiiui un-iiiiuic ui-uuici u.iu. inn mi ii'i ...I 1 ....l...l .' L. ... it ii I'.il.ti. ii nert: u.ner uieiiiir. u id vii. 11 ii.i-biiv- celed, and the fact that it ha been -xten-ivoly used eminent I'ractitioncr. speai; volumes in it praise s eaually cllicacion in all di-ea-e-of the skin scald bead, ring worm, nud theinost invetera'c Itch sVc. fvnlucro'i ccrliucates nnglit le oMnincii, TIW MOXITORLlIi JlKAPEH.ora Monitci' to Youth, holdmpuptotheirxtc-ic mutltlt ttntret to farm their oxen Characters, ism uamu aaamf, AmIIht of Attaint' iVtir Arithmetic. I . x 1 1 net f I roil tlie rrciace. "THKMOMTOIiIALHF.ADF.Il pos3M dislint- tive traits- The object is to supply what is believed , . ,i ...:,. ,.), - ci, ,rinl .l,.,t,l 1 1. ibe to be Ihe great L'esiuetaliim in otr schools A fcritii ... ......t i... r:, . .,..;.:. ..,n,.,w... ir.'i,. uini. n of cxercisi s relating to what concerns the practical For sale by Peck if- Sncarnnd Holcrt, maiirism nie.-wuiu, i.,iiE.i.v, hiii,, ...uu,.,, iilington; Dr. C R. Mile, an I Hull fi Cook, lime-- icmncinncc, inriiiicugui, iiuguui), 1 1 utiiiriiumaiin trail : Sf. II. llarne-, Clinrlottei I.. Jane-, vicoigia: " Tv er. Ks.ex: Fu er ii: lluiitington. Kicliniumi ' "'i"1""." ;u,... Also. Iv I he liroiighout the e lliem tiri VllltkV SAml- .Ml tllVt-Ur. .1111 nil rcuiliri-siji pauaui m i i T Just received 1.1 211 particular m taking the Lile Me Heme strieily nccor. ii i nnllv in every instance vet known, anioiinling loin ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, and does not prevent thediily avocations of one using it it must he persevered in, and the cure is gradual, but crttain nnd permanent. Innmccs nre constantly niullipl)ingvviicreths iiitrcssing complaint is com- ptftcty renevcii anu curcii, aiinoiiKii oi years -lamiing bv ilie use nf Dr. Snohn's celebrated remedy. One decided nreferenceis its nlcasintncss, bavins nunc of the muscating effect of common drugs. llHsooerfectlysntisrnctory, that the proprietor lias given directions for hi agent to refund the price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by in I 217 by 0 casement- ol .nsh.a lir.-t ra'e urlMe al 31 ind 31 cent per light ; nl-o all kin I- midsize, I'iriii-hcd lo order. 1 iciiii'lero.'a l.lael. cil. a lir-t rate article, lor ale verv low, toucher Willi a ureal variety nl oilier am claro cheap a can bo lo.ind al any other establish mcnt in ihepla-e. lli.u. Pr.Titnso.v. Jiiuih tightne-s ol the chest, it will sometime- uicrca-e . c i,0ncnso itini ih'istnny secure it great ben- the cough for a ilay or two; in winch ra-e, Ihe patient . .n,i, Jitrcseiil wiflerrr ulin,nreInl.nri..i....ioi- honld ",p yni n.iy, ....iii ., -i.n.ii.i i f,,.rflleiie. IC. SVOIIN, M. 1)., inventor ana j-ro proil ice a rlicir nansca oi ine mi. nr ctor : i. . .... . ....I. ..m.-ti,,,,. I .en-it I .iu tn I i . . Ic-tr any iiarni ti imi " u3j i...... - nil who nurcha-e th s me heme for u r, ihal they can Lav.i but liitle hope ol I cing I euclircd I y 1 unle-s i is la'.cn -tea hly when it i commenced vvilh. Some jiavr taken it once a day, then twice, then not anv for two or three day. I cannot -ay that such wo 1 1 1 c likely to receive much benefit from it ; but if taken rmilarlv. it i eminently calc li ned to unroot thedi ea.-c. and to res'crc lo sound healih. It i-theearnct Je-iru ofthe proirie;or to have every one that u-cs at Ica-t one I ott'e of it rtra blv according tf the direc tion, to coniin inicate the re-ill to ihe person of whom he purchase I ihe medicine. Tlin nrnr.r cor is nrivilesed to refer to the fnllowin per 01S ho have u cd the Lily Syrup, and who vyill lie hippy to give intornialion ot it-superior ueuiiu i,n. tn m ii'i.liiii.- iii know more al out it. Mr. Crlllt'lldtMI. one ofthe linn of V.. V. Smith &, Co., whole nteand retail nierchnnt, Kxeliange-Mrce', if r.r.i....i.... I',,.. I.iivdin? al ihe ling-. Rev. E.'Tuc', Pa-tor of secoiid Baptist Church, Hohelcr. , , Captain H. Freeman, for a bad cough. Mr. SioJlard. of the firm ol S anwood .t Co. l ook .ticrs. rnrner of H i lalo and S'a'e -tricls. Richc-'cr, Mr. J. M. French, Kurih-sirvel, Roihc-tcr, lor the whooping-co"fih. Mr. Soiithworih, Stone-street, Roclwslcr, for tad rough. Mr. Itolert M'Kiblcn, Monroe-street, Uoche.tcr, in a revere and alarming ca-eoi Ihe whooping-cougn E. Uarnar.l, F-q iire, oflieo iu coiirt-hou-e, in r-e of v hooning-cough in hi- family. Captain V. U. Fish,' ftr a case of Phthisic in hi familv. Rev. Mr. Clark, Taster of the I!a;iti-t Church, Le ltov Rev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of ihe first Baptirt Church. Roclicster. Captain A. Urii'.on, for Haemorrhage of the lungs. A. O. Siniih, cashier of Mcchanies and Farmers' Dank. Rot he.tcr. L. W. Sil lev. of ihe firm of Sd lev it Scrantom. -t'ry goal merchant and auctioneer-, 'Uii lalo-ttrcct, Kecties'cr. Rev. A. Kingsley, Palor of ihe Baptist Church at uianeiicsicr. Ucv. Jacob Kna)p, I.vanpclist. Mr. T. Hunn. Carriase Maker. St Hiram Tucker, a torncv at law. Hot hc-tcr. Mr. Thoma-Ashman, paver, Rothe-lcr, who ha received aslonUhing relief. l'lea5e inquire of hi case. Rev. Thomas Carlton, M. I". Ch. llochcstcr. A. Steel, (bleeding at lungs) Loekport, II, Miner, We-t Henrietta, 'Monroe Co. Profe.-or Mcliinni-, Hamilton Tlieol. Scm'y. Rev. Levi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook. " " Cf The Proprietor has I ecu ofcrcd c:rtifica:es Vy many of the above gentlemen j but he prefers that iao-e wishing information, wouiu call on tliem per' fonauy. PECK JuSPEAU, Agents fur this n-Mton st,i t... r.n wrnnrc .f. c V. Vnrlr. t P. C K S I F. A H. WIlolcSllc Agents, a few doors cast of the PoalOflicc, llurling ton. Vt. flrnckrrv anil (lias Ware. A FF.W set's White Granite Wntp, also Glass IX. Dishe and Plates, DecJtitcrs, Tumhlerp.I.ainps, Vc for sale very low, by a. at. rui'i i.-niTVD. OR may ho found in this village, directly opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, now 1 ir fitted nn in mind stvle. where the undersigned will oe giau to wan on um uiu tuiiuiiivto .uu timj favor him wun their patronage. OllHti IV. U. BIMUbUIHU llurlington, April 23 1S-11. GUOCEIJ1ES, &c ISAAC kec: s cons tanlly for tale at his Store, opposite H. K. Howard's Store. Cognac Brandy, Holland Gin, Si. Croix Rum, Hostou Rum, low pitted llranitv, Ilaltiinorc Gin, Antigua Ruin, Cherry do. Wines, of most kinds and prices, Molassca, l.onf. I.iinin and Urown sugar-. liysonnnd Younjj Hyson, IIj son Skin and Ulack lens; uox iiaisius, iveg on. CoJfih, Salmon. Mackerel, Sounds and Tongues, Rice, liar hoap, h nttcydo. .Mispices ; Pepper, Ginger, Nutmegs ; Ciove-, Cinnamon, Salcra'tts, Poland Starch, Mustard, Indigo, Pepper Sauce, Coffee, Chocolate. Table Salt -.Candles j Spinish Segnrs. half Spanish do. Decanlciri, Tuniblcrs, Limps, Jars. ipc. A ho 500 Barrels Salt. The Linuors arc warrcnted to he ihe best that can he hnunht in NcwYork. Tavern, ttepcrsand olhets will find it for their benefit lo call and examine them before they buv elsewhere llurlington, lov. o. ibli. WT HATCH would inform the in- V . habitants of llurling on nnd vi cinity, that he has opened a shop in Chinch street, at the sign of the llille. where licintcndMo carry on the Gun smith Business, in all its vaiious branch es. Having been employed for the last six years in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lansinghurgh, (undoubtedly the best s ion in t io united Slate".) no icei war ranted in nflc-ring his work lo the public. nuriinginn. June l. imi. MYSTERIOUS: A gctitkninn belonging io oneof the most ancient and wealthy famil e ol this city, who must be well known to numerous friends having since the year ISIS, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for several ears confined to his oeu, lias ueeit restorcu to goou neaiin uas icguuicu ns natural erect nosi ion nnu nas nuittto ins car riage, and now walks with ease II We believe this is theconlleuinir-ovvo description as near as possimr, nnd'tliprei nn exaftttciniion in it. We will giveinnui' rers his address, and doubt not humane feelings will esc 'so the liberty; so that any one doubting, may Aiioictncseiaciv .noiign lie requests ins inline inn) nnt nnnenr in nrint. Ainonir other instances. Jlr. Jas. G. Reynolds, 141 Christie-street, has been restored, 1IIT.I1 MC GARVr.y,2I Cannon si. Dr. Taylor - ll.ibnni of Livciwort I In- superior icmedy ofllie lungs and livir has otitnm o I a irnnla'imi never I el'oicr pialled. Remarkable Cure nf Consumption. ., near her ileaih vvilh thi di-ct-c. that my friends rent for a pr r-t tot onfe mo ere 1 t'icil. lit in hu tn, i-.-e. mid me tint to givciio miiil 1 tried Dr. Taylor's llulaiii of Liverwort. 1 .cut imntcdiaiciy for thi- nicdieine. and although Ihe conte-t for a few dav- civvcen tin-nicjieinc.aiiu my ui cj-e wa c vere,thc ine.lieinecoiiqucre I, ami m a ii.rinnni ,. W A W l.o. J""ns n, ... vrener . a- m., , (1, ,m. wc.,t,.e. ' I ran re t y whom at or.ier in m ' pari 1.1 m . .- , i)nrt.-v,i, ,, , the Carlu.n Home, for Ih trin It of my si.Vcnient. MARY HILL, 16 h street cor. .... ii, il.e ihret-nons. Iiis not a newrnancr notice. or by anything Ihet hclnm-clfmaysay intheir favor, tint be hopes to gain credit. It is alone by the refill oi a i.i i r ir ui. , .... . MilKK VT'.-5 Ml l)H;.l. .MAM At.: de-lgneil a a lonie-lii- g'h. Thi-lilllc pamphlet, ed'litl, 275 llroailway, iSew urt, ha- I ecu pulli-helforlhe ii-irpo-e ol'cxplaining morefdly Mr. Mi, ni'. i henrvo i isea-c. anu win ic luuiiu inginy i,,i,,r,..iiii,tii ieron .eeking health. It treat- upon prevalent di-ea-e, nndlheranrs theieof. Price, 25 - - sj, T-sr - nr. j m ,rcs r "nrl t-r r., 1 v lr Mn!l'.tl'. A-renls eeneiullv. ult u tu , a- A w . s ,c i(.ino; a-1.., i v gf.okf.f. ur cr noin anv nan li ihv Cinailn, will U prompt.) nnwcreu. Dtv. 17, 1811. 23 If I J (he uioiii iminil.ii ieinil rtr ktntwii hi AmmrH Veztfuule ruimotmry Jlnftnm 11 ih mom nin.n.i- fPlllt f IMI I'l Iff I'll CMI'(ill'Cll'U, .Inlllllirl ui (liihicic roiHiMiui'imi, wlin'Miinu rnli -nl ihi'iiumi-h (! CMuit if-vf( kiinl. Ili vv is ttictililv ntciPii'iiiii. Mining iiiimrifiiiir- .11 p ruiHiamU nu ma 'l' tu'it 1 l.mti h.j! Kctitini i.f iimflVcif. 'I In f'lllowini' iteiv cfilifictiii- tie nflfifil for tmM v ex ntiin itin AN INTKKFS1INO U-.9K bxnurlol It-IIPI IHMU Mr,I S Uinv. lmitiiMi. U'Ki'r m,. IN. n tli mipinif. Vimi nf ilt" 9tli mill. ".I tlul it. 11 cm iik.itile chip h i'lT f.cil li) iii Wi; iKil.te I'ul mwn.11 ImN.iiii hi in t ih i pi .uiu ni int; hi iouj eiiim( Mi. Mij'hIw Im'I tief'ii iick Imn nmc mill hi riiiTitiiiuitmn. IIh i.IifI('i.iii Iik cf Inm nn p hhh icmicfil I'll low .i?io 1p nnnli in iifin 111 111 -fii, -iiiil iHirting h I.Mpn fpi.tniii nf IiImoi. nliPii he uimiiPiiriii u'iig ill I1iI-m.ii, wliiru ftTi-ciPtl cuinnlplp riiip. mid lift t,- nm fit Ii 'p hihi HPit H" Mr. iuO(l it mow 11 limn mui if m 11, 'TMItt Hur)in!!ton Ilrcwcrv 1 now x m full opciation. nnu hcit oi ilin vrrv Imst ntmlilV is kvtit COM slant v 011 li iml for sale in whole lor half barrels. G. PliTKRSON. Oct. 13U. ATUIin'ts tilMMi IlKSIOIIATIVi:. This v.ilnalile Vegetal le Medicine stand- unrivalled for Ihe following coiupla'til-, viz: l)y-iep-ia, or Midi ge-tion, di-ci-cd I.Uer, liilio'i-dirorder-, llroo-v. Alh 111a, Cosiivciie-r, Worms and los- of Annctitr.'nnd I v cleansing the stomach and l.owcl-, cine.- pniu- in the .Me. stomach and I, colds and cough- of long -landing, lloarrcue , shortness id" 1 reaih. Nervous complaints, en-., vvnicu arc iresiicnlly tlie e lect ol ui- eiisi. in iuei.inii jiiie, u is u inu-i v.uuuLie pre ventntive as vicll a- a sovereign remedy. It virtue any thin; heretofore known in removing, St. troa Vitu-' Dam e, two hotile- have I ecu known to cuic Hal-am of Liverwort an cxcelfent remedy. lieu-are of fraud.. cf3J aveuue. Summer Comnlaint, Tin. Unl.nm ol Liverwort, iu several cnc of tin t....i. ivl.i-re a oi ler icmc lie- amilicil ty pny-i cians fiavc provcu incneeiuai, ua proj lien u puns.. cuic a.p, uiu" Cure of Consumption Mr. It. iSladdm nl Delhi, N. V., ot a naiurahy con suinpuve eini-iiiiiiiini, iia l een raven liom an on timely end I v the u-e of Dr. Taylor'- lHlsani of Liv ervvorl. A severe cold I rough! on nn attack ol Pie ic-y, andlhus code I in general ilehihiy and consuinp I ion. A ei.iis'aiu co ign, necne nu.ii, re-t'i'- niglit: o uck ntil.-e. mid cont.nue.i lo-s uf tlrnh. nugercd .snccly dcalii -, hut .is soon a I commented the u-cof ., r l-.l l' I . .-11.. l nil i ui-uin i icw i cut, mm is uuw limy rcsiuriM to licallli. Shortness of Breath. For thi di-ca-r, 1 have always found Dr. Taylci it this aflhcnngdi.-c.isc, aficr having 1 allied every excr- once so sate ami so e 'eclive, that 1 always u-e it in lion lor four years. It has a most powerful influence 'ny practice, an I nvci nciia n to my friends. I iu removing nervous complaints. I i. pleasant Intake have iitcJ it in some hundre Is t f cue vviihiu the pa nnu win give pcrsu o,u ussurauvis in me i.ins , ' , 1 and rocasv-in it iineration. ihal it luay 1 c adiniuistcred four vt-ar, anu 1 tuve never bad it fail, in many case., isolti were riiciinntisin, nnu coniracicu corns , ,(. lflll wjlh f-a(-elv- The ahove .Mtilicine is very ca-es of asthma, I fullv lelirveitto have Itcu tl; anu smews, now nas mis i ecu uoue i I Inaldv rci-urnmeuiVd l, m.inv srirniilic trenili-mrn. I mean- ot saving precious live-. U-l all nf n, - ..Vi ' i- i .Vi. i- ...I... i ? i.i' firviunr pa I nn M li How has tliis I ccn doncl Anncer. lfu tnc imlmn egeiauie r.nxer i- anj a large iiunilrr oflad'e.. who have moved ihe leriinuy, anil iieiccs itric aim isunv umimuu virtue, ot ine .mcuicihc i ypersnuat iis"anu unit oi incir externa III. Jan. lilt, loll. SohionhibvCOMSTOCK d- CO., 71 Maiden Lare. iVcio York. Il" rliUK . HVi.Ml. Wholesale Agents, a tew doors east of the Post Office, lSiirhng'on, Vt. None genuine hut that prepare I at 375. Jon cry New Vork a-will I c seen hy the lal cl-an I wrap per- of each holtlr. He sure yo-i look vi hen you huy l tic gen line can aiway- I c oi tanioii ol iiu: Old Ageuls, Me r-. N, Lovr'y cc l o., now Love! School Hooks, Paper. &r. r"Ii II F. sub criher has a lahgo stock of School Hooks an I Paper. Merchant. School commit'cea I'aul-street, &c. furnished on tlie most libcial terms. Itasnnd most Kinusoi couniry prouuee rccciveuin payincni. Nov. 26. U. UUUUIlICll. IOI.I.KTT & mtADI.EY havcjusl received nnd ofl'er for sale at the lowest luicca for cash or approved credit, a large and well sclcclrcl assortment oftiiocenes, consuting in part oi mo pillowing,! FOIl SALE. mllAT large and commodious two sto L ry Uriel; Dwclnt; House & I.ol situated on the wrst side of College (jrit-n at the head of College-street, in this vd- age. The Iltiv.r. is'J! hy 45, with a basement story,

with Ki chen an I Provision cellar, and a ving32 by G5. extending north on Ci,legeOricn,viili vvoiki and store liou-e bclo.v, and i hand er- an I rlecpnif rnom al ove. A large and commodious I tarn, carriage hou-c ice hou-c, and uther, and a .-paciou- yard west ot itieilwcllinglion-c, and a goo,l tltirai le we 1 Of wa'er of the I esl qualny iu the village, an I a 1 nek c;-tcru. One and anuarlcr acrctj land, of tlie liM qualm ; a large garden and choice fruit tree- west ol the hi u e and yard. The U Hidings niccons'.roclcd in modern style, ol the let materials and workmanship, wcpicrcciel Iv the -iili.erd er for hi-own ii-e. ami the location nf- ford-a very extensive anl plea-aut prospect ofthe village an i iai.e on inu vv e-t anu is not surpastcu oy any oi ner iu Us nan o it-conn try. A o lor rale a oi coniammg an ncre oi anu uireei ly iippo.iic ihe above lot with a small convenient wood ilwelling noiiro llicreon. I' aie inveeJ local ami cxmuicior lliem Hive Terms made known by the rill s'-rd cr on the - mui'i'i in'eli uremic. iii.c..', i irilugion June, io, isiu. families. A I ill ofcertilicatcs accompanies each 1 ottle wilhdireciion-. Il may I e had vvho'e.-nlc or retail ol Uriiain, llarre. and J. C. l aniam. I a-t nillinms I iiu-li. " 1. -die iirinirit-ti r.. Prn9ri,.) fi-nm llif- urioin al rcci,e j lor saie l.y 1- 11. I'rentis-, Jlonlpelier, and arymu-ir ir. .hoikiv uuu i t- r ci .ipear, i iieuu. i ECK (l-oPEAR, I u 1 i'r"ij-i-i-, " imui-hiii . n. iiauiu , uimiiuiiv. ttMfti'nflm un.l ll.u itri'.nm.l In in ll... Willilll illlO'c. Jr. Hi liniOm'- UcO. A VtT & ( dirc-tioii-riifneJin Ihe hand writing ofthe pi oprietor Milton A. i . llrown, (.rand I Ic W II., Oi'iiiil 1 1 rni"i " ! rtrii .iu ui I ll .mi ill 1 Jim- - .Ufc. Davi, AH urgh r . cV L. 0!cna, We-t Alu-rgh D, Vv . Carpenter, vv aterMiry. fclKGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. NEW READ1NO BOOK FOR SCHOOLS. dru ggist- bt'tc. and iiicrdianls gencinlly ou.-ju . We wish toiinnr rs it on the minds of those, into whoso hnnd-these cxcrcies shall come, now, in tint seed time of life, what is he.e so nbununnlly incul cated, that 'Every mm U emphatically the architect ol In own fortune mat wun tncuiseivcs it nn whither they hall ever be any thine or nothing, '.hat a moneyed capital to begin with does not vvngh' whit in tl.cbalancc lor or against them, that.coiiiius into life wi h health, strincth, capacity for lahor,cood laticatiou, a uscnu ami respectnue irace, neons os industry, sobtiotv, puncti-ahty, frugality, and above nil. wun a gooit ami unsullied character, mcy nava the lust of all capital, a moral capital : the noblest of all power, moi ul power: and the inot certain means ot tioncst anu iionmauic nccumuiation ana fortune, nnd may be sure, under circumstances ordi natily propitious, to rise to that comptttney of influ ence," respect, nnd gcnoal confidence, and that hon- it. ' r 1.1. I ... . ... . .i ..i. orauic ineasuieui ih-ihh iiiiij iiiutpeni ence, wmcu shou'd fully satisfy a reasonable and vittuou nmbi iton. ExIracU from Rcccrmmcndations. The influence will all be found on ih,.Mnr..trt. morality and religion. Occasional ronimeniB r given. Difficult or iiiinsuaUiordsaic defined. Prosn and ppcti y are suitably intermingled Ii is hard ly to be imagined that this book should fail of nocu. lanty. ,11 certainly would not, had it not o iiianT competitors that had got the startof it in Ihe race. .vsu i us niciuois sucii as to gn-o s promise of ultimate success in ik? conlist, Boston ICccordcr. ui u.uiiii : Having cxnnumd In .nm 5 llhds St Croix s igar, 10 do Porto Hico 10 do New Orleans 60 Hags. Kio Codec, 30 do'Java do 50 Boxes snap, 25 do superior do 2 do Kctra do 20 Kegs salt Pctre, 5 Hhd St Croix Rum, 5 Pipes Holland u,n, 2i qr casks Malaga Wine, BO Boxes Pipes, 20 B i9 Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 21 Keg. pure Ginger, 25 do Raisins. AT S. B. SCOTT'S, 1 nO HO. Spool Thread, ' 1UU 7 Bale-rheeting, 200 pieces Calico, 25 " French and English Merinos, 25 " Moisline de Lame, 100 Shawl-, variou-kind-, A Rrcat variety of silks for dre-ro, lonnct. fte. M. G. RATHBUN, DHAI'E.t AND TAII.OH, PEA III, STREET, HAS jut returned from Nuw Vork, Willi full re ports of ihe Fall Fashions, and ir prepared loex ecuin order, for winter garments in the mo.t approved aiyle. He has also on hand a select assortment cf choice trimmings, adapted to ihe tea.ou : mch ai IJralil, Huttons, llludlllgs, I'aiicy Vest Hludlnss Cord, nun Huttons, &c. die. N. 11 He is al.o agent for Scut & Wil.,,,,'. u. port ol Fashions, which will I e lei furnlrhed lo any tine wirniug iiiciu, ius.,s.ininiu i...v.i mhhuii ircciy e'tven. nuriinginn, Nov. 4. 1811. J. T It YON, nilAI'll AND TAIItOII. WI OBLI) once more remind his curtoincrs lhat lie V T conun ic tn carry on Ihe above luisine- in all is various branches at hi- Old Stand on St. Paul utrcet, near Ihe Episcopal Churih, and insishl of the Catholic Church. Thankful for pari favorr, til cu mmers are soliciled to continue iheir patronage, and many new one are muvn ucireu. i nc ncwci ra,n Sons promptly received. Cutting done on short notice chean for task. I have on hand some old accounts which I should like to exchange lor casa, Nov. 12, 1841. H TKAS.II mm u i 17HESII Teas, Java Collee, Lojeure . do. St. Domingo do. Sugar llou.e Molas.cs, I'orto Hico svrun, Freh box Raisin, cassia, cloves, riiivt-rizeu i.oai sugar, i,oai no, rown do., saleratus, (linger, Nut meg, '. .'Oft reeeivt!, meaner vi. s. ii. wcorr. F A It H A It & W A 1 T , Imr-orters of Crockery, China and Glass lVarc, GIVE notice to M e r- (hams In ihi r nil Ihcailje in iug Countie- they have niacc'irrange moms for re reiving from Ihe ue.t Man Mr ni ii, m hni'iaii.t. a 1 .1. -ii.i.iiv ol ail kind nf I'm .1..,. each mcces.ive reason, and thai ihey will ai nil Inn.. I e in reaJiuc- to ro-pac to orucr, at evv Vork- and Boston prices. They invite ihe aticniion of Merchant- particularly t their stock of Ware, as-uring fhein thai they will do all thei here promise, which vvni Lea grcai ruving ioau wnu iiunnare of them. i iticiiuuBo -.virile, svu iii.ii ii -.uiiejju .ireeis, Burlington, Dec. 10, 1811. Imperfect Mono rots. lf A H II A iT WAIT, Ha vi: ON handreveral hindrel Slone . wi hi an Hze, a little impelled. iisct u ior vano purpose in all rami ic, and al maii price-, va ironj j cenuto50cenie, 1(1 l,f.ln,,n,l .1.. Crockery Siore, Church and Collegettrccl. Burlington, Dec. 10. WILLIAM WHIGUT'S INDIAN I'lIUCATIVE 1'IIiLS, lhitirehi Veuetablc. "TANUFAC1IIIIEI) under ihe inunehate supcrin 1tJl.Ii ndenee of WilliamWright.vicc-nre-ident of Ihe Sorth American College of Health, fur ihe treatment l . . . e l. . . . . . . . II. Il: 1 uiiueiire hi uitca o in ine nirui in iriiini i- unu mr- vou l ever, Measles, Small Pox, l'.un in the loin it-k. I ae!; nn I ri le. Coiisiiniotlon. Dronsy. Scrof ula, Cancer, Suil'ms 'f Blool, i'.el.-lle'vl-ache, Kl.c ima-i-ni, Diarrlura, Hy-i-ntary, duties, uy.spe ria, I'aliu'aiion cl Ihe Heart, lftcrs anu sore every kind, if-c. 4ic Tor rale ly PKCK & SPEAR, llurlingfon. W. II. IIOLLV, Willi.fon. W.J. DrOGLA.S, llinesburgh, J. II.IIAl.BUKT, Wcsiford. 22 0ct 1811. JU S T received, a supply ol Mar-h'. relet rated Trus-e-, of every I'e.scriiilion, for rale by Ihe dozen or single, Nov. 1. PECK if-'.SPEAR. I riisrc- accurately appliedr re- ol ch irgc, $100 RtWARB. C1 ft REWARD has been offered for months p X V7V io any onu who will use a bottle of Jluy s Iiinuii'nt fur the J'lles, without being cured. Of thousands, so d. in no one instance has it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming to be had where it is sold, ltts also a certain cure in nearly rreru risr-. (Externally,) ill the following complaints. For the Piles, for all dropsy, tender feci, sore throat, ly can cers or ulcers, croup, vv hooping cough, scald head, 1 landless ol ine chest, especially in cluldrcn, loul ul cers of ihe legs, or other fungus sores, however obsti natenr lon standing, fresh wounds, clu lilains.etc. LOOK OUT. Some sicindlci s hurc counterfeited this articlfjandput it ui iriri rariousderices. Do not he nnpo.-cd upon. One thing only wpl protect you l'"f itisthenameof CO.MSTOCK if- CO: that name Clocks, which we will -ell verv low f,,r cash or must be ahcays on thevravfer, or you may be cheat- proved credit. Pleat call and examine leforc cd. Do not foryet it. Take the direction with you rha:n; i-l-ewherc. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. J.-HiMz-h.'sll Si Efo.raos, (SUCCESSORS TO K. DIUGdS,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, WOULD re-pccifu!lv infurm the nihalitanl of T Burlington and Ihe surrounding ciunirv. lhat they tarry on the Confictionary Business, on all it variou- i rancne-. cicriiiine.i io u?u uie very i e-i inalcnals in manufacturing, ihey will at all time Men bants and other, dealing in Confection-aric-, with ihe I cat quality, nnd on the lowe-t po-si- lilelerni-. simp on v.hur h o.'rcet, two Uoor Mo tt It if S. E. McAvarJV S.nrc, newly and ncally fitted up, where we cordially invite all to call and examine o ir article, consj-tiniof all kind of Stick Candv, Balls and Ki-rc, Ilcnrfs nnd Diamond-, llraid-, Pepper mint, l-inon Diop, Vanilla Cream, Lozengr-, I'mmlis, arravvavs, i.oiniu, v.a-sia linn-, llocl; ami Brown Candy, b igar band, Mottoc and Se.-rei, Sugar A pines, Potatoe-, Kig', and Baskets, with various oilier article loo ii-iineri'ii to I e mentioned. A general a orlinrni of rich and fancy Cake-on hand, uud 1 akel lo onler, together with Ice Creams to turnirti panic, etc. etc. AISO Coccii C'andt, which we recommend for Cough-. Colds, Iloar-enesr, Ac. We do not preicn 1 to say vvilh Mr. J. I'rase iV Son, thai our Candv will cure all dpeve. lea ling to Consumption, vie ihiuk ihal is saying loo muen. CLOCKS, Vcliava onj aoriincul of Brass and Wooden pur Inn lip hit iirrmopil "" deuil J .ircmtni of liic and noctiy nre suitaMy inlornim i i i ...:u r -.1 I 4 11 V I,. il.;.n.n,n ,L.. .i.:.i . i CHsr, n III! II I WI "in l Kiiisn iiii. i. J"'ie iSoa KKiinri nf m leiirr fiuin Or J.ifol Mfr Tl VVuH )-( riitinoit.ii ltrtU;nii ll fuM intlite iiiK'Hiniiiu.i rplel)iii. fur il riiu'elt in i.iif inntnnre u!(il i.i li.uina i lie- ilr-iien flTi-ci I m ! nn niP4tif your Monilonnl Header, J oni iiUiscil uiih its plan, ii i .thi ! .in- in. in 1...-I1IIIUJ-, nM.s.1 .7i .m rn .mi , 1, ",u '""""ci hi wuiuii u uas vven execu pniiiiiHii-i iiimhi a ripiiiiUMin iiiihiir. inn inn umuii i kii'iw 1 nui- in In clT'r ii il. I r.iiiiiiii lu-tu m tiv m iii iimli iiinit ilH'ietn. A ronnipilcii pTi'iiiHtKin h life n filTf red Itf i p i ii 1 1 .iwlSini A2ni, nf (yi-inoux k t, l. h tid Hieip m -iiMihcr riic!e wiidtil liei e I I trun?! niiipcied to ljeitui nu J acob M r r rs, M. D. Mim!i.inr, JunMtn ro Venn. 11m S, 187 Pmhh Or. .Sii.iipI MuriPlI, in ill4 Piopi ifini nf ih Vps i.itilc I Unit', mi. I hui fiiftii'M imimipp (Ptiilite I'liUii'Mniirv llrttjiin i ihIhiIiV ihpiItimp It h.i hpfii uiiftl in i Iiu nt.ipe wild omnlcp f-nppp in in ol ci in ue cmnpl nut nl i lit lnni!i', .hipii teil uii l.l.iml, mIhcIi Iih.I iitPM.iUflv i-fMip.l m.ii.) Hppiincd "Jit ii'iro iintynsiii acnooj afcmia;J. ew- pictipimiii. Afu-r i Bihe llril-m oi.p p.k, ihr i" IV. I ruiTs,'r 01 nii I'm h 11ipp ip'inni'd ;nii lie w tifi-iiii' iu rpe iK nuui lilv. I'lii fft?e oPPnriPil iiimip limp finrr, tui ilip m.iit ii'v pngriepi) moi onlv hi iit'iite tun Ultniioiif l.d-iiitwi. Itpi-pecilulU , &r. S MoiMU 1. 1., 1 1 it imi w iiiiiip iW p.ii niiwp 1 v l-icuulit ri y l'n l .in i(Tppiinn nl'ifi' lung-i, hikI im rt.iiiiUint wh ilprl.iip'l tn hp iim'iii .ili'r h riiMiiPi' nl ilnr pin. tJrMli!. 1 W H9 lllflt I P-IOIkI IO At tf1'" I tlt'rllltl A ImiI PIOJPil f'T IIMII) P.irM, hi ll-IM llii- VpupihIiIi1 I'll iiiuuii iSiiMin, hunt inv iiiannr) I h.tvi utoiii minipil 1 1 if li iift.i 111 in ;i C"'t iimi pit tl 'ni'sj rniMpUini't hihI n fu -ii1 1 nn li-inn. im imp Ii i in v.nuW luf pii fullnM fil liv iiiiiiti l.ctiffit, anil 111 iiMiit iiifrtMiir-! it It efl'T led cuif uliirh writ- imex iicriid. Samuel Lvehkit. Itu on. M.ufl. 2. 1837 I'ur ialm, u li(ilfile nn.l rriitl. tt ITCK U iiPEMl.HHr.iiistnn, Vi. B0HLINGTON CHAIR TACTORY 1 L. rL!sli., conltnut-1 ll.e IniMi.Wh of iinnufactutinu Chairs at the olJ s'nnd, of the fol lowing (irsciijmons: Cm! Jhtple (iitc'mn, CnneiStnt, Common fano n: d lM ok Sent, Lnrge and Small Unist'd Scot Hocking, do do Com mon do, Common l)imnjr, iS'c. A.c. All of winch aro warranltd a first rate rumple nnd will hu sold at prices to correspond with lliPtimea. FHATIinRS, AND FRATIIKR lir.DS, UKADV .mai-ii:. Conutantlv on hand, a fuopIv of wnrrnntrd Live Grcesp I-Vnlhcrs. which will he &nld low for cash. WANTni). hy thn M.h?mher, Curl nnd Utrd? I.vr . 1.:. u: r...r.l. .irA n,nUn .11.1 lilt. Ul,li.4lU UI MIS OllUfllJ IMtl,t -M" I i! I" the old Hank. C. I.. M'.l.-dN led. It seems ailaptcil 10 ihciiite.'lictcal nml innr.l improvement of those for whose nseit vv a dozened 1 trust it will prove to he what its, author fondly an'- lie nun 1-I7 s Ht,c-rrvll- I-.... ' u" ltisjuM such u IW, ns oar Xcvv Knclaud boy anil Kills will I cilnd to src. for il ini-nVm,. in'. p'casininanncr, industry, fiunalily, truth, hone ly temperance, peace, kim'neas, fortitude, and a cheerful pieiy. 1 no ocaoui.iry, ciiu ot mo and ihcarrane mcnt for dcflning words., will odd to its value in fht hands of a jtid.c-iou teacher. (Ucv.)AllinLA.LIVnRMOKn, Keeno. jp have nlsorcccommctidntions fiom a nuiuherof nuiviuu.nsanu pcrio.urais, nmonc w Inch aro 1). Cro- 211 cscnoor .Nasuuaj J. rew- f TllCoIof-e nl Wiv Il.mninn It i also ndonicd hv tl Teacher in Cheshire and Ilillshoro' countiei and hy the School rommitlccnf Concord. Ahoui PPOO copies have teen published, nnd mosily disposed of. ' mm'IU'H'V1 a,-'1 r?r,.n'f '? '''OlIY, KIMUAI.I. & Vi r S '0ir ' ain slrcc, Uncord, N. H, S..MUi:i, IIUXTIVfimV r,.,i;. J. ll Itohcrl. Vrrcennr. J. llnrer. Mul7il.l,i',r V. Kimball, Ilrandon, Wm. White Rutland, J. T. JIntston Jlontpflicr, 1'iincipal of Ac-idcniic. Cclcct Schools andtcteli er cnctnllv nre invit-sl to examine lie hook. 1 lecso call and examine before purchasing. l.cliii;!i onl. ! QO T?N'S Leh,eh raked, Coarre Coal, liou4 vv,nnd kept from the vv either, for sale hv Nov. 29. roi.i.i-.rr and test hy lhat. or never buy il,; for it is impossible ior any oincr to no irue or centime. nn Ho d liv CO.MSTOCK Tif CO., 71 .Maiden banc, New York. I'ECK S I E A It, Wholssle Agents, atcwdooracastof Ihe Post Office, Burling ton, vt. THE WIN00SK1 SASH FACTORY, I ,ffl 1 1 mm " LIVE AND LET LIVE." N. I1.A1 onler from n ili.lsnrp. nn.l .M .nlll Ic promptly attende I tn, nnd package, and lioxo put on ioard of siacc or loals, when rcjuiru1, fice if charsc. Ue p.irtic dar and ad lrc. all order to MIT CHELL &UAH.NK3, Confectioners, llieru luinrlwo firm of Ihe ramo name in Ihe village. Uur'mglon, Vt. Uct. 23, 1511. TS in constant operation rp II E suhscriler would respectfully return hi: and nrenarel lo execille X thanksln In innne n.ilrons fnrllieir inv(rilurin leri for WINDOWrSASU , llm past (ivo year-, and would also inlorm lliem thai no na re,ieiii.iieu in toc-K ot stationery, uoour, Bindin; Sioi-k, in: and will I e happy to wait upon all that rha'l favor him wilh Iheir n.nronace. am no Tort on hi part shall be spared to Rive rati-faclion. Oirsiocl co-i money I Ihciefoie, we tannot Rive it away, or sail it below co.t, or at rnt ; but what we nave io nil, (if we can set an opportunity) at of every description, and in the ho-t manner. A 'onunt supply lept on han I and for sale at the store oi" George Peicr-ou, in Bur linglon, at llictollowin; rices 13 Lighl casements, 31 cents per Ultlit, .lo. do. do. do. June 18, do do do do do lo do do SIDNEY do do do do SMITH. Ii2 To Blacksmith niouhnryii if Yin I . THE aubsctibera have just received forty tons of nioslurnh. Coal, whcili far Slmlik'. ..... ! huscd byany of the mineral coals, and whereknown has taken the place ol charcoal. Icnitinc eaailv and burning freely, it is highly recommended for crate and domestic utt.- I'OIil,ETT h PRADI.EY DOCT. MAnSIIAIiItS Aromittc, Catarrh and Headache fj.MI'IT. This SnuTis superior lo any thine vet l.novvn, for rcmovini lhat troulleromedis. ca-e, the Catarrh, and also a cold in the Lead, and ihe headache, ll opens an I purees out all oh.-tiuctions. strengthen the plan l.-,aiHlciicn healihy nclion to the part-- a IdileJ. ll is p rfeclly free from u'uy thingdele lerio i in il composition lias a pleasant llavor, and its immediate elect, afterl eing useil, is algrceaUe. line u I eruis per iiuiiic. I)tvt. Marrhiill'-i Veiretah'e Indian Dlaok PliASNCII. ThisPlartcr is unrivalled for curing scrofulou swel lings, S.-urvy Sores, Lame Hack, and Fresh Wounds t pain in ihe side, Hip and Limfis and seldom fjils to giye reuci in local llheuinali.-m. IT applied to ihe will core many of the common Llv-nr Cmnntii in... and is eijual, if not superior, to any Ihing in u-e for corns on Ihe feel ; Ihe virlue-i of ihis Plaricr have been wilnertcil by thousand of individual in the I'nited small ndvauco from co.t as any one can do' und live W their liiiiue'. Individuals wishing to nurcha.t Cninuion School Books, Stationery, or Ulanu Hocks ran have a chance to te-i the sincerity of ihe ml rcri I er,wlienhoray he will sell cheap fur carh.hy calling at the sign oflho Hcd l.l?er, Collesestni-t. SA.Mi:tLin:.viiMnoN. Nov. 8, 1811. llurlington Ilootsforc. rflIE sul icriler would invite the attention of hi.. 1 Incnl'und lie pnllici in Im new a.romnenr of uooK. i tie I o-t rcicclion he lias ever mai'r, l.oih in Misci-llancoti and School Hooks are now o-'entl cheap for cash. Nov. 10. U. A. BUAMAN, ItloiUou's Pill. MESSRS. PANGHOtlN rf. IlIUNSMAIO are appointed Stato Agrnta by Messrs. Alexander nnd John Monson, of the British College rf Health, r.nnnn. ....11.11. .,1 .1 U. - I- . I WV..UW..I V..I- VI. .'..I Ml ID'llU HID I IIUeKIl 1,1 UUIlllUlll and we hold our appointment now direcilv from head nuartera. A correct Diclurr of tho CoHeira Huildincs can be Been at the Variety Store and in the hands of our stib-gents. All the packages, will be signed in writing, " PANOUOHN iurUNriMAID," Dec. 1, 1811. Slate Agents. CHUKCII MUSIC. THE following va'uablo .Musical Works are con stantly for sala bv the subscriber at the lowest prices, hy Iho doi. or'lnrger quantity, vii : ine aioucrn rsaimisi, a new worK uy u. .vjason. Boston Academy's collection of Lhurch Music MethoJi-t Harmonist, Odcon, and Boston and American CI Ice Book. Nov. 1911. D.A.HRAMAN. EM.WKIGHT& Co. will ope-i v ithin three oi . lour days, eom I500to2000 yd Extra supcrrle, (doul lee round), superfine, tine and common all wool Carpeiings, which havo I een parcha-el mostly in nucnen, and will le sold al vey low prnw. Also Twilled and plnin Veneiian stair carpeting, Hemp and Cotton carpeting, Oilcloth-, Main, eic. Nov. 1-2. Uoohs ami Paper. C 000P11ICII, one door Eli of l-'arrar (t Wait'. Crockery Siote, UP STAIRS, has a very ceneial -olle.-lion of hooks, including larne stock of School Hooks nnd Paper, All wirhing to purclwc will do well to call. Produce and dume.lia iiianidartnrcs o every ilecrii'ton received in pavnieni. Sclior jrom niittec furniihing fcr scboolr, ihall have looks r;r loilonsiy for all children in iheit di.lrict whore pa- rents are una me. io niy, Utc. s. LYMAN & COLK HAVE nccivc.l, in nd-lilion to their f"r stock of Iry Clonds, an extensive assortment i.f Fall j and Winter tirod. ; amen? which will lcl'u ui ln great variety ci arliilc I. r i.auie.- iiua ;.; ..ipaccu L-i-irc, a verv picity arnVlej Alpaira silk W.irp, Caml Iclcen, Plain Black All inc, Tu'd do.. Satin i)ama-l., Hryehella, I'er-ian Cloth, riench, Uirman, and Enili-h'Meriuo-, Mou-clinc i'c lame and primed Sixonic-, a variety and low priced) Gtai'o Ila-'r an.l Initiation Caml let. SILKS. A iimtl asrrlir.cnt of ri.-h rie'd and iiri'od Sdk, tlcavy ulact; v.anton, uroec oi, anu ouur nir. BU.-l M LiS. L-ifiin's 1 el 'carle-. 1 lack, white, and colored : A few cvtra izc Wor.!cdrhavvls , Glove Hosiery, a large assortment i an unuMi.illvlarEoastor'.mcnt rl Atncr.can nriiit.j 1-n-neli and I ncli h do. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotlon shceiinc an I ihiriinci Ticki g and Wad ding j Blcaditd Cotton an.lMcmniaciliccting, wry low. T.Ul.OKS TMMMlXr.S. WoMcI Bin.lins. silk dc. Larccrom l and siuare Mohair Cord, for m-ercoa'ii rill, Cor ' fordrc- coalrj Worsted aid silk Sirgi'i liurol rilk an I Vclvel 11 Hion-, new (is ire i sewing i-il'., Twist an 1 Tl.riiid: Pa Id.nir, Canvi, re'd-ia-. Col'd Jeans, Brown and lllack Linen ; Wofrleil plafj for r.tcini i U.itictn for over coals, &c. FAX Ul Jtllt d. A var'etv nf rich de I ..-line. Chally. silk, snd new slviel'ancy llkf-. and Wd-. Heavvdoullu nulled Broad C loth : H aver and Pilot Cloths) Kic-h Piamnnd Bciivci Cluih.) nl-o a licucral as-orimeiit of B irlington Mill Clnlh. Ocniicnicn and Ladies are invitcltoesll and ei-vm-ine r.ur very ex'iusive assnttmint, wh-'ch we o3cr at rod ii-o-l pruc-sfor Cash. uirlmgton, s v.-t. ten. il -,J i' f-' Pc.Wl.ylhe pro- f REY Canad. Slockingi, l?oya HiUj and An. C... ' h. ',0We?.,M',! !,-'',v' V,,anJ l'rrKfV!lr,ul, shirts an.? I'm Jr., ust rvr! I v Mrr.n, Hurlingicn x fnv K WK I I IT A ro Dinner Services IAWIAR A WAIT have constantly on hnd a . vtrv handsome asfortment rf Dinner m. n-iili I utter hosts, sane and soup Turteiis complete, rf 1 Lie, pink, Milan sprigged, vvhue granite C'hiua snd Uourlin sprigccl ware, which will l n 11 vrycheip si loeir r.v i.rncsrry oir Cft'oge s'rrws n-ir' nrf Prv II. CASH PAID FOR WOGLLEN RAGS. WE wish to purchase E00 ton- of all Wool Hags', such as old Bed Ctudts, Co7crlctJ, l'lnnkets, Shec s. r-lur s, Dinwrrs, Klnckirps. &c, including Meitno, Oircassinii, I'l.nds, llombazcli, and i very kin l nnd color 1 1 all Wool Good, not fulled or felled, tx.-i pt carpeting, I.isiihl' nnd priuulla. We wi I pay lour cents pir pound, for clean Raei of the nbovc description no part (otton, linen or silk ri any quantities, delivered at cur yiore, Vet sids i f th.- Square, tprosite the Court House, Burlington, Vermont. I'jr alt Wool Carprtln'-, vvr will pay 1 cents per lb. HIC'KUK A CATLI.V. T -lingtnn, Dec. 10, 1P4I. f1 W. GIB!! would inform Jt . the public that he has just rtccivid from New York a better assortment of Harness trimming than was ever i flertd nl nny Shop in Chittenden county. 1 1 comprises avanctv of Plsfsd. Brass. J.inaiincd and PottsJ ; rc-,u.c,v' Ware. Ill Leather and woik shall beeijual to liisTrim nunrs, and sold cheaper ihan can bo bought at any i the. shop in tlie state, Sa.lllr, ;;ri.lct, Han. esses and Trnaks. o''... Kinds and prices, constantly on hand. Iiincsourgn, .Nov. i?n. ,VTi SHELTINGS, Shirting, Ttckmir, Wicking. tiattinjr Wa-lhng. Twill'd Coilons, Cnntnn FIann'lie. ely Nov. I. !. H. MUII. Krr F A ll It A It & W AIT. Notice to Families. FAMILIFS in veant of e'egsnt Te osd Dtnner .is net ii.uallrfnird in country stores, nn find at Farrar fy Wah'i esubli.bir.cnt, very great va n-iv rf nipcrh White ChinaTes efs, Gold Isnd snd linodo Snrlirveddo do 1 Gold land andipngMilo Gold olge and line do Extra wi.tegi'ia t snu no Which will l Ll ak i h.sp as can leloucblin Ne' Vft. . n.irn. im Trm-. h Aii.e iceiierA are invueo . i.j . ... erne- Chnvh snd'. ;min..himi iH K.M- .c-fre.-nr ifrCh ir-h-nJ SWVM, niovs r.r-, .. -i-.i-.n Tl ..riiMtrii. IVi Pee 30, O VE L Y Sf S E 'M O UR. HAVE just 'fe'd from Ne York a large assort nicni of Carpcttngs of every kind quality ami price. English Drugctts, a great variety of patierni Oeta-' con and Drab Persia Tioor Oil Cloth from 3-8 In 9-1 wide, Hush Mattinc from 4-4 to C-l wide, Hupcs Manilla nnd Alacant Malls, Stair Hods Ac. Also, Trench and American Paper Hangings, a larger assortment than was evei before olTercdm this plssc and at prices lhat cannot fad to suit purchasers. Nov ISih 1E11. Ililtratn Honrs. y BALES superior Buffalo, juet rcceid I nnd lor tale as ehtap as the cheapest, by Nov. 19. bv E. M WHIGIlT fe Co. Also No. 1 Ott?r Caps, Lynx Muffs and Boas, Fur Collau, Angola Tiinges, ic. 1 "vBALES Brow n .liccttngs for sale by thecals, 1 vjpicc, or j nrd, very cheap, bv Nov. E. M. WRIGHT fc Co. Also, a full assortment bteschej shirlinps, sheetings ' Tickings, Camou Flannels, aupcrs.Ualting.Wicking d-c. FaVvvcll's.Sliocs. A LARGE supply of Mnfoceo walking Shoes, Kid Slips, Missi b do , nnd Men's Pumps, juet re ceived an 1 1 r sale cnisp, uy Dec. 1, 1P-11. M, POPE. SELLING OFF CHEAP. S'TRONGS & Co. now offer their slock- of Goads 5 for rriees at which purchasers will find it an ob ject to buy. 'Ihe stock islargs and must be sold pis- vtoustotnelstof April r.c.v, wtisa ths term of ec' partnership expire.. . , Sugars, Teas, fiuces, Ra-sirts, Tobacer, Cedfiiii. Salmon, coarsoana fins salt. Lamp Oil, Mola es,c e' Iran, Foreign nnd Amsncan, of every descji' joa" Pti-el of all kinds, Anvi's, Vices, shovels, spade