Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 28, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 28, 1842 Page 3
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R. W. Emerson, A. U. Alcott, Mnia IV. Chapman and Kdvyard Quincy, advertise thoni Belvcs as a committee tu call n "bible conven tion" for lie public discussion of the "credibility and authority of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments," to moot at the Masonic tain pie In Boston, on the SOili of Maicli next. Death rnoM HrDRornoniA. It is a niolati cliolyduty to record the death, at one o'clock on Sunday morning last, (Otli) of Thomas Moore, of this city, an estimable young pcntlcnien of 18, caused by the bite of a rabid dug, received about five weeks since. His hand, though dread fully lacerated, had healed, and no apprehen sions of the danger were felt, untit Thursday las', when symptoms of Hydrophobia were man ifested. Mr. Moore became rapidly worse, until the morning of Sunday, when he expired, after suff ering the must dreadful agonies, The cfTt'Cting interests of the tragedy is heigh toned by the fact, that Mr. Moore was married to a young and interesting lady of this city, on the day previous to being bitten thus adding an other to to the tinny tics which were destined lobe thus severed by an untimely death. Louis ville Adv. John Doe has been sent to the ? tale's Prison in Massachusetts Ho was a great rascal always en gaged in law suits. Phil. Xorth American. His equally illustrous associate, Roe, is also in durance vile, for burning a Church in this State. Hurd times thest, for the legal profession, when its patron saints are thus " Tudily dealt with. ITlrA Young Men's Temperance Society was for med at Hinesburgh on the evening of the 19th insl. with one hundred and flfy members; Gen. II. It. Smith President, W. J. Douglass Secretary. ITMIESII FIGS AND LEMONS Jut received from I Boston, an 1 for tale by CEO. PETERSON. Jnn.25, 1812 Hit Itanium' IJstntc. STATU 01' VERMONT, rpo all person. Interet- District ol Uhittcniien, r. j JL. en in tno r.iaio nt Kit Itanium, late of Mi'loti In said ilinriel, Elijah Derrick and Samuel lloardmnn, admin! trator ol the 10-tato (r the snil iloccacl, havinz, on lhuav ol the date hereof, liKJ in the Probate Court forsnid Putrid of Chittenden tlieir petition, In writ ing, selling lorni iiiaiuieuci.n oimwca iy uiecom-liuf-iouci " -train! Ibe cta'e of the rail t'cceaied amount lo 57,73 l,CO ihallhcpir onale-ta'e of the ,ni ldceeuid, n invcntorieJ, anioiint In 82,493,42, and that I he expense, of ndmiul-tcrini tai1clnlc are not mm icvculj' iicumrp ( inai I lie saw iiicsl seize I aim in several purcci oi rem i'-lnlr. niiimi' w ue i i the interval larin ol t ie rani In preparing lor a real funny, jolly time in bowing docea.ud, locallel, lying in mid Milton, containing' ol'the workman-hip of fuir'li.and nml Icautiful fin- about five hundred and lifiy acre of land, which fn- gcr.ol u;ir own ami lorcign clinic, wiiiin will I eso icrvn' farm comprifc all Ihe land ileeiieil byjocpli arrnngod a to nial.u n inn-t Hitendul appearance, Clark lnlhe faid decea't'd on thctlvellih dav of I)e- and to an inspection of which all are mot cheerfully cembcr 182fi, and all the land deeded by Eunice Starks invncii; lor n miner verv gnat aocommoualinn, in the nid deccas-cd on Ihe riurtccnlh day ol He em- , Iimi-o ..nil lf nllm,.,l m I to 1. .11. nipai' for fi ,n,ii. 1 ... Ci , 1 1 I... I n .1 .!.. 1.. . I ITI ............ T....I,,. ie I examination, any of the choice nrli leslhey may toiliesaMdiHca.eJ nn the lu-eiiiy eighth itay of March, 01 tots.xo. mx, in ineseconu uivi.ion H HMD'S taiASS SEHI), for snlu by HICKOK ctCATLIN, Jan. 20. West Side Court Home Square. Lively, Lively, Lively, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW. WILT), furious and howling i the raging storm out! V, wlinc nil I bnily and q iietly I cine fixed and fixing within the Old Cheap Cash Grand Bazaar tit HOW A BID'S u-lsli l,v only Icac iip n mprc trillm" tinner or mined depoitc,to l.cep up the full assortment ofcurioitie nt HOWARD'S, l.'arly Thursday Morning, 27lh Jan. '42. COMMISSIO.XEflS' XO TICK. 1833. ami all of I and No. five, III tho ic oad divi'ii n of 'nnd. in raid Milton which vverc deeded l v Jo-eph Clark and Sa muel Ibnirmnn tn the .aid iV-eaicd rn the twclf.h day, of Decern! or, 1&3G, as will appear by the several ,1.... 1u ftf. -. i. I In t,.l,, rplurnnrli I. nitli'f fill MWirP WE the Subscriber, having been appointed by the 'particular I'c eriplion ol mid interval farm, which Honoinblo the Piobate Court fur tbcl'istrictof ..i i.l Ci : j . I. ...... ... a tnnprirm.,. In Itonr. IV lint, r.l- oiuiieiiueu, eiMiiuusiiincrs 10 receive, cxaiiuue jhiu n (just the claims and demands of all persons, ngaiii't TEMl'KRANCE NOTICE. There will be an adjourned meeting of the Burlington Total Abstinence Society .this eve ning, 23 Jan., at the Court House, at six o'clock. There will be an examination of the Students of the Burlington llish School on Thursday and Friday of next week. The fii nds and patronsof thoinstitu tionareinviied to attend. CHAS. C. PARKER, Principal. Burlington, Jan. 27, 1812. lie estate of Ira llisdiop, lato of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, renre enied insolvent, and also nil claims nn I demands exhibited in (Poet thereto; and six months from the day or the date hereof, being si; lowed by said Court for that purpose, we do then lore hereby true notice, that wo will attend to the huiiuss of our appointment, nt the dwelling of .onhii lltshop in Charlotte in said district, on Tuesday the lfith dnv of March an I the B b day of Aumist next next, at 10 o clock, A. M on each of said davs. Dated thisBihday of January. A. D. 1812. A. I.. URACIL ?Com.ra DAVID COOK, J om SPLENDID FARM FOR SALE. TI I IC Subscribers will positively sell on or beforo the 10th. day of Kebuarj next, a farm in Mil ton belonging to the estate of the late Kirilarnum Usq. con sislitif of about five hundred and bfiv acres, about three hundred of which is intervale nnd thn remainder hard wood and pine plain land, with iwogood dwelling houses, three iarge barn, two small barn, and Horso barn, with tlm necessary out buildinc, all in good repair. Tho farm i situated on, the bank of river Larue it, nt tho head of navigation, is in a jood stats of repair and cultivation with a suitable proportion of meadow, pas ture, and nrahlo land and presenting objects of in terest and inducements to an intelligent purchaser nut to bo equalled ill this quarter ol the State. Purchasers are invited to call and examine for themselves soon and securoa gicatbargain. Terms made easy for the pi rciiaser. UI.IJAH I: samum. ffiDMAN. Administrators. WANTHI), in evehanse for Goods, Uennington Money at 60 cents on the dollar. Jan. 7. OKO. PKTEKSON. NOTICE. rTllIK Heard ( f Conuni-MoniT." for tile Instruction I of the Deaf and Dumb and the lllinlin the S'ale of vermon', will mud at lnecrmoiit Ilo'H in Middlebury, on Wcilnc-ilay Ibeuth ol l o' tuary, 1812, for the purpo-e e f de i?nating Hcncficiarie eifthc State, and lor thetran acticn e.f auv other I t-sine- within tlair iowcr and duties. County Clerks and the Civil Authorities of Town- nrcrarne-tly requol cd to refer to Title 0 h, Chapter lUth of the Hcvised Slatiiif. lo'.icliini: tbcir re-i-cetivc duties imon tin- subject. AUolo Ael No. 22 of the Lcsi-lature tf I hit State, pacd at their Oetoler SesM'on, A. D. 1841, relating mane roor. HUN II Y STOWKl.L, ) CAIAIN JKWB1T, Ucm'rj. O. P. CilANDl.KIt. ) armacy. EDUCATION CONVENTION. On tho 13 inst. a convention was lioldeti nt Middlebury on the subject of Education, which resolved on calling another convention to he liolilen nt Burlington, Feb. 23, at nine o'clock A.M. The purpose of the convention is to di rect public attention to the wholu topic of Educnliuii, as related to tho State, to en quire) into the best methods of arranging our present system to secure its greater perfec tion, to examine how far the legislative pro visions u ue i have Luen made secure . i . . . .,, . r,. , will commence on the Si-cond thurtday of March their object, to co-operate with the Statu gov- nd continue thirteen week.. rninent in its efforts to advance nnv of the ! . The fee for all the courses is S."0. Students, who VERMONT MEDICAL COLLEGE. AT WOODSTOCK. Faculty. HKNRY It. CI1ILDS. M. P.. Professor of Hie Theory and Practice of Midicinc ana uosicmcs. HON. JACOB COLLAMKK, A. M Prvftsbor of Mcditnl Jurisprudence. ALONZO CLAUK. M. D.. Professor tf General and Special Pathology, Milcria Medica and Pharn HEN JAM IN It. PALM I. It, JI. D. Professor of General, Speiiut and Surgical An atomy and Physolopy. FRANK II. HAMILTON, M. D.. Professor of the Principles and Praiticc of Surgery JOifcPH II. ( LAHKK, M. D., Protestor of Chemistry and Itotatiy. OSMON L. HUN'TLF.Y, M. D , Demonstrator of Anotomv. The Annual Course of Lectures at th's Institution man, uivci lo secure the pavnent 7,llO ami m-tcre-t, winch tim remain; and f irlher rcttinz fori li lhat it i neccN-ary lo ell a portion of ibe ,aid real tn'n for I ho luirno-e ( f navuie tlic del t allowed nira m -t laid e-tatean I the expense of admin it ration nd tliat It would I e I enelicial to the licir-lo nnl ta e and nil oilier nlcre-tel lliercin. to liave Hie whole of said interval farm told and Iho Inlancv e.f the proceed, of sueli 'ale, af er payinR the debt alnre- aw nun I tic expen.e ol atiuuni-iratirn, oivhicu among Hie heir lo id etate; and praynis tnid Court lo licen-o anu aulhorae Ibe ,aid ndmii.i-irntor lotcll nndcomcy the whole of ,aid interval farm for the iiirp0'cs alore aid, acreeally to the statite in s ti-h ca-e made an 1 provii'cJ. hereinion tin Court afore-aid doth appoint the evenih day of February, 1812. lor hearina and do- cidiui on ta'id petition at the otlice of ti e ltesi-tcr of aid Court m llurlinuton in said IJi-tric, ootn order that all pcron inlerc ted in sail Estate le notifiel thereof, by p'tblication of tin erder, ronlain- lug Ino ubtance ot n;u pMtilton, lluce weeks succe iu V in ihe Hirr imrton Free I rcs. a news paiier nrin'uil in said llurlinptoii,;ireuous to aid teenlli day ol I'd nmrv 1 312. Ghou under mv band at said Our union, this 141h, day of January 1812. M. it r.o t u.i, itegisier. MAP OF BURLINGTON. O GOODRICH proposes to publish by subscrin- KJ lion a lithuiirajihie plan or map of the town of Burlington according to the original Survey. The size will be 21 ib v 32 inches besides ibe bor der. It will contain the line, numbcrsevc. ofovery lot in town from actual survey A teperate plan of the village with all the roails m nnu leading lrom Hie lonn A viiznctto view of the village with u man of the Kiver finui Huhhclls fal's toits mouth, a plan of vvinoosKi village eve. &c. eonimioncj. The map shall be well mounted varnMicd and col ored nnd furnished subscribersat 83,00 a copy ras soon ns tho work can be done after subscribers arc obtained to defray tbeexpencs. nuriinrion January iu, iai4, LOOKING GLASSES. ALAHOF. an I well selected nsaortment, consist ing of i7fH, Mdioganyand Gill, Mahogany, and Fancy framed Looking Glasses, for sVe nt greatly reduced prices at the Hardware Store, Corner of Church nnd College S s., by IIAGAR & ARTHUR. SELLING OFF CHEAP. 1 AAA OR MO R B pounds good Cotton lJJ J Dalling al Cd. per lb. Calicoes to correspond, say al about 5 or G cts. per yard. A lot Caps, Comforters and Muffs at nearly one half former prices. A'so a great.variety of Goods at prices too low to be printed. Tho work of sellinu ofTcbcatihas fairly commenced and all goods sold to suit purchasers, at 4 January, 1314. uuHAKu a. Cnlniicrette tyloth. jut received nt price corns' ponding witn mo time, oy c. ai, uiun l a (Jo, iov. u. Horse Hay. FOR SALK. A quantity of iirt rate upland horse hay, fur cauh on dull, rery. Inquire at the-Post oiliee. llurlinirton. Dev. 8, interests of learning, and to attend to any other matters that may rightfully pertain to tho general subject of education. It is desired that the discussion may be as full and complete! as circumstance's will per mil and wc therefore reeiucst tho atteMidance of tttu friends of education in different parts of the State. TIlB lllldorsigiind wero npjiolntoj .. o...... mitteo at Middlchury, to call a convention nt Burlington, and arrange tho business for its action. JOHN' WHEELER ) nr,ilnn CH,RLi:s ADAMS. Bu'nBtor, jr.SSEL. PI CK. Ponltncy A. C THOMAS, Middlebuiy, IIORACi: EATON, Enosburgh, Mairfflmd By ihe fter. Jir. O'Catlavhan. Mr. J( bn Gernnnl I lo Ml Mary Ho I ct, bo'b i'l ilns town ; Mr. Ilnlcrl Lawren e lo.Mi-s So l.ia La'.'eai', 1- tu li of this icwn ; Mr. Ju-'in lionciu r m Mi-s Lunt Gnnnon, lo'bof E'exi Mr. J 1 1 r i Cleryto M.s Jane O'Connor, I otb of till town ; Mr. Timothy .Mi rphv to Mi- Ji liana CuSbn'an, 1 o'.h of Mori'tnw'n ; Mr. John Fh n to Ml Sjra'i .Hcl an, b'jlb of Mi ictown i Mr. Jt hu IJurl e lo Ml" Ciihcriue McaL', boih f Herlin i and Mr. Theoplnlus. Cais t Miss Sophia IJo-ier of Willi tee. E) ii (2 In this town, on the 13th iust. afer a setfo siclt nets of three weeks, , Miss Ann Wdluins Clian.ber lain, daujliter of Ihelale Jaon Chanil eilain, aged 23. I'lintcrs 1" Mas. are requested to notice. Too' al ibenne when life is full of hope, she exhib ited, in s.ckniss and at the near npprinch of death, yrt-at ca'mmss and nsianalion to the willof God her have attended two full courses of the lectures at this, or nnv incorporate I school of Medicine, will be n trcd to pay 610. Graduation fee-, SI Doctors of Medicine are admitted without fee. No Matricula li. n fee is charged. Hoard, m 'hiding room, fuel, lights, and washing, may be oblnincd in good fa i nil esat from SI, SO lo 2, 'Ji tier week. Siuden s who aro unacnunT.ted in the village, can bv calling nt Dr. Palmer's ulfirc on their arrival, ob- tain directions respecting hording houses. In presenting ib'n announcement, the trustees of the Veiniont Medical Col cer Ut ass red that the next course of lectures wi I fully sunin ih reputa ......... ,(, iiisiituiiun lum so unfunny main' mined. Tbcchaiai ler of the Gentlemen whooceupy tho savetal Professorships ihe addnions which liae been made to 'be museum, ciienucai npparius, anu Instruments of the College the rcation ot n new Profi ssorsbi)i(Gtni'rnl an I special P,atho'og) them crensed fncditics wltii h will be nfTorded for the prose cution of I'raeti al Anatomy the completion of the nxwrnllrue Edifice, and its admirable adootion to the purpose for which it wasdesigncd, warrant the belief llial Hie course OI insuiic ion in lis vniiiu aim c.iitui will he, oual to that of nnv Institution in the country. For further knowledge of the College, Students are referred to )r. II. II. Cbilds. l'ltMield, .aiass., lit. A Clark, N. Y. City, or to Dr. U. It. Palmer, Woodstock llv ordcrof the Hoard nfTriitrp, N. WILLIAMS, Secretary Woodstock, Vt., Jan'y 19th, 1812. noTi a: I here1 ygica In the Le-'cr of School and mini lerial Ian 's m tl.e Town of Hurlinftrin, lhat their lent fell d i' ontbefr t day of January in.t4til, and al o II a tne ih'ctcm on an in te to aul town, lei I deal the sine prim I, and allien dc! lor are'iv rcniie te 1 uiiinebatc navmeut. Abo A d ira-'istrJ'e-, who have tateu eogn'zince ofcrinu'ial o.tciv c, during ibcpre'.-cnt or nal year-, wbeie'tbu line-, nnd e-o-t , are niadepayalle to ibe Town Tiea-on.are rcouoti-J. lo male return of all ucb nut--, lo ihe Tiea-urcr of i he-Tow n, on or I (lore the lir-t day of March r.rx', crntrminj a Ma'.ement of line amerced andci llceiei', tngrtlier Willi a .-late' " The New YorK"Casli If anlware Store. THE Sub-criler h.ivtns deermine.1 to carry on HieHAKDWAUE HDslNLSS in all in. tranche in H irliiiglon, Vt.ha i ponnl and now o!er for ale an entirely new and well sclc'ied as-cr:ineniof good- in iho abtjve line. Hi obiecl tlii- winter leinc more to learn the de mand ol the niarl.ct, in order to Ic able to supply tberanie in ihe Spr ing, and a be intend doing a rieuv ca n u-tne. lie miicii a Miare oi nuii'c patronage, conlidcnt lhat hi price will I c loun I to uit all who may tnvor him with a call. H!rlinzloii.Vi.l)ec2!. IS1I. VVM.J. HUNT Strtng1!! iildmtr, Colleze treet, nearthe Sipiare. NOTICE TILS maycerlify lhat I have given my foa Jacol Morrill hi lime d.tring tits minoriiy, and Khali therefore I'lat in none of hi oarntne nor pay tiny lieu. 01 in, contracting niter tin. oa:e. ISAAC MORRILL. Hinclmrgli, Pc. 20. 1811. II...... t arri: have a fino lot of Hull, la Robes, a few No. 1 VV Lvnx Mulls nnd Oner Cans, fur lined, G'ovcs and other Winter Goods, suitable for cold wcath'r. I tiO'Cin want ot any oi mo noovc namcu arueies wit, do well to callon k.m.wiuuu i tx- uo. as mcy will give irreat I argnins for ca li. Hoc, is, laii NOTICE. WE tho mVcril er-, of Hirlinlou, Chillenden County and ttate rf Vermont, do hereby give notice to the public generally, that wt have a very inrze aoriiucui oj uimvit hiki iiiui v.iwm-, c.i .ivli- l.'road dnih..c.i.iinere and sannell : Figured niid Plain Sit'.'s, Alpae'ca cloth, French nnd Engli-h .leroio. every .tv e t a id'. s ana iirtufcrrrnici. M. I)el.aine-,'&e. which we ol'er t very reduced price lorca-h. no". j.. .i. uiuii i ty ow. Cariictiugs. ANY one wishing to buy a carpet cheap, if they wid only tal.e tho Iron) fclo call on E. M. Wright it Co. Colle e -trect, they can 1 e accommodate 1 a I.) prico an 1 quality, no mistake. Dec. 23. heavenly Father. "I fear not to die," she won! ,jay, I neM oftl.e ce.t. arcte.ed in each sm, ami I when and "I fear not to trust my soul to God. I lelieio in ! 1'JWsai I li .e.and co-i-, h ive I ia-n pad or ui.pusedof. Clinmidalii Transiiortailon Gomnauv. rjHE Sloe1 holders of tho Champl.ain Transports J turn Coinn.anv are hereby notified, that the an nal meeting, for ihe election of Directors if said Company for the ensuing year, will be holdcnnt the Hotel of John Howard, in Hurlington, on the first Thursday of January next, at one o clo k, r. M. ny oruer, vc. i . uuuui i i l.i., ur-, Champ. Trans. Co. Euilington, 4th Dec, 1S11. Je us Chrii -"Yet she res itl no hope upon her j own r'ghteuusness ; Christ was all her hope and con-1 u.ience. one nnu mr several years oren a member i of iho congregational Church ; and ihe views which ' she held the "Lamb nf God who lakith away ihe sinol the world," seemed to have grown, in no small degree, out of her eans'ious, rel gM s need of such a Savi iur i that her sjuI needed to abide in such a Redeemer, lliai it might have life. Yet her great sources of plea urc, aside from dciot.on, had always teen those of comnnrnlHeinnorcncej the woodlands the streams, nnd above all the flowers in their fresh purity from the hand of their maker, were to her a passionate joy j in music n'eo, wbi h she hn I cul tivaied most zealously and su cessfully, it was music in its runty lhat di lighted her, music for its pure an I spiritual s-lf. nnd not from the Gro ssr a socia'icnsoff.i!,hionnblc ami corrupting song. In general her character wns simp c and smceri- and en erpntie j Yet her hopo was alone thnt the might be found in Christ not having hci own rialiieousnes.but the righteousness lhat is of Gcd by faith in Jesus Christ, Com. In thistown, suddenly, on thcI3dinst. Henrietta, youtigesi daughterof Mr. Samuel Reed, aged 18 years. In this town, on the 20ih in I., Hyman, youngest chihl of Trisiam and Helsey Conner, nged 7 months. Prin ers in Montpr I er aro requested lo insert. In Montpelicr, I7ih inst., of consumption, Miss Mary Bennett. n?cd 29 years. In I'orton, 28lh ull., Abigail, da'ghler of S. D. Kimball, nged 5 months Mih inst. Ilathsheba, wife oft'apl. Win. Hnrmn.Cl. In Cambridge, on the 9lh inst. of consumption, Mrs. Frances Warner, consort of George Warner Esq. aged 51 years. Printers in Maes, nre requc ted. In Ilinifburgh, on the 25th, of the Canker rash, David Warren only child of Lorenzo Murray, aged 3 years nnd six months. l)..rlinglon. Jnnuaiv 20 b. 1S12. Win. A. OK1-3WOI.U, Town Trca n:cr. s. Sleeting of the Civil Authority. rTMIE Hoard of Civil Amhoriiy of the Town of J Ilurlitr-'lnn are heicl vwarniM to meet at JOHN HOWARD'S HOTEL; in ll'.rlinglon, on Saturday. the 22 1 -arv inlnnt, at 2 nMoek, P. M., to make enq nrv and reporl o to the nonv er, age an I con li lion of tliu In anc l'onr in the ai I town of Hurluicr. ion, afeor.'ing to an act of tho la-t tosion cf the Le'ji-lature. ILirlnigti n. Jar. 17ib, I8-I2. IIIJUItlLL LANE, ) Sclee.mcn HOS'IWICK TOWSLEY, f SAMUEL NRT10L-. ) Hurlnigton, 18" .M.IU.'j 1 HI (,ITTF It. LaOO iu.'t roceivnlly I!ie.l5. C. GOOURIC1L i i ii iii TIIOS. M. UAM'EHLY pnrpofe giving in ihis plate one coune cf Lvepues on practical Penman hip. Thedc-tgn of ihe.-e teclures will 1 e In lay the foun dation of a good practical Iwine-s hand, to 1 e com. idatol by praence. Nor does he expect to accompli, h his deign regardless r.f ihe inclination or rapacity of the nunil. During i he course every reqniitclo sk ill incbirop phy will leattenlid to, i-ven the le.l melliolof .hnrpening a knife, .electing a goo I quill, nnd con vertini! il in'o a perfe'l pen. m N. II. No ornamental writing or flourishing taught in the cla-, and no dtjoounl for lost time except in caie of nckneF, Th"t who with to attend will pleate leave ihftPi names, (previous to Monday evening next) at Mr. Uraman's l!ooklore, where all necessary inlornia tion can le obia'neJ. The first Lecture will ho given on Monday evening (31st inst.) at tho Reading Room, under the Erse Press Office. USEFUL THINGS, At PaiiKbot-ii & ICrinsinnitl'K. 1-1 tJlU K S nnd 1 ve. Suaii.-. Elnsiii.. I,ac J.JL Wortcd ne-el e, Knitiiiig, ,ew ingand darning oh., miht ttiiu Mm lop i nun' ic-, siectadc-, i ye let, Whale! one, .Snllcttoe-, Emeiies, Pencil. Twee er-, Combs on i lers, Candle-lii'l., chean Tea lv. Sciv-or-, lictile. for Ca-lor, children' cup-. Hair rins'ica Hell., llni-he- ef all k nd-, Sean-, llu-k Sboean I Slock Ilue'cs, Cant, ehi'drcn'. Hell-. India Ril.lcr and Ivory Ring-, Napkin Ring-, Diamond i client, .ainri-on',. I'iII, Slunnan' L, zenses and Poor Man' Plus er., Sioihing Syrup, Corn Plu.ter, tiny i-Nioocui, inceiiit le in'-, inn ol all uin.l, I.ra ,ive Soap to riiiovi. grease, Toilet Powder, Court i i.i iit, i,ip onive ,ia w, uames aivl IMzzle, Jump ing Hope., Tslle Ma's Door Mali, Swift; .S.vihing Hru he., Wax Tapi r, Ma'che-, of variojs l. in i, nay fi Martin's Iltactliig. Nipple Shell-Nur.cry Lamp., Ilexl Pan-. Molaie ui'p, .-u Miivc-, iNut anJCraiker., Mo ihtr-' Ilelief. Wal el I fnrin-'. (iold add Silver Hu'lion for Iriinming drc-e3, and three hundred and two other article., which wc hepe o ircu.tnmer. will fin 1 cither u cfui or neccsiaty to iuc", wiiii o Jiic flHllg ai low pru e. Blc-k Tin Tea IW, Plate I Spoon-, German Sil ver ana rewtcr do. mid till ,orl and size, of nick nacici. j men a nn whistle., Jewsharp-, Harnioinci oy-, rattle, -in I l oxe., pa-to cuitor-, doll-, nti'l l oie-, iainpoci-tor-, ipc. A Panorama View Mnion, a Toy nrni e: Hand Orrran.. .r.e. Sloro Is nicely filled nnd we -hall le mo-t happy t-a .!..,.: I...... n.n , . .. i i . . 1 '.' . ..i.'i, nonv iitu-v an., soiuu uiner nruiie, arouuii tne s-uuiiiry, upon s icn term. u. will pica-e the limine mini iu cn i ouen una slay long. Alter re.i nn can anJ see al the VAKILTY STORE. n. in, ay., LOST. T OST, between the Court Houso Square and the JwRoman Catholic church, thteo pairs of Ladle's inoccasms. Tho finder wi'i be liberally rewarded uj tc.i'i iiiv euiuc ui IO13UII1C0, Groceries, Ac L. HERRICK has just reciived from N. V 15 Chests superior H. S. Tea, 5 elo do l . . ao 5 elo do O. II. do 15 Hoxts Ilonn's Tobacco, 5 do Ruan's do 15 Kegs Plug do 10 Barrels Fine Cut do 5 ngs Javn Cofice, 10 do Lnguira do 20 Jars Mnccaboy PnufT. Also 10 Hales Hrown ShecltnzR. The above Goods wcrenurcliased atlowDricets. and will lie sold al a small auvance. White Lead. TONS " Welhercll" Dry White Lead. 5 do No 1 and Extra do do in packages from 100 to 500 nnuuds. 2 Tons Extra Ground in Oil, in Kegs of 25 and 50 primus, for sale nt Manufacturers prices and ireignt, oy xov. ij. cjl.i,iVi i if iHtAuic.v Hooks for nun or District Libraries. CGOOIWilT ha a valnal le collection of Uook. Hiitab e ( II lown r di-irid Lil rarie, which will le told for e most III era! termr. and at vi low price, on t h De.'. 14. Alpacca Cloths. PLASTER, s TONS rresh Ground Plaster, by a.QsJ 3Q Dec, Ml. J.&J.H.Picic ,f- Co. TO RENT. rPHE two-story dwellinj House on JL Pearl Street, lately occupied by Bi fl op Hopkins nnd nearlyopposito tho Rrick Church. t Tliu promises may be viewed at any time and hmnedintn nn.sA.flion given. Apply to GEO. O. INGERSOLL. jan. 4iii rjii. LIST Ol.' lib. 'IT 15 ItS Remaining in the Post OlTlce at Butliniton, Vl. January . 1812. A Johnson, Henry J. Allen, Mrs. Sarah R Atherton, Chatlotto Kendal, I. Y. Armstrong, Martin Kenyon.Alval U Enapp, I). I. Beach, T. L., SLGoorae L lirny, Mntilla Levin, James Sr. Oteret, Augustus Lane, Hytnan Langshorc, Mrs. 3. Lyno I, I. W, Luoniis, Christiana Leonx, Joseph Lyman, Gnylord P. J Ida e, Wd'iam 9 Blair, Maxham rush, William Berry, Widow Jan Duller, Maria L. Cost wick, Georga Hall, Franklin N. Bii rgs, Ebeneier Brown, William Howcn, Charles, Jr. Brown, Daniel Bales, John Burvvell, John Burns, David i Bean, Henry Bean, David 3 null, Amanda Barsiovv, Elisha Babbitt, J. C. Bishop, Joel Bjcon, Francis S. Bradley, Mary K. Bishoii. Seth Hrown, Cassius P. 3 JANIIAHY 1, 1813. MR. EDITOIL-DearSirt lam vary anxioss to have it known that my remaining stock of goods which consistsof a complotc assortment ofdry goods and dry groceries, are to be sold at exceeding low prices, for the sola purpose of raising money, which af alt events I must have. If I como out with nn ad vertisement of "Cheap Store," "Cheap for Cash," "Orcnt reduction of Prices," "Sailing offnt Cost," Ac. &c. tho Peoplo will not believe it) they have been hoaxed too much for that by those who have grown old and sorno even grey in tho business. What then shall I say 7 Yours truly, S. II. SCOTT. QAWS. Mill, Cross-cut, nnd Circular Saws, for sale by Jan. 7. IIAGAR & ARTHUR. Sign of the Padlock, Corner ufChurchand College Streets. h BLACKSMITH'S IILM.OWS, a first ralo article, nls.i Anvils', Yises, Ktle, &r. for sa'e by Sign of tho Padlock, ) IIAGAR & ARTHUR. Cor. Ch. and Coll. its. 5 TT, OOIJ. Pliose who have promised the 'Uhscri VV ber Wood aro reminded that tho sledding is good tboul town. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. BLOTTING PAPER. quire. Jan. 7. For sale by the Ream or C. GOODRICH. A SPLENDID Article, (silk warp), Alpacca cloth; Brown, Jama M. iy. Alpacca ifiri", Hue i lack .H. Lie Lames, anil Combs. 1CASE Wood Pocket Combs, 50 doz. German Silver do. E00 250 ' 2000 1 50 1 200 1 Cap Twist Side Brass Ivory Nov. 30, 1341. do. do. do. do, do. for sale by VILAS, I.OOMI9 efe CO. , 1SII. Iloiincts ! lloiuicts ! ! A BEAUTIFUL assortment ol Florence and -ilk Bonnets much below the pticcs of last summer Also, n great variety ol ilicna Ribbons, by Dec. 10. S. li. SBOTT. Caviimercs. PARIS Diamond, gold mixed, and wool dvohlue blue black S. B. SCOTT'S. Ilioait Cloilis. SUPER Wool dyo black, invisible green, olive, blue, and sieel mixed cloths, atunusualh low puces by uec. iu. :. ii. aui i l . ALLl.nuLol' IM'.KHS lor Culinary purposes, at who'e-aluand re ad, by PECK i: SPEAK. l'"icsh Teas. rrv CHESTS Hyson skin Tea. OU 20 Do Old llysun do. 25 Do 'I'wankay do. 100 Caddy boxts Hyson do 75 Do do Young Hyson do 100 Half chests Youm? Ilv.ton Tea. of Hiflernnl qualities, of the last importation, and offered nt Auc tion prices by l'OLLETT & BRADLEY, ' um Dock, iiiiniugton. Fine Cut. Q-J BBLS. TOBACCO, XiKJ 30 rio Smoking do 10 Kegs Maccabov SnulT. For sale by FOLL1.TT & BRADLEY. salt. OOO BUSHELS Tuiks Island, 5000 Jlo Solar, ' 1000 TllVt.'Bne'.''' For sale very low, by , , . , .. J'OI-LETT 4 BRADLEY. Old Dock, Hurlington. Sugars. 1 fk BBLS. Powdered. IU 10 do Crushed, 10 Boxes double Loaf, 12 do Philadelphia Lump. 12 do New York elo of sunerior nunhtv. for .l. h At the Wharf. FOLLKTT & BRADLEY. BBLS. Barbel's Gin, 50 do American Brandy. For sale by FOLLETT & BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington. OOO BOXES RAISINS, CJ W W on Casks .Scleral ii. 100 Boxes scalded llurring, For sale by FOLLETT if. BRADLEY. Old Dock, Builui jton Btrnbaum Heinrich Brodeur, O. Burr, Eliza Bussell, Lconarcl Boynton, Lydia, Bennett, M. Bosworth, Daciol C Conderl ack, C. J. Cheney, Elizabeth 2 Chase, Sally Cotnstock, Gcorje 3 Ccrat, Peter, demons, Joed or Peter Plant Clough, Mriam B. Coomr, E.J. Chillins, Mrs. Cnrrole, Rozetey2 D Dnfrcne, Pierre Davidson, Henry P. Davidson, D. A. Jewell, Celcstina D. Doty, Susan E. Dion, Pierre. Dob on, Ellis Dow, Daniel M. K Ellsworth, Adonyrum Eaton, Mary J.or Mrs. Thoinai Eddy, Asa Eaton, Jeremiah Founlnin, John Tyler, Ursam 'S K. Flanagan, James2 Ficdeiick, Minerva 2 Fnrnam, Joel Flapg, W. II. Frost, Perly W. Goddard, Robert Gilbert, Jane A.

Glen, ( alharine Gill.Th iay Gnodiirb, unauncey t Green, Eliza Green Mary C. Gleason, Samuel Gleason, Svlvia Gravail, Robert Guiot, Mr. II Hedges, Doniol Hani , Lai nn Hutchins, Simon 2 Hicks, Isaac Hunt, Stephen Harrington, W. L. Howard, Ho'land Hoyt.N.E. Isham, Samuel K. 3 Ishnm. Ira Irish, Lydia A. J Johnson, James Jonss, Latham. Johnson, Ceohss M. 2 Jcandreau, Emily Johnson, Alva Jones, Mary BOXES Himmons' Cil Steel Axes, CO do Lathrop's do do Warranted, nnd for sale bv FOLLETT ct BRADLEY. Old Dock, Burlington. Leonard. Laura R Lathrop & Polvvin Lamotte, Baptists Ladou, r-oplna Labocesscs, Pcttr M Martin, S. S. Moss, Antwins Mason, I. L. Murphy, E len Monson, Ellen Matthews, Oramel D. Munson, Joseph M'Crary, Anthony M'Evvine. Ritchie Martin, William Millikin, Eliza Munson, Joseph li'tti-chessenult, Thortime v. N Norton, Chandler O O1 Brian, Patrick Oa' s, Sara O'Clare, Franca I' Proctor, Ransom Si. Geo. Pattar, Eenjamin Percy, John Patndge, Jamea Pratt, John H. Paul, A. C. Potter, J. K. Kit Perry, Daniul Paul, Miss A. Peck, W.L. Q Qnin, John R Rosy, Antv ins Root, Lucretra Russell Samuel Rogers, 5amul Rust, l.lnm Rnnsev, A. L. Roe, Francis a Stewart, Bridget Smart, Charles B. Smith tSc B.allou Sanborn, Joseph Sawyer, Mr. Sna, Elizabeth Stiles, Jane E. Sides, Jano S-'ill, Henry , Smith, CnloncT-Sf. Otorgt fche'don. Mr. Spear, E iza Strong, John Sbendan, Patrick Smith Si, Nichols Smith, Christopher Shaver, Jeremiah Seymour, Sarah Spau'ding, R. O. Togert, Joseph Taylor, Harriet C. Tdlcy. Stephen Thayer, John Towne. KeiwUtl lemple, Orimel Tailor, Warrsn V Wright, Benjaniin Wallace, F.zrn Wndaworth, Esiher While, E. Wi'liams, Hcmsn Winn, .Mr. Walsh, Philip Wheeler. John C. Waters, Rev. Richard White, II. S. Walsh, Thomas White, Cynthia. U. U Udall, David M. Unhaui, J. C. V Vilmere, Andre piNDINO LEATHER. A few doz. Calf-skins Xi suitable for book-Unding wanted bv Jan. 7. c GOODRICH. NOTICE. 7TMIE members cf llic Burlmzlon Fire Ccnipany X are here! y noltl.ed lhal Ibe anneal meeting of taitlv.kinpa.nyun le lioldcn al .1. Howan.'. Ho'el, on tho fourth Wednesday, ( i 2G Ii day) of January fn'tatu) al 7 o'cloi k in the allernoon, for the choice of ltn vvaruens, a i.leiK an I Trca-urer, n nil for tliu transacttrn of all other trs ne reipuied 1 y the Clinrternmt lly-lnw. LYJHK CUMMINGS, Jan. 5, 1812. . Clerk. Mittens, Moccasins and Gloves. ANEW lot jii.i received cheaper than ever, by Jan. C. E. M. WRIGHT & Co. ILK!, of every tvle, quality an I color, vervcbe.ip Jan. 6. by E."M. WRIOATi Co. yllAn lis.-1 hu lairett aud I e-t ar'ortment of rjnawls Ibat can I e lom I in Hie vil'atre ol Hur lington may Ic fi.und nt E. M. WRIGHT if. Co.': encap casit aiure. Jan. o. is,. CASH paid for Flax Seed, ly Dec. 22, 1811. HATCH, ODELL J- Co. NEW MUSIC. A VERY larjre and well ie!ec:ed asiortment r.f J i-iViu'!', auajite t lor Hie 1'iaiiu, j st rcceiveJ nt the Burlington Bookstore. Also Mu.k al Works, such as no iitiern iiurp, i.t inci'j Urgan -vIumc, P.anu Fort Primer, llun en's Iutri.ction fortbc Fiano For'e. For .ale by Jan. 4. D. A. HRAMAN. H THOMAS wilt continue his Auction Sties if . the afternoon of every Wednesday and Si' day. A latge quantity of Household Furnitu ddli-rent descriptions will be offered, togth er v stoves if various hinds, wnh pipe. Sales, of v Goods. Cutlery. Clocks. Jewelrv. An.. Arn. in' oll'iTcd Tuesday, Thursday nnd Saturday lvcni en. 11 furlhernoticc. Oclobore. 13i. BLACK, lluebla-k, Ifirlit p'ain, light figured, C du Afrique and Cliina Silks, low for cah, IV isovo. a u. auui i. Shcctlmra. BALES of heavy sbco ingsof different quali'i OWhavo lust been receired and urn ofTcred for r . at Manufacturers' pricisto Merchants and othei1 w ho nre invited to call and examine the stock be! purchnsinyclscwhcre, under the beliel lhat ths exa. ination will prove advantageous to litem. Uy lULLIil i' ifc UKAUI.KY, N'ov.2'J. at the Who.' t ITANTEIJ. Two or three first rate Coat ntiltr. V will find constant work at O. BEN'NSife SON'S, Stv.'ond door sou'h (he Bank, Church street, Dor linton.Vt. Dec. 21, 1311. WAIjTO.N'.S V'ermonl Hegi-ier, and Farm-' Almanac, for 1S42. AIo,a few copis of Cat ly'e's Mtccel'anie, just received and for sale by lv.2L D.A. BRA.MAN Scotch IN; Iron, rycr TONS Gartslierrie, No. 1 lirnteh Pig Iron Te Osa'cat the Wharf, by FOLLETT & BRADLET: Nov. 29. NOTICE. riHLSmay certify that I have given McKentv J Payne, my son, his time lo transact business himsell. I will neither claim any of his wajet H'. hold myself responsible for anv debls of his coutrart ing after this date. AHIRA W.l'AYNB. Aasca I.AbD. North Hero, Dec. 25, 1311. German Coush Syrup I rglHIS do-ervedly dftinsni-be I medicine, together JL willi T.iyloi's BaUain of Liverwort Jayno' Indian Expectorant, Lily Syrup, Down Elixir,-Moo.-e' Evcnc.1! of Life, Barlholoinevv's Pink Ll peeiorant, for severu cold, coughs md cvu plaints leading to CONSUMPTION. For sale I v Nov. t. PECIv & SPEAR. f ASH pal t for all kind of Sbi.vnnu Fur., I y v- tiJnit. IS 12. HATCH, ODLLL.t Co. H i IIIIDS. k22 He DISSOLUTION. rpHE Firm of Mite lull ip Barnes is this day by X by mutual consent Dissolved. All persons hav rig accounts nexmst the Funi will tdcase nrcsmt their Bills fur settlement without delay. All persons indebted lo tne Firm by .Vole or otherwise will please ma e imine iate payment Furniture it Fanning Mills for S.tla Cheap for Cash or approved ( rcdit to close the concern. T. M. MITCHELL, A. BARNES. $ Burlington, Jan. 1st. 194V. N. II. The business will hereafter he con tinued I y the Senior Partner who S'di its a share of public' patronage nt the Brick Shop cm Clmrch I otreet inciriormcr oianu. FLOUR. It TiT'iT'l Bids tho best qua'i'.y superfine a -f U for sale by HATCH ODELL & rrPcrsons calling for the a' ove. will r'eaee to do signate them as adverti.ed. HENRY B. STACY, P.M. White China Tea and Coffee Sets. T7ARRAR Oi WAIT have just re.e.ved an aort JL men! of White Chun Co 're e., Cu-iard Cut a. Breakfast an I Tea Plate. Pin hers. I'owL and B it- ler stanl, for sale cheap at the New Crocery Siore. I Is. IU. Nails and Iron. 1 I KF.HS NAILS, assorted sizes. M.JJI 100 do Finishing Nads, do do 100 Kegs rp kc, from 30.1 to 60J and 6 inch, 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 l-6llis to 3 inch. 10 Tons of hoise shoe Iron, of tha various sizet, 4 do of Hand Iron, f do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, flat and square Am. Bloom do For ssle at manufacturer's prices, by FOLLE'IT & BRADLEY, Agents. HARK. EC. LOOMIS will p.ayca-b for 50 cord, of pood Hemlock Dark, ifi'ehverod by- the trA of Feb. next. Jan. 5 1842. nOME1IC!vS. Shcetinir, Shining, Baiinp, Wadding, Wm'drig, Cotton Yarn, Co'lcn Flan net &c cheap, at (Oct. 12') J. P. WHALING &i Co's New Law Hooks. CONNECTICUT RLI'OK I S, Vol. IS. Common Law do Vol.38. la-el. do Vol. 0. I'oa. 15. Foreateby C. GOODRICH. SALT. SITiTHtl BUSHELS Solar Salt, WVaOOO do Turks Island do 4000 do Fino do 1C00 Barrels do do 300 Sacks Dairv dn 30 Dec. 1541. By J. it J. II. Pcck ct Co. FOLLE TT .y liRADLE V RESPECTFULLY inform their friends and the public, lhal they havo received and now offer for sale on the most advantageous terms, an extensive as sortment of Iron, Steel, Ac. consisting in part of the following : 1 Ton Sanderson sl-ast'Stoel, i do Eagle German do 1 do Engli h X do 20 Bund es Brazier's Rods, 30 Tons English Tire Iron, attorto-1 10 do Old Sable PSI do 10 do Swedes do 1 do Toe Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do 1 do Swedes do 10 do Russia horse nail rods, 10 do Bloom, flat and equare, of various tries. Nov. 29. OSIfi BOXES Bunch Raisins, 40 Kegs Malaga do 15 Bags Madeira Nuts, i a no 15 do 10 do 30 Dec, 1641. Filberts.' Brazil do Almonds, by J. .f- J. II. PECK -f- Oo. f KEGS Powder, 100 Dozen Corn Droomr, by Dec. 30, '41. J. it J. II. Pre it Co. PENMANSHIP. J. D. C L A R Ii, Teacher of French's Syslem if Penmanship, WOULD announce lo the Ludie and Gentlemen of Burlington thai ho ha. a School open for Insl ruction hi strong.' Building on theSqtare, where he would Ic happy toreieive iho-e who would favor hun with a call. A good handwriting warranted in twelve lesions t.f two hour, each, or no pay. Tuition, including Stationery, 1,35 Uurliogtcn, Jan.V6, ISI2. FRENCH LANGUAGE. BOIJCIII3TI E'S roiiro of public Instruction I I ccntinued at the Court Hou-o every Monday' aud Thursday evenings, at 7 o'clock, precisely. .....,-,., , ti-ttviB ,ur utr t'oiirre to le nnu at air. iiramun iiuonnorr. ,75. 12 January. i?inK. AFL. Baa. let Paintel nuri'aln Role., Men's l et She land seal Cans. Nutria Fur do. liny', do Men'.and IloyMiair ,eal do. Fur Collar., et-cfor viiriip iorca,u,Dy j', UOOUTTLE. '"v,, ion, Motildlltir kifiiul. fl.00 ",'1R?JE,'5 of sHPior quality, eelceltd by Nny.ZJ. For sale by FOLLETT & BRADLLY NEW GOODS, THE Snbscriler have jut re. vived la rg mldinon to their a w k of Saddlery. Coach and S helf Hardware in all Us varieties ylLSO Drug., Medicine', Paint",'f,Bnih e cf all kind, Joiner.' lfie.l, Ac. etc. HAGARefe ARTIIIHI. Atthr old Stand, Sign olihe Padlock, corner of Church nil ucliege Street.. PAINTS cf a 10,000 LBS. Wethcrells Dry Whiio tad, 100 Kegs do do gtound in oil, 8000 do Lewis' do c'o 30 Ubl. Spanish Whilo, 20 do Venenitian Red, I'i do Fiench Yellow. 20 do Spirits Turpentine, 3 Casit Crome Yellow, Crome Green, Brunswick de Saxony da. Red Lead, Verdigris, hr SOih De-. ItMl J f J U, PBCK cf- Co, DYE STUFFS. f5K BBLS. Campcachy Logwcod, 200 do St. Domiiujo do 250 do Fusiie, 150 do Nicaragua, 100 do Cam Wood, 35 do Madder, 40 do Alum, BO do Coppera-, 25 do B'ue Vitriol, 50 Demijohns Oil do., by 30 Dec, 1541. J. ct J. H. PECK et Co. OniWDS. Trinidad, and 30 hhds. Porto Rico y Molas.cs, heavy ho lied and light colored, jutl icmvcu -aim toe aiu, ai a very iov price, oy FOLLETT it BRADLEY. Old Dock, R trlington. TOBACCO if- SNUFF. C BARRELS Lorrillard s chewing Tobaeeo, 40 do do smoking do 200 Jars do SIa"aboysnuiT, 3)0 Bladders do S 'Otch do 30 Dec. 1911. hy J. it J. H PECK it Co. Agents. For Sale. SECOND hand, one hore, s'eel sliol pleasure JL s'eigb, with the name. Abo a .a.iuic ami I mile and a lir.-l rate -couJ haul Cooking Stuvc. All or anv part of .aid aniele may bo had cheap, and payment made in goo I hard wood. Burlington. Dec. 10, IS II. DAVID RUSSELL. I'caltieri. ti ''"S. Ge,e Feather, of superior quality, - SOO do. Hen' do. For sale low l.y TCw aia iuii vil li: r nocfic . nr. ...... vv, av.. . ...n.J, uuu.iliu m. j vy . PASTRY ARTICLES! . L'SSIA.N fcbcc't, Shred sod Staple Itingltiwt, i I Cooper'.. American Jo. Nifct Iri h Mil.,, Kisemenf Peach Kernels, Concentrated E,enee?of Umcns, Nicest Ro-e Water, Extract of Bo-e, Spani h Vanilla and Oil of Mae Tne Ordinary Spuee, Best Lenu n Svrup, ' Salt I Oil, Sugar Ornament and Sandi, RelineJConlectionanee in Cornet., etc. eke. Dec. 16. ly PECK-tSPEAP-. Sheen Skins for Hook IJiiiclng. dec. ftC DOZ. Sheen Skin-. asorie I o ialitiet on "JwWWnand andfor.a'e in inairifaeiorer. and other at low prices, by II. AS, LOOMIS, a. Co, .V IV, u, 1311. LAW BLANKS. C GOODRICH has constantly for salo by the . Ream or Outre, a general assortment of law blanks, primed from forms from Revised Statutes, consisting oi Justice Writs and .Executions, ell kinds in use Trustee Wins County Court Vit3 and Executions, various kinds ivnrianiry, itun-claim, and .aiorlgnpe Deeds Chancery Bills for forclosing Mortgagee Blnnksfer Depositions Admimsiratois Bonds Letters of Guardianship Officers Receipts Justice Appeals Blanks for Notes, Hay. Scales, etc tte, Gifts for thn Hrainn. ''PIIE followinc beautiful Books for Proeentt, are X now received and for sale bv D. A. B R A M A N . A Gift for 1842, The Ladies' Bonk of Flowers and Toetry, Friendship. Offning, 1812, The Token, 1S42, Poetry of Flowers nnd Flowers cf Poetry, Forgct.Mc-Not, 1842, Laneusgo f Flowers, Tho Rose, IBIS. The Viohel. 1842. Sheet Iron. 1 l PACKS R i'sia Iron. ai rted Nos. 1J 50 Bundles Eng. an I American Iron, s'd No,. 7J Hoxe CanaJa ria e lor me i v Nor.30 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. Flannels. (USE White and colored Klanatlr, 20 pieces figuredSali.bury do. 100 " scarlet doinesliu do. Ju lreiei idand for tale I y Ni,v,3C 1311 vibAv, a rjii. New Rum fur sale bv hatch, ohf.ll if. Co. I 7( A S H 1 O N 11 L E, Bonnet Silks of every st) ' and quality, lil'k, D ue Bl'k and China Silt--fur dresses, do. Satin for do. Sars. Silks art Win er Ribbons (new style,) Winter Artificial Floe. ers. Velvet, etc. etc. J. P. WHALNQ. Oct. 12, 1631. T AMI' Od, bleached an I unbleached, of iineric Xvquality, for .-a e cheap by S. M. fOl't- Nov. 12. Salmon. 0"V BULS. and 20 ha f do. North Shore Hudsa OUjay Salmon, for aile bv De lSll. FOLLETT it BRADLEY. HASS VIOLS. OME beautiful Bass Viols and Flute', put ree'd. 5 PANG BORN if- BRINS.MAID. Cirluit Stone. Finished and unfinished Nova Scotia. CO TONi Grind Stones, assorted szes, v''12 Waltr .tones, for side by Xov. jj'j. FOLLE 1 T ct nRADLET. Sheetings. rH BALES 4-4 Brown Shee ings, ' 3 Cases Bleached do Nov. 30, 1911. Foi sale by V1LA.S1, LOOMIS tc Ca t' CASES and Bales TicMiifia, ) 1 Bale Canvass, 2 do Drilling, 20 Pieces 40 urch Burlaps, Id .lo Red Padding, For sale by Nov. 30, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS if Ci. Ilour Co. OILS. fRff 'ALS Pure Winter and Ta'l Sperm Oil, 3lJ"i-'20C0 do Whale blca.hed and unbleached. 30 Bbls. Auiericnn Linseed, hy 30th Dec. 1311. J. it J. II. PECK ct Co. f.'LA.SW. I OPk BOXES Hurlington, Vermont, and LtJKJKJ F.ssex Cylinder Glass, 300 do Rcdford, ."aranac, and Clinton Crow n do. by J. 4c J. II. PECK it Co. 30 Pec. 1811. Agents. 0! It.l ,1 f 'nmtiriret. Pnr snlti Lv I .Nov.":.0, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Silks. B C.F. Pongee Silks. 35 Pieces black, blue black and figured do 20 lbs. Italian sewing, 25 " India do lu " I lack and colored Twist, Nov. 30, 1811. For sa'e by VILAS, LOOMIS acOi 10 GROCERIES. HHDS St. Crot.x and Porto Rico Sugars, Is lloxu Lump do 33 Hhds. Molasses, La li.arrcls do E0 Chests Young Hvson Tea, 0 do Hyson Skin do 15 do Hyson 4 40 Catties do i 200 Matts Csrsia, 2 Barrels Cloves, 1 do Ndmegs, 10 TVrcc Sa'eralui, 4H Keg' PureGinjew, 100 Boxes Bar Soap, 50 do Pipes, 20 Hsgs Pepper, 2i do Pimento, 40 do RioCofTie, 15da Java do byJ.ct J.ILPECKcV Co. 30 Dee. 1641. NOTICE. ALL who aro indelred lo tho undersigned vvhoss note, and accounts have become dee, are hereby nalified, that immedrjle pijiiieiit must be inada to save cost. To lhoc whole demand nre becoming due, we would say that prompt payment, acconlint; lo contract, is expecnu. i hp ortn nr I'oj.arinerrnm oi ins sunscr Dirs e:c niics bv liinii itl.iti on iho 1st of April next. it will theiefore bo insisted upon, tint all coniracls be closed. STRONGS ct Co. Ilurhnglnn, Dec. 30, 1341. ""I OA USE SALT. T tk's Island and Sl.Ubts J Salt. Also fine baircl Salt for sale by Dec. 1511. S. M. POPE. nitrVa I'alrnl Cjoklnr Stores mHEU-.t .love for the .BV'iu of la! or andflir), 1 vvh ch ha ever ecu o 'ercilfor ale in Ihi sta e Ihe lire Icmv directly under the I oilers, to as to lal.e betir tand slurpe-t neat, aa.i men .iiii jiiwuo the oven in line-, .o a to give the oven a rctr lirhrat; lakuis e,i al lo 'i I rick oven; a il I cms larger ihaj .Mcrlnoh, i.e. nn PIECES Colored Kmilish and French SleruUH, OU20 do black do do 29 do figured Bombazine, 20 do black do 2) AlpaCc.a ch ih, Nov, 50. 1-H1. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co.- Walton's Vermont Register tor 1 S 4 2, For sale by Dec. 13, 1941. S. Ht'NTINQTOIvL Gilpin's Improved Self-Inker. PRINT! lli are I'e.-ircl to wilncs the operation ofene at the s.iliscril er cilice. They will t at the inanufaciurer's pri'.-o.. C. OOODRICII, Da-. 15. .1 rtnt far the MinnUeturtr. Clocks. THOSE who wih to p irchac either Crass or Wou.'en C'O 'l. are invited lo call and look' at our a.ortircut. Wc have them that run one and eight davs, iho c that tnke, hour and rlaiin clocks) w have Ibein q i c cheap for l.ilcl.en. or clinniler. and tine one-.uilable fi.r Parlor or oil.ic. C.'ovk e'eaned an I PA.NGUORN ct PR1NS.MAID. De. 1, 1S4I. M OT1CE. T'lIE Subs rikcrs having banned a rrpartrtershi? X under tha firm of HATCH, ODELL & Co., vvoul.'. inlorm their friends and the public generally, lhat ihev hnvc recced a good a-sortinrn of FAMILY GROCERIES, which ihey ars now offering for sale at icduccd prices, rt the corner of .Main and Water Sine s. A so, Flo r, Potk, Salmon, Codfish, MackereJ, Iron, Natl-, G ass, Hrown Sheitiags and Shirtings Roots and Shoes, and Liqcirs of all kinds. J. HATCH, W. J. ODELL, CROiS q-. HYDE, Burlington, Dec. Bib, 1841, 28iaW Z1V STABLE it. c o r. it nn t ii Vt ESPECTFL'LLY infurnis his fiiends and tSc it public, that hi has now opened a Livery S abl, no has en hand ready for use some excellent Horec in auv other em... in i stove now in n-e. I r .ale l.y ; a. .. i.arriapi s, ricigu, unrpesse-, ic. wnicn ncwin 5, ,i, 1 UI r. I 'i'l o i rcnonai ic i' Nov. II), IS 1 1. Commissioner's Xotlcc. "VrEthe eul scribe rs having been appointed hj TT iIih Honorable the Piobate Court ibrthedit- rii nr Grind ule. Commissioners to receive, exam ine and adjust the claims of all pus. n against the ' L.l l. '.:.,..... U... nl !n.,,t llArn tn Mil I CSiniCOl iilUIOIc IVlOlli J, l.lii oi -jvii.i. . district, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in otlicl thereto i and six months from the day of iho date hereof being al lowed by said Court for that purpo-e, wedo therefore hereby fcivo notice lhat we will attend to ihe business of our appointment at tho dwelling house of Polly Kinnv. in said South Hero, in said dis net, on the first Monday cf February next, at ten o clock in the forenoon. , Dated this 29th day of recemher. A. D. 1841. TIMOlHi U. "Ml. I ;. . (Com'rs. Hotel, Suutll II. . .uifilon December 10, 1841. I ins. Stable at Lcmauiin llnhou t West Coiner Court Housa Squsrr, 1 I" MUG i l 10 Filberts, do Hrazn N'uls, 10 do hard shell Almonds, 15 Frails soft do do 2D B' Is. Hickory Nuts, 5 do Ch'slnu's, Of ruperior quality, and offered low, by FOLLETT it BRADLKV. FRANKLIN ROBINSON, oefj M DRILLED Eyed Needle, 00J 200 Gross Hooks and Eyes. 100 do. Knttling Pins, fi Cases London and Amsrican do. tO lbs. do. Just received and for sale by Nov. 30, 1611. VILAS, LOOMIS et OO. rOUNG ORATOR, or New Yoik Class Book, and X Emerson's Outlines of Goographv and History. The attention ef Teachers is particularly requested to ' he aim vo booke. Tor eale by C, GOODRICH. Nov. 25. Alirt Novell's Kstalr STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T a Proba e Court District of Chillenden, ss, 5 1. hoi V n ct Burling ion, vvilhin nnd for the District aforesaid on the 27lh, doy of December A. D. 1811. an Inttrument pur porting to be the last Wi 1 and Testament of Abel Newell lute of Cl.ailntte ii faid District decrasrd, was presented to the Court here lor I roDaif, uy i-ira Holt the Exocutor, therein name.!. Therefore il is ordeied hy said Cctirt. that public nones ho given to nil persons inleres el Iheriin'o ap pear before-said Court, al a session thereof to bo holdcti at the Registc's Oiricein sakl It ibneton on the 18lh day of January A. D. 1512, and concst the probate of sail Will, and it is f rthcr ordered that thie otritr lie pul lished hrce weiks successively in ihe Bulling- ion r rce i if ss a news papii iioiiiu hi .iiiiiii'v'"". ,hl Riata. the last of which shall he previous to tho dav assigned, asafi tesaid, fur hearing. Given iinner my nnnn ai ine ecegititi uunt, im 27th day of December A. D. 1841. ,?1. Ul.viu,' iicl.irf. Crockery at I'ost I AFEWn-isciflilue, pnk anJ Dove vare; alio, Glass Di-hes, Glas. Lamp., etc. at cost for the purpoie of closiag lhat k'nd of tu.inesp. ' Nov. 11. S.B.SCOTT. Hard Ware. AMES' Shovel., long handle do. pade, Manure Fork., Ilahcr and Trace Chin. a'.o ibtl Ja oy 12. o. .ai. j urr., 50 Writing I'aper. Ill'NTINaTOV. rYK UEAJIS Cap, Letter anl Vote paper, reessived f .ani rir Mr by thot, to li. HHDS. Gardner Brewer's N. England Rum. ill rines ani mil ripes American nranuy, Si, at, no iiaiiiinuru uiu, 10 do do 'Pcllevoisin' Brandy, F do elo ' Swan' Gin, 10 Ilhdi. St, Croix Rim, M libit. Shirrv and Madura Winra, d.a Malsra, do Ho Part d- 3' nil byJ.eVJ H PECK. A Co. tT BBL-i. Winter Od, of siiprr'or quality, for .el. tU low I y FOLLETT it BRADLEY. Oi"k BBLS. Tar, 20 do. Pilch and I Ton Oakum, Zl f.realehv FOLLETT ct BRADLEY. Old Dock, Builington. Ofl COILS mamlla Ripgin; OXJ 30 do do freni I to 9 iccb. tarred 3 dn marline Tocether with nn extensive fissortmsnt ef Dae-f Sea Line, Spun Yarn, Ac. for sale by . FOLLETT it BRADLEY Old Dock, Builingtoa FLOUR. nnw BBLS, and COO half da. of the most a? sjsVsW rrovCJ brands, by 30 Dec, 1.41. J.eVJ. H.PF.CK d Co. NOTIC13I THE nibsfr bcrs having formed a Copartnerentp and purchased the stock of JUrdvare, Drugs, Medicines, (f-c. belnngmg to the E late of the Into Doct. R. Moodv, will continue the business t tre eld stand, sign of the Pa-'lock, corner of C..urch and College Uriels, and will make such additions to their stock of Hardware as will make il full and complete. They respectfully solicit n rontinuanco of the gener ous patronise exlended to their predeiestor, and in tend to mnit it hy the same ttteiit'on to their bun net, and tho wishes of their . Itntlinglnn, Nov. 29, 1811. Sherman's elcbralcel Medicines I SHERMAN'S Lozenges, of every ort, " Papillary O.I, (a certain our tVc .ore ntpph'O " Poor Man's PUier, Constantly fcr sale at (Nov. 1. LLCS cat SPEArc'S LBS. White and co'i'd Thread, 4 UU Ml " Bltck Linen, 75 Gross Round and Flat Laretr, Nov. 30, 1311. For tale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Shcctlrgt. rf BALES 4 1 RrovvuSUrtingr 'S CAie, uieai.cci i'o. Nov. 30, 13-11 ror tale Iy VJ LAS, LOOMIS et OO. fe; KEGS l'.i'mond, iWt- 12 T'ohaffo. MJW KTOItlJ ANI NE1Y GOODS. O M, TOPE is now receiving his fall stock o. O. CpoJs,cons.sting''faeiieralaesortmentofprj Goods., Crockery and Hard ware, wbiefc hniireis fir sale at a eiitsll ujvanee from cetl. Oct. D, IS II. OROCEUICS. Boxes Ervine'e, 1! do Homo s, 10 KcreCardwcH's 10 Uf xes Rowt t. , . . j,-, ...r ! y,Ur-' 3. rLD "on. Yoiinfj Hvson. Hyson ekmand Pon ( Jcnong Te-'f, St.Creix and Ppno R'co and Mueta i S,, Sucars. do.ibla and f ingle lefined La