Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 4, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 4, 1842 Page 1
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NOT T 3 B GLORY OT 0 S A K BUT TUB W S L F A It n OP It O IH E. VOL. XV. MHLJNCTON VERMONT, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4 184S- No. 35. LILY SYRUP. An unparraltcd remedy for Diseases of the. Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, Sfc. tj TO THE PUBLIC. In predentin; to the vi! lie a fur eli-oa-acsof I ho may I e proper to nv ilht, tiulsins from t lie niiny ccrltli.'a'u ami rcconi ron of oilier pcvmcs contains I iu thu newspaper nftlio 'lay no new reiuvly w. oalte 1 furor req art-J. 1! n if the popular rente fie liaj materially le tciie'.! lliu lull of mortality, or any one of the mmy preparation pe ses'oj those virtue roootntnoii lul. .n ilini afu r a (n trial, the patient co il I lopeini upon its lioalinir prnvpr-, nnu r.iMiMi.uiy uupe lur a spcu ly recovery in iioiiin, this humble attempt to nrret the pronre-s of Pulmo nary Consumption wonli' not have appeaieJ. Hut that the victim of tin destroyer are daily in creainr, nee I no proofun I the larjc calo o'f the Dru--stt'g'ioiv tint the reme lie ot the itny have been fairlv trie I, an I lai.'c.l in theirob.e.'f, il III it ob ject the ra.tnr.itiun to heiMi of per-on 3 i 'oring troni iliea-e of ihe 1 in;-. While one rcne ly line u i ae'o nil tint shu.l I ho uro.icrlv aide I totlirmvol lhevieM plile.'in coilco;oluiin the Inns an Itlinut the harbinger of ili.eie, another, by a baJ se'le.'tinu of an ex icjtrrant, i in 'eel ena' le 1 to dipoe. the preciu tenant, but leave-a wor-eoneto occupy the thaueiel premi-c- i .inJ by il,llie wor'; of death l the seoncr afci'innlche 1. The LILV SVItLI i now I elieveJ to I c the I e-t re-ncily f.. riling eo'iip unit', llm ha ever appcire.l. To cure 1'jlmon.try Consumption lifer the ileea-e ha ilo:.e it- 1ft wort, orliu.'ome -eateJ upon the vi tal finclion-, an I tubercles are formed an I broken, nn.l atmo-pherie air i inhale I into the nro'.cn part', is not a in j n it I lie pre eii'iou of the tho i-an-1 an I one povilarno-ir.un-io the couitary, not.vitli-tanJing). Till' Me liciueilia re-tore I many who were mi- po-e.l till e I eyoml cure, I v men tan lint: lush in the ineliealprole.'ion ; I ut the.rie (oration In health on ly prove I tint area' and so ul men may I e ini.tat.eii,' la the 'ta;e or prone ot theib ea-e. Hence, let no person o'e pairof lelief, mini he h.i-ina.!o a lair if the l.ily Syr tp. Tina nu-.hcine opcr.i'o I y nrrmotin? a free ami ea-v oepectoration, tbeie! y frreius the 1 1 1 n s and throat from vi'C.d pli'crni, aii I Iru'Ullienmi the par: auJ freeing them from inllania'ory notlun which uns'.llule the di-ei-e of I'lilmonary Con-tiiuplion. The Syr ip i-en'irelv free from a iv mineral ul ("tune, an I p irely uvetal le; and may lie taken with per Ucl safely by the mn-t deliea'e coii'titulion'. It i luirhly recominen le I to llin-e who have weak inn'. Teacher' oi performer of vocal niU'ie will fui.l it of invnlnal le life to ihein, by i civiir.- s-trengtli an 1 t.ire ne lotbe tone. of nvi io, an I on a'lliuir the per-on to perform with sriea1 i-n-o. I'ul lie apeiAef and del .i'er. will lnid it " invah, a' le ser vice, to them, Thi ins heme ha I eon thom iejily and 'iiece-sf illy te-teJ I v able nhv-iciaii', an I bv their a lvoc i now prertare I an I n lore I to the p-il lie, to pca'; for it'df in tfiect i-e of iiilbclcl h nnaniiy. And mav he who ble-c I the in'r imcirulitv ut clay to open iheeye' of the blin I, iin'.e it a !.le.i'n? to Ke li iniin l.imily, and the Rreat object of the proprietor will le iutoiii rlishc.!. All mj'i 'inc sho il 1 1 e civen neoorlim to I lie 'itn ation of the patient i and, if m icb rel iced, a j-malVr j lamily Ih in where there i i on-i ! .'tren; h. '1 lie dire Minns on he bottle may 1 e a-a general rale : but if lakdi for a Ion; tanJinir co i?h, it'may I e luvc- ary to la1 e n m ich larger do e I'orMUne one or two day', an 1 evr'i of ener ni'til an expo 'titration I' tiro lilt L-1 that will le five and ea-y. When there i- in icli nhtnc- ol the c!et, it will .nine inie. increase the co i"b for a dav or two : in winch ca e, Ihe n iiieul ibo ill tal.c Ihe rjyrup more freely, oven until il shout I prod ice a i-ltfth' na it-ca of the Momac h. llencclnol fear anv liarni from mp h eiisation. 1 wo ,bl 'ay to nil who piireha-e th s medicine lor u-e, that thev can liavo tint nine nope OI I ems ' crcurci ny r, un;e-' r ism'iea Mcililv when it l commenced with. Some itohcea day, then twice, then not anvfnr two or tureedaV'. 1 cannot nv ltil u.'ii wo 1 1 ic hke'v to iceive in nh I encfit from it ; but if la' cn regularly, it i eminently cile il.i'el to uproot tho di---!e, an t to le-'ore to bound health. ! i-ibeearue t ue ue of thu proprietor to bae eery one ihat me- nt Ie.1'1 one bottle of il frailly nccordini li the direc tion-, to comm inicate the re' ilt to the pcr.-on ol whom he purchased ihe incdicn.e. The iironr e or i privi'cpe I to refer to the follow i.v ter ons ho hae ii'cd the Lily Hyrup, and uhowll e happy to ive inform i bin of it Mipenor healing nowef'.'to anv w'l Inns Mi know inrre a' o-n it. Mr. Vitteiufeu, one of the linn ol I". I'. Smi'li & Co., wdio'e ate .nil reiail inerdian', l.xtdianse-htie Roche. ler. fur blcc lull ill ihe I -Ilir. Ilec. II. I'.ic'ier, Pa .'tor of second Captii-t Ckurih, Jioclie ler. Captain l'.. Freeman, for a In Ico ili. .Mr. Stol I ir.l, of the linn ot S anwnoKVCn. I ool, wller-. corner of II i in'o and Stale -Incis. Uieheve Mr. J. M. French,', Ifo. he-ter, lor tho whoo;iin;-ccvii;h. Mr. Soj', Sione-nreet, Itceli-4'lcr, for lad oo ih. Mr. Ro'crt M'Kil.l on, .Mmirte-'ircet, n.i.dio-nr, la 1 severe an I alarinui? ca cot the w liooiuus-coiis U llarnarl, INq mo, nlice in co in-lio.i-c, in a eof whoo,iiii?.co nil in hi fainilv. Captain W. I). Fisli, for a caseo'l I'hlhmc in hi famile. Itev.Mr. Clark, Pastor of the Rapti-t Clutreh, l.e Hov Uev. Mr. P. Church, i'.i'tor of the llrM Unpti Clr-rch. ltucbe-ter. Captain A. UrU'.on, for Haemorrhage of the lunc.'. A. G. Pmiih, ca'hicr of Mechanie an 1 Farmer Dank, itoi lie-lcr. L. W. Sil.lev, of the firm of Sd ley & S-rantom dry good merchants, and auctioneer, 'Uutlalo-streci Ho"he:er, liev. A. Kini-Icy, Pa-tor of the Uapltt Church at nancne-icr. Rev. Jacob Knann. linn-t.1i't. Mr. T. Ilunn, Carriase Ma' cr, St. Pull-street, Jtirani luckcr, a lornevat Inw, irr. Jlr. Thoma-A-hman, paiur, lto.he,.;er, who ha received atonUhing relief, l.'je.i-o inq lire of ln .lfOUHIM i:53i:.NCK OF 1.IFK.-.V Valuable 111 Me heme, which, if riehtlv nnnlicd. Willie the tD'I'll'.l' V-PMt,.,. . I...I l.niiwn bv till cue it perform.n; I. Newton' Panacea mcaii'Ol savmi thoii-an lioin an crate, i or Pun ier ol the II ooil. ho iinii.irallile I mi l Mill It ha Lecu MilJand n-od fur thirty tear, incieainiriep'itiitioii wli.'oh ihi lnelicine liTiu'iiair 'iici.'e", nnl fo in I very cihcicio'i- in the followiu; J od thru mho it the New lStnto-, nn.l the many di'.oa viz. Con'i.iiu'ou, Wlioopina Comih, com-' c-ire it h.i pcrforniod, an I the ffrett demaii I mad, moil Co i,'h., Co'd., ilifllcnlt Die.ilhiiifr, IiiIIiiciijm, 1 font bv I lie a Ivice orpliy.'iciiiiwoll a-Tialnloi trnli I0im.y, A'tliin.i, PlilluK', dpillui!; of Illood, Flam- n picpa ration, ha in.l ice I tho proprietor to ox en lencv,' In hie-lion, lioo.enCs. of the Llmil, Fi!ol it cir.iul.itlon lo i alniiM every Imvn n; I lie i-jtern i.i-ir',' t.'i I IViii,., lll,.'.. t VI ,, r?,ilnrrl. l).Mn. 'il. n,l lf. uriticinn I lOWO 111 I ItO l - II l! OJ S'lltC. I.irvi Faintine-, llypochon Jii.ic A'ic noli', llciuliche , ITIu l'.nncei w.irran'cl pniilv leje'al le.und I mil -SICrtiie" ;u t in -ii, ..le.i'ie , a picvcinue ui un- "ir,i ic.i "ca o, Lout ami Klie imati in. fafllic'el o n.i h, Moa-le , a preventive latflo i-tli-ca o, tiont ami ulie imati in. t 1 heal ovo Me licinc I nre.iare.l I v Henry Scv imvir, of Il.ulley, Ma'. fiom the Onsi.ial Hecipe, ly 'lio.lne.Mliui ol 'iiiil .Moore, and sol I I y him ami tlie urmcipal 1 riiff i?i-l-in the UuilodSiate-. eld w holcnle and retail, by Peck & Spear, urllujto and by ihedca!cr sencrallv through- f t 1 a n E'ATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. 'TMU.S nrticlcis toj well known to need common- d.i ion and the experience of seven yeats has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convcnii nee and durability, they are unrivalled Coal vnrd scales to weiali Ironi 'i to G tons. Dormant Wtoc-house do, to weiali from l-'2 lb. to ,iUUO lb., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to .00 lb. Portable Counter do a new article to weieli from 1-2 oi. to '10 lbs. .1. it .1. It. Peck & Co. Agents. Ilurlinstoii, April S 1941. V any other me Heme eter o erciio inc it even-no -a'e an I (Treat pop nan y plainly prove. II ha williiu tin; l.i-l cnririrn inontii circdils ihou-nn l-oflho .iiui-1 ob'tina e ili-ea-i-, a caii lo pi uve I by cerlilic.iK", and i pronounce! ly eminent and ro-pe 'lablo phvieinn the I o-t mo In me in ii'O. I' of il infi rm.ilion 'may I c fo md in eireular eoutainimr certificate of c irev and dnection for In kins Ibe medicine. The followini' n'lnointod ajent". ll'irlmslon, PnCKtinl S PP. All, I!. Moody Si All nn-, Corn an I K i-sel Milton, C. Dralo .Milion Fall-, Iliirncl anil S iwvor Wa'crville, F'l. nn I lirown, Iline-biir?li, Hull an 1 CW, Fairfax, Parker ami .Maliield Verpenno, Adam- an I Murrav Caml ridse. M. Wire I'lu'erhill, M. C. fiarnev North Ferril urah, H. C. Wicker (ienrei.i, A. Hli" Willi-lon, N. Chittenden Iln hniond, (Irccn it liho.le John-oil, ('. I. Warner and C Monktoii, Kilrin Suii'li, Arminu'tou and Yt oo.lwar I I' air- lield, I! irnct an J I .irnswoiih. o.o.p 1 .1. 19 MAHMIAl.l.' eontmue unrivalled a n Irenitthening Al.-o, fi r lihrnifii- ll'in, l.aincue- or iiain in lhenle, lunl s or 1 ack : for crof ilo l s we1 1 ui e irvy -ore, Freb wound; an I furn irencrnl Family l'l.i'ieroralve. ForConi', inoreover try it; pine cio-e, per-evcre in ineii-o i y inakima new application neea tonally, and in time, youreorns will I o eurcd. For alo bv " PFCIC & SPKAlt, Ui.rlinyrton, Jan. 22, 1SII. Iy.f.18 IMINTIXC!. fPHF. Mibsrilcr lein? thankfil for pvt favor ,L wivild le-peelf illy solicit a continuance ol the 'iimo an I remind hi-fri'i-nd and the p iblic that he i priy.ued lo acvomniod.ite them on the shortc-I notice anJmo-tfivoriblo terms in the variou- branches m I ho al oveliuo. Shop uppo-ite Mr. C. A. Seymour'. Hat Store, Peail-sttcvl, l!,irliii''ton, Vl. JAMl'.S SCOT1". Apnl I, IS II. nl3:1 y -1F.RT.UN CUItU FOR SK'K IIUADACIIC, which Ins been uspiI in families, ctcry inciubcr of which has had Pick headache from infancy, ns n const tutiunal f lmdy complaint, nnd his cured efiec nnllv incterv inst-iucovcl known, nnioiintui" Ionia- nv hundreds. 1 1 is not unpleasant to the timlc, nnd docs not prevent tliediily avocations of one iisinir it It must 03 persetercu in, nun uie cine n grain in eel tain nnd Instances are constantly niultiplinwlicrcthi- uVtrepsintr complaint is com lete v relict cu anti ciirco, niiiiniirru oi years 'lauiiiii; iv the use of Or. fa'poltn's cclibrntcd rcmrdv. One decided preference is its pleasaiilncs, havui" nunc of i he iinus.entinj cltect o couiniim limes. Itis so pcrfe'ctlysatisfictory, that the nroprii tor lias nit en directions for hisnsentstn rtftmit the price to any one who is not tilensej Willi, nnu ctcn cincii ny li. lie hours also I nt this innv secute lis eri at ben efits to the ilitrisse.d snflcrors who nrelaborni" under llea.-laclic. 12. SP01IN, 31. IJ., mttntor and Pro nrietor. Hol t liy liUJIA I Ul-A if. I.IJ.. II .ililliien l.nne. New York. 1T.CK & S P Iv A 1!, Wbo'esale AeciUs, nfetv doi ra last of the Post Office, Hurling ton, Vt. tifl Croil.rrv ami (JUish M arc. A I I'.W set's White Granite Ware, nUo Glass DWies and Plate, Dccjntcrs, Tunihler'.I.anips, l-c. for fale tcry low, by S. M. POPF.. Dr. A. Sherman's Cnimh I,ozcin;e.s. NO Cou.'h Medicine ha over I con inlroduied into Virmotit that ha iriveu 'icli iiniter nl sa'i'f.ic f Kin. Thev seldom fall me ire the mo-t trou'ilcome civiph and cold in a few dav. Numerous refer ence tnipht 1 c riven to pcr-ot s it ho have 1 ecu cured by them, but where their merit uie mi generally known h ajiprceia ed it n icclo to-peciff ni'lanie-. Theal oveine.hcine, a well " .Sherman's- ce'ebr.itod Worm I.07eii2e, PoorMnn's pl.i-ter., and other pre paration may I o had of fm:4. I'.t.MillllK.N iV IIKI.NtStl Ml). UFFAT'd VKOl.T'AHM': L.I Fl-I MFDICINIH- The e inelieiue are in ioi io.i lor tneir name J IfOU.M). OR tiviv bo found in this tillise, direcilv opposite the Methodist Chanel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, nettly filled upin ood sttie, where the undersigned will lie RlaiJ 10 wail on Ins utu cusloniers wno may favor him with their patrona':e. Inn Pi il. i'. ar.iui.ui.tu. liurlmaton, April 23 1811. GHOCEUIF.S, Sec ISAAC WAllNHIt lue s conslanlly for bale nt his Stoic, opposite S. IC. llotiind's .Store. i.ocme iirnniiv, iioinnu inn, a. uroix iium, Hiinn Hum, fow piiccd llrnndv, II iltiuiore Gin, Anliuua Ititm, Cherry do. Wines, of most kinds nnd prices, Molasses, Loaf, Lump and lirnun supir-, Hysonand Vouns Hyson. Hj son I:m and Clad; Tens: ',o Ilnsms. Kc" do. Codfi'li, Salnnn. Mackerel, Sounds and Tongues, mce, liar soap, i-nticyno. auspices ; Pepper, Ginger, Niniiicps ; Cioic-, Cinminon. Salera ii. Poland Slarili. Mustard, Indpn, Prpper Sauce, Coffee, Chocolate, Table Sail J Candles i Spinisli Kcenrf, half Si anislido. Decanlcrp, Tumblers, Lamps, .hrs. pc. Also BOO Jiarrcls Salt. The Liquors are ivnrrented In tie thu best that can bebouphtm NctvYoik. Tavern-' cepcrsnnd olheis ttilllindit for iheirlitnrfit to call and examine them befoic they hut' elsewhere. Kutlingtnn, Nov. 5. 1641. l.NDOW SASII- Ju't recoiled 13, 21) and 217 bv 9 ci-omout- ol ash, a first r.i'e article al .'Jj and :ii cent tier lichl : ul-n all km 1 an.l'ize , f inn-lied Hi order. Tieondcro-ja blael. lei I, a lir-t rale article, for -ale very low, toce her with a ereal variety of other am- cl i-e cheap a can be at liny n't her c-ial li-h-nienl in Ihe plaie. (Jr.oPr.jr.nsoN' ' "a?a unsmz t 2Sz lira Wf HATCH would inform the in- . hnbiiauts of llurlinji on and 1 1 e l.ily, that ho lias opened a shop in strcit, at the sign of the Utile, where lie iuliiids to carry on the Gun smith llusincss, in nil its tni ions branch es. Hating ken employed for the Inst six years in the flnp of .1. M. Caswell, in Lnninihiirjli, (inidoiibttilly lliu best shop in the l.'uilcil tjpite',) lie leel war ranted in oIl'Ting his woik to the public. Rurlingtnn, June 1, 1S11. J V S T I : IllOUS! A snitlemim heloiuitiBto Lx oncof the most ancient and wcalihy faniil cs ol this city, who must be ttcll l.notvii to iiuiiieiousineuda hatiim'since the year I S 1 C, up to iccenlly. been bent ncnily double, and for setirnl cars confined lo bis bed, lias been restored to oi d licallh lias regained bis natural enct nosition and liasniiittid Ins car riae, nnd now walks with easel! We bclietc llus i theL'cii'leniaii's own desciiplion as near ns posiible, nnd ihcreis no exaucration in it. We will ptemqui- rers Ins address, and iluiibt not humane inliiigs win exe se the liberty! so that any one iloubline;, may .iioir tlico facts hoiialtlie rcflurMs his name may not appear in print. Amonnotlicr instances, .nr. .in. G. Reynolds, 111 Christie-street, has ben restored, ...,,1 ..Ml ..iir. tun snnnl ns'lirnnees of the facts of Ills case. Hoih were rheumatism, nnd contracted cords and sinews, llnwhas this I cen doner Aiisit-cr. liu the Indian Voidable Elixer in lcrnall$; and 1 hires' Xeneand Iione Liniment cxttrn-tllt!. .Inn. 'J!l. 1311. Soldonbj Iv CO.VSTOCK if- CO., 71 Ahidcn I.are. Xelr Vorl. II 3 PIX'IC & SI'FAIt, 'Wholesale Acents, a fctv doors cast of the Post Office, liurling on, Vt. Iheir inaiiife-l an I 'Cii-ille nr-tion II p'lrifyin the pnnanil i-h.iiinci ol lilc, nn I eniiiiii? Ihein with reuetre.l tone nnl vi?or. In nnny h in Ire I i eriiiie -.i-e.whii h haio Icon made mi' li", an I in ulnio-t eicry .pceie ofili-ea-ctn which 1 lit; h iman fiame I h.i1 lo, ihe h.ippve ecu ofMcrrAT' I trc P;tt. ANn Piiik.n-ix littTi:ii- hate I ecu areaif dlyand pillnlv .icnowled-jed bv the pcr-on I one(i''eil, mil veil". were prcvioti-lv'nnati iam'e-1 wi h ihebca'ilif illy pin- o oplucal pnui'ii) o-upon whi hlhey nrccoinpoiiud-t-J, mi I trnmi wh' -li iheycoii-ei len'ly acl. 'Ihe MFKMF.DIC1NP.S rcfimmend Ihcni'tlve in li.e.eol'eierv form and ile-cription. Their liri 'incration i lo 'no-en from the coat of the stomach an I I owcl., Ihe verio t imp irnie nnd cru hiie con. lam v sen un nroiuul them t mm In remove the liar- dene I' face ti Inch collect in the convolution of ihe iiiallt-t IntO'tine. O.hor Ine liciue only partially cli-an'olhe-e, and leave such collected mas-c I ehinil ii to nrodiico hat dual eosiivencss, with all il tram of evil', or udden diarrluca, with it immincnl ilairer-.n 'Ihl lac! i veil known in all regular nnatoiiii't.. who examine I hob iman bowel alter death j nnd hence ihe preindii-ooflhosiiv.'ell inforniod men ajain-tnnacl, me heme or ine.hcincs prepared and hcr.ildcllo ihein' lie I y tcnoiaul per-on.. 'Ihe second o.locf ol ihe Life Me beiiio i to elcan o tl.e kidney nnd the 'la Idcr.auJ bylhi mean', the litei iiinltl'icliinc--,ilic heal hf.ilii"'ion of i Inch entirely depend upon Ihe re tt ilarnv i f the urinary orpin'. The Hood, tvhicb 1 1, e i s red co or fiom Ihe n-'cncy t f the iver and ihe Innr I elore it pii'-e into I lie he-ifl, I ciiip thi purified i y incm, an i no iri nei i.y loon coiiunst iroin a clean -toinach. co ir e freely thro'izh the vein-, renew. eicrv nart of ihe sv-lem. and Iriiiumliautlv motin!s the l'anner of health in the bloomiti? che-ek. .Mo liil'-t eactal le Life MchciiiO' hale I ecu thor- o t" til y le-te I, und prono Miccd a sovi rcien rcinedt for iiy.pepia, t l.ituieney, t'aipifition oi iiieilc.irt, Liw of Appetite1, Heart-burn an I Ilea.l-ache, Rulle-sue, Ill-teinper, Anxiety, Liuirior mil Melancholy, Co tivcne.-, itiarrhic.i, Chulei'.i, Fever of all kiiib, Uho imati-m, lion, Drop'ies ol nil kind-, Grniel, Worm-, A'tliin.i and Coniiin;itioii, Scuiv' rUcr-' luvetora'o Sole, S.'orbntie Lrnplion and Had Coin-p'oxion-, Krip'tve complain', sallov, t'loudy, and odierdi-ii'ireea' Ic t'omplexioii', Sail lihe un, rrv-ip-elii', Conimiiii (Told nn I lull louza, and varum, iithi r eoinpLiinl. which iifibel llieli fiame. In Fi;ti:ii an I Anui:, parlic.iUrly, the Life Melicine hate I cun mn-l iiiiinciitly suci-e'-sf il j so much so that in the 1 A irnedi'triet, Physician nlino.t unit crsally pre. ci il e ihein. All Ih it Mr. MoTat iciiuire'of hi ia!ienls i to lo in bikini; ihe Life -Me heme strictly aceoi dm? to the direction. It i not a iicW'pane'r notice'. or by anyllnuir ihcl he hun-clf iiny-ay in the r favur, llul ho hopes lo Irani ere lit. It is aloiieby ihe resiills of a fan- 'r al. MOFFA'PS MLDICAL MAN'I'ALj ilcisned a. a doiiie.ti -? h. Tlnlinle pampli'c', ed'lcd l Jlo bit, 27o llroa.l.vay, c.ctv i ork, ha lecn led li lie I fur the p irpo-e ofex plain inr inoref l'y Mr. Mo lai' theory of dieae, an I will le found highly inlerc-lini lo'iersi ii' icekunr health. Il upon preyalentdi'ca-e', and the ca-i-es thciccf. Priio, 25 cent for -ale I y Mr M.ilVat'- A'.'eiii uonciallv. These lahnb'e .Mebcine. ate for sulci v Gl'.ORLF. L. W.nNI'l! it Co. .toliii'i'ii, VI., General Aceiils, I v whom all order from nny part of the Suite or Camilla, will 1 e proinpllt nn'ticio I. 23 I I Dev. 17, 1511. JIA (7 A R e' All THUll, General Ascnt for Mo at'- i del ta'cil medicine , to wh'iiu all appl, cut ous for a'ctlicies mu&l le ad-drc-ed. liiuliu? in, Jan. 2?, IS 12. SPEECH OF MR. HUDSON OF MASS." Oel. l'J, 'Pill. llurliii2loii Ilrewcrv i now .L in full operation, nnd I'ccr of ihe trrv best oualitv is kept con i.slimlly on hind for sale in whole .,r l.ll'leirr. n PIVrl'.IlSON'. IHI1. , ., . Sc,',''--''''-'i;s Taper, Ac. 'V H r. Ftili rriher lin n hilirro slock of School I jl lioo'isan piper, .ttercnaius, sjciidoi commiPces i I its. furnished on llio mosi liberal terms. Rai'sand most kindsof country produce received in i-avinent. ""Nov. VS. C. GOODRICH. ll A'riJl"S GlfAM) Itl..-5lUi(A I It j;. I hl ii y.i'nal le Vcfrc'at Ic Medicine sl.iuJ nnriialled lor Ihefollowina conipla-nt, viz: iy-icp-ni, or liuli SOlion,diioa e.l Liter, I iliou dii r ler-, l)iopy, Aslh- Ina, Co'tiiene-, Worui' unit lo- ol Appcli-e. anil 1 1 clcaii'inir the stoinaeh and I i.wcls, cine- pain in tl.e ide, stomach and 1 rci-t, cold' and eo-iedii ot lone tan hue, lloar-cne-., slior HO" of lii.nh, Nervou.- complaint., etc., which arolie'iientl the c eel ol di--ease. For Feterand Asi.i. i! i:i lub.-t va' le pre- venlanvc hi well a a soicrcijrn Il virtue;. -il pa anv thinir herelifnic l.nottn in rcniovuur St Villi'' l)anie two 1 onlc have I ecu I- uotvn Hi cine this allbc'iiig disease, iiferbavuic lallled every oxer 'ion torfuir tear.. It In a niol powerful iiifh.cueo in rc.novinf nert on ci nipl.uni. Il i plt-a-anl lotake and oea-y in it opera'ion.ihal it may I cadimuistercel in the inlaiil ti I'll -ate y. I he nl.ote .l.e-lictne itcrv li'chly ri'comnu'n 'ed I y many scicutilie cvnlleiiitn, an.l a lare ii'iiui er ol tail e-, ttlio liate i loteil tl e A resolution to commit so much of the Pres'dent's mess-ige ns rel He. to the subject of the TarifT being under considcratnn .Mr. IH-nsoN nddi-emcd the House as follows: Mr. Spi'.vklii: I linvp, from tho first, rejrnr.Icil lUU dtAuw nt prttnintiiro ; and now, ifllto Ilmisu mo tlispnseil in puss upon lliu sntijuct at oiicp, I will clicorl'ullv vieltl llio floor. " Hut, us gpiitlpnien say "go on," I will endeavor lo present my "vit.nvs to thu consi ilt'intion of tliu Honso. Tito iminediitlo question Iiiifnru ns, is on tliu anioiidinent of my fricnil fruin .Smith Citiulinn, (Mr. Rhott,) to commit lo the Commute.) of V;ivs mid Means, "ivim inst unions that sliou'ld it lie in their opinion pxpptlitsnt lo lay additional duties, they shall U so laid as not" to disci im imtti! in favor of tiny particular class of in dustry in the United" Stales." This opens the whole stihjecl of a discrim inalinj; lanff. Tim Renilonian from Snulh Carolin.i, tvho moved these instructions, has met tho question witli his characteristic franhnu's. Ilo has laid tho nxo at tho root of the tren. Ho denies to Cungrrs.i tin; consiitiitioual riyht of imposing duties which shall disciiminati! in favor of manufactures. 1 propose hi'ielly lo notice this question. The Constitution gives to Cunerej., the riht "lo regulato cominiirci) with foreign nations and among the several States." As this Kraut of poivcr is given without limitalii)n, it follows thai Congress may regulate com merce as it pleases nnv impost) a hih dulv upon one mticle, and admit another fiec ol" duly. On any fair conMruclion of this clause, the power is us undoubted in tho case of dis criminating duties, as in tho ease of declar ing war or maintaining a navy. This poiv cr of discrimination in the imposition of duties seems essential, not ottK to tho reiiu- latiim, but to the very existence of com inerre. Great Hriliiin, with whom wo nro more intimately connected by commercial intei course than with any other nation, lets no opportunity of protecting her enmmerre and her iudu'tiv pass unimproved. This she does by fostering her own commerce, and by restricting that ol other nations. Look at Iter restiuiinu upon tliu commerce ol of the United States. While ivc export fish to the amount of $300,000 annually, she prohibits its importation into the IJnilcd KniL'tlom, and, tit the same time, admits the products of her own fisheries fieo of duty. I he whale, (isheries consilium no inconsiele- rablo portion of our commerce; nod how 1I009 sim inui.'t us in i ti is ease i it nn tree trade"! No, sir; she imposes a duty of X2G lls. per ton upon our oil, and uilmits the same article, the product of Iter own fisheries, at a dtttv of Is. per ton, making a discrim ination of ,C6 11?. against tho United States. Whalebone is another eousiJerable nr'.icln of our commerce, but this is ne.uly excluded from the l',nglih market by her onerous exactions. She imposes a duty of l)5pcr ton upon American whalebone, and admits the same article from Iter provinces at a tlutv ol il per ton. We exported to n nlioit, and of providing fur llio ciuti'iioii do fence and geneiiil welfare of the people. It is ti narrow ieiv of the whole .object lo sup pose lhat the defence here spoken of must he ineio military tlefoncu. Cunness Ins as much power to dofimd our citizens naaiiist the commercial potiry of nny foreign nition, as against bur militir'v ntvtraliou. .is clear aii,'htto protect us againit tho panp-r la borer of Groat Britain, as agitiui ships tii protect our commmco; and can wo not pro tect it by wiso imtctnmmi It ii absurd to say tint wo m iv orect forts on thu seaboard. anil send our ships upon tho ocoan, to sociirn our property and guard our commercu, but havo no constilutional power to secure the samn end by contorvailing laws nnd discrim inating duties. C.ingross not only iiai the right, but is bound to provide for welfare; and our Goveriini'Mit would be wanting in 4"ty nay, it would fail in secur ing' the object for which it was created if it did not encourage domestic industry, and secure to l.ibar its just roivard, by protecting 11.1.5,111111 me rosiriciiv.i policy unci pauper In bor of lliu old wmld. Hut tho L'onllouun from South Cirolina disposes of this in n manner equally num mary, lie m lintnins that if it tteie once al lowed that Congress might discriminate in lavor ol manulacliires, then it would follow that tho wholu subject of luxation was 11b solulely confided lo Coni'tess I This state. ment, Mr. Speaker, comes from 11 guutle mau who profess llio must absolute, entire. un'joti ided confi Jen:u in thu pbopIh : and can he tin trust this question with tho peo ple's representatives 1 llaro.M'. IIiiri't In explain, and st tted that ha h itl put tho question oven more broadly thin it It id been staled by the gentlennn. His statement was that llie'pro toclivo doctrine rcirWed a m ijority of Con gress the sole judge what to tax, as well as how much. U ell, sir, this comes to the snmo thin; ; and the geutlem m's principle, bioadly staled is this that noting could be. submitted to the discretion of Cuiisrross without annihilalitia (he Constitution. Is the nontloitvin ttntvil- llni' that a in ijority should mmirn? If this annihilates the Constitution, as the gentle man say, then tho Uonstiitition it an nihilated, wbenovo.-any sulij 'Ct is submitted to the good sense and judgment of the House, and decided by a mijority. The gentleman from South C irulim would settle this whole question at once. II11 in sists tint duties for protection and duties for revenue are not only dilleient, but directly opposed to each oilier. "Wiicrn protection commences, revenue ccnes," is the gentle man's ma i 111. lie even cons so far as to maintain ill it revenue is diminished just in proportion as you protect manufactures. It' joii exclude the whole uf any article, you destroy all tlio revenu.i from th it article if you oxi'liido om.-hilf, vou destroy half of tho revenue if une-fuurtli you destroy one-fourth of tho levenue and so of an oilier prop.irtion. This is my friend'. position: and nothing can be more) unsound, not to s iv alisurd. It dows not bv a iy means follow, because a duty of 100 per cent Great liritain last vnar tobacco to tlm amount would destroy all revenue, that a duty of oO S3.077.000, and she meets this article, worth j lu'r c,,"t' -V01ll;l destroy one-half, or a duty friim si to ten cents ner nmin. . tv th 1 ,n , 01 -J per cum. one quarter 01 tlie revenue Here Mr. 11. again intorpnse'd, and said nrlion, M. II. t.'h. Ho-.he-tcr. Itev. Thoma h!eV.., (I lec.lins; hi lungs) l.ooLport, '.. .".liner. We t Henricia. Monroe Co. t'rofs-or Mrtiiniu, H.nnilion 'I beol, Scm'y. Jtev. Levi T icLer, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cool.', 11 " SO" The Proprietor lia lecu oTcrml CJrtifiea'.e liy many of the above genilenii'ii ; but ho too.-e wishing information, would call on llicin per onally. PECK JcSl'KAH, Act'iH ftir lln- ic Minn. 1 OH UOZ. 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One an I nqunrte'r acre ul lau I, i f The nrl 1 ualiii i a larje sarden andclio't? fruit tree v'et of Ihe hi u e ami yard, 'I he B iililui''. arccon'iruc'c.l in modern ttyli', ol the I e-l '.ua'erial' and w'orlniaiilup, ti eie i-riv'c I I v me ub'cril er for hi own u-e, and the lo -alien nf. ford a yerv ex'en'lte an I plci-nat pro-peel i f the tillage an I lake on the We-t an I i not surpa-'cd by any inner in un- pan 1 1 lite coiaitry. A io Mr sale n lot eoirauun an aero c: inn 1 once: nnpo'i'i! the a' ove lot tvi'.h a tindlU'onvcniiiiltvood Itvt'llintr hoi-e ihercon. I' r'ha or are invi e 1 10 can an I exniine tor 111111- Ive Terms made Liiown I y ihe iul s rP or on ihe promt e-. .sj.v.tu i.e. ui-l-i'. u iriinqion .nine, iu, lain. 1.. laiinbes. W'ilhd,roJ ion. It may I e had who'e-ide ( r re'ad ol S. Iln. am, llarre, and'd. C. Karnam, Ta-t Wilhain- lotvn, 1 1. so.'e r-. t'repare.l Irom ihe onc,m al rc'i,i; fur talis by 1". II. PreimV, Moippelier, und 1'rcK if-SrrAK, H irlinstcn, and in I lie principal town- in tl.e statej.ill dire -noil -iyne I hi the hand v. ruins ol ilie inoprutor eiiormoiis duty of three shillin;s sterling per ir pound, nnd 'i nno.lliiiil of east to the entirn revenue of the United "" P31'"'" ""'M ('V"M increase the revo- virl'-e-ol ihe.tli-ilicine I y pe-ri nal 1 itucliliat ofibeir pound, and therehv raises a revenue, on A, liioiicriilicae-acconpaiic'eaciiioi no,. , .j uf ..... ..vnortod tobacco. fc'HN'GLE. DOU.'JI.U. U.MWLICAL. Ulids St Croix s unr, 10 do Porlo Uico do 10 du New Orleans do BO llas llio Collee, '10 do .lava do 50 Itatcs soap, 25 do superior do 25 do Hxlra do 20 Kcps salt I'etrc, M. G. RATHBUN I)KAlr..t AND TA11-OH, I'UARb STIHU.T, HA S just ret imed from .Netv Vorl;, with fall re ports ofthe I'.iH Kashions, and is prepar-d 10 cx cutc orJer fur winter garments 111 the mol approved otyle. He has also on hand a select asorlment rf ehoiec Uiuiininff, a lapted 10 thu ea-oii : such a llrald, Huttoits. IlindinS", Fancy Vest IJlndliiRs Cord, auit Huttoim, iS.c. Ac. N. U. He i l- ajent fur Sk-oti 4c Vlons He port ot Ka-hion, tvlneli will I e to farni.hed 10 any one wishing Ihein, and the rc'viist'.c information trevy given. Curlinston, Nov. i. 1811. 5 I Hid St C10 x Hum, a Pipes Ilollanc G.n, 25 ir casks Malaga Wine, SO llaxes I'ipes, 20 I! ins 1'epper, 20 do I'uucnlo, 21 Ken pure Ginicr, 25 do Raisins. F A K It A II fc W AIT, Iinportci's of Crocl.try, Chlitn ami class tVarc, G I Vt notice f to M e r- (hams in iln 'iul Iheaiiji in uiff Conn'ie. Ilml lliey hayi inai'c arrange iceii's for io eeiiiiii; from thebe-t Man- Ulaelnri l 1 lur..." I. .1 1 h IIV ui a.l UlllJ-of I'm .1 a... ... eu li .neves 1 vis toason, an J that they will m all nines I 0 111 re-.i inn's to ro-pao, . to or. cr, at Netv Vorl; and llosion prices. They invite ihe alien ion of Mer chant, parliidarly t" their stoc of Ware, ns-unnir ihein ihat they wi I ilo all Uie; Here promise, which will le a great saving man wnu 11 iri'iwe ol ilium Warcho se l.ornercli ireli au.l Uollese itre-ett. Uurhngton, Dec. 10, 1511. WILLI M WRIGHT'S INDIAN I'UItCJ.VTIVn PII.I.S, Enlhelii Vegetable. A TANIJrACI lilt Id) un 'er ihe inline) lia'e siiiierin ltj-iin 'enceof WilliamWrielii.vico-nio-i lent of the XorthAmerhan College of Health, for I he treatment and cure of ih-ea.i.. in ihe form of lllllio l and Ner- vo'i- Kever . .Meale-. Small l'ox, l'ain in the;. 1 neL- mi I ide-. ColKiilllnllon. Dronsy, Scrof ula, uanier, Ci.iiiiina 11 uii.0.1, ..e.-iiei i-o-ue, lib, unali.ln. Diarrl .ea. Dv-culiirv. Colic. Dvspe.i. ia, Palpitatirn of the Heart, VU-ers and teres of eteryl;md, if..-, etc rorsa'o 1 y Vl.r.K .t SPIlMt, Itiirltnston. W. II. IIOI.LV, Willi-ton. W.J. lil'Olil..V, Hino-burch. J. II. UALUL'KT, Wo-iford. J. 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If A II H A H & W AIT, TT A V i: ON XJ-handseieral liiudrei Stone I'oi of all size. alilllo imperfecl t usufil for vano i- pirpo-e la all rami ie, and at small price, va rying from 12J entsto 50cenn. 10 oelound at the Crockery Store, Church and College street. Uurliugtun, Lee. iu. To IllacUmllli". lllosburch Coal. rrtHH tubacribers have just rtceived forty tons of x jjiosLvrgn- unui, tvucin lur omiin s use) isunsur passed bvauv of theniineral coals, and wlierelinowr lias laWcn '.lie place ol charcoal. Ignitins easily and burning freely, ills Injlily lecoinmcndod for gratos net domestic uw f OLLKlT U IIKADLCV. THE W1NOOSK1 SASH FACTORY r JU S T reeivc', a supply ot Mar-li'. ecli-lratel Trill c, of ctery .'ecription, for .a'e I y Ihe dozen Aov. 1. I'l.i.r. ip .lie. tint wliat he hau stated was true in arm- nnil at ' c,lle' " nnjht not produce it immediately; m-'le. itCT" I ru- c ace .ra oty appMiV.fife ofi h rf e. TS In eonMant oporallon L .inl prepare! in execute o dir. lor WIN'DOW.iA-jll of every de.cii.ition, an I in the be t manner. A ontaiit supply l.epl en hiu I an 1 for sain at thcunre i lleore IVero", 111 Ujr-u-igton, at tlielollowm; rices: 12 Light casemcutf, 3J cents per Lisht, Cjl ni UEWAKD has been offered for months tJJ) J. Ut' to any one who will use n bollloof Jivj s ljimm-nt lur we j-iics, without beinz ciucd. 01 thousands sold, in no one instance has it failed of .1 cure. 1'ruof overwhelming to bo had where it is sold. It is also a certain cuio in nearly trtry last. (Externally,) in tlinfo'loiving complaints. for Ihe Piles, for alldropsy, lender lie-i, sote lluoat, ly can cers or ulcers, croup, tvhoopinu coueli, scald head, Tishtnessof ihoeliisl, especially in ehildrcn, foul ul cers of tholeus, or oilier funpusi sores, howettr obs'i natenr loiii sinndine', fii-fch wounds, clulhliiins.iic. LOOK OUT .S'ome striiulUrs hare cmtnttrftited fits artlclr,and put it up icith rariottsdericcs. Do not be imposed upon. On ilnnaonly wdl protect you llisthonnmoof COMSTOCK COs that name must be nlKiys on the unnptr, 01 Jon 11 ny I e ciliat ed, fl.i nnl fiirmi it. TAo the direction with ton und test bv dial, or neter buy r s for it is impossible tor any oiucr 10 ne iruenr ee-niune. 11 Snbl be rm.vvirv.-.i. C'O.71 Maiden Lane, Netv Vork. " l P. C K &. S 1' I. A It, Whnlsale AkciiIs, n few doors e-nst of the l'ost Oflice, llurhiig t.m. Vt. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. H June 18, do do do do do do do do t'o frIDNKV SMITH. n2 do do do TOUT. IJ Hen. tlAItSIIAI.Ii'S Aromitic, Catarrh and a l.iehe SNl'FK. This PnuTi sunerior o anv 1 hiu? vei known, for rcmovinir 1 hat troul Ic.-ome ill- eae, the Catarrh, and also a cold 111 the eaJ, an I the headache. Il open anil purge) out alt otisti actions, .ticngt liens the clan i.-,ana cue a neaiiuy acnou 10 mo nan. n ,oei.-J. It i. n rfectlvlrfe from auv ihimtdeV- lerio is in its composition has a leaant flavor, and its unme.iialeeiee', auerifing iiitu, is uogirenuio. Price 3 7 cents per bottle. ,..-... l)n.i. Map. ha l' Vejetah'c Indian Dlacl; PLA-iTLIt Ihl Plaster is unrivalleil for curing si'mfdou. vt-l Units, S'urvv Sores, Lame Hack, and I re-li Wounds i . ' . . l . . 1 - . 11:. ....I I nn.l,n fall. 1.1 ciVB relief in local ithe imatl-m. If appbt-d lo the sidc,it will euio many of ihe common Liver complaints; and is eaual. if not sunerior. to any ihins in use foi " LIVE AND LET LIVE." m II K stibscrder wonll ic.necif illy reiiirn L I hint;. In Ins manr n.ilron fur the ir fai l rsdurinir the pisl five year., nnd wonll also in'orin them thai he h.i 1 hi noli of Sln'ionery, Ooobs, llinitin- ejin-.e .A;,.. I ...ill I e hamiv lo wait upon all ihat In 1 favor hun 'villi their patronage, and r.o etorion hl.narl shall besoarol lo sue sail, laciiou Oirsioe'. co-t iiionev. ibcrcfore. tie ciinnot cite II aw ay, or se'l it below eo.l, or nt com j but what we n.He In ,eii, tu tie can eel an opporuuiuy; small advance frrm eot a- any one can do and live '.v iiipi. 1,'i.iri- InHivnliinl. wtimir to nureiia-o 1,'oininon School Uool., Stationery, or Ulnnk l'ooks i-:in liru-i. n rlinf.f in llie .InreritV Clf lllC Sill icri I er.tvnen he.avs he will toll cheap ( r ca'h.l y calling nt the sign of tho Itol Le Iper, ( olleiiesii.t-l. riM Ui.e in t i leu i v.. Nov. S, 1811. itm llnriim Hookhtorc. mlin nutienis-r u-imi.l invite the aileiil ion of his 1 frienNmul tie put he lo lit new aoutnear of lliinh.. n'hi I-a.i ...leennn be ba. ever made, both 111 Mm-cllaneoii and Sehool Uiwlc- are now n'eiesl ."ira;iorca'i. Nov. 10. D. A. .HUMAN Morlsoii'u rill". MnSSIlR. l'ANOHORN f- nitlNSMAID are appointed Stulo Agent, by Mira. Alexander and John Mortian, of ihe Htinsa Co eEa ef Health, Loni Ion: one or our firm vi'icninrniicBiii e.onaon I and tve hold our appointment now directly from lieae corn, oa' ,hc foe, , the virtues of .1,1 have 1 ,, ou.rjers A c-irree, pieinre o tljo . onee. witnesteu i.y ho.nanut 01 inuiviiiuni i i uio e.oini in """ ,' ''',', ' ," ', ,t,,; w,l ho lisnrd in a,,... .k.'t.i.., .fasr. Soblbvih nro. . our sab-acciits. All the pncKaEf win no kutnra in ; ;.r0; ci....K Hrr., Uiin.orllnut Vi. 1 n. 1. 1611. Mute ACent. Stales. The corn laws of England are too well understood lo require comment; tbey amount lo a prohibition in ordinary cases. I will not stop here to inquire wlietlinr such liid restrictions are wiso or unwise; it is sufricieiu to my pttrposo to know that such is tlm policy of Gieat Urilain, nnd that it nperalei oppressively upon our commerce. Now, miller lliesj circumstances, who will s iv th it the p iwer "to rngul ite commerco'' does not nnce?sii ily imply lliu power to pass countervailing duties I This seems indispen sable to tlta wise regulation, and almost so to the exiilencn of our commerce. But tlio t;enttoman from .South Carolina despatches this al once, by lying that to re gulate is nut lo destroy. Dues the gentleman mean to iiisinuale that commerce cannot oxUt under the restraint of dUcrimin Our coiunierce lias always be restraint : antl has it not "one on incroasttit Under tho power tu regulate commerce, Cmigres. may suspend it, ot, il the gentle man pleases may (Ustroy it lur tho tnue beinc. What was the embargo but a lies miction of commercu for a limited period! What the iion-tiilei course laws, but n res- niclion much greater linn any Inond of pro lection now proposes And theconslitutioti ahiv of thesi) laws will not, at this day, bo denied. That question has been settled in thu most solemn manlier. Thu term com- mni'fo is general, and includes every article which "oes into our funiiui. trade; mid itis perfectly cnmpotimt fur Congress to prohibit the importation of any article under llm potv- r to regul itn cunimei ce. 1 lie foreign slave trade was eonsiderod by thu Iramurs ol tho Constitution ns coming under the general leuominatio'i of commerce ; and so sensible were all parlies that tljis commercial potvar avn Congress a nan: to proluuit tno slavo trade, that sumo Slates reliist'd to adopt the Constitulion until the provision was incor porated therein, that tiiis power should nut bo exercised till 1&U3. But, sir, there is another clause in thn Constitution, which seems perfectly decisive on this subiucl. '-Congress shall havo pow er, says that sacred instrument, "to la and collect taxes, duties, imposts, mid ex cises." Tharu is lull p jtver to lay iluluis upon imports, at any time, and to any ex tent. I he ernnl ol power is atisoiuio nnu unlimited; attended with norestriclion what ever, save that the duties ".shall bo uniform ihroughoiil tho United Slates." This would bo sullicinnt of itself to decide, tliu question ; but tho contest makes tlio subject still moru clear. After giving unlimited power to lay nue hut ultimately it would destroy it.J Air. "Speaker, 1 am rejoiced lo perceive th it the gentleman has rel txed a little, unJ i.s disposed to come down from the region: of abstractions, and lonU at things in a moru practical m inner. I slnll endeavor to loo' at things in thes.itnn way. Bui the piinciplu staled by the member from South Carolina, and repeated by other gentlemen in the House, cannot be butter illustrated th in by an anecdote which I will relate. Wo have in our part of tho country such tin ariiclu ns quack doctors. It was once my misforlumi to fall in itilh one, who was ass.iilling the riigul ir p-actice, and hud selected the sub ject blood-letting ns the point of attack, lie siid, "lean convince any man in two minutes, that blund-lettins in all cases is in- fc'c'""" i '. , jiirious and dangerous. This is the prin im.itinjr dutti-s.1 . t.;pl!. . 6,'.. , youttke inv.iv the ien under -iolu eif a in ill's l.loo.l von take atvav'lifo ho must die. And so if you take tnvty half nf his blon 1, you tike away hilfufhis life; if you take atv.iy one-quarter of lit bljod, yon takn aw.iy onc-ipnrtui' of his lilVi; and so oiyloivu to tliu last Iraclional proportion. Hero is a perfect illustration of the gotille iii m's abilractio.i tlio very thing. But Innv does this principle operate iu practice. In 1S35 and IS3G duties on pro tected arlicles weru high. And was nut the I'ri'asurv over-flowing at tint timo Cer tainly. Worn not m inufaclitros than pro tected 1 Tho gentleman admits that they wore; for, in arguing in favor ot tlie com promise act, lit urged this consideration that during tho turnier portion ot lliu covered bv tint act, tho mauiif icluies en joyed high protection; and it ought to be continued, that during tint latter pot lion tlr' producers might havo their shire, let, notwithstanding litis prn'uciioii of maiuifac lures, revenuo poured into tho Treasury in such torrtsnls that, to got rid of it, Congress was compelled to depasite it with the States. If nrnlection destroys revenun, how came the Treasury lo overflow when tho protec lion was ample 1 Another illustration of this principle will bo found in the case of silk. I'ruvious to tho lain extra session, imported silk paid n very small duty ; now it pit's- U per cent. Here is protection ton certain extent afforded lo this spacies of inannfactiirn ; mid I put it to my friend from ."south Carolina to say, wheth er ho beliirfos that 20 per cent, duty will bring no additional revenue into tlio Treas ury. Will ho or nny other gentleman say this 1 hoy will not ; thoy daro not. Take any article now paying 5 per font, and raise, tho dutv to 20, and what will be tho effect I Thu duty is increased four-fold; but is tliu ruvonuolrom this article dimtmslicu in the ama proportion? Wilt it be diminish ed tit nil I No, it will bo increased. The. amount imported may bo diminished, but lulies. tho oh ects for which duties may be levied aro expressly enumerated "to pay tho debts and provido lor tho common de fiinco and gunorul ivelfara of tho United States." Yes, sir, duties my bo iraposod for tho tha revenue will bo angmentod. Irnfurther tha delits ol tho ari ninintain that a duty in a given case may two-fold object nf paying i amount to a prohibition uf that article, and still llio revenue on thu whole may bu in creased by that very measure. Tho prohi bition of that article may induce our own ci liieus to go into tho manufacture ofthe ar ticle, and this species of manufacture, may operate ns an incentive to industry. By pro hihiting the importation of that artirle, new resources may ho developed, new vigor im pirted, and new sources of wealth opened, which, by producing general prosperity, would unable the great mass of the people to purchase more of other importations, and su on the whole innreaso thd revenue of tie- country. What, then, becomes of llio gon llem id's position, that where protection commences revenue ceasosi Hut my friend from South Catolina re presents tho parties in litis controversy lo b the minnfacturers versus the pcoplo of tho United States; and hu refers to the lato cen sus lo show, that while our whole population is 17,030,000, tho mituifactnr.'rs in thu U. States amount to only 791,000. Here are 800,000 againsl 17,000,000. But does not every one see that this mode nf stating the case is unfiir? Aro ihe 17,000,000 all la borers? Does not that number includu women nnd children, infancy nnd nge, the lame, llio blinJ, tho sick und tho dying. 791,000 are sill laborers, in the vigor nnd activity of life ? Is such a comparison k fair one Surely not. Bui, unfair as il is, the gentlem in even goes farther, and contends th it 791,000 is too largo; for the operatives have no interest iu manufactures, and ought not to bo counted. Such is tho position of the gentleman. Now, sir, 1 maintain tint tho laborers or operatives h ivo :i direct interest in manu factures, as direct as the owners themselves. When, from any cause, there is a stagna tion iu business, and the manufactured pro-e-lisct accumulates, or is disposed of at a re duced price, who suffers'" Not the hands employed, but the; owners. Thu owners of i cotton or woollen mill troquentlv run their mills without any profit for months in suc cession, rather than dismiss their hands. I ho first loss always falls upon the owners. But the gentleman savs lhat the wages of the operatives are regulated, not by protection. nit by tho wages given other labor around. This maybe, to a certain extent, true; but the converse of this is equally true. Tho laborers employed in manufactures aro ge nerally taken from the agricultural class, nncf tho withdrawal of them from agricultural pursuits tends to incieaso llio price ol labor i i that pursuit. But my friend lias told us that the whole number enagfel in manufactu res was less than 800,000; and does ho mean to iminrito that 800,000 citizens tire worthy of no eonsidoi.ition ? While tho gentleman is unwilling to protect 800,000 laborers, en gaged in manufactures, he is a strong ad vocate for tho encouragement of commerce. The gentleman reminds mo that hn has not asked for any protection for commerce. No, ho has not, and for tho plain reason, that cnmniercn is already protected more perfectly than mantifactiiies have t vyr been. But all the gentleman's speeches licw that he is a strenuous advocate for commerce; and what number, 1 demand, is engiced in that pursuit I The same census gives 117,000 as the whole numlier engiged in commerce; and if-lhi'so deserve our consideration, why n t those engaged in manufactures 1 seeing; they nro more than six times us numerous. But I confess 1 havo but little confidence iu thn statistics connected with the census. That document represents tlio whole num ber engaged in manufactures in my own Statu to be S3.000. Now, sir, by official returns made by the assessors of the several towns to the Secretary of Siato in Massa chussetts, in 1S37, tho tvhnli) number on caged in mauufaciures was 117,000, und iu this num'ier were not included thosn engaged in many kinds of house-hold manufactures, such us braiding straw, palm leaf hats, i$'c. Il.-re then is an error of 32,000 in u single Slate. But wo havo bean told by the gentleman from South Carolina that the parties in this suit, were thu in intificturers against the people. Tlm m inuf.ictiirers miainst tho people! Who are the ninniifacliirers but a put of the people? The people, nnd tho whnlo people, have an interest in the suc cess of tlm manufactures. The commercial interest is intim itely connected with tho ma nufacliiring. To say nothing of the imports ofthi) raw materials, the i-vpjrls of manufac tured articles miko an important item in our commerce, being about one-lenth ot the .vliolu amount. There wero, during th past year, exported from tho United Slates inanulacltirns to llio amount ol MV,sbo,UUU an amount larger than llm two great staples tobacco and i ice. Manufactures not only give employment to our loreign commerce, but lliey luster our coasting trade by giving employment to a largo number of our ves sels. There is no natural hostility between commerce and manufactures; but, on tho contrary, thot have onu and tlio same in terest. That policy which encourages en terprise, which develnpes the resources and increases tho wealthof tho country, increases our commercial prosperity. In like manner agriculture has a direct in terest in discriminating duties. It scorns to lie l.tkcn fur granted that all protection is given lo in inufacturcs and none to agricul ture. But it is not so. Many of tlm pro ducts ofthe soil aro now enjoying a protec tion greater by far than moi of tho manu- fiitured articles, rotaloes, oals. wheat, flour, indigo, cotton, pork, laid, hams, beef, butler, cheese, ilix, hump, v.'onl, &c, are now enjoying n high degiee of protection. Tho potatoes of M line aro protected to ihe amount of ten cents per bushel. Repeal this iuly,ind how lung would thu potatoes of that Statn bo found in Boston, New-York, or Baltimore Immediately would they be sup planted by tha potatoes of Nova Scotia ; and oven nnw you find tlm two competing for the same market. 1 havo information that can bo relied upon, that there were imported into the city of Boston aloun, during the ycarlSU, 46,13s bushels of foreign pota toes. Take the article of chresi ; it is sold at tho North for from seven to twh cents per pound, Bad it enjoys a protection nf cine cents per pound, Wing some 100 pr mint.

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