Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 4, 1842 Page 3
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this way) and again llio loss of timo occasioned by tho intemperance) of tlioso in your employ, nndtlio loss ft property by their neglect, and in short take tlie most favorable View of tho sub ject you can, and yon cannot 'avoid the 'conclu. idon" that intemperance ha9 cost you a stun equal toono foarth of tho present value of nil the property in the town. I will not dwell on tho loss tho community has sustained by the distruclion of intellect, tho ag. ony and misery of families whose brightest and highest hopes have been destroyed by intemper ance, as this is a view of tho subject on which no wealth can be put in comparison. Who has paid these pecuniary losses. Whoso hearts have bled at the distraction of intellect and the affliction of families occasioned by intemperance 1 I answer the industrious and temperate port Ion of tho community. And will you, say, can you feel that it is not your duty to cows forward and assist tiioso who are striving to oxpal this ssourgo Irom among us. I know the most of you say the temperance pociety is a good thing for tho intemperate, but you act as though you cared very httlo whether the cause succeeded or not. I know there is not n town in the state whoso inhabitants are more enterprising, whose hospitality to clrangcra or tho poor is greater, or who have contributed more for the promotion of knowledge or the support of Christianity than you, and I confess that I am unable to account for the apathy of many of our most worthy citi zens in the cause of temperance. Perhaps you may think as tho present move was tnado by tlio intemperate themselves, lint it is not necessary for the temperate portion of '.he community to be interested. If you entertain this view of tiio subject I believe it is a wrong view, for if there is a man iji the world who deserves your sup port, it is ho who is strhing to restore himself to your good opinion and to usefulness, to his family and society. 1 will not urge you to sign the pledge for many of you have scruples which 1 respect, but i will urge you (if you wish to see tho intem perate reformed if you wish to have your rights ss citizens more secure, if you wish to have intemperance expelled from this conimunity)tu come forward and attend the public meetings of the society, and yourpiesenco will animate and dicer us on in the great and good work. '. nv Ca- I TrH Iho Subscribe! hnvuig boon appointed liy '' ' VV, .,i,i ii,-ii,j.nt.nA. i r.- .i,- n;.i.:i Mr. Cushing is noted for.o.XliittonJeniCoiiimiIonerstorccciuc, cxnminoand ndjusi me claims nnu uc nanus 01 nnpcisuns, ngainsi tho estate of Dan Day late of Dutlington In sa;d Dis trict deceased, represented insolvent, and nlso nil claims nnd demands exhibited in offsol thereto j and six month from tho day of Hie date hereof, being al lowed by saiJ court fur that purpose, vvedo therefore hereby give notice, that v.e will attend In the business of our appointment, at the Pearl Street House in Bur lington in said District, on the lt. day of March tho i if June, and 32 1, iliy c f July next at 10 o' clck, A. II., on each of said days, Dttcd, this 21th day of January A. D. 1812. Ah V All 1-OUT1'.. CHARLES ADAMS. WILLIAM HUltLHURT. Hannah F. Gould's ErtrAit ti:n CusntNO. his go-ahead disposition, ami this elicited tlio following: ON C C. Lay aside, all yo dead, For in tho next lied, Itcposes the nshes of 0 g 1 Ho has crowded his way Through ihe woild, as they ny, And perhaps, now bo's dead, may bo pushing! Mr. dishing took this till in good part, but retorted by writing tlio following, which urncd the tables on Miss Gould : ON II. P. O. Heic he ono whoso wit, Without wounding, could hit And green lio the turf that's above her! Haling sent every beau To the regions below, She herself has gone down ron a lover. EDUCATION CONVENTION. On the 13 i list, n convention was lioldcn at Middtebury on tho Bubjoct of Education, which resolved on calling another convention to be liol dcn at llurlingtoii, Feb. 23, at nine o'clock A. M. Tho purpose of tho convention is to direct public attention to the whole topic of Kducation, as related to tlio .State, to enquire into tho best methods ol arranging our present system to se cure its greater perfection, to examine how far tho legislative provisions which havo been made boctirc their object, to co-operate with the Stale government in its efforts to advance any of the interests of learning, and to atlnnd to any other matters that may rightfully pertain to the ecu- oral subject of hiducgtion. It is desired that die discussion may ho as full and complete as circumstances will permit, and we therefore request tlio attendance of the mends ol education in dillorent parts or tlio State. The undersigned were appointed a comtnittcu atMiddlebury, to call a convention at llurling toii, and arrange the business for its action. JOHN WHEELER ,,,, CHAltr.r.S ADAMS, j "iirhnslun, JESSE L. PECK, Ponltnoy A. ('. TWINING, Sliddlebury, HORACE EATON, Euosburgh, Commis , sioners. 17lt!'.SlI FIGS AND LEMONS Jitt rcei'ved fioin V Boston, am! lor tale by CKO. PETERSON. J.iii.S5, 181-2. H mtivs nitASH sni:i, for miu hv IIICKOK etOATI.IN. t Skic Court Home Square. Jan. 20. We Lively, Mvoly, Lively, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW. WILD, furioii and howling i the, raging storm outflde, while nil I bu-ily nod quietly ling fixed and fixing within tho Old Cheap Cush Grand Bazaar nt IfOWASJW'S- In prcparlnsr for a real luniiy, jolly time In showing o'l the workmaii'lnp of fair hand and beautiful fin- gcrs ol our own nnu icrcigu ciiini--, vvuic li will l.cso arranged ni to malt- n mot splendid appearance, and In tin inopecliun ofwhich nil me iuo,t cheerfully iiivncti ; mi n imni-i ..""i i.ouiiiiiiuuuilon, iciewiu i e nnoivnuu c ni iivvnyior a conliu T H SI 1' i: R A.N C K . A mcctinz of the Young Men's Total Abstinence Society will be lioldcn at the Court House this even- n at ti o clock. NOT1GT, 'J'O APPLICANTS FOR TUB TJEN'KFIT OF TI1K 1IANKKUPT LAW. Wo are authorized by Judge Paine to say that all Petitions under the Act of llenkruptcy must be presented to Jnssn Govt; lsq. of Rut", land, Clerk of the Dis't Court, who will admin isterthe oath to the Petitioner, if not bofuro la- ken by him. If the Petition is conformable to the Act, the Clerk will make and deliver tothe Petitioner a notice lo the creditors and all in forested, of the timo and place at which tho hearing of the Petition will be had, to bo pub lisbed in one or imro papers designated in tho order for notice. Tlio Petitioner must pay the Ulcrk for films the Petition diid makino- thn nr. Jer of notice, and procure the publication of the iioiico at ins own cnargc aim expense. f-,t ,,..!. I . t 'i wilier ituics win uc mtu: ami published as noon as necessary. 11 nlclimnn. The Santa Fr. Captives The President lias communicated to Congress tlin r.nrrPfcnnti- tlenee of the State Department upon the subject ui uio liiiuncan citizens lai.eii captive by the Jlfiicatin uliilo accompanying tlie "I'eAan pedition to Santa Fo. Among them is a letter of the !ld init. from lion. 1). Webster, Seereta rv of State, lion. P. I.llis, our Minis-tor at Me::, ico, htating the facta in the case, and instruct ing him to represent them to tho -Mexican Gov eminent, with an urgent demand tint the iuof fensive citizens of the United Slates, but espe cially George W. Kendall, Franklin Combs, nnd J. C Howard, be promptly restored to lib. orty unharmed. Thorn are also letters of a t-iui. ilar tenor lo the United States Collector and District Attorney at -'cw Orleans, tlie Ian an. nounciiig the appointment of Mr. Simon Mcllea of North Carolina as a Special Agent to pro ceed to Mexico on thi subject. Also a letter from .If. Alvarez, late United States Consul at Santa Fo, announcing his arrival at Indepen dence, Mo. and announcing that he will start as f.oon as able for Washington, to represent more fully the indignitie.-, perils and injuries to which lie has been subjected. There, is also a letter from .Mr. Ellis, our Minister at Mexico, to the Stale Department, dated December Kith, announcing the fate of the expedition, also, the arrival of the premiers nt Chihuahua, with an extract from a .Mexican paper of the 1 1th, announcing that three of them had been killed on the way by Captain Solozir, because they had become wearied and unable to proceed. Mr. h'hs states that lie has not felt authorized lo interfere in favor of American citizens who had denationalized themselves by engaging in such an Expedition Tribune. ' Uoiir.iD Atit.ju't On V'uursdav, near night a woman, named Margaret McKenny, was f ecu by thrco men near the foot of tilst street, Eibt ltiver, with an infant crying in her arm, pro ceeding lowaid tho dock. In a few minutes she returned without the infant, when tho three men instantly seized her, and while one held her, the other two hasted to the dock, and find, ing the infant floating in the water, with a long pole brought it safe to shore, got it out, and then with mother and child proceeded lo tho Police Office, wliero tho latter and rccuscitatod and taken care of, and the unnatural mother lockrd up. This afternoon the infant was per- 'diy restored to health, nursed frcelv, and placed m the hands of a sjutul female to bo nurtured. Tho monster of a mother was com mittcd to prison for trial. A'. 1'. Tribune. The Oldest Woman In llosio.v Wo no ticed yosterday, the birthday of the oldest man in tlio city. The olden woman will serve as a companion niece. Sirs. Elizabeth Chase was 10'J years of ago on tlie 127th of last October. This cnerablee'lady is a constant viorshipper at St. Paul's Church, and is very seldom absent, either at morning or ev ening service, unless the weather is very bad indeed. She walks with a quick, brisk stop, and although sadly bent with age, uses no cane, and requires no support. Her hearing is toler ably good, and her sight which was once lost, but has returned again so strong, that she reads finc'print, and hems fino muslin without tho aid ofglaEscs. Slio makes her own bed and cuts and makes all her own clothing. Slio rises with tlie sun, and seldom retires before 10 at night, taking no repose during the interval. She reads many hours of each day and not long hinco reaJ, aloutl, during one afternoon, ono hun ilred and sixty pages in "ISaxter's Saint's Ilea." Hut the Ilible is her chief treasure. .She stud ies it daily, comparing passages and illustrating texts with the aptness and readiness of a scholar and divine. She has had thrco husbands but no offspring. All her relations and family con. ncctions arc gone. She has outlived all her generations For a more extended notice of this venerable' dame, the reader is referred to the "Lady's Uouk lor ucioucr. liaslon 'J runscrijit, In this city, on the 82J inst., at her late rcsi dence, "Aunt HETTY DOLE." From calculations made from the timo when she first came to this country, the had reached tho great ago of 1U5 years ! .She was a native of Africa, and was kidnapped and brought to this country when she was 15 years old. When t-ho first came to Troy there were but two houses in this vicinity, and but few in Schenectady, and Now York was a wilderness. She will ho bu. ricdon Monday afternoon at two o'clock. The funeral exrrcifes will take place at the liberty Street church Troy H'liy. Cliaiiollc l.vcciiin. Till: Society will meet on Mumhy evening at 0 o'clock in the School lloupe nt the Corner. f Question for discussion, "Oucht the infliction of Capital punishment to be nbohsbed 7" A general attendance ia requsted. j. r . h lv.N r., ternary, M. CoN-rnExct:, Tenth Session, will be held ill Colehe-tcr, Vl. I'eb. 6th 1812, anil will coniinue several days. Minis'crs and brethren interested arc invited loatl:nu,and taKe part in thoscrticcs. M a ir rr a tsl In Sbelbiirne, on ihc 27th. n't. by Wm. Vclon Esq. Mr. Rufu Rogers of Perns' urglt to Miss Jane M. White, daughter of Lavatcr White Km, of frhd- burnc. EH fl Infliis town on the 31st. I'll. Mis. Cuiutv Lake, aged SO ycirs. Antlionv Rhode's lis talc. STATU Of Vi'RMONT. jrpillUion the 1'rolaie DiMrict of Cliil'eiideu, s. J -L Court for llie I).n-t VliiIK-n. cn : i ni pcrjo eoi ernea in ine ,,- , cvlll(na1Pn anJ. f H. choice aril leslhcy ay mtnl l? Hichmond, in fa,d wM, , , U.J n ,,, , lHA'Jl n'v-, A,t ,-:. ,.r ,t... .fcl.o.fti.,1.. leepuptheluli, ,, i.rcnr.o.ll.c t"-Vn: . Ijy "AW) . . r .i . .. . . . r ... . .: i' " ... j:arlyThnriday Moniuig.Siili Jan. M . M ......... ' ' ' a " T " : 1 " . v . . 1 . !! ' ", . I ' . . t . C()rf;slol:rls xo Tier. i,.i..ii,.ii ;tl w ,n i .ni .i,.i.i,.i il.n iini ITiI the Subscribers, hiiMUL' been nppoiu teil hv the Jtm.,1-,,. nf l.'. l.rnin. ni " v Honorable tho I'i obalo Coui t for tho liutrict of Therefore, You are hereby notffif ! to appear I cfcre Chittenden, cointiussioncrs to leeeive, examine and Miidcn in ai ihetime'iri I nlaeo nforcaiJ. and .licw ? 'J1151 "'0 elninis iid demands of all persons, nq.unst eaiiM', if any you, why the aceojut ufute-uil hhivild not I e iilhmcil. tiiveti imlcr my band at II rlinglon, this twelfih day ol January A. i'. laii. ,?i. iii.iiu.i, iici-.:cr. io eslntn nf Ira Itisbon. late of Charlotte, in siid Dhtrict. deceased, renie-enied insolvent, nnd also nil cliiins an I demands exhibited in ill'scl theicto; and six inonlln from the dav f the date hereof, hpinir al lowed by paid Court for tint purpose, we do iherelore herein iriie notice, that wo wdl attend to tho businrsa NT.? AT a l'rol nte Court of our nnpouilmenl, nt mo dwelling nt Sophia llishop , a., j A held nt liurlinslnn in Charlotte in said district, on Tuesday the 15th day ilricl ontheSStli day of IJV of March and the Bill day nf July next, at 10 o'clock, STATU Ol' ViiKMON" DiMriet of Chiltendeii v i i hm ai.d liir said lli: inn er A. I). IS1 1. A ropy of the Inti will and te-tament of Amanda rra-iic, i.iio i iMiiuerville in Ihc uclinlv ol Uoo U m the Sia'e nl lllinoi, i!eeea,-e 1, duly nllowitl nnil proved in the Probate Coin for the County of Cook afnie-aid, 1 1'inir pre-ented to the Court here that a il eiipy mnv lo filed and recorded in the Probate Comii tin 1 lie WMricl cl l.hiiti'mien nlorcani, in Hie tniii'.e in micii ea-e ami provide I ; tlie rro A. M.. on each of said dnvs. Ualed tins jili Hay ounnuarv. A. l. lgiz. A. Ii. III.AUIl, I r, , DAVIU COOK', Comrs. Hit Itanium's P.stale. STATU 0!" Vi;ilMO.T, rpo all .ersOu iti.TCt. DiMrict of Chittenden, . 5 JL eil in tho Ivtnie id' Lli llaniuiu, Inteol Mi'lon In nl,l di-lriel, ilercajeJ. Elijah Ilerriel; nnd Samuel Iloardman, adminij. Iraturs ol tho L.taio of the snM deeeaMil, havmu', on tbeday id tho dutu lu-rcof, hied In tho Prolate Court for said District of Chittenden their petition, in writ 111", felting forth thauheilebti nlloweil by the com- nir.-iviiui j. mkuiiim mi: vuii. oi inu neeuajcu FARM FOR SALE. THi: Subscribers will positively sell on or beforo the lOlh. day of I'ehuarj next, a farm in Mif ton belonginj? lo tho estate of tho Into KlFliarnuiii Ksq. con sislinR of about five hundred and dfiv ncrpii. nlmui Mine hundred of which is intcrvnlo ami the. remainder hard Wood SPLENDID in. nil I . ----- . ... . ... , amount to SWWM the per.onal ,,,c ol Wrr '1X5??. ' 'ilS fni'iiieeen-iii, n iiivcniorieu. amounts 10 siz. .U3. 12. andth,Ulhu.pen.e.ofndmini..lorintnide.i,itcnro r''0TC37V not le than 5eienly dollar. -, the fnid diveaicd T,IG. ' MM ,1,e h3"i ,f r'v", J'"1'"1' n, ,ivl ,,! ...,....i ,,,.,.... ..i. r i (lis head of nnviaa ion. is in a L'onJ slat, ofrepaw and cta'e, union? which l the interval firm of the said cultivation with a suitable-proportion of meadow, pas turn, nnd nrnliln Inndmd nreeenlinrf objects of in tercstand Inducements to an intelligent purchaser not lo be equalled in this quarter of the Ktatc. Purchasers are invited to call nnd cxamino for themselves soon and secure a crcatbarnain. Terms made ca.'v for the pi rcliaser. ei'inl or, ls3C, as will appear by llio fcveral eai 1 to w Ineli referenced mni'i' for a mi it NOTICE. rrilll. Hoard jif Conmii-MOners for the InMrueliini I of the Ileal' nnd Dumb nnd the lllmlin ilm Siaie nf Verinonl. will meel at tin; Vermont Ilr.'i.l i bate Court for fan! DKlriVl of Chittenden doib appoint Midillebury, on Wedue.d.iy the Oth of 1'ehiiiary, IS 12, tho '1'i'ond Wednesday of Pel ruarv next for lie irniR for ihe purpo-o rf di-iffnaliiig Iieuelii i.iru; of tlie nu.i ueeiiuii-; iiiiT'-'on, aim noiil orner iiiui an iersou l siaP, nnd lor llieirnn'ni'uon Ol nuv oilier I inleie-ted I u implied thereof by t 1 1 -1 i a li o 1 1 of tbii or 'er three wee!9 Micee-.ively in Ibe Ibitlinrlon 1'ree Press, n new paper printut in (-aid tl iiliii'.'toii, previous io (lie aid meond Ciined.iy ol loi ruary next, that they may appear at the tiine and place nfoionid and route-t ll.o Idinsr ami recording ot ibe copy of the aforesaid will it they M-e eausc. lliveu nit hr my hand al .aid "Uurlinirton, ibis 2Slb day id Deeemlir A. D. 1841. Wm. WIS. ON, IteMer. roi'A mwnnsitrr xoticf:. FARSAIt it WAIT five mime that tley have tlu-i d.iv ii' oeia'cd with ihcni in b i-me- MH. III HAM I. KOOT, and that tl.iv will eonlmiio tl.e bui-ne-s of iari'n?nn 1 ffllmj CltOCKLUY, (iLASS AM) CHINA WAIti: under the linn of PA Hit A It WAIT li KOOT at their former Store. They have on ban I u full cleeU cf ware which ihey will pack in CratcaassorUdto order at Ne.v Yuri: anl Boston price., merchant- in the nirro'indmg um-n will linJ ilurl.'niMn. it errcatlv In Ibeir adv.mlace lo I'xamino ibeir toeU U-fore tiiirelnsui? at ihuMinth, all order pninpily ir t luireii mm v ouri si. V-. I.. r.MtllAK. jo. ". Wait, h. t . KUUI . N. II. I'arrar Wait and It 'ot e.speet lo recoic ear Iv in ihe f-prnif in answer to their or. 'erf a lull Mipjdv of tb it beaiiliful Style of "Ityaque Pearl ware" that In Riven n -li general hati-Ueuun the p.i.t s-T-on, Irom ihe ee!ebr.i!e I mm ibietorie of Clews & Co, t he only Ilo'i-e in Piuland that makclhal Myleof ware, which will I c foU wbule-aleand Kctail. soTicn. 1 S here1 v irivcu that JUSI'I'II WAIT has io!d out Lhi, inleVc-t in the htone Waif Manufactory and that tin- tin m.'.-s will hereafler ro earr.el on n bvMr Clcii I.. I'.urar, who is duly niithorizcl lo el Ibu all Ibe buine s oflhelirm nt liii 1'aetory, Pearl trcei Uurliuglon. Jan. 31 IS li. THlTllSliAV 9,0'ihck. A. :M. 3d. February '12 Wind .South' therm. H uboe. Till within u fj'.v days having h id about ono month pood leiihing Ihe Lake twice near'y frcen over, Ihe lown ( beer ful and biiMncss lively. Wo have now a change. 1 He south win', Ins come leirins Irom warmer i hmei an accumulated vapor which is now hems: free ly dissipated among us and has wasted our Snow, cleared the lake, housel the people, filled the ci tcrii', p'nen again a light smart good (.banco for ar rallying Clmds and prcpiiing for selling them at. trie uncap Casti btoru liarlin'on I. UUWAKIJ'S. i no. within their pnwer and diities. County Clerks and Ihe Civil Authontie.i ol lown arui-ariiu-.lvii'qiaM-e.l to refer lo Title Dili, Chapter ID'.h rf tb'e lievised Stntniei. lour iimr their rc-rccme diitns unr.ii i n. iibjivl. AlfOto Act iXo. as or tlie l.ei;iI,itiiie cf lhi liaie. liaised al their OctoLer SeMon, A. 1). inn. relating insane roor. iii'vo' y-rnwi.'i i cai'A in .i!:wriT,i' i cwrs. O. P. CllA.NDl.i;ii. S NEW HEADING HOOK l'OR SCHOOLS. Tim MOSlTOniM. lli:M)Rl!.or a Monitor lo out!i, holding up to tcirrme Mouth whtriby lolormtneiroicn nnracurs. in uantel Adams. Aultior kJ Mama icc Arithmetic. r.xiracis irom ine rreiacc. "THlIMONITOHIALUlUDr.ll nosses dislinc. tivo traits" I lie ootect is to supply what is behoved to be the creat desideratum in out schools A series of exereisi-s relating to what concerns the practical mailers oi uie, iruin, uiiegriiy, iiunesiy, industry, temperance, forethought, frucahtv. nntientenduranct! of adversity, and whatever else tends to form nud ix t ice narac er oi vouin. c vu h lo ininrces it on Ihe minds of those, into whose hand" these exercises shall come. now. in iliis ,l.,iV 11. llJk.'tluiu., . I ,. .. , , , i . Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery fY,i ..".' - 1 t' I ' ,i i 11 .1' ' I .1 kl. l 1 II llll.H. 111.. ...V ,llllllkVk v.. ... I.:: r ,,..., .,i., .. . I. ...,..!.., :. i: J'rwctsnr nt i.itcmittm ana llotanv. "'" i" n "" i O-MON L HUN I'LI'.Y SI. I) vviieuicr tucy man ever uo any nuns or notiiing, 'h.,.,Li.'r i.i that a mnneved capital to hecin wuh does not wcieh a mi., i !-.... rr i it, : l,,.-,;,. vv hit in Ihe balance for or nirauift them. that. couun ....'. ' .1... c!-..,.i i,..,,, r if,rrk into life with health, strength, capacitv for labor.srood ,r. nnd eonllimc thirteen weeks. ' education, a iijeful and respectable trade, habits of "im .. r...r...n .!.. lcft-,n SiM.Vnm wlin iniliistry, foliiiety, punctuality, irucalily. and above l .,ii.,l,i.-, fll rniirsPi, nf I'lm Iwmrrs ni ibis. all. with ii eood and unsullied chaiactcr, ihey have oranvincorpora'cdF. hoolof Medicine, will be le- llic''csl of r11 capita!,-a moral capital i the noblest n ,ired lonavSlO. Graduation fee, Jl5'. Doctors of ofall povycr.-inoral power : and the most certain Aledicine areadiiiiticu wuiioui ice. -o -uairicuia- leeeae.l, to e.illej. Ivinir in nid Slillon. containing about live hunJrednnd lifiy neies ofland, wbii.h in terva' l.irin eompriMM nil the land deiiled by Joseph Clark tothe .aid deeeiueil on the twelfth day of De cember IS'iO, nnd all the land deulej by KunieoSiarks lothe f n il iteecafu) on the feiirteeuth day of Pcem 1 er, 1S3U, an J all I he laud dee le I l.y Kl enezer Taylor totiiesiiddei eaeJon the twenty eiqluli ayorMare-li, 1S33. nud all of Ion No. six, in the second division an I No. live, m the M-cond diviii.n of tiinili in f nid Milton which were I'e-eJed by Jo-eidi Clnrli and Sa muel lloarman lo tho uid Ueeea-ed on tho tvvell'h il.iv ol He deeds alore partieular i'o rription ol nid firm, which Mid firm U mlijeet to n niornrncelo Menri C. lloard- nian, civei tofCCuiu the ii.vvn enl i?7,700 and in leicl, v.-liieli sum remain; nnd f irlhcr M-uiu3 lorlti that il i- neemmrv to tell n nnrtion of the . aid real e.talo for the purpo-c of payini? ihu del N idlowed njaui't fa id I'-lntennd the expense of nilminntration and that it would I e I enel'u-ial lo Ibe heir to tmd ta'i; and nil others in!eie-ti-l therein, lo have Ibe w hole of ai.l interval larni mi'i! nud the l nlam e of the proceed, of Mich tale, afier niirins Ibe debts nloie aid nnd the rxpcn-e of adiniui'tralicn, divided ninonR Ibe heir to tnid e-in'i", and pruynn tnid Court to been ,; nu J authorize the tnid nJmii.i-initors lo oll an lernu-y the whole of fnid iuti-rvul farm for tlie peipo es ntore-niii, agra-aLly to the ntnti.te in s ii'h e-a.e maJe an I iirovide I. Whereuijoii the Court n fire. ni I doth appoint the M-venth day of February, IS 12, lor heariui; mid i'e eiilina on said pciiiioti at the olli'-c of tl o ltesi-ler of aid Court in llurhnutou in said Di-lriet. i.nd doth order llmt all erom inlere tml in sill F.stalu ! iiuuiiiu uim i ui, r) piuiii' .ii ion oi nil. ornor, l oiii.uii- ini; llieiuiMnnci' ol tnid pennon, three week nf' -ive v In ibe I J 1 1 r I J il ir.oii r rce l'rovf. a news paper printed in said I !ur mirtoii, previous to saidicicuth day ol i-oi ruary isr-'. Given under my band at said llurlingtoii, tin lllli day ol January lalx. Wm. WLSTON, llegister. ELIJAH linRRICIC .SAMUEL I10AUDSIAN. . Administrators. WANTED, in exchange for Goods, llcnnington Jlonry at 50 coals on the dollar. Jan. 7. GEO. PETERSON. LOOKING GLASSES. A LAUGH an 1 well faceted nsorltnenl. consist JT1 ingof Uill, Mihogany and Gill, Mo'iogany, and t 'a neu frnmid Lookini! Glasses, for s-.'c at irreally reduced prices at tho Hardware iitore, Comer of Church nnd CoPege Sis., by 11 AGAR & ARTHUR. SELLING OFF CHEAP. 1 rfr Oil MORE nounds nood Cotton lUUU llaltimr at (id. mr Ih. Calicoes to corresnond. savat about B or G ets. tier vard. A lot Cans, Comforters turd Slulli at nearly one half forma prices. A 'so a great variety of Goods al prices loo low lo be pruned. Tlio work ofs"llinj ofl cheap has fairly commenetd nnu nil iroocis foki io sun purcuasers, ni 4 January. 1S12. HOWARD'S. Alpacca Clolhs. A SPLENDID Article, (M'll,warp),Alpacea clolb; . Alnaecj Lu-tre; Hue I lack SI, De Luines, and Cnshuierette Cloth, jul rceeivi-il al priie eorres- pondiug Willi ino time, i y c. .. uiuii i a. op. .Nov. 12. t'.l MIL P.HITOR, OcorSirt Ism very anxii haV8 it known that my remaining slock of i' which consistsofaconipleltassartincntofdrjr f ' i and dry groceries, are to bo Sold at excecdini, prices, for tho sole purpose of raising money, i-'i.. at all ctcnti I mu liare. If I como out with ii ' , verlisenicnt ol "uncajt titore," "L.nenp lor in "Great reduction of Pi ice.." "Sellinir otfntCost,' etc. the Pcoplo will not believe it i they havo I, hand too much for that by lliose who havo grown old and some even crcy in tho business. What lb i shnlllsayl Yours truly, S. 11. SCOT I QAWS,-Mill, Cross-cut, nnd Circular Saws. ;t T? nalc by Jan. 7. 1IAGAR & ARTH1' Si?n of tho Padlock, Corner of Church and Cd'.h.M Streets. BliAt'KSJUTll'S lir.I,I,)WS, a first re article, also Anvils, Yisf, Piles, &c. for salo I 01211 of the r.VllucK, 11 AUAK (t All 1 11U11 Cor.CIjiud Coll, bis. ) WOOD. TIi'mi who have promised llio tubscr ber Wood are reminded that thc&lcddiuz is eim about town. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. BLOTTING PAPER. Por sale by the Ream .. quire. .Ian. 7. C. GOODRICH. BINDING LEATHER. A U-n doz. Calf-skim suiiablc for book-lindins wanted hv Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. Mittens. Sloccaslns nutl'Clnvcs, A NLW lotjuit reeeiveJ eheapT than over, hv J.X. Jan. Ci L. 1IIC .' I I 1 1.1 11 uvvi, ,v E. SI. WUI0HT& Co. iLKri, of every tvle, qualily and eolor, vcrvehea., .Tun. C. l,y E. St. WUIGAT A Co. The laige-l and let arsorlmcnt if Ibe v: 1 1 acre ol fin. lmglmi may l.e found o I E. SI. WRIGHT if. Co." Cheap cash Store. Jan. 0. IS 12. riASIt paid for Plax Seed, I CIIAn'I.K.- O Shawls that can be loun I in Lbll pant Tor Max si'cil, l y Dee. 22, 1811. HATCH, ODELL f. Co. Combs. I CASE Wood Pockrl Combs, 1 50 do.. German Silver doi c VERMONT MEDICAL COLLEGE. AT WOODSTOCK". faculty. HENRY 1LCHILDS, SI. D Professor of the 'i'luorij and Prattice of Midicint ,,., t l.'x.f.i.o HON. JAC01S COLLAMER, A. SI., J'rtifcswr of M.ilical.furisiirudcnLC. AI.ON'O CLARK, SI. D Professor of General and tinccial Pathology, Miteria Medica and Pharmacy. IlENJAStlN R. PALMER, SI.l)., Professor vf General, Sjiceial and Surgical An atomy and Physoloi'y. 1M TT T,ATtr'rVV At I, 1' Jl. I. IV 11. llll.uiuium .... .J, tinn frn is ebarrrcd. lloaid, including room, fuel, lights, and washine, mav lieoblamcd in good lamiPcsat Irom im.jU io 9.". npr werk. Students who nro imacqua ntcd in the village, ran by calling at Dr. rainier s ollice on llieir arrival, ou lainnireciions re? nee i nir oorui nir uuuscs. In nrcscntina this announcement, the trustees of the Vermont Sledical Col'eac hr ass ired that the next comse oflrclures w-i 1 fully tustam the repula- lion v ne i l ie insu unuu lias so uniiormiv main tained. Tbecnnraeter of tho (jciitlctncn who occupy the scvcial Professorships the additions which hue means of honest mm iinnornuic accumulation and fortune, and may be sure, under eircuuisianees ordi narily propitious, to rise to that competency of influ ence, re'iicct, and ccncial confidence, and thai lion orablo measure of vvcilth and independenee, which fliou'd fully s-atisfy a reasonable and vnluous ainbt tion." Extracts from Itcccoimncndalions. Tho intlueiice will all be found on the fide of virtue morality and lelifiion. Occasional coiiiinrnts ale L'iven. Dillieult or unusual words nro defined. Prote and poetry nro suilably intermintiled It is hard ly to be unnamed that this bfok shouldfail of popu larny. li certainly would noi, had il not ro many ..I- I., lli.t imifii ,,m rl,r.,,,ir"il n,,nirl,i nnil I ..,,., lrlltnlt llinl liftil llir. In tli.rnr.i Instriinicnts of llio t.ollej.-e luu imitli'li oi a in-, l.vwii n im inoiutiit. mRii lis io j,He Ijii iioiiiIkc ol Profi bsorshintGuicral an l special I'aiholo-'v) ihein- rnTisi.d fncibties which will be nllbuleil for the profc- cution of l'raeli 'al Anatomy llio completion of ihe new en 1 pug Edifice, andils admiinble adoplinu In ihe purpose for which it wnsdesigncil, warrant Ihe belief I int inc couise oi insirueiioii in iiavuiuuuiiii i-.mliu ultimate sueems in the rontcsl. JJoston llecurdtr. Dr. Adams i Having exnuuned lo some ex lent your .llomtorial urodcr, I am pleased with its plan, ui- uu ai nnu uic uiLiiiuci in i ii iia oeen e.TPCii- led. It seems adapted lo the an 1 moral improvement of those for whose use it was designed. will be equal lo liiatof any Iustiiution in the country. I tru'l it will prove to be what its author fondly an Por furlhci knowledge of Ihc College, Student, tire licipales. (Rev.) .. S. I1ARSTOW, Kcene. referred to Hr. 11. 11. Ululds, fitisncid, Jinss., nr. a ii is just f ucn n pool, as our .eiv i:ncland boy l .UllK, i . iuy, or io ir. ii. ii. i auiiei, uuuu,iui.iv nnu jiina inn i u kkhi io tee, lur t u inculcates 11 t. I n'f.ninrr mnniirr. inittitlri- rriw.fitili- li-,,,l, l.nnn , 1. ... . ' .., j, ,. ..i.,...j , , ,!-,. lemreiance, peace, Kindness, lerluude, nnd a cheerful MAP OF BURLINGTON. GOODRICH proposes lo publish by Dubscrip tion nhlhocrnphic nlnn or man of llio town of Itiitlincrton accord;nr to the oriifiual Survev. The size will be ill hv 32 inches besides the bor der. It will contain tho lines, numbers Sc. nf every lot in town from actual survey A cper:itc plan of the with all tho roads in and leading from the own A vicrnciio view oi ino vi a;e wi i n man oi llio ltiver from Hubbcllsfal's toita'tnouth, a plan of nioosKi Ulage eve. etc. CoiiautOttS. The man shall bo well mounted varnMicd and col ored and furmshed subscribers at 83.00 a cony soon as the work can be dono after subscribers are obtained to tit fi ay the expenses. r.urhni'ion .lanuarviu, NliWST051E. " The New YmVCasli Hardware Store, rTIIE .Sulwril er h.iviui! det-rniined to carry on X the IIAIIDW Alti; I11JM.M.SS in all itlrauolie in Ibirliualon, opcnnl and now oler for talc an enluely new and well selected as-cr.iucntoi good in the above line. Hi obieci this v.-inter 1 cimr mere to learn the tie mand ot Ihc, m order to lo able to supply thufamu in the Spring, and a lie intcU'Mloing a i-irii-tlv ea.h I u-ine. bu solicit a share of piill.i- patronage, lonlident that hi price will lc lound to suit all who may invor nun won a nir insmu. v i. xi. an. v .u.j. nu. i. Slron;' Ilmldini', Collese flreet, near the Square. Looli Here '. WE have a fino lot of l'.ullalo Robes, a few N Lynx SIull's and Otter Caps, fur lined, Glo nnd nt lu r Wmtir Goods, suitable for cold weath T m-i in until nf nnv of tho above named ar Ucl will do well to call'on K.SIAVRIGHTit Co. ns they ill give creat largainsfor ca-h. Dec. .i, lSH. NOTICE. WE tho snbverilcr-, of Ilurlingtf n, tliiilcnien Counlv an I Mate i f y.-"""nt, do hereby give poii. io ino piililic L-cnerally, llial wv nave a very l.irin! aorlmi.-iit ol ll,..iv,-r ami Pilot Clolb.. m-ere- flvle Uroad ololli. e-a.impri.. uh-I shmiii-iIk t l'iruri-il and Plain tfdkf, Alpaeea elolb, French und Ensli-h

-Merino-, every stylo : Sh.t'vls and llanl,i ri lnff- SI. De l.ainet, ite. v.hieh we o.ler at vcrv rcil'jied priee for cash. J'ev-. "3. i:. JI. WRIUI1 I' i'. Cv. CarpetlnKx BOO 20 ' 2000 1 no 1 200 ' Cap Twist Sido I!ras3 Ivory Nov. 30, 1311. do, do. do. do. do. for gale by VILAS, LOOSIIS it CO. Honiicli ! Itonucto 1 1 AIlEAUTlITILassorlmtnt ol Florence and eilk Bonnets much below the prices of last summer Also, n creat variety ol (Jlicna niuuons, uy Dec. 10. S. it. SROTT. C'lsshiM'l'Cs. TJARIS Diamond, gold mixed, und wool dvebluu J. liltin iiiaci; w. II. SCO IT'S. Hi nail C'loiiix. QUPP.R Wool dye black, invisible green, olive, blue, 'and teel mixed clutlis, at unusually low prices uy Dec. 10. S. II. SCOTT. A l.lj,iudor III; It IIS lor Culinary purposes, at Zl.wlio:esaiaiiJ I'i.CK iVfjl'i;.K NEW MUSIC. AVERY largo and well teleetetl nvortmeflt 1 1 Jluie. adao'c J for tho Piano, iust reecivul at II... liurling'.on Jiookitnrt. Also Musical Works, such i boulhern llnrp, eune-r s Organ Music, Piano I'orl Primer, Ilun'en' Iustructien forihc Piano Porle. Por Mile by Jjn. 1. D. A. DRAMAN. CASH paid for nil kinds of Shipping Purs, by liJan. lS-t-3. HATCH, ODELL & Co. li'icli Tea. rXd (TIF.STS Hyson Skin Tea. OKJ 20 Do Old Hyson do. Do Twankiy do. 100 Caddy boxes Hyson do 75 Do do Xung Hyson do 100 Half rhesis Yotinir Hvson Tea. of difierent qualities, of the last importation, and ollercd at Auc tion prices by i-'ULLETT & I'RADLEY, urn uocit, iiuriin;ton. l-'lun Cut. Of A Itni.S. TOBACCO. wW 30 do Smoking do For 10 Kigs Slaccaboy SnufT. talc by FOl.Ll.T IT it UHADI.EY. !alt. CnQO P.PSHELS Turks Island, 3WV innn do St. llbrs. EOOO do Solar, 2.1(1 Sacks Dairy, 1U00 Ulds. fine. Por sale very low, bv POLLErr if- I'RADLEY. Old Dork. Burlington. Sugars. 1 f Itni.S. Powdered. 1U 10 do Crushed. 10 Duxes double Loaf, 12 do Philadelphia I.uirp, 12 do New York do of suncrior ou-ihtv. for sile bv At the Wharf. t'OLLl.TT it 11RADLEY. niiiii iiu Rarbei's G'n, 50 do American llrandv, For sale by FOLLETT it BRADLRY, uia ujck, uurlmgton. Hi nnlcrof the Hoard ofTriislecs. N. WILLIAMS, Secretary, Woodblock, Vt., Jan'y lBtli, IB 12. NOTICE I herel vciven to the I.e. re of SoIkk,! and mini' terial Ian I in tl.e Town of llinlington, that their rents fell d e onll.clir-t t'ny of January iniant,aud al-o lliemtcreton all'ni les io said town, fell due at thesaino i.erio.1, and n'l sm-li debtor are In-rfilii- n-n ni-. tn.1 lo linil.e iniineili.ite Davlllent. Al-o All maaistratc-, who have taken cognizance nfiriminal oiltiu'es.ilnrin IbepreM'nt or natvear where Ibe fine, und i'ot. nro made payal le to the Town 1 leasiirv, nre requested, lo inaUc return ol all piety. I he ocabulary, end at the and the arrango- iiieiu iui ue-iiiiin; woins, i. ui auu lunsvaiue 111 Illl hands of a judicious teneher. lltcv.) AIIII.LA. LIVERSIORE. Krene. We have ulsoreccomnitiidations from a number of individuals and periodicals, among which are I). Cms by, I'reccptor ol theUigh School' Nauuat J. New ton iirovvn, rrolcsnrol "l heologv at ixc vllamnton It is also adopted by the Associations of School Teachers in Cheshire nnd Ilillsboro' counties, nnd by the School Committee of Concord. About SOOfccopics have been published, and mostly disposed of. Published and for salo by ROI1Y, KI3IMALL & ''s A NYi "i ' " '"'T''1 1'.'r'A. nV on hones raisins, , n -t will only lake ihc trouble lo tall on K. SI. W rnrlit icWW op Tasks i5ilerttu ,.. it Co. trect, they c 111 1 e ai-eon:mjda:eJ a 103 ifii xcs scaldt'd Herrini' 'fl io price and quality, no misuke. Doe. 23. Kjr J" l-'oLLETT V tt. 0 e IHIDS. New Rum for sale bv V22 Dee. HATCH, ODP.LLeKCo, DISSOLUTION. THE Firm of Mitchell if Barnes is this dsybi by mutual consent Dissolved. All persons hnv mz accounts njainst tho Firm will plcasa presen' Bills for settlement without delay. All person indebted to tne Firm by Note or otherwise will plcst male immeliale payment. Furniture & Fannin Mills for Salo Cheap for Cash or approved credit t close the concern. T. SI. SIITCIIELL, 7 , A. BARNES. J Burlington, Jan. 1st. 1S42. N. B. Tlio Cabinet buincs will liprcoftcr be con tinned l y tho Senior Partner who solicits a share o! pubbek patronage at the Brick Shop on Church Street their former Stand. liASS VIOLS. SOSIE beautiful Biss Viols and Flute, Just rce'd PANGliORN ,f- BltlNSSIAID. FLOUR. W fPiT'i'Tr) llbli the best quality riperGne flour i. U -Vcrieby IIATCII ODELL & Co. OILN. QCnn GALS. Pure Winter and Fall Sperm Oil, 5JlJiJ20CiO uo Whale bleached and unbleached,- M lluls. American l.msei'd, by 30th Dec. 1S41. J. et J. II. PECK it Co. GLASS. 1 Z.r( BONE S Burlington, Vermont, am? LOKJVJ Essex Cylinder Ghss, 300 do Bedford, Saranac, and I'lintnn Crown do. by J. iSc J. H.PECK &Co. 30 Pre. IS II. Agents. UIWCliRIES. ( HHD3 St. Croix andPortoRico Sugars, I J o Bn3 Lump do 39 Ilhds.Slolassss, G9 Barrels do f.0 Cbets Young Hyson Ton, CO do Hyson Slim do 15 do Hyson ii -10 Catties do de 300 Slatts Cassia, 2 Barrels Cloves, 1 do Nutmegs, 20 Tierces Salernlus, 1(1 Kegs Pure Ginger, 100 Boxes Par Soap, 50 do Pipes, 20 Bags Pepper, 25 do Pimento, 40 do Rio Coffi.e, 15 do Java do by J. et J. II. PECK &. Gov 30 Dec. 1911. Honks for own or District Libraries r GOOD1IIT ha a valuable i-olleenonofilook Ks fiiilub e I II lrwn or dilrict Lii rane will le soldier inoft Ideral terms nnd ut low prices, on Ih Do 1 1. RADI.EY. Old Duck, Burlington inw Law Hooks. CONNECTICUT RI.PORTS, Vol. 13. Common 1 aw do Vol. 3 j. Ei-il. do Vol. C. Pc.-. IS. roffaleby C GOODRICH. SAhT. which CQ 'i(,)X,t:S f"'"f Ca,t Steel Axes, 1 u CO do Lnhrop's do do null Jilll'li, UIIU 1111 aiu HV FOLLETT & P.RADLEY. Old Dock, Burlinjton. fneli "'; 1 1'-'"" '"e 1 wn, on or mow jir.RIHLL. North End,.Slnin street. Concord. N. IL flfnfTK BUSHELS Solar Salt, I lie ir-toayon are-li nexi, eoiiisiniui a f laieineni oi Also for Salehv V. V'VMOOO do Turks Island do Good Itittlcr. A FEW firkins of pood sweet Butter for pale 0 the furkin ni the Crockerv Store Corner Oh y and Collece St. By FARRAR WAIT fc ROOT. Feb. 1912. NOTICE. rjAILS niayi-erlify thai I have piven my .on Cha. t- II. Pratt, hi limed irin? his minority, and fhall therefoiu claim none of hi uarniiigti nor pay any de' ol'hi.eoiilraeiin j aficr iln-s di'r. Jcneliej, 1-eP. 3, If 12. Z.L.UMI 1'JiA I 1. all lineamerci-d and collected, with (late ment of the coi-t neeruiil in each t ill, and when nnd how said fine nnd e-ol-, have 1 ecu paid or dipOMil of. liurlinirton, January sii'ii, 151'.'. Win. A. GRISWOLl), Town Tre.i :cr, a 8 43. "T7AI'TO.N'S ltl'.GISTKR.-lCOO Y NA.MUIil, HIIXTINGTOX. Bur ntrlon. J. F. Robeils. Vcrnenncs. J. Ilnser. Sllddlcbnrv. W. Kimball, Brandon, Wm. White Rutland, J, T. Sluslon Slonlpi'hcr, Principals of Academies, Select Schools ondteaoh- crs generally nre invited to examine the book. I'lcase call and examine before purchasing. 30 Dec. 1841, 1000 do Kino do 1C00 Barrels do do 300 Sacks Dairv do By J. ii J. II.; it Co. Nails and Iron. I (1 ( KEfiS NAILS, asortcd twes, lwUv 100 do FiuihinK NailM, do do 1UU Keos ru Ke. nun auj to LUl and o inc l. 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 1-Gllas lo 3 inch. 10 Tons of hoise fIioc Iron, of the various sues, 1 do nt Hand iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a soricd, Hat and square Am. Bloom do l or sale at imnutnclurir spnets by FOLI.IV1T it BRADLEY, Ajsnts. NOTICE. ALL who trc mdeb'ed to the undersigned whoso notes and accounts have become due, are hereby notified, that immediate payment must ho made to ave cost. To those v.hose demand. nre becoming due, wo would tay that prompt payinenl, according to contract, is expected. The term of copartnership of tho subscribers ex pires by limitation on the Ut of April next, it will lheicforc be insisted upon, that all contracts tra closed. STRONGS et Co. Burlington, Dec. 30, 1SII. OA ItSIi SALT. Turk's Island and Sl.Ubcs J Salt. Albo tine boirel Salt for sale by Dec. 18 11. S. SI. POPK. reieivi-d by fDee.13 iut C. GUOHRICII. CLOTHS CHEAP. JUS r reed' n few pieces Burlington Mill Co Cloths. Also l-'or Salo verv Fino B'nek nnd Blue Black and Invisible Green, Engliih Clolhs, do. do. Mack nnd Blue lilac'.", Wool dve'J Eni. Cassimorcs, Also, A few pieces Pilot and Beaver Cloth nil which must bo sold and are now offered at great Bnmains by, E. SI. WRIGHT et Co. Feb. I. IP 12. Commissioner's Notice. fP- the sul bcribers, having been appointed by vv tho Honorable llio Piobate Couil lor ilia Dis trict ofCbitienden, loininissioncrs to receive, exam ine and niljiibt ihe claims and demands of all pertuns against the estate of Abel Newell late of Charlotte in uTid District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all elninis and demands exhibited in offset thereto j and six months from tlio day of the dale hereof, be ing allowed by said Court for that purpofc, wo do ihrr.foro berebv mve notice, that wo wi'l attend lo the busincfs of our appointment, nt llio dwelling of the widow Betsev Newell in Charlotte m said Dis trict, on the 2d .Mondays of Slarch nnd July next, at 10 o clocK, A. .11., on eai noi said uavs. Dated Ibis 18th dav ofjamnrv A, t. 1812, r..ii sii;i:('ii - siuncrs, 1. 1. 1 ut ii miiAn E. BARTON ) ' USEFUL THINGS, At I'aiiKhorsi A: Itt'inssiiaicl's. HO;0 K S end Eves, Snap", Ela-lie, l.acct, Wir-ted nee-iKe, fC n it ii n .', tewin? and darning do., , nvvr nnd ieei lop I hum le-, Si cctacle.s le'., Whalebone, H'lllcttoc-, Emciio, Pencil.-., Twee-er-. Comb', Snu tors. Candlutiek. ehean Tea Potf, Si-i- or, Bntiloj lor Cm-lcr-, thilJren' e-up-, PinO'iM i't-lh. tr.ihcs cf all kind. Scan. Ilutk. Shoe and Slock Bucli-, Card', children's Bellf, India niibler and Ivciv Ring.-, Napkin Ring.-, Diamond 1elileli Coal. TONS Lt-biidi rnl.pil. Cnnrp Conl. bnnsi.l I 9 , I a " ' . . aim ncpi irom l ie weatner. lor fa o iv Nov. 29. FOLLlIT if- BRADLEY. OH POXES Bunch Raisins, f20J 10 Kegs .Malaga do 15 Bags -Madeira Nuts, 12 do Filberts, 15 do Brazil do 10 do Almonds, by 20 Dec, 1611. J. J. II. PECK if. Co. It AUK. T7 C. LOOMIS will pavfJ'h fur 50 cord ( I rocx' ill llemlik Bitk, ifiVI'ivei-eJ l.y'. tl.e fml e-f 1'vb. next. Jan. 5 1 S 12. ltuck'-i Patent C'ooklng Stoves. rpHI le. nove for the saving of labor and fuel, L which has ever I een ollercd for f ale in this Mate be luel einy dirt- -tly under thu boilery, to as to inku be-lir-l and flnrpct", and then -ain? around be oven in lb u-, to a to give the oven a n-g-.lar heat; Lakme i-.p al to 'I Irie k oven j nud Icinr larger thau ill anv" other cookinj stove now in uf. Pe-r fale by Nov. 10, lbll. rum- CASH PAID FOR WOOLLEN RAGS. ISOS.1'' I"OMES'llC!CS. Shtitinc Shirting. Batt'u lWaddm.'. Wieking. ( oiton Ynin. Cii'iou Plan nel etc. cheap, at (Oct. II ) J. P. WHALING oe Co' WE wish to purehose 500 toii of nil Wool Rags, such as old Bed (luilts, Coverlets, Bbnkus, oueias, coins, Drawers, stockings, tVc., including .Merino, Circassian, Plaids, Bombazctts, and cverv kind and color cl all Wool Goods, not fulled or felled. except carpeting, lasting nmPrrunclla. v o win pay tour rents per pound, for clean Ran t'f.nenl, SIurinn'f Pill, Sb-Tiinn' Lozenge!- and of the above description no part cotton, linen or silk Poor Shin'. Plas'er-, Soothing Svrup, Corn Plalcr, in any quantities, delivered at our Store, Wet fide llajV Liniment, Iiidillille Ink, liik of all kind, Era- of ihe Square, opposite the Court House, Burlington, five Soap to rinovo grease, Toilet Powder, Court Vermont. Commissioners Notice. WE the Subs-ribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the l'roba'e Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, exam ine and a ljust the claims and demands of all persons, againstthocstate of A'llliam Kilburn lulo of Burling ton in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto j and tlx months from tho day of iho date hereof, being allowed by taid Court for that purpose, We do therefore hereby give notice that we will at tend to the business of our appointment, at the dwel ling of the widow Ann Kilburn in Builmj'loii in t,aid Dislri-i, on the first Slonday of April and July next at 10 o'c'oi-k, A. SI., on each of said days. Dated this 12th day of January A. 1). 1912. LUTHER LOOSIIS, Commis-lll-NRY WHITNEY. J sioners, tee J ?- i E.L. FARRAR c gives nonce that no continues to carry on the busi lies-, as usual of manufacturing Stone ware of a Planter, Lip Salve, .Map-, Games and Puzzles, Jump ing llope., -laui. jinw Iloor .Malr, swills Si-rubing lliu-lii--, Wu Tapi r, Jlatebc, of vanoji kin-K. Dav it Slitrtlu's Itlarliiiig. Nmnle Shell Nur-e.-v Laimi. Beil Pan. Mola-ie Cup-, De-k K'nive-, Nut 1' an I Craeker.-, SIu Iher.' Relief, Wal i-t t-lapand springs. Gold ndd Silver Bullion for trimming dresses, and threii h indrej and Iwo oilier arlitles, which we hope our customer will lind eiilur ti'i-ful or net-cssaly to Iliem, vvliu-ii areteiiine at low priie-. Block Tin Tea Pol. Pla'e.1 Spoon. German Sil ver nnd Pe.vler do. and all tori anl siz" of nick nacks j such a tin whittle, Jewsliarp, llarinoiiicns, toys, rallies snu.I boxc-, pate culler, doll, siiuil boxee.LainoSci-sors.if.i-. A Panorama View I. on Ion, a Toy armies Hand Organ, .pc. Our Store i. nicely filled, and we shall l.o inot happy so iiisiriiiiilf inese and some otiu-r arneie.-, uioiinu uie i-ounlry, iiion sik Ii u-niitn will plva-e Ibe pur--li-iir una iii.iuce iiieni io i-a i cuen nuu tav long. .ni' you read llu call and ihe v'AliinrY S'lOltl Jan. 20, 1312. FRENCH LANGUAGE. nOUCIUVri'U'S eoirse of nubliei lnlrnelion XJ i eonUiiuel nl iheC'ourl Hou-e every Alonday I aim iitnaay evenins, al , u ctoeK, precisely. Adiuiiioii Tickets for the eoiirsii io I o lull al -Mr. BrHinan's Bookstore, 51,75. 12 January. FiJIiJS. Fur all Wool Carrctinjr. wo will nay H cents pr lb. 1 1 1 f ' I." il LT .C. Pl'l'l IV Burlington, Dec. 10, 1811. LOVELY & SEYMOUR. B'AVE juf t ree'd from New York a large assort . ment of Curpcttngs of every kind qualily and price. i.ngiitn itritgeiis. a creat variety ot pattern ticla- gon and Drab Persia Fioor Oil Cloth from 3-8 to 11-1 wide, Rush Slatting from -1-1 to 0-1 wide, Rug: 5 .Manilla and Alacant Slatts, Stair Rods i.c. Also, French and American Pancr Hanging. n larger assortment than was ever beforo olfercdin this placr mm ui iiru-es mai cannot lait io fun purcuarcrs. TV'.... let. If. liuv. ijui IP, I, Itlilfalo Holies. ry BALP.S superior Buflalo Robes, just receitcsl I nnd lor talc as eheapaslhe cheapest, by TV'nv. in i... i. m witirtii't' .t-tn Also No. 1 Otter Cans.'I.vnx Slulfs nnd Boas. Pur nonius, imguia t iingee, ivc. 1 "XIIALES Brown fbt-etings for sale by thebaic J V-'piece, or jard, very cheap, by nuv, .it. tviviiilll iv v.ii. Also, n full assortment blenched shillings, sheelinga Tickings, Canton Flannels, Diapers, Batting, Wicking eve. rarweirs Slioe-f. 100 Dozen Corn Broom, bv Dec. 30, '! 1 . J. CV J. H. Pt-iK it Co. NEW GOODS, THE S ibse-rilcr. have lti-t re- cived la mi addition to their s'lv-k of Saddlery, tjoai-n ami &tieu iiardwan in ad Us vaneiie-. Also Drug. Medicine. Paint' Variiibe-,Dye-luT--.Brish. o of all kind-, Joiner.' Tool, ite. ito. II AGAR it AKTHI'R, At the old Stand, Sigiioltbr Padlock, corner of Church nud Colle-go Street. K Cl O vi y FOLLETT A- BRADLEY IT ESPECTPt'LLY inform their Iriends and the IAr ublic, that they have received und now oiler for sclcna llio most advantageous terms, nn extensive as sortmeni ol Iron, steel, etc. consistin lollowing ! 1 Ton Sanderson's CcEt-stecl, t do Eagle German do do P.ugli h X do 20 Bund es Brazier's Rods. 30 Tons English Tire Iron, assorted, 10 do Old Sable PSI do 10 do Swedes do 1 do Toe Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do 1 do Swedes do 10 do Rils ia horse nail rods, 10 do Bloom, Hat nnd square, of various r.ics Nov. 20. NoTlCHI qHF. subscribers having formed a Copartneif hip J- and purchased the stock of lUrditart, Drugs, Medicines, if-c., belonging to the E.tate of iho Into Doct. R. Moody, will continue the business at the Id stand, sign of the Padlock, of Church and College streets, and will m-ike such nddiiions to their ioek of Hardware as will make it full and complete. tfnlU. snbi-it n continuance of the irener' in nan of the "ui patronage extended to llieir predecessor, ana in- "i I I. l. ..,. ni. Irt lliliil- n-ilii io nielli ii uy inc same uiitunv... ...v.. iisi ana tlie wisnes oi iticir i-u. lonters. HAGAK it AKlHUll. Burlington, Nov. 29, 1641. PAINTS AC. 10,000 U1S. Wclhcrells Dry White Lend, luu ivegs uu no giuuuu in on, EOOO do Lewis' do do 30 Ubls Spanish White, 20 do Vencniliati Red, 23 do French Yellow, 20 do Spirits Tuipcntine, 3 Pases Clonic Yellow, Crome Green, Brunswick do Saxony da. Red Lead, Verdigris, by 30lh Dec. IPil. J. if-J. II. PECK .f- Co. urn SI Dt)U 200 Gro3a IIookBnnd Eyes. 100 do. Knitling 1 ins, li Cases London und Aniiricnn do. SO lbs. do. Just received and forsilebv Nuv. 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS it. CO. A PEW Ba'c. le-l Pain ml Biul'alo Role, .Men's i LARGE supply of Sloroceo walking Shoes, Kid le,t Sho.l.iiid seal Can.Nuiria Purdo. BoyVdo Slips, Misses do, and SIcn's Pumps, just le- .uen hiiu iiov tiair si-ai uo. rur ivoiiar, ixc. lor i ceivcu nun lor sale clitap, uy salecbeap for fasli, by P. DOOl.l ITLE. Dec. I, 1841. S. M. POPP.. .ov.-l. ISll. SB. riy w. -- . Ihe superior nualitv : j !, ,1 l .' "' i ' I 't I'V . iju.l in ill. llllll in an ih varieties i imngs, and Hold cheaper ihau con be bought nt any , G I Illl would inform the publie lhat he has just received from IScvv oik a belter ast orlmcnt of Harness (rimming lhan was everofleird nt any Shop in Chittenden county. IlcoiiinriscsnvarietvnfPlated. I ltr-,. i.nA. .....! n...l H..iial "Ci'w.t-.uo.cAV Ware. His Leather and work shall be equal to hit Trim and will m all limes bo in read. ineiis lo sunnlv merchants on the most reosonablo terms, all orders promptly attended to at his Factory, Pearl Street, Burlington. Jan31. 1812. ,.,,, Crockery nt Cost I A I LW s ei of blue, pink anl Dove ware; also, J Glass Di-hci. (ilu -. Lamps, etc. nt eovl I'oi Hie purpr e t u,g Mi kind f 'u inc. Nuv 12 fJll rJCQl I, other shop in iho state. Saddles, Hrldlcs, ami Trunks, ofall kinds and prices, constantly on hand, Hiiiesburgh, Nov. 1811. White Iiiad. T TONS 11 W.'r'-, .If Drv While Lead. tJ 5 doN 1 I . ud Extra do do in packages from 100 t) 500 pounds. 2 Tons I itrn Ground in Oil, in Keg of 25 and CP pounu ior mis at aianuiarturrth print nun , ia.ut, by N ov vj i-ULl L IT .f- IllUDLLi SELLING OFF CHEAP. STRONGS it Co, now oUcr their stock of Goods for prices at which nurrhascrs will find it an ob ject lo buy, '1 be stock is large and iniisl he sold pio- iuus iu uie lei oi apiu ncx1, vvnen inc teriit oi oi' parlnetshin cxnins. Sugars, Teas, Spires Raisins, Tobacco, Codfish, paluioii, coarseand lino tail, Lamp Oil, .Molas'es, iVe. Iron. I'oreienand American, ot cverv tlcscrinlion, Steel of all kinds. Anv-i's. Vices, shovi Is. fpndcs, Folks, Caldron Kettles, and Hollov- Ware in sreat varietv. Store, Stove pipe, an l stova triinminss, Tin watc, eve. eirnti, nu cuaji, rerycaen fee. jo, tc 1 1. tap. Uroad Clolll. rPIIE under-igncd offer tho clolhs nianufjclurcd by -t the "Hurlingloii Mill Co." at wholesale nl Boston pi ices. 'I he assortment comprises tho varioj colors and qualities, and for tcxlute, beauty of fitiMt, and excellence rf mniulaetiirc. aia not rurpacbed -by any .Amcr.cuii'or Enl &!i l"hs. KOI 1.1 IT if-. I1RDI.I-. NeV :'J. Htihiv n'Shll .)0 T A. Hlt.VSIAM. has rn hand and it receiving XJ a large and well selected assortment oi ar'l-Jei in hi l.neforlho I 'AllTradi:, ionifting ol allkind. M-tiooi hoiks, and vaiiiauc and popular won' lie most litem pjUi '.nions A new supply nf Blank Books, consr-ling of I eg trcis. Jo'iruu . I)jv. Invoice. ISole. an 111 I hook, ol all sires, hi full. li 1 ball lending t ap nnd i.eiitr paper. f the best kind, Drawing, Tissue, Morocco, Slarl le. Bio ttini?. and oilier varieties of naner. Ink, Guill, Slues, Bonnet Boards, Pencils, Sand Boxes, Letter Stamps, red Tapo and Stationery KOiier."lly, n gie-al vaneiy. 'ci. t rPIIE suhseril er oilers for sale at his Brick Shop,, j. in cnciiy aireet, a largo variety oi i-cr.s, con fisting of I .f-ni-ll TurR White, grey, brown and black furs', fi'i Ladies trimmings Lynx and squirrel Boas ALSO Superior black Uitcr and hair Oiler laps Shetland and south sea seal do. Boys caps, for 50 cents Pur and hair collars, a variety Northwest llull'alo Robes Fur and clolll cap repaired, and Mull's and Caps made to order, by Wm I srvMoin Puil-nj'op Oct :", HI! PASTRY ARTICLES! PS-SIAN Shift, Shred and Staple 1, Coopei's Ainenean di. Nice.t Irish Slo-s, INsenceof Peach Kernels, ttoncentrated E.fenceof I-emen, Nicest Ro-i! Water, Extract of Itoe, Spanih Vanilla and Oil cf Mare, The Ordinary Spi. "l, Best l.emcn Svrup, ' SltJOd, Sugar Ornament an 1 Sand , tli-iiiie I lon(i.-i!ion:iric in Cot nit. A'e. etc. Dee. IC. ByPECK&SPEAl'.. LAW HI-iANKS. Tobacco.' O SL HF.GS Fidmond's, nm'J 12 Boxes Lrvine's, li do Uome s, 10 Kegs Cardwell's, in lluvii ttnw.'. The above are nil choice brands, and are offered w by FOLLETT it BRADLLY. Wliltc China Tea ami Codec Sets. I7ARRA1! et WAIT have just receive! an atfOrt I m..,it of Win!!, fhnn Co'ree st'l. (ulard Cm and Tea l'lates. Pitchers. Bowls nud 11 11- ler sianil,., for sale cheap at the New Crockery Store. i f", iu. DYE STUFFS. nt j BRLS. Campenchy Lofwoo.1, 200 do St. Domingo do 250 do Fustic, 150 do Nicaragu-v, 100 do Cnm W00J, 31 do .Madder, -10 do Alum, 50 do Coppera, 2." do Blue Viltiol, 50 Demijohns Oil do., bv 30 Dec, 1S41. J. et J. H. PJ.CK &. Co. r fiOODRlCII has eonslanlly for sale bv the qx unDS. Tiinidnd, and 30 hhds. Porto Rieo' xt Ream or fluire. a general assortment of law- 'I I M,, ,.w u.. i.i:.t ,i i;u, .i,r.( ;.. I.UntiD ,irl,it,l tV.1,,1 r.irtn from ltsii-,l .Vlntulea. I ...' . 3. .. " . . ,J consisting of .luslicc wins and i.xccuuons, an mhos in use Trustee Writ C'ounly Court 'riis and Executions, various kinds wariuntry. uuu-ciaim, ana .viorigago itcni Chancery Bills for furclosing Slorlgnccs Blinks fcr l)epouious Administratiirs BoiuIh Letters of Guardianship OiTicers Receipt Justice Appeals Blanks for Notes, Ilay-Srales, etc. itc. (iifts fur the Sr.ti.oi!. HMIF. following bciuliful Books foi Present", art J- now received and for sale by I). A. 1! R A SI A N . A Gift for 1B12, Tho l.adie-i' Book of Flowers nnd Toclry, I'nendsfiip-. Ofi'i ring, 1SU, The Token. 1812, Poetry of Flowers and Flowers of Poetry, ForgetOle-Not, 1BI2, I.nupiisgetf Flnwcif, TbeRoe. ISll. TheVwlicl, 1SI2, received and for sale, at a verv low mice, bv r uiibbi i cc njiAU-i. 1 . Old Dock, Burlington. TOISACCO it- SNUFF. BARRl'.LS Lorrillard a chewing Tobacco 40 do do smoking do 200 Jars do Starnboy snuff, 3."0 Bladders do Scotch do 30 Dec. IS 1 1, by J.ft j. II. PECK CV Co. Agnf 35 A LB'. G ijj ws-'soo 1I3. lleiiVdo, Nov. 30, 1311. 1'cathert-. e I rather, of superior qmlity, 'mio. ror aie low l.y VILAS, LOOSIIS &. CO. 1 THOSE sulferin'' from nn irritated state of tin Lii'ies. mrticii atlv al Ihu ren-on of Ihc vrar. I - i- ' 11 ....'.JT : .1.-. i-.i. . 1 wi.t tiitu an excellent incatcine 111 nine 01 me L II, Y S IT It U X , hnr .ulveiiite n .nt of wb h, InnUrVflr't rnlui'.n-Cl 'n paper rorwivby t'l.t. h. . M'LAU, Sliccn Skins' for Hook llliiclnc. Ac. ftCQ DOZ. Shcip Skin, asurle.l qualitie. on ""'H'lnil nuJ for aie in manufaiiiirers and iibers r lor price-, I y VILAS, LOOSIIS, fc Co. . IV. W, 13U. Sheet Iron. 1 r PACKS R iia Iron, assorted No, I v" SO Handles an! American Iron.asi'S No?. 7J Boxes Canada Plate lor salo bv.. Nov.:0 ISll. VILAS. LOOStlS A Co. I'lannls, I CASE White and colored Planiii-U, 10 pieci s iiuriISalisbury do, lOil " earlcidomeslio do. lu t re " 'dan l f r talc t v N.v 5. 1311 VlLAS, LOD.MIS V