Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 4, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 4, 1842 Page 4
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"lie touched his harp, nnd nations heard, entranced.' Tin: PILOT. Ths waves nrc high, tlio night is dark, Wild roll the foaming tides, Durhins ninunil the t tunning Lark, As galliully the rides 1 " Pilot I la' e (iced what rnur." you steer, O ir tiark is tmpcst driven I" " Stranger, he calm, there is nofc-ar Kor linn v.iiu luisism Heaven !" " Oh, pi'nt I nnrU yon th 'tider-clotid Th- hahtrriue-V'iiiiJ liver j Hark to ilii wi'iil, 'th piping loud The tmi'iiiiast bends and quivers ! Slav pilot, May, ami shorten Hail, slcirmy tri-s:uls iivt n I" "Stranger, what tnnlleieih, c-ihn or gale, To him who trusts in Heaven 1" Homo by lite wiud, the ves cl floes Up to that thunder cloud t Now lotieiing low, the spiny winged seas ( 'inceal the top. mast shroud " Pilot I tlin waves lirea'.- o'er in fast, Vainly our bark Ins striven !" "Sir 'ncer, the hold ran tuletho blast, Go jmi' thy trust in Heaven I'1 Coed h .p.- 1 Good hope! one little star Cl.-'iir.s o'er liio wnsio of waters ; "13 like the li.'hl rcftt-t ted fir Cf I'cauty's luvli.-st daughters I " Stranger. Rood In pc Hereto, thee, A Ilj his often given i Then learn this m th whate'er mny be, To put tny trust in Heaven !" POETIIY AND LEGISLATION. Onto. Wo find in tlio tegular report of jiiocccdings in tlio Li'gislnturi! of Ohio (sa$s tlio Huston I raiibcriiil) llio fullnuiiin nccount which rcflurts pri-nt credit on tlio wisdom of the law-in;il;cn of tin- West : liiusdiiv, Jan. 4. iS'timc'rous pplilinns xrcro pifsunioil, tiiul various hills we're; cun sideruel in commute-; of tlio whole of no in terest lo tho rciidrr, if wc may ex cept the hill, changing tho namo of tho Crow family, the proceedings on which wo copy from tho State.stiinn. House bill No -13, to change llio 'namo of Joseph Crow, John Ciow, Caroline 15. Crow nnd several olliers, including, tho reporter supposes, tho whole Crow family. Mr. Cnoke moved lo amend lite hill hy in serting tho word "Chapman," before the word Crow, so that tho b II read "Chapman Crow," which amendment was not agreed to. On motion, the bill was then repor'cd back, without amendment. Mr Jenkins moved that tho bill bo indef initely postponed. Mr. Siroalor opposed tho motion ; ho said it was a hard task foi him to bo compelled to rise and endeavor to prevent tho breaking up of the Crow's nest. Mr. S. after some further remarks, read the following few lines of poetry in support of bis argument : The motion offered by my worth v friend, J Into nn indefinite postponement this bill to send, I shall for reasons now oppose, Unless Jie some good reason shows, Why bis motion should prevail, And give his rcasjnsin detail. I as'i tlir aid oCcrcry friend, 'I lint he will hi assistance lend, To ket-p this bill in statu quo, To change the niurkey namo of Crow. r.ach member llien on his return To hii constituents, will learn A truth that they will nr.t disdain. Thes.'s ion was not s, cnt in ihi. If speculator were neslecicd The running interest uns protected, Kor by our well (Intend blows We killed, outright, a flock of Crows. Great laughter. Mr. Jenkins said ho was satisfied with tho gen. tleman's argument, nnd withdrew bis motion. The bill was then ordered to a third rcadiugon to morrow. Al.An.iMA. The Tuscaloosa Flag gir. the proceedings of iho Alabama Legis'ature, on Christmas day, in detail. Wc copy from that journal ; I!o?se or rtErncsr.vTATivrs, ) Saturday, Dec. 23, ISM. Th llnu'c, omnia tins mumine, was a scene ol lain h eunfii'i'jn and hd'irily. The members pave ample evidence ol having i.slaied in Ilie day Willi the usual C'le i5tmas fi tiviteE.' Several motions fn adjournment vvi le made, which were loi upon n di vi.on, fur the ('t wnwsaid by some thndir ous lo by ma 0 tint the ajvocales of ndjodV nine nt vvcreuna'di! to sun I up lone enough to lie cuunted It bem(ri.'npriilly conceded lint he House wis not ia a condit.on to tinnsiet business. -Mr t'leiuenf ollVied the follottinp: poetic rcs-lu-lions, wlneh ha I Urn hastily drnfted hy tlio member from Tuseulot.M, iW.'lt. Smith, V.f ,) who ns pie vented from reaeliri; it himself, by a budden attack of 'diiccnps." lie it enacted by Ihe Senale nnd House of Uepre tcntatirot of the Slate of .Uabima, in General As K mbly conumd, That the two Houses assemble in the Hall of ihe Hou-eof Iteprerenlaiius, tins day at 11 0 clock, fjr the urposc of singing the fo lowing JOl.NT SONG I Wow Christmas conies, and merry Let ever) bosom tie t Lay down thy mrd.'t l Trny, And let the fc'etnto free i This is no time for spoiuing, Make no ribuhes todays Thv voico is preat nt shouting The merry roundelay. The Senator aredo7inp, The thing i evident ; They all feel like icposins Some are at least ball t ent. Let PmiroTt nnd the .Muoa: Ilaio hoh 'ay, 1 pray, And I will lay a vvnier They ate tober half tha day, Look not 3J crave in glaps, Most gracious Doctor Moons 1 5 Adjourn thy Hou o of Asses, And let ihem bray no innre: JlritigdoHii thy ivory hainiuer, And let Ids voice proclaim, Ono ihv rct-piie to iiuminar, One day to cpgs and game. Kor where's the rse of brawling To-day about the law' Some members ate thrown sprawlinr, And sumo are in tho straw, Tresh bowls, they say, arefoamin". More egss are roining in, " Another boat is coming Wiih oys crs, vtineaud in. The House then udjourned (by n call of tho yens ntid nays) until Monday.ut Imlf-past nine o'clock. President of the Senate, tSecretary of the Senate. I 'lajorTerry. President of th f e'late. pecker cf the Ho j EVENING VIEW OF JEltUSAEEM A N D THE T EM I L E. It is impossible) to conceive a spectacle of greater natural nr moral sublimity than the Saviour seated on the slope of tho Mount of Olives, and thus looking down, almost lot the last time, on the whole temple and city of Jerusalem, crowded as it then was with near three millions of worshippers. It was evening ; nnd the whole iriegular outline: of the city, rising from tho deep gloom that encircled it on till sides, might bo dis tinctly traced. The sun, the significant em blem of the great fountain of moral light, to which Jesus ami his faith bad been perpet tially compared, may be imagined sinking behind the western hills, while, its last lavs might linner on tho broad and massy fuiii- fic.ilions on Mount Zion,on the stately pa lace of Herod, on thostptaro tower, the An tonio, at tho corner of the temple, fretted nl over with golden spikes, which glittered lik ftte ; while below, tho eolontndes and lofty gates would cast tledr broad shadows over the courts, and afford that striking contrast between vast masses of gloom and gleams of tho richest light Inch only an evening scene liko the present can display. Nor, indeed, (oven without the sacred ami solemn asso nations connected with the holy city,) would it be easy to conceive any natural sit uation in the world of more impressive gran- leur, or likely to be seen to greater advan- tnge tinder the influence of such accessaries, than that of Jerusalem, sealed as it was,iipon lulls ol irregular height, intersected by hold ravines, & hemmed in on almost all sides hv still loftier mountains, and itself formed, in ils most conspicuous paits, of gorgeous ran ges of Eastern architecture, in ;.!! its light ness, luxuriance, and variety. The effect might have been heightened by the rising of the slow volumes of smoke fioui the ovetiiti sacrifices, while even at tho distance of the slope of Mount Olive, the silence may liitvt been faintly broken h) the liymiis of the wor shippers. Milman's Hist, of Christianslii, S E L F-Il E L I A h C 12. I four young men miscarry in tin if fust enterprise, they lose all heart. 1 f the vounrj merchant fills, men say he is ruined. If tlio finest cetiitisstudientiit one of our col leges, and is not i 'stalled in an office in one year afterwards in the city or suburbs of lies ton oi Now York, it seems to bis friends and to himself that he is right in being disheart ened and in complaining the rest of bis life. sturdy lad from New Hampshire or Ver mont, who in turn tiies all the professions who teams it, farms it, peddles, kerns a school, preaches, edits a newspaper, goes to congress, buys a township, Sic. in success ive jears, and alwas, like a cat, falls on his feel, is worth a hundred of theso'city dolls. Ho walks abreast with his days and feels no shamo in not " studying a profession," for he does not postpone his life, but lives al ready. Ho has not one chance, but a Inin- Ired chances. Let a stoic arise who shall lovoal the resouices ol man, nnd tell men they are not leaning willows, but can nnd must detach themselves that with the exer cise of sell'-ti ust, now powers shall appear, that man it bum to shed healing to tlie na tions, that he should be ashamed of our com passion and that tho moment he acts for himself, tossin; the hooks, idolatries, and customs out of the window we pity him no more, but thank nnd revere him and that teacher shall restore the life of man to splen- lor and make bis namo dear to till histo ry. lmerson. How to a Y(,i'.n Win: opanOlii Maid. The following story might, perhaps, furnish matter for a little comedy, if comedies were still wutten in England : It is generally the cao that the more beau tiful and tho richer a joung fenialu is, the more difficult art! both herpaieuls and her self in the choice of a husband, and the mure offers they refuse. The one is too tall, the other lo client, this nut wealthy e'liniigh. Meanw hile ono spring passes after another, and year after year tallies away leaf after leafoftho hliiom of jotith, and opportunity ifter opportunity. Miss Hanio! Solwood was (ho richest heiress of her unlive town ; but she had al ready completed her twenty-seventh year, and beheld almost all her voting fiiends uni ted to men whom she bad at one lime or an other discardetl. Unmet began to bo set down for an old maid. Her parents became teelly uneasy, and (ho hciself lamented in ptivaloa position which is nut a i mural one, and to which tl.osu to whom Nalurj and For tune have bet n niggardly ofiheir gills are obliged to submit ; bill ilaniet, us wo have said, wits both handsome and eiy rich. Sueli was the shite of things when her un cle, a wealthy man in the noitli of England, came on a visit to her paienls. He was a juvial, lively, straight forward man, accus tomed to attack all difficulties boldly tied cuolly. " You see," said her father to him one day, "Harriet continues single. The girl is handsome ; what situ is to have for her loi tuue, you know ; anil rvcii in this scandal loving town not ;i cieatuie ran breathe the slightest iinputition against her, and yet she is getting to be an old maid." " Trite," replied the uncle, " but look you brother, tho grand point on eury affair in this wen Id is to seize the light moment, tins on have not done ; it is a misfortune ; but let tho girl go along with me, and before the end of three months 1 will return her to you as tho wife ofn man us young and wealthy as herself. Away went the niece with her uncle. On the way home, ho thus addressed her : "Mind what 1 am going to say. You tiro no longer MissSelwood, but Mrs. Lumlov, my niece ; a young, wealthy, childless wid ow:you bad tho misfortune to lose your husband, Col. Lttinloy, after a happy union of a quarter of a ear ly a fall from his hoiso while hunting." " Let inn manage, if you please, Mrs. Ltiuiloy. Your father has invested mo w ith full powers. Here, look you, is tho wedding ring given you by your lato husband. Jew els, ami whatever else you need, your aunt will supply you with, and accustom yourself to cast down your eyes." Tho keen-witted undo introduced his niece every where nnd ovory whore the young widow excited a great sensation. Tho tjonllemaii thronged about, and sho Kuon bad the choico of twenty suitors. Her uncle ad vised her to accept tho olio that was deepest in love with her, nud a rare chance decreed that be should be precisely the must nmiuhli and opp ilenl. Tho match was soon conclit tleel, anil ono uav the uncle desired to say n few words te bis future nephew in pii vate. " My dear sir," lie began, "wo have told you an untruth." "How so? Are Mrs. Ltimley's affect ions " " Nothing: of tho hind; my niece is sin ccrely attached to you." " '1 lieu her lorlune, 1 suppose, is not equal to w hat you tuld me." "On the contrary, it is larger." " Well, what is t'hn mutter then 1" " A joke, an innocent joke, which camo into m' head ono day, when I was in a good humor; we would not recall it ttllorwards. My niece is not u widow." " What i. Col. Liimley livi-ig?" " No, no," siie l n spinster." The lover ptotesled that bo was a happier fellow than lit! had ever censideietl hitmelf ; and the oltl maid w.n forthwith metamorpho sed itilo a young wile. EDUCATION. Wo ropy the following interesting m li do from the Newnik Advertiser. It will be1 seen by thu statistics which it presents (hat in some of tho Southern and Western States and indeed wo may say, in every State in the Union, there is work for the schoolman tor he should be encouraged to "go abroad" I he ignorance ol the wluto population in the slave holding States is indeed depler.t- Ide. 1 hero the lew e'xercise n puwetlul ill lluence over, and control the many : "It would appear by the late census that theie tire upwards ol hall a mil ion ol the flee w Idle inhabitants of our counliy, over l' cars ol age, w ho are unable to read en write ! The aiinexedtahle shows the number in the several Slates, and the prnpmtioii which that number beais to the whole num ber of whites. NewJetsey, it will be seen, is according to ibis standard, thu eighth btnte in point of pnpiiht iiilellisencc Iv the same rii!e,Coiineclirut stands at the head of the Union, and Niu th Carolina tho low .., rtit ... . .. est ill me scaie. i no ciuvairous soulli ap I'oiisloho far below the northern anil ea-l-oi n States. The difference between South Carolina, (the biith place of Nullification, where e'very twtdllb limn is tinablu to read and write his name, and Connecticut, (the land of Common schools.) wheie the pio- portiun is tlio oilier way mine timn live hun dred to one, is a most striking and instiur live commentary upon the stale of social and moral iiiipinveinent in the respective Slates. It is proper lo remaik, in justices lo our common e ottntry anil ils pecttli ir anil bene ficial institutions, that the nppaient urtMior- tion of popular ignorance is materially in creased in Mime of the; Slates by the pres ence of largo numbers of aliens. Thus New i oi k and Massachusetts, second to none in the facilities fur education, have in their large towns great numheis of foreigners, not vet assimilated to American institutions. The same is true to a great extent of tho new- Stales. Hut for those proud members of the 'old thirteen,' Georgia, Virginia and tho two C.irolimis, there is no such excuse. A timber of Whiles over 20 tcho cannot read or tcritc. C'ourivcticiit, 3700 being 1 i nr.j iMiiiip, iKMl Vermont, Now Himpfdiire, !)J7 .Missachubcttr, d 1 19 Miclegir, i!7'.i Uhndu 1st mil, i:;oo New Jersey, (i!53 New York,' '11,151 Pennsylvania, !iU,'J10 Ohio, 33,:i'Jl 1niisi.m.i, d.Vfil Maryland, 11,093 .Mississippi, e,:jr.o Ind.nurj, 3;,I(!() Him.'.-, :27.3!U Mi-souri, 19,157 Alalnnn, a.',.r)'J3 (icurgin, a(),7l7 Kentucky, -13,0 Id Virginia, fj8,7.'3'-! S. (.'.uolim, i.'O.Cl.'i Arkansas, (j,!j;7 Delaware, d.JU Tennessee, VViill N.Carulit.r, 3i,009 .5-1,517 151 123 :!()7 1(11 97 (ill 53 55 49 12 :w 1'7 21 18 17 17 15 1:1 1!) 12 12 12 12 11 9 That Jaw I!e.n, a Nr.w Musical Is- KTiiti.MiiNT. Our fiicud of the I'laipiemiue tjii.t'lti! lias mailt! altogether a new elisi overy in musie. Il.ii U1 sas "Sanipsun was, most undeniably, ii wondeiful man wills jaw bone, in the way of knocking out oilier men's liiaius ; Inn how Utile did be think, as hi! wiped the iusti iiuieul that was stained Tvitb the blood of a thousand men, (anil out of which he had undoubtedly broken many of till) teeth) that the like ol oi it would evei lie used as an nistiuinent of music ! We saw a 'nigger,' on the nl'teinoon ol Chiistmns n,h- in;' lorlh the most original sounds Irom the jaw bone of a horse, soiindsthat almost made us imagine that wo were siniouiided by a lir.en watchmen's rattles 1 It was used as in accompaniment to a fiddle that must have cost tit least six hits ; hut what was wanting in tho instruments was more than made ii'ii in the zeal of tho pei foi mors. "John Heck- nell, who touched tie e lassie bone, was music nil over, and every inch of him moved by itself, when enibarKcd in the execution of one of bis most scientific pieces. John held the lione by (lit! small part, near the Irom teeth. It was so well dried, that every toolli rattled in its surkel, and when ihu skill'iil musician cocked bis head one side, looked around on ihn sable elancers, gently lappet! the pronged jaw with the palm of his band, as if afraid of letting too m my of tho licit sounds escape at first; and then when it came lo tlio heel tind too part of the tlsuce, and he let go all restraint on bis Appollo-liko spirit, and raked tho long rows of double leelh wilh thu bono of a sheep's foi e leg ah! men .wi eanionwny. Ittiltuto llo'ort. ASt'PKRIOIt nruele, Indian tanned; 1'nrlhicl. mi l ncavv. IVIlo fl nnd Ir will no, i. inn-by weiiini-. IVa-m'ely IIR KOIC iVl'A'll.l. Wet Mao i i,urt lloiue tijuare, Uuil iiyten, V. isrv. t i, lot I , mil' Don't ir'icli 11' nnld von have prVedtl,'.VS. Al o ll.irrel. ami Diy Oai.1 c r. II. Hon' nrlie'e nt LOO K II E II E ! MIX, KDl'lOR Will you pleura notify this com Iniinity that the subscriber lias opined a Stove More, tint door west of J. it J. II. Peek A Co. wbrm lie has n general assortment of CookuiL', llox and Parlor Slovcs, Caldrunv, aud Hollow Wae of I he (upeiior lirandon Catungsj al o Duck'u Hot Air Cooking Slow, which he is manufacturing in this place. The construction of thin stove is mcli thai thu firkt and harpcm heal eoiuo diri'cily under the boilers and then passe round a epaeiju and equally heated oven, mil requirrs but eonipara'ivcly iiit'e fuel to put it in opeiatwn, and bakes equal to a brick oven, I here intjdil bo a last of signatures nrocuiod ah long as the recommendation of a country P. M. from dm highest pourres in ihn xecioos wliirn it u in use t but a preambld about tins nunc or iho Ynukue i.oi on uscies. ono u money conimues ucaree ycu muxt use the leas of it, no don'i elo without on that acrqunt, but call anil try Iho new Stove. Pur' ton, Nwv 19, Jrll S V TAVLOR DR. TA"5TZ.OSIL'S u a fi s a m n v t, i v i: it w o n r , OlinTi-e wIciivmi bi.y iliat evi gel Ibe fenimic, tyevarcd nt 37.1 lluwcry, New S oris. Wlluit 375 How, ry ctt Vork l im Ilie wrliiur of e leli llollle'. til n!ber are KramN an I obi nnlv by r PCciilninr-, m'iiIk.ui re.'iivdio iitsti r, in tlio pu!,'lu',iir tliepro.itio-loi'- of tlio centime urtit'li'. IJ'OIt ('ons iniplion, nnd I.iver eclnplainls, Dvpep si.i, ibzzuiei'ftliu bi'ail, hiss of a;ipeliie, l)y, en tare, mid re-g iln erol Ibe whole' system. is one eon line I til llut prepare I ill 37o Howcry, .sew orl;, wheie ibu nriMa wn- llrl maile, iberbar l'" er of ibelue belli" forinc I nnd e tal lislie 1 1 y the jiir-e'nt Mile pri'ifrie i r, and wlinniei tbeonly pe'r-oit" I; ri mvin I he- 'i'in ;.- ii ion of t'n; ne'iniuii', Itlnlvn a-I'd snero-.f y fr oiirht year- in I In- euro of ibesei disease'. jL'ltrtne'in' e rdie oriiriml nit.l (leniu if i ma If only nt fin. 375 llowcrv, New York. All otlier nre eo uiicilut. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As n irmrly for the r ili.n-a-o, I mil f Hy fali'tie.l, from louy ejipeririii'e, ibrro no nielu-tno rpalioDr. Tnvb i' llal-nin of l.iverwrrl. IVinu' p ne y ve'ire'', it ran I o nr I with the nlnio-t mle-y I y all ne'.snits in every ronb'ion. If r'e.i ee ibu luiiffs ly extici'ti rriiiii, relieves diliinih I reMdnii'-', and -eem- lo lie il ilirrlie.l. 'I here! ( ail I e no que t ion lint till me.liriiie Is rrrl.un lino fur chrome ru iplt nnd rn. Is. I b.ue ,.fr, u o :r veirs in my pra.-lev, and ulwuy.vv" b ,.ee , A.'K. 'ICKJKliS, Jl. 1). Tickling in the Throat. I I now Dr. Tnyltii's ll.i nmef laveiwort lo Ir aiei'l.iin leniely for ilii-eeiupknni, us I luive u ed Ii my-elfnnil found its r 'es-ts an iiiin.til a'e. I wa in nil tro illrd iiiiiiI I inade i-ei f'ln- me In'ine'. II. L. IUN.IIAV.2II .M.iuain t. Hotr-inc. I'ojol Koribrn're of ene.s 1 imii stroiigly reveomn r'i'l I'r. Taylor's of Liv rrworl. I Ii no mil onlyli mid 'leat 1 rnrlit myelf, b'lt many e f my roiirrjralii n I y inv in roinnieMid.i lion bar re-ie'i-elcreal I rurle Irnni il.s virtue'. It i a I tim e mi!il ,e'ilir.teiouun I liai-in'r-s, ki; m:vis. Severe''ui'eh' an I fold I have bad a mo l r verr iold ami roiuh, lor n unv( liuir win hi ronlo not uei ridof. Af ep imii;? mane lee'v-s ihiiig- I in edTnylur's Dal am of Liverw-or'i, an I it cure I me in a days. ,.S. 11. ICr.ltlllNOCIC. II ii-in.' of lilood Abo il two wee-!,.s uso 1 hail n l.tll, UMirh enii-e I mo in spu large qiia'itirs of I oi..l "hi Ii nothing ro ihl rnrr I n'll I inr,l I'r. Taylor'-l!nl-nm ol l.ivrrwurl. 'I his inrb 'ine sate me iinnir- b.i'r n liel'an I in a very short time r levte I an rutne ure. Lot all prr-ons In e. , '" 'ill jiirjrSAItU:V,2l Cannon st. I r. IS it-ui ,if Lnnwor 'I hi-superior irmrly fordi ra e- of die lungs n I lutr ha, eiblain r.l a re mla ion never 1 1 finer I'eillrd. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . . va.-oiieir her death Willi tin. th.r.i-r, dnl mv fneie's -nil fur a pr c-t toroiifr inr err I t'lol. lie in hi- iiur-y, lold me not lo Riven , mri I tnel Dr. I'aylorV Hal-am t,f lavrrwort. 1 ,eiil iinnied.a'rlv lor Ibis me- hrinr, an I alihongh ihe eon'e I for u few '.iy le werii iln- me brnir, nnd inv ill ca-e wa n' vere,lhe mrli..iieroiiT.riel, nn.'l m a Irriiught I wa. ie-loirlloi.Ml;i. I ha laroigh, rai-mg of mat irr, In- ol mv oitr. pain-, we'.i'.ne-.. I'ie. 1 ran ic ier in Doeior YViNi n, m thr t'arliun lion e for the ri'b efiiij -tarnient. MAltY DILI., 10 h street for. I'owa i coffin 'd-. , 13J itvem.c. Summer Complaint. The Hal-am til l.iwrwor', m eeral ra-cs of tins lie-a-r, w he're all oilier reme he- np.ilied ly phv-i-riaiis have proved ine.le'etua!, has prod.icevl a perlivt 'ure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. .Mr. 1!. lila l.lm ul Delhi, .. Y., ol a natural y eon. -uii'ilive ron-iiiiiiion, has I ren -.-uel lioni a'n Iiinely end I y ibr ti-ei f Dr. Taylor'.- IWknn ofl.iv e'rvvtir'. A severe en! 1 1 ro ighl'on nn nilae:. of Plr i rr v, an I thus rn le I in genrralilrl.ilry an I ron-nmp-lon. A r,.nsMnl roigh, he"ir llii-li,'rc.'e.s nighi l nr!, pul-r, on I eoiitaiueJ lu.s of tlrsh, a cored a -rely ilea h ; but a oon as I rominenii'J the ti-ool tin - I al-.iin 1 grew I r ler, mid is now f.dlv re.-toievl to health. Shortness of lircath. K' r tlii- tli-en-e, I hino iihviivs linunl Dr. TnvIcrV of l.iveiworl an rx'r le nt irmrlv. It 'i- al once so -utc and -o e e--live. lint I a vvacs u.r it in my piartii e, an I iccvommeiid il In my frirnd.. I bavo u-el it in s(,me. laniihels t frn e vvillnn il.e pas fo ir jcir-, and I have never had it fail. In many a es ufiisihma, I fully 1 rlirvt: it to have I e'en the means eif miviiiij pieviou- live-. I ri nil u-e it i;i:oi!oi: lui.Pii, .m. D. None griiuinr but that prepare-1 a' 373. Am cry. New on; as will t e'l-trn I y Iho la' el. nu I vvrap-ner- o feaeh buttle. Ho sure vo i loo!, w hen you I uy. 'rhegen iineean alvvayslrolminrl tifiti.. O d . .Mo i-r-. .V. L'lvr'r .V Cn I et .Seymo ir Dr. .'.jotly nd p,.; k & Hpear, Chrmi-t"- ... ... 7,. ' ' " i'u.-k'm -. ii. u.iriie-, uli.irlnlK William Itlioii-, Jr. liirboitmi' Uro. Avirs A Co Mil A. -Vt IV It.,... . r; ...... i l i.. Wii i' . . ' S.Mtlli lli'ro Horn re tV.v'Uvv orib. North Hcrr J' Davis, AH urgb I". eV I.. O.'tna, We-t Alb irjli I). & W. Cari'cnter, Waterl nry. im:v kstaijlisii.mknt. (Muccnrfsous 'ro i:. mtuitjs,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, JOl I.I) ie-pe-traly inform the iiiba'.itnnts ol n lrinigii'ii an I ine surro inihng r, un'rv. thai thitvearrv on Hie t.oiiirioiiari; lliisinm i n i.H . vario is i iniieiie-. ur ermuiu I lo u-c iho veryle-t materials m niaiiularliiring. they will al nil ,, fiirni b Mrrrbants an I oihcr-tle.ilnrj in Coiifectioii- tne , vvt Ii the I es! q all y, and on thr lowe-t po-si-li rvrin.. Shop on Ch ir Ii .S rre', two duor So lib f S. 1). Howard's, nt.wy nn I neatly littrj in. w here we ror.lially invar all to rail an I raimiieo ir artieh's, roiisi-nngot all kinds of S!M: Canity, H.dl an I Ki-e . Hearts and I iiinund.. It.-.n.l. f'. nun', Lemon Drop-, Vanilla Cream, Li-nie ,S r-ar Pitnnli-, Carravv.iv-, Comm., Ca-Ma I h, Itorl; mul Ur iwn Can ly, S 'par Sand, Motor. nn sjevrn Sigar Apple.-, Pota'te-, Hrg., and Ha-' e., with yarn o- o ner .itiirie- ititi n ooeri u- to I e mcntione I. . cciierai a-i r nieni 1 1 nt Ii and lanev,e. on ban I, a id 1 a'.u I in order, to-other with 'lee Cic.ims toiiirniMi parne-, M'.or, ALSO Cocci! Cakiit, whit h w r recommend for Cou"b-', C' ','l.I,,;!,rt'm'" 'V'1 Yv (l" 111 ' I're en I lo iv wi.h Mr. J. P-a-rCsSn., that t tir Candy will cue ail Ii t'i't'i lea ling to (Joii-uinntioii. n il.m'. ,i,-, w saving too m icu. CLOCKS. We have a ir.iod a -orauenl of Irnx ns.i Ctoihs, vvb eh wr will -ell vrry low etli t r np- irt.vei rrr.nt. riei-r call anu e.amiue 1 cfore pur di i-:ng td-rwhrie. , ; , : : ',i'-, i'"-t ptti", win lu iiroinndy aiti'ii.V' I to, no. I iae..T-r. and l.i.s... .. A. II ll ur.l.'r. Irnni n ilt.f-n. ri ....-u "i marl ol Mage- or ion'-, wlieu irjiirrd, fire if barge. Ho onriir and ad br-s all nr.W. n. tfe. i in. i.i, e ii.vii.m., i,einieriane, there leingtwo nrm - in uie mi nit- mono m nu, y n,,;. II ir ing'nn. Vl. ()!. S2, Intl. CllUIiCIi jMUSIC. Tin: roil ovviinr va liable Mm-ica NVorks aro con- 1. Klanllt- r.r ml. iv lltt. c.d. ....(.... n. .t.-i- price's, by the tin, or Jirgcr qinnlity, viz : lloston Academy's collection ol Church Jltifie iuruiu t JiailllOIUSl, Odeon, and Hoslou and Amciican Glee Honk. Nov. 1911. I). .. IlltAMA" .M.WRIOHTit Co. will tqei viihin ihree r -4 lOirt.lV'-. I'll 11 1.11 I 111 ' 1 l- . ri ( In d.'esro hi I), -operiine, line and oomniuii all vvtu.l 1 1 arjieiiiig., which bur leva n ireha el inosily in :S.or'.nt a ictii-n, and will I e m 1 1 al vrv low price . kvii'di .nn pi.iiu iriirnan a'r rarpotiiig, Ho n,i an I Colton car.ietiii',', Oil cloth-, Matt-, e e. UooKb and lapcr. ire nnd iloiiii'-in. nmn. t .. ....... . -.s.j, .,,, riseivri in pavnirnt, bcbool torn. .... .... . ,,, uuit; ter n-iiuui-, man nave eio.s ura uiLitt-le for ;.t ..l.a.ln..., ,.. l,..;.. I. f- r' ; ' " v ' "' '"-iiiei vt no-o i,a nils are until Ir lu I uv. j 1 k t AHIIUt ct WAI'f have emi.ianily on haul -i very landMinio nE-rr.ment il' limn iii'in,!,." " 1 1 . , 1 ,.:: : "" i v "a .co"i'""'-, of ',' . -!' '. ', -linn- (trjiine i 111 it ti and Hour! on ,.pii;:ged vvaie, whit h w ill I e . u.rv t.10 , at their new Cm 'U'ry S.ore, corner Cbar'rli an I Collrse street-, 11 irllngtoti. I rr. IU. mill' Slilispril..r , .. 1, f... . t .. . i ntmod , A,r ; ,,u ,: , tw s.r i , . . . ,i . . , i , " V. .r.:." meir . . ".'"'"" ititi oi. iHi.ui.i.:v iV llv III-. July-'. 1811. GCOItGK il. I'ECK, Atlorury iiitil CuuiiscHornt, two nooaa e.(.t or Tim robr crncr, vr bTAtai. Uelj-rlo Jlcrsrs. J. iV J. Il.PIX'JC & Co Nov. 111. A. KOlllCI.TSON, IJarrUti r ami Attorney at, (Late in tin cfftccofllic ll.n. Solicitor Om't IJm) I.1T1I.U ST. JAMI'.S'S STHHUT. Mott trial, 1 Nov. 1811. Reference in Hurlington, to CHAlU.IkS AUAJISLi:Srjuire. 21 ' lire-"lfi..tTl - - AHeally emrlleiu nrlirlo for Pools nu 1 Sboei pre-rrvnn; ihu feel from water an le-.tenm! ineii, lure in that of ICJnnKci's Wntrr I'mof niackliiK. r 1( ar-aittrd, Itrwi' uy J'l'i 'f, & ! r.Ut ( . .V00,1'"10"' "" ,,n,,r I' i l of .t W m'. . CrecLeryStoie, UP STAIHs has au ,r",,r. UOO..S ami I'.,, er, All wi-hmg m nurrba... t 'li in can, .ri.i JU.SSI'.I.I.'S STOMACH HI'ITI.HS. may b" ii-ed in WmeiirwiKer. The-ere'lel rated Inner. trree'ompn.eil piirelynf Veao abb's of ilie mol Itino rcniyrt ,qt.vihc urine". They are reeoiiimeiitli'd pur- in- ii.uiv uir ro-iorinif weji, rtiistiiuiiou, clean iiir and Mreiigiheamg the .stonint h, nnd tucie.iMiis the appetilr al-o n prcvcii'ntuc n'.'ain-t tlioiholria utor-Im-, fevrr ami ngur, reniovini; naii-ea, vouiiimg, heart l"iriiiiir,W'cal,ne'-s In the ' ira-l, pain m the stoma di ami tuber symptoms 1 1 flaiulenecand imbite.s lion. Ono box will tinetuieonegallt. Priee25 elf. a I oi. liusir.i.i.'s Itch Oiktmcmt. Thisihoire nutUafe ointment is nid to I r ruprneir to any now' in n-e, for Ibul i!i-agreeal.le nil I loalleoino d ffn-e, Iho I'ICII. This Oninni'iit is so renrntiii in Us operation that no per-on Ir.l v.-nli the al oVr di-ordcr ought to 1 e without it. It t-t a rrmrly lor r 11,111001114 eniptiou-, M'urb'itir neclion tif the brad, or.iuy otherl o II which iiri-es from tharp humors in Ihe blood. Price 21 rt-. a 1 tix. Ik's i.i.i.'s Htt uoei I'na.t, or family physi", for general nn-, in ra o t'l Jaiinihtv, moil ul rn i' ilily i f the -lumarli an I bowel-, ltir. ol uppelile, fie id I reii'b, roMurne-, Pile., ami all .'l-ra-r. aris ing from lilinry tlernneriiicnt-, il o f ir rone'rtliig Iho ,ta'e id' ilir I loo lt and rie'.nising the svieiu ol foil and vwc'kl hunittir-. 'Ibr r pills nirn'miltl ra llnrie, pro hiring nrnhtr pu n- i.or iriiputg, and are theiefrre a valnallo highly upurovrd inodiriiie an line proiiounrrd iism eh l.yiheinut th-liugui bet! hv-lt'inns. I'.ich box e'oii!ninoi.r H. fills. P, ir, 37 el-.a lox II I-ell's eelel ruled S it.T ltilr.UM Ol.S'TMr.VT. 1 liin is unqi r-tamal Iv the I est anil -alb-t rrtiie Iv rver vel o'lt'rnl lo the p ihlic for that obstina'c di-onler SAL'I (till I'M. Wheie i. I r rans bavr lade I, n h issue tee 'e I, and ihe fa ! that n hasltcii -xlru-ively iced I y eminent Pirt-Miiioner.s .eal.s volumes ill it prai-e. II l eq Hilly eliea"iois in all ib-ra-r of Ilie si, in, st aid brad, ring worm-, an I the most mve'lerale Itch, iVe, esc. fviiuicro'is ccrnlicaios might I o el luinrd, I ut lite propritor rhro-es that i fair trial -tumid I olhe only evidence of its siquTiurrllicary. Price JO rents a I o.t. I'or Mile 1 V Peek tp Spear nnd I!ol en Moody, Hiiilmgloni Dr. l. 1:. Mile-, and H ill f; Cool,, limes, luirglii S. II. Ilarne-, I'harlotie j I.. . lane-, (ieoigiaj I.. Tyler, l.rx ; roller & Huntington, Hi. him n l l-o, ly tho t!ruggi-ls and nu rehant-i geiiemllv hro i.'bo'ut the t.tale. 1,2.011'. Disi:am:s or tiii: i.ii.f:s...iiirhWi) III'' 111.11 p.iiml ir 1 fulfil 1 feel Is in lev 41 111 A inn ici I'igctubte I'ulmmuiry Ihihum U ih" ni'1.1 v.ihi.ildp teiiiitli 11, mv rtii.t'l.., ciiiili4,f.,,.t., iMih11.11 01 1 hlhi-ic. cnn-iHiipii vv hiiupi'ig r oiiitli .mil pii'ipim 11 nil cinm ufHvetv kind, lu sale i picoblv 1 nr, e.i 111 . mid ibr pinpi it- 1111. .ur rimdi.ttulv ,i ci IV ln be uiu-t (.ivondilr -iiriiiitii id iif 1 ffiTiti. 'I hr fdliivviiig new ct'i lilic.ilt'r ne I'lfi'ifd I'm 1'nbt e r iiiibi iliuo, AN U I Kill 5r1s.ll (J(3K I'.x'iai'l of .1 lei 1 ci fiiun Mr it ,S C'liv, Kniij.iiiu, UWr co., N. Y. lo ihe ll ip.l"lllts, "VmIII; uf lllf D.ll llisl. lllllv IPI'M it 111 iik.iblc cior 'v,i t-fTi ciril bj 1 In- Vr tini.le Put liwii.nv lt.ll. .1111 III ll,r vviiut'i mid -'t init n 1;J5. 'the 'risuil. Ml. Aloiiilt, li.ill bei'ii -it h iilnniiiiip vvnh iht 1 uiifiiiiiptiiiii, III. I'liv-ii'l.iii- b.ul C'leu linn up Mr vv us ,t ilm 1 ,) 1, l.ivv .111 10 l.r uiiiiblM 111 bidp linii-elf, 4ltd IV. t t.ii.lng ii;i. ipt.iiiliiv nl blunt! vvht-iilie roillini lift il tiiung lilt ltil.,1111, vvllitll lulu I llil led i, foiiiptfif 1 111 r, nnd lie i ifivv a Ii tip .nut hcuiv a i-vf i lie ii. Mr. M.mitv innou il fiutn iln it,vv n, I'll! Ill' Il I I'lflll'rfil llif .1 I If Lull ll .H'l tilllll of hii i:.i4r, vv Im ti I vv ill I'm vv .ird vi.ii. U. S CI.VY.', N, Y June 23 lSUS. t.hti.itl nf .i lellt-i fioui i. J.iruL .Mvpis 'I hr Vfn,.,,!,! I'lihimn ii v lum lpin m,i1 iii ihui c IV lor livuve.lls, ,n, ,1 llit- me licinc h.l li.iiiifil nn iiiifuiniiui'i relt-ln uv, fni il .rut clt iu utir iii.i.iiiff I 'ilfil ul Ii.iviiij llif tlfiiiirii t fffel I inn b nu ine.u.s in f ivnr nf thr iii.iiiv iin.itiin4, ninl nl vv lot h ,n r in, Ii'i4niiii4 iiiiiii a ririliiluiiii t'lilibf, but ih.iivvhiili kiiuvv by ii-r lu be fO'i't-'ii il, I r.utiiui be tp bm civ mv .ii-piiilMliiiu ihfif o. A i ptiiilri li-ii picpatrtliuii In. bipii iiflfifl lifir In a ii, it, fling Aaenl. of t'miisiiit k, ' . t ml I liei p h .iiiiithrr .imclc veudeil heielb.lli- irunyl siMpet'ied lo berpi 14. J con M vr its, M. I). Mililuiginn, Jiini.ii.i ro I'i nu. M.iv ii, 1S37 I'mm Di. S-tii'iirl MiMirll, ii, ibr I'm piipiiiis nl iln- Vrap i.itlp I'olniiiii.ii v im, I niu s.ui.uVd iImi i lit Vc. ,t'l iblr I'ii!inui,.i4i v ll.iliiin is ii v -iln ib!p iiifilfcinp Ii II 14 Iipi-ii ti4f,l ,n iln. tl.n-r vv ilh riiiupleip uri t.. in .in ob-t hi up ciiilipt ion nl the Iiiiiii4, .uirii led vv nil n rve rruiiili, bus of voii-p. nml th i II4IHJ nf nun b ii .iiMimved bluiiit, V llll h ll.ul piPVI.illslv Iti4fi pi C4' i ipliuiM. A 1 1 ' i ti4ing ihe Hal our vvt i k, i lie i.i I i i 4 vo ir le'tiiind .iml he,. in sup ,, mnli lily, this f.ise oftmipil Miinp tinip lunfp, mill ihp in in 14 mm fug iipit nol only in active bin l.ilnu inioi Iiiinit-t4, Itfrprci Intlv , Uc. S. Monnii.t., Ii i4 iiiitv lump ih.ti, i.i vf-irs iini-r I himigtit vr i v low b) an nuVf linn uf iln hiiiii. mill mv ri.iiipt.iiui ilft-l.tie.t lo bp iiii'iniiblr bv a t iiiuir it of ilucf phv--ifi.itui. I vvim ihe ii i c .im fit lo . gin, I lip .t. 1 1 1t .i- 1 bid f li;ovf.l f'T intllV VCtl, Uv ll.lli tilt! VfgPlntilf I1,,!. iiiniiilv It ilium, Sinre mv ireuvfrv I Itivo wm-oiii itifiidfd ihe It iIimiu in i, iiirm m.iuv fa-PR ' 'iui0 . ..,,1,11.,. ,.i, pu uir n 1 can l-mn. nn ope in.,lv lireu 111 In iv i tl liv inliili tieii Hi, .iml in iii.iiiv iii4lmici 8 It h.i-i cflVclf tl cute' vv bit ll Wf IP iv hull) intpx. I'Pflfll. SAMUEL I'VKIlKTr, Ibis on, Marrb 2. 1S37. I'm mile, uliiilr-jlf and icl.lil, bv Pl'.CK i SPIiMtdluiiingliiii, Vl. nUHLINGTOrj CHAIR TACTORY ift-sc. If L. NHLSON, coiiimues the V-' business of iiiaiiiifactuiin" rtlinir nt llu.,1,1 .'mul nf ,l, r.J. lowing elcsei unions: Curl .Mntde Uiicnin, ','nne Seal , Common Cane and I-'lag Stat, Largo and .-small Ita scd Stat Hockinc, do do Coin tnon do, Coiiunon Dining, &c. eS;c. All of which are warranted a fust lale article and will be sold at prices .... in corn sponn Willi llic times. KI-ATHI.IIS, rt-ATIIKR HUDS, HHADY 31 A 1)1'. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranlcd Live Creese b'ealhcis, which will lie sold low for cash. WANTI'I), !iy the subset ibcr, Curl and Hints Kvc .Maple, delivered nt his shop in Church slin-i, opposite ihcold I'ank. c. L. NI.L-ON HA h ncrived, in ad'htinn to ibeir for Hork of Dry Ooojs, an rxtrnsive a or meiit uf I'.dl an I Wiii'cr Get' ls j nine. tig wb-rli will lefmnla great variety e f ar n le-1 r La be ' Clua'.s .' a ci lji-lre.a vrry prenv arli'-le; Alparra nil; Warp, CainUeVrti, I'.nin Hack Al- hip, 1'ig'd tlo Sa'in Damns!., Hi-y.-hell-v, lVr,lau Cloth, I'lcnch, Ccrinan, and Kngli-li .Mermo-, Mo i eiiurt'e lame and primed SiMinie-, n great varcty and low priced; Coai'5 Han- undlniiiatioiiCniiil let. SILKS. A mnli a-serimcnt of nrli lig'd andsln'pd Silks, Heavy Dlack Canton. Oro'V .S'.vi-, and other bilks. SHAWLS. I.'ipinMr.i wnrlt", I laid., vv li.'ir, nnd rolorrd: A few rxtra size U nr.elliaw ! , ("love-and Ho-r y, a large as i rtiiu'tp : nu mvisrally !argeatoruiientid Anier.rau nrrnt-; Tini han li'iijli h do. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cation fbe-e ing an I .-biriing ; TirLi g andWal- timg i Uoiton and Jlcrriiiiaclieeiin n , very low. TAILUl.' S T!IMML(1S. Wnr-'i'l It niliiig.nll; tlo. Large ro ml nnd s-juare Mohiir Ci rds for nvrrt'oals; silk Cordl'ordrr-sn .lj Wur-lul a id nlk .S'irge; ligiirel wile anl Velvet II itton-, ne.v fig; ire s -ewuir sdl , Twist an I 'I I nnd: Pa khir.', Cam. is., ,c'r -in-, Ci l'd .lean-, Ilruwn and Hlar'. Linen j Wor ted plaiJ for r.icin-ri Uattetis tor over coats, iVc. EA.VCV IIKFS. A varielv of rich do Lame, Challv, sulk, aai new slvlel Jtiey IP f . and Vr,-. ' lillO AD CLOTHS. Heavy dtiil le in, hd llroa I (I.,,),.. , aver and I'.lot Cloths ; Hieli Diamo",,; ,ic.,vci Cloth. : al-o a j-e-ieral in- orlince', ) uhiigloii Mill Cloih- ueii'leliii'n and t.a be. uro nn no I lornll and cxain uie eur vcrvr'rniyen-iorlincnt, which wc o.Icr at lo I ii r I price- ti-r Ca-Ii. 11 ithiigioii, 2 O l. 1811. OHHl.TIMiS, Shining licking,, Hailing l-J Wa.lhng. Twill'd Cottons. Chiuoii Klannrh. .Vc. erta.'ely Nov. I. S. H. SCOT I'. V A I. It A 11 et W A I T. Notice to l'inilllc. rAMILII'S in want of elegnnt Tea and Dinner cs not u-inl'y fo mi I in roiutry Hore, can find at I'arrar 4' U'eifc' r.tal liilimenl, a verv great va ne v ut h nerl While (. lena Tea sel .'1 l II'... ...I I f - I II I .. I I ! , wont iiitii'i anu iiitruii . S.irigged.lo do Gold edge and line do flold t and an I iprigMdo I-.x'ra wieVgeild I and do Wlui It vv ill 1 e m 1 1 as cheap a ran I el ought in New York, Ho-ton, or Troy. Hoiiiti!.eeper.s are tnvaed in rxtiumetheiiiatilie New' Store, corner Cliiiruluuid College -trect-. II ullllgloil, DeP.fjl A I.AUGI. iissorlniftil of Iliais Isrtlles. V ices i fereti XV Anvils, Traco Chains, I fuller do. etc. ctcTiaoH' for saleat prices which cancot fail to sun . ustoiners hy ' I'OLI.I TP if- HHADI.I'Y, , Nov 23. Old Dock, Hurlington. A1II.AVY nssotiment oi'Sliijhntid Cut It r shoes. WrouchlNnds. Clow Hnr. ifrr'. iutt rrcrived and oirrred low by Nov. 28. I'OLI.l'.TTiS: HKADI.KY. tint i- .mil Mioiiek and 1 1 ol i ii.; Clitlis, PAIR nf I'rcnch llurr Mill Sionehniid n com "''rilele aisortincnt of Hnllmir Cloths, from n n ln. brnted .Manufaclnry in Holland, for sale nl miner.! prices, hy I'OI.I.i:TT& HHADI.K.Y, Agents. UOV. i, Sniv.. lt OWI.AND'S G.'rman Steel saw mill saw s, inan illlfaclurrd to order nod lined far il n r hemlock, spruce, pine, and every description of Iiatd limber, u, til and 7 feet. Also I.nghsh Cast-stecl cross cut saws, Hoc iv Co.'s iln e-trrulai do from Id to 2G luetics, ami manufactured for Ihe trudem this vicinity. I or sale at thu Wharf, by Nov 29 rOIU'TT imUU.I'YJ NliW IlllADlXO HOOK I'OR SCHOOLS. I 77: MOSITOIUM. l!i:M)i:tl. or o Monitor to Youth, livlttinp vptothtirvicw Motltls iMtitojfl itijormiitrirotrn Liioracrcrs uanu maw, Author pfAdtimt' -Vctr Arifiineir. I1'. Uracil from Ihu Prcfjce. "TI1HM0NIT0II1 Uj HKAl'iMll no-ses elijtinc livo traits' Tlu object ia lo supply what rt h'-licved to be ehegrcnt deEiUcinlinii in our fchooU A ftriin of exerenr.i relating Id what concerns Iho practical niaitetst.f life, truth, hitepritv, honesty, industry, temperance, forethought, frujrahtv, paticntcnihiraneu or adversity, nnd whatever else 'lends 10 linn and lit Iho character of youth. We wih loimpr tp it on the minds of those, into v.'liiife hand-i'ichc exercises (-hall come, now, in ibis seid lime nf life, what ii here no nbundaritly incul cated, that T.vrryimn icinphatically the architect ufhiflnw-n fortutic' that with Ihcmselves ll hen whttlicr they hall rver he any thine r nolliint', thai a inoiicvetl cipilal to begin with iloe.i not wenth a wlni hi thehabmer lor or nenmf I lliini, tliat.eotnin'; into life wi h health. eticn",tb, capacity fur lahor,t!ood -iliicnliiin, n undid nnd rr.sitclab'o ir?ile, htdnls of in hiflry, s ibrii lv, puiictiinlil), fnirjahly, ami above all. with a crnod ami uii-iullied' character, they have the be!' o'nll capital, a moral capital i the noblest ofall iowcr, inoial power! mil the most certain ineniisof honeitt nnd hoiiotnblc nceiimulalioti and fortune, nnd may bo sure, under circmiisiancea nrdi natily propitious, to rise to that competency of influ ence, respect, and etnrrnl confide ncc, and that hon orable nipnoure of wrdlh nnd ittdenen 'etice, which thou'd fully satisfy a reasonable and virtuous atnbi tion." I'vlracts from Hecc iiiintndalions. '1 he inlluerice will all be found on the sitlouf virtue morality nnd religion. Occasional comment" aro given. Difficult or umiiual words arc defined. Prose and poetry are suitably intermingled lt is hard ly to be iiinnuietl that lliii hi ok should (ad of opu larily. ll certainly would not, had it not to many competitors that had cot the btartof it in tho race. Aiit is its ine-tll.'is such ai to give fair promise of uiimiaii' success in uic contest, Jioslon Ittnrtltr. Dr. Adams s Having lo some rxienl your Monitorial Header, I am tdrased with ils plan, its object and the manner in w inch it Ins been execu ted. It seems adapted lo llic iiitellc-dunl and moral improv.rncnl of those for whoe useit was dcMgnctl. 1 trust it will prove lo be what Us author fondly an tripurs. (Itt v .) V.. S. HAItSTOW, Kernr. It isjust such a boo1, as our New I'nglantl boys nml puli will Irclriil to sec, for it inculcates inn pleasing inanner, industry, fingnlily, truth, hone tv, temperance, peace, biriihi s . ft riuude, mid a chcerfiil piety. The Vocabulary, n il nt llic and the nriange nient fordelining wor.'s. will add to its value in the hatidsofn lud.rinus lint her. (Itev.i AIIIIU.A. I.lVi:i!MOI?n. Iv'renr. We have nlsoreecnninietiihtions from a mi ml e r of inuivitiiials ami pciiodical, nniong w Inch are I). Cros by, Preceptor of the High School' Naiuuat .1. New ton Drown, Professor of Theology nt New Ilainplun. Itisn'so ndnpied by the Associations of School Teachers in Cheshitcnnd lid tLoro' countUs, and by the School Committee of Concord. About SOOO enpie-have Lien publ.shcd, and mostly dispo'cd of. Piibli-brilnntl for sale bv ROHY, KlMPAI.t. & .lir.ltltll.I,. Noithntid, Jlnintlteel, Concord, N. H. Also for Salcby SA.1HJF.I, lUINTIXC'.TO?.'. Hurlington. .1. I. Huberts. Vi rgenncs, .1. Ilapcr, Middleburv, W. ICimbnll, lirandon, Wm. White Hutlatid, J. T. Jlarston .viontpelier, PiinripaUorAcailemics, ?elcct Schools ar.dtccch ers generally aro invit-d to examine the book. nc.T-c call and cxainuie bcforeHircliaMiig. I.chlgh ' oal. TONS Lehigh raked, Coarse Coal, housed nnd Kent from the wealher. for sale bv Nov. 29. I-'OLt.l.'IT if- HRADI.l-.Y. GASH PAID FOR WOOLLEN RAGS. V;7K wish to purchase r.00 Ion- of nil Wool Haps, V such as old Hed (luilts, Coverlets, HI inkels, Slice s, Murs, Drawers, Mot king". A.c, including .mrino, Circassian, I'lauis, lioinimzetts, nntl every km I and colonial! Wool Ooods, not fulled oi filte-ef, except eari'cting. lasting nnd'iirunclla. Ve vvi I nay lourretita ner nountl. forrlran 11at,s i of the above description no part t otton, linen or sdl , in any tntantities. drhverri! nl Sitirr. Wi-si snl.- t f the Square, opposite the Court House. Iturhnrion. 'ermont. I-or all Wool Carpeting, we will pnv 1' cents per lb. IHCUUlvf iSi CATL1N. Hurlington, Dec. 10, IF-ll. rjl W. tJIHIl would inform - the public thai he has just received from Nrvv Yoik n better nssortme ut of flatness trimming Ihnn was ever i llctc-d at any Shop m Clutlcnden i nu ii t j . It coiiinrisTsnvfiri.-tv nTl'lsH-a Ilrnss. .Irtntuinril n,-,l I'.uia' -'".Teiao.mVi' V.ire. His Leather and work shall be equal to hisTrim iiimgs, and sold cheaper than can be bought at ativ c thcr shop in tho Mate. Sailillfi, llrliHe-, Ilarurisci and TiuiiLii, of all kmds and prices, constantly on hand. Ilincsburiili, Nov. 1S!1. LOVELY ,y SEYMOUR. I ! Jll" rcc u irom .xew l on. u latgo as.-orl- ew Yorl. u IntL'o I . ui --'npciiii-;5 ci every kind nualiiv and l.nghsh Drurcltf, a great variety of patterns Octa gon and Drab IVrsia I'.ror Od Cloth fiom 'i-S to V I wide, Hush Matun-r from 4-4 to f.-i wide, lluges .Manilla nnd Alaeant .Malls, Stair Hods i'.r. Also, I ieJich and Aineiican Paper Hangings, a large! nssoiinient than was ever before ollered in this psCc (Hid at prices that cannot lad to suit urc isstis. Nov. lSlh IS-ll. nttllitlo Itobrs. 7 HALL'S superior Hullalo Hobes, just receive I and lor sale as cheap as ihe e-heapist, bv Nov. 13. ,y j). WIUOIIT A Co. Also No. 1 Otter Caps, I.jnx .Mulli and Hoas, Kur Collars, Angoja I'ruigcs, ic, 1 "UIALHS llrown Fhcetinpf for talc it. laic -1 V-picce, or ; ard, very elitap. bv ."'. i:. M. WRIGHT A Co. Al..,., n full assortment bleat Ind shirtings, slu-eiingi I ickings, Canton 1'lantuls, Diapers, ll.-itlmg.Wiekin-i eve. I'arvvelPb sltocr. A I.AUCjIv supply of Morocco walking Shoes, Kid i. Slips, Miss,s do, nnd Men's Pump.-, justtc ccivcd an I ft r sale cheap, by Dec. 1, 1S41. . M. POPP.. SELLLXCTOFE CIIEA V. STRONGS Si Co. now offer their stock of Goods . for prices at which purchasers will find it an ob ject lo buy. 1 he stock is larre and must he sold pre vious 'o ihe 1st of April next, whoa the term ot co partneislnp expires. Sugars, Teas, mcef, Kaisins, Tobacco, Codfish, tahiion, coarseand fine -all, Lamp Or, Molds cs,..c. Iron, I-'oriigti and Aineiican, of every tlescription. ofall kinds, Ann's, ices, shovels, spades, b'orks, Caldron Kettles, and Hollow Ware pa great vaiifty. Stores, ?tove pipe, and stove trimntinjs, Tin ware, iVc. t'teiin, nit cheap, rtrj ihtan. Dee. so,ie:i. DUUhS eV ATIOXEEV. A. ItlA.,..iI. hascn hand anJ i. receiving J-t a nig, an I well . eleeied a-sortmciit ol'nr i le i:iht l.iiel'orthe I'.vll 'I itAtt, ton-iiingi'l'all!.nid( Ss'h " I I!j ks, nu I valuai lo and popular woili tl o inostreveiii p I'.ltjniions A l.M) A new Mipplv of Itlank Hooks, e-onsisting of I f g.-rs, Jonnals, l)iy, Invoice, Note, an I Hdl Hooks, of all sizes, in fulf.i.iJ hall lending Cap and later paper, illhebesi km I, Drawing, Tissue, .Muro cr, .Mar' le, limiting, and e titer ar of paper, Ink, Uuill , Slalcs, lionnil Hoards, Pencils, Sand Hoxcs, Lclier Stumps, re I Tupo and S.aiijncry generally, n treat vane y. Oct. 12.' rPIIOSL sull'tring from an irritated ttate of the I l.ungs, patnculatly at this sea-on of tho year, w ill find an excellent medicine in lhat of the IIL Y SYKUP, Kor advertisement nf which, look-dflir-t column.? this paper I'or sale by PI'.CK ip SPKAR. I'Tuur, 3.SS0 HAHHKf.S superfine !'iour, selected with w w 'real care by an nceompl. bed inuexpe. lifiiccd .Ml ler, from the most celebrated andapi roved I'micy brands, manufactured fiom Gcntss ,, heat Kor balont the Wharf, by I'Ol.I.IiTTet HHADI.l'Y. Nov. 21. lltoait Cloths. I1'."' ""l'"i;-rncd oiler ihe cloths maniifacturcd by "Iturhni ton Mill Co." at wholesalcat Hoston ''"V"" n 110 """""'fni comprises the vartou-co'orH nnJ nu'htics and for tcluic. beauty of finish, and cxcellenco i f iii.inufacturc, are not surpassed bv anv AmmiMn nr I'.inlicl. .I...l.n ' 13 oo " 1'0l-I'i-'n' -r- nu.vDi.nY, "NOV. 23. llurlinn ton Mil HMI I subsci ill rotters for sclc at his Hriek Shop,i X ui Cherry Street, a large variety ef Kens, con sisting of Genettfurs While, gtey, brown and black furs, fit I.ndic trimmings I.yiixand njutncl Hoas ALSO Superior black Otter and hair Otter laps Shetland nnd south sea seal do. Hoys caps, for 50 cents. I'm and hair collars, a variety Northwest Hullalo Rubes Fur and cloih caps repaired, and Muds and Caps made to order, by Wm I SEYMOUR I'urhr"' "-, Oct Til- SI,. AI.IIANY TO JSUgTO.1 MY ItAIfi-HOAD Via CHATHAM, PiTTSI'ICLD, SPR1NGF1LLD and '.vorci:.sti:r. ON anil after Tuesdny, Deo. 21. 1SII, ihe Passin onaTnAiNB will run through the entiro line, as follows I l.e nvr Oreenbuih daily, b'unday excepted, G, A. M. and 1 P. Jl. Tin' morniuif train Will nrrivp nl Plmibftm Rt. nt Pittsfii Id Oi, at .priiiglic-ld I2J M., at Worcester 1 P. .M. and at Huston t r. ji. Tim nftrrnnon train will arrive at Chilium 9t t Pillsfield M, nt Springfield CJ P. Jl , leave Springfield next morning C4 A. JI,,arrivo at Worccsteraj and at Hostoti l-t .vi. RmenNiso, leave Hoston 7 A. Jl. nntl 3 P. M. The tnoriunir trnin nrriies at Gtertibil'h Gl P. M. The alte moon trniti arnvciat Gtccnbush 12 Jl. next dnv, lodging al Spnngfieltl. Tlio cars of I he Ilndsnnnnd Hcrlsshiro Rail-Road will niu between Hudson and Chatham in connexion wnh Ihe above trains, l'.vssr.xorns fiom the citvof Albanv must take tti boat from Ferry Wharf nt Gl A. M. nnd 12J Jl. FAUIl-J. From Grccnliush to Chatham, 40 02$ 0 90 1 EO 1 50 1 50 50 il' 3 00 1 50 1 25 Chatham to Piltsfiild, Pittslic d to Springfield, Sjaingfickl to Worcester, orcislcr to Hoston, If mud ihrouch From Albany to Huston, vv orcester, Springfield, Piltsfield, Hudson, I'OR NI1W YORK, Via Sprinpjicld Hartford and Xeif Haztn. Passengers leaving Orcenbiish bv the 1 o'clock, P. Jl. train, arrive nt Springfield, G! P. 31. t thence by stage (23 miles) to Hartford, arriving at 11 P. 31.; jeavencxt morning in cars for Ncvv-llavcn, arriving in time to take steamer for New York, where they arrive at 2 to 3 P. JL Or leave Orcenbush by the inoriiingtrain,nrriiiiigat Ncw-IIaven 9 P. Jl., thenca by steamer next morning, to New York, arriving by 2 to 3 P.M. Faro, if paid through from Greenbush to New Yotk, .yl. Tickets to be purchased at G. R. Payne's Office, Thorp's I'uildint's, 2 Hroadway, Albany, and at thr ollieenf the Di p it in Orcc nbusli. Gm-20 or.ORGF. W. WHISTLHR, Kngineer. WII return thanks to emr custoiliers anil tht nublin t - f .r the Ii cral pattoiiagc they ii have jtiven us for some years, - r v "-!!- we have visited I n,dand and . ViiVs made arrangements for the li- ' '. ft 4 .-1.-1. r-n imnnrlnlir", i( VV, 'i,is a-- ctry, vvalcli iintemls, Knives, Scissors, Razors, Pistols, and Fancy Artic'es. We are receiving beautiful finished Gold and Silver Cased Patent Lever Watches of I tiirlish and Geneva mamifacure. Also, Gold nnd filver Geneva I.enino Watches; Alarm and Eighsh and French Watches. Wc shall be happy to s pply any one who wishes a good walrh. The public, may rest nssutcd that wo do sell fine watches ipiite as low and a htt'e lower than City shops. We know by recent examination that wc ate selling fine Gold .ever of equal finality, lower than they nrc sUd in Hoston. livery kind of Watches neatly clcanid and repaired at the lowest prices. Jewelry. Wc have recived soinebenut ful Gold and real stons Hroat lies an I Pins, which we had made in England, with Torquois, Cornelian, Onvx, Topaz, Ruby, Car buncle, Opal, Diamond and other precious Stones. Wclnvo also rccei ed a variety of prcttv dress Pins and Hroachcs, Ha.r Pins, Roquet Holders, Ac. Head Ornaments, Snaps, I.ickets, Chains, Keys; Silver, shell, Pe-ail and Ivory Card Cases ; .Memoran dums, Souvenirs, Needle Cases, and tnanv very pretty Goods. -2Ka?J l!-AZ,? K,S' Knives, Sci.-rors, ts75 " Nut Pickets, Nut Cra -keis, I'eari and steel cork-screws : Twc- sera, P y rings, gilt and common tea liells.uiathf mat ical in.struincnls, wood and ivurv nnrkcl rules. Thprniu. meters, level-, plated and German silver spoons, tea pots, tumblers, go-to-bed lamps, lamp wicks and glasses, brass smillers nn I irays, nnd can 'lesticks, sttel do. plated do. bedpans, syringes, tlasks, skates, ai'.dmany other artic'is in the same Cards. Various kinds of beautiful em1 ossej Cards, gold bordered, am! gilt edged cards, white and colored Cards of vnriius kinds and s zes. Pa nts, cncill, in'., sand, wax, wafers, fie. Scarfs. Crnvnts nu.i iroccF, col'ars, bosoms and suspenders. We invite attention to some beautiful new stocl s and scarfs, pantaloon straps, buttons efce Pei'I'unicr.v, Ac. ' All kinds of Perfumery, soaps, hair oils, depiletory. vinegar louce, powders, i onnc ics, tic. ISruslics. Very nice blushes of a I kinds and forrll purposes. Spectacles. We liavc Gold and silver mounted Spectacles, r.f the best quality, and every number warned of concsva and convex and can suit nil ages. We have steel and plai-d spectacles al the lowest pri es, Morocco and steal spec cases, eye glasses, cVr. To cloc, we woii'tl say to nil in town nnd country, thai wc have a heller lot of Goods than we ever had the pleasure of offering, and that we will sill them as lawns any one we will not be undtrsjld bv anv one. U e respectfully invite nl! w ho wish for Goods of any Kind which we deal in to tall before purchasing. PANGHOR.V & HRI.VMAID importers of Nalchiisand Jewelry. January 1, 13J2. .YEW GOODS. Ml'SSRS. PANGHORN it H1MNSMA1R are now oncninr? a trcsh nntl new In! nf Grinds tits. received Irom 1 nglantl. New York and Hrston. to La sold nt low prices. Dec. 30. ron SALE. ACONVr.NIE.NT dwelling lieu., nnd quarter acre lot nn Chaniplrin street, near the G ass Facte ry. Pos session given 1st April next. Terms made easy, I'nquireof ' I.Y.MAN CUM JUNGS Nnllo. Iron, Steel and Hardware. A l 'I ONS Ilnghsh Iron, from 1 1-8 to G inch. JiVJ 10 do Old Sable P S I R ffia do 4 do New Sal le do do 12 tlo Swedes 8 tlo l'erti 10 do Horse Shoe 20 do Round 15 tlo ninre do do elo do from 1-4 to 2 inches. no s-i to i " 15 do Inmc& Scroll do 10 do Hand do " 1-4 to 3 " G tlo Hoop do " 1-2 to 1 " 12 do P S I Russia Nail Hods, 2 do Sanderson's Cn t Stee', 1 do I'icrsons' Spring do fiom to 2 inches 2 no Swedes ;! for sleigh shecs, 1 do American eio. i do 1 Hlisler do 3 do German do 400 Pairs Singh and Cutler .shrc, 13W) Kens Nat'r. fiotn 3ei to COii 200 do Spike, from SOd to C01 S"0 do Floor Urads 100 Hovcs Lalhrep's Axes, S00 D' z. Rasps and Files, and a general assort ment of Anvils and Vices, bv :;0 Dec. 1841. .'& J. II. PICK it Co. NOT ICU. rt ; "-ji-f-i O-VJH'4 into tho rnelosuro kl'&xMW A-y't,f ,he "hsenber, about IVWIl'-rxV three weeks since, one two If iyy " car old heifer and one year ft'iV TiSt ,icil'cr' 1,0111 of a '"P pav charges nnd lake them awnv ' i.5?eA, ore, ,3, icu. na.iii' i. ui.xsiuuk F1SII. 4 Ci") QUINTALS CODFISH, kvvW 100 iUyca icrMll SO Half bbls. Jlat kcrel, 20 Dee , 1941. hy J eS. J. II. PECK A C. STOVIJS. A large excellent Cook Stovct and a nice Parlor or Chamber Dumb fcrovc wilh a small cast Ircn Stoic ccnnecied with il, for talc cheap for cash, wood or country produce. , 'j'ANGDORN et UR1NSJIA1D. TOI1ACCO, i f IIOXHS 'Bonn's' Cavenetisli Tobacco, 'Dnder's' do do "uuo irvine s no da 30 Kegs 'Ender's' Plug do 20 do '.McDonald's' do do 31 Dec. 1341. hy J. &. J. II, PF.CK & Co. Trlmnilng-i for CloaUvi. !f(f)fj YARDS neavy Gimp, .Mohair and Silk J Fringes cxpresslv for Irimminc Jlantillss nnd Cloaks, at I.OV1.I.V t SF.YJIOUR'8. Nov. 25. GRKV Canada SttK-kingi, Royal Ribl-d and An I gcla ,hitts and I'iawir, lust rrreivi-v! bv Nov. S. E. Jl. WRIGHT & CO, .llniililllig s-and. A OO HARRr.I.S of superior quality, selected by a Jlouldi r, lit for heavy and tine work V-w SC. Tor sale hy rOl.I.FTT cV BR-VDt FY wk Dec. 23. 1511 r i i

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