Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 18, 1842 Page 1
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NOT I II 2 GLORY OF GJESARj DUT TUB WBLPARU OP ROME. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18,1842. No. :7. LILY SYRUP. An unpnrrallcd remedy for Diseases of the I fifOOU..?.-, K-3l'.Ji: OK LIFR-A Valuable! M( IT fl. Medicine, winch, if rightly applied, will le Ihu 1 1" I mean of saving thousand Irom an milimilv grave, nr I'i r. ri- ..'.- r..i... 1 11 Li;cn u.i v.,......., '.... ' J.V". "iicei:, aul luimil lerv eTicicioii Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, iS'f. to Tin: puiilK'. In pre-cnling to' a now remedy for disea ses or the liny I c proper to my dial, lodging from the many ccililicalcand roconitnendatinn of other snecific contained in the newspaper ol'lhe ilav no new remedy waoalle I for or req iiiej. Hut if the popular reme he ha I inaleria'ly lessened the lull o( mortal il v or any ae of the many preparation pi sci-i'd those virtue re-'ommende I, n ill it nfu-r a la trial, the paiienl co il lilepen.l upon it healing power, nnd rationally hope fur a s,eo U recovery ol hcilh, thi humble attempt to nrre-l I lie progre. of Pulmo nary Consumption would not hive appejted. Hut that ihe vidian of tin destroyer are Jaily in creasing, nec I no proof an I the lane scale, of the Drugg.t9'.iow the rcmcilie i l ihe day have liecn fairlv trio I, an I failed in iheirob.ivl, il I hit ob ject walhe restoration to heil'h of per-on- t''ering lromili-ej-c of the lnn. While one remedy dric' up a co mil that -ho il I he proper! V niile! to throw o I ine viscid phlegm collocieluiion the Inn? an I iliroat ihe harbinger of ill-ease, another, by a In 1 selection ol an expectorant, i-inde'eleuablul to ihe nreseiii tenant. bin leave-a wor-u one lo occupy 1 lie shattcrcl premi-e-! and by it, the vvt rk of death islhu sooner acconinniie i. The LILY SYrtljP i now lehevelto le ihe I o-t remedy fnriun- eouip nint, Ihu ha ever appcirej. To cure Pulmonary Consumption nfer the ib-rase has dor.e its Ian work, or become -eatcd upon the vi tal filiation, anil tubercles aie formed and 1 ro'tcn, and atmospheric air i inhale 1 Into the nrokon pin-', is not anion? the pre'cii-ioti- of the tho i.nnJnn 1 one poivilar no-tr nnto the contrary, notwithstanding). Thi' ine lieiueilia ic-lurel many w ho were sup posed to I e I cyond cure, by men -tan hmr huh Ml l!ie ineJical profession ; lait their re titration to health on ly prove I that grc.r and cowl men may I e mi-taken, in the .age or proziv of tliedi-cve'. Ili'iur, let no person de-pairof relief, until he has ma 'a a lair trial cf the l.ilv Syr.ip. Tins medicine operate 1 y prr.mclmg a fiec anil ea.y eepec-toraliun, thereby freeing the lung and throat Iro'n viscid pli'cgm, aiidstrc'igthenaig iliu par.s .ml freeing iheni from inllamn'ury action which constitute the dieae of Pulmonary Consumption. The Syr ip is entirely Irec from auv mineral sill stain e, and p'irely vejetahle', and may lie taken with per ict safety hy iliu ino-t cVlica'e''con-litiiliun-. Il is highly recoinmen le I lo tlio-e who have weal; luni. Teacher oi performer. of vocal iiuimc will find it of invalnal lo ie to iheni, liy i Rivinz preat ttrcng'h and !.wciMne. to ihe tonctof nw ic, an I en alilinir the person lo pcil'orm wiili ;-'reat oai-e. l'nl lie speakers and do' a'crn will had it ol invalna' le .ser vice to them. Tim me licine ha 1 ecn ihoronshly and siieccfnlly te-teJ hvalile nliv-ii'ian. an I hv their advice I now nrcnare'l and o ierc I to Ihe pal-lic. to ptak fur itself in theca i-eof alll'ctel h imanny. And may he who , Mc-el the m-i r ininrahtv ol'cl.iy to open 'he eye of I Ihe blind, mi'.c it a Mcyfiic to tlio Icinian lamily, and the sreut ohject of the proprietor will 1 o aecniu pli'iel. All nichcinc so il 1 1 o irivrn according to ihe situ ation of t!ie patieni ; and, il nrich te 1 icol, a sinal'cr U'lantily where there is con-ideral le sirens h. i hedire.'ttons on 'he Loute may 1 eta' en a a grntral r lie : hut fur a Ions -landing co igh, iunay 1 c ucceary to ta'.e a in :ch "larger doe for scire one or two day-", nn 1 even ol cner until an expe 'K.ra'ion i produced that will 1 e fic and ca-y. When thcte i much tii:h'ne-s ot ihe chest, it will ianu ime- increa-c the co ish for a day or two ; in which ca e, the pa' lent dionlJ taltC li e Syr ip nioic freely, even cntil itshoal I pro.1 ice a slizh' nansca of the stomach lie i.ted not atiy harm from fdi citation. I wo'dl -av to U wlio pllrc!ine III ine Iii-iim) furu-c. tliat tln'v cm have lull lilll" hope ol I emjj I ciicnt'ol I v n, unlc- l is ta- cn tea lilv when it t comme'icc I wnh. oii.i' have ta!.en it oiice a ihy, then twice, then not any fur two or ilirecdav. I laiinoi -ay thai such wo llle; likely lo rem i'i much I enclit from it ; Imt if ta'.en Te;n'.arly, II I ennnenlly c-al d.rc I louprool the di i., ami lo restore !o sound h nlih. 1' 1- thecarnc-t d(!-lre of the proprie or Hi liae ovcry one n c- at lei I one I otii of it ica lily uecordms t the il rec tum, to comm mieate ihe rc- .Il to the ptr-oii ol whom he purchase I the medicine. Tho propr e or is privilege I lo refer in thr follow Ha per-ons vho hae n cd ti e l.ily Syrup, and who w.ll tie happy lo give iiif'.rinaiti n of t npenor Ix-alir.i? po'ver-, to any wi-hmsr ut mere al on! n. .Mr. Crittcinten, emu of the li-m of I'. F. Snilh & Co., whole aleand retail inerclMii1, xehanje-slie".", r?i,r.liH.i.i-. Ins ttli.i'iliiir al ihe I. me. lie,-. K. T.ieUer, i'a-tor of secsnd !Japtl!:l Chnrch, ctj''he ter. f-.tMii. r frppmHii. for a had co 11:11. Mr. Stoddard, of th-: nrinol S.anwou I Co. 1 oo!:-Mllcr-, corner of llndalo an 1 Sta'e -In its, IliehcsTr. Mr. J. "J. rrendi, .Norlh-Slrect, liothe-ter, lor the whoopiivi-co'iKli. .Mr. SoatUwonh, Sionc-street, Jiochs'-ter, .oo i tr It. Mr. Uolert M'Killen, JIonr.-Mrce', Ilocl,e-trr, m a -evereaiilaiarinin?c.feot llie liuopniR-coiisii i IJarnarl, l.'q lire, o'lice in ooi.rt-honsc, in c e n-e of whoooins-co ull in his fanulv. Captain V. 1). Kish, for a caseoi I'h'.lu-ie in hi ffimili Uev. Mr. Clarl:, l'ator of the Hapti-t Church, l.e Jlov Rev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor uf the first Rapti-i Chnrch. Itoche-tcr. Captain A. lirit'.in, (or Ilaemorrlnge. of the lungs. A. G. Smith, ri-lncr of Me-.liini: an I Termers' Hani.", Koche-ter. i: W. sillev, ifthe linn of SiUcy it S ranlom. rfry oooil inerclunt and auctioneer-, l!u.;alo-strcci, Jlii'-hcs'tT. J!cv. A. King-ley, Pa-tor of the Uaptisl Ch-irch at Manche-lcr. Kev. Jacoli Knann. Kvanrelist. Mr. T. Ilunn, Carriage, S'. Pa il-Mrcet, Ilirarn Tucker, a lorneyat law, Iti.l.e-icr. Mr. Thnma Ah:nan, paver, Rochc-ter, who has ts-eivcl a-'.oiii-hins relief. I'lei-e ni'piire of hi case. Ilev. Thomas Carlton, M. I Cli. Uoche.-f r. A. Steel, (I Irelintr at Inn;-) hnehport. II. Miner, We t llenncta, Mnnroe Co. I'rofe-sor Mcliiiiui-, Hauiilii.n 'I heol. Se'n'y. Kev. Ievi T.ickffr, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook, " " HCT '1 lie Proprietor lia Im oTercd clrlifica'.cs hy many of the above geuilemen ; but he prcler.s t, tbo-e w'i.-hin informaiiyi), ". juld call on ,r,cm per sonally. ' PF.CK SPKAR. A sent fur ilu-ttvtton. Moi-TAT's vir.irrAiiL.h: live MEinciNta. The-u incdHne are indel ted for their name to their manifest and sensible action in purifying the spnnqnud clnnnel of life, and cnduiiijr them with renewed lone an.1 viaor. In many hundred certified ca-e which hale leen made pillic, and in alino-t cie olili-ease to wnien ine unman iraine I OTICi:. ICPMe.bcine I I et known by the euio- it perforin.-"! .N'ewlon'. Pnnacoa, Pnnher of the Hlood. 'I he nnp.irallcle I and still old and u-ed for ihiriv year, ivitlitrreat , incieiiiiirrepiiiaHon winch this medicine hasaciair foiiiul nw i-'nciciou". in Ihe following ' cd llirouaho il the New laiitl.ui IS'ate, and the many di-eiu'-, viz. Conii.ii)t'ion, Whoopins CVish, com- cuic it ha perforinel, nil I the rreil demand made moil i;o'ii;li, Co il-, ililliJiill llie.iiliiti!.', Inlliioiiz.1. lor it liy lliea lvice ol pny.ieians wen ncquaiuioi it no ynny, Astinna. l'lithisic, Spittmsol lllooci, ! laiu- l.m,.. I : '..l-.lf!. I! I l.'.ir-l even' kind, Cr.nnii'-. itukels.' Oc be. 0.i'arrli,' Stale-aiid the tirmciiial town In ilic t'nited State. ae.nowled!,'e.I by tbo per-ou enefilled, and who larv, I'amliiiT, llypochon Iriae Allcltons, Headache, i Till P.lnacel warranted purely leseml le.und i not were piovioiMy iiincquainieiiw iinineueautiliiliyplii .SiAneat iii(iiii.eli, Mei-le, a preventivo ol'Coii-! siirpas-cd ly any oilier medicine eicr o'leied to the loopluca! princtp'ei upon winch hey nreoompound tasm ixli-ea-e. ("it nnd II he nnati-lu. a libeled a its exieii-ne sale ami trieat popuiarny cj, ami upon which ni' r'smj ai. iUr" I liealioveMehcineltncpared bv Henry Soy- I plainly prove. II hawitlnn Ihe l.i-t eii-ii'ecn inonitis ' il preparation, hi la 1 iced ihe propneu r to extend liable, thu happy elects of .Moitat's . I.ifc PlLI. and I it cir.iiilatioii to almo-l every town in tho eastern I'mr.Ntx HiiTf.n liavo leen grfalfiillyanil publuly monr, of Ilnillev. Ma-, from the Orisi.ial llceioe. I V ihedirejtiuit of -aid Moore, and ol I by Inmnndtlie nrinripal l)rj;gi-tsin tho I'nitvJsituie.' ecu. win., i ue nil leiaii, ly riot cs tpcar, tlmlcaler. generalh- lliroush- oat lie co miry. a t'-t Q SI ,i?l-n SCALES. cureil II'l-oillie mosl oit-ima;e iii-ca-e-, a an e prove I bv ccriilicatcs, an J 1 pronounce I l.y iinnent and rc-pe -table physician the I e-t niediune in use. 1. el il nili rniaiion may I e lo'iiui in cuiiiniiiiii'' ccriili a'c of tnrei and due. 'in. n for la- nsr the medicine. Ihe lullnwins apnomleil atreut. U'lrlmston, PUCK ami SIT. Alt, 1!. Moody All.nn. Cnrlu nud It'l-Rcl Mlllon. C. Drake liibnii I'atl-. I nrnci and S never Waterville. Kik nud Drown, Iliue-bnrjli, Hull mil Coo!; Fairfax, Parker and .M.nlield Verpenne-, Adam and Murray Caml rnlar, M. Wire rnderhill, M. C. Harney North hern! urirh, II. C. icker licorsia, A. Uli-s IVHIi-ton, it.l liiltcn ien uictinionn, incen iv, huouc-.!olin-oii. (!. L. Warner and C Munition, lahan Suinii Haker-licld, irnimgloii and Woodwar I I'aii- lield, llurnct and 1 arnswoiili. c.o.p. l.i.l'J TIT A Its 1 1 A l.l.'s continues HA st, rrMIIS articled too well known to need coinmen - .la ion and the experience of seven jear.i has ilomoiistnted to the roiiiuicicnl coiiiinunity, that for accuracy, convenience and duiahility, they arc unmallcd Coal varil scales to wcifrli Irani 3 In 0 tons. Dormant Waieliouso do, to weili from 1-2 lb. 10 500011)., Portablu do. to vveiijli from 1 'I 07.. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to wei"li fiuml-2oi. to-IOlba. ,T, & J. II. Pr-ci: & Co. Igcnts. Ilurlincton, A.nil 8 IS 11. unrivalled a i ticnathcnina PIjASTIIU ! AIo, for Hhenma li-m, l.amene-s or pains in 1 lie i'je, nuius or i aoit f.,ri.n,( ibi i- swc'liii"-. c irvv sore-. I'resh wound an 1 fir a general lamily n.i-tcroraive. ror i-orn, niorcoier try it; paicclnr, pcr-eveie m ineu-e i y makina new applic.inon occa-ionally, and in time, yonreorn will I er.irel. Tor sale by 3 Tt I 'ill- t . f tl f 1 It 1 l.t'lt CV Ol Ilurlimiton, .Ian. 22, 1511. lV.f.lS ihankfid fur na-'t favor L wo'ild rc-i.rctf,illv solicit a continuance, ol the same an 1 rem i ti I hifrn-nd and ihe pul lie thai he i 1 to necommod He iheni i n the shor;e-l uu!i(c an Inin-tfivor ible term in the variou branchc-i in tbcal ocellnc. Shoii orpii:e Sir. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Pear..!,cct.ll.,liSlo.i,.. . April 1, 1811. n13:ly HEADAOSB. -.tfn'P.UN CUIIK Poll SHK III'.ADACIIK, Vj winch lias liceuued ill finiilie", every .lnenibcr of which In had tick headache fiom inlancy, as a tiniily complaint, aim Ms emeu ciiec mtli. in r.i-1'rv in st inc.. vrt ktl.iwn. :uununtll? to 111.1 nvhiindreds. It is not uni Icasaut lo the lastc, nud ihu nol prevent thod'iily avocauons of one uiii7 it 11 must b persevered in, and the cure is gradual, but ccitam mid pcrinaneiit. Intiucc are constantly .n.ttiii.tviuir ttbcrctbi dctrcssiiii' complain! is com pletely reliivcd and cund, tilthiin;j!i of yiars landing ,i- ,1m i'. nf Dr. .Siiohn's cu! lciuudv. One decided prifcrcncci its p!enaii!ues, liavin none of the inus.niini; unci oi iiuiiiuuii uu-. llis0i rfi-ctlys:itifactorv, that the proprietor lias .riven directions for hi annus to refund the to any one wlms not plcn."d with, nn.l even cmci oy ;i llo a nlau tl.'it tin iniiv secure it "rcat ben- efit to the iiitriS''il sullen rs who arc laboritiL'undcr llca.-lac'.ie. I.. Sl'OIIN, AI. D.. mvcntnr anu rio t.dd'bv CO.lK''Ori l. CO., 71 Maklcn I. me. N-,.. V.,ri. i-i:.-k .s- t,i;i:., Viiciit", a lew noi rs-cast oi inu j osi toii.i , i......u Vi. for Lad HALS A M Olf LI V H IlWOn T. jin li ,i 1 1 i fr, . i 1 'nf ''up- RUSSKI-IAS STOMACH UHTKKS. may b usei In Wineor walcr. These celebrated bitter. nrecompo-ed purely of vcso nllc of thf inot inno Dr. A. Slierinaii's Cnttcjli liozcuscs. "i0 C0112I1 Mc.bcino ha ever I ecn inlroiluceJ lino 1 Vcrnnmi thai has K,ven sic h univcr-al atif.u tion. They seldom fail In cure the mo-t Inni'de.-oine coup-h and cold in a few day-. Numerous refcr enie niiL'hl 1 e Ellen to pcr.-or swho bale I ecu cured by them, Imt where llieir mcriis aie so u'cueraoy l.iiown Jc apprecia'cd il is u-ele-.-lospccify lu-laiur-. Tbeal ovemebcinc, swell (-; Sherman' ce'ebrated Worm l.ozcn.-'e-, Pci r Man's pla-ters, and oilier pre parations may I uhad nf ' Nov.1. PNfillOi:& IlIilNSMMP. , "HI - ---- ' -N " '""p tiri.vnou' sasii- T .1 isl received 15, 20 and 217 by I) ca-ement nl sah, a lirst ra e aril -to a! 31 and :H cents per liu'bl ! al-o all kinds and.izel'urui-he.! to or ler. I iconi.croLra i-ui'-u lei I, a lir-t rale article, f"i sale very low, lurcher wnh a areal vai iclv ' 1 o'ber aril- cli'C chcaii as can Le loan J at any other 1 1 la in il.epla.c. tiro. l'nTr.lisus MIT V T-yn -Jr eenl for al. M Wi V .... tntnt mi i W HATCH would inform llie m- babiianls of Hurliiiir on nnd li- ciiity, that he has optned a shop 111 Chuitli sticcl, at the titi ol llie llillc, iihere hciiitimls to carry on the Ciuu Miulli Iliif-mcfs, in all Hi lanous hrnnch- Ttn. ..... l.r...t thp lasl jf years ill the thop (f J. M. Caswell, in I.ansinshurLdi, (iindouhli illy ihe best shop in llie United States,) he ftd Mar ranted in oir.Tins Ins work to the public. Kurlingtnn, June 1, 1811. I he l.IFi: SII'DICIMS recouanend lliemsclve in di-e.iseof overv lorm aivi de-cnpiion. i heir lirt operation islo 'oo-en froinihe coals of the stomach and bowel-, the various imparilifand crudiiies con stantly seitlmii around ihcinj and to remove Ihe liar dene I fa. -e which collect in (he convolution of the smallest intc-iinc. Cher inodicines only parlhlly, and leave such ctllaleil mas-e I elini'd a o produce haliilualcosliveness. wuu an n irnm ol evils, or sudden diarrhoea, with it imminent uager'.n Thi fact i well known lo nil lobular unatonu'st., who examine the human bond a fer death j and hence llie prejudice of lliu'o well informed men acain.l uiinok medicine or medicines preprfd and heralded lo Ihe public I V isnoranl pcr.-oiif. The second eil'ect ol Ihe Life Mo'licmc I lo ilcan-e Ihe kidney and the bladder, and bytlu- mean', theliierandtheluni5,the heai'hfulaeiion ofliiclientiielyclcpcnJiipon ihe re trularny of the urinary orirans. The blood, which takoi' red color from the aacncyol theliverand the liiiiLrl i lure iipa-o into the heart, 1 einp thu purified by them, and no iri-hcl by fowl coming from a clean .i.iiiMi.h. conr-e ficely throush the Veins, renew every pari oi l be sv-teni, nun lrtunipnaniiy mounts llir haulier Ol lie-mil m iih-im Mo thi' Vcirciable Life Medicine- have I cell thcr o ildv te-tcd, mid pronounced a sovereign remedy for Dy-pep-ia, riatiilcucy, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo-s of Anneiitc, Heart-burn anu iieaii-aciie, ue-iie-sne ... 1 1 7. .... t ....1 M ..ln f. Ill tlV III,.. Worm-, Aslluni and Coiisninplioii, Scurvy' I'lccrs" Invelcratc Sore-, Scorbutic Druptious and Had Com-nlcvion-. I.'rintive eonip'aiiU, -allow, Cloudy, and n,bi"..b-arrcca.le Conmlcxioii-, Salt Pihenm, l.rysip c!a-, Common fold and Inlbieiiza.and various olhcr comiiliint wlncii aiuici incu'iniiiu iraine. in ri.nai an I Aovr., parln.-ilariy, iho Life Medicine have I ecu mo-l eniinenliy succe on ; so iicit-u so uiai in uie Kevcran 1 Ai; icihstriets, Physicians almost universally prc-cril them. All ill U Mr. Mol'at In patient is lo be particular in t.ikmsr the Life Me heme strictly acoor diii'j lo the direciioii-. It is not a newspaper notice, or bvnnith.nulhel he htm. elf may-ay in their favor, thal'hc l.'ipcslu gain credit. Itis.ilonebyihc lesults ol'a fair trial. MOl'TAT'rf MnniOAt. MAM?Al-i dr-isned a a dome-lu- a iidetohcalih. Thilitllo pamphlet, ed'tcd bvW.H., 275 llruaili'iy,NeW York-, ha leen pill li-bel for the pnrpo-e ofexplamiai inorf fully Mr. Mol.ii'ihcoryofibsea-cs,auil will le toiinu iiipmy ! ,.,...r,. in i-iun-ccl mi health. It inion I itrpe.ilrniih ea-cs. and ihe caii-cs Iheieof. Price, 25 f Appetite, Heart-burn anu iieaii-aciie, Ke-iie-snc-s, ll-lcmper, Anxieiy, Languor an 1 Melancholy, Co-ivencs--, Diarrhina, Cholera, levers of all kind--, (he iin.iti-ni, (So.n, Drop-ics ol all kind, Crairl, Observe when vcu buy that von got the penutne, ' cent yet specific virtue. Tlicy nru recommended par prepared at 375 llowery, New York. See that 375 licul.irly for ru-toriiisT weak eon-tilullons, clean-ini; Ilowi ryNcw York i on the wrapper of each Hoitle. i and strcnslhcnin? the stoinacli, nud increasiua the mi tiuvi are c rami anu soul only py speculator, without regard lo u-tiee,tolhu public,or tlie proprie tor of the genuine urlicle, FOK ('onsutiiption, and Liver complaint, Dypcp n'a, dizziness of the head, los of nppeille, l)yen larv, and general regulator ol the whole vlctn. Noiieneii'iine I ut that iirepare.1 at 375 Howery, New or!,', iiherr the arlicle wa hr-tinadc, the char acerofthe inolicinc funned and established Ly ihe nreseiii to'e proprietor, anil ivhonrulheonlypeVsons knowing the composition of Ihe genuine. It In I een ued siicce-sfnlly for eilit years in the cure of these ihsca-e. JCPUcmcml cr'lhe original and Genuine i made only at -No. 375 Uoivcry, Sew York. All oiaer are coaniericil. Consumption and Liver Complaint I Asa ffcncral remedy for the-e disease, I am f lly atl-fi'.d, from loun extierience. there i no ined.cin'e equal lo Dr. Taylor'. Halsam of Liverwort. Hcing pure y vercialiii', it can l o use l Willi ihu iilmo-t -aleiy lyallpc.son in every condition. It cleanse the lung by expectoration, relieve difficult breadline', andsecmtt) beallheche-t. Therccau I e noqueslio'n out tin meihcine is a certain cuie for chronic co igh and I'obls. 1 have usL., u (0iir year in mv practice, and always wnhsuices-. A. 'I'. nOOKU'S, Jl. I). 1 iccling in the J hroal. I know Dr. Taylor' lla'-am if Liverwort to le a certain reiuedy'for thi complaint, a 1 have n-ed it my-ell and found ils e'ect an I'mimi ale. I wa much troubled until 1 made i-eoflln Inclicine. M. !.. Ill NsIlAW. 211 Mangiu st. Hoar-cnese Ciucd -For the cure of hoar cne 1 can strongly rccconimcud Dr. Taylor's llabam of Liv erwort. I liaie not oulyloiiiid ureal I rnelit myself, but many of my consicgalii n ly my rejeminieinl.i tion haie re. ieved great 1 enclit irom its virtue. It is a (once ini'd ,eilicai:tou and harndc-, IiLV.AZ. li:wis. Severe ''oic'Ii and Cold 1 have had a ino-t se vere cold and couab, lor a long time which I could el nil ot. uing many u-c!ess tiling I In iH.Y.V ill ii .mll.l iii 1 appetite also a proventnliie against thu cholera mor bu, feier and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart biirninf,vcakne in the bri'a-t, pain in the ktomaeli and other yinptoms of (lalulcncc and indiges tion. One box will tincture one gallon. I'ricc25cts. a box. ItcssEtx's Itch Oi.s'TltnsT. This choice nnd safe ointment I aid to I e superior to any now in u-e, for that dhagreealle an I loath-omu d.sea e, the ITCH. Thi Ointment I so ecarialn in lis opeial ion that no person ttoul loil wnh the al'ovr dl-trdcr o.'gbl to 1 e without it. It i a remedy lor iMlaneo i. eruption-, scorbulie al'ection of the htiad, or any other Lrcil ing oul which ari-cs from sharp li.unors in the blood. Price 25 cts. a I ox. ltus-r.i.L'ii Veoetablu Iliu tot's, or family physic, for general use, in ca-e ol Jaundice, murine sensibility of iho stomach and bowels, lo- ol appetite, liclnl I reiith, eostiveiics, Pile-, and all ilisca-e nri- rom biliary ueransemonl, al-o lor correciuig Ihe sla'e if thu Hood, and cleansing the vieiu ol bud nnd viscid luimour. These pills are a mild ca tharlic, producing neiilicr pain nor griping, and are ttierelore a vatuai.iu anu iiigiuy approvej uieuiciue. ami are pronounced ussiiih l.vtlieino-t distinguished . i '.. . i i... .'.,. ia p;m.- Pni. lll Sll.lll-S l.llll tW- V.U1IU.1 11.11 s(W ...... 37i cts. a I ox Hiissell's cclel raled SaLT IIlU'.l'M OlSTMENT. llli! is mi'piestional Iv Ibe 1 e-t and -afesl rcmelv ever yet o lered 10 the p iblio for thai obstnnie disotder SAl.'l l'tll rI. H i oilier mean have Ml oil. il hasue- reeled, and llie l'.i'l lb it n ha 1 ion sx'en-iVcly u-ed by eminent Practitioner, spcai.s vonunus in u prai-e Iii. cnujllv eilicncious in all dina-e of the . skin., ring worm-, and the most mveteraie Itch, sVc. A.C. iSamero'i veriiucvo might le ol.iaino't fuislmr mill (Puss U arc. 1 PI'.W set s Wlii'.o Oi'imtc Ware, ulsn (llnsi Dishes and Plate. D.CJnicis,TuiiiM.-r.I.auip, e. for sale very low, by S. M. POI'l.. I'OUMl. OR iinvbofnndiii this villaac, ttirccnv opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PA1VI SHOP, newly lilted up in gnjil slyle, w hero the unelcrsigneil will he glaJ to wan on ins om cihiuiuu. favor him vtilh their p'atronnrT'. . Gmlu iv. u. .ll-.lUl.l'l.'-" Uurlmgton, April 23 1S41. V Mr .il'',.iars.l?enisgcuerauv. l liese vabiib'c Mebcino. are lor sale by (jl'.UHI.l. L. WAI!M 1! A- Co. Johnson, I., Oeuernl, I v vv linm till order- from any p irt of the State or Canada, will le prompllj inisttcred. 23 I 1 17' 1S"" lrAClAR Sf ARTHUR, Oeneral Agents U r 51 o lat's iclel rated inrdieinr-, to whom all oils for agchcie. Mtift Le ad-drc-rd. Iliiiliiiu oi, J.H1. 2a, IS 12. I ui the propriior ehoo-e's that a fair trial should 1 e Ihe wily eviden. eofit supcrc reiHcacy. Price SO criilsn e l.y 1 !r. C. Via CIIAT11A5I, PITTS I-'II'.LU, SPKINGFItLI) AND WORCnSTClt. OX and after Tuesday, Dec. 21. 1311, liie Passe.s ocaTnAi.s'S will tun thtough Ibe en.iro line, t fullnvvsi LinvcGrtcnbush c'ailj, Sut.daya oxcipuv 05 A. M. and IP. 51. ... . ,, The mottling Ituin will arrive ni uair.nm ojii -Piliffiidd 9a, at r'princfv.ld 121 51., at Wormier 4 P 51. and at lioslon 7 P. 51. The afternoon train vullartivc nt Chatham 2 i:t Pitisndd d', nt Sprint-field C P. 51 , leave r-prinsh'' ' ' next morning 04 A. .n., arrive ni ivorcesier -i oou i.t Iioston 12 51, - UtTcnsiso, leave Poslon i A. 51. and J P. Tin. ttintnintf irn-n nrrivFsnl Grecnbush (i P. The afiei noon train arrives at GrccnLiish 12 31. tc ' day, lodging al SpiitiL-ficld. t The cars ol tun Hudson nun i;crnsuiie iuii-h. -will run between Hudson and Clnllinm ineonncAk-i. with Iho above trains. Passe-scehs fiom the city of Albany must toka tb l boatfrom Kerry WhaifatGJ A. M.and 124 M. rARC-i. rrom OrccnLusli to Clnlhatu, Chatham to Pittsfirld, Pittsbc'd lo Spritiufield, Springfic'd lo Worcester, Worcester to lioslon, If paid through From-ilbsny to Morton, Worcester, Springfield, Pittsfield, Hudson, I'OR NHW YORK, !-.' -S-.-S ...Vl,l r. ..)",. nlw V.1- 7ll-AM. I I'l t-y' lll.'' miyuiHH... ... , Pascngers leaving Grecnbush bv the 1 o clock, P pringlitlil, bi I'. .U. i tnencc tt tO 621 ODU I CO 1 50 150 DM 425 S00 1 IQ 1 23 (.i'.oci:i!ii:s, &c 'ISAAC WAIiM'.l! kiu coutinnily for sale at his JL store, oj positc s.. !.. lluwarii s fttoie. Cognac llrandy, llolhi.d liin, St. Croix Rum, Il.i-toii Ram, low pliccd Hiandv, P.nliimorc Gin, Aimgiia Rum, Chtrrydo. Wines, of must kinds ami prices, 5IolaiScs, T ...r T .inn. nn.l t'lntiti sunnr. livson ami Young IIys.on. lis son i-km and Ulack I'.uv llnisni". Keg do. Co.l!ili, Salmon, 5Iackirel, Sounds and Tons'--13! Rice, Soap, l ancydo. Allspices ; Pepp- r, Ginger, Nulmep s j Cioic-, Cinnamon, Salcra'ns, Poland Siari li, Jlustard, IndiL'o, Pepper Sauce, Collie, Chocolate, Table Salt ; Caudles , Spanish Scgars, half Spanish do. IJccaiitoif, Tiiinbl'Ts, Lamps, Jars. ipc. Also 50!) Barrels Sail. The l.inunrs arc wnrrcnlril lobe the be? t Ihat can be biiu.-ht in New York. Tavcrn-krcpcrsandothcis will tin ill fir their be nt fit to call and examine them before they buv tlsew here. Hurlington, rvov. o. ion. 1 V-sfHItKHIS! A fi inli'innn bilcnciiiir lo 111- oucnf the most ancient and wealthy families of II11S Cliy.W I1U lllli.-l I... .. . II I.!. . t tr.n.l havini' since llie vc-ir I9IK tin lo t cccil 1 1 V. btcll bent nculy double, and bir scvcrnl vcats confined lo hi- bed, ha been restored to go. d hi-iltb has icgainetl Insiiilural eieet i usilion ami has ouittul Ins car u.ige, and nowwalks w.lh case!! V e In beve tin is tlieccn Icialt - cmn lies nption as near as possinir, and Ihcri'is no rxagguralinu in it. be will givcinqui- n rs his address, and doubt nut humane leelmgs will i". ihe libi rlv : fo l int anv one umtliliiiir, may l;noic tlii'scf.iclv hough he requests Ins name may not appear in punt. Anmug oilier nisiance'.-, .iir..ui. G. Reynolds, 1 11 Christie-eliccl, has been restored, miH tt'ill nicii ni-rsonnl apsuranccs of iho f.lCls of Ills case. Holli were liieuuntisni, and contracted cords and smew s. I low has I hi Ken dune I Anstccr. tin the Indian Vcgctnhle l.lixer in tcrnaHi, ami Jl u?s' y trie anil Hone lAiiimad ixltrunlli. Jan. ill). 111. SMmilti bv COMSTOCK if- CO., 71 Maiden Lare. A'cir Vorl: nil PIX'li -t SP I.K. Wlio csa e Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Ofl'ice, Ihtiliuglon, Yt. 1 t, 1111. M"MII. Huriinsiun Hrcwcrv i now X in fail npcralion, and Hccr of ihe vrrv best iiuahtv is kept coll j sluntly on hind for sale in whole Sjor half barrels. G. PKTr.R.SO.V i A't'UKli i v,i'.,a! le GUAM) Ul-S'1'OItA'UVi:. Thi c a! le .Medinae stands unrivalleil f t the ni; cuinpl.rul-, via : Dyspepsia, or Indi- ce-tion.di-r i-ed I. imt. bilio icr-. l)ro:-y. Aslh ma, Cosmciie-, Worms and lo-s of Appeinc. and l.y clcan-ing tlie stotuacii ami I owns, cure pains in u.i side, stoma. di and I, cold- and cough of Ion: staudiuc, lloar-ciic-s, sliiirliies of 1 rc.uli, -Scrvom coniplanits, fie., ivbicli nicficmically the e.iect ol dis ease. Kor reicrand Ague, it t.a most valuable piC' vcnlnttve as wi'll a a sovereign remedy. It virtue surpass any thing heictofurc known in leinovntg St. Vitus' Dan. e', two I ottle's have I ecu known to cure thisallhclingdise.isi', alter having latileil every exer lion lor four jcar.-. It has a nio-t powerful influence in re.noviuir nervous e'cmplnmt-. 1 1 1 pleasant to fake and so easy in its opcialiou,ihat it may I e admin isteicd to llie miaul W illi finely. I lie ai.oie .iiuiii-ine is eery lualiiv lecommcm c-l I v luaiiv sricnlilie gcnilenieu and a Uige numlcr ol'ladie-,' who have proved the virtue of ihe Mcliciiie I use pnd that ofihcir families. A bill oficrliliuale-aceompai ie'cacb bottle, I an 1 DruiLi-t FOIl SALK. T i- Srliool l!o )lis. I'apcr. &c. rp 11 H sub cribcr Ins a hhge slock of School 1 l!uok an I Piper. Merchant. School e'ominil'rcs tec. fiirni'hcd on tho most liberal terms. Rags ami most kuidsof countiy produce recenedin nnvment. .ov. 25. C.COODltHII. 701,l,r.TT .",- UUADI.CV liavcjiisi received i. and oner for sale at ihe lowest prices fur cash or approved credit, a largo and w ell m-lmpo assortment of G i oeenrs, consisting in part of the f"lo ung: o at i.ron s jr-ir, 5 Hhd St Cio:x Rum, rpIlAT large and cotnmndioustwo sto I. rv llrick Divclng House it li'jl . ".I l. -..I.. --. r i-.. . I . .... , i.j siiu iivil I'll urn tt ri ciiitT ui iiii-fiu ltlll at the head of Collcgc-strce't, in this id- age. I no lli.i'sc i.iJ uy -Ij, vtittt a liascuunt story, Willi Iti ebeii nil I Provision cellars, and a wine J2 by Cj.o xlciidiu'r north en (.'. Ilcje Green, w nh woo I and siere hou-c be'ow, and cbaiul cr an I -U'cpui" room alovr. A lareaiiJconiiuiHbo i H irn, enrnae lioU'C ice liou-r, ami oilier out-house, aula spacious yard west of theilweilingli'i.i-e, and a good dura! le ivc'l rr wn'er of the I c-t qualny in ibe village, nn I a I rick c.-lern. One and anuarlcr acrcsol land, oflho hrl ii ualili ; a large garden fruit trees west of the In u v nnd yard. 'I bo lljildings aiei'on-!rucie"d in modern style1, ol the 1 ct material- and workmanship, wer-'crceiel I y llie siib-cril er l'i.r hi own u-e. and the location af- lords a very rxtt-nsieo an I plea-ant pro-poet i f the village an i lake on the Wc-t anJ i-not surpassed by any oilier in 1 In- panel li e rounlry. A'so for -ale a lot containing an acre of land direct ly oopo-iir I he- above lot with a small ci.iucnient woo I dwelling hou-e Uicrcon. Pi r 'lia-crs are mvili'.l to crU mil rxininefor ihem tvivr Terms nude known by i he sill s ril cr on ibe prcmi e-. SAMrKh HE15D. It irlinglou June, Hi, 1 10. n2 wnh ibreclions. Il may I e had wbo'i-side or reMail ol S. liiiiaiu, Uarrr, and J. C. I'arnain, hat Williiinis lown, 't.solo proprieti r-. Prcpaied fiom the origin al recipe ; fur sale I y K. il. Prentiss, 51onlpelier, and Pr.ei; ipSrirAn, Hurlington, and in the prinupal towns in the stalejall dire nous signed m the hand writing oft he proprietor ed I avlor s lial-aui of I.herworl, and il cure I ine in a lew .lavs. JAS. 11. IvT.liitl.NOC'v. Raising of R'ood .t' o it two weeks ir.'o I had a (all. which eaiiscl me to iil lane nuaiitic of blood win', h nolhiiig could cuie nniii 1 trie.l I'r. Taylor's Hal-iiin of Liverwort. I In ii'.e li'iiib gave mr iinnie dialc relief and in a very short lime e lecled an cniiie cure. Let all pcr-oiis Irv it. Iiroil 51C GARVi:Y,21 Cannon st. Dr. Taylor'. of Lneiwor! This superior remedy fordi-easc. of the buia- and liver has obtain ed a rrpnla'ion never I fore equalled. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . . in: ir her death Willi this di-easc, lint my ft iends 'em for a nr. est toconfe-s lue cie I Tied. He in his merw, told me not lo gneup until I trie-d Dr. T.iylorV. il.ilsam of l.iirrwort. I sent imu'edialely fortius ineilii'iiic, and alihouub ihe coute-t fur .t few ilav 1 etween iln- me acme, ami mv iti-cae w.i se ven! , the me bcine cou-pieic I, and in a firtni:ht 1 wa le-loie.l toli.'.ibh. I bad a co igb, rai-ing of in t ler, lo-s ol my voter, pam-, wca'.ne-t, etc. 1 can re- Icr to Doctor vi iisi n, in iiio varin.n uoii-c, lor me truth ofmv siaiciuenl. 51 Alt Y DILL, 10 h strict cor. Ilevvare ol Iraud-. ot :! J avem.e. Summer Complaint. The olLnerwort, in several ca-es of ihi-h-ca-c. where all oilier icniedies ao-ilicd ly physi cians line pioved, has produced u erlecl cure Surprizing Cure if Consumption. Mr. It. Gladdin 1 1 Delhi, i. Y., ofa ua'-iral-y con .iimntive con-luiitiun. has leen sairl IVoui ml llll- nmelv en 1 be ibe ..... ..." Ii. luylor's llil.nm of l.iv- ci'wori. ,i seveiv roi.i i ro lent on au auacit oi i len-r-y, and lit j . i-nile 1 in general di-bibly an 1 e'on-unip tl)ll. A ci.nslaut cf-lgb', lie-nu llu-b,' re-l'i- nights n i r p d-c, an I I'ual.iiuel lo-s of lltsb. a xcietj i s co 'v dca b ; bin a suon a.- I comiiicuirl the u-eof tin- lal-am 1 grew le.tcr, and is now I illy restore. lo bea.lli. Shortness of Breath. !' r thi- iii ra-r, 1 have a'way. luund Pr. Tai lor- lial-aui ol I.nerwurl nil cxi I'l'ent remedy. Il 1 oni e so sale ami 'O e ,e 'lii', ibat I alway-u-e it in my pi.icticc, au.1 ri'cconuncnd it to mv fricud.- havc ii-c.l it in some hundreds i f can's wilbin llie pa lour year-, anu i nave never bail it ni I. In uunv ca-es of a-lhin.i, 1 fully lelieveitto have lien the means ol saving pieeious live-. l.ct nil u-e il. GKOIiOK 1IAI.PI1. M. D, None mininc but thu preparel al 375. jVuwery. ew 1 one as win ic sieu l.y ine iai eis ana w rap tiers of each buitle. Hes'tie yo.t look when vO'lbiiy The .'on unc ran always col taiiic 1 ot thu 1 O il Ascitis, Me-sr-. N. Love'y .V Co., now Lovely iV .Si", inu,ir I Jr. .Uuouy ami i'i I. .V .-near, i iicnu-t , II iilingion S. II. I! irue .Cbarloiic M. ir-tiit. nrrlve nf staito ('.'t mdpsl lo Ilartfurd. arriving at 11 P. 51 f ii- spear ami isoicn .uoooy, icnie next morning in cars lor ocw-inicn, orniu -! nn.t 1! ll k Cnnl:. II. nes- ' tL-n tn mm tifiiiur Vetv Yinl:. il here the- arrive at 2 lo 3 1". 51. Or leave Grecnbush hy Ihu morning train, arriving a t .New-1 In veil a l'. Jl., ttiemn by steamer next morning, to New Yoik, arriving uy to at-. M. . . Fare, if paid through Irom Grccnuu'lt lo .icw rtr Art 'rir-ki is in be nnrchnsrd at G. R.'-I OITice, Thorp's l.'iuldin'Ts, 2 Broadway, Albany, and at the office of the Depot in Grrcnhusli. om-:,0 cr.OlilU: W. WIllSThRll, Engineer. Iniv. b'or sale bv Pi cl n'libmrton! Dr. C. T.. Mi! II ill Si Cook. I line buigh; S. II. Hal ne, Cbailotlci I.. Jane, Georzia; I.. Tyler, r:..o ; Fuller A: lluntiuglcn, Riehmond Al-o,' ly Ihe diuggists and luerchaiits pencrully hro'ichom ihe tair. o2 tin. ISjTASCS F Till': l.UNCJ!. Iln-iileillj llie must ii.imiIhi iciiu d fir r kuo n in Aim lic.i I'txetabte Pulmonary Iiuham i ilu- nu.i valuiblc iciuuli mm i'i ute b.i cin'b, cnl.1-, anh ir lubisic, cnanunpiluii. Mliiiupn-K iuuiju -ml piiunun n) mi. riiuiif Yo fclKGLE. DOUHLU. U.MB1L1CAL. 10 do Porln Rico ID ilu NtvvOtleans '-.', il'M Collee, 10 do Java do 50 Ho-ccs fcoap, 25 do superior do 2 do I'ura do 20 Kcge sail Pctrc, AT S. B; SCOTT'S, 1 HO '-0Z' 'P"l Thread, lUvJ 7 llalr.shceliiig, 200 piej Calico, 25 " I'reuch and I'nglish 5Ierino, 25 " Mo i-line eleLainc, 100 Shawl-, various kind-, X treat var'etv "f 1 1 fir die- c-, irnn-"-, (.r. M. G. RATHBUN, DUAl't-.t AND TAII.OIl, pi:arl si uLi.T, HAS just returned from iNcw York, wnh full re ports oflhe Kail I'aslnons, and i-prcpared locx rcuie orders fur winter gannciits ill llie most approved style. He has also on band a select assortment cf choice trimming-, a laptej to the sra-ou : such a Ilraid. Itiillons. Jliiidlligs, I'anry Vcs.t IIllidliigi Cord, nun ttiitton, tc. .v:c. N. U. Ilu i also agent fur SccitiSi. Wil-ou's Re port ol Fashion, which will 1 o m furnished to any erne wishing them, and the reiuiaite in(oriri.uioii Irecly given. Burlington, Nov. 1. 1811. jTth vox, DItAI'It AND TAII.OIt, WOULD oncemore remind Ins customers lhat he cmuin ie torarry on llii abovu business in al Is vatiou branches at hi Old Slandon St. I aul Uriel, near the l'.inscopal Church, and in ngbl of the Catholic Church. Thankful fur pa-l favors, ildrus tomers aro solicited to eonlim e ilieir patronage, and many new one aie much desired. The newest I l icns promptly received. Cutting done on short notice cheap for rasi. I haveem hand some old account which 1 should Akc to exchange fur ccs. Nov. 12, 1811. 5 P,nc Hnllani' Gji, 25 ir casks -Malaga Wine, f,0 Ilexes Pipep, 20 liu-s Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 2" Keg- pure Ginger, 25 do Raisins. Ilull.'ilo Itobes. A Sl'Pl'RIOl! arlicle, Indian lanned j I'ur thick 1 a. and uiMvy, Pells toll anil pliai le win noi in- ' - I- ... I . I'll I'f.L' 1 C.M-I Ih jure oy weiiin-'. cor tii'ei y inenuii e. u.u. We-t side Lourt House square, iiuriiugicn, 1 1. Ni.e. 1-3. IRtl. N. II. Don't p'-rclia!! until you have priced the article nt ll.i(s') 'ri. Al-o llarrcis ami Dry unn.s. L O O K II E 11 E ! ,1 It. I'.DITOR Will von nleato notify this com lMmunity tint tho subscriber Ins opened a Stove .Store, fust door west of J. tt J. II. Peck it Co. where li linn n irpoeral assortment of Coukui". Ilox nnd Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, nud Hollow Waie of the bupcrior Ilrnudon Oasiingsj al o Puck's Hot Air Cooking Stove, which ho is nriniifacluring in ibis place. The construction of this, siovc is vifh ihu the firsl and sharpcti heat come, directly under ihe buili rs and then passes round a spaciou and equally healed oven, an I rcquirrs but comparn ivsly iittV fuel to put it in opetnlion, and bakes equal to a brick oven. 'I here might bo a List of sigintuns procured ns Ifinf as the recommendation ofa country P 51- from Iho highest sources Hi the sccions w hern il is in use ; hut n preamble about thi stoic or the Yankee rtoi on useless, ana il money continues sarcu y- u must use the less of ii, so don't do without on thai acrount, hut call and try the new Sloie. llunuuton, uv. 19, 1611. S. W. TAYLOR WILLIAM Will OUT'S IND1A.V rUUOATIVIJ IMI.I.S, Enlirclij Vegetable. MANrFACIURI-.D nn ler Ihe inline ba'e npciln. 'iirlrni-u of Wi!liaiiiWrii:lil,vii r-pre iilcut of the .Yorl'i.lm-rfcau College of Health, fur llie treatment aiiilcnni nfib-i-asps in ihe form of Hillio'i- nnd .Nrr- voi l evers. Mea!e.. Small Pox, I'nuis in Hip striin.iek-. 1 iu-1. an I Consumiiiion. Dropy. Scrof ula, (J.UKcr, s,pltilnR u moon,, Ithe imaii-iii. Diarrbie i. Dysrnlarv. Colics, Ucspep sia. Palnitaticn of the Ilcarl. I'lcera and turut of every kind, if-e. tte For a!e I v IT.CK -V SPCHI. H.irlinglcn. W. II. HOLLY, Willi-ton. W. J. DUOtiLA.?. Hiiicl-urgh. J. II. llALIiritT, Wu-ifurd. OIiniTriNGS. Shimnss. Ticking. Wicking. Cattln O Wadding. Twill'd Cotton.-, Canton Flannels, itc, Fcr sa'e by Nov. I. S. II. SCOTT. JH S T revved, a supply ol Mar-h's (flel Tr.isi's, of every i-cseriptioii, for sale by Ibe d orsiii 'le, Nov. I. PLCIv if- SITA ALARGK nssortnienl of Hrass K'etllcs, Vices, Anvils, Trace Chains, llaller do. etc. etc. isofleted fur sale at prices vv Inch rnnnol fail to suit i listotncis hy FOLLI TT .f- IIRADI.r.Y, Nov. 29. Old Dock, Hurlington. (elel ratcJ dozen AU iLZ'Tnisses ai'i ur.itelv pp'' u'l'rfr ol charge Q1 ("Ml IsLWARI) Ins been oircrcd for montli J.V" to any one w.'lu will use a holtleof hi iMWiinl tor tlie 'Kc., withouthi ing cured. Ol thousands sold, in no one instance lias it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming to bo had where it is sold. It is also a certain cure in nr.nrlv ereru case. ii. f. fl.. t ... .1 s.11-.. : 1... iV. ir.iieniauv, i ui ine iu low in couoii'iiiiii". . oi mv Pih-s. fur all ilronst'. IpniUr fi rl. sore throat. Iv Call cers nr nb-rrs. crniui. ttbniitiiiii- coUL'h. Scale! head I iguiness oi me cue si, especially in couuii-u, mui ui ccrsof the legs, or other fungus sores, however obsli natenr ioni- Mandini'. Iiesli wounds, chilblains, etc. LUOh! OU'l'. Some sitinillcrs hare counterfeited this articUjand put it up icitli rariouaderices. Do not bo imposed upon. One liung only vviU protect you it istheinmeof COMSTOCK if- CO; that name mn&t be ali-avs on the irrai ner. or vou li av lie cheat ed. Do nol luri.ct it. Take ihe direction with you and tcsthvihat. or never buy in for it is impossible lor anv omrr Id ne Irue or genuine. na Sold bv (.'Ml,s",nfc,r, Cfi.71 5Iaiden I.ane, New York. P IJ C K it S P E A U, Wholsalc Agents, a lew doors east of the Post OITice, Burling ton. Vt. AIIHAYY nFsoi'ment of Slcich and Center shoes. Wrought Nails, Crow liars, c. c, just rcrcivrd nnd offered low by Nov. 2?. POLLI'I'Tet HRADLl'Y. CjROCKPiILS. OLD Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson skin and Pou rhnnn Teas. St. Cmit nnd Porto Rico and Muxca. vado brown Sugnrs, doublo n I single trfintd Loaf oo. nuncn Aluvcatell Itaisins, i;ouce, nmeraiuK, ixc, t receive.! by K. 31. WRIGHT & Co. 0 3 GI'ORGE II. PECK, Attorney auil Couiiscllornt law, two poons east of the rosT orucr.,cr bTAme. Ilcier to .Messrs. J. t J. H. PnCK it Co. Nov. 1!). A. ROBERTSON, llarrlstcr ami Attorney nt Law, (Late in the nfllceof the lUn, Solicitor (Jtn'l Day) MTTLI" ST.JAMnS'S STUHET. .Montreal, 1 Nov. 1811. Rcferenco in Hurlington, to CUARLI'.S ADAMS, Hsquirc. 2 A I.Lklnd.of IIBKItHfor Culinary purpcie. at n. whole iil Jnd retad.hy rhCK A-SPl-AR Iturr .tlill Stunrs and l'.oltlpg clitlis, A A PAIR of l-'rcnch llnrr .Mill Stones and n com-"'-'pleto nssorltveni of llo'ling Cloths, from a cele brated .Manufactory in Holland, for silo at reduced prices, bv 1'UIiLl.rt'it llRAULiliV, Agents. UOV. -J. I-i()CT. MAI1S1IAMS Aromitic, Catarrh and jlj iie.i'iacne-j.M'ri . i in- mui.i i superior to any thin? vet known, fur rcinovinc thai iron! If.onirs ,;.. ease, Ihe Catarrh, and also a cold in liie l.rjd, mij the lieaiaciii-. it open, ami purge out all nn-triieuons, MiengihcnsihcpUnd-,andgiiesa beallhy action lot he narls a .'ectcJ. It i pi rfectly tree from any ihincdoV terin i in its composition has a i-lca-iiut flavor, and US iinme.ii.iii'ciec-, alter tcinguseii, is abjrrcatfe. Price;" 7 cenlsperlioltle. Dos'i. Marshall's Vcelal-'e Indian Illack PLASfCIt. 1 hi J'later i unrivalleil for curing srrofulou swel lings, cs-uryy ftorcs, Lnme iiaci;, anil I'rc-h Wn ind. pam in ihe side.-, Hip- and Liml f, an 1 seldom fails tu give relief in local Hhe iinaiism.. If applied to the side.ii will cure many of the common Liver Complaint.: and I equal, if not superior, In any Ihing in u-e for " LIVE AND LET LIVE." TP II V. subscriler would respectfully return hi I. I hanks to hi many patrons for their lave rs diirm iho p it hie year, nnd would also inlorm iheni tha be Ins renlenlsbel bis lock of Stationery. Hook. Hiniiing -to k. iVr. an I will I r happy lo wait upon all that -In 1 layer bun -villi their pmronagr, and no nut on ai part snail ue siaru.i to kivu sniisi.itiit.u uirsiocb ro-i money; tncreioie, we raunoi s;it i nwav, ursell ii below cost, or al cost: but what wi nave to sett, wo cm get an opportunity) at a -mall advance Irom co-l a any one can no una live 'y llieir business. Individuals' wi.liing to purchase i.oininon sjchonl Hooks, Stationery, or luanu hoom can have a chain e lo e-l the sincerity oflhe sill sen 1 rr.vvhen he -ay he will sell cheap liTCash.t.ycaiun, at the siirnoflko Red Ledger, Collegesirfi-i. SA.MUKL. Iir.N'i INGTON. Nov. (?, IS II. llbole. Jr. Richmond Geo. Avirs it Co, Milton A. st W. Drown. Grand I le W. II. I.erler, South Hero Horace V .vlsw orlh, ?.orih Hero -..t J M vi.. A burgh F. t I,. 0:cna, West Alb,.rgh-D. it . Carpenter, l alerMiry. etcit khiil. N E W E S T A 1 5 L 1 S 1 1 M E NT . (SUCCUSSiUlCS TO J. JiltltiiiS,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, "lUOl'LD re-pccifully mlurni the inhabitant tf TT ll.irlinirirn aul Ihe surro itiibng ri uuirv, lhat they carry on tho Confectionary Justness, on all il vario.i i raueiie-. iciiiuineu iu ine me veryic materials in niaiiufaciunuc tbcv will al ail tin:. furnish Merchants and other dealing in Confevlion arics. will! the I C31 (i ialiiy, ami on llie lowe-i po-si ile term, sunn nil tii'ir n s-rrp, lira uoor- r-o nn f S. 1.'. Howard' S.ore. newly mil ueiitlv flue 1 ui lyherei we cor iiaiiy inviie an to ran n-i i i'i imuuto opi.,.1.1- consisting ol nil kin I of Stick Candu. and Kis-e-, Hearts and Lianiun I-, Ilraid-, I'epper mini, LemoilDro , lanma wain, i.iui'iiie-,M Plumb-. I'.irraway-, Comfits, Cn.-ia II ids, Rtn k a llr nvn Cauly, gar Sau-i, jiotnc- an I be. rc'-, igar Apple's, I'oia'ie-,, anil tinsirt-, witn aru u- o'licr article- too n inier-uJ- lo I e meiilioned. A general as-i rimcni oi ritti ami lancy i ir e on han I, and 1 akel lo order, together with I.'c Cream. to furnish pariie,, sti'. .Vc. .1 i.-:u Cofcn Candt, which we recommend far Coughs, Colds, Hoar-eno-s, ttc. We do not pre en I to say Willi Mr. J. I -ate it Sun, thu our Lamly will cure all tu. lea ling to consumption, we thin:; that is saying too main. UL.'JC-Is. We have a good assortment of lirass and Wooden Clocks, which we will -ell very low f. r cash r ap proved credit. Please call and e.tainino lefore pur- liasing Cl-cwucrc. N. H. All orders Irom a di-tancc, post paid, will le promptly aticndelio, nnd -aekagu and boxo. put on ioanl of singe nr I oat-, when leanrcd, fni if cbarffe'. He pailtc dar an I ad Irc-s all orders to .MIT- ( lU.Ll, it IIAU.M-S-, Coiia'tioiierj, tberf teinglwo firms ol ihe same name in the village. II ir'in'.(m. VI. U 'i. S3, l-.ll. lis sale i sif.uhlt otcie.isuig. .ind I lit" pinpiicuil .tie i'uiil.tiillv icccillnjl 'lie inu-i i-itiiifiuu- ciuiit ul ilsi'lli'i'i. llie iiiiioiiing nen ci' ITfied fur nutil c eSHiniii iliun. A.s Is iph) si ino CSK l.viacl of i leiiei limn rl) S Cl.u, lin-S U!.'-i cu., i. .. lu me uprifliii-. ' "Vuius of llie !bh ml. dnlv icc.'d ii-iii nU.ililc cuia tiii. ellfCii-ii n ine t cL'-mii'ie i in ... . I I IM. 'I i... nun. in 1 1 1 Is. i in i ii i he it m 1 ct tiuu -pi nit; iu lusts, ii"- eis-ui, Mr. llni.di, hid been null a lung nine nun be ciinuniilii.ii. Ill li .ii'i.ui ImiI giicn linn up tt.i inliu i il u Ihu .is iu l e ililc I" In-ill Hun-ell, I w.i Lining a Luge ipi.inlui uf blmid wln-n be iiinini'iiciil u-uig nn- llii-.iin, wu-rii in- iiii-ii complete cine, ioni be i " a. b i'r .iml licaiti a- sin it. u.i. ill. A mil I 111? mil'lli il H "ii ' ' bin be b m i.inu'scd mi' .i mule delml'd .iicinuil nf his cjc, nlui h I i'i I'ui W'-rd uni. C. S CLA Is' .i i d '. V June 23 S.iS. Ii"ji.i ,,1'h l.-iii i fiiun Di. J.icnti titers The . ..i..l.t.. 1-uliii.iii ii t H.ibiiiu li.i-t bp-n -uliI in mi, in fur milieus, iind llie ine liriuc li.n uaincil an iiiiciuninnii (cbbiill, fin il si'-i'irl) u p inslaiifc iled ui b.iunu ibe ilcsiicil .lie I' I I am nj no mrin r.. ... ..r.i... t mi. iinnie. iiint ul w in h Hie mi - , , i i... i i i. .. t. i lin.illlilK llpiill .1'S t c, nil nun ii il.iu bv n-i- Iii lie pI1.'C ii ll, I l.iliii'il ll'-p "ui SH" mi i mull . I mil I ICIC'O. il i-iiuiiii-i irn in- "i -p I mlteii'il hue lit a n.itclliii' Aaeni, "I l.uliniuih ,. V. kiuI ibeii-1 .inttllier .irnr.e lenilcil lieie lli.ll is Itunglt su.pcc'ed lu be spin inu-i J Aeon il V i as. il. 1). M iflliii.'inn. Jiinl.H.1 cn IViiii. si, lb.17 I nun Dr. Sii!iip lui icll, In llie I'uipi ""ims ul ilu- nr .ili'i- I'nlu ) I .nn ..illslieit lliilllielr el-ible Pulinmi iil Hatiiin i .i l ilu.ili c ineili'Cliip It h I bl'i'ii ll.l-d III I II lll.lCP W llll Ciillll'li'lC llll PS 111 inn! me Ciiulnl mil ill llie lung, alien. led Willi ptp.c cmijli, In, ui lon e, ami llie i .Using ui m urn htuuil, nipiiuiislv ic.i.tril nun) iippruiei iipiii is. Abel ihiii" me li.iinn on-' um-k, iii iicui V UUCP i pi hi ni il .11 ne it, i. iiii- in sue ut .inn by. rbtsi.ise uccurictl snnie nine since, ami in in is noiv rnsa-'Pil nol only III actitp lint l.l'uil ions I II.-.i i i-lll,IK. i;c. S. .IOKI1KI.L li is mitt iiiihp lli.ill six tp.irs since I rfS lui.U'li tpi i bitv b tin .iITpi-iuiii nf iIip liing-t, nud l.t v ciiiiipl.iint .IS llcclaiP I In Ue lll-'lU'll-'C " u riiiiurii ill mil r pin s enilis. 1 wa ii.pii ip-inifil in .is.-'u i i.i-.ihii .i- i u piilimd f.r in. nn ip.iis. In mm-llie v cgpoili'i- t'u ,.,,. ,n ISil-.iin. Shiie mv irc.meri I u-iie ncnm in-ndcil tlm llils.iui in a iimih ci-iof 'ling cuinpl..iins, and u lar a 1 can Irani, ils nsr b is in t.ui.ililt Iippii lulliiitpil lit ii'iirii "pupil-, .inn ni uniiii iiifiHiirrs ii cited en rules nu a weir "inui) unex ppripil. Saiiuu. I.VKiirTr, II i on, il.ircn i. muj I'nr -alp, wliu'es.ilc ai"l, b) PICK SPF.Ht ltt-r i-c-i.ii, Vi. tV-.v .'-ViT atti infof"" ! '- ''hit vie have visitu r- i .Kft made nrrangt '.'' w 's - .-J4i,,j iinpurntiaii of nUHLIKCTCW CHAIR TACTOIIY Cl t ll liliDUii, continues in-s business of inanuactutin? Cliairs at the old s'and, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl 5Iaplo Grecian, Cane Seat, Common Cane md Plai- Scat. I.nnre and Small 'S Ila sed Scat llockinif, do do Com mon uo, lOllimun Joining, esc. tv-s.. All of which are warranted a first rale article and w ill be sold at prico in nnrr. si.tnil tviib the times. .-TATIinilS, AND Fi'ATIIint 11EDS, UEADY .ii.iiji.. . Constantly on hand, a upply of warranted Live Grerse IVailiers, w liicli w ill be sole! low tor casn. WA.NTF.D, by tlm subscriber, lain ami uiros lanlc. delivered at his shop in Church street, oppoaits thu old l'ank. C. L. M.L?U1 , B To Itlaclismlths Illoiburgli Coal, rnill subscribers hnve just received forty Ioni of I. Illoslutgli Coal, wbcili for Smith's use ts unsur passed byauy of the mineral coals, nnd whcrekiiown has taken the nlarc ol cliarcoa1. Igniling easily and burning frcily, it 16 highly tccomnicndrd for males and domestic use. FOLLl'TT & IlUADLnV. CHUltCH MUSIC. "pill" following va'uable Musical Works aro con x stanliy for sale by the subscriber nt the lowest prices, bv Ihe daz. or'laiger quantity, vit : ''be 5IodernPsalmisl. a new vvotk uv I.. 5Iaron. Hosion Academy's collection ol Church Jluiic JlcthoJt-t Harmonist, Odcon, and Huston and Amctlcan Glte Hook. Nov. Pill. D. A. HRAMAN. Wli- return tnaniis to rur custo ncrs and the nublii -, fir the It oral pationuge tho ...'i.s,v, haie men us lor some years, .C.'.i 'avlr anJ inform them that visited Lngbind and 'intents fur the f Wnli-bi'M. .Iptc- Scissors, Kaz')r., Pistols, and Fancy Atliu'es. Weare receiving Ixauiiful fi.'iihcil Gold and Silver Cased Patent Lever Watches of I nghsli and Gmeva m inufaciure. Also, Gold and Mhcr Geiieia Lcnme Watches; A arm and 1 igbsh and French Watehes. Wo shall be hannv to s cidv anyone who wishes a good w atch. The public may rest nssuied that we do sell flue watches qu.te ne low and a hille lower than City Hiops We know by recent examination lhat we aie s, lling fine Gold Levers of equal quality, biwvr than they nrsi s Id in Iljston. 1'icry kind of Watches neatly cleaned and icpaircd at tho-lsiwcst prices. Trtvclrv. We haierecived some beaut ful Gold and rial stone Ilionrlics an I Pins, which we Ind undo in F.nuland, wuu Turquois, Uorneiian, xJityx, topaz, nuuy, iar bunrlp. Oml. Diamond and other precious Stones, We have also reined a vanity of pretty dress Pins and Hroarhes, lia r Pins, Hotjuct Holelors, &r. Head Orinnientp. Suiris. Lickcts. Chains. Keys: uilicr, shell, Peail ami Ivory i am uascs j .nemoran- ililins, souietiiis, .xceoio i.ati, ami many very on lie Goods. 1 - tt . '11111 C- T ' C" . . je.t,vtto, .-."iti-, oti outs, Nut Piclieis, Nut Craikeis. IVatl and sliel e-ork-scrcw : lw c-5'.ts, b y rings, gilt anil r.imiiiontta licllsuallif-mat. ical iiietiuiucnts. wood and ivory tiacket rules. Thermo- meter', level, plitfd and Gcrnnti Eilvcr spoons, tea pots, tunibleis, pn-to-bed lamps, lamp wicks and gl i?cs, brass siiiilli rH nud iras, and can desticks, sttel no. pnicu no. neri pans, s) ringcs, insitp, snates, anu many oiucr aruc. ii m me same unc. ( "hrious kinds of be iiitiiul cm' osed Cards, gold bordered, and gilt fdged carls, vihits and colored uarus oi vaunu itineis niiu s z:s. l a.nir, p.nciis, ins, sand, wax, wafers, Scarfs, Cravats and slock.", coders, bas-ms and suspenders. We invita attention to souio butful new stocks and scarfs, pantaloon strep., buttons, Ac. IVrlttiacry, .x;c. All kinds of Pci fumcry, f. Lips, hair oils, depilatory, vinegar rou-'f, powders, cosine ics, &e. brushes. Vary nice blushes nf a 1 kinds aud for all purpoes. fspcctailcf. VERMONT F.1ED1GAL COLLEGE AT WOOD STOCK. Faculty. Ttr.VlIY H. CH1LDS. 51. D.. Professor of the Theory and Practice cf Mcdicini Hon. JACon collamkic'a. m., Pnf.sso,- of MediialJurisprudtnce. AT.ON'.O CLAHK, 31. D., Professor of Oeneral and Special Pathology, J r,-rllrn nnrl F'hnrmnm. HKNJAJHN 1!. P LMF., 51. D., 1'rofisor of General, Special and Surgical An' atomy ami I'hysolotry. rilANK H I1A5HLTON. 51. D., Professor of the Principles and Praetict of SurgerJ JO-.1-.IM1 11. t LAltKi:,3I. I., Prnfe. re." ufChemUtniand Botany. OiJION L. HL7t'lLi:V, 5l."D , Demonstrator cf Anatomy. The Annual Course of Lectures at this Institution will commence on the Second Ihunday of MarJi neit, and continue thirteen weeks. The fee for all the courses n 630. Students, who have attended two full cours;. of the lectures at this, or anv incorporn'el school of .Medicine, will do re- q ureil to pay &1U. Lirauuai.on lee, 51 uueiurs 01 .Medicine area.lmittcd without fee. No Matricula ti. 11 fceischarirrd. Hoard, 111. hiding room, fuel, lights, and washing, may be obtained mgood famibesat from Sl.CO to 2, 'Jj per week. Stiiden s who aro unacqtiirntcd in the village, can by calling ai Dr. P.dmcr's office 011 their urnval, ofa. taindiri'dioiH re'pei'.i. u bo .'ing bouses. In preseniuiu lius iiiinmuic.iiicnt, the trustees of the Vermont 51-dical Cul ." f cl ass irrd lhat thu next course of lectures v. i 1 fully sutain tho reputa tion which the lnstiiuuon ha so un forinly inoin loii'.cd. TI..-di" ra- ler of tho Geiitb-ncn who occupy the sevcial Piofcssorships the addriuns which havo been made to ihe iiiuiiun, chemical nppartus, and Iii-trument-i of the College the ercaiien of a new Profissoiship(Geiicial and speiial Pathology) thein mntrA fichui s wliu b will be alfurdtd for the nrosc- cution of Prai-u al Ananmy the compleliou of tho new college F.dinVp, and i's admirable r.dopiion to the purpose for which it wasdns gned, warrant lho belief lint tlie course 01 insouc :ou in 11s vniue-utiu cau-iu will berquai to lhat of anv Institution in the country. IV r furlhcr kinwb dje'of iho College, Students aro r-fcrrcl tu Dr. II. II. CI dds, Pill-fiuld, 5I'iss., Dr. A Clark, N. Y. City, or to Dr.U. It. Palmer, Woodstock Vi. P.v crdcrcftho Uoarri o; lrune-. N. WILLIAMS, Secretary. Woodstock, Vt., Jnn'y 19th, lop,'. IItiiiliit;(ou lloolislorc. mill sul nl hp wnnlil invite ihe attention of his 1 Iricnl.-ind lie public to his new .isoiiincnr of noons, liie lostselfetionhehas tver mane, 00111 111 Mis 'cllancons and School Book are now n'trtd eheapfor cash. Nov. 10. D. A. HI' AM AN. m 5I.WItIGHTA.Co. will npei I'Hliin thri't' i t Jl. fo'.irday-, 'rum 1300 toJOOO yd. Ilxtra suncrne, (do iblcgro ind), siiprnine, line and common allwoel Carpciings, wincn navo nen inreni.01 mostly in N.Ycrkai ir ctiei). and will I e sc 1 1 at ley low rr. v . Al-oTwillol an I plain Venetian sla'r larpeiing, Hcnp ami button carpuung, uncioiiis, .naif, eic. Nov. 12. LYMAN & COLE rr V r rccevel, 111 a I luiuii to iheirfcr stock of 1 X I .rv (looils, au ii-iisive a-ssorimciit 01 tall .oi l W.mrr (in. I- ; ami ilg wln.h Mill le found a wit var.cly pf ar'n le-- I r Ladie-' CI. aks : Alpaiscj Li .re, a vcrv pretty nrn 'e; Alpacia sin. vvarp, Cam le ecn, Phin 1! a-1. A! ne, Fie'd do., Salin Di-in-l , llrvbe'lla, Persian Cloth, Fieuch, Gcrmani .111 1 i:ne.'li.h'Meruio-, Mou eliue'ilc laine and printed :s m me, a great var.cly and low priced! Goat's Hair sldIu)ltatlullCam, le'. SILKS. . A small asrrimeiit of ri. h fi;M and nri'p-1 Silks Iloavy Illack Canton, I'mde .r.vie. and oiher silks. SUA WLS. L"p n 1 e-t s-carle1, 1 la--!., wlnte, and colored; A few eMM size Worte 1 shaw s , Glove aad Hositry, a large as, oriment ; an unuualy large as,crimtniot Aiue'r.can nrints; Fii'm b ami Fnnii-b do. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton shce'iner an I sbirtnig; Tickr s and Wad ding 1 Ulcichtd Cotton anJMernn-i-cihceiinj, very low. TMLoirs miM.wixas. Wor-lel U.nding, silk do. Large lound and square Cords for ovrrcoaisi silk Curd I'ur dress coats; Wor-toil a id silk Sirge; fi.-ure I sill; and Velvrt nutton-, pew fijutu sewing -ilk, Tw 1st and Thread; Pailitmsr. Cnni.i-s. stlecias. Ci IM Jean. Ilrown and Black L'ineii i WurstcJ plaid fcr Facinyi Uuitons for over eoatr, Ac. 1:1 wi yyv.i.-. A v-rielv of rich ilu Lame", Chally, sdlt, and uevr stiieFancyll1 f . and Wi.. BROAD CLOTHS, lleavvdoiille milled llroad Cloth-! Htaver and Pilot Cloths) Kirh Diamond Hcairr Cloths ; alto a general assonnienl of lkirlmgion Mill Cloths. Geniienien and L.idic are inuled 10 call and exam ine cur very extensive assonmcnt, which wa ofl'sr at re-l'iccd price- f. r Cash. Htrlmgion, 2 OcMSU. .'fnrUoii'x IMlls. i,rr.ssiis. PANi.iiortN if. iuhnsjiaid J.Vlnppointed Stale Agents by 5Iesrs. Alexandsr and John 5Iorison, of the llrinsli Cnllega of Health, l.onuonione 01 our firm vis tcu liie college in i.onaim, nnd wpbnld nnr unnninl ntpnl nutv ibrpcllv from head corn on tho feel, the virtue of llil-I'la-lcr have bten 1 nuarters. A corrrct niclnraof the t'ollo2e Ituildings wiinosswl by thousand, of individual in thu United can be seen at the Variety Store and in the hands nfrT' States, who have tote I its e'licacy. Hold by tho pro- our suh-agenU. AM the packages will ba signsd in I nsip.lnrt (iln. llo-A-n. 'ti-M!pisiist. Vi.. wn.l Pirs-A'l L. 11 ti Mmmnw i, nnTVisSM i I n " ' Stl --j, .-, -...-.... Milling, ( ,1,1U11VI1, IS I'.ll '1-1 frri, li'ii.n'' r,.i Vi ,- i, jijij Stite Agents lloohs ami I'jpcr. Ct GOODIIIC1I, onu.WrF.istofrarrar it Wait's CrcckcrySinie, IP STAillS, has a very ireneral roltoetioii rf Books, including a lirje sloe-k of Schonl Hooks and Paper All ivislun - to purcha o will do well to call. PrOiluco and domestic mannlai lures o every de-cription receive 1 in pal ment. Scbcolcom. minces furnishing fcr school-, s'hall bale books jra lliilously lor all childnn in thcr disriels who.e pa. mils are una! lu to I uy. De. IS. "HKSubscriltr will nayrirh for u fw Thousand pounds of cood FI001 Woo', drliwrril ni ihur More. ncauoit'ari nr,y cv HVH1. July-', 1811 UV have Gold and silver nioiin'fd Kpeetaclta, tl tlie best quality and cvtry numbi r ivinied of concav nnd roniexand can suit all ages. We haie slcel and pitted fpoclaclcs at the lowrst priitf, .Morocco and steej spec cases, eje glasses, A r, 10 close, we vvou u siy 10 an in lotrn ami couniin that we have 1 heller lot of Ono-la th in we cier had tho plt-isuroof ofietmp, and that wo will fell ih.m ns low ns any one we will not be undir -Id bv any nm. V,' rs-snprifnllv inniu nil who mill for Goods ofnny kind whic!! un deal in to call bcfir-purclnsm g. PANC.HOltN i. UniNMAID Imrortsrjui' Watchesand Jcwilry. Jannvry 1, 1512. Hard Varc. A MlkV Sbnn ls, ,ng hint'c TH-orlsi Hi'itr ItitT.Hvare, I" anJ Tra IJ ilc piles, Man f li.n.. n'so s " i"jpr NOTItt:! TUT. -ubscr bcrs having formed a Copartnership and purchased tho stoikof Hardware, Drugs, Medicines, ipe., bclniigmg 10 the K-tate of the lata Duct. It. JIuody, will continue the business al tha rid stend, sign of the Pa Hock, corner cf Chtirch and College sireeis, and will nuke such additions to their nock of Ilari'warf as will make il full and complete. They respectfully solicit n continuance ol the gener ous patronive. eii'n.le.l to their predecessor, and in tend to morn it t-y me same aucuouu iu meii nun- nm and ,h Whe f ,heilAC.AliT AUTnUK. Hurlin-ton, Nov.IO. ISII. -I't.v.ntli.'-. fur r.lnsit. ' I YAHD.S" neovy Gimp, Mohair and SiTk .is-'O' ringi-s evpre-Frly for trimming 5lantiU M snl ClpJ.s. at l.OVIT.Y A. SEVMOI'p'S No V

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