Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 18, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 18, 1842 Page 3
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proving too frail to crnluro tlio cruelties to Which ho had been subjected. Ho had bcon demanded by Mr.Ellis, our Minister to Mexico, m a citlcrrof the United States, but a wools liad claspod wiiheut any reply having boon ro coived to the ddfnand. Tho impression was. that nothing but forcb wo'ild nineliorato the condition of the prisoners, am! that all would be treated alike. Sinco tho abovo was written wo have rcceii vod tlio Now Orleans Picayune of thu 2d, which contains a letter from (Ico. V. Kendall, dated Chihuahua, Nov. 127, in which he speaks of himself ag In good health .111 J spirits--, in com pany with two hundred other prisoner.", to roach Mexico early in February, lie makes noallu. sion to cruel treatment, but. on the contrary states tint the Governor and people of the place arc attentive and obliging. It 111:1 v be, n sug gested 111 a New Orleans piper, that the letter was written in tlio expectation of its being in tercepted by tlio Mexicans. N. '. American. Relics or Tiin I'kesident. Captain Jed son, of the Ecliuoncr Mol-ina, an ivcil yelerbay from tlio Azores, reports that while at Ilonavis ta, one of thoso island?, ho was told by an English gentleman from .St. Nicholas, another of the group, that some watcrcasks and a t-icrii-boat had been picked up and taken to St. Nich olas, having on them the name of the steam packet President. Captain Jespson's informant had seen these interesting relics. Within a few days also a brig from Smyrna his arrived here, anil reports having passed, on the lst of July, while on her voyage out, a largo piece of wreck, some sixty feet long and thirty or forty wide, apparently part of a large steamer. It appeared to bo part of tlm main channels, having four dead eye, with turned mouldings) and long flat iron simps. Ilor hull was black, with a broad white streak, and l.irge painted black ports. There was a bite of a tuiiser over a piece of wood, apparently part of tho guards. I'lio description is said to agree with that of thu -President. A. Y. Can. pin, and I appeal to your own conscience." All, my friend," replied tho wagoner, "my con. science never works on Sundays " N. Y. Mechanic, The Steam Engine. A Paris print states that M. Delecluzo has lately made a discovery among tlio manuscripts of Leuardo da Vinci, carrying back a knowledge of tlio steam engine to at least as far as the fifteenth century. He has published in the Artiste a notice on tho life Leonardo da Tinci, to which ho adds a fac slmi lo of a pago from ono of his manuscripts, and on which aro live sketches, with the pen, repre senting the details of the apparatus of a steam gun, with an explanatory nolo upon what ho de signates under tho 1111113 of the "Architonorrc." A Penny,! Relic On Sunday last, was baptised in Ihiiti , uy Kev. William Adams, an infant nam 1'd.tor.r Cotton thu young pilgrim being enveloped in a blanket I rough! over by tlio Rev. JuTin Cotton, the non-conformist, in 1C33, and in Inch liobimseP, his son .Seaborn, on tho voyage, liis dauplitcr, the wife 1 f President Increase Mather, his grandson Cot ton Mather, mid a host of their descendants, have, in their Hidercnt genera lions, been carried to the baptis mal font. A'. V. Cum. An Express. A Wisconsin editor acknowledges tho rncr ipt ol Conc'i'ssional docum.nls "in nbvance of the. mail" in consequence of a flock of wolves chas ing the post-rider across the praiiies. Mn. Eutron ! Scvvial years ago T met with a pan demia volume of Josephus, publithrd in London, about one hundred years ago, with 11011 bands on the I nek and iron corners and clasp, in which I found with other engraving.-', tho following letter, pr fixed as rmniinipcp. 1 believe. The nnnextd is a literal copy ol Inform and contents. It may some of your rca .'era. be new to W. "Letter of Piiblins Len iihi,ti the Roman Senate, concerning Jesus Christ, in thcdaysofTibetiusCic ar, Empeior Publius Len tilus being President." "Clinton C'ountv Hank" and "Clinton Hank" These are tivodillercnt institutions. The "('Union H.mV is in the city of .Vew Vurk and is one of the free banks so' called, and it teems that an injunction lias Leon lately served upon the Clinlt.n limk and I1J3 b.-nn on joined, whereas no injunction has ever ben ht ved upon Clintut County Hank, nor has it ever suspended payment at its counter. A tempo rary .uspcns'oti o:cured at the agency in Albany but the redemption of its notes in Albany la" been resumed, and the credit of the Bank and 'if its bills are fully restored the most fawir .nble circumstances. HVu'r,'-. Family Qcarbcls in -New H.i.Mfsninc. I'nmtd as is the Granite Slate fur theunbruken fiontslie has always presented against n'l democracy tut that of Jss.ii; lull, a corneal s:cnn lo 11.111-pri-.eil wutiin uic ililUrcnt seclnu of the dominant parly, which greatly distutbs 113 cq.iaiiiiiiuy. It seems nn ihe cSth nil. a meeting ol' the parly was held at Concord, under the auspices of Henry Hubbard, the Candidate for Governors and icsulutbus wcie adopted, decltnug m til s strong's! terms that all rail-und, tu rn jik, canal and br.dgo corpotntioiiv in the -State wcie pri vate in their character, nml bulling 111 the plainest manner that they should all he abolished. Tins doc trine was exceedingly distasteful to great numbers of the party who w liuare more or less uiteiestcd 111 lit-se vvutksol intern il improvement; and under the diree lion of Ex-Governor ildl, who is inoie than suspect ed of disliking Hubbard, n Hireling was held on the 29ih, at which Mr. Hill made a long speech, and in troduced a string of resolution disavowing and dis claiming, in the name of the Deinocrntts ul Concord, die opinions expressed by the other meeting: and nroclaiiuinL' that thev 'will not vole for men us Re presentatives who have declared this 10 be their doc trine who will, for 110 better-reason than now appear-, support a lull tho thai ler of the Con cord rail-road or anv rail-road now iticoi unrated, or vyho will oppos.1 the grant on hbeial and jml cundi tions of nnv new chirlei- fur a rail-road. turnnikt. ranal or t ridge in any section of the Scito where ihs voice ot Hie me people r.iicl the fuitlierance of the .puu is good shall callfoi it. TVifciiiie. NEW FIRM if NEW TOOLS. " Dout condemn without n trial" Tit E subscubers havo formad a copartnership, tindor tho firm of Ha lley nn I Coon, for tho pur pose c''f carrying on tho business of Masonry, in oil lis branches, in Burlington or any of tho adjoining towns. Wo will (jive our personal attention to brick and stone wutk, plastering, and nil manner of jobbing connected with Masonry. Tho senior partner has had more than 25 years' experience 111 the busino s, and wo feel the utmost confidence in soliciting Ihn patronage of the public, believing and .iioifi'wT that wc can do 11s good work as has been or can ho done in M113 plncc. Wo will warrant all work entrust ed to our cnie lo be dono when premised, nnd dono with despatch when cnl'cd for, und well tlone. Wo solicit JMia.'l sluiecf public patronage. A A ft ON' HADLY, HORATIO N. COON. FitANCIS UKN'JA.UtN, Jit., Wholesale Dealer in Stoiasc, I'm warding; and Cumuils'slon No. 273 niven srnBCT, TS.OY9 XT. T. iCTA few tloors nboicWitshingtun Square. GLASS WARE, OP nil descriptions coustnnily on bond 1 a full as sortment of Tumbler?, Jiluiu, prcss), ground, star bottom nnd cu! glaWinesi Jellies, Lemonade nnd classes) Lnntp3ofall etesciiplions Lnmp g!ni:3i'-,"Oecantcis, Wuter Uoltlcs, St-icio Jnrs. vin ous si2esi Preserve I)ifhe, cut glass Cu-tnid Howls, Pitchers, Salis, Castor I'otlles, llevolvinc Casinra and cut slnss Lamps, for sale (cheap of com so) at the new Croclicty and Qln?s WnreHouftof PA nn AH, WAIT & ROOT, Partington, -tan. 31, 1812. " It being the custom of the Rninan Gov's, to ndertise the Senate and People of s 'Ch material things a" happened in their respective provinces." "There appeared in these our days a man of grcal irlue, named Jesus Christ, who is yet living among us, nnd of the ("entiles is accepted for n Priphetut truth, li t his own disciples cnll him the Son f (joii. Ho rai3eth thodend, and cuieth nil manner of diseaj-ei a man of stature somewhat tall and collide, with a very Itevncnd countenatv c, surh ns the beholders may both love nn I fears his hair of the color of n fil bird full ripe, plain to his cars, whence downwards it u more oriant cf color, somewhat c.iiliug nnd waived about I111 shouldersj 111 the midst of his head i a eam or partition of his hair, after the manner of the N'azarites; hisfoihcnl plain and delicate, his face without spot or wrinkle, beautiful with a comely red j hisno-,2 and month exactly formed j his beatd illicit, of his hair, not of any great length, but foikeils his look innocent; his eyes grev, rlear and q licit; In reproving terrible; in admonishing courte ous ; in speaking very modest anJ wie; in propor tion of body well shaped. None bac seen him laugh, but many havu seen liiin weep. A mun for liissingul.M beauty surpassing tlio children of men. Something ntic. We have liaJ quito a snowstorm (luting tlio present weoK lire v begun to full aliuiiti.duvcn o'clock Wed nesday noon, rum continued till the morning of thu next clnv at winch time it was more than a loot tleep. Our streets had been bare for four or five weeks previously. fXTWasliington living has been appoint ed Minister to Spain, and Wadtly Thomp son Minister to Mexico. An Awflxi.v SVont.v Ioatii. A lunli n rttdden character tool: place at St. Joseph's church yei'crdy morning, about 8 o'clock. The deceased was Mr. John Cnstello, .1 "rn lleinan about CO years of age. lie intended to receive the communion, and t ho cleigvnun at 1I10 time was administering the tacrameut to '.nose around tnc alter, air. (;. was tirst 1I1- covered in a dying state in Ins own pew, tin second from the alter ; and in a few minute? ihc vital spark lied ; he died without an annireii struggle. .Mr. C was a native of Dublin, but Jiail rosined intluscilv lor a number (it vutrs The oiTicating clergyman made some jud.ciinis rullsclinns on Hie bliortness of life ami Us tuii-."r tiinty, anJ referreil in imprusi-ivo and touching Terms to the character ot the deceased. I'lnl aklphia jajcr. Romance at PiiiLAipn.m:.;. We lesrn from the Philadelphia pipers th it their quiet ciiy, ns? on Monday thundor.-truck by the aiiuounctm-nt of an allair in lugh lile, w.'i cli lerniuu'eJ in an elopement. Thu parties arc rirM, the gentleman. who is an attache nl a 'oieign an.ui.-s ulor; and J the ladv, who is the dmghter ofone of our fir! ftatrsinen, mil ci-dcwM minister of the IJui'ei Kta'es to a northern court, Hon. G. M. Dalhif 1 he daughter is rt:preeiiled a a loie'v crea ture, just budding into wominhood, with all tlin grace of gestute and action, a form of beauty ami a lace 01 intelligence, witn eyes toll as biiniiner my. anu ngiii nnsnes 01 gulden liair Jailing like fleecy clouds on ojcIi full and nuon ingcneeu. uuteu wiui every attra.liori ol form and with the rarest qualities of intellect, thu lovely girl became the obje. t of the allect'ons of the Kttrche, who is taid Hi he both young and handsome. A deep and lasting reciprocal pas sion as the consequence, 7'he young lady, it is rumored, applied to her respected parent lor his coneiit to her union with the object of her love, and sho was met hv an indigrunt refusal. With all tho depth of Woman's love, it is sup. posed she then consented to an elopement, and tho rest is left to conjecture, without a trace hy which to designate their courts. 'Jim" said Aimer Phelps the other day to his sin "Jim you are tai'.y, wnat on cariu no you expert to do for a living !" 'Whv lather, n o been thinning as now, 1 would lu a Hevolvlionaiy Pensioner !' . mi in 1 r r i rrr fi - '-' T K -M P i: R N C I. . A meetinsr of the V011112 Men's Total Ahslinenre Society wall be holden at tho Court House this even- Hunt half piatb o'clock. - punctual aiicnoonee 01 nil il,o moMilioia la req csted. C O N WAY M K 1)1 C 1 1 LOS. rnilK S ih.-eriler W. I,., gie notice 1 lie ha- FiiccrcJ the lale T. Ki Ider In the preiiiration of the well known Coswtv Mr.otci.ST., and will hen-alter piu panic ilur altenlioii 10 thu preparation t.f Ibo following nriiflf-, the long- c m'lifchel is'lcbi ily of which, prc"lu!o the neec .siiy ii(" .1 re-iiublii'atio'ti of I he uuiiieious certificates In the ban 1 of the proprietor. Dncl, .5 ebb's Ithcuninllc f ilnlmcnt. l or Kho tu. all-in, llr n'-e-, Sprain", Nimil ness. Chill'lain-', Sliihi(S 111 tin1 joints, &e., will afford Ibo inol tmexpce'isl nnd unniediale relnlin the iuoi ob.-tmale ease-ef filio ini'ili-m, 111 11 few hour.-)llii arlicie is opi'iily rivommeiide I I v Phyieinn. Tin Liuinieiitis done up in cnl.ireil butllci, Pre-e 37 cents. Dumfilcs Itch Olnfnienl. The cfen-ive s.iIl- nnd lepulnlion ol DuMrnln-' Itch Oin'tmi-.nt, cneouraL'c the pto pr.eirir to re. oninienil it to the p'll lie Willi rt-neweil fonhdence, as the ino-t innocent and powerful lein elv fortius annoying (li-ea-e; it eoutanis no mer eu'ry, or iiny oilier d.inperois iiiirrcdienl, andean I u applied ut all tunes with perfect tal'eiy. Price J5 tents a Uu. Ilcmeily for the Pllos. The coneiirring li-limoiiv of relieted patient-', from nil quarter-, le.tifying to 1 he eme e.fiieted I v the medicine niter all other- had laded, logoiher with the increasing demand forlheariMe hem all parts of the country, prove it to I e one of the ino.-t valuable specifies known fur tin trouUu-oino complaint. tCP"A Cloii$yniaii write-" llo-lon, IVl ruary 13, 1311. I have nir.'lo trial of Domfries' Pile I'leetuai v ari found it prodiiied a -ulutsry inlluenee almcst iuiinc Oi.itely, and eonliilently I idieve il an e"eeiuul remedy for that tineomforlal le nnd debilitating eoinpl.iini. H'liiKinir, has iimI.hvJ me to lecoinmen I it to pcrfous thus alllicleO, and.-o I li.ill ramiuue todo. Vour.s re pet tl'ully, J. S. The runic ly enn-i-ls of an Uiniment and r.lejtu.iry. Prieo for loili 75 1 enls, or U7J cents u-ben but one i wanlvd, aeeoinpanie I with t'uiu and ample direc tions wilh a description 1 f the conipfaini, Dumfries' IJye Vatcr. IVr tore or ivjlamcd tytt, nothing known Rites Mi ll Immtdlatt and comfortable iclicf, und in mine excttdingty bad cosm Ibe nn st iu.e ccied and de sirable relief ha- been found 111 iho u-u ot thi Ke water, after other remedies had failed. Prons who hac 11-e.l it, pronouiiee 11 wnhout ln'-ilatieu the 1 et pieparation l,r sore, irsj.', or mjtamcil eyes, lliey luc eer met with. I'm e 25 eeuis a bottle. CUKE FOU CORNS. Albion Corn I lastcr. The ino-t afe an 1 so eode cure for (forn-et (lis- roverel: the relief is iinuu'diaie. il divolve- und remove- tbcrorn fiom the foot withrajfi and expedi- Hon and iuithout t ic least pain. Price s5 lentju IJiif. l"oll and aniple direeuons accompany eaeh of the al ovo nri'cles. N". II. None r.f thu above arlk-lc will 1 genuine, unless .i"iic,l . h. Kid Jer on the o u.-ic'c wrnppiT. Porsa'eui hi- Co inimg Hooin, 60 tsia'i" Sneel, up ;:ur-, eornrr ot .I'r. hant- Itmv, llo-tou. Al-o Py AILS-US. 1'i.uiv cc nri..ii, 11 innigto.t, vi A lit eral ili-eoiint allowed to dealer.-. c 0 1' a it Txvnsiiw NO 'VICE. 17UKKAK & WAIT giu- nolieo that they have this " tlav n-oeiated Willi ll.eiu In bii-ine-s'JIll, III HAM P. HOOT, and that ll.ey Will contim.othc b.isf-ne-a ormnuring-aud acllinf Cr.OCKERV OtASi AM) CHINA WAIIP under thu llrei of PAR I! A It WAIT : ROOT nl iheir funrcr Store. They have on h ind a full stoc'i cfwnre whlidi they will par.V. in Crates assortedtoouUr at 'ew Vt.rk anJ Boston I rice-, iirercliants 111 the surrounding towns -il ind it greatlv to their advantage to vaniiiic their ttoek I efore piireln-ing at theio'itli, hll erdcri prtmptly nt'ein'ed to-StCire eoruvr Church nud Ci lleie St. '' PAPRAR. Jos. Wait, II. P. ROOT. N. It. I'arrar Wait na 1 Utxl e.t eel to receive ear ly 111 the Spring hi answer to II eirorders a lull supply of thai Itautihil Stjleof "OjiaUn Pearl w are" that has given surh general sall-faeliun the pa-t se.isou, Irolii tliett.le'.riiti.iliiiaiiiifiotorl'ji of Clew- U Co, 1 1 0 only Iloueiii I'nglaud that mnkcihui ktyleof ware, wli'chwill 1 0 sel fwhole-iilef.iid Reiail. liiirlmgton, Jan. Jl, 11-' TO YO UNG HO USE-KEE VERS. KARltAlt, WAIT HOOT, KRPP constantly on hand a full assortment of decant Tea fiols, of Oold band China, Gold band Tea Platen, Oold sprijj'd do, Oohl edge find lino do. Hittra widesold band do.(3o!dedge,line&sprig'd do Oold edge and linu do. Gold band Prcscrvu end Wliite und sprig'd 2j. Cup plates. Whitu China Ilreakfnst nnd Ten Plates, Pitchcrr. Howls, liulter Htonds nnd-N'tirso I.ninps, with small Tea Pots attached, China Inkstni.d', n ery pretty artielo fur presents for sale, cheap at the Crockery Stoie, rorncrof Church nnd'Cullce streets. Uurlington, Jan. 31, 161-'. A ( " llOXUS L3iJ K do 20 do iO Kegs 20 do 31 Dec. 1341. TOIIACCO. 'Donn's' Cavonuisb Tohtcco, 1 Knder's' do i!o 'Irvine's' do do 'EndcrVPluj do '.McOonnldV do do byJ.&J.H. PkCK&Co. H. day. THOMAS will continue hii Auction Salt' in tlie aftornoon of every Hcdntedny .Rnd Sltur A laire 0 lantitv of Household furniture of different desttiptions will be otfcrerJ( 105th tr with Stoves c f various kinds, with pipe. Sales, of Dry Goods, Cutlery, Clocks. Jewelry, Ac, ttetf, will be oil-rod Tursday, Thursday and Saturday hctluigs, until further notice October e. 1911. SFLENUW FARM FOR SALE. 11 - Sl THE Subscriber will positively tVfsS-sS & ell on or befute the lOlli. day jHtfirS-irrtiZ of Ptbuart next, a farm in Mil- Vt'l'i I! Y ton-btlorgina; to the estate of xuTiri-:. IS hereby gitcu that JUal'.IMt WAlThas o!d out bis hi:erel 111 Ihe -tone ' M.inufaetorv anl thai the biisiiu-s will hcreilier lo earrieJ on n U'lial I v Mr I.I en l. l-.irrsr, who is n uy muhenzel to k-i- the all the bu-ine-s otllielirni ut tils l aetory, I'eail tree! IJurliilgton. -Ian. Jl ISM. T few ilays having bad about one month good fleighing Iho Lake twieo nearly frozen out, the 1 own Uicci ful and business lively. We have now a change. 1110 soutn wino, nas conic hearing Irom warmer limes nn accumulated vanor which is now bcini? free ly dissinntcd among us and has wasted our Snow, cleared ihe l-nke, lioiise l I lie people, filled tho ci tern-, gien again a right smart good chance for ar ranging Goods and picparing for selling them nt, the Cheap Cash Store Liurhnglon 1. iiowAiiirs. M a if :? f. a dl In Whitehall on the Dili inst., by the Rev. John Ilaslein, Mr. Ois 111 Tollman, nttrd 17 years, lo Miss jeuiieuu oo;iiiiieu, reu 13 if-ir. In p.urficlJ, onthe'sOihult.,by Samuel l!eirdb'y, l'.-q , Mr Iirenzo D. Whiting, a' I.ydia Rey nolds, nil of P. In .Milton o.'itha llthinst. by tho Rev. Mr. Spicer, Mr. Uaajhliu, and Mrs. Melissa Gregory, all of M. TO LET. -Por a term of years, at St. COMMISSIONERS NOTICE. V tr'i'ho subscribers, bavincbeen appointed bv tie w llonoinble the Prolntu Court for the District of , iiiienueii, commissioners to receive, cxamino and n'Jjust thoclnimsand demands of all persons against the o.tute of Stephen tlo.-.sie, lale of Milton, in said iiirici, otct-n-eii, HprisehHU insoivrnt, nnd nl o n 1 en is nnil oeriiar.nqextii iiimi 111 nfUor 1 twin and ix months from the day ofthe df.te hereof, be.itf allowed by said Court for that puipose, wo do iheii fore hereby give notice, tint we will attcn I to the bmi- ncss oiour iippominicii', nt iho dwflliiip ur Tnzah Hoxsie, in Miltou in sai I Distiict, on the 14th, day tf uiiu me Din, uay ouuiy ncx', at 1U 0 ciock, . .il., uu cacti 01 saiu cays. Dated this fith day ofJanitarv, A. D. 1912. JOSI'.PH CLARK .SAMUKLROARDMAN LAWSON' MORSP. I:iiu. DCllilKfV, ICiliniilir. IIURS1IAV Dto'tbck. A..M. 3d. February '42 . Wind South therm. 43 nboe. lill wiihin NOTICK. on Chas. ball therefore claim none of his uirninsK nor pay any 'el t- ol lii conlr.i cling utter this dale. Icrichc, Peli. 3, IS 12. iJl.'UAl! PRATT. rillliS mavecrlifv that I have civen mv ; i- II. Pratt, his timeduiing his mincrity, and iVjmmlssIoiicr's N'otlcc Wf, the Subs -ribers, basin1.' been appointed by thu Honorable the Proba c Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, exam ine and a' just the claims and demands ol an persons, againsttbeistato uf Viliiam ICilburn late of Burling ton in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd nisi nil claims nud demand i exhibited in offset thereto ; nnd it months from tho day of tho date hereof, bung allowed by said Court for that purpose, We do therefore hereby give notice that we will at tend to the husiircssuf rur appointment, nt the dwel ling of the widow Ann Kilburn in Ilurlingtoti in said Distn. t, on the first Monday of April and July next at 10 o'e'oi k, A. M., on carh of said days. Uated this l-lli d.iv 01 -innuare A. u. IHI.. I.UTI1PR LOO.MIS, Coinmi III XRV WMT.NKV. ) sioncrs. USEFUL THINGS, At I:iiiurl)orii it UrinsiiiaiiVs. and I've-, Snap-, Lla-tics.- I.aet-t TT O'O K S XlWor-tcd HOTEL to li:t- Jobns, Canada, thu old und well known WATSON HOTL'L, will out houses, Gaidiii, Vnrd, nnd Stabling, well adapted for a LivtlVy Stable. Possjsinn buii the 1st of May next. Apply to Mrs. J. U. WATSON", Proprietor nnd prcsnt neciipniit. 't. John?, Feb. 1, 1312. n3Glf. 3D) ii 13 d In this town, on the 13ih inst. Maluioa, daughter of Win. I'asadv, aged 10 uu mils. In this town on the lith-inst Mr. CncsTtn Atii cmoN, nged 5G years. In W.ll.itoii.m Saturday, a 0011 of Mr Moony Con NOn, aged 3 years. AsOTiicn l'ATinorooNi:. Died, in this village on W-dnefday last, .Mr. Abel (.'c., a soldier of the rev olution, in ihe 85- 111 jear of his age Mr. (iuiin was under ihe personal roniniaii l ol Gen. Washington nil the early part of the wsr, nud engaged in must of ihe actions ihat marked Ihe disastrous cam tnign of 1770 from thu defeat of ihe Aun rieans on L'inglrland and ihtir ro uat through N'ew Vor'. nnd N'l'W-Jeisey into Pcnnsi lianii. llewnsmiho par ty that cr s ed the Delaware wi Ii Washington on the night ofthe memninUe i ith of Deicmbir, 1776, nnd eapiuicd t' cllessians nt Tienton i was also one of thu parly 1h.1t overturned the statue of George 3d, in -V. Vork at 1 lac commencement of tho war, in 1775. Ilr Iris been for mote than fifty years a resident ol 111 mi- iniliiary honors. I'o ..eepsie mmmmu academy. I SMTP. Second Tetm of ihe Academic year of this I Institution will cummtnea on Wednesday the 13th of February, and w II continue twenty wcel.e. Iloanl ean be had in good lauuhcs on fait terms, 'I he school continuts to leniain under tho supervis ion of the Rev. 1'. DURIvI.I'., and the pnfect and iiniier'al saiilariioti given by the Principal in tho discharge of bis duties, is iho best lecuiinue.-.J tho Trustees can oiler to the pubhe. Ily otder of Tiustees, T.W.GII1R, Secretary. Hinesbureh, Feb. S, 1S12. n3'Jw3 nun: and darning u., stiver and stet-I lop 1 biml le, ii eeiatle-. 1' ye lei-, Whalul one, Slilleltoe-, L'niei iu, Pencil-, Twee -er-. Comb--, Sn 1 li-rs. Candle lii'l.--. Tea IVs Sei or-, liotiles Ii r C.i-lor-. ehildren's i-nii-, Pin-. Tea lb Ik Ur.i-lie - tf all U nd-. Soan-. Uu-k Shoeanl Slo-k Ilue'i-s, Card, ilu'dn n'- Pell-, India Rubier and Ivurv Rmg-, N'.i.ikin Hius, Diamond Oc.nent, Morison.- IMi-, Slu'rut nis'-. L zemres and Pikjt Man Pias'iT-, Sooilung Syrup, Corn Piaster, n.ivs- laiiiineni, in n-nil le uu., ink- ul all l.mJs. 1.1a -ive Soap to rmove grease, T prt Powder, Court ria-nT, e.ip naive, .nap-, tiames and IMizies, .lump ing Rope-, .Mat- l:onr Jlnti, Swili S r.ib ng llru-be-, Win Tapi r, Mniebo , of vanoic km I., Day & -Martin's mael.liig, Nipple Shell-N'ur ery Lamps, l!l I'.in-. Mola--,-Ci'p--, D.--I; hTnivL'-, Nut Pici-t,-- mi l C'raiker., Jlo l it r- Keli-'l. w.i i-i I'ln-iisan -nruiL . d'olilndd Sliver llu'lion for trimming ilrc.-tes, and three iiunure.i ami iwu oinor nrueie.-. w men we nepe o ireu-tomers will lind cither u-tful or neee-aty to Ibeiit, w Uu Ii nre -filing al I.nv price . Murk Tin Tea Pot-. Pbitc-I Snooii-. German ver and Pewier do. nud 4II -oris ;,ud -izes of nick Hack- i sticb a- tin w hi-tle-, Jew sharp-, Harmonica lov-, ratlle-, -uu I 1 OH", pa-le eulier-, doll', Mm low. l-amiiS-'tor-. if-. A Panorama tew Li n Ion, a Toy aruilej 1 Organ-, .f-e. Ojr Siore is- nicely' filled, and we -hall I e 1110-I happy o 1 istrihtite he-ean.l ,0111c oilier article, aioumi tnc rounire. 01,011 s' b lerin. ns will idea e the m.r.-liatr and iii'I.k v I hem to ca'l often liml '.' long. Afier von real this .all anJ see at the VAKIf.TY SlORh ' Jan. 0, 1342. tbi-lntiiKI Karnuni I. so. con sisting of about fivehuudied nnd bfiv acrr-s. about three hundred of which it intervale and the remainder hard wood and pine plain land, wilh two good dwelling hbu'es, threo large barn?, two small bariH. nnd Horse bnrn, with the necessary out buildings, all in good repair.- Tho inrm l situated on the bank of river Lamoil, at Ihe head of nnvigalion, is in a rto.u ctat.'oi repair aim eul ivolion with a suitable proportion of men 'ow, pns tuie, nud arable hind and presenting objects of in terest and hiduceivetilsto tin intelligent purchaser not lo bo equalled in this quarter ol Iho Slate. Purchasers are invited to coll nnd exnnnne for themselves soon and securea greatbargn'm. Tcrma made easv lor ihe prrtnaser. Commissioners. CHEAP WATCHES. WE have rec-M some neat good Watches, which will bosold forSlO and f;12, some also nt S13, ii i.iiu i'jt-aiiij ,11m hi 1 iiuieu lot uiiu year, louu whowishsueh will p'ea-o call nnd make a sclecion. I'A.NUUUKiN &. IJltliNSMAIU NOTICK. A LI. ppisona, indebted to the estate of the la'e Ro- xXberlMoodv. ate notilicd that navmcnt must be mauo iinmcuiaiciy to 1110 -uiiscriner, to prevent cost. uuriington I-ui , 3 ISU'. til.u. 11. , a im. SILVPR Sleeve llutton? made and So'd bv PAN'GliORN" & URINS.MAID. V. anted a good Cow, at a low pi ice, chr.uiieof P. It- vJAWS. Mill, Cro3s-cut,and Circular Saws, for - miu uj iau. iinu.iu WAiviiiuu. Si 'ii of the Padlock. Corner cf Church and Collene Streets. ITU'S i:i;i,l,0VS, afirstrato article, also Anvils. Vis.s. FilA. Lc. lor si'e bv Sign uf Ihe Padlock. II AGAR l ARTHUR. ' Cor.Ch.and Coll. sts. ( ArcO"," Thoa who have proiuird 'h" ubscti- t her Wood aro reminded ihatthi sleddin is (rood about town. Jnn. 7. C. GOODR1CII. IT LOTTING I'AI'I.R.-Por sale by ihe Ream or I J quire. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. piN'DING I.KATIH:il.-A few doz. Calf-skin? Jj suiinbloforbook-Lindiiig wanted bv Jan. . u. eiuuiiiiiuii. ivlittclis. .tloccasinx and Gloves. AN"LW lotju.tre.eive.leheiier ihan ever, I y Jan. C. P. M. WRIGHT 0 Co. QHAlt LS, The laigost and le-l nr-or'ment ef vj shaw ls that can I e lo'ind in lbe vi Paje t.f l ir luigton may ho feundat K. M. WRIGHT J. Lhc-tp ensn aiore. Jan. u lsi. T?RIS!I PIGS AND LP.J X Hi -t n, and for ale by Jiiu.'.'ii, 1; vs. MU.NSJu-t rui-eivel Irom Cl-y. l'LTf-'ltSON. HKItO'S GUASS SIllJI). fir alohv HICKOS .V CATL1N", ran. "u. v e-t llie t-o trt llo'i-e sqiioie. Jluihs 101- loivn or Disli'lm l.lhi'ai irs. C GOODRICH ba a valitable collection oi'R' t.k iiiitab'c for lown or o'istrn'1 l.u rane. wh:eh will if -010 1 n itie niojt 111 erai term-, anil at viry low- pm re". 1 1. I.oalt loro ! lTr. have a fine lot of Hurtiilo Hob.s, a few No 1, I.vnt Xluili mid Otter Caps, fur G' ove." nnd other Winter Golds, suitable for cold vveat'lrr Tho e ill want of any of tlio nbovc niiincd ariieles will do will iq call on C.M.WRIGHT & Co. as thev will give great I argnins for ca h, Dec. 23, 13 11. ew bair Itoohs. -lONNfX'IICLT ltl I'OJM S, Vol. 13. y Common Law do Vol. i-i. I'r,-1. do Vol. C. Pee. 15. Por -ale by C. GOODRICH. ELIJAH HF.RRIOJC. ) SAMUEL ROAR DM AN. 5 Administrators. LOOKING GLASSES. A I.ARHF. nnd well selected assortment, consist - ingof Gilt, Mahogany and (Jilt, Mo'iogany, and t'aneu framed Lookina (il.isses. for sVo al greatly reduced prices nt the Hardwnre Slure, Corner of Uluircli and Goucgu b s., uy ti.t(.ii oo .tin nun. IIKAliTII SECUIliai?. Ily the ueo of the Hygeian Vegttabb UNIVERSAL ntfECINF-S or Tiir. L'altml C'ollME or IIcaltii, Lokdcs Milch hare cltatntdlhc uttrchati"n nnrf rtccmrii, daiion. of Thousands uAo ftar lu Consumptions', uAo ftar btti cured Cholera Morbus, Intlnmmr. I'evei on Guii l'crasis, i t lions, internally or externally j Dyspepa , I'ov Ague, Indiwftion, Pihous or Ntrvous Aflectiu and all discss'sn ef the Liver, e low I- ever, G nheumnlin.i. Lunibaco. Tic loloreux, Vitus'a Dance, Kpileplj", Ancpiixy, Pcralsis, ri sev, Green Sickness, and a!!, ol slructior.s to wjm ,1,U V..,:,U rnrm is nn rliltrCiJ.r.C V IlOl'If. and '.ill. end's :'o many ot the ruircst porticr. of die crcaiion t . heir untimately t-ravest Small Pox, Meastl Whjoping Cot'2h, fatarlet 1 etcr. Astnmn, J Giavel. Stone, and cllV'rmary Obstructiotn, Pil.s, snicture, Rup'.is, Mid hyphlhs 1 staeiiii Constipated Powjli, .ci n, Sc-i SELLING OFF CHEAP. I rC( 011 MOItH pounds good Cotton lJJJ Baiting at 01. pir lb. Calicoes to correspond, ay at about fi or 0 ets. per yard. A lot Cap, Comforters and Muffs at nearly one In. f former pr res. A'so a great variety of Goods at priccstoolow to he printed. I he WOrK Ol selling Oil cpeap ins iniriy cuiniusiis-cu ami all goods 'Old to sun purcinsers, ni 4 Janunry, 1912. ft. Alpacca Cloths. A SPLr.N'DII) AnWc, (sill. waip). Alpnera cloth-; ft. Aloacca Lu-trei Hue IhekM. Du Lnines, and Cashim-ri'lte Cloth'. jus rallied at orifot eorres ponduir; with the limu-, I V P. M. WI1IU11T il Co. ',OV. Is. .'ombs CASE Wood Pock'l Combs, f;0 doz, German !.lver do. 00 230 ' S000 ' ro 200 Csp Twist SiJe trass lvary Nov. 30. 1341. do. do. dn. do. do. for sate by VILAS. LOOMIS i CO. noimcts 1 ISumicts ! '. nr.AUTlPL,Lassor:nirnt ol Florence and Mlk Donnets much below thepiicci cf last suuinur Also, a gieat variety of Chena Ribbons, bv Dec. 10. S. 1!. SIIOTT. Cassimercs. l.Vfil.S Diamond, gold mixed, and wool ilvvblue blue black Cashmeres at S. II. SCOTT'S. rtroail Clotlts. QUPPR Wool dye black, invisible green, olive, blue, and steel mixed cloths, at unusually low piices by Dee. 10. S'. 11. SCOTT. 50l5l: I'lcsh Teas. ( IIF.STS Ilvson Skin Tea. Do Dirtily tun do. 2) Do TwanUay do. 100 Caddy boxes Hyon do 73 Do do Young Hvson Jo 100 Half (hens Young Hysjii Tea, of dill'erout qunhlifj, of tho last imnoreili n, nnd offered nt Auc tion prices by I OLl.F.TT & URADI.r.V, Old Dock, llurliiijiton. l''Iue Cut. r)f UI1LS. TOH CCO, ,'m-J 30 do Smul.iiig do 10 Kegs Maccabov .SniihT. Por sale bv FOI.LITT A BR.VDLKY. alt. RI.'.SHI'.kS Tuiks Ular.J. wVWs 101IO il Si. i:bc 5000 do Solar, 290 Saeks Dairy, 1000 llbls. fine. For talc vcrv low, by POLLPTTif- BRADI.nV. Old Dock, Hutlington. SALT. Stifl'tlT) IIDSHP.LS SolsrSah, 40UI) (Jr. 30 Dec. 1S11. Turks Island do 4000 do Pine do 1C00 Parrels do do 300 Sacks Dairv do Uy J. & J. It. Pici; Co. FRENCH LANGUAGE. TIIU. liHUClIKTI'lJ'S Stcond Course of pub lil lie lntr n 11 m in ilits Frent'i l.iwua"e will roniiuent-e on -Mondvt ne.t,die2l-l 7 o'uloi-k r. 51., anl enuliu.c there.U'tT every -ilon 'uv aim Thir davof i-i h wee'.; unfit ihe tlo.-eof ihe conre, onsr-tfitg of 12 in si rii-tt ton -. Tie' ris for ilic ("our e lo Id had a-uual at Mr. IlniMAN's llookitore. 81,75 caih. Adinis-ion (or lrIgle evening-, 23 leils. CASUAl.Tl'..Mr llriglui'ii, of tho firm of Ilriji ham & Wells, of Detroit, met a rnslincholy death on the J.)tli ult;.by a deplorable accident. .Messrs I). &. W. have been cnrrngeil in the manufacture of 2. species of yam as a mbstitiiie for oil. Their fai:toiy is in tho rear of Mr. IPell'i, store, where Mr Brghani was en"a'cd a few days since m compounding the subt incos of which the nntenal is coiiipos'jd. About half past two an explosion was heard in the factory and immediately afterward the buildiii? was filled with fire and smoke. The blaze lasted but for a moment long enough however, to burn Air. II. in a mot shocking manner. U'lien the alarm was first given, it was impossible tu enter the room wliero Mr. u.liail liecn at wor t, and tvhere he was heart! calling for assistance, atil iefore any one could make his way through the Mnoke, he came to ihe door lunirclf h:s fuco 'burnt black, his hair crisped, and his breast and limbs burned very badly. Ho survived but a few .hours. Don't WOr.K on Sunday. A resident nf Man. tachusctts, having been to Hartford, Ct., for a load of Merchandize, was ro far retarded in his nrorrcss by bad travelling that ho couhl not reach home on .Saturday, and consequently put nn it 1 r,iiinjllMl Inrnrn 'Plm nnvl . - he endeavored to lure the landlord, who was al foa farmer, to go with his span of horfos and help him up a certain hill, that he might reach home in 6ca.-on for meeting in the afternoon. Tho jandlord promptly declined on tho prnund mat 11 was contrary 10 nis rules anu consienco to work cm Sunday. 'I he watroner then re. quested Iho loan of a Fpan of horses ofl'cringtn pay liberally for thctn.Tho only answor was that the horses were not allowed to work on Sunday The wagoner not wiidiing to bo detained from his family, liberallv offered a wlvor dollar, and five callon kec of excellent cm, for the assis tance which he required. This extraordinary offer overcome all scruple, and the required assistance was furnished ; the landlord poiiv in person. When arrived at the top of tho Inyh. lauds, tlio landlord proposed to return, and il manded the promised remuneration. "I don' know as 1 owe you any thing," said the wagon er. ".nay ho your bill of work on Sunday would not be legal." "Kut then," t-aid the as. teniebed landlord, "you promised Ihe money and o' o 13 occii iur inoie iiiau liny ycaia u iciu'jein 01 h's town nnd fur the past thirty vears an exemplary iiember of the Episcopal church, lie was buried with udiiary honors. I'o'keepslc Haste. NOTICE. 'PUIS nnv eertilv thai I have Riven to lay Son, L IIAIiMOX HUlCxS. hi I mown 1 Ideilv 10 con- tract I r litm-e'f. 1 hall claim nemo of In- coniinu'.- uor pay nnv dc!n of hu contracting afier ibis dali'. Pouon, Pi.-'., -ltl,, 1812. JOHN DPlt.NS. uiiu s .wu-ti i toi.Toy, FOUND. .V the ice near Providence lslaail, onn Msst nnd Room btdi ncinc to some vessel, with n stil nnd other n,'gin attached 10 it, which the owner can hav.'lhy payiuy re-.soinlilecharces. oouiu nero, i'.cp.a, iar,', LOi(i;..o HALL, MONEY! MONEY!! GJOLD, SiPer, an leven sood current Ilai.k Rills 'are not ref i,u I nt S. I). Sron'a for (I001I-. II i (irmly believed I v 111,1 nv. who are in the of nuktu-pretty rooiI ruluiilAtioii, tbiit monev has Icen, Miidt-an Ir, laveil by calling nt this c-talifi-liinenl. Who would not rxnt-nd lbeir mcntv nt the teat possjMe rate, in tln-.-e tiuifs? Ol.Oll Y AM) Sll ML OTEXCUjAND: In a scries of familiar Letters to a Friend. Ily C. PDWARDS LP.STPR. riHIS is iholitleof a work, just published in IS'cvv i Yolk by Harper and llruthtrs, in two volumes of 530 pnj-'cs, and embellished wilh magnificent Sieel Kuqravines. . Thciiulhor hns fuinishcil some very striking nets relativo to the actual social state of nnglaiul, and idaced her Glory and Shame in striking contrnM. Thefollowinir aro soino uf the topics dwell upon. Thu lif'sumus Men of C-rcut llriiaiu llieir history and acts, their conversations (wilh the author,) and their inlluenee upon the destinies of the vvoild. Abo, Original CommunicationsUom the mo:-t distinguish ed statesmen and poets in Purope, on the gteaiest subjects now agitating tho world the cruel and tyrannical oppression of the Pnehsh Government in all its beatings us blind course m regard !o ., !,,,!,. TnnlV nml llnlv t ) nicli,n!l-.. Inirr lit.. 1 slsrvcition, nakedness, woe, 11 into and degradation of ' Pie mass of the people of 'iiginiif llieir Causes llic untold iibominationt and cruellies of iliel-'a' lory Sj s 1 lem. 111 its destruction uf thnusand.s of imiticcni ehd- ilren. iVc.- the tv rannv and eorriimions ofthe l-Utab- liheJ Church the woes nnd oppressions of Ireland the great slrucluro nfKnghsli ileFpnitsm in Asia, with us sacrifn-cof miliuns by famine and slavery and an honest but painful picturo of nil that consti tutes the Shame of Kmiland. And a candid picture also, of all tint is lovely, beautiful, liberal and great in her .Society, constituting its Clan.- A discription ot the most interesting and venerublo Ruin, Cathe drals, Castles, Abbeys and Monuments, with ns full n picture of London, (the metropolis of tho world,) ae there is space for great Public Works Liberal and Renovolenl institutions Nuble efforts making for the leucmpiinn 01 me oppressed 01 i.iigianu irom tyran nywith (Innccs at every interesting nbjiet tho au thor met with at sea and during 1S40 in Great Britain. Tho New York Commercial Advertiser, at tluulose of some remarks, continues: " Wu can do no lattice to this work in this brief notice, nor is it important wu sbou'd, for it will be readily read, and duly appre ciated. The American peop'e nie duly interested in ihe subjects of which it treats, nnd they nre ablv nnd 1 orsaieot inu imoKstorc 01 D. A. 11RAMAX. CWfts for (lie t-casaii. rPIIP following beautiful Hooks fur Presents, arc I :. .i r.. c,t 1., 1 I). A. R R A M A N". A Gift for IB 13, The Lubes' Rook of Flowers nnd Poetry, Friendship- OflVring, IS 12, The Token, 1812, Poetry nf Flowers nnd Flowers cf Poetry, Forget-Me-Xot, IS 12, Language 1 f Flowers, The Row, 1913, The Ytohel, IS 12. WAN'TKD, in evehanue for Goods, Bennington -Money at 30 cents on lb" dollar. Jan. 7. GF.O. IT.TKltSON. liclilc,li ( oal. TONS Lehigh rnked. Coarse Coal, housed 'nnd kcoi from the weather, fur sale hv Nov. 20. FOLLL1T .f- RRADLlJY. CASH PAID FOR WOOLLEN RAGS. Wll wish to putt base 500 tons of nil Wool Rags, such ns old lied Quilts, Coverlets, blankets. Sheet, Hiirj, Drawtrs, M01 kings, Jtc, including Meiino, Circassian, Plaids, licmbnzelts, and every kin 1 and color ol nil Wool Good", tint fulled or felted, c.ieipt carpeting, lasting nrid'irunella. We wi I pay lour cents per pound, for clean Ross ofthe nbovo description no part rotton, linen or silk in any quantities, delivered al iur Store, West side tf ihe Square, cpposiie the Court House, Ilurlinton, VcrmonJ. Fur all Wool Carpeting, we will pny 1 1 ccnt rir lb. IHCKOK & CATLIN. Ilurlinglon, Dec. 10, 1S11. "OXF.S Hunch Raisins, AOJ -lOKVgs Maltgt do 15 Bagt Madura Nuts, 12 do Fdbe-ils, 1) da l!ra?d do lO do Almonds bv 30 Dec, 1811. J. .).' J. II. PECK .f- Co. H S Powder, 50 B!,oS Shut, 100 Dozen Corn Brooms, bv Dec. ZD, 'il J. & J. fL Pick Co. NOTICE. TfllW. Sii'ner.ber woul I, f,.r ihe last time, rcnie-t tha' iho.e mwltlfil ueeouuls and nole of long htnnJin? be ctilel vvilhiu two mouths al lon.-t-i, 01 unwilling as ihev knuvv he is to fcrte selili iucni, it in i-t le done, lie has calle.1, written and printed, and hopes that his friends will at oure ee the rea-nn-ablcnene-s of mcli a requcsf, an 1 atlend lo it w-thout l ouipt-lling bun to ute other mean-, lo him n nn-plea-aut. C. I1KNNS. J-eh. 17, 1913. IJOIt S.l,i:. 3.. Shares of Stock in the Par mers and Mo.hanics Rank. Burlinirion. Annlv 'u 11. u. 1Ui.r. Burlinj;ion, Feb. II, 18-12. TVfO I ICU All tho-e who arc indebted to thciiti llder l',"!!'' either by Noie or upon I'cok Account arc reqies'e I to rail nnd make tetlltnienl trforethe irilay of April nel, oihervvi.e they in i-l cxtieei to pav thu exiense t.f eolleet'on. LL'TIItR PROL'TY. Jcrii ho, Feb. 8, 1812. NEW FIRM. TMIE Suhsorihers would respectfully inform tho pub'icthst thev have nurchased the tniire slock of Furuitureand PanningMillsatthcNew nstablish- nient ueroioioro owneu and conductea by tho urm 01 Mitchell & Barms, and will continue the business under Iho firm of Barnes & Keeler, where ihey intend to keep constantly on hand an cjlcnsive assortment jf .Sofas, Secretaries, Book-cases, Bureaus, Bed -leads, Tnbles and Stands of various kinds and prices to suit cus'omers. Most kinds of country produce re ceived Inpayment. Also most kinds Lumber, suitable for our busmen will bo taken in exchange for Furni ture or Fanning Mil's. BARNr.s KF.n.r.R niithnptnn, Frb tcih, WI :!oquentlv discussed." Feb, 1312. Commissioner's Notice. WP the sip seribcrs, having been appointed by the Honorable tlio Probate Court for tha Dis trict ofChillenden, l ouiiuissioners to receive, exam ine nnd ndjust the claims nnd demands of nil persons against the estate of Abel New-ill late of Charlotte in ntd District, deceased, represented insolvent,nnd also all claims anl demands exhibited in offset therctni nnd siv months from the day of Iho date hereof, be ing allowed by said Court fur that purpose, we do iheriforo herebv cive notice, that we will attend to iho business of our appointment, nt the dwelling of tho widow lblsey Newell in Charlotte m said Dis trict, 011 tho 21 .Mondays of March and July next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., ot cn-li of said davs. Dated this 18th div of Jannarv A, D. 1812, F.ZRA.MFF.CH )rmm!. LUTII PR STON K , "'"mi" CALUB P. BARTON ) Blnne" FARRAR, WAIT if ROOT, Importers and Who'csale and Retail Dealers In CRQCKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Keep constant ly on hand a largo assort ment of Din. ntr Sets com plele,with t-oup nnd sauce Tu- teens, Huttcr Boats, Salad, coveted Dishes Platfern. lii-l,l 1 tshe-nnd Custunl Cuus ul Blue. Pink. White. Milan and Bourbon sprig'd wurc, with Tea Sets tn match each 1 a great variety of Toilet Sits unit nil quah'irF ol coinmun ware usuully wanted fur family use, nil of which will be sold cheap at wboksalo or retail at their Stor, corWof Churn anl C'lllfg stm'tt H itfinj;ian, Jnn 31, 112 LOVELY iV SEYMOUR. HAVK just ree'd from New York a large assort nient of Carpetiugs of every kind quality nnd price. r.nghsh Drugelts, a great variety of patterns Octa gon and Drab Persia F.oor O.l Cloth from 3-3 to 0-1 wide, Rush Matting from 1-4 to 6-4 wide, Rucss Manilla and Alarant Malts, Stnir Rods Ac. Also, French and American Pnptr Hmiginqs, a larger assortment than was ever beforo offered in this place and nt prices that cannot fail to suit purchasers. Nov. lSlh 1941. ItullUlo Itobes. 7 BALKS superior BufTalo Robes, just received and lor sale as cheap ns the cheapest, by Nov. 16. bv r.. M.WRIGHT A. Co. Also No. 1 Otter Cnp, Lynx JIulTs and Boat, Fur pll... I......I- s j. .u-u , fiiiui., 1 int s, u c. 1 CIIAl-r.S Brown sheetings for talc by thebaic a spicci-, or vara, vtry tlienp. nv Nov. P. M. WRIGHT A. Co. Also, a full assortment bleached shirtings, sheetings Ticking", Canton Flannels, Diapers, Batting, Wickmf &c. W o 1 NEW GOODS. 7Ur. S ib-enlcr.s have ju-t icie.vtdlarp'ad htions 10 iheim'rav rl Sa'M'ery, Coiu b and Shell Ilardvvu re in nil Its varieties, ll.SO Pruc. Mr.beine. Paini. Vsrnibi-,DyesluT',Hri.b. e ci ait KinJ, Joine.-s Tori-, ite. cVc. HAGARit ARTHPR. At the oWSi.inil, Sivn olibe Pa lice'-, corner of Church and CtHvac Street. PALM'S .C. 1 0,000 I.US. Wcthcrells Dry White I ead, lOU Kegs do do giound in oil, 6000 do Lewis' do i!o 30 llbls Spanish White, 20 do Vineniliaii Red, 25 du Flench Yellow, "0 do Spirits Turpentine 3 Cases Crome Yellow, Ciome Crecn, Brunswick an Snxony do. Red Lead, Verdisns, by 30th Dec. 1511. J. 'f J. H. PP.CK .f. Co. Qrv M DRILLP.D F.yed NeeJles, ODvJ 200 Gross llookf and Ivye's. 100 do. Knitiiug Pins, Ii Cares London nnd American do. 50 lbs. do. Jutt received and for sale by Nov. 30, IS11. VILAS, LOOMIS V. CO. Snnrs. 1 f BI!L. PowJercd. 1 VJ 10 do Crushed. 10 Boxes double Luaf, 12 do Plidad. Iphia Lump, 12 ci New York ilo of sunerior quality, for sale hv At tlis Wharf. FOLLKTT & BRADLEY. Zt HIH.s. Barbel's Uin. eJU 0 do American Brandy For sale by ;iiii iii.iuui, FOLt.K'lT A. RRADLP.Y, Old Duck, Uerlingluii. OftO BOXPS RAISINS, Cl 01 20 Casks .?nleraius. 100 Bo.tcs scalded Herring, Por sale by FOLLPTT . BRADLP.Y, Old Duek, Burlington p. IIOXP.S Simuvms' Ca t Steel Axes, E0 riu I.nihroii's do du Warranted, and fur t-ilu bv . POLLKTT &. PRADI.EY. Old Dock, Burlington. Nulls nud lion. I Pint 1 Il.''-S NAILS, nnorttd si7.s, ltJU'MOO du Finishing Nails, du do 100 Regs .p ke, from 30J tn C0J nnd C inch, 10 Tons of round and square Iron, fi 0111 i 1-Cllv to 3 inch. 10 Tons of liaise shoe Iron, ol the various siics 4 do of Hand Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 du a sorted, flat nnd square Am. Briom do Por alio at minui'srturei' POLLUITsV BRADLF.Y, Ag-nls. Vlu3ouine Coi'Sh, fatarlet Tetcr. Asthma, Jnundic !n all i' stageiii Constipated Uotk Aei n arorvy. 1 ehinus ofthe i,!in, King's Kvit, and til Cutanea; Disorder-! in short, every Corr.plfint tl. human fiatneis sorjirfiuuy suureti, u, .. .,.. vntH forms nnd namua as the convic i.,.i ia that Mas: is bcoject to only ONE REAL DISEASE 2','iat it, to the Impurity ef the DlvbJ, from ,hfnca springs every (.omp n!nt that can pot. sibly assail his complicated frame, and that it is !' -, peipelual struggle of this vitnl, puietreitn oflife,(the Kift of Almighty power) lo diser cumber itself of 11 viscout, nend hamulus, with which it has becom commixed, through tha negligence of parents) Mo. l-rnorancc, or matiriatment ul the. doctois i or t.. vieinus, or gormandizing propensities uf us all. 'llus valuable medicine, being compused only o' vegetabla matter, or medicnl herbs, and vvatranti on oath, a containing not ono particle of tncrcum mineral, or chemical substances, (all of which ai uncongenial in the nature of man, and thcrefuie ock tructive of the human frame) is found to be perfect v hariiiness to the most tender nee. or weakest frnin" under cury siauo of human suffering i the nior. pleasant niidbenign in its operation, and, at the san. time, tho most certain in searching out the root 1.1 every complaint, Iiiav evi r dc p, nnd cf i-rforiniup i cure,' that was ever ofl'eicd to the world. '1 hi weft'' erful effecl, too is prtduced by thi?Itast troublo to u patients, by merely swrllowiuaa certain number . pills, and being railed a rew'V.tfta tunes to the ptu po sof tvneuation, with the least pos',ble 'tnsatioi of pain, exhaus'ion of bodily strength, nnd without the fear of catching cold or attention lo dress or du., in nny way different from their accustomed habi't, Thc50 Pills cure in all cases, nnd cannot be take to excess. Pxpencnce whith is the touchstono i-i nil human knowledge, baa long 'borno testimony tu die fact; and extensive use of tnein ha3 already vc rilled its truth in this country. Thcs - Medicines cure by purgini'. and yet the weak, the feeble, mtirm, the nervous, the delicate, ate in a few days strengthened by their operation, bcause thev clear the body ol its bad humour', nnd invariably produco siiuh'l sleep. They are the -ulest and most eflicious McdHne to cake to tea; pieventing scurv, costiveness, if'C. Theopcra'ie.i of this inilil Medicine, which conveys immediate cnnvHion of i:s utility, from the first dns is as beneficial to ther.ii'nti as the body! first calmm;, then c Ting all Mental Derangements, Itccentricitits, iVerrou? Afitcliont, Irritabilities, and JUstleisnes from ithatcrir source : cirop!ain!3 which have hit!. erto not tiecn properly unuersioou, as iuu i)n-ii fnunil them all to proceed from ncrinionious humours in the blood, and, happily for the present and futw late of mankind, diccovcred a chrap nnd uiiirerio. niod.:of purifying, curinr, and prerenling : The being cured of nny disease, infirmity er sore, is now no more a dubious or uncertain procedure perscverence in thu Ycgctable Universal Medicine w-ili always restore nature to her duo course. Thu literary ssdcntnrv of both see, whose pur-uits so much impair the'f.icultiis, will find a sure remedy 111 the Universal Midccmes for preserving thu energy and sprightlmess of the i-infinatiun, and improving their health ; old ngo will be attained by the use of them, and passed free fiom pain and infirmities. They are not cnvrloped wifu the mysteries of other medicine"-: they only require to be persevered in with sufliclently large doses, and the patient will always come oil' well 1 w hen a disease is obstinate, patients fieipien'.ly do not take duses large enough. Tho incdi ints are coriijiritrJ in three clirTefint orti dr.. .ink vr- iii two kinds if nil'.?, of different i sirensth'or power, designated bvNo. nndNo. 2) the j fust it rful, but musl gentle and livid npericnt, or opeiuii'; niiTie iii iiuiaiiiiiiuuiiu p'n ..uu; ihe bilious ropvliumo-ars, whilst the No. 2 Pine carry off those and the i rous, aend and putrid )iuinouta incidental tn the body i and net together as a ferret in' n warren, never resting until every nven e of tho. hunian fraiueis thoroughly searched, and cleansed cf its impurit es. The Vegetable Cleansing Pow ders are gn at as,is to patients and facilitate the evacuation of bad humors; they soften, cleanse, nnd detach thu acrim onious phlegm ; arc coi ling and allay tho thirst. One, two, or three powders may bo taken throughout the dov, mixed in hal a vv ine glass f water. DIRPCTIONS FOR USf. Nos. 1 nnd 2 are b ith aperient and p.rgative, and may V uscil mdrscriminatcly: but experience has proved that No. 2 i- the most cllieacio is in subduing: many di'ea-es, in fevers of ell kinds, inflammations, asthma, small-put, measleas, 'gout,, car.ccr, and in all viulent diseases or pain, it is nccesarv to take ono dose of No. 1 In-day, the same of No. 2 to morrow, nnd repeat tho No. 2 iho next day : increas ing the dose by one pill every third day afier. In consumptions nnd nervous alii" tions. it is desi rable to lake alternate doses of No. 1 nnd 2. Tlio doses to be varied according to the nature cf the complaint, commencing generally with 4 or 6, and in teasing gradually to 20, in some ca.-es 30. Palienis should remember flint 1 or 2 Pills dJgood 5 or 0 do more good nm or twelve produce a de cideci aiiu-li irr.lion, and 20 or 30 will, by pciscve nmre. reneh the mot deen-routed comrlaint. Poisons who wish io know more about Hygeian 1 an buy 01 borrow the Morisoniona of the Agents. We have visited 1 he College in London t become PTfciinallv aC'.naintcd with Mcstrs. Alexr. iV John Mmisnn it hold our agency due-cily from them. Persons witliing io buy at wholesale will le sap plied 011 liberal terms. Our names will be written on everv box it packet. Sold at 2.". & 50 cts. per box also in f-1 32 it ?3 Pack ages. "Those who need Medium: nnv rest nssured tlm this is an excellent Medicine &. w ill benefit them' of Modicine can." PaNjUjb.s Sc, Jtuelttrt. Who esalj Agents. HARK. I? C. LOOMIS will pavca-h for 30 erM U IJiuibt-k Bark, ifdifiveie-J by, the hrt rf pr.r.! of Tel. ncM, Jan. 5 1812. DOMP.VUCKS. Sheeting, Shirting, Bnttiny, Wa.Umg, Wieking, Cntlou Yarn, Cotton Plan, nel d.e. ibeap, at (Ocl. 121) J. P. WHALING V Co', FOLLETT A- BRADLEY 11 PSl'KCTFULl.Y inform their tncncls anu tne A public, ihal thev have receivtd and now offer for sale on the most advantageous terms, an exten-ivo as sortment of lion, Steil, itc. cun-isfngmpartor the following! 1 Tun Sandrnvon at.ast-ck-el, ' j do Ragle German du ! do Engli h X do 2U Bund es Brar-er's Rods, 3D Tons Ilnglrsh Tire Iron, assorted, 10 do Old Sable PSI du 10 do Swedes do 1 do Toe ("oik Stol, 3 do Sprhig do 1 do t-vvcdts do It) do Russia hoire nail ro-.s, 10 do Blooin.llatand Kjuare, of various tuts. Nov. 211. Fanvrll's Shoes DA II HA MAM. Jus en hand an I is receiving t a large an I well Mice ed aKrlmciil of aril lo in his luioioriiie i-Ait 1 nAr, con-iiing 01 all kinUi .Sliool lluiks, an l valuatlc taa popular wor.t; the most recent piivucauons AI.S( A new f upplv of Blank Books, consit-ling of I eg gers, Jo irnalf, Day, Invoice, Note, and Bill Book, of all siiei, in full and half lending Cbp and Litter paper, cf Ihe beat kin I, Drawing, Tissue, Moro-c, Marl le, Blotting, and other varieties of paper, Ink, Quill-, Slates, Bonnet Boards,, Sand Boxes, Letter Stamps, red 'Iapo and Stationery gcneially, n great variety. Oct. 12. I rpUP subscriber offers for sale at his Brick Shop,, A -,Vll!;vB7W.of-M 1 in Chefry Sirift, a large variety of Fens, con 4. - .)lis. 4,(iPSV3 uu., aim ceiv e d nn I for sale cheap, by Dec. 1, is 11 just re- S. M. popr.. SELLING OFF CHEAP. STRONGS & Co. now ofier their stock of Goads for prices at which purchasers will find it an ob ject to buy. 1 he stock is large and must be said pre vious 10 tho 1st of April nex, when the term of co partnership expires. Sugars, Teas, Spices, Riinns, Tobacco, Codfish, Pahnon. roarseand fine mlt, Lamp Oit, Molas os, itc. Iron, Foreign and American, of every duscrtptioa. Slid of nil kinds, Anvi's, Vires, shovels, ipaJcs, Folks, Caldron Kettles, and Hollow Ware in grc-at variety. Stores, Stove pipe, and stove trimmin-rs, Tin ware, ic. eUP, nil cheap, icry cheap. Etc. 30.1BI1. riroad Clotbs. ri'liniinderMgncd olferthe clothimanufjefrrrsi h-J 1. the"Burtmrton Mill Co." at wholssal-a: jjtta pnees. Iho assortment comprises the vnnou-co'ofs and qualities, and for textutc, beauty of finiili, and excellence tf manufacture, are not eurp.issed by any American or ftngluh iloihs. FOLLETT .f- BRADLPV. Nov, 20. lUr'tnyion M.'l Co On? HHPS "aS I.ih.r for ial bv, -s-V POLLET HRADLITV'. tistingof Gentttfurs White, grey, brown and black furs, fji Ladies trimimnrs Lynx and "luirrcl Boas ALSO Superior black Otter nnd hair Otter taps Shetland and south sea seal da Bojs caps, for 50 cents Fur and hair collars, avarnly Noithwett BufTalo Robes Fur end cloth caps repaired, and Muffs and Capi madeio ndtr. hv Wji.I SEYMOUR. Burht'Ctap, Oct. 20, lgll. E L. FARRAR givea mite e that hj cantMcos to carry on the nsss as mialof manuMct'tm; Slono ware of a sjpcripr (u.ihty tn all ii varulM and will m 1 ti noa bt in real laeM U sjpply nttrchanls c iib rnil riomn' tr- til i.rder. iprompuy n'-unafS'i it ins K-iary , i'trl strrti, 1 n HJyS: 47 PS xi Harl'uetoi) r(( Ca-e e.f Cons unn'ion j 2,700 i-a-es 0 UL'L ColJs am! Coiigli- i I, ICO ca-e- ef V". hoop ini Co igb, and iOO eases of A ihiua, have 1 -en le pi.r til euro I I y Sherman's Cough Lt zengm I e-ule c ue- innuineraS'e thro igho-.t .ht- e-o-n'iy Ihat have nit 1 ecu reperieii. Childicu die of worint, and many grewn people -o'er fir I fe with v.tnois Mi-ea c an ing from Wu in-. Tin ( lily tore and itriain t-ii.e,ly for al! 1 in t ot Worm i- Mtrrmiti' irn 1.1 zeiigc. I 1 Ii-. have cureil -in e their iiuroe'uciif 11 mere thrtr. ' 1 tnn.rOO i ai'-, and have never hen known to fail 1 11, siu'jl-j int'um-e. .Nirvoii- Htalaihnnd P.ilpra'ion tl" the Hear, r. nod in fronts to 10 minute's bv 3 or 4 of Slier man's Leii-nixr.. It i really mrpri-ing how quiet 'In-; pirate. l.idiviJj.tls ot the lushest repectabtl-ly'-.-in le refeirnl to , SWx'; Bio'., or pun in the 1 aek, side, lrent of IP fauiualitiii, ciirnlby ShermauV Poor Man'-. Plas or : ir'ie only 12; ieut. 1000,000 sol la tear of them, and warranted m irrii r to a I'r'plaster-, co-t what 1 bey may. Tiicy al-ocur- Corn-, 'haw- ngllii-n 1 ut 1 the root, -k'l'or She'rnian's Poor Man's Plaster, and see that h signature A. SIII.RMAN, M. P., wilh iIire"ion, is on the 1 -1, ct each, an I around each bo. of genuine Imz. , !(., Avi iJaI' oihcrt, a- they nre worthies, or rl einj irou. Dr. Sherman ! ir enly MedicateJ Ltzenger- Mannfaeturtr in Anu-fua. SolJ at Wliole-alfiiu I lte a 1 nt lire V-ny'y Store I,, PANGBOKN fc BRl.Nrl.lAlD. .Merchants nn I Drugci'ts supplied nt thu nmo prii es is at the Warehouse in New Yor . PASTRY ARTICLES! I ' PSSIAN blue', -hre.l an I Staple l.mgli:wf. 1 Cooper's Anierumi 00. Nicest Irisb -Mos, F.iseil-er.f Peach Kerneij, ("onrcnt rated tsienttof Lt-tnMif, Nicest Ro-e Water, r.xiractrf Ro-e, , Sjianiih Vamlla nnd Oil cfMi--". TneOr.knirv S,ii if, Beit Lcinrn Svrip, ' SihlOd, Tucar Ormments an 1 Sand , RetiacJCcnitCIionariC5 m Cornet., A.'-. f. DcV.jS. Hy ITCK& SPEAR. commissioxi:hs' xotjci;. WV. the Subscabers, having beciioppainted by the Honoiablc the Pi obate Court fur the District of Chittenden, ramn.issioncra to receive, examine and aJjust the claims and I'emands of uii persons, ngainst he cstn'.e of Ira Bishop, lale ef Charlotte, in tud District, deceased, repie-enied iiisolvfui, and also nil claims anJ demands ehibittd tn (tlset thoicln) and n'x months from iho dav tf the i''tc hneof, being al lowed by said Court for that purpose, we do then lore hereby give notice, that we will sttend to thebusmts of our appointment, nt the dwelling cf Sophia Hiehop in Charlotte in said district, nn I uesday thc'loth day of March and ihe 5ih day of July next, at 10 0 clock, A. M., on each of said days. Ditccfthi:5thday of January, A. D. 1812. A. L. BEACH, Com DAVID COOK. I-01"" LAW BLANKS. Ct GOODRICH has constantly for sals by the . Ream or 0.u;:e, a gencial aiottment of law b!ankst pniiteil from forma from Re.iftd 1atutei, eaasisting of Justice Writs and Exetuttsas, all kinds in nsa Truetce Wins , . County Cojrt Writ and P.tecutioni, vjrtctie kinds Wartantry. fluit-clstm, and Mortgag Pcdi Chancery Ih'ls far forclerirg Mertr-ij-ts Clanks fc; Dtposit'oun AJnwittratorB Baids I. uteri of fiaariurisV'' OiTictrt RcceijHi Jusnca Apr' . .. . Blankrfjr Note, Hsv-Scai?, ve rpHOSF fuTi-rin.' from an irrUntid ilittcf the I Lt.ngs,piincuhrlv t tin mv on N th rr x'1 finj en occiliM nttdicnela itwlofirie jAtvv svRVr, KoraJv-arr-.-o-no.rite yHi. IvJ'V inr A.7 NOTICE. THE Pr art of Commissioners, for the Inftrtiition of t!e Deaf anl Pumb and tho Blind m the S'aic of Vermont, wi'l n e. 1 r-l thu Venue it Hotel m Middleburv, on W. d, the Oth of I VI mary, 1812, for the p -Vpo'e tf r'e-lgiiJ'ing Benclwiario tfth State, and (or tbeiran. action el any cilur I utir.esf within their powers anl duties Ciunty Clerks, and' the Civil cf Towns arc earnestly rrqufft ed to refer to I nlet) h, CCapter imn u. iur Jisvijtsj Uiatntff, michiiicihs-ir re-pctive ilums upon this subject. Al-oto Aft No.52ol llic LeS!ature rf ihia Plate, ptsl at ibeir Octo'e.- Sc.-5icn, A. D. IMI, IX, ) ,r""'"-- JIENRY 5TOWLL, t ALV'IN JWETT-,J O. P. ClIA.M't-Wv. . Ctr.'.-r CLOTHS CHEAP. , ITttST reed' a few p.crM Ilull.ngton Mill Co Clothf JauIpoV.s'io ".'rvfincDIark and Blua Black anl Invi-ibt. C'ireii, ln 'if if ''1;' " rt ,".J Blue' WjaU'v-iJ !.;imi . AIo, iti . i a a -sffstfi at, Tlsrcans by,

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