Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 25, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 25, 1842 Page 3
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MANUFACTURES IN THE UNITED STATES. The following '''" j mqnuacfttrn dn thn TTn.ied States were prepared fur this paper, Jiy Mr. h. Whm "cnnnilcr of the N. Y. Register, from data hat census in many of tho States, was taken hv m lomnctcnt persons, wlm wero appointed, for poiicnt XS.connccled with the last Presidential election in "sad of beinglscle-tcd with reference to t for taking tho census yet the statistics collcctc, must be considered M approximate statelet. . J I gr.-gate industry tr the country. Thoso we now live relate to tho second most important brancr, nf Se .ubject I" uric -It.ire bein, the first, end closely connected with manufactures. Statistic, of Sfmnfaclurt, in the United Stales tWinf t'ucipital invested and Iht raluc of article, manufactured in He year -according to the cen sus olBtO . . . Capital in- Valua of articles vested, manium...... 8lfl.3j0.453 Cotton, Wool, Machinery, HardwJre, cutlery, &c. Cannon and small arms, Precious metals, Various metals, Granite and marble, doc. Bricks and Lime, Sa"' . , , , Iron, including mm' ? ing, 5 Silk, Flax, Mixed manufactures, Tob a -c , Hats. can', bonnets, $50,103,3)0 15,705,121 20.ri9G.999 10,930,531 6,451,967 2,000,000 4,731,950 9,779,442 2,442,9'0 9,736,915 1,514,793 23,151,1C0 1I9.S14 322,20 6,5 15,503 5,919,503 10,10,547 33,131,403 7,505,737 10,30.07 4,77,546 2 -2 14.317' 4,81-2.720 3,995.119 1,725,690 '6,029,650 4,474,5C5 6,151.0.12 10,000 000 4,078,300 923,924 10,997,837 7G,545,240 ; 7,010,094 1 7,555,401 ' 41,917,401 34,783,353 20,G20,8G0 6,993,015 20,432,131 2T4.374 203,0,7 4,3G9,991 3.437,191 4,435,300 28,532.191 2,757,273 9,147,303 675,87 1 4,507,075 2.C33.531 ape. Leather and nil inanu facturcs therei.r, Soap and Candles, Distilled spirits, ? Moll I qunrs, ) Gun Powder, Dr ps. Dyes, Paints, etc. u ass. i-.ari nenwarc, c. Manle sugar. (1I.517.S03 lhs.1 Sugar from cane, (120,593,000 lbs ) Refined sugar, choro-1 81.7C0.57l late & confectionary Paper, Prinlinir and Binding, Cordage, Musical intrumenta, Csrriages & Wagons, Flour, Grist, Oil and i Saw mills, Ships mid vessel ? furniture, 5 Buildings elected, All other manufactures. 4.74",239 6.973,915 2,405,577 734,370 B,51,032 65,859,470 6,939,971 25019,726 Total 3141,473,920 ti,. f,t nmmtni rrcnilal invested in Mnnulac- tires in tho United Seale-, is stated in the census at 82G7,7iG,579. Es imated from given quantities. JUm6r ofVtTtOnt empioyru ,11 .ima.l",..u.. in ' ' ii,, r'nUtd Statu. the United Statet. Co'lnh, Wool, Machinery, Hardware, &c. Cannon and amiU arms. Precious Metals, Various Metals, Granite ami Marble, Bricks and lime, Salt, Iron, Silk, Fax, Mixed manufactures, Tobacco, Hats, caps and bonnets, Lsathc-r, do. Soap and candles, Di ulleries and Breweries, Powder mills, Druzs, Painisnnd Dyes, Cil.ass, Earthenware, &c., "Sugar Refiners, &c. Paper. "Punting and Binding, 'Cordage, Musical Instruments, Vairingesand Wnirons, F our, Grist. Oil and Saw mills, Ships and Furniture, House and other buildings. 72,119 21,342 13,441 5,492 1,744 1,556 6,677 3,731 22,607 2,305 30,497 767 1,623 15,103 9.3S1 20.176 26 013 17,136 3.G41 12,223 496 1,949 4,819 1,353 4,726 11.523 4,464 903 21.994 60.733 19,001 Sj.tOl 505.GGG Total, The iea paid to the abo le persons employed in manufactures may be rstimalid to amount to over cne hundred millions of dollars per annum. d7GEinGi:P. MAnsit Esq. of this town Ii:n lieen iipjidintcd by Jutlgo Puino Com niistioncr in Dunkruptry for Cliiltciidcn Countv. J-The Catholic Tempcrnoee Associilion of Al bany alreidy liuinbers Thiee Thousand Fire Hun dred Ws-n'itrt, an J U c ins aully increa.mj, under the nrd.-nt.and untiring ofl r.s of its worthy President, Kcv. Mr. Schneller. ES""The No .v-Jersey Wce'.ly Chronicle and Tem perance A.Kocntc" isn new weekly paper of large izcund air appearance just established nt Pnterkon, N. J. by C. P. Ilroadwe I. It is well conduc ed, and heartily devoted to th -cjuse of Temperance nnd of Moinl Refoi in penerallv. We entreat for it a uencr ous patronage. Price S 1,30 per annum. Tribune. SEW POST-OFFICE. 55-A Post-office has leen established nt Barton ville, (fortncily La Grouse.) in the nor h part of this town and Alfrcl Sarircnnt, Esq. appointed Post Mas ter. Letters and papers for that village, ihnuld be oiroiteJ, Uirtonsvdle, Ver.nout. UclloicsFalls Gaz. Tost Orrict La-w. Some people seem lo think that the law ot the P. O. Department proh biling .k., unit r... oulrinc lutcrposa-ie "hen it is done, or a fine of fit,., rliillnri. of ihe nereon doinff it is soinnlhimr new. This is a mistake. The law was enacted in 1H25. 1,-. nl.v.rl ! f.irl, fnl .Win . I.n, si h been so lone disobeyed "ny many, that to be made to respect it now, teems oppressive, without considering thai written inlelhsmre on a news paper makes it in every sntea litter. WethnueVit it opressivc some fca'f admen years ago when called aipon for the pen- .1, i,.r.-. r.,f ,,iiin- thrri. on a ncwsririDer. but our icflrotions convinced us that the law was rinht.&. ihnt lurwrah orieinatcd in be n" foiled in our ntiemnt lo cheat the Denarlmcnt. By obedi ence since we have found no occasion to complain. Caledonian. From the Commercial Advertiser. Much feeling has existed in certain circles, lately, oceas.oni'd by tho clandestine marriage of a young Udy-a very ounglndy wilh nneldcrly En clish giinile.nn, who his for s line ii ne fk'Hied rath er largely in our fashionable quart, rs. The young lady, .Mis Croghan, niece of Col. Croghan, was at a fashionable bi ard'nu school on Stolen Island, kept by a 1 idy whose dauiihtcr is mid to hae been the fiist wile of Ihe elderly English pent'eman. Miss Croghan is said in be only 15or 10 ytarsof age, and heiress in her own right To a very large estate. The gentleman, Mr. Sebinley, 'rs variously represented as ,rt i.i f, nm 4T to f,0. but a sVilful 11 maker-uii" so as .... -- -- . to oge.ap.rnr niurh younger, an I of very eduetive manners. The marriage, it is said, was oeriorniea ny one of Ihe magistrates incautiously, no doubt, but without connivanceal the secrecy i hserved. Imme diately after the ccrunony the panics embarked for England. , So far ns the facts have transpired, in this city, wheie ihe parent nnd relatives now arc, they ore fnl. W. Croshan. of Pillstmrtrli. Pa. some 1 weh e or fifteen months since, placed his only dauch-1 cr at the school, in order to complete her education in all ihea ii'omplishments necessary for o young la dy of her immense wealth, she being the sole heiress of oil the pro;etty of the late Mr. O'Hara, ofPenn. emhrnecing it is said, over fif y acres of land, now covered wilh houses, in the heart of the city of fills bur"h, wilh n revenue arising nut of ihe same to the amount of $00,000 or 70,000 per annum) ihe sole mistress of which enormous estate the lady in rjucs lon becomes on her artivol nt legal age. The Commercial Advertiser give, the following ad liiional particulars. Wesre'iRfonnc.l that for ten years to come the present Mrs. Schinley can have no control over the large palates devised to her by her grandfather, the late General O'llora. of Pittsburgh, hut entitled by his will to an allowance of only oiinihousind dollars per annum.; and farther, that the consent of her fath er to her msrriagoi. necessary before the properly MMed 111 tneyoungiiuy 01 on. jVHon. DANlet. Weoster has recently been ma3e the sr.bjeet of a moM depraved ond filiny Mel, charging hun with a gros. attempt at seduction or outrage upon the wife of one of the Clerks in the Stste Deportment. Wi did not nt first think proper to refute or allude toihis atrocious story, but, observ ing hat sn allusion to it has crept into our advertising columns, we deem it proper tostste that the fn. fa hrirniinn has been refuted, in all iia length and breadth, by llio solemn oafhs of Mr. Webs er and of everv f.le-k in Ins Departmen'. The attention of Mr. Webster wascallel to lh black charg" by Hon, C. A. WicklifT-', I'os'rnasler Genernl, nt whn-e sntr pestioii it was thu f irmally and solemnly ref.i ed and the aOilavits will first nppear in llio Louisvillo journal, where the foul slander nriginsted. Wcdouht not that Mr. Prentice will retract it utterly, and ex pose twins! jjlant rjlhor to unye.tpal tblj-r'nre - rVWm.!i aiaiM tlinl Gov. Thomas of Mary land ond his wifo have ecparntcd from each other forever. Jealously on his nart is said to be the couso. Tlio 'Courier's 'Corfcspohdcnl says it is entirely groundless. A nnblie meetinr, wns tn he held nt New Or- leans to consider the siluittion of tho persona cap tured in the San'n Fo Exncdition. Ilesolutlana con- ermine them have also been introduced Into the Lou isiana Legislature. T II Vs M A UK E T. BRIGHTON MARKFTV-Mon-cav, Feb. 14, 1942. Reported for the New England Farmer. At Mailed, 3C0 Beef Cnlllc, 250 Sheep, Pricks. Uctf Cattle Wenuoten fpw choice cat tle nt 35. Weuunto first quality. 45,50 n S3 75. Second quality, $1 75 a 85 25. Third quality. 83 75 a S 1 60. Sheen. ll nt market were stall fed. Soles from 8 3 00toSI00. .Sirine. None at Market rxcent a few from the neighborhood. NOTICE. The inhabitants of the villatteof Burlinntnn arere- questcd to meet nt the Court House on Tuesday eve nine next, nt 6 o'clock, (the 1st dayof March,) to en quire into the etped ency of forming n Union School District, under the net of the Inst session of Legis lature, and concert such measures of action as shall be tlioughladtisable. TEMPERANCE NOTICE. There will ho a mooting of Burlington Total Abstincnco Snrioty this ov the Court House, nt six o'clock. M a i? rr n dl At St. Paul's Church in this town, on the evening of the 23d inst. by Rt. Rev. John II. Ho .kins, Mr. Mon- ton Cole, merchant, of the 'firm of Lyman A. Cole, to Mis Sarah Chase of Syracuse, N. Y. late As sistant in the Burlington Female Seminary. In Hillborouih, N. H. Fe'. 1st. by the Rev. John Atvvtod, Mr. Wm. K. Crookcr, of this Town, to miss, wiruriia, oi uiiisD uoiien. , iiiiMiiwii on uic an insi., nv u. V. Adams, l.sq. Mr. John P. Johnson to Miss Philura Nutting, both ot uoicnes cr. Bfiodl AsoTitta Rkvolutiosabv SoLDtr.R Cost. In Grand Isle, on the 231 ult. Mr. Win. Hodc' ins, aged 84. Printers in N. H. are lequested to noiiee. NOTICE. THE Plip in the new Comrrepationnl Church n' lhi plare will I c -iil.l on Saturday, lite 12lh da of .March, at which lime the term of sale wll Le made known, ilorhiiaton, 231 Feb. 1842. FRENCH LANGUAGE. MR. IJ'iUCIIETrii'S Second Course of pub lic ln.-triiili.iii iu ibe French Lanvae wil fomincnce ntlheCotr! Ilo-i-e on 'I nun&DAT'lhe 3i Manli next, oi 7 o'clock P.M. Tie!, cn fur I lie Cour-uln le had a. n-cnl at Mr HraMan's Book'tore. SI, 73 each. Admia.-ion fur nv'e evening-, 25 c it-. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, i Vermont Dhtrltt. ) A SPECIAL Se.ion odln.- Co ,n will 1 c bokVii at the Court Ho- se in .Mon'i.elier in laid 1 i Iric; on the 32 I of -March next, nt 12 o'clock, 51., for the all petition, in lljnkr iptcy, nnd all o hei matter- re'aiins there'o, that ..hall Jellieu and then pieprred for I he heanni; and a n'd eoiiMc'crotitn ol said Court. Dy order of Court. JiSSK GOVE, Cttrl.: Fc' marv 14, 1812. L'MI ED STATrs 1)1 STRUT COURT, ) Pirmonf District. IN BANKRUPTCY. Noii.e to, how (aioe opain-i Petition of Lemuel Cum-, ol B irliuston in nid Di-lri.:', Watchninl er, to I e I'eclaied Bankrupt, n llieC.iirt Ho'.-e in Montpelier, Vermont, on the 22 I March, 12 M. ORDF.R FOU TWBt'CATIOJJ. l.EMUn. Ct MIS, f t U. rlninu 11 in, aid Di-lrict,, nnvin? 1111- iay nieu n cntioii dii: erriel, praying that the ai.l lAMiiuel Cur i. i,,n j-1 Iiii-m.1 n iii.,,i j ft I- iheref. re ordered Ivthe Coori, liiat e -bown 1 efi re ihe Co rl at M0111 nelier in -aid Di-fnct. nt the Cinri ift,.e ,11 -ni ' town, 011 Tee day the 32 I day ot March, 1642, at 12 o'cioei-, .11., wi.y me. miui lmh ei irn- 1 e not de clare 1 a Bankr nil, ivir-nanl to the Ael of Conere- iu lhat I eliulf; and that notice of aid petition le pub li heil in the Free Pre . a weekly naicr nrin'eil n' B irlins.on in t hifenden Co inly, luenty d.iyf 1 efore ihe day a fore-aid'e.l for Ihe hearing nf raid ca i-e, ejr-.iaut to the rule- ami reznlapon. in B.tnk''ey. n-'inlcr- feirfcen an I ,11 v-nnre. j, Je-e Oo.-e, C.'erk of the Di.lriei Co irt, r'n certify, that Ihe n'ove order and decree was tin', day ma'leiylheCo-ri.anldidy entered in the docket in uan r ijit pri cee ones. -Rutland, Fel nary 22, 1812. JfSSE CDVF, Clcr'- UNITED ssTATI'S IISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. ii tA i f. lit lli-i. e 10 -liowean.e n;ain-t I'etilion of William llarn-, if ( o'.he-ur, in fjul Ill-trier, (.inner, 10 le Tcclared Bankrupt, at ihe Co irl-lio .-e in MonlieIier, erinont, on the 221 .Aiareii, isu, 12 Al. onBF.n ron rt'ELiCATio.w William l!.iiii',il Colche-ler 111 aid Di-lrict, farmer i.n..;.,n .i.;. .1 ... 1 .1.. , V ' i.a.iu nu- ..n- iiifi. nil' uiny .tT.llC prnyill that llio at4 W lliam Ujrn. may I die hire I a Ban';. r.ip' i it i Iherefmi ordered I j the Co iri, lliht can e ip mown neiore 1 lie i.ourt nt 1 tie Uoorl-llo e in Montpelier in ,aid Di-lrici. on 'J i,e.dav the 22 liUe ol March, SI2,iit 12o'locck, M., why the ,ai.l Wilfinm tl.irn-le not t'eclnrel a Bankriini. mir-nanl loth.. , m . i v. wu- 1 11, ,11.11 I.IIHI,; 1,1,1, IIIHI Olllt,' ot anl netilion e nnl i.-hej in i be free Pies vvtckly paper pnn'cd at ll irlingion in Chittenden e.i uny, iw.-nn a.iyien.rc ClfiTlliC he.irillZ of Mltl CTlSC, lllir-on lit I II file a"tl resulaiion in Bankruptcy, numl er- fourlten an I I 'X1 -11. ne. I, Jee Gove, Clerk of the Di-lrict Court, ilc eer; ilv I hat Ibe iiboic onlcr and deerece wn. ihi I d.iy in.i.le I y the Coor', and entered in the docket V,1 ";r'iT i 'mvv, l"s,'o'n "'"'"d, rel rnar 21, 1812. Ji Sbi. t.UY I, Clerk. IJIF.APFf! ,t Vf) r II I? A n u i Y''1 J'jJi ! pil'; 'i!i-enl ernre i.owo eiins one olihe iirpe-l I - n" "' .a-or.ineiii- 1'iiai canle louel in tin secn.fl or t lie eo in ry) el Fancy a.e S ap'e Dry, Carpeting. It and Oil Cloth', which we i.v nei.t.e., ii. ,cii njr rani ai ucn price, a. eaniiot nut m it the p rr, la er. Ju-I givers a call and we i i fiuic in any nne nun we win carry out our ii.m.S wmcn i-, uncap as Hie t heape.i, If nnl n .... . -....,, rr.j v.. .11. "111U11I iX uo. IVb. 21, 1812. Collector's Xollce .l ui iii. i- netei y given In all per-on owning liSieam-loat fii;k, or ftiK.k in ihe Champlaui . . ..-i-,,., ri,i,, hi nm.. in mei'iia T ran.por.a'i.m Company, living out of tin. i niu, nor. a'l. in (Joinit.ane. living r.(,t ,r , -titi ...... me ,a upon rani Mock, under Ihe Ac of 1340. I. now and mile., the .nn .. 1, ntely pail, their feieraUhare, will le told at puldit Auction, for the payment of , aid laxe-. , 5 i nam, at tiuilington, Vermont it.o ..j nay ui reoruary, isvi. II V.MAN LANE, CoHeeor. J. H. WALTON. WOULD inform il, It. .1,1.1- ( I. a , . I .in on. nn nann and continue, to man- raeturuSa-llle-, B idle-.Harne.te-, iriuiuh, vcinc-., Carpel Bag I'or manteau-, .Martingale-, etc, of 'lie iei workman hip, whieh he w in sen ..ii rea-onaiite icrm. Al o for ale, Curry CoinliCanl-, Brioh c,Whip. nnd La. he-, and many nriit-le. in hi. line. CAIUtlAGF. TRIMMING done in ilie le t tvle on hurt noli -e. Shop in Wajnvvriglil'. Dmldliig, Church flree-, a few doors of Lovely'e Siorc. Bnrliiigiini, Pel ruary, IS 12. ii38 9 STRAYED. I' R O M the Sul.-cril r r in Ciarlotte, nl oui ihe ),t ofjy lasi,3 jtrtrling-i ,,nc rt'l line I ao'i rteer, one rel line J ! heifer, an I one l-riudle heifer. Whelever will reiurn ..! .-nnl.. n, pi o iiiioriiuiion relating lo the ,aiue . hall I c uiml,y rewur.'rl. ro". is, 101- uiiiix! i(i-;t-;ii. NEW FIRM. npilE Subscribers would respectfully inform the I pub'icthat they have purchased the entire stock nt Furniture nnd Tannine Mills nt the New Establish. mrnt hen toforc owned and conducted by tho firm of Jincncii at narn s, onu win continue tnc tiiisiness under, llio firm of Barnes Si Keeler, where ihey intend lo keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of Sofas, Secretaries Baok.ca6es, Bureaus, Bed leads, Tables and Stands of various kinds and prices to suit cus outers. Most kinds of country produce re ceived inpayment. Also most kinds Lumber, suitable for our busino's will be taken in exchange for Furni ture or Tannins Mil's. nARNHS rV. KEELER Unrl'njlm, Teh Koh, 1845, PIANO FORTES. Mil. J. MUNSON, MOST Z2?ZJ 1.7, Is., ill, jytiBe tha he has aSiW"n "' i-" K$&hr- " n .ftc nringa Vaneiv fit I'.ano P . ,.l ,mI Til , t I reaOll,l I C crlll. A I he o n.lri, nrn mm nnn n verv lllileh llniirovl n an. I ,n nm u-nrranlpi In : . ' ' - . , hcMipericrtoall other in.lMiiiciiliofthe Piano kind. in partaking In a liijh degree the tone nf the Flute. In point ofin iih anddiiraliili'y of workman-hip they .......-! ... i.. .1 . . ' I ..IU.II-W iiinu iu iiiutii it, niiy ,UMIII. me.Vs maniil.ii turej in the tjnitel SimIcf. Al per.-on. who wnnl it prood Pmno are particularly in t iletl to call and examine for lhcm-clve. Diirlinnton, Feb. 21, IS42. STATE OF VERMONT, ) At n l'ro! nleConrt hold DiMriet nffhillen ten, J i!en ni llnrlmeton, within nnd for the Di-lri I nfoieiniilon lhe22d ilnyol Fel r i ary, A. I). 1812, an In-trunent inrpotliiiit to be the la-t Will ami Te-laineut of AmoClaik, la'e ol'IliiHN liursrh, in -nid Dtrict I'ecca'fd, va prcsen'ed tolhe Court here for Probate, l.y Homer Clark, the Execu tor therein nameJ. Tlierefure it i. nriternl t,v Prv.., ....I I.'.. notice 1 1 trivni, ft, nil ,.r-f,n-q ,'titn.,.n.ui 1 helnre raid Court, al a fe.Mnn liiereor to I e noireiat llicKcii-!er'. twice in l!uilin;inn afoi-c-aid, on the II hi'nv of March, A. I). IS12,nndran'c-l the prnna'L'ol sai,l Will ; ami it i, lunhcr on'ered that tlii.orderlentillihcdilireewcjk.iucce-nvelv in ihe Hiirliuwiin Free Pie.-, n new. nancp i,rinn l'ni It ,r. hngtnn, iiitl,i..S!a'f,lhe la-t t, I" which shall lo pro- '9unV 11 pr'nlucijl .alnliiry Inlliieiiie almost imme vio i. lo iheilavn.M jne I, a. dTore nid, for heariu". 'Jute y, and conlnVnlly 1 elicve u an c ectunl remedy Given iini'er'mv hand at tin- R,-"-i.ier' O tler- r,r that iinc oinfnrlal.le and debilit.vinT romnlaint. iJ day di l eliruary, A. I). 1342. I GEORGE llt.AKE'S I STATE. KTATF. (IP VRIIMnVT ) At n Prnl.ntn f!nitrr I, Mil I Districl of Chittenden Snt Durlinpton within and for said district of Chittenden, i.n the twelfth day ofiFcbrnarv A. D. 1912. lie Executors of the Inst will nnd testament ol Ge.irge Rlake, lateof Boston in the County of Suf- fo It m the Slate of Massachusetts, deceased ha vine presented tn fnia court a lopyol the inst will anil tes tament of the sal I testator, duly approved and allowed in the probate court lor siiJ County nf Suffolk, that said cotiy may be fihd and recoidcd in this Cbitrl, ncreenb'v lo the statute in such case madeand nrovi. ded. Therefore it is heieby ordered that oil persons cuiicerm-u i c noiincu in nppenrneiorc nils esjurt nt a session thereof to be held nt the Register's office in said Hutlinjlon on the llnrd Wcilnesday of March. I8t2,and contest the liiinr nnd rctoidinrjof the afore said copy of said will in this court, if llicv sec cause. by publica ion of'his order three weeks su'cessiielyio the lluriinclon Free Press, n newspaper printed in Burlington in the l.'tirntyof ( hitlendcn, the last of -tuivii iiu'iiu.n'iia -v uejf,iiu.w n, me uny nsi'-'neu as aioresa n tor neari i". n u.wiis ru., Ilcislcr. A true copy or the record, attest Wm. Westov Register. NOTICE. TMIIS may cerlily tint 1 Live riven In me Son X HARMON I1URNS, hi. lime wilh Id eily lo eon tract for bmi elf. I -hall claim none of hi earning- nor pay nny ilebi of In. eoutracliiiR af er lln- da'c., l e' .4tli, 1312. JOHN UURNS. Wiine s Mons I.. CoI-ton. FOUND. lis the ice near Providence Island, one Mast and lllonin belonging lo some vessel, with n sill and other llu'cins ntlached to it. which the owner ran nave oy pnyiny reasonnilecliarces. aouin Hero, l-.eb. a, ISl'2. LORENZO HALI M ONE Y ! MONE Y ! ! I aijLU, a leer, nml even ioo.I eiirrem Hank Dill v-Jare not re i-e I at S. II. fceptl's in exehanse . . . .... ...... . . ,-.,.,,, t, , , i;,nVl WMU an..,,, lie liaMl Ol lll.ll.llis tireity cikk! erllcnlnlinn. th.H uionev i.l. ecn. nn I c:.n ... ,nv...l l v in. m il. u.iaili limcn. Mio wo'ild not expend their money ui iiii.3i iii'irni; raie. in ue ei iit-.r NOTICE. THE Subscriber woul I, for Ihe last time, req ie-t that tho.e un'eltied accoHtiN and no'c- of long -inn nng te icttiet wnln.i two month- at lomre-t. oi inwillmg a. they know he i. to furte seiileiticnt. ii nei.i i e none, ne i.n. care i, wn ten anil printed, and hones thai hi. friends will .-it nine tiiienenc-i- ol ucii a req ics-, an I attend to u wtho-it .,iii. iini nnn iu u univr mean-, io nun .11 tu iile.i-aui. C. UE.NN5. le!.. 17, 1812. 17 on SAI.I3. 3d Shares of Stock in ibe Far P mers nnd .Me. hauics Bank. Burhng-on. lin R Amdv KM. lULil. Bifrlinglnn, Feb. II, 1SI2. NOTICE. All tho c who arc inde'.Iel 10 ihe un der unol either I y Note or onon I 00k Account arerea, eel to call and make ic-llemeit. I efore Ihe nr-t nay 01 April nex'. otnerwi-c iney m-i-i cxped tn pay Ihe ex en-e . f .-. l ed on. LL'TIH R PltOLTV. lericlio. I-e-. a, IW FRANCIS liENJA.MIN, Jr., Wholesale Dealer in Storage, I'orwarillnf; and Commission No. 273 RIVER STREET, IT. 7. BTTl fe w doors nbnx e Washington Sjtmrc. NEW FIRM a NEW TOOLS. " Doiit condemn witliout a trial." TH E subscribers have formed a Copartnership, under Ihe firm of Ha Hey nn I Coon, fur the pur pose of can) ing nn the business of Masonry, in all its branches, in Burlinglon or nny of the adjoining owns. We will give our personal attention to brick and stonework, plastering, and all manner ofj ibhing connected with Masonry. The tenior partner has had mote than 15 years' experience in Ihe bnsinc s, and we feel the utmost confidence in be ling the patronage of the public, believing and .notcing! that we can do asttoo.l work ns has been or can bo done in this place. We will warrant all work entru-t- ed to oureaic to ue dona when proinied nnd done wilh despatch win n i-a! cd for, nnd well done. We solicit a small ilia re 1 1 public pairnnage. AAKO. IIADLV. HORATIO N. COON. I11NESBURGII ACADEMY. 'piIF. Second Term of the Academic year of this I Insihution will commence on Wednesday tho 13th of February, and w ll continue 22 wee Board ton bu had in good fa-uiheson fait terms. '1 he school continues to .email under tho supervis ion of the Rev. P. DURKEE. and the perfect and universal satisfaction given by the Principal in the discharge of his dunes, is the best recommend the Trustees ran oiler lo the public. Uy order ot I rustees, T. W, GIBB, Secretary. Hincsburrh, Feb. 8, 1S12. n3Gvv3 GLORY AS I) SHAME OF ENGLAND In a scries of familiar Letters to n Friend By C. EDWARDS LESTER. 'IM1IS is thetiilc of n woik, just published in New I York by Harper and llrolhers, in two volumes nf 550 pages, and embellished with magnificent -Steel Eueravinus The author has furnished some very sinking facts relative to the actual social slate of I.uglaud, and I laced her Glory and Shame in striking contrast, The following me some of the topics dwelt upon. The ill stnous Men of Great Briinin their history and acts, llicir conversations (with the author,) i nJ Iheir inlluenio upon the desiinies of the world. Also, Original Loinmumcauonsuom iiicinostuislingtusn ed stntesint-n nnd poels in Europe, on the grcaiest subjects now agitating the world the cruel ond tyrannical oppression of the Enchsh Government in nil its beatings its blind courso in regard to tho whole Tariff and Duty Questionthe horrible starvation, nakedness, woe, crime and degradation of We moss of the people oj -.ngait Hieir Louses Ihe untold nnnniinaitons nnn cruciucs oi ittci- a. lory nys 'em, in its deslturiinn of thousands of innocent chil dren. &c- the tvronnv and enrrumions of the Eslab lished Church llio woes nnd onnressions of Ireland the preat structure of English ilcsnoiisin in Asia. v. nil lis sacrillie ui iiuiiuud uj i.iiiuiie .i.tu slavery nn. I an honest hut painful picture of all that consti -.1. :f. . r . I... r.: , tutes Ihe Shame ol l-.ns'.and. And a can. m picture also, of oil llin I is lovely. beaOiiful, liberal and greol 1 ' .... fit . .1 A in Ur s!iii-inlv ennsl illitlmr its Giant. oltheinosi mttrisiiii!! and vener.iblo Ruins. Calhe . II uroi.1 Ijniuil rirals. Castles. Ahhev s and Jlonuments. with nsfull a picturo of London, (the metropolis of the world,) ns there is space for gnat Public Works Liberal ond of some remarks, continues : " We can do no justice to this wcric in ihU brief nonce, nur is it imnortant wo shoti'd, for il will bo readily read, and duly spore eiated. The American peop'e are duly interested in ihe subjects of which it treats, and they are ably and elnnuenitu" For sale at the Bookstore ofl Feb. 1812. U. A. URAMAN. CMLVEIlblccve Buttons made and So'd by O PANGBORN ct IIRINSMAID. vxontedo good Cow. at a low price, enn'nrenf P. if- B. CHEAI WATCHES. Wnhavero"'.! some neat good Watches, which will besold for810and 912, soma also at S!5, 17 and 819fch, and warranted for one year, thoso who v-lsli mielt will plea-e call and make a 6elec'ion. rit.xui'iiii,. .v. tinws.-xijiUit Benevolent institutions .xooio ruoris mailing lor ine lx wish to purchase 500 ton, of ell Wool Ita-s, icdemplion of thu oppressed of England from lyron- V such as old Bed Q.utlts, Coverlets, Illniken ny-wtih glances at every interesting object tho nu- .Sheeo, Hire, Drawers, sioekinps, Ac, including thorrnrt wilh ot sea ond during lBlOin Gteoi Britain. Menno, Circassian, Plaids, Ilomboielis, and every Tho New York Commercial Adveitiser. al thorlose kind and color of nil Wnnl tinnA. m rA n. ci..A CONWAY MEDICI N 12S. THE W. L. KIDUKR, (rve notice that he ha. succeed the Inle T. Kniilrr il,n prcparatiiin of the well known Conivat Mr.nlciNr.. nniiwMI I'orcafler pive particular nttenlfmi to t hi )rc a((m r fm inK nrlic.,H , tabislicJ celebiily of which, preclude, the m-cf-ty ufa re.l ,1 icatio of the n'ulnerous certibcww in i . . i-.i . K iKiim.1. ui Hie i,tj,iie ur, . " "' uimmniir. l.n. C . . "Vr "lie , i. uii-i", jir.ii'v-, oirain., nnin hro Chilblain., Sll.ims; In the join's, &c., w, a,yori " e "nexpec co nnu unineuiaie reticrm the mo. "'' - Unate case, or Ithe umtl-iii, in n few hour-) Ihl art cle l open V recoinmendeJ ,v Pliv.l,.,ni. Ti L-iniiuciii is dune un jncniargc.i uutties. Price 37 ... . i . -'- . IVIII9. Dtimrrles' Kelt Oliilmcnf. DuMFftir. Itch Oi.n TMLNT. eilco'lraco. llin nm. prietor to recommend It to the put lie wiih tenewed eoiitnlcnce, a the mo-t innocent and powerfiil rem- euy-iur iiii annoying ui-ej-e ; n coniam. no mr fury, or nny other dangertn? inirredienl, and can I o applied at all times wilh peifccl tafeiy, Price 25 cents a Box. Itcmccly for (lie Flics. The conciirrini te.-limonv of relict-pi Irom nil qiiaricr-, tprtifyititr to the cine, e 'cnej I v (he mchfinc nf er all oilier, bad faded. ion.,.ii.P M'10 InercaMn? demand furlhenr i le Irom all pnnof L,""l,r H",vl . ,u ' c 111 'n0l valunl.le lecih- known lor tin- Iron' Ic-onie complaint. li-J icrsyinnn "rue. .. ... . I'o-lon, Fel ruary 13, 1811 I have mane trial ol uumirie' I'lle I.leciuarv and numanny i,ii ,i, i ,i e , me iu riuumincnj mo per.-on lour, re nectlnllv. J. R ,. ) he rcmely cnn-i-t- of nn Uintinent and Electuary. i rice ur i omi , a ecu is, ur j, ccniswiien Out nne i- wanted, nccompiinie.l with p'am ami ample dnec t,0"s wl!" a "e-eripnon of i lit; complaint. Dumfries' Kvc Vator. l or sore or inflamed eyes, nothing known gives exceedingly bad cases the mi si nnex", eennl and de- irai ie renei na. I cen In ui.i luiiieiee ol iln. Eye water, ajter other remedies haa Jailed. Per-ons who have teed n. orotioiiHa' it wiihout fic-iintnm iln-li... ineparaiion fur sore, weak, or inflamed eyes, they have eicr met with. I'ruo 2J ceni- a botile. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn I' I u s t e r . The lno-1 ,nfennd ly cure for b'urn. vet ,li. eoverel; the rebel l iinnicduiie. it di-olve. uml remove. Ilieeorn from the fuot wilhrate and expedi tion nnd Itrirttmf the least vain. Price 25 cents n i-'i a 0". II and amnle directions aceomnanv each of ibn uve iir ic.e.. N. II. None nf the above articles will I i-ennin... onle-s M'gnel W. L. Kidder on ihe o it-ide wrapper, ror sa'eni his Co lining Room, 80 S a'o Street, up, curlier ni now. Ito-ton. At.) A Mr.ssns. PI CK it SPEAR, B-irlingion, Vt. A eoint a'lowcil to dealer-. HOTEL TO LET. TO L E T For a Irrm of years, at St. Johns, Canada, the old and we'l known WATSON HOTEL, wih out houses. Garden, Vard, and Stabl ng, well adapted for a Livery Stable. Possession tmvn ihe 1st of Mnv next. Apply to Mrs. J. E. WATSON, i roprie or nnn present orcupnni. nt. Jotmt, l et). 1. Ii30tf. CO I' A I! TXEliSIIIP NO TICE. TTiAIIRAR & WAIT giu- noiue that Hey haie ihi 1 ...:.l. .1 'mi tit ii. . i.t v mi, i iti ...ii. . iieui ii. u i.iie . .,1 ii. ill- RAM V. ROOT, and tlint they will eontiti' e Uie b ne s oCmpoifingnn I selling CROUKLItV, GLASS ,,An ijl."A V.l WARE under the lirni of FAItRAl WAIT & ROOT al their former Slore.They haveon ban I a fu'l -loc'; of unre whieh ihey will pack in Crates assorted to order at Ne.v i url. anl Boston price-, inercliaiii m the -orroundmg towns will lind it greatly to tl.eir advantage to examine their .-toeu I efure i.'irchaing at the ,onih, all order, nriiniitly at'emled 10 Store comer Church and College si, Uuilmgion. i;. I.. FAR1IAR. .IU5. WAIl, H. F. ROOT. N. B. Farrar Wait and Uoct extieet 10 receive ear ly tnthe Spring 111 answer I.. Il.eiri r.'er- a full .nt.i ly ot that I eaulilul fs'yle ol "W.iaque t'earl ware" that 1 eaulilul S'vle 01 u.ianue t'earl ware-- ha. jriven .iicb 7ener.1l ati-racllon the 111-t s.-a-on trnin iheccle1 r.i-e.lman liactoric. of Clew- & Co, I lie only uo-i-cin i-ii'anii Inai niai.e' .trii. w Incn will 1 e m f I w lin'e ire and Re. ail. Burlington, Jan. 31, 1812. NOTICE. TS here! v tueti that JOSht'H WMThas 10'd Xhi in'e're-t in ihe tone Ware .Man ifaetorv anl 1 li.t the bii-iii --s will here.ifter I c earne I on a'- ti.ual I y.or I.' en 1.. 1- arrar, wlm i- d i!y a iilionzel to ,et the all ihe liu-ine-s otthelirm at l.i.- l-jciory. Pearl licet uuriiugton. Jan. 31 181 Ituin. ICaiticv. Itdiiiiii''. THURSI AV n4o'elutk. A. .VI. 3d. February '42 Wind South' therm. 43 above. 'Iill u.(.l,'m few days having had about one month good -leiglnng I lie Lake twice nearly frozen over, the Town Uiecr- fill and business lively. We have now a change. The south wnnl, Ins come be.arina from unrmcr i limes an accumulated vapur which is now being free- iv.nssipaieu among us ana lias wasted our Snow. cleared the lake, house I the nconle. filled llin , i . tern-, given again a right smart good chance for ar ranging Goods and preparing for selling them al, the Cheap Cash Store Burlinglon Vi. HOWARD'S. NOTICE. rjnlliS may certify thai I have given my -on Cha ii. i i,i in i.e.. ir 11 u s on v. nn.l hall iherefore claim none of hi. earnings nor pay ny c i- oi in - i-ti.u.(i- ni-i mi - oa e Jericho, I e1-. 3, IS2. ZH1.MI PI1A1T. USEFUL THINGS, At I'aiii.-liom A Itiiiisinahl's. TJO O K & and I ve., Snap-, Ela-iic-, Lai el- J.J. wor-icd neele-, hnilni,.v ,ewi ingan I darning tdi.. - il err .mil -,iil irn 'I hiiul le c-i ec-a. le-, 1 vc- lei-, Whalel one, Snlleili e . Eniene-. Pencil.. Thci- er-. Coinb-, Sin er-.'.-. bean 'IV, !'. Sei-,or-, It. t'le. lor Ca-lnr-. elnl.lreii'- run.. Hair Pin-, le.i Bell-, Brn- be- i f all k n l-, Soan-, Iln-k,, Shoe an I SiiK.k Buclcx. Card-. In'dren'- Cell,. India Rubier nnd Ivory King-, Napkin Ring-, Diamond I e.nent, Mon-on's IM'f, Sli;rnian.'.. I.. zengc mil uT 'i'T ?,"? Ii?" iV- I'av - l.ininient, In 'ellil le I ul., Ink ol all kin I-, Era- I nor .nun I er-, h.-o lung Srup, t'orn rla-ier, Hay-' Liiiinient, In 'ellil le lul., In'k i.fall kin I-, Era- ,ive So.ip lo rinove grease, Tni'ct Povv.'er. Court I'l.i-ier, Lip Salve Mm ing Rope-, Tulle J )-, Oames and P zzle.-. Jinn i- Ma'v Poor Mat, Swifit. S-ril.'ng Bru I.e., W,,x Tap. r, Mn'rhe-, of vinous b, Day it .Martin's ll'arlili g. Ninole Slie'l- Nur erv I..111111.. Ile.l I'.in.. Moln.w. Cep-, D.i-k Knive-, Nut I'icl er. an I Ci-.uker-, .Mo tilt r-' Relief, Walei cl.i-p.anJ spring-. Gold add Silver Hu'lion for Irimmtng dre-ies, and three hundred and two oilier articles, which we hipe o.rcu tnnier. will lind ei'her u-eful or ncce,aty 10 Ihenijwlnch are telling al low pri.c-. lllis-U I in lei I'm-, Platel Spoon-, German Sil ver and Pewter do. and all sorl- nn.l -ize. of nick nac..; su.-li a tin whiMle-, Jew sharp', H.irniouiea., my, rrttile-, I' I oxc, enttcr-, dull', tun t luxe-, LaiiipSeior, if". A Panorama View 0 I.. 11 Inn, a Toy articles Hand Organ, .f-r. O ir Store i nicely filed, ami ue.hall It. nm.i l,nn.. -1, ib-lribuie llie-e nnd ,oine other nrnele', nionnd'the country, upon s-ich term- a- will plea c the pi.r.-hirt r and induce them 10 ta'lofien hud -lay lone. Afer yo.i read ihi call and see at the VARIETY STORE. Jan. gel, 15 K. Gifls fur Hie Season. rPHE following beautiful Books for Presents, ore X now received 'ivcd and for sale by D. A. DRAMA N. A Gift for 1812, The Ladies' Book of Flowers and Poetry, Friendship. OfTi ring, 1642, The Token, 18)2, Poetry of Flowers and Flowers of Poetry, Forgct-Me-Nnt, 1842, Language 1 f Flowers, The Rose, 643, The Vroliet, 1342. WANTED', in exchange for Goods, Bonninglon Money nt 50 cents on the dollar. "". (. GEO. PETERSON. I.ehlgli 1 oal. XllO TONS I eh'igli raked, Coarse Con!, housed 1 Wnntt kpnt Cmn. ,I.A .. .-.I r..- -ntu I... I nn r ninil.rii I", r.ui- ny Nov. 29. FOLLI.'ITif- BRADLEY. CASH PAID FOR WOOLLEN RAGS, except iarpetitie. la We wi I nav lour rpm ncr nnnnit Tnr .trnn linn - of the above description no nort rotton. linen or silk in any quantities, delivered at our Store, West side of tho Square, opposite the Court House, Burlington, Vermont. Vermont Fur ell Wool Carpetinj, we will nay l cents per lb. ,. tiiuixuix. ot uAiun Burlinglon, Dec. 10, 1641. ChOTHS CHEAP. T T TT CT wmA . r 11... 1: . m .11 -!. L sJaIso For Salo vcrv l-'inc Rlark and Blue Black ond Invisible Gtern, Englna Clolhs, do. do. Mack and Bluo Blac' , Wool dyed Eng. Cobsimeres, Also, A few pieces Pilot and Beaver '.'loth- til which mull -e.saH r-ni stcno-.v ofTirr.J at great Hnrgams hy, v, jvi nrn.itlm 7JK TO YOUNG HO USE-KEEPERS. F Aim Alt, WAIT 6t MOOT. KEEP constantly on hands full assortment of elecant Tea Sen. of O d band China. Gold band Tea Plates, Gold f pncM do. Gold edge and line do. Extra widcgold band lo. Gold edge.line tprie'd do Gold edge and line do. Gold band Preserve and White and tmntr't An Pnn hi.h. JVIiiio China Hrcflkfasl nnd Tea Plat'ea, Pitchers, Howls, Uuttcr Slnnil. ami Nn, t. u.;,l. Tea Pols attached, China Inkstands, ' very pretty S tore, corner of Church nnd Colleci streets. ronAnco. A.O n..XES '"onn's' Cavenaish Tobaoeo, 4ilV25lo 'EnderV do da uno "Irvine s do do 30 Kegs 'EnderV Plue do 20 do Alen.innMV ? A J by J. Si J, H. PECK ft Co. N'OTIItR ALL persons, indfbted to the estate of the lale Ro bertMoodv. are notified thai nnvmnf ml hn made immediniely to the ubscii'ier, lo prevent cost. uuruiigion f0',blS. uku. II. SHAW, aim. SAIVS,-Mill, Cross-cut, and t; Oaws. iur . nueuy Jan. 7. HAUArC cc ARTHUR. Sign of the Padlock. CornerofChiirrhnnH r?nlw.. Streets. " BLACKSMITH'S SliLlOWS, a first rate atiiele, nlso Anvils, Vises, Files, kr. for sale by Si3n of the Padlock, ) II AGAR &, ARTHUR. Cor.Ch.nnd Coll. sts. AaTOOU. Thoso who have ili .,,l.i-n. her Wood aro reminded that thesledding is rood about town. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH, BLOTTING PAPER.-For sale by the Ream or quite. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. BINDING LEATHER. A few doz. Calf-skins suitable for book-linding wanted by U. GOODRICH. MUteim. Mocraal,iQ nil ninvi,.. ANEW lot jn.-t received cheaper than ever, by Jan.O. E. M. WUIUilT Ac Co. SMAWI.S. The laiye-t nnd I c-t arvortment Shawls that can 1 e l.fn 1 in ,l,..iMtinrt Ai n cf Bur I'niton may le lound at K. M WRIGHT 4-Co.', Ll,ca cash store. Jan. 0. 1842. IRI-SII FIOS AND LEMONS Ju.t receive ! from B.i.Mon, nn l fur tale by CEO. PETERSON. Jan. 25, IS42. HERD'S GRASS SEED, f.,r ,alu by . HICKOK A. CATL1N. Jan. 20. c-t side Court Hou-c Square. Uo Iks lor 'I own or Dlslilet l.lliinrlr.. CGOODIIILH ha- a le eolleetion of Book- Mlllnbefor town or dl.lnct Lit r.ari'e.. u ti, li will le -old on thenio.l liLeral lerm., and at very ..... vcz. 14. I.ooVc IIci'c I WE have a fine lot of Butlilo Robes, a few No 1, Lynx Mull and Oiler Cans, fur linn, I Gimps and other Winter Go. da. suitable fur mid weniher Tho e in want of any of the above named articles wn, oo wen to canon li.M.w KlUHT & Co. nsthey . in xre-n . argiuos iur ca n. jjec. zj, oil etv Law Hooks. CONNECTICUT RLI'OMS, Vol. 13. Common Law do Vol.33. Eccl. ,lo Vol. C. Fee. 15. For.a'ebv C. GOODRICH. SALT. ZtTt TiTl "USHELS Sobr Salt, W-V4000 do Turks Island 4000 do Turks Island do 4000 do Fine do 1C00 Barrels do do 300 Sacks Dairy do By J. & J. H. Peck at Co. 30 Dec. 1341. Oe;n BOXF.3 Bunch Raisins, a60J .10 Kegs Mahiga do 13 Bags Madeira Nuts, rj no Mihcrt.s, 1.) do Brazil do 10 do Almonds, by 30 Dec, 1811. J. if- J. ti. PECK .f- Co. fl Cv KEGS Powder. ta'w rn lings onnt. 100 Dozen Corn Brooms, bv in mi i t o Dec. 30, '41 J. &. J. U. Pick Sc Co. NEW GOODS. I HI-. hiilKeril er have just rcivivisllsrgtfnilJiiions lo the:r a es-k e f Saddlery, Coach and Shell Hardware in an its vanene. Also iTus. .iietlicine.., Variii-he.,D;e-lu!l'-,Br i,h- " oi an kind-, Joiners' ooi-, eve, ace. IIAGAR tt ARTHUR. At the ol.l ritau.l, Siirn of the" , corner of Church nn.l lyi.llegeNreet". PAINTS ef-C. 10,000 I.RS. Wethcrells Dry White Lead, I0U Kegs do do giound in od, 6000 do Lwis' do i'o 30 libl- Spanish White, 20 do Veneiiilian Red, 2'i do Ficnch Vellow, 10 do Spiuts Turpentine 3 Cacs Crome Vellow, Crouie tirecn, Brunswick eto S'ntony do. Red Lead, Verdigris, by 30ih Dec. 1S1I. J. if' J. H. PECK if- Co. Qcn M DRILLED Eyed Needles, 00 Gross I looks and Eves. luu uo. ixminng rins, G Cases London nnd American do. 50. ha. do. i jui it Liiuuanu it' sir ny Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. y A. Hit A. MAM. has rn hand and is receiving 1 in hi- line for the Fall Thaoe, e-on-imng of ill kinds ftehool Docks, anl val.ialle and popuUr work. a- a large an i wen teiee.eo a-Kriinem oi or i-le , ll.c most rotcnt pu1 lieuiions A I.SO I A new funnly of Blank Books, consisting : tfcrs. Jo rna t. I) iv. Invoice. Note, an J Hi I Book". of all sizes, in full .1.1 1 halfl ending Can and L'tier apcr. 1 f the best knnl. Drawing, Tissue, Moro-co. Jlnri le, III. tting, and other varieties of paper, Ink, Quill-, SI He, llonntt Boards, Pencils, Sand Boxes, I.etier Stamps, rel Tape and Stationery generally, n glial vaiiety. Oct. 12. SELLING OFF CHEAP. STRONGS fc Co. now ofTer their slock of Coods for prices at which purchasers will find it nn ob ject to buy, 'I he stork is large nnd must be sold pre vious to 111c 1 si 01 -aprii ncx', wncu 1110 lerm 01 co parlneiship expires. Surrars. Teas. Hniecs. Raisins. Tobacco. Codfish. Eroluion, eoarseand fine ialt, Lamp Oil, Motas es, die. Iron, Foreign and American, of every description, of all kinds, Anvi's, Vires, shovels, spades, Forks, Laldrou Kettles, and Hollow Ware in great variety. Stores, Stovepipe, and stove trimmings, Tin ware, &c. cheap, all cheap, xery cheap. rcr. iu, ibll. Ilroad Cloths. r"pllE undcr-irned offer ihe clolhs ntanufaclrred by 1 the "Burlington .Mill Co." at wholessl: it l essen Hires I he assortment comprises tne vanou-eoinrs and qualities, and for lexluie, beauty of finish, and excellence t f manufacture, are not e'urpassed by any American or cngusn inins.. r UIL.r. I I it- lUtADl.l.V, Nov. 59. Burlinglon Mill Co LOVELY V SEYMOUR. T. iust ree'd from New York a latco assort ment of Carpelings of every kind quality and price. English Drugetts, a great variety of patterns Oeta in and Drab Persia F.oor Oil Cloih fiom 3-8 10 5-4 wide, Rush Matiin? from 4-4fo G-4 wide, Ruggs Manilla and Aldeon! Jinlis, stair itods &c. Also, French and American Paper Hangings, larger assortment than was rvri heforo offered in. this place and al prices cannot fail to suit purchasers. iov. iHin mu. rtuffhlo Itobcs. 7 BALES superior Buffalo Robes, just received and for 6ale a6 chcapasthe cheapest, hv yvov. is. ov 1.. .ti. vtiwun 1 wo. Also No. 1 Otter Cans, Lym Muffs slid Boas, Fur Collars, Angola Fringes, etc. 1 ""X.BAI.ES Brown sheetings for sale by thebaic 1 x'piccf, or 1 srd, very cheap, by Nov. E. M.WRIGHT & Co. Also, a full assortment bleached shirtings, sheetings Tickings, Canton Flannels, Diapers, Batting, w;ekinp &c. GLASS WARE, xr n'l rlasrrintinns constantly on hand 1 a full as Wsortnicnt of Tumblers, plnih, pressed, ground, tr hntinin 'nd cut cla-s Wmest Jellies. Lemonade and Egg glasses 1 Lamps cf all descriptions Lamp I ous sues 1 Preserve Dishes, cut glass Cu lard Bowls, asso-, Uccanteis, va ster doiiics, opicie v.n Pitchers, Sain, Castor Bottles, Revolving Castors I and cut glars Limns, for sale (cheap of course) at the new Crockery and Glass Ware House rf FARRAR, WAIT PfvT, r un.ngion, jan ji, 101. H. THOMAS will contiuue his Auction Sales in the afternoon or every Wednesday nnd Satur A laipa n innlitv of Household Purniltirf, of day. different descriptions will he ottered, togth er with Stoves of various kinds, with pipe. Sales, of Dry Goods, Cutlery, Clocks, Jewelry, Ac., dice, will be offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday lvcnings, until furlhcrnotice. October c. 1311". SPLENDID FARM FOR SALE. THE Subscribers will positively sell on or before the 10th. day of Febuatj next, n farm in Mil ton belonging to ihe estate of the late Ell Barnum Esq. con sisting ofnbnut fivehundicd nnd lifiv acres, nbnut tliren hundred of which isintervale nnd the remainder bard wood and pine plain land, wilh two good dwelling houses, three lorge barn, two small barns, nnd Horse bnrn, wilh the necessary out buildings, all in good repair. The farm i situated on the bank of river Lnmuil, nt the head of navigation, n in a goo l slat-of repair ond cul ivalion with a suitable proportion of mca 'ovv, pas ture, and arable land and presenting objects of in terest nnd inducements tn nn intelligent purchaser not lo be equalled in litis quarter of I lie Sitnttf. Purchasers ore invited to call nnd esnmine for themselves soon and secure a grcatborgoin. Terms mods easy for I lie purchaser. ELIJAH IIERRIOK. SAMUEL BOA ROMAN. 5 Adminiilrators. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE an l we 1 selected assortment, consist. A ing of Gilt, Mahogany and Gill, MAorany, and Fancy framed Lookinu Glasses, for sx'c at greatly reduced prices at llio Hardware Store, Corner of Cliurcli and uorego sts., oy iiauau iv .ni iilu SELLING OFF CHEAP. AAA OR MORE pounds good Cotton 1UUU Ilaltin!? at Gd. tier lb. Calicoes to correspond, sav nt about 5 or 0 els. per yard. A lot Caps, 'Comforters and Muffs nt ngurly one ha'f former prices. A'so a great variety of Goods ot prices too low to be printed. The work of selling off cheap has fairly commenced and all goods sold to suit purchasers, at 4 January, low. nuwwiu . Alpacca Cloths. A SPLTNDIDAr icle, (ilk warn). Alpacca clolb-t rV. Alnacca Lu-lrei Hue I lack M. De Lainc, one! Cajhme-reile Cloth-, ju-t reeeiveil al price, corres ponding with the time-, by L. M. v men i o- oo. I ov. li. Combs. 1 CASE Wood Pocket Combs, 1 B0 doi. German Silver do. 00 Cap do. 230 1 2000 1 ro 200 Twist Side Brass Ivory do. do. do. do. for sale hy VILAS. LOOMIS &. CO. Nov. 30, 1841. Helmets ! Itoiuirts ! ! A BEAUTIFUL assortment, nl Florence and ilk Bonnets much below ihcptieps of lat sj.nmsr Also, n gi cat variety of Chcna Ribbons, by Dec. 10. S. R. SBOTT. Cassimcres. IS Diamond, gold mixed, nnd wool rive blue blue black Uassimorcs ni b. li. slui i a. Ilroad Cloilis. QUPER Wool dye black, invixiblc green, olive, bine, land steel mixed cloths, atunusualH low prices by Dec. 10. S. B. SCOTT. l'rch Teas. tA CHESTS Hvson Htin Tea. UJ 20 Do Old Hyson do. 25 Do Twanliay do. 100 Caddy boxes Hyson do 71 Do do Young Hyson do 100 Half chests Young Hyson Ten, of different qualities, of the lost ininnnaiion, and offered nt Auc tion prices by FOLLETT & BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington. I-'Inc Cut. ctn RBLS TOBACCO, XJ 30 do Smoking do 10 Kees Maccabov SniifT. For sa'e hv EOLLETT fi. BRADLEY. Salt. Cftfta Rl'SHELS Tuiks Island, 1000 do St. Ubcs, 6000 do Solar, 290 Sacks Dairy, 1000 Bids. fine. For sale very low, by FOLLETT J BRADLEY. Old Dock, Burlington. sugars 1 fl DHLS. Powdered, in do Crushed, 10 Boxes double Loaf, 12 do Philadelphia Lump, 12 Jo New York do of superior quality, for sale by At the Wharf. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Barbel's Gin, American Brandy. OU 50 do For sale by FOLLETT & BRADLEY, Old Dock, UnrliiiL'Inn. ftA BOXES RAISINS, WW 20 Casks Saleia'us, 100 Boxes scalded Herring. For sale by FOLLETT .- BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington 400 BOXES Simmons' C t Slecl Axes, w'' CO do Lsthrop's do do Warranted, and for sale bv FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Old Dock, Burlinglon. Nails ami Iron. 1500 KE.IS NAILS, assorted sizes, 100 do I-iiiisliin'i Nails, do do 100 Kees .-n ke. from 30.1 to C0J and 6 inch. 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 1-Glhs to 3 inch. 10 Tons of hotse shoe Iron, of the various sixes 4 do of Hand Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, flat nnd square Am. Gloom do For sale at manulaetiiitr's pricrs, by FOLLETT ft BRADLEY, Agents. HARK. LOOMIS will pay r.i b for 50 cords rf gr.oa1 tmlrck Bark, ifdelivereJ Ly. the firt of Feb. Jan. 5 1812. VO.ME.VrlCKS Shrctin Shining Baling, n flan. Wadding, Wieking, t'oiion Varr, Con on flan. nel Sue. eheap, at (Oci. l!l) J. I'. Wll A I, INC o. Cu's FOLLETT ty BRADLE Y RESPECTFULLY infurm tlitir friends ond the public, that they have received and now oiler for safe 0.1 the most aelvantageous terms, an nxtcnsjve as sortment of Iron, Stcil, Ac. consisting in part of the follovving t 1 Ton Sanderson sCast-stetl, 1 do Eagle Germs da do Engh h X do 20 Bund es Brazier's Rods, 30 Tons English Tiro Iron, sssortetl. 10 do Old Sable PSI eto 10 do Swedes do 1 1 . do Too Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do 1 do Swedes do 10 do Russia horse nail rods, 10 cio Bloom, flat and square, of various cits. Nov. 29. PASTRY ARTICLES! I', I'SSIAN Shec', Shrod ond Staple lsingle. 1 Cooper's Ameritan 00. Nicest Irish llu-s, E, seme of Peach Kernels, t'oncentraled Fsiencetif Lemfnf, Niet-st Ro.e Wattr, Ex'ractol'Ho e, Vanilla and Oil rf Mare, Tne Ordinary. Spues, Best l-cmc n Svup, Salt I Oil, Fugar Ornaments and Sand ', RenoeJ Conleclionarics in Cornels, &r. Are. Dee. IG. By PECK & SPEAl', NU1V STOHU AMI N II W GOODS. S M. POPE is now receiving his fall stock of )t Goods.consisting of a general assartmcnlof Dry Goods. Groceries, Crockery and Hard ware, which heoffers for sale at a small advance from cost. Oct. B.lbll. THE subkeri'er offers for sale at his Brick Shop,, in Cherry Street, a lorga variety of Fcss, con sisting of Genettfurs . White, grey, crown an'J Wee fare, li Laoies trimmings Lrnxsnd squirrel Boos ALSO M Superior black Otter and hsir Olter caps Ellwand and ionlh sea seal do, Boys caps, for 50 cents Tur and hair collate, a variety Northwest Buffalo Robes Fur and cloth caps trpairrtl, and Muffs and Cars made to'ordrr, bv ' Wm f ftrvMOtrP P rIm;lao, Oe 73. 1M1 FARRAR, WAIT ROOT, Itiij.orfcisniid Wholesale and Itclall Dealers In' CROCKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE Keep consiaftt ly on hand t largo assort- menl of Urn rur Sets com plete,wnli soep and sauce Tu reens, Butttr Coats, Salad, covered Dishes Platter?. Picket 1 1 3 1 1 e and (.usiuid V... ui mue, i .nu, x lute, .Milan and Boutbun sprig'd ware, with T.a iet9 to match each ; n great var ely oi To. let Sets and all tjaali les ol coiunioii ware usuilly wanted for itmiily use, til of whieh will bu sold i.lieap at vvh desale or retail st their Store, cornor ol Church anJ College streets. II rlinnti.n. Jan. 31 1342. E.L. FARRAR gives notice that ho continues to carry on the bun ness as usiial ot manufict-iring Stone ware of a supeiior qiinhty in oil its varieties ind will nt all times be 111 read liness tu sunoly merchantson tho most reosonal lo terms, all order, promptly attended lo at hi3 Factory, Pearl Street, Burlington. J.iti.3l. 1912. HlAL.Tfl IllTClLT UI5 D By the nsc of the Hygeian Vegetable UNIVERSAL MEDEC1NES or the British College or Health, Lokdom. HVuVi hare obtained the approbation and rccommen djtion of Thousands xcho have been cured In Consumptions. Cho'cra Moibus, Inllnmnia lions, Internally or externally 1 Dyspeps.a, 1-cvei., Ague, Indigestion, Bilious or Nervous Affections i and all diseases of llio Liver, Yellow Fever, Gout, Rheumatism, L-unbaeo, Tic l oloreux Dnpsy, St Vitus's Dance, Epilepsy, Apoplexy, Parol) sis, Pa! sey, Gieen Sickness, and all o' strncliotis to wbitb the Female form is so distressingly liable, and vvhiri. sends so many of the f.iiic-t portion of die creation u llicir untimaiely gravest .Small Pox, Mease!-, Whooping Cough, r-carlrl Fever, Asthma, Jaundic . Gravel, Stone, and nil Unitary Obstructions, Fistu! , Piles, Stricture , Rup-urcs, and Syphilis in all r singcsj Constipated Bowels, Woiin, Scurvy, h rlimgs of llio skin, King's Evil, nnd nil Cutaneous Disorders! in short, every Complaint to which tl-t human frame is so dircfully subj.ct, undtr nll lheit vaiitd forms nnd names ; ns the Hygeian conviction is that Mas is subject to only ON E HEAL DISEASE 7Via( is, to the Impurity nf the IJlood, from whence sptings ivery I omp aim that can F0' siblv assad his complicated frame, and that it is t! g pei pet nn I struggle of this vital, pute stream oflife,(tlka gift of Almighty power) 10 disercuinbcr it elf ol u v scons, .acrid humours, with which il has become commixed, tlitnugh the negligrncc of pnren's; 'l.o ignorance, or inalir.-atinent ot the doeiotst or the vicious, 01 goriiiandi7ing propensities of us all. This valuable medicine, bei--g composed only of vegctalile matter, ir medical herbs, nnd warranted on'oath, n-contamiHg not one particle of mercurial, mineral, or chemical substances, (all of whieh aro uncongenial tolhe nature of man, and Ihciefoic des tructive of the human frame) is found to be perfectly harmncss lo the most tender age, nrwc.ikcst fiame, under ,-iere sta-'.i of human suffering 1 the most pleasant mid benign III its o.ieinttun, and, nt the samo. 1 lime, the most certain in seatclnng out lite root of ! every complaint. In wcver ditp, nnd of erformmp it cure, that vvas ever oflcied to tho world. '1 his wond erful effcel, too i3 iiriduerd by the least trouble to tho 1 naiients. bvinfrrle swallovv'inLT a 1 erliiiu numberof pills, and being called a few r.xira tunes 10 ihe pur poses of evacuation, wilh the least possible ensatiori of pain, cxha s:ion cf bodily strength, nnd without the fear of catching cold or nttenii in to dress or diet, in nny uny dillcicni fiom their aceustomed habi's. These ppls cure in nil cases, nnd cannot be takeri to excess. Experience which '13 the touchstone of nil human know led. -e, has long borne tes'imony to the fact; nn.l extensive use nf them has already ve rified its truth in this country. These Medicines cure by purging, and yet the weak, the feeble, infirm, the nervous', the delicate, ate in a, few days strengthened by their operation, bcause they clear the bodyof its had humours, and invaiiably produce soun I slesp. They are the -afest and most clTicious Medicine 10' take to seat preventing scurvy, costiveness, it-e. The operation of this mild Medicine, which conveys imtnediale i-onv i -lion of rs utility, from Ihe first doss is as benefirial lo the mind ui the body; first calming-, then c iring all Mental Derangements, Eicintricities, Scrtous Auctions. Irritabilities, and 1,'rsllcssnttr, from vhattrer source : complaints which hovchith erto not been properly unders'ood, as Ihe Hygeists f.iund them all 10 proceed from acrimonious humours, ill the blood, nnd, happily for the present and fulurt raLCof mankind, discovered n cW ond unircrjal mode' of purifying, curintr, and prertntins: The being e'-ured of any disease, infirmity or aorsv, is now 110 'moron dubious or uncertain procedure persevcrence in the Vegetable Universal Medicines will nl ways restore nature to her due course. The literary sedentaty of both sexes, whose pur-irts so tilurli impair the'farulties, will find n sure remedy in Ihe Universal Medecines for preserving the energy and sprighthne's of the imagination, nnd improving their health t ol.l ogo will be attained by the use of ihe-n, and passed f 1 ce from pain nnd nfirmiiics. They are not enveloped with ihe inysietiis of other medicines : ihey only require to he persevered in witK sullic.enlly large doses, and the patient will always come off well j when a disease is obslmnte, pat.entj frequently do not takedoses large enough. The nicdi iocs arc comprised m three different arti cles only. viz. in two kinds nf pill, nf diffncnt strnnglli'or power, eh signaled by No. nndNo. 2t llis first is a powerful, but ni'.'t gcnileand indd aperient, or oji' ning medicine del.iehtiigaiul pa r I in! I v removing the bilious ropv humours, whilst the No. 2 Pills carry nfTihcsc and the -crons, nend and putrid humour! incidental to the body i and net together ns a lerret in n warren, never rtsting until every nven 0 of the. hiimaii frame is thoiougjily searched, and clsansed of ils i-i.puril es. The Vegetable Cleansing Powders as-is-tnne" to patients and facilitate the evacuation of bad humors; Ihey soften, cleanse, and detach theocrim- onio-is phlegm i arc en. ling and at ay Hie linrsi. une, two, or three ponders miv be taken throughout lh day, mixed in hal a wine glass if water. I ' DIIM'.CTIONS FOR USE. 1 Nns. 1 and 2 are li-. lb aperient and p rgativr, anl may be u-ed indiscriminately! bi.t cxpcrnncc has rroved that No. 2 1- ihe most rffiencio s in subduing , manv disea rs, in fevers of all kuv's, mllaininalions, I nst'niia, sma l-pox, mraslras, 'gout, rhohes, cancer, and 111 nil violent diseases or pain, ins ncce.sarv to lake one dose of No. 1 lo-diy, the same of No. 2 to- I morrow, and repeat the No. 2 he 11e.xtd.1y 1 incteas- ' ing fie dosxt by one pill cveiy lliiul dny after. I In rfnsunipiions and nervous niTe lions, it is desi lablo to take nllemate doses of No. I nnd 2. 1 The doses 10 be varied according 10 the nature of ihe complaint, eommein in-' generally with 4 or 5, I and 11 reasing gradually to 20, 111 some cases 30. I Patients should remember lint I or 2 Pills do good - pr Gilo more good ten or twelve produce a de n led aiueh nation, iipd 20 or 30 will, l.y perseve rance, reach ihe most deep-rootcu complaint. Persons who wish to know more about Hygeian run buy or berrovy the Mnusoinana of the Agents. We have visiter! the Cohere in London A become r-arnnallv acquainted with Messrs. Alcxr. ct: Johii M iri""n it linld our agency dncctly from ihem. Persons wishing to buy at wholesale wU Le sup plied on liberal terms. Our names will bo written on every box & packet. Sold 012.1 A 50 ct. per box also in SI S3 & S3 Pock ages. "-p.0!,e who nrcrf Medicine msv rest assured that this is an txrt'Jcnt Med cine it will benefit thent of Mcdicmo can." Pvnchoen it P.aix-jMAin, Jeeelleri. Who'es.alo Agents. AA Ca-c. of Cons unpt 1011 ; 2.T0O o OvJ.V-' Cold- and Co- gh- i 1,100 i-a-e. of V hoop, ing Co igh, and COO eases rf, have leen re pored cured I'V Sherman's Cooh Lozenai r' I e-ii'ei cure- inniuneraMe througho-1 the lo. ntry that have net I ecn reiier'e.i. Chililren d o of wo'tr.s, and many grown rccpie iiJer fir I fo w th vano 1. "ih.ea-es ari ing from Worm,. The nlv ,1 ie aid 1 r rioui niret'y for all km I- ol Worm- i. h-hcrnun'- W. rn Lezenre-. ihei have cnxltinre iht ir iirres'uciia n worn than 1,400,100 iae-, nra nave never ittn Known to ia:i in a smtiie ins on- c. Ntrvois ilea ai n ana raipi n.101 .. me urari relicvexl 111 rr. ! 5 to 10 111 n te- by 3 or 4 of Sher man's l.i zengcr-. It I- really mrp 11 ing how q ick theyi perate. Individ, als 01 Hie Inlie-t rotpeciaou- 11V can 1 e reivi in. 11 . , , Wealc Bae r, or nam in we 1 ape, si '" irea-i or Rheaiimat.-m, i-.riMl.y snermairt 1 o. r Man Plas ter t price only 13 lent,. ICKJO.tlULI SOl la )fr an tucm, an.t vvarniuieu n-.....- in n I o-her olaster.. eot what ihey may. Theyal" cure Corn-, tlrawintfheni nil by the rooir. Ask for Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, and tee that his steoa ore ... A. SHKRMAN.M. P., xvith directions, 11 on the back of each, andaro-md eich hex nf genuine Los. enges. Aviidnlltiihers, as ihey aro worthless, or eltefnjuroiis. Dr. Sherman is Ihe only ModiiateJ Loengir Manufacturer in America. Sole, a, '''tfr&tfiP un-t Druirgitts sopplie.) at f- pricts as al the W'arsbome in 'or' . rnrtr-'s Slioes " ALAnOE suiio'y nf .Morocco walk ing Shoe, JCirl Blips, Misses do , and Men's Pump,, just te reived and for ss'e eVtsp, by Dee 1 1811 E. M, POPE

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