Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 4, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 4, 1842 Page 1
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t NOT TUB GLORY OP C JB S A R BUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 1842. No. 39. LILY SYRUP. Iti "KNCE OF LIFK.-A Valuable! 11ITII4. JCPMclioine I wt known l.y the II' fllf Jlfino. which If ri,.l.ll.- nmiliiil. ..ill I .. Il. I I , M i,.,!',,.,,,, I ,1 I V t il...'. An unparralled remedy for Diseases of the "can. of savini lhou.and.f'froni an uniimclv crate. ! or Purifier ofthe Blood. Tim unparalleled nml still Ltlnos. Consumption! Coughs, Influenza, ,, ':" .'"J11 "'c'1 ''V lll."'l' '.L,ar," Y',1,1' r.ral ! IiK ren-iiiRropinnifoii whicli ihi medicine ha.aeqalr- .3 ' . t 'Jt' t Sit t ,. 1 ' 1,111 VLTV U 1CIICIUI. llllllt- IUI ' ..." B t It 1 .. 1 ' 1,111 VLTV U 111- ill. It-Hi Colds, Asthma, ispttUng oj Blood, di-ea-e-.vii:. Uon i.njjiicn, Wimo; Hooping Cough, ffc. tf. TO THE PUBLIC. In prcenllng lo lliiv-in lie a new remedy for di-ea How ins I ed ihronsho K the New IliHil.indSMle-. and the m.iiii- Cough., com- cure, if ha. performed, an I llio grcil demand made Coilh. Co'il,. ililfl'itll Iti-i-.ilhinrr. I nflnpiizu. f,- t'( Lis 1 1... ...I i.. I,. ?, '.:.l Q iinv. A-ilnni. Plnlii.i. Sniiimn nf llimi.1. Kl.nn. ; I... :.. I I il .' i lull), Iniige-lion, Loo-enc... of 1 lif Dowel , it. circulation lo altno.t every I mm in lliu cn.lcru every km I, Cramp., Riul;e., Colic, Calnrih, ly-cn- , Sla'e. ami lliu principal town, in ihe United Sinm-. r.T inc iiiii7k.ii in v i e iirii ifr itj m v 1 11.11. i tin? inrv. r .uniinrr. i-fcttitr.iinn.ii-i -from the many eeitifica e. and rtveo.innend.tiion. of Siekncat S.omaeh, Mca-le-, a preventive ofCun- .urpa.sed !v any oilier molic'ne over olered lo the. othor specifics conlainel i.uhe newspaper, oft he; ay taginii ii.ea.c-, Com ami Ithe unali-.n. I aniic'cd a- il ejien-ive .ale ami great pnpularl y no new rcme li- wa eallc J for or rcq ured. H it if the C? I lion ,nve e licme I. prepare 1 1 y Itcnry Sey- plainly prove. If l,a within the la.t eisjli'wn inonll.. po,) ilar fie. ha I mr rna'ly le-sene I li e lull, of mo ir, ol Hadley, .Ma... from the Oriffi.iiil He.-ipe, I V L-nre.1 it, ihcu-an I. ofihe ino-t ol,.ia'e dl-ea-e-, a. morialnv.or any (.lie of the ininy preparation, po . thedire..!,,.,, ol !al Moore, and .ol 1 1 y liimandthe can Ic prove I l.v certificate., and i. pronounced te--dlho8e vinne. recommen )e I. ,-oiln nf.era la nnnnpal Dmscsi.min the UnlieJSia!e. eminent and re-pe-inl leohv- c iin. the e.t I lie ci, e triaLthepaieiilcoil dope,, 1 imon i, healin-power., SulJ whole.-ale d read, ly Pee'.- it Spear, in Z "T (Sr.. nul'i'm), I e liund in e , "a nd miionnl v hone fur a snee v reenverv of lieilin. .mi.Ii... .rUni.r imI,.......i . i- ., . bvviuni nMvri- viiiii.uiiMi ccriiiicii e. oi c ire. a no on ce; ion . iit la thi. hun1 le attempt to arre-t the proir- of Pulmo nary Uon.nmption wonli" not nave appeare.i. Uut that the victim of thi destroyer are daily In creainir, nee I. noproofanl the lane .cite of the "Druirsi.t.s"iow that the reme.lie. ol the dav have teen fairlv trie I, an I faile.'l in ihcirohject, if lliu oh jeot wa-there'loriition fo heildi of pcron i "erinn 'tromdi-cx e of the I nn. While one remely drie. uiaca nh lint ..hnd I Le nropcrlv aidel to tlirow ol tllvi.cid phlejm collected upon iliclnnz. an I 'liroat the hsrhir.ser of Ji.ei.e, another, hv a bad electinn of an ex'iccioran', i in Icelena'del lo di-po-e.. the precni tenant, Imi leavers wor conelo occupy the that'erel preini-e-; and by it, the WitU of death i.the enncr acC'innli he I. The LII.Y .SVUL'P i now I clicveJ to 1 e the 1 o-t retneily for Inn coinn aint-, tint ha. ever appcireJ. To cure Pulmonary Con-nmpiinn afer the di-ea.e h ilor e i. IJ.I won.-, or I n -orne ea'e i upon me vi ital finciion., an I Inberclet are formed an I I roken, ' and aimopherii: air i inhale I into the nroVcn pari-, 1 not aiimni ilie pre en-ion. of the tho i-an Inn I one povdarno trim.tolhe eonirary, notwilli-landinc). Tlii' tnc hcmeili i re-tore 1 niituy who were .up fwl tol I eyond cure, I y men .tan bug hch in the me lical prnfeion; I ut their re toration to heillh on ly pruvel that greal an 1 ?oocl men may 1 c ini-iaken, in the iaje or proire.. of ihedi-ea-e. Ilence, lei no person de.pairof relief, until he has made a lair 1 rial of Ihe l.ily Syr ip. This medicine opera'c I y promoting a free ami ea-y rtiectoraiion, therel y fieeins the Inn?, and throat from vi.eld ph'eim, nii l.treiisiheuin I lie par an I freems them from inll.ima'ory aclion which onitituie. the di.ei.e of P.ilmomry Con-umpiion. 'The Syr ip ii entirelv free from a iv mineral .ill stm e, and p irely i-pselahle; and may be taken with per Jct .afety by 1I10 mii-t delica'e'con-lilutiun.. If i hi'.'hly recommen le I to tho-e who have weal; Inn?.. Teacher. 01 performer, of vocal mu.ic will find it of invalnal le n.e 111 them, by r givini areil stren'h an I ,wce'ne tothe toue.of mn-ic, an I en a'dius the per.-on to perform wiih srreat eae. Pul lie pea'.er- and de! a:er.. will find it ol invah.alle cr vi 'e lo ihem. Thi. mehcine ha. I ecu thoroughly and .iifce-f illy l.v able ohv ician.. ami bv their a Iviee i. now prepare ! an I o ere I to the pul lie, to .pea'; for it-elf in meca i-eoi auiicieu n tmaniiv. ann unv ne who I le-e I the inn n abtv of clav to open 'lieeie of the blind, mile it a ble.-m? to l lie h iinan family, and ine ireat onjeet ot tlie proprietor will le accom j'lielicJ. All meliciue ."ho il 1 1 e riven aecor lins to the - ii n tion of ihe patient ; and, il in icb rel ice I, a .mal'cr ij lanii'v than where ihere . 1 ou-i'er.iUe -trens h. Thedire-'lions on he bottle may I elaVcu a. a general 'rule: but if ial;en for a Ions .landing en gh, it may I e neee.fftry lo la' e a much larger do e for'.omeoiie or Tio oayf, an I even ol ener until an cxpe uora'1011 1. proi icei mat wn le ir, ami ea y. When there 1 iiiucn tisn'ne . ot ine cliei, it will -ome one- increa e the co iirh for a 1l.1v or two; m whudi a e. the niMeiu should ta' e the Syrup mine fieely, even until it fdioul I prod tec a liirh iia-ea of ihe .timiatdi lie nee I nut Xmr auv hariii from .ii'-h cusnnm. J w-.i 1 . nil who niircha c th s me heme lor 11 e, itut ihey cm tiavo hut li lle hope ot I cins I enetil ed I v 1', unle ib la e.i .lea lily when it t. eonimeiice 1 with, home iiarcpj'cu il ohce a day, then twice, then not anvfur two fir ihreedav.. I cannoi avihat .ii'di wo II le filrelv to receive in icb K'nefil from it : but if taken regularly, it I- eminently eilTil.i'e.l louproot the di -ea e, ant to res'ore to soun 1 healih. I' i-tbeeariie t deire of the proprietor to have everv "tie tint u-e. ai lea-t one I utile of it -tea hlv according t( iliedree lion-, to comm inicate ihe re. ill to the per.-on ol wiiom ne purcha-ei me meineine. The nronr e or 1. privilege I to refer to the follow i is ner on. -i ho h.ue 11 ed the l.ily Syrup, an f ho w II e'h.;)py 10 cive iiili'rm.uti'n 01 11. .uperior liealin power. 'to aiv wi-hiii? 'o mrre a' onl it. Mr. f.'n'lcndeii, one of the firm of I'. P. Smith & Co., whole a'ean I retail mer hani, I.xehange-Mrce', Rticlie-ier. fur bice lini ai the I inn.. Kev, 1.'. Tie'.er, Pa-ior of se.-onJ Baptist Ch trcli, Jio tie ter. t'a.itniu Trt eman. for a had co uh Mr., of ibelinuof S anwoolACo. I ool;-wlier-. corner of 11 1 a 'n an 1 S'a'e -In ets. Itiehcs er. Mr. J. M. French, Nur.h-Mrec:, Kothe-tcr, lor the whooping-iui ih. Mr. So uhwor.h, Sione-5treet, H( cluster, ft r lad oign. Mr. Uolert M'Kilden, Monrne-.trec, Roche-ter, n a -eveiean I alaruiuiicca eof the whoo:uiR-cougli I' o.irnari, tire, oilKe in, 111 a c of wbooniur-eo ieh in hi. familv. Ca.nain W. I). Fi.h. fur a cawol I'h'.lii-ie in hi rimilv. Rev. Mr. Clark-, Palor of the Hapti-t Church, I Rov T!ev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of the (ir.-t llajiti Cb ir.-h, Hoche-ter. Captain A. Urit'.on. (or Haemorrhage of the lun?-. A. G. Smi'h.jca-hier of Mechanics an J Farmers' Cant, Koehe-,cr, U W. silley of Ihe firm of Sil ley it S raniom, dry pood merchants a'l l auctioneer-, U11 lalo-ttrtct lio-lie.'er. Itcv. A. King-ley, Pa-tor of the Bapti.t Church nt jiancne-ier. Rev, Jacob Knann. Kvaneeb-t. Mr. T. Dunn, Carriage Ma'.er, St. Pa-il-slreet. Ifiram a lornevat law. Uncle ter, Mr. Thoma. A-hman, pacr, Iloche ter, who ha rc.-eivcl atuiii.luug relief. l'lea-e ini lire of hi K-l-C, Rev. Thnma.Cnrlton, M. I. Ch. ltot-he-ter. A. S eel, (lleelmtr at liiiisr-) Lockport. II. Miner, We 1 Heurie la, Monroe Co. Pnfe.-or Mctiinni., Ilainiln 11 'I heol. Sem'y. Rev. Levi T icker. Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cool.-. ? The Proprietor ha Iren oTered ctrlifica'r ky nnny ol'the a' ove geinlenieii ; but he prelers thai iuii-e wi-niuj iniorination, would call on mem er' iKinsuy, PECK 3c SPRAR, Afffiiif fur tin ?et:iion. ii i PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS artiolois too well known to need commen da ion -and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to Ihe coiiiinerchl community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalledCoal vnrd scales to wcih from 3 to G ton. Dotmmt Warehouse do. to wei"h from 1-2 lb. to TiOOO lbs., Portable do. to wcii-li from 1-2 oz. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter doa new article to wcijjh from 1-2 oz. to iO lbs. J. & J. II. Peck it Co. Agents. tlurlinston, April 8 IS41. kinz the medicine. The followinir anpoin'ed nsent It irlinirlou. PECK nml S P T. All. Ii. Moodc St Allan., Curli. and U i-sel Milion, C. Drnl'e Md'on fall-, 11 irnct and Sawver Walcrvllle. Ki.k and Brown, Iliiie.burah, Hull an I Cook Fairfax, Parker ami Matlield Verpenne, Adam, and Murray Caml ridire, M. Wire I'nderbill, M. C. Ilarnev iSorth lerri.l urah, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. llli-. Willi.loti.N. Chittenden Richmond. Green ifeltho le. John-on, (. L. Warner and C Monkton, Kilmi Smiili Ba'.er-lielil, Arminslon anJ Woodwar I Fair- held, Iljrnet and rarn.worih. e.o.p.l .I.ID TAIXTIXG. THK snb.rilcr lein? thankful for pa-t favo would re.peclf illy Milieil 11 continuance ol the .nine an rcminii ni.irieiHi. ami ine iiiihiie inai ne 1 oreiiarcd 10 acconimiHlate ihem no the sborle-t notice aiiJmo tfivor.iblu terms m the arioiis branches in ical ove 1 ne. .Shoo oi-uo-ite Jlr. C. A. Seymours Hat Store, ,'earl-sttevt, lii.rlington, VI. JA.U1.3 olu 1 1 . April I, 1311. n-13:ly -tKRTAlN CURH FOR SICK I1F.ADACHF., v which has been used in fimilies, every niember of which has bad sick headache from infancy, ns a const tutional family complaint, and Ins cured elfec- tinny 111 every instance yet known, amounting 10 m.t nv hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, and docs not prevent thediilv avocations of one usitiL' it it must oe persevered in, ami ine cure is gradual, nut certain anil permanent. iniances arc constantly niullipUinswlierctht tiitrrgin3 complaint is coin 1 ele v le iecu anil eiireii. niiuutmn 01 vears -ianum iv the use of Dr. Snolin's celebrated remedy. One decided preferenceisits pleasantnc', having none of the nausciitinz eitt-ct 01 common uriiRs. Itis so nerfectlvsatisfactorv. that thepropnetor has ?iven directions lor bis naonts 10 refund the price to any one who is not pii'aeu with, anil even cured oy II. lie unpen 11 leu urn , in-" iii.i j- t i 1111; - tii mi, eflts to the ditnsed nncri'rs who nie latiorini! unde Ilea-!ache. K. SPOllA, il. u inventor and rro ' Mniii'iiv'VorK .r- CO . 71 Maiden I.ane. Xew Vork. 1T.CK it S P K A If, Wbo'esile Ascnf., a few doors cast of the I'osionicc, uutnng , vt, "J Crnel-rrv ami Class arc. FF.W set a White Granite Ware, also Glass V Dishes and Plaic.'DecAiiiers, TunibU-rs.I.mips, .j-c. for sale cry low, by is. .11. I vi'i FOITXP. may be found in ibis villiite, directly opposite I he Met hodisl C lane .an () IA) "Al.M SIIIJI". neulv fitted iinm cood stv e. where tho undersigned will lie nlad to wait on his old customers who may favor hun with their patronage. liuilu It. u. Ot-rtUL.Ul.XU. Burlington, April 23 1S11. WI.NUOtV SAJill .1 isl received 15; 2(1 ind 21 7 by Oca-ement.. ol ash. a fir. I ra'e article at 31 and 31 cent, per lijjht ; al-o all Uiud. an l-izo-, i.iriil lied 10 order. Ticonderoua black ea I, a lir-t rate article, for ale very low, tojre her with a "real variety ot oilier aril cla-e cheap a. call be lound at any other ctabli-h- menl 111 I lie place. ur.o. i cTr.iiso.N. W HATCH would inform the in- habitants of Burlinron and i- c tiitv. that he has opened a shop in Cliuich street, at the sign of tho Utile, where lieintcnds to carry on the uiin s id i til Business, in all its various branch es. Hating been employed for the last six years in the f hop of J. M. Caswell, in Lnusinybiiruh, (undoubudly ihe best i -i7. ,t..:.. .1 t-. 1. r... 1 . biiop 111 ine uiiueii Millie..,; uu ici.i. .u -ranted in ofl'--rin Ins work to the public. Burlington, June 1, 1BI1. IXTYSTIIHIOIIS! A nentlenian btloneing to 1A oneof ihe most ancient and wealthy fainil'cs of this city.vihn must be well known to numerous friends havnm since the year ISI8, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for several years confined to lu bed, has been restored to hoi d health has reaincil us natural erect nosituin and lias Quitted ins car riace, and now walks with case!! We lulicve this is thcL'en Ionian', own description as near as possible, and there is no exaggeration in it. We will give inqui rers his address, and doubt not hiimnue feelings will e.xe so the liberty; so that any one tloubtintr, may ;naie these f.iclt I10112I1 he requests his name may not appear in print. Anions other instances, Jlr. Jas. O. Reynolds. 141 Christie-street, has been restored, and will give personal assurances of the fict of Ins case. Both were rheumatism, ami contracted cords and sinews. Ilnwhas this I een done? Answer, iin the Indian Vegetable Eltxcr tn- ternaHy, and Ilcwes' A'eric and Hone Liniment externnllti. .Ian. an, IS 11. SoUlnnhjbyCOMSTOCK if- CO., 71 .Ifuiicn Lire. A'eic liFor.-. 11!) vr.cK & .91'KAR, Wholrsnlo Agent", a few doors east of ttie I'ost lunee, muling on, -ru MOFFAT'S VKOKTAULK I JFK MKDICINRS. The-e medicine, are inilel ted for their name In their manife.l and en.illc action i i purifying the .prim. and channels of life, and cnitum;r them with renewed tone and vigor. In many h mdrc I cerlilie I e.which have I ceil made pill II", and In almo.l every .peeie. olili-ea-etu wiiu-ii ihe 11 iman frame I I ill le, lliu happy u ejt of MorrAt's I irt: Pill, and 1 ii'EN'ix nave iceii 5re.n1 my ann p 11 lit I v ue.nowlodireJ l,v the pcr-ou. I enetitied, and who were previou-ly unacq tainted wl hlhebca itifillyphi I0..0 lineal nrineui e upon which they nrecomiiound- ed, mid 1111011 which iheycon-ei ienily net. I he Llr 1. .iir.itlv.i,si. recommend thcimoivc. In li-c.t-e. of every form and ilo-crtplion. Their firm operation i lo 'oo en from lliu coats of the .tomach anu 1 owei-, ine verio is iinp iiiiie. nun cruuiiies con .tantly seitling nromid them: ami 10 remove the har dened face, which crillcct in the convolution, of the mallei inliMiiie-. O her luchcine. onle onriifilli- clean-elhe-e, and leave such collecteil ma p. I chiu'd lo produce liaiulual co-iivene..s, Willi all it. train of evil., or ..ihI. Ion diarrhcea, with its imminent tlaser.-.n Thi. fact i. well known to all regular nnatouu'.l-. who exam ine the human bowel, a Tier death ; and hence the prepidicc of those well informed men ai-aiu-l qnnel, medicine- or medicine, prepared and heralded lo llienul lie by ignorant per-oii'. The i-ecrnd e:!eet ol Ihe l-ife Me heme. 1. to eleau-e the kidney, and ihe bladder, and by thi- mean., theliverandtliclnng.,tlie henlibfulaen'oii of ivhichcnlirelydepend.upon the re gularity of the iirmar organ-. The blood, which take. I s red color Arum 'the agency of the Itverand the lung. 1 elore il pae. into the heart, I eing tin. purified by Ihem, an I noiri-hed by food coming from a clean .tomach. cotr-e freely through the vein., renews every pan of the .y.tem, nml triumphantly mounts ihe banner ol health in the blooming cheek. Mo I'al'.. Vegetal le Lile Medicine, have Icen thor oughly ic-ted,um! pronounivd a sovereign remedy fur Dy.pcp.ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo.. ol'Appente, Heart-burn and Ilea l-ai he, I!elle-sne.s, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Lang lor an) .Melancholy, Co. Iiveue.., Diarrluca, Cholera, Fever, of all' kind-, Ilhe im iti-m, Go u, Drop-ies of all kind., Gravel, Worm., A.lhnia and Con.iitnptinu, Scurvy' L'leer.' Inveterate. Sore., Scorbutic F.roptiou an I Bad Com plexion., Kriplive complatni., sallim-, Cloudy, and oihenli-agreeal le ('omplexioii', Sail Ithe iin, t'ry-ip- ela-, Common Cold, and Influenza, am! varum, oilier complaint, w hich nflbet theh'im.iii frame. In Fctcn an I Aour., tiartieularly, ihe Life Medicine, have I een 1110. 1 cimiicu'ly .ticce t l ; o much so thai in the r ever .111 1 A g'tedi.trict.-, Physician, almost universally hre.eril e them. All ill it Mr. MoTat require. of hi. patients i to I e particular in ta'.ing the l.ile .Me Heme, strictly aecor' ding to ihe direction.. It t- not a new-naner nonce or by anylliing thet he linn-elf may-ay tnibeir favor, thai hohopusto gain ere lit. Il i alone by lite results 01 a nor ir'iu. O F. "S Mr.UlUAtj .ilAiMJALt de-igned a. a ilome.ttc g iideiohe.ij h. Tin-1 Htle pamplile', od'led by W.H. Mil I'm, 375 Bru.tdway, New York, ha. I ecu led li-he I for Ihe p rpo-c ofexplaining moref lly Mr. Mo 'at', ihenry of di.e.t-e., and will le lound high'y iiitere.nn ' loucrson. iceking health. It treat, upon prevalent di-ea e., nndihecau-c. thereof. Price, 23 o-nt for. ale I v Mr'- Agent- generally. These vnluabltj Me b'oinc- are (or sale I v GlIORF.E I,. WAltNFR & Co. Ji hn-i ii. VI., General Agent I v whom all orJcr- from any part of the Sinte or Canada, will le prompt!) an-wereii. ta 1 Dec. 17, 1811. II A GAR $- AH TIIUR, Geneml A-rent. for Mo at'.- celel ra'e I medicine 10 wh'1111 all ons for agehcie. mtitl le nJ i:re eit. Ilnrling'oi, Jan. 23, 1812. DR. TAYLOR'S II A Ii S A M OF M V V. II W O II T, Ob-crye when you boy that vou get the genuine. pre.iarcl at 375 lloweryi New York. See that 375 ' tic ilurly for re-toring Weak con.titution., clean ing liow-iry New York . on Ihe wrapper of each Bottle, land s'renithening the slomneh, nnd increasing the 111 oiuer. ore fraud, and sold only ly specnlaior, . appetite al-u a nVtiSKliM STOMACH Bl'ITKHS. may h I.I1AY TO HUSTON IIY KAILHOAD il-ed fn.Wineorwa'er. 'Ihci-ecclel rated killers rrnSsn tttSir. mtim arecomjiu-ei-l purelyof vegc able, of th' most inuo- ceni yei spcciiie viriue-. 1 ney are recoinmemicu par1 without regard in ju.tice.lothe pub'lio,or theproptie i,ji . ui iiiu uiiiiiiioariicie. Olil.UTT & IJHA 1)1. BV have jus" received nnd oO'cr for sale at ihe lowest prices for cash or approved credit, a largo and well selected assortment ol Gioeenes, consisting in part of the fnllo.ung 5 Hhds St Cro'u 9 gar, 10 do P.irlo Uico 10 do New Orleans 50 Hags llio Coffee, 30 do Java do 50 Boxes soap, i t do superior do 25 do F.ttra do 20 Ke.-s salt Petrc, do do 5 II lid St Cto x Hum, 5 Pines Holland G,n, 2i qr casks Malaga Wine, oil noxes ripes, 20 Bigs Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 25 Keg pure Ginger, 25 do Raisins. WILLIAM Will GUT'S INDIAN' IMIKGATIVIi 1MI.I.S, Entirely Vegetable. MANtJFACTURIM) iin ler ihe immeba'e siipcrin en 'eui-e of WilliainWrigbl.vice-ore-idcnt of ihe Xorth American College of Health, for lliu treatment nnJc'ire nfili-ea e- iii ihe form of Itillio 1. and Ner- voi. Fever-, Mca-le-, Small Pox, Pain, in Ihe -loin ic'.-, I ael; an I i le, Cun-nniption. Droti.y, Scrof ula, Cancel, S.iit'uig if Blool, S.e'.-lle'i l-a Ik-, Itln- imali m. Diarrlur.l. Dy entiiry. Colics. Dy.pep- ia. Palpitation of the Heart, L'Ktrs and tore, of every kind, f-e. &e For ale I V PIHlk' & SPKAR, llirlinglon. V. II. HOI.LY, Willi-ion. W. J. DI.'Oiil.AS, I line .burgh. J. II. 1 1 A I .Kt'ltT. W,- if.rl. Hitrr Afill Sloucs and Colling Uitlts, PA1II of French Burr Mill Stones and a com ''nlete assortment of Bolting Cloths, from a eel" brated Manufactory in Holland, for sale at reduce J cms, Oct. 13, 1811. 'TMIK Hnr inoton Uruwcrv I- now X in full opciatinn, nntl Hew of thevrrvbesi nuntit v is krnt con atmiitv un II liiU nil Hitlt" III WHO It! lur half barrels. O. PKTKUSON M, G. RATHBUN, DRAIMi.t AND TAILOR, PKAIII. STItr.KT, T-TS jiut returned from New York, wnh full re X JLporN ofihe Fab P.i-hious, and i prepared loex--eute orJers fur win er garments 111 the iiio.l approved i'vlc, llif ha also on hand a select a-sortinent cf choice iriuiining-, a lapted 10 the sea 011 1 such a. Ural I, Jluttoirs. HlnlinS', I'ancv Vest nindiiis Cord, and lJuttons, Ac. Ac. N. U. lie j. al-o agent for Seotl it Wil.onV Re port ol F.i hion, whuh will 1 e to f irn'slied to any fine wi-hing them, and the reyiisiteiiilormatiou truly ftven. BurliiiEion, Nov. 4. 1811. LOOK HERE! MR. nDIIOR Will you please notify this com tminite that the huhscriher lias ontned a Slov More, first'door west of J. &. J. H. Peck & Co. where lie has a general assortment ol Cooking, Box anil Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, aud Hollow vtarc ol 1111 superior Brandon Castings i nl o Buck's Hot Ai Cooking Stove, which he is manufacturing in thi place. The construction of this stove is such tint ihn first and shariiest come- directly under the boiler and then passes round a spaeioii. and equally hinted nvcu, an I requins but compara iiely litu fuel to put it in opetnli in, and bakes equal to a brick oven. 'I here might be a List of sigtvitures procured as long ns the recommendation ot a country l". .11 from the highest siurccs in ihe secions where it in use ; but a preamble about thi stove or the Yankee Not on nselcs.. nnd if inonev continues scarce yen must use the lec 1 fit, so don't do without on thai aceaiint. but call and Irvlbe new Stove. II ir in tt vi, V iv I ), IS41. S.W.TAYI.OR PvOCT. MAHSIIAI.IAS An iu 111c, Cuarrh an J Ilea lacke SNI IFF. Thi. Sim Ii. -.iiierior to anJ thing vel known, lor removing iliat troui le-oiiie 01-ea-e.lheCa'arrh, and al-o a cold in Ihe'.ead, and tin hea lache. Il open, and purge, out all oh-iiuciion- .tieug'!ien.heplandj.,aiii! gie a healthy action tu.he - n...Ai i : .i-..,i.. 1- rj.,n ...... .1.: . pjri.a ri iwu n i- jr ihiki ins tiitj iiniiicie- terio i. in iti- ion ha. a lea. ant flavor, and i'siminebatee !ec, afierleing ost-l, is abgreeal.fe. PruvST cents per bottle. )o-i.Mar hallVVejt'a'i'elndian Black Pl.A'jrKU, Thi- Pla-ler i. nnrivalleil for curing .crnf ilou. wel ling., S urvy Sore, Lame Hack, and r re Ii ,n mil- j pain in 'he .i k-, Ilip- an I Liin! sj an I .eldo n fail, lo give re lief in loi'al lihe unali-m-. If a ip'iel to the .i If, i I will i-ucinany of ihocoiiiuiou Liier Complaint.; and i-e-jual, if not .uperior, lo any thing in ie for corn. on ihefeei , the virtue, of ihi-Pla ler liaielcen witne--el!v tho 1. and of individual. ,n I lie United S a'c, w ho havele lei it etlicai y. prietori una-, uowen, .Srr.n, II in. irlingt Vt. 1 tiraieu i a nioacio r y in tiouauu, nir s.iie ai reuuecj I A vnrierofMikuethvandnew vruHU'si uuam) 1 vi:, 'i in v.iVallo cge al e Medicine siand. mirivalleil lor the following compla'iit., viz i Hy-pcp-ia, or Indi ge-11011, di?ea e,l Liver, bilio'i.di.-orJer-. llrou-v. ma, Co.tnene-., Worm, and Id-, of Appetite, and I y clean. nig Ihe stomach and I owe!, cure. pain, in the i.te, stomai n and I rci.t, cold, and cotgh. ol Ion: siiiuiuiie, noar-ene-., -uonne-s 01 1 ream, iNcrvou eiiinpl.iiiil-.eic., which arefieinenlly Ihe u cct of ih- e.i.e. ror reveraiiu ,gi e, 11 i a mo-t le pie venta'ive a. well a. a soiert ign reineily. It. virtue .-irpa-. any thing known in removing St 1I11.' Dance, twii I utile, have I een known to cure llii.alllictnigili.ease, al er having lal lei cverv exer 11011 lor four jcar.. It ha. a 1110.1 powerful uillueiice in renin vine tiervon. complaint.. II . plea-ant total and Mica-y in il. upi-ralii.u, that it may I eadininisieie to ine iiiiani won niteiy. 1 lie aliove .Miilicme i.ery Ins til V rei-omuien 'eil ly iiianv se.euiilie geni emeu and n Ijrge n-iinl er of'ladie-," who bale tinned ihr virlie- of Ihe Medicine I y ncr-onal os cud that of ilieii families. A I ill ofi erufi'ca'e- acconitiat ie. each I little. wilhdireo'ion.. It may le had whole. lile or re'inl 01 Brfiiin, llarre, and J. C. Farium, Fa-t William.. town, M.sole piopnenr-. Prepared fiom ihe origin ill recipe ; for sale I y K. II. Preuti--, Moint.elicr, and 1'r.cK if-Sri-An, llirlinglon, and in the principal town- in the siatepill lire -linn- igneliii the hand writing ofihe propnelor FOR Convunption, and Liver ccmpln(nl, Dyspep sia, dizzinc.. ofihe bead, lo.j of appetite, Dy.-eii larv, and general regulnterol the whole. y.tem. Noiiegeillline I Ut thnt Mr,-unnd nt IVX It. New ork, where the article wa. lir-t made, 1 hue-bar-aeerofthe meJicuie forme 1 and e lallishedly the pre-ent so'e proprietors, and who are I ho only pc'roii. knowing Ihe eottipo.ilion ofthe genuine. Il ha. I ceil ii-ed siieee-sfnlly fur eight vcar.. in the cure of these disea-c. itpHcintinl trlhe original and Ocnui ie 1. made only at No. 375 Bowery, New York. All other are eounieifeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general remely fur thee ihacn-c-. I mn f.llv nti-fiud, from long experience, ihere i. no nieilicine M ialioDr. Taylor'. Balsam of Liverwort. Being Hire V vegetable, it can be use 1 with the ulino.t salcty V all ne.-on. in every conduit n. It c!ea i-e ihe lung, iy expccioralion, relieve, diincnlt breathing. and-cenuto heal llieche-t. There can lenoque-tion but thi. medicine i. a certain lure for chronic co igh and cold.. 1 have used it four year, in my practice, and always wi'h.-res.. A. V. ROGLli'S. M. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor'. Brani i f Luerwort to l e cerlain rcnusly fur thi.eomolaint. a. I bavu n-e l il nnvclf and fouiid its e'eet. nn immediate. I was much troubled until I made n-eofllii. medicine. M. L. IIKNSIIAW. 21 1 Mangin si. Hoar-ene' Ciucd For ihe cure of hour one-. 1 can strongly rcceonimeud llr. Taylor'. Babam of Liv erwort. 1 naic 1101 omyiounti preai 1 enetil my-eii, but many of my enngregatn 11 I v my ru -ciimmemta-lion have reeieveil great I enefit ironi its virtue. It is at ( lice mild ,ellicuciu.i.aud hariu'e... KI-.V. A.. bl AVIS. Severe t.ough. and t-.oldt 1 have had a tno-t se vere cold nnd cctigh, (or a long lime which I could not gel ridof. Af er u-ing many u-e'e-s tiling. 1 Iri til laylors ual-am of Liverwon, and it cured 1110 in a tew nays. jas. is. m.iiiu.mjuiv. R.ii-ing of Illootl A! out two weeks ago I bad n fall, wiich cau-e.l me 10 spit large quatnie. of I IoikI win, Ii noiinng could cure un'il I tried nr. laylor Liverwort, f In- n.edi'-ine gave me inline- ba'e rilief and in a very short time e .celeJ an enlitc cure. Let all per-on. try it. IILOII SIC GART.Y,21 Cannon st. I!r. Tnylir. Bal-am of Lnerwori I In. superior remo ly lordi ea-e. 01 Hie lung, nn I Hvtr ha ol lain ed a ri'iuia i'-n never Itforeepialled. liemarkable ture nt Consumption. . her ileal Ii Willi lln'.di-c,i e. that un friends -enl for a pr o-t tuconfe-. me ere I t'ied. He in hi-nn r-v, lold me not to give mi un'il I triel Dr. Taylor'. I'abam of Liverwort. 1 scut iinmciha'elv fnrthi. niedicine, and allhoiigh the con'e-t for a few day. 1 etween ihi. ine lieme. and my 1 1 ea-c wa. se vere , the medicine conquerc I, an'l in a fortnight I wa- re-toredtoheallli. I bad aco igh. rai-ing ol mat ler. In-, ot inv voice, nam-, weakne-.. itc. I can re ler to Doctor w ili n, in the tarlien llmnc, fur Hie irutli ofiny sta-ement. JIAKI DILL, 10 h .treet cor, neware 01 Ira ni-. ot jj aveui c. Summer Complaint. The Bal-am of l.ivcru-or!, in reicial ea-c of Ihi b-e.i.-e. wherenll other reiiK-die. niiulied Iv lihy-i- cian-have proved ineilectual, has produced a pe.-feel cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption Mr. li. Gla Idm t;l Dell"', N. Y., ol a natural')- con i,i,u i-uii-i iiiiiuu. ia. een sai-f-i trom nn t 1 timely end l.y the u-e of Dr. Tuvlor's Ual.iiui of Lie erwurl. A .eierecoldl ro lehl on an aiiael; of Pl.-n re y, andthu. en.lel in general del iluyand eon.iunp t 1 WII.-.HU vi, qn, iii;.-iit: ou-ii, rei e.. nigni q 1 n'; p il-e, nn I eont.nue I lo.. of fltsh, a'-ccit-d . cjly t'ea-h ; but .1. .0011 as 1 commenced the u-eol tin. I nl-am I grew I e ler, and is now fully restored to heattli. Shortness of Breath. Fur ihi- di-ea e, I hate alnav- found Dr. Taylor' Itl.n... - - . tt . . uiii'iiiii ui t.nuwun an execticni reme iy. 11 i a1 once .0 .nreand o e'e.-live, that I alway. u-e it 111 my pi. i-t ice, an I recennimend it to my fr eml-. 1 h.ue ti-cJ il 111 .nine hundred. 1 f eac wilhin 1 lie pa, fo ir year-, and I have never had it fail. In inanv ca cs of a.lhma, 1 fully I clieve it 10 hate Icen the nieaiis of taviug pieciou- lite-. Let all u-e 1'. GEOIIGL RALPH, M. D. None genuine 1 ut that piepare I al 375. Jowery. New York a will le -een by ihe la' el. an I wrapper- of each butlle. Be sure vou look w hen vou buv. The gen line can aht ay. 1 col tamed of Ike O.d Agent-. Me -r-. N. Lute'v & Co.. now Lot-elv it Sevino -r Dr. Moody and Piik it Cheini-n an I Druggi l, B n lingion S. H. B irne .Charlotte willtaui tttio 'c., Jr. Itichmouc ueo. Aver, ei Co. Milton A. it W. Brown. Grand I le V." II. Kee'er. S0111I1 Hero Ilurai-t: Wad.worlli, Norih Hero J, Davis, All.urghF. itl..O!ena, We.-t Albursh-D. &, W, Carpenter, W.Herl urv. Iirevenlalituagain.l the cholera mnr I111-, fever and ague, leinuvin; uaii-ea, voniiting, heart burning, weakne.. in ihe ln-a-t, pain in the stomach and oilier syiu pi cm of flatulence and indigc lion. Ouu Lux will liiiciureoucgalloii. Priee25cts. n I ox. Rcssr.tL's Itch Oin-tmes-t. Thi. clmee Riulsnfe oiiilment i said lo I e Mipcnur to any now hi n-e, for thai I'i-agrccable an I loath-ome d.M-n-e, the I'lCH. Thi. Ointment 1. o cearlaiu in Its opcralion that no per-on 110111 led witn 1 lie at ove ui-omer ought 10 le without It. It i. a remely fur cutaneous eruption", .eorbutie a7eclion of ihe head, ornny other breaking out which art-es from sharp humors in Ihe Llood. rrice vi et-. a t ox. km ell's Eor.TAtit.r. Billious Pills, or family physic, for general u-c, in ca-e. of Jaundice, nmrl id en-il ilily of the .tomach and bowel-, lo-s of appetite, ftctid 1 realb, cotivenc..., Pile-, und nil di-ea .e. ari- ing from 1 iltart tlerangemenl-, al-o lur correcting Ihe state tf the I lood, and clean. ing lheyiem ol lo-it aud viscid imuiour.. 1 ne.e puts are a miiu ta Ibanic, prodiuin neither pain, nor griping, and are therefore a valual le and highly approicd mcdu-ine. and are pronounced by theiuo-t tli.tiiigui.bed phy-ician-, l.'acb box cuniatning 33 PilL. Price 7 et-. a I ox K .-e 's ce el rated Salt HllEU.M OINTMENT. I Ins . uiifpie-lioiial Iv the 1 1-. and -ale-l remedy eter vet ) I'ered to the n ihlic for that ob-linaic di. order SAL'I RHK0M. Where other means have failed, it celeJ, nnd the fact that it ha I ten sxtoii-ivcly u-eil y eminent Practitioners sneaks volume, in it. prni-e. It 1. equally edicjcioii. in all di-ca-e. of the skin, eaid lie. ul. ring woriii'.auii 11 e 1110. t into crate iilii. i!tc. iS-c. Niimero'i. certiuia e. might le obtained, ui the pt-otiritor choo-e. Hint a tair trial .iio-ud t e the unit- evi lence ol'it. .ulterior eilicacv. Price 50 cent, a 1 ox. for sale Ly ntk if- apear ami not ert .uoouy, B iibngtun: Dr. C. C. Mile., and Hull Cook, llincs- biiralij S. II. Ilarne-, Charlotte; L. June-, Georgia; Tyler, l...ex i fuller it Iliiiilmgtuu, Itichmond Al-o, ly the druggi,t. and 11.11 1. b ants gcneially bro icbo-it I In- -later o2 !)ir SLNGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL J. T II YON, DKAPII AND TAII.on, WOULD onic more remind hi- cu-ioiner. that lie continue, to curry on I he above husine-. in all U vaiious branches al hi. Old Stand on St. Paul street, neartbe F.pi.copal Chirch,and insighl ofthe Catholic Church. Thankful for na-1 favor-, 1 1 1 011.- tomer. are soliciled lo continue iheir palronage, and many new one. are much desired. The newest Fash ion, promptly received. Cutting done 011 short nolicc cheap for ca$h. I have on hand iiinii old accounts which 1 should ike to exchange for cash, Nov. 12, 18-11. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney and Councilor at Law, TWO DOORS EAST OF THE TOST OrriCE.CP STAIRS. Refer lo Messrs. . fi J, II, PECK &. Co. Nov, 19. ivele le I il etlicaiy. Sodlyliie pro . Howen, Middlebur'y, V., an'd Peck &: 53l A. ROBERTSON, narrlsler and Attorney at Law, ( Late in the ejict ef the Ihn. Solicitor Gen'l Day) L1TTI.F. ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nor. 1841. Reference in Burlington, to CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire. t A LARGE assortment of Brass Kcltles, Vices, Anvil. Traro Chains, Holler do. etc. clc.isofl'errd fur salent prices which cannot fail to sun tiisioiueis by FOLLLTTif- BRADLEY, Nov. 29 Old Dock, Burlington. FOR SALE. THAT large and commodious ttvo sto. rv Itrir.k Dtvelng House Ji Lit situated oil tho west side of College green at tho head of College-street, in this vib age. llio llousr. is si by 4j, with a hascnieni story, wiih Ki chen an I Provision cellars, and a wing 32 bv C 5. ! xtendiug ninth on College Grien, wiih woo 1 and More home below-, and chanil er and Mcepin room. nl ove, A large andcomuiisho i Barn, carriage ho-i-e ice hout,nnd other o-it-lion-e., and a spaciou. yard west of Ihudtt't-lluig ho-i-e, anil u good tlnral le wc I or wa'er of Ihe I est oualnv in the village, nn la I ru c:.crn. land, i.flho lir q uulitt i a large garden and choice fruit lrccs west ihe hi u t- ami yard. The B hidings arecon.trncteil in modern style. I he I e-t nia'erinl. and workmanship, werttcrecloj ihe subscriber for hi. own u-e, and the location : (nrl. a very o and plea.ant pro.pecl of t village an I laku on tlie tt e-t aim 1. 1101 surpa.roii any oilier in Ibis oarl ofthe country. Also for rale a lot containing an acre of land direct Iv opposite the unove lot with a small convenient wi dwelling house thereon. Pi-r.-ha-ers arc invi'eJ tocall and exiniue for I he selvci Terms made known by ihe iul serilcr on 1 preini-e.. 6'AMl'FL RKKP. 11 iruni'nn .l ine, 10, 1R4II. vnrielt ttleFancyllkf . nnd Veil BROAD CLOTHS. Heavy doil Its milled Ilroa I toihj B-avcr nnd P lot Cloth- ; Rich Diamond I'.-.nci Cloth, j al-o a general as-orimenl of B ilington Mill Cloth-, Gentlemen nn I La he. are iin He. I loenll ami exam ine our 1cryc.vcn.11e a-soriiuent, which we o.ler ot re I iced prii'e fur ('ash. B irlingiou, 2-2 O-t. 1611. DURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY L. .M.LSON, couliiiues llio business of iiianufaelutine Chairs at the old s'nnd, of Ihe fol lowing descriptions: Cull Maple Grtcinn, Cane Seat, Common Cane nnd Flag Sial, Large nnd Small Raised Scat Rocking, do do Com inon do, Common Dining, tie. &c. All of which are warranted a first rale article and will be sold nt prices n " t-niii-1-i'tMiu iiii uie nines. FEATHERS, and FEATHER BEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Live Grrese Feathers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber. Curl and Birds Eye Mnplc, delivered nt his shop in Church street, opposite the old Bank, c. L. NELSON WJEW XXVxiRV STABLD. n. CO L 11 en t 11 I J ESPECTFULLY informs his fiicndsand th. .iuuui:, nun no on now opened n I. A 11EAVV nsEuiiment ol'Slciuli nnd Cutter shoi -fx Wrought. Nails, Crow lints, Ac, just rerfived a J4 oflcrcd low by Nov, 28.J FOLLETT& HRADLE .uu-rorwuTrtrijMe. ''laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaB- JlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav T I) S T received, 3 supply ol Marsh's eelel rate I Trns e-, of etery iVsenpttun, for -a'e I y Ihe dozen or-in"le, Nov. 1. PECK tf-'SITAH. tCfTr'-i-scs accurately appli ci'fn e ol 1 barge. $100 FJ,WART). C'l Hfi REWARD has been offered for months pjyr to anyone who will use a bottleof Han's IJniment for Ihe Piles, without lninj! cured. Of thousands sold, in no one instance has it tailed of a cure, l'roof ovcrwhilinmg to bo had where it is sold. Itis also a certain cure in nearlti event (Externally,) in the following complaints. For the Piles, for all dropsy, tinder ftet, soro throat, ly can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, hcald bend, lightnessol the cliest, especially in children, roul ul cersof the legs, or oilier fungus sores, however obsti liateor long stnndiug, fresh wounds, chilblains.elc. LOOK OUT. Some sicindlers hare counterfeited tins articeana put it up tritft rarioucfricc. Do not bo imposed upon. One thing only tviM protect you it isthonnuieof COMSTOCK d CO: that name must he always on the trra; ;irr, or ton 11 nj l e cheat ed. Do not lorect it. Tako the direction with vou and test by 1 Iin l. or lifter buv i t for it 13 impossible for any oilier 10 be true or genuine. n9 Sold by COMSTOCK if. CO, 71 Maiden I.ane, New York. P E C K it S P E A It, Wholsale Agent", a lew doors cast of the Post Office, Burling ton. Vt. " LIVE AND LET LIVE." fTI HE snbscriler would respectfully return his I lhank. to hi. many patron, fortheir favcrsduring the past five year., and would al-o in'orm llicui that lie ha. re.ilcin.hel hi. tick- of Sinnonery, Books, Binding Sto -k-, ic. and will I e happy to wait upon all ihat -ha 1 favor hun n-iih their putionage, an I r.o 0 lor! on hi-pnrt shall be.pure.1 to give tnti.f.iciion. Oir.HH.-l, co-i moiiet", therefore, we ennntd give 11 ntv.iy, or sell it below eo-i, or at 00-t j but what we bate in sell, (if we can get an opportunity) at a- until advance froincu-i a. any une can do' and live '(V Iheir bu-inc... Indiviilunls.' wishing to piinlia '-iinunnn School Books, Stationery, or Blank Books can have a chance to te.t the sincerity ofihe sul uri- 1 er.w-nen hesay. be will sell cheap f. r ca-h.l y calling at ihe sign ofthe ReJ Lc-lger, College streei. SAMUEL IID.V1 INUTON. Nov. 8, 1841. lliirllngloti Hookstore. TIIEfuIn ri'erwoulil invite the attenlion of his Iricnd. und tie pul Iin 10 ln new n.soiimrnr of Book.. The e. selection he ha. eter made, I o-h in tlis'-ellnnen-i. and School Bonk are now o'ercil eAonor cm. Nov. 10. D. A. B RAMAN. Morlso'i'a IMIIs. MESSRS. PANG BORN .f- BRINSJIAID are nppoinled Stale Agents by Messrs. Alexander and John Morison, of ihe British College of Health, Lomlont one of our firm visited thecollega in London, and we hold our appointment now directly from head quarters. A correct picture of lha I 'oil sen BuilHincn can be seen at the Variety Store and in the hands of ournuo.ajrsms. All in packages will ho signed in wnling. ?fB0RN & BRIN8MAID," PH. I, SjtateAgmtti NEW ESTABLISHMENT. ( RUCCKssulLS I'D K. JMHJiiS.) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, 70ULI) re-pectfu'lf infiirm the iuhal itnnt. cf W j llirlinglon an I Ihe surro irlingciuu rv. that they carry on ihe Confectionary liusintss, 111 all it. tar'io 1. 1 "raiiebe-. Deeruiiuel 10 u-e 1 lie verylc-t material- in manufacturing, lliey will .11 all time fiirni h Meri'bant. and other-dealing in Coufe.-Iioii-arie-, wi b ihe I est q 'ali'y, an I on the lowe-t po.91- ire'erm-. &tio 011 tn ir 11 ? roe". Iwo door, r-o it 1 f S. L. Ilow.irl . & ore, newly an I neailv littc.1 up. w-liere wc cor iiauy mvi'c an 10 i-tu an 1 t-xaniineo -r aiticle-, consi-iingof nil kind, of Stick Candi, B.ill. and ki-ic , llearl- and I lamond-, Braid-, 1'epiier- mirii, Lemon Dio,)-, t anilln Cream, Lnenge ,Sigar I tl'iiii-, 1 arraway-, 1.0111111., ua-sia 11 id-, I(m-; and llr 'Wit tan.iy, igar cami, ioiii nn I se.-rets, Ktgar Apti'e, Puta'ie-, Egg-, and llal c., with varii u. oilier article, too 11 iincri u. to I c mentioned. A general a.-i r.ineni of ri h an I fancy Cake, on ban I, and I akel 10 order, together with Ice Cicanis to furnish panic , Ccc. 0.0. -ALSO- Coi-cn (!andt, which we recommend for Cough-, Colds, Hoar ene--, &e. We do not pre en I to say with Mr. J, PsasetVSoii, that 1 ur Candy will c-ire all til case, lea ling 10 Consumption, we think thai IS saying too much. CLUCKS. We have a good a-oriment of Brass and ll'oorfen Clods, which we will .ol! tery low fur cash 1 r ap prove I credit. Pleaje call and examine Lcfore pttr-elia-tng el-cwhere. N. B. All order, from a di-laucr, pot paid, will le promptly attende I to, and package- nnd hoxo- pul on I card of stage, or loal-, when lequired, fiee if charge, lie pailic and ad Ire., all order. 10 .Ml I . CI I ELL tV BARNES, Confectioners, there Leingtwo linn-of ihe same name 111 ihe village. II Vinson. Vi. O -t. 22, 1811. DIMtAMiS Ol' I'll -: I. UNO.-. Ihe iitiui ir, 1 euifilt rtei ktiuuiiin Aiiiriierf I egttablt Pulmonary Balsam i. ilu niui tnui.iMp Il inn. 01 ii. f ll cnct;ll.,C'iil., 11. inn. ,i or iiiiiisit-. l-MII-lllliplMlt. It lltfljllltg fui'gli .Hid jui'iiiiiii ii t Mtl'CIIUIIt ileteit kind, lis .i'e 1. sie.ulilt liirie.i.iuK. ami Hit- liinpiieuir. .lis riui.i.oiil. .M-eiiuii! die iuu-l Mtoiitoit iiciMiio id ns 1 fleet-, tin- lulliiiviiig neit ceililie.ites e iifTi-ied for publ e px-nidii iliuli, A . TKIIIStlSO C S K ExHrfCI of .1 lei ler fl Mil Mr It S Knitc'imi, U'.'t-r en., N. Y. in i lie pr pi icimi ., " inns nl ilu- IMi ui. i, it.i. unit teen it-iil itk.ilile ewie it.i. ell'-cis-il li Hie t eij ittiMe I in uiuii.iit in ihm w ntipi mid -pi lnii ol I5.JJ. ins I e. ii Ml . tlr. Muiiili , lieen .11 k aluiillulP ttuli Iih i siiniiiru.n. Hi. i.tit-lcMii- li.itl uiieii linn up lie wit. lediii-t-d so Intv is lo be iniitlitp In liplp biill-pll ind was .1 I.iibp tpt-illliit nf IiIimiI, tliPii lie '-oiiiiiieiiei d o. nig ih- BiI-.iiii, ttli'ih Im. pfTscipd a i-iiinidsip t-ine, lip l. tent .is h itp mid a. 'tPl he ns. -Mr. Muiidi IPmutt d ftnili nil. lint n, lull hp II is preim-ed ine iiiuip ilelrfil'tt iirruiiin of Ins c-tsp. m Inrli I ivill l"t w.ird tun. t.. o LI. 1 1 . Kniis'iiii, N. Y Jimp 25 1833. Exli.iil uf Ipiipi fitiiii Dr. J.ieul. Alters TIip Vpi!.-i tlitp 11,1,11 it lUl.ioii Ims hppn sold in ihis nut for, .Hid Ilip me lit-iuP li.iinpd an inu-iiiniiiii-i celt in nt. lot il -ctieeit in iuip in. i-p 1'iitpil ul It.itnu iIip ilp.ited (fhct I urn bt mi me rfiir ui fitni ef ilu ui nn IIII.1I1MII., nmsi ol itlni h nie im nn. il mn. itii,ii h crpilukitis piildie, but lion tiliirh 1 kitutv bv n.e ! be pfft-cii il, I rmiiiiii help hui itit int 1 omit iliiin llierp'u. A rn-uneiffit lit rinit hi ioii Ii iippn nffrred lu-re b Hti.iiplling Aiput, tif Cumsitii k, , Y. ami tiieip i. .iRuilier Hriicle tended hcie thai i. Iroul) Mispfcied put lull. J Aeon M y frs, M. D. Mtfllinetnii, JiniMl.t ro I'p 3, 18117 Fium Dr. r-riniiel .Mutiell. in the I'miit ipniis nl ilu- Vp"p rtlilp I'ulimiiMit ItHlsain. I .nn phi isfleil iImi ilip Ye. pi-tlilp Bntji'iiu is .i t .tin ib'p inedpi-iiie Ii h i. bppu used in ilu. pl.icp tvilh riiiuplpip siirrp.s in hi on. tin ne fitulpl mil til Hip Iiiuip., ulieii'lpil ttnll ii etei e euiifli, Ins. uf tiiu-p. mid ihe r.ii.iii2 of mnrli iiliiuil, Hhuhliad piptumslt ici-ied iimii) spiuutpil iiie.,-1 ipliuii.. AIipi n.inil ihe ltrtl..iut tine wetk. i lie ll.lii'il1'. tnirp leniini-il .ind Iip In spe ik .null li.y, I'lil. case neriiriet! stmip hiiip since, mill lhp is nun pugH2Pd noi only in aeiite bin UIuh ions Im.iiipsi. Itc.uscilutlt , fce. S. MoHltrt.t.. i is m, iv imnp lli in six since I whs I.i (ing Ii i ipi t lutt lit an .illerl idii ul i lit- iiimij., nml mt f iiiiipi.itui tins dpi I.HP'l lit tip l iii-tii .idle bt a l iiuneil nf ibll'P phi it-Miis. I tt hs ilipn tp.iiii etl in .is tiio I IiphIiIi a- I luil limited f"r m.iii) )P.tts, bt u.uta ilip Vejipi.tblp Pel. ui t iiii-iiii. nince nit- leentpr) i n.ite ici i iipiiiIpiI tllP B ils.lni in il KiPHt lii'tnt e.l-es ul 'tint niiiilmiust stm! so fir a. 1 can l-nn. lis use his in iHiiald) Iippii fiill'itted bt nun b henpfii, nnd in uiaii in.Miiei s il li.i efTeell it chips it hit Ii hpip itliiilt uiipk uppipiI. Samukl Eri.iir.Tr. II ,. on, M.iirb 2. 18.17 Tor ..iIp, tthu'esHle mid reinil, by PECK & SPER,B"r int , Vi. Via CHATHAM, PITTS FIELD, SPR1NGFILLD AND WORCESTER. ON nnd after Tuesday, Dec. 21. 1541, ihe pAMtttr ger Trains will run through the entire line, n follows: Leave Grccnbutli doily, Sundays excepted, CJ A.M. and 1 P.M. The morning train will orrive at Chatham 81, at Pillslield 9?, nt t'pringfield I2 M., at Worcester 1 P. M. nnd nt Boston 7 P. M. The nltcrnoon train willnriive nt Chatham 2, at Pitlsfield Springfield 6J P. JI , leave Springfield next morning Oj A. .ti,,arrito at ttorccitcr as ana ai uoston it .n. RETi-nsiso, leave Boston 7 A. M. and 3 P. ST. The looming train arrives nt Grcenhuih 6!r P. M. The afternoon train arrives ot Grecnbush I2i tlav, lodging nt bprtnelicld. i lie cars ol me iiudsuit ana nerKsutie itait-uosa will run between Hudson and Chatham in connexion with the above trains. Passengers from the cityof Albany must tokt lit boat from Ferry Wharf al 6l A. M. and 12 M. FARES. From Grecnbush to Chatham, Chatham to Piltsfield, Pittstie'd to Springfield, Springfield to Worcester, Worcester to Boston, If paid through From Albany to Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Pittsncld, Hudson, FOR NEW YORK, Via Sprinpfeld Ilirlford and A'ew Haven. Passengers leaving Grecnbush by the 1 o'clock, P. M. train, arrive at trpritiEfield, 61 P. M.i thence by stage (23 miles) to Hartford, nrriting at 11 P. M. leave next morning in cars for New-Haven, arriving in time to take steamer for New l ork, where they arrive at 2 to 3 P.M. Or leave Grecnbush by thi morning train, arriving at New-Haven S P. M., thence by steamer next morning, to New York, orriting by 2 to 3 P. JI. Fare, if naid through from Grecnbush to New- York, 8(5. Tickets to be purchased at G. R. Pavjje s Office, Thorp's Buildings, 2 Bioadway, Albany, and nt the office of the Drpot in Grecnbush. 6m-30 GEORGE W. WHISTLER, Engineer. SO 62, 0 20 1 SO 1 50 ISO 5 SO 4 25 300 1 SO 12S Ul L it-turn thanks to nir cusiouicrs nnd thepuhhe UKAIVril SKCUltED By ihe use of the Hvgeim tegelablo UNIVERSAL m'eDECINES or the BniTisn College or Health, London. Which hare nbtaitndthc approbation and rccommtn' dution of Thousands tho hare been lured In Consumotions. Cbo'era Morbus, Inflamma tions, internally or externally; Dyspepsia, l-evera, Ague, Indigestion, Bilious or Nertous Allecnonsi and all diseases of ihe Liter, Ye low Fever, Gout, Rheumatism, L unbaco, Tic 1 oloreux uri psy, at, Vitus's Dance, Epilepsv, Apoplexy, Paralysis, Pal sev, Greensickness, and all ol structions to wblOT, ihe Female form is so distressingly liable, nnd which sends so many of tlie fairest portion of the creation to Iheir untmitiiciy craves; oinan run, Whooninc Cough, nrlct I cter, Asthma, Jaundice, Gravtl, Stono, and allUnnary Obstructions, Fistula, PiUs, Stiicturc , Rup-urcs, nnd Syphilis in all iti stages; Constipated Bowels, Wotms, Scurvy. It- ehins of Uic skin, s l-.vil, nnd an uiitantoua Disorders; in short, every Complaint to which tho human frame is so dircfully subject, under all their vaiied forms and names ; as the Hygeian conviction is that Man is subject to only ONE REAL DISEASE That is, to the Impurity qf the Blood, from whenre springs every Complaint that can pov suuy assail ins compucnieu irauie, ouu tnai it is tun pctpctnnl snuggle of this vital, puie stream oflife,(tha gift of Almighty power) lo disercumber it-elf of ili v scous, nend humours, with which it has become commixed, through tho negligence of parents; tho istiorance, or maltreatment of the doctoral or tho vicious, oi gormandizing propensities of us all. This valuable medicine, being composed only of vegetable matter, or medical herbs, and warranted on oath, a-containing nut one particle of mercurial, mineral, orchcmical substances, (all of whicharo uncongenial tothe nature of man, and therefore det iructite of the human frame) is found to be perfectly harinness to the most tender age, or weakest frame, under etery staec of human suffering! the most pleasant and benign in its operation, and, nt the samo lime, the most certain in seaiching out the root of etery complaint, howcttr diep, nnd of perforniinf a cure, that was ever oflered to the world. '1 his wond erful efii-ci, too is pn ducid by the least trouble to lha patients, by merely swallowing a t-crtoin nuinberof pills, and being called a few txtrn times to the pur poses of etneuntion, wiih the least posible sensation of pain, exhars'ion of bodily strength, and without the fear of catching lold or ntiennon to dirss or diet, in any wny dilli-ren' fiom their nccuslomid habi s. Tltew tVs cure in all eaes, and cannot be taken to excess. Experience winch is the touchstone of all human knnwletl e, has lone borne lisiimnny lo he ficl i and extensive use nf litem has already ve rified iis t rut Ii in this eounliy. These Midti inescureby purgiif, and yet the weak, thefcfble, infirm, the licit ous, the delicate, ate in a few davs slrensthcned by their operation. heausiMhey iltarthe body ol its had buiiiuurs, nml invariably produce soun . sle?p. They are the safest and most t-ll'n bus Medicine lo take to sea; ptetenting scurvy, eo.titencss, if-e. Tbenpeintion of this mild Medicine, whiih conveys immediate convi -lion ofi utility, fiom Ihe first dose is ns beneficial to the nn'nif as the body; first calming, ihem- ritii! all Mental Dcrancimcnts, Eccentricities, .Vrroiis Affections. Irritaoihtui, and J'estlcssness, To Hlacksinlllm lllosburgli Coal. fp HE subscribers have just received forty ions of x uioscurgn isoai, wueiu lor omiiii s use is uusur i assid byouy of themincrnl coals, nnd tvhtrcknotvn lins taken '.he plicc nl charcoal. Igniting easily and burning freely, itis highly leciiminended for crates nnd domestic use. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. CHURCH MUSIC. THE following va'uahle Musical Works are ran stantly for sale by the subscriber nt tho lowest prices, by ihe tlnit. or Itrger quantity, vis i The ModernPsalinist, a new work by I.. Mssnn. Boston Academy's collection of Lhutch Munc Metho li t Harnionist, OJcon, and Boston and American Glee Book. Nov. 18H. D.A, BRAMAM. 17 M. WRIGHT & Co. will ope i v nhin thre ot 1U four day-, ;roin H00tn2000yd. Extra uptrfie, (do ible cro ind), .uperfine. fine and common all wool , ...1 t t I - ..L - 1 I.. . i.irpc ings, tt nit ii nitti i rcu i in nit -1-1 uio.iiy in N.Yorkat a-ioiicn, and tvdl I e sol I al t ry low price-. Al-oTwibel an I pl.t in Venetian stair carpelin?, ii.m...,ien,i.n.,.n n:i,.i,i,. ia,,. Nov. 12. nooks ami I'aper. CGOOnRICII, one tloor F.i.t ofFarrar 4. TVaitV t Crockery Store, UP STAIRS, ha. a very ceneral eolle.-tiou of Books, including a large stool,- of School Books and Paner. All wi-hine to ourcha e will do well to call. Produce and domestic want'lai lures o ercry de-enptmn receive 1 in payment. School com mittee, furni-hi'n? for school, .call bare books gra tuilous.'y (or all children in iheir district. irho ps. rents aro unal I to I uy, De--. 15. mllE Suhscriler will nv cash for a few Thousand 1 pounds of good Fleeces Wool, delivered al their oiore, iieeanii-nri 3t. nrw.PL.fc.i oi ttvutv, Mf 2, 1811 f rtheli cral nattoiinc thev have giten us lur some jt-ars, nnd inform them that we bite tl.iled 1 iA ind and At45 mndi! arrani-t nienls fur the C." iuipurltiliou of Wall-lies, Jew- '-jJ'r elrt. Watch initcriiiU. Ivnivrs. Scissors, Razors, Pisfol3,"nnd Fancy Ailie'cs. We arc receiving I rnutiful finished Gold nnd Silver Cased Patent Lever Watches of I ti'dish nnd Geneva unnupiciure. Also. Gold and Miter Gem-en l.enine "r. i,. . ,.n,.,u,.,,J ,t,,ni, l.n.c t.tih J atches ; A arm mid h igltsh and Hieneh atelics. ! t.r, nol been iropeilv undcrsiood, ns the llygeiali We shall be happy lo s pply any onevho wishes . fuimd them all tnproceeil from acrimonious humours a cood tvntch. Hie public ninv test nssmed that ttem ,he ,0d, nnd. haipily for the present and futurs iloseil fine wnlclus mittens bw and a little low er ' tau of mankind, discovered a cVon and unirroI thin City nliops. We know by recent cvanunnion ' md..'of purifying, cwrinr, and prerenlingt th it we are selling fine Gold l.eter- of equal quahtt, Tni. bc'nL' cured of nny disease, infiriiiity or sore, iHt-cr than they are s ,!d m Boston. I.tery kindol is now no "more a dubious or uncertain procedure Watches neatly cleaned and repaired at tho lowest ,,Crsevcrcnce in the Vegetable Universal Jlidicines Pr"-'cs- w-,1 always restore nature lo her duo course. Th? We have recived sonic bcaui.ful Gold and n al slone m,,,.himoair tho'faeulties. will find a sure remedy in Broaches an I Pius, which we had made in England wllli lorquois. t;oi nclian, Un vx, Topaz, lltiliy, Car buncle, Opal, Diamond and oilier precious Slonrs. Wo hate also rcceited a variety of pretty dress Pins and Broaches, lia r Pins, lloquct Holders, &c. Head Ornaments, Snaps, Lnckets, Chains, Keys; .-liter, shtll, Pearl and Ivory Card Cases ; .Memoran dums, Souvenirs, Ncedb Cases, and many very nrettv Goods. ii.t.uur, jvnives, oct sors, Nut Pickers, Nut Craikcis, Pearl nnd steel cork-screws : Ttvcscts, toy rings, giltand common tta bells, inntlicinat ical insttumcnts, wood and ivorv nocket rules. Thermo. meters, level-, plated and German silver spoons, lea pots, tumblers, gn-to-hed lamps, lamp tucks nnd, brass smiir.-rs nnl iravs, and cm Hesticks, t-ieel do. phled do. bed pans, syringes, flasks, skates, and many olhcr articles in llm'saine line. Various kinds of beiiiiif'ul em'ossed Cnrds, sold bordered, and lilt edged cords, white and colored Cards of various kinds und sirs. Pa nls, pencils, in',', sand, wax, wafers, tVc. Scarfs, Cfsvnts and slocks, collars, bosoms and suspenders. We invite attention to some beautiful new stocks and scarfs, panlnloon strap., buttons, cxc. Perfumery, Ac, All kinds of Perfumery, soaps, hair oil, depilatory, vinegar roujc, powders, eome ics, Ac. Ilruslics. Vory nice btushc of a I kinds and for all pufnosjs. Pliccluclcs. We have Gold and silver mounted Spectacles, if the best quality, and t-vi ry nnnibi r wsnicd of concave and contex and can suit all ages. We havo steel and plifed spectacles at the lowest pri es, Morocco and steel spec cases, eye Flosses, A-c. To cloe, we tvoii'd say to all in town and country, thnt wo have a better lot of Goods than we ever had the plposureof offering, and that wa will sell them nt low ns any our tve will not he undersold hvany one. We respectfully invite til who tvih for Goods of any kind which wndpal in to rail before nurehising. PANGBORV A URINMAID Importers ft Watohtsani Jewtrh-y. January 1, 1842. Crorkcrv at Cost I A FEW sets of blue, p.nk ao.' Dfx ware also, Glass Pisbes, Glass Intrnps, etc.- at rest for tfca purpoto of elo.ingfhtt Had of business.- Nov. U S, P. SCOTT ilia ITniversal aleileeiiirs for nrestrvilia tire enercv and sprmhthness of the imagination, and improving tbe.r health ; old age will be attained by the use of the-n, and passpd free from pain and infirmities. They are not enveloped with the mystetiis of other medicines: ihey only require to be persevered in with sutlicienlly large doses, and the patient will alwa come oil' well ; when a disease is obstinate, patients fiequently do not Inke doses large rnough. The medi ines aro comprisetl in three different arti cles only, viz, in ttvo kinds nf pills, of different strenath or power, dcsignaied bv No. and No. 2; ihe first is a powerful, hut most gentle and mild aperient, or opening medicine detach, lli nnd pnrliolly removing ihe bilious ropy humours, tt lulst Ihe No. 2 Pillt carry on" those mid the serous, acrid nnd putrid humours incidental to the body t and act together at a ferret in a warren, never resting until etery atcn-e of the human friuieis thoroughly searched, and cleansed of its impurities. The Vegetable Cleinsing Powders ore great at'is tanto to patients and facilitate the. e vat uation of bad humors; they soften, cleanse, and detach the acrim onious phlegm; are cooling nnd al ay the thirst. One, two, or three pmiders may be token throughout th day, mixed in hal a wine glass if water. DIRECTIONS TOR USE. Nns. I and 2 are both aperient and p rgatirt, and may be used indiscriminately: but itperience has proved that No. 2 i. the most etlicacio s in subduing many disca rs, in fctcrs nf all kinds, inflsmmations, aslhinn, smi'l-pox, niratlrar, 'gout, cholies, csncer, and in all violent diseases or pain, it is necessary lo tnkeonedoso of No. 1 tn-dav, the tame ofNo. 2 to morrow, and repeat ihe No. 2 be next day: incrcss ine the dose by one pill every third day after. In eonsump'ions and ne rtons afTe, lions, it is drt rohlo to take alternate ilows of No. 1 nnd 2. The doss to be varied according lo the nature of the complaint, rommpiv-ine grneially with 4 or S, nd in teasing gradually to 20, in some eases SO. Patients should remember that 1 or 2 Pills do fnod S oi 6 do more good ten or twelve produce a de cided aim li nation, and 20 or 30 will, by perseve rance reach the most deep-rooted complaint. Persons who wish to know more about Hygeian inn buy or In rrnw the Mo-isnniana of the Agsnts. Wa have usinn the College in London 4 bcoms rerstnallv acquainted with Messrs. Alexr. & John Morison 6o hold our agency directly from them. Persons wishing to buy at wholesale will rt MB plied on libers tarms. Our names will ba written ea ener &x A paeVt. Sold at 23 A 50 cts.- per box alto in g2 93 p-Vi" "S"-. ."Thosa who . Medicine- ,nny rest assured thai this , eteeJent Medi.ini(j. A ,5, of Msdieine can." f ANtrtasN A UaiKsutiD, Jtunllers, Who.'estle Agenrs,

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