Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 4, 1842 Page 3
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in me laws or-'hts state, and which lins remained BUllSlanlhllu mi(.lifin I f. . :. n. .. !.:....:.... I.. I u.tu . inin i ib nrM iii9iiliii"ii, on-. been productive of incnlcu'nble good to, the people of ..., ..jiu-mm id ine cause til ciiiic.111011 nnti iruo "",, nnauiriiigh it lias defect", there isgcotl reason ueiieyp uiui u euey arc tirougni i.nriy in ine kiiuw ledire or the people, ihcy will be prompt to lake any ato-Aii-noy jiiuicio is mess ire eo rcnicuy iiicin. ( II. Resolved. Thai. in other states, nn cxmninn ttoti under legislative authority, of their systems of uuucauon, anu the prnciices imucr mem not oniy tea shown important defects to exist, hut has pointed the way to their rcmowil, so wo lelievo that hUo benefits may nrno from n similar examination in this stale and the Rcsolu'ion of the Senate and House. of Representatives nt tlittr last so-ston, that the Gov ernor he reque ted to appoint n committee to mnkenn investigation and report on tho subject to the next nsssion of the Lcgisla:ure,iiiects our highest approba tion. III. Resolve.!, That thuwant of Lcgi-I.itivc and other provisions for the dilTusioii of general informa tion respecting the ntlual working of our system from year to j ear, is a palpable defect in it, and calls for a prompt and full remedy. IV, Kri'Mvril, nut ine p mie sysicm ni cuuraiinn in lhs state ought to ho such both in its idea and in lis prni tirol working lliat the public schools shall bo more eie'iranio places 01 rcort lor pupils, than any private school of the samegrnde. V. He olved, That a comiiiitice of five lie appointed who shall he empowered to call another convention on the subject of education at such time and place as thev shall deem advisable. The reso'titiiins-prcscriTcd yesterday by l!rv. Mr. reck, wcro cnMi-el up, and after consideration and amendment were adopted, and arc as follows. Resolve I 1st. That the defects in our prcnit system of I'd ication cm not be remedied without enliehtcncd Le-eislativo anion, by which all our seminaries of learning shall be broncht under tho ijlicrvisi'in of the State and receive that patronage! from the Government which they so highly deserve. Resolve 1 2d. That the only mo le of securing this Legislative Action is hy circuhtine in r.irmn t io n among the People Creating oorrcet Public Senti imcnt ami producing such tin intrrrst anions nil classes of Community as will sustain the Legislature in the action proposed R3solved3l. That imniediitr.dcterinincd and deci live action, for tho production of those result", is the imoerative duty of all the friends of Education in the State. Resolved 4.h, That ne invite Literary, Professional and other Ocntlemen of the State, to cooperate with tho members of this Convention in making all reason able exertion tnptocure this action. .Messrs F Fairban1 s, J. Wheeler, K. C. Trncv, f). P. Thompson, and N. Wtlliims. were appointed a com. under tlieSth Resolution, empowered to ca'l another convention. Mr. Fait bank- declined actinias chatrm in of -aid committee, when, on motion, Pres. Wheeler was appointed in bis place. Resolved that the Resolutions submitted hv profes sor Twining, and al.sotl-e "outline of a plan of Eelucn tionttc." by Mr Peck be put into the hands of the committee of five Resolved that tho Secretaries bcnuilinru'-d to mike out a report of the doincs of this f'onmrinn for pul hrntion in the papers, after which tho Conven tion adjourned without day. C?Ve hope our brethren of (Impress in other parts of the,-Stain will republish fiom ourcolums the proem-ding, f ,10 Education convention, which will bo found in nnolhcr part af (lie paper. Sotno oftlm speakers nt tho Convention complained bitterly that the papers of the state had most grossly urn cul pably neglected the great interests of Ed ucation. We hopu they may not Ii.ivc oc casion to repeat tho complaint. Nothing was done in Congress on Thurs day and F riday, except to prep iro fur and intended the funeral of iMr. Williams of North Carolina. Mr. W sudden death ex ited great feeling among the members of Ojngruss, and Ux I'bmidknt Aiiams pro nounced a most beautiful ami touching eulo giutn upon his character and set vices when his death was announced. TIIK CASK OF THE CKKOLn. Mr. Wefbsrer in hw letter to Mr. Kvorctt hawng iujArucled him to demand of the l.tiglush Government a full indeinnilic.ition tor the loss of property on boird of the Creole, it has ren dered the subject ono of oeneral comment at this tunc, hence wo rc-publisli a brief recapula tien of the facts in the case from the i V. herald : "The caso of the Crrolc was a peculiar) hard one. A bona fide venscl belonging to the United States, sails under the Hinted State-: l!ig from a United States purl towards another port, Willi cert.nn paste liters, mcrcliimhze, and tcveral negroes; alter being out at s-oa a few days, these tiCL'rij&t-rcvult. commit mnnn. till sorts of outrages, seize t ie vessel, id, citiin, diets out in so.n.. r.t, stolon articles-, and i-timunnd thosu connected with the vessel to take licr into a l!ritih o0if mid accordingly, tinder force, and for fear of losing- their Ji v-t-r, they are compelled to run the vessel into a port of one or the Drituh West India lakind. On the oulrago reachin-r this Mage, tho duty of the Untitdi authorilius was dual-and di.,imct. 'J'hev should haic aided the captain and crew in f-ecuriitg everv one of the negroes, put them in irons, put the s!,,,, j prp. or older, that the captain might bnw; tho negroes to the port of Kit Innoi.d, whence thev racy U'cd lur ",urdcr ani1 I''- i'J'!''iij3.1Ni",t,,1,cyo"Shtlo,,av" '"": now- Hi? 1C-V 1 ,,0' c',mo "iri " vowel lidded i.bUbe and im-ultto the injuries which the captain, passenger, and crew had already re ceiycd Horn tl,o negroes : took sides imuicdi ntely with the thies and murderers-: aMoived them to plunder the u.-el and reta n posession ol : heir ill-s,ittei. booty ; ,ade cause wtth tha blacks, againat the Americans : pro. cured one or more vessels to take all the no groes who wished to -jo (here to Jamaica; and .ridiculed the idea of the captain ever being able to claim any recompense or satisfaction for these outrages ; and como c en went so far as to assert that the captain and crow not only de crud ail the brutal treatment winch they ro ceued, but that il they had been murdered, they would have not no more than their .Inserts." INVENT! Vi; GENIUS OK THE YANKEE.?. By reference to the report ofJMr. Ells worth, Commissioner of patents, it will bo discovered that out of 59-1 patmils issued the past year, tho slave slates have furnished hut 71, including those from (ho District of Col umbia. While New England, with a pop nhtiou greatly inferior, shows 133. "Chiv alry" is by no means favorable to the pro duction of useful inventions, and its votaries find but little beside from tho cares of the "peculiar institutions" to devolo to the vul gar employment of making great and useful inventions Had it not been for n Yankee, (Eli Whitney) thny might yet have been la bourtously picking the seeds nut of their Cot ton by hand. FKOM MEXICO. Tho Now Orleans I'irayuno says that young Combs, who was captured in the Santa Fo Ev. pedition, arrived in that city from Mexico on the 14th. When he left, the main body of tho prisoners was within two diys' march of the capital J Kendall was with them, and in excel, lent health. The New Orleans He0 gives the following incident as having happened just be fore young Combs left Vera Crui in the British ktcatnor Solway ! "A multitudo nfladics and gentlemen in ga. )a were on hoard the Solway, admirum tho vessel, when a war vessel was descried in the distance with American colors floating in tho breeze. It was considered strange, however, that the gallant craft did not approach the other t hipping or rotne into port, a'lhough within can. t -- ...... o.oiviii ui e-uucnt on now 1 nott shot of the fort. Vorv coon a rich Mexican merchantman, (ho 1'ricosia, put (o pen, bound for 'J'ntnnico, or some other port : when she ticaredtho strantrc ship, the American flag was struck, ami the Single Star of Texas floated over her deck a nun, and then another and an other was fired, tho Mexican all the while at lemptinrj tocscatio the tun I tin n exclaimed I he rexms Tho Texatis and (led in allili rections. Tim cannon of San .luan d'Ulloa was run out to tho embrasures of the fort, and n-ri?at noise made, but the Mexican vessel struck her nag, nnd was led nil in glorious el via hy the t-trangership. Quero Was that Corm.-.odoro Moore l " The Picayune says that it was, and that tho capture was one of tho schooners built at New York. NATIONAL CONVENTION At a tneetintrof din rVnti-nl Pnmmtitn nri1.. tr .eartte, luld at the American Institute, in the city of New-Yotk, on tho lOih of January, 1812, the fol- "- i'i luiouiu unu resolutions were unanimous. v m!int. il - liVicrtos, it is tmitcrsnltv cnncided il,nt n rnn.t justmentorilie tariff should he made before next July, anil whereas, the pir.iris of tlmu ,,r,,,,,.l ,.. .! tWrmun-ition in favor of American In lusiry have hitherto hem successful in prcpntine any proper in quiry by a Committee of Congress for tho purpose of . 3 . "l """ uy uuiiiciiuc itiiormation as to tin- unci ims oi me country : Therefore, bo it tltmlrtil, That the fronds of A mcrican indnstrv and lleciproeal Commerce, and the supporter of Home Interests, bo rcrjueste I to meet in National Convention, i i the cilv of New-York, on luvr-iiii, inn in jipin iif-xtj ai i OIIOCK i. At., to iuriun iriiormaiion an I ciovisc measures which shall tend to proh-ct pviMina intete t, and to tccuio ;n fu- nit mm iimrprise 01 ute country Iroin the . ,., i,uii iioo un7arunusej:pcriiniirsnt irnmi-, nun nnniio ics'i'iauon nnronu. (tsolrnl. That tho ieptclno brnn'hes of the i ionic-i.nairtic in ine several states, Incethet with nil nericiillurnl, tnechanical, liiantifactuiintr, commercial and tnlcinal imprnvelnent as oeiations thro elintit the country, be rctpics-ed to cnllert and transmit, threuoh their delecatcs, In the Convention, all such authenito information as shall i'lustrate the necessity nrnrnmnlln,. nnl ..i.ii.IhI t 3 y. ..m unu inn iiiiuiK-no intrrrsts. Per order and in behalf hf the Oenirnl Committee JOSEPH ItLUNT, ADONIRAT CHANDLER, C. C. It WEN, ' JOHN TR.WI RS, L. D. rilAPIN, WILLIAM O. L MrtERT, CIIAHLES S. .MORGAN. T H E M A U K E T. BRIGHTON MAIIKUT. Monday, l-'eb. 21, 12 Reported for the New Enidtnd Farmer. AtMatkrl. A2' Heef Cat lie, 00 Sheep, and 120 Swine. 10 l!f Cattle unold. Pnicns. Ihrr Citlli quality were hardly sustained. M eh better catllo iinii iis-i-ii uric nt mar et. We noticed nn extraor duiarv lot fed bv 1'tml llillint'S. Eq of Hartford, old for nliotit S5 rn. Wc nunte others nt Sfl. .'ui il'iK Uv, &1 50 11 .". Second quality, SI 73 aS323. Tied qit-tlHv. SiT'iaSfO. ri'!fVr.Va ""'ccd sales at 52,30, S3.00, S3,73, Sl,-i(l. ,00 and SS.rO Serine. A lot to peddle at 4 and 5 ets.i at retail, from !i to G. N 'AV VORIC MAR'CET Kca. 20. "FLOi-n The demand for (irticsre nt our quntnlinn is quite small. The stick is buhl and in few hands nni, lioliK-ttnrc penr-inlly firm ni ,0,23. A few sales hate been made duriti" lliciat week, nt SG 12 1-2 lu O.It, 3-4. CC0 I.I.I.. iifTroy haie elianctd ltanel", m small lots, at C,12 l-2j Ohio 0 a (1,12 1-2 CmMv-Whtat scaice ami wanted. The last i-ale wn at U.j. A carso of Noiihern Rye remains alloat, unsold; it i It, Id at 7-Jc. Northern Oils are o-aree anl hrni!: f.Oa fi2c.t Jersey, -12 a 47; 3000 b.tshels Southern, broiiplit lli 1-2 a .)7c. The ani laNot forts nreh?ht. 1CC0 l,uhc!s Jersey nnd 900 do. Drlaw are were boib n'd n file.,i ... cral tlioif-imd bushels nt Jlis, v bne l..m" ol,t i c.i n CJatid me now- in process of de livrrv, for shipment o I.ncrponl. 0100 hih. Is of white Lono Islam'. Insal-o chniiHil hatwl. fur .nmn tr. i-.t... ..: al.iiutG2r-, weifdit; If CO bi-.'irU ll-irley broimht 75c, li ivercil nlcm-nde uspcl, for P,oton aeeount. PnovifiONf The piiecH otllecfmid Potk remain ti loruicr rite , wlmli mny l. -ou i.U-red nominal. In Lard Ibire has been sunn- little nctivlv durini tli.t week, and pitt-rs b.ivo iin-rotd l-Otdl-lofn ft nt, with it r,ur elLiuand, IBOLlTIO-f ive nae converseil w nli rrenttr tnn ul nrrived from Il.-nam. He informo I us that the bl ic- and bruwn sul'ji-ets of duct n Vu-totia. in the Wand of Jamaica, bad eb ftated I cr mijpgtv'B troop i-i a pitched battle, and compelled the Oovc'rnoi iind Commmdrr-in-t'liie-r to fly. Hut this is nut n'l. Il app-ars tint the Captain Oeneral of Cuba was infirm ii ht wee. that the Jnmaicn negroes incilitatid n di o"ent on I n-south sieb. nf Pnln i... Ii.-m-poit- ieady, and caused troops to em ark, nnd 1! .v is -aid the whole unit!, I sad for .-t. Jaw on Sa turday, the 12iheist.-.V. OrUans Courier A Valuable Messrs. T). C, A- W. Pell snld Y"";l.v''','i''n, two loss Mananila mahogany I ir 6l.',i : heiuj; nt the rate of fel G." cr f,.nt. Tht wo are told, is a hieher price than the nue article cjerlicrnrecnnimanilidin thisiinikcl. Tlte-wolo-s rihovu me-ntio'ird, were but one quarter of the ire. freiin w hp), thp. vrrc rt mhtr quarter was si M the other day for 8I2C0. Tha whole tree, ne ordini to these rites, was worth in 'his market vrrv ncarrt:'iousantfe.Vari. .V. 5". Jour, of Com. T.tcr. on- Cattle A correspondent of the Cent .-a I N. V. Kirmcr, gives iho liillowitnr re cipe mr Killing lice on cattle: Take tho water in which potatoes havo been boiled, rub it all ever tie skin. The lire will he dead within two hour?, and never will multiply aerain. I havo used ten hitul-j ofthe strongest poison to kill hee, all with effect, but none so perfect a. thi :V. Fa M a it it n (3 In ltie-lirnond, Feb. 23th by the Rev. Lyman Love well, Mr. Henry Soiners, to .Miss Ik-tsoy Saylcs, both of Slaiksboio. ' ' Tn .bellilirn nn 'Itn,..,)... .1.- ni.i r. , ' ";.."" ' ."" "In i eny. .urr. Elun, Con.-ort e-fllirani Ne.we.ll, in the 39lh year tf lit- r nrr. Printers in Syracuse, Rochester, Te Iron, arc requested )-c. In .Shelluirii, on the 15lh Feb. hst, Gertrude P huahter of Georgu D. and Ellen D. ComMe-ck, osee. fix months. At West .Mi ton, on lbe,j:nih n'to, KlYirvr P MIITTEMOl.C, son oi A. U Whillcntnorc Esej.'.ngeu u ii-ie. in !!, r,0"",,.JSl1' "" Mareial Roley, At I-'ntrfatt, nn tbe231 jn,., Mrs. Miry F. Cull. need 20 years, the wife of Mr. R.chard T. C il imd daughter of J..d2e Farn worlb-arter a very 'o " nnd distressing I'lness. ,i,l, t,e bore will, e v Teai resisnntion nnd r' r., n ., in idea profession of re-bpim nnd united Villi the I n , .-c era years since, which profes- s on sheadorncelbya well ordered life end ennversa vZZrl T-f cn,h ' "nd truly for several of the last years of her lifo she nppenre I to say with the Apostle " for mo to live is Thrill, hut tod.e is cam"' ' "'J'Ii IWXOLOGY. MJl.l1.;0: ,'AL'N wileiven lecture on ,t. ' . - . "u " cwmnira the Conn House, llcsulopts the system of Prof, ririmra n,,,l is mi interc-slitl" Ircl rer. was (jnen on .Monday last. ins introductory lecture TOWN MEETING. 'piIE annua' Town Meet in-- f-r the town of Ilur. X tinalon Mi l beholden in the Town Room of said town em Monday next, at 10 ei'clock, A. M Jlurlinntnn, Mnrrh2d, 1P32. NOTICE. rTl,r' Ce'P'jftnership he etof rc. cxi-tin? under the s. rirm . f Hicko iVCnitmis this d iv dissolved. Allelennndselun hem which are imseltlei nn tho 1st H April net- will bo placed in ihn hands of II. Leav c"w"r . ''0 fir eol lection. II. P. HICKOK, March, 18)2. H vy. CATLI.n'. Till. 1) DORK IIO I. II HOOK, liberal terms. MarMi I, 1812 . Pn lhe '"o"' HOUSE TO RENT. A convenient dwclliiis houss and 1,-irn ;nd a pood largo parden, on Maiden Lane, six rods (rorn Pcail Street. For further particulars, enquire of March 4. GIDEON M. FISK, Norlh St. STORE TO JIENT. A convenient Store to rent on Church .street. Enquire of MOODV HASKELL or S. U, SCO i-r. March -I. all kinds andnt ereat bnreanis cia tahind ntE. M. WRIGHT & Co", m flT II E subscriber lias just received nnd oflcra for a "cw SPP y, of Hooks from Ncw York and Boston) ninong which nrctliefollowinir- i-oinbon tho Constitution, Oreat Teacher, I-'avcron Election, Liebis's Chemistry, fjrcik Testament and Lexicon, Tacitus nnd Livii. ' Rtckers belli on Baptism, Michael Kemp, Colcridftes Works, P.ilcs of tlioCoenaiiteis, Jems pf Aniericnii l-'eniale Pocti, liclploy's Compciid, Ihriie's Notes on the Gospels, Glimpses of the Old World, Macauley's Miscellanies, Elegant iirarlo Ilib is Turkey Morocco, I wccdies i Library of Practical Medicine, S vols. Cbas. O'Malcy, 1 ol. Danrjison's Medical Dictionary, llutlei's Ancient Alias, Piclorinl Geography, 1000 engravings, Pools of Anienca, Ivrumntaehar's Parables, Jacquine, by James, 2 vols. IIo'iiht's French Phrases, Hook of Psalms, Weilthand Wotth, I'i1 i. S,r I?1a" Newton, II. .Mnrirc's Private Devotions, Cooper, s Surnical Dictionary, Ambon's Classical do. Lcniprirro's do. elo. Corse do Leon, by Jatne. I-b.21, 184.'. D.A. IIRAMAN. WEALTH ANI) WOUTr. AMONG tho very many valuable new publica tions received t In nl ivnntr nl it,- ll.t.'.i.. f the sul'-criber.mav be tnnml wt! i r.Tii a. u-hiitii lhe first of n series or American l-'nniily Talcs from' llmiiotl nf no 1 ... - int.. . ' i .. ..... .vNiuiienn. i norm nnd not weallli makes tho man is n am v nod r.rn. w recommend every fMher to place thi little woik in lhe bands of his clu'dren, that they may learn how to act under tho tria's of beicavement nnd nnverlv. March I. I). A. IIRAMAN. 1 ItlSH 1,1 I3s, of every style nnd quality arc . , . , .' iiy.ui o. . o, ne great oar' gn iis uir ensn. i nosu in want will do well us a call. March 3. to give FOUND. On tlicTiirnniko about 1011 rods flat nf tia nnHnnn ai(ociiiu;.ciiair. 'I he owner can havethesamo by : .MDuuawiici, piutiii'jpiopcriy anu pay ing charges. ,. JOHN KIM HALL. Ilurltngton, Doisct street. Feb. 25,h 1842. Commlsslonci'-'s Notice. WE the Subs -riber-, bavimr been appeinted by lhe Honorable tho Proba e Conn rr ii, nt. tricl of Chittenden, commissioners tn nmir. ine nnd a iust the claims niifldrmnnftaornti ,,r.e..n ul;iiij.i uiu t-Miiiu ui iusw-cu urow, ineol Vctfoid ill siiil 'District, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd nisi nil claims and demands exhibited in onV-t thereto; nnei Ix montlis from the day of the elate , v - ' y saw eourtior mat purpose e do theiefore lu'rcbv L'ive notice ihnt uo .11 ii-no in ine(iiiiMiirsoioiir nppointnient, at b. II. San ford's Inn in Westford in snul Distriei. nn ii, t. Mondays nf June and July next at 10 o'clock, A. M. uatcel tlus-ju Uavof l ilininrv, A. D. 1312. juii.- At.t.i-;i. JOHN IIAZHLTON. Com'rs. JAMES NICHOLS. WE tho Subscribers, hnint; been appointed hv the llnnornblc the Probate Court for the Dts- iiiti ui vjiiiiil-iiucii, ro niiussioners to receive, ex- .iiiio iu i, no uupiM me ci inn- anei eii'innntl- of nil per i.c-iKo, , nun n line e sit 1 1 oi oni-tACL CtAnir, ate of "'"f" m miu i, -iiiei, eiecelseU, lep.LM-llled iiisoImmi . and nl o all i-hiuis and Jnnm.i. .i.:i... . , in tberetoj and ix months from the day ofthe elate hereof, bcinj allowed by said Court far tint purpose, we elo therefore hereby mvo notice, that we i 1 1 - f ,"t."ua""7.-' ui oiirnpprutiinu-nl, nt the 'iniiiia o i im wii ovv 10 i-i i- nr in mnC,,.,. . :.. I 11, .1 f I ..mvauuiKn ,,, ?ai uirnui, on ine urn .uoiiunvs ot ,tlav and Julv next nt 10 o'eloe.1., A. M., on each of said davs. uaicu, mis ,-i.i nay oi i-eti. ,. u, S1' JOSI Pit MARSH, ) '. . JOHN NORTON. J Cummustontr: BOOTS AFD SHOES. l"or (he spring tiade. U E iN T L E M EN'S Calf Hoots, -owel nnd peeved, with and ivilh out heel plates Kip Hoots. Hiwct nnd ne-r. f'ced; .Men', and Hoys' Calf Gailer, the ties! nriic'efor Spnn; wear SO Pairs Women's Leather Hooters and Shoes Gent's Li-alher Over Shoes. The above will le seild low for ready cadi, by , , .T 3inS II. Pf.ATT, Corner of Church and Cherry Struts, Burlington. -u ircn i, l.IITII' R CAHPENTEIPS ESTATR. .vr.v i i.ui- Kitjio.N-i, ; Tn- Pie.l a-e court for Mi-inri oi Limit-iiuen .. s. J thoili tncteifl h men 'en , v, . j r t , iiii l i in u in i l- e in e rn .m hi . Liirpeiucr, i.ncoi iiuniiu jton in fam Utnel, deieat- u, eiierini-, Wberea-. John r. Firman, ndmini-tr.-iior nfthn .... late of Mild dee-e-a-ed, ha. tti.i,'u appheannn to tnt! eourl tiiex eiid iheliiiie liuuiiil fi r m.i!.iii'' ihi- mu. ment e f ibodel t eiffa d d.-ea-e-d and et leinc s.i el a-e, one from llieJS'h. day of. March IS12,nn 1 ei pio-io-e". lo rcn ler an ae; o mi of In. ion and pre cut lit- m-eei-itn ngaint taid et.ilc lor xani'iia' urn anil allowance. 'I bcrclore 'heeoiir' nfoie-ai I doth annnint the itiir.l Mnm'ny of M in b, IS1J l-ir heatini nml elci-iditij on si el npidii-atu n nml e xauiiiinip mid an o nt, at the Eaz'e ll.illin in ai I iiis-rn-t an I ilinlmriW til it .ill per.on. in c-e-el I ii'ititiel thereof hy nuh- in-a'ioii ol tin. imter three week. Micee.-ively in lhe II irlinmem Tiee Pre-s-, a new paper prmii-d in llnr llna'iin, in li e copiitv e f chitietnVn, previous lo tatd nirl We.lne.ilay of Mordi, 1812. Given; iiidi-r my hind ai W ' li-lon aforesaid thi. 2Ut. d.iyof Febni.iry A. I. 1812. WM. W ICSTON, 7?s(tr. NOTICE. flip in Ihn new Conrrr-etionl Clmreli m rpIIE I 1 lilt, hlai ew-ill I e M l 1 on S.ilur ik,. ? I, .In,. of Manli, nt winch time the term, ejf sale will Li maele known. Uiirhnstnn, 33IIYh. IS 12. FRENCH LANGUAGE. jlIt.l;i UCIII-yri'l-VS .SVeoneCouriee.fp'ib 1'Ilie In.lrui'iioii in the Frent,h .uuU(iee will iiiinrence at the Co irt Ho n c on 'I iiuiisUAr 'tlic 31 Mare-h ni-xt, ai 7 oVIoel; I1. M. Ticket-lor the Coir e to lo had a ttuml nt Mr, UrtAMAN's llookjtore. SI, 75 each. Adini-iion lor iiiji'o evening:., 25 i c it.-. UNITED STAT1 S HI SI III IT COURT, ? I'crmont District. IN BANKRUPTCY. Notiee toiliow eau-e nsnin-i Pennon of Lemuel Curtp, e l 11 irliiiclon in snnl Di-triet,, to I e e'celaitil liankmpt, ai Ihefe.uri lloi-e in Monlt clier, Vermont, on the 22 I March, 12 M. . cinni:R res recL-CATMN-. j.EMl'KL CflfllS, e.l Unrhnstun m aid Di-triet,, liNvinp ibis day liliil a petiliem do!) erilieil, pravins Ibiei il.o aid U-mucl Cuni- may I e 'e. lared a UiiiiLriipt ; it i- ihercfi re ordered I v the "'", thai e-aii-ele .liown the Co irtat Mont-pilu-r in .aid Di.iriet, nt the Court lleiu.e in Mild town, on Tuo-dayihe22l elay e.t March, 1SI2, at 12 oV-loel., M., w hy tlm haul l.eni icl C.irn. I u not ele-e-laiela ll.iukr ipl, pur-oant lolhe Act f.f Conercs in that I chidf ; and that nutie-eof anl petilion l pul.. li-bevl n lhe Free Pre.-, n weekly paper printed ai II irhng'eiii in Cliifeiidin Co.iniy, twenty ilays I efore be el.iy nfure-anl jpp.u'nie.l for the hearinc ot .aid cause, pur.uant lotliu rule-anil regulation-nt Hank-rup-ey, n- inl cr fnurlti e-n and ix'y-iiiiie-. 1, Je..eGo.-e, Clerk of lhe Disirn-t Co trt.e'o certifv, that lhe at nvc order and ilee-rce ni thi. ela'v ma.'o I y lhe Conn, iiudil.ily entered in the deickc'l ('fllan r-ipt pr e-ee-hncs, Rutland, Fel r.iary 22, 1812. JI'SSE GOVE, Clerk. UNTIED VIWITS I 1STIIICT LOUKI', ) IN RAN KM PTCV.-No'ieeio .huwrau-c asnm't 1'etition of William llnrn-,1f ("olcbe-nr, in said i'i-tricl, farmer, in lu elo -hired Ilan'inipl, at the CoMi-t.IIo i.e in Montpeher, Vcrnioni, on the I .March, 1812, 12 .M. r.Dr.u rrn rest icatiov. William n.irn,l t'olcbe-terin uul Di.iriet, firmer havina tbl.d.ii file I a petition duly vcrieiel pravini: ihat the iniJ W Iham llarn-m.iy lude larel a hank rupi i il i- Ihe-ref .i ordered I v the Co irt, lliM i-a ee 'e-hown before the Court at the Courl-IIou u in Monipei'icr in anl Di-triet, on 'I no-day the 221 diy of .March, SI2,.i 12 'Moock, M why lhe said William Uarn- I e not iVi-lari-d a ll.iukrup'j p ir-naut n the Aetoft 'oucro -in that Ichdlfj an,l that mtite of mid peiitiou le p'dlhhoi in ihe Free Press n weekly paper pnn-el at (1 irliniripu in Chilicne'en n in'y, twmte el.iy?l cfure the day afore-aid appoint, el fur tho hemni of mid cause, purfiianl to r den in I regulation in Unkrup!cy,minitcrfouriu'n and "ixlyntne. I, Jcsso Gove, Clerk eif the Di.iriet Court, do certify that (he alove ereler anil e-Vrcce was tbi day uidde t y the Court, and duly entered in tbo docket of Uaukropl proni-liiiRs. Rutland, I'clruary 21, iy 12. JESSE GOVE, Cltrk. Alpacca Cloths. A SPLENDID Article, (nlk wain).AIpaec eloilu: JTV Alpace a JUi.lrej Hue I lack M. Dc -Lames n'l Cailimtretie Cloths, Jut rectivel at prices cilrren ponding with tlie tune , by F M WHItJII T .V Cr Nov I) Mil. .T. MtNSON, luuy J,'lves 110" tlec that he has on band and ! yve-IxuTTi "laniuactiinnga fflli'Ktl' ntlliann Fortes, which nre odcred tor sale on the meet reasonab e lerni. As tlicchiMriimentsarc made on a very much unproved plan, they are warranted lo oe superior 10 nu oincr m-iriinicnt. orthe Piano kind, in partaking in n high degree the tone ol the Flute. In point ofinueh nnd durability of workman.lnp they areaho wnrmntcel 10 le equal to any iii-trtc men's inanufaiturcJ in the United States. AI! persons who want a pood Piano are particularly in vited tei call and examine for thcnitclvc. Ilitrlington, Feb. 21, 1812. STATE OF VERMONT, ) At a Prol nteCourt hold District of Chittenden, ss. J den at Uurluigion, within and (or the Dtstri t nlorc-aid on thc22d elayol Fel ru ?''''.?,." ISI2, nn Instrument purpottinir to be the at Will and Tc-tanicnl ol Amos Clark, late of Hini-s-bitrsh, in said District decca cd, was presented totlio Court here for Prolate, ly Homer Clark, the Execu tor therein named. Therefore it i- ordered by anl Court, that public notice l.e given to ull persons fntere s'ed therein to appear helnre said Court, at a scion thereof lo I c hoi, c i at the nui-terV oilie-e in Builingion arorcntd, ontheMhe'ay e.f March, A. D. 1812, and con'e-t the proba eof said Wi ! and it i. innh... .,.. i ,i... tlu.eirelcr I cjiul II heel three week- sucec-sive-ly in the Hurlinsriotil-reePre.., a news paper printed at B ir lington, inthisSta'e.the la-t of which shall lc pre vieeis lo tlieilaya-t'.'iiel. ajafore.ald. for t Given under mv hand nt Hih RL-tsi.inr'a nc, i.i. 22Jdny of February, A. D.1912. ' wit. vSTON, ltezistcr. GEORGE HLAKR'S l STiTr STATE OK VERMONT, J A I a Probate Court held District of C dltnnden ( nl l!.K., and for said district of Chittenden, tn the twelfth day ofit-cbruary A. D 1812, ' i ne ivvccutors ot lite Inst will nnd testament o' George lllakc, late oflloston in the County of Suf fo'k in the Slate of M.-issachusclts, deceased, bavin" prcstnttd tn said court a eopy of the last will and tes' tamenlofthe sai I testator, dulvapproved and allowed in the probate court lor said County of Suffolk, that said copy may be file d nnd recorded in this Court, agreeably to the statute in such caio made and provi de!!. Therefore it i hereby ordered that all persons concerned I c notified to nppearbefore this court at a session thereof to be held nt the Recister's ofliee in said Burlington on the third Wednesday of March 18)2,and contest thelilintj and rccordingof the afore said copy of said will in this court, if they see cause, by piibbca ion of 'his order three weeks surcesivclyin the Hur,in:;ton Free Press, a newspaper printed in Burhnston in the County of ( hiltendcn, the last of which publications 'o be previous to the day assigned as aforesa el for heari nr. WM.WESTON, Register A true etipy of the record, attest Wm. VVkstos fJeqisler. o.nie.ii ai.iir.s ins HOOT COURT, I llrrmosil District. A SPI-.CIAL Se-tion oftlns Court will I e bolden ii. at the Cour' House in Montpeher in snul I.i trict em the 22 I of .Mnreh next, at 12 o'clock, St., (orthe hearin-.'ot all petition, in Bankr tplcy, and all other matter- renting thereto, that -hall I e then and lliere prep?rcd for lhe hearing and and consideration ol said Court. Byordcr of Court, J1SSE GOVE, ,Cltrk. Fei mary 14, 1812. FOUND. IN the ice near Providence Island, one 'last nnd Boom beb'tigins In some vessel, with a sail and "uici uijgiiiK inoiLoeu eo n, which the owner ca; have by paviny reasonable charrjes. South Hero, Ech. 8, 1312. LORENZO IIALI MONEY! MONEY!! (Ol.D, S her, nnd oven -rood current Bank flill VJare not ret I at S. II. Scott's in i-x.-hand for (ioikN. It I- firmly bil cvetl I y many, who aren me iii,it ot mal ing pretty g.d e-alculaticn-, that ',7 V" 'e.tauM I y calling at llu- ho would net expend their money , uic, oi i ne-e nines; NOTICE. rpiiE Subscriber w-oul I, for tho last time, ren-ip-t nut llio-e uifettieel aeeount- and note- of long -i.nt'ui, , k stoio i wiiiiin iwo moiitn-al lonire-t, oi unwilling a- thPV know l,v i- to forec svttlcnieni, it inii.t I e done, lie In. enlleil, wrrlen and printed, ' i-" "? inviimwiii at onee .eetnr rea-oo aWenene-s or-iich a req ies-, and am ml m ..ii.. -,... ...... iu uc umcr iiUHn-.lo loin m, on- Feb. 17, ,8.2. C" "NS TOK SALE. 3.1 Shiresorsiot. in (ha Far I. mers nnd Mechanics Bank, Burling-on. Annlv eo nnrlj.iglnn, Feb. II, 1812. OU1.I., ATTICn.-.ll tho-e who am i'mlnl,l..t In ll.n.... 11 di-ruiicJ either I y Note or upon I ook Aeceiiint arerc.i'.e..el to call and make icMlement lt-fore the ur-i nav "i April next, eiincrwi.c lh y m t-t expei-t lo ..11 in.- r.x 'in-o . i r, I I'CI un. l.L 1 111 It J'KUUTV, Jerieho. le'-. 8, 1312. ruANcis iu:n.ia.min, jr... Wholesale Dealer in ffoocrfosss, SaStt, Mow, Sc Storage, I'orwardlnganel Coniuilsslou No. 273 RIVER STREET, THOY9 y. , (DM few doors aboicWashin-iton Siuare. NEW FIRM iy NEW TOOLS. T Driiit condemn without a trial." H E subscribers have Ibrni-el a copartnership, under the firm or Ha llcy nn I Coon, for the pur pose of carrying on tho business of Masonry, in all its branches, m Burlington or any of the adjuiniti" low-us. Wo will gne our personal attention to brick and stone work, plastering, and all ininner or jobbing

connected with Masonry. The senior partner has had more than 2j years' experience in lhe busino s, and wc feel the utmost confidence in hcitin" the patronage ; of the public, believing and hioieine that we can doasgood work as haslieen or can bc elonem tins place. We will warrant all woik cntru-t. nl to our rate to be done when promred and done with despatch w'hen cnl ed for, and well done. We solicit a small share of public patronage AARON IIADLV, HORATIO N. COON. IIINESJJUU ACADEMY. 'FUR .Second Term of the Academic year ef this iV!? '' !0,'!,1" (jommenco n Wednesday the lalliofrehtuary, nnd wdl continue 22 wee' a. Board ran be had in good famdiea on fait terms. I he - schoeil continues to temain under tho superis lon of the Rev P. DURICEE, nnd the perfect and universal satisfaction mvpn l, ,l n.:..:.i :.. .i.. , , - , , ....... ... ,i,o , lillllP.U o, me discharge of his dunes the best recommend tho t men 1 3 tun ilj Hie pilUIlC. By order of Trustees, Q lS,I-W-G,n"'SCCr0"r-- B 'S12. n3Cw3 Hincsburgh, FA. GLOllY AXD HUAMU OF ENGLAND: In a scries of familiar Letters to a Friend. By C. EDWARDS LESTER. riMIIS is the title of a work, just published in New - 1 ork bv ILtrntr nnrl : i ' . .. of 550 pages, nnd embellished with i'nSnilictnt Steel 'fhc author has furnish , .. , . , ....... ..mi itiY cumuli; mcis relative lo the actual m...i ....v i.-..i..i 7 i ,i ------ ..v,.,, di,,,,;,,, i.,i"iu,,u, anu placed her Glory and Shame in striking conlisit. .'A h w'"s n,e,ullle r the topics dwelt upon. . Tho l I strioiiQ Mi.,ir - :' .l i . V ,j ., m"" uimi iiriiatnineir nistory and acts, their conversations o iit, ,k. ..k. their iiirliieiuo upon tho desiiriics -ortho world. Also Original ConimH,nVn.r,. ,i. j.-.. , cd sta tesmeh and poets in Europe, on tho greatest subjects now agitating tho world-the cruel and tyraiii.icnIonprei.8ion or ihn Enahsh Government m all its heaiinge-it, blind course in regard to s tarva no, T.T "nd D'"Jr ti'tion-tho hoir.blo i M l ePf'i'lg"iiie-lhcir Causra-lhe cm, m its destruclion of thousands of innocent chil , r?"'i "'e,y.rnny and eorrupiions orthe. Ettab. lis bed Church-the woes and ntplrsons of lrelnnd 7l l',eiiC.r.C?i.;!nl'UC,rUro-.of Kn!-'lisl1 liPotism in Aim, with Its sacrifice of mil on. by famine nnd ilnvery- oo ,a?h ,1vM " ffr"! ''ic,ure of " '"t consti u les the 6inme of Ena and. And a can-'id picture nlso.ofall.lhat isloiely. beautiful, hbcral nml eteat in rer .Society, constitutins its Glory.- A dr sciiption ottheiiios intcre.iiut! and re ne-rablo Ruin Caihr dral Innles, Abbe) s and Monuments, with n full a of London, (the metropolis nf tho world,) as hern is space for-great Public Works-Libfinl aml Bene oIent lnliliiiioua-Noblo cIToits makinc for Ihe ifdeinpiion of the oppressed or Eneland rronT tjran-ny-with planers at every interestintr object tho u thor met w-lh at and dunnRlBfOin Great Britain. The New ork Commercial Advertiser, at the rlose or some remarks, continues t "Wecandn ho justice to this work in this brier notice, nor is it Important wo shou'd. for li will be readily rd, and duly appre cisted. ThaAmeiiean people are duly interested in tbemhjscls ofwhtch il treats, and they are ably and eloquently discussed." For sole at the Bookstore or I-eb. 1BI2. D.A. BRAMAN. "'"""s in in l ill 1 1 u 11(1 nri If -I In a nf Hm I.', t .. W CHEAP WATCfifcs. Hhais re-M some neat aood Watches, which y lhesoldror10.and12,some also a( S15, 17 and 8lBeaeh, and warranted for one yar, those who wish such will plio a call and make a selse ion. fANonnnve; uniNSMAlD .TO Rj 17. I7,J MJV ' U 4 uumVAY jMKDICINICS T'i i"',rCriU!r W'. h K"3'-". Rive, notice A Ilia! he has succeed Ihe ate T. Kulder in the preparal.on or the well know,, Uonwt Sicis". T.. , ..crc?"fr K,'VF Ppfi'C'Isr atlcniicn to the , , , , , '"- loiiowutj,' nrnclcs, tlie lone e ofn Tin-Pb'. ,y or.w!"cl" prctlu'1 'le"i V .0henhar,;!,,s,po;,oet.1' croui Mr,,,,ta,M i. ni?.c'' Jcbb'!' Rheumatic Iilulmcnt. ChifbM I iCQ1,!,""n' ,Url,'c,i ?!"""' N"'n'"'ss. H,. . A . ' Slil!nrs; In lhe joints, &e will all'oru n, , ""Wpec'cd and immoliale reiiefin the ino.. Ob-linn e casus or Rhe, in a few hour.-1 lhl article l i openly recominended by Phy.lcian.. The Lmimentisdoneup iiicnlarged bottles, rnce 37 numrrIc Itch Oltilmcut. twl,.rxl.e,i"ivclL' aml el''h..hed rcpiiianon ol DuMrnti:-1 Itch Ointment, encouraces ,o pro prietor to recoinuieud il to tho mu, .,, .n(.Ved eejiilidence, as the inn-t innocent nnd powerful rem-t-Jylorthis niinoyinC eHej-ej it eeintnins no mer cury, ejr nny other danperous insrcdicnt,-anJ can lo npplied.nt all times wilh perfect tafety. Prk-e 25 cents a Uux. 'Kcihcdy Tjr the Piles. Ihe concurring testimony or relieve.) patient., t-oin nil quarter-, te-tirymp to theeinc.s olbcied bv he me heme after all either., had falUd, totreiher with he mcrcasfn; demand for (be ar'Mclroiu nil part., of llie country, prove it to I e oin oniic most valuablo specifiesjnown Tor tin. troul.lcscme complaint. CyA Clergyman write. i , . , . f'K'n. Fel ruarv'13, 18H. I have made trial or Dulnrre-, P,e loci uary and found it nro, bice, a .ot.,1!,,,. i.,n . . I- , ,. , .. . . . "" i'o miiioii iinoic- eliate y, and eonlidently I elieve il nn e 'cctual remedy for Unit uncomfortable and debilitatm? complaint. ri, , , i ' ""'"eume to lecouimend it to persons lhu allhcled, and.-ol shall e-nnlfnue toe.'o. , Yours re peetliilly, J. s. T he reme, y eeui-i-ts ofau Ointment and Electuary. I rice fur loth ,5, en's, or 371 cent, when but one wanted, ae-eom nnnt,'. o-itl. .'.,.. ...i , tiuiiswiih.1 ele-cripiinn of tho complaint. liutnlrles' Eye lVn(cr. r tr sore or injlamtd eyes, iiothinK known cives in immcuiatc and t i i y i v uiiti in fume f-,i "ir , f"'";1'0 """" I"''! ecie-d ande'e- i. '- ' ecu lu iuii in ine .e ol this Eve w ater, eiftri- other remedies had failed. Per.-eins who nave iecd it, jirotioiuuc il without he-itation thelc-t Preparation Tor lore, uenk, or inflamed eyes, tbe'y have ever met with. Price 25 cent-a boiile! JURR FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. Iliemo.t safe nml .i,...,l,. r... !... i. eoycreli the relief i. iinnu-diTe. it di-solv'es snd ifZ"Tt I """) r!""'thc '"t with case and expedi tion and u-,Mou Me least pain. Pr.ce 25 eeiit.. n f-ull and ample directions accompany each df tho at ove nrtic e-. 1 ' N. B.-Noncef the above article, will lecenuine, ile- siEiieJ W. L. Kid er en. il. o ii.l.t.. .r... nnle- I or -a u at hi- Co mlmr Room. 80 Si.ite Snip't u, Stair-, , eorner eif Men-ban;. Row, Ho-ion. Al-e, by Messrs. P CK & SPKAlt, B irlinirton, Vl. A llleral 'Il i-eviin u'lowo l lo df-ilprs. HO TEL TO LET. TO I, E T For a term or years, at St. T.H .'l"' Cnn"l:'. Ibc old andVcll known WATSON HOTEL, wbh out houses, Garden, ard, and Stabl m, well adapted for a Ltverv Stahtu Pwa.a.;.,n the 1st of May next. Apply to Mrs. J. E, WATSON. rnnni,inrini iir.ia.n, - -,-.-'" p,-s-tu .mum,!,!, fAl.. L'..,. I mm r . - ,. wuill,, ri'U. 1 IlJUtf. cop aii r.ximsiM so tick. TTVUiUAIt ic W.M'V unr nottie th it thev have ibis J. eijya-oi-ia'eii Willi them nib t-ine.- MIL HI RAM b. ROOT, and that they will con'in' o lhe b i-i-tics ol Imvorthsrttn I selling CItOCK'I.RV, GL SS AND CHINA WARE uin'er the i,n, of FAItlt.MI WAIT U ROOT nl ilseir former Store. Tin y have on hand a full -lock ofwhro which thev will pack in Crates assorted to-order at New- VeirL and Boston price-, merchant- nt the surrounding towns will lln-1 it sreally to their advantage to examine their stock I ct'ore purchasini; at the-omh, nil order- premptly attended to Store corner Churih nnd Colleje fct. Burlinstuu. E. L. FARItAR. Jos. wait, II. F. HOOT. iV B. Farrar Wait and Root expect to receive ear ly in the Spring in nnswer to the-ireinler- a full -npplv of that I e-autifiil St j le of "O in-jue Pearl ware" that ha-ipve-n -uch ffeneril -aM'-f.ictiuii the p.i-t s--a on, from thoiclebr.i'e.tiiianntieturie. ol'Clcws L Cei, the only Ho, .em 1 'ntrlancl that innl.uthai styleof ware, which will lc -ol I whole-ale and Retail . ISurhnstnn. Jan. ibis. A"o Tier:. I ri hereby bis in'ere Kiveu tlmt JtJShl'H VVllTI,.. .i.l in-ere-t in tb. .inn.. AV .... t.....e . . , . " ,, , ...,niii.ii.-ii,ry ani i .. i i c. iicrc.iticr te carric I on a-usual I . c.errnr, wnu i- a i.y ati'liorizol lo .el ..-ni, u,eo,i-ine-s ui the linn at In- Factory, pi-arl ...... ....r.i i Jan. 31 1812. CASH PAID FOR WOOL I EN RARS. W L, ,!u1r:.l,;,,Br,P lo1" "f "'I "'""I Kaps, Shen.. M "' ' QLil1"' C0U-rlctS, l! ,k,M, V.?fn' r-' ' .Urn"'. Iu.fs. Ac , mcludinB kind and eoloref ' Wool Good, not m cd "oi'feluY e.tce pt carpi-tinir, l.isunL' nnd prunella. W e wi I pay lour cents per pound, for rlenn Ran. ol the above description no part e otton, linen or silk -in any quantities, dehvercel at e-ur Stoie, West side e r the square, epposite the Court House, Burlington, For all Wool Carpeting, we will pay IJ cents pei Ib n t- . ., ,r. . 'HCKUK' & CATLIN. Burlington, Dec. 10. 1611. J. H. WALTON. MUli.iJ inform the public ibat he mi- on nn,,,, anu continues o man- faetnrcS.idd.'e., ll-nl', Trunk-. V'l'li.i.'. n-... 11. Porunan'ca'i., .Martingale-, etc. i f ni; n-i woi ,.iiian. nip, wliteli lie will sell nn res. onaLleierni-. Al o lur sale, Curry Coinh.,Cnrd., I)rii-b-c.,Wh,p- nnd l.a-hc-, and many other anie-.'e. m hi-line. CARItlAGi: Tltl.tI.1II.Nn done m lite le t style em shoit noti e. Shop in WninwriL-hi'. lluilJhi?, Church .-tree-, a lew dour- e I Loely'.- Siore-. Burlington, Fel ruary, S12. n33wO STRAYED, F li O M the Suh-cril er in Charlotte, a! out tie 1-t eifj.dy last,3)earbnu.j one red line I auk steer, one rel line lack heifer, and one I rindle heifer. Whoever will return sa,d cattle, or V'lic inloriuaiion relatutzto tho same .ball I e -tulaMy rewar'f-l. Fo'-. H, IS If. OKIN IIKED. NEW FIRM. THE Subscribers wo del respectfully inform the pub'ic thill they hue purchased llioenitrc sti ik of Furutttireand F.iiiniiigMillsal theNnw Et.ihlis.h. ment heretofore owncel nnd conducte-d by the firm e f Mitchell it Bam s, nnd will continue the business under the firm of Barnes it Ki-e'cr, where ihey intend to ke-cp constantly on hand nn extensive assortment of Sofas, Secretaries, Hook-cases, Buieaus, Bed ti-ids, Tables nnd Stands nf various kinds and piices lo suit ens outers. Mo-l kinds of coun ry produce re ceueel in payment Also most kinds Lumber, suitable lor our liti'ine-a will tie tautti in exci.angu tor l-urni-lure it Fanning Mil's. BARM-.S it Kl.f.l.I.R. CHEATER AND CHEATER! Tlll.Si.b-crilersare i.ow-e. ctiua uneofihe nrpe t and tc-t e-nn le foi'i.d in thi- secln n of Hie e-oun'rj) el l .eney anil a np'e Dry Gpoil-, Carpi imp. K iir- an I Oil Cloth-, which we are pre-pnrcd to -HI l'6r ca-b nt mi-h price- a cannot but nit ibe pnrcbn cr. Just . s a call and we wt I proie to any one that wc will carry nut our Hiotte. which I.. Cheap in the t hcape-t, fif not a htileC h-nper.l E. M. WR1UH 1' i: Co. r et-, st, tat- Collector's Notice. NOTICE is herd y given in all per,-on ownin; Sicatn-I cat stw-k, or stewk in the Chaniplam I ran. portnnon Company, living out oi iiioi Mate, thai the tax .i-se-scl upon said slejek, under thu Ae-i of ISIO, i- now d ie, and tinle-s the tarre i jmiiieJi a'ely pii I, their several share, will lc sold at public Auction, for tin payment of aid taxe-. Giien under mv haul, nt Buihngton, Wrmonl, thi. 22d dayof Fibruaiy, 1312. HY.MA.N LANE, Collector. SELLING OFF CHEAP. 1 rCC 011 MORE pounds good Cotton IUUU Hatting at fi.L rr lb. Cnlpws to correspond, fay al about 5 or Gets, per yard. A lot Caps, Comforters and Muffs at nearly ono half former prices. A'so a great variety cf Gicds at pri:c too low to be printed. Tho work of s'llinj off cheap hs fairly ceraintnced and sll goods told to suit purchasers, at 4 January, 1611. HOWARD'S. NOTICE. TILS may certify that I have piven my oa Cha. II, l'rati, his timed iriog his mincriiy, nnl shall thcrefow I'laim none eif hi- earning nor pay eny ele' ts mttac'ing af.erthis da-r. Jcricbu, Feb. 3. IS42. Zr BAH TR ITT. l.chlEhl oal. f) TONS Lshigh raked, Coarse Coal, homed and kept from the weather, for sala by .Ver n rOLLi Tf .f- BRA DI l.'Y TO YOUNG HOUSE-KEEFERS. FAHItAn, WAIT A ROOT, KEEP consisntly on hand a full nssotttntnt of elegant Tea Sets, or Gold band China. Gold band Tea Plates, Go d sprie'd e lo. Gold edge and line do. Kx ra wttregn d band elo, Gold edge.lineA stinVd do opld edge and line do. Gold band Preserve! and White and spntt'd do. Cup plates. Wluto China Brcnkfait nnd Ten Plates, Pitcher.. Bowls, Butter Stands and Nurse Lnmps, with smal Tea Pols attached, China Inkstands, a very pretty article for prcsents-ror sale cheap nt the Crockery Store, corner of Church nnd Collece streets. Burlington, Jan. 31, 1812. J TOttACCO. il,XnS ,',!"n's' Cavcnetish'Tol.acco, 'l(V-23do 'Ender's' do do 20 do 'Irvine's' do do 30 Kegs 'Ender's' Plus do n 20, ! McDonald's' do do 31 Doc. 1511. by J. et J, H. PECK it Co. Atf , , NOTICE. LL persons, Indebteel to the estate or the late Ro uertMoodv. are tiniitinl il,i i. mado iinmedialely to tho subseiiher, to nreient cost. ..ui,iiiK,onre-,aisr.'. uiit). U. SHAW, a im. JJAWS. Mill, Cross-cut, and Circular Nuk, tor k, sale by Jan. 7. HAG AR it ARTHUR. -iu oi me i-autocic, corner ot Church and Coll cge UIIIII9. p iiACKSMi ril'.-t lli;u,t),vs, a first rale JJarticle, also An tls, Vises, Files, &e. for sn'c by Siati of the PneJIocl., ) HAOAR d. ARTHUR. Cor.Ch. nnd Coll. sts. s WPUi!' Those who have promised the uhseri- . ui, ivuuu nre remiuui ed tlialtlieslcdHititi is food auotit town. Jan. 7. e.;. uouuRicil. V LOTTING PAPER.-For sale hv .he Ream or IJ qitirc. Jan. 7. C GOODRICH. TENDING LEATIIER-A few do2. Cnlf-skins XJ suttnblcforbook-lmdini; Wanted bv Ja"-7- C. GOODRICH. Mltlnlls. .-lnrc.1alllB niut SI...... ANEW lot ju-t re;eliedeheiper tlnn eVer. 1 v J'1"-''. F. M. WRIGHT ii C Co. S't'.;VVI-'f?,TI"' laIc-' an-1 lc-1 ar-or'ment ef Shaw a that i-hii I r. to 1 ... it... .:. .. ... n hriatoti may lc found st E. JI. WRIGHT if. Co.' Cl.cap cash ritcre. Jnu.C1312. 17 I-SII 1- ICS AND LEMONS Ju-t received from X B oston, nnrl fur sale by CEO. PETERSON. Jan. 25, 1812. H Kittys CRASS SEICD, f r sal bv IIICKOS et CATLIN, Jan. 20. Ucl Side Court HnioeSp are. Itniks tor Tiiwii or Dmei-leL i.iin-:iri.. p GOODKICIl ha- a valual le eollec-,on of II. ok- MUiancior town or di-lri'-t Lilrane which will le -old e-n the ino-l llleral term., low price-. 1), and ill very II. I.i) ok Iloi-o ! Ty E have a fine lot of Biiflilo Robes, a few No 1, Lynx Mulls and Otter Caps, fur lined, Gloves, and other Winter Go, ds. suitable for mid u-nmlier Tho R in want 'iT nnv of the nbove named article wil. do well id call on E.M.WRIGHT it Co. ns they will gtvo creat I argains for ca h. Dec. 23, 1951. New Iav 15ot.l.s. CONNECTICUT RtPOlHS, Vol. '13. ('(iiiuiioii La-.v do Vol. 3S. , i-el. . ,l,j Vol. (5. I e3. 15. Firsnlebv C. GOODRICH. SALT. St)T)(T). BUSHELS Sohr Salt, - .J000 do Turks Island '1000 do Turks Island do 4000 do Fine do 1C00 Barrels da do 300 Sacks Dairy do By J. ,t J. H. Plck it'Cc. 30 Dec. 1511. OSU. BOXES Bunch Raisins, AOJ 40 Kegs Malaga do 15 B.igs Madeira Nuts, 12 elo Filberts, 1! elo Brazil do 10 do Almonds, by 30 Dec, 1SI1. J. if-' J. H. PECK .f. Co. fl tZj KEGS Powder, 0 Bigs Shot, 100 Dozen Corn Brooms, by Dec. 30, "11 J. it J. II. Puck , Co. NEW GOODS. T HE S ,. cnl cr- luve ju-t rei-envllarpia Unions to thersoi-k if .Sddd,Viv, Coach and Shell Hardware th n!i its vaneu'ev. A ljO Dree;., Muhi-ine', Paint, 'f all kind-, Joiners' Toil-, ,te. ,te. IIAGAR it AKTHFR. At iheuUStaii'i, Sn-n olihc i-.i uik-i , corner ot ejimrcfi niiJ ueiiegesstieels. PAINTS tf-C. 1 O.OOO.UIS. Wctherells Dry White Lead, IWlKegs do do giound in od, SOCO do Lewis' do do 30 llbl- Sp inish Whim, 10 do Veiicniiiln Red, 25 do French Ve.l'0-.v, 20 do Spirits Turpentine 3 Cases Croine Vellow, CroeiM Giren, llrunsinek eo S-'arony do. Red Lead, Vcnligr., by 30th Dec. 1311. J. .f. J. H. PECK if- Co. 30 l l)!l"'''':i K-J Neeelh-s, OOKJ 200 Gross He.oksnnJ Evve. 100 do. Knitting Pius, 6 Cases London and American do. 50 lbs. j0. Just received and for sale be Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS. LOOMIS it CO. "Tk A. nil A. II AM. has - n hand and i- receiving re an I well selee i-d n-.orf rn,.i ,,r . ; .1... IJ. a la in his l.iiel'orlhe Fall Tit ape. e-on-isim if all kin I. N'hool Bo. ks. ant vnloalln niol r 1. ....t... the most rivent p d lica'.ion A I.St I A new i;pidv of Blank Book, e-on.tmn nf I r. cers. Jo irnnln. Iliv. Invoice. Not... .m I Itiil nr,.1 of nil 8i7cs, in full an 1 lu'l ending Cap and Letter paper, id Ihe best kind, Drawing, Tissue, Moro -co, Marl le, Blottmrr. and other varieties nf Int.- Quill-, Slates, Bonnet Boards, Pencils. Sand Boxes! Litter Stamps, led 'lape and S.atiotierv cener.illv. n frrat variety. ' Oct. 12. SELLING OFF CHEAP. QTRONGS it Co. now offer their stock of Goods J for prices at w Inch nutcbasrrs .-ilt fin I it nn nl.. ject to buy. 'I he stock is large nnd must be sold pre vious to lie 1st or April nex', when the term of co partitciship e.ptris. --ugars, teas, .-pices, llaisins, Tobacco,, salmon, cosr.eand fine alt. I.unn Oil. Mnla n X r Iron. Fare.un and .lint-rienn. of eien- Hprinenn t.el or sll kind, Am i's, Vices, shot els, spades, Fork., Caldron Kettles, nnd Hollow- Ware in great vanity. Slot er, Stovepipe, and stove trimming;, Tin wars, itc. cheap, all cluap, rcrurhefip. Dec. 3f. 1B11. Itroad cloth. rpilE under-l'neil oiler iho cloths mannfactrrcd by 1 the "Burlington Mill Co." nl w ho!es.iU s.; prices. 1 he assortment comprises the vartmi ro'ots and qualities, and for tcntute. beauty of finish, nnd excellence e ( in inuf lctiire, are noi surpassed by any American or Eugh'.li loihs. FOLLETT f- BRADLEY. Nov. 23. Buthngton Mill Co LOVELY iJ- SEYMOUR. HAVE just ree'd from New Yor' a largo assort nieiil of Carpitings of evety kind quality and price. English Drugftts, a crent variety of pattrrn- Octn con and Drab Pi-rsia Foor Oil Cloth from 3-8 to 9-1 wide, Rush Mattinc from 4-4 to fi-1 wielc, Rurss Manilla and Alnrant Jlnits, Stair Rods A.c. Also, French and American Pnpor HnnEings, larger assortment limn was ever beforo offered in this place and at prices that cannot fail to suit purchasers. Nov. ISlhlSH. Hutrtiln.ltobcs. 7 BALES fjptrior Buffalo Robes, just it-reive 1 nnd for sale as cheap as th cheapest, bv Nov. IB. bv E. M. WRIGHT itCo. Also No. 1 Oltr Caps, Lynx Muffs and Boss, Fur Collars, Angola Tnnge.., A:c. 1 OnA I's ',r(,iTn 'heelings for talc by the bale 1 KJ piece, or j ard, very cheap, bv Nov. E. M. WRIGHT t Co. Also, afu',1 assortment Meached shirtings, shce nnpi Tickings, Canton Flatinels, Diapers, Balling, Wickinf etc. tiLASS VARE, OF all descriptions constantly on hand ; a full or sotlnient ofTumblets. plain, prcsse-d, ground, star bottom and cut gln-m Witusi Ji-llis, Leqtonaie and Egg glassesi Limps of ell dcscripliona j Lamp g'nsse-, Dcanteis, Watsr Bottles, Specie Jars, vsn out sizss i Preserve Dishes, cut glass Cu-lard Bowls, Pitchers, Sails, Castor Bottles, Rtvolnsg Casiors and rut glass Lamps, for sale (cheap of c"otse) at the new CrocUcty ana Glass Warn Homo of rARIIAIl, WAIT ROOT, Burlnj-'in, Jan 31, IC42 H THOMAS will continue hi. Auction Sales ts the afternoon of every Wednesday and Satui day. A largo .quantity of Household Furniture ie descriptions will bo offered, toglh er will Stoves tf various kinds, with pipe. Sales, of Dty Goods, Cutlery, Clocks, Jewelry, Ac, etce, will bn ollercd Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday UcninR. until furthernotico. Octobere. 1311. SPLENDID FARM ' FOR SALi:, THE Subscribers will positively sen on or ueiore tue iuiii. at Tji! J n, T ton-belongi fllfrtj I W I lyije tha lato Ull - I next, a larm in ii gin? lo the estate oi ILH' 'S.1 W'? (hi Into Ull Ilarnum Eq. cot. J-ff si'iinj; of about five bundled nnd - ,i, v ncres, a.ioue inrco nunure of which is intervale nnd the remainder bard woo, and pine plain land, wilh two good dwelling houses, three large hams, two small barns, and Horse, barn, with the ncccary out bulldina, all in good repair. The farm L situated on the bank of river Lariioil, r.' the head of navigation, Kin a good stntt; of repair an cul'ivation with a suitable proporlfon of mrai'ow, ps. turc, and arable land and presenting objects of iir terestand inilucemcntstn nn intelligent purchaser rM lo be equalled ill this quarter of the Slate. Purchasers nre invited to call and examine fir themselves soon and secure a great bargain. Tcnm made easy for the purchaser. ELIJAH lIERRICIv. ) , jtn!i.,n,. SAMUEL BOARDMAN. Administrators LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE, ani well selected n.sortinent, constst tngof ffif, Vi'ioaitinnii (Jill, MAoqar.y, cm , Fancy framed booking Glasses, for ss'e nt greatly reduced ptices at tho Hardware Store, Corner n Church and College Sis., by IIAGAR it ARTHUR FARIIAR WAIT$ ROOT, ' Importer nnd Wlin'csn'eaml Itctnll Dealers 1 i GRQCKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, r-ccp cons-tan' jy on hand h large assor'. tnuit of Din ner Sets com pl.ter.wuh suep unu siaucc 11 rtens, Rimer Boats, Salad, coiered Dishtf nPlalters PIrL-.i .'i-iie anu iusiuiu u.a v. uuie, i iok, i ite, iililmt and Bourbon Sirig'd ware, with Tea Set to match each : a ureal anulv of Toilet ets nnrl nil minima,, ' ol cuiiiiuuti ware usujlly wanted for fnuuly use. all I of which will bj sold cheap at wholesale or retail at thur aiore, corner ot Lliurcli ani iollco streets. Hirhngton, Jan. 31, 1912. E.L. FARRAR gives notice thai ho continues t-i carry on the bti? ness ns usual of manufacturing Stone ware of i superior quality in all its varieties and will st all limes be in read iness to supply merchants on the most reo.ona' le term., all order, piomptly at tended to alius Factory, Pearl Street, Burlington. J,in.3l. 1942. Comb-. 1 CASE Wood Pocket Combs, 0 doz. German Silver do. 00 Cap del. 2)0 " 2000 " SO 200 " Twist Side Brnss Ivory do. do. do. do. for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. - Nov. -30, 1311. ltonnet's 1 Uonncts!! BEAUTIFUL assortment ol Florence and silk Bonnets much below- the niie-i s of li s l s'jminiir A ii-o, n greananciy oi e,ncua liiunon. py Dec. 10. S. li. SCOTT. La-sfuieics. , PIS Diamond, erold mixed, and wool live bluet blue black Casimjrcs,at S. B. SCOTT'S. Uioa'l Cloth. t L.i'l-; Wool dye nl-ii-K, invisihlo creen, olive, blue, k-and steel mixed cloths, atunusualH low prices by Dec. 10. s'. 11. SCOTT. l'"icli Teas. Kf) CHESTS Hv-o-i 'kin Tea. w:0 Po Old Hyson do. 2") Do Tw-ankny do. 100 Caddy boxes Ilvson elo 7 Di do Young Hyson do ( 100 IUlf chesis Voting Hyson Tea, of different qualities of the last importation, nnd nflered at Auc tion prices by FOL LETT .t BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington. I'lne Cut. DHLS. TOBACCO, 30 do Smoking do 10 KeiTS Mneerilini- SnnfT. 20 For s-dc hy FOI.Lfc.TT it BRADLEY. xalt. BUSHELS Tuiks Island, s-Vwv' 10oo do St. Ubes, E000 do Solar, 200 Sacks Dairy, 1000 Illdi. fine. For tale ery low, bv nun . i, r I'OLLETT if- BRADLEY, Old Dork, Burlington. Sugars. 1 A 1,nt'";- fowdercd. 1 V 10 do Crushed, 10 Banes double Loaf, 12 do Philadelphia Lump, 12 do New York do of superior quality, for snhi by At tho Wharr. FOL LETT it BRADLEY 50 BBLS. Barber's Gm, 0 e'o American Brnndv. For sale by FOL LETT &. BRADLEY, Old Dock, Kurhnzton. 005 BOXES RAISINS, 100 Boxes scalded Herring, For sale by FOLLETT .1- BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington 1 (".ft ""NHS Simmons' Ca,t Steel Axes, uVvf 50 do Larhrop's do do Warranted, and for nle hv , FOLLETT it BRADLEY. d Dock, Burlington. Nulls nl-d Iron. 5 ."tn'. KE'IS NAILS, nssorted sites, I'JU'JlOO elo Fi.-.ishing N'hiU. do do 101 Ke-ss p kc. from 30.1 to C?J and C inch, , 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 l-6ths to 3 inch. 10 Tonoof hotse shoe Iron, ofthe various slum 4 do rrHand Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, flit nnd square Am. Bloom in For sale at manufacturer's price s, bv lMLLETI'it BRADLEY, Agents. HARK. C LOOMIS w:il paye.i.b lor 50 ecrdi of pood" J Ilcm'i ck Bar' , if.e.ivcrej hy the (lrt of FsU, next. Jan. 5 1312. nOMISTICKS.. Sbei-ting, Sh-rting, Baitnr, WaiLbng,, lotion Ynrn, Cm ten FUn nel A.C cheap, at (Oc. 12 ) J. P. Wll Al.ING et Co' FOLLETT y BRADLEY T5ESPF.CTFULLY inform their friends and th public, 'hat they ham rcciivcd and now Oder for salami the most advantageous terms, an extensive ni sortmcnt of Iron, Steel, &e. consisting ia part of tha following ; I Ton Sanderson's Cnst-stetl, J do Eacle Gi-nnan do JdnEnghhX do 10 Bundes Biazier's Rods, 30 Tons r.nsh'h Tire Iron, assorted, 10 do Old S.i(,Ie l'Sl do 10 da Swedi s do 1 elo Toe Cork Stcol, 3 do Spring do 1 do Swedes do 10 do Russia boire nail rods, 10 do Bloom, flat and square, or various suss Nov. 29. PASTRY ARTICLES! RUSSIAN bluet, fhred and tnaplc ImstaMes, Cooper's An crte-tn eTo. Nicest Iri b Mo-, Eteenceor Peae-h Kernels, I'nncciiiratnl Essen-rif Ijmrns, Nicest ltn-r Water, Ex rant rr Ro-i, Spsniih VsniMa and Oil rf M -i, 1 ne Ordinary Sr l , Bvtil.rmen Syrup, Sail 10.1, Sugar Ort.arsf nt r.n,l KBti, Rcfiiie-l t rniecnoniricj ia Cornet', ic. ete. Cee. IC. By PUCK & SPFA ILVER.iSh.-tve Buttons made and So'el, i PANGB0RN&BIU&IAID. Wsntcda rxiod Cow, .1 a liy frleA nousreof 1! f. R