Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 11 Mart 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 11 Mart 1842 Page 1
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WOT TUB GLORY OP a J9 S A B BUT TUB WELFARE OP ROME. VOL. XV. LILY SYRUP. J- II- i i- .. 4 a n 1 1 nn nrrt 1 1 rii rp mpn tl rit s.,..i. n . ........ ....... ,(fc ttUngs, Consumption, Coughs, influenza, n.,?,l. A.lhmn Sn;n: nf ..V Colds, Asthma, Settling of Blood, Hooping Cough, .yc iy. TO TUB PUBLIC: In nre-entlng to thtvvu.lie a new remedy for di-en-Be of Ihe lunss.ii may lenrotier to sav ihai.inibsinr. from the many rcitilica'es ami recommendation, of uiuer n'iin-s i uiimiiit; i mi me newspaper, en i lie day no new remc Iv wa ealle. I fur or rcq lired. H it ifllic popular rcme lie. In l nircna'ly lo-sene I the bill, of nnrnuty, or any one ol the many preparation- po -ses-ed those virtue reoomineii Ic I, o afctr a l.i trial, the pa'ient co il I lopcii I upon it. healing power-', tend rationally hope fur a spec Iv recovery ol health, vhi.tittnble at'empt to nrre-t the progre's of Pulmo nary Con -umption wii'tld not have appeared. Hut that the victim, of ihi tla'nuw are: daily in-Vrea-tnr, ncol-noproofan I the larie scale- of iho Druggi-lss'iow that the remc lies (I the day have been fairly trial, an llailelin thcirob e.'t, ilthit ob ject wa-tlie rs.tnralion to heil h of per-on- a t i'ring iromdiea e of the 1 in-. While one rente ty drie n i aco tali that -ho I he properly atdcl to throw o I Ihu vi-cM phleitn collere I upon the lung, an I dim it the harbinger of dici-e, another, by a had selee'inn ol an ex vectorant, is in leelenaMc.i to di-pn-.css the present tenant, hut leave a wore one to occupy the hattcrel premi e ; and hy it, the work ofdeath 1. the oner aec- mpli.hel. TheLILYSVRliP i now Iclievelto I the l-t remedy for lung comp aint-, that ha. ever appeare). To cure Pulmonary Consumption af'cr the di-ca-e ha-dor.e il:- last work, iirheeome -eatel upon the vi tal f motion-, an I tubercles arc formed an I I rol.en, and arrao.nhericairi. inhale I in'o the prnken part. J. not among the pte'en-ion- of thetho'i-an latiil one ponu'ar no-lr un-o the contrary, notwith-tunding). Thi mehoineiha. re.torel many who were -oppose I tolic ' cyond cure, I y men ."-tan Inn Itii'h in the melical profe.-ion ; t.ut the'.rre toratton to heillli on ly prove I that great and food men may, la the -tage or proirre.s of tlieil'.ca-c. Hence, let no per-on de patrof relief, until he ha- made a lair inal of the l.ily Syr ip. This medicine opera'es ly promoting a free and et'V ripectnra'ion, thercl y freciiiff the lungs and Throat from vioid pli'egui, nti l-trcn:ilhening the par s a I freeing them from intl.iina'ory action whi. Ii onitimte- the di-ea-e of P ilmunary Coft-mnp'ion, The Syrup is entirely free from a iv mineral -'il stain c, anl p'lrely vesetahle; and may lie tal.en with per lct f.afLMy hy the hum dclica'c con-titntiiin-. It i hikhly rccoinmen le I to tho-e who have weak Inn?-. TtMcher- 01 pcrfornicr- of vocal mu-ic will Had it of i:i valn.ll l- u,c to them, by i'- iivini rrcu ftrenjth an I Hwce nes. to ihe tone.'of tn t tc, an I on a'tlinsc the per.-on to perform with ea-e. P.d It pri'.er-and del a'cr.. will find it of nival:. a1 le -cr-Ke to them. Tin. me hcine ha. 1 een thoroi;rhIy and -iicoc!fiilly hyahle phy-ieian-, and hy their a I vice n now frepare I an 1 o .ere I to the pnl lie, to -neat,- fur itrcif in theci i-eof aflt'cicl h imanny. And may he who Me-el the in-'r nncirahtv uf clay to open Wcyc of he Win I, male it a Me.-ius to the h'ini m f iimly, and lliv 2rct object of the proprietor will le'l. All tne hcine !!io tl 1 le civen accor lintr to the -itn-atioa of the patient ; and, if in ich rol ice I, a -.1011 cr q lauti'y thin where there i i on-i lerahlo trcns h. Ihe dire lions nn he hottle may 1 etat enna Ptncraf r tie : hut if la'.cn for a Ions -tatidmi co ijh, it may 1 c ne.-e ary to la ea tn-ch 'arcriVi forr-otncnnc or two day-, an I even ol cner until an cxpe "oration t prod icj; I ihal will 1 e free and c.i y. When there i . n teh ti-lcne.. ot the ehe-t, it will -oine'inte. incrca c the co iah for a day or two; m which ca c, tlie pa-icnt Lu il I ta c the Syn, more freely, ei en until itslio-iht prod ice a rlish' na iea of ihe -tomach lie tut I not Ter any liarni Irom -iicti .ensatiiMi. 1 wo-il 1 ay to nil wno pnrena-e in a me ucirre mr li e, mat tiii'y can liava hut li'tle hnj .f Icins I :neiriNl I y iit uiif,. , fa la' ea -lea.ldv w:ea it l-commence 1 wild. Sihih have la' en it once a day, then twice, then not any for two or three diy.-. I cannot , ay that -nch wo I I Ic Jilcely to revile in ieh I encfit from it ; hot if taW'ti Tefilarly, il i- eminently "il "iliced tonproot thedt.-a-r, an 1 to rci'ore to soun I health. Ii i thcearnc I de-ire ofitie pro,ine or to h.ive eery "iic that o c- n lea-l onel ottle of it -tea lily aeeurdiicj n thedrec-tion-, to comm inicnle the re-dt to ihe per.-on cl whom he pureh i-o I the medicine. The pro-ir c or i- privdcse I torofcr tothi-fullioM'-ts per on" ho h uc n cd the l.ily Syr tp, an I who w II to happy to ?ive infnrmatloii of it- -ipcricr healing power-, "to any wi himr o Know mi re a' out it. Mr. Crittenden, one of the linn of I!. F, Smith & Co., whoUj alean I retail', Kxthan;c-!rce,I Hoehe-ter, ft.r hiie hn? at the I 'ti-. Rev. E. T ie'er, P.i-tor of se.-oud Gapltst Ch trch, Hoi-he.tcr. -'a;iain f:. Fritman, for aha lcouph. Mr. Sio I lard, of the rirui ol S an won I iV Oo. 1 oo';-Per-, corner of It i alo an 1 S a'c -tnets, lticlie-'er. Mr. J. M. French, Norih- strec', Ito' he-ter, tor the rhonpinr-ci i;h. Mr. Suuthwor h, Stone-t reel,;er, for lad o iph. Mr. Ho' crt M'Ki'drn, M'nrre-.lrce, Hoc,e ter, lJ everean I alanniii?ia eoftheMlu m-nnsli Ii llarnarl, K-q ire, oili'-e in co' r:-ho i-e, in a "r of whoo iini-cciicli in In- family. Ca,i'a:n W. 1). 1'i-h, f..r a caseol l'h:ht,ic in hi fainily. Hev. Mr. Clark, Pa-tor of the I5apti.t Church, l.e Rov Kcv. Mr. V. Church, Paster f the lir-t Dapti,t Ch t.di, Koche-trr. i-apuin A. unltoii, for Haemorrhage of the lunf-. A. G. Smi'h, ea hirr of Mechanic an I Farmer-' anl., Uoche-ter. flBv'; Si! ley, of the firm of Sd ley A S.-ramom, ad merchant, and auciioneer-, 'Uu lalo-rtreet, Koehes'er. .,ttfv- A- XinS-'y, Pa-tor of the B.ipti!.t Church at Hev. Jacipl, Knann, Kian-eli-t, Mr. T. lunn. n.irni,.H Mt Ri l... Jliram Toc'.rr, a torneyat law, Iti. he ter. Mr. Thutna. A-lunan, paer, Ilothc ter, who ha ra eivol a-toni-hing relief. Plea e ininre of hi Kev. I lionia-Carlton, M. V.. Ch. Roehe-icr. A. S eel, ( Irelins al I m; ) l.uckjiort. II. Miner, We t Me iris -a, Miinroe Co. Profe or Mciiiiini , llamdo n 'I hcol. SmV. K-v. Levi T icker, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W, Co,.k, IC7 The Proprietor ha. I eeij o'i-red c'rtifieaV ry inxuy ol the a' ove zeiitlcineii hut he prelera tho u wi htitg information, woild call on ihem ner f?ully, ' PECK &SPRAU, Atrenl- (r Yu reciion. M. G. RATHBUN, IHvAl'K t AM) TAILOIt, PKAUL STUi:i.T, HAS jo-l returned from Nuvy York, wilh full re porl. ofthe Fall Fashions, anil i-prrp.r"d to ex ecu orders for win er sannenl m the most approved tyle. He ha also on hand a select a-sorlmenltf choice rrimiinn.' , adapted to the sen ou: such a llrall, Itiitloita, Hill llugf, Fancy Vest Illiidlngs Cord, and Itiitluns, Ac. Ac. N. U. He i- also agent for Scott & Wil.oo's lie prt ol Fa hion-, which will le to firti'shcd to any one wi.hiiisiheuijanJlherei lisite inlorinatioii freely given. Burlington, Nov. 4. 1811. J. THYOX, nilAIMt AND TAIIiltit. W) OULI) once more remind his en. miner- llmt he continue, tocarry on Iho almvo buiine.s in al Is vaiio is branches al hi- Old Stand m St. Paul lreel, nearthuh.piscopal Ulmnli, nni in.ighi ofthe CalbolicCh'ireh. Thankful for pat favor.., lieu turner, are solicited to continue iheir patronage, and many new one- are much de.-ired. 'I be newest l a, Ic ion,, promptly received. Oultinir done 011 short notice ( bean for cash. I have on hand some old (counts which I should Jke 10 en hance for cask. Nov. , 1841. GEORGE IirpEcF, Attorney and Couuscllorat Iawi two oooia cAtT or the rosT orricz,r ctaiu. Rtferto Mceiri. J. 6c J. II. PEt ci Co. Nov, 19. A. ROBERTSON, narrbter and Attorney at I.,,Ti (IxiUin tbctglctof tht An. Solieitorfyi'l Day) L1TXR ST. JAMES'S STRErlT" Koolital, Nov. 1841, Rforence in Burlmglon. lo CihW.ES ADAMS, Eaqtcr, U ill HV'V? '?K.tJK OF ldFK.A Valiiahle; . . f wmi'll, .il ('mi', ti. . . .1 I.. n....l...l ...:li , .1 ' uuvni.ti, lim,. .1 i ..:.. . ' -n , . - .... r.,,, uiou-aii.i- ironi an iroin an untimely irraic. tl" -"''ami n-e.i n.r thirty y T??"' 011 1 .I""'1 very elieiicioi,. I year-, 'ill Ihe rullnuun.f di - cao viz. dm.. , iu. ;.... U'l. r-.. .t innu f... I ""r'"'"l " """i""- iwu f uiu- ...... bun , iiiiiijiiii iiie.iiiiuitr, iiiinicnz.1, i iin-y, A-thiiia, Phtlii.ic, Spiltms of Illood, Flam lency, In.huc.tiun. I.u,,.,.,... ,.r ,i. ti,,..i. p.,,i i- every kin I, Cramp., Ilickct-, Colic, Catarrh, Dven ,,n.r l--mtinx, llypochontlriacA ie.-tion-, Head ielie-, Siekne oil in ntiiinaeii, jiea-le., a preventive of Con- lOTenliove Me Heine I. nrouarel l'v Ifenri' Sec. .-...-vrt-t-, uuiu it n kiiu iiual it: mo ir.ofHadley, the Orisi.ini Recipe, I v IheUireclinti of .ai,l Munre. and Mil I l.v him and the i.rincipal Ur,nr;i..tsiii . UniteJHiate.. oII hole.nle ml retail, 1 y Peck it Spear, Ihulcnic seucraliy tliro.ilr PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. TUIIS nrticleis too well known to need common 'Irion and Iho experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience n ml dtirnhility, lhev aft nnrivallcd Coal vard scales lo woiirli from J to 0 tons. Dnrmnnt Warehouse do, to wcinli from 1-2 Hi. to ."000 Hi.., Portalde do. lo weitih from 1 2 oz. to 200 Hi.. 1'or tilde Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. In 40 lie. J. & J. II. Peck & Co.Atnts. Durlington, April 8 1911. lUIXTIXO. Till MiWilcr leinir Ihankful for pa-- favor would re-ptvlf illy -ohcit a contiiiuaiice ol the -nine an I rcuiin I hi-fn'en I. nud the p illiclhat he i. prepared to nccomtii .ila'u them on the chore-i notice an I mo tfivoril.le term.- in the variuii- I. ranches in thea! oveline. Shop oppo i'.c Jlr. C. A. Seymour's Hal Store, Pearl-i-llevl, l!..rlingtoii, Vl. JAMKS SCOT1". April I, ISII. nl3:ly CKPvTAIN CUHK 1011 SK K IIKADAClin, which hisjieen in ftmilies, every inemhcr of which has had sieU hrailnchc fiom infancy, ns n eiint tution il family complaint, and Ins cured dice tinlly in every instance yet known, atiiounitn; to ma ny hundred?. It is not implensml to tie 1,-iMr, and docs nut prevent thednly nvivalion. of one tfitiL' it it miit ha persevered in, mid the cure is gradual, hut certt.n and permanent, ltmiuce. are constantly iniilliplyinuuliLretlii ili-tr -inif complaint is com pl.Sely rt-liocd and cured, allhniish of years -tamlitiir hy the tte of Dr. Spohn's cclehratcd "lenicdv. One .i.--rs .l t I : . e oi'cmeii piritrcnt i-isii- picas iiiiiic-'-, Having uouu oi ihe nauseating elTictof common drutrs. It ts . iicrft ctlvat.f Ktorv. tint the proprietor has L'tvcn direcliiir.s tor hiaucntio refund the price to any one who i not tdcafcd with, and even cured hy it. lie hopes also tint this uny secure its i;rcat ben efits lothe distressed stiflercrs u-ho are laliorinu under Headache. I.. isl'OllN, M. I)., inventor and Pro prietor. Sold by CO.!Wror;Ki. CO.. 71 Maiden I.nne. .ew Vork. I'KCK A- S P K A II, WhnVsile .ireoi, a few doors east of the Pobt Office, Hurlim; ton. t. n'J Crockery and (ilaxs arc. A FF.W set s White Oranile Ware, also filass il DUlic and Plates, Dcc.niers, Tuinblers.r.anips, d-c. fur sale cry low, hy S. M. POI'R. l'ouxn. OR tiny ho found in this vilhirc, directly opposite Ihe Mrtho.hsl Chanel, an Of.I) PAINT SHOP. ne ly lilhil up in pood style, win re the undersigned wi he tzlatl to wait on his old customers uho may f ivor him with patronage. Olllllj u. u. Sl'AUl.Ul.Mi. Ilurhneton, April 23 1S11. OM.ITT& ItltADI.KV liavi-jus' received nnd oiler for t-ale al the toucsl nriccs for cash jr aporuved credit, a lar -e and well selected n.-orlinenl ol Oioecries, consistinir in pirt of the f. lio.unt': 5 Hilda St Croix s car, o Hud at Cto x liiKii, 5 Pijics Holland G.n. 2 qr casks Malaga Wine, 50 lloxc. Pipep, 20 Hi! Pc per, 20 do Pllllelllo, 2 Kc pure Oin;er, 23 do Ilatsius, 111 do Porlo llico do 10 do .N'ewOileans do 50 i!b". Kin Coll'ce. 'Jtl do Java do 50 lloxcs soap, i uo superior no 'i do Kxttn do 20 Ke,-s salt Petre, loo k ii i; ji i: ! ATU. r.n Oil Will you nl..ase notify this eonv ii-liiiumty thai tliu subscribir has opined a Stove .Store, liisi door wcslof. I. At J. II. Pcek&Co.w ere he has a jrenctal assorltnent ol Cookinu. Ilox and Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, nud Hollow Wire of the superior llrandon Casings; alo I'uek's Hot Air Cookinu Stove, which he is mmufnuuiini; in this place. The construction of this etnte is such thai the first anil sharpest heat come dirccily under the hollers and then passes round a spaciou. nnd equally heated oven, an I requirrs out compara tvt ly lit e fuel tuput it in operation, and hikes conn to a line oven. 'I here niiulit he a List of signatures procured as lonsr as the rucominenilntion of a country P M. from Ihe liiijIiC'M tmrcia in 'he sccions where ii is I'lttse; hut a preamble about thi stoieor the Yankee Noi on ttst Irs., and if in-iney continues senrco yi ti must use tli'lcs of it, so do.t'i do without on thai account, hut call and try iIih new Stove. II ir in tin V iv I ), IFU. S. W, TAYI.OP, DOCT. MAHKII AMS An m tin-, Catarrh ami Ilea tuche S.M'FF, 'I In- Sun 1 1. superior to any thing yet knuwii, lor removuez that tro'tite ouic di.. e. e, the Ca'arrh, and al.o n cold in the I ea I, an I the Ilea 1.1 'lie. Il (i'iiil. nn I m-ii".i. ft il nil ..l..i. ..... tieng hen. 1 he dan l-,an lane a heab by action to the pnns a eein. p- rn eiiy tree ironi any ilunzile'v 'ertoi- in it-eompo-iiion lu. a lea ant flavor, and in imme natee 'ec, alter I ring utel, is abg recal le. rriceai cent. per t'oitie. llo-t..Mar hall's VercaVelndian II aek PLAsiTCIt 'Ihi- Pla .ter is unrivalled for v. inter -erof rlou- swel ling-, S -urvy nore-, Laum Hack, and hro h Wn un. pain- in nc hoc-, nip- nu 1 i.unr s; atvl eliloui tail- 10 give relief in local Rh inati m.. If applied lo the -I ie,it will cure mnny ol itiecoinnion and i ru ial. if not sunerior. lo any thini in o.e fur corn- on Ihe leet , the virti'r- ol thi-1 la ter have I mi witne.reilly thoisnno- of imlivid ml- in the !Tni'ed Sn'e-, who have le let its t-'heaey. Sodlvihe nm prtetor; Cha-. Ilowcn, Middlebury, Vt,, and Peck A: 7ri;n, 111, inni i. A LARfiF. nsforlmcnl of Ilrnss Kettles, Vices, Anvils, Trace Chains. Halter do. etc. ptcianffrrod ior siloai pricts wuicii cannot fail to sun i:toiims oy f ul.1,1 it .r- iiii.voLr.Y, Nov. 23. OM Dock, Ituilingion. FOR SALE. rpllAT lirge and commodious two slo. L ry Uiick Dvvclng House A Iit sttaitcilon the west side of College guon nt the he id of Colle?c.sirpi r. in ihi. vil. ase. I he Hci'sr. ts3J by 45. with a basenifni slorv. with Kfchcn an I Pruvision cellars, and a win:i2 hv 05. exitndinir north on College Orren, with wki and -lore no i.-e uetO'A, anil cnamiers nn I leepin" room, al ove. A lartre and commodious Hani, carriage home ice hou-cand other O'lt-houtes, and a spacion. yard "i ci me uvveiimg nnti.c, aim a gorxi iiurat lu wc I or wa'er of the I est nualiiy in ihe villnee. an la I riek Ci-lern. One an 1 n niinrter acre, ol laiul. ,fih lis.t qualiti j alargeaarden fruit trees west of lie nuu-e aon yam. The II hiding, arecon-irncted in modern style, ol iho I e-l materials and workmanship, vvern erected I y ihe subscriber for hi. own u-e, and the location af ford a very extensive anl plea-ant pro-peel ofthe village an I lake on the We-I and i- not surpassed by any other in tin. part ol the country. Abo far sale n lot containing nn acre of land direct ly oppo-ite Ihe al ove lot with a small con ven tent wood dwelling ho oe thereon. Pi r.dia.ersare iavred to call and rxininefor them selves Terms made known ly ihe lu'vril cr on ihe preinin. SA.MrKLUF.KP, llirlintrtrn J.ine, 16, 1810. nS A HEAVY atsoiimcnt ol'Sleiuh and Cutler shoes, XX Wrought Nails, Ciow liars, dec, juet received and offerad low hy (Nov. 28.) FOLLETT& BRADJ.EV. BURLINGTON, lV)TM:i:.-:-r-Jlei.,,,1, lc.ll.nown hvthe IV .. . ... ... - I or P.inlicr ol the Illood. 'I ho inipiirallclc I and i-lill i incrca-inirrcpu'aiton whiidi thi- medicine lia-ncrjair-el thro mho it the New Knqlan I State-, and die many - . ..w- .. .tZM i uu,, cure- it ii. i periormcit, nn I I lit iieman i inaiie for il I y thea I vice of phy-icians well aci'iainloi with it- preparation, li.i. in I ice I the proprictur to cxtcn" it. cir.xtlaliou lo alino-t every town in the ci-lcrn S'.Vo. ntid the principal towii- in the Unite I S'a'o. Tin. linacoi warran'e I purvly veietal le,nii I I. not -urpawd ty any oihr medicine ecr o 'ered to the allhctc.l a. "n. cxteiiMW -alo nud srent pop'ilari'y plainly prove. It ha. wiihin the la-t eixh'een month. ciircilits thou aii I-ofthe tno-t oli-tina'e di-ca-e-, n can le proved I y cert i Ilea tc, an 1 i. pronotiucul ly eniincnl an I ru-p'o -1.11,10 phy-ieian. the I e-l tue lit in'e inii-c. V efd nifi rmation may 1 o lo iud in eireii'.ar.. eontaiiiinir certitlca'c- of cure- and diieciion- fur la- kins the molicine. The followitiL' nptioinlcd nirent Ilirlmtjlon, I'KCK mil S P K A 11, I!. .lo,lv -I til KM.. I .Ml. l It, .C.I M.tll.n (' II., I'.. M I on Fall-, II irnct nnd Sawyer Wa'cri iHe, Fi-I, mi l llrown, lline.h ir!:li, II ill an I Cook Fairlax, Par'.er and Mr,ilield Verscnne-. Adam- mi l Murray Cnin'nlL'.', M. Wire I'lidcrlull, M. C. Il.irnet North Fcrril iirirh, II. C. Wicker Ccoriria, A. IHi Willi-tun, N. ( hiiten leu Iliehnion.l. ("rceii & llhoile John uu,!!, I.. Warner and U Voiikton, lahiii .Smith Ha cr-lield, Armtn.'ton an.l Woodwar I Fair lield, I! irnct an I Farn-worlh. e.o.p.l .f.19 WIMIOIV NASH Jii.l received 13, ill in I 217 hy Ucn-cmciit- ol ash, a lir.-t ra'e article nt 31 and S cent- per lijrht ; nl-o nil kin 1- an.l-izc, firm lie. I o orler. Ticondcroza I. lack ci I, a lir-t rate article, for a'e very low, lime her with n creal variety of oihcr am- cl.ic cheap a. can he loutid at any other e-lal lt-h- monl in Ihe pl.u e. (iF.o. Pi'.TERsoy. W HATCH would inform Iho in- hnhitants of llurlitiL' on and vi etiily, that he has opened a shop in Chinch street, nt the sin of Ihe Utile, where lieiiitindsto carry on iho f5un stnitli liiisincss, in nil its various branch es. llnvii'L' brcn einploviil for I lie last six years in the thop of 'J. JI. Caswell, in I.msinuhiirtrh, (undoubtedly iho best snop in tlie Uniteil states,) tic led. war ranted in olK riug his work to Iho public. Burlington, June 1, 1811. TXTYSTintltllJSJ A ccntleinan hilonving lo 1VL one of the most ancient and wealthy families of this city, who must be w, II known to numerous friends having sinco the year ISIS, up to recently, laen bent neatly double, and for several years confined lo his bed, has been restored to goi d health has regained his natural erect yosilion and lias quilted his car riage, and now walks wilh case ! I, We believe this i. ihesjcn lcman'-own description ns near as possible, and therci. no exaggeration in it. We will give tnqui urs his address, and doubt not littnnne leelings will exc re the liberty ; so that any one ilonbtinc, may .note iiicse i.iei uoiigii nc requests ins name may not appear in print. Among other instances, .Ur.Jas. C Uevnolds, 144 Christie-sired, has been restored. and will give personal assurances of tlm ficls of Ins case. Ilmli were rheumatism, nnd contracted cords and sinews. Hovvhas this I con done? Answer. Ilu the Italian Vegetable Elixer in ternally, and llnces' jVcn r and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. 'JO, 1911. Sold only by CO.VSTOCK .f CO., 71 Mtiiltn Isftrt. AciP S'urk. 9 PK.CK it .VI'C.MI. Wholusiln A npiits. n f..vv doors cast of thcPosi Office, llurling'on, Vt. WILLIAM U'lliailT'O IXDIAN I'lIUC.ATIVl' 1MI.LS, Untirdy Vegetable. MANIU'ACIUnli!! iiie'er the inline bate .-upcriu-'(ti 'eic e of WilliamWriuh'.VK-e-prc.ii'cnl of the Xortk American Cotlc'f ot Health, fur the treatment an I cure of ih-ea c in ihe form of Hillioi and Ncr- vo t- Fever-, .Mca-!e , Siutll Pox, P.un- in the -totniel., lack an I -i!e, Cou-umpiiuu, l)rou-y, Scrof ula, Cancer, S utnng c f Illood, Sek-IIcad-a. he, Klieututi m. Di.irrhira. ny-entarv. Colics. l)y-o ia, P.ilpii.ilicn of the Heart, Ulcer and tores of every i;imi, ipc. vvc 1'or .me i v PKCIv & SPFn, llirlinglon. W. II. HOLLY, Willi.iou. W. .1. DroClLA.V, lluic-burirh. .1. II. IIALIirilT. Wc ifiml. Iltirr .11 ill Stones at:d lloUIng Clitlis, PAIIlof French llurr Mill Stones nud a com ""''pleie assotlineni of Hulling Cloths, from a cih hrated Manufirtury in llolliud, fur siIp nt riduced p-ici's, by FOLI.IVIT& HIIAUI.P.Y, Agenis. Ouv.29. LVMAN & COLE T-l " riccive.1, to a I hltoii lo iheir for -toe!; i f 1 X Dry floods, an extensive a -tor incut of Fall .in I nier tiCi.l- j winch will le foul great var-eiy 1 1 iir i. ie. i r i.auie-' uioa'.s ; .na -c.l Li Ire, a very pietty aric.'c; Alaeea sill, War, Cam1 le'eiui, Plain H'ucl: Ah me, Fic'.l do., Satin Damn I , llryi hella, Per tan Cloth, Ficnch, Ccriu.ii , an I Kni'li-li .Merino , Mo i eliiic i'c lame and pr n'c Sixoine-, a var.cty and low priced,- Uoat'i Hair and Imitation Cam! le'. S U.KS. A small a-s( rtmen' nf ri h lia'd and tlri'pd Silks Heavy li.'ack Canton. Cm 'e Svi.., nnd other silks, SHAWLS. Lupin'. 1 cl .carle1, ' lac , w lute, an ! colored: A few cxlra -ize or lei -haw I-, Chive- and llo-tcry. a larjc a- or nient ; an uu i-i allv lane a-tortmenli American iirint j Fiem h and I'nsli h do. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton -luc'intr and .liiriinirt Ticki and Wad ibng i Ille.u hed Cotton and Mcrrimac thcennr. veiv i o w. TAILOR S T1UMMISGS. Wor-tel lluulius, sill; do, Lartrc ro ui I and siuare .iionatr vorus ior over con's; -uu t:oro iortre--coai SVor-tel and silk Siriret liiurul silk an I Vrlvi II itton-, new fig tre j .evving sill , Twit an I Tim a I Pa Mint.-. C.inv i -, ,e'e na . Col'd Jean-. Ilruwn an. lilaek L ncn ; Wor leJ plai I for Facing ; Uutlons for over coais, wc. JAiCY UKFS. A varietv nf rich du l ame, Chally, silk, an! new l iu . alley 1 1 I . M II I I'll , liRO AD CLOTHS. Ilrnvv do it h led ( l,,il.. . n ..... I'lot'll-l II( Il liallioni neioei f't,.ih. - nt., n general as ortincnl ol il irlingion Mill Cloth- Ccii'lcmeii mil La he. are invite ho call andexnin tne our vervex'eiisive assortment, which we u.ier al rc.i iee.i pri( e. lor i.a-n. u irlington, 22 u-t, 1811. ODRLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY t J i .M.l.bO.N, continues iho tiuemess of liianufacluiing Chnira at the old and. of the fol lowing descriptions! Cuil Maple Grecian, Cane Seal, Common Cane and l ing Si at, I.arye and Small Rn snl Seal Hockinc, do do Com innn do, Common Dining, ,lr., Ac. All of which are warranted a first rate article and will bo sold nt prices In mrrrsnnml ...ol, it,. ,t,.,Aa FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY -U.HJJ',. Constantly on hnnd. n mtiinlv nf ...... .n..l r Grerse Fealhers, which will he sold low for cash. WANTED, hy tlm subscriber, Curl and Htrds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop in Church slrrel, opposite II. C (I I. II R It T II RESPECTFULLY inlorms his fiiends and iho public, that he hag now opened a Livery S able, and bason hand ready for use soma excellent Horses mil uuinacc, oicigua, Harnesses, c. p. vv inch 00 will let on rcasonabln terms. Stable nt Hem'nnn'n ltil,..'a IIoll I. Solltll V.t f'.nmfr Cnnr, irA... C . 11 T " . .. -. wvut. J 1 j J .1 1 C 1 Deiembc'r 10, 1811. Sawn. TD OWLAND'S (Serinan Steel saw mill nm. mn. l.tiifactured lo order nnd filled for lha eawincof l....inMi. ........... --.1 j !.! iiciiiiuov, cpitii,-, pine, ,11111 wrijr ucscripuon oi uaru iiinoer. o, o nnu t jeei, Also English Casl-steel cross rut saws, lloe&Co.'s do rircnlai do from 16 to Jfi incnrs,aml manulscliirrd lor the trmlein llnsvieitiily For bale nt the Wharf, by Nov. J9 KOLI.ETTi. BRADLEY CTfl UULS. Winter Oil, nf npcrior qnahlv, for into JJ lowly FOLLETT. JIRADLEY. VERMONT, FRIDAY, MOFFAT'S Vi:OI.TAIII.i: LIFK MKDICINIS. The-e meilieine. are indcl ted for their name lo their nianife-t anil en-ihle notion in purifying the .pring-ntnl channels of life, and enduing them wild renewed lone and vigor. In many h indrcl cerlihel c.i-e.which have I ecu made iiulli", and in alino-l every specie, ofdi-cn-elo which the huinnn frame l lint le, the hajipvu cel. nf.MorrAT's l.trr. I'ili.. and Pipkxix IlirTF.ii. have Iceii grealf dlyand p illicly ae nowlcdicl I v the pcr-on. lencfiiteil, and whii were previou-ly unacq minted with thebeautiflilly phi losophical priticip e-upon whiehlhey nreeoinpound. odjiuid iiion which tlieycon-cqiteutly net. The LIFK.Mi:i)H INr.S recoimucnd them-clye-in ili-e.i-e.of every form and de-cripiiou. Their liri operation is to 'oo-cu from iho cuat.of the -lomach an I lowcl-, Iho v.'rious iinp'iritic- ami cru hti uu. -taully setlling around tlieini nud lo remove the lutr dene I' fitce. whieli collect ill the convolution, ofthe -mailt I into-tiuc. O her medicine, only narli.illv cleau-ethe-e, nud leave -itch o llcctc I in.-..' e I clnud n loprod itoal eo-tivenc-s, with all it. tram ol evil-, orstiddeu diarrhiea, with it- imuuneiil dairer-.n Thi- fact i. well known lo nil regular nnaloim.. whoexatnine the human 1 rmeU af'cr death ! m.,1 1.,... ihe prcpidiceoflhosu well infornicil men airiiin.t quack UK'ilicmc or inti licinc. prepnn.i aint heralilc.1 to lietml lie I v iiioraul ner-on-. 'Ihe lecoiu eileet .t Ihe Life Me hcine-i lo clean e the kidney, and the tilo'i.tcr, ami ly lhi mean-, tne liver ami I lie Inn;;., the heal hfulacioii of u Inch entirely depend, upon the re colarity of the urinary ortraii-. The Mood, whu b take, t s rcdcolor from the aircncv ol the livcrnnd ilw loins I cloru il pae. into the heart, I cue.' lh i. puriflnl ny iiiem, aim noiiri-ueo uy ioi.i cuiiiin ironi a clean -touiaeh, conr-e- fiecly thro-igh the vein., reuew- every part of the -v-iein, and triumphantly mount. the I anner ol heabh in the bloontimr cheek. Mo latWcgeta1 le Life Me heme- have I een thor oughly te-ted, and prouo 'iieeil a -ovcreicn rcmcdyfor Dy-pep ia, Flat'ilcney, Pnlpitaiioti of the Heart, Lo--ol'Appetile, Hc.irl-burn an 1 Ileal-aehc, lie-tlc tie-, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Lang tor an I Melancholy, Co nvene, Utarrhica, Cholera, Fever, of all' kind., lihe imaii-ui, lioin, Drop-ie. ol all kind., Crnvcl, Worm-, A-thuia and Con-nniptiou, Scurvy' Fleer-' Inveterate Sure-, Scorbotte Kruplion-ami llad Com plexion-, Kriptire complaint-, -allow, Cloudy, and oiherdi agreeable Complexion-, Salt Klicim, Fryip-cla-, Common Cold- and Inll:ienza,aitil yariou- other complaint- wttieh nllla-t Ihclciiiiau Iratnc. In Fevf.r nn l Aocn, particularly, the Life Mc.hciuo- have I ecu mo-i einmcndy sitcce-.f d ; -o moth to that in the Fever an I A -'uedi-tncts, Phy-icau. nliuo-t universally pre crile ihein. All that Mr. Mo'l'at renuire-of hi. patients i. to le particular m taking ihe Life Medicine, -trtctly accor ilimr lo the direction-. It i-nut a newspaper notice, or l.yanythmirthct lieliim elfinay-ay in their favor, tlul hchopesto gain credit, llis'alonebyihe re-ults oi n Mir irini. MOFFATS MKDICAL MANIULj de-iened a- a dome-tie snide tn heal It. Thislittle iiamphlci, wbtcil by W.I). Milai,,.New York, ha- tern pu! li-he I for the p irpo-e ofexplaininir morefdly Mr. Mo tat'- theory of di-ea-cs, and will Ic lonnd highly interc-tinir todcrson--ci'kin:: health. It treat- upon prevalent di-ea.e-, andtbei'au-cs thereof. Priie, 25 cent for-alel vMr .I" These valuiblc Meticnie- are for -alo 1 y GF.OIIF.F. .. W MINEK vt Co. Jcdin-un, Vt., General Ayeuts, I I vytioni tin or cr- iromnnypart ol the Mate or Canada, will I e proinpllv an-vvcred. 28 1 f Dec. 17. 181 . HAG All ARTHUR, (cneral Asent- for Mo at'.- cele1 rated medicine- to whom all'ons for agcheies ttturl le ad- re-, c I. Hurliii2'on,.!an.23, IS 12. 'TpHE Hurlinglon Hrcwcrv i- now X in full operation, and Reer of ihe verv besi ouahlv is kent con stantlv ouhind for sale in whole or nail barre .. fi. !Tr sn. i "M. 1 J, ItUll ATUltlJ'fi CHAM) HI-.VroilA'IIVi:. Thi: V.ruul le Vcire'a ,' .mn,l. ...II... I ior llictoliowill'j complauit-, VIZ! Ily-ncn-ia. or hull tion,di-e.i-eil Liver, libou.di.urler.. limn.,- -it,. . it..: w..'.. 1 ...... ..,,IIM- mm ,,. , .1 ppeiltc. and IV .can-nig me stiiniach ami I ovvvls, cure. pain, in the i 'c, -lomach and I rci-t, culiN and coigh- of long lau tin;, Ilo.irrcne-s, sliorine-. of I re.oli, Nervnu ouipl.iiiit.,eic., vvbicii arcl'ie.nently the c edol di.-a-c. For Fevcrattd Ajjuc. it t-a mo.i le nre- vcniauve a-wen a- a sovcicign reinciiy. it. virti.e--urpa any thing herelofirc known in tcmnving St. v uu-' imiiic, two lottle-have Icon known to cure, afcr having I nllltil every exer tion lor lour years, it ha- u mo.t povverlul itilluciice in removing nervnu. ci uiplauits. Il is nlca-aiit intake

an I .iiea-y in it-oiieratton, hal it tuny I caduu'iii-icred ' me nu wen tnte v-. I lie iiliove .vinticuie i- verv highly recdtimicu 'oil I y many seien'ilic lemen nnl a larire tiuiul er ol ladie-, who have proved the i -in' I Hie -ueiueuic I y pcr-onai US- f nil t Hat III Iheir unillics. A bill ofi crtilica'c- ncconmai ie.e.ieli I. mile withd ree ion-. It may I e had whole nle or ic'nil oi -. tin am, llarrc, ami J. C. Farnam, 1 a-t William own, i. sine i -o ir en r-. I'renaretl trolu i.i,ri. u al rc-ipc; lorsa'e I y I.. II. Preuli--, Monipelier, and .. .. I'CCK il'51'EAn, II Tlins-tcn, and in the principal lovyiit in the slate ;all ui -in nine i oi ne i vyriimt! oi'lietiroprictor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. JV ST rp-f:ve!, a -M.i!y ol Marh (r!e1ntcI Tru-i e-, cif every ilrscr union, for m'e I y the dozen JC?Tru?ses acctiratdv applin-frce oft liitrge. $100 Sl'.WARc, C1 (M KF.W.VRD has been on'errd for months V J- vx lu any one who will use a buttle of Hay's Liniiit'nt far the I'iks, without lieiug cured. Ol thousands sold, in no one instance has it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming to Uu Had vv hero it ts bold. It is also a certain cure in neerlu ereni cane. (Externally,) in tlio fo'lovving complaint.. For the Piles, lor ail dropsy, lender hit, soro throat, ty cap. cers or ulcer., croup, whoopim; cough, scald head, Tightness ol the (in si, especially lit cnuurcn, ioui 111 cers of thclcL's, of oilier fungus sores, however ohs i nnlunr lone sIiiikIiiil'. fresh vvoutxls, chilldaltts.etc. LOOK OUT. Same airindlera hate cuunterfcittd this articlejand put it up tn'fi rarioitstUricis. Do not oe imposed upon, vine Hunt: only wt'i proieci you it is Ihe name of COMSTOCK CO: that name must be alrays on the wrajptr, or you 11 ) I e chtnt ed. Do not orttet 11. Take the direction with vou and test hy hal. or never buy 1 ; for It is impossible ior any inner 10 ne irueor centime. " J Sold hv CO.MS'l'OCK if. CO . 71 Maiden Lane, New York. P V, OKA. S P F. A II, Wholsale Aucnts, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Burling' ion, vi. . LIVE AND LET LIVE." THE snbscril er wool I respectfully return hi thank, to III. 111.1111- ttalrun. forlheir favorsiturili! the past live year-, nnd would also inform thenilhal i.e in. re.iicui.hci hi. lock ol Stationery, Hoot; Uini'iiig Stout.-, &.(-. and will I e happy to wait upc nil thai .lia 1 faVOr him ,t.,ll. l.utrnunA .n, t elorion Id-part shall he .pared 10 give .alisVaction u irsioel cn.t money! therefore, we cannot give it .....), nrir.i u pciow co.t, or at oo-l J lull what wi haveto .ell, (if vve can get an opportunity) at a v.,t v irom coi a- nny one can oo and liv M' their bii-iiic-s. Individual, wishing tn purrha -Ominnn Schoo Hooks. Sl.lir.ncrv or ran have a chance lo tet the sincerity of ihe sul sen'. I er.vvnen ha. ay- l.e will sell cheap fur calling at Hie M?n of the Rod Ledger, College strrrt. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Nov. P, 1811. Hurlinglon Iloobalore. thtapfor cash. Nov. 10. D. A. BRAMAN M .niiriBoii-a l-llia. ESSRS PANGUORN f- BRINSMAID are appointed Slate Agent by Messrs. Alexander and John Mnrison, of the British College of Health, Loridonj ono of our firm via ledlherollegain London, nnd wo hold our appointment now directly from held quarters. A correct niciurpof tl,i Cnllr.,.. It, ,11 1,.,,.. can be 811 at tlie Variety SioreanJ in lha hand of .lai.uii.njj.iu. in mo pneKsgm will im elgned in writing Nr,n01N&BRINSMAl6," 1. Stote.gnt, THE siil .rrilcr would invite the attention of hi n (ricndsnd tie ru! lie in his new a.ionmcnr of llooks. The le-i.eieciton he has ever made, both in alist-cl aneon. ami K,-I,,.nl n,ui. ... i i pi MARCH 11, 1842. SR. TAYt OR'3 D A I, S A H OKLIVE1MVOIIT, Ob-erve when you boy thai vou get the genuine, prepared nt 37S ftovvery, New York. See that 375 Howcryrvcw i ork i. on the wrapper of each Hottle. All other, are Fraud, and sold only by speculator-, vvilhoui regard injustice, lo the public, or the proprie tor, of Ihe genuino article. FOIl Consumption, and Liver complaints, Dystiep sia.dizzincdfilio head, loss ofappetile, fjyten-larv-, and general regulatcrol the wholesvtcin. Mmeiienuine but ihat nrepareJ at 375 llowery, .New 1 ork, where the nrliclu iva. hrf made, ihechnr accrorthe inebcine formed and e-lal lishc 1 1 v the tuceiit to e proprietors, and whoaretheonly persons knowing ihe cotnpu-inon ofthe genuine. It ha. I een u-eil suecc-sf lly for eight year, in the cure or these (lisea-c-. jLyilememlcrihe oritrtnal and Oenuiie t made only at o. 375 Bowery, .New York. All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint I As n eeiieral remedy for the edisca-e-, I am f lly tali'livd, from long experience, there i no med.'cuie e 1 ml to Dr. Taylor's Ual-aui of Liverwort. Ceini pure y vegetable, 11 can Iwu-cl with ihu uttno-t -afe y ly all pe.-un. in every condition. It clea i-e. I he lung, ly expectoration, relieve, difficult breathing, nnd-ccm-to heal theche.t. 'I here can I e noque-lion but tin. medicine I-a certain cure for chronic 1 ousli and cold.. I have o-ed ii lour years in my practice, and always wi-h n-ces-. A. F. ROOF.K'S, M. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor'- lJwauwf Liverwort to le aterlam remcly fur thi. complaint, a. I have u-cd it inyclf and found its e ect. an inuned.ate. I w. m ich troubled until I made meofiln- melicine M. I" HF.NSIIAW. 211 Mnttgin -t. Iloar-cnc Ciue.1 Furtl cc- re of hoar cue-. 1 can strongly reecointiieinl Dr. Taylor's Hal am of Liv ervvori. I have not onlyfound preal 1 enelit mv elf, but mnny of my conirregatn n I y my re cointnenda. lion have rceieved great I enelit from its virtue. Il i, a I once im!d ,clIicacioits and harmle. , ItEV.AZ. LCWI3. Severe Cough, and Coldt I have had a 1110-t tc verecold and coiivh, for a long time which 1 could not ifcl ridof. After u-ing many u-e'e-s thing. I tri ed Taylor's Hal-ain of Liverwort, an I it cured me m 'w,nv. jas. (j. MiHUl.MJCK. Rni-ing of Rloml About two wieks nvn I lia.l n fall, wan h cau.-cd me to -pit larife qu.ituie. of I lood whi hnothinz could cure until I tried I)r. Taylor's Ual-nm of Liverwort. Tin- meiljeine gave me inime- ha'e relief and 111 a very short lime elected an entire 'ure. L.ei an per-on- try 11. IIL'OII MCf.ARVF.Y,2I Cannon st. Dr. Taylor . Uabam of Liverwnr "I'lu. .imprin. remedy fdrdi-ea-e- ofthe lung- an I liver has obtain ed a re-iiiia-icn never I. force v'-illed. llcmarkalile Cure of Consumption. lu'r ile.ilti eilh tl..- ... .. l.n ,im friends -cut for a pr e-l toconfe.. ine tie I died. He in In- iniry, told me not to etveuti until I tried Dr. Taylor'- Hal-am of Liverwort. 1 ,ent immediately fortius medicine, and although the con'e-t for a few nays 1 etween tin-me licuie, ami my ih en-e wa- se vere, the medicine conqucre I, and in a fortniclit I wa- re.-lnreJtoheallh. I had a couirh. ra 1. in ? nf 111.11- ter, lo ol my voice, pain-, w e.ikne. ., &c. I can re- icr 10 ioctor mi-ill, in ine v arlton Hnn-c, lor Ihe truth ofmystateiiieiil. MARY DILL, 10 h street cor. neware 01 lra"ii.. ,,131 avenue. Summer Complaint. The Hal-am ol Liverwort. 111 several of thi. h-ea e, where all other lenie lie- auuiied Iv uliv-i- ian- have proved tnctllcliial, ha- produced a jiorfcci uie Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. It. Ulaldin id Delhi, N. Y., of a natural')' con. timely end by the u-e of Dr. Tnylor'- Bxl-aui of Lie inn iiivu t-iin. 111 iiiu. a. 1 ecu save 1 iroi o an in. mil. a -evere eoiii 1 ro islil on an attack of y, andlliu. endel in ceneral debility an I con-ump-it. A cv.n-tant, hectic t!u-h, re-tle - nishl-, n' ti'd-c. anl coni.tiuel In.s ni' .. - eely death ; but a. soon as I commence I the u-eof 1111 lai-am 1 grew le ter, and 1- now filly restore, to health. Shortness of Ilrcath. Fur thi- di-ea c. I have aliia,- in.1,,,1 II.. nv..i...i Hal-am of Liverwort an 1,. .. ....... u t :.,., ... t, c.-iivc, nut 1 iiiwav- u-e II 111 .iu. 1 ee, an 1 receoiiiincna it to mv friend., h ive u-e.1 11 in some bun Ire.l- i f ca-e- vvuilun the pa ci in ofa-thma, I fully U-licveitto have 1 ecu ilu it. 11 v.w-, .in., 1 nave lever nui i hi In , uiciii- 111 tuviug previous live . I cl a u.e 1. (illOKO'i: RALPH. M. II. None cenuine but thai iircunrel ni 17-. , n... New York a-will tc -een ly ihe lal cl- and wrapper- of each Is Itle. He sure vol look w hen vni lev 1 no uen line can atwav- 1 eol laintM ol ihe O .1 Airent-, .Me -r-. .. Love'y & Co., nuw Lovely vV Soymo ir Dr. Moody and Pe.'k & Snear. Clicmi-i' mil Drugsi t.-, 11 olur.-ion H. II ime .Charlotte William Kho'e-, Jr. litcbnioni' (ico. Avar- it Co Milton A. .V W. Hrown. lira 11 1 1 le W." II. k',..!, r .South Hero Horace Wadsviortb, North Here J. 11 ivi-, Al' urgh f. .V I.. Ulem, Wc-t Alb ,rg h D. c. W, Carpenter, Watcrl ury. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. MAitoIhaiatStJSjurjaBs, (sik;ci:.suok.s iu k. umciis,) Wholesale and Jlctail Confectioners, WOI'LD rc-peclfully iiiforiu the iiihabitanls rf II irlincion ami ihe surrnuuilimr e, unnv. ihm Iheyiarryon the Confectionary Uusintss, on' a 1 ts vario i- I ranelie-. Dcicrimuisl to u-e Ihe very I est material- in nianulacturmir, they will al all limes lurni-li Merchants and other- ilealmg in Con feci on-arie-, wi h Ihe I est quality, and on ihe lovve-i po-si- I I S!l.,... .... I'l....' 1. w. I '.. i".- v ,ii'.ji .iiiviiii.H ini-1, iwu iioor. ro it 1 1 i f S. E. Howard'- S.ore, newly and neatly lilted up, where we eordinllv invite all locall an I examiner) ,r article-, con-i-tut? of nil kind, of Stic: Candy, Hills and Ki-ie-, Heart- and lliamnnd-, lraii.. Pepper mint, Lemon Drop-, Vanilla Cream, Lnzcnse ,Sii'.ir I'ltimli-, arravvays, l.omlits, Caa II id-, Ifock nud Hruwn (.'anly, S tear Sand. Mottle, anl Se-ret-. Stirar App'e-, Potatoe-,, and lla-l et-, ..villi yarn u- oihcr article, too n imcri u. to 1 e mentioned. K ceneral a. urnnent of rii h and lancv Cal.e. ou ban I. and I a' e I to order, together with lee Cream,. to furnish partic, av.Ac, .M.-sU Coi'cil Candt, whiih we rwommend fur Conch-. Cells, Hoar enc-, &c. We do not nre'en I tn tav with Mr. J, Pa-e vVSon, thai ( ur Candy will cure a'l dt ea-e. lea ting to Consumption, vve ihink thai is saying loo much. CLOCKS. We have a good a -orlinent of Mrats and Il'oorftn Clocks, wlrch vve will -ell very lovvf. r ca-h , r ap proved credit. I'Ica-e call and examine leforc pur-cha-ing el cvv here. N. H. All orders from a distance, po-t paid, will I e proinpllv attended to, and paekane-and boxe- put ou I oaril of staire- or I oat-, when required, fiee if charse. He partio ilar and ad Ire all order- to MIT CHELL At BARNES, Confectioners, there lemglwii firm- of the mine name in he village, II r'in'oii. Vi. O". 2-2. 1811 To ItUckmuIllis Hlosuttt'sli Coal, 'pill subscribers have just reciived fnriy Ions nf 1 Uloslurgh Coal, wheih for Smith' use is tinsui. asscd bynny of ihemincml couls, and win rc known has taken '.he place ol eh.ircoa'. Igniting and burning freely, ills highly ucomiuciuled for crates and donicslic use. OLLF.'IT U nilADLEY. CHUUCII i1USIC. THE following va'tiable Musical Works are con slantly for sale by Iho subscriber at iho lowest prices, hy the do, or larger quantity, viz i The Jfodern Psnlmist, a new work by L. Slason. Boston Academy's collection ol Church Muic MilhoJi-t Harmonist, Odeon, and Boston and American Glee Book. Nov. 1641. D. A. BRAJIAN. EM.WRIGHT& Co. will open vi ithin lhri-e rr fuunlayr, roin 1 TOO I o 2000 yd- Extra superdc, (doil'le c round), snperfuie, rino andconunon all wool Carpeting., which have I een p irc.ha-ed mostly in N.Yorkat auetien, and will! e sold al vey low prut. Al-o TwiUeit'and piaiw ie enrttan stair carpeting, Hemp an 1 Cm ion carpeting uiicioin.,;iiatt-,eie. iVor. 12. nooks and Paper. r1 riOODRICll. one door Ex.l ofFarrar i. Walt', W. Crockery Store, UP fJCA IRS, has a very ceneral eolle-lion of nook, includinir a Ixrre slook of School Bonl.s and Paper. All wbhintr to nurcba.e will do will In call. Produce and doinesiic mannlarliires o every tle-cription receive! in payment. Schoclrom nilttee. f irni-hiug frr school., shall have books pra ' lor all children in iheir di.lnet. w hive pa. rent, an- unau to my. jjen. IS. mllE SnbsorUcr wi'lDavrxshfor a few TVinirl 1 pounds of good Flec-a Woo', ilriivvred at ihiir Biore, neanoii-rari ni. I'H.i;i.l.l A flYDF.. July 9, 181. RUSSHI.IAs STOMACH UI'ITKHS. may Is' u-ed in Wincor water. Tlie. ei elelunii., I l.uisr. are compo-ed purely of vetro nble.. oftltp must fiino cctil yl specifii; virlue-. They are recommended par ticularly for re-lorinir weak eoii.tiitiiion., cleaning and strengthening ihe slomnch, nnd increasing the appetite also a prevenlnliveairain-t thecholera mor bus, fever and airue, removing nan-ea, voinitini, heart Iiiirninir,vvcakne-s in the brcat, pain in the stomach and other .vim,! om tdfil.i! nle., n.i in.i:.... lion. One box will tincture one gallon. I'rice25et. ' "X. Russell's Itch Oimtmcxt Tbi.rl ointinciil I. said lo I e superior lo any now iu u-e, for that di-aareeal le anJ loath. ouu. ,1 n.n l li-ll Thi. Ointment i. -ci ocnrtaiu lu its operation that no i'T-iiu iiuui ion won i nt- ni ove in-order ought lo 1 e vvilhoui tt. It is n for ciitauco-is eruption-, -corbntic a lections ofthe head, orany otherl rviiking out which an-cs from sharp humors in ihe Llood. i i " v z j ci. a i o.x. lies ell's Vr.or.TADt.r. I!ii lioi's Pills, or family hvsic, lor trcncral u-e. in ea e. i.f.l.-m,lic,. nut ,,. -en il tlityi.f the .tomaeh an 1 bowel.. I,,.. r.i ....;.., lirttd 1 reaib, co-livcne . Pile and all ili.en.i.. nri.. ing from I ilinrv I'oranjeinent.. kn r.r , ,.!,., .n. .. Ihe state of the I lool, nud the -ysivui ol foul and viscid huniiur.. The e pill, are a mild ca thartic, producing neither pain- nor griping, nnd are therefore a valuable and highly approve! medicine, ntidaru pro we I a. such I y lheino-1 di-iingiii-hed tdty.ician-. Each lox ccutlniu 33 Pills. Price ll ielrs celel rated Salt Riiecm Oiuiiiist.-This . iitiuue-tional ly the l-i and .nr,..t rui le ut'i., vml oilensl lo Ihe pulilic for that obsiina'e disorder SA 11 vv hero otlierineans li.ive tatle.1, ft has.i.c ceedeJ, and the fact that it haslien ..x'en.ivuly med ' y eiinnciii rrnciinoner.s ciiks volume- in II- prai-e. Ill- ei ally e.iieacio is in all di-ea e. of the -kin. -cald head, ringworm ,and il-emu-t invetcra'e lieh, iit: iic. Ntitnerots ceritfiea e. might le ol tamed. ut the proprilor choo-e. that a fair trial shn dd I e the nlv evi lence ofit- sunerior e.lieacy. PriieiOcenlsa lox. For sale I y Pick d Spear imd Rol erl Moody, 11 iilinctun; Dr. C. E. .Milt-, an I II ill h Cook.IIme--btirgh; S. II. Harne-, Charlotte; (..Jane-, Georgia I.. Tyler, Essex i Fuller Si llutitinston. Richmond Also, I v the druecist. and merchant, feneiallv bi'ivichoiit the state. oU.Otr DIsi;asi tir i hi; i.iim;-,.. iiecuieiiii the inii.l piipular ipnisdv ever known iu Ainf l ic. Vegetable Vulmonaro Balsam is the mii.i valualilr leiueil, nnu i't eocih,cul.., .islhii.ii or, coii.iiinpiiun, v liniiiiug rough .md piitipou n nfl-rliuio ofeverv kind, lis salei. ic.idilv nicieil.iug. mid ihe piiipiieior. .lie cuimi,iiiiIv .ccpiviiik ihe mu-l favniable (Ciniiii ol ii? effect.. 'Ihe futlow-ing new certificate lie ofTeied fur puhl e ex.indiMliun. Ah Intkiiestino Extract of i teller finm MrCS Cl.v, King. inn, Ulster co., N. Y. in lite prupnelnr.. ' 1 uni. of ihe 9di ui.i, wn. ihtlviec d ifm.ik.ible erne was rlfi ced hi the e?.tntite Pill. tnuiMr) .nu m lite ivtuipr nud . pi ing of IS33. 'I lip person, vir. vloud,. lieen su k a ltng nine wnb he eiinsiiitipiiiin. III. iihv liciau- civen liini no Up vv a. icihired ru tow as lo be iiimIiIp lo hplp hiinelf, mil vv.,. rul-intf a I.iiiep qn.nliiv of blond when he 'niuniruicrd iniiiig ihe .i.,iui, vvbieh h.i. efTecied .i i-oiuplpte cme, and tip i. iinw a. hale nnd heailv us vpi he was. Mr, Mnodv h.i lemnvi'd fioin tin. town, tint lie h,. tp in '.cd hip a umip ilelaibd account of his, whu h I vv illfui ward viu. C. S CLAY. Kings'im, N, Y. Jump 23. 1838. Exn.iet of a Ipiipi f, inn Dr. J.iroli .Mvers The Vege.ilitp PiiIiiiuii.,iv Hat-Mill In bpsn s(,M in ibis ci'iiniv for Hvo veais, nnd ihp me lieinp h i. ..uned at, aiicuiniuoii relelull), for il .raicetv in one inslniicf ftllpil ol having the de-iipn sfTecl 1 am b) in, iiicius n f ivor of the inanv nui'lliiui., ul'ist ol whu h aie im position, upon a cipdiduiis public, bin ih.ii which I knuvv by o.e to bp, I rannoi help lui niv in ippiob ilion tliPre'O. A ro'lil'Pifeil ptPi-.lii,lion h.i. iceiintrpipd Iipip b uii.ivellinj Agpiii, of Cunis'tii k, . Y. .ml theip i. anuiher article vendrtl line thai i. irongl) ru. pected to bp.pviiiiui. Jacob Myths, M. I). it iiiitiiK'tin , i co i'piiii. vim a, is:i7 hi, uu Dr. S.tllHlel Mtittpll, to the Pinptiptois of die Vp.e .,tte Pobnuuarv H.U'im. I ., iu satisfied th.i the Vc. 'Plabtp Po'iiiiin.,41 v Halllln I. a v.ilnlbV lilPtlretup Ii II.. lips,, o.ed tn lilt, pl.trp ivilll rulllpleip .uei-p.. hi ,n oti-toi iip ruiupt-inil ,i Ihe lunij., alien. led will) n eveie euiih, lus. of voice, and I lis rii-illi of niiieli 'iliiud. Ahull had pip, i,iiii., le-i-ied inanv app,ivei ine.' i i,l ,.. A Iter listen ilie Ha'.. on one veek,il" p.lipil'V voire leuiined and he u us aide lo spp ,k .,eil. li.y. Till. farP oei lined soiiip lime since, :on ll.s ul.iil is lluw pn.izpil not only iu urine luo labonoii. hlliillle.. Ue.pPCllldlv. C. S. MoHRF.I.I. . i. nnw uiiiie lli.tu six vpar. since I wa. I'louxb ,erv lou hv nn ..ffeelioii of the limit., nud uu cuiiipt.iiii a. dpclaip I to lip , ne, ii able b il I lauicit of ihiee pit, lei.ns. I was iIipii rp-loieil lo a. jji.o I he.lth a. I hat! -n.oveil fur iimiiv veil., b, il.lnt Ills Vi-niuahts Pu' uiuimiv Since iu, ipeuverv I have isrotn .nsnileil Ihp Htlsaui in in tuv c.t.e. ol long -oiiiptftlili., and so far t 1 can l-im, il. ii-p in .arialil, la-pu fulluued liv ioui h l.eusfn, and in innut uiioatie.sii ii ha. pfTseu il rule, uhu h npii- a hoi v uupx lensd. SiVlUfcL Evi. Kl TT. I! s ou, Mairh 2. 1837. I'm -nip, whole. ale ami rrtalt, by PECK & SPE vR,llui iugion, Vl. vli Ii return thanks to i ur V -i eti'to i crs and the public --' s for tin 1 beta I nattoiiaL'e lhev .J l'1ve given us far some years, fpK '.134 nl"' inform them thai Vv s-kt? we have visited lujlind and , made arraiigimenis for the importation of Watches, Jew J"' ilry, Watch materials, Knives, Scissors, Razors, Pistols, and Fancy Arlic'es. Wenre receiving beautiful finished Hold nnd Silver Cased Patent Lever Watches of I polish and Geneva inaniifne'iire. Also, Gold and Silvc'r Geneva Lenine Waiehcsi A'arin and V. I'.dish and French Watches. We shall he happy to s pply anyone who wishes a cood watch. The public mav rest assuted that wi do till fiuu watches quiti-as low ami a litt'e lower ihan City hops. We know by recent examination that vve are Sellinc fine Gold Lever of enuat ciiahtv. lowir than lliey are . Id in Boston. Every kind in Aalchcs neatly cleaned and repaired at the lowest prices. .levtetry. We have recived some beautiful Gold and n al stone Hroaehcs an l P.tts, which we lnd undo in En-'lnnd, with Torquois, Coriuliau, Otivx, Topaz, Ruby, Car buni lc, Opal, Diamond and older precious Stones. We havu also received a variety of pretty dress Pins and Broaches, Hair Pins, Hoquct lloldeis, Ac. iicnu urn nueiitf, nips, i.iei.ets, wnauK, Keys; -ilver. shell. Pearl and Ivory Card Cases i .Memoran dums, Souvenirs, Nicdle Cases, and many verv pretty Goods. KA.ims, Knives, sci. tor, Nut Pickers, Nut Cra kets, Pearl and steel cork screws: Tne-stis, toy rings, gilt and common ten nells,tnathema. jcid instriiiitent, wood and ivorv norkel rules. Then tnpler, level , td ited and German silver spoons, ten pots, tumblers, go-io-bcd lamps, Iniup wicks and glasses, brass siuifiors anl irays, andean Icsitcks. tccilo pi ited do. bed nns, syringes, fl isks, skates, auu many oiner ariic cs in ine same line. Carls. Various kinds of beiiitdul em'ossed Cards, rold bordered, and -.'ill edged cards, whilo and colored Cards of various kinda and s irs. Pa ntf, pencils, in , saoo, w an is, cc, Scatf., Ci ovals nnd slocks, collirs, bosoms and suspender. We invite attention t i some beautiful now slocks and scarfs, pantaloon straps, buttons, &c l'crl'iimeryi $,c. All kinds of Perfumer)', sonps, hair oils, dcpilatorv, vinegar loasr, pow uers, rome tcs, txc. Urilsllcs. Vry nice blushes of n'l kinda and for all purposes Spectacles. vve Itnve CJold and silver merjntcd t'peclnelts, ol the best quality, and every number wanted of concave and convex and can suit all ages. We have steel and plnteri spectacle at ihe lowest, Morocco and "'"i spec ensps, eye classes, cxc. . .. .,.. . , ., s t.m,'u pi, j ,u nil pi IU1VT1 IIIIU CUUriHJ, thit we have a better lot of Good than we ever had the pleasure of offering, nd that we will u!l them as low ns any one wo wall not be undersold bv any one. We respectfully iiitii ll who wish for IJmKii of any kind which vve ileal in locall before purchasing. PANOBORN &. imiNSJIAID Importers of Watches mU "') January 1, im. iCrA.S.n .1 I'AMtf A FEW rt. of Hu pfrk and warn al.Tj Gla.s Jil.he, GU.4.anp., eie. at rest fcr ' pirnor of closing lht Vaitt Mt"'' Kpv. U S.n.rv.OTT No. 40. 4M1ANY lU UOSTUA flV AII..1IO.IIJ Via CHATHAM, P1TTSF1 ELD. SPUINGFILLD a.m nuilCESTER. ON and after Tuesday, Dec. 21. 1911, the pAasa.-.-, will run through the entire line, a. rollows! Leave Grcenbush daily, Sunday. excipted, u A. al. nnd 1 P. ill. Tlie morning train will arrive at Chatham 8l, a! Pittsfield BJ, at fpringficld 12J JI., at Wontsler 4 P. JI. nnd nt Uosion 7 P. JI. The afternoon train will arrive nt Chatham 21, ot Pittsfield 35, at Sprinrneld Ci P. JI , leave Springfield next morning CJ A. JI., arrive at Worcester 91 and tl Boston 12 M. 1!f.i cnsixo, leave Boston 7 A. JI. and 3 P. SI. The iiioiiung trnin arrives-nt Orn nhtish CJ P.M. The afternoon trnin arrives at Grccnbu6u 12J JI.rn.xi day, lodging at Spiinctield. The cars of the Hudamand Perkshire Rntl-Rond wijl i run bdvvien Hudson and Chatham in eoimexiott vviih the above trains. PAssn.NQEns f.orii the city of Albany must tnkt tb boat from 1'crr) Whnrf at C A. JI. nnd 12 M. PARE-.. From GrecnLush to Chatham, Chatham to PiitsfUld, Pittstie'd to Sprinefield, Springfield to Worctstar, Worcester to lloilnn, . If piid through From Albaoy to Boston, Worcemer, Sprinitfield, Pittsfield, Hudson, pon xv.w vnur S0C2, 0E0 1 0 1 DO 1S9 6 CO 4 25 300 1 SO I 2S I'a SprwpJlM Harford and Xev an. Pnsingeis leaving Greenbush bv the 1 o'clock, P. il. train, arriv e at Springfield, C P. JI. ; thence by stage (Tj mile.) to Hartturd, arrivini at 11 P. M.J 'cave next morning iu carifor New-Haven, arriving in time to lake steamer for New York, where the arrive at 2 to 3 P. JI. Or leave Grernbush by thi morning train, arriving at New-Haven S P. JI., thenca by steamer next morning, lo New York, arriving by 2M3P..M. Faip, if paid through from GrconWh to New York, $(!. Tickets lo be purchased at G. It. Patnb' Office, Thorp's Building, ,2 Broadway, Albany, an at the office of the Depot in Greenbush. Oin-30 GEORGE W. WHISTLER, Engineer. iiicAiyni s i. c uituo By the use of the Hygeian Vegetable UNIVERSAL JIEDECINES or the BaiTisu College or Health, London. H7iici Aarc obtainedthe approbation, and rccommm dation of Thousands who hate been cured In Consumptions, Cholera Jlorbus, Inflamma tions, internally or externally; Dyspepsia, Fever, Ague, Indigestion, Bihou9 or Nervous Affection i and all diseases of the Liver, Yedow Fever, Gout, Kheumatism, l.umhaco, lie I'oloreux Lirrpsy, 31. Vitus' Dance. Enilensv. Anonlexv. Pnralvsis. Pal' soy, -Green Sickness, and all ol slructions to wuib the l emalc lorni is so distressinuty naute, and wutca sends so many of lha f.iircst porlion of the creation lo their iintiin.iteiy graves; binall rox, meaaeia, Whooping Cough, cnrl(t Fever, Asthma, Jaundice, Gravil, Stone, and all Urinary Obstructions, Fistula, Piles, Stricture-, Riip urcs, and Syphilis in all ill stages; Constipated Bowels, Woinis, Scurvy, II chings of the skin, K ng's Evil, and all Cutincou Disorders; in short, every Complaint lo which the human frame ia so Uirefiilly subject, under all their vaiird forms and names; as tlio Hygeian couvic'dofi is that Man is scbject to only ONE RKAL DISEASE 77ia is, to the Impurity of the Illood, from whence springs every I otnp'aint that can po sibly .issad his complicated frame, and that it is the peipetual struggle of this xitnl, pule stream oflifdlhw gill of Almighty power) lo di&ercumbcr it elf of it v scous, acrid humours, with which it has becomx coinmixtd, through the negligence of parent; '.ha ignorance, or uialtreatiiiint oi the doctors; or the vicious, oi gormandizing propensities of us all. This valuable medicine, being composed only of vegetable mailer, i r medical bcibs, and warranted on oiih, n containing not one pai tide of mercaiial, uiineial, or chemical substances, (all of which are uncongenial to the nature of man, and therefore dca- ruetive ol the human frame) j. found to be perfectly hariuness to the most imJirauc, or weakest frame, under cvtry staae of litiiiiati eufh'-ring; the most tde.isanl and benign in us operation, and, at the same time, the most certain in searching out ihe root of every complaint, l.i vvevtr diep, and of nfurnii"? a cure, that wan ever olli red to the world. I hi vvond trfiij illecl, too is pn ducrd by the least trouble to the p.i lieu is, by merely swallowing a certain nuinbcrof pills, and being called n few extra times to the pur pus a of evacuation, with the least possible sensation of pain, exha stioii of bodily strength, nnd without the fear of catching cold or attention to drrss or diet, in any way different from ihctr accustomed habi's. These Pi cure in all cases, and cannot be takes to excess. Experience which is the touchstone ol all hmnan knuvvled.'e, has long borne testimony la lie fact; and extensive use ot them has already ve rified its f ruth in this country. These Medicines cure by purginr. and yet the weak, thefcible, infirm, the in'rvous, the dnlicate, ate in a few days strengthened by their operation, heause thef clear the bojy of its lnd humours, and iavatiably prouuee sniin . sictp. ineyarcuie -atest and mot cllirious Jtcdicine to take to sa; preventing scurvy, costiveiie-s, ific. The operation of this mild .Medicine, w hich convv imincilititeconvii'iion of i s utility, finm lite first dca is asheneficiil tn themipj as the body; first calming, then curing all. l;naZ Dcranptmtnts, Eccentricities, Serrous Auctions. Irritabilitits, antl Kesllessnsss, from vhatcccr source : complaints which have hith erto not hetn properly undtrs'ood, as the llyjeists i.iunu iiiem an lopioccen ironi acrtmonious Humour Hi the blood, and. happily for the present and future ace qr manmna, uiscoveriu a ci'ap and vnitersal mod.' of purifying, curintr, and preventing : Tbo being cured of nny ilis'asc, infirmity or sore, .. now no more a dubious or itncettain proeidure ifrsevercnce in the Vegetable I'lnversal Jlidtcine .vil nlvvnyn restore nature to htrduu course. The nerary sedentary of both sexes whose pur-tuts to uuicli impitr llie'fieiilncs, vvi 1 find a sure remedy tn he Universal Jledecines for preserving the cnerjy mil sprigliilmess of the iinf inniiun. and imp'oving 'he r health I old ago will be sttained by the use of hp ", and enssul free from p un nnd nfirmittes. Thev are nut enveloped with the mystcrus of othsr mrdtcincs.: iheyonly require to be persevered in wilh siirlicienily lirge doses, nml Ihe patient u ill alway r.vtiio ofl'vvill ; w-hen a disease is obsitnite, patients fn qucntly do not Ickr doses large enough. The medi incs are comprised m three different arti cle only. viz. in two kinds nf pills, of difietsnt strengtli'or power, designated bv No, nndNo,2j the first is n powerful, but most gentlesnd nitld speiicnt, or opi ning medicine (lelnchtncntid partially removing he bilious ropy humours, whilst ihe No. 2 Pills carry ofTthoso and the .irons, nriid and putrid humour incidental to the body i and i"t together as a lerret in a warren, never resting until evetv men e of the human fr'ime i. thoroughly u nrchcd, and cleansed of its iuipuril i s. Tlio Wgrtnblo Cleansing Powders aregriat as-t. mncc lo patients nnd facilitate the ivaeuaiion of had humors; lhev soften, cleanse, and detndi thearrim onio'js phlegm arc cm ling and al ay the thirst. One, two, or three po.iilers m ly be tnken lliroughout th day, mixed in hal a wine glass rf wntin DIRECTIONS TOR USE. Nns. 1 and 2 are both aperient and p rgalive, and may be tisrd indiscriipiiiatelyi but rxpetiencc ha proved thai No. 2 i- the most cflicacio is m kubdiiing many disca is, in fevers of all kirn's, inflammation, asthma, sma'l-pox, incasleas, 'gout, rholics, cancer, and in all violent diseases or pain, ilia nrecsrarv to lake one doso of No. 1 to-day, lha same of No. 2 lo motrovv, and repeat the No. 2 ihe next day t incrcas. ing the dose by one pill every third day after. In consumption and nervous affei lions, it is de. rable In lake alterr.ale doses of No. 1 and 2. The doses to be varied according lo the nature nt lhe.sCniplaiiit,-ommfniincr generally wilh,. or b, and im ifasing gradually to "0, m romo rose SO. Patients should remember that 1 or 2 Pills do good 5 or 6 do more good ten or twelve produce a de rided amihuralion, and 10 or 39 will, by perseve rance, reach tho most decp-rooied complaint. 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