Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 18, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 18, 1842 Page 3
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wotM, nni set p the standard ot morality and re ligion ajcitilinj tu Ihcir several views of tho wot J of Cljd, hut nil lakin: pride in agreeing upon Jlio csscn 111U of nioiul excellence1, even while llicy it Horns to aims essential, in religion f.iilli and liiilJun; out as j they ilo a union with themselves as necessary tu an acknowledgment of Christian (;inructcr on tncir part -it is their ditty cither in Ihcir collcciva nml indivi dual r .parity to maintain t lint standard us puio in practice as in profession, ami to Use their whole moral power to promote virtue aiU frown down vice or, when justly nrraigncd nl thobar of that piibli"opiiiinii whicli they deem it their duty and privilie.010 lend and direct, and brought to ilicirovvn priimiiUateil test, and found w.intuitj-it is then their duly to nc quiescu in tlio justice nl their iirr.i'uiimenl, and set nbout it return to that iinmovcnlilo stan.lild which they have deserted, instead of obstinately pcrsistim: in error, and tints slri'.iai: a fiinl blow nt the re verence ami all'eclbn duo to the religion of Jesus Christ, which nutti'm can ctTcctually preserve, ex cept ail undeviatiiiK couruo of rectitude on the part of its professed follower. All this, I am inclined to think your correspondent will admit, l ct on tins subject how eloquent does he grow in his denunciation of those who denounce the sloth and virtual acquies cence of the Northern-Church in tlio iniquitous sys tem of slavery. If the Church were to sane ion or tntlicr refuse to condemn in loud tones, the flagrant crimes which send men to tho ipbbct or the Stale Prison, and tho people were to denounce them as un worthy of being followed until they reformed those . abuses, not n voico would be raised utjnin9t it. 1 pie unie "A. II." would concur in believing;: and de claim; such a Chinch unworthy the name, and not be so terribly squeamish about touchjnu,thi Church, she seems to bo in Ids communication. Vet here is n ca-o precisely similar, but "A. II." sees it not. Here beiins his hallucination. Tho slave system i acknowledged to beitin withtrampliinioiirnnn'sdcar est rights to be tho prolific f.ilher of tvrnnny, cruel ty, murder, adultery and furniratiun. It is argued that the Church, in not u-ini: nil i's power mural and religions, to iinrnnt and overthrow llns cianl con catenation of evils and sins, is L'lliltv of willkimjnl those evils and sins and is therefore, in accordance with ils nv;l reasoning on all other subjects, iarticr;s eriminis. Tills is a question, it sec ins, urnriiiinieni. It is publicly arcuert the prnpV am left In form lluir own ju k'lnent upon th isc nmiinients. n ine e.,nuiui is liri jni'tl e ilminutiecd. It Ml! 1 n iher change Its course, or persevere in it at ilie ha.ard uf lostim its influence for coed. And yet, llio-i' who maintain the duty of the (Jtmrcli toiucytre 1 1 nil matter in "ny im wsv, to prevent cii'tie and misery, and, if you picas, "dc'nnnncu" it for rtfi'iii" so to do, nre really ns if they had not the upper Inn I by mine unhir mean-, and weie unj their power meanly as if the party ai'Kricved hid not the m'ht ntnl iln; power to defend itse'fbv every argument it can muster, ns i there was so'ire s- ret inquisition whence' ihn bull iisued.insbnil of the opinion heinjr publicly advmicid, nnn tt. mildti 1 I' nrfllPil Oil llnir IllCritS. The Church it is true, oujiht not to be ln-ld r.'spon ililn for ihe nnteii.iblo rrrountls Iski-ii by "A. H. or r.r.l.n -v,-. i.irii 1,1 "en.ilnes" disn'avcd in h nieln. Hut tin r is to i m cli reason to fear that there is a disposition in rerlnin quiltcrs to iuii..le by ,i.,....;.;,ii, rmlixr ih.'iti f.iirlv to meet fni' nrcn- tuents. As for its havlm been deemed nliul by the Cnnvenlion that every person sli'tuld iKlniiff ln, In, 11 iiMulV ill lirdiT tl) "tl'tifv OPl'IlK', I pro'i'Hin c il nt the least an entiro mistake, inasmuch as Mr. Burli Uh distinctly staled the eonlr.iry nor could any thins in his remarks be fanly construed to convey such a tin amu?. ...... ..h A it,,, minis linmi wil l whiell "A. IS. coll rtuilpa !l is ntmnss.Mn In rrpri s a Slllill! nt the nairele w.'il, which he aekmwleiluts hi irriiaium ul what Iran pircd nt the Com i ntion. nnd talk about th" "rising mdisnalion of iiijiued mni." ''I.ei Ihe irall'.l rule wince.' I inn firmly persua 'ed lhat neither Mr. Ilurleiuh, nor any one who "ni'rced wuh lino nt ihn Convention fi'il any risiti" mdi'ination lh V use tiicv reee.ved on III it leenion, because he and they are ii'd to ueli scenes and they knew lha allliouLni boin s anil sinew, nml even roilin ei;:, -.iibni niiieries anil dirder may .nnelim' ; ar puments for ihe time, they can in no vjiso lefutu them or weaken their lorce. na I innny ueucve the Convention will tret toaeiher nsain f r tho solo purpose of makinz that recani.nion so aimiiii: invoked by your caire-pondeiit. Visucx. JKIliCO ACADEMV. ATJE1UCO CKNTllE VT. II V. Spring term will comm-iico on llio23ih Inst. M. (l, l,rri. ,,f llniv S!.i,,,..,.i ltir.:, A. M. Mr. Ilieknell, il wilf bo reccoliectid, uas foriuorly l'linniile of this Academy, but left it in the Autumn of of Hjl 10 take tlnrgc of a similar insittution in the state ofN.V. an.l puti ion asa thorough and succ;s- lul iiaclier is, in tins vicinty, already est ibhsluu. . Ilaviii" enir iffed thentrmaiiciif serviees of a tcaiher ofso much expernnci, and h.ivina thoroujily repair en mo .veaneiuy liuililiii!.', tlio Tin tecs uouin now state that .1 i Ihcpiirp isj ami expectation of all con cerned that this .School i-lnll be inferior to no I indrtd Institution in the siibianliil niltantages and induce ments offereil tu those who wish to utteil I a will f eg ithttil school whcio there are fewiuduceiiietils to idli- ncssaim dissipation, and v lui nie priparcd to nppre eialetliu adtn.itaRO', of thorough nnd systematic lit- stni" ion. The academic year will bo divided into ,1 yn. Ses sions, each ti weeks j and cacli session mlo two Terms of 1 1 wei ks each, Tho Charge for ti.ition will be for the common I'ntr lish tlldics incltiilint; History and Composition S3,M per term. Pur all tlio Ilislicr branches of Knglish study and I.aiinuapes Sl.r)U ptr term. Uoard in res- pccinoie in mines can neouiaineu ai a very low pi ice. Jenco Jlarcli in. 1311. J. IIA.MIi.TUi, t-YtrA;. nissor.UTiux. T II K copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers iinihr the linn of llagcr el nonstock is this day dissolved by consult. All demands duo the late firm must be paid by the first day of April new. Miner ul the s iiiscntiers are authorised to set tle tho business of the late firm. I.rTItKRM.II.USAlI, . , CUCOItaKI). COMSTOCK. Shrlburn, March if, 1912. Ifi- M linNJAMIN II. SKIK USTATH. STA'I II or Vr.UAIONT, j The l'roi ate I out f r District of Chittenden J lludisiriet of C'hiuondeii To all persons concerned in ihe estate of Benjamin II. Skill', late of Charlotte in said l)i trict) (liprliuj!. Where.i-, Sally II. .Skill', administratrix of tho t -lato of tho slid deceased, has made application to si d eouit to extend tho time limited lor making payment of the debts nl the said deeense.l mil setllini' sniu is Intooni yiar from the 13lh day of Apr I 1812, nml also proposes to render an account of her ndinurs tinlion nnd prts -nt her account against said estate for examination and allowance. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth appoint Ihesecond Wo Inesday of April A. I). for hciring and deciding on said applica tion and examining said accounl, nt the office of the KcL'istcr ol Haul court in IHuluijjIon in said district, and doili order that all persons interested lie tiotnn Hi HELLING OFl' CHEAP. 1 AHA 1l M0KI2 pounds gooil Cotton 1UUU Hailing at CI. per lb. Calicoes to correspond, say at about 5 or C ets. pi r yard. A lot Caps, CoinfdrlLis and Mulls at nearly one half former prices. Alt-o n gnat variety of Hoods at pi ices too low to bo printed. Tho work of srlling nil" cheap has fairly commenced ami alljFoods sold to suit purchasers, nt l .inuuaiy, mw. nw.iiu davif March A. D 1912. .1 III. Qcn M Dltll.I.I'.D Hyed iVcidlcs, 0JJ 200 Gross Hooksand Kycs. 100 do. Knitting I'ins, G Cases London and Aincricnh do. BO lbs. do. Just received and for sale by Nov. 30, 1811. - VII.AS, I.OOMISit CO. TO IA 1 8. HI F.BJS "ntASS SI'.P.I) Tlin fiibseribrrs bale seleeleH vJT from best sanmle of norlhern urnwth. their usual supply of Ileitis (Traijnnd Clurcr Srnl, which they can recommend ns veiy s-upirior. Many far mers who nave liiiiui innately uid tlio southern nr wes em seed, n InrL'C quaniily nf which h is Iten sold ill tin1 neinlibothood uf I.akn Cham lam. have b en taimht by cxnericnce the difl, lence ueiwecn seei s ol a soutnerii ( r northern gionth, l' or saieal the Hoc!.. March 10, 1312. rOI.I.KTT &. BRAIH.V. ONE SHILLING. A MATCH I'Oll HAKU TIMI'.SM The Mibi riber od'eis for sale Iho Gltr.H.N .MOU.MTAIX Itr.l'O-ITORV, Con t.a ay Zalmkk '1 iiomcson. tir vtte bhiUUtQ taJi. 'TUU'. book contains 231 D.i.idi'iimo pares and is jk, i.ounu in u uouu siiusiaiiuai uiauucr. li e ooo k contains many bioginihieal uolice.- of ihe eailier til' lers ol Vermont a id much nuilirnl. informntioii le ,nie lo ilieinliiinl and einl history of Iho .-tale. The price ol the Ucpo-i'.nty is williin the lenili of every 'Viriu Kiiwan tnul ctilil" an.l is a hook tint sh ul.l he ill the liiinds of every child 111 the Stale Mint cmead, and it icuuhliiot hcarcry icrious injur) lo -lin.?, fthty bhituld rttul il. A liberal discount ll.aoe to those who buy to sell, or luy tu giveaway. s.l.UUI.l. UU.N 1 HI 1 U.s Iliir'hrton. March 10. 1!I2. MA 1! till. J Ij S AO 1 7 a E. U.M IT.I .Vl'A I I .i or A.Mr.ltlCA, ? I'uuant to erni'iiit Dittnei, to wii. Ja warrant is sued out ol niu in n. t),st let i ourt ol the Luitcd .Siatis. tor said Uislrict in me dineted, I i'ii heitby no this public notice, that mfnrmaluiii fur ihe viol i- lions of the levcnue las i f Ihe United Statis,lnc heen luid ill saut ' ourt tiy t. harlis Uavis, l.n , l)is iricl Attorney of the Undid Siatis for s.nd Disliiet, descnbed gods, wans, nud Ncw-ll tMi'sitinr. Kt.r.cTioN. Tlio tiinu from Ni'W-H.inipsliiro slmvv ilint Iliilih.inl. tliu Torv ciiniliilnti', is cliosi-n by four nr fit'o thmisjiid niiijnnty over otlior ctniiidatus. Many Vltis g.iva tliuli' votes to Mr. Hill's caiuliilatu, Cul Wltitn Tins was not vrry coniprnm-utiiry to tltucun did.itu who liail In-cn itoiuinnti'il liv tln-irow party. Tlio Li'Maturu will he Tory hy very largo majority. C7"Our neighbor of the Scitliiifl last ' -wcclv copii'tl an article from tlio New York Journal of Commercially wbich bo attempt ed to prove that it high Turin" would not di minish importations from foreign countries. Tho Spirit of tho Ag copied tho same arti cle for tho same purpose. Sow ve will sim ply ask those: two papets to answer one question. Wode&iro tlit'in to meet it fairly, without dodging, and answer it directly. Have not Wriyltt, Calhoun, Woodbury, and in fact your iolwlc parti, in Congress and cut of Congress, including ytmrsches, uni formly and always opposed a high Tariff, on the ground that, by diminishing importa tions, it would necessarily diminish the rev enue 1 Walk right up to tho mark, gentle men, nnd answer thu question like men Yea or Nay. P. S. Our neighbor of tho Sentinel ironU 'cally terms the Journal of Commerce a Whig paper, which is about as good a j'oke as his calling Van Uuren an (;irs( man. T II R M A U. K II T. BRIGHTON MA HKKT. Mosn u-,March 7. Keporled lor the New Kiml-ind I - At JIaikcl, 2S3 lltrl Cattle, GOO sihecp, and 330 .Swine. 40 lleif Caillo unsold. Pbices. Hrrf Cattle Iist weeks pri es for a like Hunmy were nanny tutiainco. vve nolieeii n biuall number of choice cult ta in at Wi gunie fltn tjuriiy, &),"0 a S"i,7,',. Steond luslily, SI 7.") a S3 Thud fjunhty, &3 7i n Sli'O. Sheep, One lot of weather- at il,V, S '50 and 3, Tots at ii, 4.r.0 and -, . Sicme. A lot nl larao Uojs, f,)r sowsond5for .narrows, l.otsto pcililk, 1 fjr fows and 3 ljr l!ar rows. At rend, from 45 to G. sue- per crcofliv publication of ihif order tin cu weeks s iiiuVlii ih. I'.iirliiwliin I'lee I'rcss. a newsna ptiiitcitin lliirliiigton the last nf which publicaton to be provious lo said second Wednisday of April A. V. 1312, that they may tneu ami inoioappcar niiut.uow ennsn iTniiv thev have, why the time of setllini' said cs'ale should not be extended and why said account hould not lie allowul. . . Gtvcn.unjer my hand at sai I llurhngton this lotn WKSTON KtsUter. DISSJOMJTIDN. The eoparlner-hlp heietoloieexi-ling lieiween ihe tiniier-iirueil in iMii'iiniruui, Miioer Hie lyle(Jl iveru iVW.i nud S. N me i his day by our lii'iliml enn-t'iit dis-nlveJ. All demands in favor rf ei'her of said firms, now payable, and which Imtl nut 'i'iaid iiy ine nrt cay Li April next, win icieii in tin1 hands of II, l.i'.ueii-worth l.'.-q. fbri'ollecllon. 11 irlinsii.n, M-reh j.h Rli HAMH1. KI ltN. s-oi.oMON w., CUE A T BAlMiA INS ! Tlireniire stock of iinods heretofoio owned by 1 Kcriiei Walker isfnlliud at wholesale or retail at cost. It consists of a larue -lock of Dry C.oods, Dry nnd et Groceries, ( rocl.erv, i. assnnd Hard vvaic All wisliui!' to buy Goods will find it for their inter' est to call and ea nine the eoods before Iuyiiii lse- wliere, lor llley must lie sold at soinoioice In close .1... i,rw W I T.'1-l, ilie coiieern. . llurhngton, 3th March, IS 12. ATTANTr.!). Domestic Huills wanted in exchange t lor liooLor hlationsry, by Maich 10. S.'HDNTINOTON. ci:mi:xt cistkhxs. TH H sub-cribers bavins ihe rkht to ue, in an 1 for tlineouniv of nhlllertdeii. Paiker's llvdraiihc f'enunl, fi.r (;isiern. Itcfcrviiirs, Aequeiluc s, (Cellar Kitchen and Si.ible l'loors, for lhemr mse i f making them dry and priKifajrniu t lalsj also Hearths, Sinks iVc. wi.i'dd iiifonn I lie inhabitants of said eouniy, that th.-y will be teiuly ihe c-otniii't season to a'tnid to all calls in the nlrivc linn of business and will waitaul thur wirk lo be durable. T. AN DON, OHLANDO OWICN. nurlincton. March 9, 1S11. N I!. All ord.'rs addressed to the fiibscribeis at Ilinesburjh or llurhngton will recme immediate nt tennnn. 11 iu niiust IH2 lollowin: merchandize, to wit : 1 llhek lealhcr trunk. 1 cninct hair. 4S nines ban- uiin uancKcrcunis, -i pieces suk nani Kelenii is, i woj 1 'ii slnrls. 1 nair woo Men i rawLrs. '.'iiii v hand ketch efs, 1 ch llv shawl, 1 black s lk banilki rchiif. 1 ltu'Ii, 1 palini-levir nlvir wi.leh. 13 bri.ii'l-eioni noil; coals, t broad ch th ilres co-it. 4 til ited epauletlis, a nuanlitvof o'd silver s 'riins. ihim- IiIj wnrii, if-c., 4 eoltun shi't-, 4 wo'illen uuders'iiita worn, 1 pi.r cotton drawer, 1 old Inn keiihul , 1 baillocli nnd key, 5 pair id soiks, 1 broa J e lb can. a lot of small lin and woi dm boxis and olh r small arti"ls. a bom azuie stork, Sinuses. 1 (hue bar net", 1 mobilise lush, 3 biill'ilne skins, 3 hl.inkt Is, ami one neck Vnke, Fezedir llvdcl.aik. in s.nd Dp. trict, mi the nihility nf IMiu.arv, 1S13: Au-o, 17 pairs ot coarse cheeked Uirseynieie pants, 3 pairs nf wiiolcnclt pants, 1U pairs ut lilac lirnailel illi pimm 3 nail bull. skin pants, 7 pairs of stcl-tiuNcd broad cloth pants, 1 pair nf Link eoaife cloth pauls, 9 black hroiideloltih visi, it lbs Ihisli'li linen lima,!, 1 Imen lab'.- s,.rea 10 Itob Itoy Imudki rrhief,, 5 worsted handkerchiefs, an ill i,k, semil al .tolnisuii, ill said Dis'riei, on the l?ih .lay of IVbruaiv, ldl3: Al'-o, I doien of coarse kcrsiy pants, 1 do:en of black kerseymere pants, 7 pairs nf fine kcisejuiere bl ick pants, Cli yards nf fine I roa 'chub, 11 vurds uf bla k broadcloth, 6 pairs of enarte checked kerseyini re pants, 3 pa'r of st''il inived pnul, 3 p lir of plaid pauis, and 11 broadcloih round-n-boul, rei i d at Jnlinsin, m sail District, on the 31st day rf I'lbriiary, lSl3: ' An trial will be had on ihe forepoin!; several seiz ures, .Hid the eaiir i le eonilcinnc nuiernbly to the praveisof said inclination, nt ihenevi suted Irrin nf said Di'tiiel f'n'.irl, lo be boldui at Windsor, with in nnd for said Daniel, on the Slt'i day of May nrxi, unless a claim nr claims shall be inn i'pos:d on or be- inre uini nay: oi which nil persons inli rested will take noiice, ami govern tliimstUts necnrditiuly. iJivrs- unoer my uann, at nradtord, in said Dis trict, this 1 Ol Ii day nf Man h, . 1). 1 Wll.l.l.i:,! llAItHON, Macsiial. NOTICC. rnilliR mayrcrllfy lhat I have friven my on Clia. B. II. Pratt, hi. timedorin; bis minority, nnd shall therefore el. Urn none nf hi. c.irnms nor pay i.ny lei l of us eonlraetiiiirnlicr this il.i'i-. Jerichi., 1V1..1, IS 12. ZMIIAII IMiATT. 11 11 subscriber has nut received ami offers for A sale a new supply of Hooks from New York and Iiosluii) anion:; which arc the following ( oiubun the Uonslltiilion, Great Tcaiher, Paver un Election, I. ichiit'a Chemistry, (Ircek Testament and Lexicon, Tacitus and I.ivii, ltlckers belli un Hanlism, Jlichael Kemp, C'oleridpca Works, Tales of the Covenanters, Oem of Ameiican Female Poets, Whclpley's Coilipend, Hume's Notes on the fSospcls, Olimpsesof the Old World, Macaulcy'sMiseellaniiir, Kleijant Onarlo liib is Turkey Morocco, Twcedies' Library of Practical Medicine, 5 vols, ('has. O'Malcy, 1 vol. Danglison's Medical Dictionary, llullcr's Ancient Atlas, Pictorial (leocraphy, 1000 engravings, Poets nf America, Kriimma. tier's I'jrabtcs, Jacquirie, by Jaine, 2 vols, llo'incr's French Phrases, llnoknf Psalms, Wealth and Worth, Life of Sir Isaac Newton, II. Moore's Private Devotions, Cooper's Surgical Dictionary, Aulhon's Classical do. I.i inpnere's do. io. Corse do Leon, by James. lb. 21, 1S13. D.A. IHIAMAN. cni'AiiTxnnsiiin notici;. Tp.UIUAIt & W.IT irive niiliii! that have this day iis-neiated wuh limn in h n llli-s Mil. HI HAM V. UOOT, and that they will iim'un ulhe h i-l-ne-s ofmnolffniriiii'l feilius CHOCKKRV, CLASS A'M) CHINA WaIIJ! under the linn nl K.VIIKAlt WAIT I: IIOOTnt Iboir liriner Sine, liny baveon ban I a fu'l li.e. iif'vnre which they will pnel: in CratcsisiorltUtonnlcr at New Yiirl. ami Iloslon priei-, merchants in the mrroundiH!? towns will lind it cri'iitlv to t ndyiiiil.tiic to exaiuimi their stock lil'ore p'irchaiiii: ul the mulh, all orders promptly ut'en Vd in i'toie corner Church nnd t.'i lleje si. IIuiiub1,ii. l:. 1-. 1'AllltAlt. .llin. Al 1 1 ii. r. uoot. N. II. Karrnr Wjii and Root r.xneet 10 receive ear ly in the Spring in answer to tbeircrder. a lull uiildy nl'lhnt I laiiliful Slvle t.f "Opattie Pearl ware" that has tfiven such general snlM.ii'iiiui the p.ft sea oil, Iri.ui tbeci-li'l ruled ni.iiiiif.ietnrii'. nf Clews ft Co, the only Ilo i-uiu J.ii'.'l.iiiil thai in.ikcihnt sijleof ware. win I o sol i w hoii'.aie and ue'.aii. Uurlinelon, Jon. 31, IS 12. notici:. TS hereby eiveu that JOS KPII WAIT has old out -Lbis interest in the liino'Vnn' Slanufaelory and that the biisuie-s will hereal'ier tu carried on a usual I v.Mr Kl cn L. F.irrar, who is duly authorized to el the all the business uf the linn at bis K.ietnry, I'earl tieet HiirliiiKtim. Jan. 31 1642. CLOTHS CHEAP. JUST reed' n few p-eces llutlinirtuit Mill Co Clothi. Also For Salo very Finn ll'nck nnd lilno Illicit and Invisible titer n, Iliuflish Cloths, do. do. Maok nnd llluo Iflac' , Wool dyed Unit. Casimcre, Also, A few pieces Pilot atul Heaver I loth all which must l.e sold mid arenowoll'eri'dalBrint Uaraains by, 11. M. WlllOHT Co. TO l'O USGiib USE-KEEPER S,n'.:Tf. r.ocj, KV.V.V constantly on hand a f jl! cssorlmtnt of clrgant Tun Sits, of Cold I and China. Cold band Tet Plates, (in Id snrin'd do. Cold idee and linn do. F.xtrn vvid'foid band do. Cold edge,hnc& sptijj'd do Cold edge and line do. Gold b ind Pnscrvj and White nud mriu'd do. Cuti plates. While China llnakfasl nnd Tea Plates, Pitcher". Howls, Duller Slnnd and Nurse Lamps, with small Tin Pols nltnr.hed. China Inkstands, a virv linttv nrtiile for pnscnts fur salo cheap nt tho Crockery Store, corner ot Church nud tJollcsc streets. Huthngton, Jan. 31, 1812. CASH paid for Flax Sent, by l)ee.22, 1811. HATCH, ODF.I.L if. Co. NEW MUSIC. A VERY larire and well olectcl ns-oitineut of VT.Musie, a.laptclfor the Piano, just receive 1 ul Ihe Iturlinghn Ilookstnrc. Also Musical Vork, Miih a. rsoidhcrn Harp, .culler i Organ .iluie, Piano Fori Primer, Huulcn's In-tniclion for the Piano Forte. For sale by .Ian. 1. D. A. Hit AM AN. fi ASH paid for all kinds nl'Shippiu For., I y HATCH, ODKLI.cV.Co. TJ f lIlIDS.Newliiinifor-alcl.y Dee. HA'ICH.Olini.I.if- Co. JiASS VIOLS. S'OJIK beautiful Hass Viols and Flutof just ree'd PANGIIORN if- IlllINSMAII). OILS. n Rnf CALS.PurcWintcratid Fn'l Spenr.Oil, aOWJ"20nO do Whale blcathrd and unbleached, oU cbls. American l.insred, by 30ih Dec. 1311. J. ev J. II. PUCK it Co. WEALTH AND WORTH. A MONC tho very many valuable new publica I, lions received Ihe la-t weik at the llonkstore of the su s.cnbir.may be lound, WH U.TH A WORTH, the first of n series nf American Family Tales from inepen oi an .vineiican. i nat irorui and nni wealth I I cmm il u . ii a iiiirniiyion, v crmoni, and We Jltv.7V F.ssex Cylinder Class, (.7-1 .S'.V. TOIt A ceo. A C HOXCS 'lionn's Cavendish Tobacco, flL2ido 'IvnderV do do 20 do 'Irvinc-V do do 30 Kcl's 'F.nder's' Plug do 20 do ' .McDonald's' do do 31 Dec. 1311. by J. &. J. H. PECK & Co. NOTir'r.. A I.L npisons. indLbted In the estateof the la'o Rie Xibert Jloody, are notdied that payment mut be mane nnnieuiaieiy to tins fUbserilier, lo preveiil cosi. Burlinutoii Fo' , 8 1S12. CF.O. I!. SHAW. a-lm. .ir IL' THOMAS will continue his Auction Salc3 in the afternoon of miry Wcdmsdny and hitur A 1mm, n lantiiv iif lloniLhold 'I'nriiiture of lillerrnt 1I1.1 rmlions will be olletcd. tonth er with Stoves rf various kinds, v.iih pipe, fcalja. of Dry ftnr.rls f!,,ilrvc. niiielij. Jitivi lrv. &c. rice, -will bo offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday lviiflns until furtliiT notice..- . uetoiicrc.ini. JIOUSE TO RENT. A nonvenient dwellinx house nnd barn, and a j;ood largn garden, on Maiden Lane, six lods f rum Pearl Stitet. For further particulars, enquire of March I. (I)DF.ON M. FISK.Nonh st. STORE TO RENT. A convenient Stoic to rent on Church Street. Inquire. of MOODY HASKELL, or S. 11. SCOT T. March 4. OAWg, Mill, Closs-cut, and aiv8, lor C salo by Jan. 7. It AO R cV AUTHUIf. Si'ii of the Padlock, Corner of Church and College Streets. piyACKSMITII'S IMil.l.OWS. n 111 si rate IJ.article, nlso Anvils, Vises, Files, &e. for sale by Sum of the Pndloe:., ? II ACAR it AltTHCR. Cor.Ch. and Coll, sis, j fTLrcol). Tlioc who have nromisrd ihe tibscri- t her Wood are nminded thattlissleddine is;;ood 1 about town. Jim. 7. C. GOODRICH. HOTEL TO LET. T O L II T For a term of years, at ?. Johns, Cnnnda, the old and ve'l known WATSON HOTI2L, vviK'out house-j, Ganfcir, Yard, and Stablin;, well ndaptcii for a 1.1crv Stable. Possession civsu tho 1st of May next. Apply to Jlrs. J. C. WATSON, I'rnprio (r and present occupant. I.Johns, Feb. I 1112. n3Ctf Mlt. I. JIUNSON, . .MO;-T re pecl- stJeia-yxJiiee that he ha BLOTTING PAlTR. For sale bv ihe Iteam or quire. Jan. 7. CjG'OqDRIClL BINDING I,r.ATHi:tl.-A forv'doz. Calf-skins sditablefor book-landing wanted bv Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. innkiH tho man is plainly .and ele'Miilly proved recommend every father to ulaeo tins Intlu work in the hands of his elii dien, lhat they may learn liovv to act linder the tria's of beieavrmcnt and pnverly. iManh 1. D. A. HRAMAN. IKIS1I I.IN IXS. of every style an I quality are now ollVrrd I y V.. 31. Wrmht et Co. at yrcal bar tiaius for cash. 'Ihosein want willdo well togive us a call. March 3. FOUND. On the Turnpike nbout 100 rods cast of the college, uHoehiiiii-chair. The owner can have the ssme by calhiiiron ihe subscril er, proving properly and pay iimihart'cs. JOHN KIMHALL. Ilurlingti.n, Dorset street. Feb. 23 h 1812. 10113 7i3:;i'c:i, JSJtil Nine n'eloik. '. M , Titer. 41 c nhmr. Wind slromr from N. W.. roilin" the waters of the Lake into beau 1 it ill surfs, and inmminslin! lis sptnys with the rays nf a most dazzling sunsiimc tint nlso ihtcr3 up ine luah mnuntain top", and illinni's the dce;i reee ses nf ihe vnllc)s. All, nil. nl! or which is cneliantin!, de lielitful and cheetful to lo' k upon without, while within nt HOWARD'S All, all, all arc tiisilv (iiL'aL'ed in ta' inn account of Goods, Wares and Merchant! ze, rep iralorv to Iho deekin? out Lean'iful array ihe fair on-s nf the laud, vvhnwil as iisuid piiae mnl.e th' ir applications for plunnseat the fanciful dcpositoiy ill said HOWARD'S. NOTICE. fy Slip- in lie new CoiieTcgatirmal Chmeh al I tin- plaiuwil Lo 1 1 1 on S.i uiday, the l2ih day'h, at which tune the term of sale will le made known. Iliiihmitnn, 331 Feb. 1312. rpllll Mil-irMeis civu im'.ico In the p iblic that I Ihey have a s-'i n I fu. na, e now m snere f .1 c per- at "11, a1 mil b.ilfu indo eal nf Jcn-ai (tru'r-, an I uep.ire 1 in furni h ifi 1 liotsli to or ler, Af.f (7cir- nil I C'i'ilU'ff nf every res' iminin, nt hnrt tm- 111 e, and nn ici no.i o lei ni. e l..i ve nui lu'l , nud Miperinr w.,r' ineit, and do 1111 iutui I 1I1.1I nor ariK-lo. jdrill lo fcceileJ ill qiMliiy by uuy c-t.ll-- ll-hnienl i'l this .e,'dnn, 1 he celc' ra'e 1 "Ma--achihetls I'loiich," l.ensenn- laully oil hand. This i-u very .ini'-rinr iirnele nf the kin.! oayimr iho preiuiuni of the Ma-s. Aoc.eiy. 1 ariner aic ii.yiteil loeall. rum) cv i..ul.iibu. Jeneo, .March D, IS 12. tf. ATTENTION COMPANY. Tho mcmbfrs of the llnrliiitijn lAqhl lifarJnj re reqiiislid to meet ut the franklin Hotel on Tnis- idaythe .'.'d of March, iiis.t., ft 3 o'tleek, P. M. tf.very nienr er is icquesled to lie "on hand, as busi uess of impottanco will come before thvm. A tntetinR of the 101103 Men's Total Abstinence fjocjety will he hidden nl the Court House llus even. tnpathalf pjist 60 clock. A punctual ntteudmcc of mil mc iiiciiiiits is req CSICO. M a v v i o d In Uiebmond, on the Ulh inst, by Rev Lvman I.ntewell, .Mr. Minpsou Hayes of I'ayston, to .Miis l.UCrifllU 11HIIOCK 01 jl. for the Vil!ai;r. HAMNCi received the nbovf npp' iulment, the Public are respectfully apprized 1I1111 I will nl all times he 111 readiness 10 allen.1 to tin duties 1 f tho omce. iiisuiu uearso lias hern repaired for rib eat usA an I there is some Imnonr firnlmr n .. Poffnis of any kind Jurnithcd ai tho thortC3t notice, enu aiicimrfes jnoucraie. D. K, PANGIIORN Shop on C.all.ti s Lane. 17lh Mareli, 1U ', 1 n IlOOSICI ADS of tho list qt alily nf Vim-ar A v for sjw by Also, j'rebh Oranires and from New York. 31areh 10, 1812. O. Pf.Tf.RSON. Lemons, j. st neeived WOOD. OfC CORDS Reach and 3Iap!e'Wood for sale .JJ by March I I. S. WALKF.R. ol.imou S. Sutler's Cstate. STATU OF Vl'RMONT, ? TIIK I'lobate Court for District of C llltclldcil SS. C ihe Dlilri.'t , r ('l,ltt,.r,. deu, to all persons interrMed III the 1 Mate of Solo- ...,nM, taiu ui iMiiisiuu m saiu uiiirici, uc- ce.iscc. llarri' 3!ii!cr. Administrator of tlm fsiate nf the said decease I nanny Ii ed 111 s aid Court his petition, in writing, .setting forth that the said Solomon S., at iho 11:1m uf Ins death, was eeivid iu hi-nun riejiiiii feenf Ihe ho :so lot, so called, of ihe lale Snimil .vitiier. niciascd, lymy 111 .iliddlibury, 111 the county ofAddisjn. nud about len a res of land, descrlhnl m the last win and testament 1 f the said Samuel Miller as lyiuit on the road leading from Alficd Stowcll's to Robert llustm's, which said ten acres of laud lies, ni-n, m sain .uiiiuu oury, in wni'-n saw lands Kibecca .iiuier, widow 01 1 ne sua .amtie . he 1 a 1,1 csi.nti' diuin; hr own life; and further sciiiiil' forlh that the sanl Sobinon S., al the time of his dialh, was sciiiu 111 n's own rlit 111 lee ol one iindu ided lined part of the farm lyinir 111 said JliJd eburv on .. l.:..l. ; ' r . .. . . . - .. nuicii i leu ik'usc tianii", nein 1110 Samuel .vidier farm, so c.illed. 11 lil iinin r tdiuui two hiiiiilrul niTt-. ol land, the us.' f tho said Samuel bequeathed nun uivimu iu ms wue, iiicsaui iienieca .inner, tlur- 111R h'-r Ide, or while she rt uiiimed his widow, vvlutli said third Mrt of salt) larui ihe said Solomon S. held subject 1.1 Ihe Ide estate nf the said Hi becea I hen 10 and flintier settinj; folh that the said lti bin cea has deriasnl, and that it would bo beneliciil to the h.irs and all nihrrs luieusted m Ihe etlnle of tha said Sol unions. 3liller, dcieased, In have the sfoiesaid lauds sol I,. and llieproetedsof such tali: divided amon,'tlie heir- M said e.-tate, or to much theieof as may reinnni nller pivina tho t'ebls diii'l'roni Slid eslalu and ib,i expenses of Adiniiiiriration, and prnvini! said eourl to himsc and authorize him, lliosaid Harry Millir, as Adinmisliator as aforesa.d, lo m! and convey the nioretaiu ruins, aurceabiy to ine statute 111 tuili case in nle and provided. Where 'pon, th" court aforesaid dolli nppoint the luurinuayoi .vprn, i-n;, lor liearmL' and decidwe; on said pelilion, at ihe Oltice nf ihe Reirisler of said Courl in llurlmsloii. 111 ihe Disiriel of t hiiionden sfnresaid, and tloili order that noiieu llureof be (.dun to all persona intt rested, by nuh'ieatii.n of this nidcr. containing Ihe nibslaneenfs.i;i petition, thtcoweiks tucccsssivriy in the liurho(!inn Free Press, a news paper pruned 111 .aid llurlmgtun, previous to said luuriu u.iy ui iipill, lot.. Given under my hand nt said II rlingtou ill's 15t!i elay of March, A. D, 1I2. Ww. Wf.STON, Rfgistcr. COIMl.SIONf.R'S NOTICf. WF. the SuliM-ri irb haviubeeiiapp. inleil by the Honorable ihe Pinhate Court for the District oft hiltc mien, cnminis loners In reetive, imiiihiu ami irljutt ail claims and demands, nf nil prisons iiL'.aiust tile e-stale til iohn M roiuber, I iteof Wi!-.lfor m s inl Disirn l, ihc asid, tipiiseiiieel in n villi, iilfo nil l fit 1 11 v and tit uiaiidsixhib led in ntlVti il eiein ; and six uioullislriitn lliediy nl llieihle liereo1. It lit" til. lowed hy s ul noun lor ilnl purpose, we ilo Iheiefore Sliccttmrsi. rjf RALKS4-I P.rovv n Sheetings, ' 3 Cas, s llleached tlo Nov. 30, 1S11. F01 sale by VILAS, LOOJIIS it Co FRENCH LANGUAGE. MR. IJHUCIIKTTH'S Second Course nfpuli lie lulriii tio i in ihe I'renth .unrua?e will eiiiniiient i' at llu- t'ti irl IIiiiku 1.11 TiiinsiuY the 31 -VUr'-it ni'xT, al 7 0 eltie 1. .il. Tie! els for lite Ceetr r In lo hid a n-iial at Mr. I'i'.aman's Hi. nkf ton'. s 1,7. each. Aduustiou fur ii.jTii' eyi'iiimr-, 'j eed-. Alpacca Cloths. A SI'LI XniDAr.iele, (-ilk wcrn), Alpacca cloih 'V Alpaeci Lt-lri'i Hue I)e Lame-, an L,aIiitieri't'e L-lnlh , ju-t itveiusl al price, enrres- pontlin? wuh the times, by j:. M, W1U0HT etCo. Nov. Ii. .Mittens, Moccasins nnd Gloves. A ''v lot jut re-en u I cheaper ever, by J. i. Jan. U. 300 do Redford, Snranac, nud t lintnn Crown do. bv J. e. J. H. PKCK&Co. 30 l!ec. 1311. Ajents. aiiociuiin.s. t ( HIIDS St. Croix and Porto Rico Sugars, IU l." lloxn Linnp do 39 Hhds. .Molasses, (39 Harrcls do 0 Chests Youm; Hyson Tea, CO tlo Hyson Skin do 15 do Hyson ilo 40 Catnes tlo dj

300 3Ialis Cas'a, 3 Parrels I 'love, 1 do N diness, 20 Tierces Sa't ratus, 40 Kej!s Pure Gintjer, 101) Hoies liar Soap, 50 do Pipes, 30 l!ag3 Pepper, 3"i tlo Pnnciito, 40 do Rto Coll'ce, 15 do Java do by J. ot J. 11. PECK et Co, 30 Dec. 1811. SltAWI.S. The lain-t and I e-i ar-nrimenl if .Mi.iwls that can to lotin 1 in Ibe.'.vd'ai.'O id Her- iitctnn may le found nt I'.: M, WuICllT Co.'s neap c.isu wiiiTC. jlio. u "7R1SII FIGS AND 1.I.MO.SS Jn,t received from 1 Hu-mii, nml fur a!e by CU. PI.TUISON. Jan. 23, IS 12. lioiks lor 'I'tiwii 01 Distilcl l.lijiiiiiis. CGOOllKK 11 has a vahta' le cejUeclnm of l!i,nk . miiUi' c for town trtli-lri't Lil rani'-, whn h will If sold in Ihemo-l lileral term-, and at Very low price-. Do:. 1 1. Ml K 1 1. N't. OF I'llf. CIVILAU'lllORI'IV. H',Ui: liinrd (ihe ("nil ati hnnty ot the lown of X I! irlilirnu uif here! y warned li.nieei uillowari.'; II"trl 111 -aid Urn 11 no .u m.iy the 19 Ii M.tii'h 111-1, iil '2o.'.ocl.,p.iti.inrll.i' pnrpi 1 npprnl nunc i-inlu- I le ptTMiis lir Inn kivpir ; also to crant Liieiueln Siniiille ju rsons to kieii Vict a lunr t r Cel II. lam:, ), , II. TOl'SLi:Y.(S,u!,'ct . S. NICHOLS) 'nc'1 llnrlington, March IO1I1 1S12. NOTICE. ALL who nre indibud lo tho undersigned wliosc notes and accounts have become due, archeriby lioliriid, lhat immediate payment must lie made V save cost. Tu those uhoic demand, are becounn due, we would say lhat piompt payment, aicording to totili'ficl, is expectetl. The it rtn nf eitt.artnershin of the subscribers ex tiires liv hiliit.tlion nil l ie 1st of Aliril riCJtt. it Will thciefore be insislcel upon, that all contracts bo closed. STRONGS it Co. llnrlington, Dec.30, 1S41. rtOAItSF, SAl.T. T rk's IsIhiuI and St.Ubes J S til. Also fine barn! Salt for sale by Dec. 1S4 1. S.3I.POPI! Scliool Hoaks, I'aper, Ac. TH K sub-erilier has a lahgo slock of School Hooks an I Paper. Jlerclnnts. School coinmit'ces etc. furnished 011 1110 most liberal terms. Rafrsand most ktndsof country produce received in payment. .soy. VG. i;. itiMJiiiin 11. the ill ri' er-. h.iyiui I een a'-n iinte'l I v I li.iuir.iblt' I he Pro' ale Court forlhi' I's- Hiii l nf Chittenden, eointni-Miiner' In leei'ive, ix.tiu- ine anil adjn-t llio el.tuus and 1V111.1111I. i.l all per- , a'am t theesialo til .lotin di van lla'o 11I r.s-- f.v, 111 sanl Ui lrt' t, t'ei ea-eii, tepie eiiteil m-i lvenl, and also nil rlntnts and t.'rii exlnl iitsl 111 n IVel llu lent : anil m mouths from ihe day nf the dale In-rent, letter allnwel I y -aid Court lor lhat porpo-i' we 1111 tbi'ii'inii' iieici v I'lvo nut lie, tluilvvf will al- lend to the l.i.iui's nf our iipiiniiiiiueul, al ihedwell- in; of S.imttvl l. Lham's 111 1! irlumlnn, in sail Dt-lrii'l, on Ihe la-t Jlnndny ed Atleu-i next at 10 iieloik, ,. Al., t l -aid 1 lav. Dau-d,!!! 331 day nf February, A. D. 1SI2. h.V.VR'l.l, K, l.sjllA.ll, HPIIRKL LANIi, NOTICE. epilf. Coparlncrship hetetof ic cxi-tin? under the X firm 1 1 Iticko . ci C.ailin is this d iv dissolved. All demands due ihem which are unsettled on the Ut of April next will be placed ill lite handsof II. Leav envvnr li, i:-t. foriolltction. II P. I11CICOK, 1 .March, liU. u W. CATI.IN. Com'rs, WCllie subscril er-, bavin; I eon appniiili'it by the lle.nniul le Ihe Prorale' Ctiuit for the Di.' lric id Grand l-lo, entuiiu'-siouers to ri'i eive, exam ine raid ut'j.i-t the claims andili'inati 1. pfall per-nn-, against ihoestali' of Mary Tubia-, lile of Graii'l Isle, neeca-iM, rt'iire-i'i-icii in-t)ivi'iu,anii iiIm) all ilainis anil iV'iii.iid rxhi' tlctl in til-el ihert'iij and i inoiilh-Irnm the 10 b i f Fcl'ri.ary, 1612, li'uisal Itiwedby said Ctnirl lorilni parpn-i', v.e ilo llure I'nri' hi-rely give iinti. e, ih.n u will 11 eel at llu' ilvrellnis boiM' nf Snlrn T"l ia, in the Town nf luaiid lle. I'll the 1 h nl A 1; M, al 9 o'clock A. 31. SA.Ml'AL ADAM., ) WILI.AUD GORDON, Com'r-. sr;ru iioag, U 11 tlie'i liters, liivmj; been appoinleel hy the Honorable (he Probate Court for the Dis'. tri't of Ciiitlrtid-11, cniniiiiissiiini'is to receive, tx limine and adjust 'the claim- and demuiul. ol ti 11 per- persons, a2aiul the estate id SiueACu CiAr,v:, late nf Hinesbiiigh in said District, deceased, reptesenleil iusolycii', and nl o all claims nud demands exhibited 111 offset thereto; nnd six months from tho day nf the date hereof, being 11! lowed by said Court lor that purpose, wudo ihereforeliircby eive notice, lhat wo tvill nlliiitl lo tint busiiii ss of our appointment, at the dwellim: of the widow V10 1 1 Clark in llinesbiiriih in said District, on the first 3Iondas nf 3Iav nnd July next ul 10 11'elne1 , A. 31.. eineiieh of middays, Dated, this 33d dav of Feb. A. D. 1312.. JOSI Pll MARSH, ) n JOHN NORTON. Commmwncrs. EE I VA R E OP BE CEP TI ON. Itlnsfrci eiilly come to thekuowlei'Keof the sub senber, th 1' empty Snuff Jars, with his Label on them, have been luught up for the purpose of sellin" V.1 ,liV",,ilV iufiriorq aldy Snpfl ; and al-o, that lui Snuli-labcls have, 111 some iiislauecs, been i-oiiuter-fetted, or ihe irentral dia.211 cf the s-uito so imialed as to easily elective ihe unwary. He deems it, there fore, In (ei!it, to inform pun haseit. of the inanner in which Ihey are often imp. std upon j and he would here by reqiesi ihem 10 tear oll'or deface iho Libels on Ihe outside of theJnrs, after havimr da'posed of the coiiluils, -n as 10 prevent further use nf tho same. A siiiiable reward will ho paid for such cvdciiu! as ".' ""-wciiiiioii iiiiu convicuoii ol the 1111- posiors. Tnesubscritlcr continues to Mmiifucturt, and of fers for sale the follutcinz 'articles: . I'Mnc tiro v 11 Slllill', i.eniunc Jlaccouoy, ) ro o American Rappee, no. ) flavored, Holland do. V"' Tuberose, d". .St.Oinpr. Slrasburz. , soarscu town Hiuill-. nemisros. Natchitoches, l ure irginia. French Rnppee. "a! Ameiiean Gentlmian ""huiiko. i.urc Spar.i-h. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. 3Ii.xtuic. Yellow Slllill, Fcoteh nnd ) ,,. Jnsh Hluc! euanl rr ) IlidiToastJ ItishlLsjl, Tst, f Coarse. M'.cet ssrentcil I-'uc Cut CIicwIiib Tobacco. N'aiiish KiP'fori, Canaster. Coiumonanil Stems. ej-A iheral iltsentint mn.l., .. .1.. PCTCRLORlLLARD.Jr., 43 Chatiiain-St', New Iiniiaiiou Si'ly, 3Ialltse', Curacoa, Yolk. A Oats, Itjr anil Corn.. FIViV hundred bttshils of Oafs, Rye antl Corn for tale by the nuanlilv or sinile bushel, bv -March 14. S. hereby puc notice, ihal we willaileiul In lite business of our iippoiutmcnt nt the dwe lint nf S. 11. Snutord, in Wesiiord in nnd Di'lrict. em 'ho sccernd Mondays ui .vprn iiiiu june next, al luo clocle, A. 31., on well 6f sai l days. Dated, this eili day nffibruaty A. D. 1S42. lll'.N.t 'P lis ACH. Commis. NOTICE lir.Sf.KIAHOLlN J skintre. rpiIE eopnilnirship hireiod rei exilirg Iciwcen COMMISSION KR'S N OI I PI : - p. J' ?' V"' , I r; ,, : "V'n ''r ''t-''nu e. b'arr , try. ,1C .Subserib. rs, mivinu been nppiifll l,v ,ie & Dow, 1-tl. - J 1 ye n ei,l,.,i,lyi'l. Ml 1 Hor.orulo ,!,e I',.,I..ite Courl for ihe 1) sine, of per.-ons mlebteel 10 llu U'e-nid tinii are rno tctel to Chiltriiilen.iein s.iouer lo receive, examine and ad. muii'pnvi.iiuii.iis it isnece -sary ll.o 1. ,e.s ,ht,lel iUfi ihe , hmisnndMeni'indsnf all Persons ai-sinsi ihe LUTII! R CARPENTER'S IVTATC. ST ATI. OF VKRMO.Vr, ; Tne I'm! ate eniirt tor Di'trtet nf Chittenden . s. ihe'di-lrietnfi hitleiv'cn Toall persons 1 inn eineal in the e-inie nl Luilier Cnrpenmr, law of lluulinejlnu 111 raid district, ilee cas id, Greelin?. Wlieii'n-'. Je hit f. Firman, n-lnimi-l rater nf the' i tnti- of'it'a-e'd, ha- liunlit applii'aiiou to laid I'titirt loexietid .lieiiuie lunitcl for inakin? iho pay liicntif lhei'ol IMifia d 1I11 caxsl and et'leiiiK sa d esia e, one year from tin' I j'h. day i.t'M.areh 1812, and ul-ei proon-cs to render .in ae -o nit ed'his I Kin atnlpie'i'iil hi- a -eu ml ajjatn-l taid i-siaie lor I'Lini ii i'ii 11 and alh'W.aiiei'. 'I hereloie hoen u" afnre-ai I dot Ii appoint the' third Jluii.lay nf .M.ti' li, 1812, 1 r hi-aiini; mi l ilividnr,-nn . el npplicnlie 11 anil 1 xniiiinme: uid itcio .n', ul ihe l..i.'lf Hall 111 Wnlisien in s ii Idistnei an I dnlhori'er llni'.ill ier-0isiu eio-'el I e ii'tilie 1 ihcri'iif ly p'l'i pi a mil nf llu. wi'er Ihiee' witks stti'i'cs-ivi ly m ihe II il.inr'i 11 Free Pie'3-. .1 new oarer printed in Iliir- lluu'i'i', in ihe limiilV 1 fe liil'i in'rii, to raid ,n:rl We'iie- aye, !S12. Cven. inler my baud ul ,Wnii-Hn tfuri-.aid lid. 21st. i'uy of February A. D. 1M12. - I5AUI) w. ui:. THf.O DORR hoi, IIROOK. . (Lain llolbiook it Tnppnii) Milk st., Ilnstoii. rpni. -uhciiliif oilers a larire and choice selection L ol Hardware lo the counirv trade upon the mrtt liberal icnits. .March 1, 1813. "in Tobacco. ad's. llovcs r.rviue.'s, Q!T K1?.GS Fidmond's, situ 1'2 llovcs l.rvme.t 12 tlo Home s, 10 Kens Cirdwell's, tfl Moves It-iuve's. The above are all choice brands, nnd are offered ow by FULU.TT it HUAPUh. v yi: sriu-Tn. , I1HLS. Campcachy Logwood, ttiJ ono ,1,, St. Domineo do 250 do I uslie, 130 do Nicaragua, 100 do Cam Wood, 3 do Jloddcr, 10 do Alum, BO tlo Copperas 25 do II lie Vitriol, 50 Demijohns Oil do., by 30 Dec, 1811. J. & J. II. Pf.CK i Co. OnI1II,)S', nnd 30 hhiN. Porto Rieo ti) 3IolasCs, heavy bo licit and lishl colored, just reciivcd and lor sale, al a ve 1 y low pine hv I'Ul.l.l'.l'l llli.VDl.l'.l . Old Dock. II trlington. TOHAOCO it- SSVFF. 'SitS. HXRRF.LS Loirillard s chew iui; Tobacco, WvP 40 tlo tin smokitiL' do 300 Jars do Macahoy sniilV, !-,ll Hladilers do S olch do 30 Dec. 1911. by .1. II. 1T.CK it Co. Agents, feathers'. Ci'. e Feaihers, of superior quality. llcn'stio. rpr sate inw 1 y Nov. 30, lrill. VILAS, I.OOMIS it CO. LI! J.JsW0,lll.l, v nir,niilact'irni7 1 vj.-.ily nf Piano Fortes, which are oacrcil tor .ale on lie" 'most if.1s11n.1b v term-. As ihe e in-lruietuts nre made em verytntt'l. improve.! plan, Ihey are warranted lo 1 0 -npi ri' r toall ulluv in tr iinint.s of tho 1 mho I.111J, in par akius in 11 hiirh I'esreo ll.e toliu of Ihe Flute. In point of-ti lib and di'y nf woikmaii-h'p they arcal-o wanaiilid lo le equal to any instrtt tncais ture I iu the Ctittol Sidle.. All per oils Vv lin i 11 ut h irott! PjHiio ure pariieularly lu vited locall am1 1 xautine for ihiinseivej. ILirliaston, Feb. 21, IS 12. I'. 31. WRIGHT .V Co. H,:ilI Jan. 20. CiltAS.-i Slilll). fir -ahi by HICKOK tt CATI.IN, We.i sii!e Court llnti'i'Sq 'are. CW l.avv Itooks. CONNIXTIUIT lil.l'uins, nl. 13. Common Law do Vol. 3-J. Lii'l. do Vol. 0. Dee. 13. For'a'eby C. GOODKICH. SALT. ftffVflTl RUSHHLS Solar Salt, -yyW4ij00 do Turks Island do 4000 do l ino do 1000 Hands do tlo 300 Sacks Diirv do 30 Dec. 1311. Hy J. it J. II. Pi ck it Co. )rr I'.OXF.S Hunch Raisms, s5t)U 40 Kei's Malaea do In llas 3Iadeira Nuts, 1 110 i' linens, 15 tlo I'raztl do 10 do Almonds, bv 30 Dee., 1S11. J. d-' J. II. PECK .f. Co. tl C'-S KEGS Poweirr, no Hans Shot, 100 Dozen Cora Brooms, by Dee. 30, Ml. J. it J. U. Ptctc cV Co. Itiillalo Holies. ry 15AI.KS superior Hullalo Robes, just received aim 101 sale u.s Chiapas Ihe cheapest, by Nov. 13. bv V.. 31. WRIGHT et Co. Also No. 1 Olter Caps, Lvnx 3IuH's and lloas, Fut r-.,ii. 1 1. i'.:..... 1 ""i'"';'i .iiviij . jii.f.-, .si;. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE, an I well selected assortment, consist A iliijof (ViM, M ihotfany and (lilt, Mohoguny, and I'uncv framed Lookiii" Glassts. for si'o at ereallv reducid prices at the Hardware Store, Coruir of murcn and UnrepeH's., by HAtiAK cc.villilLK HIIDS. Gardner Hrewer's N. England Rum, 30 Pipes and Half Pipes American Hr.indy , 40 tlo do Haliiiuore Gin, 1U ilo do 'Pellevnishi' Grand)', 11 110 uo a wan uin, 10 Hhds. St. Croix It mi, 30 Hbls. Slurry and 31adiira Winer, 35 tlo 3Ial.ijja do 5 elo Port tin . 1911 by J. ct J. II. PECK tt Co. 50 31 De Fi.oru. and 100 half do. of the most an " w proven uiatui-, ny SO Die., 1S11. J. .V J. H. PECK .f- Co ShiTii Skins fur Hook Ititiiilntf.&c. C DOZ. Shieii Skin-, a.-nrle I ou.iliiie. on owsjWim,,,! for mih m inaird'.ti'lurers and oilier-at low price-, by VILAS, LOOMIS,& Co. Nnv. 30,1811. PI if mi 1 SOOT.Ci J-.l'D SKOESl. 1'or tUc rtirliii; tratli'. G i:.TLE3I EN'fi Calf Roots, sowed and pi'Spcd, with and with out heel plales ; Kip .s,.n,l, tr'k nnd Ilnvs' "Tlnik Hoots ; Gent's C.lil Oaitrrs, tlio best ur..e'efir Sprint; vv oar cvet niauf'iclured. tl() Pairs Women's Unther Hooiefs mil Shoes, Gent's Leather Over Shoes. The above will tcsull low for ready ca-h, by J AJIIisi II. VTiATT, Comer of Church and Cherry Strict, 1! jr!ui-toii Jl arch 1, lbl2. J. IT. WALTON, 'AOl'LD iiiIhiiii the public lhat to 1V", Zs" ,V 11' l'rts 1,11 I""1" ',l1" ' "'I'""" - '" ..'uu- &isV?ffi'lJ ' f.b ItireS.e li.le-,'es,, 'W'JT.iih' , U'b e's, Carpet RaR. 'SSMnb'J P' r iii:ur.e.i'i-, Marlmgale-.&i'. ci lie I e-t wi rsiiian-lup, w11n.11 i.u will sell mi rea-onable term.. Al-o for -nle, C'irry Cotnb-,Cnul-, Hrnsh-e-, Whips and Lashes, aid many inker art"'!e- III hi-liue. T1'.I313M.S'G done m the let tvle on -ho't noli '. Shn.i 111 W amw rnrlu's iliiiltllu, Churcli strei", 11 lewelemrs e,i Lovelj'a More. n.trhuirtoii, rel luary, is is. "J-w J 7S CARUIAGi: STRAYED, V M O M ihe S-'nbsCri! er in Ciarlotto, ij' a! out Iho l-l nlJiiiy i.i-i, J vertriim.-. one re 1 line Lac', steer, one run ituo lack heifer, and one I riiidle lieder. Wln.evir will return .mtl eatlle, 1 . .. .1 .l,,.tl I ,. :iie ii,iori.Ml.o'iri'''i'iii-.u ' ,"'; ,,;v; , . ewnrJel. F,'l. IS, IS42. OKIN HfcM). Colleclnv's Notice. TICK is here! V civen to ail per-cis ownnif -Hs'l,, nr stuck ill the Uiainpldtn. speiria'inii Company, livim? out ol this Suite, i'f t ihe tax a.s,.,.cd upon said slock, uimt the Act a'cism, is tmvv due, and unless the sail e isimniodi Anly p.u I, ihcir seveial -h iret will le told al pu..lia eitnn, for iho payment of .-aid taxe-. Given under my hand, at lluiliu jton, Wrmont, is 22d day of February, 1512. . ttV.MAN LANE, Collector. Kltnit ll'nll. 1 C ''ACKS Ru-sia Iron, n-si rled :vo. I J .".0 II indies I Amere an Iron, 73 llnxi-s Canada Plalo lor -nle I v Nnv.30.lSll. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Flannels. 1 CASE While and 1 olore.1 Flannels, 20 plt.'il'a lisuiiilS.ilisbtiry do. 10U " tearlt't domt-liu do. Ju'l reeei ' id and for sale I y Nnv.St 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS A. Co. .M No-. FOUND. TN the ice near Providence Island, ona Mast and Alloom l.ei ngiiu; lo some vissel, wuh a sail and oilier rtr'tTinir nttailied 10 il, which lliu owner can have hy paymy riiisimahlecharces. S0111I1 Huu, Eib.8, 1BI2. LORENZO HAL NOTICE. 'PHI'. S'lb-cribcr vvnul I, nrlbelast time, request that ifin-e 1111 etliiil acenuui- and no'i-s 0f lurip; slanlin-.' It- nailed wnlmi lwn mnuih. al loni't-i, 01 iiiiwiI tu. as they know he n to fi'tiu senlt-nient, it m ist letlone. lie ha. i-aped, written and nnu'esl, 1111 1 hiipes thai bis rr.eii,!,will al mice see Ihe reason, al leneness t f sf lequest, nn ,(,. , t1M, I'niiipill.nghim to u-e 01 her htiii n. un- Willie Lead. c TONS " Wethertll" Dry White Lead, U 5 do No 1 antl Extra do do 111 packages from 109 to 500 pounds. 2 Tins Extra Ground in Od, in Ke;s of 25 nnd 50 ptimds, for salo at Maiinf iciurcrs' prices and freight, by Nov. 20. I'OLLETT i- I1RADLEY. Ofo A i( I ''l!5i' Wl",e alld ''"I'"' Thread, fliU U 80 " Hlack Linen, 75 (truss Round nnd Flat Lie-err, Nov. 30, 1S11. forsilc by VILAS, LOOMIS X Co GLASS WARE, nil descriptions constantly 011 hand i a full as- nrlment nt Ininbleis. pkiiii. nres-ed. "round, tar bottom and cut 'da-s Wints: Jellies. Leinnuaik' and iilassesj Lamps of all ileseiiptious ; Lamp L'lasse-, Dccantcis, Water Hollies, Specie Jars. yn oussi.enj Preserve Dishes, cut (jlass C11 lard Howls, Pitchers, Sails, Castor Hollies, Rcvnlvim.' Castors nml cut ulass LaiSssS, for sale (cheap of course) at the new Crockery and ev'lass Ware House op FARRAR, WAIT .t ROOT, Iltirlincton, Jan. 31, ls12. NEW FIRM. f I M I E Subscribers would respectfully inform tha I pub ie that they have puichas.'d the inure sit clt of Furuitiireand l'aiiimiL'Mills al the New K,t tblisli incut hereiofore owned ami eoiidueled by ihe firm ct .Mitchell ot Ilarn s, and will continue the business under the firm of ll.11 ties it Keclet, vvliere iliey intend to ket-p constantly on hand 1111 extensive assortment nf Sofas, Seen 1 arii 3, itmik-eases, liureauj, Hed-liaJi, Tables and Siands of various kinds and piieesta suit cits outers. 31ost kinds of couniry product ru u'ivetl iiipaynieii'. Al.-o most kinds Lumber, suitable for our biisim-s will bo tdken m exelunsc fjr f uiai tore e r Fannin'. 31.1's. fi & Kya vJL I' LA STICK. a TON Fresh Ground Pl.isler, by 30 Dee., 'II. J.ttJ. lLPrcs-M'- Co. jT rrsv A nsii. 4" CViriNTA!,S CODFISH, 100 l!es lleriin-. 30 Half bbls. .Mackerel. , 1SI1. bv J. A .1. H. PECK tt Co. 30 Dei: 200 SIDES Sole Lealhcr fur iale by FOLLEhtt HRADLEv. 10 HAGS 1 ilbcrls, 10 do Hrazil Ntlls, 10 do bard shell Almonds, 1 1 rails soil tlo elo 30 11' Is. Hickory Nuts, 5 do Che-slimis, Of tupenur quality, and nlt'tred love', by FOLLITT it HRADI.KY. 7VJO 1 ICI!. All Iho e who nre iiu'ehlcl In Iheitu-i- iler i.'iied either I y Nolenr iipmi I imk .Aivtuini are req e. et 11, cull nnd inn1 e le'lleineni lefi ie the hr t i April next, o'lierwi-i' the y m t.i exi t" 1 p p.iv Ihe ex. eu-f t f (.1 eel e.11. Ll 'l'lll R PlJiJlTY. Jen. hn, I e' .6, IS 12. le 1 lo.-e l iiiinieibately. n.irlinqlon, March 17, 1812, J. .1 Ul'lllll ISAAC I .-s'nti! nf Snlntiinti S. .Miller late of Willis em ill rind eh-trict, de'Cinstd, repn-M ntnl in olveM, mid alto nil claims nn I ele.inantls rxhihiled in nfTs"l theuloi in.d six iinniliH fioui tint dav of lbs dnlo thrirnf. beins nl- lowed by slid Court for 1 ha I purpose, wo do thcirfnrc BISSOLUTION. . . r, , . . - , fiunruiiy rinMtiiiii jur hmh inti 'UH'. u 1111 fill 1 - ! 1; rp If. coparinrrslnp here.. f,.n, e x sliorf rn l r the .r(l)y m,0 , a 0 w'ip Bt,tnj , ,10 s X firm .;f h. M. W wbt 4 Co. is y mib'nl eon 11,1 ,,f ,uir nppotnlinent, nl Ihe dwelhns of John liowaid this day dissi ilvcd paid to H.W. Cailin; tame. llnrlington, Wh 12, IS12 , ,, , , , , 1 " ..... i,.i!ii,iii -i,i, ill 1 nr 11 t;,ini. u wiui 11 1 1 im i, i u Alli.e'U.diie the t'rm are lo e , Hitrlin tinn in hi I District oulliBseennd Mondays 1, who 1, authorize, tit : lll tie I f jne anJAujun next, ul 10 o'clock, A. M., on inch ;;. . I of said days il I , M. I A I I IN witir.iri H. m Cb.ltu will' cnnlinue business at tkr rf ormerlyot upit y f, JJ, Wrif hi it C 1. Doled, ibis 21ih ehy nf Ftbriinry A. I). I6-I2. jii.'iai, autii 11 1 . l.tlTtlTtt i.oiimik voipnus- GEO U SHAW sioncrs, ('onimlssliuici'h Niitlcc. xrn the Subs rib'-'is, hivmur been nppt'nled by ihe Honorable the Probii o Courl lor ti c Dis trict of Ch ittitdtn, eoiiintistiniii rs In receive, rxim Hit; am! a llu ilnims m ddeiunntlsof nil persons, auniml ihretiale of Rosvveli Glow, l itoiif Wesiiord in said District, ilee'eased, represenied insolvent, and also all claims anil demands exhibited 111 ntl'-tl thereto ; and ix mniitliH from the day of the 'nto hetiof, brine nllovved by said Court for that purpose, We do therefore hereby five notice tint wr will at. lend Ii' thebitntiessofo r spnoini II. lord s inn m wirtn mni s nd District, on .Mondays 01 Jimti arm July next at on each 1 f Slid dil s. Dalcd this 21 e.iyof rVIininrv, A D. 1S42. JOHN AI.LF.N. ; JOHN IIAZKLTON, ICoin'rr jmes kjciiols; S l'-llANCIS l!i:..l.MIN, Jr.., Wholes-lie Dealer in a torn sc. I orvvaidlt .ram! cninmUi.!,.,! isSliaUija.Sr'J.'.j No. 273 niVUK STnCT, ffKOY, it. y. ZTA f?w ihorzalovcWaMngitin Square. 7SrF.have ic '.l some nai 1; 10J Watches, whirh . w'1' he sold lur -SlO an 1 Cl2,st.n. oNo m $13, 17 tend 613each, and warranted lor ono year, tlinso u ho with such will p'ea oeslland iim'.i-h selfction. PANG' ORNet 11R1NSMAID ft GOODRICH has constantly for salo by the LAW HLANKS. Rtain nr Ouire. a ceneral assortment of law- blanks, printed from forms from Revised Statutes. cousislinu of Justice Writs and F.xccutions, all kinds in use Trusiee Wrns County Court Writs and Execution", various kinds V.', Mid .Morlenfro-Deeds Chanciry I'.lls for fnrcloa'.nz 3Ionsas;j jllnnks fcr Drposiiiohs Administrator Ihintis Leliers,of Giiartliinsllip Ofli'-ers Justice Appints III inks fur Notes, IIiy-Sealr Ar. Ar. CVSF.Sand Hales Tickiaes, U l Halo Canvass, 2 tlo DrillitiL', 20 Pieces 40 inch llorlap", 18 'h Red P.iddm'', For sale by Nov. 30, trill. VILAS.'I.OOMIS rf- Co. I lUIOSE still' nil? from an irrihitcd stale ef the 1 Lull!;, p irtieulaily nt ih.s s. a oil of ihe year will find ail exetllcni medicine in lhat of iho lily syniip, Fur advertisement nf which, loil,-fVfir-t roluirnJJS 1 his paper. For salo by PIVCK p SPEAR. GEORGE HHKE'S I STATE. STATE OF VERMONT, ) t a Piobate Court held Di-tricl nf Chittenden J .it lluilington within snd for said district of Chittenden, em the twelfth day ofjl-'ehruaty A. D 1L 12, The i:eciilors of lite last will and testament of George Hldkis lateoflloston pi ihe ('ounly of 'Suf folk m the Stale of 3I,issjcliu.'lis, dceinsid, bavin? pietitilid in said courl n 1 opvof the Inst will and Its tametitof the sai I it sialor, eltily approved and allowed in ihuprob.tie courl Inr sitd County of StilVulk, thai raid ee)iy may be filed nnd ree'oulrd In this Court, nerec tli'i to the statute Hi such cae made and provi ded. Th relonMl is lit-rtby ordered that nil pirsrms coiieirneil 1 0 notified Pi iippeorbffoli this courl at n session inereoi 10 n- lielei at Iho Kctisler s e III e m said Uuillnjjlnii mi the thud Wednesday of .March, 18t2,nnd conttsi ihefilms and rerordinyof the nfore siul cony of slid vv ill 111 tins eourl, if Ihev s.'o cause, bypiibliei mn nf this order three we. ks EJ' ccs'ivrlyin ihe nuriinglon Frcn Pre", a newspaper printed in Hurliiittimi 111 he IV my nf t Imtendi n, tha Ian of which pu'ihcaiions 0 bo previous 10 ihe day a-smicd a .if itcsi d for hem 1.'. WM WESTON, fir fitter. A true copy of the rccorel. alie n Wm. WrtTiv.' t!tguter. FARRAR, WAIT V ROOT, Sininrtcis and W lialesaleand ltetnF Dii.ilt rs . GHOGKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Kicp constant. Iv 00 li'itid h arRii assorr unit of Din. tier Sets com phle with soup aril sauro Tu re tin, Hutter Louie, Salad, ecvired D.sbesi I'lallerit I'irlirJ 1 i.iie- and l us ard 1 1 p. m Hluc. Pmk, White .Milan 1 .1 .1 . .l .. 'I'. S .1 niu iioiuooii sprtft 11 sti-.t "in, ' ens 10 inaicn 1 ich i a arui variety of To ll rits and all qualities 01 common ware 11- at.ywint.d lor family uo, all 01 v.-nich will iie suld cheap at whol-sile or retail nt 1 1, ir Siore, corner of Church an I Cullcje streets. " il ir!inj;ion, J.1.1. '.'I, Idl2. CHEAPER AND CHE APF.R ! ' pll ii --ubn rt' fi- .1 e- i.ow ei e-iiu utu'eifihe arc''s I .end le I as-nr'tiie ills ' pal can It' fotunl m tfui st.-,. n e.f the ei nr)e; Fac.-y and S'eji'e l)ry l, u 1 , Car 1-11(11? R r; tie 1 Oil t-liiih-, v iuih tut .i,e prepare el to s I. lor It 't ste li prut-, as cannot ' .1 s, it l.e pur I'.i e'r. jo-' n ve 1 s a eau and wo ullpiove It aiyene 'hit wo will carry em nnr kp it. , vine') l-,CUip isle ( hi'Jpeil, .Cunt 1, 1 el If. per K. M . V. Hull 1 Co. I". 21 HJ44. ' xt-fifc'- Vj- al n r. mrzrd3& VfATEOF F.llMO.NT, tl Disiriel nf I hif'i 11 .'lit, s-. ( ,', n QO CA&'f.S lCnthsh and American Prims, I -O 2doeolorid Caiubiies, fornlnllv Nov. '.0. mil. VILAS, LOOMIS fCo. 1 AIIAIES lirow 11 nif lings for tale by il.cbale J 'piece, or ) aril, very chcip. bv X". E. 31. WRIGHT it Co. riei nn lh l-isi 1 . . " """" ' " C icuiai HUItlin"S, meelinej lO o'do.k, A. 3.1 i '"B'. Canton Flmnils, Diapers, llatilna.Wicklnj IjltlH .SAI.i:. a,. Shni'snr Slack in ihelsr nicrs snd 31c Irjutcj Hank. HurhniT'on, A py 10 it g fur. PurlPipUp, fe'. 11.1" i? LU Sill.h. 1CA-F. Poncrc Silks, 35 Pieces bhek, blue black and figured do "0 lbs, Ilslmn scwitip, 2"i " India elo 10" Hlack and e'olnred Twist, Nov. SO, 1641. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS iiCei AMI Oil. I lea hc.1 an.) mil Jejiiatnv, lof a e cheap I y Nov. 12. id. hevl, eif sotenrr S. M. POPE, .Merinos, ,f, fff'.L'r,' 'Vcdl1:-ritual. Mfnno Ov-;0do blirk di do 24 H fi-'idHa,Milne, 20 d i Mack do 21 Aim r ,.!, V" P, I-r Ter i?tr VII ?, LOO-MIS etc i'ro' ait'C.uri ho'd. rn at It irlneinn. tvnhm and Inr tbell'istn I aft ri'saule n lhe"22di'avni IV! r ,. aiy, . D. 1512, in Instrument ln.rpoii.n; to Seibe last Will and 'IV-iainenrnf AuuisCluik, la'f e'fllines Imrch, in ahl Disiriel ikii-a el, was presentesl totlie Court heie for Pro! ate, t y Homer Clar, the i:xeci. ut iiii rein iianiivt. Therffiirett isordeied ly ,ail Cen-rt, thai ii-il lie pullet' I e ciyen to till pir, in'ens'eil llereni 'n appear hcVii' s,,,d C. url, nt a e.,ioii lltere .. '. hol.'cnnt thi'Re.i-ler'siidice in Uurli- ,.pn fRi .ai.l Hrtil'itf,.''''-''-''? r ha't'if said Will: ,i.l ,,,,, ,,ri:,m, ,,,, ii "i ''.r 1 Ct ""' .' "fJ llu' f e?ks niccc-MVe ly in the,.l r, iiyvs paper prii'cl at I! r bnst.rtnihl.Sue'.ihe In efyhteh 2ne.ll If,o-l,a.jf()re-r,i,l, fir henii'.'niiii.Vniir bin I at ih. RegistiVa O.f.ce, this iiildqyof Ffl.n.sry, A. P pja, Wm. WI STON, Ite.- V cr. Slieellins. ryi 1ULKS 1 1 llrnwnSsinV.i-s' I rortsls'y Nov.39(lMl VJI.AS, UPOjns & CO. f. L. 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