Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 25, 1842 Page 1
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i t NOT TUB GLORY OF 0 J3 S A B DOT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 1842. No. 42. t I IOO!(i:y KfcSKNOK OK Hi. Ucbcine, which, if righlh - mean of .nviiisr iho'i-and' frni ' i i. . t . . . . . i i . .. i LILY SYRUP. An unnnrrallcd re.mrdii for Diseases of th Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Mood, Hooping Cough, S?r. to run puih.ic. In pre-cnting to Ihev'm.lir; n new remedy for di-ea- f I In hi mac 1 . Iirntipr In ne I tin I. iiid.-it,.. from the many oritilica'u and re'commeii hition nf Siomach, Men-le-, a preieniive ufCou other specific, eonianiel in the newpapcr nf the day 1 Ingun-ili-oa-o-, (lum and Khetimali-m. no new remedy was called furor ren lired. U 11 if th'ei iLj" I he a Love lie hcinei.nreriare.l by Henry Soy popular rcmefte had materially le-sene! tho lull of nionr, uf Hn Hit, Ala, fiiim tin.- Original liocipe, I y I .IKK A Valuable Iv nppliiM, will I e tin? from mi untimely irralo. It ha been sold nn. I u-ed fur ihiriv year, Willi "rout uceo-, ami found icry ellionciou in Ihe fcilluivitis di-ea-e., viz. Cun l.upi'ion, Whooping Cum!!", com mini Coiili, CVil., iliin.'iill llreithiu'.', Inlhioiizn, Qiiny, A-tluna,, Spitting of Hlood, Flatu lency, ludige-lion, Loo-cuc- of the Ilnwe-1-, Kits ol every kind. Cramp, lticl.ct-, Cnlie, Catarrh, Dyen inry," K.iintinir, llypnchnn Iriau Allcilinn-, Headache, mortality, or any nnu uf the many preparation po se-eiltnoe virtue rocommciKieii, n Hint aiieru 11 trial, the patient co il Idepen I upon its healing power-, and rationally hope fur a apee ly reeovery ol health, thin humble, a't'einpt to arre-t the prourc-s of Pulmo nary Consumption would not have appeaieil. Bui lhat thu victim of thi deilroyer are daily in crcani!r, noc I nt proofnnd the larie cn!o of the, I)ru:rsil show lhat the rente lie ol the day have been fairly Ire I, an I filled in Mioirob eet, i( that ob joel w.itne re-tnrntioit to hetl li of pcr-niis ileriiig Ironuh-o.i.e of the lini. While one reiiie ly drie upnooi-h ihal shod I ho properly a 'del to throw o I the vicid collected upon the Inns nn I throat the harbinger of di-e.i-c, another, hv a had -election ol an expectorant, i in Iced ena' led to di.po.-e-. the present tenant, Inn leive- a wor-e one to occupy the shxtlerel premi-e- J an I by it, the work of death i-the sooner at'cnmpli-hed. The LI LY SYRl I' i now I olieve.l to le the le-t remedy fnrlunjr comnniiit-, tint ha ever appeire.l. To cure Pulmonary Coiwimplion nfier the di-ea-e ha dur.e tt lat wurl;, or 1 ivoine -ea'.ed upon the vi- tal fineliun-, an I tuberctei nre funne l an I I roUen, ami atmo-phcricairi- inhalel into tlienrolien part-, i not amon?thepre'en.ioii'. of thetho ian Ian I one pop'i'ar no-triiiiito the contrary, notwiih-taii lini). The mehcineiha- re-torel many who were -up-pocl tole I eyond cure, I y men -tail I'm: hifli in the medical proleion ; I ut their ic.tnr.Uion to health on ly proved that sreal and trond men may I c, iu the Marje or prore-. of thed'-ea-e. Ileiiir, let no perooti de"iairuf relief, until he ha made a fair trial of the l.ilv Syrup. This med.ei'ne opera'e I y pronuMinij a fiee and ea-y e (pcctoraiion, theiel y frueiujr the Inns and throat from vwul pli'e-'in, aii 1 -ticnirlhenins the par'-. auJ fieems iliem from intlaniatory action which constitute the ih-.cie of Pulmonary Con-unijUioii. The Syrup is entirely free from auv 'il"tau( e, nnl purely ic.'etahlej and may V" taken with per tct -afctj- hy t li iiio-i (Iclieaie'eon-tiliitiun.. It i highly recoiiunen le I lu thu-e who h up weal; lun?-. Teacher- oi peiformer- of vocal mu-ie will find it of invalual le ue to them, hy n iviii cieat Mtrenlh an I sweetnc to I he tone of mil ic, ait I en ahlitu 'he peron to peifonu wiih rea!ea-e. l'ul lie speaker-and del.ater-will hud it oi invah a' le .-cr-vice to i hem. Tht- me heine ha 1 een tlmrotiglily and -ti've--.;il!y tteJ hval.le tihv-tcian-. and hy their advice i- now prepare"! and o 'ered to the puHie, to -peal; fur it-elf in thecn'i-eofalthctcd h iiiiaiiny. And may he who ble-el the imcn'al.ty of clay to open iliecye- of the blind, male il a Ucv-ui to tlie li'im-in I imily, and the ureal object of the proprietor will I e accom plished. All me hcine dio il 1 1 e L-iven nivor.liif- to the -!!-ntiun of the patient l and, il in ich re I ice I, a .-inal'cr u lantity than where there i ( on-i leral.le -trene h. 1 lie dire lions on he I utile may 1 e la' en a a general rule: but H'lal.en for a loni -tan Imp; cu"?li, il may I e nece-nry to tat.e a ni'icli lamer do c foruine one rr two day-, an lev.-n ul ener imIiI an expe MiTafiou i-. Itroihiced that wiil le five and ca y. When there i much tili'iifi.-. ot the chc-t, it will .ume inic- iucica c the co i"h fur a day (T (wo; in whi.-Uca e, the iiaucnt should ta. e the yrii,t muie freely, en until il hould prod ice a -Inrh' linu-ea of the -'.urn tcli lie in ed not fear ativ harni from -ucli entitiou. 1 wo 1 1 -ay to all lhn purcha J th s me Icuie li r u-e, ih it they ear have but li tle hope ol I emir I euelire.l I y i; iinle-.- i u..Ki when it I- commence I with. Sunn' rinveta .eu t! once a diy, I hen t .vnv, then nut any tor two or thrceihy-. I c.iunut nv that -ueli w(r Id I e tikeh' to re-uie m uh I enei'n from it j but if liiken reR'ilarly, it i. em nen'ly cal il ced touproot the di--cs-e, an I to restore to -juun f htahh. 1" i-theearne t (ieire of tho proprietor to haw eiery une that u-c nl ieTl one I ott'e of it -tea lily accord msr tt the iItw-tinn-, to coumi micate the re dl to the per-Ou ol whom he purclrt-el ili- medicine. Tho propr e or i- privilege I to ret-r Jo tht follow i u: er-ou -iho hae ti-ed the l.ily Syrup, and who w.t! be hi'iy to irive infurina'lon of it superior healin'tr power-, to any wi-lmw '(, l.uo.v mcie a1 out it. Mr. ('rilteiideii, one of the lirm of I'. K. Smith & Co., who's lean I ret lil merchant, Kxtdiaiiire-Mice', Kfiehe ier. for bieedui'' at the I mi. Key. KTue'uer, I'a-tor of second Baptist Chinch, Ho -he-ter. Captain I'. Freeman, fur a ha 1 couch. Mr. Slu 1 lard, of Ihe firm ol S anwood .V Co. I oo-M-lier-, corner of B I'mhi nn 1 S'ale -liiets, l!iche'er. Mr. J. M. French, Nor'.h-slree', ltochc-tcr, lor the whimmiirf -coenh. M-. So ithworih, Slone-'treel, I!i ch---ter, fur lad couh. Mr. Ilolert M'Kibleu, 3Iunroe--tree', Koche-lrr, m a -evereand atarminica-et f tlie whoopms-couuii narnarl, I-.-u'iire, initio in eo irl-liou-e, in a mc of wlioopiiig-co'iirh in hi family. Captain V. 1). l'i-h, fur a easeol l'lilluie in hi family. Key. Mr. Clarl., Pa-tor of the Uapti-t Church, l.e Rf y ltcv. Mr. P. Church, Pa-tcr of the lir-t llaptM Church, Itoehe-ter. Captain A. Urit'.nn, lor Ilaemorrhare of Ihe liinj-. A. 0. Smith, ea-hier of .Meilianic and Farmer Hju'k. Hoclie-tcr. L. W. Si' lev. of the firm of SiMey it Scranlom. dry ?nyd luerdrjiit and auciioiieer-, Bit lalo-street, lloche. liev. A. Kui?-ley, Pa-lor of the Uaplt-l Church at Manche-ter. Rev. Jacob Kim tin. r.ianeeli-t. Mr. T. llunn, Currue Maker, St. Paul-street Hirtm Tucler. n toruevai law, ltoibo-ter. Mr. Thoma Ashin in, paier, Roihe-ter, who ha rw.'eiveu a-tonisiiin; repel, riease iniuire oi ni cae. Rev. Thoma Carlton, M. 1'.. Ch. Roi-he-ter. A. S'ecl, (I leedinir at bins- LucUpurt. . II. Miner, Ve-t Ileitrie la, Munroe Co. ProfesOr Metiiittil., Ilaiuilu il 'I heol.Scm'y. Rev. Ievi T icller, Cleveland, Ohio. C W. Cou!:. ' " ICy The Proprietor has I ecu (i lered esrtifica'es y many of the above gentlemen j but he preleisthat tno-e wi.-nmg miormaiion, wo uu can on uieui per onally. PECK &. SI' EAR. Ajjent for tin- trction. ihedirection of said Moore, ami sol I by lum and the nrmeipai iruesi-iin tlie L inie.i state. Sold whole-ale and rein 1, I y Peek !c Spear, ATEWT PLATFORM SCALES. THIS articleii too well known to need common da ion and the e.tptritnee of pcven years has demonstrated to the eonimcrcnl coiiimiiiiity. that for neeuracv, convenience and durability, ihey ore itmivalled Coal yard scales to weiijli froin3lo G Inn. Dottinnt Warehouse do, to weiitlt from 1-2 lb. to ."000 Hi-., Portable do. tu wcLdi from b'2 oz. to 200 lb. Portable I 'oitutcr do a new article to ueiijli from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. ifc J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Ilmliustoii, April 8 1911. PAINT I NO. THK ub-riler lent? for pal favor would re.pecif illy solicit a continuance ol the -ame an 1 remind hi-fn'end and the p ibbe that he i prepared to ncconiinnilate ihein on the shorte-t uotiir and mo-t favorable lerin in the yariou br.inchi" m ibcaboi-eliiie. Shop oppo-i-e Mr. C. A. Seymour' Hat Store, I'earl-sitwt. Iliiriiugton, Vt. JA.MIS SCOTT. April 1, 1S4I. tiMtty NO TICi:. ;C?e,.Me.heme t li-t known by the cure it icrfbrm.rtl! I. Newton'- Panacea, or Pnriher ol'the Blood. The tinparalkle.l and -till iiicrej-inirrepiitntiouhi(di thi medicine haaciinir- I thro'isho it Ihe New JinalandSiiite-, and the many eure it ha perfurniiHl, nn I the L'leit deman I made torn hy I lieu, I vice ol pnysieian wen ncipiaiiiim wiin il prcpirntion, ha tin iced Ihe proprietir to extend it circulation to .tlniot every town in the ea-tern Slate, iind ihe urincinal town in ihe Unite 1 Slate. Tin Panaeei w.irran'ed purely vesetal le,und l. not .. .1 -.....!.'. -..I I ... .1... urpa.eit rv any inner inetuciiie uvcr o .crcu in tnc allhc'ed a II ex'cn-iie -ale mil treat popular! y plainly prove. It ha within the la-t eiih'ecn tnonlh eiireil 11 thuu-nnd- ofthu ino-l ob-tm.Te di-ea-e-, a can le proved by cerliiicale nn l i pronounced by einineiit mid re-pedal le phyieian the I e-1 medicine in use. t el it Inlormaiidit may I e lo-ttut in eircu.ars eontamuur certificate of cues and direction lor ta- kini; the medicine. The followmir apnoiuied airent-. Durlinirtun, PI'.CKnnd SPKAR, It. Moody Si Allan, Uurti an I Ru-sel Milton, C. Dinli Mil'ou Kail-, Burnet and Sawyer W.iterville, Fi.-I. and Brown, lliiie'bursh, Hull mil Coo'; Fairfax, Par'.er and Mutlicld crsenne-, Adam- mi l .Murray Caiiil ridie. M. W ire I iidci hill, M. C. Barney North Kerri-I umh, II. C. Wicl er (ieorpia, A. Bli Willi-ion, .N. Chiltendeu iP.iehinond, lireeu ifclihode- John-oii. (i. L. nrner and C ' ilunKton, i.iiiiii Sninh Ba'.er-lield, Arimnloii an I Woodwar I Fan tield, B rnct an I l arnworlh. e.o.p l.f.l!) cla lllenl III iriM()' ASM ?T .lusl receued 15, 211 an I 217 by 'Jea-eincnt ol ash. a lirt ra'e article nt 31 and 35 cent per lulu j al-o all I,mi. I- aini-izc, i trial lieu o or ler. TicouderoL'a blacl, lei I, a lir-t rale article, for -ale very low, toucher with real variety ul other am- i.ii if if n.v. ( heap a- can I e loiui.l at any oilier el. in the tilai-c. Sr.o. Pf.Ti'.n CT-O V PI S IKK 7. T 1 .3 Q , -0 TI7" HATCH would inform the in- V . habitants of Biirlinu' on mid i cnity, that he hai opened a shop in Chinch blntt, at the sinn of Ihe Uille, wlieie lie intends to carry on the (un smilli llusine", in all if nrioui branch es. Haiii'fi bien emplojed for the last six 5 cats in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lan-inhnrirfi, (iiiidoiibttdly iho best shop m thu Uiiitul Stale,) lie feci war ranted in olli'iing hia work to iho public. Burlington, Juno 1, 1811. J HSADilCS-SES. -.C.RTAIX CUIIF. I-'Oll SICK lir.ADACHR, .j wliicli has been used ill families, rery member uf which ha had sick headache from inlanry, as a constitutional lainity complaint, anil lias emeu nice unite ineierv instance yet known. ;i 11 lull n t i nir to in i nv hundreds. It is not iuiidinant to ihe taste, and doci nut prevent thoihily avoeitions of one ii-ini; il ittuut lie pcrovercit in, ami ttie cuie is graiium, mil ecrtain and permanent, instances nro conetaiiuy iiiulliplyinilMlierelbi-(htrpsiii2 toniplaint is eoiu tdi tely rrliei til and cured, although of years -tatidinir bv the use of l)r. Snoliu's celihrated "remedy. One decided prefcrenceis ito plcasnitnc, hiving none of the nauscatina cttect ot tommoii drug. Itis soperfectlysnifactnrv, thai the proprietor ha en direct ions tor liWni.'titstn refund the price lo any one who i not pleased with, and even cured by it. Me hope til"0 Mint thi may secmc itL'rcnt ben clits to the dttriod a(lerers who nrelaborinmtndrr Hea-laelie. F.. SPOIIN', M. 0., inventor nnd Pro prn tor. SoldbvCO.IfSTOrK.f. CO.. 71 Ma'den Xew Yo'rk. I'KOK S I' F. A It, Vbo!enlc A"ents, a few doors east of the Posl Office, Hurling ton, Vt. nf T,TYSTi;itIOUS! A crntleman b( lousing to 1VL oueof the most ancient and wealthy of litis etty.wlio in list lie writ Known toniinicroustrieiius hainy since the year 1813, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for scleral years confined to his lied, has been restored lo goi d health has regained his natural creel position and ha" quilted his car nage, and now walks with ease!! We believe I his is theiren'louian' own ilesniption as near as possible, and ihcreisnoexiL'gcralionin it. Wewill giveinqui rtrs hi nddres. and doubt not humane leehti"s will t.c se thelibirtyi so I lint any one iloubliitL', tuny l.nor these facts .lioimh he renuests his name may not appear in prim. Among other instances, Mr.Jas. O. Revnohls. Ill Christie-streit. ha been restored. and will giie personal assurances of ihe facts of Ins ease. Both were rhcmnalism, nnd contracted colds and sinews. J low lias tins I cell done i , Answer. ISilhc Imlimi I imlnliie r.Uxer in IHrnnlly, and Ibices' AVnc and Hone Liniment txleriMllii. .'". -ii. 151 1. Xoldmilii hi LOMS l ULU. ( CO., 71 .1JKcn hire, Aric lur.. ml PUCK A SIM All, Wholesale Aguils, n few- lours east of lliePosi Olliee, lliuhng'ou, Vt. POUND. fll may be found iu thi villigc, directly opposite V. the .Methodist Ol. I) PAIN T SHOP, lieu ly lilted up in good style, wheie the undersigned will lie glad to wait on hi old customers who may f nor him with their patronage. out lit 11. u. .-5r.ii; Burlington, April 23 1SI1. Crockery ami ilas 1 arc t I'F.W set s White firr.uite W.ue, also Class V. Dishes and PI He, Dreamers, Tiiinbh r.I.-imis, c. tor sale ery low, by S. M. POP!'.. lOIil.l.TT & ItltADIi:V have jus' received L and offer for sale at thu lowist iiricis for cash or approved etcdlt. a large and well si lecleo a-.irliiieul ol (iineenes, roiisisling in pirl of the f. Ilo.img tls St Croii s gar, 10 do Porto Rico 10 do New Oi leans fiO Bag Rio Coll'ee, in do J'ia uo 50 B.iKe soap, i do superur do 'i do F.ttra do 20 Kcjs salt Pcire, do do llbd Si Ciu.x Rum, j Pines Holland Gin, 21 r caks Jla'agi Wine, "ill Boxes 1'ipi'y, 20 ll igs Pi ppcr, 20 du Pnn'Mito, 2'i Kig pure Uingcr, 25 do Raisins. LOOK HERE! T.Tll. F.DI'IOR Will you phase notify tins com Lilmiimlv tint the sulncribcr Ins opdied a Stoic .Store, first dour wcslof J. .V J. 11. Peck it On. w icre he Ins a general assortment ol Cooking, l!o and Parlor Stoics, Caldious, aud Hollow Waie of ( lie bupcuor P.randon Casungs! nl o Bulk's Hot Air Cooking Stoic, which bets manufacturing in ilu nlace. The eotistriielion of lilts stoo is such thai 1 n irst am s nar icsi neat eoino- mreenv unucr in boilers and then paes round a spaeiou and equally heated oicn( it it I rcquirrs tun coinparaiveiy mi fuel to put it in opcrati in, and hakes equal to a hric oven. I Here iniglit nu a i.tsi oi sigmiurcs procure a3 long us ihe recommendation of a country I' M from Iho highest sources iu ihe serious wliern It in use : but a preamble about thi stmenr ihe Yank ,01'Otl its es, ami u money eoniiuue scarce yi must use the less of it, so don't do without oil tin account, but call and try the new Stove. Bar uuton, .Nov. 1'J, is-ll. s, M . I Al l.ui MOFFAT'S VFOLTAIII.I': MFK .MKDICINKH. The-e medicine are hide! ted for their name to llieir iiianil'e'-t an I lu action iu purifying the "prni2und ( hJiinel of life, and en hung ihein with renewet lone nnd vitfor. Iu liiany h nidied certilie 1 ea-ew:ucli have teen mine pui n-, runt in hIiiio-i every specie ofdi-ea-uto winch thu human frame I liable.lho happye eel of.MorrAT's l.trr. Pii.1. anii PniEstx BtiTcn have leen greatfullyand pullidy acinowleilgud by the per-ou I enel'utcil, ami who were piovioo-ly'iinacq minted Willi the beam ifdlly phi losophical prmcip'e- upon win -hi hey nrecompuiind ed.nnd upon which theycon-eq lenlly act. The LIFM MFDK'lNKS leeommend them.clvcsin di-e.i-e (if every form and de-enplion. Their lirsi operation i to 'oicen from the coats of the stomach an I I owel, the various impuritie nnd ciuditie coii--l.iully seitltug aro iiid thfin ; nnd to remove Ihe har denel face which collect in the eouiohilion nf Mm -nialle-t inle-line-. Cher tiicdieine- only parlii'ly elean-elhe-e, and leave -iich collected iiin. e. I clun'd a lo produce h M ilual eo-tivene, with all its train ol e'vil-. or sudden diarflirca, with it Imminent dager-.u 'lhif.i"'i well known to all regular anatoiiii-t-, w ho examine iheh iiiiau bow el after dealh i nnd hence Ihe prcpidicoof lliosi; well informed men agnui-t quacl, nietheine or medicine prepared and heralded lo t In ii il lie I v Igm rani per-ou-. 'I he .-ecoiid e.ieet ol thelafe Melicuie i to clean-e the kidney and the bladder, nnd by thi- mean-, the luer and the lung-, ihe hv.ili lifuliK" ion ofivliiihenlirclydepcnd-upon Ihe re gularity 'd' the urinary organ. The I Inod, which Inl.e. i's red color froiu'lhe agency ol the liver and the bin.' I ( lore it pa'e into the heart, I uiug Mi i purified by Ihein, an I uo'iri bed I y food coming from a clean -tuiuaeli, co'ir-e freely thruish the vein, renew every part ofihe y-iem, and iriiiiiiphanily muuiil the fanner ul hcalih in the blooming cheek. Mo iat'. Vegetal le Life Medicine- have I ren llior o'tahly te-tel, and pruno inccd a -ovireian remedvfur l)y-iep-i.i, Flatulency, Palpilalion of ihe lliart, l.o ol'Apjieilie, Hearl-biirn and ilea l-acbc, l!e-lle..-ne , Ill-li'inper, Anx'eiy, l.iugior mil Mel.uudioly, Co tivene , Diari luc'i, Choltr.t, Fever of all' kind-, libe 1 1 1 1 1 i in, lio n, Drop-ics ol all kind-, toaiel, Wurin., Aihmi anl Coniimptioii, Senrv' Ulcer-' Inve'erate Sore-, Scorbutic llriipliuu and Bad Com plexion., Frip'.ive eoiniil.iin'-, -allow, Cloudy, and oilier di n'-'reea' le Complexion-, Salt llbe nu, Fry-ip. cla-, Cuumion Cold- and Iilll'ii'iixi,and varum other complaint whHi atlbct theh iui.ui fiame. Iu nn i A (lull, particularly, i lie i .no .ueuicine n.ue i ecu mo-t emineiriy -ucciiiii ; o unicii so ni.ii in inc Fever and A giieditrict-,Phy-ieiaualino-t universally pre-eril c I hem. All th U Mr. Mo Vat require, of hi patient i lo I e particular in taking tin! Life Melicine- -tncily accor ding to the diicction-. It i not a new-paper noliie, or by anytbiiigthet hehnu-elfmay-ay in their favor, that he hopes to gam erulit. Ill alone by the re-ull- oi a i. or iriui. MOFFAT'S MFDICAI. .MANI'Al.: de-tgned a a loine-ne Tin little iiutuphlel, ed'lcd by W.B. Mo Vat, '273 Broad my, New 1 ork, hi leen pill li-hed fur the purpo-e ofexplaiunig morefdly Mr. Jlo tal' theory ol uicu-c, ami win ic lounu ingiuy inlerc-ling topersun tcekiiig he ilth. Il treil upon prevalent di-ea-e-, and the e.ui-e thereof. Price, 2.", cent. for -ale I V.Mr .'loll U - Agent generally. 'These valuable Mo heme are lor .ilel y ttl'.OI!I.l. L. WAliN'h It A Co. Jihn-i n, VI., Cencval Agent.-, l.V whom all order trom any part cf Mie Slnle or Canada, will I e prompll) nn-wered. 28 t I Dee. 17, IS1I. HA GAR -V ARTHUR, (eneial Agent lor Mn ait's icle! ia;ed medicine , to whom all applicnroii for ngeheie must le ad- ;lri'.-Oil. li uling'oi,J.v.i.2?, IS 12. WILLIAM WltlGHT'S INDIAN PiriirSATIVn PII.LS, l'.ntirehj Vegetable. ATANUFACTUIU I) mi tcr ihe inimeha'e siipeiin 1J u u 'ence of WiHiamWie.'h'vicc-urc i !enl ol'the Xorth AmerSiait Wcgr nf llealt'i, for ihe ticnlineilt andc ic ut Ii e.l e- in Ihe lurlil ul liilbo i- nu I Ni you Five, , Mca-b1-, Small Pox, Pain iu the -tom icl., I ack an I i!e, Con-iiniption, Drony, Scrul' u'a, Cancer, S.iu'iug (f llh.o.1, .S'c'.-lle'n I-at l.e Itbe iiii.ili-iii. Diarrbira, Ds'-en'.ary, Colic, Dy-peii -in. P.ihiimiiui of Ihe Heart, Fleer.- and of eierykind, if-c. iVe For - ale 1 v PIX'K' RPKAlt, Ibirlingion. W. 11. HOI.LY. Wdli-tnu. W. J. Dl OtlliAS, lliee-birgh. .1. II. IIAI.BI KT, W,-f, rd. Iltirr .".1111 Stones anil llottltitr Cliths. A A PAIR of French Burr Mill Stones and a com "''ii ele nisurlmeni of Bulling Cloth, from a ci le hrateil Manufactory in Holhiul, for sale at reduced prices, ti v i'UI.I.ia i iV I.HAIJl.H , Agents. Ojv. 20. 'PIIF. Biirliii"ton Hrewrry i- now X. ill full opciation, nnd Beer of Jt-a -A.gIV'SjA l" vtr "esl (piaiuy i i.epi cun tO-U'-'iw''?.stanlly on h ind for sale ill whole gtS.U-fi.'ea)rliairbarrels. G. PK'VF.ll net. I i, IMII. CRSOX. LYMAN & COLE F f A V K iiceued, iii ii Idi'ion tolheu for -loci, of i XDry Coo.N, an extensive U"-oriincnt of lull M. G, RATHBUN, DRAPIi.t AND TAILOR, i'KARL STHKIT, HAS ju-t returned from New York, with full re ports of Ihe Fall F.ihious, and i prepared toex ccuin orJersforwm'.er garinents m the nio-i approved tvle. , , He has alo on hand a select aorlinetil ef choice trimming-, adapted to Ihe hi on : such an Itrald, llnttoiiK, UiiiJinss, Fancy A'est Illudlnt;s Cord, and Ilnttons, ttc. tc. N. B. Ilu i uk-o agent for Scott .1; Wib ou's He port r.l F.i.hion, which will 1 e in f imished In any onu wi-liuig them, ana ibe re piu-ile intormatiou iretiy piven. Burlington, Nov. 4. 1611. jTtkyon, Dlt.MMt AND TAILOR, WOULD once more remind his eu.mmer that he continue toearry on Mie above busine-s in all t various branches at hi Old Stand on Si. Paul ftreet, near Ihe Iq)teopal Church, and in sigbl of the Catholic Church. Thnnkful for pa-l favor, ildeu tomrr aro solieilej to eontini.o their patronage, and many new one are much de.ired. The newcl rath ion promptly received. Cutting done on short noiice cheap for rash. I have on hand some old accounts which I should ike to exchange for cash. Nov. 12, 1311. DOCT. MARSHALL'S Arom Hie, Catarrh an Headache SNI'l'K. Tin Sim II uperior lo an Hung ct l.tiown, tor lemoving tro il le ome ih cue, i he Catarrh, nnd al-.o a cold m the '.cad, mil II liea laelie, Ii oticn and nurge out all iibstiiicnon tiengtbeui.iheglan l-,:indgi;en henllby ueiion lull nan a lectCAl. It i ii. rfccity tree from any I lung deb lerin i tu il eoinpoition li.c u lea-aiu 11 Ivor, and i's iminchatee 'ce', nfterleiug used, is abreeaHe. Priie3T CPill per bottle. Unci, .Mar hall's vezctao einuinn niac, ri,.r j.i Thi Pla-ter i unrivalled for cuing crof di.u. wi . ling, S urvy Sme, Lame Hack, and Fre-h Wiemd , ; pain in 'he sjle.-, lliji-and Limbs; aiid.eldotn fad- n, give relief in local Ithe imali-m.. If applied lo '. i le,ii will cure many (ifiheeonunon Luer Complain and i equal, if not superior, to any lliiug in u-e ',,r com on the feet , the irtue of ihi- Pl.i ur have I ecu witne-edly iho iand of individ.'iil in ihel'niied S ine., whn'havole lei its eilieacy. Sold I ylhe p)n. prielorj Cha. Ilowen, Middlehiir'y, V,, and Peck it Sit. in, B m.'irlinl Vt. ALAROK assnrtinent of Brass.Ktltlcs, Vies, Anvils, Trace Chains, Holler do. i ic. etc. HUlvitii for salo at prices which innnotfail to suit misiuiiius hv rOLLITT.t. IIRADI.i'.v. Nov. 29. Old Dock, Burlington. Ijiik liner lil i- - :i llull'' il uell IC , liiui.I n. , ATIJRK'S (.RAMI 1M.S1U1!A'I1V1:. Tin J.X va' nib- egcal le .'.ieUi. it. in ! unrivalled lur Ihelollowni'j coiupla lit-, rut Dy-pep-ia, or Indi ge.iiou,dt-c i cd Luer, bilio'i-di-ir.ler-, Drop.y, A -lb ma, Cn-uieiie , ori.i mid In- of Appeihe. and 1 y cli'im-iug ihe -toiu.ich ami I owe'..-, one- iiain m ibe -l.'c, stuinacb nn 1 I le.i-t, cold an I eocgb of lone -Ijiidins, Iloir-ciic", -horue.. of Irc.ilh, Ncrvou ciiiupi.iiui.,t"c., wtiicii aieliepieuily the e ,ect ut ill' ea-e. For Feiernnd Ag..e, il ia mil t valtialle pre ventative a well a a -oieicigii icnu'dy. Il virtue surpass any thing heieli.tuic Lillian lu reiuovuig fc ilu' Daine, two I utile, have leen known tu cure lhiuniictiiigdi-case, having 'allied every cxer lion lur four lear. It ha a mot powerful influence m removing nerioii r n tjtl.i i n I s . It i- plea-ant lo lake and -oe.i-y in u opci'.i'ion, i hut it may I e admin Keicd lo the infant wi'h .afe'y. The al uiuMchcmc i very slily iccoinmiii 'cd Iv many c.cntiiir gcntleiiien nnd n Urge niiiiil er ol lad.o-. w ho have ormeil M.e virtue- of Ibe Medicine I v personal cs-end Mint of heir c I.. I 1 .11 ..c. .:..... . .- I , ..i . i. nun i i hi in u iiin-ii e- ai;coiiiiai ii- c.icn i oiuc, willid reetion-. Il may le had whole ele or iet.ul ol S. Britain, Barre, and'J. C. Farnnin, 1 a-l William lown, Vl. sole propnel' r-. Picpnred lioin ibe oi igin al recipe; for -a!e by L. II. Preiin'.-, Miunpelier, mid Pi Ck if-SiTAii, Ibirlingir.n, and in Ibe principal town- iu Ibe stiilejall dile Mi' ii - issue 1 in he hand writing oltheoronrieior DR. TAY .OH'S! II A Ij S A SI O F I, I v i: It W OUT, Oli.eriu when von buy Mint vo l get the genuine, prepared nt 37j Ilowery, New York. See that 37i llowi ry New York I on iho w rapper of each Mottle. All other are Fraud and sold duly by speculator.-, without regard in ju-tiif, to Iho pub'lie.or tin) proprie tor of iho genmnuarticle. IOR Consumption, and Liver complaint, Dypcp . in,dizzincurtlii! head, lo of appclite, Dyseu lary, and general rciriilnterol the whole svtem. None genuine but that prepared nt 375 Bowery, New York, where the article wa. lir-t made, ihe char aeerofthe iiiehcinefoinie.1 nnd c.lajbshu.l I v ihe pre-ent tole proprietor, and wboare th'eonly pe'r-on. l.nowniK the coinpoition of ibe genuine. Il ha I ecu ii;ed siicce.-fi.lly for eight years in the clire nf these disea-e-. iCJ"I!emttn! cr'lhe original and (leiiuiae I made only at No. 375 Bowery, New York. All other are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint I As a general renin ly for tlio-u disease, I am f II) s.ili-li'i I, from long experience, lhere i- no medicine c ml to Dr. Taylor' of Liverwort. Biiug p ire v legeiaiile, it can Ijoiisc-I with Ihe iiimu-t inlety I y nil pe.-ou in every eonhtiin. it e'ean-e Ihe l.uig l y e.p(x'lora'ion, relieve (InVit'iili brcathiiiir, aiid-eeiiitn heal the ehe-l. '1 here ran I e noque-liou but thi meihciiie i n certain cuie for chronic i u teb- and cold. I have u-cd it yeir in my praelice, nnu aiwny-wen 'icee . a. r., .11. d. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr.'l uylor' B.i -am i f Luerwort to bo niertatu remedy for thi complaint, n I hale n-el it iiiy-eu nun lounu it utect an iimniili.i'e. I wa much trout led mini I mule ii-coftlii- iiu-lie'iiie. M. L. III.NSIIAW. 211 MaiiL'in -t. Hoar ene- Ciued For the cere, of huir ene I enn lronglv reccoinmuii I Dr. Tailor' Bal. am nf l.iv- erivor'. I li.ue nut oulyh uud c'leal I cm-lit my elf. lull in my ol my eongiegati' u I v my ic coinineiida lion Ii lie iccicviii gieal I oneni Irom Us virtue. II i ali.uie mild ,eihcaciuu nu I harnik'-s. ItLV.A'. LKWIS. Severe Cough an I Cold- I lone had u mo-t veie co. I and enu.'Ii, for u long limu wdiii It I could not gel ridof. Al er u-ing lu my it e'e- things I tri eil I avior lial-aiu (.1 l.uerwnrt, an I P cu'eJ me in i tew nay. jas. n. Ixl.IiliI.MJUiv. It'll nig of Blood A! o u two i tc'. ago 1 had fall, wlich cau-el nic to -pit large quatitie of blood win li noiiitug couiii cure tuilil I irun ur. layti.r' llabaiu uf Liverwort. T In inedi.'inc gave me iiutnc hate relief and in a very short lime e.Iecte 1 an euliie cure. Let u I ncr-on try it. llt'CII MG OARVI.Y. 21 Cannon t. Dr. Taylor'- IkiUniu cf Lncrwoit Tin-suncrior ri'ineay loriu-ea-e- ot ihe lung iiul livir Ha olitain ed a repula'inu never I ( foieepi. tiled. licmarlcablc Cure n Consumption. lierdealh with lln. di-ea-e. my friends -cm lur a toeoufe me ere I die'd. II iu hi luer 'V. told me not to gue n i until I tried Dr. 'Taylor's Hal-mil of Liverwort. I ,ent inin.ed.a'ely lor Ilu mo heme, nn I although the cou'e-t tor a lew day I eiv.'ceu tin me hcuie,aud my di oac wa se veie , the tnedicinccunqtirre I, out"! in a forluiht I wa le-lored lobcilih. I ha I a cough, raoing of mat' ter, lo ol mv voice, oaiu-, wea'.ne-,, tike. 1 can le ler lo Doctor ili n, in the i nrboii Iloti e, lor Ihe truth ol iuvla'emeiil. .MAKY DILI,, IC It -trcetcor. Bcivaie of Ira id-. ol 3 1 nveni e. Summer Conwlaint. 'The Bal. a m ol Liverwort, iu scleral ea-e of thi loea-c, uheicalloiher remebe niiubcd Iv phv-i eian- bale proved meiU'ctiial, ha produced a peilect cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption Mr. II. I'la Mm ol Delhi, N". Y., of a y eon uiiiplive eon-iitiiticn, ha I ecu a;e.i lioiu an un liuiily en J by ibe u-e of Dr. 'Tnylor'- llilain of Liv erwi rt. .1 .-eieie eni 1 1 ro ighi on an nitacli ol re-y, itiul Mm en Ic 1 in general del tiny and coiwuni tim. s e.utanl co igb, beclie Ilu- i. re-l'e- uighi q c,, un I commie I lo- nflbsli. a ccied ee ty dca'li ; but a- -onu a I comment I the iccol Mil lal-aiu I grew le:ier, and i now fully re-toicJ to health. Shortness of Breath. For ihi di-e.i e, I bine n'liav lotuid Dr. Taylor' of l.iverworl an exieifeut remedy. It i al once o -nfeand o e ctiu-, ihal I ,iw.ii' u-e it in my ptnetico, an I recommend it tu my" friend-. 1 Iciie u-e I n iu .iiine huu Ire I. of ea-e. within the pn four year-, and I have never Ind il fail, lu many

e.l-es ofa-lhliia, I fully lelieveittn h ue I ceil the mean, iftuvnig prcuiuu lie-. I el till u-e it, uiioiKii: Ralph, m. d. None genuine but thai prepaid at 375. j'uwerj. New York a. will le cen by tin; lal el.-an I wrap per of each bottle. Be . ue vo i loo!, w hen you buy, 'The gen mie can always 1 eo! tamed ol'the O il Agent, Me -r-.'N. Loie'y iV Co., now Lovely e Scinioir Dr. Muly uud Pci I; it Sj.ear, Clienn-t'. an 1 Drugei l-, II u biigton S. !. Iljrue-, Charlotte William lilin'o-, Jr. Ilu hinoni' Ceo. Aver A: Co. Milton A. ii W. Brown, Grand I le W. II. ICelcr, .vmih lleio Horace S .id-worih, Norih Hero .1. D.ivi-, Ab urgb F. .V I.. O.en , We-t Alburjh-D. is W. Carpenter, Waterbory. M'lJMI.III-UJJJUUMrg IJUSSCI.I.'S STOMACH UT1T1.RS. may I u-ed in WmeorwH'er. 'The.-ecelel, rated bnicrs tirecompo.ed purely of Vege uble of the most iiiuo cent yet speeifH! virtue. Tliey arc recommended par ticularly for re.-loring weak eoii-titution, cleansing' mid strengthening Mie stomach, nnd increasing tlie appetite al-u a preientaiiie ilKaiu-t iheeholera inor- ho, tevr nnd ngue, rcmovtnij nausea, vomiting, heart burning, wcakiic in Ihe I reat, pain in the lOmach and olher ymptmn ol flatulence and indiges tion. One boxwill tiueiureouegalloii. PriceSjeis. lox. llfssr.Lt.'s Itch Oimtmpnt. This choice and safe ointment i said lo I e uperior to any now iu u-e, for nun iii-nrccaiiic anu loatn omu tt.sea-e', ir.c 111.11. ThiOininieiit I so ci'artnin in its operation that no per-on lloubled with ihe above diorder ought to I e without it. it I a reme ly tor eiiianeou.s eruption, eorbutte afectiou of the bead, ornny other bre-tikiug out which uri-cs from sharp humors iu Ihe Hood. rice 2a el, a I ox. litis ti.i.'s Viujltabi.l Bim.kvs 1'iLi.s, or family physic, for general ue', in ea-e. of Jnundiie, iiiorl.iil en il ilily ( t II. e -tomacli nnJ bowel-, to ol appetite, lic'.iu I tenth, costivene-, rile-, nnu all iueae aris ing from biliary (lu.aiueinent-, ulo far correcting Ibe -late of Ihe I lood, and cleau.imr the sysiem ol loui mill i wui I ni moii r-. itic-e lulls area mini ca- artie. orodttcing neilhcr nam nor grilling, aud are therefore a laluable and highly approved inedieinc. an laie prunoiiuceJ aiien I yinumo-t (ii.iihgiii-iieu phyiciaii. Kaeh box containing 33 Pills. Price 371 el-, a I ox Itu-ell ( elebrated Salt Kiiec.m UWTMr-NT. I his . iiiuim.-tioiiii! Iv Mie !.c-t nnd .nfc-t remeilv eiervvl o'tered lo the i lilie for that uhliua:e ili-onlir SAL'I Kill. I'll. i here oilier mean have laueil, it liauc- cedel. and Mie f.n I that il lia 1 cell -xteu-ively u-eil by eniinent Practitioner speaks volume, in ll praise'. III. e.i'ially ed'cariou. in all ih-ea-e of the -kin, -cald head, ring worm, nnd lliemol inveterate Itch, .Vc. ie. Numero'i cerliliea e might I e ol tamed, ut the nronritor choo-e tliat a lair trial should I e the only evidence ofn uuerior eilieacy. Pi ice jll cent a t ox. for stile I v r, cK q- rspear ami uoi erl .uoony, 11 iililigton! Dr. i'. I-:. Mile, and Hull & Cook, lline burgh ; S. If. Bailie., Charlotte; L. Jane-, Ceoigia; I vler, 1. e : 1'ullir cc iluiitington, tin lunoiiit Al-o, Iv ihe druggist and merchant ceneially hm lahoiil Ihe tnle." oS.'Jn WJt-SXAJUAJJMJLUaL.'U !Mllllimtu..lflWII I IWIMMg. 41. HAN Y TO HOSTON 1)Y HAIL-ltOAtf m& m m& & SHVGLli. D0U1JLE. U.M11ILICAL. T I' S T received, a supply ot Marh' ecle! rated i 1 rns-e-, ol eierv (tescripttoti, lur sa'e ov the iinzen r-in.le. Nov. 1. PLCK if-iPJ-'AR. iCJ'Tr i e acciira'cly appliei'fr(e nl t liurfe. GEORGE II. I'ECK, Attorney and t'oiinscllorat Law, two noonE cast or the tost orncr.vr sTAinr. Refer to .Messrs. J. & J. II. PECK &. Co. Nov. 19, A. ROBERTSON, Tlarrlatcr anil Attorney at Law, fyiti in the offletvf the Han. Solicitor flen'l Day) MTTI.K ST. JAMF.S'S STIIKKT. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1611. Reference in Burlington, to r.HARLKS ADAMH, Efjutrr ?t , FOR SALE. rpHAT large and commodious two sto. 1 ry Hticli Oivclns; House & Lit situated on the west side oK'illcge j;ricii ntlhe hcid of CollcHC-slrect in this vd. afje. The Hoi'-k is3'J by 45, wilh ahaiemenislory, with Ivilchen nnJ Provision cellars, nnd ivinn't? bv fu. e xlcnding north on t.olli'gelireen, aulh wool mid siore home below, nnd chain! er nnd sleeping room above. A large nnd couiinodioii Bam. carriage house ... iiuu-f,uiiit tinier liill-lliiii-c-, ui"i ti spaiiu'i yarn West of tbedwellinghoii-e, nnd a good tl lrnl !e well or water hf Mie best quality in tl e village-, nn la I rick i'i-iern. erne nn i it nunricr acre, ni lanu, oune uri I nulitv : a large garden and choice fruit trees west of the Jioue aim yartt. The Buildings arecon.tnicled in modem ftylr, ol Iho I est materials mnl workinnnshtp, were, eiecie I by Mie sub'i nber for his own use, and iho localion af ford a ve-rv extensile nnd r.lenant nrosncct of the villai?e an I lake on Ihe Wet and is not surpassed by any other in this part of the country. Also lor sale a lot containing an acre m ianu nirrci ly oppo-pethe above lot with a small convenient wood dwelling limise thereon. Pi.r.' are inviieil lorn nri'l exirime for Ihein sclve Tcrins madeknown by ihe sul scriler on Ihe til nil). c. ....,-. B.irlingion June, IC, 1810. aneij tl, 'e I nine, Chnlly, silk, and new i" lei-an j ii f nndl, .. lillOAl) CLOTHS. Heavy dm! ,. nollcil Broa I I loth ; Bayer and Plot Clo'li-j "ich Diamond IJe'itici Cloth-; al-o a geneial a,.orlinent of li rlinglon Mill Cloth-. (ii'lemeu an I La be are imite I locall uud exam ine our lerycx'iii.iyea-sorinient, which we o.ler at red ii ed prue- for Ca.h. H, 22 O l. 1811. DURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY the L. N'F.LSON. conlmucs business of iniiimfactilliti" Chairs nt the old s'nnd. of thefil- lowing drscriptioiis: Cuil Mnp'e (irectan, (.', Cominon Ca ic nnd Flag Stat, Lnrge and Small Rinsed Scat Rockinc, do do Cum moil do, Coiumnn Dining, et c, if. All of which nre warranted a first ralu article and will be sold at prices lo rorresiiniid with the limes. FnATHKRS, AND I'I'.ATHF.R 1IU0S, RI'ADY .11AD1.. Constantly on hind, nsuonlvof wnrrnnied Lic t.recse l-enlliers. which will be so d low for cash. W.IN'ILI). hv tho subscriber. Curl nnd Birds Maple, delivered nt his shop iu Church sin el, opposite mo oiu naiiK, v. I.. iNr.l.MJix mQ Ti.' WiVts. Ol nn ltF.WARI) has hien oll'ered Ur months J. Jyf to any one who will use a bottle or ll'iii s jMimem lur the files, without being cuicil. Of thousands sold, n no one instance hastt failed of a cure. Proof oierftlielmmg to bo had where it is sold. Ills also a eerlan euro in ntnrlli eret tl C'tse. ,1-. . . . ... rllrt.. ;r,rT,.,.r..,1f,;,,( t'..r tt.O ir,ieiii in,; to in- iwivi,u. . ... Piles, for alluropsy, icnuer uci, sore tiironi, i y uaie cers or ulccis, croup, whoopins cough, se.ihf head Tiihlnessof iheehest, espinally 111 chiblli'ti,foul nb cers of Ihe legs, or other fungus sores, lion cur obsii nilnnr ,inir slnoi nig. Ires I MOIIIKIS. ( Illlliinins, C1C. LOOK OUT. Some sirindlers hure counterfeited this nrt'f'uand put it ni irif'i rarioiisdecices. Do not be imposed upon. One thing only wi'l protect you Itislbuiiaineof COMSTOCK .p CO; thai name muit liealrtim un the xrrayver, or ion ma) ( rluat ...l l) n. ii tnr.irt it. Take I ho ilireclion win you and testliy 'Int. or never buy i' s for il is UniosMlt r..r not. .liber In bn IrilCOr Vt imillC. n0 Sold by COMSTOCK i'," CO , 71 Maiden Lnne, New York. P V. ' K & s i i; .1 It, ii ii. nie Aent, a few doors east of ihe Post OIHcc, Iluhng- lon, vt. HEW STABLE. it. c i, 11 mi t ii 15 KSPr.CTI'ULLY informs his fitfiidsand iho J V public, that ho has now opened a Livery S able. and bison hand rtnly fur use some excelle nt Horses nnd Cnmu'cs, Sleighs, Harnesses, Ac. which he will let on reasonable terms. .Stable at Bciiiniitin Bishop's Hotel, South West Corner Court House Square, OlllllllglUII. December 10, 1811. A HEAVY nssoiiment of Slrulinnd CulKr Bhoes. XI. Wrought Nnilfl, Crow Burs, ic, just received nnd n...a i.v. l. . , ... '. no i vni i ivpta iii) . i-r rv ''livivilivjm CJII..UV. I VUUIil t WVIHIUbWI Sans. I ) OWI.AND'S Uerinan Slcel saw mill saws, man !. ufaciurid to order and fitted for the Fawingof hemlock, spruce, pine, and every description of liaid iiiuuer. o, uj anei leel. Also Knglish Cast-stccl cross cut saws, . IIoo&Co.'s do circulni do from 16 lo 2G inches, and manufactures! for the trade in this vicinity Nov. 2D ror erne at too ii h.irr. by .'OLLUTT-t UIlADLr.Y Kf MILS, Wlnlsr Od, of superior nuality, for snln w low l y rOLLKTT & BRAULCY LIVE AND LET LIVE." m II V. .nb.ri-d er ionl 1 rcstirclf illy return hi 1 thank, to In. many patron- forlbcirfan rsdtruis' Mm past live year.-, nid w'uuld also lu'nriu llienilhat hoha reiileiii-heil hi, net; ol .iiHiinnery, mui.-s. Buiuiiig Slocl- iVc. nn I Willie happy to wait ipon nil thai In 1 favor lum with their iMtronnne, an! ho c lor! on hi nan shall he .oared lo give satisfaet tin Oirsioel eo.l money"; therefore, we caunoi uivt il iiw.ty, or sen n oeiuw eo-i, or ui i.'ji, iu n..i,, - h. no in sell, (if mn pet an onnortiiitilvi nl a small advance from cn-l a any one can do' and he ')' llieir bii-ine... Individual wishing In niirch.ji Common Schiil Books, Slationery, tr Ulanli lioiki ran have it ( liancu lo tel the sincerity of ihe ml sc'i I er.wiieu hesayh will sell ebcan fur e'a.Ii.bycallili nt iliu sign oflhe Red l-edgcr, lot lege stri'ei. SA.IlUl'.i mux ii.xeiiu., Nov. 8, 1811. Itiirlliurlnti Iloilksloi'r. rPIIL siibscrtl er wnidd iui ile lite nltrnliftn of lis 1 friend nnd tie nil lie to his new asoiimnr f Books. The I n.t sfieeiion be ha ever made, both Misiellnneoti and School I)oks are now n'lercl cheap for cath. Nuv. 10. D. A. IUIAMAN. Mnrlsou's Pills. 1TF.SSRS. PANnllORN .f. IIRIXSJIAID an itlnpnoinled Slate Agents hy Messrs. Alexnndei ami jonn .Monson, or Hie liritisti uonege ( I ncaiin I.oudoni onnof our firm vis ttdlherollogein London and wo hold our appointment now directly from hcnd (pmiicis. .', iruricci picilllti in llto unvu iiiiiiuiu, can bo 6een at tho Variety Store and in Ihe hands o our siiD-ngonm. Ail m N IC V EST A HLI.SII .M E NT. MaA.:i!liSf?3BiffaD3, f si'cci:.-mh;s 10 i;. mtict's,) Wholesale and Retail Confi clioners, "S170ILD rc-pe ''fu'lv nib.rin tlie inhal rant (f TT ll'irling'on .nil the siirrn iii.liug ei tin'iy. bat they i any nn the Confectionary llusim&s, oil all its yarn) t i r-tneiie.. ie'criuitic I in u-e- ihe very I iM uiaier ni- in iir.tnui.tei'iring. incv wu ui n n ne. furtii-h Men ham-nn I n'.her-dealing in Confe.'i on .irie, wi'li tin' I est n inlpy, and em the lowe-i po-. Iileterni-. Simp on Ch ir. h Stree", Iwo door. So ith f S. I.. Howard's S.ore, newly and neatly lilted un. where we cordially invite all to call an I examine o ir article-, eoiii.ingot all kind, ol Stick Candy, Balls and kise-, Hearts and Diamond-, Braid-, Pepper iniiit, Iamiioii Diop-, Vanilla Cream, Lozenge .Sim I'luuih., iirraway-, ouilit, ( aia llmls. Unci, and Ur wu canity. igar r-ani. .nonce an. .Se.-rei Sigar Apples, Potatic, r.yg-, and, with earn u. nihcr artule- loo u micron M I is meuiioncd general anr'.meiu ( I run ami lancy Lake- on ban I, ami I al.e I to onler, together with lee Cream to furnish partie-, ce. i.e. .1 Cotton Camit, winch we recoinnieud for Cougli- Cdls, Hoar ene-s, eVe. Wo do not prcten I in s.n with .Mr. .1. P-.ise ecSon, that t ur Candy will euro u'l !i ci-e. lea ting to Coii-uuiptiou, lie llnul; ihal is sayinc; mo mucn. iJLiUUNH. We have a good a. ortineni of Urass and Wooden I, locus, which we will -eu icry low tur cali ir ap- irovoi cri'iiii, I'lci.e can aim exmniiic leiure tmr , . .- ..i i .. cita- ng cj"cwneic. N, B. ll order Irom n di-tauee, no-t paid, wi le proinp'iv aiiemie.uo, nnu paei.age.auil boxe pul i loaiuoi siagc or i oat, wnen reiuirfl. lice i clnrge. lie narlic tlar and ad Ire all order. lo .MIT CHILLI, -t It.UtN'lvS Confictioters, Micro leinslwn hriu-ul the same name in 'l.o village. II r'inioii, Vt. O". 34, HII. To lllarksniltlis IJlusliiivt-li Coal, 'I1IIF. subscribers just n cuveil forty Ions of 1 JSlnslursk Coil, wheih fur Smith's usu is iiusur. passed hynny of Mieiniiurnl eo.ih, nnd whereknown ins '.he nince oi citareoa', igniting eas. v am btirnmi; freely, His litghlv lecoiumended fur prates nnu uuincsiie ue. I'Ui.i.i'. r r K itiiADLr.V CHURCH IMUSIC. THK following v.i'uablo Musical Works aro eon 1. slanllv for sale hv the subscriber nt ihulowisi prices, ny ine uuz. or nrgcr quantity, tit : llio .iioucrni-saiuiisi.n new worle v li. jilnson. Ilinton Acai!ein's collection of Church Music initio ii-i Harmonist, Odroii, and I!olon and American Olre Bonk. N'ov. ISH. D. A. IUIAMAN Hooks nml l'apcr CftOODKICll, one door T. i-t of Farrar it Wail's . Crockery Store, DP STAIRS, ha. a very eeneial (('lleciion nf linn!,,, including a large Hock of Sehnol lluiil.s anil t'.irer. All wi lling in purcba-e will i well locall. PriKlueo and iloihe-lie inamitai inres eierv de-i rinuon rcieived in naimenl. Scbnolinni ininees furni-hisg fcr sc hool., .hall have l i.oks era tiiiio i-jy loran cnikiren in llieir itislriet. ihnse pa rents are iinatlc tn luy. Dee. Is mlinSubscriler will pay cash for n few Thousand I pounds of good I'lccce Wool, ile livered nt llieir Store, lieailot Pearl St. BRADLEY ft HYDI.. July X. 1811. writing, Die !, 1NOBORN I. BIUNSMAIf)." Hrnail Cloths. THE undersigned olfer the cloths nisnufacriirrd by tho "Burlington Mill Co." at f ttcn pticcs. 'I he assortment comprises the vnriou-colors nnd (liuilitics, and for textuie, braulvof finish, und f excellence of manufacture, are not surpassed bv mi ...:n t. .:.n.i . L.t:.u . t.t.. ' -Yin nu r11411r.11 in-n iiieii-dii ill r.ui;ii-'i tuiun. .Ver. r TOLLHTT BRADLRT. Durlinjton .Mill C I'tu CHAT11AJ1, PI'TTSl lKLD, SPRlN'aiTtLD' A.MJ llUKUliSTIlR. ON and nfier Tuesday, Dec. 21. 1S11, the Passk cr.uTiiAI.vs will run through Iho euliio line, a fotlowst Leave Gretnbtish daily, Sundays excepted, Bj A.M. and 1 P.M. The morning train will arrive nt Chatham 81, at Pittlirld 03, at fprinisfirld 12 M., at Worcester 4 P. .M. nnd nt Boston i P. .11. The nftcrnoon tram will arrive nt Chatham 21. at Pitlsfield at Springfield C P. M , leave Springfield next morning 61 A. M., arrive at Worcester 9 and t i;ototi l i .11. llr.TfnsiNo, Icaie L'oa'on 7 A. M. and 3 P. M. , The morning train arrives al Crccnbu?h CI P. M. The nftcrnoon train arrives at 12 11. nuxt day, lodjtng at Sprincfirld. I tie cars oi the uiiiisun ami uertisiiiro HBii-ieoaa will urn between Hudson and Chatham in connaiiuo with the above trains. Passenokus fiont the city of Albany must tnk tbl' boat from Terry Wharf nt CI A. M. and 12 M. FARF.S. From Orecnbiish to Chatham, $0 C?f Chatham to Pilisficld, 0 90 Pitlsiic'd lo Springfield, 1-60 Springfield to Worcester, 1 50 Worcester to HoMon, 1 89 If paid through From Albany to Boston, 6 SO Worcester, 4 25 Springfield. 3 00 PiltstSlcl, 1 50 Hudson, 1 'ii FOR NF.W YORK', Via Sprintrfield Hartford and Sew Ifattn. , Passengers leaving Grecnhush bv the I o'clock, r: M. train, arrue at Springfield, 6 P. M.i thence by stage (23 miles) to Hartford, arriving ot II P. M. Icaie next inorning in cars for N'cw-Haven, a rriv intj in time lo lake steamer for New York, where they arrive at 2 to 3 P. M. Or leave Grecnbush by th morning train, arriving nt N'cw-Haven S P.M., Ihenco by steamer nexl morning, to N'ew York, arriving by to .) 1'. .11. Fare, if paid through from to IS'ew- Yoik, SO. 'Tickets lo be purchased at O. R. Payne'' Office, Thorp's Building", 25 I'toadiiay, Albany, aui nt Ibe office of the Depot in (irrcnbusli. Cm-30 C-F.ORG F, W. WHISTLF.R, Engineer. EI 10 ALT 1 1 SKCUltEO By tho uo of the Hygcian legetablo UN' I V F.R S AL M KD F.CIN KM or the British Colieoe or Health, London. II'Aici hare obtained the approbation and rccommcn- Italian oj l ,iousanus wio hare oecn cured In Consumntions. Cholera Morbus, Inflamma- p"tis, iuleinally or externally ; Dyspepsia, Fevera, .igue, juuigcsuuii, A.inuus ui .eiuiis viiieetiorui ) aud all diseases of tho Liier, Ye low Fever, Gout, llhtum.'iliiin, I.MinUaco, 'lie i oloreux Urejisy, St. Vitus's Dance, Epilepsy, Apip'exy, Paralysis, Pal- sey, (ireen aicKncse, and all ot sirucuous lo waiett the I'emnlc lorm is so (istiejsinyiy Haute, and utiieU scuds so many of the faircsl portion of the cieation to' their iiniimateiy graves; sinau rux, .iicasou, Whooping Cough, .-cartel tcier, Asthma, jRundie, Giavel, istoue, and all Urinary Obstructions, Fistula,' Piles, Slucture , Rup'iiri'S, and Syphilis in all it stages! Constipated Bowel, Woinis, Seurty, It-" t hings of Ihe skin, King's F.vil, mid all Cutanoou Disoulers; in stion, riery i-otnpiaim lo wn.cti liia liunuiti framt is so ilirefully subject, under all their' laned forms and mmss : as ttic lii Kcmu couvwuoa is that Man is sccect to onlt ONE HF.AL DISEASR That is, to the Impurity of the Illood. from ii hence springs every ( oiup oiitt that can po-' siiniy assau mi cumpiienieu mime-, aim mat u 18 IQ9 petpetual slruglo ot Mm vital, puie stream oflife.lthi gift of Almighty power) to disencumber it-elf of ill' v.scou, acrnl liumuurs, Willi much it lias ucconia commixrd, through tho negligence of parents; '.ha ignorance, or maltreatment ol the doctors; or th vicious, oi gormandizing propensities of us all. This vnluible medicine, being composed only of vegetable matter, or medical hubs, nnd warranted on oith, a-containing not one particle of mercurial, mineral, or chcmical'substanccs, (all of which arts uncongenial lo the nature uf man, and therefore des tructiie of iho human frame) is found to be perfectly harmntssiu Ihe most Irndir nge, or weakest frame, under every sta.'e of human sufTcring; the most plcismt and benign m lis operation, and, at the samo. time, tlie most cirtnin in sintcliing out the root of eierv complaint, liow cier deep, and or crforniing n cure, Mint was en r ollWed to the ivotld. 'I his wood ei ful clli el, too ipridui(d by ihe hast trouble Id lh. patients, by iinr-ly swallowing acertain numbcrof pills, and being railed a few extra nines to the pur pos of ciacuation, with the least possible -ensation of pain, r.iha stion of bodily strength, and without the fear of catching rold or litlcnunn lo driss or diet, in nny w -ty dilli rem fiom their ocrustcmed habin. Tbe.c Pit's cure in all cases, nnd cannot be takes: to excess. Kxpenrnec iihich is tho touchstone ol nil human knnwlc-d'-'C, has loiin borne testimony let dicfaci; and rxtensiie use of ihein has already ve lil'irtl iis ttuili in this country. The.-Midi incscttrehypurgiiif', and yet the weak, thi" feeble, infirm, the nc'rious, the delicate, steins few days strrn"thi'iud by llieir oneralion. bciuscihev clear Mie body of in bid humour.", nnd ininiiably pitiduco souit i sleep. They are ihe afcs! and most effit inns Midicinc lo oike to sea; pieventing scurry. costnencss, tpe. I he oneralion of Mils mild Jledicinc. v. Inch convetri. immediate convi lion of rs utility, from the first doss i as beneficial lo the mi'mi nr tlie body; first calniinf men c Ting an .in war iicraneemeius, i;ccenlrctie, Xerrous Affections, Irritabilities, und i'estlennesti from whnte'eer iource ; complaints which have hiih. eito not been propeily undirs'uml, as Ihe llvceists f I .1 -ll r ' r fc . . ii i ii mi uieui .in ii j n ui i-i ii ii unt tci iiiituiioiis ii u in ours 1 the blood, anil, happily Jor the present and futvrt r.ieef mankind, clis overcd a c.'uap and un'ircrtal node of purtfyi'ig, citrine; and prerenting I The being cured of nny disease, infirmity or sore. is now no more a uuxiousor uncertain procedure peiscvcrence in ihe Ycgsinhlc Universal Medicines w i always lesiore naiure to tier due course. Th t'.iarv redentsry of both sctes, whose pursuits set iimr'i impair Ihe firulties, wiil find n sure remedy in Mi" t' Me.Kcmcs for prcseriing the energy ml fpriglilhncss of the luinpinstion, nnd iinproiintf ihe.r litallh ; old age will be attained by the uso 91 he ii, and passed free from pain and infirmities. Tliey arc not cnu loprd with the mysteries of ether ui'diefnes . tliey only requite to be persevered in with sufficiently large dors, and the patient will always Mine on" well ; when n disease is obstinate, patients frequently do not lake closes Urge rnuugh. The tnedi ines arc comprised m thrre different srti clrs only. viz. iu two kinds nf pills, of different sircnetth orpower, designated hv No. and IVo. 2; the first i a powerful, bin most gcnilnnnd mild aperient, or opening ni'ihrinr ilelarhtngnnd partially removing ihe bilious ropy humours, w !t the No. 2 Pills carry ofl'lhoe and ihe serous, nrnd and putrid humours inridrntil lo tho body ; nnd ni t together as a ferret 1ft n warrrn, nrier rcline until everv nirme of the human frunois thoroughly searched, nnd cleansed of il Impuril es. The rgetablo Cieinirig Powders nre great as-is-lance to patients nnd facilitate the t VHrti.itinn of had humors; ibeysofirn, cleanse, nnd dcinch tlieacrim onions phlegm ; are cm ling nntUTay the ihtrn. One, Iwo, or three powders mny be taken throughout the day, mixed in hnl a wine glnss ( fwnter. DlltniTIONS FOR USK. No. 1 and 3 ate both aperient and p .rgstiie, and may bo iiffd indi.cruninntely: but expiiicnce has proved that No. 2 i the most etlieaclo u in subdsing many dista es, in friers of all kinds, iiiflaniiiialions, aslhmn, sma bpox, mralrss, 'gout, rholics, cancer, nnd in nil violent diseases or pain, it is necessary to tnke one dose of No. 1 In-day, the same of No. 2 o morrow, and repeat the No, 2 ho next day ; increas ine the dose by one pill tiery third day after. In consumptions and ncrieu nne 'tions, itisdes!' ruble to take nlirrnafe ('osej of No. 1 and 2. The dosrs lobe iniied nrronline In the nature nf lbs complaint, rommrncin.' geneiallj wnh4or 5, and increasing giadually to 20, in some cisrj 30. Patients fht'Uld renirtuber that 1 or 2 Pills do good 5 oi 6 do more good ten oi iwelie produce a de cided onidi trntion, and 20 or SO will, b; perseve ranre, rent h tho most dftp-rooicd complaint. IVi sons who wish to know more about Hrgeian ran buy or Ik rrow the Motisnninna of the Agents. We have iiitin iho Colleeein London it becomt personally acquainted with Messrs. Alexr. cV John Jlorison & hold olir apeney diirctly from them. Persons wishing to buy at wholesale will le sup plied on liberal leitr.s. Our uatnes will be written on every box cV. packet. Sold at2r,t50cl. per box also in 1 82 ct 83 Psefcr .i. iiTkm. u'ho need Mrdirine ma rest . . . ... t..J . ..f l ..TAl Vmoni: , ,. " '"""iloc Tcnefit then ror U Woo) Gtrpt ting, n e will ray I, cf"" V" W nwcaun. Hf KOK & : ATLIV ! rsrs- A. F?.-kka, Jf, nitleor, Pe In, IStl Wri't,,I Affrj, DinAMis tir 'Tin: i.i;.'t.. Dciide.iii t Uf- iiin-l piiliiil.ii ll-iiieiU del kiiinllini Ainriic.1 Vegetable Pulmonury Baltam i, ihe uui.! i.tlti.ttile tenieili uoi, i-iu,p.ii riit'iih, culd, it-llin.a ot lttliiir. oil-lillioitini. iilinuiioi!! ( oi'ltb -nld itilitiu tl l nff mini- ofeiet) kind. Il .ale I sle.ulili, mill lbs propt leim air con-l.tulli . l-t en in.; die niu-l btioiable airiiniii of iis rffi-cii.. 'I lie f.dluii in; nei est tifie.ites lie ulTeird fur pulll c e.niiiit.ililill. An I Ml' ii t.s mo Cisk F.xirnri of a lei ler fieni Mr t! S Out, Kui!;. inn, Uitr en., N Y. lo the pi.ipi imiii. I it'll. (il the .IMi iti.i. ua iliniiceil inn likable rnie ua ,-ir.-,".i .-l li lite lej-otlile 1 ul inun.iii II.i.,im in (lit- iinei .mil -pi mi; nl IS.J.1. I tie prmnii, l!r. lltimli, had br en .( k long time wtlb he eiiiisiiiuoliiin. Hi olti-it'lan. h,id eiien litin no lie Hll ic'ilnri d ioi lull .is to be unable Hi he'll lliin-ctf mil lai-iii' h tr.e iii.tntni ul oluiu, when he I'uitlinetiri el uin die II t..tul, wllttll u.l (-llecieu rmniileie rinc. nnd be i n in a. ht'e .led be.ini eiet In-,i.i. Ur. lliittdi It is t eitliill o liiini Hits ton n. bill lie h i ort'uii.ed me a nime delitibd iii-iuiini of his Crfe, u loi'li I w ill I'm w .trtl mn. C. S CLAi. K nig"(in, . June 2a. ISt.S. I'xii.ii'i of ii leiiei fiom Dr. J.tciib .Mirts 'Tl V(tel,ibte B.iUaiu b.i ben sold in lilts e. li lor Iwn irars, nnd (lie medicine lot, gaiiird Hit tiiiriiinniuii rclebi ill. fur it -rateeli in tine in.liiiicr I nled el li.tliit, the (le.itru ellecl I ant oj " means nn-tiiiin., iini.l ul which Hie nil iuiltlin. upon a ereiluluti public, hm thai which kttniv bv n.e tu be eht'i'.iu tl, 1 r.iiinul lieln luii 2111 1111 i.iinb iitiin ihrir'o. A (ounirifi ii pieimirtiiuii b. brenidfeird liete b) u liaieltin A genl, of Cunisini k, ,N 1 . and tlifte 1. antiihci .triicte leiuleu hcte llial 1 lluttgl) sll.pec'ed In beKptit 1011. Jacoii M vrns, 11. I). lliflluiaioii, Juniata ro I'eiiu. Mai 3, 16t!7 l-'ioui Dr. S.uiniel Muiiell, lu ihe Piiiii ielui s nf ilu- Vpe irtli'e I iiliiiuiiai 1 I1.1I-1111. I .1111 ff.i 1 i.Iih. I ihalilieli el idle Pn innii.i-l 1 nil 1 .1 v.ilu lb e inedt'i'liie 1 ba. been u-ed 01 lln- w nil cuiupli'ie .111 res in uob-lniue eiiiiliil mil nl Mie luitj, alleiiiled null n ceie einiili, In.' ol iniee. ainl tin' rli-uin 111 inui'li liliiinl. - In, I le-i-ird 111 nil aptiiiilfil 111 e.i 1 i ill inn,. All.'. 1111)11 (he lb,l.itn one week, lb Mlien's 1 11 u-e leuinii d mid lie u in ..b!- lu .pe lk a lull b.y, I In. (a.p nreiiricil snuip nine .uiee, tnitl 1 1 , 1 noiv urn mny in aeuie lau lalim 1011. bu-tilP. lle-iieriluHi ,' &c. S. Honntl.t. Ii i ii.iie imiie lhn ix rr nince I 11.1. Liiui.iIi irt bin t mi .ilfri'lion ofihe bin:!, and 1111 ruiiiplaiiii de( la 1 e.l lu br tiiem uble In a ruuneil ul Iliu e phi l('iailt. I IV HS Ihen I e-liil I il lo as nnu 1 heallll II- I ll.ol rinoiedfer e.n, bl ll-iiu ibe Yeuelalite I'd1 tnon in liiii-.iiii. r-ince 111 v iri'iiieri I li.ue iprnm iiieuded Ihe It 1I..1111 111 a gip.ii in. nn ra,en uf 'i iiiiipl.iiltl., inn! .(i far n I ran teinn, us 11. r hi. .Ht.ttili liepn lull. 111 eil ni mill h hen, lit, ami in iimhi tii.Miir' .11 Imii pfTeclcil I'lire. 11 bu b u pi e n luibi iniex (lerinl. SAMUKt.nvt.HfTT, li.i on, ilari li J. IS117. I'nr -alp, wtiule.ite and lelail, b, PFCK SPF. R,Iiim 'in Vi. Siosnsiciis. fi( C.i-e if Cons iiiip'ion ; 2,700 cai 0 ).'. I (VI I- an II '111.I1- ; 1,100 en-.- of 11 le nil "a 12I1. an I 21)0 1 f A.'hiii 1, have lien re noiMed cure 1 1 y Sherui ill's CnuL'h Limemri r I e-ide c ire- iiin'iii'era''!e ibroiigbo it the country that have not 1 ft 11 icporicit. Children d.e id worm, and many crow n pe 'p'e ti'r f. r life with viri'ii. di-ea-e- an-ing from Worm-. The only sine-nud 1 crlain remedy lor all km I. ol Warm 1. .-hcrman'. Wi rm Lozeiiere-. Thci have ciireilsince their mlr(H'u"tien moro than 1,100,000 case-, and haie neier leen known to tail a sin jle in aiv e. Nervoi Ilea bell nnd P.Mpi'ntioi (f the Heart lelicicd in from 5 to 10 niin'itc. by :t or 1 of Slier man's Lozen ger-. It I-really -urpri'iiic how q 'tck they operate. Individ 1.1I1 of the hijlic-t re-po 't.ibil- 111- i nn 1 e reterre.l in. Weak I! ! , or pain in the I ack, side-, I rea-t or Illicailinati-m, cured 1 y Sbernuii's Poor Man's Plas ter ; price null' 12 ceiii. 1000.000 sol 1. 1 1 ear of ibem, tin I warranted sii- herior lu a I (flier plaster-, eo-t what they may, I hey al-neuro Corn-, itrawin,' .lieui 1 111 1 y ine roots, Ask for Sherman's Poor .Man's Platter, an 1 ej that hi. siciia'iu-c A. Sill KUAN, M. D., wi'h dire'iions, i on the lack ol iM'.-h, nn laroun I each b cf genuine Loz- ense.. A vet I all nthers, in Ihey aro worthies., or el-e nipirou-. Dr. Sherman 1. the only Medicated Lozenecr M.innfa"iurrr 111 Amertea. 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FCf llALI'Sof hraiy slier ingsof dilTerf nt qnnliliis, Ovhaic tint been received and nre ofXred for sile nt Mnniifaclmers' prirtslo Merchant nnd others, who arc invited to call and examine iho stork hrfoic purchasim: elsewhere, under the neliel that the exam- inailOll l pW,U lllllllll. iuri.. ... in..... lly FOLLIVTT & HRADI.I.Y, Nov. 20. al the Wharf "cash paid for woollen "rags, WE wish to purchase TOO ton. of all Wool Rags, .,,..1, nbl Itrd Oitllis. Coverlrts. Illnnkcls. Sheets, bhii's, jlrawirs, siockinps, &c, including .Merino, Circassian, Plaids, llomliazelis, anu eierv kind nnd color of nil Wool Goods, not ful'cd or felled, except carpeting, Ins fma nnd'prunelln. We wi 1 pay lour cents per pound, for clean Rags 01 tne nitoie description nn pan riiiiun, mn 11 ut un ill any quanlilirs, delivered at ur Store, West side 1 f the Square, opposite tho Court House, liutlinglon,