Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 1, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 1, 1842 Page 3
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cool and collected, an would seem from exterior appearance, whilst at the same time, those who 'aro intimate with him can but perceive that eruptions equal to .uouni x csuvius aro at work within liiin. His health is linn, his spirits good and a determination ininiovcnbly fixed in liiin to heap vengeance on the ticifidious Mexicans. It necessary, lie will have 10,1100 Tcxans in the field in thirty days. Houston nml (.alxcs. ton are turninj; out to a man, as aro all other parts of Texas. The steamer Lafittc, and three sloops, all private property, have been manned and fully fitted out by the citizens of Galveston, and sailed on Sunday, under the command of Capt. Clarke, for Copano and the Braso San Iago. The Texas Hag will he planted at the latter place, and the next slop is t take Matanioras. These aro the orders of Gen'l Houston. Never havu I seen so much joy manifested by any people as is by the 'I'e.vans, in consequence of their invasion by Mexico. All aro on tiptoe at the prospect of an early engagement, and the motto of "Victory or Death and no .Surrender," is the cry anil watchword of every Texan citi. xen. The Deo publishes in addition a letter from Gen. Houston to the Consul at New Orleans, In which ho says that if volunteers should ofl'ur for Texas, in the present emergency, they must come in organized companies of not less than 50, must bring each a good rifle or inns ket, with cartridge box or shot pouch and pow !orhorn, with at least a hundred rounds of am munition, and with a knapsack and six mouths' clothing. KErOKTHD INDIAN LEAGUE. The following intelligence, says the CiV.cin nati Message, is brought by an extra slip, nf March Jitli, fiuu'i the nfiice of tlio St. Lotus Reporter. It reached tiro cilitor of that paper in a lettcf from the editor of the Ozark E.igle. And its foundation is the iclation of-" an into!, ligcnt Delaware Indiati,"just from the Chcio. kee Nation, to " Mr. .Samuel M. I'horisc, Clerk of the Court of Barry county, Missouri.'' It aecins to have oxoiloil considerable astonish ment in that section of country- " An intended .Council" is proposed to be held at the Cliarokco Council Ground, in Vint months from l.'n present lime,' (Kith Tub.) m which will be embodied all the principal Ch els tnd head men of the minus Indian tribe.-, both settlod and wandering-, from the U. S. Line to the vast prairies of the West, undo.' the super, iutendunce of the Chorokecs. The Chief and head of the Somino'cs, Chocta.w, Chick xsaws. Creeks, Seneca;, fuapaus, Usages, Shawnee.-, Caws, Pawnees, Sioux, Sirs, I'u.v es, 1'iaukes'iaws, l'ol,iwalaniics, Wyuidots Sic. &.c. ice, are to be present, it is said, in or ler to form a grand confederacy, or to become iiuilod as one tribe. The ostensible object of which is said to 1 e to oppose any further emigration of the Whiles west, to priMontlho erection of anv more loits in their country, and ncier more tii part with another foot of their land, either hv force oi treaty, at the peril ofiheir lives and tin total ex tinction of their race. The Dilantin- inf. rin our correspondent that by this .'uu!cdcrarv the Indian tribes will be enabled to bring a force ol -10,000 warriors into tlio field Ito-jT, the Chief of the Cherokee, is said to be at the head ol this affair, and to defiay all neccssarv expenses of the Council" MEXICO AND TEXAS, Tin between these.' two neighboring republics has recommenced in earnest. San ta Anna lias followed up tlio (Induration ol hostilities contained in liis letter to (jciiernl Hamilton, by prompt mid decided anion. It has been " a woul .mil ;i blow1' with burn, for tin1 very next mail after the one vt liidi brought us hi threat ol'an invasion, convex. s ihti intelligence' that this threat has been fiir- fillo.l. A Mi' uriiiy, sumo 1 j.OOOstrong, is in full match for tlio capital nf Texas. The frontier posts of Antonio and Cjoliutl havo already fallen before the invaders. A proclamation of the Commanding (Jeni'inl, skilfully drawn up, and holding out a jluxv ing picture of what Texas xvonhl ho weio she reunited to Mexico, heralds the Mexi can's approach. On the other hand Texas is not idle. Ilor people ate mustering fiom nil quarters to the defence oftheir capital. Tlio government being almost destitute of money or means to repel the invaders, the citieus have contributed liberally from their private stores to make up for this deficiency. 1'ic--sident Houston has addressed a letter to the Texan Consul at New Oi leans, coolly inti , mating that all nnigrants fiom the United States will bo pniticulaily welcome to Texas tit this juncture, provided tliey come armed, equipped and organized in companies o( 56, ii nil that immediately on their nuival they report to the Secretary of xvar for orders ! And doubtless there uru enough adventurous spirits in tins southwestern .Stales to mnku the tmigrat'um to Texas, even upon thee con ditions, sufficient to furnish all the recruits needed to fill up her army. The Kama Fo prisnnus were mil working in iba uresis, in chains, and Mr. Kendall was danirciou.sly III in tlic hospjia ol San La.ais. The venerable Dea. John Whitman, nf East Bridgewater, in the rotintv of Plymouth, IK enters this day (UStli) on the mn huvdtrd and eighth year of bis a;e, in good health and ol sound muni, though his ugh', hearing, and memory are much impaired. Root Salt. A bed of pure rock an excellent quality, has been discovered in Wash ington county, Va. Tlio salt is about 'J0O feet below the r urface of the ground. It is the first salt mine that lias been found in the United States cast of the Mississippi river and the great lakes, and w ill, no doubt, prove a great ac. quisition to Virginia and the neighboring states. Next to the otiJ Fkicers is the hie rf Birds. Teach your children in mercy to spars the nests of the harmless little birds and it you have a heart to be thankful, it will rise up in unison with the little songster's carol, to think your lot is can in such a pleasant vale of flowers and singing birds. These arc some of the manv things provided to lighten the toil of labor, anil it is only a vitiated taste, acquiied from a false system of education, that prevents us from do riving a great deal of happiness from such small accompaniments of the journey of life. EXCHANGE HOTEL Water street, at the tieadothe Steamboat Wharf, nurllnstnii, Vermont. BY MOSES L. IIAUT. millS establishment, so laxorally located for the JL acconiinodatirn of the I u-ne, nml iravellm eommiuiity, i now open lo ilie pul he, Pn. Con'he. upon the various route- call ni itie 1 xchangi! Hotel for pa.scnercrs, and l how nrrivins rr i:t'parliii(r I y Strain Itoat, in which eae their b.ifrf.ipei. remove I without charge, w.ll find I Ills hbusciicculiiiily 10 their convenient e. The linn r lender his rervici", wuh the n-surnncc, thai in all roped., the hou. .ntl d--crc the favor able connd.Ti.iion ,r all w ho may palronhc it. Ilurlinioir. April I, 1812. Ai(. Every Iollsir warned for a SIM't iill l.l, OSI. T I.!,,':."J,!.r'!".r.7l'."o,',,,y. l'Mr. all person Areounts wilboiii ililsx-. . .m ci .--'. ... '' ","'', I'-'v Ihnr Note. nn.j ..'.i.-. MITCIlr,Ll Huilincrir ii, April I, 1312 TO RENT. Till: two More dwoUine IIoii.u on Pearl fireci, I i c. lyiK'enpie.1 by lli-hop lie iUinK and marly opinio ih.i Uriel, Church. I'hoprcmi.e. max' If viewedul nuy inne.and unme. ntr po-r.on pvin. Applvlo fif.O. (,, r.VO.Soi Jan h IMI BRIGHTON M.mKET.-Mo.vnAv, March 21. Reported for the Now England Farmer. At Mnrlut, 310 lb rf Cattle, 20 pairs WoiHiib on, IS Cows and Calves, 120 Sheep, and 1300 S 20 Hcef t'alttn iin.oM. Ox- Swine. l'nicK". Iltrf Cittlte.'c qnoto to corivtpnnd with list week, tii n fow choice Onllle nl SI. I'irl quilily, 8 fiOn M 75. Sr-nnil qnalilv.St 7 3 n S3 23 Third ntialilv, S2 00.1 SI 30. Worhinir Orcn We notKcd the following salts, via t 505, 870, S?3, and S90. Com ami Cn(r.-alos at i?20, 822, 823. and 830. Sheep. l.ols were sold nl $2 75, S3 00, 41 50 nnd S3 00. ' Sichte. I.otq to peddle, 3 3-1 ale for Sows and J- i a oe lor narrows. ,xt retail, rrnin i 1-2 to oo. THMl'MUANCB NOTICK. There will bo a mcotiiiL' of Iliirliimlon Total Abstiticuco Society this ev ning,at the Court I louse, at naif past six o clock. M fa if ir fi d In this town, oft ibu 30lli till, by Itev. II. SatTord, Mr. Tiinooor.n A. Peck, of the firm ol l'cckit Spear, to Miss Delia II. SArronn, nil f Iliirbnnlon. In ibis town, on the 21 int.. hv the Itev. (3. C! Iiijifisnll, Jlr. I.icics H. I', to Miss Almisa I.. L, both of xxilliston. In Willislon, on the 87 inl., by the liev. Mr. Pnr- nielce, .Mr. ( asiip U. liaow.v, to .Xliss .xi.niox Deacii, bolh of illislou. Bio a In .South Hero, on Sunday moraine, Mmcli 13th, Mrs. .Sopbronu .Molt, wifuof VVullis Mott, l'sq. aged 111 yeai s. At West fur', on tlio 19th Fcl.rnaiiry last, Mrs. .Melissa June Hole, wifu of Jolin XX. Half, agcu .'. j pats and fi ninnllis. In iiot'112 thdcaib of lliivoinic lailv, the mind in voluntarily sort ex s in wonder I bo nijsl. iioiis decries of Providence, whit h in n few flcitinp innmdilsrcnio- uln use fin and fondly loxeo (illow creatine from the mi 11 of Ii r rehiivc and friends, and iinpliulcd in the hrcnst of her devoted ronneeiioiis woiinds which lime pr.nrcc can heal. While many a bcitm xvillio a sonde iiiunnitc to make ll'e desirnble, U permitted to Imccr .nut a wearisome and sorrowful evislence, and lo whom death wonlilhea mer. iful viiter she, llie yoiinu, the cenlli' Melia, in 1 lie full cnjixmeni of pr.ipiiuy, health and happiness, ro cenclhe dieail siiniiio'n. and ere her alfeetionatc and he'irl stricKen friends have tunc to mail; ihe raV' aires of ilea li. lliceold datli craxedemands and re' ceivesils loxed' prey. XVcll may ivc acknowledco the wnjsof Deity to be wonderful and inysleiions, in thou dispensations hit Ii do not peiniit mortals lo see the (.eumninpor th; eno. inn w line I lie iricmls and bereaved p irlner of llie deir deparl.d niu bowed to ihe dust, hv llii severe ami most alllictiie "incn- ation, it sin u'd not he foremen that the glorious liniiif ul llio lilcs-etl neyonci incfrrnxo, lias aio re ceneil a t. unlit that she whose early life, full of pro inie. lias hu n so rally terminattd, and whom we all inmuii, hashfl her bereaved friend but abort time. She has hcen called lh"s rnlly perhaps, lo be spared llie pin. trials and alllictio'ns w huh futurity maj Her r. latins h:ne indeed mci with an irre- parnble los. hoi ii has been h'rcleinal eain. They tnourn the dissolution of Ihcir earthly relations, but she with her dear infant is r.'jou ni'.' in Ihr newly found h!i-- and cnioviiRnt of barnv home. Moiim then nilhcictfiiiniN no loncir, but ca-t the hurden of your uricral Ihe led of hull w-ho lias said, " hic-p(i arc Iney tnai ninurn, tint! so prepare lor tin' rlosins of x ur nceoum iliat now may be diiibhil as yo-i areod to her vou now mourn lo ali, " ) oral Ii, w neie is inv SUH21 l. 0111. BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. rPII I". S miller Term 1 1 ilus hi'li'il'n'ii c .111 rni-ii' ,! J. 1 11 lhe2 I W'eiliio'.'av of .Xljiri'h,aiid will continue 'wentviwo w.vl... 'I be Si hool i. .Visl.ih llv lo cale.l 111 a re'.neil p.irl . f this I . nulifhl rillnse. Ad vaula;e? ale a I. I'.lcd for u.tree'ion 111 the .-olid and ornaineica I i. niches cf I 'cat ion, I'n f. Viiimii.i rr. an I lo- it.iv.'h'.r, Irom torn ny, .lie . ii'juecd lo lake cliarji' ol'ibc nitisie t'. p irt nicnl, uilbcco re ol ihe pi-c-ci.t Term, .M.n-icr H. eciu:Tir., an n.vomph'hc I I'rw'n(h Tcacdier, ialo . iit! for iltnt .l.inrtm,'n', Cir. u'ars ixima-iirn? ir.i ic parliei'ar mliirtoaiii n may le ol 1.1 ti . -1 I v a pin a'1011 10 ihe I'liu. i.ial, Jli-s I i:r, oral ihe 1!. ol, 1 I' Mr. I!. A. Hiiaman. II irlniLM.iu, Man h 201 b, IS 12. M. G. RATHBUN, I)tt.lM:.t, TTOl'l.l' re.-vifiillv ml'i no hi- nnd lie poblu lb it he h,i ii'iuov.l fi 0111 Pearl Slrce' o. .lie I tnlihit- in f 'I. nr. I. . 1 I .. Dr. Sax'. 11, n.-.irlj oi po-ne ihe Haul, llmlmiK ii, wl.eie all . 1 'cr will le. c.xccuud 111 Ihe mo-i ap pn v. d flyle. N. ti. tl'e i- A;ent for llie sale of Scon it W'll.t.n'. Iteju rt 1 1" Pa luce.. NriiM-e will 1! tci a on as the .priliL' Keport l- icceivtd. Aj'iil 1, lt:. To Sell or i:cliaiiKe. A SMAl.f. but convcr iciil liw.l'iivj Iltn:-r, in--TV tin-'x new, siina'e I near iheS,p,aie. Ami 1. I-M2. Aoi'ly lo I'. I'. M xl'.ICIIAM. I'"aiexxeItV Slides. ANP.W supply, of ..II kin U, jii-t leoeived an 1 An .alu n cheap a-the claane I, I v April 1, 1812. "'il-VTi-ll. rTltOAI) CLOTHS, al, ieaiijj.f.c mhii It. W. t'ATI.I.V'S. AmA nn.l3-. S ipcr,r.r nnl lea'hiil ('. t on-, vcrv fl. 4 low f. r ca-h, by II. '. CIA'I I.I.N, ' I-'nr Sale or to Kent. Till; While Dweliuir llou-e lalelv occiie'cd ly Azro I! -hop, nh 0110 nere 1 f land aiiachod. I .il eral erciht will I c riven 10 a p irehaser, or I'.ui.ra hie e.T to a pool tmant. I' in Burn 1 1 , . - ir.i ol'Apm. II. V. CATI.I.v. 2!i'h Mnrr-h. 1312. ?)lt SAIjK. One vole el jroii I Woikins Caille. 1 21) h .Xlar. h, 1 S 1-2. II. W.OA'lt.lX. riiTcuixb, $-7. rpiU; tiili.cii'cr le-pecifilly o cr 10 ihe p. liehi--L service-, in the I ne 1 f lung, eavoip, bod Imp ti iie.'rn u-, -ewer-, and lie hie. Hew, II aboiiu to dip and Mo ne xvclls of anv .' eripti. 11, and ni I e 'cr tire, ihau arei s 'ally 0 'ci'e.l. M.oiy car' experience 111 tliJ a1 ovc bii.n.'es . 111 lid. andih,. ,11 counlrv, in-pirc- him wuh mi much .( ll'ii'elif'i. ill him ill", lhal l.ea-l..- no pay hcrehedue- nut eive ample ta'i-l-jetinic I i.rliiisNiii, March 63, 1SI2. JOHN IIAKHR. US THUS' NOTICK. rTMir hi ters ..fibc To'vii ( f Pur ini. 11 here! v M pixc no'ue, thai ihev fnll procicl 1 11 or imuic dia' ihe llr-l daV f April next, to rcil'oriu Ihe diilic- of iheir niTi. ran.l hcrel v rc.p is' nil per--011- 111 ,ai.l inwii lial Ic'o pa la.te-, 10 c picpaied lo male 1111 exlel il i.f nil ihcir taxnl Ic e-latc. March 3(1 15J2. JOHN' It. HOI.MTfniX'K, luti.N ha it Slow. i,,., 1 11. x ri I.VM.xrv, W commisiom:r's noticr. I;, ll.e nut tenter . hnvnip hcen appointed ly Ihe "on. ralle ihe Proline Con for the Di-Irei ol Cliitirn.len, (ouiini-.ioucr.. 10 le civc, esaminc anil ndjiel the claim, ami demand, of nil per 1.11-apain-t lliecia'eol Amy I!, nrdman, la'c of Mdlon in iaid Di-irii t, ile ca cf, rvprcscn'd jntulvcni, and nl-o nil claim- mid .'cinriid. elul tied 111 o lfcl i here to; np.l ix iniiith-from ibo.lav if ihadae hereof, I'lnn a ..I I t, l I V..-, C. '. I - 1 j ' ,1 i irjii.. , .vein. hcrel y pue nonce, lhal we will at:cudio ilicl.osine s ol our i.nnointinenr n. .In. .1.. . ll.., . t I l i ilirm in ...i 1 11.. ..... j,i. r. .i . r . ' 'I I I I, .Ml I lit" 1 II .liCIlll.lV Apnl nct, al JO!;, a. M. on aid .'ny. 'uii-.i mi. io-ii . av oi Aian-li, A. J). 1612. nu.Atj II. ailll.liX- ) , WILLIAM A. CliA.Ntinil, ( -om kcvinn fin- 41.. I'll! HVf(; TCCeiVv 0,)tJVH ajmLintincnl, (lie I'ublic aro resncctfti v mniri?..! i .. .it n limes bo in readiness lo attend Id m duties of tho nmrf. Tli Olil llpru. l,nL l.n.. - i r ent use, an I there is some hope of tjcttmp n nw one. 1 iT ' "" "irnisjicu ai uia snurtcst notice anil all charges moderate. c. ,. , K.PAXfillOIW, .Shop nn Cnllin's Line, 17lh .Match, IB 12. Iloilicxlle Xln.iiirielnr.k. VAUGHN'S .lei lllaek Ink for fa'e I v the s ib- crlbl-r. '1 In- ml. l m .n if.ielnre.l in iln. , ... by W. X'.eiplian, audi- wairan'el not inferior to Mn'v. nard it uve-' t.r anv other m!.- in ii. i. Ple.i-olcnrin iniiiil that iln ink i nf Ikmic.lie Mnn ifAi-inic, anil i wcrihy of anv pcuilcnian', at lenlion an I aronagc, e.-pet-iallv if hu waul.. a pool ar,'rU--, or. ale al S. II IIS I LWI o.V.S llook.Ilin Icry. FARM FOR SA l.f '. ron sai.i!. ii.n. ...n i . i. . u itul m M lion, nbom ono m,n f,rm, ,. upper r ails, furuieily owned and occupied 1 ' .ane, conlainni" he. Iween 27j ami :t00 aeics of land, compri cd in pan ol IllOWlll''. lillairi, nod nnsri.tinr. im,l ' ii. anil siiuar orrhird. rj.ud farm is well watered, In two mod ilwilliiu houses, one nf which is of liriek ihe oilier of wood, bolh in jihu.; repair! ihrco nood in i in r' which is ou ny 4i icel, members JO hy 40 feel j a borte barn nnd other out buildin" Willi aood yards mil water hruiifht inio them and To thfliousuiii lo., and aNmlirceeood wells of water oii lhc f irnii being a desirable suuation for n man isJnTu '"'"'noatstcek or sheep or bolh, or is n exeell. nt farm for the dairy business. Those .mn'.?f ,0Pufel""oucha farm would do well by 'PplyniR toon to John and James Morton on ihe premiscr, or it, Cien. Wni. V.h of" 'c v II ixcn Hilton, Xlarch VI, HIV. "jlf TO P.DITOHS OF PAPF.ItS tl. S. n.xvln tiAnniNEn, of UnniMph in the Slatocf Xcrinonl, L'niiccl Slales. xvns killed n few days n"o on Ihe Ilunncehtre, by the fall of a tree. Ho was a single linn and has left somo properly, D.xvm (lAnpiNCh was about 42 yean of aire, the feel nine inches hijh and dark complexion. Iln has been soiuo j ears in Canada, and wnq employed in llie Timber Trade. Il is supposed Jiu has relative, in the Slale of Verii'ont. ?Jf Appheation In he made lo Ma, I?0nr. Hkii Anns, 7 WWoii, orloMr. Ai.aniiT Kmt'Eii, Town hip of Hull, DisTict of .Syileii1i.ini, in xvhoo em ploy ho was nt ihe time of Ins death. Provinre of Canada, ) Alalch 7, 1312. Notice to tiin-kccpci's ami ltetallcrs. LI. llio.u persons who reccix'.il lavern or retail -, at theln-l March Term of Chittenden Coiiiuy Courl are uolifiel, thai llie fame will espue on ihe lir-l day of April liexll and Ihe sail Co irt have pniMilol that tin Mime may le renewed, by calling' on ihe Clerk of -aid Court. Hy order of the Jndpc- of tnid Court. . WmOIILI-; Clerk. Iliiriinplon, March 221, 1812. . filiOIttin 1). COMHTOf K I-? ' I'1'' nnnoi ncejl.i the inhal itantsof i' i i'! 'I'.'" u'lmu- 'hat hu ha. pnrcha-el of XI r. L. M. Ilapar, (hi- hte eop.n'ncrl his iniere-i in Hie pood Moniiiupio ihehrelirniof Il.ipar & Coni .tock. lie would nl-o inform the pid lie he will continue the Ihi-iiii-s on lu's own ac. omit nt iheobi -land, w here he offer- a general a-sorlinent of Uuo Is ehenp for ca-h or on m'x monllis creJil. Nhclburu X'ilhpe, March .5, 1912. TO TUB PUBLIC. r"Mli:Mib.crilerw-(iiM rcpccifully inform hi. ol, eiistoincrs and tht pill be 'jcncrally, that he ha. returned lo iln- vill.nre, uinl in:cnd cairyiup on ihe .X a-on bu.ine.s ns loiou-ily. II, s mtviccs in l,e at oye line are (o-peciNle offeicd lo Ihe pillie. XX hiienva-hmp, I nek nnd -tiineworl., plu-lcruip and ccnieii'iup done, at horl notiiv mid on rea-nnable lernis. lie may I c found nl hi- old re i lence in Maiden (ii:o... SPKAItS. Miirbnglon. Jl.ireh 2 1. If 12. .12w 1 Oats. Pen niiel Coin. i nnn msni-.i.soii,, l.JJl 12.-, " (i, p, 2.i0 1 Corn, for sale at the old stand of,;!;, Mieinmn, AI.ik-Ii 23, 18)2. P. ..v c. ("""selllic I)e I.alncs. i I ripe I and 1'ijiire I, olVvcrv n.ialilv si'-lPrn-t', for nlo by . XV. CA'IT.IX. t-..,. .... f-'prlm; Uoniiets. i'i.uivc..ui. ur.ii.i, nn, nnd Siiaw llcniic's, of -s. iiie.s.riHir juuurns, lorsale by II. XX. CA I I.IN 2,") Ii .Xlar. h. I 'a per IIuukIiiss. 9CCC K""'' ' ' ''''llein-s-ZUwajthMnnh. II. , lor alo hv W.CATLI.S'. tjiiie Iiirs, IJuppq and (lit Cloths. C.UI-..XI' arieiy o P.itierns u, 1c sd rcPI low- lorceiii, bv 2.j I, Mnri-h. II. W. V,1 LIN. A 10 SISHT. npWO Dwclliup 1I..c-.""ao.vIo ainieh 21, ISI2. II. LI.'AX HNXVOItTlf. 1 ( IIOn.SIII.ADS of ihe best mmlity of Vine--ar X J for s-dc by Ci. PP.TKltSO.V. AUn, I'resli Oranpes and Lemons, j -si rcceiicd from New York. .March 1G, 1S12. DISSOLUTION. Tliniopiitnei-lup heieiofoie c.,lnip eniler the Ii I !'. M. Wripht i. Co. i- I y iimiuat con cm Iln- .lay di oHcd. Ail 'el 1-il,.,. ihe lir.o iii' lo le pid 10 II. W. Culm, wlioi.auihoime.l lo.olln t i,c same. II. P. IIICKUK, II. W. C.X'I'i L " ll.nbiic-nn.Mar-h 12, ISI2. I'. M. WKIliUT. II. W. C.uliu wilp ci mini e I u-ilo at il.c scie forincilyoeeiipied I y K. M. Wiipbi A- Co. JKRiCO AOADEMV. A T JKIIICO CENTRE VT. ' I Mil. Spring term will conimcnco on the 2: under llie charge of Kev. .Siineo i Ihckm ill iust. n. I . 1. will be rcccollectld. was fnun.-rlv Pnneiple of this Academy, but left il in IheAiiiumn of of 1'Jljii inker linrsc ufa similar insilliilion in ihe slate of N. V. and his mmta ion asa thurounli and success ful 1, ai hrr is. in this vleiiitv lr,.l, . .....l.t.-l.. .1 . ! 11-iini.mi. i .'.I.... nr. r ' : "'.:. cd Ihe .X-tidcinv PeJihbiiL', (he 'I'Tii tees would n'uw stale lhal ! is I'liepuriiosj nnd evucctatinn of all eon. eernul ihat ihif bclinol tball be interior id no I m.Jri.1 lilslitiitinu in lhc siihsmuii .1 advantages and induce- IIIIIIS Cllfi'leit .O )K(JS1 V. lilt il I. a Ii.n I a ... 1 1 ill ilcd si-hool w litre there are f.-wiiidiiccuiculsio idle nrss and dissipation, and who a'epirpar.d lo appre ci itc the a In .tae-of ilioiou.'h and sysieinatic in-stru- ion. The academio vear will be divided into 'r,i s:..b. -i ms.eich 2J wclLs j and Lack scfsion in.o twoTcrms ".U w!k"l!"ih- 1 lie Chame fort limn will be fur the common F.iil'- osii -iiioics iiiciuuiuL' History aim ivompos.tiou ij-y per term. Por all the limber branches of r.nifli-li sin ly and I.ansiii'.'es Sl'() per ti nu. limtd in res p.etnhle families can beohtaincd at a icry bm price Jeiieo March IV 1312. .1. HAMILTON, Clerk. mssoi.VTiox. rPIir. copartnership heretofore cxi.iin.r bctwren the ! X Mihscribers u:i I r the linn of lla-er & ( oiu-ioc-k ' is ibis day ih-snlvcd by nmtuil consent All demands due ihe late linn must he paid by the liist ibu ol'Aptd j next. P.ith.rofihes hscrib. rs aro aiiihorii.d tosct t'e the basinets of the lale lirm. I.ITIIP.It M.IIAGAI!, I (ii;Oltr:t'. II -nltTner I Shelbiirn, March 17, WI2. TO IWUMKilS GllASS SUHl). Tho Mibsc nbers haie selected from best sunn es of miriberi, .,,.,,..1, ,i usual supply of IhnL f7rnjand Corrr iV.r.'which liny can rrconiuicud a. xiry superior. Many far mers who haxo UMfoitimaielv used ihr soiiihcrn or westrn seed, a large oinm'iiv of which has I ecu liTetub ic sold 111 the iicighboi m,n of Lake Chain plain, haxc I. in laii'dn hv evorri. nee (lit. .tiiX' bctweui sec 's of a southern i r norlhcin giuwih Por sVent llie Dock. .March 10, 1312. I'OLI.P.TT it IIP.ADI.V. u ONE SIIJLMXfi. a match i'or iiahd timp.S!! The Mibscnbi r (.tiers for sale iho GIIKK.N .XIOl'MTAIN ItP.PO-lTOItV, '.r nut hliiltiin earh. qpiIP. book contains 251 Duodecimo parts and is j. oouoii iii i. booh Mius.annai iinnner, The hook can read.nnd it Kmild not ben eery ser ous i r to Adult,, ilt!mj,l,,il,lrHlU. J J ' J " A bhcral discount n.ade lo .hose who buy to sell, or ' bnv to I'lvcawav. 1 buv to giveaway. , . nMUi:LHU.VIIGTO.N. Pair leton. March 10.1542. MA RSIIALL'S NO TICK. UN1TPD STA I P.S OP AMP.HICA, ) Pursuant to I ernioni District, lo wit. J n wairant is-1 sued nut of the II. n. Distijct Court of llie United 1 Sinlcs for said District lu mo directed, I .In hinby I give ibis puhbc notice, that information lor the xioU- I nuns in ine revenue laws . llie United Sinus nc been filed in said I outt hy Charlis Daiis', Dis liict Attotney of the Un ted Siat.sfor said District, against the follow ing described fotds, warts, and IOIHI.IOIOII.1, IU 1 Ulack lentlipr trunk. 1 Cam, tinr JS nlrn. U-n. dana hai.dkcrchicfs, rpieces silk handkerchiefs, G woouensiiirls.ipair woo Men drawers. 12chally h mil-kt-rcluefs, 1 rbally shawl, 1 black sdk handkerchief, I enm velvet can. 1 tiateiii.leirr .ilt.. ...... .1. ii i... ...1 i,..i. .- 1. ........ . . 1 .1 .. . """-"I r iiiwiisiu uiu. io.iik, 1 oioan cioiii dress coat, ti nllleil i'irni ...r m n niinn.:.i...r..l.l ... . . ' ' ' ,- " ', ' " ""' "ill i.iaps, 1111111- lilo. we.rn, .f.e., 1 cotton shuts, 1 woollen under shirts worn, 1 pur cotion urawers, ! oi !,. ikcrchief. 1 padlock ond kex-. 3 pair of socks. I hneiH rl. ,h kn a lot of small tin and wo. din boxes nnd otlur small articles, a bouil aine stoi k, 2 horses, 1 ji uMe Inr ncss, 1 two horse Icigh, 2 1.11IT1I00 fkms, 2 blankets, niidoncncelt xnkc, sc7ed.11 llydt-paik, , d,r; triet, 011 the lllli day of Pihrnary, 1B12i Atso i7 pairs of coirso checked K.rseymcro pains, 2 pair's of f, , ,1 , , . .i 0 uuck luonicimi panls, 2 pair biick-.kin Hauls. 7 nairs of steel. n.;e,l i,,i. cloth panls, 1 piir of blick cmrse clmh pan's fj illicit nroa lelotiiii vests, 3 lbs I.nslish linen I linen nb'e s,.rei 10 Rob Roy h inilkcrchiefs, 5 worsled bandkcrcbiefs. tin-JI sack, sei7.1l m l..l..,t,,r. in siid Dis ricl, on the ISlh day of Februarx', lSr' Atso, I dozen of coirso kcrsry pints, 1 dnz.-n of bl.u li kerseymeie pints, 7 pairs of line kisevinrrri blick puns, 20 yards of fine, black Iroi'cloih, II yards of Ida k broadelaih, fi pairs nf coarre checked lurscvmire Hints, 3 etcr of slid mived Mini, ) l.i- of nlnid pinis, and 11 brmdcloih roiind-n-bou'ts, no in j'uoi- :ai iJisinei, on 1110 Vlst day cf l-'cbrnarv. IBI'-'i ' triil wiH hu hid on ihu foregoing social nr- urea 1,1, il tli .s' ii, vii I I. I. ....... 1 , . " T , ,. V" .""""'"""', ngrrrHiuy 10 the prnvprsnf slid information, al ihrn't staled trrm of said District Court, id be holdin nt Windsor, wild, in nnd for said Disiricl, on lho2lth day of May nex' unless a claim or claims shall ,0 intcrpisedon or be.' fore lhal dnyi of which all (irrsons interested will lakn noiice. nml nnmn themselves accordingly. Given under my hand, at llradfotd, in said Dis. trlct, Ih lOlh div of Mnr'h, X. I) 15-12. wi','JAiI AKGN. Massiiai. hf HUSIIKLS ilerilsGrass Seed, n first rate article, jt t and for tsle low hy Prl 1 1! THOMAS enntuns manv liiograpluca notice? of llie eir.'i. r set- . """f" '.-"r., ... ' i""", ... ..i.ti oo- Icrs of Vc.inont-and much autlic,,,,,. i ff.rm- , ,, i I " " 0',aI ,l' ""',' " l' bvr lalive to Ihe natural and cxil li ' " 'f , "'' '"'"'V'T, ""tU"'-' ''" "' J ? 1 "" "r The price of ,he Ri ,'osi'oiy is l, Z uafi, of f, I ? ' Y ""y every "man iromnn nnd child," ami s a bnnk ihit .. i i . . 1 ,i 1 . . .... sh. old he in the hands ofeie. e'elel ... ,1," . 1 "V "'' '?' "Jlu-'nelei-cll. Pli.'igh,",.- ii .inn ware. THP.O I) 0 11 K HOI.I1KOOK. (Lalo Holhronk it Tnppan) (l Milk St., Hostiii, rpilj' .f-'uhscrilier oilers n larrjo nnd choice selection X ol llardwaic to the coiuiiry trade uponlhc most liberal lernis. Mnrch 1, 1812. 2m FRANCIS lil'.NMAMIN, Jn-, Wholesale Dealer in Git)Oqjtjo(39 Gale;, jpjimrriip. Storage, IVilxvniilliitj.iiid Commlsilni. No. 273 niVBR STHEET, TRoy, it. y. H.TA Jew doors aboicWashinirtun S'juare. POIt S.MJ3,? Slnrc of Stock in tho Par mers and Mechanics Dank, Uurlinc'on. Aonlv ' Il n rni i. Hurlington,I'b.ll,lSn. WJI.I.. A....... , !!" "ye and Corn. ! I-. U hundred bushels of Oaf Rye and Corn for sa o by the nuantily or sinule birshel, hy -Marc ' ": s.xvAi.'Kicrt. NOTICK. P'.1 1' ',nl""lll(f'!llll beieiolore vUUna Iclucen .I.J. binrrnnd Dow, tiidcr ,C firm i,f Siarr it Dow, i thl. day I y muiiial eon-cndi..olied. All icr-oii- upieiiied lo iiieiate-aul lirm are ren iclel to nn .epnymciil. nsil is iicces-ary ihu l u-ino- fhonld I e clo-ed iiiiniedi.iti'K'. J. J. .STAItlt, ly.x.xc DOXV. It 'rpi.T'o... March 17. 1SI-2. NOTICK. TJ.'n C"n,!J!'P"!,i,,Jf,,.,.,or c. t-xUtins- under the XfiriiK.I Hickok ACithnia this day dissolved. All demands due ihrm which arc unsettled on ibu . of April next will be placed in the hands of II. Ldiv enwor.h, l'sq. for collection. It. P. IIIf'KOK 1 March, 1SI2. H W. CATLI.N1. l.eTllsll O.iU jlOO T?,:S'S '''biHb raked, Coarse Coal, house ""'waiid kept liom llie wenher, for sale hv .ov. 29. KOLI.I.I T .f. IIIIA I)L;V. lin.VJAMIN It. SKIKK'S KSTATK rJT.VIKOI.' VUIIMO.VT, The Prolnio Court fur District of Chillinden X- ihu district ofCliittenden To all persons concerned in ihe estate of lienjaiuin II. .Skill", late ofCharlotlciti ssidt)i ncl Urcctiii". Whereas, Sally II. .Skill', ad minis 1 1 n t ri x of the es tate of the siid deceased, has made application to said con it to extend llie time limited for mrkin; payment of the dcbls ol the slid deceased mil settling ra'ia cs laleone year from the 13th day of April 13 12, and also proposes lo render an account of her adminis tration and present hir ncenunt apainsi said estate f.rr evainiiialion nnd allowance. Whereupon the court nforesaid dolb appoint llie second Wednesday of April A. 11. 1312, for he ariiui and decidiup on said apphca lion and evamiiur said account, ni ihe olTiee of the Hecistcr olsnid coin l in P.iirlinpton in said district, nnd doth order that all persons intcirs cd -lie notified llier.ofhy publicilion of thi-order three weeks sue ccSHXelj'in the lliirlui'.'ton l-'rcu Press n newspaper primed hi siid lhnlinton the Inst of which publication to he previous lo said second Wednesday of April A. I). 1542, that they tiny then and tlieieapno ir andshow cause if anv they h.iic, why the time of settling said es'atu should not hu extended and why said account should nut bo allowi-d. Given mi ler my Inn I at aii I Burlington (hi 15lh dnvof Mar.h A. I) ISI' Win. WF.STON lles'uttr. Qfl M K'hhi:i Kyed Necllcs, OOkJ 2110 Cross llooksand Ryes. 100 do. ICnmiiiL' Pins C A'ascs London and American do. r0 lbs. Jo. Just rcceiiedand for sale hv Nov. 30, IS 1 1. VIl.ASj, LOOMISst CO. OI.SSUMI I IUN. Ttic 'o;inrlnrr-1nj l)rr(t(tfon.'cxilii)2 Ijctwti'ntlir iiiit'cr-iciK-vi in MiirliuiTinn. iitnkT I he ivf nf Krn XX alser, and Is. XXalkent Co. aie ihi. dac bv nnr in itnal eon-eiit .h..olve,l. All demand, iu'fav'orof i-i'luT, of siid firms, now psynhlc, and which -hall not 'epaid by the lir-l dayof April next, will I e left in the h ind, of II. Leavcii-worlli K-.i. forcollecllon. 1! irliiigtou, M-rch 5lh HV2 DAMKf. KI TiN . SOLOMON WA I.KI'R. C RE A T BARGAINS ! ryUF. entire stock of lioods heretofore owned by L Kern it Walker is'nnVrcd at wholesale or retail al COSt, . It consists or a lame - lock of Dry Ouods, Dry XV. t fiioci ries, Crockery, G oss and Hard Waic. i ami 1 ' wishins to buy rioods will (ind it Tor iheir inter C5J 10 C'S.'' an. 1 cx:x mna. 'be tioods h-'fure huyins; ihe : ' crc' ""' ""I'l "'"'' r'.'ei- 'C closj Ihe concern. ROI.nMOX W.M.Knrt. l.tirlinglmi, 5ih March, 1812. ITAN n.D.Dnnic.-tic Quills wanted in ex'-liaii X for Hooks or Slationeiy, by " Match 10. s. HUNTINGTON. 1 (.'I'M I! XT ('ISTI'l,S. I TV" I-sub-crihirs baiini the iiL'bt to use, in mil I -1 '"r 'l,e county of Chittenden, Parker's Hydraulic Cemi nt, fi r Cilerii. Itescrvnir- Aerpiednr s, Cellar Kilclun and Stable I'loors, for llie purnnse i f nrikms liicin dry and proorayiiu t rats j also Ile.irlhs, Sinks ie. would inlniinihc inhabitanls of said roiiulv, that llifvwill be. icady ihe coining season Ion lend Mall calls in the nbine hue nf business, and will wnirant their well; lo be durable. JO-FPII LAN DON, , oiu.axoo owi:.. I!iilbngton, March 0. 1311. N. II. All orders addressed lo the subscribers at Ilincsluirgb or liurlinglon will rcciie iintncdnte at tention. ,t0 lOlli .Ttiii-cli, IHl'il Nine o'clock, . AI .Tiler. 1 1 e abme. Wind strong from N. XX'., rolling the ofihc Lake into tiful surfs, nnd . oiniuinglmg iis spinis with ihr ravs of a most dazzling sunshine tint also ibicrs up the Inyh ni'iuntaiu tup, and illumes the dee,, rcce scs of 1 Iho valleys. All, all. all of which i enchanting, de. Iiuhlful and chceiful to lock upon xvithout, while within nt I HOWARD'S ! All, all, all are I usilv rmjaged in la' mg account of Goods, XX'ares and Merchandize, tirrniratorv to ihe decking out bcaii'ifiil array Iho fair ones of ihe I mil, wbowil ns usual pi. asc make iln ir applications for pbunagc nl Ihe fanciful depository at said ' HOWARD'S. ! .TKIIICO FUUNACR. , rilllli cr gie notice lo ihe pi bhe that i. iney nave n iroo I lurna.e now m it oper ation, a1 O'H half a mile cn-t of Jerieo Corner-, nn.l nre;iarel n. I'irni h an I finish lo or le.-. M il Gear. ' V" ".a V"y -M,,"r'r'r tmV" 'i'1 ,r",","!? " "" ",c I'remium of ihe Jl.,.,, SuC''l''J'' f ,,r"'Cr5 ar r't 'l' MI-RvOV 1 ve. J-' i'.. . Jerieo, March 0, 1812. liDOKjSTORE. '11 II K subscriber has just received and nlfcrs for J- sale a new supply of Hunks from New York and Uoslon; among which arc ills following Conibon the Constitution, Greit Teacher, I-'avcron KIcction, I.iihig's Chemistry, Greek Testament and L'licfn, Tacitus nnd Livii, linkers belli on Hantism, Michael Kemp, Colcridges Worls, 1 ales of tboCoxenaniers, Gems of American Keinale Posts, hclpley's Cumpcnd, llarne's Notes on the Gospels, GlimpstB of the Old World, Macaidcy's Miscellnmei, Klcgaut Quarto ll.b cs Turkey M!orocet, Twcediea' Library of Practical Medicine, J vols. . Cha. O'Malrv, l vol. I)sii;lioii's Medical Dictionarr, Hurler a Ancient Atlas. Pieiorial Geography, 1000 engravings, I okis of America, Krummai hcr's Parables, Jac.juine, by Jnines, 2 vols. Ho'incr'sl'rinrh Phrsses, R;iok cf Psalms, Weilihand Woilh, Life of Sir Isaac Newton, H. .Monro's Private Deletions, f oopcr a Surgical Dictionarr, Anlhon's Classical do. Leniprirrii's.lo. d-. Corse lie I. rnn bv T....- I'ib.21, ISI2. D. A. DRAMA?' PASTRY ARTICLES! I. PVilA.N -me;i, MirM and staple Isiozlaisfs, I l (coper' ICC-I HI 1. Jills., i:.s, necof p.ach Kernel., fnceiratcd Ps.rnceof Uroeus, Nicest lto,e Wal.r, Spani h Vandla and Oil ofMvf,' liieOrd.narv Spiics, ..ii..yi ei JIOM, Pcm Lemrn .Syrup, ' fill, in.l " SOfrar Ornaments and Sand", Iieline.ll r.nlcclionsnce in (.rnrl,,iV. Ac. ""'I-' Uy PIXK U SVE A I'. CJrln.1 Htonrs. I unshed and unfinished Nova Scotia, flft TONS Grind Stones, assorted tii s3P2 Water starts, for rile bv Ncv W, I OI I CtT A' PR U'LHT r i,?U,T',AlLr?''T1"s,"p NOTICE. TAIMAIt & XVAIT slxe noiice that Ihoy have Ibis ... s'. .V ".V,;;1'1' wi'1' 1" business .MIL Ill It M I; . ItOOl , and 1 lint they will continue ilia b i-i-'!'l:.1.0' fmwrinirnii'l selling CROOICMIV, OI.ASS iVV.n, J' .:a!V ai(i'; u"lk'r l,lt! arm ofKAIiltAll i , W001 nitii'ir former f-lorcThey havemi hand n fu.l vick t,f ware winch i!.ey will piick in nttctiisorlttllu order hi New Vi.rt nml lln.i.,.. rice-, inercliniils in ihe Mirro indmp towns will lind it creally to their adviinioec lo e-xnmiiru iheir lock iciorepiirchasinpai ilicfoolh, all orders proinplly at'ended to Store corner Church nnd C. llepe st. Ilurbngton. K. L. PARHAft. JOS. WAIT, K U.K. HOOT. fx. II. Farrar Wait and Root e.rpecl to rccrive enr ly inllie Spring In answer to I heir order, s lull supply orthat I eantifnl Sule of "Opaque Pearl ware" haspiyen s.ieh',a!lsf,ielion ihepi.t season, Irom thcecleLr.iled Inaieilactoric. of Clew. & Co, l,c only Ilou-eln Knplnml inakelhal style of ware, wbicbwill losollwlnile-sluand Itciail. Hurlui2loii,Jan.3l, 1S12, ... , NOTICK. TS hereby pivcu that JOSKPIIWAlThas ,old oul J-lns m'ere-1 in ihe one,Wnre .Manufactory and hai tl... ;l.osiiu-s i will hcienfur Ic ctirrielon a.iisiml IVMrf. en I. .m. !,,. i. .1 .... .:..i.. .. . . ..... I,, ,, , , ...'" - u ., ,1 11, UJ II, -VI- I lie n I thebiisine.s ol thelirm nl hi- Paclorv, peail . tree. Iln-lion t - "' .'a il. .n IS VI. ft ASH paid for Pbix '.Seed, I v Dec. 22, 1811. HATCH, OlHXLit.Co. NEW MUSIC. AVHRV larpc nnd well ,elecic(l niioitmcnl of Mu-e, a l.ip'i;.l for the Pi inn, j :st reocn'u I al the Ilurliiigton llutil.slnre. Also Mu.ienl X'ork, such a.. Soiihcru Harp, 'trailer's Organ Millie, Piano I-on Primer, lluu'cn's In-itiiciion furihe Piano For'e. l or -ale by Jan. .1. I). .. IIRAMAN. C.X-II paid fur nil km Isorshi.eunp C.I.UI. 1812. HATCH, ODL'LL it Co. "1 fk HIIDS. .New Hutu for-ulebv 22 Pec. IJAT(3H,0 bonLhir. Co. OILS. GROrt ''.thS PuieXVinlrrand Pall Sperm Oil, -'VOQOO do Whale ldcacbed and unbleached, 30 llbls. American Linseed, by 30lh Dec. 1311. J. it. J. II. PKCK A.Co. (If. ASS. I .iOO J 0 X l: s -lurhniton, Vermont, and 1 WiJxJ Ks,cx Cylinder Ghss, 300 do Ucdford, Snranae, nnd ( linton Crown do. by J. A: J. II, PKCK & Co. 30 Dec. IS II. Aeents. Guncunws. I ( HIIDS St. Croiv and Porto Rico Sugars, 1 J I.' lllllM l.tlMIJl J,, 30 II lid. Molasses, C9 llarrds do E0 Chests X.'ouii Hyson Ten, CO do Hyson Skin do 1." do Hyson do 40 Catties dj 4a 300 Matis Cnsia, 2 Parrels (.'hms, I do N'ltuiffts, 20 Tierces Sa'eratui, In Ke'S Purcdinccr, 100 Boxes liar Soap, 50 do Pipes, 20 l!a. Pipper, 25 do Pimento, 10 do Kin Collie, 15 do Jaxa do bv J. A J. II, PECK A. Co. 30 Doc. IS II. NOTICK ALU who arc itt.Ub cd in the uiitlorinct whose tiult" nml nceouutsJinMj IIC(Ol;l nrc licrthy , nutKiiu, iii.ii immtui.iie in fnem niusi do innuu iu ! com. T lliosc wlioc ilrmand-nrp btconiiriL' .:r .i .t . i . i t . i j -luo, wo would sny lint pioinpl paymun., ttcurUing to contrail, is ixncctul. i I he term nf cobnrtncrMitn of iIip subsaiiVrs (iiM-3 uy on uiu in m nc.ti, 11 win ibcicforo be uibislcd upon, that all conlratis he loscd. Hurlington, Dec. 30, 1811. STRONGS iV Co. POAIIHM HALT. Ti rk's Island and Sl.Ubes S lit. Also tine barrel Salt for sale hv Dec. 1311. S. M. POPC. Tobacco. QCT KF.GS Kidmond's, At) 12 lloxes P.riine's, 12 do Homo's. 1 0 Keifs Ca rd w el I's, l0 lloxes Roive's. Tlmnboii. are all . hoiee brands, and nte olTcred o bv I'OI.LP.TT & HIIADI.KY. DYi: STUFFS. lltll.S. Caiupeachy l.'i(0j, sraCW'.ii,x ,o St. Iloinineo do 2M) do l-'usiir, I'.O do Nicnracui, 100 do Cam Wood, 3.) do .Madder, .10 do Alum, 50 do Coppern, 25 do It.'uo Vitiiol, !i0 Demijohns Oil do., bv 30 Dec, 1611. J. it J. II. PKCK !t Co. Q( HIIDsTTrinidaiir'and'SO 1dTiTs7"lNu7to"HicTi '"v Molasses, heavy bo.'iednnd lit'ht colortd, jusi reciivcd and far sale, nt a u rv low ptii e. In- Poi.i;r.Tit miADi.r.v. , Old Dot Is, P. rhsjton. toiiacci) it- sxrrr. 35 HARItKI.'s LoiriU.ird's chew in" Tobacco. 10 do do smoking do 21)0 Jars do M.e nliiy snuff, 3 0 llladders do S otch do 30 Dec. If II. by .Lit .1. II. PP.CK flc Co. Aponls. I'catlicr. fi n LP. I-ci h.-r-, of super or 0 nlitv. "WfOfl d.,. Ilcn'-dc. I-or -ale low I v Nov. 30, IStt. VILAS, LOOM IS .t'CO. Slieep Skills for Hook Hinging, Ac OCQ 1)0'. Sheep Skin , a.-oilej ipialitrc. on liaud all I for lo man faeturer- nnd other-ai lo.v priee-, I v MLAS, LOOMIS, it Co. Nov. 30, IS tl. Shcet Iron, in Iron, a, rted No. 1 n PXCKS It'!- J J all IJ in .le l-.ii-j. an I Anion -an lro''.a- ,1 r. ltoc. Cinaiki P'u e lor -u c I -Nov. 30. IS 11. VILAS, LOOMIS ,t Co. Flannels. 1CASL While and eoloie.l Planiielr, 2D ir'.'Cs lis iic.l sijlishnry .!.'. , 100 " ,c.ule!doii'.etiu do. Ju-i reel fur rale I v N.v.;tt 1311 VII'.AS. LOOMIS Co. XX Illlc l,ca l. TON'S " Wether. II" Pry While Lead, 'J 5 do No I and P.xtra do' do ill packages from 100 to 300 pounds. 2 Tons I .xtra Ground ii 0,1, in Kegs of 2"i and SO p. units, for sale at .Mniiiif iciurers' prices nnd frci-h!, by Nov. 29. I'OI.LP.TT IIRADLKV. OnnSlbKS Sole Luther for .ale by J) l'OLLI"--l. HRADLKV. 1 l HAGS Pdberls. Xl 10 do lirazil Nuts, IU I.IU&1I .,IS, 10 do hard shell Almonds, 1 . 1-rails sou ito do 20 11 Is. I.'icknry Nuts, 5 do Chesln'ti's, Of superior quality, and offered low, hr POLLl.TTi IlRADLny. LAW BLANKS. G GOODRICH has ronainutly for sale 1 y the . Ream or Quire, a general assortment of law. blanks, printed from forms from Revised .S'tatutts, connstinp of Justice Writ and Executions, all kinds in use Trustio Wriis County Court X'rits and Executions, virioui kindf Wariniitry, Quit-claim, and .MorlRape hwit Chaneery'lldlS for forclosina Mortgages Planks fcr Depositions Administrators Honds Letters of Giiardianshtp Officers Receipt. Jiihlice Appeals lllanks for Notes, Ilax-.Sea!s, Ac. etc ( CASP.Snnd Palis Tickings, U 1 Hale C-invass, 2 do DriMine, "0 Pieces 40 inch llurlaps, 19 do. Red I'adduij, Tor s de by Nov. 30, Ifilt. VILAS, I, OOMIS Co. QQ CASKS Knulish and Amciiean Prints, SO ! do colored Cambric. I'or sale hv Nov. :.0. IBU VILAS. LOOMIS & Co. fllks. CAP. Poncre Sill;p. V Pieces black, blue black and fijrvtrc-J do 20 lbs. Italian scwinfr, 21 " India do 10 " Hlaek and colnrfd Twin, Nov. 30, 1SH. For sale by VILA S, I.OOMIrt eV Co Merinos, ,tr. fJKfr.S Cojoicd Pii'.'hsh and Prcneli Venno. OX. 20.1.1 black do Jo 23 do filtered Hombaiine, 20 do tluck- do !" Alpseci coih, Nov, 30, IHU. Kor sale by VILAP, LOOMIS (V Cc KOI IV II On the Turnpike about 100 rodi east of ibcollege, sRockms-cliair, The owner can haxetbcsnne by- Mine l.y- caiiinf on tnoeuDscriter, rrox inr properly and nav iigeharffN ' ,. , JOHN NLMrULL TO YOUNG HOUSE-KEEPERS. r.VHKAIt, WAIT .1, IMJOT, KKRP constantly on hand a full nssottuiont ol elegant Tea Sets, of Go Id I and China. Gold band Tea Plates, Gold ,pua , , Oo, rJ nn, i, , (1 I-.xtra widegn d band ,0. Oold odije.lin. et rprigd do Gold edge and lino do. Gold ,nm Paservo and XVhlto nndsinrii.'it tbs r' I...... While China and Tea Phtcs, Pitcher, llow , lluitcr Slnnds and Nurse Lamps, with small Tea Pots nxtulted, Clmia Ilikstaiid, n xcry pri tly articlefor presents for salo clr-ap at iho Ciockcry oiore, corner oi Uhurcli and Colleen streets, liiulinston, Jan. 31, 1812. TO It A CCO. Af) HOXUS 'nnnn's' Cavendish Tobacco, -lL'2do 'UnderV do do 20 do 'Ii vine's' do do 30 Kegs ' Glider's' Phiz ,o 20 do '.McD.msl.IV do do 31 Dec. 1911. by J. H. pr.CK&Co. notich. At.!, persons, intiibicd to liiu'estate of the la'o Ho bclt.Moodv. nrc tiniirif.,1 .1,. ...n-t l.n imdeiin nediatrly lo iln .ubscriher, to prcirnl cost. iiuruugton l e' , 9 II2. !i:o. II. SHAW, a 1m. ?S ,, ' ross-ciii, nml i ateiunr ,swi, no by Jan.". HAG XR xt ARTHUR. isign of the Padlock, Corner uT Church and Col'cgc Streets. h BlrACKS.XII l ll HUM.OH S, n first rate article, nisi Ainils, Vises. Piles, dp. for Voby bigii or the Padloc' , ) IIAGAIl & ARTHUR. Cor.Ch. nnd Cull, sis, $ V!K,,e,,TI",'l! w,, baxeprnniiscd ihe .tibsrri- bcr Xood nre reminded lhal iholfddiii'r isg0d about town. Jan. 1. v. GOODftU'lI. ni.OTTING P.XPi:R.-Por sale by 'be l!e or 'l'"'". Jan. (. (J. (IDODHICH. T51NDING A few doZ. Cnlf.-kiu- ng wanted hv C. GOODRICH. lJ suitable for booU-lindm, Jan. i. Tpitl.SlI MtJS AM) l.KMONS Ju-i rc eived fiom i- Ib'-'on, nnd fur sale W Clio. PLTI.'i:.--O.S. Jan.-,,ISt-2. Hoiks tor Toxmi or District l,lni-arle CGOODitll II ,a,a inhiallecolleolioiiof lt,,r,ks . smtubctor town rr delriet Lil r.irie-, u Inch will be sold on the inu.-1 lit eral term-, and at very low price.. )UJ, .. INoxv l.axv I looks, Co.nni:ctici;t rlporis, i.i. x. Common Law do Vol. 3S. P'-el. .lo Vul. C. 1 'J- Pora'e by C. GuODrtlClt. SA '. SQTJlF), Jib'SIIP.LS Solir Salt. VWV'W'jow d l inks Island do !000 do Pine do IG00 HurreM do do 300 Sicks D lirv do -0 Dec. 1 11. Ily J. it J. II, Peck o. Co. O K( I10XP.S Hunch Raisnn, rWJU 10 Kegs do 13 Hags Madeira Nun, 12 do Pdhcrts, It do I!rn7il do 10 do Almonds, bv 33 Ike, 1311. J. ,).'J. U. PHCK Co. 1 C"X ICP.GS Powder, ?y 50 l.,gs Shot, 100 Dozen Com Hrnoms, bv I)ec. M J. ct J. II. Pen: A- f. LOOKING GLASSES. A .tiAHGIl an I well scltctul n.snrlineni, consist nig of CUI, .Ut'iogosvomi Gill, Sln'iosnnij, and wncyliamul looking Glis-is, lor s'c tit cu-atly reduced prices at tin; Hardware Store, Cntnir of Chun h and CI cge S s., ,v 1IACAR it ARTHUR. SO HIIDS. Gardner llrewer's N.,l Rum, 3'l Pipes anJ IlslH'ipes Auu'ric in Hr.uuly , 10 do ilo H.illimorB Gin. 10 do do 'Pellcxoism' Urnndy, 5do . do 'Swan' Gin, lOHhds. St.Cro'Xllirn, 30 llbls. Sherry and Madura Wines, 33 do Malaga do . 3 do Port do 31 Pre, nil by J. it J. II. PKCK A Co. rlovn. CRSS "15I,S- a"J m ,",,f Jj- o- !'. mast an ac,wv proved brands, bv 30 Dec, 1311. .1. ,xl J. H. .:(;fC . f;0 .1 IM r'lls' Wlite and col'd Thread, '1IJ SO '' lllacl. Lintn, ' Gros. Round and rial I.nccK Nov. 30, 1311. Porsilc hy VILAS, LOOMlS.t Co. GLASS WARE, OP all descriptions constantly on hand; n full as-sorini-nt ol Tumblers, pi.,,,,, pr.s,td, Kr0l,j star biiltoni and cut gl.i--Wimsj Jclli., Lemonade and glasses; Limps, of all itr.ciipi.i.ns; Limp ens-e-, Dicantcts, X-atcr Unities, Spccm Jars, v,. oils sues; Prtcrxe Dishes, cut gli Cu tard Howls, I ilcbers, Sails, Castor Holic, H-voliing Cas.ors and ciit gla- Lamp, for alc (clieip of c, urse) at tl, new trocluty and Ulass W.m. IKmie cf ,, ,. , I-'XRRXR, WAPPitUOOT, Purhnutnn, Jan. 3 . IS12. I'UASTIUl. A gri TONS Prcsh Ground Plastrr, by JiSsV CO Dec. Ml. J. .t J. II. Pec I'i.Sfl. QUINTALS CODI'ISIL JiWs iprj !,1Vcs Hcrim 30 Hnlf bbls. Mukcrcl, 30Drc,si. ,VJ ,t J. II. PL'OC rpilOM-. s.iilerin.' Irom an irritated tatt of the 1 Llliu's, putienl.iily at thjs f ih; jtar will luid an cxcillenl iiicdicinn ill lhal of tlio LIZ, V SYRUP, Knr advertisement of which, look--, ir t cnhnnn.r-J j mis paper, l orsilcby PP. 'k' SPIUR. j 'BEWARE OF DECEPTION.' II ha- fnrj euily c.iine in iV kn,me'Pe of llm sub seriber, lha empty Stiutl'J.iis, wuh bi Lain' on. , them, b ile been I. maht up for the inp.isc of s.h'ni" 1 111 Iheninn inferior q ably Sri tl ; nnd ids,,, ih,it his I Sniifl.'ibel3 haic. 111 some in-lmcis-, Inen .ounicr I felted, or tin. L'en. tal d.s j;n rf the same so inuaiul I istoc.isily d.icive ihe unwary, lie du uis il, llm,. I fore, hi ilulyta inform pur bascrsofihe iinnner in! wiiicii tncj are nlicn impisrd upon; and he woul t hen by rirpiist lluio ofl'or dciacc ihe 1. dels1 on the outside of the Jars, after baling d pofed of the contents, .( ns to prevent further uu ol tlc mme. 1 .x rear I will be pud for siirh cv d-nca as will lead to tb.'dctcclion and i-oniiciion of the posmrs. ; Taetibsrrid.reonHnUit to M inuf.tclurt, and of" (--. ..... rl. f.n . ..... . ' v . .ti, c r.rr I'Oilcl.l liriieifii Klue lll'OXXtl Sl.tltl". r.fnuinoMaecjboy, ) roe Americin Rarpte. linitvim no. ) nnvored, Ilo.nid do. do. Tu'ierosn. do. St Omcr. do. firasbiirg. Si-dv, .Maltise, Cumcoa, , s.'jstiw.-i joivii r-iniii, Demirros. Natchitoches. Pure irpinia. Trench Rappee. Americin Gcnilctam St. Doinmpo. Pure Spar.irb. Copenhagen, ruptnor flivnr. L. Mixiure. Vrlloxv Sim II, ff.n,,c!l"nJ ? Kins ''"'"h I,l-1cl cuanl cr J . HliihToisiJ t,nf- Irish I hah Toast, irse, xvee l Srente.1 l'nc Cut ClicxviiiK Tobacco. Spiiush, Kitefort, Cannsur. Common and .Stems. K'rA liberal discount made to whinVsili. deilera PP.TPR LOHILL.Ult), Jr., ii Clntnim-St., New 1 orlr. "Inclines. ryn 1-1 nr,.w.iPheviiiij.. I h Cares Dlca.'licl .'o. For sals t Nov. 30, 1E1I. VILAS, LOOMIS i CO. NOTICC. rTMIiS may certify lhal I haie siven my son Cha. II. Prat', hi. timed trim; his mineri y, an I slull therefore chr in none of his iMm-ii;s tii r riy any iV . nf hi. . inid'-'in after tbu di'.'. Jim-lie, IV. 3. 112. 5CPIMH PRATT. WEALTH AND WOllTlf. AMONG ilin very many xahnb'e i e.v publica tions received ihe at the Hook. tore ol the s.r .crib. r.iniy be found, WP. XI.TII X. WORTH, I lie first of a series of Americin I'nuiilv Tabs from Ihcptii " an .Vmciiean. Tint t.-orfX and nnl wealih maltrs ihe nvin s plainly and.tlig.intlv proied. We recommend eicrv f itb. r to pliro tin' In 1 in the hsndn of h s cln drcn, lhal they miv b arn l.ow to net under the Ilia's of beicaiciiicnt nnd p iicnv .March I. 1). .. nn M.N.' On, I li.l and oul titil, of .ij.crior -..piiiliiy, for .a e (heap I v S. M. POPK. Nov. 12. Scotch I'li: Iron. 7'.o '" TONS Girishctric, No. 1 S-oich Pu Iron for s i'eattlieXX hatf.hv -OLLCTT A-llltAIit.r'X' Nov. '.".. 2. 842. ION'S 'l ItMONT 111 lil-,1'111 -linn h... received ly IDe e.IS.1 C. nOOMOCll. r AliTON'fi Xcrniont RcpUier, and Parmer's Almanac, for 1612. Al-.', a few c .ie r.f far ly!cs Micoillunic, J'l.t rc-cnid andfer .ale hy lice. 2 1. D. A. PP. XI As ' Slieclliigs. rA n.xi.r.S i.l Itrowii bhre'i 'Wj Cases HlMChed d Nv 30 WII Per ..le he YlVs - I.WMI9 & Co H. THOMAS will continue I n Auction Sales ift the nfltrnuoii ofcxerv Wcdninlav nnd Satur- ilav A laign o, anlity of Household rurniturcof dillerent desciiplions will be olleicd, loglh cr with Stoics if various kinds, wiib mre. Salr. nf DrV Goods, ('iilbri. (!lorks Jewr.1re.A-r. A rn l.tllliA I oU'eied Tuesday, Tfrnrsdaj and Saturday lrriinr;4 uoio niiiiicriioiice. uciooi re. loll. HOUSE t6 rent. A conxcnient dwelling house and bnrn, nml n good large garden, on .Maiden Lane, sit tods Irom I'cail Strrf I'or flu liter particulars, r nriniro of March d. (lIDKON M.n.SK.Noribst. STORE TO RENT. A eoincnieiit Store to nnt on Church Sticel. Inquireof MOOl)V HASKGLL, or S. 11. SCOTT Mir. Ii A. HOTEL TO LET. T O I, P. T I'or a term of years, at St, Johns Canada, the old nnd well known WATSON IIOTI'L, wib out houses Garden, Varil, and -laid ng, well ndanlci for a I.ivirv Slnble. Possession eiven ihe 1st of Apply to Mrs. J.V.. WATSON, Proprie or and present occupant. M. John,, 1'ib 1 1 12. i,30tf Mil. 1. MUNSOV. MOST rc-pevi- , e& A? Y'.7ffl&n 1 V 'ifo'liSyS- man dios no- lli.1t t,e In, laud and i. luauufacl'TiiiLf :i X'.lr.elv of I'lsni. Poric, xvlncti are olercd tor a!e on ihe tno-t nasofl i'i e lerm . A- ihe ein-ir;,metit- nre ina.'eoc. a very much improve! plan, tlrcy nre xvarrsnt'il tu be-uperi'T t" all n'licr in tr uirents oi'ilie Piano lind, in par'u'.im; hi a Inch i' life uf ai iln; flute. In point ol'lo i. h and 'lira' di'v of workman. h p they areal-o wnriuu'id to te ii( lo nny ni-tiij. uiaiml'.i.turel in iho t'miol S'ule-. AH pei' ons w ho t:i in n good Piano are particularly m loe.ill and cxainine fur ihcin.-clve'. Hiiriington, I'c'.. 21, 1812. 30CTS AFD iSHOaS. g tf.-ide. (jp. vrr.r.M r.N's Calf Hoots, sowed and regged, with and with out heel plates ; Kip Duols. .owe I and peg- "Cd. XT, !.', nn.l I! .. .....J , .-...-III 1 Calf Gaiters, the best nrtic'efi r Spring wear ever nnufactiitu!. SO Pa'rs Woiiicn's Leather Mooteis nnl Shoes, Gent's L.ather Over Shoes. The above will lu sold low for lesdy ca-h, by T X JIHS II. 11, ATT, Corner of Church and Clurry Streets, Puihngtun. March I, lgj.'. J. II. WALTON, XX U( L.I) inio nn the : ii'die that he ha- (.n ban ' aiidci unnui- to man- '! l.ieii.reS.i'ld'e-. IJ -o-. JTum'., Xeli e'., Car; ct Hag., ij"! Pit nis.n'ca i., .Marimga'e.,fV . ot In le. wiTi man hip, whi.-h ho wdl sell on tea oual leterm-. Al i fyr ale,C rry Cniiibs,Canl Priith-e-,Wln(is nii'l La-lie., ai,d muny o'lu r iir-ielc- in hi- hue. CARRIAGE: TRIMMING done m the lo.-t stv'e en -hoit in, i e. Shop to XX nuiwriL'hi'. IJiuldlu (. huich sine , a few dour- . I Loxvly'o lore, li.irling'on, 1-V ruin , Si . n3?9 s i'RA YED, P ROM ihe Su'.-crilcr in Ch-irloile, fQlt'ifg&S a! o.u tlte 1-t nf July last; :1 jccVlings Ai'teriV "no ic I line, -irer, inn: is-i ui.w I ic-K neiicr, alio one i roiuii: ui-iiur. Whrcver will rc'urii .aid eatllv, or gin- ml. mutton r"laini'.!o ihe saute -hall J e -uitably icvar'.-'l. IV'. IS 1512. "bt-". NEW FIRM. . rpiiT, Subscribers would respectfully inform tho pub'ic that thiybaic purchuseu llie enure siocs. I nf Purmturcand l-'atimngMilhat the N'.;w P.stsbhih 1 mi nt heri'iol'.tu owned and conducted by the lirm cf Much. II it llirii s, and will continue the businesi ' under ihe firm of tin lies-i K.v'i r, where ihey intend 1 to keep constantly on hind all eUrnsiie n-ortmonl of .solas, Sicr. tarics, Hun't-cascs, Hureaus, Red lead, 1 Table, and Mnnils of laru'Ji kinds ami prices lo so t ci.s oniir.-. Mo-t kinds of cnun'ry produce re ct.ied l.ipiynn'ir. Also most kr.nls Lumber, suitable. for o u hii.ui.'.s wi ; be liken in exchange for Purm ' tun) ir l'.innin;j Mil s. i:RP.S A KKP.Lr.R. F.IRIIAR, WAIT iV ROOT, Ii'ipovt-r. and XX'liolesaleaud Itetail Dcnlersln CnOCKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, htcp constant ly on hand s larye nssorl imnt of JJi'n ner Sits com pltte.wiih soup, and sacccTu 11 (ns, Puitor Ponls, Salad, onwrid Di-hts I'lilOr I'.r-Ll 1 I r, . . was ma I I, oe 10 (1 1.1.. ..10 I ops ol Ii llli .J''k,XX h;;e,' Mdm mid t'.ourboii -piud w.ue will. i a eieai inr in ol Intel i's and all nuab i. s o! coiiin.i'ii ware 11-u.iiiy w.intid loi Ciinily iho, all of winch wi.l 00 sjld ciie.ip al wlinlesTlciV retail at tin 11 Sio c, corner 01 ( hui.-ii an . College streets. Ii iluik'ten, Jin. 31, 19.2. I-;. L. I'ARRAIl cues u Jiiee that be lonuuues to ciri y en Ihe busi ness as usual of iinnuficti ring Stone ware of a s.ipcrior quality, in all its varietur ml will m all ti lies be in read- luess lo Bunnlr 1 nierclnnlsou tho most rcoson i1 le terms, all orders pimopt y attended to t.t h'.s l actory. Pearl Street, tiii. I m:to-., lSt pa ixtn 1 0,000 I RS. XYeibcrells Dry Wlnta U!, JtHJ Keys do do ;iound in oil, EeOO do L' '.us' do ('o j0 I I I- Spinish While, 10 dn Wiii-nitnn Itcd, 11 do I'lench Vel ow, JO do Sj inn Tiirpcntm,- 3 Cases Ciome V. llow, Croui" ('rccn, llruiisniek o .Saxony do. Red Lead, VtrJifjrif, by mill Pee. ia, .1. ,f.j, J), pr,n- ,f. Ce. . -tVfl.r goods. HIP Su'-crilers have VA J'l.-lie. eive.1 lar-s'iion. -N to the r S'es-k ( f Sa Mlery. trf r-jx Coaeh uiul Shell Ilnrluars hi no ns i aneucs. Aio PriC', MH'einc, rain:, Vrmi-he.,Dye.iu.l'.Hrn.h. i if ali kind., Joiners' Tori-, excite. H.XOARiV ARTIlPn, Atlbe o'drsan I, Sicne f lha Pa lltjeli, corner of Cbup.'t nnd Cf l'eeeSitecf. " The Nexv Vorli"Cas!i Hat-.1 ware Store. rPHP Su .. r 'er h iviui i er a tin! t earn- rn 1 il.c II XiiPWAKh 111 -INIj-'S , K- ,. Iranihe, in 1! .r.wa ' ", '. lu - r pj icd an I m.-.v o.'er-1' r a'o an en ire.y n -.! t wc.l.c e.':ila cr tr.c.nol rood. Ill ihe n' . vj I, .ic, Ilo o'.i 't ihi-win-er I ein; un re to birii ibe d'' nnn 1. 1 1 lie in j. ... t, ninfir to te a',:e u. .pp!e ihe -a'ne m ilie vr itir, n-nl a- he in eu Is do n a siri.-t'V en h lit uu- -, l.e M.i.-ts a - hue "f pn to pa'roiiari-, uiii'i.'eni Ii e hi- wiM lo fi un.l ti uu a'l w!i i mav tiv. r linn wuh 4 cab. H.r'!iv-.u,Vl.Piv.2l, rj. XX M.J. lll'N'T. S 11 ii'.-'. It'iil.ling. Cm eee.lrci-t, near 'ho S.U .re. l''it-si 'Pear.' X(i Iirvrs Ilvsoiskm Tea. fJVJ V0 I n I In Hyson do. 2i I'i Twtn.kiy do. 100 I ndily Ion s Hi sou do 7.i D.x do Vmiii'.' Hjson do LlO Half ihe.-is Yoiius Hysoji Tcs, of di(Teifn qu'i'.iti. s. of llw last imporiiion, and ntf. icd at Auc tion prices by roLLUiTix. nn.xni.pv, . ' 3 IMA , It. ...In.... SiVgors. , 1 f linL-r. Pond. icd. 1 U 10 do Ciuihcd. 10 lnfO iiuWc I..if, 12 do rhilaJclnhh Lun-p. (J du New-YorU d. I of i.ipinor cualliy. for i!a ts- , Ait!:S Wbjrf. rflLLCTTi IJIt A" L'Or tlicpili rs. 6 1 it'I-Co. 1T Us e

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