Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 8, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 8, 1842 Page 1
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t ii e ojbsari welfare of VOL. XV. BIIIILINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1842. No. U. liiifil in .u' tiiiiiiioii.iti; iik in itt tlTT m.u;i i t- I LILY SYRUP. An. unparrallcd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Mood, Itooping Cough, S?c. ff. to 'run I'unua. In pre-cntlng lu thiv, lie n new retried-for thfi-a- cs of Ihc may I o Proper to f nv llial. tiukrinir from ttie many ceitificale- n ml rc-cnniniendiition- of oilier speeilics roniaincii mi Hie newspapers of the day no new rcme.l- w.i called for or required. Ilm if thc popular remedies had ma'orially le-scned ttie lull- ol inortaliiv, or any one of iliu many preparation po se-ed those virtue, reonmmoiided, -ntltat nfiora l.t trial, the patient roil lilepenJ upon il healing power., ml rationally hope for n speedy recovery ol health, this humble attempt to nrrol the proirc.s ofl'ulmn nary Consumption would not have appcaicl. Hut that the victims of thi destroyer are daily in-crca-m;, neel-noproofaml the larie -calc- of the Druggi-tsshow that the rcmo.lic- ot the day have been fairly trie I, an I failed in I heir ohiect, il that ob tcct wathcruiorntiou to heihh of per-on- s ilorin; ironuh-ca-e- of the I ins-. While one reinely ilrie. up ft co i;h lint flu) ill he properly aide I to thrown I the vi-cid phlegm eolleeted upon the Inns nn I throat the harbinger of dpci-e, another, hy n hail -election ot an expectorant, is imleel enable 1 to di.po-c llie nre-cnl tenant, hot leave-n wor-eonetn occupy tho shatlcrcl premi-e- i and hy it,lhe work ofdeath i-lhc sooner accompli-hc I. TheLILY SY11I 1' l now lelievedto he the le-l remedy for lung eonip nint, III it ha- ever appeared. To cure Pulmonary Con-uinptiou ufer the di-oa-e a dor.c It' list work, orl c-eomo M-.ite-J upon the vi tal function., and tubercles nie fmnied an I Irokon, ami atmn.phcrie air i inhalel into the nrokon part', j-not anion; the pieon-iou- of the thoi-nn I an I one pimu'jr no-tr nn-to the contrary, Im;). Tin' im-hoine'ilia. re torel many who were sup pose! in l-c levoiid rnre, I v men 'Ian hn; hii-h 111 the me lical prnfe-.-ion i I ut the'.r re-toration to ill on ly prove I that are.ll an 1 giftl men may 1 e ini-takon, in the .-t.i"e or prn;re.s of thuib-cnM-. Hem e, lei no pct-on de-pairof telief, until he ha- made a lair 1n.1l of 1 lie l.ilv Syr ip. This medicine operate hy promotin; a rico mm ca-v otpecloraiinn, llierel y ficein; the bin;, and throat Irom vimm! ph'ezm, nu I .-cii;ihcnin; the par's and frceiu; litem from iull.ima'ory nelion which constitute- the di-ei-c of Pulmonary Coii-iiinpiion. The Syrup i entirely free from a IV mineral subsume, and purely and may lie taken with per ect -nfetv hy the inn-i I'clio.ile ooii-titulinn-. It is hi;hlv reeoiiinieii !e I to lime- who hive weal. Inn1.-. 'Teacher. 01 performer- of vocal will fin I it of niv.ilnal le u-c totlicm, hy 1 - srlv inir srie-it trcugh an I swce'iu'ss 10 the lone. of 111 wo, an I en abling the per-on to pel form Willi urea' e.'fe. I'nllie speaker-and de! a'er- will Im.l it ol nival .a' le -ei-viee to them. Tin- In- 1 een thoro ishly and-wve -I illy ip.iel l.vnl.le nliv.ieian-. nil 1 hy tilt r a Iviee I- now prepare I an I o'erel lo the p il lie, lo -pe.i- Mr iimm in the ca i-e ofnllhelo 1 li im.iniiy. And nriy hi- who 1,1 I tin- mor inii.ii':ilitv nfel.iv to open the eve. ol 1 the blind, im'.e it a Me.-iii!! to the li nn in l.imily, ami the ireat objeet of the proprietor will le neeum plihe.l. All meheiiie -ho ill le civen .ic-orlina lothe-nn- ntioii of Ihe pitieut ; and, il in udi re I 1, a -inal'rr n miilily than when- there i- ( on-u'erable -Iren; h. 'I heihre-lion on be bollle may I eta' en a-a general rule : but if taken for a Ion; -t l'ndor; eousrli, it may I e nercarv to ta' e a ueieh !ar2erdo efor-ouieone oi two ilay-', an 1 even ol euer moil an expe lura'ion I product',! that will I e fuf and'ei-y. When there i. m-ieli nnhtne.- ot the rhe-l. il will -'omeMlue. iiuna-e the co'iili for a il.iv or Iwo; in which ca-e, the pilieul hhonl I like the r-yni.i iiioiefieely, even until it -hould nroil ice a - It-zlt lia'i-ea ( f I he .-lomach He nee 1 not If ir any harm from ,-ti'di .eie, ttiou. I wivil I uy lo nil who p'irelia-e th . lienie lorn e, that they have but Iiule hop' i.t Ivin; leneiit e l I yi', uufe- i m la'.r l -:ea lily u hen il i- commence I Willi. Some have taken II once a d iv, then twin-, then not any for two or three day-. I cannot av that -neb wom! I I e likely to receive much 1 enelit from it ; but if mien rcsularly, il i- eminently eile ilice.1 louproia th.- di--ra-e, and to re'ore lo hoiiii I binlth. 1' i-thee.irnc t tV.ire of I he propr.e.or to h ive every one that ice- tit lea-t onoboHlc of it flea lily aceordm; li ihedrv lion.-, in coiiiiicnieate the re- ill to the pcr.-ou ol wl i lie purcli.ied the niediciiic. The prour e or i- pnvileje.l to refer tothefnllovMiic per oa ho have u-iil the l.ilv Syr ip, an I uhovvll lie happy lo Rive inl'mni illon of it- Mipenur healing power-,' to any wi-hin; lo know more at out il. Mr. CrilKii'ii, oneof Ihe ill in of i:. K. Sinilh it Co., whole ale an I iel.ul mer diant, i:xidMiigi,-ftrpj,) l.,..l....,..M l.l.r.1nt" nl lb(. l'lll?-. Ilev. K. ''fucker. I'a-tor of s,e.-ond Ilapn-t Ch irch, Ho 'die ler. l1... . Irc..rtnn- ft.r a had coc'h. Mr! rilo I lard, of the linn ol S anwood iV Co. I ook - Ml'cr-, comer ol It i laio anu r-ia:e -irceis, auwo. Mr. .1. M. French, Norih street, Kovlic-tor, lor tl.c Mr.'So'ithworih, Stone-M reet, Itrlw-vr, fcr lad c-n i.rli. Mr. Hu' ert M'Kiblcn, Monroo--trect, Uoche.ter, w a -evereati lalarmui'n'ca-eol I lie noo,ui);-coucu I'. Il.irn.'.rl, l.'-rpire, oilice in courl-hon-e, in s ea-c of vvlioripins-i-ei'iali m hi- family. Captain W. 1). Fi5h, for a caseol l'hlhl-ic in hi' c,;i,- llv! Mr. Clarl;, Pa-tor of the Rapti-t Church, I.e liev. Mr V. Church, Faster of the lir.'t Bapli-i Church, Koehe-ter. Captiiti A. IJut'.on, for Haemorrhage o A (5. Smith, ca-hier of Mechanics and Farmer' flatik. Iloche-ter. L. V. Sibley, i f ihe firm of Pil ley it Serantom, iVy cnrl mcrcliant- and aiie:wncer.,'Un.l'alo-rtrecl Hcv. A. Kms-Iey, Pa-tor of the Ilapttft Church at nciic-tvr. ttpe. .Tacob Kiiano. Kvan"ell-t. Mr. T. llunn. Carrtasu Maker, St. Pi'il-Mrect, Hiram Tucker, a'torncy at lnw, ltfhe-lt-r. Mr. Thoma- Ahman, paver, Ro. he-ler, who ha received a-toiiifhin; relief. l'Iei-e inrj ore ol Itev. Thoma-Carlton, M. i:. Ch. ltoche.tcr. A. S'lvl, (bleeliu; at Inns-) l.ockport. H, Miner, We.t lleunelta, Miinne Co. l'rofe-or .Metimni-, llainiln n 'I heol. Sem'y. ttev. U'vi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio, n. W.Cook-. " " iCP'l'he Proprietor ha I een ofered ctrtitiea'e nl'll.i- ahove "I'ntlcllieil ! be prell'lblllJ tlin-o wl-liin? inlorinalion, wouhl call oil them per Y' PKCK JtSPKAIt, A sent for tin- lection. OTIC lii-';CiMi' heme i le-t known by tin- .1 cure- It perforiiK.jJ I. Newton'.-Panacea, r Pnrilier ol'lhe Hlood. 'Ihe unparalleled and fill icre.t-inirrepumtion which ihi- medicine hanciair 1 throimho it the New llifalan I Slate-, nnd llicm.iny nre- it ha- performeil, nn J Ihe sreal demand in idi r it by tliendviceorphv-icl.ini well nequaiutiK. Willi - preparation, ha- indieel the proprietor to extend eiMill.ilion in almo-t every town in the eastern late nud the priueipnl towii- III the (uiited Slate-. hi- P.inaeei- warrantor piueiy vesetai te,auu i not triiaedlv any oilier medicine ever n'lereil to the libeled a it- CNten-iie -ale nml Rreat popularry ilninly prove. It ha-vvilhui the lut eiirhtecn month- lieu It-lliou-nn I-oi me iiio-l oo-uu.oe iii'iii't'i u- iil le prove 1 by certilicale.j and i prrmounced by iiinent nil I pny.-icinu- uiu i e-i invjicoic u.-e. l' H inlurniaiioii may i e lounu in circo.ur inniiniii; eerlificali- of cure? nnd direction- for ta ns tin! medicine. The follow-in; appointed airenl.. lluiluiStoit, PKCK nnd SPF.AR, K. iMoody All nn-, Corn-an I ll i-sel Millon, C. Drill e ilion Fall-. II mid and Sawyer Watcrville, r-k id llrown, lline-burih, Mull mil Cook l-.tirl.ix, irkcr and Mallielil Verpennc, Aii.iin- mvi .Murray Cam1 ridpr, M. Wire Fiulerhill, M. C. Harney th Fern-I ursh, II. (:. Wtckei tiennia, A. liii- toit, N. Chilteiiden l!ichnionil,(ireenoiltliO'U;. lohn-on, (. I.. Wainernnd C Mouktnn, l.ih.iu in li 11a' cr-licld. Ariiiiniioii and Woodwaf I Fair- i l.!, II unci nnd Fnrn-worlh. e.o.p.l.IIIB ri.i)MV sas'ii - T T Jnl received l 20 and -it 7 by 8ca.emenl ot ash. a firsl ra'e article nl 31 and 3i cent- per liihl i nl-o all kin I- nnd-ize-, birni-hc'l lo order. I iconilcro.'a lilaci; lei I, a lir-t rale arlicle, for -ale very low, tose'lier Willi a ureal variety of other arli- loimd at any o'ther e-tal li-h-tii.o. I'r.Ti-.r.-QN-. "T r HATCH would inform llio in- VV hahiiinils of lliirhiiL''oii mid vt c. nil v, lliat ho has opened n shop in Chinch Mrict, at the H!?n of llic Kille, vihcrc heintinds lo carry on the (iim cim'ili Itii-'iicq. iii nil iti various branch- rs. Ilavni" Ihcii eninloveil for Ihe last kiv vi :irs in the fllon of J. M. Caswel in I.aii.-inahurch, (nnd. mhli illy ihe beft shop in the I'nitcd States,) he feil- war ranted m olf rill'' his worh to the public. lurlmston, June 1, 1SI1. prc i u I mo t favor ible ternif m the. v.niou. thea' ovehne. Shop oppo-ite Mr. C. A. Seymoiii' rear 1 eel, ll.illiuploll, V I. JA.MI2- SCOTT. April I, 15)1. ut.tily I lauchcs in Hal Slore, r krtain cuiir. roit sn;ic ih.adauhi:, V J IV till' h Ins been u-ed in families, every member of whieli Iia3 had pick headache from infanry, ns a con-titiitininl family cijinplaimfimii hi cured cucc- ttnlly muvtry insnuccyet known, nuiutintin lo ma ny hundreds. It i- tint unpleasant to the taste, and I. ies not prevent thcdnly avocations ot onuiiMne n itinu-t liepersevereil in, ami ipe cine is jiniuuio, u u iinm and iicrnnncut. lutatices are cnn-tauiiy ,,.,,l,;,,l, ,,w,lir,M,i iliitrcsf-ini' coiiinlnint is coui- i,. ,i. i'.i;",,..l nml ennd. althounh of vcata 'tandiii" ! ' . J c. .1...'. l.l 1 ....... .1.. Iln,. iytlienBeoi wr. opono ichim.hcm .-i.i.... IcctilL'U pt i lereucc i- n picii-iio i m .i. nntimi . n. ct ii cointuon i iu?s. Itisiiporfecllysall-liHlorv, llial tue iiroprienir mo ivcndirceli,itistor Ins.T.'eiU'tn refunil llie pi tee to any one who is not pleaseu wiiii, uiiu u i ioi,, i.i il. lie hopes uU" that this may secure il-pri at hi n efits inthci!i-lrcKcd "iillerer vvho aiclnliiriu:.'uiiilrr Headache. I- SPOHN. M. 1)., invenior ami i ro- New Vnr'c. PP.CK i'i S I' F. A II, ho e-ale Al-ciiis afew doors east of the rost uince, nuiuu; ton, Vt. TVHTHlllittTS! A ninilrmnn bdonvin 1 oneof Ihe inot ancient anil wealthy l'.innl es ol i- cue. who must be. well known to numerous fnem!.- , i -.iicn t ic v enr m m. ui lorcec v. itco ociii ally double, and for several years coitlineii to ms d. has been restored to mj d health has rcsraineil is natural erect i.osilion aim lias quuicu ius i"e. am now wa La Willi ease!! We liclicvellns I- iCL'en lenian'-own tlescription as near ns possibh ,,l tlii.ri.ia no i-vnfTfrcr:itinn ill It. e VV ll LMVCIIinUl rsb s address, anil ibuilit not Humane lectin:; win vc sc Ihe hint tv: so mat any one uouomir, ni.iy noir these facts hoiiah he rcipicsts bis name may u)t appear in print. Anion'.' oilier instances, . Hcynolds 1 11 Christie-fticct, lias bciu rc-torcd, ril will liivo personal a-suraocis to mo nn. m m l.v. Ilolh were rheumatism, and contracted cords nil sinews. Ilowhas ilus I ceivdoncT Answer. Iln the Imimi 1 rsreluhlc r.lixcr in- lernalh, ami J lares' iVerienm ifuite Liniment -xlermdhj. .Inn. 29, 1811 : .ui.( oi,fi i, tiiv ip e.t., i juutfiLi, Lure. Sue v0i,. no PF.CK it NI'CAI!, Wliohalo Auenl. n few- doors eai of Ihc Post Ofltce, ISiirliuiz'on, Vt. WILLIAM V I UO-1 IT'S INDIAN IMIItf:.VTlVr. IMI.LS, Kiit'irdiJ Vigclnlilc. MAM.'FAC'll'ltld) iin ler the inuneba't" -upeiin. tin'enceof VV'ilbainWri'.'h'.vice-iire.ident ol the Xnrllt American CVoirr of Health, for Ihe treatment and cure of deca-e- m lln- form of liilbou- and Ner-vo'i- Fever-, .Mea-le., .Small Pox, Pain, in llie -ii.iiiael.. I nek an 1 -i le. Coii.umiitn n, l)roi-v,Scrof. da, Cancer, .S.utiins if Hloml, ,, IM , l),.irrti.,v 1. Dl-.i-lllarV. CtillC-. llv.-OCU- -ia. Palnitnl'iin of the llcail, ricer.- and sire of every kind, if.. e I 'or -a'e 1 v PI'.tuC .t SIM:.i:, llnlin-ton. W. II. IIOI.LV. Wdli-iou. W. .1. lU li il.A.V, llmc.l.ur;li. .1. II. IIAIdll'll'T. Wc-tf rd. OFFAT'-S Vi:0t:i'.MH.K MKK MCDICINKS. lTjl The-e tnwbcine-are indeltel for tlie-tr name lo llieir liianife-t an I -eii-il'le nition ii purifyina the irin;-nn I ehaiinels of life, and endiini; ilium wilh renewel lone and viffor. In lii.iny h indrc I eerliliu'l ea.e.whicli have lien made p il lie, and In nlmosl eiery specie- ofilict-ii lo which the human frame l li,ible,the h.ippy.u'eei of.MorrAT'i Pill and Pim-.nIx llliTr.n- have been srealf'illyand pulliily ne;iiowled;ed by Ihe per-on- I enclille.1, mil who were previou-ly unacquainted with the beautifully phi losophical priiicip'e- upon which they nru compound 0l, nml upon which ihcvcon-cqucnlly net. Hie Lit-J. .vil.iiie-i.i.3 lecoounejiu litem. eive in li-ea-c-of every form and ile-eripiion. Their first operation i- t; 'oo-eil Irom llie eual-ol Hie .-toinacli llll'l OOWe'l, Hie V .TIOur imp ii inv. aim ciuuiuc- ciui- -tantly seilluiu aioiind theminnd toreinovelhe har denel face- vvlncli collei-t ill the convolution- of the mrilli..i inte.imi-: O.her nie.bcme- only parliallv clean-ethe.c, and leave Mich eollectoil inn e I e-hiiiiL a- loproil.iee liai'ituaieo-iivcncss, wun an u train oi evil-, or-iiddeu tli.irrhiea, wilh il-iniinineiit ila;cr...n Thi- fact i well known lo all re-solar aualonu'.t-, whoexaiiiiiietheh iinan I owel-ntierilcath j nii-I hence the prcpidiccnf those well iuformeil men acaiii.t n-iack nie.heiiie. or ineJieuie- prepared and her.tliiel to ihepul bel v i;nurnul per.-on-, 'Ihe M-coiid elect nl Ihe Life .Me-'lieine-i-to t leaivcthe kidney- and llie bind 'e-r, 'and by thi- mean., llie liver ami the-lull'.'-, the heal hlulac'ioii of iv Inch eiitirclydepeitd-upon the ii vulaniy of ihe urinary or;au.. The ldood, which tnkcr- redeolor froin'the nL'einyol the liver ami the bin;-1 elore it pae- into the heart, I ein; ilm- purified by Ihein, nn. I noun- lied by fool rutning from a clean -louiach. eour.-e- ficely iliro-i;h the Vein-, renew- every pari oftl.e -v-tein, nml Irminptianlly lnoiint ihe banner ol health in llie bloomiu; cheek. Mo.l.n'- i'21-lable Llie .MCilicine. have I icn thor oughly te-te I, and pronounced a -overei2ti leniedyfor l)y.pei.ia, l-latuleiiey, i-..ipiniion oi ineuearl, i.o of Vn.iciiie. Hc.irt-biirn and llea l-ache, I!e-tle.snc- lll-leniper, Anxiety, I. ni'.'ior mil Melancholy, Convene--, Diarrhiri, Cholera, Fever- of all J.irtb, t ie mini. to. lio n, lirop.iesoi sin kioii., tiinvei, Worm-, A-llim.i and Cim-uuiptioo, Scnrvv' I'hcr' Inveler.ite Sore-, Scorbutic Kruplioii-and Had Com-tilcMou-, Fruitivc eoniplaini-, .-allow, Cloudy, and iiiii I'L'd'. i: .i.iii ii, a,, .it-, ....ii iu. i,,,. ..i t - iii- da-, Common Cold- nml Iiillnctizrt, nml variou-otlu r ouiiil.iiut- which nllhcl Ibeh fiame. In nn I Ar.i'K.pnrlicnlarly, llie Life Medicine- have I een ino-l emineii'ly -uei e..-f il ; so mm li so that In the Fever an I A;neih-triet., Pliy-ician;, almo-t uiiiverf.illy pre-crile them. .vii in it .nr. .no l.ll require- in in- puocui- I- in ic parlicular in t.i'.m; the Life Medicine- stricily accor dm; lo the do-ec'ioii.. Ili-nota ncw-paue'r nolicc, or byanvthin;llict he him. elf mny-ny inlheir favor, llul hcl,Oic-10 ;;it in ciehl. Hi-alone uy the re-ult.. of a fur trial. MOFIHT'S .MFIHCAl. MANTAl.i ile-i;iicd a-a .In'iie.iii- ir iiileiohe.ii'h. Tln-liitle iMinoh'c'. ed'it-d I... W. Il Mn iln. '!7 llro-.ul.iav. New York, h.l- I iiiilli-helforlhe purpo-e ofexpl.iinui; moref l!y Mr. Mo !al'-theory of di-ea-c-, and will It- lound hi;hly intcre-tin; lopersi ee-Vin; health. It lieat- upon prevalent di-ea-e-, nmltbei-au-e- llicieot. rriee .....ii ror-nli. I v Ir Mi i!'- A'-'fiil-e-eucrnlly. These vabuble Melicuie. are lor mlel y OFOI'I'.F. I.. WAKN Tit A Co. John-! n, v I., Ascnls, DR. TAYIOR'S n a i. s a m op i, i v !: n w o n T, Oh-ervc when vou boy ihnt vou pel the yCiiiime, prepared nt 375 liowery, N'ew York. Sec that 3fj llovvi ryNe-w York I. on the wrapper of each Dottle. All other-are Fraud-nnd sold only by speculator-, without re;ai-dt(i.iulice,toiho pub'lic.or the proprietor- of Ihe genuine article. IOU Con-iimption, and I.tver complaints, tlyspcp . sta, dizinc--oflhc head, lo-s of iimictile. fiv-scn- .taryfand general R'gulater of the whole -y-teni. ione genuine i.ui llial pre-p.irtM at 37.1 novvcry, New York, where the article wa firM mailt-, thechar ae erofthe tnelicine formed nnd e-laLhshed by ihe pre-cnt so'e proprietors, nml vvhoare the only pe:r-pn-kiio.wiii(t ihe- cotnpo-ition of the genuine. It In-1 ecu n-cil Micce-.f Hy for ei;ht year- in flie e;ure 'of these disca-o-. liCJltcnienil t r'lbe nriirjual nnd i-,made only nt No. 375 Ilowcry, New York. All other- are'e-ounleifeit. ' ' Cnnsumnlion ami T.iner Cnmtililinl I A a iit-iicral reinely for the-e ilisea-c-. I ntn f illy -ati.fie.l, from loop experience, there i no medicine evialtolV. Taylor'- llal-ani of Liverwort. Ilcing pine V" ve;el,ililt- 11 t an hen-e I Willi the ntmo-t -atety I y nil pe.-on in every e-omtition. It eleane- the hut;:. I.v expectoration, relieve- tlillicnlt bre.illitn;, and-eeui- to heal theclie.t. 'I here- can I c 110 nuo.-l 1011 hut thi- medicine if a certain euie for t hronie couph nnd cold-. I have ii-cd il four year- in my practice, ami nlwnv..vvi!hMices. A.'F. liOtiT.H'S, M. I). Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Tnvloi'.- ll.i .am of Liverwort to Le m PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrficlci too will known to need comnien dajion and the experience of seven years mis demonstrated to the commercial community, that for necuraey, convenience and ilurahility, they are unrivalled Coal van! scales to vveich from It lo C Ion. Dormant Warehouse ilo. to vvci-'h from l-'J lb to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1-2 07. to 200 lbs. PortahlcOountcrdo a new article to welsh trout t-2 02. to4Ulbs. J. it J. H. Peck et Co. AginU, Purlincton, April 8 1911. 1 li.-(M'. !3l IJI'I'll.tlS. lliuy b' w n-ed in Wineor water. 'I he-ecelel latedbiller purely of ve;c able- i f tin- mot I11110 cent vet ..pecilii! virlut-.. I bv are recointnemleil par- lie ilarlv for le-torin; weak eoii-lilulion-. clean-in and ftreuittlii-iiinir the .-toinacli, utvl iiiciea-1111; the appetite al-o n pievenlalivcniftin-t the cholera mor bo--, fever and a;ue. lemovni; nau-ca, votuitiii'-' acerlain re-iuedy for ihi-i-ouipbinil, a- I have u-cd il heart hurnin;,veaknt-- in ihe I rea-t, pain in the iiiv.eil lino lounu us e 'eel- mi llulliiilialf. I vvn- 1 -toinacn unu inner .-yiupiouif 01 o.oiiie-iivcuiiu ncui.-- muih troubb-il until I inatle ti-oofibi- iniiheme. lion. One Lov. will tincture one gallon, friceaj CI M. I.. HI XSIIAW. oil M.nmin -f. .1 ,0. HoarfCne-. Ciur For ihc ei re of hoar-ene- 1 Itt' Itch OtNTMr.Nl. Thi- choice and safe cn.i -lroio'tv ri-ccoinmciiil r. ' :- iic t.i .nm r.n.iv- onitnieut l s.ll- 10 e -uocrior o ally now in ll't'. 101 iTwnrt. I bavi-not onlvlniiiul rri.;ii 1 enelit inv-.e f. I hat t in2recab!e ii lid loa: h-ouic o fen -e, llie I I l.ll but many of my oon;rc;.iti u by nu- rccommenda- Thi- Ointment I- -o ceartaui in it- operation that no noil nave tecievtii reni i en cut irom us virtue-. 11 i- i pcr-ou iio-u-icu won im- mun- ui-imui .m,.,u h. . aioticf mi'il .i.ilic:tcin.i.nii,t l.nrmli.... I without it. Il i- a i elite lv lor cutaueo'i- eruption ul-.V .A., l.l.vv I.--, t -eorliutlc irierllull- til ttie neau, or any outer Mciii.iuy SevercCou. is an I Cold have had n mo-t -e- out which iiri-cs from sharp humor- m the I looii vere coM ami cote-h. lor a Ion; nine which I eoulil met- i el-, a I ox CONWAY MEDICINES. rpill-: Sul-criler W. L. KIDD1.I!, Rive- noticts J- that he ha- nt.'cred the, late T. Kidder in Ilia preparation of the well known CostVAt Medicine-. nnd will heieaftcr pive particular nltenlion lo th preiiaration of the follovviiit; article', ihc lung- e labliKlicd celelitty ofwhieli, pieclude- the nece-M'ty of a re-publication of the- numerous etititicatc la i lie liaiui- ol the proprietor. Dnct; t ebb's Illieuinatlc I.liiltncnt. I or Khc iinaii-m. Ilr.iiie-. Snrain-. Nombnct.. Chilblain-, Sli.lncs- in the joints, &c, will airorj tbu iiiOfl unexpce'eil Ami immediate, relief in the lno-t ob-tiuate case- if Hbo iniati.m, in a few hour.-J t Ills article is openly reeomnicnileM hv I liy-ician-. 1 ho .uinueniis uoneup nieiilargeJ Pottles. I'riee 37 l-Clltf. . Dumfries' Itcli Ointment; The c.Meti-ive -ale and cstabli-hcd renutation tA llCMritlrV ITCH niiTMl-MT. I'llf n,..l ith tlx. rr,l or.eior to recommend it lo the nul lie with renevvej toulidenc", a- the mo. I innocent and powerful rem- e-jy tor Hi'- annoying tli-ej-c; ilcouiaiiH no mer cury, or any other tianernis in;rc-aieutj ana cart i e uppiieu nt all tiniest Willi pcrieci talety. 1'rie 25 cent- u Uox . llcmcily fur the Piles. The eonciirriu; tt-iimonv of relieved naticntu Irom till quarter., ti-tifym; to Ihe cure- elected by (he inu.lieuie afier all other- had ladud, tofclhcr with the incrcain; ileinand for the uricle- Irom all parts of the ennuiry, prove it lo I u one ot tue ino-t vaiirau spevilie- known for tin- troul.lcfonie complaint. liJ-.l vjicrgynian vvrue- not set ridof. Af er ii-in; many u-e't-- thin;- I tii ed'Tnylor's I Sal -am of Livervyor'l, an I il cured me u tew nay-. J.. It. ivi-,iiiii.uv.iv. 11.1 1-ms of Ulood Al o it two vvci-kf a;o I had fall, wiich rnu-i-J nie to -pit larse uualitie- of I looil win. li notion; coulil cult- until 1 liteu nr. lavior - I! il-ain ol'l.iverworl. Tin- medicine ;.ive me inline I v t-. bom all order- from any part t.l tl.e Male oi .inula, will I e promptly att-wered. 1 "l - '7l UAGA1! ARTHUR, General A;ent- for JIo at'- u lel ia:e.l medicine. owhoniall nppbcnl' for ageh-it-i inutile ml i e I. lbirlm;'o:i,.!an.23, 1812. nO . Crorlicrv and (Ilass arc. IT.W set - White- flratute Ware, also Class V Dishes and Plates, Dccjutcrs, Tuuiblcrs.l.ainpf, l-c. for sale vcty low, hy S. M. POl'I-.. " l'OHM). may ho found in tins villatre, ihrcctlv opposite V, t tl,n Mcihn.lkt nhnncl. nn OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up m cood style, where tlto undersigned will be tjlad to wait on his old customers vvho may favor linn with their patroimfre. Uuilu H. v. llurlington, April 23 1S11. I?OI.l.lCTT HHAlli:V have jus- receivetl and oiler for sale at ihe lowest prict s for cash or approved credit, a lar'c and well sclecteii assortment of Oioccrits, consisting in part of llio following:: 5 llluls at Uroix s icar, 10 do Porto llico tlo 10 do New Orleans do 50 Tas llio Coll'ce, 30 do Java tlo 50 Iloxes soap, 25 do superior tlo 25 tlo Ultra tin 20 Kes salt Petrc, ISiliT 5III1 Slimes tilid Hollin; Clitlis, I PAHt of French T.urr Mill Stones and a com "pleli assortntenl of Holtm; Cloths, from a cih brand M-inufai-tnrv in Holland, for -sile nt reduced price-, by FOLI.F.TTo: IlllADLl.Y, Agents UOV. i'J. 1 1 litl St Cio:x Hum. 5 Pipes llollain1 Gin. 25 qr casks Malaga Wine, 50 lloxes Pipes, 20 lliijf Pepper, 20 tlo Pimento, 25 KcL'-piire- Cingcr, 25 do llaifins. price. LOVLV iV SYMOUR. I frnin Xi'iv York a laipc assort- nicntofCarpetingaof evciy Kind quality anil 1'n.ilish nru-rclls. a nrcat varictv.of Daltf rtis Ocln- gon and Drub Persia F.oor Od Cloth fioni '3-8 to S-4 wide, Hush Maliins: from 4-4 to u'-l wnlc, Uu;;s Manilla anil Alacanl Malls, Stair Hods etc. Also, French and American Paper Ilnnginus, n larccr assortment than was cvei before otIV reel in this place and at prices lliat cannot lad to suit purdiasirs. Nov. 19ih 184L rf II F. snh-criher has n lahge stock of School X Hooks an I Paper. Merchants, School conimit'ccs c. furnished on the most liberal terms. Hags nnd nost Uinds of country produce received in payment. Nov. 20. U. ( J. TRY 6 N , nilAIMt AM) TAll.OIt, WOULD once more re-iuiud his eu.toiners that lie continue tocarry on the above biisinc-s in all ts vaiiois branches al hi- Old Stand on St. Paul street, ncarlhe Kii-copal Ch irch, and in fisht of ihe r'.ii..i...m......i. Tii nnlful for oa.t favor-. 1 1 1 en v-IIIVH, Ulllllill, . . , tomcri are oliuifol o conlim.c iheir patrdiia?. and manv view tine aru much de.-ircd. The iiewc.-l I Ufh- ion- promptly received. ftiltinw ilnrui,,, n nl Int cllCfl n for fash. I have on band mnie old accounts which I rhotild Ike toexehanatelor catfi. Nov. 12, 1841. DOCT. MAKSUAIiIj'S Aroni ilic, C.itan h mid Headache SNIFF. This Mini li- superior lo any thin; vel known, for leinovin; that 1 rem I le-ome th-- i-.i-e, the Catarih, and al-o a cold in the ! cad, ami the hcada'-he. it opens an.l purjie- out all oo-tiin-noii-, tien;i lieu-Hit- l.,an I Hive- a heailhy aiToo In l In n.irt. n It-ciisL 11 i- o' ifecllv iiei froui unv ibiu;ile!c- terio-is in it- eoinpOfitiou ha- u t Itw-ani II ivtir, ami its inline batee ,ri", after I em; n-e.1, is abgK-eable. Prit ell? eeills per bottle. Doct. Mar-halTs Ve.'einb'o Indian Illaek PLASTFII. 'Ihi- Pla-tcr is onrivalletl lor ciirni; fcrofilou- swel lin;-, S urvy Hore-, Lame Hack, and Fre-h Wound- iiaiii-in the side-, llip-aml Luiil an l.elilom fail- to 'ive relief in local l!he unati-in.. Il applied to llie -i wil i"ire many of ihet-onunon Liver Complains; and i- t- rial, if not superior, to tiny thin; in ice for com- on ihe feel , the virlut-of tin- I l.l ler have 1 1 wilncjcdlv ibo-if.ind- of individual- in the- Fni'ed S-u'o.. who haviite-lel ilf etliciicy. Sold I villi- pro prietor) i lia-. Ilowen, .viiiiu.e-iiury, v I., anu riiKcc spr. vn, II in,'irliii3t t- A I.AHOF. nssortnienl of llrnss Keiths, Vices, 2i..nvils.Tracu Chains, Halter do. etc. etc. isoflerei for salenl prices which (nnnotfail lo tun nislnmits hy i-'oi.i.i rr.f- miAui.i-.v, iNOV. iJ, i'ULiV IMJIilMIUIl LYiMAN & COLE FT A V I' riceive', in n.i lition lo their fur -lock- II Dry (ioods, an extensive a -Miriucnt if Fall in I Will rr tii od- ', union.' winch will I e- lo ml i variety t.l arm le. I r l.a lie-' Cloak- ; Apia v. Li-lte, a very pretty ar.icle; All'tn-ea fill. 5.irr (iiii1 le-t Plain lilac!; Alrir.e, FisM do., Saiiu Daina-l , lirvchclli, Pcr iau Cloib, 1 icncli, ( and Knsli-h, Mo i eoiiei'i- lame and prime .Sixinie-, a sreat vart'ty and low priced j Goat'.- Mini- anu iinuatioiivaini ie'. SILKS. A fmall a-rrtment of in h lij'd nndflri'pd Sill. Heavy llhiel; Canton, 'iroi'e .-.Vvi-. and other sill;.- SHAWLS. Lupin'-1 e-t 'carle-, I lack, white, nnd colored: few extra sie Wor-lelfbaw I-, tilove- and llo-iery a lar;e a-n rtincnt i an iiiri-n.illy lar;t- a-forlinenl'ol ... . , . i .. i i . i .vmericau prim-; i icuco auur.ueii.n oo. 1) UMHS Tl V O ODS. Cotlon -Ini-ins mi l fbirlin;; 'Tieki. ; and Wai Im; ; ISic.iibcd Cotton anil. vlcirnitacsheotiii;. very low. 7M , on S TIUMMlXas. Wor-tel lluidni;, f ilk tlo. Lar;e rmind and square Mohair Con's lor overeoaif : -ilk Conl lor tire--coal Wor-lel and mT; .S'n;e; li;orel m'II; mil elvcl ll'ttton-, pew fig no; n-wuifr -ilk, Tw it iind'Tlui-a 1; 'a 'din;, Canva , tv t-cin-, 1 ol d Jean-, l.iowii ami lilac'. Linen; Vor.led plat I lor raciu;: Ibittou- fir over coal-, iVc. A varielj ofiiehtU- Latin-, Ch.illy, silk, ami new IvIeFancyllkf.. ami Veil-. J ROAD CLOTHS. Heavy doll lc iin'lcd llroa I (loth-; ll-avcr and Pilot Clolh-j Hit h Diamond Heaver Cloth-; al-o a eiieral iis-orlincm ol II ulo;loii .Villi (.loth., (ieutleiuen nn I Ladie. are invite I lo call mid exam ine our veivex't nsiw a-.-oilinent, which we o.ler nt it-1 it-i-.l price- Inr i a.h. Iliirlinglou, 22 U.-l. 111. GEOHGE II. PECK, Attorney ami Counsellor at Iav, two noons ejiiiT or the tost oinct.rr staus. Refer to Messrs. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, llarrlster and Attorney at Taw, tltt in the iffiee of the Hm. Solicitor Oen'l Pay) UTILE ST. JAMES'S STItKET.

Montreal, I Nov. 1841. Reference in Hurhngton, to OIIAWXS ADAM.S, imitrr..' Tv A. lilt A MAM. J ii lai has in hand nnd is receivin large u n I well Fcleo itl iifsorlmtni of nr I lc in his line for llio Fall TltAlin, con ifling of all kind t-choul Hooks, and valoallo anil popular woilc me most recent pip. u.-aliotis, ALSO A new supply of Wank Hooks, consisting of Leg rers. Jo irnnlt. I)iv. Tuvnici. Note, nn.l lldl Hooks of all sizes, in full nnl half lending Cap and I.cncr paper, of Ihe best kin.l, Druvvinc, Tissue. Morn-ct Mar' le. lllMtinir. and ether varieties nf naoer. Ink Quill', Slates, HontKt Hoards, Pencils, Sand lloxes, Lct'cr .S'lainpj, red Tape and Stationery generally. n great vane y, uci. i., ri"VHF. Hitrlincioti Htcwcrv i- now .L in full nneialion, and Heir of the verv best tmalltv is ki Pt coll if,iiiJl si.uiuv on o in. i lor fait- in iiuic ei I' in rr.. 1 II 1 " ! Si )X. Oct. T.l, ISlt. rvlATUHirS (iliA.Ml KI.VIOIiA'UVi:. '1 III a.1 v-.i'i .tl le Vegc'alle Mc-h . e lan I- tiurivallet' for the following t-oiupla-iil-, vi7. : Dv-.-pe-p-ia, or ludi t-.lion.di.e.iied Liver, bdio i-di-order.. Diou.v. A-lh ma, i;o-nvene., vv orio- nun 10-- ol .vppetiie. anil ly; llie -lomacn ami I tiwci-, cute- p-iin- m Hit' I, lc, Ii ami I ic.i-t, colli- anu etiu;h- ol bm landmi:, lloar-ciic-f, fbortnc- of I re.ilh. Ncrvou complaint-, ''to., whieli aiefii-.-ineiitlv llie- e ect ol th- l or l evermnl A;t.e, it i-a luo-l valuable pre ycutattve as vvell as a ftierei;n tvmedv. Il virtue rpa-- any thin; hcrelt foic known in icinoviii; St v no.- iiauie, two i otite-have t ecu I-iiown to euie thi- al!lictm;ili-c.iK', nfer having I alih.fl every exer lion loriour vcar-. it ha-a mo-t powcilul inlha-tu in removin; ncrvou- ct mplauil.. Ill - plea -a ut total. iml -oea-y m it- operation, lliat it may I eailiniin-ieri to llie iiitanl Willi Milety. I lit- uhovo .VHtheuie i- verv . Ill V lecomniemVd Iv in.iuy -cieiililie ;enlleiucu I ti Mr;e nunil er of ad e. w bo have provei III vu-ti.e- oftl.e Medicine I y pcr..t.ual rst-c lid that of ihcii I'.iiuibcf. A I ill ofi eriiii'ca'e- accompar ie-eaeh 1 utile, wiihthree'ioii-. It may le had who'tvtde or relail ol llriiain, Harre, nud .1. C. Farnatii, I!.i-t Willianu- lowu, v I. -ole propnei- r-. Fiep.ircil froui the origin il recipe; lor rale I y L. II. Pienli..., .Monlpclier, and Pr.ei; iI-Hitak. II u-linglcn, nud in Ihe principal town- in the -taleptll llie -non- Hgue I in Ihe haml vvritins ot llie proprietor llus ri.i.'s Vi.iii-.T.vai.r. Hin-iofs Pn.i.s, or family physic, lor ;cucrnl ipe, in ca-e ol Jaundice, morl itl -en- ll liny ol the- -lomacu mi i oowci-, 10 oi .ipi'ciuc, fa" id I te'alh, co-tiveiie-., Pile-, and all ilbca-e. mi f rem I iliary ileran-jement-, al-o I ir eorreciin; the -la f ihe I loo d, and cleau-in; llie -yiem ot loul and yi-ci'l humour-. 'Ihe e pilb- are a mild en hate relief and in a very short tunc e iecieJ-nn eutne thanie, pioducin? neilhi r p mis nor e-rtpin;, ami are Let all oer-on- Irv it IIFO-II MC OAKVF.Y,3l Cannon n. Dr. laylor - llil-am ot Liverwor' I In-fin.erior lortloea-e. ol lie- Ion;- an I livir ha- ohtain- 1 a re luln'ioii never I clotec pialled. Remarkable. Cure of Cansitmntion . . wa.-ont-ar her death with tin-ih-ca-e. llial my friends -out for .1 pr c-1 toconfe-.- lue t ie I t'ie 1. lie in hi- nur'V. lold lue not to give up until I Incd Dr, i'avlor'- I'nl-am t.f Liverwort. I .-cut pumeiWttolv fortlti- ine.hciiie, an 1 although the ennte-.t for a few lav-I e-Ivvce'ii ihi-ineJicuic. and my di-ea-e vya- vere , the incdieiiiet'otiuiieied, mid in a liTini;ht I wa- ie-toredloli'-.illli. I bad a eo igb, r.ii-iu.- ofin.u ter, lo-- ol my voice, pain-, vvi-akiiu-v, iVc. 1 can ie fee lo Doctor v il-i n, in the ( arllon Ilou-e, for lb truth ofiuy ftii'enu-ut. MAH 1 DILL, 10 h -Ireeteor. Iiewate oi ii-ii'io.. oi j t nveniie. Summer Complaint. The tlal-ain ol Liverwort, in fi-veral t-a-e- of thi- h-ea-e, where all oilier reuieJie- iiiphed l y phy-i cian- nave- proven int.iecioai, pa- prouueeii a peiieci cure Surprizing Cure " Consumption Mr. K. tlla Mm ol Delhi, N. Y., ol a n.ilnial'V e-on iimptivt-i-oii.tilution, ha- I ecu -avi-1 liont an on timely end by the ice of Dr. Tn ylor'- H il-ani of I ervvt i-t. A M'Vere eol,l I to i;hl 'on m. iitlack of P! v, tiii'l llul-en let in uciicral lU'luluy nnd cou.iilni It m. A ci.n-tant co i;h, Im-ni- ilu-b, rct'i-.- nijlit o i c i pul-e, nn I eontuuel lo.s of Ihbh, a -l-cm - ceiy oe.iin ; out a- .-oon a- I enuuneiitel the u cot tin. l aLntii 1 grew le ter, and i-nuw fully rc-tort-l lo Iieaith. Shortness of Breath. t-. r nu. lu-ea-e, i n.iteninay. lounu it. I aviorV llal.tim ol l.iverwort no extelfeni reineily. It . al on'ct--o -afeand .o e Ie live, ili.u I alw-ay- u-e it in my piat tice, and reccoiuiccud it tc my fuctid.. J have u-e.l it in stimc iuii.fiel o cn-e. within Ibt- pa lour yeir-, ami i nave never ha I it Mil. In many ci-ts of a-lhin.i, 1 fully lebcveitto have I een tl.'t ini-aiis ot ravin; incciou- live . I.ei all u- tilXllifiK KAl.PII, M. D. None genuine but thai prepare I at ISTo. uvv civ. New i ork no will te .ecu by the lal el-and tier- of each bctlle. Ile-uieyou loo!; vv licit you buy. I he ;eu unr can aliiuv- 1 e ol lauieil of ihe O d A;ent-, Me -r-. N. Lovt-'y ec Co., now Lovely .V heviuour Dr. .viotiy ami Tci k it huear, I an I Drn;;i-., II nlinslou II. 11 irue--, Charlotte William Hbo 't-, Jr. Hicbmoni' tico. Avtr-ecCo. Millon A. iv . Ilrowii. tir.un Lit W. II. hce' Souih Hero Horace W.vl-wonh, North Hero s!-(j. j D.ivi-,AP'iir;li 1-. tv L.OIcin, We-tAlh Th-IJ.iV vv . ijarpenicr, i a'cri ury Iberefoie-a valoallo ami litslilv approvtsl iiiediemc, Hid are pronounced a-M,eh I v tln-ioo-t ili-lmgiii-hetl ribv-iciau-. Faeh box containing 33 Pill-. 1 rue Jet-, a! ox I! i-elTs ee!cl rated Set.T Hltr.nM Ois-TMr.M. 1 hi ts iiiKpie-tional ly the I e-t and -ufe-l lemedy ever vet o lerod to the p I'lilit- for that ob-tuia'e ih-oriicr I?AL'I Ulll-.I'M. Wbeie oilier nieaiis have taileil, it h.i-sic- cit-..iil. ami the l.lcl llial it liasttco -.x:i-n-iveiy ii-cu by eminent Praeniioner--peak- volume-in it- pr.u-e. Itl- erially clieucioi- in nil tli-en-e-of the -kin, sea d head, mi; worm-. an I ll e mo-t llcl ie. ie. .Nnoierou- eerliiica e- migni i e oi iaiiicu, I ul Ihe proprttor ehoo-e- thai a lair trial -hould I ethe null' 'i i Ii-in i, i it'll -tiiicrior eM'ic.icv. I rir e cent l.o. Tor -ale I.v rtcli i(- npcariinti uoieri ."iiooy, I) iilin-.'lon; Dr. C. li. Mile-, ami Hull h Cook, llnie"li! ft. If. Il.trne.. Charlotie: L. .Iiinc. (ic-nisia I.. Tyler, L--ex ; l-ullir iv iiiintin;ion, liitotnono Al-o. by the thu;;i.t and merebauts gtneially liroiiuhout the state. o2.!lo Ho-ton. Fe-1ruarvl3. 1811. . I have made Irial of Dumfries1 Pile Flectuiiry and found it produced a salutary influent e nliueit i'nime tlialcly, and confidently lelieve it an c"evttiul remedy for that iiiicoinfoitable mid tlebthlniing complaint; Humanity has imlueeltnetn iccouuncnd it to persons thus atlhe'tiil, aud-til -hall continue to do. Your- re-pe-otlidly, J, S. The remedy eon-i-t.- of an Oiiilme-nl and Electuary. Prit c for I oth 7j tciils, or 37 cent- when but one is ivmtt'il, nccoinpaiiie I vt'ilh pain anil ample Oiroo tluns w nil a description of the complaint. Dumfries Hye iVatcr. For sore or inf.amdl eyes, noibin; known gives -udi imncdiatc nnd vovtortubIe lelUf, and in fomo rrcecdin'jly tiod niscs the mi st i:iicx',cctcd n nil tie- -iranie lenei pa-i cell louu'i iniueii-e oi mis r.v water, after other remedies hadailed. rr.-uns who' have ii'isf n, prono'iiiee it without he-itatlun the I est pieparalion lor tore, irenl:, or inflamed eyes, they have ever tin t with. Price- 23 cent- a bollle CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Piaster. The mo-t -af and speedy cure for Corn yet dis overcl; llie relief i- immediate, it di-solves andi remove. Ihecorn Ihe fool with ease anil exii'di- ion and .trithvut the least vain. Price 23 cents a l!ox. I ill an 1 ample diteetions accomnativ each of tno al nve ailicle-. N". II. Ni uc t f the above articles will I e- ;ennine,' uile-.- Mcnoil W. L. Kid ler on the outside wrapper; for -ale al hi-Co inlin; Koran, HO Slate Street, up -iluir., corner of Merchant- Kow, llo. ton. Al-o by Mr.-ns. PI CK it SPFAlt, Hurhngton, Vt. , A III oral t'i.eoiiiil allovveJ in dealers. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMCIL1CAU NEW ESTAIJ MSII.M ENT. ( SUCCKSSOKS TO i:. JI!IGr;.S,i Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, 7 0ILH le-pe-lfullv iiiform llie inhabilnnl if H II irlin;itn ami Ihe burroumlin; ct uutry, that icycariy tin the OinfrtfUmary JJiniiuss, on all it ar'io ts 1 rancbe-.. L'eteriuitie-I lo u-e ibu verv I e-1 nialcrials in iiiaiiul.iclurin;, they will al all tunc fuiui.h .vlercli.iutf unu othcr.s t'ealiii; in lnnlecl.ou arie-. with Ibe 1 est irialny, and on the- loiie..t po-si bleterin-. Shop on e h ir h 5, reef, two door- -o ith f S. L. llowanl's ore, newly and neatly lil'cl up, lnu.oi-si. Jl' S T receiviil, n supply ol Marfh'- tele' rated Trns-e-, of every t'efcruiiion, for u'i-1 v the dozen nr finale, Nov. 1. PFCK tf-'.STFAK. IC71 aecura'elv applicdfrt e ot t hiiru'f. C1 "ill HF.WAHD has been offered for months pj lo any onewlio will use a holtleof Hvfs Linimrnt for the Piles, without bung cured. Of Ihousaiiils soli), in no one instance basil faded of a cure. Proof overwhelming to be hail wbeie it is sold. Ins also a certain euro in nearly every (-, (ISvterimfly,) in llio fo'lowin DUULINGTON CHAIR FACTORY Ci b. AbliSUA, coiilinues llie hiifiucss of iiiaiiur.ictuiing Chairs nt the old s'nnd, of the fol lowing descriptions: Cm I Maple (Jricitin, Cam-Stat, Common Ca ic ami I-lag hint, Large anil Mnall Ha scd Stal ltnckiu?. tlo iln Com- iiion do. t'oinmoii Dining, Ac. Ac. All of which aru wnrranletl a first rale arlicle and wilt be sold at prices lo cortespond wilh the limes. FF.ATIir.HS, AND FF.A'IIILH IILDS, HF.ADY Al AIM-.. Constantly on Innd. n suppIv of warranted Live firecse I'eatlieis, w Inch will lie sold low- for cash. WANTI.l), hy Ihe subscriber. Curl and llnds l-.yc Maple, dt livered ut Ins shop in Church street, opposite I.....I.I Mniik- i. t. xri.siw C. I.. ni:i.-on ii. c o i. it nu t ii P r.SPF.CTFFLLY inforins his fiicndannil llie XVnuhlic. that lie has now openrti a I.iverv Sable. and Ins on hand nady for use some excellent Horses and Carriages. Hlc'iths. llnrpesscf. &c. which be will let on reasonable lerins. t-'iablc at I'cnjainin Hishop's Hotel, South West Corner Court Hotus Square, iluilingtnti, Pceciiiher 10, 1811. inti complaints. For the Piles, fui all dropsy, tender fill, sore throat, lv can. ct rs or ulcets, cniiip, whuopiiig cough, senhf head, Ti'jhtnessof the chesl, cspet nlly in children, foul nl cer.sof ihulegs, or other fungus sores, bovvevir nhs'i naleor Ioiil' standiii''. fiesh wounds, clulhiiiitis.cte. I.OOIC OUT, Some siclntllers hare lotinterftittd this articlfjitnd put it up irith vuriuvtiltrittt. Oo not no tuuioscu upon. Hue nun; nniy vvpt proieci you it is llie nauioof COMSTOCK t- CO: that name mutt he ulrays on the wiavfir, or you may lircjient oil. Ho not lorget it. Take llie ihreetion witn you and lest by lliat, or iii vcr buy ii i for it is impossible fur nnv older to he irueor genuine. till Sold by COMSTOCK $ CO. 71 Maiden I.tine, icw torn. riil'K iv. .s I' I'. .1 a, ivnoisai' Aijcnt-, a lew doors cast of the Post Oilice, Hurling Ion, Yt. " LIVE AND LET LIVE." m II K fiib'rrile r wool I rt-fpecllully relurn hi L thanks to hi manv patron for their laversduring inn pa-i nve year-, nml wouiu m-o nouriii iiii-ni unu he 111- I hi- lock ol hlnlloiit ry, hook llinthu; Ao -k, (Ve. nnd will I happy to wait upon all llial ba 1 lavor boo n-uli iheir pHtronage, and no o ion on. in- pari f u in tie -pare-1 10 i;ive . uii.i.iciiuu. Oirsioek i-n-i inonev : ilieri-ftue. we i-annol cive il away, or sell it below cn-l, or nt t ori ; but what we li.ive lo ell, (,if set an opporliiniiy) hi ii small advantt- from t-o-t a- any one can do and 1 1 Vt 'V Iheir bo-uie-f. Individuals wohing lo purel tonimon Si'hisd llookf, Stationery, t'r lllaiil; He t an have a i hiiui e lo te-l the fint erity of iln) sill ten I er.vvhen he.av be will sell clieiio f. r e.i-h,by eallin at iiie.igu oi mo mm Uftgcr. i oncsesirtci. SA.ML'IXlll'.VUNtiTO.N Nov. S, 1311. Nails anil Iron. 1 ni'i KRCS NAILS, nssorletl siifs, ItJU'l 100 do Finishin" N'nds. lo do 100 Kegs .-p ke. from 30d lo CO I anil 6 inch, 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 L6jln lo 3 inch. 10 Tons of hotse shoe Iron, of the various sues 4 do of Hand Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a-sorted, flat and fqttaro Am. doom no For Iii at manufacturer prices, hy FOLLR'IT HKADI.r.Y Acrnf.. Sans, T OWLAND'S (ienunii Steel siw nidi saws, man 1 Vufacturrtl to order and fitted for tho sawing of Iturlliicto'ti lloul.slorc. rnHF. sol nn1 er would invite llie attention nfhif I Inen'l.Hiiil lie pnl lie tn hi- new afOiinienr of Rook The I c-l n-in-lion he has ever made, both in Mis ellancou- and School Uook nre now o leretl cheap far cash. Nov. 10. I). A. 1111AMAN. . Mnrisui's l'llls. hemlock, spruce, pine, and every description of hard i "iTF.SSHS. PANC.T.OUN tf- HHINSMAID are. iiuioer. u, oj anu 1 leci. vviso i i-iAnpiiomieti .-jiaic igcuis oy .mspis. .iif-v-inuri l-.nghsh Cast-steel cross cut saws, nntl John .uoruon, or ihc llritia'i College ! ilcaitn, Hoc it Co. ' dn nreulsi do from 1G lo 2G Loudon: one of our firm via ted the rnlleiie in London, inches, and inanufactuifdfor llie trade in this vicinity, and we hold our appointment now directly from head Nov. 20 For sale al the Wharf, by ' i.-rvr I CTT .. l'OI.LF-TTit RRAHLEY when- we formally mere all lo call an I examine-n ir article-. eoiii-lm; ot nil kiml- ul .SW.- (inilu. 11 ml K.I-H--, Hearls ami Liamoiul., Hraid-. Pepper mint, Lemon Urop., .nulla Ure.ijn, l.oieu;e.,h mar r uuili-. i .i rr.iwa v , v-ouini., v a.fia ll hi-, nock- ami Hruvvn Candy, S igar S.ind, Moitie- mil Si-ere-t-, Sigar Apple-, Pot-iti e--, l.;;, an I lla-kel-, with ariou- oilier ailicle- too u nneri u lo 1 1 nii'iiueni-d. gcneial a-t inneiil of lit h nnd y Cake, on and, and I a' i-1 to order, lo.'C'.her with Ice Cieanis tofurnith parlif-, c-c. Af. AI.M.I Col-oil Casiit, which we i-i-oinnicud fir ('ouch-, Ct l.l-, lloai-.eiie-., Arc-. We do not pre'en I lo sav with Mr. J. Pa-e iV Sup, thai t ur Candy will eiue-all .i.e. leaJin; to Cou-uinptiou, vie- think that l saying mo niiicn. CLUCKS. We have a cood a urlincut of llrass and Wooden CM;s, which we will .t II very low fur ca.h t r ap proved cntlil, Plci-t-c-all and exainiiii- It-line pur- h.l-:ii; i'1-evv iiere. N. II. All order.- Irom a di-tance. pot naid. will e promptly attended lo, and package-and boxc- out on ioard of fla;e or boal-, when repureil, fiee if bar ;e. He narlic an I -ul Ire a or.Ier- lo M l - CHF.I.I. V I1AH.SM, Confectioners, iheru leui;two lirin-ot llie fame iiamt- in ine vuiaire, II ir'ni'.'ioii. VI. HI. -ii. 1SII. -tyisi:asi:s of thi: i,ir.ns...iceiiiediv 1 J the init-t ii' icini-ili evei known Ml Auifi tea I callable l'ulmonuru Jinlsum t- the om-i v.iiu.ioie i pun il, nun ot ii.e f.i em'i;li,i:uliU, n-ilm..t ot i lulupie. eiiii.ninpiiuii. ulni'ipin' t o"ll!l mid iiiliiiiiu n rflT-i-imiii. uleei him!, ll- ..le ts iiie.tdili iut-if..i-ies himI ihe I'topi leiiu - .ii.- t tiii-l.on Ii .teeivoi ihf lliii! l.tioiitbl'' iiei.iiiu i.l i'ii i Itcci-. Ihe'uw oi lien eeililie.ile. tie nffi-red f..r pulil e exuoii tliiui. AN IxikiiiSIIXO C.Sk Lxucinfi Ifllprriiun Mr C S CU, Ixoieouii, UViu en., N. Y. lo the pr-pi n-nii i mo-nl ih- yih ui-i. w.t. iiioi nl-o ,v i ein-ii k.iole cme a- t'll-eieil li) the v e u.oiie I ul inun.ll V ll-il..iio lit llie t iii'i-i .ilnl -1 'i t i'i; u 15. io, I lie lei-sun, Mr, .Momli, h. ol been -it-k a long nine with In- i-iiiis iniipi inn. 1 1 1- put .tei.tii- loul ciii-n linn up I le iv us irihii'ed itt luu- is to I.e tui.ibli- in help hiiu.elf, nut i.i- i.ii-oig a bos- ipMiililv of vihfuhe i-uiiiiiieiift d using ih-- tin, vvltiib lot- t Ih-eieil a rninplcle line, ami lie I. iciw a- Ii lip and IV Hi -lei lip w a-. VI r. Muoili Ii is ii imii d litmi i hot tow u, hill lie b is iireui'.t-il me it nunc detail d .it-ennui of III,. e,ip,biili I ill I'm ti .ird mi. C. 5s CLY Ixiniftiii, N. Y. June 23 1S38. Kxir.iri uf a Ipiici fuuii Dr. Jacob Mieie 'Ibe' Vf'-i'l title PiiIiii.iii.ii v Ibtl-ioil h.l- bei n flilil ill ibis iiiiiv lor iiviivp.iis, .nul ihe iiiedieoie has c.ioied .in niieniiuiioii cpIi'Iii n v , fur il -cut-civ in ..nt- in-l ut-f- I iilpil nl h.iv tnii Ihe ili-sn pit etlt-cl I .ini ov no inp.iiir in f ilnr uflhi; iii.iiiv nu-ltiim-, nio.l nl w lot h .n p im iioioiiiih. upon a rrpihiliiti lutbbe, but tbu vvlilt-b I know by ii. t In be fflVc. tl ll, I rallnilt beli bill nil' ini 4.nnh ii urn thereto. A t nuniet Ipii p-ei'.o a i inn hi, been uflVip.l Iipi e bv a li aii'lling ;ph. of Cnuu'ei K, V, Y. aiidtln-iPis .inoihrr arm le vended line thai i .irougl) tusprclcd lu beiipin uuu Jacob Mvrns. M. I). Mifllinnlnn, en I'eilit. il, 1F.17 I'lnui Dr. s ., i.,iel Motiell, lu llie Piupi iiuiu uf llie Ypup latiln 1'iilitinii.irv llrfl-im. I .nn - in-lied llie Ye. eubtp Putin. iu.irv ll.itjtiil i- u i-iluih'p inrib eiiip li li.ti. been ii.t-il in ibis pt.n-e tviih complf-ie stu-rp-s in sn nli.iiii ne cuiiipbioti ul ibe I1014-, atieii'lt-il 11 oh a ,i'ipu eiitib, Ims of vuiri. .tiid lite r.ii-iu of unu b lititiid, .tint li bad ptpitiiiiiilv ici.lPil iii.iii) itppiuveit pi p.i 1 iplimi.. Allt'l li-les ihe llab-iu one ui'tll,lhl m I ii'ic V niirp 1 pi 11 nit tl and he a..ibp to -pi- ik .ituli ley. Thi. raiip nrt-iinrd sump liipp since, :nul ihe 111111 is mitt ens i;;pil not only in arnvp lint Mini ions l.p.i'reib'Hi , Sr, r-i. Vluuutl.i. VLOIl V A.XDSU.Ulll OF liXULAyD. In a series of familiar Letters to a Friend. Hy U. HOWARDS LF.STElt. rillllS is the title of a work, just published in New Jl York by Harper and lirothcrs, in two volume!' . --n ..,,,l,rll,l,.,.l ,. til. .;., t...l ill .1 ,U I' ic-l i..i,uv,,i.,i,v. n.ii. ...uuiMcill F.nniavlllus. 'The author has furnished come very striking fact rilalive 10 the ocltial social state of Lngland, and t laced her dory nnd Shame ill striking contrast. The following ate some of the topics dwelt Upon. 'The ill sttiuu Menof drcat liiiiain their history and act", their conversation (with the auihor,) nnd 111. i r influence upon the destinies of the world. Alto; ! Original Comtnunicationsimm thciunsttlistincuish- ed statesnit 11 and poets in Furope, on the greatest subjects now agitating the vvoild the cruel and fraiinical oppre-sion of llio Fnglish Oovernment in all its millings it blind course 111 regard to' tin-whole Tarill' and Duly Question the horrible, starvation, tiakedm", woe, crime and degradation of the mass of tie people of .'ngani iheir Causes the untuld abominations and cruellies of the Factory Sys lent, 111 its destruction of thousands of innocent chil dren, e'-c.- the tyranny and corruptions of the Lstab-li-hed Church the woes and oppressions of Ireland the great structure of F.n;Itsli despotism in Asia, with 11.- sacrifice of mibons by famine and slavery and an honest but painful picture of all that consti tutes the Shame of Fn;jnd. And a candid picture nl-o, of all lliat is lovely, beautiful, liberal and great 111 hi r Society, constituting its atory. A description ot the most iiiterislin" and venerable Ituins. Cathe dral, failles, Abbeys and Monuments, with as full a picture of London, (the metropolis of the world,) as tin re is -pace for great Public Work Libera! anil Hi'ticvolcul institutions Noble f Horn making for the icdt-mption of tie.-oppressed of Fngland from tyran ny with glances at every interesting object the au ihor inn wilh nt ei and (luring lS-!0in Oieat Hiititin. The New York Commercial Advertiser, at ihorMsa of some remarks, cntiiinnes: " We can do nn justice to this work 111 thi brief notice, nor is it important weshou'd. for it will he readily read, and duly appro. rntetl. The American peop'e are duly interested iri the subji-cl of which it treats, nnd they are ably and. eloquently discussed." For sale nt the Honkstore of Feb. 1S. D. A, HRAM.lN. Ii 1- ii'itv iiiiire 1I1 111 six tens siitrp I wa. t-iiiiiht IPIV but I'V an .itTei'li.iii uf iln- tnog. till eiiiiiit,iinl tv as ilprl.lieil In be tin in .tbti- III tl I'i.iuietl of 'lit t-e )ih). -ietau-, I lv a 1 lit-11 IP-lot nl 10 a ami I health a. I bid eniovt-il fur nmii lens, bv it.iii.itie 'epi.ibV Pit'. imin.iiv llil-'tiit. Slurp 1111 ici-uver) I hive iteoiu inriiili'd llie llilsaiu in a in.iuv c.1.1 s ul htnit iiiiiiIiiiiiiii, .mil o far a- I e,oi leant, its 11. p Ii in. i.llitlilt In-Pii fiilluti ed b unit It l.t in-fit, .nul in iiiaiiv I. met s II Im- effect I tt cuier xx Lie b tieii it bub v iiiipx- pppiid. SAJiui.t. KviiiiiTr, II I oil, vi.urli g, IB.W. For -.lie, vvliolesrfle and mail, bv I'LCIx & SPi:U,llutlinSloii, Vl. To lllarl.sniltlls Itlnsbiti -li Coal. rnHF. buhsciihers have just reciived lorly ions of L lllotlutah Coal, wheih for Smith' use is unsur passed hynuy of tbctiiiiieml coals, ami vvhcicknowii i.Un iln. ntre nl rll.irrnnl. Iiimtiinr im lc nn.l hiiriiing freely, it is highly reeonimendeil for itratcs and ilotncslic use. ! 111,1,1; it n IlllAUl.l . CI1UKCI1 MUSIC. milK follow ingvaluablo Musical Wotks are con L slanllv for sale bv tho subscriber at tho lowest pnceSi u iiietitiA. ui ihvi ijuiiitiiy. 11. . 1 11c .tioucru 1 fiiiuuj,!, a itcvv w 0111 nv 1.. .tiHson. Huston Acadcinj's t'ollcclioii of Lhtucli Music jiietno i. iiatmonist, OJeon,and Huston and American Olec Hook. Nov. lUII. I). A. HHAMAN Honks ami l'.ipcr. CCOOnniCII, one door F.i-t ofFarrar it Wail's Crockery Slore, I'P STAI1I"'. ha- a very eeneral eolleciion cf Htiokf, ineludingn larct" stock of School nooks anil rj per. All w i.ning 10 purl na-e win no well to call Prod ice ami domcTa- mauutai Hires o every il.i riplion rtceived in pavinenl. School com- itiiiie-e- i.iriii-uiu; it r scnooi., .nun nave utuihs pra for all children in iheir ditiricu vvhoic p.i rent- am 1111.1I le 10 I uv, De.-, 15, rill IK Suhscrilcr will n.iv cash foi a few Tliousind I pounds of good Fleet c Wool, di live-rrd pt their aiore, ppnnoii'fan si. uii.vui.t.i iviiiut.. July '2. IBII. . Crockery at Cost ! AFKW .el- of blue, puT; an I Dove ware; nl-o, tlla Difhe-, til.i.-Lamp., eic at cost for the purno-e 01 i-to-in; that kind 01 purine-.. .XOV. 1 1 r, I, rat-well's Sltoe-s. A LARfiF. upply of Morocco walking Shoes, Kid i Slips, Mis-cs do, and Men's Pump-, just re ciived nn I for salo cheap, by inc. 1, mn. s.- m. rorn. T ne'rnian Cnnsli Svrnn ! lIIIStle.erie.llv nitxbenie, touether wilh nv or . Ilabaoi ol Livcrworl Jayne . luliaii Fxptx-lerant, Lily Sirup, Down l.lixir, Moorc'f K-.eiu-e- of Life, lla'rlholoniew's I'mk Lx pectormit fVrip, (or fevcru cold., cough-and com p'liiil- le.i ling to Ct'imwption. ' Furfnle,!v Nov. I. PFCK&SPKAI1. SlliTllnsS. IiAI.F.S of heavy shco ingsof difTeri nt qualities, Ovhaie lust been received and nie ofl'ercil for sale nl Maniif ieluirrs' prices to Merchants and others, vvho are invited to call and examine llie stock before nurcliabintr elsewhere, under the ticbel lliat tho exam inalion will prove adviiuiTjeous luihcm. llv FOI.LF.TT A llll DLF.V. Nov.C.I. at the Wharf AlILWYY nsotmientnf Slcuhand Cultrr shoe. Wrouchl Nnilni Crow liar, itr. iiit reerived ami olfcrcd low hy .ov. 23.) FOLI.LT'TA HHADLICY. PTf lltll.S. Winfr Oil, of superior quality, Jbr nie writing OV low by r'OLLLTT A HsUDIXY Pr - 11 ma it Cloths. '"Plin under-iined niTerihft cloths msnufactifrd by J. the "Burlington Mill Co." at vvholesi!:t. es'cn prices. The assortment comprises ihc variou'colors and nualities. and for textute, licautvof finish, and excellence of manufacture, ore not surpassed bv anv All the package will be signd in American or Rnfilish ilpihs. 'NOBOKN & HHINSMAID," 1 rOlLRTT 'f- nn.DLnV, Slate Agonts Nov, J9. Humngton Mill Co SIHJJXG OFF CHEAP. STHONflS & Co. now offer their slock of floods for prices at which purchasers will find it nn ob ject lo btiv. '1 he stork is large and must he sold pre vious lo llie 1st of April next, when tho term of co partnership expires. Sugars, Teas, Spiers, Haiin, Tobacco, Codfish, Salmon, coirseand lino .all, Lamp Oi', Molas es,tVe. Iron, Forci!in nnd American, of every description. Stiel of all kinds. Anvils. Vices. shovi'K spades, l otKe, e-aiiiron txciucf, ana uouow unru in trim j Stores, Slnve pipe, and stova trimnVings, Tinwair,! Ac. cheap, nil cheap, rerycheop, Dec. 30, 1611 I FOIt SALE. rpllAT large nnd commodious two slo. .1. ry Ilrick Uwcins Hotisc tt I.ot situated on Ibe west side of College green nt the head of Collere-street. in tin. v.t. ege. The Ilor-i: is 32 liy -Ti, vv ith a ba-emcnt storv, with Rrruen nnJ Provinnn relhrs. nml n u-innn? l! li'i. extending north on Colle;ef.ieeo,vvilli wocnlaml Kline iiou-e ueiovv, unu eh.inii er- ami lerpui- n omi 1 iiv, iui.i-iiiiiii-oniiiiiuio-i- iiarn, carriage liou-e cehiai.e.and other iitt-hnu.e-, nnln spaeiou- van .ve-' of tliedwe-!linirli,vi.e, mid a goil ilurnble well if wa er of the 1 est quality 10 the vi'laee, an la I nek j.ieru. Out-1111 1 .upiniteracie-ol land, i.fiho hr-t. 1 'aim ; alar.-egai lou and cho.cii fruit irees we-l of he In u-e and yard. 'I be 11 nlding- niccon'tr ic'ed in modern style, of he le-t ma't-nal.s and wiirkmaii!iii, wcr" erected I.v I b-t riber for In- own u-e, and iln- location, af- lor Is a very exien-ive an I p't a-anl prospect of tho " 1 dl.iu'e an 1 lake on tin- Wet and is not s nro.i.-cl lv any other 111 thi. part of ihc country. 'm) for Mile a lot cuntauiingaii acre nf land direct-, 'y oppo-i'i-iht- above lot w ith a .siiialleonvenienlwi ed Iwclbng ho i-e- tbereoii. P. r-ha-cr. are uiviinl toiall aiiJ exininefor them--dve 'Fcrma made bv ihe .ul mti'I er on ths prcinbi-. ' SAMl'FLHKF.f). II irhnslon June, 1C, IS 10. pi XI! W JWIUrlXKW'OOLSr limit nndniiii Itltoul a trial." TII i: s'ubscubcrs have formed a copartnership, under the ftri-i of lla ll.-y an I Coon, for Ihe pur pose of carrying on the business of Masonry, in alt its branches, in Herlingtnn or any of the ndjoiiiing towns. We will gue our perso'ital attention lo brick and stone work, plastering, and all manner of jobbing coiinectrd with .Masonry. The senior partner has hid more than 53 yrars' experience in the busine-s, and we feel the utmost confidence in soliciting the patronigc of ibe public, believing and A-noifintr; that wo can ilo asgood work ns has been or can bo done in this place. We will warrant all work entrust ed toourenieto be done when promised nnd dons w iih despatch when ca! cd for, and well done. W solicit a ;iaf share cf public pairona"c. AAKPN iTaDLV. IIOltATIO N. COON. co mM i s's ft iXf!fs ot rcTT IfV. the Subscriber, having been upnoinled by tho li Honorabte tho Probate Court for llie District of Chittenden, e-oitinusfiotiersto reveiv c, examine a'nd ad jusl the clums nnd'ileniands of all persons against tho es'ateof SolomatiS. Miller late of Willis'on in said distiict, dermscd, repre-enled insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from the day of the dnio thsirof, being al lowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend 10 the busincs of our appointment, al tho dwelling of John Howard in Hiiilington in sai I District, nu ihf second Mondays of June anJAujust next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each' ui f-iiu tin a Dated, this 24 h dsv of February A. D. 1512. HF.MxN A I.I, TN J ,. 1 t'TtiTn innvnt t x om Lt'THTH I.OO.MIS Cil.U. tb SHAW . ommis- sioners. nunrlprn. A rnrrprl nirlnrAnf thi, ('nllp."A Hllttdinira lean be seen at the Yatiely Store and in the hands of I our sun. agents, llonncts I IJoiuirt t : A DEAUTIFI'L assortment of Florrncs and rllkl jiDonnrts much b.'low thapucs of last summer Wio, a gran varu'v of ".heoa Pibbons, by lc iff s n siiovr. STRAYED, FRO M tjn. Suh-criVer in Cisrleiie, about Ihe I-t of July last, 3 yearlinfs; one rttl line back slefr, onn red lis I ak heifer, and one hrimUs hsiffr. Whc-vr remra .aid ci'i's. rr" cu e intoriii4tionr'"' "CP " "' henimaH reuarVl T' I". IMl. "RIV nr.r.P:

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