Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 8, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 8, 1842 Page 3
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DEDICATION. Tlio Congregational Cliurcli, recently erected in this village, will ho dutlicntetl, Prdvidcnce permitting, on Thursday next, the 14lli Inst, tlio service to commence nt luilf past ten oVIork. Ladies and Gentle men of tins and neiglilioring towns, nro res poctlully invited to attend with us on the. occasion. April, 8th 1842. MUSIC. We nro requested to give notice that Mr. and Mrs. J. M. White, 'from Boston, nro about to visit this placo for tlio purposo of giving a concert. Mr. White is fir.U tenor singer and loader of the Celebrated Cuter ptnn Voc.ilNts, extensively known and uni versally admired wherever tlioy have per formed. Mr. W. is spoken of by tlio east ern papers as a superior signer, and n com poser of rare merit. His compositions may bo found upon tlio piano forte of almost every young lady. Mrs. Gibbs, vo aro happy to learn, is fast recovering, and will give another entertainment hortly. THANKS RETURNED AND FAVORS SOLICITED. I return thanks to nil who assisted mcon my for mer visits, most carnc lly soliciting nssistance in promoting tlu djsigis, I muni w attempting tu ac complish in behalf nf Seamen, and nil stiongurs who in nv visit Montreal. Scleral niini-ters of religion and henevi lent per ons if different denominations, hnyc united under the name of the "Friendly Union nf Munlrcal.for promoting useful ImowMgt." A smnll, or place of worship vvns creeled in 1837, in which di vine service is performed four times weekly. The louowing year a room was propnrcil lor tne nccom modation of children of cniL'rnn s. and t tin rs neerl inp cratuitcut- instruction. In which upwards ofSOO children have heeii taught. A hlnary of fiOO volumes tsi tt:ei mule acc's-Uile. Ilut our lui'l'ling is liy no mean" ndiquatc to the objects for whieli il was de signed. We aro in nrcat want of funds lo erect a new hiti'ding, nnd good hoolis, to i nlargc our library and establish others on the same plan. Th s cntcrprizc has been rccoiniucnde I hy minis ters ot tne gospel and oilier cummins in lioston .New York and Albntiv. Donations Inwards the intended buildings have boen roeei ved and otlicts promised bv n miinhcr of l I n.l r.:....!. :.. it..:... i c-.. LM.....1.1 i... r.iiit it.u.ius ill I ill mine I ."Mini's, oiiuu 11 nil. up disposed to take share- ii the intendtd hui'ding or give books or monev towards the school and library, these on" rings will be received if tnt t .Mr. lira man, book-'cller in DurlinyU n, or to the subscriber at Montreal. That man v may bo disposed lo ai.l this ihign is tho prayer of T. OsGOOD, Agent. Burlington, April 2, 18 12. ffTo Post The Hoard of Control ul tlio .V .Society of ihu United Slates request that the several I'usl Masters make leturns to lite Treasurer of thn Society (is i-pqni-sU-il by lint cirrnlar)lie foro tho first nf M.iy of ail subscribers by them obtained. Editors are requested to insert the same 'in their respective papers fur ilia benefit of Agriculturists anil Planters, ft" Comu Aimer, take some bitter," saiil an old crnny to our old friend Aimer I'helps, the other day, " tlutv say you get high, if you have joined the NVasliinctuiiiaii. " Yes, I do get high h.ive got high every day since I joined tho Wailiingtoniaes! 1 have gut up from the gutter I lini high in spiiils, for my roiKrionrc upbraids nit; not my credit ha. got high tiding-'w illi me toy meal barrel keeps high all lite while I em ry my Iti-tp. high furl feel I ium a sober m.iii. I used lo fjo liium'-singinc !titl the oil woman would cry now when I go'lmine she soios mid the children love me ami 1 cry for joy, und then 1 am so high the honest anil the sober man only can t -1 1 ! And fiientl, let too tell thi'e, you h.iil better throw dnwu that glass anil come uu get high with Ahucp, lor ho has le irnetl how to ilo ill it tluns; w itlmiit having tho hea'liicho or the lilue ilevils !" Niks' Ilrgistcr. Presence of Mind. As the well known Dr. Barth punched for thn first time in his nati o city of Leipsiz, he disdained the usual precaution of having his seiiuon pl-trctl in tho bible before him, to refer to in c.ise of need. A violent thunder storm arising fist, as he was in tho middle of his discourse, and n tremendous dap causing him lo lose tho thread of his arguinenl, with ctiinpnsiir. and dignity he shut the lulile, savin:;, with emphasis, " When (toil speaks, mini must hold his pearo." Ilo then came down from the pulpit, mill the whole consregation looked on him with admiration and wontler, as ;i mighty pillar of the church. Nur England Reporter. Rohliing the. Dead. A mul-uto, calling iliniself Urn. Jones, yens m rested yesterday, and conimitleil to jail by Justice Corsar'h, charged with having- broken into n vault in Monument Street Meelins burying ground, opened tho coffin in which was ili'pniirtl tlio remains of Mrs. Massey, and Mole there from the shroud and other habiliments of death. This is the last and tho lowest state of human degradation. Baltimore Paper. " IJnbhy, what is steam " " Moiling water." " That's right ; cninjvirc it." Positive, boil ; comparative, boiler ; 'superlative burst !" BRIGHTON MARKET. Monimv, March II. Htporicd for the New England Farmer. At Matkct, 2.0 Beef Cattle, '.'0 pairs WoikngO.x en, 15 Cows and Cnlve, 323 Sh(c,, and 620 wine. Psicr.s. Ilttf faille. We ip ote t" corrcspi ml ivyjlhlnslwcek.yisafewchoicn Gallic taken nl First quality, 85 CO a S5 7 . Second quality, SI 73 a S323. Thini quality. SI OOnSl 0. ItbrAiiif O.reii.-S;0,78 and$r0. Cotn and Calrcs. Hnli s S20, $23, S2S and 29. Slitep J'rirts not made known- Suinc Lots to pddle,3.i-4 aud i for Sows, and 4 3 a 5 tnr linrrnws. A lot of large I ariows 4 1-2. At re ail from 1 l.'JtoCc. LO VFL Y YMONR H 1A VK this day received from New-Vnik, n choice lot of new seasonable Illiv nnnn ,.l.i..t. shall bn sold nt prices sufficiently low to correspond with the present ptcuniarj embarrassmenis of the Ui2!"j April f?ih, 1 ' I ,'u '''criler ha- n g' il a..nrl nt of Spring l.e.rxl. on band wh'i h be wi'l ,i;!l ver cheap i rf,n itiniri.f W,, ,) ,.0',,, fj,i,(i J(,M.l,nl. I.ainc,! Lhal y, t'i,.l,Hr shawl . Fren h Collar., etc. I. nl in und genl'i nie-n aio invi til lt ran hi in in. nu-ri'iiiiiiiK-riy iHi-nptfl u a Hilling Itoom, nn-'cr Ibe I-reo ,r l , r ,jlt. s 1Jrl. , Jie win reiiiaiii ueuiur l J"ei"lit ilay., April 7. M. OSTIIKIM. NEW GOODS'. crnixr. ooous, fnii r,Ui ,cw yltrl. rfl.y llhi morning, con-i-iiiig nf Sjirin citlt;-fx.t a va riety of pattern-S light laney print., taicli.h do., mourning and and ball' inn irning prints, rii-li l.n lon do., fnrni'uii' and fancy e hitit print", Alpao a tlmh. hfavy n'in Jean, Pongit) II prin'ed lawn, linen' taint ric lull-f ., I lack and colored glme-, ci-at cord filU onl rich I nnuct nnd cap ribl on vf ne-w uiul tp'emliil pattern., now open and lor mi-lv TThurslav, 7 h April. II. W. CATLI.N. NOTIOK is berel giien lhai I have given my .on Uenjainin I). bi tune from tin. iUtr, nnd wi'l not Hunan 1 any of In earning, nor pay unv i'el.i.r hi ronlrae-ting afier lhlilatp. Al.UIlflKlL WOItl.EY. W,-.fod,N v 17. IHU, nlw Bit & In this place, at tho residence of John N.Pomcroy, Esq., after an illness of some weeks, Miss Ulija Jeanette Iicsrtn, of'lhe city of New York, aged 32 jears. Deitli rarely lakes as a victim one more interesting than her whoso decease la above recorded. It Is but a few short months since the deceased made her tem porary residence with us, nnd yet she had endeared herself to n largo circle of ncqnainlances Indeed, she had made them all her friends. She was a lady, in the best sense of that term combining good sens?, kindness, nnd dignity, with aciillivn'ed mind and Rracofulnt'sa of manners. Her religious impressions were evinced by iho fidelity wi h which she dis clurged the oblijituns which religion imposes the love nnd practice of j slice, benevolence and truih. Tho funeral servicis were attended on Surday after noon by nn unusual number of persons, who seemed noxious to tuttify their respscl for til J mamory of the decensed. And although those solemn services were petftrmed in the nbsence nf relntivss, and of one dearer than a frien 1, the earth has seldom closed over one whose tintt ucly departure has called forth so trong an c.xprenijn of Ojlin?, or whoia grave has boen nmi-tcntd by sj mnay ictus. On Sabbath morninr, Mnrch 27lh, at the residence of her snu-in-lw, Uev. Alialnm l'eti rs, D. I)., in llioeily nf New York, Mrs. Kumre llnlch, widow of the l ite tteiiben Hatch, lisq., of Norwich. Vt., hi the JSth year of her age. On thoSibbalh previous lo her dc.ith slienltended church, in her usual health. On Monday she took cold, fulkini'd by a violent conges tive fever, rcsistul ill reino lies, and, nt the ear ly dawn of nnolher Sabbath, her spirit took its (light tii the sanctuary nboie. She had been for many years a ronsislcnl prolrssor of religion, and died, as bltehad I lived, in the enjoyment of a cheerful hope in Christ. Having been the mother i fa numerous fam ily, her children nnd children's children, to tho third generation, now living to mourn her death, nro mop than 70 in number, and, like most of tho f nnilies of New l'liuland, have become residents of difTert tit nnd distant states. It is for the inf irm.ition of s i lirnea circle of n lalives, as well as numerous friends of the deceased, that the writer has prepared llu brief no lice of the departure ol a tun hi r in Isi ral, who though at an advanced age, died in the midt of her useful ness, having letiined in a reuiarka1 lo degree, In lite time of her last sickness, both her phvsieal and in tellectual strength and activity, fche had answend life's great end in respect lo this world, in a larger circle of influence than is alio led to most mothers. Hut, though her work was done, and well t'one, her praVcr was answered, which shelnil often express ed, tint she might not survive tie termination of her list fullness. Siirrlyli.ii praver isanwered. It will continue lo be answered. Though io rcst from her labors, according to the Scriptims, her worl s do fol low her. IbT iiinVntc still lives'; and her prayers, wp trust, will rontinuc lo b- ansv.-erid in the rouver s on nnd salvilion of her ni'm-io s pos'er'ly, fur many years to conic. I.el her children and friends reinrnrit r what a lug l as wi ll a dntv, it is, solo live as to be t'le i istru iicntf of coin nenriiiL' such n succession nf influence Mr rood, nj h shall remain anil act, when they are dead, until time ihalbe no more. In thi town, on Sntnrlnr, Cd inst. Ilosn Vilsov, wifeof J, tin H. Wagner, prinli r. njed -11 yeni. hc w isacrotnpn ned to the grave by a number of res pi ctable Canadians of the town. In n-cx.onS'ii 'av ninrniiii,ihe27'b nil., Lumen C. l-'ai r.M iv, m the 2 1 h vi nr l In- nr . Ala-!lliat ne -o lovefv an I ntiua1'.. w't'i pro--pcrts of u of i'iic s -o fair nnd t ni'loi'i'c.l ; m ibe mi I of 'be fin V I Im-'C 'in I hiilie t n-p'in'ii u-; in tin' ve-y nriini-1 f lil'e, when urtuiri- and pro'ni nig v ii'-ih wn la t riprnnig into anno inanlii n I ; wben linrh ni'e'livtfnl I'liltniT mid p-im-nt nivl pi-r-i-ternis a nl i y in the -ImiK- I' the k-.-al priile-.iiiii save ' lull' a-.-ilrani--of ii niglier I'lMiny; lui.ll fa'l a v.eiiiu to " 1'a'p C(inuiiip'iiiii"; u-i -m h i. il,,. rn. i eilaiu lot oflrail In nnnitv. H'.lihoieb tin. ,b.-pi'ii-a'ion i.l IViiv den-e i- iVi-jilynlllielin'.', vet it i ron(Iingto rcfle.-l lint the devi'cl wai iiii-.i.nn-l fur J i early exi' wa. a C'liri fan ; 'bit lii. i n'v rel nni-f wa- upon Him v. ho i- all pow'eif il lo :rvo': i lull di.r.112 lniotig v'.ti'-,- lint a nr-rumr e-i'aped hi-lip-, but be alnii'-t i-oiis'nnily enji ved tba' ,wci'l prate nod -creuiiy ol mind wlueii i" n'mio the IV it ol ir it1 r dunei ; a'i I ill it lie lia only 1 eo i iiiii 1110110 1 liotit ibe nrrle of eardi'y boo- an ! a v -ju n o pen u nil tboe w lio " tnjfi.l uicp the gulden I vie" ami.l Ibe glory an I l.le.'cdno- nf heaven. 11. i, i st )i-' i,i:tti:ijs Ilcniaiiiin; in the I'ns' Office at lluihngton Vt. .piii i, isi., Alice, .Mr. 3 L in in. Dnniel Aniiili n, Norcodon Allen, f.lizi A. Andrews, Mary Ain-woiih, Ilnrxcy Ainu-, I), jr. 2 Aiken, Allred Alwnter, Ambrots Arnold, J.ilm I. lake, Win. 3 lluell, .lohu M. Z 1! iker, Inne V. ISitieoik, Naibl. Ilurbank, J'.lizube'h lleneh, Itobut I'r idley, I'phroim lirown-on, Clcmon T. IVrrrow. Salome llns'.i, Aibigcneo II in n, I'lanenis llraekitt, A.M. I'r mil, t'as-ius P. Iletinel, Supbcn llagly H.nry I! iwen, Harriet C llisliop, Sctll I lar . Hi inn ii A, 3 C iiii'.'h, I.uihtr Chik. Jo eph Clnndler, Oritta Cahdl Ann Cuiri", I., inuil 3 C tbr.J. I. Cloueb, .tot I Cockle, S'linl, I.iiiiudiis, Louis I.i'iwnuurth, Henry I.arkin, S. Lathiop it Potwln Leonard, 'er I.afi, Ja-. or Peter Green Iindon, Huron Maeck, Jacob M iguiie, James Menard, Tous-uit Miilkt.J. M. SInss, .Mrs. Ilfeabcth 2 IMiion, .1. L. 2 May, Horace M lis, Myron 2 Monet tie Jo". .Martin Mnrgarrt B. ,Mis-mger, M. W. Marehisiult, '1 imo. Monney. IS. H. M'D inikl, Panick M'l'.lmy. Jus. 11. Morcy I". Mason,!..'.. M'Charv, Wm. 2 MTar'nml. 11 - Mack, Mi had M'timrr, Palt Nichols, Pti kins, New i niuh, Uaac R. jVasou, Cali-iia Nav, Cvms M. Nash, Ir-. I'i trier, Paul Pratt, Jn--rph ProM-v, Krur t Prmdl, fiiorci! Pnliiii r. Crvilla r-rnt , J. H. Peek, Win I.. P.iwi rs. b'nbert Prait, J. W. P.diiur, H. W. Poller, Mrs. Sank Iteveite, Jaquc Itiddle, P.. S. Kusblow, J. Ilo' erls, Nilon Hi hardson, Saiali W. S gar, Hirzni Slitphnnl, Francis Splar, fJ.N. Stone, Char'es Sievins. I.tuhcr M. Starr, Wairtn ."cott, John S ncy, Asahel Mian'dy, Patriik Suveiis, llyron Smith, 1). A. Ston, Gilbert Mason 2 Siacv, II. P. Smaller, DavM , Sciibner. Abeer Stacy, G dion M. Sutton, Nathaniel Smith, H. Tins'ey, Ncil. Till'inv.I.evi Taleoit, Jasper 2 Temple, Samuel Tuinc), H. W. Thajer, George W. Thompson, II. Isabella Thnyir, Wnricn I'eson. M. W. Van Altiii, C. II. unpin, .oinnn C ark, Mr. 1 1 man Cheiii-r, t'raneins Cloiigh, Miiiam Do-isp. Mai v Dow, Daiiul Dennis, Jcin Itatist Daunt , Thomas Divis, Cnlvin 2 Divine, M. C. Dubv, .Mix IT. Diwi,Mc!:jiab!c II. IJvarts, M. A. t'rcmnn, I.uey 1'isher, Henry 2 I'y'er, O. It. I'iy, John J. I'ord, Dinitl Kurd, Hiram I'lcld, Justin I'ullam, Agustui I'ish, David Knsier, Clarissi lulicr, Jeremiah fiovc, Tbonins N ftathey James (i nndon, Francois fiabonnis, Jocph Oagnan, (too. (ioohieb, Cha"ncey 7 Harringlon, Win, tli:d.rc,Mary I.. Harringlon, J. Hicks, Join Henderson, John Headcn, I'Mrick Hicks, Isinc2 Hnlch, Aln ira ('. Hooker, Jnmrs II, Higbfc, Lewis 2 llnrri, Lnban Hnlley, Clmrlolte M. Huichins, -Simon Hill, Moses v iger, Jocf pn Hart, James, or N. Killcn Wnlktr, Charles li-hnni. Aliirad S. Wob'ott, Sirnh Ann Welch, Theoduc Wilson, Jacob Ward Hiram J, While, John M. Webster, Maris Yam, Jaim-s SV, Otorgt. I sham, Ebeneicr Proctor, Hansom I.ibby, Hutscll II. It. STACY, P. M. Ii-hniu, Orville II. Jones, Tnoch 2 Jones, r.pbrniui Jobiisnn. Horace, Ki'lips..!. I). I.add, Jona. T. Lawrence. It usee II Lyman. Gnylnrd P. I.nthrop, Daniel I ngravc. Francis Lenox, Miss Kstcy WINDOW SASH. TIlP s'lb-pr lu-r. Iilepnllr eba ol the.' Maelmitry for ' . -o oirei e-l iiiiiow' "'.I h funui-rlv own I ft nil ii-eu i y ai.iury Smi h, a Winoosti 1 me now mm ifu'turuig eicry de er nuon. and l-ceii eim-nint. Iv em hind an nfcotmpnl I 7 ivuscni,at ineioiiou'ing prices. 12 Lighted Ca-.eiiitnis 3J ft,, per Light. 8 do 3j do J do 31 do G ilo 3J do 4 do 5 For ,alc at their Shop at the Falls, and l v Gmr IVcron. All order" In the a' five line n,!.lrcc.i to UuUin eV Ch'aie, wdl le thanklully rufivcd and promptly atlcwle) to. Jiiuir.s OA I l.l,, 2 1. KDWIN W CHASK. Uultngtftn, Afril 9, 1FI2 JMBL THE Pnl sciiber has taken the large nnd flllKt cniinodious brick dwelling on churehSt. Itllfa lirsl ur north of the tlnk of llurlini; nn L lHnnd will open it on or before (lie lirst of Nay next am Hoarding Haute. Fninilies or Sinide boarders may bonccommoditeilJiy the wcck,mnnili, quai ter, or yenr, with or without tooins.on reasonable terms. Application for Inard or board nnd room9 may be made to the subscriber at hia residence coiner of Col lege and Chaniplaiii streets. ,. ., HIllAMF. OUISW01.D. Burlington April 7. IS 12. NEW HOOKS. I). A . It It A nt A V HAS received tho pie ent week, lb? Allowing worl;, in nd.Vii'ti loin, asatrliuenl, win Ii be ii!it fi r -ule verylnw li.rienth. wiMin-. raie-iiiie', air-. Aram.' Leber-', Jtoiinldi', Jiii'ipiei p, Whi-piy, Cunirnd, l. fe i f Kit laird imp i p I.k n l-ouuiellow'- liula 1 , llama' v It idge. Hen John i n, London ed. ( n 1 n' Ituliuns, 1 n bai..1!, View 1 1' t imgrejiitniiidhsni, l.tul.l. Aericulitirnl Cbeiu.'ry, .Mr. Smiii .Memoir , Pre I Vols' Mosgo-', I.l eile'- Prnct cp, Co'eii Ve' Work', barks O'Jlntey, 'I runil t ll's lieuiiiin ence, Pbiiareh' Live , llnnilV 'Itnieb, H iral Life nt' ling nip', Lite of Will erlore p, Ca ' Km uev, 1 'ninp' vhV Works, llryanl'- Pivm-, llnelu o -1,-s Ceo'i gy, l.ileof Newii n, L feof llt-buii Cl-ase, Sonllie". P. e ual Woik., Loo' bin's SjianUh lialluil". April 7. W COMMISSIONER'S NOT1CK. r. the subscribe rs, having been appointed, by tlin I Iiim. .vnt.t I.a H l.... r .1 4i irictor Grand Isle, roinniissidiiera to rceicve, cxau inc an I ndjusl Ibe claims, and demands, of all person", against the Kstnl of L'etsey Cochran, lain of North . cm in. in, reprcfeiiteil it solum, arel o o n r .lima r-n,l ,l...nHan ..fcU!t -. a !.. ...r 1. .1.- .... '! ... iii.iuur- .-.MiiiiiKii in nii-ei incrcio, nno MX moitlis from the; llitli (lay of Mircli A. I). IS42, there ore heteby gie nnliec, tint Me will meet at the dwebinghouseof Jedidiali P. I.add in iho town nf rturiii ncro tin. ium uay of September nt 0 o'clock A. M. A. D. 1942. KLLSIIA limit RD Commis s. o I-I'AVIS I1UUNSOX, I sloncrs. -orlli Hero Mare h 21m. 1812. PETITION TO SELL LAND. STATE OF VERMONT ) At a ProbaleCourt held nt IJistnct of Cbiltcndeii j liurhngtnn within and for I'elisUicjofCbiltenden on the 31st. day of March Samuel Roirdimn, of Miller, in sa'd'disltirt, guar- linn nf I t &I11 ll..or.l...n .. ..a I, . ,t 1 ' b. .1 .,.'.', "' .... ... 1 . -inn i.i-isey iHKIIUIUlll. OOlll of -md .Milton, tumor children of Henry C. Ilonrdiinn ntPf,rc:fiiil Itillrtr. ,o..l :.. ! I - . : :" ---I, u. itii-i 11, mm mi mm ei uri ins million, in wining, selling forth that his said wauls are seized in their own right in fee, as tenants in com mon, of ah. ul sevenlv acres of land, and biii'dings thcteiin, situated in-nid Miltrn, being Ibe saniefaim Oil W lll'-ll iMii&nl.l llmrn I i: I I .It. a . I .1... , - ..L.nj . . 11, tii ,i mi lite 11 , .inn uini t.iey nrealsoseiV.'-lcfan imdiu'ed intcti st in l.e ntinfi- oerniieiiuni; iirtiluison oriands in South Ileio, in the co'inry of Grand Isle, biing nil their interest in Slid ast 11 enionrd lot wliithlhevown a he is to tlnir l ite irolber, Auiv Itoardiuan, htpofsaid M.llon. de ccascd; And fiirlln r tilling fnrlh thai it wo Id roti-i.uei- to the Interest nrhis ivards to line their in lerelinllipnfosiidlaiidsolil, nml thn proceeds nf such sa eput ut iiile-n t, and pra'.ing m eoiiit lo li-censi- nnd empower him, ihosiid guardian to sell nnd convey his siid ward ' intensi in said land, for tin purpose nf.ire said, agreeably to the statute in such ca-e made and prmided. Tlienf'irc, iIip court af ircsii 1 'oth appoint the twrn IV third div of A ril, A. DBI?, for heariiv-and deei ilm? nn snid peliiion. nt he olhVi-of the Register .V said llurhnctni-, ni'ddolbotdir I'lal all persons inte rested I c notified then of, bv pel 1 en lion of ibis older, eonninm.' the iibstnnciMif sail m tition,lbreo weeks sin-cesivelv in the liiitliiitnn I'reePrrsa, a newrr perprinl.'din slid I'll liuglnn.i 1 of w hi h puli icationi 'iSjV pri!V'ul19 10 saiJ l"cnl' ''""I d iy of Aptil. A. I). Given unibrmvlnnd ntssid P.urlington this 31st. day of. Match A. I). 1512. WM. WESTON Peghler. il vi i n QCD CORDS rVsch and Mipte Wood fer s,le W V by March It. S. WAI.kT.K. TO Till PUllUC. riMlT: viib-eri' e'r wi ti'd re pe-'ll'illv ml', mi hi. o'.' I eiiioni.-r--lii l iln- p-il lie ireuerally, ilut In- hi returned to ibi. villain-, an I iu'eo l laimiig on ibe Maiui l.n-ine.s a, ,,riiii'r1 . His (erviees in the a' ove line are i-e pc I Vv 'i flen-d In tho p il lie. Wlnie-w.l-bliig, l.riel, nnd'-io ie wor!.-, pla-lenil nn I Lcnieil lug done, at - lion notli e ail I on rea n-i ll b icrni-. He niav I e fuuinl at In ol I , , i Vive In Mi' 'en Lane. GL-.O.N. MI'l .M.'S. H rl'iig'r n, tari-b 21, H42. -li e t .( llUMH'.I.i Ileitis Uras Seed, n lir-t late nr iclc, in I receivid and for Mile b w by April 1, It. THOMAS. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water strut, nl the hn if the Steamboat Wharf 'lltivling'oii, Vermont. 1)Y .MOSES L. IIAIIT. rpIILS (-'a' It biiien', -o lavora'ly loi atc I f, r tin 1 MvolllllioilatMin 01 lire; I ii-iie' an I ll ivel ill" ciiniin iuitt, t.Tniw o; ii lo tin- pnl lie. Pn j Con be upon Ibe ario i lon e- en I al the I M-bange J !.. n r pa l uie-r , nti'l ilnve iirniu? ir I'e'iiaiituir I Sfam Ilia', In win b in i' 1 1 t-ir hai'-aere i re mm- without charge, w 11 llnd ibis lu.u ei.c.-uhsily totheir eonietueiui'. The l.ivpi r 'em'ers b;. ervf'-c , r." b the a s'Tnuee, thai in all ti-pci', ibe Imu. .ball de erve ibe favor- al le einisi 'era'ion i f all w ho luae pa'roiu e' P. i . . i i, . ... - ' . . iiiiiTiii'oii, aprn i, ici., jt Uvui')' :ll:ir tlttc wiiiilccl lor a special purpose. Til i: s i' en i-r re-peell iby icq p is a pcrn ndel it I in Ium 'oealj an'l n.iv lli.-ir .Nn'e and Acii ir wrbo'itieav. .lAAll.: .MITLIIPXt.. It -ii 1 ng'on, April I. 1312. .Toll Int. 5 r fiji "" 'wo -trrv il'vplling V-yT. H"" -" "" ''earl S.ri P', I re MfaY'i Tl "Sit lyo'-J ip el I v llt-bnp lli.pkt'ns V c it T nnl '"'u,v "'o-ii! iho llnek jt'imJ 5 g t Ufa Chun h. 'I be piemi t-s niav I p la' any I nut-, nml ininieib- tiii: n:o po v on riven. Apo'vlo OT.O. u, INGLRsOLL. -lan. -t h 1SII. M. 6. RATHBUN, IIRAli:.C ANDTAII.OH, Ot.'LD'tfdlv iufi nn bi fru-ii'U ant the piblielbat be ha- reiin.vil from Pearl St reel to Hit.. )u tiling in Chinch f-trei-i fernit rlv oi c iiue.1 I y IA- f 1 .'. ..i l I- ' ui. o.ia kii, i-iiii-iip iiip tit, iiis e i ifiiin?t n, where all tnk-rs will It- executed in the nio.-t ap proves! .Ivle. N. IL Ifpjs Agent fi r Ibe sa'p C S 'Oil t Wil-rn'. Rpjiorl ifl'a liuuis. .Noiut-will le given as te.un as the Spring liejiurt is ree'eiveil. Apiil I, IS 12. To Sell or Kvcliangc. A SMALL Inn eoueerieiii llwebin-. Iloetc, en tire'v new, sima'eil ne-ar llipS.e are-. Amii 1, ISd2. Apply lo P. P. MARKIIAM. Abo, one wro ighl iron ax'e're-e donl le Linn' tr Wagon, n id ouo lcel spring lingle pleaiure do.fir 'e a- above. Clover and Herds (truss Send April 8. bv J. et J. II. PUCK & Co. B HO.VI) Cl.OTIISat greal Inrsauis fr.rcn.h, an it nn n i m u. , l ah.ia rs. 4.4 and 5 4 Superior iinLleni he'd Cuton., vi ry low f, ri'ali, by II. W. CA "I LIN. DITCHING. Ae. TUP. Mib-ciilcr ro eefillyo tn-lnilip pilliehi. service's, in the line of diielung, pavin.', I u l bug slonei'ra n .M'weri-, and Iho b'.p. Hew II r.loun dertnk? lo dig an I 'unp wells of nny i'e cnptii n, and n' i e cr racs tnim -ue i o '-in) o eri-i, ainuyje'-irs expericnee hi lb j a ovo l.ii.ines , in tbi- and ibe old coun'ry, inspires him with to mncli i-niilii'enie in bun elf, hen.1.1- no pay where bedw-not give nmnle nisaenon. l.iirlitijton, March 2D, 1812. JOHN RAKER. LISTERS' NOTICE. THE Listers of ibe 'town oflturing'rn here! y gne until e, tint ibeyihail proeec.l m ormiine ilia tly af er the (ir-t day i f April next, to peifoiin the ibitres of their oilii pnnd here1 y req' ts nil e r- on. in ni I town li.ll Ip n pnv lnxi'.,,in Ic pieparcl lo,mi' p nn ixlid it of all their Inxal jc I'slule. Maic!i3l) Wi. jijiiNii.-iioit.tNnnci:, JOHN HAIiS'UW. . tcr. WVLLVS LYMAN, COMMIS-IOM'.R'S NOTItT.. WE lie Ml sen' er . hiving been ni-i.n n'ed ly iIip llrapr-i If the Pin' n't'Coirt for the r of Cliit'tii'len, eoiniiil ioner lo re pivp, VxanHne and A'djn-t be planus nut I'einauds of nil per on. a.'ain-t tbep la'enl Amy U nnhpnn, In'p i f Miltrn in raid Di-tii -t, t't- -t-n e.', n-piv Sviiesl inso'ven', mil nbo nil planus nnd iVmrinl- rxhil Pel in o mm ibert to j and ix month- frflui it.n ilav if iIikiUc heipof, I t ing a I, 'Wed I y .aid Co iri for 'ibat por,n.-e, wo do here-' y give nonce, ibat we will at'fndioihebutinc of our appointment, h. the elw tiling i f Samuel II. ard man. in Milton in tail Hi tnei.eni lit.-4 H Monday ti Apil next, at 10 o'clock, A. Al. on nid day, Dalai this 15'n dav of March. , I), 1812. SILAS U. .SIRl.KV. . WJLLJ,M A OltA.WKK, j ,X!m " BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY TIIH Slimmer Term of ibis Institution eiiininenccil on Welne-day llii'2dor.Mnrcli,and will continue iweniylwo wevk. The! Si bool I. I'tllglul lly lo tii'i'l in n ri'llied part cf this leaullfi.l village. Ad vantages: nre a Ibrdeil lor iisiruelion in the uHii and ornainciral I rnnthei of tslnpation. Fri f. Windmill and his datuhter, Irom Germa ny, nipingngeil In take charge til tl.u music t'e part input, in tlieeo'ir-enl Hippie entTerm. JliuisiP r lIofcur.TTr, nn nnninplitliol French Tea her, isalso i ngagnl lor lhai deparinien'. Cir.-u!nrs e onlaliiiiig more panic ilnr informn'lnn m iy I u obtaiiiu-l by nppln nno,, n, tltu I'rinei; nl, Mi-s l.t.r., or nl Ibe llool-sit re i f Mr. D. A, Diuman. Hnrlingli n. .March Zitih, '1812, i, Ii rfceivt'11 'I'P above app. intmenl, the Public are respectfully apprized thn t I will nl all tl be i readiness to nltend to 1() du les of the offlce. 1 ho Old Ilcarso has been repaired for pies ptil use, mil there is some, hope of gelling n new one. Cofiins ol nny kind liirmshedot theshoitcst iiudce, nnd nil chmges moderate. ot nr., , D-K.PANGDORN'. Shop on Cnlhn s Line, l?ih March, 1RJ2. Domestic Matiurictiires. yAWIIN'S lei In',' r ,n'u Ivilie s,l V M'riber. Ibi.'in', t. tnin in till, vi.lage by , a .ghan, and t. wartau'e I not inferior lo Mny nard it o.,Cs' or unv other ink now in me Plea-el ear in mind that thl-ink , r Doinpsti" Maniilaeiiire, und Is we r by of any geniletnanV at lention and ..ilronnge, e.-peeiallv if bo wani. a zo'xl ar'; 1 ' , Jorm'o at S. HUNTINGTON'S March 2 1. Ilook-llin terv. Dissotvrtox. rpiIF. copartnership heretofore existing between the X subscribers und. r the firm of linger it Coin-lock is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All demnnds due the lato firm tnut be paid bv the fitst dav of April next. Lilhcrofllips bscriliersare aullioriscd toset. t.'c the business of the late firm. i.l'thp.r m. iiaoar, ,. . ,i;orui: d. com.,toci:. Slirlliiim, March 17, 1812. flHORf.U I). COtlSTOI K K ' l'v,:u "mio-n e. lo the ji,,a ,,,,, f JA Slii'lb'.rii an it in t , iliai be ,,,. p,,rcl,.i p of , ". .1 ..ii, ems ! , I r ueri nis in't-re-tiu Ibugoeid. I eloiiginglo lliela'ulirin i.fH.i"ar & Com lock. He would !ibo infi. mi thu (ml In-tliat he Will continue the business on bis own aevpunl at tlieold Maud, bete lieotn-r- a general a s.iriinent of Gtod cheap fur ea h or on six ininilbs i-ri-Ju, ciueiiiiirii in t c f, .nareii 1812. tints, l'cni'onil C'oru. 1 Of If. HfSULLSOit-, J VJUW 12j " GoihI Pea.-, . i r ir 250 " n " ,Cor"' rOT stlc at !t Man I of Hngarau 1 Com. toe!;. Sliell.iun.Mari b 23, IS 12. Motiscllne l)c I.alncs. 3 LAIN, Satin -tripe. I nnd Figure I, ofeverv nnlily and price, fiir -nle by " tl. W. C Tl.lN Purine llnmipfe. n,LOIlFNCi: lbai.l,T i-tnu, and Straw nonnc'.-. of .i"ornii: juuurns, ursa.e nyii. w. OA 11 IN va Ii M.ii b. l'apei' I la sinirs. Qfinn R I ,-l NewPatieru., lor IcH- I'i Mar b. IL W.CATI.'IN. V t atpe, Itr.ggs and till Cloths. Olil A I Mira-y it I'a'ern- to lj .old rtry

low lort-it.'i, I y 2j h .Mar ,. . w. CAT LIN. T0 Pw'i'tbni: Ho'i-es. Aplvio X Mari-'i2l, I5I. . I,K. T.NWOI!TH. 1 n nOOaSill AlKSof thcLtM qi nlin'of Vinnonr 1 U fur mi Uv n. pirrnnsox. A'.n l."r ftli Oinill-Po fitid T.rni.uiD I . .l from -New Vork. March 1 fi, I or.'. IJISSOLVTfON. rpil I". i'fi,iartner-lMp liefeiofote existing ini'er the .L linn 1 1 K. M. Wie.'h o. Co. is I y m if al eon em lilt- day di-oUvd. A I V . due the. I'r n are to I e p i d lo II. W. Ca.liu, who i au'lioi -xe Ilo inllt-t the i-a-iic. II. P. IHCKll', II. W. CATi IN, ll'il'ng'on.Mnr h 12,1812. 1 . M. WHIGIl'l. II. '-V. C.i Iiu wi b i'i uini' e 1 iisiiii'.. al the ilore fi rtnerly '"'enpiiil I y F. M. Wiiuli! et Co. JRRICO AO A DEMY. ATJEItICO c'J.v'yf'J VT. 'IUK Spiing term will cnuim nee on tho23tli inst. - un Li Hip charge of Uev. isljneo , Hp-knell A. M. Mr- lliceuell, ' will be reccollected, was formerly l'lineiple ol tliis Acadeniv, bill left it in the Autumn eif of 1 I in I'lkech ti sniiil irins.ltiiliiin in thestale nl .M. . nml Ii s repula lonnsa tliurnugli nnd sue'ecss I'nl e.ifher is, in this ilcinty, already established. Hiving engagid lliepcriiiuiifiii smiees of a teat her if so miii'li cxpenenee, md h ning tliurouglil v npiir d the A-udeiny liiiildiug, the Tin tees would now nte that is ihepurp.Hj and expectation of alt eon- ernid thai this Si bool sml be inferior lo no i imbed Institution in the siibnnti il .uliantag' s and iii.lucc uifiiis olliied to those who wish lo mien I n wedl reg al Hid school where tl.cnarc f i lducements in idle ii 'ssanil di-ipnlion,anil whoa c pn pared lo npprc- iite ihu a In .l:ige- of thoroujli and sysleiuaiic in--triu' ion. 'I'll" acidemic yivir will ho divided into Two Ses sion., cieh 22 weeks j and each session ir.'o two Terms if It wp. ki inch. The Chime fur t ttinti vdlbc fur the common T-'ng-lih mi luding History und Composition S3,:0 per term I'-ir all the Hiithcr branches of Kuglish stit 'y nnd Languages 8l..".u per lerm, Iloird in res p ct d.le f iilnhcse.i!! beoblauiedat a erv low pure. J'-neo Miueh la. ISI .. J. 1 1 A MI iT()N, CJti .-. siaki w.iui:. TII F.O DO 111', HOLIIIiOOK. (Lite Holbronk it Tappan) (III Milk st., Ilnstoji, Till", ''ub-criberou'. rs n large and tliihce selection o' Hardware In the counti v trade upon the nn st liberal terms. March I. 1912, 2m TKANCUS I.KNJA.MIN, Jr-., Wholesale Deale r in Stiratjc, I'orwaidlt gnmt Conimls's No. 273 mvrn street, ITT.l fac dnnrs ahmeWas'iiiiglun Square FOR SAl.U. 3.5 Slnres or Stock ill the Far mers nnd Mc.lianics Rank, liurling't n. A ndy to R. G. com:. nuttiiiglon, Feb. II, 13 1 J. its. II yc anil Corn. AIT.W hundred bushels of Oat, Rye and Corn fo' sale by the ijuautity or single bushel, bv Mirch I). S. VAI,h.'F.R. NOTICE. 'IHK popai'nersbip lu-ieiolire e-xistir; 1 J..I. S airaii I laa:i Dow.un .'erlbelin tirg Iptwpcn theliriil rif S arr Si Dow, is thi. day I y impual pi n cntih.oled. All ppr-oiis in d to Ibe la p nid liim are req le lol to ma ppa input, as it i nece..aiv the In ine .liould I o elo.-cl iiniuevlur.ely. ' J. J, S I'ARtt, ISAAC HOW. It irlinz'rm, Mnr h 7, 1812. I.elllgli tint. TONS Lehigh rnked, Coarse Coal, house v,"'and kept from the weather, for salebv Nov. 29. FOLl.ITT .f. llRADI.r.V. QCf M DRILI.RD Fjid Needles, 00J 200 Gross Hooks nnd F.ycs. 100 do. Kmtiing Pius, 0 Oni-cs London and American do. 50 'lu. do. Jut received and for silebv Nov. 30, 1611. VILAS, L00MIS .V CO. IMSSOH'IIO.N. The POparluprbii ben toloipe'xi.ling betwppnlbe uivVr-igiiP I to Ibirlington, nni'er the stylpof Kern it Wnli-er, and S. Wal'.er & Co. nre Ihis day bv our m it i ml 1 1 'ii - mi t di-olvod. AH demands in favor of eilluir of sud firms, n iw piyablp, and w Inch .ball not 'ppai'l I y tlio lu-.i dayi'fApril mum, will Inleft in the ban U of II. Leueii-worth Jin, foreidloctlon. Hirluigton, M r.b 5 h J2 DAMF.L l.TRN. f-OLOMON WALKER. . GREA T DA R GAINS ! Tlineniire stnek nf itoods herttufoio owned by Kern it Walker is'olfired nt wholesale or tela'd nt cos'. It consists of a largo lock ol Drv Goods. Dry md Wit Grocuiis, Crockerv, Grss nnd Until Whip. AH wish'ng l ibuy Go ids will find il for lit tr inter est lo c ill nn I eti tit'ia the goods b-forp buying else, where', fir they mud be sold nl suni mice close the ponrcrn, SOLOMON WALKER. H.irhnston, 5lh March, 1812. X Vt U I CO F 5T It N A C R ; r tin1 eri goe nop're In ll.c p' b'ie ihut .L ibpy have a ai o I firmer nifv in .is-. f d i per ntiou, iil n il half n mile ea I of Jctin Corner', nn 1 luc Kircloi fiinu Ji n 1 1 Ij ph o or Ic., .lf.i (tear, ing and Cuttingt of every i'iS riininit, al thfrt no iicp, an I on rea onal l term. Wp have gml tttie'-, and s'lpe-nor worl ii'eu. nnddo net iiien I ibat nnr ar'ii-lei ba I Ic cx'vi'cl mquililyby nny, e tat li.huicul in this tee'inn.i The rrei' ra tsl ".M.,neh'istll Pln"gh," l-pptrrn-tan'ly nn baud. 'Him is n very riip-rior nrlicJc of ibe U in oavmg taken tlio pretni un of tho Mj.-t. Ac. Suvtciy. Farinern arc ir.viipiltocnll, FORD & tMi.WOW Jricn, Mar Ii 9. 161? tf TO FARM Hits GtHASS Sr.KD.Tlto Pubscribcrs hare selecfed 1 from best samples of northern growth, their usual supply of Herdt Grawnnd Cloter Setd, which they enh rccomtijcnd ni very superior. Many far mer who have unfuiltinatcly used tho southern or wes'crn secel, n Inrge qunniity of which has leen heretofore told in the , neighborhood of Lako Cham Plain, taught by experience Ibe difference between seee'a of southern tr northern growth, For sa'enl the Dock, '"arch IS, 1342. 'FOIJt.r.TT & IIRADLV. ONE SHILLING. a match for hard Tho Subscriber oders fnranle the OREUN MOU.MTAIN REPOilTOItV, T For. one shilling each. III. book contains 231 Duodecimo pages arid Is bound m a good snbstanlinl pnuncr. Hie book contains many biographical nolieis of tho earlier set ers of Vermont nnd much authentic information rc Intive to the. natural nnd civil bislorv of the State. The price of the Repository is within the tent Ii of ovcrv "man icoman nml thild," and is n book lint shiuld be in Iho bands of every child in the Stale that can read, nnd il xcouldnot btattty tcrious injury to Adults, I'thty should read it. A liberal discount n.ado lo thoso wlioliuy to sell, or buy to gneaway. ,. SAMUEL IIUNT1GTON. Rur'tglon. Mnrch 10, 1342. CilSII paid for Flax Seeil, I v Dce.22, 1811. HATCH, ODELL ,f. Co. NEW MUSIC. AVERY Inrge and well iclccied a-ortmc'nt of M ism', n lantolfLr'llie Piano, j st ree-eivulat ibe lJurlington Hookshrt. Also Mci' n Works, utl as So tiliern Harp, Ze iner'c Organ Muie', P.nnn Fort Prmler, llun'en's Iiotruction for the Piano Fortp. For sale by Jan. 4. D. A. IIRAMAN. c AH paid I'nr all kind, e rshiii'iina F irs, by ioii. in j ejii, uui.1.1, eViUo. IHIUS. Neee Itmn r.,r.nli-l v 22 Pee. HATCH. ODELL if. Co. QRlOn 'u's I'u re Win tor and Fall Sperm Oil, fil -i20C0 do Whale blca- h'd and unbleached, 30 Hbls. American Linseed, by oOth Dee. 1311. J.& J. H. PECK cc Co. GLASS. tJOn ROXHS llurlington, Vermont, and 1J(JJ Essex Cylinder Glsss, 300 do Redford, Siranac, and (. linton Crown d. by J. V. J, H. PECK etCo. 30 I'cc. IS II. Agenls. G ROC Ell IBS. " I f HHDi S.l. Croix and Porto Rico Sugara, I J 1 1 Rotes Lump - efo 30 libels. Molasses, JO llarrels do EO Chests V'"ing llyron Tea, CO do Hyson Skin do 15 do Hyson do AO Cnlties do Ja 100 Matis Casa, 2 Rariels Cloves, 1 do N tmegs, 20 Ti rccs Sa'erntm, 40 Ki'gs Pure Ginger, 100 Muxes llnr Soap, EOdo Pipes, 20 Hags Prppcr, 25 do Pimento, 40 do RioColl'iC, 15 do J.n-1 do by J.H. PECK i Co. 30 Pec. 1811. NOTICE. ALL who are imleb id to the uiidertegrlcd whose notes and accounts !me beconie due, nre hereby notified, that iitiiuidiale payment must lie made tu sae cost. To those whose demand nro becoming due, wo would say tint pioinpl piyment, aicording lo lontract, is r.xpeeli d. 'I'he term of copartnership of the subsciibers ex pires by liuiitat on on the 1st of April next, it will theiffnrc bj inaistcil upon, that nil coiitrncls be (.bind. STRONGS ei Co. llurlington, Dec. 30, IS It. CUMIISn SALT. T ik's Island and Sl.Ubes Sill. Also fine barrel Salt for sale bv Doc. 1311. S.M.POPE. Tobacco. 4) "T KEGS F.-.lmnnd'a, iwtl 1 2 l!ocs En ine's, 12 do I'oriie', 10 Kegs Cntdwell's, 10 llnxcs ltnwu's. Thoaboio aro all iboice brands, and ate offered nw bv FOLLl'.TT it ItRADLI.Y. 1) YE STUM'S. 5K URLS. Cntnpcachv Logwe-od, jWxo coo , St. I'nniiiijei do 20 do Fustic, 10 do Nicaractn, 100 d. i Cain Wood, 35 do Madder, 10 do Alum, 0 do Cnppein-, 25 do li no Vitriol, E01)euiijnhns"Oil do., bv 30 Dec, 1311. J. et J. il. PECK'st Co. OA H H D S. Tiinulnil7 aTid 30 Tdi-rPo7io "Rico f Mnli-sea, heavy bo'icdnnd liglrt cnlnred, just received nnd fjr file', al n crv low priic, bv , .ol.;!:vt&iira"dU.y. Old Docli, I -rlington. TOIIACCO J SNUFF. JK R VRREL'i Lorrilhrd's chew ing Tobacco, vw jo do do Miiokmg do 200 Jirs do Mn-nboy sliulT, 3'.0 lllidders do S otch do 30 Dec. 1941. by J.-.t J. II. PECK V Co. Agents. I'catlurs. A f 1.11 Gps.p Fe.i her-, of sMncr'or o nlitv. ---''iOO.Ij, Nov. 30, IS 1 1. Hell -Ii-. For .-i'e low Iv VILAS, LOOMIS it' CO. Sheep Skins for Hook Hlligtug, .tr. pCQ DOZ. Sheep Skin , as-ortei q lalit.'c. en ''naii'l anlfor.a'e to man fie'i'rer and other- ai Invprice-, by 1LAS, LOOMIS, & Co. N' iv. .10, IS II. Slicrt Iron. 1 f PACKS Ri.ia Ir a-i rtcd No. I J ."(I II in 'le- Eng. an I Anieri '.in Iron, a'd N o 75 lli xc Canada P a p tor a'ii I v Nov. 30 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. Ul.iiiiicls. I CASE White and eolori-l Flannel-, M. 20 pi.'.-es liairedSalislinry do. Illi) " icarlut doinp-tiii do. Ju-I re'i'ci u' and for tale ly N v. 31 1311 VH'. VS. LOQ5tIS 4 Co. liltp I.-nil. TONS Wctherell" Dry White Lead, J 5 do No 1 and Extra do do in packages from 100 to 500 pounds. 2 Tens 1 xln Ground h Oil, in Kegs of 25 nnd 50 piutids,for salo nt Manufacturers' prices nnd freight, by Nov. 29. FOLLETT ! BRADLEY. Onns-DEs Sole Leather for i ale b FOLLFXt BRADLEY. 1 BAG ! Filberts, IV. 10 do llrazil Nuf, 10 do hud shell Almonds, 15 Frails soft do do 20 II Is. Vickory Nuts, 6 no Chcslnu's, Of superior quality, nnd offered low, hr FOLLLTTit RRADLE'V, LAW DLANKS. C .GOODRICH has constantly for sale by the Ream or Quire, a general assortment of law blanks, printed from forms fiom Revised Statulcs, consisting of Justice Writs and Executions, all kinds lu use Trustee Writs County Court Writs nnd Executions, various kinds Wnrinntry, (lult.clnim. and .Mortgage Dteda Chancery Bills for forclosihg Mortgages Blanks fer Depositions Admimslrntor.s Honda Li tiers of Guardianship Officers Receipts Justice Appeals Blanks for Notes, Ilny.Srales, Ae, 4, C OASES nnd Bales TickUga, ) 1 Halo Canvass, 2 do Drilling, 20 Pieces 40 inch Burlaps, 13 do Red P.idd ng, For sale bv Nov. 30, 1311. VILAS.'I.OOMIS ef- Co. QQ CASES English and American Prints, r0 2 diicnlorid Cambries. For snip bv Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS !. Co. MIL;. 71 C.W. Pongee Silks, 35 1'iece-s black, blueblacR and figured do 20 lbs. Italian sewing, 25 " India do 10 11 ,1'lhck and colored Twi,l, Nov.3Tt, IS I. For salo by VILAS, LOOMIfl it Co Merino. Ac. . QfV PIECES C. hired Fn-.'lish and French Merino. 0J 20 do black do do 23 do figured Bombazine, 20 do black do 25 Alpirei clolh, Nor, 30, 1R41. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. "tlMNTED. Domes lie Quill s wi led in xehang 1 1 lor Mi.oi.snr Slallonary, by Match 10. S, mrj TO YOUNG HOUSE-KEEPERS. PAR ft A It, WAIT tb HOOT, KEEP conslanlly on hands full ajsorlmontof elegant Tea Sets, of Gold I and Cbiha. Gold hand Tea Plates, Gold sprip'd do. Gold edge and line do. Extra wldegold band do. Gold edge,linre"c Fprig'el do Gold edge nnd line do. Gold bind Preserve and "l lute nnd sprig'd do. Cup plate". White China ttrctikfasl nnd Ten Plates, Pitcher. Rowls, Duller Stands and Nurse Lnttlps, with smnll lea Pots ntliched, China Inkstands, n very pre tly article for presents for sale cheap nt the Crockery -Store, corner of Church nnd College Streets. Burlington, Jan. 31, 1312. TO II A C CO. BOXES 'Ronn's' Cavendish Tobacco. 40 .'L7 25do 'F.n.lerV ,1,, .1,, Ender'a' do do ZOrin 'Irvine's' do do SO Keg 'Ender'a' Plug do , 20 do '.McDonald's' do do 31 Dec. 13-11. by J. it J. H. PECK it Co. . . . NOTICE. A LL persons, mdrhtcrito the estate of lite la'e Rc XVbert Moody, nro notified that payment must be mule immediately to the subscriber, to prevent cost, llurlington Fc'.S 1342. GEO. It. SHAW, a im, - tJAyV S. Mill, Crbsi-ciit. mid 1 nciuar oaws. im sale by Jan. 7. IIAOAR et ARTHUR. Sign if the Padlock, Cornarof Churchand College Streets. l)liAOKS.MlTl!s HICM.OWH, n lirsl rntc XJarticle.als,, Anvils, Vises, Files, &c. for sa'p by Sigii of tljoPadlocV,;) HAtiARek ARTHUR. Cor.Ch.nnd Coll. sis. Wf "V'-Tho'sc Who have'Fromisrd i'he uTjscri- her Wood are reminded lliatlhet-leddirg is food about tiwn. Jan. 7. U. (500DK1CII. ) LOTTING PAPER.-For salebv heltcnn or L quire. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. BINDING LEATHER. A few doz. tulf-skius suitable for book-! hiding wanted bv Jaa-Jl GOODRICH. FRK.SII FIGS AND LEMONS J it n-ipivp.1 fioiti, r.n 1 fi.r tale by CEO. PETERSON. Jan. 51. 1812. Hoiks lor TO un or District 1.11)1 aiies. CI GOODRICH ba. .1 vab al Ic eolV-etion of II- o'.-s '. sniiab'clor town t r district Lil rnrn--, wbu b will be soldon lhemo.-t litcrnl term, nnd ul very low price " Do.'. '. . .... . - Law Hooks. pONNKCTICL'T RL'PORI S, Vol. 13. V- Coimnou Law ilo Vol. ii. 1:sl. do Vol. U. '?es. 15. For-aVby C. GOODRICH. SALT. Zi(T)T)(fy BUSHELS Snlir Salt, rfrf'VIj000 do Tin Us island do 4000 do Fine -do 1C00 Barrels do do 300 Sacks Dairv do 30Dec.lS4I. lly J. it J. II. Ptcx it Co, HONES Hunch Rniir.i, i-VtJU 40 Kegs Malaga do 15 lings Madeira Nuts, 12 do Filberts, 15 do Brazil do 10 do Almonds, by 30 Dec., 1S11. J. ,r. J. tl. PECK .f- Co. C S KI'.GS Powder, 5 fi) Rigs Shot, 100 Dozen Corn Brooms, by Dec- 30, '1 J.etJ. ILPrcic.tCo. LOOKING GIBUSES. A LARGE an I well sclectnl isnrtmcnt, consist ingof Cilt, Mi'iognnyand (Silt, MAotfany, and laneij framed looking Ml.isr, forspent giently reduced prie-es nt the Hardwire Store', Cniti-r o'l Chun h and Col ege S s.. ,y H AG AR it ARTHUR. RO HUOS. Gardner Ibewer'i N. Englnnd Rum, 30 Pipes ami HilfPipes Am-rican HranJy , 40 do do Baltimore Gin, 10 da do Telleoiiu' Urandy, 5 do do 1 Swan' Gin, lnilbds. St.CroxR ni. 30l!bs. Sherry nnd Madeira Winci, 35 do Malaga elo 5 do Port ilo 31 Dec. 1HH bv J.etJ. H. PECK it Co. P LOU II. nnd COO hnlf da. of the most an t"av' proved brands, by 30 Doc, 1311. J. st J. II. PUCK .f' Co. .1 ( () I.I1S. White and col'd Thread, lvJ so " lllocK I, men, ' "j Gross Round nnd Flat Elects, Nov. 30, 1311. Forsile by VILAS, LOOM IS & Co. GLASS WARE, F all descriptions oolistantlv on hind : a full a. 0 sorlrieut of Tumblers, nl.dn. iire.eii. i-rnunil. star bultiiiii and cut gl.i Win s; Jellies, Lciunnide nnd Egg glasses! I.nftps or" nil descriptions ; Lamp c nse, De-eantets, Waicr llntte, Specie Jars, v..M ftus size-Si I'rc.seryeDi-Iies, cut glass Cu lard Ibnyjs, Pitehrr.s. Silts, Castor Untiles, Reyolung Cas.ois nnd cut elass LaniV fiir -ale (cheap of e" urse.) al tho new Crickeiy and lA'ass WnteHmi.e of , FARRAR, WAIT'st R06T, I'urlintrton, Jan. 31, 1342. I'LASTFJ!. TONS Fresh Ground Plaster, by W'J 30 Ijcev ML J , it J. H. Pkck .f- Co. FISH. QUINTALS CODFISH, iS 100 Boxes, SO Half Lbls. Maektr.l, SO Dee , 1311. byj. k J. II. PECK it Co. rpiIOSE sunVring from an irritated stitc cf the I I.unjs, pirlieuhuly ta ibis s--i on of the ye.-r w.ll hud an exrellent medicine m that of tho LILY SYEUr, For advertisement of which, lo'ik;',-nr t cnluninS Ihis piper. For sale by PECK n SPF.AR. HE WariFo r'niinl: ti i 1 ,v" Tthasfre-i cnlly come lo the knuwle 'ge of tho suh- I. scr.btr, lha empty Snuff Jars, with his Label on them, have bren bought up for the urpnse of s, lliur. in them an inferior q nitty Sin fi intiil al-., that his , 'niltl'.l-llll-!s linvi- m .nn,n ! - ' ;-: - v ,ii-i inn-., iht.-h oiiiiier , j fciteil, or the general deSgti cf :he same so iinraled I as to easily elect iVo thcHnwary. lie devnis it, there- fnrr. Ii! Hiiit. -it nfnr... ..... 1-..A.. . , . , , . i i ii is-is 01 me nnnner in wlucli It.ey are often imp. fid upon; and he wmil-l hereby request thrin to te-ar olfor defaee the I. beds cn the outside of the Jar, after lining d poscd of the contents, mi as to present further use ol the tamo. A S'litjitdu rewar I will bo pit I for .tcli ev denco ns will lead lo the detection and conicti"n of the itn. postors. The 'iibicridtr cintinws ta Mtmiietiirt, and qf ftrt for salt the ftiltoicin 'articles: Fine Itroivti i nil-. Msccoboy, ) ro e American Rappee, .--.i-i-.i, .11,, , uavorcii. 1 1 Dint net eto. idr. do. Tuhernrp. " Ct. Outer, do. Strifburp. 5Iili'ese, Curaieii, t.jarjosi rovrn mhiii. Denugros. Nntebitnelifs. I nre trein:n. I'ihi.i. ttnm.. liotirh.,,,. Autf iteati (ientlcman ' St. floniinisi. li..... C :.u , - f "iT -sjiniiir-ll Lopcnhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixtutc. Vi-llnw SiA'ifl. Scotch and ) e.... Inh lilac' nurd c.r HiffllTonsl ( r'n!' 1.,. I, Hlr.1, T...... Coirse. weclhreiiteil Vwk Cut Ctictvlng Tohacri. Spanish, Kitefnrt, Canalcr, Common nnd Stems,' 5"3rA liberal discount inae'e to wbnhsale dealers. PETER LORILLARI', Jr., 42 Chatnant-Sl., New .-hectings. ryi RALES 4-4 RrownSbeetings "j s-a-os uicaciie t Co. Tor slls I y VILAS, LOOMIS .t CO. Nov. TO, 1511. ,0TlCl:y TILS may certify 'hat I have given ny ton Chs. II. Prat', his timed-Ting lea nunori 5-, nnd shall tberefe're claim none r.f hi e-.irnui5, ncr ply nny i'e' t. of hlsi-nntrae'iiijaftcrthts da e. Jericho, IVI.3, is 12. ZFUAII PRATT. WEALTH AND WORTH. AMONG thn very many valunblc new publics, tions received the lat yveeknt the Rooj-f tore of the suWcribcr.may be lound, WEALTH WORTH, the first of .1 series of American Family Tales from the pen of en American. That tsort nnd not wcnlih makes tho man is plainly nnd flegsnllv proved. We recommend every fnfirr to place this' little woik in tho hands of h s chi ilrert. thnl they nny learn bow to ni I under the iria s of bercnvunenl and pmprty, March 1, D. A. ..RAMAN. J AMI' l'i, t le-n bel auJ uu, It-.u lasl. of -u.ientir ipialitj, lur ta e cheap I v S. M. J'OJ'U Nov. 12. Scotch rig Irrn. 7, TON'S Garisberrir, No. 1 S ntrh Pig Iron for 'Aa'catthc Wharf. by FOLLETr& IIRAULEV. Nov. 29. 1 Q . WALTON'S V1.RMO.N I RMilSTFIL-ISOn inst receicd v 1", C. GOOI Rllll. WALTO.V'S Vermont Rcg.'tcr, and Farmer's Abnannr, f,r 1542. Al.o, a fciv mpie of Car' lyle's M'coellunie.-, lint rixcycd an.l for .ale bv I'ec.jl I P. A. IIRAMAN Hlit'etinga. 7Q BALES 4-4 Brown Sjlieetinga, 3 Cants Hlfsiclied de m HTHOM'AS will continue hh Auction SalcJ thp nficrnoon of every WedncBilay andSatut dav. A latge i nnlily nf Household 'Furniture i dillirtnt descriptions will be olll-red, togth cr wit' Sioks if ynriotis kinds, with pipe. Snlcs. of Dr'j Good?, Cutlery, Clocks, Jewelry, Ac., &cf, will h ollerpd Tiiesdny, Thursday and Saturday hrning, until fiirlher lldlicc. October c. 1341. HOUSE TO RENT. A convenient dwelling house and barn, and a good largo garden, on MaiJtt: Line, six,rods limn Ptnil Street. For futlliT particulars, ennmroof March 4. GIDEON M. FISK, Nonh st, STORE T"0 RENT. A cntnenienl Stoic to rent on Charc'i Street. J-nqnireof MOODY HASKELL, or S, 1J. SCOTT. Mireh I. HOTEL TO LET. T O I. E T For a term of yenr, at Johns, Canada, the old nnd well known . WATSON HOTEL, will out hntisi t. iUUgf G.irdi n, Ynrd, and Mabl ng, well adapted K9eC for n I.tM-ry Slable, Posscsiin pvrn 1st of May next. Apply to Mrs. J. E, WA'I SON, the rropno or nnd present in cupant. 't. Jnliiu. Feb. 1. IS 12. nSOtf P1AAO F0 2JTJ. Jll'f, t. .MUNSON. J.lllST .,.. if. tfeW-)'' ll'il ke k'V :siTi n.nn ilbcpTintr var.eiv of Piaim Forte., wheh aro oared lor ale on 'tbo mo t iep.eni' e'enn . As the e in-tr'.n.ents are madcon i v ry tii'i'-l; improve! plan, I bey are warranted t I etupeiii rtn all other it. tr uituni. cf tlio PianO I in ', (n pirnuig in a lush degree lie (nno ( I ibe Flute, In point of'n n it 'and i'iir-1'ali v iifworknian-b p the uient'O wnrtnn'id to I e er)Ual to any tn.lrf mer.s miuin'j lure I in the IJniiel Sia't". per i.ti . w ho i an' a t'oeid Piano are particu.arly in yi'e'.l tn pa I an l examine fi r tbcnisclv"., 1! irliK.'loii, Fe' . 21, 1512. ISK03S. for the spring trade. e I. A V I. EM EN'S Calf Boots, -owed nnd pegged, with nnd with out heel plates ; Kip Roots, se-wel and peg red , Men's and Hoys,' Thick Roots i Gent's Calf Gaiter, tho lic nrtic'ofnr Springwear ever nnufaclurel. 50 Pairs Women's I.-atiier Uoolees and Shoes, Gent's Leather On r Shoes. The nbovo will Ic sola low for ready c.vh, by .i t.nns ii. iu.att. Comer of Church and Cherry Streets, Burlington. Mnrch 1, H12. J. IL WALTON. WOl'I.D inlorin iherublte that lu ha. on baud and continues to man- '!.- $ has on liatei anil coiitmnps to man iiJrj r.H". reSad.lle-.B-td', ST'C' Trunk., eli-'., Carpel Bag', (M Vi.i'' li' it "I'-j-i's, ivi . i.i 'i l !': iIiMi. i he le-t, wbieb bv -v II se'l on re-a-onal le terms. Al i for a'p.C il ry Coin! ,Card--, llr'tth t", Win is nn.l l..ilic-, man oMier ar'ie'os in ,i- n,e. Tit 151.11 1 NCS dun- m the lo,t CAItlttAGi: t e on hoi I no I c !-in',' m niiiwrini liuiiaitig, (. Iiuicb lie'! , n lew-dour- I Loye!j' -Store. I) irling on, Fe! I'.ary, "B42. n339 FARM FOR SALE. FOR SALE, ibat will known Farm sit "t't'Tr'' '" -1 'lul1' ahutit one mile limit the J 'S3 upper Fnlh, formerly owned and occupied t.l,tiX by the Rev. S. R. Crane, contain ng be tween 275 and 300 icies of land, conipri ed in part of mowing, lillagu and pastmin'.", nnd goed wood lota and suar orelnrd. Said firm is wed waiertd, hai two good dwelling lious-s, one of which is of brick, the other of wood, both in good repair ; three gooi giiml Inrns ouo of which is CO by 41 feel, tfiC-jithers tin i r m f... . i... k nam anirotncr out oin,e,ngi with good vatds an I wnter brought into them and to theh insj in lo,' , an. I als i three good ivi-ils of water on the firm! bi ing a dcirible snualioii for'n mai who wants tn raise nc it stci'k or sheep 'or both, or i nn excilbnt firm fur tho df.rry Irtirnrtta. Thoso w isliin tn purchise such a 1 1' ni woipii do wcllbv applying soon W John ami Junes N.e.i inn on th'J pii inise., or to Get. Win, NnSh of X.-iv II.Hfn. M.lovi Mi ' i 21, 42 If FARRAR, WAIT .V ROOT, , Imt ort-rs and Itn'rsnlvniut lift si II Dealcrsln CRQGKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Keen COn.Mnt. jy on hand n latge op.ort nuiii of Din m r Sett con: pli te,wilh roup tauce Tu reens, Butler Bents, Salad, coy i red Disluj Of- Pl.Hlrrs Pir-lr. I I ..I... - .,.,1 I ... ..I lll.'c OiMl. 1, I ' sr. i. l .-iii-- p.iu vu. n" i - s, - ,, ,tJ,ei .,inan and l.outboii spngd ware, Willi lea -ts p, niatch i oh j a glial y;u ely ol To. let eis ntid nil quah ic' ol cuini iijii ware Usu illy wniitid tor (imily use. all in'wliieh w.ll tie sold cheap nt wbot-silc or retail nl Mmc, earner nf Church auJ Codego streets. II ilingit-n, Jan. 31, 1S1J. E. 1,. FARRAR gtcs ll nice that lis continues to carry on the busi nes ns usual of unnufacti.rinj Slnne ware of a sap. rior quality in all its varieties ill will si all tines be 'n read mess to sunn!-. merchants on the most nosanil le terms, all eirders prompt y atlmdcd to at h.s Factory. Pearl Street, liu.hiiginn. .1.111.31. 1312. PAIXTS iv!. 1 0,000 1'BS. Welherells Dry White Lead, UV Kegs do do gtouud in oil, E030 do Lewis' elo i'o 30 I Id Spanish While, 20 do Vim niton Kid, 25 do Flench Yel'ow, iO elo Spirits Tiupenliiv 3 s Ctout-t V, How, Ctiiuiu tifff n, Brunswick Co .Vayony elo. Tnii Lead, Ven'igrs, by 30'h Dec. 1SII. J. J. II. PECK .f Co. NEW GOODS. 1 1ll; Sul cn! e'r. haie j'itr,sc yvHsrgi'H Idinnns In thvirsi. k 1 f Sa.-ldiVry, Co-uh nnd Miell Hardware! T all 11. yai-'p ip., I'n'g', Mebemc, Paints,,Dc.n:lr,llrurt. 1 f all kind-, Joiners1 Toe., Ae. Ap. IIAGAI! it AR1IIFR, AitheoldSiniid, Sign olthei Pa IIih'I , ro-ne'r of Church an I Ce llcfu Street.. N101VJJTOUE: " The Veyv YorV'tash tlir.lwarr. Storei rPHF. Su'-cri'er bum. i'e eriu ned to carry on I Urn II UtDWARK l)l'.SINrS in all .(.tranches in R 1r11113.1t", t.b-is i pcpej an I now o er t"r t.a,lis nil 111 irely ne.v nnj well ie!cs'lel as-i r-n-cnt of jexsts in I'm a' eve line. His oi;ei,t thi. win'fr iMttmorttn levn tb de man.b ol the market, in r-rder n Ip chip to tupplr Ibp.aiiic 111 ibe Spt in-.; ami . he in'ei'-lt doing a stri t'yca-h I u-in'-, he solicits a tbare of pnl 1 c .1 ronaF-e, e ontident ih U hi pni os will 1 0 found to II all w Im may Itvi r Ium with a enl. I 'i iiigi't.Vi.tVe. 21, 111. M.J. HUNT. . MrmnVH, l'i i esestrrc', near the Square. . .1711 1 t.r, rf HE-TS Ilvson kiu Ten. eJU r.O I o Cfd Hvsou do, 25 I'o 'I wnnkny do. KO Cndriy boxes Hjson do i5 Do do Young Hyson do iiMiir.uJ..v.. n-..-rr ., 1 ,Lv l,nit in-sip 1 u-iiipi it. r.1111 1 1 it, i-t U11171 rn(, of lha last inipoitsiion, nnd uffnrrJ nt Auc-1 twn piict-s b; FOLLI7I T it HRADI.KY, uid uotk, Uurhnston, Sugars, nni.-. Pnwdf rcJ. 10 do Crushed, 10 lioxes dnulile Loaf, 12 Act Pluladelphu Lump', 12 da New York do , 10 f titpericr quilitv, ror sale nr rnit.ETTrt- BH.tniJ mm yss-r-v r-rssi r ."-. I I yjic. i v" B & ... u Ir' At t'n Wlnif '0. 1?41 for mle by VILA 5. LOOMIS & Co

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