Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 15, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 15, 1842 Page 3
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A largr. Auction Stiff, of House hold Furnituvr will lake place Tomorrow. l ltli. AlMttl. 181. Arrived home last evening by Steamer White Hall, D. Lyon Capt, I'roriclor of ilio People' Cheap Cah Si ore who villilipocnfo()iNns opportunity nllbrit", nt prices Inexact accordance with 1 lie times, ns let wlial w ill come, some articles ol merchandize are alvviys re quired, and as no new goods nre benight forlhcpnrpo-e of being Kept tolool at, any oil ones too pc.oJ tt-lo sold, every an I all f.iir cxrri'ions will be it-cd to effect talcs niidgfvccnthcsalisfaciioiitn p'troha-ors on the cash system, hy applying at I HOWARD'S. Silk, Mn-lin , Laces, Shawls, an I a variety of light articles, ju-l opened for spring trade this day, for unusually low prin-'-i at HOWARD'S 15th April MS . cor a it tnersiup. HKXItY II. ItOSTWICK & T. P. et W. I,. Strong having connected their Tin Shop, will do business in that line under the mine of 11. II. Host, wick & Co. at the slup occupied by s lid Bostvvick, whero may bo found a full and complete assortment of TIN" WARF, inanufactuicd expressly for the retail trade, together with Copper and Sheet Iron work, Stove Pipe, S ovo Trimmings, ie. All kinJsof Job work furnished at short notice. Kavo troth nnd con ductor pipe furnished and put up. Copper rumps and lead pipe furnished nnd sot if required. Those who ratromze this branch of business shall, at ibis (-hop, e quickly and well served, for a rcasom1 In compen sation. H II. BOSTWICICitCo. Burlington, Apr. 10, 1312. Petition to sell land. STATU OF VERMONT ; At a probate court District of Chittenden, ss. J held at Burlington within and for tlic district of Chittenden on the eighth iljy ofpnl,, 1842. Mary Hodges, guardian of Sophia Hodges, Lmily Orllodgcs and George 1. Hodges all of WlHston in said district, minors, nnd children of George Hodges late of said Willis'on deceased, filed in said court her petition in writing, scltingfurththal her said vvrads are seized in their own riant in Tea as tenants in common of oncoqual undivided half of the following described parcel, or farm of lind situated part tnWi iston nndnntt in llii-bmnn.l i:,i r 'ty, being tho farm now occupied by tho said Mary Hodges and tho heirs of tho said George Hodges, do- tujgu, uuuimcuun incnortn inu east ny land or Or Eon Goodrich, on tho west by land of Jesse Thomp son and on the south by land of Hathaway Sherman, supposed tocontain about tvvoliutidrcil and fotty seven nercsol land (that part of which arm situated on the north sideof the turnpiko road leading from Bur lington through Williston to Montpclicr, bchi" about thirty-live acres, is subject to a lifuestate therein to tho said .Wary Hodges, llmsame having been heretofore set out to her osdowcrlu thcrcn! estato of herhite hus band. And further setting forth that a sale of her said words interest in said farm, for thepurposcof putting the proceeds of such sale at interest, would bo condu" civ o to thomtcrest of her said wards, and prat inn said court to aulhnri7c.and l.ccnso her tho said Mary Hodges, ns guardian n nfoicsnid, to si II all the inter--"' nndl.stateof licrsail wards in said lands. t hereupon, tho court aforesaid doih appoint the 2ndd ayof MnyA. 1). 1BI2, for hearim' and deciding cm said petition at tho oflice of tho Register of sai l court in said llurliiigtoii.and doth order that all persons interests I he i notified tlicieoNiy pill licalion of thisor dcr containing tho , substance of said po'ition thrco wccrts successively in the Burlington Kite Pre., a newspaper printcd.iu saiJ Burlington, the hist of vt Inch Plication? to beprcviouslolhesaid2ndday of.May Given under my hand at said Burlington tho 13lh doyof April ,. D. JS-J2. W.m. WFSTON, Register. ,,1T.r 1S42 LOVFLY ty SEYMONR HAVE this day received from Now-Yotk, a choxi Ipt of new seasonable DRY GOODS, which still 1 bn sold at prices sufficiently low to correspond with tho present pecuniary embarrassments of the April Sth. TVJUI ICt; is heielit given lhat I have given my son 1 lleiijaniiu I). In time Ih in this date, and will not deman I auyeiflin earnings, nor pay any debts of hi eontiactiiic afierthitdalu. ALDRlOOE WORLLV. Wn.f,i Nov. 17, 1811, nlHw THK Sit! scribcrhas taken thclargeand coinniodious brick dwelling on chnrchSt. first door north of the Bank of Btirlimilon and will open it on or before tho first of allay next as a uaronig House. Families or Single boarders may bo accoinmodateihliy tho week, month , quatter, or yeai, with or without ruoms.on icasonablo terms. Application for I oard or board and rooms may bo made to the subscriber at his residenco cornerof Col lege and Cliamplain sttccts. HIRAM F. GRISWOLD. Burlington April 7. 1912. POKTAlll.i: lmitSAUUH, with ilcvatcd Ov ens, a convenient and c -nnomical article for cook ing, in warm weather, for sale bv Apr. 12. II, II. BOSTWICK et Co. DISSOLUTION. THK firm of Strongsitio. was, hv its own limita tion dissolved on the 1st. int. Thonomo of tho firm will be used hereafter only for closing its busi ness. Thenotcs anil accounts are in the hands of llio Shaw, at the store lately oc cupied by the firm, with whom or eiihcr of the late firm, business relating thereto may bo closed. All having un-rttliii accounts arc requested to call nnd have them adjusted, and all whose note's or ac CMints have I ecome due to thelate firm aro nolilied 'that its lm-iness mils and will be, 'peeddv clrsrd. April 13th 13 12 T. STRONG. W. I,. STRONG. (ir.O. B. IIAW. T. I'. Jt HTItONG. HAVING purchase I of the linn of Strongs ftco thrir Mo-'l; in Hade, will ciiiiuinn the lminc-8 and o !er to pincln-er geiods in their line, ut prices corrt'spondins with the t.mes. April 13.18U NOl'ICi: 'lOMUiCIIA.NTS. That buy CrocUcrv & Glass Ware. IAKICAH WAIT HOOT gn-o iiulice to merehaiits in the aJoinin? C iuuue that thev have their spring stoe!; of CrocUcrv in store and are row rc.i ly to .supply their order lor aorlil t'ra'e toany amo int pacl.eltn the most workmanlike man tier at Ne.v Vurk and Boston prices, which will lu dunilcslly a great saving mail tint huv of u.. All or ders promptly execite I at tlie.r jtore, Corner Church and College street-, B uli'iuton. April 12, IS 12. . . ALL persons indebted tons aro icquestcd to make imiucdiato payment, whether '.lie amount be cents or dollars. PANGBOUN if- I.RINS.MAID. We are re civ'ng adJitims to o'ir nock ef most articles wanted in our line, which wo bhall bo happy to sgll at low prices. Watches, Silk purses, Knives, Ilazors, Scissors, &c. &e. 1'. it B. April 14. Amo BnoWM 1 ' IN CI1ANOKRY ts l Clnttcndin County Patrick Garland, Cc August Term, A. 1). IS 11. Hiram Hailard J Whereas at ihc March Term of said Court A. I). 1811, Amos Brown or Mil ton in raid County, hrnujht his Hill in Chancery in Mid Court, against Patrick Garland, formerly of Mil ton aforesaid, now abscon led to nans unknown with out this State, and llira.'u Ball ird of Georgia in the County ol Franklin, tlurm staling, thit on tlio I2t h iUv of January 13J3, the fad Gjrland, bcine justly i u Jshted to r.'ie 3j.J Amos j:t t.'io sum of SIGO, spec Ji -d in ttvo promissory nates of tiist dal" for lift' tlol'arj each, theono payable on the first day of Jan uary A. I). 1810, huu tho oihcr on the first day of January 1311, both, with nnuuil intercs', and secure the payment of said notes, ilia said Garland on the sama 12 January 13J3 iu.u.'d executed and dclnerid to tho said .-linos, a mortgage deed of a pic-e or paicel of land in said County of Chitleu en, being Lot No. 27, in the -1th division, su;ipjs.'d to contain t'ighlv acres, with "the rondtl-n that if thesa.d Patrick fihould pay raid notes according to their tenor, that tho said mortgage deed should ho toid, otherwise of line. And further stating, that on the 23d day of January A. I). 1S33 the said Gailand made, executed ond dcivcrcdto said Hiram Ballard a mortgage deed of tho said lands, with a condition, that if tho said Gailand and one Owen Gatlaml ohonld well and tru ly pay the thrco instal n.cnts first mentioned in a cci. tain contract under seal dated January 2.31 1 30, Stbo.nos it Co. 5 ('imTExiir.; Cocstv CovnT, s ,, August Term A. I). 1811. Hi RAM G. I. ATOM. Whereas Rmrmt It Slmu'. Timothy F. Strong and William L. Mltong, nil of IlinhngtoHiu saidCo.inty of Chittenden, Partners and .Mcrclnnts in trado at said Burlington, hy the name andstyleof "Strongs it Co." commenced their suit tn said Court at tho August Term thereof A. D. 1811, against Hiram G. Kalon of Bolton in the Province of Canada, therein declaring against said Katon. in a plea of tho case, for 300,00, for goods, wares nnd merchandise, before that tiuio sold and delivered by Plaintills, to the Defendant, and alo for 3C0, tnonev hid ond received to and for the PlainiilFs use, by the Defendant, and which Defendant, had not paid, though requested, which suit having been duly enter ed in said Court, the Plantills appeared hy tho Attor neys, hhawand Weston, an I lliu said Katon not ap pearing, and it not being made to appear to, said Court, that (he said Luton has had personal noticcof the ser vice sud pendency of said suit, thesiid Court ordered that tho said suit lo continued to the next Term of raid Court, !o he lioldcn on the -lib Tuesday of May next, and the said Court further crdcrcd that notice o"f tho scrviccand pendency of said suit lo given lo the. sud I'nton, hy publishing llio substance ol the Plain fill's tail declaration and this order in " ltnrlir,rrr.,i Freo Press," n newspaper printed in said Burlington, thrco weeks successively. I bo last of which nnldirn. tions to beat least twenty days before thcsilting of sain t ouit, winch sliallliccons ilercd sufiicicnt notice lothe said Ilaton lo appear and make answer lo said suit. April 7,1912. W.m. NOBI.i:, Clerk. Willia:! V. ) VS. CllITTE.NIiKN COVNTV AAlexanpcrC SiMrsoN Court, and J. it J. II. Prci; it Co. August Term, 1811. ns Ins Trustees. J Whereas, William V. Ilmchins of Balh, inthcStato of Now Hampshire, commenced his sun ngninst Al exander C. Simpson of Sehencctiidy, in theSlatoof New York, at the August Teim, A. I). 1811, of said Court, nn l against John Peek, John 11. Peek, nnd Cassias . 10 k, as trustees of tho said Simpson, therein declaring against the said Simi sou in mi ac- inm " i,r' da,t,J -1,l, ISICI fur ,l,c ful 500, pavab'c iin demand with interest, and who ly unpaid, which said s.iii' having been diilycn icrcd in sa d Court, the Plaintifi'api-ears, by Shaw tt ves;on, Ins Attoiiiics, and the ra.d Simpson not ap pearing, and it not bung made tn appear to said Coutt that iho sa d Simpson has had peisonal notice of the service end pendency of said suit, theeauso was by order ol said Court contim.ed to the next Term of said Court, to ho l.oldcn on thc-lili Tuc-day ol .Alay npt, ami tho said Court Mother nidercil that notice I v. given to the said Alexander ('. unpson, of the service and pendency of said suit, by publishing Iho sub stanceof the Plainlifl'ssaid wtitand diilarntion, anil this order, thioo weeks successively, in "The llur linaton Fire Press," a newspaper primed in I'urling ton, in said t.ounty, llio last of which publications tn beat least tivcniy dajs Lrfore iho sitlirtg of said Comt, which shall be dfcimd sufiicicnt noiicu to the .snm.iicvaiMicr . .--impson, to appear anil make an swer to saul suit. April 7, IS 12. W.m NOllLH, ( lcrk. NEW HOOKS. I) . A . 1! It A M A N HAS received tho pie cut week, the following tvorl;, in addition to bis cxlon-ivo nstcrtnicnt, w ine h he a,)! rs for sale ery leiw for ce.ish. Robinse.u's I'jlestiiie, Mr, Adams' l.otiers, Konaldc, Jae'ipieue, Whelplcy'a Coiupend, Life cf liichard.t 'tcitr i!c Lion, l.tiiigli'llow's ll.ill.nls, Barnahv R ide. Ben John-oil, London ed. Cnilm's Indians, Poueharel'.s Viewt f Consregntionalisin, Liebig's Agricultural Clieiirs'iy, Mrs. Snn'lh's .Memoir-, Presidents' Mos-ago', lil eric's Pracliee, Coleridge's Works, Charles O'Mnley, Tninil. nil's Rcmiuis cneo', Plutarch's Live-, Bainl's Tiavel-, Rural Life ol" L'ngland, Lift-of Willerlnrce, Cas' I'ruiice, Cjmpl e'H's l'octu al Work-, Bryant's Pf ems, lljicheoek s Ueology,'oeif Ncwlon, L'frof Bishop Chase, Sotilhcy s Pi el icnl Woik-, Loel.h.iri's Kpani-li Pallads April 7. 200 WOOD. CORDS Beach and .Maple Wood for sale ny iWarcii 1 1. S. WALKHIt. to Tin: run Lie. fltllM sub.sciil er tvi u!d re-peeifiillv inform his oW J customers and 1 lit pul lie generally, that he has rctiirnoil to this village, nnd iuiends carrying on the Ma-on biisine-s ns tormcrly. Ills services in the al ovo lino lire respeutfully i.fTcied to the p iblie. White-tv ashing, brick and'stonu work, plastering an I eeineiiliug done, at sport notice and on reasonable terms. II0 may I o found at his old re-i loner in Maiden Lane. ' GLO.N. SPLAIIS. Biirlinctnn, Man-h 21, 1812. Aiw I P.f BUSHIiLS Herds Grass Seed, a first rate 'jyj nriiclc, ju-t received mid for sale low by April 1. II. THOMAS. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Witter i-trcct, al the head of the Xleambaal Wharf Iltirlingloii, Vcrninnl. HY MOSES L. HART. rplUS eslaMi-hincut, so lavorably located for the J. neeomimslntion of the bu-nr-s and travelling community, is now oj en to the public. 1'o.t Coacl.u. upon ine various rouios call at the I xelinnyo Hotel l( r p.isscnai'rs, andthuse arrivmr or e'eparlmg j,y Snaiii Boat, in which ca-e their basrirage i removisl without charge', will find this hcuse peculiarly to their convenicntr. The keeper lenders his service-, wnh the assurance, that in all te-pccls, the boils shall de-eive the favor able I'onsiileraiion of nil who may patronise II. - Burlmlon, April 1, 1812. .y(. Ivci')' dollar Stt; wanted n special piii'iifisv. Til i: s i! serdcr rcspccif. Ily icque-s all persons lu'eblod to him in call and pay their Nolo and Accounts without I'elav. JAMJiS MITCIIKLL. Burlington, April I," IS 13. Jan. 4 ), W1U TO HE NT. fill, two story dwellin'- u on IVarl Slrcei, laie uined by Blshou llonkins nearly ei'iosi'o tl,,. ttrt,.' Church, 't he pie' rs maylc -j. vio'.vi' lot any tmir,and iimutxli. ale po-r-s oil given. Apply to CIX). O. INGIIR-iOLL. Ancc, Mr. 3 Ainidi n, Norcodon Allen, Lh.a A. Andievvs, Mary Aiiisworlh, Harvey Ames, D.jt. '2 .viucii, Allrcil Atwatcr, Ambrose Arnold. John lilake, Win. 3 Buell, John M. 2 Baker, Isaac Y. B-ibcoek, Natbl. Iizahcih iiiuui: II v 1 1 if. sn hi irn m I n i nn rin liin n .in nn.i jh.n,l Vntrl !, n,t n, ii. uj .. ,T" ..V 1' . ' ;ur?n amou.i.ii.Z to 8 S23.00 and ,l r , i n i. in.' l,!!S " rt r....l,r.lm..M .V- .1: . . " "', t "rauicy, Ivplir V. -X "? tiis'iitneaui eieci lirovvnson. C ruuu.u uc iu u, uiiervvisaii i.ircc. Am inn t. '"'8 iui me eaio ivvo liny eio lar no i's, or tiny pan thereof, had not been paid to tho Oratur, or any' per son on Ins account, and prajing a decree of foreclesr lire of the ntd lands and premises: which Bill nf ( .nnm'ninl Kni.i.r .I..I., nn,AP,..l :.. .'..) . .1... - .;. .....vtu.j IIIHIMI lll.-aHJ .tllll ill UIU nun 'lemon Bariows, Salome Bush, Aibigenco Baron, Francois Binckitt, A.M. Brow n, Cassius I'. liennct, Stephen isthohidl.ld purso.-ial nolico ' 'lar' ILm V of .he pendency of this H,p thesanievvas cont.n cd ' ' ,,.', 'n r lo the Augu.t T.rn.of said Court 1911. At which tfj, :"Xr Term tho Orator ogam appeared bv Ins sud Soli.-iior, I r 'til ,,, ii net rt not being made lo 111 near that iho said I 'atnr.l: ! -.i..n , ' . ?" i" "j0,110" m:de 10 "I pear that t tic said Patrick ':"" yii uau personal notice of the ter vice and prnaency of this Hill, the mine was n-ain by order ef said C nil, con limed lo ihcncxt Term ol said Court to be bolden on the -lth Tuesday of May nflvt. A tut flirt si.l e'..-. r...i i . 3 ...... ..... ...u,, lunitr orucrcti inai no- ..svs.v t,.i iiiu.iiin rairicit tiirianuol tlio penueii ry of tho Orators Bill, I y pubh,hing tho substance ...c,vU iUviucr wiin linsorner, three wecK. t .c(.s , fi0 i Mlrl,. sivclv. in the llurl,,,tm, rr t'. , lougn, .curiam Cahill Ann Cutris, Lemuel 3 Culer, .1.1. dough, Joel ("ockle, Saml. t'hapin, Not man Clark, Mrs. lleman '. nericr, I rnniais r s.-.., .. t.S..CJ'UI'M fl,L0 H-rif imnua in saw nurlington Iho last of which to bc.nt j Dovv )'a i i feast twenty days before the salting of said Court.nsn- ! enm lei, l',i:,t foresaid, which shall be d. emcd sulll cm not re In he f, Z .' T?, , ?i'f 1 Mid Patrick to oppear and make answer to slid Bill, i u ; VM ""oS Noah Day ) vs '. IN CIIANCLRV. Cli'illimlr., i;.,.,,l Hr.MAS Caev Wheieas Nonh DavnllTn. derhill in tho County of Chiticnden, ha, fileil , tho . :vT";n,n,'i;"7n Office of tho Clerk of tho Court of Choline, ry lor ! rV J?Pr' said County, his Bill in Chancery oguinM Hcinan V, ' 1 ,' Cady of Plattsburgh inl the State of New York, , . J fht-rpin slnfini. tlmt r,n ,1.. 0,1 .1-.. 1..1 . 1 orn, I'.llllcl Vein T. ."i,, io j.i u.i j ui 1 coniiiry .v. 11. 1640, the said Caily was tho said Day in the sum ol" ilOO.OO, as specified in two promissory notes dated l eby. 15 A. 1). 1810, for $.00, each, the one nava i tf in n.nn ,nnnl.. n...i .i... .i.' - - : ...u'n. .a nun uiu ouier C L'lllcen Find, Hiram I ield, Justin l-'nllain, Agustus Fish, Davul monthsfrrm tho date, uiih ,i,tf , ,i,. n i. ocr, Clanssi Hurliintton. and to ,,s fl... r 1 '. .litCr -."reiiiiu I j "'tin tj r-.IHl rillll I n fl'l. -V' oi money, tne sa'dCady on the 3d day of IVby.A. D (,,', ' ' lS-lf) made executed ond delivered to the saiX Day ! r?n iL i"" his Mortgage deed of Lot No. 5", in tho first division 1 , l',r"nc"15 or land nsaid L'ndcrbill ,.,nJ rr.her staling tha he i o"jn'Vco said notes had not been paid, and playing said Co rt ,n,M,!i A to decree Iodic saidDav Ibn fnr,,-l naiir. i r s.l r.r 1 .. . ' 'usi, I Ion. Win. An,llUc,lf..l.. ,..!.' . r.i ! '. S"- . Itarillll! ....s....vl.s...... .o..., iH.iui 111 luujriic.soiiiui a sub- li"bre lnse r IKcna cannot bu hcricil iii.nn Imn if ia il,r.r,.r.. i i 1 !!'- "Il -"urv i that the Haul lleman Cadv be nnd appear before the said Court of Chancery to be bolden at, Burlington within and Tor tho County of Chittende n as a Court of Chancery on ihe,or(i7,u,iyof .May nrxtand make answer to said Bill, and it is also oiilered that the substance-of tliosa!dlhll.and 'he order bo publish ed three vycoks successively, in the Burlington 1'ieo Press a ncvyspaner printed in said llurlinston, the last or which publications toboat least twenty (tats berore (he sit'ing or said Court, which shall ho deem ed sufficient nolico to the said Cady to oppcar and maieo answer tn said Bill. Dated at Burlington aforesaid this 13th .day of April A. D.181-. ' W.M.NOBLK, Clerk. oi-" i,utti:ks Remaining in the I,sl Office at l!in linion V. iprn i, isr.-. Lv m. i ii, Daniel Lauudels, Loins I.eaveiivvorth, Iletiry I.aikin.S. ' I.alhiop it Potvviu Lionard, 'ir l.afa. Jns. or Peter Green I.aiidou, Hiram Maeck, Jacob Magurc, James -Menaid, Toussent Maillei.J. r.. Moss, Mrs. Cliabtlh 2 Mason, J. L. 2 May, Horace Mdls, Myron'.' T. Moiieelte Jos. Martin -Margaret II. Messenger, .AL W, Marchessault, 'limo. Mnonev, G. H, M'Doinld, Patiiek M'Klroy. .las. M. Meaty F. Mason, L. '.. MVleary, Win. 2 .MTarlnnd, B. F. Muck, .Michael M'Cuirc, Patt Nichols, Pci kins, Ncvvcomb, Unac B. Nason, Calista Nay, Cyrus JI. Nash, Ira Perricr, Paul Pratt, Joseph Picvcv, IVani-is Povvefl, (leorco Palmer, Crvilla Prof, .ML Peek, Win. L. Powers, Robert Prait, J. W. Palmer, II. W. Potter, Mrs. Sarah Rcvttte', Jiiquo Riddle, 1'.. S. Riishlovv, J. Rolerts, Nelfon Riehardson, Sarah W. S -gar, Hiram Shcphard, Francis Spear, G. !i. Stone, Char'es Slevens, Luther M. Starr, Warten Scott, John S'ocy, Asahel Shandtj, Palrii k Slevens, Byron .Smith, D. A. Stone, Gilbert Mason ! Siocy, R. P. Stanlter, David Scnbner, Ahuer Stacy, (ishsin M. Sutton, Nathaniel Smith, I'.. 'J'ins'ey, Nevil. Till.iny, Levi Talcott, Jasper 2 Temple, Samuel Tin lit j, II. W. Thayer, George W. Thompson, II. Isabella Thajcr, Warren Fpson, M. W, Van Alstin, O. II. 1- Y t Han, Jnines, or N. Kilien Walk! r, Chailes s '"s?,'1 '' Woleott, Sarah Ai M. G. RATHBUN. Dlt.Vl'R.'t AXD TAII.On. "17-OULD rrspee-tfully infirm his friends and the V public that In-has ii-moves! from Pearl Slice-! lo Ikolront pan of I lidding in (,hur h S'. en cup o 1 1 y Dr. Saxlon, m-aiiy enposiir ihr Hank e f lli'ilin.-i n, where nil eiiikr.s will I o ixreiite'd ill the most ap provril slylr. A To Sell or l!xrli.inirf.. SMALL hut eonvrrirnt DvviTlinir House, cn- tne'y ne vy, Mti atrl near theSiinare. Aiuil 1, 1813. Apply to P. I'. MARKIIAM. Also, one wro-isht Iron ax'clrro do d b- Lum' cr Wagtn, and one Meel sinylc plea-uro do. I. r sale as above. Clover nnd I lords d'niss Seed April 8. by J, & J. II. 1'IX'Iv & Co. pitOAI) CLOTHS, at J-fi-ai an 1 1- fociid ut jrrat laryains (orra-h, II. W. CATLIN'S. 4 A undo..! Supi-nor mil leai bed (Vtioiis. y,ry '-lmLl low-f II, W. OA'ILI.N, D1TC1IING, S-c flMHisubsi-n'l er re-pe-ctfiilly o 'crs to the pul iichis X service-, in the lino of ditching, pavintr, I iidJinir -ti noihaiu-, srvvt-rs, and llie like, lie w. II i-.l.-oun-I'i rliik-J to iIil nnd slnnu wells of nny du-criptinu, an I at I i"icr i-a-fs than air i.s tally o Irrr I. Many jear' experieiu th.-al ovo I ii-iiiVs-, m llu and iho old country, inspires him Willi sei uiiu'h ronlidrncr in liini-ellj that he-a-l.s no pay where hedocs nut give ample sun-faction, bin I in ton, March 50, 18(2. JOHN Divine, .M. C Derby, Alex. II. Davis, Mehitoblell. i. ..iris, ill. . L IS T KltS' NO TICK. npill, Li-tris ol'ihe Town e f Itiir'ingte n herrl.v give-iioih r. that they shall nrocMNl on or nnini.'. iliulcly nfn-r thelir-t day of April nrl, to perform the dunes nf ibrir ofliec,'nnd lie-re-l y rt-ipit-s' all rr sons in said town li.ible'o pay , lo 1c pit-pare I to make nu exhibit cf all their laxal le estate. .iiarcli ih is. JOHN II. IIOt.LrNBLVIC, juii. lUlt.s i tnv, Listers. vv v i.t.i rs . .vi.., j,,, : CKf !lilUllitl' -U WINDOW SASH. 1 -i llirrington.'j nichs, joiin Henderson, John 1 leaden, Patrick Hicks, IsiacS Hatch, Alu.ira C. Hooker, James II, Higher, Lewis 2 llurns, I.aban Hnlley, Charlotte M Ilulchins, Simon Hill, Moses SPRING FASHION FOR "XWB CHAIILKS A. SKYMOUlt HAS iust icceivcil fiom Nev- ork the spring patterns for Hats , Lyman, Gayiord P. and invites tho public lo call and , l.alltrop, Daniel examine his assortment, which Lagrave, Francis Lenox, .Miss I.cscy mm lihain, (jrun li, aones, r.noch 2 Jones. ri.lirn,.n Johnson, Horner. Killips, J, 11. ' 1 I.odd, Jona. T. Lawrence, Russell Us comprises hnts of various qualities "IV and nrices. mn.n t... 1 Ho especially inuies such gen tlcmcnnsliavchcretofoio gj,. n t , i' iiuib oi southern manuracluro to look at Ins stock or fino kn. i.i.t. in point orcolorand finish areeoual, and in p0int 0f uuiuuiuiy, jiu ouc'iuuf, iu ony naib iiianuiactureel in tho city of New York. Pearl st. April 15th. ItKATnsTATi: roit samj. JJfJSJv 100 acre- or land on tho rust side ct the ff&?dm road Lading to thr mouth ol tl e river. I ill 3 Al-otheplaceocoiijiusllyCMrrrilt on JJAUBaCodrgnslriel.roniaining ilwelling home nudJo.lierj shop. Also h I iuWiiib lot near the Cntiil House Sipinrr. II LI'A VLN WORTH, April II, I8!2. Ahn Vtlch, Thcodcra Wilson, Jacob Ward Hiram J. White, John M. Webster, Maria Vain, Janus S7, (tcorge. I sham, r.benezcr' Proctor. Ransom Libby, Uuisell II. B. STACY, P. M. The sit,.rrihrrs hive pur cha oJ tbt! Machintry for the manufacture ir Window Mull formerly owned and n-ed I y Sidney Smiih, at Wiuooski Ciiy,and arc now niauiifaciiinni every de--eripiion tin. I l.cepe'ofisaiit 1,. , i '... I ... ' ,,. .-., .... . . . .' " 'Lin1 "il H-ri'iiiiinii of 7 by 0 Sash, at the following prices. 12 Lightesl Ca.e'iiirnt. 3J et. per Light. b do -J ,0 0 'o 3J do C do 3 do 4 do J For sale t tl.cir Shop at t,u ThIN, and by Georgr Petrrson. All ordrr-m the n! ove-lino oddrr-sed lo Ctttlm iV Chase, will Ic thankfully rceeivesl and ..W...J.I. ..,,V.IV.V I.'. Burlington, April 0, 1812. MO-RS C.V1LIN, 21. LDWI.N W. CIIASL. NEW GOODS. CJI'ltl.N'fi GOODS, fresh from Now York, rce'd slhis morning, ronsisiinpof Spring ealicry, a va riety til pattern. light fancy pi nils, L'nglish do., mourning and nnd hair mourning prints, rich London do,, fiirniiuin ami fancy chintz prini, Alpacca cloth", heavy satin Jean, Pongee, Hdkf-., primed lawns, linen cnmlrlo hdl..., black and rolorud gloves, root rord, silks arl rich bonnet and cap rihboas of new ami splendid patterns, now open nnd or sa'c by Jlli.irslay, 7lhApnb H, W. CATL1N,, u Uh.. A 'r'W n'Pply, of all kind., just received and rr qq CASES I T 'I .' VS.11"' ,be '-heope-l. 1 y CO 2 do colore P'iT 1 184. li W ('ATMS, Nov, 30, 1911, BICNJA.MIN II. SKIFF'S FSTATF. STATU OF VLIIMONT, J Tlio Prolnlo Court for District ol Chittenden J thedistricl of Chittenden To nil persons concerned in ihorstaio of Bonjiinin II. Skillj late ol Chailotte iu said Di-inct ; (ircetitig. Whereas, Sally II. .Midi; administratrix or the es tate or llio said deceased, has made application to said court to extend tho tune hunted for making payment or the debts ol the said deceased an I settling sa'ia cs tatoonoyenr from the 13lh day of Aprd 1812, and also proposes lo render nu account or her adminis tration and present her account against sud e stato for examination and allowance. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth appoint tho second Wednesday of Ant it A. 1). 1S32, for bearing nnd deciding on said applica tion nnd examining said account, tti the office of the Register ol said court in Burlington in said district, and doth order that all persons iiiteres'ed bo notified thereof hy publication of this order threo weeks suc cessively iu tho Builinston Fuc Press, a newspaper printed in 6aid Builington the last of which publication to be previous to said second Wednesday or April A. D. 1812, that they may then nnd there appeirandshovv cause if any they have, why tho time of settling said estato should not bo extended and why said account should not baallowid. Given under my hind at sail Burlington this I3th uoyef March A. D 1812. Win. WF.STON ff.-rijr. FS,:nnd Bales Ticltirjf, J 1 Bale Canvass, 2 do Drilling, 20 Pieces 40 inch Burlaps, IB do Red Padding, For sale bv Nov. 30, 1311. VILAS.'LOOMIS rf- Co. nulisli and Amenenn Prima 2ido colored ambries, For salo by v,L,Af, L.OOMIS &Co, TURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY 'T'HF, Slimmer Tirm of this Institution commenced X on Wednu-day the 2 1 or.Mareh,aiid will continue twenty two 'Weeks-. 'Iho School Is deliglulnlly lo cate I In n reliiod part of llni I eoullfnl village. Ad vniilngcs ate a'lbrdtil for itplruclioii in Iho olid and orn.iiuciiliil I ranches of education. Frof. WlNliMtLLrniinJ his daushtcr, Irom Germa ny, nio ensnged to take charge ol ihu inutlc depart inent, in the-ro ir-eof the pte-ent Term. Monsieur Bofciir.TTr, an ntvoinp;sl10l French Teacher, isnlsn cngaaed for that department. Circulars e onlni g more particular information may I a obtained by application to the Principal, Miss Lrr, or at tho Bool.siote- id jMr. D. A. Bniviis.. Burliiigloii, March 83ih, 1812. Scxloii for Bin Village. HAVING received the above npp, intmcnt, the . Public are respectfully apprized that I will at all times be in readiness to allcnd to tha duli-s or tho office. The Old Ilca'rso has been repaiitd for pres ent use, and thctcissomq hopcol getting n new one. Cofiini of any kind furnished at tho shortest notice, ond all charges moderate. ' Shop on Callin's Line, 17th Mnrrh.lR);.'0'''"' Iliiniof Ir. ...... 7-AUGHN'S Jet lll.iL'l.- Ink for sale'by tl. s ,b- wiber. 'Ibis ink i man .tacliire.1 m tbisvillase by . V.iughan, and is warran'ed not inferior to .May nard it ojes' or any other ink now-in ut Plea. u liar iu iiiiud that this ink j,(,r )ome,tll. .iiiiiiiiiacoiii-, hi vviTiny in any gentleman's at leiiinii nrin-l.' March 2 j. icntiou and palrouage, esfie'eiallv if Pu wnnun n-,,.,,1 I-. l or sale at S. HUNTINGTON'S Book-Bm.lery. nixstm.ii'rinx rpiIF copartnership licretoforocTirtini' between the X subscribers under llio firm of Hnrrer & Couistock it this day dissolved by iniilual consent. All demands duo the Into firm must be paid hy the first tlavofAptil next. F.uln-r of the s .bsciibi raaro authorised to set. t'e the business of the late firm. LUTIIF.R M.IIAGAR, , OF.ORGLD. C0MT0C1C Shelbum, March 17, 1812. '-tULk. Ir.Roitcn i). cojistoi k ? ?,,1'rl"l'rt,'.l'V .nl.MIO, "11-'-"' '" 'he inhabi-iaiits of Mr I (i li'" nn 'S"u'' "'al 1' luiicha.ed of Mr. lk.M. Ia?.ir,(his l tir copartner) his in-ere-t in tbocoodslcloiigiitgi,, thel.i'u lirm of Ila-ar & Com stool;. IIt. v, mild al-0 inform tliir :il.l i-Tlta t I.e.- will ef.niiniio the I-ii.iii.-ss on his Wn account at thuold stand, vi hero he offers a grnci-al assortment of ticods cheap fi rci-h i r on nx months ereiht Slielbiiin i tar, March 25, 1812 Oats 1U .,,,.1 r . , .... . ' s-eiiit. I.UUU '""efflrcas S!iO stanil t f Ilnsraraud Com.toc',-. aliell-iiru, .March 25, 1812. Corn, for sale at tho old t-si vtv c -1!ol,scll,''c He I.alncs. JI.AI, Satin stripe I and Figure I, of every n.-alitv i. and pric.-,Jorsnl- by II. W. CaTiIs. J F, r,,,,... f-'prlnt; Honiicls. I.ORLNCL Br.iid.Tii'can, and Siravv Bt.nnols, of nhv kpni,!-patterns, for sale by II. W. CATI.l.V. l'tipcr Hangings. fyj WV..2.-,ti, Jlnri-h. H. W.CATLLV. A,.mn'.V, in:?!' ,!l1-1."' and Oil Cloths. Glil.Al vane-'.y , f l'attcrns tn lo sold tcru b'w lot ra.Ji, by 23 h March. II. W. CATLI.N.

TO E31TT." TWO Dvvelliug IIo,.c.. Apply lo Man-h 21, 1812. II. LliAVHX WORTH. 1 C IlOGSIIIUDS or tho best quality of Vinegar 1 J for sile by (?. PLTFRSON. Also, Fresh Oranges and Lemons, -irst received from New Yolk. J.Iareh 10, 1S. DISSOLUTION. TIILioparlni'r.liip heielofoto exisling under the firm of li. M. Wnsht .V Co, t.l y mutual eon-ent tin. day ill.-olvcd. Ad del 1. die tin-firm are to lo pa d to'II.W. Catlin, who j. aiithoiizcd lo collect the same. H. P. IHCKOIv, II. W. CATLIN, lliiilinglon.Mnr h 12, IS 12. F. M. WRICIIT. II. W. Cailm wiiP rontiniio lu-inrss at tho .lore fe niterly occupied I y F. M. Wright it Co. TIIF.O DORi: HOI, BROOK. (Late llolbrook it Tappan) (Iti Jlillc st., tSoston, 'JMIF. Subscriber oilers a large and choice solcctnn j. tifll arilwnr'.' lo tho country trade upon the most liberal eims. .March I, lnl.' 2ni francTs Th:nja.min7jZ, Wholesale Dealer in. stoia;r, Forvtardliiv; and Coniinlsslon Wo. 273 nivnn sTnacr, T3.0Y9 IT. Y. 3Tl few doors ahave Washington Square. F OR SAI.E.-II.5 Sh ires of Stock in tho Far mers and Meihiiiics Bank, llurlingion. Anply it. u.ejui.i:. B.irli-igton, Feb. 11,15-12. Dais, Hyc and Corn. AFCW hundred bushels nf Oat, Rvo and Corn for sale by the quantity or single bushel, hv M-tfh 1 L S. WALK'FR. 200 SIDKS Solo Leather for sale by FOLLF.T& IIRADLLY. 1 ( BAG Filberts, IV. 10 do Brazil Nuts, 10 do hard shell Almonds, IS Frails soft do do ' 20 It' Is. l-'ickory Nuts, f do Chestnuts, Of superior quality, and nffi red low, by I'OLLLTT.t Illt.rDI.r.Y. NOTICE. rrMlL copaitnirsliip hcielofon- ri.ting Irlvv.en JI .I.J. Siai rand La.u- Dow, under llie firm of S:arr it Dovv, is i)n day l y mutual ct n-cnt dissolved. All persons inleblid to Ihelaiesaid linn are loquc-lod -o ma .epaviiieni, as u is ncces-nry tlio I u ine-s sbouici locke'd .1. J, SPARK TO FA RM K RS ri IIASS SUnD.-Tho Subscribers have scloctod from best saninlcs of northern growth, their usual supply of Herds Grais and Clour Seed, which they can recommend as very superior. Many far mers who havi! unfuttunatcly used tho southern or vvcsicrn seed, a largo quantity or which has Icon heretofore sold in the neighborhood of Lako Cham- ninth lifvi'i lirt it Inu.t.i . ; . - V ", ,UUB'" "J- c.vpencnco mo Ulllercnce botvv'eoii seeds of n southern or northern growth, i "i 8 mil llio LSOCil March 10, 1312. FOt.I.ETT & BRADLY. B.irluig'nn.M.irih 17, 1812. 'ARK. ISAAC I OW. I.cliigli t oal 1 nTtrt TONS 1-ebigli raked, Coarse Coal, hous and kept from the wcail.-r. fir sale bv Nov. 29. FOI.l.l.'IT BRADLl'.Y. OCA M DlllLLFD Fyed Needles, 00J 200 Gloss Hooks and Lyes. 100 do. limning Pins, fi Cases London and American rio. CO lbs. do. Jnt reivivcdand for silo hy Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, I.OOMISiV- CO. CHEAT DAItGAINS ! '"IMIF entire stock of (Mods lierelofoie owned by X Kern & Walker is offend at wholesale or retail at cost. Il consists or a huge stock of Dry Goods. Dry and W. t Gioccriis, Crockery, G'ossand Hard Waic, All wishing to buy floods will find it lor their inter est to call and exi-ninc the goods before buying else where, for they must he sold at some price lo close the concern. SOLOMON Burlington, 5th March, 1PI2. 12 lealhrrs. IB5. Oi--r Fea-hers. of sitrrr'or nnhtv. ,i ir... ...trt i i .'. ' "vc00da. Hen's ilo. For sale Ion- i Nov. 30, 1811. VILAS, LOOM IS it CO Shrrp Skins for Itool: IJIitglns, ,tr. SCO "''-' sl'Cep Skin-, as.t rtel qualities cm , , bund au.l for s.i'e to imirif.irtiiirr. nnd others at lovvi.rirc., ly VILAS, LOOMIS, it Co. . Sheet Iron, 1 f PAl'LS R..ia Iron, n.soried No.. iu - Bun lles Kng. an I American Iron, ass'd No.. 7.1 Boxes Canada Plato (or sa'c by Nov. 30. IS 11. VILAS, LOOMIS et Co. Il'latutcls. ( ASK hue and rolurrl Flannels, 20 pieces fisured Salisbury de. 100 " srarlrt dome-tto do. Ju-l rcvoi iiImm.I fi,r ,ale I y N-V.3C 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS i Co. IVhllo Lead. C TONS " WeihcreU" Dry While Lead, 5 do Nn 1 and r.xtrado do in packages Horn 100 to 500 pounds. 2TonsI.xtra Ground in Oil, in Keg3 or 25 and 50 pounds.for sale at ManurarturcrB' pnees and freight, by Nov. 29. FOLLr.Tl' . HRADLIvY. KC BBLS. Barbel's Grn " jyj 60 do American Brandy, l or sale by FOLLIVFT et BHADLnV, Old Dock, Burlington. ONE SHILLING. A MATCH FOR HARD TIM ESI I The Subscribe! offers for sale tho CRr.HN .MOU.MTAIN REPOilTORY, T.., , 1'or vne tlttlling each. UK book contains 231 Duodecimo pagoi and is bound in n good substantial maimer. "Tho book contains many biographical polices olthc earlier set ers or crmont-niid much nullicntie inforination re lative to the natural and civil history of tho State. Tho price of tho Repository is within Iho teach of every "matt woman anil child," and is a book tint u, ,., , ,i.,i s uievciyeiiuu in llio Htnleilint can read, and if would not iearery serious injury to Adults, irtltcvsliouttlrrfirllt. J J A liberal discount mado to those who buy to sell, or buy to giveaway. ti - . . , SAMUIXHUNllGTON. Burliglon. March 10, IS 12. OASII pud for I'laxSced, ly V-MJee.a.', 1811. HATCH, 01)1)1.1. ,f. Co. NEW MUSIC. A VERY larue ond well selected noitmonlof Music, a-lapiod for the Piano, just receive J at tho Ilurlingtun llookstore. Also Musical Works, such a Southern Harp, Zouiier's Organ Musir, Piano l ort Primer, llunlen's Iii.m.ction for the Piano Fort.-, l orsnlohy Jim. 1. D. A. IIRAMAN. OASII paid for ull kinJsof Shiimine Furs, I y Clan. 1312. UATCH.ODELLitCo. "3 O HIIIJS. New Ram for.alrl.y 22 Dev. II ATCH.ODF.I.Lif. Co. iJ.f3rB?T GALS. Pure Winter and Fall Sperm Oil, .Hi J yJ?-0l0 do Wlialo bleachcel and uiiLleachcdi 30 Bhls. American I.insrrd, by 30th Dec. 1511. J. it J. II. PFCK it Co. (.'LASS. I .flfl BOXHS Uurlintrton, Vermont, and lJyJJ Fsex Cylinder Glass, 300 do Bedford, Snrannc, and Clinton Crown do. . by J. et J. II. I'LCK ttCo. 30 Dee. IP II. Agents. aiMVElllKS. I ( IIIID? St. Croix and Porto Rico Sugirt, l V 15 Buses Lump Jo 3'J Hhds.Molaste, (19 Barrels do EO Chests Young II son Tea, CO do Hyson Skin do 1.. do Hyson do 40 Catties tlo do 300 Matis Cassia, 2 Barrels Cloves, , I do N itmcgs, 20 Ti. rees Sa'i ralus, 40 Kegs Pure Ginger, 100 I'oxes Bar Soap, 50 do Pipes, 20 Bags Pepper, 2a do Pimento, 40 tlo 15 do 30 Dec. 1811. Rio Colb-e, Java do by J. it J. II. PECK ii Co. NOTICE. ALL who aro indeb'ed to tlio undersigned whoso notes ond accounts have bccoiuedur. areherebv notified, that immediate payment must bo nTadu to save cost, to those vvtioe demands are becoming due, we would say that prompt payment, according lo contract, is cxnecttd. The term of copartnership of tho subscribers ex pires hy limitation on tho 1st of April next, it will Ihrieforu be insisted upon, that nil contracts bo Closrii, SIKU.MJS it Co. Burlington, Dec. 30, IS 11. CtOAItSn SALT. Trrk's Island aud St.Ubes ' Silt. Also fine barrel Salt for sale hv Dec. 1811. S. M'. POPF.. Tobacco. Sys: KCGS FnliuondV, AJ 12 Boxes Frvine's, 12 do Home's, 10 Itcgs f'-Jw ell's, 10 Boxes R.twu's. Tho above aro all choice brands, and are o.T.rcd o'.v by FOLLLTT it BP.ADLLY, dye firm's'. 511 BBLS. Campcachy Logwood, Stolw 200 do St. Domingo do 250 do Fustic, liO do Nicaramn, 100 do Cam Wood, Hi do Madder, 10 du Alum, L0 do Copperas, 25 do B'ue Vitriol, 50 Demijohns Oil do., by 30 Dec, ism. J. it J. II. PF.CK it Co. QCJIUIDS. Trinidad, and 30 lihd-. Porto Rico Vy , heavy bo'icdand light colored, just received and fur sale, atn very low piier.hv FOLLLTT it IIRA'DLF.Y. Old Dock, Burlington. TOllACCO ef- SXI'FI'. OR BAIUtFL-s I.orrillatd's chewing Tobiirco, 40 do ib- smoking do 200 Jirs ih-iMacnboysnutT, 3',0 Bladders do S otch d. 30 Deo. 1S1I. by J. II. PF.CIC it Co. Agents. For Sale' op to Rent, rpili: Whiv Dvvi'lins IIo-it lately oi 'upied ly X Azro lli-hop, with one arn- i.f land attached. l.i- iri..lil it'll) I r irrii f :i i ... I ...... . hla ic 11 ton coud ti Po. a sun etiveu ilir fir. t i f Ap-n. II. W, CATLI.N. '.-y.n Jlarch, idlJ. "t)lt SAIilJ. One yoke otpool V.'oikms (.'altlr. 20.1. March, IS 12. II, W.CATLIN. ES.mK.JSTOIt!3. TBI II F. subscriber lias just received and offers for JL sal,, a new supply of llouks from New York and Boston s among which nn-the following I'ondioii tho Constiutiian, Great Teacher, Favcron Floction, Living's Chemistry, Gicoli ' and I.ciicrn, Tacitus and I.tvii. B.ekt rs lu'lh on Haniisni, Michael Kriup, Coleridgrs Worts, 1 aies 01 1110 lyovenanteis, TO YOUNG HOUSE-KEErERS. I'AIl HAH, WAIT tfe HOOT, KIJKP constantly on. hand a full assortment of elegant Tea Sets, or Gold band China. Gold band Tea Platci, Gold sprig'd do. Gold edgo and Imo do. lixtra vv idogo d band do. Gold cdge.linnt spritj'd do Gold edgo and line ilb. Gold bind 1'rcsorvo and ..,) ll,l,0"n1 sprig'd do. Cup plates. WI1110 China Breakfast nnd T.. 1-lsi.s n;..i.... Bowh, Butter Stands and Nurse Lamps, with small Tea Pots ottiched, China Inkstands, a very pretty article for presents fijr salo cheap at tho Crockery oiorc, corner 01 unurcii outl Uollege streets. Burlington, Jan. 31, 1S12. TOBACCO. A f "1 HOXES 'Bonn's' Cavcnaish Tobacco, 'JjV25do 'RnderV do do 20 do 1 Irvine s' do tlo 30 Kens 'Fnder's' Plug da 20 do 'McD,.n..,ld'p,1n ,ln 31 Dec. 1911. by J, & J, II. PF.CK & Co. NOTrrr A LL persons, indebted to tho estato of the la'e Un--bcrt Moody, are notified tint payment must bo madotinincdinicly to tho subscriber, to prevent cost. iiuriingtoti roi , b IB12. tiuo. Ii. SHAW, ndni. WAM'S. Mill, Crosi-cilt, and C'irciiinr Saws, lor V- silo by Jan. 7. IIAGAR it ARTHUR. Sign of the Padlock, Corner of Church and College Streets. 13IiACK.S.MITII'.S HtJM.OWS, a first rale j-'i-riieic, ais 1 iinviis, vises, I-ilee, &r. for sale by Sign of the Pndloe'., ) II AG Alt it ARTHUR. Cor. Ch.and Coll. sts. $ W!I,,!,!'"J'"I!1 ,vl'" l,nvo ("onit'cd the 'libscri- 1 bcr voodaro reminded thatthoslcdding Isl'ooJ about town. Jan. 7. ('. GOODRICH. Merino. &c, OH P1KC1.S Colored J.'ngli'h and Frcnch.Mi l.v OU20do black do d do figured Bumbaiine, " 20 do black do 25 Alpacca cloth, Nov, 30, 1911. For saloby VILAS, LOOMIS AC niiernoon ore-very Wednesday and Sntu la.'go n nntity or Household Furniture c TT THOMAS will continue his Auction SaleJ 111 XI. the day. A la-Co n antitv drfercnt des'tiptions will be offered, toglh cr will Stove .1 various kinds, with pipe. Sales, of Drj Goods, Culli-ry, Chicks, Jewelry, itc, iter, will In olllred Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday lvcniogj, until furthcrnotit-4. October e. 184 1. HOUSE TO RENT. t m A convenient dwelling house and t.arn, and a good largo garden, on Maiden ij iL Lane, six rods Irotn I'eatl Street, li i 1 Sxsiw For futther particular", enquircof SKS.A March I. GIDF.ON M. ITSK, Nonh si. Ill I cam or GOODRICH. BLOTTING'FR.-For silo by -ho 1! 'uire. JaUj7. '. GOOPK piNDING I.nATHFR. A few doz. Cnlf-skms i . suitablofor book-! India;; wanted hv Jnn. 7. C. GOODRICH. T7R)JH FIGS AND LL.MO.'jrrwoTvrd from X Bo.ton, nn I for sale bv CKO. PLTL'RSO.N. Jan. 20, IS 12. IMiks lor Town or District Mbim-ics. p GOODRICH has a valuable collection of I5..r,k-Slil-ab'efer town or lll.lrict l.i' r.nri,... !.,..!. will be sjldon tbuniu I liberal term-, tiud ut vcrv I aroalso warianled to low prices !,.., j . STOllE TO RENT. A convenient Storo to rent on Church Street. Jnquitoof MOODY IIASKCLLi II C f'TT VI -.ill, UivUl li March 1. 1IOTKL TO LET. T O L F. T For a term of years, at St. Johns, Canada, 1 he old and we'l known WATSON 1IOTF.L, will out houses. Garden, Yard, and Stabling, will adapted for a Livery Stable. Possession given tip) 1st of May next. Apply to Mrs. J. F, WATSON, Proprieorand present occupant. lit. John?, Feb. 1 1S42. n3Gtf .11!'. T. .1IUNSON, MUST 'JjfrKis .fi l fully civu, in- that he Las hand and manufactures: .1 varieiv of Piano Fortes, which are o Hired lor sale on 'the most rcn-ini! etcrm-. A-the-t instruments are madceni a vcryiniH, improvel pl.Tt, tbry uro warranted to I.caiipeii'T to all other in-lriiuenls of Iho Piano kirn., in partaking in n limb ilegrt'i) tl.e tono el the Flute in point 01 to ieti aivjuurabilry orvvori;man-li'p tliry ic equal 10 nuy insiri- I .NOW l.XW Mouksl. pO.NNLCTICXT RKPOR'I S, ol. 13. Kj I'oniinuii Law i!o Vol. ii. '-'eel. ,!(, Vol. C. 'c - IS. For-a'obv O. COODKICH. mo.i's manu'a' turc I in the United S'.ttc. A per-tins wlio vnni x 1:01 d 1'iiino are particularly in SALT. (?)T)T) P'USHKLS Solar Salt, U V Jj 4000 do Turks Island 4000 do Fino 1100 Barrels do 300 Sacks Dairy 30 Dec. 1311. Bv J. it J. II. i!j do do do Peck i. Co. BOXF.S Bunch Riiiins, ') 10 ICcgs Malaga do 15 Bags Madeira Nuts, 12 do Filberts, 15 do Brazil do 10 do Almonds, by SO Dec, 1311. J. .f J. II. PUCIC d Co. m tl CKF.GS Powder, wV 50 Bags Shot, 100 Doien Corn Brooms, bv Dec. 30, Ml. J. et J. II. Pncse et Co. A L COKING GI.A SS KS. LARGC an I well sr-lected assortment, consist-1 ini' of Gilt. MjIio" mtu ontl tltll. Aiiiii m 11 1. nml ' unci named looking lilassrs, fort'.'ent greatlv , reduced prices at the llardwaio Store, Corner o'f 1 C'mrch and Col 'ego S.s., by IIAGAR it ARTHUR. CjT) I111DS. Gardner Brewer's N. Fngland Rum, j 30 Pipes and Half Pipes American Brandy, 10 do do Baltimore Gin. I 10 do do 'Pollevuisi'i' Brandy, 5 elo do 1 Swan' Gin, 10 Hhds. St. Croix R un, 30 llhls. Sherry nnd .Madeira Wines, 25 do Malawi do 5 do Port tlo 31 Dec. 1911 by J. J. It. RUCK it Co. ri. orn. viteJ tocallaud examine for themselves, Burlington, Feb. 21, IS12. l-'or the s-piiiig tiadr. ur.MI.E3l I. N . Calf Boots, sowed mid pegged, with and with out heel plates; Ki' a Boots. "iweJ nnd per , -J7 8S5t vr-jKen ; .wen's ana ijovj- LsiJ. g iSS-- ' hick Hoots -, Gent's Calf Gaiters, the best iTS!ar ever maufictureil. CO Pairs Women's Leather Bootees an I Shoes, Gent's L. aiher Ove r Shoes. The above will lu Sold low lor rcidy ca-h, by J N.MT.S II. IUaATT, Corner of Church and Cherry Streets, Burlington. M arch 1, 1512. m J. 11. WALTON, WOfLD inform tl.e public that la' has on hand and continues to man 1 f.ieii.rcS.t'MIvs, U:id'cs,Harnossc.., Trunks, Veli-o'., Carpet Ba? , P ir inanleaiis, .Marlinga!e.,cc.. ti he le-t workman-hip, vviii.h In: will sell on rea-ouabluierin... Al 0 for -ale, Curry Combs, Card-, Br.tsh-c-, Whips and La-he-, aud many oilier nrtn-les m3i-line. CAHIUAG!-: THISlJHXtS eiun tn the let style on - lion no'i e. Shop in aiuw right's Iluildlo;v Cl.urch tree , a ll'vvdoi r-of Lovely's Store. Burling oil, Kel ruary, IS 12. n3Svv0 FARM FOR SALE. FOR SALI", that well known Farm sit-u-ited in JI lton, about one mile fiom tho upper Falls, foiiiicrly owned and occupiei hv the Rev. S. R. Crane, contaimns be-. tvveen 275 otiil 300 acres of land, compri-cd in part of is ,1- (55 BBLS. and COO half do. of the most an-! n'owuirr, lillaj-ri and pasturing, and pocd wc-od Ion ciciwv ro,,j ,r,iniL 1,.. ' 1 ami eugnr orchard. Saul larm is well Watered, ttas 1211. 30 Do J..J. II. PUCK if-Co. I Hi"! '-1IS' Wllili; '1llJ rol'tl Thread, so- Black Litwi, 7 1 Gross Round and Flit I.acets,' .Nov. 30, 1811. Fur sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. GLASS WARE, OF all descriptions constantly on lianJi 11 full as sortment of Tiiiiiblots. pl.iin, pressed, ground, star bottom and cut la s Wn s; JMits, l.eiiionadi nnd glasses; Limps nf all description) Limp g asses, Dceanteis, Water Hustles, Specie Jar. vn on sizes; I'ri servj Dishes, rut i,his Cn lard Howls Pitchers, Salts, Ca. tor Bottles, R-volvinir Cns-ois and cut glass LanXs. foi sile (cheip of curse) at the new- Croekciy and Nla Wnie lloitse of , , FARRAR, WAIT it ROOT, , I iirhmton, Jan. 31, lc12. ... .... .1 it;.. - 1 .... ,.r .. 1....1. .r I..I.I- . ; 1. u j;tuu u 11 eillii s iioiibi., iiiiu ui iiiiivii la ui uiina, 1 llio other of wood, both in good repair; threo good good ban-s, one of which is GO bv Ai feet, the other-.' 30 by 10 red ; n horse barn and other outbuilding, t won tfocVl v nrds an ! water brought into them and m I the lnue in log-, and also three good wells of water j on the farm; being a desirable snuation for a mail who wants to raise neat stock or sheep or both, or 1 is an excellent farm fir the dairy business. Thou' ! wisiiina tn purchase such a rami would do well by applying soon to John and James Morton on thi piemiscs. or to Gen. Win. Nash of New Haven. Milton, March 21, 1S42. 42-tf FARRAR, WAIT A HOOT; Iinioi'lciv nnd Wliolcsaleand ltelall Dcalcrslir CROCKERV. GLASS & CHINA WARE, I'l.Asrr.ti. J. it J. II. I'Eer: if-Co. A lON 1 nth Ground 1'hsl.r, by ML r i tin. A QUINTALS CODFISH, 100 llovcs Ilcrnng, 30 Half bhls. Marker. I. 30 Deo, 1311. by J A J. II. PF.CK . Co. ass r'lrf Mv I c -ss. 1 I V' 1. -v- j's'i'.y JL - V M Ktcpcanstant ly on hand n large assort mint of Dir. ncr Sets com rlelf.with souti ai. d sauce Ti riens, Butter Boats, Salad, covered Dishts Platters, Picki' rd Caps ot Blue, Pin;, VY,j.Pi j,, g'd vvarr, wnh Tea s;Ca t0 ,112tc, liishe and Cusiard and Ucutbon sntn; u vvarr, Willi lea Sets m mitrli each: arrtat var.clv ol Todel ets and nil i-Msli-i... ol eoininon ware usu illy vvauttd for family use,.olt ! of vvhieb will be sold cheap at wholesale or retail at tluir More, comer ot Liiurch ana t-olle-o streets, ll.irlingtcn, Jan. 31, 1B42. rnilOsLsalljiinirfroin an irrit.Utd tUte ot the I Lungs, particularly at this s.a on of tho year will ritnl an excellent medicine in t.nt of thu III J GiT.Br, For advertisement ef which, bnktVfir tcolumnJ'r Ibis paper. For si0 by I'll' 'K ,)' S PI .A It. " 7j k wAltiroF i) k 'ceFtTonT IthasTmi enlly come 1.1 the know lo ige or tho nib scribcr, thai empty Sni.lTJaiF, w.ili his Label on them, have been baught up for the purpos,. of selliii" '? infs-no.rii rility Sm 11 j and also, that his Anutl-laliels have. 111 soma tnt'ticts, been eounter felted, or the general drs gncf '.he simc so iuii'r.ted aslo.iasdy deenvo the unwary. IledLcmsil, therc- 1 , l ' -o iinoriii pur- insrrs 01 mo manner in I which they aro often nnp.s-d upon; and he would I hereby request thcin olTor delVr tha l.-l,cls on tno outside 01 tlirJ.trs. after hav 11.' ! snnso,! r ,t.. I rontt'nls, sous to prevent further nr. of the same. ' mirchanlson tho most reasonable terms, all (iicrs w- -.-:ivr- r-. Gems of American Female Poets, Whclpl'-v's Compcnd, Dame's Notes on the Gospels, Glimpf s of the Old World, . Mncaulry'b Miscellanies, r.lrgant "fiuarto B.hits Turkey Mororeo, 'I'vveedies' Ltbinryof Practical Medicine, 5 vols. Chas. O'.Malev, 1 vol. Danglison's Medical Dictionary, Butler's An. lent Atlas, Pictorial Geography, 1000 engravings. Poets of Ainciica, kruminarhcr's ParaM.s, Jncijuiric, hy James, 2 vols. Bo'mer's French Phrases, Book of Psalms, Wealth and Worth, Life of Sir ls:n Newton, II. Monro's Private. Devotions, Cooper's Surgical Dictionary, Ambon's Classics! do. l.cmpricru s .lo. i)ii. A suitable rownrl will lie nil, I T.-ir .....I.... I will le--d to Iho detection and conviction of the im-, postnrs. 1 ' T'., ...1 .',? -r . . '1 a ... -a,n lull CB'liinilCJ 10 .IIJWIJ Ifllirt, OrtO f I - 1 fers for $nle te fallovins articles : k I ''itie llrovui St.ttir. j.enuino.Maccoboy, roe American Rarpfr ) fiavuieu, iioiiana Tubeiose. .Si.Omer. do. do. Corse de Leon, by Jamc. Fe b. 21, 1512. Imitation Sbr. An MaltVsr, elo, Curaeoa, do. CKirspfi rotvn Drmirros, Puro Virgmis. Bourbon. St. Domingo, Copenhagep, ruperinr flivnr. l riioiy Hiiittl, ff01,.31"1 Tinr Illfh lilicscuari! e.r High Toasts "nr' Irish High Toa-t, C0"". Mvrel Sri'titcd lfjie t ut t hi n iiiK Tnbarro. , Spanisli, Ivitefort, Canatrr. Common and Stems TT1.! liberal discount made towhokfrdr dealers :Pr.if.KLORrLLAR!.,Jr., Ch.4arn-St New Strasburp. Jii ii tl". Natchitni-hes. French Rnppr?, A me ricon Oentlem:." Purr Spanish. '.. .uixturc. D. A. BRAMAN. Grind Stonrs, Finished and unfinished .Nova Scotia. TONS Grind Stones, assorted sizes, W W12 Water stones. f,ir sale by FOLLniT .t B.llDLFaY. FOLI.K TT e5- Jin A OLE V ID j:.SPF.CTITM.I.Y inform their friends and the A puhhr, that they have received and now ofler for sileou tho most advantngeous terms, an extensive ns sortineut or Iron, Stci), Ac. consisting in pan of tho following t 1 Ton Sanderson's Cast-steel, do F.isle German do do r.ngli h X do 20 Bund rs Brar.ier's Rods, 30 Tons F.ngli'h Tire Iron, assorted, 10 do Old Sabln PS1 do" . 10 do Swedes do 1 elo Too Cork Stel S do Spring do 1 do Sw relcs do 10 do Russia horse nail rods, 10 do Bloom, flat and square, ol various .ifs. Nov. 20. lieellncs. rrn BtLRS -1-1 Brown. Sb.i-tin 3 Ch-c. Blrachi.l For sale by Nov. 30, 1?11. VILAS, LOOMIS t: CO. notici:. fjl iWiniiff li.-n I t,.ur given my ron Chn ... 4 I .IM, HIS thrrrf. ro i CAT. Pongee Silks, 35 Pieces black, blue black nnd figursd do 20 lbs, Italian sewing, 23 " India do 10" Black and colored Twirl, Nov 30, I'M I I n, .3e by VII M5,LOOMr C' , C'RMKXr ClSTi:il.S. I , , """'bers hnvinr the right to use, in and X for the comity of Chittenden, Parker's Hydraulic Cement, fi r Cisterns, Reservoirs, Acqurducs, Cellar Kitchen nnd f-lable Flohr.i, for the purpdsc cf making them dry and proorgaint rats; also Hearths, Sinks etc. would tnroimtha inhabitants or said county, that the r will he ready tho coming season to aitcnd lo all calls in the above lino or business and will warrant their we rk to be durable. JOF.PH LANDON, r, , , ORLANDO OAT.N. Burhnftnn, March 9, 1811. N B. All orders addressed to die rubf cribers at Hineeburgh or Barhngton will recite ,.amdiato t. ten' an io I r-ng his ininrrnv. an 1 aim none or his rinun-. n,.r .... .! ,fi,,.. ..!, j.: 1 ' I . .. . " -" l"P UIIIIIMI.l.1 l", Jericho, trie, 3, ISI2. ZI BMI PR rr, hall ny WEALTH AND WORTH. AMONG tho very nnny vahnblo i cw puMicn lions received the la.t wn k at tho Bookstore or the siibscribcr.iniy be tound, VR LTII it WORTH llio first oj a series or American Family Tales from thr pen of an A.neriein. Thai tcorl and not wealth makes the man is plainly nnd elegantly proves!, We recommend every fither 0 place this little woik in the hands of his chi'dren, that they may Irani how to net under the im's of bettavement and poverty. Inrfl' ' D. A. BRAMAN. AMP On. bit fltl It'll 11 tiri itnl.l.-.,.l,.t r. . ,. i . ----- loi.'itiK it fii" riur U'ta ilv. for mvi rhpifi 1 1- c t irti Nov. 1?.' ' ' "' ' 7 Scotch lis Iron. FL TONS Gartsherrie, .No. 1 Csiteh Tig Iron for sa'eattheWharf.byFOLLnri'&BRADLFV. Nov. 23. W '''''O'V'.. Vermont Hrel.trr, and Farmer'- Almaiisr, for IS 12. A',8 few ropie- of Cir lylo s Mlccellunie., ju,t rtve-ved and for sale hy D.A. IIRA.NU Slicctluc,. 70 rl'nS,,,i 1 "rown Sheetings, 'w! Cases lllrached do .Nov. 30, ISIl Tot talc by VILA.:, LOOMIS it Co WANTED.-Domestic Q-ils wanted fn ex "in tie,, for Boo' s or StitSonrry, by ' March 10. ,s IR'NTINCTON F.. L. FARRAR gives notice that ho continues ti carry on the bust ncss as usual of manuficturing Stone waroor rt superior quality mall its vanctii. ind will ai c; tt'iies be in read iness to suppjr ptompt y attended to at h.s Factory, Pearl Strcot, uurungio i. jan.31. 1B12. PAixrt; tc. i 0,000 LBS. Wethcrclls Dry Whits Lend, K'lKegs do do ground in oil, EtbO do I.-wis' do t c0 I b. Spanish White, 20 do Veneniiian lied, I") elo Firnch Villow, 20 Co Spirits Tuipentpv 3 Cafes Ciome Yellow, Cromo Green, Brunsvrick ao fi'axouy do. Red Lend, Vctdigris, by 30th O'c. 1311, J. ,f. J. II, ?nCK d;- C8. NEW GOODS. Til la Siilorril cr have ju-t rr. eividlarrs adJuirns to ihcirsiock ef Sa.lJrv. Coich and Sl-elflliiJ'.raM ti nil m va-icrc. Ai.o Fr.iga, Medicir.e, rfnt, Vamilii-,Dye-.tiirt, I! rusb- t-s ef all kind., Jeiners' To. '-, itr. IlAUAliit AUlIUTt, Atibc. Id.-siauJ, S'gn e.1 he Pa "-el,, comer cf Chunk nn I Ct licgifMeei, J6 VA 13 " The New YorVCasli tr.trdr.'arc Store. TMIU Suls.r.lrr bavna t'ecrmnrd to carry or' X ih JlAKDWAKU in a; i,,r,ncJies in B 'rlmgirn, Vt, ha. penrd and now o cr- f r n,e" an eivirely new an I well se.'cx-d as.f orgc-Sds in Ihe a'-rve Ine. Ill- 0' i.s. t thi w.n'ir l.'ng mere to learn bc de man I- ii , be market, n i nlcr to le nl lfj tasip-,y the sane in ibe Spring, aid as he intends drin .1 slriet'y emit I i!-im-., be solici". n sha're nf puTlio. pitroiiage, contidcut lnpriie wi'll-o MunJ to tuh all who may tiv. r him with a eiill. Barling on, Vt. Dec 21, Isll. U'.M.J, HUNT. Stroni.Mlat!.Uig,C(.:cceMrcc, neorthe Siuarr. I'lcsU Teas. ATfl (TIKSTS Hyson Skin Tea. OK) 10 lo Old Hyson do. 2'j Do Tvvankay do. Un Caddy boxes H)sor, ,, ino i.U!r i 'lo ,.Vr."-ur Hyson do' 100 Hair chests oms Uion Tcn pf d,ffercnf lion prictss by FOLLUnSsfHRADLraV. Oldek, Burlitigton i iir.i 1 ( BBLS IWdcr.-l J. " IU ito C rushed. 12 l llie Whs If Roves th u'.ln L.-iar, U . Piuladtlnh-.i Liircn do New-York do of superior quakty, rer tslo l.y -