Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 15, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 15, 1842 Page 4
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warn otms ?' p w&r Ho touched his harp,and nations heard, entranced." the roon Mir godly man, or Tim rowr.ii op rnAYEit. A Herman htgtntl, "Stc. see. n Himnle ceimlrvninn Willi wnlUng-stali'iii hand conies nowj Conrpc is llic garment ho hns on, Yil noblo ii his forniJind brow ( Think (ind 1 sin'? ! so 1 enn raise A proud song to the- brave man s praise. 'T was v. here an ancient forest waved, Ami inK-Muck rivers lolliel ! There lurd wilhin-n lonely hill, A pious m in and old ; And Demons (nine lu him by night, And tempted him with gold ! Tlio poor old man waseoaisily clad, And in driary spot, 'Midst wasting owil) he lived, By nil ihc world forpol, Yet well he I. new a fii dly life, Would sanctify liia lot 1 And there, at quiet eventide, When ad was i!nr iiihIsuII, .nd evening shade, and iwdight mists, Slunilieud on lake and hi I, Thick cloud", of mini iininrllily smoke, III! lonily but would fill 1 And ill' uph iliosiin Von shapdessferm Vmed daililj loan I I'm; And nfK-rid h.i'n caves of huiiod wcsllb, If ho wnli ..ii.i would ijoj Hut alike l all Ins pr fi' ted ifl. The poor old ir.mi said" no !" Then did iho Ilcmon'sllastcd brow, , drew hlaek with fc nfi.l Inuhl i IliDuye-br.'lst'hivi J h coals of fire, And shot oulsii'i'nury b!i"hl I The verylkiids until ' slund ajbajt, llcfoicso duad aslil! Tin u the old man tor 1 God's blessed hook, With ii'.ee' ami icveiend air, And rtad of .li-si's on the tree, lieforo his children there s And, with a calm and pious trust, 'lhey knelt in solemn prayct. And a lhey prayed, i!ie Demon nui.lcd, And his naze I i canio lis wild, Hi arm liuiiy palsied al his side, And his fiery eve prw mild, Til 1 tic Blood ainid I hat lujy scene, Ae powerless as a child 1 And when they ro"ofrom oil' their knees, They flood m the room alone, Tor that meek player in In aven wis heard, And the. templing fiend had flown j And afiiiut sweet hah", like I ho uni'c of God, Throughout the dwelling shone! Thus day hy day, and ycir hy year, The old iuui "watched with c'aic, And at ihostVcd twilight hour. The shapil.'x form v as there, ISut die poor man, yuded himself with truth I And conquered the Lend hy praer ! And day 1 y dayand year hy year, The prayer woiked viiihmvv might Porcvci) limo Hie Demon came, His foiiii ehanjred lo thciiaht, Till at length, iurtcad e f a wicked fiend, lie LecJincaChil I o( Liht! And when at Irnat'i the old man died, And iho sod o'er his foi in wnsnie sed, Ilis soul had trcarmcs .n hcai n laid up, And his spirit in Chr si found tott, And ihc anjicl.s of (iodnll web-onicd him, And numheic lliim with the blest ! which nro thus enumerated In l"i ior ctlitiunt "1. Uito no healths : 2. Pnifiino no di vine orliimnc(!s ; ft. Touch no stntn mat ters : 4. I!l'vetil no secrets; 5. Pick no tptnrrols ; G, iMnko no comparisons; 7. Maintain no ill opinions; a. Keep no bail company ; 9. Uncoiii-ngn no vice ; 10. Make nn lone meals j ll.Ucpoatnogi-icv- iuiccs ; in Lay no wagers." This edition contains also tin oratorio hy Goldsmith, ontitleil "Tim Captivity," said to ho "now printoil from tlm original manu script in Ciiililsmith's liam!-writing, in the possession of Mr. Murray." Tlio airs, "O memory, thou fond t!(?ci:ivor,'' n nil "Tho wretch condemned with lift' to pari," nro In it, hut not precisely ns wo now meet them. Thero urn several other airs in it, which tnihl ho transferred to our hymn-hooks. Tho following is sung hy a Jewish priest: Tho triumphs that on vicn attend Shall ever in confii'ion end : Tim pood man puffer but to p-iin, And every irtuu s,uing3 fiom pain. Si aromatic plan s bestow No spicy finaraitco while lhey grow, lint, crushed add irodden on ihc qronnd, DiiViso Iheir balmy s.'.etls around. Host. Courier, A UCAUTirUL THOUGHT. ly. Shu suppressetl her mirth, stainmeriil uli nvrttsn lllltl milled. You will forgive mc, it ml bcliovo your- Shortly after her arrival in Ireland, whore solve quite welcome Mrs. Humans died, she was extremely tin- l his is well UontV vviiupcrcti mr. --7 , veil. When nmoiv tho mountain scenery Mhe.i, my.ltmdVl.o sal( , 'as n.y ;y'!3 is f (io fiMo of Wicklow, dunng.n not neniiiiiiiHMi wiui yuii, 1 ii " - . . . . if . nrosentalioiis.' Then londin.' her toward an srm, sue was sirucu tiy 0110 .,e,........, v. ..... ematiateil ciealtue, wliosu disioriru iimi's m tuu inns ; 11 was prouueru nv u iuiuuu.. weiu tinahlo to support his hody, ho said, diving down into n gloomy mountain-pass, 'This pentleinan, Nancy, is tho Kcverom which it seemed really to flood with its col- iues, who 111 111s jouiii ii.nuin.-i , oiwl gtorv. "I could not help thinking," endured much in iho cause of our common fa ., 1 Mvler. A- violent rheumatism, induced hy ho remarked, "lhat.t was l.ku our religion colds, conlracteil among tlio new setllemeiil.s piercing mm curbing iiriSiiui. of tho west, w hem ho was employed in detiths of sorrow, and of tho tomb." All proachina tho gospel to the poor, has t educed tl0 ,.,,st 0f i,u Sceno around that ono illumi- him to his present condition. This lady, his yMvd wm )( ln ,,10 .,roroundcst wnfe, has tuoiulv siislaitii'd him, and by nor , . ,.' .', ,. ' 1 ..:. rr Imr. darkness. L van. Ma "aziiic. IIIVII lill'lll llll.llltll II ill. mm 1 self mid him. But slm's old and feeble now, THE MINISTER'S DINNER. as vnu see. GOLDSMITH. Sonin months ago, 1 had occasion to re mark, in tho Cornier, that the well-known .jage, " Man wanl hut little here 1 flow, Aor wants, inn little long," was a plagiarism fiom Young's Night Thoughts. It was indeed taken from that work, hut va, crigiiutlli, maiked hy Gold smith as a quotation. The notice of lliis fart is justly due to his irputalinn. 1 have recently been looking nvei an e.M'elleut Eng liih edition of Goldsmith's wuil.s, edited by James Pi ior, in which this circumstance is Stated. Tho occasion of this leauliful ballad, "The Hermit,'' or" Edwin and Angelina," was, tho author's reading l'erry's Reliqucs of Ancient Port r v. His admiration of the style of somu of theso'Roliqnes induced him to attempt an imitation. Tno ballad was presented in manuscript lo tho Countess of Noithuinheiland. She caused a few copies of it to bo printed for her own use, one of which still exists, and one only. The poem Tho Reverend Mr. N was a man of excellent temper, '.'(Microtis feelings, and well cultivated mi' l, but ho was eccenlnc even to tiddi'y, Iltniusa powerful preach er, and his ministration was blest to tho ref ormation of many in his parish. At iho age of thiriy-four he became enamored of a beautiful, light headed gill of seventeen, daughter of one of his tidiest paiMiioneis, who imagined that lo r be-n Iho hand ol a minister would ho a sin bordering laud upon the iinpnidonable. Well, iho 111:11 lingo was consummated, tlio brule I. it portion panl ; it ml llitt husband, us linvbaiids in I heir fu-a love aio apt to do, gave in In the humor ! his wife, and iiceoiup inied her to severid fes tive parlies given by his wealthy neighbors, 111 honor ol his man lace. The happv couple sittin: together in then cnmfm table parlor, one evening towards spring, the reverend gentlemen studying the V eneiable ISede, and bis wile equallv intent upon a plate of tho latest fashions, when she suddenly looked up wilha.i expression be tween hope and fear, and thus ttddiossed her companion; 'My dear husband, I liao n icquest to make.' 'Well, Nancy, anything consistent.' 'You do not imagine that I would make an inconsistent lequc.s!, surel) J AO not a icqniM that yon considered in consistent. MJut come, is 11 t 'U'hv invdear sir,' and her voice trembled a little, 'wu have been to several parties among the neighboring gentry, and now 1 1I1111K that to maintain inn position 11,1 society we should make a partv loo." The minister looked blank. 'What suit of a iiaiiv, N.incv V ho said a leii"lh. Why,' she replied, 'suiha putty as those we nave attenilui. u 1' hum niai.e an ele gant dinner, and have daiirnis al'ler it.' 'lJ.iiicing ! 111 11 minislei a house ( ejaci:- lateil :lr. A . 'Why, yes, certainly,' replied JJs wife coax ingly. 'You vi ill not dame, tho pally will he mine ; and then wo have been lo similar parlies all winter.' 'Tine, true,' he mitlteied with ;i peiple.v ed air, and 11 silent ior some tune as il 1011 sideling. At length he spoke. 'Yes, Nan cy, you may make a party , gie a dinner, and if the diesis desiie it, voiimnv dance.' ' I hank von, love,' she cried, putlni" her arins'iiioiiiid his neck. 'Hill I haw: si mi! slipulalion.s to 111:1 1. 1 alur l il,' he said ; '1 niiii-t select and invili tho oiiests, and veil must allow me to plan soineofni fisoiile dishes upon the table.' 'As v oil please, love, she a' sweitil oe liglited'ly, 'lint when shall it he V 'Next Wi di i s(iii , if von please,' Mint our fiuiiiliiio and window dnipeiirs are vei v old fashioned. Is it not Hints that we had new V '1 should think il hardly ueccssaiy to re f'uriiish our lonnis, Nancy. All our fiiini ture is excellent ol lis K1.111.' 'Rut our smooth cat pels, white drapeiies and cane chniis have sin h a cold look; do consent to have tho 1001ns new filled, we can move these things to tho unfurnished chambers.' 'And of what use will lhey be in those rooms which we never occupy ? Resides, it ii near spiini', and to fit up now for winter is A young person oiiro mentioned to Dr. then tu'rniiis to a "roup with silver locks Frunklin his surprise that the poscssion of and thread bale co-its, he (ontiiiued, 'These groat tidies should ever be attended with 1111- aro soldiers nl' the revolution. They were duo solicitude, and instanced 11 merchant, all sons of rich men. They weiilont in their u.1()) .thotiyh in posession of unbounded young sue . gin ,0 ueie u. -,r weallh, was as busy and much more anxious connirv. 1 hev endured hardships, toils, and ' J . sune.iugs, sucir.-i's we hardly deem it possible limn tho most assiduous clerk 111 his counting tor men to endure mid live ; they returned house. Tho Doctor, in reply, took an apple home lit tho close of tlio war, maimed in from tho fruit-basket , and piesented it to a their limbs and with buiken constitutions, lo c,id j ,lu room)Vl, col, scarcelv grasp fmd.thoir patrimonies destroyed by fire, or his ( j , ;ccom, chances of war, or iheir property otherwise ,.,,.,, , , , . . , filched and wrested f.on. them. And these m ilw 5 nnil a third, worlhv men live, in poverty and neglect in remarkable for its size and beauty, ho pro file laud for tho prosperity of which lhey sac- stinted that also. Tho child, after many in rificed their all. These venerable ladies are efTeclual ntteinpts 10 hold the three apples, w ives of these patriots, and " idow s 1 of others (ro(',K.(1 , lst 0) ,,)0 caM.,t m(1 bnX ,. .llvn mh.s iho. uMiihlthiillvniii-liei.tniid to tears. "See there," said ho is a htth mako il better. This is the celebrated and mtm with 111010 riches than ho can enjoy.' learned Dr. 15 , who saved hundreds some oxpedietns were not adopted, it would he of little value. In tho autumn of that year, wu took it out of tho box and found that the roots had increased so much thero wns 110 more room for them to grow. We took away about ono half of them and re placed it 111 the box with now earth. In the spring of Ml, the leaves and new wood came out vigorously-. In Jdne it commenced blos soming, and notwithstanding the dry season and frequent neglect of watering, (It is a thirsty plant,) it continued 111 lull bloom un til September, producing liumlreus ol lis largo elegant crimson blossoms. We last lull pruned a sickly Geranium 111 tlio same way, and a like good effect was produced. This loot pruning should ho pet formed wlien the plant is not growing, und it should be kept shaded fur a few dajs until the new roots begin to strike. V. R. Mount Osceola, Fr.b. 1S42. GUANO, THE PERUVIAN MANURE. Tho rocky coast and inlets that exist in the desert district between Peru and Chili, 1110 thu ureal resort of millions of sea-birds, stc, and their nianiiro which has been nccu 1'ETITIOX TO SHU. LAND. STATU OP VKllMONT I At n 1'robalo Court held at Distdct of Chittenden 5 IhirlitiRlon wiihin and for Ihc district of Chittenden on Ihc 3tsl. day oLJIorch A. D. 1912. ' Simuel Hoirdinan, of Mihor, iftfn'd'dislrict.puar ilim of I lisha lloardman and lielsey lioardiuan, both 01 am iuiuoii, iiiinorciinurcn 01 iicnry j. iio-iriiinap inteofsaid Milton, deecasid, filed ill said ci urt his petition, in wiilniir, sellinu forth that his said wards nro seized in Iheir own rijiht in fee, as tenants in coin 111011, of about seventy acres of hind, and binlilinirs ihereon, silualed in snid Miltini, heina iho same farm on which tho said Henry C. lived a nd died 1 and that lhey are a If) poize I nfan undivi led inlcttst in lul num ber one in Iho first divis on of lands in South Item, 111 Iho count v of Grand Isle, bcinc all their interest hi said last incii ioned lot which they own i he Is In llnir lalo mother, Amy lloardunn, hloof said M.llon, de ceased 1 And fiirllu r si ttintr forth ihnt it wo Id con duce 10 Iho interest of Ids said wards to hive their in terest in the aforesaid lands sold, and Iho proceeds of such sa'cput lit itilensl, 11 ml praving said i-ouil lo li cense and empower him, the said guardian lo sell and convey his said ward 'inlcnst in said land, for llu purpose afoicsaid, agreeably 10 the statute in such case made and pnmdul. Tle-ri foie, the eonrl nf ircs.iid 'oth appoint llietwcn ty lliiul dav nf A ml, A. I). 1 g 1 ?, forhi-atiinnnd deci dim; on sa.d fielilion. nl he onieeof the Hecistrr at sanl liiitlinaliir, aril :i I Ii onler i-niinii prisons inte rest! il I ciinlifitil ihrrrofjiv pit! la ntion of this order, eontniiiiier lh( Fiihsnneonfsaid lielilion, three weeks pitires;telv in the liiiiliiiL'li'ii I'Tee Prrr s, n newspa per printe I in Mid I'u hurlnn.n 1 of win h puh ieaiions lobiipievious to said twenty lh.ldd.iy ofAplil. A. I). Bven iimlpr mv hand nl said Ihirhnglon t li i 3 31st. W COMMISSIONER'S NOT1CK. K IhuSnl scrilt-rc, bavins been nppoimed hy tho HoiicralletheProlruuCniirt for llic Omtrict of Clililcndi'ii, oinmi.n'oner.' to rcecivc, exnmino nnd ndju.1 tbe, elauiu nnd demands of nil penons nitiiin.t (he'ii.lnlunl Amy llMirdman, lalo nf Milton in mid Dl-lii'.-l, de ea-ed, repieseiiltil insolvent, nnd nhn nil elaiins nnd I'tinsiiil.exhil ilcd 111 o.fsct there to and fix inontfl. from tboilay 1 r lliv thite hereof, I eina a'h w-i-l I yianl Coiirl for dial pnrpn-c, wo do beret y give 1101 n-e, I hat we will nt't-ml lo lliu Inisirie.-a ofeur iiiipoiillinenl, n; lliedwelluij; i f Snlnuel Uoard innn, in Millnn ill mi I lli-lni t. on UnMlli Monday of Apul nex', nl IJ o'l-loel;, A . M. on ,ald ilav. Dale! this 15 11 dny of Alarch, A. 1). 1812. WILLIAM A., J U)m " 1 . ,. , ,. . wven tinder mv haml nl 1 iniildting lor ages, now Ini ins masses ol great ti. ,,r!ntc, d joi-i .1.1.1 I .. I.!.. I. ! I..! !.... ' ' ' ' V etfttr. tlm, 1 1.1 lli imrim. , nn I pTn, nlnti'in nT fill run. ln!n niif vr nr frnn, llin nil, rUi- .r An.. I lrjl, J corn, wilier in o nm-ieii uiiriuu sa 5, in eerntti TIII3 I.OVi: 01-' IT.OWBIIS. " Whodors not love a flowir? Its eue-iire l iken from thtv light Which tummer's sniis fliinr ptue and bright In seal end and pii'iual e hues, That sinilo nn I shine in dioppin -'dcws, lis fiajinncefroni ler swei us t air, Its nriii liom nil dial's hidit and fair, Who does not love a llowerT' " Flowers, of all cieated things, nro the ol lives (luring tlio spotted epidemic. lint his gieal success ruiiscd tho animosity of his medical brethren, w ho succeeded in ruining his practice, and when blindness came upon him, he was forgotten by those whom he -had ii'I'eied from death. This lovely creatine is his only child, nnd she is inotheiless. She leads him iluilv bv the hand, and earns the e. .. 1 1... i7. .c...... i.t... v... 1..... i lliuii sin: si is ut'ioii' nun. j 11 nvu ii'iiiiiii . , , , , , ,. . . i..r..i 1 1,'. niost innocent am simple, and most sunerl itiul iiri'iiiiiii' tilimiilil t .'11 f 1 U'nn lt'l l! '. n s i! I ' ' is iho author of those exquisite poems which complex play things for chilhood and or occasionallv in the Magazine, nainenls for the giave. Flowers, beloved These childien were orphaned il.incy by by tlio wandering idiot; ami studied by the the Asiatic cholera, anil llieir sail lieails liave ( ,liMl.i)!r ,., (jf science ! Flowers seldom been cheered bv a smile, or their pal- I, . r ,, t . . . . . ... 1 1 . nl all ii!i-i nut? I linos are llu most nnr. tlf.c ijiit:i1ii III' fl.. u'tiitis lillwl. rnll- I ri' ICO I voureves. love, and lead on to the dinim: ,S""S """s tllu "'-t I'lTislimg; ) et room.' 01 all eartliiy tilings ato llic most lieavenlv She obeyed, and, notwithstanding her Flowers, that unceasingly expand to heaven einolinns, the thnnipiii!: of course shoes, and ,ieir grateful, and to man their checi fill .11 1112 01 ,t , u, , ,es, wu nien P , ()f 1m!) SOO,J,IS 0f I10 imtl linr in. mi. 1 llniw hnr inlii nnnl tol 1 ' - ........ 1...,.. a v.. . ,., ... , judecorous laii'di. iiuinaiiso. row ; in emiiieins 01 lite vicioi s To-divert her attention she glanced over "'unipus, 01 1110 young urines niiisnes the table. There stood the dishes for which welcome to crowded ball, and giacelul upon her husband had stipulated, in the shape ol solitary graves! Flowers aie, in the vol two iniiustious, bonieiy-looMiig meat-pies, , r u,.,t ,, Ptl,,nV;n,, un,l and two enormous pl itteis ol ha a-.l meals . , , . . , ,; i : , i , I I'fif.iO rtl ili.e l.wil. ni.r 111.-.. iiiktIiIi mmm. I ...... , ....,,.. ..... ......... ,., r , ... tains among the delicate viands that she bad "" '"- ,u' l-.. wul-io hi preiiaied fur iho refined ciimtianv which she creasing among us, is an omen of good. expected. She took her place, and prep-ir- Let us adotn our parlois, duorwavs, yard o i lo no llie lame minor, nut Her liu-baiiii, ;,d roadsides with trees, .shrubs, and How iiiei a suon iiianusgn nig lo inn uoiiiiiiini, -ni.. ,1 . . 1 i . . I . t T, . I il.v. ,, m il, c j "ri""' r--" mitnn nn 1 nil !. nt.ili'r itn, r,,:ii.l In. Institution O C I .' . I .1. .. 1.., .. I..I. ... n t. r, I .. .. ..I rnn. n . , . . i niciiin Ulll 1 1' I I" llll'l 1IU I-..I ' " "I ' ll 'I I " " n eiiueiilly saw tho natives driving an ass or . ,t c.i,nt ..r ,,,, r. wi uliieiir-nisiniillo. two into iho interior, with a package, of ibis n-siand d.ssipaiion, and who a e piepand lo appre guano on enth side, ami when asked how WhmJic a ha .laROs of thorough nnd systciualic in they used it lhey said they pill a pinch of il ' Th.iTj-ideniic year will ho divided into Two Ses- in em-i lull nl i inn at lie lime tit iilaiilin". I inns, p it-It 'il wclus : am caca session in'otwo terms A .,,l -t,l,, 1,,.,,! ,,- il,;.- .,.,,'.,. ,,,',. 3f 1 1 we. kscaeh. I ci ssivcly in t he Ihtrhmiton 1'iee Press, a newspaper ... i,. ...... .',,, r..-. !.!n ill I.,. r..v ,1.a nnm.i.nti I rrr- I li.mlnil.n cl I I... !nnln.. lUnl..i ..(.. I.i-I. . I.,'.! , . . , .i.t-111 i in t ii 1 1 n.i i in".. iw "i iiigiiiiiiinu i i-.i in tt.t tittiinjii nn-i.t?, in . iiie.ii jniuiicneion CiVfrc have been earned to iMighind, when ,., . ttiilicsi incli-tlin Uismrvnnd Composmon SI.jO i lo In previous to said second Wednesday of April A. cr term, lor all Iho Hielier branches of . H. IS Pi that llwy liny then and thoiea i eir andshow ser bv. How fnvorable we think of the addi-essfd tin.- company with 'Now, brethren, hi. lit vmiisi. vi s mill mi., ittinllior. In w Iioti'V- "I 1 1 1 l... ... .1 r oii deem preleiable. I will wail upon i,l,,m ""USUJ"'" SJ"ul' 's uoluiju the thlleliiiii.' w-ith slirnlis mid llowers. lien we view A iv nnil invhil meal was made, the dwelling, tho iloois and windows of w biel mi .ister setting the eNiiniple ; and as the are adorned with llowers, we associate the fc heaiis of the old soldiers weie wanned, lhe ,.,us ithiii with all that is Meat, gi-nlh I., , I t.rifli 1 1. niinti'll smne . i , i '.' -. , P'ue, eiiarming, inveiv ami relmi-il. ftaw wiini lei il or III l III" in veil Hue nl llie lev- .... . . . r i . . i.i il i .tlit.w inhl ihnir ytJ" over a coirse, ill-hreel, av.kaiel familv llllllltllllll HI , 'HI" ' , , ., , ., tales of pm. -iliou and suffering, and inter- "here a taste fur llowers was displayed? novo with them llie histories nf fathers, broth- We trow not ors, or liners, who died for libeity. Mrs. N. was subbing convulsively when MILDEW UPON GOOSEIIEP.RIKr; Iw. i- littwIiriiTfl i-!mif i nmiit. .mil tnncliimr IlLM 1 ... . , , , . . I fill III. IMIIII I IV 1 U 1 1 1 1 ' I, 1 1- 1 1 I III 1 l I " I lt I I U S:iU 111 f MVlWWVi. ft! tliinfiIU'ITI(sJ. it I If 'My lovo shall we have dancjng V 1 hat u 1)ff miide-wlrain vour hush word will, its ludicioiis associations, fairly S(j .(s ,() .1(mil Uvo (.i.l.1di;,illll 0f . Iluew her mlo liyst.-i ics, aim sue laugiieu .inti ,lt.m; ,.,, about the roots ; and wept at once. I'nget not lo spi inklo them wilh soap-sin ..,i i I. . ?V1.. M I " . . i lien sue uecaniu quiusi eiu, ;ni. s washing il.ivs, three or lour weel.s in sue thus addressed the cumpany. cession before blossoming; anil thev cannot 'I fear mv friends that vnu will think my mNs having fine, fair, huge beines. I w ife a frivolous incniMs cat trealuie, and 1 Know this bv several years' experience. Let niiisl iheii.fuie apiilogi.e for lier. a I lhcii trViu d see. mm lied mils last fall, and have alleiuied-sev-. - , , . i ii oral gay pai lies, which our in n urignniiis gave in hoiior of our nuptials, and -my wife lliulighl it would he genteel to give a diniu r in 1 1 t i I conscuii'd on coiulitious, one ul which was thai I should unite the guests. So being a professed minister of Him who was meek and lowlv in heait. 1 f'e,llowed to was written in 17G4, and is, in this old piiu- S"P;'' 11 ' 1 I l'..ll 1 i nnltl ttt f.itrt 1 clw. ,t rt I .ill only people will call us paisimuiiiuus and uugcnlccl. Oh, if that is all,' he said gailv, 'I will promise- to ox,)!!) I a tlni'.is iml dull u'i on the veiling ol the partv, not m furniture., but in i manner which will be far mine grateful to our guests, and prohtahle to ouiselves, and w hich shall exhonorale us from all imputation of parsimony ; and you inav expend in diess eatables and desert just what sum ou please.' And so the colloquy ended. lie resumed ted copy, ery difltient, in some paris, from tho more modern copies. It was afterwaids intrnducid hy Uuldsiuilh into his" Vicar of Wakefield." I fonnely pososscd a veiyear ly edition of this uuvel, in which this ballad differed, in several places, from the present editions. It was not, however, by any means, a copy of the original ballad sis fust printed, which was very much altered after wards by the author. It originally com menced thus : Dcicn, fnintdflic tenant of t!.c dale, To Kind.! my night y v.ay, To joi.der fne, linn e beers die vile Vi uli I:. ; uuLle la) . It closed with (wo star.zis, afterwards sup pressed and not found in the common edi tions : Ileie atnitl"tsjh:n bowers we'll love, hroin lawn 10 wooiiland slruy , Uhft naihu soii.'!ii;of the rjiove, And amount as ihcy. To nil 1 hat want, and all thot wait, Our pi y sha 1 he j; ivrii ; Anil whin this life 1 1 Ijic shall fail, Wo '11 love, again in henuu. Another stanza, tho 30th, which is not in serted in most copies, and is commonly sup posed lo have been purposely omitted by thu author in thu course of his corrections, wns in fact, written some jeais after the rest of the pocni,a and presented in manuscript by linn to Kicnaru Arcuuai, esq. 01 ireianu It should thereforo ho considered us a part of: the ballad. And when bis'ido me, in iho dale, Ho can-I'd Isles of love, His bicalh lent fraram-o 10 lbs galu, And niui.c to the grove. Now that I am speaking of Goldsmith", it may not bo unaccc piionahlu to somo In read nn additional note. In tho Dosei ted Village is a description of iho ale-house in Aiihiiiu, wilh ils furniture and ornaments, among which are. Tin- 1 1 tgif I'loceil for r iiinti nnd use The HifvUeotiduira, Iheroyji rj iiueof goise. V. hat thewj "iwelv! g l , (fJ y,,,-, j liavc-vJU i) (JisirceJ to m vv, n m v,r ,JU io letter Ills ciiinmaiiii, -Jiui win-u iinni .. . .t . . a ,i niahesl a least call llu poor, me iii.uiik.-li, me line, the I Urn! , you all n-cnllect the issage. Mis. A , not knowing who er musts weio to be, is highly delighted with the ruse 1 have played, and 1 do mil lievo Iherc lias been so iiohli and minora- le a company assembled thi winter. M wife desiiul new luruituie, lest uo sbollld lie i emed parsimonious, and 1 pledged mvself to I WM. WF.STON neaiskr. lickness, and which is coiisluntly increasing. i . .1 i.t.. I.. I-.....I ...!..!.. ..ii r. i i lis iiii-su iiiiiis ii in j i iiiiii.iii v nn ns, i, ttiiui T 111) HMI S g-v " t r ilherniaiiife matters, the gitmio, as lb.. ma- J l!j ii ltU lib t IfVjM I . nine ol these deposits is called, colit.iii s huge A 7' JIHllCO C'.'A'V'A'J V'J qu.ililtlies of phosphates of lime, ainmoiii.i, fBIll'.sipriiiclerm will ciniin-nee on i!io23ih inl. and oilier products of animal matter, and as .f, 1V"'r 1, ul?:irln!?.Lai"'l.u,.' '"r'.llnnJlv il inieiv i .i ills nn uns tuusi, uie musses hum- i'nnriile of this Academy, but 'oil II in Iho .Miliinin oi not undergone the blenching or dunning tliev "i isti ioni;eeinri:.-oiasinniiriniiiuiioninines!iiie .,!. I l,.,t.n' I, t.ili.... 'i',,rt "I X. V. and h s rtpufi ion nsa Ihoroush and siice-ess- would have i one in uthei plates 1 '"'-f,,! naehir i,in ih.s vainly, already estalilish.,1.- niisiiiiiie ei, mis siiiisiiincu is line ui uie mnsi llavingctiini'il Iho pennnncnl services nl a leaener -iriiv-i nl miiiiiiri's ! nnil lm Ittr n Imih. 1 1 nw. ol so inncli exocrii-nee. anil invinir morouni v repair !,,.., ..,,tl I,, il,,. ,.r. i ,i, ,.,,ln,, ..iled the Ar-adeniv lluildin;, tho Tru lees wo'dd now COMMlSSlONI'.il'S notici:. WH Iho suhscriber's, linvim; been appointed, by the Horn rablc the Probate Court lor Ihc Dis Iriclof Orand Isle, comniissioiicts lo recievi, examine an I ndjut die ehiims, and demands, of nil persons, niraiust Iho rotate of llctscy Cochran, lalo of North Hero ehcensid, trpritentcil insolirnt, and also all claims, nnd demands t 1 1 1 i I e e I in otT-ct Iherclo, nnd kiv months from the IGlli elay of March A. D. 1912, helns all wed by said t'ouri lor llint purpose, wnido llieri-'orehcieby cave nniicc, dial we will meet at the ilwcllinL'hiiusi'ol'.hdidi.ih I'. I.add ill the town of Norm Hero iho IO1I1 daynf Kepleinber nt 3 o clocfc A.'M.A. D. 1812. F.L1RM A IIIHIlAItD Commu l.r.WIS HUUNSON. I sioners. orth Hero Man h 21st. I&13. talt. CQfft Ht;SIir.LS TmUs Island, WO!) do Solar, 20 fan ks Dairy, ICOO ,i... fine, for talc very lo.-, hv , 1'OM.r.TT .F- BRADLEY-. Old Dock, I urluiKlon. tir.NJAMIV II. SKI IT'S r.STATK. sTA't I'. 0 h' Vnii.MONT, jThe fro' ale ( ourt for D.str.rt ofCbilliiidcii J lliedislriet ofCtuttendan To nil persons concerned in die estate of Ilcnjainin II...Ski(i; l.iti ofChatlnltehl said l)i Irict j Oreeling. Wherca", Sally II. .Skill; administratrix of the es- tale of die said deceased, has made appheation to said coiet lo exttnd lliu nine limited for making navmcnt ..i-.i...i.t.. i.t ri. t i . , . -. til nif iituia in euu niiiii iie-ee.a"'- I nn I selllllll saia es nil dial tins .Schoeil shnil he infe rinr In no I indreel i also proposes in lender an account of her minimis itulion in the advanlaci s and induce- trali.m mid pr'senl her ne-couiii au'auisi said estate tot exaimiimon ami aiioMiinee. niiereupon tho court nfori-nd doth nppninl the fremiti We Inesday of April A. It. 132, for hearms and decidim; on saiel applica tion and exam! .ipjr said afcounl, ni tlio otTicc of tho l'eiiitcr ol sml court in liurliiiuion ,'n said district, and doth order lint ah persons inu-rcs td bo nolifieel lliereoiuy ui iiealion ol llu- oreler three weeks suc- il ('iiniiiiiititls n lilnli in in ns :i (in lili'i'r. nnil nrr I nresent indications denoti! ibal llm imneii ln- V and Lanrru-nre-; Sl.",0 per term, lloir.l in res- i. . . , .,, , 4 . ' pect ilil.' l.iiiiMiesean l.eolil-.iuio i nt a very inw price. of tl -tide will herealter he extensive. Ji neo March 13. 1312. J. IIAM1I-T0N, Clcrl:. The English farmer understands his true inleiusts, w lieu ho extends his expenses for maniiies. 1'roui the U. Stales ho rollects ishes, hones, tW. : liom the Mediterranean :ruile mire, suihi, exc, and now he has open- d lliu mines ol guano, on the sin res of the ir I'lti.'ilic, all of which are used forfertil- the soil, v, bile the same substances, mil es; needed where procured, are mostly neg- ;ciod. . imincau ! armcr. i... t i (Lr (jiiauo bus of late been lin-d III Lit- ?. 6-.i-ieiy. Parmer-aro n v i I hm-iI1. , R 5-1 ROD E? 5J 3tl N A C 20. ritllf. -ul -eiil ers sue notice In the p: li'ie dial l llicv li'iM ii -i tt i nirn.i' e uii-.v in iif t- i hi ii.-i -it on, a' n'lt It i'1'a ni.lo i-a 1 of Jen -o t'nrner-, an 1 ire i.ire I in lur.i u in I luisii o or k", .11 i.cnr- .T mi'' Canlimjs of ee'ry n-s ri-.iiiu, nt bort iir,-i-, an I mi te-a enial lo 'e-iin-. We have comI tti'-l-t an I i-ii'.r v-i r' men, uii-liln ml ur.en-l "or u-ii.le -lii!l lo i-xi-;lol m iju iliiy l.y uny c-ta!.- Ii'lli nt 111 til v .e-i-K'tl.j The ce'e' la t-t "M i -n h l i-!-- Ph" pb," heps eon- in 'y nil ban I. lb - i'u very -op-riiT artn-.i-et ui'm la' en Ilia pre-mi mi ol llic .I:i-s. cause if anv lhey bale, win-the tunc of scltlinn- said es ate "hould not he extended and whv sa.d account shuild not boallowTel. Given nn ler my Inn 1 at sail Ujrlinston this 15th day if March A. D 1S-I2. Win. Wf.STON nt-rister. Z( l,l!,-. Ilaihi l's (Sin JJ US do Aintnean tlrandv. for sale hy KOLI.P.TT & I.RADI.EV, Old Dock, DarliiiRlon. gland as a inaiun-e, ami ns eiiects nave been wniidei fnllv great in promoting vegetation. lint ns the arliilo pinhnhly will never be much used in tins tfniiiiti v, il is h.iielly visable for ns to fill our p iges with exteudei ex:i-.icts, in which ils effects are described. Our object in noticing the article, isto copy a recipe for making an nrlilici-il guano, given by nunter in the .Journal of the liovnl . ricultiiral Sociel y 'of .England. He s.isslliat ,'ilo lbs. tir 7 bushels of hone dusl, i(J() lbs. of stilphalo of aiumouia, "i lbs. of peai lasli, ihs. of ciiiiuiimi salt, 10 lbs. of dry sulphate of soda, Jcrir.o, Mir.-h 3. 131-2. I'OltD & K.MI.riSON. If. LAW IJLANKS. f nOODlllCII Ins couninlly fur sale by llie . 1,'rnin ur Quire, a ceueinl assortment of hw- lintit, prmleil from foi ins from r.LM-ed .S'talules, roiisislillir en .lusin i Wriin and l.xcculion?, all kinds in use T.u.siie Wins ( ounly Cou, I Wiii and f.-erittions, various kinds W iriantry. (luil-claim, and Moitj-anc Dccdii ('h.inrerv Hills lor fnrclostn'' Morlsagcs ri-iii'-.s fi r l)i I'oeiiious Adminisiriiiors llnnds l.etlcrs eif Guardianship Odieers lteceuit. Justice Appials lllanl for Notes, Ilny-Seales, tie. &c. Qftf ROXr.S U MSINS, tiiWvy jo Casks .Sileia lis, 100 I'o.xcs scalded Ilerrin", for sale by f OI.LIOT if URADI.F.V, Old Dock, Burlington 1 ff IiOXi:s -iiiiin"ns' Ca t Sicel Axes, i-jV-sV ro ,! I,.,,!,r,,,,'s Jo (Jo Warranted, and fur saL bv fOLI.KTT it CltADLny. Old Dock., Ihirlinjloti. Ilioad C'ntlis, C'UI'F.Il Wool dvc bine!;, i-nisi!,lu creei, olive, blue, w and stet.1 mixed cloths, at unusual!, low- prices by Dec. 10. S. II. SCOTT. Pines Cut. f CVSIIS anil Hales Titki:-f;s, 1 linle Canva.'S. 2 ilo Unllinr, 20 Pieeis (f) inch rhirlnr, 13 'o IJnl I.itM nj. I-'or-snle tir Xnv SO, PH. Vtl.AS, r.OOMIS .f- Co. 530 lbs. will make n mixtirro enntainin" iho same chemical ingredients as tho guano. mil will ciinie clii'iipi r. I'ossililv some om i-iiiioiis in such mailers may tr an experi inent. I hi! o iU lbs. would be as much as f'ASr.S I-mclifli unit Aincriean Prints, theynpply to two acies m hiiglaud. I hi cost here would be probably wO 2 il-i i-nlored Cambi i'- for sab In .Nov. T.O. 1511. VIl.AS, I.OOMIS kd. on nni.s. toiiaccw. A.J 30 do .Siimkin? eh 111 Kol's .Maccabov Sn IT. for sale hy KOI.I.l.TT t BRADLEY. Salmon. qni'.nL". and 201.a f elo. North Shore Hudson llav -s'aliiion, for citobv Dee. 1,1311. FOI.I f.TT & RRADI.nV. none, 7 hush, at dO els., .Sulphate of aiiimoiiia, 100 lbs. l'earlash,5 lbs. Ciimnuiii salt, 100 lb. Sulphate of soda, 101'js. En. N E. Farmer. S2 SO 13 00 J!0 7 30 S17 13 Sills. fi CA-T. Pnncee Silk. " 3-, Piece" hlaek, blue black and figured elo 20 lbs. I main sew ins, 2. " India do 10 " 1 licit and eolnrcel Twin. Nov.C0, l?U. fot .-a'o by VILAS, I.OOMIS .V Co I'or Sale or lo Itti:t. rjiIi: Wbi'e L'wehn.' tin ee l.ili-lj- eeinpii-.l I y i Arn Hi Imp, wi Ii enu eii-ie eif liuid altnehe1 '. I.t1 era I en- In v.-nl 1 e :'iirn in a n ire-h ier, i r I iv r i hie or lo a nod iiinni, I'o- e s em ;.' veil 'be I r t nlApiii. II. W. C.VILIA g'J Ii Mai-eh, IS 11. Jleiii os. Ar. Ot Pir.Or.S C lorcdl n .IM, and freneh dennos, OU'iOel.) hlaek do do 21! do fi'Mired Bonibazine, 20 do ba-k do 2, lmeea e-h ill. Nov r,0 1-11 f ir cale by VILAS. I.OOMIS A. Co. YT NTI'.D.I)iimi"iie fjiiills wanted in cxilnnge fir li'io' snr Siatiorcrv, h Jlarcli 10. S. HUNTINOTON. cost fed I I lecti, 1, thy i (,-f his studies-, and slu gave her mind lo the con sideration ut llie dress wlttcii would lie most becoming, and llie viands that were most ex pensive. Tho next day she went busily about her pieparations, wondering nil tho nine bow- her husband would expend Ins thousand tlollais, but as she bad discoveied something of the ecceulriiiiy of his charac ter, she doubted mil thai lie meant to give in agreeablu surpnse ; and her cm uisilv grew so gieat that she could baldly sleep during tlm interval. At length thu momentous day arrived. I be arrangements were all cumptele, ami Airs. j. letitetl to peilormlbe! all-important business ot air.'i itig her line peisou in fine attire. .She lingered long at tho toilette, relying on the lashiouahlo iinpunctuulity ol fashionable people, ami when the hour struck left her chamber nrrayeil, liku Judith ol ol gloriously, to allure the eyes of all who should look upoii'hcr, and full of sweet smiles and graces notwithstanding the uncomfortable pinching of her shoes and corsets. Her husband met her in the Hull. 'Our guests liavo all arrived.' he said, nm opened tlio door of iho reviewing room. Wonderful I wonderful I What a strange as sembly ! I hero were congregated the crij ide, the maimed, and the blind ; the naUiei the eMtenio ugcil, ami a. group of children from tlio alms-liouso, who regaided the fine lady, somo with wide open mouths, otluis with both hands in their Ii.ur,. while some peeped -from behind furniture, to the coveit of wlucli lhey bad relrenled from her tin-. zling presence. Shu was petrified wilh as. toiiisluueiit ; then a dash ol'diijileusure cros sed her face, till having cist her eyes over the grotesqiio assembly, she. met lliu comi- cully grave expression of her husband's i counieiinme, whuu thu burst into a violent obviate any such imputation Then addiessing lliu children, he sai.J, HOUSE PLANTS, Are an article in whoso culture, to our shame he it said, wo have never had nine experience. Yel we do adiniie them vastly and sincerely love them and w ljen ever wu see llieir cultivation, wo iiiul spile of oiilselves and llie little piedjiidi.' which siiiiielnnes intrude themselves upon our feelings, entertain kind and thariluble feelings towards tho induellerr. What clieei fulness they pu sent in the gloom of winter, when ihewnild without lies sorrow ing under the iiitltiencu of decay anil llu el ements me heaved in comniotlon hv the lucking stoi in 1 Tin n thev lift iheir blight I"an well's Sillies. A Nf.W .ip ,ly. of all kia pi I reeeived an 1 f..r ul'-a-i-!iei,, cliea,.e I, ' V April I, 1st. ll.'W.CATLIN. I7()i: SAZ,r..-OaevnLoe.l so" I Wnikue.' C.rth-. '" L" 29 b .War.1,, la 12. ' II. W . CA'l LIN. -r- ined pars.niimioiis, .no pieogeu un sen , ;m awaken sluing hopes : expend one thousand dolla.s-in a luani er ',.,, (lf smilir, s;is , e pleasing to our guests, and w Inch should . Mimmc.IN ,0 t?,ni(1. Fo smiling heads and leuiind us of siiminers ind lirighl nd llowoiy or so inucli pleasuiii as lhey nfl'oid, they leijuirn hut lit tle atleiilion, and this little time, if nut cm- 'You will each be lemoved to-morrow to jln ctl in iheir behalf might be much vvoise xcelleut places, and if veil coiiliniio lo l e L,,,,",.,. We know of vounc ladies who stiin industrious, mid peifectly lienest in wind and u.;r full two 1 uns of slieet jam eveiy tiav deed, vnu will becomo icspectable meiiil eis !.. iiivesligating theafliiirs of tho neighbor- eifseicie'lv. I o v 011, Dr. II , under ood U,,d, meielv to furnish the pctiv woof of I owe mv life. 1 did not not Know-yotir lu- Ueandal, who might te inm-li more agreeably calilv, neither had 1 heaid of jour misfni- ciuployed willi a favorilo geranium or rose, times until a low davs since. 1 can never (if muetv novel was at linudj and less to lepav the debl I owe vou, nut 11 you ami vour t IC !mnovanre ol coinniuiiily. And young daiighlei w ill acrepl the neat furnished house ,,,,,, ,t 00) who by this haimless employ menl iidjoimng mine, 1 will see that y 011 never want ., fvW nuiiiiies each day, would render ser again. To vour patriot fathers, nnd these vice lo tho world which ought to bo appro- musing tnolbeis ol our rouniry 1 present hil cintot!. one thousand dollars. It is i list one bun- 'i', propagation and culitiro of house di ed dollars 10 each soldier, and sokliei's plants is very simple and easy in the process, widow. Jt is a mere trifle. No thanks m Though each variety may rerjuiio a sonie- tiieniis. 011, Air. imii-s, arc my miuei what tlilleretit sou 10 succeeil well ; vet as a Under your preaching 'hist '"'- general rule, a mixture nf putid-niiid, sand canio convinced of sin, and il was your, voice mij comiiion soil, nbout one lliiid of each, lliat brought mo the winds ot salvation. 1 oil hiiisweis a good purpose. Wo have found will remain in my house. I I avo a loom ,n,dd taken from tho woods mid from prepaied lor vou, and a pious servant to nt- around roots of tiees blown down, where the tend you. It is time that you weie at peace SHj ;s considerably mingled wilh sand, lo he and vour excellent lady u-lieved of her heavy very useful. Some, require almost a ptue 1 i". 'ii... . . 1 .,-....!..... . . 1 1 .1 ii : i . .1.; 1... iiuiuoii. 1 no 1 ii'i'i- j i S.-.IS.HW , i-i. i""" 1 sailtl, iinu 111 jiiiiiiiil; lieu sups nils is i-iiui' trato on tho camel and poured out such ,fv valuable, as it is luoso, allowing the fee inn he; rj II f. suhfcrihcr has ju-t received and offers foi - saiu a luw supply nl l.nntis imni .New V oils anil lloblou; mucin-' wlucli ereiiipouoing I nullum lilt: I utHtiiuuon, tiro 11 Teaehir, finer 011 Miction, I.iebuj's t'licimslry, (Ireek Teriaiuenl and I.c.vicrn, Taeilus and I.11.1, Itn In is belli on Haplini', Mii-hael Ki'inp, C'oleriil(.f s Worl s, Tali's of llie 1,'oienanteiH, (leiiis of Ann liean femala Poets, Whelplev's Compi-nd, llarue's Noliv on die tins -els, liluupses ufilif Old World, Macnulcy's M. seel lames, r.iei.ani Omrio II li 1 Tuikcv Morocco, Tweedirs' l.ilnnry of Praclical Medicine, 3 vols. C'ln O'lliley, 1 lot. Danjlison's Medieal Dictionary, Ibiller's Aiicicnl Alias, Pictorial (3eoi;ra,ihv, 1000 rnrjravinns, l'oels of Amciica, K' rmiiiii.u hcr's Parables, .lacqu'uie, by James, 2 vols. Ilo'mt r's frineh l'lirases, 11 10k of l'alms, Wedlli and Worth, Life of Sir Is ia Newlon, II. Jlooui's I'rivite Deionons, Cooper's Surgical Diclbnury, AnlhonV Ch-s.eal do. I.nnprieri-'a do.iln. Corse lie Leon, bv Jama-. IMi. 21, I3d2, D.A. BRAMAN DlSSOI.f rios. The e-opar'nei'bi) lu-ie tufuu' es'-tiii'i he'M ceo thi ol Vi- irjno I 111 Ib.rlni'r-etii, '-ii.'e r ll.e -ly'eef ICeiu k Wal er, . ui l.S. W ell itiS t'n. are Ibis i:.iy bv imr mi al no en' ill i-:vei. ,vu iit-mani. 111 lavor 1 1 1 bo nf si.d ur-iis, 11 iv i iva tie, an I w Ii eh baa not e nai I I y die tir I i.ay f .V -nl mon', wi.l I o 11 il 111 llu bull- I'.fll. I,iiveii wi'itli f 11. lori-olleeilun. uig-.i'ii, M r b j h I'U I v s 1 1 . 1 1 us. sot omo.n wiLicn 1;. (WHAT HA11UAIXS ! 'Plll.eniire slock of i.uols owntd by Kein A Walker is iifl'. nil al wtinlfsale nr letad al col 11 nf a larae lock ol Dry Ory iml W, t fi roenii s, Croe kiry, f! rssand Until Wan. All wisiiinir to liny (Jon !s will I1111I il Mr lluir Viler- ft in cill an 1 i'vi 111 ie llu uo 1 Is b 'fore unviii-' else where, for they must be nl somo pi ire le elosj lb" concern. SOLOMON W.U.KCK. I!iirhii2lon, olh Jlaich, 1812. C E S j it f-5. flfin C.i-e nf Ceuis iiii.'i'iniiT 2,rC0 of "slU CM I- nnU'oisli-1 1,100 ea e. cf M hoop ins Co -ph, nnil !2C0 ims.-h i.r.v. il.m.1. have lien re-por-ed i' iiel I y Sb'T'inn', Cni'!;!i I.i 7eil'.'ir I eu!ci c ire-iiiii iniei.i'.'i' thro' gbo t tl.e lOi.mry that Lavo nd I fen rep'T'e'i. Cb.litreii ebe 1 1 wii'ins, ami many frevn people -1 if f r If; wit '1 . v in 1 1 . ib.ea.ei an ing from Worm-. Tiie 1 nly i H-aid k r n n unei'y for all kin I. nf Worm. i H11 rutin's W, r.n li zenm". 'I b have e .rei'tinie iheiroi res'uetii 11 ir.e ro 1,100,000 en-e-, and ban-i.eier leen knewn to fail 111 ii niizlc ins aii'-e. Nervnis Hi. 1 '.li b ii, d Palpi al'oi rf ibo Heart reheu.l in frniii j in 10 imn ios by 3 or 4 r,f fcln-r-niaii's Le zenee-r-. Ii i ria!lv -ur ui ins bow ( lck llu y 1 perale. liubvi.I'.als of die bighc t ro iee.abil ny run 1 1 rellired le . Wei'; llie-, nr pain in the I ae'-, si.'c , 1 reat cr Iflii-iimnali-ni, e- nil I y bherniaii'- Poor Man's Plat, 'er ; 'tr-e-i milv een'.. 10C0.COO sol I.i 1 f ibem, mil warranted m-i'1-rit.r 10 a I n ln-r plale r-, vh-i what lhey may. They al neji-r Corn , t'raw-in-.-lhem 1 i t I y iht ri'Ol!. Al. li-r Sli inian's l'eur .Van'!- l'la-ter, and tec that In. Men.r- 10 A. S1IIH JAN, M. P., vvcli dre.-nns, is on the I ae.'; i, ea -lt, 1111 1 arii- n I eai b hi - of Bi liiure Loz-iis-i-. Av. i la 1 ei lii-rs, as ibev aro vuriies cr I .-in, -n 11 . Ur. ftliiruian i.'il.o cn v MubeateJ I.e zeu-ji r- 'Ian ita 1 r r 'i Amnen, Sold ill Wl.o'e u'eau I 1'e it 1 at lla Var.'e'y S'cr I v. I'ANHllun.S f; IiniXSMAID. .terlnnt- an I 1'iu -al Is fpilel nl the jamo r' i s a al 'l i-Wan Inn , 1, ht-w Yuri . I'catlui-s. A Csn' I n ft- e I'ea Iter , nf fipf r'or onhly, Ulij Vfin I . I !ri. tit P.,r.ii'.l, u Ii- N..V.30, 1311. V1I,S. I.OO.MIS t'CO, Sheni Skills I'ortSool; Illtizli'.;, Ac. OEa-Q 1)0'. Sheep Sliin , a oriel q i.ihties rn cravy vVsUn, nulfur-.w in mm f.ieii rers and olbersni In v pri.-e-, by VILAS, I.OOMIS, & Co. 11 iv, .iU, 1511. noin .iiHiers, niiia: Nine n'eloek, . M ,Tinr. It : ab..e. Wind slronr fiom N. V'., rnllins die walers of die Lake inio beau tifit' fiufs, and ' nn mini'lin. us spiais wtib iherar nf a ino.-l iIizzIiiik suibine that nfso e l,ecr3 up tbe I112I1 111 iiintain tops, an.l ilhnnes ilio ileei rere ses of lliiialle ,s. AH, nil, nl of wlueh it rncliinlins, de liuhiful and cl-.eiiful 10 lot k upon without, win! wahiii at HOWARD'S All, all, Ml nro.l iiodv encacisl m is' injr account ot Omuls, Wnres and Mere hand. ze, reparalorv to tho deekiiiL' nut '.e'lu'ifid arrav llie fn one's nf ills land, w lo vi i 1 ns usual puise innke llu ir applications for 1 lum.i"e at iho Inne.fid depository at said HOWARD'S. Sheet lion. 1 ( PACKS Uis-ia Iron, n ned No. I V. .W H in lie- Knu. an I Aineri an lro,a'd So. 7j Moses Canada l"n e Inr nV 1 y Xuv.30 ISM. VILAS, I.OOMIS & Co. iXEW FIRM. Timlin Sidiseiilnrs wo Id respectfully inform tho pub ie thai thev hue riirehiiti el the enure sleek ' of I 'uruiiurcnnd fanninp Mills nl the New f.stahhsh- menl bef'lofiirc nwneel anil e-oniliieleil bv Iho firm tf Mitchell & Barn , nnd will continue tbe business under die firm of Barnes & ICe-c'er, where lhey iniend to kicp const. inlly on hnnd an extensive nssortmenl of Sofas, Secrel.ini's, I'm,!;, eases, Bureaus, lled-leads, Tables and Siands nf various kinds and prices lo rial cut inner. Mol kirn's of eeun'ry produce re ceiled in piyincni. AIo must kinds Lumber, suitable for our biisuii-s will be taken 111 exchange for furni tuic ir Panning .Mil s. IIAIIXT.S it KEF.LKR. I''l.imit-Is, It'ASI; Wbi'e a id luh.iel flannel', CO iiuve'slicurivlSalisi'iirv do. 100 " tearle-ilomeaii! do. J.i-1 ii'i-ei ic' unit for ale 1 v N v.3C 1311. VILAS, I.OOMIS ..V Co. (irliul Pinished and tiiifmisbed Nova Scotia. 3!. TONSflrind Stones, ns"oncd sizes, OwigWatcrsloni.i far mlo bv POLL!. ITA IlRVOLr.V. anksiviug and prayer, as found way to the h,u roi.s U sn il.o fieely, and lets ufV tlio stt art of JIrs. N , who iiltimalolv uu- iierHiions water i hich is often iiiiuiiims and canio a meek and piuns woiiian, a fit help- fatal to llie young plant. male for a devoted gospel'mi 'ister. In selciiug slips for putting out, the I enu- ; ty of the plant will he more effectually se- MuMl-ieiiNT Duxatiom. -(.'ive while vou cured by taking, those of upright growth. live; ihus secure the pin poses of vour filar- Suihiiso higher and foini Letter heads, while 1 lliuii Ii i t ., , . leoiinieiinme, w iuii t ( "''iiw o)al .,;, (11 ,,. ,,, uuff P iillenijtli spid ficr liusbund stern- ily nnd gather the first sheaves of tho liar vest. John Conant of JafTrey, N. II., a spirited if lateral ones are chosen, a bushy 1111 seemly plant may ho expected. l'i lining sliuuld ho can lully attended to, both as re and iutelh'.'ent farmer, has given his vain 1- gaid the tup anil roots. Tho lop may bi ble farm of 2"A) acres with all ils tippni ten-' primed into any foi m lo please the fancy. mires, to the Cheshire Coiiulv Asi inihuial 1 1 1 lining the roots is a matter of much im- Seciety fori'.ioestiiblishmouiof nn .mictil.poilame, butli as respecis the growth and tural Seminary. Il U not many miles from .the flowering of the plant. Wo haven bcaii k'i'mie. It ii 11 noble beiiefuction, mid re-l tiful nnd varied I'oiiicernnato, which in 1840, (lcru upon him tho highe! honor, fjnvo so few llowers that wo found that if PASTRY ARTICLES! INDIAN Hive', Slire.l and Staple linitlars. I ne'per'r Aim rieiiu 1.1s Niiv l In b Muss, I-:,sin-ii.f I'.-a li Iiernels, i'iiiii-ea'!.lnl I - eiu-euf lH.nienf, Nurst lt"-i' Waltr, Kt r.ii-l el' Itn e, Spanl li Viinilhi and Oil of Mae, , Tno Ordinary Spi. es, lle-il.i-niin Svrop, ' Sail 10.1, f-'uyar Onriuicnt and Sand-, Itiiiuol Cuiileelionanes m Pi rneis (Vi. Ae. Dir. 1(5. "y I'KPK&Sl'KAi;.. FOI.UITT i$- P.n AM. FY " fsl'f.t'Tl'l'LLV infoim lluir frimds and die iliiil.liq hat lhey have reeiived and now I'lTrr for s-do n the most ndi aiiioffous terms, an exten.ivo as tiiriii.! i of Iron, Stcil, ccc, lonsistinj in pan of the follovving t , Ton Sanderson's Cnst-slccl, do P. iido Oerinan do idof.natihX', '1 CO Bund es llrn-zier s Hons, JO Tons Tiro Iron, ntsorlcd, Kl ila Old S ible I'SI do . 10 do Siveilfsihi 1 eh, Too Coil; Steel, 3 do Spring itn 1 dii Sucilis do 10 do Hujsu boreo nnil rods, 10 do llloiini. flat and sejuarc.of lamuss.ics Nd 20 White 1. end. i'ovc ii iv ... !,.... in ii... vvi. , r ..l It-. iw.i. "cinnt .'i ''i""'.ui O 5 do Xo 1 and P.tradj Co in package from 100 1 1 ouj pouniis. 'l Tens f.xtr i riroiiud il O.l, in ICcgs of 2 nnd 50 n tiuds. for tale at Maniifieiurcrs' prices nnd frchjh!, hy Nov. gD. POI.LP.TT if BItAOLf.V. rOSlI)f.S Solo Leather fur .ale by .-ivVjU fOLLf.c-it BUAIM.LV. 1 ( IIAO-i Pilbcrls, J U 10 do Brazil Nuts. 10 do hard shell Almonds, 13 PraiU foft do do SO II' Is. I.'iekory Nuts, 5 do L'liesinu-s, Of superior ejual.ty.nnd nflered hv.v, hv POLI.l.TTit BIlADLf.V. 'JIIH eopaitn(rsbii Imeof. re esi-lins li-mcen J..1, S arraii 1 1 n.i I'me, nn lerdie (iml of S arr i I). '', i- tli t day I y ni en il i i n entibi'lvisl. All i,r-i'l- hi V -id n b'ela e sa, I lirm an.' io-i .e-lol in mil e : a iiien', as I' is niee.-.-4iiy me ' n liu iiniini coi'Airt:i:!iiw .xanci:. JTiAItUAIt OV AIT cue in..ue thai have this L e'av n-Jii-ia-i-d w i It tbeiu in h liine-f 'MH. III ltA.M P. LOOT, nnd tlia'.tl.ey will i-i.n'in' elbe b.l-ne- s ol m; orli"a an I sel.1115 CKOPKl KV, GLASS AM CHINA WAlM. uin'er ll.e linn il'KAItHAP WAIT Is KOOT niI.eirK riner Su re. 1 1n y have 01, ban I a I'u I sli e. 1 f waro wlueli lhey will pack in Crates ataorltd ta ordir nl New Vurk and Boston pru t, men hauls ui die turri'-'rritiijj lowrs w-dl lind 11 Kitatlv in il eir'age 10 1 xanmiu their ttoe k f efeirt piin basiiiir al die ,uuili, a, I on'er. prtmptly nl'endtsl ir Store toiucr Chuicli and Ci 'lest t. P. IPAIUtAI!. .10s. wait, U.K. HOOT. N, II. farrar Wail and Kool e tvt 10 reicive ear ly inilii Spriiij: in answer t ibeirnriVr- n lull nipiilv of that I eaiilif d Si le 1 f ' O.iaiiue i'earl w arc" that li.i given siii-h .na'-l.n- ion iliopi-t senson, Irian thee-clu! ni'ediii.iinilii toni. nl Clews Co, the only Uoiiiein fnsland dial naikeilini slyleof ware, v.b ch will 1 0 H 1 1 wlioVtaleaud Ke.ail. Ilurlinston,Jan.3l, 1S12. SOTICR. IS here! y. iriveu thai JOSI-.I'II WAIT has oId out His 111 etwt in the t ue Wnro Manufactory and dial lie luiriiid- will lienaUir le earrielon ajusual I y Mr I.I en U farrar, w ho is il i'y n ebi-rizej to ,ei diea'l ilebii ine s il'lhelirni al Ins fm-ury, Pearl lien I'liriasion. Jan. 31 18IJ. 1 e 1 lo i 1 initiii ba:ely. s II irl :iiriiin,Mareli 1 7, 1313. 1 1 ci'iini ... ... .31.11..., ISAAC !OW. I.elilsli 1 oal. "? iTiifft TONS lihish lakcd, Poars-o Coal, houso .J w'nnd kipl fiom die wcall.i-r, for sain hv Nov. 29. POLI.I.'ITif DltADLP.V. ne( M Dltll.l.l'l) P.ycd Needles, OtJKJ V.C0 ftross I look b. ind I'ycs. 100 do. ICmtling Puis, fi Cases London and Anuricnn do. DO lbs. do. Jut received nnd for salahy Nov 30. IBM VH.AS I.OOH1S A; CO CK.VEKT CJSTVllSk'. al II r. is I niii.r the rulit In use, in and . for lie county of C'l.inenilin, l'.ukcr's Iljdr-juhc Oemi ill, f r Cisnrns, Bcsirv is, ie1t-filuc s, Cellar Kilclun and t-iahle I'lonii', for lliopnr osc 1 f innkini; them dry nnd proof epTi'i I ratsj iilto Htorihs, Sinks i"vc. w 1 Id iiifm in lliu inhabin"is of said ciainiy, that tit - y will ho ready die eominn season 10 n tend to all calls in die r.lme line of bLtmess and will viantnt lluir vvi'iU to bo durable. JOsp.PlI LAN DON, OltLANDO OWP.N. Burlington, March 0, lf-11. N B, All orders addressi d lo 'the s ubscrihers at I Ilmcsbutsh or lliithnjlon will receive immediate at I iintion niD ,

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