Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 22, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 22, 1842 Page 3
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'though not thoroughly disciplined nt tlin time, rhcro was no douht it would soon bccomu nearly perfect, from tho unusual exertions and activity displayed hy the officers to effect that object. The army was then stationed thus : 3G0O !n Xalapa ; 1500 in Perota , 2000 in Puolila i 500 in Vera Cruz ; 1200 in Uhm ; 22,000 in the capital, and the re mainder at various points. No mention is made of n probable) movement of this army in Texas ; and, indeed, it is believed few of them can safely be spared from their prcs ont locutions. The papers state that a crent struggle is preparing for the next presidency ; the can didates being Santa Anna, Valencia and l'n rndes, and with every probability that the former will succeed. Ar. O. Bui. Oun Relations with Mr.xtco. Wo wrro niware that General Thompson remained in this city for several days, in tho expectation of receiving instructions from Washington, founded upon tho report brought from tho Mexican capital by Mr. Alcltea. And we now learn from our contemporaries, that since the sailing of our minister, important documents have Arrived, which will no douht tin fiirlt'iirlfiil In litlll Will, llin lllmnt ilne- .natch; Jbiit. Murder in TIiciimond. It is stated in tho Richmond Star, that William Mirhie, Esq, a lawyer ol nricli wealth anil Ingli re gpcctabiflty, was found dead within three quarters of a mile ofhis resilience, in Hano ver county, near " The O.ilii" lie had been missing since Satiudiiy last, and was found on 1 uexlay inoriiinc in the woods, brutally murdered, his head- dreadfully liro ken, and bis fare much mutilated. The porpelMtors of this revolting deed are un known, but it is supposed to have been done by some ofhis owe negroes. The Star, of a subsequent date, states that tho circnni- stanrcs attending his ilealh were very pecu liar, lie lias n daughter tiliout ten years old-; nnd since his death one of his negro women has brought forward a will, which she says was given her by her master with di rections to hand it to his executor, in rase of Ins death. 1 Ins has been done, and a elm is no doubt afforded hv it to the cause of hi. murher. By the term of the will, several of lies female slaves are set fiee with their oft", spring, and a 'largo portion of the estate re: apart for them, or, peihajis, their support and education. In caso ofhis daughter's death, all of his slaves are to be set free, nnd tho estate divided among them. These f.icts, it is believed, wore known among tC slaves, anb no doubt led to his murder hv them. Incident A Locomotive ar-nr-STED DV W.oitM. On tho completion, a few days since, of the rail way, on the Tres sel and tho liridgo over tlin Congaree Swamp, and river, a general migration of the Citerpillers of Hichl.iml, took place to wards the St. Mathews shore. An army of worms, occupying in solid column, the iron rail for upwards of one mile, presented, as was supposed, but a feeble barrier to the power of steam. A locomotive, with a full train of cars loaded with iron and moving at a speed of from 10 to 1:2 miles an hour, was arrested nutwitlistnnilin!! at midway in the swamp by these insects, anil though the ngency of sand alone freely disti United on the drawing ulioc), was it able to overcome them. It was a stnguiiiary victory in which millions vera crushed to death; though the caterpillers maintained their ground and en joyed. triumph in resisting for a brief period, circn tho power of tho locomotive. Charleston Patriot. by somo with fatal conscoucnccs. whilo oth- cis suffered externally in their persons from us ononis, utiriniormant was in tho after part of the boat, where thosloani had ho in jurious effect. He stales that several per- sonsjumpeu1 overboard, and that ono of them was drowned. Thn boat immediately set tled in tho water until her hull rested on the bottom of tho river.' In tho centre tmfl forward nnr't nf thn boat there was a fearful destruction nf lit;. nnd limb. Somo of those mi linnnl tvnrn lilown high in tho air and fell on shore, in mo water, anil on tho lioits lying near by. Others were crushed with the splintered lim ners ; others scalded with the steam ; while those below the decks, not lihvini! timu to escape, were either suffocated hy the stcum or urowncu when (he boat sunk. hen we reached tho scene of desola tion wo found a lanro number ol nersons. among whom warn several physicians, bus ily engaged in endeavorim? to assist the in jured, and carrying away those who were (it-ait or dying, ho great was tho confu sion that prevailed, and so little was known as lo the number mid names of the persons on hoaid, that no complete account could uc ooiaineo. The Baltimore Sun gives tho names -of ten persons who were taken from tin- wreck dead, or who died soon after. Of2o oth ers who were verv budlv scalded or other wise very much injured, nnd of three who were inksinj;. 'Some others are named us slightly injured. It was supposed that the lisastor was caused by the -water in the boiler being suffered to become neatly ox-luuisttd. nUHADFUr, STKAMIJOAT HUIIMNO. Tor more minute details of this fenrlul tlisns. tcr, which wns mi nearly attended by terrible destruction of human life, wo arc indebicd to the lA aycttcs Const .tutiou. The steamboat Georgia from Ouachita, hiv ing on board between seven and eight handled bales of cotton, and a number of p useiiTors, on arriving opposite tho upper boundary of I.ifay. cttc, on Tuesday evening, was iliseo'iorcd to be on lire. Tho 11 ones were first seen issuing from her larboard sale, and spread with such fury, tjnt all hope of saving the creel was out of the question. The man at the wheel displayed an inrtepidity and presence of mind, that happily sived tho lives of all on hoard. Wiih all pes', silile despatch, ho rounded to for tho Lafayette shore, as the nearest point of safety. Tho "wind strong in thai Direction, at.ti consequently uiu in.ieu !! uiu position oi mo uoat soon wrapped- it coinplc'f ly in l! mios but the boat was not along side tlio lauding, and thr ",'gh the active exertions of those on shore, all the pa, sengers were rescued from an awful death. I he II lining boat now floated along the shore, nueincni to ine stream, and lodging agaiu-t the lauding, toon invnhcil two ll.tlbn.its eontaluiny about sixty head-of caltlc and about tlreo hum (trod bog--, in the do.o'jnng element. The si"hl ot these, animal thus roasting to death, preson toil a must horrid spectacle, and their wailiti" might have been heard half a mile, but there was no rescue. Too firemen were on the jroonu, ana rendered most efficient service no oniy mo neiglilmnn ll.nbo.its, but houses and property on the Leioe. T;,0 passengers were ..... , Miiunii nrucie ol llio'r ba"-"a.o .uiu suierni oi iiicm narrowly escaped drown, in.', having plunged m the rucr to avoid the m ir.! learuii casualty Ins not rojcnl ly occurred on tho river in our section. TEMPERANCE NOTICE. There will hn a inoctinir of Durlinolon Total Abstinence Sorioty this ovning, at tho Court House, at nan past fix o ciock. V. V. M. A.mcetunof theTempcrnnrc Society of (bo Uni verity of Vermont will he held in thefti'li-m, nhmnl nn Tuesday evening the '.'Gib inst. at ha'fpas' seven n chick, .in ntwrcss will lie uelivcrcil liy tho Kev. Jamcs, DoeonnnTV, of .Milton. The pub in are invi ted lo intend. F. HILLINGM. Secretary. M Q IT ff fi O fl In Colchester, on the l.jlli of Apri1, by tho Ilev. C. Green, Mr. Ilcsnv II. IIroiv.vell, to Miss Me lisoa N. L'ctVER. nil of that place. In Irasburgh, Mr. Aani. M. IIawlev, of St. Cesaitc Cnnada, lo Mis. Hliza It. Cleavehsd. In Willisloiipon the llthult. by Hev. Mr. Smith, M-. I'iiiseiiab P. Wilkin-s to Miss Leci.vriA M. I'lllTTENDEN, till of W'i li loll. Iii Troy, N. Y. en ibe I lib int, by (he Rev. Mr. tieaman, Mr Hlias. I.vmav, t f tho firm nf Lyman & Coli-,i)fllu3ph? , o) sC)nxELtA.MlALt, daugh ter ol Timothy Hall Usq. of Ibe former City. CIIALLn.NGR TO THE WORLD. Sharp shooting by the celebr.ite'd Garret Hcl lin, orilo nick, in the 09th year of Irs age, who has long stood unrivalled as a marksman, ami whoso lato success in gnnniry, must hu convin cing evidence of his matchless skill, at r.flo shooting and cannot fill of gaining the applause and admiration o'' Ins fellow citizens, by his l.vo brilliant sucrc-s. On the U'.M day of March 1812, a target; the size of a siml new spaper, was nut up at -the distance" of 190 rods, at which he m idc three shots, and upon eNaininalinn, one ball-wa 'found tohao struck ibe centre, driving a shin gle nail through the board ; another wa found 10 inches from the centre ;the third, H inches from the centre, the three shots making a stray of only 2 feet 4 inrhes from the centre of the target. The above descrjiod shouting, was done in the presenro nf li'.e credible, and if bp-it, the Champion will ngiin try his skill. Witnesses LiriTn Slicrwnnl, Lionel Hher wood, Timothy 1). llellmg, Gairclt J. Helling, Joseph Vizor. livinington Uaz. The Murderer Di--DiiAKr.nt. Our readers Tvill not have lorgotton the murder of Mr. Arndt in' the Council Chamber of It isconsin, by a tirothcr member, Jam: It. ViwyirJ. W'oleirn now from the Aimers' Free Press tint the mur derer has been discharged on bail. Judge Dunn before whom the application f'.r a writ of Kahcie corpus was tried, having decided to Jinhl Vine yam to bail in, tho sum of !$0,()!)0 tp" tboiis. and as principal and ten thousand as surety. Tire judge, it ajipcars, coniders tint a man who arms' himself with a deadly weapon, provokes an assault and then f hoots d iwil his antagonist, on iy commits an act of homicide ! Such decis ions may suit the atmosphere" of Wisconsin, but we d.iubt whether they will bsuelit the clnrac tor of ibe- Territory iu otlur regions. AWFUL STEAMBOAT EXPLOSION. y Baltimore, Apiil 15. Tt is our .nuJan choW duly to record the most. fearful and fa-- tal stenmb'oat explosion which has ever ta ken place on tho waters ofllio Chesapeyke. Tho new and splendid steamboat -Medor.i, .built for tlio.liuo hmiern this city and Nor- folk, was yeterd.iy. rendered a wreck hy "jlmjBxplosionofliersip.ini bpilc'r, attended by a fearfiil destruction of hum in lilt, .Thu MetTora whs just comjileled, ami pre paratory to being turned out from dm hands of tho .machincst, a number, of persons were invited to-go in her 911 an experimental trip. The day duing pleasant, it is' shpposej that probably one hundred or more, wero on board, including soin.e of tho directors of the Steamboat Company and their friends, and a number of -hands engaged in" finishing tho Tcssel, putting in tho machinery, tt., nnd othcrw iso ronncrted with the coiistruci'ron.jr sailing of the boat. ' Soon after 3 o'clock, P. M. tho boat was bout-to start from tho whrrf of. tho enginu builder, Mi-..Watclunan, on thu south sidoof the basin, on tho proposed trip.. A gentle . man who was on board informs us that tho cngino had only made tho second revolution, in order to uacK the fliedor.i Iroui tho wli.irt, when tho boiler exploded with a loud noise, carrying upwards a considcrnbht portion of J torrid Murder in Chrmsford at a HilLWe Imvo learned Irom an auihen'ii: source th it mrj-t foul murder was committed 011 Wednesd.i nigir, at C irthnsionJ, nt a-ball. It appeals ib.i' a .or. rsunonus, 01 Lowell, nail gone into the kitchen of the premises, and was requested fjy the landlord to withdraw, lie relusud to do so, mil as wo learn, some altercation ensued, and n gentlemi 11 w ho stepped 111 to the assistance o ibe landlord received .1 stab from .S.monds, wli cl proved fatal yesterday mormu;. I be.-e an substantially (lie facts.. as! .wo hao them fion p;oAil nttthont. Siotnn.Ii. wa? arrestoil, and t- now 01 3111 at liu-oll, and will bo examined to. day. IS.iston Lidcr. From flic lUltimorc llcmhUcin. IJlatii i.v Churcii. Wo arcneejily pained 10 near 111.1t oursiai ami respected lellou- co zen, Jacob Rogers-, departed this life vestcid iv luommg. He wa--,'as usua1, altcndiiwMivii e wprship, fn the Methodist church, Liht strufcl when ho waa suddenly taken sick. Allium prompt assistance was afioidcd the vital spark nan lieu, anil one 01 our most lospcctcu fellow cuuens now nes won ine neau. B ii cs & In this town, on too 13th. insl. Mrs. Charlotte Pamio, aged 07 years. In Hinesburgh on thj I3tli. Dn. Lyman Bccchcr, tijrd C3. In W'illiston, on tho 13ib inst. SAnAti r.tizABETit, only Child of David Lyman, aged 11 months and 3 lays. In ibis town, on TlvirsJiy morninj the Hlh. inst. Mr. Martin Klin Owen, i ) the 22 1 year of her nsr, Icaiinn a deeply nllbcti-il husband niu an infant lausililer of only 0110 week old. Mrs. O.vci was le r.i an.l rearel inWillision, where she was iirroundcd hy many ndalbcs nnd fricn 's j she married, and removed lo this town about two years .140, Hy her nuivc'l lvcliness, Kindness of heart and ccutle manners, she had endeared hcrsilf to nil who bad heroine acquainted wiih her. Tlioncb she hid live I r 'in )!j f.-j u i t j slatjl na'ilij means of grace, an 1 in circumstances not the most fivorMde lo the cultivation of her religious fccliaa, yet it h bop. cd that sho was prepared by tho fjracc of (to I for her early death. Dunns her illness she exhibited nn in tcliijcn", calm, an I sleady fiitb in Christ, nnd n cheerful sti!nn ssion to ibe Divine will, which inspire the hope that s'.ie was proparcd for an exdiingo of nr'da. Petition to sell Land. STATKOF VERMONT At a Probata Court hold District of Ornnd Is'o ss. 5 en nt my dwelling housa in North said districi.on the Ulli dnyof April A. I). 1812. David Webster, of Constable, in the State of Now York, Father nnd Guardian ol KduinA. Webster, W'ollis Webster and David Webster Jiinr. minors, fil ed ift Said Court his petition in wrilinsi setting forth, llint his said wnrds are seized in their own rijthl in fee nf about twenty two acres nr land siluato In Nortli Hero, in Hie county of (Jrnnd Isle, nnd Slate of Ver mont, nhd is that part of the farm of land of which John Moore died seized nnd on w hich ho died, and which Was nl'tcrwardsset ofT to tho said wards ns lepresenlntives of Pcrnulm Webster f heiress lo I ho esiste of Ibo slid J hh Mooredecensed, mul that Iho said wards as 'representatives as aforesaid are rnti lie I to one fourth part of the reversionary interest of the Widow's Dower in thn estate nf the said John Mooro deceased, and further setting fi rth (lint it wniiiu conduce 10 uiu interest ol Ins sain Wards lo sen the whole of the nf.ircsaid hn Is and interest in said dower ntulhavc the proceeds thereof vested in real es intvin lhetownofCoustalde,iii tbnStn'eof Xc" York. And praying sn d Court to cram him I'ccnce and em power him Ibe said c ardian to sell anil convey ibe lands aforesnid, nnd the said wards' intetest in lbs dower nfores lid for the purpose nfnresiid, nflrccably to llie etatue in such case inndo nnd prnided. Tln-rrforc the Court nforcnid doth nppoinl the list day nf May A. I). 13-12 for hrnrins nnd 1'cei linn on aid peli'ion nt my dwcl'inc house in North Horn and doihord.'r lbnt nil person inlcicstcd hi notified thee of by p ildieali' n of this order cnntnininir the sub- 'innce of sal ' pe ition Ibree weeks successively in the lliirlinilnn l-reeriess, a newspaper erinled at liur lini' Ibe couulv of Chillcnden. nil of which nub licalinns to be previous to die said 21st day of May A. IJ. lyii. nml the saul (iuanlian is ordered to tnve Ins said Ward- personal nohco of his petition and this nntrr. Given under my hand nnd the seal of said Court at North Hero, the 13tli day or April, A. 1). 1912. JOF.l. AI.t.KN.Judcr. 1-Ith. APIItl. lf)tl. Arrived homtlasttvcningby Steamer While Jiatt, u. lMon uapt. S K liOWAlt n Proprietor of the PenpIeV Chca.i Ca b Slorc who will di He of good ns opportunity ali'orJ", at prices ini'xncl neeorJaiire with the liinc-, lot what will ewiue, Miinu ariielos ol merehand.'zc aie nlwiyrc r) )ire.l,nn I as no new ftooiLarel oueht furtliep.rrio e nflcimc Kept I0I00K at, any oil one. 100 pi 0) role m 1 1, every and nil fair exeriious will be teed to elK-l sa'e. andgivecnlirus.tti-faciionlo poreha rs on ibe a-ii sy.icin, 1 y applying at ,ai I HOWARD'S. Stilt-, Midin., Lice, Shawls, an I a variety of rui ciiiivii;', jii-i tipeui-u lor s,nn ira'je 11119 nny, for nnusiially low priic, at (lOWAltb'S ijiii April q-j 1MIIVATI3 SKI.KCT TIIK new nn 1 spai'ton- H'li'din?- nowprcelimr in I'as! Cbarloee , ill I e onene I (if die I.enl will) 111 lee iho -npi-Knlc'id'-iee ol' Mr. J.Tr.v I'norKR, a - mllie l.a lie-'i'enar'lnen'.in KrenelianJ M.i.ic ly Mi-sM. A. Tr.s- I'uer.Kr, in h .May, IS 13, Tall term open- 2'J b A isr i-', Wmer do 23 It Soveiul er. " Twelve yo'tng l,a be- nn I Orndemcn tuny I e nc- einuio 'n'eii in ine lain ly oi .nr. T. lerin- er 1 arier, in a.Ivaii'-e. M eie !50. I' reu.'li nn I Al re 1 -i.Sj. Wa lung i-x:i.i. I.'ny 3 -b ilar-, Irom 52. j0 10 4. .10. Ml-T, edit 'ate I nn 'it tbee.ire ofenuneni Tea-'her-. nn 1 havinc tnu.-bt in l.en !i n, I'iit., an I in llii S n'e nr e hi-r nrr ml. i- uiiuilv '-si I tl I to-nnoriu'eii I the ruueband Mnie I'cpar ment. Guverninenl strictly p'iren at. . To Iho-e I'lia-ri'nin'e I wi'h the fcrvi e. oxperiente in 1 h mi j hi .nr. 1. ruicrei'i e may 1 0 UTi 10 NOTICE. nyc Laws or regulations ot'thc town of nur- llnloii, adapted at March Meeting, 1813. 1. Any person ownimt or bavin? in his care or keep rmw swine whieh be shall sutler lo tur at laree. upon tho highway within the Inniis of tloinwnof nurlingtun, snail lorieii a penalty oi 111 ; cent-lor oicb swine found running nt lnrj;e ns afore said, to lie recovered before any court prqier to try the same, with costs of su I, i ne moiety thereof to the uniof the town, nnd ibe oilier moiety lolhcuse of the nerson who shall sue fur, and lecover the mine. 2. All geese which shall be found ruiinir" nt larpe in sa.u tuwu, snau ue loncu iu uiiy wuu win take up die same. 3. lt'anysine shall bo found runninsal largo ns nfori sniil. nnv rn rsnn may take nn and detain ilm same, ami shnll within twenty foar hnursf-ivo noiirp ihcriof lo the owner or keeper of sail, sttine, if Known; nml II not Known, ny selling ip n wutien notice, doscrib nst ns nenr as may b, the laiural nnd artificial marks of said swine, in two of thi most pu' -he nl.Hc- in said town i one of which slnl bo in the vicinity where said swine were taken 111. And the peison takiii" up said swine may Knp ho same in his custody until the owner nr keeper slid! pay 10 the nerson haiinu said siue ill custody. Hi; nl'i lesaid l ennltvfor Iho uses nforesr.iil, loaellier wtb six reins per head, a lce, nnd a reason ible sum hr furnislt'iie sa. I swine with fund, while in insiody. And unless the owner or keeper ol said swine, sotakeu upas af.inoaid. shall within ten clays after iheiolico afore- said, claim said swine mil pay lo tlio icson who shall lake up sail swine the pcnnlly rfmeaid and said fees, loi'cllier wiih llie exnenses ofeenini' said srtine, ll.e ncrfon so takini! up said svine shall be hereby anlbinize I nnd empowered to fell iho same by public .'union, nnd ibe avails nf Mid sale, aler dcdiic ina said fees and I he expensi-nt kecpinir said swine, shall be eqnal y divided lielwcm the town and the person o UMiie up sain snioe. Hy order or the Selectmen. CMAS.ItrS3SLL,T.C. I . I .I mile-' v, II iilill.'li n. J. It. Hoilenl e ' , " .1. Shi.r n 111, iTiieiinos K. Moil, S .Ji bio- .!.('. I'ar e, Whitcbal'. A. H. l'ei ry, Troy, Charlo te, IS h A-in1, 1312: WANTED, TMJtnrnTlll.Y, tin a -mo lad I,-, in n to 17 ears' .told, ; .in a inrciriei! to the S i 1 !!. nn 1 Itn'rn,'.. ma' w Im-oie... .Niuie mrl aonU- u-t-lioui a m.ol I'oiiinieu.l fi,r boni.-:v, m ln-ir .m i Mi.inluy, T. W. I HUB. Il'iie.iiurith. 13 h April, 1312. S. C. WITlIEllliY WOt'l.I) K-in n I tho e win, e a'vo ini- li no I cimiodiie an I nie nn-ctilo I lb n lliev'inu.t I e lo el previous m ibe lir-tdar of Jimp, v nu'e or ibern-i-..,!).- h" w.ll he left" with an Atl'oriu tlr l-o1 Iff li, n w I'm it IT-ITV. Jerri o, pril IS h. I "Mi. NOTICE. ALL persons indebicd tons arBjcqiiesled lo insdio immediate oavmenf. whether Inn nmnunt be cents or dollars. . I'ANUUOltN .f- I HINSMA1D. Wa aro ru wiving additions to our stock of most atlieles wanted in our line, which wc shall be happy in tult nt I.,., nri... irM.Al.. w:e. . Razors, cissurs, occ. &c. P. it It. HKMOVAI.. O 1' SCO I T It-is removed lo the Store recently ncciipiiil I yj 1'. Whn iinr &co. hcini' a few l.iors so th iiflus furtner iil.ii-,. nt,t eiisloniera wii live no ihll'iciiliy in lindiiiij ibis Smic-tho in Iho Ji,,, jorreliisure i f thu said premises. And the said nhil ol cill.ii! horeare i.i. iie 1 lo roalinns, with the Jame-'K.llm resnliii!; nut of this Stale, so thai n Sub- --ui.uii-c nun ierj euori win uo in iiif iu in in ineui I ,,(,n rnnllot tie servid neon llllll. It ts. then lor.-, nr hlir Ir .11 f.iw TmiiMi ntd Ml in nV. in mini, nnm . im I , .1 1 . . 11 1 1 r jricc wdl e ist .loiltin save the time. Gkodge 1'. JlAnsu, ) IN CHANCKHY. VS. C 1I1TTEM1EK .OCNTV JiMnl'im. S Wiietias lienreo P. Marsh of Burlington, in said County, has fi cd in the nllice -d thu cleik of the rniiri nl ClMni em for sai.l eoi"')'! hn liill in Clnn ecu, a.-ains .laims Kilhn A "'-' ''''. " ., -".I I sla'e or .New York, tlt.-t.-- J'"" ""'. '? day of Anmi.i, A. I).,'-10-",,! J'i" s Ivilhn wns u,l, bred to the s ... ."';-" 1'- 'th '" ,,f Sl-al rn n .ni po'd m '""r pnimiry nous, t.iar fn ,i .u' Cd ' aiwusI, A. I. lS:0, f... 8150,(10 livable '" year from ilatvand ibrcc, for S1U0.O0 i'ai'1.. payable in two, three, nn.l four w ars from their dale, reipe'tivtlv, with interest, and lo seeure thu payment f the aiil sum nf money, die said Kilbn, on' ilis- -am. fiilr dnv of Aueut, A.P. IS10, made, exiciitvd, ai d ih'bvcred niht-nisl .Mnr.b, his niorl giL'rdeed if ninfril ol'lind iu-Ilio iinitnn aforesaid, oiimled Northwardly by NTirth sirn I, Instwardly hy a line patalbl wiih Ibe new nnd lo the Tails, ami ten rods distant nnd Kaslwnrd'v ibenfioiu, .-outn-wardly by land in ihc possewnoii ;f Ilailisway. and WcsrwTill" '" . .'Jk'si, one oilier P"r ..t linnnil...! Not llnvnril v tiv X',,rili ar.rt. Cast- ,n , In Mmh'ii t.-oii', "Southwardly liy lands nf Sn... nml WiBtwardlv hv a line t nralbl with ilnid en I.ane, and fe I'ro'.Ls distant iVcstwniilly iheicfioin i And An i!n'r stMiin-' Ilia the said notes had nut been mill, soil Uourl to ucrrie in sain .unisii Amos Dnow.y ) UN CI1ANC15RY s ( VUitltndm Cumity rATBicirGAni.A)D,Ci Atfiist Term, A. U. 1311. UinAM llALLARD I Whrrefis nl llm Mnrrh Term of said Court A. U. 1311. Amos ISrownof .Mil- toi in - raid County, brought his Hill in Chancery in sad Court, nit.iinsl Paliick Garland, formerly of Mil ton nforcsaid, now nbsaon IcJ to nans unknown with. oi llns Stnie, nnd Ilirntu llnllir I of Oenrgia iu the Ccunlyoi Frank in. t'urui statin?, ibiton dial'2l h dny of January 1313, tlutad Gnrland, beine justly tnlebted lolhosaid Amos in the sum nf 100, spec- nium iwo promissory notes or thai date, lor hliy dil ars each, llinono n ivable on iho first day ol Jan- unry A. I). IS 10, nml t fic other on the first day of January lan, noin wuu nniiuai mlerji'. and t ccurc ins p iymein oi sain notes, me saul unrlanu on me fane 12 January 13(3 lit ulo executed ami delivered lo the said lmos, a inortLMee deed of a niece or oairel of jnd in said County of Chillen in, brins lit No. .i. a. i. .1 : ... i t ti, in tin; .,iii iiiyiiiijii, Hii;jjuieu n, coionin vigui v nrris, with tho rondilion that if the sa d Patrick should pay said notes according to their tenor, that the said mortenee deed should he void, otherwise ol f.iree. And further stnlinir, that on the 23d day of January ,. u. lai'J tne said unrlanu innce, execiinu mil i!e item! to said Hiram Ballard a tnorUago deed of tho, said lands, with n condition, that if the said uitianu nnu oneuweu liatland should well and tru ly pay lliolhreoinstal incuts first mentioned in a cer tain rnnlract under seal dattd Jmiinry 231 193'J, made by the said Hiram I al a d on the one pari, nini the slid Patri k and Owen Garland on llu-olhir part, niiiotintiiifj to S 325,00 and three cars of the fir3 in terest thai should accitic thereon, thin the said deed hnu'd be void, otherwise i f force. And further sta lini; that the sa'd two fifty do lar no es, or nny pan thereof, had not been paid to the Oiator, or any per son on bis ncrwint, and prajim; n decree of forech r ure of the said lauds nml ptciuises : winch stud Hill nf Coinn'aint bei'ia duly enlered iu said Court nt llie MarchTirm llu-reol'A. I). 1311, llie Orator appeared hy his Siiliennr, A.M. Wlutleuinre, and the Dellndanl I'ulrick Garland beins; i in of the Slate and il no1 l.e inn made lo appear that he had had personal notice of he pendancy nf ibis ltd , the same wns coul.n cd to tho August' Term of said Court 1311. At which Term iheUrntoraitnin appeared by bis said Solicitor, nnd it not heirtir made to nppear that the stud Patiiek Garland has yet had pitsotinl notire of the ser vice nnd rndr'ney of this I till, tho same was main by order i f said Conn, con iiuied In henext'IVrut ol hiikI Court lo be hnldm on llie Jib Tuesday ol May net. And lhn said Court I'urhir ordered that no tice be sit rn ihe-niij Patrick Garland of the Knilen cv of the Orators Dill, I y, pubhshins iho substanre lliereof, tonctber Willi this older, three week su ces sively, in Ibe Murlinqtun Free lJrest, n nrivspapu' Plinlid in said Ihirliimlun, the la'tof which to be, at leastlweilty days before tho sunns nf said Court.isn forcsaid, winch shall be dieuuil si.lll ml not ic to be sail Patrick t.i nppear an I make answer to said Itdl. Al'cst, W.v. NOUI.K, Cbik. J'011""'" to. sell land. STATK OP VKILMON'I' t At n probnta court DlSlllCl Of C lilli.liih.ti ,1,1,1 n. ll,,,l,'ni. within and for tho ilistiietof'(.hitlcndcn ontheeiftilii . "i"."i.ion, .nary noutcs, guardian ol Suniufi Hoilees. him v Li. 1 In fire, nn.l I 1 u,,,l,...u .it or Wilhstiiti m said district, minor-, and children of acorne Hodees late uf snid Wil is on deceased, filed in said court her petition in writing, setting forth that tier satu wrnus nro si lied iu their owri richl iu fcans tenants in common of onennunl nnii;;,i. h.irnriii. follortinBilcscrilied parcel, or farm of Ian I situated pari in Williston nnd patt in Richmond in said Coun ty, neing mo lirm now occupied hy the said Marv llodpes nnd the heits of Ibe said Gcnr-'c Hodges, de cetsrd, bounded on tho north and cast by InndnfOr son Ooodiich,on thu west by hnd of Jesse Thomp son and on the south by land nf I laths way Sherman, supposed lo contain nboin twohiindnd and folly seven u.,.-0ui w i nini oi wiin-o nrm siiunieu on the north sideof the turnpike road leading from llur linston Ibrou'-di Williston to Montpi lier, li-uin nbout tbtrlytivencrcs, is subject to a bfeestatj therein to the said Maty Hodges, Ihesanio liming been htrclofore seioui toner asiiowcrtii llie rea; estate or her I He h s band. Anil further senine forth that n sale nf her said wor.'s interes' in said larin, for lliepuiposeof ptiltinir inrjirocmisoi sucn satent inieresi, would lie condu cive lo the interest of Inr'said ward, and prayinir said ... nn Hiiuior zrnoo i rense ner ine saiu .iiary IIodci-. n9 guardian a- nforeftid, lo -t-tt n I tl.o inter est andl-Nlateof her said wnrdsin said lane's. Wherciipoi, tluj oourt afnroinid drill nr point the 2nddnyof MnyA. 1). 1812. lor hrarinsnnd deeidin" i n said petition at Ibe nlliei; of dm Ilriiijler of sni i rouri msati l!ur button, and doth onlrr that all persons ijiieresioine nniui -u iniiei I liy pui lu.ahon ol tlusor der routniiiinp iho stihsinncr of snid i,r mon itirw weeks successively in the llurling'on I'rte Press, n ncwspnier prin e l-in sai I l!urliniton, Mm last of which liuiincaiions io uc iireviousiotnc said vntlday or May 1912. O.vcn under inv hand al said Hiirhngton the 13th day ot Aptil A. u. 1S12. V.V,'KSTON, Kecistcr. TIIK Sut rcrib'-T has tsken tIiolrp"f)rij commodioiis brick dwel im-'on chuic! S first door north ofthellnik of Ihtihn t and will wen it on or before The fits :l Ma v next s n ttonYdititi lUvst. I'ninilics or oiru. boarders may be the wick, lnonli quaitcr,or juar, wiih or whhotit ruoms.'jn rissonablJ Icriri'. . . , , Application wr I nnrd or board and rooms may In made to tho subscriber nllus residence cotnerof Cul lege and Chomplaui Strei ts. 1 1 in. l.n t. utusnuwi Burlincton April 7. 1S12. 134-2 LOVELY if SEYMOUR HAVK this dny received from New-York, a choice lot of new seasonnM", DRY GOODS, which shall be sold at prices sufficiently low lo correspond wuu me present pecun nry ttniiarrassnicni' oi uia lines. April ciu. t OT1CI-. is hrrv.1 (jiteii thai I have?nen my -on 1 1 Hem inun l. bis time fn iu tin- ds'e, nnd will ur.t ecu nn I nny i flu- tarmnz-, nor I nv any t'v is of Ins roniiuniii!! nf rr llild,i e. ALDltlbGL WOIII.I.Y. WVifj.' Nw. 17, l?ll. n'llj.v Sirjasos&Co. 1 CiiiTTEsnr.N Coikiv Cui-nT, is r( August 'J'crm A. I). 1341. Hiram O. Paton. J Wln tras George II. Shaw rnnitliy r. Sironj nnd William I.. Slronir. alt ol l'urlumtonin said Co nty of ('bitten en, Partners nnd Meicbmts in trad- nt said Hurlinston, by the name nml styloof "Sinoxos it Co." coniminced ihursuil in said Court at the August Term thereof A. I). I&41, nenint llnain G. Laiouof lloltonm the Province of Ciinadi, llienin dfi-larins aijninit said i'alnn. inn plea of iho case, for SiOOCO, for iron's, wares nnd inert hnnilise, before that lime sold nnd delivered by Plnintitl's, lo ibe Deli ndanl, nnd nlso lor S'Ji 0, mom v bad and recsived lo and fit the l'laiir IPs use, by the Dil'oiiilntit, and which Defendant, bad paid, llinuuh req tested which suit baiini; I eindtilv inter. cd in said Couti, iho Plant flj aprearcd by tin ir Att r lie)'", Sha.ennd Weston, nn I llie sa.d K.itui m I n -pearmg, and it not hems made to nppear lo said Ci uit, dial be said 1 nlon has hnd peisonnl notire ol the sir. iee so pendency of said suit, dies ud Court ordered that the 'aid mt Ic ronliuutd In the new Ttnii nl said Court, to bs holdeii on ili 4th Tmsday i f Mat next, and the. s ud Couii fur her i rdend that notu nil the h-i vice nnd pendi in y nl s:ud suit I n ivin iu Hit saul I nton, hyp hlishuijr ibe siibiiniice ol ihr Phun tilt's sai 1 d, claiatiou and ibis ordi r in '1 he llurlinetou l-'ree Press, a new-spa er printj 1 in said .Purl, niton, tlnccwetkssM (rstve v. die last of which luibl cn II jus in bent lmt iwefity dijs before ibusiiling of saul i o in. wintli nail liecons uerto suiueirni u ire lotliu sa d ICjtjn to ajiptnr and umkaanswir to said suit. April 7, 1312. Wm. NOI'.I.r., Cbrk. hooks. n. a. rut" A M A N HA S rcti-iv-l Ibe pie ent wci-k, ll.e fi.llcwlr.t worK, In nd. i inn to In- ex rn-ive aauuuiur; win b lieo.'ir-H rniluirr bm- liireea-h. Hot in-f.ii' Pale t ne. .Vr'-. A''aif-' I c' rr-i Konali't .larii ei e, Wlirhi'i y'- Ci luj mi', l.ifo i f Itii I ard ( rur t'r I. i.'n, Loitirfellow'- li ill 1 1-, llarn-i' y R nlge. Hen Jiilni-Mi, l.oiidnu ed. (' I n'- Iniliansi Piim bar.i's View 1. 1 Cnncreva'iLLabstii, l.iel nr's Aciieiib'.ral Lbrm .ir', Mr-. Smi-h's Menioir , Pre s'l-iit-' .Me.Rpc, Jllctle'- I'rart'te, fjoli ridyeV Work-, ( barb s iMnlry, 'I mini i ll's Prininio cnto, PI unriir- Live'-, Paiid"- 'I inM-L, Itiral l.tfciii I'lisland, l..i'..-of Will rlorce, L'a-s' rtanie, ( uniu'ell'. Pcetn-al Workrj Brvar.l's Pi em-, Hilt-h- o - (ieo'i try, 1 t!fi f n'rw-icn, l.ifeof Ill-bop Ll.ase, Soutbry - P. c-i'-n! W,uK,'.hari's K.iaunh L'tiliaJs. AnrP 7. i.ivi:Gi; n-:vTiiv.!is. ysV first raiu article just rcceued nl - S. II. SCOTT'S AFt'ccn.vo Diiatii. A very nfTeciii) antl heart rending occurrence li iiipenieil "u Lowell in Orleans Cnutilvon lli.i lii"lit of tlicflth inst. .Mr. Jonalliaii Slewait aed fifty tliiec, bail iiera.ioii t'u c to irasliuroli, tlin distaticu of nbout 10 m ,Ns front Lmvell. His way leil over a ridiie ol'the Ci'reeii Moiiii tain where the siiim- was nearly two feetlee, nml where hut vrty little trai'el liad been the inst winter anil that only by fool iaseneis. Mr. .Stewart left tin; vi'llajre in Lowell about 12 o'clock at noon, mul purposed to return tlin same eveiini''. As it was known t the travelling was b id and lMr. Stewart's health was rather slender and being ijiiilu ;i stormy afternoon anil evening, ;t was not thought strange by Ins friends be did not re turn. The next'day as L. II. lirnwn, of Kden was passm tlin same road .lie found Mr. Stewart a lifeless corpse about five miles from Lowell and about twn and a half utiles from llm nearest house. On e.vaniiii.i tiun it appeared tluit Mr. Stewart had striiLT cletl hard to arrive ;it a plare nf safety, for .-limit hall'a iniln he li id ftllun very Iritjucnt ly in the snow winch was lu-ins thawv he had allernaiely walked ami crawled 'ill ins nanus ami knees,' nm fr ,m ,,st la!f null! crawled uliogether ; and for a Hum uer in met wnere lie was Intuit! h0 hnd ap parently urged rvs way homeward by rul lii)?. Mr. Stewart was n member of the meth odist episcopal rlinrch and ;i worthy citizen, and has left a wife and four children. Whi". M. - S) liKIGIITO.V .MAUKF.T. Mnsnsv, April 11, 1SI3. At mxUt, 2G0 lloif C itilo, 30 pairs WnrUine Oxen 13 Cows and Calves, 100 -In ip, nnd l7e0 Swine. Prices llctf Ciitllc Last wei k' Tiriri'S wpre fid. ly sustained. Wc qu te first rjuTiiv.S') 7 n 8) -, sec ond Tiahly, Sin 530 i third rpalilv.Sl 23 a 473. ll or.-i uven iO HI, U,. 103, n 8110. Cmcaand Cairn Salsa nt S20, 24, 23 nnd J3i. S',t ep hols nt SI 23 a 3 50. A fine lot of C. ssct Wethers ot nbout 87. .Vtri'ne-l.ots to peddle, 3 M to 4 for sows, and from 4 1.2 lo 5 fir narrows. llltt) iD.CI.O I JlS. T IlOr.VI'.ll wt'shis n i oud ijrui-te f hi.s kind can be aceomiHlaliwI nt -S, II. SCOTT'S.

Pnres i-orrespoinlinu' with ilu t-e nnll-ta,iiiriiiues. Thnddrus Hall's Kslte. ST ATI'. Ol-" Vj:itMO.T, At a Probate Conn 1uld Distiiet of Chi lenileu, ss. J nl liiiilinlon wniiiu and for tfu- D.stiirt aloresu l on lbo20lli day of April A. I). 1812, an insirume u, iiuiporitii!! to bo the last Will and Ti stauient of Tb.uldi us Hall, lalrol Ilieli uuiii'liu s-ud l)i-inel, deerased was preseefe d to the Court here f ir Proba r, by Joseph A. II. ill oueof the P.Vi i-uiors ihi-rein tiained. .Tlll'.Iir.l-'Oltr. ilisoid.Hil by said Coin I. thai nublk- notice beaiven to all persons iu crested there in In appear Irvfore said Cour', nt a session thereof lo lie hot ic ii at llie l.-i-.'le Hall in i illiMnn m nut dis iricl on I he third Monday nf day A. I). I3l2,nnd con Irst the I'l'nb He of sat 1 Will nnd it is further in dnrrd that line order he pul hsbed lime waika Suc re the I! trlieMo'i frru i'rrss, a newspaper printed at liurli'ielou, in lliia Stale, the last of whieh shall bo pruvious to llieday assigned, as atorcsaid for hearini;. Given my band nl the Ke'ds ci's Ofiicc, this 20lh. day of April A. D. 142. WM. WHSTOX l!ezhler. red that llie said J lines Ktllih lie and appear hemic llie "aid Court of Chancery, to be ho den nt I'lirlinc; toji within and for the county, of I Inltendi n, ns a Cnuri of Chancery, on tho foiirt'i 'I'utrdaij nf May ne', anil ma' e answer In sa.d Itill i anil tt is, also, order d lint the siib anec nf said Hill, and this nr il -r, licpubli'bcil Ibree weiks sureessiii Iv, in "The II itlmdl.iii free Press," a new paper prmieii in said Ititrliniit.iti, the l.i-t of whieh publications to be nt least twenty days before the sitiiii! uf said Court n aforesaid. w hieh shall be deemed sufficient nnliea In thr s o I James Kilhn lo appear and make answer to said lb I. Iliiilin"tou, April 13th, A. D. IS 12 WM. NOniX, ClrrV. Noaii Day ) IN' CHANCI'ftY. s Chittenden County. Hr.:iM Cady ) Whereas Nonh DayotUn l"ibill in the County of Chit emlcn, ha- filed in llie Ollice or the Cb rk of the Court of l haiinci ry lor said County, bis Hill in Chancery asainM lleman of Platlsburi.'h in' the Mate nf New York, llirrein slating, that on the 31 dav ol I'lbrunry .i. I'. 1310, Ibe said Cadv wasindehttd to the said Day i" the - tin of 8100,00, as sneiifieii'm Iwn promissory notesdaird IVby 1.3 A. D. 1840, for S.'OO, raeh, the one pa j able in nine uionihs nnd the other cmhte en months trim the date, with intenst, nt the bank or IJitrhnston, nnd lo secure the payment nt said um iK" itioni-, iho i,i il -il mi il,i. 3d day of I't-by. A. 1). l-MO, uiu le executed cud deliver d lo die said Day, hi. Mi rt'i,j.rdiv-d of I.nt Xo. 53 in Ibe first division of land in said Uudeilnll nml rutth.-r ii ina lint ihr sail nous had not hern paid, nnd ptnyins said Co rt lodecrce o he snidDay the foreelosttrenf sd prrmts' n. An.! thes'C.idy rcsidinaout nftlieMale,oihat n sub pnn i eannnt be servrtt npnii him, I is tln-rif'iro or nd thai the said lleittan Cady be nnd nppear I efore the said Court of Chancery to be hidden nt I'urlini'toii wiihin nnd for the Cniiulv nf Cltitt. nden asaCoiui of Chancery nn llie .fonrth'ltts'iavnt .May rest and tuauennswii to saiu tun, nnu n isaiso oruereu inai the substance nf ihesa t Itdl nn-1 nr 'ir ba tiubbsh r I tluec wee' s sucees ively, in ihe Unrlmcton I lei Pie4", 1 ncwspip-r p in ted in said I'urlin .'Ion, tins last of wbit-li puhl cnliona lobe nl hnst iw-enty dais before the sit ni2 of said Court, which shall be dteiii ed sufficient notice In the said Lady lo nppear nnd make an wer to ai.l 11.11. lined at lliubn-.'lon aforesaid this 13lh day or April A. D. 1312. YVm. NOP.LH, Clerk. WOOD. March 1 1. i)Cf COP.DS I'rnrh nnd Maple Wood for sab) S. W'ALKLIl. J TO Till: PUBLIC. MV. snb-rri it w-i u'd re-pne'lMIr in'iirm h! o!t eusloinrr-and lie- pul lie ceiiernlly, that ." hat returnel lo ihi velsp', an I l.i ea i- larrymx on inn Jln-nn l u-uie-s as I'jrnterlr. H - iirvn-rs iu tho al live line re pee f 1 y i fTereJ In ibo p il be W hitc-wa ii'ii'.', 1 riu end -'o ie wor,-, ii.i .lerin? nn i CO'ue I'm? ilone, at i hurl null' i- an ' mi rea-onaum term-. He mai 1 c found al In- nl I re I i-i-t in .unuca Lone. ' GhO.N. SPLAKS. IlirlhiB'rn. Marrti 21, le12. CZ( lllSlir.L-( IIirdiHinss Seed, a tir-t tato O J nr icle, ju t neuv.d nnd lor snie n w uy April l. n. tiiomas. POI.I Y MOKTON'S USTATK. STATf Of Vf. t.MO.VT, ) The II ibe Pro- I istriri f Chnlenden, ss. J bale Co in for the Dis II let of Chiitcnden : To nll'per.-")ns C. rr-ernrd in the esmie of Polly .Motion late of Williston in said Dislnci, tie -rased, O'tetinpr. W iicreas, John VanSicklrn, f.vcrutor of the list will nn I ti sl.amrnl iifs-ud ibrensed, propo-es In ren der nn nceniint nf his ndiiiinisttniion, and present his account numis "-aid (stale for e.aniinntion and nl Inwanre al a S'ssion of ibe C'oiul i f Probate, lo be leil.len nl the Itejiister' nffie'ein HurliiiHton in sail tbslnel on iheseeotW Wrdn -s.l ly nf May next. Tlierefnir, You are lurrbv noiified to appear lr fore vai I conn n,t the liiHo nml place nforrsa d, an I shew eait'c, if any y hi have, why tho a.cuni aforesaid sun u i in ( ii a inij. i ii. (ivrn utnlt-r ill v b Old nl Iturlinnlnn lM "Oil, Antr of April A. D. IS 12. WM. Wf.STOX. nesitter. WlLUAM V. lltTCIIINS 1 vs. i CmrrrsDES Cocnty AAtEXASDCB C. SlMTSON "f COCHT, and J. & J. H. PtCKiic Co. I August Tirtn, 1341. a Ins '1 r-isters. 1 Wbcieas, William V. IIu chins of Pnlh, in lit Stair of .New Ham ihilc,. ':ninni"iircd hn sun nenuisl Al esandrr C. Smi-son of Sihcncctaiiy, in llieSlateol New York, nl the Attaint Titin, A. D. 1311, o! snid Court, nn I against John lick, John II. Peek, and C.issius P. Pu k, as menus nf the said .Simpson, therein di-cl-tiin!-ncainst ihesnid Sam son m nn ne- linn on .Vote, dated June 24th. 1S40, 1, r lite sum rf Ml , pnnh e nil di niand mini une.isi, nnd remain n wltolv unpaid, witieli tn.u s I nntiiiK "ien iniiyin- irrcd in s i d I mirl, llie I'lainld! nppois, uy ,-nnw i ives on, Ins Allurims, nnd Ihe s.a d simpsuri rioi np-tu-aiin, and ll not Umu inndo toi.,.penr tosnd C'ouil the sa d Sinii'snn has bad personal notice nl Ihe firm, m nmi iR-ndeucv nfsaid suit. lbe( was by order ol said i nurt cnnl.nLed lo llir next Tirni of s-ud Cniiri, in be I olden nn the lib Tuesday ol May nevl, nnd the nid Court fu. ibtr oidiled thai nnliie I e "iven In ibe said AU Hinder I . r-im' son, of the srrv ce and pendency of said sun, vy ind.h-himt llie sub- ylanceni ine i-iauinii saiu wtuni-.n intanon, nnu th's orde.-, thice weeks succ siely, in "'Phi' I'ur l,ii"inn fie- Press." n newspaper pritiud in I'lrlira- Ion, in said County, the list of whiib publietuons In heal leasl twenty davs before tho silting cf said Court, winch shall be de'enud suffid'nt police lo the said Alcmi!er ' . ounpson, to appear ai.d n.nue an lo.ii,' April 7, 1S42. Vr"., NQIiLU, Clerk. I.fJT Of I.RTTKILS Itemaiainj in the Is Ofnie at Ituihntcn Yt. Aniit 1, lb! EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water zinc', r.l the hv of the Ht:iT.bual Wharf IJui-lliiC'n-, r mosi:s l. iiAirr. rpH'S c 'a' Ii bnien', -n l.tvnra' ly Io a'rl f. r ihii 1 ae -omtiuK'a-u n of lie 1 " icnnl imellms; coimn tint , I- new l en 'he pV In'. Pn-i Coa -lies upon ibe vario-i- rnu e- ra 1 al the I r. banreilo'el li r pa , . nn.l .In se arrivmr ( r t e'.ar ine-1 y S riiii l!ra', iu wlr b ra e 1 t.c r bifrisui" re-novi-l wttboul ebai .-e, .. 11 iin 1 l!u In u v ; e.-ul.arly Iu their ei in rn ii'li' e. The l.irpir 'eni'er- in - emce , wi h llie a-s'irance; ihf in all rr-pt- -i-, die Imii- 'ball di- rrve llie favor al e c n-i 'rr.i ran ( f a'l w bo may pa:ruuf-e it. Uiolinion, Api I I, IS 12. 43 t. FIIESII TEAS. TOAI'nm; llnnva Sujars, CnlhV, Spices, Salera. J tus, &c. ic. Cheap, Cheap -,al S. II. SCOTTS. SILKS, SILKS, SILKS. ALL kinds, at the lowest prices, nt S. II. SrOTTS. FLOHRENCn HONNirrs. t good assortment, and Ribbons inini'rh nt x S. II. SCOTI'S. April 21, 1812. WANTED, rNr.eit two hnr-esinexuhaiuru for (;.il,ini F ir. t n.'i.p At.n n now mil. hr.r. T r .. 1...1 1 :. l.i i.i J - V;, r .'K"U Ilin upper uihk unu iiiijsi, ojiuii ii, mm unmflgni sail nr rti-nmi j as iiunve. rieaQ t-nli I ciorc inn ihn smoko stacks hisll nto the n r. ThiW0 lanu-t n?-.. . .. . . a. a. hiiuadks . , . r.i i T I'ur union I-.UN, ; 1X1,1111 iotcu ui tun i-Ajinf3,ui, us niiiiust ex clusively toward tlio head of the boat, and the portions of the lioat around tlio boiler were torn to pieces. Tlio boiler itself, an immense ono of iron, was thrown crosswiso on the deck. The Loat was instantly onvoloped in n tloU'J of senldinp steam, which was inhaler! BOARDING HOUSE. TheS ibrcnler still eontinues his board ins; hone at the font of(;u!le,re;reet, near meapiare, all I will iee 111- lev exertion to trivesali a lion lo tho-i who may fdor hunwidi Iheir PHlrnn- are. He has also irvural ronvenirnl and sn!cel Kooms mitt. .UlSllllA IHJA.M.. AvrilJO, 18? wir. the llnui ra COMMIS-IONCil'S NOTICI tbr 11 scril rr-.' been niii.oin'rl Iv I ra lolbr Irol n'rCii'irt fnr tin. Ii.n,'. of Clin ciiilrn, (iniiiiii-Viiiiii-r- Iii re.-e ye. t'xnmino nml leljn.i thu el.iuns nnd I'emanil- rf nil per on-leilll-t the rs a-r n( Amn- (!lnr'.- 1 1'.. .0 Hi. ..I, in ai.l Di-tncl, ('e ea el," i;nle.l i'n-iyeni, rod al-oml claims an I demand, exht'.iiel in o l'etl there to; and s mi. nib. nini il,c davnl Ihe d.en hereof. leinir allowelly mil Conn for'ih.i' p irpo e, we do I hen-fin c hereby trive not he, thai we will nurnl lo 'be I mine H nl i urappoui'nirn,1 at the ilwcHimr of widow- A nor (-1 nl-, lae of II ne Imrcl', in sii I Di Irin, on the lir-l Men 'ny nl June nn I AiijijI next, al 10 n'.lo'!.-, A. M.,ou ea h nf.aid day.." Ddle.l, tljis. I ! I'uy i.f Man b A. I). la2. ItlltDnl.Y M'.Wlll.l., . PIT ll. HI.WITI'. Cp-nmi--. IIPIIIC I.KAVKN WORTH, WatiAM II. I'mooC STVTf. Of VfltMO.NT, v s j Chitltndrn County f. Uoar.iiT N. Flmk. f In Ciawery. Whernas, William H. f la?c ol" Hurl mill n in tha Coiiiiiv of Clutttnileu, on the Sill day of April A. D. 1312, filed in llie ollice of llie Clerk of the couit cf chancery within and for said Ci nn y cf Ch itenden Ins lull of complaints nirain t Hnlirrt N. f lack, of tvitlis'oro in ihe ftlate ol rvew ynik, sitting lor n in substance, that th" said Hubert N. on thr tenth day of .May A. I). 193'. executed lo lltes.ii . William II. lour promissury miles, rath for Ihe sum of one hundred and sev cut y-nve dollar-, paynbh in one, Iwn, thteeand f utr year from dale, re-ncriint y in llie said William ll.nronhr, with interest, all dated ti c s ime tenth day nf May A. D. IS'!'; thai, to secure lee payment theirol 'the said Hubert X. on tie sane leiit'i day of May. A. I). 1313. by Ins derd of thai date, ronvrvrd M the sa:d Wlulham H. half mi ncre of Ian I lyiniron Chimpliin Sired, in the vi'lacenf liur inslnii, beins pall of quarter ncrc lots No. "I, 72 nnd J. ileitis tne noutestrnu or nouse toi in wnun Zenas V .iicir, late of said Ihirhnsilon, deeensH, Inst re ideil wi h a condition thereto annexed, if the said Knlnrl IS', hi lo irs, exi culors or administrator shnuld pay 'he said sums of mnney specified tn said four niili s'nrrordint,' lo llie term thereof Ihrn the snid derd to In' void, otherwise of force. And further set. tins forth lint the sa d notes had not been paid, ncr any p ill thereof, nnd p rn i n k said Cour' In dtrrre lhal Ihesatd Unbelt N. pay lo iho sni I II. ln,-s (id sums nf mnney and the interesi thereon, nnd costs, hv n short day m be nppoin'ed by said court, nnd indcfault of such paymen , that the said Hol'rt .V. nn.l nil nersons chimin" under him, may I c lor. closed nf nil rqu'ua of ridcmplion or c aim in and io Slid iiiiirlsttrt'it prem.scs. And whereas, it appears lo said court dial Ihe snid Robert N. resides out of tho Stale of Vermont nnd (hat a subprcna rnnnot be seived on him -, Tberrfiirr. ihr Co rt nf. risnid doth here' y nr'n that iho sii.l Robert N. bo nulifi(-d nnd ifnuirrd lo nnnrnr brloro said Conn nn llie first day of the tutu thereof next to be hidden nt llur'iacton within end for aid Co nlvnf Chillcnd.-n on ihe f nirih Thursd.iy of May A. D. 1312, nnj mnke answer to said I i I uf romn'nint. bv public Hum nf this order, rnntnmuu' tho mbsiance of said bill, time weiks succetsivch in Ihe Ihir'in-.'ion free Press, n news. nper tuinlcd in said Iturhnslon ihn last nf which pu h.-ntions lo be nl leastlweilty days previous to Ihe ronimrii'cmrni of ibe said term (if said Court nrxl to beheld nl said llurlincinnon the fourth Tuisday of May ISP.', ns nfiiresaid. Oiven under niv hand at said Duilin;ton this Gib day of April A. U. van. vm voplh, rink SPRING FASHION FOR asaS CHARLES A. SEYMOUR 1 1 A" inst lecrivdl from TN'eW York the sprinp pattrtns for Hats nnd invites the public to call and examine his assortment, whieh comprises hnls nfvarinuii ( nn pru es, some very low. He rsprcial y invites such ccn ll. men ns have h'Ttlofoio mven rrcfirence to hats of Southern manufacture lo Inok at Ins stuck of fine hats which in point nf color an I finish nre equal, an I in point of durability, far superior, lo anyjia.s manufactured iu the city nf New S'nrL. Peai'l st. April loth. ,eSc'-'r-.'-"Si Anre. Mr. 3 Aiuidi it, Nurcodon Allen, f.hza A. Audriws, Mnry Ai'i'Worib, Haricy Ann-, D. jt. 2 Atki n, Allrid Atwaler, AmbrCM Aniii'd. Julia Idakr, Win. 3 llueli, .InhiiM. 3 Hiker, Isasc V. Itabcoek, Nnthl. Iluibank. f.lizahe'.h Peach, Itobi rt 1'radlt y, Iiphr-iini Ihowiison, (;icmon llariows, Snloma Hush, Albigenro linn n, f i.aueoia Placid It, A. M. Ilrnwu, Cassias P. Ihnnit. St.plien llasly lhnry I'owen, Harriet C. U.slmp. Selh ( lar.. IIcinan A. 3 C ntli'h, I.tlllur Jo rph Chandli-r, Orttla Calull Ann Cutris, I.rn-.etl 3 DISSOLUTION. m Tt f,norfit,!nlfri.f,r.,ri..ifctlnf lrtftTCn ihe J subscribers und r tho firm of linger & Coin-lurk C thr, J. 1. is th: o'ay il:iolw il tiy mutual consmt Aliucnianos due the lato firth must be paid by the fust ilsynfApti! j ni tl. I'.ttlirr of thr s bsrribrrs ntc authorised to ill-1 t e ibe business of the late firm. I.DTIIF.RM. IIARAR. CI-OHGF. D. LOM.VrOCK. Shclburn, Vsrrb 17, 1S12. DISSOLUTION. riNT. firm of -irnnesit in, was, by in own limits i lion dissolved on iholsl. insl. The name of iho firm will be used berralier only for dosm its Imsi. ness. 'I'hcniilis nnd nrcnnnlsnrein Iho h tnda nftba reurinz partner (jio.ll Shaw, nt the store latily oc ruti.ed by the firm, wiih wbntnoi ei her of the halo firm, I ustiiesa relatina therein may bo elos-d. All liaiini.' tin el lid nccnunts nre requested to mil and hate them adjusted, and nil whose nnu 6 or ac c. unts have I ccoine due lo the late firm nra notified thai its l.ii iness muifand irbc. piedtly clnsdl. April 13th 1312 T. f . STRONG. V. L.STRONO. tij:o. II. ,-IIAW. LOST S3fMK). rOST a Wallet coniaintn between thirty and J fdrty dollnrs. Whoever wi I rrslnre u and contents to tho i.ndersumad shnll he satisfactmily re wnr 'e l. by D. It. WOOD, No. 12, JV. C. l'il'2.t. IM2. Clonclt, Jo.l Cockle, Sainl. ( ha in, Nniman C alk, Mis. llrman Cbener, franesis Chinch, M ilia in Douse. Mnty Dow, Danul Dennis, Jean I'atisl Daniel , Thomas I)nis,( slvui 2 ni.ditfii-. n. ( omstoc K T)n-;Pr.(TFIILI.V ninio n -rs iii ih iuIia' itantsrf L Sll.rll.rrii nn I t i -hvt -. t tint he ha- uurclia e 1 I f Mr. I.. M. Ilnrar. (In- 1 i e eopsr ner) his in tic t in i Divine, JI. C thr innd. I rlnnsin-Mo the la elirnii f Ilat-ar N Com- I Dirby, Alex . i ,.-- II,. ur.iildnl.n inlnrtn the ivillirl hat be will conitn'io the i u-inr on hi- own srwtitu nt the old tan I. where lieofler- a ceaernt a s'irtment of uecl- cbr.ip fur ra h nr on ix month- credit. Mil HI. urn tllsyr, .unrcli SS, IH.. II. Domestic JIamif ictltrt s. VACflllN'S Jet lllael; In1; for rnle I y thr s d te -iber, 'I hi-ink is man ificmre l in thi-vi'hje I V . Vn 'sban, an I i- warran'r.1 nol inferior toMay n'arl it oe.' or nnv other ink now in toK Plea-el ear in mind ihi ink I- cf liomcstic Jlanuunnrc, and i- wirhyofany crnllrmaa'- at ientinn an I iatrona;r. e-pe'jially if he wan'-a fforxl arnle. forra'eat S. HUNTING-TOYS Mar 'h2. limit.. Hm Wy. Sexton Ibr the VlPakr. r.tVINO rrrrnrd ihe above arm ir.lmrnt, the Davis, Jlilutnble II. I'.varls, JI.A. freeman, Liict V slier, Hi nry J f v r. O. P.. fay, John J. ford, Daniel ford, Hirnm field, Justin f nllntn, Atjustcs fish, David f osu r, Clarissa fisher, Jereniinh Oovc, Thomas N. CJ.a'iKV Janus Ci nndon, rranrnia fiabnnnis. Joseph (taensn. Gen. n mdricli, Cbn ncey 7 AX Public nre rrspertfully npprt7rd mat I will nt nil , Jlnnlnrtnn, Wm. li i cs be in readiness to attend to tha du iesif Iho Uivbcc. Marv L. office. 9'hoOId Iharso lias hern repaired for pns- Hirrintlnn,!!. ent use, an I there iS some linpeof nelltnes nw one. Jlirks, John Cofitns nl nny Kind liiriushid at the shoiltst notice, Hrndeisnn. Jnhn and all charges moderate. . - ; .Ilrsden, llatnck D. IC. PANOnOHN. Hieks. Isaac2 Shop on Callin's Lanr, 17th March, 18-12. lintel,, Alu irs C. Honker. Janus II. Iliid.rr, uwii 2 llanis, Lahsn . Ha lev, Charlotte M. lli:i,lTATl. l'tlll NAl.tvi SsV 1 00 acres of land on ihr ea-l n'dc of Ihe lijlja road l.a linB'othrmoiitbot il c r vrr. 4c A' "tbepla r n:e ipiol by t'. Meirut on -r"-Co.le;etrift, eon'aiiuiiR ilwdbng ho oc arid Joiners thop. Al-rf) a bu Hins lot near ihe Co in Ho i.e. Si aro. II Lf AVfNWORTII Apr III, ipn COPARTNERSHIP. TTIiXIlY II. IKISTtVlt K ev T. f. & W. L. XX.-'iron" hnvitiB connrued iheir Tin Shops, will do business in that line under llie name of 11. II. Host, wie'i it C '. nt tlia n'fip nao ipiod hy mi I Ibstwick, wheie may be found n full nnd complete ns on men I of TIN W,Rn, in iruifarinied expiessly for die retail Ira Ie, tn.-iher wiih Cnpricr nini Sheet Ironwork, Stove Pipe, S ova 'I rimnunfs, ie. Allkin 'snf Job wriik furnished nt short m tire, fate troth and cot. (hi -Inf. pipe furnished and put up. Copper rumps nnd lend pipe furnished nhd si t if riquiml. Those who patronize this braricb i f hhsirirsS shall, t tlui shop, I e quickly and well seiv'rd, for a reasons' In compen sation. H II. UOSTWICIC&Co. Iltirlington, Apt. 10, 16-12. OltTAUM'. FUIINACI'H, with flevatid Ov ens, n convenient and e onoiincal article for cojk inr, in warm weather, for silo hv Apr, 12. U. H. ttOSTWICK &. Co. noiicr 'lOMinciiArsTs, that buy Crockery Ji Olaas Vare. JAnKAH WAIT ii HOOT Rive notice In , merchants in the a hoinin? Counties that Ihey havellifir spring slock if Crrs'Ktry in slofe and are now re uly to s ipply their onler- for as-orel Cn'ei loany amo in packed in the nto-t workman! ke nun-nt-rHiNew York and Boion pri(f3, which will Ie raanifrs ly n savini: in all lhl b.iy of us. All or dkrs prninpt'-exrni'ril at iheir s'orr, C'rner Church nl C(.!l;s nttits; fljfl.'rjten BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY ryUr: SnminerTirm of th a In-ii'ntioa efmtnrn-e.1' nn,chin9l Simon 1. on Wedne ('ny llieZIM Jlnrcli.anu win en icnuv m jiom, tucnty two week.. The Sihotl i-i"l Hv lo-1 Unit, Janirs, nr N ct'isl in a reined part i f llns I eautif 1 Tillage A I-1 j.ham, Abimd S. van'ajrs aie a dr.Ied for ii-lmr imi in Ibe tolid and j,,n)i Orvillo 1 1, (.rnninen nl I ram-he- if eil'ieaimh. .Tnnrs, Tnoeh 2 f'nf. WlNDMlLLrnanl hi datlihtrr, Irom Crrms. jonr, rphrann nv.aie ensageil lo lake (barfe nl the miiMCdparl' i .Tnhnron. Hornrr, ii'icnt, inlliero t eol t'-epif nl lerm. ' , ip,, j. , Moil-ie t Hoeriir.TTr, no aiTnmphsl'E 1 french i t.j.i jnnB . -p. Tcarlter, isnlso ensnued lor ibat (epnf.inen'. . I.nw-rcnre. Hii'SsU Circulars icuitainint; innn- panic nnr iniorms e n may I e ol iaine I I y applu a tan in the Princt nl, Mi r Lrr, (dnt the 'tockritrr ( f Mr. D. A. I'samin. fiiirlinpli ii, .March 2Ulb, 1S4J. . COMMisSIONHR'S NOTlCf.. WI! the subscrihrrB, having been appointed, hy Ihr Hum rBble the Probate Court lor thu His Iriciof Grand Isle, commissioneia taierievr, ixan ine en I ndjusl the clninis, and demands, of nil pi r sons, aeainst the Bsinte of lletsey Cnchian, lain of North Hero dertnsfd, irpresciilro insolvent, and also all claims, and demands exhibitid in oflVel Ihercto, and six months from Ihe lClh day of March A. D. IB'2, hein? allowed hy snid Court lor that pmpose, we. do therefore hcrtbv civrnnlice. that we will meet at the dweiline house of Jededish P. l.ndd in the town of Netih Hero ihe 10th day of September al 9 o'clock A.M. A. D. 1813. nLISHA IIinilARO Commas' LEWIS BRONdON. 1 sioosra J.erlb Hero Mu h 71. !) Lyman, Caylord P. Lathrop, Dnniil I acravr. I'isrris Lenox, Jlijs lis scy Lmii m, Daniel Laui'.dus, Lolis Liavenworlli, llehry Laikin, S. Lathrop &. Pntwin I.ionard, 'ir Lala, Jas. nr Peter Oreen Laudnn, Ilirnm .Since't, Jacob .Msguiir, JauifS M. nnrd, Tousscnt Msilht.J. ti. Muss, .ins. lilizabclh 2 Mason, J. L. 2 May, llotaec ' M llr, Mjron 2 Mot ici tic Jos. Jlarlin Mnrsaret n. Mefsencer, JI. W. March' ts mil. 'I hue. Jlooni y, G. II. M'Dunild. Painck M'Kboy. Jas. .M. Mony f. Mjsoii, L. 7.. M'l'lintv, Wm. 1 M'Far ni,d. II f . Jlnck. Mkhatl .V.'Guire, Pnlt Nichols, Peikins, Ni'wtotnh. Isaic P. Nason, Cnlisia Nny, Cvitia JI. N'nsh, Ira Peine r. P;i.l Pralt, Joseph f Pievty, V r n i Powill, Genne Pa'mir, ( mils Pint , J. II. Pitk, Win. L. l'nwus, Robert Ptait, J. W. Pal nor, II. W. Potter, .drs. Ssrsh Revdle, Jnquo Piddle, C. S. Ittish'o.'.-, J. Iln'nis, Nilren Ki'hsrr'fon, Sarah TV. S ear, Hiram Sn, phnid. francis Srtar,fi. N. Stone, Char'e Stevms. Luther JI. Starr, Waycn t-coti, John S nrv, Asabel f-han'dy, Pniil.k Stiwtis. liyrcn Smith, D.A. Sinn", Gilbert Mason 5 S nrv, U. P. Similiter, Dav'd Scnbmr, Alu er Stncy, (i di nn M. .Sutton,'tl Smith, H. 'I ins ry, Nrvll. T.U'tny, Lui Tnh nii, Japrr 2 Temple, Sainuil Tenmy, II. W. Thnvi r, Gcnrce TV. . Tho'mps' n. II. Ira'.ulla 1 hrr, TVnicn t'l sen. JI.W. Van Alslit'. C. II. Vifrr, Jnscf h Ki'.ten TVnlkir, Charlrs TV.ib-ntt. Sarah Ann Wdch.Thendito Wilj ,n. Jacob TVnrd HirniuJ, TVhtt... Joiin M. TVihtirr, Mails Yam, James St. (7ierrt. lham, r.'fncxir" Prnrtnr. Ransmi Lilhy, Ru sill Kvcry :H:ii' !n! unmet! for a sjioci:-.: t:ii'iosc. TIIK s i' si n'er re-pot tlii.'y icq e is nil persons iii'rliel to him loi'u.l ami luy thrir Nn'e and Ac o "nt- i ( av. JA.HI-S .Ml'l U1CI-U niton, Atird 1. ItilJ. (VI. G. RATKBUN, DltAt'E t ANO TAILOR 70CLI) rs-.riv-tr.ill 11701 V n iMie that be to ibe ti nnt pall of! u !. n Dr. S.ri n, neatly ( pi where a'l ' r er- will I c pr( vc--ti . .nil r n bi fr rn ls and llie remove I frmn IVarl Stret a- in ( li n-li nreupitsl I . e ibr PaiiK ( I' Uiirhn;tth( ixi'.i.tid m ihe mutt ap' A I c -II or Cveh.tPKe. SMAl.I. I nl enutr..viil I'w.luiit Hoo-r, ec- tir'' v I'l"'-, -ip.r. e.i :tie.i are. 1. 1-J2. An., i- ti. P. I' M i!!;itA",I: Al'O, ir.e .-T':ril irmi nti'e rce d-j il le L'inil cf Wacn, a 'd ono ee! tynf.j iuj; o pK-a-ure Jo. for r nhi.vr, Clover and I lords (.'piss Sect) A...-.1 8, 1 y J. it J. II. PliCi: A Co. TftO.I) CLOTHS, at em' 1 rriairs lor ra-h I Jean 'el'.r n 1 a II. W. CATKIN'S. It a he! ( '( t rn-, Viry II. W.CA'li.l. 4,1 and 5 I S per i .""4 bwllri -h.liv 1 DITCHING S?c. W. tuh't n' er re n f y n .r in lIo p il !I"h'j servn (", in tl.f I nv 1 1 "i I'li'iip, na vn l n, Iin Mm' i'ra o t rvw t-r, nml il lit-, lie w II r.l-unn .'truks io ill'.",.!!! I ii" wt'I's of nny V cnpii. n, an J n' I e cr M c"-. ittnl an s a'ly ft pie', !ayyear', pxper ftife iu ilu a i-v-j iiies , m t!ii- anil ihe nlJ coiimiy, ni-pite- li m will to m-ich fnutiiViK-e fn h i.i ill', tliat lira-!, iiu ny wbire tjfduc not gi'vo ftniijlo a,ii.i',,n n. i i.rliirjtnn, M.irh 00, 1S12. JOIIN KAK'niL LISTENS' T!U: Li-loi? of tin h'vn cf i'u "lie mi'.u f, linn' li i i rrt'it I .. -.1 .1 . I . I .. . f 4 . -.1 .. 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Arn' I, 1M3 H ... ''AT'.1. The s h.eriberslnvpuf ( I. a eil llm X.M bitiiry for the uiatiubirlmenl Window .-a h hriierly (iwnel and ifeil I y Si.tney Suuh, at Wiiion-t.i (.'iiy,jnJ are now lnanufaeiiir nvr eicry ilc', an 1 beep constant t nn Ikiiii nn n-.-uftmrnl t T I v 0 Sa'h, at the ti!u-itsj prices. 1-7 LiBh'el (-'a eii.ents 3 ct-. per LiRht. 0 do Si do . 0 ("o 3' i'o 6 do 3j do 4 . ('" - 5 For a'c at tbcir Shrp al the Tails, ani 1 y Gccrff ir-cn. All o'Jtr-in the al (vo line nklre-tcltd ., tin .V Cha r, wi I Ie ihan'.li.liy rue.ved anJ nr. triplly itteil''e.l U. MO-n5 CATI.IN, 5J. XDUl.N V. ciiasi:. rnrbn;icn, ApM 3, lg'?. lli:.J.MIN U. SKIFFS r.STATn. STAIT. Ol' YP.ti.MO.NT, The Pro' ate ( ourt for of Chittenden 5 lli'distuet oiChitlenden To all persona courrrntd in hr'rstati of llrnjamin IL Skill', hue of (bin Lutein sad Hi inct t ( retting. Wherea-, Sally ll. 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